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Air Date: Sept. 15, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Obviously, I'm Alex Jones.
It is Monday, the 15th of September, 2003.
And boy, do we have an important show lined up for you here.
The websites, freshly updated, are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
You'll definitely want to check them out.
In fact, on Infowars.com, we produced a new archive or a special focus section on protecting the terrorists.
We already always had these sections, but this one focuses specifically on flying now 8,000 Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders out to safety in the middle of the Afghanistan war.
Because so many new things have happened.
We add that to the AFP article here on Yahoo today.
Pakistan helped al-Qaeda set up shop in Afghanistan, U.S.
documents show.
These are admitted declassified U.S.
documents that Pakistan controls and runs al-Qaeda and that bin Laden works for them.
Funny, they publicly admit that Pakistan works for the CIA and is a subsidiary of that and
We know the head of Pakistani intelligence met with Porter Goss and Senator Graham on the morning of September 11th.
There was CIA Director George Tenet, and the White House was on the phone in control of NORAD, and they were running drills of, quote, flying hijacked jets into buildings and flying the bin Laden family out of the country.
It goes on and on.
Talk about a staged event.
They had the locked plans on their desk to invade Afghanistan two days before, had the troops massing three months before.
They're in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and several other stands.
We'll get into that.
So that's interesting.
Also, they've got some of the widows on TV going, yeah, we want these questions answered.
About 9-1-1.
Why was NORAD standing down for over an hour?
Why'd they fly the Bin Laden family and others out of the country?
People are going, wow, the news is reporting the truth.
Folks, that's one-one-thousandths.
I mean, one-one-hundredths, if you want to be liberal about it.
It's just a small facet of an oak.
It's the tip of the iceberg, to use the cliche.
The veneer of the veneer on the surface of a big oak desk.
I mean, we have trouble...
Going through the thousands of red flags and smoking guns here.
It's ridiculous, but we'll do some of that today.
And then we've got the Big Brother stuff coming online.
I mean, stuff that even I have trouble believing.
We'll get into that.
And some stuff we found in the PNAC documents that I haven't spent enough time on, like race-specific viruses and bacteria they want to use on us, Dick Cheney said, and how that ties into all the deaths of these microbiologists.
We're on the edge, folks.
Of terror attacks that make 9-1-1 look tame.
That's why the government's so arrogant.
That's why they don't care if you find out the truth about what they're doing.
So we're on the edge of the precipice here.
And all of civilization's about to be thrown off the side to be sacrificed on the altar of the New World Order to build this global system.
It's like last week.
They come out and say, well, bin Laden's about to resurface.
He's going to get you, give up all your rights, pass Patriot Act II.
I mean, Bush actually said that.
And to condense what he said there in his speech.
And then an hour later, bin Laden pops up and they say, Al Zawari, this is the right-hand man of bin Laden.
He says that they're defeating us in Baghdad.
They're going to defeat us all over the world.
And no one seemed to point out, but this show and my great researchers, that...
The government says they confirmed to have captured him 18 months ago.
I mean, they've killed bin Laden three or four times.
They've killed Saddam three or four times.
They've killed his son three or four times.
They've killed chemical Ali a couple times.
I mean, they'll be announcing again.
They killed him again.
They captured him again.
And the news reporters will report this with a straight face, and no one will say, wait a minute, you said we were at war with East Asia yesterday.
Now we've never been at war with them.
I mean, come on, folks.
This is...
The examples weren't this bad in 1984.
So we'll go over that, too.
And we're going to take your calls.
And we've got some guests as well.
The toll-free number to join me on air, 800-259-9231.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, my friends.
Again, it's Monday, the 15th of September, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones.
And we're going to take a lot of your calls today.
If you'd like to join us on air, it's 1-800-259-9231.
In the last segment, I got into the fact that last week they said that Bin Laden was going to get us again and played that video compilation on TV of the New World Order, well, boogeyman,
Telling us that we're all in a lot of trouble.
I tell you what, do me a favor, guys.
Close your microphone.
All right.
That's Pilot Jones here, ladies and gentlemen.
Continuing with what I was saying...
Bush comes out and gives a speech and says that bin Laden will be resurfacing.
He's a great danger.
And then after 18 months plus, he knew video services.
They say on the news that it's a new video.
Bin Laden's going to get us his right-hand man, al-Jazari, or however you pronounce it, releases a new audio tape.
And this is up-to-date stuff.
You know, we're going to defeat you in Iraq, and we're going to defeat you in Baghdad, and in all this garbage.
And then the news didn't want to point out that we have the news articles from the Associated Press and the London Guardian and ABC News.
Remember the big catch?
They caught Bin Laden's right-hand man seen in the videos with him and in the new videos with him and heard in the audio tape.
They caught him.
They say that they caught him 18 months ago.
It was a big victory all over the news, but see...
People don't have memories anymore.
People have got memories a span of about an inch long.
That's their long-term memory.
And people don't even know where Iraq is.
They don't even know what a democracy versus a republic is.
Generally, most Americans don't know who the vice president is in major polls.
The government doesn't care.
They'll say, oh, we killed bin Laden three times.
We killed Saddam four times.
We killed Saddam's son three times.
We've killed chemical Ali twice, and now we've captured him.
And they'll say they killed bin Laden again.
They'll say they killed al-Jazari, or they've captured him four or five more times.
And they'll release videotapes of him.
Oh, look, it's a new video.
We captured him 18 months ago.
We killed him a month before that.
We claim we killed him six months after that.
That's another thing about this guy, Bin Laden's right-hand man, is that they claim they've killed him so many times before.
We forgot about that part.
And I try to explain this to people, and they don't even know where Afghanistan is.
They don't know.
They don't care.
Well, isn't them guys with towels wrapped around their heads, aren't they the bad guys?
That's what a senator said.
You know, it's just, oh, it's just those brown people, you know, kind of that undertone racism that you see out there, you hear out there.
Oh, they're the bad guys because they're different from us.
And, well, they showed me the brown man with the turban, and so we're in a good war.
Let's get them, as really the government attacks and destroys your liberties and your freedoms.
So I'm going to spend some time today reading articles from 18 months ago.
Reading articles from 11 months ago, where they capture him, they kill him, they parade him on TV, they kill him again, they capture him again.
And now he's on videos with bin Laden and on audio tapes with bin Laden, and the government announced that this was just from the other day.
Of course, right on cue, Bush gives a speech saying that bin Laden's deadly will be reappearing like the jack-in-the-box.
Any second now, and one hour after he did that, he pops out of the box right on time.
Now, folks, I'm getting sick of this.
I don't know about you, but I'm getting really, really tired of this.
And there's hundreds of these examples.
I mentioned this last Friday.
You all remember.
Come on.
I know you can do it.
I know you're smart.
A lot of you just aren't focused on issues of freedom and government and long-term memories when it comes to politics.
You know all about the 1956 American League batting average.
You know all about UT football and how to wear the proper college football colors.
You know all about
The Tennessee Titans.
You know what the salaries are of the starting lineup of offense and defense.
So if you just put a little bit of that energy into your family's future and World War III and the war they're brewing with North Korea and the cashless society's slave grid, the soft cage or soft prison as some call it, then you might have a chance of living in a free society.
I'm not talking down to our listeners.
I know most of you are smarter and more articulate than I am in many cases.
I'm talking to Joe Sixpack driving along here in the show for the first time going, I just can't get it.
Well, to get it, you're going to have to sit down and watch the football game for a few minutes.
Then maybe you can be in the game.
You better figure out how government works.
You better study history or you're doomed to repeat it.
I mean, come on.
Let's be part of something that really counts here.
But one of the examples I used last week of this Orwellian lying is the Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld gets up, and the week before they started the shock and awe campaign, the bombing of Iraq, with all the cruise missiles and stealth bomber bombs and the rest of it, and he says, look, don't worry.
Already two of the major army groups of the five have surrendered in Iraq covertly to us.
We're in contact with them by cell phone, landline, e-mail.
We have spies on the ground.
Most of the military is already giving up.
We've already paid off a lot of the Republican Guard.
We can't say who yet.
That's why we're going to win this thing so easy.
And they did, folks.
The initial victory was easy.
Now, two days after they claimed that all military operations had ceased, Rumsfeld got on TV and said these stories, that we paid off regular Army and that we paid off...
The Republican Guard and gold bars and euros and dollars, and that we had SAS and Delta Force on the ground and CIA doing it, and MI6 is totally false.
We never said that.
We never paid anybody off.
They all fought 100%.
We had a total victory.
We fought their army 100%, and still we won.
Now, I know you remember that.
And Rumsfeld got up on TV and said, I never said we paid him off.
And the media did not counter him, did not call him on it.
Think about that.
Think about that, how big that is.
It's like Ashcroft saying, there is no Patriot Act II, there is no terror legislation, and the media didn't call him on it when it had been introduced for four months when he testified before the House and Senate.
Those senators and House members knew good and well he'd introduced that.
It was introduced in the House and Senate.
No one called him on it but shows like this.
I mean, folks, these lies aren't just, I didn't have sex with that woman, or I'm not going to raise your taxes, then later you found out to be liars or go back on a promise.
These lies are the equivalent of we've never been at war with East Asia, and the next day we're at war with them, we've always been at war with them.
Or Big Brother says one week you're going to have this many cigarette and gin rations, you're going to have 100 rations per apartment building, and the next week he says you're getting 20, and I never said you weren't going to get 100.
I never said you were going to get 100.
I mean, it's the exact stuff.
It's worse than what Winston experiences in just absolute amazement.
And, you know, just once in the fictional world of 1984, did Winston have an actual news article proving Big Brother was a liar?
Because always he worked in the Ministry of Truth.
They had to go back and re-edit all the newspapers and put them into the furnace, the memory hole.
And just once he found the original article.
I mean, I've got them here lying.
I've got hundreds of hours of video of Rumsfeld saying this and then a month later saying that and saying he never said it and the media never calling him on it.
I mean, I am sitting in a giant memory hole.
I am sitting here surrounded with their lies and their triple lies and their quadruple lies and lies on top of lies.
Lies that... I mean, it'd be like if I walked up in front of people at the Super Bowl, right in front of the national cameras at halftime, or if you walked out and took an axe and split somebody's head right in front of the news cameras and then said, I didn't do it, and everyone said, he says he didn't do it.
They went, okay, go free, as the body flops around with blood spraying out of the top of the head.
They went, oh, he said he didn't do it.
And they have, you know, 100 video camera angles, 100,000 witnesses in the stands, the umpires, the teams, everybody.
It would be like if a player pulled out a gun right in front of everybody and shot 20 people.
Can you imagine that?
And then they said, oh, the player didn't do it.
And no one said, let's watch the video tape.
I mean, it's that bad, folks.
And you know what?
I was talking to my dad about this weekend.
He's a real smart guy.
He said, I agree with you, son.
They're seeing what they can get away with.
They're just training us to accept lies.
They're just... And people say this.
They'll go, well, that's what politicians do.
They lie.
And you're the weirdo for caring that they're telling blatant lies.
See, it's all about emotion.
Well, don't we got to get Al-Qaeda?
So what of their line?
And I go, well, the government funded Al-Qaeda.
You show them the documents.
I don't want to believe that.
Oh, to bust you in the mouth, boy.
Well, Bush is going to sign the assault weapons ban for open borders and selling out our sovereignty.
Well, I know, but I'm a Republican, okay?
Actually, I've got to tell you, that comes first, boy.
It's easy for you to try to make the president look bad, but I like him.
He's the lesser of two evils.
Well, no, he's worse than Clinton because he's able to get more of the agenda through.
I just...
Maybe you want to call up with quick examples of lies you've seen.
Blatant 180s.
Done day to day.
They don't do a 180 on their policy or what they said they said a month later.
They do it an hour later.
They do it a day later.
And the big story isn't that they're lying.
It's that the media says they're not lying.
It's scary.
All right.
We will take some calls, get to a bunch of news.
The United States seems to be celebrating over its triumph of reducing government debt.
But the truth be told, public and private debt increased to a record high in 1999, reaching a peak of $14.8 trillion, marking 10.57% annual increase outpacing its previous 10 years.
economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
The U.S.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Pakistan helped al-Qaeda set up shop in Afghanistan.
documents show.
