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Air Date: Sept. 2, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, welcome back to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're only about nine days away.
From the second year anniversary of the globalist terror attacks in D.C.
and New York, it is Monday, the 2nd of September, 2003.
Thank you for joining us.
It's not Monday.
It feels like Monday.
It's Tuesday, but it really is Monday for everybody out there on this 2nd of September, 2003.
Hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day.
We're going to have open phones today.
We have several great guests coming on.
We have the lady who bought up the deception dollars that have the websites printed on them that expose the government for being involved in September 11th, Elements of the Government.
We have Carol...
If I'm pronouncing that correctly, joining us.
And then in the third hour, we have Bev Harris, who was on our show a few months ago, exposing Diebold and other electronic touchscreen voting systems for being designed for fraud, being designed to steal elections.
And since she's been on the show and other shows, the story has broken in the mainstream news.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I've written a detailed, I don't know, five-page analysis of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the recall election, and it won't be posted today.
It'll be posted tomorrow, but I'm going to make myself take some time out today and read this whole thing on air, so that's coming up as well, and just a bunch of other news.
More bombings, more terrorism.
This Ayatollah, this religious leader from Iran, who was backed by Iran, gets killed, and Muslims don't bomb each other's mosques, folks.
And then the government says, oh, we think Iran's behind it.
Yeah, Iran killing their own man.
And then the globalists are trying to say that, well, Muslims bombed another Muslim mosque.
That's not going to happen, folks.
So, obvious manipulation there.
Also, bomb attack on Baghdad police station just in the last few hours.
We'll get into that.
The Drugs Report's reporting, along with a bunch of other mainstream papers we've been telling you for years.
Headline, dangerously high levels of radiation measured around Baghdad. 1,000.
To 2,200 times the safe level, and the government's saying the troops don't have anything to worry about.
You're not patriotic if you try to protect the troops and try to support them.
Well, I'm sorry.
We're not patriotic.
We don't want the troops getting nerve gassed, hit with radiation, and not treated and coming home and dying.
We think it's horrible.
We believe in the Second Amendment on this show.
Yes, it means we're communists.
We believe in controlling our borders and having sovereignty.
Yes, it means that we're socialist.
No, actually, we're real Americans, constitutionalists, real conservatives, and we stand against the neocons and their liberal minions.
We stand against the neocon liars all over TV and radio.
We stand up for America as the country's being butchered.
Got a bunch of immigration news.
They're getting rid of the borders and all sovereignty.
They're outsourcing everything.
They're imploding the country.
By the way, Ron Paul this weekend, Ron Paul had some chilling, I mean chilling statements this weekend here in Austin.
And I was there.
I was one of the speakers.
Wait till you hear what Ron Paul had to say.
It dwarfs the neocon speech.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, again, thank you for joining us today.
It is Tuesday, the 2nd of September, 2003.
There have been new bombings and...
Troops getting radiation sickness, and they're selling out all the jobs, and the economy's imploding, and they tell you the economy's getting better.
Just all different sorts of interesting things happening, and we're going to cover them all here on the show.
On the broadcast today, we have Carol Bouvier coming on, who came up with the idea for the deception dollars.
Over 2 million of these have been printed.
They expose the government, that is the criminal elements of the government, that carried out September 11th.
Then in the third hour, I have Bev Harris of blackboxvoting.com, and she is a market analyst, a lady who's involved in exposing corruption in big corporations.
I mean, she's a big dog in this, an expert on corruption.
We're good to go.
Sacramento Bee.
I mean, I've seen it in hundreds of papers.
They just calmly announced, oh yeah, the companies didn't tell us that there was wireless connections built in.
Oh, they didn't tell us that computer programmers say this thing's designed to defraud voters.
I think we're good to go.
And when they come back and die, they'll just calmly announce, okay, the DE was bad for them, but it won't be a big news issue, and they'll keep using depleted uranium.
This is out of the Drugs Report, and it's up on Infowars.com.
It says, paper, dangerously high levels of radiation measured around Baghdad.
Soldiers and civilians in Iraq face a hellish...
Soldiers and civilians in Iraq face a health time bomb after dangerously high levels of radiation were measured around Baghdad.
Levels between 1,000 and 1,900 times higher than normal were recorded at four sites around the Iraq capital where depleted uranium, DU munitions, have been used across wide areas.
Experts estimate that Britain and the U.S.
used 1,100 to 2,200 tons of armor-piercing shells made of DU during the attacks on Iraq forces.
The figure eclipsed by the 375 tons used in 1991 Gulf War.
So it eclipses that.
Unlike the largely desert-based conflict, most surrounds fired in March and April were in heavily residential areas.
Yes, in the 5,000-year-old communities on the Tigus Euphrates, they say the radiation won't go away for hundreds of millions of years.
And, by the way, I've heard all the neocon, socialist, gun-grabbing, open-border-promoting liars all over talk radio and TV and in the paper telling you that it's a liberal lie
To say that DU is bad and that DU is good and that it's no big deal and that it won't hurt you.
Folks, the Army in 91 hired a top scientist who was a hawk, Dr. Rook, and sent him over there to disprove the claims that it was bad, that the depleted uranium was bad.
And he resigned and said, this stuff is deadly.
People have lesions on their skin and their lungs.
And now 12 years later, they've done major studies, major governments, major institutions, and people have cancer from it.
It is horrible.
Folks, it's highly radioactive.
It is horrible.
You suck it into your lungs.
It kills you.
It's horrible.
It's horrible.
I mean, this is incredibly massive.
And we sat here and we warned people.
We said, don't let them use DU.
And they said, shut up, you pinko.
Turn your guns in, you lying commie.
But I'm pro-Second Amendment.
I'm against what you're doing.
And this war is for the global order.
And you said so in your PNAC documents.
And you say you're for big welfare state and want to take our liberties.
You're not conservatives.
Shut up, communists.
But you're the communists.
Shut up, everyone.
They're communists.
They're against the war.
So that's what's happened now, and the troops are in a lot of trouble.
But, hey, people are going to put yellow ribbons around their trees, and they're going to have, I support the troop stickers on their cars, and they're driving along listening to the Ocons right now, and they'll argue with you at the health club or, you know, at church.
They'll go, you ain't bad.
Shut up, communists.
Well, I guess Drudge is.
I guess the London Guardian is.
I guess the Associated Press is.
I guess Dr. Rook is.
I guess just the hundreds of media agencies are there.
I mean, the Geiger counters egg.
I mean, there were only 375 tons.
That's quite a bit, 375 tons.
Now there's 1,100 to 2,200 tons.
I mean, no one really knows.
Shot into all their major cities.
And when it hits armor plate or concrete or whatever, it turns into a gas of highly heated radiation and then settles.
And it's all the big historical sites and big palaces and the streets.
It's all the centers of the cities blasted out with 1,000 to 2,000 plus tons
Tons, folks.
You know how many Abrams tank shells and how many jet machine gun rounds that is that they fire out of the F-18s and the A-10s and all the rest of it?
Because in the Gulf War, it was just a few of the Abrams tank shells and the Vulcan gun and the A-10.
Now they put DU in lots of stuff.
The Bradley fighting vehicles are shooting DU rounds, and even I've read they had some of the Humvees mounted with machine guns to shoot DU, because you can take a tank out with that, just a little machine gun.
And now there's discussions of putting DU into the regular troops' munitions.
Oh, yeah, it's going to work real well, too.
Yeah, it'll kill the enemy and kill the troops later.
Kills the enemy that day and then kills you five years later or six months later.
It's horrible.
I mean, again, the show's going to run out here.
I've already done 15 minutes.
I don't count the ads.
I've done about 12 minutes of airtime now.
And I've done one story.
One story.
And I could talk for hours about this.
I care about the troops.
I mean, this network, with the host we've got on this network, helped end the anthrax shots a few years ago.
And we're always here telling the truth.
I mean, it's scientific fact, folks.
All right, let me just run through some of the news we're posting on InfoWars.com right now.
Bustamante won't renounce racist group.
Chicano Studies Movement seeks to reclaim the U.S.
Bustamante says the Southwest belongs to Mexico.
And there's a photo of Bustamante back in the 70s, and that's when it was really taboo, with Yasser Arafat in Palestine with the terrorists.
But that's okay.
Arnold can be a Nazi.
He says he loves Hitler and hates Jesus and has orgies and is in homosexual magazines.
That's okay, and...
We can have Bustamante.
That's an article here.
World Net Daily.
Guess who's tracking you by cell phone?
