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Air Date: Sept. 17, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
September 17, 2003.
Good day.
Thank you for tuning in to the World Wide Broadcast.
We have a guest coming up in the second hour who had to leave Louisiana because, well, they're making parents sign a document waiving all their rights to even their elementary school students that allow the school to do script searches, that allow the school to do drug testing.
That allow the police to search the children.
I'm talking about elementary school, and they threaten them in the documents that if you don't sign this and take your kids out of school, we're going to call Child Protective Services on you.
Now, understand, folks, they don't need parents to sign a document if the school was following the law.
If children break the law in the elementary school, they can sick their police on them, but
This is about training the children how to be prisoners, and the drug testing is about making sure the kids are on their Ritalin and Prozac.
And I've actually seen news articles covering this in Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, Illinois, New York.
It's going on all over the place.
And of course, you probably heard about Louisiana putting the cameras in all the classrooms and the halls.
That's been going on for five, six years around the country.
So we'll discuss that.
We're also going to have open phones.
And in the middle of the next hour, in about an hour and 28 minutes, we're going to have Paul Joseph Watson to talk about all the news that's come out of the British MI6 and MI5 caught involved in terrorist actions.
They've caught new individuals who have been allowed into the country and then given jobs by MI5 and MI6.
Who are terrorists.
Of course, it's come out that they pay Al-Qaeda hefty sums of money and put them in safe houses.
We'll talk about that and a bunch of other news.
Paul Watson here on this live September 17, 2003 edition of the Alex Jones Show.
The toll-free number to join us.
We'll go to your calls early in the hour on any issue you'd like to discuss.
Hurricane Isabel.
The recall election out in California, new twist in that.
General Wesley Clark, the Rhodes Scholar, Bill Clinton's roommate, throwing his beret, his UN beret, his NATO beret into the fray.
That's coming up.
We'll get into all of this and more.
In the next two hours and 56 minutes.
The toll-free number to join us again on air, I'd love to hear from you, 1-800-259-9231.
There was a terrorist group getting some heat put on them, and they said, fine, we're going to release the documents that were under CIA control.
We're going to release the documents that we warned you of 9-11 and that your government carried it out.
How does that sound?
Suddenly the government's saying, okay, we're sorry, we love you, you're perfect, you never did anything wrong.
It's like the Saudis.
It was going to be in the report that, oh, they were behind 9-11.
They said, that's fine, we'll just release that we're controlled by you.
We'll release the names of the five banks that control us.
By the way, MI6 is bombing things and blaming it on us to bring down our country.
We'll go ahead and release that.
How's that sound?
No, no, no, no, no.
We'll take it out of the document.
We're so sorry.
Don't do that.
And then simultaneously, five members of the royal family have all died mysteriously, and they're killing people left and right who were going to blow the whistle.
So things are very, very, very, very serious right now.
And we're going to go over all of it right here on this little show.
Today, tonight, this morning, depending on what time zone you're listening to us in, and Bush has given a little speechy, and they admit that the new terrorism database will be for gun owners, Christians, conservatives, and Patriot Act is for you.
It's not about the Muslims.
It never was.
And so that's now mainstream news.
We'll lug over that.
And a lot more.
So big show.
That's just some of our little websites.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, my friends.
To another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Coming up here in just about five minutes, I'll get into Hurricane Isabella that's lost a lot of speed, but could speed back up.
Or Hurricane Isabella, I should say.
I keep saying Isabella.
Also, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group minion, former head of NATO, Rhodes Scholar, Bill Clinton's roommate, says he's going to run for president.
Just as evil as George Bush.
Just as evil as Hillary Clinton.
We'll go over Wesley the Twit Clark, little bloodthirsty creature that almost started World War III, according to the BBC.
We'll get into British-sponsored terror.
A lot of new news coming out on that.
We've got Al-Qaeda people saying, fine, keep coming after us.
We're going to release the documents that we're CIA.
And a lot more coming up on this show, and of course I'm sure you're sick of hearing about the new twist in the California recall election.
First on Monday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Lunacy said that the punch card ballots aren't real, aren't good, so only the electronic touch screens can be trusted out of the fire into Hades itself.
I think.
I think.
We'll see what's going to happen, folks.
We're going to go over this and a lot more and take your calls.
But I spent like two hours on this yesterday.
I rarely do that.
I'm not going to spend that much time on it today, but it's an important thing with an update, a very important update.
It's Patrick Butchpaw who has a show on this network right before mine at night.
He's on from 8 to 9 Central.
I'm on from 9 to midnight Central at night.
I was listening to his show.
I was here waiting for last night's show.
We're good to go.
I think?
And so they come into your area and retroactively tell you you can't have structures and give you permits and then take them away.
This is feudalism.
This is serfdom.
They say they're going in armed against these people on Thursday to take their land.
The family says they're going to fight back.
We had them on yesterday.
This is a real hot spot in the country.
And Pastor Butch last night talked to the sheriff, Lassiter, there in the county,
Of, what is it, Chevronix, or however you pronounce the Indian word.
I don't have my documents in front of me.
Sorry, butch.
And you talked to him.
What did the sheriff say?
Well, last night after we went off the air, I did call the sheriff.
I called his office first.
His voicemail left his home phone number, so I called his home and talked to him.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He assured me that he would call me back today and let me know what he decided to do.
I reminded him that he is a Supreme Law enforcement officer in the county, and he agreed to that, that he could overrule the judge or anybody else, and he knew that he could do that.
So he's supposed to call back today with an answer of what he's going to do tomorrow.
Now, I did get a phone number out from the sheriff's office last night, and people are calling, and they are having results.
They have been put over to the sheriff's voicemail.
They are already taking the messages.
And I would like the people, if you wouldn't mind, to call the Sheriff's Office and make them to please help us work this out.
We don't want to fight.
Well, I want to make it clear that as a news show, we've been covering this, and there's a lot of people.
We're good to go.
This is destroying a family.
This is going to make people homeless.
And there are laws against that.
And I don't care if greedy developers want the land or ordering the mayor and others to get this property, as we've seen all over the country.
They need to leave them alone and reissue their permits.
And certainly this is something that they need to give it more time instead of on the day of the court order to rush in there after this family.
We've got a border wide open.
We've got drug dealers everywhere.
We've got corrupt governments engaging in every form of evil imaginable.
We've got 54 million abortions.
But the government's busy going in after people's homes.
No one, you and I, no one in the right mind wants an armed conflict.
But this man is only defending the only place he has to live and his family.
He has no place to go.
He's a Vietnam veteran, a Vietnam veteran engineer who is prepared for the battle as much as he can.
He doesn't want it, but he's ready.
He is scared.
His wife is scared.
His daughters are with him.
He's also scared.
They want a peaceful solution to this, but they had no place to go.
His wife is literally dying as we speak of diabetes.
They're cornering them like a little badger in a corner with dogs attacking.
My question is this, Alex.
Even if he did run, if he said, all right, take my property, tear it down, you can have it, where would he go?
Could he move with me?
Could he move with you?
Where would he go?
What would he do with his family and his children?
This bad economy, you know, he simply had some of his family move on to their four acres they've had for 18 years in a rural area.
And the news admits they gave them the permits and then retroactively, and they do this over and over and over again.
This is not a free country, folks.
Well, if the folks would, if they wouldn't mind to call Sheriff Lashley's office and ask him politely, please help us defuse this.
Help us find a peaceful solution.
The phone number they can call is 231-
Now tonight, if he calls me today, I will give an update of what he says tonight.
As a matter of fact, I offered him airtime.
If he wants to go on my program and explain his side of the situation.
I'll tell you this, Butch.
If the sheriffs would refuse to let Child Protective Services kidnap children with fake orders they fill out themselves, if they refuse to go along and back up the IRS without a jury, a conviction, without anything, and grab homes, again, folks, how do they take houses without a jury conviction?
It's not a free society.
If the sheriffs would refuse to let SWAT teams bust down doors looking for marijuana when the government ships in the narcotics and peddles Ritalin and Prozac on the news...
If they would refuse.
I mean, that's why we didn't have this 50 years ago, because the sheriffs and the people knew it was evil.
But incrementally, we've had our minds warped.
I mean, Pastor Butch...
Take U.S.
News & World Report.
They go, yeah, all your new cell phones track you.
Homeland Security listens to you through the OnStar.
Your TVs with your digital cable listen to you.
Homeland Security's tied in.
That's television week, folks.
I mean, think.
That's worse than Winston in 1984, and it's only going to get worse.
We're sitting here in 2003 in the total police state ten times worse than Russia.
The only difference is they aren't arresting people in masks or the gulags yet.
They're gearing up for that.
Now wake up and stop being so weak-minded, police and military and sheriffs out there.
Look in the mirror, and you know this is sick.
People out in the booties, and some woman in there dying of diabetes can hardly get out of bed, and they're all in there with a Vietnam veteran, just an old good old boy, done nothing wrong, and they're saying, we're going to take everything you've got?
That's not America.
Well, Alex, how much further can a man run than to his own home?
Where can he run to if not his own home?
I mean, you chase a rabbit, he'll run.
He runs in his hole, you stick your hand in his hole, he's going to bite you.
That's what 1214 was all about.
The Magna Carta was a man's heart as his castle.
That's when the feudal serfs, through some of the nobles, said, no, we're not your slaves anymore.
And even the king had to get special warrants to go in somebody's house.
There's no place to retreat to other than your home.
So this man is absolutely right in defending the last place he has to go.
That is his own home.
And I don't want to see it come to bloodshed, and I pray that doesn't.
That's why we're trying to defuse this right now.
But the rubber band can only stretch so far before somebody says no more.
And I think it's just about reached the limit.
I know it has with Lyle Barkley and his family.
It's coming to a point where this can no longer go on in his life.
He's willing to die before he believes it.
He's scared.
His whole family is terrified.
His little three-year-old granddaughter asked his wife the other night, are they going to kill me?
Well, I think they better.
If the feds get involved, they'll set that place on fire, send Delta Force in, and kill every last one of them.
Double tap each child in the head.
Well, that's good.
That's good.
That means Delta Force won't be able to kill more American children.
And again, I hope people call the sheriff and ask him.
Oh, by the way, for folks that support Delta Force, they just came back and killed four of their wives.
One unit came back and slaughtered their families.
I guess that's supporting the troops.
They work their minds.
They work their minds, Alex.
These people are, who knows what they've done to their minds.
I mean, I know personally, I have personal friends who have been on drugs in the military.
They work their minds to the point that they are unstable the rest of their lives.
Hey, a Wired Magazine article came out.
It was called The Marshall Plan About the Future.
It says, 85-year-old guy looks like Dr. Evil.
And he goes, yes, we give them aggression drugs.
We give them amnesics.
They were doing mind control tests in Afghanistan.
You're welcome, Alex.
God bless.
All right, we'll continue to track this as it develops.
I mean, you say they deserved it at Waco?
Well, fine.
Those women deserved it when Delta Force came back and slaughtered their family.
The police pulled up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and one of these captains was flopping around the ground.
They described it as demon possession.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Alright, let me cover some news now, and then we will get into your calls here in the next segment.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
Yeah, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Dallas Morning News, even Newsweek Magazine admitted that, oh yeah, there were Germans, and there were British SAS, and there were even some Israeli military people, and
They were all at Waco helping with the white noise machines and helping in the assault.
This was kind of a joint exercise.
Think about that.
Oh, well, you know, the kids got killed, but it was really the Davidians.
Then it came out it was the government machine gunning them as they tried to leave and going in with a tank and putting a charge on top of the structure.
General Parton has gone up with that.
The witnesses saw it.
This is what happened.
Killing a bunch of small children, folks.
And people said, well, so what?
That's what they deserve.
So I guess the wives of these four Delta Force guys, they all come home.
They're cult members.
They're so whacked out, they murder their wives.
And the cops pulled up.
One of the Delta Force captains was flopping around in the middle of the street convulsing.
Oh, that's Christian.
That's loving.
I guess there's a spirit of goodness upon him.
And I feel good knowing these forces have been trained to do this.
Kill their own wives.
Of course, I'm being sarcastic.
It's sick and out of control.
