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Air Date: Oct. 2, 2003
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
Another live edition of
Of the Alex Jones Show, and here I am, your little host, Alex Jones.
On our little show, going out coast to coast on the AM and FM dial, simulcasting on global shortwave, the internet, satellite, you name it.
We're going to have wide open phones yet again today, and of course some great guests, and we're going to go into all the latest news and developments proving that we have this
This corrupt world government and, well, hopefully spurring you to action to educate yourself on these facts and then to go out and warn others.
Look at these headlines today.
Columbine files to be destroyed.
This is out of the Denver Post.
Victims' families want depositions made public.
The feds want all that stuff secret, including the videotapes of what really happened inside.
Oh, they've released 10 seconds of Harrison Kleibold stumbling around in the cafeteria, but that's about it.
Why were the SWAT teams kept outside for four hours?
Police admitted in depositions that they had shot quite a few of the children.
Why are they destroying this evidence?
Well, the evidence that's out shows...
That Harris and Kleibold weren't shooting anybody.
This was a federal operation.
I'll go back into that today.
Also, did Bush serve?
Did Bush serve?
Now, this has been discussed ad nauseum on this network, by this show, by other shows.
The documents are out.
His actual record is out, is public.
He went AWOL for over a year and a half.
Anyone else would have been arrested for this.
And now it's finally coming out that he just wasn't a draft dodger, folks.
He got an elitist appointment to the Air National Guard here in Texas, and then he walked off from that to embrace Jack Daniels and cocaine.
Did Bush serve?
Claims he was an Alabama guard, but there's no record.
See, he went to work for a campaign in Alabama, and he just quit, folks.
He walked off.
So we'll get into that.
Also, big headline here.
Are you ready for a militarized police force?
The Bush administration is calling for the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, a law passed after the Civil War to prohibit the deployment of federal military forces onto American streets to control civilian lives, otherwise known as martial law.
That's the mainstream article.
Otherwise known as martial law.
That's not Alex Jones.
No, my friends, that's the veil news here.
So we'll be going over that.
Also, gun owners begin laying down weapons.
This is laying down weapons.
This is out of the advertiser, Big Paper in Australia.
And they have begun to turn in.
First they banned almost all the guns.
Now they're banning the rest.
People are dutifully showing up and turning them in.
Of course, about five years ago, the real Crocodile Dundee, the guy who was Mr. Australia that the movies were made about, not Mr. Hogan, but the real Crocodile Dundee, the famous hunter, tracker, he wouldn't turn his guns in.
The SWAT team dropped by and gunned him down in his home in cold blood.
So they've taught a lot of folks lessons out there.
You turn your guns in.
We bring in the illegal aliens.
We take your jobs.
We break the country down.
You like the New World Order?
Now they're announcing, yeah, we got a DNA database from all of you at birth.
Yeah, we're taking all your freedoms.
Yeah, how do you like it?
Yeah, we're taking your land.
Yeah, that's right.
We're the New World Order.
So gun owners begin laying down their weapons.
Here's another one.
More people were killed with knives than guns in 2002, says statistics in Canada.
That's an interesting little headline there.
We'll be getting into that.
This is just some of the news.
Yeah, we got some Arnie news as well.
But a big show lined up for you on this 2nd of October, 2003, Thursday edition.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
I'm Alejandro Jones.
We'll be right back.
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All right, my friends, eight minutes into this first hour.
We're going to have wide-open phones today on the show.
Total train number to join us on air to discuss any news item you've seen on television or read in the newspaper or, more importantly, propaganda you've seen in the dramas and sitcoms and the fiction where the real mind control is being meted out to the American people and the people of the planet.
If you want to comment on any of that, bring up issues that I've missed or things that you think are important or particular facets of societal trends,
This show is about discussing our world and about discussing history and the trends and what powerful people try to do and, well, what the global crime syndicate known as the New World Order is up to.
So, again, the toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Columbine files to be destroyed.
This is out of the Denver Post.
Victims' families want depositions made public.
Oh, but the government says it's national security.
And, well, I guess it really is national security.
A special room under strict lock and key, filled with evidence from two settled Columbine cases, is being shut down, and a federal magistrate has ordered some of the materials, including depositions of the killer's parents, destroyed.
Why in this huge murder case, 14 dead, this huge spectacle on Adolf Hitler's birthday in 1999?
Or the day after Adolf Hitler's birthday.
Why would you see the destruction of that evidence?
Well, Oklahoma City, they blow up the building, they tear it down, they take it to a landfill, a private whack-a-doodle landfill, pour concrete over it, dig a 30-foot deep pit, and have armed guards with Heckler & Koch submachine guns right now to guard that.
To guard that entombed concrete within concrete.
Same thing with the World Trade Center.
They had the company control demolition, the same folks that did the demolition, the second demolition, you know, getting rid of the evidence, there at Oklahoma City.
They ran that, World Trade Center's, a year and a half ago, tearing that down and shipped it to China, and even the firefighters threw a fit and said, you're destroying evidence.
There's a cover-up here.
It was on all the New York papers.
You never saw it in your local papers that were on the news.
Kind of regionalized, but over and over again, just got to destroy that evidence.
Of course, I remember the children coming out.
I remember the reports that there were several other full-grown men in black ski masks and black outfits shooting children inside.
And later, several of the police admitted crying that I'd shot, that they had shot.
They said, I had shot children.
Oh, I'm so sad I killed the children.
Crying about it.
That came out in the Rocky Mountain News in the Denver Post, but kind of got swept under the rug.
And then you've got the feds grabbing the surveillance camera tapes and then releasing 10 seconds of Harrison Kleibold running around the cafeteria.
There were over 100 propane-butane bombs, but they claim these guys just came out of the parking lot shooting and attacking.
But there were 100, not a dozen, 100, some of them huge,
Propane and butane bombs all over the school, over 100.
And you've got the sheriff and the school principal at Subway, just so happens during school that morning, having a meal together.
And about, what did they say, 40% of the teachers were out that day.
The school was about half empty.
Just folks didn't come to school that day.
And Harris and Kleibold...
They had interesting parents.
One was a nuclear physicist, the other an Air Force officer.
They both worked for private defense contractors in interesting capacities.
The founder of the Trenchcoat Mafia, two years before the tragic events in 1999, was the son of a prominent FBI agent, and of course worked the case.
Harris and Kleibold ran the school's internet and made a video about how they were going to kill everybody just a few months before, but again, let's just ignore all that
But you can't ignore it when they're going to destroy the evidence.
A special room under strict lock and key filled with evidence from two settled Columbine cases is being shut down and a federal magistrate has been ordered that the materials including depositions of the killer's parents be destroyed.
But her order has angered families of Columbine victims and others who want information from depositions on the parents of the killers, Eric Harris and Dylan Feibold, to be made public.
Yeah, there's a bunch of lawsuits still going on, but they won't release the depositions of the police and of the parents and of the witnesses and the other children.
We just can't release that in lawsuits or court cases.
You can't have the eyewitnesses.
You've got to have depositions.
Just, no, you just can't read what's in them.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, you can't touch it.
Why is that?
And it says, who are they protecting, said Rich Patron, the stepfather of slain student Daniel Rarbar.
Am I pronouncing that right?
And, oh, yeah, Roarborough was one of the guys who was shot by the police.
Are they protecting the murderer's families?
There should be a public outcry.
There we go.
Well, we got it right.
Patron and others believe that information gleaned from the depositions could possibly prevent another Columbine tragedy from happening.
Reflecting on recent school shootings throughout the country, Patron called the destruction order by Cohen ridiculous.
Well, yeah, if you think Judge Cohen's a good person, it doesn't make any sense to destroy evidence.
It's ridiculous.
You don't do that for just a basic murder case or a rape case or an armed robbery.
But in this case, just...
Just like Waco, the little concrete church records vault with a hole blown on the top.
They had the bulldozers crush that, haul it off, bury it in a big pit at a private landfill, and pour concrete into it and mix it all together.
By the way, I talked to one of the concrete truck drivers, folks.
I already knew about this, and I asked him about it, because I rebuilt, with listeners of this show, a memorial church that seats about 400, a two-story church there at Mount Carmel a few years ago.
Same thing with Oklahoma City.
You have controlled demolition of the building.
You haul it away under guard.
You dig a pit, and then you break it up in pieces, and you pour concrete in with it.
There's no reason to do that.
That's to destroy the evidence.
So in a hundred years, a thousand years, archaeologists won't be able to go in and separate it out and find out what's going on and look at what developed.
It'll all just be one big murd blob.
That's how the mafia likes to kill people.
After they've killed them, they like to dispose of them, burying them in a large foundation of a structure.
They found dead bodies entombed in concrete.
Well, it's just a great way to seal something up.
You can't just dig in and prove anything.
But again, just criminality right in your face, folks.
I don't know what else you want to know about these people.
And I don't want to spend all day on Columbine, but I know we have a lot of listeners there in Colorado, but we cover the whole state on several great, I don't know, six great stations we're on there.
And I'd like to know from the listeners there in Colorado what they think about this, particularly.
And think of all the police state gas milers they got out of this.
In my film, The Takeover...
I show how even before Columbine, they had FEMA and the Secret Service, quote, involved in school drills, and just conveniently the shooting happened the week before the NRA convention, right while the big anti-gun crowd was meeting in New Orleans.
Just magically this occurs, and even people like Limbaugh have had to point out that every time there's a big gun bill being introduced, magically there's some mass shooting.
And then you add together the police admitting that they shot at least some of the children,
And you add together the school having a lot of people out of class that day, the principal, the sheriff meeting, and it's scary stuff.
The government is essentially destroying our property without paying for it.
That's what some of the locals are saying.
I'm extremely frustrated, and my clients are extremely frustrated.
Lawyer Arlington said his clients paid $3,000.
To record the depositions of the killer's parents.
Oh yeah, they've already paid for all this, folks.
The government is essentially destroying our property without paying for it, Arlington said.
I remember they had to pay exorbitant amounts of money for police emails from the sheriff, and the sheriff wouldn't release them.
Won't release your emails?
Hmm, the day before.
Hmm, what's in those?
The government is essentially destroying our property without paying for it, Arlington said.
In the order handed down by
Cohen, on Tuesday, the court found that there would be no further purpose needed or use for any of the five depositions to remain in existence because the case has been settled.
Oh, yeah, I'd imagine that a law school doesn't want those for their records, huh?
I'd imagine nobody wants it.
The two cases involved in the order are Mark Allen Taylor v. Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,
And Brian Rarbaro and four other victims' families versus the parents of Harrison Kleibold.
And the government is destroying that evidence to protect the parents of the Patsy children.
They don't want any investigations, any court cases on this.
And, of course, they're also trying to protect the psychotropic drug makers these young men were hopped up on.
All right, we'll come back.
Did Bush serve in the International Guard?
Did he go AWOL in Alabama?
The answer is, of course, he did.
Getting rid of Posse Comentatus, a bunch of election news.
It's all coming up in your phone calls.
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You know folks, you can go climb in a hole somewhere and hope the New World Order passes you by, but you're going to rot in that little cave you built for yourself.
The globalists are a bunch of degenerate, lying, murderous, ruthless, sadistic trash.
They have a religion of sadism.
And sadistically feeding on populations.
They love death.
They love to meet it out.
They love to mutate societies and dumb you down.
They love to control you and starve you mentally, spiritually, physically.
They love to poison your very soul.
So get angry and stand up and educate yourself about history and understand you're part of the ancient war against tyranny!
Do it now, my friends!
Be part of history!