Article out of ZUNet admitting, okay, the feds are using your cell phones to listen to you and track and trace you and your OnStar and your television set.
You know, it's no big deal.
Not just warmer.
It's the hottest for 2,000 years.
More propaganda.
We'll get to that.
Looks like recovery feels like a recession.
We'll get to that article.
MIT to unlock futuristic barcode.
So now they announced nationwide they're launching this new system with the Homeland Security behind it, the RFIDs.
Suburbs see rise in homeless numbers.
Oh, yes, our wonderful economy.
Oh, they're just lazy.
Put them in a work camp.
Of course, that'll be you when they take everything you got.
That's what we hear.
EU plans, Constitution change.
There'll be no elected officials, no freedom.
We're going to get to that.
Also, there is a new Republican bill to teach anti-Second Amendment stuff in the public schools.
That's World Net Daily and Governors of America.
Two different articles on that.
Again, I'm a liberal.
I'm for guns.
Hey, I'm learning the new definitions here.
I'm being serious, according to them.
New push for gun control in wake of warehouse shootings.
Oh, in Chicago, where they have total gun control.
Pieces of the puzzle, a top-secret conference call on September 11th could shed new light on the terrorist attacks.
Do you hear that?
Do you hear that?
And it turns out that right after the first plane had flown in, we had the White House and Cheney and everybody in control of NORAD and of the...
FAA and all these other federal agencies, as we told you beforehand, that's come out actually in the hearings, and everybody has shut up and kicked everybody out of the hearing.
We had guests on last year about that, but that's one of the things the president doesn't want to release is the transcripts of that.
Yeah, that's from U.S.
News and World Report.
Ron Paul's straight talk, I want to go over some of this and tell you what Ron Paul said this weekend.
This weekend here in Austin, or right outside Austin, myself, John Stattmiller, Ron Paul, Desi Andrews all gave speeches.
Ron Paul predicted something that is more chilling than anything I've ever heard him say.
He's a doctor, Vietnam veteran, has several degrees, very intelligent, doesn't make a lot of predictions.
I'll tell you when we get back what he said.
Folks, I haven't scratched the surface here.
Okay, we've got two guests.
We'll take calls.
This big show lined up for you.
We'll be right back in fullwars.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
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All right, welcome back, folks.
This weekend, hundreds and hundreds of people from Central Texas gathered at the LCRA Environmental Center.
It was a nice place.
We jam-packed the hall there, and Congressman Ron Paul came and gave a speech.
I gave a speech as well.
And I do intend to air some of the speech on the show later this week, and I know that some of the other hosts are planning to air some of the speech, like John Stattmiller, and on the Saturday show I do with him, we plan to air the speech in its entirety.
But Ron Paul said in his speech that was talking about the Patriot Act, the war, and on the neocons, because I walked up to Congressman Paul, who before he gave his speech, I just finished mine,
And they had that guy up there about to introduce him, Randall, who put the whole deal on.
I appreciate him doing that.
I walked up to Paul, and he said, Hey, Alex, how you doing?
How's your radio show going?
And I said, What are you talking about today?
I said, Great.
Because I know that he gives prepared speeches that he writes himself, but he also posts his editorials each week on his website.
And I said, Are you going to follow a set speech today?
He said, No.
He said...
He said, I'm going to speak about the war, I'm going to speak about Patriot Act and the neocons and how it all ties together.
He really gave three speeches that I've already, a combination of three speeches that I had heard him give.
He kind of got off his normal pattern and just went to an impromptu, and it was scary, folks.
Ron Paul, and he stressed this, he said, we're going to have a depression.
You heard me.
An economic depression.
Now, he didn't tell me that.
He told that crowd and 50 cameras then.
When I say 50 cameras, I mean independent cameras.
My two video cameras, a bunch of other video cameras, everybody had video cameras.
It was an incredible speech he gave, very informative.
Some of the other speeches that were given, I'm told by the viewers that it was the best speech I've ever given, and I think it's obviously one of my better ones.
But here's Ron Paul.
And by the way, the media have been contacted about this.
Now, you'd think a congressman coming to town, while Ashcroft's doing this national propaganda tour telling us how good it is, to have the congressman from Central Texas, and his district goes all the way into South Texas, to have him there...
Speaking out, calling Ashcroft a liar, giving the evidence of it, talking about the police state, talking about the war.
You know, to have this big crowd of liberals, conservatives, you name it, folks.
There were people there with purple hair and, you know, old Baptist ministers.
You'd think that that was newsworthy, and there was no mainstream news there other than some small-town newspapers.
And so shame on the honest American statesmen and the Houston Chronicle and the rest of them.
But there was, by the way, Sunday and Saturday and Monday and now today in Texas papers, lots of editorials and Ashcroft telling us how good the Patriot Act is and how you're an evil communist if you say it isn't.
But there's Ron Paul, and I'm watching him give this speech, and he says that there is a new world order, it's taking over, there is a global conspiracy.
I mean, he came right out and said it.
And then he said, we're going to have a depression.
And he said, this thing's designed to give us a depression.
And that's why they're setting up this whole police status for the depression.
Everything I've told you, it was like Alex Jones was up their tongue.
So I tell you, I mean, Ron Paul's really turning the heat up on the globalists.
He came out and talked about how the war was phony, the evidence of that, the lies.
He talked about the neocons.
He talked about...
What the Patriot Act and Homeland Security really does, and people being secretly arrested and disappearing into the night.
But he also said we're winning this counter-revolution.
People are waking up at a level he's never seen before.
But the crowds are bigger than he's ever seen before.
The response he's getting is overwhelmingly positive.
And that's to Ron Paul going 180 degrees in the opposite direction from what Congress is doing.
They're ignoring the will of the people on abortion and open borders and gun control and liberties and freedoms, everything.
But the scary thing is, Ron Paul said, we're going to have a depression.
And then he's surprised things are still holding together like they are.
Because we have a $40-plus trillion debt.
It's not a trillion dollars.
It's not $500 billion.
It is a $43 billion.
Plus, trillion, dollar, jet, buy, design, buy the bankers in your face.
And they're just putting the change to you right now, hoping you don't resist, hoping you don't speak up, hoping you don't get involved.
Because, folks, the government's going to pose as our saviors when they activate the Depression, issue national ID cards, and put everyone on welfare.
And by the way, they're going to take the middle class as well.
I'll talk about that.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest A gun on my hip and the right to arrest I'm the guy who's the boss on this highway So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way If you break the law, you'll hear from me, I know I'm working for the state, I'm the highway patrol
Folks, Ron Paul doesn't make a lot of predictions.
And to hear the congressman get up before a crowd of people and say the good news is America's waking up.
There's a coalition of liberals and conservatives that are waking up that the Republicans and Democrats are sold out to the New World Order.
And the good news is folks are waking up and the good news is there's going to be a depression that's going to destroy the government and that out of this crisis they're trying to create, we're actually going to win.
It was very scary.
The speech he gave here in Austin, Texas on Saturday.
But that's exactly what Ron Paul had to say to
All the people that were in attendance there at the meeting.
So what do you think about that?
Ron Paul saying we're going to have a depression.
He's looked at the finances.
He's looked at the expenditures.
He's looked at the deals the government has signed on to through the bonds and through the debt with the central banks.
He's looked at the entitlements, and we're going to have a depression.
And he went into the economic reasons for that.
And remember, the Federal Reserve and others designed this.
They set up this system.
One of the folks then during the question and answer said, so we're going to have a
New World Order, can you talk about the global conspiracy, the men that run the New World Order?
Ron Paul said, well, I'm not going to talk about the individuals that run it.
It's hard to identify exactly who's in control of it, but there is a global conspiracy for one world government, and there are people who publicly promote it and push for it in the media and academia and in government and banking.
So what's happening is the New World Order is so far along now
That you can't deny its existence anymore.
It's like trying to deny that the sun comes out in the morning or that the moon comes out in the evening or that you've got a tree in your backyard.
And everybody says, well, you do have that tree right there.
No, I don't.
But then I look at the news, how they're saying that if you think the outsourcing of high-tech jobs is bad now, they're going to increase it seven-fold on purpose.
And the news article says it's the New World Order.
Get used to it.
Or you open the paper up and the Republican Party's outsourcing its campaign fundraising jobs to India.
So when you get a call, it's an English-speaking person in India.
And now Bush is creating a new job czar, economy czar, who's going to make you have an ID card to have a job in India.
Going to send you to the new fascist system where the corporation has governmental power over you at work and the military and Homeland Security will be in all the factories.
