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Air Date: Sept. 10, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, well, well.
Tomorrow is September 11th.
The two-year anniversary of the military-industrial complex carrying out
A terrorist attack, as the PNAC documents called for, to scare us into submission.
Big show lined up for you today.
I'm almost embarrassed I'm going to start the show with this, but really it illustrates so much that it is a pertinent article.
You know, I talked a lot about early on how Arnold Schwarzenegger, during the filming of Pumping Iron, had said that he admired Adolf Hitler and other dictators and wanted to be remembered for many centuries.
To be like, well, Jesus Christ.
Now, that's in the early versions of the film that I've seen, and that's been quoted in the news.
Liberty Think, who's been breaking a lot of big stories, doing a great job, went and actually got another interview, not the We interview, but a Rolling Stone interview with a photo of Arnold smoking a big fat marijuana cigarette and saying that he wants to be a dictator, that he dreams of being a dictator.
Now, I talked about this in my article that's on the website, but I just want to illustrate that the guy can go into a banquet of bodybuilders and start screaming all inners out, saying the N-word over and over again, saying black people are worthless and all this, and that's ignored.
ABC News has all these witnesses.
They've got it in the can.
They're not running it.
Because he's got the trashy neocons, the occult practitioners, the George Schultzes and others behind him from the neocon encampment of the Grove, where he's been a member since the mid-1980s.
He's married in with Maria Shriver.
It's just so amazing to have this guy.
His own words that he wants to be a dictator.
And so, of course, he's hanging out with the neocons.
Of course, because they follow Leo Strauss, the economist who wanted a dictatorship.
They are the remnants of Trotsky's Fourth International.
Folks, that's Ron Paul.
That's the Toronto Star, the National Post, okay?
I mean, the truth is so crazy.
On every front, I have trouble believing it.
And then there's the evidence that Arnold parades around in his house in a Nazi uniform.
He hangs out with UN chiefs and Nazis.
I mean, we're in a lot of trouble, folks.
Not because of Arnold Schwarzenegger, this demon, this Luciferian twit, this guy on a power trip.
But that the establishment can get this guy elected, no matter how much baggage he's got, and that so-called conservative talk show host will defend him and go, oh, the liberals want to get him.
Oh, there's no such thing as neocons or liberals.
They're all just different flavors of the same tyranny.
But that's been posted on prisonplanet.com, and we're updating infowars.com right now with a bunch of other stuff.
The prosecutor from the Waco case, or the guy that, really I should say the defender, the guy that tried to stop the wrongful death suit and successfully whitewashed it, supposedly committed suicide yesterday.
They found his body, and the police, without an autopsy, said to the paper, oh, it's a clear suicide, guaranteed, absolutely.
I actually was involved in the case.
No, it's funny.
That is, I was protesting, demonstrating the Waco wrongful death suit because for the first time in modern history, the judge, Walter Smith, said no juries are going to be allowed.
No jury!
We'll get into that.
A bunch on the economy.
The new colored money coming out.
I really haven't stressed how important that is.
More bombings in the Middle East, in Israel, and in Iraq.
Troop extensions.
By the way, the government says the troops' organs are liquefying from smoking cigarettes.
Yeah, that's what's causing it.
And I'm a space cadet.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, coming up a little bit later in this hour, I'll get into some of the mindless pap of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a new playboy.
This style interview has surfaced, this time not the pages of a Playboy publication, but in Rolling Stone from 1976 where he said, I was dreaming about being some dictator or someone like Jesus Christ.
And so we'll get to that, folks.
I mean, this is your neocon who said in his book, Evolution of a Bodybuilder, that he despises Christians who believe that...
That believe in God, that he believes in himself and sees himself as God.
And, of course, he's anti-gun, open border.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
He might as well be George W. Bush.
He is presidential material, folks.
He's being worshipped and hailed by the neocon press syndicate, the liars.
And this illustrates what larcenous, lying trash they are.
We're good to go.
I think?
Also, there are some other interesting stories we'll be getting into here about some of the terrorism charges and cases here in this country.
The college professor down in Florida is saying that he's being persecuted for his political speech of being accused of aiding terrorist groups in the mid-90s that weren't even illegal at the time or listed as terrorist groups.
And now the government says, well, that's true, but we're retroactively saying you were involved with a terrorist group.
And here's another one from the BBC.
Suspect claims intelligence link.
A Frenchman on trial over the Casablanca suicide bombings has worked for French intelligence.
He has claimed at his trial in Morocco.
And he says he was ordered to go in and help set up these groups and carry out these bombings.
And he's a white guy.
Same thing in a big Israeli newspaper like Haratz.
So we'll get into that.
BBC also reporting what Rolling Stone reported last year, gay men actively seeking HIV status, but this time not in San Francisco, but in London.
And they've got all these thousands of people admitting it.
It's a culture of death.
It's a culture of death.
By the way, there's an article here.
Where they're saying, you know what, to have a job in a building or a corporation or to live in an apartment complex, we're going to make you wear around your neck, around your wrist, or at least in your wallet, an RFID tracker chip because, well, this will save lives when there's fires or disasters.
The government can make sure that buildings have been cleared.
Imagine that.
That's worse than the Minority Report.
In the minority report, they just send their agents in, their little hunter-seekers, to make sure you're not in a building by retina-scanning everyone in the building.
But, no, this is far worse.
You'll all have to wear your own identification bracelet to have a job or live in an apartment building, and they say the federal government's going to propose it.
And, by the way, all Iraqis, according to the Associated Press, who have a job anywhere,
It has hundreds of subsidiaries.
Basically, it's all contracts in the country.
You have to get a bracelet or a necklace that has an RFID chip in it
We're good to go.
And again, you've got to pay your special taxes into Halliburton.
Folks, this is admitted.
You're arrested.
I love that AP photo we posted a few months ago of hundreds of people being loaded in trucks, men with bags over their heads for selling razors, fruit, beer, unauthorized.
You've got to wear an RFID badge or strip.
And the article, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to cover it, says we're going to have to do this.
And I told you two years ago, right before 9-1-1, there was a Houston Chronicle article about this big company in Houston that's already got hundreds of companies signing on.
To get into work, they retina scan you.
But it's not a normal retina scan of your eyeball.
It's a void comp.
The article had the chief executive of this company saying this.
It's like void comp.
Now, what's void comp from?
Well, the Philip K. Dick book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheet?
And, of course, you know it as Blade Runner with Harrison Ford.
It actually does that, but it measures rapid eye movement at a microscopic level and decides if you're too tired.
And, of course, it doesn't take into effect.
Do you have a natural twitch?
Are you older?
Do you have some neurological breakdown in your central nervous system?
I mean, as you get older, you shake a little.
But this quote decides if you're tired or if you're drunk or if you didn't get enough sleep, and they send you home.
See, new forms of harassment and manipulation.
And then the government's sending reports.
Oh, we may want to fit this in all cars because this is going to save people.
Oh, yes!
This is going to save people.
They said it'll save one child.
Why, there's hundreds of thousands of automobile accidents and deaths every year.
Well, why not make everybody do this test to start your cart?
Folks, I've read official federal plans.
To make you do this.
Oh, there's an MSNBC article I saw about two and a half years ago.
Remember when that one summer, 30-something kids died because their Prozac parents, by the way, it turned out their parents were always on psychotropics.
You just get into a dreamlike state.
That did come out, by the way.
They would leave their kids in the car and wander into work and come out at lunch and their kids are dead in the backseat, baked like a turkey.
So horrible.
And it said, GM and Ford are getting together, and they want to make it, they're lobbying the government for safety to make you take an infrared camera, a wireless camera, and there's sensors in the seats, and if you're sitting in the car, and there's pressure or weight in the seats, and the heat goes up to over, I think it said 95 degrees, you can go look up the article,
That it calls the police and they look at you with the infrared camera with a wireless connection.
I mean, that's worse than 1984.
And you know what?
I got articles on that today.
More on that.
They're going to make it the law.
And national compulsory DNA databases.
Oh, but guess what?
You don't like it?
You're not going to give your blood?
They got it from everybody 33 years old and younger.
Since they started it in the echelon group of countries.
Are you beginning to get how sinister this is?
How long-term and cunning this is?
I have stacks of these.
But it gets worse.
Here's Reuters.
Big Brother set to guard a TV near you.
Let me just read the article.
Big Brother Technology...
Let me read the article here.
Big Brother technology that already allows people to be tracked through their mobile phones could soon be installed in household objects, tipping off police if they are stolen.
You're thinking, oh, you mean after they leave the house.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Televisions, DVD players, and computers could be fitted with microchips identifying their location and their normal proximity to each other, automatically alerting police if they change unexpectedly, according to a scientist Wednesday.
And it goes on.
He said police and monitor pilot project testing the hybrid wireless and mobile phone technology should be up and running within six months in northern English city of Manchester.
Oh yeah, British, you're really at the microcosm, the test ground like California and New York and Boston.
I mean, you guys are in a lot of trouble.
They got three and a half million cameras, over half of those hooked into face scanners.
They got stuff that tracks how you walk.
They're putting in brain scanners in downtown London, just like Boston Airport.
They scan your brains, folks.
They're looking at your noodle, at your purple noodle, folks.
They're looking at the matter, your brain.
They scan it to see the resonance off of it.
Total quack stuff.
You know, they've proven that lie detectors are frauds.
The old blood pressure and breathing and all that, they've proven that's a fraud.
So now they move on to even bigger quack systems.
Oh, prove our black box isn't saying you're guilty.
Why, the computer says so!
The judge looks to the jury.
Jury, you are to convict this man.
The computer isn't wrong.
Yes, sir!
Heil Hitler!
Folks, are you beginning to realize how evil this is?
It's all coming up, and there's an amazing piece we're going to air today.
I aired it last night.
It is something else.
It's called Neoconstar by Michael Corbin.
And I don't think Michael Corbin's show has gotten enough attention.
I've been on his show, and he just does an amazing job.
Saturdays 7 to 9.
He'll probably be filling in for me some of the future here on the air.
I heard this Neocon star.
George played it for me last night, and I am in love with this piece.
We'll play that before this hour ends.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, folks, so I just went into that diatribe about TVs that watch what you're watching, microchips and wherever you move the TV upstairs, the police show up and go, well, your TV was moved.
We had probable cause to come in.
There's discussions of putting cameras in old people's homes and letting the government monitor them.
Oh, it'll save lives.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Neocon Star.
And it's only about a minute and 40 seconds long.
We got that ready, guys?
Neocon Star.
Okay, here it is.
The following is an actual conversation between a Neocon Star operator and a subscriber in distress who is locked in her car and doesn't have the proper authorization to get out.
With Neocon Star, help is just a satellite away.
Neocon Star, how can I offer you great service today?
Please help me, I'm trapped in my car.
My retina scanner won't work.
Just relax, sir.
It's not sir, it's ma'am.
Please hurry, it's hot in here.
According to Admiral Poindexter's database, I have you at the Monsanto Mart on 2nd Street.
I have a live shot of you from the Neocon Star observation blimp area.
I'm an old lady.
Alright, sir, looks like you have no outstanding warrant, so you're not
Parking tickets in two counties.
We'll need you to slide your national ID card for a deduction before we can release you from the car.
Slide it through the Neocon Star console now.
But I can't find it.
I'm looking everywhere.
I can't find my national ID card.
Sir, I'm going to send a Homeland Security helicopter there right now to check you out.
You have a 99.2% chance of being a terrorist.
Would you like the in-car lethal injection right now, or would you prefer to wait for the agents?
I'll take the lethal injection, please.
Thanks for using the Ocon store.
Have a nice day.
This is Michael Corbin from A Closer Look.
Does this scenario seem far-fetched or on the horizon?
