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Air Date: Sept. 30, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, another live edition of this worldwide transmission.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
It's already the 30th of September, 2003.
We've got Joel Skousen, who is really on target when it comes to his analysis of the New World Order.
Of course, in relation to Leon Skousen.
Joining us, he is a Vietnam aviator and patriot and author and researcher.
And should be very, very revealing coming on in the next hour.
In this first hour, we're going to have wide open phones and
It's your comments, your take, your analysis of the news and the different propaganda pieces that are going on out there in the media.
Also, I found out that black box voting, Bev Harris had the big election touchscreen company, Diebold, come after her.
Now, they didn't sue her for making false statements because she had their documents.
They went to the United Nations.
That's who regulates the Internet and said, oh, this is copyright material.
And, of course, they took down her website.
So you catch somebody in multiple crimes.
I mean, the corporate minutes of how to steal elections.
And you get in trouble.
See, that's the new America.
That's the new New World Order.
The good news is the cat's out of the bag, and so these powerful individuals can try this, and they can run, but for how long?
The big thing we face, though, is people's apathy.
They say, well, you know, okay, it is corrupt.
There's nothing we can do about it.
And that type of attitude really is destroying us.
I mean, they caught the Army down in Florida.
Putting in false defense contracts under order from the Pentagon to create slush funds.
Now, 20 years ago, people would have gone to prison for that.
At least some generals would have to step down and take the fall for those above them.
That doesn't even happen now.
Carl Rove, the White House Chief of Staff, the big mastermind up there,
We're good to go.
We can have troops that breathe depleted uranium at 1,900 times safe levels.
We can take the health care away from the veterans.
We can charge our military for meals when they're shot in Iraq and in the sick bay in Rammstein, Germany.
Everything is just over the top.
And with each new corruption, they just get away with that.
So, hey, why not take it to the next level?
Millions of Americans are in shock, wide-mouthed amazement right now at all this.
There's an amazing awakening, a renaissance taking place right now.
So the more the globalists squeeze, the more resistance they're forming.
This is a side issue, because I've got a bunch of news we're going to get to before we even go to calls.
What is going on with allergies in Central Texas?
You know, I grew up in Dallas.
I have a lot of family in Austin.
They never talked about allergies.
Then I moved down here about 12, 13 years ago, and I got allergies about five, six years ago.
And I've had allergies for a week now, and they get worse and worse and worse.
So bad, it's like I've got the flu on top of a chest cold, on top of a head cold.
It's just horrible.
But I've been here doing the show, and I'm not whining.
I want folks to know why it sounds like I might be talking through 100 feet of water here.
And I don't want to get off into conspiracy theories, but they admit that allergies are really a new thing.
They've gotten a lot worse the last 20 years.
Why is that?
A lot of research is showing now it's connected to vaccines.
I don't know.
I just know I hate these allergies.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hey, Mark.
Okay, fantastic!
Ha ha ha!
That was interesting.
I was busy...
Sneezing in the green room here, folks, with my wonderful Austin, Texas, capital of the world allergies.
All right, folks, we're live.
Thank you for tuning in to the show today or this morning or tonight, depending on what time zone you're tuning in to us via.
The websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
We do have Joel Skousen from World Affairs Brief, a real expert on the globalist crime syndicate, joining us in about 51 minutes in the second hour.
If you want to stay with us for that.
And there's just a bunch of other really, really important news that we need to go over.
Look at this article out of the Socialistic Village Voice in New York.
Possible link between Al-Qaeda and far-right racists.
While ties between far-right racist groups and the Bin Laden network seem tenuous at best, the Financial Times reports German police are focusing on one individual who might provide a real link.
Now, last week, the Harvard Gazette came out and had the quotes of their little anti-terrorism summit they had with current and former...
We're good to go.
I think?
So if you don't like NAFTA and GATT and all the factories shutting down, you're secretly an al-Qaeda white supremacist.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
And then we look at Germany.
Every time we study Deutschland and the bombings and the fire bombings and the shootings and the stabbings by so-called white supremacists, it almost always turns out to be MI5, MI6 bombs.
Or GSGQ, whatever they call the German secret police.
I mean, I have all these mainstream news articles from Germany and England and France in Police State 3 Total Enslavement, in the Masters of Terror, both films get into the subject, where it says that the heads of the neo-Nazi groups in Germany, the founders of the groups going back to the 60s, are German and British intelligence.
In fact, the groups wouldn't even exist.
If it wasn't for the governments.
And it's the same thing with Al-Qaeda.
Same thing with Taliban.
All these groups were created and funded, engineered, built by the New World Order.
And then they use them as threat pieces on this grand chessboard.
I mean, you take England.
In Police State 3 and in Masters of Terror, we detail all the BBC and Times of London articles
Where the British government admits over the last 24 years they have carried out almost all the bombings in Scotland, in Ireland, in England, in London, and they just blame it on their political enemies.
And it turns out the heads of the Catholics, the heads of the Protestants, of the terror groups are government agents.
Not there's government agents in the organizations that have infiltrated.
No, no, no.
They are created and that is founded and funded and controlled.
I don't want to go off into a long treatise or diatribe about that, but possible link between Al-Qaeda and far-right racists.
The Village Voice.
You know what's going to happen when George Bush is out of office and they've got all these Homeland Security systems and this control grid and the CAPS-2 and the Matrix and the Total Information Awareness, which, by the way, has all gotten its funding increased, just its names changed.
They haven't gotten rid of all that.
Well, I've told you, they're just setting it all up.
All the real FEMA and FBI and police training that's going on right now is about land rights terrorists.
These people that won't give their land up, they're terrorists.
And the Marines train to go in with belly clubs or guns and kill farmers and ranchers.
That's the admitted training going on in the last decade, is to kill you and take your land.
Again, I have footage of this, and there's been news articles about it now, mainstream.
And it's all about Christians and conservatives and gun owners and homeschoolers and patriots and defenders of the U.S.
They're not training them to deal with Muslims or Taliban or Al-Qaeda.
I mean, let's face it, most of the Muslims aren't out there doing anything violent.
They're out there running businesses or doctors or lawyers or running gas stations like everybody else.
There's not going to be any real terrorists found.
They've got to now change the definition of terrorism.
If you watch the sitcoms and the dramas and shows like Threat Matrix this last Thursday, the terrorist is somebody who sells drugs.
He's a patriot who loves America, who was in the first Gulf War, but doesn't have money, so he starts stealing drugs, and somehow the drug money gets sent back to a terror group in Canada, and they don't ever get that shadowy terror group in Canada.
They arrest him.
I actually have the script of it here.
I didn't watch the show.
I can't handle it.
That makes me too mad.
But they go ahead and grab him and say, you don't have any rights.
You'll never see your family again.
We're taking your wife and child away from you.
You're not allowed to see your accusers.
If you ever have a jury trial, we can hold you for the rest of your life.
This is under Homeland Security and drugs or terrorism.
So, see, there's the message to dumbbell America that doesn't read a newspaper, that doesn't know what the Second Amendment is or the Fourth Amendment, that doesn't know where Iraq is.
The person that will laugh at you on the street corner and try to warn you about government corruption, they're getting their worldview, their idea, from a drama on ABC.
That's why I got so upset when I saw the ad for Threat Matrix at the movies when I was seeing that Kevin Costner film.
They had an ad for it for Threat Matrix.
They were torturing some guy to death, and it was good.
The torture's now good.
I mean, that really upset me, folks, because that means they're pushing that.
And they're doing it on all the other sitcoms and dramas and in the law enforcement magazines and in the Washington Times and the New York Times.
Well, it's time to talk about torture.
Well, torture's good.
And I don't want to keep bringing this up, but it's such a key point to show everybody just how deep and dark this thing has gotten.
And so every day now I see articles
Possible link between Al-Qaeda and far-right racists.
And the FBI and British intelligence and others teach everybody that land rights, Second Amendment, the private property discussions, discussions of family, speaking out against the IMF or World Bank, this is all code words.
That's right.
This is all code words for racism.
That's why in Europe they're banning, criticizing the EU.
They say, well, racists hold the belief that the federal groups they control, the centralized groups they control, hold the belief that the euro is bad, and so if you're out against the euro, you must be with them.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
This is what they're doing.
And they're trying to do it here in this country.
So his name is Ahmed Huber, 74, a Swiss businessman and journalist living in Bern.
He became a Muslim in the 1960s.
Huber sits on the board of directors of NADA, Management of Financial Services and Consulting Company, the foremost part of the international Al-Taqwa group.
According to the Times, the U.S.
claims the group has long acted as advisors to al-Qaeda,
Italian police recently questioned two other NADA management board members, and it goes in to say a spokesman for Germany's Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the Internal Intelligence Agency, told FT yesterday that Hubber sees himself as a mediator between Islam and the right-wing groups.
We're good to go.
And it turned out the head of the main Nazi group who was killing people turned out was MI6 and had a co-directorship in the German secret police.
I mean, folks, it isn't just that some of their top people are government agents.
They all are.
They could find some drunken teenager to...
And we've got the...
Harvard Gazette about how, well, those that believe in a new world order are secretly with Al-Qaeda and white supremacists.
I mean, they actually said that.
And we have FEMA on tape saying the Founding Fathers are terrorists, all Christians are terrorists.
Talking about international banking as a code word for racism.
Well, I mean, you read the Financial Times of London, it's all about the IMF and World Bank.
I mean, being fiscally responsible and knowing how your world works means you talk about the bankers.
No, no, no.
And Rothschild's a code word, too.
Rothschilds don't exist, folks.
They can be all over the news and TV, but I've seen policy reports where that's a code word.
That doesn't exist.
By the way, if you get pulled over at a checkpoint with troops at it, and you say, hey, this violates posse commentatus, the police are trained in manuals that posse commentatus is a code word for hate of police and wanton murder of police.
So they freak out and pull guns on you.
They don't know it's a federal law you're quoting.
See how it's all about ignorance?
I mean, again, these cops don't know where Iraq is.
They don't know what the Fourth Amendment is.
They don't know that the moon's not made of cheese.
I mean, you know, the average American doesn't know anything.
So you go, hey, federal law, Posse Comitatus, Billy Bob, Officer Billy Bob, he just said the vicious code word.
Get him down on the ground now.
We've got to take him in.
I've got law enforcement journals that I can say to do that.
We'll be back.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest A gun on my hip and the right to arrest I'm the guy who's the boss on this highway So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way If you break the law, you'll hear from me, I know
All right, folks, if you want to join us on air, it's 1-800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
I just want you to know, though, that all this anti-terror stuff is about going after people's land, going after your families, and putting even more of us in prison.
They've told us that by the end of this decade, there are going to be 30 million people in prison
Now, why are they on national news saying 30 million people by the end of this decade?
Two years ago, they were saying by the end of the next decade that we'd have 33 million.
Well, now the feds are laughing and saying, no, they're right on track at current growth numbers to have 30 million in about five, six years.
Now, folks, you realize how sick that is?
Well, I think we all put all criminals in prison and make them work, too.
Yeah, for 20 cents an hour taking your job.
Start thinking out there.
I hear another good old boy who talks about them prisoners got cable TV and jacuzzis.
No, they don't.
No, they don't.
At least not in Texas.
At least not in the medium and maximum security areas.
I don't know.
It's just a side issue.
It's just so scary what they're doing to our society.
And I've got so much other news here.
There's been a new development in that race-specific bioweapons expert.
And it'll kill certain races in North Korea.
They're thinking now he tried to sneak into an Austrian consulate in China over the North Korean border.
They're not sure.
I'll get to that in a few minutes.
Consumer confidence plummets in September.
That's not good.
Stuff should be getting better here during the fall.
soldiers killed, two wounded in Afghan battle.
Arabs say world is ignoring Israel's 400 nukes.
North Korea is now massing troops for the first time in decades on their border with South Korea there on the peninsula.
North Korea is boosting its nuclear program.
Japan is saying they will nuke.
That's right, they got nukes, folks.
They've had them for a long time.
They will nuke North Korea if they put one of their Taepung Dong-2s upright on a pad.
Japanese are watching them with their spy satellites.
Oh, they told us they were weather satellites.
Suddenly, see, everybody's secretly rearmed, folks.