It's pure fascism, folks.
They socialize things to get you addicted to government.
Then after you're addicted to government and on the dole, after you're domesticated, they close the gate, load you in the wagon, and take you to the glue factory.
You're like an old horse in animal farms
We're good to go.
I think?
We're being taken off to be rendered down.
We're being rendered down now.
Boiled down to nothing.
Spiders injected the poison.
We're going to be sucked dry.
And as they're sucking us dry, they're going to blame it on outside forces.
Give up more rights.
Don't struggle.
And you're going to be okay.
Whereas we could grab the spider, pull it off of us.
It's perched up on us, telling us.
It's got a tentacle into the body politic's ear, up into the cerebral cortex,
Controlling us, telling us don't resist, submit, submit while it sucks us dry, while it assanguiates us.
Do you get the analogy?
Because that's what's happening.
And I'm getting all these emails and calls, did you see Aguilar and Madonna and Spears?
Up there, French kissing each other, celebrating the lesbian lifestyle.
Did you see it?
Did you see it?
Did you run to the news, to Fox News to watch it?
And the answer is no.
I had to think of their names.
I had to think, what's her name?
What's her name?
What's her name?
Because I don't even, it's not in my world.
I mean, that's done in a cynical fashion so your daughters go out and buy their music, so your sons go out and buy their music, and it's allowed to go on by the establishment and Sumner Redstone and Viacom because they don't want the middle class breeding.
They don't want the people that that music targets, the middle class, having children.
Don't you understand that?
It's a stated plan of UNESCO that our government signed on to to, quote, destroy the family.
It is a disease.
That's the quoted policy of UNESCO published by the UN.
That's their directives.
And so don't tell your kid, oh, you're not allowed to watch that.
That's too grown up for you.
Tell them, you know what that is?
That's meant to destroy you so you don't have a family, so you don't find a good woman's son or your daughter, so you don't find a good man and enjoy the incredible miracle of life and children and family.
Turning the women against the men, men against the women, telling men it's okay to cheat on their wives, telling wives it's okay to cheat on their husbands.
Lesbianism is exploding everywhere.
Oh, I'm not exaggerating.
About 100 articles just fell off the disc.
There's no way to keep track of all this anymore.
This is all out of control.
I don't know how I'm supposed to deal with all this.
Every story is nightmarish.
Every story is so important.
Every story illustrates just how serious things are.
Oh, man.
Like a
A hundred articles I was going to cover just fell off and like spilled everywhere.
And by the way, on their way down, they bounced off another big stack at my feet and kind of flew off that and have like papers all over my feet.
It doesn't matter.
I've got a bunch of other news coming up and two guests, as I said.
Let's go ahead and talk to William in Colorado.
William, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
God bless, Alex.
Sounds like you're
A little calmer today, even though things are in further disarray.
I was calling.
I left a message on Friday at the rebroadcast.
Article, Santa morning news, Army officer planting bombs by power plant.
He was arrested by the sheriff's deputy with a .45 caliber handgun, sawed-off shotgun.
He was running around in a black uniform in 2002, planting bombs on the key classified power converter that fed much of Georgia.
They're out of Jacksonville, Florida.
And they say that they don't know how he knew that.
I don't know which article you've got.
Oh, I didn't have the article.
I wasn't sure if you had that article or not.
Yeah, that it was classified because it looked like all the other power lines.
They also caught some special forces trying to bomb a power line outside Fort Bragg.
Local police continue to stop the feds.
By the grace of God, they caught... By mistake.
Well, yes, by the grace of God, in late 2001...
They caught four Israelis in a car full of classified diagrams of nuclear power plants and dams with explosives.
They took them into custody and were ordered to release them.
The van was confiscated.
They caught Mossad at the Mexican parliament with bombs.
That story disappeared.
By the grace of God, police continue to catch the feds and other intelligence agencies about to carry out terror.
Funny how it worked.
Yeah, even these by and large goon-like police are still stopping their balances over and over again.
We gave two of your videos, the last two, to what we hope is a sympathetic ear in the Clear Creek County government.
Based on the conversation I had with her at the laundromat, she sounded a little set aside herself.
She's been working there for 30 years and she knows some of the stuff that's been going on.
She didn't really
Well, yeah, that's the point.
If the government bureaucrats who aren't all evil and the cops who aren't all evil will wake up and realize how they've been incrementally brainwashed, if they will just do that,
Then the system, the globalists, can't get it over on us.
That's why they've got to come out on the news and say, torture's good now, torture's a virtue, microchips under the skin are good.
Okay, the Supreme Court's going to follow what the UN says from now on.
Okay, that's why they've got to do this, to try to get us to think it's all normal.
We don't have to accept it.
We can rebel against this.
County by county.
City by city, mind by mind.
Soul by soul, we have to unlock minds.
And let me give you an example.
I was at a toy store this weekend with my wife buying a gift for one of her nieces.
And we go in the toy store, and I began to point out to my lovely, intelligent wife, I said, look at this, my dear.
Every toy, Global Peacekeeper toys...
Joe toys, we saw the Lego World City, the surveillance truck where you look through people's walls and there's little fold-outs of that where you look through people's walls and surveil them.
You know, the G.I.
On all the toys, guess what?
Of all the Legos and all the toys and all the different brands, only one type of toy has a frowny face and shows its teeth and is mean.
Must be good.
Guess what type of toy that is.
Police officers.
Not only do all the police officers now spy on people, it could be Legos, Global Peacekeeper, it didn't matter.
They all have hateful, satanic looks.
You understand?
The nose in a snarl, the eyes wide open, showing the teeth, teeth clenched.
Those are the only police I've seen.
Well, so the children are all growing up now, whether it's Lego toys, you know, a little man that has a hateful look, or whether it's a global peacekeeper, or all of it.
UN symbols, global city, world city, mean faces, and everybody else has got nice faces.
See, craning them, oh, it's so diabolical.
I think we're further ahead than we could realize.
Hey, you think that's bad?
Turn the TV on.
Turn children's cartoons on.
Watch any new cartoon.
Biometrics, DNA testing, police in black ski masks, UN troops in our streets saving us from attackers.
It's everywhere.
The helpless and the empowered.
I probably, and again, I don't watch cartoons, folks.
I flip through channels when I watch TV.
I have seen at least a dozen cartoons in the last year where aliens are attacking U.S.
cities, and U.N.
tanks and soldiers defeat the aliens.
And the mutants.
And the mutants.
But see, it's everywhere.
And they admit Karl Rove.
By the way, I'm in this toy store, and I'm doing a five-minute dissertation to the owners of it, because it was a mom-and-pop one.
I'm doing a five-minute dissertation...
Showing them the toys, they're agreeing.
The owner, the woman, is waking up.
Her employees are going, yes, yes, yes, we see that.
Good point.
And a young man, probably 13, walks over and says, Karl Rove, because I went into how Karl Rove has ordered the media to follow all orders and the feds are paying for scripts to be written with all these messages.
This is Associated Press.
A kid walks over, a nice, clean-cut kid, and goes, Karl Rove, I'm friends with his son.
I'm best friends with his son.
I said, oh, really?
Because Karl Rove lived here in Austin.
George Humphrey knows him.
And, you know, has played golf with him.
The guy's very smart.
And I go, oh, really?
Look at all these toys.
And I go, look.
And I held up different brands of toys.
The cops all have frowns.
I said, mean face.
I said, you find any other toy with a frown in here?
Any other doll?
He said, no, I see what you're saying.
I see.
He goes, yes, I know Karl Rove.
I know, I know.
I mean, it's just such a small world.
Anything else, William?
No, that's all to our advantage, I think.
What's to our advantage?
That they're putting the demon faces on all the police officers.
Kids will see it a little different than I think us old folks interpret that.
Why are they ordering that, though?
But see, it's good.
You watch the cartoon.
They're hateful, they're mean, they kick people.
But beating people is good.
Being hateful is now... See, torture's now good, see?
Oh, yeah.
But how are you saying the kids will see it different?
Well, if everyone else has got smiley faces and the only people that have crowns on are the government people.
But think back to when you were a kid.
How old are you?
I'm 46.
Okay, then you were too old to watch G.I.
Oh, no.
I saw those.
Well, G.I.
Joe, remember, admit it, you liked Cobra Forces a lot more than you liked G.I.
Joe Forces, didn't you?
I wasn't that much into it.
Well, I mean, I watched the show some, probably 50 times when I came home from school when I wasn't playing baseball or soccer or something.
But the point is, remember Cobra?
