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Air Date: Sept. 5, 2003
2253 lines.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, it's already Friday, the 5th of September, 2003.
Next Thursday, it's going to be September 11th, the two-year anniversary.
The two-year anniversary of NORAD being ordered to stand down for over an hour.
The one-year anniversary of passports at two different crash sites fluttering down out of the sky of the supposed hijackers when nothing else was found out of the aircraft.
The two-year anniversary of Mayor Willie Brown being told not to fly to New York by Condoleezza Rice.
The two-year anniversary of all this stuff.
A lot has happened.
And I do want to talk a little bit about September 11th today because...
It's the driving engine behind the police state.
Now, before September 11th took place, they were setting up the police state, the biometrics, the cameras, the cell phones that track you and listen to you, and the satellite tracker and taxation boxes and all the new cars.
The whole infrastructure was being put in.
The federalization of local police.
But they then announced it after September 11th.
Oh, we're doing this because of the terrorists.
By the way, I was given last night by a listener a U.S.
News and World Report magazine.
And this issue says, Careful, your phone is watching you.
And it's a person holding up a cell phone, and it has the color screen, and it's an eyeball, the all-seeing eye, watching you.
And it says, the sub-headline, Locator technology may save lives, but it also threatens privacy.
Notice they announce it to the world eight years, or seven years, after the law was passed in 1996.
Think about that.
They passed the law in early 1996, and now in 2003...
We're good to go.
Because they were setting it up, and then now it's here, and now it's in your newspaper.
Now they tell you the Supreme Court's under foreign court control in all the big papers.
They announce it like it's a good thing.
Now they tell you that, oh, yeah, it's not just right to die.
We kill old and infirm now as they beg for food.
By the way, I have mainstream articles on this today.
We're going to cover them.
We've got the family coming on next week.
This poor woman may be dead by then.
Got a couple guests today.
I'll tell you about that after the quick break.
A bunch of other important news.
And by the way, we're not into the occult here on this show.
This is a side issue.
I don't believe in astrology.
I don't believe in all that witch doctor stuff.
But the establishment does.
Presidents, prime ministers, leaders, senators, governors, almost universally are into the occult or into astrology.
Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan, you've all heard about it.
You've read about it.
You've seen it.
But we predicted something big would happen on October of this year.
We predicted that the globalists like to do things on certain holidays, and that almost always happens on key events on pagan calendars.
We also had the big event a few weeks ago with the Mars visit.
Mars being so close to the Earth, closer than it had been, they said, in 60,000 years, on August 27th.
And we said on air something big will happen, whether it's sociological, political, will it be a terrorist attack, economic.
That's the day they took the 10...
Commandments out of Alabama.
Supreme Court building.
We'll be right back.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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I think?
We're good to go.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks, already into the second segment.
8 minutes and 20 seconds into this first hour.
It is the live Friday edition of the World Wide Broadcast.
I'm Alex Jones.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Driving over to the studio this morning, I was thinking about, well, the society we live in.
And I know I made this point yesterday, but
How do you explain to somebody how the Iraq war was a fraud when they don't even know where Iraq is in the world?
Most adults, the majority of them, can't find it.
Even after these two wars, can't find it on a globe.
Now, I'm not sitting here in an elitist fashion going, oh, I'm so smart.
I mean, this scares the daylights out of me.
Because I know that I'm just of average intelligence and
Sure, I've read a lot more history than most people, but it's not hard to know where major countries are on a map.
So how can I explain to people that Niger didn't sell uranium to Iraq?
They don't know where Niger is.
How do I explain to people that those so-called mobile weapons trucks were for pumping up dirigibles, balloons, surveillance blimps, and our government knew all along because the British sold it to Saddam?
How do you explain to people that that's bad when a government lies incessantly and attacks innocent people and enslaves entire populations and fires thousands of tons of depleted uranium into large cities of 5 million plus people?
I mean, how do you explain that?
How do you explain that when the troops come back and shrivel up and die, as they did in the first Gulf War and now they're doing in the second, I mean, how do you get through to somebody whose world focus is on where they're going to be eating dinner tonight, what movie they're going to see, did they get tickets to see the Jets, or did they get tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys?
I mean, how do you get through to them?
Because yesterday I was listening to talk radio,
Stuck in traffic.
So I listen to it in the morning and in the afternoon and late at night when I'm doing work.
And it was just endless discussion of how they kicked off the beginning of the official NFL season.
And what Britney Spears was going to wear and what she had worn and what Aerosmith was doing and how Pepsi symbols were affixed to the Washington Monuments.
And how the White House turned over the downtown and the monuments to the Pepsi and how wonderful it is.
I mean, that's what America is all about.
Just everyone detailing the finest minutia and path of what the superstars did or locally what some college players score is on their algebra or their calculus and
What the Coach Mack here in Austin for the UT Longhorns, what he hits at the golf course, what he's shooting.
You know, is he under 70?
And you hear people call in.
It's all real serious.
It'll be in their voice.
Man, I tell you, the team's really got to get it together to handle this.
And I'm sitting here watching them build FEMA camps, watching them build giant prisons everywhere.
The border disappearing.
They're now going to outsource not just high-tech jobs and low-tech jobs, but the R&D jobs and defense jobs and even service jobs, if you can believe it.
It's all being shipped out of the country, and they're shifting over into this military-style government
And it comes out in major papers, and I've got, there's new revelations upon revelations, where the CIA and the Defense Department with private defense agencies and the Federal Elections Commission are secretly running the touchscreen voting, and it's all a fraud, and they're already manipulating elections, and have been caught, and people get into secret meetings and record it.
It comes out in a few major papers, but it's not a nightly news item.
You know, I'm just watching that.
News and World Report,
Again, U.S.
This is the September 8, 2003 issue.
It's, of course, out before the date even arrives.
Careful, your phone is watching you.
And they just say, yeah, Homeland Security really is watching you and triangulating you and knows exactly where you're at.
And this has been the law since 1996.
And went into effect October 1st, 2001.
And we're watching everything you do.
And by the way, Homeland Security can listen to you and the phone appears to be off.
But hey, that's what freedom's all about.
I mean, the article gets into all this.
I've got the Green Bay News article from last week where the governor says, yeah, we're going to have a state tax on your cell phones that goes to the feds so local police, state police, and feds can watch you.
And, yeah, we're going to dial in and listen to what you're doing.
But, you know, what have you got to hide?
And I've got television week here announcing, yeah, your television, if it's fiber optic cable, really does watch you.
Yeah, it's true, and it does listen to you.
And, you know, I have the cable guy...
I see the cable guy at the house or in the neighborhood.
I've talked to several of them.
I've seen them at the gym, and they'll admit, oh, yeah, the Atlantic Scientific digital cable box has a microphone.
Here's the owner's manual.
I haven't even had time to open one up and show you a video of it and put it on TV.
Just wall-to-wall corruption.
No way to cover it at all.
Meanwhile, meanwhile...
I tune in to radio, and it's, I don't know what the team's going to do.
Man, I tell you, that coach has got to get it together.
We've got to have a win.
And the hosts of these radio talk shows, national and local, will even kind of laugh at the mindless sports fans.
It's real cynical.
Man, listen to these people.
I think it's about celebrating football more than it is about watching football.
It's just celebrating the celebration of it.
It's just something to do.
I heard multiple.
I mean, they're even getting embarrassed about it.
And I'll be standing in a grocery store line and some gal will go, Hey, how did the Cowboys do this year?
And I'll say to them, Well, I really don't follow that.
I like sports.
I like to play sports.
I like to be a participant.
But unfortunately, I don't have time to do that anymore.
But I'd like to be on a softball team or something, or maybe I'll play volleyball, whatever.
I mean, I like sports.
I like golf.
But I tell them, I really don't sit in the bleachers, sir.
I mean, literally, they'll just kind of... Because they don't even like sports.
They don't like sitting there watching it, unless it's a really good game.
They are into the culture of it, and it's somehow manly.
You'll see a guy walking out during the playoffs.
You'll go down to the corner store to get some milk or cookies or whatever, and you'll see some guy, 6'4", big old muscles...
Bare belly sticking out, walking out with a case of beer, and he'll just be sticking his jaw out, looking back and forth.
His wife will be sitting up in the cab of the truck looking at him, how powerful he is.
He'll kind of bustle past you getting out to his vehicle.
You don't want to look at him wrong.
He's feeling real powerful right now.
He's doing a war simulation.
That's all this is.
I mean, the Romans wrote about it.
The Aztecs carved and stoned about it.
By having mock warfare and in sports, they diverted the warlike energies of the people that could be directed against the tyrannical state.
So that's all we're dealing with here.
And so he's feeling all tough.
But if the CPS comes and takes his kids for no reason, he won't fight back.
He'll be a little coward.
As some female cop with short haircuts ordering him around, if they say jump at a checkpoint, he'll say how high.
He doesn't care about his children's future.
He's not a man.
He's a coward.
He doesn't know how to provide for his family.
And these women, while the men are being told to be mindless sports viewers, the women are being taught how to be rebellious, to hate their husbands, to always feel inadequate.
Being told they're fat or don't look good, got to buy the cosmetics.
You know, that families are bad.
That, hey, stick your kid in daycare.
Give them the vaccines.
I mean, it's wall-to-wall propaganda.
Does your husband own guns?
Go throw them in the trash can.
World government's good.
Socialism's good.
Gang members are good.
Don't educate your children.
Just turn them loose for the government to control them.
I mean, that's our society.
It's a wreck
Big case in Florida...
Disabled woman would cry, help me, caregivers playing.
Now, that's the hospital.
The hospital doesn't want to kill her.
But the judge is ordering it.
And it's a federal judge.
And they've ordered it doesn't matter how much she begs for food, she's going to be killed.
Now, folks, I don't care if you don't believe this.
I have mainstream news articles.
I have photos of this lady.
There's video clips of her on the web begging for food.
And this government kills them.
They kill them all the time.
We've had the Wall Street Journal, Leslie Smith, write her on.
I mean, they've got name after name, article after article, and they'll just put it in the LA Times and say, well, yeah, she begged for food, and they turned her off, and it was completely normal, and she's dead now.
You know, there's LA Times articles like that, where it's just calmly announced, well, yeah, they said early on they didn't want to be cared for, they couldn't feed themselves, they signed the form, and...
So now they're begging, but we're just going to kill them.
I mean, it's so crazy.
You try to tell one of these sports fans, like, go, hey, I've got hot dogs and beer to drink.
I don't care.
That ain't true.
You tell them, yes, it is true.
And they're just not aware of it.
So that's the new system, folks.
That's the new system.
And on August 27th, this government declared war on God by taking the Ten Commandments out.
We knew they'd do something on the 27.
These occultic fruitcakes.
I'll talk more about that when we get back.
Stay with me.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
All right, Craig and Ed and Irving and others, I will get to your calls straight out of the next segment here in about six, seven minutes, so stay with us.
But really, how do you contend with a bunch of men that behave like juveniles and who aren't concerned with real issues?
How do you deal with women...
That are simultaneously being programmed to hate men and hate the family and to engage in devious lifestyles.
I mean, it's all admittedly designed to destroy the family, break down the society, and to form us into psychological units that will conform to enslavement.
This is the admitted government plan.
And it's worked like a charm.
But, I mean, how do you talk to people about serious issues?
This is out of CNS News.
Look at this article.