Well, we may experience this level of government control if we don't stand up today and take back our God-given freedoms that have been taken in the name of the war.
On terror.
The War on Terror, taking the name of the War on Terror.
I'm going to air that again, and we need to put a clip of that up on prisonplanet.com.
I mean, whenever I hear those obnoxious military industrial complex ads all over radio for OnStar this, OnStar that, here's an actual conversation with an idiot who has OnStar.
And they'll go, ah, my car's broke down.
Help me.
And by the way, they're on their cell phone talking to OnStar.
That's all OnStar is.
Would you like me to contact the police, ma'am?
Oh, yes, thank you.
Oh, you're so good.
I locked my keys in my car.
OnStar, save me.
And, folks, they admit...
That Homeland Security can listen to you and track and trace you with the OnStar.
Now, OnStar is just the establishment.
General Motors, the biggest car manufacturer in the world, worldwide, Japan, Europe, the U.S., with all their different brands, selling people the satellite tracking taxation as a status symbol.
Now it's standard in all new General Motors vehicles.
Now Ford's coming out with their own model and
I've aired the ABC News piece here before where they actually say the satellite plug-in hardware was accidentally put in the car.
It was meant to monitor airbag deployments, but it just so happens it has plug-ins for satellite tracker and control.
It just so happens.
Oh, the engineers magically designed it for that.
They actually say by accident.
I mean, how dumb do they think we are?
Oh, yes, very complex hardware just accidentally got in all the different cars.
And so they're all doing it to you.
They're all setting it up, and that's exactly what they'll do with it.
They admit that a lot of the new cars that are being made, the news reported this.
I was watching Discovery Channel one night, and it showed the LAPD turning people's cars off by helicopter.
And how most of the dealers now put it in the ignitions where they can kill it if they want, when they want, and they've got all these other little systems they're putting in where they send out, they scan your license plate number, automatically access to the police computer, the code, send out a radio beam to turn your car off.
Oh, that'll be real good for patriots and people against the New World Order when we're driving around mountain passes.
They can just turn your car off.
I'm telling you, it's like that Jell-O-Be-Offer clip we played that time.
Now, that's passe.
It's all come true.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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1-800-615-7094 for free prescriptions.
I've got Richard Miniterb coming on in the next hour.
He says that Bin Laden's all Bill Clinton's fault.
It's all the evil liberals.
And so we just give our rights up to Bush.
Everything will be okay.
Well, we're not going along with that story.
And he's written this book, and we've got him coming on.
He's been out there on the talk show circuit.
Folks, Bill Clinton was a rubber stamp puppet.
Bill Clinton doesn't run anything.
Bill Clinton didn't wipe his own nose, folks.
Bill Clinton was an underling of the Bushes who were just sub-directors in the MENA trafficking situation.
This is all confirmed.
There's voluminous witnesses in history and caught red-handed a dozen times.
But, look, I mean, Richard Miniter might be a nice guy.
I don't know.
But the neocons themselves are all over the airwaves.
George Bush didn't have any prior knowledge.
It's all Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton protected Al-Qaeda and bin Laden.
Well, I agree.
You know, you always protect CIA assets as a president of the puppet dictatorship.
But I want to know why you're blocking the Dan Burton Committee investigating Pardongate.
We could have Bill Clinton in jail right now for taking money.
The pardon convicted cocaine dealers and convicted money launderers and having communist Chinese generals in the White House and giving them data and using the Commerce Department as a giant cash machine that makes the Rosenbergs look like patriots.
So I don't want to hear anything else about Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton, you filthy neocons!
You make me sick!
Just like your cell phones?
And people will just accept it.
Well, the new phone takes pretty pictures.
It has a color screen.
And then they announce in all the big newspapers, yes, it's watching you, yes, it's tracking you, yes, Homeland Security can dial in and listen to you.
It's all good.
Ha, ha, ha.
I mean, somebody wake me up from this twilight zone.
But eight minutes into the next hour, we have Richard Miniter on.
I'm going to air the Neocon star piece again, so...
Get your recorders ready.
I'll tell you, I couldn't do that piece any better.
In fact, I couldn't do it that good.
Years ago, back when I had time, when I was doing one radio show a day, really no interviews.
It was a big deal to do a radio interview.
Now I have like ten a day or something.
Back when I had time at KJFK, this was like six, seven years ago when I started doing this, we would go in and produce pieces like that.
In fact, a lot of you heard them because even after I got syndicated, I would have time to produce those and air them.
And they were not as funny, folks.
I've got to get Michael Corbin up on the show.
I've been on his show.
And again, you really need to tune into it Saturdays from 7 to 9 p.m.
Because the guy's got a great radio voice, number one.
Number two, he's got a great repertoire and study of the New World Order.
And just, I'll tell you.
That show needs to be syndicated on 500 radio stations.
Well, so does this one.
But we're building towards that.
I guess we don't.
The neocons, though, the gun-grabbing neocons, own the big Clear Channel stations and others.
But we're certainly moving forward.
But I don't know.
And I'm told Michael's got a bunch of those.
I listen to his show when I can.
Bunch of these little clips.
I'm going to have Michael up, I think, in the near future to maybe play all his little pieces on air so we can post them on the website so the world can hear them.
You know, they've got these stupid promos making fun of Clinton or making fun of Hillary where Clinton goes, I couldn't help it, baby!
You know, it's really stupid stuff that's not funny.
And, you know, people buy CDs of it and, oh, it's all the rage year after year.
Or, you know, Osama is going to get it, you know, the theme from Beetlejuice.
Well, that little piece we just played blows that away.
So we'll be airing that again in the next hour.
Boy, that's something else.
Because, I mean, I hate those OnStar ads.
Aren't you sick of them?
You know, a lot of people just tuned in, Mark.
You're probably wondering what in the world I'm talking about.
We'll just make them wait until the next hour.
But right now, let's go to Terry in Florida.
Terry, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Okay, I've heard you constantly refer to convicted bank robber over in Iraq.
Convicted felon, etc.
Do you know how many convicted felons and bank robbers that you're offending, equating them to these globalist people?
You should have more sensitivity, Alex.
You're right, I apologize.
Yeah, Chiliby, okay, torture master, under the shawl, convicted bank robber.
It's an honorable profession by comparison, and you're offending them.
Okay, I'm sorry.
All right, that's all I wanted to hear.
Now, as far as television, how about don't watch it at all?
It does improve your mental health not to watch television.
Yeah, but I've got to track what they're doing.
Hey, listen, I'm kind of...
Got conflicting ideas on this.
I'm proud that I haven't watched more than four or five hours of TV in months.
I'm proud that... But at the same time, I'm missing out on the incredible propaganda.
I mean, I need to be able to watch this.
But see, I can't even go see a movie now without seeing ads for shows like Threat Matrix.
The government torches the citizens.
It's good.
This fall on ABC.
Get ready for torture.
You sound like I haven't watched network television in four years now.
At all.
Thank you.
Is that it?
Okay, thanks a lot, buddy.
Boy, he was fired up.
Yeah, Terry, we didn't hang up on you.
I guess you hung up.
Yeah, you haven't watched it in four years.
Well, I have to, okay?
And yet it's very painful.
People are going, what do you mean very painful to watch TV?
Folks, when you're aware of this stuff, it's like being somebody in Nazi Germany and going to see...
It'd be like getting in a time machine, going back to 1938 Germany, going to take in the cinema, and having to watch 30 minutes of Nazi propaganda reels beforehand.
You know the lies, you know Hitler's evil, you know everything that's going to happen, and you've got to watch propaganda about how good Hitler is, and guess what?
You're going to have to live through it.
You're going to have to be there in Germany and live through it, the war, the killings, the bombings, everything.
Now, that's exactly what's happened here.
We've seen history over and over again.
We see the exact pattern playing out again.
Massive textbook tyranny with a high-tech overlay to make it even worse being set up, and I can't watch it.
I can't watch Bush give speeches.
I just can't do it.
I will not do that to myself anymore.
I cannot watch Hillary Clinton.
I see a picture of her.
I'd get sick at my stomach.
I'm sick of these people.
I'm sick of these criminals.
I'm sick of these murderers.
I'm tired of them!
I think.
I think.
I think.
I was watching a History Channel show years ago about that, and I couldn't watch it.
I can't.
I had to turn it off.
I hate criminals.
I hate scumbags.
I hate trash.
I'm sick of you.
Dave in California.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead.
I haven't talked to you in a while.
Well, welcome, sir.
I'm having a little trouble getting into your show on InfoWars and Prison Planet.
I've tried and tried.
Are you guys maxed out on callers, or are you being hacked?
What are you saying?
The websites won't load?
The websites load fine, but I can't get your show to stream hardly ever.
I've tried for a number of days.
I've been told that by a lot of people.
Yeah, well, maybe it's good.
Maybe you've just got more listeners.
Well, I know that the listenership continues to grow and grow and grow.
We're routinely number one on Shotcast, just one of our streams.
And you know what the answer is?
More people putting up streams.
More people taking action.
Yeah, I agree.
And I hope that's the case.
You might want to have one of your guys check into it.
Well, I don't run that, sir.
See, I have a link to the folks that run that, and I don't, you know, they're great folks that are doing it.
I don't have anything to do with it.
But a lot of people tell me they can't get in, and it's because the listenership continues to explode.
I mean, we had to go down from 16 bits to 8 bits.
Well, I certainly hope that is the case.
I just wanted to pass that piece of information.
And I've got a question for you on the TV thing.
Have you watched or do you know anybody who has reported to you yet on this new Showtime propaganda movie that Bush put on about his leadership on 9-1-1?
Made by the man that threatened me, Lionel Chetwin.
Do you know anybody who's seen it?
I haven't.
Yeah, we've had callers, and I've read reviews of it, film reviews.
Again, and I don't have Showtime, so if somebody tapes it for me, it's going to re-air tomorrow night at 7 o'clock Central, I'm told.
And what's it called?
George Bush is God?
I forget the name of the production.
Something Crisis.
Yeah, and on the show...
Just reading reviews and what callers have called him and said, he reads the Bible and prays every night.
Directly to Moloch.
Of course, people don't know that when they're watching it.
I'm serious.
Yeah, I know, I know.
Directly to the skull and bones God.
I know, I know.
I mean, it's so crazy.
But in the film, he prays every night and reads the Bible.
He gets mad and says, I want to go to Baghdad and fight Saddam.
I want to fight bin Laden.
They have to physically hold him back because he loves America so much.
They have to restrain him.
He's so powerful.
He's a total leader.
And he talks about how much he loves the Constitution, you know, and the Fuhrer kisses the children, basically.
Well, I've been feeling a lot of anger lately, too, Alex, just because of the date, you know.
Tomorrow's the big day, and all of the stuff that happened that day is being used by one of the people that was involved in it to make himself look good.
I mean, we have to watch those that carried out mass killings
Well, that's it.
Who bragged about it before they did it in public documents.
We have to watch them parade around and tell us how they're going to take all our rights for our safety and how they're going to have a national draft and building a giant bureaucracy to forcibly inject us and they're going to track everything we do and convicted felons run it and bank robbers run it and Poindexter and Chalibi and all of them, just a pack of psychopathic control freaks.
And I have to sit there and watch it and watch these idiots out there sucking up the death of America.
Makes me sick.
One more brief thing and then I'll let you go.
John Ashcroft and his victory tour.
It appears to me that all he's doing really is just going to all these different big cities to have all of the police chiefs salute him.
In other words, he's getting the police chiefs to kneel before him.
Nail before Zod.
Basically, yes.
I've seen pictures of police users saluting him while his back is turned to him.
That was really bizarre looking, even.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
They were ordered.
Understand, the Associated Press reported beforehand that they were ordered to carefully screen all reporters, only reporters on proper lists.
