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Air Date: Nov. 5, 2003
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And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Welcome, welcome, welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
As we speak, Vicente Fox, the Mexican puppet of the big banks in New York, is in Austin, Texas.
It is Wednesday, the 5th of November, 2003.
And I'm going to be down there from about 6.30 to 8 o'clock tonight, bullhorning that dinner with Rick Perry.
And I hope to see you out there.
In fact, I didn't think to go down and protest Fox.
I know that he was going to be here in August, but canceled it.
We were planning to protest that.
One of the listeners pointed out that they are having a dinner tonight at the governor's mansion.
And that was in the newspaper.
And so I'll be down there tonight, 630 Lavaca and 11th Street, the governor's mansion.
You can't miss it.
Just listen for the bullhorn, and that's where I'll be at.
And I want to see Hispanics, black people, white people, northerners, southerners.
I want to see everybody out there.
And I know that we have a gigantic Hispanic listening audience.
In fact, that's the number 100 people that come up to me on the street to shake my hand and tell me that I'm right.
And I hope to see you up there, or we're going to be just like Mexico, just like Russia, just like China.
We're good to go.
I think?
It is a feudal surf state, ladies and gentlemen, and it's run by Europeans.
It is not run by Mexicans, and they have the second highest ratio for the largest poor class in the world.
They're number two after North Korea.
They have more billionaires per ratio compared to the poor population.
It is a corrupt system.
They don't call it communist.
They don't call it fascist.
They call it feudal Mexico.
They have incredibly corrupt police.
They have a payoff system.
Dozens of towns now fly the Mexican flag in South Texas.
They're not allowed to speak English in court proceedings.
Federal government is behind all of it.
I want to see revolution in Mexico.
I want to see a real government of the people.
I want to see a real republic.
We have tens of millions of illegals pouring up from Latin America through Mexico to this country.
The Republicans and the Democrats have set up a system that draws them here with incentives.
It is meant to drive down the wages and turn us into a feudal system and have a huge voting bloc who is racially charged, who will pull the lever in the voting booth for gun-controlled...
And globalism.
We are entering the Pan-American Union, the American Union.
It's already happened under trade deals.
The free trade group of the Americas is expanding, and our standard of living is plunging.
So I want to see you down there at a protest of Vicente Foxx.
And Governor Perry, who's pushing to legalize these people to accept false ID cards, to let them commit felonies.
Fox is also going to be giving an award to one of the local Reconquista folks in the city government who's been accepting the cards and committing felonies.
We have open sedition, rebellion against the United States,
Going on by the corporate globalists right here in America using Mexico as their pawn.
We'll talk more about it when we get back and a bunch of other news about preemptive strikes with Russia, NATO, and others as we edge towards World War III.
Big show lined up for you.
Infowars.com and prisonplanet.com are the websites.
We'll be right back.
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We're here live.
And then, of course, back from 9 to midnight, Central Standard Time.
This evening, the 5th of November, 2003, I'm going to be downtown Austin at the Governor's Mansion at 11th and Lavaca, right by the Capitol, confronting El Presidente and the Governor, Rick Perry.
We're going to have Vicente Fox nesting in the Governor's Mansion, calling for getting rid of the borders.
And I heard Neocon henchmen yesterday and today, nationally and locally, saying, oh, we've got to stop illegal immigration, taking all the energy we've built up against it.
We've got to go ahead and give them matricula cards and give them ID cards and accept them.
And that means unlimited amnesty for the 30-plus million that are here from Russia, China, predominantly Latin America, Mexico, and all those that come here in the future.
And the few plants that are left, the few places making underwear and socks and shirts and pants, the few places left, the meatpacking facilities, the poultry facilities, the pork facilities where they render these animals, about 90% of it's illegals.
About 90%.
And it's a race to the bottom.
Our wages are all plunging and the illegals...
I can live into a house and do better than they do in Mexico under that feudal serve system.
But if you're a citizen, regardless of what color you are, it's hurting you and hurting you badly.
And over 800 cities accept matricula cards.
Multiple states accept ID cards or issuing ID cards.
Starting next week in California, they're going to issue millions of illegals drivers' licenses.
They're federal felons.
They're criminals.
But the government doesn't care.
They're engaging in massive racketeering on a huge scale.
And make no mistake, America is being sacrificed on the altar of globalism.
It is the stated goal of the UN and its owners at the IMF and World Bank.
To get rid of all the borders, to merge the United States into Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the Latin American countries.
They're now doing the free trade group of the Americas, round two, merging our laws, our social security systems with these nations, including dozens of countries in the Caribbean.
This is the new America.
People like Orrin Hatch, the gun-grabbing neocon, wants to give extra tuition to illegals, more than citizens get for schooling.
The hospitals give carte blanche, first-serve treatment for the illegals.
Citizens have to wait in line or are refused.
Veterans are given no health care, but illegals are.
You see, the government has done this by design, not just to get cheap labor, but to get people to go into those voting booths and to vote for gun control and open borders and entering us into the global system.
The big New York banks, the Ford Foundation...
The same Ford Foundation that funds the Palestinian movement and funds the U.N.
is funding the La Reconquista movement.
I have video of 4th of July rallies with Hispanics, blacks, whites, veterans in L.A.
and San Diego being attacked with baseball bats and 2x4s by hordes of communist Mexicans screaming, we want to kill all whites, all whites out, with pictures of white people's heads cut off, with blood dripping out.
This is what's really going on.
And I've protested the Klan, I've bullhorned them, and I've bullhorned Mecha, and I've bullhorned La Raza, and I'm going to bullhorn that pig, Vicente Fox, this afternoon.
I hope to see everybody out there, regardless of what color you are, if you love this country and you don't want to lose everything you've got, and you don't want to be in an engineered race war that the New World Order is setting up to break off the Southwest, you better be there tonight, 6.30 to 8 o'clock, down there with me, standing against Vicente Fox and Governor Rick Big Government Harry.
Do you want to respond to what I've said?
You got points you want to add?
And we will get you up and on the air again.
I probably, and this is no exaggeration, if I'm out on the street, I probably have on average 30, 40 Hispanics with their families, American citizens, come up to me and shake my hand and tell me I'm right about this.
And the polls show that 82% of Hispanics are against the borders being open and are against all these illegals.
When you average in whites and blacks, it's 87 to 89% depending on which poll.
So all their race baiting, all their attempts to twist this issue have failed.
But the media keeps putting the line out so all of us individually, by ourselves, feel like we're in the minority view.
But I have the Gallup polls, I have the statistics, I have the numbers.
But it wouldn't matter if 90% of America wanted to get rid of America and get rid of the borders and get rid of our rights.
Because in a republic, in a sovereign country, you do have to have citizenship.
You do have to have control of your borders.
I want to challenge you to do something.
A lot of people are pointing this out now, but years ago, I went to the website of the Mexican Congress, their House and their Senate, which, by the way, they've now had last year, well, it was actually two years ago, joint sessions of our Congress and their Congress as part of this Pan-American Union.
And I've looked at the names.
The majority of the names of the ruling class in Mexico are German, are British, are strangely enough more Germans than there are even Spanish.
And yes, there are Jewish names.
There are even Japanese names, just like Peru was run by a Japanese guy.
This is just colonialism.
It's a colonial slave state run by rich elite families that moved in there hundreds of years ago, and it's run out of New York and D.C., and they're trying to break down America right now in Mexico, and their giant serf population is being used as a battering ram to destroy this constitutional republic.
It's that simple.
But I remember looking at the names.
Most of the names, not some of the names, are Schmidt.
And Green, and Johnson, and Fox.
And you look, I've watched their Congress on C-SPAN several times, and they're all about 6'5", most of them got blonde hair, blue eyes.
And again, my whole point is, is this is a sick joke.
They try to make it racial politics for the Mexican people, who are really just a mixture of Native Americans and...
And Spanish bloodlines and black bloodlines, and you've got this giant mass.
They have the second highest ratio, that is the biggest poor mass, more people in poverty than anybody else other than North Korea.
Mexico, unless you go to one of the tourist districts, maybe in Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula, the whole place is a giant nightmare.
Mexico City, 25, 30 million people, half of them living in cardboard boxes, getting water maybe one hour a day out of a dirty spigot.
We're good to go.
And that's what America is going to turn into, folks.
I just want you to know that, okay, because I've been outside Mexico City.
I've seen it from afar.
I didn't have the will to go into what is conservatively the most disgusting, filthy, evil, corrupt city on the entire Earth, the globe, the planet, the sphere, spaceship Earth.
And all over Latin America, from Chile to Guatemala, they are running the Indians off their land at gunpoint.
They are forcing them into the compact cities.
The IMF and World Bank are taking their land, and they're building giant highways and bus systems right up to our border.
And now they're going to have the guest worker program.
You think 30 million illegals?
You think hundreds of languages being spoken in Los Angeles, no one able to communicate with each other?
You think it's bad now?
We're going to look like Blade Runner in another 20 years if we don't turn this around.
So I hope you're listening to us, folks.
I hope you realize what's happening.
I've got a story here.
Biometric Passports Suffer Bumpy Ride.
Countries want digital identifiers and passports by next year.
Will the technology be ready?
See, the question is that we don't want a world ID card.
It's, oh, does it work?
And all over the world, the UN has ordered everybody to go to a social security number, the same prefix number, a face scan, a thumb scan, a hand scan.
This is your world ID card.
World taxation, Tobin tax, energy taxes, money transfer taxes.
And we're going to have no border, no sovereignty, no nothing.
And the Supreme Court said they're merging their laws with that of foreign courts, with that of the UN, with that of the criminal court.
No juries can't face your accusers, can be held for 30 years without a trial.
And we tried multiple times for the same offense, reinstating double jeopardy.
We're merging our courts, our Social Security, with Canada and Mexico and England and Germany and China.
It's happening!
World government's upon us!
And the Sean Hannity's and the Rush Limbaugh's have been there to keep you in the dark about it!
Bush wants blanket amnesty and Fox is their little puppet there peddling it.
So this is the reality, my friends.
What do you think about it?
We'll take your calls when we get back and get into some news about this.
It is so important, folks, to get involved in this fight.
I know this is short notice, but I expect every person that can hear my voice right now who's in Central Texas...
To be down there to confront Fox and Perry as Fox travels the Southwest, as they give dual citizenship to all of the Mexicans that are here trying to get them to break down the Southwest in some stupid pride move when all they're doing is destroying their only escape route to freedom.
America will fall into the same system that Mexico and China and Russia are under.
Our laws are being merged.
Our sovereignty is dying right now.
I want to hear from our Hispanic listeners and understand this, and understand that it's not a racial issue as the media has tried to make it.
1-800-259-9231, Infowars.com and Infowars.net are the websites, as well as JonesReport.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Stay with us.
Late summer 2003.
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All right, my friends, we're about to go to
Bill and John and Daryl and Dean and others.
In fact, Dean's calling from Canada.
They're bringing in millions of people there legally.
