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Air Date: Oct. 3, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
And it's hard to believe, but it's here.
It's already Friday, the 3rd of October, 2003.
And next Tuesday, we're going to have the recall election in California.
And there have been some new revelations, well, for the rest of the country, not for listeners of this show.
It broke out last night on the television news and this morning in all the big papers.
The new revelation, why they've broken a big story here, that Arnold said that he admired Hitler and wanted to be Hitler.
Now, I've been telling you this over and over again.
This is not a new revelation.
I finally read the groping revelations.
They were worse than I thought.
He admits up to this and apologizes to it.
I mean, he wasn't just groping women because he was attracted to them, which is bad enough, with no self-control.
It was about control.
It was about being mean to them.
The type of stuff he would do was about the exercise of power over them.
And I know, overall, the whole recall election is a big distraction, a big diversion.
It is the fifth largest economy in the world, but you're going to get a Cruz Bustamante, a Davis, a Schwarzenegger.
They're all a bunch of trash.
I mean, they're all in the same category.
But to see President Bush four times saying he'd make a great governor, make a good governor, to hear Limbaugh and Sean Hannity defend him and say he's a great guy, the Washington Times today, I am just amazed by the Washington Times.
Though they are Moonies, I guess we forget that.
The Reverend Moon running things.
They have endorsed Arnold.
They say he is a conservative for America.
It's on Infowars.com right now, folks.
You ought to read it.
Infowars.com is being updated right now.
In fact, some of the sites have already been updated, but the update is going to keep going for the next hour with more stories being added.
So continue to hit refresh on the website.
The story is that Limbaugh and Bush and
The Washington Times are endorsing Arnold.
Oh, by the way, I went to pick up some laundered shirts yesterday at the local laundry and was accosted by Moonies.
The Moonies are back!
I remember being a little kid in the 70s and my dad having to beat the Moonies off with a stick if we went for a walk around the neighborhood or were walking into a store.
Well, they were back.
This time they had like 17-year-old girls literally pushing up against me trying to get me to give them $15 for the Moonies.
So, just more and more of the cockroaches coming out from underneath the floorboards here.
Of course, the Reverend Moon says that he is Jesus, by the way, and that he funds a lot of the so-called Christian Riot Organizations, so we know we're in so much trouble.
The Washington Times does have some good writers, by the way.
It does do better reporting than a lot of papers.
But, again, it's like rat poison.
98% of its good food is the 2% that kills the rats.
This morning I was reading the editorial by the Washington Times editors about how Arnold is the one, is the headline, and we just love Arnold.
He embodies conservatism.
Folks, you've got to read it to believe it.
Again, it's like saying Hitler embodies the ADL or something, or Hitler embodies freedom or something.
I can't handle it anymore.
It's just amazing.
So I have written an addendum to my article, The New World Order Elite Has Big Plans for Arnold.
And that's been posted right now on Infowars.com with just some of the new bullet points of what's come out about this guy on top of the huge article I wrote exposing him.
So please email it out to every radio station, every TV station, especially if you're on the West Coast, and demand that your local neocons speak the truth about Arnold.
And as they read the article, every comment, every statement we make is hyperlinked to mainstream news.
Everything we say is documented, okay?
All right, we'll be right back, get to all the serious news, like more on race-specific bioweapons, more on NAFTA, GATT, the area of the free trade of Americas, being expanded, NAFTA on steroids.
We're going to get into all the serious news as America is deconstructed.
Hopefully we can hit the global top of the pass and stop them.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I was up until about, I don't know, 3 a.m.
last night, working on a new documentary film.
Any minute...
They're behind the power outages.
The government can't get the Taliban and al-Qaeda because they've got suitcase nukes in the country, and they're blackmailing Bush.
That's why the CIA flew out.
They said 5,000 Taliban and al-Qaeda, and they claim the Russians did that.
No, it was the Pakistan intelligence and CIA, and that's admitted in every paper.
So interesting little tidbits mixed in there.
And so that's why all this is happening, and, well, Governor Ridge is trying to save us.
Let me tell you why the power is going off worldwide, because this is their excuse to jack up the power prices.
Under deregulation, my power prices, just three or four years ago, I would have a $300, $240.
During the summer, it might be $400, but generally, the average is about $240-something.
I've gone back and looked it up.
Folks, this summer, I had $1,000 power bills, okay, in the same house.
$1,000 power bills at $700-something during the winter.
Butane, propane's way up.
The gasoline's all up.
I guess Al-Qaeda did that too.
And yes, you've got power outages all over.
Yes, it's concerted.
Yes, it's not an accident, folks.
They're turning the power off on purpose from all the evidence I've seen to make you think that there is an artificial scarcity of power.
And their solution is to centralize
All of the nations and really the world's power systems on a regional basis through one major hub, which destroys redundancy and allows for greater problems, but see, it brings monopoly and oligopoly.
When you hear deregulation, it's the opposite.
It's just the government isn't going to run it.
A fascist cartel is.
That's the only difference.
So we won't have socialism, we'll have fascism.
Just a different type of command and control.
And so the more I listen, I mean, it's just amazing.
Folks, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are CIA.
The FBI trained the hijackers, paid for their houses, their cars, their credit cards.
The hijackers were just patsies to be seen at the scenes of the crime.
They weren't on board the aircraft.
That's what the evidence shows.
It's a conspiracy theory, like saying the moon's made of cheese to claim these 19 guys took over four planes and did all this and NORAD stood down for an hour and 20-something minutes and on and on and on and on.
But I've got all this serious news about dozens and dozens and dozens of race-specific bioweapons experts who produce weapons that will kill certain races of humans, certain subgroups of the species.
And I see them creating the BioShield, the federal program to lock down the cities, to forcibly inject you, putting in the highway barrier shutdown systems, the internal checkpoints, militarizing the police, getting rid of Posse Comitatus, bringing in the fire dribs, publicly training them,
I watch all this in just abject disgust.
I don't want to say horror or terror, though a certain area of my mind is terrorized by it.
I have control of my faculties in that respect.
And then in the midst of this, I watch the news of Limbaugh under investigation for buying hundreds of thousands of dollars of painkillers that he supposedly gobbles with extreme pleasure.
We've got Arnold running around screaming in front of huge crowds, I hate blacks, I hate N-N-N-N, I hate you, you're garbage, I love Hitler, I want to be a dictator at Nuremberg, I love Hitler.
Grabbing women, telling them the most filthy things you can imagine.
And then he's endorsed by the Washington Times as conservatism.
Folks, I have the article.
He is what we need in America of family values.
They actually say that.
This is like a Monty Python skit or something.
It's a joke.
And let me tell you something.
I'm very, very angry.
Because I've stood up to Nazis.
I've gone out and bullhorned the Klan.
It's a bunch of federal officers.
The militia snuck into the good old boy roundup in 92 where top FBI, CIA, DEA, police, FBI, they were all there
Hanging black people in apogee, selling what they call offensively nigger hunting licenses.
And we've been instrumental in exposing how they control the racist Mexicans, the racist whites, the racist blacks, how all these racial groups are controlled, turn us all against each other.
I've been a stalwart supporter of liberty and freedom.
And I remember two years ago, the New York Times, the opening salvo, mixing me into an article, folks, that had, yes, bin Laden and top Nazis in it.
They didn't say I was a Nazi.
They just said, well, Mr. Jones believes the elite go to Bohemian Grove, as do other extremists.
And then when I said the government could be behind the space shuttle as a diversion right before the war when they were losing momentum, as a unifying factor, a psychological trigger of the high being...
Being under attack.
And lo and behold, there I am on the ADL website.
Didn't say a word about Caucasians.
Didn't say a word about Asians.
Didn't say a word about Semitic people.
Had nothing to do with it.
I just said, we need to investigate this.
Don't believe a word comes out of NASA's mouth.
And there I was.
Mixed in with every sundry group and good group you can imagine as well.
I'm sick of it.
And then to watch these groups...
The Simon Wiesenthal Center and others endorse Arnold.
Makes me want to puke.
Folks, they know good and well Arnold said he admires Hitler and dictators.
That was in earlier versions of Pubbing Iron.
They know good and well he did those interviews.
They got intelligence files that are amazing.
They know good and well he's a Nazi.
They know he's a big fat pig.
They don't care.
It's just a politically correct tool to beat good Americans over the head when we try to defend ourselves from the New World Order.
And I'm sick of it!
And I'm calling you out.
You're the people that behave like Nazis.
You're the people that protect Nazis.
You're the people of the U.N.
who, when it came out that Kirk Voltheim was this big Nazi, that defended him at the U.N.
The New World Order likes Nazis.
They like real Nazis.
And I'm sick of them coming out and calling good people Nazis.
I'm upset about it.
I'm angry about it.
And that's why I have...
Well, I've written a little, I guess what you could call an addendum.
I've written an addendum to my article about Arnold Schwarzenegger.
It's on InfoWars.com, and I hope you'll email it out to all news, radio, everybody, and say, Hey, Neocon, wake up!
How can you endorse this guy?
How can the Washington Times endorse this guy?
Listen to this.
The full story on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the self-proclaimed wannabe dictator, updated 10.03.03.
I wrote this about 45 minutes ago.
Since we first researched Arnold and wrote the article below, even more amazing revelations have surfaced and then have been confirmed concerning his frightening character.
Here are just a few of the new developments.
Fellow champion bodybuilders Robbie Robertson and Rick Wayne have gone public about Arnold Schwarzenegger's running career.
Around in front of huge crowds at bodybuilding meetings, screaming, down with the blacks, down with the N-word, on and on, all blacks out.
And we have a link to mainstream news articles in front of hundreds of witnesses where he did this.
In a 77 interview for Rolling Stone magazine, Arnold said he dreamed of being a dictator and controlling large groups of people.
We have a link to the original article, the news clippings.
In a 1977 interview for Rolling Stone, folks, he said he dreamed of being a dictator controlling large groups of people.
Now ABC News is reporting that Arnold wrote in a 75-book proposal for Pumping Iron that later became a movie that, quote, I admire Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education up to power.
I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for what he did with it.
What he did with it.
He went on to say that he would have liked to be like Hitler in Nuremberg Stadium and have all those people screaming at you and just being totally in agreement with whatever you say.
We've also discovered that Schwarzenegger is in the private porno collection of infamous Robert Mapplethorpe.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Out of the tragedy that is Arnold's candidacy, some good can be gleaned.
I can think of no better example of the Republican Party showing themselves as the neocon whores that they are.
Arnold is diametrically opposed in his actions and his policies to every traditional American value in our history.
And he is being given massive endorsements from George W. Bushes and Sean Hannity's of the world.
And think about at the 100th birthday of Strom Thurmond,
Trent Lott, who was bucking Bush trying to pass the partial birth abortion ban, he's been told don't do that.
He just says, oh, you'd have made a great president, buddy.
Just a little side comment.
The neocons got on the radio and said, yeah, he should step down.
Bush didn't defend him.
We've got a country where people freak out if in a banned display of World War II amongst a bunch of flags, eight other flags, there's a swastika, they freak out going to convulsions of mindless idiocy.
But Arnold can run around saying he loves Hitler, and he still gets the endorsement of the Washington Times.
I mean, it just shows, folks, it isn't about substance.
It isn't about reality.
So you want gun control.
You want higher taxes.
You want to be regulated.
You want more nap than gas.
You want to have secret police on every corner.
You like it.
You're not real conservatives out there.
You're not real Americans, and you know who you are.
You are shameful, pitiful slime...
We want to be slaves, and so you're going to get it.
Now, a lot of us don't want this to happen, and so regardless of what you do, we're going to stand up and fight.
We'll be right back.
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All right, coming up, there have been more serious developments of race-specific bioweapons being developed by the world.
This is really serious stuff.
Bush men scramble to contain spy leak scandal.
Japanese city plans GPS tracking system for children in the wake of teen abduction.
Oh, see, a child's been abducted.
You all have to be tracked now.
And, oh, you need the chip now.
Moron Bush not serving in the Air National Guard going AWOLed.
And just a bunch of other really vital news and info.
We're going to have wide open phones on this worldwide transmission on this 3rd of October, Friday edition.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
But really, are you as amazed as I am that Trent Lott could be burned for nothing and hung out to dry by the socialist neocons?
But Arnold can say, and I mean, two years ago, folks hanging out with top Nazis, of all time other top Nazis, that's who he hangs out with, folks.
He's in Austria a couple months out of the year.
And running around doing all this, and all the revelations, and the porn, and the groping, and the sexual harassment.