And by the way,
At least somebody stood up and said, Ted Bundy, we know who you are, up in Detroit, and they say Ashcroft, quote, became physically shaken, and the other police chiefs became red-faced and shaken.
Yeah, you better become shaken!
We're digging up the bodies of what you did!
Well, God bless you, Alex.
Keep up the good work.
You know, this is a normal response, people.
I hear you calling into the talk shows.
You get all excited.
I tell you, they better fire that coach.
He doesn't get that win.
We need a win.
And that's totally normal.
Oh, listen, that's a good American.
Man, he's getting all excited, but I get all excited about how they're destroying America, and I want to stop him.
And people are going, man, that guy's radical.
Something's wrong with him.
He's not a slave.
Let's talk to Joe in New York.
Joe, you're on the air where Lord Ashcroft just visited and said, kneel before Zod.
What's up, Alex?
I'm good.
Just a couple of points.
I was watching a couple of these.
Night programs about the 9-11, you know, how the towers came down.
Oh, yes.
It didn't matter the own federal report.
The oldest firefighter organization says it's a total fraud.
Buildings blew up faster than a bowling ball could fall.
It weren't even hit by planes.
But, hey, it's all right.
And magically, passports fell out of the sky.
And, you know, public officials got told not to fly, and the list goes on and on.
Yeah, it was interesting.
They were showing an up-close video of Tower 2 falling, and the second before it collapsed forward and fell down, it showed these explosions right on that area where it folded.
Yeah, you see the detonations in the U.S.
Geological Survey, just like Oklahoma City picked up bombs going off.
And the reporters said bombs are going off, and the firefighters said bombs are going off.
And I called up some of the firefighters involved.
They said, look, we've been told not to talk to the public.
I talked to...
One of the particular firefighters was quoting People Magazine.
He said, look, I've been told not to talk about it.
The government claimed that all their radios malfunctioned.
Now that's been released.
No, they didn't malfunction.
Firefighters downstairs were going, bombs, bombs, we found bombs.
And, of course, the feds monitoring the transmissions.
At that point, click, click, click.
Bye-bye, firefighters!
We found bombs!
Click, click!
Yeah, I had to detonate them a little bit earlier.
They wanted to get a little bit more of a spectacle.
Of course, the speakers were announcing in both buildings, stay at your desk, stay at your desk.
And up on the top floor, heroes had bullhorns going, get out of the building!
And voices from across the street at Bowling 7 going, stay at your desk.
They will be repercussions.
Stay at your desk.
What it should have said is, we need high death tolls.
Stay at your desk.
Just one more thing, Alex.
There was a 1972 or 73 movie with Mitchell Cameron, I believe it was, and Christopher George.
It was a New World Order setting.
It was one of these science fiction programs where Christopher George plays an astronaut who lands on this planet identical to Earth.
And it was full New World Order with televisions watching you in your own home and total surveillance.
You might want to look into that movie.
What's the name of the movie?
I forgot the name of the movie, but it's an old 1970s movie.
What's his name?
Mitchell Cameron and Christopher George, one of his last movies before he died.
It was New World Order.
That sounds like a wonderful place.
He was mentally ill.
After a lobotomy, he'll love the New World Order.
He didn't like being a slave.
I mean, having freedom plus.
Freedom plus limits to that freedom.
Anything else, Joe?
All right.
Bless you, sir.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
We'll come back and talk to Brian in Texas and others.
We do have a guest coming on.
It says it's all Bill Clinton's fault that the Bin Laden goddess, Bin Laden, you know, acted all alone and
Again, of course nothing will be done to Bill Clinton, but we'll just talk about him all day.
Bill Clinton will serve as the red cape or flag to divert us.
That's the bull.
And then the neocons have the sword behind the red cape.
And when we dash in after Clinton, they can plunge the sword deep into our hearts.
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The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grants, government-run white slavery rents.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down.
All right, we've got a neocon coming on, but it's all Bill Clinton's fault.
Bill Clinton let the terrorists get us.
The ring of fire.
But, of course, no one's going to prosecute Bill Clinton.
And, yeah, Bill Clinton did let the terrorists get us.
Bill Clinton did say we're not going to pick up Ben Laden three separate times from three separate countries.
Yeah, and then Bush did the same thing because he works for the government.
That's why the illegitimate government.
I'm about to go to Brian and all these other callers, and then we've got our guests coming up, and I'm going to re-air the neocon star piece about what your on star is really all about, folks.
Imagine if Nationwide folks could hear this ad.
It's more akin to the truth than those sappy New World Order ads.
The government's going to keep watch with the satellites, and Homeland Security's going to listen to you off the sensors in there.
Folks, I'm looking at Reuters articles, AP articles that I will cover in the next hour, where they say everything's going to be tracked.
Yes, it's true.
RFID is going to be on your body to have a job anywhere.
That's what Homeland Security wants.
ID cards, threat level badges, and chips on your clothes, on your body.
Singapore signing deals to put it in their citizens' bodies.
We're entering a nightmare system.
I don't want to hear it that I get too upset about all this.
If you're not upset, something is wrong with you.
Before I end this now and come back with more calls and our guests, I do want to invite everybody tomorrow night, Houston, Texas, Alamo Drafthouse, new big eight-screen theater, you know, we're in the big theater.
They got food, drinks, you know, sody pop and all that good stuff.
Coffee, you name it.
And that's going to be the Alamo Drafthouse at the Western Oaks Shopping Mall in Big H Town down in Houston.
I've got to remember to call my...
My great uncle, Uncle Leonard.
I've got to call him.
He doesn't even know I'm coming down there.
He's always looking to come down and see me.
I've got to call some other people, too.
I had to put people on guest lists that are coming that I can't mention.
But the point is, I look forward to seeing everybody down there.
I'm going to speak for 30 minutes, and then I'm going to air Road to Tyranny.
I'm going to air the VHS version.
By that, I'm not going to air 170 minutes.
I'm going to air the original film that's about 2 hours and 20-something minutes long.
And then at about 9.30 or so, 10 o'clock, we're going to air...
A 90-minute film, George Lucas' first, THX 1138, one of my favorite actors, Robert Duvall, and it's all about the New World Order.
So come all, folks, tomorrow night, September 11th.
I'll do this show live during the day.
I'm going to get in the vehicle, the vehicle, and I'm going to drive down to South Texas, and I'm going to speak.
And I'm going to introduce the movies, and then I'm going to get back.
I'm going to go sleep, I guess, for four or five hours.
I'm going to get up and drive back to Austin and do the radio show Friday.
All right, I'm going to do radio interviews as I drive down there, too.
That'll really make the police mad.
The navigator's stuck in my ear with an evil cell phone tracking me as part of being a slave.
Actually, I've got an old phone that doesn't have it, but they're about to phase it out, I've been told.
I won't be able to do it.
But that's okay.
We're all slaves.
But anyways, I hope you get the videos.
If you can't be there, get 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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Or we won't be around.
But get the videos, make copies, get them out to folks.
Do not procrastinate.
All right, we'll be right back!
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Already into the second hour.
Going to re-air that Neocon star thing by the genius Michael Corbin in the next segment, and we've got a Neocon star coming on.
So you want to stay with us for that, too.
We're about to go to your calls.
Let's talk to, well, I guess Brian and Tejas and H.W.
in Colorado and others.
I like anybody named H.W.
or C.W.
Go ahead, Brian, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for taking the call, Mr. Jones.
I'm on a cell phone.
If it cuts out, feel free to cut me off.
Homeland loves us.
Go ahead.
I've lived in Austin for 12 years.
I was at McKinney Rough the other weekend and met you and Mr. Stadmiller and Ron Paul.
And his excellency that will be on the show tomorrow.
We had technical stuff and he wasn't able to be on the other day.
Ron Paul's speech was nothing but amazing to me.
I got it on videotape and I'm going to transfer it to audio
Did he not say that there is a world government conspiracy and that we're going to have a depression?
He absolutely did.
Scared the daylights out of me.
Well, thank goodness that someone that has walked the floors of Congress for so long is saying as much as you and I are saying.
And he says the neocons are Trotskyites.
That's nice, too.
Yeah, I have it all on video.
I've watched it a few times.
Did you hear him talk about how the neocon called him up and said, how dare you, you better watch it?
They're loving folks, kind of like Chetwin.
We're going to get you, boy.
I have all nine of your films.
I think they're fascinating.
They're backed up with facts.
They're all true.
One that you don't mention a whole lot is Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, which I find just fascinating.
Yeah, the government's got plenty of money.
They hold off filling the potholes until you accept a tax increase.
Go ahead.
I've followed you from the beginning.
Eight years ago, nine years ago.
And here in Austin, what I have observed is, I don't know how many cameras are everywhere now.
800 cameras, maybe more.
Microphone pods all over the place.
They're positioned everywhere, but they seem to be real close to cell phone towers, kind of strangely.
Oh, no, that's admitted.
A lot of them are wireless.
Yeah, yeah.
Look, they said cell phone towers.
This has been in the mainstream news.
Just go type in cell towers to be Homeland Security hubs.
We already knew this from the documents eight years ago, nine years ago.
But now they admit cell phone towers are going to be surveillance, blimp docking stations, command bases.
They may even build militarized forts around them.
These are going to be the citadels.
And DARPA announced in the Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe, excuse me, that they're also going to have mind control frequency generators at them.
Well, I believe it.
I have the Boston Globe article in my DARPA B system story.
Yeah, I stay a little bit away from the computer and the TV for my own reasons.
Working with my hands, building houses and whatnot here in Austin, the open borders
It's a huge concern everywhere.
And, hey, all these yuppies that thought, oh, it's just the working man that's in trouble with all these illegals, now they say, you think the Indians have taken your job in India?
It's going to get seven times worse in the next four years.
Enjoy yourselves.
I don't think what people understand that live in the suburbs, because I live here in town, they don't have the cameras out there in Steiner Ranch, Circle C, Lakeway, Westlake,
As much as they do in the city.
So for some people that live in a more rural environment... They're going in rural areas.
Right out there at Bastrop, where we were, they got them up.
Out in Fredericksburg, they got them.
You'll be out on a lonely road and you'll see cameras, sir.
And that's just the cameras you're seeing.
I don't understand why that doesn't spark a fire under more people.
Cameras and being surveilled... Because they have lots of TV shows...
You know, the dramas for the cameras are good.
God bless you, sir.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
You bet.
and others, we're going to talk to you.
We're going to have this guest on.
We'll let you talk to them as well.
All basically the same subject, so stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, impenetrable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror, only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th, and we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
Order online now at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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Standing up the big government, big brother, the liberals, the neocons, you name them.
That's right.
I'm Alex Jones.
And in just a minute or two, we're going to be talking to Richard Miniter, who has written a book, Losing Bin Laden, How Bill Clinton's Failures Unleashed Global Terror.
So that's coming up here in just one moment, but first I'd like to...
Well, dedicate this little piece called Neocon Star to all the companies selling the Big Brother tracking systems and cell phones and cars that they now admit the government is hooked into.
So here it is.
For all of those out there that love the police state, this is for the satellite tracking companies.
The following is an actual conversation between a Neocon Star operator and a subscriber in distress who is locked in her car and doesn't have the proper authorization to get out.
With Neocon Star, help is just a satellite away.
Neocon Star, how can I offer you great service today?
Please help me, I'm trapped in my car.
My retina scanner won't work.
Just relax, sir.
It's not sir, it's ma'am.
Please hurry, it's hot in here.
According to Admiral Poindexter's database, I have you at the moment.
I have a live shot of you from the Neocon Star Observation Blimp in your area.
I'm an old lady.
It looks like you have no outstanding warrant, so you're not under vehicular detention.