Pakistan helped al-Qaeda members launch their operations in Afghanistan in the 1990s and even secretly ran a major training camp used by some of bin Laden's terror network, according to U.S.
intelligence documents made public here.
Yeah, killed by the CIA.
In its secret dispatches obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the National Security Archive, this is just what they get that isn't classified now, folks.
A non-profit research organization here, the Defense Intelligence Agency, warns that the documents represent only raw intelligence.
They nonetheless point to a complex picture of factional rivalry in which Pakistan had tried to use the Taliban and al-Qaeda to promote its influence in the war-torn Afghanistan, only to eventually lose control over both of them.
Now, that's the spin.
And I guess they lost control of them when, according to Reuters and the Associated Press, hundreds of C-130s landed in Kabul and Kandahar in the north and south and loaded 8,000-plus Taliban and al-Qaeda, according to the declassified document, cream leaders on the aircraft and flew them to North Korea.
West Pakistan, where they are today.
You mean those guys?
Now, again, New Yorker Magazine, Times of London, MSNBC, Fox News all admit this.
And Fox News got on TV.
I actually turned the TV on one day after this had all come out for months, and they said, this is back in early 2002, and they said, yes, the CIA made a mistake.
And landed at all these airfields and loaded the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, including bin Laden, on the planes and flew them out to safety.
Now picture bin Laden on a C-130 flown by U.S.
I mean, it just, come on, come on.
Can you compute out there?
Can you compute?
But I saw a bomb on every Afghanistan air.
I saw a snow drive with me.
Yeah, it's the same system over and over again.
The globalists founded the Taliban and al-Qaeda.
That's admitted.
They used them in 98 to attack the Serbs.
That's admitted.
Senate report by Republicans, 99.
They went in, they ordered the Taliban and al-Qaeda months before to press into service, and the Afghans say that suddenly men came, Arabs came, sometimes, quote, with Europeans, with the English, as they called them, and would press gang.
That's an old British term.
They would grab young men, old men, shoemakers, herders,
They'd herd them out and aim guns at them and make them sit in dugouts before 9-11.
They'd make them just sit out there in these camps.
Then September 11th comes.
There's 40,000 U.S.
troops, 18,000 British troops north of Afghanistan, masked.
There's aircraft carriers that come scooting in.
The day of 9-11, two aircraft carriers there, right off the coast of...
Pakistan, just a couple hundred miles from Afghanistan, just happened, the carrier task forces just line up, and then the bombing starts.
And remember, the Northern Alliance have a memory cell, folks.
We're sick of this!
We've got the real Arabs in those cities, and in the second line of trenches, we're not allowed to bomb them.
And the U.S.
government said, stop it, you're not allowed to.
Our own special forces complained, a few colonels complained.
We're not allowed to really take it to them.
Jets land, helicopters land, C-130s land, fly out Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders.
Suddenly all opposition implodes.
The troops roll in.
There's lots of video images of poor Afghans sitting there in bunkers being blown to bits.
Nobodies, little 15-year-old kids, folks.
They grab them, they torture them, they kill them, they line them up, 3,000 of them shoot them, put them in containers, ship them to Camp X-Ray, torture the living daylights out of them.
And they admitted the news.
It's old men, young kids, isn't even Taliban or Al-Qaeda there at the base.
All for theater, folks.
All to training.
General Baucus, head of the camp, resigned, said that these weren't even Taliban or Al-Qaeda.
Source on that, Associated Press.
This, my friends, is the true horror.
It's a CIA op.
CIA op.
We got a section on that at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Two separate sections on that subject.
I suggest you go face the music before it's too late.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Have you been tricked into believing that you can't hire or be hired without a social security number?
You think that you can't bank, get a driver's license, or rent an apartment, or get insurance without a social security number?
Tell them John sent you and put an end to your energy crisis with Be Alive Royal Jelly.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks, we're about to go to Melissa, Hank, Steve, and many others.
If you want to join us on air, it's 1-800-259-9231.
And again, the websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Now, just briefly recapping what we covered earlier.
It's now come out that Pakistan has been protecting al-Qaeda and the Taliban, that they were arms of the Pakistani intelligence.
We already knew this.
The history books already say this.
That they're protecting bin Laden.
Now, again, bin Laden was created by the CIA.
His codename's Tim Osmond when he's in the U.S., without the fake beard and the hair and all that and the turban.
Very secular family, trained by the U.S.
Going back to the British, and they flew the Taliban and al-Qaeda out to safety, arrested innocent people.
It was a staged war in Afghanistan.
That's now coming out.
And remember, the head of Pakistani intelligence met with the House and Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, as well as George Tenet, director of the CIA, on the morning of 9-1-1 at 8.30 in the morning.
They were eating breakfast.
And there was not a TV on, and even the Wall Street Journal admits, the aide walked in and said, we've been attacked, and they said, we already know.
And George Tenet smiled and said, we already know.
This was General Mahmoud's second trip in his life to the U.S.
This is the head of Taliban and Al-Qaeda, the guy that wired $100,000 to Mohammed Adab.
You have the houses, the cars, the credit cards, everything for the hijackers paid for by the FBI.
This is all admitted.
And now Pakistan helped Al-Qaeda set up shop in Afghanistan, U.S.
documents show, right up until 2001.
Totally staged, and they flew them out to safety.
I also want to get more into the PNAC document, where they talk about race-specific viruses and bacteria that kill certain races of people.
Very scary stuff.
Also, the alerts they're putting out.
Hikes fear U.S.
warns of chem-bio attacks bigger than 9-11.
Yeah, to re-engineer our society.
Body parts found near Elder Bush's property.
Up in where they're really from, Kennebunkport, Maine.
Not at the movie set out at Crawford.
So we'll get into that.
Also, Amanpour is saying CNN practiced self-censorship.
There's also going to be an indefinite delay on weapons report.
and Britain have decided to delay indefinitely the publication of a full report on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.
Yeah, until right before the election.
We'll bring out more lies.
Japan warns that it will attack if North Korea aims its missiles.
Now, their missiles put on a platform and aimed.
Japan now admits they've got nukes.
They've been building them for over a decade.
We already told you this years ago.
And they're going to nuke everybody.
And you've seen how they are at making computers and cars, folks.
And they bought enough uranium and plutonium four years ago from the EU, run their country for over 100 years at its current growth rate, and to build tens of thousands of nuclear weapons.
Thought that might be a little tidbit you'd want to know about.
Oh, boy.
Immigration officers let terrorists into the U.K.
Report confirms, well, just like in our country, the government got bonuses.
Those that ordered the good patriots to force the terrorists back in got awards.
That and some casual society control grid stuff is the worst stuff yet.
That's coming up.
Right now, Melissa in Florida.
Go ahead, Melissa.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
Well, how am I doing?
Am I laying it out for folks, or am I doing a bad job?
Yeah, you're doing a great job, as always.
Well, you are too.
What's up?
Thank you.
Have you heard of John Kelly, a reverse speech analyst?
Yeah, I don't get into stuff like that.
I don't get into Planet X. I don't get into Martians.
I don't get into reverse speech.
I'm not saying that all that might not be true.
I like to stick with the Associated Press.
The CIA was running drills of flying hijacked jets into the New York and D.C.
skyline at 8.30 in the morning on September 11, two years ago.
I'll just stick with that.
That's hard enough for folks to believe when it's admitted.
Another thing is I wanted to say that...
One day I tried to tell you, but you had to leave for commercial.
There's a show on Monday through Friday.
It's C-SPAN, and it's Washington Journal, where all these political people get up and talk, and then people are allowed to call in.
And now every caller is talking about, or 90% are talking about the New World Order, PNAC, the government carrying out 9-11.
So now, for the first time in 30 years, C-SPAN is screening calls.
They have one line, do you agree with President Bush or do you disagree, is the other line.
And the other one is undecided or independent.
The other one, well, they have an international line that I just saw.
But I have something on tape where someone called in and mentioned your name and David Shippers and all this stuff.
But I just wanted to let people know.
Well, I'm begging you to mail that to me.
Can I play it right now?
And I can mail it to you also?
Well, you want to play it?
Yeah, I've got it ready to play.
You've got to put your phone right up to the speaker.
Let me go.
Okay, let me try it.
You got it ready?
Yeah, hold on.
This is high tech, folks.
Go ahead.
Here we go.
Our first call for Eleanor Hill is from Tallahassee, Florida.
How are you doing?
How are you?
Not too bad.
I just want to make two points.
The first one about the intelligence, I'm a reader of the American Free Press, the only uncensored paper in the country, and they have 50 unanswered questions about that.
I think more people should read that.
Secondly, are you familiar with who David Shippers is?
David Shippers?
Yeah, he's the man that got Clinton impeached and took down the mob in Chicago.
Okay, why doesn't anybody talk to him?
Again, you know, he was on Alex Jones' show out of Austin, Texas.
He tried to personally contact Ashcroft, contact Hastert,
Again, you know, everybody always told him, we'll get back to you, we'll get back to you.
And to this day, no one's gotten back to him.
This guy's representing FBI agents who are hopping mad.
Who wanted to go up to the president for tying their hands and stopping them from getting Al-Qaeda.
Well, our investigators did talk to many FBI agents that had complaints.
I believe, I'd have to check, I think we may have talked to some of the individuals Mr. Shippers is involved with.
And we do know there were many unhappy agents.
We tried to talk to them, and if you read our report, I think you'll find it shows there were many problems at the FBI before 9-11, and hopefully Director Aldridge is doing his best to correct those.
Did you hear it, Alex?
Yeah, again, it's like saying Joseph Mingala was, you know, sewing kids together and cutting their eyeballs out.
It was a problem.
It was a mistake.
It was a boo-boo.
Whenever Charlie Manson was cutting people open, it was an accident.
I'm so sick of that.
Yeah, that was Eleanor Hill, the staff director of the Whitewash, you know, the 9-11 intelligence report.
Oh, yeah.
She was on there for like an hour, and there was people calling left and right.
The White House, the Justice Department sent letters to shippers and to Clayman and to Wright saying, you'll be arrested if you testify or tell anybody anything.
That was on the National Press Club, and they know that.
Well, I was just going to let people know that if they want to get word out to people that have no clue and to wake them up, that's a great show to call in because they can sometimes give you a good minute or two to talk before they cut you off.
And you can get out, like, Alex's website and things like that.
Yeah, oh, I've been, yeah.
Please send me that tape.
I'm begging you.
Okay, and also I wanted to let you know that I also taped, I don't have it queued up, but I can send it to you.
The two widows of the 9-11, you know, that there hasn't been... I need that, too.
Everybody keeps telling me about that.
The New York Observer... I can... If you wanted me to call back or something, I can play it.
But they asked at least 15 questions that were awesome questions about, you know, why the plane stood down and everything.
You know, why don't you do that in the third hour?
This is going to be our new audio producer.
And I also got Arnold on tape, and he was talking about how his dad was a...
Arnold was born in 1947.
So it'd be kind of hard for him to feed the poor Jews at the concentration camp.
Yeah, that's sure.
And can one more thing I say?
Rumsfeld admits to a missile hitting the Pentagon instead of a plane.
Now, I keep hearing about this video clip.
Do you have that?
I don't have a video clip, but there's a transcript.
If you go to the other Genesis Communication Network...
Live site at thepowerhour.com.
Yeah, they've got that.
If you go on there, there's a transcript from Parade Magazine.
Yeah, we've posted the Parade Magazine article at infowars.com.
Yeah, I don't have a video, unfortunately, but I'm going to keep watching and listening and taping and everything.
Well, that was the Parade Magazine like a week after, and then they got all that into the memory hole.
Listen, do me a favor.
Promise me that you'll send me those tapes standard play speed.
Okay, and can I call back and play the one?
Yeah, do it in the third hour.
Or if that's not a good time for you, do it.
All right.
I can just do it any time today.
Well, yeah, third hour because I've got a guest next hour.
But listen.
All right.
Promise me you'll send me that C-SPAN that more importantly doesn't win.
It's an audio tape.
It's an audio tape.
Oh, it's audio tape.
Yeah, it's audio.
So how do you record stuff off TV, audio-wise?
I have a CD player, a double cassette deck, and I just put it up to the speaker at the television show.
I wish we could catch all this stuff.
I wish I had found the tape in time to record it, you know, VCR, but I didn't.
