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Air Date: Oct. 8, 2003
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Big Brother.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
And today, this is Michael Corbin filling in for Alex Jones, who will return tomorrow.
Wow, what a day.
And as Alex has predicted, and we talked with him yesterday, well, it's official.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is now the governor of California.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What a mess!
Anyway, you've got to go check out InfoWars.com today.
Definitely check out InfoWars.com because...
The true nature of the identity of this man is really starting to spill out, and Alex has compiled a lot of information on InfoWars.com, which, again, you've got to check out today to find out who this man really is.
Interesting link that is on InfoWars.com to Matt Drudge's website.
Drudge has an interesting article about Schwarzenegger and being...
He was a nude model for Mapplethorpe, for Robert Mapplethorpe.
And this tells you a lot, tells you a considerable amount, because who was Robert Mapplethorpe?
Mapplethorpe was a pervert, a very sick pervert, who was in New York.
We're going to hear a little bit about him today anyway in our interview with my guest coming up here in a little bit.
But Mapplethorpe was a photographer who lived in New York and...
A man who is involved in some very, very dark, dark, insidious, evil things, including a peripheral involvement with the son of Sam, which is, again, what we're going to talk about today.
But what's even more telling is that Mapplethorpe was a homosexual who was in that circuit in New York City during those days when all that stuff was going crazy out there.
And he did photographs.
He compiled photographs, shot photographs of some pretty twisted, sick things, including one thing that he called the Piss Christ.
And that was one of the things that really, really put him on the map internationally.
But the guy was just a sick, twisted pervert.
But anyway, according to Drudge's investigation of him, Arnold Schwarzenegger...
...posed for nude photographs by him.
And we're talking about full nude photographs.
And just reading a little bit from Drudge's report here, it says, The shocking nudes of Republican Schwarzenegger have been kept under lock at the estate of Robert Mapplethorpe in New York.
Now, Mapplethorpe, whose infamous self-portrait with a bullwhip inserted in his anus, as well as many photographs of penises and men engaging in homosexual acts, considered Schwarzenegger one of his favorite subjects...
Now, those comes from sources close to the late artist, and they were telling this to Matt Drudge.
That is just the tip.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Kind of sounds like they all kind of travel in the same camp.
And speaking of that, there's also an article on there about George W. and his Nazi connections.
You see, this is all starting to come out to the surface now.
It's all starting to leak out.
Their game is now in the public venue.
It's in our face.
And I wonder what we're going to do about it.
It's really, really crazy.
It's really, really nuts.
And then they, let's see here.
I'm reading from a quote from ABC News that Arnold wrote in his 1975 book, Proposal for Pumping Iron.
Quote, I admired Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education up to power.
I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for what he did with it.
And he went on to say that he would have liked to be like Hitler in the Nuremberg Stadium and have all those people scream at you and just being total agreement in whatever you say.
This is the guy that's now the governor of California.
And there's other things coming out with this.
Stay tuned.
There's more coming up on the Alex Jones Show.
Our number today is 1-800-259-9231.
I'm Michael Corbin.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
And again, I'm Michael Corbin, sitting in for Alex Jones, who has been out in Los Angeles covering the Dog and Pony Show, known as the Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Bid for governorship.
Or as Alex called him, the Apollinator.
And indeed, this guy is really a piece of work.
This guy is a real twisted guy.
And I love listening to him talking about how he wants to work for the people of California.
Yeah, right.
So, anyway.
We're going to have an update from Alex today at some point on the finale of that whole thing.
As you know from the last couple of days, Alex has come in with special reports about what was going on out there, the mood and the whole climate in California.
And of course, as we all know now, Arnold Schwarzenegger is now governor-elect.
Gray Davis is out.
And now the game... Well, I shouldn't say that now the game begins, because the game's already afoot.
It's been in play.
This is just the next level of it.
So, you know, and as you heard yesterday with Matt... Not Matt Drudge, but with Greg Pallast, when he was on the program talking about the $9 billion Enron secret that he has, it's going to be interesting to see how this all plays itself out.
But you just can't help but get that feeling that, you know, something even worse now has...
The lesser of two evils may have been Gray Davis, but now that Schwarzenegger's in, it's going to be interesting to see where that really goes.
Okay, now, we have got quite a lineup today, and it's kind of interesting because, as I mentioned with the Drudge Report thing, Mapplethorpe has taken photographs, new photographs of Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others, and who knows what.
But Mapplethorpe had quite a background, and...
We're going to be talking today, our focus on the program today is going to be some of these criminal cabals, mind control.
I know Alex, even in Police State 3, the video that you need to get a copy of, he talks about white slavery, child pornography, the whole thing that surrounds all of these people, if you will, that you hear about.
But we're going to have three very interesting guests today.
We're good to go.
And he is, for a closer look, he is our criminal justice specialist, a very, very qualified man, someone who, as I said, as I mentioned, has been involved in some very high-profile cases.
He is a very, very good investigator, currently devotes his life in retirement, currently devotes his life to finding, locating missing and exploited children, and by God, you're going to find out how big of a problem this really is.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
He is, as I mentioned, a retired New York City police detective, and he has done many, many years investigating crimes that deal with vice, and currently is in retirement.
He is a closer looks criminal justice specialist, and it's a pleasure to work with him.
And I'm pleased to introduce him to the program today.
Good morning, Jim, and thanks for being with us on the program.
Good morning, Michael.
It's always a pleasure to do a show with you.
I enjoy doing it with you, too.
Let's frame for the audience now.
You heard the lineup we're going to have today.
We're going to have Noreen Gosch and Maury Terry on.
Basically, as I said, the focus of today's program, I want to look at the dynamics of how, in other words, we're going to start with the missing children thing.
I want to talk about some of the cases that you've been involved in and how they connected to a bigger picture.
Okay, I'm ready to go.
All right, well, let's start with the notion of satanic cults that have a large involvement in some of the crimes that we hear about in the news today.
Well, this goes back quite a ways.
In fact, at first when I started investigating this in the late 60s, early 70s, we had no clue what we were looking at.
And we also knew that at the time, the line of the government was that there is no such thing.
And if you remember when the young man in Matamoros, Mexico was killed?
And it was interesting, one of the reporters there had heard me speak about some of the things to look for.
In this particular case, it had to do with a cigar butt.
So that was an official line that they were taking.
For what reason, I can only guess that, but over the years, many times when they grab somebody that's involved, you'll see that the case gets investigated to a certain point and disappears.
And many times there's a legitimate reason for that, because you want to use that information to continue your investigation.
But I have never, ever seen anything happen after that level.