He wore a black ski mask, a black uniform.
He screamed Cobra.
He drove a black armored vehicle.
No, I haven't been too much into police or the military.
Okay, well, here in Austin, let me tell you, the SWAT team in Travis County wears a black uniform, wears a black ski mask,
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
So my point is the kids are imprinting psychologically on the bad guys, okay?
Yeah, well, I was 10 years old, and I was mugged while two Denver police officers had their arms folded and were talking about coffee and donuts by four other kids that were bigger than me, and they thought it was business as usual.
They didn't interfere at all or basically sat there and laughed about it.
Yep, that's it.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
And that's the point I'm trying to make here.
Is that, you see, watch a show like L.A.
Law or any of those shows.
Every show I tune into, they're torturing somebody to get answers, but it's good.
See, so the good guys are mean, and they make mean faces, they beat people, they wear black uniforms, but then they add, but that's good, see?
That's good now.
So my point is, there's this mass warping of the mind.
If we stand up to the mass warping,
And I'm telling you, you sell that message to the young people.
The biggest viewers I have, the biggest listeners I have in Austin, on TV and radio, are young people.
Go to one of my events, it's young people.
That doesn't happen with many other patriot leaders.
It's not just that I'm younger.
It's because I know the propaganda they're being fed.
I explain it to them.
They hear it.
It unlocks their minds, and they don't want to be manipulated.
We'll take more calls, cover more news.
We've got several guests coming up.
Again, there's been another bombing.
We'll cover that briefly when we get back in Baghdad.
Please stay with us, Infowars.com.
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We've got Carol Bouvier joining us to talk about deception dollars.
It's really just the story of an activist having a massive effect from just microscopic grassroots level of holding a sign up, protesting the war, and government prior knowledge of September 11th and involvement to reaching millions of people in just a few months.
And we'll also get into the topical news of the day because she studies all that and is very informative on those issues.
And then we've got the lady on who exposes corporate fraud, done it professionally for many years, to talk about electronic voting and how it's just broken all over the mainstream news that it is fraud-based and how the head Republican guy who runs Diebold, one of the top elections companies...
Promise Republicans in this memo that I'm going to deliver you the votes.
Don't worry.
I mean, we might as well just have confessions here of this stuff.
This stuff, again, it's just all off the charts.
Before I go to Doug and Barney and others that are patiently holding, bomb attack on Baghdad police station.
Two huge explosions were heard today in central Baghdad in what appeared to be a car bomb attack on a police station.
Al Jazeera reported that as many as 10 people were injured and many cars destroyed when the bombs went off in a park near the Al Razafah police station.
The explosion started a large fire and sent a cloud of black smoke into the sky of the police station.
Near the interior ministry, it was not seriously damaged.
Local resident Dia Karim said,
However, told Reuters and his agency, he saw no wounded policemen taken away.
Now, I could see a police station getting bombed being the government.
That is, being the old Iraqi government or Ba'athist or somebody who were for that.
But I could not see, over the weekend or last Friday, the Sheikh, the Ayatollah, who got killed.
I mean, this guy was in Iran for like 20 years.
In absentia and then came back to the country and then suddenly he gets blown up in a mosque in one of the holiest Shia sites and then they claim that other Shiites did it.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
That's ridiculous.
And Iran might be involved.
We may need to invade them.
It's like you're cutting your own nose off, folks.
This guy had a chance of taking over the country with that radical sect allied with Iran.
Why would Iran kill him?
I mean, it's just... But again, they know the average American out there has no idea about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, where Iraq's located, you know, any of that.
So they just believe it.
Oh, yeah, sure.
It's like last week they said, okay, we did put out false information about weapons of mass destruction.
The White House said Saddam planted it.
Oh, yeah, Saddam would plant false evidence of weapons of mass destruction so he would be taken over.
Oh, yeah, that's another jewel.
But people have no geopolitical understanding.
I mean, a grub worm has more intelligence.
Not intelligence.
People are smart.
They know all about baseball and football, all about how to look good, all about how to pick up women at bars, but not about politics.
World affairs.
It's like trying to talk to...
Somebody who's deaf, dumb, and blind, I guess, into the issues.
Before I end this hour, come back with your calls.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Folks, we've got Harold Mouvier, if I'm pronouncing that correctly, joining us in about five minutes.
Bunch of news.
Just stay with us.
Let's go to Doug and then Mike and Barney and others.
Doug, you're calling us, I guess, from West Virginia.
Go ahead, sir.
Yes, hi.
Oh, thank you.
I had an experience this weekend that you related a couple times.
I was going to see if a radio program was on.
You've been on a couple times.
But I guess the program was on.
There was another program at that time.
So I called up.
And they were talking about, oh, we have to remember who did 9-11.
And so I did.
And he tried to get exactly what I was going to say.
He tried to pre-screen me.
And I said, you know, well, it's just basically that.
You know, we have to remember.
So when I got on... Yeah, we've got to get bin Laden.
And then once you get on, you can tell the truth.
That's the freedom of speech, folks.
Well, when I did get on, you know, I started saying that, yes, we do have to remember.
He goes, well, who did it?
And I said, well...
It's quite obvious that Dixie Mafia plutocrats, the same people that murdered Kennedy, did this, and it was for the point of establishing this new world order, this global fascist state.
And the other people that were calling him before me, it was really amazing.
If they were actual callers, I would kind of doubt it because, okay, they said things like, well, you know, your vote should count as many dollars in tax that you pay.
That's how many votes you should have.
Oh, yeah, that's really smart.
Unbelievably crazy things like that.
But this guy, he spent so much time trying to make sure that I was going to tow his party line.
Why have a talk radio if you do that?
And it is important that we do remember who did these things.
They're the folks taking the rest of your rights to get better control of you so they can kill even more of you folks.
And they, you know, I mean, I hope.
I certainly wish us all well.
I hope we get through this, but we're probably going to lose a few more people.
And, you know, hopefully now, you know, we're certainly, this coming depression is probably going to make the first one look like a picnic.
Isn't that scary to have Ron Paul saying we're going to have a depression?
You know, he is one of the maybe shining patriots that we have.
Oh, yeah.
They are so rare in public life.
By the way, Ron Paul said we're going to have a depression by gold.
I was shocked.
Oh, yes.
I mean, really, if you don't have... You know, because these pieces of cotton with green ink on it, I mean, they're worth... Each one is worth, what, maybe two cents.
It costs two cents to make a $1 bill or a $100 bill.
So, you know... Well, they say with all the security features, it's four cents, but... Well, and real briefly, I mean, all the aspects of the 9-11 story have, you know, circumstantially been proven to be a total lie.
I've mentioned... I'll just mention this one thing before.
You know, I've called before.
I'm a pilot, and I knew things about
Air traffic control.
And the thing that just ended the story for me immediately was that these planes, you know, if you're on instrument control, you have a dialogue with ATC, and at first, if you stop talking to them, you're intercepted.
Not only did they stop talking, they turned off their transponder.
Four transponders turn off an hour before the first plane crashes in, no planes are scrambled, turns out the White House took control of NORAD hours before.
This has all come out.
And really, you know, the transponder, that is just a smoke and mirror.
That just aids
Air traffic controllers, when you're, you know, because, I mean, look, if someone's invading your country, you don't expect them to be broadcasting the signal.
NORAD sees everything that's going on.
So, I mean, the idea that, oh, well, they turned off their transponder, we couldn't see them is just at lunacy.
I mean, you know.
No, no, I mean, there's the radar blip tracked with a number, and then all of a sudden the transponder turns off.
You radio, hey, your transponder's off.
Are you okay?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, my dad's a pilot.
That's the first thing that happens.
Every plane, especially big ones in that corridor especially, most controlled airspace in the world, folks, right there in D.C., New York.
Planes, four planes, turn their transponders off.
Well, they've already got the plane numbered as a blip flying.
And the Payne-Stewart story, I made a little web page right after 9-11.
The Payne-Stewart story used to be all over the place, and I downloaded some stories from major news outlets.
A lot of those have disappeared off the web.
Oh, yeah, out of the memory hole there.
Well, Pat Stewart was intercepted in 15 minutes, had jets around him in 18, but let's not talk about that.
Turn in your guns.
It's conservative.
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Maybe you'd like to be lawsuit-proof.
Well, there is a way.
And it protects your stuff from greedy lawyers, grasping relatives, and the government, especially the IRS.
It's a unique instrument valid everywhere in the world where the right to contract is accepted, which has protected Americans for over 230 years and is specifically guaranteed by the U.S.
