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Air Date: Sept. 19, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I tell you, my friends, it just seems like yesterday.
Thought it was Monday.
Seems like it was yesterday that I was a little child, but time flies past us, doesn't it?
It's already Friday, the 19th of September, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours, and
We're good to go.
I think?
But not for you.
I thought it was the whole economy was in trouble, and the rich people wanted us to have a good economy.
Well, I mean, the average American thinks of rich as somebody who's got a couple million bucks in the bank.
Folks, that's middle class.
The real money people do it through collusion with government, through insider knowledge, through manipulation.
Talking about on the grand scale.
You're not allowed to get big unless you're in their arena.
And they're not free market.
They control the communists.
They control the fascists.
They control big government as their tool.
More on Wesley Clark.
Just a lot coming up today.
But I do have to admit this here on air.
And I'm somebody who will admit something when I do it.
I've gotten bad again about cutting people off and running over people and getting all sped up and excited on air.
And frankly, I was listening to a rebroadcast of my show.
Rude to people.
It's not personal.
I've been very upset about what's happening.
This stuff is really getting to me.
And by getting to me, it makes me very angry.
I just wish that I was better at fighting it, more articulate.
Yes, a larger staff, ways to really address this and to have the energy to go over it.
I mean, half the time I don't even want to read a news article because it's so horrible, I don't even want to think about it or address it or analyze it, and we run out of time here.
So when you hear me frustrated with listeners, it's generally more frustrated with myself.
We're going to have open phones today, and we're going to go to them early.
I always say this, and then half the time, don't do it.
But really, I want to load the phones up,
And I want to take a lot of calls today on the show.
Open line Friday, wide open telephones, any news item, any news story in your local paper, national paper, you saw on television, propaganda, you saw on a sitcom or a cartoon or a billboard.
And it's everywhere, folks.
I mean, I can't track it all.
Give us a call.
Tell us about it, or what you think the greatest threat is we're facing.
What do you think is going to happen with North Korea and the Chinese troops now massing on the border with North Korea and Japan, threatening to attack North Korea, both threatening to attack Japan, and just this global escalation.
There's a lot of different issues we can discuss.
George Bush, Wesley Clark, who's going to be on the tickets here in the 2004 election?
A whole free number to join us on air on this Friday, this live Friday edition.
And we'll talk to you.
In fact, I'll go to calls in the next segment.
I'm not going to go into my normal monologue or hyperbole or diatribes.
I'll come back.
I'm going to just get a few of the top headlines, and then I'm going to go to calls and then get back into headlines.
So give us a call at 1-800-259-9231, and I will endeavor to not run off down rabbit trails and let folks get their points across.
And by the way, I'm chastising myself.
I've just been thinking about this and listening.
I mean, this stuff has got me fighting mad, folks.
I mean, it just comes through.
I'm sorry if I sound like an old grumpus.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Alright folks, it's Alex Jones here live.
We're going to have wide open phones on this Friday edition.
Any news, topic or item...
You'd like to discuss?
The total free number is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
I haven't talked enough about Tom.
Well, I'll get to that story a little bit later.
First, let's talk about Richard Grasso, the former head of the New York Stock Exchange.
Well, he's still there, but he's leaving, and he's getting this $139 million package.
And they list his bonuses in this Associated Press report I've got in front of me, and he gets bigger bonuses during times when the stock market's going down.
$139 million to run the stock exchange.
And, of course, all these guys have CIA connections in their past.
If you look at the last, what, 10 years,
Heads of the New York Stock Exchange, they were all at least deputy directors in their past of the Central Intelligence Agency, and I'm looking at an AFP photo from 1999 of Richard Grasso, head of the New York Stock Exchange, hugging the head of the communist FARC guerrillas.
He went down there, it's not illegal, and they told him, invest your money in the Stock Exchange or you're going to be invaded.
And when the FARC said, no, we're not going to invest in the stock exchange, the invasion began.
Now, somebody will say, what are you, defending the FARC?
No, the FARC are evil.
They kidnap people.
They deal drugs.
They're a bunch of trash.
They're not communists.
They're not fascists.
They're not libertarians.
They're just thugs, folks.
All these terms are just meant to confuse.
They're just thugs in military outfits saying, I've got a machine gun.
I'm the boss.
And they got control of about a third of...
Some of those countries down there in Colombia and the communist guerrillas have got different portions of some of the other nations down there and they grow their drugs and those are the areas that get sprayed.
The government of the United States does not spray the other areas.
It's because you have the so-called right-wing governments in control of those sectors and they grow the coca plants, they grow the poppies, they grow the marijuana, they grow it all and ship it up here.
Mainly narcotics, though.
Not a lot of marijuana is being grown down in Central and South America.
A lot of it is being grown, of course, in Mexico and right here in the United States.
More of it grown here in the United States for consumption.
It's the biggest cash crop, an actual plant grown here in the country.
Bigger than wheat when you talk about the profits.
There's now a kilo of marijuana.
Yeah, a kilo is, in some cases, more expensive than cocaine.
Did you know that?
It's just amazing, folks.
So I want to get into that because it's something we haven't focused on enough.
And, of course, there's also General Wesley Clark, and he announced this four or five days ago now that he was planning to run for the presidency.
He's now the 10th candidate.
We've got the 10 horsemen, all just a collection of unabated trash and gun-grabbing evil.
I mean, that's the only way to describe him, abortion-pushing trash.
Socialistic liberals, to use that outdated term.
But, I mean, Wesley Clark isn't just pro-abortion and a Rhodes Scholar and roommates with Bill Clinton and one of the same New World Order indoctrination programs under British intelligence.
This guy also is from Arkansas, living in Arkansas, and a late-arriving candidate got pushed from the Clintons.
And this is out of the New York Times.
Oh, of course, this is their little buddy, Washington, September 18th, behind General Wesley K. Clark's candidacy for the White House as a former president, fanning the flames.
And I wonder if Hillary's going to be as running mate.
And all these people that know Bush is anti-gun and know he's rubbing borders and know he's increasing the size of government, Department of Education, everything else, protecting Bill Clinton with Parting Gate and all that,
I mean, the thinking process is going to get shut off when we've got just absolute hobgoblins like Hillary.
I mean, just unbelievably, overtly wicked.
And Wesley Clark, who's not just what you call a liberal, he's also a warmonger.
The globalists really love him.
I mean, NATO had to restrain him, ladies and gentlemen.
The British general had to restrain him.
He wanted to attack the Russians in Pristina, which is exactly what the Russians wanted.
You think the Russian government cares if fighter bombers went in there and splattered those tanks all over that runway?
Remember the state capital there in Kosovo of the greater Serbia?
The Globals were taking those key minerals.
The Russians poured in, and Clark wanted to go to war.
I mean, he's just running around, war, war, kill, kill.
These guys are something else.
And it's real easy for him to meet these armchair quarterbacks and march everybody off to World War III.
I mean, he's really a neocon.
If you study Wesley Clark, he's a neocon.
So he is quite a character and is really the most formidable candidate
It's not Dean, it's not Mr. Skull and Bones Carey, though Carey has been the frontrunner all along.
I don't know, what do you think about that issue?
I mean, really, I don't even know why we should discuss it.
It just shows we've got Skull and Bones members, we've got NATO people, Rhodes Scholar, you know, it's just all these guys have got New World Order baggage in their closet.
By the way, on Infowars.com, we found another article in the San Francisco Chronicle
I would guess it's on prisonplanet.com, where they talk about how Schwarzenegger's campaign is, quote, run like a Bohemian Grove toga party.
There's always these little jokes about the Grove in these West Coast newspapers.
By the way, I was attacked by the New York Times a couple years ago, two years ago, for Alex Jones believes in the Bohemian Grove.
Alex Jones thinks it exists.
Like saying, Alex Jones believes the state of California exists.
Alex Jones believes the Rockets of Ralter exists.
Alex Jones believes the moon exists.
You know, it's like Limbaugh.
Well, you know, the cook detector, they think there's a New World Order in a global government.
Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Ha, ha, ha, ha!
You know, I mean, just everywhere you go, New World Order this, New World Order that, our Supreme Court's going to follow the UN's orders.
Okay, I said I wouldn't go off into a ranting and raving session.
I mean, if Limbaugh and Hannity and those guys told the truth, for one day we'd get out of this mess, folks.
But you've got all these neocon listeners that just don't get it, and you try to tell them the truth, and they just can't compete it.
It's too scary.
Okay, well, you're flushing your children's future right down the toilet.
Of course, I'm glad that not too many people have been killed by the hurricane.
It did dissipate quite a bit.
Slammed in yesterday.
And a hurricane hits U.S.
lashing North Carolina and portions of other states.
Lots of images of reporters out in, you know, 80, 100-mile-an-hour winds being blown around and pieces of trees hitting them.
And folks, of course, drowned.
But amazing.
Virginian Path of Fury turns to the north and faded on radar but still fierce on the ground.
Hurricane Isabel.
Crashed ashore in North Carolina yesterday, swamping neighborhoods dozens of miles inland, and raging through Virginia to the nation's capital, with high winds knocking out power and disrupting air travel across the mid-Atlantic region.
Continues of the storms popped sustained winds of 105 miles an hour, snapped old oaks and pines like bombs,
Waterlogged toothpicks on the outer banks in North Carolina where the storm made landfall about 1 p.m.
Isn't that interesting?
It sent dumpsters floating past stranded trucks along the four-lane highway and parts of at least two hotels and several homes sliding into the wild sea.
And the 160-mile-an-hour winds recorded as it moved across the open ocean, the hurricane was still the strongest hurricane to hit the Atlantic coast since Hurricane Floyd surged the shore in 1999.
Yeah, it slowed down to like 100 miles an hour, 80 miles an hour, which is really a blessing that that happened.
Because if that thing would have hit the East Coast at 160 miles an hour...
You know, a hurricane hit Galveston.
It's the biggest disaster in U.S.
When they say September 11th is the biggest terrorist attack or biggest disaster, I hear them say that all the time, disaster.
That is a lie.
It was terrible, but over 6,500 people died in what, 1903?
I don't remember.
I've been down to the museum in Galveston.
I mean, it like killed a third of the people.
The town wasn't very big then.
It just slaughtered masses of, I mean, 6,000 plus, I think it was almost 7,000.
And these things are deadly.
I mean, if a hurricane hits you going 160 miles an hour, you're talking about complete devastation.
But it slowed down, so we should all be very thankful for that.
A lot of other weird stuff going on.
Yesterday I mentioned that Rocky Mountain News article where it said 35,000 people in Colorado could have it because of the percentage of those that are having blood tests done that have it, you know, blood tests for giving blood at the blood banks.
What about that?
That's incredible.
And also, this is out of the business section of the Associated Press here, of the statesman,
rich got richer in 2003, Forbes says.
And by just leaps and bounds.
But you didn't.
Now, how is that?
Everybody else is losing money in the aggregate on average, but these guys are all making more money.
All right, I'm going to find out who all the callers are when we get back.
I said open phones.
We're going right to them.
And the toll-free number...
To join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Open line Friday.
Any news article, any issue, anything you'd like to discuss, I am your pliant, happy, and a good mood servant.
I'm not going to be a grumpus.
We do have a guest coming up.
Great guy, Mr. Blood.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Late summer 2003, mainstream press tells us we're having a stock market recovery.
Late summer 2002, I heard the same thing.
Late summer 2001, you heard the same thing.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average, currently trading in the 93 to 9400 range, is down 7% from two years ago.
That's recovery?
Gold, now trading in the $360 range, is up 31% in that same period.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Hey, John Statmiller here, and I have a question for you.
Are you having an energy crisis?
No, I'm not talking about the rising cost of gasoline.
I'm talking about you, personally.
Do you have the energy you need to do all the things in life that you need to do?
If you're like most people, the answer is no.
And that extra cup of coffee or an afternoon candy bar is not the solution.
We're good to go.
I think?
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, folks, toll-free number to join us on air on this open line Friday, 1-800-259-9231.
Let's go straight to the calls.
Buzz in Texas.
Buzz, welcome.
Yeah, Alex, thank you.
God bless you, brother.