I mean, this stuff's all over the news.
But it's in the back of the paper in Florida and in a few newspapers around the country.
It's out there, but it's not a top story, and it should be.
Disabled woman would cry, help me.
It's by Jeff Johnson, conservative news service.
It's on InfoWars.com.
You can get it right now.
A federal judge, Tuesday, a couple days ago,
Refused to stop a Florida court from ordering the removal of a disabled woman's feeding tube at the request of her husband.
However, the judge gave the woman's parents ten days to amend their lawsuit against the husband, the hospital, caring for the woman, and the hospice where she is being kept in anticipation of her death by starvation or dehydration.
The lawsuit also named the husband's attorney as a non-party to co-conspirator to the alleged violations.
Robert and Mary...
Schindler filed an emergency complaint Saturday with a U.S.
Attorney's Court for the Middle District in Florida, Tampa, in an effort to block the daughter's husband and legal guardian from moving forward with his plans to remove his wife's feeding tube.
39-year-old Terry Schindler...
...suffered a brain injury in 1990 under questionable circumstances.
That injury, complicated by a lack of therapy for more than a decade, has required that she be given nutrition and hydration through a gastronomy or feeding tube.
Since receiving a $1.2 million medical malpractice award on behalf of his wife, the husband has provided only subsistence care for her and based on affidavits, including...
And it says, And we've got to this part of the article here, supporting allegations.
And it says, And it says,
To describe how they were shocked that he would try to refuse her care and how she openly begs for food, audibly saying, please feed me.
And it's a very long article.
CNS has the best, most detailed story on it.
Again, the headline, disabled woman would cry, help me.
That's my frustration.
I mean, how do I go over this entire five-page article that's just so much detailed?
And even Jeb Bush has stepped in and asked the federal judge, and by the way, Jeb Bush had a lot of pressure on him to do this, has asked the federal judge, please, don't order the feeding to be removed.
Well, his court battle's gone for years.
Now he's ordering it be removed.
And she's begging, feed me, give me a drink of water, help me.
And they have witnesses.
They have former doctors and nurses that treated her.
And now the husband's taking her to a different hospital.
And this is all the change in the bioethics laws, which when you hear bioethics, it's really the neo-eugenics movement led by people like Dr. Peter Singer who say that if somebody can't walk, take their tube away.
That the government has to decide if you have value and that it's a loving thing they do for you.
But for those of you that doubt this, we've interviewed Wesley Smith, Wall Street Journal writer,
Several times on this show, and he's published in several of his books and in the paper, hundreds of names of people who physically beg for food, who can even pick things up, but are almost completely paralyzed from the neck down, but have some control of their hands that can even speak, who are being denied care.
So you can go to Infowars.com and link through and read.
What's happening to Mrs. Schindler?
It's scary, and we have her parents coming on the show next week.
Who knows?
We might even have her on the show.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright folks, in the last segment I kind of babbled through part of the CNS News article.
I want to read some more of it before we go to Craig and Ed and others that are patiently holding.
So everybody stay right there.
This is out of CNS News, but again, it's all over the Florida papers.
Disabled woman would cry, help me!
And they have doctors and nurses that have signed affidavits saying this.
A woman was...
Disabled in a questionable brain injury.
Looked like foul play was involved.
Then she won a $1.2 million medical malpractice award.
And her husband said in front of doctors and caregivers, some things I can't repeat out of this article,
And the husband claimed that his wife was in a present vegetative state, which is the requirement under Florida law for feeding to be removed.
Medical experts also chronicled a long history of alleged denial of care, therapy.
By her husband, Carolyn Johnson, a certified nursing assistant, cared for Terry in a nursing home in the early 90s.
She described her shock at being ordered not to provide the same care for Terry as a patient in the same room with a similar brain injury was receiving.
And now the husband's trying to order that she not have an infection treated.
I learned as part of my training that there was a family dispute of the husband.
As guardian, wanted no rehabilitation for Terry.
Johnson explained, once I wanted to put a cloth in Terry's hand to keep her hand from closing in on itself, but I was not permitted to do this, as Michael Shaviro considered that to be a form of rehabilitation.
Another CNA report.
Heidi Law cared for Terry at a convalescent center in the mid-late 90s.
Law described similar orders she received not to encourage her recovery.
And it goes on to describe in here in this lengthy article where she was swallowing ice and food and they would frequently give her orange juice or apple juice and
She would get happy, and on occasions she would eat jello and would be able to swallow it and enjoy it immensely and would request verbally for more.
I mean, again, this just goes on and on and on, but they're denying her care because the $1.2 million, I guess, is going to run out, and then people won't get that.
But disabled woman would cry, Help me!
Caregiver's claim is the headline, and we've got the family coming on next week.
But I see this type of stuff all the time.
But that's not important for the average American.
Going to the football game or sitting around drinking beer, eating pizza is...
It's not important enough to go down to the city council and demand they remove the Patriot Act.
It's not important enough to go down and stand up against the city council passing federal ordinances, federally written ordinances, federally designed ordinances to take private property rights away.
It's not important to...
Find out the government's planning to satellite track and tax you and your cars, or that your cell phone's tracking you and they're getting ready to start taxing you with it.
That's now been officially announced.
That's not important.
It's not important to learn that all over the world, governments are carrying out terror attacks and blaming it on their enemies as a pretext for a police state and martial law.
That's not important.
Let's go to Craig in Missouri.
And then we'll go to Ed and others.
Go ahead, Craig.
Yes, go ahead.
Yeah, I had to call and reference to your Mars thing there.
That was quite interesting.
That was a good observation about them taking the Ten Commandments not out, but at least moving them from public view.
And if you look at the numerology, which I'm sure the Tech Smarters can back me up on this, that, you know, the 27th is 3 times 3 times 3.
So that's one set of 3s right there.
Well, sir, I didn't see that, but for those that just joined us, to bring them up to speed, I don't believe in the occult.
I don't believe in numerology.
Let me just finish.
I don't believe in the boogeyman and all that, but...
Presidents, prime ministers, world leaders.
Tony Blair goes to weird occult rituals.
That's admitted in the BBC.
Nancy Reagan running things off astrologers.
Hillary Clinton, same thing.
The globalists really do believe in this.
And to have Mars closer to Earth...
That in 60,000 years, on August 27th, and we said something big was going to happen on that day, and basically the globalists declared war on God by taking those out on that date.
That is very significant.
And by the way, that was a listener that pointed that out to me last night.
Yeah, and if you go to Bloomberg, you can go back and you can see on the 27th what the stock market closed at.
Well, let me give people a really good example of that.
I mean, you raise important points.
I haven't seen the particular numbers, Craig, but I believe you.
On last year's one-year anniversary of September 11th, it'll be interesting to see what playing card they leave this time, what token the globalists leave this time, which is characteristic of serial killers in the criminal mind.
They left the Skull and Bones card at the Defense Department shootings up in D.C.
and Maryland.
Same thing here.
What are they going to leave?
What type of playing card?
At the one-year anniversary of September 11th, what did the New York lottery, not the Illinois lottery, not the Texas lottery, not the Ohio lottery, not the Florida lottery, what did the New York lottery come up with?
Well, it was 9-11.
It was 9-1-1.
But see, that's not enough for them.
The Chicago mercantile had never closed at 9-1-1.
That's a speculation derivatives market.
Biggest one in the world.
It didn't close at just 9-1-1, which it never closed at.
It closed with a .000000.
That had never happened.
It was like 1 out of 14 trillion something.
That's the globalists letting everybody know in plain view.
Go ahead.
Well, if you look at the dials that close to the 27th, you go back to the 26th and 25th, they've got to make it fit.
They're planning ahead for it to close at what they want to on a certain date.
I mean, the numbers all fit, but it was interesting that it closed.
It would fit to the account signature perfectly.
No, you know what?
I think you're a conspiracy theorist.
I think that the New York lottery coming up 9-1-1 on 9-1-1 is no big deal.
So you've got to take like 30-something states that have got lotteries and then divide that into it never coming up with 9-1-1.
And, of course, I've done the math on that, but it's obviously going to be out of the billions of permutations.
And then you've got the mercantile coming up 9-1-1, which is basically impossible.
But on top of that, you've got all the zeros.
I have all the articles on this.
This was even commented on, folks.
I mean, think about how arrogant that is.
Why do you think they leave their calling card?
They always do.
Well, I heard this morning on the news, too, that the federal judge has dismissed the case to be here about keeping the Ten Commandments in Alabama in the courthouse.
So they felt like they would be successful, so they had to go about it somehow.
Well, and that's the federal judge appointed by Bush, of course.
Hey, thank you, bud.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Great points.
Yeah, the Chicago Mercantile folks closing at 9-1-1 the New York...
Lottery coming up, 9-1-1.
See, this is part of throwing it in your face.
Look, I've got the article right here, the cover of U.S.
News and World Report.
Careful, your phone is watching you.
And it's got the old seeing eye looking at you out of your telephone.
They've got to prepare you, acclimate you.
And the globalists always announce what they're going to do publicly.
It's how they communicate with their minions.
And it's of sheer enjoyment for them to be able to commit the crimes right out in front of us.
It's like Project for New American Century.
Forget lotteries, forget mercantiles, posing on the one-year anniversary at 9-1-1.
What's going to happen this year?
Well, we're going to find out here in a few days.
What's going to happen in 2003?
I mean, I hope they just do weird stuff with numbers to let us know who did it.
I hope they don't pull something big, but it's obviously a day to watch.
I don't think that'll be the case, but we'll see.
I mean, forget stuff like that, though.
You can try to deny the 1 out of 14 trillion, something the Associated Press said, the Chicago Mercantile coming up 9-1-1 out of 300-something days of trading every year, with the zeros behind it, it just goes into the stratosphere.
I mean, it never closes with zeros behind it, folks.
Much less with 9-1-1.
But just forget that.
Okay, it was 1 out of 14 trillion, just so happened to happen.
Oh, by the way, it said it was 1 out of 14 trillion something.
I had to dig that article back out.
Not just was it 1 out of 14 trillion something.
That's just to have it come up 911.0000 just to get that number.
They didn't do the math to have that close on 911 out of all the 100 years that market's been there.
100 plus years.
I mean, are you starting to get this, folks?
Is this burning into your brain?
It's a little more important than the kickoff of the NFL.
Again, I don't hate the NFL.
I don't hate football.
I'm just pointing out how societally it's sick.
They're pulling feeding tubes out of people and killing them.
Oh, they killed a bunch of people.
They're just trying to kill this woman right now.
They're telling you your cell phone's tracking and listening to you and Homeland Security controls it.
They're going to start taxing you with it.
The voting machines are run by the CIA and yeah, the vote doesn't really count anymore.
Ha ha ha.
I mean, this is all coming out.
But you're saying, well, whatever.
Well, what about PNAC?
Project for the American Century?
Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and Jeb Bush all on this policy board before Bush even gets elected.
Bush 43.
And they say, we need a big terror attack that
That would be helpful to get our New World Order for imperial mobilization to take over the planet and unify the people behind the New World Order.
And Iraq isn't a threat, but we need to say it is a threat so we can get the oil and use it as a military base.
Ha, ha, ha.
I mean, they actually say this.
So it's not just that they're leaving their calling cards out in plain view.
They're also writing confessions.
Let's go to Ed in Pennsylvania, and then who's that next caller in Colorado?
Irving and others.