You want to come there, you can come there, whether it's from Russia or Europe or China or the Middle East.
Just pouring in.
And then, of course, they're shipping the rest of the jobs to India.
It's horrible what's happening.
And there's only a few top issues.
Number one is the social decay turning us into a bunch of wicked people that won't stand up for goodness because we don't know what goodness is.
The falling away from God.
The environmental land grabbers and the movement to repossess property and to get rid of our liberties and freedoms.
The gun control movement.
The movement to get rid of our borders.
And then, of course, there is the gun control, the disarmament of the slaves.
Those are really some of the top issues.
And there's also electronic voting, the touchscreen systems that are riddled with fraud and run by the CIA, and that's all come out in the news.
Across the board, a giant tyranny is being set up.
And we have the majority of Americans against the open borders, against all the illegal aliens...
But again, the Republican and Democratic parties are doing everything they can to intensify this, not to stop it.
Let's talk to Phil in Oregon.
Phil, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I didn't know if you had time to mention the fact that only five senators made up a quorum in that voice vote on the $87 billion Iraq war funding.
Only five out of 195% of them just were trick-or-treating.
Yeah, I did see that, and that's how we do things now, is five senators.
Well, three senators gave us the Federal Reserve Act, and so this is the new America.
Boy, I tell you, I grabbed my little constitution, and it says that a quorum has to constitute at least a bare minimum of a majority.
Fifty-one percent have to be present, so I don't know how they get away with five.
Well, they've changed the rules without changing the constitution.
Well, I tell you, this is a scandal that really takes the hat.
Well, by the way, they're now bringing forward an emergency takeover FEMA amendment.
They want to start a constitutional convention where a bunch of other stuff can be rewritten, guarantee that during a constitutional convention with the states voting, there'll be a terrorist attack provided by the globalists to get other stuff passed.
And they've tried a lot of other scams to get a con con up there, but now they're trying to get another con con so that the El Presidente and the governors will appoint the new Congress.
Well, Alex, I thank you for pointing it all out, and I just didn't know if you'd had time to mention this tragedy of a five-senator quorum.
No, I didn't read that yesterday, and I dropped the ball.
I just mentioned the $87 billion had been authorized to Halliburton, but what do you think about that?
Well, I think it really proves everything you've been saying, when 95% of them don't even feel their presence is necessary.
I tell you, that says it all right there.
They don't even have to show up.
I mean, Caligula, our new emperor, might as well bring his horse in to vote for him.
Keep up the good work, Alex.
Hey, thank you, Phil.
I appreciate the call.
John in Kansas.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, God bless you.
You're doing a good job.
I want you to read.
Let me get this straight.
Perry is the governor of Texas, is that correct?
And he's committing federal crimes by pushing to accept the fake ID cards, and Fox is going to give an award to one of the local police officials for his great work accepting the fake ID cards.
Okay, Vincente Fox is the president of Mexico, is that correct?
What I would like you to do, sir, re-indicate...
Slash, for those who don't know the word, say again.
Bullhorn, Fox.
Not announced on the radio.
Scream it again, what you said at 1110 Central Standard Time.
What, that I'm going to bullhorn that disgusting pig?
Tell the people again to get down there and get with you.
I'm up in Kansas.
Well, you know, I thought about getting Perry's number this morning.
I forgot to do it.
We should all call the governor and tell him, how dare you meet with somebody who's here as an enemy agent trying to foment the violation of federal laws.
He's going to give an award to the city for authorizing illegal aliens.
I mean, it's just absolute treason.
It's criminal activity right out in front of everybody by that European carpetbagger fox.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Defending the Republic against enemies, foreign and domestic.
I don't care what color you are or where you're from in this country.
If you love America, you want to stand up against this tyranny, I'm your brother.
But if you want to serve the globalists, I'm your enemy.
If you want to microchip our children, like Sean Hannity saying every child needs a chip, and you're for, quote, arresting all the militias, you're my enemy.
If you're for open borders and gun control, you're my enemy.
If you're for controlling our borders, national sovereignty, the Second Amendment, getting back to our biblical foundations, you're my brother.
This show's about getting you outside the box, getting you to think for yourself.
Coming up is Daryl Dean, Paul, Clyde, Charles, and others.
There are just a few minutes, and then we're going to get into NATO hints at undertaking preemptive missions worldwide.
That feeds into Putin.
In Reuters, Putin reaffirms Russia's right to preemptive strikes.
Fox aims to boost ties with U.S.
border states and migrants, getting rid of the borders completely.
That's the globalist plan.
Illegal immigration comes to a small town, America.
This is out of the Michigan News, admitting that it's destroyed the economy up there.
This is a liberal, by the way.
Enough of you lose your job.
You're going to wake up and speak out.
We're good to go.
We'll also get into some of the crime statistics of what the Second Amendment really does and how it frustrates crime and how vital it is to the safety, security, and sovereignty of this nation.
And Glenn Spencer will be on with us for about 15 minutes, five minutes into the next hour.
If we're able to get him, he's on the border right now flying drones and streaming it over their website.
They're on their way to the border right now.
I talked to him before I went on the air of AmericanPatrol.com.
They're private drones videotaping thousands of illegals pouring across every time they put the drone in the sky.
So that's all coming up.
Again, we're about to go to your calls here in one minute.
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We have callers every day who talk about the police pull them over, see a copy of one of the videos, and go, oh, I've seen that.
Oh, yeah, we're waking up to that.
Or, you know, school teachers, their students bring them to class, or congressmen are seeing them and waking up.
It's having a massive effect, folks.
So make the call, get the videos, keep spreading the word.
I want to thank those that have.
That number again, 1-888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Or Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order.
Don't procrastinate.
Evil men and tyrants are counting on you not taking action.
We can defeat the ABCs and the Foxes and other communist news channels by unlocking minds.
The globalists have to reapply their propaganda.
We have the truth.
And once you show somebody how they're being lied to, they shift their paradigm.
The blinders come off.
So here's the mailing address one more time.
3001 South Lamar.
Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Let's talk to Daryl in Pennsylvania.
We're talking about the globalist plan to get rid of our borders and put us into the Pan-American Union using Mexico as a pawn.
Go ahead, you're on the air, Daryl.
Yeah, Alex, yesterday I believe it was that you had a caller who called in reading various messages that Mary supposedly gave to humans and
If you'd allow me, I'd like to share several cautions and warnings about dreams and visions with the listeners to the Alex Jones Show.
Well, sir, I deal with facts and news and reports, and listeners will call on about whatever they want, but if you talk about them, we'll get a bunch of calls on that issue.
But you know what?
Go ahead, Daryl.
I'm not going to censor you.
Yeah, I'm not going to give any dreams and visions.
I just want to give some warnings to folks because I think it's a very important and critical issue.
I'm over 50, Alex, and in my lifetime, I've seen hundreds of dreams and visions reported in various Christian literature, both
We're good to go.
I think?
Many of these messages of supposed apparitions of Mary were clearly unbiblical.
So a warning to my Catholic friends, watch out the message you think you're maybe getting from Mary may be from a demon that's masquerading as Mary.
And while Bible prophecy is very important, Alex, we should get it from the Bible and not from many of these prophecy writers and preachers who have a tremendous track record of picking wrong dates for the pre-trib rapture,
Such as 1988 and picking many wrong choices for the Antichrist or getting our prophecies from apparitions who may be demons.
Well, that's why I don't cover that.
I cover stuff I can prove.
And I'd like to suggest that we not have folks calling in with dreams and visions for Patriot Radio because we have no way of verifying whether that dream or vision or prophecy is valid and true or it's something that someone dreamed after eating a pizza just before going to bed or...
Something a demon masquerading as Jesus or Mary passed to them.
And finally, Alex, I'm not sure we Americans are deserving of dreams and visions from God or anyone else when so many of us tolerate sin and tyranny in our land and we don't obey God's clear commands in the Bible to deliver the helpless, such as the babies that get murdered every 20 seconds in America.
And I really, I don't think we need dreams and visions.
We ought to be able to see clearly the evil in our land, Alex, just by looking around us and
We ought to be in max mode right now and fighting it rather than trying to figure out when the Lord's coming back.
The exact day.
Well, that is a globalist's sab to go, just lay down, go along with the microchips, all this has to happen, don't fight evil.
Exactly, and we don't need to know who the Antichrist is, the specific guy, because we know who the Antichrist forces are.
Well, we know the Antichrist system is upon us right now.
The control grid, the casual society slave system is being put in right before our eyes.
And what we need to stay focused on is fighting the tyranny by using the...
Great information tools like your police state videos, your 911 videos, and I'm glad you've got Jack McLam coming on.
His book, Operation Vampire Killer 2000.
There's lots of good materials that we can present, folks.
That'll show them what's really happening.
We don't need to get into dreams and visions, and I'd just like to ask people, please, please don't call in with that.
What do you think about Vicente Fox?
He's going to be here, and we read the article yesterday, giving awards to local officials who have legalized all the illegals and have set up day labor sites, felons, setting it up to destroy our community and roll us into a Pan-American union.
Well, isn't he related to the current president of the United States?
I mean, they're like blood brothers.
They seem to always, you know, therefore... Oh, no, this fox isn't even a Mexican.
None of these people are that run Mexico.
But they want to give away, basically, the American Southwest, which is what they do by allowing all of the...
Immigration to come streaming across the illegal immigration.
And now they want to totally legalize that as the, quote, solution.
Thanks for the call.
God bless.
You bet.
And again, I'm going to be down there at 6.30 tonight, Lavaca and 11th Street, Governor's Mansion.
I'm going to be bullhorning that disgusting meeting between El Presidente and El Governor.
Let's go ahead and... You know what they call a governor in Austria?
The Gropenfuehrer.
I'm not kidding.
That's Arnold.
The Gropenfuehrer.
I just had to mention that.
He is a Gropenfuehrer.
That's really what it means.
Let's go to a side issue.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dean in Canada, who's also being assailed by illegal aliens.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just want to compliment you.
I think you are the fairest post that I have ever heard in my life.
So many hosts are so manipulative of their callers and what a refreshing change you are.
And you're just a wickedly smart guy.
I think you're really rare.
I have so much admiration.
Two just simple questions about Bohemian Grove.
One, why isn't the picture clear on the net?
Is it clear on the video?
Number one, we're not masters of the Internet, and that was three years ago when we put those video clips on the web, and we've since bought better programs that makes video clearer.
In fact, in the next few days, I'm going to put the new Matrix of Evil trailer back up a little bit clearer.
We have a very small staff, but they use the footage I shot at Bohemian Grove in an international documentary that aired on Trio Network, on national British TV in England, on Trio here.
And have you seen the actual VHS documentary of Bohemian Grove?
Well, this is why I'm asking you.
Is it clear?
Well, let me explain.
I snuck into Bohemian Grove and the Bohemian Grove Club, where the president goes and others go for 127 years.
They're on 128 now.
