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Air Date: Oct. 30, 2003
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
The huge disastrous fires have changed my mission, Schwarzenegger said.
I'm now looking for federal money for the victims of the fire.
Oh, and everyone's so thankful the governor is right on time.
There's a crisis so he can save everyone with the federal government and George W.'
's help.
And listeners emailed different news articles from the day the fire started in north of Los Angeles, where the local news was saying, brace for fires around San Diego, south of L.A., and then there were local TV reports that the Army was out doing training drills and started the fires, but within hours all those stories disappeared, but we do have those.
And then I remembered back to last year, fires out west, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and we got articles then that there were, quote, Army and Marine Corps training exercises in the mountains and that they'd set the fires.
And then almost four years ago with Bill Clinton and all those fires out west.
Remember the government admitted they, quote, set the controlled burns during the driest and hottest part of the year with high winds blowing out of Mexico across the southwest.
So a picture is definitely emerging on that Congress-Russia-California spending bill.
Also, more money for Halliburton.
And Halliburton's decided, the Army's decided that no, no bids allowed right now.
Halliburton's going to keep all the bids, all the oil contracts for themselves for at least another 60 days.
And then they might, if you can give them your bid in 24 hours when they post it,
They might consider letting somebody other than Halliburton have a contract, but it'll just be some subdivision of the same military-industrial complex.
Folks, huge show lined up for you on this Thursday, the 30th day of October 2003.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Bin Laden's family wins bid to run Saudi airports.
That's out of the Mideast Newsline.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The government's going to have a microscope on your life.
The borders are going to stay open, and, well, they're going to continue to arm all of our enemies.
So that's not too big of a security threat, they say.
Two G.I.s killed in Iraq amid rising attacks.
White House site prevents Iraq military material being archived.
That's because they've been caught editing their statements.
They'll go back into transcripts and change them, change statements of the White House.
This was reported months ago on this show.
Now it's in The Age out of Australia.
Also, we'll get into U.S.
Army double-size Iraq oil rebuilding contracts.
And again, the Houston Chronicle, that is to go exclusively to Halliburton.
launches anti-insurgency raids, grabbing people, putting bags over their heads, taking them to the camps for massive torture, which is now admitted.
Also, just a coincidence, four of Jessica Lynch's rescuers, especially those that had spoken out about what really happened, are all dropping dead.
We're good to go.
And it has come out that Jerry Bruckheimer produced the rescue of Lynch.
That was a Hollywood production.
That's BBC reporting on that.
Also, more on sick soldiers waiting for treatment, not just in Saudi Arabia, but here in the U.S.
You can have a gunshot wound, and they'll let you die of gangrene, folks.
They just don't have doctors for you.
All the money has to go to Halliburton.
But again, it's patriotic to not treat the troops.
I know I'm not patriotic.
I'm against depleting uranium and our troops dying and getting sick, but you know.
I think.
I think.
When we get back, and it's all online at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com, I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with me.
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...is now unfolding right in front of us.
World government, world ID cards, world biometrics, world passports, world taxes, worldwide micromanagement of you and your family and your life.
A system that dwarfs the surveillance and police state measures in the dystopic nightmare book written by George Arwell, 1984, and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.
Bin Laden's family wins bid to run Saudi Arabian airports.
Saudi Arabia has awarded five companies a project to privatize airports while the kingdom maintains security over the facilities.
One of the companies awarded the contract to operate a Saudi airport belongs to the family of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, Western Intelligence Agency's
Takeoff from Saudi airports.
Again, Western Intelligence Agency said Al-Qaeda has been planning to strike Western aircraft that seek to land or take off from Saudi airports.
The Civilian Aviation Authority will seek to achieve broad private sector participation in running local international airports by privatizing them, except for security operations, Saudi Civil Aviation Chief Abdullah Rahim said.
Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz has completed contracts with five Saudi companies to operate regional and local airports over the next three years.
The contracts were said to have been worth $170 million.
Now, again, you have the Bushes in business with the bin Ladens.
That is George W. since 1976.
That's Fort Worth Star-Telegram before 9-11, by the way, and the BBC.
You have Bush Sr.
in with the bin Ladens going back to the late 1960s when he was in the CIA and later the director, right through when he was vice president in the 1980s.
You have them flying him out to safety in 2001 on September 11th and 12th.
Just one of the flights that stopped ten times on September 11th picked up 144 of these guys.
They're involved in the terror attacks as minions of the CIA, folks.
That's what they've always been.
The Bin Laden family goes back to a servant family for the British MI5, MI6.
And the precursors of that are Majesty's Secret Service back into the 1930s.
This is mainstream news.
So they are a super asset servant family.
And again, Bin Laden's real name, code name here in the U.S.
that he went by is Tim Osmond.
There's photos of him driving around in his Cadillac, short hair, a whole nine yards back in the 70s.
So that's going on right there.
You talk about having connections with the terrorists.
No one has more connections than George W. and his daddy and James Baker and the rest of this crowd.
It makes me sick.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Makes me really angry.
The border stays wide open.
They're announcing that, yeah, it starts out with hundreds of millions, goes into the billions of dollars, Social Security to Mexicans living in Mexico.
As we merge into the Pan-American Union, meanwhile, they're taking people's pension funds, getting rid of Medicare, Medicaid, you name it.
Let's get into some of the war news first.
Two G.I.s killed in Iraq amid rising attacks.
That's another two Americans killed yesterday north of Baghdad and seven wounded in an ambush in a multinational force patrolling Iraq.
So that happened yesterday.
Seven wounded, two killed in different attacks.
And again, more troops have died since this undeclared war started than died in the first four years of the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1968.
So very, very seriously.
Situation, not to mention the 1,900 times the safe level of depleted uranium all over the major cities of Iraq, including Baghdad and the main presidential palace where the occupation force is based.
Interesting to note that the generals and staff are not staying there, by the way.
But the troops do stay there, because they could care less about you.
We've got it here where they're not treating the troops when they get wounded or step on a landmine or get different illnesses.
They're just not given treatment.
They're just warehouses.
Folks, you mean nothing to them.
Every dime goes to Halliburton.
Every dime goes into the military-industrial complex.
Every nickel, you get nothing.
Your children are on food stamps, and they've got a nice, big, fat national draft lined up for all of us now.
White House site prevents Iraq material being archived.
I guess about three months ago, memoryhole.com, we have this on prisonplanet.com, saved.
Went and noticed that the White House was editing transcripts, the Associated Press was doing it, stuff on the White House website was being altered, even images, banners behind the president were being altered, photographs were being altered.
Everything's being altered.
I mean, you talk about the running man, this is it.
Wag the dog, this is it, folks.
And they would go in and change transcripts.
Well, now they just won't allow search engines that would save this material to access it.
They tried to put functions on the White House website where you can't do screenshots and save what they do.
Again, in 1984, Winston works at the Ministry of Lies.
It's called the Ministry of Truth, the media.
And most of what he does is going back and editing old news stories and destroying the previously printed ones.
And he puts them into a hole in the wall that goes down to a furnace.
It's called a memory hole.
They just have more sophisticated versions of that.
It's like George Bush in his attack Iraq speech a week before they went in, when he gave them the ultimatum, actually three days before they went in, he said he wouldn't talk to a reporter who'd been asking him serious questions in the past.
He said, no, this is scripted.
I'm not going to let you talk.
And then I saw it, we all saw it, and suddenly all the transcripts said, this is unscripted.
I mean, I witnessed this.
Do you realize how serious this is?
Remember the hundreds of fake letters with fake signatures from the troops?
How much they love the war, how the Iraqis love them?
That's the Pentagon of Strategic Information Office, which admits they lied to you, and that they're producing Jessica Lynch videos with Jerry Bruckheimer.
That's admitted!
Jerry Bruckheimer admitted to the BBC he produced it!
And now for the whistleblowers, people that were speaking out,
They've all died.
People who were there rescuing Jessica.
You had little boo-boos, little bullet holes in the backs of your heads.
You're drowning in puddles of water.
You're dying in car wrecks.
Just better keep your mouth shut.
She's our hero.
And the real Hispanic gentleman that was the hero and killed a bunch of Iraqis and was shot and bayoneted, you never hear his name.
Because he's not a female.
That's right.
We've got to put out this image of women in the military.
See, Bush is continuing the globalist policy.
But now we're supposed to forget about that.
So just a plethora of lies here.
This White House website effectively prevents search engines indexing and archiving material on the site related to Iraq.
The directories on the site, which can be searched by the bots sent out by search engines, can be limited by means of a file called Robots.txt, which...
Resides in the root directory of a site, and it's only blocking Iraq info.
Sure, it's accidental.
The White House robot text file lists a huge number of directories all related to Iraq.
And it goes on and on and on.
Of course, there's no attention given to the memory hole that has been doing the analysis of all this.
Just don't give the alternative media attention.
Talk about how the Democratic National Committee are the ones that discovered it, which is ridiculous.
Continuing, U.S.
Army double-sized Iraq oil rebuilding contracts is out of AFP.
The U.S.
Army Wednesday doubled the maximum size of massive contracts to rebuild Iraq's war-shattered oil industry to $2 billion.
And the contracts are being awarded directly to Halliburton.
The Army Corps of Engineers said, well, we were going to open these bids up to other companies, but no, Halliburton gets them.
That's AFP.
And if you don't believe the French, I have the Houston Chronicle here.
In front of me.
So you might want to go to Infowars.com and check that out.
I don't know.
You might want to.
BBC reports U.S.
launches anti-insurgency raids.
troops have carried out raids in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, arresting a number of people they suspect of planning to carry out attacks on coalition forces in Iraq.
We are targeting what we suspect was a terrorist cell network, Colonel Steve Russell told the Reuters News Agency.
The raid came as the U.S.
voiced suspicion that a former senior member of the Saddam Hussein government was coordinating attacks from the area.
You admit that the Ba'ath Party makes up the majority of your new government?
You paid off the rest of them who left the country.
That's admitted.
Give me a break, folks.
You do have some insurgent groups, Shiites and Sunnis, fighting with each other over who's going to run Iraq.
What do you expect?
What did they do before the U.S.
government put Saddam in in 1976?
They were killing each other for hundreds of years.
Tribal warfare.
So now we're in the middle of it.
We're surprised they're killing each other and killing us.
It isn't Saddam Hussein.
What do you think would happen if the Russians came in here and took over D.C.?
You better believe there'd be strongmen, warlords over states, conscripts, armies.
Things would descend into total bedlam.
And they should!
That would result in kicking the Russians out of here in a Red Dawn scenario.
That's the separation of powers.
But it's just horrible for our troops, and it's terrible.
I don't know.
It just gets worse and worse.
Just a coincidence, four of Jessica Lynch's rescuers have died mysteriously.
Car wrecks, drownings, bullets in the backs of the heads.
Just lots of... I'm going to get to that later.
Six soldiers wait for treatment.
United Press International.
More than 400 sick and injured soldiers, including some who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom or stuck in Fort Knox, waiting weeks and sometimes months for medical treatment.
A score of soldiers said in interviews, and it's thousands in Iraq, by the way,
You step on a nail, cut your hand off, have a car wreck, get shot.
They put you in open center block buildings with flies all over you.
That's in the news.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
530th of October, 24 minutes into this transmission.
Coming up in the next segment, your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
You know, they've got...
One of the Defense Department's little minions up saying, oh, in testimony, they're sure that Saddam shipped his weapons into Syria, so they need to go ahead and start that invasion.
How many lies have they been caught telling us in the past on this subject?
How many lies have I forgotten to mention here?
Wait a minute, you're not patriotic!
