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Air Date: Oct. 9, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
That's right, my friends, and I'm back from the evil coast.
I'm back from California.
And a bunch of different things I was there doing that I'll tell you about today, tonight, this morning, depending on what time you listen to the broadcast.
I went out to California last Friday and flew back in yesterday evening.
I want to thank Michael Corbin for sitting in on the show and all the great guests that came on, and of course my producer.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Today, October 9, 2003, the new colored 20s come out.
The pink, literally pink 20s are coming out.
We'll talk about how that ties into the dollar plunging right on time.
This is a long-term plan.
Israel's minister calls for incinerating Damascus and Beirut.
So they want to incinerate areas of Syria and Lebanon.
We'll cover that escalation, and now the White House is saying they backed sanctions and military aid to Israel to go ahead and start a war there.
I guess that'll get the approval ratings back up from the low 40s.
Just a lot of key news and info, and we have a guest coming on who's with the company pushing these cameras in the schools, watching everything the children do.
That's in the second hour.
We're going to have wide-open phones to them.
Take a lot of calls in this first hour.
Your chance to respond to the economy.
Your chance to respond to all the draconian legislation coming through Congress and the state levels.
Your chance to respond to the master plan for Schwarzenegger.
And now they're talking about president.
They've got bills in there to get rid of the 22nd Amendment so he can be president.
We're good to go.
We're entering the New World Order.
They're passing different laws where they say 51% of the public is driving while tired, and you're going to be charged with attempted homicide or homicide.
If they decide you're sleepy, they've got a retina scanner.
They point at your retina on the side of the road.
If your eye is vibrating at a certain level, they consider that to be the fact that you're tired, and you'll be charged with attempted murder.
This is the new America, folks.
You're all going to be prisoners.
You're all going to be criminals.
They're making laws for all of you.
You do anything wrong once, or they even think you did something wrong once, it's prison for you.
We've gone from 1.3 million in prison just five years ago to over 7.5 million in the system.
And the news is now saying we're going to have 30 million by the end of this decade.
They were saying 30 million by the end of the next decade.
Now they're saying 30 million by the end of this decade.
30 million!
That's you, folks!
How do we stop this?
We take control of our local governments, our state governments, and as the globalists put the screws to us, economically, spiritually, financially, environmentally, psychologically, as they put the screws to us, people have to know where the pain's coming from, that it's by design, that it was put down, laid down, as a plan, by the New World Order.
And that ties into Arnold and others.
So big, big show.
I am fired up to do this broadcast for three days, or really four days, because I do a Saturday show, too.
I didn't do it.
After four days of not doing any radio, I did a few interviews while I was out of town.
I called in a few times to my own show.
I am really fired up and got a lot of key info and a lot of really important news we'll cover today.
The websites are prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, infowars.net.
Please go to the sites, look at the great news we post every day, and get some of the great videos and books we have to offer and support what we're doing so we can continue to do what we do, bringing you this information and bringing you better information and put out more films and more books.
It's really up to you to support us, and we need the support.
I thought I'd add that as well, and you know I don't normally ask for that.
We'll be back, ladies and gentlemen, after this quick break and launch into the economy, the brewing war in the Middle East, Arnold, and a lot more.
And take your calls.
Toll free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
We'll be right back, so please stay with us.
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Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're now 8 minutes and 30 seconds precisely into this first hour of global transmission against tyranny.
I'm Alex Jones, back from the left coast.
I flew into California, northern California, into Sacramento Friday night with my friend Kevin.
And I was going to get an award just north of San Francisco, the Project Censored Award.
It was live on Free Speech TV.
But before I was to get that award Saturday night, I wanted to try to go back to Bohemian Grove, which is just...
Just west of Sacramento and north of San Francisco.
And so we went back to Bohemian Grove and had, well, let's just say, a very interesting adventure.
We're lucky that we got out of there.
I'll tell you about that.
And then it was amazing at the awards ceremony for Sonoma State University, carried live by Free Speech TV and by the two local radio stations, and, of course, by local TV stations, but it was on national cable broadcast.
And I gave a speech, and it got the biggest standing ovation.
Cynthia McKinney was there, a bunch of other folks.
I'm not bragging.
It's just I said the government's going to carry out more terror, the military-industrial complex.
I talked about the Patriot Act, and it was standing ovation.
People really were waking up there.
I had liberals walking up to me afterwards saying, you're right, we all need to buy guns.
The Second Amendment is good.
I was there deprogramming the left en masse.
Then the trip got, well, frankly depressing.
I mean, to be in view of Arnold Schwarzenegger stomping about Los Angeles with giant throngs of security around him, arresting protesters en masse.
I then went to Gary Busey's house, because he's a listener of the show, and spent eight and a half hours.
I had eight and a half hours of basically a private performance from Gary Busey, who's a really smart guy, but let's just say interesting, to say the least.
Then my friend Kevin knows Joe Rogan.
Joe Rogan's a fan of the show, though I don't agree with a lot of the things he believes.
We hung out with Joe Rogan, and it was just the city is incredibly decadent into Los Angeles and then into Malibu, and we were in Beverly Hills.
I was there, of course, being pitched to remake Road to Tyranny for global transmission, and it looks like that'll probably happen.
But I just, I mean, I couldn't wait to get back to Texas.
And as soon as I saw Texas, as soon as they told us we were entering Texas, and then I saw my beloved Austin out of the portal there on the aircraft, it was just so good to get out of California.
Let me tell you, California deserves Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I hope you enjoy him.
And I hope when he's president, you all enjoy him as well.
But I'll get into more detail of what happened later.
I don't know, probably in the middle of the next hour or something, I will tell the story of the ridiculous annex and bizarreness that I witnessed on this trip.
But let me tell you, four or five days there was long enough for me.
And I am glad to be home.
You know, I've confronted George Bush.
I've confronted Al Gore.
I've confronted Janet Reno.
I've confronted General Barry McCaffrey.
I've confronted the drug czar, or the environment land grab czar, Carol Browner.
I've confronted a bunch of other people.
The head BATF guy at Waco.
One of the head FBI guys at Waco.
I know how to confront people.
I snuck into Bohemian Grove.
But there were people all over the place trying to confront Arnold.
There were giant signs up all over L.A.
and California that said, Octoon Arnold.
In fact, last week before I left, we saw the image on the net and posted it on Infowars.com.
It really encapsulates the evil of this guy.
But just because I just happened to be there for business and for getting the award and to revisit the Bohemian Grove, I thought, well, maybe I'll try to go out and confront Arnold face-to-face.
Everybody was doing it.
You could be on a city street and say something mean to him, and security guards would tackle you, and you'd be drug off to a paddy wagon.
I mean, it's not a free country, folks.
There was no point of confronting him.
Everyone was trying to do it.
I would go watch what actually happened on the street, then turn on the national news, see the same scene, but cameras up close, with none of the confrontations of Arnold on the news.
So when I saw that, you know, it's if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it fall, does it make a sound?
I could have jumped through the crowd and gotten Arnold's face or, you know, pied him or something, and that might have gotten on the news, but none of the substance of what I had to say.
This was manufactured from beginning to end.
And, of course, on the plane back, I read about half of the Los Angeles Times who everybody's claiming is attacking Arnold and his left wing.
I mean, how does the left wing attack the left wing?
There was one good article in there that, and I actually know a little bit of German, and I looked it up when I got home last night.
It's true.
Do you know what it's called in Austria or Germany to be a regional governor?
It's called Gropenführer.
So it said, the article yesterday said, Gropenführer wins.
Then it went on to describe, well, we don't mean he's a groper.
No, no, that's what it's called in Germany is Gropenführer.
They talked about how the German newscast and Austrian newscast were calling him the Gropenführer.
But that was the only comical thing in there.
And, of course, that article said, oh, we're actually for Arnold.
We're glad he won.
He'll be wonderful.
We need fiscal conservatism.
Of course, Arnold says that he's not going to reverse the car tax.
He's not going to reverse any of the other taxes.
They're talking about more taxes.
Wait a minute.
I thought everybody's mad at Gray Davis because of all the taxes.
And he's not going to reverse.
Arnold's not going to reverse.
The articles actually admitted people were most mad.
You hear this in California, not on the national news.
They were most mad about the 10 million illegal aliens that cost the state about $25 billion a year to $30 billion a year who get more tuition, more health care, more welfare than citizens.
And it said that they were mad at Davis for handing out driver's licenses to illegals with no identification.
...creating millions of false identities to get welfare, you name it.
They catch illegals all the time with six, seven, eight, in some cases, twelve different forms of ID, twelve different aliases and identities, and they're all on welfare.
Now, what are the states bankrupt?
But Arnold says he won't reverse that.
He's for that, and he's for gun control, wants to ban Calibers 40, Cal and up.
And so, this is what you get.
I mean, it's amazing.
You know, I was saying to myself, well, they could steal the election out there and put Arnold in, because Diebold...
Got caught in the 2002 election manipulating touchscreen votes, and that's been in the news.
That's the big company out there.
And the Ninth Circuit Socialist Court said, oh, we can have the election.
It's just got to be more die-bold because it's so good and has such a great record of who voted, which, of course, isn't true.
What do you accept out of the Ninth Circuit?
Problem, reaction, solution.
We've got a problem with the voting machines.
Oh, we've got to have more touchscreens.
That's the answer.
We're taking it from bad to worse.
There's so many facets to this.
Maybe you want to chime in on them.
I mean, I don't want to talk about Arnold anymore after today.
We've talked about it, frankly, too much.
It's diversion in whole, but if you look at the whole spectacle, it's very educational, very informative, all the scandals that surround this and how there's this double standard.
You can be a man who says he hates blacks in front of thousands of people using the N-word, he loves Hitler, he stands by Nazis into the 1990s, and then he wins the Simon Wiesenthal Award in 1997.
But, you know, I was thinking, well, he'll probably win because he'll steal the election.
You know, it doesn't matter.
But talking to people in Northern California, talking to folks in Southern California, seeing the Arnold stickers all over cars, I think he legitimately won.
No need to fix the election when you fix it in psychological warfare spectrum.
I mean, out there it was all on the so-called liberal media how evil Gray Davis is, how bad Gray Davis is, how he's messed up the economy, why it's his fault that the energy bills were so high, and how he did everything.
And yes, he was involved in it.
What do you think a governor is but a puppet?
So they give you another puppet and suddenly say how great he is, and then the people won't care if they're losing their jobs because, oh, at least we got Gray Davis' head on a silver platter.
And the IMF World Bank plans...
Said that.
In Argentina and Poland and Japan and other places, they go in and they say, look, we bring in our economic system, we implode the economy, we consolidate the wealth, we get everybody under our control, we consolidate our power, and then we just put in different prime ministers and presidents and make the people think changes are being made, whereas our policies continue.
So that's all Arnold is, is a spectacle.
I mean, I watched Arnold on the news and
I heard him on the radio saying, Gray Davis ripped everybody off on energy and taxes and he did this to you.
He messed up your economy and I'm going to change all this.
I'm an outsider.
Folks, Arnold met at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Michael Milken and Ken Lay and all of them last year and the year before trying to stop the corruption from being ended.
Trying to keep the gravy train, the Enron scam.
They tried to
Jack up the prices, tripling and quadrupling for absolutely no reason other than to keep Enron propped up.
And it came out.
There was plenty of energy.
They just turned the power off to create the perceived...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
There's more oil than ever.
They got all the leftists, the so-called conspiracy leftists, out there going, oh, there's really no oil.
Peak oil production's over.
We're going to have to pay more for oil now.
You find out who's financing these studies.
It's the oil companies.
They're going to jack up your oil prices and tell you because there's no oil.
And I have to hear people all over so-called alternative media telling this story when it's a fraud.
They've got oil coming out of our ears.
We've got enough oil to run this country at current production for 100 years in Alaska in one oil field.
There's oil bubbling up out of the ground in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, California.
There's oil rigs all over Los Angeles.