But there's a lot of sick people that think supporting the troops means letting the government warp their minds.
Supporting the troops means letting them breathe completed uranium at 1,900 times safe levels.
Government's own admission.
Supporting the troops means lying to them and endlessly deploying them in a war for the New World Order.
Supporting them means giving them deadly smallpox and anthrax shots that admittedly have made them sick and killed quite a few.
Supporting them means when they get hit by serin and VX nerve gas from bunkers that got blown up, not giving them treatment.
University of Texas at Dallas has done the brainstem studies.
They have massive amounts of serin and VX in their systems.
But again, supporting the troops means you're a mindless jellyfish that doesn't even know where Iraq is on the globe, who doesn't understand geopolitical politics, but knows all about the UT Longhorns, or all about Notre Dame, or all about the Cowboys.
Well, I'm sorry, I don't know all about them.
I don't have time.
I'm trying to defend this country.
I'm just being ripped limb from limb.
Why do I bring up the sports thing and get so angry about it?
Because so many people, when I go to the community swimming pool to swim laps, or I go to the gym or I'm at the grocery store, I tell you, Alex, how you doing?
Man, I'll tell you, the horn's lost this weekend.
It's real bad.
We got it.
They're so concerned.
I go, oh, you're real concerned about that.
You know they're putting cancer viruses in your vaccines?
That cell phone you got clipped onto your belt is tracking everything you do.
I know I heard that, so what?
Well, you see all the face-scanning cameras and microphones?
I've got to go.
Go horns.
It's a mental illness, folks.
It's a total mental illness.
And the women, they're all into hip-hop and how to be a gang member and how to inject heroin and how to snort cocaine and how to dress like a prostitute and basically be one.
And the men are all sitting around acting manly going, I'm manly.
I can guzzle ten beers.
Yeah, the team's doing all right right now.
You're not men.
I just want you to know that.
A man cares about their family.
A man stands up for decency and honor and family and God and country.
I just want to let you know you're emasculated jellyfish.
You're nothing.
You're nothing.
You hear me?
You're nothing.
I just want you to know that.
I mean, it is the equivalent of the gates being knocked down, enemy troops pouring into the castle, and you guys are playing tiddlywinks in the back room, and I go, we're under attack, we're under total bombardment, and you say, hey, I'm busy playing tiddlywinks.
I'll tell you, I just lost a tiddlywinks flip, and I've got to do something.
I just lost a hand of poker here, and you're...
The door busts open.
An enemy trooper plunges a sword through their heart, and they go, Next card, please.
I'm putting two back in.
I mean, really, that's the equivalent of your mind control.
And the public watching all these sitcoms and dramas, and I hear them on radio talking about what the characters are doing.
I was listening to Fox Sports Radio.
I mean, it was all about topless dancers and porno movies and cheating on their wives.
I listened to like five minutes of it.
I think we're good to go.
We've gone into cardiac arrest.
Did you realize that?
And we've only got a few seconds here in the span of time to defibrillate now, to get the shockers out.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right.
All right, my friends, welcome back.
We're about to go straight to Corey and Bob and Angus and Mikey and others.
Weakened Isabel charges toward North Carolina coastline.
Many weather-tested Outer Banks residents sniffed at a weakening Hurricane Isabel.
But forecasters warn that it still had to cross the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, which one expert called high-octane fuel for the still-dangerous storm.
He's about weakened from a Category 5 monster of 160-mile-an-hour winds.
A strong Category 2 early Wednesday with sustained winds near 110 miles per hour.
Up to 90,000 residents along the North Carolina coast were urged to evacuate.
They were saying a million yesterday.
Before the storm makes its expected landfall early Thursday along the Outer Banks.
Early Thursday, they were saying Thursday night, forecasters predicted little change in strength prior to landfall for Isabel, the biggest storm to hit the region since the Hurricane Floyd in 99.
That did kill a lot of people.
And, of course, insurance companies are saying they're not going to insure people.
Virginia governor orders mandatory evacuation in low-lying areas, so is North Carolina's governor.
Bush totally against scrapping H-1B visas.
By the way, they say they're going to issue seven times those, and there's going to be a massive increase in jobs that just go to India, all your high-tech stuff.
I remember yuppies laughing about blue-collar folks losing their jobs five years ago, and I said, you won't be laughing soon.
Of course, they're not laughing now.
They're selling their houses, moving into apartments, working at the grocery store.
Of course, the grocery store is phasing out the checkout lanes that have service and making folks thumb scans.
You won't have a job there soon, or there'll be federal jobs.
You'll have your welfare check and hope you enjoy government housing.
But again, it's all part of fighting Al-Qaeda.
Bush totally against scrapping HB1 visas.
Arkansas to grade kids on obesity.
And if your child's too fat, they're going to take them from you.
So it's now about social control.
Of course, they put the candy bars and Coke machines in all the schools 15 years ago.
And the kids gobble that during breaks.
And when they get hyped up on sugar and have sugar crashes, they put them on Redland.
But problem reaction solution is a great system.
We have the official federal plans to dumb the kids down.
But that's Sun Sentinel.
We'll get to that.
Grading your kid on obesity.
Yes, grading the parents.
Taking your kids away.
A lot of public schools make you sign control of your kids over onto probation just to go to public school.
They're going ahead and giving them a criminal conviction.
Oh, you think I'm joking?
Yes, your children go into deferred judification now in many schools in elementary as prisoners.
We'll be covering that in the next hour.
New freedoms here.
New terror laws used versus common criminals.
ABC News is finally reporting it, but telling us it's a good thing.
And I want to do a flashback on that and go over some of the stuff.
One marijuana cigarette, life in prison.
Actually, the way the U.S.
Code reads, secret execution.
I don't know if they'll ever have the nerve to actually implement that, but that is what they say they can do.
They are charging people who are found with drugs, with weapons of mass destruction.
That's from the Associated Press, but I want to go over that.
I know all that sounds crazy, but you've seen them on the news saying every child needs an implantable chip.
You know you've seen them.
You've seen coffee on the news yesterday saying everyone must enter the new world order and give up national sovereignty.
You've heard them admit that all your cell phones have tracker chips watching you, tracking you.
You've heard them admit that your OnStar can listen to you through Homeland Security.
You've heard them admit your digital cable can listen to you and watch what you're watching.
You know they're putting up face-scanning cameras.
You know they've signed deals for bringing foreign troops.
You know they're building giant prisons everywhere.
Stop denying the facts.
Face the full horror.
54 million abortions.
You don't think we can have 54 million abortions, do you, and live in a free country?
You didn't think you could escape having some of the death yourself and the tyranny.
You're going to be a slave unless you wake up now!
Okay, let's go ahead.
Go to Corey in Michigan.
Go ahead.
My heart is beating so hard.
I'm telling you, I am so angry at these bullies.
We have had so much trouble around here, too, in Michigan, where I live.
A lot of land grabbing, a lot of gun grabbing.
It's like that scene in Planet of the Apes where the apes are riding down the people, throwing the nets on you, hitting you with baseball bats.
That's exactly what everyday life's like in the rural areas under globalist attack, huh?
Well, I called the sheriff's office this morning because Pastor Paul did say that if anybody did believe in his ministry, that they should call and give at least an account
The government has 93% of some western states, half of central states.
Large portions of the other states, large portions of Florida, and it's only getting worse.
It's all part of being slaves.
Well, the Little River Band, a casino of Ottawa Indians, they want to revise and update a comprehensive plan, and when it states in here that they want community service and land use and economic development and infrastructure and natural features and environment, housing and transportation, population control,
You start wondering what the heck's going on, and I call a few of these people, and they don't think there's anything wrong with it, like the supervisor and the man who puts out this paper.
He's the editor of the paper, and he doesn't think that there's anything wrong with what they're doing.
Yeah, they think that tracker chips and all cell phones are good.
They think it's totally normal to turn on the newscast and every channel in the same order, in the same words, is saying every child needs an implantable chip.
Well, you should hear how they lied about this man on television a few days ago.
They said he had five trailers on his property when they only showed three that are connected by this building.
The paper admits it's three.
What does it matter?
He was in an area that didn't have zoning.
They moved in and put zoning on him.
This is tyranny, folks.
But it's the rich people that are doing this.
We live in a community downstate.
The same thing happens.
Let me tell you, I've experienced it.
And it's terrible.
Let me tell you, these evil yuppies are the trash of the earth.
They will move into an area.
I mean, I've been to people that have nice little homes.
And suddenly they're getting SWAT team.
They're being attacked.
Sandy Smith won an award recently.
They sent the U.S.
Army in with the sheriff.
The sheriff called on the news and said, we don't need warrants anymore.
No drugs were found.
So they went ahead and raided her neighbors.
Now, where is this at?
This is in Austin.
Oh, okay.
And it's going on everywhere.
But they wanted her land, and the locals said, we want your property.
You better sell it to us.
When she said no, man, weeks later, I mean, SWAT teams attacked.
And this is the new America.
Well, anyway, I just wanted to let you know what's going on, and I'm glad that Pastor Paul was on last night, and he had Norm Olson on.
I called Norm Olson after the program, and I talked to him.
Yeah, I heard you call into the show.
Thanks for the call.
All right, thanks.
Really appreciate it.
Yep, and we talked about it here on the show yesterday for two hours, and talked about it on my show last night.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bob in Wisconsin.
Bob, go ahead.
Alex, I've got something pretty important here.
Give me a minute.
I'm working with my representative here in Wisconsin, quite reluctantly.
For some reason, I'm having trouble hearing the callers.
They're like distorted or something.
Maybe we can boost that audio or you can talk right in your telephone?
No, I don't hear nothing here.
Okay, I was talking to the folks around the show.
Go ahead.
Okay, my representative, although he doesn't know a thing about it and doesn't care to get into it, but I'm going to make him...
Contact my congressman in Washington.
That he disclosed what he knows about the drafting of these professional people, doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, cops, firemen, etc.
Well, I mean, it's been in the Associated Press.
Nobody knows about it.
Yeah, Alex, nobody knows about it.
Well, I mean, it's like they now admit the CIA runs the touchscreen voting companies, admitted mainstream news, but then no one ever hears about it because it's not a national story.
Well, I've got to get one thing out of you.
He wants to know about this.
Are these first responders who are going to be drafted, and they're going to be on a military jurisdiction, are they going to be given the swamp box shot?
Oh, that's the whole point.
That's what he wanted to know.
I said, they're going to give it out.
Let me ask you a question.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you have a computer?
Oh, you're hearing that?
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, I don't... Wait, Alex, it's nothing on your phone.
Do you have a computer?
The wind is blowing my telephone line.
That's not even what I'm talking about.
Do you have a computer?
Oh, do I have a computer?
No, I go down to the library, and I get the information out of there.
Okay, just type in, New Bill with Draft Professionals.
Oh, .com, huh?
No, it's Search Engine.
It's what?
Search Engine.
Search engine.
Who is it?
I think a lot of this is my audio.
Guests can't hear me either.
Search engine.
Search engine.
Yes, search engine.
What's the first part again?
Search engine.
Search engine.
Search engine.
Search engines.
I mean, the title of the first part of it, what your story is, draft what?
Okay, well.
Go through it one more time.
Hey, I'll do it again.
Search engine.
You go to the search engine.
And you type in Bill Wood Draft Professionals.
Bill Wood Draft Professionals.
Yeah, and I think you'd probably get a couple hundred news articles off that.
Okay, because I'm going to blow this up.
I talked to a young nurse yesterday.
They don't know about it.
And they said, well, I don't believe a word of it.
Well, I said, you're going to find out about it.
Because if this thing goes through, that's Bush's last card.
Because he knows his goose is cooked.
I think he may resign because he is the sacrificial lamb of a family.
He's the firstborn.
I don't know if you know how that occultism works, but I know.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
Really appreciate it.
Yeah, folks.
We post these articles every day on the website, and I just suggest you visit the website every day, infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, and I've probably gotten on-air 50 calls.
I've probably gotten 500 emails.
You know, where is the bill about drafting professionals?
All I can do is post the Houston Chronicle.
All I can do is post the Associated Press article.
All I can do is read it two or three times on the air when I have the article in front of me.
