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Air Date: Sept. 16, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We're back live.
Another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Coming up in the next hour, I've got the father of that family up in Michigan where they got the building permits, built their houses, put their houses in, and
So you'll definitely want to stay with us.
Also, there's an article here out of the Manila Times that when President Bush goes to the Philippines, that there is a plan by the communists, when you hear the communists, that means government intelligence agencies, to try to assassinate the president.
And they do this to make it sound like, oh, there's this great threat, now we've got to go occupy the Philippines.
But I dug up that article, and there's a bunch of articles on this,
From back in July, where the military itself came out and said that the government is carrying out the terrorist attacks as a pretext for control to, quote, maintain martial law.
So that's the situation that we're facing right now.
We're going to be going over the history of that here on the show.
Of course, in the recall election...
Out in California, that's been suspended for a while now because the appeals court listened to the ACLU lawsuit and said that, well, the punch card machines discriminate against the minorities and so we can't have an election until the touch screens are put in because they're so good.
So there's wheels within wheels within wheels.
And right now, a fellow we've had on this show, a tax protester, as they call him, is actually in there appealing to let the election go ahead and go forward.
We're trying to get him on the broadcast.
Interesting, but again, I'm not even sure if there is an election out in California, if there's an election in many areas of the country.
We've caught governments involved in election fraud at the local, state, and federal level.
The touchscreen voting companies are basically owned by the CIA and their board of directors are a who's who of intelligence agencies who've been caught manipulating votes with back doors into the systems.
It really is incredible.
And, of course, we're going to have open phones.
Your chance to respond to any of the news that I've been throwing out and that I'm going to throw out today, tonight, this morning, depending on what time zone you're listening to us in.
The toll-free number to get involved on air is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
And we will get you up and on the air.
Again, that's 1-800-259-9231.
DARPA got a small amount of its funding cut, but a bunch of other funding increased.
So this is the smoke and mirrors, but we'll go over that.
We'll get into stem cells grown into sperm cells.
Yes, we'll also get into red light cameras.
I haven't talked enough about this, but the city of Garland outside Dallas is putting them in.
Suspect claims MI5 can clear his name.
More and more people with terrorist connections turn out to be MI5.
And that integrates with the news yesterday about Heathrow Airport.
The government letting terrorists in and letting them run things at the airport.
It's all coming up on the other side of this break.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is the 16th of September, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Going to have open phones today, and in the second hour, for about 30 minutes, we've got scheduled for the show.
The family that's been in the news up in Michigan, they got their building permits from the king, from the local representative of the king, here in the new feudal plantation surf system we all live on.
Family promises armed standoff.
Militia vows its support if homes are removed.
And I talked a little bit about this yesterday.
Horton Bay, the peaceful rolling farmland of Bay Township, belies the potential armed confrontation that may develop there if there is, well, the police moving in, basically.
It says Bay Township belies the potential armed confrontation that may develop there in a matter of days.
And it says,
We're good to go.
To defend the Barclays property.
Within a few days of Barclay being attacked, that little township will become the center of the universe by force of arms, said Rick Stanley, founder of the militia group.
Barclay has created an earthen berm on his property and said he is planning to create trenches and will in preparation for the standoff, free and more.
Now, sounds like the 1830s here in Texas with the tyrannical Santa Ana coming in, take people's property to enslave them, to confiscate their guns.
Sounds like 1776.
The problem is, in the past when things happened like this, no one comes to the aid of the people
We'll see if that happens in this case.
I guess I'm really one of the only people who actually went into a piece of property when it really was surrounded.
I guess that was about three years ago with the Gray family up in north-central Texas.
And there were surveillance cameras, police driving back and forth.
The FBI had said they were going in.
And one of the surveillance cameras was destroyed because we saw it in the morning out there on the dirt road by the Grace property.
Later, somebody drove by and fired a shot onto the property, and they're still there.
They don't leave their property.
It's been over four years since the standoff started three years ago.
I was in there over there at the property when the feds were about to move in,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I'm pretty young at the time, but I really should have done something.
We all should have done something.
What if 100,000 people would have showed up peaceably and walked out there in front of the tanks, in front of the BATF, in front of the FBI, in front of the Delta Force, and the German Special Forces, and the British Special Forces, and the Israeli Special Forces, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, that were there involved in psychological operations, playing the sounds of dead and dying rabbits.
That is rabbits being torn limb from limb with Nancy Sinatra and Gregorian monk chants.
What if we would have gone out and stood in front of them and said no?
But the crowd that talked about how they were going to go and have a shootout with everybody, they didn't show up.
I know, and I told the story here on air, I guess in the third hour yesterday, but for the benefit of those that didn't hear it, if you go to InfoWars.com,
And you type in the search engine, or you search around there on the site, Austinites build veteran new home.
Even type in the general search engine on the web, Joe Campana, you'll see the news clippings and news articles where...
Well, I initiated it, but the listeners of the show did it just here in Austin off a local affiliate at the time, a local FM station.
In a record 13 1⁄2, 14 days, built him a nice home fully furnished with a jacuzzi bathtub and tile floors and carpet and back porch, a whole nine yards.
They were going to bulldoze Joe Campana's house.
This guy had quite a time.
It was a quiet old hermit, never had any children, never married.
He wasn't crazy, though he was eccentric.
And some neighbors did want the acre of land that was worth, I don't know, $400,000, $300,000, $400,000, $500,000.
I mean, at that time, a three-bedroom house in that area was going for $250,000, and that's on a small lot.
This was a house on an acre, right in a gentrifying area.
So you had all these Mercedes parked
At all these nice homes around this little shack, little house built in the 1950s when he moved to Austin.
Joe Campana.
And I got a call from one of the nice neighbors, one of the few, saying, yeah, they want his land.
They're trying to force him to sell it.
Now they've got his house condemned.
Can you come out here and look at it?
So I came out and I announced on the air,
We're going to rebuild his house.
That is, we're going to structurally fix it and put a new roof on it.
And suddenly we're out there beginning to do this, and some cops show up and some other people, and they said, you're not going to do a thing, buddy.
We're going to have you arrested.
That house is condemned.
And I said, you're not going to bulldoze his house.
I said, I'm going to lay out here in front of the bulldozer.
I said, it's wrong what you're doing to this guy, because they were going to charge him $14,000 to bulldoze his house.
He didn't have $14,000.
The guy picked up cans around town.
He'd go out and walk around picking up cans to pay his property taxes and pay his bills.
I forgot that part.
The guy lived off cheese and crackers and occasional head of lettuce.
I mean, he was literally living like somebody in a foxhole.
And so we go out there, and I tell them, no, you're not going to do that.
They go, we'll be back.
I got on the air that night.
I said, we've got to be there in the morning pouring concrete to build this new house.
We'll worry about permits later because we've got to get people out there having a crowd, having the fact that we're pouring a foundation.
I go, you watch.
They won't have the nerve to bulldoze his house.
We'll tell them, fine, you bulldoze it after we've built him a new house.
I said, you go ahead, you sickos.
You won't let us fix it.
And so, as I predicted, they came out, tried to threaten us.
We were already pouring concrete.
They backed off.
Within two days, there was a foundation poured with the frame being built on the foundation.
And suddenly, there were city council people there going, oh, yes, this was my idea.
We're all for it.
Look what we're doing for Joe Campana.
And in 13 days, the place was built.
In the 14th day, it was fully furnished.
I mean, fully furnished, brand new couches, furniture, TVs, everything.
Because of the great generosity of Central Texans.
And by the way, they gave us two weeks.
They said, you have a house built in two weeks, we're going to bulldoze it, you can't do it.
And they came out and they bulldozed it.
And we did.
So that's the story there.
But the bigger wrinkle in the story, an important area, is that several times, I remember twice, cops came on in plainclothes and talked about how they wanted to do violence to the people in the government.
And we found out they were cops, ran them off the property.
I remember calling and making complaints, and the cops yelled and said, you can't file complaints on other officers.
I said, well, they're making threats towards the city.
They were trying to provocateur us, talking about armed standoffs, talking about how they wanted to...
You know, go after people in the city.
And they were cops.
When that didn't work, other people showed up who lived in the neighborhood, it turned out, who wanted the property, tried to start fights, tried to threaten people.
It was amazing.
It was really sick, folks.
So, I don't know.
We've got to be a little bit smarter about this.
Are we winning the fight with the information?
Is Bush's approval rating at
43 points now.
The Democrats' approval rating is in the low 40s.
People don't believe this government.
Only 30, what, 4% of people trust the mainstream media.
It's like 80-something percent trust alternative media.
People are waking up.
It is happening.
And the globalists want to get something kick-started.
They want domestic fighting to start.
They can put their spin on it and go after patriots.
I'm saying this guy's got a right to defend his land.
He's got a right to stand up.
But I'm saying, look at the larger picture of what's around this.
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All right, folks, we're back live.
I'll get into all the big news here in a second.
Just another example of provocateurs and troublemakers.
When I rebuilt the Branch Davidian Memorial Church, I'm not a Branch Davidian, folks.
I thought that what happened to them was wrong, and I thought that...
We were going to see Judge Walter Smith derail the wrongful death suit, which did happen.
He wouldn't allow a jury, first time in U.S.
Then he, under pressure, appointed a jury who was impaneled secretly, who he said was an advisory jury, that he would not take into account their ruling, which is exactly what he did, even when they threw out the wrongful death suit.
And so I said, you know, we need to rebuild that church.
A memorial for those that died.
It's a nice church.
It seats about 400 people.
Even has a second story.
And the listeners really rebuilt it.
I guess that was back in 1999.
And just working on the weekends, we rebuilt that church in about five months.
And out there, you'd have a person pull up, and they think you're so dumb, it'd be an obvious, unmarked police car.
They'd walk over, and within an hour, they'd start talking about how they wanted to do violence to people in the government.
You'd walk over to their car, and they'd have police stuff down the floorboard or in their back seat, and they would admit they were cops, and you'd confront them, they'd run off and leave, and
One day, I'm out there trying to rebuild the church, and it was almost completed, and there was this family, this old man and woman.
By old man and woman, I mean probably 65.
And all they do is start fights and say we were feds and run around and try to stop the building.
And right in front of about 15 people, this got written about in several newspapers, right in front of about 15 people, this woman pulls out a butcher knife and comes running at me with it.
And she says, we're going to kill you.
You're going to be dead soon.
And right about that time, I started getting death threats at my house.
I don't know if they were doing it.
Don't rebuild that church.
Leave the trial alone.
Don't talk about the jury, how there was no jury, and then an advisory jury.
And it went on and on.
And later, those guys, that man and woman admitted to a Patriot newspaper that, yeah, we really are feds.
We work for the FBI.
But, you know, we do this to take care of the Patriot community.
And there were other people.
You know, they'd come out there and do all kinds of stuff.
I mean, I've seen it time and time again.
When I tried to help the Gray family, you'd go out there, there'd be feds just swarming all over the place, provocateuring, and this person's a fed, that person's a fed, and we need to go ahead and have an armed conflict, blah, blah, blah.
