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Air Date: Dec. 31, 2003
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It is the 31st day of December 2003, the last day of 2003.
We'll see you on the other side at the start of 2004.
We have a bunch of guests coming up today.
We have a scientist, a doctor coming on to talk about mad cow disease in about 30 minutes.
Then we have Frank Morales, an expert on the police state and the martial law.
Control Grid going in publicly, now publicly admitted.
Then in the third hour, we have Colonel Craig Roberts and, of course, Jack McClam joining us because I had him on last week.
We ran out of time and there was a lot of information we didn't have time to cover.
That's four of our guests.
We have another little surprise guest coming up as well.
A strong finish for the year 2003.
There is so much news today on top of the fact that I set up all these guests.
I've got to cover this news.
Richard Pearl has put out a new PNAC-style dossier, a book...
His nickname is the Prince of Darkness at the Pentagon.
And he wants to go ahead and perhaps even attack France.
And he has a battle plan for total war.
The national draft, all of it.
I have an article on this.
Also, we have a Mr. Sapphire coming out.
William Sapphire in the New York Times with his predictions.
And there are 16 of them.
Just one of them, 13, has four predictions.
One of them, the capture of bin Laden in Yemen, the daring escape of Saddam, a major terror attack in the U.S., finding a buried bag of anthrax in Tikrit.
And he brags that, hey, I predicted a bunch of stuff last year.
Yeah, we know you can predict it.
It's like a bank robber predicting what bank's going to be robbed.
It's like Hitler predicting that he's going to kill a bunch of Jews.
It's not very hard for you, is it, Mr.?
Well, you have the birthright, according to mainstream news and Congressman Ron Paul, of the Communist Fourth International.
But again, you call yourself a conservative when you publicly aren't admitted head of the Communist Fourth International.
I know that sounds insane.
It's mainstream news.
I couldn't believe it when I discovered it three years ago, and now it's been all over the news.
We'll get into that.
Richard Perle, chief neocon, one of his other chief neocons, William Sapphire, amazing statements, disgusting activities, big time.
So that's coming up here on the show.
There's a lot of new terror alerts, and other terror alerts have turned out to be false as usual.
We'll get to that.
There is just so much here.
I have an article about illegal aerosol vaccines, and it says Maxagene...
Or Jen announces $6.5 million grant from DARPA to develop aerosol vaccines to spray from aircraft on you.
If they can't force you to take their poisons, they'll just spray them on you, and they admit that's what this is all for.
They're now saying that, ooh, Syria sold weapons to Saddam, so that invasion needs to begin.
A lot of key info.
Coming up here on the show today, so you do not want to miss the broadcast.
When we get back, I'll go straight into the news.
The New Americans finally reporting about the stealth enactment of Patriot Act II.
population rises to 292-plus million, with an illegal alien coming into the country every 25 seconds, according to the Associated Press.
And Bush wants total amnesty to legalize anybody who can get their feet on our shores.
The USDA calls for implantable microchips in all farm animals.
We told you that was coming.
It's all coming up.
Big show.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Before I dive into all the news, and our four guests that we have coming up today, this final broadcast of 2003, for yours truly,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And by the way, News 8 is Time Warner Cable.
That's what they have.
It's a local Time Warner 24-hour news channel.
It's what they have on in the airport here in Austin at the Bergstrom International Airport.
He sat there and watched a reporter with a cameraman for an hour interview over 40 people.
They sat there counting them.
Every person was against the heightened security, against being harassed, against taking their shoes off, having some illegal alien reach in their bags.
And by the way, the majority of people in the airports are not even citizens, and that's been in the news.
And there was finally one old lady after 40-plus people who said, I love it, I think it's great.
Then they turned on the news a few hours later, and there she was all weekend long,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They said that.
Oh, it's politically positive in the Washington Post with Bush's advisor's quotes in there.
The vast majority of us want the borders shut, illegals expelled, but the government says, oh no, you want it open!
And it's like this across the board.
So think about that long and hard, folks.
Think about that long and hard.
That I have a friend who works at the airport, and he watches 40-plus people get interviewed who are all against the phony baloney security in the police state, making comments along those lines, and then they get one old lady who loves it, and she's on the news over and over again for three days.
She was the first person who agreed with it, the last person, because they had to go through 40-plus people until they found her, and as soon as she was done, they shut the camera off and left the airport.
And it's going on all over the country.
That's the type of propaganda and news crafting locally.
It's even worse nationally.
It's clear that they were sent out there to find someone who agreed with it and thought it was great to put a positive light on it.
So that's deception by selective reporting.
All right, coming up today, we have a doctor, professor, who is against the...
The way the Food and Drug Administration handles downer cows.
We'll talk about mad cow disease for about 15 minutes.
That's coming up here in about 15, 20 minutes.
Then we've got Frank Morales, police state expert, about the public announcements of the martial law system we're going into that he's been warning people about for years.
Then we have Colonel Craig Roberts and Jack McClam coming on the third hour because we ran out of time with them last week.
And we're going to have open phones, of course.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
And the website is www.inflowars.com.
Let's jump right into the news.
has new concerns about anthrax readiness.
And they go into how Al-Qaeda is about to attack us with anthrax any minute.
Why was Bush on Cipro, the anthrax-fighting antibiotic, on September 10th with his cabinet?
That's admitted.
And then it turns out it's the most weaponized anthrax ever seen.
patented, coded in bentonite.
And that story has just left the headlines.
Then we have an article here.
By a MaxiGen announcement by the company, a $6.7 million grant from DARPA to develop aerosolized vaccines.
Redwood City, California.
MaxiGen announced today that it has received a $6.7 million three-year grant from the Defense Advanced Research Agency, or DARPA, to use its proprietary molecular breeding technology
Directed evolution technology, also known as DNA shuffling, to develop aerosol-based vaccines to protect against a broad spectrum of pathogens.
They've also been given a $7.7 million fund from DARPA in the past, along with another $5.6 million DARPA funding years ago.
So it's a long-term program.
And it is studying the genomes and creating all of this.
That really should concern you.
DARPA's the folks that had the betting scheme.
How many troops would die or where we'll have terror attacks where you could go bet on the stock.
Of course, then those with inside knowledge could reap huge insider trading benefits.
Oh, like the CIA did on 9-11 that no one wants to talk about.
Oh, okay.
The same folks that have the Total Information Awareness Network under new names like Matrix.
They are funding folks for the aerosolized sprays, which they already have, folks.
Congressman urges avoiding Times Square.
Concerned about terrorism, Representative Christopher Shays urged revelers not to attend New Year's Eve celebrations like the one at Times Square this year.
New York's mayor countered that Shays could use an infusion of courage.
Well, I don't want to be shoved around by people in black ski masks.
So I'm not going to go anywhere.
A member of the House Select Committee on Homeland Security and chairman of the Terrorism Subcommittee, the Connecticut Republican told WVIT-TV on Tuesday that he wouldn't go to Times Square for anything.
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said nobody should stay home because of the nation's hyphen terror alert, and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge of the nation's security was unprecedented.
Yeah, there's a CNN photo out of one of the black Blackhawk helicopters with a guy in a black ski mask, black helmet, porting an automatic machine gun mounted out the door over the Statue of Liberty.
Has nothing to do with stopping terrorists.
It's training you.
Cameras, police, riot gear, machine guns, helicopters, drones, surveillance blimps.
Like something out of a police state science fiction movie, The Running Man.
With mad dog Ben Richards up there.
And then there's these chilling statements here by William Sapphire, whose father was publicly the head of the 4th Communist International, the heir to Trotsky.
And this is Ron Paul.
This is the major newspapers admitting, quote, the ghost of Trotsky walks the halls of the White House.
They believe in command and control.
And he makes his predictions to what's going to happen.
The next journey to fuel the force of the U.S.
liberation, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela.
Oh, Venezuela needs to be invaded.
And Iraq will split up like gall.
Oh, you're Caesar.
You know, most people won't know that.
Into three parts.
Defeat the insurgents and emerge a rudimentary democracy.
And then he says, succumb to a Sunni coup.
You ought to read this New York Times predictions by Sapphire.
It's got the inside track.
Well, they predicted lots of stuff.
And down here, number 13 is the most chilling prediction, set of predictions.
The October surprise affecting our election will be the capture of bin Laden in Yemen.
And now they're all starting to say that.
The daring escape of Saddam, a major terror attack in the U.S., finding a buried bag of anthrax into Crete.
And it says debating Cheney on TV will be Democratic running mate Wesley Clark, Bob Graham, Bill Richardson, Dianne Feinstein, John Edwards, R11, whatever that means.
The next Secretary of State will be Richard Holbrook, Paul Bremer, Donald Rumsfeld, John Kerry.
And it says, Israel, staunchly supported during the U.S.
election year, will build its security barrier, including an aerial salient in the Jordan Valley and undermine Arafat, will be negotiating territory with Syria after Assad squads, quiets Hezbollah and occupied Lebanon.
It goes on and on, folks.
Really bizarre stuff.
And then we've got Richard Perle's new book, Another Chief Neocon,
And hawks tell Bush how to win war on terror.
France may need to be attacked.
They may be an enemy.
All righty then.
So World War III on this front.
We'll cover that when we get back.
Seizing books that expose Putin for carrying out bombings to get control.
Ex-general to oversee Guantanamo trials, if you can call them that.
False TNT alarm hits airport.
It's all coming up.
Gigantic final year show.
Final day of the year.
We'll be back.
The United States seems to be celebrating over its triumph of reducing government debt.
But the truth be told, public and private debt increased to a record high in 1999, reaching a peak of $14.8 trillion, marking 10.57% annual increase outpacing its previous 10 years.
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We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight, I'm here live, Central Standard Time.
Wow, 2003 almost over.
About to be eclipsed by 04, which we start tomorrow.
And boy, has it been quite a year.
One of the worst years in U.S.
history for freedom and liberty and our families and our sovereignty and the borders and trade deals destroying our economic base.
But at the same time, a lot of people are waking up to the cold, hard facts of the New World Order.
But in the new year, William Sapphire says they're going to find the anthrax and pin it on Iraq.
They're going to capture bin Laden.
What a nice little neocon.
Here's another chief neocon.
Hawks tell Bush how to win war on terror.
President George W. Bush was sent a public manifesto yesterday by Washington's hawks, just like PNAC did, written by the same people, demanding regime change in Syria and Iran and Cuba-style military blockade of North Korea.
We're good to go.
Is contained in a new book by Richard Pearl, a Pentagon advisor and intellectual guru of the hardline neoconservative movement, which believes in taxation, regulation, gun control, open borders, out Clinton and Clinton.
And David Frum, a former Bush speechwriter, they give warning of a faltering of will to win in Washington.