But a lot of folks haven't heard that there's a plan to put implantable microchips in it.
I've been attacked by newspapers that Mr. Jones believes that there's implantable microchips.
You know, Mr. Jones believes there's a new world order.
As presidents talk about it and they copy in and announce who better submit to it.
But the Model States Hold Emergency Powers Act that was passed by over a dozen states, and they couldn't get the other states to pass it, so they wrote into law, page 76 of Homeland Security, passed in 2002.
And in that bill, they say they can forcibly inject you whenever they wish.
Now, they tried to tell, through color of law, the firefighters, the medical workers...
The police that you had to take a smallpox shot.
Remember that about a year ago?
Well, 99-plus percent refused.
In fact, in Connecticut, there was an AP article.
They ordered 20,000 to report in one week.
Four people showed up for the shot, professionals.
Times article.
There was the L.A.
Out of 10 million they ordered to report nationwide, 296 reported.
Now, that's the headline from the L.A.
Let me do a memory check.
Check on that.
I believe the headline was posted on the website, but it was, Smallpox vaccine finds few takers.
And then the next sub-headline was, 296 take the shot in 10 largest cities out of 10 million.
Few can do that.
That's, I believe, the exact both headlines from eight months ago.
But the point here is that they're not taking it, okay?
Because a lot of top scientists and private doctors, people said this smallpox shot is very dangerous, causing problems.
Do not take it.
It doesn't protect you from weaponized smallpox.
On and on and on with the evidence of it.
So, with color of law, they said, all of you have to take this if you don't have a job.
Over probably ten police chiefs, four or five fire chiefs on, where they were being told, you've got to take it.
There was no law.
They'd just get told by the city manager, you go down and you take that shot.
But the doctors said, I'm not going to give that shot.
I'm not going to give an experimental dangerous shot.
And so it all fell apart.
You remember that.
It's all over the news.
Got to take it, got to take it.
It's like telling kids in Louisiana, the parents, you've got to sign a form waiving your kids' rights and putting them into a bird of unification to be able to go to public school.
Most parents, they're not like cops or firemen or doctors.
They're just going to go, okay, I'll just sign the little I agree to the rules form, signing a contract.
I mean, it's indentured servitude, folks.
You can sign yourself away to be a slave.
And then civil would be a violation of contract.
That's why now with a lot of moving violations and stuff, they're trying to claim it's civil now.
We're taking your house because you're an 18-year-old kid when you were out of town at a beer party.
Well, I'm going to get a lawyer and get a jury.
Sorry, it's civil.
Your $200,000 home is now ours.
They do that in a couple cities out in New Mexico.
So, you know, it's all color of law.
You know, CPS...
Sign the document right now.
Give me your kid.
I'll have you arrested.
The cop goes, sign it.
Sign it.
He goes, it's your front door.
Yes, of course.
Don't arrest me.
They take your kid, never seen again.
Well, you signed your rights over.
I mean, it's like the gulags, folks.
It's like the inquisitors.
They had you on the rack for a while.
You'd sign over.
Yes, I work for the devil.
And then they'd take your property or whatever of some local corrupt vice where I wanted your wife.
They'd say you were a devil and drag you off.
It's the same thing today.
Instead of saying you're a devil...
You were practicing herbal medicine or something.
They now say that you're a terrorist.
Now the definition of terrorist is everything.
Let's talk to Angus in Canada.
Go ahead, Angus.
Hi, Alex.
How are you today?
Oh, pretty good.
I thought I'd call and give you a couple little tidbits from up here, my own personal Cambodia.
First off, up here we have what's called a premier rather than a governor.
Yeah, you have a regional governor for the Queenie.
Anyhow, he made a comment today.
I picked it up off the news.
It's a global news here in Edmonton.
And I'm paraphrasing, but his basic statement was, any self-respecting rancher here in Alberta that discovers any mad cow in his herd should quietly chop it up and bury it.
So that gives you some kind of idea of how forthright they are.
I called you about a month ago when this mad cow thing on Canadian beef first came out and told you at that time that... My family makes a living, my dad's family makes a living in ranching, and we need to come clean with this now and deal with it now instead of letting it blow up bigger later, which they actually want to do.
Oh, yeah.
No, absolutely.
Tracking chips.
Have you ever heard of ISO 9002?
Okay, well, that's a big thing here.
And I've had an opportunity to be exposed to it.
I can't hardly ever see it flying in the United States because just European bureaucracy.
Yeah, it's mercantilism.
Tell folks what it is.
Well, basically what it does is it tracks the production of any material, whether it be cement...
Food products, manufacturing, whatever, through every stage of development.
That is the plan.
I've got Ridge on tape.
The only problem with that is it's all written in record.
Four levels of security to have a job.
Troops are going to be in all the factories.
We're literally going to work under troops just like Soviet Russia.
And basically what it does is the whole thing depends on just written documentation because it doesn't prove anything.
Do you understand?
It's like, it's a facade.
Well, it's to control you, but they can run their own criminality.
It's all selectively enforced.
The cameras are for you, not for them.
The prisons are for you, not for them.
They are the criminals.
The criminals now run the world.
Stay there, Angus.
I'll let you finish up.
We've got more coming up.
You heard me right.
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Well, I'm doing it again.
I've covered some of the news, some of the top stuff, but I really got to detail this stuff.
I mean, look at this article I got in front of me.
And SAR all-Islam leader threatens to document his links to U.S., AFP, Dubai.
He says, hey, we got the documents that we warned you about the September 11th attacks, and you told us to shut up.
Well, yeah, no kidding.
Taliban and Al-Qaeda are CIA.
And it's just pouring out in England where they're being caught controlling Al-Qaeda.
And all these countries are going, you are Al-Qaeda.
I got headlines that say that.
I mean, this is horrible.
But what's happening is the U.S.
and England, the Anglo-American establishment, is controlled by the big banks in Europe.
We're good to go.
And by the way, cops and doctors and nurses, 99 plus percent of you refusing the shots.
For that 1% or less that doesn't believe us, go ahead and take the shot.
You'll be a believer, okay?
Go ahead and take your shot, okay?
Then you'll find out.
I'm sorry for you.
And when all 3D cops, you better have real big cop stickers on your car or police license plates because you're going to get to enjoy the boot on the neck of these checkpoints of the army that people have enjoyed in Texas and Tennessee and Connecticut.
All right, we're going to go back to Angus and Mike.
Cheryl and a bunch of other people here in a second.
I've got to plug this at least once an hour.
Because they're so good.
They're so informative.
They're such a big part of waking folks up.
You want to shock the living daylights out of somebody with globalists saying this stuff out of their mouth.
We're in this world government that we're all slaves.
We're going to use terror to enslave us.
But the government wants your guns.
Wants to forcibly inject you.
Is carrying out the terror attacks.
Get police state free total enslavement.
Get masters of terror.
Get 911 on the road to tyranny.
My three newest films.
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Don't wait.
Get the videos, make at least ten copies, get them out to opinion makers, expose the murderers.
The murderers must be brought to justice.
Angus in Canada, you've got a minute and ten seconds to finish up.
Oh, yeah.
Well, one thing I wanted to say is on your Infowars.com, your Jihad Joe, that was really clever.
I really liked that.
Well, we just posted that to listener.
Yeah, well, whoever did it, you know, it's very clever, very, very good.
Globalist-funded creature, yes.
Oh, yeah, but I mean just the satire.
Patriot outcomes included.
Oh, yeah, no, it's fabulous.
My dad came up, and he's a big Republican that's been involved with Reagan and stuff like that years ago.
And we began to, of course, talk about some of the recent events.
And he's an establishment man.
He listens, gets everything from Rush.
And what did he say?
Oh, he blew up at me and he left after one day.
He didn't want to hear about it.
Hold on, I'll hold you over.
What did he say?
Did he say, son, banning assault weapons is conservatism?
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Ideal for...
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The public schools are engineered to destroy your children's minds, turn them into mindless creatures that regurgitate whatever the sitcom has to say.
That's where the real training of the public takes place.
The dramas and sitcoms will be talking about how kids have to waive their rights, parents have to waive their rights, other kids and basically put them on probation to go to a lot of public schools now.
You sign up as prisoners, waive your rights when you enter the cage.
I'm not joking, okay?
It's that bad.
It's worse, okay?
That's coming up here in about five minutes, and we've got Paul Watson joining us, and we'll get into all this other news I've been mentioning.
Right now, let's go back to Angus real quick.
Angus, your dad says that he was visiting you and the family up in Canada, and I guess he said that banning assault weapons is conservative and you're a liberal because you're against it, or what did he say?
Well, no, basically what I told him is that we can't trust...
The Bush administration as it is now, I mean, even the BBC won't quote any of them anymore because they're trying to maintain some credibility.
Yeah, I mean, they told us dozens of lies, purposefully, knowingly, made up fake documents, and he said that's a good thing, I guess.
Well, it's continual.
You have to understand, my sister works for Homeland Security in one of the prominent Midwestern states.
And we're very... Why don't we just call it Federalizing Everything Office?
Well, basically, yeah.
I mean, it's right under... You could look to Canadian history.
They had what they were called.
I forget his name, but he was the minister of everything.
And it was a command-control economy.
Not much has evolved since that time.
So go ahead and finish up.
So what did your dad-ass say?
Oh, well, just basically, the response I get was very emotional.
It was a classic response of someone who's been exposed to consistent propaganda.
I've worked in the media for years, so I'm familiar with it.
Well, basically, yeah, because I tell him that they've managed to do with the Constitution what no enemy could ever do.
That's just way too simple.
Almost crying.
There was some big Marine at the showing of the Road to Trinity Houston.
He almost was like crying.
His eyes were getting bigger and bigger.
Well, I know that's true, but they don't know what to say.
It's like they cannot compute.
You didn't hit your dad with that, though, huh?
That little repertoire can actually deprogram one of them.
Ultimately, people will see the truth.
You can only be in denial for so long.
He was raised during the Second World War.
And so a lot of the images and a lot of the statements and things were getting tied into those.
It's all retreading now, trying to bring back in that image.
Yeah, it's like last kick at the cat for these people.
And so they'll be very susceptible to it.
And so as the younger generation behind seeing clearly, we have to hold our ground.
And I encourage you, and I'm going to be up here, and I'll continue to feed information down.
Well, that really is it, Angus.
I mean, it really is about kicking the dog.
It's about sitting in their easy chair, drinking a beer, feeling powerful, watching a village get blown up.
Well, yeah.
I mean, no.
I mean, I've talked to a guy who runs a liquor store, owns it.
He said he sells hard liquor during the start of wars like no other time.
And he says people just, it's a celebration of drunkenness and just feeling good now.
It's an appeal to the base instinct of man.
It's least common denominator.
We're getting it in programming.
We're getting it in everything.
That's why shows like yours are important.
It's niche market, but it's a lot less niche than most people realize.
All right, thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
Yeah, that's what happens is there's just all these good old boys going, I guess Bush has got to take the guns.
I've heard them.
My dad's told me.
I guess we've got to have open borders.
He's a Republican.
Pass the Jack Daniels, please.
We'll be right by it.
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A new world order can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations.
The new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police State 3, is for you.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Welcome back, my friends.
Already eight minutes and 15 seconds into the second hour.
And we've got Paul Watson coming up in about 25 minutes.
Talk about all the British terror that's going on, British government control of terrorists.
We're about to go to Mike and Charlotte and others who are patiently holding.
Larry Callahan's been a caller to this show for, I don't know, five, six years.
And he always called me from Louisiana.
He'd call every few weeks, got to know who he was.
I saw an article about three or four weeks ago where it said some of the parishes in Louisiana made parents sign waiver forms so they're not allowed in the school.
They put fences up, and they put armed guards in the schools, and the parents wait outside the fences.
The kids are brought to them.
And you probably heard some of the schools down there putting cameras in everywhere.
They caught them.
They're allowed to put microphones in the bathroom but not cameras.
Tennessee, they put them in the showers themselves and then put it on the Internet.
But that was, remember, on the news.
But this is different.
And last night he called in and was actually reading from some of these documents, and he's going to mail me a copy of it, but I already saw some of this in the news, where it talks about basically waiving your rights to your children, making the school the guardians, and it's really a further judification.