The government wants this type of stuff.
I mean, the government has to blow up its own buildings, people, to blame it on their political enemies.
And they could care less about killing a family and killing somebody's children.
They could care less.
And so we might pose the question to listeners, what do you do about something like this?
Because the family's in their right with their property to defend their property.
And they even tried to go get the permit.
They got the permits.
And then after they built, the government said, retroactively, well, you still can't have those houses out there.
Family promises armed standoff.
Militia vows its support if homes are removed.
The peaceful rolling farmland of the Bay Township belies the potential armed confrontation that may develop there in a matter of days.
We're going to have a standoff, said Lyle Barkley, who I think is a good guy.
I talked to him this morning, but I said, you don't know who I am, do you, sir?
And he goes, no.
I said, well, I need to give you some warnings here.
And he said, I got to go.
I got somebody else on the other line.
I'm sure he's getting lots of advice from people, some good, some bad.
I'm not going to let them come in here and take this stuff, he said, over my dead body.
Barkley and members of his family may not be alone in their standoff.
And it goes into the Denver-based...
Mutual Defense Pack, Second American Revolution Militia.
That's been on some of the shows on this network.
And it goes on.
Within a few days of Barkley being attacked, the little township will become the center of the universe by force of arms, said Rick Stanley, founder of the militia group.
Barkley's created an earthen burn on his property and said he planned to create trenches as well in preparation for a standoff.
And the county sheriff, George T. Lassiter, said he hopes violence can be avoided.
I'll do everything possible to come to a peaceful resolution of the situation so nobody gets hurt on either side, he said.
But rest assured, I'll do my job, and I will follow the orders of the court.
And it goes on to admit that they've got their permits to put the houses out there, and he's got his grandkids out there, family out there living in three houses.
Very serious situation.
We'll take some calls, get us some other news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, my friends, you could say this family up in Michigan, who own their own four acres, got the building permit to expressly put three mobile homes on the property, and now the government says retroactively, well, we don't care.
We're coming to remove your property from your own land.
And we've got the gentleman, Mr. Barkley, coming on the show.
In the next hour to give us his take on what's happening.
And I understand the frustration.
I understand that people are tired of working hard and owning their own property and then being told what they can and can't do with it, even out in the middle of nowhere.
It's disgusting.
But again, right here in Austin, Texas, we built a veteran a new home, and they were going to bulldoze his house, and the cops came on the property in plain clothes and tried to provocateur violence.
Why would they do that?
Because the city doesn't like people getting together, they don't like people doing good things, and they like to have confrontations with the people to dominate the population to scare us into submission.
Now, I cannot say that the folks up in Michigan don't have a right to say that they're going to stand up and fight.
And at a primitive level, I totally understand what they're saying and doing.
All I'm stating is that when you go out and say we're going to have armed conflict with the government, you then enter a ball game that the government wants to play.
And look around us.
We've got Homeland Security set up.
We've got Patriot Act 1 and 2.
We've got all this tyranny coming down the pike.
And King George wants an excuse to put his redcoats into action.
Now, who knows what would come out of that?
Would it be something good?
Would it be something bad?
Is the New World Order system in trouble just from the information war?
The answer is yes.
Government involvement and prior knowledge of 9-1-1 is coming out.
Over 400 cities, three states, have voted to get out of the Patriot Act.
More cities are passing it every day.
The polls show that 80-plus percent of people are against open borders.
The boycott against RFID tags, tracking chips, is exploding.
Politicians that are anti-gun are being removed from state houses around the country.
Neoconservatives are being exposed.
We're having a lot of victories, and no Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw aren't going to tell you we're having those victories.
But I've done over a thousand radio interviews since September 11th, and the majority of the callers, one caller out of 30 folks, calls in and disagrees on average.
We're winning the information war.
And all I know is, every time I investigate, I mean, I could tell you that I'm the leader of a militia and I'm your leader.
And come sign up with me and I'll be the boss and we'll all, you know, defend each other.
And it sounds good.
And maybe I'm a good guy, maybe I'm a bad guy.
The point is, you don't know.
And I've always said, I'm not your leader.
I'm not here telling you what to do.
I'm not here trying to organize people into groupings because, I mean, look at Charlie Puckett.
He went to prison.
He was a good guy.
I mean, I could read Charlie Puckett.
He was a good guy, Kentucky militia.
You know, involved at the Statehouse, exposing the U.N., helping people out.
And it turned out the guy had a concealed carry.
He'd passed the background check.
He'd had a conviction when he was a juvenile.
You know, for the kind of stuff that a lot of people have done.
Stealing a sandwich and a bag of potato chips is a joke.
When he was 16.
But the government said, hey, that counts.
Now, because the way the 68 Gun Control Act really states it's anything that's over a crime of $200, well, the fine for stealing even a bag of potato chips in 1965, when he was 16 years old, was over a $200 fine.
Man of the year.
Citizen of the year in Maryland.
Big Vietnam hero.
Saved some cops one time when they were down.
Just a civilian, as they call us.
Defended some cops with his firearm back in the 70s.
Helped some old lady in 99 with thugs attacking her.
You know, he won in 99, Man of the Year, Citizen of the Year.
Well, when he got back from Vietnam in 68, so he fell up and we had him on the show, up in Maryland, some folks were spitting on him at a bar, and this is admitted, and he beat a couple of them up and started a fight with him.
And he went into court and just said, okay, fine, I'll do a furred judification.
The judge said, great.
Well, he got SWAT teamed in 99, excuse me, in 2001, even though he'd won Man of the Year, Citizen of the Year in 99 for helping the old lady out.
He helped the cops back in the 70s.
And they took him to jail, confiscated all his guns, and said, hey, we don't care if that was a furred judification.
That was a furred judification for what could be a felony today.
It was over $200. $200.
Where am I going with all this?
I mean, where's Charlie Puckett, Kentucky Militia?
I mean, Charlie told you in the last days before he went to prison, everybody around me was a fed.
There were more feds in the organization than there were militia members.
All I'm saying is when you call something a militia, it's like a gigantic flashing red neon sign, the equivalent of stink bait for catfish.
I mean, they just come in, and in every case, there'll be a provocateur in there,
Spouting off how they want to do all this violence.
Same thing with Dick Simcannon, Aero Custom Plastics up in Fort Worth.
Had meetings about the U.S.
Code, put money in to put ads in the paper.
Check out the U.S.
Code, folks.
The Federal Reserve's private.
And when they went in and tried to get him, and now they're holding him without bail, they said, well, at a meeting he was at, somebody said something violent, and turns out that was a Fed, of course.
Doesn't matter.
The feds will say it and then use it against you later.
And you look at what happened to Mark Quarantine.
You look at what happened to all these other people and militias all around the country.
There was that Viper militia out in Arizona, up into Nevada, operating in those two states.
It was a biker club called the Viper Club, the Viper Brotherhood, a bunch of ne'er-do-wells
And what was it?
And the FBI went out and found a corrupt biker gang that was cooking methamphetamine, put in an agent and said, hey, let's be a militia.
Let's sell guns and, you know, this will be fun and we'll be involved in all this.
And the FBI went out and made a bottle bomb, put some black powder in it, stuck a fuse in it.
They all got drunk, stood around and blew it up with the FBI agent videotaping it.
And then they busted them and they got to have the word viper mixed in with militia all over the news for years.
I mean, more often than not, the founders and leaders of militias turn out to be feds.
It's like one of the leaders of the Michigan militia was a whole bunch of them, but one of the top guys later admitted, yeah, I work for the feds, yeah, I'm the... Well, I just do it to keep track of everything, and you know, we're good old boys here.
And that's their job.
These guys get big fat paychecks who just run around and stir up trouble.
And now...
Is that saying every militia out there, every group saying we're going to stand up and fight is a federal organization?
The point is, we don't know.
We don't know.
But let me tell you what will happen.
See, if a family gets killed, you know, if a mobile home gets burned down, little kids in it, like Waco, they'll actually get more funding out of it.
The government will.
And if a bunch of people rose up and started going wild, hog wild, look how much control the government got out of the sniper attacks, which they carried out.
Operation Northwoods calls for that.
The argument to carry out sniper attacks, how to frame people on page 9 of a 15-page document.
It's on InfoWars.com right now.
Or just go to the Library of Congress.
It's right there.
Project Northwoods.
It's the same system over and over and over again.
So my whole point is, why play on the government's turf?
I mean, you go to an NRA meeting, you go to a land rights organization, you go get involved at the city council.
There's no feds around there.
You can actually change things.
You can actually affect things.
You can actually get people elected.
Not for long, though, because they're putting in the touchscreens.
You can put on a three-piece suit and everybody will listen to you and they'll agree with you.
You can get your city to pass laws and throw the feds out.
Or get a sheriff elected to throw the feds out.
I always wondered about the malicious camouflage.
Why are they wearing camouflage designed for Southeast Asia in the 60s?
When the camouflage for urban terrain is a polo shirt and black shoes that are really tennis shoes but look like dress shoes and
Some loose slacks and a backpack.
You know, I'm a student.
I mean, the last... You might as well wear a pink outfit with big flashing lights and sirens whirling around on your head to wear camouflage out in public.
Unless it's hunting season, maybe.
Then you wear the orange cap on there.
But see, the government was worried about
We're good to go.
And they were worried about people like Red Beckman, the grandfather of the Fully Formed Jury Association, who said why the militia wrote that book and said, we need to be a citizen militia, that means all of us, and stand up civically and defend our families physically if need be.
Well, the government nipped that right in the bud.
They just sent provocateurs into most of the organizations and did horrible things, framed people en masse.
And so all I've ever said is watch out for those key signs and protect yourself.
And, you know, don't automatically salute the first person that puts a general stars on his shoulders.
I mean, I remember the Republic of Texas, and I'm going to H.W.
and George and others.
I remember the Republic of Texas.
I mean, folks, Texas really was illegally annexed.
It really is an estate that's admitted in the founding documents of the state.
I had family in the Battle of San Jacinto.
We got our Spanish land grants in 1830.
The history books really do show that.
We really could secede because we never were really annexed.
And I remember hearing about the Republic of Texas, and I thought, well, that'll teach the feds a lesson.
Yeah, let's have a state pull out.
And maybe other states will follow suit.
Arizona's talked about it, others haven't.
Problem was, I went to some of the meetings, and it was obvious feds strutting around going, I'm a president, I'm a general, I'm a field marshal.
I mean, you go to a meeting, there'd be 50 generals, 10 presidents, 45 treasurers.
You'd have a group who were part of delusional power trips, swaggering around in a drunken fashion.
And then you'd have the feds,
And you'd have the fed out in the parking lot running around putting Nazi literature on all the cars.
We got video of them running and getting in an unmarked police car and driving away.
And the media would be there to make everybody look like buffoons.
And I told everybody, I said, folks, you're getting set up.
I said, you know, there's one or two groups here that aren't feds, and I said, that's McLaren and others, and they're going to get set up, and sure enough they did, and people got killed and got a bunch of time in prison and railroaded, and yeah, that happened.