Yeah, all right.
Well, yeah, still send it to me, and we'll talk to you.
Take care.
Thanks a lot, Melissa.
Okay, thanks.
What a nice lady.
Hank, you're on the air.
Hank in Texas.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Alex.
You need to put Melissa on your staff over there.
Well, here's the problem.
Yeah, I don't have time to tell staff what to do, and we don't have the funds to pay a bunch of staff, though we need to do that to have more production.
I'm the one that actually does everything, so...
Well, listen, I wanted to bring to light something that I guess just hit me out of a bolt yesterday when I was listening to Tim Russert.
And he was interviewing... Those women.
Well, Paul.
It's kind of a device that the media seems to be using and plays into the hands of the government, and the government plays into that.
They will ask questions, or Tim Russett asked a question of Colin Powell about some people being...
Well, I mean, here's the deal.
I didn't see that.
But the head anti-terrorist czar...
Told the Washington Times and an entire room of reporters.
It was in about, what, 50 papers a week ago?
How many papers?
My local paper had the article that, well, 140 of the Bin Ladens and other groups were... The plane made 10 stops and left the country.
And you're telling me Powell denied that?
Powell said there was... I've got it on tape, and I probably should cue it up and play it again.
You probably should mail that to me.
I need you guys' help.
And listen, we've got some interns.
I've just got to take time to go get me this, this, this, and that on CD so I can play that here.
Well, he'll ask the question.
Listen, I'll tell listeners this.
Interesting stuff, put it on a normal CD.
Put it on your VCR, plug it in your computer, dump it over to CD.
It's easy to do.
I'll play this stuff.
Mail it to me.
Help me out, folks.
Yeah, we can do that.
I hate to ask you to do it, but my problem is I've got people that will help here locally, but I've got to sit there and tell them what to do.
I've got to go have coffee with them.
I've got to pat them on the head.
I don't have time.
I did a couple radio interviews this morning.
I don't have time to ever stop.
But it's a thing that people have to be aware of, the device being that Tim Russ will try to look like he's being an objective journalist by asking a question of a person about some third party.
And then he didn't follow up and go, he didn't follow up.
He had to know that a cabinet-level official admitted that was true.
He didn't follow up, but he said, well, he can appear to be objective,
By asking the question, but he asked the question of a person that wouldn't have first-hand information.
Well, he asked a question of somebody intimately involved on September 11th.
But that's all I really had.
I'll try to get that on.
You want it on a CD?
Well, what I'm saying to listeners is, number one, if you're going to send me a CD, send me the video of it.
Two, I'll put it on local TV.
I need people's help for research.
I want to thank those that have help.
Take stuff, clearly mark where it's at, and then if you want to go a step further, dump it to CD, or you know what, even cassette, then we can dump it to CD.
However you can, better on CD.
Mark it, and if it's good audio, I'll start playing the stuff on the air.
I need your help.
Because, you know, I've caught stuff like I'm saying a year ago.
Well, there's black boxes in all your cars that got there by accident, and they plug into satellite trackers.
I mean, how insane is it to say a black box... They actually said this on ABC.
I have the CD right here.
ABC News.
The black boxes accidentally got in your car.
They actually said that.
Now, that's the type of stuff I've got.
But... Keep up the great work, Alex.
All right, thanks a lot, Bud.
I really appreciate it, and it's good to talk to everybody.
It's good to hear that.
We're going to go to some more calls here in a second, but what's some of the other news that we'll be getting to?
I want to get into this race-specific bioweapons.
The government admits they're developing from Dick Cheney's own documents.
I want to get into Japan, saying they're going to nuke people if they continue.
Can you believe that?
If North Korea, quote, aims a missile at them,
It's all over.
Japan warns that it will attack if North Korea aims missile.
I tell you, stuff is very, very interesting right now.
Before I go any further, folks, I've poured myself into the documentary films I've made.
They're so professional.
Frankly, they're some of the best stuff that's out there in existence, exposing the New World Order.
You've heard the rave reviews by the listeners.
My new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement, is now out.
It is 2 hours and 40 minutes long, really more than that, 2 hours and 41 and a half minutes long.
It's multiple films in one, all on one VHS tape.
We still do that with VHS because it's hard to put 2 hours and 40 minutes on one DVD.
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So we're still doing VHS for a while.
It's high quality, ready to be made copies from.
Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Make copies.
Get it.
Hand them out to friends and family now, folks.
The new book I've published, written by Paul Watson, is Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror, and the New World Order.
It's got a whole chapter on flying Taliban and Al-Qaeda out to safety in Afghanistan.
It's got a whole chapter on the British blowing up their own buildings and blaming it on their political enemies.
As much or more so than the external.
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I'll quickly give the mailing address out when we get back and go to more calls and more news.
Stay with us.
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Let's go back to the calls.
Let me just first give you the mailing address if you want to get the books or the videos or the pro-gun t-shirts, the liberal t-shirts.
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3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Okay, let's talk to Jeffrey in New Orleans.
Go ahead, Jeffrey.
Last Friday morning at 4 a.m.
Central Time, CBS News uncovered a story concerning the use of global positioning tracking devices to follow automobiles.
The Washington State Supreme Court
They discovered the story.
I mean, the cops have been doing that for a long time.
Yeah, that's true, but still the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that the government has to have a warrant before they can do it.
The government claimed that in the particular case involved, they got a warrant, but they didn't really need one, and wanted to do away with the search warrants altogether.
Well, that was the crazy part, is this scumbag had murdered a child...
And, you know, I believe with that probable cause that they were on to him, but, yeah, they got the warrant, but then afterwards wanted to use the death of that little girl to say, oh, look, see, he was a murderer.
We don't need warrants anymore.
And, see, that's what's evil, and there was no reason.
I mean, there's not a judge on earth that won't give them authorization when you've got that type of probable cause.
That's right.
And they don't need the warrant if they're in hot pursuit or believe that there's reasonable suspicion that the crime is being committed right then.
I mean, look, a cop doesn't need a warrant if he pulls you over and somebody's beaten on the back of the hood or the trunk or there's a dress hanging out of the back of it.
But anyway, the Supreme Court in Washington said that they needed a warrant to use this global positioning business.
So what's going to happen now is it's probably going to be sent to the U.S.
Supreme Court before it's all over with.
And they're going to say how wonderful it is.
Unfortunately, and of course, that's just confirmation of everything you've been talking about for years concerning this global tracking.
It's already in all the cars.
Now they've just got to plug in the interface.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Great point, sir.
Ron in Oklahoma.
Ron, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Okay, I've got several things I'll try to hear really quick.
Daily Oklahoman on page 9A today has a quarter-page article, an AP article by David Caruso.
Alex, this lays out everything you've been talking about on the Patriot Act abuses.
The guy in California who was prosecuted using a weapon of mass destruction when his fight bomb blew up in his lab.
The North Carolina guy who was prosecuted for running under a
Weapons of mass destruction law.
We're selling drugs, and they got U.S.
attorneys in the article.
I've got the article right here.
Do you?
Yeah, saying that any drug possession is now a weapon of mass destruction.
I mean, Alex, and it goes on and on and on.
It's just unbelievable.
I'd like to see your listeners try to locate this article.
It was posted two weeks ago.
On Infowars.com and last Thursday or Wednesday on Prison Planet.
Yeah, well, Oklahoma always runs behind.
But what you can do is you can... I saw it on Prison Planet this morning as I was going back to get some articles.
It was sometime last week with a third or fourth story main page.
Just use the little calendar, click on the date, and you can find it.
You got more to add, Ron?
Yeah, Alex.
Okay, I'll hold you over.
Stay there.
Stay there.
We'll come back, take a few more calls in the five-minute segment, and we've got a guest coming on about the tracker system, the B system, and the loving conservatism of handing in your guns.
Introducing the most efficient gravity filter available.
You know, if you were to throw 100 ball bearings at a magnet, most would bounce off.
But if you placed them on the magnet, all would stick.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Already into the second hour of this 15th of...
September 2003 edition.
I'm Alex Jones.
And more of your calls are coming up.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
I have Christian Peretti coming on to talk about some of the latest RFID tracker chip satellite tracking news.
We'll be on in about 20 minutes with us, and we'll get back into calls.
Then I want to get into Japan threatening to go after militarily with nuclear weapons.
North Korea...
I want to talk about the latest information about Taliban and Al-Qaeda being CIA, mainstream news, just a bunch of other really important issues here in this hour today.
So definitely stay with us.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to Ron in Oklahoma, who was mentioning an AP article that's made the rounds the last three weeks and that is on InfoWars and Prison Planet right now.
About how they have got U.S.
attorneys and local prosecutors admitting that they're using the Federal Patriot Act law to prosecute drug possession, anything as weapons of mass destruction using charges, death penalty charges in some cases, under possession of nuclear weapons.
And they admit, well, possession of nuclear weapons is the same thing as having some marijuana or distributing drugs.
Now, folks, this is an AP article.
And I read it a few weeks ago.
Ron just found it again and was shocked by it.
Go ahead, Ron.
Well, one thing in here says, Alex, that some of the restrictions on government surveillance that were erased, Patriot Act, have been reenacted after past abuses, including efforts by the FBI to spy on civil rights leaders and anti-war demonstrators during the Cold War.
Now, by the way, they put that out knowing the majority of us are conservative.
The real focus, 90% of it, is on homeschools, Christians, gun shops, people that love America.
Now, again, I've talked to people that just got out of the police academy in Houston.
It is worse than what's in the road to tyranny.
All Christians are terrorists.
People that love America are bad.
Founding fathers are bad.
You've got the video of it in Kansas City.
This is who they're focused on.
Alex, were you aware of the ABC News story where ABC News rented a container in, I think, a car to Indonesia filled with household goods?
Yeah, they've done that twice.
Heard about that.
Yeah, what was it, 80 pounds of depleted uranium?
Yeah, smuggled it in through the port of Los Angeles.
And they do that to scare us.
They do that.
Nothing's going to be done.
500 Border Patrol, excuse me, excuse me, 5,000, I wish it was 500, have been taken off to be air marshals.
Homeland Security went after ABC News.
Oh, really?
Yeah, they were investigating ABC News.
They went after their science editor, their producer.
FBI showed up at the science editor's house, blocked the driveway so he couldn't pull his
Oh, yeah, that's all for show.
Oh, we can trust ABC.
The ABC is run by the military.
Fox is run by military psychiatrists.
This is all admitted, sir.
True, but doesn't this go to prove that Homeland Security is there to intimidate us and not protect us?
Well, that's it.
They're getting us used to it.
Well, take that long article.
Did they print the whole thing in there?
It's not a quarter page long, Alex.
Oh, it was a lot longer than that.
You've got an edited version.
They do that all the time with AP articles.
Now, the original AP Wire story about what headline did they use in the Daily Oklahoman?
Prosecutors increasingly turn to Patriot Act.
Yeah, that's the headline.
Type that.
Sometimes they change the headline, too.
Type that in the search engine, the original pop-up, and it'll be an education for you, folks.
You'll probably see ten different versions.
Find the longest one.
Read it.
It's got a whole bunch of prosecutors going, Oh, yeah, I catch somebody with some dope.
I'm going to charge him with having nuclear weapons.
Does it have that quote in there?
I missed that one, Alex.
I believe it, though.
Oh, yeah, it says it.
Thanks a lot, buddy.
And we're charging you with nuclear weapon possession.
The actual... We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, welcome back.
We're already 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the second hour of this worldwide transmission.
We'll be live for another hour and 51 minutes, roughly.
And coming up here in just a little while, immigrants may be aided by Bill.
And I've got articles from all over the country where states, counties, cities are just legalizing illegals.
They don't have to have any documents, nothing.
But you as a citizen are going to have to jump through 100 hoops.
Also, Israel hints at military action against Iran and says they're going to go ahead and kill Arafat.
Anti-terror laws increasingly used against common criminals.
There have been so many comments about this AP article.
I actually have it here in front of me, and it gets into how any type of drug possession will be considered a terrorist action akin to possessing nuclear weapons.
So I'll read that article.
Also, immigration officers let terrorists into UK report.
Yeah, our embassy people got bonuses when they blocked other employees from stopping the so-called hijackers.
Remember that?
Record cash bonuses for the government.
Japan warns that it will attack if North Korea aims missile.