This is incredible.
And he gets away with it, and he gets endorsements by the so-called Christian conservatives.
It's just amazing.
Let's talk to Frank in Deutschland.
Go ahead, Frank, from Germany.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'd like to give you some information about 9-11 and Germany, what happened here.
Yes, sir.
In the media.
Well, you know that there are a couple of books here that were very successful.
And you were reading this when they asked the people how many Germans believe that the U.S.
government is behind it?
A large portion believe it, yes.
Yeah, but you know where it came out first?
It came out in the weekly newspaper Die Zeit.
And the publisher of Die Zeit is Helmut Schmidt.
So this is where the numbers came from.
For folks that don't know, Helmut Schmidt is a fellow Satanist with Arnold.
And I'm not kidding, that's his own book, folks, written by Helmut Schmidt.
Tell folks who Helmut Schmidt is.
Well, he's the former German Chancellor in the 70s.
And then he had to step down because of Helmut Kohl.
Well, and he also, he goes to, he went to Bohemian Grove.
And now you've got Gerhard Schröder sneaking around.
Yes, and well, Gerhard Schröder, he went to the Bilderberg meeting in the 70s.
He was invited.
He wasn't even a big politician back then, but he was invited back then.
Well, he's a tough guy.
I wouldn't mess with him.
He would savagely beat people almost to death.
He was a front-line communist enforcer.
Street fighter.
So, and then there came out all these stories about 9-11 and of course all the people that said, you know, they were suspicious about the official storyline.
You know, they called them, you know, conspiracy idiots and these kind of things.
But there's one thing that was really interesting was the information about the so-called living or still living hijackers.
And that has been in your papers, and it is confirmed that most of them have been found alive.
I know, I know, but they said, for example, Der Spiegel, it's a big weekly magazine, they called the BBC and the Telegraph and all these papers, and they said they all took the information from Arabian newspapers.
So they never checked them by themselves, they said.
Well, they do that to try to discredit, but that's even been in MSNBC.
I know, I know.
They have confirmed that hijackers are alive.
Now, let me throw this out at you.
Going back to Helmut Schmidt, he wrote in his book, Men in Power, it's a political retrospective, and it's in my film, Bohemian Grove, Dark Secrets.
He said, I'm in the Bilderberg Group, I'm the Trilateral Commission, I'm the CFR, we are the New World Order.
He said, I love the Druid rituals we do at our encampment in Germany, but he goes, I love our order in Northern California.
Now, because you're in Germany, were you aware of the fact, I mean, you obviously know he went to the Grove, but it is interesting to see that one of his papers you're saying, and I haven't confirmed this, but I believe you, you're saying that he's out there putting out 9-11 information.
Well, they brought out a big story about, you know, how the CIA was break down and how the German intelligence was listening on the hijackers in Germany.
This came out, I think, last year.
Well, I'll tell you what, I want to hold you over about five minutes in the next segment if we can, Frank, because I want to pick your brain about the view of the average German right there in the heart of Europe
And I also want to get what you guys think about Arnold.
What are you making of Arnold Schwarzenegger and all these revelations?
In fact, answer that question now if you can.
We'll get to the 9-11 stuff when we get back.
What's the average German think of Arnold?
Well, the news, the TV news, they show him, you know, they show a little bit about the California re-election and they say, you know, this great guy, oh, he has a couple of problems, you know, because of all this weird stories that are coming up and
Well, generally, they show him as a nice guy, not as a person with a couple of problems.
There was no mentioning of his short wall time relationship.
Okay, stay there.
Stay there.
Very important.
We'll be right back with our friend from Germany.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're about to jump back into more of your calls and just a ton of really important news.
We're talking to Frank in Germany.
And getting his take on the media response over there where it's been all over their papers, the evidence of government involvement in September 11th.
But again, he points out that one of the editors is the former German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, who's a Bohemian Grove member and admitted New World Order minion.
But again, that's part of it.
Europe really controls America and is using America as the bad cop to take over the countries while Europe plays the part of the good cop for the third world and as the UN poses as the arbiters of peace and love.
And so that makes sense.
Yeah, I can only agree to this.
In German media, if you read anything about the UN, it's all about this good and great institution and we should give it more power and do this and do that.
There's no critical voice anywhere about the UN.
None so ever.
The UN needs its surrogate.
The new Soviet America to go out and do the bad stuff, then it polarizes the world into a bipolar system again that's a fraudulent bipolar system.
It's not dual.
It's monocular, or it's one.
And it's right there.
So they need us to play the part of the bad cops so they can be the good cops.
Yes, but I think most of the Germans, they really know what's going on.
Go ahead.
So it's not about...
What do you think?
I know in Germany, if you criticize any official line, you can be arrested.
Well, they'll call it anti-Semitism if you say 5,999,000 Jews died instead of 6 million you get arrested.
Yeah, that's true.
There's a law against it.
Yeah, there's a law against it, but then Arnold can be dancing around saying, I love Hitler, and you're saying your news is kind of, oh well, he means well.
I can also see the Austrian TV, and of course now they're picking up this new information about how he admired Hitler and all these things.
They put behind the big question marks, of course.
Generally, it's very positive about Schwarzenegger.
Can't say anything more about this.
It's just a big, great thing.
It's the only guy we know over here.
Of course, they show him, but they show not critical things about him.
Do the German people ever connect
I know, but it's like, you know, it's five minutes.
Well, I will say this.
I get a lot of emails and letters and even video orders and book orders from Germany, from Europe, from Switzerland, from France, from England.
It does seem like the population is more sophisticated.
That is, a German knows where Iraq is on the map.
A German may even know what our Fourth Amendment is.
And I'm not putting America down, folks.
I'm just saying that they are more educated over there.
But if you try to...
Yes, that's true.
To get to the media, you know, to get a certain message out, to get a different kind of view out.
There's a very good example about the neocons.
They showed the neocons in the interview, for example, they interviewed Crystal in German TV.
And if you compare it to what the BBC did, because I had a good connection and got the BBC documentation about it, and if you put these two documentations side by side, the neocons came out very positive in the German TV,
And it was absolutely devastating in the BBC report.
So even that is very controlled because now they put in all these guys that went over to the USA and some of them worked at the US TV stations, for example.
They lived there and they had all this bonding with the big guys, with CNN and all these kind of things, and then these stations.
Yeah, they're merging the medias.
And that was my next point.
Again, you're very well informed on this, Frank.
They're in Germany.
People wonder why the BBC suddenly is reporting, putting out such incredible information.
Well, that's because there's been a rebellion at the BBC.
They're about to lose their funding.
They're about to disappear, basically.
Rupert Murdoch, the chief neocon, one of the chief neocons, he's in the top echelon of that group, is over there trying to take over the British media, and so the British media is panicking.
That's why you're hearing some truth from them.
So you do have some infighting inside the New World Order as they gobble up some of their former colleagues.
Frank from Germany, you've got about a minute left.
Anything else you'd like to add?
I'd just like to request that you might get Stanley Hilton on again, this lawyer from San Francisco that's doing...
Yeah, that was a great interview.
Did you ever see the text of that?
Yeah, I've never got any more information about this, and it seems like it disappeared.
Yeah, what happened is I had Hilton on twice.
I talked to him again, and he said, I got court every day.
I'm getting 200 calls a day from your show.
I'm like, please come back on.
He's like, okay, call me in a week or two.
I've been doing so many interviews, I can't even...
I know how it feels.
I've done thousands, over a thousand in the last two years.
It is exhausting.
I'll try to get Hilton back on.
If he's very busy, maybe you can get this guy, this rapper Paris, to put out a new album.
Oh yes, Paris.
And Paris is a fan of the show.
I'm a fan of his work.
Okay, so maybe you can get him on because I'm not a fan of rap music, but I heard this new CD and
It's really, it's not even harsh, it's brutal.
He's powerful, very, very powerful.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate that call from Germany, Frank.
Let's talk to David here in the States.
David, where are you calling us from here in the U.S., sir?
Hello, Alex.
I don't know if you've been updated on the Free State Project.
Where are you calling us from?
Oh, Maine.
They've chosen New Hampshire as their area to have people move there who want liberty and freedom.
Now, the point that I was calling to make was the Associated Press handled the story quite a bit differently than the way perhaps you or I would have.
That is, they interviewed a principal from a high school who said, oh no, those dope-smoking hippies are going to come in and take all our funding.
And then they interviewed another guy, oh no, they're not going to pick our trash up, we're not going to have police, we're
We don't want them here.
But in reality, all they want to do is come in.
I believe the number was 5,000 people had to commit to a state, and that's what caused the vote.
Then they said, we're not actually going to invite people to move until we hit 20,000.
And they just wanted to go in and peacefully get themselves elected to their local public office or county commission or whatever.
And start taking back some of the freedoms that we've already lost.
Yeah, that's the process.
And it was sold as if a bunch of sex-crazed, reefer-mad demons are about to descend.
Now, again, the Free States Project, I am for decriminalization of drugs because the government ships them in to destabilize the country.
It drives up the prices.
It's like alcohol prohibition.
It actually causes more drugs to be in our society and makes it fashionable and militarizes the police.
That's why I'm against it.
So I am for decriminalization.
So that argument against it is false.
The legalization of prostitution, I am against that because it is a disease-spreading problem.
It is a public health issue, and I do not believe that the First Amendment covers just the type of...
Amazing obscenity we see that they're trying to push into the schools.
But at the same time, I do believe in a republic and liberty.
If people want to go into a state, take it over and vote for no gun laws and vote for drug decriminalization and have it on a county-by-county and state basis, I think it's totally American.
Absolutely, and if the people who are there don't like it, then they're invited to leave.
Well, that's it, and we're going in the wrong direction towards tyranny, and we get more drugs, we get more promiscuity, we get more of the wild sex, we get more of the breakdown of society, we get the bigger prisons.
Big government isn't meant to stop all this.
It fosters it.
So smaller government, history has shown, will reverse that.
Thomas Jefferson's plan for a public school system, for example, only provided for three years of paid public education.
And after that, you either paid your own tuition or, in most cases, that was enough education and the child knew how to read and write and do arithmetic.
Well, I think the Free State group made a bad decision with their voters, but that's what they voted for.
Yeah, it looks like New Hampshire got it.
Yeah, the Live Free or Die state.
I think the answer is Montana.
Or in Idaho.
But that didn't happen.
I think that was foolish.
That shows a lack of geopolitical and regional understanding.
But, hey, you know, that's how they voted.
I'm not knocking the East Coast.
But, I mean, look, you had Senator Bob Smith.
He's a friend of mine.
Been down here.
I've been out to dinner with him.
We've had him here speaking.
And what did they do?
They ran John Sununu against him and ran him out of office, and Bush targeted him.
Bush has targeted Ron Paul.
Bush has openly said they're targeting Tom D'Angredo in Colorado.
So we've got big problems.
We could have a free state in New Hampshire.
I mean, I totally agreed with Bob Smith, an incredible voting record.
Where is Bob Smith now?
He's out of office.
Again, another crime of these neocons.
They make me sick, David.
Yeah, so the thesis that you're perhaps offering is that suppose a state could become, quote, conservative and return to those values, but would they then be
Sounds wonderful.
It would become like the Cayman Islands or some of the other places where all the jobs and all the factories and all the money's going.
Where you have lower taxes and liberty, everyone's going to run screaming with their tongues hanging out.
I mean, and that's what they're afraid of.
Look, there were globalist papers written during the 1770s, during the Revolutionary War, where Europe was panicking.
England was panicking.
The king, King George II, said, if we let this happen, all of the monarchies will fall.
If we let them have guns and have freedom and have low taxes, all investment will flow there.
And what happened after the Revolutionary War?
The investment flowed here.
Right, and they've been...
Ever since then, all the way to the 30s, they were battling with us to take our gold away from us because they were trying to put the whole world on a paper currency, which when our gold currency was beating them every time.
That's it.
And exactly, because they, look, the goldsmiths, the Rothschilds, the manipulators of commodities, the Oppenheimers, the gold, the diamond monopoly, they work in controlled commodities.
That's how they get their control, is off monopolies.
And so they need world government to control those monopolies.
It's really simple.
And they were panicking because they can't have people, you know, the fractional reserve bankers like it where you put an ounce of gold in their bank, they give you ten times the paper back, and then charge interest on paper.
That's what the Federal Reserve is, except now there's not even an ounce of gold on a ten to one ratio.
They've gone past fractional reserve banking now.