It's like World War II after World War I. Also, Iraqi child killed by U.S.
Another tragedy.
More of our troops, more of their children dead for the bankers.
I'm sad when both sides lose people.
They're all just caught in the crossfire of the New World Order.
Iraq Council may reinstate BATH members under Bush's command, of course.
Good CIA BATH folks.
Bush makes a deal with Iraq.
It goes on and on here.
There's a big one independent story that I think bears some focus.
Maybe later I'll get to this, but it's on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
It talks about what's in these teenager magazines targeting 12, 14-year-old girls, and they can only be described as Hustler Magazine, training your young daughters how to be whores and how to drive away with the gang members, basically.
But this is what the Sumner Redstones and the...
And the Rupert Murdochs, the Christian conservative leaders, do in their off time is sell death to your children.
So we'll get to that.
They're not selling you neocon whoredom.
They're selling you the destruction of the family.
Just look at the fruit of this system.
And also FBI bypasses First Amendment to nail a hacker.
And they're now saying there's no more protection of the press.
You have to release all information to them immediately or you get arrested under the Patriot Act.
Also, General Barry McCaffrey, who I confront in the film The Takeover, for his top lieutenant being caught shipping in the heroin and cocaine, General Barry McCaffrey of mass murder fame in Iraq, says he wants us all to take national ID cards now.
So we all need them now.
Well, we already have them as our driver's license, and once you link them into all the CAPS-2 and Matrix databases, it's what it's called, the Matrix, folks, then it will be the national ID card.
Interpol plans anti-terror database, again, that ties into that.
That's just some of what is coming up.
And, of course, we're also going to take your calls.
And I am here braving the worst allergy attack of my life here on the air because this news, I'm not whining about it.
Please don't send me 100 cures for allergies via e-mail or fax.
I don't care.
I'm just letting you know because I literally have half my brain tied behind my back as one of the neocons says.
Secret go-ahead for ID card database.
Again, this is very intriguing.
As we told you years ago, you already have a national ID card.
They just didn't tell you.
Well, here it is being admitted.
Also, the Boston Globe is asking, who let the Saudis flee after 9-11?
We've been asking that question for two years.
And a lot more coming up in first-year calls.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Of course, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
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We're about to go to Mark and Don and Mark and Dylan and Frank and many others that are patiently holding.
And then I'm going to get into the latest details on the missing race-specific bioweapons expert in North Korea.
More on the economy and the failed campaign in Iraq that was designed to fail, as I said it was a long time ago, folks.
We'll give you the pieces of that puzzle, as if you haven't already figured them out for yourself.
But before I go any further, I have produced nine full-length feature films.
I mean, take America Destroyed by Design.
Made it in 97.
My first film.
More pertinent today than when I made it.
So important.
More timely today than when I made it.
More believable today than when I made it.
Almost passe in some respects.
We showed the U.N.
taking over the national parks.
The park rangers admitting it.
Threatening to arrest us for just asking questions politely.
We showed the government carrying out Oklahoma City protests.
We show where I get arrested, refusing to thumbscan with a big old crowd protesting.
We get into the concentration camp, send hearings on that, actual video of the hearings, admitting the concentration camp junior family.
We get into the transponders and the tracker chips, the RFID.
That's about, I don't know, about half of what's in this video.
But you really need to see it for yourself.
We get into the sellout of our bases on the West and East Coast, the Communist Chinese, the Communist Chinese chipping in AK-47s and heroin.
That's my first film.
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The New World Order.
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And the incredible bibliographies we put together.
They're the best films out there, folks.
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Joel Skousen, General Benton K. Parton, and they'll all just bring the videos up.
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Ties it all together, gets into the Israeli terror angle, how that government's controlled by Europe really as a front to destroy Israel is really the plan.
It gets very sophisticated.
We're talking about Jewish newspapers admitting this, like Haraj, where Mossad is carrying out bombings and blaming it on Palestinians for controlling the PLO.
That sounds unbelievable, folks.
It's actually come out in the Jewish newspapers.
But that's just a small portion of the book.
The British carrying out terror against themselves.
The Germans carrying out terror against themselves.
Our government carrying out terror.
I mean, this is what the New World Order does.
Because we don't have governments.
We're all controlled by the globalists.
And they do this to keep us out of this police state.
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Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Now, I'll tell you what.
Let's take five calls.
Real quick, and then I'm going to get into a bunch of the news.
It's really very important.
Mark in West Virginia, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I have one important question here.
In your 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, it mentions that immediately after 9-11, President Bush signed like 500 executive orders, if memory serves me correctly.
That's a Frank J. Murray article out of the Washington Times saying we're now under martial law.
I just wondered what your take was.
I was wondering if those executive orders might play some role in why none of the mainstream media has asked any hard questions about 9-11.
Well, that's it.
I mean, look, Ashcroft two months ago met at the big palatial Hollywood hotel.
In Beverly Hills, he met with over 200 head editors and the heads of the networks publicly and said, help me with the Patriot Act.
Help me, quote, tell the truth about how this doesn't take your rights away.
And he ordered every U.S.
attorney, every assistant attorney, this is on the record, to go out and write editorials of how good it is.
And then suddenly we see Threatened Matrix and 24 and all these shows going, rugs are terror, arrest everyone, it's good.
All the editorials, oh, it's good, arrest everyone.
All these TV ads, you know, you smoke pot, you're an Al-Qaeda member, we'll arrest you for life.
It's just, yes, sir.
They have told the media to shut up.
I've talked to people in the media who've been told to shut up about touchscreen fraud news, who've been told to shut up.
I've talked to radio talk show hosts who are syndicated on big, big, big outfits.
And, of course, I can't reveal my sources if they tell me I can't talk about it.
But they're told by the big networks what to say, what not to say.
You'll be fired if you say anything against the war.
I mean, this is controlled, folks.
I don't think people realize how blessed we are that I have this show.
I'm so blessed to be here.
I try to do the best job I can.
We're so blessed to be on all these affiliates, these mom and pops that haven't been bought up yet, and to be reaching millions of people.
This is a big deal, folks.
They don't like this.
Yeah, you're doing a fine job, Alex.
One other question.
Have you had a chance to look at that 911 report from Congress?
Yeah, total whitewash.
Nothing to be gleaned from that?
Well, I mean, what they do is, let's say you've got a bunch of Rottweilers chasing you.
And, you know, it's a tactic by thieves, you know, say they're robbing a warehouse, is they will really carry some beef tenderloin.
And they'll throw it out behind them, and a lot of times dogs will stop and eat it and fight over it.
And so they're, like, running, Kissinger and all the rest of them, and, you know, the whole crime syndicate up there are, like, throwing T-bones over their shoulders.
I understand.
And so there's some meat there.
Well, yeah, the drug czar, you know, the former drug czar comes out and says, well, yeah...
On 9-11, I was ordered to tell the key terrorist and Laden family to fly out.
The plane made 10 stops.
It's true.
Or, oh, 28 pages redacted.
Well, that's because the Saudis said, if you blame us for this, we're going to release that you really own us and run us.
And we'll release the names of the five banks that carried out the attacks.
I mean, the Saudis said that suddenly.
Suddenly five of their sheiks, their princes, died in car wrecks, plane crashes, and were shot in the back of the head.
Yeah, and then the Saudis said, we're under attack.
MI6 is bombing us to destabilize the country.
They control the radicals.
It's true.
Okay, and then you hear the neocons going, we ought to just go into Saudi.
We ought to just go into Saudi.
The Saudis didn't do anything.
They're a bunch of degenerate trash hopped up on drugs with $5,000 an hour prostitutes around them.
You know, they only get about 8% of the money, folks.
The rest goes into the big banks.
This is just so sheiks show you their wealth.
They haven't figured out what the robber barons figured out 100 years ago how to hide it.
You know, on another subject,
I was scanning through the TV channels last week, and I saw Condoleezza Rice on the O'Reilly Show.
And the reason I stopped and watched was because O'Reilly asked her why the administration doesn't enforce security on our borders and repel illegal immigration.
And she said they don't do that because we're a nation of family values.
And I'll hang up and listen to your response.
Yeah, thank you for the call.
They've done a major poll, and as usual, 87 plus percent want the border shut and illegals deported, including Hispanics.
Hispanics, frankly, are one of the most patriotic, understanding, smart groups out there, if they're citizens and have been in the country.
That's just the statistics and the facts.
And so they're panicking.
The Hispanics, the whites, the blacks, the Americans in Arizona want the illegals deported.
And the Republicans are throwing a fit.
I got the Arizona Republic article here.
And Republicans and Democrats are all trying to say this is racist.
We've got to leave the borders open.
No, it's not.
It's a globalist plan to destroy our economy.
And it's working like a charm.
And I got Republican leaders again endorse Schwarzenegger now publicly and basically order McClintock to step down.
We have Bush, his little beady-eyed wife being kissed on by Jacques Chirac, the communist, signing back on to UNESCO.
I mean, I'm sorry here.
I mean, Bush could wear a red armband and basically get married to Fidel Castro.
They'd call him a conservative.
I mean, I really get angry, folks, when I hear Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.
I almost run off the road all the time.
I really get mad.
When I hear them up there acting like conservatives running defense for people destroying America and talking about liberals, you're the liberals.
I don't ever want to hear from any of you neocons about, well, what about Hillary?
What about Bill?
Those two should both be in jail right now, and they would be.
Dan Burton's committee's got the evidence of serious felony crimes up one side and down the other, but they're not because George Bush has aggressively blocked the pardon gate investigation.
So I don't ever want to hear about Hillary or Bill Clinton.
Let's talk to, is it Dan or Don?
Don in Cincinnati.
Alex, how you doing?
Good, sir.
First-time caller, long-time listener.
Hey, first off, I wanted to say you're not the only one with a sinus infection.
I'm like that all year round almost.
You know, I talked to my grandmother.
I've read the statistics.
Allergies were unheard of.
And they don't know, quote, why they're exploding everywhere.
But I know this.
I mean, I grew up making fun of people that had allergies.
I'd make fun of my friends.
Oh, you've got allergies.
Now I know.
The last few years.
Whatever this is, weeks on weeks on weeks, it gets worse and worse.
It's terrible.
I know.
I work outside for a living.
I'm an iron worker.
And I tell you what, I'm sick from October until March.
It's terrible.
But anyway, I've got one quick question.
I have been trying to get you here in Cincinnati, besides on shortwave.
Right now, that is the only way to listen to you on shortwave.
I cannot get any of the big ones to respond to any emails, any letters, or any phone calls about getting you in on some of these stations up here.
And of course I know why, because since I'm so ultra-communist and ultra-conservative, it is unreal up here.
Well, ultra-conservative is ultra-communist now.
Well, I know they are.
You got any suggestions?
Well, I mean, look... Because your word needs to be spread.
They're probably owned by Infinity.
They're probably owned by CBS.
They're probably owned by Clear Channel.
I mean, these big cities, almost all of them are owned.
So that's like...
The boss is not to have you back on.
So there is massive censorship.
What you've got to do is find a transmitter outside the city that covers the city that wants to get a big response.
Because this show will get a big response.
We'll get ratings.
A mom and pop station?
Yeah, exactly.
Some 5,000, 10,000 water that covers the city, but that, you know, what's an outside town?
We'll say Hamilton, Ohio.
Yeah, yeah.
Hamilton, Cincinnati.
You know when you hear the call letters every hour?
Hamilton, Cincinnati.
You know, whatever.
That's the type of transmitter you want to go after.
It's mom and pop.
Folks that have courage, that love America, that want somebody to tell the truth.
You just tell them to go to GCNlive.com, go to the affiliate relations area, and to call the networker.
There are all the satellites, analog, digital, whatever they want.
They can pick this show up.
Nine hours a day, they can pick it up.
Hey, thanks for the call.
Oh, thank you, Alex.
Take care, buddy.
I appreciate it.
Mark in Minnesota.
Appreciate your call.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
You know, I'm thinking that you should try to get Congressman Chris Cox as a guest on your show, because I noticed yesterday he was making a few remarks saying something to the effect that there's no evidence that any of Saddam's chemical and biological weapons were ever destroyed.