For instance, the Gadusik case in Maryland, when he was arrested, a very well-known man, and I think he ended up doing a year and then disappeared.
And what leads us back to him is that he came from the same area up in Yonkers where the Son of Sam case started.
Now, one thing, too, I failed to mention when I was setting this whole program up today.
The interesting thing is, and the relevance of what is going on today and the focus, like I said, of the program is this.
Carl Raschke, who wrote a book called Painted Black, I mentioned this yesterday on the program, I encouraged the listeners to get a copy of this because this book basically kind of outlines, you know, our society today is living in fear over terrorism.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
His definition of Satanism, he says, is not a new religion.
He says it is a It is the gestation of a permanent terrorist subculture in America.
Isn't that interesting?
Well, Michael, that is the heart of the problem right there.
They have, throughout these different cases, both in New York, California, with the Manson, and there are many cases that have never been revealed.
And you'll find that if you follow this through, there are connections.
Now, everybody, as soon as you say that, oh, here's another conspiracy nut...
But if it's more than two people, it is a conspiracy.
And it's not a card-carrying membership type thing.
This is very loosely connected, and it works through...
You know, the thing is that we're going to be talking about again today, too, is the fact you just mentioned Charlie Manson.
I think if you look back at some of this stuff, you'll begin to start seeing some common threads, and we're going to talk about that, not only with you, but also with Maury Terry today, what the common threads are between Charlie Manson, the son of Sam, and even the Atlanta child murders, the Jeffrey Dahmer himself.
There are connections, and I think a lot of people do not even realize that.
We're going to take a break.
When we come back, we'll continue with my guest, Jim Rothstein.
Our number today is 1-800-259-9231.
Again, that number is 1-800-259-9231.
We're going to be discussing also the aesthetics of terror.
We're going to find out just exactly.
We've connected some dots here over the last couple of days.
Number one being that terrorism is a lot of times state-sponsored.
We're going to find out just how all this works at the sub-ROSA level.
We'll be right back after this.
Again, our number 1-800-259-9231.
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I'm Michael Corbin sitting in for Alex Jones, who will return tomorrow.
And, again, we'll hear an update from him today at some point regarding the Dog and Pony Show.
I call it the Dog and Pony Show in California with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Anyway, returning with my guest is Jim Rothstein.
Jim, let's start off by, you as a retired New York City police detective, you were involved in a lot of interesting things, and let's talk about the connections that you discovered in some of the cases that you investigated in New York.
Well, let's start at the very beginning.
Good for it.
One of the things that happened is I arrested a man by the name of Ben Rose, a high-profile guy in New York at the time, who the information originally came in,
He was using the name of Dr. Rockefeller.
And what they were doing was supplying kids to some of the very top people or influential people in the country and at the United Nations.
So with that, we started picking up the different information, which led us eventually to what turned out to be the Son of Sam case.
But at the same time, there's also where Ben Rose is suspected of being one of the
Main people in the disappearance of Eaton Pat, the young boy who disappeared in New York and has never been solved, but the connections to some foreign elements are very strong there.
The other thing that happened in the late middle 70s, I interviewed a high priestess who had been convicted in a narcotics investigation.
Basically, that was done to discredit her.
But she ended up giving us probably the biggest information into how this whole scenario worked and how it is tied in with both our narcotics trafficking on the international level.
So you can see when you talk about terrorism, you tie that together, narcotics and everything, you have probably the greatest terrorist movement going.
Forget about
The Al Qaeda and all that stuff.
This is even bigger than that.
And it has been going on a lot longer.
But after I debriefed her, we had actually found out how this thing works.
And one of the other things that started this was when I first received the information in New York that led me to eventually what turned out to be the Son of Sam.
We started investigating at Untamaya Park.
Where we got reports of the sacrifice of German shepherds.
And that's what started the whole investigation.
It wasn't until I ran into Maury Terry and Maury started talking to David Berkowitz that we tied all of this together.
Now, when you say that this woman was a high priestess, a high priestess of what?
She was a high priestess in the occult.
There are different factions, but they basically all operate the same.
So she was like one of the head leaders.
Yes, she was.
She was Cuban, and she had come out of Cuba.
In fact, she had been Miss Cuba at one time, and then she fell into people in our intelligence community.
Or derivatives thereof.
You have to remember that
Some of these operations aren't really condoned by the CIA, but are offshoots of what I call the opportunity men who use legitimate things to enhance their own pocketbook.
Because money is a big motivator in this.
So you could say that they're more like rogue agents?
Yes, that's what I would call them, yes.
As you remember in the Frank Olson case now, which is the MKUltra victim who allegedly committed suicide, and now they've actually opened up a murder investigation where it has been disclosed that at that time our intelligence community was running three ore houses in New York.
And I actually had an informant out of that operation.
Now, Frank Olson is one that in the 50s, I think, was supposedly jumped to his death.
He was with those guys from the CIA, and they'd given him LSD.
Yes, that's part of that.
So you'll see how this stuff all crosses over.
A lot of it is to control and to cause chaos in society.
Okay, we've got about 30 seconds before we go to break.
Now, this woman that you're talking about, she opened up the door that ultimately led the New York Police Department into the Son of Sam investigation.
And as you said...
Meeting up with Maury Terry, who wrote the book Ultimate Evil, basically kind of helped put some pieces into place.
Yes, those were things that we had investigated, and like I said, it started with the killing of dogs, and I actually went to the site.
And later on, about six years ago, took Maury back to that location and showed him exactly where the whole thing had started.
Okay, hold that thought.
We'll get back to that.
Our number is 1-800-259-9231.
The aesthetics of terror is what we're talking about today.
Jim Rothstein is my guest.
We'll be right back after this.
I'm Michael Corbin.
Stay tuned.
There's more to come.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We'll get to you in just a moment.
First, before I get back to my guest, I want to mention to you again, it is very critical and vital that you get a copy of Alex's latest...
Video, Police State 3, Total Enslavement.
Now in this video, he shows how the greatest evil that mankind has ever faced is among us.
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www.infowars.com www.infowars.com As I mentioned, the topic that we're going to be talking about today is something that is covered in Police State 3 concerning what these guys are really up to.
We're talking about the dynamics of it.
As I mentioned, there is a specific word that is applied or applicable to all of the things that are happening in our culture today.
We're good to go.
I think?
Which was another one of those weird deals that seems to have a deeper level at work in it.
And these are kind of things that we have got to be aware of, that these are the clubs that they're using to beat us into becoming a fearful population, fearful and begging them to save us.
And this is where things are really, really wrong.
We can't go on like this.