Listen, have you heard about that new oath the Bush administration is pushing for illegal aliens when they take the oath to become citizens?
There's two parts in there that are extremely dangerous.
Yeah, I saw that a few weeks ago.
I don't have it in front of me.
Can you refresh my memory?
The first part of it exempts them from having to denounce their former regime, where they came from, in other words, have any loyalty to a former regime.
Yes, sir.
Which you always had to do before.
They had to swear that they would not hold allegiance to any other foreign power or any other government.
And if this thing passes, that's going to exempt them from that.
And in part two, it more or less exempts them from service in the armed forces.
Well, this is the problem with this.
Three weeks ago, I saw this article.
We read it on the Real Talk radio show on Saturdays.
And then I just moved on from there.
It came out this week that Applied Digital Solutions is in a lawsuit with IBM.
As I said two years ago, IBM really owns them, and that's what the lawsuit says.
And I know I'm jumping around subjects.
I don't cover key stuff.
That's why I'm so frustrated.
That's why your call was so important.
How can you keep track of this insanity?
And for those that don't know, this is part of the UN agenda of No Borders.
Mexico says to their people...
There are 30 million that are here, folks.
30 million, okay?
It's probably more than that, but that's conservative.
The media says 25.
It's more than 30.
I mean, this is what's on the census, okay?
Most illegals don't do the census, and most of them are Mexican.
That's why we talk about Mexico all day.
We don't like Mexicans.
We don't like illegals, period, but Mexico's the majority.
And what people got to understand with this is they have dual citizenship.
Mexico lets them vote in both elections, and this is taking control of our country.
No one would believe it.
Comments, Buzz?
Sir, you hit the nail absolutely on the head.
I mean, exactly.
I mean, look, this is a plan to break the country down.
It's in stone.
It's the public documents of the U.N.
and all these other organizations, and they're killing America right now.
And these idiots drive around with George Bush stickers on their cars telling me how conservative he is.
I want to slap them upside the head.
God bless you, Alex.
I just wanted to bring that up again because it was in the newspapers yesterday, and it is a real grave issue for this country.
Yeah, and we should have had that posted.
I don't know if we did.
I saw it three weeks ago when they first announced it.
You're saying they actually now introduced it?
Well, it's not law yet because there's been some opposition to it.
They were talking about introducing it as a bill three weeks ago.
I'm in the dark.
Did the article say they've introduced it?
No, what it is, is they're scrambling for another rewrite because there's been so much opposition to it.
This is incredible.
Look at what they try, folks.
Look at what they're sneaking around doing.
And, of course, it's Bush behind it.
Of course, Hillary's going to vote for it.
I just thank God we saw it in the newspaper.
I would have known if I hadn't seen it in the newspaper.
Yeah, and I should have been all over that.
No problem.
I spent about two minutes on that three weeks ago.
God bless you, brother.
Thank you, Buzz.
Thank you.
Exactly, folks.
What else am I missing?
I mean, I need your help keeping track of all this.
Thank you, Buzz.
Chris in Tennessee.
Chris, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I've never been refused on your show, and if anybody has anything to say, Alex is always there, and he doesn't screen your calls.
Alex, what I wanted to talk to you about is our injured service personnel are forced to pay for their meals while they're injured in the hospital right now, and also have to pay for their medical treatment.
I read about that.
That's another little tidbit.
Yes, sir.
It's reported in the Stars and Stripes.
Mothers and fathers of our injured servicemen, write your congressman and senator...
And tell them that this is a disgrace.
They're not taking care of our servicemen.
And Alex, I want to thank you for having Mr. Rick Stanley on your show.
And you're a fine man, Mr. Jones.
Hey, stay there and read me that Stars and Stripes article, because I heard Dave and Joyce talking about that a few days ago.
Alex, I don't have it in front of me, but they were talking about it on C-SPAN, and thank you for the time.
On C-SPAN, yeah.
I've heard a lot of people talking about it.
Again, how do you keep track of all this?
I just, my head is spinning, folks.
More calls straight ahead.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
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All right, my friends, Alex Jones here, back live on this Friday edition of the Worldwide Broadcast.
We're going to take a lot of calls today on any issue or topic you'd like to discuss.
Now, understand, when I criticize rich people, it's not class envy.
I believe in the free market.
I believe in private property rights.
I want you to know that the rich and powerful, the truly opulent,
Control the banks that run the land grabs on the farms and ranches.
They privately source and fund the government agencies that seize your bank accounts and grab your children.
They're making money off this system, and more importantly, getting control out of it.
And they use government as a way to extract and steal your energy, your labor, the fruits of your labor.
And so that's what I'm trying to explain here.
The left wing thinks, the phony left wing, thinks that you go after the corrupt corporations that are corrupt, folks.
Very sinister.
They operate like pirate ships.
That's their logo.
They're just out there on the high seas of maritime feeding on people.
That's why Scullabone's logo is the pirate, the Jolly Roger.
They have little corporate songs about it.
They write books about Attila the Hun business policies.
The neocons say we're pirates.
And so it's just lawlessness, but lawlessness over you.
It's just wanton abuse and usurping your freedom and your substance, as the Founding Fathers said.
To the left wing goes, oh, we counter the big corporations with big government.
They'll get them for us.
And that's exactly what the big corporations are lobbying for, is bigger government, more draconian power, because that's all selectively enforced against you, the serf.
That's it.
They're just feudal lords, folks.
They're not communists.
They're not fascists.
They're not...
The true term is they're feudal lords over you.
They're feudal chattel.
We've got to learn to say, no, we're not your chattel.
We're not, you know, 21st century Romans, okay?
We've got to stop acting like 21st century Romans.
And, you know, I know it's easy to be a 21st century Roman with all the sex and the drugs and the ball games and the rest of it.
You get sucked into it real easy.
But it'll destroy you, my friends.
I mean, I look at this.
It's disgusting.
Warren Buffett.
Here's the headline.
Associated Press.
rich got richer in 2003.
Forbes says net worth of wealthiest 400 grew by 10% from 2002 magazine figures.
And by the way, these rich people, they hide about 98% of their wealth, okay?
And when they say that Forbes increased his wealth
By Forbes Magazine's reporting that Bill Gates increases wealth by $3 billion.
I mean, Bill Gates is a Johnny-come-lately.
The Rockefeller family, in old 1902 news articles I have pulled up, was worth tens of billions of dollars.
Well, let me just tell you something.
Tens of billions of dollars in 1902 or 1903 is the equivalent of $10 trillion.
$3 trillion today.
I mean, these numbers are just off the charts.
But their money's all tax-free.
The so-called breakup of the trust...
Was these people going, oh, you've gotten us, you've broken up our trust.
Now we're tax-free.
Now we have these big tax-free foundations that will now take over the universities and the media.
We don't pay taxes anymore.
Oh, I don't own anything.
I'm David Rockefeller.
I just have 50 helicopters and 50 jets and servants all over the place and giant palaces everywhere, but they're all part of the foundations.
The foundations that take federal tax money and steal people's land.
Just on and on and on.
And so the left thinks you counter the corrupt corporations with big government.
That's like somebody's beating you in the head with a hammer and you go, here, let me give you a .45 Magnum.
.44 Magnum.
You better beat me in the head with that ball-peen hammer.
How about you blow my head off?
Let me give you some more power.
And then the phony neocons get up there and go, everyone with money is good.
They're good, hardworking people.
They're not bad.
They made this money from their hard, honest work.
And anybody that criticizes and talks about corruption in high places and robber barons is a Che Guevara communist.
It's a fraud.
It's a fraud.
Oh, you, the neocons, created the communists, and that's now admitted everywhere.
You are the enemy.
You are the trash of the earth, as Ron Paul said.
You are the ultimate enemy of America as the shell operators, the smokescreen.
Let's take calls.
I'm just sick of it.
Oh, I don't know who's up next.
I guess Tim.
Tim, where are you calling us from today, sir?
I'm calling you from Michigan, sir.
Thank you.
First off, I'd like to say I'm extremely proud to have you as a fighter in this information war.
I never even had used or thought of that term until I met you broadcast over the Internet.
And God is using you for a fantastic job of protecting the truth and his people.
So keep up the good work.
Stay encouraged.
I can't imagine the overwhelming information flow you get, but thank God for you.
Well, I want to thank folks for people like you, sir.
That's the first thing.
Go ahead.
Okay, and the other thing, I bought a bunch of CD-Rs.
I got a couple of your videos or your CDs, but I can't make a copy of them.
And I don't know if you have a tech person or somebody who might walk me through the process.
Well, yeah, I'll authorize and ask listeners.
I ask you to make copies of my videos and DVDs and stuff.
I'm not a very technical person.
I know people.
Our burning copies of Road to Tyranny on DVD, two discs.
The problem is they have to encode it at a lower resolution.
That's a 170-minute film on one disc.
It's a double-layer encoded system, so you can't put that by the normal burning process on a CD.
You could break it in half and burn it on two CDs, maybe.
So the people that are able to burn that 170-minute film to one CD are lowering the resolution.
By about 80%.
Yeah, I've seen them.
People can watch it.
It's not bad.
It's like a book with some images, basically.
It gets a little fuzzy here and there, but that's why my DVDs, you know, for every hundred that go out, maybe one or two don't work.
It's just that somebody's DVD player doesn't work because it
It's an older one and can't handle a double layer or with a double layer sometimes you have just weird compatibility problems.
Like I rented a movie the other week.
It was a double layer DVD.
Instead of having two discs, it was a mainstream movie.
And a violent movie.
I don't recommend you watch it.
Gangs of New York.
I had no idea.
I mean, it was pretty graphic.
And it was one of the discs, and it was double layer.
It said on the back, you know, this may not work on all machines.
And it said that.
Because that double layering is, I don't know.
That's one problem.
My films are all so long that to put them all on DVD, they're all going to have to be the double layer.
It's called a DVD 9.
DVD 9?
So you buy a DVD-9.
I don't even know if they sell blank DVD-9s.
You might be able to.
I don't think so because a DVD-9 is laid down in a double layer by a crystal master.
I don't want to continue on with it.
A DVD-9 is industrial grade.
I mean, they stamp them.
It's a big process.
It's not burned.
Oh, I see.
So you say I could split the video in half and then do it that way?
I'll give it a shot then.
All right.
If anybody out there knows a way, call in or something.
All right.
We'll have a big technical.
That's important stuff.
I appreciate it.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Now, get that word out.
I appreciate you trying to take action there.
That's good.
I guess up next is Todd in Florida.
Todd, you're on the air.
Hello, sir.
I have a question.
I encountered some information regarding state citizenship versus federal citizenship.
Are you familiar with that?
The common law versus commercial law?
It's fact.
He does consulting for some middle-sized medical companies.
Take my father.
People call them huge medical companies.
And it's all about uniform commercial code.
It's all about these kangaroo courts they've set up.
And it's all under admiralty.
And again, it goes back, what is admiralty?
Well, the British were the greatest pirates ever.
They just said, we're the government.
And they just pull up and rob your ship for no reason.
They didn't care who you were.
Sometimes they rob British citizens.
And that's what the globalists do.
It's just, we're going to feed on you.
And if you're incorporated with them, if you don't know your rights, it's easier for them.
Basically claiming you're a state citizen or going through all the common law is like firing your cannons back at them and pulling your sword out as they board you.
Occasionally, if your ship looks well-equipped and there's not a powerful swarm of an enemy armada, they may move on to some type of cargo vessel that isn't defended.
Generally, that's what they do, is attack smaller cargo vessels, to use the analogy.
And that's why they go after the weak.
I mean, what does a predator go after?
The globalists have a religion of predatory evil, feeding on the weak.
And so that's why they seek to make us all weak, so they can feed on us more readily.
And this talked about if you're in a court with a gold fringe on the flag, that that was actually a commercial law court?
Well, martial law, Admiralty, absolutely.
That's federal law code.
Is it worth it to pursue state citizenship, in your opinion?
Well, I am a state citizen.
I mean, that's what the Constitutional Bill of Rights says.
But from the information I ain't got... My point is, they don't care.
I mean, this government, it's just pure tyranny.
