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Air Date: Oct. 15, 2003
2406 lines.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Welcome, welcome, welcome to another live global transmission against tyranny.
Big T word.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We have two powerful guests coming up today.
We have Chris Klecka, the Chief Counsel for the Homeschoolers Legal Defense Association.
Fund and organization coming on about Dan Rather's hit pieces against homeschoolers that are basic fabrications.
I have the text of the newscast here.
I cannot make myself watch it, but I can read what they had to say.
And we'll be going over that in the third hour today.
In about 30 minutes, we're going to have Angel Shamaya of Keepin' Bare Arms.com.
Coming on to go over the NRA in a key federal court case about the Second Amendment, arguing for total gun registration and not being able to leave your home with any firearms.
We have the actual transcript of this.
It's on the record, and we'll go over the history of what the NRA really is in about 30 minutes.
In the meantime, we've got the global news, the national news, some interesting police state news for you, and what's happening over in Iraq.
We're good to go.
I think?
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.net, JonesReport.com, and VirginUtah.com.
Those are just some of the websites that we have out there battling the globalists, putting forward the information, chronicling their criminal activities for the court of public enlightenment and opinion.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You like to scream and yell.
You like to cry on air.
We have a lot of that going on.
And I want to declare right now that I have had a large cup of coffee today.
I'm not on hydrocodone or whatever it's called, oxycontin, and I'm against gun control, and so I'm a communist.
I'm not into wild sex parties, and I'm not into Satan worship, and I'm not into open borders, and I'm not into gun control, and I'm not into gobbling hundreds of oxycontin a day, hillbilly heroin.
I am not for giving supercomputers to communist China.
I'm not for implanting children with microchips.
So, I'm not the same league as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and George Bush, and Bill Clinton.
This show is about communism and evil.
According to them, again, we're for freedom, so we're communists.
If you're for Stalin, you're a conservative.
And I'm not being sarcastic about that, by the way.
The big newspaper there in Colorado, as well as United Press International, reported, I covered this a few days ago, that all over the country they're going to have wires in cities and in rural areas and in the woods, little robots on wires that go at high speeds around spying on people, ground penetrating radar, infrared cameras, audio sensors, that's microphones.
And I was doing a live TV show last night in the controller and out of the controller, running everything by myself,
Robots watching you.
Robots watching you.
Let me say it again.
Robots watching you.
Do I have to describe how bad that is?
I think you can figure it out for yourself.
Big, big show.
Just a massive amount of news.
Straight ahead after this quick break.
I'm fired up, folks.
That vacation, that working vacation did me well.
We'll be right back.
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Central Standard Time, I do this show.
And then, of course, back from 9 to midnight.
citizens ordered to leave Gaza.
citizens were ordered to leave the Gaza Strip following a deadly attack on a convoy of U.S.
diplomats Wednesday.
Diplomatic sources said, that's today, three Americans, apparently security guards for diplomats, were killed in the attack near the Palestinian town of Bet.
We're good to go.
So, I'm sure you've already heard about this a million times on the news.
Here's another one.
issues new warning on terror attacks here in the U.S.
Al-Qaeda's going to hit us any minute.
That means the CIA's going to hit us any minute from all the evidence.
Saron, Libya could be first Arab country with the nukes, so now they need to preemptively attack them first with their nukes.
And Straw, that's the minister over in England, hints at military action against Iran.
The troops are built up to do that.
Security Council set to vote on new U.S.
resolution in Iraq.
And it turns out the coalition had embassy bombing warning.
And they also had a warning about the Gaza blast that hit the U.S.
China has now launched its rocket on historic mission, historic manned mission.
And, of course, judge orders reporters to reveal sources.
This is totally against the First Amendment, and now more and more in all different sorts of cases, not just terror-related, they order reporters to come in and testify.
And, of course, there's no more attorney-client privilege.
Your lawyer is working for the prosecutor and the judge.
We've also caught the Associated Press editing footage.
News articles and changing facts when it turns out that it was white men seen carrying out the bombing at one of the embassies in Iraq.
That's just some of what's coming up.
Here's some of the other news.
It's Yale bonesmen engaged in macabre business.
Society's act of grave robbing sheds light on need to protect Indian burial sites.
This is out of the Indian country today.
And now they've got the Indians mad because they like to rob the graves of Indians.
And that's admitted by MSNBC and USA Today.
They think they get particular power off of sexual acts with Geronimo's skull as well as Pancho Villa's skull.
And I don't want to get into too much detail here on a family show, but it is admitted by Bonesman that they engage in sexual acts with skulls.
That's all I can really get into here on the air today.
Folks, who would think that Lashon Ball was taking 100 Oxycontin a day?
Who would think that they'd be on the news taking plantable chips?
Who would think they'd be saying they're going to have mounted little robots in the forest looking at us?
Who would think that they'd have a betting scheme on dead U.S.
soldiers at the Pentagon?
Who would think they'd have a total information awareness network announcing the Army's going to watch us with an all-seeing eye pyramid as a symbol?
I mean, I don't make this stuff up.
Sometimes I can't believe it anymore.
But, I mean, this isn't just necrophilia that Bush and others engage in.
It's not just a dead body.
It's skulls.
It's skeletons.
Heaven help us.
Lord Jesus, please heal this land.
Please protect us from these people.
That's all I can say.
I mean, it's just so off the chart crazy now at this point.
And I went and dug out CBS 60 Minutes about the skull sex, and I dug out some of the other articles here.
I mean, this is now being admitted, being thrown in our face.
And, again, when you see the president on TV, understand he has sex with skulls.
I just want you to realize that.
And they all share the skulls.
All right, I don't want to go too much further.
I just...
We're in a lot of trouble, folks.
We have psychopaths running things.
That's all I can say at this point.
We're in a lot of trouble.
By the way, this was also brought to my attention, hand-delivered to me, because I don't read the Austin American-Statesman.
I read the emailed stories from the Statesman, from the New York Times, from the whatever, that are emailed to me, the hundreds of articles.
I scan the news wires.
But, I mean, occasionally, once a week, I might read the local paper, and I miss a lot of stuff.
And in the Austin American-Statesman, Saturday, October 12, 2003, there was this article, Congressional AIDS email mocks Democrats.
And it says, an email written by an aide to U.S.
Representative Joe Barton, Republican Ennis, ridiculed Democrats and gloated over the Republicans' expected victory in a battle over congressional redistricting.
Now, you read on into the article, and it says the Republicans are targeting conservative Democrats for removal, that they want to balkanize it, that they actually are helping the Democratic Party.
I couldn't believe they were this honest.
And then it says, quote, he even took a poke at Republican Representative Ron Paul of Surfside, saying winning his redrawn district would be a lot trickier than thought, given Paul's unusual behavior, close quote.
Paul votes often reflect his libertarian views.
And they list here, well, they've got this here in the article, they've got this Republican out of Rockwall, Ralph Hall.
I've met Ralph Hall.
I'm from Rockwall, Texas, an old-fashioned Southern Democrat, and perhaps his party's most conservative member, voted to impeach President Clinton, but rebuffs frequent GOP requests to switch parties.
Almost all of the 12 they're targeting are white conservatives.
Now, you notice, it's the balkanization, you notice also that they went after Senator Bob Smith, the most conservative senator, got Sununu in there.
Bush is publicly targeted, according to roll call, Tom Tancredo of Colorado, because he's exposed the open borders and exposed Bush, and Bush said, we are targeting him.
They've targeted Ron Paul in the last two elections, Republican Party, yes.
You vote pro-gun, you vote pro-border, you vote against abortion, it's over for you.
So next time you hear a sicko neocon on the air, local or national, lying about the conservatism of the Republicans, call up and confront them on this.
Right here in the paper, targeting Ron Paul, targeting all the conservatives, all the real libertarians, freedom lovers, old southern Democrats, yellow dogs.
It's disgusting.
It's totally disgusting.
Do they target the reconquistas?
Do they target... No!
No, no, no, no, no!
It's about balkanization.
So I just wanted to bring folks up to speed on that.
And here was another story out of the Statesman.
Now, just...
On Monday, it's Wednesday now, I reported the UPI article that was in a Colorado paper about DARPA, and it's a subdivision of DARPA, funding to have hundreds of miles of cables put up out of the cities, into the country, along green belts in the national forest, into private property.
These cables with these little robot pods that zoom down the cables at high speeds with ground penetrating radar, infrared, audio sensors...
And I'm on the air last night because I have a new TV show time.
It's Tuesday nights, 8 to 9.
We've been on Thursdays the last two years, but they switched us to Tuesday nights.
It's, frankly, a better hour.
8's a better time.
And on Time Warner Cable Channel 10 here in Austin.
But I'm in the control room.
I do the show right out of the control room, running things myself, sitting there with the camera in my face.
And somebody opens the door when I'm talking about this, one of my associates, and hands me this article.
Let me ruffle the papers like the heroin Oxycontin addict does.
And what to star in a trashy movie?
Travis County is mounting cameras to record those who jettison their junk in the great outdoors.
And yes, since I reported this two days ago about the little mobile robots, I've gotten dozens of emails of mainstream news articles.
I have an entire folder here to my left.
I could spend two hours on this.
Where mounted cameras, mounted robots, cameras on cables, different federal agencies funding it, this is how they do it.
Bringing you this tyranny.
And these are mounted cameras.
It says, assign no dumping, fine up to $4,000, area under camera surveillance.
And they're now saying a napkin out of the back of your car, one small AA battery.
They've had articles in the paper where they've got these guys in SWAT team dark green uniforms who will go on your back property looking for a battery or some old junk they're charging people.
And it shows a guy here checking the serial numbers on car parts, and then they charge those who the cars belong to.
Of course, they're always stolen, and nothing's done about that, but they'll charge you, don't worry.
And it says car parts are among the detritus dumped at a wooded site near the Colorado River in northeastern Travis County.
Sheriff's Deputy Greg Epperson looks for vehicle identification numbers.
Soon surveillance cameras will record illegal dumping here.
And hundreds of cameras, and of course they're going to be scanning, are going to go up, it says, on private property, on public property, on country roads.
See, first it's on the highways for traffic.
Then it's in your neighborhoods for security.
Oh, now we're going to use it for law enforcement and face scanning software is involved.
It's hooked into FEMA and it triangulates with the cell towers in your cell phone.
All your new cell phones have a satellite tracker chip in them.
Oh, guess what?
Homeland Security, even when your phone's turned off, can tune in and listen to you.
This is mainstream news.
It's for your safety.
Your digital cable box.
Yes, Homeland Security can dial into a microphone they didn't tell you about and listen to you.
This is now admitted, folks.
Admitted mainstream news.
It's worse than 1984.
And right here in my town, it says that in rural areas, in woods, in parks, everywhere, side roads...
There's just going to be cameras everywhere to stop the dumping.
What does DARPA say that the camera's being put up?
Little robots on the cables.
It's to stop environmental dumping.
And we're law enforcement, of course.
The cables will run out of your cities, out into rural areas, see nowhere to escape.
It's like a science fiction movie where you run to the hills from the Antichrist and he's got little robot drones zipping by.
I mean, how many science fiction movies have you seen that in?
I know quite a few.
I mean, this is nightmarish.
Robot surveillance pods.
And they've announced that they're going to put drones in the sky.
They've already done it.
It was a backlash.
They said, oh, it's for illegals and drug trafficking.