Ed, go ahead.
Alex, last week you talked about Violet reading the tabloid, and there was a good article about brain chips and stuff.
No, no, she wasn't reading the tabloid.
Yeah, she saw it and brought it to me.
Yeah, and I got this week, the latest one, the one with Hillary with Bill fighting an alien over her.
But there's good articles.
There's one about the real-life RoboCop, page 3.
At you, 1,000.
Yeah, for those that don't know, what they do is, in like News of the World or whatever, on the cover we found Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, velociraptors, Bush knew all along and helped transfer the dinosaurs to him.
So you see that, it's a ridiculous joke, ha ha ha.
Then, in the middle of it, oh, look at this family who took the implantable microchip, and it's the real family, real news article, and there's a government plan to put it in you.
And they talk about a real government plan that we have copies of, it's mainstream news.
But see, by doing that, it then discredits all the real stuff.
That's what these overnight talk show hosts and other people do.
That's basically their job.
Mix a bunch of mindless stuff
That's obviously fake ghost stories, chupacabras, yetis, in with real stuff.
This is a robot with a fully automatic machine gun.
It has a camera.
It will be controlled by police in a building somewhere.
Make split-second, millisecond decisions on whether or not to kill somebody.
It says right here to control a large crowd.
Yeah, they rolled those out.
They've had those classified for about 10 years.
I brought up attack droids to the Marines in 99, and they all got hush-hush and said, we can't talk about it.
But I've got a couple different papers.
I've seen it in Miami papers.
I've seen it in some Hawaiian papers because they were out in Hawaii testing one.
And it was...
Basically, it's a huge robot about 10 feet tall with all forms of tear gas and rubber bullets and machine guns and electricity zappers and nets, and it showed one of these things taking down a whole SWAT team.
There was a whole SWAT team shooting at it, and the robot was advancing, dominating them.
And, hey, that's what freedom's about, attack robots walking around your streets.
Doesn't that sound like freedom?
But by putting it in that magazine, it just, again...
Well, I mean, take Road to Tyranny.
We have a robot with a shotgun in that.
That's some 20-year-old design.
They have an article on page 8 about how witches and Satanists are plotting to take over the world and has a picture of the U.N.
They're called the Children of the Kingdom.
That are all, you know, the rich people and everything.
Which is true, which is admitted.
But see, again, they mix it in with, you know, space aliens are going to get your baby and...
So thanks for the call.
Yes, sir?
It's excellent, beautiful, and I got the solar power unit, and my friends, their drawers just drop open, and they're like, wow, that is so cool.
Oh, you're talking about the big Berkey?
Well, the solar power unit for your cell phones and batteries and stuff.
Oh, you bought that that Jim Shepard has, yeah.
I got the kit, yeah.
Well, thank you for supporting the broadcast and our sponsors.
Appreciate that a lot.
Who did you say was up next out of all these callers?
Irving in Colorado.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Great opportunity to speak to you.
I have a gap in my knowledge right now.
There was a building blown up in Iraq with a U.N.
consulate in it.
Where was that much TNT?
How much TNT did it take?
And didn't we go door to door looking for Saddam Hussein?
How come we couldn't find TNT?
Well, you can hide plastic explosives or TNT.
You can bury them in the ground, so it's pretty easy to hide stuff like that.
I'm not going to... Is it traceable?
I mean... Well, no.
That country had a lot of conventional munitions.
But I look at the fact that Chalibi, the head thug they've got over Baghdad, the admitted convicted felon and torture expert for the Shah...
Chalibi bragged that they had prayer knowledge and didn't tell the U.N., and I look at how this gives the U.N.
now an entry strategy of, oh, we've got to come help now, see where the good guy is being innocently attacked.
You've got this Shiite cleric from Iran out of the country for 20 years, comes in and gets blown up at a sacred mosh.
Muslims won't do that, folks.
They never do that.
And that hurts Iran.
They were going to use him to take the country over, and now the media claims, oh, Iran may be behind it.
That's like saying...
Okay, I was just looking for some clarification on that.
I don't know how many pounds or how many tons it took to blow that building up, but I thought that was findable.
I don't know.
30-something people, including the UN envoy, and it's just terrible.
But all I look at is, is that in the past, the British, the Israelis, the U.S.
government, we've caught them red-handed carrying out a bunch of other bombings.
Then I look at who stands to gain from it, and definitely the Bali bombing, the bombing in Indonesia, that's got globalist fingerprints all over it.
The stuff over in the Philippines, that's been admitted to be the government.
They've had a colonel go public and say it's the government doing it.
So that's very important.
We'll be right back.
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Coming up in the next hour, I'm going to spend about 10-15 minutes with one of the mothers, several of the mothers, I'm told,
I'm sure you heard about it.
District concedes strip search to settle suit.
Officials initially accused girls of lying.
Exaggerating incident where a teacher thought some money had been taken, so they just took all the girls in and had them strip searched.
And really, this case pales in significance.
It's horrible, but pales in significance in Tennessee where they have video cameras hooked into the Internet.
In the elementary school students' showers and locker rooms.
Ten, eleven-year-old girls and boys.
I mean, this is going on all over the place.
But hey, Bill O'Reilly says, cameras, bring them on.
They're good.
You know, they'll stop people from doing bad things.
Hey, see?
Now it's conservative.
The liberals don't want it.
We've got to be conservative.
We've got to put cameras in all the schools.
It'll stop problems in your house and in your car.
They admit the cell phone tunes in and listens to you and triangulates where you're at.
See how far we've gone, folks?
We're about to go to Robin Wyoming and others.
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Let's talk to Rob in Wyoming.
Go ahead, Rob.
Hi, Alex.
Hear me.
Hey, there was a show, Law and Order, I think it was, about a week ago.
I don't know if anybody's brought it to your attention or not.
They've been pointing out how they...
Are portraying cops as the good guys.
Torture's good.
Patriots are bad.
And, you know, even a harmless little guy, if he says something wrong, the cop snarls at him, implying deadly force as the bottom line, you know.
And that's okay.
That's acceptable.
They're not peace officers anymore.
Hey, they've got to take care of us.
We're a bunch of idiots, and they've got to slap us around for our own good.
And if they get cranky, it's all in the name of good, you know.
Well, that's nothing.
I mean, I don't watch much TV, but I tune in, and every episode is how torture's good, and I don't need the Bill of Rights.
I'll break in here if I want to, and they turn out being right.
Even if they were on the good guy's side now, with this ability to abuse, they wouldn't be for long.
Well, that's it.
That's why you've got to restrain power in high places.
You've got to have separation of powers.
You need to rule them long.
And folks, we're losing that.
I'll let you finish up.
Stay there.
We've got a guest coming up, but then we'll get back to you and others.
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We'll be right back.
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All right, we've got a bunch of news on the ongoing war in Iraq, on the police state, on the Second Amendment, on Arnie, you name it.
In the next two hours we've got left in this broadcast, coming up here in just a minute or two, we're going to be talking to Donna Hulub.
And she's in this story from WorldNet Daily, Brave New Schools.
District concedes strip search to settle suit.
Officials initially accuse girls of lying, exaggerating incident.
That's what they did in Tennessee when they caught the principal with the hidden cameras in the girls' and boys' showers for the middle schoolers and elementary students.
Oh, you're a liar.
Shut up.
It's not true.
Had police try to intimidate people when it came out it was true.
A rural southeastern Missouri school district has conceded ten teenage girls were strip-searched during class and has apologized for accusing them of lying or blowing it out of proportion.
It's part of a legal settlement with the eight of the ten students, the popular Bluff School District.
Agreed to pay each $7,500 plus attorney's fees and to issue a public statement supporting and reports the Daily American Republic.
According to the statement, the incident happened during a fifth period on January 6th at the Bluff Junior High School.
The girls, who range in age from 12 to 15, were confronted when the teacher discovered $55 missing from her drawer.
They were singled out from the rest of the class in spite of the fact that none of the 10 girls had been seen with the money or in the area where the money was taken.
By the way, they've got teachers prescribing Ritalin now.
They've got teachers demanding strip search.
They've got teachers doing all this stuff.
They think they're cops.
And police can't do that without a warrant, without probable cause, without something.
Assistant Principal Mike Ritalin,
Ivy School security official Johnny Williams and teachers looked on while gym clothing, book bags, purses, coats, shoes, socks, and pockets were searched.
When they failed to turn up any of the missing money, the girls were subjected to a body search.
The school nurse, specifically, they were required to pull their shirts or blouses up over their shoulders so the nurse could search under their bras.
They were next instructed to unzip their jeans or slacks and pull them down so the nurse could search inside the jeans or slacks.
This is while this is being looked on by the security people.
The nurse said she was sorry I had to go through this.
One of the girls told the local newspaper following the incident.
The strip searches, which took place
An hour to conduct where to no avail the $55 was not found on any of the suspects.
The mother of one of the victims reported her daughter was having nightmares due to the experience and vowed not to let her go back to school.
Well, yeah, homeschool her or go to private.
Get out of the government training camp.
I've already contacted Jefferson City to get homeschooling paperwork sent.
The woman who asked her name not be used told the newspaper.
Now, folks, this is horrible, but compared to the cameras in the Tennessee school, in the showers...
There have been dozens of reports the last few years where they bring in the second graders and have the health department do genital exams on little kids by the hundreds.
I mean, this is what they want.
They think your kids belong to them.
They think your children are property of the state, their own textbooks, or the teachers and social workers say it.
And then no amount of PTA or being involved with the school board is going to help you.
You've got to get out of the schools.
We've had the former head of Policy Department of Education in the Reagan administration on the show 20 times.
She's got the documents.
This is designed to break up the family.
There is no debating it.
We have their own documents.
So I guess when we get back, we will have our guest, Mrs. Hula, on the show.
And we're going to break now and come back with her and get more into this, and then we'll get back into your calls and a bunch of different news items.
This stuff goes on all the time, folks.
That doesn't make it okay, though.
They catch him putting cameras in the showers, but, oh, that's all right.
We're going to put them in all the public schools now.
Yeah, they're going to be in the locker rooms, but not in the showers.
How's that sound?
By the way, public restrooms are having cameras put in by the government.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
We have Donna Houlin.
On the show, she's one of the mothers who's very angry about what's happened.
And she has said that she's not going to put up with this.
And we're honored to have her on the show, where they, up in Missouri and all over the country, like to strip search young boys and girls without warrants, without police, without any type of indictment or charge.
They just think that they can do what cops have to get a warrant to do.
So this is the new America, training your kids how to be slaves.
Donna, thanks for coming on the show.
Okay, nice to be here.
I know it's not a good thing to have to be in this position to be on talk radio talking about this.
Why did you agree to talk to the newspapers and go on the radio?
Well, I think that all parents need to be aware of what's going on in the schools.
There's a lot more of this that happens that people don't hear about.
And as far as I'm concerned, my daughter did nothing wrong, and she has no reason to be ashamed, and there's no reason for her to hide her name or anything.
And you've been quoted as saying you're going to get your daughter out of school?
No, I am keeping her in there.
They aren't going to run us out.
We are working toward trying to get her.
The one's responsible out.
Okay, because it just says many of the parents say they're getting their children out.
You're going to leave your daughter there?
Yes, she put up with the last semester, last year of harassment, and I'm not going to have it be for nothing.
We're going to fight until... Oh, that's not in the story that I have.