We're about to go to Mark, Mike, Mike, Mike, Angus, and many others that are patiently holding.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
Let's just go to calls, then I'll go to Did Bush Serve ABC News?
Are you ready for a militarized police force, otherwise known as martial law?
That's the headline.
I love it.
Here's another mainstream news article.
Gun owners begin lying down weapons...
Laying down weapons.
I'm from Texas.
Lying down weapons.
And more people were killed with knives than guns in 2002.
Oh, very interesting statistic out of Canada.
Kuwait foils smuggling of chemicals, bio-warheads, from Iraq.
That's a big headline.
What does that mean?
Devious virus attacks on the rise.
Arnold's in a lot of trouble.
It means his approval rating will go up for basically groping women on elevators.
Well, that's pretty bad, but it's better than some things he's done.
I guess he means he was doing the other stuff for money and the stuff with the men for money and the stuff with women because he likes it.
That's just some of the news here.
I'm sorry.
Also, Americans want President Bush in Congress to renew the gun ban.
More propaganda from the media.
Conservative critics blast NAACP opposition to Caucasian student club.
And it's actually a Heinz 57 girl.
She's multiple races.
Human race, I guess you'd say.
She says there's kind of a reverse racism against whites.
And I've experienced this.
I'm pretty young, folks.
So I don't have this big guilt complex that a lot of older folks have.
And I don't care what color you are, but if you have a problem with me and you're a racist, I'll end up not liking you, but not because of your race, but because you don't like me.
And then you think your racism's okay because you're a minority, when you're really the majority globally and pretty much are the majority here.
I don't know.
It's amazing.
We'll get into that, too.
Right now, let's talk to Mark in Minnesota.
Mark, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Liberal Commie.
How's it going?
That's right, I'm pro-gun, pro-border, pro-sovereignty.
You are a... I'm a communist, yes.
You are a liberal, extremist commie.
That's what you are, Alex.
Well, so is Ron Paul.
He's against Trotsky, yes.
You left me an extremist.
But I noticed a few days ago, you were saying how, you know, Bush could marry Fidel Castro, and people still call Bush a conservative.
Well, he didn't exactly marry Castro...
But he has gotten into bed with Castro.
That's my point.
That's the analogy.
While putting out rhetoric that they don't like him, the Republicans are moving to normalize relations.
Well, it goes beyond that.
In fact, there was something that happened.
This was like, well, Bush was president in the year 2001, and it was so horrible.
I mean, I can't believe this hasn't received that much media coverage at all, but...
I'm not sure if you're familiar with exactly what happened in Angola, but you have the communist Marxist regime of José Eduardo de Santos, who has been backed up by none other than Fidel Castro, and you have Cuban communist troops, Marxist troops, who are helping to prop that Marxist regime up and killing Jonas Savimbi, killing his followers, the freedom fighters.
Well, in fact, Reagan had backed Jonas Savimbi.
Not that Reagan was really all that conservative, but he at least backed Jonas Savimbi.
Well, let's just say it.
I mean, Reagan is ultra right-wing compared to Bush.
And you want to use that whole spectrum.
But then Bush Sr.
came around, and Chevron wanted to get involved in oil exploration in Angola.
So Chevron gets into bed with the Jose Eduardo de Santos Marcos regime.
Next thing you know, Bush Sr.,
You know, using the UN and so forth, decides to impose sanctions on the Savimbi faction so that they can't get...
Weapons and so forth.
And then Clinton kept that going.
And then a few years ago, 2001, the federal government out in Washington, the Washington regime, the Bush regime, in concert with Fidel Castro and Chevron.
By the way, you had Cuban Marxist troops guarding Chevron oil wells.
Yeah, stay there.
We'll talk about this when we get back, Mark.
Then we'll go to the other Mikes and Angus and others that are holding.
Stay with us.
A lot more coming up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, folks.
Alex Jones here.
Now 33 minutes and 15 seconds into this first hour of this 2nd of October 2003 worldwide transmission against tyranny.
For those that just joined us, Mark in Minnesota was raising the point of how
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, the globalists don't care.
They want to work with dictators.
They want to work with one person.
They want to work with strongmen, because then they've just got to pay one person off and get the population as slaves.
Go ahead and finish the fine point you were making about our neocon president who's trying to normalize relations with Havana Cuba.
Yeah, so anyway, you have, you know, communist Cuban troops guarding Chevron oil wells in Angola.
And, of course, it was our policy under Reagan to have backed Jonas Avimbi.
Good man.
You know, good man.
And I encourage people to go look up information on him.
Good, solid freedom fighter right there, opposing that wicked Marxist regime in Angola, Jose Eduardo de Santos.
Well, eventually, you know, they decided they were just going to take Jonas Avimbi out, you know, get rid of him.
And so a few years ago, 2001 here, the Bush regime...
... colluding with the Cuban Marxist, Fidel Castro, and the José Eduardo de Santos regime decide to assassinate Jonas Avimbi using sophisticated tracking technology.
They assassinate the poor guy, and four days later, Bush has Jose Eduardo de Santos come visit him out in Washington, D.C.
I mean, it's horrible.
Absolutely horrible.
Thank you, Mark, for the call.
Really amazing points.
We did cover that at the time when it happened.
And this is what's frustrating.
When I sit up here and I freak out on air and I say, 70% of the American people don't know where Iraq is on a map.
The numbers are 70 to 90 percent, depending on adults, college students, or high school students.
But between 70 and 90 percent, depending on what poll, don't know who the vice president is.
It doesn't matter if it's Bill Clinton, who's in office, or George Bush.
They don't know who Dick Cheney is.
They don't know who Al Gore is.
But people, most people, haven't seen the poll numbers on it, but if they don't know where Iraq is or who the vice president is, I guarantee the numbers are even worse.
And I've done little polls on the streets.
For my TV show, I've walked up to maybe 20 people and said, what's the Fourth Amendment?
And maybe, if you talk to 20 people, maybe one person will say, oh, they've got to have a warrant.
So this caller is bringing up our government meeting with communist murderers who are taking over and slaughtering people for the oil companies, and they don't even know where Angola is.
They have no idea of the history of Africa.
They have no idea about how these criminal crime cartels, that's what the New World Order is, is different allied houses, the global crime syndicate, how they have used fascists and communists and created these people as their tools.
So you're trying to explain this to somebody, they go, well, wait a minute, isn't Bush a conservative?
Well, can't I go back to sleep?
That's my frustration, because we see this over and over and over again.
It's like...
The head of the New York Stock Exchange, Richard Grasso.
I mean, I have the Reuters and AP photos, a bunch of them, where he met the head of the Fart Gorilla in 99, hugged him, the head of the Communist Gorillas who control about a third of Columbia, and told him, either you invest with us, put your drug money in our banks and the stock market, or we're going to come down here and bomb you.
You can either make money or get bombs.
He threatened him.
That was a quote.
And the FARC said no.
Now, I'm not for the FARC, you understand.
They're just another little crime syndicate that didn't play ball with the bigger criminals and the bigger mafia.
And so it's like a larger mafia group, you know, the New York mob going after some little Irish mob or something in some small town in one of those little mob wars where people don't roll over.
And so that's the same equivalent.
You've got the big New York mob of today going after a little communist mob down in Columbia who want to keep their own money.
And by the way, all the drug interdiction, all the drug spraying, all the stuff that's going on down there, that's just of the communist-controlled areas.
The drug war is against their competition internationally, and internally it's about a police state and packing the prisons with fresh souls who build the whack-and-hunt widgets and then drive down the labor cross and displace more middle-class people
So this is the system.
But you try to explain that to somebody.
They don't know who Richard Grasso is.
They don't know who the head of the New York Stock Exchange is.
They don't know he just got $139.5 million, $139.5 million for all the scams he's been running.
They don't know that there's a law that the New York Stock Exchange is allowed to take drug money from outside the country.
They don't know that Bush is hanging out with murdering dictators.
They don't know.
But here's Professor Carol Quigley, and then I'll go to more calls.
This was Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown.
And this was a guy who wrote Tragedy and Hope and who believed in one world government and admitted that he had studied the one world government movement and that he thought it was a great thing.
And in Bill Clinton's, one of his first State of the Unions, he thanked, in several speeches, in a speech and in a State of the Union, he thanked Professor Carol Quigley
As his mentor that saw the potential for him to be a president someday.
Now, this is Professor Carl Quigley in his book, Tragedy and Hope.
I'm reading this from my book, Descent into Tyranny, where I have this quote, among dozens of other key quotes.
There does exist and has existed for a generation an international network which operates to some extent in the way the radical right believes the communist act.
In fact, this network, which we may identify as the roundtable groups, CFR, Collateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs, I added that, has no aversion to cooperating with communists or any other groups that frequently does so.
I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for 20 years and was permitted for two years in the early 60s to examine its papers and secret records.
I have no aversion to it or most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it
And to many of its instruments.
I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies, but in general, my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown.
I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known, and that's a tragedy in hope from the book Tragedy and Hope, published 1966.
By the way, Bush just signed back on.
He had his little tart signed back on for him a couple days ago with that New World Order globalist, Jacques Chirac.
They just sent Laura Bush over there with her little demon eyes.
And she just signed back on to this.
She's a very evil-looking woman, folks.
I've met her.
I don't mean to get off on how people look, but I just wanted to make that point.
Even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically...
And psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care and the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that is now unthinkable may at least become thinkable.
Sir Julian Huxley, first Director General of UNESCO 46 to 48, brother of Aldous Huxley who wrote Brave New World, and said that Brave New World was what he thought would happen because that was the plan.
Now you wonder why it's so similar.
Okay, Mike in, I don't know, where are you calling us from?
Mike, Minnesota?
Oh, you're calling us from Montana, and then we'll go to a couple other Mikes.
Welcome, Mike, in Montana.
How are you doing, Alex?
Pretty good, Mike.
There's kind of a little basic theme I've got going here this morning about the children and kind of
Got me fired up with that thing about Columbine.
Yeah, destroying the evidence and the depositions.
And this article doesn't mention they won't release the e-mails of the sheriff and others.
They won't release any of the police officer depositions.
And they've got witnesses that told the school administrators, the cops were saying, yeah, we were shooting the kids as they came out.
We were ordered to do so.
Go ahead.
Well, before I get to the main part on Columbine...
I wanted to throw in a little thing that they're kind of teaching our kids.
I thought Jimmy Neutron was a pretty good little cartoon until I overheard one of the kids on there saying one day, Lies are your best friends, you just haven't met them yet.
Who are your best friends?
Yeah, lies are your best friends, you just haven't met them yet.
The little kid with the little...
Superhero figurine.
Well, yeah.
The Jimmy Neutron cartoon, I have like a 10-second clip of it in Road to Tyranny.
We're talking about brainwashing kids for biometrics.
And to get the male, you have to be DNA tested and retina scanned.
And they've got all these new TV shows about spy kids.
I don't mean the movies.
I mean, they have shows in Canada about how to be a spy, all the big rages, the toys, how to be a spy.
This new CIA DARPA video game where you kill your neighbors, torture your neighbors, you're a terrorist, you're in the CIA.
This is meant for widespread distribution to train people to think like this.
Well, they've even got video games out now where...
You're basically in control of the world.
You control the propaganda and form the people's minds to suit your own purposes.
Well, I remember about four years ago I did a review of a game called Dungeon Keeper.
I was getting my oil changed.
I was reading some computer gaming review magazine that was laying there.
It was how wonderful the game was.
PC World gave it the highest award.
You kidnap women and children.
You're a demon.
You torture them to death down in a pit.
And the more pain you give them, and this is what Satanists believe,
The more power you get, and that's what happened down in Matamoros with those drug dealers grabbing college kids to torture them to quote get power, you know, the mental patients they are.