You know, I just went and covered it for the radio.
I went and watched it.
I remember one time we had a meeting, and I didn't control the meeting.
It was just a general patriot meeting, and people show up in general outfits, and we had the police there.
I was trying to wake the SWAT team up.
The SWAT team was really listening.
In the middle of this, you had some useful idiots in the crowd.
You had some other people who were fed trying to provocateur things.
It's a circus.
So just understand, if I put a helmet on and put a walking stick under my arm or one of those little whips the generals have for slapping the horse, I don't know what they are, a riding crop, I'll stick a riding crop under my arm and tell you I'm your grand leader.
Watch out, folks.
That's all I'm saying.
Look out.
And, you know, years ago I'd give people this warning, and they'd go, oh, that's ridiculous.
Now you don't because you've seen so many examples of what I'm saying.
I don't want to hear that.
People don't get in trouble who are involved with what I do.
We go have meetings and nobody goes to jail, folks.
You know, we show up at the city council and effect change.
We're involved in communicating to the mass.
Not taking the people that really care, getting them in meetings, and then provocateuring them into prison.
You know what they do by so-called creating these militias, which are nothing but federal control arms in most cases, is they use that on a threat board.
In Washington to get more funding.
Look at the threat.
Look at why there's 100,000 militia, and they pump up the numbers, and why there's this guy who said that, and there's this person that wants to do that.
And why these militia leaders are threatening members of Congress.
Turns out all those militia leaders are FBI agents or CIA or paid informants, and it's all about getting this funding.
So I'm saying going into things like this, you need to be made aware of the track record.
And it's a shame because there are a lot of real militia people and a lot of good-hearted, brave people that want to stand up for this country and want to stand up against tyranny and are willing to put it all on the line.
And let me tell you something.
You're going to get that chance, okay?
If we don't get the word out about who's tearing out the terror, they're going to carry more of it out, and we're going to go in to the next level of this.
And believe me, when they really drop the hammer and if things go physical, you're not going to need anybody to tell you what to do.
You're going to know.
in Colorado, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How you doing?
Thanks for bringing up that property issue.
I've been here in Colorado since 1968.
I'm originally a European immigrant, and I love this country for the freedom.
I learned a lot about individuals being free, and that, of course, means the Constitution of the United States.
I would want to urge everybody to fight for it in the rest of the world.
We've got to fight for this American Constitution, because anywhere else people are enslaved.
They're under the Pope of Rome's or the British Queen's command.
And they want to live in luxury, and they set up a Federal Reserve system that owes everybody now already $100,000, averaging out over 300 million Americans.
That is 40.3 times 10 to the 12th national debt divided by 300 million Americans.
Yeah, I'll let you finish up on the other side, H.W.
We'll be right back.
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If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my
We're good to go.
But I remember being here in Texas, and folks said, you're not going to salute the president of the Republic of Texas?
And I'd say, which one of the ten?
You're not going to salute that general over there?
I mean, they had literally more generals and presidents than they had privates.
You know, you'd always have some person who was a deputy general or a lieutenant commander who would be the aide.
But that's all serious, but I would make the joke, you know, we had admirals because they had bass boats.
Admirals in the Republic of Texas.
Instead of building a movement to educate people to push for signatures, for a referendum...
To go to a constitutional convention in the state, which we just did, by the way, which you can do pretty easily, to have the state move to pull out of the union.
They go, no, we don't have to do that because we were never part of it.
Parlay, defolay.
Them is French words.
We don't have to do that.
Well, we never actually entered it, and that would be to give deference to the imperial government of the United States.
And I'm like, guys, you can really get Texas to pull out.
Because at first, the polls were like 60-something percent of Texans said, yeah, that's pretty neat.
I remember the news announced it like it was serious and real, and they had the provocateurs go in there and act like clowns.
Let's pull out.
It was a totally staged deal.
And now you tell somebody about it, they'll laugh at you.
Because, see, we can't all declare ourselves presidents.
That has to happen in an election.
Just like, I mean, I could stand up and say, I'm the supreme leader of the Super Fleet Space Command Militia Base Delta.
You will all swear allegiance to me, the supreme leader.
Ha ha!
And I'm telling you, thousands of people would just start saluting me going, Ladies and gentlemen, we've got on the radio with us the Supreme Leader of America, the rightful President Alex Jones!
And I could walk around maybe in a military outfit and swagger about, I'm the leader!
I'm sorry, I'm not going to do it.
I'm not going to do it, folks.
I'd warn anybody out there to go a little bit slower in all of this.
Okay, let's go back to H.W., then George, Joe, Melissa, and others.
H.W., go ahead and finish up.
You were talking about property rights, which we are losing.
Imagine if you had a town of 1,000 people, and you could easily get 100 of them to be members of the Property Rights Defense League.
Of that 100 people, you could take the town over and stop all property grabbing instantly.
But I guess we can't do that.
We have to be generals.
Go ahead.
Alex, I just wanted to explain why they're grabbing people's places now, and I have a personal story of that, too.
But the Federal Reserve has accumulated now $100,000 debt with everybody.
Oh, that's true.
And when they go to government, they then go down locally and take people's property away because they have no other way to get value anymore.
It is admitted...
That the government is to be run by United Nations policies in receivership.
This is admitted, folks, and the caller is correct.
Look at third world countries.
They openly admit they go into receivership, they take the people's land, put them into factories owned by the IMF and World Bank.
They've got only five ways of getting money from people.
They tax you, they borrow from people, never pay back, they print money, they steal from other countries, and they commit armed robbery.
And then, of course, if that doesn't work in the end, like the costly war in Iraq, now then they come to the local people and grab their property.
And I have a plain situation.
I had like four acres, and I had to work with reality.
I accumulated some people call it junk, which is sort of machines, you know, some old lawnmowers.
And so you live out in the country, and they still want it out of there?
Yeah, and some speculating neighbor that wants to sell to all these guys coming in here with blended money from New York.
And this area has really boomed.
Yeah, don't move out in the country if you don't want to see people's junk.
They don't like the look of whatever you have, and you have to work with the reality.
And so they're harassing the living daylights out of you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us with our guests.
You've asked for them and now they're here.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coffee Annen has made a statement.
It's on the UN's website that we must all, quote, accept global government.
And our new world citizenship, where you have no rights, of course.
That's coming up.
A bunch of other news.
But this is an important issue.
Because you're going to see more and more of it.
I know George and Joe and Melissa and others have called in about this subject we're about to go to you.
This is an important subject of property rights.
And people surrounded, having their land taken, having their homes bulldozed.
It happens all the time, every day in this country.
And more and more people are saying, no, I'm not going along with this.
Family promises armed standoff.
This is on Infowars.com right now.
Horton Bay, Michigan, the peaceful rolling farmland of Bay Township, belies the potential armed confrontation.
Now, the family got their building permits, and retroactively, and they're out in the country, according to this article, told...
Lyle Barkley and his family that lives in the three homes there on the property, grandkids, you name it, that they're going to come take it from him, bulldoze it.
So he's saying over my dead body, that's the quote here, Lyle Barkley, thank you for coming on the show, sir.
Well, how are we doing today?
Well, I'm doing all right.
We've got a lot of listeners up in Michigan, and I'd like you to tell us basically how this developed and what you're facing.
And the sheriff says he's coming in Thursday.
Yeah, Thursday night is the deadline, 5 o'clock Thursday night.
That's what they got set at.
Well, it started this whole thing all out.
I mean, I went ahead and applied for permits and everything, and they gave me permits.
And then after they gave them to me, then they went ahead and revoked them in November.
And every time I ask them what's going on, they keep saying,
That's what they're saying, that I've got to have a core with, C-O-R-E.
Now talk about feudalism.
You walk in, they go, Corweth!
Sounds like a Monty Python skit.
And they won't tell you what it is, and now they say you've got to pay a fine, and they're going to... Well, this is incredible.
Yeah, we'll look up something about an $800 fine.
They say I've got to pay by Thursday night here, and they're going to put a lien against my property, and they say the Sheriff's Department will come in and arrest us.
We've got to do a jail time on top of that.
Absolutely incredible.
You know, they tried that with a veteran here in Austin.
They had to build him a new house.
They wanted this lady's property.
Nice home built there, so they had a SWAT team raid him.
No drugs were found, so she sued him and won.
I'd imagine the community's pretty upset about what's happening to you.
Well, it's not just the community here.
I mean, this thing has gone nationwide, you know what I mean?
And especially on the Internet and everything.
I mean, actually right now what we've done is a team has got together.
They formed a team over the Internet here, and they started this Saturday researching this whole situation.
And yesterday they came up and we filed an injunction in court yesterday
I want to know how they'll find people to steal your homes and drag them off or bulldoze them.
How does the government find trash to do that?
Well, I don't know.
My own opinion, though, is I've run into law officers and stuff here in the township and into the county here, and as soon as they get the badge put on, they feel like they're a king.
You know what I mean?
Well, I'm Mr. So-and-so.
I'm bigger than what you are.
You've got to listen to what I say.
So they think that you're their property.
And you're saying, no, I'm not your property.
Okay, stay there, sir.
We've got a quick three-minute break.
We'll come right back to our guest, Lyle Barkley.
And the sheriff says you can come in there.
You're going to take everything they got.
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Imagine buying a piece of property in a rural area of four acres...
We're good to go.
The city of New York actually blocked her getting her degree and is trying to take her from her family right now.
Take her to someone else's home, and they're calling that abuse.
The daughter's articulate, has friends in college, totally happy, bypassed the degradation of the public schools.
All over the country, they come into rural areas where people have had houses, mobile homes for 20 years.
They tell them, take that off your property.
You can't have a shed.
You can't have a barn.
You can't build a fence.
I told a guy up in Connecticut, you can't kill rattlesnakes when they come on your business property, even though they'd bitten one of the dogs at an auto repair shop in a city.
And yeah, they have rattlesnakes in Connecticut, folks.
I remember that article.
I was like, what?
And we had them on the show.
This is happening everywhere.
So instinctively, I understand the statements of Rick Stanley and others and our guest Lyle Barkley saying,
Where they say, hey, come take our land over our dead bodies, mutual defense pact.
We're going to run out and stand up for anybody around the country.
We're going to stand up and fight physically over my dead body.
My only point is, and I don't like being criticized for making this point, is that I've been doing this for 10 years, folks.
I didn't just fall off the apple cart or the turnip truck, as they say.
I have seen the provocateurs, and you can't tell who they are.
Some people are good, some are bad.
I don't know.
And so that's all I've been pointing out is there are other ways, like getting people involved in the cities and counties in a community, to take control of our communities, like we've seen with 400-plus cities passing laws against the Patriot Act.
What do you do in the case of Lyle Barkley, who's on the phone with us, who owns this land, paid for these houses, is a good guy.
Just listen to him.
There's a photo of him with his wife right here.
Just nice people.
They worked hard for this.
They got their permits, which they shouldn't have to do in a free country.
And now they won't.
I've seen them.
Try to take other people's houses here in Austin.