We have to put a stop to this.
Welcome back, Jim.
Let's go ahead.
We've got a couple of callers online.
Let's go ahead and start taking some calls, and then we'll continue developing our topic today.
We've got Mike calling in from Florida.
Good afternoon, Mike.
You're on with my guest, Jim Rothstein.
How are you gentlemen doing this afternoon?
Thank you.
I don't want to throw you guys off topic.
I kind of wanted to make a comment on what you were talking about yesterday, Michael, but I don't want to take you guys too far off what you're talking about, because what you're talking about is really good and really important stuff.
Well, my comment is, I think that yesterday, I listened to yesterday's show, and I think that you are kind of planting the whole... I know you read an article about Quentin Tarantino and how he is promoting his movie towards 12 years old.
And I read that article myself, and I have to disagree with you in the fact that, from what I can read out of it, it sounded like what he was saying was really tongue-in-cheek and had a lot of satire to it.
And I think that you guys are trying to spin it
I don't think Quentin Tarantino is saying all 12-year-olds should see Kill Bill and participate in the violence or whatnot.
I think that that was more of a tongue-in-cheek thing that he was saying.
I was going to say, Mike, here's my take on all of this.
I'm a grown adult.
You're a grown adult.
You have filters that you have in place that you can filter a lot of stuff out and find out what's good and what's bad.
And you may have control over how you might react to stuff like that.
My whole contention with this is that this is just another of the many films that may have a satirical plot to it or whatever.
It might be something entertaining.
But the problem is that at a deeper level, a lot of these movies that are coming out of Hollywood are geared to deconstruct our society, desensitize people to important things that make us human and good.
And that's my take on it, and that's why I bring these kinds of things up, because children are watching this stuff and they don't have the filters.
They're not emotionally developed.
They're not capable of dealing with this in the same way that you or I would be capable of dealing with this.
And that's my issue with it.
Well, very true, but doesn't that fall more... I mean, the Motion Picture Association of America gives it an R rating, meaning no one under 17 should be seeing it without a parent.
Doesn't that responsibility fall more toward a parent than... Absolutely.
I agree with that, too.
I mean, the parents are ultimately responsible for what their children take in and what they're doing.
But, you know, like everything else in our culture today...
Everybody has been put so much to sleep that they don't even realize anymore the harm.
They couch it in things like it's a satire or this type of thing, and parents would be inclined to maybe even rent the movie or let their kids watch it.
They don't manage these things, and they don't realize how important it is to raise your children correctly and properly and to make sure that they're exposed to good things at that formative stage in their life.
I agree with you.
We've let the parenting become done by the TV and by mass media, not by the parents at all.
And, you know, listening to this show, listening to Alex, you know that Hollywood has been tasked.
I mean, look at what we've got in California now.
We've got the guy that's done Terminator, and a lot of people look up to him, and I think that was part of his glitz and his success in becoming the governor.
People look up to him as a fantasy role player, a character.
And it makes him bigger than life and invincible and that type of thing.
I think the media has a lot to do with shaping the way that we look at things.
Well, I'm a political science major at our college, and that was one of the things we always talked about was that the voting populace
And the media is the shaper of that.
I mean, the media is the purveyor of that.
That is what... You know, they used to say that reality dictates art.
You look at today, it's art or the media dictates reality.
What I see in my advanced age is the fact that you see a lot of young people identifying with what the media says is right and good, but all it's doing is it's confusing them.
You know, in a society where there are laws, moral relativism does not work when you're facing a judge for murdering somebody.
When you say, well, it was my right to murder this person.
For me, it was right.
That doesn't work.
They get convicted and sent to jail.
And these kinds of things set up these confusing models for kids to follow.
And, of course, where are the parents?
And I got one more quick comment, Michael, and I'll let you get back to your great interview and the job you're doing.
On the Terry Schiavo case, I live in Tampa, and I've been following this case ever since it first started happening.
And I don't think that this has anything to do with a conspiracy on the part of the judges or a conspiracy on anybody's part.
I think that this case really just boils down to the fact that Terry Schiavo, when she went into her current state,
Well, I agree.
I agree that it's a shame that this whole thing is going on.
But the thing is, is this.
I'm not saying it was necessarily a conspiracy with the judge.
What I'm saying is that regardless, no one should have the right... I mean, who could prove that she said that to her husband?
I don't believe that anyone should have the right to decide whether you live or die and you're incapacitated and you're unable to make that kind of choice
Number one, I think morally it's a wrong choice to make anyway for yourself to commit self-murder.
But what I'm saying is I don't think that this should even be an issue when it comes to the dignity and the value of human life.
They should not even be having this conversation.
Well, where do we draw the line then as far as a person being in a vegetative state for the rest of their life?
I think that line is being blurred.
As far as to how far we're going to take it.
See, the way I look at it is that when it comes down to who's God and who's not, who has the right to even make any kind of determination when science cannot?
Science has no explanation.
They've got the legal definitions and medical definitions of vegetative state, but yet this is still a living human being.
As you heard Pamela talking yesterday, she still responds to certain stimuli.
That, to me, I wouldn't even want to have that conversation.
We've got to move along, and I want to thank you for your call, Mike.
Keep listening.
Let's take another call.
Roger is calling from Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Good afternoon, Roger.
Yeah, thanks, Jens.
And I'm guessing you're heading in the direction of Berkowitz and the method and the commonalities with Nansen even.
That'd be an offshoot of sort of a subroza unprocurrent in Christian science.
I didn't want to take away from that at all.
And my question, if you don't think it has any real bearing, then please drop it and move on.
But I was very much interested.
I think it's a very important factor that needs to be developed, and that is
With the sort of official ivory tower, therefore the control tower, philosophical religious structure having degenerated into the logical outcome of the existentialism that it's impossible to know anything for certain.
We're all agreed present, I presume, that there is no such thing as the unspiritual man, merely certain undeceived ones among the number.
So you have this sort of schizophrenia between the official line, the party line, versus the reality, which is very much spiritual.
And I'm wondering, and of course with that existential view, therefore, that opens the way to Machiavellian reality.
I think?
And this is something as old as mankind itself, and the thing is that what we're seeing today is we're seeing these techniques that are being used on mass society, and it has a political agenda.
So that's what we're kind of going to be talking about later on as we go along.
But thanks for the call, Roger.
Appreciate it.
Jim, let's get back to this thing that you were doing in New York because I want to get some more of the dots connected before we bring Noreen on because I know that one of the things that you were really involved in in New York as a police detective was this thing about children.
You mentioned that children were missing and that they had been Ben Rose.
Who, by the way, was Ben Rose?