And here we're just this game, sold to children, and you build your war machine, black scheme-ass troops, off who you torture and kill in your pit.
And so this is the type of game, and the most popular game is the...
What is it, Grand Theft Auto 1, 2, and 3?
And they've got these other games where you rape the prostitute, you don't pay her, you blow her head off, you get large bonuses.
Now, this is what America's turning into, and those will be your police officers very soon.
Oh, yeah.
And the other thing about kids, I don't know if you ever noticed the thing about Waco.
They said, oh, it's for the children and so on and so forth and stuff.
What I want to know is if they didn't know where people were in there,
Then why were they ramming the walls of the tank and tearing the walls right down around the children's ears if they were so worried about them?
Oh, I've got to tell you, I really am an expert on Waco, just because I've studied it for so long and done so much reporting on it and been so close to it here in Austin.
They came in day one with helicopters firing, with the BATF firing at the front,
They knew that Perez or Howell went to town every day, jogged up the property every day, had an auto repair place down the street.
They didn't want to come pick him up.
They knew the sheriff did target shooting with them.
They just made money as one of their side businesses at gun shows, a small part of what they did.
$250 tax, they claimed that they hadn't paid on a gun.
And so they hit them with a 97-man assault team.
And there's actual video with the Feds shooting the first two BATF officers.
The Davidians weren't even shooting.
And two of Clinton's bodyguards go in first.
And you can clearly see the Feds shooting them.
And then the helicopters all open fire.
And they all open fire on the front of the church.
And as soon as the Feds quit shooting, the Davidians let them all retreat and leave.
Then they called in the Germans and the Israelis and the Russians.
The Russians had a white noise machine.
They did the mind control bit, and they sent in Delta Force to kill him, and that's what they did.
It was never about, that thing was meant to go badly wrong.
Oh, absolutely.
And the shooting started with killing Clinton's bodyguards.
I mean, there's video of this, folks.
And so that's how the whole thing started, and now General Shoemakers, the Chairman and Joint Chiefs of Staff, Clark, who was over him, is running for President.
I mean, you know, they're getting rid of posse comitatus.
They want generals, military men, that will kill American babies, that will take toddlers and consume them in death and fire.
Yeah, I wasn't trying to make the point that they did it for the children.
I was saying that they... You're being sarcastic, I understand.
Well, from some of the testimony that I heard, when it was going down, they were saying, oh, we are doing this for the children.
I know better.
Yeah, we've got to save the children.
That's why we didn't just pick up Koresh, you know, who really, I mean, I've got to tell you, was a fruit loop, folks.
But the Davidians are just real nice people, and most of what you heard was going on in there turned out to be fake testimony by the feds, a young girl and all that.
That's all admitted now.
I mean, I don't believe in what Koresh believes in.
The Davidians all don't agree with each other.
I mean, that was the Seventh-day Adventist break-off group, been there since the 30s, so.
Yeah, absolutely.
That's what really went on there.
I don't agree with him either.
I don't believe what he believes, but I do believe that life is more important than that.
As far as Columbine goes, I see Columbine as something to further the agenda of creating the police state.
I mean, what better way to create the police state of tomorrow than to indoctrinate
Well, that's it.
This was the excuse to turn the schools into total and complete prisons.
And now the parents can't get in.
There's barbed wire fences.
If there is somebody shooting, they lock the school down, which ensures a maximum death toll.
Look, they wouldn't let the children leave in Columbine.
Four hours.
I had the Rocky Mountain News editor on a few years ago, and I said, for three hours, they... And he said, no, let me correct you.
He said it was three hours and 57 minutes.
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, like I said, what better way to indoctrinate tomorrow's generation into a police state than to
Well, that's it.
And actually, school shootings are way down statistically, about 27% overall in the last 10 years.
But they create the perception that it's an epidemic.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, look, when they have that wall-to-wall, kids are being kidnapped, they just decided to focus on kidnapping cases.
Kidnapping is actually way down.
And I predicted, I said, watch, after a month of this, there's going to be a rollout of microchips for every child.
And right on time, remember that?
And suddenly it was the rollout of the chips for the kids.
I mean, it's really transparent once you've been studying it long enough.
You see it happen, folks.
You've seen it unfold.
Mike in Florida, Angus in Canada, Jim in Colorado, and others.
Your calls are up next, so stay with us and a bunch of other key news items.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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All right, all these great callers from around the country, from Nevada to Colorado, well, to Canada.
Your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes, and I will, early in the next hour, get into, did Bush serve?
And we know he didn't.
We know he went AWOL, because he is a criminal.
I mean, yeah, that's bad.
It shows he's pretty compulsive and out of control.
But, I mean, does it pale in significance as saying he loves Hitler?
Which I know is now a needed requisite for a Simon Wiesenthal endorsement.
I'm going to get in trouble because I don't support Hitler, but I don't know.
I don't want to keep talking about Arnold.
We're going to find out.
We already know the foregoing conclusion.
He's going to win coming up here in about five days.
But before I go back to your calls and all this news, yes, it's the end of the hour, and I haven't gotten around to it yet, so I might as well do it now.
I am a documentary filmmaker.
The films are really good, and they're waking people up.
Folks that see them about 90% of the time, especially the new films that are so good, they're waking up.
They're having their paradigm shifted, their mindset unlocked.
The pieces are falling into place.
They're connecting the dots.
We're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
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I'm going to come back and go straight to Mike and Angus and Jim and Warren and a bunch of other folks in Nevada.
You name it.
In the second hour, I'm going to take these five calls that are first up.
Then I'm going to go to Did Bush Serve and other news that I was just mentioning.
Plus, there's some new biotech news that I need to get to.
And, of course, L.A.
Times, Schwarzenegger, Grope, Hollywood, Women.
And the guy's an animal, man.
He's out of control.
There's no self-control.
I mean, even if you love Hitler, you know, you'd think the guy would be a little bit smart enough to not run around saying it.
It's crazy.
And it goes on to say, Chicago asked Congress to rethink Patriot Act.
Well, that's the pot calling the kettle black.
And Atlanta's about to pull out of the Patriot Act, so big trouble for the New World Order.
Deputy quits after filming a film of him threatening to shoot students.
Well, they shoot a lot of children in these drills at schools.
They shoot a lot of cops, too.
It's horrible.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now 30 seconds into the second hour of this worldwide transmission!
And I'm fired up.
I want to defeat tyranny.
I want to energize those that love liberty.
I already got into how they're covering up the evidence of government involvement in Columbine continually, trying to burn the records and depositions of the embarrassing information.
Also, it's now coming out on ABC News that Bush went AWOL from the Air Force, of course.
Committing a crime out Clinton and Clinton.
He just... When it comes to drug use, selling America out, open borders, gun control, he's more Clinton than Clinton.
More human than human, as they say.
More New World Order than New World Order.
Also, gun owners begin laying down weapons.
That's another headline.
That's coming up.
Right now, your calls as promised.
Mike in Florida, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding patiently.
How are you doing today, Alex?
Good, sir.
First, I just want to give everybody a heads up that at 1.30 Eastern Standard Time on Tech TV, there's going to be a show about the NWO and about our secret societies that run the world.
So just to give everybody a little heads up there.
What TV channel is that?
It is on Tech TV at 1.30 Eastern Standard Time.
Is that text or tech?
Oh, that's that ABC outfit.
Yeah, well, I haven't got a chance to see the program yet.
They're having a show on the New World Order.
Yes, and besides that, they've also had Trio Network is rerunning the Secret Rules of the World series all this week.
Oh, that I'm in.
Yes, they had David Icke on last night, and tonight the Bilderberg episode is on.
I think I'm in all five of those, but I haven't watched all five.
I know I'm in a one-hour special on Bohemian Grove.
You're in the Bilderberg one.
I know you're in that one.
I've seen that one before.
Yeah, I'm in the David Icke one, too.
Have you seen the Bohemian Grove one?
Yes, I did.
That was a very good one.
Except for the fact that the British guy, towards the end of the scene, he tried to twist everything to fit more of what he thought it should be.
Well, I mean, it's just classic.
It's absolutely classic.
Yeah, John Ronson really made me mad.
He took footage I shot, and then...
There's not one racial comment in the whole film, and he goes, well, Alex thinks the media covers it up.
Maybe he thinks it's Jews.
What is that?
I mean, they just throw that in there.
No, I will not engage in the race stuff.
I will not engage in it with... The media wants everybody to have everything along racial lines or something.
I mean, nothing to do with Jews in that video.
It has to do with a bunch of wasp, blue blood, white Anglo-Saxon male Protestants who claim they're Christians engaging in satanic rituals.
But they've got to throw that in there, and they throw Harry Shearer in there to attack me, who goes to the Grove, who made a whole movie attacking me called Teddy Bear's Picnic.
I'll never forget watching that Conan O'Brien piece where it's obviously me and Mike Hanson, and we're the crazies breaking into the Grove.
They made a movie, a spoof on what we did.
I mean, you talk about propaganda, and Harry Shearer again brings up, it's just amazing.
Harry Schur brings up, well, I'm Jewish and I go to the Grove.
What does that have to do with anything?
I'm just so sick of it.
Anything else, sir?
Oh, yes, definitely.
I had two points I wanted to make.
The first was that I'm sick of Rush Limbaugh parading around as a conservative when he is nothing more than an elitist, racist,
You know, I've actually got a story here, but let me dig it out.
Exactly what did that greasy, that hill-gobbling creature have to say?
Well, he said that he sees that there's a social contract in the NFL, and that the media in general are trying to promote a black quarterback, so a lot is invested in Donovan McNabb.
And he said that he's not good at all, and he threw the race card in there as well.
Yeah, that's what I was reading.
Which is ridiculous.
I mean, let's face it.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We were just about to go to Michael in Nevada, but he hung up after we finished up with this call we're talking to in Florida.
Mike in Florida was talking about the Secret Rulers of the World episodes re-airing on the Trio Network that I'm in.
I didn't know that was happening.
I know it's aired all over the world.
And by the way, in that documentary, the heads of the Bohemian Grove, the head office in San Francisco, admits, yes, Mr. Jones snuck in, yes, he got footage of our ritual, and Mr. Jones has been making a big deal out of it, just a theatrical production.
That you've been doing for 120-something years in secret with world leaders flying in.
The darkest occult activities carried out in eyes wide shut fashion.
Sure, sure, sure you do.
And you just make all these big decisions there.
Skull and bones is no big deal either.
You're just following some of the deepest black magic rituals out there that are thousands of years old.
It's all just in fun.
And let's go ahead...
And, Mike, you were making another point.
You were talking about something when we hit the last break.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, I just wanted to finish up on the rush point.
I happened to catch a show yesterday, and I was curious to figure out how he was going to spin this one anyways.
And basically what he had to say was that it was lefties at ESPN.
Well, let me just say this.
It's a plot by the New World Order.
I mean, you take the Paris band from Paris, Texas, a town outside Dallas.
They go.
They have a reenactment of World War II.
They have the flags of World War II.
People see a swastika and go into mindless convulsions of hatred.
But then, it's okay if Arnold says he loves Hitler.
I mean, that just shows the mindless response.
I mean, now I guess if you go see a Hollywood movie and there's a Nazi in it, you must scream and throw things at the screen and run out of the theater yelling, Nazis are attacking, Nazis are attacking.
That shows political correctness gone just into the extreme, almost the religious nature now of some type of mindless Eastern cult or something.
I think we're good to go.
It really is a stupid statement concerning sports because, I mean, let's face it, and Harry Carey got in trouble for saying this.