They won't tell you why.
They go, we're taking it.
They build the fines up.
They steal everything you got.
I mean, come on.
This is like the movie Open Range or something.
So, what do you do?
Now, let's go back to Lyle Barkley.
Lyle, for those that just joined us, the sheriff is saying...
Now, here in the article, he says he's, quote, going to do his job.
He's going to come in on you.
Yeah, his job, like Nazi Germany or something.
He's just doing his job.
Is he saying he's coming in Thursday night if you don't pay all these fines and get these houses off the property?
Any time after the date runs out, there would be Thursday night at 5 o'clock when the court system is closed.
Any time after that, they can, as long as the judge gives him an order to do it.
But I think the sheriff has got another thing coming, because I've got my land patent, and the federal authorities, the FBI and all them just informed Mr. Lassiter, according to what I'm reading in Record Eagle here today, that they are not standing behind him in this whatsoever, that he's out there on a limb by himself, because according to the law, constitutional law, that Mr. Lassiter is our sheriff, he is the only elected official that has the right to come on my patent-posted property.
Well, you know, that's true.
Not his deputies, not the state police, not the federal government.
Mr. Laster himself, the sheriff.
Now, you notice the feds do that selectively when they want to.
It is true that you can't have the IRS, the CPS, the INS, anybody doing anything federal unless the sheriff who's elected says they can.
But the feds ignore that when they want, back off when they don't.
Now, we saw that with the Gray family in Texas saying, no, they've been in a...
Three-plus-year standoff.
Now, the man to get this guy on, and we did just now get him on the show, he's Rick Stanley, and it says here in the news article, and I've heard him on the air a few times, the leader of the Second American Revolution.
Rick Stanley, thanks for coming on the show.
Thank you, Alec.
Now, Rick, I've heard you on a few other shows, and I didn't hear the particular time, but I've been told that you don't like some of the ways I do things.
Would you like to go ahead and tell us why?
And I don't mean that in an aggressive fashion.
I'd like to know up front, because I tell people up front when I don't agree with them, and I'll tell you where I don't agree with you in a second.
Tell me where you don't agree with my ideas.
About the only thing that I don't agree with you is that you don't ever seem to give your listeners an answer.
In other words, what I see is that you fulfill a great need in that you are letting people know about the problems that are out there, but you're not giving anybody any answers.
Oh, really?
Hold on, Rick.
Let me counterpoint it in time.
Now, I've helped defeat bills that would basically ban whole classes of guns in Texas.
The paper admits that I brought the crowds down.
I caught the bribery on tape.
I hung around in the halls of the Capitol building.
I have gotten my resolution passed by dozens of cities.
Over 400 cities have passed other resolutions, throwing the Patriot Act out.
I mean, there are hundreds and hundreds of things.
It's an educational process.
I mean, I'm doing what they did for the 10 years before 1776 with the committees of correspondence.
And I'm trying to use up all of our vehicles peaceably first.
How is that not giving people solutions?
Well, I agree with you.
I think that those are all things that need to be done.
But I also believe that...
That we have to form our militias now, and we have to prepare and organize, and we have to stand behind people out there who need help like the Barclays, and I think you should support the militias, and particularly the PAC militia, in our efforts to organize Americans.
Let me understand this, and jump at any time you'd like, Mr. Barclay.
Let me try to boil this down.
Rick, I know you got into this because of the Second Amendment, and they arrested you for wearing a sidearm when it's not even against the law in your state, and it violates the Second Amendment, and what happened to you was wrong, okay?
I don't know if you're a good guy or a bad guy.
I can't scan into your brain.
You sound credible, more credible than most people I've seen out there.
But are you telling me that if Mr. CIA sticks on a black beret and announces himself general, I should support whatever he says or does?
I'm not saying that's you.
I'm saying it's turned out to be about 75% of the time, militia leaders are federal officers.
Now, they're to burn good people.
Now, how am I supposed to just support whoever pops up?
Explain that to me.
Now, can I speak a minute?
Now, when I first talked to Mr. Stanley, I joined the PAC myself.
Go ahead.
When I first talked to Mr. Stanley, we spoke quite a few hours on the phone.
And one thing he specified to me, Lyle, this is your right.
You can join me if you want to.
Get the information off the internet.
Go through this.
Research this yourself.
If this is what you want, you can do this.
This is your right to do this.
I did not have to sign up with Mr. Stanley or this PAC whatsoever.
I volunteered that.
That is my constitutional right.
Well, let me expand on that.
When I signed up with Mr. Stanley, I signed up with him, and I agreed that if they would help me in any way, I would go anywhere to help them if it's a constitutional right.
And that's all this is, is strictly a constitutional right.
No, it is.
It is.
But what I'm trying to say here to you, Lyle, is nobody said anybody forced you to sign up.
I just wanted that clear because that's what kind of led up to me what you were talking.
No, no, no, no.
I'm saying people need to understand why I am, let's say, wary.
Not of Rick Stanley himself.
I want Rick to know that.
I'm wary because I've been in this for 10 years.
I've watched it.
I've seen it.
I've had people try to do anything.
They provoke a turd.
And so all I've said is we need to be watchful.
And by the way, sir, we're all in the militia.
The government can say that we're not, but that's the Second Amendment.
They can say that all black people are slaves again.
That's not the case because the Constitution says it's not true.
So they can say, just like they said blacks are slaves, they can say there's no militia.
I'm in the militia, sir.
I'm doing my duty.
I'm defending this country.
If I see thugs attacking an old woman, I'm going to go over to them and try to stop them.
If I see police violating the Constitution, I'm going to stand up to them, physically if need be, to defend this republic.
My only point is that... Rick, do you understand where I'm coming from here?
But you're asking a question regarding Mr. CIA.
Oh, sure I do.
I'm not Mr. CIA.
You know who I am, and I know who you are.
I've only been involved in this battle for about five years.
And really intensely in probably the last three.
So I don't have the experience that a lot of people did in the militia movements and whatnot.
But what you do have to understand is that I'm very sincere.
Prior to five years ago, all I cared about was building my business and making lots of money.
And I did.
And I have to say honestly that I had an awakening one day and
I've got to jump into this.
I've been self-employed for 29 years.
I'm 49 years old.
I started my first business when I was 20 years old.
I'm not a provocateur.
I've never been employed by the federal government except when I was in the Army from the age of 17 until 20.
So that's been the extent of my federal employment.
Well, Rick, let me say this.
I've never said...
That I think you're a fit.
I've just said that, well, anytime somebody says they're a militia leader, we need to investigate them.
And I have investigated you a little bit.
I don't know a ton about you, but I talked to Pastor Butch on.
He works for a company that does nuts and bolts and all that, and he says he's known you for years before you were even involved in this, knows of your company.
His company's done business with your company.
So, yes, we know you're a legitimate businessman.
We understand all that.
I'm just also giving you a warning, my friend, about how these infiltrators operate.
Rick Stanley, stay there.
Lyle Barkley, you guys both stay there.
We've got a bunch of calls for you, but I want to talk more about Lyle Barkley's case and what your family's facing and what Rick is saying you guys plan to do here.
This is a big deal, because more and more of us are going to have our land taken.
More and more of us are going to have our kids taken.
More and more of us are going to have our bank accounts taken.
Our liberty taken.
What are we going to do about it?
Hello folks, Alex Jones here introducing you to the Black Berkey Replacement Elements.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Folks, I've got to get to coffee in and saying we all need to accept global government as one of his new statements.
We all need to enter the global community and be slaves, basically.
Some other key tidbits of news.
But this is important because more and more people are under attack by this illegitimate government that violates all basic canons of a free society.
And more and more people are standing up.
A lot of people want to talk to our guests, David and George and Melissa and Wesley and
Many, many others that are holding were talking to Lyle Barkley, who's up in Michigan, and they gave him their building permits and said, oh, we're retroactively taking those out, and they won't give him any answers.
They won't tell him what's wrong with it.
Rick Stanley, have you figured out what this term is they keep telling him every time Mr. Barkley asks why they're going to come take his property?
Which term is that?
What's that term again, Lyle?
What's that now?
What's that term that they keep telling you at the city?
The term they keep telling me at the city?
You said there's a term.
You say, why are you going to take my land?
I've got my permit, and they say there's a certain term.
Well, the term I use, I call them a bunch of dictators.
I know.
Sir, when you were first on with us, you said the city said it's up to you to figure out what this word means.
Oh, okay.
All my permits and everything that I applied for, I even asked them in the court system over there, and they all keep coming back that my core is not right.
And I've asked them in court over what they mean by core.
I have gone through the zoning book.
I've asked all different officials through the township and everything.
I've even been on the Internet asking what they mean by core.
To me, Alex, I've never heard that before.
That's news to me.
I've never heard that before.
Well, it sounds like it's a magic code for Alibaba and his 40 thieves.
We know they're thieves.
Like I say, the only thing I can understand of what they might mean by core on this situation is they had an auction sale here a few days ago.
During this auction sale, the auctioneer specifically told the people...
He said, in Bay Township, you are only allowed a 16 by 80 foot trailer.
So if that's what they're talking about, is core width, then maybe that's what it is.
Think about our free society.
They tell you out in the countryside what size trailer you can have.
Well, that's our free country, folks.
Let's talk to Daryl in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Daryl, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, and I had called in when Rick was on with Pastor Butch Paugh, and I hope I'll be allowed to make my point here.
Rick interrupted me several times.
I was in the intelligence community for over 26 years, and the point I was trying to make was that you do things smart, and you have to participate in what we call encounter intelligence to just protect yourself, protect your operation.
And Rick had said that he wanted everyone to call in and participate
Give them his name and how to get to their place, et cetera.
And I said that is a dream of an intelligence collector to have all of that information in one location so that if they want to go after you.
I'll tell you what, let me throw the question out to him.
Rick, in Total Resistance and Gorillas in the Mists and other manuals,
On resisting tyranny, it's a cellular structure, and you're calling for a different type of structure.
What are you calling for?
Defense of the individual.
In other words, this militia is defending yourself first and then being willing to defend everyone else in the pack.
Now, the only way that you can defend yourself and then defend everyone else in the pack is if there's one person who's in control who can...
Keep all of the names of all of those people, and they'd be available.
Now, one of the things that I always point out... What happens if somebody in the pact, hold on, does something wrong, is a provocateur, and then they use that to say, now everybody in the pact was part of this giant criminal army?
This is what the media will say.
Don't you see that?
Of course.
But to tell you the truth, I'm not really all that concerned about what the media says, because they're only going to say negatives anyway.
We've got to understand that.
But, sir, we're whipping their tail in the information war up one side and down the other and exposing them as the terrorists.
And they absolutely are.
We all know that.
Daryl, anything else?
No, I'd just like Rick to respond to that.
It's not a matter of being afraid.
What I'd like to ask you is what's not smart about it?
The fact that you're going to have your name and your phone number and your address on a list.
My friend, you are already on a list, and so am I, and so is everybody else.
And that's just the way it is.
In fact, this conversation right now is being recorded by the FBI.