Ben Rose was a pedophile...
He was also a procurer.
He supplied kids.
He was one of the main guys on the scene at the time, not only in New York, but around the country.
Was he an affluent individual?
Very much so, yes.
His father owned a pharmacy on First Avenue, right off from the United Nations, and it had a lot to do with the international trafficking, too.
Of children?
Both male and female.
When you say trafficking in children, what kind of things are we talking about?
Well, you're talking about where they were taking young children, usually just as they were reaching puberty, and were using them for sexual purposes.
And an offshoot of all this, too, was where they used these kids to compromise people, which was a very big part of the operation.
Now, you'll go on.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
And this is what led to other things.
It's just like when you go one step further, these kids ended up being used in some of these occult and satanic-type ritualistic things.
And just because David Berkowitz was arrested did not stop.
And I see at the present time in my travels around the country, this is going on now as well as it was then.
Berkowitz was a small man in the operation.
And it goes into big organized places, doesn't it?
Yes, and you'll see the ties out to Manson.
You'll see the ties to the Franklin cover-up, which was John DeCamp's work.
In Nebraska.
Yes, and also there's where you get the direct connection back to Colby, who was at one time the CIA director.
Right, right.
And I'm quite sure when Colby started getting a guilty conscience on this, it led to his demise.
Yeah, Colby died mysteriously, and I think the camp even, you know, holds out to this day that he was murdered.
Yes, because at one point, I had an investigation where three little boys were murdered in New York on East 64th Street at Ben Rose's apartment.
In fact, he's the one that alerted me to it, and...
And eventually when Roy Cohen, who you know was involved in the McCarthy hearings, at one time confided to me that he in fact knew about it, and stated that one of his functions was that when these things happened to their people was to get them off, and the other part was to compromise people who they needed on their side.
And when you say you're compromising, you're talking about politicians and people of influence.
Yes, very much so.
That's really something that most people don't know about or look at.
It's one of the most effective things they have in the world.
Real quick, before we take our break, you heard me talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger posing for nude photographs with the pervert Mapplethorpe.
Well, Mapplethorpe, he showed up all over the place over the years.
Yeah, who was, you know, from a police perspective, who was this creep?
He was one of the first, oh, he came up many years ago already, and some of the investigations that tied to the, well, the whole thing to do with the children using boys and girls and anything weird you could consider, he was one of the leaders.
What do you think about that thing about Arnold posing nude for him?
Well, you know, I was just in California.
I just returned last night, and I just found it very interesting.
The only good thing I can see out of the whole thing is that people finally realize they do have the power to bring somebody back if he isn't doing his job.
The outcome, I don't necessarily agree with, but...
People have to understand, they can make these public officials do what they're supposed to do.
And they do it based upon some of the stuff that you discovered as a police officer.
It died in all over the place.
In fact, at one point in our investigation in the early 70s, Richard Nixon was the president at the time, and he was going to set up a big investigation into this and give us government financing, and lo and behold, he gets taken down.
And I've often wondered...
We're good to go.
I think?
And as you're hearing, these guys that are part of this New World Order thing, they all believe they're above the law.
Jim has a story, you know, we talk about human compromise, where they quashed a subpoena for national security in the murder of three young, innocent boys.
There's more to come.
Our number tonight or today is 1-800-259-9231.
We'll be right back.
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I'm Michael Corbin, sitting in for Alex Jones, who will return tomorrow to the...
We're good to go.
For the spread of violence and cultural terrorism, all the while hiding behind the cloak of the First Amendment.
It is an ideology that has found a strategic... Check this word.
It is an ideology that has found a strategic application in the criminal underworld, even if it was not invented there.
And I want you to keep that in your mind throughout the program today, because there is strong connections between where we are today, where we have arrived at,
We're good to go.
You've got to equate this with a criminal enterprise, a criminal cabal of people.
Whether or not the mainstream media says Al-Qaeda is responsible, what you find when you start peeling back the layers of the onion, you find some very, very interesting political connections and money.
You've got to keep in mind, too, that our president and his father raided savings and loans and other notorious scams.
Billions of dollars were sucked out of our economy, out of the pockets of men and women in this country.
And, you know, when you start looking at the dollars that we're talking about here, they add up to huge amounts of money, enough money to actually run maybe governments.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
What do you think, Jim?
That has always been the biggest question I had.
I never, and I've looked over the National Security Act of that, and nowhere have I ever found that killing children should be part of it.
There's no justification for it.
No, and what's amazing is that nothing has ever happened from that investigation.
All it did is any law, and here's another thing that's really amazing.
Any law enforcement agent who has ever gone after this has ended up with nothing but trouble.
The heat is tremendous.
I've seen it all over the country.
And as you mentioned, it's still going on today.
Oh, more now than ever.
Now, we're going to take our break, and when we come back, we're going to be joined by Noreen Gosch.
And this is going to illustrate just exactly what we're talking about here, about how
This kind of dynamic is at play, and what they do.
They utilize mind control techniques that the CIA refined under MKUltra.
And they work it on children.
And this is a very, very insidious business.
Stay tuned.
There's a lot more to come.
Our number today is 1-800-259-9231.
Callers, we'll get to you here in just a moment.
Stay on the line.
And we'll get back to that in just a minute.
I'm Michael Corbin filling in for Alex Jones.
And we'll be right back after this.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
And we continue.
Our number today is 1-800-259-9231.
I'm Michael Corbin sitting in for Alex Jones, who, as you've heard over the last couple of days,
The now governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger.
We will be getting an update from him today at some point during the program.
And he will return tomorrow with the Alex Jones Show.
And I have on line with me today Jim Rothstein, retired New York City police detective, who was involved in some very high-profile cases.
And we're going to be shortly joined by Noreen Gosch, who is the mother of a boy that was 12 years old when he was kidnapped, taken from the family.
And the story is just horrific, what they did to this boy.
And Noreen's life has been completely turned upside down, as Jim mentioned early on, about how anybody that gets into this kind of stuff and investigates it
She wrote a book called Why Johnny Can't Come Home, and it's just a heart-rending story.
Real quick, let's get to the phones and get some calls out of the way.
Ron, you're on with my guest.
Good afternoon.
Can we have Ron?
Ron, are you there?
Go ahead and put him on hold, and we'll go back to him later.
Let's go to Dave in Michigan.
Good afternoon, Dave.
You're on with my guest, Jim Rostein.
Jim there?
Yes, he is.
He's here.
Detroit Free Press, in the last couple of days, they've taken up a new cause.
Kindly old Dr. Kevorkian out of jail.