It's like saying the sun came up this morning.
Blacks dominate not just the muscle sports but skill sports, a lot of the brain sports.
And, again, Harry Carey got in a bunch of trouble for stating something that's a fact.
I mean, I'm a European.
I am the result of...
We're good to go.
I think?
I mean, I've been at the Smithsonian.
I have looked at the family Bibles, the breeding programs.
And so let's face it, folks, that is where a lot of that super genetic skill, which was already there.
I mean, you go to Africa and, you know, the Kenyans and the marathons and the rest of it.
But to say there's not differences in races, you take...
We're good to go.
That blacks were put under the back-breaking labor, and it was survival of the fittest.
So you look at Europe.
Well, you take Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I think?
We're good to go.
So we're all the product of breeding.
Let's just be honest.
That's why you get some of these really big Germans.
Napoleon had all the big French killed off because he put the big French in the front lines.
The French used to be really big.
Some of the French from the breeding lines.
If you had a lower name, you were bigger.
Now the British, if you had a... And what does Swartz mean?
Nothing to do with Africans at the time.
It means black.
It means you were always in the dirt working in the earth.
And Schwarzenegger means black plowman.
Schwarzkopf means black head.
So this is just history.
Now, I had family that came here as slaves as indentured servants.
Now, England had a more sophisticated model.
Because they found that the Romans had trouble suppressing their populations because they did not breed their slaves to be done.
They bred them to be intelligent and large, and that started backfiring on them with the white slaves they had out of Western Europe, and some out of the East as well.
Now you go over to what England did, is they would purposely give you subsistence diet products
And literally over generations, the serfs got very short.
The Aztecs did this too.
They would keep their underclasses under control.
They would kill those that were larger or smarter.
This is on the record.
So the Aztecs and the British, strangely enough, came up with similar systems on their own to try to create a drone.
You notice the British are real big on dog breeding.
So let's just be honest.
We're all products of tyranny here, whether we're Native Americans or whether we're black or whether we're white.
Look at the British model with the Native Americans, putting them on a small piece of land, not giving them enough food to live, controlling them, breaking up their families.
It's the same thing today.
Now, comments to what I just said.
Well, yes, and I agree with you a whole hundred percent, and I'm glad you brought up slavery, because I want to talk, my last poem was I wanted to talk about a different kind of slave, and that's the slaves of Unicor and of the federal prison industry.
And look, folks, we've got 5.5 million people in federal prison.
It's easily 3 million in the other prisons and jails.
So it's well over 7 million.
7.5 million last numbers I saw.
They had some new number, 5.5.
That's not accurate.
I go to Justice Department numbers.
And then there's tens of millions on parole or on some type of agreed release, some adjudicated system.
And it's just terrible.
And then the good old boys out there say, well, we ought to make them work.
But, Rush Limbaugh, did you hear about this whole pill-popping story?
I heard that the Florida is investigating him for having an addiction to prescription pills, illegally obtaining them.
Which, I mean, look, I'm not going to bash Limbaugh for that if that's true.
It's in the New York Daily News and the Associated Press.
Looks like he's going to get in a lot of trouble over this.
But, I mean, I broke my leg at a compound fracture years ago, and luckily I don't like...
Drugs, I guess, other than caffeine.
I can't seem to get off coffee.
But I hate the way those drugs make me feel.
So in three or four days, I was off of them after having major surgery.
And they were like, how can you do this?
We're going to give you three weeks of these pills.
I didn't want them.
But some people take that for a bad back or something.
It's over.
I mean, they're on them for the rest of their lives.
And just terrible, absolutely terrible.
But, you know, I believe that I know that Limbaugh has talked about
One of the few things I agree with him on, where he's actually being a real freedom lover, is decriminalization.
And I've actually found some of the text of him for decriminalization years ago.
If he's been for decriminalization and we can confirm that, which it looks like it's confirmed, I really don't think that Limbaugh should go down for that.
But maybe it'll teach these pimps of the establishment a lesson.
Where do you stand on that?
Well, the criminalization, I'm all for that.
I just want to figure that of the people that were put in jail for drug offenses in California in 2001, 76% of all the abusers and offenders that were put in were marijuana users.
Oh, of course, they don't.
And at the same time, the bigger the war on drugs gets, the more drugs.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Angus in Canada and Jim and Warren and others.
Angus, you're on the air.
You ever had any Angus beef, Angus?
Oh, yes, many times, Alex.
That black Angus is really tasty.
Go ahead.
What's on your mind?
Well, I thought I'd call and respond to your story on handguns in Canada.
I happen to be listening to the local news here in Edmonton, Alberta.
Well, for those that just joined us, I'll hold you over.
For those that don't know, tell them what the story concerns.
Well, basically, how many murders have declined since the introduction of their draconian gun registration law?
Well, that's their spin, but if you look at the old numbers, it shows more murders with knives than guns.
Right, that's what I was going to get into.
You said we were going to hold over.
Yeah, yeah, go ahead.
Oh, okay, very good.
So what they're, in this news broadcast last night, the reporter made the statement that, of course, you know, the main problem still is handguns.
And the reason that there's a problem with handguns is, of course, the United States' fault.
Because Canada gets more guns from them than any other country.
They've gone to the UN and called for the UN to come in and stop our manufacture.
That's under UNIDIR, which says that civilian ownership of firearms threatens the legitimate power monopoly of the state.
And power monopoly of the state, folks, is a fancy way of saying dictatorship.
You owning guns threatens their dictatorship.
I'll let you finish up from Canada.
Stay there, sir.
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All right, folks, Alex Jones here, back live.
We're talking to Angus in Canada.
And I might as well just go ahead and read this article since he called in about it.
More people were killed with knives than guns in 2002, says Statistics of Canada.
This is out of Canada, the CP Ottawa newspaper.
More people were killed with knives than guns last year, Statistics Canada says.
Well, it's like that a lot of years here in the U.S., too.
Baseball bats almost kill more than guns.
Cars a lot more.
And Canada's homicide rate rose after two years of relative stability.
Oh, you've banned most of the guns and the homicide rate's risen.
Hmm, that always happens.
And the criminals are using guns and knives.
The agency reported Wednesday.
At the same time, the production...
Proportion of homicides committed with firearms fell to an all-time low.
Stabbings, the most common method in 2002, accounted for 31% of homicides, followed by shootings in 26%, beatings, 21%, and strangulation or suffocation, 11%.
Well, I'll say this, too.
If the government ever wants to get all our guns and thinks it's going to be easy on them after that, whatever happened to the butter knife brigade?
With a butter knife, you can get all the guns you want.
If you're willing to use that butter knife
But, again, we're trying to fix things peaceably, my friends.
Let's go back to Angus.
Angus, go ahead, sir.
Well, one of those things that's not mentioned in that article is the skyrocketing of incidents of home invasions.
I keep a dog myself.
Actually, it admits almost all forms of crime are up, including burglary of habitats.
So, yes, you're now turning into a total cesspool of crime, just like England and New York.
Every time you take their guns, crime explodes.
Now, you also mentioned earlier, you mentioned about Sudan and the oppression of Christians by the Muslim regime that's in there.
It's important to note that... The Muslim regime that works for the big British oil companies.
Well, yes, the oil keeps that regime afloat, and it's controlled out of Calgary, Alberta, by Kalisman Energy.
Now, they claim they've done some divestiture, but I know people in them, all they've done is paperwork.
You have another plant here in Edmonton called Sherrod International.
It brings in Cuban ore...
Processes it and then sends it into the United States as a Canadian product.
They've even got Cuban flags up.
It's bizarre.
I had an incident where I had to contact the Edmonton Police Department.
Where should I stop?
Now, most policing in Canada is taken care of by the RCMP, but some municipalities take it upon themselves, and Edmonton is one.
This officer came.
He was very antagonistic.
You know, I was a big intrusion to him.
But what I noticed... Well, how dare you call... You mean you called on your God, your Lord?
No, no, no.
I had to do... I mean, we work for them now.
We're their slaves.
Yeah, right.
Anyhow, have you ever seen a police officer wear a cross-jaw holster?
I've never seen it.
I've always seen police officers with their gun on their hip.
I have only seen banditos and gunfighters in the movies wear it across their belly.
And this man showed up at my house with this holster on his belly.
Now, that tells me a lot.
If you look for something, you'll find it.
Well, only banditos wear black ski masks.
I mean, we always know that executioners, inquisitioners, evil people wear black masks.
But now, the good guys wear the black masks, and torture's good, and, well, government's good.
Oh, yeah.
Well, keep in mind, when you're buying any product...
Canada is the original fascist nation in North America.
They are prostitutes to the United Nations.
They are no friend of the United States.
We're all being merged together right now, but explain this to me.
Well, here's my comment.
So why was his lordship at your house?
Oh, well, I don't really want to get into that.
What I had to do is I had to make something a matter of record.
And so I needed to call the police and have them show up.
I understand that it would be wrong or something happens, but so the Lordship shows up and he was angry that you had called upon him.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, it was pretty pathetic.
Once they found out that I couldn't be buffaloed, though, they weren't real happy with that.
But I got what I wanted.
Did he talk into his wristwatch and say, I got one that can see?
I'm sure they did once they left.
You know what?
But I did let them know that I would under no circumstances... See, I helped apprehend a suspect in a crime not a month ago and turned it over to them.
That'll never happen again.
And I, you know, I grew up where the police were the good guys.
You know what?
All they are are thugs now.
They're the muscle for the politicians running their own agenda.
10 years ago,
Longer than that now, in college, one of my dad's friends was about to retire, big federal marshal here in Texas, and he's one of the head guys, and he just pulled me aside and said, don't ever get into law enforcement.
I hadn't really been thinking about it, but I mentioned to my dad, he goes, unless you're a criminal.
He said, if things aren't the same, Alex, he said, don't join it.
He said, unless you're a criminal.
Thanks for the call there, Angus.
I mean, it's true, folks.
Look at them.
They dress like goons.
We're a third world cesspit.
It makes me sick.
We'll be right back with more of your calls and more news.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hi, my name is Donald from TheGoldenAnswer.com.
Everyone knows that they need to own gold and silver.
You see the headlines every... The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, Jim and Warren and Jay and Eric and Wyatt and many others, I'm getting to you here in just a few minutes.
Let me just hit on some of this news right now.
Did Bush serve?
This is from ABC News.
Now, for the listeners of this show or other shows of this network,
You know that Bush showed up basically in a cocaine-induced, Jack Daniels-induced coma, almost crashed his plane over and over again, had the worst ratings possible.
Normally, you'd be grounded, wouldn't be allowed to fly with this.
You would wash out over and over again.
He was just an absolute, complete danger.
He looked like a beatnik.
Long hair, eyebrows grown together, big old sandals flapping along.
And I'm not bashing him.
That's what you look like.
I just want you to know this is what your neocon is.
You basically look like Michael Savage did.
Little buddies, of course.
Did Bush serve?
Well, no, the beatnik didn't.
I'm serious, folks.
This guy makes me sick.
Claims he was an Alabama guard, but there's no record.
And it says, Governor George W. Bush's campaign workers have concluded that no documents exist showing he reported for duty with the Alabama National Guard as ordered in 72.
They are looking for people who served with him to verify his story.
Folks, they've done whole shows.
I've done whole segments.
But, I mean, Dave and Joyce have probably done, I don't know, 20 shows on this.
Every time I tune in, they're talking about it.
Because it is important.
Because, you know, Joyce is a captain in the military.
You don't just...
She knows.
Walk off for a year and a half of what you're signed up for.