Total lies.
They're preparing to tether over 100 blimps over major cities to constantly look through your walls with ground penetrating radar.
Black and white image of everything you're doing.
Is that freedom?
Is that freedom?
We'll be right back.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Alright, we got the head of Keepin' Bare Arms, one of the few real Second Amendment groups out there, who's funding a real lawsuit against the gun grabbers.
Coming on to talk about how the NRA gobbles up all the lawsuits and then intentionally loses them and argues in court against the Second Amendment.
We've caught him red-handed many times.
This is one of the most sterling examples coming up.
Right now, let's go to the calls.
Let's talk to Luis in Missouri.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Oh, hello, Alex.
I want to know if...
If on the turn of private property, you don't think that anybody who owns private property should have to maintain their lawn?
Even though the lawn might be too long and 100 degrees outside?
Are you talking about the government with zoning laws using feudal systems to control and penalize private property owners?
Oh yeah, just like city ordinances.
Well, yeah, they're going to try to make those go into all the rural areas.
They're federally written.
They fly your city managers and county managers up to be told the game plan, and then they come back, and feudalism is a system of control against the population to keep them in check, and that's what we're seeing is neo-feudalism or serfdom.
Okay, well, it didn't exist, what, in the 1940s?
Well, I mean, like,
Yeah, that's when they started bringing the tyranny to America.
Thanks for the call.
And you notice the more laws we get, you notice the more laws we get, the more problems with yards, the more problems with your children, the more problems with crime.
Government isn't there to help, folks.
It's there to bring control.
Annette in Utah, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I love your show.
I'm the first time caller.
Well, welcome.
I just had something happen to me last week.
I just wondered if it had happened to anybody else that we're on your show quite a bit.
You know, we get on the Internet.
That's how we listen to it.
And we also, you know, we're on your website quite a bit.
And we send information to different people.
And I'm kind of an activist.
I talk to our representatives and things.
And we weren't able to pull up your website last
It was like at the end of September, and it went on for a week.
You were unable to get to InfoWars.com?
It had this DNS error page that would say the page cannot be displayed.
And that happened with both InfoWars and Prison Planet.
Sometimes your ISPs, and we're getting a lot of this, you need to complain to them.
The Internet service provider you're using is blocking InfoWars.
They're using filters.
There's no porn.
There's no violence.
There's no nothing.
Very family-oriented sites.
But ISPs will put us in filter lists.
Major corporations have put us in filter lists.
So you can't get to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
What you do then is you go to InfoWars.net, VirginUtah.com,
Or you go to jonesreport.com, and if that continues, switch ISPs, and that should fix the problem.
Okay, we actually had our Internet provider come over, and, you know, it wasn't on from his side.
So he came over and looked at our computer, and he did, you know, and I found out there was two other websites were being blocked, which was Dr. Horwitz and Colonel Robert's site.
Yeah, no, no, there are thousands of websites now that just post the mainstream news, the government documents, the legislation, that's what we do, and the alternative analysis.
I mean, go to the websites, folks, find out what they're so afraid of.
And we are being blocked en masse.
We know we've been put into registries, and we're being blocked.
So when some conservative thinks they're buying a filtering software or their ISP says they're filtering, that's not true.
You can get all the porn, you can get all the gambling, you can get all the hacker stuff, but you can't get good, decent websites that tell the truth.
Well, he did actually change our IP number, and everything came up instantly.
So he was going to...
We're good to go.
Several million individual users to InfoWars.com alone.
We got about half that traffic to Prison Planet, and it's only a year old.
So they better worry, because we're crushing them.
We're deprogramming America.
Wow, well, I thought that was really interesting.
So you think it's AT&T?
Well, I don't know about them particularly, but you just said the guy came and said it was blocked by the ISP.
Yes, yes.
So, quote, your Internet provider isn't your provider.
He's buying time from them.
That's exactly what I said it was.
I've had top consultants look at this.
We know our names are in the registries.
Wow, I think that's really interesting.
Well, keep up the good work, Alex.
I enjoy your show and love to hear you.
You know what you need to do?
Well, thank you.
Call your local AM and FM affiliates in the area, because you obviously don't have one.
Find a mom and pop station.
Get them to carry the show on the AM or FM, and tell them about GCNlive.com that I think has a phone number and stuff for our affiliate relations.
It's extension 115, but the phone number for the network's right there.
Point them to that website.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Coming up here in just a few minutes, we're going to go to Angel Sumaya, founder and editor in the head of Keepin' Bare Arms.com, an amazing website, the premier Second Amendment site.
I'll just say that here right now.
Before we go to Angel and the NRA admitting that they want your guns, which we've already known for years, people are finally starting to figure this out, the globalists are able to control us through their Trojan horses, whether it's Rush Limbaugh, George Bush, or the NRA.
Look at their actions, not their rhetoric.
Before we go to Angel, he's a little angel, by the way, for the Second Amendment.
Before we do that, if you really want to fight the globalists, if you want to unlock minds, if you want to sabotage their propaganda, we have a secret weapon called the truth.
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Again, 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704, or prisonplanet.com or infowars.com online, or 888-253-3139.
Don't wait.
Get the videos now, folks.
We have a chance to wake people up and deprogram them.
We've got to circumnavigate the mainstream media.
We have the story on Infowars.com, top story right now.
NRA attorney, your honor, we are here wanting to register handguns.
NRA attorney Stephen Holbrook appears not only unprepared to effectively argue the Second Amendment case, but ready to give up the farm to register handguns and call it reasonable.
When he gets his day in court, read the transcript of Mr. Holbrook's oral arguments from court just last week.
And then they have a link to keep him bare-armed, so do we on Infowars.com.
Alex, it's good to be here.
Good to be with you again.
Some of us have beat around the bush for years.
I know I did a few years ago about the NRA.
I'm sure at the top they're government globalist controllers.
Tell us about yourself, keep and bear arms, what we're facing, and this Fabian socialist model of the inchworm effect of incrementalism with the NRA.
Well, about myself, I'm a gun rights activist.
I've been busy focusing solely on gun rights for years now.
Keepandbeararms.com is the gun owner's home page.
We tell the truth.
We cover things that are unpopular to cover.
We're currently fighting a Second Amendment court case that's being considered for a hearing in the Supreme Court.
The case most likely to be heard right now on the Second Amendment in the Supreme Court is one that we are the sole entity funding at this time.
So about this NRA situation, the NRA filed a case called Seegers v. Ashcroft.
They filed it a few months ago, and they filed it in the D.C.
District Court, and they got their day in court last week, October 8th.
I think so.
When you read their actual complaint, it's obvious that their goal is to register handguns.
Yeah, so for those that don't know, what they do is they come in, they take over cases, and then they create bad precedents, losing ground, and then call it a victory.
They're saying, oh, we're saying you can register guns.
We're saying you can't leave the home.
We just want citizens to be able to have registered guns only in the home.
And they say that word for word.
I mean, that is amazing.
We have the power with the NRA, and they wanted to repeal all these laws.
Well, you would think so.
You know, NRA has been around since the 1870s, and yet they've never brought one Second Amendment case and taken it all the way to the Supreme Court.
When they saw the writing on the wall that our case that we're backing, Silvera v. Lockyer...
And another case that the Cato Institute filed called Parker v. District of Columbia.
When they saw that either one or both of these cases was likely to get to the Supreme Court, they hurried up and filed a case in the District of Columbia to challenge their handgun ban.
And they tried to take over the Cato case.
And what came out of that was the fact that Stephen Hallbrook, who is their attorney in the District of Columbia...
It's a classic tactic to go in as an enemy and combatant of the New World Order and blow out cases and create bad case law.
Yes, and it looks like that's exactly what they're doing.
So we've got all of the transcripts.
Angel, let me just go over this for folks.
Will you please read part of the transcript that you have posted on the main page?
Will you please read that to folks?
I'd be happy to.
The court says to NRA attorney Stephen Holbrook, the court says the government can put restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.
Mr. Holbrook says, Your Honor, we're not here wanting to cancel that.
Your Honor, we are here wanting to register handguns.
We're not here wanting unrestricted access.
We're not here asking to carry them other than in the home.
The court says, you're saying that the government can impose reasonable restrictions?
As if that would be reasonable.
Mr. Hallbrook says, yes, your honor.
Yes, your honor.
And then you have a larger section of the transcript, and as you point out, it gets even worse.
There were several areas of simple law that Mr. Holbrook could have argued with questions.
Well, it does.
It seems like they had a judge in the case that was amenable to the arguments one would expect to be put forth by the National Rifle Association.
Yeah, creating bad case law.
So let's...
Let's look at what... This is the New York model.
50 years ago, shooting clubs, everybody had guns, low crime rate.
They say, hey, we just want you to come pay a fee, register with us so you're not a criminal.
And then they, 20 years after that, just stop offering the classes and stop giving people the concealed carry.
Maybe if you give $20,000 to a local politician's campaign, they win.
They might tell the sheriff to issue one.
If you're Robert De Niro or Al Pacino or some famous person...
And so they take a right, turn it into a privilege, and then stop issuing the privilege.
That's the NRA's defense.
That's the argument of Handgun Control Incorporated.
It indeed is.
And New York is a great case.
In New York, they had the Sullivan Law that came out in 1912, and it started out where their permit was $1.
And there's been articles in the New York Post how most of them are known mafia chiefs, Hollywood people, gangster rappers.
Rosie O'Donnell with submachine guns.
Yeah, gangster rappers.
Yeah, isn't that lovely?
Rosie wants us to go to jail for owning a gun, but her bodyguard has one.
She told wives and girlfriends, take your husband's gun, throw it in the trash.
That's criminal.
Well, I'd love to see someone that actually takes the advice of a Rosie O'Donnell, applies it, is harmed from it, and sues her and her type of people.
One of her bodyguards have Uzis, Angel.
Isn't that something?
They can have Uzis, but the common man... There have been two cases this past year where people in New York City were unable to register their gun.
They kept it anyway.
There was the black naval veteran, highly decorated.
They're attacking his wife.
He fends them off and they arrest him.
It was even worse than that.
He shot the guy in his child's bedroom.
They prosecuted him.
They finally convinced him to plead to a misdemeanor.
Still have his firearm.
He's still not allowed to protect himself in New York City.
And that's the kind of precedent that this Parker's case has the potential to create.
Now, the National Rifle Association released, as a result of our article yesterday, Stephen Holbrook released a response in which he says that this is a good thing that they're doing and that they can come back and fight the constitutionality of firearm registration later.
So they want to block your Supreme Court case.
They try to take over the Cato Institute case that you go to the Supreme Court.
And this is exactly, folks that just tuned in, this is exactly what the anti-gunners say.
It's just give us registration, just be reasonable, and then now the NRA is saying that.
This is incredible.
It's interesting the way they're couching it, too.
Since we released our report yesterday, Mr. Hallbrooks is praising his strategy of going in there asking questions
Under a Second Amendment argument for gun registration, the implication of which is that gun registration doesn't cross the Second Amendment, which is absurd.
And the way they're couching it is saying that the strategy they're employing in this DC case is similar to that used by the NAACP in the decades leading up to the Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954.
But the truth is, I don't remember the NAACP saying, we support your honor, we want to register black people, and that does not infringe their inalienable rights.
And we only want to make them have their rights in their house.
They can only be black people in their home if they're registered.
They can't leave without putting whiteface on.