To win, that means destroying your freedom.
In the battle for the presidency, the manifesto represents an attempt by hawks to break out of the post-Iraq doldrums and strike back at what they see as a campaign of hostile leaking by their foes in such centers of caution as the State Department or in the military top brass.
That's totally staged.
The military top brass are all CFR.
The State Department plays the left-leaning side of the false paradigm, the kinder, gentler New World Order.
Got Colin Powell in there, folks.
Their publication, An End to Evil.
Oh, how to win the war on terror coincided with the latest broadside from the Hawks' enemy number one, Colin Powell, the Secretary of State.
Oh, yeah, he's enemy number one.
Give me a break.
Though on leave, recovering from a prostate cancer operation, Mr. Powell summoned reporters to his bedside to hail encouraging signs of new attitude in Iran and a call for the United States to keep open the prospect of dialogue with the Tehran authorities.
Now, what did he do with Iraq?
He said, it's not good, we shouldn't attack them, and then he goes before the UN and says, I was wrong, we've got to attack, and everybody goes, even the dove is for it now.
He has the secret weapons dossier just released by MI6.
He held up, yeah, a fake document written 12 years ago by a graduate student.
Such talk is anathema to hawks like Mr. Pearl and Mr. Frum who urge Washington to shun the mullahs and work for their overthrow in concert with Iranian dissidents.
So again, for the history books, they're already preparing to blame it on Rumsfeld and Pearl and Crystal and the rest of them when it's the military-industrial complex and the big banks that are behind it from the beginning.
I mean, you've got Brzezinski, the founder of the Trilateral Commission, writing in 97 the exact words that are in PNAC documents.
It's all the same thing.
He's a Democrat.
We've got all these Democrats, Hillary Clinton, calling to attack all these people.
There's no difference.
It's absolutely amazing.
We're going to break here in a minute or so, and when we get back, we've got a guest coming on.
Again, one of four guests that are going to be on the show.
We'll be talking about mad cow disease and the police state with Frank Morales, Colonel Craig Roberts, Jack McClam, and others in the second and third hour, and of course your calls.
And there's so much other news.
They're now saying Syria sold weapons to Saddam.
They need to be invaded.
They've got the draft.
More information on the draft now coming out.
They want to put chips in all farm animals and federally control and regulate, which is absolutely not needed.
They need to ban feeding dead meat to cows, rotten meat to cows.
That would fix the problem.
That's coming up as well, and just a stack of other vitally important news.
But as you watch the television broadcast, just look at all the ski masks, all the black helmets, all the machine guns in your cities, the troops selling you tyranny, selling you something that looks like East Germany, as if it's freedom.
All right, we've got two and a half hours left.
It's going to be totally jam-packed.
Strap yourselves in, lock yourselves in, stay the course.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
All right, my friends, it is the 31st of December, 2003, final show of the year.
We do have Frank Morales, police state expert, coming on the next hour.
Then in the third hour, Jack McClam, police against the New World Order, and Colonel Craig Roberts.
You don't want to miss this show, and we'll open the phones up in the next hour.
In fact, we'll open them up right now on Mad Cow Disease if you want to get involved on air.
It's 1-800-259-9231.
Dr. Michael Greger, MD, is the Chief BSE Investigator for Farm Sanctuary and Mad Cow Coordinator for the Organic Consumers Association.
Dr. Greger has been speaking publicly about mad cow disease since 1993.
He has debated the National Cattlemen's Beef Association before the FDA and was invited as an expert witness on the Oprah Winfrey infamous meat scandal.
Defamation Trial.
He has contributed to many books and articles on the subject, continues to lecture extensively, and currently runs the top-rated mad cow disease website, and that's organicconsumers.org forward slash madcow.htm.
Dr. Greger is a graduate of the Cornell University School of Agriculture and the Tufts University School of Medicine.
And he's written an article, USDA Misleading American Public About Beef Safety.
Thanks for having me.
Good morning.
I've seen other stories of mad cow in the country.
Then they say, oh, false alarm.
We know all these new deaths in Creutzfeldt-Jacobs.
A lot of that, they say, isn't connected to meat.
But why is it then going up, exploding in its numbers from very rare to now still being rare but a lot more common in the numbers?
What's really going on?
Well, unfortunately, a lot of these human spongiform encephalopathies or human sponge-like brain diseases caused by these prions are misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's disease.
Alzheimer's disease is now the eighth leading cause of death, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and many of these cases, a significant minority may indeed be Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
And Alzheimer's, I mean, there's people who are 30 years old getting Alzheimer's now.
Well, unfortunately, we've had a number of cases.
Literally in the last five years, the cases of young people, people under 30 dying of these Alzheimer's-like diseases, has quintupled.
And that's really a concern compared to what we've seen over the last 20 years.
Now, it's possible we're just looking harder for the disease now that we're worried about it.
It's also possible that it's going through the roof, and we wouldn't know because there isn't mandatory reporting by the CDC.
So unfortunately, we're not seeing.
We don't, you know, a doctor has it somewhere.
A person dies, gets buried, and no one knows about it.
So we haven't been testing the cattle.
We haven't been testing the feed.
We haven't been testing the people.
Well, you've been warning people for years.
Doctor, from your studies, do you think this is really the first case of a mad cow herd?
I mean, now it's over 80 animals, they're saying, running around with this or who may have been butchered.
I've been talking about this since 1993, and we've been warning about this for over a decade now.
It's not that this is the first mad cow case in the United States.
It's the first mad cow case that we have found.
Obviously, finding a case is a function of how hard one looks for a case, and unfortunately, we've had a grossly inadequate surveillance testing system here basically over the last 10 years, tested only about 57,000 animals out of the
Hundreds of millions that we've slaughtered during this period.
In Europe, they test as many cows as we do.
Every week, they test as many as we've done in our entire history.
In Japan, they test every single cow for the disease.
In Europe, they test one out of every four.
We're doing about one out of every 2,000.
We won't know the extent of this crisis until we start doing universal testing.
Now, down here in Texas, most of the cows are raised open range.
You want to do that because you don't have to pay for the feed.
There's plenty of acres per animal.
But in a lot of areas of the country, they have these feedlots, and they're still putting in the bone meal, the blood products.
How widespread is this?
It's a very widespread practice, unfortunately, and it was not banned back in 1997.
All that, back in 1997...
Was regulations that require the labeling of ruminants, cow and sheep, meat and bone meal, do not feed to cows or other ruminants.
The number of problems with that, first of all, you can still produce this stuff, you can still make it, it's still on the feed store shelves, any farmer can walk into any feed store and still buy it.
No one asks them, wait a second, are you just feeding this to pigs and chickens?
You're feeding this to cows too.
If it's being sold...
And it's cheaper, unfortunately.
Many farmers are going to buy it and feed it to their cattle.
That's what we saw over in Europe.
I'm afraid some cattle producers here are cutting the same corners.
So there's a concern, certainly.
Also, other loopholes include this bone meal, this blood meal, excuse me, going directly to calves in this country as milk replacer.
The calves are getting this kind of spray-dried blood protein.
Well, think about this.
Instead of giving them milk or a milk substitute that's based in what we would think of as just a protein, now they're going to give them blood, turning them into cannibalistic vampires.
And the Spray Dried Blood Producers Association actually has a website and boasts how much cheaper it is to feed calves blood rather than feed calves milk.
Also, I've read that the sanguination or the sucking the blood out of the cows is really done as they just crush them down.
There's all kinds of other tissues and juices out of the spinal cord and brain that go into this, the exact things that we don't want in the food supply.
Well, we're really concerned about when you, you know, stun the animal unconscious with this devastating blow to the head with these captive bolt starters.
Unfortunately, we're going to splash some of the brain into the circulatory system.
And so when you bleed the cow out and slice her throat into the blood trough, not only are you getting the blood, which we know now is infectious already, but we're getting pieces of brain.
And that's certainly particularly concerning because those are the most infectious parts of the animal.
And again, there's a lot lower standards by light years for what goes into animal feeds compared to what goes into the human food supply.
Yeah, up until yesterday, I mean, it was illegal to feed cow spinal cord to cows, but it was still legal to feed it to people in a hot dog.
Thankfully, some of these risky tissues are now being taken out of the human food supply, but where are they going?
Now they're going to continue to go into animal feed, and we're going to continue to risk the health of our livestock herd and the health of the American public.
Now, you and Oprah, and I appreciate her making that stand so many years ago, had them come after you, then they had to back off.
I mean, you've certainly been vindicated here in spades.
You know, we didn't want to be right, certainly.
But, you know, with the kind of, with the inadequate testing, the continuing of feeding slaughterhouse waste, blood, and meal to calves, and with the downer cow problem, it was just a matter of time.
Well, understand, my family makes its living in East Texas, pays the taxes, you know, pays for the children's college, everything with the beef...
And we've been ranching since 1830 in East Texas.
I have been wanting to expose the mad cow before it got to be a gigantic cover-up and where all confidence was lost because I know most of the ranches are doing it right, not doing this.
And I know my family is because I've been out there many times feeding them on the summers where I worked on the ranch.
But it makes me very angry that early on they said, oh, you're just against our industry, covered this up, and now have made it worse, because it's going to hurt a lot of farming and ranching families now.
I get calls from producers all the time, and I say, look, go out in the barn and read the ingredients on your milk replacer.
These dairy farmers come back, and they had no idea.
I mean, they're outraged.
And I think...
The National Cattlemen's Beef Association is really doing producers a disservice.
They've been fighting tooth and nail against all these regulations.
They fought against the feed ban regulations in 97.
They fought against trying to have restrictions on downer cows going into the human food supply.
They continue to be against increased testing.
And so while that makes sense in terms of short-term profit, I mean, it's a few more pennies if we're only going to feed them cow or soybean protein supplements.
Or if we're going to add tests onto each animal, so it's a few more pennies per pound of beef.
So it makes sense in the real short-term profits, but in the long-term, the industry just lost $3 billion worth of exports.
Well, Dr. Greger, I have been watching some of the local and national news, and it's everybody's still eating beef.
Everybody loves it.
Nobody's worried.
But then I talk to all my middle-class neighbors.
My wife isn't buying beef now.
I talk to everybody.
They're not buying it.
But they're telling me everybody still loves it.
I think that's propaganda.
Well, I mean, you can understand how, I mean, that has to be the rallying cry.
There's no problem.
Everyone still loves it.
And, you know, and so they get the quote from the local restaurateur who's saying that, you know, the line for their steakhouse still goes around the corner.
We've had the same...
A number of people are being cautious, and I think reasonably cautious about this.
They're saying, look, it could be a low risk, but why take any risk?
You can simply choose something else for your dinner plate.
And until we know more, I think that's a reasonable assumption to take.