I'm thinking, yeah, they probably want to ignore that since they were made in the U.S., chemical and biological weapons out there at the Kamathia bunkers.
Well, yeah, they publicly blew them up.
People thought it was a nuclear detonation, giant.
Purple-orange cloud.
Football fields.
Thousands of chemical weapons detectors pegged.
Troops started passing out everywhere, and the media said, these are mentally ill troops.
They're not sick.
And then they shriveled up, went into wheelchairs, went into the coffins in the ground, and still they're hypochondriacs.
And we have this on video, but there's still no evidence that any chemical and biological weapons... That's right.
We have video that Marines shot inside the embassy of U.S.-marked Sarin and VX.
But, you know, what you're saying about the Saudi regime being pretty much controlled, you're absolutely right.
I mean, look, we have the Saudi squawking, going, we followed orders, we've done nothing.
If you say we did it, we're going to tattle and say you're doing the terror.
You're absolutely right, and I think if people really looked at the truth surrounding the Saudi regime...
The British showed up at the end of World War I and said, Sheik, you're the boss.
Here's a box of machine guns.
You give us 93% of the profits, 90% of the profits.
They said, deal, and that's the Saudis today, folks.
Aramco and the Turkish oil company, which is more like Standard Oil.
Now, I believe that by looking at that and going back in history, we could actually come to some pretty solid answers in dealing with Iraq, because what's interesting is,
Alex, you go back.
I mean, this is like an exact repeat.
Saudi Arabia was really part of Iraq, and so was Kuwait.
Well, actually, Iraq was a fiction.
The Ottoman Empire, of course.
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
Out of Turkey, all the way through, they were just breaking it up.
Yeah, the Ottoman Empire collapsed, and then you had, you know, these different factions, you know, the Shiites, the Kurds.
They all wanted their own autonomy.
And the Brits came in, they actually used poison gas on the Kurds in the early part of the 20th century to suppress them.
And then sold it back to Saddam in the 80s and did the same thing again, and then screamed bloody murder when he did it.
Right, no, I'm saying... Most of the nerve-gassing, of course, was by the Iranians.
I'm saying, really, what we need to do, of course, get out of there.
Well, not we, but...
The regime in Washington.
Yeah, the corporate forces.
You know what I'd do?
I'd bring the three main parties, the Chaldean Christians, the Kurds, and the Shiites to the table.
Go ahead, form your own... Divide that country up into three regions.
Frankly, that would be a great way to control it from an empire's point of view is to break it up even further.
Great points.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, that's probably the only thing that's going to stop people from killing each other.
To go back to the tribal regions.
We'll be back with more calls and a great guest.
Stay with us.
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All right, folks.
We're about to go to Dylan and Frank and others that are patiently holding.
Austria can't confirm report of arrest near consulate in China.
Remember yesterday we talked about the head race-specific bioweapon expert, this doctor, this mad scientist over in North Korea coming out missing, and that's with...
Dozens and dozens of other top race-specific bioweapons experts dropping down all over the globe.
Very scary.
They're being murdered in many cases.
In fact, they're being murdered in all the cases, but in a lot of the cases they're getting shot, they're getting killed, they're getting their guts cut out.
And, uh, not Austrian.
Australian officials today could not confirm a report that a North Korean biological weapons expert was detained while trying to slip into an Australian diplomatic post in China.
The expert, Dr. Ray Chai-Wu, was seeking political asylum at the Australian Consulate General in China.
It was Hong when he was arrested by plainclothes security agents before 5 p.m.
Now we know.
local time.
Yesterday we weren't sure.
So we know that happened.
He was on the run.
That's good news that he's at least been captured by somebody.
An anti-Pyongyang activist said on a website, the activist, Dr. Norbert Wolterstein, said Dr. Rai had planned to testify to the United States against North Korea's chemical and biological weapons program.
But Australian diplomats were unable to confirm or refute the report.
We spoke to our Consular General, and he has no knowledge of it.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Spokeswoman said today... So we'll keep trying to watch this.
Dr. Rai, who for the Chi Hai Rai Chemical Corporation in Amran, North Korea, until June when he went to China with his wife and two teenage children, Dr. Vollerstein said...
He had a large volume of evidence on human experiments which would have helped develop the chemical biological weapons program in North Korea from a secret clinic dug into the mountains.
And we got Joel Skousen joining us in the next hour, who's a real expert on this subject.
We're about to go to your calls as well.
So you don't want to miss that.
And just a bunch of other news about the neocons' activities.
Right now, let's go ahead and go to the calls.
Let's talk to Dylan in Texas.
Dylan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you today.
That's Central Texas.
I'm always by your side, Alex, in this struggle for information dissemination.
I want to give a big hoorah out to us helping the city council pass the resolution opposing the Patriot Act, reaffirming our God-given rights under the Constitution of the United States of America.
And I want to make two quick points.
I sure am glad that I downloaded and printed up
All the information I could from blackboxvoting.com.
So they're off the Internet now, huh?
Yeah, they've been shut down by the United Nations.
But she still has a book out, eh?
Do you know?
Well, look, what happens is if a big corporation goes to the U.N.
and claims, they claim to link off their website, showed secret documents, which were admitted from Diebold, where they're basically stealing elections.
They threw a fit.
And had a takedown order.
They're going to get their site back, and then she's going to be able to sue the Diebold company.
But they're on the run.
This shows a major victory by Bev Harris.
Now, you notice Walmart and Homeland Security didn't go after Catherine Albrecht, the Ph.D.
at Harvard.
They didn't go after her when she got the secret documents with Walmart, you know, how to suppress us with the RFID tracker chips in all the products.
So more and more, it's these idiots...
One other thing I want to point out, Alex...
I did grow up here in Central Texas, and I did have pretty bad allergies, but about around 98, I just want to say, pantothenic acid, that's B5, 250 milligrams, the thousand milligrams of mineral ascorbate C, that has helped me more than anything else.
Stay there, stay there.
Nuclear reactors provide economical energy, but would you be prepared during an accident?
During nuclear disasters, great amounts of radioactive iodine are released into the... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got an amazing guest joining us here in about five minutes, Joel Skousen.
Of course, a relation of Cleon Skousen.
He's a Vietnam Air Corps veteran and an expert on the New World Order and author, lecturer, joining us to talk about all the pertinent events with North Korea massing troops and Japan threatening to attack them and what's going on with China and India and Pakistan and what's happening with Europe arming to the teeth.
We're going to talk about the New World Order and really give you the wide view and then detail it of what we're facing.
And they have supposedly found that microbiologist, though they can't confirm that according to the Australian newspapers, that race-specific bioweapons expert from North Korea.
So we'll also be talking about that with Joel Skelson.
A bunch of other news showing the nature of the Republican Party in this country going against what the Republicans and the Democrats want, what the constituents want, what the Bill of Rights and Constitution states.
We will get into that and talk some about this election that's starting to heat up as well.
Let's take a couple calls right now before Joel Skousen gets on with us.
We were just now talking to Dylan in Texas.
I, of course, have developed really bad allergies.
I was talking about
The government's own numbers that allergies really weren't as bad as 20 years ago.
Why is it becoming such a widespread phenomenon?
Is it the detergents and the chemicals in our lives are helping make this worse?
Or is it something that was in the vaccines?
Because we know allergies are getting worse.
I always made fun of people who had allergies.
I thought, why are these people sick for weeks?
What wimps?
Now I've had allergies the last few years and it is hellish.
It just goes on and on.
Dillon, you were saying you found something that you live in Austin, which is, by the way, considered the capital of allergy in the United States.
But you were saying you found something that worked.
Yeah, that's right.
There's two kinds of vitamin C. One is just ascorbic acid, and that can leach minerals.
It can act as a diuretic, making you pee, leach minerals and vitamins out of your body.
We're good to go.
In the emergency.
That's emergency with the letter C. Oh, yeah.
I got boxes of that stuff, and I haven't taken it.
I need to take some of that.
Okay, well, that's 1,000 milligrams.
And that's a tasty little drink, too.
Yeah, and you can take a 250-milligram tablet or capsule of pantothenic acid.
That is B5.
Well, I'll tell you what happens.
I mean, I was one of these people that never got sick.
Every two or three years, I'd get sick, and the whole family would have the flu and be crawling around on the floor, and I'd be sick for a day and then, you know, back outside playing when I was a kid.
And this went on, but moving to Austin, I slowly developed allergies, and about three times a year, I think I'm sick.
So I'll take off work a few days, I'll sleep, and then it doesn't go away.
Then I take allergy medication.
It kind of alleviates it.
So it is allergies, but now it just gets worse and worse.
I don't mean to have a hypochondriac whining session, but why are allergies getting worse around the country?
And they admit that.
That's happening.
What's going on?
What has changed?
Well, since 1998,
I believe it has something to do with the, I started noticing all the chemtrails in 98, but just personally what I felt was, they used to have bad allergies, especially in the spring, but I could always depend upon the hottest part of the summer, I'll be totally free of allergies, and even the coldest part of the winter.
Well, since 98, I've gotten near deathly ill a couple of times, not in the last year since taking this remedy that I can take every three hours, that's the 1,000
Well, let me just say this.
Let me just say this.
Right now, there was going to be a month-long test.
Now it's going to be indefinite.
The entire state of Oklahoma is being sprayed by bacteria by helicopters and crop dusters by the U.S.
I mean, that's associated press.
I mean, there's no telling what they're doing.
I mean, this is bizarre.
And you look at the numbers.
I mean, folks, you walk into a store, everybody's whining.
Everybody's, oh, I'm sick.
Three times a day, 250 milligrams.
We're out of time.
Thanks, bud.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks, eight minutes into the hour, and an hour and 51 minutes left in this Tuesday transmission globally.
And I've got a bunch of different news items I want to run past Joel Skousen.
And Joel, you've got a long bio.
You've been on the show before and on this network quite a few times.
Just in a thumbnail sketch, tell folks about yourself and about what you do.
Thanks, Alex.
I am the editor and publisher of World Affairs Brief.
It's a weekly news analysis service that...
Tell folks about yourself.
Personally, I've had a dual career most of my life.
I've been a high security architect.
At the same time, I'm a political scientist by training and have run my world affairs brief and served in many capacities within the conservative and libertarian community.
I was the chairman of the Conservative National Committee in Washington, DC during the 1980s.
I was executive editor of Conservative Digest.
And also, you're a veteran of Vietnam, correct, in fighter bombers?
I was an F-4 fighter pilot during the Vietnam era for the Marine Corps.
Well, Joel, we're honored to have you here, and of course you've got some well-known family that's fought the New World Order as well.
Yes, my uncle is W. Cleon Skousen, who many of your listeners will recognize as one who wrote the books The Naked Capitalist, The Naked Communist, and The Miracle of America, which is a
Excellent learning treatise about the United States Constitution.
All right, the website is joelskelson.com.
Now, I've talked about this 500 times.
You can never talk about it enough.
The PDD, where we will absorb a nuclear strike, people still don't believe that.
People in the military don't believe that.
This is an absolute fact.
We link to it at the Library of Congress on a routine basis.
Joel, tell them all about it.
The PDD-60, which is Presidential Decision Directive, that's similar to an executive order, but it's directed at the military exclusively.
PDD-60 was signed in December 1997, and essentially it was a complete revamping of our nuclear weapons doctrine.
The Reagan Doctrine was directing our military to prepare the military
Sufficient nuclear forces to win a nuclear war.
That was mad.
That's right.
And make sure that we have overwhelming retaliatory and destructive capability.
And included in that doctrine was the doctrine of launch on warnings.
Launch on warning is a particularly effective deterrent to nuclear war.
That means if you're tracking 100 missile streams taking off from areas of Russia or Cuba, you have a total release to ensure that the enemy is destroyed.
Well, what it means, of course, is there's a time delay between those missiles that you're tracking if they're targets in the United States.
And let's say it takes 20 minutes for a missile...
To arrive from Siberia over on the United States.
In that 20 minutes, our satellite-directed missiles can retarget new targets that are live and active in the Soviet Union and launch our missiles.
That means that their missiles arrive at empty silos, and our missiles arrive at live targets.
So the one who launches second in a nuclear war is the one who really creates the most damage.