All right, sir.
But it looks like you have some outstanding parking tickets in two counties.
We'll need you to slide your national ID card.
But I can't find it.
I'm looking everywhere.
I can't find my national ID card.
Sir, I'm gonna send a Homeland Security helicopter there right now to check you out.
You have a 99.2% chance of being a terrorist.
Would you like the in-car lethal injection right now, or would you prefer to wait for the agents?
I'll take the lethal injection, please.
We're using Neocon Star.
Have a nice day.
Wow, that's amazing.
Now, we're going to go to our next guest, and I really appreciate Richard Miniter coming on the show.
His book's been getting a lot of attention, author of Losing Bin Laden, How Bill Clinton's Failures Unleashed Global Terror.
And, of course, there were several different countries involved.
Thanks for having me on.
That neocon star thing was hilarious.
Well, Michael Corbin made that as a host on this network.
Now, it is the funniest thing I've heard in a while.
But it's funny because it's so... That could actually start developing.
You know, China has mobile death fans where they just grab you and automatic injectors come out and kill you and then they gut you in the back.
Did you see that Times of London article a few months ago?
I think I did, yeah.
Very loving.
And it shows young women being drug out by their necks to be executed.
The thug police have looks of pleasure on their faces.
But kind of a side issue...
Now they've announced their surveillance blimps for our safety, which I'm very grateful for.
But, of course, with ground-penetrating radar to look through our houses, it's all part of freedom.
But the borders are still wide open.
But I don't want to rant and rave, Richard.
You've written this book.
First off, tell us a little bit about yourself, because you're published by Regnery, but then I see you writing for some kind of Leftward publications.
What's going on with the... Tell us about yourself first.
I'm an investigative reporter.
I'm a professional journalist.
I've been at it for about 15 years.
I was on the staff of the Wall Street Journal editorial page.
That's about the most conservative section of the Wall Street Journal, as you know.
I was also on the investigative team of the Sunday Times of London.
That's Britain's largest quality newspaper, and it's a center-right conservative newspaper, really.
Well, no wonder you read the Times of London then.
No wonder you saw the execution vans.
Most people aren't aware of that.
They look at me like I've got five heads when I mention it.
No, I think the British papers are sometimes much more interesting than ours because, first of all, there's not such a conformity and there's not a political correctness of what they can report.
So you've never written for the New Republic?
I've written a few articles in the New Republic, critical of George Tenet's CIA for being too soft.
Who publishes the New Republic?
Oh, boy, I don't remember the name of the publisher.
I've written, I think, one or two articles for the New Republic.
You know, somebody comes to you with an idea.
No, I understand.
I think that's something to do with Crystal, isn't it?
No, I think Bill Kristol does the weekly standard, and I guarantee I've never written for the weekly standard.
Okay, well, so you got into this investigation.
What did Bill Clinton do?
Tell us about it.
Well, I mean, I started with 9-11.
I started thinking, when did they begin planning the September 11th attacks?
And I began talking to CIA and FBI sources that I developed over the years in the course of my reporting.
And they said, well, actually our best intelligence is the planning for September 11th began in May of 1998 in the Kaldin camp of Afghanistan.
And so that means the planning for 9-11 began in the Clinton years.
And so that really got me thinking.
What did Clinton know about bin Laden?
And when did he know it?
And what did he do about it?
And those were the three questions that really informed my investigation.
So one of the things I went back to, I tried to find when was the first time that bin Laden had targeted Americans.
And I discovered that it was December 29, 1992.
He tried to kill 100 Marines in two towers who were staying in Yemen on their way to Mogadishu, Somalia.
Luckily that was unsuccessful, but it was the beginning of a pattern where bin Laden would attack, Clinton would retreat and ignore and essentially do nothing.
And so the early Clinton years, there was very little counterattack on bin Laden.
And a lot of times those attacks were at opportune times when Clinton was having some type of trouble, so he would fire some cruise missiles into the local aspirin factory, shutting off about half of Africa's medicine.
But he never really did anything to really get bin Laden, did he?
No, not really.
I mean, some of his people were decent, hardworking people who desperately wanted to take action against bin Laden.
They drew up plans to send covert operations teams into Afghanistan.
FBI agent O'Neill wanted to do that.
That's right.
O'Neill was very tough as well.
What happened to him?
Well, he died on September 11th.
He was the head of security for the World Trade Center, and he died when those planes hit.
He went back in to rescue someone and never emerged from that fateful cloud.
So that was kind of sad, but he was a great fighter of bin Laden's, and I've talked to many of his colleagues and associates who are great sources.
Now, he was interviewed by the French meeting.
I actually saw this in some of the British newspapers.
I believe it was the Times in London said that he gave quotes.
The Independent also had the quotes where he said, the government's going to allow this as a pretext to get the oil.
Have you ever tracked that down by Mr. O'Neill?
I would be very surprised if John O'Neill had said something like that.
It was for a French TV interview.
It was on video.
Yeah, well, the French don't have the same journalistic standards as other civilized countries do.
Ha, ha, yes.
Okay, so that was that French report.
I have every year in Brussels, so I get a big dose of French television, TV song, as it's called.
And let's just say that it makes your average college professor look like a conservative.
Well, sure, I would agree with you.
Very socialistic.
But I'm trying to understand something here.
Now, let me continue.
I shouldn't interrupt.
We've got Clinton just doing nothing about bin Laden.
I wonder why he did that.
Well, let me give you a few blockbuster things that I found in the book that really haven't been widely reported.
One is that the Northern Alliance, you remember them, they were fighting the Taliban.
They tried to kill bin Laden three times.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I think so.
CIA Director Jim Woolsey told me he realized that within his first month on the job at the CIA that there was a real problem, that they just didn't have enough Arabic language translators.
Less than 10% of all the intelligence the CIA was gathering in the Arab world could even be translated.
So we were flying blind as bin Laden was plotting.
Well, he went to the Congress and said, can you give us some money to hire some translators?
And most of the Congressmen said, yeah, of course, and they went along with a key committee chairman.
But one committee chairman said,
There was a guy named Dennis DeConcini.
He was a Democratic senator from Arizona, and he hated the CIA.
He didn't like the whole idea.
And he said no, but where did bin Laden come from?
Well, let me just finish my last thought there.
He blocked the funding for translators, and so he said, we'll give you the funding to go and get the translators.
Oh, sure.
If President Clinton calls me, President Clinton never called him.
Another myth I attack is the idea that bin Laden was somehow funded by the CIA.
Oh, yeah.
I looked deep into that.
I talked to both of the CIA station chiefs who were in charge of our war in Afghanistan in the 1980s, and they just said, hey, look, it ain't true.
We gave money to people who were actually fighting the Soviets.
Now, you know, locally on PBS, they've aired a clip of, during the Iran-Contra hearings, they mention Osama bin Laden.
And it's well known that he was one of the big contributors to the Mujahideen fighting the Russians.
Are you saying the CIA wasn't involved in that?
No, the CIA was involved in funding the Mujahideen, but the Mujahideen were native Afghans fighting for their land and their freedom.
There was a second war against the Soviets, which was funded by the Saudis and the Gulf states, and those people were called the Arab Afghans.
Now, these were two anti-communist movements, but they were completely unconnected.
The CIA funded the actual Afghans.
The Saudis funded bin Laden.
A Republican report in 1999 talked about how the deal with Clinton and Iran and bin Laden involved funding the folks in Albania to go after the Serbs.
Do you talk about that?
I don't talk about that, but I certainly know quite a bit about that.
I mean, there was a terror cell that one of the first things the Bush administration did, they rolled up a terror cell in Albania that was an al-Qaeda cell, and it was a major hub for their European activities.
Well, wow, that's interesting.
Do you have time to stay with us, Richard?
You can stay with us?
I do.
I think so, yeah.
Okay, great.
We've got a break for about just a couple of minutes.
I mean, I'll just come out with it.
I've studied this 9-1-1 situation.
I've read thousands of articles, and I've looked at the hearings, all of it, and I'll tell you right now, both of these administrations did nothing.
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All right, we're talking to Richard Miniter, author of Losing Bin Laden, and his book's getting a lot of attention.
I'm going to say this right now, though, up front.
I'm a real conservative, okay?
I don't like Bush saying he'll sign the assault weapons ban, open borders, all the rest of that garbage, not going after Bill Clinton for Parting Gate, blocking that.
That is a fact, folks.
And so this whole spin out of the neocon camp, and I haven't decided if Mr. Miniter is a neocon.
He may tell us he's not or he is.
He is saying, Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton.
And yes, Bill Clinton protected bin Laden.
But Bush signed W1999.
I've had David Shepard and all these FBI guys on the show and the lawyers involved in all this.
I mean, that was going on, too.
And so, I mean, how do you answer that?
That's the point I'm trying to make here, is, Richard, are you saying Bush didn't do nothing about bin Laden, too?
Well, this book I'm writing, Losing Bin Laden, is about Clinton and Bin Laden.
My next book, called Bush's Secret War, is about what Bush did from January to September 2001 and what he did after that fact.
So, is the BBC wrong reporting on W1999, ordering them not to stop these characters, and then, of course, flying out the Bin Laden family, which is now admitted?
Well, the Bin Laden family was flown out just days after the 9-11 attacks.
That's a fact.
In fact, I talked to the official who ordered those or allowed that to happen.
Well, Mayor Willie Brown says he was called of San Francisco and told not to fly to New York that day.
The chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, told MSNBC that.
And that's on the record.
Is the San Francisco Chronicle and the MSNBC, I mean, what's going on here?
What's going on with this?
I've never been able to see anyone able to really confirm those reports.
And, you know, Willie Brown says a lot of things.
Well, what about the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?
I mean, he stated that extramarital sex was a form of health for him.
You know, he says all sorts of wild things.
He's not... He's not very credible, huh?
Well, I mean... No, he's a corrupt liberal Democrat who... Did Bush have lots of plans on his desk?
Two days before September 11th, with U.S.
troops massed in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan?
There was a plan to hit bin Laden, which was supposed to be put on the president's desk the week before September 11th.
And then they decided to reschedule consideration of that plan until 3 o'clock on September 11th.
And, of course, by 9 a.m.
on September 11th, there was no point.
They knew they had to go.
Hey, who was the head of Pakistan's ISI on September 11th?
I forget the gentleman's name.
He's, of course, no longer the head of ISI.
General Mudd.
Yeah, you know, he met.
It was funny.
He'd only been to the U.S.
twice in his life.
He was here that day meeting with Porter, Goss, and Graham.
Did you know that?
I did know that, yeah.
Porter, Goss told me that.
Very interesting, just meeting that morning.
What about that CIA drill of flying planes into buildings that morning, and they told NORAD, hey, guys, it's just a drill.
That was really coincidental, too.
Yes, very coincidental.
Are you writing about that in your new book?
That's going to be in the new book, yeah.
In fact, one of the things I show is that as recently as, sorry, as far back as 1983, the Iranians began experimenting with flying planes into buildings.
Well, that's how JFK's brother got killed doing that to the Germans.
That's right, yeah.
But this technique had been around in terrorist circles for a long time.
In fact, on Clinton's watch, I've got an entire chapter devoted to something called Project Bojinka, which was an attempt... Philippines.
Twelve planes over the Pacific simultaneously.
Hey, did you hear about what was in the Philippine papers, as well as Reuters and AFP?
Not just the French, Reuters too.
About that coup with the military and the military said we're tired of the government blowing stuff up and blaming it on people, quote, for martial law.
Did you hear about that?
Yeah, I don't know what to make of that because I know that the Philippines, the native Tagalog people there, are very opposed to the Chinese who constitute the wealthy business class.
And they like to blame things on them.