Doctor, from your decade of study on this, and as a medical doctor looking at this and trained in this,
When they say whole meats are perfectly safe, that is a steak, a brisket, is that accurate?
Well, unfortunately, it's not.
It's misleading for a number of reasons.
First of all, we know that the muscle meat itself, the skeletal muscle itself, may be infectious.
Now, not as infectious as brain and spinal cord, but the USDA and the Cattlemen Trade Group has been trying to make it sound like the skeletal meat is completely safe.
And unfortunately...
That was really up until two years ago.
That's what we thought.
But then Stanley Prusiner's lab out in San Francisco, the guy who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of mad cows, he's found that indeed, at least in experimental animals, these prions, these deadly prions, could build up in muscle tissue.
Follow-up studies in Germany substantiated the fact.
And then just last month, in the New England Journal of Medicine, we have this autopsy study coming out of Switzerland
They found that about a quarter of human, quite so the oxidative disease victims, had these prions in their muscle samples when they got them on autopsy.
So we know it can be in skeletal muscle.
And so by saying that these boneless cuts of steak are okay, it's certainly lower risk than eating scrambled beef brains, but it's not zero risk.
And I'm a big beefeater, folks.
And my family makes their living.
My father's family.
This is just horrible news.
There was no reason to do this.
This is the problem with lowering standards.
If nobody fed meat products to cows that aren't supposed to eat meat, to begin with, much less rotten meat.
It's disgusting.
And man count if he never would have started in the first place back in 1985 if it wasn't for kind of mucking with Mother Nature.
You know, cows are herbivores.
That's how they should be fed.
And instead, not only have we made them into meat eaters, but cannibals as well.
Well, now we can just breed cows with these cloned cows that can eat meat.
Have you heard about that?
They want to have a cloned herd now so we can feed them this rotten stuff.
That's been the answer.
Okay, well, maybe we can...
We're good to go.
Concrete practical precautions like not feeding the poultry litter, not feeding the blood product.
This is far worse than that book about falling into the hot dog maker in the book The Jungle at the Turn of the Century in the Rockefeller factories.
This is far worse than having a rat dropping in your hot dog.
That generally won't rot your brain out.
See, no matter, before prion diseases, before this mad cow disease, no matter how filthy the meat was, if you cook the meat through, you're going to kill off all the bacteria, you're going to kill off the viruses, you're going to kill off, I don't care if there's manure in there, E. coli, rats, you name it, it's safe.
It may be kind of gross, but the meat is safe.
Until all along we got this new pathogen coming along, and you can't kill it.
You can't cook it out.
Nothing you can do to this thing.
It's practically invulnerable because it's not a bacteria.
Let's take one call, Doctor.
Pete in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, you might be interested in this.
I don't know if the doctor's ever heard of an African disease called Kuru, K-U-R-U.
I saw a documentary on Discovery, one of these channels, about in the 50s.
They were studying...
Well, it's the same thing out of New Guinea, yes.
Go ahead, Doctor.
Yes, no, in Papua New Guinea, right.
And what we've learned from that is that we still have a few people dying from this disease 40 times.
50 years after cannibalism was declared illegal.
So these older people, as kids, ate the brains of their dead, and now, that many decades later, are dying from the disease.
That's the scary thing about mad cow disease.
It's not what you ate yesterday or what you ate last week.
It's what you ate years and years ago that can put people at risk.
Is there any way to detox or slough this out, or if you've got it in you, you're in deep trouble?
Well, we don't know what the infectious dose is.
We're hoping that if you get a small enough hit of this stuff, there's not going to be enough prions to build up so that your incubation period could be 70 years, 80 years.
And I don't care if I get mad cowed at these 80 years from now.
I don't think I'm going to be around.
The matter is, the bigger dose you get, the more brain, infectious brain that's in your burger, the sooner you're going to get it.
So it may be 10 years and not 30 years.
Okay, Pete, thanks for the call.
Carson in Colorado, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, another large beef consumer to you all.
I grew up around the ag business in northern Colorado, and it has to do with just common sense practices.
I agree with your analysis that I think this is not done accidentally, that this is designed to destroy the remnants of the small farmer and rancher, and the American citizen can protect himself by...
Insisting on buying organic, locally processed, and slaughtered beef products.
Well, that's what we do now, and you just go out to a rancher you know, and you say, I want that cow slaughtered, and you'll end up saving money.
And that rancher will get more money.
Do you have any comments on that, Doctor?
The organic standards put forth by the USDA absolutely exclude the feeding of all these rendered byproducts to cattle.
Tell you what, Doctor, stay there.
Pete, thanks for the call.
And Carson, stay there.
Doctor, we're going to come right back and take a couple more calls here in the final segment with you.
So stay there, Carson.
We'll come back to you.
Then we've got Frank Morales, Colonel Craig Roberts, Jack McClan.
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Final comment, Alex, and...
God bless your courageous guest, Dr. Greger.
It's truly an honor for me to be able to hear your words on the radio.
I have followed your work in the past.
Alex, yesterday I went down to my coffee center and I enlarged the cover of Harris' Farm Almanac, and I plastered it all over my pickup truck.
Because apparently we're told now that that is...
What terrorist sympathizers are interested in, maps and rural roadways and the Farmer's Almanac.
I also wish you and all of your guests and all of your fine listeners the finest and most vigorously defended New Year for our liberty and our nation.
Okay, thank you for the call.
Dr. Greger, any comments to what our guest was talking about?
No, I think eating organic is really the way to go.
I mean, that's really the safest beef on the market right now is organic beef.
Let's take another call.
Let's talk to David in Michigan.
David, you're on the air with our guest.
Hey, happy New Year, Alex.
Okay, thank you.
I like that one bump you play from the man with two brains.
You know, they go on and on about the beef in this deal.
What about the lamb?
I mean, that's what the English beef got it from, was eating lamb spinal cords.
And everywhere you go in a big city, they've got a gyro stand on just about every corner.
Yeah, no, this is... It's not really fair to kind of point this all at the beef industry.
We have some data coming out of France back in 2001 that indeed lamb chops may be causing some of these...
We're good to go.
So we have to clean up our entire system.
We've got to stop the Phoenix Low House Wave, not just to cows, but to pigs and poultry as well.
I'm just not going to eat anything unless it's organic.
Well, that's it.
Thank you, Dr. Greger, for coming on the show, and thanks to all the callers.
And have a good New Year, sir.
All right, folks, we'll be back with a second hour with your calls, Frank Morales, Colonel Roberts, and Jack McClam.
New Year to you.
We're good to go.
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This is the GCN Radio Network.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
50 minutes, folks.
We're going to have Jack McClam, police and military against the New World Order.
And, of course, Colonel Craig Roberts, who both stand against the police state and the takeover of our society.
I chose to end the year with a discussion of Mad Cow in the last hour and PNAC and their latest militarism ideas to take over the world and now wanting to make France an enemy.
Mad cow, the police state.
This is the basic New World Order takeover that is unprecedented in front of us.
In this show, we're going to have...
An amazing individual, Frank Morales, on the show.
We're going to be plugging his website and some of the books he's written and some of the films he's in.
He has an amazing knowledge of how they brainwashed the police, how they federalized them, how they've trained them to be automatons.
So you'll want to stay with us for this hour.
I've got a lot of different news items that tie into this that I'll be throwing at him.
Frank Morales, of course, is in my new video, Matrix of Evil, and that's going out around the country, already airing on hundreds of access stations, and we have it available at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
So here to talk about the prison economy, the phony drug war, the SWAT teams, the troops, all of it, is Frank Morales.
Frank, thanks for coming on the show, sir.
Hey, it's great to be with you.
You're up in New York, and they've got the Army Black Hawk, black helicopters flying around with guys in black ski masks and Nazi helmets pointing machine guns at people.
Does nothing to stop terrorists, but does train us how to live in this East German system.
What's it like in New York right now?
Well, I mean, it's been going on for quite some time now.
The process of psychologically conditioning the people for...
Over military slash policing.
So this is just another manifestation of that.
In addition, the Northern Command is now moving to transform its Joint Task Force 6, which was formerly its drug interdiction unit, about 200 military people located at Fort Bliss, Texas, into an interagency task force unit
And that task force will be given the overall responsibility for working with law enforcement.
So they're tightening up their apparatus vis-a-vis a more direct hands-on approach to military control of the domestic population.
Well, we'll also get into...
Tommy Frank's comments about the next attack, we go to military government, but that's nothing compared to Eberhardt's comments, who's the head of NORTHCOM, and I would add that Joint Task Force 6 is, you know, it's got 200 bureaucrats, but they command the Fort Hood teams that we videotaped three, four years ago, running checkpoints on the highways.
They've got troops all over the place in the late 80s in police uniforms.
This covert action's been going on for a while.
Yeah, and, you know, it's
It's got its surveillance component because, you know, the logic of counterinsurgency is that you can't control what it is you can't see or identify.
So the first mission has to do with intelligence gathering in the Pentagon in August.
Last August, Rumsfeld expanded the counterintelligence field activity
Or CIFA, C-I-F-A, at the Pentagon.
And they've been given kind of a data mining mission.
Well, Eberhardt said in the L.A.
Times, he said, the Army isn't watching you, but the Pentagon is.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, it's, you know, one of their projects that's being undertaken by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, which is part of CIFA.
Frank, we got a break.
I want to come back and give folks the definition of a police state, which we're now in.
I want to go over the latest developments with you.
Wanted to have you.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
We're good to go.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm not trying to patronize the listeners, but I want you to realize that we're following the exact pattern of classical military dictatorship here in the United States.
And I want Frank Morales, who's in the top five people I know who are experts on the infrastructure of this Orwellian control grid, to go over this from the start like he was talking to a group of high school seniors.
I know a lot of you know more than I do about the globalists and the corruption.
But I want this laid out so those out there that don't understand will understand.
And for those of us that do have a grasp,
We'll, let's say, have better talking points to calmly go over this with the general public.
So, Frank Morales, from your decades of study of this and laying out what would happen and now it has happened and what you think is going to happen after that,
The infrastructure... Well, first off, what martial law is, what a police state is, and what they've built, what they're doing.
You've got the floor.
I mean, for this whole segment, I'm going to shut up here.
I just want you to go over like you're talking to high school seniors, explaining to them what we're facing.
Well, the question of martial law and police state and so forth, I mean...
Ultimately, it comes down, and I think it's easier for us to conceive of this, I think, more viscerally, which is control, social control.
And the elite corporate Pentagon interlock that is directing this has its own needs and requirements.
But for the moment, those aside...
So I think a place that we look is that historically over the last three decades and just escalating exponentially since 9-1-1 is a process where the government is daily expanding military operations into areas of local government and law enforcement that historically have been off limits.