Yeah, so that's just absurd.
And then I would add to all of this that...
Again, the NRA could have these laws reversed.
They never try to repeal anything.
They're mute on Bush saying he'll reauthorize the assault weapons ban.
Well, they have an interesting, another additional response to our report and to Hallbrook's own words, his own transcript.
It's not like we're making it up.
One of their other responses is that they have filed a bill to...
To repeal the handgun ban in D.C.
Of course, that's a bill that's not going to get traction.
But for plausible deniability, they got one of their lapdogs in Congress to file for a repeal of that handgun ban and that that repeal bill does not include registration.
Now, their legislative head that we got fired last year was a known gun grabber.
He wanted $47 million to team up with the Nature Conservancy Sierra Club.
They went after land rights groups, tried to have a fight.
We won the fight.
They removed him.
But the NRA, and you've studied this more than I have, but I've studied it, is infested with these people.
How do we stop them?
I mean, is the NRA just totally gone?
Well, that's a matter of opinion.
My opinion is that I'm certainly not going to try to change it from the inside.
Neal Knox and several other people that were high up in the NRA actually attempted to overtake it and install more patriotic individuals that would stop calling for enforcement of laws and start calling for repeal.
I need to get Neil Knox back on.
I had him on a few years ago.
He's a good guy.
I think the answer is to continue to educate people, to continue to open people's minds to taking a look at what the National Rifle Association is doing and start asking questions.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
In the last 24 hours, I've received dozens of communications from NRA Life members who are furious.
And every time we write some additional report showing another facet of how the NRA is doing Sarah Brady's work, we get more people who are frustrated and they're writing to the NRA.
So they know that the grassroots, the commoners, we commoners are watching them.
They know we're not happy with some of the things that they're doing.
So I think the process is one of education and information dissemination, which you're doing a very good job at.
Well, it is.
I mean, it's about deprogramming these people.
And I've been on conservative talk shows and I'm going, Bush is going to reauthorize the assault weapons ban.
We get those insane comments every day.
I mean, I invested a good part of my day defending my name, my honor, my reputation, and our organization yesterday.
How dare you post the transcript saying he's for registering guns and not being able to leave your home without them?
Why are you doing the work of the enemy?
Well, if the enemy...
If the work of the enemy involves telling the truth, then I guess I'll be happy to do the work of the enemy because I'm committed to telling the truth.
Being a conservative now today means you support Stalin, and being an ultra commie means you're against Stalin and against high taxes and against open borders and pro-family.
These neocons have really conned people.
Isn't it fun living on the animal farm?
It's off the charts, Angel.
So where do we go from here?
Your case, Silvera versus the gun grabber, Attorney General of California.
Well, we're verging.
We'll know the first or second week in November whether or not they are going to grant certiorari in our case.
We've appealed it to the Supreme Court.
We've prepared the case far better than any NRA case has ever been prepared.
We've already gotten six powerful dissents.
Well, that's all part of a set piece.
You notice Ashcroft said, I support the Second Amendment
Except if prescribed by law, putting the little laws above the big law of the Second Amendment.
He hasn't actually done anything to help the Second Amendment other than issue a letter.
Stay there.
Stay there, Angel.
We'll be right back.
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The national media is putting out hit pieces on homeschoolers.
That's coming up in the third hour.
Bunch of news in your calls in the next hour.
I want to keep Angel about five minutes in the next hour if he can do it.
Got a bunch of callers here who want to talk to you, Angel.
You want to go to them?
Let's talk to Rob in Wyoming.
Rob, you're on the air with the editor and the founder of Keepin' Bare Arms.com.
Go ahead.
Hey, both of you.
How you doing, Rob?
What was the, was this brought by you guys or somebody, you know?
There's three guard cases right now that go to the Supreme Court.
The NRA is trying to get control of them and is there with this case they filed basically dropping the ball on purpose.
But throwing the contest is what I'd say, Angel.
Yeah, what Alex said.
That's the funny thing about coming on Alex's show.
I really don't have to say much.
They took a dive, basically.
What's the question?
They took a dive.
It would appear that way, and it looks worse than that to me.
When they're arguing a Second Amendment right, the standard for Second Amendment is, shall not be infringed.
And they're arguing a shall not be infringed argument against
And they're saying it's not an individual right, it's a privilege.
Yeah, exactly.
And then when it expires and you have to pay it again.
See, they're claiming proper police powers under the organic law.
That has the color, the appearance of that.
But in the meantime... Look, it's word for word.
This whole exchange with the judge and the NRA lawyer is word for word the policy and tactic of the gun grabbers.
Totally, totally.
However, you've got to realize that another thing in the Constitution is... Now, this is totally adhesion contracts.
It's definitely fraudulent.
But they're presuming that... And very few of them know this anymore.
That's what makes it so potent.
Okay, well, thanks for the call, Rob.
Comments to what he was saying, Angel?
Well, I'm not sure exactly where he was headed with the organic law.
I agree that most people don't know the depths of the depravity in which they engage in
And they're saying that they can't impose restrictions on gun ownership.
Let's talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, you're on the air.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
How are you doing today?
Hi, Ron.
This is something I have been complaining about.
Alex has heard me talk about the NRA and what it has been transmuted into, at least over the last decade.
In addition to the cases that you're discussing, which I'm familiar with, I'm familiar that the NRA took an action which in essence prevented John Ashcroft from supporting a Second Amendment position, albeit with the ulterior motives he probably had.
However, I think that was a contrivance, but they bound him
So that he could not present the position in favor of the Second Amendment, which possibly could have been useful to your action.
That's correct.
It's the same case we're talking about, the Parker v. Ashcroft case.
Mr. Ashcroft, two years ago, had said he supports the Second Amendment, that it's an individual right.
Then the NRA goes and sues him.
He has to argue against the Second Amendment.
He literally has to.
He's being sued for a violation of the Second Amendment.
He has to defend the action unless he's man enough to stipulate and concede that, you know, what they're saying.
It's total theater.
These guys are in bed together.
The contrivance, as I said, I know that it is.
In addition, I'm sure you're familiar with the legislation which is originally known as the Our Lady of Peace Act.
There is now a reincarnation of that act under another name.
The NRA has been supportive of that, the prime mover in that.
Yeah, that was in the Washington Times.
Ron, let me get a comment from Angel on that.
Yeah, Ron, I wrote an article a few days ago and cited multiple leaders of non-NRA gun rights organizations.
We got a break.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're now 30 seconds into the second hour of this global transmission against tyranny.
We've got Angel Shamaya, founder and editor of Keepin' Bare Arms.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
My website's InfoWars.com.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The, quote, strengthening the national instant check background system, which will go after people that have any mental adjudication or anybody who's ever had a misdemeanor, a gun registration plan.
Chuckie Schumer and the NRA together on stage.
They have photos of that on the website.
We've got links to it on Infowars.com.
Angel continuing with this traitorous activity of the NRA.
Well, where do you begin?
The National Rifle Association Supportive Gun Control, we've got one of their former executive vice presidents saying that they've been in support of workable, enforceable gun control since their inception in 1871.
That's at keepingbeararms.com slash NRA.
So, you know, it's not like this is some kind of a new phenomenon, but NRA is a multi-million dollar powerful marketing machine.
Billion dollar?
Well, billion, yeah.
They're doing $200 million, $300 million a year.
I haven't looked at their numbers most recently, but they're in the hundreds of millions annually.
They've raised billions of dollars as defenders of the Second Amendment.
Well, I've got the numbers here.
It's over a billion dollars in the last 15 years.
Oh, it's well over that.
Yeah, it's way over that.
I'd say it's more than twice that.
I'd have to get down and actually do the math.
But even a rough estimate says it's more than twice that.
And they've got 5.5 million members who should be calling for repealing unconstitutional gun laws.
We've got the evidence of what gun control does.
We know it's bad for society.
They know it, too.
It's about enslavement.
Well, the scary part about it is that NRA's appeasement strategy is...
Because they have such a large reach, they actually are convincing quote-unquote sportsmen to turn against patriots.
No, I've heard them.
I've been on the shows.
You've gotten the emails and calls where you've got to go ahead and have some compromise, you liberal!
Well, the difference between compromise and appeasement is vast, and we saw what the Brits appeasing Adolf Hitler turned into.
You cannot appease people who want to put you in prison for running fire.
But they don't give up a foot, and we give up a foot.
We're always going towards the cliff.
They're always pushing.
To me, a compromise means we get something in return.
Ron, finish up real quick.
What I was going to say is that, you know, with reference to some of these matters, because I've been a member of that organization for about 28 years and a life member for about 10, I have called up and have reached some pretty high levels.
And I could tell you when you ask them things about why they support the Our Lady of Peace Act, there really are not any appropriate answers or what I consider responsive answers forthcoming.
My guess is this.
This is what I think it's boiled down to.
We have had a group of people who have seized the gates of the NRA over about the last 10 years, and the people at work at mid-level there are more interested in being able to rub elbows.
With the, I guess what they consider the rich and famous or political elite.
And they don't want to disturb that comfortable relationship.
It's more than that.
It's actively trying to remove the Second Amendment and pacify the mass.
Thanks for the call, Ron.
Angel on keepingbeararms.com slash NRA's got the dirt on them.
We've got some of your stories at infowars.com as well.
Closing comments.
Closing comments, we like the NRA's membership.
They're some of the salt of the earth people.
We're just concerned with some of the directions the management is taking, the National Rifle Association, and we just ask people to get educated rather than judge us for telling the truth and using their own words to expose what they're doing.
Absolutely, Angel.
I hope we can have you back up in the future and continue to use your website as an incredible source of data and analysis.
It's good to hear you again.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Take care.
We'll be back with a bunch of calls and a bunch of other news items and then another guest trying to shut down homeschooling now, too.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, it sounds unbelievable.
Even when I say it, when it comes out of my mouth, I have trouble believing it.
You just heard Angel Shamaya from Keeping Bare Arms.
It was a great job.
Post all the facts right there on their site.
Where the NRA is saying in court that they believe the Second Amendment is not a right, they believe that it's a privilege, that they believe that all your handguns should be registered and you shouldn't be allowed to leave your house with them.
That's what Handgun Control Incorporated wants.
And they went and tried to take over the Cato Institute case.
You heard Angel Shamaya talk about how the Cato lawyers said that.
They tried to block...
We're good to go.
Under 21 from touching a handgun, even with their parents.
With a band, Junior Olympics, Olympic shooters.
A lot of them are 18, 20 years old.
I mean, that was in the newspaper.
Dallas Morning News.
These people are sinister!
Up there with Chuckie Schumer supporting this new Arlenia peace act to go after people that have misdemeanors, won't be able to own guns, a national registry.
They support it.
The Washington Times reports.
The NRA admits.
You hear all the life members calling yesterday, calling today, and yeah, yeah, yeah, it's true.
And it's unbelievable.
What's unbelievable is I've been on probably ten different shows.
It's the vast minority of the thousand plus I've done.
But I'll be on in South Texas, Louisiana, Florida, you know, conservative areas.
And the host will go, I'll tell you, you liberals have gotten slick attacking Bush saying he's anti-gun.
You're just doing that to erode our base.
We've got to compromise a little.
Folks, I've been called a liberal because I'm against gun registration.
You heard Angel.
It's happened to him, folks, yesterday.
How dare you attack the NRA?