You agree to strip searches, you agree to surveillance, you agree to questioning, and you can't go in and get your kids.
And Larry went to pick up his grandchild,
Who he takes care of.
And there he was, with all these parents, standing outside the fence, and it looked like Dachau, he was saying, the tribe of Judea inside the camp, and here was the armed guard bringing in the children.
I mean, this is so sick, but again, it's like tracker chips and cell phones, the government tracking everything we do and admitting it.
It's, oh, that's freedom!
It's for your safety!
It's like your OnStar that can pipe into the government and listen to everything you're doing.
It's like, oh, that's freedom!
That's admitted.
No, that's Winston in 1984.
So he has now fled the takeover there from the deep south into the belly of the beast in Northern California where he's from.
Beautiful Northern California, beautiful area.
And Larry Callahan is on the show with us.
Yeah, I saw the articles a few weeks ago about these new changes, but you were reading some of it last night on air, and you're having to waive control of your children.
It's like signing a CPS document, losing custody.
And the point is, folks, they don't have to have you sign something.
Unless it's a contract to waive rights.
Understand this.
This is serious rocketeering.
Larry, thanks for coming on the show.
Okay, thank you, Alex.
I appreciate it.
I'd like to go over this one more time.
In the Rapids Prairie Schools, this was sprung on us on the first day of school.
Nobody knew about it until they got there.
Remember, they made the schools all the no-gun zone.
Then Rapids Parish voted the sheriff into the school as a student access officer.
Now, for those that don't understand, they hype up school shootings, even though in the last 20 years they're way down.
They create fear.
They put in thumb scanners to get lunches, barbed wire fences, drug dogs, searching the kids.
And now in elementary school they do strip searches, cameras in the bathrooms.
This has been in the news.
So this is the new system, in the name of keeping them safe, training them how to be slaves.
Okay, so in reality, what this corporate contract, which is called the Rappies Ferry School Board Policies Handbook, that you must sign under duress with threat of expulsion if you don't.
Go ahead.
And then it says under that expulsion, that's not an authorized expulsion, that is, you then go under the judge's control and it says CPS in there, but we'll get to that.
The gun has become the arbitrator of all disputes in the school.
Well, if you're constantly being searched and disarmed and urinalysis tested at five years old, I guess you'll look at the gun and give up and go along with the authority's rules.
Here it is, the superintendent's message.
Our children, keep in mind they're talking about your children, people, are the most precious possessions.
It is the responsibility of adults, parents, teachers, and community leaders to provide a learning environment that respects diversity and prepares students to become responsible citizens capable of meeting the challenges of an ever-changing society.
Global society.
So look at that again.
Our children are being taught in school and prepared as students to become responsible citizens of a global society.
By the way, Charlotte Iserby and her book, former head of policy, Department of Education, first Reagan administration, number two position, put a not-for-distribution cartoon
From the Department of Education in the start of her book, and it shows a child in a cartoon format going through mind control, and then it says global citizen at the end, this totally brainwashed creature.
It's a sick joke with them.
Go ahead.
Now, they go on to specify in here, they tell you exactly what a democracy is and that they believe in it.
It says that the individual's rights are important...
However, we believe in our democracy that the rights of the whole of society are more important, and that the individual's rights are spawned from the rights of the whole of society.
Now, that's right out of the U.N., and that's the difference between a democracy and a democracy.
A democracy of 51% of people say, kill all blacks, kill all whites, take that farmer's land, divide it up amongst us.
It happens.
In a republic...
You can't put a black man behind a plow as a slave because he is a minority even though the majority says they want to do it.
He has God-given rights as a human being.
Two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
This document is so sick.
I know you're going to try to fax it to me today.
Also, you're going to mail me a copy.
Do it because I want to post it on Infowars.com, Larry.
Please continue, Larry.
Now, folks, keep in mind that in their democracy, they're stating right there that you get your rights from some human authority or you get your rights from some collection civil authority.
Now, this says... Well, let me tell folks how that works.
The U.N.
says we represent the majority, we speak for them, so the minority doesn't have any rights.
Now, they just said it.
Read that sickening...
Totally un-American trash.
One more time for these people.
Okay, it says that we believe in the individual rights of the individual.
However, the rights of the whole of society in our democracy are more important, and the individual rights are spawned from the whole of society.
Now listen to this.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.
In other words, we're all born the same, and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.
Now, is that the document?
No, I'm reading out the text.
Let's read the document, though.
I mean, it gets a lot worse.
Okay, well, it does get much worse.
I'm going to go to the very end where you're forced to sign it under duress.
I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian, agree.
That I have read all the rules, will assure my child's attendance at school, will assure my child's arrival at school on time.
Okay, that's a misnomer.
By the way, if your child's late three times, that's criminal charges in Austin.
Drug testing, everything begins.
We have it on the local newscast, folks.
This is so sick.
Please continue.
We understand that if we refuse to sign and return this receipt, the student shall be suspended until it is signed and returned.
In the event the above student is administered a drug or alcohol test at the school's discretion, we consent to release all test results to the superintendent, principal, or designee.
Yeah, that's the police.
Now, this is for elementary school.
And it says in the document, you read it last night on air, they're going to drug test the kids, and you're waiving your rights.
Folks, this is a further judification.
Putting your kid, enrolling him in prison.
Man, I'll tell you.
Now, oh, man.
That's precisely what it is.
I'm trying to find the one here.
Okay, listen to this for kindergarten.
You're talking about five-year-olds.
In any case involving a student in kindergarten through grade 5, found guilty of possession of or knowledge of an intention, distribution or possession with intent to distribute any illegal narcotic, drug or other controlled substance on school property, right there, they will activate.
The principal becomes the chief arbitrator right here.
The principal, assistant principal, or child attendants and welfare supervisor and or his assistant shall be a representative of an agency having the responsibility or ability to supply services to a family member
As that phrase is used in the Children's Code Article 731.
Yeah, so what they're telling parents is, CPS, you've waived all your rights.
In that document, you're turning your kids over to CPS automatically, and it gets into the strip searches.
Folks, come on.
Yes, the principal and any school designee, they're talking down to the...
Janitors, there has to be two of them.
The parent does not have to be notified.
This is hell on earth.
They will take them into a private room and do a clothing search.
Well, folks, that's a pat down in anybody's book, running their hands up and down your 5, 6, 7, 8, your children.
That is completely illegal.
They know it.
That's why they have to get you preemptively to sign under duress.
And if you don't sign, they will activate this code, and it is the Child Welfare Act Child Protective Services against you.
It says right there.
So sign this, and if you don't put your kid in school and sign this, we'll 6CPS on you.
And remember the girl who was...
What was it?
3.84, New York Post, a graduating college with honors at 15, and the CPS is trying to take her from the family right now and block her getting a degree.
They're evil!
These are criminals with useful idiot teachers and principals and the rest of them going along with this.
Now, are folks in that area, I know you left the area, and it's happening all over the country, were other people,
Are people concerned, Larry?
Well, on the first day, all the parents that came to pick up their children was hanging on the fence on one side of the locked fence
They were hurting in their guts, but they couldn't understand it as they watched their children on the other side of the fence being brought to them and controlled and not released to them by the sheriff with the gun.
Yeah, let me tell you what this is like.
Mammals have this instinctive understanding.
You can show up to take a cow's calf to sell the calf to be slaughtered or to sell it, and you can be there 20 times to feed them, but when you show up to take their calf, they know, they start bopping the gate.
And they really freak out when you take their calf.
They'll cry.
You just see the cattle out there hanging on the fence.
How far are you going to let it go, slaves?
It's going to get a lot worse.
I hope you know that.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Folks, they've got new dramas on TV where torture is good, where the government torturing citizens is good.
All over the country, they're telling parents, sign this document for your kid to go to school or we'll take your child.
And the document waives rights.
That's what they did in the old Soviet Union.
Sign here, you go to a gulag, then you waive your rights to confession, you go anyways.
And don't think they won't do it.
These sickos will do anything for their paychecks.
They're so weak-minded.
Now, Larry, you've got two other points that are in this document that we will be posting on InfoWars.com along with this audio interview in the next few days.
Right, Alex.
But, Larry, because I did see the news articles about this a few weeks ago, but not the particulars.
I know this is going on in many areas of the country, but for folks that don't know, this is a contract, a further justification.
Your child's going on probation.
There's two other points in this sickening document.
Right, Alex.
Now, keep in mind on the first day I went into the office and they told me that never for any reason shall the parent ever be allowed down the hallway nor into the classroom for any reason.
Well, my eight-year-old was sitting in the classroom on day two and this is under suspensions and they're calling these offenses.
We're good to go.
They had to call me.
Oh, there's something wrong with Brittany.
She's not acting.
Well, yeah, they tried Ritalin and Prozac to destroy their wonderful minds, and now... Well, that's what the urinalysis test for a five-year-old.
Let's get serious.
It's just to make sure that the court-mandated medications are being administered, people.
It's THX 1138.
As George Lucas said.
You know, this is incredible.
And there's one other little sickening tidbit in there.
The teachers, while the children are at school, and this extends 365 days a year for the authorities at their own individual properties, but the teachers assume the authority of the parent.
They're talking all legal authority here, folks.
It's got to stop.
And that's for abortion and everything.
I would also add into this...
That this is happening all over the country, and people need to know this.
Don't ever sign anything.
Folks, do not be mindless idiots.
It's like a sharecropper signing away their future, signing away to be slaves, indentured servants.
I mean, it's the same thing.
It is a corporate contract.
The school is a corporation.
You must sign it under duress, and if you don't, the system will activate against you.
You'll find yourself in court up against Child Protective Services for abusing the children because you wouldn't allow them to be continuously searched
And remember, during the urinalysis test, they get their DNA at the same time for the database, folks.
And it says we're going to, at our discretion, drug test the kids.
And random tests, one out of every five in the meal line, they may pull out search and urinalysis tests.
And again, it's just all there.
I mean, folks...
Imagine 20 years ago hearing about Russia.
They said they had to weigh the rights of their kids.
They were drug tested.
They were patted down.
They were searched.
They had to report on their parents.
If they stood up and said anything back to the teacher, they were picked down.
Imagine you'd hear, oh, that Russia.
Man, it's so bad.
But now it's here.
It's just like, oh, yeah, we're tracked by our cell phones and there's cameras everywhere and there are giant prisons and the police wear black ski masks now and skull badges and cobra badges and shove us around.
You know, it's just part of the new America.
It's here, and it's been put in written language, and it's been put as rules.
Remember, statute rules and regulations are not laws because they have not been tried against the supreme law of the land, the Declaration of the Constitution.
Well, Larry, the most chilling part of that is where they say we're part of this global system, this global community, the rights of the whole is what our democracy is about.
That's the two wolves in the sheep voting on what's for dinner.
Well, the majority of the citizens voted to have every child implanted with a microchip.
The majority voted to get rid of our borders, the touchscreens.
Election system said so.
That's what's so deadly about the, quote, democracy.
That's exactly right, Alex, and that's what they're teaching our children in schools, putting them in a prison virtually, and the gun is the arbitrator.
It's martial law.
When the people were hanging on the fence, I turned to them quietly, and I said, People, what you're witnessing here is martial law.
And they just smiled and said they couldn't understand it, but their guts were hurting.
You said they looked upset, though.
Oh, their guts was hurting bad.
They was quite upset.
They really wanted to jump that fence and go get their child and show them, but they just couldn't come together to understand.
By the way, the federal plan, and this is in the takeover, they admit.
FEMA has taken over the schools.
They are emergency designation centers, and they have drills to load your kids on buses, take them to FEMA centers.
Mainstream news in the takeover.
This is a long-term plan.
They did this in Albania.
They did this in Czechoslovakia when the Russians came in.
They put fences up at the schools and make parents go through this, and that's what the after-school stuff is about.
They've announced locally and all over the country, but here in Austin, oh, now we want your kid to stay after school, see?
And they say cradle to grave.
The parents must be involved.
It's the nexus point as the prison for everyone.
They've come to steal your sacred honor, which is your wives and your children and the family unit.
Get together, people.