But there are two al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups in the southern islands of the Philippines.
They also got money back in the day from the Libyans.
Well, look, I'm going to boil it down to you.
They're doing nothing to stop the open borders and the real stuff that's going on.
They're destroying our liberties.
And Ashcroft's saying there is no Patriot Act II and saying there is.
I mean, and I see government growing at record clips.
I don't buy this whole story and the things that are happening.
And you're obviously more informed than most people we've had on this show who are saying Clinton, Clinton, Clinton.
So you're not saying Clinton, Clinton, Clinton.
You're saying the government period, or what are you saying?
Yeah, look, you asked me if I was a neoconservative, and I always think it's astonishing when people call me a neocon.
All my life I've been a constitutionalist.
I like a limited...
Well, hey, absolutely, but I don't want to hear about Clinton because Bush won't put the guy in prison.
Yeah, that's true.
That's true.
But, you know, here, I'll tell you something about open borders.
Well, hold on.
Do you have to go, or can you stay a few more?
I can stay a few more for you.
Okay, yeah.
We'll just keep you five, ten minutes on the other side.
Then we'll get to all these callers I've been holding.
And the other news.
Maybe Richard Miniter is good.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Folks, I've got a copy of the Regnery book, and I like some Regnery authors.
I don't like others.
They do have a lot of neocons in there.
Some of them are good authors.
And I haven't read the book.
I've just read the synopsis.
And, you know, it just sounded like what I've heard from Limbaugh and Hannity.
Clinton, Clinton, Clinton.
And then never going, Bush protects him.
Bush blocks Dan Burton's committee.
Bush, blah, blah.
And that's why I just get so sick of it.
Because, yeah, Bill Clinton really should be indicted.
I mean, this guy is a criminal.
We've got proof all over the place.
We're good to go.
I think?
I don't think that's true.
I think the name that got brought up, that's an internet rumor, the name in question of the terrorist that he was protecting himself from was Abu Nidal, not Salman Laden.
Al-Qaeda didn't even exist until 1989.
Osama bin Laden, if you go to the microfilm, the microfiche, and we've done this, and you pull up articles, there were articles in the mid-80s with bin Laden's name in them, this young freedom fighter fighting the Soviets and helping America.
Are you saying that...
That the U.S.
didn't use the Saudis because they had Arabic-speaking people as fronts in the war against the Soviets?
Yeah, there were two fronts, basically.
Our front was we were using the Afghans who actually were fighting the Soviets.
The Saudis and the Gulf states were emptying out their prisons of Islamic extremists.
Yeah, well, PNAC, Project for the American Century, said that they needed a Pearl Harbor event
To get everything going, we've had this British minister, Metcher, come out and question the German technology minister, came right out and said that he believed the military-industrial complex was behind it.
And now major publications like the BBC have reported that at least six of the hijackers are still alive.
What do you say to all that?
I don't know about six.
I know at least two of the hijackers are still alive.
And how do I know that?
Well, because if you look at the names of the 15 Saudis,
One of those names is an escapism at the moment, but one of these guys actually came forward a couple days after 9-11 and said, hey, I'm not a terrorist, but I'm alive.
He reported his passport stolen when he was studying electrical engineering at the University of Denver, and the Saudis issued him a new passport.
Well, it turns out that that stolen passport was the one used by one of the hijackers on September 11th.
Well, he's obviously still alive.
Look, some of these hijackers were using, maybe all of them were using, constructed agents.
And maybe you have the help of an intelligence service here where they construct what's called legends.
That's false or stolen passports, other backup documents.
So we really don't know who some of these people really were.
And that, even to this day, you have intelligence.
What about Colonel Butler?
You know, they all had it in the news out of the Defense Monterey School.
He was the dean there.
They had, oh, he had to resign because he said Bush stood to gain from this and let it happen.
Well, the guy is involved in a lawsuit with Stanley Hilton and 400 of the victim's families.
He says he was ordered to train all these people.
You've got MSNBC, Pensacola News Journal, where they reported these guys were at the U.S.
bases training.
Again, I guess that's all not true either, or...
I haven't been able to find any documentation for it.
I did find records that some Afghan fighters were brought to the United States for medical treatment.
Now, look, I know we had massive training camps for the Afghans, not for the Arabs like bin Laden, but for the Afghans inside Pakistan.
No involvement with the Saudis.
Well, the Saudis did fund bin Laden and the Arab wing of the rebellion against the Soviets.
I'm trying to understand something here, though.
Earlier you said, oh yeah, you did read the AP reports about what just so happened that morning at 8.30 in the morning.
They were doing a drill of flying jets into buildings, and that kind of might have confused things for Norad a bit.
I mean, just great timing.
I'm trying to... I guess that was just coincidence, too, or just...
No, I'm not writing that off as coincidence at all.
I think that deserves, I hope the 9-11 Commission is looking into that.
The 9-11 Commission has had the people that were meeting with the Pakistani head, who according to a bunch of different reports, I think even the Wall Street Journal, wired $100,000 to Muhammad Atta, the lead hijacker.
I just second tripped in his life to meet with the heads of the Intelligence Committee to have breakfast at 8.30 in the morning.
You're referring to George Tenet's meeting with them on the morning of September 11th.
Well, yeah, the head of the CIA, the Intelligence Committee people, and the head of Pakistani intelligence all sitting around a table while this is all happening.
Yeah, that was documented.
In fact, I know the name of the restaurant and the table in which they met.
I'm not the only person to report that.
I mean, that's in Bob Woodward's book as well.
That's pretty well established.
So what does all this mean?
I mean, is your book going to say Bush did nothing about it?
My next book?
Well, my investigation is still ongoing, but clearly there were a lot of missteps in the early Bush years.
Well, I mean, there's things they should have done they didn't do.
Let's be honest about that.
First of all, the outgoing Clinton people who were veteran terrorist fighters wanted to brief Condoleezza Rice and some other people on bin Laden and
No thanks.
And I have that on the record from those people.
That's going to be in my new book.
But I'd really like to talk about my current book, Losing Bin Laden.
It's really important we understand the lessons of the 1990s.
I'm going to be just as tough on Bush as I am on Clinton.
I give credit where credit is due in both cases.
But when people are burdened with blame, they get that too.
Let's talk about Clinton.
Now, is it two or three countries that offered to arrest him, and then were told by Clinton, no, we don't want him?
There were three countries, essentially.
There was Sudan, and Sudan made multiple offers, by the way.
The first couple of offers to arrest bin Laden and turn him over to us.
Then they made other offers to use to turn over their intelligence files.
Now remember, bin Laden was there from April 1991 to May 1996.
Yeah, I think so.
The United Arab Emirates in the year 2000 had a plan to arrest bin Laden and turn him over to us, and Clinton scuttled that deal.
And even the Taliban, when they began to feel the pinch, were considering turning bin Laden over to us.
And then Bush, after Clinton leaves, signs W1999.
Telling the Justice Department and the FBI to leave all these people alone, that is.
And now we've got the guy out in Phoenix, the FBI guy, saying he wasn't allowed to go after him, and he said specifically fly planes into buildings.
Also, FBI agent Robert Wright, did you see him on C-SPAN with David Shippers and Larry Klayman?
No, I missed that one, sorry.
I got a video clip of that in my film Masters of Terror.
He starts crying and says, here's the letter, I'll be arrested if I...
If I tell you what I know, and then the head of judicial watch, Clayman, steps up and says, all we can say is the Bushes' vacation with the Bin Ladens.
Or that Bush's father has vacation with the Bin Ladens.
Yeah, that was, yeah.
That's, man, that's interesting.
They'll arrest them, but Kathleen Rowley, oh, she's so good.
She's off on some periphery issues.
Yeah, Bush's politics were very, well, the best you could call them is naive in the early administration, because what happened was, certainly before he was elected, I was in Austin, Texas, talking to some of his people, and I said, you know, it's really odd that Bush would go to the wedding of the daughter of the Speaker of the House of the Texas Legislature,
Because, you know, usually a Republican governor doesn't go to the family gatherings of a Democratic leader.
I mean, can you imagine Newt Gingrich going to Bill Clinton's daughter's wedding if General Chelsea was old enough to be married at the time?
It's just unthinkable.
And the reaction I got from the Bush folks down there was to shake their heads and say, well, that's what's wrong with Washington.
They never really understood that in Washington people play politics seriously.
It's hardball up here.
Because we're Texans, man.
Yeah, they don't get how tough people are.
So he came in and he was prepared to forgive everyone and not settle scores.
And he thought if he was generous and kind, they would be that way to him.
He just didn't understand how rough and tough a person he is.
He's so nice.
This is very loving.
Very loving individual.
And, you know, he was one of the first, I think the first president, though, to be getting the CIA briefings during the election.
Remember when some of the CIA folks were meeting for that month-long vacation out at Crawford?
Remember that?
Actually, most presidential candidates get CIA briefings.
Oh, but they said he was getting the daily threat assessments.
I remember seeing on the news that had never been done before.
Maybe that was false.
I don't know.
I don't know what daily threat assessments.
If that's true, that's...
I think that would be unprecedented.
But I remember Walter Mondale complaining during the campaign in 1984 against Ronald Reagan that he wasn't getting enough intelligence briefings, and he had the CIA out there briefing him almost every day.
Very, very interesting.
Well, we're safe because the pilots haven't been armed, and that's good.
I'd go further than that.
I'd say we should arm the passengers.
Yeah, I was being sarcastic.
I mean, if I have the right to carry a gun in my car, why don't I have the right to carry a gun on a plane?
All right, well, Richard, your new book, author of Losing Bin Laden, Albo Clinton's Failures Unleash Global Terror, and I guess it's in all the bookstores by Regnery.
Thanks for coming on the show.
Yeah, I hope your listeners can help us topple Al Franken from the number one slot on Amazon.com.
We've got to bring him down.
Okay, thanks for joining us.
Take care, buddy.
Oh, man, all I can say is that it's shameful how Fox tried to shut up Al Franken.
And I don't like Al Franken, but Al Franken has his First Amendment rights.
And this whole thing of, you know, go buy our neocon book, and I'm not saying his book's a neocon book.
I haven't read it.
But I have read Coulter's book and some of the others and scanned over Hannity's.
They send me all this, and I...
I mean, it's amazing.
It's absolutely amazing.
And, you know, maybe Richard's ignorant about some of the facts, but, you know, on some of these things, he agreed on some things, disagreed on others.
Very, very intelligent.
And, well, it's up to you to decide.
They're not going after Bill Clinton, are they?
I just know this.
And I know the globalists carried out September 11th.
And, you know, there's the German technology minister, and now this British minister, and all these other people coming out and saying this, and Project Northwoods, and
All these other facets and the top pilots saying you can't pull those Gs.
They couldn't pull those Gs.
Fighter pilots couldn't fly planes like that.
And then you got a bunch of the hijackers.
The news says nine.
They confirmed six.
He was saying two.
But, oh, it's just different names.
Really interesting.
Very, very interesting.
Let's go ahead and take some calls.
I appreciate folks holding.
in Colorado.
Welcome, sir.
here from Colorado.
Alex, thank you very much for making the individual human beings in the world aware that government is by definition crooked, always.
Only thieves and liars want to rule other people.
No matter if you are in Islamic or Christian territory, they're all sucked.
Well, that's it.
I mean, when the globalists are knocking over some thug, they go, oh, look, it's a thug.
Yeah, it's a bigger mafia don knocking over a smaller capo.
Now, thank you a lot for having explained all these intricate things in politics.
I've been flying back and forth to Europe for the last 30 years, and 9-11 really screwed me.
I didn't try to fly since.
I wonder what the future holds, but the last 30 years, it got worse and worse and worse.
So you're from Europe?
Where are you from?