You don't have to go offshore to do it, either.
This is safe, secure, and domestic.
To get full details, and I do mean full details, get on the internet and go to either puretrust.com or puretrust.net.
That's puretrust, one word, puretrust.com or puretrust.net.
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The New World Order...
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, my friends.
We've got Beth Harris, who has been exposing corporate fraud for decades.
She's hired by Fortune 500 companies to do it.
She found out that almost all the electronic machine companies are owned by Republicans.
Senators, you name it, connected to the National Security Agency and the FBI and CIA.
The Dixie Mafia we were just talking about.
They have electronic transmitters inside of them, wireless internet connections.
They try to keep this information from being released to the public.
They try to say, oh, it's proprietary, it's private, you can't look inside the box.
The League of Women Voters is pushing, socialists that they are for the bankers, to not allow any record of how you vote nationwide.
They're trying to block a bill by Congressman Holt to make it to where there is a record of how you vote, a paper ballot that's generated by the electronic machine at least.
So that's coming up the next hour.
I know we've got Michael and Barney and Mike and others that are holding.
Your calls are coming up here real quick.
Because we've got a guest on who can talk about all the issues.
I've had a chance to talk to her last week, and I'm familiar with her work.
Very knowledgeable, an activist in the San Francisco area who reaches out to the conservatives, the liberals, the greens, the libertarians, the Christians, everybody, as Ron Paul said this weekend in his speech, that wants liberty and freedom and to fight the New World Order.
And she's a great example of how you can take one person who's active,
And reach millions of people.
This is what I've done in the last 10 years.
Now on all these AM and FM stations, shortwave internet, my films, the work I've done, just because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and got involved.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
On them, they have dozens of wonderful websites, including InfoWars.com.
And I just found out a few weeks ago that InfoWars.com was on this.
Carol Brouillet, a great honor to have you on the show.
Oh, thanks for having me, and thanks for all your wonderful work, Alex.
Well, I'm just glad you're out there.
Tell us about yourself, how you got involved, and have had such an incredible contribution to the fight against the corrupt world criminals that we're fighting.
Well, about ten years ago I saw the film JFK, and I was deeply disturbed by it, so I went to the library and started doing research on the CIA, and I was just horrified to find out about the drug running and the terrorism that the CIA was perpetuating in third world countries.
So I was outraged.
It was my government.
I felt it was my responsibility to do something about it, and I became active.
And for ten years I've been working for peace and justice issues.
And since I'm out in California, where the left is so strong, I have worked with the progressive movement a lot.
But at the same time, because I'm new, I've been open to all sorts of information.
And I think it was 1993, 1994, I found out about the banking system, the Federal Reserve, and I worked on changing the monetary system.
And changing our whole global economy, which is a war economy.
So I've been just very, very active promoting community currencies, local currencies, trying to break the big lies and the big myths about... And that's what disgusts me about the phony left is you've got all these well-meaning people led by corrupt corporate spin men and women that pose as progressive liberals or whatever
And you've got the left saying big government to counter the corporations when the corporations want that big government, want that centralized control to enslave us all.
A lot of the people now on the West Coast, the East Coast, the liberals here in Austin that I know...
Are saying, I'm not a liberal.
Don't call me that.
I'm a freedom lover.
And I see them breaking out of the shell and growing and learning about the Federal Reserve and learning about the UN and IMF and World Bank.
And that has got the establishment absolutely panicked.
One of the groups that I work with, Global Exchange, they are part of the 50 Years is Enough campaign against the World Bank and the IMF.
We mobilized against Seattle, against the World Trade Organization there.
I was in New York protesting the World Economic Forum in January 2002.
I also went to Brazil for the World Social Forum where there were
And so that's why the globalists are panicking, because their own big government movements now have woken up to the scam, and of course more and more conservatives are waking up as well.
Right, and I think too that...
9-11 was a desperate bid of the global elite to maintain power using their traditional methods of war and terrorism.
It was just before the big international mobilization that was supposed to happen.
I was planning on going to Washington DC to protest the IMF, the World Bank.
We were going to surround the White House.
And then when, after September 11th, they canceled the meetings, they canceled the protests.
And now they're walling off the White House.
They're going to make all of downtown D.C.
an armored compound.
Now worldwide governments say you can't protest because that aids the terrorists.
Oh, it figures.
Even the Deputy Attorney General, Mike Van Winkle, in California, of the so-called liberal Gray Davis, showing there's no difference.
He came right out and said in the Oakland Tribune a few months ago that protesting may be illegal in the future because protesting hurts the war and that aids terrorists.
So, again... It's so ridiculous.
And one thing, because I've been out in the streets demonstrating, I know my rights, and I think it's very important for everyone to get out in the streets to find out what's going on because there's this huge difference between what is reported in the mainstream press and what's going on at a grassroots level.
In October 2001, I started a weekly demonstration in downtown Palo Alto.
I've been doing it every week for almost two years now.
Yes, we're good to go.
But when you're out in the streets, you're always trying to hand people flyers and information to try to wake them up.
And they don't pay attention to it, but the deception dollar they do.
Well, the way to reach people is through art and through graphics.
And Blaine Mahan, who designed the deception dollar, he did that wonderful photo with Hitler and
I think that's the best historical parallel to the time that we're in.
I think what we're seeing right now is definitely the rise of the Fourth Reich.
I used that image and he did these beautiful satirical movie posters all around the September 11th theme and I got
Yeah, I think so.
So then we printed a million, and they've been so popular, so well received by people on the street, it's really had a huge difference in the field of consciousness.
That's why InfoWars.com is now carrying the fifth generation of the Deception Dollar in a couple weeks.
We've ordered a bunch of the sixth generation.
We're going to be offering those.
They're not out yet.
And I was honored to see InfoWars.com.
On the fifth generation, Deception Dollar.
One lady and one man, one artist.
With the idea, two million, thanks to all the folks that have distributed these and carried these and have bought these.
That's amazing.
It all comes from just, you know, with a card table on the sidewalk where people give you a dollar and they take your information or they buy a magazine.
I had Global Outlooks there.
And then I started getting War on Freedom and a few books.
People are still hungry for this information.
You can't get it in stores.
You can't find it online.
You can't get it in libraries.
And that's what has helped for our printing.
The other thing that we did, too, when I actually thought we could stop the war in Iraq.
I thought if we could expose 9-11, we could stop this Bush regime.
And I felt
I'm somewhat betrayed by the movement that I felt a part of, the anti-corporate globalization movement.
We marched on our senators in January 2002 to demand an investigation of 9-11.
I actually did get National Lawyers Guild, Global Exchange, Peace Action, a lot of human rights, peace organizations to demand the investigation.
Soon afterwards Bush and Cheney said let's limit the investigation to basically why the CIA failed and how we can justify our budget to increase the CIA and prevent future terrorist attacks.
But the parameters of the inquiry were so limited.
And they were, of course, the heads of the House and the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee were two people who were having breakfast with a money man behind September 11th on September 11th.
So it was obviously a complete cover-up.
Carol, we're going to have to break right here.
So just hold on a second.
I want to come back and take some calls and just talk about some of the topical news of the day and also get your take on that.
Cover a lot more with our guest, Carol Bruyere.
I'm Alex Jones.
The websites are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
And we'll tell you about her website when we get back as well.
Stay with us.
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Now, Harold Brouillet is very informed on issues, studies the New World Order and its different activities.
I want to throw some different news articles out at her and also get to your calls.
I want to talk about the depleted uranium, which we've been talking about all along, which is now on the mainstream news but not a big enough story.
I want to talk about all these ongoing bombings.
I want to get into the whole police state and some of the news that's just now coming out today.
And we're also about to go to Michael in Texas and Barney in Maryland and others that have been holding for quite a while.
If you'd like to join us on air on basically any issue, because it's all affected by the Globalist Crime Syndicate, 1-800-259-9231.
Carol, you've got several different great websites.
One is deceptiondollar.com.
One is communitycurrency.org.
What are some of the sites you'd like folks to visit?
Well, I think the top three on 9-11 is Mike Rupert's site and Michelle Chasidowski's site, globalresearch.canada and COPVCIA.
Also, the Center for Cooperative Research has Paul Thompson's amazing timeline.
But it's a struggle.
I mean, there's so many excellent websites.
That's why we have...
Live links on our DeceptionDollar.com website, so people could just go all over the place and explore.
Yeah, I mean, they can have a college master's degree just on September 11th, and all the evidence.