And so PDD-60 actually told the military, you will not rely on launch on warning.
Now, that was a euphemism for saying you shall not use launch on warning, but you'll absorb a nuclear first strike and then retaliate afterward.
And as General Butch Neal of the Marine Corps said, retaliate with what?
I mean, after you've told the Russians that you're going to take a first strike and then retaliate, they're going to give you everything we've got, or everything they've got.
And then they also took their launch codes off the subs.
Well, that's been...
There are rumors that that's been modified, but what actually happened was that we used to have the ability for the... I mean, they've always had the launch codes, but there's a separate authorization code that submarines have to have from the White House direct in order to use those launch codes.
And that was removed so that the submarines could not launch
Even under nuclear war conditions, unless they have direct contact with the White House... And obviously that makes no sense.
That invites an attack.
If there's been a decapitation of the executive and the judicial and the legislative, it's up to those Navy captains and those subs to hit the enemy.
That's right.
And, you know, the Russians are not dumb.
They're going to take out our ELF system, the long-range, extremely low-frequency antenna system that transmits signals to submarines through ground and water, through the earth, essentially.
They'll take out satellite communication systems.
I expected a nuclear first strike.
The Russians will target about 3,000 military or communications and control targets in the United States and around the world.
I would imagine Fort Hood and those underground bunkers is going to be a molten slag pit.
Well, you know, the United States has done a lot of secret bunkers.
I think that, for example, Cheyenne Mountain is just a...
A bait-type lure for the Russians.
I think that they've already built different bunker systems and command and control systems elsewhere out here in the West, and I'm not sure the Russians know about that or not, but I think that our United States government clearly intends to survive this nuclear war and go to war with the Russians under the name of the United Nations and globalism.
But they clearly intend to take the first strike
I think the strategy is you want to remove the United States as the policeman of the world so that the world, including the United States, is forced then to put everything under the United Nations.
I totally agree.
And then America plays the part of the bad cop in this whole Iraq scenario, gets caught involved in 9-11, and externally we're demonized.
Internally, the propaganda keeps us all in line.
Then you devastate the country, bring in multinational forces to, quote, stabilize us, a stabilization force.
All those official deals have been signed with the former Eastern Bloc, the Czech Republic.
We're good to go.
Arming North Korea, allowing Japan to rearm, this arming Pakistan, this massive escalation, order out of chaos.
Joel, we're on the same page, and very few people actually get what's happening.
It's so blaring and obvious to me, and I'm not even saying I'm that smart.
You can see Europe that controls America using us, setting us up for the final fall.
Can you comment on that?
Well, you know, it's very interesting.
Most people who... And there's only a handful that even recognize openly the predatory nature of the Russian-Chinese alliance.
And even though they are predators who eventually will go after themselves, they do have an alliance of convenience at this time.
And there are a handful of analysts like Jeff Nyquist and Christopher Story who do recognize clearly the Russian, the continuing Soviet threat.
Well, General Parton...
And General Parton, of course.
But, you know, most of these people still hold an undue allegiance to the concept that our government is benign and benevolent, but it's just stupid.
In other words, they try to say that the last 50 years of accommodation with Russia is just stupid liberal naivete, and I don't buy that.
I just think these people with their Harvard and Yale degrees and their...
Extreme intelligence are too smart to have not seen the error of their ways if they were simply making stupid, liberal, naive errors in undermining Cuba, undermining Laos.
They have said in their policy reports that, I remember five years ago,
White papers written by different globalist think tanks.
Well, the world's going to find out there's a New World Order.
We're just going to give them a choice of a left-wing New World Order or a right-wing New World Order.
Will it be a right-wing New World Order run by the Anglo-American establishment, England and the U.S., or will it be the European Union socialist New World Order?
Well, that socialist New World Order owns the Anglo-American establishment, so again, we're being used as a set piece, a pawn, to give people that false choice.
So they've written it down what their plan is.
Let me give an alternative viewpoint on that.
I've also commented on the fact that there's two factions in the New World Order, but I don't think that the European one controls the Anglo-American one.
I'll explain to you what I mean.
There's a great deal of evidence that the European Union is controlled by the Socialist International, which is a Moscow front.
In other words, we've had a tremendous infiltration in European governments over the year, clear back with Willy Brandt and
And his other ministers who were underground communists with Francois Mitterrand, who was a communist who was president of France for 14 years.
Almost, I would say, 75 to 80 percent of the leaders in Europe are members of the Socialist International and thereby tied directly to Moscow.
I think Moscow, in fact, wants to run their own New World Order.
I said that.
No, what I'm saying, though, is that I think, in fact, that there is, you know, the Anglo-American establishment who controls the financial purse strings of the New World Order right now.
The United Nations General Assembly is left-wing and aligned with Moscow.
And so I think that there has been this tension between them two, and I think...
It's not that the European controls the Anglo-American.
I think the Anglo-American establishment, New World Order globalists, control the U.N.
process right now because they control the finances.
But, Joel, it's like Siamese twins.
I look at what's being done in the media.
The media is hanging out America to dry.
Oh, look, Bush is bad.
When in reality, he's just following his orders.
Yes, and Hinda's orders come from the Anglo-American Globalist Insiders.
I think Cheney is one of his directors who gives him orders.
You know, it's obvious.
Usually before, in the Kissinger years, we had Stroke Talbot and Brent Scowcroft.
These were real second-level conspirators who did direct the president.
Stay there, Joel.
We've got a break.
All right.
We've got a bunch of news I want to throw out at you.
I want to talk about race-specific bioweapons, how Japan, North Korea, India, Pakistan, how they all tie in as players in this situation, how the economy ties in as well.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
We'll be right back.
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And the propaganda to push this stuff on the American people is everywhere.
I mean everywhere.
It's driving me up the wall.
We're talking to Joel Skousen, and he really is an expert on the New World Order.
I've been reading his stuff for a while and studying what he has to say.
But, Joel, when you first got on here 15 minutes ago,
You talked about how America was being set up, how America was going to absorb this attack.
No matter how unbelievable it sounds, folks, they've been making the preparations for decades, arming the enemies, building up, then out of this attack, National Compulsory Service, re-engineering us into total tyranny, overnight, going to the cashless society.
And then you talk about how Europe will rise up with the UN as the central system out of this devastation of America.
I think we're good to go.
I mean, that makes the argument.
I mean, PDD-60 to absorb the nuclear strike, that shows we're under the Rothschild rule out of Europe.
I mean, you look at the same policies being implemented in Germany, they're implemented in England, they're implemented here, almost the same names, the same agencies, the same... I mean, it really is one big conglomerate.
What are you saying?
I'm not saying you're contradicting yourself.
I understand complex thoughts and ideas are multivariate, but help me understand.
Well, what I'm saying is that there's a difference between the two versions of the left that want to control the New World Order.
The pro-capitalist version, in essence, wants to harness capitalism in order to provide the flow of funds to socialism.
And they don't want to kill capitalism.
And that means that anyone aligned with the American-British version, which includes, I think, the Rothschilds,
Want to preserve that kind of capitalism so that they can milk it for all of its worth.
Crony capitalism.
You've got a bunch of fat cats sitting over the socialized system.
Now, the Moscow variety really is hostile to capitalism.
That's right.
They really want a total control system, which doesn't work.
It actually kills the goose that lays the golden eggs.
And that's really kind of the difference.
There's also a difference in personal pride.
You have a predator mentality among the Soviets.
We're good to go.
I think?
You know, you have to divide Europe into those that are still involved in crony capitalism like the Rothschilds and those that are in bed with Moscow.
The Rothschilds, the Bank of England, put the Reds in to begin with.
Now, wait a minute.
You're really saying they've gotten out of their control?
Well, I don't think they ever were in their control.
Well, why are they still funding them then?
Well, that's what I mean.
You influence them.
You build them to be a predator.
But, you know, the Verona intercepts indicate that...
Because, you know, when you have these Russian generals saying, you know, I just can't believe the Westerners are this stupid to disarm the way that they are, you know, there might be a trick involved.
They wouldn't be making those statements privately to each other if they were, in fact, directly controlled by the New World Order.
But see, that's what the globalists do.
I mean, by controlled, they admit they created Hitler.
They create these creatures that bring chaos and the New World Order comes in.
But there's a difference between nurturing them
Giving them what... and controlling them.
They didn't control Hitler.
Well, it's the same thing with North Korea.
I mean... Now, North Korea is different.
Hitler was not a lackey of the Westerners.
Hitler viewed them as stupid people selling him rope to hang them.
Just like Lenin.
In other words, Hitler was... Yeah, but again, who turned out to be right there?
The globalists did fund Hitler and used him as a wind-up toy.
But they had to take him down in order to get him out of the way.
Just like you're going to have to take down Russia to get it out of the way.
You build a monster...
But they're confident they can take him down even though they're feigning weakness and even though the U.S.
is disarming.
They've got these secret weapon systems that they fully intend not to defend America but to put in the service of the global New World Order to take down Soviet Russia.
They will allow China to remain a threat.
Just because that justifies keeping the New World Order armies intact.
I read the writings of Dr. Tanya Karajny and others.
It seems the Russian establishment and the Chinese establishment has figured out this is a trap.
Are you saying they're going to still stumble into it?
Well, I think that's one of the reasons why the Russians have postponed this strike so long.
They could have struck in the 80s, but they keep seeing so much involved with
Secret Weapons Project, it destabilizes them.
It keeps them off guard.
I know that's what finally made them have that semi-breakup in the late 90s was all the secret weapons.
No, no, not at all.
No, that was a pure... I know that was staged.
I just said staged, yeah.
That was a pure deception.
Yeah, I understand that, but the big concerns for not doing the strike then, they were saying, was the secret weapons.
Is that not correct?
No, I think there was not only... There were too many conventional weapons still that had not been... All right, well, stay there, Dolce Galson.
I want to throw out some news on North Korea when we get back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
All right, folks, we're talking to Joel Skousen, Vietnam fighter pilot, veteran, anti-New World Order activist, conservative leader.
JoelSkousen.com is the website.
We've got a link to it on Infowars.com.
He is the author of World Affairs Brief.
It's a great analysis.
Joel, you know, I've been studying this in-depth for a long time, and I look at the uniformity of the policies, the ideas, the plans.
I look at, I mean, you know...
and then Clinton and now George W. Bush 43.
Bush Sr.
How good Vladimir Putin is, how loving he is.
We've got the former St.
Petersburg KGB section chief in there.
We've got Putin blowing up buildings and blaming it on his enemies to continue the police state.
We've got the government giving them all of these weapons and raw material and propping them up.
We've got them setting up NAFTA and GATT deals to totally de-industrialize us with China.
But before we get back into that, I do want to give the toll-free number out, folks.
You want to talk to Joel Skousen.
It's 1-800-259-9231.
We're about to go to Frank and others that are holding.
Out of this thing, we do get a world government.
Out of this crisis.
So in a nutshell, Joel, what do you see developing?
I mean, how does this play out?
Well, first of all, I think that we've got a problem, or the United States globalists have a problem, in the sense that the Russians keep delaying the strike.
And even though the U.S.
is upping the ante of antagonism through the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, and those were mostly done not only just for the oil.
And saying we'll absorb a nuclear strike under PDD-6.
That's right.
But also, what they're trying to do now is increase the...
We're good to go.
A lot of Americans don't realize that, that we have a joint project with the Russians to develop our joint strike fighter to ensure that they get all of the technology.
And a lot of our weapons parts are made in Europe, but again, that goes back to propping these people up.
It's been going on for 70 years.
Yeah, but I think what they're trying to do is help Russia gain what they think is the technological edge while hiding from them continually the super technology edge.
That is secret even from the American people and from Congress.
At the same time, you have another type of strategy being implemented, and that is we're going to threaten Russia with overwhelming superiority.
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, clearly, we have two potential triggers for World War III, and one is Kim Jong-il in North Korea, and the other is the Middle East.
Either one of those potentially require a nuclear response because of the nuclear mix and the biological weapons mix that is in both of those areas.
They're both unstable.
They both have surrogate nations to Russia and China, so Russia and China can trigger those at any time they want.
But believe me, this whole game about Russia and China putting the brakes on Kim Jong-il is really a false theory.