And Feiger, his lawyer that ran for governor, has taken his case back up again.
And they're saying that he's dying in prison of...
I agree.
Jim, you have any comment on that?
That is just totally absurd, but no, I don't really get into that stuff.
It's just all part of this whole program.
Yeah, it is.
Oh, man, it looks like some of the stuff they used to have on Night Gallery.
Well, it's obvious that somebody who's done the things that he's done is probably tormented by what may be awaiting him when he passes away.
I'd like to know how he contacted Hepatitis C in prison.
Okay, Dave, we've got to move on.
Thank you for your call.
Let's go ahead back to Ron in New York.
Good afternoon, Ron.
You're on with my guest, Jim Rothstein.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I had brought this issue up with Alex somewhere about, I guess, a week and a half ago.
I'm retired from the same organization as Jim.
And it was in reference to Robert Maplethorpe's association, or at least it was a suspected association, with the Carr brothers, who were suspected of being associated, of course, with the Son of Sam killings
And cultic activities.
Could he illuminate a little bit more on that?
Jim, have you got any comment on that?
Yes, there was a connection there.
The Carr brothers, which is actually, they're the sons of what is known as Sam Carr, who ended up being the guy that actually started or was the mover of this whole thing, which led to the son of Sam.
That's where the son of Sam comes from.
And at the time we did, I don't know when he retired, but Mapplethorpe showed up across the board on a lot of these things tied to the West Village and some of the other operations.
There was connections.
They were quite loose, but they were there.
As I understand it, the method was the organization or the cult that they belonged to.
Actually, it was called the process was the other name, yes.
The method was also part of it.
When it came time that at that time, in the late 70s, during the investigation... Hey, Ron, let me interrupt you.
I'm going to hold you over, okay?
We'll put you on hold and we'll come back to that.
We've got to take a break.
1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
We have on line with us a person who was involved in the investigation of the son of Sam and other notorious cases, and you're hearing all about it right here on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Michael Corbin.
Stay tuned.
There's more to come.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
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He'll be back tomorrow.
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Now, let's go back to Ron, our caller Ron from New York, and my guest Jim Rothstein, before we go to our other guest, Noreen Gosch.
Ron, are you with us?
Yes, I am.
Okay, go ahead.
Jim, you were making comments, too, as well.
Go ahead.
At the time, in the late 70s, when this occurred, the NYPD, my understanding, tried to speak with Mr. Mapplethorpe, who made himself scarce.
I believe he may have left the state, is what was indicated.
The funny part about that, and you know, this is one of the things with Arnold Schwarzenegger, though I was never supportive of his candidacy, I find really troubling his association with Mapplethorpe, or at least alleged association with him.
We move forward ten years later, okay, to the late 1980s.
Now, you remember the controversy in Ohio with Mapplethorpe's art exhibit?
An associate of mine at the time, an acquaintance, was a detective with NYPD, and I was an officer in NYPD.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
...had gone to the Far West as part of this investigation.
Now, this guy was very happy, quite satisfied with his career, didn't really have a care in the world, was a very good investigator, very good detective.
He came back from the Far West frightened.
All he had indicated, according to what my friend had said to me, was that he had encountered people of great status and influence as a result of this investigation...
Wanted nothing more to do with it and put in for early retirement.
And was never seen from again.
He said, you know, his friend never came by again to say hello or anything of that nature.
This is kind of the thing that you run into with this kind of stuff is that this apparently has connections at very, very high levels and a person can find themselves very dead if they press too hard on it.
It's time for that investigation.
Well, let me comment on that.
I can bring that up even closer.
Six years ago, I was brought back out to New York.
To Yonkers Police Department, where they had reopened the Son of Sam case.
And as soon as I got out there and the former chief of detectives who handled the Berkowitz case notified the police department to pull their detective off because there was no way they wanted the Son of Sam case reopened.
There was much more to the Son of Sam case than just the killings that took place.
Go ahead, I'm sorry.
And what happened to that detective is quite common.
I knew a number of guys that just flat out backed out of it and wouldn't go there.
I think I was the only one, and eventually they drummed me out of there.
I was forced to retire in 1980 because of the investigations we were doing.
One of my former partners, they in fact dropped a shrapnel bomb on his bed.
So you can see there's a lot of heat on this, and I think I know...
The detective, what he was doing out on the West Coast, because this definitely ties straight across.
It's the Interstate 90, what we call the Interstate 90-94 run, but that doesn't mean it doesn't go anywhere else.
The amazing part about it is, as I said, yeah, he became so frightened.
The guy went out there, you might describe him according, as I said, according to my professional associate, and he was my acquaintance and friend too, this guy.
His friend, who was a detective, went out there like daylight,
He came back like nighttime, frightened.
Threw his papers in early.
Threw his papers and retired early, which is, your guests will know that.
That is not the most usual occurrence in NYPD.
Nope, you know, you don't opt for early retirement.
He was so frightened, he never even called back.
Now, as a former police officer, I know this, you know this, you always sort of check back with your friends, how's everything doing, how you going?
The guy just completely disappeared off the map.
He felt that was consistent with his safety.
I'll just give you one more little anecdotal story.
It's not necessarily at Mapplethorpe.
Another friend of mine, who is presently with the NYPD, he's an active duty officer.
In his precinct, this is what happens.
There is a house with a number of people and a number of children in it, in his precinct area.
One of the neighbors make a confidential call to the Bureau of Child Welfare.
They suspect something.
So what happens, the social worker from that organization goes to the house, knocks on the door, gets no answer or cooperation.
They ask around with the neighbors.
Now, I'm sure this was not the neighbor that lodged the call.
The neighbor ignorantly informed the people that some official from the Department of Social Services was knocking at your door.
My friend, the Bureau of Child Welfare social worker, just a few days later, just a few days later, goes to his precinct, requests that the officers accompany her back to the house, and guess what?
Not only are they gone, the house was bulldozed.
There was nothing left.
They destroyed any evidence trail.
They disappeared into thin air and had the very house they were residing in obliterated and bulldozed.
So this is the way these people operate.
They don't leave any loose ends.
That's very correct.
Maury, if possible, could you get Ron to get my phone number and call me?
You want to do that, Ronnie?
I'll take his phone.
I'll be glad to do that.
Okay, the engineer will take your call, put you on hold, and get your phone number.
Now, Jim, we're going to move on because we've got Noreen Gosch online with us.
This is an incredible story, too, that basically goes into some very strange places as well.
And let's go on right directly to Noreen.
Noreen is the mother of Johnny Gosch, who disappeared in the 80s.
He was 12 years old.