No, it's not patriotic to let our troops breathe depleted uranium.
Thousands of times the safe level.
It's not patriotic to not give them treatment.
It's not patriotic to not give them good food and clothes and meals.
And these neocon liars on the radio putting up a smoke screen on these issues, that's not patriotic.
And continuing with this news, this is out of United Press International, more than 400 sick and injured soldiers, including some who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, are stuck at Fort Knox waiting weeks or sometimes months for medical treatment.
The delays appear to have demolished morale,
And it says, many said that they had lost faith in the Army and would not serve again and could jeopardize some soldier's health.
The soldier said, well, sorry, when you sign up for a two-year tour, read the fine print.
It's really signing up for a 20-plus year tour.
And they're now finding out about that.
The Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers are in what the Army calls medical hold, like roughly 600 soldiers under similar circumstances waiting for doctors at Fort Stewart, Georgia.
There's a whole bunch of these bases.
Bases in New York, bases in Georgia, bases in Alabama, bases in Texas, San Antonio, bases in Iraq.
It's in the thousands and thousands.
We're not sure how many.
Representatives from the office of Senator Kit Bond, Republican, were at Fort Knox Wednesday looking into conditions of the post, following reports of Fort Stewart.
Senate investigators said the medical system of the post was overwhelmed and they were looking into whether the situation was army-wide.
Yeah, it's Army-wide.
I wouldn't say 100%, but large portions of it.
Army officials at the Pentagon said they are investigating the possibility.
We're absolutely taking a look at this across the Army, and not just at Fort Stewart.
Army spokesman Joe Burless said Wednesday...
I joined to serve my country, said Corporal Wayman Boyd, 34.
He served in Iraq with the National Guard's 1175 Transportation Company.
He has been in medical hold since the end of July.
Doesn't make any sense to go over there and risk your life and come back to do this.
Boyd said it isn't fair and it ain't right.
I used to be patriotic.
He has served the military for 15 years.
And it goes on to get into their different injuries and the things they're going through.
And I've gone over this, folks.
I mean, they got people who've been gunshot wounds, and they just dress it, and you don't get it taken out?
They'll just sit there and let you rot to death.
Again, it's unbelievable, but the neocons say you're a communist if you want the troops to get any type of health care.
Okay, well, whatever then.
Japan loses second side of light in solar flare.
That's right.
Tokyo, Japan's space officials, already forced to temporarily shut down one satellite, said Thursday that they've been forced to shut down a second, affected by an electromagnetic storm caused by the largest solar flare observed in decades.
The one last Friday was the biggest since 1859.
And there's a lot of other reports of problems, power grid problems and stuff caused by this.
Poll approval rating slip.
Democrats gain.
Oh no, we better vote for Bush or the Democrats will appoint socialist judges.
Seven of the nine of Supreme Court justices were appointed by Republicans.
George Bush, look at his record.
Open borders, gun control.
All this garbage, folks.
All the trash.
All the...
Campaign finance reform and the UNESCO and expanding Department of Education, Health and Human Services, on and on and on.
You think Al Gore would be getting away with all this right now?
No way.
Because the neocons would have to stand against him, at least on the surface.
But George W., sky's the limit.
And I hear these weak-minded people calling to these shows, I just love the conservatism of George W.,
He wears a cowboy hat.
I love him.
I love surface issues, not the meat and potatoes.
Democratic presidential candidates are gaining ground on President Bush according to a national poll released Wednesday.
But the president still leads all his potential Democrat opponents in head-to-head match-ups.
And it says the Quinnipiac University poll shows...
But again, his approval rating just keeps going down and down, and things are very dangerous.
I do have an article here where experts are saying, look for a manufactured terrorist attack, mainstream news, to get those approval ratings back up.
Not for Bush, but for the globalist agenda.
So we'll get into that when we get back.
And then proposed Social Security deal with the country of Mexico.
Some lawmakers, women are denied surgery for cancer if they're over 70.
That's your socialized health care.
A bunch of New World Order news, a bunch of Big Brother news.
Believe me, I haven't even gotten into the real stuff yet, the really important stuff.
We'll come back and take your calls, get into more news.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Before we go to Sam and Brock and others that are patiently holding, here's the toll-free number on any of the issues of the, well, Halliburton saying that they get all the oil money.
Yeah, nobody gets beds for another 60 days.
They get to hog all that.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're going to get into a bunch of Big Brother news here in just a few minutes after some calls.
The toll-free number to join us on air on this Thursday edition is 1-800-259-9231.
I have the news articles here.
The first day it was reported that the Army, in the more southerly fires by San Diego, was out doing drills and, quote, started the fires.
Now that story's dead and isn't in the national media.
What do you think about them apples?
Before we go to Brock in Canada and others...
Again, 1-800-259-9231.
I have a new film out, and it's The Matrix of Evil.
The Matrix of Evil exposed an Alex Jones production with myself, Congressman Ron Paul, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Colonel Craig Roberts, Frank Morales, who's a police state expert.
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The American people have failed in their oversight of the integrity of our political system.
The final target is the American people.
We need to break that connection between the police and the military.
They're targeting for weapons of mass destruction because they have marijuana.
We're not supporting the Constitution.
We want to be at odds with my own party.
There really is an Illuminati.
There really are 13 families.
They own the big banks and print the money.
And they're in our universities and they're in our colleges.
And they believe in one world government.
And plunge the American people into the deepest economic abyss of a generation.
If we have, or when we have another attack, it looks like they'll come with more legislation.
Again, problem, reaction, solution, over and over again.
Government uses crises to scare the population into submission.
That is so important to understand.
That is very, very important to understand, and I hope you'll go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and watch the trailer.
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We're good to go.
Government-sponsored terrorism, gun control, political assassination, September 11th cover-up.
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Get Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, and Matrix of Evil, or Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, Matrix of Evil, and Police State's Retotal Enslavement, or America Destroyed by Design, or Police State 2000.
They're all excellent.
Okay, let's go to Barack in Canada.
Barack, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, Brock.
I wanted to touch on several things, and it seems to me it's a massive horse race.
We've got America waking up, and even the enforcers of the New World Order not taking the vaccinations, which is good.
And then you've got the troops being treated like garbage.
I do not understand it.
Well, I do.
Let me stop you.
After every major war since Korea, the troops are totally expendable, a total resource, and all they do is put out propaganda about how much they love them, but then they don't take care of them.
They give them deadly vaccines.
They test biologicals on them.
I mean, how many admitted tests have they done, deadly biological chemical tests on the troops?
They think nothing of any of us.
Go ahead.
Well, I also wanted to mention that the fires in San Diego...
Do you think they were deliberately set?
Several years ago, the feds admitted they set them.
Sir, I have these snippets, a great story on Prison Planet that has the snippets of local news, local TV, local radio, the local text on TV news channels.
It was admitted.
First, over ten fires started north of Hollywood.
Then fires started around San Diego, and they announced that there was army drills going on and, quote, those set the San Diego fires.
That's admitted, sir.
Well, what do you think the purpose of this session is?
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, and the other thing is, Syria and Iran, to me, I would say that...
The U.S.
wants to get in there and control them.
Well, that is Europe controlling us.
Look, I listen to the radio, I listen to the Senate hearings.
They're beating the drum.
They're going into these countries.
They've told the military they're going in, and they're just going to have to blow something else up and blame it on Syria or Iran to get that job done.
What is their purpose in going into Syria and Iran?
Just getting control of more of the oil?
It's oil, it's weapons sales, it's insider contracts.
Basically, the $87 billion is a funnel right into George Bush's bank account.
I mean, this is mainstream, admit it.
Just a giant pipeline right into the New World Order's coffers, the media's coffers, because the defense industry owns the dominant media.
Just a giant cash machine.
And it sets the precedent to take over these countries.
Then Europe says we're a bunch of warmongers when Europe owns us.
And then they play the part of the good cop, and the other Arab nations dump the dollar we plunge.
What's the strategy for Europe?
Then they're going to control us, but then what's the plan?
Yeah, they're going to say, look, it's like this, and this is classic.
The Mafia Don is in London, okay, and in Paris.
Okay, that's where they're based.
Forbes admits that the European families own the majority of our Fortune 500 and the Federal Reserve stocks.
They have us do the dirty work as a low-level capo, then they hang us out to dry as a patsy and make themselves look good as the world rallies around the EU global system.
Then America's economy plunges, and then they say, oh, the EU model is the answer for us, and oh, we've just already set up the Pan-American Union.
Then they have all these articles about how our economy's getting better when all the real wealth generation is being destroyed and more people are getting poor, but the Fortune 500's getting richer and the government's getting bigger.
What's the purpose, would you say, looking ahead a couple of years, make America poor and Europe rich?
Only, again, it's all owned by the same people, but yeah, it's an elaborate shell game.
And they have policy reports.
How did I know this five years ago?
How did I say this would happen five years ago?
Because I read the globalist white papers.
There was stuff two years ago where they said, the people know about the world government.
To get them to accept world government, we've got to give them a left-wing or right-wing choice to then move the debate on to the next level.
They're masters at neutralizing debate, setting the parameters of discussion.
So it would appear that... It's just more dialectic, more Europe's the left wing, we're the evil right-wingers.
And then the UN and the EU and all that garbage and world tax is made to look as the polar opposite of America, the new Soviet Union, attacking everyone.
I mean, all over the world, we're the new Soviet Union.
We're the new Hitler.
They hear about all the lies.
They see all the corruption.
They hear about all the insider trading, all the bid rigging.
That is meant domestically not to be heard, but oversees its top story.
Is it the grand design to empower the United Nations then?
Yeah, I mean, take your national news just came out basically last night.
I have the CBC text of what was said and basically said the government carried out 9-11.
Did you see that?
No, I didn't.
Call the Fifth Estate.
They said that, eh?
Yeah, your big national TV came right out and said it.
See, I told you this would happen.
They don't have top British ministers and top German ministers saying it on national TV for nothing.
It's all going to come out.
But they're going to say America did it and a right-wing coup did it.
The bankers did it through their puppet Bush.
And the bankers did it to launch us into a world government with the United Nations in control?
America takes over countries for them.
Then they blame us and then say, oh, join the world government to protect you from these rogue nations like America.
Well, the United Nations is going to have to get empowered because they really, you know, they act like people who couldn't wipe their backsides without getting their fingers dirty.
They're the model of incompetence.
Well, that's the perception that they tried to put out there.
But look, the UN is only a gubernatorial governorship, a node of the IMF, World Bank, WTO, Ex-Im Bank, World Settlement Bank, NATO complex.
I mean, of these dozens of major groups...
Well, how far do you think we are from a world dictator government?
Yeah, like,
America is waking up, thanks to you and a lot of others who are doing some excellent work.
I can't tip my hat enough.
Well, a lot of people are waking up, but again, there's the elaborate spin machine of judo taking our energies, twisting it, and firing it back at America.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
And Mark, who's up next now?
Charlie in Colorado, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hello, Alex?
Hey, I had a couple questions I hope you can help me with.
I just don't understand.
Isn't there something inherently wrong with George Bush going around using taxpayer money to raise all these funds for his party?
And also, what does Israel have to do with all the things that you're discussing today?
And I'll just go ahead and let you go, okay?
Okay, thank you for the call.
Actually, the federal government funds a lot of leftist groups that fund Metro La Raza, Black Panther Party, even some of the white supremacist groups that create the dialectic of saying that it's Israel and Jews that run things.
And if people could just be more sophisticated, they'd understand that going back to the Dark Ages, there have been certain classes of goldsmiths, which just so happen to be predominantly Jewish, who have been a servant class, and this is mainstream textbooks, okay, servant classes of the crowns of Europe and the Vatican.