Very serious news.
And coming up, I want to get more into this.
Pakistan helped Al-Qaeda set up shop in Afghanistan.
documents show, and they're hopping mad these are out, how it ties into the airlift of evil and how military-industrial complex carried out September 11th.
And no matter what they try or what new terror attack they launch, Operation Northwoods 2001 will be exposed and has been exposed to tens of millions of people.
Now, we've got Christian Peretti on the show, and he's the author of Soft Cage.
Kind of like soft kill.
That's coming up with PNAC documents.
People have looked at some more of the PNAC documents.
One written by Cheney says he wants to legitimize the use of race-specific viruses and bacteria to kill certain races.
That's the vice president, by the way.
The source on that is AP.
And, of course, their own website.
So we'll be getting to that later, too, after the guest is gone.
Yes, you're living in a hellish twilight zone.
It's really happening.
But this new book, Soft Cage, and that's a good term for it, Surveillance in America from Slave Passes to the War on Terror, and Christian Peretti, author of Lockdown America, which is a great book.
I've got it on my bookshelf.
It's into the prison grid owned by the private capos.
You're all going to be working for, after they blow up the economy on purpose, you'll have a four-level security pass to work in a fascist factory.
We've got Ridge on tape saying that troops will be in the factories with guns overseeing you.
It'll be an act of terror to organize or be in a union.
Oh, you think I'm joking?
After they detonate something else, you watch what they do.
They're preparing this.
But Christian Peretti, thank you for being on the show with us today.
Well, thank you very much for having me on the show, Alex.
I appreciate it.
Actually, I met you once at the Urban Warrior Games in Oakland.
I'm pretty sure.
Yes, I was there.
We had the role players screaming, I'm an American, please don't put me in the camp.
So you were there, huh?
Yeah, I was another one of the actual press in there trying to figure out what was going on.
You know, we got in after the press day.
And I don't know if you ever saw my film, Police State 2000, but that's where the really interesting stuff took place, where they admitted it was for domestic use.
Did you get a chance to cover that?
I just thought, I think I saw the official, you know, three-part war in a third world urban city.
I didn't.
Tell folks what you thought of that, what you gleaned from that.
What did I glean from that?
I mean, I think the domestic angle was going on, and they were actually pretty open about that.
They said, yeah, well, you know, we go into cities after riots.
But I also think that it was, you know, they knew that something like what they have now in Baghdad was coming.
Oh, it's all just to suppress slaves, no matter where they are here in the empire, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, tell us about yourself, because you wrote Lockdown.
That's a great book, too, about how we're going to be a prison economy.
But tell us about yourself.
Well, I'm a writer and...
Sort of a journalist and an academic.
And I wrote these two books, and actually I just got back from Baghdad.
I was over in Baghdad for a while, embedded with some U.S.
troops who are not particularly happy with what's going on.
Yeah, how's the liberation going?
Kind of like Hitler's liberation of Poland.
Yeah, it's one car bomb at a time, basically.
So, and basically what I'm up to these days is, you know, pushing this book, The Soft Cage, which tries to be a history of
Not so much police investigations, but the kind of everyday infrastructure of surveillance upon which a lot of government investigations depend.
Police investigations require such infrastructure as the driver's license.
Yeah, Total Information Awareness Network and the driver's license are the nexus.
Now, cell phones with the tracker chips are the nexus.
They are the tracking points.
I mean, we are all carrying trackers around.
They admit they're tracking us.
So what I try to do in this book is just trace this for people who are not, you know, maybe don't listen to your show, who aren't that well aware of the history or the present situation with surveillance.
And you'll really bring it from slavery up to the present.
The first Americans who were asked for their papers were actually slaves, who would be traveling between plantations.
And the slaves, of course, would resist.
They would run away.
They would have to wear a ribbon tied around their neck with a little note.
And I'm glad you mentioned that.
At least in Savannah, they had to...
They carried tin badges, but mostly we'd just do these notes, and frequently the slaves would forge notes for themselves.
That's why there was such a concern around literacy.
That's why the elite preferred to have a dumb population, so that they wouldn't have slaves.
And it's the same thing today with education.
I have official Department of Education documents from the 80s.
We've had the former policy head on to dumb the kids down.
Yeah, oh yeah.
Charlotte Iserby, you ought to talk to her.
Well, yeah, did you know the first gun control was against blacks?
Yeah, yeah, after Reconstruction.
Well, I mean, also under slavery.
I mean, they weren't allowed to have guns.
They weren't allowed to have contraband of numerous.
But now we're all going to get to be slaves, so we all get to enjoy the same horrible system.
Wow, so your book really, I haven't read it yet.
I've read your other book, but it sounds really good.
So you kind of show this history?
Yeah, and basically, you know, man, I try to not be too pessimistic because it's
The thing is, there's always been resistance against this.
Americans have always been resisting.
But it leads off into this kind of escalation.
People resist.
The methods of identification and surveillance grow more sophisticated in response to that resistance.
The resistance grows more sophisticated, etc., etc.
So I traced it up through starting with slave passes and look at the introduction of photography
And there are interesting historical lessons that happen.
When photography was first being used by the police, when you first started having uniformed police forces in the U.S.
in the 1850s, people thought this was kind of extreme and sort of intense.
But the reassurance was that, don't worry, only criminals will be photographed.
Just really bad criminals, habitual criminals, those are the only people who will be photographed.
And sure enough,
And then they phased in not just the photo ID, but now you've got to biometrically scan to get a license, your thumb.
Now the grocery store puts in the exact same system, the total control grid.
And it's interesting throughout history how the justifications don't change.
Don't worry, it's an outsider group that you're not part of.
That we're targeting with this special technology.
This war on terror is just for Muslims or Arabs, but now they admit, oh, it's to be against everybody.
This is a very, very important point.
I've been doing a few little radio gigs so far in this book, and I've had people say that.
Well, this is for Muslim terrorists, right?
And how could you be in favor of terror?
How could you oppose these systems of identification and surveillance?
It's not for that.
That's justification.
I mean, the FBI's right to seize all library records in America has nothing to do with targeting terrorists.
Let me stop you.
Did you read the Washington Times article, Patriot Outcast, a wide net of about three months ago?
Frank J. Murray?
I did not.
Do your Lexus Nexus on it.
And I actually went and printed off the testimony, but the head spokesman for the Department of Justice admitted that they are using the Patriot Act aggressively against all infractions, misdemeanor, and felony in drug cases, family violence.
It is being used in everything.
They officially say that in their departmental reports and then cynically lie on the news and say it isn't.
I mean, this is so premeditated.
Yeah, yeah.
And, you know, even before the Patriot Act,
When the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act required, at first it was supposed to be, you know, these easy warrants from the FISA court, a special foreign intelligence court.
Blanket warrants for all agents.
I mean, they never, as you I'm sure know, they turned down one, the FISA court turned down one warrant in its 20-year history.
And so even before the Patriot Act, foreign intelligence didn't have to be the sole purpose of those investigations.
It just had to be
The main purpose of the investigation, and I interviewed plenty of lawyers who were dealing with regular white-collar crime stuff and regular criminal justice stuff in which the warrants were received in these little kangaroo courts.
They were all FISA warrants.
Now, to the extent that they're even going to get FISA warrants, that these warrants haven't just been eliminated, but it changes the Patriot Act and they just get administratively.
Now they say explicitly and openly that foreign intelligence doesn't have to be an important part of the investigation.
It just has to be part of the investigation.
I mean, so that's easy to do.
I mean, pretty much any investigation you could tack on some sort of, you know, halfway credible... Yeah, let me read a paragraph out of this AP article, Christian.
Okay, AP.
Anti-terror law is increasingly used against common criminals...
I mean, this is scary.
It's pretty out of control.
And now, you know, with the proliferation of computers, the type of evidence that they can draw on to profile and target people increases every day.
But the border stays wide open.
Stay right there.
All right.
All this while the border stays wide open.
Hey, my name's Frank Drago.
I'm from Russia.
I don't have to have anything.
If I'm a citizen, I'm a slave.
Hi, this is Jack Brownrigg with a special offer to listeners of GCN Radio.
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I think so.
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We're good to go.
Don't consolidate, eliminate.
All right, we're talking to Christian Parenti.
I'm Alex Jones.
He's the author of a new book.
It sounds good.
I've read his first book.
But he's got a new book out now, and it's Soft Cage.
The last book was Lockdown America.
And I want to point something out here.
Did you know they're not going to make batteries anymore for all the old cell phone models across the board?
They're going to make you switch to the new cell phones that are so much more fancy and take photos and do all that nice stuff.
But by law, since October 1, 2001, they're all tracked by the cell towers, which then triangulate you with GPS.
So whether you're out on a boat or you're out in the woods camping, they know right where you're at, folks.
And it's just part of society now.
We're good to go.
I don't mean to rant and rave or steal your thunder here, but, Christian, I just want folks to realize this is here.
This is horrible.
No, you're totally right.
It's pretty shocking.
Sometimes I look back at some of the information I have in this book like that bit you just mentioned about the new cell phone and other wireless devices having GPS, real-time GPS tracking in them, and it almost sounds like impossible and insane that they really passed that wall.
Keep having to check one's own facts.
But it really is the case.
This is the system that we now live in.
And one thing that really concerns me, I mean, what I tried to do in this book is I started with the question that I think a lot of Americans ask themselves, which is like, well, who cares, right?
They're like, okay, yeah, so they've got chips everywhere and cameras everywhere, but who cares?
I don't really break the wall that much, or I'm not a terrorist.
And so I tried to address that, one, by suggesting that everybody, if you live in a society or work in a workplace where there's a combination of total surveillance and very intense, meticulous rules, then everybody's going to be in violation of the rules to some extent at some time, and therefore vulnerable to correction and punishment.
And that integrates with your first move, lockdown.
Where this has been written about a lot of places that the politicians own the prison companies and they want fresh souls and we've already got seven plus in the system.
Now they're putting out reports going it'll be 30 million by the end of this decade.
Two years ago they were saying 30 million by the end of the next, you know, two decades from now.
Now it's everything and Lockheed Martin running the red light cameras.
Turned out they were shortening the yellow lights, pausing death just to make more money.
We've got all this happening, and they've said the RFID chips, the satellite boxes in the cars, it's going to be to tax us.
So it's the point of that even if we had angels running the government, someday we're going to get bad guys.
What will they do with this?
What will tyranny do when it gets into control?
Precisely, yeah.
I mean, it unleashes...
A technology that makes the imbalance of power between citizens and the government and between workers and employers so amazing that it almost foreclosed on the possibility of, you know, social change in the correct direction.
And that's the other part of the case I'm trying to make when I say ask the question, who cares?
In other words, why should you care?
Partly because, you know, nobody's really an angel to everybody.
This is worse than 1984.
What is the importance of privacy?
What is the importance of civil liberties?
What are they good for?
Well, at one level, they protect the innocent from the excesses of the law.
But at another level, they protect certain types of guilt from justified forms of resistance.
Our country's entire history...
Progress of this country was made up of people resisting unjust laws.
And that's part of what's at stake here.
If we have a society of total surveillance, what follows, logically, is a society of total obedience and total sheep, where nothing is questioned and where people never say, hey, wait a minute, you know, it's not right to work 10 hours a day.
It's not right for children to work 10 hours a day in a mine.
You have to...
You have to make the opportunity.
Let me stop you right there.
Let me stop you right there.
It was in some Chicago papers that there was a strike going on.
FBI showed up and said, you go home, we're going to charge you under the Patriot Act.
Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, far from liberal, sued Cheney over Energy Commission documents.
When he showed up to drop the documents, they said, we will arrest you under the Patriot Act.
Clinton didn't even do that.
The criminals in government are going to use this to protect themselves, and their criminality is going to grow to levels never before seen.
So it's clear.
That's why they're getting so arrogant.
Yeah, yeah.
Anyway, stay there.
One more segment.
I want to take some calls when we get back and talk more about the book.
Folks, this guy knows what he's talking about.
It's good to talk to somebody that understands the full scope of this.
You talk to the average good old boy, he goes, I like the system.
So what do I got to hide?
Well, the federal plan says they're going to start taxing you to drive your car, buddy.
You want to pay more taxes?
