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Air Date: Sept. 3, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends.
It's already Wednesday.
We're already into the month of September.
It's the 3rd.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We've got the
One of the top scientists in the country coming on has testified before the Food and Drug Administration and Congress and all over the planet about the deadly, dangerous effects of the different types of fluoride that are being put in the water supply.
That's in the next hour.
The third hour we have Larry Pratt coming on about new Republican bills will teach an anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment agenda in the public schools.
And, of course, it's coming from Lord Bush.
And I've just got a ton of other news.
It has now come out in the Washington Times and the London Telegraph and the Associated Press.
The White House admits, okay, it's true.
We gave the orders to let the entire bin Laden family and others fly out of the country back to Saudi Arabia a day after September 11, two years ago.
They allowed it.
And that's because the order had already surfaced.
We reported on this about a year and a half ago when we first learned that it was a documented fact.
It had been reported on days after the event in the Miami newspapers.
But now, here it is in the mainstream news.
But at the same time, there's a new Anti-Defamation League report out saying that anybody that says the government protected the bin Laden family or had prior knowledge of 9-1-1, that that's all code for anti-Semitism.
So I guess the Miami Papers, I guess the Washington Times, the Associated Press, it's all code.
I'm so tired of this, folks.
Anytime you talk about government corruption, the government might have done something wrong once in history.
That's now code for anti-Semitism.
All the government does is fund these organizations, and it's basically like renting a bucket of black paint to paint people with.
I don't believe that Israel ran September 11th.
I do know the evidence shows that Israel and other intelligence agencies have knowledge of it.
But, again, they throw this into the mix, and I'm really tired of it, so we'll talk about that.
Just a bunch of news coming up
Here in the next three hours, you'll definitely want to stay with us.
And I also have an editorial that I wrote yesterday, well, that I wrote over the weekend that I finished yesterday, that we're posting today.
And it brings all the different pieces of the puzzle concerning Arnold Schwarzenegger together in a concise report.
We're going to be posting that on InfoWars.com, and I want to post it on PrisonPlanet.com as well.
And yesterday in the third hour, we also had Bev Harrison, who dropped bombshell after bombshell on the listeners of this show.
And now they've posted the transcript of it.
They got into a secret meeting with the defense agencies, the private defense contractors, the Federal Voting Commission about how to oppress the people, how to get the touchscreen voting in place, despite the fact that it's a fraud.
We have the government debating how to use private defense contractors and their money, their lobbyists, their ads for a new PR campaign, public relations campaign, propaganda campaign to sell touchscreen voting.
And it turns out all the groups involved are CIA.
By name, folks.
Central Intelligence Agency running the installation of touchscreen systems.
Think about that.
I mean, again, it's an Alice in Wonderland, Twilight Zone system.
And the average person has no idea about this.
You've got to change that.
You've got to wake people up now, folks.
This is a desperate situation.
We're being hit on 100 fronts, and the average yuppie out there has no idea, thinks they're part of the system, as our culture's being dismantled.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Welcome back to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
It is the third day of September 2003.
We're now only about eight days away from the second anniversary of 9-1-1.
And a lot of information is coming out concerning September 11.
In fact, I have here in front of me the evening standard news.
Bin Laden family U.S.
exit approved.
And then here's another one out of the Washington Times.
Bin Laden family allowed 9-1-1 to leave.
And that's the type of headlines I have on that subject.
Of course, for listeners of this show, for viewers of my films, this is old, ancient knowledge.
But I can't tell you on how many radio programs I've had the host tell me that that's made up and that I'm a liar.
That all air traffic was grounded and that the Bin Laden family wasn't allowed to leave the country and that the Bin Laden family had never been in business with the Bushes and I'm just a liberal liar.
And of course, callers will then call into the show and say, no, no, I saw that in the paper, or no, I heard that, and the host would begin to hang up on them and say, stop making stuff up.
What, do you have your friends calling in?
And I'd go, yeah, I got a lot of friends in San Diego, or I got a lot of friends in
In Denver, Colorado.
And of course, that was the minority of the shows, but I've done over a thousand interviews since September 11th.
And, you know, I've had the host attack me.
And they'll just say, Bush was never in business with the Bin Ladens.
Al-Qaeda wasn't funded by the U.S.
There is no Senate report saying the Bin Laden was used to attack the Serbs so the Serbs would fight back so the globalists had an excuse to go in and take over.
They deny that Senate report by the Republicans in 99.
They deny the troops are getting hit with depleted uranium.
They deny that sweatshops are bad.
They deny that genetically modified crops are dangerous.
They just deny it all.
Their job is to neutralize the backbone of America that is Christian conservatives.
That's their job.
That's what they do.
So I have these articles here in front of me, but yesterday I just barely mentioned this.
Europe has already voted to ban everything right down to vitamin C.
Almost all vitamins over the counter have been banned.
Any type of nutrient, supplement, you name it, it's all being banned.
You've got to go get a prescription for it.
There's even discussions of regulating what type of foods you can eat off your WorldSmart card that you swipe when you buy something.
The Commerce Department and the Agriculture Department have called for that here domestically.
I could talk all day about a story like that.
I could talk for hours about the story out of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the big newspaper out of Cleveland, Ohio.
They dialed in late last week with Bev Harris, who we had on the show yesterday from Black Box Voting, and they dialed in and heard in a secret teleconference dozens of industry leaders, lobbyists,
And the whole thing being run by the Federal Elections Commission, and they're in there talking about how to neutralize the public, how to control PR, how to get people to accept touchscreen voting, how to get the military-industrial complex, their term for it was the defense contractors involved in PR like they did to get the federal law passed for touchscreens.
The Chuckie Schumer wrote that Bush signed $4 billion a year to put it in.
Folks, do you know what it means when the military and the private defense contractors, oh, and I forgot, all sides of it, the lobbyists, the so-called private watchdog groups, and the private companies and government were all run by former CIA deputy directors and people and on CIA payroll.
I mean, we've got the transcript of this meeting.
This thing, this teleconference went on for an hour, folks.
As they sit there going, yeah, the CIA's on it.
Well, we'll get them to accept all the touchscreens.
How are our friends in the defense contractors doing?
Can they use their lobbyists to force Washington to sign on to this?
We need to stop any paper trail from being created.
How are our friends over at the League of Women Voters getting that done for us?
I mean, it's sinister.
It's the equivalent of the running man in Fantasyland, but let's use an example of that as an analogy where Schwarzenegger busts into the TV studio and grabs the propagandist, the game show host, and says, see, it's fake, and we're going to give the people what they want to see.
But in reality that happens.
We show them the total facade, pull back the curtain, and it's in a couple of regional papers, nothing on the nightly news.
Bev Harris says all the top reporters are calling her going, we want to report on this, but we've been told we can't.
Yeah, no kidding.
They're busy buying up the last radio stations right now.
They're busy buying up the last radio networks right now.
They're busy militarizing the police, bringing in foreign troops, building giant FEMA camps everywhere.
I mean, it's just wholesale, ladies and gentlemen.
People better start valuing alternative information.
They better start spreading the word and better cause this renaissance, this revelation of understanding to accelerate or it's over for this society.
I mean, we're going into deepest, darkest, most sophisticated techno-feudalism, serfdom, slavery society.
Whatever you want to call it, folks, it's happening, and it happens over and over again in history.
I was thinking about this yesterday.
Most Americans don't even know where Iraq is on a map.
Did you know that before the Gulf War, only about 8% of high school seniors could locate Iraq on a map?
Did you know I saw national polls where only about 30% of adults 30 years of age and older knew where Iraq was?
So no wonder when I try to explain something to people, they don't even know what I'm talking about.
No wonder!
But you know what?
They know all about baseball, and all about football, and all about soccer, and all about the latest styles, and all about the latest colognes, and all about the latest cosmetics, and all about the latest topless bars, and all about the latest mindless idiocy.
You take Fox News, the most socialist, communistic trash I've ever seen, calling itself conservative.
But you look at the roots of this evil tree.
Temptation Island, the most wicked stuff imaginable.
The films produced by Fox.
Thirteen, an open pedophile film.
Folks, I read the review of it.
Where 13-year-old girls are all out in group sex orgies, and then you watch the PBS shows, that's really going on in America, folks.
Your 13-year-old daughter is off with a 22-year-old convicted felon out of prison at parties.
It's the middle-class girls that are doing it, not the poor girls.
They were raised better than the demon-possessed yuppies.
I mean, you go out and our kids, our young men are dressed like gang members.
Our daughters are dressed like whores.
The streetwalkers are going, hey, I'm a real whore.
Ignore her.
And, of course, it's all Fox, Fox pumping out the worst stuff.
Oh, it's such a Christian conservative.
It's a good thing.
You just abandon your children to this.
Let me tell the young people something out there.
Let me tell you something.
That is a military system written by army psychiatrists with the best script writers out there.
This is all admitted.
How to target you, how to ruin you before you get some experience and get a foundation in your life.
They want to get you on the drugs they ship in.
They want to get you into that dirty counterculture.
They want to get you into that prison.
They want to dumb you down.
They want to get a record on you so you don't have any freedoms, so you can't vote when you grow up.
So stop using drugs.
Stop hanging around with trash.
Stop hanging around with the gang members.
Get yourselves together and wake up as if they're listening to this.
They're in there right now injecting heroin shipped in by the CIA.
They'll be at orgies tonight.
And the parents don't even care because they're too busy cheating on each other and probably selling drugs themselves or embezzling at the office.
We are a demonic country.
And you've got little walls of middle class people that try to shelter their kids and try to just stay out of the system and watch their Fox News at night while juniors in the other room watching Fox television.
Learning how to be a whore for a gang member.
Learning how to snort cocaine.
I tell you what, it makes me sick.
Conservatives are out there, the Hannity's, the Limbaugh's, praising Arnold, posing for homosexual magazines, involved in orgies, saying he despises Christians, a member of the Bohemian Row, hanging out at Bilderberg group meetings, and they're on the air going, you better elect Schwarzenegger or the liberals will win.
He's for abortion, gun control, open borders.
It just shows you.
Shows you.
And so, because I'm pro-gun and pro-family and pro-border, I'm the socialist.
They are the conservatives.
You make me sick.
You make me want to throw up all you phony neocons, and you know who you are.
You know exactly who you are.
All right, I got the top scientists, the guy that testifies before the FDA, you know, with all the degrees, to tell you how deadly...
Flooride is in the next hour for about 30 minutes.
Then I've got Larry Pratt coming on about Republican bills that will teach kids that guns are illegal.
You know, again, we've got, I guess he's a liberal.
Larry Pratt, the liberal, joining us because he won't compromise on the Second Amendment.
He's not a good Republican joining us, and we've got just wall-to-wall, folks.
I've never seen anything like it.
And I see it out on the streets and in public.
I mean, I just see your kids
Totally enslaved.
And you think things are bad now.
I mean, it's all just begun.
It's just begun.
The dam just broke, folks.
We're downstream from this thing.
You better get with your children and make sure they're not already in the grasp of this thing.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, my friends.
We're back live.
It's Alex Jones here.
Coming up in the next hour, we have Dr. Paul Conant, the Fluoride Action Network.
Dr. Conant teaches chemistry at St.
Lawrence University.