You're saying they've been harassed since then?
She was called into the office more than...
Well, it does say that they were accused of lying.
Now they admit this incident really took place.
Did you hear about Tennessee with the cameras in the showers?
That's like Tennessee.
No, I did not.
Yeah, they did that, and they tried to claim it wasn't true, tried to threaten the parents.
Then it came out they did indeed buy the cameras and have them mounted and were basically distributing the images over the Internet of 11- and 12-year-old girls and boys.
You might find out about that.
This case is terrible, though, just because they tried to claim they didn't do it.
They now have settled the suit and admit they did it.
That's pretty scary that they would admit that they did it after lying.
Well, that was part of our settlement agreement.
Because, I mean, we just wanted them to admit that they did it and apologize for what they had done with our initial, you know, because the girls were humiliated.
And they were intimidated.
Okay, now I'm going off this World Net Daily article, and it says the assistant principal and school security and teachers looked on, men looked on, as 12- to 15-year-old girls were strip-searched.
Some of the girls reported that the men were in there when their daughters were searched.
My daughter was lucky.
She was not searched in the presence of any men, but she was made to take her jeans down to her ankles, her underwear down to her knees, and spread her legs to get checked.
Oh, this is far worse than the... Oh, man, I tell you what, folks.
How did you control yourself when she came home?
Tell us about that day.
I was on the telephone when she came home and she came home, got off the bus and she was crying and she was furious.
She walked in and she said, Mom, you've got to do something about this school.
They strip searched me in PE today.
She's 13, emotional.
I said, Sarah, exactly what happened?
Because I couldn't see any reason why they would do that.
And she told me that they had the money missing and this little girl had given it to the teacher for safekeeping and it wasn't where the teacher thought she had put it.
And that several of these little girls were picked out, you know, and I got the names of some of them and I called their parents or guardians.
What's the background of this PE teacher?
This is the first time I've ever had any dealings with her.
She has always seemed real nice, and I don't personally know the woman.
I've only met her a couple times, like orientation night.
Not want to check into that.
Now, wow, I've got several news stories here.
They had your daughter spread her legs.
That's a new development.
Well, the school would only agree to admit to things to a certain degree.
Yeah, well, they admit they pulled the underwear off.
I just, wow.
According to World Net Daily, though, in another Associated Press article here, they had the, man, I tell you, that men in there with some of the young girls that were searched, what's wrong with the school?
I mean, they've certainly got to know that's even worse.
Well, the parents are not happy at all, and we are going to... I think we're most upset when the school did not stand behind the girls, and they renewed the contract with Mr. Ivey.
His contract was up in April, and the school board renewed it.
So they took taxpayers' money.
What is...
How many girls did they do this to?
There were 10 girls total.
Eight of us have settled.
Eight times $7,500 plus attorney's fees.
So, I mean, how much?
Are you allowed to talk about how big the attorney's fees were?
I'm not sure because money wasn't an issue with me.
Well, I mean, how long did this court battle go on?
We never went to court.
It was just letters back and forth.
Our attorney had said like a third of what the girls got is what he would be asking.
But the school had to pay that on top of the girls' amount.
So what's 7,500, a third of that would be a couple thousand.
Man, we're talking about eight girls.
We're talking about like $80,000 or something.
So they'll just take taxpayer money and then keep the principal on who did this.
And, I mean, we've lost several good teachers this year because of cutbacks.
And this money could have gone to keep good teachers if they had just handled it properly in the beginning.
Well, so it doesn't surprise you when I tell you about Tennessee where they had cameras in the showers and then tried to cover it up and say it was a lie and then got caught doing it?
No, I'm not surprised at all.
So they tried to deny this all along.
When did that start crumbling because there were so many witnesses?
There was negotiations going on back and forth with us from the very beginning.
But from the initial searches, like the first week or so, there was nothing else publicized about it until we went to court and settled.
I tell you, this is amazing.
But I see these articles.
I have to tell you, Donna, I see these articles all the time with this type of stuff happening.
So I... So...
Does your daughter have nightmares?
It says some of the young ladies are having nightmares.
She did almost every night for the first four months after it happened.
She's getting a lot better on that.
I mean, maybe once a week or so.
Well, I have been to what you could call jail one time.
I got in a fight with somebody.
They started it.
But still, he went to the hospital.
I went to the jail for the weekend.
And I had a jail guard basically hit on me.
I was like, I guess, 15, 16.
And it was horrible and traumatic.
And I was a pretty tough guy at 15, 16.
I was about 15.
I wasn't driving yet.
That is still traumatic to this day, having to threaten the guy back that, hey, my dad's going to kill you if you do this.
I mean, the jail guard was going to rape me.
That's how loving this government is.
I can't imagine what it's like for a girl.
To have men looking on as they do this with your daughter, these women there making her spread her legs, that is just, folks, this is traumatic.
Well, that's such a vulnerable age anyway.
I mean, any adult remembers what it would like to be 13 or 14 years old.
And I don't care if it's male or female.
I mean, everybody at that age is especially self-conscious of their bodies.
Wow, yeah.
I just remember this pig coming into my jail cell and telling me we were going to take a shower and that he was going to have some fun with me, and I just had to tell him, well, buddy, try whatever you've got to do.
I'm going to resist you, and if you get your buddies in here and try something, you're going to... I told him, I said, my dad's going to... I looked him in the eyes with kind of the high plains drifter look, and he...
I think they think it's a glory position and there shouldn't be any responsibility with it.
Now, you say that your daughter was harassed.
The headline is that the schools tried to accuse them of lying, but now had to admit it.
What type of intimidation did your daughter go through?
Their policy was that the first time you were tardy for each semester, you got like four tardies before you ever got an office referral.
And then you had like four office referrals before you ever got like in-school suspension or anything.
Her very first party, she was sent to the office and got in-school suspension.
And just, I mean, they never followed the policy manuals on anything dealing with her.
And I told them I did not want her in the office unless I was there.
And the assistant principal, Mr. Ivey, he kept calling her into the office.
And then the principal said, well...
How about if she goes and sets out the main office and he can call you and you can come down?
I said, that's fine.
He still would not do that.
And it ended up that we made an agreement he would have nothing to do with her, that the principal would handle anything dealing with her.
So basically they were trying to intimidate her into changing her story?
The day after the searches when I went to the school, I told them at that time that I didn't want her in the office without me being there.
And they made her come in and...
Well, I'll tell you why they did it when we get back.
One more segment with us, Don, and we really appreciate you coming on.
I'll tell you why they did that when we get back.
Our founding fathers wrote down for all time our most precious documents of freedom.
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The number 800-686-2237.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The public schools, the government training camps, are acclimation centers.
They make them thumb scan biometrically in thousands of school districts to get their school lunches.
They put barbed wire up around the schools.
They make them wear ID cards.
They search them.
They have drug dogs.
And a lot of times you have predators.
...who are wanting to feed on young people, they get into positions where they can do it.
Statistically, truancy officers, people who work in juvenile facilities.
You've seen all the news articles.
There's probably an article every day around the country and thousands every month we don't ever hear about where these animals do stuff like this.
Now, then there's the other type of case, which it looks like here, where you just have people that think they are the law, judge, jury, and executioner,
And somebody stole $55, so we're going to call 10 girls in here, and we're going to strip search them, and then we're going to threaten them to change their story.
Now, to answer the question that we threw out there, I mean, it's obvious.
They'll have you fill out police reports until they get a story they like.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And they still did it and then didn't use that police report.
I guess that's because it would have created a record of the crime and they didn't want that unless there was something in there they wanted to use.
Comments, Donna?
Is that the case, Donna?
Would you agree with that?
Did we lose our guest?
We're test pilot program, folks.
We'll try to get her back on or find out what happened.
Maybe we didn't make it clear she was supposed to hold, and folks didn't tell me she was gone.
But that's okay.
That's how we do it.
Yeah, but again, before the last segment, she told us that they're there, they're doing this, and that she told them don't call her down there.
And they do call her down there, and they have her fill out a police report, and they don't turn it in.
They don't use it.
And this happens all the time.
You'll have ten witnesses that an off-duty cop beats up his neighbor, and the cops all show up, stand around, fill out the report, and the report just disappears.
One time I had a cop with his girlfriend pull my wife over before we were even married.
This happened.
And they proceeded to basically hit on her and ask her where she was going and what she was doing, and the woman was there, all dolled up with the cop,
And my wife even got the card from the police officer.
I called to complain.
They said, it's a police officer.
You can't file a complaint with us over the phone.
It hung up on me.
And I was being polite.
So, you know, what do you do when you can't do anything to go out and corrupt police?
It's like the Tulia, Texas case where they just grabbed 50-plus people and threw them into...
Jail gave him 20 to 90 years in prison.
It turned out it was all in the word of one cop.
Turned out he was a liar.
He lied in hundreds of other cases and bragged about it.
They just went around arresting people.
Of all those arrested and given 20 to 90 years in prison, none of them had a criminal record, no drug paraphernalia found, no drugs found, no witnesses but one cop.
It's like the Houston Police Chief a month ago.
Front page of the Houston Chronicle.
The crime lab has framed thousands of people.
He apologized and said, please don't kick me out of office.
I'll stop this from happening.
I mean, folks, I've been to jail one time.
Okay, a guy started a fight with me.
I finished it.
Cops came to the scene, and I don't blame them.
You know, this guy's knocked down on the ground.
They literally, he was knocked out for three days.
I mean, I didn't hit him that hard.
When he fell over, he hit his head.
And so they took me to jail to find out what was going to happen.
And that was on a Friday, right at the end of school.
I still remember that.
They drove me all the way from Rockwell, Texas, out to Terrell, Texas.
I was up at the top of the big old courthouse where the juvenile area is.
And they attempted to abuse me.
I mean, do I like the government?
Do I trust the government?
Do I want to give them power over my life?
No way!
The big Wackenhut prison outside Austin.
Turned out they had to shut the whole thing down because they were systematically raping and impregnating the women.
They were making videotapes of it.
It was a literal system of evil.
Right here in Austin, they've caught the cops pulling over the topless dancers when they leave the bars, telling them, you're drunk.
Go to bed with me or you're getting a DWI.
I mean, this is... All I'm saying is... All I'm saying is... Is she back?
I hear the...
I don't know.
Microphone getting opened up.
Okay, well, that's all right.
We'll talk during the break, guys.
We'll be right back, folks.
We'll come back and take calls.
And we're just... Things got confused.
We're not going to have Donna back on.
We got the important information.
Worse than what World Net Daily had to say.
We'll come back and talk to a bunch of callers.
Rob, Ron, Roy, and others.
The toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
I don't trust the government.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, we found out what happened in the last segment.
She was at work, and her lunch hour was over, and the boss told her to get off the phones.
We called her back.
She said, thanks for having her on.
We're about to go back to your calls.
And Esther's calling from Missouri.
Maybe she's calling in about this situation where they strip-search girls because of $55 million and then try to intimidate them not to speak out.
But again, you add that together with every week I see an article where the guards are raping women and men in these prisons, these private prisons, these government-run prisons.
You hear about the truancy officer going after kids.
You hear about all this.
And that's the point.
Smart criminals get into government, get into positions of power.
And then we sit here in a naive fashion going, let's let the government run our lives and give up due process and give up juries and give up attorney-client privilege and let's reinstate double jeopardy, trying people with the same crime and let's give the state more powers.