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
1996, Congress passed the law that on October 1, 2001, all new cell phones that were sold, and that means a lot of cell phones made before that because they got ready, had a satellite tracking triangulation chip in them off the cell towers down to just about 15 feet.
They know right where you're at.
And the new phones come out.
They're nicer.
They're fancy.
Cell phone companies start saying, you can't even use that new phone if you want new service.
They stopped making batteries for the old phones.
And, well, you go ahead and you break down and you buy the new phone.
You want that new Chevy truck.
It looks so good.
You love America, but sure, all the new Chevrolet, all the new General Motors has satellite tracker in it.
You don't have to activate it, though.
Of course, it turns out in the Associated Press reports that Homeland Security can already activate that whenever they want, track you, and guess what?
Listen to you.
Microphones hooked into Homeland Security.
You go, well, I don't have a Chevy or any of the General Motors products.
Oh, guess what Ford did it to?
They have the hardware in the car for the satellite box to be plugged in.
So, and now Oregon and other states are moving to do it.
Germany just passed a law to do it.
England's about to pass a law to do it.
Canada's doing it.
Oh, it stops criminals.
And then about two weeks ago, and I talked about this on air, the Green Bay News came out with the governor saying, well, since we have this now, we're going to make you pay with a state cell tax in conjunction with the federal government to track everything, everyone with a cell phone, in real time as you drive your car.
The cops are going to watch you as you drive.
You go, well, what do I got to hide?
Folks, America was America because we weren't like that.
That's worse than 1984.
In my film, Police State 3, Total Enslavement, gets into the electronic surveillance, the RFID, the satellite tracking, all the documents.
It gets into Homeland Security, Patriot Act 1 and 2, all their lies, the concentration camps for you and your family, the foreign troops.
I think you need to get this video.
Two hours and 40 minutes, $25.95.
Get three or more of any of my nine videos.
I dropped down to 20, like Police State 2010.
The Takeover, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, The Road to Tyranny, The Masters of Terror.
They're all excellent.
Put them on AXS TV.
Get them.
Make 100 copies of them.
I tell you to do that.
Who else does that?
Get them out to people.
Show them to your university.
Show them to your EFW.
Give them to your sheriff.
Do it now, folks!
They're putting in this grid.
Now they're announcing it to you.
The toll-free number to order the videos or my new book, Descent into Tyranny, or the book I published, Order Out of Chaos, the toll-free number to get all this great stuff is 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order via our secure online shopping cart.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Don't wait.
Both the books, the one I've written, the one I've published, all the films are great tools.
I think.
Now he's written The Soft Cage, which is detailed and very well done, just from the synopsis.
I haven't read the book yet.
You can hear his intelligence and his grasp, but very few have of this subject, unless you've researched it in-depth daily, as I've done.
Christian, how do folks get The Soft Cage?
Well, it's available online, and it's also available at bookstores.
So, you know, if your local bookstore doesn't have it, they can order it for you, and you can also buy it online at
That's basically the way it's available.
And I would say this, whether it's Lockdown America or the Soft Cage, folks need to have this.
And at the same time, call the bookstores.
Call them every day and say, I want you to carry Alex Jones' Descent into Tyranny.
I want you to carry the book.
Give me the ISBN number, folks.
It's on the website for Order Out of Chaos.
Tell them I want you to carry Christian Peretti's books because this is important information.
We're about to go to these calls, but just in the next minute or so, any other key points?
I mean, don't you ever catch yourself in the middle of the night, laying there, wishing you could translate to people, telegraph to them, how scary this is, how big this is, how premeditated this is?
Yeah, definitely.
And that's why I wrote the book.
Tried to put it in a historical perspective.
I think if people lose sight of history, they think they get acclimated to the present.
The present is pretty weird.
So we should deal with it, John, to die.
Yeah, people, you know, this overfed, drunken, sports-watching population doesn't get it yet.
They're starting to get it.
Well, you know, I have hope, though, because I find it very interesting that John Ashcroft is going around on his little barnstorming tour.
His carnival barking tour.
Yeah, I mean, he's talking to cops.
He's not talking to regular people.
He's only talking to law enforcement.
They make the news media.
And there are plenty of cops who don't like this stuff, but there are also a lot of cops who do like this stuff.
I mean, he's not going to whatever regular venues.
He's not in church basements talking to whoever wants to show up.
Because there are actually a lot of people out there who don't like the idea of the government knowing every single purchase they make, every book they check out of the library.
Well, I was about to say to you, Christian, they were announcing a week before where he'd be, but he was met by crowds of thousands.
So now they announced 24 hours before.
Then last week they announced it'll be 12 hours before.
They bring in multiple limousines so people don't know who to yell at.
They then screen even what reporters are allowed in.
And somebody got in and accused Ashcroft of pulling off 9-11 in Detroit, and he physically was stumbling around, turning red.
The cops were freaking out.
They only let high-level cops in, not even street files.
Did you know that?
Wow, I didn't know that.
I know here in New York when he showed up, he met with a pretty hostile reception.
And it was not the usual suspects.
It was a whole cross-section of the city.
Liberals, conservatives, blacks, whites.
Listen, I was in Houston.
I showed my Road to Tyranny film last Thursday.
The big theater held 320-something people.
200 were turned away.
I mean, it was the biggest cross-section you could imagine.
That's good.
I don't mean to run on and enact.
No, that's right.
But we should be upset, shouldn't we?
Oh, definitely.
Definitely, we should be upset.
But we should also... My only point about the Ashcrofts hiding behind closed doors and in multiple limousines is that we shouldn't be so upset that we become pessimistic and think that
The word can't spread.
Oh, the word is spreading.
My point is that there's a giant mass that thinks this establishment cares about them, that care about football games more than they care about their children's future, and I've had them laugh at me and say, oh, so what?
And they don't understand.
This is, for them, the producing cattle.
One of the things I do in the book is I try to break it down to regular, everyday situations, like organizing on the job,
Or, like, trying to, like, make life work when you have a kid, and so you get all your work done, but maybe you take a little extra time at lunch because you need to take the kid to the doctor.
Well, you know, in the world of total surveillance, that will be held against you because that will be known.
My last point, and we're going to the calls.
My last point.
I've got the articles right here.
ABC News last week says a hall monitor or spy.
Did you see it?
Yeah, I think that one I've read, yeah.
And it says to have a job anywhere, because it'll clear the building, it's for your safety, we'll all have to wear RFID tracker badges.
The feds want it.
Did you read the Reuters article about a chip in every TV?
Where England wants to make it the law where every good in your house is tracked, and if someone moves items, you have to call the police to tell them I'm going to move my TV, or they come arrest you.
Yeah, and a lot of it, you know, this stuff will happen regardless of the laws, like
I mean, the radio frequency tracking badges are already proliferating throughout workplaces, and now that they've got that technology down to basically radio frequency barcodes, there doesn't need to be a law.
That's going to happen because there's certain efficiencies and there's also political uses for it.
So that's going to happen even... Did you hear about the Catherine Albrecht meeting where they got the Homeland Security documents where it's an admitted, quote, control grid?
Well, check that out.
Well, they contracted with them.
Well, yeah, that's who's running it.
All the heads are former deputy directors.
Revolving old revolving doors.
But I think the thing for people to remember also is that they can't oppose this stuff at their own locality.
When this stuff shows up on your job...
Hey, ACB!
Of American liberty that needs to be asserted daily and constantly to prevent the proliferation of this sort of stuff.
In my film, Police State Three-Total Enslavement, Christian, so many good points I have to jump in here to back up what you're saying.
They and College Station in Houston with more docile populations put in some thumb scanners to sell checkout lanes two years ago.
There has been such a protest in other cities because we've been getting the word out and people won't use them
They put up signs saying they're going in over a year ago.
And I interviewed one of the H-E-B employees, and I said, yeah, well, when we can get the public to accept it, we're going to do it.
But they won't right now.
That's in Police State 3.
So you're right.
You're right.
People don't like this.
And I think that the more people know about it, the less they like it.
I think a lot of people think that electronic toll passes, for example, just that the records just get eliminated.
You know, it doesn't even cross their mind that, in fact, all this stuff is stored and can be subpoenaed by local police.
Got to stop you again.
And it's shared with the feds without subpoena.
Great point.
The San Matto Times.
Did you see that out of San Francisco?
They're going to make the whole city.
They made them take the RFID if you live in the city.
You know, the easy pass.
Now they put up radio readers all over the Bay Area, and you have to have it, and they admit the police are tracking where you go off that tag, and they're going to start taxation citywide.
Well, I don't know if they actually forced everyone to have it.
I know that they decided to use what they call the fast track pass out there, I think it is.
To monitor traffic flows.
No, no, no.
And then the thing that they're using in London, of course, is that they can convert this same sort of technology into anti-congestion taxation.
No, you're one step behind.
That was six months ago when they said that, oh, now we're putting up radio readers to track traffic around town, not just on toll roads and the bridges.
Now they're saying they're going to start taxing people with it.
But did they actually say that every driver must have one of these?
Yeah, that's what it said.
It said when you go in for your emissions test, they're going to make you take it.
And this has been passed in law.
It was just an article, but yeah.
I mean, it's like the ABC News article asked you.
You'd seen it, you'd seen that, you'd seen the Reuters article.
You hadn't seen this one.
That's what I mean.
This is driving me up a wall.
Well, I'll check it out.
I have a hard time imagining that people in San Francisco are actually going to
Submit to forcibly accepting electronic toll tags on a vehicle.
Well, to have a cell phone, you've got to do it now.
Yeah, but that's one of those inadvertent sort of hidden things, and that's how most of this stuff proliferates, and that's part of why people don't think more seriously about it, is because most people just buy a new car, and they don't think that there's a little black box in it that's going to record...
Well, what about how they give people $450 fines for going two miles over the speed limit with the rental car companies?
Did you see that?
Yeah, but that they actually...
They said that that went to court and they said that's illegal because, you know, for precisely the reason we're pointing out here, because people found out about it and got outraged.
Well, that's like San Diego where they shortened the yellow lights, caused more deaths.
Lockheed Martin was running it.
How can a defense contractor be judged, jury, and executioner?
And, you know, the thing I was saying before the break, too, is that this all has to be put in the context of political resistance, and we have to think about how political resistance has created prosperity and liberty in America.
I mean, why is there a relatively high standard of living for a lot of people?
Well, part of it is because people aren't slaving away 12 hours a day for no money, right?
They struggled over the generations, and they got decent wages for decent hours, and those struggles which delivered prosperity...
Let me stop you again.
The mercantile system, to have some hens laying eggs to sell them in the market, you had to get special authorization.
They had whole bureaucracies in France.
And the Renaissance began when they started phasing out mercantilism.
The king actually did it.
And that's exactly it.
America was the first to really, totally phase that in of laissez-faire, and look what happened.
So, you got callers there?
Let's go ahead and talk to Dino in New York.
Yeah, let's do it.
Dino, you're on the air with Christian Parenti.
Go ahead.
Yeah, gentlemen, I'd like to tell you, what's the globalist got in store for us this week?
And I'll tell you why I say this.
Saturday, Putin met up with the last princess of Saudi Arabia.
Yesterday, Papa Bush was up there in the Black Sea meeting with Putin.
Today, Madonna over in London, the material girl, is releasing her book.
You know, her thing that's parallel Harry Potter.
Tomorrow, you've got Greenspan.
And this week, you've got those court cases in New York concerning the World Trade Center and also the Saudi asset.
And let's back to this storm coming in here.
It's mighty interesting that this storm, which is supposed to hit, and they got one of the tracks.
This is on the Drudge Report.
Coming in Thursday, around 8 o'clock, into Washington, D.C.
This is very interesting because all the other events between the blackout in London and the other blackout happened on Thursday.
Thursday is also the 18th, which is 1 and 8, which is 9, which is their view of their occultic New World thing.
And here's something interesting, the way they like the old world stuff.
If people remember history, Isabel was the one who funded Christopher Columbus.
You've discovered the new world.
And if you think, and I'm almost done just with this.
So what happened is, what about Storm Isabel does something in D.C., which is Columbia, you know, with the Masons.
And ushers in the New World Order here.
So you're saying it's weather control, which they admit they have.
I don't know if they can create hurricanes.
But see, I only deal with stuff I can prove.
It's hard enough to get somebody to admit that there's a tracker chip in their phone to pin them down to 15 feet.