Bush and the crime family really did a sloppy job, didn't they?
Oh, it's extraordinary.
This is wonderful, though, in some ways, because it's the Achilles heel, and we can really expose this and bring them down.
And they were so sloppy.
I must say, too, that I'm hoping to organize a big conference with films and bringing all the researchers together to put together all the pieces of the puzzle in the future.
In fact, hopefully the proceeds from the Deception Dollar Run will help to sponsor a big conference.
Well, by the way, in San Francisco, you have aired the amazing work of the Guerrilla News Network.
I know they featured some of my information in their...
And that showing, that was just when the war broke out and Deception Dollars were in high demand and we managed to raise like $10,000 in less than a month.
So we rented this beautiful, gorgeous theater right in the Civic Center, right in the heart of San Francisco.
And in less than three weeks, we showed...
Aftermath, we had Mike Rupert, Peter Dale Scott, Reva Enteen, and Barry Swicker, who did The Great Deception, which was the first televised challenge to the official narrative.
We came out to moderate.
Yeah, we've had him on the show from Canada.
He's a mega media critic.
We filled theater.
We had to turn 300 people away.
We had a standing ovation.
And we had huge movie posters just plastered all over San Francisco, and the mainstream press tried to completely ignore it.
Well, it's like yesterday or a few days ago.
We had Ron Paul, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, all together saying the government carried out these attacks, talking about the war, talking about how depression's coming, all the different speakers on different issues, and the media totally ignored it.
Let's take a quick call.
These folks have been holding a while.
Mike in Texas, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Alex, I love your show and your website.
I got two points.
I think you need to put the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto on your website so people know what it is.
A lot of people are unaware.
And we do have that.
We have the comparison between the Communist Manifesto and between the Bill of Rights and compare what system we're really living under in America today.
Because one of the planks going on right now is the deindustrialization of America, and I've talked to people about it.
I've been convincing a lot of people.
I'm up in District No. 2.
I found out about the New World Order about 10 years ago.
I was 15.
I've had... Now, I haven't had any luck with some independent Baptist ministers because they're real arrogant.
Yeah, they think... They don't believe in the New World Order and... Well, yeah.
No, they're part of the establishment.
They think open borders, gun control, big government is good.
They think signing on... Look, the big Baptist church here in Austin has anti-gun UN Day, bud.
I mean, to give you an idea of how this has paid off, let's get a comment from Carol.
Carol, the faith-based initiative, how important is that to taking over the churches?
Well, I just finished reading American Secret Establishment by Anthony Sutton.
Amazing book.
Which is, yeah, looking at Skull and Bones and how the global elite finance the communists and the fascists and the Nazis and everybody.
They like to control both sides, which you articulate so well.
And the publisher of that, he's coming out with a new book too this fall called Fleshing Out Skull and Bones which looks at, you know, we have the American chapter doing all this horrible stuff but
It's part of a global problem, the global elite.
German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt said in his own book, Man in Powers, that there is a German arm of skull and bones, but it's actually the original arm, and that controls Bush and others today.
Yeah, that's the problem.
I mean, I could see... That's one reason our whole theme for this upcoming rally on Saturday and next...
Thursday on September 11th in San Francisco, our theme is Impeach the Terrorists.
Stay right there.
We've got a break, Carol.
We'll come back and let you finish up and take more calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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4438, that's toll free, 888-803-4438.
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A lot of people wonder why things just get worse and worse, no matter who's in office, whether it's Bill Clinton or George W. Bush.
That's because they're front men, they're puppets for this evilarchy, this group of corrupt plutocrats that serve large central banks, that print the money, that finance and control the governments out of zeros and ones they create in computers.
Then when the third world can't pay back debts that were never designed to be paid back, they tell them, fine, sterilize half your women forcibly, and you can have debt forgiveness.
And they call that a friendly thing to do.
This is the New World Order.
This affects you.
The New World Order is setting up trade systems that destroy your jobs, and then you read their own documents.
It's by design.
Greg Palast has brought that out.
Michael Chasadosky has brought that out.
We brought that out here on this show.
This stuff is all public, but they know that the mainstream media is never going to talk about it because they own it.
So it comes down to people like Alex Jones, Harold Bruyere, John Doe out there, Suzy Q listening out there right now to educate yourself on this and to become a leader.
We're about to go to more of your calls here in just a second.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
And going back to Carol.
Carol, you were trying to make a point before we hit that last break.
We're having a rally and a march on Saturday in San Francisco from the Panhandle to the fifth annual 9-11 Power to the Peaceful concert, which is the free concert with Michael Frantz and Spearhead.
And we're meeting at the Panhandle going up Baker down Haight Street.
And the theme of our rally is Impeach the Terrorists.
And I think it behooves us as Americans to rein in our own government and show some responsibility because if we don't take care of this terrible regime in Washington, D.C., we might get help from the Russians and the Chinese and the French and who knows who, but I think it behooves us to try to do it in a peaceful manner and that means...
Public education and just massive organizing and a lot of pressure on public officials.
You just said it, Gerald.
Before the last break, you talked about Anthony Sutton and the secret establishment.
So, I mean, globally, this New World Order is about using different factions of its system to take over and then tell the people that the other faction is the good guy.
I mean, certainly you know that it's all one system.
Right, right, right.
But I think that strategically, for us as Americans, we really have to...
Exercise our responsibility and try to reign in our government.
I think that they're... Instead of going to World War III or more troops getting killed in Iraq.
The global elite realizes that the greatest threat to them is an informed American public.
I agree.
That's why they spend so much on propaganda.
And we are, you know, we could change the situation.
And also for the rest of the world, the best thing that we could do is basically take America's boot off the throat of the rest of the world.
And they won't hate us so much.
They won't, you know, we won't be... Well, that's it, though.
They say America...
We're good to go.
And so they use that propaganda of, well, you know, well, don't say America's bad.
It isn't America.
America's just a unit of this larger system.
Right, right.
But right now, it just doesn't happen to be the muscle military arm.
Just like the Soviets and Hitler were before.
You said it before the break.
Well, listen, let me ask you a question.
How many people in the traditional left wing now understand things are more serious than they thought, understand their Democrat Party is controlled by the same criminals, and understand that we're about to go into total martial law if they don't get their heads out of the sand?
There is a crazy sort of diversity amongst the left.
I think a lot of them are still in denial.
That's one of the good things about showing the film.
We're reaching more and more people, average people as well as the left, but the...
The gatekeepers, we have, I don't know if you've seen the questions, questions.net, which looks at the left gatekeepers.
The established left, the big left, they're still, you know, fighting tooth and nail.
They don't want to look at the truth.
They never looked at Oklahoma City, the first World Trade Center bombing, and I think it's a deliberate way to keep right and left apart, to keep right and left fighting.
Well, they're busy defending George Bush.
I mean, you watch the so-called liberal media.
It's a George Bush worship fest.
Well, that's not the progressive movement out here.
Everybody can't stand him.
Here in California...
George Bush is not at all popular.
The art in the streets.
The main message from the grassroots is restore democracy, impeach George Bush.
Yeah, but you've got to know, though, so-called democracy, they can say take everybody's land and 51% says so, or we're going to put all the Arabs in the camps, the majority of people want it.
That's the danger of all that D-word.
Yeah, but in California there's also a lot of...
Thank you very much.
Well, let me just break that down.
Let me break that down.
We're doing nothing to stop the border, nothing to check illegals.
They're taking all the fake cards.
What they do do is they go, oh, look, we're taking these immigrants' rights so that the average right-wing person thinks, oh, good, it's just for them.
And that's where I agree with you is that that's that Nazi-style propaganda of, oh, it's just for the guys with the turbans.
It's not for us.
Right, right.
And we have to be completely in solidarity with all the people who are...
Especially during the 9-11 research, you realize that all those alleged hijackers, those all were U.S.
intelligence operatives.
It's absurd to believe in this huge lie, this giant myth that there's just these radical Islamic fanatics who hate America because we have...
You know, blah, blah, blah.
Yeah, Carol, go over that.
You've been studying 9-1-1.
You know, five top points, smoking guns of September 11th, then we'll go to some calls.
Well, the military stand-down is the biggest one.
And then the explosives in the World Trade Center building, especially building number seven.
The money man behind September 11th meeting with top U.S.
government officials, that's another giant smoking gun.
The fact that Al-Qaeda is basically a CIA asset.
Yeah, their houses, their credit cards, their cars, all paid for by the U.S.
government, all protected.
Then there's the insider trading, and they're not revealing any of the names of the people who made all the money before September 11th.