We're good to go.
Playing the part of the bad cop.
That's right.
Playing the bad cop.
In other words, they're going to build the case that somebody has to stop this rogue United States from running all over the world doing its deed.
At the same time, I think that the Russians and the Chinese want more time.
I think the Chinese are going to play for after 2008.
They want the propaganda value of the Olympics in Beijing.
They will not strike before them, in my opinion.
Russia wants the extra time.
You're saying you don't think they'll go into Taiwan until after that?
No, I don't.
Unless it's
You know, Taiwan is really almost a pushover now.
The government of Taiwan is claiming that they're hardcore against or pro-independence, but they're really not.
But they're already letting them shut down the press.
That's right.
And they're already moving a great deal of their industry over to China in order to compete with China in the labor rates.
They're actually, you know, a lot of stuff saying built in Taiwan is actually built in China and shipped back to Taiwan and then to the United States.
Now, how does Japan tie into all this?
Because they've been saying, hey, you know, we can make nukes real quick, which we already know they have, and now they're threatening that if North Korea puts a missile on the pad upright, they're going to attack.
Well, that's why I don't think that any of those scenarios are going to happen.
North Korea is totally controlled.
I don't believe for an instant that this is a rogue state that can do anything outside of what Moscow and Beijing... So it's a total satellite of China.
That's right.
There's no way they're going to attack independently, and China and Japan is a total lackey to the Anglo-American... Why would Rumsfeld release three separate battle plans and then we see the North Korean dictator hiding out, not even servicing him?
He's definitely concerned, or is that... Well, as I say, I think that that's more putting out propaganda value to keep this...
To keep all these... This is more evident, Alex, in my opinion, that there isn't direct control between the Anglo-American establishment and Russia and China.
They still have to manipulate those people.
They still have to work...
They're enticements.
I mean, these are three independent predators working against each other.
Now, certainly having all this saber-rattling, too, is a good domestic distraction, and it's a good domestic distraction in North Korea.
Let me tell you, for example, in North Korea, what I think the troop movements of the Chinese mean up there on the North Korean border.
It is.
Yeah, well, let me just stop you.
For those that don't know, several hundred thousand Chinese troops have gotten up there on the northern border, and then Kim Jong-il sending troops down to the DMZ.
Go ahead.
Well, part of this is more saber-rattling because obviously those Chinese troops tell the American intelligence you could have a Yellow River, General MacArthur problem all over again with those things.
But what they're really doing is making sure that they stop the refugee flow, which is pouring out of North Korea because it's become a real problem in China now as all these hundreds of thousands of North Koreans fleeing the poverty and the abject conditions there.
So they've taken over from the border guards, but at the same time they're playing a little bit of day-to-day foreign policy with the United States, making them appear as if they're getting set for war, but I don't think that war is going to work here.
They've got a big border problem because the wonderful communist system is killing so many people and starving them to death there in the north, and they are trying to get into the...
You're right, Joe.
They are trying to get into China.
And, you know, you've got hundreds of thousands that have left already.
It's a huge refugee problem in China that is very underreported.
Okay, let me give out the toll-free number again.
We're about to go to your calls, folks.
Your chance to talk to Joel Skousen and, of course, myself, Alex Jones.
Joel, one last question.
Rice-specific bioweapons.
Jane's Weapons Publications have warned about this.
I've got reports out of Australia.
I've got reports from Henry Kissinger in the 70s.
Skull and Bones is real keen on race-specific weapons.
We know the Bohemian Grove is discussing them.
The Rebuilding America's Defenses, the September 2000
Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld document, calls for legitimizing the use of race-specific bioweapons.
I mean, that's public.
We've got these giant underground bases everywhere.
They didn't build these for nothing.
How does that tie into the BioShield program, the $5.8 billion they got funding for for three dozen Level 4 bioweapons labs?
This is a real program, but where is it all going?
Well, clearly...
I think that ultimately the powers that be want to accomplish several things during World War III, and one of those is huge population reductions.
They have used multiculturalism to water down and destroy the
You know, the culture of the United States as well as our basic conservative political tendencies here.
But after they have served their purpose to do that, they're going to eliminate some of these racial, large ethnic groups in a wholesale manner.
Well, that's exactly what I said.
And they're going to have a soft kill for the whites to get all them in line, but it's going to kill very few.
They're going to have a hard kill for the minorities, which are really the majority worldwide.
So you folks have already been getting hit by soft kills.
It's a little too hard for me to read that clearly, Alex.
The jury's still out of my opinion.
I just don't have enough information.
I mean, you can't just have all the minorities dropping dead.
You're going to have to have a soft kill on the whites.
That's right.
I mean, you can't make it appear as if you've targeted minorities only.
And that's where this really gets crazy, Joel, because when you follow the Anglo-American establishment from the top, basically I call it a feudalist mindset, a feudal lord mindset.
They're into breeding and dumbing us down and restricting our... There were handbooks written 400 years ago in England about how to control your serfs.
It seems like the globalists are doing that today, and then you've got this love of Nazis, of vault time, and these ideas, and then you'll have Nazis right next to Zionists.
How does that tie together?
Well, I think we have to...
You know, the only way that it really ties together, frankly, goes into somewhat of a theological argument.
I don't know if you want to go down that way, but I think there's a pattern of evil involved that is very, very similar.
We just got evil people.
That's it.
I totally agree.
And, you know, I think they're getting some information from the dark side.
Side of the spiritual spectrum, what we call Lucifer.
I think that's real, as real as God is.
And I think there's control elements out there.
Well, no, I mean, that's the only thing you can describe here, because these weird forces together... And, you know, I snuck into the Bohemian Grove, Joel.
You've seen that in spades in Bohemian Grove.
I mean, that's what they believe.
That's right.
The skull and bones.
I mean, they... Well, I heard you on the radio the other day talking to me.
Talk about skull and bones.
That's... Well, you know, it's really interesting.
They've really specialized now in...
In taking mild-mannered individuals who have basic, who radiate, shall I say, a basic conservative view, like George W. Bush.
I mean, this is a lackey.
This is a person who's a non-starter.
But he's a very believable person to middle America.
And so you take him and you get him involved in...
In these satanic cults, and I think you have to mask them so that you really mask the full evil of them.
You give them kind of the minor version, just like in the Bohemian Grove.
You know, I think you get deeper into those systems and they get extremely evil enough to scare away people like, you know, George W. Bush.
Well, that's how the occult groups work.
That's what the white magic's all about, is getting the young people involved, and it's always black magic at the top.
That's right, exactly.
There are levels of these things so that you can draw in people who make good front men
For these evil systems, and I think that's what we're seeing.
All right.
Frank, I guess it's West Virginia.
He's been holding the longest.
Thanks for holding, Frank.
You're on the air.
Sure, Alex.
I do have a question for you, Joel.
I've helped a lot of people with their allergies.
Alex, if you'd like to get some relief on that, I can pretty much assure you that you can if you hold me over or contact me.
I'd like to ask you, though, something.
There's a...
A lot of concentration camps going up around America.
There's one here in West Virginia.
It's several hundred acres, Constantino wire.
The guard towers are replete with everything that you need for holding facilities.
They've received $423 million for the compound and associated facilities just here recently.
And I'm just wondering, with all this going on, if you're familiar with those, first of all... Let me just say, the British have said that during a vial attack, everyone goes to the emergency rest and, folks, relaxation centers.
I'm not kidding.
And, yes, you've got to be disarmed and searched.
And if you're a troublemaker, you're locked up separately.
It's for your safety.
And, you know, in my film, The Takeover, I have local newscasts showing the 747 hangar with bolts and chains and port-a-potties and cots just well...
Yeah, I've done the same kind of investigation.
I have done some research myself and found that almost 50 to 60 percent of the lists circulating on the Internet are bogus.
I think so.
I think so.
But there are real camps out there, and I've seen the one north of Nellis Air Force Base.
It's real big with triple concertina wire and 15 high-foot fences and things.
I've talked to the administration there, and they've admitted it's right on the federal list as a holding facility.
Emergency relocation.
Look, I mean, on our news, it's in the takeover, folks.
They go, you know, if there's any type of civil emergency, we're going to chain you down in here.
I mean, you know, it's not a secret.
Yeah, but there are a lot of, I mean, there are some camps that really do keep secrets, that do give you a hostile reaction.
Some of those are on military bases that have been decommissioned.
Those are some of their favorite places.
But yes, it's a real problem, but I think we have to be aware of the disinformation that's being sown.
There's also a lot of prisons.
Let me just throw this in.
There's a lot of prisons in Texas.
Where half the prison's full and they just leave half of it empty with a big old giant area with a fence around it just sitting there.
Very good point.
Well, concerning the real ones, though, how does the Army, how does actually the individual soldiers rationalize this?
I mean, they see it.
They know it's there.
They have, you know, there's rolls of Constantino wire around.
We'll take Police State 2000.
I go all around the country and show Marines saying this is for overseas and domestically during several emergencies or disasters.
We arrest anybody with guns.
It's simple.
It's simple.
Well, we got an emergency, man.
We're going to have to train you how to round people up for their own safety.
I mean, that's how they sell it, Joe.
And they sell it on training as well.
They do do training in some of these, you know, camps.
This is the training.
You know, they use the full range of excuses to keep normal people from raising their red flags and our normal military people.
Yeah, I mean, exactly what Joel's saying.
I mean, I've been to these events, and they don't even hide it.
They go, well, yes, you know, there was this guy called Colonel Love.
I'm not kidding.
He's in Police 2000, and he's just, well, yeah, there's a problem around folks up and taking their guns.
Well, you know, it's just that they're not even hiding it.
That's incredible.
That's really incredible.
I appreciate that, Alex.
And concerning the allergies real quick, I used to have it so severely I couldn't mow my lawn without looking like one of these Darth Vader goons with a double filter respirator on taking antihistamines.
For those that just tuned in, I've never really had allergies, and I'm getting them real bad, so he's telling me how to fix it.
And what else do I do?
Well, just basically you want to keep on taking a lot of water in.
Of course, your purified water, I would take one ounce.
I need to ingest the
I've read that.
Yes, take that prior to going outside.
Because I'm somebody that never gets sick.
I mean, my whole life I like bragging.
I get sick every couple of years.
And now Austin, Texas is just killing me.
Thanks for the call, sir.
I appreciate that.
Joel Skousen started to get off on a side issue.
We'll come back and talk to Larry in Louisiana.
Jeffrey, Louisiana, and others, and we'll tell folks how to get your world affairs brief.
The website, of course, is joelskalson.com, and I want to get more into how to stop this new world order, how to beat it back, how to wake up our police and military so they won't be part of this.
And that's really some of the good news here is because, well, we've seen 99-plus percent of the police and firefighters and medical workers refuse a smallpox shot.
We've seen a lot of people in government just say no to all this stuff.
We've seen a lot of local police departments say no to checkpoints.
So we'll talk about solutions with Joel Skousen, take a few more calls on the other side, and the whole third hour coming up with a bunch of news and more calls.
Stay with us.
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Corruption, lies, and disinformation.
Joel Skousen has agreed to stay with us about 20 minutes in the next hour, so we have time to go to all your calls.
If you'd like to join us on air, it's 800-259-9231.
We're going to talk about some solutions, and I've got some news items I want to throw out at Joel Skousen as well.
I'm Alex Jones.
We'll go back to Joel and plug his newsletter.
That's excellent.
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Joel Skousen, how do folks subscribe to the World Affairs Brief?
Well, the World Affairs Brief comes out every Friday.
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The preferred method is by email.
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All right.
We'll get that out again in the next hour before Joel leaves us.
On the website, joelskallison.com.
Jeffrey Louisiana, thanks for holding it on the air.
Yes, Alex.
I just wanted to ask this.
Yesterday I was reading Foreign Affairs for September and October.
And they had in there a chapter on Castro's imprisoning of the dissidents in Cuba and his establishment of even more prisons.
Okay, for those who don't know, that's the Council on Foreign Relations propaganda rag.
Go ahead.
Right, that's correct.
And I was wondering, why are they all of a sudden talking about Castro imprisoning people on the island and limiting immigration, etc., etc.?
And how does he fit into this New World Order business?