Oh, exactly.
Let me get a comment from our guest.
Go ahead.
Well, yeah, I don't... The numerology doesn't really...
No, no, I was just saying that as...
You know, in their whole warped world of things, they're into symbols, they're into occultic ideals and philosophies.
This is all part of it.
So, I mean, I really don't know what they got.
Yeah, but a series of events happening on Thursdays does not prove some sort of a conspiracy.
Well, folks, we got stuff.
Thanks, Dino.
Interesting points.
We'll come back and talk to Jason and others.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Folks, I get very, very upset when we talk about the Cashless Society control grid.
When I read Dick Cheney's own document, he calls for a global control grid using the DARPA echelon system known as Battlefields at Sea.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Japan warns that it will attack if North Korea aims missile.
This is a big deal.
Japan now admits they've had a covert nuclear weapons program for decades.
And they got nukes, folks.
Japan's defense minister has stressed his country's right to strike North Korea.
Missile sites of an attack is thought imminent.
In an exclusive interview, Shigeru Ishiba told The Independent the Japanese constitution permits my position attacking North Korea after a missile attack on Japan is too late.
North Korea orders its military to send a missile to attack Japan.
The missile was raised to vertical in preparation for launch.
Then Japan will assume that the attack has begun and will have the right to attack the particular missile launch site.
I've got the one in Telegraph.
We did a flashback here six months ago with the BBC.
But Japan bragged in Parliament they have nukes and missiles.
They will use them.
Man, I tell you, we are just out of the frying pan into the furnaces of Hades, ladies and gentlemen.
Thanks to the globalists arming North Korea to bring us into this World War III.
Back to the police state.
Let's go to Jason in Illinois.
You're on the air with our guest, Christian Parente, author of The Soft Cage.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I appreciate it.
You bet.
Man, I am just so glad to hear you all fired up.
It's just getting me going here, too.
I've got a few things.
I'll go real quickly.
First two are going to be aimed at Christian.
Hello, Christian, by the way.
First off, I did used to be a car mechanic.
I worked at a Chevy dealer about five years ago.
And in 1997 is when they started putting the OBD-II computers in the car.
And I actually was fortunate enough to go through OnStar's training program to do the installations and diagnostics of their systems.
I just wanted to let all the listeners know that these OnStar computers do hook right into the car's computer, so all the information is available through the GPS.
And then one more thing I want to get Christian's comment on.
Recently I had read an article in a Consumer Reports magazine, and the article was on an individual named Russell Simmons.
You guys know who Russell Simmons is?
The rap...
Yeah, the MC guy.
He's, I don't know, Def Comedy Jam or whatever.
But anyway, he... He's a major Mac G. What did he say?
He's advocating to the youngsters in this article about some sort of new cashless payroll card that... Yeah, I told you.
They're going to have filth like Madonna and all the rest of it.
Sell you on GPS.
Sell you on chips.
Oh, Prince Henry's getting it.
This is how they're going to sell it.
Oh, your parents are backwards.
Get chipped.
Three years ago, I had the Washington Post technology writer for Wash Tech on.
He said it was an interesting plan three years ago through MTV and the culture for body modification to prepare children for implantation, and now you've seen the rollout with the chips and how all the kids need the chips.
Let's get a comment from our guest.
Well, on the Russell Simmons thing, I'm sorry to hear that.
I didn't expect Russell Simmons to do that.
I know he's very opposed to the overuse of incarceration and the war on drugs in which people...
So what did... What did this Mac Daddy have to say about the trackable stuff?
Go ahead, caller.
What he was saying is that he's trying to sell it to the kids and to the payroll companies.
Saying, well, actually his reasoning behind it is to fight drug use so that way the kids won't have cash to buy anything under the table.
Oh, so everything can be tracked.
Well, that's not very fat.
We'll be right back.
Hang, hang with us.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've only got him with us for about 15, 20 more minutes, two more segments, then I'm going to get into Japan warns that it will attack a North Korea AIMS missile.
That's a big deal.
More on government prior knowledge and involvement September 11th.
You'll want to stay with us.
We're about to get a couple calls out of the way for our guest, and then our guest is going to get into some more of the history of tracking and tacking and control and surveillance and
Because if you don't know history, you're doomed to repeat it.
His new book, The Soft Cage, is excellent.
He also wrote Lockdown America, which I have read.
It's wonderful.
Christian Parente.
Real quick, Jason in Illinois, you say you've got a copy of how this rap guy is going to try to sell the kids on kids only having cashless cards.
That way, quote, they can't buy drugs, which is ridiculous.
They'll go buy a CD player and trade it for drugs or whatever.
Let's create a bigger black market.
But finish your comment about that, and please send me a copy of that.
Oh, yeah, of course I will.
Let me make a note of that.
Just the other two things I had real quickly, a little bit off topic.
Number one, I just got a nice order from you of those new Deception dollars.
People are really loving those.
I do come across a couple of people, though, that treat them like they're illegal or something or they're contaminated.
You know, they don't want to touch them.
And for those that don't know, fake money has always been classic.
You know, gag money says not legal, tender, all that, says the government carried out September 11th.
They don't understand that gag money is legal?
But I'm going to be heading to a concert this weekend down the south side of Chicago.
I'm going to be handing out some people.
Last thing.
I was on a website of a band called Tool.
I came across an interesting article.
It was about Costo's Guernica.
And I'll read this to you real quickly.
It says,
Of a 20th century anti-war masterpiece by Pablo Picasso that currently hangs in the United Nations building in Manhattan.
Was covered because it showed scenes of death.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate that.
Scenes of the crying.
What was it?
World War I. Any comments to what he was just saying there, Parente?
Well, no.
It's typical of what they do, yes.
It was actually portraying the bombing, one of the first aerial bombings.
Yeah, Franco.
Excuse me.
It's much like Ashcroft covering up liberty, remember?
He was allegedly liberating the women of Afghanistan from their burqas at the same time, or part of that, the administration that was doing that, at the same time that he covered the Statue of Liberty at the Justice Department because she had a bare breast.
It shows you this sort of insane and ideological...
The nature of their agenda has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with twisted medieval... Exactly.
That was sick pandering, though, to people like, oh, look how conservative I am.
Great point.
Great, great.
Excellent point.
One quick call for you.
Pete in Missouri.
Go ahead, Pete.
Yeah, Alex.
A couple of quick comments.
One, with any new technology, there's going to be counter-technology.
And I think with the RFIDs, you can look forward to people pulling up in vans with EMP devices, homemade in their garage, and letting a Wally World just have it.
That's why they passed a law that that'll get you secret execution, any type of EMP activities, a weapon of mass destruction.
Well, there's another thing, too.
Some time back, you might remember George Soros came out in favor of legalizing pot.
And I think I'm beginning to figure out why.
It has to do with the fact that once this control grid is totally in place, they want to make sure that it would be impossible to stay out with just a couple of grow lamps in your garage to stay out of the cashless system.
They'll make it legal right before they go totally cashless.
And I got another comment about what's going on here in St.
You might have heard that they passed that bill.
Concealed carry law?
You know, now, the backlash to it, problem, reaction, solution, now the newspaper is saying, oh, they're going to have to put metal detectors in all the supermarkets.
And signs all over the place that you can't carry.
Well, in truth, when you put in concealed carry, the crime rates drop.
Places with gun bans like New York and Chicago have the highest crime rates.
I'm saying it's a problem-reaction solution.
It is.
It is.
Thanks for the call.
We'll come back with our guest and talk about history.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
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The DVD version is 170 minutes.
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I know we've got a lot of new stations that have turned us on from Rhode Island to Colorado.
I want to thank all those wonderful affiliates and the great people out there that are standing up against this tyranny.
I commend you.
I think?
We're good to go.
Back to slavery, you name it.
Some more examples of that, please, Christian.
Well, throughout American history, you see this pattern where it always starts with the outsider and then the technology is introduced, takes hold, and it moves to the mainstream of the population.
So you had
Slaves, then you had prisoners, and you also had Chinese immigrants that everybody, all other Americans really were down on, or many people were down on in the 1870s, 1880s, I think for very irrelevant reasons.
It was a serious economic crisis, and people were worried, and so politicians turned on the Chinese.
So the Chinese were subject, the first people who were really subject, a complete system of
Federal tracking.
And they resisted in very ingenious ways.
They created what was called the Paper Sons industry, in which people would create these whole false identities so that they could come to California and work and then return to China.
And no one has ever actually really written about this history.
The Chinese don't write about it because they're sort of ashamed of it.
And other people don't write about it for whatever reasons.
But I looked at this
Not to the usual lens of legality, illegality, but in terms of a federal system of tracking a population and how that population cooperated to resist and subverted.
And eventually when China became our ally during World War II, the law was changed and Chinese migrants were not completely banned.
They were allowed in proportions like other migrants.
Now, Christian...
You talk about, oh, it's just for those Arabs, or oh, it's just for these Jews, and then later everybody has to have the special papers for a job or go through the Gestapo or be in the Nazi party to be able to exist.
Same thing here.
It's always, oh, satellite tracking for your kids!
Oh, satellite tracking, it's in your phone!
You know, it's always for this group, or the cameras are downtown to watch the, you know those people.
And then now in the middle class neighborhoods and the rich neighborhoods, there's microphones hanging off the street lamps, my friend here in Austin.
There are microphones actually in the buses in San Francisco, miraculously.
Amazingly, they have microphones there.
Same thing here.
Each bus has 36 cameras and 10 microphones.
I think a thing that's important to mention, too, I mean, you talk about the ways in which the government pushes this type of technology, and that's very important, but it's also important to note the history of how the private sector just moves around legislation.
We're good to go.
Fingerprinted and he was defeated again and again and again.
Finally, in the early 60s, the banking industry was so upset that they couldn't get the government to create a national ID that they just de facto privately legislated that the social security number would be the national ID.
And they did this by meeting, and they were very open about it, they wrote about it in the Harvard Business Review, and they said, look, this is the way we do it.
Anyone who applies for a bank account or credit doesn't get it if they don't give us their social security number.
Lo and behold, it worked.
You have all the big businesses operating in concert, and that's what turned the Social Security number into the national ID number that it is in reality now.
And now the big banking system and the Association of Minnesota, just a few weeks ago, said we're going to make people biometrically thumb scan even if they have accounts with us.
Arlington, Texas.
We have the Arlington News article out of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on my website.
It's like two years ago said, if you... Yeah, and I mean, a lot of banks do that when you get your account.
Wells Fargo in...
And parts of California was doing that, I know.
That's part of getting your account.
You get your thumbprint.
But I'm talking about biometrically.
The police said in Arlington, there's no new law.
You just got to do this.
And the stores are trying to make people.
They're putting in the scanners, my friend.
Yeah, and in some ways, that's some of the most pernicious stuff because there's not a real target that you can defeat.
You can't say, wait, this law is bad.
We're going to defeat it.
It's over.
Because you're free...
To not shop there.
You're free not to have a bank account.
You're basically free not to participate in society, except that that's totally unfunctional, and no one can actually just completely drop out of the economy.
That's how it started in Germany, was you can't do business with these Jews.
They've got to wear a badge on their shoulder.
Well, you know what's amazing?
This is something that someone else's research that I rely on in my book.
Edwin Black wrote the book The Holocaust and IBM.
Amazing book about the first thing the Nazis did when they took power was they contracted with IBM to retool the census so that they could find people more easily and that they could triangulate and they could find, first of all, rich Jews from the East and round them up, then German Jews who were rich, then German Jews who weren't rich.
They were essentially going down the list of people, of groups, that they thought the average German anti-Semite would fill up.
Okay about rounding up.
And then pretty soon they got down to people who were one-quarter Jewish.
Anyway, the whole point is that IBM participated in designing this system, which was absolutely essential to the Holocaust.
Let me stop you.
Do you know what they call their new integrated system of biochips, tracker sensors, and RFID?
Who is it?
This is IBM.
No, what is it called?
They call it Blue Eyes.
Blue Eyes.
I've got it.
It's coming up after you leave us.
Yeah, Blue Eyes.
It's on.
It was supposed to be posted on Infowars.com.
It probably is up there, but listen to me.
I had another great point I was going to make, but I forgot it.
Did you know IBM really owns Applied Digital Solutions, and they've built the plant in Beijing, China, and that they're behind the push to get implantable chips in everybody?