We're good to go.
Noreen, thank you for being on the program with us today.
Well, thank you so much for having me on.
I really appreciate it.
No problem.
Let's go real quick to your story.
We've got about four minutes before we take a break, but go ahead and tell your story.
Tell your story.
On September 5, 1982, my son was delivering his Sunday morning newspapers, and he was kidnapped off the street.
There were two men that they could tell, one vehicle, and there were several witnesses that saw the people take him.
And there were also in the group of witnesses, one of them was a 44-year-old attorney.
So we had fairly reputable witnesses.
And as in a lot of situations with kidnapped children, you don't always get the response that you hoped for with law enforcement.
That has changed since Johnny's kidnapping.
But something wasn't right here, and I knew it.
The police were not following through.
They told us to sit at home and wait, and that they couldn't do anything for 72 hours.
The truth was, they chose not to in this case in West Des Moines, Iowa.
Now, you found out as part of your investigation that...
That there was some premeditation and Johnny had been stalked or selected probably beforehand for being kidnapped.
That's true.
Nine years later, a young man came forward by the name of Paul Benassi who stated that he had been present at the time of the kidnapping.
In fact, he helped.
He was one of the kidnappers.
And he told us how our family had been watched for some period of time.
And then they also came into our neighborhood...
A few weeks before the kidnapping and took photos of Johnny.
So they knew exactly who they were coming after, and they watched our movements.
They knew what time he went on his paper route and things of that nature.
Now, was this in Des Moines, Iowa?
West Des Moines.
West Des Moines.
Jim, you're very familiar with the Omaha, Nebraska child pornography and satanic ring that was going on there.
Who was Paul Benassi?
Paul Benassi was one of the primary victims, and the one that John DeCamp worked with very closely, and we got a lot of information off of that.
And the Johnny Gosch case definitely ties off all of these things.
It's the same with many other cases around the country.
And I'm quite familiar with Noreen's story.
I've met and talked to Noreen a number of times.
And this is one of the classic cases...
Why the police didn't investigate is the big question.
I had personally spoke to the captain, or I guess he ended up being the captain, who basically told me there was nothing done.
Okay, Noreen, go back to your story.
In the brevity of time, we're going to have to kind of punctuate it a little bit.
Johnny disappears.
The cops don't seem to be helping at all in trying to help find him.
Go on from there.
Well, it was a matter of frustration and urgency.
I hired private investigators to begin a search of my own, and it was through that search that I was able to find out the majority of the information about what happened to Johnny, who was involved, and the information that came from Paul Benassi was extremely helpful.
What did you find out from Benassi?
I found out that Johnny was taken for purposes of being in a prostitution pornography ring.
Excuse me.
And that these kids were shipped all around the country to be used by wealthy pedophiles and that Johnny, in fact, was very much alive.
And it was several years later that he did show up on my doorstep.
And I do believe that to this day that he is probably in touch with and communicates with Paul Benassi.
He would be considered a trusted friend.
Paul was very young at the time Johnny was kidnapped.
And he was forced to participate by the kidnappers because they had done the same thing to Paul, basically.
Okay, hold that thought.
We've got to take a break.
When we come back, we'll continue with your story, Noreen.
That's Noreen Gosch and Jim Rothstein on the line with us.
Filling in for Alex Jones, I'm Michael Corbin.
Our number is 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
There's a lot more to come.
We'll be right back.
Stay tuned.
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And returning are my guests, Noreen Gosch and Jim Rothstein.
Noreen is the mother of Johnny Gosch and the author of the book, Why Johnny Can't Come Home.
And Jim is a retired New York City police detective who devotes his life now to locating missing children.
And as we're hearing, there is a connection, and we're going to hear that from Noreen, too, as well, about her own particular individual case.
From what she has learned in her investigation, there is a connection to much, much greater places.
And as we've heard Jim talking, even with caller Roy from New York, these leads about this stuff go into some very high places, and they are for what I would even call a term that Michael Sweeney has coined, political control technologies, if you will.
Noreen, let's go back to your story.
Getting to the part now, Johnny shows up,
You've had a really frustrating time, lots of trouble with law enforcement.
Nobody seems to want to do anything about it, and you've gone out on your own investigation here trying to locate your son.
Johnny shows up on your doorstep.
What does he tell you about this stuff?
Yes, Johnny did show up after seeing me on a national TV program, and while he was here, which was a very short time, he told me that he indeed was taken for exactly what Paul Benassi had told us,
Prostitution, pornography, that he had been moved all around the country and that he had broken away from this group of people after he outlived his usefulness to them and that he and another couple of kids had been more or less on the run, hiding in various places, changed their identities, their looks, their appearance, everything, just so they could survive and not be
Found again by the men who had taken them.
I thought he was home to stay when he showed up at the door, and that was not the case.
When I offered to call somebody for some help, he said, No, I can't stay.
If I do, they'll kill me.
I have to go.
But I wanted to tell you what had taken place.
And in his mind, he thought that
And he then left after a couple hours' visit.
Directly after that, about a week later, I was able to get the county attorney to meet with me and I went in and I gave him all the information that Johnny gave me but I told him that there was an informant that had come forward.
I did not reveal that it was my son and it was because Johnny asked me not to tell anyone that he had been here and I didn't for over two years.
After two years,
Of course you were under oath.
And long story short, the story went nationwide, and then there were a lot of people that said, oh, well, he's not alive, she made it up, you know, all that kind of crap.
And Johnny's life basically really is at stake as well as these other young kids.
They don't trust anyone.
Why should they?
There were law enforcement people involved in it.
We know that right from Des Moines, Iowa, when Jim talked to the captain.
He told them they didn't do anything because they were told not to.
You hear this a lot, don't you, Jim?
Yes, you do.
And for the people in the audience who do not believe what Noreen's saying, there were things that were told to her that I knew about long before Johnny came home.
And the other thing that I have seen, and this is important to remember, once they have these people 72 hours, they're gone.
And it takes some very qualified people to bring them back into the norm again.
Hold that, both of you.
We've got to take another break.
1-800-259-9231 is our number.
Noreen Gosch and Jim Rothstein are my guests, and there's a lot more to come.
This is a very, very complex story.
But we're hearing about it, so we'll be right back after this.
Stay tuned.
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Now, back to my guests, Noreen Gosch and Jim Rothstein.
And real quick, I want to get a little bit more commentary from Noreen in just a moment, but let's take a couple of calls, okay?
We've got Eric calling in from Texas.
Good afternoon, Eric.
You're on with my guests.
Eric, you're on the air.
Hi, Michael.