They've got thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of oil rigs capped in Texas alone.
They've got natural gas all over the place.
But again, everybody wanted their little spectacle.
They wanted to worship their little Arnold.
How good he is.
He's an outsider.
What a sick joke.
He's a salesman selling you the New World Order.
And he's going right to the top of this cess-heat.
We'll be right back with more news and your calls.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends.
Already into the third segment of this global transmission.
It is the 9th of October, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones.
The pink money comes out today.
The pinko money.
The pinko 20s comes out.
I'll be telling you what that's all about.
Also coming up, in fact, right now, then I'll go to your calls, Israeli Prime Minister, or Israeli Minister, calls for incinerating Damascus and Beirut.
You may not have heard about this if you're in Colorado, but it's on the global news wires.
This is out of the Australian Worldwide section.
NATO, that's the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the foreign troops, NATO chiefs in secret weapons of mass destruction exercise in Colorado.
I remember two weeks ago there was the BBC article about northern Scotland and rural areas, foreign Eastern Bloc troops.
It turns out there were troops from several different areas of the Eastern Bloc running around, pulling families out of their cars, arresting them, and then the government apologized and said, oh, it was just an accident.
Yeah, it was an accident when it happened in Central Texas.
It's an accident when it happens in Northern California.
It's an accident when it happens in Maryland.
It's an accident when they're with the Delta Force in Kingsville, Texas.
It's just always an accident, isn't it?
Always the same story.
The NATO aircraft in the skies, the F-16s, the AWACS, the deal signed with Mexico and Canada in 2001 to, quote, bring in foreign troops for, quote, dealing with American terrorists that were peacekeeping.
The unthinkable, the unbelievable, the Red Dawn in slow motion is taking place.
NATO defense chiefs took part in an unusual, it's not unusual, secret exercise in Colorado yesterday to test the alliance's military responses.
In a fictional, fast-moving crisis involving terrorists and weapons of mass destruction, officials said, now you see, NORTHCOM is based in Colorado, and as the public documents show, NATO, the private corporation, the treaty organization, sits atop, always run by a British Lord, occasionally a U.S.
General, but generally a U.S.
Lord, a British Lord, sitting atop that, manipulating and controlling it.
Held under tight security at Shriver Air Force Base, the exercise was devised to simulate discussions
To stimulate discussions among alliance defense ministers on a soon-to-be-fielded NATO response force capable of intervening in crises far beyond Europe, the official said.
The NATO leaders will consider the capabilities needed to confront the threat of terrorists and weapons of mass destruction, said Brian Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman.
The scenario for the exercise, which was devised by the meeting of U.S.
hosts, was set in a fictional country in 2007, not coincidentally the year after the new NATO forces schedule to be fully operational, he said.
Other details of the scenario remain classified to encourage an open discussion among the ministers and their chiefs of defense.
The session was not recorded.
According to U.S.
sources, yeah, can't have the meeting in its secret with the foreign troop leaders meeting.
Well, I've been to the training ops.
The role players scream, I'm an American, I have rights.
No, no, please, not the cap.
No, no, no!
It's Police State 2000, Police State to the takeover.
You might want to get those videos.
I don't know if you want that type of proof to warn people and to have generals go and hear the troops of the New World Order with the Czech Republic troops and others.
With our troops training with a role player saying, I'm an American.
No, this is America.
You can't have my guns.
No, no.
But here it is, and we'll read more of that later.
It's kind of interesting.
But a couple weeks ago in Scotland, troops from several countries, including Ukraine, Czech Republic.
First it was Ukraine, and we found out Czech troops were there as usual.
A lot of times over here it's Czech Republic, Ukrainian, Dutch, German, British, Australian, Israeli.
I mean, come on, folks.
Come on.
This isn't freedom.
Come on, folks.
And we have this little article here.
Israeli minister calls for incinerating Damascus and Beirut.
And they got the news to do it.
IAP News, an Israeli cabinet minister, said Wednesday that Israel should carry out devastating air strikes against Syria and Lebanon.
The Palestinian resistance groups continue to fight Israel's colonialist occupation.
The minister, Avigdor Lieberman, said Israel should incinerate Beirut and Damascus in retaliation for resistance attacks in the West Bank.
We should take advantage of our military superiority and visit Syria and Lebanon with destruction for the support of Hamas and Islamic jihad.
Lieberman had called for bombing several Arab-Islamic capitals, including Tehran.
That's Iran, folks, and the Aswan Adam in Egypt.
The current Israeli government includes some of the most extremist figures who openly advocate ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland.
Well, yeah, with race-specific bioweapons.
Well, I don't want to be anti-Israel, so I think it's completely reasonable to release ethnic weapons to kill all Arabs.
Of course, some beings are Catholic, but this is how sick things have gotten.
And by the way, the PNAC documents say they want to use them on, well, the brown people.
That's what Dick Cheney says.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks, Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, and then back from 9 to midnight I do this show live.
And we simulcast on the AM and FM dial a growing list of wonderful, wonderful affiliates who I thank from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to reach out and educate millions of people and unlock their minds.
We simulcast on the Internet at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and Global Shortwave, which I pay for as a service myself, during the day from 11 to 2 and back from 9 to midnight to educate people worldwide, to wake folks up worldwide in this resistance against global enslavement.
During the day at 12.172 and 93.20.
That's 12.172 and 93.20.
And at night at 5.085 and 68.90.
Before I go to Tani and Marie and Wyatt and Jeff and others, before I get back into the new colored money, the plunging dollar, my trip to California, what I witnessed there at the Bohemian Grove, then at my award ceremony, my interviews with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney,
My attempted confrontation with Arnold Schwarzenegger, my eight-and-a-half-hour discussion with Gary Busey, my discussion with Joe Rogan, just the abject evil I saw everywhere around me in Los Angeles.
I'll tell that, I guess, at about the bottom of the next hour because we've got a guest coming on for about 15 minutes in the next hour who loves cameras and all the classrooms and is involved in getting that done.
In a few minutes here, we're about to go to all these callers that are patiently holding.
But before I go any further, look, the time to play games is over, folks.
We have to circumvent and circumnavigate the mainstream media, okay?
You need to understand this.
We need to circumvent and circumnavigate the mainstream media.
I mean, how many of you know, well, you don't know, that my films, without me even knowing, have been pitched to the biggest networks?
How many of you know that major global...
Broadcast units want to air my films and have been told by people at the highest levels of government, no.
Well, you didn't know that until just now, did you?
That's what I was there in California discovering as an eyewitness, meeting with people I'm not going to name, folks who know the government carried out September 11th.
They're all scared to death.
I mean, let's just say I was meeting with former LADAs, folks.
Let's just say I was meeting with former members of Congress and members of Congress.
Let's just say that people know, okay, and believe that my analysis is the best.
And let's just say that the New World Order has a big, giant blacklist with my name at the top of it.
But there's ways to get around that, and we're going to do it.
But you need to understand that my videos are powerful, that they've gotten attention at the White House and at the BBC and at the highest levels of government in Germany.
I didn't know until face-to-face with Congresswoman McKinney that it was road to tyranny that made her make those comments.
Yes, she admitted it on tape.
She ran up and hugged me and said, Alex Jones, shouldn't be coming on the show, by the way,
Alex Jones, I saw your video a year and a half ago.
That's why I went public.
And I wouldn't have had it any other way, despite the fact she was targeted, that she was tarred and feathered and drugged through the town square and basically lynched for simply saying there should be an investigation.
By her own party, by the way.
She wasn't the only former congressperson I talked to.
It was amazing, and we revisited the Grove and a lot more, but I'm going to get into that story later.
The point here is that you need to get 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
You need to get Masters of Terror.
You need to get Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
You need to buy boxes of Order Out of Chaos, Watson's new book.
Number one, because I can't continue to make films and fly around and try to get deals made unless you do it, unless you support us.
I'm not like all these other shows.
I don't sit here and talk about how great I am and beg you all day.
I do the real deal, folks.
I've turned down the sellouts.
I've stood up.
I've taken the death threats and kept on striding and kept on walking against the establishment, putting my life, my treasure, my family, my everything on the line, folks.
We need your support.
I want all of you, even if you ordered the videos, to order the ones you haven't gotten, or order second copies and give them as gifts this holiday season, this Christmas.
Give them as birthday presents.
Give them to the local police chief, the sheriff, the county commissioner.
I believe because of the films we made and because of the films others made, but I think we're right there in this punch we threw.
A lot of the power was because of you, the listeners, of this show and the films I made.
Together, we hit the New World Order between the eyes hard and then hit them with a left hook hard.
And when they fell down, yeah, we kicked them while they were down.
They're back up, they're regrouping, but they're in a lot of trouble.
We've got to keep pounding them, folks, in the Infowars.
This is too deadly an enemy.
No quarter will be given in the Info War.
And it will go physical if we don't stop things now.
If we don't back the globalists off.
So I want every single one of you to get my videos.
I want you to get my book.
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Do not wait.
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Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order, or call toll-free to order 1-888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Again, that's 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
We've got to up the ante.
We've got to get more of the films out to more people.
You know, I was told and later confirmed that the Dixie Chicks made their comments here in Texas because they saw the films.
We know the man that gave them to them.
I later talked to their manager, found out it was true.
I later found... It was Cynthia McKinney made her comments because of Road to Tyranny.
She told me this face-to-face in front of a crowd.
On tape.
I found out... I mean, that's just what we're doing in our own little corner of the world, folks.
It's amazing.
Help us.
Keep spreading the word.
We are having an effect.
We are standing up to the New World Order.
We're in this fight.
No matter how much glitz and propaganda they pump out, the people are waking up to the bigger picture.
They're accepting the horrible reality of government-sponsored terror.
By accepting it, they're accepting the horror of it, that it is happening, that it's going to happen again unless we get involved.
We're making it through the cognitive dissonance.
So again, 888-253-3139 or 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
All right, Tawny in Wisconsin, you're on the air.
I am filled with emotion right now, and so I'm going to try to spit out what I have to.
I just think...
That you were way over the line.
And you were just, like, insane.
And now I understand why.
Because we just received word Monday that my stepson was killed there.
And he was blown to bits.
And all I can think of is, why wasn't Bush's daughter there?
How can they send our children there when they don't put anything on the line?
I understand your anger, and I am through listening to nancy-pansy broadcasters who want to make fun of what's going on because it's not funny.
I am so angry.
I don't know what to do.
It's not immobilizing.
I want to do something.
I have to channel this.
And you are there, and you're trying to put a bomb under people.
Get them into action.
Let them hear they're putting bombs under our children.
Well, Tawny, you've been holding for 30 minutes.
I had no idea that you'd been through this.
Listen, folks need to pray for you and your husband.
You say your stepson was... Yes, you want to talk to my husband and find out how he feels?
He's right here.
Okay, well, would you like us to talk to your husband?
What's his name?
Tim, are you there?
How are you doing, sir?
You lost your son in Iraq or Afghanistan?
Can you speak up for me, sir?
He was killed in Iraq.
Maybe Mark can boost your audio to me.
Maybe it's on my end.
When did this occur?
How did this happen, sir?
The story that I got was that he was... They said he was in a Jeep, and I was of the impression that there were no more Jeeps.
I kind of thought that he might have been in a Humvee, but anyway, he was
He was driving down a road, and I don't know if it was your standard landmine, vehicle mine, or whatever, but he drove over some mine or some bomb, and it went off.
And he didn't die straight away.
He died today.
You say he died yesterday?
I'm sorry, your audio's a little low.
Yes, I understand.
Now, your wife was saying that she thought I was crazy.
Were you a listener and she didn't really believe all this?
No, she... We've listened to your program off and on for a number of years.
We actually started listening before Y2K on shortwave.
Now, Y2K was the pretext to put in the command bunkers for FEMA, which they've now done.
That was their pretext.
Yeah, this is life or death.
They're saying 33 million of us, 30 million plus, are going to end up in prison by the end of the decade.