I would say those are the major ones.
Also, looking at the Pentagon, the photographic evidence probably was not a plane that hit the Pentagon.
We still don't know exactly what happened.
We just know that they're lying about it.
There was a massive cover-up.
It couldn't have happened without military assistance.
Yes, we're good to go.
They had so much time before the Pentagon was attacked.
Yeah, it's just obvious at that point.
And then Bush gets caught lying saying that he found out during the little goat story, but it turns out he knew before he left the hotel.
Oh, yeah.
And there's photos of him watching the TV before he went out to give the speech.
A totally staged photo op.
Right, and I think that one blessing for us is that
There was a screw-up on September 11.
I don't know what the actual plan was, but I think perhaps the delay of 40 minutes from the plane taking off from Washington, D.C.
sort of messed up their timetable and makes all the lies completely unbelievable.
And that is our saving grace.
There might be some sort of schism, some people with integrity within the CIA.
Yeah, she's making a great point.
Or maybe it was just too complex for them to get away with it.
I was about to say, for folks out there, you've got to turn your thinking process off to understand this.
Shifting gears, and I will go to these calls in just a second, Barney and others.
Shifting gears for just a second, Carol.
They claim that Iran was probably behind it, that other Muslims were behind killing this Ayatollah who'd been in Iran for 20 years.
That would be like Hitler in 1933 coming out and saying, don't vote for Hitler.
Or that's like cutting your own nose off.
But they know people don't know the details or even where Iraq is.
On a map, they tell us it was probably Iran or Muslims that killed this Ayatollah.
Muslims don't blow up their own mosh, number one.
Number two, Iran doesn't kill their own man.
You look at what happened in Afghanistan in the 70s when Zbigniew Brzezinski said, okay, let's arm the Mujahideen.
I think basically they created a Muslim terrorist threat to replace the communist threat because they're getting closer and closer to the so-called communists.
I've got a report here.
They're funding training and assisting all the terrorists.
Anti-terror funding in the U.S.
is now bigger than it was in the Cold War for that budget, and the British budget is bigger than all of their Cold War funding.
I mean, and now all the big colleges are offering homeland security courses on domestic terrorism.
It feeds into the biometrics, the cameras.
This is the military-industrial complex's smokescreen to totally enslave us, isn't it?
Right, right.
I agree with you wholeheartedly.
Okay, let me throw another one out at you.
It's not a war on terrorism.
It's a war of terrorism.
And the main target is the American people and the rest of the world.
Let me throw another one out.
Dr. Rook, who they hired in 1991 to go disprove the EU as being dangerous, resigned and said, the big army scientists, this is killing our troops.
It's dangerous.
Now they've got lesions, lung problems.
They've tested the blood of Australians and British troops.
Now, this is from the Drudge Report and the London Guardian and a bunch of other articles.
1,100 to 2,200.
Some articles 1,000 to 1,900 times.
Higher than normal were recorded at four sites around the Iraqi capital.
Now, people say they support the troops, Carol.
How do you support the troops and then let them breathe, depleted uranium, and say it's not bad?
There's a campaign here, support the troops, bring them home, and I would say that is probably the best thing.
But how are we not patriotic for saying the troops shouldn't breathe 1,900 times the safe radiation level?
It's horrific.
I actually edited a book on the health effects of low-level radiation and nuclear issues called The Invisible Nuclear War years ago.
But this isn't even low-level!
Yeah, but what radiation does too is it basically accelerates the aging process and people get disease a lot sooner.
It damages the DNA in the cell and causes it not to divide properly, hence cancer.
Right, right.
And then you also have the horrific birth defects.
So you want to keep pregnant women as far as possible.
Which, by the way, Albright admitted that 500,000 Iraqi kids were killed, and that was back in 1997, in the last nine years of it.
Now it's 12, 13.
And she said 500,000 dead kids is worth it.
I mean, no wonder the Muslims hate us.
Oh, and that woman, I mean, she set feminism back about a million years.
I think she should... She's horrific.
That mentality.
I think what we see right now is a struggle between the biophiliacs and the necrophiliacs.
The biophiliacs love life.
They respect life.
The necrophiliacs, if they can't own it or control it, they're willing to kill it.
Man, that's a great nutshell.
And it's...
The global elites, they're the transnational capitalists who make these deals.
Look, in the wake of September 11th, Kissinger was hired by a Chinese oil company to be advisor.
He resigned from the independent commission because he didn't want to betray who he's working for, his financial interests.
But these guys, you know, they don't care who's at war with who as long as they, you know... Okay, let's take a call.
Excellent point.
They're total sociopaths.
Well, look, Professor Krell Quigley said it in Tragedy and Hope.
Bill Clinton's mentor.
He said, I love world government.
He loves it.
And he said, we work with the fascists, we work with the communists, we work with whoever.
We're command and controllers.
And let's talk to Barney in Maryland.
Barney, thanks for holding.
Welcome, sir.
Yeah, how are you people doing?
All right, I hope... Good, my friend, yes.
You've been emphasizing the fact that the One Worlders create different factions and have them fighting each other.
That seems to be the basic tactic.
Divide and conquer.
And as far as this crisis goes, I'd like to see it come about.
I think we've got plenty of people, and this gradualism is getting to be too much.
If we don't get something going soon, all our material things and everything will be gone.
Well, that's the plan of NAFTA and GATT is to get rid of the middle class, bring us to our knees, force us onto welfare in a private, corporatized system.
Socialism leads to corporatism, not to communism.
That was their secret scam.
And I think the left is starting to realize that.
Socialism leads to corporatism, the way they've got it set up.
But time frame, that's a great question.
What do you see on this time frame?
What do you see happening in the next five years, Carol?
I think it depends on us.
There's a chart that I passed out at my tables.
I think it's the most important one.
My mentor was a man named Bill Moyer, without an S, who wrote a book called Doing Democracy, the Eight Stages of Social Movements.
He can map out the existing paradigm and how all social movements have to go through these different phases in order to effect change.
He looks at the longer picture, the longer view, and how
The evolution of civilizations and where we are at right now is like this amazing crash where the existing institutions are losing all their credibility.
Because they become so parasitic.
Right, and what we're trying to nurture is sort of like an emerging paradigm of a society which is peaceful, that respects life, that is cooperative, and hopefully, to me personally,
What I want to do is I want to redirect all the human and intellectual resources from war and means of controlling and killing vast numbers of people on the planet to nurturing life and having healthy relationships between people and planet.
So I think we're at this extremely critical time.
And it could go any way.
And what we do individually and collectively is going to determine whether we're going to be one of the extinct species or whether we're going to even make it.
Well, the globalists would rather destroy everything than lose their control.
Barney, thanks for the call, sir.
Really good points.
Do you have something else you wanted to add?
He's gone.
Well, Carol Brouillet, I want to thank you for coming on the show.
The website's deceptiondollar.com, communitycurrency.org.
We've got links to that on infowars.com, and infowars.com is now carrying the Deception Dollars, and we're going to have the sixth series in soon, the latest.
And, Carol, thank you so much for your great work.
Oh, thank you for yours, Alex, and Violet, too.
You bet.
Oh, she's wonderful.
And if it wasn't for people like you, Carol, we'd be in a lot worse shape right now.
So you keep up the great energy and your passion for life, and God bless you.
All right, folks, we want to thank Carol Brouillet for coming on.
I'll come back and hit some other news articles.
Then we've got Beth Harris, another great lady coming on, exposing how we're losing our right to vote.
Very important.
You'll want to stay with us.
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The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grants, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then
Folks, we're preparing a lot of new, powerfully informative...
Items at InfoWars.com.
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Deception dollars, folks.
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We've all seen the joke bills, stuff making fun of Clinton and the rest of it that were important to and exposing him.
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I think we're good to go.
Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, all my films are excellent.
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Or in the words of Mark Twain, in the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, hated and feared, but in time when his cause succeeds...
Tim, join him, or then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
Join us in history, folks, in this fight against evil.
Let's talk to Bob in New York and Kevin in Michigan and others.
Go ahead.
Bob, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you today?
Good to talk to you.
I need some advice.
I need help.
I have a sister who has a master's degree, works for a big global corporation.
Kind of sees everything that's kind of going on, but refuses to do any studying.
Just recently, she had a carpal tunnel injury because she's banging away on that computer a million miles a minute.
That led to a rare illness after she had her surgery on it called RSD, which actually can kill you.