It's the law of the machine gun.
The law of the black ski mask.
We have gone over into the jungle, my friend.
We are now in just absolute corruption, bedlam, mass cash payoffs of Richard Grasso hanging out with fart gorilla leaders.
I mean, we've entered the vortex of evil.
That's what's so scary.
You know how there's a whirlpool going down the drain in your bathtub?
At a certain point, there's a piece of...
We're good to go.
There's still got to be some hope there.
There's total hope.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm saying the system.
Look, Ron Paul said it.
He said three weeks ago at McKinney Rush, 15 miles outside Austin.
I gave the speech before he did.
And he got up on videotape.
It's been aired on this network.
John Statmore aired it on his show two weeks ago.
And he said, you know, the good news is this thing's going to fall apart.
And we're going to have a depression.
And he said enough people are going to be aware that the government caused all this and the private corporations that feed off the government.
And he said, I think I've seen an awakening that I didn't expect, and I think we're going to win this thing.
And that's the same thing I'm saying, that this plane is going to crash, that they can't help it.
They're in their ivory towers.
No one's restrained them.
They're delusional.
And my whole point is that now the king has no clothes.
The emperor's naked.
Everybody sees it.
And they can go into a rampage all they want.
Their system is falling apart.
I had to go to the courthouse to file some papers two days ago.
And normally the guards there at the metal detector are real mean to people.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
And they saw me there.
How are you doing?
Man, stuff's getting pretty wild, isn't it?
They were all serious.
How are you doing?
They have their combat boots and little outfits on, but I saw another police officer up there and he said, Hello, Mr. Jones, how's everything going?
They're afraid, okay?
They know the truth.
They hear they're about to get drafted and forcibly injected.
Okay, we're all in this together.
Against the globalists.
Go ahead, I'm sorry.
I had some other information I encountered.
I wanted to get your opinion on it.
Sure, go ahead.
Potential, I guess, verification on it.
It talked about birth certificates and a child being kind of set up as an asset of a trust registered with the IMF and that the state is the beneficiary of a trust?
And that started with the Romans that someone could, for a loan or as a tax, could pledge the children of their slaves.
I think.
The more I hear about things like that information, and you look at the fiscal policy and really the $6.4 trillion debt or whatever, these are almost like child abuse tactics.
I mean, obviously not the direct physical abuse, but a longer-term kind of fiscal.
Well, sir, it is now.
I've had a congressman on a few years ago about this.
It's been in the Sydney Morning Herald.
It's been in the AP.
For 33 years, coming up on 34, excuse me, it's also another year, almost 34 years ago, all children in the country born in a hospital, they come in and they say, oh, we're taking some blood from your baby's heel, and they take three big old ampules of it, and you ask, why are you doing that?
And they say, oh, one goes to the health department, one to the state, one to the federal government.
We do tests for blood diseases.
You ought to ask them, well, why don't you just do that test?
Why don't you just do that test here locally?
Well, it's mandated.
It's not law.
They get paid.
Well, they now admitted what we already knew.
It is now admitted.
It is part of a, quote, global DNA database.
So, see, they started 34 years out, 33 and, you know, 9 months or whatever, 10 months, years out.
Now they've got it in place, and they go, oh, yeah, we're going to use this now for all of you.
Oh, and by the way, we've been taking some of the blood and looking for unique proteins and genes, and if you don't own that, we sell that to biotech companies.
There was a federal court ruling, Ninth Circuit, a couple years ago, where they said that when you give blood to the blood bank, a lot of that stuff's getting sold for genetic engineering and screening.
They take your information and are patenting it.
It's incredible, folks.
So, I mean, we've had an illegal, criminal, sneaky DNA database for 34 years.
Now it's in place, and they're going, yes, we're going to start a national DNA database, England has said it, from the heel blood, and Canada's saying it, and Australia's saying it.
Oh, we're going to use it for the Bali bombing, people.
Oh, and oh, for all crimes now, your blood, yeah, we did keep it, but, you know, we couldn't tell you about it.
We just...
It's like, oh, six, seven years ago we put satellite tracker boxes, plug-ins, and all the new cars.
It accidentally got there.
Now we're going to start taxing you.
This is a new thing we just came up with last week.
And now Applied Digital Solutions, I just saw their PR information yesterday saying they've taken 5,000 orders for the Verichip this quarter.
Yeah, it was 2,400 a month ago, but now there's been another several thousand injections of the chip.
Right, and their deal with Brazil is they have a five-year option that goes up to 75,000.
And now that IBM's used them as their front, have you ever heard me say they're owned by IBM?
I've read that information several different places.
But everybody kept saying, oh, Alex, where'd you get it, where'd you get it?
I said, they're corporate minutes, they're corporate minutes.
I spent two, three hours on that reading it.
They're owned by the Communist Chinese military.
Folks, this is in their corporate minutes.
And IBM.
And I don't know what this weird fight is now where they're going, apply digital, suing IBM, because IBM's attempting to take control of the company.
They've always run that thing.
I guess they want to do it out in public, but that's one of those stunning analogies of, okay, IBM helped the Nazis in the concentration camp.
IBM wants to chip your kids.
Put two and two together.
Please get four.
It's stunning to me how much of this information, if people saw it in a movie as a fictionalized version, they'd be like, whoa, that's messed up.
But when it's presented as nonfiction reality happening in your real life,
People apparently, they want to change the channel.
Tell you what, you have made fabulous points.
We'll be right back.
I'll comment on what this gentleman has said.
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We're on the air.
Simulcasting on the internet, shortwave, AM, FM, you name it.
We're about to go back to Jeff and John and Wesley and Ron and Bob and just a bunch of other people.
I mean, let's say I have $50 million to make a movie where a secret group had taken over.
They were planning to plant the public with microchips.
We're publicly saying it on the news.
We're tracking everyone with cell phones with chips in it.
We're putting cancer viruses in vaccines.
We're doing all the things they're up to.
Splicing humans with crocodiles and goats with spiders and humans with cows and tomatoes that people eat on their store shelves with cockroaches.
You made a movie like that, people just go, man, that's the most whacked out, incredible, insane, unbelievable.
That was a nightmare.
And that's what's... See, I don't have the cognitive dissonance.
We're good to go.
Well, the Bible says they marvel at the beast system.
They marvel.
And listeners have called in.
I can't believe it.
It's incredible.
Once I see it, it's incredible.
I'm marveling.
And the caller's calling.
I go, yes, they marvel.
They marvel.
You marvel.
It's just so... You marvel.
It's unbelievable.
But when it's really happening... See, the subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind.
The conscious mind is that narrow focus...
Off the incredible brain power we've got, all the stored memories and instincts and the seed of the soul, all of it.
And so the conscious mind is only a narrowly focused beam.
And so that narrowly focused beam looks out and sees this, and the subconscious knows it's the truth, knows it's horrible, is marveling at it, is terrified by it, has its mouth hanging open.
And so it tells the subconscious mind, don't worry about that.
That threat's not real.
I mean, the public basically has gone into mass shock, folks.
And that's why they're announcing all this, throwing it in our face.
That's why they don't care if I'm on the air.
Because I really serve the globalists in a respect that they see the show as a desensitizer, a conditioner.
And I'm honest about that.
If you don't consciously listen to this show and fully, deeply think about the ramifications
And at all levels of your psyche, it is very bad to listen to this show.
I mean, I really should be honest and give you a warning.
Because I'm just here spewing...
Just, you know, the lone man seeing the matrix for what it is, or they live for what it is, you know, putting on the sunglasses, and basically this is just a howl of anguish.
Oh, look at the nightmare!
And so a lot of people are going to turn away hearing it.
I just, it's incredible.
I'm going to come back and we'll get to all your calls.
Taken a lot already this first hour.
I'm doing a good job.
We'll come back and take more calls, get to more news, you know.
Everybody stay right there.
Last minute of this hour, I would remind you, I've made a new film, Police State 3.
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You've got to see this.
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You want to see the beast system?
We'll show it to you, folks.
This is the biggest picture that's out there is this Police State 3.
It's a scholarly work.
It's encyclopedic.
There's road to tyranny.
Frankly, people say my best piece of work.
Government sponsored terror.
There's a great book I've published, Order Out of Chaos, Least Sponsored Terror, by Paul Watson.
I'm proud of it.
I hope you'll get it.
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I'll be right back.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yeah, I was reading a history book, and it talked about
A practice that for punishment, if somebody on a ship wasn't doing their work, they wouldn't just keelhaul them, drag them under the front of the boat.
They wouldn't just stick them up in the crow's nest for three or four days in the sun.
And usually you died in the water.
They would nail you to the wheel and make you sit there for a couple days during the ship.
That's what I meant by nailed to the wheel.
Because, no, I'm honored to be fighting this new world order and to be focused on it and be exposing it.
Let's go ahead and take some calls.
Let's talk to Jeff in Indiana.
We'll go to Jeff in Illinois.
And Wesley, Ron, Bob, and others.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'm glad you're in a good mood today.
You know, it's tough when you go on your rants and the deep sarcasm because, you know, the masses get downtrodden out here.
It's kind of like when your husband or wife is...
Down in the dumps, it kind of wears off on you and it drains your energy.
The more that you're able to take that conscious effort to stay civil and be upbeat, I know it's hard to candy coat all this, but like you say, those first-time callers that tune in and then hear you just going totally off the handle, it's tough to stay tuned at that point.
Well, people told me that.
That's why lately I've kind of gotten, I don't want to say down, just really angry.
And so, yeah, that's spilled over.
So I'm being friendly, and I feel better, and the listeners all feel happy.
I was given that advice by a good individual, and I've taken it.
And I've done this myself from time to time.
Notice when I'm being grumpy.
It's so disgusting.
And let me tell you.
It is a subconscious tactic to be over the top, to really tell it like it is, to not sugarcoat it, because that does, with a lot of people, break through and shock them like cold water or slap upside the head into waking up.
So overall, it's a good thing, but I do overdo it, and it does affect me, my own...
My own PR, as they say, because I'm just a straight shooter.
This is how I feel about things, but it kind of becomes a feedback loop, and it gets worse and worse, so yes.
Now, the other thing, too, is your commercial here says that you're the T-Rex of political talk.
You know, all the dinosaurs are extinct, Alex, but you're the cutting-edge thing that's up and coming.
I don't know about up and coming.
I'll be like Galileo saying the world's round.
I think I'll be in deep trouble, but...
When they're putting people like me in prison, that's when they're about to go, their system's about to go extinct.
The other thing I've got to ask you about, too, is Jim Shepard's got his new commercial out for the Berkey.
And I've got to say, I did get one of the Berkeys.
I love it a lot.
The only thing I have found is if you have a water softener, you absolutely do not want to run softened water through that because it's like running salt water through it, and it just does not work.
So you've got to run straight well water through those filters.
The thing about that is, though, is Jim Shelter also advertises that you're torturing water for five to ten minutes.
Are you guys terrorists?
Yeah, a torturous process.
Is that why it's a good thing?
Torture's good now.
Yeah, I hear that.
And the media says it's an American, you know, it's apple pie.
Torture, baseball, mom.
Well, Alex, I just wanted to hopefully lift your spirits here a little bit.
Like I said,
The better mood that you are, the more energetic everybody else out here is and able to do a lot.
No, no, you're absolutely right.
You are absolutely right, and that dark personality wears off on people.
And I hope it helps Violet tonight, too, maybe if you come home in a better mood.
Yeah, that would be good.
All right, Alex, take care.
All right, buddy, you take care.
Appreciate that call.
We'll come back, and again, I'll throw out some of the top news stories.
Wesley Clark, we discussed that aftermath of the hurricane.
The rich got rich, the poor got poor, but again, the rich are getting their money through graft and corruption and insider deals.
A lot of them are.
And that's not some left-wing line, folks.
That's history.
I mean, don't tell me the robber barons weren't having people killed to create monopolies.
We'll talk about that as well.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, my friends.
Already 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the second hour of this live Friday edition.
We have Mr. Blood, a great researcher and broadcaster covering the New World Order, joining us in about 22 minutes.