They're making laws to snare all of us.
They're putting cancer viruses and chemicals in the vaccines that hurt us.
They're putting poison in the water.
They're genetically engineering our food.
And that's the point, is that this evil is going to touch us all.
The evil is growing geometrically, and that's why I'm so desperate to fight it.
And I'm sad.
It hurts my heart for what happened to you, because if it doesn't hurt my heart...
Something's wrong with me.
What happens to our neighbors and our friends and people in the world should concern all of us because we're all interconnected, and people have forgotten that in this yuppie junior high mentality, glitzy Madison Avenue advertisement system where things aren't real.
Well, I want you to understand something, and I don't know exactly how much of a listenership you have.
From what I understand, it's quite something.
It's several million people every week tune in.
Well, I happen to be a former Marine.
I was, as a matter of fact, when I got out in December of 81, I was a lieutenant in the Marine Corps.
And I just, I still hold to the oath
That I took when I became an officer in the Marine Corps, and that's to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
And I really think that a lot of people need to wake up and that they need to understand that the enemies aren't foreign anymore, they are domestic.
Well, that's it.
An alien foreign force of foreign money and control has seized control of our government at the federal, state, and local level.
It is attempting to use terror to, quote, mobilize us with a national draft, a compulsory service, literal dicks digging here domestically, troops in the factories, foreign troops on the ground, to totally enslave us and use what's left of America
Well, I know a lot of people, and I know a lot of veterans, and I know that it's not...
It's going to be as easy as what they may think.
There are a lot of people that are just waiting.
They're waiting for the right time, and I think one thing they're waiting for is they're waiting for a leader to galvanize them because there's a lot of groups
Well, let me just say this to you.
You say folks are waiting.
People are upset.
Listen, we have this image through Hollywood and the culture that a strong man's got to save us, an Arnold Schwarzenegger, a superhero, a Beowulf.
It's archetypal manipulation of a subconscious image of the tribal chieftain.
And I'm telling you, sir, they use that, they manipulate that, they can control the pyramidal tip.
The top of the pyramidal system.
It's up to you to be a leader in your area, a force multiplier, to go out and wake others up.
And you can't expect yourself to fix the whole world and to slay Grendel.
You know, to slay the dragon all by yourself while the townspeople hide and cower in fear.
It's all of us like a bunch of ants swarming over the dragon and stinging it to death.
And so I just say, come out of your holes, ants.
Nothing can stop us.
Let's march.
We have the power.
We have the focus.
We have the information.
And if there's millions of heads, they can't cut them all off, sir.
So you're a leader, and I know a lot of people are waiting for a leader, but that leader is not going to come, folks.
It's going to have to be at the grassroots level, all of you being leaders.
You want to find a leader?
Look in the mirror.
And this is about more than self-preservation.
This is about preservation of civilization, of decency, of the family, of God's plans.
We have a scientifically crafted wrecking machine tearing and rending our society apart, and it's called the New World Order.
And it seeks to make us weak and stupid and dependent and backstabbing so we're more easily controlled.
Anything else you'd like?
Tony, I'm so sorry to hear, I'm so sad to hear that your stepson died.
And what type of treatment have you gotten?
I mean, how has the Pentagon treated you?
Well, for one thing, they don't even know I exist because...
I haven't had any contact with my son since I was one.
So he's from a previous marriage?
Have you talked to your former wife and heard what's going on?
My son had a sister, my daughter, and I've talked to her briefly.
I don't know when his body is going to be transported back to the state.
All right, well, do me a favor.
Call me back with more information once it develops, and thank you for you and your wife calling in and sharing this with us, sir.
Take care, Tony, or Tani and Tim.
We'll come back and talk to Marie and Wyatt and Jeff and others and get into some other important news, but that's the reality of the New World Order.
His son, her stepson, dead in Iraq.
That's the reality of the New World Order.
And for what?
Dead for what?
We'll be right back.
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That's 888-253-3139.
All right, Marie, Wyatt, Jeff, Arnold, Umar, and Michigan and others, your calls are coming up right now.
And later in the next hour, I've got a guest coming on.
He thinks cameras in all the classrooms are just great.
It's for the children.
Let's go ahead and talk to Marie in Utah.
Or Montana, excuse me.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
How are you today?
I'm doing okay.
Good to be back.
I'm glad you're back, too.
First of all, I want to say how sorry I am for that lady.
That hurt terribly to hear her cry so much in other people's pain.
But I wanted to discuss this police state, like here in Butte, Montana.
We have a new twist for you.
The patrolmen put on codes on their motor vehicles.
And I got a code one on the bottom of mine, but I didn't know that.
Well, I got picked up on the highway 30 miles out of here.
And the cop came with his gun drawn to my car.
Yeah, they tried that in Texas.
If you've ever been involved in Second Amendment groups, land rights groups, just mainstream decent organizations, they tried to have a code because they decide that you're more dangerous.
Is that the loving code system you have?
Why don't you just wear a yellow star?
So what did he do to you?
What did he say with his gun drawn to you?
Well, he said, you have to get out of your car and come in my car because this vehicle is stolen.
And I said, no, I'm not.
And he said, get your registration.
So I got in his car.
You got in his car with him.
This is the new freedom.
The goons put you in their car with them.
And he looked at my registration and said, this is phony.
You made this up.
This is a copy.
You made this all up.
And I said, no, I didn't.
I said, that is the registration.
He said, this car is stolen.
He'll call it in.
Well, he must have been in contact with the dispatcher.
So he's writing down all this information, and I said, I'm going to tell you something.
You guys can highway everybody else, but you're not going to highway me.
I said, you have 15 minutes to keep me in this car, and you've only got six more minutes left.
Did you say I'm under arrest?
I told him, I said, in 15 minutes you better arrest me.
Arrest me for stealing your phone.
Don't sit here and talk to me.
Yeah, they're just trying to get some dirt on you.
They've got you in some code booklet or something.
It's like the mayor of Philadelphia has done nothing, and there's all these bugs with the FBI listening to him.
Just Philadelphia's about to throw out the Patriot Act.
They're spying on our mayors, folks.
Oh, my.
Oh, yeah, we're living in a cesspool.
Look, they got the Soviet system set up.
They just don't have the will to go ahead and jump to the next level.
And when they do, it's going to be what Alexander Solzhenitsyn talked about.
So his time was up, and I said, you can arrest me.
And he said, well, I got some more paperwork.
And I said, your time's up.
You either arrest me or I'm getting out of the car.
And he put his hand on his gun again, and I said, what are you going to do, shoot me?
And I said, you can only kill me once, and I can only die once.
I said, shoot me or arrest me.
Take your choice.
My car's not stolen.
You haven't heard the rest.
So he didn't arrest you, didn't do that.
He just threatened you with a gun.
Please continue.
I just got out of the car and started walking towards mine, and I was
I tried not to show him I was, but I was.
What did he do?
He let me go.
Color of law, and you stood up.
And what if we all did that?
They'd have no power overnight.
By the way, don't tell me it's law and order.
The more law and order we get, the more crime we get, the more presents we get, the more cess we get, the more our children turn into drug addicts.
You people are wrecking our society.
You've got planned booklets on how to do it.
And just because you're compartmentalized and don't know it, doesn't mean it's not true.
We're the experts.
We've studied this.
We love America.
We're real Americans.
We're tired of the borders being wide open while you treat women on the side of the road like trash.
So what do you do when you drove off?
He let me go, but I drove directly from there to the motor vehicle.
And I told the lady I wanted another copy, and I asked her what that code one was.
She got the supervisor, and she came out there.
I happened to know her.
And she said that's the code they use to pick up people.
Because every motor registration has these codes on them.
So it's an arrest code.
And so I went straight there to the highway patrol office, and I want to talk to the staff, and I was wild.
And I went in there and I told them, your cops have harassed me twice.
Tell you what, stay there.
I want to hear more about this.
Second hour, only 70 seconds away.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Well, well, well.
In the last hour, we had a call from a father whose son was killed when a mine blew up his Humvee in Iraq.
We're talking to Marie in Montana who got pulled over.
Police officer said, I got a code one on you.
Put her in the police car, said your car is stolen.
She was sitting there 15 minutes and she said, I'm leaving.
He just left.
She showed him all the registration, all the ID cards.
She says it's the second time this has happened.
She went to the motor vehicles and found out it was some type of pickup order.
And then where we left off in the story, she went down to the state police office to confront them.
You say it was the second time this happened to you, Marie.
What else developed?
So I told him that I went to the motor vehicles, and I told him, I said, you people set these up.
Arrest innocent people with fear in their heart.
And I said, if you harass me one more time,
I said, I'll drop this, but I want that cop to leave me alone.
That cop is on everybody.
He better leave me alone, because I'm going to sue you.
I'm going to sue the state of Montana.
And I said, and if somebody bothers me one more time, I don't have a driving ticket.
I don't have a parking ticket.
I've never been arrested.
Did you ever find out why they're pulling you over and harassing you?
They're doing that to a lot of people around here.
A lot of people.
People pull over because I know a person that
They call me the crazy woman anyway around here, but...
But anyway... Don't sound crazy to me, standing up to tyranny.
You have more courage than 99% of these men.
Our sheriff here has withdrawn all information from any arrests, anything going on.
He said the people don't need to know what's going on in this town.
Everything's going secret.
Thanks for the call, Marie.
Wyatt and Marilyn.
Wyatt, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Boy, you've got some great callers so far.
Did you see The Demolition Man?
Yeah, where Sylvester Stallone in the future, they go, oh, we're going to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Presidential Library.
And they go, oh, yeah, first he was governor, then he was president.
They love throwing it in our face.
It's amazing because Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stallone don't make pictures together, but yet that was thrown in there for our year Hollywood consumption.
They have lots of plans, and this is just one of them.
Donald Rumsfeld...
He was in Colorado yesterday.
I heard it on C-SPAN radio.
He was part of the NATO takeover drill of the country.
They had a foreign troop takeover drill of America based out of their command base yesterday.
I was listening to him.
He gave a press conference.
Every foreign press correspondent that was asked a question, they asked very succinct and probing questions.
And Donald Roosevelt said this to every single one of the foreign press.
As he took their questions.
So you don't know what you're talking about.
You're wrong.
This is how it is.
I mean, it was unbelievable.
Now, when the USA Today, Associated Press, and other major American interviewers, they didn't ask those probing questions as the foreign press did, but those questions were answered without any problem at all.
And I thought, this is absolutely amazing.
And then they had the...
Scottish Lord, I forgot his name, but it was Lord so-and-so with him.
He had a Scottish accent.
I came in the middle of the programming.
They were doing a takeover drill yesterday in Colorado, yeah.
I've got the articles.
That's great.
That's where NORAD is.
I mean, here we are.
And they're doing this unbelievable stuff.
Alex, I'll let you go so you can get some more great cars in.
All right, thanks, Wyatt.
Yeah, we've got a guest coming up for like one segment.
I'm not going to spend long with this.
Then we'll get to Jeff and Arnold and Umar and others.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 800-259-9231.
We've got a bunch of other news.
I haven't even scratched the surface.
We'll talk about the new money coming out, the economy, Arnold, some new legislation.
You'll want to stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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The New World Order.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two and a half hour video, Police State 3, is for you.
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Coming up in a few minutes, we'll get to Jeff and Arnold and Umar and others that are patiently holding and a bunch of other news and information on the economy, you name it.
Now, I'm told our next guest is joining us via cell phone, and Mark was telling me it was just breaking up.
Is it better now, Mark?
We're going to try to reconnect with him and get him back on.
He's Roy Ballantyne, Director of Educational Sales for...
We're good to go.
But actual crime in schools is way down in the last decade.
School shootings is way down.
It was way down before Columbine.
But they promoted and created the perception of this happening, so the answer is Big Brother.
Frisk the children, drug test the children, cameras everywhere, drug dogs in the schools, closed campuses, can't leave the campus, parents can't pick their children up.
So it's all part of a larger puzzle.