They're on the record as saying Mr. Jones did sneak in and did shoot this ritual on videotape.
And so it's admitted that I did indeed go in there.
Some people say, why didn't you go up and ask them to take their hoods off so you could videotape them?
Well, why didn't Tom Cruise take his mask off and eyes wide shut?
I had a small Sony digital camera in a little fanny pack on my side with a plug-in to what looked like a pager with a pinhole color camera.
And Mike had another little camera, but I'm the one that shot the ritual.
His video camera ran out of tape, and we couldn't reload it because there were crowds around us.
And we snuck in there, Mike Hanson and myself, and on July 15, 2000, and at dusk, we had been told every July 15, the world leaders...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, I'm using the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom analogy because that's basically, they had fire between the ritual and the people.
This was water between the people and the ritual.
Or at church, you're in the pews and across, then there's a stage, which they had, you know, a raised stone stage at the grove.
And yes, in Road to Tyranny, excuse me, in Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove,
We do have, Dean, crisp video.
We will zoom in on the video to the high priest in his silver robe and his red cloak.
Was this the most shocking experience of your life?
Yes, it was the most bizarre, and it made my faith in Yahweh and Jesus a lot stronger, and gave me more knowledge of the fact that the globalists really are Satanists.
Okay, well, you've answered the question, but if I buy the video, I'll be able to see... I mean, obviously I'm not going to recognize anyone I know, right?
But I'll be able to see things clearly.
Well, yes.
On the video, too, you will see it where suddenly half the screen becomes black and it's moving all over the screen because the camera was over at an angle and I wasn't aiming it properly for, like, I'd say about a third of the ritual.
And so...
There's the field of the camera.
Do you understand?
And so the camera was going off field.
I would have to zoom in on the video with a computer and focus in over on the edge of the screen to try to blow up what you're seeing.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Something's wrong with my voice, Alex.
I'm recording what you're saying on the Internet.
I'll play it back later.
Sorry, I'm not following you, to be quite honest.
Something's wrong with your voice?
Something's wrong with my throat.
I've been drinking something here.
It's really distracting me.
I'm sorry.
But I will play what you said back later, and I take it that you've answered my question.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for the call.
What I'm trying to boil down and say is that some of the camera work is shaky.
Some of it, you know, it's off to an angle.
I mean, understand, there's the feel of the camera.
There's the screenshot, the TV set, what the camera catches, okay?
And with a video camera, there are edges of the film that you don't see on your TV screen because new video cameras the last five years or so are shot to like a movie screen size.
They're rectangular.
They're not square.
So what I was able to do, despite the fact that for part of the ritual I had the camera...
Because when you're 100 yards away, if you're just off a little bit, it would get out of the shot.
I was able to go into the video, go over to the side area that would have been obscured if it was on a normal TV set, and zoom in on that lost area of the frame and show the ritual.
Two-thirds of it, I mean, is just right on the ritual, right on, you know, the entire thing going on.
And, you know, let's say you have a 25-inch tall TV screen.
For most of the ritual, the people on the screen, I'd say, are about three, four inches tall.
So you can clearly see the color of their robes, the regalia of the staffs, hear what they're saying, and it's very crisp.
Now, parts of it get blurry and stuff.
Again, I mean, it's a hidden video camera.
You ever watched on those crime shows, you know, the black and white footage or surveillance footage of cops in a sting operation?
It's a lot cleaner than that.
And again, it's on the record by the Grove that I did sneak in there and get that footage.
So thank you for the call, Dean.
Paul and Clyde and Charles and others, you're up next when we get back.
Maybe somebody who's seen Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove can call in and tell Dean what you think.
All right, we'll be right back, folks.
But do a search under Alex Jones, Bohemian Grove, and you should find press Democrat articles, and you should find San Francisco articles where the Bohemian Grove admits in the newspaper that I did indeed sneak in and do that.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, coming up, Glenn Spencer of AmericanPatrol.com.
We're able to reach him via his Nextel phone on the border while they're flying surveillance drones, private surveillance drones, to show the invasion.
Then in about 35 minutes, we're going to have Jack McClam, police against the New World Order, with some great news statistics for you.
You don't want to miss that, but let's keep going to the calls right now.
Let's talk to Paul in Texas, then Clyde, Charles, Manuel, and others.
You're on the air, Paul.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How you doing?
Pretty good.
Hey, buddy, I just moved back to Austin a couple months ago.
Good deal.
I was in San Francisco, and I'll tell you what, living in that city just by itself was a real eye-opener.
Aside from just the sheer volume of Masonic temples that are out there, I'll tell you what, I talk to a lot of people in the Bay Area, and outside of all the yuppies who are making $80,000 a year wondering why San Francisco is filled with yuppies, people are working three jobs just to make their ends meet, putting in 80-90 hours a week.
And I think that that's really something that's... You know, that's really scary because California is kind of a beta testing ground for... Well, that's because they've driven down the wages...
We're good to go.
I appreciate the call.
It's amazing.
Anything else?
Go ahead.
Okay, yeah, no, it's just really tough.
I try to talk to people out there, and I guess that in a way that was kind of the worst thing.
I mean, I'll tell you what, I mean, people are so sensitive out there, you know, and so closed-minded, there's nothing more conservative than a West Coast liberal.
I appreciate the call.
Take care, my friend.
Clyde in Colorado.
Clyde, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Are you familiar with what is called the New States Constitution?
You know, that's an interesting document.
I don't think they're basically going to be able to put that into effect.
Yeah, they are.
Incrementally, through GATT, that's how they got the EU.
They just call it a trade deal as they merge our systems.
Well, I think if you look in that document, which I've been distributing copies of it for 10, 15 years.
Yeah, it was written back in the late 70s.
Yeah, it was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation with some $25 million.
I guess it was first published in about 1973.
But basically in there, if you go to the terms that are in there, just take the Bill of Rights, for example.
All of them read, the Bill of Rights reads just like ours, except at the end of every listing of the Bill of Rights is except as provided by law.
Yeah, so you've got the big law that's the Bill of Rights, but oh, any bureaucrat, any two-bit bureaucrat,
Whoever can get rid of that.
That's the same thing that Ascroft says about the Second Amendment.
Oh, you've got your right unless we pass a law.
That's the whole point.
That's a fraud.
Yes, that's very true.
The other thing is, of course, the states are abolished.
We have ten regions.
Do you remember the name?
I have a New York Times article from 1936.
I have the original New York Times where it shows the ten regions.
The people who administer under the direction of the Fuhrer...
We'll be called overseers.
That's the term that's used in the... Yeah, and then in 79, FEMA came out with the 10 FEMA regents.
Right, right.
Well, President Nixon, I think, first... Because I remember I was in the federal bureaucracy.
I think those were first done by executive order in about 1968 or 69.
But then it was codified under FEMA in 79.
But I think what is interesting is I don't frankly think that the globalists believe they can per se...
Eliminate the states, at least as geographic... If they overrun us with another 30 million illegals and then give them the right to vote, they will.
We'll talk more about it when we get back, Clyde.
Tell you what, stay there.
Stay with us.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones here, introducing you to the Black Berkey replacement elements.
They're new and they're more powerful than any gravity filter element on the market.
These powerful filters fit most gravity filter systems and can be installed...
This is the GCN Radio Network.
El Presidente, Vicente Fox, who works for the big New York banks, his job to break down the U.S., to flood us with illegals, to roll us in with the Pan-American Union, to threaten us.
We're good to go.
Let's let Clyde and Charles, JQ, and others.
Clyde, finishing up, you were making some statements going on.
Well, I think, Alex, that they're not going to really achieve, per se, the abolishment of state borders, at least as geographic.
Well, it won't matter.
They'll just have regional governorships that border and fund the states.
I understand that.
I think more likely, and I realized this when I worked in the federal bureaucracy starting in the late 70s, I think more likely what they've done, and if you study the history of what is called grant-in-aids,
The fact of what they've achieved is an integrated national system where states are really only administrative units of the national government.
And local governments, really, to a great extent, are pretty much integrated.
So they can achieve it with financing a state and local government.
And I think the globalists have basically managed this economy in such a way as to create stress, economic stress, at all levels.
And that only feeds more the need for federal...
I think that's the plan, and then to roll us into all these global treaties and then the world government.
I think there's only going to be really two levels of government left, I feel, in probably a generation or two.
One will be a world government,
And then the national governments at the various nation levels who basically administer whatever the New World Order, the world government wants.
I think that's where we're headed.
Thanks for the call.
Got to let you go.
Thank you so much.
Let's talk to Charles Louisiana.
Charles, go ahead.
Go ahead and turn your radio off.
Put him on hold.
We'll try to go to Charles here in just a second.
And we do have some guests coming up, so I'm hurrying through the callers as fast as possible.
Let's try to go back to Charles now.
Charles, are you there?
How are you doing, my friend?
Go ahead.
God bless you.
Well, I'll tell you this morning, I'm really discouraged.
I really thought that this thing wouldn't have went this far.
They're putting this in our face, rubbing our nose in it, and they think they're getting away with it.
I just don't know.
I have no life because I fight this all the time.
I just don't know what the American people are doing.
We need to do more.
Not you, but the American people need to get out there with ball horns.
We need to shame these people.
We need to do anything we can to take away from these people their authority.
We've got to take the attitude of our forefathers.
What do you think about that?
Well, by discouraged, you mean how openly the states and cities are accepting fake ID cards, issuing driver's licenses to known felons, known illegal aliens, but then they're going to hold citizens to the letter of the law while giving illegals double the tuition that citizens get, shutting up a system to destroy our sovereignty and having Vicente Fox throw it in our face and give awards to city leaders that are committing felonies, racketeering to authorize illegal aliens.
That's what I'm trying to say.
And I get so discouraged, Mr. Jones.
I didn't think it would go this far.
I really didn't think it would go this far.
I thought we would have stopped them in their tracks by now.
Well, it's going a lot further.
And we have stopped them in their tracks at many levels, but we haven't on others.
And look, people like you out there taking action, Charles.
That's what's held them back this much.
I want to make a comment about Bohemian Groves.
It's a satanic message.
When you first pray it, you'll get depressed if you don't pray about it.
I'll tell you what, stay there.
I'll let you talk about Bohemian Grove when we get back to video so you've obviously seen it.
And then we'll go to JQ and others.
We do have a couple guests coming up as well.
Stay with me.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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The new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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I think?
We're good to go.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Eight minutes and 25 seconds into the second hour.
We got Jack McClam coming up in about 25 minutes to talk about some new statistics where police are actually against gun control.
90 plus percent.
And more on Vicente Fox here committing crimes right out in the open.
Giving city leaders awards for racketeering, setting up day labor sites, allowing the illegal aliens to be issued ID cards or accepting their matricula.
We're going to get Glenn Spencer's take on this from the border.
From the border.
He's down there right now about to launch, or I guess he's already launched a drone.
But I want to ask Glenn to hold just for two minutes, and I'm really honored to have him at the forefront of leading the fight against the open borders in a key area of the fight against globalists.