I've been under investigation by the FBI for 14 months.
So, what?
My lines are tapped here, too, Rick.
All right.
Well, thanks for the call, Darrell.
We'll talk more about it on the other side.
And I'll try to articulate my position on all this.
We'll talk to George and Melissa and Wesley.
Then I'm going to shift gears into all the other news.
Stay with us, my friends.
We'll be back on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
My chief concern is protecting this family.
And I understand why they're standing up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
As a listener to the Genesis Communications Network, you're aware of the many health dangers that have been unleashed upon an unsuspecting public.
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Not yet available in Iowa.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're talking to Lyle Barkley, who's the father out there facing the...
Incredibly corrupt, control freak government that gave them his building permits.
They're out in the country on their four acres.
Got to get permits out in the country in most places now here.
It's all part of the free society.
They said after they built them, put them out there.
No, you can't have those out there now.
Looking at photos of the property.
Nice place out there.
And he's worked so hard to put this together, and now they're going to come out there, the sheriff says, on Thursday night.
Now, Pastor Butch Paul just called into the show.
We're good to go.
I think?
The problem is this is happening to thousands of people every month now, and you've got to have people get together politically in their areas and take control of their governments and kick these thugs out of office.
But they're racing ahead with their touchscreen electronic voting, which we've proven is fraud-based, run by the government.
That's even come out here and there in the mainstream news.
So we're rapidly approaching the time where there's going to be more and more physical confrontation.
And what did Alexander Schultz need to say?
What would happen every night when the thugs went out to arrest people, Stalin's thugs, if they had to worry about not coming home themselves?
I think that's where Rick Stanley's coming from, so we're addressing that and exploring this and just trying to get people to look at the tyranny we're facing here in this country.
So, Rick, it sounds to me like you don't care anymore.
It's come down to the point of you're willing to put it all on the line and go ahead and...
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
I just want you to know the model of what you're doing is just open for people to go out in the name of your organization and do things when they're really feds.
What are you doing to try to address that?
Actually, no one can do anything in the name of the PAC because the PAC only responds once one of our PAC members has been attacked.
It's kind of hard for somebody to come into our organization and do something in our name because the only person who is someone who goes out and talks to the media really is me.
Some of our PAC members have done so and that's fine.
There's no problems with that.
But the bottom line is that we don't do anything until one of our PAC members is attacked.
Now, you call this the Second American Revolution, and you... No, it's called the Mutual Defense Pack Second American Revolution Militia.
And you are the leader of this?
I'm the founder.
Okay, so the news isn't accurate when they say you're the leader.
They can say whatever they want.
So things don't go through you, then?
What do you mean they don't go through you?
I thought earlier you said it all went through you, so they couldn't infiltrate you.
It does.
I'm basically the control.
I'm the founder of this organization.
If you want to call me a leader, you can call me that.
Okay, well, I've just heard people call you that.
I think that's kind of what you... Okay, well, I'm trying to figure that out.
Basically, the PAC is made up of, right now, we have 680 members.
I like to say that we have 680 sergeants.
680 leaders in the pack.
Oh, to go out and force multiply that number.
I'm sorry?
So you call them sergeants.
Are you saying these are force multipliers to go out all and create their own organizations?
No, that's not what I'm saying.
In a militia action, they would be almost an autonomous individual.
They know what to do.
They know how to handle things.
Each of these people has certain things that they are specialists in and can bring something to the table for the PAC.
Have you had people try to provocateur you?
Give us an example of that, Rick.
I had one guy very early came in and he was an FBI agent.
Said he worked for the government but he wanted to join the PAC and he wanted to
He was very helpful.
He wanted to come in and be involved in the inner workings of the pact, and I told him that we don't have that happen.
He wanted to have meetings, and he wanted to do a lot of things with a lot of other people.
Well, I'll tell you, that's a lot of nerve.
Yeah, when they come right out, you know, I had to pull a butcher knife on me and say I was going to be dead soon, and then later admit they were feds to a newspaper.
These people are something else.
I later discovered that...
What's a C.I.? ?
You know, I have no idea.
Apparently somebody that's undercover, you know, I would think.
And basically he felt that I was paranoid and that, you know, that I was going to shoot it out with the Denver Police Department, et cetera, et cetera.
And he made some comments regarding my property and whatnot that I had made to him and to him only.
So we pretty much discovered that that particular individual was a fed.
Yeah, well, I mean, it's pretty obvious.
I mean, if you try to help a little old lady across the street, they'll try to provoke a tear.
I mean, I've had that happen to me.
I mean, anything decent, anything honorable, they've got these people.
And it's very serious because there's a lot of people.
But I've found if you're just up front...
And just say that you're politically active.
You can go out, wake folks up, get them involved, take over communities.
I've found, though, that just the militia label itself is almost their purview, and that's why they have incredible resources focused.
I've found if you just don't call it that, they basically leave it alone because it's all about labels of these people.
It's really like a one-eyed cyclops.
What you have to understand, Alex, is I'm of the mind that we've got to stop letting them set the agenda.
We've got to let them stop setting the labels.
They're not setting the agenda.
We're 400-plus cities.
Last time I checked, it's not 150.
It's not 200.
Alex, I'm not talking about you.
I'm talking about regarding saying words like militia.
I look at militia as being a time-honored tradition in this country.
And those of us who are Americans in this country, each of us is militia.
Well, no, no, hold on.
You have to understand.
I understand it's part of the Second Amendment and what America is all about.
I mean, now they've moved on to Christians, constitutionalists.
You know, they're demonizing those words.
What I'm saying is, is that when you talk about the militia today, I mean the institution that's been around the last ten years, which is, you know, nothing more.
What I'm trying to say is,
What they have is they have these things that they say are supposedly secret.
And then all they are is a provocateur club trying to bust people and try to set people up.
And I don't see that you're doing that.
The militia today is not really the militia.
Oh, no.
It's a group of guys going out and having beers on the weekend and training and getting together and having fun and
And you know what?
That's not really what the militia is.
Okay, well, I agree with that, yeah.
Each of us is militia.
We're supposed to be trained ourselves.
We're supposed to be armed ourselves.
We're supposed to be prepared to defend basically the American way.
And to tell you the truth, militia has a history way even before this country was formed.
And it's basically any group of people that wants to band together and defend themselves.
Yeah, it's like civil defense.
People that's going to believe in the Constitution and their rights, I mean, out there, these are the people that are working with Rick and what we're standing up for today.
Because our rights are being denied out there every day and revoked.
And you've got to think about our younger generation out there.
I mean, this younger generation...
Where are these people learning their rights from?
If people like us wasn't standing up and preaching this over the radio and over the TV, these little guys out here today are not getting it from school.
They're not being taught this at school at all.
If they don't learn from us, how are they going to learn?
There's another point regarding that issue is what are our rights?
We have God-given rights.
We have rights of man.
Before, we even had constitutional rights.
Those God-given and man-made rights existed before the Constitution.
All the Constitution did was put it on paper and then say, okay, we're going to protect these and we're going to guarantee these.
Let me try to boil that down then, and I agree with you on this.
Let me try to boil this down to a simple level.
For folks that have just tuned into the show, we have liberty and freedom and private property rights because people did stand up and fight and die for it.
They say we've got that.
And in every other case in history... Do me a favor, Mr. Barkley.
I hate to say this, but I don't think folks can hear you because there's quite a lot of noise in the background.
Can you ask folks to just maybe pipe down just a little bit so folks can hear you?
But before...
In every other country, there's no private property rights because the strong men run things, the people are disarmed, and are searched.
So obviously, it always came back down to physical confrontation over and over again to get liberty and freedom.
And yes, that existed before America and before Moses and before, you know, civilization.
So, yes, it finally, in the final equation, does come down to that.
I'm just trying to wake up as many people as I can so they know who wears the black hats, who wears the white hats, and I'm saying most folks don't know that yet, and I'm still finding that the pen...
...is mightier than the sword in these fights.
That's all I was trying to say.
I agree with that.
And like I say, that's what we need to educate the younger generation out there.
What's going on?
What is their rights?
And what's not?
You know what I mean?
So they can follow us.
I do have one comment there, Alex.
What do you do when your servant government no longer follows the rules?
And you know they don't.
And when they are using the point of a gun...
And not just once or twice, but thousands of times a day at every level of government, from local all the way up to the federal level.
And they are going out and destroying people's lives.
They're taking their property.
They're stealing their children.
They're stealing their guns and putting people in jail.
And whenever they want to, they kill someone with impunity.
Are we going to win this war with our own government
If we're just going to take the Gandhi approach, I don't believe so.
I believe that the only thing that they are going to understand is what they do themselves, and that is force of arms or the threat of force of arms so that we can defend ourselves.
I'm not trying to say that we should go out and go offensive with force of arms.
Let me say this, Rick Stanley.
I need to have you up.
Buy yourself in the future.
I need to have Mr. Barkley back on, who I really want to thank and who I'm praying for.
He's in a serious situation, and I hope the sheriff gives this some time and doesn't go rushing in there, violating his oath of office, as this is hopefully worked out.
But from what I've heard, it sounds like, and from their quotes here in the newspaper, they don't want to work this out.
They want to violate property rights.
They want to violate this...
This man's family.
And it's disgusting.
And things are coming to a head because the tyranny is growing out of control.
I'm just saying that if they weren't putting in the electronic touchscreens...
We're seeing a shift of people waking up, getting involved politically, and downsizing the government and taking over our communities.
So the globalists have seen that.
They're trying to escalate things into a crisis.
So I'm just saying, we've got to think about this.
We've got to talk about this.
I certainly can't disagree with defending your lives and your property and your children.
I'm just saying we need to think about it.
We need to talk about it.
We need to use our gray matter in this process.
And, Rick, I think you're doing that.
I think that Lyle Barkley's doing that.
But I just want folks to understand why I spent an hour and 46 minutes discussing this, which I never do on any subject, because we're going to see more and more of this.
Oh, absolutely.
And I would like to point out that people can go to my website at www.stanley2002.org.
That's S-T-A-N-L-E-Y-2002.org.
And they can learn about the PAC.
They can join the PAC.
And, you know, I'd love to have you involved with this, Alan.
Well, I am not a...
I'm an information source.
And I'm a documentary filmmaker.
And that's what we need out there.
Guys like you to work with guys like us.
And I do quite frequently stand up against police checkpoints and people taking kids and people taking land.
And I've been beat up and stuff.
And I've ended up defeating the enemy by doing that.
I'm going to continue to investigate this, Rick.
I'm going to have you back up.
And can we have you back up, Lyle, on Thursday to give us an update?
Yeah, just give me a call ahead of time to make sure, okay?
All right.
And if folks want to get in touch with you, how do they do that?
I'll give that number out again, sir.
231 Area Code 582-0039.
All right.
Well, thank you so much for coming on.
Thank you, and thank you for having me.
You bet.
Rick Stanley, take care as well.
Thank you, sir.
You bet.
I mean, Rick Stanley is more articulate than most of the people I've seen out there, and I, again, I don't know Rick Stanley, and I've done a little bit of investigation.