And here's an article of the Christian Science Monitor on InfoWars.com.
Surveillance cameras, a teacher's aide, or a big brother in the corner?
And I've got another headline here out of News Press.
And it says, spy cameras don't belong in schools.
Let paid officers find and take care of security matters.
Now this has gotten a pretty big controversy in Louisiana where they're going to put them in the classrooms themselves.
And now with zero tolerance, Tweety Bird Keychain drawing a picture of a firearm, which we all did as boys growing up, then they now have the evidence for the criminal charges.
And zero tolerance, of course, is under a lot of scrutiny now.
My problem is it trains the children how to be prisoners, basically, in this Big Brother economy.
Of course, our guest probably has a different view on that, Roy Ballantyne, Director of Educational Sales.
Sir, tell us about your organization and what it does and what you offer.
Okay, the name of my company is Camera Watch that I work for.
And we offer IP video surveillance as well as video conferencing and distance learning equipment.
But as far as security is concerned, the camera video surveillance is the product that we push for that.
And essentially what we do is we set up a security system, a camera system, over the district's local area and wide area network that allow the administrators to be able to log in or the security officers at the school to log in and help monitor what's going on in a school setting.
Roy, what's your background?
Tell us about yourself.
How did you get into this?
My background is I'm a former high school principal
And I've worked with this company for over a year in this position.
I guess I should elaborate on my high school.
I was principal for a high school, and I don't know
Some may recall the shooting that occurred there on October 1, 1997, prior to Paducah and Springfield and Middleton, Colorado, and all of the well-publicized shootings that occurred.
And I was principal there at that time and continued on as principal for three years there, two years at another school.
But I developed such a passion for security and trying to make our school safer and more secure for our students and our staff members
That I got involved with this company because of the technology that they had to offer.
Roy, you can hear me, can't you?
Okay, good.
Make sure you can hear me loud and clear.
Look, obviously they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
And you talk about area-wide networks.
You're saying that these cameras in the classrooms are wired into the Internet system of the school because we talk about distance learning.
I always pointed out that all these cameras and these interfaces for distance learning could be used as a surveillance tool later.
That is, you know, watching a teacher in, say, Illinois, and you're down in Tennessee or you're in Texas or you're in Louisiana or Florida, and, you know, you can have experts and professors and great guest speakers that could enlighten and enrich the children.
But I pointed out five, six years ago this is going to be used for surveillance, dual use.
You watch folks.
It's like the cameras for traffic.
Now they say it will be used for ticketing and law enforcement.
So can you address, number one, the road to hell being paved with good intentions, this big brother society of training kids to be under surveillance, even when they're adults, the fristing of the children, the barbed wire fences, the police dogs?
I mean, actual crime in schools has gone down over the last ten years.
Well, I think that, you know, you could certainly say that we're training kids to...
To know that they're being monitored, but I think that's just a sign of the time that we live in.
And as a former school administrator, I feel like we've got to take every precaution possible.
To make our students and our staff members feel secure in an educational setting.
But if somebody, I mean, they sneak knives and guns into prisons, we can start, I guess we already lock them down, but the doors won't open, and they have the drills where the police come in and drill, rounding the kids up and putting them on buses.
I mean, we have all this, and again, crime rate is down by, what, 27% in schools over the last decade before all the security was put in four years ago.
Are you aware of the federal interface of the BATF as well as the Secret Service beginning in 1999 with FEMA in the schools, and are you involved in that?
I was not involved.
I had an opportunity to be involved, but my schedule did not permit me to do so.
Well, why are the feds involved then in the schools?
That's a violation of the Tenth Amendment.
Well, you know, I think we're at a point after all of these school shootings where we were open as schools.
We were open to help from anybody.
But the shooting rate is down by 27%.
That is an official federal number over the last decade.
But Littleton had cameras.
Littleton had cameras all over the school.
Littleton had dozens and dozens of cameras.
Littleton was your progressive futuristic school.
Well, I've never had an opportunity to be in that school.
I'm not aware of what they had in place or where the cameras were located.
Well, you saw the footage of Harris and Kleibel stumbling around in the lunchroom with their guns.
No, actually, I didn't see that, but...
But nonetheless, we have to... I'm not going to sit here and tell you that the cameras or metal detectors or any other security equipment is going to prevent anything from happening.
I do think it minimizes the risk of those things happening, and I do know that you cannot put a price tag on a human life, and we've got to do whatever we can to help monitor large school campuses where we do not have enough administrators to adequately...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When I was in school, I went down to the principal's office and he popped me.
And then when I got to football, they'd say, all right, Jones, after you're done today, you're going to be running laps until you puke, boy!
You've got to perfect.
Get in there.
I'm going to give you a couple more pops.
And they took that out of class.
Then we saw the crime rate go up because there's no discipline.
Then it goes back down because of all the police state.
Why don't we go back to discipline?
Why don't we go back to family values instead of going into the values of the Soviet Union?
Well, I certainly agree with the disciplinary element.
You know, I don't think there's any replacement for discipline in our schools, and I'm a strong believer in it.
And I'm sure I went to school during the same era that you did, and you're exactly right.
That is the way things happened, and a lot less problems occurred.
But, you know, we're just in a different day and time, and I think we have to respond to it accordingly.
But we don't have to capitulate, sir.
We don't have to capitulate to what the Rand Corporation and the military-industrial complex sells us in the mind of security, turning America into a surveillance grid.
Look at England.
They put in a total surveillance grid, and their crime rate's gone up.
Well, you know, I suppose the case can be made on either side.
I just view it from an administrator's standpoint, and...
You know, I certainly would welcome a situation where I had surveillance cameras in a school to assist me, not replace my presence and my vigilance and being proactive, but to supplement what I can do.
Sir, what about the problem in Tennessee?
Did you hear about it, where they had the wireless cameras hooked into the Internet, being accessed in North Carolina, and they had it in the dressing rooms of the 10- to 14-year-olds?
Did you hear about that?
I did hear something.
I don't know the details of it, but certainly that was not a wise decision on the part of the school district or on the part of the company that installed the equipment.
And your company, Camera Watch, isn't associated with that?
Oh, absolutely not.
So you're not for putting cameras in the dressing rooms?
Oh, heavens no.
I mean, I think anybody would be insane to do that.
Now, hackers can get into anything.
Couldn't this be used by terrorists or hackers to get in and see what's going on in the school?
You know, I'm not going to say that it can't be because I don't have the technical knowledge to know that element, but it's as secure as anything else that the district has on their network, and if the proper precautions are taken, if their network administrators put the proper precautions in place, it is only accessible by a username and password.
Okay, what's the website for your company, sir?
We've got a link to it on infowars.com.
I think you're going in the wrong direction.
I think the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I think you need to wake up and realize that we're turning America into a prison grid.
There's other ways to fix this, but I appreciate you, Roy Ballantyne, coming on the show, and have a great day.
Thank you.
Take care.
We'll be back with your calls and a bunch of other news.
That's a nice guy.
He's well-meaning, but I cut him to shreds.
We'll be right back.
Late summer 2003, mainstream press tells us we're having a stock market recovery.
Late summer 2002, I heard the same thing.
Late summer 2001, you heard the same thing.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, we're about to go to your calls and a bunch of other news.
Let me just add a caveat to what I was saying with our guests in the last segment about surveillance cameras in the classrooms and everywhere else.
Because I misspoke with something I was saying.
The crime rate peaked in schools about 1999 during the crack epidemic.
This is the Justice Department's own internal reports.
They're public.
I've read them, and it is accurate info.
What the Justice Department then says publicly on the nightly news is their propaganda.
But, you know, the people they got working for them actually file reports.
The crack cocaine, the gangs, if you remember, peaked in the late 80s into the early 90s.
There were a lot more school shootings.
Now, by last year...
We're good to go.
I remember seeing the numbers.
Actually, it was on the news once and reading the news article from the Justice Department that school shootings were down 29%, overall crime about 27%.
And now it's gone up a little bit again.
Funny, with all this surveillance and all these lockdowns and all this happening, well, you've just got a new crop of gang members that haven't been put in prison yet, basically.
So when I say, you know, all this police state has made crime go down, it hasn't.
The fact that the crack cocaine epidemic has gone down has been the cause of that.
And that's the statistics, that's the official numbers.
And this is what the globalists do.
They take the moral controls off of society, things spin out of control, the family breaks up, there's more crime, more out-of-control behavior, and then they come in with their controls in the name of cleaning up the crisis they engineered.
And the heart of man is desperately wicked without the government trying to accentuate it and throw gasoline on it.
But with the advent of widespread television viewing, crime went from one of the lowest crime rates in the world to one of the highest in America.
And anywhere where violent television is aired, crime rates go up because you see millions, hundreds of thousands over the years, millions of simulated murders and killings.
I mean, it is hundreds every day.
It desensitizes you and makes that an action that you're ready to carry out.
That's just the Fox here, so the answer isn't all the surveillance and all this control.
The useful idiots, like Roy, who was on the phone earlier with us, selling this stuff mean well, but for the defense contractors selling the systems, they know exactly what it's all about.
Jeff in Missouri, then Arnold and Umar and others.
Go ahead, Jeff.
Well, God bless you, Alex.
We certainly appreciate your broadcast, and it is fantastic.
Certainly a blessing to hear the voice of truth come through.
Well, we need your support, sir.
Yes, indeed.
Because of the weight of the show and me having to hire more staff, our expenses have gone way up.
I'm on hold for an hour and three minutes, and I know that costs a lot of money.
Yeah, go ahead.
That's the network.
Well, anyway, Tom Ridge, Wright Marshall Ridge, was in town yesterday doing a town hall meeting.
The local NBC affiliate took two hours from noon to two and carried it live, but it was by invitation only.
I emailed a couple of questions.
The FBI is calling my boss, and I tell cars, and he's all paranoid and freaked out.
Hey, let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
We'll hold you over if you need me.
Let me stop you right there.
All right.
Right there.
This is the chilling effect.
This is the tyranny.
This is the incredible indicator.
They call it a town hall meeting.
He's going to seven states, dozens of cities, just like Ashcroft's doing.
The media's hand-selected.
Who can come is hand-selected.
And they call it a town hall meeting.
I have the articles right here with him in Kansas City, him in St.
Louis, him traveling around the country.
Governor Ridge...
And they call this a town hall meeting.
You email some questions you'd like to be asked, and you get a call from the FBI.
Number one, this is the police state, commissar, political officers they've become.
Tell me exactly what your questions were and what response you got.
About the Masons pretty much infiltrating every aspect of our society and them being the true enemy combatants, the same spirit of Allah, and what are you going to do about that?
I wrote a letter to General Ed Eberhard up in the Northern Military Command, basically outlined the same scenario.
I run into a lot of trouble with these local judges down here being part of the lodge.
So you wrote a letter asking about the Masons to Ridge.
You wrote a letter.
Not the Ridge, but to the General of the Northern Military Command.
And what did the FBI do?
Basically, they didn't call me.
They called the guy I'm selling cars for and pretty much said, you know, who is this wacko working for you?
And pretty much came down on him.
So, I mean, I haven't heard anything else about it.
Well, they're attempting to wage siege against you.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Well, you know, I ran for sheriff in 2000 in, say, Francis County.
Ran a pretty successful campaign.
Of course, lost from...
Great points.
Is that it, sir?
Well, you know, God bless you.
I'll let you get the other callers.
Well, thank you for the call.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We've gotten dozens of reports, some of them have even been in local newspapers, where somebody starts a new Second Amendment organization in their town and
...is out there speaking out, trying to reach members of the community to repeal local gun laws.
And their boss will get a call from the FBI.
Your employee, Belly Bob Doe, he's pretty dangerous, isn't he?
Well, no, my employee has no criminal record.
He's worked here 22 years.
Great family man.
What's going on?
Well, we've just got some questions.
You haven't seen any Al-Qaeda in the area, have you?
See, that's how it works.