Real quick, as we held Charles over.
Charles, a listener earlier said, if he got my Bohemian Grove video, would he be able to see what was happening?
You've seen the film.
What's your response to it in two minutes?
Real quick.
Well, I passed out this morning up to 526 tapes of Bohemian Grove.
And they have a message on that tape.
And if you play it in your house, after you play it, you'll feel a depression come on you.
It's a satanic tape.
It's actually a ritual.
And what I like about the tape is at the end how you approach George Bush.
You know, when you went to the governor's mansion with the bullhorn.
I'll be doing that today, by the way.
Yeah, thank God for you.
But I think this is one of the most important tapes you can get because this is what holds them up.
This is their belief.
And this tape here is the key.
This is what keeps them going.
Okay, the high priest.
I mean, we've got the guy up close in his regalia, do we not?
Yes, you see them clearly, yes.
It's a good tape, and you've got to watch it with the attitude that these people do not follow Christ.
They've got their own religion, and they've got their own beliefs.
Okay, listen, Charles, I've got to let you go because one Spencer's there, okay?
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate your fine work getting the videos out to people.
Just in 30 seconds to finish this up, I heard Gary Brownfield today, the question was, is George Bush a Christian?
The guy didn't just clap and summon the demon at the Shinto shrine, just have the Muslims for the Ramadan feast and say we all worship the same God.
The guy's a member of Skull and Bones.
The guy is a member of Bohemian Grove.
Folks, just start adding it up.
Two plus two equals four.
Joining me is a premier expert on the open borders and how to fight it, Glenn Spencer from AmericanPatrol.com, joining us from the front lines on the border, out there with his sensors and drones and the rest of it.
Glenn, thanks for joining us from the front lines, my friend.
Glenn, first off, Vicente Fox is going to give the police department and the city of Austin awards for legalizing illegals, which they have no authority to do, accepting their fake matricular cards.
He is here in a seditious fashion attempting from your state of Arizona to Texas to trying to get rid of our borders with our traitorous governors.
What do you say to this?
Well, what can you say when the head of a foreign government
Mexico, whose people, according to a Zogby poll of last year, believe, the overwhelming majority believe, that the Southwest belongs to them, that this is their country, and that they have a right to come here.
Now, that's a scientific Zogby international poll, highly respected, and so this is what the people of, according to Zogby, Mexico think.
Of course, the Mexican government has acted to advance the cause of the reversal of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848, so that they could put the Southwest under their jurisdiction.
And you know that I produced a documentary called Conquest of Aztlan.
And Aztlan, A-Z-T-L-A-N, is what they call the Southwest.
And what they're trying to take back.
And it's the A in Necha, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan,
The Necha groups that are on all of the college campuses... Hispanic Ku Klux Klan.
Yeah, Hispanic Ku Klux Klan, who say, for the race, everything, for everybody else, nothing, which was one of the reasons Cruz Bustamante was soundly trounced out here in the recall of Gray Davis, because he refused, refused to renounce these racist...
But again, it doesn't matter because Arnold's going to allow him to issue the ID cards next week to the millions of illegals.
Well, yeah, absolutely.
And that's why I reserved the website recallterminator.org because the time may come in a few months when it's legal.
You're so smart to get that.
You're so smart.
Oh, yeah.
We're going to dust that off here in about four to five months.
As the folks who don't...
For folks that don't know, you have video, we have video of them at Fourth of July parades with colored posters with blonde-haired, blue-eyed people's heads cut off where they say we're going to kill all whites.
Well, that's right.
And you have, you know, CDs out, okay, featuring people holding a head of a white man.
By the head.
You know, his head severed.
And this is the major group down there, the CD for this Hispanic or Mexican rap group.
But coming back to this, yes, the Mexican president is here advancing the invasion of the United States.
He is an enemy?
He is an enemy general.
He is an enemy nation advancing the cause of conquest.
And these suckers who are falling in line with him are now being rewarded.
Well, it's clear, Glenn, that these are orders from New York and D.C.
for the Pan-American Union, Union of American States, to break down America.
Oh, there's no question about it.
But the thing is, while these power elite are sacrificing the United States on the altar of globalism, Mexico is chuckling and saying, well, while you're at that, we'll just take this part back.
Mexico is the last nation that believes in globalism.
Well, Glenn, I know from the state police that they can hear everything I'm saying on the bullhorn as they have dinner in there tonight.
I've done it in the past.
What should I say to Perry and Fox when I'm bullhorning them as I'm at dinner with them tonight with a bullhorn?
Well, first of all, okay, this is not Aslan.
This is America, all right?
Mexico, end the corruption and build your own country, right?
And the reason that the Mexicans are so poor is that Mexico is so corrupt.
And that includes Fox and all of his cronies.
It's listed as the second most corrupt country in the world.
And then give them dual citizenship.
And dual citizenship for them, but not for us.
It's a one-way street to the end of the United States.
Well, Glenn, you lived in Southern California.
You worked with the Native American groups.
You now live in Arizona fighting this.
The Mexican police will beat you up, grab your wife, rob you blind, kill you if they catch you sneaking in, but then we're supposed to be so nice and sweet.
Oh, absolutely.
If they catch you doing anything illegal, or even if they think that you're probably doing something illegal, you have no rights in Mexico.
You have no rights whatsoever.
It is an incredible betrayal of the American people, and it's been going on for a long time.
You know, I went yesterday, I drove three hours from where I am here on the border, and
To Phoenix, Arizona, to protest Fox's visit.
But I didn't get there, because I was stopped on Interstate 10 at Casa Grande, about 30 miles southeast of Phoenix, because there was a shootout on Interstate 10 between rival smuggling gangs, probably Mexican, and they killed four of their own people, left them lying dead on the freeway, three more wounded, others scattered into the desert.
And so we were stopped and held up for an hour and a half while they chased these gunmen down in the desert.
And Interstate 10 northbound was shut down for nine hours.
While Fox was visiting in Phoenix, and all of these dead people lying around, and these crazy Mexicans.
And then he came up to Phoenix and suggested that the real threat to the Mexicans were so-called vigilantes.
I mean, how would the Americans do?
Here are dead Mexicans lying in the middle of the freeway, killed by other Mexicans, no doubt.
And he's up there suggesting that it is Americans who are the real threat.
I mean, this has got to be...
Alice in Wonderland.
This has got to be the Mad Hatter.
What are the American people going to wake up?
What the hell is really going on?
Pardon my French.
Glenn, Glenn, 80 plus percent of Americans in polls are against what's happening.
But again, the Republicans and the Democrats have got their, quote, solution.
That's blanket amnesty guest worker program to legalize all those that are here and legalize whoever can get here.
This is outrageous.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
I was just on the phone this morning with Bill King.
Former Chief U.S.
Border Patrol agent, the man that ran the last amnesty program in 1987 for the INS.
And he said, Glenn, if there's another blanket amnesty, it'll cover half of Mexico with fraud and chain migration.
You will lose your country.
This will no longer be a sovereign nation.
Anybody will be able to come in here.
So this is the battle, the battle over the sovereignty of the United States.
The battle over the control of our future, and you know, Winston Churchill said it best.
He said, victory goes to those who feel deepest and feel longest.
And we have to continue this battle as long as it takes.
All right, AmericanPatrol.com, you're there in the desert.
Have you launched your surveillance drone yet?
We are just about ready to launch it.
We're doing some adjustments to the GPS autopilot right now, and we'll be flying shortly.
Stay there.
You asked us to include an emergency light for camping and during
I think?
That's toll free, 888-803-4438.
Not yet available in Iowa.
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But the truth be told, public and private debt increased to a record high in 1999, reaching a peak of $14.8 trillion, marking 10.57% annual increase outpacing its previous 10 years.
economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
The U.S.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Don't wait.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We got Jack McClam coming up here in just a few minutes to talk about some key issues.
More on Vicente Fox.
You know, Glenn Spencer, for many years, worked with Native Americans in the Southwest.
He's just a regular guy, and then he found out about the invasion, how racist it was, how it was being funded by the globalists to break the country up.
And you talk about racism, folks.
I've studied Mexico.
The Mexican government, the upper classes hate what they call Indians.
They look down on the population that has Indian blood, Native American blood.
It's so pathetic and so corrupt and so sick.
And so evil down there.
And the globalists just love it.
They want to make America like Russia, like Mexico, like China.
We've got to stop it.
We've got the majority of the people.
We've got the Constitution.
We're in the right.
But George Bush has said he's going to target Tom Tancredo to get him out of office.
They targeted Senator Bob Smith, got him out of office.
They're going after people that are real conservatives and love America.
Glenn Spencer, you're out there on the border about to launch a drone to surveil and shoot video of all these illegals.
You've done this many times.
You've got your sensors out there in the desert.
What else is going on that we should know about?
Well, you know, I was with Tom Tancredo last Saturday at a rally for him, and I was one of the warm-up speakers.
What's going on also is our drones, which we developed ourselves and programmed the autopilots and did it very cheaply.
The Department of Defense found out about them.
I don't know if I told you this.
Yeah, I saw it in the paper.
Yeah, they sent their engineers out there, and they couldn't believe that we could do what we're doing for what we're doing it.
And now it looks as if there's a pretty good chance, and they won't interfere with our work down here, and we've made sure of that, but there's a pretty good chance that in the not-too-distant future, our border hawks are going to be over in the Middle East protecting our troops.
And again, for the price of what you've done compared to these million-dollar systems, you're getting better response, showing the power of the people.
We just went out there and solved the problem.
A lot of Americans helped us out, and we said, hey, we can do this cheaply, and we can do this effectively.
And they came out, and they couldn't believe their eyes.
What's the range of your drones?
Well, the range is probably 200 miles, but we don't have an operational range.
We usually use them within 10 miles operational radius to do the job we want them to do.
Now, again, the globalists are trying to preempt you right now by simply coming in and saying, oh, we're just going to legalize everybody.
There's no question about it.
That's what they want to do.
That's the big push.
They're trying to keep the issue as quiet as possible, to slide it through possibly during the holiday season.
I'm not sure.
They're going to try to pull a fast one here fairly soon.
They're up to no good.
You can be sure of that.
And with people like you speaking out,
Hopefully it'll make a difference because you're speaking for hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, Alex.
Oh, absolutely.
Glenn, just your side alone, it's millions of hits a month.
Of course.
How do we...
Well, what's happening that we're seeing more and more of, Americans are getting the gumption to run for office.
And they're putting themselves on the line and they're saying, my gosh, I'm going to go out and oppose this person and expose what they're doing.
I know we got a call from people in Utah.
They're very substantial.
They're going after Chris Cannon out there.
What about Warren Hatch, who wants to give more tuition to illegals than citizens?
I mean, look at this.
We've got Republicans who want to give free tuition to illegals.
I will tell you that there are people listening to this who have the resources and the contacts to put the campaign together, and I really encourage them to do this.