And, of course, earlier in the last hour, we're about to go back to your calls, I mentioned this Associated Press article, U.S.
Got richer in 2003, Forbes says.
And, again, the neocons will have a heyday with this.
They'll go, these evil liberals, they're all jealous of this money that was gotten through hard work in the American way.
They want to use class warfare to pull down all of these wonderful good people.
Now, that's a fraud, folks.
History shows that, yeah, you can become wealthy, you can become successful by inventing something or by working hard, but you don't get to the pinnacles of power.
You don't get in the top one-half of one-tenth of a percent, you know, the top hundred people in the country by playing tiddlywinks with people.
That is a fraud, folks.
You've got to be on the inside track.
This is shown over and over again
And I just want to point out that these rich guys and gals are the ones pushing for big government, more regulation.
They make their profits off of government growth.
So two articles beside each other, and the Austin American Statesman today.
Here in Austin, AP article.
rich got richer in 2003.
Forbes magazine says net worth of wealthiest 400 grew by 10% from 2002 magazine figures.
During a downsizing, during a recession, a major contraction, they increased their wealth by 10%?
Guess who else got pay raises and got bigger?
See, the ultra-rich get richer, and government bureaucrats and the size of government gets bigger.
Right next to it is an Austin American Statesman staff article by Claudia Rosales.
Jobless rate falls to 5.6 in August.
Austin area gains about 5,200 jobs, but most hiring was related to government.
Oh, yeah, you ought to see it in Austin.
I mean, two, three years ago, traffic.
Twelve hours a day.
I mean, it was horrible.
Now the traffic isn't as bad.
I mean, I'd say it's about 40% better.
I mean, it's incredible.
There's houses for sale everywhere.
$300,000 houses are $200,000.
I mean, it's just incredible.
$150,000 houses are $100,000.
I mean, it's horrible.
And I remember these yuppies.
They would go, You better watch out.
Dell's moving to China.
They're going to restrict that stock, and he's going to make more money.
That's ridiculous.
He's a team player.
You're just jealous that I have $2 million in Dell stock.
And I'd say to them,
You just better wake up, buddy.
Every time they build up a bubble like this, it's speculative.
It's designed to get you overextended, to consolidate, and they make record profits and get record control.
That's ridiculous.
Alan Greenspan won't let this end.
They're making too much money.
Making money?
Yes, they do make the money.
You're right.
They print it.
You're not rich and powerful and on the real power list, it's never listed in Forbes, by the way, low-level middle-class minions are of the elite, unless you own major controlling stock in central banks.
Now, we're about to go back to Jeff and Wesley and Ron and Bob and John, but I just want you to think about that.
I mean, here it is.
The proof.
The paradigm.
Government's growing.
Government bureaucrats got raises.
It's all right here.
Massive layoffs everywhere.
Just incredible numbers here.
The city actually shrunk when it had been the fastest growing number one city to live in.
Right next to this is how Warren Buffett, age 73, 36 billion.
Paul Allen, 50, 22 billion.
Alice Walton, $20.5 billion.
Tied with three family members.
Bob Walton, $20.5 billion, on and on.
Larry Ellison, $59, $18 billion.
Michael Dell, $13 billion.
He fires a bunch of people, but he didn't really lay anybody off.
It all went to China.
The customer service is going to China, going to India, going to Canada.
And some of these people are still defending him.
I'll see them.
People I know.
I've got neighbors who are loading up, moving to wherever to move in with their mommies.
50-year-old men and women.
I'm not blaming you.
If you have to do it, do it.
They're loading up.
They're moving back to Tennessee or Ohio.
They don't have anything.
They were shooting their mouths off, laughing.
But I was saying, get out.
It's 11 plus thousand.
Get out now.
Get out now, Bill.
Get out.
Oh, Alex, whatever.
Listen to me.
Were you smoking that wacky tobacco?
Listen, man, they're building three big factories.
When those things are done, you're going to be in trouble.
Dell is in China.
Listen, Dell wouldn't do that.
He needs to make money, too.
Of course he will.
He'll fire you and move it to China, you idiot.
I confronted Dell about that, by the way.
It got written up in the paper.
I said, so, your new factory, when are the layoffs going to start?
There's never going to be any layoffs.
That guy gave me a look like,
Like, you know, he had just ripped my heart out.
I mean, he just really knew how to look at me with just pure hatred.
I just had pity on him, though.
And I was literally looking at a, you know, possessed creature, basically.
And Michael Dell's evil, folks.
I'll just tell you right now.
That guy's a serious business.
Let's go ahead.
I mean, when you've been around these vampires enough, you know how to spot them.
And I mean that figuratively, you know what I mean.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to...
What did I say?
Jeff in Louisiana.
Go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
How are you doing this morning?
Good, sir.
Good to talk to you.
Yeah, thank you.
Listen, have you ever had a guy on your show named Larkin Rose from taxableincome.net?
Yeah, I think a couple years ago I did.
You know, they rated him over his video.
Yes, they did.
Very well produced.
Looked like something from 60 Minutes.
And it just showed the U.S.
Code, which I've checked out.
The judges banned the book written by...
Yeah, that's right.
They're basically trying to shut down any kind of dissenting voice against the income tax.
Well, that's because it's all in the U.S.
Code, and that's for the corporations to know so they don't have to pay tax.
Yeah, obviously.
That's not for you to know.
Yeah, these regulations, obviously, somebody's used these regulations and the code to, you know, not to pay the tax.
And, of course, it's legal.
I mean, it should be for the people, too.
But it's all selectively enforced.
Yeah, that's right.
They're not even following their own laws.
Let me give you an example.
The Bush family owns triple-hole supertankers.
Buildings in downtown Houston, banks all over Texas, golf courses, you know, sports teams, professional sports teams, and Parade Magazine says Bush is worth a million dollars.
So, again, he's got foundations, interlocking directorates.
Well, you should have him back on again, you know, Larkin Rose and possibly Thurston Bell from...
We're good to go.
What, hedging money?
No, dollar hegemony.
I may be mispronouncing it.
Oh, you're talking about the dollar being a world reserve currency.
Basically, yeah.
And it's been expoused on the Internet.
I've read several articles about the... See, Sodom was saying back in November 2000... Yeah, it was going to... It was dumping it for the gold dinar.
What he was doing, he had the U.N.
Oh, no.
re-denominate the price of his oil going through the oil for food program.
That's what George Soros, who's a Rothschild agent and others are saying.
And a lot of people are out saying this, and at a certain level that story's true.
But George Bush wouldn't come out and say a dropping dollar's good, and they wouldn't have Snow and the guy before him bad-mouthing the dollar for three years straight if they didn't want a low dollar.
Europe controls America like a finger puppet.
We play the part of the bad cop.
We're to be broken down to lose our dollar, to lose everything.
That's by design, though.
Bush and those guys didn't invade Iraq to stop that.
So, only at a certain level is that put out that Saddam was doing that.
And he was trying that.
And see, that's manipulation.
That's the Euro sitting out, acting like it's against the war, and the Arabs run over going, Oh, you're our friends.
We'll cash in with you.
So it's, you know, a two-headed Hydra.
And the bigger head, the Arabs all just ran into the mouth of the Hydra's teeth for safety from the evil American Hydra that's snapping at them.
You ever seen the old Tom and Jerry cartoon where the cat opens its mouth like it's a mouse hole and puts the little sign up that it's a restaurant for mice and the mouse walks into its mouth?
Yeah, yeah.
So it's the good cop, bad cop routine all over again.
Yeah, I mean, that's all this is.
It's just continually over and over again.
The Arabs, the Japanese, the North Koreans, they all fall for it.
They're not pirates.
They're not sophisticated.
I'm sorry.
The Western mind, when it goes evil, is the worst thing around.
And these other people just can't deal with it.
And the globalists are great at praising someone and telling them how good they are and how they're unstoppable.
And these fools always bite for the good cop, bad cop.
They're just not sophisticated enough to get it.
I'm sorry.
I'm not saying they're stupid.
They just don't know what ball game they're playing.
Whole governments get fooled by this.
They're like five-year-olds.
Thank you for the call.
We'll be right back.
I appreciate it.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, we're back live.
Let's go to these calls quickly.
Let's go to Wesley in Tennessee, then Ron, Bob, John, Don, and others.
Wesley, you're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Pretty good.
How are you today?
I was going to say, this isn't in response to a previous caller.
This is just a statement that I'm making on my own to you.
The next time somebody calls you a pessimist, just remind them what the definition of a pessimist is.
You know what it is?
Why don't you refresh my memory?
A well-informed optimist.
I mean, I think the outlook is great for humanity if we stand up and fight it.
People want to know just how bad it is.
You know, the end of the statement, well, government's corrupt, that's just what they do, you know.
No, we have to stop accepting that.
That is sick to go, oh, that's just how it is.
Well, I wanted to tell you, I was in a gun shop about a week ago, and I heard a couple of detectives talking to each other, and there was a case...
One of them was involved in maybe two weeks before that where a woman was... A guy attempted to rape a woman and she pulled out a 9mm and held a gun on the guy and dialed 911 on her cell phone.
And when this one detective got out to the place where this woman was at, he discovered that she did not have
This is sick, folks!
Don't do anything to us you wouldn't want to be in those shoes.
Walk a mile in those shoes, and that's great.
That's great.
Don't take the forcible injection, and don't make us take it with these vaccines.
I mean, it's just common sense stuff.
Look at New York and D.C.
with total gun bans, highest crime rate.
Yeah, they just told her to put her gun back in her purse and get back in her car and be on her way.
Did you hear about this woman?
What was it, in Long Island?
Her car broke down, AAA didn't show up for two hours.
She went ahead and went for help from some guy on the street, and he killed her and cut her up.
And they're suing AAA, which I think they should do.
But, you know, why didn't she have a gun?
I mean, they don't do that as much in Texas and places like Vermont.
Because these women, most of them, have got guns.
I mean, if somebody messes with my wife, she'll splatter them.
That's the only way to do it.
I mean, you can't depend on the police to protect in the first place.
They're not even legally obligated to protect them.
Well, they can't.
I mean, the average cell call response from 911 or any other type of call is, what, 12 minutes?
In some parts of the country, it's even worse.
I mean, I love those nightmare promos we used to run.
They're in the computer where they're busting in the door.
She goes, help, 911, help.
And then it tells the true case of she was murdered with a meat fork on 911.
One other last point.
These guys mentioned that they had learned a lesson well from Waco, Texas.
That was never to present themselves in...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Red on another song.
Again, Wesley, Al-Qaeda is the CIA.
That's why they set it up that way.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, it's just a historical fact, folks.
Let's go ahead and talk to, real quick here, we're going to go to Bob.
We're going to go to Bob in Colorado.
Bob, go ahead.
I'm listening to you, and it just makes my head spin because you talk about so much here.
We don't stick to one topic, generally.
Oh, yeah.
Well, the biggest thing, just a comment real quick.
You're talking about how devaluing the dollar.
God, what's a better way to devalue the dollar than to take a trillion-dollar surplus and turn it into a trillion-dollar deficit?
Well, yeah, that's it.
And the Japanese are dumping the dollar.
The Chinese are starting to dump it.
And our president says a weak dollar is good for manufacturing.
I've heard that before.
That's ridiculous.
I mean, look, that's like saying we've cut your leg off.
We're going to give you a drink of water.
Unfortunately, what people don't realize is when they devalue the dollar, then that's going to bust the real estate bubble because the fact is that if currency is not worth what it's valued at.
But my biggest thing that I was calling about was, and I have heard this, I heard a couple of things about Iraq.
One of them was, and I don't remember where I heard it, and I wish I knew the source, but... Tell you what, we've got a talk show that's coming up.
We're going to talk about Wesley Clark and the first-time crack in Serbia, and we're going to talk about what happened in Desert Death 2.
So stay there.
We'll get to you.
Stay right there.
Bob and Ron and Don and John, everybody stay there.
We've got Mr. Blood coming on.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, my friends, Alex Jones here back live.
More news and your calls coming up.
We have a special guest the rest of this hour, Jack Blood of WARL Reality Talk Radio, 1320.
We're good to go.
I think?