You go to jail if you do that, or you get a dishonorable discharge, and it ruins your life.
You can't own a firearm.
I mean, it's a serious business.
You can't own a firearm.
This guy's got the nuclear football, a little beady-eyed, blue-blood British citizen.
Not bashing the British or English people.
You're great folks.
I mean, your elites are bad.
Don't want to get accused of being anti-white or racist here, you know.
I can't say England's bad here.
We're so politically correct, I could be arrested.
I'm not being sarcastic now.
My last name's Jones, folks.
I'm from that area.
But the point is, I just got to be careful.
I don't like British aristocracy, which Bush is part of, according to Reuters.
A bunch of articles from Reuters.
But let me get back into this.
Governor Jordan, let me...
Now, of course, they do admit they have the hay bales and the fake trackers and all that out at the ranch, so I have to get into my fake mindset when I talk about Bush.
Governor George W. Bush's campaign workers have concluded... Folks that do fake Texas actions, this is how they talk, so I've got to do it.
...that no documents exist showing he reported for duty...
With the Alabama National Guard's order in 1972, they're looking for people who serve for him to verify his story.
Dan Bartlett, now let me go into a real Bush accent.
Dan Bartlett, the spokesman for Bush's Republican presidential campaign, said he reviewed another 200-page packet of documents last week from the National Guard's records repository in Denver.
I have read it and there is nothing.
Earth-shattering, he said.
The campaign... I'm doing my Atlantic accent, not my English accent.
The campaign was looking for payroll records that would show Bush reported for duty to the Guard in Montgomery, Alabama.
A temporary assignment, adjustment away from the Texas National Guard to accommodate Bush while he was working on the unsuccessful Senate campaign of former Postmaster General Wynton Blount.
And it goes on to say, records may be gone.
Those records are missing.
The records have been found from Texas that he did walk off and he did leave.
That much is clear.
Then they try to claim because it shows he walked off and that nothing was done because Daddy was director of the CIA at the time.
You don't mess with that guy.
He'd done some work in Dallas a few years before in 1963.
This is a very important young lieutenant of the New World Order.
And you don't mess with his boy.
But records may be gone, and they go into all that and beat around the bush with it.
And General said Bush did not report.
Now they've talked to the general.
And the campaign was surprised in May when retired General William Turnipeseed, if I'm pronouncing that right, said Bush did not report to him, although the young airman was required to do so.
His orders dated September 15, 1972, that Lieutenant Bush should report to Lieutenant Colonel William Turnipeseed.
Turnip Seed.
Turnip Seed.
That's a nice name.
I'm sorry.
It's interesting.
I've never heard of Turnip Seed.
DCEO to perform equivalent training.
Bush served as a pilot in the Texas Air National Guard from May of 1968 to October of 1973, primarily flying F-102 fighter interceptors at Ellington Air Force Base south of Houston.
Yeah, right.
Again, they say he's the worst pilot ever seen, basically.
I think so.
Okay, I don't want to rant and rave about that anymore.
There's an interesting article here out of the Vail News, and it says, Are you ready for a militarized police force?
The Bush administration is calling for the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, a law passed after the Civil War to prohibit the deployment of federal military forces on the American streets to control civilian action, otherwise known as martial law.
And it goes into...
This investigation by Sonoma State University Project censored winner of the second most censored story of the Pentagon's domestic operations.
By the way, I tied with this guy for second place for this award this year for my Patriot Act article.
And interesting little story here.
About what they have turned our country into.
The United States Army Field Manual 19-15, entitled Civilian Disturbances Issued in 1985, is designed to equip soldiers with the tactics, techniques, and procedures necessary to suppress dissent.
It says that the manual states that crowd control formations may be employed to disperse, contain, or block a crowd.
Employed to disperse a crowd, they are particularly effective in urban areas because they enable the control force to split a crowd into smaller segments.
And then it goes into how the police and military are now showing up.
It sounds familiar.
In February of 15, 2003, Peace Rally in New York City was broken up, and troops are showing up, more and more events, more and more checkpoints, and it is martial law, folks.
It's not freedom when you have this type of stuff going on.
I wanted to tell you what's going on over in, well, good old kangaroo land.
I think.
Some of their citizens refused.
United States Marine Corps troops were used in some towns for the Associated Press to confiscate guns from Australian citizens and now come back and become police officers and the like.
And Crocodile Dundee, the real Crocodile Dundee, this was actually even in the NRA magazine, surprisingly enough, the real Crocodile Dundee, Mr. Australia, you know, the big game tracker and alligator wrestler, you know, all-around tough guy,
Good looking guy, too.
A lot better looking than the guy they had play it in the movie, but he looked a lot like that guy, the Hogan character.
Before I get a bunch of emails, no, that actor was not killed.
Every time I talk about this, even when I read the article four or five years ago, I'd get calls, what do you mean?
I saw him on a TV interview the other day.
He's not dead.
Not the actor.
The real Crocodile Dundee, okay?
And I'm not talking down to you.
I know most of you hear what I'm saying, but a lot of you are listening halfway or something.
I'm not saying they killed Paul Hogan or whatever his name is.
Let's make that clear.
The real Mr. Australia, the guy who they admit has brought billions to the state, to the country.
And he was out of his house.
He would not turn his guns in.
He said no.
Leave me alone.
And they sent a SWAT team out.
They opened fire on him.
He killed two of the thugs, two of the goons.
And they basically sat there for hours shooting into the house until they killed him.
A guy with no criminal record, just wanted to be left alone out in the bush.
And the cops, to make an example, said he won't turn his guns in.
Let's go out there and take him.
And they showed up at his house and they killed him.
I want to add that to you.
Now they're taking all the guns.
And it says gun owners begin laying down weapons.
This is out of the Australian advertiser.
South Australian gun owners yesterday started giving up their weapons as part of the latest gun bye-bye.
Up to 10,000 handguns, mostly used for sport shooting, are expected to be collected by South Australia by March 31 as part of the national scheme.
March 31st is part of the national scheme.
Among earlier rivals yesterday were a .44 caliber Magnum worth about $800 and a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun worth about $1,000.
Last December, the Commonwealth and the states and territories agreed to tighten control of the handguns used for sport shooting or held in historical collections.
The restrictions are based on the caliber, barrel length, and magazine capacity.
They're basically banning everything now.
And there was an article two weeks ago where they went into one Australian town, quote, using the army because they didn't think people turned in all their guns, and the army was going door-to-door confiscating all the guns.
I mean, that's pathetic, folks.
That's total tyranny.
Troops taking guns.
Australia was freer than we are just ten years ago.
And now it is a cesspool.
They're taking everybody's land, they're bringing in masses of illegals, they're legalizing all these different people, balkanizing the country, breaking it up.
It's just so sad to see another country fall the New World Order.
And folks are going to do it here.
Last week the Republicans introduced their most draconian gun control bill ever seen.
It's S-22 and Our Lady of Peace Act, a bunch of other gun bills rolled into one.
Ever seen a shrink won't be able to own a gun.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Their own statement, by the way, is collecting data on everything, not just on gun owners, but through this enacting law.
It's horrible!
It's worse than the 68 Gun Control Act by light years, and the NRA is for it!
Oh, we're in trouble.
Just please wake up before it's too late, folks.
Wake up to Limbaugh and Hannity and all these guys, that they're shills.
They will not tell you about real stuff that's happening.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jim in Colorado.
Jim, thank you for holding so long here on the air.
Yes, good morning, Alex.
How are you today?
Good, my friend.
I want to compliment you on the great work that you're doing.
I try to listen to you every day.
I've got a comment here about the Columbine incident.
Shortly afterwards, I was reading either the Rocky Mountain News or the Denver Post.
They said in this article, about two weeks prior to the Columbine massacre...
In fact, in my giant files, I have that article.
I've interviewed those reporters.
I did shows on this a couple years ago.
A bunch of shows on it.
And when you add all the pieces together...
You've got the son of a prominent FBI agent who founded the Trenchcoat Mafia, 2020, in 1993, no, excuse me, 1992, this is in the takeover, did a 2020 piece about
Littleton was the pilot school there at Columbine for death education.
A girl died locked in a coffin.
The teachers would dress up like vampires.
Folks, this is 2020!
I mean, that's how insane... Something's going on at that school, buddy.
So what do you think is going on?
I say a mind control operation.
You start adding all this together, them stealing all the documents, the police admitting they shot some of the children, the children reporting they saw other men.
You can't make stuff up like this.
Coffins and crazy teachers and locking kids up in coffins until they die.
That's demonic.
Oh, no, it sounds, well, no Christian conservatism.
Satanism is Christian, being Christian is devil now, see?
That's the whole, if you're in the gay porno mags and you love Hitler, you're good.
If you hate Hitler, you're a Nazi.
The other thing I wanted to mention, too, I purchased your excellent 9-1-1 tape, The Road to Tyranny, and I happened to see Eddie Bush, George Bush Sr., speaking today,
On 9-11 of the year 91.
I thought, what a coincidence.
That was exactly 10 years before 9-1-1 occurred.
Did you notice that on your tape?
Yes, sir.
We did notice that.
And, again, every State of the Union, he talked about the New World Order.
And here you have him years before on 9-11 talking about a New World Order can't emerge.
Well, thank you, Alex, and keep up the great work.
Hey, I appreciate your call, sir.
You betcha.
That's why September 11th took place right around 9-11, because that's when you have the State of the Union, and then he has to, quote, cancel it and grandstand as your savior for a few days and have it.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Warren.
And, Warren, where are you calling us from?
I'm calling from northeast Colorado.
Another Colorado.
Go ahead.
Yeah, it's good to hear you on 1360.
Nothing against 1060.
Had a long month.
They started this whole thing, but 1360 sure has a better signal.
All of the stations that pick up this show are great in Colorado, and I hope people will spread the word about all of them.
They're all wonderful folks.
Yeah, just a quick comment on Columbine.
I remember that day when that was going on, and these squat guys were walking behind an armored car,
And just the whole thing, I just couldn't believe how wimpy these guys were looking.
That's what it means.
Well, SWAT teams normally rush into schools, and these guys aren't cowards.
They go indoors all the time.
They were ordered to stand down.
This is on the record.
They were ordered to stand down for four hours while the feds did their work inside.
And that's on the record.
Harris and Kleibel didn't put 100 bombs in there, folks.
Well, I just want those SWAT guys to know just how dumb they looked, and it was pretty obvious.
So that's about my only comment.
It was a horrible thing.
Well, everybody calls them cowards, and so they made them take the blame, and, oh, all the police are cowards.
No, it's worse than that, sir.
I mean, they were ordered for four hours to stand there while people bled to death.
Well, they could get the evidence out of the inside.
Yeah, I remember some of the articles, there were some police officers that wanted to just go in right away, and they were...
They were literally restrained from rushing in.
These guys rush into stuff all the time.
They train for this all the time.
They were ordered, you stay right there.
You don't go in.
And the kids that came out said, yeah, there were these other big men, these military men shooting the children.
Thank you.
We'll cut away from that now.
Back to Harrison Kleibold.
Oh, yeah.
It's very transparent.
And I think everybody knows what's going on.
Thank you, Alex.
I've been on a bunch of Colorado radio shows, and I've been on this one for years, and when we do shows on it, everybody agrees.
Did you want to add something else?
Are you done?
Okay, great.
Thank you for the call.
Really good points.
We'll talk to Jay and Eric and a bunch of other people when we get back and get to a bunch of other news.
I haven't even scratched the surface yet.
We've got a final segment this hour, then we've got the third hour straight ahead, so I hope you'll stay with us.
We'll be back.