In Canton, New York, he got his first degree from Cambridge University and his Ph.D.
from Dartmouth and is a leading scientist opposed to fluoridation.
He was invited to give a presentation to the National Research Council on August 12th on the concerns of the anti-fluoride movement in April.
Invited by the EPA to debate the issue, they could not find a single person to debate him from the other side, so he gave a single presentation.
Different types of fluoride, different toxic wastes that are added to it,
It is a massive government chemical warfare program officially against you and your family.
But, again, who needs to talk to top scientists?
You know how they are.
You know how us extremists are, too.
And then in the third hour, we've got Larry Pratt, who is for zero gun control, which means he's a left-winger.
Did you hear Bev Harris on this show yesterday?
I mean, first off, I told you that Ron Paul in a speech that I videotaped this weekend here in Austin, I was also one of the speakers, said we're going to have a depression in America.
I was listening to Derry Brownfield read some mainstream report about how the CEOs are dumping record levels of stock.
It's like $30-something stock they're selling for every $1 they buy.
Man, I tell you.
Then on top of it, I see the young people.
I mean, folks, I drive along, and I see 12-year-old kids hanging out with gang members, boys and girls.
I mean, I'll see in middle-class neighborhoods obvious drug dealers, 25-year-old guys with beards on, with beards out pimping young girls at street corners.
I've seen, one time I was walking into one of these stop-and-gos, and this gang member approached me and said, hey, want some drugs?
Want one of these girls?
And I was like, I freaked out.
He was like pimping what looked like 15-year-old girls.
Again, I could talk about that and what the media is doing, sexualizing the children.
I could talk about all... I don't know where to go.
I don't know which way to talk.
I don't know what to... I'm overloaded here.
I mean, look at this.
Voting industry insiders hold secret meeting to hire PR firm to sell electronic voting to public.
And this is from the online journal.
It says here, mainstream media, I just don't like...
August 26, 2003.
And this is the article from last week.
And right here, folks, they have the Independent Investigation of Diebold Systems for Maryland, Ohio, is the SAIC.
That's run by the CIA.
That came out in the meeting.
SAIC Senior Vice President Ronald Kanetsch, Director of EES Division of ITAA is Ronald Kanetsch.
The government wrote the proposal for PR Whitewash, ES division of ITAA, money to be paid by Friday.
Those who don't pay don't get protection, said, in a nicer way, of course.
And they've got the quotes here about how the CIA's involved.
This is at a meeting with the government and the voting machine companies.
And they say we've got to get the defense contractors to get their lobbyists behind this again to get this through.
This is after they get caught with back doors built into the voting machines with wireless computers hooked in, and now it turns out the Diebold computer company in elections is going in and messing with the votes in California.
I mean, folks, they've been caught and the CIA's involved.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones introducing you to the new Berkey PF2 fluoride and arsenic reduction elements for exclusive use with the Berkey Lights Black America.
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Visit nonumber.com or call 1-800-831-6141.
All right, folks.
We're back live.
And for those that just joined us, we're talking about the government wanting to ban all over-the-counter vitamins.
I mean everything.
That's the official plan.
Make you swipe ID cards to buy food.
That way they can tax you if it's a fattening food that's bad for you and keep track of how much alcohol you're drinking or how much Blue Bell ice cream.
This is official stuff out of the Commerce and Agriculture Department.
And then here in my own neighborhood in Austin, for a year now, there's been a gas station mini-mart that is selling drugs.
You can see them selling drugs at night.
And I've stopped police cars in the street twice now and said, hey, there's drug dealing going on over there.
And, of course, nothing's ever done.
As I said, there are drug dealers with underage prostitutes on the streets.
They'll solicit you when you walk in stores.
I mean in middle-class areas.
And the blind, self-centered yuppies in their Jaguars walk right past it, don't even see it.
What am I supposed to do when I run into this, when I see this?
When I see Fox putting out movies like 13, where 13-year-old girls are involved in all this group sex.
It's a pedophile film.
What are you supposed to do, folks, when they come out and admit that the voting machines, the electronic voting machines, are a total fraud, and they get into secret meetings?
This is in the mainstream news, folks.
Plain dealer, newspaper, you name it.
You get into these meetings, and they're bragging about how the CIA and the Defense Department and the big military-industrial complex, the private defense agencies are involved in PR, selling us touchscreen voting, and
You open up the Washington Times and they admit, yeah, Bush or the Bin Laden family would be allowed to leave the country.
Yeah, it's no big deal, though.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's running around in homosexual magazines and saying he's for abortion, open borders and gun control, and he loves Kirk of all time, and he loves Adolf.
He said, I love Hitler.
I admire Hitler.
And, oh, he's good.
Simon Wiesenthal Center endorses him.
But then, you know, Steve Voss gets attacked by him for singing songs about America being good and family values.
I mean, it's just, it's all off the charts.
And we've been so conditioned to it, we don't even realize how bad it's all gotten.
It's totally and completely out of control, folks.
It's absolutely amazing.
So I'm going to get into more on the black box voting and the scams.
We've got the top scientists on fluoride coming on, Larry Pratt coming on.
So much coming up, but I know we've got callers that are patiently holding, like Sheila and Cheryl and I don't know, a bunch of other people that are holding.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
And I wanted to read this article I've written yesterday.
It's being posted on Infowars.com right now.
It's five pages long.
And it condenses all the dirt on Schwarzenegger.
And not just that it's Schwarzenegger and he's a Hollywood guy and this is a big media feeding frenzy, but how the media has twisted things and the double standards and his Illuminati connections.
That's what makes this story important.
And I do want to cover this.
And if I don't read it now, I'll never get to it probably.
I just challenge everybody to go to Infowars.com or presentplanet.com and read this article.
Headline, extremely high-level Illuminati activity in California recall.
Schwarzenegger's Nazi and New World Order links revealed.
And, I don't know, my webmaster said she'd have it up right now, so it's probably up there right now.
And it just gets into... I did mention how in his book, Evolution of a Bodybuilder, how he said he despised Christians and thought that Christians were stupid.
After reading it and completing it this weekend, I thought, you know, I forgot that part.
And now new stuff's come up, how he didn't like black people, and now that kind of stuff's come out.
But we didn't add that either.
But, I mean, it's just horrible thing after horrible thing with Rothschild and the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Warren Buffett and George Shultz and all these elitists around him.
And this guy could do anything.
It wouldn't matter.
He'll be hailed as a Christian conservative by Sean Hannity when he's not telling you every child needs a microchip.
He'll tell you how great Arnold is and how you're a communist if you don't like him.
So we've got to that, too, there.
Let me just cover some of this stuff.
I mean, I don't know where to begin on this.
Bin Laden family's U.S.
exit approved.
The United States approved members of some of Bin Laden's family to jet out of the U.S.
in the immediate aftermath of September 11th, even as American airspace was closed.
Former White House counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke said the Bush administration sanctioned the...
I think?
We're good to go.
I think so.
Oh, just like the 8,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda that got flown out to safety in the middle of the Afghan war to Pakistan.
That's now admitted in mainstream news.
Fox News said, well, yeah, that happened.
The CIA made a mistake, you know.
And the depleting uranium is 1,100 to 1,900 times the safe level.
And they've done blood tests on the troops, and they're dying and becoming very ill and bleeding out in some cases, bleeding gums, lesions, radiation sickness.
But this is how we support the troops.
We don't do a thing for them.
We just put a yellow ribbon around our tree and say, Shut up, commies.
Huffing D.U.
is good.
Turn in your guns, communist.
You're a communist if you don't turn your guns in.
This is the new America.
And you tune into Fox, and every male role model is bad.
The fathers are all bad on all the shows.
Or mindless idiots.
And the young daughters are whores, and the sons are gang members.
And this is what they sell us.
I just have to talk about it.
I've got to tell you about it.
Here's another one.
The U.S.
knew about nuclear link between North Korea and Pakistan, but continued to transfer the weapon systems to Pakistan.
The Mercury News, San Jose Mercury.
I've been telling you this for years.
They're arming North Korea.
They're arming China.
And then the SWAT team is busting your door because you're a conservative leader and take you to jail for having reloading equipment.
You know, that's the size of the Justice Department.
Under Bush, all the Clinton-era programs of saying all Christians are terrorists, gun owners, homeschoolers, that's all exploded.
The attack on the families, the attack on private schooling, homeschooling, independent churches, the attack on the Ten Commandments.
Look at the fruits of this tree.
And I've got to hear these fat-bellied, sicko, lying Baptist churches in central Texas that have actual UN Day now every October and put on anti-gun meetings.
The big Baptist churches around here where I live.
I mean, everything's upside down.
And I'm the liberal because I'm not for the UN.
It's that bad, folks.
It's that bad.
It's absolutely out of control.
By the way, emergency rooms get new guidelines from Bush.
The illegal aliens are to be given health care, but citizens are not to be given health care.
I've actually read the new guidelines.
They've got other little guidelines that issue that you've got to give illegals health care.
Federal rules.
But it's up to the discretion of the hospital for other people.
And I have the articles here on that.
It's just like the rules where...
You have to give illegals tuition, but not citizens.
You've all heard about that.
Or the big apartment complexes have told their managers, if a citizen, whether they're Hispanic or white or black, has two or three people in an apartment and they're only supposed to have two, and they've got two or three or four or whatever over the number, you've got a victim.
But leave the illegals alone.
Because they now have become government housing, and they're not supposed to tell their tenants that.
You know why?
And then the government housing says, leave the illegals alone, and now the big corporations don't have to pay property taxes.
You starting to get how sinister this is, folks?
You starting to get how serious this is?
Oh, man.
Let me go to some calls, and we'll get into Arnold, and then we've got our guests coming up.
So definitely stay with us, folks.
And if I sound freaked out, I am.
Every day I end this show, and I look at like 50 articles I didn't get to, and I say, man, I've got to cover this stuff, and there's no real way to do it.
Bill O'Reilly wrote an editorial, I've got to tell you about this, about how good cameras in all the school classrooms are.
And he goes into this sick psychological warfare thing about how the liberals don't want cameras anymore,
And neither do the rightists.
And he's sick of the liberals and the right-wingers.
You see, that appeals to both mindless groups.
And he says, you know, he harkens back to his Catholic nun and how she dealt with him and how this is really nostalgic.
A weird psychological pairing that works for the propagandists here.
That, oh, you know, he's this good conservative.
He likes the way he was brought up.
And this will keep kids from being bullied.
And he uses Department of Education numbers.
And this will keep these lazy teachers in line.
O'Reilly, you know that's not true.
You know that in Tennessee, they put video cameras in the showers for the 10 to 12-year-old boys and girls, and they have the stuff accessible by the Internet, people accessing it all over the country, and no one's been charged.
By the way, the cameras are going to stay in the bathrooms.
It was a visiting volleyball team that saw the cameras, and that's not normal.
See, one of the...
One of the evil thinkers who've been told by their parents, cameras in your shower is bad, said something and it caused a big furor.
But he says that's all fine.
O'Reilly, I've got to dig the article out and read it.
I didn't get to it yesterday and I could just kick myself.
I mean, it is so sick.
By the way, he says this will stop the troublemaking kids so the police can counter them.