The Vatican's been shoved out of things now today from all my research.
Well, you do have an alliance between Nazi eugenics royalty and some people that could call themselves Jewish who are more white than I am.
Most of them have got blonde hair, blue eyes, and they call themselves Jewish.
And then they have a parasitic relationship where they feed on the Jewish people, on the Israeli people.
And now even some left-wing publications on the other side of the coin have been exposing my counterpunch that the Zionists actually helped get Hitler into power and supported him, and a lot of his top people, Goebbels and others, were supposedly, again, Jewish.
And this is where it gets so crazy, but the reality, you know, it's like the Simon Wiesenthal Center endorsing Arnold Hitler Schwarzenegger, who says he wants to be a dictator, loves Hitler, you know, all this.
And then anybody talking about freedoms labeled anti-Semitic,
And so, yes, Israel doesn't control America.
America doesn't control America.
What Barry Hamish will tell you, a well-known Jewish writer, written for the Jerusalem Post, you name it, he'll tell you the Bilderberg Group controls Israel, and the leadership of Israel is either left-wing or right-wing.
They're globalists.
And so it's basically a big cash machine.
Egypt's controlled by the globalists.
Jordan's controlled by the globalists.
And they just continue this fight going almost forever, order out of chaos.
And the Bible tells us the Antichrist is going to stand up in Jerusalem and declare himself God.
A lot of these neocon Christians will say, Oh, Jesus came back.
He's in the temple.
Let's worship him.
This is where it's all going.
So it isn't about black or white or Jewish or German.
It's about evil people in power, and they try to make it a racial or nationalistic debate when the New World Order controls almost every sovereign nation out there, and they're no longer sovereign.
And your first question was about campaign finance, and, you know, they doubled the amount of corrupting money that can be given, the corporate money, and restricted what you can give.
And, yeah, Bush is flying around with taxpayer money, raising money, and they're going to use that money, they said in the Statesman, to get rid of Ron Paul.
They used that money to get rid of Senator Bob Smith.
They're going to use that money to target Tom Tancredo.
They rewrote the districts in Texas using RNC money federally.
To get rid of conservative Democrats.
So, Bush's main mission is putting the Democratic Party, real gun grabbers, real abortion pushers, in power, removing conservative Democrats and Republicans.
And that's the facts, folks.
It's a stated goal.
So, truth is stranger than fiction.
We'll be right back.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Basically, you know, evil doesn't stay at one spot.
It either gets better or it gets worse.
And we're racing downwards, being pulled headlong into the abyss right now.
We're trying to fire some retro rockets and get us out of this pit.
But yeah, just the level of corruption.
The more they get away with, the more they try.
I mean, criminals are always like that.
Serial killers, as an example of psychopaths, that's what the globalists are, always get sloppy after a time and get caught.
Let's go ahead and go to Sherry in Texas, then Chris, Martin, John, Ian, and others.
Sherry, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I hope I'm not off topic today.
We never have a topic unless we have a guest on.
Well, when I thought that, I thought, you know, it's all got to do with the same thing, and I haven't been able to call in all week because I've been having to catch you at breaks and at night when I can't call in.
My daughter shared with you some stuff from her school.
I remember that, yeah, talking to you.
Well, Monday, since Monday morning, I've been sick to my stomach wishing I could call you up.
I went in late to school because we had awards day at school right here on Manchac Road.
And her dad and I are just waiting for the principal to come out and speak.
Who has been put in last year, got rid of the same principal they had for years, put this new guy in.
And he has a screen behind him and he starts talking about they're not giving ribbons anymore because, you know, they get lost.
And this is memorabilia.
I think so.
I think so.
...for Red Ribbon Week on, look at me, I'm drug-free.
You know, five- and six-year-olds are drug-free.
Yeah, lots of socialist brainwashing.
And you were telling me how they have a threat matrix color-coded if your child's good in front of all the children, and your name's by the color-coding for how your child's behaved.
Right, and now it's not... Green is like the best, which my daughter has never not been on green.
Well, this year, it's not good enough to just be on green...
For good.
You can go up to awesome or great.
So if she doesn't go up to great or awesome, she's upset.
How come I'm only on good when it's the best you can be?
Now, also, you talked about how your daughter said you can't pick your teeth with one finger.
That's considered a gun threat.
And children draw pictures.
They come in and grab them.
Not allowed to say gun.
Now, check this out, and it sounds...
I know with all this, I can swallow the big stuff.
You're talking about Manchac Elementary.
I see Army helicopters out there every couple of months landing in the schoolyard.
What's that about?
Right here at Red and Manchac.
Yeah, I'm about a mile from there right now.
And this is hair curling because I can handle the whole... I grew up with quite an awareness of what's going on.
So what happened?
What's the new development?
Well, guess what?
Instead of ribbons, they're giving them and they're not allowed to bring them home.
And he goes and explains to them...
They're all wearing tags.
They're freaking dog tags.
She's on the honor roll.
So her honor roll, it looks like a dog tag with army-colored stripes instead of circles.
Good character award.
They're all colored, like cartoon-looking.
Well, there are now 20 public school army training camps from Chicago to L.A.
where they're sending the children, and this is the model they want to shift to, and under the new Secure Corps, all the children...
And to graduate, you'll have to have two years of service, and it says warrant service, fugitive apprehension, gun confiscation.
This has been in the mainstream news, Philadelphia news.
This is the new national model.
So they're getting them ready not only for the RFID tag, which he made a boo-boo the second speech he gave about this new great award system.
He said, and you can try the next nine weeks to get one.
You didn't get this nine weeks.
You can get your new ID tag.
And it's also getting them ready for that dadgum mandatory draft.
Where are all these parents?
Friends of mine, which you know, down to parents.
I can handle people that don't have kids not being as aware.
But everybody going, well, I don't have time to think about it.
Or I just have to live my life.
I just want to enjoy my life.
I can't go floating on the lake, man, for hours at a clip.
You know, when I know there's somebody we can be telling to... Absolutely, Sherry.
Thanks for the call.
Second hour, more calls, more news straight ahead.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
If you thought the millions of dollars that Halliburton is getting with no beds allowed for anyone else is bad...
We're good to go.
Just a bunch of other news.
Some of the folks that were blowing the whistle about Jessica Lynch not being a hero who were involved in the rescue are dropping dead left and right.
Record solar flare knocks out multiple satellites yesterday, and now they're saying more are on their way.
Six soldiers wait for treatment, sometimes for months, with serious injuries.
That story's breaking, and it looks like it's Army-wide.
That's from United Press International.
Bush's approval rating is plunging now from 48% to 42%, depending on which major poll you look at.
That should make us all very concerned.
Proposed Social Security deal with Mexico, that's the country of Mexico, angers some lawmakers.
Well, yeah, it certainly should anger and concern everyone.
And I've got a ton of really important Big Brother news here as well that we're going to be getting into.
But right now, let's go ahead and talk to Chris.
Chris, where are you calling us from, sir?
Welcome to the Airwaves.
Yes, today, or actually yesterday, I got a magazine in the mail called Ministries Today.
I've been subscribing to that.
And they have an article in there called The Dark Side of End-Time Teaching.
And all it is is basically bashing end-time teachings.
And it starts out saying that Marilyn Manson, the guy's already sick in the head, said that the reason he's all screwed up was because of end-time teachings and stuff like that.
So our Christian magazine is quoting Marilyn Manson.
And I guess they warn us about evil right-wingers, I'm sure.
Oh, yeah, they say.
Here's a... Well, see, now that they're getting their federal funds, by the way, they have funded faith-based, just the big funding's been held up.
See, now the local Baptist church has UN Day, Anti-Gun Day, and they say watch out for these people that are against microchips.
Pat Robertson says, you know, the chips are pretty good.
Arnold's pretty good.
Here's the paragraph.
I'm going to read it to you real quick.
It says, end-time conspiracy theories influenced many ordinary...
People and more noted ones such as David Koresh and his followers.
Oh, yes.
The Weaver family on Ruby Ridge.
Timothy McVeigh.
I didn't even know he was a Christian.
And Christian conspiracy theorists such as Norman Olson, Dean Compton, two of America's most noted Bible-quoting militia leaders who express end-time angst and conspiracy fears.
Yeah, and this is a Christian magazine put out by what Christian group?
I think it may be interdenominational.
Sounds like Jay Sekulow to me.
Watch out for these people that... Well, you know, Pat Robertson says forced abortion is what China has to do, and you're a liberal if you're against abortion.
Yeah, that kind of stuff's crazy, and then... Well, I mean, look, the point is there are Trojan horses everywhere hitting us and hitting us hard.
One of the ads on an opposite side of the page, it gives you an ad for the faith of George W. Bush.
Oh, yes.
Well, look, Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones, I guess for them, is Christian.
Yeah, that's what I was saying to some others whenever I was quoting this magazine in here.
Well, I hope you drop your subscription to that trash.
Oh, I probably will, yes.
Here's another one.
Sons, daughters, and wives desperately try to reach theorists who...
May have liquidated his 401k to buy gold guns, build a shelter, stockpile food that later goes to waste, or generators that sit idle.
See, and these bad Mormons, they're canning food, too.
We've just got to deal with them.
That's basically this whole article, just about talking bad about how all these end times... And you notice I knew what would be in the article before you even mentioned it.
Because I know.
It might as well be the same story a thousand times of mine.
I see it.
True Christians worship government.
True Christians are against firearms.
True Christians believe our Christ will soon be in Jerusalem.
We will worship him in the temple.
I've actually heard them.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Good, thanks.
Thank you.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster as a New World Order.
The New World Order.
We're good to go.
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Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yeah, the new neocon teaching in the so-called Christian church is UN Day anti-gun meetings, whether it's Catholic or Protestant.
We're seeing it nationwide.
I mean, this is the new system.
And so if you're against a world government or a microchip or an RFID tracking system, you are of the devil.
You're actually evil.
I'm not kidding, because I listen to Christian radio, and I hear it creeping in now, that we'll soon have our leader, yes, soon there at the temple in Jerusalem.
Oh, worship him.
I mean, that's what the Bible says the Antichrist will do.
Now it's happening.
And people are going to be given the great delusion.
They're going to, oh, it's our Christ!
Our Christ!
He says work with all the religions.
He's for all peoples.
And even if you're an atheist, you should be scared about this.
I'm a Christian.
Because you can see government using this religion of the West, the true religion, the true faith, I should say, is going to be used for this beast system.
I know a lot of atheists, a lot of agnostics who can at least admit that, yeah, it does look like the government's trying to set up what the Bible talked about as a good system for evil to control us.
And then they'll try to say, oh, well, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Well, it is happening.
So, again, you're going to be a heretic if you don't worship the one world leader, the man of peace.
Why are you against the Christ ruling from Jerusalem?
You're off the devil!
You're against the Patriot Act!
You're against Arnold Schwarzenegger!
You're against our president given to us by God, the Christian George W. It's so sick.
If you had a nickel's worth of discernment, the discernment of an aphid, the discernment of a possum,
You'll be able to see this, just the wickedness.
Tex Mars has got a new video where he shows a lot of the so-called Christian leaders doing the devil sign, praising the devil.
And I've seen this for years watching TBN.
A lot of you go, don't you talk about my TBN.
Okay, fine, just be idiots, okay?
Fine, just endorse Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I mean, imagine if your favorite talk show host you found out was in hardcore gay porno mags and loved Hitler.
You'd probably say they were evil.
But now, oh well, it's good.
That's a real sign of Christianity.
I don't want to get off into a side issue because we've got loaded phones here with Martin and John and Ian and... Oh, I don't know who that is.