You're with the enemy.
No, the NRA is the enemy with the enemy.
You know, this is about the most powerful, most wealthy population armed and free being disarmed by the global elite.
You don't think they haven't infiltrated the major gun group?
I mean, how naive are you out there?
I'd love to hear from those people who've called into those shows and those talk show hosts.
I ought to have those idiots on.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't call you that.
I'd like to hear how I'm a liberal.
I mean, I'm sick of it.
I'm tired of getting emails how I'm a liberal because I won't compromise on the Second Amendment.
You people are just mentally ill.
There's got to be something wrong with you that you think I'm bad because I'm pro-gun.
What is your major malfunction?
What happened to you?
You listen to these ninnies, these Limbaughs and Hannities and the rest of them, who sit there and tell you how good the Republicans are and how they're fighting the evil Democrats.
They are the Democrats.
And the Democrats are Republicans.
They're all together.
Look at the actions, not the rhetoric.
They're coming up.
It makes me sick.
citizens ordered to leave Gaza.
issues new terror attack warning.
Sharon, Libya could be the first Arab country with the nukes.
They want to go ahead and nuke them.
The British government's hinting at military action against Iran, preemptive.
China just shot a couple guys into space.
Security Council set to vote on new U.S.
We're going to get into some more of the surveillance systems they're starting to put in.
We're going to get into judge orders, reporters who reveal their sources.
We're going to get into the Associated Press manipulating news stories and...
More on hundreds of newspapers that got fake letters with fake signatures from the troops.
The troops didn't sign them, folks.
Now they try to claim, oh, the troops did sign the letters.
Turns out that's a lie, too.
The fake letters in the papers around the country.
And CBS warns of homeschoolers' dark side.
I'm going to read part of this article before I have the guest on the next hour.
And just so much more, folks.
So much more.
Right now, let me give you the toll-free number.
Do you want to comment on the Second Amendment situation?
Do you want to comment on how we're all communists now because we're against restricting the Second Amendment?
I'm not joking.
This is what we're being called.
The NRA has put out emails and other stuff attacking the Paragon Foundation because they don't want the NRA joining forces with the Nature Conservancy and land grabbing.
I mean, they're there to help the globalists, to co-opt you.
You know, Judas Iscariot was a disciple of Jesus Christ, and he stabbed him in the back.
So do you understand what spies and Benedict Arnold was one of the greatest American generals, and then he turned at a key point?
You understand that?
Do you understand that?
Do you?
I'm not trying to be preachy here.
What do you think of this?
Do you get this?
What do you want to say to those that think it's communistic to be pro-gun and conservative to love Stalin?
I'm not joking!
1-800-259-9231 1-800-259-9231 I mean, it's basically that bad now.
Now, for the next five minutes, we're going to talk to Debbie Marr, and she's there at New Millennium Concepts with some more special deals for you.
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Debbie, thank you for coming on the show.
I have to tell you, listening to you for the last few minutes makes me take a deep breath, you know?
Hi, Alex.
I have to comment on it really quick because, you know, I homeschool my son, my teenage son, and I won't even go into the gun thing.
And, you know, I want you to know, Alex, I'm here to talk about the water filters and we save our water and we've got it so that I'm here to help everybody.
Be able to have a healthy source of water, but I'm so glad you're doing what you're doing, too.
And I just wanted to say that real quick.
You guys are great Christian folks, and Jim, and of course all the staff, yourself.
Well, absolutely.
I've met all of you, and you're just wonderful folks, and you're aware of the New World Order, and you're about folks taking control of their lives.
And have you seen the Dan Rather pieces saying they want to basically ban homeschooling?
Well, you know, I haven't because I'm so busy helping all of your people, your listeners, that I don't get a whole lot of time to get into a lot of the issues.
Well, I don't watch TV.
I'm just reading the text of what Dan Rather had to say.
Yeah, I don't know.
But, you know, I started homeschooling Sam when he finished ninth grade.
I got tired of telling him to go to school and not believe anything they told him, just answer the questions.
And so we started homeschooling him, and we found a really good correspondence high school, very good correspondence school, and it was the best thing we ever did.
He's fixing to graduate in about another month or so.
And he will actually get a high school diploma, won't have to go get a GED, and yet he did not get all the garbage that they teach in the public schools.
And he is a different child.
By the way, most schools now, by the eighth grade, have the children, quote, writing journals.
They're told, your parents will never see this.
Write your journal.
Tell us all about it.
This has been in the news.
And now they do it on computer, and that goes into a database.
Talk about Orwellian.
That's right out of 1984.
I know, I know.
I mean, we used to go through that with him, and, you know, it was just amazing.
Turning your children against you.
Yep, yep, that's it.
And he's a different child now.
Happy, healthy, you know.
Not angry, worked hard, you know.
It was a tremendous... I wish my parents wouldn't have sent me to public school.
I mean, at the time, I guess I was having some fun, but overall, it was horrible.
And the stuff they were teaching then, this was decades ago, was just out of control.
And now the stuff they're doing, I mean, cameras in the 12-year-old girls' showers in Tennessee.
Yeah, unbelievable.
It is.
Debbie, you've got a couple different specials there for folks.
Tell them about it right now.
I do.
I have two October specials.
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Very important.
Everything, yes.
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That simple.
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That's right.
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That's right.
You know, I'm sure that our...
What else do they get?
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Thanks, Debbie.
We'll be back.
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Folks, we kind of got cramped for time there going into that segment because I was being long-winded about the Second Amendment and then she was talking about homeschooling.
Debbie was.
She's a great lady.
You need to give her a call, folks.
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Okay, we've got loaded phones here.
Let's go to Tony.
Tony, where are you calling us from?
Yeah, I'm calling from the Gestapo capital of the nation, Colorado Springs.
Oh, where you had the Naito takeover drill last week.
Right, exactly.
I wanted to talk a little bit about the Second Amendment.
This state here is, from what I understand, one of the worst.
This is a state where you can actually lose your right to have a firearm just for having an argument with your wife.
Well, it's like that all over the country now.
No one need even be hurt or be touched.
Screaming at someone can get you... Exactly.
Yeah, and you go into certain cities like Denver and the police are just vehemently anti-freedom.
And it's horrible, yes.
It's terrible here.
I mean, even your workplace has become militaristic.
I mean, you see people that are in the reserves getting promotions and getting ahead.
Everywhere you go in the workforce here, there's cameras even in the workforce...
Mandatory urine tests, all kinds of things.
It's just terrible.
Right here in Austin, we have the Army drug testing people at private companies.
They just do free service of the Pentagon, and they want to get your bodily fluids.
Well, sir, I just wanted to thank you for what you're doing, and hopefully you might come down this way sometime.
Well, thank you, sir.
You know, over the weekend we posted a whole NATO takeover section, and last Friday we posted a bunch of news about it.
I've gotten calls on and off air going, well, I live outside Colorado Springs.
I didn't see a thing.
I didn't even know NATO was here.
The papers admit they made people evacuate out of their homes downtown.
The papers admit they took over the football stadium.
The papers admit electrical problems.
Sir, what did you hear about, or what did you see?
Well, I was at the site itself, and I had my cell phone go off.
I had a walkie-talkie go off.
You saw people standing up in trees.
They were perched up in trees and all kinds of things.
What about troops running checkpoints off base?
That was in the paper.
Yes, that did happen.
They actually took control of a section of the interstate.
But, again, people are still in denial when it's in the local paper.
Well, you've got to understand, this is a highly concentrated military town, and the people that are not actually in the military are a good portion of them are retirees, and they have a certain mentality.
Well, I would just say this.
I mean, we took 20 calls on this subject Friday, and every one of them saw what you're saying and were against it.
But, you know, the foreign troops taking over, controlling it, the paper said they were in control.
NATO was.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization over NORTHCOM, our military command in this shadow government system.
And that's who runs the shadow government is NORTHCOM right out of Shriver Air Force Base.
But, I mean, it's like this every time we have urban warfare takeover drills.
People are still in denial.
But I tell you this, the National Guard troops, the regular troops I talk to in Austin, they're all awake.
They're all concerned.
Well, there's concern here amongst the troops, too.
But, like, they've got everybody pretty much in check.
One of the topics I wanted to bring up was about the NIH.
Yeah, it's a giant cash machine, and...
I have friends who...
And then CPS gets involved and all the rest of this.
And the government doesn't want to help you.
They're five times more likely to abuse you and your family and your children.
Stop calling them, people.
Stop being idiots.
I know so many women that are like, I'm so sorry I ever called them.
It's cost us $20,000 in lawyer bills.
The whole DV thing is just like the gun issue.
We already have existing laws for those type of things.
Thanks for the call.
Zero gun laws.
Because criminals aren't going to follow the law, folks.
Yeah, it's common sense.
Two plus two equals four.
I'll continue to commit the crime.
Two plus two equals four.
I am a conservative.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, folks.
Julie and John and John and David and others, you're up next.
First, let's go to Michael, though, in Rhode Island.
He's on a cell phone.
Go ahead, Michael.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
How are you doing?
It's Michael again from Coventry, Rhode Island.
Yes, a great affiliate up there.
Yes, I just wanted to let you know how the meeting at the Providence City Hall went last Tuesday.
Oh, against the Patriot Act.
Every day there's new cities that pass it, now well over 400.
I don't even cover it anymore, but reinstituting the Bill of Rights, a radical idea.
Yes, it is.
There was at least 100 people that showed up there in support against the USA Patriot Act, and about 30 people spoke.
And WARL broadcasted live there for like a good hour and a half.
Did any government studios speak for the Patriot Act?
Nobody at all.
Nobody at all.
Very encouraging.
It was very powerful.
Well, I'm tired of people getting up at these things.
You'll have one guy out of a hundred, and I'm serious when I say that, who's there for the Patriot Act, and he goes, I think we're forgetting this is all over the country.
I see duplicate articles.
These are generally, we find out, government employees.
It's off a script.
I'm sick and tired of the people died, and you're part of the murder of those 3,000, when it's the government that was behind it, and they're there using the death of these people to destroy the Bill of Rights.
You didn't have one of those stooges there, I guess, going, you're for the murder of 3,000 people!
No, we did not.
Not at all.
It was a very good...
There should have been like 50,000 people there, like one person said, but of course everything's suppressed and nobody knows about it.
But 100 compared to any other issue, I bet on other issues they don't have 100 people.
I'll bet you that was the first time that they ever had that.
I know this.
They had 200 people, 300 people, 100 people at different meetings to get rid of the Patriot Act in Austin, and that is record levels for Austin.
Well, that's...
Well, Providence is a little small in Austin, but I see a movement starting to grow, and I talked to the promotion director of WARL, and I might be getting into talk radio myself, Alex, spreading the word.
Well, it's a fabulous affiliate.
All of our affiliates are just absolutely wonderful.
Everyone should lavish their sponsors and call all the sponsors and local stations and thank them and commend all of our amazing affiliates from Kansas City to Austin, Texas to Pensacola, Florida to Denver, Colorado and whether it's the American Freedom Network or whether it's 1260 AM in Austin, no matter who it is, they're awesome.
Yeah, and I heard that we may be
I want to travel more.
I want to go to Arkansas.
I want to go to Rhode Island.
I want to go to a lot of places, but not quite yet.
I'm finishing a new film right now.
We're going to drop some more support anyway to get things going.