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All right, folks, final segment here in this hour.
Coming up in the next hour, I'm going to get into some of these other little news articles here, like Kuwait foil smuggling of chemicals, bio-warheads from Iraq.
Oh, really?
Also, devious new viruses, attacks on the rise...
And there's a bunch of gun control news.
Look at this propaganda.
Americans want President Bush in Congress to renew the assault weapons ban.
Oh, don't worry, Bush will because he's so conservative.
And conservative critics blast NAACP's opposition to Caucasian student club.
Well, I don't understand.
Why can you have a black, Hispanic, Asian student club if you can't have Caucasian clubs?
I don't understand that.
Why can't you have white entertainment television?
I mean, are whites just so inherently evil?
Well, I mean, there's blacks and Asians running slavery all over the world right now.
All men have a capacity to be evil, but I see no problem people having clubs, German clubs, French clubs, Jewish clubs, black clubs, white clubs, Mexican clubs, Venezuelan clubs.
I mean, give me a break, folks.
They make everything dirty.
They make everything bad.
There's nothing wrong with liking your heritage.
But again, the New World Order can't have that.
They can't have anybody having their culture, anybody having their own identity.
They want to destroy that and turn us all into little Ken dolls and Barbie dolls, basically.
Times, Schwarzenegger, groped Hollywood women.
Also, L.A.
He is a maniac, folks.
I mean, that's pretty bad, but that's nothing compared to the other stuff he's up to.
Loving Hitler and stuff.
Well, I guess that's a positive.
Now you get awards from the Simon Wiesenthal Center when you say you admire Hitler.
I just can't ever get over that.
And a bunch of other cities, Atlanta, Chicago, others moving against the Patriot Act.
Just a bunch of other key news that is coming up in the next hour.
There's a Russian roulette star terrified.
What do you hear of this?
Mind control expert Darren Brown has told how his television game of Russian roulette could go horribly wrong and admits he feels terrified.
We'll talk about the running man, folks.
This is it.
We'll get to that.
We'll get into Rush Limbaugh and his pill-popping escapades.
So that's coming up as well.
Now, again, we're here at the end of the hour.
I'm very predictable, and I want to spend a few minutes encouraging every single one of you out there.
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It's an incredible film.
Got the Abby Newman stop in it.
It's just famous saying all Christians are terrorists, all founding fathers are bad, anyone that loves the Constitution is an enemy, needs to be put in a FEMA camp.
I mean, it's all in the film.
9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, deprograms 90% of those that will watch the whole thing.
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Third hour straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
We're already into the third and final hour of this Thursday Global Transmission Against Tyranny.
Against every facet and form of control freak minion, the rumors and the documentation begins on this show.
I don't talk about chupacabras, yetis, UFOs, or Easter bunnies.
No, my friends.
I don't talk about a bridge I want to sell you on the moon.
We talk about real issues, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the New World Order, the concentration camps, the foreign trips, the gun grabbing that's going on, the neocon, Trojan horses destroying our freedoms, working with the Democrats, the New World Order, the IMF, the World Bank, the OECD, all the organizations that want to enslave you and your family.
Bunch of news coming up in this third hour on a host of key issues.
So stay with us.
But right now, before we get into Arnold and the recall and the gun control and the neocon activities, let's go back to these calls for folks who have been holding very patiently.
And let's talk to Jay.
Jay, where are you calling us from today?
I'm calling you from New Jersey, Alex.
It used to be called the Garden State, but now I like to refer to it as the Gulag State.
It certainly is.
Your FEMA guy there, Sid Kasperson.
Oh, absolutely.
That was actually a few months ago, I believe.
But yeah, I was terrified when I read that report.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry I interrupted you.
Oh, you know, Todd, it's funny you mention that.
I went for a walk, just went for a walk the other day.
We were having some really nice weather here.
I walked past the police station, and I saw two police officers.
Apparently they had the lettering, serve and protect, on the police cars.
Well, it's funny.
I saw two cops removing those letters.
I guess they got some kind of order to take that off the police cars now.
We're good to go.
I think?
I wish I had my camera.
I could have got a picture of it.
You know what you ought to do?
You ought to carry around in your car with you or even on your purse those little $5 disposable cameras.
I always do that.
You never know what you're going to come across.
The other point I wanted to talk about was, again, the Schwarzenegger thing.
Do not talk bad about Hitler, buddy.
That's anti-Semitic.
It really seems to me that the globalists or the elitists or however you want to refer to these people that are engineering this whole thing, it seems like they always set up a situation where it's a win-win for them.
Whether it's Cruz Bustamante, the racist, or Arnold, the racist...
But see, notice it's okay.
If you're an establishment guy like Bustamante, it's okay if you're a racist.
If you're an establishment guy like Arnold, it's okay if you're a racist.
I mean, the guy went in before hundreds of bodybuilders and began screaming the N-word, all blacks get out, you're trash, you're filth.
That's on the record.
Man, imagine that.
And the Simon Wiesenthal Center endorses him.
That makes me so mad.
And you hit the nail right on the head, because, I mean, if Arnold doesn't get in, then it's a Trojan horse to get Bustamante in.
And, I mean, what he's going to do to the state, I mean, just basically turn it into another part of Mexico.
But Davis and Arnold, you know, have Bustamante in there.
Let everybody see the horror.
Glenn Spencer says, let this come out as fast as possible.
That's our only hope that America will finally realize how much trouble we're in.
But it's also funny.
I'm looking at an article right now out of the BBC.
And it was actually quoting, of all people, Will Smith, the actor Will Smith.
And he says of Schwarzenegger, he says, He really represents the American dream.
Coming to America with nothing to become the biggest movie star in the world and then to decide to run for governor.
He is the perfect candidate.
And Will Smith is a New World Order whore.
Stay there.
We'll talk more about it when we get back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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All right, real quick, let's go through these calls because I've got a lot of news I need to cover, folks.
There's a lot of news we haven't gotten to yet.
Going back now to Jay in New Jersey.
He was bringing up Arnold in this disgusting Will Smith quote.
Talk about a little corporate minion.
Will Smith, about how wonderful Arnold is.
And this American dream, yeah, of joining the Bohemian Grove, a cult compound.
So you're allowed to say you love Hitler and be hailed as a good guy.
It just shows the incredible double standard of this.
And then Will Smith isn't dumb.
He knows that Arnold has publicly said he hates black people.
But that's amazing.
Go ahead and finish up what you were saying, Jay.
Yeah, I just thought that that quote really exemplifies how, like, these celebrities and these elite insiders, I mean, they basically all promote each other, and it's all a big business.
And I'm convinced, you know, we already know that the Defense Military Industrial Complex has been running the Hollywood movie industry since, like, the days of Disney in the 50s, the 40s.
That's totally admitted.
Right, and I'm convinced that they're being, like, offered.
They have to be...
There's some incentive, and it's got to be something like advanced life extension technology in exchange for being a part of this conditioning program, which essentially is what it is.
Well, that's exactly what they're being offered.
Then you see Arnold telling you what it's all about in Running Man.
Right, and they really don't care.
As long as they're getting their feet in the action, they don't care if we're all vaporized off the planet of the Earth.
They'll be underground in some bunker.
Take the Sixth Day.
That movie about cloning.
And that's what they discuss, folks.
Some of the reports come out of the Grove.
I mean, they hatched the Manhattan Project there in like 1941.
They hatched Star Wars there in 1978.
And I don't mean the movie Star Wars, folks.
I mean, oh, we ought to really have a Star Wars program.
They hatch Arnold.
They set him up before he was going to run.
Everybody said, oh, he's not running.
And I said, well, it looks like he is.
The Grove says that's who they want.
They always brag, too.
It's like a couple weeks before they announced Dick Cheney as George Bush's running mate.
They're like, oh, he has heart problems.
That'll never happen.
Oh, he lives in the same state as Bush, and that's not going to be allowed.
That's against federal law, Constitution.
And then it came out on CNN.
They go, it's been announced from Bohemian Grove that
Some of the executives for Time Warner were hanging out, as I actually said, with the former president and former chairman and joint chiefs of staff, Colin Powell.
They've said the choice has been made at the Bohemian Grove for Colin Powell.
I mean, by Colin Powell and George Bush Sr., that it will be Dick Cheney.
They love to let you know that they're the bosses.
This little-known economist, this patriot, this anti-New World Order guy,
Hey, that's all I got, Alex.
Just wanted to mention, too, that I just got a DVD burner, and...
You know, buying 9-1-1 Road to Tyranny.
I believe that's available in DVD format, right?
Yes, but you'll have to either lower the res of it or break it in two to put it on one DVD.
I want to basically copy that video.
My DVD is a DVD 9.
And so a DVD 9 is two layers.
Okay, really, it's like a two-disc set, but it's on one disc.
It's 170 minutes.
Yeah, I want to copy that, and I want to give it out to all the police in my town, because I'm pretty familiar with all the police here and stuff.
Some people in my family are firefighters and stuff, so I want to try to get it out to law enforcement.
If you can head it off at the pass, Jay, and show them what's happening before the conditioning gets even worse or before the globalists launch another terror attack, that would be great.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate that call.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to, I guess it's Eric up in Skull and Bones territory up in Connecticut.
Hello, Alex.
Welcome from Corrupticate.
That's it.
Heart of the Blue Blood New World Order system.
Boy, I'll tell you, it's sure pervasive up here.
Just about everywhere you look in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.
You know, I wanted to put a plug in for your Berkey filters.
I am on a budget right now.
I don't have the bread at this point in time to get one of the big ones.
But I got one of the little sport Berkeys, and I took it to work.
And the water that I drank from the tap where I work, it's literally like drinking from the YMCA swimming pool.
It's that chlorinated.
I ran it through this little filter, and let me tell you something.
That water came out.
Like, it came out of the Poland Springs bottle, Alex.
So I just wanted to put a plug in for these filters.
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This is a big deal.
People, you don't know what you've been drinking until you stop drinking it.
I mean, when you've been drinking clean water for a month or even a few weeks, try drinking tap water.
It is horrible tasting.
I did the other day, and let me tell you something.
I almost gagged.
You know, after you drink water through a good filter of tap water, you just don't want to go back to it.
Well, look, my whole life, I would brush my teeth with fluoride toothpaste, and I'd always get kind of a little bit of a headache when I was a child.
And every time I would drink a bunch of tap water, it was just like, why isn't it satisfying?
Why does it make me feel bad?
I mean, I just didn't remember that.
I don't feel like that anymore now.
My brain works so much better.
And it says right on the back of the toothpaste bottle, if you tube, if you ingest any of this, it's deadly poison, call poison control immediately.
And we've had the top scientists, brain surgeons, epidemiologists, chemists on, and now the former big head dentist in Canada who got fluoridation put in says he's wrong.
It's deadly.
And it's not just the fluoride.
It's the chlorine.
It's the pesticides.
It's the herbicides.
There's all this MBTE.
All this runoff.
People that are all fertilizing their yards.
All that garbage goes right into your water, folks.
And so they put a bunch of more poison in it that will kill the bacteria.
And oh, this is so good for you.
Drinking a bunch of dead bacteria and stuff that will kill bacteria.
And they've proven that the chlorine alone...
Triples your chances of kidney cancer.
Yep, I believe it.
So folks, hey, drink good filtered water and you're going to live longer.
I mean, that's just the statistics.
But you've got to be careful too about what you're absorbing through your skin.
Alex, one other thing I wanted to mention that I wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper.
New London Day has about 50,000 readers.
I wrote a letter about the Patriot Act and I linked
To your website, infowars.com, for synopses of the Patriot Act.