Manuel in Pennsylvania, Ed in Pennsylvania, and many others.
But let me just news blitz for like five minutes and then I'll...
Get back into your calls here in just a momento.
This is out of the Pensacola News Journal.
Proposed Social Security deal with Mexico angers some lawmakers.
Hundreds of millions of dollars in Social Security payments may someday be headed south of the border.
They're already passing the law.
Social Security Administration spokesman said U.S.
and Mexican officials are continuing informal discussions about a political agreement that would allow millions of Mexicans working here to collect U.S.
Social Security benefits in Mexico.
Of course, they have dual citizenship, and it's meant to break up the Southwest.
Women are denied surgery for cancer if they're over 70.
Now, this is what socialized health care is about.
First, it's, well, if you're a drinker or you're a smoker, you don't get health care.
Because we're socialized.
We're paying for the mistake you made.
That's the sick mindset.
And it's nothing more than eugenics.
Now it's, well, you're too old, or you're too infirm, or you had a predisposition for genetic problems.
You can't get the insurance.
Women are denied surgery for cancer if they're over 70.
London Telegraph, thousands of older women are being denied surgery for their breast cancer.
You've already got to wait a year for brain surgery.
Because of their age, a cancer surgeon will claim today.
Ian Fentman, professor of surgery and oncology at Guy's in St.
Thomas' Medical School, London, says that as a result, many die needlessly from cancers which are potentially curable.
Instead of surgery, many women over 70 are only given a standard breast cancer drug.
Well, yeah, you can make more money off giving them that drug over two years as they die.
But in many cases, without tests, which could show whether the drug was likely to work for them or not, or even the type of cancer.
Professor Fentman, an eminent cancer surgeon, is speaking at a debate today run by Cancer Research UK and help the AIDS to raise awareness of AIDS discrimination and the treatment of breast cancer.
He told the Telegraph yesterday, older women are dying needlessly because of this attitude.
These deaths are happening largely because there is better treatment available and they are not getting it.
And again, it's the new bioethics boards.
They say that you're too old, your life isn't worth continuing, kill you!
Coming up with a Terry Schiavo update, the lawyers and the judges have said if she can't eat food with a spoon, if she can't quote eat a ham sandwich, her quality of life isn't worth saving her.
See, this is the new system.
He told the one telegraph, older women are dying needlessly because of this attitude.
These deaths are happening largely because there is better treatment available.
They're not getting it.
The practice is very widespread across the nation.
It must run into thousands because doctors believe that these women are too old for operations.
Decisions not to operate are made purely on the grounds of age with doctors saying the patients are too frail.
And already you can be 15 years old with a brain tumor, lung cancer, whatever.
You've got to wait six months to a year.
I've watched the debates in the House of Commons.
Tony Blair goes, one guy goes, it's a year and a half.
Tony Blair goes, that's not true.
I have the statistic.
Only 8.7 months.
They're not denying it.
Well, don't you want to live like that?
Don't you want socialized medicine?
Well, you already got fascist medicine where they socialize it for you and then privatize the profits.
And so that's coming up tied into the Terry Schiavo case here in just a few minutes.
Continuing with the calls, authorities warned about Eric Harris.
Now coming out, they got warnings about those guys weeks before.
Multiple warnings of what was going to happen.
Columbine killer's known two years prior.
It's now coming out.
So years, months, weeks, days.
Also a bunch of gun control news.
Clark favors gun locks and registries and a bunch of other stuff.
They claim the economy is getting better.
Total propaganda.
We'll get into that.
Unmanned aerial drones.
Ray Spector, a big brother in the U.S.
Richmond Times Dispatch.
Talking eyes to target criminals.
Now the cameras on the street corners in your neighborhood are going to have telescreens on them that are going to shout orders at you.
That's the London Telegraph.
That is total 1984.
Applied digital seeks okay to market Verichip widespread.
New $20 bills cause self-checkout glitches.
They're phasing out the checkout lanes, going to the casual society.
China focuses a big brother eye on the net.
They talk about how tyrannical they are, but our own government's doing that.
E-vote software leaked online.
Turns out another big electronic voting company has backed doors into all the voting systems.
Folks, that's just some of what's coming up.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Martin in Illinois.
Martin, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, thanks for having me on your show.
Long time listener, first time caller.
I go back to the days when you took over for Larry Nichols.
That's how long.
Well, Alex, I like to monitor enemy broadcasts, and I was out surfing the web, and I came across a website, and you're going to love this, Aslan.net.
Yeah, I've been to it.
Did you read the one about another big bush lie, the number of casualties in Iraq?
You've been to it?
Well, I know that the casualties are much higher, and they've got this socialist group, this racist group, out doing that to get legitimacy talking about it.
Well, they state that the British newspaper, The Observer, reports that 6,000 troops have been medevaced in Iraq since March 20th.
Yeah, I have the articles, and there's at least 380-plus killed since then, and that's why they put up curtains so you can't see how many coffins are coming off the jets under a presidential order.
I've got another one for you.
They also state on there that
40,000 troops in Iraq are non-citizens and undocumented soldiers.
Yeah, it's actually harder than that.
There was a...
Yep, I got one more thing.
As far as the economy goes, they're telling us how wonderful it is.
I was watching an investment banker on an obscure UHF frequency here on the television.
He said today that home foreclosures are rapidly on the rise in northern Illinois.
Sir, I have a friend who put an ad in the paper.
The last time he did it two years ago, he got about 10 respondents.
He got over 200.
And to go back to what you said about the foreign troops, that's the foreign troops right there, folks.
Tens of thousands of them in active duty, tens of thousands more in the military, and they, quote, want aggravated felons.
Folks, I know that sounds insane.
I probably read that article ten times on air a couple years ago.
I mean, folks, how much more insane and out in the open can the tyranny get?
That's the question, Martin.
What do you say?
I got nothing else to say.
I got to get off to work.
Thanks for taking my call.
Hey, I appreciate it.
Good to hear from you.
I've been listening five, six years, and
It's now called in.
Good to hear from you.
John in Tennessee, go ahead.
Yes, I've got a couple observations about the arson fires in California.
TV's showing firemen setting back fires with almost no video of firemen or citizens putting out fires, cutting down trees, or bulldozing fire breaks.
They should call in the militia.
The governor should call out volunteers with bulldozers, you name it.
Yeah, people will get hurt.
Have them sign a liability form if they want to fight these fires.
I guarantee you folks would do it and get out there.
Well, the smoke from the fires, from the satellite, it's just covering all of California almost.
Smoke is a byproduct of all burning hydrocarbons in condensed water, H2O.
This means the smoke clouds are a combination of ash and water.
Now, that could be cloud seeded for rain to put out the fires.
They've got the technology.
Why aren't they doing it?
I'll tell you what, John, stay there.
I'll let you finish up.
And Manuel and Ed and many others.
It's all coming up.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Good minute update.
Linda Kennedy, one of the lawyers, has been working on the Terry Schiavo case with some of the latest developments.
And the incredible media spin saying that, okay, she's not in a coma, she's brain damaged, but still her quality of life's not good, so let's go ahead and kill her.
That's coming up.
And, of course, all these calls will get to you here very soon.
Linda Kennedy won't be on with us long, but I appreciate her coming on the show.
And then a bunch of Big Brother Police State New World Order news that I just mentioned.
Now the cameras are going to shout orders at you if you're walking suspiciously or if you don't look proper.
Mainstream news.
And the blimps are going to be looking through your walls.
The big issue that just came out.
National Geographic says it's for your safety.
We'll be going over all that.
But for the next four minutes, Jim Shepard joins us of New Millennium Concepts
And we've just got a day or two left of the October specials.
And, Jim, you did a food coloring test that all the other filters fail on.
It's your new Berkey black element defeated.
No food coloring coming out on the other side.
Another test.
And then I have an article here out of the Denver Post about the streams and rivers full of birth control, Prozac, you name it.
But tell us about this new test and the specials.
Well, I like this test because, Alex, this is a test that folks can do at home.
You know, Jim, your phone's having a problem.
Maybe it's our board.
I'm hearing the sound between you and I. Okay.
Can you hear me okay?
It was really distorting bad.
Yeah, I'm getting some sort of an echo on here.
Yeah, well, that's, you know.
Okay, anyway.
Go ahead.
It's better now.
Okay, I like this test, Alex, because this is a test that the folks can do at home.
You can test your own water filtration system to see if it's powerful enough for your desires.
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The black Berkey filter elements will remove the food coloring entirely.
Well, I'll tell you what, Jim.
I really appreciate you coming on with that.
We've got the phone system hooked up wrong.
I'm going to have to let you go.
That sounds great.
Okay, I really appreciate you coming on.
Thank you, sir.
You bet.
Yeah, we may have to go to rebroadcast.
Creek has trace of chemicals, and it says, but study finds water still meets standards.
We're good to go.
The study conducted by the U.S.
Geological Survey found the water meets quality standards but also contains more than 40 organic compounds.
It goes on.
The water from Boulder Creek flows through various rivers until it finally empties into the Gulf of Mexico, although on its way it is used by agriculture, industry, and as drinking water by a number of communities.
So they found a bunch of this in the water, but the government says it's good for you.
Don't worry about it.
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We've got Linda Kennedy with an update.
Maybe if that phone system's working.
And a lot more.
So definitely stay with us.
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We'll be right back.
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Folks, we're 33 minutes and 20 seconds into...
This second hour.
And coming up, we're going to go to Ian and Manuel and Ed and Rhonda and many others that are patiently holding.
But for the next ten minutes or so, I want to introduce you to Linda Kennedy.
She's been on the show several times.
She's a great lawyer and did a lot of great research.
She was disbarred for exposing corruption in her state.
That's now going to the Supreme Court.
She's been involved for now, I guess, about a month in the Terry Schiavo case.
We've been involved for several months covering this.
As it came to a head of last week,
And now the media and the harbingers of death, the culture of death, are going, well, people are really in comas when they're blinking their eyes and smiling at their mother and opening their eyes when you're telling them to and when they have all this brainwave activity.
Yeah, well, sure, she was eating a few years ago, but Michael Schiavo won't let him feed her in her mouth.
And they got doctors and nurses saying she could have been rehabilitated, but you're a vegetable when that happens.
And Michael Schiavo, Michael Cockroach Schiavo's...
Lawyers said in court papers that, well, she can't eat with a spoon.
She's not worth living.
And joining us to go over this and give us a rundown of the basic info and the latest developments is Linda Kennedy.
Linda, thanks for coming on.
Well, thanks for having me, Alex, and thank you to your listeners.
You bet.
You know, Alex, the most recent thing that's happening that I'm at liberty to even discuss right now is the hearing that went off yesterday.
Of course, they're making this an alleged constitutional issue.
I think your listeners are very well informed, as you've been educating them, that the Founding Fathers stated that the judiciary has the weakest branch of government and warned us that if this ever changed, we would be under a state of tyranny.
With the late 1800 case of Marbury v. Madison, there was a huge judicial grab where the judiciary decided that they had the last say on what the Constitution said.
And it goes legislative, executive, judicial in the degree of power.
That's how it's supposed to be.
But for well over 100 years, it's not been that way.
I don't have much hope, honestly, that we will win on this particular issue, because to do so, it would require tyrannical judges who did the power grab to give the authority back to the people, and I very highly doubt that's going to happen.
The actual language of the issue yesterday is George Felos, the UN-supporting New Age attorney for Michael Schiavo, has asked that the court permanently bar any official from interfering with the court's decision to have the feeding tube removed.
And of course, as you know, the ACLU has also joined in that fight.