Thank you, Alex.
Larry, God bless you.
We'll get it all posted.
Get me that document.
We'll be right back with more calls, more news.
Stay with me.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, coming up here in just a few minutes, we're going to have Paul Watson on to talk about government-sponsored terror, and I'm going to go through the latest headlines with him and get his comment on it, so we'll cover this stuff.
Real quick, they've been holding a long time.
These callers have been holding the longest.
Let's go to Mike and then Charlotte.
Mike in Florida, you're on the air.
Alex, how are you doing this afternoon?
Pretty good.
What did you think of parents in Louisiana having to waive the rights of some of their kids at the school or be criminally charged or civilly charged?
Isn't that interesting?
Well, first of all, when he started reading it, I didn't think much of it.
Then once he started getting into the meat and the meat and potatoes of it, some of the stuff on there are a little sickening.
A little sickening?
I mean, that's just premeditated wickedness.
Yeah, that's something.
That's definitely mind control and conditioning right there.
What I want to touch on is one thing.
I got to hear your piece last night on presidential IQs.
I have to say, two things that came out of that really startled me.
The first being George Bush's IQ being at a 92.
For people who don't know, that's a dummy.
That's a retard.
To not be so PC.
That's not someone too smart that we want running the largest country on the planet.
80 is mildly retarded.
A 92 is, I mean, it is, you know, those people you talk to and they just don't get anything.
I mean, it's, yeah, you've got to be pretty stupid to have a 92.
You know major metropolitan police departments will not accept police unless they have under 100.
That's been in the news.
I wouldn't accept those people either to run my police department.
No, no, no.
Over 100, they won't take them.
Well, that's good.
I wouldn't want them either.
You want mindless yin.
I want people with higher IQs than 100.
But anyway, Alex, the second thing I wanted to touch upon was I think that those tests have got to be skewed.
You need to take them again.
Your IQ, from you talking and whatnot and just reading your books and from watching your documentaries, your IQ has to be higher than that.
You need to take those tests again.
Well, I don't know, 135.
Look, I don't score well on some areas.
I score even higher on others.
You average it together.
It's an overall system of scoring.
I mean, that was years ago when I had 135 IQ.
I don't know what it is now, but you've got Richard Milhouse-Nixon with 155 and Bush with 92.
I mean, that is scary.
Yeah, that's definitely scary.
And one other thing I want to touch on was I saw on your website, and I got a fan that's having the suicide down in October in St.
Petersburg, Florida.
I got a chance to listen to the lead singer from this group, Hell on Earth, this morning.
He said the process is they're going to take the person and put them in a chair and the person will be unconscious and the actual suicide process in and of itself will take a good 30 to 45 minutes to complete but the person will be unconscious for it.
Okay, describe what you're talking about for folks that don't know.
Well, I was only half listening.
I caught it right in the morning as I was waking up that it was a chair that they're going to put the person in and in the very first few seconds or minutes of being in the chair it's going to somehow make him unconscious
And then for the rest of the process, it will slowly finish them off.
For those that don't know, tell them the general story of what's happening.
Well, there's a band, an industrial goth metal band from the Tampa Bay area called Hell on Earth.
And what they're going to be doing on October 4th, I believe the date is, in St.
Petersburg, is they're going to have a person who is from a right-to-die group that wants to die publicly kill themselves at their concert that evening.
They should arrest them right now.
That is disgusting.
70% of those killed by Kevorkian and others on average is a global average from Australia and the Netherlands and the U.S., and they average them all together.
70% weren't even terminally ill.
They were mentally ill.
And, of course, Dr. Kevorkian lost his license.
He was caught doing things in the dark with dead people, cadavers.
And that's the history on it, folks.
And these are sick demons.
And they love death.
But, yeah, that's on InfoWars.com.
And thanks for the call, sir.
I really appreciate the call.
I believe we have that posted.
And you see this kind of stuff all over the place.
Let me see if I have that article.
I saw something about that.
I don't want to comment on it because I don't have many details.
I mean, we're all desensitized to stuff like that now.
It's like the BBC reporting that a large percentage of homosexual men want AIDS in England.
In London.
A big percentage of them in San Francisco.
They say about a third of Rolling Stone reported want to die of AIDS.
They think it's cool.
I mean, this is a culture of death, folks.
Dr. Peter Singer calling babies mackerel, old people worthless, retarded people subhuman.
And then he speaks to the governor's conference.
I mean, they're legitimizing this by giving it attention.
One last call, and we're going to Paul Watson.
Let's talk to...
Charlotte in Virginia.
What a nice name.
Charlotte, welcome to the Airwaves.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
What I'm calling you about is not near as important as what you all have been talking about where the schools are concerned.
Just briefly, the phone companies are now resisting the file-sharing subpoenas where the record industry is essentially granting itself more power than law enforcement under the Patriot Act.
Well, it's Senator Hatch that he wants them to be able to hack your computer and destroy it the second time you download something.
Oh, that sounds like freedom.
Oh, really?
Yeah, that's true.
And some of these softwares that you can download were like Spy, Bot, things like that.
I'm not really sure if those things work all that well or not, but it's good for, you know... Well, I know at InfoWars.net that I plug about once every three months, internet service we offer run by RobinNet, they have virtual browsers that block that, block who you are, shield you from cookies and tracking, and everybody should use it.
You should cloak your activities because the government is criminal and their minions are criminal.
We're protecting ourselves from bandits here.
Yeah, that's true.
What do you got to hide?
Well, what do you have to hide, you criminals?
Well, Sarah, I think her last name is pronounced, Dodge, Vice President and Associate General Counsel for Verizon.
I pronounced that wrong.
Okay, okay.
She decried what she calls the RIAA's blunderbuss campaign as an unconstitutional violation of privacy rights.
So they are...
Refusing to cough up any of their customers' names.
There's been about roughly 300 subpoenas.
Yeah, they sued a 12-year-old girl living in the ghetto.
She downloaded a song.
Concerning the schools and stuff, where I worked at, I called you before about losing my job because I went against the agencies that my boss was partnered with, which was the CPS and the DSS and the DCSD.
But what can we, I'm going to say poor person, what can we do?
To put a stop to these things that's going on in the schools.
Well, we've got to educate folks that anybody that comes over to you, grabs you by the shoulder and says, sign this contract or I'm going to take your kids, or sign this contract or I'm going to arrest you.
I mean, that's the Soviet Union.
Somebody saying, sign this document or I'll arrest you, that's totally criminal.
But it's done on such a wide scale now that they, the criminals, go, no, we're normal, you're bad, because you think this is still America.
So we've got to educate people, person by person,
I was just thinking during the break about writing a book about how to handle that, about how not to sign documents, about globalist tactics, you know, a handbook for people in everyday living.
I mean, I don't have time to do it.
I'm doing interviews every day.
I'm doing multiple radio shows.
I'm trying to make more films.
Well, when I was working, when I worked there at the nonprofit organization, I was passing out to the parents what's called the Parents' Guide to the Systems.
It was questions, do you have to let a social worker into your home?
Yeah, because of what the social workers did, states have passed laws that there's a guideline they have to give you, so you got in trouble for handing out what, by law, you were supposed to because you're very evil.
Yeah, very much so.
Yeah, they had to pass a law in Texas that was billed, you no longer have to take vaccines.
People said, oh, incredible, it's no longer mandatory.
It was never mandatory.
The law actually said, the articles later would say, that it means CPS can't take your kids for not taking a shot.
Because without even having a law, CPS did it to thousands every year.
See, it's all criminals.
They're criminals, but the court doesn't enforce.
Have you ever heard of a hatch letter?
Okay, now I was passing those out, too.
To the parents, to take to the schools, to have the teachers and all employees of the schools to sign this, the paper saying that no one was to talk to their children, period, without the parents' presence.
Now, by that, you can't go, it's time for you to go see the couch, and your kid goes, your child says, why?
They go in and they ask them.
This has been the news.
What type of firearms do your parents have?
We'll start recording now.
Would you like a lollipop?
Oh, a couple firearms parents have.
Does your father do anything to your mother?
Does your father drink a lot?
I mean, this is, folks, in North Carolina, now it's spread in the last four years, but it's in the takeover, my film.
It's spread from there to all over the country.
They have BATF for six months, or excuse me, a semester, four months, in the schools, teaching, and they admit they write dossiers on their family life.
Or the BATF?
That's America?
Yeah, I was going to go to talk to the principal today.
My children are grown, by the way, but I was going to go talk to the principal today and ask him if he would watch the 9-1-1 Road to Tyranny.
And I want to be able to do that and maybe get him to have some of the teachers in the school to watch it as well.
Most of these people are useful idiots who have been incrementally trained to be slaves and to carry out this type of activity.
Most Nazi soldiers...
Psychologically, and they've done the studies, we're not what you'd call an evil person.
They were weak-minded.
They were in group think.
They were under mind control.
And that's how they could sit there and blow a little kid's head off.
And that's incrementally what's happening.
That's how they could break families up, take kids, put them on trains, because the news and everybody told them it was a good thing to do.
Thanks for the call, Charlotte.
All right.
I appreciate Paul Watson holding the last ten minutes.
Or less than ten minutes, I guess.
Paul from the United Kingdom joining us, author of Order Out of Chaos that I've published.
Paul, listening to the show today, it's, I mean, how do you handle this psychologically with dealing with the facts and knowing this is documented?
Well, thanks for having me on the air again, Alex.
You bet.
Handling it is very difficult and I've been listening to the show for the past hour or so and you've been talking a lot about education and the control of education.
It's interesting to look back at how the idea of compulsory schooling actually began and we can track this right back to the Napoleonic Wars.
Compulsory schooling was basically born on the battlefield and
Kindergarten, they began kindergarten, or intense brainwashing of the children.
Yeah, they had to work out how on earth they were losing every battle because they had the superior army.
And so they came to the conclusion that their defeat in the battle with Napoleon was caused by the natural human instinct not to kill other humans.
This was boiled down to the fact that their soldiers were actually thinking for themselves.
They looked into the psychology behind this and came to the conclusion that free will was actually an inconvenience.
They hired people like Wilhelm Wundt, who was a top Illuminati programmer at the time, very early on.
And they worked with him to program students in a compulsory schooling system to develop a sort of hive mind.
And hence the Prussians became the best soldiers in the world.
We adopted it here in the Marine Corps and the rest of it.
Shaved heads, chanting, brainwashing.
And folks, that's brainwashing.
That's what cults do.
And it's giant cult programming.
And your cops are all cult programmed.
I mean, we're living in a giant cult.
Yeah, and you can trace it back right to the origins of mandatory schooling.
By the way, this is in the encyclopedia, Paul.
This isn't like, you know, something far out you're telling people.
It's basic history, and they use the same people that programmed their soldiers to develop this hive mind, which would make them successful in battle.
The origin of public schooling is military-grade, battlefield-based, and so that's why we have to be wary of it today.
Again, the news, everything is mechanized, military-run, mind-control.
We're under a military psychological warfare dictatorship.
What do we do, Paul?
How do we break out of this?
Well, obviously the biggest thing is to expose the main planks of the attacking army and their propaganda.
And obviously we're going to go on to talk about this.
The main issue at the moment, as it has been for the past two or three years, is government-sponsored terrorism.
And there's been a flood of articles out of the British press mainly over the past six months about terrorism.
How the British establishment themselves are funding, training, bringing into the country these so-called Al-Qaeda cells to carry out attacks, and obviously we'll go on to talk about that.
And now they've got the drills going on to condition you, saying the massive attack's about to come.
By the way, you better pass the Euro.
This will keep you safe.
The terrorists will get you if you don't give your rights up.
Yeah, we need to preface this basically by trying to understand why the British government need to capitalize on a staged terrorist attack at this particular time.
Many of you listeners will notice that every surveillance or police state program that the British government are trying to introduce at the moment
Is encountering fierce opposition on both sides of the political spectrum.
We got the mandatory national ID card which was initially scheduled to be entered into British legislation this past summer.
That's now been put back until the next session of Parliament.
Despite the fact that they're already beta testing the National ID card in small towns across the country.
And the thumb scanners are going in and the cops say, you've got a thumb scan to buy and sell.