And just keep up the great work, Alex.
That's all I had.
Did they put that in the newspaper?
Yes, they did.
They linked to your website in the New London Day.
When you went onto their website and you accessed that article, it was a live link.
It was a live link to my analysis of Patriot Act 2?
To your website, and then you could just see right on the website, you know, the Patriot Act is analyzed, and you could just click on that.
Wow, you know, I would hope you'd send me that issue.
I would really appreciate that.
Yeah, I'd be happy to.
And I also have the recording, Alex, of Sean Hannity, our good neocon, interviewing Harry Ashcroft.
I'd love to hear that.
Yeah, that'd be great if you want to send that to me, too.
I'd really appreciate your fine work.
But what was that like?
What was that love fest like?
Oh, geez.
Well, basically, Ashcroft, from the get-go, he just insisted that the Patriot Act did not
We're good to go.
Alex, it turned out to be more like a mutual admiration society than anything else.
They really didn't talk about the meat of the issue.
Well, that's all these shows are, is ads for their books.
That's about it.
I mean, we spend about two minutes on average an hour plugging my videos.
Yeah, I know you do, and I heard... But these guys, I mean, it's all about their book, and let's read from my book, and let's, you know, just on, on, on.
I heard Limbaugh had a ghostwriter for his books.
Yeah, it's Joseph Farrow wrote his books.
Is that true?
No kidding.
I'll tell you, that guy, let me tell you something, Alex.
That guy, Limbaugh and Hannity and Savage, those guys at one point had me totally buffaloed.
I mean buffaloed.
And, you know, I have to admit, it was not easy to kind of wake up and smell a coffee, as it were.
And I tell you, once you know what they're up to, isn't it obvious?
Yeah, it is.
And I'll tell you, I want to thank you.
I want to thank you for help waking me up.
Well, I want to thank all you guys.
God bless and take care, my friend.
I got this article about the pill gorger Limbaugh, which, you know, he actually hasn't been too behind the drug war, just because his listeners aren't.
But I don't know.
I just think it's scary what's going on in this country and the stuff all these people are involved in.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to, oh, I guess it's Wyatt up in Maryland.
Wyatt, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Yeah, I just want to touch on a couple topics if I can.
About three years ago on 60 Minutes, it had been four years ago, Leslie Stahl was doing a story about extradition and how policing departments can't afford to bring certain criminals extradited because they can't afford the expense to send the two...
Two officers out to, like, we'll say Colorado.
In fact, the person they were talking about was in Colorado.
We've got this whole national train that's coming into D.C.
tomorrow, or is it today, with these tens of thousands of illegals saying you don't have a right to control your border.
How about we arrest all those people right now?
Well, we should.
Anyway, what this story turned into...
I think so.
It's a horrible center, and I have talked to people.
I know you have.
I have talked to people that have been involved with that.
Down on the bottom floor of that, they do have a crematorium.
And by the way, that was in the Rocky Mountain News.
The governor admits they've got secret crematoriums for you.
They need to burn your body.
Get rid of the evidence.
We'll talk about how in free countries they secretly kill you and put you in ovens.
Stay there, Wyatt.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
I'll take five more calls on that stick because I've got a bunch of other news, as usual, I want to get to.
And let's go to these calls quick.
Wyatt, Maryland, finishing up a point you were making.
Go ahead.
Well, anyway, the story was about the situation that you reported on many, many times about the Oklahoma City complex and how they transport 100,000 prisoners a year through there or more, taking them to...
Federal prison camps for industry uses.
And I just want to also say I've heard a lot of people call up off and on and say, gee, Alex, I used to feel this way.
Now I understand what's going on.
My whole thinking has changed because of you and the things that you've pointed out.
So it proves that more and more people do.
In fact, you just had a caller that was several callers that had stated that.
How their mindset has changed about what's really going on, and they used to be brainwashed with the Limbauls and the Hanabees and the rest of them.
Everything that I know, Alex, if you have, this is for any new listeners, everything that you have ever stated that sounded like fiction to most people has always bared 100% truth behind it.
I don't care how bizarre the statements that you have made,
Well, well, let me stop you, Wyatt.
We're good to go.
And, you know, look at history, how weird history is.
All the bizarre things that happened.
And so, yeah, this stuff sounds crazy and wild, but that's one reason the New World Order is in so much trouble, is that we were there, not just myself, but thousands of other prominent folks fighting the New World Order, for decades saying what was going to happen.
Now it's happened, and you do see a big awakening take place.
One more thing and I'm done.
I was listening to your program several years ago when Columbine happened.
You broke the news on your... I was listening to the shortwave.
You broke the news on your show that it just came out of Colorado that several men are opening fire on the schools, on students.
Now, you reported several men dressed in black.
That's exactly what you reported.
And that is what is bearing truth right now.
Not only the two boys...
But there were several men, and that disappeared.
That whole thing about extra people disappeared in the national conspiracy press that we listened to.
And I thought that was just very important because you did point that out, and now it's bearing fruit.
Well, the children coming out were saying, yeah, there were four men, two young men, two old men.
They were shooting everybody.
And then we have this out of the Denver Post today for those that are wondering why we're bringing up Columbine.
Columbine files to be destroyed.
Victims' families want depositions made public.
The families are saying there's a cover-up.
And the cover-up is the police admit they were ordered to shoot some of the kids that were exiting the building.
And there were people inside.
That's why the SWAT teams were held back for four hours.
That's why they destroy everything, from Waco to Oklahoma City to the World Trade Center towers.
They do away with all the evidence.
That's what criminals do.
That's what they do.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate that.
Let's talk to Frank in West Virginia.
Thanks for holding, Frank.
Yes, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
I have two quick questions.
And along the lines of your last caller and that topic of Columbine,
I talked to a police officer who works in a school, and he just went in for training, got out recently, said that one of the training tactics is a lockdown if there is any problems or shootings or anything like that.
He couldn't explain to me why the reasoning or so-called logic behind it, but I simply told him if I were a parent with children locked in with some murderers, there's nobody that's going to get in my way from going into that school
And rescuing them.
Well, children running out were getting double-tapped in the head by the cops.
And I know this.
If I had a child in a government training camp and they were going to tell me I had to stand there because they were cowards and were going to let my child be killed, I mean, I'd do the same thing.
I'd go in there.
But, no, they say that during a school shooting, if there's a shooting going on in the school, the principal hits a button now.
This is being federally paid for.
Everything locks down.
So you watch.
You're going to have 100 children killed, 100 young people, and the news is going to go, well, they could have escaped, but, well, the lockdown's still good.
We're going to take your guns now.
And they're advertising the schools as a place to go if you're a lunatic.
I was just wondering about the Safe Schools Act.
And it's coming up, there's a bomb coming up in two days.
I'm going to try and fight this thing, and I just need to learn a little bit more about it.
Oh, there, yeah, Safe Schools is just turning your schools into a prison.
And training your children how to be prisoners in the New World Order.
Anything else, sir?
No, just six months mandatory for use of profanity.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll talk about it.
Stay there.
I want to hear about this.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We all have busy lives and sometimes that causes us to miss out on the things that are most important to us.
Well, when it...
All right, quickly, quickly.
We're going to let Frank and Carl and Rhonda have some comments, and I've got to get some of this news we haven't covered yet.
You know, when you talk about history and you read about Roman emperors firing the Senate and marrying their horse and having it walk into the palace and, you know, leave its stuff all over the place, and, you know, Nero burning Rome to blame it on his enemies so he could expand his palace...
I think we're good to go.
That get into control, that enjoy evil, and who don't have a conscience, and they call it social Darwinism.
They believe in evolution.
They take it to the other extreme of saying, well, we're ruthless, we're evil, and that means we're the strongest, survival of the fittest, and so it's our right to rule over you, and it's our right to feed on you.
They call us cattle or bugs or...
Ted Turner calls us useless feeders, a Hitler quote.
And when you try to talk to the average dumbed-down, societally engineered person, and you want to warn them, you care about them, you need them to wake up so we can protect our families and the society, and they want to laugh at you.
Well, I tell you, it doesn't hurt my feelings, it doesn't make me mad, it just...
It kind of makes me sad, but I just boldly look them in the eye and say, hey, I'm trying to warn you.
Can you feel the humanity?
Do you have a sixth sense?
Can you feel that I'm telegraphing?
This is serious.
And I'm able, despite all my foibles, to break a lot of people's conditioning because I'll grab them by the shoulders and say, hey, this is real.
You better wake up.
And some people say, well, you can't do things that extreme.
A lot of folks will be turned off by it.
I found the opposite.
I don't know.
I mean, if you just run in and tell people, Hey, we're under attack!
Enemy forces!
There they are!
You've been blind to them!
A lot of times they'll shake their heads and go, Whoa, I do see it!
Man, the guns are the info war!
Prepare for physical attack!
Because the enemy is going to be launching some physical attacks because they're losing the info war right now.
They got lies that have to be reapplied continuously.
And they have to...
Have a bunch of compartmentalized minions carrying it out, don't even understand what they're truly part of, whereas we have the thinkers and those that have passion and those that have love and those that are willing to sacrifice and that are selfless.
We've got the power, but all we need to do is use it!
All right, let's go ahead.
And it's very frustrating to know we have that power to not see you not using it out there.
You need to use that power that God gave you.
You are a leader.
You're a creature made in the image of the creator of the universe.
You understand the power?
You understand the potential that God has put in all of us?
You must use it.
You must.
In this fight against evil, that's why we're here.
It's a test.
Life is so short.
What matters is what you do in your life, what you stand up against, the adversities you overcome, the family you raise, the evil you stand up against.
It isn't how many yachts you can amass and how many women you can have sex with and how many throats you can slit.
Let's go ahead and let Frank in West Virginia finish up.
Go ahead, Frank.
You're familiar with the no-tolerance policies they've had in the schools.
Yeah, and when you mention six months, you get six months of what if you use one per vanity?
Yeah, six months of expulsion, or I think the term was you're basically kicked out of school for six months.
Well, they send you to a criminal secondary school where they teach you how to huff paint and how to be a drug dealer, and you get recruited into that.
I see.
I'm trying to fight this thing, and there's a bond coming up in a couple days.
To vote on to further fund this on the local level for the bricks and mortar and prison bars or whatever.
Well, let me break down what it is.
They have the National Association of Counties, Cities, County Commissioners, Governors.
They all go to these big dinners 10 times a year, 20 times a year.
And they all get given their walking orders.
They're told what the lobbyists are going to be kicking cash out for, what the feds want, and they come back.
And so what you have in your area is being done everywhere.
Now, it's another case of problem, reaction, solution.
They put profanity all over primetime TV.
They put men in bed together, women in bed together at 7 o'clock at night on channels targeting tweenies, not even teens.
The children's magazines are more pornographic than Hustler.
We were just reading that out of the London Independent.
We're good to go.
And then everybody goes, man, our kids are out of control and cussing.
We've got to get really tough.
Six months out of school.
And by the way, when they kick you out, they then say, well, it's your fault you've been suspended.
CPS comes to the house, or the truancy officer, or they put you on probation in a lot of these schools.
Take a class or miss a few days of school, you're put on probation.
Your parents aren't told that you have a right to a jury.
It's all just an administrative court.
They have you here, sign here, waive your child's rights.
So it's about getting your children into the system.
Instead of ripping the TVs out of the walls, throwing them into the garbage can, taking a ball-peen hammer to them or a sledgehammer.
You ought to have a ritual in your backyard of beating the television to death.
I agree.