And they have a lot of other great talk show hosts locally there on their station.
We're going to plug that website and tell you about it.
And I was talking to Jack Blood and some of the other folks at the station this morning, and I figured I wanted to get him on the show.
Jack, I appreciate you coming on.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
And hopefully our listeners over here in the New England area, good people, will see that if I get out live, they can call into your show and do the same.
We've gotten actually quite a few calls from...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I really saw the tone of people calling into the other stations and the other shows change because of what we did with that station, and we're hoping to do the same thing here, Alex.
I was talking to some of the folks at your station about things you're doing, this whole interactive multimedia thing as well.
That's exciting, and folks really should try to duplicate what you're doing, Jack, there at WARL.
Hillary Clinton's coming to town, isn't she?
Yeah, Hillary Clinton is coming to the college side here, College Hill Bookstore.
For those of you WRL listeners who want to get involved and cause her a little grief, go down there, maybe do a little protest, ask her what her socialist plans are.
I don't know if you're aware, recently, I just read this in the BBC, Alex, she had a big news conference to put together a nationwide system where anyone could telephone 211 to be connected to social services.
There's a big article in the Austin American Statesman today about how wonderful this is and how they need more funding for the hotlines to tag along everyone and take more children.
I mean, the millions they take every year, millions, folks, isn't enough.
Yeah, George Clooney is also on board with this, trying to support it.
And I've heard some interesting things about Hillary Clinton as well, that she's planning to get into this presidential race, Alex.
You think she's going to run as a VP with Wesley Clark?
They're saying Wesley Clark will be her VP.
That's what I've heard on the ground.
Well, you're right there in Rhode Island with all the big elite folks.
We're not one of them, or any of them.
No, I know that, but you certainly have got your ear pretty close to the source.
Yeah, well, I mean, you know, we're here with Brown University, some of the top universities, one of the top art universities is also here in RISD, and I've got to tell you, one thing, you know, doing this radio station and being involved with management of the station, you know, we really see a change in the environment and the thinking of people in general, and I can, you know, this is why we're working with big newspapers in the area, why they're
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When they say they're building emergency camps, when they say they're going to have a national draft for professionals, when they say your new cell phone tracks everything you do, and, oh, yeah, your digital cable can listen to you, and, oh, yeah, we're going to tax you with your OnStar, when that happens, a lot of people are finally starting to wake up.
Yeah, I mean, if you push, this is the thing, and a lot of people get discouraged, you know, what the New World Order is doing and what they've been doing for decades, if not millennia,
Well, I heard a talk show host
Who's on here in Austin, Johnny Rowland.
Talking about that.
And how people just ignored the 55 mile an hour speed limits.
Police stopped giving tickets for it.
Everyone was against it, you know, like 90%.
And the federal government that had mandated that, none of their business had to back off.
What a good example.
They ordered all the police and firefighters and people to take the smallpox shot.
They said no.
I mean, something like 99.9%.
So over and over again, people aren't buying this, Jack.
Yeah, and none of their plans are working out, which, you know, hey, they may get desperate, and we have to kind of be prepared for that, and I think that's the key thing, Alex, is just being prepared.
You want to have an escape plan, and you very well might need that escape plan, but I do have a very positive outlook in the big picture.
Well, you've got to have that positive outlook.
It's just when you realize how truly megalomaniacal these people are, it's amazing.
Let's talk about Wesley Clark, then let's go back to the calls, Jack.
Wesley Clark, they're now saying in the New York Times, yeah, he got told by the Clintons.
Late-arriving candidate got pushed from Clintons.
That's the headline in the New York Times.
And, of course, he's Rhodes Scholar, former head of NATO, tried to start World War III with the Russians, according to BBC.
Flashback that Drudge did yesterday.
We did it on Infowars.com.
I mean, this guy, Wesley Clark, is really something else, but it doesn't matter.
I mean, you've got George Bush skull and bones, Kerry skull and bones, you've got this guy running around.
I mean, do you see any candidate that's favorable to you?
You know, in the beginning I had liked Dennis Kucinich, but...
None of them are worth two cents.
And I've got to say, nobody gets through the DNC.
Nobody gets on the Democratic ticket.
If not through the Clintons, they control.
They put Terry McAuliffe in charge of the DNC and the fundraising for the Democratic National Party.
Yeah, the Clintons are the Karl Rove of the Democratic Party.
That's right.
And no one's going to get through without them.
And that's why I think, really, they're beating down Bush.
They're tearing him apart.
All these people getting the bad publicity, the negative press.
Ted Kennedy came out today saying it was a Texas plot, a conspiracy, he might have said, in the Texas invention.
Let's just be honest.
Bush is as blue blood as it gets and is always hanging on Ted Kennedy.
Yeah, Bush is a blue blood from Connecticut.
Let's not forget that.
And it's not bad to be from New England.
All I'm saying is, stop blaming Texas, folks, when he belongs to you guys.
We can blame Texas for Lowry Mays and the Clear Channel.
He's a Bush buddy.
You can certainly do that.
Oh, you can blame us for LBJ.
You talk about a criminal.
But you are evening out the score, Alex, broadcasting from your bunker down there in Texas.
But I do want to say, you know, let's keep our eye on Hillary Clinton because there's no doubt in my mind, not only is she a socialist and working with the New World Order on the highest level, but, you know, I hear a lot of rumors about mind control and some of the things she's involved in, and that's the last person.
That's right.
I mean, I don't mind seeing a woman get in there, Alex, but that is the last person we need right now, and she is setting it up.
Hillary Clinton was tailor-made to walk into Hollywood and get starting roles as the Chief Witch.
I mean, Harry Potter movies is what she should be in.
The lady just radiates just as a rat-like creature.
But again, I know these neocons are going to be on the air going, Alex, I know Bush ain't perfect, but come on, Hillary!
I would never vote for Bush!
Again, they say, well, you've got to vote for the lesser two evils.
I've given the example of them telling you to drink out of, well, this glass has five...
Two tablespoons of cyanide.
This one has three.
Take the lesser of two.
No, I'm not drinking either one.
Yeah, I mean, I almost don't mind if Bush stays in, mainly because I know what he's all about.
I know what to look for, and I know how to work with the guy.
I mean, somebody else comes in.
You get a Democrat in, especially.
A lot of people are going to go to sleep, and, you know, it works the same thing.
They like to switch it back and forth, Alex.
Oh, they love it.
They love it.
Left, right, left, right.
Keeps you guessing.
That's it.
Let's take some calls, Jack.
Oh, before we do that, plug the website for the great station.
Hey, this is a great website.
I have a boy genius over here that did our website.
He sculpted it all.
It's amazing.
It's realityradio1320.com.
We have our own servers in the building here.
Ironically enough, I'm on the fifth floor of the Masonic Temple where the radio station is here in Providence.
But we have our own servers.
The streaming is great.
It almost never rebuffs.
For our listeners, we have posters.
Alex, you inspired our posters.
They're on our site, so our listeners can get involved, download the posters, and put them everywhere.
And before rumors start, this was a lease.
This is not the Masonic Temple.
They own a big building.
No, it was formerly the Masonic Temple.
In fact, we talked to an engineer that came in here, Alex.
He told us...
So a lot of folks are waking up.
That's exciting.
You know it.
All right, well, who are we talking to?
I was talking to Bob in Colorado, and he had a point if he's still there.
About the war in Iraq.
He had some questions, and I think Jack Blood, who's really up to date on this, can probably answer them.
Go ahead, Bob.
The one that I can't remember the source from, maybe you guys can bring it up for reference on this, but I had read or heard that West Nile, Iris, was in fact the CIA gift to Saddam Hussein.
Oh, no, that is a fact.
That was in the Buffalo News really detailed article about a 94 Senate report by Alphonse D'Amato.
Botulism, West Nile, weaponized anthrax, Sharon, VX, everything.
What I'm curious about is how come no one in this Homeland Security stuff knows there's been no mention of perhaps that maybe there's been some spreading of this because this virus has spread from coast to coast in, what, two years?
With mosquitoes?
Yeah, and it went from just a few people dying to hundreds dying now, and there was an article that 35,000 people could have it in Colorado.
I mean, that is... That's the thing.
Colorado now leads in the death of West Nile and then also the cases.
That's some kind of a profile that they pulled from blood donors as to who actually has been exposed, and it's an unreal number.
Let me get a comment from Jack on that.
Well, you know, great information on this type of thing is, if you don't mind me plugging, Len Horowitz and Tetrahedron.org.
Len Horowitz has been exposing, you know, West Nile virus, AIDS, SARS, did some good work on SARS.
And, you know, the guy was, he studied diseases at Harvard and how the media handles that.
He's a real expert, so Tetrahedron.org, there's a lot on that.
Well, he also brought it out, it was later in the AP, there was a,
There was a congressional-funded deal out of the National Security Council funding arm, how to mail weaponized anthrax through the mail, and then that was in 99.
It led right back to Fort Detrick.
He broke all that.
Then it came out that it really was this, that they've named this Israeli everything, but nothing's being done.
They're going after Hatfield as the scapegoat.
Yeah, war, disease, suicide, teen suicide.
I mean, all these things are meant to back up Ted Turner's statement.
You know, he wants to get the population of the planet Earth.
He said 95%, yeah.
Yeah, I mean, about a 95% reduction.
Would be ideal, he said in Autobahn Magazine.
And of course...
I just want to say, too, that this insurgence in Iraq, I don't know if you've given any thought to this, done any research, but to me this is so obviously staged, this insurgence that they have over there.
That's their excuse to keep troops in.
And then Shalibi, the admitted bank robber and torture expert who worked for the Shaw, runs things for the Bushies.
It's ridiculous, and anyone that buys it, I think they need to go check themselves for mind control.
But again, 70% of people don't know where Iraq is, Jack, and so when we tell them that Iran doesn't kill their own agents that are taking over, it's just ridiculous.
And George Bush came out recently saying, now he says there is no connection of Iraq and 9-11.
I never said there was a connection.
There never was.
Cheney says it.
The thing is with that, it's most interesting.
That, to me, looks like the big lie that the Nazis did.
Because the thing is, you say something, or you don't say it, and then you let it perpetuate for a few years, and then that's the truth.
And everybody in the United States believes that.
Well, that's it.
Thanks for the call.
Great points.
Let's talk to John in New York.
John, go ahead.
Okay, Don in Colorado.
You're up next.
Go ahead, Don.
Hey, Alex.
First, I want to talk about Fox News.
Then I had two other little tidbits to talk about.
Okay, go ahead, go ahead.
Fox News, I used to be a big fan of that for about a year after September 11th, and I just couldn't wait to vote for Bush, and when he landed on the aircraft carrier, I thought that was so great.
And some friends showed me your videos, and it's pretty conservative and right-wing and stuff, and it took me a while to accept those things.
But once I did, I could really see Fox News for what it is,
Just, you know, Bush, New World Order, Propaganda Central.
I mean, it is actually run by the military, my friend.
Oh, yeah.
And, you know, I actually, I like watching it to catch their slip-up.
Like, last night, and I recorded this on VHS at the end of Britt Hume's show.
Britt Hume said, you know, thanks for watching Fox News.
Fair and balanced, sort of.
And this was a while back.
I wasn't able to record this.
It was April 6th.
I would love to see that.
Yeah, I'll mail you a copy.
Fox News, we distort, you deride.
Is that their logo?
Well, I mean, I call them ultra-socialist left-wing communism.
I mean, look, folks, boil it down.
The pinkos have gotten sophisticated.
They run around in conservative outfits.
I don't know how to, and again, I don't get into pinko, all that, but I'll just use a term that the so-called conservatives can understand.
Government is exploding.
They're expanding all the socialist programs.
They're coming after your guns, and you're calling this conservative.
What is your major malfunction?
Well, that reminds me of this bumper sticker that I saw recently.
It said, under Democrats, man exploits man.
Under Republicans, it's just the opposite.
I love that bumper sticker.
And this is really telling on Fox News.
It was April 6, 2003.
It was 10.04 Mountain Time.
I didn't get to record it, but it was Major Garrett.
I think he was corresponding from the White House.