So that's the most general way to look at it.
I think we're good to go.
Through military transfers of technology from the Pentagon to local law enforcement, the creation of SWAT, etc., etc., the military, within its doctrinal sphere, which is relatively new, of so-called operations other than war, has created new missions for itself.
Now, my position is that these new missions didn't come out of thin air, that this is not simply the result of
You know, Pentagon Joint Chiefs strategists sitting around deciding to do this.
This is a need of the corporate elite with whom they're interlocked.
And they've initiated a process of creating a police-ization within the military, a function of police-ization, which they're now specifically applying to the U.S., the setting up of the Northern Command, which is the domestic military command,
Which is unprecedented, whose job is and can tap on all the other commands.
So it's kind of like, you know, the motherlode of commands in a sense.
Its primary function, according to its own mission statement, is to, quote, assist law enforcement.
The Posse Comitatus Act, which is an 1878 statute, forbids, through criminal prosecution, the enforcement of laws domestically by the Pentagon.
So they cover that with various, well, we're passively involved, we're passively involved at Waco, we're passively involved in Seattle, etc., etc.
So in terms of that kind of initial understanding of what we're in, there's been a process of militarization of the police, the Pentagon's publication last year of a domestic operations manual at its Center for Law and Military Operations.
Again, unprecedented.
It would formally have been thought that the publication by the Pentagon of a domestic operations manual would have been an oxymoron, a kind of contradiction in terms.
So what are they publishing an operations manual domestically for?
So that gives you a sense of... But it's about social control.
It's about preempting our ability to exercise our rights, the right of dissent, the right of redress to our grievances, the right to be heard.
It's one thing to have free speech.
It's another thing, yeah, well, we'll let you have free speech in this pen or in the middle of the ocean.
You know, we want the right to dissent.
We want the right to be heard, to have our dissent have effect.
So it's about social control.
And one other more ominous... So there's a lot of stuff to look at.
The weaponry, the so-called use of non-lethal weaponry.
Again, the Council on Foreign Relations
Back in 1995, and then again in 1999, issued reports on non-lethal weapons and advocated strongly for their use.
You know, against civilian and non-combatant populations.
This is, again, a corporate military interlock, a CFR.
And so they began early on promoting the use of these weapons.
And, Frank, the CFR also said in these documents, we're going to need terror attacks as the pretext to use this.
Yeah, the notion that our government, within this militarized context now, so if you just look at the context we're in as we move into 9-1-1,
Within that context, has historically had no problem in creating provocateur action.
Operation Northwoods, documents are available.
You can read the Joint Chiefs' own words.
Openly advocate creating a pretext in Cuba, including killing their own people, in order to create a pretext to invade Cuba.
Now, you know, issues aside, as far as the politics of all that,
But I mean, the ability or the willingness of our government to kill its own people in order to help rationalize, justify, and sell its policies, in this case, global plunder and social control globally, that's happened before.
But in terms of a more ominous development recently in terms of the CIA,
Which is, of course, also part of this.
And the infrastructure, again, of social control has those two components, which is intelligence to find out who you are.
And that's this geospatial thing I was mentioning, geospatial intelligence agency, which wants to create spatial data infrastructure, which will be created down to the house level.
To your home.
Let me just add, I interviewed people five years ago who were hired by companies to take digital photos of front, back, and top of all the homes in every city.
They've already got that.
I found that when they announce something, it's already been in place.
So, I mean, this is the process.
And the most recent overt manifestation of this, because now I think, you know, in terms of that, you asked me to give a general picture.
Well, let's give this as the concluding part of it.
Ultimately, you know that it's going to require people on the streets who are interfering, pressuring, arresting, detaining citizenry.
It's going to come down to that level.
Who are the experts in that?
The CIA has a long history of covert operations, and that's a pretty term.
For torture, setting up death squads, assassinations, creating dummy front organizations, etc., etc.
Let me add a third point.
Let me just finish with this, Alex.
This is important, and people need to get on this now.
Carolyn Maloney in the House of Representatives just put forth a bill.
It's called H.R.
3439 in the House of Representatives.
This bill would embed CIA agents in local police precincts around the country.
Quoting from the bill, upon request of the head of state or local law enforcement agency, the director of central intelligence may detail any employee within the central intelligence agency to that state or local law enforcement agency on a non-reimbursable basis.
This bill would amend the 1949 charter of the CIA
And thereby allowing for the CIA-ization of local police.
So what I'm getting at, Alex, is that's the conclusion there.
When you get right down, when the rubber hits the road, these are the people who will be training and orchestrating the direct...
Yeah, I think that obviously a big part of this is to psychologically condition, whether it's psychologically conditioning soldiers to act reflexively when they shoot.
They've had to use operant conditioning techniques for local police so that they have less of a problem shooting or threatening soldiers.
You know, people in their own communities and so forth.
And going back to what you said, I would add that we've had CIA in big departments for decades, but now they're going to legalize their criminal activity.
Yeah, I think it's very important that people get on this bill right away, and we've got to stop this.
On our website, we have the bill and analysis of the situation, but this would embed CIA agents.
In local police departments around the country.
Please give the website out.
It's demilitarize the police.
It's all one word.
It's demilitarize the police, one long phrase, .netfirms, N-E-T-F-I-R-M-S, netfirms.com.
And we'll give that out again a little bit later.
Yeah, on there.
We have the bills there and so forth.
It sounds...
Well, it's a domestic KGB.
And these people, you know, they're...
And those are the people that would be training and orchestrating the direct hands-on approach, as I was referring to.
Well, they've already been doing it, and now they're going to legalize it.
There's a lot more to cover in your calls.
Stay there.
Late summer 2003.
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Well, I've been wrong
All right, our guest is Frank Morales, expert on the police state.
The website is www.demilitarizethepolice.netfirms.com.
That's demilitarizethepolice.netfirms.com.
And I think we have a link to that on the main page of infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
If we don't, we will.
Frank, look, I've studied the New World Order.
I've been on the ground.
You know, back in 99, catching the military running checkpoints in Central Texas.
I got newscasts from Iowa, Tennessee, California before 9-11 where they had the military out searching cars with police.
I've interviewed Marine Corps officers who in 89 and 88 were kicking down gun dealers' doors in Norfolk, Virginia.
This has been quietly going on for a long time.
And now we've got Eberhardt, the head of NORTHCOM, saying, well, we're under the extraordinary level, the highest level of alert, the real alert that matters, not the scaremongering orange alert we're under now, that scale.
He says, yeah, you know, troops in our lives, on the streets, and Tommy Frank says it's, well, the next attack will set aside the Constitution.
It's too bad.
But this was all, again, set up beforehand.
And one of the biggest facets is shows like 24 on Fox, Threat Matrix on ABC, all these shows, they torture people.
It's good.
They arrest people who are drug dealers and charge them with terrorism because that's terrorism.
It's a mass manual to condition us that all of this is acceptable.
I mean, there's so much to talk about here, so much that's happening.
You know, the children in the schools with guns to their heads, police dogs on them, no drugs found, cameras in the bathrooms.
I mean, I'm trying to boil it down for people that this is a Orwellian, but not just Orwellian, a Nazi Russian command and control, whatever you want to call it.
This is classical, classical system that they are scientifically building.
There's a book called Hitler's Justice by a guy named Mueller who is a German lawyer.
What you're saying is astounding.
I mean, the whole thing about emergency decrees and the Reichstag fire in Germany and the emergency decree, 9-1-1, the Patriot Biff, etc.,
And then the ideology of defending the homeland.
The pattern is the same.
...of local law enforcement.
And they're overtly using the same nomenclature.
Why are they being so overt?
Well, I think part of it is the psychological operations approach...
I don't think we've actually coined a phrase for it, or maybe there is, but it's kind of externalizing people's fears as a way for them to not only be afraid, but in some way to adapt to them.
Tommy Frank's statement, for instance, regarding in that Cigar Aficionado book, a magazine that came out recently, his long interview there,
Which he says, well, you know, another terrorist action, we might have to say goodbye to the Constitution and go with a military-style government.
Kind of pretending as though, you know, that's not what it is that he wants, but the floating of these ideas.
The Pentagon awarded, gave an award to a writer who wrote a piece in 94 on the, the title of the piece was Military Coup in 2012.
And it's basically a story about a military coup that is supposedly fiction, but uses real historical...
Yeah, we read it here on air.
I mean, that's a big deal to have generals talking about the next step being martial law or, hey, maybe torture's good.
As you said, floating it out there where we even have debates about it.
Well, is martial law what we need?
Yeah, well, because it requires a certain conditioning of the population, so there'll be rationalizations.
For the use of non-lethal weapons, there'll be rationalizations put forth and try to convince the people.
But I think the American people understand clearly what, in some respects, what's going on.
There's obviously an element of fear.
But our campaign, for instance, demilitarizing the police, what we're looking at is we have to delineate
We're good to go.
I think?
These are contracts that are made.
These people are buying these things.
I'll tell you what, Frank, we've got to break again.
I want to come back and talk about those weapons and solutions and what you see in the next year or two if we don't stop this.
And we'll take your calls at 800-259-9231.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, my friends, Alex Jones here, back live.
Crystallizing it down to its simplest form, it's classical tyranny.
I mean, again, a piece of the puzzle.
I turn on Army News Watch three years ago before 9-11 that airs every day on Channel 17, our local cable.
The county has its own television channel on the cable.
And it's a federal show, and it says, hey, no matter where you live, we will drop by your office if you have two employees or 100 and drug test them.
The Pentagon wants to help.
At the end of the show, a little local blurb put on there about, hey, troops from Fort Hood or troops from Camp Mabry or troops from down in San Antonio will come to Austin and drug test your employees once a month or every week.
Again, getting the military involved in drug testing you for free because they care.
And I saw articles in 99 out of North Carolina where, oh, the troops are training to fight terrorism.
We're going to have troops in the factories soon watching everyone.
I mean, this is classical communist China, folks.
And it's right here in front of us happening, ratcheting it up more and more, federalizing your local police.
And Frank Morales has been fighting this for a long time.
He's written a book on the subject.
We'll talk about that a little bit later.
Got a bunch of callers here.
But, Frank, yeah, if they want to give local police a Humvee with a microwave gun on the top, we've got to take control of our cities politically and say no.
But to first stop that, we've got to be able to vote.
Well, three of the big touchscreen electronic voting machine companies have former deputy directors of the CIA running them.
They've been caught manipulating elections.
They've got convicted felons for computer fraud as their vice presidents running elections.
So it's definitely...
We're very late in the hour.
Here's a question.
Why do the globalists need this?
You know, we've put up with this tyranny so far nonviolently.
What is it they have planned so horrible they know they've got to have a massive oppression force?