I'm calling in about the general topic that we're talking about, and would you agree that's Satanism?
Well, Satanism is a large part of it.
The word I ascribe to the topic today is the aesthetics of terror, and we're going to get to that in the next hour about the bigger picture and how this plugs into everything.
I just want to introduce myself.
My name is Eric Rainbolt, and I'm from Austin, Texas.
I live here with Alex.
I'm an ex-show producer.
On Channel 10, 8 p.m.
here in Austin on Wednesday nights.
And I have a website, 9-11 Exposed, and I'm calling in because this topic, I didn't think I'd ever get to this topic, but I got involved at 9-11, and then, as you know, the rabbit hole goes much deeper.
So I just published an essay called Our Satanic President, which is chock full of information and links.
Well, Eric, I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
I'm going to put you on hold.
Give your phone number to the board operator, the engineer, and we'll make contact, okay?
Okay, but I do have a few more questions about this and a comment.
I'm going to bring up a topic.
Are you still there, Michael?
Yeah, I'm here.
Okay, great.
I just want to bring up this topic because I heard on another show, on Genesis, another caller called in, and he was calling about the same topic, child sex rings.
And he brought up...
This FBI operation called Operation Brownstone.
And when I did a cursory search through Google.com, typing in Operation Brownstone, I came across a letter of links regarding this.
I was wondering if we could shed some light, some knowledge on that.
And I also have that link posted on 9-11 Exposed inside the article, Our Satanic Presidents.
Thanks, Eric, for the call.
Jim, do you have any comments on Operation Brownstone?
Yes, I'm familiar with it, although I have not had the opportunity to look into it in depth.
But, yes, I'm familiar with it.
Does it go into these directions that Eric was saying?
Yes, it does.
Let's take another call.
Diane from South Carolina.
You're on with my guests.
Good afternoon, Diane.
My question is the Lacey Peterson out in California.
When they were talking about this could be satanically linked, oh, everybody jumped up and said no, no, no.
But from hearing and reading some of your stuff and other people's stuff, it talks about that at that time of year, December 24th, around that, they get a pregnant woman, they take the child, and then later on they talk about the child being sacrificed.
Does either one of your people know about this type of stuff?
Could it possibly be linked?
In fact, up in Maine, I had some priests come to me who had a mother who they were going to take the child and sacrifice.
There are other cases similar to that.
There is a type of thing that does involve that, yes.
Thank y'all for everything you're doing, because like I said, if y'all don't tell us,
Nobody will ever find out.
Keep listening, Diane.
You got it.
That's right.
Thanks for the call.
Noreen, do you have any comments on that?
I know, did Johnny mention to you anything having to do with any kind of occult rituals or anything like that involving the group that he was involved in?
I have not gotten any information directly that he was, although Paul Benassi did describe cult activities and satanic rituals that he was forced to attend.
But he did not attend the same ones that Johnny might have.
I just don't have information in that area.
Now, maybe Jim might have something.
Well, I would like to bring up one thing, Noreen, and see if this is true in your case, which I believe it is.
All the shows that you and I have done together and separate...
What amazes me, no politician on either the state or federal level or any law enforcement agent has ever called to find out more.
I find this just mind-boggling.
A person would think somewhere in this country there must be somebody who is willing to stand up.
I would think so, too.
My feelings, exactly.
There's never been anyone.
I even testified for a Senate hearing.
Senator Spector in 1984.
Arlen Magic Bullet Spector?
Oh, interesting.
And it was the organized crime hearings and how they had any relationship to kidnap children.
I wasn't brought in to testify on the missing children hearings, but they brought me in for the organized crime one.
Well, that's interesting because they made sure that I did not attend any of that.
They didn't want me there.
That was in August of 1984, and then after that hearing, nobody did anything.
None of those official people sitting there in that room ever contacted me again about anything in my testimony, which laid it out pretty well about what I suspect had happened to Johnny based on my private detective reports, and I documented everything.
They weren't interested.
They just did the hearings, I think, as a feel-good kind of effort.
To make the public think they're doing something.
Sure, and that's why we need people like Maury and other people in the media to start pushing this thing and hope somebody has the guts to take it on.
Jim, by the way, it's Michael.
Michael, I mean.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, that's okay.
I think that a lot of people are easily compromised.
Don't you, Jim?
Very easily compromised.
And scared of their careers.
Yeah, for either something they've done in their lives that they don't want to come out, or their careers, or maybe the safety of their own families.
That's been my experience.
Very true.
Well, let me ask you this, Jim, from a law enforcement perspective.
You know, obviously, in Noreen's case, the satanic thing in Omaha, Nebraska, led to a very illustrious character who has been in the news other times, a retired lieutenant colonel from the Army.
Michael Aquino.
Noreen, did that come up in any of your investigation?
Oh, yes.
He was referred to as the colonel.
Oh, yes.
And his name has come up repeatedly by Benassi and other witnesses.
That have indicated he was behind Johnny's kidnapping.
Jim, what can you add to that?
Yes, Aquino's name has come up many, many times over many investigations.
There was a little book put out called The Masters of Persuasion, which he threatened that if this book came out, he was going to sue.
And so far he hasn't sued, and I hope he does because I would love to see what his response would be to the information that is out there about his connection to all of this.
Now, Aquino, as some people in the audience may know, I know this name has come up before on different programs, he's the lieutenant colonel from the Army that was...
I don't want to say he was not convicted.
As a matter of fact, they dropped the charges.
But his name came up in the investigation at the Presidio in San Francisco in the daycare center there, the Presidio Daycare Center, where several children had alleged that they had been victimized and ritualized by Aquino and the director of the daycare center, Gary Hambright.
And, of course, that whole thing was covered in what paper was it?
The San Jose Mercury News?
You remember, was it?
Yes, it was.
That is an interesting story in and of itself.
And, of course, there was actually allegations that came up from other military bases that he had been involved in where the allegations were basically the same.
And, you know, the thing is we're talking about children here now.
And some folks will recall the McMartin Daycare Center in Manhattan Beach, California, that also there was a big trial over that deal about the children claiming that they had been brutalized.
From your perspective, Jim, again going back to some of the stuff that you've learned in your career as a law enforcement officer, some people have called it Project Monarch.
And, Lorraine, you may have a comment about this, too, but some people call it Project Monarch.
Now, I know that nobody has ever been able to verify that that is the correct title of the operation that is alleged to be connected to the CIA.
But one of the things that Project Monarch has dealt with, as far as what we know about it...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Multiple personality disorder is a trauma-based conditioning.
It is a psychological aberration or problem that comes up from ritually abusing children, and it seems like this is kind of the method that they use.