And this is at the time when Iraq was the big news.
And you heard the term weapons of mass destruction about 100 times a day?
And he was talking on and on, blah, blah, blah.
And where he should have said weapons of mass destruction, he accidentally slipped up and said, blah, blah, blah, weapons of mass control.
I mean, destruction.
So I think that weapons of mass control is there.
Insider elite term for what they call their media.
Well, that's it.
Get up your rights or the bad man will get you.
Whenever you hear the word security, put in the word control and you'll have it.
And I got an AP article here titled Patriot Act Also Used to Fight Regular Crime.
Yeah, that's it.
Yeah, it says any type of drugs, you're going to the FEMA camp.
Thank you.
Great points.
We'll be back.
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That's right, folks.
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All right, we're going to take four or five more calls.
We're about five minutes into the next hour with our great guest.
Mr. Blood from W-A-R-L, one of our wonderful affiliates up in Rhode Island, 1320 AM.
And I want this guy to get a show on our network because he's very informed of the New World Order.
We need more voices out there reaching people across this land to link up.
When I went down to Houston last week on September 11th and we sold out the movie theater that held over 300 people and had to turn away hundreds,
Folks were going, I can't believe there's this many people.
I thought I was alone.
No, we actually are one of the largest groups, that is, folks that believe the world is round, in the world today.
We know there's a world government when they say it on the news.
We read the newspaper where they say our courts are going under the UN, and then we admit that to ourselves, and we admit there's face-scanning cameras, and we admit, again, that the sun comes up in the morning.
We're a very curious, strange group.
Our numbers are growing.
And then we have Bev Harris on the electronic voting fraud coming up.
We've got to go back over this with some of the information because they're taking our right to vote away, folks.
So that'll be the last part of the next hour.
Jack, any points you'd like to make before we jump back to the callers?
Well, I had Bev Harris on my show about a year ago when she was just starting off this whole black box voting fraud campaign.
And, you know, I was surprised by the crickets I heard in the audience, Alex.
People were bored by such a thing as sustaining your right to vote.
It was amazing.
And I think we really, really need to get more interested.
Well, I mean, it's so evil and so horrible.
It's just...
How do you deal with it?
The CIA covertly runs the touchscreen companies.
They have meetings and talk about how to suppress you, and it's been recorded by major newspapers, but hasn't become a national story.
Well, we're just taking your right to vote away now.
Yeah, it's absolute mind control of the American public, which is obviously what they set out to do.
Though, you know, you have a lot of people that are awake, millions of people listening to you.
We have tens of thousands of people listening to our station, you know, in a given week.
Why can't we get a little bit more involved in that?
It's just like taxes.
You start talking about taxes...
Well, I mean, it's the built-in thing in a gazelle.
Once the lion grabs it, the gazelle just kind of quits resisting and lays down.
Kind of that prey animal thing of just giving up.
You know, a rabbit just has a heart attack whenever it's in the clutches.
It's kind of a built-in thing to be a meal.
Folks, you're not a mindless, bug-eyed bunny rabbit.
Stand up.
Get involved.
Let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Clyde Nevada.
Clyde, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Well, hello.
Hi, Alex and Jack.
I've studied the history of the War of Independence.
Without ministers calling people to arms, it would not have happened.
Of course, 40% of the officers in the Continental Army were basically
Well, I guess the issue and the question I had is, what ministries are there to ministers or preachers regarding what's going on to try to get them more activated and interested?
Even the 10% that are in what we call unregistered churches, which are... You've just got to educate them.
They don't know how serious things are.
You've got to deprogram them.
You've got to show them their children's future is at stake, and a lot of people will deprogram.
You heard the guy earlier who was buying all the stuff and loved the aircraft carrier landing, and he's deprogrammed.
Well, I mean, that's pretty deep.
One thing I noticed when I first started waking up to all of this and I would go talk to people on the street, you can give them all the facts you want in a conversation, but these people are so mind-controlled, you literally need to treat them as if they've been abducted by a cult.
You need to take them somewhere for a week.
And deprogram them, but institutions like your radio show, like our radio station, WARL here, the American Free Press, many of the websites around, the great books that are published, these institutions of unlearning, let's call them, really are the key to unlocking the mind control of America.
Well, you know, I find that... I'll tell you what, stay there, my friend.
I'll tell you, this Jack Blood's on fire, isn't he?
I'm Alex Jones.
We'll be back.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Already into the third hour of this worldwide transmission.
Thanks for joining us.
Tell your friends and family about the show, about the affiliate you're listening to us...
On Internet, shortwave, AM, FM, one of our great affiliates, W-A-R-L, 1320, and they're in Rhode Island.
We have one of their, well, most prolific and insightful talk show hosts, Jack Blood, on with us, and a bunch of callers.
I want to go quick to these calls and finish up, because we've got Bev Harris coming up about election fraud and stealing the right to vote away from you.
You better stay with us.
Jack, continuing with the comments from Clyde Navarro.
Real quick, Clyde, you had one other point.
Well, I just wondered if there's any kind of a ministry that any of your listeners even know about that's two ministers, because they'll listen to fellow ministers a lot more than they would a lady.
Is there a ministry to them to try to wake them up?
Yeah, you're saying it's important to get the preachers woken up, and there is a lot of preachers out there, gentlemen.
Look at Tex Mars, look at Pastor Butch Paul, and others.
Let's move on to other callers.
Let's talk to Dylan in Texas.
Dylan, you're on the air.
Howdy, Alex.
How are y'all doing today?
Pretty good.
I was having a little bit of a personal endeavor last night, kind of distressing, talking to someone very close to me who's in second year of law school, trying to mention some of the things that I've learned from your show.
Most of the things you've said that I've been interested in, I've gone and got the Associated Press article or whatever off the Internet.
Yeah, like getting rid of attorney-client privilege, trying to get rid of juries.
Yeah, I mentioned that.
That guy Nino Grawley at the University of Texas Law School telling them juries aren't needed.
The Constitution's a luxury.
Go ahead.
Okay, again, I really would like to... What names can I plug in to Google or whatever to find this information?
Well, I guessed what you were calling about, but is that the info you want?
Yeah, I want info on no more attorney-client privilege.
Okay, ABA scraps attorney-client privilege.
Type that in, you'll probably get a thousand hits.
ABA scraps attorney-client privilege.
Yeah, or type in ABA calls for ending juries.
Jack, you're a newsman.
Have you seen these articles?
No, I haven't.
But I will say this.
You know, it was Constitution Day on Wednesday.
And, you know, when it's Gay Pride Day, you have a big parade down Main Street.
Or Dice of Sace or something.
Believe this or not, our city hall on Gay Week flies a gay flag above the, you know, I can see it from my window here, from my office.
And a Constitution Day, I mean, talk about it being a privilege.
It's less than that.
You know, right now, in the eyes of the people that are enslaving us, it is less than that.
Constitution Day, there should be parades all over America.
It should be bigger than the 4th of July, and I don't understand why it isn't.
Well, that's my point.
They have days to say, once it came out, they don't even really celebrate that in Mexico, but they do here.
And that's the government promoting it to break the country up.
Anything to erase what America was.
Also, the problem we have, and when you're talking about churches and them being under the 501c3 and taking money from the government, I mean, we have no leaders.
This is the biggest problem we face.
We have no leaders.
The leaders that come up are immediately infiltrated or killed or criminalized in some way or compromised.
We need leaders.
That's what we need.
Well, we got them in people like you, my friend.
Thanks for the call.
One last call.
I'm going to go to Ron in New York.
I'm going to go to Ron.
And sorry to Melissa and others, we're running out of time.
Ron, go ahead.
Hi, gentlemen.
It was ironic that your guest had mentioned the West Nile virus.
I happen to live right behind the place where that outbreak started in New York City in 1999.
They just so happen to be playing with that at Plum Island, as usual, where the Lyme disease they now admit came from.
Well, in that case, I had a little theory about that myself.
I lived right behind, literally, the area with several acres, pristine acres of untouched area.
It had been sort of a dumping ground since about the time of World War II, right on through to the Cold War.
And at that time, there were defense-related industries over there.
My guess was that what they had done is probably dumped a bacteriological agent there.
Hey, I'm out of time.
I want to thank you.
Jack Blood, thank you for coming on the show.
And God bless you, my friend.
It's been a pleasure.
Thanks, Alex.
Keep up the good work, buddy.
We'll be back.
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We chronicle the criminal activities of the global elite and their crime syndicates, their allied crime syndicates as well.
And coming up before the show ends today, regulating vitamins.
This is from the Washington Times.
There's a new bill.
They tried it in 93.
Clinton tried it.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Just a lot more, some other serious issues coming up.
This is the same government that says 1,900 times the so-called safe level of DU for our troops to breathe is good, but they want you to not be able to buy that vitamin C. And by the way, Europe's already done this, by the way.
So whatever happens there then happens here.
And everything that's happening destroys liberty and freedom, destroys our constitutional republic.
This is out of the plain dealer business.
Cleveland's big newspaper, voting machine controversy, Columbus.
The head of a company vying to sell voting machines in Ohio told Republicans in a fundraising letter that he is committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.
The August 14th letter from Walden O'Dell, chief executive of Diebold Incorporated, who has become active in re-election effort for President Bush, prompted Democrats this week to question the proprietary documents
And of allowing Odell Company to calculate votes in the 2004 presidential election.
Odell, it goes on, attended a strategy powwow with wealthy Bush benefactors known as the Rangers and Pioneers.
And it goes on and on.
Now, we had Bev on a few months ago.
She said she was breaking the major news because she's a lady who's been hired by Fortune 500 companies to expose corporate corruption in their own systems.
They found Diebold and other big companies.
They looked at the source code of Diebold and others.
This has been in everything, Denver Post, Associated Press, Reuters, all over that these things are designed for fraud.
You've got electronic access, wireless Internet hooked into them, weird tabulation systems.
I mean, it's designed with fraud in mind with no paper trails.
We're good to go.
I think?
Give us a nutshell of what we're facing and what this new article means with this Odell, with the company that's really...
There's so much.
Well, we have a lot to break.
It's interesting, isn't it, how we break something and three or four months later the news actually catches up to it.
That tells you a lot about what's happening with the media in our country.
But I will take my hat off to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
They are unafraid and they are out there covering this and so is the Akron Beacon Journal.
There are two of very few
Media outlets that are actually going out and doing real investigative work.
This should be top story.
Top story.
They should all be ripped out everywhere.
You bet.
And AP Wire, by the way, is picking up this stuff, but what is really a problem is... Now, usually when the AP Wire service picks it up, it gets into 50 to 200 newspapers, but the main newspapers are...
Blacking out the AP wire stories on this stuff.
So we've got some press that are doing their job.
Or they take it and say, there's been a few problems, don't worry, the feds are going to fix it.
Oh, no, no, this is really interesting.
But, yeah, we've got stuff to break, and I guess what we'll do is we'll break it here, and then people can watch for it in the news in the next few months, as they have been.
All right, honored to have you.
Go ahead.
Yeah, one of the things that I found absolutely stunning was, of course, well, we've known that the Diebold executives have been a major part
Major political folks behind the Bush administration.
It's not just Wally O'Dell.
It's also W.H.
Timken, who is another director from Diebold.
Now, understand that Bush has only about 100 pioneers.
The Bush pioneers are the group that kind of meets behind the scenes and are the powerhouse political strategists and fundraisers for George W. Bush.
Two of the 100 Bush pioneers run Diebold.
I mean, think about that.
That's really unusual, isn't it?
Timken is a Bush pioneer, and Wally O'Dell is, and not only did he promise to deliver the votes...
Which is amazing.
He did so in writing.
He promised to deliver the votes to Bush, even though he runs the voting machine company.
He visited President Bush at the Crawford Ranch in early August.
He was down there with a group of other Bush pioneers strategizing on how to win the election.
Now, how inappropriate is this?
Now, by the way, for those that don't know, last time you were on a few months ago, and now it's broken, I mean, Baltimore Sun, you name it, Austin American Statesman, everything you said here on the show, that it's got wireless connections to the boxes they didn't tell anybody about, there's these three different levels of codes, hundreds of top programmers looked at it and agreed with your programmers.