They're fractional reserving their debt.
No, that's all they're doing now.
They've gone negative.
I mean, look, it's like diamonds.
Diamonds are more plentiful than gold.
They've got giant warehouses full of giant bins of diamonds.
They admitted huge hordes of them, but by having a monopoly.
I mean, there was an article in the New Yorker magazine three years ago where they admitted that the Oppenheimers sent in private armies to slaughter and kill everybody.
They'll assassinate anybody that gets in their way, anybody that tries to chip diamonds out without their approval.
And it was just real funny in the New Yorker.
Oh, yeah, they kill everybody.
Oh, it's funny.
Ha, ha, ha.
Just right out in the open.
Yeah, well, there was a person who owns a radio station up here in northern Maine, and he was discussing with me the concept of, well, maybe we could split Maine in half and make northern Maine its own state and still exist inside the framework of the federal government.
We'll just be our own state, have our own governor.
I said, it never worked.
He said, why is that?
I said, what are you going to use for money?
What are you going to use for a military?
Balkanization is bad if it's along the racial lines or along these side issues, but Balkanization, separation of powers, is good geographically.
And more states, more counties, more different forms of government within the confederation that is the republic
We need to ally states for military protection and control the borders.
We need more breakups.
We need to break states up into smaller pieces.
We need to have different elections and different governors and different voting systems.
That brings true liberty, as the Founding Fathers said.
What we don't want is some big, fat federal government running everything, telling you how high to have your yard and what type of car to drive.
And that's the direction we're going in, Dave.
Hey, what do you think about Arnold?
And going into a bodybuilding contest and screaming, I hate all blacks, you're scum, get out of here, I love Hitler, I want to be a dictator, running around and still getting the endorsement of the Washington Times.
Well, isn't that the new conservatism?
Well, I mean, look, it's all over Drudge, all over ABC News, all over all the papers, breaking news.
It just broke.
He admired Hitler.
How many times have I told you he admired Hitler?
Well, I mean, I gave the quotes in my article that I wrote a month ago.
I talked about it months ago.
Well, I heard a soundbite of him on the news the other night, last night as a matter of fact, on the radio, where he did admit, yeah, I did do the groping of the women, and yeah, I think it was wrong.
By the way, it wasn't just groping.
He would hide out in the hallway, and this was admitted, and this good-looking girl who worked in the production of T2 back in 1990 or 91 said,
He would wait and come running in in his speedos and start hunching her.
I don't want to go into any more details than that, but, you know, gyrating on her.
He did those two or three times.
Right, but isn't that really the mindset of most of that type?
Big, burly, athletic, movie star type?
I don't know.
I know a lot of tough guys, and they're not like that.
Maybe his type, but, I mean, folks, I would expect to be arrested if I jumped on some woman in an elevator and started punching her.
I mean, folks, this is... And look, you notice Limbaugh's getting burned now.
Arnold's getting burned now.
Bush is getting burned now in the media.
That's to make people think that's what conservatism and Christianity is all about.
As I said, they're shutting us up.
Do you see what's happening?
Yeah, well, what they've done is they've adopted the old army guerrilla warfare tactics where you don't fight the battles with bullets.
You fight it with information, like you're...
The slogan says, there's a war on for your mind.
And you notice that German was sophisticated enough to understand that his media, his government's involved in 9-11, just like all these other governments, but playing the part of Europe's good, America's bad, and allowing that information to come out.
And their books, their own army manuals, state to take over particular news publications to those ends.
That's it.
Thanks for the call, Dave.
Really great points from Maine.
More calls and a bunch of other news.
And yes, we have a guest coming up in about an hour.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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You want to talk about North Korea and South Korea, India, Pakistan, China.
You want to talk about the proliferation of race-specific bioweapons.
We'll talk about the neocons and the PNAC documents.
You want to talk about GPS and how they want to implant children with microchips.
We'll talk about Arnold saying he loves Hitler, which is the big news story that just broke.
The firestorm about Bush is Karl Rove leaking CIA people's identities just to burn them for not lying about weapons of mass destruction.
And then now the arms inspectors are saying, okay, we may never find them.
I think we're good to go.
So that people can really put two and two together and look at the full field of this guy that really shows he's a megalomaniac on an incredible power trip who wants to be a dictator, who wants to be worshipped like Hitler by giant crowds.
I mean, he said that.
He was talking to a shrink they would write in the notebook has delusions of grandeur.
And let me tell you, he's achieved the grandeur, so I guess they're not delusions.
It's scary, folks.
And he fits in like a pea in a pod there with the Bohemian Grove Club and that whole group of unsundry people.
And does it make you mad that the Washington Times has endorsed Arnold?
You got a subscription to him?
Dump it!
I don't care what the neocons say.
The Patriot acts evil and destroys American liberty.
I don't care if Pat Robertson says forced abortion is good, and I don't care if you get mad at me for saying that forced abortion is wrong.
It's wrong, folks.
I remember years ago, I still get criticism when I mention, why are you talking bad about Pat Robertson?
Because he said, kill those babies, that's why.
He said, China's doing what it has to do.
And when I tell you the Red Cross, don't give them your money, they steal it and they give it to gun grabbers.
It came out in the news later, didn't it?
When I tell you stuff, when I tell you that he loves Hitler, it's because it's on the record, folks.
And I'm sorry you haven't heard it from Peter Jennings yet.
He will tonight.
And I'm not sitting there tooting my own horn, folks.
I know what's going on, and I just hope you listen to me before it's too late, because we're on the razor's edge.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
From Austin, Tejas.
Deep in the heart of Texas.
Right in the middle of the heart of Texas.
I love America.
I love liberty.
I love freedom.
I can't stand watching the media and the government and the schools systematically break up the family and put us into this hive society.
I can't stand watching a double standard where Trent Lott is hung out to drive for absolutely nothing while Arnold runs around saying, I want to be a dictator.
I love Hitler.
I grope all the women.
I'm in hardcore gay porn photos.
I mean, give me a break.
And the Washington Times comes out and endorses this piece of trash.
We're about to go to Brad in Illinois, Pat in California, Daryl in Pennsylvania, and many others that are patiently holding on this Friday, the 3rd of October.
2003 Global Transmission.
I've written an added little blog onto my detailed article about Arnold Schwarzenegger at InfoWars.com with some of the latest dirt that I hope you'll get out to folks.
We're about the big picture here, folks, not just little slivers of it.
Please go check it out.
Also coming up, Japanese city plans GPS tracking system for children in the wake of teen abduction.
Oh yeah, we'll get to that.
Did Bush serve?
More on him going AWOL.
We're also going to get into Bush men scramble to contain spy leak scandal.
This and a lot more.
Coming up here on the show right now, let's go to Brad in Illinois, where Chicago is now voting to pull out of the Patriot Act, along with Atlanta, Georgia, and other major metropolises.
Go ahead.
I don't think they're really voting to pull out of the Patriot Act.
Yeah, they're voting to set the date to pull out of it, according to what they said.
Well, what I've read in the newspaper is that they want to allow a watered-down version of it to stay.
They're not voting to just throw it off altogether.
But that shows they're doing this due to pressure.
There is at least a discussion of a Bill of Rights culture, which is light years ahead of where we were just a year ago.
And, of course, Mayor Daley is all against it.
He said you have to have...
We have to have this security in order to preserve Europe.
Mayor Daley and his daddy and all of them are mob bosses.
They are despicable creatures.
Well, Alex, I just want to ask you, don't you understand that the resistance is futile?
I mean, look at how Arnold steamrolled Arianna Huffington out of the race out there in California.
Well, actually, that's going to help racist Bustamante
But, I mean, it doesn't matter.
They're giving us two different glasses of cyanide to drink, Boostamante or Schwarzenegger, and I'm just saying I don't want to drink from either cup.
Now, let me ask you this question.
If Arnold wins the governorship in California, I understand that there's a bill in Congress right now.
In my detailed analysis of Arnold, we have a hyperlink to the Associated Press article.
Orrin Hatch, directly for Arnold, has introduced legislation to repeal the 22nd Amendment...
Barring foreign-born people from being El Presidente or being on the direct line of ascension.
Well, now, this morning on the local radio station here in Chicago, they had Arnold Schwarzenegger on, questioning him about his link to his...
Admiring Hitler, he said he despised what the Nazis did, and he despised Hitler.
What, did Mancow have him on?
No, it wasn't Mancow.
It was a local 24-hour newsroom at WBBM.
But they asked him the question.
He said, I despised Adolf Hitler and what the Nazis did.
Yeah, I've seen that quote.
I do not like him.
He's very bad.
I just said I wanted to be him.
Give me a break, folks.
Look, the guy hangs out with Voltheim last year.
The guy hangs around with all the former top Nazis.
He goes on vacations with them.
He's buddies with them.
He defends them.
Yeah, of course.
Then again, though, if we're demonizing Adolf Hitler for that, why does everybody buy Time Magazine?
I mean, he was Time Magazine's Man of the Year twice in the 30s.
They loved him.
They put him into power.
He was meant to tear Europe up.
Yeah, absolutely.
Randolph Hearst and Franklin Roosevelt had homes on the property of the Wolf Lair or Wolf Den there in Austria.
We're supposed to just not know about that.
That's right.
Maybe we'll list she was evil on the ADL website for admitting that Roosevelt had a vacation with Hitler.
Maybe we'll demonize you for love and liberty, buddy.
You got anything else to say?
I'll let you get the other calls.
All right, we'll take more calls.
Now, you're bad if you're against Hitler now, folks.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Hello everyone, this is Arnold Schwarzenegger here.
To be a new conservative, a new neocon in America, you have to be a member of a satanic organization.
You need to vacation with top Nazis and UN secretary generals.
You have to publicly, in front of hundreds of bodybuilders, repeatedly scream that you hate all black people, that they are subhuman.
You have to grope women hundreds of times in elevators all over the country and the world and grab women on the national British television.
There's a photo of it on the evil website of that liberal Alex Jones.
I'm going to take your gun.
Believe me later.
Ask me now.
Believe me now and see it later.
I'm going to get your gun.
I'm going to take your border away.
And the Washington Times is going to endorse me.
It's sick!
The president says I make a great governor.
Sean Hannity loves me.
The media gives me big pass.
Media would just have hundreds of people on going, it's despicable that he said he loves Hitler.
It's despicable what he did harassing those women.
It's despicable.
But instead, oh no, it's just fine.
Again, I don't want to spend all day on this, but the recall election is next Tuesday and this will all be over.
He'll get what he wanted.
He always wanted to be a dictator.
I guess it's a prerequisite to say things would be a heck of a lot easier if this was a dictatorship.
So long as I'm a dictator.
You better be nice to me.
I could be a dictator, is what Clinton said.
Bush said that, too.
Amazing stuff going on.
If you want to join us on air, you'd like to call in, little girly men, and try to talk about how we're going to get your guns.
And yes, I have it here in front of me.
The Washington Times is endorsing on the... So I guess, folks, I'm against Nazis, and I'm for national sovereignty and pro-gun.
I'll never be anywhere but on the ADL hit list as an evil demon.
Why, he talks about freedom.
He said the government stood to gain.
The PNAC documents said they wanted to have these attacks.
He's bad.
He said we should have an investigation of the space shuttle disaster.
Alex is evil.
Alex Jones says the government did bad things at Waco.
He's really radical.
But we love Arnold.
He's good.
Pat in California.
Going to be under the Uber mention.
Go ahead, Pat.
How you doing, Alex?
I appreciate your allowing me on.
I kind of wanted to speak about something.
Hey, let me just tell you something.
We're not the local neocon radio station like Kogo or somebody.
You don't have to thank us in gravel to be on the show.
We appreciate your call, and we don't censor your calls.
Go ahead.
Well, I wanted to touch a little bit on our failed war on drugs.
I bet you did.
We're going to increase the war on drugs.
Did I mention how much video there is of me smoking it?
Ha, ha, ha.
Well, I actually became part of that yesterday, unfortunately.
I've been terrorized by local helicopters on the 19th.
I was terrorized on the 30th.
And I had the Riverside County Sheriff's in our neighbor's yard photographing our garden, claiming that we had marijuana.
What's wrong with the helicopter?
It's quite unnerving, let me tell you.
So you've had a helicopter sit ten feet over the skids of the helicopter.
Oh, look at you, girly man.
You don't like the ground-penetrating radar looking through the little man's walls.
Well, they came in and handcuffed me for about an hour and a half, served me my warrant, searched my house, searched every building on our property.