We're going to stop by showing your documentary films at the Patriot Theater in East Providence like once a month.
We're going to stop doing that shortly.
The Patriot Theater?
Yep, in East Providence.
How many people does that seat?
I believe it's like 500.
Yeah, well, we sell out theaters in Austin and Houston, so... Oh, yeah.
Rhode Island was the first state to declare its independence, and I'm going to do everything I can do to declare its independence from the USA Patriot Act.
Well, absolutely.
Well, thanks for the call, sir.
Good to hear from you, Michael.
Julie in Rhode Island on the same great affiliate.
Go ahead, Julie.
Can you hear me?
Loud and clear.
I had to stay in one spot because I'm on a cell phone, and my cell phone's really bad.
Anyway, I wanted to speak a little bit on the Second Amendment, and I watched Bullying for Columbine recently.
Total propaganda.
Well, what I wanted to say about that was that I realized from watching it in Michael Moore's interview with Charlton Heston, and Charlton Heston acting like such an ass, that the NRA is, you know...
They're basically puppets of the government.
Well, let me stop you for just a second.
And I'm not mad at you, Julie.
We have a lot.
This show is curriculum for thousands of homeschoolers.
So we have to be at the highest standard.
Please, let's not use any even soft language here.
Just please.
I'm not mad at you.
Now, Bowling for Columbine, very sophisticated film.
Very well done.
But you have to understand, when he was talking to Heston, who's such a nice guy, I want to say this.
Such a nice guy.
We've interviewed him.
That Moore came to his door and he just said, yeah, I'll talk to you.
I mean, you don't see that in Hollywood with small stars, much less big ones.
And Heston is a total puppet.
He's always mean well.
He's been used, even when he was for the 68 Gun Control Act.
He's a useful dupe.
I don't want to say idiot, as Lennon said.
But, but, but, but, he was totally senile when he interviewed him.
His mind was gone.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, what I was going to say is I think that the NRA came to Columbine after the shootings and everything on purpose just to offend people.
And I think that was done on purpose.
One thing I got from the movie was the point that Michael Moore was trying to make, because I am pro-Second Amendment.
I just want to make that clear.
And my husband and I watched it because we were curious about what this anti-gun movie was about.
And I didn't think it was anti-gun at all.
I thought that it was, wake up, America, quit being so fearful and angry and
Let me stop you, and I want you to make your point, because it's a good point.
It's the soft sell.
It's Delphi technique.
The film is the highest grade of mind control.
To take your righteous indignation, to take your anger, to take your revolutionary fervor,
And go, why are we so violent?
The question Moore had is, and it's a legitimate one, why are we so violent?
And then, oh, why can't we have some reasonable gun control, which is a soft sell.
You understand?
It's very sophisticated.
I saw it and was being convinced by it, but that I understand the deeper parameters and interlocking psychological mechanisms.
Yeah, I understand that too.
I'm a student of psychology as well.
But I...
I want you to speak on this after I hang up, okay?
Okay, I'll shut up.
Go ahead.
No, I'm going to hang up, and I'm going to let you speak on it.
I'm going to listen to what you have to say.
What you got from the film?
Finish your point.
All right, what I got from the film, and what I think is that the patriot movement...
It has a lot of people in it that are angry about immigrants and their bigots.
I had a guy I heard on the radio on WARL call in and say that he wanted an all-white America, and this is just playing into the globalist's hands.
This is what they want.
They want us divided, and they want to conquer us.
So I'm going to hang up now.
Thank you for the call, and you made some great points.
You say you want me to comment on it.
You said a lot there in a short time.
What you have is the Nazi organizations in England, Germany, and the U.S.
are all publicly funded by MI5, MI6, German intelligence, the FBI, the BATF, the CIA.
So are the black Muslims, the Khalid Mohammeds.
So are the Laraza, which means the race, and the Mecha groups.
And so what they do is they bring in a big diverse population, and then instead of having people get along together, they create multiculturalism, which is actually reverse racism by the so-called minorities that are really the global majority.
But they're allowed to be racial.
They're allowed to be hateful.
They're allowed to be racist.
Whites see that.
So yes, but...
When I go to a Texas Independence Day rally and I'm up there with black people and Hispanics and whites and Asians, you know, for Texas Independence five years ago, and people come in in Aztec headdresses and communist red flags and run up and grab the cake and start eating it and vomiting it and try to shove me and try to start a fight, and then the newspaper runs a photo of me like I was doing something.
You know, with an ugly look on my face right after a black guy basically shoved me and grabbed the microphone out of my hands.
Am I going to hate black people because that guy was a racist?
Am I going to hate Hispanics or Mexicans because a bunch of them are racist?
Because I know who funded that.
The bankers, the Ford Foundation, publicly...
Funded billions of dollars for textbooks and comic books, for La Reconquista, at the southwest from Texas into Oregon, and all points between, belongs to Mexico.
I mean, it's a joke.
It belongs to anybody.
It's not true.
It belongs to the Native Americans.
And so, yes, what you're saying is true.
That's going on.
So that now that it's all racial and balkanized, when I point out the racism, the tribalism of Khalid Muhammad, who says kill all white people, including white babies.
And when I say, when I point out the race, La Raza and Mecha is racist, automatically, oh, you must be racist.
No, I'll speak out against the Klan.
I'll speak out against Mecha, La Raza, and Khalid Muhammad.
And I will successfully have black people and white people and Hispanics and Asians run up and shake my hand and say they totally understand death in the world order.
They're going out to buy guns.
They understand who the real enemy is.
I'm able to deprogram people en masse, Julie, because I won't play that game.
I will criticize Israel because it has a corrupt government controlled by the Bilderberg Group as a puppet system.
I will criticize Iran because it's corrupt and is run by evil people.
I can see the wickedness in high places, the powerful principalities.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Who then has a meatpacking job and he loses his job.
And as he's leaving, his Mexican supervisor says something racist to him.
Well, I'm not going to hate Mexicans because they've said racist stuff to me.
I have to speak a little bit of Spanish.
My wife speaks fluent Spanish and French and a bunch of other languages because she grew up in Europe.
Her dad was a diplomat.
For the Agriculture Department.
And, you know, we hear the racist comments by Mexicans all the time thinking we can't understand them.
Am I going to hate them because of that?
I see the programming.
But don't call me a racist because I see that you're a racist.
And don't sit there and have your racist comments about whites and then think it's okay because you're an oppressed people.
You're being controlled by a bunch of psychological warfare chiefs at the Pentagon.
Your whole liberation theology is meant to turn America into a third world dictatorship like Mexico.
And you won't have anywhere to run.
But don't worry, you'll have your stupid racial pride.
And by the way, what is your racial pride?
What is it?
I mean, I read the stuff out of Mexico.
It's totally anti-Indian.
But most of you are more Indian than you are Spanish.
But I read your racist trash about Indians.
I'm sick of it.
So, I mean, that's the bottom line here, folks, is I will not descend into all of this.
I will not be part of it.
I will not join MEChA or the Klan or the new Black Panther Party.
I will not be part of your federal operations.
And I'll get up here and say when Mossad says it will kill American citizens with no warrants, juries, or nothing, that's wrong.
And if the ADL attacks me for it, so be it.
You know, the Simon Wiesenthal Center is out endorsing no Nazis.
Shame on you.
We stand against your Nazism of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Let's go ahead and take calls.
Let's talk to John in Kansas.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for taking my call.
A point of information for your listeners.
Wichita, Kansas.
I left to go grocery shopping at 10.45 Central Standard Time.
I got back at 11.45 Central Standard Time.
My eyes are watering.
My nose is running.
I can hardly breathe.
I'm extremely fatigued.
I get out of my car.
I look up in the sky.
They are bombarding us like roaches in broad daylight with chemtrails.
And if you don't believe me, ask anybody in Wichita.
Well, look, I mean, they had biological testing.
It's going on year-long in Oklahoma with, quote, thousands of tons, excuse me, hundreds of tons of bacteria.
They claim only hurt the old, the young, and the infirm.
They've done biological testing all over Kansas and Missouri two years ago.
I wonder why we see condensation trails at 2,000 feet now in the summer in Austin.
Never saw that before.
And a jet right next to it not leaving a trail.
I don't know what's going on either, sir.
Well, you should see this, Alex.
I'm telling you, if you don't believe me, call... If you've got friends in Wichita... No, sir, I know.
It goes on here, too.
All right.
Point of information, and I hope everybody...
Get the message and keep up the good work, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you for the call.
Appreciate it.
You're welcome.
You bet, sir.
Yeah, they're doing a lot of different stuff.
There's over, what, 13,000 admitted high-altitude tests of chemicals, biologicals, radiologicals since the 1940s.
This is a government that would let black men die of syphilis and spread it over 50 years.
Let's talk to John in Tennessee.
John, you're on the air.
Michael Moore wants to run for NRA president, and he's a lifetime member.
Which I think is very interesting if he's trying to subvert everything.
Well, it's already subverted, but yeah, he'd be a nice addendum to things.
So the NRA stands for National Rifle Association, not National Gun Association, Shotgun Association, or Pistol Association.
Seems kind of their whole name gives it away.
Mr. Brady was allegedly shot by John Hinckley Jr.
Hinckley Sr.
was a high-level CIA agent.
Having dinner the night before with George W. Herbert Walker Bushy
Yeah, actually it was Neil, it was the brother of Hinckley having dinner with... Bush Sr.
was there too.
Oh, that's very interesting.
Yeah, he became president eight years early, thanks to John Hinckley, who's now apparently being let out of jail.
Yeah, he gets to go home every week and about to be totally released.
And also, I've been trying to find news on TV about the Chiavo murder case, which is she's being murdered today down in Florida.
Yeah, that was coming up.
That's actually next in the stack of stuff, as they say.
And we've had her family on.
We've had her lawyer on.
And they are pulling the tube today, and she'll probably be dead within three or four days, maybe a little bit longer.
And she's talking, her eyes are open, the video's out.
She's never been given in ten years any physical therapy, and foul play has been in the evidence shows involved.
What I find most disturbing is when it finally came on, they're showing protesters outside the hospice.
Those people should not be holding signs, they should be holding guns.
Well, I don't agree with that.
I think that it would have been wrong to go into a Nazi death camp and stop murder of Jews.
I think it was wrong that George Washington fought against the British.
And how dare you say, no, no, look, look, it was wrong that the police went in with guns against Jeffrey Dahmer.
Well, in the Battle of Athens, Tennessee, there were 100 World War II vets who opened fire on the sheriff in the jail until the sheriff surrendered all the stolen ballot boxes.
So it seems to me that this is a little more important.
And that was wrong.
People standing up against election fraud is wrong.
It was wrong when those young protesters went out and stood in front of tanks.
It's good that they ran over them with tanks and killed them in Tiananmen Square.
That's conservatism.
Stalin is conservatism.
Gun control is conservatism.
Standing up is evil.
Well, it's like old...
The guy from Russia who wrote, who got the Nobel Prize.
Alexander Shultz needs a well-known terrorist.
Yeah, he said, you know, we should have just, instead of going quietly into the dark night, we should have, you know, jumped the police when they came in the front door.
And, you know, how dare him talk about going after people in black ski masks, dragging families away to slave camps.
They were doing what was needed for homeland security.
Well, it's motherland security in Russia.
Okay, buddy.
And I'm sick of this.
If the government wants to kill a woman begging for water, let them.