Unfortunately, what I think is going to happen is we're going to lose on this particular issue.
And my concern is that the judge, even though this will be appealed, will then go forth with the death sentence of Terry Schiavo, plus the order itself that Jeb Bush signed.
She's been tortured.
She's been tortured for 13 years, denied therapy.
The media tried to lie and say she was in a coma.
Now they're calling her severely brain damaged.
That's a fraud.
And talk about, in some of these filings, Michael Schiavo's lawyer, what he says she has to be able to do or she's a vegetable.
Okay, yeah, that is just so ludicrous.
Let me define what permanent vegetative state means in the Florida statutes, okay?
It says, in quotes, permanent and irreversible condition of unconsciousness.
Now, that already takes Terry Schiavo right out of that picture, unless we redefine unconscious now.
In which there is the absence of voluntary action or cognitive behavior.
And again, I'm now speaking for myself.
That means that anything she did has to be an involuntary reflex.
And that's how the defense is trying to coin everything she's done.
It's an involuntary reflex or it's not happening enough to make it voluntary.
I mean, it's just bizarre how they're rewriting common sense.
At the end of the statute, or of any kind, that she cannot have any voluntary action of any kind, and she's already had voluntary action.
The tapes support that.
On appeal, then, George Felos, the attorney for Michael Scheibel, has set a very high standard for personhood.
Here's what he said, in quotes, "...the litmus test is whether or not a person can bring a spoon to their mouth," he said.
Now, let's go ahead then and get rid of Christopher Reeve.
Well, that's what they're basically saying.
You know, this particular judge has been reported to be legally blind.
So, you know, if we're talking about competence, which the actual statute says, if someone is not competent, then the judge has first priority over whether that person lives or dies.
So, you know, is there a judicial immunity on competence?
Because, you know, he fits the description.
If you can't see according to the statute, then you don't have competence.
Well, this is also, again, a precedent-setting case, and that's why...
I think we're good to go.
And they say that the bioethics boards of government of hospitals will decide if your life is worth living.
That's now the definition for killing you, and that's just what they're continuing here.
So now they're having to abandon saying she's a total vegetable and moving on to, well, if she can't do jumping jacks or pole vault over the Empire State's building, let's get rid of her.
And, you know, you could hear the agenda very early, excuse me, Alex, in this case, when Jeb Bush said, you know, we should, you know, see if she can really eat by herself before we put her to death.
So he was giving with one hand but showing the agenda with the other.
And if you recall, Alex, initially they were saying she was in a coma.
And the video came out, and all of a sudden, you know, they had a problem.
The truth was, you know, basically saying that she was not in a coma.
Let me just say this, too.
We have multiple doctors, multiple nurses that treated her over the last 13 years that say this woman could have been rehabilitated.
She's eaten jello.
She's eaten bread.
She's drunk food.
But she's gotten worse and worse as she lays there for 13 years, not having her teeth brushed, not being given antibiotics for infections.
This is torture.
And again, the media is doing a good job of covering this all up, but again, a lot of people through this show, through David Joyce's show, are starting to learn the truth of what's happening.
It's horrible to sit here and watch this happen.
Right, it is, Alex.
And if you wouldn't mind, let me take you through what they are trying to do here.
Do you have a minute?
Yeah, let's do that.
Okay, so we started out with she's in a coma.
Well, the video came out, and it showed she wasn't in a coma.
So the Fox and the CNNs went out there and said, coma case, coma case, coma case.
Well, they were showing you her eyes open, her smiling, responsive, and they were trying to brainwash the public into saying, okay, that's a coma.
Well, there was a public outcry, and they said, that is not a coma.
So now they have another agenda.
So now they're trying to say...
We're good to go.
A feeding tube, insinuating that she's plugged in.
Yeah, a semantical deception.
So what they're going to do with this case is, if it goes up, they're going to decide on this right to life, right to die, which has already been decided.
It's not even an issue, even though it is an issue for us.
They're going to redefine right to die as the government killing you.
They're trying to define a permanent vegetative state without that ever being an issue in the case.
So that's what they're going to do.
They're going to go on a write-to-die platform and argue that, which has already been decided in their favor, and then when that wins, they will use the permanent vegetative state definition that was never decided as what the definition is.
So that's exactly what they're doing right here.
And let's make it clear, there are people who are paralyzed, shoulders down, saying, honey, can I please have some water that they've killed in Florida?
We've had Wesley Smith on several times for the Wall Street Journal.
He wrote a new article for the Weekly Standard, I believe, two days ago.
That's on Prison Planet.
This is out there.
This is the facts, folks.
And they're setting this precedent.
I cannot repeat that enough.
How important is precedent in the law?
Is that not what they, in the modern system, look at?
Well, they look at it when it favors them, and they change it just like they are now when it doesn't favor them.
You know, the fact is, she's not in a permanent vegetative state, so they're just going to change things around so that it looks like they're following a precedent, but they're really not.
But it is encouraging that it blew up in their face.
Over the weekend going, well, eyes open, following a balloon, mumbling at mommy, smiling.
That's a vegetable.
People just do that by accident.
She's brain dead.
And then they ignore all the medical reports that this woman could have been rehabilitated.
That's right.
And the thing is, the bottom line, folks, it's the people out crying.
You have to educate the public.
Well, Linda...
Give folks your website.
Okay, it's WBF, that stands for Walking by Faith, WBFlegalreform.com, and if you hit Terry's site, Facts, you'll get to a whole bunch of facts and issues that need to be addressed or that are being kept.
Linda Kennedy, we'll keep checking in with you every couple days, and God bless you for your tireless work.
And you too.
You're awesome.
Take care.
And I would encourage everybody to also go to prisonplanet.com and click on Terry's Flight.
We have all six of the video clips there in one spot.
They automatically load.
Just hit the play button.
And email out that URL to everybody so that they can see what's really happening and tell them to go to Linda Kennedy's site and look at the fact sheet.
It's excellent.
Okay, let's go to the calls.
Thank you for holding callers.
Ian in Canada, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I called you a couple of days ago to give you a heads up on the CBC Fifth Estate documentary on 9-11, which was broadcast last night.
I wanted to report that it was a watershed event, but it was not.
It was just the typical...
Mind-numbing PSYOPs presentation.
Well, I'm reading the text of what was said.
I mean, they came out and said, did the government pilot the planes?
Did Bush have knowledge?
Why didn't ORAD stand down?
I mean, it's better than nothing.
But you saw it.
If you were watching it, you would have detected the snide tone and the graphics that were presented said conspiracy theory, and they referred to people who peddle conspiracy theories.
They promoted the show with a studio interview, sound bites from a studio interview with a former sheriff whom you must know, Michael Turner, Michael Rupert, who made the direct accusation that the government was criminally culpable.
We're good to go.
They never got into the mining of the twin trade towers, the manipulation of airline stocks.
You could give the whole list right now if you wanted to.
Well, that's too bad.
I've got the CBC News 5th of State synopsis here, and it says, On October 29th at 9 p.m., the 5th of State begins its 29th season of investigative journalism.
Join our host.
And it says, for another season of challenging and thought-provoking documentaries, the Fifth Estate begins.
This season with a story as fresh and immediate as today's headlines.
On September 11, 2001, pilotless airplanes were guided into the World Trade Center by homing beacons.
It wasn't a plane that hit the Pentagon, but a missile.
Air Force planes weren't scrambled to intercept the hijacked planes that morning because the White House was behind the events of that tragic day.
Incredible, definitely outlandish.
There are lots of these question marks, lots of people who believe that at least some of the parts of these stories are true.
And then it goes on to describe what was in the piece, but I didn't see it, so you say it was a whitewash.
It was more than that.
It was designed, it was a bait and switch.
Pull people in with the provocative... Well, I heard three separate neocons on the radio yesterday, national neocons going, George Bush had nothing to do with this.
Anybody that says it is a traitor, flip channel.
Same thing being said.
They get the talking points in mass to roll this out because we're hurting them and we're going to go on exposing them.
Well, it's just more of the same psychological warfare that's going on.
They baited the people in to watch it, then they numb them and they turn them off, getting mired in side issues like everybody knows.
But I don't think it's working, do you?
Well, it's really up to God in heaven.
We cannot waste emotional energy worrying about...
A presentation like that, that's over.
We've got to just move on.
Appreciate it.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Manuel in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, sir.
How are you doing, Alex?
As far as that 9-11 thing, you know, I wore a government-sponsored terrorist shirt to a shopping center here, crowded, and I was surprised by the responses I got.
People shaking their heads, nodding.
Some people just shaking their heads in dismay, but you could see in their looks when they look at you, like,
Yeah, you're right.
They did it.
What did your T-shirt say?
It had the 9-11 tie.
It was in flames.
It said, government sponsored terror.
And in the back, it had a couple facts.
Oh, that's Paul Watson's shirt.
Yes, it is, as a matter of fact.
That's a good shirt.
Oh, but what I called in about was, you talk about the left wing being energized.
That's what this is about.
It's about a counter-revolution that Bush is building.
It's the dialectic.
Go ahead.
Check this out.
This left wing, I monitor Radio Havana, Cuba.
But you've got to be careful when you listen to these guys.
And they had Noam Chomsky on saying Bush was going to carry out terror.
Well, check this out.
These guys, they went from being almost in a cadaver-like state to now being a true Southpaw slugger.
You know why?
PNAC is why.
Bush portraying to be a conservative is why.
Bush's foreign policy.
Bush coupling with Israel.
That is why.
This props up these other regimes because they can point at us and say, there's the bad man.
Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, these guys are amino acids to these guys.
These guys, they're all pumped up on air.
They're reading from out of PNAC and acting like this is the new conservatism.
They're calling them the Bush imperialists.
They actually call them cowboys.
They actually do say that.
Meanwhile, Bush is taking, allowing flights back in, taking off the sanctions.
You got, listen to this.
You got these guys calling for the U.S.
To cede to the U.N.
and for the U.N.
to stop letting the U.S.
abuse its veto power.
And what did I say was going to be... Man, well, did I not say exactly that would happen?
See, look, you're absolutely right.
That's what I'm telling you.
I'm backing you up.
You're right on point.
When these guys talk amongst each other and their consensus is we need to stop the U.S.
from using its veto power, let the U.N.
apply its international court powers because they're protecting Israel, they're...
Ramming all these powers.
They're killing off the Palestinians.
They're using that also to call for an equitable system of social and economic justice in a new international economic order.
Cuba's foreign minister actually called for that.
And while Bush, on the surface, acts like he's against the UN, he signs on for UN taxes, he signs on to UNESCO, while he's actually building all that for the next president, and then you'll have Bill Clinton as the Secretary General, and we'll be double-teamed.
This is carefully crafted, you see.
It's like in boxing.
Every true slugger...
He's not sophisticated to understand that they're hijacking...
A communist must be good.
What this perpetrator Bush is using as a so-called conservative... And I said years ago that was the plan.
They got white... They got... Give your dad the white papers that are out there.
In fact, I'll try to remember some of them and mention them after the break.
More calls coming up.
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We've got a whole other hour coming up.
And I'm going to get the callers out of the way.
They've been holding the longest.
Then I'm going to get into all this big stack of Big Brother and Police State and gun control news.
And then we'll go back into calls.
But, you know, we had Jim Shepard on and a button was down wrong or something, so we had to let him go.
But I was looking at this Denver Post article.
I could spend an hour on this.
Creek has traces of chemicals.
And it goes on.
Boulder Creek contains traces of chemicals including birth control, hormones...
Over-the-counter painkillers, allergy medications, and residue from household cleaning products.
And it goes on.