I'll continue to do an investigation.
I know it.
I'm open right now on where I stand on all this.
This is a complex issue.
Believe me, the government has giant think tanks and people with 170 IQs looking at it to decide how to manipulate us, and I'm having a lot of trouble deciphering it to figure out what we need to do to counter them.
But I know what's been working, and that's the information war.
But I also know when your mind ends on the line and they're taking your property and they're taking, more importantly, your children for no reason, or they're taking your guns, or they're taking your sovereignty, what do you do?
We're going to come back with another guest who I appreciate holding, Debbie Morrow.
Debbie, stay right there, my friend.
And I apologize to George and Melissa and Wesley and everybody else we haven't gotten to.
We'll get to you, too.
This has been an interesting show today.
Focusing on this issue.
We've got a whole other hour coming up where I'm going to get into coffee and saying we've got to go under UN control and a lot more.
This is a serious issue.
That's why we spent all this time on it.
We'll come back and get to your calls.
Before I end this segment, I might as well in the first two hours at least once tell folks how we fund this operation.
That's with my documentary films, with my books, and with the information I put out that is so vital in waking folks up
And there's Road to Tyranny.
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There's the book I've published for Paul Watson.
It's excellent.
Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror in the New World Order.
And it is 300-something pages long, $20.
Order a second copy for only $12 as a gift.
Descent into Tyranny.
Buy books, $12.
It's very informative.
Covering September 11th.
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Get the films.
Make the copies.
Get them out to people.
The toll-free number to order is 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
If you won't wake folks up to what's happening, we don't have a prayer.
That's the first process here is listing the crimes of the king.
Listing the abuses.
What our rights are, how they've been violated, who's violating them.
The films do it.
They give people the big picture.
Get them.
Don't wait.
We'll come back, and we'll go to your calls.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
My friends, in the next hour, I'm going straight to what the U.N.
has now stated about how you will be a global citizen.
A bunch of other key news we're going to cover in a shotgun fashion, and I promise we'll get to George and Melissa and Wesley and Umar and John and many others coming out of the first segment, into the first segment of the next hour.
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You bet.
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He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we've got a bunch of news I haven't gotten to yet coming up.
I mentioned it, the recall election being expanded out now because the appeals court...
A new UN press release that we're all basically slaves of the UN.
A bunch of other key news coming up.
But right now, all the callers have been holding for eons.
Let's get to you right now.
Let's talk to George in Texas.
George, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Can you hear me?
Good talking to you.
I saw you at Bastrop a couple weeks ago there and bought Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
Oh, yeah.
I was there speaking with Ron Paul and others.
I was wondering, did you mention in a previous program that Fritz Springmeier is in prison?
They tried to frame Fritz three or four different times and finally got him on bank robbery.
They had a convicted drug dealer informant.
The judge wouldn't let the jury know that.
Stand up and say he saw Fritz rob the bank.
Totally made up.
They'd raid his house, claim IRS.
They'd raid his house, claim that he was growing pot.
No pot would be found.
Well, is he in a federal prison?
Does he have a website or any contact information?
I've actually got his wife's number, but it's in my computer.
Actually, that's in my Rolodex.
I don't have that in front of me.
I had a comment on the previous segment.
I don't know if Mr. Barkley had tried to get an attorney, but many states prohibit lawyers from soliciting business.
There's probably a lot of attorneys that would love to have a case like his.
And for those that don't know that just joined us, Family Promises Armed Standoff up in Michigan, and they're in Bay Township out in the country, four acres.
They gave them a permit to put mobile homes in there.
The bureaucrat says, no, you've got to take them out, won't tell them why, and they're sick of it, and they're saying they're going to shoot it out with the police come Thursday.
Well, it seems to me a good attorney could get that into a federal court and tie it up and not.
Well, they've done that now, and Pastor Butch and others are moving to try to, if they do drag off their property, to get them a new mobile home.
The problem is this is happening to thousands of people a month.
I mean, they'll take your land if there's no township, if there's no zoning laws.
The National Association of Counties and Cities has met with the feds.
We covered this years ago.
They're going to use zoning as the new cherry to take private property rights.
Well, I know here in Central Texas, I won't mention the county by name, but they put my ranch in a subdivision without my knowledge or consent so that they could hit me with permits and all that.
To then try to get your ranch.
Why not mention the county?
I did settle with them after they figured out that I got a Houston area attorney and I was fixing to take them to the cleaners.
But that's the point.
They target those.
See, now they're just hitting the lower middle class, you know, hardworking folks.
They're having trouble with some of the upper middle class like yourself.
Well, the solution to the problem is what Danny New came up with with the homeschoolers is to create a legal defense fund.
And if any one member gets attacked
Yeah, that's it.
And then have chapters in every county and city.
Knock on a door.
Give them a nice packet.
Join our Private Property Defense League.
Everybody join.
You take the town over.
But instead, people get up in camo outfits and go, I'm the leader!
Not saying they're all bad, but a lot of them.
And people go, man, you're a coot.
Get off my doorstep.
And you can pay like maybe $10 a year dues, and if you're attacked, you get a top-notch lawyer that will go to bat for you.
Well, more than that, the organization wouldn't have true power unless you got educational magazines bimonthly, you learned the law, you set up chapters in your area, got others to join to fund the system locally, and then you all defend each other locally.
And then you can call in the lawyer, too.
It's got to have that local power base.
We've done it in Austin.
We've done it in Fredericksburg.
We've done it in other areas in central Texas, and they don't pull that type of stuff as readily anymore.
If it's making them hopping mad, that's why they want to ban standing up to them nonviolently.
And then all we've got left is the cartridge box.
We'll be back.
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All right, my friends, we're back live.
Going straight back to your calls.
Let's talk to Melissa in Florida.
Been holding for a while.
Go ahead, Melissa.
Hi, Alex.
I think I didn't call for this reason, but regarding your guest, it sounds like a matter of code enforcement.
Well, of course.
Don't you think?
That's the point.
For those that just joined us, there's a standoff brewing up in Michigan.
Where they gave them the permits and then said, after they put the mobile homes on the property, and again, now counties are creating zoning laws.
They're saying, you can't build, you can't have these out here on your land, and we're coming to take your property, and the man, Mr. Barkley, has said over my dead body, and we had him on the show last hour, and then there's this mutual defense pact, a militia,
That's saying they've got 680-something people, I believe he said, signed up to defend.
And I was just pointing out they need to watch for infiltration provocateuring.
This shows how long we've been under this tyranny, though, so that we just think it's normal that, oh, yeah, the government tells us what we can build and what we can do and how to raise our children, and, oh, yeah, there's tracker switches in all your cell phones, and, yeah, the face-scanning cameras are watching you.
This is all unacceptable.
It's all unacceptable.
I totally agree with all of that.
And what I think the answer is is definitely not with guns and bloodshed, but with information like you try to get out.
And if he would just try to get...
If somebody would let us know who to contact regarding this and enough people would rally for support.
That does help if they get thousands of phone calls, and we should have done that.
We've done that in the past.
I've been online the whole time I've been on hold looking for the official numbers, etc.
Is he in Bay County, Bay City, those areas?
It's Bay Township in Charlottesville.
It's an Indian word.
I can't pronounce it.
I'm sorry.
It's C-H-A-R-L-E-V-O-I-X.
C-H-A-R-L-E-V-O-I-X County.
Bay Township.
Bay Township, and that's in Michigan.
That's in Michigan, and I've got their number not here in front of me.
Obviously, I have their number to get them on.
And the article on Infowars.com lists the names of the public officials, the authorities, our owners, our bosses, our keepers, our masters.
Right, and I hadn't read the story, but I've heard you talk about it.
And I think if they've got enough people, you know, opposing what they're doing, then I can't believe... Well, that's the point.
That's the point, is we've stopped this type of stuff, and it's been stopped in a lot of areas if you have an active population.
And I guarantee you, in that town, I guarantee you over half the people are against what's happening.
In fact, they admit people are all outraged.
Well, why don't the people... I guarantee you, if thousands of people who live there locally got mad and showed up and said, hey, you're going to be in trouble next month, you know, with the election...
Or, hey, I'm going to run against you.
Or, hey, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
They'd leave these people alone.
It's because good people aren't involved that this happens.
Thanks for the call, Melissa.
Really appreciate it.
Wesley in Tennessee, go ahead.
Good to talk to you, Wesley.
I don't want to denigrate the previous caller's statements or to belittle the statements in any way, shape, or form.
Well, that's okay.
You can belittle me if you want.
No, no, that's not my intention at all.
I made a decision when I found myself face down on the blacktop with an Army boot heel in the back of my neck and guys rifling through the trunk of my car that I was going to do something about it.
And I didn't say anything to you until today because this was something that was a long time coming.
But I organized 11...
Former Vietnam Gulf War vet who have taken a page out of Al-Qaeda's tactics.
They worked very well for Al-Qaeda, and I would say that if they worked for Al-Qaeda, they should work for us, too.
We should be mindful of the fact that we did not negotiate with George III in our independence.
We did not talk this country into existence, and the...
Now, Wesley, certainly you know Al-Qaeda is a government operation.
But that doesn't mean we can't learn something from them.
So what I did with these 11 vets was to have them teach each other their interdisciplinary knowledge so that by the time these sessions were over, all 11 of these guys knew what the other 11 knew.
Now, Wesley, this is very interesting.
What type of person were you before this happened?
Just an example so folks can see this process as the enemy becomes the biggest recruiter.
I mean, I believed in the ballot box like most people until I told you in 1994 when I found out that when they cleared those voting machines, there was no record of the votes.
I knew right then and there the jig was up.
But when did you run into the Army checkpoint?
I know in the Knoxville area, it was in your paper, Knoxville News Sentinel, the U.S.
Army runs checkpoints, and the sheriff's very proud of it.
And this happened to you.
What happened?
Well, I mean, you know, I was just summarily dragged out of my vehicle and pitched face forward under the blacktop.
Now, you've been calling over the years.
I remember this was in the newspaper.
You're in a wheelchair.
And so you told them this, but the young troops didn't.
Here in the free country, you have troops.
This is before 9-11, too.
We might want to add that.
What did they do to you once they drug you out on the pavement?
Well, they went through my car, and I know for a fact.
I mean, I just bought the gun, a 9mm, not more than just a week ago, and it was in the original case with the receipt.
And when I was allowed to crawl back up,
Well, that was gracious of them.
Now, remember, you told us this a few years ago.
We'll see if my memory's correct over three years.
Weren't they laughing about how nice the gun was?
Oh, yeah.
One of the guys said, this is one for your trophy case.
That's right.
And then the newspaper reported that people were getting mad that they were beating people up.
The troops were...
Well, you know how the troops are, but slapping folks around.
Some of the local papers, the News Sentinel did, and they just reported how good it was, but some local papers said folks were really mad.
But, hey, what's wrong with having troops drag you around out of your wheelchair?
I mean, isn't that what... Isn't the Nazis drug people out of wheelchairs?