It's a loving thing to do.
And how dare you say someone should save her?
Americans, are you fed up with Big Brother watching you like a hawk?
Have you ever asked yourself why you're being tracked, categorized, numbered, classified, registered and licensed by the government?
Would you like to make your assets vanish before the eyes of those who want to grab them but still have them safe and sound?
How about operating a business in a way that makes earnings tax-exempt?
Maybe you'd like to be lawsuit-proof.
Well, there is a way.
And it protects your stuff from greedy lawyers, grasping relatives, and the government, especially the IRS.
It's a unique instrument valid everywhere in the world where the right to contract is accepted, which has protected Americans for over 230 years and is specifically guaranteed by the U.S.
You don't have to go offshore to do it, either.
This is safe, secure, and domestic.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We have incrementally been trained to where we can't even recognize evil anymore.
And of course I was being sarcastic about Alexander Solzhenitsyn being bad, about the protesters, the demonstrators, the brave people with Tiananmen Square.
Or, you know, saying that it wouldn't be right to fight Nazis because they're the ordained government of God, that Romans 13 twisting that the 501c3 churches teach.
It's a fraud and a lie, take it out of context.
You know, history is replete with people standing up to tyranny.
It's the only reason we have any liberty.
And it's just horrible what I see happening.
And I'm going to talk about the Skievo case.
I've got that article published.
I think?
We're good to go.
From the Associated Press, Florida court, comatose woman's tube can go.
An appeals court on Tuesday refused to block the removal of a severely brain-damaged woman's feeding tube, one of the last hopes her parents had for keeping her alive.
The state court in Lakefield rejected motions by an attorney for the parents of Terry Schiavo Schindler, who is scheduled to have the feeding tube removed Wednesday at her husband's request.
Schiavo, 39, is expected to die within two weeks after the tube is removed.
She might die in three days or ten days or fourteen days.
Very painful, by the way.
She's been in a vegetative state since suffering a heart attack in 1990.
Totally not true, folks.
There's Betty over, blinking her eyes, talking, mumbling stuff, begging for food.
And we've had the doctors and the lawyers and the family on, and I'm just so sad.
So painful.
But we've got Wesley Smith, Wall Street Journal writer, coming on.
He'll list hundreds of names of people that are wheeling themselves in their wheelchairs.
Who are talking and who are murdered by the government.
So this is all you yuppies that are for right to die.
That means the state has the right to kill you.
You think you can kill 45 million babies and not have it come back on you, folks?
It's going to come back on you, yuppies.
We're going to have this old aging population.
They're just setting the precedent to whack you.
Something happens to you.
By the way, she could have been rehabilitated.
She was a lot better earlier.
But her husband said no treatment ever, not even for infections, nothing.
But she gets worse and worse.
She's been fighting hard for 10 years in a living hell.
Many years of that, her family wasn't even allowed in to see her.
Her parents, her mother, her father.
Watching that happen.
Think of the pain.
I know what I'd do.
But we're going to break.
We'll come back and talk to...
David and Clyde and Ray and a few others, and we've got a guest coming up, the move to ban homeschooling nationwide, more tyranny than you can possibly imagine.
Before I end this hour, I do want to encourage every single listener out there to stop procrastinating, to spread the word about this show, and to support this broadcast, but number one, get the word out about the New World Order and their favorite tactic of government-sponsored terror, that is blowing stuff up, blaming it on enemies, using it as a pretext to destroy liberties and freedoms, and to mobilize the country for world government.
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Be part of history.
Third hour, 70 seconds away.
Hello, folks.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
All right, folks, we're now 40 seconds into the third hour of this global transmission against tyranny, and wow, do we have an amazing guest in the first hour.
From keeping bare arms, disposing of the NRA's plan to destroy the Second Amendment.
I mean, it's right out in the open now for total gun registration, not being able to leave your house with your handguns.
That's their pro-Second Amendment defenses.
A bunch of news on Terri Schiavo, who they want to take her feeding tube away, if they could get it today.
They're going to kill her, despite the fact she's begging for food.
And we'll get more into that.
We'll get more into all the developments here.
They've got these hit pieces on CBS about how homeschooling is evil.
We've got the lead counsel for the Homeschool Legal Defense Foundation Fund coming on.
Right now, let's go to the calls.
And I guess who's up next here, Mark?
You're on the air worldwide.
David in Michigan.
Go ahead.
Yes, thank you, Alex.
Several things I've been waiting to mention, but your Second Amendment amendment
I think we're good.
Chairman of the NRA.
He was formerly on the board.
Formerly on the board.
Well, anyway, he was a prominent member, a very prominent member of the NRA.
And he had a point to make, and it had to do with the kind of things that your first guest was talking about.
And he was literally shouted down by the people that were running the discussion, in spite of the fact that many of the members in the audience were standing up and yelling, let him speak, let him speak.
So I really hope that you do get Neil Knox on the air to talk about the NRA.
I think that would be a very timely thing to do at this point.
The NRA is an abominable organization getting more gun control passed than Sarah Brady and pushing the exact agenda of her.
Registering all handguns, making you have a license to have them, and not letting you leave your home with them.
They argue this in federal court, and they're being worshipped.
You know, there's a problem, I think, and you touch on this a lot, but people really are programmed by the mainstream media.
They're programmed by labels.
You heard Angel Shamaya.
Yeah, they are.
He's been accused of being a liberal because he's no compromise on the Second Amendment.
I am getting sick of this!
How stupid are neocons?
Somehow there are these people that are presented to us as conservatives.
And because they are presented to us that way, or because they have a little R next to their name... What we've got is group thinkers.
I know group thinkers that have got George Bush and NRA stickers on their car.
They'll admit they're taking our guns, but go, well, I guess it's all right.
So if you go against these human icons, you're against the principles that we're told that they stand for, even though the principles are clearly violated by these people.
Yeah, it's form over substance.
Personality over substance.
Cults of personality, I guess you might say, you know?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, could hold the highest office.
Well, yeah, there's editorials everywhere about how wonderful Arnold would be as our president.
Yeah, well, one of your callers mentioned that this was actually in the movie Demolition Man, you know, that was back in the early 90s.
And sure enough, I watched this thing, and it absolutely is.
This thing foreshadows exactly that.
It's all New World Order.
Everything's for your best interest.
You're totally straightjacketed by the New World Order.
Yeah, they're just throwing it at your face.
I really appreciate it.
Thanks for the call.
We've got another guest coming up.
We'll get to your calls quickly.
I've been getting better and better about that.
We'll just continue to stand up for liberty and freedom.
We can win this thing if you guys get involved and become leaders yourselves.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
We have a scientifically crafted global system run out of the UN and UNESCO, funded and financed by the big global banks, publicly stating in their own white papers that they're confident that you'll never read or research, stating they want to break up the family,
Break up sovereignty.
Bring us into the Pan-American Union through the free trade group of the Americas.
They want to take your private property under the guise of environmentalism.
They want to disarm you in the name of safety when they know full well gun control brings in more crime, which then brings in more of their police state.
And the analogy I give you of this information war, not just this culture war...
Is all of you are patriots, are Christians, are freedom lovers, with your weapons, with your rocket launchers, in the InfoWarm, and the warheads you carry are the truth that can shatter some of the biggest capital ships and armored juggernauts of the globalists.
The CNNs, the ABCs, the Foxes.
And in this information war, it's fire and forget, folks.
Engage the enemy.
Don't wait for orders from headquarters.
Go to the sound of the guns, as Pat Buchanan said many years ago.
Get out there.
Wake people up.
Pull up websites.
Call the talk radio shows.
Get your own show.
Make documentary films.
Do newsletters.
Go into local gun groups.
Recruit them to your own organization.
Go down to your legislature.
Sit in on court cases.
Go down to the family courts.
Read what the school curriculum is.
Look at the textbooks of your children.
Get your children out of the public schools.
There's millions of us.
Just do something.
They've got this hero image in our minds of an Arnold Schwarzenegger or a Sylvester Stallone killing 100 enemies by themselves, and this archetypal image of Samson or this archetypal image of Hercules smiting the entire army.
Well, I like to use a real analogy of when the Persians came in and just a couple hundred Greeks held them off for three days.
Or the Alamo.
Those are real examples, and I'm willing to be those 300, okay?
What about you?
How about those 3 million?
I know there's tens of millions of you.
I know 80-plus percent of you are against open borders.
80-plus percent of you are against all this gun control.
But it doesn't matter, because we're not a democracy.
Our republic, even if 80% were against freedom, our republic protects those individual rights.
We're losing those rights.
We're becoming more Soviet than the Soviet Union.
We're adopting all the programs, all the plans.
So go into this system, go up against the enemy in the info war and crush them, smash them, blow off their treads, climb up on top of the tanks, rip open the top of their compartment, throw the info bombs in, decimate the enemy, crush them, smash them, annihilate them.
They're criminals.
They're murdering slobs.
They're degenerate trash and filth.
And all it takes is you getting involved and speaking out against them to stop them.
Now, again, that's my analogy in the information war.
Putting up websites, making phone calls, writing letters, supporting organizations is the equivalent of sitting there on a big artillery piece and firing it and blowing their lives to pieces.
And the globalists say in their own policy reports that 90% of warfare is psychological now, and it is.
They brag they've got outposts in our minds.
We've got outposts in their minds.
And let me tell you, I've talked to the troops and the police and the school teachers and the firefighters and the administrators, and they're concerned, they're afraid, and it just takes you being the first to step across the line in your area so more will step across behind you.
You've got to be the first one to raise your hand.
You've got to be the first one to say, I'm in.
I volunteer.
Mark Twain said it best in the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and feared.
But in time, when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
Now, I want to thank Chris Klecka, Chief Legal Counsel, the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, for holding while I went through that three-minute diatribe.
Let me just read part of this article we'll go to.
CBS warns of homeschoolers' dark side, and Dan Rather, the globalist creature from Austin, Texas, began with, well, we've heard about the successes, but what about the dark side of this unregulated thing?
And then he gives a couple of examples of trash that mistreated their children so they were homeschoolers.
But what about one public school, the horrible stuff that goes on there?
Out of millions of homeschoolers in the last decade, they pick a couple cases...
I'd say it's got to be regulated.
It's got to be shut down.
They're freaking out, folks.
They're panicking.
They're saying your children belong to them while they turn the public schools into purveyors of filth and degeneracy and evil and have your children write dossiers on you.
Chris Klicka, thanks for coming on the show.
Thanks for having me.
This is great.
I'm sorry for that rant, though, but I just felt one coming on and couldn't stem it.
No, that's quite all right.
Sir, first just tell us about the organization we've had you on before, what we're facing, and the massive move from Illinois to California to Texas to attack homeschooling and now the propaganda offensives.
I'm senior counsel with the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, and we're dedicated to protecting the rights of parents to choose homeschooling.
And so we're involved in much litigation and legislative battles in all 50 states.
We're good to go.
When we started homeschooling, families started homeschooling 20 years ago, HSLDA was started 20 years ago, and it was only legal in five states, even though we won the battle in the courts and legislatures to make it legal in all 50 states, the National Education Association, CBS, other kinds of big organizations that have prejudice against homeschooling, the social worker system, pressure the homeschoolers, try to put them out of business, and the latest
The thing we've had to deal with here is the CBS's report that they had these last two nights called The Dark Side of Homeschooling, where they have connected homeschooling with homicide, homeschooling with child abuse.