They get children at a very early age, and they do this to them, and they train them to become prostitutes, drug couriers, assassins even.
Can you add to that, Jim?
Yes, I have heard about this.
I have never been able to prove it, but over the years, dealing with many of the victims, there is a loose-knit connection that I find where these people fall into this and are, I shouldn't say programmed, because it's not that definite an item, but influenced or motivated to follow that type of lifestyle, yes.
I have never been able to verify that it officially exists.
Noreen, did Johnny mention anything to you about anything like that that occurred to him, like any kind of brainwashing or mind control?
Yes, he did, and so did Paul Benassi.
And Paul Benassi claimed that they had areas in the Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, where they did this.
And then I did a radio program, and people who had worked at Offutt Air Force Base
And were no longer there, called in.
These were ex-military men.
Called in on the program and said that, yes, that was true.
They were conducting those mind control experiments, and they had classrooms full of children.
And then they would take them to other Army bases or Air Force bases for other types of training.
And my question was, well, how did they bring you in without somebody asking questions?
And they were brought in, and they were meshed right with ROTC.
And then nobody would ask any questions.
It's just another group of ROTC.
And Paul Bonacci also told me that a lot of the kids that were taken, kidnapped, for this purpose, some were trained on the military side and some were trained as prostitutes for the clergy.
And he said there was two separate types of training.
It wasn't like he was, you know,
Sitting in a library.
We've got Ron calling in from Oklahoma.
Let's grab a call.
Good afternoon, Ron.
You're on with my guests today.
We have a little bit of time, so make it quick.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Okay, Michael.
I just finished Tex Marr's book, Circle of Intrigue, The Illuminati.
It's got me wondering about a connection.
Your guest, Jim, mentioned Richard Nixon.
Pressure brought the bear on him.
I'm wondering what we're talking about here.
Simply pedophiles, assaults, panic, criminal, kidnap for profits.
Can he enlighten me as to what's going on here?
Well, yes.
All these things mesh together.
You'll find there's different levels.
They go from one level to the next.
It's across the board.
It's loose-knit, and it just functions.
These things all tie together.
What about the Secret Society of the Illuminati, the Invisible Hand, which I've been aware of for years, that I'm now just beginning to find out about from
Looks like a circle of intrigue, an order out of chaos.
Yes, you'll see all of these.
Why are they secret societies?
In any society that's secret, where you go through an initiation that degrades you or breaks you, is part of the program.
That's what it's all about.
It's about control.
Yes, mind control.
Controlling you in your lifestyle, controlling you in how you think.
That's what the purpose of it is.
The invisible hand, the propaganda machine that runs Hollywood, the media, blah, blah, blah.
I'm also getting the impression here that we've got the CIA and military and Department of Defense involvement in this.
And it makes me wonder about Matrix, DARPA, and Echelon, how much information they're gathering and how they're going to use this to possibly blackmail officials and public officials, law enforcement, whoever, to do their bidding.
Ron, that's the game.
That is the game.
That is the game.
It's about money and control.
It's about influence and positioning people like pawns on a chessboard to ultimately bring us into tyranny.
And that's where this is all going.
It's mind-boggling.
Thanks, guys.
You're right, it is.
Thanks for your call, Ron.
We've got to move on.
We've got to take a break.
Noreen Gosch and Jim Rothstein will join me on the other side of the break.
There's more to come.
Stay tuned.
Our number today is 1-800-259-9231.
Noreen is going to give out information, too, about how you can get a copy of Why Johnny Can't Come Home.
It is quite a story, and it is sick what these people are doing to our children.
We'll be right back after this.
I'm Michael Corbin filling in for Alex Jones.
There's more to come.
We'll be right back.
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And Noreen, real quick, can you give out the information about how people can get a copy of Why Johnny Can't Come Home?
Yes, people can go to my website, which is www.johnnygosh.com.
And on there, there's information.
There's also a printable copy.
Order form if they wish to just mail a check, or they can do it through the Internet.
Again, that's www.Johnny, J-O-H-N-N-Y-G-O-S-C-H.com.
That's right.
Noreen, you've got a couple of minutes before the end of the hour.
Put in, you know, just wrap it up for me, would you?
Well, up to present day, we know that Johnny's still alive, and I was given information about a couple of weeks ago.
That he moved from one location where he had been living to another.
And apparently he felt it was safer.
There was some reason for him to pick up stakes and move.
And this is pretty much what these kids do.
They don't have any formal education, usually past junior high, so they just move around the country and live as a vagabond.
And he recently moved again, from what I was told.
And that's the latest.
That's the latest.
As a mother, and I know this has been extremely painful for you, but as a mother, what do you say to these people that were responsible for what they did to your son?
I want to see justice served.
I'm not a seeker of revenge, but I feel that justice needs to be served because these people will continue to hurt other children and ruin more and more families every chance they get.
They won't stop.
As long as there's supply and demand, there will be kidnappings of children.
How has this changed your outlook or viewpoint on what's going on, like civil authorities, law enforcement, and that type of thing?
I've been very disappointed in the reaction of our law enforcement locally.
I know they were bought.
They were told not to investigate.
And the former police chief died earlier this year.
And I had hoped that once his death had taken place,
That maybe it would loosen up some information, and that has not happened yet.
We know the extent of the involvement there, and this has been a very long, hard road, and the one detective who was helpful to me on the department is in Iraq.
He's with the National Guard, and he won't be back for some time.
So my one ally I have there is not there right now.
Is Johnny free of that lifestyle?
In other words, as long as he's away from them, he has the opportunity to try and get his life back, and I assume that's part of what he's doing.
No, he's free to the degree that he's not doing exactly what they had him doing, but without education or any other formal training, I'm sure that he earns money any way he can to live, and that's
No, of course not.
No, it's very hard to think about that.
And he's a grown man now.
He's not a little boy anymore.
Well, Noreen, thank you very much for coming on the program.
Thank you so much.
And hello to Jim, and thank you, too.
Thank you, Noreen.
Bye-bye now.
We'll be in touch, Noreen.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And that was Noreen Gosch.
Coming up next hour, we're going to be joined by Maury Terry.
We're good to go.
It just goes into some wild places, and Jim Rostein will be staying with us on that part of the hour, too.
So there's a lot more to come.
Our number today is 1-800-259-9231.
And we'll be right back after this.
Callers, we'll take you coming up back from the break.
Stay tuned.
There's a lot more to come on the Alex Jones Show.
Filling in for Alex Jones, who will return tomorrow.
I'm Michael Corbin.
We will be right back.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.