It's definitely not just Boulder Creek, said Sheila Murphy, a hydrologist with the USGS, US Geological Survey.
It's just like all the other areas where people live near streams.
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So take action.
Let's talk to Ed in Pennsylvania, then Rhonda, Leslie, Keith, and others.
Go ahead, Ed.
You're on the air.
Alex, it never ceases to amaze me on how your show is like months ahead of everything.
RFD tracker chips, it's all coming out in U.S.
News, National Geographic.
Well, I'm not bragging.
We're years ahead of it because we read Army reports, we read white papers.
You know, the other people out there that are not listening to your show or don't have access to it, they're in a fog, they're in a phase.
They don't know what's going on in the world.
Did you know that the new cell phones do not have an on-off switch on them?
That's in the new film.
We have the news articles.
I give a speech about it.
Others do.
The new cell phones are admittedly hooked directly into Homeland Security.
Even when they're off, they are being used to listen to you and to track you.
All the new cell phones for the last year and a half.
The only way to shut off my new phone is to pull the battery pack off.
That is it, sir.
If you do not want to be tracked, you have to undo the battery.
And, sir, now they're finding emergency battery transistors in the new phones that look like they're able to be booted up even with the battery off.
Jessica Lynch, I seen about a week ago about three of the guys that rescued her were dead.
It's now four of them with a fifth missing.
The one guy was at a family barbecue.
A guy jumped up from behind a fence and shot him and disappeared.
One died in Pakistan.
I think another one was in a car wreck.
And another committed suicide, shooting himself in the back of the head six times.
And it said right after that, it said, this is all coincidence, don't make anything out of it.
Yeah, this is all coincidence, just go back to sleep.
Third hour coming up.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central and back from 9 to midnight.
We're here live into the third and final hour.
I'm Alex Jones, again your host.
We're about to go to Rhonda and a bunch of other people that are patiently holding.
And then I'm going to get into a ton of Big Brother news that will blow your mind.
It's even more hardcore than a lot of stuff I broke on this show.
I'm reading government documents.
Then we're going to recap a lot of the top stories that are frankly unbelievable as well.
Right now, let's go to Rhonda in Missouri.
Rhonda, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
God bless everybody that's standing up for the truth and real freedom today.
I'm liable to be going to jail tomorrow because the judge don't want to honor the truth.
They want to accept my personal exemption.
For what?
And what is your personal exemption?
No, I do.
You're opting out of their corporate section, but they don't care.
I mean, what you're doing is legal and lawful.
I haven't seen your filings, but they don't care.
You're right, you know, and they got the guns, but they don't care about starving the dead.
Well, don't let them get any money out of you.
Just let them put you in jail for a week.
Well, that's what's going to happen.
They're not getting no money out of me.
You know, I think it's important that, you know, yes, it would be more convenient for me to pay a $50 fine, but I can afford it.
I sit down there and watched a lot of people that couldn't afford it, and they're just being sucked dry like vampires.
You know, just sucking the blood right out of them.
He has sent for him swarms of bureaucrats to, or agents to eat all our substance, Declaration of Independence.
And I think, you know, God has blessed me with the knowledge that you've given me, that people like Linda Kennedy, God bless her, and the Power Hour, Dave and Joyce, and just a lot of people that stand for the truth.
You know, that's important.
We have to do it one person at a time in every little corner that we can.
And, you know, this came knocking on my door.
Now it's time for me to stand up for what I believe in, which is the truth.
And all I'm asking them to do is obey their own laws.
Well, when the people move and keep on coming, there's not a tyrant that can stand in the world throughout history.
I believe it.
And that's why, you know, they are on the run.
I believe what you said.
Last week I heard you say that the truth is more powerful than any particle beam they could ever invent.
That's true.
They can't stand the light because most people are good at heart.
They have been deceived.
Not that they're stupid.
People, I think, hate to admit
What's going on?
Oh, yeah, they're scared.
I mean, it's hard to admit up to what's happening.
It's easier to procrastinate and rationalize what's going on.
They're either scared or they feel like they're stupid.
And, no, it's not that they're stupid.
I mean, we're up against pros.
We're up against people that have studied mind control and have been heaping it on us for years and years.
And, you know, so it's not that we're stupid.
That's why we've got to get back to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, common sense, and keep coming with that and ignore all the garbage and the confusion and the false left-right system they spew.
You know, I just wanted to say God bless you, and I appreciate everything that's going on.
I'm keeping on my local station about the Terry Fendler Shivo case, and they're talking about it a lot, and, you know...
People do have good hearts.
People are good at heart if they know the truth.
Yeah, the globalists are masters at manipulating good people into evil causes.
That's what empowers the globalists, is having a bunch of useful idiots behind their system.
Yeah, and the law enforcement, people in the medical community, just like the people of the nurses in that hospice, they need to stand up and say no.
Thank you, Rhonda.
Call me back in a week after you go to jail.
I want to hear about this.
Keith, Joe, Kevin, many others.
Your calls are up next when we get back and a bunch of Big Brother news as well.
So please stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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Hi, I'd like to welcome Alan Glass, who's a pharmacist from Mark's Puzzle Pharmacy in Vancouver, Canada.
Hi, Alan, welcome to the program.
Thank you, Marvin.
Now, I understand that prescription drugs are far less expensive in Canada.
Is that true?
Yes, Marvin, it's true.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I was just talking to Vince, who runs the show,
And he was saying, what's the demographics of your broadcast?
Because he's kind of new at the network.
And from stations' ratings we've gotten, like KJFK for four years here in Austin, the most diverse audience you can imagine, old people, black people, white people, young people, huge audiences of 12 to 15-year-olds and 18 to 35 and 85-year-old women, just a giant diverse audience.
That's the same audience we have here.
Liberals, conservatives, old people, northerners, southerners, westerners, everybody who's waking up and wants freedom and knows that there's something wrong with the world.
Let's go right back to the calls, and I guess next up is Louise.
Louise, where are you calling us from?
Kansas City.
Kansas City.
Turn your radio off.
Okay, go ahead.
I did.
Oh, I think you're great, and I love what you're doing, but please don't go the baby out with the bathwater when you talk about Pat Robinson and TBN.
That's all.
Thank you.
Ma'am, hold on a second.
Are you there?
I mean, I want to talk to you.
And I appreciate you calling in to disagree with me.
I mean, you held for 30 minutes, longer than that, to say five words, please don't throw the baby out with the bathwater with Pat Robertson.
Maybe that's eight, nine words.
And then hang up.
Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
You know something?
I gave money to the NRA...
I've given money to the Republican Party.
I've put yard signs up for Republican candidates going back 12 years ago.
And I had to face the facts that the NRA was actually a Trojan horse anti-Second Amendment.
Now, as Mark Twain said, it's easier to be a patriot.
Because the NRA has shown themselves what they are, because we were trailblazers.
I don't get the hate calls and the threats when I talk about the NRA, because it's so transparent now, their gun-grabbing activities, and so widespread.
I mean, I remember getting up on the air on September 11th and saying, don't give money to Red Cross, don't give money to United Way, they give money to gun control groups, tens of millions of dollars a year.
I said they'd been caught stealing money in the Oklahoma City bombing.
They lost a lawsuit over it.
They would take the mail at the post office.
They got control of that to, quote, distribute it.
They'd take the checks out and the cash and still give people letters saying, here's your $1,000.
And I got up here on air and I said, don't do it.
And I got some flack off that.
And a month later I got apologies when it came out that exactly what I said they would do, they would do.
It's like saying Jeffrey Dahmer kills people and puts them in his refrigerator and eats them, and people go, how dare you say that about him?
And they go in his refrigerator, and there's a bunch of dead bodies.
And wow, you were right.
I mean, it's not hard to do what I do.
I have a memory.
And you take Pat Robertson.
The guy says the microchip isn't the mark of the beast.
The guy says China, quote, is doing what it has to do with forced abortion.
...in China, puts out his clarification and says the same thing and says, well, they're overpopulated.
They need more aggressive Planned Parenthood.
He endorses Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I've got his TBN press release from months ago.
Or his 700 Club press release.
There are a lot of good people on TBN.
A lot of good shows on TBN.
But, I mean, a lot of them are bad.
A lot of them are doing the Diablo sign over and over again.
If you do it once on accident, you know, or point your fingers out, I mean, I've done that, but if you do it over and over again and say all this weird, satanic stuff, and we have experts look at it, it's scary!
And Christ told us to look for wolves in sheep's clothing.
Most of these people are false prophets, to use discernment.
The local Baptist church had UN Day last week, folks, on Thursday or Friday, whatever the 24th was.
They've done that now for three years in a row.
You know, I said send gas masks to the firefighters.
Here's a local church that's giving them gas masks.
I said, two days into it, I said send gas masks.
Send breathing apparatus.
That stuff coming out of that building is asbestos.
Because we already had news articles saying the building was full of asbestos.
So, I mean, I don't know what I can do, folks.
I mean, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Please, please.
I'm good to go.
You know, last night I took time out to watch the Pink Panther.
Then I made some phone calls and stuff.
You know, I like mindless slapstick.
I had a little bit of escape.
I rented a DVD, watched it with the missus, and then I went in for about two hours and read documents and surfed the Internet.
You know, that's what I do every day.
And, you know, I know you've contributed money to them.
I know that you've committed yourself to it.
So it's hard to admit you were wrong.
It's hard to get past your cognitive dissonance.
I've had to do it.
Man, I'm the guy driving around with a truck with 100-yard signs in it, putting them up for candidates I later learned were bad.
So please explain to me what baby I'm throwing out with the bathwater.
Yeah, I'd say about half the people on TBN are good.
I'd say about half the stuff on the 700 Club is good or more.
But it's on key issues that they're there shilling for the New World Order.
Okay, let's go to, I guess, Keith in Florida.
Who's up next?
They'll go to Keith or Joe or Kevin or who?
Let's go to Keith in Florida.
Go ahead, Keith.
Good afternoon, Mr. Jones.
Yeah, just something I observed this morning at my bank that I never saw in the past year and a half.
When I went in to cash a check...
They had a sign up where you do customer service, write out your checks.
They had a sign there that says, pursuant to Homeland Security Act, Patriot Act, any new accounts require positive identification.
And that means three forms.
Yeah, well, I asked the ladies, I said, well, what forms do you require?
And they were all kind of, I said, they were all just kind of looking at me really strange because I said, what forms do you require now where identification is valid?
I had a bill.
Well, let me add to this.
They also ask you to sign the Know Your Customer Act that they couldn't get passed in 98, 99, 2000, 2001.
They did pass that in the Patriot Act.
It's Know Your Customer, waiving your rights, waiving your rights to trial by jury to allow the IRS to take your bank accounts without even indicting you, allowing the state to take your bank accounts, the bank to take your bank accounts, any creditor to call up and demand your bank account.
A surf-feudal...
That is quite correct.
Did you sign the document?
No, I didn't sign the document.
Now, I want you to sit there for 20 minutes drinking coffee if they'll let you, and I want you to watch illegal aliens walk up and bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.
And in public housing, little people know most of the big apartment complexes are now, quote, government housing.
A third of it is they tell their people, don't tell your members.
If you're illegal aliens, you get usually a third off or more.
Oh, yeah, I definitely believe that.
Well, you know, unfortunately, I've had the bank account for a year and a half, and luckily when I originally got it, I just gave them my driver's license or I gave them my... Oh, yeah, that's it.
It's to sign up for new ones.
It's phased in.
Yeah, now it's new ones.
I was like, uh-huh.
And you were insane.
You were weird because you, as a customer, asked questions.
Ooh, that's another Al-Qaeda sign.