So yeah, now when your kid shoves somebody one time because they call them a name, instead of the teacher going, hey, knock it off, that'll be on record zero tolerance criminal charges.
See, the first time is to get your kid into the system.
But they won't counter the really violent kids.
See, it's all set up to snare your child.
So the headline, cameras in the schools, go for it.
You bet.
They're good.
I'm for it.
I'm sick of these liberals, he starts off, trying to stop this.
And the average conservative goes, yeah, yeah, liberals.
See, it's all about the... I mean, I've been on talk shows and they've called me a liberal because I'm against the assault weapons ban.
Folks, listeners have called in and have heard me on those shows.
You're just some kind of Democrat.
President's got to do this.
He's got to... You're just trying to attack the President.
You're a little too hard on Bush.
We're not going to have you on this radio show anymore.
We're not going to do that anymore because we like your W.
His judge ordered the takedown of the Ten Commandments.
His seven members appointed by Republicans of the nine on the Supreme Court have been all over the news saying they're going to follow the UN's orders now.
You've seen all the articles.
USA Today, Washington Post, glowing articles.
Oh, the conservative court has seen the light.
They're for the UN.
They're going to follow UN rules.
My dad, this weekend...
I was at a party and saw one of his friends who's a big lawyer here in Austin.
The lawyer told him, he said, yeah, my son says that the American Bar Association is getting rid of the attorney-client privilege.
And the lawyer goes, yeah, and it's not just for what you've heard in the news, for corporate crime.
He goes, that's just a front.
It's all, everything, everything.
Misdemeanors, felonies.
Because I read the ruling by the private governmental group.
Again, it's private but has governmental powers.
The ABA ruled two weeks ago, no more attorney-client privileges.
They are by law to report to the judge and the prosecutor, whatever you tell them.
Folks, that's Guatemala.
That's Nicaragua.
That's Mexico.
That's China.
That's Russia.
That's Nazi Germany.
And now, the ABA's taking up next for this next annual meeting.
Now, they called two years ago.
They recommended juries be removed.
Now they're recommending that a law be passed to ban juries.
Oh, I know you don't believe it.
But when it happens, and again, I'll be a liberal because I'm for juries.
I understand that.
They'll get on the news and say people that are against juries are terrorists, probably.
I'm not being sarcastic here.
Who's up first there?
Who should I go to first?
Sheila, where are you calling us from, Sheila?
I'm calling you from Missouri, Alex.
Sheila, I mean, everything I'm throwing at you, is this not out of control?
This is way out of control, and people need to stand up for their rights and get out there and do something about it instead of just sitting by...
And watching TV.
And watching yet another one of those stupid survival shows.
Well, they're not stupid.
They're written by the military, admittedly, to destroy our families.
I've got UNESCO's official document.
I've got AP admitting it.
The average person doesn't know that Army psychological warfare chiefs with 180 IQs are writing this stuff.
Well, they don't want to know.
They don't care as long as they get to watch it.
But Alex, I'm calling you today because I want everybody in Missouri to listen to me.
September the 10th and the 11th, the NRA and the gun rights activists and our local sheriff's department here in Missouri are going to the Capitol because they've told and vetoed our concealed carry right.
He vetoed it, and they're wanting to get it overridden.
And he also took the grant money for the sheriff's offices and their drug task force.
He took that money and gave it to education and he did a huge budget cutback for all of our local sheriff's departments and the drug task force and gave it all to education.
They're wanting to get up there.
They're wanting to try and get everyone that they can
All of our state representatives and everything.
Okay, darling, darling, let me stop you for just a second.
Now, you see, you've been deceived here.
Now, I'm familiar with what's going on.
Number one, a concealed carry.
I'll keep you over.
Just put her on hold and we'll come back.
Put her on hold.
Number one, a concealed carry turns her right into a privilege, just like New York started it 30, 40 years ago.
Then they just stopped issuing it.
Then you notice one of these concealed carry laws, it then makes having me on anywhere illegal without that.
We need Vermont-style carry.
That I'm for.
Because that's just, it's the Second Amendment.
Now, cutting the funding for the Sheriff's Department, good.
We don't want state or federal funding for our sheriffs.
We want that to be local.
And the only thing the NRA do is sneaky.
See, they take your good energies and feed it into this good.
I hope they get rid of all the anti-drug funding.
They'll quit shipping the drugs in because there won't be this giant black market in it.
They ship the drugs in.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
Yeah, this is why we're losing the fight.
And I'm not beating you up, Sheila.
In Missouri, I'm sure you're a wonderful person.
You mean well.
But concealed carry is a bad thing if it's not Vermont-style carry, which is just, hey, you've got a Second Amendment, do whatever you want.
It turns a right into a privilege.
And the NRA supports Project Exile, where they brag, Strom Thurmond Jr.
brags out in Carolina that, oh, well, we're grabbing all the gun criminals now.
Yes, some old man with his rifle or shotgun or handgun in the wrong place gets two years in the federal pen because the U.S.
attorney, like Strom Thurmond Snake Jr., coming after him.
We don't want anti-drug funding to kick down our doors while crack dealers sell drugs on the street corners.
The drug war is a joke.
The more funding it gets, the more drugs we've got on our streets, Sheila.
Yeah, I agree.
Because they did a little poll once and they said that our area is one of the poorest in Missouri.
I don't see why it would be the poorest.
It's just the laziest because all the people here live off the government.
They won't work their land.
They won't go outside of our area to get a job, but they also won't do anything with their homes or with their cells like raise a garden or supply for their own family.
They live off the government.
Well, that's why they've done this, Sheila.
Good to hear from you.
Good to hear from you.
I've got to let you go.
I've got to let you go.
Thank you for the call.
Thanks for the call.
John in Tennessee, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yeah, Fox TV is owned by Australian Jew Rupert Murdoch, I believe.
And no wonder Fox loves Sir George Bush Sr., Knight of the British Empire, and his royal son, Jr.
And Australia is part of the British Commonwealth and monarchy.
So maybe that's why they do what they do.
Well, I mean, I'm not going to attack Fox because of who runs it, but...
They have the most degenerate programs of network TV, and then Christian conservatives go, my children watch Fox because of the wholesomeness.
I mean, that's what a sick joke this is.
Fox produces pedophile films like 13, folks.
It is pedophilia being promoted, and that's what Fox has to offer.
And look at all their shows.
Look at everything they do.
It's just pure evil.
Well, Tex Mars reported that Rush Limbaugh
Well, there's a lot of evil people, whether it's the German Bush or the...
Or the Sumner Redstones of the world.
We oppose them all.
Thanks for the call.
Really appreciate that, John.
We're going to go to break.
We'll come back and take some more calls.
And I've got Dr. Paul Conant coming on at the 8 after, after the first break.
Talk about fluoride and a bunch of other news.
And if you're not hot and angry about what's happening, if you're not hot under the collar...
If you're not just steaming over this, there's something wrong with you.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, coming up in about eight minutes, we're going to have Dr. Paul Conant of Fluoride Action Network.
Dr. Conant teaches chemistry at St.
Lawrence University in Canton, New York.
He got his first degree from Cambridge University and his Ph.D.
from Dartmouth and is a leading scientist to pose fluoridation.
He was invited to give his presentation to the National Research Council on August 12th on the concerns that the anti-fluoride movement in April invited the EPA to debate the issue.
They could not find a single person to debate him from the other side, so he gave a presentation.
He'll be giving that presentation here coming up.
I'm just going to have him on about 35-40 minutes, then I'm going to hit news the last 20 minutes, and we'll take calls for him, too.
I got a bunch of other just out-of-control news here.
They'll put poison in our water, admitted deadly poison, and then there's a move to ban all over-the-counter vitamins.
And I'll tell you why they're getting some traction on this, because there's so many cooks and so many snake oil salesmen out there selling magic cures and all the rest of this stuff that the government can then focus on and demonize vitamin C and beta carotene and the B complexes and all the mainstream good stuff that we know works.
So it's very scary, folks, what's happening with that.
And I am going to read, I will read, before this show ends, my analysis of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Let's talk to Wesley in Tennessee.
Logan in Texas just hung up.
Wesley, you're on the air.
Good morning or good afternoon.
I guess good afternoon here in the Eastern time zone.
Alex, I've got questions for you.
First one being, after...
We've pretty well determined beyond any reasonable doubt that it was not a 737 that crashed into the Pentagon.
I'm still left and haunted by the question of
What the heck happened to all of them?
Hey, wait a minute, Wessel.
You don't believe that passports fell out of the sky at two different crash sites magically unburned?
Excuse me for laughing.
Hey, hey, I mean, we've been reporting for now one year and 11-plus months that the Bin Laden family and a bunch of terrorists, 100-plus, were flown out.
Now it's in the Washington Times today.
So why was I demonized by major attack dog groups for ever reporting this when I just read it out of the Miami Herald?
Well, you know the answer to that as well as I do.
Go ahead and make your point.
I'll stop interrupting.
No, that's okay.
Listen, I'm always interested in what you have to say or I wouldn't be talking to you this morning.
The thing that's always haunted me, Alex, is I wonder what in the heck happened to the passengers that were supposedly...
Well, you notice they kept it to 20% occupancy precisely for each plane.
Now notice, that day the national average was like 97% in that corridor of the country, the regional average.
Totally jammed flights that day.
But these four planes, all magically, the Associated Press, just had 20% occupancy.
So, you just go ahead and decide what happened to them.
I just know that most of the hijackers have been found and still be alive.
BBC reported.
I know that the FBI paid for the houses, the cards, and credit cards of the supposed hijackers.
A source on that, every paper you can imagine.
I mean, why did Mayor Willie Brown get a call not to fly that day by Condoleezza Rice?
Hey, let's have them answer the question.
It's like finding a head of a missing person in the back of somebody's car.
With photos of them cutting the head off and the cops go, well, we're going to let them go.
The government's not a suspect.
Isn't that the truth?
My second question, it's not so much of a question as it is an opinion, but I really get darn sick and tired sometimes of being accused because I'm a Christian and believe that we are in the last days, that most Christians are just sitting around like bumps on a log doing nothing, just sitting around waiting for the return of Christ.
Well, the people have been given the great delusion.
And so, if an Antichrist does appear, these Christians are going to bow down and worship him and say it's Jesus.
We'll be right back with the doctor.
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I think?
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Welcome back, folks.
Already 8 minutes and 18 seconds into the second hour of this worldwide coast-to-coast broadcast.
I think we're good to go.
I scan news wires every day, and I see news articles from all the big European papers.
I have seen hundreds of top studies by major universities all over the globe of how dangerous different types of fluoride are in the water supply, not to mention the stuff that's mixed in with the types of fluoride they use for the water supply that come out as byproducts of the aluminum manufacturing industry.
And so, I mean, I've read news articles where the majority of a town doesn't want fluoridation, and they still do it.
The government will lobby to do this.
A lot of areas of the world are pulling fluoridation out.
There are Nobel Prize winners that have spoken out against fluoride, the different types of fluoride they're putting in the water supply.
And that's why I'm so honored that Dr. Paul Conant has taken time out, because he really does care, to join us.
And he's of the Fluoride Action Network.
Dr. Conant teaches chemistry at St.
Lawrence University in Canton, New York.