In hundreds of little towns, the mass conditioning has begun.
Yeah, and so to bypass this mass opposition against the conditioning...
The British government then proposed the microchip biometric passport, which is essentially the same thing as the national ID card.
And simultaneously the UN has called for it, the US has, Belgium has, unifying the system right now.
Okay, well, you've just got to have this card to fly or travel or boat.
Oh, now you've got to have it to drive your car.
And the characteristics of it are iris, facial, fingerprint scans merged with key medical employment, other personal data.
And now your head of Scotland Yard wants a compulsory national DNA database.
You must all report to give it.
When you get your driver's license or ID card, you'll have to have to leave your house.
Same thing in the U.S.
In Bill Clinton's 97 executive order, put clinics into all DPS units around the country to take your blood or urine at that point for DNA sampling.
Which will then be on a barcode on your ID.
This is already federal law here in the U.S.
And so you ask the question, what do the government, the British government and all other governments, need to achieve all this police state in light of the fact that they're encountering a massive backlash against it?
Well, obviously they need a large-scale terrorist attack on London, which will then enable them to pass emergency legislation containing all these nightmare laws.
And so, I mean, we've got posted on prisonplanet.com and Infowars today
And by the way, that's martial law, folks.
And we saw it with legislation passed immediately after the Omar bombing in 98, which was obviously carried out by MI5, which it covered before.
Which is in your book, my friend.
Stay there.
We're going to come back and get into some of these key articles here and then start the third hour and get into more of it and take calls.
We'll be right back.
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sponsored terror.
That is why the private corrupt systems control things.
But I'm holding in my hand a copy of Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terrorism and the New World Order.
And Watson, just in 60 seconds, tell folks what the book covers.
Well, the book is very up-to-date because I only finished actually writing it a few months ago.
Basically the book is a bullet point run through all the different facets of government sponsored terrorism and the order out of chaos scenario.
So we've got everything from the agenda behind the war in Afghanistan, the agenda behind the war in Iraq, September 11th, three chapters on September 11th.
Obviously a big plank is British intelligence state sponsored terrorism.
Pakistan, India, who armed them and why they may be the catapult into the next world war because of the nuclear situation and then we go right through to the whole UFO movement which via our research we've found out that it's actually the UFO threat and the intergalactic threat is in fact a staged operation funded by
The very names that we try to expose behind the New World Order, people like Rockefeller and Rothschild.
I mean, literally, you've got Kansas City Star Associated Press articles where Clinton's former chief of staff and this Rothschild run the fake UFO movement, these fake radio shows, all this stuff.
It's in there, folks.
Also, Israel's sponsored terror, how they blow stuff up and blame it on people.
I mean, this is out of her rots and stuff.
This is all documented, folks.
Order Out of Chaos, 1995, 300-plus pages long, full of documents and diagrams.
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And the police state, it's only $12, 230 pages.
This is over 300 pages long, 1995.
Infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
I want to come back and get into the MI5 terrorism and the rest of it, but what about this article...
That came out today from AFP.
Asnar al-Islam leader threatens to document his links to the U.S.
He's saying, hey, if you say we're a terrorist group, I'm going to expose it.
We warned the CIA about 9-11.
That's just like the one Taliban guy who waited for U.S.
forces and said, oh, I warned you about the attacks.
And they arrested him but let all the others go.
Break that down, Paul.
Well, yeah, we've had numerous articles with similar circumstances where these terrorists are in fact documenting their link to British intelligence to try and avoid them being extradited, executed, whatever.
And we had a recent article
Out of the London Times, actually, the headline of which was Immigration Officers Let Terrorists Into UK.
And the article described how an Algerian al-Qaeda cell, who were identified as an al-Qaeda cell back in October of last year, were not only given passports and allowed to enter the country, but were actually given jobs and access to secure areas at Heathrow Airport.
We all remember Tony Blair had tanks rolling around Heathrow Airport back in February, citing unspecified threats.
And then we find out that the threat itself was artificially created by the Blair government.
There's CIA.
We'll talk about the Philippines.
Admit it, the government carries out the terror.
I mean, it's the same thing over and over again.
Third hour straight ahead, your calls and a lot of news.
During nuclear disasters, great amounts of radioactive iodine are released into the atmosphere.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Folks, we're talking about the most important subject concerning politics in your life.
Government-sponsored terror.
We're talking to a man who's researched it in depth, probably even more in some areas than I have, Paul Watson, Clubmaster editor for PrisonPlanet.com, my website, and also we publish his book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror in the New World Order.
I know we have Barbara and others that are holding.
If you'd like to join us in this hour, talk about any news item concerning the globalist crime syndicates, 1-800-259-9231.
It's come out that while Tony Blair had tanks all around Heathrow saying terrorists were about to attack, they had ordered their embassies to allow known al-Qaeda into the country, then given them jobs and passes.
MI5 did.
British intelligence at the airbase, at the international airport.
And now it's coming out that people are coming out who've been captured, and they're saying, look, I work for MI5 or MI6.
The evidence is coming out.
There's just a bunch of news on this.
Let's go over it, Paul.
Launch into it.
What's going on here?
Is the British public starting, the English public, I should say, are they starting to get what's going on?
In some pockets, yes, because this stuff is obviously coming out in mainstream newspapers.
But we mentioned just before the break, we had the headline out of the London Times, Immigration Officers Let Terrorists Into UK.
It was a known Al-Qaeda cell, Algerian Al-Qaeda cell, known as such in October last year.
I think?
We're good to go.
They managed to keep the story under wraps for nearly nine months that the British government had allowed this sale into the UK.
I mean, something else that's come out recently we can take a look at is the article from the London Guardian with the headline, Suspect claims MI5 can clear his name.
And the article actually reads, quote, An alleged member of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network wanted in connection with the bombings of U.S.
embassies in Africa claimed yesterday he was in frequent touch with British security services, including a named MI5 agent.
And we get into this sort of thing in Order Out of Chaos.
We've talked before on the show about the case of Abu Qatada.
It turns out he's really an MI5 agent in safe houses.
Just unbelievable.
Whatever happened to Tariq Aziz?
They were going to give the Iraqi foreign minister a palace on one of Prince Charles' 100,000 acre pieces of property.
Whatever happened to him?
I don't know what happened to him, but yeah, the story came out that Prince Charles had graciously offered his palace to Tariq Aziz.
And then we have every couple of weeks a new Saddam tape basically telling everyone to fight the US and yet we can go back to the reports that came out in April of the fact that Saddam was actually paid off by the Americans and flown out with the help of Russia.
I tell you what, stay there.
Let's go over that.
I've got some other government-sponsored terror I want to cover with England, but then let's talk about how they claimed that they caught the number two man's back last week with bin Laden, but then we have the articles where they said they captured him 18 months ago.
I mean, they've got to be doing this on purpose to just totally condition us to accept lies, Paul.
I mean, why do you think their lies are so blatant where somebody with an 80 IQ could figure this out?
Well, obviously, as you mentioned earlier, they're trying to paint the Americans and the British establishment as the bad guys, so then the UN can come in and take over.
I mean, they tried to do that directly during the Clinton administration, but now it's sort of smokescreen behind this neocon front.
But, yeah, you mentioned the Iraqis.
We've got chemical allies.
Supposedly arrested a few weeks ago when it turns out he was actually captured in February.
So, not possible, I don't think.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
This is out of Dubai.
A.F.P., the suspected leader of Kurdish Islamic extremist group, threatened in an interview published Saturday to produce evidence of his contacts with Washington prior to the September 11th hijackings.
I have in my possession irrefutable evidence against the Americans, and I am prepared to supply it.
You won't be alive very long, buddy.
They've already killed a bunch of Saudi Arabian princes that said that.
In the United States, tries to implicate me in an affair linked to terrorism, Mullah...
Prakar, if I'm pronouncing that right, who is believed to be a front for Asar al-Islam, told Al-Hayat newspaper.
He dismissed as fabrications reports linking his group to al-Qaeda, saying they were designed to justify a strike against Iraq.
That's been proven now.
Picard told the Arabic Language Daily that he had been approached by the United States before September 11th.
I had a meeting with a CIA representative and someone from the American Army in the town of Sumayya.
I thought we'd go back...
And to talk about that.
Now, Paul Watson from the United Kingdom.
I want to talk to you about this, and we're going to go to Barbara in Tennessee and others that are patiently holding at 1-800-259-9231.
But I know you watch the news.
I know you read it.
I taped the entire war.
I mean, I taped about eight hours a day.
Dozens of times, Wolfowitz said in press conferences, we paid off two major army groups.
We paid off Republican Guard.
They're going to give up most of them.
Come on, let's go into Iraq.
After the war, he said, we never said that.
That's totally made up.
That's lies.
The media didn't call him on it.
He said that they had killed Saddam's sons three times.
Then they showed us wax figures.
They said they killed Saddam three times.
They go on and on.
Now they said that 18 months ago they'd captured bin Laden's right-hand man.
Then they claim that he'd been putting out threats again six months ago.
Now he's doing it again.
They claim they have him captured, but he's still putting out new threats with bin Laden.
Then it turns out the tape is a fake, a compilation.
Bush gives a speech last Wednesday, says you better pass Patriot Act II.
Bin Laden's going to be back an hour later.
Bin Laden pops up on TV.
I'm going to get you.
Turns out that's fake, just like the fat bin Laden tape.
I mean, is it because they know that 70% of Americans don't know where Iraq is on a map
Is it because... I mean, this is incredible.
I mean, they could come up with better lies than this.
Again, it's to demonize America and the UK, to play the part as the bad cop, to energize the UN.
We know that.
But there's got to be more to this.
Give us some examples of what I just talked about.
Well, also 70% of Americans think that Saddam Hussein was involved with 9-1-1 and even people like Rumsfeld and Cheney have come out in the past few days and said that that's not the case, even though they used that as a pretext before the war.
But you mentioned the staged outcome of the war with Saddam being flown out by the Russians and
It's clear that the... I mean, your listeners will remember the so-called sea fire that we witnessed right in the middle of the war when there was basically a seven to ten day break in any sort of major incident.
That was when the deal actually took place that ensured the swift capture of Baghdad immediately afterwards.
And they admit that they flew out Republican Guard generals, gold bars, euros, dollars.
Rumsfeld said it before the war, and then he just said, I never said that.
The guy was in front of 100 cameras on national TV day after day, and then he said after the war, we didn't pay anybody off.
That's not true.
They fought.
We just crushed them.
And then they rolled into Baghdad in machine gun minivans full of families and just randomly slaughtered everybody to act like there was some enemy.
Then there was a response, and then they claim the boogeyman bin Laden's doing it.
Yeah, I mean, you remember before the war, there was a broad effort to encourage Hussein and leading Basque Party officials to accept political asylum.
And then he said he'd take it, and they said, we'll kill you if you try to leave.
Then they have the ceasefire, gave it to him, flew him out to Belarus, and now we're going to have all these staged events.
Yeah, no.
Before, actually...
The so-called Battle for Baghdad, right before it immediately kicked off, mainstream newspapers were predicting that it would cost as many as 12,000 American troops' lives, and in the end it turned out to be a walkover.
Well, why was it a walkover?
The Middle Eastern newspapers reported that with the help of Russia, who flew them out of the country, top Basque Party officials and Saddam Hussein himself were paid off by the Americans to order the Republican Guard, what was left of it, to stand down.
And you've got again today another Saddam Hussein take.
And we look at the previous tapes that have come out of these Arab television stations where just about a week ago the Bin Laden tape was a conglomeration of old footage featuring his so-called right-hand man who again was arrested.
By the way, that's now admitted, folks.
They admit that.
But see, that's the tiny paragraph in the back of the paper in the retraction.
All the big headlines is what Dumbbell America remembers.
And a major plank of the whole Iraq situation is the whistleblowers that have come out exposing the fact that it was a phony war in the first place.
Well, let's remember that Saddam in 58 was hired, brought to Egypt, trained by the CIA publicly to commit assassinations.
He did commit assassinations.
He then was maneuvered in the 68 to be the head of the security force, the secret police of the Ba'ath.
Then in, what, 76, they put him into power.