Okay, how does Castro fit in?
Well, Castro...
He, along with Luis da Silva of Brazil now and Hugo Chavez, are forming the Sao Paulo Forum down there.
They really want a Soviet bloc-style Marxist set of Latin American states.
In my opinion, the Russians, as part of their game plan, and the Chinese, is that they don't intend to try to occupy the United States, but they intend to let their Latin American surrogates do that.
And that's it.
And then Mecha and La Raza get Ford Foundation funding and teach.
They're going to take over.
And that's really going on with these Mecha and La Raza groups.
And you write about that.
And they have communist flags out there, rallies, everything.
And they have the Republican and Democratic parties behind them.
Again, is that part of breaking up the Southwest, bringing in U.N.
troops as a stabilization force?
Well, as I say, I'm not sure that the U.S.
people would...
I think it's going to be more Latin Americans than Europeans.
That's what I'm just saying, but that's what's creating it.
There really is the Sovietization of Latin America.
Yeah, that's right.
And it's very, very clearly being exacerbated by U.S.
economic intervention down there.
I'll tell you what, Joel Skousen, stay there.
And Jeffrey, you stay there too.
You can finish your comment.
We'll go to Don and others.
Third hour straight ahead.
Stay with us with Joel Skousen.
I'm Alex Jones.
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All right, my friends.
Already 30 seconds into this third hour.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We've got Joel Skousen, Vietnam fighter pilot veteran, of course, the nephew of Cleon Skousen, who did a lot of exposés on the New World Order, and he, of course, writes World Affairs Brief.
We've got loaded phones, people here wanting to talk to him about current affairs, what we see happening in our society and our world.
Jeffrey, Louisiana brought up a very astute point, which Joel actually writes about in his World Affairs Brief,
One of the featured articles, Brazil, the next Soviet Latin America.
This week, we've had the Brazilian little socialist with his little red star hanging out with Fidel and others.
And again, the Ford Foundation, New York, the establishment is funding the Mechas, the Larazas, to break up the Southwest, to take over.
Joel Skousen continuing along that point.
Yeah, I wanted to mention why Foreign Affairs occasionally takes a correct point or points out something negative about communist countries when generally they're trying to do just the opposite.
Oftentimes before, and I think clearly the administration is aiming towards normalization with relations with Cuba, the Foreign Affairs will suddenly switch sides and provide some what they call balances
Part of that's more to cover themselves with an I-told-you-so thing so that when things fall apart and Cuba becomes the real enemy it is someday, then they can say, well, we warned about that, too.
They play both sides of the tree.
Well, exactly.
They've got to act like there's a choice with all these pinheads, CIA and NSA and government whomps.
They're out there thinking they know everything.
How many people, Joel, do you think, in government and intelligence and in analysis, actually get the big picture and know what's going on?
You know, it's hardly anyone.
I am just amazed, Alex, at the people I talked to in Washington when I was there in the 80s and even now.
They just say, Joel, I just can't believe what you're saying.
I'm in the CIA.
I'm in the FBI.
And I don't see any of that.
Well, they have me working on the white side.
And the white side is totally relegated to the non-issues.
They never let them see what's going on.
Well, it's all compartmentalization, and the white side's building the infrastructure and then walks off and leaves the fully functional systems for the criminals.
Yeah, you know, I said to them, you know, what do you make of these interagency-type social events, these great big conferences where you have... Have you ever been invited to those?
Do you know what goes on there?
Don't you even read the papers?
You know, they blew up in their face when they had this nigger hanging tree at one of those things...
But no one was asking the questions.
Well, what was the INS, the Customs, the DEA, the CIA, the FBI doing at a major social event?
Why didn't most agents know what was going on?
Yeah, and for those that just heard that, like, what are they saying?
Remember, they were selling the nigger hunting licenses, is what they called them.
Very offensive.
And this was a giant, thousands of the, all together.
And see, that goes back to the Nazi connection.
Very bizarre.
Yeah, they have a class ring for the dark side agents.
They have special private parties.
They have prostitutes at them.
This is a very corrupt, unprincipled group.
Well, that's the same thing out in L.A., which they now use as police chiefs for the rest of the country.
That's really a CIA op.
And again, the dark side, they call it, runs things.
They get special awards, black hearts.
It's sad.
You know, it's funny.
That's when they really went after the militia, was when the militia snuck into that meeting and got them burning blacks in effigy and selling the hunting licenses and the CIA and the FBI and the DEA and the locals all together.
That really made them mad.
That's right.
That was amazing.
Oh, boy.
Joel Skousen, stay right there.
We'll be back.
Go to Don and Leslie and Linda and Paul and others.
Our final segment with Joel Skousen.
Make these calls real quick, then we'll get into some solutions before he has to leave us.
Then I'm going to get into a lot of the news we haven't gotten to yet.
I'm Alex Jones.
The websites are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Joel's website is joelskousen.com.
There's a link to it on my website.
We'll be right back.
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Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Eight minutes, 30 seconds into the hour.
Talking to Joel Skousen, who's done great analysis of the New World Order.
The website's joelskousen.com.
We're about to go straight to your calls.
Talk about some solutions as well.
Joel Skousen, you mentioned back in, what, 1992, the good old boy roundup with a lot of top CIA people, FBI, DEA, locals, thousands of them, burning images of black people selling all these hunting licenses for black people.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, even when Ashcroft was giving his propaganda tour for the Patriot Act, there were policemen who were offended because here in Utah and Idaho, for example, they came out and said, you know, we've given a command decision to show up at this event, and we didn't want to go, and we were pressured to.
And every time they have to use force and pressure like this, you start to divide the police forces into those that are abject yes-men and those who don't.
We have some gut feelings and some principles that cause some resistance.
Being ordered by the feds to show up and show support for a congenital liar.
Yeah, ordered by their state employees, you know, to do so.
It was the state leaders that have become totally corrupted.
Because they get all their funding, they get their perks, they get these awards, and their recognition from Ashcroft and the Department of Justice is very corrupting.
They see themselves as potential candidates to move up into the federal field, and so they put leverage on their troopers at the lowest level to come into compliance.
What is happening, though, is that when they get this resistance from some of these troopers, they start putting them in a box and they get ready to eliminate them.
So over time, we are losing our principled military people.
We're losing our principled policemen.
When they do wake up, they get removed.
And we're getting nothing but mindless or worse sociopaths.
Now, an interesting facet of this, though, is that 99-plus percent of police, firefighters, and medical workers, as I mentioned earlier, have refused a smallpox shot.
Now, what do they do when the vast majority says no?
They can't then punish people.
This shows, Joel, that, again, they didn't even have to be told this was dangerous.
They're starting to just instinctively realize that we've been right all along.
Well, I think there's a difference.
It's easier for people to perceive a physical threat to them than to perceive very sophisticated, deceptive, verbal and ideological threats.
It takes a fair amount of sophistication to see through the kinds of deceptions and front men that the establishment is putting up.
Very difficult.
I'm most disturbed in this entire Bush administration of how many conservatives still believe in George Bush.
Despite all of the betrayals, we can name on one hand maybe two fingers the real, true conservative things he's done.
Everything else has been a fraud and a deception or an outrage.
And the two things, he'll cut $87 million in abortion funding and then increase total human funding by $3 billion.
Yeah, and so it plays off... So it's all smoke and mirrors.
Yeah, that's right.
I mean, open borders, supercomputers in China, blocking Dan Burton's committee, aggressively protecting Bill Clinton...
Again, says he'll sign the assault weapons ban.
There's this new Republican bill he says he'll sign that goes after people with misdemeanors.
He signed campaign finance reform.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
Won't arm the pilots.
The problem is people are lazy.
People want leadership to do their thinking for them.
The kind of information you and I have requires some great effort to work through and to think through, and you make it.
I really have to recommend the videos that you put out
Talking about solutions, we need two basic areas to focus on.
One, people need to get prepared for a takedown, because if we fail to turn it around, they've got to be able to survive to be able to serve as a remnant.
But the only way that we're going to get people to wake up is to actually focus on conspiracy, and that's why the handful of us out who are willing to talk about the C word openly
It is our only hope because it is in the cover-ups the government has engaged in that is our biggest weapon to be able to convince the ordinary people that something's really wrong and the government's lying to us.
The information you have on your Oklahoma City videos is a prime cover-up where you have actual mainstream media talking about other bombs in the building and then that information disappearing and being suppressed.
You have John Doe No.
2 being suppressed.
And actually in custody with the FBI and them releasing him and all of that cover-up.
800 is a great cover-up.
9-11 is a great cover-up.
Well, what about the BBC a month ago said, well, it's true, even in the 1980s we had British and U.S.
troops stand out in the field and we'd nerve gas them.
Some died on the spot, some died later.
I mean, if that isn't an example, this is in the 80s, folks, and they just calmly announced it, well, we kill our troops.
And then this other article comes out about, you know, in the 50s doing it, you know, giving the young trooper the stuff, he falls over dead, convulsing.
I mean, I don't know how they get doctors to do that, but the point is, this government, the people running this government, in the compartmentalized seats of control, can't be trusted to do anything.
Yeah, except to continue, you know, following this globalist agenda and lying to the American people.
But, you know, we really have to get
Key information.
You can't get a lot of sophisticated information.
Most people don't have time to go through it all, so you have to get key pieces.
And you put together so many of those in your videos that do concentrate on the fact there's collusion here, there's cover-up, and we have to get through to American people that the solution isn't with another phony conservative waving the American flag.
When I see Americans running down the road with these flags on their cars, and God bless America, I think, you know,
Something's wrong with this picture.
And you fought for this country with Viet Cong AAA coming up at you.
And I know that a lot of the real veterans are very upset because by all these Chinese plastic flags, they're saying, I love the police state.
I love being mindless.
But what it says is that I'm mindless.
I don't see through the Bush administration.
I don't see through the phony conservatism.
And that's why I think that those are the people that you need to target.
You need to target people...
Who are innately conservative and patriotic, but who simply don't see what's really going on.
Well, they've been co-opted, and their energy is being used to empower the New World Order.
Don in Texas, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yeah, gentlemen, I've been in this fight for about 35 years, and I have effectively reached a few people through the years.
One thing right now, there's just a plethora of information.
There's so many things to hit people with.
I listen to a lot of the other shows that are on this station and others.
I hear different references to members of the Expeditionary Force who were in Afghanistan in November 2001 and the fact that we facilitated, we helped or directly
Air lifted out bin Laden and his main followers.
That's absolute fact.
And my film says 6,000 was made a year ago.
It's now 8,000.
Flew them out to safety on C-130s and then claimed, quote, it was an accident.
A special forces colonel had thousands of Taliban and al-Qaeda cornered.
Real people, folks.
And he was ordered to stand down and he watched hundreds of, quote, this was in the San Francisco Chronicle, black helicopters and Reuters bury them out, Mr. Skousen.
Yes, and I can confirm that from the sources that I've got as well as I can confirm that the United States watched.
Well, it's simple.
You go in, they act like they're going to fight back.
They put some young kids in the front trenches.
Remember, the Northern Alliance kept saying, why won't they bomb the real people in the back trenches?
And then those guys just give up.
It's a staged event.
You grab some 15-year-old kids, torture the living daylights out of them, and train America that torture's good at KFX Ray.
Okay, well, I feel tested that question on some of the, just as you folksy gentlemen were mentioning, some good conservative or good, just good old people.
And I threw a hypothetical question at them that if I could prove that our government facilitated
In helping those people escape.
And we could then conclude their complicity and prior knowledge in the whole September 11th thing.
How would they react?
What would they do?
And they all, to the last one, were ready to bring out the lynch mob.
So what you've both hit on in the last half hour especially is some really crucial fact to get through to the average person.
And that may be the one single issue.
That's what Joel's saying, is we've got to hit the key points so we can prove the evil that this illegitimate... Number one, I want to post that this is not our government.
This is compartmentalized criminal elements.
Joel Skousen comments?
Yeah, you know, you have to concentrate on the specifics.
You know, if you try to give them the general theory...
I agree.
Somebody lied to us, the government, and I can no longer trust government.
And that's the first step.
Thank you for the call, Don.
I'm going to do this, and I'm going to make him stay with us.