He's got his first degree from Cambridge University and his Ph.D.
from Dartmouth and is the leading scientist opposed to fluoridation.
And again, he was invited to give a presentation to the National Research Council on August 12th on the concerns of the anti-fluoride movement in April 2017.
He was invited by the EPA to debate the issue, and they couldn't even get anybody who would stand up against Dr. Paul Conant.
Doctor, again, thank you for joining us here on the show today.
Thanks for letting me on.
I'm delighted, Alex.
Tell us, well, I mean, break down just a little bit about yourself and then how fluoride got in the water and what it does to the human body, all the different scientific studies, fluoride linked to the low IQ, and children, just give us in a nutshell, in the next 10, 15 minutes, what we're facing.
You bet.
Well, I'd be delighted, Alex.
First of all, how did I get involved?
Seven years ago, my wife came into the living room.
She had a cup of tea, gave it down, put it on my table.
I should have been suspicious since I got the cup of tea and said, dear, would you read this?
I said, what is it?
And she said, fluoridation.
I said, take that crap away.
These people are crazy.
You know, the Dr. Strangelove notion that people have absorbed.
When I started to read, I was extremely shocked by the fact that fluoride, from a chemical perspective, we chemists, professional chemists, think of fluoride as a pretty unreactive thing, as opposed to fluorine gas, its parent, which is extremely reactive, the most reactive element in the periodic table.
But fluoride, it should be an unreactive substance.
It's like comparing sodium chloride, common salt,
Dr. Connick, can I stop you for a second?
Well, this is the first time we've had this.
When you were having the opposite problem, when most folks, they talk too low, your receiver is so good that it's distorting, so you can back off the phone a little bit.
Okay, will do.
Go ahead, sir.
Oh, great job.
Enzymes are the catalysts in the body which catalyze practically every chemical reaction.
So when you find a substance...
It sort of universally poisons enzymes, at least in test tubes.
You have to be worried.
The second thing it does is it forms complex ions with metal ions.
Now, that means that it can interfere with the normal functioning of things that we need, like calcium and magnesium.
If it gets into the right place, it can interfere with those ions.
And it also means, incidentally, that if you've got toxic metals...
By fluoride forming complexes with them means it can get these metal ions like aluminum and lead into places where they normally wouldn't go.
So we have a rat study, for example, where one part per million of fluoride, the same level that they put in the drinking water, that increases the uptake of lead into the brain.
And forms amyloid deposits just like you get in... So it's a blood-brain barrier breacher.
Yes, but potentially it can get these metal ions where they normally wouldn't go because it tricks the body into seeing something different.
Well, let me jump forward a little bit because I'd like to get to something... Well, first of all, let me make one quick...
The fluoride that they use for the drinking water does not occur naturally.
They don't use fluoride iron.
They don't use calcium fluoride or even sodium fluoride in the main.
As you rightly point out, they use an industrial waste product.
But that comes largely today from the phosphate fertilizer industry.
And once upon a time, the phosphate plants down in Florida and Louisiana and places like that were a major source of air pollution.
Now the EPA has forced them to clean up their act, and so they have these what they call wet scrubbers on the stacks, and they remove the fluoride.
But that's the good news.
The bad news is that they then take these scrubbing solutions, which is hexafluorosilicic acid or its sodium salt, and that is what they use to fluoridate the drinking water without processing, without cleaning it up, and in those you've got toxic metals like lead and arsenic, albeit at very low levels.
We're good to go.
But they're not.
Well, I've read the lobbyist reports who are working for the big aluminum plants and the fertilizer plants, and they brag that, hey, this would cost us so much to have to separate this out or store this.
And there's all these heavy metals, all this toxic waste.
It's like depleted uranium.
They've got all these millions of tons of stuff from the weapons production.
They go, okay, we'll just put it in bullets and bombs and drop it all over Serbia and Iraq, and now BBC's reporting 1,900 times the safe level of depleted uranium in Baghdad.
So they take toxic waste and just put it into the general food supply, it seems.
Yeah, well, that's certainly true in this case with the water.
There's no question about this, and it's a big shock to dentists.
Sometimes when you tell a dentist that they're putting hazardous waste in the drink, they'll deny it.
So when they go around talking about the program is cost-effective, of course it's bloody cost-effective if you use an industrial waste product.
They can't dump this stuff in the sea.
They can't dump it into rivers or lakes.
They don't have enough water nearby in Florida to treat each gallon of scrubbing liquor with 180,000 gallons of water.
But we, in the
In the public, the unsuspecting public, we do have enough water for them to dilute it down, and so they're chucking it into our water supply.
And, you know, they sometimes say, well, fluoride is naturally occurring.
We have fluoride in surface water and particularly in groundwater.
But that's calcium fluoride.
Yeah, it is calcium fluoride.
Well, at least most of the fluoride has come from calcium fluoride, and there's usually a large excess of calcium fluoride
Mother's breast milk.
It turns out the level of fluoride in mother's breast milk is on average 0.01 parts per million.
100 times less!
So who's right here?
The American Dental Association or the forces of evolution?
If fluoride was necessary for healthy teeth or healthy bones... You would find it in high levels in mother's milk.
And if you don't, if it was necessary and it's not there, it means that evolution or God, whoever you think it is, caused this, screwed up.
And I don't think nature did.
And it actually tells us something else, Alex.
Number one, the fact that it's so low tells us, one, we don't need the stuff, and two, we probably will be damaged by it, that nature had its reasons.
I mean, life evolved from the sea.
In the sea, you've got 1.3 parts per million on average, so there was plenty of fluoride for nature to use, and for some reason, she didn't put it into mother's milk.
Compare that with chloride.
Now, chloride is also in the sea.
Chloride in mother's milk is 300 parts per million.
That's, what, 30,000 times higher than the levels of fluoride.
Of course, we do need chloride.
Let me stop you, Doctor.
We've got to break.
This is amazing information.
We're so honored to have you.
But I go to the store, I see special bottled water that says, fluoride for your baby, higher levels.
What in the... This is like... Is this a sinister plan?
It's insane.
It's absolutely insane, because the dentists are now saying that the major benefits of fluoride, as far as teeth is concerned, and they're not very convincing, by the way.
We're talking very small benefits, and I can talk about those studies in a moment, but to come back to the central issue, they are saying that the major benefits of fluoride, such that they are, are topical.
In other words, you have to apply it to the surface of the teeth.
You don't need to swallow it.
And of course, the one thing that you can guarantee if you put it in the drinking water is that people are going to swallow it.
Not gargle, they're going to swallow it.
So here they're saying, on the one hand, the benefits are topical, and then they're standing by this obsolete form of medicine of putting this stuff in the drinking water of every man, woman, and child in the country.
You can't control the dose.
The margin of safety is very, very small.
Alex, at the beginning of the show, you talked about the latest study from China, which talked about a lowering of IQ.
They have found in China, in a study that was published just a couple of months ago, that there was a reduction in IQ at 1.8 parts per million.
Unbelievable, and on average, that's what they're putting in our water.
What margin of safety do you have?
If you're getting lowering of IQs at 1.8 parts per million, and we're putting in the drinking water at 1 part per million, and you can't control the dose of what people are taking.
Stay there, Doctor.
We've got a break.
Amazing information.
Stay right there.
We'll be right back.
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My friends, he's testified before the FDA, before the National Research Council, he's a Ph.D.,
I mean, he's got more letters behind his name than Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
He's Dr. Paul Conant.
And I want listeners to understand that every week I see major universities.
I've got studies from the 1920s from the University of Texas by guys who buildings are named after going, fluoride causes retardation, causes toxification of the blood.
I mean, they knew this stuff a long time ago.
So, what's going on here that they put this in the water in the late 1940s?
Well, you know, I don't want to get into the conspiracy theories, but I think that water fluoridation, Alex, has served some massive distractions.
It's distracted us from the fact that our kids are consuming far too much sugar.
And instead of telling them to stop eating all that sugar and all those sugary foods and
And everything else between meals, we say, oh, you don't have to bother about that, parents.
Just give them this magic bullet of fluoride.
So it's a distraction from an overdosing on sugar, number one.
Number two, it's a distraction from the fact that this wealthy country has one of the worst dental care programs for poor children in the world.
In fact, 80% of our dentists will not treat children on Medicaid.
Let me stop you, doctor.
I know that because I'm actually...
That's true.
Through family involved in the whole dental thing.
Doctor, I'm trying to understand something here.
Again, I have University of Texas major reports from the 20s, the 30s.
I got stuff from last year out of Ireland.
Steve, you know about all the studies.
Now it makes the bones break out, toxifies the blood.
I'm saying there was stuff in the 20s and 30s.
How could they put it in the water knowing that?
Well, that's a good question.
I mean, how is it today, for example, that we have the CDC being quoted all over the world as saying that fluoridation is one of the top ten public health practices in the 20th century, at the same time that they're six years out of date on the literature?
I mean, how can that happen?
I mean, if I was six years out of date, I'd be sacked.
I certainly wouldn't be able to speak in public.
And yet here's the CDC, this highly respected government agency, supposed to be protecting our health, six years out of date!
On their pronouncements about the safety.
They go around saying it's safe and effective, safe and effective.
They're six years out of date.
This is scandalous.
And now they say that fluoride is for topical use, at least for the last ten years that I know of, because my father's an oral surgeon and a dentist.
And at the same time, I've seen the reports.
They say, oh, it's only for topical, but they're saying you've got to ingest it.
It's absolutely absurd because by ingesting it,
I know.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And then they have the gall to turn around and say, well, there's no evidence of arthritis causing any damage.
Yeah, all these young people are getting arthritis, and I've got the big studies out of Ireland with all these top scientists saying that's exactly what it does.
Their studies were on bones.
Yeah, absolutely.
A very critical study came out of Mexico a couple of years ago, 2001.
Where Alassan Herrera and her colleagues looked at bone fractures in children and they found a very strong linear correlation with the severity of dental fluorosis.
Now, muckling of the enamel is one of the well-known, well-characterized first symptoms of poisoning by fluoride.
It damages the enamel.
And there was a trade-off.
When they started fluoridation, they knew this was going to happen to about 10% of the kids.
Yeah, dental fluorosis.
They knew it.
You said these kids have got brown spots all over their teeth.
Isn't that nice?
Yeah, that's right.
And a small percentage of them, but maybe 1 in 100.
But 1 in 100 is a lot of kids in the United States.
The more severe the dental fluorosis, you get a color change.
It's mildest form, little white specks, and then it becomes yellow, orange, brown, and then you get pitting.
And what these workers did, they looked at the severity of dental fluorosis, which is a biomarker for fluoride exposure before your permanent teeth have erupted, and looked at bone fractures.
And sure enough, the more severe the dental fluorosis,
The more, the higher the frequency of bone fractures.
The teeth are a window to the bone.
When you see that damage to the teeth, you could be pretty certain there's something going on in your bone.
So it's rotting holes in the teeth, and they're telling us it's good for our teeth.
Yeah, and they're saying it's just a cosmetic effect.
This is the way they handle dental cirrhosis.
The way they're dismissing the fact that dental cirrhosis is three to five times higher...
That their initial goal is to say, you don't have to worry about that.
It's a cosmetic effect.
Doctors, stay there.
One more segment, just about ten more minutes with you.