He was the big ally.
They told him to invade Kuwait.
They then cornered him.
He didn't believe the invasion would begin.
They launched the invasion.
Then he was given the deal to leave.
I mean, that's a fact, folks.
Go ahead.
And then the people that get in a high enough position of authority to blow the whistle on these sort of things, just like David Shaler did on the British funding of Al-Qaeda to carry out political assassinations across the globe, those people are either imprisoned or murdered, with specific reference to David Kelly.
And it is basically now obvious that it was a murder.
And we have the article on prisonplanet.com from a well-known Scottish journalist who contacted me and asked that his name be withheld.
And I checked out his credentials, found that he did write for the newspapers and magazines that he mentioned.
Look, my dad boiled it down real simple.
They killed him so everybody get the message.
Electrode's hanging off of him.
I mean, come on, folks.
This has basically come out in the Huston Inquiry that Kelly was telling people, writing an email.
I've got dark actors around me.
I'm being threatened.
I'm going to get my name back.
Somebody's controlling my phone calls.
And he was going back to Iraq afterwards and he was looking forward to the wedding of his daughter and the MI6 agent said that the murder, and that's what it is, a murder, of David Kelly was, quote, sloppy work and that there was an apparent struggle at the scene of the crime.
He said that it was sloppy work, that Kelly's body was found with enough pills for an overdose but he hadn't ingested them and that the evidence should have been removed from the scene under, quote, normal procedure.
I don't agree with all this out-in-the-open business.
You know, saying we're never at war with East Asia.
We've always been at war with East Asia.
Big Brother will give you 100 choco rations tomorrow.
He never said he'd do that.
He's only going to give you 5 choco rations.
I mean, with this Orwellian on purpose lying, I believe, well, my dad is a pretty smart guy.
He believes they probably use a defibrillator on him.
And then you die over a few minutes, you still get substantial blood loss, cram the stuff in his mouth, you know, the pills, then they didn't get digested, slit the wrist, you get some spurting, which was described on a lot of bleeding, that a guy with a heart problem, a good way to kill somebody is with a defibrillator.
But I don't know, you know, this is what your MI6 guy told you, so he may be right.
Well, the end result of it is obviously what the British government planned all along.
Have the Hutton inquiry, have the whitewash, and then sacrifice some lower-level minion like Jeff, who brushed the whole thing under the carpet and tried to move on.
So that's what we've got going on with the Kelly situation at the moment.
All right, we're going to come back and talk to Barbara and others, but I do have some other points I want to make.
But, Paul, I mean, saying that,
There's a new tape of bin Laden's right-hand man when they admit they, quote, had him captured 18 months ago but won't produce him.
It's all just theater.
They all work for them.
To have Bush give a speech and say bin Laden's going to be back, he's going to get you, and bin Laden pops up an hour later on TV and a new tape comes out.
To have Powell before the war, before the Congress, saying there's a new tape on Al Jazeera where he says bin Laden says he works with Saddam,
And then they go, well, that's not on TV right now.
He goes, oh, it will be.
I mean, talk about scripting.
It is a complete joke, and we've had the situation with the Brooklyn Bridge so-called terrorists trying to cut the cables like that would be possible.
It would take him like 12 hours, and he didn't even have the equipment.
And then it turns out that he was an FBI spy.
I mean, we have Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was supposedly another one of bin Laden's right-hand men.
He was captured, and then it turns out, we look at the previous reports, that he'd already been captured and killed a year previously.
And now since they've captured him again and again, it's like it's a joke.
Oh, here's his face, and the news doesn't say, well, this is a retraction.
We captured him again.
We captured him again.
We killed him again.
We captured him again.
This really is Ingsoc.
This really is Orwellian conditioning.
Just to stay sane, as Winston said, you've almost got to become insane and just accept it.
You know, two plus two could equal four or five or ten.
You've got to see all the figures.
They've got to be blurred when O'Brien holds them up to us.
Are you beginning to double think, Paul?
The key is just to try and, you know, have a memory.
That's the basic tenet of trying to follow all this.
It's just amazing.
I mean, folks, this is so over the top.
I mean, it's like a comedy skit or something.
There's no way to describe it.
I didn't know lying could get this bad.
We'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
So I go to the calls and I got a bunch of other news from today we're about to get to as well and get Paul Watson's take on it.
But remember, we got a population that 70% of them don't know where Iraq is.
And that was in the middle of the war.
So you try to explain to them that they keep
Be cycling the same boogeymen over and over again.
I mean, this is being done on purpose, folks.
In 1984, again, Orwell, who was really Blair, had been in the police in India under the Imperials, been a communist.
He'd done all this stuff.
He'd worked for the BBC, so he understood propaganda.
And that's what his book was saying, is that they train you to accept lies.
You tell somebody, well, they're lying to us.
Well, that's what they do, Mac!
Well, you see, when people accept corruption, well, the SWAT team's killed other innocent people today.
Well, that's just what they do.
I don't want to hear about it.
See, it's desensitization, a psychological process, where they may start wearing clown outfits on TV and hopping around, and Bush may start sawing guns in half on TV and going, I'm pro-gun.
I shouldn't joke, because when I joke, it then comes true.
But, you know, he may come out in a devil outfit and say, I'm Jesus, and the Christians will go, hail him, he is the Christ.
I mean, I shouldn't joke, but it's almost getting that ridiculous.
And so, you know, let's hope it doesn't get that bad.
You know, he may come out in an Anton LaVey devil outfit and say, this is how Jesus dresses, you know, blasphemous stuff like that.
And they may go, that's Christian, you know, open the borders, it's conservative.
More than half of them got it.
It's good for you.
I'm getting a little satirical here, but it's out of control.
Let's talk to Barbara in Tennessee.
Thanks for holding then.
And Melissa and Charles and others.
Go ahead.
Thanks, Alex.
I appreciate what Mr. Watson had to share concerning compulsory education over in France.
It was Germany.
It was Germany.
After the early American Revolution, there was actually a group of French that had come over
I think so.
Do away with the traditional American classroom that was still very much encouraging.
Totally locally controlled, a classical learning system.
And see, for those who don't know, encyclopedia.
Kindergarten was a Prussian brainwashing system.
The public schools are a fool society Nazi death cult system.
Now that's just history.
Paul Watson comments?
Well, yeah, and we can again look back and find that people like Andrew Carnegie and the same names that are behind the tax-exempt foundations now that are funding the left-wing disinformationists were in fact behind that original movement to create these brainwashing systems, licensing of academia, basically.
So from the very start, it was controlled right from the top of the pyramid.
Yeah, before, if you could go in and take the bar test or go in and take the medical exam, you were a doctor.
Before, if you had the facts and had the information, now it's you have to have all their special accreditation.
USA Today article on Wednesday, September 3rd, it had a quote from Dennis Evans, who's a director of education leadership programs at the University of California in Irvine.
And what he said was that public schools are the one place where all children of all people
Come together.
There can be any more important... Can there be any more important to teach each child, and that's the democratic society, than to develop virtues and values such as respect for others?
And the ability to communicate and collaborate and an openness to diversity and new ideas.
What that means is being a mindless jellyfish that only says yes to whatever they're told and has learned to be script searched and led around by somebody in a black ski mask.
And he said, furthermore, the isolation impact of home teaching.
Is an anathema to socialization and citizenship.
Oh, yeah, so now, see, and they're moving to ban homeschooling as they win all the spelling bees and the corporations fight to get them.
Right, and he pointed out that... Show me that article.
Who is this sicko?
Dennis L. Evans.
And he's the Director of Education Leadership Program in the University of California, Irvine.
I mean, take USA Today.
They're the ones that told you, yes, the U.N.
It's good.
runs our courts.
And I heard the neocons on the radio going, well, it's not that bad.
Bush is good.
Comments about that, Paul?
Have they now announced it?
Yeah, our courts are under the U.N., sure.
Everything's under the authority of global, yeah.
But going back to...
The education facet, I've actually got a quote from somebody called John Gatto, who was New York State Teacher of the Year for 1991.
And he said in his own words, quote, I teach children not to care too much about anything even though they want to make it appear that they do.
How I do this is very subtle.
I do it by demanding they become totally involved in my lessons, jumping up and down in their seats with anticipation, competing vigorously with each other for my favor.
It goes back to the whole Pavlovian bell salivating condition process.
Which the former head of policy said it was dog training.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Oh my God!
I can't believe I got these drugs prescribed for free and shipped overnight to my door without seeing a doctor.
Yes, it's true.
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Get ready to live the good life and call 1-800-551-5691 or visit our website at www.countrysidemag.com.
What restrains the government from becoming your absolute ruler, owning you, running your life?
Well, having a Bill of Rights, having a Constitution, being willing to stand up and defend those beliefs.
That's what makes you a free human being.
History is a history of enslaved, feudal, serf populations on global reservations and plantations.
That's happening again.
And it's all in the name of public safety.
Well, your cell phone has a tracker chip in it.
Now, your OnStar listens to you with Homeland Security for your safety.
We're having to put face-scanning cameras that will make you thumb-scan to get your school lunch or to go to the grocery store for your safety.
Oh, we're going to have to call CPS out on any kid that's 10 pounds overweight.
Now, see, it's your social life.
It's what you do.
It's running your life.
We're going to go over all that.
Let's take some more calls.
We're talking to Paul Watson of Ordered Out of Chaos and PrisonPlanet.com.
Let's go ahead and talk to Melissa in Florida.
Melissa, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to ask you, do you have any video or audio clips of Rumsfeld talking about 9-1-1 being a blessing in disguise?
I know he's made those comments.
What we have is PNAC documents written beforehand, Project for the American Century calling Pearl Harbor a lucky event, saying we need more of those events, and we need terror to mobilize.
Cheney talks about race-specific bioweapons, how good they are, and how we need to use them and kill certain races.
That was in the September 2000 Rebuilding America's Defenses.
Watson, comments on PNAC and the psychopathic admissions there.
Well, yeah, we've got Peanut calling for a new Pearl Harbor.
We've got Bush saying that 9-1-1 enabled him to, quote, hit the trifecta.
We've got Bush coming out every few months saying that the hijackers are servants of evil.
Well, the question is, who are their masters?
He also said no one knows the power of this dark cult of evil.
Nobody knows the power.
He smiled when he said it.
Sorry, go ahead.
I'm sorry, Watson.
Finish up.
I'll quit interrupting.
Go ahead.
But in relation to 9-11 itself, some recent information that's come out relates to Flight 11, the first plane that hit the World Trade Center.
Now, according to the official timeline, and we've gone through this before,
The hijackers were running up and down the aisle on Flight 11, splitting people's throats, and according to the initial FAA reports, which were later covered up, the hijackers supposedly actually shot one of the passengers.
And if all this noise and commotion was taking place, then the question is, why on earth did the pilot and the co-pilot not attempt to make radio contact?
And in fact, the only time radio contact is made is when you hear the voices of the so-called hijackers.
Why didn't the pilots punch in a three-digit code alerting ground control to a hijack situation?
Another question is the FAA with flight... Well, I mean, most of those pilots are former jet pilots and people.
I mean, these are tough guys.
I know pilots.
Can you imagine some Arabs running around with box cutters trying to do that?
I mean, that's ridiculous.
But see, people haven't lived.
They don't know where Iraq is.
They've never been in a fist fight.
They've never had somebody pull a knife on them.
I've had people pull a knife on me.
Growing up in Dallas, stuff was rougher.
I'd beat the living daylights out of them.
Go ahead.
And then we've got another question concerning Flight 11, which is a cell phone call of a flight attendant called Amy Sweeney.
And just to go through this quickly, this cell phone call, according to the official timeline, occurred just before the plane descended into Lower Manhattan.
Yeah, this thing's flying around for 45 minutes all over the country, off course, with transponders off, and then, yeah, their story doesn't hold water.
Now, magically, a couple miles from the building, then they storm it and take it over.
How did it magically
So the question is, how did the plane divert dramatically from its course 150 miles earlier if the pilots were supposedly still in control of the plane?
One last thing is that the only voice that can be heard screaming is that of Sweeney, the flight attendant herself, right before the plane hit.