They're saying the two equal one another, and it's a complete mischaracterization of the homeschool movement.
The first program that
Dan Rather had showed a family from North Carolina who two years ago, talk about old, outdated report, two years ago the oldest child killed his two siblings and then killed himself.
And they called themselves homeschoolers.
They lived in a squalid trailer.
They had been visited by the social service
Agents 11 times.
The social workers knew what was going on.
They didn't stop them.
They didn't prosecute them.
That's what they do.
I've noticed them.
It's a bad family.
They leave them alone.
Good family.
They come after you.
And by fiat, without a law, they've been trying to just say you can't homeschool.
And this is all they've got is one or two cases out of tens of millions that have homeschooled the last 10 years, on average over 2 million a year.
This is all they've got when the statistics show the public schools are 100 times more dangerous.
Oh, you're not kidding.
We just did some looking on the web to see how many kids commit suicide in the public school.
It's in the thousands of kids that are doing this.
How many children are victims of suicide?
We're good to go.
I think?
What had happened is you got trash that's not sending their children to school, not homeschooling, not private schooling, and that's criminal.
What they did was criminal because they were neglecting their children.
That's a criminal matter, not for the social services.
That's right, and to make the logical conclusion, these people said they were homeschooling, therefore homeschoolers are... Well, we had J.C.
I'm sorry, we had J.C.
Penney with the homeschooled, with the trailer, with school spelled wrong.
Yeah, it's ridiculous.
And they're taking pot shots at the homeschoolers because the homeschoolers are really showing them up.
The homeschoolers are mere moms and mere dads that are training their children in a very excellent and complete and thorough way
I think.
And these are just mere parents.
These are people outside the system.
They're not certified teachers because they don't need to be.
Chris, I know a lot of wealthy people that are homeschooling them, and it's not just something that Christian conservatives are doing.
That's right.
It's all across the board.
It's just moms and dads who love their kids.
I know a lot of hippies that homeschool.
I mean, it's liberals, it's conservatives, it's Christians, and aren't they really just panicking because of the mass exodus out of their cesspools?
I think that's part of it, definitely, because there's 2 million children now that aren't in the public schools that are in the homeschool movement now.
That's a loss of money.
That's a loss of revenue to these local school districts.
And so, you know, there's a financial incentive there.
We're good to go.
Oh, it is.
Hitler, one of the first things he did was he outlawed private education.
Any family that resisted
He took their children away and put them in his orphanages to train up his Hitler youth.
So this is a common occurrence in countries that have gone through tyrannies, is to eliminate private education, including home education.
That's it.
Another key indicator of tyranny.
Stay there, sir.
I really appreciate Chris Klecka joining us.
He's the lead counsel for the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.
We'll tell you about their website and a lot more when we get back.
We've got a lot more coming up.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
During the break, I was reading over some of the comments again on the CBS propaganda specials that had the last two nights in a row.
And they say they deliberately keep them out of the public eye because the children do have injuries that are visible and they don't want to be seen, said Herman Giddens of the local social worker child grabbing organization, which is five times more likely to abuse children than even public schools.
It's the most dangerous place to be is in their custody.
Monty's report included comments from Hal Young, president of North Carolina's for home education.
He said most parents are loving and doing a very good job.
And he says he doesn't see a connection based on one very tragic, unfortunate case.
We're good to go.
I think?
So they're going to use this, and they admit it, for regulation of homeschooling.
You've got to have those social workers in your life.
You're not a criminal, but they've got to be in your house without a warrant because the children will suffer if you don't do this.
Chris Klicka, lead counsel for the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, comments to that.
I had a situation just recently in Florida where an innocent family was being investigated based on an anonymous tip by a social worker.
As I ran the gauntlet for the family and stood in the gap here and kept the social worker away from them and out of their home, this is what the social worker said is why these people were suspected of abuse and why they needed forced parenting classes through the local social service system.
And here's the reasons.
Number one, they had a large family.
And that they had four children.
Number two was that they were home schooling.
So their children didn't have contact with certified professionals on a regular basis to determine if the parenting that was going on was proper.
Those were the two key indicators of a child at risk.
And by the way, that's admitting that the school officials and counselors are basically spies.
Oh yeah, and what it also is saying is we don't trust parents.
We want the government looking in every home.
Who is five times more likely to abuse children according to major studies that were even in Time Magazine.
Oh yeah, you're not kidding.
The amount of abuse that goes on in the juvenile homes that they put kids in, they yank them out of their homes with little or no evidence is...
Far higher.
It far exceeds the real abuse that goes on in homes.
Well, the feds say five times.
I'd say you're one of the national experts because you're in it.
What's your number?
The government says five times more likely because they don't publicize that generally.
That's very accurate.
Would you say it's worse than five times?
I'd say it's probably ten times more likely that a child's going to be abused in a foster care situation.
I'll put it this way.
Kansas, they had statistics that showed 56% of the children were at risk in the foster homes that they were being placed in.
So you got a 50-50 chance that your kid will be
Who isn't abused when he gets pulled away from you, that he will be abused.
What about Chris?
UNESCO says the families of disease must be eradicated.
That's their official document and charter.
The Calhoun Reader, the Bible of social workers when they go to college is the, quote, family belongs to the age of barbarism, the state to the future.
We must break the family up.
I mean, these are subversive people.
That's a shame that CBS is falling for their lines.
I think so.
And she doesn't mean parents.
She means social workers.
Yeah, the village is the government.
That's right.
It's five times more likely to abuse your child.
The homeschools are the safest thing in the country.
Well documented.
The corporations are begging for them when they get out of college.
Well, it's like the young 15-year-old graduating from college 3.84.
They're trying to take her from her family right now.
Oh, yeah.
It's just ridiculous.
We're having a big battle in New York over that whole college situation.
They're trying to force children in New York who've been accepted to New York universities who are honor students that before they graduate they have to go back and take a GED just because they're homeschoolers.
Sir, can you do, because I've got a bunch of callers here and I've got a bunch of the news, but can you do about ten more minutes because I want to get into that.
And then I want to give out your website a bunch.
I'm going to do that this segment.
And callers, be patient.
You know this is important.
Man, I mean, folks, the statistics, the numbers, the facts, the common sense, the biblical nature.
We've got a bunch of communist filth trying to destroy the family in their own textbooks.
Arrest them!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Not yet available in Iowa.
We're good to go.
Home School Legal Defense Association.
And we're going to spend a few more minutes with him.
Then I'll go to Clyde in Colorado and others that are holding.
And shift gears into some other news we haven't gotten to yet and some of our other top stories.
A recap here in the last 25 minutes or so.
But, Chris.
The website or how folks get involved or how do people homeschool.
Just key info before we get into how they're now targeting honor roll, people graduating from college at 13, 15, 16, trying to stop this, trying to grab children they were unable to dumb down.
The webpage for the Homeschool Legal Defense Association is hslda.org.
That's hslda.org.
S-L-D-A dot org.
And we have just a multitude of informative parts to that webpage that will show you the studies on how well homeschoolers are doing.
It will show you all what your legal rights are to homeschool.
It will give you tips on this, that, and the other.
And even if you're not homeschooling, it's good to know your rights.
That's right.
You've got to know your rights because there's a lot of people who want to take them away.
I think we're good to go.
If you're part of a homeschool legal defense, we've got about 80,000 families nationwide.
They're members.
We guarantee them legal representation if they run into any trouble.
And the membership fee enables us to be in all 50 state legislatures, monitoring, lobbying, fighting for your rights before Congress, fighting for your rights in the courts.
I'm sorry.
And in the courts across the land.
So it's a good investment in protecting our liberties.
And you guys have really got a lot of good laws passed, countered these murderers on a lot of different, and when I say murderers, I mean the CPS murders a lot of children.
A lot of them die in their custody.
They throw toddlers in mental institutions for no reason.
If they cry for mommy, it's called mental illness.
They put them on lithium.
I mean, some of the horrors that they've been caught engaged in, sir.
That's right.
CPS has had a lot of abuse in their own hands, and that's what's so awful about the CBS special is that they're trying to act like these people who are so-called homeschoolers, they're just truants and not homeschooling, but they're trying to cover up for the CPS.
CBS is covering up for the CPS.
CPS was involved in this case.
In fact, in the very few murders involving so-called homeschoolers in the last 10 years, there was maybe 10 or 15 kids total over the last 10 years.
And in every one of those situations, the social workers were very involved.
And the liability really falls on their doorstep.
They didn't do anything to stop the real abuse of these abusive families.
Now, two developments I've seen that I want to get into targeting young people that are graduating from college.
When the spider finds out that a fly missed the web.
But two trends.
I see it in the media, shows like Judging Amy.
Every time I see it, they're targeting evil homeschoolers who are terrorists or devil worshippers or abusers.
The whole show is about how homeschooling is bad and how great it is to take people's children.
Shows like 24, shows like The Threat Matrix, they take the terrorist's children, the CPS, or the heroes.
We're seeing a real attempt...
To sell this to people in the media, can you comment to the propaganda just in the media, not just CBS, but in the dramas and in the sitcoms against homeschoolers?
Oh, yeah.
Just this summer there was a sitcom about homeschooling, and it was called The O'Keefe's, and it made it look like the homeschoolers were families that isolated their kids.
They were religious nuts.
And their children were completely unsocialized and didn't know how to talk to their peers.
That's a shame, but that's kind of what Hollywood likes to do with Christians.
It's what Hollywood likes to do with successful alternatives to those who don't want to follow the system and be part of the system.
But see, sir, I didn't even know about the O'Keefe's.
Sir, I'm not kidding.
I've watched two hours of TV maybe a week.
Every time I turn it on, I see it.
Is that all that's on TV now?
Well, it seems like there's a lot of trash, and you'll find that many, if not most, homeschool families don't even watch TV anymore.
They go to the radio, they go to the newspaper to get their information.
But shouldn't that send a chill down everybody's spine that the propaganda isn't just lacing CBS and the newspaper?
The Chicago Tribune hit piece of last year, it's lacing the sitcoms and dramas.
Oh, yeah.
What it is, I think, is if you follow the money, the child welfare systems are burdened.
They have so much money.
The child advocacy groups, the child rights groups, they got so much money.
And the reason they do is because everybody thinks that these are the groups that are protecting the children.
So if they can save one child,
They're going to support all the efforts to pass draconian regulations and controls of the individual family.
But in truth, they're the abusers when the most dangerous group to be around is them.
That's right.
When you let the government control and run things, that's their tendency.
Well, look at the Soviet Union.
They always went into the orphanages with the, you know, naked children wallowing around in their own affluent.
I mean, we all saw that.
That's what Hitler and the Soviets and the Chinese do.
And now we're going to have it here.
Well, with all of us banding together, we're not going to have it here.
That's what we're working on, and that's why...
It's good to have programs like this where people can get... Well, I want folks to know, Chris, I'm not exaggerating.
I study this, you study this.
I mean, can we overstress how horrible these people really are?
I don't think we can overstress, and that's why we need to be part of homeschool legal defense, so we can band together, so we can have the finances to successfully fight back, and we have.
We've been winning.
If you look on the homeschool movement, you see nothing but victory upon victory upon victory, less and less control over individual families.
But we're seeing massive counterattacks forming.
That's right.
They don't like it.
They don't like the fact that we're winning, and that's why all the more we've got to stand together and not get apathetic.