We are so honored to have you.
We're posting a lot of news articles on Infowars.com, folks, into the organization the doctor's a member of.
And he is the leading scientist opposed to fluoridation, Dr. Paul Conant.
Stay there, doctor.
One more quick three-minute break.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The Berkey Lights unique design combines the age-old process of microporous filtration coupled with modern state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials bringing you the finest water filter available in 51912.
That's 800-255-1912 or send a money order for $69 to the ARC Institute.
Box 1227 Jacksonville, Oregon 97530.
I know we've got Rob and Keith and Kevin and many others that are holding.
We will get to you before this hour ends.
We've got one more segment left with Dr. Paul Conant, the leading scientist in the world opposed to fluoridation out there, testifying to the EPA, the National Research Council.
A great website to visit that has some of his work and hundreds of other major studies on how deadly this is from around the world, fluoridalert.org, fluoridalert.org, and now is the time to protect yourself from the scourge.
The doctor made a good point about how then we also feed our kids all this horrible sugar that toxifies them and eats out their teeth, and then, oh, fluoride's the answer, when in reality, fluorosis is spreading all over the country.
Because of the buildup of these toxic fluorides in the body, and then it rots holes in the children's teeth.
And that's a key point the doctor also made, the studies that I've read here on air.
And I've got them from all over the world, major university after major university after major institution, saying...
That they're taking toxic waste, these toxic fluorides, mixed with all this lead and arsenic and Grignard reagents and heavy metals and, in some cases, radiation, radioactive material, and dumping it in your water.
Doctor, just to have you another five, six, seven minutes longer, other key points you'd like to make for our listeners about this serious issue?
Well, two things I'd like to quickly make.
One is some people listening might think I'm full of hot air.
Here's the challenge, Alex.
Let them find, if they think that I'm not telling them the absolute truth here, or they think my arguments are weak, I challenge them to find any dentist, doctor, or government official, particularly those who are so proud of fluoridation, to debate me in public.
I will go to any state or any country to debate them.
So that's the challenge.
Now, I have an Associated Press article here where for months you challenged the FDA to have someone debate you.
EPA, yeah.
Yeah, EPA.
And they refused, but let you speak, and no one came to debate you.
Why is that?
Yeah, they tried for six weeks.
They tried the ADA.
They tried the CDC, the FDA, throughout the EPA.
Dentists, academics, they couldn't find one single person to do it.
Now, you're a chemist by training, correct?
Absolutely, yeah.
Tell folks a little bit about your medical training at the prestigious Cambridge University in Dartmouth.
Yeah, I did my first degree in natural sciences at Cambridge, and I did a Ph.D.
in inorganic biochemistry.
I looked at the mechanism of action of chromium, chromate, a known...
We're good to go.
It's one of these things which is a small amount is good for you, but you want to have it as chromium-3.
You do not want it as chromium-6.
Chromium-6 is highly toxic.
Okay, gotcha.
Since we have the world expert on that, I figure I've got a comment from you.
The second thing, Alex, is that yesterday we released publicly a petition which has been signed by over 300 scientists and activists
From 38 different countries calling for integrity in this issue.
There are six points that we make.
They're not doing independent and objective reviews.
Governments are not doing.
They're not collecting sufficient, the right data.
They're not collecting bone levels of fluoride, even though they know it accumulates there.
They are attempting to intimidate scientists and government officials who come out against fluoridation.
They are using industrial waste instead of pharmaceutical grade.
And also they're exaggerating the benefits like crazy, and of course they're refusing to debate.
Now there was a doctor who was for fluoridation in Canada, and I was reading the article a few weeks ago.
He suddenly came out and said, I was wrong, I apologize.
Yes, Dr. Hardy-Limeback, and this is not your average dentist.
Dr. Hardy-Limeback is the head of preventive dentistry at the University of Toronto, and the former president...
Of the Canadian Association for Dental Researchers.
He is one of the leading dental researchers in Canada.
He was once an avid promoter of fluoridation.
He was the Canadian Dental Association's chief spokesman on issues pertaining to fluoridation.
Well, Toronto Star said he was the guy that got fluoride put in the water.
So he is somebody who's changed.
Because he's got integrity.
That's what we're talking about.
And in fact, Dr. Hardy Lineback was one of the scientists that helped me.
Well, that takes a lot of integrity to come out and say you're wrong.
Oh, absolutely.
And before him, John Cahoon in New Zealand did the same thing.
But he was one of the people that organized this petition.
Which is calling for these steps that have to be taken.
What website do you recommend for the best information and medical reports?
I think the best one would be www.sflweb.org.
And if you go to that, there's a complete...
Annotated bibliography on all the medical health studies and so on.
We could save a lot of lives if every listener printed this stuff off and delivered it to your dentist and said, why are you still giving fluoride treatments?
Why are you still coming to the schools and passing this garbage out?
Why are you part of this?
Why won't you debate it?
Yeah, absolutely.
If you think it's so good, how come you can't defend it?
My mother told me, it doesn't matter what you believe.
But my goodness, you should be prepared to defend it.
And the moment you can't defend an idea, that's the day you should give it up.
Well, these guys are avidly promoting something that they can't defend.
And that's just unacceptable to me as a citizen and as a scientist.
One other piece of information which is critically important, Alex.
It was shown in 1997 and published in 2001 that fluoride accumulates in
In the human pineal gland.
For years and years and years, the dentists and others have been telling people that fluoride only impacts the hard tissues, the bones and the teeth.
Now we're talking about the seat of the soul.
That's right.
Good for you.
That's Descartes.
It's sometimes called the penis of the brain.
I think Descartes is more poetic on this.
It's the center of the brain.
It's not protected by the blood-brain barrier, and it's a calcifying tissue, just like the teeth and the bones, and it attracts fluoride like a magnet.
And in animal studies, the same researcher, Jennifer Luke, in England, has found that it lowers melatonin levels, and I'm sure you're familiar with all the studies going on with melatonin.
And now we've got to have our Prozac and our Ritalin and...
Yep, and there are two steps.
There are four steps between the natural amino acid tryptophan and melatonin production in the pineal gland.
Four enzymatic steps.
The first two steps you produce serotonin.
You talk about Prozac.
Prozac is designed to make serotonin that you produce more effective.
And, of course, serotonin quietens you down, so this is a way of quietening down your brain activity.
But here is a substance which interferes at some point between tryptophan and the production of melatonin.
It's ridiculous.
If you know that, I mean, that one thing... And so as you get older, that builds up.
It could do, and I mean, this could affect aging, it could affect the onset of puberty, jet lag, sleep patterns, you name it.
It's a very, very important system, the pineal gland and melatonin, incredibly important, regulating... Well, doctor, I've got to stop you here.
I mean, I talked to the... One more thing, one more thing here.
Not one single government agency in the world
Doctor, it's massive, but...
And again, every day I scan around, I see these news articles, I know it's out there.
This is not debatable.
It's the top scientist like yourself.
This stuff just, as you said, blocks all the enzymes.
It causes so many problems in the body.
It goes through almost everything.
It's now, they say, in the meat, in the vegetables.
It's infecting the entire food supply.
But I talk to scientists and doctors and people all the time, and they never speculate, which is important.
You've just given us the facts.
But earlier you said you're not going to... You know, I mentioned 1920s and 30s studies that I've got from universities saying it dumb people down.
And then you say, well, I'm not going to get into why they do this.
I mean, that is...
Of course, they won't respond.
They won't say anything to you.
But why, if you've got all these reports, these decades-old fights, why are they moving to fluoridate more, not less?
I mean, why are they doing it?
Well, I think they're covering their rear ends.
They do not want to admit that they're wrong, that they've been wrong for over 50 years, that they've been exaggerating like crazy.
I mean, we're only saving 0.6 of one tooth surface out of 128 tooth surfaces.
That's the biggest study in the country.
All this angst, all these concerns I have,
Are all, apparently, to save 0.6 of one tooth surface.
Brunel and Carlos, 1990.
It's absolutely certain.
Now, wait a minute.
You just said that, and I've seen that report, because I've been studying this for years.
That's their big number, but then you've got all the other studies that it's eaten holes in people's teeth, and we have the evidence of it.
So if you took those two numbers, I guarantee you that effect is much more detrimental just to teeth than you add the hormones and the organs and the brain and the glands.
But for 0.6 of a tooth, they didn't even show that was statistically significant, but let's assume that it was.
You are going to accumulate stuff in the pineal gland, in your bones?
You're going to run the risk of lowering your children's IQ to save 0.6 of one tooth surface out of 128 tooth surfaces in a child's mouth?
It's insane!
No wonder these guys won't get on the same platform with the scientist who knows the issue.
They'd rather do it by waving these pieces of paper in front of you.
Oh, the Surgeon General says it's wonderful.
I mean, they trot out the Surgeon General like Nike trots out Michael Jordan.
Enough to sell Nike shoes.
If Michael Jordan says that Nike shoes are great, well, they must be good.
So you bring out the Surgeon General, who keeps saying it's the best thing since sliced bread.
Doctor, have you... I mean, I've got the papers you've written.
I've read a bunch of the other papers, organizations, slweb.org.
Have you written a book on this subject?
I'm in the process of writing a book, and last January I presented a major paper at the Institute of... the International Society for Fluoride Research in New Zealand.
Which went through all the evidence on bone damage.
Dr. Paul Conant, I've got to get you back on in the future so that our listeners from Denver, Colorado to Austin, Texas to Rochester, New York can have a chance to hear you again so we can take some calls.
I know there's a lot more, and as this fight develops, one last question.
Have you found any way to stop cities and counties from fluoridating?
Because you can have a town hall meeting where 90% of people are against it.
They'll still vote for it.
How do you counter that?
Well, my route is democracy.
If we're going to make mistakes, let them be democratic mistakes and not bureaucratic mistakes.
So I think the very minimum that you want is a referendum.
But more than that, so that you give everybody a chance to vote on it, that works if you have a chance to educate people.
But I think what we need right now is a moratorium on any more fluoridation until the scientists have resolved this issue.
Dr. Paul Conant, an amazing, dynamic, intelligent person, and a chemist who has joined us, and the government will not debate him, though they have allowed him to speak, to the Environmental Protection Agency.
All right.
And thank you so much for coming on the show, and Godspeed.
Thanks, Alex, and I hope that we'll do this again.
Take care.
That guy is amazing.
Now, I know we've got Rob and Keith and Kevin and Bob and many others that are patiently holding, and we're going to get to you quickly.
Before I do that, though, I've been having Jim up every week, and it's Wednesday when Jim comes on the show.
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I got studies from 1925, UT, folks, where they said it dumbs kids down.
It's a sedative.
The Nazis used it, folks, in the death camps.
And they put it in our water!
I mean, it's insane!
It's like yesterday, a mainstream Ohio plane dealer newspaper, Cleveland Plane Dealer, saying the CIA's running the touch screen systems for voting.
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Jim Shepard, in the next three minutes, tell us.
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Okay, Alex.
By the way, what an excellent show.
I'd like to get a copy of that show.
I just got the little last five minutes of it, but boy, I tell you, that guy's an education.
What was the website for that?
Well, it's slweb.org or it's fluoridealert.org, and it's just hundreds of top scientists, major reports everywhere.