It's fighting terror, but now having some marijuana is terror.
Fighting for land rights is terror.
That's in these new bills, by the way.
In the new Victory Act, standing up for land rights is considered terrorism.
Having any drugs of any type is terror.
Just everything's terror.
Terror, terror, terror.
And you look at what the FBI's training and what they're doing and what FEMA's up to.
It's doubting fathers are bad, all Christians are bad, homeschoolers are dangerous cult members.
Then you turn on judging Amy on the network TV and every episode it's evil homeschoolers and how they have to take the children.
And America watches that and believes that.
In the episodes of Frasier or whatever, anybody that believes in a new world order and owns a gun is a terrorist and it turns out it's all true, they're all bad.
I mean, that alone should freak you out, folks.
It should let you know how crazy this tyranny is, how bad it is.
We're about to go to Arnold.
I want to stay right there, because this Arnold fellow's called before.
It's usually pretty interesting.
Umar, Dave, and just a bunch of other people, and some of the other news we haven't gotten to yet.
Listen to this one.
Caught on camera 200 miles away, British spy cameras.
Wait till you hear about this.
We're driving their car in the wrong area.
Israeli minister calls for incinerating Damascus in Beirut.
I got a copy of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
This woman is elderly, and they decided that she can't buy a gun because, quote, she's been adjudicated to be incompetent because she took some welfare from the government.
She's home alone, she's been getting robbed, and she wants to go buy a gun.
She goes to buy the gun, and they tell her, sorry, you can't own a gun because you're on Medicare and Medicaid.
We told you about this.
We warned you about this.
I have the copy of the letter right here.
Oh, yeah, the VA.
You ever collapsed on the battlefield in 1968?
There's been cases of this.
And while you were laying there on the stretcher, they had you sign a form saying you had mental collapse.
You really had heat exhaustion.
Over 800,000 names transferred in the last months of Clinton's presidency into the gun database.
What is it?
Now Bush has authorized that you can't have a gun.
This is the type of stuff, folks.
Take any welfare.
Can't own a gun.
You're incompetent.
NATO chiefs and secret weapons of mass destruction exercise in Colorado.
I want to get back into that.
It's big, big, big news.
Power failure paralyzes parts of Athens.
Philadelphia mayor being spied on by the FBI.
They won't say why.
911 families seek curb on probe officers saying they have conflicts of interest at the staged event.
Mystery blood cop is killing troops.
I think we're good to go.
Are made here in America.
He was tired of having the British Berkey made in England, so he made something even better.
It is amazing, folks.
They've done the test, major universities, and so it's made in America.
The parts, all of it.
Jim Shepard, thanks for coming on the show.
Always a pleasure.
Alex, I'm just amazed by all the information that you get, and I was listening to you talking about, you know, I saw that Judge Enami for the first time the other day, and
Gee, your heart would break about how she had to rescue this deal from this homeschooler and all that kind of stuff.
It always amazes me how Hollywood can portray the people that have a conscience and that have integrity as being evil, bigoted whoremongers of some kind.
And then these people that have these bizarre notions about the way life should be
You know, they put the music behind them, and, you know, your heart is supposed to throb, you know, at the righteous stand that they're taking, and it's just... Okay, for those that don't know, since you bring the subject up, I had no idea you'd seen this.
I've only seen three episodes.
All three that I've seen are...
There's an evil homeschooler whose mother's a devil worshipper.
They have to take the child.
And her mother's a judge.
She's a CPS child kidnapper.
The next episode, there's a homeschooler who believes the IMF World Bank's taking over.
Because of that, she's hateful and beats the children.
Must be taken.
Next episode, there's a homeschooler who sells drugs and is involved in all this stuff.
And so they have to take the child.
I mean, that's what it is.
Homeschoolers are evil.
The government's good.
We'll kidnap your children.
And America watches that.
An advertisement for the Sovietization of America.
Now, we know homeschoolers, and statistically this is out, they win all the spelling bees, the geography bees, generally are middle class, church-going, no criminal record, best people you can imagine out there statistically, and so they're under attack.
Go ahead, sir.
Well, anyway, and then, of course, they're coming up with all these just...
Debasing shows.
And I don't know what the deal is with homosexuality, but, gee, I mean, at Christmas, they're just loading the airways with... Every show, hey, go try it, kids.
But, again, the homeschooler's evil and the gun owner's evil.
It's upside down.
But, anyway, Alex, you're just pulling out so many good points and bringing it to the forefront.
And, you know, I believe it was... Who was it that was saying the other day, well, just show us one abuse, you know, that is...
You know, from this Patriot Act.
And here we have, you know, our legislators being spied on and everything else.
Like, God, I guess that's not abuse.
Well, and now they've got... Now they're saying they're using it in all drug cases.
You don't get a lawyer.
You don't get... We get to spy on you in your jail cell because of the Patriot Act.
You're going, I got a pound of marijuana.
What does that have to do with terror?
Well, you're funding terrorists.
Look, my whole point is that the evil is upon us, folks, and...
The good news is a lot of people are waking up.
But, Jim, just digressing for a second, what were they doing on the episode you saw?
Well, I kind of caught the last 15 minutes, so I didn't find out the story behind why this woman was getting her child removed.
But then on the part that I entered into, they were talking about that she was homeschooling and blah, blah, blah.
And then they took the child away, and then...
And at the very end, you know how it used to watch a dragnet, and at the end, you know, he'd always give a commentary on, you know, right and wrong, so to speak?
Well, it was kind of that kind of a deal at the very end, and she was looking at this woman and telling her how she had failed in her responsibility, and the child is very important, and just this heart-rending speech.
As she's yanking this child out of this home.
So, understand, we have shows about SWAT teams busting in your doors with no rights are good.
We've got shows like 24 and Threat Matrix where they torture people every episode, where they take people's rights, where they arrest people if they deal drugs and say you're a terrorist, you'll never see your family again, we're taking your children.
All these shows, and then the other shows are how to teach your kid to be a homosexual.
I mean, folks, this is Orwellian.
And that's where most of the propaganda is.
Not on the nightly news, not in the newspaper.
The propaganda is in the TV shows.
This shows you.
This is the proof of how evil and widespread these people are.
And Jim, I'm glad you brought that up because we can never focus enough on it.
Now, Jim, you've got some specials on filters.
Folks really need to take action.
If you already have a big murky, you want replacement filters with a new black filter that's stronger.
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It's the best filter out there, to my knowledge.
Jim, tell them about the specials.
Okay, well, we're going to do two specials this month.
The one special, the Berkey Light special, we're going to include a shower filter.
A lot of folks really don't realize, Alex, that you can get more toxic chemicals
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Again, that's 888-803-4438.
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You'll save money doing that.
Left-hand side, a picture of a Berkey light.
Just click on that.
Or call toll-free right now, folks.
There are the specials.
And if they don't answer because a bunch of calls are coming in, just leave your name and number.
They'll call you right back.
Any other specials, Jim?
No, that's it for right now.
And Alex, keep up the good work.
You're doing a great job.
Thank you, Jim Shepard.
And yes, folks, that is a great deal.
Trust me.
This time you can count on me.
We can count on you for gun grabbing and open borders and giving the illegals a driver's license.
You've said you'd do that.
You're going to follow what Governor Davis did to a T. I will go to Sacramento, and I will clean house.
Bring me the broom!
Bring me the broom!
Is that what you're saying?
What are you afraid of?
Well, I mean, you say you hate black people in front of thousands, you say you love Hitler, you say you're for banning 40 Cal and up, you say you're for open borders, and you've been hailed by the neocons, the Rush Limbaugh's, and other incendiary socialists.
I have the utmost respect for women.
You have the utmost respect for women, Arnold.
I don't understand.
I feel like it was meant for me more than this.
Why not?
Why not?
Join me.
Join me.
I don't want to join you, Arnold.
I know a lot of folks can't separate fiction from reality, but we can here, and we know a little New World Order puppet when we see it, and I think it's been a great educational process for real conservatives out there of what the Republican Party is.
You're an abortion, homosexual adoption promoting, anti-gun, open border, tax and spend, big government pimp.
All the other major candidates take their money and pander to them.
But wait a minute, you met in Hollywood, there in the Beverly Hills Hotel, with Michael Milken and Enron Chief Ken Lay of How to Keep the Scam Going a couple years ago.
How do you claim... We will listen to them, but we will not be swayed by their money.
You will not be swayed by their money?
I swear I will not kill anyone.
You swear you won't kill anyone?
Now, a lot of folks are talking about you running for president now.
Is that going to happen?
It is?
Well, tell me what you'll do as president.
Tell us.
This is an experience that you cannot buy.
We now have been put into a situation that is worse than ever in the history of the state of California.
Yeah, but Gray Davis is just a puppet just like you.
I mean, you're saying you'll follow basically all of his policies.
Why am I still alive?
Well, Arnold, do you have anything else you'd like to say to the listeners?
Whatever your name is, get ready for the big surprise.
Whatever your name is, get ready for the big surprise.
Hey, what do you do at the Bohemian Grove?
The satanic rituals, we've confirmed those go on there.
We know you're a big member of that.
And they say that the Bohemian Grove gave you the green light to run a month before you announced.
Comments about the Bohemian Grove and your satanism?
I guarantee you things will change.
I got into you, things will change?
Absolutely, this time you can count on me.
We can count on you.
Alright, anything else you want to say?
I'm sick of talking to you.
So that's it?
This is me, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Now why are you helping this raving psychotic?
Are you saying I'm a raving psychotic?
That is not true.
Well, I'd say somebody who dresses up in a red and black robe and worships Moloch, the raving psychotic.
Why not?
Why not?
Why not?
Folks, there goes Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Let's talk to Umar in Michigan.
Umar, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Pretty good.
First off, my condolences to Tim and all the other people who had loved and sacrificed to Moloch.
It's just like, you know, we listen to Bush.
He'll say, we appreciate your sacrifice.
That's who he's sacrificing your loved ones to.
Well, he talks about a dark cult of evil controlling the hijackers and no one knowing the power of evil.
I have that in Road to Tyranny.
Really chilling statements for the general public and then for his own initiates, for the inside crowd.
That's right.
Yeah, that was funny on 60 Minutes, too.
He kept dabbing his finger in his eye and then trying to squeeze a tear out.
Totally staged.
And for all you people out there that don't want to sublimate into self-leaders, all I can say is they're going to kill you anyway.
Anything else you'd like to add, Omar?
Don't be a wimp.
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Now, David Lewis and John and Brad...
And Mark and others, I'm going to be fair to all of you.
I'm going to give you plenty of time, so we're going to go to your calls here in about five minutes when we start the third and final hour of this 9th of October 2003 transmission.
Let me jump into some news right now.
9-1-1 families seek curb on probe officer.
This is out of the Washington Times today.
The families of some September 11th victims are asking that the staff director of a commission set up to investigate the attacks be removed immediately.
From a big part of the inquiry.
They say he has a conflict of interest in investigating the National Security Council because of his previous relationships with National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice.
We believe Staff Director Philip Zelkow should remove himself from any and all portions of the investigation addressing the NSC.
The Family Steering Committee wrote in a letter sent to the commission Friday.
The family say Mr. Zelikow, who was part of the Bush transition team, drafted a memo from Ms.
Rice on recognizing the NSC, finding out that the body failed to anticipate or defend against the attacks in a major part of the commission's mandate.
We talked about this day one.
That whole commission's New World Order.
It's like trying to have Henry Kissinger on it before.
No one bought that, but they don't know who these people are.
We're good to go.
Big national paper that all over Colorado yesterday at the command bases, they had foreign generals from the Eastern Bloc, Europe, you name it, from NATO, practicing the takeover of America.
And it remains classified, the press is not allowed in, and everyone there signed nondisclosure agreements.
I'm going to get more into that in the next hour.
It's so important also.
I have an official letter here from the Department of Veterans Affairs adjudicating a woman who was a veteran.
No criminal record, no mental illness.