Well, I didn't know that, but I wouldn't be surprised.
And again, you know, implantable chips or just chips that one wears or just chips that one carries, I think we should think also not just in terms of enforcement of this stuff, but the way in which people are seduced into it.
Because the most effective forms of this tyranny is not intimidation and enforcement of the control device, but seduction, where you're just offered this option you can't refuse.
It's just...
How can you live in society without a credit card?
It becomes very, very difficult if you need to ever rent a car.
Or a cell phone!
Or a cell phone.
I'm on the verge of getting a cell phone for this bookstore.
So I've resisted for years.
I'm like the last guy in New York who doesn't have a cell phone.
People think I'm crazy because of it.
But yes, it's not always laws forcing people to do this.
It's just the...
The brunt of circumstances and the momentum of the general culture becomes very, very hard for an individual to resist, which gets back to this other point about collective political action, spreading the word, being very, very essential and very much part of an American tradition of dissent.
Yeah, it's got to be a dirty thing.
Tracker chips in your phones has got to be dirty.
You've got to demand a repeal of that.
A bank trying to collude and make you give a thumbprint with no law, a laser scan, that's collusion, folks.
This is evil.
Yeah, and it's foreign to the traditions of liberty.
It should be viewed as out of keeping with, you know, hundreds of years of history.
Well, they try to say, Christian, it's American to give up your rights.
It's American to be surveilled.
I mean, how sick is that?
Yeah, it's really pernicious.
And that's always their trump card, right?
That if you don't obey, you're not a patriot.
Also before, exactly, also though, before they released all this technology on us, Christian,
They would have the sitcoms, the movies, the talk show hosts.
Crazies think they're cameras.
Crazies think they're chips.
And so now, even as it happens, it's almost like it's weird to be against it.
I actually have a whole chapter about the role of entertainment in acclimating people to this.
You have Survivor and all these other reality genres.
Which sort of presents surveillance as a natural element, like it's sort of like cold weather.
It's just something that's out there that you have to put up with, and it's kind of interesting to see how much you can resist it.
But there's never any fundamental questioning of it.
In fact, what it does is it naturalizes it.
You have whole shows like Big Brother and that reality genre, which in a subtle way, but routinely every day, presents
Surveillance as normal and natural and something like that.
Yeah, it's acclimation, it's conditioning.
We have all the things where the judges, there's no jury, the judge yells at the people, training folks, and now the American Bar says we want to get rid of juries, we want to get rid of attorney-client privileges.
Right, you had a generation of people growing up watching these shows who don't even realize that there are juries in a lot of trials.
They just think there's some lady judge yelling at you.
I like you, Christian.
Let me say something else.
And throw this at you.
All these shows on the dramas, this new threat matrix, I saw the ad.
They're good because they torture people.
Torture is being normalized.
That's pretty scary.
Well, I hope folks get your book.
Well, thanks a lot for, you know... Hey, will you come back on the show again?
Yeah, and did you say you didn't get a copy?
They hadn't sent you a copy yet?
I didn't get a copy, no.
Okay, well, we'll make sure you get one.
Well, let me just tell you this, Christian.
I'm so used to talking to people that only have a piece of the puzzle.
That's why I've been freaking out with you on the last hour and 20 minutes.
Because you...
It's like talking to myself.
You're aware.
You understand the template of control.
We've got to somehow telegraph that to other people, don't we?
Bit by bit, every bit counts.
And, you know, people should tell their friends and pass on books and give them as gifts and speak out in the workplace.
Hey, Godspeed to you.
Folks, we'll be back with more news and calls.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Oh, Greg, Greg, Greg, just hung up.
I was just about to go to him.
We'll go to Ron and Don and many others that are patiently holding.
I don't know.
I'll take five more calls.
I've really got to get to Israel.
Hence, military action against Iran.
Japan warns that it will attack if North Korea aims a missile.
Anti-terror laws increasingly used against common criminals.
Immigration officers let terrorists into the UK report fines.
Pakistan helped Al-Qaeda set up shop in Afghanistan.
documents show.
And I want to get into some PNAC race-specific viruses and bacteria that Dick Cheney has said in a document he thinks is legitimate to start using to kill certain races of people.
Yeah, it's mainstream news.
And they're just calmly announcing they've got some good stuff for you and your family because they love you and, you know, just go ahead and take your chips.
But I know what I forgot to bring up to our expert guest who was so on target.
My cousin is an officer in the Army.
Been in for almost 20 years.
He's been overseas most of it, at Fort Bragg for part of it.
The last six months, eight months, he's been here in Austin.
He admitted merging the Army and the National Guard with the local police out there, and they're all in the same building together.
And he said, you know, a few years ago, sorry about the family reunion when I was laughing at you, because they called us into a meeting, about 100 officers, and told us we're all going to be getting implantable microchips soon.
And I've probably had 50 calls on air by people in the military, people who went in for recruiting, who have told me that they've been told they're getting chips.
So it's not a rumor, folks.
When my family...
I mean, somebody who took me hunting when I was six years old.
When my family tells me they've been told they're getting chips, you turn the news on, it's how good the chips are and how all the kids need them.
And Sean Hattie says the liberals don't want the kids to have them.
Be conservative, get a chip.
I mean, he actually said that, folks.
This is the new psychology.
Oh, turn your guns in, or you're a liberal.
Oh, I'm a conservative.
It's about that bad.
Here, have them.
We need to investigate this.
We need to get some hard data, because they are telling the troops they're getting chips.
That's another facet of this.
And I know IBM has their own biochip development, but they also own the majority of the stock and the debt of Applied Digital, looks like their front company, with the Communist Chinese, where they built the plant in Beijing.
They've now implanted over 2,400 units.
They have millions ordered by Latin America, Africa, China, they claim.
Think about that.
And it was IBM that had the machines, the early computers, that decided how much somebody got in a slave camp to keep them alive, how old a kid could be to work because of weight and age and amount of fat on their body.
Go ahead and just shoot this little girl in the head, or can't you work for a few weeks digging coal?
That's your loving government.
That's your loving IBM.
And they've got an overarching control grid company now with over 40 labs.
This is their own press release I have right in front of me called Blue Eyes.
And it's to track and trace all of us.
They admit that.
Remember their ad two years ago where the guy walks in the grocery store, he's sticking everything in his shirt, you think he's stealing?
He's a handsome, scrapping guy.
He's so bold.
He walks out in the security guard, gives him the receipt.
He's being scanned.
So the folks that brought you how many calories to feed a slave in a death camp are bringing you the same system, and it's called Blue Eyes, folks.
I mean, boy, this is sick.
This is really sick.
Of course, the head of IBM is a big Grove member, one of those Christian conservatives.
Let's go ahead and let's talk to Don in Michigan.
Go ahead, Don.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing today?
Oh, it's getting pretty heavy, isn't it?
Yeah, it's been that way.
We've got another potential standout brewing up here in Michigan.
I was about to cover it, and I should have.
We're trying to get the family on tomorrow.
They don't even know who I am.
Somebody needs to call them and tell them, hey, go on the Alex Jones Show.
They got the building permit, built their houses, and they're going to bulldoze them, and the family's saying, no, we're going to stand up and fight.
You got that right.
The family also signed a mutual defense pact with Rick Stanley out of Colorado there.
Well, they're safe now then.
Well, I'm not saying I put anything into that, but supposedly there's going to be, well, there's over 600 people that have signed this thing.
According to one of my buddies here in Wexford County, he signed it also.
You know what we did?
Well, I'll hold you over.
I'll talk about this.
When they were going to bulldoze a World War II vet's house in a central area of Austin...
They threatened to arrest us.
We said, you know what?
You go ahead and bulldoze this house.
And we built him a new one in a record 14 days.
News articles are on Infowars.com from the Statesman.
And by the end of it, the government was apologizing, groveling, saying they'll never do it again.
But you know what?
I don't want this family and these children and this woman to die.
And I think folks need to get up there and say, you go ahead and bulldoze it.
We're going to build them a new house and show them what criminals you are.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's toll-free at 888-803-4438.
Not yet available in Iowa.
All right, my friends, we're back live.
And I believe in standing up against tyranny.
I believe in defending your family.
But when you start talking about the government wanting to come in because of zoning and bulldoze people's houses, I mean, what are you supposed to do?
Family Promises Armed Standoff.
And this is out of the Record Eagle staff.
Writer Keith Mathey wrote this.
Horton Bay, Michigan, the peaceful rolling farmland of the county's Bay Township, belies the potential armed confrontation that may develop there in a matter of days.
A county district court judge has ordered by Thursday a removal of three manufactured homes from the four-acre township.
On Camp Daggett Road.
And it goes on to admit that, which is on InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com right now, it goes on to admit that the family went and got their building permits, and now the government says, we don't care, get it off of there.
Now, it's their property.
It's a rural area.
And this zoning is incredible tyranny.
There's a picture of the husband and the woman, the little kid standing beside her, behind her, and there's a bunch of kids a little on the property.
It's a whole family together on three houses.
And it's sick.
It's horrible.
But the globalists would like nothing better.
I mean, just a few months ago in Michigan, they ran over some guy's house and bulldozed it with tanks and killed him and admitted it on the news.
It was like a mini Waco up there.
And so we'll definitely, people need to stand up and not go along with this, but the feds would love nothing more than to prematurely launch some type of physical conflict.
And we shouldn't stand by and watch another Waco taking place, but we should try to have a thousand people there to lay down in front of the bulldozers.
Because that makes the government look worse, and kids don't get killed.
I've been around a long time, folks, and I've seen a lot of good people get in a lot of trouble, and then when it came down to the point, they were surrounded by provocateurs and nobody was there to help them.
I don't know what the case is here.
I don't know about the parties involved.
I don't know.
I know I've been criticized because I don't say, grab your guns and let's go to war.
You know, every time I turn around and that's happening, in hindsight, it's feds that try to provocateur stuff.
I don't know now.
I don't know in this case.
But I'm trying to get the family on tomorrow.
We tried to get them on today.
And so we've got a caller from Michigan.
And I've got to move quick because I've got a bunch of news.
And we've got loaded phones here.
But real quick, Don.
I mean, what do you see happening?
This is obviously a nice family, done nothing wrong.
The newspaper admits they got their permits.
That's not good enough for the feudal lords.
Well, at this point, I don't know what's going to happen, but if a whole bunch of people show up with guns, who knows what could happen.
That's definitely what the government would like to happen, I'm sure.
Well, I know this.
Let's say people show up.
Well, it worked with the Gray family in North Texas.
They have been on a standoff for three years on their 47 acres on the...
We're good to go.
I don't know.
I'm just trying to make phone calls.
I'll call the Advocate newspaper again.
He's going to go up there and cover it.
Well, they did a good job at the newspaper.
They just reported the facts.
The facts are this family got their stupid permits, and that wasn't good enough for the little thugs there in the city.
We're all ticked off up here in Michigan about Scott Woodring, what happened down in New Waco, but we don't want that to happen again, so this is before anything happens, so we're just trying to sound the alarm, Alex.
Did you ever see the news articles on my site where they were going to bulldoze the Veterans House?
No, I haven't, but I've heard you talk about it time and time again.
Yeah, just go to InfoWars.com and type in Joe Campana or rebuild the Veterans House.
Spell that last name, please.
I can't.
It's Italian.
I don't know how to spell it.
Joe Campana.
Okay, okay.
But what you do is just type in...
You know, volunteers build veteran a new house.
You'll see clippings from the paper.
They came.
Thanks for the call.
I'm going to tell the story right now.
I'm going to tell the story right now.
It needs to be told.
I'm going to tell the story right now.
Thanks for caring, Don.
I got a call from the next-door neighbor.
He goes, there's this really nice old World War II veteran, atomic veteran from Bikini in 47.
I mean, this guy, you know, his property itself was worth over $300,000.
He had like an acre and a half right in the middle of a gentrifying area.
The guy lived in a little bitty house built in the 50s when he got back from Korea.
It looked like a shack.
But, you know, it was his house.
And they were coming to bulldoze it.
They were going to charge him $14,000 for it.
They were going to take all his property and sell it.
So I went out there, and we stood up, I mean, in front of the bulldozers, and we said, nope.
You give us a week to break ground, we'll blow them a new house, then you can tear it down.