Oh, yeah, they really got... They just looked at me real funny, and I'm like, uh-huh.
I knew the young ladies, at least a couple of them there.
Like, okay, Nina and Jenny, that's real interesting.
They just kind of looked at me real funny.
And by the way, the FBI training manuals for police, corporate workers, says if someone talks about their rights, makes references to the Constitution, call the FBI immediately.
Oh, I wouldn't doubt that.
People haven't called me.
Yeah, but think how insane that is.
You talk about your rights, call the FBI.
The bad people talk about their rights.
Folks, that's like Red Dawn or America with a K. Yep, very much so.
I tell people about the NRA now and about them being part of the UN.
You're fooling me, right?
No, go find out for yourself.
You can find out if they're part of the UN or not.
Don't listen to me.
Yeah, stay on checkout info, though.
That's another Al-Qaeda activity.
And so I was like, pshh.
Also, have you ever heard of the Prophecy Club out of Kansas?
Yeah, they're good folks.
Yeah, good folks.
I just want to put that on the air because I read their magazine every bi-monthly and stuff.
Good information in there, too.
But let me let you go, Mr. Jones.
I appreciate it.
Hey, thank you.
Yeah, there are Christian organizations that are putting out good info you can support.
You know, David J. Smith and Pastor Butch Paw and people like Dr. Wolf and the Prophecy Club.
There's good groups.
You don't have to support the neocon of forced abortion's good.
I mean, Arnold's good.
No, he's not, okay?
No, he's not.
And the Red Cross steals the money.
And I told you that, and it came out.
You think I got up here day one and said the government did 9-11, don't give money to the Red Cross, if I couldn't defend it?
You think I say DynCorp kidnapped 200,000 women and children without having a stack of mainstream news articles?
You think I say anything without having it in front of me?
I don't say anything without knowing what I'm talking about!
I occasionally get a date wrong or a name wrong or mispronounce a mountain wrong or I've got dyslexia, read something backwards.
Yeah, that's the type of mistakes, and they happen every hour.
But on the meat and potatoes, central stuff, I know the globalist plan.
I know what I'm talking about.
I have the vision of what's developing here.
And all of you can have that big picture because, folks, God's given us the tools to know the world around us and to have that type of discernment.
Ah, and if you don't get the vision, if you don't get the revelation, if you don't get the renaissance, it's going to go from bad to worse.
We'll come back and talk to Kevin and Joe and others.
Toll free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
We'll take five more calls and get to the final news.
Stay with us.
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I'm here, your host.
There's even another rebroadcast from 1 a.m.
to 4 a.m.
Oh, I forgot about that.
Your station can pick up.
Okay, I'm going to take five more calls from Kevin, Joe, Mark, Eric, and John, and that's it, because I've got a bunch of Big Brother and police state news to go over.
We haven't even covered yet, and I at least need 20 minutes to do that.
We'll spend another 15 or so on calls.
Let's go to Kevin in Mass.
Kevin, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
May God continue to bless you and watch over you.
My call today is regarding the close call that Mr. Wolfowitz reportedly had in those rocket attacks in Iraq.
Yeah, the 100-plus rockets that hit his hotel.
Based on some of the stuff I've been reading, I had a theory and I wanted to have your take on it where Bush and his crew, including Wolfowitz, kind of represented American globalists while the CIA's interests represented all international globalists.
Well, that's the shield they're putting out on the surface of the, quote, left-right choice of world government instead of saying we don't want world government.
What I was wondering was where Wolfowitz had this close call
And he was accused of being one of the key figures of outing the CIA agents, the wife of his political enemy.
Oh, yeah, Karl Rove.
You're right.
Look, we don't know, but we know this.
These are getting more and more sophisticated.
Two more troops got killed yesterday, seven more wounded.
I'm told now there's been more killings.
This is very serious.
More people have died now than died in the first four years of the Vietnam War.
Do folks know that?
From 64 to 68, the undeclared police action.
So this is all happening, and it could be Chalibi.
He had prior knowledge of the U.N.
It could be any of these thugs they've hired to strong-arm the Iraqi people.
It could be the opposition groups.
No one's taking credit for it, which makes it very suspicious.
I haven't ordered any movies for a little while, but I looked at the trailer for Matrix of Evil, and I just ordered that yesterday.
I'm looking forward to it, so keep up the work.
Hey, thank you.
We need the support, and it's a great film.
You can watch the trailer for Matrix of Evil at InfoWars.com.
Let's go ahead and talk to Joe in Maryland.
Joe, welcome.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
I want to tell you what happened to me over the weekend.
I went to my class reunion, and I was talking to one of my classmates that had married another one of our classmates who had died, and he told me a nightmare story.
With this Terry story and everything about depriving her of water and food, this is what they did to this girl.
She had had, I guess, severe breast cancer, and they deprived her of water.
She couldn't swallow, so they just
Oh yeah, this is happening to thousands of people that we know of every year.
Hundreds of cases listed in the Wall Street Journal.
And I just read where the British government says, women, we'll just let you die of breast cancer.
We're not even going to give you treatment or detect what type of cancer it is.
Why did he put up with this?
Well, they were divorced.
And I didn't ask him that because, actually, I was like... And see, they make it so fashionable.
Fill out your living will.
Say that you don't want to be resuscitated.
You think of, you know, your brain out on the cement.
You know, don't save me and my body's all torn up.
But now, see, it's anything and everything.
Oh, we're not going to give you treatment.
You know, you're 60 years old.
The bioethics board says we're going to kill you.
You don't need it.
She wasn't even 60.
I don't know how long she's been dead, but she was probably in her late, mid-50s.
Bioethics boards say, the average bioethics board, stuff written by Peter Singer, says that if you're above 50, that there's no reason to give you treatment.
Oh, that's really sweet.
Isn't that nice?
That's real nice, especially since I'm above 50.
So that really, you know...
I think.
I think.
And I had moved out of the area.
So, I mean, I had lost contact, of course, but it was... You're talking about Terri Schiavo or this other... This other lady that died.
That's what... It just broke my heart because, I mean, I went to school with this girl.
And the husband, the ex-husband said she was begging for water.
And, you know, and she was... He was there, I guess, when she died.
And I guess it tore him up, too, but I don't understand.
Well, you can't have 45 million abortions and not have it come back on the country.
I'm like you.
And I can't understand.
That was my first question, but...
Like I said, I haven't seen this person in 40 years, so I didn't want to, you know, say, hey, why didn't you do something when he's the ex-husband?
And I don't know that technical, I don't know how long they were divorced or so forth and so on, but I didn't know the ins and outs.
But I couldn't figure out why he didn't help her more, and I don't know exactly which hospital she died in.
So I don't know, you know.
All right, well, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
It's a horrible story, but we need to hear this.
We need to know about this evil.
Pick the rocks over, open up the closets.
Expose the darkness.
We'll come back and take three more calls from Mark, Eric, and John.
That's it.
Then I'm going to shift gears into final news blitzing.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And yes, my new video, The Matrix of Evil, is out.
And you've got to get it, folks.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
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All right, we've got two segments left.
Let's get to these calls quickly and into the news.
Again, Alex Jones here, back live.
Defending liberty, resisting tyranny, 110%, attempting to get you to boycott the cashless society control grid as it goes in around you.
Right now, let's go to Mark in Minnesota.
Mark, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, how are you doing?
Pretty good.
A few days ago, you were asking for some examples of bipartisan sellouts, where the Republican Party, just like the Democrat Party...
And I think really a very underreported story that, of course, quiet down to a murmur and eventually just disappeared.
And, gee, I wonder why.
The Chinagate scandal.
How about that one, Alex?
I'd like to know why nobody's talking about it.
In fact, we have a sitting congressman from the state of California, David Dreyer, who actually is taking donations from Ms.
Katrina Leung, who turns out big time in a Republican fundraiser.
In fact, you can go to opensecrets.org.
Giving money to the Republican Party.
Well, that's why they're blocking the pardon gate investigation of Clinton by Dan Burton, because Clinton allowed the transfer.
It was big Republican leaders making the money off the transfer, just like to North Korea, just like to Iran.
They want to micromanage our lives, take our liberties, enslave us in the name of security, while they do everything to destabilize the planet.
Right, so you have this lady, you know, big-time Republican Party activist, double agent, working for the Chinese communists as a spy, having affairs with multiple FBI agents.
Rush Limbaugh, I'm going to talk about that.
And, you know, funneling money to the Republican Party.
So both parties were taking Chinese espionage money.
I'd like some answers on this one.
Why isn't Fox News still talking?
Hey, that's liberal.
Be quiet.
I like Arnold.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
I'm thinking with an Al-Qaeda mindset right now.
Yeah, you don't want to arm Al-Qaeda and fund them, so you're Al-Qaeda.
Yeah, you're beginning to understand.
Thank you for the call.
Take care.
Eric in Connecticut, up there in Skull and Bones, where they have a Christian meeting place called The Tomb.
If you don't worship Satan, you're not a good Christian like Bush.
Welcome, Eric.
Hey, Alex.
That's right.
Skull and Bones country up here, and it's something else.
You know, I'm looking at my local paper, the New London Day, and I'm looking at this headline from Tuesday, October 28, 2003.
Navy's top officer calls for a global naval force.
Clark outlines strategy for combating terrorism.
Now, this was a local article by a guy named Robert Hamilton who covers military matters for this area because there's a very strong Navy presence here.
I won't go into too many details at this point, but I've been intimately involved with the defense industry for many years.
Well, Clark's for national ID cards and gun control, but go ahead.
Yes, the Navy's top officer outlined on Monday a strategy for fighting terrorism that calls for an international naval collaboration to share intelligence and resources in an unprecedented show.
Under fighting terror, under trade, under security, they're merging all our governments and militaries.
Yeah, well, it gets better.
Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Vern Clark described the proposal as a maritime NORAD...
We have our global navy!
In the sea lanes, just like they were having a drill on September 11th in the airwaves.
Just like they were having drills with the Army.
They admit set some of the fires, but that's okay.
Don't worry about that.
Oh, yeah.
Well, if you'd like, I could send you a copy of this article.
Yes, please email it to tips at infowars.com or mail it to me snail mail.
Will do, Alex.
Thanks a lot.
Hey, thanks a lot, Eric.
And let's go ahead and take a final call.
John in Kansas.
Go ahead, John.
Good afternoon, Rush.
Oh, I mean, Mr. Jones.
Yes, well, I am Rush.
I'm for gun control, I'm for Arnold, I'm for open borders, and I'm for gobbling.
Hey, everybody's got to have a laugh now and then.
And you are doing a superbly job.
You're informing the people 100%.
It's most appreciated, and I am extending the word to everybody I know with posters and every dang thing I can think of.
And when I said about Rush, we're going to have to put you in rehab for watching the Pink Panther.
You're not working too hard enough.
I haven't watched a movie.
I haven't been to a movie.
Three or four weeks ago, I went and saw a movie, and then my wife wanted an escape, so I went and got the Pink Panther, this mindless idiocy.
But after I did watch that, I actually didn't even watch the whole thing.
I had a radio interview in the middle of it.
She kept watching it.
Then I went back to work.
But, yes, I did watch.
Well, that's another Al-Qaeda sign that I was watching the Pink Panther.
Well, I said, hey, you're doing a superb job.
Don't beat yourself up.
All right, buddy.
Thanks a lot for the call.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, I like it.
If I'm going to watch something, I'm going to watch something full of mindless slapstick.
I mean, any movie you see today, if it's a big Hollywood production, is just rife with propaganda, unless maybe if it's a Mel Gibson movie, it's not.
But, yeah, it's a pretty serious business.