She's now on assisted aid.
They say she's not allowed to buy a firearm when she went to the store to buy a gun because, quote, she's been adjudicated to be incompetent because she's taking medical funding.
That's the new system.
Also caught on camera 200 miles away, a delivery man from...
Slathwaite has been fined for driving through central London without paying the city's congestion charge, despite the fact that the vehicle's never been there and that he lives 200 miles away.
We'll get into that.
Just a lot of key news on super Big Brother surveillance popping up everywhere.
Israel's minister calls for incinerating Damascus and Beirut.
The U.S.
now signs on for massive sanctions against Syria, and they're talking about a full-scale invasion of that country now before the election.
Things are heating up very quickly.
I hope the globalists don't blow anything up to legitimize all this.
Also, Bushmen scramble to contain spy leak scandal that's really been growing.
We've been talking about it for months, where they leaked the names, Karl Rove leaked the names of hundreds of people in the CIA over in Europe.
As the White House tries to narrow the scope of the growing scandal, investigators have widened their inquiry into the illegal cutting of a CIA agent to include the Department of State and Defense.
We'll get into that.
More power failures globally.
That's training you to accept higher prices.
It's not Al-Qaeda, as some government agents are saying on the air.
Also, mystery blood clots are killing troops.
Unexpected blood clots are among the reasons a number of U.S.
soldiers in Operation Iraqi Freedom have died from sudden illnesses and are investigated by the United Press International has found.
We'll get to that first when we get back after calls.
Before I end this hour...
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Already 30 seconds into this third hour.
We're going to take a lot of calls and blitz through a ton of news.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
And there is so much that we're going to be covering about, well, the preparation for the invasion of Syria, the dollar plunging, the new pink money coming out today.
We've been telling you about it for five years.
We were cooks.
We were liars.
We just had the Federal Reserve Plan.
Here it is and how it affects you.
And this hour, I will take about ten minutes out and tell the incredible story of what happened in my five days in California.
I guess what?
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, Tuesday.
And just the incredible things that happened while I was there at the Bohemian Grove.
At the awards ceremony for Project Censored, where I got second place.
My interview with Cynthia McKinney, the congresswoman.
My eight-and-a-half-hour interview with Gary Busey.
And just a bunch of other stuff.
And some things that are confidential I can't talk about.
But it's all coming up in this hour, so you'll want to stay with us.
Right now, let's talk to David in Michigan, then Lewis, John, Brad, Mark, and others.
Go ahead, David.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Yes, sir.
Thank you very much, Alex.
By the way, I want you to know I'm making copies right now of your videos.
The 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny... Everybody keep it up!
Keep it up because it hurts the New World Order something fierce.
These things are really essential to informing people, and I do it on a continuing basis.
So I congratulate you for those videos.
I haven't got the next one yet, but I'm getting it.
First of all, I want to say that this principal, or this individual that you interviewed over the installation of cameras in the schools... In the classrooms!
In the classrooms, yeah.
He is a living testament to the effectiveness of the program to dumb down America.
Something that everyone understood at one time was that people could not trust government, unaccountable government bureaucrats with that kind of power.
It was just something that was
The main point that I want to make is you've been focusing on the Arnold Schwarzenegger installation into the governorship in California.
I've been kind of questioning why we haven't been also talking about Bustamante and Gray Davis as much, but I think you actually had a beat on what they were doing.
Yeah, they've just got to give you somebody new as they take the wealth, as they jack up the taxes.
Arnold says he's going to keep all that going.
They just give you a new leader.
That's what they do in third world countries.
The corruption continues.
They just have a sacrificial lamb, and that's all Gray Davis was.
Gray Davis did tremendous damage to this country and to California, but he had run his course.
That was his job.
He was a puppet.
He was nothing but a puppet.
Well, anyway, I wanted to tell you about an email that was sent to you by a friend of mine that has a...
Yeah, I know who they are.
Well, anyway... They're on KFI.
Yeah, KFI.
They were approached by a guy named Gene Forte, who you had on your program before, who was actually running for governor, but his issue was judicial unaccountability.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
Yeah, obviously, folks, this whole thing is staged as a platform for Arnold later as president.
This is the next to the last room in that plan the globalists have had for a while.
He's been a member of the Bohemian Grove since 1986, just like Mr. Greenspan.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips.
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Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I wanted Mark in Michigan to finish up what he was saying, Dave in Michigan, but he actually got disconnected.
He was bringing up
How they used the show John and Ken in L.A.
to start the recall and to get support behind it and how Clear Channel got behind it.
And yes, I was aware of that.
But it's not all just one group that did it.
It was a bunch of establishment organizations that started the demonization of Gray Davis.
And, of course, the media ignored all the real reasons.
Giving IDs out to illegal aliens, open borders, all the welfare for the 10 million illegals.
We're good to go.
But then they say the answer is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is for illegal aliens, for open borders, for handing out the ID cards, the matricula, and the driver's license, for gun control, for abortion, for all of this stuff.
And I know we've already beat this dead horse to death several times.
But Arnold himself is a diversion, a distraction, a total puppet who reads off a teleprompter.
But the story outside the box is important to show you manufacturer consent
So the people had to see something happening because everything's falling apart in that state by design.
It's the model of the rest of the country.
There's a massive consolidation.
Look at the statistics.
Record numbers of people lost their jobs, went into poverty.
The middle class is evaporating.
The factories are almost all shutting down for both electronic goods, textiles.
A lot of the farms are shutting down.
They're going to expand NAFTA and GATT.
And what are they saying?
What are they saying?
It's going to get seven times worse with the high-tech jobs.
And so what's their answer?
Here, let's blame Gray Davis.
And yeah, you can blame Gray Davis.
It's like, you know, if a ship broadsides you, you can blame, I guess, the bow of the ship.
But let's talk about who was driving it.
I mean, if a car runs over you, you can blame the hood ornament, which is Governor Davis.
How about we blame the person driving the car?
The New World Order.
I mean, look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, hanging out with Rothschilds a year ago, at their castle with Warren Buffett, Reuters, hanging out at the Bohemian Grove by 1986, married in with the Kennedys.
I mean, this guy's smart that when it comes to getting into the system, he serves the New World Order, and they've got bills now, Republican and Democrat, they admit to make Arnold Schwarzenegger president.
This is only the beginning of this.
And you're going to watch Rush Limbaugh as he gobbles OxyContin, the most deadly heroin derivative.
You're going to watch the Sean Hannity's tell you every child needs a chip, and by the way, Arnold's the best choice.
You're going to watch this in horror, folks, unless enough people are educated and know what's happening.
But I don't think they had to steal the election out there.
They just manufactured it.
I talked to the idiots.
Oh, Davis is so bad, we're losing all our jobs.
All these illegal aliens, it's horrible.
And I talked to the bellhops.
I talked to the guys at the hotels.
I talked to people in coffee shops.
I talked to Gary Busey.
I talked to Joe Rogan.
I talked to all these people.
They'll go, well, Davis is horrible.
Davis is evil.
And I go, Arnold's for all the same policies.
So it's, I mean, maybe eight out of ten people I talked to were for Arnold's.
They don't have to rig the election out there, as they've been caught in other cases doing.
Because they've just got, oh, it's the Hollywood star.
He's the savior.
He's the leader we need.
People who never voted went and voted for him.
I mean, I saw women on TV going, oh, he's such a tough guy.
He'll clean house.
Bring me the broom.
Bring me the broom.
I mean, he's the modern candidate.
It's all fluff.
It's all an image.
It's a public that doesn't know reality from fiction.
Folks, he met, he campaigned to keep Enron in control of the state with Davis for policies Davis supported.
He met in a closed-door meeting of just about 30 people multiple times there at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
He met with Michael Milken, the junk bond scammer.
He met with Ken Lay.
He went out in camp, and then he sits there and goes, We're going to end the corruption in Sacramento.
You're in a lot of trouble now.
I'm going to get you.
And when he rips everybody off, when it gets worse, he'll go, Well, at least he tried.
It's the Democrats' fault.
He meant well.
I'm truly sorry.
But as you see the government growing, the middle class disappearing...
The Fortune 500 got richer.
That was the Forbes headline last week or two weeks ago.
Record profits.
Record for the billionaires.
You're like, wait a minute.
The rich people don't want to hurt the economy.
They like making money too.
Folks, they print the money.
They quote, make the money off blowing the economy out and buying up hotels and car companies and restaurant chains and farmer's land and
And corporations, by blowing it out, making you dump your stock, they come in, buy pennies on the dollar later, and start the whole speculative scam over again.
So we watch the ultimate insider saying, I am on the outside, and the news doesn't call him on it.
Folks, I was reading the LA Times while I was out there.
They weren't bashing Arnold.
They have these little milquetoast articles about groping women.
Nothing about what's admitted by ABC News is that they wouldn't run, that he stood up in front of a whole bodybuilding dinner and started screaming, I hate NNN-word black people.
Get out of here, subhuman trash.
No blacks allowed.
I mean, that's America, folks.
They totally ignored that.
Oh, it's incredible.
Let's go back to the call.
Let's talk to Lewis in Rhode Island.
Lewis, thanks for holding.
Lewis, you're on the air.
I'm cool.
Don't try that with me, you terrorist.
Go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call.
Yesterday, I was handed a pamphlet for the Lyndon LaRouche presidential campaign.
Much of it is what you point out about the globalists.
On the cover, there's a picture of Warren Buffett, Arno, Lord Rothschild, entitled, California.
What are your thoughts about LaRouche, the president?
And I'll hang up and listen to your answer.
All right, thank you so much for the call, sir.
The Lenin-LaRouche organization, in their executive intelligence review, monthly publication, is extremely accurate when they talk about problems, the Anglo-American establishment, the English, the Rothschilds who controls our banks, what the New World Order is doing, what they're up to.
Now, their solutions is another type of global government teaming up with China and Russia, building all these big railways, having big public works projects, really what the Soviets promised in the 20s and 30s, big machines and big industry, but it doesn't work.
So everything LaRouche says is accurate and is truthful in the problem.
See, problem, reaction.
Now their solutions are bad.
It's socialism.
It's one world government.
But their analysis is excellent.
I mean, if I had the time, I could write analysis like that.
In fact, I did.
You read my article.
Everybody said last week it broke that Arnold was involved with Enron in secret meetings.
I wrote an article two months ago about that.
You're like, well, wow, where'd you get that?
Well, I got it out of L.A.
I mean, it wasn't like I found it or something.
You know, like I invented it.
So, I mean, that's what I have to say about that.
I'm told that David Michigan was able to get back in and talk about a new story and something somebody sent me about.
John and Ken, this popular talk show there on KFI and how they got behind the recall early.
Clear Channel did, sir.
All the other recalls in California failed because the establishment wasn't behind it.
Because they knew things were bad in the state, they had to have a sacrificial lamb.
Go ahead and finish up real quick, Dave.
Well, I realize that.
What I wanted to say is that people turn to talk radio.
Everyone knows that people like Rush Limbaugh... It's the so-called alternative, and they know that conservatives, libertarians, freedom-lovers, Christians have enough discernment to know we're being lied to, so they create a false membrane of the onion.
So when we break through that, oh, it's liberals.
We found the conservative neocon truth.
Well, you know, we all know what Rush Limbaugh, we should know, and the rest of those crowd are, the national talk show hosts.
But I don't think people realize that the local talk show hosts are also shills.
There's one here in Michigan.
I'm not going to name him, but he dominates talk radio.
Let me just say this.
I know Clear Channel hosts.
I know Infinity hosts.
I know others who are on, and they'll usually allow one guy on the weekend or overnight to tell a little bit of the truth, and he mixes in with weird stuff.
But the number one host during the day, all that, they have meetings with the so-called consultant,
And the consultant who's hired by the company, normally former CIA, and I'm not joking when I say that, tells him, you will say this, this, and that, gives your talking points, and goes, if you want to keep your job and move up, you will do this.
Go ahead.