Folks, they had cops come on the site.
And they'd walk over and go, let's shoot some cops.
In plain clothes.
Let's blow stuff up.
And I'd go, let me follow you to your car.
I'd go to the car.
The guy would open the door.
Is this your clipboard?
I'd go, what's this?
You're a cop, aren't you?
Hey, man, I'm on duty.
And we'd follow them with video cameras.
I've been at demonstrations.
The cops come over and say, you know, oh, let's beat some people up.
Let's whatever.
Yeah, yeah.
They didn't even want us building a veteran a new house.
They wanted to steal it.
But you know what we did?
We got on the radio.
And I say 14 days.
I guess I'm superstitious.
We built that guy a new house in 13 days.
Fully furnished in 13 days.
Everything in there.
I mean, jacuzzi, hot tub.
And he died last year.
He enjoyed that house for four years.
He enjoyed it.
We built him a beautiful home.
And they didn't get to kill anybody.
And they looked bad.
By the end, the city was actually there.
Trying to act like they were involved in building the new house.
You can go read the articles where they admit, I built the House of Volunteers by the last article the city built it.
Though a dime wasn't given.
They tried to threaten us without permits.
We started digging holes, pouring concrete, doing it.
Then it looked so bad for them, they had to give us permits.
Be smart.
I mean, we had cops come on the property and talk about violence.
Well, I wonder if somebody will do something to a cop out here.
Wouldn't that be a good idea?
I wonder if somebody, you know, I'd like to do something to City Hall, and I'd say, you get off this property right now, buddy.
We'd follow them, and they were cops.
So that's America, folks.
I don't know about this case.
I don't know this family.
I don't know the parties.
I don't know the militia that's involved.
I don't know the leaders of it.
I've heard their names a few times.
I don't know anything bad or good.
I don't know.
But I know this.
I've been around.
I didn't just fall off the apple cart.
People ought to respect me.
I've never gotten anybody in trouble.
I've been doing this for years.
My facts have checked out.
I'm not like a lot of these other people, folks.
So watch out!
Oh, boy.
All right.
Real quick, we had 1,000 responses.
Here it is, Michael Corbin's Neocon Star.
And are you ready with that, buddy?
Okay, go ahead and hit it.
This is the Cashless Society Control Grid.
The following is an actual conversation between a Neocon Star operator and a subscriber in distress who is locked in her car and doesn't have the proper authorization to get out.
With Neocon Star, help is just a satellite away.
Neoconstar, how can I offer you great service today?
Please help me, I'm trapped in my car.
My retina scanner won't work.
Just relax, sir.
It's not sir, it's ma'am.
Please hurry, it's hot in here.
According to Admiral Poindexter's database, I have you at the Monsanto Mart on 2nd Street.
I have a live shot of you from the Neoconstar observation blip in your area.
I'm an old lady.
Alright, sir, looks like you have no outstanding warrant, so you're
We'll need you to slide your national ID card for deduction before we can release you from the car.
Slide it through the Neocon Star console now.
But I can't find it.
I'm looking everywhere.
I can't find my national ID card.
Sir, I'm going to send a Homeland Security helicopter there right now to check you out.
You have a 99.2% chance of being a terrorist.
Would you like
I'll take the lethal injection, please.
All right, Michael Corbin did that, and I'm going to be using him to fill in for me a little bit here in the future.
Great guy.
Now, this lady, I told her to call in on the first hour callback.
She played a clip of him plugging me on C-SPAN, a great listener, about the truth of David Shepard's warning about government prior knowledge.
She called back to air a clip, and it sounded pretty good.
We're getting all these calls about these widows, people that died asking serious questions about September 11th, on Chris Matthews' CFR ball.
So, it's Melissa, right?
Melissa, you ready to air this clip real quick?
I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you.
How long is this clip from Chris Matthews' CFR Bowl?
The whole thing is nine minutes.
I've got like five minutes queued up, but I know that's probably too long.
Okay, we'll play some of it.
Go ahead and turn that TV way up.
Play this for us.
That was interesting.
Okay, hold on.
Go ahead and hit it.
Then we're going to go to Ed and Daniel, and then that's it, because I've got to hit some Japan threatening to go after North Korea.
This is big news.
Can you share that criticism that they just lack the basic human instinct to go on the defensive and move?
I don't know if it was a lack of human instinct or perhaps even something more sinister.
What do you think it was when you think it hard?
Well, what we looked at when we investigated
Standard protocols and procedures of, let's say, NORAD, who was supposed to scramble jets to accompany planes that were off course or whose transponders were turned off.
Those policies and procedures happen on a daily basis.
And on 9-11, no jets were scrambled until after the Pentagon was hit.
That was at 9-38.
The first plane was declared hijacked between 8-13 and 8-20.
That's an hour and a half
It's a time of which the NORAD had to scramble those jets.
In the case of Payne Stewart, they scrambled jets within six minutes, and that was a well-documented rescue attempt.
Patty, do you think there was enough time if we had quick-witted people who knew what was up and had good instincts?
Could they have scrambled the jets and diverted those planes in time to prevent the disaster?
I'm not saying that we could have prevented the disaster, but because those planes were not scrambled...
We will never know.
We will never know if the hijackers would have been deterred by being accompanied by those fighter jets.
Yeah, why won't they scramble?
When you think of President Bush in terms of his handling of 9-11, just as a person, from that first second when he got the word that a plane had hit one of the towers.
You know, I think that there seems to be no sense of urgency since 9-11 on behalf of the administration, the president, certain members of Congress, to acknowledge that there were failures, to acknowledge that things need to be fixed.
I think that President Bush needs to step up to the plate.
I think he needs to do a mea culpa and have a full postmortem.
What would you want him to say?
I would want him to say that, look, you know, there were failures on the morning of 9-11, and it'll never occur again on my watch, and here's what I'm doing to fix it, you know?
How do you set up a Department of Homeland Security when you don't even know what went wrong?
I think there's a lot of talk and very little action.
I think there's not a lot of cooperation with the Independent Commission, and I don't understand why.
I would think that you would want to throw everything on the table and really fix these problems to assure the American public that things are being done and that you are safe living here.
If you were sitting with Vice President Dick Cheney now, who's the real powerhouse in this administration, and you could grill him and he was under sodium pentothal, what would you want to know from him?
I would want to know exactly where he was on the morning of 9-11, at exactly what time the jets were scrambled, why was there a failure of the city of New York to effectively evacuate those buildings.
I would want to know why certain members of the bin Laden family and certain Saudi individuals were flown out of the country a few days after the attack.
Prior to them being asked questions by the FBI, I would want to know whether the FBI was in fact investigating any of the 19 terrorists.
I would want to know why 28 pages of the joint inquiries report are not being released to the American public.
I would want to know why the American public is not being fully informed as to what went wrong on the morning of September 11th
And why there seems to be no sense of concern on behalf of the administration to assure the American public that things have been fixed and that they are safe living in this country.
Patty, do you think that Mohammed Atta and the other perpetrators of this attack would be stopped tomorrow morning in Portland, Oregon Airport if they tried it again?
Do you have any confidence it would stop them?
Okay, that's enough.
That's enough.
Go ahead and write it down.
Alright, thanks a lot.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, listen, I really enjoy your InfoWars.com website.
Thank you.
We're proud of it.
It's very interesting.
I've been listening to you for a few years now, and I've been one of those people that's kind of been sitting around here on my butt, and I think I'd like to get active.
Because I think that what you're talking about is real, and I think that what you are predicting is going to happen.
And so what I'd like to do is I'd like to put my nose out here, and I'd like to say that I have a website, or I'm sorry, an email.
People in the Atlanta area, I'd kind of like to get in contact with them, people who think similarly.
And maybe we could get together and have dinner and maybe come up with some ideas on how to... Yeah, well, I've gotten about a thousand calls like these over the years.
And I would have a message board for folks like you to meet if it wasn't provocateurs all over them.
But there are places, there are Patriot websites and conservative chat rooms and groups.
You'll meet like-minded people in local gun groups and local property rights organizations.
I let folks give out websites sometimes, randomly, when no one else does, because if you give it out, people have a chance to go look at it and then contact you if they want.
It's kind of a Russian roulette for folks if they just email you, so I really don't like folks doing that.
Or you can be giving out somebody else's email.
Well, you know, mostly Alex, what it is, is like, you know... I understand, sir, but you understand what I'm saying.
Well, by myself, I can't do anything.
I just told you ways to meet other people.
Well, I just thought I'd call him and, you know, throw it up there.
Did you hear me say put up a website and then folks have a chance to look at what you're saying to see if they want to contact you?
They're not going off anything if it's just, oh, you know, here's my email.
I mean, I'm glad you're wanting to meet people.
Do you understand?
I guess he's gone.
I guess he doesn't get it.
Well, Ron in New York.
Go ahead, Ron.
Hi, Alex.
Do you get why I'm saying that?
What you just told the last guy?
Yeah, because what happens is a lot of times movements get hijacked, agents provocative, or elements infiltrate a movement as opposed to integrate with a movement and steer in directions maybe that are off and not going.
Yeah, I'm not saying he's like that.
He sounds like a good guy.
No, he does.
If I let him, I used to let him do that.
I just can't.
Folks would call it and go, I'm in southern Missouri.
I got a tractor I need to sell.
I'm the militia leader.
I'm the supreme ruler.
Call me immediately.
We'll be back.
We'll be back.
We'll be back.
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All right, real quick, Ron, because now I'm really frustrated.
I might even get to plug my videos this hour, and I got all this news I didn't get to.
I'm really bad.
Real quick, Ron, go ahead.
Okay, with your prior guest, one thing that he didn't realize, he kept saying, well, these are private institutions.
There's very little we could do.
Well, remember, there's really, technically and in fact, no corporation.
That is not publicly incorporated according to the rules of any particular state.
Yeah, they're clearly colluding and rocketeering for monopoly and working within the military-industrial complex.
But my point is this, Alex, that people can use and we should start to utilize those laws because these are public trusts as members of the public to start to put pressure on these institutions such as banking and so forth.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, that's it.
Got to let you go.
Got to let you go.
Again, a Pakistan-helped al-Qaeda set-up shop in Afghanistan.
documents show that even in 2001, al-Qaeda is a creature of the Pakistani intelligence.
And, yeah, the head of Pakistani intelligence met with the CIA director, House and Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, on the morning of 9-11.
That's AFP, admitted U.S.
government documents, on InfoWars.com right now.
I was reading the British Minister Michael Meacher's article last week and went and looked up this particular PNAC document from September of 2000, Rebuilding America's Defenses.
It says, finally, we need a worldwide command and control system, and it continues, we may consider developing biological weapons, quote, that can target specific genotypes and may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to the politically useful tool.
Now, this particular document was written by Dick Cheney.
I mean, they have the corporate minutes of him and Rumsfeld meeting, and they wrote this up.
Race-specific weapons, politically, what do they say here, politically useful tool.
Folks, this is so off the charts, I'm about to fall over here, flopping around on the ground, giggling insanely.
I mean, there's no way to even respond to this.
It's off the charts.
They're going to do it.
Once they get you in the cashless control grid cities, they're going to spew this garbage.
Japan's defense minister has said, and this story's on the websites right now, and they've bragged in Parliament the last six months that they've developed nukes to defend themselves.
Who can blame them?
These are the Japanese folks.
I mean, they're very warlike, just like everybody else, I guess.
And they're saying if North Korea even aims a missile, puts one on the pad, they're going to blow them away, because they've said they'll nuke Japan.
I can't blame Japan.
And everybody else is saying preemptive strikes, and North Korea is saying, I'm going to preemptive strike, and Japan is, we're going to preemptive strike, so we're on the edge of World War III.
And then you won't be thinking about 9-1-1 and who did it anymore.
That's why they're so arrogant, because they're planning something a lot bigger, folks.
We're in total crisis, that's all I can say.
We're good to go.
I'm out of time here.
I hope you believe in what we're doing.
I hope you expose government terror with us.
Because if we don't, they're going to take over using it.
The new book, Warrior Out of Chaos, is excellent that I published by Paul Watson.
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Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Again, all that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
In the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and feared.
But in time, when his cause succeeds, the timid join in, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
See you back tomorrow, 11 to 2, back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Central, tell your friends and family, death's the new world order!
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