That information, that these things are designed for backdoor access, and then the League of Women Voters is out campaigning that the government pass a law that we not be allowed to have a paper ballot.
I mean, this is crazy!
Well, exactly, and here's what's happened.
They've gone after, what they did was they went after a few of the organizations, but they went at them from the top down, and they do not represent, by the way, what their own constituency says.
Because we've been in contact with many of the League of Women Voters local chapters, and they're furious about this.
They're saying, no, we want a paper ballot.
We are not throwing away the evidence.
And what's happened is I believe what we need to do now is start looking at the contributions to these organizations, because I'll bet you that they went to the head of the League of Women Voters and to a couple other organizations and made hefty contributions.
I also just found out today, now we are starting to get into the civil rights community with this, and they're implying that the civil rights community is behind this no paper trail voting.
Well that is a lie.
What they're doing is they're quoting this
We're good to go.
I think?
Okay, for folks that are missing what you're saying, that is.
The three voting machine companies, all CIA, government, senator connections, I mean, just unbelievable.
With all the code source and all this corruption going on, that these are designed for this, they claim, oh yeah, well, the minorities want it, so you're racist if you're against it, which is just their classic tactic.
But I would also add to this that only in a few cases have we seen attempts at censorship of this show and others.
And when they were putting in electronic touchscreens last year, and we confronted them and exposed it, we had actual threats, phone calls, attempts at censorship on this issue by, quote, members of the media here in Austin that are steering this and that were steering this into place.
So this is very important to them because they know this means total control and domination.
No more voting, folks.
And I will tell you this.
I have had six, count them, six.
Six investigative reporters or huge news outlets who have called me and privately told me that they have been lobbying to cover this story and they have been told by their management that they are not to cover it.
And these are major organizations.
Now, folks, do you hear what we're saying?
Major papers have had to admit, they just calmly go, yeah, these things are built for fraud, totally designed, owned by the government, and weird shadowy groups, and your vote doesn't count?
Ha ha ha.
And now on top of it, six major investigative journalists call you and say, I'm not allowed to report on this.
And it's so funny because they'll say, please keep sending me this stuff, and I wish I could break this, because there's something to break.
I could get a Pulitzer out of this.
And they're like, but, you know, I'm not,
Every time I put my proposal forward, it's not getting taken up on.
And you would be stunned.
I mean, some of these are international publications.
And they're just, it's just amazing.
Some of them are major, you know, people ask about the major TV investigative magazine shows.
I can tell you they've been in touch with me.
I can also tell you that it's been killed.
The story's been killed.
And it's not their producers that are killing it.
It's getting killed at management level.
Right here in Austin, Bev Harris, Dana W. Bois, the county clerk.
She got caught in 98 with the paper ballots, double counting ballot boxes, breaking safety seals, falsifying signatures.
That was in the paper, but the state board said it was, quote, an accident.
In the middle of the night at 2 a.m., her good friend that was losing suddenly was winning.
This all comes out, and now she's the one pushing the touch screens.
Of course.
I mean, it's just, I don't know what to say about it anymore.
But I've got a much bigger way to go with this, if and when you're ready.
Do it right now.
Okay, well, we were able to get into a private teleconference.
There was a conference that was held by teleconference in Houston.
It was run by the Election Center and the voting machine manufacturers.
It was supposed to be a secret.
My publisher, David Allen from Black Box Voting, he runs Plan 9 Publishing.
He managed to get into this, and it was actually quite funny because they had all this supposed security around their teleconference.
But he actually dialed in, and he signed in with his own name, and no one asked him who he was.
So he sat there and transcribed this meeting.
And this meeting, which was between, understand, it was an insider meeting.
What they were discussing, among other things, was can Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, defense contractors, you know, can they help us with our PR problem now, like they helped get the HAVA bill through?
The HAVA bill is the bill that requires that we buy all these new touchscreen machines.
Think about what they just said.
This is insiders saying and admitting that the defense industry was behind getting this bill through.
I've got to stop you, Ben Harris.
This is massive.
Folks, this is so huge.
I'll tell you why when we get back.
If you haven't figured it out yet, do you know who's putting up the red light cameras?
Lockheed Martin.
Who puts on the ads about thumb scanning for biometrics?
Lockheed Martin.
They're in a meeting.
The biometrics.
The RFIDs.
Remember the meeting with Ridge?
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Investigator Bev Harris just dropped a major bombshell on us.
The news she reported here a few months ago is now a top story in a lot of big newspapers, but it never made it onto the nightly television news where most people get their propaganda reports.
We talked to the head of Caspian, the group that exposes the whole cashless society and what's happening with the tracking there, about the secret meetings with the Biometric Consortium, the RFID Consortium, with Governor Ridge of, quote, making us take it in the name of fighting terrorism.
We know that Lockheed Martin and others are involved in funding...
Domestic propaganda operations.
Folks, this is military coup.
This is Russia.
This is China.
This is so big.
You're telling me, the military industrial complex, that in this discussion group, this closed, secret conference,
That you guys got into, Bev Harris, that they were discussing using the military-industrial complex to smash opposition to this.
Please tell us.
Please give us the details.
What happened is they set up... Okay, well, as we all know, we've been getting a lot of press for the problems.
And part of that comes from, well, all of it comes from, the fact that we were able to find the cache of Diebold files, the Diebold voting machine files, 40,000 files they left on a website.
We were able to analyze those and find how incredibly flawed they were and that indeed they do appear to be set up just specifically to allow backdoor entrance into manipulating the vote.
Well, that's made the papers and of course now the industry has kind of a black eye and they're trying to think of any way they can to get out of offering a paper trail.
A paper trail, voter verified ballots, that just means you look at the ballot and it's kept in a ballot box like we've been doing since the beginning of time.
And it's evidence.
Okay, they want to get rid of the evidence.
So the industry had a meeting to figure out what to do about this PR fiasco.
In the meeting, it was set up, by the way, very inappropriately by the election center, which is supposed to represent the voters and the people, set up a meeting with a lobbyist and the vendors to deal with this PR problem.
The lobbyist that was running the meeting was the ITAA.
It's a series of initials that stands for a bunch of things.
Suffice it to say, it's very tightly connected to another bunch of initials, SAIC, which is a big Pentagon contractor.
Now, this is just so bizarre.
Let me draw this loop for you, and I'm sorry to have to come up with things with initials, but the military likes to do things with initials.
You have Diebold.
Diebold's software is exposed to be flawed.
They then get the state of Maryland and the state of Ohio to request a supposed independent investigation of Diebold security.
They commission a group called FAIC to do the supposedly independent evaluation of Diebold voting machine security.
The SAIC is mainly a Pentagon contractor.
It's sort of like a mercenary version of the CIA in much of what it does.
It's like a corrupt five-time convicted felon who is the informant who they then call in to testify against you in court, and you can't bring up the fact that it's a convicted felon with charges against him, and if they don't testify, they're going to jail.
So it's some government-owned and run quasi-public private group.
Oh, it's a private group that does CIA-like stuff.
It does surveillance, and it does all kinds of things like that.
Oh, what a nice group to tell us Diebold is good.
Yeah, it's basically a mercenary CIA that does other things, too.
But their job is to come up with the report on Diebold.
Except their senior vice president is the director for the IPAA, which is in there saying they're going to lobby to whitewash this whole thing.
Understand what I'm saying.
The supposedly independent Pentagon contractor who's supposed to do an independent evaluation of Diebold security, they're tied to the lobbying group that is promising to whitewash this thing.
Now, how inappropriate is that?
So did you record?
I mean, why just do a transcript?
I will tell you there is evidence, okay?
And there's also three witnesses that will testify.
Because it wasn't just us that was in this meeting.
And obviously with some of the state laws, some states you can't record something in a phone conversation.
It is legal in some states.
Let's just say we've got transcripts of three witnesses, and yeah, there's some tapes, but oh, maybe not.
Well, it depends on the state, and so we'll have to go through that.
How long did this whole thing go on with the government and the vendor and the lobbyist and, oh, we'll just get the Defense Department?
It's crazy.
I mean, you have the same group that's doing the independent investigation tied to the group that's supposed to do the whitewash.
And get this.
Now, this was on Friday, August 22nd.
What a shakedown.
They tell the vendors they've got seven days to come up with $200,000.
And if they don't participate, they may not be protected.
So it's also a shakedown.
You're catching racketeering on tape.
We'll be back.
Oh, my goodness.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hey folks, Michael Trudeau here to tell you about the first ever half-price package sale at the ARC Institute.
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That's 1-800-710-1090.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
My friends, I want you to understand the magnitude of this.
In my own life here in Austin, the people running this system have threatened us, tried to keep this information from going on the air.
They've got the local media involved on the board of this, profiting from it.
And then you look at it nationally.
They have all these top computer programmers look at just one of the companies' software, and it's designed with secret back doors and wireless connections, and you've got
The government and the CIA, we talked about this months ago when she was on the show, Bev Harris.
All of this, and then now you find out that there's a PR campaign to use the Defense Department's money and the private defense contractor's money to lobby and propagandize to suppress the people and the media that is starting to learn of this.
And they're counting on you going, oh, Martha, they'd never steal the election.
They'd never have a fraud set up like that.
Folks, this is so horrible.
Bev Harris, what else came out in this secret meeting that you guys were able to get in on between the lobbyists, the vendors, the military industrial complex folks?
A good bit of discussion about, well, we want to make sure the media never finds out about this.
And I have to say that the folks that were listening in were having a really hard time not saying anything because they did sign in under their own name.
What happened is they had everybody sign in and say who they were, but everybody called in at once, and they kind of just, I guess, didn't pay attention because there was also a reporter from the Beacon Journal in Akron.
Oh, so now it's not just... We tipped off a few people and said, you know, go on in and see what you can hear, and that's exactly what happened.
But, yeah, there was a good bit of conversation about, well, we'd better check in with antitrust regulations and we don't want anyone talking about collusion and things like this.
Now, understand that any industry can set up a lobbying thing.
There's nothing unusual in that.
And in setting such a thing up, they would certainly want to discuss antitrust issues.
What was very unusual about this is this.
Now, if you're an industry and you're legit and you're setting up a lobbying thing, the group of people from the industry would get together.
They would probably interview a few lobbyist firms.
Now, that's not the case here.
What happened is the lobbying firm shows up and says, we need money by Friday.
And they said, you know, don't want to say the term knife in the back, but, you know, those who are not members, well, if they get into trouble, it looks like they would want to become members.
So we're watching protection activities.
To me, that's a protection racket.
It's just cloaked in white-collar lingo.
Well, see, that's, you know, I've talked to people in and out of government, and they say corruption has never been at such all-time highs.
It's totally rampant.
We're good to go.
I think?
Not in a pure democracy.
Now, Bev Harris, for those that just joined us, you've got an incredible track record yourself.
Tell us a little bit about Bev Harris, and then let's go back into some more of this.
Well, I don't know why I ended up with this thing.
Frankly, I always thought voting was boring.
I never wanted to get into this.
I ran a PR agency, but I've been a writer for many years.
And in the course of my writing career, I did a lot of work on financial fraud stuff, and so I had a pretty good idea of how people do shenanigans like this.
But I ran into some stuff last fall.
It hasn't even been quite a year, but what I ran into showed that there were clear conflicts of interest in the ownership of the voting companies and that there were clearly not just dozens but hundreds of situations where the machines were caught miscounting.
And then we got Senator Hagel.
That was one of the first things that clued me in.
It was like, my gosh, you have a guy, at that time it was in October, and he was running for office.
He had an election in a month and he's running for office and he's got ownership and his campaign finance director was the main owner.
Of the company that's counting all his votes.
And it was not disclosed on his disclosure document.
And so I thought, well, we've got a problem.
And by the way, the polls, by the way, Bev, the polls, we have the articles, showed him way behind.
Well, not Hagel.
Now, Hagel was ahead in the polls, but he...
He still had anomalies in the type of win that he did.
Well, wait, I've got some of the articles, and last time you were on with us, you were going over that, that some of the polls showed Hagel way behind and that it was a big upset.