Well, I think in part, you know, they suffer from what is known as the paranoia of the thief.
So, you know, they're afraid.
And I think that what they have planned is exactly what we're seeing.
But I think that the counterattack on our part has to be... They're attacking us at the base, in our homes, in the communities, and so forth.
And we have to formulate strategies that deal with it on that level.
The voting is one aspect of it, but I think there are a number of other things we can do, which is to try and block.
We have to preempt their ability to preempt us.
And I think that by identifying within local police departments and local law enforcement agencies, we need to deconstruct those entities.
We need to find the contracts that are let
And an example of that would be 400 plus cities now throwing out the Patriot Act.
And I think on a federal level, a campaign that I think is worthwhile and
It would be for people to get their local congresspeople to begin process of recodification of Posse Comitatus Act.
The Posse Comitatus Act is just a law, and it's only so strong as the people below it who are pushing to make it effective.
It's the law that delineates the role of the military and the police and says it's a criminal violation for the Pentagon to be involved in
Well, Frank Morales, here's an example of what this means.
Whether it's Miami or Seattle, and we've got judges now admitting this, reporters have seen this, you'll have a couple thousand peaceful people
Ten thugs run up in black uniforms, dressed like anarchists, start hitting people.
They pull back behind the police.
The police then attack all the innocent people, old women, reporters, you name it.
And the same thing happened here in Austin at a Fortune 500 meeting.
The cops, I was in the middle of it, were trying to provoke a tour.
Suddenly, five years ago, they issued black uniforms and the weird ninja outfits.
Suddenly, Delta forces involved in vising them.
Suddenly, these riots break out.
Suddenly, you can't protest anywhere.
They heard you off ten miles from where the WTO or whoever's meeting is.
I mean, they really are, time after time, trying to stop protest.
And that tells me they've got stuff planned that's so horrible, they know there's going to be huge protest.
They're trying to preempt that now.
It's a primary, you know, it's a beginning point.
Again, as I mentioned for counterinsurgency, is to act preemptively.
It's gathering the intelligence.
And the whole preemptive notion is not something Bush came up with.
It's a longtime tenet.
of counterinsurgency work, CIA and so forth.
The Pentagon's Operation Garden Plot, which is the overall so-called civil disturbance suppression apparatus, has been in high gear.
And what we're seeing now is an attempt overtly... What happened in Miami, I was on a panel with some steelworkers the other day, and this was a torture, a thuggery,
Violating the rights of peaceful dissent.
And I think people now are clear about it, and we need to go directly at this.
We can't allow for, accept it as the fait accompli, that these people are going to continue to escalate their violence against us.
And I think if people organize and look specifically, I think it's important, my own position is that we need to look at this weaponry.
We need to take these tools out of their hands.
And I think if we organize, we look at the funding chains, and we can do that and create legislation on a local level, Posse Comitatus Act-like statutes on a local level.
Okay, let's take some calls.
Ron in New York, and then Chris and Diane and others.
Go ahead, Ron.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Frank.
I would like to wish you both a Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
Hopefully it will be.
With reference to the militarization of police, this is not anything that is new, and this is not something that came about since 9-11, 2001.
But there's a hyper-warp acceleration.
That's correct.
That was the catalyst to accelerate the process.
I was making these observations as far back as 10 years ago, 11 years ago.
I saw this happening all the way back in the early days of the Clinton administration.
When they were giving hardware like armored vehicles that they had decommissioned in the military to a police agency.
I'm from, I'm retired from the New York City Police Department, and this is something I had spoken out about way back then.
As a matter of fact, Clinton, I don't know if any of you would remember this, Clinton had made a remark back at that time.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We didn't have the communists in Russia to fight anymore, so I guess this military-industrial complex has to continue to profit and thrive.
Well, Ron, it's like the drug war.
It's like the drug war.
They ship the drugs in to create the crisis.
Now they create the terror to create the crisis.
Problem, reaction, solution.
And they're the ones who are controlling, creating the problem, the reaction, and the solution.
Yeah, I think you're exactly on point, Ron.
I think the...
The thing about Clinton and under Clinton was he and Reno got together and created a memorandum between the DOD and the DOJ called the Technology Transfer Agreement.
And legislatively sanctioned, legalized that process that you're pointing out.
And that includes ground-penetrating radar to look through your walls.
Yeah, all kinds of things.
There's a small arms industry boom at this point in this type of stuff.
Everything from surveillance, so-called non-lethal, less than lethal, whatever.
These are...
The primary point being that they're directed against non-combatants.
Well, really, when you train someone, these are like having the gloves on for kickboxing.
This is to train the police to engage the public so we get used to this image of guns shooting at crowds.
This is preparing us for Tiananmen Square events.
This is acclimation of the public, as you mentioned, Alex, these shows.
The news reports here...
Listen, I had some interaction with the press in the 1990s.
A little bit, I guess, sort of a local phenomenon for a short time.
And I know how interviews are done.
And I know that the press can create the impression, particularly the broadcast media, that something that is wholly unpopular is popular.
Case in point, we had news reports yesterday evening in our local news in New York City.
And they find probably the two people out of a crowd of a thousand who agree with their premise...
And they would actually use this to brainwash people that, you know, the majority of the public wants the government to put proctoscopes in us in order to keep us free.
Hey, Ron, thanks for the call.
And for Frank Morales, I talked about this in the first hour.
I talked to my friend who works at the Bergstrom Airport here in Austin.
He said he watched News 8, a local news channel,
Talked to over 40 people who all disagree with the new security, said they didn't like it, said it didn't keep them safe, said it was a joke, said control the borders, and then one old lady at the end said, I love it.
They talked to her, turned their cameras off, left, and then it was her on the news.
Go ahead, Frank.
Yeah, it's clear that the control of information and the manipulation of the population through this so-called mass media system
is part of the problem.
All I can say is thank God for shows like yours and others that are putting out the information.
The point Ron made about the thin hole that they have on the population, that they have to do that, because we could look at that two ways.
They report on this one woman, but hey, those 99 people out there who disagreed, that's us.
And I think what we need to do is now organize at the grassroots level
And begin to attack these problems.
I'm very confident in the creative potential of people to deal with this.
Here's the problem, Frank.
They could blow something up today.
They're saying, oh, it's probably going to happen.
I hope it doesn't.
But the point is, they're capable of doing whatever's needed to scare us.
We've got to have the understanding, the renaissance, the epiphany, that it is the military-industrial complex behind the terror.
If we can't get that across, they're going to keep winning.
No, as long as people buy the notion that there are these...
Demons out there that are coming from some other place and so forth, you know, whatever.
It's true.
It's a provocateur state.
These people create these situations in order to justify and rationalize their own agenda.
There's certainly, and you've promoted a lot of this information around 9-1-1 that would lead most reasonable people to
Say, hey, there's some kind of setup going on here.
This stinks.
And with Operation Northwood and other historical precedents, we see that they're quite capable of creating terrorist events in order to justify social control, this agenda.
Let's take another call.
Let's talk to Diane in South Carolina.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
What I wanted to ask Frank about, in 1970 it was called the American Democratic Institute did a program for the government.
It's called Overseer, Gatekeeper, and in it they did like the entire Patriot Act was what it was, one and two.
But in there they had in control of the United States at a point we would not have our presidential elections
Because the president would have to, quote-unquote, stay in power because of martial law and everything's going on.
Do you think we're that close to that step?
And I have one more question.
Yeah, I think, as we were mentioning, that the potential for some catastrophic event to cancel out next election and so forth is there because we can see the tone...
And approach of the current administration.
We got the head of NORTHCOM, the new domestic military unit, saying, yeah, martial law might be needed.
Yeah, it's quite possible.
And as you mentioned, back at that period, the Houston plan, Tom Charles Houston also was concerned with mass detention and martial law or martial rule, what have you, and these kinds of scenarios.
So, yeah, no, I think we need to be aware of that possibility and plan on protecting ourselves.
I hope you're paying attention out there, folks.
This is really happening.
And, you know, Frank and I didn't just jump up this year and say, oh, look, it's martial law.
Right, it's been planned ever since way back.
I mean, I've been talking about this for nine, ten years.
Frank's been talking about it longer than that, laying out the program.
I mean, we're not making this up.
Well, Alex, you know how they are so big on symbols.
I want you to go to the morning NBC News this morning when they showed the big ball that's going up at Times Square.
It is made of triangles of the eye of Horus with the eye in the middle, the triangle with the rays coming out.
And they were talking about how this generates the most beautiful light in the world.
And they got an insignia on it signifying all the countries of the world.
And he said this is a great step in our world unions.
So I want you to get the news this morning.
Our World Union.
It was on NBC News this morning.
Watch it.
Thank you.
Hey, thank you, Diane.
A facet we haven't really talked about, Frank Morales, is police and military.
A lot of them I've talked to, especially after they've been in a few years, start waking up to this.
99% of police and firefighters and medical workers refuse a smallpox shot.
They had to suspend that.
How important is it to reach out and educate the police themselves?
I think it's very important.
It's critical.
As I said, when push comes to shove, when the tire hits the road, it's about...
You know, our neighbors against neighbors.
You know, yeah, they'll attempt to import people and create some kind of international police forces and so forth.
But ultimately, we need to reach people who are being used as tools in this game plan.
Part of the experience we had recently here at One Police Plaza, we had a press conference right down at police headquarters around
Banning rubber bullets and electromagnetic pulse weaponry and all this kind of stuff.
And a lot of the police people who were there expressed similar desires.
They don't want to be involved in these so-called civil disturbance suppression operations.
Well, they put ads in the newspapers saying, we apologize, we've been ordered to crack down and treat you badly.
I mean, it's very important that we organize, we educate, we reach out.
Communities need to get familiar with their local police departments.
We need to ask police, do you want to be part of slitting America's throat for the big bankers?
Yeah, exactly.
We need to just be as direct as we can and impress upon them that it's treasonous, the activities of this elite and what they're involved in, and that the dissent is a form of patriotism.
It's important for them to make that kind of judgment, but they need to be educated.
We can't sit back.
And allow for this intense media manipulation for these technology transfers, for these laws.
We've got to organize.
Well, Frank, just the level of the syrupy, disgusting, again, running man type newscast, I think that should wake everybody up.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, for somebody who's awake like I am or you are, I mean, how do you handle it?
It drives me up a wall.
Not that much.
I tend not to take in too much of that kind of information because I realize where it's coming from.
And alternative sources of information, the stuff's out there.
We'll be right back, Frank.
We've got to break.
Stay with us, folks.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
We got Jack McClam and Colonel Craig Roberts together in the next hour.
I'll get to more of the news we have not yet detailed.
Frank Morales, the White House has been caught.
This is admitted, issuing fake terror alerts to, quote, create hysteria.