So the question is, can it be truly plausible that in the moments before crashing into North Tower of the World Trade Center, one flight attendant would, among nine other crew members and 81 passengers, be the only one heard basically shrieking in terror?
And by the way, this is what they say.
This is the same government that gave you a bin Laden that had gained 100 pounds and had different nose and ears.
The same government, the same media that can have Forrest Gump shaking hands with JFK.
That's right, from the official timeline.
You cannot believe any... It's their own statement that the plane was hijacked 150 miles off course, 45 minutes later, after flying all around the East Coast off course, then it's hijacked seconds before.
Anything else, Melissa?
Yes, Alex.
I have him right now...
A minute clip of him saying that and saying that we should be grateful that 3,000 people were killed instead of 30,000 to 300,000 through a biological attack.
Well, yeah, the Building 7 command bunker did tell them to stay at their desk or they'd get in trouble.
I guess they did try to keep the people there.
Sure, go ahead and play his lordship.
There she goes, folks.
Okay, hold on.
This is his lordship.
Lord Rothschild's minion.
Here he is.
Don Wilson.
Interestingly, about a month or two after September 11th, I was in Oman, meeting with the Sultan of Oman in a tent south of his country.
He was visiting his constituents.
He said, you know, as terrible as September 11th was, it may very well be that it's a blessing in disguise.
And I said, how so?
He said that it was terrible.
The loss of 3,000 human beings.
But he said, if it will awake the world, if it will cause us to act, if it will cause people to stop people from teaching, it is a good thing to kill innocent men, women, and children.
If that were to happen before we had a September 11th where not 3,000 were killed, but 30,000 or 300,000 to a biological attack or whatever it was,
He said then, it would have served a useful purpose.
Did you hear that?
Oh, yeah, that's a sicko right there.
And, of course, Carlaw Group's a big Rothschild-Rockefeller front.
It owns the Saudis, and when the Saudis were getting in trouble, they blacked out what four or five of the princes were blowing the whistles on this, and MI6 is blowing stuff up and blaming it on them to destabilize the country.
To have him up there saying that, you know, that's what CFR member Gary Hart said a couple days after the attacks, General DeGenerney.
He said, we need to use this disaster to get a new world order.
And they said in the PNAC documents, we need this big disaster.
It's going to be helpful.
Paul Watson comments to Donald Rumsfeld, the skeletor of the Defense Department.
Well, the thing you have to remember about Rumsfeld's activities on September 11th was that
He officially stated that he only reacted to the attack after the Flight 77 had hit the Pentagon.
And then, later on, it comes out that Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, the whole bunch of the neocons, were involved in a secret conference call immediately after the first plane, Flight 11, hit the World Trade Center.
Well, actually, according to the news articles, Paul, when they were hijacked, they were
And they were on loudspeakers giving orders to NORAD in the bunkers.
This is ABC News, and they won't release what the orders were, but it came out in one of the whitewash hearings, remember I had the guest on, this came out in the New York News, that the spokeswoman for the FAA said that, oh, there was an interesting conference call before the first plane hit that morning with the FAA, NORAD, FEMA, and others.
Do you remember that, Paul?
Yeah, and we've got Rumsfeld saying he was basically giving a routine briefing in his office right up until flights then hit the Pentagon.
And in truth, he's in some command call telling folks, now understand, at the same time at that morning, 8.30 in the morning, they're running a drill of flying jets into buildings in New York and D.C.
Just so happens the CIA was.
Even if you buy that, I thought they said they never heard of planes flying into buildings.
Again, just lie after lie after lie.
That's how they ordered NORAD to stand down, because every person in the military is an evil.
It's, that's a drill, men.
Stand there.
And then, boom, the first plane hits.
People are jumping up and down.
Shoot them down!
Shoot them down!
Hold on, folks.
This is the Vice President.
I'm in control of the bunker.
Stay right there.
We'll handle this.
And then we have Bush in the limousine knowing about the first plane, then photos of him by the Times of London in there watching the TV, then going out and reading a little goat story, then acting like he just learned of it there, saying he just learned of it there, then the photos come out admitting he learned in the limo!
And then we've got a string of US airbases dotted right along the path of the actual hijacked flights available to scramble squadrons of F-17 fighters to intercept the aircraft.
So again, just lie upon lie again.
Lie upon lie upon lie upon lie upon lie upon lie.
But the average person, where's Iraqi?
I don't know where that is.
And that's it.
And that's who we're dealing with, Paul.
I take microchip, they say, too.
I have national ID card.
I mean, how do you counter something like that?
Well, you just have to basically ignore the chaff and try and connect with the people that still have some semblance of intelligence left in their brain, which is the main course of action, but again, very difficult with the cultural effect of the dumbing down which is going on.
I mean, you've got Britney Spears coming out and saying that anyone who doesn't agree with everything George Bush says is basically a terrorist.
And so it's infiltrated right into the culture.
It's the cultural government link.
Yeah, and this is the government pushing all this.
I mean, I heard Fox Radio this morning.
I heard five minutes of it.
It was all about what they do with porno actresses.
Men cheating on their wives.
Nothing about sports.
Mindless idiot callers.
And then you look at what they're promoting.
Britney Spears dancing around with a snake, kissing Madonna.
Madonna puts out a children's book.
And people say, oh, that's the liberals.
I mean, it's Viacom.
Yeah, it is, but the worst stuff's coming out of Fox, where every male role model is an idiot, the family's breaking down, Temptation Island.
I mean, wake up, people.
And then you've got people like Christina Aguilera, along with Britney Spears and all the rest.
Writing songs about how it's okay for women to be whores.
This whole cultural moral attack is based at making people relinquish their very morals.
And by the way, for people out there, young people out there, they're not just trying to sell you drugs or clothing or whatever.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, it's basically the very elimination of common sense whereby the counterculture is proposed as being completely out of your mind when in fact that is exactly what the government wants you to be.
So the elimination of common sense is the major attack arm of this anti-moral crusade that the government is funding.
And let me tell you, these inbred Rockefellers and Rothschilds hate it when they see happy families at the swimming pool and beautiful art and creativity.
They hate your guts, people.
They want to destroy you.
They've said it.
Because if they don't dumb you down, rival elites will form that will get a hold of the life-saving technologies, that will get a hold of the alternative energies, and then our progeny will have a chance to go to the stars and really enjoy God's gift to humanity.
We're made in the image of God.
They want to rape that.
They hate your guts.
These people want to destroy everything.
These sickos want to destroy humanity itself.
And I am not going to sit here and put up with them, Paul.
What about you?
Well, yeah, that's the point.
I mean, people say that, I mean, we're, you know, sort of too traditional or something like that, but in fact it's not we that have shifted our views, it's the whole political spectrum that's shifted.
Traditional is a survival mechanism.
That's the point, and they've shifted the whole paradigm towards this out-of-your-mind, completely delusional scenario where it's sort of a reaction against the traditional establishment when you in fact find out that the establishment is not traditional because it's being hijacked.
That's it.
They're encoding your psychology with death, selling you death.
Death, death, death, death!
Wake up!
Say no to death!
And we've got the latest generation of children's dolls, or hip-hop girls with short miniskirts, tattoos, nose rings, and things like this.
And this is coming right out of corporations like Mattel, which originally introduced the Barbie dolls.
So even right down to the children's toys, I mean, we had the picture of the Lego World Surveillance Truck with all the high-tech surveillance equipment on it.
And notice the police all have hateful faces.
Yeah, right now, to that level, it's being brought in through the children.
Oh, it's incredible.
I mean, some of these articles I've got here in front of me.
Coffee Anna yesterday says, in the UN newswire, we must give in to a global government.
National sovereignty must end.
I mean, that's right out in the open.
But Rush Limbaugh says, there is no global government.
If you say it, you're a kook.
It doesn't exist.
And then you can follow the actual Vatican newswire as well.
They're basically coming out with the same thing each week.
Submit to global government.
Unite in the face of, you know, terrorism and all this stuff.
So right down to the Vatican itself in alliance with the UN.
I don't think people realize, Paul, what it means when on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, it's the same ads, the same statements, the same teleprompter messages in the same order.
Same thing as well.
The news in America is in fact more commercial than it is in this country because, I mean, you listen to a news broadcast on American radio, every five minutes they have a message from the sponsor and it's either to do with CPS grabbing kids or...
You know, OnStar protecting somebody.
So the news is littered with these examples.
So it's a fusion between corporations and government that is forcing this down our necks.
We're a poetry neighbor.
Do they have guns?
Do they have drugs?
Are they not nice to the child?
Give them to us.
We're five times more likely to abuse them, but never mind those numbers.
Have you heard that neocon star piece we hear?
Yeah, that pretty much puts the bottom line on it.
Yeah, I want to put that on prison planning.
Do you think you can find that and put it on?
Yeah, sure.
All right, and I want to pull that interview with that fellow with the public school down in Louisiana because I'm getting those documents.
I saw the news articles on it, but I'm getting the documents.
And then once you post the audio link, I'll scan in those documents and post that.
Okay, we'll post the old together.
Yeah, because you're doing a great job at PrisonPlanet.com, and I want to come back and send a few final news articles.
Administration creates Center for Massacre Terror Watch Lift, and it says it will be people who have ties to domestic events like violence at abortion clinics.
And it says pro-life movements, gun owners...
This is the new terror watch list.
As we warned you, we'll be homeschoolers, gun owners.
And that's right out of the New York Times.
Sounds good, doesn't it?
Yeah, fused in with Homeland Security as well to wash American citizens.
But I thought they said it wasn't for citizens.
Believe the lie.
Well, Section 802 says it's correctly for all misdemeanors.
And it actually says in the new Patriot Act they can secretly arrest you, torture you, and then blow your head off.
That's freedom.
That's what the veterans fought for.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
Can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
Visit Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order.
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We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Folks that have protested abortion, you're going to love it, folks.
You're going to love the new conservatism.
Don't worry.
Terror laws are a needle of totalitarianism.
BBC admits it's all fake.
Ridge to appeal to citizenry for thoughts on homeland security.
That's a Delphi method.
They're not appealing.
These aren't town hall meetings.
These are staged.
French accused MI5 of failing to help hunt terrorists.
Public meeting on Patriot Act criticized over limited seating.
Arizona Central, as I said, these aren't real public hearings.
They're now having to admit the public's to them.
These aren't real.
You don't let the public in.
You let 100 cops in and call it a public meeting.
They'll, oh, look, everybody's for it.
Paul Watson, comments on that?
Everything's completely staged.
We had news reporting that
Top officials in the Bush administration have been ordered to write editorials the week before lauding the virtues of the Patriot Act, and then we have Ashcroft on this nationwide tour.
Meanwhile, he's telling everyone that opposes the Patriot Act that they're engaging in hysterics, so again to paint everyone that cares about freedom as being complete kook.
As they announce in the mainstream news from the subsections that misdemeanors, abortion protesting, protesting, it's all terrorists.
Bush totally against scrapping HB1 visas, H1B visas.
They say this is going to get seven times worse in the next five years.
Seven times.
You think it's bad now, high-tech folks?
Comments to that.
I mean, they told us that's great, Paul.
Well, yeah, the outsourcing is announced to increase seven times, and we've even got these employees on slave wages in India being trained about the weather in America and Britain and what's happening in the TV soaps, just to appear as if they're from, you know, America or Britain.
At the Republican Party, when a fundraiser calls you, it's a guy who's been trained with a fake American accent from India.
Completely fake.
They're completely trained to fool people into thinking that it's all American or British based.
Here's another one.
Arkansas to grade kids on obesity.
If your kid's fat, CPS is going to take him.
Sun Sentinel.
New terror laws used versus common criminals.
ABC News admitting it.
Oh, ma'am, and I did a flashback on Infowars.com about what the Patriot Act really does.
Their own admissions.
The Justice Department said it's for all, everybody.
And then they say you're crazy if you say it isn't.
Paul, I really want to thank you for coming on and all your great work, and I really enjoy having you on the show for your insight, and I hope folks visit prisonplanet.com to see your fine work, my friend.
Okay, thanks, Alex.
You bet.
I appreciate it.
Great job on Order Out of Chaos.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Tell your friends and family about the show.
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