Well, you know, they're trying to color a law.
California just said, well, no more homeschooling.
You've got to go to us to get teacher certification from a college to do it.
If there's no law, they just say do it.
What happened with that?
The homeschooling, when the state superintendent last year took big pot shots at homeschooling, tried to say he couldn't do it anymore, we unleashed a huge campaign on the state legislature, and we prevented any kind of
Well, good news is on Capitol Hill, we were able to get two amendments attached to the big child welfare bill that they pass every five years.
And those two amendments require all 50 state child welfare systems to do two things.
One, they have to tell the family what the allegation is when they first investigate them instead of their tricks that they've been using where they say, oh, we're not going to tell you why we're here until you let us in your house and waive your Fourth Amendment rights and let us interrogate and strip search your children separately.
Well, they can't do it anymore.
They're going to have to tell the allegation's
At the beginning, and then number two, all social workers in America now, because of this amendment that we passed at the federal level, all social workers in America have to be trained in their duty to protect the parental rights and Fourth Amendment rights
Also, here in Texas, you don't have to take vaccines anywhere in the country.
They're trying it in D.C., but they try to, through color of law, claim you do when they all have the waiver in the desk drawer of the principal or the nurse.
Now what's happened is CPS kept grabbing children of parents who wouldn't take the shots for the children in Texas.
Governor Perry, under massive pressure is why he did it, but we commend him, signed a bill that they can't take your children for not taking vaccines because there was no law, but they had to write a law saying stop breaking the law.
That's right.
Homeschoolers were working behind the scenes to get the legislation passed in order to give an exemption for parents to not have their children immunized if they felt it was harmful.
And the bad guys attempted last minute to kill this bill, but it came to no avail.
So yeah, you do have that freedom now in Texas.
Well, I mean, look, the point is where you get active, folks, we're able to back them off.
Last question, sir.
We really appreciate you coming on.
Chris Plicka, lead counsel there at the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.
And if you don't get riled up as a human being about your young, something's wrong with you.
Folks, if this doesn't get you angry, even if you're not a parent or if you're a grandparent, something's wrong with you.
We see all over the country they're targeting homeschoolers who are getting the 3.8s, 3.9s from Texas to New York to Illinois.
They try to go in and block the colleges from issuing degrees because the children didn't go to the government indoctrination centers.
The case of the family who I interviewed up in New York, number one, where is that?
Is this blowing up in the face of the child grabbers?
So where is that case right now?
Which case was this?
The one in New York with the girl with the 3.84.
We've got the case.
We've filed the case.
And there's two cases going on.
There's one involved, which you said.
We've got another case, and that case is still pending.
It's questionable exactly which direction it's going to go.
There's some other factors that make that a more difficult case.
Well, sir, the question is, what planet does CPS come from in New York that they will target someone with a 3.84 at college, a lot of friends, doing great, and they want to criminally charge the dad for abuse for not putting her in public school?
That's because they've got a system there that they don't want anybody to mess with them, and so they'd take on anyone even though it's illogical, even though...
It's against what the whole purpose of the law was in the first place.
Even though it's bad PR, they're just so robotic.
It's like the police out riding tickets in New York during the power outage.
We've got a case now, the Owens case that we filed against the New York Department of Education and the Board of Regents.
That's right.
Where a student is heading for graduation this year, honor student, and he's being told he cannot graduate unless he gets a GED.
They cut him off at the knees midway through the school year with a new policy, and we're trying to turn that back.
And by the way, there are people that get medical degrees who never finish college.
There are people who pass the bar who never went to college.
Abraham Lincoln never went to school and went right to his bar.
The universities were always separate and did what they wanted to.
If they said, you pass the bar, they're the experts, they give you the diploma.
This is another giant power grab here by the state.
That's right.
This is just another example, and we could...
We could give you many, many, many more on our webpage at HSLDA.org.
We've got a lot of these stories.
It shows big government trying to take away the rights of the individuals.
And so we've got to stand in the gap together.
We've got to join forces, and that's why it's so important to be part of HSLDA, support your radio work and the like, because together we can make a difference.
If we all sit there and stew over how bad things are getting...
Nothing is going to change, and it will get worse.
But with great folks like you and the active members you've got, it's going to get better.
Chris Kalicka, thank you for coming on.
We look forward to having you back on in the future, my friend.
All right.
Well, thanks for your good work.
Take care.
And I'm about to go to Clyde and others and cover some final news, but what he just said is so important.
As soon as he was gone, I was going to say this.
Why is this radio show important?
Because I have, every day, I have Keep and Bear Arms up, a real Second Amendment group.
I have JPFO, Jews of Preservation of Farms.
I have Larry Pratt up.
They don't give me a red cent.
I have the Homeschool Legal Defense Association up.
They get lots of members, lots of support.
People learn about it, learn their rights.
All we ask is that you spread the word about the show, that you spread the word about the videos and the books, and that you...
And that you support us financially.
Because I got staff.
I got people.
I'm working ridiculously.
I mean, I work all the time.
I am so committed.
I am a zealot.
I am an extremist.
I am a worshiper of liberty and freedom.
I hate tyranny.
I hate evil.
I can't stand it.
It's driving me up the wall.
I see it for what it is right out in the open.
I read their handbooks where they say they're going to enslave you and your family and laugh about it.
I know we can take this country back.
And I'm telling you, some of the best tools we've got are my videos.
And if you haven't gotten them, come on.
We need your support, but that's secondary.
These things are waking up 90% of those that see them.
Amazing conversion rates.
I've got nine films, a couple other videos I carry about other people, great books.
Fritz Springmeier and Tex Mars and Paul Watson and
Book I've written, and I've got great pro-Second Amendment T-shirts and anti-tyranny T-shirts and bumper stickers, and all of it's about getting the word out.
That's what I traffic in, is information, the truth, fighting evil.
Go to InfoWars.com.
Go to PrisonPlanet.com.
Peruse what we have to offer.
If you've supported us in the past, support us again.
If you've got my videos and haven't made copies, make some copies.
That's the most important thing.
Get them out to opinion makers in your area, talk show hosts, sheriffs, police officers.
Because they're not all evil.
They're compartmentalized.
They're like the Nazis.
A lot of Nazis who fought on the front lines who did this, they really thought they were good people.
They didn't understand.
They had been incrementally turned into demons.
Look, it's like Saul of Tarsus, the oppressor of the Christians, on his horse on the road to Damascus.
God hits him with a thunderbolt, a giant download of info.
This has happened to a lot of people.
I mean, I had similar experiences when I was very young.
And just, who was it?
Churchill talked about, you know, almost everyone in their lives are hit by the truth and knocked over in the ditch, but most people get up, brush themselves off, and go about their business as if nothing happened.
It's that unusual, dynamic individual that has changed.
And so you ought to ask God to knock you off your horse.
I know they can change your life, BATF and FBI and NSA and CIA.
You think you're good, but look at what you're really involved in.
Look at the system that you are a cellular part of.
And I just pray God will knock you off your horse.
Knock you off hard!
I mean hard!
Because just evil's all around us.
They're pulling tubes out of people begging for food.
They're slaughtering babies in mass all over the place.
Governments are engaging in biological warfare against us.
Just psychotic behavior everywhere.
Gun grabbing just everywhere.
Folks, I chronicle.
I study the evil in the New World Order.
It is so massive.
It is so complete.
Stop being naive out there.
Just get my videos.
Just get them and make copies.
Get them out to people.
That's 888-253-3139, or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704, or InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Don't wait.
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Make copies of the films.
And yes, secondarily, support this broadcast.
Or 30001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
All right, folks.
We'll be right back with a final segment with some final key news.
Stay with me.
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Waging war, folks!
Defending my family!
I've got to fight the New World Order to do that.
If something's wrong with you, if you're not awake to what's going on, you have to be blind.
We're about to go to Clyde.
He's been holding for like an hour.
And so much news.
I've got a big Indian newspaper here reporting about the admissions of the Bushes, robbing Indian burial grounds for skulls for rituals.
It's mainstream news reported by, well, speaking of the devil, CBS.
Also, just so much other stuff.
But right now, let's go to Clyde in Colorado.
Clyde, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hello, sir.
Hey, I think everybody probably should consider going to the record of the House of Representatives from March 9, 1933, downloading it and reading what happened in 1933.
You're probably familiar with it, Alex.
Oh, the War Powers Act, total martial law, state police set up under federal control?
As a condition, just simply put, as a condition of bankruptcy, the globalists, the bankers, essentially put all property in the United States in a giant trust.
And then they began to set up the police state to extract that wealth and control the slaves.
Right, exactly.
I often hear people refer, and sometimes even you use it and other people frequently use it, that there's private property in the United States.
With the exception of the nine Federal Reserve banks and anything the Federal Reserve directly owns,
There is no private property.
Twelve Federal Reserve Banks.
Or whatever there are.
What I'm saying is that when you look at Black's Law Addiction and you go back into common law and you look up a definition of private property, it means that property that has no encumbrance.
Or as we moderately interpret, a lien.
And so the entire wealth of the country has massive liens and is now being brought into a shearing phase of the sheep, one of many such shearings that is going to be very painful.
Well, that's why actually nobody has ownership in America of any piece of property, nothing.
Yeah, well, you get the receipt of title, the receipt of deed.
You have the right of use under certain conditions
That were imposed in that time period.
That's all privilege.
Building permits and zoning.
It's feudalism.
It's serfdom.
Hold on a second.
It's an important point you're bringing up.
I want everybody to go to their Encyclopedia Britannica and look at the definition of feudalism and go, wow.
Go ahead.
It is absolute feudalism.
And I would, again, recommend, particularly to homeschoolers and anybody, just go to the congressional records.
And you'll find, if you can find the testimony or the comments of two members of the House, I believe from Tennessee and Minnesota, you will find out that that's exactly what was going on.
And, of course, the 48 states' governors signed executive orders.
Ed Johnson did it here in the early July 1933, and, of course, the legislature sent people in.
And they did it, I guess, I don't know if they were ignorant at the time.
Let me stop you.
Look, the state police in the 48 at the time, this is admitted, were chartered by the federal government.
Licensing began.
This was the feds' kind of a second reconstruction.
It was an extension of the first reconstruction, right.
That's it, yeah.
Okay, well, I'll let you go, Ali.
Amazing points.
Up to speed, sir.
Good to hear from you.
Appreciate it.
You have a good day.
You too, bud.
Mary Schiavo, Schindler's her real name, they pulled her tube today, and she'll be dead in a weaker tube.
They're in Florida, and she's been begging for food and stuff.
There's video of her opening her eyes and crying when she sees her mommy, but they rarely allow in to see her.
And it's just horrible, but we've got Wesley Smith going on the show about that.
China's launched a rocket on a historic mission.
China launched its first manned spaceflight today and became only the third country to put a man into orbit.
Yeah, right.
And then judges are ordering that there's no, not just attorney-client privilege, but now reporters on any criminal case, not just terrorism, have to hand over everything to anybody that orders it or demands it.
That should be resisted.
That's horrible to the free press.
And just a lot more we didn't have time to get to, but it's on InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Dynamic broadcast today.
Great calls, great guests, great affiliates, great sponsors, great listeners, number one.
And I'll see you all back tonight, 9 to midnight Central, and back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central, right here on this network, same station, same time.
Take care and have a wonderful day.