I just love Joel Skousen.
One more statement.
It's a little five-minute segment after this break, because we've got to go to Leslie and Linda and Paul.
That's all we'll have time for with Joel Skousen.
At the end of this interview, we're going to plug how to get his paperback, his monthly newsletter, or how to get his weekly.
And it is powerful stuff.
You can read some samples of it at joelskousen.com.
That's right.
Good cop, bad cop.
You know the police will do it.
I feel like the government will.
We'll be back with Joel Skousen.
One more quick little segment.
I'm going to go real quick to your calls.
You've been holding too long.
We're going to plug Joel Skousen's just amazing newsletter.
And then in the 30 minutes left, we're going to cover a bunch of news and take other calls.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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All right, this is our final segment with Joel Skousen, joelskousen.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
Real quick, let's go to Linda in Missouri.
Linda, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I'm reading from the Kansas City Star, which is kansascity.com, September 26th, page 8.
Homeland Security Department to aid Independence, Missouri.
This is a what you would call a demonstration project, according to the Kansas City Star.
The city is among 17 communities getting parts of 79.6 million joint programs.
We don't have a lot of time.
What exactly is going on?
Well, this joint program is they started out as a communication system, but
But the Undersecretary for Homeland Security, Michael D. Brown... Now, they're building command bases and interfacing and federalizing local governments.
Under a new bill they've got, they're going to federalize all cities.
New Orleans already did it.
Mr. Skousen, comments on that?
This is the ultimate corruption of...
There should be a line of demarcation between state and federal officials and between state and local officials.
Rather than top-down control, what there ought to be is when the federals want to come into the state, they have to get state permission, and when the state wants to go down to the local, they've got to get local permission.
In other words, there ought to be a secondary defense line for individual citizens to have their rights reviewed, and that's all being obliterated in this seamless process.
Yeah, it's called the Tenth Amendment, folks.
Real quick, finish up, Linda.
This is a demonstration project.
We're selected to test a variety of technologies and plans so the officials could identify those that could be applied elsewhere.
We are a guinea pig here.
They tell everybody that like, oh, you're special, but yeah.
They've got a huge FEMA command bunker right here in Austin.
Thanks for the call, Linda.
Very interesting.
Please send me that article.
Paul in Missouri.
Go ahead.
Paul, you're on the air.
Good to talk to you, Paul.
You're on the air.
I was wondering, with our troops scattered all over the world like they are, what are the dangers of a Red Dawn type scenario?
You know, a handful of guys...
Well, let me bring this up to Joel in this way.
They're signing deals, bringing Mexican, Canadian, former Eastern Bloc tribes.
They're doing a lot of joint training, getting local police used to that.
What is that in preparation for, Joel?
Well, I think it is...
Just simply that, getting people used to dealing with the New World Order, especially our troops, because that's where they're destined to head.
I personally do not see a Red Dawn scenario.
I don't think the Russians, surely not the Russians, are going to attempt to occupy a country that has this many private arms.
I think they want to nuke us, neutralize us, and then say to Europe, hey, if you want the same thing to happen, you just try to resist.
And as you said, though, use the Third World as their surrogate, which actually is the Red Dawn scenario.
Yeah, but it's not Russian troops, so to speak.
I think it's Latin American troops, and I think we will have to defend ourselves.
That's time and time again.
I thought that was right where I was heading at.
You know, instead of Russians coming up, people coming up from the South.
Because it is wide open.
That's right.
Well, I'm telling you that Mecha and La Raza and all these guys, they say, we're communists, we're going to kick all you out.
I mean, it's...
So, I mean, they're the ones saying it, and they're funded by New York.
So thank you.
Thanks for the call, Paul.
Great point.
Wanda in Missouri.
A lot of calls from Missouri today.
Go ahead, Wanda.
I wanted to remind you and Joel about the third of the angels that were cast out with Lucifer.
I think they're really busy, don't you?
I think they're working through movies, and they're working through the television.
I think they're using it as a medium.
And if you want to know what a medium is, I think it's just that, and you look it up in the dictionary and you'll find out.
Well, I mean, look, I've studied the elite.
Whether you're an atheist or you believe in God, folks, the elite really are in the Luciferian systems, and that's admitted.
That's in the news.
If you know where to look, they're not hiding it.
Thank you for the call, Wanda.
I'm out of time.
I'll get to the other callers later.
We've got to let Joel Skalson go.
Joel, you've got about a minute and a half, a minute and ten seconds.
Final comments on how folks get your newsletter.
Well, as I said, we've covered that before.
JoelSkousen.com is the key website to go to read samples, and I have all the archives from 2000 back.
It's like a history of the world to read in terms of how they're manipulating world events.
If you don't have access to the web, call my office after this interview at area code 801-224-4746.
And you can get free samples of the printed edition of the World Affairs Brief this past month just coming off the press today.
What's that number again?
All right.
And we can survive this, I guess, if we get involved and get informed and expose the criminals.
Yeah, it's really important, though, to... We've got to undermine confidence in government when our government is illicit.
We want to, you know... It's still confidence in a constitutionally-based government, but not in people, especially who pretend to be conservatives, who there really aren't.
Well, that's it.
I mean, they exposed the New World Order and stopped letting them wrap themselves in the flag.
Thanks for coming on.
We'll be right back, folks, with more calls, more news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Oh my God!
I can't believe I got these drugs prescribed for free and shipped overnight to my door without seeing a doctor.
Yes, it's true.
For a limited time, our doctors are prescribing drugs for free.
Our doctors are prescribing the most... The choice is yours.
Call 877-817-9829 or visit ThePowerHour.com.
Folks, I love this country.
I love the world.
I love my family.
I know there's a lot of good people out here.
But I hate the systems that control this planet and control our country.
And we do have to undermine confidence in these criminals.
I mean, they're a bunch of murdering trash.
Think of all the crimes the globalists have committed.
And then don't let them for a second wrap themselves in the mantle of, you know, a liberal or a conservative or whatever they want to call themselves.
They're a bunch of elitist trash.
And these criminals are fighting amongst themselves, which endangers us all.
Now, I'm going to go to Rachel and Rob and John and others here in just a few minutes.
I do want to hit some news.
It's a really top story we haven't gotten to enough to tell yet.
Let's run through some of that.
I also want to take a few minutes out here to encourage all listeners of this worldwide transmission to be information warriors.
I didn't prime Joel Skousen, who I've heard on probably 20 other shows, and he doesn't talk like that.
I'm sure no one primes the veteran Marine Corps aviator of Vietnam to go around saying, get these videos.
You've heard him.
You've heard General Parton.
You've heard all these guests.
Half the time, I'll get some state senator just out of a news article, and on the air they'll say, my constituent gave me Police State 2000, and that's why I'm voting to get out of the Patriot Act.
It's amazing, and I'm not tooting my own horn.
I'm telling you, good job, because let me tell you something.
The books I've written, the book I've written, the book I've published, the films I've made, no one's going to see it.
It's going to have zero effect unless you get them, number one, and number two, make copies of them.
And so that's why I really want to ask everybody, that's you out there, who haven't gotten 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, or Police State, Three Total Enslavement, or the new book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror, and The New World Ordered.
You may know all about the globalists, and you probably know more than I do.
A lot of you do.
A lot of you have been fighting this for 30, 40 years.
But you haven't gone out and educated others.
And I'm telling you, these are tools that really cut to the heart of the matter, and most people that watch these films wake up and are deprogrammed.
That's a big deal, folks.
I can't stress how big a deal that is.
And it puts a weight on me.
I'm like, millions of people have seen my films because thousands of access stations, hundreds of access stations have aired the films dozens of times apiece, so tens of thousands of times.
Millions have seen it that way.
Footage I've shot has aired on the Trio Network like 15 times in primetime.
I know millions saw that.
Thousands and thousands of my films have gone out.
That's how we fund our operation, but...
Hundreds of thousands and then millions of copies have been made by you.
And number one, I want to commend those that have gotten the films and tell you, keep making copies.
That's the most important thing you can do.
Keep making copies.
Keep giving them to talk show hosts and the police chief and the sheriff and the county commissioner and your neighbors and the police officer in the squad car.
Continue to do that.
It's having a massive effect.
Just please.
Keep it up.
These are the best tools we've found.
Yes, secondarily, it really does support this show, and then I'm able to pay my employees, which is always nice.
I've got like three employees now, not including myself and all my expenses.
I don't like to whine about this on air, but we don't have David Rockefeller funding here.
We also don't have memos every morning telling us what to talk about, like other radio stations do, other networks.
But just please get the videos, get the books, get Order Out of Chaos, get my book, Descent into Tyranny.
I'm proud of these books.
They deserve to get out there to people.
Get them and give them as a gift.
Discounts when you get another copy of Order Out of Chaos.
Your second copy is like $8 off.
Just go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order or call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139 to order via the phone or prisonplanet.com or infowars.com via our secure online shopping carts.
Or you can just write to me, Alex Jones.
I'm right here in Austin, Texas at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
So don't wait, don't procrastinate.
Your support is needed.
But more importantly, if you got the videos and haven't made copies of them but were impressed by them, make ten copies.
Please, please, please, please.
It's the number one thing here.
We're not going to have a country, folks.
It isn't going to matter.
Very soon.
We're very late in the hour.
And yeah, a lot of folks are waking up right now.
They should be.
They should be waking up even faster.
But again, I'll give you the best piece of news I've had in years.
I've done over 1,200 and something radio interviews in the last two years plus.
Two years and a couple days.
I don't know.
I quit counting in 1,000 a few months ago.
I'm guessing it's over 1,200 now.
I know I've done hundreds.
But the point is, over 1,000 interviews, and maybe 100 callers that disagreed out of tens of thousands that agreed with everything I'm saying.
I mean, that's on other people's shows, folks.
Shows that are angry, calling me a traitor, a criminal.
The majority of the callers are telling the host to shut up, and the host says, What is this?
Have I opened up the Twilight Zone?
Is it a full moon?
Why are they all agreeing?
People know deep down something's wrong, folks, so spread the word about the radio show, about the affiliates, whether you're listening on AM, FM, shortwave internet, and get the videos, get the books.
All right, I'm not going to belabor that anymore because I want to get to these calls and this news, but a lot of really interesting stuff here.
I've got an article where General Barry McCaffrey, who I can front in the takeover, by the way, for his top lieutenant being a drug dealer, but General McCaffrey,
Barry McCaffrey says that we all need national ID cards if we're going to be safe and need to basically have troops on the streets.
He's a real thug, folks.
But you get the same thing with his buddy Wesley Clark, the administration together with Clinton.
You get the same thing under Bush.
It doesn't matter who's in office.
It's the same agenda, just different rhetoric.
But a lot of Americans think, oh, we'll never put up with a national ID card.
What do you think your state driver's license is?
Okay, now it's like 44 states have it.
There's like six that don't.
It was 12 just a year ago that weren't part of it.
Where you face scan or thumb scan or both, when you get your driver's license, and that admittedly is part of a federal database, you know it as the Matrix or Caps 2.
They've got all these different names for a database that's been there for a long time, hooked into the NSA.
And this is from the London Guardian.
Secret go-ahead for ID card database.
That's the same thing that they've done in England they're doing here.
The Cabinet has secretly given the go-ahead to the Chancellor, that's the ex-checker, Gordon Brown, to set up Britain's first national population computer database that is the foundation stone for a compulsory identity card scheme.
The Citizen Information Register is to bring together all existing information held by the government on the 58 million people that reside in Britain.
Now, they say it's for security, of course, but the border's wide open.
Illegals are allowed nightly to ride in on the trains under the channel and pour off screaming, yelling.
I mean, I've seen it on ITN.
Nothing's done.
This is their answer.
Oh, this will stop all the illegals.
That's how they've sold this stuff to us here in the U.S., and the illegals get waivers out of all this.
They've already set it up.
And we need to be accurate with ourselves about how far along all of this is.
I just wanted to make that point.
Big article here out of the Register.
FBI bypasses First Amendment to nail a hacker.
And citing a provision of the Patriot Act, the FBI is sending letters to journals telling them to secretly prepare, turn over their notes, e-mails, and sources to the Bureau should we throw out the First Amendment to nail a hacker.