Oh, I think that was Cleveland that we're talking about.
Yeah, there were some situations like that.
Cleveland was ahead in the polls, and that was Georgia.
Georgia had actually six upsets that did not match the polls.
And Georgia used all these unauditable touch screens.
Okay, so what happened with Hagel?
Then we'll go into Georgia.
Yeah, and Hagel, with Hagel, he...
Now, he's outspent his opponent.
His opponent, Charlie Matoka, you've got to love him.
He's a construction worker.
He's a feisty guy.
He spent a total of $4,000 on a United States Senate campaign, and Hagel spent about $3 million.
So Hagel outspent him by whatever it was, $100,000 to one.
So, yes, Matoka figured that Hagel has a bit of an advantage there.
But what was odd was that Hagel won demographic groups that always go Democrat.
He won the black areas of Omaha.
And it was not really to be expected.
And then he comes forward and he starts bragging on his website that he won with the biggest margin in history.
Well, you know, 85% of his votes were counted by his own machine.
So then his opponent, Charlie Matelka, who's a candidate, he had standing for a recount.
Because the margin wasn't close, he couldn't get an automatic recount funded by the state, but you can get a recount if you're a candidate if you pay for it.
So he said, okay, I'm going to pay for it.
Now let's look at these ballots that my opponent ran through his own machines.
And the state of Nebraska, if you can believe it, said, well, you can pay for the recount, but all we will do is run the ballot through Hagel's machines again.
You can't ever look at the ballots.
We have no provision in the law to let you look at the actual ballots that were used.
Now, that was back with the hybrid ballots where it's an electronic machine.
You feed a Scantron style, and that's what we've been caught with fraud.
I mean, they've been caught with fraud and awesome with those.
And the same people running the fraud have now put in the touchscreens and threatened folks that talk about it.
Yeah, and I'll tell you something.
There's a reason they want these touch screens so desperately, and that is because I think Florida scared the heck out of them.
While everyone was talking about punch cards, my theory on Florida is the thing that really put fear into these people is the optical scams.
Diebold optical scams counted 40% of Florida in the year 2000.
Now, if they had hand-counted every single one of those Diebold optical scans immediately after the election statewide, I think some things would have come out that would have been impossible to deny.
Well, we have election after election, Bev Harris, where...
Voter News Services would tell us who had won, and the next day we found out a whole state went different than what they said.
And you always, again, have these weird CIA companies and senators and people involved.
The people involved are just wrong.
And then we've got a situation now.
Now, this is kind of how I see things, and this is speculative, so we'll label it.
Deb Harris' speculation, okay?
But here's what I'm seeing it shake down to.
We have the defense industry who was pushing the move toward unauditable voting, toward getting rid of the paper trail.
That we know from the meeting, because they came right out and said it.
Number one, why is the Defense Department and then private...
Military industrial complex around it that Eisenhower warners would try to overthrow the country.
Why are they involved?
Why are they involved?
It's a classic conflict of interest.
It's like Guatemala or El Salvador or Russia with the military coup.
Yeah, they have no business in our voting system, period.
And they are definitely involved.
They have been involved through making voting machines.
They're involved in the voter registration system.
And they're involved in new things now.
Now, here's what I see coming down the pike.
This lobbying effort, this whitewash effort, one of the things they also discussed is, well, what we need to do is sort of come up with our own certification standard, not the Federal Election Commission, but our own.
We'll have the gold standard, which will be our own making.
Now, I think what they're planning to do with the gold standard is this.
There's a company called Vote Here.
Vote Here makes something that goes inside voting machines.
It's designed to go inside all the voting machines from all the manufacturers.
It will be sort of like, you know, where they have that little label that says Intel Inside.
Well, I think they'll have a little thing that says Vote Here Inside.
Oh, and they all just so happen to be designed where it could fit into them.
Vote Here does is they create a software program with cryptography...
That is supposed to verify our vote as voters, so we don't need paper.
And then everybody, of course, will sign off on this.
You know, the defense contractors and the Homeland Security.
Oh, this is all wonderful.
The cryptography is bulletproof.
You have to trust it if it's got vote here inside it.
You see?
And so I think what it's aiming toward is you're going to see a move, and we're doing some pretty good work here to get the right questions asked, so it may be more difficult than they expected.
You're going to see a move, though, to try to switch again and say, okay, well, the voters insist on a voter-verified paper ballot.
You know what?
You don't need that.
You need this bulletproof cryptography system.
And we'll put it inside all the voting machines.
Now, guess who is the director of Vote Here?
Well, the chairman of the board of directors is also on the Defense Policy Board, and he's also the vice chairman of the SAIC.
His name is Admiral Bill Owens.
He's a Cheney crony.
And another director is Robert Gates, the former CIA director.
Oh, see?
And these are the people who are running Vote Here and have the expert, wonderful cryptography solution Trust Us.
Just remember, Trust Us.
And it will go in these voting machines and be the new gold standard so that we should just trust them and we know we never again need a paper ballot.
Well, Bev Harris, let me stop you for just a minute.
Let me stop, because this is just bombshell after bombshell, and I'm begging the listeners, you know who we are, just like the Catherine Albrecht interview that you did a transcript of, I'm begging you, do the transcript, get it to Paul Watson, we'll get it up on prisonplanet.com, up on infowars.com, so we don't have to wait four months or three months for this to show up in the mainstream media with a spin on it, and we'll put links, of course, to blackboxvoting.com and have all that there for folks, so we can get it out to everybody, but
The key here is, Bev, were you aware of the folks over at No Cards involved?
Catherine Albrecht, she went to the meetings, and then they got off one of the websites that had a back door in it, the documents with the RFID tracker chips they want to replace the barcode with, and the secret meeting with Walmart and Procter & Gamble.
Oh, I heard about that, yes.
Yeah, with Homeland Security talking about how to neutralize us, how to neutralize opposition, I mean, and how to get the military-industrial complex involved.
I mean, this is sinister.
This is like The Running Man or something, where you find out TV's fake and pulling the curtain back.
I mean, this is so huge, Ben.
And it's like, I agree.
People want to say, oh, you guys, you're just crazy and stuff.
And look...
I had no idea frankly when my publisher went into this meeting.
I had no idea about this.
I knew that there was a vote here situation and that there was defense people involved in that, but I couldn't quite figure out what vote here did until this meeting.
But when we heard, and they were, I'm telling you, there was like two paragraphs of conversation about the defense industry and how it had pushed HAVA bill through and how maybe they could come in and help us now.
By the way, there's two websites with this, but blackboxvoting.com does have the transcript on it.
It's not a complete transcript, and it does have my publisher's fairly opinionated notes along with it.
It also has a document on it.
This is so huge.
We've already caught them that the voting machines are a fraud.
We've got the League of Women Voters saying we don't want a paper ballot or a record.
We've got all this other police state stuff going on.
And then you guys get into one of these little secret meetings, and you've got the plain dealer Cleveland newspaper person hearing all this.
This is on the record.
This is huge fraud.
I mean, I don't even have words to articulate how evil this is.
This is people... I call it a business plan.
You see people that, well, are you a conspiracy theorist?
What do you think of this?
I say, look, this is a business plan.
If you come right down to it, it's a bunch of guys that want...
Thank you.
I have broken six or seven stories in a row now and not one of them has failed to check out and virtually all of them have ended up getting coverage finally six months later with a spin by the mainstream media including the Washington Post and New York Times and everyone else.
It checks out and it's to the point now where
Okay, it's making sense now.
And by the way, defense contractors tend to make an awful lot of money if the vote goes their way.
We've spent, what, a trillion dollars in the last three years?
Yeah, but I'm going to stop you.
I mean, it's money.
You know, the one thing we have going for us is that
We're good to go.
And the bottom line is some human has to eventually look at all that data.
So it's extremely inappropriate that they're collecting it.
But I have to say, I sometimes kind of smile and think, what in the world do they think people... I mean, at some point, it's like if you do surveillance on all these people, I can tell you, if they were doing surveillance on the six telephone lines that I have in my office and house...
They would have to listen to five teenagers discussing their boyfriends and their nails.
At some point some poor schmo is going to have to actually go through all this stuff and decide what's important.
I think that may be the thing that saves us at some point because they won't get there.
Well, no, it's true.
The reason they're announcing Echelon is watching us and you don't have any rights is a chilling effect.
They don't have the personnel, even with the computers, to do anything with this.
We're on the march.
They're on the run.
So they'll get a couple of key people that they can use as a public example.
But, Bev, they're still putting in the systems no matter how much fraud comes out.
How do we stop them?
Well, it's getting to the point where we need to... I'm saying we are at Boston Tea Party stage, okay?
This is really sad because we are getting quite a few little emails putting us on notice that are looking into it is...
Putting us into legal jeopardy.
And I look at that as the Boston Tea Party.
I will break one more thing here.
Stay there.
One more segment, Bev.
We're so honored to have you, Bev Harris.
So, see, this woman, this investigator who exposes corruption in a mainstream and got major newspapers involved, she gets the emails.
You better stop looking into that.
How about we all join her in looking into it?
How about we all join her in this fight?
How about we stand up to this evil, folks?
We'll go one layer deeper down the rabbit hole when we get back.
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We're good to go.
Folks, they're reporting in the Drugs Report, the London Guardian, the Associated Press, that the levels of radiation are 1,900 times safe levels in Baghdad.
From our own government, what it's spread on our troops and the people.
But again, it's the back of the paper.
Nobody even will ever hear about it.
Same thing with them taking your right to vote.
I mean, they're taking it.
The CIA runs these companies, folks.
Every time we investigate it.
Mainstream news, but it never makes it out naturally.
And I've been hyperventilating for the last 50-something minutes, and I'm sorry we don't have time to take calls.
It's our last few minutes here with Bev Harris.
We've got to get her back up.
An amazing lady, and there's a lot of other great investigators.
This stuff is confirmed...
Bev Harris, you said one more major issue you were going to break.
Well, yeah.
We were talking about the Boston Tea Party.
If all of us are out there actively doing what we need to do to look into this issue, it's pretty hard for them to take us all down.
So there's safety in numbers.
Now, there are many people doing things that are completely unrelated to me, but I want to tell you about one such guy in California.
He's my new hero.
And, Alex, if you like, I can send you the link when it pops up.
I understand in the next couple of days.
Okay, tell us about it.
I think so.
And now this is not designed to show people how to rig elections.
It's designed to show newspaper editors the back doors into the system.
He says he is routinely picking up jaws off the floor.
They cannot believe what they're seeing.
Well, it's simple.
For those that don't know, it's been in the news.
They will have where one of every three vote for a certain individual just goes into a black hole file that isn't counted.
Well, yeah, and what he has is it shows you where the back doors are.
And it's just so appalling when you see it.
Give us that website address.
Well, we have to send that to you.
It's going up within the next two days.
I'm telling you what's going to happen here.
And so that will be coming.
Now, one of the things he found, though, was he found a smoking gun.
He found an actual file of actual votes for San Luis Obispo County, California, that is...
Let's just say a problem.
Now, you know what they're supposed to do.
All the precincts vote, they close down the polls, they tally up the precincts.
Somebody explain why there's a file that was left on the Diebold FTP site where they tallied up the votes from all 51 precincts in that county at 3.31 in the afternoon and it can only have been done via wireless electronic means because otherwise they would have had to shut down all 51 polling places and plug in a modem.
That didn't happen.
And why did that end up with a password that's the name of a Diebold employee
And end up on a public FTP site.
When they're not supposed to be involved.
They're so sloppy.
This is in the middle of an election, folks.
You are tallying up 51 tracing.
Bev Harris, God bless you.
We've got to get you back on.
You're an amazing lady.
You're amazing.
Can we get you back up soon?
Take care.
You're awesome.
Thank you much.
Wow, folks.
The CIA, the military-industrial complex, the media.
I mean, are you starting to get how bad stuff is?
Come on, save America.
Don't let them kill America.
Let me tell you something.
They're going to ban your guns, folks.
They're getting rid of the borders.
They're going to legalize all illegals.
And they're going to say, you voted for it.
We're a democracy.
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