Don't say you feel it.
You know it.
Well, that's all legalese, buddy.
I asked him for a picture.
He says he didn't need pictures, that it's all in his mind.
Don't need no picture.
Well, let me just say this.
George Washington, and this is just a fact, smoked marijuana.
I don't smoke marijuana.
I don't like it.
I like coffee, and that's it.
And it's probably the worst drug for your body.
Well, I'm not going to pass that judgment.
Well, let me just say this right now.
You got these pill poppers on their narcotics, and I mean, a lot of these neocons are on them.
I've got a lot of friends I know that are just professionals, and I mean, you'll be out to dinner with them, and you see them eat a pill, and I go, what is that?
That's for my back.
I've been on codeine for 10 years.
You know, it's amazing.
I mean, I've had a compound fracture, and I wouldn't take that stuff.
I just don't like narcotics.
But marijuana is a mild hallucinogen, and let's be honest about it.
It's in that class.
It's about 100 the strength of Prozac.
But here's my point.
There are more people in prison for marijuana with longer sentences than for cocaine or heroin.
The government ships in the cocaine and heroin that are...
Devastating drugs.
Just horrible.
They're in the same class as, you know, Ritalin and stuff that we've put six million kids on.
But the point is, is it's crazy that they're pushing all these illegal drugs on us, and then you've got helicopters scanning your house, you say, on two different occasions, then raiding you.
Right here in Austin, we had Sandy Smith two years ago.
She got hit by the U.S.
Army and the SWAT team.
They didn't find drugs in her house.
They decided to search three of her neighbors' homes.
And they said, well, our probable cause was this blood weed in the backyard that looks nothing like marijuana.
It's in everybody's... I mean, if you've got a big yard, you've got blood weed in Central Texas.
This stuff is everywhere, behind every gas station, on every road, in every bar ditch.
And the sheriff, Margo Jackboot Frazier, a Janet Reno clone, got up on TV and said, quote, we don't need warrants anymore.
Well, she lost the lawsuit by Sandy Smith.
We got her a lawyer and everything.
My point is, if marijuana was deadly poison, it isn't worth having men in black uniforms, these armed cadres, these helicopters with the army, merging, busting in our houses, taking over our society.
I mean, folks, I hate to mention this, but you can huff antifreeze or huff gasoline, and a lot of people do.
You don't see SWAT teams busting into garages to find out if you've got gasoline.
You can go buy five packages of Sudafed and take 20 of the pills and then die of a heart attack in a speed-induced nightmare.
But we don't see all that, but now they're trying to.
So it's a joke.
They had prohibition on alcohol.
The big distillers, Seagram's and the people that own that,
The liquor people lobby for prohibition so they can ship it in and jack up the prices, corrupt the police, just like they did in China with the opium, jack up the prices, more alcoholism, more alcohol deaths, more alcohol poisoning.
Then when that got repealed in 29, they had to have something new.
Well, they got repealed in 30.
They had to have something new.
So within a month of that, they then outlawed cocaine, heroin, all the stuff that had been sold over the store shelves.
And then 10 years after that, there were more deaths from heroin, more deaths from cocaine.
And then today, it's much higher than it was, obviously.
So the drug wars worked.
More drugs, more deaths, more prisons.
It makes it fashionable, puts more money into it, which makes it fashionable, corrupts the police.
We're good to go.
2.30 in the PM, or in the daytime, and I was in my home working, and all of a sudden, we're in a very mountainous area, and up over a hilltop, I heard a helicopter, and I went out to look.
He won't land.
Yes, I do.
Oh, you're in deep trouble.
Well, they're trying.
Anyone with land is targeted, and generally you're a machine gun in the back, and cocaine is planted.
You know, they caught them.
The Forest Service even got the documents where they wanted that guy's, what was it, 100-something acres by that reserve.
And then no drugs were found, so they just walked up and said, if the land's ours...
They killed them.
And then the documents show they got in the bids, had the sale, the cops got it.
Then when the wife fought back, no drugs were found, no criminal record, they went ahead and firebombed her house.
So you're lucky they didn't just spray you.
I mean, if your land was worth millions, they might have just machine-gunned you right there on the spot, done high-fives, and sold your house.
Well, they had a severe interest, I'll tell you that, because the search warrant on about the fourth line details that.
Oh, it details your property?
Yes, and then also our phone lines are tapped.
They know I know what they're doing.
Well, good.
They're running a nice, big, fat criminal enterprise, and they just love, they love to have everything you've got.
I challenge a lot of the scientific rhetoric, though, about marijuana consumption.
I realize that most people don't agree with it, and I can appreciate that.
Well, that's not true.
You bought the propaganda.
They're running all these anti-drug ads now because the people are waking up that it's a joke to have people busting in houses and taking land over a bag of marijuana when they're pushing Ritalin, which is methamphetamine, on our children.
I'm 40 years old.
But, sir, I mean, just marijuana aside, okay?
They're going to try to take your land.
I hope you know that.
Now, what exactly happened to you?
All they did was pick at me.
Well, that's because they didn't find over an ounce.
I don't believe that.
There's probably already been a move made to start taking your property, sir.
You better watch it.
They may come back and kill you and plant drugs.
I don't know if they're criminals, but it sounds like it.
Because our neighbor was watching and the cops didn't like him watching.
They said, you're next.
I kept hearing them say, he's next.
He must be bad.
He must be dirty.
Yeah, he looked at us.
Everyone's a criminal but us.
Where are you located?
I'm in Anza.
I'm in the mountains of Southern California up above Palm Springs.
Oh, premium land.
How much land you got?
I've got five acres.
You're in a lot of trouble, buddy.
You better get all marijuana out of your house, every marijuana seed.
They got it all.
You better not plea bargain on that ticket.
What exactly is the charge?
Under an ounce of marijuana and a pipe.
That's what my ticket is.
I would predict they'll be back, and you better hide a hidden camera in your house, and when they come in, you better lie flat on your belly.
Because you...
They're statistically about 10% of the time they'll kill you.
Would you like to talk some more?
Stay there.
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Oh my God!
I can't believe I got these drugs prescribed for free and shipped overnight to my door without seeing a doctor.
Yes, it's true.
For a limited time, our doctors are prescribing drugs for free.
Our doctors are prescribing the most popular diet pills, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, and Viagra.
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Did I mention free diet pills and Viagra prescriptions?
We're good to go.
The drug war...
...is the excuse to militarize the police and get them involved in your life.
Now, a lot of beat cops aren't bad people, but the detectives, the narcotics officers, the raid teams, the cage teams, all the different names they have, they do psychological tests, they get sociopaths.
The guys get on the job.
We've had a lot of good cops on the show, retired and still in.
And they'll just drop some jewelry in your lap.
You know, maybe a diamond bracelet worth $10,000 and say, hey, you just take that, bud.
It'll just go into evidence and, you know, your wife deserves something nice.
You go, hey, gee, man, thanks, partner.
Oh, you bet.
And a year later, you're robbing people, taking their land, taking their home, planting drugs on them, shoving families around, machine gunning innocent people.
I mean, you see a film like Training Day, folks, that is so incredibly accurate.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Of higher-level police officers being sociopathic criminals.
In fact, I've been told this by high-level law enforcement people, that most of the smart criminals now go to college, get into law enforcement.
It's like their job.
I'm going to be a cop.
I'm going to be a criminal.
I'm going to run an organized crime syndicate.
And they run the bathhouses, the topless bars.
They shake everybody down.
They deal the cocaine, the heroin.
I mean, it's like that in Houston, L.A., all over.
They get caught all the time doing it.
98% of the time they get swept under the rug, but sometimes a cop will flip out and shoot their wife, and they'll go in the house, and there'll be big kegs of gold and diamonds and cocaine and heroin and lists of all the cops and who they shake down and what they're doing, and that capo will go down, the chief that gets the big cut won't.
I mean, it's piracy, folks.
Cops should read their own gang handbook.
You look at a gang member wrong, hey, man, what you looking at?
Got a problem?
Well, it's the same thing with the police.
You know, you'll be out with a video camera while they're shaking people down on the street, and they'll run over to you.
What's your problem?
What are you videotaping me for?
Well, officer, it's a free country.
Why are you getting in my face?
I'll say, well, you can do whatever you want to me.
You got a problem?
I'm a straight-laced person here with a TV show, and I'm videotaping what you're doing from 100 yards away.
Got a problem with it?
You can go ahead and take me to jail if you want, officer.
I got my hands at my side.
But I will tell you I know my rights, and I will sue you.
And they will back off in a heartbeat.
But I don't care if they don't back off.
They want to beat my brains out, blow my head off, that's fine.
I'd die a good man.
I'd die a defender of my family.
I'd die a defender of this country against gang members.
I'd help an old lady being attacked by gang members.
I'll help a country being attacked by you.
And I won't sit here and suck up to you and be a mindless minion anymore.
And this whole thing's run out of ignorance.
And the beat cops out there, you know the truth, and you know you're supposed to keep your mouth shut.
I mean, it's scary, folks.
You've got a minute or so left.
Do you want to say anything else?
Well, basically, I just wanted to air this out.
I mean, I don't know if maybe someone can point me to a direction, you know, just for some resources so that I can possibly have a little bit better preparation here.
Well, I told you, get every pot seed, anything out of your house, anything and everything, and...
We're good to go.
And have it on 24-hour play.
And if you hear the door being busted open, lay down flat on your face.
Because I don't know if these are criminals.
These may just be sociopathic gang members.
I don't know what class of fruitcake they are, thug or goon.
Or you can move, you can capitulate, hand everything over to them.
Or you can do other things.
But I would tell you, sir, that from the way they were going, we'll get him next because your neighbor was just watching.
See, even looking at the gang member.
See, it's total gang mentality.
They can't even see it.
Their own gang handbook would tell them their behavior is gang member behavior.
The same thing as the little vato down in the street corner.
What you looking at?
Well, that's exactly it.
What you looking at?
What you looking at me for?
Same thing.
See, it's just this total, oh yeah, look at the psychology.
Look at the criminology here.
If these guys paid attention in their classes, they'd see how they're part of a criminal enterprise.
With lieutenants and capos and the whole chain of command.
We've got to stick together here in the hood.
They're the biggest street gang, okay?
And I'm not putting up with it.
I'm tired of their drug dealing and their whoring and their stealing.
And I'm tired of this filthy government.
This is not our government.
Watch out, Pete.
Sounds like you're in a lot of trouble.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You know the old adage of don't take anything from the mob, don't take anything, don't make a deal with the devil?
The mafia, what we know of as the classical organized crime in this country, that interface with police and government and judges, the judiciary,
They would come into your grocery store and say, hey, do you want us to loan you some money?
Well, you better take it.
Well, no.
Or, hey, how about I give you some protection from these street thugs?
Or, you know, somebody's going to burn down your business.
This is the old classical system.
And then you take something from them.
That gives them an excuse to get involved in your life.
It's the old analogy of the vampire.
It's got to get permission to get into your house.
It's got to trick you somehow to have you invite it in over the threshold.
So drugs, drugs and prohibition of anything, is their pretext to control the commodity and to have an excuse to get into your life.
I mean, imagine if they didn't have the war on drugs, why would they have militarized helicopters looking through our walls, violating the Fourth Amendment?
Why would they have black, scheme-ass police kicking down doors, taking all this property, tens of billions of it every year?
They didn't have all these pretexts.
And so that's it.
It's an excuse to stick their wolf snout into your life.
And so many people have bought into this, oh, let's have this big, powerful force involved in our life to save us from all these problems.
But you notice, the bigger government gets, the bigger the problems get.
So it's a downward spiral.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls.
Daryl in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I got two great newsletters in the mail yesterday.
And the first one was, of course, the second issue of your InfoWars Intelligence Report, the October 2003 issue.
Well, yeah.
We send it out to 5,500 people who have ordered from us in the past.
And we, again, it's very expensive.
It's a high-quality newsletter.
Send it out, and I don't know if we'll continue to do it.
We'll see.
I think it may be breaking even, but we do need folks' support.
Well, I urge folks to pick up the materials from you just so that they could get the newsletter.
As you mentioned, it's very attractive.
It looks very similar in format to Tex Bar's Power of Prophecy newsletter.
Tex helped me format it.
And the second newsletter I got, Alex, and I'm just stretching this briefly, was Dr. Stan Monteith's Radio Liberty newsletter.
And the reason I mention it is he draws a lot of parallels between Pearl Harbor and between 9-1-1 and his September 2003 issue.