I grew up under communism, and communist, capitalist, and cataclysm.
They really, I cannot.
Well, yeah, how it works is over any communist death pit, there'll be one lone fat goblin corporation profiting and shipping out the slave goods.
Now they call it crony capitalism, but it's all command and control.
You know, giant private prisons building widgets for Wackenhut.
They take the same piece of paper, and no matter what the color, they print a 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, or 500 on it.
And believe me, there's a big difference between one egg for breakfast and 500.
But these guys get 500 eggs for breakfast, or whatever.
There's no reality in this whole thing.
I'm not saying it's a piece of paper, but it'll buy us an amount.
Private families own the different central banks of the world.
They're so rich, folks, they print the money.
Well, of course, if you can just print it up, you'd rule the world, right?
That'd be very logic.
Everybody else has got to work for a living, got to produce a good.
All you got to do is own the media, lie to people, dumb them down, have spin doctors out there spinning stories.
Oh, it's just Bill Clinton.
Legal tender has to have actual value to it, not just backing it up with gold or anything.
You have to have the gold under your control, in your pocket or dug away or whatever.
You got it.
That's why they want us dependent in the compact cities under their control.
H.W., good hearing from you.
Now, hey, just one more quick thing.
You've got to get the Europeans, because they're all under the thumb of the British Queen or the Pope of Rome, and they never had a chance to free themselves from that.
It took a number of years being here in America that I freed myself and looked through this whole thing.
Well, I can't tell you how many...
Europeans have called in from Poland and Russia and Germany and have told the stories of how we saw the exact thing, the exact spin.
It's happening again.
Wake up, America.
Watch out.
We'll fight for you.
We'll fight for the American Constitution, for the individuals of the world.
That's the only place where there's some left.
That's it.
That's why they're trying.
Okay, go ahead.
You want to plead with the world to wake up?
Go ahead.
Well, that's what I would say.
All these people that have been working so hard and taking this piece of paper in exchange for their hard work, and in the end they have nothing.
Their life got more complicated.
That's what started me making matters.
You've got to jump through hundreds of hoops.
You've always got, as Tony Montana says, a... In the end, they're... A shabano in every corner.
Yeah, they made it illegal, for example, to run a potbelly stove in your home.
And, you know, what more independent would you be if you can run wood stakes in your wood stove?
Yeah, that's it.
Everything to control you.
It's the mercantile model.
And we're going back to during the Renaissance.
We left the mercantile model and had the greatest explosion ever.
Now we're going back to the mercantile model.
The WTO, the IMF, World Bank openly call for mercantilism.
And under the Mercantile model, they would tell the colonies, you can't make shovels or guns.
You can't make your own goods.
You're our slaves.
Folks, it's happening again.
Thank you, H.W.
And people just don't know history, so they're doomed to repeat it.
Come back and talk to Bob and others.
I've got a bunch of other news.
Then I've got the father of this poor lady who begs for food that the government's going to kill.
We hope we can stop it.
That's one interview in the next hour.
Very important interview.
And a lot more.
It's a big show lined up for you today.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends.
Alex Jones here, back live.
We have the...
The father of Mary Skialvo coming on the show, Bob Schindler.
And according to the CNS News article in the World and Daily Stories I've seen, she audibly has requested food and water.
The doctors and nurses have testified to this.
She has swallowed.
She's eaten.
She's being denied health care.
And now they want to remove her feeding tube.
So that's coming up.
Here in just a few minutes in the next hour, we're going to get to Bob and Mark and Charles and others here in just a second as well.
I do want to remind you that tomorrow night in Houston, Texas, Alamo Draft House Movie Theater at the West Oaks Shopping Center, we have maps and details at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
I'm going to be giving a 30-minute speech on September 11th in the New World Order, and I'm going to air Road to Tyranny, then THX 1138.
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Let's talk to Bob in New York.
Go ahead, Bob.
How are you doing today, Alex?
Good, my friend.
Hey, um...
I was wondering if anybody had done a volunteer program to pass out your videos to every fire station in New York City.
Yes, a couple of listeners have said that they have done that.
And, of course, the government told us that the firefighter tapes malfunctioned.
I've talked to the firefighters.
New York Daily News admits they recorded firefighters finding bombs and were seized by the Bush White House.
Now, that's your own newspaper.
But they've got your videos.
I know some of them do.
I know that we've had callers who've said that they've given them out to, quote, a lot of fire stations.
That's good.
That's good.
I'm glad to hear that.
Hey, what do you think of the rabble-rousers?
I just was watching Donald Rumsfeld at the press club or whatever, and there was a disruptive person in the audience, kind of like last night's Democratic debate.
I think it's wonderful.
That's what freedom and liberty is all about.
You're right.
I love it.
That's what America is all about, is the First Amendment, standing up to people.
Listen, that's the way it's always been.
Look at the House of Commons.
If you don't agree with somebody, you stand up and demand that they answer your question.
You get in their face.
I've had people do that to me, and I've answered their questions.
We need these people to be accountable.
Alex, you keep getting upset.
I'm deep in it.
I watch TV all day long.
I'll get to you later.
Stay there.
We'll get to everybody.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Terry Chandler Chiato.
...is fighting for life, not being given treatment, and a judge is moving to remove her feeding tube.
We have had Wall Street Journal writer Wesley Smith on this show to list the hundreds of names of people who audibly beg for food, who can drive their wheelchair around, can bowl.
They can bowl, folks.
You know, roll the ball and knock over pins.
Because they got into this culture and said, oh, I want to be taken out of my misery, and people will use that against them later to remove feeding tubes to not give them care.
And Bob Schindler, her father, is fighting against this.
It's a horrible, horrible case, very painful to read about, and it's gotten a lot of attention in Florida.
And I'm sad to say it's one of many cases just like this
So we're going to talk about it with Bob Schindler and about what his daughter is up against right now, what his daughter Terry's up against.
Bob, thank you for coming on the show today, sir.
Thank you for having me.
Just in a nutshell, the story, how it started, and what's happening right now, and what the judge has ordered.
Well, it started where my daughter mysteriously collapsed back in 1990.
And the information that we received was that she had a heart attack.
And we assumed that was correct.
Her husband filed a malpractice suit against her attending physician and her gynecologist based on the fact that they had never conducted any tests.
And in November of 1992, they awarded
Terry, a million, aggregate sum of a million six plus, and he received, the son-in-law received $640,000 personally.
And as soon as that money came in, he then started a pursuit in my daughter's life.
And what he did was he posted that he did not resuscitate in her medical records.
He withheld all information from our family, or actually from anyone, to make any kind of determination on what condition she was in.
He denied her antibiotics to treat infections which she would have died from.
Now, for those that just joined us, I have a bunch of news articles saying just this, mysterious illness, not being given treatment, she'll have infections, he'll say no treatment.
They feed her.
She's even able to eat and audibly ask for more, according to the news articles.
Now, you have doctors and nurses saying this.
They don't want to kill your daughter.
There's over a dozen doctors on record with the court stating that her condition was misrepresented, that she is not in any kind of persistent vegetative state, which, by the way, is a criteria in Florida to execute someone
The wishes that Kelly allegedly made were totally fabricated.
And in reality, you have a girl that has suffered brain damage and has never been given any kind of treatment or therapy for that.
She's disabled.
Well, also, I mean, I've seen video clips.
She's got her eyes open.
She's looking around.
It's very responsive.
Yeah, very responsive.
And there's nurses saying they feed her and she enjoys it, and then the husband gets mad?
What he does is their guardian.
And in Florida, the guardian has supreme power over the ward.
And a lot of times the state can also get appointed guardian.
Well, we're hoping that the governor will step in and do that.
Because in this case, Governor Jeb Bush has said it's wrong, which is good.
Well, he went on record...
I tell you what, stay there.
It gets really bad, and I appreciate your courage to talk about this.
It must be extremely painful.
I know that as a father.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
And put some predictability into your business.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Bob Schindler, father of Perry Schindler, and
Bob, please continue.
I mean, your daughter is awake.
She audibly, according to the news reports, has grunted with enjoyment eating food.
She's never been allowed any physical therapy.
The medical records have been sealed.
Just one day she's fine.
Next day she's suddenly paralyzed from the neck down.
Please go through the rest of the story for us.
And now a judge has ruled at the request of the husband to remove the feeding tube.
I had mentioned that there was efforts by the husband to end my daughter's life while she was in a variety of nursing homes.
And it was somewhat like standard procedures.
She was not permitted any type of...
Therapy to the minutest form.
And there are people coming forward now, caretakers, who have offered affidavits to the courts saying how he had abused her over the past 10 years while she was in the nursing home.
Now, just to set the stage for what happened that evening, and that was on an early morning when she collapsed,
And the very next day, the husband had an attorney come to the IC room at the hospital and had suggested that my wife and I sign over full control of our daughter to the husband in order that we can expedite her medical care.
And at that time... Very cogent, very focused.
At that time, our prime concern was our daughter.
And actually, we agreed to do that.
Little did we know when we signed this document, it gave him total control over Terry and any information associated with Terry.
So what the husband did, he acted as a liaison between the doctors and our family.
So we were told what he wanted us to know.
And we were told that Terry had a heart attack.
And that her condition was not improving and so on and so forth.
And now, years later, you get the medical records.
Then what happens is that we did obtain access to her medical records, and we found that she had an injured neck, and that was, by the doctor, described that as symbolic of a person that was strangled.
She never had a heart attack.
She was...
Actually, you had suffocated from lack of oxygen through her lungs, and that's, of course, her heart to stop.
The doctor medical in the hospital even stated they didn't know what happened to her.
They never picked up on the strangulation.
Plus, we uncovered a bone scan that was taken of Terry that showed she had multiple fractures throughout her body, her ribs and so on and so forth.
She had a broken leg.
She had fractures in her pelvic.
You know, it's incredible.
Every time police should be called in, they're not.
And every time they shouldn't be, they are.
Well, this thing, and again, the therapy, when Terry and I were backing this up prior to the malpractice, Terry, the husband, did allow her to go into a rehabilitation program, but they stopped it at a rehabilitation.
Now, he told us that she wasn't improving.
But we found out the reason that they stopped it was because of the multiple bone fractures she had in her body.
That she was expressing pain to the people that were putting her through these gyrations.
And she was telling them, she was talking then, by the way.
And she was indicating that she was in pain.
I've got the news article.
She was talking...
And then now, ten years later, she's not doing as well.
Sir, this must be horrible.
So where is this going?
Has any of this concerned police officers?
What is totally, totally unbelievable with the system here in Florida is this particular judge has all this information, and he's blocked every avenue that we've tried to get an investigation into.
I went to the police department, and I tried to file for a police report on what happened to my daughter, and they would not allow me to file.
The attorney general, which is like the local attorney general of the district.
Who is her husband?
His name is Michael Schiavo.
I've got the article, and I know his name, but what does he do?
What's his profession?
He worked in a restaurant.
Actually, he started his career at McDonald's.
And one, this happened to Terry.
He was working in a restaurant.
Well, normally, if someone has, I mean, again, I've got the news articles right here, and they've got all these doctors and nurses admitting she was denied care and all this, and that she begs for food, and so she's in pain and all of this.
And then you've got the doctor's report saying it looked like strangulation, but then you're being told heart attack.
And now this federal judge is saying they're going to take the tube away from her?
It's a circuit court judge.
It's not a federal judge.
A circuit court judge is... As a matter of fact, Kamar, he will set the date when they'll stop feeding her.
And when you mention who is the husband, it's not the husband who is connected, if you're thinking in that direction.
The attorney is a pro-euthanasia attorney.
And they've had the Hemlock Society backing this thing.
It's a national campaign that's out there to legalize euthanasia.