And also the grassroots people, people who are qualified to run for office, should really seriously consider going against these people who are selling us down the river.
This is how the American system works.
And I know that we should work with whites, blacks, Hispanics, everybody who's a citizen who wants to keep America, America.
Glenn, final comments.
Good luck today.
I hope some people will join you and you have a strong voice.
And tell them this is not our slung.
Tell the Reconquistas to go home.
Thank you, Glenn Spencer.
We'll be back with Jack McClam.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Have you ever been to a third world country and the police shove everybody around, everybody looks down?
Be like that here real soon, folks.
And the majority of our military, already about a third of it, but the majority, they say within another decade, will be illegal aliens from Russia, Czechoslovakia, mainly Mexico, Latin America.
That's mainstream news.
These will be our new bosses.
And this is the new America.
You want to be a peon?
You want to be a slave?
You want to be a serf?
You're going to be one, folks, no matter what color you are.
And it's all financed out of New York.
We're going to go to JQ, then we've got Debbie Morrow coming on for five minutes about Big Berkeys, then we've got Jack McClam in the wings to talk about some good news.
This is all really important.
Stay with us.
JQ in Oregon, you've been holding.
Go ahead, sir.
I wanted to get you on air.
Well, sure enough, Alex.
I appreciate it.
I'll try to keep it short here.
I think what we've been listening to just today alone proves that
That the government has been taken over by a criminal enterprise.
The mass media has driven the process by getting their people elected.
They're part of the criminal enterprise too.
You'd agree?
Of course.
Now, here's a point that everybody has to keep in mind if they're going to remain clear thinking.
They have to remember that criminal enterprises are incapable of creating
So when the issue arises, oh, well, they passed laws to do this, that, and the other, they're incapable of creating laws because they're criminal enterprises.
Well, it's like passing a law that black people aren't human beings.
You don't have to follow that.
Well, that's right, because it's not a law.
They don't have legitimacy, and they don't have authority from any source other than the source itself.
Of their own imagination.
Well, the tyrant source is always the boot, the jackhammer, the trudge and the sword, the gun.
It's force, yeah, but they are not legitimate, so they cannot create law.
There's a point I want to make.
And no judge, no one in government, no police officer can determine whether the government's legitimate.
Only the people can determine that.
That's our job, and our job is also to enforce the law in the final analysis.
I just wanted to bring that up again.
It's something that there's going to be a massive effort to confuse us and say, oh, well, the law has changed.
The law has not changed since they have no authority to create law.
Well, J.Q., last question, and then we're going to go to Jack McClam here in a second after Debbie.
What should I say to Vicente Fox while he's eating dinner with the governor to get rid of the borders and legalize all the illegals?
When I'm bullhorning him, and I know I've done it in the past, they can hear me while I'm bullhorning them while they're eating.
What should I say?
I don't know, Alex.
I think you're probably better able to judge what you should say.
And I'm sure whatever you say would be true.
All right.
Thanks for the call, JQ.
We've got Jack McClam coming up in five minutes.
Appreciate him being there.
Really important stuff that he's been covering.
We're going to talk about how the police, the vast majority, are against gun control in a major poll.
Also, the real crime statistics of what guns really do for our society.
And I'm going to get his take on the open borders and Vicente Fox and the rest of it.
But right now, Debbie Morrow, the great lady at New Millennium Concepts, great products, great sponsor.
They've got the new special for the month of November, first time she's been up since the month of November started.
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You've got to stop drinking that tap water.
You've got to take control of your life.
This is great filtration systems.
This is a great way to take control of your life, to take action, to take away the power the globalists have to poison you through the water.
And it's so important.
Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
You bet.
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Thank you, Debbie.
Thank you, Alex.
Have a good day.
God bless.
You bet.
Great lady.
Jack McClam, we got you here for a bunch of issues.
I just love your work, your powerful website, your 20-plus year ministry of waking police and military up.
Most highly decorated police officer and, of course, veteran as well in Phoenix, Arizona history.
Became the most fired when he refused to follow unconstitutional orders and to follow his oath.
Jack, just a side issue.
Because you're here, I know you're into preparedness and taking control of our lives.
How important is clean water, Jack?
Oh, my goodness, brother.
Clean water affects all of us.
And I have my water filter up here, and everything comes out of the faucet, even though we pump it right out of the ground in the Great Rocky Mountains up here, it still goes through the filter.
And so it's very important.
I think we're good to go.
Because there was a red, some kind of an algae that filled up on some of our ponds up here that our deer were killed mysteriously, and the government says it was...
The gnats.
The gnats attacked the deer and killed them.
Well, we know there's a lot of biological testing that's been going on for six months all over Oklahoma, spraying, quote, thousands of pounds of bacteria.
That's the daily Oklahoman.
So, again, folks, you want to take control of your life.
You're wondering what you can do.
Take control over the water in your life, and that's why I brought that up to you.
Jack, you have your own talk show.
We've had you on this show dozens of times over the years.
Go over that poll, and I've got it right here in front of me, where the majority of police are pro-Second Amendment.
And then I want to go over the real gun statistics, because this is so central.
Yes, we, for years and years and years, 23 years now, we've been working with volunteer police officers and soldiers here that are very pro-gun.
Now, your police and soldiers, especially your police officers, brother,
You know, when you see the president up there surrounded by police chiefs and some of these officers, these officers, I have friends that have been made to go up and ordered to go up and stand behind the president as if they support anti-gun measures.
And these officers are really ticked that they're forced to go up and stand behind the president like Clinton and others who are anti-gun.
And Bush is too, by the way, but most people don't believe that.
But a large majority of our police, almost 90%, we knew about 10 years ago.
We put out one of our newsletters that cited 88% of the police officers at that time were pro-gun in the hands of the private citizens because it is the police officers that get there always too late.
And we take the reports and clean up the blood and call the ambulance and the morgue
For your children, your wives, and husbands who have been killed in various ways because they had no way to protect themselves.
And every time I interviewed a father whose child had died or his wife had been raped or sometimes even children, every single time as a cop over those years I would interview somebody like this or a woman who's at home with her family and had no way to protect them.
They all said that they wish they'd have had a gun to protect themselves.
But, of course, then it's too late.
And so that's why cops are pro-gun to almost 100%.
Because they're where the rubber meets the road.
They're there in the blood and the guts.
They're dealing in reality, not in the little socialist who's never touched a gun.
That's right.
That's right.
It sounds good that we would just outlaw these horrible...
Well, also, we have the statistics of the New Yorks, the DCs.
Those are the areas where you have record numbers of police being killed.
Where they have the gun control.
Cops know that gun control gets them killed.
That's right.
That's right.
And, you know, we also know, cops know, that two and a half million times a year, good citizens who no police officer fears having a gun protect their own lives and defend their families two and a half million times a year.
That's almost 7,000 times a day with firearms.
You know, we have about 200,000 times a year that women protect themselves with a gun against sexual assault.
And by the way, your listeners probably don't know, but citizens shoot and kill probably twice as many, just about twice as many criminals as police do every year.
So we understand the truth and reality, and we were so upset all across these large major cities where we have these programs for the citizens called Block Watch and different things like that, and the police officers have to go in live to the citizens to tell them when the little grandmother puts her hand up at a Block Watch meeting and asks the police officer, Officer, when a guy's coming down my hall with an axe,
What should I do?
And the officer is made to say, ma'am, you go to the magic phone, and you pick up the magic phone, and you dial, and a police officer will magically appear.
Well, I'm going to pick up the magic seven-shot Mossberg, and I'm going to unload it.
That's right.
Well, that's what the officers ought to be telling the people, and they're so angry because they know they're lying to the people.
They know by the time that little grandmother calls on the magic phone that she's going to be dead by the time they get there.
Now, I heard you reading over that poll.
Do you have that in front of you?
Because I want to go over that poll of police.
Okay, well, this is somebody, one of our cops here has run off with the poll you're talking about, and I can't find it.
But I have statistics, of course, that we've published here that is available to me.
We had a wonderful police association, the only conservative police association in the United States, the American Federation of Police,
Who put out statistics a few years ago where they interviewed, conducted a poll of almost 17,000 command officers in the state, county, and city agencies.
Now remember, folks, the command officers are usually more political than the beat officer.
So these figures would be much higher if you interviewed almost 17,000 beat officers and not their commanders.
But anyway, with 17,000 police officers, command officers interviewed by the wonderful American Federation of Police, they came out with 90% in this survey said that they did not agree that the banning of any firearms, assault rifles, shotguns, handguns, that there would be a reduction in crime, nor will it stop criminals from obtaining weapons.
88% did not agree that the banning of ownership of firearms by private citizens will result in fewer crimes committed by firearms.
And here's the shocker.
Here's the shocker that just makes me so proud.
A full, and this is a few years back, 86% of these command officers
Believe that it was not for hunting and target shooting that the Second Amendment was placed in the U.S.
Constitution, but for every citizen to be able, number one, defend their person and property, and number two, to defend this nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Now, that was a shocker even to me.
Now, Jack, you brought up how to get the federal money, they're ordered to go stand behind Bill Clinton or Chuckie Schumer or George W., who's going to re-sign the assault weapons ban and create this DARPA system over gun owners.
That's right.
And that's the new bill.
But it did come out that they were, quote, ordered to stand behind Ashcroft for his Patriot Act tour.
That did come out in the Associated Press.
No, it did not.
And that's the absolute truth.
Every time they wanted to do this tour for the wonderful Patriot Act that Ashcroft's been doing, they always forced my fellow officers to stand behind this creep.
Yeah, when they say police are for gun control, that means dirty, corrupt officials in major cities, a handful of national police chiefs that'll be in the Justice Department a year from now.
That's right.
The National Association of Chiefs of Police is a socialist, Marxist organization.
And it's not all the people that are members, because the sheriffs that belong to them are not so much that.
But all the police chiefs in the major cities are Marxists and Socialists.
I worked under one who called himself a Republican, and his job, he believed his job was to remove all the guns out of the hands of the American people in Phoenix, Arizona.
And so when you hear anything from the National Association of Chiefs of Police or NOBL, which is the National Association of Black Police Officers and the others, they are Marxists and socialists, and they're going to be for gun control.
All right, Jack McClellan, Police Against the New World Order.
We'll give out his website and more on the other side.
Keep him with us into the next hour.
And take your calls on the open borders, on gun control, on the New World Order, on all of it.
Jack's been out there for 23 years fighting this thing.
I've been doing it for a decade.
I'm Alex Jones.
And my websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster as a New World Order.
The New World Order.
We're good to go.
My new two and a half hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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That's 888-253-3139.
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The online pharmacy has free prescriptions on name brand medications.
That's right, I said free prescriptions on name brand prescription medications.
We're good to go.
Don't wait.
Do it today.
Jack McClam has been in the fight against the New World Order longer than most people I know.
Except maybe like Red Beckman or somebody who's been in it for 40 years.
Or Bill Benson.