That becomes very clear when you listen to these people.
But the really stunning thing is, in this transcript, there's a partial transcript in the email that was sent to you on Monday, of the producer of the John and Ken show admitting that he is not interested in hearing any points of view from any other candidates
And that they're only there to show for Arnold.
I mean, he says it in different words, but that's what he says.
Yeah, I'm fully aware of that show, and they are a new world order show.
That's really all they were doing from the beginning, and people need to realize that they're being manipulated at every level, and that's the message.
Well, yeah, they are.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Very good.
Yeah, I was out of town money.
I'll try to find that.
Resend it again.
John in Tennessee, you're on the air worldwide.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
Since Arnold made his millions off CAFR government pension investments in Hollywood, I wonder how his investments are going to grow now.
You reported that the SWAT team shot the kids in Columbine by their own confessions on tape.
Well, they admit they shot some of them, yes.
Last month at Dyersburg Community College in Tennessee, the news reported that a SWAT team shot two students when it stormed a classroom.
The government, the gunman said he was Al-Qaeda and ordered pizza, and then they came in and shot him.
Later, the news made a big deal alleging the gunman shot the hostages, not SWAT.
Now, this shows my total ignorance.
I'm not even aware of this case.
I'll email it to Jeff.
Hold on.
Where did this happen?
This is Dyersburg.
You mentioned it earlier in the show, I thought.
Dyersburg Community College in Tennessee.
It was September 16th.
Other cases where SWAT teams shoot their own officers and people where no guns are involved.
I want to hear about this.
Stay there.
Don't hang up, John.
And then Brad and Mark and...
James and a bunch of other people.
PrisonPlanet.com Infowars.com We'll be right back.
Check those websites out.
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All right, John in Tennessee.
Tell folks what happened at the community college there in Tennessee.
Go ahead.
Well, it sounded to me like a mind control provocateur situation because the gunman said he was Al Qaeda but was not a student.
He made no demands and ordered pizza for the class hostages.
He refused to talk to his family and the SWAT team came in all pumped up and
Was he white?
I'm not sure.
I didn't see it on TV.
I heard about it on your show.
You just said somewhere in Tennessee.
And there's my legendary memory.
I can't remember it.
The early news articles reported that they weren't sure if he was shot by the gunman or by the SWAT team.
And later on they came out and tried to allege, oh no, he was definitely shot by the
I don't believe that.
I suspect the SWAT team came in all pumped up and just shot the place up.
We know in Detroit last year they shot a child in the face.
We know two years ago in Fort Worth they shot top of the year in a drill with the children.
These are drills.
I see these articles every month where they do these drills and shoot somebody, but this obviously wasn't a drill, and I don't know if I can completely blame a SWAT team
If they go in with a gun and somebody gets shot, I'm not saying that's good, especially for those that died.
But at the same time, look at Columbine.
Four hours they sat outside, and the Rocky Mountain News has admitted, as well as other papers there, that police admitted to teachers they'd been ordered to shoot children leaving and did shoot some of them and were sued over it, and the government will not release those documents or transcripts or depositions under, quote, national security and is having them destroyed.
How is it national security to not release that?
Well, I reported a similar situation at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville.
We had a guy in class who made a comment about, oh, he wanted to get a gun and go shoot up the school.
And so I report that to the teacher, and everybody starts laughing about it.
I say, you know, I think you ought to take it a little serious and just report it at the chain of command.
Next thing I know, I've got active duty military sitting next to me in class in full camouflage uniform.
I've got cops sitting next to me in the library.
Well, you should have gotten video of that.
I know it's been on audio tape.
I always carry an audio tape recorder any time.
Well, sir, please make me a copy of that, because we know Knoxville is a center for getting rid of positive commentatus, which they're trying to do this week and next week in Congress.
The 1878 law barring military from engaging in law enforcement activities, the telltale sign of a third world dictatorship.
And we got your Knoxville News Sentinel saying as early as three, four years ago, you had regular Army and National Guard running checkpoints all over the state.
So that's very serious.
Well, in Knoxville, I spoke with a veteran Air Force Special Forces...
Uh, guy, and in San Antonio, Texas, he was working undercover for the Air Force in the local high school, sort of a 21 Jump Street situation.
He was under orders to shoot to kill students if they had any weapons.
He got chewed out after he disarmed one kid instead of killing him.
And see, that's the... You've got to get me in touch with him.
Well, he broke contact with me.
Sir, I've been to Fiesta down there.
I've been to some of the events.
And I'm down there with the family.
And there's uniformed MPs walking around in downtown arresting people.
That was four years ago.
Three years ago, before 9-11.
See, this is the new life, folks.
Troops everywhere, plainclothes, in military regalia.
It's so scary.
That guy told me that before I'd ever heard of you.
And I think some of the TV writers on the sitcoms now are watching your videos.
Last week on Angel, the season premiere, had the investigators take over an evil mafia Hollywood law firm, which I think is hilarious because my family is a bunch of lawyers.
The firm used a SWAT team for wet work.
An evil client infected his son with a bioweapon, and the SWAT team decided on its own initiative to kill all the schoolchildren.
So Angel, the hero of the show, the investigator, had to save the school kids from the SWAT team.
And the last thing the SWAT team leader said was, quote, We are evil.
You can never stop us because you will never be as ruthless as we are.
End quote.
Well, I know this.
I was out in Hollywood.
It was incredible how many people wanted to meet with me.
A lot of names I can't mention.
And they were all telling me, We know, we know, we know.
We're not allowed to tell anybody.
We know, we know, we know.
And it was very, very interesting.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
I'm going to pick a few more and we're going to go to news and the story of what happened in California.
Brad in Illinois, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I guess you didn't hear Arnold's press conference about his solution to the $38 billion debt in California.
What is the solution?
Well, his solution is he said he's got it all under control and tomorrow he's going to make his first appointment.
He's going to appoint David Copperfield as Secretary of Treasury.
So the...
That's funny.
Also, doesn't anybody out there ever ask if their state is $38 billion in debt, how the government continually generates paychecks for these people?
How do they get these paychecks?
They just go into more debt, and look, you look at the $38 billion, if you got the illegals out of there, the $10 million, most of them on welfare, you wouldn't have that problem.
That's true.
Can you hold me over for one second?
Yeah, let's finish up.
I don't want to give you just a minute.
Stay there.
We'll talk to Mark and James, maybe a few others, and then that's it for calls.
I'll tell you what happened in California while I was there and some more of the top news we haven't gotten to yet, like war with Syria.
Well, we've mentioned it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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All right, folks, back live.
Thanks for joining us.
Before I go back to all the great callers that are patiently holding and hit on some final news and tell you about my trip to California briefly, I want to remind the listeners that I'm a documentary filmmaker.
I've made nine documentary films.
I also carry some other titles by other authors and some books.
I've written a book and I've published a book that Paul Watson wrote, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror in the New World Order.
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911, the road to tyranny, is...
Frankly, my best film.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terror and problem reaction solution.
It gets into Oklahoma City, the first World Trade Center attack the FBI carried out.
It gets into the second World Trade Center attacks in the Pentagon on September 11th.
It gets into the police state in the New World Order and the Patriot Act that unfolds from that.
Then I made part two of that film that is excellent as well, The Masters of Terror Exposed.
We're good to go.
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Take action.
The evil men and tyrants are counting on you to not take action.
As Mark Twain said in the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and feared.
But in time when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
We're at the crest of that wave.
It can go either way.
The New World Order can win, or we can stand up and fight back and back them off and cause a renaissance of understanding.
All right, going back to Brad in Illinois.
Brad, go ahead and finish up your points.
Okay, I just wanted to make one thing to the listeners, and that is it was once told me, if you want to know where you're going, look to where you came from.
And if we look to our history, before Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin uprooted thousands of people, forced them out of their homes, stole their property, put them on crowded boxcars, numbered them with tattoos, and sent them off to concentration camps,
We did it here in the United States of America, the land of the free.
Look at what we've done to the Indians.
And I'm not an Indian, but I've done a lot of study.
Go back to the history of the Indians.
Look how we uprooted them from their property.
We stole their property.
We loaded them in the boxcars.
Many of them died of suffocation, starvation.
Sent them to an alien country where they died of heartbreak.
They were heartbroken there.
We didn't tattoo them, but we tagged them so that they would know if they got off the reservation where they belonged.
And many times, one chief they murdered in a fight, and because it was too costly, the campaign was too costly, they preserved them, sent them back to the East Coast, and they put them on display at Tencent ahead for admission.
That's the evilness that is running everything now.
And we talk about these biochips and all that.
It's just coming back full circle.
Where was the first biological weapons attack in Western civilization, that is, in the Western Hemisphere's history?
Well, you're referring to the introduction of the smallpox.
Yeah, I mean, in the 1500s and 1600s, they didn't know they were given the smallpox, but by the 1800s, they knew, and it's on record that the Army had little manuals about if somebody in your group's got smallpox, you just rub the sores on it and give it to the Indians.
You know, and then these naive people go, the government wouldn't do nothing wrong.
Yeah, and their agenda back then, if you read any books about the Indians, the agenda was they told them in their words, we will make you walk the white man's road.
So you're either going to buckle down or they're going to try to run you down.
Anyways, Alex, keep up the good work.
And all the listeners out there, support these shows, Alex's, all the shows on Genesis, because without you guys out there, boy, it's deadly silence.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, we're reaching more people than ever, folks, and it is so important as we grow, which my operation is attempting to do, that folks support us more than ever.
You'll see better films, better broadcasts, more information.
If you do that.
I mean, these are the best films out there to wake people up.
And I'm not the person that says that.
I mean, a lot of people say that.
Let's go ahead and go to Mark.
Where are you calling us from, Mark?
Hello, Alex.
One of the only liberal commies on the radio today.
So that means you're pro-gun, pro-family.
Whereas you have all these conservative Democrats, conservative far-right-wing...
Extremist people like Bill Clinton and George Bush.
But it was kind of interesting.
I called into a certain neocon the show I actually got through, and I was pointing out the fact, you know, while he was spending all his time playing defense for, you know, Rush, you know, talking about the OxyContin, you know, diversion distraction, that, you know, he's not telling his listeners about things like, you know, the Our Lady of Peace Act, which is going to make it...
You know what he says?
He cuts me off and he says, What's that?
We don't have to worry about losing our gun rights because there's a good conservative Republican in the White House.
Bush has said he will sign the assault weapons ban when it's re-upped next year after the 10-year passage.
With out of gun control, banning hundreds of new firearms.
And let me add, this is Larry Pratt, folks, and I've read the legislation.
Now there's the new Arlenia PSAC with a new name added in there, introduced two weeks ago by Republicans and Democrats.
Bush says he'll sign it.
Anyone with a misdemeanor, anyone who's getting government assistance, no more guns.
And, yeah, the neocons will not talk about it.
Let me tell you, they know all about it.
Yeah, he actually says, well, we don't need to worry about losing our gun rights because there's a good Republican in the White House right now.
So, hey, go to sleep and let the Our Lady of Peace act.
And I'm sure he also supported Arnold, right?
I believe he did, yes.
And I rarely tune into those shows.
I just occasionally just listen to their propaganda.
Yeah, see what the enemy of America is doing, yes.
But, yeah, so, you know, hey, go to sleep.
And, you know, I tell you, Alex, this bill is so horrible.
Sir, we're already getting calls from veterans and others are sending us the documents.
People who are on government assistance, old people, go in and buy a gun.
They go, you've been adjudicated incompetent because you're getting federal welfare.
Yep, and this is exactly how these slime balls work.
And, I mean, it's horrible.
And I'll tell you, I mean, like, say you spanked your kid or something and CPS had to drop by.
Good luck getting a gun.
Actually, my understanding from what I've read so far in this bill, Alex, you have a few misdemeanors.
You know, they'll use that against you.
A misdemeanor over $200 because they consider $200 in 68 money to be a felony charge.
Hey, hey, hey, let them find out.