You see how crazy that is?
Absolutely amazing.
Watch this happen.
And now in the state of Florida, this woman can audibly beg for food, and they're going to remove her feeding tube because the husband wants it removed, and he's the guardian.
And under the new laws, you can basically have somebody killed by dehydration or malnutrition.
And I know I talked about that last hour.
I mean, how can you not talk about it over and over again?
We've got the mother and father of the 39-year-old woman coming on next week.
Disabled woman would cry for help, according to doctors and nurses.
Oh yeah, they don't even want to kill her.
It's the judge saying kill her.
Kill her.
With the husband.
See, they fashion... They make it fashionable...
Oh, old people have a right to die.
I mean, you're not going to say somebody can't come out of their misery.
But then you look at the real agenda, it's the state and medical boards and judges killing you.
They wear little toe rings.
The men even wear them.
In the Netherlands saying, please don't euthanize me.
Don't kill me.
They have cards in their wallets.
They found the doctors ignore that.
There was a big BBC article, Drudge also reported on it last month, that half, over half, it was like 53% of the deaths in Switzerland are government suicides where they kill you.
I can't tell you how many people I know who have a
I have a heart attack at 55 and have an embolism and go into a coma for six months and come out of it and they're playing golf and living a great life and driving around on their motorboat and fishing.
You know, five years later.
My uncle was in a coma for six plus weeks.
His brain was out on the pavement, folks.
And they wanted to unplug him way back in the late 60s.
And today he's got two great children.
You know, a ranch with a bunch of cows, has a great life, goes deer hunting around the country.
They wanted to kill him back then.
My grandmother said, no, no, no, and sat there and prayed over him every single day.
And he just woke up out of that thing, right at the point where there were debates about turning him off.
Well, now they don't turn you off if you're in a coma, folks.
They turn you off when you are begging audibly for food.
And I don't mean cases where they bring in the food and the person goes, and starts begging and crying.
There's hundreds of those.
There's a bunch of cases where...
Where they audibly go, feed me water, please help me.
I mean, we've had the nurses on.
We've had the doctors.
We've had the Wall Street Journal writer on.
We've listed the names.
And these people are audibly, food, water, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.
I mean, how do you kill somebody like that?
I mean, my wife has brought home a new dog.
Some old brindle Boston Terrier that's got hip dysplasia that somebody dumped.
It looks like they dumped them from the M.O.
I hope they didn't.
If you live in Austin, Texas, and you know somebody's missing a Brindle dog in southwest Austin, a Brindle Boston Terrier, so now we've got the Boston Terrier, and we end up taking in other dogs and pushing them off on family when we get too many.
It's totally derailing my life because we're busy taking care of them.
My wife's in there about to cry over this dog, and we can't give it up to the shelter because they'll kill it.
We'll probably end up keeping it.
It's old.
The poor thing can barely get up, you know, wobbling around the house.
Chihuahuas don't like it.
They'll get to be friends.
I mean, we couldn't kill a dog.
We couldn't hurt a little dog.
We couldn't dump it out on the street.
How do you kill old people or young women or men begging for food?
I was online.
I watched a clip of one of these people.
The family snuck in and got footage.
I'm going...
What the?
What the?
What the?
I mean, just what?
What the?
We are a demonic, satanic, fat goblin country.
That's what we are.
I don't care about what Alex says.
NFL kickoff.
I want the NFL kickoff.
That's what matters.
And I'm not saying we're all bad, but... And I'm not even saying I'm that good of a person or my wife Violet is, but I just...
The older I get, the more pained I get by all this stuff.
I just can't stand it.
Because instinctively, my brain's got enough good programming, God-given programming, that my brain is terrified.
My brain has empathy, is concerned for defenseless creatures.
Because my brain knows that I'll end up in that position, or my children will one day, or my wife, or my father or mother at the hands of this government.
Well, see, the general public doesn't have that reap what you sow understanding.
They think just stick your parents in a nursing home, don't go visit them.
I mean, I've got to say, when we finally had to put my grandfather in a nursing home, every day family went and visited him and spent hours with him.
And that was just to the point that he couldn't walk and was falling out of bed, and my grandmother, who had polio in the 50s,
Couldn't pick him up, and she felt bad about calling me over there or my dad over there or my uncle over there or the firefighters who would come over and pick him up, doing a great job.
The only real service you still get from the government, by the way.
Only thing we really need is firefighters, and we're even trying to warp their minds now, get them into Homeland Security and law enforcement mode.
And us against them, thin red line, I guess you can call it now,
I think.
Because they didn't want to give medical treatment.
They found old men scrapped down with rats on their bodies, biting them, and rat droppings everywhere.
And the flies would crawl up their nose and lay eggs in their brains.
And they would die from maggots eating their brains.
Every time I mention that, I get an email.
Now, you're really making stuff up now.
Just type in VA Kansas City veterans die of maggot infestations.
A bunch of them had maggots.
They were able to remove them.
But these were really smart flies.
They learned because the men were restrained.
They could get up into the nose and find the delicious brain tissue.
This is the new America, folks.
And so, you know what?
Just cram a hot dog in your mouth and talk about the football team.
I'll tell you, I'm really concerned we may not win this year as we lose America.
That's the only point I'm making.
Maybe you don't want to hear this.
It's going to happen to you.
Okay, fine.
Don't you understand that?
I don't mean to get off on these rants.
I just can't handle it anymore.
Ron in Wyoming, finish up, and then we'll go to Roy, Ron, Esther, and others.
Yeah, Alex, I was just going to kind of hold up to the light an example, a perfect example of Hollywood's
Double reverse propaganda.
It's just absolutely transparent.
Double reverse.
Good point.
Well, triple, you know, however many.
They've got it going, don't they?
They've got it.
And this deal you were bringing up raises the question, who's going to protect us from our protectors?
That's a simple, common-sense question.
You know, the one time when the CIA and all that might have caused us nothing but problems.
I mean, all the good stuff they do is supposedly secrecy, but the problems, that's self-evident.
At one time, they might have justified their existence.
And they failed the American people, absolutely.
And so they get rewarded for that.
Oh, they get massive increases in funding.
Let me see.
Terrorists blow stuff up, they get more funding and more power.
Gee, are they going to stop the terrorists?
Where's Al-Qaeda's motive in this?
I mean, usually terrorists...
Claim responsibility.
Instead, now they're having their responsibility claimed for them by our government.
But they never say a word.
We struck a major blow.
Your invasion forces were already amassed and now take us over.
They had 40,000 U.S.
troops, 18,000 British troops, massed into Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, aircraft carrier groups ready, orders for the bombs all lined up, the launch orders on his desk two days before the attack, on and on and on and on.
But remember, that morning the CIA just so happened to be running a drill of flying planes into buildings.
What a coincidence.
That's why NORAD stood down.
Look at the most recent bombing in Iraq.
He's obviously a bad guy.
Never is a patriot a good guy on these shows.
And he's an incompetent one because he's got a lawyer standing up in court saying, my client has instructed me.
Well, first of all, there's the first problem there.
If he's already got a licensed bar attorney, he's a ward of the state.
Okay, they've got a show showing a patriot in court.
Tell us what happened.
He says the lawyer's doing his bidding, which is the opposite of the truth.
Now, this guy who's an evil man, I didn't watch the whole show, but he killed somebody or something.
That makes it okay.
The lawyer says, my client has instructed me to challenge the jurisdiction of this court, and my client stands mute.
I've never heard that phrase before.
It's just some Hollywood crackhead idea of what a patriot would do, I guess.
Yeah, so they've got mass programming so when judges and juries and crowds see what we do in their fake courts, they've now all learned, oh, this is what kooks do, and I'm sure the judge proves him totally wrong, and everyone laughs, and there's a great victory.
Right, and the judge enters a plea for him.
And this is the double reverse propaganda.
First of all, the judge, this is about knowing the nature and the cause of the charge brought against you.
That's what challenging the jurisdiction is.
If somebody accuses you of wearing green, okay, but what's the nature?
Sir, you're trying to explain to folks here, and I understand that about the law and how we've got a totally different system in place now.
But, I mean, if you're worried about them training people about a false court system or law system with the TV shows, look at Judge Judy and Judge Pinhead and Judge whatever.
It's all tribunal set up with a judge shouting at someone.
And no appeal because it's on TV.
It's a phony type court.
It's all training us that, well, the law is the judge orders me around.
This is all conditioning.
I've heard Judge Judy actually try to prevent someone from defending themselves.
You know, don't tilt your head that way.
Don't blink your eyes so much.
You know?
Don't communicate to that jury anyway, Winston.
We're going to convict you here at the Ministry of Truth.
Thanks for the call.
Take care.
Let's talk to Roy in Michigan.
Go ahead, Roy.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, there's one thing that a lot of people I know are not really catching on to, the connection between the church and the state.
Where that connection is at, besides the 501c3, is actually on the back of the dollar bill.
If you look at that pyramid and you see that eye on top of the back of the dollar bill, that eye, they refer to it as Ra or Horus.
That's an Egyptian sun god.
Yeah, it's the light god, or known in Hebrew as Lucifer.
And in the churches, they're telling the people that Christ was not born on the 25th of December.
But yet, they are celebrating on the 25th of December.
The reason they're doing that, it's the lowest day of the solace.
The celebration of Ron Burns.
And folks, go to the encyclopedia.
Every time I talk about this, I get calls, it's not true.
Samhain is the human sacrifice holiday of the Druids.
Okay, that's October 31st, and that's going into the winter.
That's a high holy day, and that's what Halloween is.
It's not Alex Jones, it's the encyclopedia.
The supposed birthday of Christ...
That's not the case.
They just took it and took Christian holidays and superimposed them over pagan holidays, and that is admitted, and the sites where all the big churches are in Europe, when they've been bombed out during World War II, all of them were on top of Druid altars.
They would build them over the original sacred sites of the Druids.
And again, that's natural geographic stuff.
But again, the average person has no idea.
He has no idea that that's what is actually happening.
Like Christ said, on the third day, he would rise again.
In the churches, they're saying he was crucified on a Friday.
Friday to Saturday is one day.
To Sunday is two.
If you go to the scripture, you find out that what they're doing is celebrating Esthar.
Esthar is the goddess of fertility.
That's why the Easter Bunny is Easter egg.
That's why the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus has little pointed ears and little servants that work for him.
And he's real jolly.
Ha, ha, ha.
So what we're talking about... By the way, for those that don't know, Christmas wasn't even celebrated until 200 years ago.
And it was a time of riot, rape, and murder in England.
And everyone would run around beating people with sticks and robbing people.
And it was a time of, it was a satanic holiday.
By the way, that's the history of Christmas.
Go to the encyclopedia again on that.
Right, so what this all boils down to is what we've got going on here.
It's just the religious people who are bringing this on.
The religious Republicans, the religious Democrats, and you name it, religious.
Well, that's it.
They're really Skull and Bones members.
They're really Bohemian Grove members.
They really are occult practitioners.
This is admitted, folks.
And then there's this outward thing of, we're the Christian church, and the Christian church says war is good, and world government's good, and the microchip's not bad.
No, you're absolutely right.
It's quite a system.
Now, this is what Christ said.
Christ said that you have two commandments.
If you do these two, you have done them all.
That is to take it to love God above all, and to love your neighbor.
That's everybody, including your enemy.