And the reason I mention that is that no one's got more materials on the 9-1-1 issue than you do.
You've got three great books there.
The one that you did, the 9-1-1 Descent into Tyranny,
Eric Huffschmidt's Painful Questions, and, of course, the one you just published, Order Out of Chaos, by Paul Joseph Watson.
And then you've got two great videos that deal with the 9-1-1 event, and that, of course, is Masters of Terror and 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
By the way, I'm going to go ahead and say this on air because it needs to be said.
We're going to have Paul on next week about this.
That book has scared the British government so bad because it just details from mainstream news articles about the British blowing everything up, blaming it on their enemies.
That Paul actually got a call asking about his website and asking about Prison Planet, asking about the book, what he does.
I mean, as if they don't know.
That's how scared these criminals are, folks.
As if we're going to, oh, you called us about what we're doing.
Yes, that's right.
We're exposing you as killers.
We're going on exposing you as killers.
I hope everybody gets, from us, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror in the New World Order.
It is a powerful book.
And, Alex, I don't think anyone's done a better job of showing how governments actually orchestrate, plan out, and use terrorism, actually carrying it out themselves sometimes to bring in their own agenda.
And that's what you did, especially in the Masters of Terror video and in, of course, the book Order Out of Chaos by Paul Joseph Watson shows how the British have often done that in Ireland.
And I just urge everyone to get your last three videos, Alex, or the three best videos,
I think out there in the patriot community.
Masters of Terror, 9-1-1, Road to Tyranny, and Police State 3, Total Enslavement.
And I get tremendous responses, not only on your videos, but also on the one t-shirt, Mass Murders Agree, Gun Control Works.
And I would urge everyone to get that t-shirt.
Even in the cooler weather, you can wear it over top of a sweatshirt.
And that has generated more conversations for me, Alex, than anything else I've ever worn.
It's a walking billboard that
Well, folks want to meet fellow patriots, Christians, conservatives, freedom lovers, and that's how we advertise the shirt.
It's just outstanding.
We didn't begin advertising it like that.
We do now.
People kept telling us, yeah, I met a lot of like-minded people wearing this shirt.
On the back it says, politicians love disarmed peasants.
And every comment I've got on that shirt has been favorable.
It doesn't matter the age group, male, female, and that.
And it's got Arnold's idol there, Hitler.
Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.
It says, mass murderers agree.
Gun Control Works.
From the back it says, Politicians love disarmed peasants.
And, Alex, one final item.
I'm reading a book by Tex Mars that he put out by another author.
It's called Under the Sign of the Scorpion.
And in there it details the orchestrated mayhem and bedlam and horror that was brought on both the French people and the Russian people during both the French and Russian revolutions.
And they're going to engineer that here, folks.
And that's why it's so critical to get...
Your three videos, your three latest videos right now, because people will wake up.
I've had over, and I think most of your callers will agree.
Except for maybe a few areas.
Probably about 90% success rate of people really waking up.
That's the numbers we get from the listeners right here on air.
We've got tools that will break people's conditioning.
Why aren't you using them, folks?
That's the question.
And so we're all going to be sorry if we don't do all we can to try to at least stem the tide somewhat here, slow down the juggernaut that's
That's going full speed to bring this nation into a bloodbath.
What's happening is they've got the thing in full bore running over everything, but it's waking a lot of people up.
And they can't stop their New World Order now.
The momentum, the machinery is in motion.
But I think it's going to destroy the New World Order in the process.
I mean, I really see the analogy of the New World Order being a NASCAR in the final five laps.
And, yeah, they're in pole position in the lead, but the tires are about to all blow out.
The engine just caught on fire.
And, you know, can the New World Order make it across the finish line?
But you're going to have a burn-up driver and a smoking wreck when it goes over the finish line.
So they're going to have a hollow victory.
We're going to snatch pick.
I'm not saying you're all bad, but a large percentage now are criminals running criminal enterprises and acting like gang members, and I'm sick of it, and things are getting really bad.
I think the majority of your police officers in your rural areas
Yeah, they're compartmentalized.
That's why the multi-jurisdictional task forces are so bad, is that they merge in and take control of your local departments, and they take control of their funding mechanisms.
So again, I thank you and Violet for all your great work, and please folks, get those videos.
You bet.
God bless you, Alex.
Well, I want to thank those that have helped me make them.
Buckley Hammond,
My cousin.
I want to thank Mason Collier.
I want to thank all the folks that have worked with me on these new films.
They really are powerful, powerful information in them.
And since he brought it up now, I might as well plug it.
I've made nine films.
We're carrying a couple other films by other great authors.
I've carried some other books.
I've written a book, published Paul Watson's book,
And Paul really did get a call yesterday from the British government asking him about, so what's your website?
So what's this book you're writing?
Well, what are you up to?
We just wanted to talk to you.
And again, it's just pure intimidation.
They're scared, folks.
This is just one chapter, Her Majesty's Terrorist Network, where it just takes London Guardian and BBC headlines, you know, saying British government controls Al-Qaeda, British government supports bin Laden, British government carries out bombings in Ireland and London, and then just has the admissions.
He just took, you know, 50 different mainstream news articles and just condensed it all down into one chapter.
I mean, you know, it's...
That's one chapter.
It's got a chapter on Israel from Haratz and other Jewish newspapers, UPI, where they admit that Israel founded Hamas and carries out a lot of the bombings to oppress the Jewish people, really to keep that military state in place and to also be able to attack the Palestinians and that the Palestinians are controlled by the New World Order as well.
Again, controlling those.
That's one chapter in the book.
It gets into the fake UFO movement, how that's controlled by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers for mainstream news.
It's all documented
There's not speculation.
It gets into September 11th with some of the latest and most condensed information in three chapters.
It's 334 pages long and full of diagrams and documents.
I mean, this book deserves to be seen.
It deserves to be read.
It deserves to be known.
It's $19.95.
Order a second one when you buy one for only $11.95 to give as a Christmas gift or as a birthday present.
Please give it as a gift of love to wake people up.
Get Order Out of Chaos.
This book won't be seen, won't be known, unless you call into shows, promote it, tell folks about the websites, call them to get it.
Same thing with 9-1-1 Road to Tyranny, same thing with Masters of Terror, Police State's Redoable Enslavement, same thing with my book, Ascent into Tyranny.
It is up to you.
And I want to commend Paul for being strong and standing strong up against that, because, you know, I got those calls years ago.
And if you're not up at the target, you're not going to get flack.
You're not going to be getting shot at, literally and figuratively.
So that's just a little call that would intimidate a lot of people.
Oh, I got a call from the people that basically took Dr. Kelly out for a walk.
The point is there's more of us than there are of them, and 20 years ago they'd kill you for talking like this, and they still kill Jim Keith and others, and they could kill me tomorrow.
But they found that when they crush us, people's humanity, God just gives them strength, and our numbers quadruple overnight.
Every time they stomp one of us into the ground, it's like our blood, it's like the spores of a mushroom.
When you stomp on a mushroom,
In the morning, there'll be hundreds out there from the spores.
I think Thomas Jefferson said it best, that the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
So, you know, I'm just a big old fertilizer factory, and I'm spewing fertilizer out in all directions, but if you stomp on me...
I mean, I hate to use the occult analogy of Obi-Wan Kenobi, but strike me down, Darth Vader, I'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
That's kind of that new age angle on it, but I'm a Christian, folks, and I know what the Bible shows and what happened to Christ's disciples or anybody that stands up to evil.
But I know this, as our numbers grow, as Mark Twain said, in the beginning a patriot is a scarce man, hated and feared.
In the beginning a patriot...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So the globalists are in trouble.
If you become a leader, if you step up, if you become involved, even in a small way, it can move mountains.
So we've reached that renaissance, flashpoint, Fahrenheit 451 level where the fires have begun in the minds of men and women.
And so it's coming down to a challenge, down to the field of running mead.
It's coming down to the battlefield.
Being joined, being intensified.
Join us in history, my friends.
Join us in standing up against tyranny.
We wouldn't be here and have the liberty and have the families and have the decency and honor if it wasn't for those that bled and fought and died for freedom.
We owe them the debt from the past.
We owe our children and grandchildren a debt for the future.
Join the endless stream of humanity.
There was an old Norse saying that I just love.
I hope I get this one right.
Cattle die and kinsmen die, and I know one day one must die oneself.
But I know there's one thing that never dies, and that's the fame of a dead man's deeds.
And by that, what you were, what you did, the foundations you laid,
In this endless stream of humanity and civilization is the sacrifices and the passing on, the transmission of information to the species and our development to the stars made in the image of God.
I would be honored to be sanguinated now by the New World Order if it empowered anyone in this fight against dehumanization.
I'm not afraid.
Take the step.
Truly live.
Join in the battle for humanity against evil.
Be part of that sacred, holy war.
Break your conditioning, whether you're in the CIA or the FBI or a school teacher who's bought this propaganda.
Be man enough.
Be woman enough to unlock your mind, to pull off the blinders, to join us in history.
Do it.
I beg it of you.
Be truly alive.
Let's take some calls.
I guess... Who's up next, Mark?
Who should I speak with next?
Carmine in Pennsylvania.
You're up next.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Maybe it's time for some decaf.
I only have one cup of coffee, brother.
Okay, listen.
The guy I pulled in from California, he's got to clean his life up.
These old, burnt-out hippies, they don't grow up.
They still have the same habits they had when they were back in the 70s, and now it's coming back to bite them.
Well, sir, look, I'm not going to sit here and get into the guy's marijuana smoking.
My point is the greater evil times a thousand is the ski mask thugs and the helicopters in the comments.
And the point is, is that I know a lot of people who never touched any drugs that run 10 miles a day.
Go to church three times a week and have wonderful children who've had SWAT teams in their house tearing out their walls, kicking in doors.
That's what I'm talking about.
He's got a piece of prime real estate, but that's not the reason I called.
It is stupid.
It really is stupid.
He can say, well, I feel it isn't bad.
Okay, buddy, fine.
It's my right.
But the point is, you're just giving them what they want.
But you know what?
They're going to make it other stuff.
They're going to make everything illegal.
It doesn't matter.
They're going to make everything illegal so they can do this to all of us.
Go ahead.
You remember the movie The Running Man?
Richard Dawson tells us a big bodybuilder security guard, and he says, what happens if steroids affect your brain?
You should take the clip from Arnold apologizing that they just had recently.
He just apologized.
And marry it to that clip at the end, and it'll be really funny, and I think that would really help.
Maybe you could just blast everybody with that.
Yeah, well, reading the accounts that he admits to of what he would do to women, it's more than just some sexual desire out of control.
It was like a domineering, dirty, mean thing he would do to women.
Yeah, it's pretty sad.
And one last thing.
I see that, oh, two things.
You should not say our troops are huffing uranium depleted.
You should say they're forced to huff, because when you say huff, that's like a voluntary act.
These guys don't want to do it voluntarily.
They're in a nuclear wasteland.
Well, I agree.
They're breathing it.
But anyway, enjoy the show.
I was going to say something else, but it just went one ear and out the other.
No, you didn't go one ear and out the other.
Go ahead.
No, I mean, I had something to tell you, but it just went out of my head.
But enjoy the show.
About 50% of the people I run across now really smell a skunk.
That's what I mean to say.
They noticed something wrong.
Sir, 5% smelled a skunk in 1776.
Do you realize how much power we've got?
I believe it.
Hey, thanks, Doug.
Thank you.
And you know what?
This is a serious issue.
This is life.
This is humanity.
This is everything.
Our history.
Our genetic code.
Our transmission into the future.
So we should get excited.
This is amazing.
This is historical.
I've got the hair on the back of my neck standing up to be honored to be in this fight.
I hope God gives me the strength to properly carry a standard into the battle for humanity.
We're good to go.
Potassium iodate can protect against radioactive poisoning by filling the thyroid with good iodine.
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Let's go back to the calls.
I guess who's up next is Elma?
Where are you calling us from, Nebraska?
Yes, hi.
Yes, sir, Nebraska.
Thank you.
I couldn't believe it.
I was sitting up in Sunday school class, and our leader said, if any of you have any information on politics or political situation, please give it to us.
Please let us know.
I couldn't believe it.
I was blown away.
So my question to you is this.
Since I've been accused... So they told you... Yes, they did.
Now understand, under their 501c3, they say the church can't endorse a particular candidate.
Now, I've seen the letters handed out in Baptist churches.