And it's causing Alzheimer's.
It's causing everything.
Because there's aluminum and stuff bound to it, and the brain blocks all that, but fluoride takes it right through.
Well, that's my understanding, that fluoride does cross the blood-brain barrier.
I tell you, the more you find out about that, the more you shake your head.
It's just unbelievable.
Well, Jim, we're here to sell them clean water, and I feel good about it.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks.
I know that we've got Rob and Keith and Kevin and a bunch of others holding on.
I'm going to get to you in this segment, into the next segment, and then we're going to have Larry Pratt on later in the next hour and get back into all the other stuff.
I mean, it's all just so important.
But you've got to take control of your lives.
That means getting self-sufficient, having a garden, filtering your water, getting rid of the fluoride toothpaste.
I mean, you're not going to believe your kids are not going to be as hyperactive.
They're not going to be little demons anymore.
I mean, this is a chemical attack on you and your family.
We just had a top scientist on here.
I've got stacks of documents here.
Jim Shepard, again, you got cut off there at the last segment.
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And so we're going to be putting a link up on InfoWars.com.
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All right.
And then you can roam around and actually see pictures of some of the units and descriptions of the different products.
All right.
Thanks a million, Jim.
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All right.
And, folks, if you call and it's busy, leave your name and number.
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I believe in this.
I know this is documented.
I know these are great filters.
I was buying these before Jim was a sponsor.
You're great.
Let's go to Rob in Wyoming.
Rob, thanks for holding for the last hour.
Go ahead.
That's all right, Alex.
Real interesting information there, especially because I can't hear your show right now.
I've been meaning to... Last time I called a couple weeks ago, I told you that the bank here...
I tried to pull their four forms of idea in a colon swab.
Your papers, please, routine on me.
Yeah, but an illegal alien can walk right in with nothing and get an account.
Well, yeah, and the reason this is important, I'm sure you know this, is it's on the grassroots level.
It's the little foxes that spoil the vine.
This is how they're imposing this police state, is either with a big leap like 9-11,
Or preferably with the incrementalism, right?
Well, if you take the fluoride, you've got a top scientist with major medical reports from major institutions saying it brain damages people.
They want us mindless idiots.
And it appears deliberate time and time again, you know.
Like you were saying, I mean, there is a conspiratorial angle to it.
It's that simple, you know.
I don't understand why people consider overwhelming evidence of conspiracy to be nutty.
But yet prosecutors routinely see conspiracy in every nook and cranny.
They're always charging somebody with conspiracy to do this or that.
They're the conspiracy theorists, you know.
They do that to get you every detail.
They are.
Their story about how the transponders all turn off and nobody stops the planes and then out of the sky at two different sites the passports fall down for the hijackers.
I mean, that's a conspiracy theory.
That's irrational to believe that official version.
It's not rational.
And so, therefore, it's irrational.
Therefore, the one that sees conspiracy where it is there is the rational person.
Anyway, I just want to tell you, the bank relented again.
It was like a couple days after the call.
I'll let you finish up on the other side, and we'll go to Keith, Kevin, and others.
Third hour coming up, and it's just going to be an absolute blitz of information.
It's like the last two hours.
Stay with us, InfoWars.com.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, we've got Larry Pratt coming up in about eight minutes.
Talk about the Republicans who want your guns, because they're good conservatives.
Of course, we're socialists, because we're against gun control.
Everything's upside down.
We're about to go to Rob real quick in Wyoming, who's been fighting, giving him four forms of ID to cash checks, but the illegal aliens are allowed to do nothing.
Go ahead and finish up, Rob.
Anyway, it's important to take a stand.
The bank gave me a letter.
I'm not bound by... We don't have Rob.
Are you still there?
Hey, who knows?
Can you hear me?
No, I can, sure.
Oh, cool.
Anyway, I was just going to quickly tell you that the bank relented.
They gave me a letter saying, you know, what I've been arguing all along.
I'm not bound by it.
I'm not a party to the bank.
I don't have an account there.
Beyond what's reasonable identification, I'm not going any further.
Uniform Commercial Code requires that they pay the payee named on the check.
It's that simple.
Two quick things here.
Getting back to Gary DeMott real quick from Boise, Idaho.
I found out in the Idaho Observer, 2001, mid before 9-11, that Gary DeMott actually forced the federal judge to remove the United States flag with the gold fringe hanging behind him.
And put up the flag of the District of Columbia.
Because it was a violation of U.S.
Well, that's quite an achievement, I think.
It's going to let you go.
It is.
Thanks, Rob.
Great points.
Let's talk to Keith in Kentucky.
Go ahead, Keith.
You see John Kerry talking about Spill and Burn on NBC.
No, Keith, but you always say you're calling from Kentucky when you're calling from England.
You know, if you tell us you're calling from England, we'll get you on earlier.
What was John Kerry talking about skull and bones for on TV?
It was on Meet the Press, and he asked me about skull and bones.
Well, I do have a news article about that.
What did Kerry say about skull and bones?
He said, he was, like, teasing him about it, saying, what are the secret handshakes, what are the secrets?
And John Kerry said, like, oh, there are many secrets.
And it shall remain a secret.
There are many secrets and it shall remain a secret.
I would love to have that on video.
Yeah, I'll send it to you if you want.
Oh, I'm begging you.
I'm begging you.
Not once, not twice, but a hundred times.
Do you have a clip of that?
Play it.
Or I can put you on hold.
You can cue it up.
Yeah, okay.
Because I recognize this guy.
He's the guy that called in and had the clips of Arnold ready.
Would go, you're in a lot of trouble, boy.
And do all that.
Just tell me when you got it ready, okay?
Keith in England or Kentucky or wherever you're calling from.
Yeah, I got an article here in the stack about that.
Yesterday, I never got to it, but Bonesman talks about the bones.
There at the Nazi death cult up in Yale, so up in Connecticut.
The plutocrats up there, so...
We will see if he gets that clip, and we will play it.
I guess he's queuing it up.
We'll put him on hold and come back to him later.
Now, let's talk to Kevin and Mass.
Kevin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks for taking my call.
I found Dr. Cornett fascinating, but my call was related to an earlier caller who had asked what had happened to the folks on the plane that supposedly crashed into the Pentagon, which we know for the photographs they weren't.
You bet.
It triggered a memory of an article I read last week posted on rents.com regarding Congressman Larry Patton McDonald, a relative of General Patton and a friend of Congressman Ron Paul.
It was stating that the missing flight KAL007 had been verified by the Japanese military radar
Which attracted to a safe landing, and it was alleging that they believed Congressman McDonald alive and a prisoner of war.
But what they did is, for the U.S.
government, they landed the plane, supposedly tortured him pretty bad.
To find out what other members of Congress were aware of the New World Order, McDonald was the head of the John Birch Society, or had been the head of it.
He was a Democrat.
They were leading a movement to throw the globalists out.
So they landed McDonald and tortured him to death there.
And that's obviously what they did with September 11th, the folks who were on those planes.
We'll be right back.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, we're already into the third and final hour of this 3rd of September 2003 edition.
And we're going to have Larry Pratt on with us for about 35 minutes or so.
Then I will get to Bin Laden family, U.S.
exit approved.
Bin Laden allowed 9-1-1 to leave.
This is now admitted by the White House.
Now, we told you this almost two years ago.
Within a week of it happening, we talked about the bin Ladens.
Same thing in Afghanistan.
Top Taliban al-Qaeda flown out for safety.
Fox News, they say the CIA made a mistake.
And, of course, they were accidentally paid in gold bars as well.
I mean, folks, I had Bev Harris on yesterday, and I have mainstream news articles out of the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio, where CIA officials are meeting with private defense contractors with the plans for the deals to force you to take touchscreen voting.
I mean, we're in the middle.
Of The Running Man or Brave New World or something.
I mean, it's just totally insane.
We've got Madonna and other trash selling our daughters on a destructive lifestyle to break up the family on the MTV Awards.
They're about to ban vitamins in this country wholesale.
They've done it in Europe.
I'm talking vitamin C over the counter, folks.
It's all off the charts.
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All right, joining us is Larry Pratt with the no-compromise, real conservative, real patriotic constitutional organization, Gun Owners of America.
And I appreciate him holding while I went through my diatribe here.
Larry, in a nutshell, what are the alerts right now on the Second Amendment and what's this new piece of legislation standardizing federal control over curriculum?
The curriculum has been pretty much set by a series of federal laws so that we're not talking about when they have federal standards.
They call them guidelines, but that's simply Washington E's for standards, requirements.
And they're requirements because if you...
I think.
Actually, that would probably save states money because it costs them money to comply with the money they're getting and the mandates that they have to put into place.
And this is all Goals 2000 because now we'll have a standardized test and making sure they're properly dumbed down.
Goals 2000, school to work, a lot of different names for the same thing.
It's a Soviet model, and of course we have a Republican introducing this bill.
Yeah, I'm frankly not sure that he has any idea what lies ahead if his bill were to pass, but Robin Wicker...
Can you tell us about it?
We're good to go.
Would include the teaching of the Second Amendment in such a way that that was then and this is now.
And in the subsidized textbook, We the People, they actually quote from Patrick Henry, my favorite American, and James Madison about the benefit that the people of America have over other countries of the world is that their government trusts them with firearms.
That quote from the Federalist Papers.
The amendments that are protecting us now and that are important to us now, there's no more discussion of the Second Amendment.
Well, the McGraw-Hill history book here in Texas, I showed this on my TV show about four years ago, says, it quotes the Second Amendment and says, contrary to popular belief, this is not an individual right, but a right of the organized militia or the National Guard.
Well, we didn't have a National Guard until 1906.
It's totally made up.
Made up, and of course, in some ways, this We the People subsidized textbook is more insidious because it looks a little closer to the real thing.
It's a better counterfeit.
I'd rather have the McGraw-Hill...
If it'll save children's lives, should we reduce it and restrict this right?
Yes, we should.
It's the neoconversion.
Now, Robin Wicker, the representative from Mississippi that's sponsored this legislation, says, well, there's nothing in the bill that would say what kind of instruction there would be.
That's probably why he's introduced the bill, but what he doesn't understand is that unless you nail these folks down with nails to the floor, they're going to do a tap dance around the Constitution, and by the time they get finished...
They're going to do exactly what they want.
Furthermore, what in the world are we doing with a conservative Republican sponsoring legislation that furthers the idea that the federal government has any legitimate role in education?
Bush has taken control.
The Department of Education is being expanded.
He signed on to UNESCO.
Which calls for national, international, standardized testing.
Now they're announcing that.
So there's Bush signing on to UNESCO.
And Larry, I know you know as well as I do what's in UNESCO.
I mean, they quote, say, the family is the enemy, the family's a disease.
I mean, these are quotes.
Well, UNESCO is a very blatant organ of the UN representing a bunch of Marxist thugs.
And so it's not surprising that what UNESCO is calling for is precisely what the Communist Manifesto has called for, the Socialist International has called for, the Democratic Socialists of America have called for, or the Progressive Caucus of the United States House of Representatives, all of which are aligned with the Socialist International.
The fact that we've got Republicans pushing this gives cover for the Socialists to move their agenda.
And in large measure, I'd be willing to say I don't think the Republicans have a clue.