Well, you know, I hear these phony Christian talk shows going, yes, there's these weird Christian sects that believe Halloween and Christmas are really different holidays.
Love your enemy, boy.
Heck, yesterday I heard this.
We're weird because we can read the encyclopedias.
I mean, folks, go to the encyclopedia.
Look up Christmas.
Look up Halloween.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
We'll come back and talk to Esther and Ron and others for holding.
And, yes, a bunch of other news.
Interesting show today on this Friday.
But, again, I'm just about history.
Go look up Christmas, what the date was in England.
It was a party week.
It had nothing to do.
Santa Claus was the god of... You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
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Was the deity...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And so that's where all this came from.
It was just the pagans reasserting themselves and coming out with these holidays.
I mean, Christmas wasn't celebrated other than, oh, this is Christ's birthday.
And again, that was just to replace the pagan day.
It was the pagan day reemerging and fully taking the holiday back over.
And that's what Halloween is.
It was Samhain.
And you look at police files, that's when the most kids disappear and stuff around.
The Western world period is the week before Halloween.
And so the Christian churches have said, officially, the Catholic churches said Harry Potter is good.
Oh, it's just fun.
You go to the school of wizardry and stuff, and that's Christian.
And any Christian that says it isn't is some type of wicked devil.
So, okay, well, we're just talking about the history of it.
Okay, go ahead.
Go have fun.
Do it all.
Let your kids be involved in it.
Let your kids run around the street at night.
That's real safe.
And just don't know the history of it.
Just deny it out of hand.
Be ignorant.
It's easier to do.
Be like the majority of people that don't even know where Iraq is on a map.
Just be comfortable in your ignorance, and everything will be all right.
I'm not being sarcastic to the majority of our listeners, but to those that will email me and go, knock it off, Christmas is good.
Well, I mean, I like Christmas.
I mean, I give people presents and stuff, but I'm still conscious of the fact that I'm not celebrating it as a pagan holiday, folks.
And at least I know the history of it.
And I know what Santa Claus is, and that definitely is not part of Christmas around my house.
Let me just say this before we end this segment and come back with Esther and Ron and Bob and others.
I always wait until the end of the hour and I forget and I go, oh gosh, I want to plug my videos.
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Third hour, a bunch of calls, a ton of news, and yet another guest.
That's later in the next hour.
We'll cover it all when we get back, so stay with us.
This is Alex Jones.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'll tell you, it has been quite a broadcast so far.
I never thought I'd be talking about Santa Claus on my show, but we were discussing Santa Claus.
We didn't get into Frosty the Snowman, but we did discuss Santa Claus in the last hour because a listener pointed out that a lot of the so-called Christian institutions really have occult backgrounds.
And, folks, we've had the big Simon & Schuster writer on last year who wrote the book The History of Christmas, and Santa Claus was an evil hoodlum, an evil demon who attacked and killed people and robbed people
And he was the mascot of hordes of criminals that during the week of the 25th in London would run around raping and killing.
And the holiday was actually banned, again, for over a decade in London because of, in one case, dozens of deaths in one night.
And so, yes, it's true, folks.
You can go research it.
It's in the encyclopedia.
But that shows everything you think.
One way is really another.
It's absolutely amazing.
And that's what this show is about.
It's about history.
It's about knowing the history, knowing the past, knowing where we came from, how we got here.
And realizing that right beneath the surface of what you think is reality is something completely different.
I do not want to have a discussion of Halloween and Christmas, please.
But it is an interesting topic.
A very interesting topic.
But I've only talked about that, I think, one other time on the show with a gift, just to go over the confirmed, admitted history of Christmas.
Now, the history of Halloween, that's even been in the Associated Press.
There was a great article in the Associated Press a couple of years ago.
It was the headline, The Fundamentalists Were Right.
And it said, Halloween really is a human sacrifice holiday and really was pushed and adopted in the 50s by a cultist in America.
And now it's our favorite holiday next to Christmas.
And now the Catholic Church has endorsed, and many other denominations have endorsed, Harry Potter as a good Christian role model who conjures demons.
And again, I have a secular show.
I don't do a Christian broadcast.
I am a Christian.
I make no bones about it.
I don't cover that up like a lot of these so-called Christian leaders.
But we do talk about the history of it, and we do show that a Christian society is an orderly, happy society that bears good fruit.
But you look at what's growing from this tree that's America today, record teenage pregnancy with your daughters and pregnant by the gang members.
Record drug use in prison populations.
Record divorce in every form of degeneracy being made mainstream right out in front of us.
By the way, Arnold Schwarzenegger came out yesterday and said he wants to ban .50 caliber rifles and supports other gun bans and ammunition bans that was in the Sacramento Bee.
And conservatives are totally revolting against him.
So he goes, okay, well, I'm against giving illegal aliens driver's license unless they...
Go through the proper channels.
That's the sub-headline.
It's very deceptive.
And I want to remind folks that I've written the most detailed analysis of Arnold Schwarzenegger anywhere that I've seen, and how it's a great example of the neocons and what liars they are, and how they're the biggest liberal socialist around, as Ron Paul said in his speech back on July 10th, of the Bush administration.
And how they endorse a guy who is left of Stalin.
Stalin didn't advocate homosexuals adopting children.
I'm serious.
So how they endorse somebody left of Stalin while ignoring McClintock, who is a moderate Republican.
They'd call him an extreme right winger.
So, we'll continue to expose the number one threat, as Ron Paul said, the phony Republicans.
Yeah, we know the Democrats are evil, but what about the Trojan Horse Republicans?
We expose them on this show.
We'll come back and talk to Esther, I promise, Ron, Bob, Linda.
Then I'm going right into some of the news I haven't gotten to yet.
You'll definitely want to stay tuned for this broadcast.
We've got 55 minutes left.
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All right, let's quickly go to calls.
I'm going to take...
We'll take five more, and then I'm going to cover news for the rest of the show.
Let's talk to Esther in Missouri.
It's been holding since we had the mother on whose child was strip-searched down to having to spread her legs in front of people, and they had men and women there for some of the strip-searches.
The school now admits they did it.
Is that what you were calling about?
Because it was in Missouri, and you called in during that.
I don't know any more about that than what I've heard from programs like you and Joyce and so forth.
But what I wanted to... I was just guessing you called in, because you called in right when that gas was on.
What I wanted to alert you to, I had the station that Dr. Laura comes on at the same time you do, and I heard just a minute or two of her introductory chat, and it tied right in to all that's going on in the schools.
I don't know just where this was, but I'm sure somebody can get hold of the information since she's widely broadcast.
But this was a school that makes a complete dossier on each child, name, date of birth, height, weight, coloring, home address, what sports they're
Activities they're involved in and what they like to do and all this kind of stuff, and they make that available to anybody.
Pedophiles or whatever.
Look, look.
When I was in high school, they had cable where we had to sit there and watch 15 minutes of commercials every morning.
And they go, that paid for our TVs.
When the schools have plenty of money, that's a big scam.
They don't have money.
Now it's gotten to the point where...
We're good to go.
Look for key writings.
And if a kid writes a short story, you know, fiction about a shootout, well, I mean, that's what they see on TV all day.
The police come in.
The FBI is called in.
I mean, this has been in the news.
So it's total secret police.
What are your kids doing?
But this is available to the public.
Yeah, I was aware of that.
They're selling the personal data.
Pedophiles, rapists, anybody.
Well, look, they have BATF and hundreds of school districts for a full semester teaching a class.
You write dossiers on your parents.
They have private corporations come in and get to propagandize to the kids and put up their advertising, and they also make their data public.
Look, all of this stuff's being sold.
Well, this being available to the public, to anybody, who knows who's getting hold of that and following it.
The kids around and grab them from a football game or whatever.
It's just awful.
And another thing I wanted to bring up while I have you on the line, somebody handed me a copy of a issue of The Power of Prophecy.
And there's an article in there, about half a page, about 20 new World Cup stadiums.
That have been built in Korea and Japan and paid for by the good old U.S.
and there are 20 more to be built by the year 2026.
Yeah, it's a World Cup conspiracy.
Well, they show the picture here of it and they're made out of
And they've got strange dishes on all of them, whether it's in Asia or Africa.
To advance the electromagnetic... Well, they're not speculating.
I read an article.
Oh, what was that out of?
It was just a few weeks ago.
Incredible, incredible news story where DARPA announced... In fact, there's a hyperlink to it in my DARPA Engineering the Beast system.
It was the Boston Globe article.
That DARPA's announced they're not just putting magnetic resonance readers in the airports to scan your brainwaves and image your brain and, quote, if you look upset off your brainwaves, they go ahead and question you and put you under a stronger brain reader and ask you questions.
Folks, this is the Boston Globe, okay?
Five airports have it, including Boston Logan's, while they were reporting on it.
And DARPA said, by the way, we've now got systems.
This is in the article.
DARPA said this.
That are going to control your minds.
They're going to put up broadcasters, systems, this was patented in the 50s, that they can hit a certain wavelength, make you pass out, make you get sick, make you have a stroke, make you feel good.
And Tex Marr is a professor of space and aeronautics, Air Force officer.
He wrote best-selling books on robotics.
He wrote military textbooks, okay?
That's where Tex made his money, as a secular writer.
And he has friends in and out of government, and
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
And so, yes, this is admitted, patented stuff.
Tech's put up that newsletter a year ago.
Now more has come out on it.
And the evidence shows, the way these are set up, that they're giant transmitters, yes.
Well, apparently this is Tech Mara's newsletter that I have here, and there's an article in here by him on these, what do they call them, nanorobots?
They are so small that they can be injected along with your flu shot or something.
And they think maybe that this would be something that would turn those on so they'd start scouring through your body.
Well, obviously, they want to put a tracking tag on it.
...into the shots, and we've caught them sterilizing people with the vaccines and all the carnage.
We have official State Department plans for all this in the 70s.
So anybody that takes their vaccines is insane.
But yes, the nanotech...
Is certainly racing ahead.
Great points, and thanks for the call.
But if anybody could get hold of a little more info from Dr. Laura, that might be a pretty good article for you to pursue.
And I just turned off of her because you're number one.
Anyway, I didn't hear all of it.
All right.
God bless you.
Appreciate it, Esther, there in Missouri.
Thank you.
Yeah, look.
I mean, the articles, I've come across the articles where they get a total background, database, what you like.
They have a Goals 2000 system that even when I was in high school, they were asking you, you take a test, you answer a questionnaire of what you would best be off your test scores in a long questionnaire.
It takes six hours, seven hours to take.
It took all day to take it, of what you want to be, what you want to do.
And then they tell you what you should be off a computer system.
It's kind of the Soviet model.
And that information is sold, given to the government, sold to others.
Zero privacy.
And then the media goes, well, there's zero privacy.
Why are you complaining?
Look, here's the type of news I've got in front of me that we haven't gotten to.
Fury over five years of jail for baby rapist.
He raped a baby and another person and another little girl, and nothing happened to him.
So that's the headline.
Here's another one.
ACLU, anti-Bush protesters, exile the distant zones.
Notice they have the ACLU come to bat for them, so conservatives rightly see them as a bad group.
Oh, that must be dumb, because the ACLU is involved.
See how they make it partisan?
But that's been going on for years, where you can protest.
Here, we have a small area of a park, 10 miles from where the president's route is, where you can demonstrate.
You still have your First Amendment, and all the news sees is people flapping their flags.