No, no, Wesley Smith has talked about how they can get the most radical cases pushed through.
I mean, folks, we're talking about people in California begging, get me food, get me food.
We've had nurses calling on the show.
It's been in the Wall Street Journal.
I mean, this is on and on from Alabama to California, and they are killing people who are talking and saying, don't kill me.
Well, you signed a paper.
What's frightening is, and I was totally oblivious to this euthanasia movement, as I'm sure everyone else is, and people don't have a hard time reconciling themselves to think something like this could happen in our country, but it is.
And they're killing people daily.
They're starving people to death daily.
It's an ongoing thing, and it's a...
It puts me in mind of what was happening by the Nazis when they had their cleansing program.
Well, for those who don't know, that whole eugenics, now known as, you know, they've kind of morphed the name into bioethics.
That's exactly what's going on.
In your particular case, I'm just going off the news articles.
But I know that generally they are killing people, and it's an overt thing, a predatory thing.
These different organizations, they want to set the precedent with the state for these medical boards to order your death while you're begging for food.
And, I mean, have you talked to these groups?
Have you said, hey, this is wrong what you're doing?
What do they say?
Well, I haven't directly talked to the pro-euthanasia groups, but...
We've tried to get the information out to the media for them to alert people what's happening.
How many radio interviews have you done?
I must have done a dozen.
Most of them in Florida?
No, actually they've been in different parts of the country where I've had an opportunity to express what's happening.
How many newspaper articles have been written?
Oh, my Lord, I don't know.
It's national.
But as you said, you weren't aware of the sheer numbers of this exact type of stuff going on all over the place.
Well, I don't think anybody is.
Even the media and locally, they're actually supporting my daughter's death, the way they're explaining the news.
And they're not printing the facts of the case.
They're printing opinions.
And they're printing that she's been in this condition for such a long time.
Let her go.
That's their attitude.
Isn't that nice?
But what they don't realize, and they don't print, is the reason she's in this condition is directly because of her husband's lack of attention.
Well, now you have dozens of medical personnel, doctors, nurses, and others.
She was talking years ago.
They can get to her.
They won't allow it.
They can eat.
Now they want to take the tube away.
Again, setting the precedent.
If they can get people who are talking, folks, people that are awake, blinking their eyes, begging for food, they can go to anybody.
This is not, quote, right to die.
This is the state's right to kill you.
It's judicial homicide is what it is.
And they're trying to lower the bar, particularly like in Florida.
We have a large elderly population.
Oh, yeah.
And I'm sure it's costing...
Well, yeah, it's Logan's run.
Hey, it's Logan's run.
The globalists don't want to pay out to take care of people.
People don't care about their parents anymore, don't want to take care of them.
And so we're all in deep trouble.
I want all these yuppies to know that are for this.
When you're paralyzed, and a lot of people come back from this, and you're sitting there begging for food and they kill you, you just remember, as you are in incredible pain, that you went along with this for other people.
What's interesting is that the euthanasia advocates are endorsing this filing a living will, which would state that you do not want to be treated under certain circumstances.
But the jeopardy there is that the legislation is changing what they consider as life support.
As an example, in Florida, recently they said that feeding tubes are a form of artificial life support.
Well, now they're even saying that in some states, giving someone water is.
Well, is that right?
So you have to be very, very careful, and employees do never, ever... They're masters.
They're masters of changing labels.
The conservatives are really the liberals.
The liberals are the communists.
You know, just all these terms have changed.
Oh, man, I tell you, sir.
Now, are you able to get in to see your daughter?
Not where we are now, but there's a restricted visiting list.
What does she do when you get in there to see her?
Well, she greets us.
I mean, when I say she greets us, she responds...
We'll be right back.
Stay there, sir.
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Christ said to suffer little children and that those that harm them be better to tie a big stone around your neck and be thrown in the deepest sea.
And by children, that means weak people.
The widows, the orphans, the paralyzed person.
You know, that's what vampires do.
They feed on paralyzed people.
Normal people have a pang of need to support and help sick people, hurt people, to nurture them.
Not the New World Order.
They want to crush them.
They want to use their body parts.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is the New World Order, folks.
It's what it has to offer you, and I hope we all pray.
And I've never said do this.
I just think of these poor people cornered by this system, like Terry Schindler.
We need to pray for all those in these hospitals that have turned into death camps, and for the good doctors and nurses that are trying to say no, the bioethics boards and the judges and the culture of death that's being promoted by this system.
And this is just horrible.
Going back to her father, Bob Schindler.
Bob, what was it like after you said, oh, we've got to expedite things, we'll sign over our rights to our daughter, and then all of a sudden, how did things change after you did that?
You said for a long time you couldn't even see your daughter.
Well, what had happened, it grew very intense after the money came in, the malpractice money, which, by the way, I mentioned was like $1.6 million.
There's roughly about $20,000 left of that.
The entire amount of money has been spent.
The attorney's got that money.
The present attorney representing the husband has received over half a million dollars in legal fees.
So now the money's running out and it's time to...
And she has not received the benefit of that award at all.
Remember these so-called drug treatment centers in the 80s?
I had a lot of friends who would just, their dad would catch them with one marijuana cigarette and they'd disappear for six months.
And as soon as their insurance ran out, they'd be released.
And they'd torture them in these facilities.
Had nothing to do with stopping drug abuse or drug use.
And as soon as the insurance would run out, man, they'd be released right then.
Well, they always say follow the money trail, and the money evaporated from her medical fund.
And it's happened not only with Terry, this whole guardianship thing down here in Florida with the elderly.
And what they're doing is they're literally robbing their estates.
And it's going to... Oh, they just signed a bill in Texas where if you ever take any Medicare or Medicaid, they get your house, all your property, everything.
Except, well, that's what's happening.
And the courts are... I mean, if you get $100, they take the inheritance.
Well, they did that down here because so many people were from out of state, and they didn't want the money going out, you know, back north or wherever when the people passed away.
So it stays here.
But where it's going, it's lying in the pockets of people that have the power.
So what do we do?
Who do we call?
I know we've got a link to the website, TerrysFight.org.
TerrysFight.org, great website.
And you've got the phone number.
Call and tell Governor Jeb Bush to please save Terry Schindler's life.
Yeah, I don't mean to interrupt you.
Jeb Bush is our only salvation.
That executive power.
Well, the fact that all of the local people, the district attorney, the police, the chief of police, they're all, I hate to use the word conspiracy, but they're all part of the good old boys.
And they won't take any action with Harry because they're being told not to.
Well, a lot of times, though, governors or senators, to look good, will take up a case like that, and that's fine.
If they occasionally want to do a token thing like this and say it's wrong, you need to get a movement to stop this system itself and, of course, first save your daughter.
So, folks, you need to call the governor at 850-488-7146 and tell Jeb Bush, save Terry.
Tell him, no, you can't take her food away from her.
Yeah, I really would appreciate that so much.
And I want to stress this again.
Her eyes are open.
She's smiling.
Doctors are on record that she's been talking.
And she's got an infection, too, and there's no treatment being given for that?
No, that was treated.
Okay, I was going off the CNS News article.
Now she's been treated?
Yeah, thanks to Jeb Bush.
Oh, Jeb Bush.
Tell you what, do five more minutes with us, sir.
I know you're busy.
No, please.
Okay, well, just thank God for Jeb Bush.
I'll say it right now.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You are sick because you allow yourself to remain sick.
And you remain sick because you don't provide your body with the enzymes and other nutrients that only come from raw food.
You haven't alkalized your body.
That's toll-free 888-803-4438.
Not yet available in Iowa.
All right, it's a nightmare case, but as Wesley Smith will tell you from the Wall Street Journal, there are hundreds of people, hundreds of cases that we're aware of where people are audibly saying, please feed me, crying out, nurses breaking the rules, feeding them, being fired.
Medical kangaroo courts, bioethics boards, just modern eugenics.
And the Nazis did similar things.
You can go to TerrysFight.org and see recent videos of Terry.
These are heart-rending, folks.
I mean, she is there.
She is begging.
And this is what the courts call lifeless vegetable, and we'll shortly issue a date to begin Terry's death by starvation.
It's just amazing.
They've got all the documents, photos, news reports.
It's a family fighting for their daughter's life.
Who was talking clearly and swallowing and eating and everything early on?
Ten years ago, after now the medical reports say the evidence showed strangle, that was all suppressed, and now it's come out.
I guess the system doesn't want to admit it's wrong, but Jeb Bush, because of pressure...
And that's good.
When they do something good, we've got to say, wow, they did something good.
The articles I saw just a few weeks ago were saying that she had this really bad infection.
The husband was saying no treatment for it.
She was in a lot of pain.
But you're saying Jeb Bush stepped in and got her treatment for the infection?
What happened was that he has received so far close to 35,000 petitions that have come off of Terry's website directed to him
And this whole thing is scripted, how they end people's lives.
Either they remove their feeding, these are the elderly for the most part, but when these patients are in there and they contract some type of an illness that would become terminal, the guardian or conservator who has total control will say, don't treat it.
And then the person will pass away, they'll die.
And the story, it's called Exit Protocol.
Yeah, that's the bioethics boards.
By the way, the guy that wrote the National Protocol just spoke to the governor's conference two years ago.
I mean, they're really putting him on a pedestal.
Dr. Peter Singer from Australia says, quote, newborn babies should be able to be killed at two years.
From the time they're born to two years, they're not even humans.
Old people are the equivalent of mackerel.
Retarded children are, quote, sub-human beings.
These guys walk around calling people subhuman, folks, and they're praised.
They speak to the governor's conference.
Well, there's a Dr. Ronald Cranford who was brought in on Terry's case, a neurological guy that's testified in most of these high-profile cases like Terry's, and he calls himself Dr. Death.
He examined Terry, and we have him on video.
Good job.
Thank you.
Let me tell you something about Dr. Kevorkian.
I saw him on PBS at an art show with paintings he painted in his own blood of demons eating children coming out of wounds.
These were the most disturbing paintings I've ever seen
And I never talk about this, but I'm somewhat of an art connoisseur.
When I have time, I like to look at art.
It was kind of like the Geiger stuff from the movie Alien.
Eating babies, he was going, I painted this in my blood.
He was surrounded by Tom Cruise and all these beautiful women.
Oh, he was a star.
Oh, Kevorkian, Kevorkian.
You know, he lost his medical license in two different states.
He was caught in the dark doing unusual things with dead bodies.
That's the type of ghouls that are into this sick culture of death.
Well, the attorney that is representing Michael Schiavo, he claims that he can communicate with the spirits of people, and he can tell when they're asking to die.
Sir, where is this documented?
It's in a book.
He has a book that he's published.
That shows the occult.
This is a...
Folks, you know what they're doing right out in the open.
It's unbelievable.
It really is.
Folks, I saw Kevorkian going, I painted this in my blood.
There was like all these supermodels going, oh, oh, Chuck, oh, Chuck.
I told this attorney while I was doing the interview, and we were having an exchange, and I said, you're no different than a serial killer.
As far as I'm concerned, you're another Ted Bundy or any of these other people.
You're doing it legally.
And what did he say to that?
He was very upset that I would accuse him of being a serial killer.
But in my view, he was.
He is.
Well, look, we've had 54 million abortions.
And everybody told you, hey, folks, they're going to kill the old people.
They're going to kill the infirm.
You know, the Nazis were for abortion, and people can't get it, and so it's going to come back on all of us.
That's God's rules.
You reap what you sow, folks.
Those of you that have been involved in this and haven't repented, and frankly, a lot of innocent people too, are going to be caught in the jaws of this system that we have created.
We've done it to ourselves.
Well, you know, Terry's caretakers have been so intimidated.
The one girl that came out was fired.