But then we've always thought that there were two parties here in Washington, the evil party and the clueless party.
And this is probably just more evidence of that fact.
But it comes out the same in the wash.
Because if this thing were to go through...
We would have teachers mentoring teachers at the state and local level, having been trained by the presidential academies, teaching them to teach this new curriculum standard.
Yeah, presidential academies for our local schools?
I mean, it's like the commissariat.
Oh, I've been to Lennon's new school.
I'm certified.
Larry Pratt, stay right there, my friend.
I want to talk about Gunners of America.
I want to talk about some of the other legislative updates and alerts, where that reauthorization of assault weapons ban is right now.
With Larry Pratt on the other side, then we'll get to some news and take some calls.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're honored to have Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, gunowners.org, one of the only no-compromise Second Amendment groups out there.
Band in Rhode Island, you're on the air with Larry Pratt.
You have a question for him.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Mr. Pratt, how you doing?
Well, sir, thank you.
No problem.
I heard that the Feinstein-Brady bill is up for renewal and that the president has already said that he's going to go ahead and resign that.
I also heard that there's an amendment on that bill to ban the semi-automatic shotgun.
Is that true?
Okay, the actual bill is the semi-automatic ban.
The Brady Law, of course, deals with the instant background check, which registers us with the FBI computers when we buy a gun at a store.
But the semi-automatic ban has different versions.
The one that Senator Feinstein has introduced...
is probably the more politically realistic, because it would rope in a senator like Republican George Allen of Virginia, who said that he would vote to renew the exact same law that's on the books at the moment.
Forget that the law has a sunset, and he should have been content with that.
But anyway...
Well, according to the NRA's alert, it does list that almost all guns will be banned, according to the new version that's out there, and that all semi-automatic shotguns will be banned.
Well, Senator Feinstein's bill doesn't do that, but Carolyn McCarthy's bill in the House...
Does do that.
So there definitely are the anti-gunners in the Congress who are trying to push the envelope.
But Bush has said he will sign this, and people go, oh, well, that's just politics.
The majority of pro-gun people got elected.
Bush claims he's a Republican.
How do we force him to say he'll veto that?
Of course he's going to sign it.
Well, I think he needs to continue to hear from the grassroots.
I believe they were surprised when they saw the extent and the intensity of the response that they got.
See, I don't think George Bush ever was made accountable when he was governor of Texas for any of his indiscretions on the gun issue in Texas.
For those who don't know about that, we'll talk about it in a second, but
But the problem here is that Bush said, we're not going to arm any of the pilots.
Barbara Boxer came out, more right-wing than him, and said, let's arm all of them.
So he said, okay.
Now the head of the piloting said Bush is intentionally killing it even after you take the classes.
So, I mean, do we elect Barbara Boxer?
Is she more conservative than George Bush?
Well, certainly because she doesn't ride Air Force One and enjoy the armed protection on board that plane.
She has to ride, even if it's up front, she's on the same plane that you and I are, and I think this has clarified her thinking.
She's a right-wing extremist now on this issue compared to Bush.
I'm afraid that's so, and it's so incredible.
There's something wrong with this picture, but you've correctly described the situation.
Now, there's a letter being circulated by Congressman Micah, Representative Micah from the state of Florida in the House, who's the chairman of the
We're good to go.
...has been at least rather candid and said, well, I don't think we should be doing this.
And by golly, he's not.
You've got the picture of the United States, the richest nation in the world, having managed to arm about 150 pilots since the law went into effect.
During the same length of time, Colombia elected a president, Alvaro Uribe, who had made a pledge that he would put some more men under arms to protect...
Until then, unprotected villages that had no police, no army.
And he has put 16,000 men through basic training and sent them back to their home villages.
Well, look, it's obvious.
If they wanted to protect the plains, you can arm the pilots.
It makes perfect sense.
But here's Bush, after he was forced to say, okay, we'll arm some.
Then he blocks it, and none of them are getting on board the planes with the guns.
And so what I'm saying is, where the assault weapons ban is, he's going to sign it, and he's going to ban all the shotguns, and he'll call it conservative, and Rush Limbaugh will say that's conservative.
Well, even if Rush Limbaugh objects, I'm not sure he would call for any effective counter-response to the President.
And what we need right now is an effective counter-response.
People have to be doing, and I think I mentioned the last show that you had me on, that we had a member up in New Hampshire that confronted Karl Rove, the President's chief advisor.
And told him in no uncertain terms that if the president signed that bill, that was it.
He had crossed the line.
And I don't really think, since they hadn't been trained about what gun owners can do in Texas, I don't think they expected this here in Washington.
But we're here, and we're giving it to them.
Well, Larry Pratt, plug the websites for folks.
All right.
We're at gunowners.org, and we hope you'll go there and get on our e-mail bulletins or just call us at 888-888-6GUNS.
That number again, Larry.
All right.
We'll be back with more news.
God bless you.
And your call, stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks.
We're back live.
We're going to go to like four or five phone calls real quick, and I'm going back into news as I promised to do.
Let's go ahead, and I guess up next is...
I guess the next caller is Keith in Kentucky, and he's got this clip he wanted to play earlier.
He's got it queued up of John Kerry on Meet the Press talking about the order of death, the order of skull and bones.
You got that ready, Keith?
Yeah, it's ready there.
Okay, go ahead and play it.
Skull and bones, a secret society of the earth.
What does that call it?
Not much.
It's a secret.
Yeah, that audio is way too low, sir.
You can't play it.
I'm sorry.
It used to.
It was high on the show.
It's low now.
322, secret number?
There are all kinds of secrets, but one thing is not a secret.
I disagree with this president's direction.
He's taking the country.
We can do a better job.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Yeah, callers like to call in with clips and stuff, and sometimes you can hear it, sometimes you can't.
I think the key is having your phone up close to the television set.
I didn't see John Kerry say that or do that, but I did see a news article about it, so they're both members of the same secret club.
Thanks for the call, though.
Really appreciate that.
Now let's go ahead and go to Kevin and Mash.
Go ahead, Kevin.
Okay, he's not there.
Let's go ahead and talk to Roy in Michigan.
Roy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
It was a significant thing that happened here a week or so ago, the fact that they disarmed the sheriff in Plymouth Falls.
And I've been trying to find those news items, and I haven't been able to find them.
Yeah, I've had them in my hot little hands.
Gary Brownfield's reported on them.
When the president was out in Oregon, they made the sheriff and his deputies turn their guns in to the Secret Service.
It's very threatening to the law enforcement people.
If I could get a copy of it, I talk to a lot of law enforcement people.
Is it possible to post it on your... Do you have a computer?
Yes, I do.
Can you post it on your site?
Yep, we post up every day.
We'll try to post that for you.
Okay, and then another significant thing was the, which I looked at your site, I didn't find it, and I got busy, that was John Ashcroft in Detroit.
Yep, that was posted.
That was Reuters.
It was posted, okay.
Uh-huh, that's right.
So I've got to go back to your site and try to find it.
Well, you need to go to prisonplanet.com.
Oh, okay, maybe that's where I made my mistake.
Well, it was on both sites, but you need to go to prisonplanet.com, and just down at the bottom there's a calendar, and you just go back and click on each day until you find it.
It was early last week that we posted that.
Okay, well, I really... Where in Detroit he was confronted, the person said, when are you going to carry out more September 11th style attacks?
Any other one, you will post the one at the Sherpa you deserve.
Yep, we've posted it already.
We'll keep it at 18 hours a day here.
Oh, okay.
It's all posted every day there for everybody.
Thank you an awful lot, Elliot.
All right, thank you, Roy.
Let's talk to... Oh, I don't know who's next out of all these callers.
Who knows?
Mike in Illinois, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Doing all right, I guess.
All right.
I got a question for you.
All this stuff's coming out now with the FBI having the prior knowledge with 9-11, they're bringing everything forward.
I mean, it's being publicized, but they don't say anything about Bush.
It's always the FBI, but they don't blame anything on Bush.
Well, they didn't mean it.
They just need more funding now.
It's unbelievable.
I can't believe it.
I mean, even the public, they're trying to, you know, obviously they're brainwashing us, but there's so much knowledge coming out in the open that they still can't even just say, okay, well, Bush had fire knowledge, but they said the FBI had fire knowledge.
They don't say anything about Bush, that he was on Cipro or anything like that.
You know, it's all covered up as usual.
They report massive news stories like, hey, the military and the CIA are taking over the voting machines secretly, but it's no big deal.
That's what freedom's all about.
It's unbelievable.
I want to ask you something, Alex.
What were you talking about with this Detroit?
I just heard the other caller say it.
I didn't hear anything about this.
Yeah, here's the problem.
We cover news items.
We cover them three or four times, and then everybody later wants to hear about them again, which is fine.
But the Reuters reported that Ashcroft came to Detroit, and it was a closed meeting, but somebody snuck in and jumped up and said, when are you going to carry out another 911?
When are your terrorists going to attack us?
And Ashcroft turned red and was visibly shaken, according to the report.
And that's on prisonplanet.com.
And I can access that on a computer right now, then?
Yeah, it's a website.
That means it's on a server, and you dial up either by phone line or cable modem, and then you link over to prisonplanet.com, and it won't be on the main page because they're daily websites.
They're like newspapers.
I think it was like Monday or Tuesday of last week that he was in Detroit
And it's on both websites.
Alex, I just want to say, for advertisement purposes, you know, we're getting the word across.
Did you guys ever think about bumper stickers, or do you already have something like that?
Yes, we've been offering bumper stickers for about a year.
That's a good thing, because that's a good way to get people.
I have an old car, and I bring it up there every Saturday night.
I go to a car show.
And I'm just telling people to go to websites left and right.
And I talked to one gentleman a week later, and he says, that's unbelievable what's on that website.
I said, that's nothing.
I haven't seen anything yet.
Keep it up.
I want to thank you for doing that.
Last call, and then I'm going to news.
Thanks, Mike.
Last call.
Roy in Florida.
Go ahead, Roy.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
I'm calling about the question you asked the good doctor on fluoride.
But before I get to that, real quick, there was an interview by Charlie Rose.
He was interviewing Calvin Truen, and they were joking like mad about skull and crossbones and Bush being in skull and crossbones.
And you ought to catch that.
I can't catch it all.
Who was Charlie Rose on PBS talking to?
I'm overwhelmed.
Calvin Trillum, who went to Yale and claims he was tapped for skull and crossbones.
The humorist, Calvin Trillum?
In answer to the question you put to the doctor, it's the pharmacy companies.
So they can send that Prozac.
Well, that's it.
It goes in, takes over the glands, suppresses brain development.
I mean, we have hundreds of major studies about fluoride, and we had one of the leading scientists on about it.
Thanks for the call, my friend.
Appreciate it.
And look, I'm not irritated with callers calling up and saying, where's this article, where's that article?
I can't even physically, though, I'm just irritated with the constraints of time, cover all the news I've got here in front of me.
I mean, today I've got like five major university reports about how deadly fluoride is, and we have the top scientist on, and we have Larry Pratt on to tell you about all the gun control, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
And we've got O'Reilly telling us how good cameras are in the schools, and I can counter how they'll be used to get kids into the system.
Why do we need them in the past?
This is Big Brother training kids for a surveillance society.