Anyone seen protesting in the crowd is arrested.
Oh, you're not for the president?
This is a no protest.
Oh, thank you, you're arrested.
That was going on during Clinton.
And people go, well, it was bad when Clinton did it, but it's good when Bush does it.
I got that article.
Former MI6 agent Kelly murdered with sloppy work.
That's on prisonplanet.com right now.
RFID tracking kids, keys, and pets.
It's an article out of the mainstream media about, oh, yeah, RFID will be used to track.
You see, it wasn't going to be used, but, oh, yeah, it is now.
Malaysia buys anti-terror microchips for implantation to stop terror.
They need to go ahead and implant the population.
British Airways considers anti-missile systems.
We'll get to that.
Saudi Missile Hall raises fears of air attack.
Australia, New Zealand, prepare for mock terrorist attack.
ABC News, they have these drills all over to train you to be a slave of the government.
North London, hit by blackout.
Lots of new blackouts all over the Western world.
Schwarzenegger vows to fight licenses for illegals.
That's not what he really said.
We'll tell you what he really said.
Bunch of other news articles that we're going to be getting to.
Germans nostalgic for communist life.
Old Europe says no to Bush again.
And slain soldier's father criticizes Lynch's book deal.
Yeah, no kidding.
The real hero gets nothing.
Lynch, just totally, it's total theater, folks, the whole thing.
Jerry Bruckheimer produced it.
Oh, you didn't know that?
You know, the newscast, the break-in at the base, the hospital, all of it actually made by Hollywood.
Big government getting bigger under Bush.
This is a Reuters story.
Biggest growth in government ever.
Biggest growth in agencies.
And a lot more.
Arnold, the .50 caliber owners who are terminated.
Look, there's just a bunch of news coming up after these calls.
Stay with me.
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We're good to go.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ron in New York.
We'll go to Bob and a couple others, and that's it for calls, so I do have to get into more of this news.
Go ahead, Ron.
Hi, Alex.
I'm going to touch on a few things.
I'm going to go through them real fast.
Alex, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
No, he takes up the issue of the .50 caliber gun ban.
Now, this goes to show you what an agendist this guy is.
He's got movies where he's running around with rail guns, shooting through buildings and killing 100 people, but we shouldn't be able to own guns.
This is not even at the forefront of concerns for people in California, and this is the issue that he's taking up.
So it lets you know something about...
This comic book politician, and that he's just there.
He's the smoke and mirrors man there to perform an agenda.
Then he throws out the naive people who might be of a conservative bent, the issue about immigrant driver's license.
That's already a done deal.
He's not going to get the California legislature to reverse that if he should achieve office.
That's just a red herring that he's throwing out.
Secondly, somebody had... Well, yeah, he said last week he's for open borders and legalizing all illegals.
That's true.
He does have double speak on that illegal immigration issue.
But the fact of the matter is... By the way, he claimed in the Washington Post, since we're talking about Arnold...
Today, it's on Infowars.com, along with my analysis, he claims in that We interview, you know, that Playboy publication?
Yes, yes, I remember that magazine back in the 70s.
He claims that, okay, I lied about the orgies, I lied about the drugs, I lied about, well, I really was in the gay magazines, homosexual magazines, but...
He says in there, I lied.
Now, that's even worse.
Right, because now if you've got a guy who's an admitted liar, how could you trust him to leave your state?
He said, I lied.
He said, I lied to promote the release of my movie, Pumping Iron.
Well, moving along with promotions, one of your callers had mentioned Judge Judy.
Well, people in this nation should really know a little bit about Judge Judy.
Unfortunately, we here in the New York City area had her inflicted upon us
As a family court judge for some years, the woman's background should be known to the nation.
She was a privileged brat all her life who essentially became a slip-and-fall lawyer who then, as a result of the political patronage hack system in the city of New York, was appointed to the family court within New York.
She's a CPS child destruction, family destruction technician.
Her demeanor at that time that we had to endure her here on the bench.
Was a comic book demeanor.
She was a self-promoter.
She had no, nothing about her demeanor was judicial.
No appropriate court.
By the way, Ron, you're a retired police officer, so you had to deal with her.
You told us that before.
You know, and this woman was a disgrace on the bench.
She was a byproduct of a political hack appointee system.
Nothing more.
So when people watch her on national TV now, keep in mind that this woman was no, you know, a great legal mind.
She never was.
Moving along to Christmas, if people don't believe what you say, all they have to do is tune into the History Channel.
Around Christmas time, every year for the last two or three years, they have a two-hour special about the history of Christmas.
And they clearly mention there that there was something called an English Christmas, which was a raucous criminal public celebration that was so bad that Oliver Cromwell had to ban its public expression.
That's how bad that was.
And that is the tradition out of which, you know, Christmas comes.
I like Christmas too.
That's where Santa Claus, I've seen the old paintings.
He was like Freddy Krueger, literally, folks.
He wore a striped outfit.
An evil elf.
Yeah, he had sharp teeth.
And the people would model themselves like that, dress up like demons, run around robbing and killing and raping.
So keep that in mind.
Like you said, okay, we all celebrate Christmas.
I do the same thing as you do.
I do too.
But at least let us know the truth in our hearts about the history of these traditions.
Lastly, and this is the most important thing, it's with regards to school districts taking cameras in the classroom, which even at their best is disruptive to children who would want a camera over their back while they're trying to learn.
I saw that interview with Bill O'Reilly about the Biloxi School District.
Your prior guest, whose daughter was the victim of abuse in that school district.
I'll tell you what.
She should have hit that school district a lot harder than $80,000.
A lot harder.
Because like anything else, a legal battle is like any other battle.
In order to make your enemy really know you mean business, you've got to hit your enemy hard.
And $80,000 was not enough.
Of an imposition, she should have also sought, or that group of people should have sought, a permanent injunction against that kind of conduct within that school.
So whoever represented their interests, I think, really didn't represent them as fully as they should have.
And this is nothing new going on in school districts.
We're good to go.
This is the start of their cycle.
They're trying to acclimate this generation of children into accepting this behavior so there's no sense of dignity or what freedom was.
The next generation won't know what freedom is.
No, that's it.
Concentration Camp America.
Wonderful points from a retired police officer.
We'll take two more calls.
I'm going straight to the news.
Stay with me.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks, we're back live, and I'm about to just launch straight into a news blitz that we'll run through to the end of this show.
We've got about 26 minutes left here on this live Friday edition.
I do this show Monday through Friday from 9 to midnight.
Central Standard Time and, of course, back from 11 to 2 during the day.
And there's a rebroadcast of the daytime show from 1 a.m.
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Literally, folks.
But call your local mom and pops and tell them, hey, pick up the show.
They'll get a great response.
We know they'll get listeners.
Because people are hungry for unscripted truth and reality and history.
Now, we're going to take one more call, and we're going to do a quick guess, and then right to all the news.
Quickly, Bob in Wisconsin, go ahead.
Alex, I got the documents from your website on the forced draft on the medical professional people by the military.
And engineers.
And engineers.
How about cops and the other first responders, the firemen?
Are they involved in that?
Yeah, the bill says everybody, anybody, any, quote, professional who has a, quote, professional certificate of law enforcement, firefighter, engineer, hydraulic engineer.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, it's everything.
And that's the Houston Chronicle, by the way.
I am passing this out, and I'm...
Trying to get these people to call a congressman and tell them that they're going to refuse this draft.
If enough of them do it, it'll fall through.
Here's the problem.
Here's the problem.
You're making a really good point.
Right now, they actually don't mind that there's giant protests of Ashcroft and the Patriot Act 1 and 2 and Victory Act 1 and 2.
Now there's a second Victory Act.
It's on Infowars.com right now, folks.
They don't really mind, because then they can build the crescendo of resistance.
The government goes, hey, it's just to keep you safe.
The globalists launch another terror attack and go, see, we told you so.
So that's the problem.
Unless we expose the governments behind all this to get a draft, to get national service, to get enslavement, to get us into this world government, then they're going to keep blowing stuff up and saying we have to do it.
Oh, yeah.
We have to expose the government.
In fact, I'll...
Thanks for the call.
Folks, I could have talked about this one article for three hours out of U.S.
News World Report, September 8th issue.
And the headline, Careful, Your Phone is Watching You.
And you open up the article, and it says, They Know Where You Are.
And everybody's got a target on them walking around this Big Brother-type city with their cell phones.
Cell phone chips and radio tags are tracking people and things.
And the article expands out to,
Oh, all the cars are getting satellite trackers.
Kids are getting ships.
Oh, it's all triangulated by the cell towers.
Oh, it'll keep us safe.
We need it.
I mean, it's a huge article admitting that we're bad.
Folks, Homeland Security dials in and listens to you when you've got a cell phone.
This cell phone right here.
I've got a cell phone in my hand.
The thing can be off, and Homeland Security can dial in and listen to you.
Folks, that's the mainstream news.
That's admitted.
And I don't care how crazy it sounds.
DARPA said they're now going to mount...
We're good to go.
I'm drugging back on the line because after I had that fluoride guy on the other day, the top scientists testified before the FDA, you name it, about how they're also adding toxic waste to the fluoride from the aluminum plants and the fertilizer plants.
You've got to protect yourselves, and we're going to spend about four or five minutes with Jim Shepard, then I'm going to blitz through news at warp speed.
Jim, thanks for coming on.
I know you've been holding for eight minutes while I ranted about all this stuff.
I mean, when you open the newspaper up and they're telling you that police state is good, what do you think?
Boy, I tell you what.
The stuff that is coming out right now, Alex, is just coming out so fast and so furious.
And, you know, it takes somebody like you full time just to keep up with it, and that isn't even taking much action.
And, you know, it just is becoming overwhelming.
And, you know, there ought to be some way to be able to put a stop to some of this stuff in batch.
You know, geez, you get involved with the abortion issue, that's full-time.
You get involved with, you know, the Second Amendment, that's full-time.
You get involved with this stuff, and it's really quite frustrating.
And then we've got the fluoride in the water, and we've got the genetic engineering, and we've got the open borders, and we've got the sellout of the jobs, and we've got the, it goes on and on, and the federal takeover of the churches with faith-based initiatives, and taking the Ten Commandments out, on and on and on and on.
Let me ask you a question, Jim.
I know you're here to talk about water filters, and it's so important, but I respect your opinion.
Talking to you privately sometimes for an hour on the phone, you were friends.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, I'm not sure if you've seen this, he came out in the Washington Post, he said, look, that Playboy magazine interview I did, it was We at the time, it was the name of the Playboy publication, I lied to promote my new film, Pumping Iron.
I lied about orgies.
I lied about drug use.
I lied about liking Hitler just to get attention.
Well, even if that's true,
What does that say about his mindset and why are so-called conservative talk show hosts defending him?
Well, you know, years ago I had a talent scout that used me in a bunch of videos and stuff like that and wanted me to get into the movies.
She had gotten the L.A.
Laws people going and Morgan Fairchild going and she wanted me to get really into this movie business.
And she set up all these deals and...
I canceled out of that whole deal.
And you know why I canceled out?
Because I couldn't find any movies that didn't either have sex or cussing, and I didn't want to be a part of promoting that.
And just from a moral standpoint, if he did that, he is a mentor to many young children.
And by saying that, he's condoning that, and I wonder how many kids
I think Alex said either way you go on that.
If he was lying then and telling the truth now...