Jack McClan, before we go to Ed in Pennsylvania and others that are holding into the next hour and get into Vicente Fox and the Borders and the rest of it, for those that just joined us, what is the New World Order?
What's its goal?
How far along is it?
And what can we do to stop it?
Well, you're asking a born-again Christian here about it, so my first comment would be it's in the Bible.
You know, it's the Antichrist world system being set up by
And that's as easy as I can explain it, brother.
And that's why they love Mexico so much, because that's the model.
They're going to bring all that here.
Remember in 1955 or 4, I think it was 1954, the head of the Ford Foundation, Rowan Gaither, made the statement that it was his duty to use their tax-free foundation money to lower the standard of living in the United States so we could be merged with the Soviet Union.
That's right.
And the environmentalists say that, and now the head of the Navy...
Who said that, brother?
Oh, okay.
What'd you say?
Admiral Clark.
Oh, yes.
Well, I'll have to get a copy of that.
I haven't seen it yet.
But that's true.
You know, if you really think about it...
This raid on Walmart, who's the number one promoter of the red Chinese, who are totally against the United States, was raided and all the illegals were snatched up.
You know, the plan is, you have to reduce America to a third world nation, because just like the head of the Ford Foundation said, how do you merge us together...
If we have all the inside toilets and the cars and the TVs and the rest of the world doesn't.
And they've got the environmental groups selling us a lower standard of living and all these new taxes on energy.
That's right.
So the American people better wake up because we're coming down to third world nation status and the guy at Walmart said that
Well, these poor guys only make $30 a week in Mexico and other places, and we've given them $380 a week.
Well, watch it, America.
We're coming down to $30 a week because they have to bring us down to that point so we can be merged together in this utopian Antichrist world government.
And the dollar's plunging and the bankruptcies are at record levels and debts at record levels, public and private.
And they're telling us, oh, GDP's up.
Yeah, because of the war.
But look, I saw the statistics a month ago.
The government grew.
The Fortune 500 got richer.
Everybody else got poorer.
It's not free market, is it?
That's right.
And my wife works in a state job that handles people out of work in the state of Idaho here.
And I'll tell you what, it's never been as bad as it is now in Idaho and other states with people out of work.
And just like they said in 1953 in that article we put in Operation Vampire Killer 2000 was that in 1953 this European organization decided that America would be a service nation
And we would no longer have manufacturing and industry, but instead of $25 an hour jobs, we'd have $5 and $6 an hour jobs.
And in the 30s, the New York Times said we were going to have 10 regions.
Plug the website, Jack, for you in this hour.
What'd you say?
Plug your website.
All right.
Oh, okay.
Now, this is a long name, but it's very easy to find.
Just keep in mind it's Police and Military Against the New World Order.
Just type that into a search engine, and you're the second thing that pops up.
That's right.
Police and Military Against the New World Order.
And if you put a dash between each word and .com, then you're there.
Okay, Jack.
McClam, we've got a break.
Third hour coming up, folks.
Visit InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Get the new video, Matrix of Evil.
We're going to break here in about five seconds.
Get it.
We'll be back with the third hour with Jack McClam and your calls.
Stay with us.
The illuminated Berkey base allows most gravity filters to be used in the center of a table by raising the spigot level.
Made of durable Lexan polymer, the same material used for bulletproof glass...
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Welcome back, my friends.
Already into the third and final hour of this November 5th, 2003 global transmission against tyranny.
We've got Officer Jack McClam, Police and Military Against the New World Order, as our guest.
We're going to open the phones up.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
I've got a bunch of different news articles I want to throw out at Officer Jack McClam.
Like NATO hints in undertaking preemptive missions.
Putin reaffirms Russia's right to preemptive strikes.
They're merging NATO with Russia.
Fox aims to boost ties with the U.S.
border states and migrants.
Now it's migrants, not even immigrants.
And just a lot of other key news here on the police state, you name it.
Jack McClam, you ready to go ahead and go to the calls?
I'm ready to go.
Let's talk to Ed in Pennsylvania.
Let's do it.
Ed, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I pulled up on your website about the Abrams tank being taken out with one shot.
Yeah, it's like a bullet.
Somebody's got a rifle that'll shoot right through the Abrams hull.
That's incredible.
It's going to turn into a real meat grinder over there.
That's from Marine Corps Times and Army Times.
Jack, comments?
Have you heard of this new weapon?
Yes, I sure have, brother.
And there's other weapons out there that are being acquired by all these oil-rich nations.
The nations are getting together.
See, we're getting 150 to 170 email a day, most of them from our police and soldiers.
A lot of them are over there, even though they're being monitored when they send us these letters out.
And the word is that the other Arab nations have finally awakened to George Bush and his cabal's plans of taking over all those nations and taking all the oil.
And so now we have guerrilla fighters coming in from all the other Arab nations over there, which is understandable.
If they know they're next, they might as well come and kill Americans.
Some are saying that it sounds like a handheld rail gun.
Yes, it's some kind of a special weapon.
I know we have eight or ten 50-caliber rifles up here that'll punch a lot of metal, but nothing like that that'll go through an Abrams tank.
The Russians in World War II had a 40-pound rifle a soldier could carry, and the bullets were at a tungsten core.
They could penetrate over an inch of steel.
Yeah, but that's, we're talking about depleted uranium being shot right through like butter, and it's a small caliber weapon.
They're talking about like 40 caliber hole.
Yeah, yeah, it's a rail gun of some kind.
And there's other weapons out there, too, that they're not talking about that our government knows about that could be acquired with money.
You know, the Russians are selling some very special weapons.
Yeah, satellite jammers, remember that with the GPS jammers?
Yes, uh-huh.
Anything else, Ed?
If we want to go around the world and conquer these people in the police, maybe we need a fleet of those trucks that the South Africans had that could take a landmine explosion.
Our Bradleys and our Humvees, our soldiers are just getting torn to pieces up.
24 of them died on Sunday, Jack.
That's right.
I'll tell you, it just breaks our hearts because...
We're good to go.
They're there for PNAC to set up a base of operations there to go into Syria and Iran.
That's right, yeah.
Okay, Ed, thanks for the call.
We'll talk to...
Randall and others, when we get back, toll-free number to join us on this live Wednesday edition, 5th of November, 2003, at 1-800-259-9231.
Your chance to talk to myself or Jack McClam, 1-800-259-9231.
PrisonPlanet.com is the website.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're taking your calls.
Your chance to take us in different directions.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're talking to Jack McClam, police and military against the New World Order.
Jack's been fighting for 23 years.
Back in the 80s, wrote a powerful book that was distributed all over the country to police.
Vampire Killer 2000.
Everything he talked about in the book, unfortunately, has now taken place.
We have fought the global stuff on many fronts.
Before we go back to these calls, Jack, if we weren't here fighting, if the listeners weren't there spreading the word, if we weren't at our state houses and county commissioners' courts and city councils, where would we be today in this global system?
Well, praise the Lord, brother, because of you and so many others, and I mean all the way down to my good friend Keith McKinney in Phoenix, who every Sunday, he's either in church or he's printed up 100 flyers, and the next day he goes into church parking lots and puts flyers on the windshields of people that are in church.
For five years he's been doing this, so from Alex Jones' wonderful broadcast to our newsletter to your tapes and videos and so forth, and people like Keith McKinney and others who are just doing God's work out there.
It all works together for good.
We'd already be under this antichrist system right now, Alex.
And, you know, a lot of people say, well, you know, we can't win, we can't fight this thing.
If we have that attitude, we will lose.
And I think it was, well, the Founding Fathers said it in different ways.
Robert E. Lee said it, but...
You know, duty is mine or duty is ours, and consequences are for God.
We have a duty to fight evil.
That's right, brother, and that's what we have to remember.
You know, every time you hand out an Alex video, people get discouraged so badly, brother.
You know, they say, well, I handed him the Alex video, and he watched it, and he come back and said,
Hey, I'm not interested.
And people get, they feel they're defeated, but they're not, brother, because for 23 years now, we've had officers and soldiers come back to us five years later and say, my gosh, you know, I read your newsletter, I watched your tape five years ago, and I thought you were crazy, but now I can see it.
I think?
We're good to go.
And let the consequences be God's when that person wakes up.
But that person will wake up sometime.
It's too bad that sometime it takes their own oxygen being gored before they finally awaken and say, hey, they can't do that.
Well, Jack, you've got even better hindsight than I do.
I've been doing this 23 years.
I've been doing it for a decade.
But I remember eight years ago being on the radio, half the phone lines, people disagreeing, calling me a kook.
Now I'm on in Austin, on all over the country.
Now it's happened, our credibility's shot through the roof.
Amen, brother, and let me tell you, if you think people are not awakening, here's a letter just came in yesterday from a soldier over, I won't tell you where, but he's in the middle of some bad goings-on in the Middle East.
And here's just a portion of his letter, if you think people aren't waking up.
He says, you know that with Bush being hit with kindness and cooperation from Iran leaders now, who well know that their nation is next, Bush and his buddies must have a terrorist attack on America to blame on the Iranians to get the American people to let him go into Iran and take over the oil.
Now, whether that's right or wrong, people are beginning to think, brother,
They're beginning to think beyond the box.
They're coming out of the box and beginning to think beyond what the controlled news and the government controllers and change agents are wanting you to think.
Jack McClan, we're about to go to the calls.
Do you think they overplayed their hand where almost all the sitcoms and dramas, CPS is grabbing people's children, they're homeschoolers, the terrorists are always some right-wing Christian who loves guns, you know...
I think?
It looks like they're going ahead with the agenda, despite the fact that people are waking up.
Why is that?
And their ivory towers, are they not listening to what their social architects are telling them?
Because I see fear in the architects' eyes, but their masters, it seems, just can't help it.
Well, they are fearful of the masters of waking up, but they are so pompous, brother.
I've interviewed these guys over the years, and I've met with some of them in organizations that I shouldn't have been in.
Now, what about the criminology?
And this is the last question before we go to calls.
What about the criminology, Jack McClan?
Because a serial killer will kill 20 people,
Do a very good job of it, cover it up, not get caught.
Then they get delusional and get reckless.
Bank robbers, cat burglars, Ponzi scheme, Michael Milken types with junk bonds.
Why do criminals almost always get delusional and shoot themselves in the foot?
I think it's arrogance and the feeling of...
That they won't get caught.
You know, that there's nothing that people can do about it.
It's like the criminals that I interviewed, the guys that would use guns to rape and rob the people, and the excitement they would get in their minds and hearts when the government would pass more anti-gun legislation.
I mean, the criminals just get excited, and they believe there's nothing that can stop them
I think that's why there is this...
I mean, you talked about doing things that were wrong when you were a police officer, but finally when it got so crazy, you couldn't deny it anymore.
That's right, brother.
That's right.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Randall in Washington State, then Ann, Jeffrey, Chris, Rod, and others.
Randall, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Jack.
Jack, I have a question for you.