Okay, let me just go straight into news now for the balance.
Of what we've got left in this show.
And then in the final segment, I'm going to try to recap some of the top stories that you may have missed that we got to in the first hour.
Before I do that, though, let me take a minute or two out to remind you that I'm a documentary filmmaker.
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All right.
Now, this stack of news, I look at it, it is daunting.
A story I didn't cover properly.
Let me get into this a little bit more.
I already mentioned it.
I don't get into stuff I haven't gotten to yet.
Proposed Social Security deal with Mexico angers some lawmakers.
Hundreds of millions of dollars in Social Security payments may someday be headed south of the border.
Let's be honest, there are millions of Mexican immigrants contributing to the Social Security system and the U.S.
economy, said Catherine Colton, an attorney with the Mexican-American Legal Defense Education Fund.
It's only fair to let them get back a benefit they deserve that will keep them from dying in poverty.
How about your own dirty, corrupt government has a Social Security system?
Of course, that's bad because it's government-controlled.
These people are here illegally.
They're felons.
A lot of them aren't paying taxes to begin with.
They're in the black market, which is fine with me.
Not that they're here, but a black market's a good thing in a corrupt system like this.
It's what's holding everything up.
You're not owed anything.
But this is about global government merging our government and administrations with Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru.
It goes on and on.
Authorities warned about Eric Harris and Kleibel.
They got warned weeks before, months before, and two years before.
We already told you this years ago.
Now it's out in the mainstream news.
The FBI basically founded the Trenchcoat Mafia there.
The Hill is reporting that gun rights group rallies against popular history education bill.
Group worries liberal teachers would...
Excise Second Amendment from the class.
Well, that's what George Bush's new teaching does.
Clark favors gun safety locks and gun control.
He said that in a speech in New Hampshire.
Also, economic growth strongest since 1984.
Yeah, talk about 1984.
Everything's better.
The chocolate rations have been increased.
You've got to read the book to know what I'm talking about.
economy, rocketed ahead at its fastest pace in more than 19 years.
Reuters, the U.S.
In the first quarter of 2003, as consumers, their wallets fattened by tax cuts went on a buying spree of unexpected strength, government reports showed on Thursday.
But it goes on to admit that the other economic numbers are down.
Folks, the bankruptcies, the foreclosures, the jobless rate is record.
This is not a strengthening economy.
Believe me, I wish it was.
Here's another one.
Unmanned aerial drones raised specter of Big Brother, Richmond Times Dispatch.
Washington, when it flies overhead at 65,000 feet or 12 miles high, an unmanned airplane called Global Hawk can spy a milk carton sitting on a picnic table, manufacturer Northrop Grumet Corporation says.
The U.S.
Air Force employed the flying drone and a similar one called Predator, effectively over Iraq.
Next, the federal government is considering, they're already in the air, folks, the use of $35 million Global Hawk and other unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, as part of high-tech,
Arsenal to protect the United States.
And, of course, for law enforcement.
Top officials at the new Department of Homeland Security have discussed a demonstration UAV project.
They've already been given FAA approval, by the way.
The Coast Guard has awarded a contract to Bell Helicopter for three prototype Eagle Eye UAVs, an aircraft that takes off like a helicopter and flies like an airplane.
Very dangerous aircraft, by the way, in test.
That doesn't matter.
They'll be flying over your skies.
And I'm sure when they need a diversion, one will accidentally fly into a building.
Industry representatives are enthusiastic about the drone's potential.
I believe we all see Predator and Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles watching over major events such as the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl in the not-too-distant future.
Brad Brown, the then-president of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, wrote earlier this year.
For some privacy advocates, the talk about civilian use of unmanned aircraft has raised a specter of Big Brother in the skies, and a new private debate is brewing.
What's really dangerous about this, I would add, is that they can then put chemicals and biologicals on these and have a very small compartmentalized group of the government, the small node of sociopaths running things, launch attacks, later to be blamed on others, which we know they've done thousands of biological tests in the atmosphere with manned vehicles delivering them.
So the compartmentalization this gives them is frightening.
That's another point I'd add to that.
Taking criminals, talking eyes to target criminals.
Again, talking eyes to target criminals, London Guardian on the websites.
Just as Britain gets used to CCTV cameras, and they have over 3 million of them, a new Big Brother system is to become part of everyday life.
Hidden watchers start to talk loudly to anyone seen acting suspiciously or misusing disabled bays at a trial parking site.
Tests in Nottingham have persuaded nine local schools to start the school year by installing the Talking Eye system, officially called Public Awareness Voice Activation.
Security cameras are likely...
Our security cameras are linked to loudspeakers and staff in a central control room who issue messages such as, the police are coming.
This is just like THX 1138 or 1984 where the telescreen shouts orders.
By the way, all the new TVs and radios by law are going to have this here where it turns on and orders alerts.
Your phone will have a different ring according to the statesman here in Austin.
If you don't answer it, you can be fined or arrested because it's a terror alert.
The system has led to an increase in the availability of disabled parking at the Village Hotel leaves to staff whose wheelchair symbols had failed to prevent the bays being taken.
Oh, so to keep those folks safe who they won't give treatment when they're sick, they'll kill the disabled.
But, oh, for the disabled, we have cameras that shout orders.
Sam Taylor, chief engineer in the hotels at The Voices, are providing suitably embarrassing for drivers who sneak into a forbidden parking spot to show up
To be shown up by the loudspeakers.
I mean, folks, it just doesn't get any more insane.
Applied digital seeks okay to market very cheap on a wide scale, not just in Florida and New York.
New $20 bills cause self-checkout glitches.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the colorful new 20 bills aren't worth much at some self-checkout counters.
Kroger, Metro Atlanta's biggest grocer, says the U-scan devices won't accept the new bills until software updates are installed over the next few weeks.
The story here is, is that
And a lot of the stores a year ago in Austin, they'd have ten lanes and three self-checkout.
Now it's six, nine lanes, two or three service checkouts.
And they admit, the industry does, they're going to phase out service, folks.
They'll have some thug security guard bugging their eyes out at you.
For security, you'll have to swipe your card.
These things are really obnoxious and annoying.
And that's the new America.
Walmart and Home Depot also discovered problems when customers initially used the bills, but say they were able to solve the issue quickly.
Previous new bills caused vending machine glitches, so the Federal Bureau of Engraving and Printing worked with the vending industry well in advance of the $20 bills, which went into circulation October 9th.
This time the trouble was mostly automated payment machines, a relatively recent innovation.
Kroger helped launch the new 20s.
Which was peach color along with more subtle changes at the Georgia stores.
Oh, see, Kroger's helping them launch the money.
They're all just together helping you.
You're penalized if you don't use their discount cards.
On a $5 item, you'll be penalized a dollar.
That's to force you onto the cards, and it's all uploaded to Homeland Security.
Whether it's Randall's or Kroger's or Safeway.
E-vote software leaked online.
Wired news.
Software used by electronic voting system manufacturer by Sequoia Voting Systems has been left unprotected on a publicly available server.
That's their excuse to hack in.
Raising concerns about the possibility of vote tampering in future elections.
The software, made available at ftp.jaguar.net, is stored on an FTP server owned by Jaguar Computer Systems, a firm that provides election support to California County.
And it says the software is used for placing ballots on voting kiosks and for storing and tabulating results of the Sequoia AVC Edge touchscreen system.
And see, all these companies accidentally put all the codes out, and then we don't know who hacked in and changed the election.
The security breach means that anyone with a minimal amount of technical knowledge could see how the code works, potentially exploit it, according to a computer programmer who discovered the unprotected server.
The files also contain visual basic script and code for voting system databases that could allow someone to learn how to rig voting results.
Oh, the programmer spoke in a condition of anonymity.
Jaguar blocked public access to the FPT site Wednesday.
Representatives from Jaguar did not return calls for comment.
But touchscreen's so good.
And, of course, every company's run by the CIA that we've looked at.
But the CIA running these is good.
Isn't that freedom?
I mean.
Isn't that nice?
A recap of the top stories, some other news we haven't covered on the other side.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Final segment, folks.
Marion Times reporting.
What killed a U.S.
August 28, 2003, an unknown munition, ought to be no wider than a pencil, pierced the side of an M1A1 Abrams tank on patrol in Baghdad.
The round crippled the 69-ton vehicle, slightly injured its commander and gunner.
It was the second Abrams knocked out of commission by the enemy in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Now Army officials are trying to figure out what kind of mystery projectile could pierce the Abrams armor and disable it.
This isn't the Marion Times, it's the Marine Corps Times.
Another one.
Sex slaves in the U.S.
Wow, they're reporting that.
They don't have time to get into it.
It's such old news, but it's horrible.
CIA use dragonfly catfish as spy gadgets.
This is Associated Press.
Excuse me, Reuters.
I told you about 25 years ago, cockroaches.
Now they have armies of cockroaches that they drop out of helicopters and they bring in chemical weapons, put them on you.
Or plant debugging devices.
This is old technology.
Big article about it.
Talked about it two days ago.
Here it is in the news.
Ridge, U.S.
should pioneer biometrics.
and E.U.
And they're merging all the biometric systems, the databases with Interpol, the driver's license records.
They have the same Social Security style number, and they want to make you do this to fly or leave the country.
United States and European Union should lead the world in setting international standards for biometrics such as the facial recognition technology.
Homeland Security thug, Tom Ridge said yesterday.
And again, new airport technology screens foreign visitors with a face scan.
Camera stirs debate among neighbors.
This is out of the Easton Review.
They're now putting it in the neighborhood.
Exploitation of millimeter waves we're seeing through wall surveillance during military operations in urban terrain.
Major J.G.
Burton, CD, and Major J.P.O.-like, CD Intelligence.
Big government document on the website about surveilling you and your family, looking through your walls with all these drones.
Homeland security drills adopt military-style simulations.
It's another big article.
And a recap of some of the top stories.
Bush's poll numbers drop even more.
Be afraid, be very afraid.
In some major polls, as low as 42% now.
launches anti-insurgency raids, grabbing men and women off the streets, putting bags over their heads, torturing the living daylights out of them, BBC and Iraq.
Halliburton isn't going to allow bids for another 60 days.
They get all the new $87 billion for themselves first, to bid on that by themselves before anybody else is allowed to look at it.
Army double-sized Iraq oil rebuilding contracts to Halliburton.
That's Houston Chronicle, by the way.
White House site prevents Iraq materials being archived.
You're not allowed to check any of their old statements out because they keep changing them.
Two G.I.s killed in Iraq amid rising attacks yesterday.
Seven more injured.
Bin Laden family to take over most of the major airport operations in five airports with five other groups in Saudi Arabia.
But that's not a threat.
They're friends with the Bushes.
We're good to go.
A whole bunch of that happening as they prepare for the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced Jessica Lynch propaganda.
Japan lost two satellites in solar flare, mega solar flare yesterday, with a lot of other problems globally.
Power outages, you name it.
Noam Chomsky says Bush may invent another threat or may carry out a terrorist attack.
Here out of this article, out of Al Jazeera, as a pretext to get his approval ratings up.
Oh, and stacks of government-run white slavery rings, stacks of new gun control, stacks of election fraud news.
We're out of time.
You better visit Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
If you've got access, you better get folks tuned in and turned on to what's happening.
We're going to lose this republic and this world to the dehumanizing forces of the New World Order.
I'll be back tomorrow, 11 to 2, Central Standard Time during the day, and of course at night, 9 to midnight, Central Standard Time.
And the new film, The Matrix of Evil, is out.
And if you haven't gotten any of my videos, you need to, folks.
They're powerful tools to wake people up.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
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