On and on, but see, I don't have time to cover that.
I've written a five-page article about Arnold Schwarzenegger and why this story is important.
I want to get to that.
They're moving to ban basically all vitamins under the counter.
It was an amazing...
Article written by the Mercury News.
knew about nuclear link between North Korea and Pakistan and did nothing to stop the transfers.
There was another article written in Wyoming that breaks down what the Patriot Act really does.
The best article I have seen so far on that issue.
Cities and states and counties are legalizing illegals.
Part Blanche.
I mean, it's just... It's overflow.
There's no way to physically cover...
In the constraints of time, all the things that are happening.
But I said I was going to do this, so I'm going to do this now.
Then I'll have time to blitz through maybe 10, 15 other articles real quick.
Now, this is an article I've written.
It'll be posted later today, if it hasn't already been posted, on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Extremely high level of Illuminati activity and California recall.
Schwarzenegger's Nazi and New World Order links revealed.
Most Americans think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a charismatic bodybuilder,
Like former Secretary of State George Shultz.
Before we cover the details of Arnold and his sordid backers, it is important to understand that on one level, the California recall election is a giant distraction, providing a smokescreen that obscures hundreds of pertinent developments in our world every day.
The media circus feeding frenzy that has ensued, similar in scope to the O.J.
Simpson and Monica Lewinsky red herrings of the past.
At the same time, the California recall 2003, when examined...
From a larger perspective, reveals many of the dark workings inside the New World Order.
It is important to note that even if Gray Davis stays in office, or if Cruz Bustamante is elected, the end result will remain the same.
Whether they are Republican or Democrat, all of the candidates being given serious media attention are anti-gun, pro-abortion promoters of big, centralized government.
And Schwarzenegger's now for totally open borders and total legalization.
Forgot to add that.
The giant recall sideshow serves the elite by creating the illusion that California's problems have been caused by bad fiscal policy alone.
In reality, California is an admitted beta testing model for the elite social engineers.
California's border with Mexico is being dissolved.
The Ford Foundation and federal agencies have been pumping billions of dollars into California and Mexico for decades, promoting racist liberation theology for groups like Metro and La Raza.
These groups claim that the entire Southwest belongs to Mexico and that the third world populations are simply retaking what was usurped from their ancestors.
Grips like Mecha are designed to balkanize the population using the tried-and-trusted system of divide-and-conquer.
The official plan of UNESCO, a colossal UN agency, is to destroy all Western nation-states and the tiny independent middle class that is protected by them.
The people of California are panicking as they watch factories shut down and millions of illegal aliens are given amnesty.
It is important for the puppet masters to create the illusion that they still have a choice.
But the people still have a choice.
By blaming a scapegoat like Governor Gray Davis, the people will never actually force the system to enact real reforms.
The head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and this is the total hypocrisy, the head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Marvin Hare, has defended Schwarzenegger, saying that Arnold...
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Kirk Waldheim was a favorite of the United Nations and served as Secretary General from 70 to 82 when Waldheim ran for the presidency of Austria in 1986.
Arnold was Waldheim's biggest supporter and campaigned across Austria and was even featured on campaign posters.
During the campaign, it emerged that he had been a wanted war criminal for atrocities he had committed as an officer in the dreaded Nazi SS.
Waldheim had written and approved posters and leaflets that read, among many things, The Jews are your enemy.
Kill them all.
Later, the whole world learned that the United Nations had known all along that Kurt Waldheim was a Nazi and a wanted war criminal and helped cover it up.
It makes sense.
Anyone with a command and control background fits in well with the U.N.
Waldheim's story that broke in 86 was a sensation and dominated news cycles for months.
In the midst of the firestorm, Arnold Schwarzenegger stood up at his wedding, Maria Shriver, in front of a crowd of East Coast bluebloods and said, My friends don't want me to mention Kirk's name because of all the recent Nazi stuff and the UN controversy, but I love him and Maria does too, so thank you, Kirk.
Arnold continues to be friends with Waldheim, and in 1998 was photographed with him at the Austrian Parliament.
After Arnold's father died, his mother married the head of the Austrian Parliament, who himself was a colonel in the SS.
Arnold reportedly calls him Uncle.
While filming the documentary Pumping Iron, Arnold told reporters he admired Adolf Hitler and other dictators.
While the Simon Wiesenthal Center is defending Arnold, they are busy waging a smear campaign against Mel Gibson for producing his biblically accurate reenactment of The Last Days of Christ's Life.
In his movie, The Passion, the ADL, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center have demanded that Gibson re-edit the film, or they will boycott its release, claiming that the film is already generating hate, despite the fact that only a few thousand people have seen it in private screenings.
What's generating hate is the attempted censorship, folks.
I hate anybody that tries to censor the First Amendment, whether they're Nazis or the ADL.
I personally, I personally talked to Mel Gibson's father, Hutton, on this show, and he told me that it is the best film he has ever seen and that it is word for word from the Bible.
It is interesting to note that the ADL was also instrumental in forcing the removal of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court building over...
And over, we see real Nazis, communists, totalitarian thugs of every type being promoted and defended by the establishment while wholesome organizations and individuals are being demonized.
This is one of the New World Order's favorite tactics, so next time you hear someone being labeled a promoter of hate, realize that the majority of the time it is nothing more than the establishment attempting to suppress any movement seeking freedom.
A month before, now here it is, Satanic Rituals Elite Backers.
A month before Schwarzenegger announced that he was throwing his hat into the ring, it was being reported by most of the national media that Arnold was not going to run.
Infowars.com came across an article in the July 2013 San Francisco Chronicle that contradicted the prevailing view of the political gurus.
The article reported, from what we hear, the Republican hierarchy would favor Schwarzenegger.
At least that's the word that came out of the Bohemian Grove this past weekend where a number of state and national GOPers, including presidential advisor Karl Rove, happened to be gathered at the club getaway.
So again, that's how the San Francisco Chronicle.
Of course they favor him.
He married into an Illuminati bloodline in 86, and soon after became a member of the Grove.
After reading the story I predicted on my radio show that Arnold would run, because of my knowledge of the elite Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County in Northern California, I knew that what these kingmakers want, they get.
The Bohemian Grove is an elite encampment founded in 1872.
Presidents have attended the yearly 15-day meeting since 1901.
In 2000, CNN reported that Dick Cheney was to be George W. Bush's running mate two weeks before the official announcement.
CNN said that they had gathered the information from the network executives who had attended the Grove encampment and learned of the choices of Cheney from George Herbert Walker Bush and Colin Powell.
According to the annals published by the Grove, the Star Wars program was hatched there in 1978.
Even the Manhattan Project was conceived at the Grove.
Economist Alan Greenspan made his first visit to the Grove in 1984 before it was announced that he was being appointed chairman of the Federal Reserve.
On July 15, 2000, I infiltrated the Bohemian Grove with a hidden video camera and filmed a grisly 3,000-year-old satanic ritual being performed by leaders of the Western world.
Photos I shot aired globally on channels like Channel 4 in England and the Trio Network in the United States.
Of course, none of the big networks would...
I'm going to skip sentences here.
Whose corporate officers attend the Grove would touch it.
We'll be back.
I'll finish this article and try to get some other news items.
I haven't covered half of it.
We'll be back.
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Yeah, I'm sorry to all the callers that are patiently holding.
I can't take any more calls.
I might take some.
I might just cancel guests for the rest of the week so we can have a few days where I can cover news and take calls.
There's just no way to cover it all and recover different news items, caller after caller, recovering the same item.
But continuing.
With this article I wrote about Schwarzenegger.
Covers the truth.
The Washington Times, Spy Magazine, and many other prestigious publications have reported on the homosexual orgies and bizarre rituals that take place in the Grove.
Respected papers have documented the migration of high-dollar male and female prostitutes from Europe and America yearly to the nearby town of Montereo that serves as a watering hole for the members of the All-Male Club, a club made up of so-called Christian conservative leaders.
Yeah, it's not just gambling and horse racing and prostitutes, folks.
A lot worse.
Conveniently, none of these sort of details of the Grove have been discussed in the controlled media or on your phony Christian radio stations, I would add.
Schwarzenegger's connections do not stop at the Grove.
An article published by Reuters titled Buffett's Back with a Terminator described Arnold and Warren Buffett descending by helicopter to a meeting at an ancestral home of Rothschild dynasty.
At the Waddleton Manor in the underlining hills of Buckinghamshire.
The article stated that Waddleton Manor...
Among those invited to Wildson Manor were the likes of James Wolftonson, President of the World Bank, Jorma O'Lea, Chief Executive of Nokia, and De Beers, Chairman Nicky Oppenheimer, Head of the World Diamond Monopoly.
The story continued to describe how the Illuminati chieftain greeted Arnold, a group of photographers captured the moment when Buffett and Schwarzenegger were splendid in steel-toed cowboy boots, stepped onto Wildson's freshly cut lawn to be greeted by Lord Jacob Rothschild.
It's very nice of you to host us, Schwarzenegger said.
Wow, it really makes your head spin.
This guy hangs out with former UN chiefs, the Rothschilds, his mother is married to the head of the Austrian parliament, he is married to JFK's niece, all his Nazi connections are swept under the rug, and the Republican Party could care less about Arnold's own published admissions of orgies, drug use, and posing naked for homosexual porno magazines.
Well, after all, he is a member of the Bohemian Grove, where group sex is par for the course.
In a 97 interview for We Magazine, published by Playboy, Arnold described to a national magazine how he and many other men all piled on one woman at Gold's Gym in Venice.
When asked about whether he used drugs, Schwarzenegger replied, yes, grass and hash.
Schwarzenegger then went on to describe how posing for gay magazines was a great thing.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, it is not just that he did all this stuff when he was 29, but that he would sit there and brag about it today.
Can you imagine what would happen to an anti-establishment candidate if they had 10% of the baggage that Arnie does?
They would be drugged through the mud and their political career would disintegrate.
But if you are the water bearer for the globalist fat cats, you can do no wrong.
Kirk Waltham was a Nazi, soaked in blood, and the UN loved and defended him.
Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, received and gave awards to Hitler.
And was responsible for barbaric eugenics programs nationwide, but it's okay because they work for the New World Order.
You won't see any liberals complaining about these people, but if you say America should have borders, that citizens should retain the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, or criticize the murdering UN, they will howl that you are a secret Nazi.
No, my friends, they are the control freak Nazis, neocons, bleeding-heart liberals.
They are all either part of the criminal structure or useful idiots too narrow-minded to break out of the control...
Paradigm and Fates the True Heart of the Global Plantation.
The article goes on for two more pages, getting into Arnold and his run for the presidency and Orrin Hatch and all the rest of it.
Again, I have more election fraud documents.
The Bin Laden family flying out of the U.S.
under Bush's orders with a bunch of other terrorists.
A bunch of mainstream news articles on that.
Just absolute insanity, and I'm out of time.
Ah, I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time.
Tell your friends and family about the show.
Get my videos and books.
Make copies of them.
And tell people how you listen to the show, whether it's AM, FM, shortwave, Internet.
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Support the sponsors.
Tell them thanks.
And I want to say thanks to the listeners.
We're fighting pure evil.
We're part of history.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
I'm honored to be here with you.
We're good to go.