And the alerts in Arizona, the alerts in France, the alerts in Nevada, the alerts in San Antonio, it's all staged.
And they've been caught doing this yet again, but no one's held accountable.
And then with Iraq, they come out and they tell wild lies, claim they've captured the same person three or four times, get caught lying about that, get caught lying about mass graves, get caught lying about uranium, the Jessica Lynch fable.
They're torturing all these Iraqis, and they let us learn about it.
It seems like they're practicing getting caught lying to almost titrate the dose
Or condition us to accept that.
I mean, this is very sophisticated.
I mean, I guess it's a 21st century version of the big lie, which is Hitler's approach, which is that you could cover one thing with another thing and another thing and just a series of lies and just create a whirlwind of malfeasance and fraudulency.
Yeah, I mean, you know, I agree with that, but as you and I can sit here and see through this, and I'm sure, you know, people who are listening right now can see through this, it's really a question of what it is we do about it.
We understand clearly that we're up against a desperate...
Why are they so desperate?
We were leaving them alone.
They had all the power.
Why do they want everything?
Well, I think their projections over the next 25 years quite possibly dictate that unless they remove large portions of the population, unless they contain and control large populations,
Well, we're putting most of it up on the website because I'm interested in getting this information out to people.
But let me give you my email, and people can contact me, and we'll get them the information.
Or they can actually leave me a note on the website, at our email on the website.
And that's frm at panix.com?
Okay, I'm going to give that again in the next hour or so.
Yeah, people can contact me there.
We also have a link on the website for the Urban Warrior movie, which is a documentary on the militarization of the Queen.
And I believe I'm in that, aren't I?
All right, that's a great film.
Frank, thanks so much for coming on, and I'll talk to you in the new year.
Yeah, you take care, and Happy New Year to you and all the listeners.
God bless, my friend.
He's also an Episcopal priest, folks.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, it's the last hour of the last show of 2003.
And we had the doctor on in the first hour talking about mad cow disease and just how serious it is, how it's in the pigs, how it's in the lamb, and how that's being covered up.
And we had Frank Morales, the police state expert, on the last hour.
They are publicly setting up a military dictatorship.
Do you realize how serious this is?
Has it sunk in yet?
We're going to take calls this hour.
We're going to have police and military against the New World Order founder and head, Jack McClam, back on with us, and my good buddy, Colonel Craig Roberts.
Both are great patriots and great Americans.
Because we had them on last week and ran out of time, so they'll be with us right into the end of this year.
And we're so honored to have both of these gentlemen.
There's so much news, the fake terror alerts, the fear-mongering, a congressman saying nobody should go to any big events, it's not safe, he wouldn't be caught dead doing it.
A lot of key stuff this hour, and your calls.
Let's go to Jack McClam, who I know we've got on now.
Jack, good to have you back on.
Hey, brothers, good to be back on with you, and also our dear brother Craig there.
Jack, you've been warning folks for 22, 23 years.
You've laid out what was going to happen.
It's now happening.
It's got to be painful to watch the entrails of America being torn out.
It's like having a front row seat in the Coliseum and seeing your fellow Christians being eaten by the lions.
I mean, it's just incredible, brother.
As I know you guys feel the same.
We've known for years because...
The enemy of God and liberty has explained their plans and made them available, and so we knew what was going to happen, but it is tragic, especially here at 8 and a Bet Police Military Newsletter and Police Against the New World Order, where we're getting mail, just got more mail today from a young brother, Master Sergeant in the Middle East, and it just tears your heart out.
He and a couple of his buddies
We're good to go.
They can't even talk about the Constitution, can't talk about their oath of office, what they should be doing and what they shouldn't be doing and talking about this conspiracy to destroy the United States of America.
It just breaks your heart.
Just absolutely breaks your heart.
Well, I want to talk about solutions today and get a little bit into mad cows.
We didn't have time to do that last time.
We're about to break, but let's bring Colonel Craig Roberts up.
Craig, what's on your mind today here at the final show of this year?
Oh, well, you know, Alex, it's always good to be back with you.
And, of course, Jack.
Jack and I go back a long time.
And a couple of things.
I've got all kinds of stuff on this mad cow that we didn't get a chance to talk about because I don't think people realize how serious it is and how long it's been here and how many people actually have died from it and what's been done to cover it up.
And I've got all that information for them today.
But also, Jack was talking about how hard it is to disseminate information inside the military.
But it's amazing that if you can just get it in, how far it goes, especially overseas where there's not a lot of reading material,
We're good to go.
It's found its way into foxholes in the mountains.
It's absolutely incredible what happens if you can't just get it to them.
And if we could just get your books and Jack's books and newsletters and videos and my videos to half these people, we would win overnight.
We have the force to do it.
We have the tools.
We've just got to have the will.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster as a New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
That's right, my friends.
Live from Austin, Texas, there's so much I want to cover as quickly as possible in this final hour of the year.
I don't want to jam some calls in in the second half hour.
I want to get into Mad Cow because Colonel Roberts has had some personal experience with friends and family with this.
I want to get into the police state and the New World Order with Jack McClam, police and military against the New World Order.
But Colonel Roberts, you just mentioned how you sent a case of your excellent book, The Medusa File, that gives us a broad view of the New World Order and case point examples, and how it got to the Special Forces, your friend in Special Forces, and now has gone all over the world with multiple people reading it in foxholes in Afghanistan, learning about the big picture.
The power of, and I thank God every day for this, of just what I've done in the last nine years, the thousands of radio interviews, the show, the videos, to go on shows in places I'm not on the radio and people call in who've seen the films because somebody gave them a copy and the churches that are waking up and the millions, the millions that have woken up because of Jack McClam and his newsletter for 20-plus years.
I want to talk about force and multiplication of information, and I want people to order your books.
I want people to support Jack McClam.
I didn't even intend to do this, but this is such a key...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Talk about that, both of you.
Okay, let me do something first.
I don't want to forget it.
It's extremely important.
This is absolutely correct.
If you can get the material in front of people, and if they'll just sit down long enough to look at it or read it, it's like fishing.
You cast a bait, and sooner or later you're going to catch something.
You can chum the water all day long and just catch a few fish, but they're important fish when you catch them.
You know, it was said that if you can convince one person, they can convince two, and they can convince four, then you win.
And this is what we've done, but there's a battle being fought against us.
And just as an example, this is brand new.
You're hearing it here first.
I tried to ship some books over to Iraq.
I went to a small country post office, and the lady there, as soon as she saw the address, she had a checklist that she had to go down, and she said, are there any Bibles in here?
I said, no, there's no Bibles.
Well, is there any religious material having to do with Christianity in here?
I said, no, not really.
She said, well, we can't send that to these countries.
I said, wait a minute.
I'm sending this to an APO.
That's an Army post office in New York.
And I'm not sending it overseas.
It's going to an Army post office.
She said, yes, but this APO number says it's going to go to Iraq or to a Middle Eastern country.
And because of that, you cannot send any Christian material.
You cannot send any Bibles.
I said, wait a minute.
We just won the war.
We just got these guys over there, according to our government, and they've taken over the place.
They run it.
It's going to an American guy in an American base camp.
What difference does it make if there's a Bible in a chapel?
Well, correct.
Saddam allowed Bibles.
Oh, absolutely.
But here I was in the U.S.
Post Office, and she looked at me, and she said very quietly, she said, it's going to get worse.
I said, what do you mean?
She said, we're already having meetings on what we're going to do.
If the ACLU decides to sue the post office and bar us from being a government information in allowing anyone to send any Bibles or religious material anywhere to a government post office.
Now that means I can't send you one in Texas.
So this is, again, the secret policing of the mail.
Please continue.
I want to get Jack McClam's comment on this.
So where does it go from there, Jack?
You know, we've watched for many years now, decades, as the American people have become active in trying to inform their neighbors on what's going on.
And we have reached millions and millions.
We know, and it's a fact, that when we get one of our police and military constitutional publications in the hand of one of our brothers and sisters actively on duty...
In either the military or law enforcement, it is shown to best friends first, and then it gets around.
It gets around handed to others, and so it's a multiple effect that is incredible because we have people mailing us copies of newsletters that look like 10th generation copies of some of our constitutional articles and all that's written by law enforcement and military people.
And so you're right.
It's just incredible what happens when the people will get active and take a tape, just one tape of Alex Jones or one of our newsletters or one of Craig's books or articles, new website pages, and make copies of that and just get it out, get it out to people.
It's amazing the duplicate effect it has, doubling effect it has, tripling effect.
So that's the answer to this.
But we should also remember that the communists have always said that never underestimate the power of a small group of committed citizens to change the world.
It's the only thing that ever has.
And Samuel Adams reminds us that it never takes the majority to prevail.
A minority can prevail.
And so we don't have to have all the people educated out there.
We just have to have a certain amount
That will stand up and speak out for justice and liberty in this country to take our nation back.
So it is not something that is not possible.
It is possible to do this, and we just need all the listeners out there to get your tapes, Alex, to get the books of Craig and our newsletters and go to our websites and
Well, both of you, Jack and Clem, you first.
Tell folks some of the items that you want folks to get, and then we'll have Craig do that.
Well, first of all, get a hold of us at our volunteer, all-volunteer police and military association, including this old cop.
And get a copy of our publication, Aid and Abet Police Military Newsletter, and make copies of it.
Nothing is copyrighted.
And get it out in the hands of your friends and relatives, because every two people out there listening today have a friend or a family member that's in law enforcement or the military.
So just get out our publications, because we have a motto here saying that
Tyranny cannot come to the door of any American unless it comes in uniform.
Not the butcher, the baker, or the condom maker that's going to take your guns and come take your husband, wives, and kids away.
It's going to be somebody in uniform.
So these are critical people, as Craig knows, and as you know, Alex.
We're good to go.
And protect the constitutional rights of people and so forth.
Okay, so give folks the contact info.
Okay, they can get a hold of us here at Adenabet Police Military Newsletter.
That's the best place to start.
And write to us here at HC, like Henry Charles, 11, Box 357, like the good old magnum I carried on duty for 20-some years.
And that's K-A-M-I-A-H,
Idaho, 83536.
That's HC11, Box 357, Kamei, Idaho, 83536.
If you can, send us three bucks, and we'll be able to fund our postage and reprint our newsletters, and we'll send you out a copy.
If you'd like to get on our mailing list or buy a subscription for a police officer or soldier that you know, just $25 donation, and we'll get that out to them regularly.
And begin their educational process to get them back on the side of God and the Constitution.
Absolutely, and this is powerful info, Craig.
Over on my site right now, my webmaster has put up several links to some mad cow articles.
If people want to run over there and look at that real quick, because we're going to get in a little bit, they'll have a little bit of a handle on what we're going to talk about.