And instead of telling your child there's an enemy force sworn to destroy their mind, sworn to get them on drugs, sworn to get them into a family-destroying system, instead of reaching out to your children and telegraphing the societal, tribal understanding of an enemy force that we're together as a family.
The family is a unit to feed and clothe and defend against enemies.
We're good to go.
I think?
They're drug tested.
They're thrown out of school.
They're put into the criminal school.
They're now in the system.
Oh, now they do something wrong in that.
Now they're deeper into the system.
Look, they said we're going to have 30 million people in prison by the end of this decade.
They didn't say that for nothing.
They plan to do it.
And they're training your children how their new job is going to be as a prisoner.
That's the future.
No jobs, napkin gap and all that.
Your new future is as a prison guard or as a worker in a prison.
Go ahead.
Yes, you're absolutely right, Alex, and looking for some tactics to stop this thing, so I'm going to go pick up a comprehensive annual financial report to see how much has been set aside that hasn't been spent on anything and bring this before the public here in the next two days as best I can.
And shows there's no need for funding for this whatsoever, as well as bringing... Well, they're turning the schools into prisons.
I mean, before Columbine, the school shootings were way down.
They're even more down from there.
All they're doing, putting up fences and ID cards and frisking the children, is training them how to live in an Orwellian system.
Thank you.
Thanks for the call, Frank.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much.
I'll just give my remainder of the time over to the next caller.
All right.
Thank you.
Look, I mean, I know I start ranting and raving over this subject.
We're good to go.
Now, that's the big military-industrial-complex-owned media telling you that all of this destructive stuff is cool.
And then when your child goes out and acts this out, they're grabbed up by the system.
And so they're just making it a fashion to get into a system that will make you a prisoner.
I mean, I hate to use this analogy, but it's a great analogy from Pinocchio.
You ever seen the Disney classic Pinocchio?
Pinocchio gets in with a group of young hoodlums, and these old con artists bring them out to this party island where you break windows and drink beer and play pool and smoke cigars.
You know, the radical thing for in the 40s.
Late 40s, early 50s, whenever that movie came out.
And in the morning, they all turn into jackasses.
They all turn into donkeys, and they get loaded on slave ships.
Now, what's the moral there?
That the establishment, that the pirates, that the old men, the con artists, knew that by getting these young people into this so-called radical lifestyle, they were actually putting them into bondage, that they were actually getting control of them.
Now do you understand?
And that's exactly what it is.
I mean, how cynical, how sick that the corporate heads of the media sell your children a lifestyle that will get them in prison,
They sell them regalia and fashions that the police are being trained at the same time are gang paraphernalia or are a certain uniform for them to alert on.
So basically the police are mindless dogs that have been trained to attack anyone who has a certain scent on them, and then the news tells your children to put this scent on.
Again, there's the analogy.
And the police will rend and tear and drag your young away, and you'll just sit there and wonder how it ever happened.
Instead of looking your child in the eye and explaining, this is an enemy program to destroy them.
And I know the patriots and the Christians that raise their children like this, their children never stray, folks.
They never stray.
They're strong leaders.
They're controlled.
These young people that I've seen out there are amazing.
They're focused.
And you look at their counterparts, these slack-jawed, dead-eyed men,
Just morons.
I got it.
All right.
Real quick here.
Let's talk to Rhonda, Missouri, and then Carl.
Go ahead, Rhonda.
Alex, just one quick thing on the power that we have.
Luke 20, 21, when the Pharisees demanded of Jesus when the kingdom of God should come, he said, it will not come with observation.
For behold, the kingdom of God is within you, within each one of us.
I've got to stop you right there.
I don't want to be listed as an anti-Semite.
There is no New Testament is allowed on this show because I don't want to be listed by the ADL as an anti-Semite.
I know Jesus was a Jew.
I understand that.
But we just want to go ahead and bow to the pressure.
And of course, I'm being sarcastic, but...
Pretty soon I'll be arrested.
Next few years.
They're about to ban the New Testament in Europe.
They're banning it in Pennsylvania, Governor Mark Swiker.
That's the Associated Press.
You cannot read the passages against homosexuality.
And there's a move by the ADL and Simon Wiesenthal Center to ban the Bible right now.
So that's how far we've gone.
Well, they're welcome to do whatever they want, but I'll keep worshiping Jesus Christ and God.
And I'll take that wherever I take it.
Well, anti-Semitism, according to them.
And as far as what they call us, we're not human beings anymore.
We're human resources to be disposed of and used at their whim.
One quick thing on Rush, a local morning program for an hour and a half.
They started out the program what a non-issue Rush was, this big deal, but they proceeded to talk about it for an hour and a half.
I'm almost convinced this could be a stunt.
I think.
You've got him with the black guy comments.
You've got him with the pills.
You've got him with the, he's deaf, couldn't hear.
This is just to prop him up because his listenership is evaporating.
Oh, yeah.
I don't know if that's the case, but it smells like that.
I tend to agree with you that bring in the polarization.
And it was kind of comical because the host said right off about Sharpton being against it.
He said, that almost makes you think something that he did was right.
And when I called him, I said...
You're starting to get half of it.
You're right.
It's all about polarization.
It's all about these people are on the same team.
But I had to remind them, they kind of brushed over the prescription drug issue thing.
I said, look, what would happen if your daughter or your sister or your mother was caught at a checkpoint with a prescription bottle that didn't belong to them?
I know old ladies who've been taken to jail because they would put their pills in the little case for the day.
But they're carrying a big old bottle.
And they'll take them to jail.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I've got to do it.
So, you know what?
I say let's put Limbaugh in prison for 20 years.
And this is the same crowd that when they took the Ten Commandments out of the Alabama courthouse down there were saying, well, let's see.
That's the law.
You know, that's the law.
It was amazing.
And these are neocons.
I mean, they're all for Bush.
And I just keep trying to call in and tell them they don't like hearing from me.
I don't get too much time on.
I heard you on that big Chicago show, Beyond the Beltway.
It's probably called In the Beltway.
But I heard you really tear them up on Skull and Bones.
Well, you know...
The truth.
The truth still set us free, and that's what I love about you, Alex.
Yeah, you're going to stand up and defend yourself if that time should come, but the truth is our weapon.
It is.
They've got to reapply their lies over and over again, and all we've got to do is point the lies out.
We've got an easy job.
Thanks for the call.
Rhonda, I appreciate it.
Last caller, real quick.
Carl in Indiana.
Go ahead, Carl.
How are you doing today?
Hey, Alex.
Pretty good, buddy.
Yeah, hey, I was wanting to touch your face.
Chicago did pass that resolution to, you know, at least take a look at the Patriot Act.
And I know Atlanta is considering it, too.
But, I mean, that's huge news.
No, it's actually over 400.
That's 105 cities.
Yeah, ABC7 was still reporting like 100.
Oh, yeah, I heard some on the news.
Well, 100 cities, 45 cities.
One state, 170 cities.
It was over 400 months ago.
Yeah, what I want to say is I called a local editor here in northwest Indiana, and he said, oh, well, it doesn't matter.
That's just, you know, that federal law can't supersede.
So here's a newspaper editor who's probably been given his, you know, his speaking papers in the morning.
All the big editors met with Ashcroft.
Oh, yeah, and it's just very important that that, I don't believe, has gotten the news coverage in our area.
That's, you know, Chicago, I think, is probably the largest city that has passed resolutions.
Well, absolutely.
Daly ought to read what's in the Patriot Act, because that's exactly the type of garbage he's been pulling.
Oh, yeah, no, he's definitely an NWO.
But the thing is... Well, it shows the pressure that's been put on them.
Yeah, the more, like you said, the more lies they tell, the more they are going to have to tell more lies.
And then pretty soon it just gets so big, they can't lie anymore.
Well, yeah, now it's just...
Well, now it's like they'll tell the truth one day and go, yeah, it's the world government, we're taking all your rights.
The next day, we never said that, there's no Patriot Act 2.
I mean, it's gotten where it's almost like they're practicing lying on purpose just to burn us out, where we're just like, I mean, I'm almost at the point of cannot compute, you know, in the old movie where the robot smoke starts coming out of its ears.
I mean, it's just, I'm like going, whoa, whoa, whoa, you know.
Well, the thing is, people need to get out and they need to call their newspaper editors when they find that there is something that's about...
Thank you so much for the call.
I really appreciate it.
Of course, the rest of that passage says that if you're into evil, you're going to be blinded.
You're not going to be able to see.
But, I mean, there are so many people who think they're good Christians or good conservatives.
And really, if you start talking to them,
7 times what it is now.
And they want more NAFTA and GATT?
I mean, I have to hear another Al Gore or George Bush senior tell me how good NAFTA and GATT is?
See, they're all together on gun control.
They were all together on going into Iraq.
They were all together on NAFTA and GATT.
They're all together.
And this false choice that the neocons project is what is killing us.
Bill Clinton could never have gotten away with what George Bush is.
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All right, folks.
We're almost out of time.
I've got a bunch of news I want to hit on.
I've already mentioned most of it or gone over it with the listeners.
We take a lot of calls.
The callers have a way of bringing up most of the stuff I was going to talk about today.
I really shouldn't talk about Rush Limbaugh or Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I mean, this really is mindless distractions or divergence.
We've got all these race-specific bioweapons being produced, all these microbiologists dying, the globalists setting up all these FEMA camps.
And then here I am reading this Rush Limbaugh in pill probe.
New York Daily News, talk radio titan Rush Limbaugh is being investigated for allegedly buying thousands of addictive painkillers from a black market drug ring.
We're good to go.
And hydrocordone and went through detox twice.
There were times when I was worried, Klein told the National Enquirer, which broke the story in the edition being published today, all these pills are enough to kill an elephant, never mind a man.
So, boy, I mean, just unbelievable.
But why is all this coming out now?
You know, the comment about the black guy and all that.
I just get so sick of it.
Oh, boy, he's a total puppet.
I mean, hey, Arnold, you didn't say you loved Hitler.
That's your problem.
You said you loved Hitler, and you'd pose for hardcore gay porno mags, and if you had said that you hate Christians, maybe you'd be a Christian conservative and be supported.
I mean, have you been to the Satanic Grove?
I haven't seen your name on the list.
If you were a member of a Satanic organization, you might be okay.
No, you were just a mid-level bootlegger.
And maybe the establishment doesn't want to pay you the 200-and-something dollars
A $287 million contract.
Money like that will make them burn you, buddy.
Wonder what your maid's getting.
That much money's a curse, folks.
There's a bunch of other news here.
It's all very important.
You just need to visit Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
I don't buy this story for a second.
This comes to you from the country that brought up the story of the Iraqis throwing babies out of incubators.
This is out of Associated Press.
Kuwait foil smuggling of chemicals bio-warheads from Iraq.
Kuwait security authorities have foiled an attempt to smuggle $60 million worth of chemical weapons and biological warheads
Oh, really?
From Iraq to an unnamed European country, a Kuwait newspaper said on Wednesday, a pro-government Al-Syarjar quoted an unnamed security source that the suspects had been watched by security since they arrived in Kuwait and were arrested in due time.
They did not say when or how the smugglers entered Kuwait or when they were arrested.
Isn't that interesting?
And it says the smugglers may have been accomplices inside Kuwait.
Isn't that interesting?
Now, we know the country's full of chemical weapons with U.S.
markings, but they can't roll those out and show those to the world.
We have video of them from the First Gulf War, but will this be used as evidence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction?
Who knows?
We're out of time, folks.
Another great show.
Can't get into the other distractions about Arnold's groping of women, but I'm sure you've already heard about that.
Which really...
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All the affiliates, the listeners, the sponsors, the folks running the show, great job.
Have a good Thursday!
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
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