No discussion of Second Amendment.
No discussion of abortion.
Now none of you can have views.
See, this is the Sovietization.
Uh-oh, I didn't know that.
Oh, yes.
I guess I better be careful, but...
The churches are about to get all their money to sell us out, yeah.
Oh, boy.
So he told you, you can't even have it in the church, which is total garbage.
You should leave that church immediately.
Well, what he said was he wanted us to give him any information that we might have political-wide.
Okay, let me get to my question first.
And then he went on to say what?
Well, that's all he said.
And so I walked up to him and I said, well, would you like to know what the Patriot Act is all about?
He says, no, I don't.
I said, well, it's a really huge document.
He said, well, try to break it down.
I want to see what it's all about.
Okay, maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe this is a great church.
All my friends are being told by their Sunday school, by everything, no more talk of politics.
I don't know.
The churches send out letters.
No discussion of politics in the church, which is insane, folks.
Well, I have been sending him excerpts from your website and from different information that I've gathered from newspapers around the globe to let them know
And I think maybe he may have said that because they want to know more now because they know they smell a rat.
Sounds like a good church then.
Real quick, my question is that I've been accused of giving too much information too fast.
So the Patriot Act 1, I see all the HR bills.
In your opinion, what would be the most effective document at this time since they're open to give them?
Well, I would bring them 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
And I'd bring, you know, make ten copies of it.
That would cost you like ten bucks.
VHS tapes are like a dollar, the cheap tape is.
Yeah, I have your... And I would bring it all to them.
And I would hand it out to them.
I'd say this, because people like to watch TV, and it's full of documents and video clips.
It's the best film we've got.
It'll break their conditioning 90% of the time.
Okay, I'm going to do that.
Thank you very much.
And I just thank you so much.
I'm still trying.
I'm still getting beaten down and told to shut up, but I'm still, you know, talking to her right now.
Well, that happened to Galileo when he said the world was round.
Yes, sir.
Thanks, Alex.
Thank you.
Just keep telling them it's round.
Let's talk to Mike in California.
Go ahead, Mike.
Hello, Alex?
Yes, sir.
I have a quick comment for you.
On Tuesday, one of your callers called in and was talking about Emergen-C, which is a vitamin C packet in a powdered form.
Yeah, I drink it sometimes.
It's good stuff.
Yeah, and I used to drink it too, but I want to bring to your attention, on the label, if you read it, that product contains aspartate and aspartic acid.
That's different.
That's just a... I mean, oranges naturally have acids in them.
It just sounds like aspartame.
I checked into that.
Oh, you did?
Okay, because I looked in Russell Blaylock's book.
And he discusses those two as being an excitotoxin, but in higher degrees.
So I guess if you took a lot of it... No, I'm sure Blalock knows more about it.
I better check that out then.
Yeah, I would look at Russell Blalock's book, Excitotoxins... All right, hey, I'll tell you what, I'm going to have to hold you over.
All the callers stay there.
Third hour and a guest.
Coming up, InfoWars.com.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones introducing you to the new Berkey PF2 fluoride and arsenic reduction elements for exclusive use for the Berkey Light Black... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, you are in for a real treat in this third hour.
I've been on the show a couple times.
He's got an amazing radio voice and a great understanding of the New World Order.
And he's a great guy.
And in the future, you'll hear him occasionally filling in on the show for me when I'm off on missions.
He's Michael Corbin with A Closer Look, a very well-produced radio show that airs Saturday nights.
I've talked to a few station owners that carry my show.
I know they're now picking up his show.
I believe in it.
I believe in a lot of the shows that are on this network.
But he produced that Neocon star piece, too, and some other pieces you haven't heard that we're going to air here.
And he's on a Saturday, what, 7 to 9.
And Michael Corbin is going to discuss all the news, a lot of what we haven't gotten to, here in the next hour.
And we're going to take calls.
Right now, let's go back to some of the callers that we're holding.
Mike in California, go ahead and finish up the points you were making, sir.
I encourage everybody to...
Well, you're talking about aspartame and the subdivisions of it, and now what?
9,000 plus foods have it.
They're putting it in everything, and it is horrible, folks.
Yes, and aspartate is listed in that book as being the major ingredient in NutraSweet.
So I would assume that it's something to be looked into.
It's what they do with the molecules from the people.
I've actually brought that up to them.
It's the combinations and then what it breaks back down into.
So maybe that particular one is not as bad as the straight aspartame?
Well, I'm going to have to check it out.
I'm not the sergeant or the doctor and all the folks we've had on about it.
But I just wanted to bring that to your attention so you can throw it around and just kind of look it over when you have time as well as the listeners.
Thanks for the call.
Okay, thanks.
Appreciate it.
Let's now go ahead and take another call.
And I've got my call list all messed up.
I don't know who's up next, I guess.
It's Regina.
Regina in Pennsylvania.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead.
With all this talk about Rush Limbaugh, who's going to care less about, let the system work with him.
Why don't we just have the SWAT teams rate him and take his property?
Well, you know what I mean.
Asset forfeiture seizure.
Let's just take his $290-something million.
You know, I really don't feel any pain because he's been giving me pain for years because he's a white horse.
I'm sorry.
He is the most liberal person on radio.
You know, what has he done?
I mean, you know, maybe some of the stuff that he brought up will help him.
That shows how scrambled all the people's brains are.
They think Limbaugh is a conservative.
Well, anyways, I want to say this thing tomorrow morning, it was announced that on tomorrow morning, 745 on the Washington Journal, Judge Roy Moore is going to be on.
And I thought, you know, that's somebody that is standing out there.
We have all these other things going on, Rush Limbaugh, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
They have $87 billion going to Iraq, but Judge Roy Moore is still hanging out there.
So I just want to encourage people to maybe tune in tomorrow morning on Washington Journal.
And also, you know, the man behind the man.
You know, I've gotten some from American Life League.
Warren Buffett is the one that's behind Arnold, correct?
Well, Lord Jacob Rothschild, the kingmaker George Shultz, Buffett, I mean, the entire Bohemian Grove, according to two San Francisco Chronicle articles, is behind him.
That's why they want McClintock to step down.
Okay, can I read a few things here, just real quick?
You've got about 45 seconds.
4.7 million to International Projects Assistance Services, a firm that develops equipment for abortionists.
3.5 million to the Population Council, which played a key role in getting federal preview for RU486.
2.1 million to Planned Parenthood of America and 11 local chapters.
1.5 million to Narrow Foundation.
You know, you're getting the point here.
Okay, so what is this from?
This is from American Life, Judy Brown.
Who's giving this money?
Warren Buffett is where he gives.
That's where he gives his money.
Well, I know he's a globalist slimeball.
Well, that's who you're supporting if you support Arnold.
The Washington Times endorses him after he says he loves Hitler.
Thanks for the call, Regina.
Great points.
All right, Michael Corbin straight ahead and more of your calls and a bunch of news.
We've got 55 minutes left.
Stay with us.
What really happened September 11th and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
That's right, my friends.
Welcome already into the third and final hour of this Friday Global Transmission Against Tyranny.
I'm honored to be your host.
Eight minutes and 30 seconds in here.
And I know we've got George in Michigan and Brock in Canada and many others that are patiently holding.
If you'd like to join us on air on any news item, any piece of propaganda...
I think?
Japanese city plans GPS tracking system for children in the wake of teen abduction.
That's coming up, too.
I'm going to throw a lot of different news articles out here at our guest, who is a good friend of mine.
I've been on his show several times.
He's got a closer look.
And he's a great radio broadcaster and a student fighting the New World Order here in the School of Life.
He's Michael Corbin, joining us from Denver, Colorado.
And, Mr. Corbin, good to have you on the show.
Alex, it's a pleasure to be with you.
I always enjoy talking to you.
You bet.
Now, you're the guy that did the Neocon star piece that I'm just in love with.
We're actually producing some other ones.
We decided that the time is now to take a closer look at some of that stuff, too.
So we decided that a little bit of irony and parody is not bad.
It grabs the attention of the listener, and we kind of poke some fun at some of this stuff that's going on with these guys.
And so, hence the name of the show, A Closer Look with Michael Corbin.
Why don't you give the website out for folks?
Okay, our website is www.4acloserlook.com.
Now, Michael, there's so much going on in the world today.
What are the top three issues facing humanity that you think are the most important?
Well, the first and foremost in my book is the loss of our liberties.
The second is the preponderance of the proliferation of the New World Order agenda.
This is the main course of the day.
We are seeing radical changes to our whole way of living and our whole way of doing business.
If things don't turn around, then it's going to be a done game.
It's already near that now.
Listening to your program and the stuff that we discuss on our program,
There is a real serious problem.
They have got this game covered at every angle.
They've got religion.
They've got education.
They've got finance.
They've got politics.
They have sewed this bag up really, really tightly.
And now that they've got us pinned in, they're starting to close in for the slaughter.
And the thing is, and you know this too from seeing the stuff that you've seen, that it used to be kind of a vague, shadowy kind of thing.
It was never really in your face.
It is now in our face.
They're telling us what they're doing to us, and we're accepting it.
I don't get this.
I just don't understand it.
Well, it's amazing, Michael.
I noticed when I was watching a video last night, a video clip, considering using a new film I'm making, of Congressman Pete Sessions, who's a congressman for Central and part of East Texas.
And he got up and he was speaking to a group of college students and he said, hey, it's a new world order.
We've been attacked.
America won't survive unless we join the new world order.
Your life's going to change.
The economy's going to go down the tubes because of the terrorists attacking us.
We've got to have a new world order to save the economy.
So they're counting on us.
And so I've seen the former CIA director at UT at a CFR meeting saying, we've got to have a new world order.
You know, the change is here.
Get used to it.
I see congressmen doing it.
I see Bush doing it.
I see Democrats doing it.
And you still try to talk to the average person.
They'll try to deny there's even a world government.
That's the devil's...
That's the devil's biggest trick, was convincing the world he didn't exist.
Go ahead.
Well, no, they laugh at you.
I mean, they laugh at people who say, who use the word New World Order, but yet people like George Bush Sr., people like Gary Hart, who, you know, one of the things that I find really, really laughable is this whole partisan politics thing.
This is nothing more than a smokescreen and a diversion while they're on both sides of the fence, while they're moving in and stealing our rights and taking away our liberties.
They are camping themselves on either side, the alternative choice.
And they change, just like General Frank.
They change sides.
They're changeable.
They have different hats.
They can put on different hats.
They can move from corridor to corridor.
The military to the business to the multinational corporations, they're all in bed together.
Gary Hart, a Democrat, talking about we can take advantage of the 9-11 and put into play something that our president's father said about a new world order.
And it's like, you know, they are setting us up.
And then the FBI training manuals say that there's delusional groups that talk about a non-existent New World Order, watch them, they're terrorists.
As every day, type New World Order into a search engine, there are dozens of major papers going, World Government this, New World Order that.
But the thing is, and see, this is the thing, Alex, they have been gradually acculturating us into acceptance groups.
It's for our own good, the whole environmental thing, the terror, the fear.
It's about fear.
It's about ruling with fear.
And that's what a tyranny is.
You know, if we don't depopulate, we're going to find ourselves in a real bad mess on the planet.
Well, it's like the Supreme Court.
I mean, I remember five years ago seeing rulings where they cited the U.N.
or the non-existent international criminal court that wasn't even in place or foreign courts from countries where they don't even have juries or where they have double jeopardy trying to try for the same crime.
And I would get on there and read Supreme Court rulings and federal court rulings and state courts that were citing the U.N.,
And people go, I don't believe that.
That would never happen.
Then, the last six months, it's been all over the news that, yeah, they're going to follow what the UN says in their rulings now.
And then on top of all that, the American Bar Association comes out and says, we're getting rid of attorney-client privilege.
Your lawyer is going to spy on you.
We want to get rid of juries.
I mean, it's really happening, folks.
And if you just hesitate for a second, they're going to eat your lunch.
That's exactly right.
And they're doing it now.
They're not only eating our lunch, they're taking it in big, big, huge bites.
It's always been incremental, but now here in the final phase, it's like that flashpoint.
You're right.
You throw a piece of paper in the fire, it turns yellow, brown, and suddenly flashes into flame.
America is exploding in flames.
80-plus percent of the American people are against NAFTA and GATT.
Republicans, Democrats, we know it's bad.
We know it's unconstitutional.
We know it's a scam.
It's not free or fair trade.
Everything's shutting down.
They said the layoffs are going to get seven times worse.