He's posted four or five good links to some really fascinating articles on mad cow disease, and that's at riflewarrior.com.
I think so.
Medusa File.
Remember, folks, if you can't get it at the bookstore, it's because it's available, but they keep pulling it out of the computers.
They keep trying to blacklist it.
And you're a best-selling author.
It's not like you're some guy going, oh, they don't like me.
In fact, I've got a new book coming out this summer called Crosshairs on the Kill Zone that follows up One Shot, One Kill.
One Shot, One Kill is a bestseller, and it's in, like, 14th printing, and this is the book that's going to follow on to that one.
And New York City loves them.
They go out.
They go everywhere.
They're in all the PXs, all the stores.
But when you put out the truth in the Medusa file, you can't even get anybody in New York City interested in publishing it, so we had to do it ourselves.
And folks, I'm not here belaboring the info that Jack McClam has and that Colonel Roberts has for no reason.
I'm not making anything out of this.
I'm doing it because I believe in what they're doing.
I know it's accurate info.
And if you don't buy my videos, you don't get their books, you don't get their newsletters, you're crazy.
And by the way, Jack's got a long website name.
Just type police and military against the New World Order or Jack McClam into a website.
It'll be one of the top links.
Great website.
And we've got a few minutes for the break here.
Let's launch into mad cow because this is a serious issue.
Colonel Roberts, your personal experience with it.
Well, you know, Alex, you and I discussed this some time back, so you can bear witness that this isn't something that we just started.
It has to do with the death of a dear friend of mine from mad cow disease about two and a half years ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
When we get back from the break, I'll give you his name, I'll give you what happened to him, and I'll tell you how they covered it up.
And also your wife's family.
My mother-in-law, absolutely.
We'll be back, folks, and then we'll get into the police state, General Eberhardt's comments, and take your calls.
We'll talk about Frank's as well.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up, we're going to talk about the military dictatorship, which they're now announcing.
They're publicly setting up.
9-11 was only the setup for all of this.
The preparation.
The firing cap.
It is so serious.
And your calls in the next segment.
Rodney in Connecticut and others.
Be patient.
I also want to talk about just the sheer evil of the New World Order that the average person just isn't conscious of, but is documented.
And both you guys jump in any time here.
I talked to a scientist doctor in the first hour.
We've known about MADCAL for a long time.
They've covered it up.
Most of the beef's great.
The problem is Big Agra has allowed this to happen.
Now they'll use it to regulate out their competition and continue their practices.
But, Colonel Roberts, you've had personal experience with Mad Cow.
Go over that for us.
About two and a half to three years ago, a friend of ours named Jim Hale, who was a mechanic at American Airlines...
Started getting sick and he didn't know what was wrong.
He started losing coordination.
He started having problems remembering things and so on.
Had the classic symptoms of what at that time we figured was Alzheimer's.
The only problem is the guy was only like 48 years old.
He was in good health.
There didn't seem to be anything else wrong with him.
He was on all kinds of health food regimens and took all of his vitamins and herbs and everything.
His wife and him were really, in fact, they were into selling these products.
And they were really into health.
But he kept going downhill and downhill.
And finally, he got to the point where they had to put him in the hospital.
And he started getting into extreme stages of what they said was Alzheimer's disease.
And, of course, our questions were, how could a guy this young have Alzheimer's?
He eventually died from it within a very short period of time after exhibiting the worst symptoms that show up.
I think so.
Normally Alzheimer's doesn't kill you anyway.
What happens is something else happens to your body.
You lose your immune system.
Your heart goes whatever.
But he died because his brain ceased to function.
And when they did the autopsy, what they found was Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
And she said, what's that?
He said, it's mad cow disease, but they won't call it that.
And it's interesting to note, by the way, that Dr. Alzheimer in 1905 discovered Alzheimer's disease.
As being in the population, which previous to 1900, you'd hardly ever heard of anybody getting Alzheimer's.
And by the way, we have the doctor on, we've read the mainstream articles, it's now even in the Associated Press, people under 30 getting Alzheimer's has quintupled.
It didn't exist before, now it's all over the place.
Right, but before the 1800s, we didn't have cancer, we didn't have Alzheimer's before 1900, and now all of a sudden we start discovering these things around the turn of the century and afterwards when we start getting inoculations and more different types of...
I think so.
So that became, the brain spongiform disease became Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and that's what they called it in humans.
But in animals, they called it other things, depending on what animal it was.
You know, pigs have a form of it.
And I used to have the list in front of me.
I don't have it right now, but you can look it up.
Each animal has this type of disease here recently that you can actually find in the population of that livestock.
And what they've done is the British, of course...
I had it really bad long before we showed it being here, even though it had been here for a while in the elk herd and then finally into the cow herd.
They found out that what it was, it was feeding animal parts back to animals.
Now, I've got horses, I've got chickens here, and I read the feed bags.
When we first got the animals, I started looking at the feed bags, and I found out what companies produced feed made from rendered animal parts
And now we've had a massive cover-up.
Jack McClam, comments on this?
Well, you know, for ten years I toured with the Preparedness Expos, and one of my bright spots was meeting and speaking along with Lenny Horowitz, Dr. Lenny Horowitz.
And he's done some of the best research in some of the production of these programs.
We're good to go.
And so, you know, I have a lot to say about these things.
We'll talk about it when we get back then, then we'll shift gears into the police state and take your calls.
Gentlemen, stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Thank you for joining us.
This is our final 26 minutes now in this year's shows.
And we're talking to Colonel Craig Roberts and, of course, Jack McClan.
We're about to go back to both these gentlemen.
I know we've got loaded phone lines.
I want to finish up with Mad Cal, then get into the police state, our guest predictions for the next 365 days.
We'll get to those, too.
Before we cover that plethora of info, I want to encourage all of you to get my films.
I've made ten videos.
The latest is Matrix of Evil.
It has Colonel Craig Roberts in it, Frank Morales in it,
Congressman Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, she talks about the UN being a bunch of murderers and kidnapping children and 9-11.
That'll wake the liberals up.
We got Ron Paul talking about globalists running Washington, the neocons, the coming depression.
Pretty powerful stuff.
I'm in there.
It's a great new video, a little over two hours long.
There's police state, three total enslavement, masters of terror, 9-11, the road to tyranny.
All my films are excellent, and you need to have them.
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It's easy.
Ten nights, pop in another tape by another VCR, make a copy, give it to police chiefs, sheriffs, county commissioners, local talk show hosts.
Those are the big fish we're going after because they're already going to know everything we tell them, but they never want to put it all together.
You see, they're just kind of unconsciously looking at the world.
We just take that hidden image that was already in plain view out into the open, and now no matter what they try, they're still going to see it.
That's all we're doing is widening their perspective.
Get the videos, folks.
They're so important.
Get the videos.
Get my book, Descent into Tyranny.
Get the new book I published, Order Out of Chaos, by Paul Watson.
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Go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or call toll-free to order them.
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And for those that have gotten the films, I want to thank you.
Please keep making copies.
Continue to air them on AXIS TV.
Believe me, if we weren't out here doing this, we'd be in a lot worse shape today.
Going back to Jack McClam and Craig Roberts, exactly, Jack.
They create the crisis.
They allow it to take place.
Then there's solution.
I have it today.
They want to put microchips by law on all the cattle.
That's what I see coming out of this.
What do you see happening, Jack?
Brother, that's absolutely correct.
I've been blessed over 20 years now of knowing some of the
Most knowledgeable doctors in the country, medical personnel, you guys know them too, Dr. Stan Monteith and Dr., like I said, Lenny Horowitz and many others who have pinpointed the fact that there is a biological war going on on the American people and has been for a long time using biologicals and chemical weapons on our people.
And they use it for everything.
They use it to strike fear
In the minds of all Americans, they're using it to take over and destroy the small farms and ranches and turn them over to the agribusinesses, which are the international elite.
And these are soft-kill weapons that they can misdiagnose, correct, Craig?
And, you know, it's absolutely incredible that even when we locally get something diagnosed...
You can take just about anything that's cropped up in this country that got headlines, such as Legionnaire's disease and, of course, SARS and all of this.
Anytime that they get this stuff, it becomes like the disease of the week, and then it goes away under the carpet.
Don't worry about it anymore.
But it has an impact on the population.
It won't quit.
When we had this latest outbreak of flu, I was doing a radio talk show in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and a guy called in.
He worked at the local hospital, and he said that they've reported three flu deaths
In Arkansas, he said, we had nine in our hospital alone in the last two weeks.
So a lot of this stuff goes underreported for various reasons, of course.
But one thing that I always suspect, because I always look at the other side of the door anymore.
I look in the shadows to see what the real truth is.
And I always suspect that I wonder how much, especially after writing the Medusa file, with all of the research we did and all the investigations we did at the government,
...conspiracies and cover-ups of releasing stuff into the population on purpose to see what it would do or to reduce the population, as Al Gore has mentioned.
Then how much of this really gets put out here and is allowed to do its damage first before somebody discovers it and it actually gets on the news before it's covered up?
And how much of this stuff happens in your local town that you know about and the locals know about, but it never goes uphill and gets reported in the national media?
Well, that's the point I've made, is we have Project Shad up until 85 nerve-gassing troops and killing them, and then no one is charged because they were, quote, following orders.
I mean, we have a ruthless group of criminals running things, and Jack McClam, Craig Roberts, I want to briefly, and then I want to get into the militarization of police and some calls.
Your predictions for the next year...
Go ahead, Jack.
Okay, brother.
Well, our police association here, our main concern is that acts of terrorism used on the American people works miracles for the internationalists.
So we see in this next year horrible acts of terrorism are going to be used on the American people.
I think?
We're good to go.
Just get massive amounts of our publications and tapes and make copies of them, get them out, start this geometric progression.
The American people are going to beg, actually not beg, we've decided they're going to demand martial law when this terrorism starts again.
Well, that's because they've already put it in the back of their mind that the solution is martial law when it happens.
They say it every day.
Then folks think it's their own idea later.
I mean, that's a classic tactic, Colonel, is it not, to plant a solution in there a few months, a few years before?
Oh, yeah, and what they'll do is they'll dream up problems to say, this is what we're starting to look at right now.
We think this might happen, so therefore we're going to pass laws in advance to make sure it doesn't happen for your own protection.
And some of my predictions on this, I think that what we're going to have is reductions in the ability of the American people to travel about.
We're going to be more confined to where we live.
We may end up with internal passports like the Russians had.
We've already been dissuaded from flying at the airports because we're treated like criminals.
We're going to have registration of gun owners.
You know, they say, well, we can't register firearms because of a couple of federal laws, but there's nothing to say they can't issue you a federal permit to buy a gun or to own a gun.