I mean, weren't they good, too?
Oh, they were just...
Real slow, but I want to finish up.
I want to say something.
I don't think you have a right to stand up against troops dragging you out of a wheelchair.
I think the veterans fought and died so you can have internal checkpoints stealing people's guns and dragging them out of wheelchairs.
Yeah, it's really swell, isn't it?
I wanted to say, though... Now, hold on.
I'm going from memory now from three years ago again.
Aren't you a schoolteacher?
I used to be until... So this is the deadly... A schoolteacher in a wheelchair, they took your locked-up gun, stole it, which was illegal to do, I know, Tennessee law.
Well, what's wrong with you, Wesley?
I mean, this is freedom.
Well, the mistake they made was that for the 15-plus years I taught before I came down, before muscular dystrophy showed its symptoms, I taught American history.
Oh, a terrorist.
A terrorist, right.
You are really Al-Qaeda, yeah.
Yeah, and it wasn't revisionist history.
It was the real honest-to-God version of American history.
So you're one of those, well, in 1984, they had to get rid of all the folks that remembered freedom.
And you're going to be, yeah, well, you've got to deal with it.
So did you...
To be serious, these young thugs, and this was U.S.
Army folks, what did you say to them while they were doing this?
I couldn't repeat that over the phone.
Okay, when they stopped you at the checkpoint, because I remember it was in the newspaper that they would, on this particular, what was it, 11W Highway?
Yeah, I mean, I demanded... Well, hold on, I'm going back from memory of the Knoxville News Sentinel about 11W Highway.
They say that they'd have a...
We're good to go.
How did it happen to you at the checkpoint?
Describe pulling up to it.
Well, I mean, I had no idea what was going on.
I saw county sheriff's cars, and that's why I was confused when I saw a mixture of uniformed police and guys in BDUs.
I thought, what on earth is going on?
I mean, I had no idea what was happening.
You're like the terrorists in Red Dawn who think enemy forces attacking is bad.
I mean, this is good.
Well, I'll tell you what, they did come down on those vehicles, and I could hear other people screaming, crying, cursing.
I heard kids' voices.
I heard kids pleading not to hit their mommies and daddies.
And it was a real nightmare.
It really was.
I want the listeners to know you're hearing an actual Al-Qaeda person, right?
You hear he doesn't think troops dragging people out of cars, swarming them, hatefully isn't good.
You're a sicko.
Yeah, but what I did with these 11 guys was to get these guys to teach each other what they knew, and each one of those guys went out and formed cells of six men.
But I want to go back...
I mean, I don't want to talk about your terrorist activity right now.
I want to talk about how they were gracious to you.
Now, when they come up to the vehicle, what happened?
Well, I mean, there was no... I asked what was going on and got no response.
I mean, not a word.
The next thing I know, Mike, before I could even grab the button to lock the doors in the car, the car door was jerked open.
I was grabbed by my arm and my shirt and yanked literally out of the car.
Thrown onto the ground, face down, and the next thing I felt was the knee of a soldier.
Man, that's freedom.
In my back, and another boot heel.
There were two guys standing over me.
That's freedom, folks.
You know why we're over in Iraq?
So we can live like this.
So a school teacher with muscular dystrophy can live like that.
Another guy had his boot heel pressed into the back of my neck.
Man, those are heroes.
I mean, I couldn't believe these were American soldiers doing this to an American citizen.
Well, that's because you're crazy.
No, no, no.
We're bad because we're against that.
I mean, look.
Hitler was good, folks.
He did the same stuff.
Thanks for the call, terrorists.
Thanks for the call.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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All right, my friends.
I'm getting calls by listeners saying, who got decades in prison for robbing a bank who didn't really do it for writing a book?
Well, it's Fritz Springmeier and his book, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, listing the families and the people that don't want to be discussed, that don't want to be talked about.
And yes, my friends, we carry it at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and by calling the toll-free number, because now they're asking how to get it.
And yes, we carry it 630-something pages long.
It's Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
And I can't find anything in the book that isn't true.
Now, some of it I can't confirm.
I mean, it's so unbelievable.
But I have a pretty good grasp of history and the elites.
And to read the book and not be able to find anything that's false, because everybody makes mistakes.
I mean, everything in there I found is accurate.
Now, there's a bunch of areas that I can't prove or document in the book.
But it certainly got a response from the government.
I mean, they continue to try to frame this guy.
Three or four times, they finally did it.
Find out why.
It bloodlines the Illuminati.
I have the third and final edition, the last book he wrote, with about 40 pages of added material.
Otherwise, there's only a couple thousand of these things left, and we've got them.
So they're probably going to print some more.
Who knows, though?
It's just his wife now.
Let's go ahead and talk to... I guess Umar in Michigan is up next.
Umar, good to hear from you.
How you doing, Alex?
Pretty good, my friend.
Hey, did you hear about... By the way, that was in the newspaper that the military was rough handling women and children.
And this poor guy in a wheelchair.
Doesn't that sound like a free country to you?
Oh, that's very free.
You know, like to the people in Charlevoix County,
All I can say is, you know, I hope it don't come to a shootout or anything.
I hope it can be settled legally, you know.
But as Malcolm X once said, if I get one of you and you get me, we're even, Steven.
But if I get four or five of you and you get me, then I'm good to go.
You know, so, you know, we all... Well, that's what Alexander... Well, that's what Alexander Schultz and Nietzsche said.
You know, he said, oh, how we burned in the camps later, thinking of what would have happened, and instead of cringing in our apartments or in our homes, if we would have met the thugs that came to get us at the doorstep.
And that's the same thing, like I told you once before about this movie, or it's a true story about this pianist,
During World War II, and the way they did them people in that movie, I don't think Americans are going to go for that.
Well, I know this.
A good percentage of us won't.
And that means their enforcers are in deep trouble.
And that's why they haven't moved quicker than they have.
And take the pianists, where the Nazis are doing all this horrible stuff.
According to our government, that's not bad.
Hitler's not bad.
Secret arrest, torture, all this is good.
Our government people need to stop dipping into all that dope they're bringing over here because it's warping their brain.
Well, you know, it's true.
A higher percentage of government employees, cops...
FBI, cheat on their taxes, use drugs, you name it.
They are.
There's more criminals, more vice, because the smart crooks get into government.
Well, our police are crooks because, you know, it takes a crook to catch a crook.
That's where the first police in England, they hired criminals.
I look at it that they all got the criminal mind.
You know, it's funny.
One of my dad's friends was the big top federal marshal in Texas before he retired, and he told me that when I was in college.
He said, Alex, it's criminal now.
You've got to be a criminal now.
He says, it's horrible.
I can't wait to get out.
I said, well, give me specifics.
He said, I can't.
I can't tell you what I know.
That's why they need to go back to being peace officers instead of law enforcement officers.
But I'm going to let you get somebody else in there, Alex.
It was good talking to you.
All right, I appreciate the call.
Yeah, for those that don't know, there's going to be a standoff.
The sheriff says he's going in Thursday.
I hope it doesn't happen with his family who got permits.
They said, that's not good enough.
We're going to take your property.
Out in the countryside, you can't build your own house now or have your own home.
That's not freedom, folks.
Cracker chips and all the new cell phones made in the last four years...
Because they made the law in 2001, but they'd already passed it in 96.
So it went into force.
So the cell phone's going back four or five years, I'm told.
Have it.
They guarantee it after 2001.
October 2001.
Tracker chips in them.
Tracking everywhere you go and do.
That's not freedom!
But the border's wide open.
But I guess Alexander Shultz in each of them was a terrorist, too.
He said, stand up to tyranny.
I guess that's why they teach them the founding fathers are terrorists, see?
You see, if you're going to say it's wrong to stand up to tyranny, you're going to have to say the Founding Fathers were bad.
That's why in my film, The Road to Tyranny, FEMA tells police just exactly that.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You know, if somebody disagrees with something I've said, they go to the front of the line on this show.
And this guy just called in.
He had a bad cell phone connection, so he didn't want to get on air.
He just wanted to tell me that if he wants to call back in and get through, he can.
I've made this up, and I sound like an idiot.
The border is completely shut, and there's no illegals coming across, and I've made this up.
Well, I've lived in Texas my whole life, and I've been to California down at the border quite a few times.
I've been in the border regions of Arizona and Nevada and New Mexico.
We've had ranchers and farmers on, and...
There's nothing but illegals pouring across at almost every point.
There's foot trails 20 feet wide, 2 feet deep ruts with garbage and trash everywhere from generations of illegals dumping their stuff in the woods in the scrub brush when they walk across.
Now this guy says that he's seen the news and seen all the new border patrol down at the border.
You mean at the border crossing?
Oh, you mean you saw lots of Border Patrol at the border crossings, the official crossings?
Well, sure you did.
But let's talk about real numbers.
Can we do that for a second?
That might be a good idea.
There are at least 30 million illegal aliens in this country.
Conservative number.
Half the population of Miami...
Our foreigners, half the population of L.A., and that's just who's on the census, boys and girls.
Believe me, the illegal aliens from Russia and Mexico and China don't run around signing up for the census.
They're a little smarter than the Joe Q. yuppies out there that send in the 56-question questionnaire that violates the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.
And so, yeah, that's a real gem out there for whoever said that, that we've got a lot of people on our border.
That's insane.
Totally insane.
Israel's got people on their border with Palestine.
Russia's got people on their border.
Mexico's got people on their border.
Oh, yeah, Mexican troops will kill you, beat you up, rape you, put you in a prison, extort money out of your family.
But that's okay.
There's no human rights violations or lawsuits there.
But just to have a call from somebody saying there's more Border Patrol, let's talk about facts.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported last year that 2,000-plus Border Patrol had quit from the Texas sector alone
From Joint Task Force 6 to Brownsville, down to Kingsville, Texas, that 2,000 had quit to go be air marshals where they get $24,000 tagged on to their Border Patrol salary.
And you got 2,000 less there.
Now they've announced they're going to take 5,000 off the border and put them in as air marshals on top of that.
The Border Patrol's main job is picking up garbage and trash on the border.
They're allowed to look one way down the road, but not down the other way.
It's when all the TV specials, as the Border Patrol sits there, as hundreds of people swim across right in front of the cameras, and I'm told this is Bill from Texas calling me.
I don't know what I'm talking about.
Go ahead, Bill.
Hey, Alex.
If you go down there and pull off the side of the road, on any of them roads right along there, within five minutes you're going to be surrounded by Border Patrol.
If you go down into the river and you try to cross that river, you'll have Border Patrol on you before you get halfway across.
Well, that's because you're driving... Let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
That's because you're driving a nice truck, and you're going that direction.
I think you're picking up drugs, which they might be able to get and sell some of them in most cases.
So you bet they want to... I'm about to beat up old Suburban, my friend.
Well, you bet they want hundreds of thousands of dollars in drugs.
I'm about to beat up old Suburban that's got a whole shot of... Okay, okay, so there's not illegal alien problem...
I didn't say that.
I didn't say that.
If they're crossing, they're crossing.