Why don't the politically incorrect police officers band together and speak out against renewing this assault weapons ban?
I've seen the International Association of Police Chiefs speak out on it.
I've seen a couple of other...
Yeah, we've got 90% in a major poll saying they're against gun control, but still the police can't get together.
Well, a lot of us are getting together, but...
Why is that?
We still have the problem with the Alex Jones Show not having the coverage of ABC, NBC, CBS, and so forth, and the American Citizen and Lawmen Association, and the Adenabet Police Military Newsletter, and Police Against the New World Order.
We don't have the reach.
We don't have the power at this time to go on national news and say that we're here and you other police and soldiers join us.
We have to do it by word of mouth.
And although we're increasing with radio programs like we're on today with doing it much more quickly and our power will grow as we continue to use the media to do this, but we're not there yet.
We can't get 90% of the police officers together because they don't even...
So many of them don't even know we're out here yet.
That's right, and they're hoping, they see that they are growing and they are conquering the United States very, very rapidly today.
They cause fear in the hearts of the American people, and the American people say, please keep us safe, take our rights, take our liberties, but keep us safe.
So they can't believe, even though they see us coming at them,
They can't believe that they're not going to get there before us and shut the door on us so that we can't go any further.
Only the Lord knows.
They may be right, Alex, but we know, of course, that duty is ours, consequences are God's.
We just keep on doing our duty, and we're gaining on them, but we don't know who's going to get there first.
Well, Jack, you know, and we'll let the caller finish up in a second.
I mean, I've read the histories of it.
I've talked to a lot of police, a lot of retired police.
Police are still in.
I think we're good to go.
Well, sadly, we're a different society today.
Remember, we've had 60 years...
And now they're grown up and they're in control of government, these children.
And so...
We're a different society than we were when everybody carried a gun on their hip because the only law was the law of the gun in the old west out here, you know.
But today we're taught to be obedient, especially by the ministers, Christian ministers.
We're taught to obey everything evil government tells us to do because all evil governments have God.
Which is totally false.
Randall, are you done?
One more thing.
We have about 313 days until this show.
They have a lot of sunsets.
I'll tell you what.
Stay there.
Stay there.
We'll address trying to repeal the O'Sullivan's Man.
Then we'll get to Ann, Jeffrey, Chris, Rod, and others with our guest, Jack McClam, and Alex Jones.
Late summer, 2003.
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Okay, we've got a bunch of callers here.
We're going to get to them.
Randall, your question about Bush, how do we get the assault weapons ban that they're going to add a bunch of stuff to, by the way.
We've had everybody on about this, Aaron Zellman and Larry Pratt.
They're going to add new stuff, and Bush is going to sign it, and you'll be a communist if you're not for gun control.
I've had people tell me that.
I'm not playing ball.
I'm an evil liberal because I'm for guns, 100%.
Go ahead and finish up your comment, Randall.
Yeah, um...
Carolyn McCarthy introduced the reauthorization which took the ban from 19 weapons to 65.
Now, I already own, without giving too much away, Glell AK-47 and AR-15 because I know that's what the enemy inside the United States will be using and I will use him for part.
I don't want to have to be engaging a fellow law enforcement officer because I am a law enforcement student
When he comes to my door to ask for my gun, I think I would like to see these law enforcement officers wake up.
Well, let me just say this.
If they took the 400 million guns... I heard people say a million.
It's 400 million in good working condition.
If they took them, it doesn't matter.
I've still got a steak knife, and I can get all the guns I want, Jack.
Yes, brother.
That's right.
The butter knife brigade.
That's right.
I've got friends...
You're right.
This is the time, as never before, for Americans to choose their weapons of their choice because
The globalists, both in the Republican Socialist Party and Democratic Socialist Party, are going to be working together to take as many weapons away from us as they can.
Yeah, Rush Limbaugh won't tell you, won't tell you, that Bush is trying to pass the most gun control ever seen.
Thanks for the call, Randall.
That's right.
They will not tell you.
Ann in Texas, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
One thing about... I want to make two comments.
One of them about what you've been talking about.
Historically speaking, when the Japanese feudal society was in full swing, the peasantry weren't allowed to own knives and swords.
They developed some of the most vicious forms of hand-to-hand combat.
And now you see the nunchucks.
They were originally threshing tools for threshing grain.
Believe me.
The American public can be just as ingenious.
The other comment I wanted to make was something that was on your website, and that I was reading about someone being appalled about being fingerprinted in order to cash a check made out to them, a payroll check.
And that's admitted to get you ready for biometrics.
Well, I have had in the past couple of months, because I...
I've had checks made out to me.
And if I don't go to my credit union to cash those checks, I have actually been told at one bank that they are allowed to do it because of the Patriot Act.
Well, that's what the Patriot Act did, is it codified a whole spying and snooping and taxing.
Having a couple thousand dollars outside a bank is an act of terrorism, according to Patriot Act 1.
Jack McClam?
That's correct.
And the same thing here.
We're in Idaho County, Idaho.
Only 14,000 Americans live here.
And our banks, little old banks, are the same way.
I was in the other day, and one of the...
One of the banks here has been taken over by our patriots here.
I won't say which bank it is, but we've got hundreds of families here now.
But even our patriot bank here has these Homeland Security rules now that they're being forced to go by on their good patrons.
And I watch illegal aliens walk right up, no ID, no nothing, bank accounts.
Citizens are treated like garbage.
That's right.
Well, what makes it worse is that these banks have been doing this for years.
Yeah, training us for the biometrics.
Now they're taking out the ink pads, putting in the scanners.
And quite frankly, I tried to say, look, I had two forms of ID with me, not just my driver's license.
I had my passport with me.
And they said now they are required to get three forms of IDs.
A passport and driver's license are not enough.
They are required to get the fingerprint.
And thanks for the call.
We'll come back and take more calls with Jack McClam and plug his website and some of his great work that you can get.
I'll just add this.
Look, I have a friend who's pretty high level over major apartment complexes for the biggest property management company in the country.
And they have been told, if it's citizens, give them fines, kick them out if there's more people living there than should.
If it's illegals, unlimited, and they get lower rates.
Folks, it is a program to drive out the middle class, period.
That's right, brother.
And so much of it is happening because Bush and Vicente Fox has left our southern borders open.
We'll be right back with Jack McClain on Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire, the ring of fire.
You know, the truth hurts, but it hurts a lot more not facing the truth, folks.
We're going to talk to Jeffrey and Chris and Rod and Mark and Lyndon, and that's it for calls because I've got some other news items I want to cover with Jack McClammon, plug his great website, some of the videos and publications they put out that are some of the best informative and most documented items out there.
Before I do that, I've got a new video out.
It's Matrix of Evil.
It's about two hours and ten minutes long.
And it's 2595.
I interview Congressman Ron Paul about those running Washington believing in global government, the world depression they're financing, Cynthia McKinney about UN-run white slavery rings, about government involvement in 9-11 and cover-ups, government-sponsored assassinations.
We interview Frank Morales, expert on the police state at the end of Posse Comitatus, and garden plot Colonel Craig Roberts.
A great patriot and police officer and a veteran about the New World Order, gun control and government-sponsored terror.
I think?
We've got some of Tex Mars videos, books by Fritz Springmeier, a lot of great stuff at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Paul Watson's new book, Order Out of Chaos, elite-sponsored terror in the New World War.
It's excellent.
I published that.
My book, Descent into Tyranny.
Give them as gifts.
Give them to people.
Make copies.
Give them to police officers.
Give them to your VFW.
Show them to your high school or college class.
Show them to your pastor.
Get them out to people now.
It's having a big effect.
I've never seen people's minds this ready to be awakened than we're seeing right now.
Because the time is short, and the globalists know that.
And because the devil has shown himself, the enemy is moving and moving hard.
And yes, the Lord has lifted up a standard in the midst of the enemy.
When the enemy comes in like a flood, God lifts up a standard.
And that's you, folks, if you will take the challenge.
If you will stand in the gap, folks, you will be safer if you do than if you lay down to these thugs.
So go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to get the videos, the books, the t-shirts, the bumper stickers, all of this support.
Your support is so needed.
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Please make the call, write the letter, go online, order some of the fine materials today.
Don't wait.
Again, 888-253-3139.
Operators are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Jack, before we go to Jeffrey and Chris and Rod and Mark and Linda,
Vampire Killer 2000, it's online.
Folks are prepared to offer free, hand it out.
You've got some great videos, some great books, some great items.
How do folks get your newsletter, Aid and Abet Police and Military Newsletter?
How do they support your great work?
Well, they can just contact us here at Aid and Abet Police and Military Newsletter or go online to Police and Military Against the New World Order.
But we'd prefer you write here to Aiden Abet Police Military Newsletter, and the address is HC, like Henry Charles, 11, Box 357 Magnum.
It's like the pistol I carried on duty for all my career, 357 Magnum, very nice weapon.
And so it's HC-11, Box 357 Magnum, Kamiah, K-A-M-I-A-H.
Idaho, 83536.
Now, if they'd like to see a sample copy, Alex, we'd like them to send us a donation of, say, two, three bucks, and that helps us reprint.
We're all volunteers here, but we do need the money to reprint and pay the postage.
And we'll send them out the latest issue of Aid to Vet Police and Military Newsletter on constitutional issues, and they can read about what the police and soldiers are thinking about today and
What they're up against when they try to deny following immoral and unlawful and unconstitutional orders.
They're getting in trouble.
What's that address one more time?
It's HC-11, Box 357 Magnum, Kamiah, K-A-M-I-A-H.
Idaho 83536.
And the website is long.
We have a link to it on InfoWars.
But just type in Police and Military Against the New World Order, Jack McClam, and a search engine will pop right up.
But what is that actual address?
Okay, it's policeandmilitaryagainstthenewworldorder.org or .com.
And you put a dash between each word, policeandmilitaryagainstthenewworldorder, with a dash between each word, .com or .org.
All right.
Let's go ahead and take calls.
Thanks for holding.
Jeffrey in Louisiana, go ahead.
New Orleans was federalized, according to the Times-Picayune, six months ago.
Were you aware of that?
That's correct.
Oh, I know about that.
And at the same time, children are being kicked out of schools because the schools have lead paint at the same time.
We have in the Near East a communist revolution going on in Iraq where they're picking off our troops just as was predicted in 1965.
My question to you is this.
Given all this situation of increasing government control, have you had any contact with any members of the New Orleans Police Department of any type?
Certainly we have.
Yeah, we've got some covert operatives for God and country inside that department, brother.
I see.
They have to be covert because if they get found out they love God too much or stand up for the Constitution, they're going to be relegated to the phones as we've had some of the people.
That's happened to them when they get too constitutional or get too godly.
And trying to do God's law instead of what they're being told.
And that's why the globalists love the prostitution, the drugs.
That's why they had prohibition is to corrupt the police.
This is a formula, is it not, Jack?
That's right.
That's right.
It's all part of the program.
Anything else, Jeffrey?