What's their answer?
Radically expand NAFTA and GATT.
The 30-something countries in the Western Hemisphere.
Well, look at all of our industry.
This country has been reduced to a mindless video games and all these silly diversions.
We're customer service oriented.
We're all human resource.
All of the things that made this country great, the industrialism, the manufacturing and all of that, has all left our shores and gone over to these other countries where these big corporations are exploiting the third world countries.
There was a news story the other day about that.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And seven people, I believe five to seven people, have been murdered by these security guards because these people are starving.
Well, it's literally the grapes of wrath.
They live in armored compounds in dirt floor shacks, and that's what they're setting up here.
And the Defense Department, in white papers with the big defense contractors, have said the new economy is going to be prisons, surveillance, police, military, oppression.
That's what America's going to be now.
That's going to be our economy.
The biggest part of our economy is prisons now.
That's right.
And we're becoming Rome.
Because, you see, it's a fascist state, is what it is.
Because the more we expand out there in the globe and force our culture and our ways on these other nations...
The more it requires policing at home to support this system.
Also, to make the people internally... This is not American values.
This is imperial values, as you said.
And so that's got to be done here.
They're going to have tyranny worldwide.
They've got to have it here.
Because who's got to pay for it?
Who's got to pay for this and support this machine?
It's the taxpayers.
It's us.
And, you know, when we start... Like, you know, us doing our radio show.
We start...
I agree with you.
We're going to break here in a few minutes.
We're going to come back and take a few calls from folks that have been patiently holding.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
We're talking to Michael Corbin, who does a syndicated show right here on this network.
It's a closer look, and it's 7 to 9 Central Standard Time every Saturday night.
And also before Michael leaves us here at the end of the show, we're going to play not just Neocon Star, but maybe one of the little five-minute montages that his great production staff have put together.
But you gave us two of the big things you think are the most important, the loss of liberty and this whole new world under global government expanding at a geometric rate.
What was the third one?
Well, the third one is the complacency and the apathy that the people in this country have.
The failure to understand the basic tenets of what our republic was constituted under, and that is the Bill of Rights, the Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and it was all predicated upon the... It's not a notion.
It's a reality that every man, woman, and child has an inalienable right.
These rights come from God.
The state is not God, and there is no way that the state is superior to us.
That's a great point, and I would also add a caveat to that.
That look at the fruits of America when we were a more free country.
Four percent of the population over half the wealth.
Now we're six percent of the world population with about 30 percent of the wealth.
We're losing that wealth, but as the middle class disappears, government grows, and the Fortune 500 get richer.
Those numbers just came out in Forbes two weeks ago.
Look at the fruits of this system, folks.
You got it.
That's the game.
That's the game.
They don't want a middle class.
You threaten them.
They want you dependent on their plantation.
Just like Del Monte.
We'll be back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
All right, coming up in the next segment, we're going to air an interview that Michael Corbin did with George W. Bush just a few minutes long.
Then we're going to air that new ad that's been playing by OnStar where they actually told the truth in one of their commercials.
I just love that.
That thing's pure genius.
But that's coming up in the next segment.
Michael, let's take some calls.
Let's talk to George in Michigan.
George, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I want to commend you for doing an excellent job, okay?
You're alerting our people to what's going on.
You're telling the truth, and you've done an excellent job.
Now, I was connected.
With Mark Kornke, when the malicious first started up here in Michigan.
I was very close, working with Mark and John.
Sounds like you're out in the woods.
I can hear crickets.
I don't think it's crickets, but I am out in the wilderness, and I raise fish.
I've got fish in tanks here.
Oh, wow.
I'm a fish farmer.
So anyway, what I wanted to tell you is that I was with the war when the war started, and you're 100% right about the infiltration by the feds.
And the feds were at the top in many cases.
They were the guys sitting up in front of the room at the table, the commanders of the counties, or the other places they controlled security in all the meetings.
Well, that's why I'm saying it's important that we all just be community leaders in our suits and ties and just be aware of that infiltration and not play into it.
Okay, now let me take it a step further.
And all of the things that I did, I got a big mouth and I got a lot of newspaper coverage and a lot of radio, TV and everything because I was kind of an obstinate character telling them the truth.
They didn't believe it, okay?
But what happened is I got a call from the FBI one day here back three years ago.
And my wife took the call and they said they would like to talk to me.
So the following day, I called the FBI office down in Saginaw, Michigan.
And I said, we'd like to meet with you, Mr. Matuska.
I said, where do you want to meet?
He said, well, we can meet down in Bridgeport.
The state police have a room down there.
Or you can come to our office here in Saginaw.
I said, I want to come to your office in Saginaw.
Okay, so what happened?
You with me?
Yeah, what happened, sir?
We don't have a lot of time.
Okay, so anyway, what I did is I took a tape recorder with me, and I took a suitcase full of all kinds of tapes and all kinds of literature exposing the New World Order.
You were trying to educate them, but all they were trying to do was set you up or get some dirt on you.
Well, that's where it started, okay?
Now, this is a good story, Alex, so please give me a little bit.
I understand, but go ahead and tell it.
Okay, so anyway, here's what happened.
I walked in there, and he read, and he said, well, we've had a complaint about you.
And he read it to me, and it talked about me telling the state police.
And I had made this comment, and it was word for word my word.
So I know somebody that infiltrated one of the meetings had given it to him.
And I explained to him when I was going to kill the state police.
The state police were going to be heading up the National Police Force here in Michigan when the regional government and everything came in.
And you know all about regional government.
We're in Federal Region 10, and we're in State Region 7.
So you said if it went to martial law, you would fight back?
Yeah, and so anyway, the meeting ended.
He said, well, what you're saying, we can't do anything.
There's nothing wrong with what you're saying.
You've got a right to speak, he said, but we've got to call you down here and talk to you, okay?
So I said, fine.
And he says, look, he said, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you're not going to come back here and shoot me.
I looked him in the eye, and I said, here's the story.
You leave me alone, I leave you alone.
You screw with me, you die.
Sir, I hear you.
You might be an interesting guest to have on sometime.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
Michael Corbin, a lot of people are getting that attitude.
A lot of veterans.
They're tired of it.
We've got to be very careful because an early flashpoint... We're winning this thing in the Infowar.
The globalists would like it to go physical.
But I understand that people are very frustrated by the oppression.
Well, sure they are.
And you know, the thing is that one thing that we've got to keep telling them is this.
They've got to quit believing the polls, the statistics, and all the stuff that the mainstream media feeds them about how well this is going.
When you're down on the street where we are, you hear this kind of thing from all the people.
You know they're frustrated.
But they have to start realizing they must exercise their vote.
Yep, you're right.
You know, and everybody has to do their part.
Everybody, by doing their part, you know, it's like that story about the guy in the Soviet Union putting a grain of sand every day in the machinery.
Eventually, that grain of sand stops it up.
Well, I mean, 99% of the police and medical workers refuse to take the smallpox shot.
People are starting to get wise.
More calls, some great little clips coming up with Michael Corbin.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Oh my God!
I can't believe I got these drugs prescribed for free and shipped overnight to my door without seeing a doctor.
Yes, it's true.
For a limited time, our doctors are prescribing drugs for free.
Our doctors are prescribing the most popular... 3-44-38.
That's toll free.
Not yet available in Iowa.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, my friends.
We're going to real quick go over some news, play some quick clips, talk to Brock in Canada, Joe in Maryland, Spencer in Ohio, Nathan in Iowa, Kevin in
Wherever Kevin's calling from.
Just a lot to try to cover here in the little 25 minutes that we've got left with Michael Corbin, who I really appreciate coming on the show.
We're about to play some of these clips here first.
But before I do that, there's been a lot of talk about indoor air pollution, the curtains breaking down, the dog dander, the toxins in the paint.
Houses are so sealed now that it's a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And it's an amazing system, folks.
You really need to call them.
They have systems that will do a 500-square-foot room or they'll do a huge house.
They sell to factories and businesses.
And it just pumps out high levels of oxygen, the more complex oxygen molecules.
And it's oxygen that kills bacteria.
It's oxygen that's why, quote, fresh air outside.
It's an amazing system.
I have one of these, and I believe in it.
And I want you to give CSIN a call.
And it's John Stattmiller.
And they're there right now.
And get a free color catalog or order an Aaronizer today.
And they'll be there tonight as well.
That's 877-605-9200.
That's 877-605-9200.
Do not wait, folks.
Get the Aaronizer.
Get a free catalog.
It's the real deal.
It's an amazing system.
Pet odors, smoke, cooking odors.
It just knocks it right out.
It's an oxygen generator in your house.
The football players whenever they're tired during a...
After a play or during a timeout, on the final drive, put the oxygen on.
Well, that's just pure oxygen.
This is higher levels of oxygen, complex bundles of molecules.
It's light years ahead of an ozone machine and frankly costs less and has a lifetime warranty.
Take advantage of that right now, folks.
It's so important.
And last but not least, I have produced nine full-length feature documentary films.
I have written a book and I've published another book by Paul Joseph Watson.
You should interview, by the way, Corbin.
It's a great book.
This book is extremely powerful.
Again, Order Out of Chaos, covering government-sponsored terror, not just in the U.S., but in England, in Israel, in Russia.
It's got three incredible chapters with the most hardcore information on September 11th.
You want to give somebody the big picture, do it with this book.
Get a second copy as a gift for somebody in your family for $11.95.
We have to be the people that go out and bring this information forward.
If we don't do it, nobody will.
That's why I authorize my listeners to make copies of my videos for not-for-profit, not for sale purposes.
Make copies.
Get them out to talk show hosts and county commissioners and your local constabulary.
Show them who carried out September 11th.
Get my videos.
The toll-free number to get my videos is 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or prisonplanet.com or infowars.com to order.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And your purchase of these videos, these t-shirts, these books, also in a secondary fashion, supports my broadcast and my staff and what we're doing.
So please be part of history and help us in this historical fight.
And last but not least, I should say, the videos are $25.95 all over two hours.
Order three or more, they drop down to $20.
Okay, Michael Corbin, thanks for holding through that and the callers as well.
You got a couple clips here you want to play, that I want you to play.
Which one are you going to play first?
We'll do the Neocon star first.
I like that one the best.
Well, I've played it about 20 times, but it's my favorite thing out there.
And I want to post this on InfoWars.com.
We haven't done it yet.
You've got it.
You can.
Well, email it to me, because I want to get my webmasters to put it up so everybody can hear this all over the country.
Because every time I hear the, well, why did you cut this?
I mean, I would guess because you were sick of hearing those OnStar propaganda pieces.
Well, yeah, you hear that, you hear that, and people... See, this is the thing, Alex.
They have got their game so wire-tight.
One of the things that particularly offends me personally is the way that they get us to pay to enslave us.
They have us pay them to enslave us.
People buy these new cars, and OnStar is a way to track them.
And if OnStar can unlock their car, they can disable their car.
And so, you know, I heard those commercials and I thought, well, you know, we ought to do something on that because, you know, this is ridiculous.
Well, they admit that Homeland Security and mainstream reports can, quote, tune into the audio.
There's a sensor.
They can listen to you.
They admit the cell phone just doesn't track you now.
They can tune in when the phone is off and listen to you.
Yes, exactly.
So that's what we did this for.
And as you mentioned, we have an excellent production crew here.
So we have the liberty and the freedom to come up with some of these interesting little ditties.
And like I told you, we're going to do more.
We've got a lot more coming.
And Michael, we're blessed to have shows out there with people like you that have teams like you.
And folks, I mean, it's...
A lot of people have gone through a lot of heartache to bring you this information and to study and to fight the New World Order and have turned down a lot of payout deals and you name it.
Lord knows I have.
So we really need to appreciate shows like this one and shows like Michael Corbin's and the shows on this network.
Go ahead and play Neocon Star.
Okay, here it goes.
You're listening to A Closer Look.
Bringing reality into focus.
The following is an actual conversation between a Neocon Star operator and a subscriber in distress who is locked in her car and doesn't have the proper authorization to get out.
With Neocon Star, help is just a satellite away.
Neoconstar, how can I offer you great service today?
Please help me, I'm trapped in my car.
My retina scanner won't work.
Just relax, sir.
It's not sir, it's ma'am.
Please hurry, it's hot in here.
According to Admiral Poindexter's database, I have you at the Monsanto Mart on 2nd Street.
I have a live shot of you from the Neoconstar observation building area.
I'm an old lady.
All right, sir, looks like you have no outstanding warrant, so you're not under vehicular detention.