If the border's crossing, they're not crossing at the open border.
There ain't no open border.
You cannot stop.
You can go to Langtree.
You can go anywhere along the border right there and just pull over to the side of the road.
A few months ago, a few months ago, a few months ago, I was down by Boquillas and down there.
I didn't see one border patrol.
I think.
I think.
I think.
I mean, come on.
Glenn Spencer, put him back on hold.
Glenn Spencer has shown video on his website and drone footage of just hundreds of them.
They got censors everywhere in Arizona.
I don't know about your area of Texas, buddy, but I'm telling you, we got millions of these illegals.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Cell phone cut out?
I mean, that's just ridiculous.
I live in Texas, too, partner.
Oh, so what happened?
They cut off one or two areas for show, and that cut back on your businesses down there.
I mean, what about El Cenizo down on the Texas border with Mexico?
El Cenizo, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, 10-part series in the San Antonio Express News in 99.
They fly the Mexican flag.
They're not allowed to use English in court proceedings.
Now, that's a ten-part series in the San Antonio Express News.
What you're saying just is not true.
Yeah, maybe you're getting harassed by the Border Patrol, but, I mean, the Border Patrol, I've talked to them.
They've admitted it.
A lot of them are into drug dealing.
And if they can catch somebody and take some drugs and keep half of it, that's hundreds of thousands of dollars.
If they catch a truck full of marijuana or a truck full of cocaine or a truck full of heroin...
And I bet money they bust you once you come out of those woods, thinking you're going to have something.
Yeah, but they don't get you going into those scrub rush, do they?
They're waiting for you when you come out.
Oh, there's drug interdiction all right going on down there.
Folks, I've read the articles.
I've had the sheriffs on air in Ohio where they pull over a truck full of coyotes.
That's smugglers with people on the back, and the INS won't come pick them up.
2,000 less Border Patrol on the Texas border.
A few other calls, and I've got to hit some final news here.
Let's talk to John in Florida.
Go ahead, John.
Howdy, Alex.
Thanks for getting me in here.
Hey, John, you got any legal aliens in Florida?
Hey, I have to address Bill in that capacity, you know.
I really called in to talk about Rick Stanley and the guest you had on the last hour.
But, hey, you know, Bill, I think you ought to leave Texas for a while and go up into the northeast and come over here to the southeast.
I'm in the panhandle of Florida.
There's at least $30 million.
Bill, go into the seedier sides of town.
Go into the little towns as well as the bigger cities, and you'll see them.
Just spend some time away from the border, in the heartlands, in the northeast.
There's thousands less Border Patrol.
That's admitted.
And they're pushing for blanket total amnesty, and he's saying there's not a problem.
Now, maybe in his little area there's a lot of Border Patrol, probably a Border Patrol station there.
I've talked to the Border Patrol.
I've talked to the head of the reunion in Arizona.
He says they're not allowed to do their job.
Real quick, finish up.
They kicked around some good points of discussion last hour, but I was surprised that Rick Stanley hasn't bothered to find out what the lingo of the trade is.
Charlie India, two alphabetic letters there, stands for confidential informant.
So I want to pass that on to you guys.
Oh, yeah.
It was at the tip of my tongue.
I couldn't think of it.
And that's it.
Keep up the good work, my friend.
Thanks a lot.
I appreciate it.
Let's talk to Roy, last caller.
Go ahead, Roy.
Darn good show today.
I've learned quite a bit.
I'm calling about the law.
I've heard so many people on the Internet, I mean on the shortwave and on the Internet, telling you how to manipulate the law when you go into court, how to learn the different jurisdictions.
Are you there?
Okay, so quiet.
Thank you.
Well, these are criminal governments.
And they don't follow any law, not even their own weird little archaic stuff that they play around with.
The key is taking over counties and cities and towns and having a mass of people
That will get in the government's face and stand up to them.
And, yes, it can also turn into what Rick Stanley's been talking about.
What has he been talking about?
Well, you know, he says he's the head of the Second American Revolution.
And, I mean, it's interesting, but... I can see no way out.
You know, I've talked to sheriffs and everybody else, and they play dumb, and they can't even see the planes...
I don't know too many success stories.
You know what I've been able to do?
What's that?
These people are such criminals.
If you just follow them around for a day with a video camera, you catch them involved in bribery.
Cheating on their wife.
That's a nice little take to get delivered over to the... Yeah, I've seen that.
...to a mama.
And that's the kind of stuff we do.
And you know what?
It's totally legal and lawful because we're not using the stuff against them.
We're just bringing the goods out.
Yeah, we're just the messenger.
Well, I mean, I went down to the Capitol, sat there in a chair for four hours.
There was bribery going on.
It was in the paper.
I remember that.
Got a bunch of people in trouble.
We go out, catch a politician cheating on their wife, see it going on.
We just report it.
Hey, they're not too worried about taking your house anymore.
I confronted a judge about having a corporate flag in his courtroom, and he turned white.
And he went out and changed the darn thing.
Then he didn't get re-elected.
I think the word got out.
Yeah, there's a lot we can do.
Look, we outnumber them.
We just get involved, expose them, speak out against them, investigate their corruption, leak that on them.
There's plenty we can do to bring these criminals down.
Thanks for the call.
It's fun standing up to criminals.
I was told somebody was calling from Michigan with a particular name, but I missed it.
You say they're gone, Mark?
You were telling me something earlier, Mark?
Okay, great.
He told me somebody from Michigan.
I wasn't sure who he was talking about, so... We're not going to take any more calls, folks.
I'm almost out of time here, and I want to hit on some news that we haven't gotten to in detail yet.
Citizens of nation states must be world citizens in error of globalization.
Now, where is this from?
It's from un.org, UN News Service.
With the forces of globalization on the rise and the interdependence of world peoples growing, citizens of the nation-state must also act as global citizens with a major role occurring to the United Nations in the effort to reach truly multilateral decisions.
Secretary General Coffey Annan said today...
Thank you.
Oh, United States Declaration of Independence 1776.
And by the way, he goes to the place where we call for independence and tells us there can be no independence.
By the way, that site is under U.N.
ownership and control.
Independence Hall is part of the U.N.
Citizens need to think and act globally so as to influence global decisions.
Oh, sure.
And that means that the United Nations, in order to play its part, must live up to the first words of its charter, We the Peoples, he said in a message delivered on the behalf of the UN Director of Communications, Edward Mortimer.
Yeah, they've got the UN Declaration of Human Rights, but Article 30 and 31 from 1947 says...
Thank you.
Thank you.
Distinguished academics and diplomats and interested citizens and students who reflect together on the world's interdependence reality and the era of interdependence people have achieved and practiced self-government within the framework of nation-state.
Mr. Rand has said that framework is still very important and will remain so even in the new era of interdependence.
But the more interdependent we become, the more decisions have to be made and taken, not by one nation-state alone, but by many acting together.
And what else did they say at their anti-gun summit in 2001?
Civilian ownership of firearms threatens the legitimate power monopoly of the state.
What is the power monopoly of the state?
Oh, and by the way,
They're now saying that people plan to assassinate Bush.
Communists do.
Why would business partners of Bush do something like that?
When he goes to the Philippines, the Manila Times is reporting.
Funny, we posted under this on Infowars.com an article out of AFP.
Idealistic Philippine rebellion leaders claim moral victory.
A bunch of the military took over a building just to tell the world that the government is run by the CIA and is carrying out the terror attacks as a pretext for control.
These are conservatives that did this, by the way.
They said they're tired of the communists, they're tired of the Muslims, that they're really all government control.
And read that at Infowars.com.
And this is so staged, folks.
And we'll come back and hit some other...
Really important news.
And yes, I'm already sure you've heard a hundred times, I mentioned it first hour, that now it's going to be a few more months until there's the recall election in California.
Keep that circus going, because the Court of Appeals out there said, because of the ACLU's lawsuit, that punch cards aren't trustworthy.
Don't worry, they'll have the touchscreens in for you.
That can be trusted.
It's like leaving the fireplace.
The fire of the frying pan being thrown directly into the bowels of a volcano.
So that's going on out there.
And I want to hit on a few other little tidbits here when we get back on the other side of this quick break.
Interesting show.
A little bit different today.
But it was some issues that needed to be covered.
Of course, I do this show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central during the day.
Back from 9 to midnight Central.
Standard time right here.
And prisonplanet.com and infowars.com are the websites.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
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All right, more left-wing, right-wing theater.
They'll have a criminal like Hillary Clinton come out and attack a criminal like George Bush, and then people think, oh, there's a fight going on between these people and their business partners at 25 different levels at least.
And they'll have Christina Amanpour come out and say CNN's being controlled and intimidated by the White House and their foot soldiers at Fox and, oh, we're a good left-wing group.
We shouldn't be like this.
That way the left thinks there's some type of choice here.
It's all different flavors of the same scam.
It's a buffet of lies, and I'm not taking a bite, as I said in Waking Life.
So she comes out a few days ago and says, oh, we're all controlled and we're self-censoring and, you know, the White House and Fox are intimidating us and blah, blah, blah.
And CNN comes out and says, we're not going to reprimand her, though it's not true.
That is just total theater.
Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, all of them voted identically to Bush.
Okay, same actions, different rhetoric.
Stop being so stupid.
Those of you out there that buy this.
Also, stem cells grown into sperm cells.
This is out of AP.
Embryonic stem cells have been encouraged to grow into sperm cells for the first time.
Japanese scientists report.
I mean, just the horror of the day.
The blasphemy of the day.
Suspects claim MI5 can clear his name.
Big article about how every time they get a hold of a terrorist, turns out they work for the government.
Another one London Guardian.
Connections with the British government.
Here's the headline.
Allies point the finger at Britain as Al-Qaeda revolving door.
They don't just let them in when they're on the terror wash list.
They give them key jobs, government jobs, and protect them and have them in safe houses, and they work for the British government and pay them money.
Got all those articles on the website in the new film, Police State's Retotal Enslavement.
Also, interesting...
Article here, smart tag store trial underway.
RFID is having trouble getting launchable tracker chips here, so they're launching them in England and Europe.
And IBM jumps onto the RFID bandwagon with... That's right, folks.
Blue Eyes system.
That's their tracking grid and control grid.
You need to go read that at my website.
A bunch of other key articles here that everybody needs to go read and look at because this is all serious business.
Up in Garland, Texas, they are putting in the red light cameras saying everyone loves them nationwide.
They've even got some phony grassroots organization out promoting it nationwide.
Lockheed Martin and other defense contractors run these.
There's no cop involved.
They were thrown out in San Diego because they were caught shortening the duration of the yellow lights, causing deaths.
Internal memos show they didn't care it was about money-making.
No kidding.
Introducing you to the cameras surveilling and controlling you.
Better get ahead of that ball and stop it.
I'm out of time, folks.
I hope everybody goes to Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
I hope you get the videos.
Police State's Retotal Enslavement, the new book I've published.
Order Out of Chaos, Elite-Sponsored Terror in the New World Order.
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God bless.
Take care.
We're good to go.