Morally, it's unconscionable what he did just to promote his own career.
And if he was telling the truth and lying now, then that is even a bigger problem.
Well, you know, I've actually been in the same position, Jim.
I didn't know that about you.
I got a call one day by a great director who did Days of Confused and a bunch of other films, discovered, oh, who's the guy that's in Daredevil and all those movies?
What's that guy's name?
Ben Affleck and he also, Matthew McConaughey and a bunch of others.
Yeah, but Linklater did Days of Confused and a bunch of other movies.
And he's a good guy.
He knows about the New World Order.
He listens to the show.
He's listening to this show.
I don't know about right now, but he says he listens all the time.
You know, he called me up and said, I want to put you in this movie with Ethan Hawke.
And, you know, I just have a bit part.
It's like three minutes long.
But, you know, it's on the movie poster cover and I'm this guy talking about the New World Order.
That was a good film.
He put me in.
I didn't ask to be in that movie.
I had other folks approach me about being in movies.
They told me, yeah, you're a wild guy, really aggressive.
You can play criminals or tough guys or whatever.
And I've had offers.
Move out to L.A.
I mean, I actually have the offers.
It's the New World Order, folks.
But basically, I mean, I've had the big syndicators tell me, here, sell out and we'll take care of you.
So I've had the devil come at me multiple ways.
Instead, here I am, Test Pilot Jones, on the GCN radio network, doing things, telling the truth, reaching folks.
So I want folks to know that I've made a sacrifice.
But I wouldn't have it any other way, because life is so short, and how do people sell out their country, their family?
They rationalize what they're doing, and they don't look at the damage that evil causes.
You know, in the scriptures it talks about, because of the hardness of your heart, he has blinded your eyes.
And I have just found in my life, Alex, that there is plenty of opportunity just to cross the line a little bit and gain something from it.
And I tell you, years ago I determined I'm not going to cross that line.
And, you know, when I see all these people crossing the line, Alex, they're blind.
They have no clue what's going on.
They have no moral bearing.
You know, all this stuff comes down the pike.
You know, they lose their freedoms.
They lose their rights.
I think, well, that makes sense.
You know, we have to have a secure nation.
And they can't see that the borders are open.
They can't connect dot A, B, and C.
And I am fully persuaded that the reason that it's that way is because that's the penalty because they've spent their life crossing the moral line.
Well, no, that's true.
That's true.
And my heart gets softer and softer and softer.
And I remember when I was younger having a hard heart.
Having a hard heart is cool.
Sumner Redstone's got his movies to destroy our young people.
Rupert Murdoch has his horrible film 13, trying to sell 13-year-old girls on being involved in orgies like Arnold promotes.
To destroy them while they're young, they know that, and that hurts my heart.
It does.
It hurts my heart to see this happening.
How do we stop it, though?
Very disturbing.
I remember a number of years ago, about five years ago...
Clinton decided that he was going to do this promotion on safe sex, so they started having these little cartoon condoms coming out and talking about safe sex and all that stuff on these commercials that they're running nationally on regular television.
And I'd be sitting down, and one of those commercials would come up, and I had kids in the house, and I'd shut that thing off, and it would just get me so darn mad.
But you know, when it starts at the top...
It's like I've been in business for many years, and I've dealt with a lot of companies, and then they don't show a lot of integrity.
And then I'll hear people talk about it and say, well, you know, the president's good, but it's just the employees that are bad.
But it's been my experience that it all starts at the top, and you have a corrupt – the powers that be, the officials and so forth, when they're corrupt, then that just rolls downhill, and it starts corrupting the people.
And you know, the Bible says that when a man listens to lies, he is surrounded by wicked persons.
And that's just the way it is.
If somebody listens to lies, they like to surround themselves with wicked people.
That's just the way it is.
Jim, you've got a different special today for folks that might want to not drink deadly fluoride and other toxins.
I think it's pretty important that people do this.
I bought the units from you before you were a sponsor.
What's the special today?
Okay, this is the Berkey light with the LED emergency lights.
These are the lights that will burn two weeks on a set of four AA batteries.
They'll burn two weeks at night.
And the idea behind it, Alex, is for folks to get caught into a situation like we had in New York not too long ago with the blackout, hey, it's a scary thing to be in a city with God only knows how many criminals around you, and you can't see at the door if somebody comes to your door.
So we want to provide light for that as well as the water purification.
And that's what the Berkey light is for, and plus they make fantastic night lights.
So it's a big, high-quality water filter with built-in, powerful LED lights.
We're also going to include two sport bottles so you can carry the power of Berkey around with you to the office and wherever you go, put it in your glove box.
Or you can get one sport bottle and one potassium iodate, or you can get two potassium iodate.
Just mix and match it however you want.
We're also going to do two additional black Berkey replacement elements so that if something happens, you've got an extra set on hand.
We're going to include the auxiliary battery pack so that you can run it on four AA batteries.
And that has a retail price of $445.
We're going to cut $100 off of that and make it $345.
And then if you want the solar charger so that, you know, these LED lights, they have a
11-year life if you burn them continuously.
If you burn them just at night, 33-year life, so it's indefinite.
We also have a solar panel for $79, and that will allow you to charge the LED lights during the day.
The solar charger also has some adapters so you can charge your cell phone.
I know you were talking about that before, but you want to have communications.
You can also run radios.
It has various different adapters so you can run radios and even shavers with it.
And again, that sells for $79.
Add $35 to the price and we'll go ahead and include the solar panel, the solar charger.
Well, that's awesome, Jim.
So anyway, all told, that represents $135 savings.
And the idea behind that, Alex, is if for some reason you get caught in an event like they had up in New York, the big power blackout, or if you're caught in a flood like they're having in Indiana, you can filter the source water that's around you.
You've got lighting at night.
You've got power to charge up your cell phone, so you've got communications.
I think so.
All right, Jim Shepard, the toll-free number for folks to call to take advantage of that is 1-888-803-4438.
That's 1-888-803-4438.
And if you call and it's busy, leave your name and number.
They'll call you right back.
That's 1-888-803-4438.
Jim, have a great weekend and take care.
Hey, keep up the good work, Alex.
All right, my friend.
Ended up having Jim on a little bit longer than I meant to.
But Jim, he knows all about the New World Order in his own right.
I like to talk to people about the New World Order and how we try to expose it here.
Look at this article.
This is out of Reuters.
And it's on Infowars.com.
Big government getting bigger under Bush.
See, Democrats, you should really love him.
The era of big government...
If it ever went away, has returned full throttle under President Bush, who came to office championing conservative ideas as an alternative.
A report released on Friday by the Brookings Institution, which is conservative, Think Tank and New York University said that the true size of federal workforce, which includes employees or federal contractors and grant recipients, grew by more than one million.
Oh, my God.
The $12.1 million from October 1999 to October 2002, that doesn't count the tens of millions of people in the prison system or out of the prison system on work release programs working for the government.
Yeah, you can't get a job as a maid working for the government anymore because they've got prisoners to do it.
Oh, make them prisoners work.
Yeah, they're wanting your job.
The increase was linked to the war on terrorism, of course, that Bush launched after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, as well as the growth of the Department of Health and Human Services and other domestic agencies like the Department of Education.
Yeah, that's where the growth's at, folks, not just the war on terror.
You mean the war on our veterans in America.
I think.
They've got on paper.
Then there's the actual government expenditures and outlays that are in the trillions.
Dallas Morning News, top economist, $43 trillion debt.
It was $40 trillion under Clinton.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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We're good to go.
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Oh my God!
I can't believe I got these drugs prescribed for free and shipped overnight to my door without seeing a doctor.
Yes, it's true.
For a limited time, our doctors are prescribing drugs for free.
Our doctors are prescribing the most popular diet pills, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, and Viagra.
You heard it right.
Free prescriptions over the phone for painkillers, migraine relief, anti-anxiety, allergy relief, and heartburn relief.
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Did I mention free diet pills and Viagra prescriptions?
This is a limited time offer.
Our doctors will not be prescribing drugs over the phone for free and shipping them overnight to your door for much longer.
I think.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down.
All right, we're getting calls from the websites for the fluoride group we had on a few days ago, and that was posted on the main page of the website.
I don't know it right now.
I mean, I just can't keep track of all this stuff.
It should have been archived on InfoWars.com.
If not, we'll get it back up for you, but...
We had a bunch of links to that.
Now, look at these articles I've got.
Fury over five years jail for baby rapist.
Five-year jail term for a pedophile who raped a baby girl triggered outrage last night.
Politicians and children's charities slam the incomprehensible sentence given to James Taylor, 43, who photographed himself carrying out the assault on a 13-month-old baby.
He could be out in as little as two years.
The maximum was life.
But Lord Reed said he was accepting a psychologist assessment that Taylor of Ranger Mouth, how about Garbage Center, Sterlingshire, was full of remorse and unethically to offend.
Well, I'll kill this guy.
Give him the death penalty.
I'll pick the trigger on the gallows and drop this sack of filth through the hole.
I mean, I'm sick of this.
See, they take away the death penalty.
And then they start letting these people go.
And by the way, you read into the article, and I've read several articles on this, it was part of the big sweep tied into Fort Worth, Texas, and when it netted mainly judges and public officials, that's mainly who run this, it ended, and he's one of the few to be arrested because he was so sloppy.
And they're letting him off, folks, because the judges and the police are running it.
And that's the background on this.
And everybody's throwing fits and freaking out.
That he's going to be out in two years of the five-year sentence and the judge says he hasn't really done anything, he didn't mean it and all this because, and admits that he was in the center of this big operation, one of their producers.
But none of the cops or police chiefs or social workers, that's who they busted and then backed off.
They won't arrest any of them.
Judges, you name it.
That's how evil this has gotten!
Makes me sick.
And here's Fox News.
Anti-Bush protesters exiled to distant zones.
Supporters can...
Can stand near President Bush and loyally wave their signs when demonstrators opposing the President's policies are exiled.
Exiled to miles away.
Yep, I've seen that.
Happened under Clinton, happens under Bush.
Got an interesting article on prisonplanet.com about former MI6 agent Kelly.
Murder was sloppy work and what Tony Blair was overheard saying by a journalist on his Air Force One.
You might want to go read that.
Another headline, RFID tracking kids.
Keys and Pets, and they say Apple computer company Steve Wozniak has started a new company pushing RFIDs, and it's to track everyone.
Malaysia buys anti-terror microchip.
Malaysia has bought the rights from a Japanese firm, the world's smallest microchip that can be embedded in everything from currencies to human bodies and will boost the global anti-terror war.
There's discussions of making everyone take it to do this.
Well, I tell you, it's sick.
You starting to get the picture here, folks?
You starting to realize how serious things have gotten?
Again, before I end this Friday edition of the Worldwide Broadcast, I want to remind you that we're here Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 and back from 9 to midnight.
And I want to encourage folks to get my videos and get my T-shirts and the book I've published and the book I've written.
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Get Paul Watson's new book, Order Out of Chaos, that I published.
Get it out to people.
Air it on AXIS TV.
The globalists are counting on you not taking action.
Spoil their operation.
Stand up to these criminals.
There's the toll-free order number.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Stand up to E-Board.
It'll run all over you, folks.
That's the history of the world.
These videos are powerful tools to fight it.
See you back tomorrow from 1 to 4.
I do Real Talk Radio, and I'll see you back on Monday.
Take care.