But I can't find it.
I'm looking everywhere.
I can't find my national ID card.
Sir, I'm gonna send a Homeland Security helicopter there right now to check you out.
You have a 99.2% chance of being a terrorist.
Would you like the in-car lethal injection right now, or would you prefer to wait for the agents?
I'll take the lethal injection, please.
Thanks for using the Ocon Star.
Have a nice day.
This is Michael Corbin from A Closer Look.
Does this scenario seem far-fetched or on the horizon?
But we may experience this level of government control if we don't stand up today and take back our God-given freedoms that have been taken in the name of the war on terrorism.
All right, great, and I've heard that a lot, but they air all their little Osama, Osama stuff a million times, but...
What I did when I interviewed Greg Palast about the IMF World Bank documents, we had a transcript made, and that ended up being published in over 400 newspapers.
Just because of our listeners.
Now, what I think should happen with that piece is, radio hosts all over the country, where they have this horrible OnStar ad running, should take that and play that so people can hear.
Because let me tell you, what you hear there is a lot more realistic...
To what the globalists admittedly have planned for this and what they sell on those ridiculous ads.
Yeah, well, when we produced that piece, we took all these elements of the control that they already have in place.
I'm an old lady!
Yeah, I'm an old lady.
I lost my car and I can't find it.
You know, that kind of thing.
So, yeah, you're right.
It shows you how ridiculous all this really is.
Oh, by the way, they announced those hover blimps.
They announced betting on dead soldiers and all that, and Poindexter had to step down as if he was the one doing it.
He was just the titular head.
And now they've come out and go, okay, we are going to go ahead and deploy the blimps, but it's for the illegal aliens, which they're issuing all IDs and double the tuition, knowing that we're against the illegal aliens.
They say, oh, it's for those illegal aliens.
Yeah, well, see, everything that they do, they always attach a legitimate reason for why we've got to do it.
And they say, this is legitimate.
We're doing it for your betterment, your good, that kind of thing.
Just like implants.
Implants can be beneficial because if your child gets taken, we can locate your child.
Yeah, right.
Now, Michael, that's a great point.
Now, we've got loaded phones here, and I will at least take the first five of these calls from the folks that are holding.
But you've got another little five-minute piece here.
This is actually a shorter one than five minutes.
Is this your interview with George W. Bush?
Yes, this is the interview with George Bush.
Oh, well, let me hear it.
Okay, go ahead and roll it.
Earlier this week, I had the privilege, or whatever you want to call it, to interview over the phone our president, George W. Bush.
I attempted to cover some interesting topics, although the art of plausible denial got in the way.
Well, so with that, let's go to the interview.
You're listening to A Closer Look.
President Bush, thanks for taking time out of your busy freedom robbery to speak with me.
Good afternoon.
Mr. President, where are you speaking from?
The Oval Office?
I'm speaking to you today from the training room of the White House, a place where American presidents have worked for peace.
Yeah, nice.
Now, I just want to forewarn you.
The questions that I'm going to be asking are not really related to those asked by your controlled media pawns, you know, such as Shepard Smith.
Oh, I
We're beginning to get a spirit where we're more agreeable, but we're setting a different tone.
I want to thank you all very much for your service to the country.
Well, I kind of appreciate that.
Here's what I think.
I think America's lucky to have such distinguished citizens.
I've been impressed by the caliber of the person.
I've been impressed by the conviction.
Are you stalling me?
Let's get to the first question.
What is a compassionate conservative?
Every nation has a choice to make.
In this conflict, there is no neutral ground.
If any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocence, they have become outlaws and murderers themselves.
And they will take that lonely path at their own peril.
Now, I know that this is your stance on foreign policy, and that is one of our major concerns on the show, but let's start with what you've done to our freedoms.
Our precious freedoms.
Well, that's right, but what have you done with them that we like to call, with the draconian measures such as the Patriot Act?
You know, I mean, what are your thoughts on Patriot Act 1, 2, and what some label as possibly number 3?
It has been a record of shared success, a true tribute to bipartisan effort.
What's that really all about?
What is that that you really want Americans to do?
In other words, to borrow from a man who paved the way for you, how many freedoms must we trade for security?
To travel great distances, to risk injury, even to be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.
Sorry to be rude, George, but that is pretty messed up.
Well, how long will all this take?
Our patience will be one of our strengths.
Patience with the long waits that will result from tighter security.
Patience in understanding that it will take time to achieve our goals.
Patience in all the sacrifices that may come.
Now since when does a free country need to surrender what makes it what it is?
Given the nature and reach of our enemies, we will win this conflict by the patient accumulation of successes.
By meeting a series of challenges with determination and will and purpose.
Well, we're almost out of time, but let me ask you one other question, then I'll keep my promise to let you read your poem.
What is your primary goal in this war on terror?
My priority is to make sure people have more money.
Well, that didn't really answer my question, but then again, you know, you haven't really answered any of them.
What are you really up to?
Here at A Closer Look, we're convinced that you're nothing more than a New World Order pimp.
I know many Americans feel fear today.
I guess this has just been a pointless interview, so let's make the announcement that you are really actually also a talented poet.
Now let's hear your latest masterpiece.
We will not waver.
We will not tire.
We will not falter.
And we will not fail.
Peace and freedom will prevail.
Well, that was really bad.
Listen, I'm getting the hook.
They're fixing to put the hook on me.
Okay, well, do you have any last words for the audience?
Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th.
Malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves.
Away from the guilty.
Goodbye, Führer Bush.
Thank you.
May God continue to bless America.
We would like to hear from you.
Make the call.
Our number?
All right, folks.
We've got to take a bunch of calls now.
But, Michael, that's just great.
And I know that we'll have you back up and play more of those in the near future.
Let's go to these calls.
Stay right there.
We've been holding forever.
Barack in Canada.
Go ahead, Barack.
You're on the air with Alex Jones and our guest, Michael Corbin.
I wanted to ask two questions.
Number one, what is eugenics?
And number two, does...
Your guests think that in the next two to five years, we will lose the First Amendment.
I think we already are under political correctness and the thought crime stuff that's already happening.
I mean, we'll get Michael's take on that.
But eugenics, is that question for me?
Yes, Alex.
Well, I mean, eugenics is the science of these control freak globalists who are really come out of the whole feudalist system as feudal lords of engineering and controlling populations and being able to force abortion on us or what other sundry control they wish, forced sterilization, you name it.
You want to take those two questions, Michael?
Well, I agree with you 100% on both fronts.
Eugenics, amplifying the statement you just made about eugenics.
I also see eugenics as a way for them to engineer a docile, mindless human being through, and eugenics can apply to this as well.
It's fluoride in the water, Ritalin, Prozac, genetic engineering, not giving you insurance.
LSD that changes the genetics of human beings when they consume it.
I mean, there's a lot of things going on.
And the CIA released that, by the way.
Sure, and you know, you were talking about aspartame.
That was on the list of drugs that were experimented with under MKUltra.
You know, a lot of these drugs that people recreationally consume... Same thing with the fluoride.
You got it.
You got it.
Rat poison.
I mean, that's what fluoride is.
Great, great, great points.
Barack, anything else?
Yes, I...
The law, the justice system, it's continuing to erode, and it's like Satan laughing in our face, saying, we like the perpetrator and the criminals, and we hate the victims.
Well, that's it, but hey, I mean, what's wrong with the American Bar Association saying get rid of juries and get rid of attorney-client privilege?
Folks, think about how insane that is.
It's nuts.
It's absolutely nuts.
I mean, the only thing that keeps the tyrants away from us are those impartial systems that the forefathers, the founding fathers of our country put into place.
They're checks and balances that must be there.
Brock, thanks for the call.
We're going to come back and jam Joe and Spencer and Nathan.
That's all we'll have time for into the final segment.
I did want to mention this.
All because of the abduction of a 15-year-old girl last month.
And then now Sean Hannity says every child needs a chip.
He said every child needs a chip.
I'm amazed at the stupidity of parents that would allow their children or themselves to be chipped.
Well, this government is involved in white slavery rings.
They run the majority of the kidnapping of children.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new tool is...
Order today and spread the word.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones introducing you to the new Berkey PF2 fluoride and arsenic reduction elements for exclusive use with the Berkey Light's Black Berkey Purification Elements.
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We're good to go.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A lot of info to cover in a short time to get there.
I was just talking to Mark who runs the show during the break and he made the good point that we'll
This doesn't work.
The kidnapper would just cut the tracker tag off they want to make the kids wear in Japan.
Then they say, oh, you've got to take it implanted.
That's the whole point.
There you go, right into your arteries.
That's exactly the only thing that will work, and that's what they're saying.
Let's talk to Joe in Maryland.
Joe, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, thank you for taking my call.
Wonderful show today.
I want to just make a quick announcement.
I got a thing from Larry Pratt saying that
Chief Justice Moore is going to be in Severin, Maryland tonight at 8080 New Cut Road.
He's going to be on C-SPAN tomorrow morning, too.
And I wish I had known it earlier.
I'd live for three hours from there, but I would have made a point to get there.
That sounds important.
What else is on your mind?
It's 7 p.m.
That's it.
Good show.
Okay, thank you so much for the call.
Comments on Judge Roy Moore and how they're removing the Foundations of America, Michael.
Well, again, it's the same kind of thing.
They've got all of these bases covered, and that's what we've got to keep letting people know.
We've got to keep bringing it to their attention.
Everything, when you turn around, you've got to take a look at it, and you've got to cut through the garbage.
Who stands to gain?
The Romans would always ask that.
Who profits?
Who has the motive?
Look at everything in your life and then ask yourselves.
Spencer in Ohio, go ahead.
Yes, sir, Alex.
If we were under the Monroe Doctrine, we'd call forth a militia to protect that monument.
And to aid Godroy Moore, 70 years ago, FDR opened up the CCC camps to put depressed white men back to work this month, and also Hitler went up on his observatory, and he studied the stars and said, this means blood.
So did Hitler's Harvard shrink use MKUltra on him?
Well, that's true.
He was handled out of the U.S.
and England, and that's actually part of history, and folks will understand that Hitler was a puppet.
Thanks for the call, Spencer.
Comments on that, on Schwarzenegger saying he loves Hitler, he's involved in all this stuff, but that's okay, but Trent Lott had to step down.
Well, again, an illustration of the double speak and double standard, double think, I should say, and double standards.
That's it.
You know, it's hypocrisy.
Total hypocrisy.
Nathan in Iowa, last caller, you're on the air worldwide.
Yeah, I was wondering what the title of your new video was.
The new video is not out yet, folks, and we're debating what the new title will be, and we'll be ready for a couple weeks or so.
It's real good, I'll just tell you that.
And sorry, can't tell you right now.
We're still trying to decide what the title will be.
All right, that's all I have.
Thank you so much.
As far as other callers, we can't get to you, but I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, and back tomorrow from 11 to 2.
Well, not tomorrow.
I'll be back from 1 to 4 tomorrow with Real Talk Radio.
I'm back Monday, 11 to 2, and then 9 to midnight.
Michael Corbin, you've got the last two minutes of the show.
What would you like to say to folks?
Well, again, I'd like to thank GCN.
I'd like to thank you.
For doing what you're doing.
As you know, as you mentioned, it's a tough business to assimilate and refine all this data and put it out.
GCN is a great network and I'm really glad it's there.
We've had amazing successes.
In the minds of men and women, we have labored hard, but the harvest has been a great bounty, and we need everybody to be leaders out there.
That's right, and that's the bottom line.
You've got to get out of the victim mentality.
You've got to remember and realize that you have an obligation to your families and to yourselves and to others to stand up and do what's right.
And to hear your show, folks can tune in right here on the network at GCNlive.com this Saturday, 7 to 9 Central.
That's 8 to 10 Eastern.
That would, I guess, be 6 to 8 Mountain or at your website.
www.4acloserlook.com Alright, Michael Corbin, I know we'll be hearing from you soon here on this broadcast as well, and thanks for joining us, and God bless.
Hey, Alex, thank you so much, and God bless you too.
You bet, my friend.
Alright, back tonight, 9 to midnight central.
Tell your friends and family about the show.
I want to thank the affiliates, the sponsors, the listeners, the great folks running this show, and God Almighty.
Now get out there and fight the New World Order, and have a safe weekend, and
Wake somebody up this weekend.
Get involved.
Get involved in the fight against the New World Order.
You don't have a choice, folks.
You better join sides and get off the bench and get in the game.