The only other thing I would add is this, that the city itself...
With its restrictive laws on business, etc., it's beginning to become even more poor as a result of the government's strangulation of the economy.
I'll let you go and let other callers come in.
All right.
Thank you.
We'll talk about some solutions before Jack leaves us.
Chris in Kentucky, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Welcome, Chris.
Thank you very much.
Jack, my question is to you.
Is anybody in the FBI or the ATF aware of what's going on, and have they contacted you?
We've been blessed for years and years to have some good contacts in the alphabet soup agencies, the IRS.
FBI, CIA, and for years... Well, a lot of them have gone public, like Frederick Whitehurst, Tyrone Powers, the IRS agent, the special treasury agent, Joe Bannister, who I interviewed.
I mean, there's all these people.
That's right, and there's more that know they've got to keep their head down to be able to help the American people.
So be of good cheer.
We have some, but not nearly enough, that are brave enough to...
To take on the beast within the system.
Yes, I just want to say, Jack, I'm going to put a plug on your website on a local radio talk show tomorrow.
Keep going with this, because there's a lot of people who are very concerned out here, and we've got to reach them.
Yes, and Brother, I'll tell you, it's our saying that police against the New World Order, police and military against the New World Order, is tyranny cannot come to the door of an American unless it comes in uniform, is truly...
A fact.
And we need to reach our brothers and sisters in uniform before they do get the task of coming for the guns and coming for those that are the politically incorrect, what they call them, domestic terrorists.
Well, that's the Achilles heel of this.
Yes, it is.
Thanks for the call, Chris.
Before we go to Rod and Mark and Linda as the final callers, I do want to say this.
I mean, look, 99 plus percent of police, of medical workers, of doctors, of firefighters refuse a smallpox shot.
I mean, right there shows that they know something's wrong.
They don't trust this system.
Yes, they do.
And at the same time, they need to understand that they're nothing but cannon fodder in this and are worthless to the globalists after they've been used up.
Yeah, more is awakening all the time, brother.
And our email shows that.
We're good to go.
When an officer is told to write a report that lies about a stop of a citizen that had his gun in plain view, and the officers that were on site said it was covered up by his coat as punishment against this guy that spoke out about the Second Amendment, and we have an officer saying, no, I won't lie in my police report,
The gun was in plain view and I'm not going to lie about it.
That's what we want.
We just had the drunken Williamson County former FBI agent who runs around half-naked in public on many occasions, so drunk he's in people's front yards relieving himself.
Then it comes out that he tried to pressure, the police department tried to pressure a detective to take out a bunch of stuff involving some drug corruption case, and it gets real deep, and then that officer said no, and now he stood up and they're all getting in trouble.
That's right.
That's who we deal with, those officers every day here that are in trouble.
That's right.
And we can't find attorneys for him any time.
But now this guy, this detective stood up, and they're all in trouble.
The lying slimeballs are in trouble.
Oh, I see.
Yeah, because this guy stuck to his guns and sued them.
Well, very good.
Very good.
That was front page of the paper on Sunday.
Let's talk to Rod in Colorado.
Rod, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
That kinetic energy round that they use, you know, a subcaliber...
Steel or tungsten steel projectile that's embedded inside of a softer metal.
We had that.
I mean, it was used in World War II.
Kind of a sabot.
Well, yeah, it acts like a sabot, but actually it stays with the projectile until it hits the side of the tank.
Now, that goes back to 45 minutes ago talking about two Abrams shot by some 40-caliber round.
It goes right through the depleted uranium.
Right, and that's what they call a kinetic energy round versus the shape charge that they had in the old bazooka.
What I'm telling you is they've tested...
A huge kinetic energy sabot rounds out of tanks, the same thing the Abrams shoots, and it doesn't go through the Abrams.
It's the same principle, yeah.
That could be put into a shoulder-fired gun, just like the M79 grenade launcher used heavily in Vietnam.
And it could put a rocket-boosted round in there that would give it higher velocity.
See, this is something else.
They've tested all that, and it doesn't go through it.
Jack, what do you think it is?
What are you hearing from Iraq?
Well, I haven't heard anything to confirm what it is.
It's just, it is.
You know, it's there, and I don't have any resource so far that can tell me what it is.
Well, they're saying it's a gold medal, but they won't say what it is under national security.
That's right.
It's all under national security.
But it is.
I mean, it's there.
And so our brothers and sisters in those...
Tanks are not going to fare too well if that becomes too popular in this fight.
And I can tell you, brothers and sisters listening who are in the military listening to this show today, it's going to become popular because we've got a lot of oil money out there.
And these Muslims know now that Bush and his cartel are coming for all of them.
And so they're going to start using their oil money to buy that kind of weaponry
To bring against our American troops over there that think we're over there fighting for liberty and mom and apple pie.
And now, Jack, they won't even give wounded troops treatment, and they're covering up the numbers of dead and won't let the press in to see the wounded.
What does that mean?
Well, it's all political.
That's right.
The Bush cartel has to get re-elected next year, so all this is going to be kept silent about how many deaths and how many injured.
We did hear from one fellow who was flying the helicopter out of there with the dead and wounded, and he says it's just incredible how many dead and wounded there are that we're not being told about.
We are.
Well, we know about 500 in an Afghan morgue alone.
Anything else, Rod?
I can talk to you about a lot of stuff, but I don't have time.
You don't have time.
Well, no, go ahead.
Have you got something else you want to say?
Oh, yeah, I'm at...
You know, the sabot is the part that separates from the round after it goes out the barrel.
And the French word for a shoe.
Anyway, the embedded steel in a lead or depleted uranium would stay with the projection until it hits the side of the tank.
And then the hardened steel round goes through, and some of the lead or uranium deposits
Okay, thank you for the call.
You bet.
Let's talk to Mark in Washington.
Mark, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, hello, Alex?
I just wanted to personally say thank you to both you and Jack for waking me up about a year ago.
I'm ex-military and I've been able to see a lot of what's been going on and fighting this illegal war in Iraq and everything.
So thank you both, but
I would like to address a point that Jack made earlier in the program about everything being written prophetically in the Bible, and I'd like to agree with that.
And then also suggest that, you know, by reestablishing the Bill of Rights and the Constitution here in this country that was originally given to us by these New Order thugs,
They just keep us basically fighting within their system instead of us enforcing God's perfect royal laws of liberty.
Well, look, you can't have 45 million abortions and be in a free country.
I agree.
Or a country blessed by God.
I mean, it's simple, folks.
You wonder why they're killing old people or infirm folks now that are conscious.
Because you can't have that type of death and not have it grow and grow and grow.
I mean, evil just doesn't stay in one spot.
Either it gets smaller or it gets bigger.
Very well put.
That's true.
All right.
Anything else, Mark?
Well, there is definitely a plan for this, and if it's okay with you, Alex, I would like to give out a website where this plan can be downloaded free.
What is it?
Okay, go ahead.
Okay, it's http://jahpruth.com.
Okay, thank you.
Appreciate it.
Let's talk to Linda in Tennessee.
Linda, go ahead.
Yes, Jack.
I'm getting out your Vampire Killer 2000 magazine.
We've been getting that out.
And also, Alex, we've been getting out your videos.
So far, I haven't gotten a whole lot of comments from any of this, but we're still planting seed.
I'm not worried about that.
You certainly are, sister.
And remember what I said at the beginning of the program.
It's going into their brains.
Let God cultivate it in His time.
Now, my comment to you, Jack, was...
In the Columbine tragedy, we had like, what, 900-plus policemen.
Were there any policemen of any integrity who were willing to stand up against what they were commanded not to get in there and help those children?
And do you see this as a gun confiscation behind the scenes?
Stay there.
We'll get Jack's answer to that and some solutions in the final segment on the other end of this quick break.
Stay with us.
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Folks, I know on this network, on your fine station you're listening to us on, you've got good information that's sound and based in reality and cuts to the manipulation.
If you want to do something, email your friends, call your friends and family, tell people on the street.
I mean, I'll pull over at a red light and tell folks to tune in to the local radio stations that carry this show.
That's what we've got to start doing to reach more people at the grassroots.
And once you unlock a mine, there's no going back, folks.
The globalists have to keep reapplying their lies.
We've just got to show somebody the lies one time.
That's what's important.
Jack McClam, Linda's question about how could the police sit there for four hours?
Under orders to not go in and save those children at Columbine and shoot a few of them trying to exit.
That's now been admitted.
How could they do that?
They are trained to obey orders, and that's how easy it is.
I was an academy instructor for five years when we brainwashed young recruits to obey orders, just like we love to get them out of the military, Alex, and make them cops, because they know that they have to obey orders regardless of what the orders are.
And that was a good demonstration up there.
Gunfire going off and they're sitting back waiting until they're ordered to go in.
Instead of using little initiative, going in there and killing those guys who some of us believe were not the students.
Well, again, that's why they had to... There's a couple of students that were doing all the shooting in there.
Well, that's why they had to hold them back.
But obviously, just two old street cops could have gone in and taken out whoever was doing that.
That's right, yes.
But the young people who are trained today, remember, these young people that are cops today have gone through, God forbid, 16 years, but at least they've gone through 12 years of anti-American, socialist, humanist,
Training in the school system, and they're taught to obey what government tells them to do.
Now they become your police officers and soldiers out there, and they don't know how to think independently.
Well, there are tens of thousands of troops in Iraq that are from Mexico.
Amen to that.
They're not even citizens, folks.
I want to hit a few final solutions, but Jack McClam, front page of the Statesman of the Day in Austin, comforting California's dispossessed.
They certainly do.
The Bush family has been part of this Antichrist globalist movement since old Samuel Bush, who was the father of Prescott Bush, who was the father of George Bush Sr.,
I think so.
Look at this, Jack.
This is out of the Chattanooga Times Free Press.
How do we stop the New World Order?
What are some more solutions?
Well, it has to be through what God says.
He says we perish for lack of knowledge, brother.
And you know that, and that's what you spend so many hours a day doing.
I spend 14 to 16 hours a day trying to increase the knowledge to awaken people.
And that's where it's going to happen.
If we awaken enough American people to where they'll come out of their churches and stop waiting for the rapture,
Drop this Wi-Fi, we're on the next flight thing the pastor's teaching them, and get back out in the street.
We can take this thing back without firing a shot, actually.
We've just got to learn to say no to their system.
All right, folks, we're out of time.
Jack McClam, thanks for spending an hour and a half with us, and God bless you, my friend.
Lord bless you, too, brother, for all you do.
Thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Take care.
Just find them on the web.
Type in police and military against the New World Order.
You'll get one of the first links to their website.
And, of course, prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, jonesreport.com.
Spread the word.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time on the Global Shortwave at 5.085 and 6890 or your local AM or FM station.
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Folks, you don't have a choice.
You can serve these people.
They're going to eat you alive.
You've got to stand against them.
That's how you deal with bullies.
All right, have a great day.
I'll see you down there protesting Vicente Fox.
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