Well, on top of this, showing it's all a fraud, Bush is going to, anybody who can get here will be legalized instantly.
Oh, yeah, you know, they're supplying the enemy, and they're cutting down on the ability of us to defend ourselves against the enemy, which is basically a recipe for disaster.
They're going to have probably restrictions on the amount of ammo you can buy or even have on your premises.
They'll start controlling food purchases because they'll do it two ways.
One, the amount and rationing due to whatever reason that the emergencies that will come up and the other is because it's contaminated.
You know, you've got to have it inspected and so on.
They'll have cross-deputization of agencies more than they do now.
In other words, the local sheriff and his deputies will be cross-deputized with the police from the towns within that county and they'll be cross-deputized
with federal agencies and task forces so that eventually everybody will will come under the umbrella of Homeland Security
As an anti-terrorist task force or anti-terrorist organization.
We're seeing this happen more and more every day right now.
Well, first they immunilize with the MJTF, federally funded.
Then they take that Lego set and plug it into the bigger one.
And since Jack made this prediction of more terror, I agree with that.
William Sapphire, the neocon chieftain in the New York Times today, said this is a prediction.
The October surprise, I'm reading from him, affecting our election will be the capture of bin Laden in Yemen.
The daring escape of Saddam, a major terror attack in the U.S., finding a buried bag of anthrax in Decrete.
Gentlemen, comments?
Well, I think that's a real Easter basket full of colored eggs right there.
Yeah, you know, there's no telling what they can crank up.
It's absolutely incredible.
That's right.
We're going to put this guy in jail and no one's going to talk to him because we don't want him to say what really happened.
What's scary about Sapphire is last year they said, oh, he's got such a crystal ball.
He predicted 9-11 with precision.
Well, yeah, the guy's inside all this.
Well, he's an outlet.
He's a mouthpiece.
What can you say?
We're going to have a total federalization of local police under these same rubrics here and also watch for
The elimination of the election of the county sheriff.
They're working very hard on this right now.
One-third of the sheriffs across the country are now appointed by those more intelligent than the American people under this home rule situation where they're merging the police departments together to save tax dollars.
The people fall for that every time.
But the elimination of the voting in of the county sheriff is big on their agenda because in certain areas like our place here and other places, the county sheriff can stop the federal Gestapo from coming into the county or coming into his federal compliance office and look at their paperwork and ask them what they're going to do.
Hey, Craig, you want to run for sheriff?
Craig, you want to run for sheriff?
Well, you know, they keep telling me I need to do that down here, but the problem is that's a real job, and I had one once and didn't like it, you know.
So, you know, it's one of those you've got to get up in the morning and be there by 8 o'clock and it's 20 miles away.
So I don't know.
They pretty much let me run my little corner of the county down here the way I see fit because no one comes down here unless they can play a banjo and they're not married to their cousin anyway, you know.
Well, listen, Craig, now don't forget, you know, the government will give you an Apache helicopter and they'll pick you up right there at your home and whip you over those 20 miles
It won't take you any time at all, and you can fly around in that Apache, supervising the people.
You talked me into it.
I guess I'm around.
Well, yeah, he flies those.
We got a bunch of callers here, but I want to get a comment from both of you.
Eberhardt, I mean, I cannot make a big enough deal of this.
The head of NORTHCOM says, well, the Pentagon's watching you, and we're going to have troops on the streets, and martial law's the next step, and we're going to be involved in your life, and Frank's is off saying this.
Your take, gentlemen, on them openly, openly is talking about this now.
We're good to go.
That they almost like to hear our representatives telling them how they're going to protect us and take care of us.
And that's the definition of terrorism, is scaring somebody so they'll go along with your political policy.
And that's a big question.
Why did they just now announce that Mad Cow's here when they know it's been here for over a decade?
Well, I think right now what they're doing is they're brickpiling.
Now, an intelligence work we call brickpiling, or a PSYOP work you call brickpiling,
It's when you lay one brick at a time, but you do it faster than the people can realize a wall's being built.
You start rapid-firing information at people, and you keep them so far behind the power curve that they can't understand what's going on.
They never figure it out until it's too late.
And what you do is you start passing these laws, and all your neighbors are going, well, gee, they're doing everything they can.
We just need to support them passing more laws.
And yeah, we have to give up some rights, and we have to have some more restrictions, but it's a different world today than it was in the 1950s or last year or whatever.
And so people are talked into this, and you've got all the talking heads in mainstream media.
Telling us, you know, this is what has to be done.
It's too little, it's maybe too late, but it's the best we can do today.
So it's a bunch of fast-talking carnival hucksters till our heads spin.
Jack McClam comments on this.
Well, Craig's got it 100% right there.
It's just a piling on, a piling on to create so much fear and consternation that the people are immobilized by fear, and they are going to depend 100% on their government coming in to save us.
We've already had a lot of success.
We've already had a lot of success.
It's just not fast enough.
Let's take calls.
Up first is Rodney in Connecticut.
Rodney, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call today.
Can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Go ahead.
Yes, that bill that you were... that immigration bill, did you have the...
The number of that bill and when do you think it might be implemented?
Okay, well, they've got Senator John McCain's bill introduced.
Bush is supporting the bill.
If you get here, you're legalized for three years automatically.
I don't have the bill in front of me.
I covered it two weeks ago.
But that's been big news everywhere.
So has it been brought up?
By a committee yet?
Yes, yes, yes.
A gentleman comments on Bush saying, if you get here, you're legal.
Well, you know, they did this once before.
It wasn't that, what, two or three years ago they had that mass deal under the Clintons.
That, you know, if you're here, you're good to go.
But this is complete and unlimited.
If you ever get here, you're good to go.
And that's the same reason they haven't sealed off the southern border.
That's the same reason that they allow anybody to get into this country.
I mean, here we're supposed to be fighting terrorists sneaking into the country, and yet we keep the doors open and our eyes closed.
It's ludicrous.
It's because they want... Well, we've got helicopters flying around aiming machine guns at people.
Yeah, they want a disaster to occur so that they can step in with U.N.
I mean, that's the bottom line.
We talked about this ten years ago, and everybody laughed and said that could never happen here.
We did Army exercises on it five years ago, that this is what we would do if we didn't have enough troops to defend... And now they've announced, if our troops are tied down in the war on terror, we'll use, quote, foreign assets.
That's it.
That General Barry McCaffrey told...
The CASQ class at Leavenworth at about four years ago, and they have done it.
They've already brought in foreign troops and used them in the skies over America right after 9-11 and even had them ready to come in on the ground if they needed them.
Yeah, thanks, Rodney.
One more thing, Alex.
If they do do that, is that going to mean people can fly in on the airlines and not have to be checked?
Basically, according to the Miami Herald, they have a thing called async.
And when you come in from a third-world country, you just hold your papers up and walk by.
See, this is all about training you to be a slave.
So, yes, thanks for the call.
We're going to come back and jam Chris, Ian, and Marcello in real quick with our two guests who I've been so honored to have with us here in the final show of 2003.
Thank you.
Final segment.
Stay with us.
Stay the course.
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All right, folks.
We have covered so much in the last two hours and 54 minutes.
And it's always great to have Colonel Roberts and Jack McClam on the show.
And God bless you both, gentlemen, for your fine work.
Let's cram a few more calls in here quickly.
Chris in Kentucky, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Chris.
Yes, I'm on the air now?
You sure are.
Okay, thank you very much.
Well, tonight, you know, it's going to be all the securities coming out here tonight about just roadblocks and all this and also looking for suspicious activity.
I am so sick and tired of these mainstream news conditioning everybody out here, saying how good this is.
So I guess Hitler was evil.
That's bad.
But the torture they want to do to us, search our vehicles without a Fourth Amendment, do that kind of style, is good here.
I mean, it's just getting so out of hand out here.
I've been reaching a lot of people out here.
You do have some listeners, the people I've talked to.
I hope the Kentucky listeners out there get active and keep going with this, because since 9-11, I have seen such behavioral problems with the police.
Not that they're bad, but I have seen people get searched for no reason in public parks, harassed.
Anything that looks like you're a terrorist or you're without title.
Chris, great points.
Thanks for the call.
This new thing about world almanacs, farmer's almanacs, maps in your car, and the feds in the article yesterday said, yeah, well, we're doing this to give police an excuse to search people and take them in.
I mean, they're now admitting while they're doing it, Craig and Jack.
Oh, it's incredible.
You know, I mean, what is terrorist material?
It's anything they say it is now.
I mean, a can of beans can be terrorist material because you might hit somebody in the head with it, you know?
And what is a terrorist, Craig?
They're saying anybody they say is a terrorist, too, right?
Oh, absolutely.
See, what they've done is they've created a branding iron that one size fits all.
Well, did you hear they're going after Limbaugh with the Patriot Act?
Yeah, you know, it's...
Sometimes people will wake up when they do such ridiculously stupid things as that that's so outrageously asinine.
It's like going to the carnival and watching all the clowns get out of the car, you know?
I mean, how far can you go before you step on your own foot and shoot yourself in the toe?
Jack, you got a comment about the evil almanacs?
Well, it's just more of the same.
Total control of the population, and the people love it so.
You know, the people are just digging it because our good Christian president is protecting us from all these evils.
I wanted to say, too, that Captain Darrell Eberhardt wrote to us and talked about, we put his article in our latest Adenabet Police Military Newsletter on the coming national draft.
And I believe that this could very well happen in the next year because Bush didn't expect to be bogged down in Iraq.
He thought he'd be on to crush Iran and Syria next and take over the oil and so forth in those nations.
And now he's bogged down and the world won't come to help him because they don't want to get their men and women shot up in this war for oil and taking over these natural resources because the Bush crime family probably won't share it.
So Captain Darrell Eberhardt makes a good case that we will probably see a national draft and it could be a universal draft.
Ron Paul said that last week.
One final caller of the year.
Let's talk to Ian in Canada.
Real quick, Ian.
Oh, Alex, what an honor.
Do you think that the media announced mad cow disease more than three decades ago?
And by that I mean that Michael Crichton, who started as a research doctor in microbiology, wrote a book over 30 years ago called The Andromeda Strain, and it was quickly made into a movie.
He still provides ideas to Hollywood, script ideas.
In that book, The Andromeda Strain, he posited...
Thank you.
Thank you.
Isn't that precisely the same configuration and characteristic of the Preon?
It's amazing, and Crichton's one of their chief thinkers.
Final words, Greg Roberts, Jack McClam, real quick.
They've got four or five good articles there on the Mad Cow.
Go over there and check it out.
All right.
Thank you, sir.
Have a good New Year.
Greg Roberts, final comments.
I mean, Jack McClam.
Be strong and courageous.
Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord is always with you.
Go to police and military against the New World Order.
We're out of time.
See you next year!
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