She filed a police report early on about Terry being mistreated and abused by her husband and the possibility that he was going into her room and injecting insulin in her veins.
And she filed a police report about the possibility of attempted murder, and she lost her job from that.
And got blackballed throughout that industry, the nursing industry.
That's what happened.
Now, you have the medical report where they say it showed strangulation, but then that was all sealed from you until now.
That's correct.
And so they fired her, and you've got doctors and others.
Now, she was talking clearly early on and swallowing, but then I guess after these...
But later she got worse, huh?
Well, what happens is the fact that she's been, like now, she's in total solitary confinement and has been for three and a half years.
She's locked in a 10 by 12 room.
She's not permitted out of that room.
And her husband, he determines what she can see and what she can have in there.
No animals, no photographs of her family.
Nothing that would... Let me tell you something.
Let me tell you, the mouth of hell is yawning for that individual.
Well, he should be in jail for what he's done, the way he's abused her.
And the frustrating thing is that none of the authorities, they ignore it.
Just recently I was told that one of the complaints was sent back because it's within the court, and this is Judge Greer,
And we know for a fact that Judge Greer has communicated behind doors with some officials in an attempt to blockade any kind of investigation.
Blockade any type of investigation?
To the least of us, you do to me, folks.
It's horrible.
You'll see on our website, we're asking to please, please, you know...
Notify the authorities to investigate what's happened.
It's criminal activity.
It's just being ignored.
The whole thing is just unbelievable.
It's tragic.
Any other word you can find for a description.
We're sitting back and it's like a nightmare for us.
It's surreal.
Well, let's take a couple calls if that's okay with you, sir.
Todd in Kansas and then Scott in Illinois.
That's all we have time for calls.
Go ahead, Todd.
We'll go to Charles in Florida.
He was holding.
I'm sorry, Charles.
You were first.
Go ahead, Charles.
Can I talk about anything else after I talk to your guest?
Let me just put you on hold.
We'll go back to you when our guest is gone.
Todd in Kansas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
We'll go to Scott in Illinois.
Go ahead, Scott.
You're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
I'd like to say I feel for your guest there.
I just went through the same thing last Thursday.
My friend, he was in a coma for...
Eight months, and they told him that there was no brain activity.
They told his brother and sisters.
He signed an organ donor card?
Yes, he did.
You can have brain readings that are making the machines smoke, and they'll say you're brain dead if they want those goodies.
You know, Alex, I went in there, and I had a whole different idea of what a coma was.
And the reality of it.
I walked in, this man watched me walk in the door, walk up to the side of his bed.
When I talked to him, tears came down his eyes, okay?
Through the months, I've seen him sitting with his arms locked because nobody was giving him therapy at this hospital.
His pelvis literally turned straight up and down.
He was not getting the therapy he was supposed to be getting.
And I walked in on him and seen him sweating profusely, breathing hard, trying to sit up.
It was like you were looking at a human being trapped inside of a body that was conscious, but the body didn't work.
And what you were seeing, again, is like a human being stuck under a car, and they're begging help, and everybody just stands around and laughs and goes, We're liberal!
Just wait until we get your guns.
We'll have a lot of fun with you, public.
I'll tell you, Alex, it was really... I believe that he was just going through a healing process, and a lot of his family and friends couldn't bear to see him that way, and they thought it would be better to stop feeding him.
My uncle was in a coma for six weeks doing nothing, and he just came right out of it.
People have been in them for years.
It was a case where a person was in it for like 20 years and came out and is fine walking around now.
Well, you know, they stopped feeding him Thursday, and he passed on Sunday night, and then
Let me tell you people who think that it would be better if you were in this position if you stopped being fed.
He died in an incredibly miserable, miserable death.
Well, they've described that, I don't want to, we have the father here, but I'm sure he understands.
We need to talk about how bad it is.
Well, it's really... Well, now his daughter, you can see videos of her.
She's blinking and smiling.
Well, that's how this guy... I mean, everything... You could see life in his eyes, but his body right now wasn't working.
I believe it was just taking time to heal.
And God... And man, they just pulled it on him.
And it's been a hard week for me.
The guy was a man of his word who would do anything for anybody.
And this is just wrong, what happened to him.
Okay, let me get a comment from our guest.
And thanks for the call, Scott.
Go ahead.
Mr. Schindler, any comments?
Yeah, no, exactly what he described.
When you talk to any of these therapists, and I've talked to numbers of them, these people, there are different levels of coma.
When you say coma, people immediately think someone is laying there in Spaceville, but, you know, Terry is not in a coma.
There's deep comas.
And she's really not in what you would consider as a coma.
And the key to get these people to recover is they have to have therapy.
And by that they need stimulation and they need physical therapy so they don't atrophy.
And they have to be brought back.
And that can be done.
What about the case of David Wendland?
This guy's wheeling himself around in a wheelchair and talking to people.
But you see how he died?
He died from pneumonia.
And that's the same thing that happened to my daughter.
They won't give him treatment.
All right.
All right.
And that is a grueling death, and usually what they do to accelerate it is they will attach them to a morphine drip.
And the morphine is to relieve the pain, but they overdose them on morphine.
And also they take the water away, which... Well, the hydration is going, too.
They say, well, we've described that.
Boy, and then now the judge is about to say when they're going to unplug her.
They take the tube.
That's terrible, sir.
They're consciousness.
They have an agenda.
And they're going to follow that agenda regardless.
All right.
Let's talk to Allison in San Diego.
Allison, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
And Mr. Schindler, our hearts go out to you and to your family and your daughter.
Alex, I'm a member of the Catholic Media Coalition, which is a nationwide group of alternative Catholic newspapers.
Yesterday and today, we have faxed and are mailing all of the Roman Catholic bishops in the United States, asking them to take a strong stand for Terry's life.
Our letter says in part that the Roman Catholic Church has a moral obligation to stand up to this challenge of euthanasia.
We need our bishops to publicly and unequivocally defend Terry Schiavo's life and strongly condemn euthanasia.
Time is of the essence.
And so, therefore, we're asking each individual bishop, as well as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, to endorse a statement condemning euthanasia and supporting Teresa Schindler Schiavo by name in her right to live.
So if any of your listeners out there are Catholic, if they could please call their local bishop and insist on this.
We need very, very strong statements from our Roman Catholic bishops.
I mean, when you watch the video, she's sitting there.
She's totally conscious.
I mean, it's just incredible.
I've seen the videos.
I know.
She's not in a persistent vegetative state.
You know, I have a mentally retarded sister, and we worry about what might happen to her in this kind of situation.
And so this hits home for all of us, and we all have to realize that.
We need to defend life at all stages.
And, folks, this is a culture of death, and it's out of control.
Allison, thanks for the call.
Thank you.
I'm going to let our guests go.
I'm going to call Jeb Bush.
It's 850-488-7146.
The website, terryspite.org.
And you want to give out any other information, Mr. Schindler?
Well, I just, Allison, touched on a story subject.
It was with my daughter.
We're Catholic.
Totally, totally evil.
Can you believe that?
We're going to be praying for you, and we appreciate you coming on the broadcast to stand up for your daughter and for all of us that are going to be, unfortunately, in this position in the grips of a Nazi-like government.
And I appreciate you coming on.
Well, thank you for having me.
Take care.
All right.
Bye now.
Wow, that is scary.
And then here's an article out of the BBC.
Gay men actively seeking HIV status.
Remember that in the Rolling Stone a few months ago?
Well, I read the Rolling Stone article.
They actually had the people all admitting it.
It's a
They say as much as a third of the men in San Francisco who are homosexuals are doing that.
Notice this article never says homosexual.
That word has been banned in England.
The Scotland Yard Diversity Unit will arrest you.
I have the BBC article on prisonplanet.com.
Will arrest you if you say that word.
That's just another facet of police state thought crime, speech crime.
And it goes, Parker is studying sexual networks and HIV transmission in the Capitol and says anecdotal evidence from in-depth interviews is revealing deeply disturbing information about some individual's behavior.
He says traditional safe sex messages are failing to reach these vulnerable men and the authorities appear reluctant to address their problems head-on.
He says multiple partners and how the men say they want to get AIDS because it makes them a bond...
I'm not sure they will belong.
I mean, it's just pure death, folks.
Black death.
Taking over everything.
A culture of death.
You can't kill 54 million kids and not have it come back on you.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I've got an article here.
Home monitor or spy out of Reuters.
It says they want to make it out of a job anywhere, have an RFID tracker tag on you anywhere in America to have a job.
They made the Iraqis do that.
Also, a former U.S.
attorney found dead in Texas.
A former federal prosecutor who defended the U.S.
government in a lawsuit filed by surviving Branch Davidians was found dead in an apparent Sullivan-Folkett gunshot wound, authorities said.
Police officer checking on the abandoned vehicle found a body of former U.S.
J. Michael Bradford shortly before 7 p.m.
They found his BMW, which was unusual because it's a nice vehicle and it looked parked in the woods.
And the cop goes on to say, we're sure it's a suicide.
We're pretty clear what happened.
We have no indication of foul play, of course.
No evidence of that.
They just say it automatically.
Whenever you hear that, watch out.
Another article out of Reuters.
Big Brother set to guard a TV near you.
It says Big Brother technology that already allows people to be tracked through their mobile phones could soon be installed in household objects, tipping off police if they are stolen.
It says even if you move your TVs around, the police will be called.
It goes on.
He said a police monitor pilot project testing the hybrid wireless and mobile phone technology should be up and running within six months in northern English city of Manchester.
And, again, it just says, you know, everything's going to be tagged now.
Buy your chips.
Remember all the troops that died of that weird pneumonia-like illness and the others that got sick?
Their organs would liquefy.
This is out of Associated Press.
Smoking cited in Iraq pneumonia cases.
It says troops had their organs liquefied because they smoked some cigarettes.
It actually says that, folks.
Girl 12 settles a privacy suit with the...
The big marketers of music.
For $2,000, she lives in the ghetto in a housing project.
Downloaded some music, so they went after her and hundreds of others.
Thousands of Ground Zero rescue workers are ill, the Scotsmen, and now they admit Bush ordered them to suppress the evidence that it was toxic waste and toxic fumes in the area.
But hey, the governor will probably just say they smoke too many cigarettes.
That's why they're dead and dying.
FCC says Howard Stern is a news program, and so it doesn't have to do
Balance time with people.
Let's talk to Charles in Florida.
Go ahead, Charles.
Yeah, I'll try to get this up real quick.
Local program here, a liberal program in Tampa.
One of the listeners called and said, World Net Daily reported that the Republican Party is now outsourcing all...
Yeah, that's true.
That was last week.
Okay, I didn't know if you knew that.
They're going to have Indians from India call up and ask you for money and go, please be a good conservative to support our jobs.
Actually, no.
And they say if you don't like the outsourcing now, it's going to get seven times larger in the next four years.
Yeah, another thing is, have you heard about this bill in case the terrorists, quote-unquote,
Run a plane into the Congress?
Yeah, the power will be given to Homeland Security, and then the governors will be under Homeland Security and appoint the new Congress, yeah.
Oh, okay.
If Congress passes that, they might as well, and they're really asking for it from the dictatorship.
Yeah, your previous guess, it really gets me.
I think I have a nephew, one nephew is a registered nurse, another one's a doctor.
I think from what they've told me...
The medical profession is God and money.
Are you still there?
Yeah, I'm out of time.
Thanks, Nicole.
Thank you.
Take care, bud.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
And back tomorrow, 11 to 2, and back from 9 to midnight.
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The new book, We're Out of Chaos.
If we don't expose the globalists, nobody will.
So now they're announcing the RFID is going to track us to have jobs anywhere.
Man, it's going to be great being a slave, isn't it?
See you tomorrow in Houston.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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