And the article gets into that.
And they've already done this in a case in Houston.
It was non-terror related, like three or four years ago.
It was a murder case.
A reporter had written about it.
They just threw her in jail for months and months and months.
Last time I checked, she'd been there like a year.
She wouldn't give her sources.
Whatever happened to the First Amendment, folks?
The Fifth Amendment!
But see, people don't know that, so it's being erased.
And remember who's behind the terror on top of it.
But now they can just say, well, we think you didn't give us all your notes.
Consumer confidence plummets in September.
Very serious news.
Consumer confidence, which had rebounded in August, dropped more than expected in September, dragging down by a sluggish job market.
It's a weak dollar, folks.
The Consumer Confidence Index fell to 76.8, a five-point dip from the revised 81.7 registered in August.
New York-based conference board said Tuesday, that's today,
The degrees were steeper than the reading of 80.5 that analysts had anticipated.
A lack of improvement in labor market conditions continues to dampen consumer spirits.
That's doublespeak for nobody's got jobs to buy your widgets.
Globalists don't care, though.
The Fortune 500 has posted record profits last year into this year, and the government grew at record levels.
You see, these neocons get on the air and go, it's all your fault you're not rich!
Anybody that criticizes the ultra-rich is a communist who's engaging in class warfare.
No, you engage in the class warfare.
Somebody robs a bank, I'm going to criticize them.
That's ill-gotten.
So that's happening right there.
And you think it's bad now, but there's more articles out that it's not going to get seven times worse for the layoffs, ten times worse now.
Ten times worse!
But get back in that stock market, baby!
And I'm really upset about this.
I'm freaked out about this.
I mean, this is absolutely amazing.
soldier killed two wounded in an Afghanistan battle.
A U.S.
A U.S.
soldier has been killed and two others wounded in an attack on a U.S.
base in southern Afghanistan.
That's terrible.
One coalition member died of wounds and two were wounded as a result of fighting on Monday near Shakin.
Colonel Rodney Davis told reporters, Arabs say the world is ignoring Israel's nukes.
Well, I mean, look, Iran isn't a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Pact.
Neither is Israel.
That's their right.
Why, then, are they saying Iran's bad but Israel isn't?
My point is they're sovereign countries.
Let them do what they want.
By the way, Israel, the U.S., and England have all been involved arming Iran, which is not a good idea.
Paul Watson does a great job at this.
Every time he posts articles on Prison Planet about Iran and its nuclear program, he'll post the other articles where Israel, the U.S., and England...
Have been arming these guys.
Again, best enemies money can buy.
Same thing with North Korea.
I'm sick of it!
This is out of the Asian Times.
North Korea on the borderline.
And it says, Hong Kong, six army trucks, each carrying about 40 PLA soldiers, roared along National Highway 308 from Yangji to Tumen around 4 p.m.
September 20th, passing just within this correspondent's sight.
It was the first crop of troops to take over the frontier defense from the armed police.
And it's hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops.
This is just a few trucks you saw massing on the border with North Korea.
That's interesting.
But I guess it's to deal with the flood of refugees playing the North Korean wonderland.
North Korea boosting its nuclear program.
North Korea says it is taking practical measures to boost its nuclear capabilities.
It also said it has intensified its holding for other negotiations with U.S.,
Iraq child killed by U.S.
soldiers, U.S.
forces, this is out of Reuters, killed a 10-year-old child and wounded a 25-year-old man when they opened fire Monday on hundreds of demonstrators who pelted them with stones in Faljala, west of Kirk, a hospital director told AFP.
That's terrible that they've been just routinely machine gunning crowds throwing rocks.
I mean, shoot them with rubber bullets or something, but I guess they won't deliver them, those.
Just go ahead and shoot them, huh?
The crowds that are mad they haven't had power for a year, and in some cases years, and a million and a half of them have died, and 700,000 of them are children.
Madeleine Albright says it's a good price to pay.
I don't know, folks.
I mean, they're not all Saddam sympathizers.
I mean, just a real shame to watch this happen.
Iraq Council may reinstate Ba'ath members.
The U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council appointed, you notice, said Tuesday it would study the reinstatement of members of Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath party for their jobs.
The council said ministers would form committees to examine whether employees who once belonged to the now-outlawed party should be reinstated to their civil service jobs.
They've already been reinstated months ago.
So a lot of news on that.
Interesting article here out of London Independent.
We're good to go.
I mean, it's hard horror.
It is bad news.
And you look at the 10, 12, 14-year-old girls dressed like whores at the mall.
What is wrong with our society?
When they've done... Folks, the stuff that they quote just from this month's BBC2 report, and a lot of prominent, even liberals are speaking out against this because it's so horrible.
It says they pick up their...
They're 12-year-old and 15-year-old daughters' books, and it just talks about unspeakable stuff, you know, group sex, lessons in oral sex, how to go out, how to do all this.
We're 12- and 14-year-olds, folks, and stuff's already bad enough with underage pregnancy and all the rest of this.
What happened to the innocents, folks?
I mean, how do they allow this to be sold on newsstands to children, whereas if you were selling it to an adult and they make this point, it'd be in black plastic bag?
It's amazing, folks.
And here's that thing with General McCaffrey.
Ex-government insider backs national ID cards.
Criticizes Rumsfeld.
I love it.
They're all with the same policies, but they criticize each other to give us the illusion of a fight going on.
Interpol plans anti-terrorism database.
Again, that merges in with our Associated Press, with our driver's license and the CAP system and the Matrix system.
And, of course, possible link between Al-Qaeda and far-right racists.
There's lots of propaganda on that, trying to create that connection.
I'm going to cover some of the other news here in just a second.
Let's go to some of the calls, as promised.
I guess Rachel in Pennsylvania is up next.
Go ahead, Rachel.
I've been trying to get a hold of you.
How are you?
I'm fantastic.
Good to talk to you.
I've got to tell you what's going on here.
We moved out of where we were, and we're in another section of Pennsylvania, and I was getting some stuff at the pharmacy, and they were wearing what looked like a computer code on their right wrist, every one of them at the pharmacy.
And it looks like you were right, and my husband also was right.
They were wearing RFID bracelets to have a job.
As I said, Governor Ridge says for any of you to have a job anywhere, they'll have to wear RFID chips.
It's not a chip, though.
It was a computer barcode, and they stuck it on their right hand, and I went back.
Well, man, I'm telling you that ABC News reported to have a job anywhere.
They're going to make us all wear bracelets or necklaces that have an RFID and a barcode.
But just so you know, in there is a small chip.
If that's the system that was reported by ABC News.
But I saw Ridge a year and a half ago before Homeland Security even got passed in a meeting saying, creeps are going to be in all the factories overseeing us and we're all going to have to wear bracelets and carry special IDs to have jobs.
I mean, that's right out of the running, man, folks.
So we're going to have to have this national ID card soon.
Well, you've already got it in the form of your driver's license, but then they're going to make you swipe it to buy and sell to watch what you buy and what you do and to tax you when you eat fattening foods.
It's all for your best interest, of course.
But what did you say to these people when they had their little barcodes on their hands?
I asked them flat out, like everyone's been telling me, ask them flat out what they're doing, and I did.
What did they say?
They said, oh, we'll have the computer chip shortly.
You're joking.
No, I'm not joking.
They told me that.
Oh, my...
My cousin's an officer at Bergstrom.
He said they're all getting chips.
They've been told.
I tell you what, stay there.
I want to hear more about this.
If we was going to be getting their chips soon, yes.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Oh my God!
I can't believe I got these drugs prescribed for free and shipped overnight to my door without seeing a doctor.
Yes, it's true.
For a limited time, our doctors are prescribing drugs for free.
Our doctors are prescribing the most popular diet pills, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, and Viagra.
You heard it right.
Free prescriptions over the phone for painkillers, migraine relief, anti-anxiety, allergy relief, and heartburn relief.
I think.
All right, I've got to move quick here.
Rachel, I don't doubt you.
There's a bank manager here in Austin who actually told one of my friends, hey, don't complain about the ID card.
You'll just have a chip soon.
This was about a year ago.
I went in and confronted this lady about it because I didn't have a bank account there.
She said, yeah, yeah, what's the big deal?
It's been on the news.
We all need it.
It was just so incredible.
And then my cousin, who's an officer, been in like 18, 19 years,
He says, yeah, we got called in a meeting and told we're all getting microchips.
I mean, this is really going on.
And look, 5,000 as of about a month ago, these VeriChips have been sold.
They put implantation centers in in New York and other areas.
People are getting the chips.
Presidents are getting them.
This is happening.
So how did they say this to you, Rachel, when you said, you know, what's up with the bar cut on your hand?
What did they say?
They just turned right around and said, oh, well, it's part of our new system.
I said, really?
And she said, well, yeah.
I said, so how long is it going to be before you guys are actually chipped?
She said, well, we expect it to be about a year or so.
I hope not because somebody in the house needs surgery.
Now, what...
What pharmacy was this?
This was at a local pharmacy here in Pennsylvania.
Small Time Outfit.
And also, I picked up a brochure, like you said, to keep our eyes open.
And instead of Digital Angel now, they got it under a new title of Secure Feeling.
Instead of Digital Angel, you wear this thing around your neck.
Yeah, they're trying to get you to wear it around the neck.
Okay, thanks for the call.
That's interesting.
I don't doubt it anymore, folks.
It's happening.
Let's talk to Rob in Wyoming.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Two quick things here, if I can get to them.
First of all, Free State Project is considering Wyoming to move to, or New Hampshire, so we're in the running for that project.
The Bush interview on Fox last week,
I don't know if you saw it or heard of it.
I really don't watch TV, no.
I like to see what the bad guys are saying.
Oh, I agree.
It's a luxury.
I just can't stand watching them anymore.
On the interview, Bush kind of fumbled.
It was toward the end, and he's talking about how America has the moral superiority.
I think that's what he was saying.
But they, being the terrorists, are evil, and they won't do niceness and goodness and all that.
Now, I found that very strange.
You know, what you would say is, they, being terrorists, don't care about morals, right?
But he didn't say that.
He said, they being the terrorists.
You know, this phrase, the terrorists, that they can be vague when it's convenient and specific when advantageous and so on.
I thought that was very bizarre.
That's like an admission that they're being as how they're the terrorists.
You see what I'm saying?
Oh, yeah.
Well, I mean, you were talking about weird comments.
Bush is... I've got like three speeches on tape where he goes...
The hijackers are part of a dark cult of evil with unlimited power.
He'll start, his eyes kind of start twinkling.
The dark cult of evil with unlimited power.
Just like some villain on G.I.
Yeah, that's it.
Cobra Commander!
I've often wondered, if they lift Cobra Commander's mask, would it be Oswald Bin Laden under there, or...
I tell you, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
I'm out of time.
I can't take any other calls, folks.
Let me try to hit a few final news stories.
This is on prisonplanet.com right now.
Who left the Saudis free after 9-11?
The Boston Globe!
Today, you might want to... Wow, you'd think Alex Jones had written this article.
And here's another one.
White House rejects independent counsel for leak.
Oh, they even reject the stage council for Karl Rove hanging out a bunch of people to dry because they didn't lie for him.
Well, we'll just blow your cover then and see how you like that.
I'm Karl Rove.
Ha ha.
Karl Rove, well, that's a serious guy.
Banned vows to defy new St.
Pete law with onstage suicide.
This piece of filth rock band is trying to get attention.
This band called Hell on Earth.
By having somebody commit suicide, and of course all the pro-death euthanasia people are for it, showing how sick they are.
This is so transparent.
They need to arrest this piece of garbage immediately.
There's a lot of reasons to do it.
Encouraging somebody to commit suicide, to murder themselves, just for gain.
That is sick!
I tell you, I'm getting sick of these people, folks.
I'm getting sick of evil.
I like good, decent, wholesome things.
I like life.
I love it, I love it, I love it!
I hate your death!
And I don't want any part of it.
And I'll stand up against it.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight, back tomorrow.
Take care.
Berkey water filters are the ultimate filters used worldwide for normal or hostile filtration environments to provide the most delicious, sparkling, clean water possible.
The Berkey Light self-sterilized...