Let the listeners.
You know, I go in gun shops.
I go to gun meetings.
They go, we're going to lose it.
It's going to happen.
They've got this loser attitude.
They're pathetic.
They're not even Americans.
Thanks for the call.
He sees me.
Go ahead and finish up what?
Socialists, they emerge victorious precisely because people are long-term pessimists.
We can't win or nothing we can do.
I like Limbaugh.
I like Arnold.
Thanks for the call.
You're a socialist and didn't know it, did you?
Two more calls and that's it.
I'm going to talk to James and Walt and that's it.
James in Ohio, go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
Speaking of socialists...
As a question, I really have some reservations about your alliance with the likes of Cynthia McKinney.
Well, there's no alliance.
I went and interviewed her, sir.
Why did you essentially give me a big hug and you interviewed her?
I mean, are you aware of the groups that support this woman?
Well, yeah, I am.
Let me talk.
I'll keep you on for ten minutes.
Just let me talk, okay?
Stop right there.
Cynthia McKinney got $5,000 from an Arab PAC that has some connections to what could be called terrorist groups.
George Bush got over $1,000,000,000.
So I remember the tarring and feathering and dragging to the street and the lynching McKinney got.
Did you know McKinney...
I started interviewing her.
She goes, the UN is kidnapping children and selling them into slavery.
She starts talking about the New World Order and the Federal Reserve.
She says, I saw your video.
The government did 9-11.
She is open.
She is not a tool of the globalists.
She was a useful idiot liberal that we have begun to deprogram.
And she took $5,000 from the Arabs when Bush has taken over a million dollars.
And so I'm not going to sit here and have a double standard.
I'm not going to sit here and hear about how Bill Clinton is so evil when George Bush is protecting him.
Oh, so she's a pro-lifer now and all that?
Well, neither is Arnold.
Neither is Lippoff.
Neither is Bush.
Neither is Bush.
No, no, sir.
You don't understand.
I'm going to tell the story about McKinney if I have time.
The point here is
Is that she's talking about 9-11.
She's talking about the U.N.
She's starting to come over.
And I didn't know it.
She ran over and hugged me and was talking about the government and talking about how my video woke her up.
So I'm just saying we should at least interfere.
I mean, I don't agree with Joe Rogan, but I talked to him, tried to wake him up.
What's her agenda, Alex?
Hold on, hold on.
Let me finish.
Let me finish.
I don't agree with a lot of stuff Gary Busey believes.
He wants to meet with me.
I met with him, tried to educate him.
Go ahead.
Go ahead and make your points.
I'm just saying, is she really open, or is she just trying to nab Bush however she can by using you?
I watched your speech live on free speech TV as I was in the audience, and of course I spoke, and she talked about the Democrats being evil and it not being about Bush, that he's a puppet for the military-industrial complex.
Why is she one of them for?
That's how you win in this system, is the two-party system.
It's just like the American Free Press having a two-page spread on the Green Party.
Was it the Green Party?
Yes, it was.
I had the paper.
And I'm sorry, that just kind of destroys credibility there.
She's not in the Green Party?
What is this about the Green Party?
In the American Free Press last year, they had a two-page spread on the Green Party.
Same kind of thing.
What does this have to do with Cynthia?
Hold on!
What does this have to do with Cynthia McKinney?
Because I'm seeing this alliance between the patriot movement and the far left, and it's a concern.
If I choose you, it's everybody.
I'm just taking an explanation, that's all.
Let me try to give you an analogy to get your light bulb to turn on.
Okay, can I?
Sure, yeah, okay, so I'm the dark, okay.
No, just let me try to get the light bulb turned on here.
At least to what I'm trying to say.
Jesus went and talked to the whores and the tax collectors.
And so, if you catch me talking to New World Order minions or New World Order tax collectors or going and trying to educate them, please don't tell me I'm bad just as an info warrior.
Trying to model my life after Christ's life.
Don't tell me I'm bad.
Now, let me add something to that.
You turn on a light in a room, and there are good things and bad things in the room.
There's cockroaches running around on the ground, too.
Am I bad for turning the light on?
Am I bad for going and trying to... My example of Cynthia McKinney was, this woman came out and said Bush stood the game from the attacks.
That was important.
Okay, and was an example of how much power the videos are having because of you, the listeners, making copies, and how this woman woke up.
That's what I was saying.
I'm not saying you're bad, Alex.
I've supported you.
I've watched your videos.
You're out of the money.
I agree with you.
Okay, well, all I'm saying is... That is kind of a red flag.
That's all I'm saying, you know, as a believer and a pro-lifer and all that.
Well, let me just tell you, I got the Green Party people here in Austin buying guns.
I've got them deprogramming.
I've got them against the phony environmental movement now.
I'm deprogramming these people, and what's happening is everybody's getting scared and finally waking up to the New World Order.
And we, we are deprogramming the left.
They're not programming us, buddy.
Fair enough.
Hey, I appreciate the call.
I don't mean to get mad at you.
It's just that, I mean, we don't have a Republican or Democratic Party right now.
And whether it's Ron Paul or Cynthia McKinney, if they'll just buck the system, if they're attacked by the system, whether it's smoke or fire, they're doing some good work.
That's all I'm saying about McKinney.
Let's go ahead.
I don't know if I have time for these.
I want to tell the story of California, what happened out there.
Let's talk to James in Ohio.
You've got one minute.
Okay, we'll see what happens here.
I was just talking to... Okay, let's talk to Walt in Missouri.
Go ahead, Walt.
Oh, Alex.
Or Michigan.
Go ahead.
This is Walt from Michigan.
I heard you.
Go ahead.
You had a guy named Paul Collins on your program when your guest host was on?
Wasn't aware of that, but yes.
Go ahead.
A guy named Paul Collins, and he made a doubting statement about Fritz Springmeier's book, Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
I can't find anything in there that isn't true.
Well, let me tell you what I heard.
Well, you were in California at the time.
Well, Paul Collins, I tried to call in, but I couldn't question the guy because I couldn't get through to him.
But Collins' family is one of the 13 families in the bloodlines that Fritz mentioned, the satanic bloodlines.
And I'm wondering, because of his disparaging remark or innuendo about... Well, that's a big... I mean, Collins is like Jones or Smith, bud.
Well, I understand that, Alex.
My name's Williams, okay?
So you know what I'm saying.
I got a common name, too, but Collins and his questions concerning that and also writing a book about the New World Order, I want to know why he put a negative connotation to Springmeyer's book.
Well, the book is hard to believe, and I can't prove all the stuff in it, but everything that I do know about turns out to be accurate in there.
The very deep understanding of the New World Order in that book that we do carry, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, so I don't know what to say.
Yeah, I bought the book from you, brother.
Well, thank you.
What did you think of it?
I'm still reading it, man.
I've been at this for 23 years, Alex, and there's so much stuff in there.
It's incredible.
It's opened my mind to a whole lot of things I didn't see or know about before in my life.
And I talked to Fritz's wife here a couple days ago, and she's having a rough time with it, brother.
It really is good.
Yeah, he's in prison right now, folks.
He's going to be sentenced supposedly on November 13th.
And for those that don't know, they tried falsely charging with stuff three times.
Growing marijuana, no marijuana.
Tax evasion, no tax evasion.
Then bank robbery, and they had some convicted felon on the stand.
Wouldn't tell the jury it was an informant.
It was a felon.
That's your new America.
Thanks for the call.
Felons bearing false witness.
No money, no witnesses, no nothing but one felon.
What, like seven years in federal, eight years in federal prison?
Yeah, they're scared of that book.
I'm going to come back.
Don't have time to cover some of the news now.
I'm going to spend five minutes on what happened to me in California as quickly as possible.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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I sounded irritated earlier.
It's because we always get calls that disagree or something right at the end of the show.
Then I run out of time and don't cover everything.
It really gets me mad.
But I love all you guys and girls to death out there.
There's so much information, so much analysis, not enough time.
The callers all bring up so many important issues.
Bottom line, I went out to California because there were so many things I could do at one time.
They wanted me to come out there for months and receive the award for Project Censored, which I got second place for for my analysis of the Patriot Act and NORTHCOM, and that was on national TV, on free speech television.
If anybody saw that or has a tape of it, please send it.
I don't get that.
I don't watch TV much anymore.
I mean, very few amount of it.
But we got out there.
We flew to Northern California.
I wanted to go out to Bohemian Grove.
I didn't try to sneak in again.
We were driving along a riverbank and got stuck in our truck, and we called the wrecker service.
They pull up in a fire department vehicle and say, yeah, we're the fire department, but we're the wrecker.
We're going to charge you.
They pull us out, and then I ask them, hey, what's the Bohemian Grove?
They freak out, say, we pulled a camera out.
Turn your camera off.
We're not going to talk about it.
I work there.
Got real threatening.
We left, went to the Pink Elephant bar,
I go, what's going on with the Bohemian Grove?
And I had a video camera down in my hand running, just sitting there on the barstool, but he didn't pay attention.
He goes, oh, there's this crazy guy in Texas who snuck in there, and yeah, there's rituals going on, but he's crazy for shooting video of it.
Yeah, there's hidden trees in there.
The Secret Service stay in.
They saw what he was doing, and it just went on and on.
I talked to a bunch of locals in the bar.
We went out and hit a camera, put a wireless mic on, and I came back in with a better rig and caught all that.
I'll tell you, but really it was just more of the same.
Yeah, they do rituals.
Yeah, I work there.
Yeah, what's the big deal?
So got a lot of good info there.
Then I drove down to basically north of San Francisco and got the award for Project Censored in this big banquet hall.
And that was great, and everybody was talking about the Republicans and Democrats being terrorists, and the New World Order carrying out more terror, and Cynthia McKinney talked about it, and I interviewed her and found out that she woke up to 9-11 because of my film and a list for sending it to her.
Hey, folks, waking up is only good.
She came out against the U.N.
and world government, said the U.N.
is kidnapping children.
By the way, that was the last straw she said when she came out for that.
That's when they all turned against her.
And I interviewed a bunch of other folks.
Frank Morales was incredible.
The information he had.
We're going to be having him on the show about the police state in Paso Comentados.
Then I drove down to Los Angeles from there with a camera guy, Kevin.
And there have been folks that wanted to meet with me, wanted to come out here before, and that was folks I'd already met before who know about the New World Order, but, yeah, they're kind of establishment Hollywood types.
Joe Rogan, I interviewed him, interviewed Gary Busey.
I was at Gary Busey's house in Malibu up over the ocean, beautiful house, beautiful porch, for eight and a half hours.
And I'll tell you more about the things he had to say maybe on another show.
We're out of time.
Maybe I'll do it in the first hour tomorrow.
And so I talked to him about the New World Order, and then I met with some other people, some Hollywood producers, pretty big names you'd probably know, who know about September 11th but say that the brakes have been put on it, that my name is well known at the biggest broadcast outfits and cable channels, known that the establishment is afraid of me.
I met with one of the former DAs of L.A.
who's concerned about all this and has connections trying to get something done.
These are people that contacted me
And they're scared, folks.
And I got to see Arnold traipsing around with the security guards that would beat up basically anybody that even got nearing and arresting old women as they were protesting.
This totally staged event.
And whores all over the streets.
Everybody worldly.
Just very evil, the vibe.
Very, very wicked.
And I was glad to get on that jet plane and get back to Austin, Texas.
But that's kind of a condensed five-minute analysis of what we did and the things that happened.
Who knows?
Maybe I'll get one of my staff to take the videotape of what we got and dump it to CD and play it here on the show.
So the camera guy went with Kevin.
He stayed there.
There's some other work he's working on, so he won't be back until next week.
But that's basically it, folks.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central.
Please tell your friends and family about the broadcast.
Global shortwave at 5.085 and 68.90 during the day at 12.172 and 93.20.
Just get out there and fight the New World Order.
We don't have a choice.
Be part of history.
Stand up for your family.
Take care.
Have a great day.
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