And her issue that's coming up is she's saying it's almost like a police state because now her company has to have access to
You know, obviously, through all this pain issues, she got very depressed and went to a psychologist or psychiatrist, you know, to deal with these issues.
Yeah, they tell you, go to that, then they use that to not give you treatment.
Look, they would tell troops after the Gulf War, you want treatment?
Sign this to go to a shrink, then we'll give you treatment.
Another shrink would say, you're crazy, as the guy literally was melting in the chair, and then he'd leave, they'd bury him a month later, and they'd say he was mentally ill.
How do you get across to a person that sees the fraud, but yet...
So her issue is the fact that... I hate to call your sister this, but she's very intelligent, but they trained her like a dog, so as they beat her to death, she will whimper and cry and beg and thinking she's done something wrong.
So it's the imperial conditioning.
Oh, boy.
You know, she is an extremely intelligent person.
She's climbed the corporate ladder.
They take that intelligence and say, you're intelligent, you're a member of the elite because you believe this way.
Now her identity is tied to that corporation.
They could fire her.
They could drag her behind a truck.
She would worship them.
We taking a break?
Sure, you got more questions?
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, I'll let you finish up, Bob, and we'll go to Kevin and others.
We've got Bev Harris with the touchscreen fraud.
Big news.
This is all over the news, and she's been talking about it for years.
She's a lady that investigates corporate corruption.
Boy, did she find it with the touchscreen elections.
You're losing your right to vote.
Third hour straight ahead.
You've got to stay with us.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Coming up in about eight minutes, we've got Bev Harris from blackboxvoting.com.
She is a lady who's been hired by the Fortune 500 to catch other companies or people involved in white-collar fraud and corruption.
For years, she's been exposing the touchscreen electronic system.
It's totally fraud-based with wireless internet hooked into it that no one was told about.
It's designed for fraud.
The major companies, top computer experts and companies have looked at the new voting machines.
They're designed for fraud.
And we had her on a few months ago.
Now it's come out all over the news.
I mean, all the big papers.
Okay, yeah, they're designed for fraud, but they didn't mean it.
We're going to go ahead and use it anyways.
And the League of Women Voters is saying you shouldn't be able to
Check in to what the voting machine companies are doing, and they're lobbying that there not be any paper ballot attached to the touchscreen system.
So it shows what Judascoats they are.
That's coming up.
Also, GOP outsources fundraising to India.
Public urge to avoid biometric trial in England as they fight back against that.
Ashcroft to defend some abortion protests.
Again, to defend the ban on abortion protests.
Following every Clinton policy, but now it's conservative.
See, now they're anti-gun, but that's good.
If I'm pro-gun, I'm bad.
That's a communist policy.
Patriot Act.
Feds use fear to grab power.
Great editorial I'm going to get to as well.
I know we've got Kevin and Bob and many others that are holding.
Just a bunch of news.
There's been some new developments on this touchscreen voting.
Real quick, Bob, finish up your question you had in the last hour.
Well, the last few years, Alex, what I've noticed on the nightly news, CBS, ABC, and NBC, is they continue to keep bringing up this issue of identity theft.
I think it's a conditioning thing.
They've said that now we all need biometrics to make sure it's really ours.
They've said that we have to thumb scan, we have to face scan.
It seems like every month they have some kind of article on the nightly news about, oh, identity theft is growing, it's growing, it's terrible.
We've got to do something.
So just to make people aware, you know, get it out that this is just a conditioning, you know, methodology.
That's it.
Appreciate the call.
Really great point.
Kevin in Michigan.
Go ahead, Kevin.
We'll go to Kevin in Michigan.
Go ahead, Kevin.
How you doing, Alex?
Yes, go ahead.
First, I want to say you're doing a great job, and I appreciate what you do for everybody.
Well, thank you.
A couple of years ago after 9-11, that's really what woke me up about everything, you know.
And this guy, I know he was telling me they were going to put troops at the Mackinac Bridge.
So yesterday I'm coming home from the UP, and I get there and there's MPs standing there.
Now, again, they've said troops are going to be in all the factories, your jobs, you'll all have to give urine tests to work anywhere, checkpoints, hardened checkpoints.
This was all planned and prepared by the military during Clinton administration, and it all continued and expanded under Bush.
And then they claim it's for after the terror.
Oh, we just came up with this.
Oh, yeah.
You saw MPs right there in Michigan.
They don't have any weapons, but their jackets had MPs, and they were standing there.
Yes, I did.
Just acclimating you.
The Army War College in 99 said to, quote, deal with American terrorists.
It's for gun confiscation.
We've had the officers on.
We've got the questionnaires.
They've been training the troops to take your guns, and they first got to get you used to seeing them.
In my film, The Road to Tyranny, I have a Marine Corps officer who in 1989 was kicking down gun dealers' homes, doors, and taking them to jail with the BATF in the 1980s.
That's amazing.
I try to tell people what's going on and they'll look at you and say, oh, you need to be in a psycho ward or you're crazy.
But even if they see the troops, now they'll say, yeah, troops is good.
It's good in Guatemala.
Yeah, definitely.
I mean, it's just
So what were the Tribs doing?
Just standing there?
They were just standing there.
And so they announced on the news there were going to be Tribs there?
Uh, I didn't hear it on the news.
I just happened to see it.
I thought you said you read about them.
Oh, no.
I was crossing the bridge.
I stopped before I crossed and they were standing there.
What did you say to them?
They were not next to me.
They were just standing around.
They didn't come up to the window or anything.
All for your safety.
Getting rid of posse commentatus.
Turn your guns in.
It's conservative.
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We sample cats on shortwave during the day at 12.172 and 9320, and at night from 9 to midnight at 5.085 and 6890.
We chronicle the criminal activities of the global elite and their crime syndicates, their allied crime syndicates as well.
And coming up before the show ends today, regulating vitamins.
This is from the Washington Times.
There's a new bill.
They tried it in 93.
Clinton tried it.
It will ban over-the-counter sales of all vitamins, folks.
It will make the FDA control it.
Big Pharma wants this.
You have to buy vitamin C from them.
This is the same folks that tell you radiating meat for schoolchildren is good.
We'll tell you about the bill.
It's S-722.
It has a good chance of passing.
Just a lot more, some other serious issues coming up.
This is the same government that says 1,900 times the so-called safe level of DU for our troops to breathe is good, but they want you to not be able to buy that vitamin C. And by the way, Europe's already done this, by the way.
So whatever happens there then happens here.
And everything that's happening destroys liberty and freedom, destroys our constitutional republic.
This is out of the plain dealer.
Cleveland's big newspaper, voting machine controversy, Columbus.
The head of a company vying to sell voting machines in Ohio told Republicans in a fundraising letter that he is committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.
The August 14th letter from Walden O'Dell, chief executive of Diebold Incorporated, who has become active in re-election effort for President Bush, prompted Democrats this week to question the proprietary documents
And of allowing Odell Company to calculate votes in the 2004 presidential election.
Odell, it goes on, attended a strategy powwow with wealthy Bush benefactors known as the Rangers and Pioneers.
And it goes on and on.
Now, we had Bev on a few months ago.
She said she was breaking the major news because she's a lady who's been hired by Fortune 500 companies to expose corporate corruption in their own systems.
They found Diebold and other big companies.
They looked at the source code of Diebold and others.
This has been in everything.
Denver Post, Associated Press, Reuters, all over that these things are designed for fraud.
You've got electronic access, wireless Internet hooked into them, weird tabulation systems.
I mean, it's designed with fraud in mind with no paper trail.
We're good to go.
I think?
Give us a nutshell of what we're facing and what this new article means with this Odell.
There's so much.
Well, we have a lot to break.
It's interesting, isn't it, how we break something and three or four months later the news actually catches up to it.
That tells you a lot about what's happening with the media in our country.
But I will take my hat off to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
They are unafraid and they are out there covering this and so is the Akron Beacon Journal.
There are two of very few media outlets that are actually going out and doing real investigative work.
This should be top story.
Top story.
They should all be ripped out everywhere.
You bet.
And AP Wire, by the way, is picking up this stuff.
But what is really a problem is, now usually when the AP Wire service picks it up, it gets into 50 to 200 newspapers.
But the main newspapers are...
Blacking out the AP wire stories on this stuff.
So we've got some press that are doing their job.
Or they take it and say, there's been a few problems, don't worry, the feds are going to fix it.
Oh, no, no, this is really interesting.
But, yeah, we've got stuff to break, and I guess what we'll do is we'll break it here, and then people can watch for it in the news in the next few months as they have been.
All right, honored to have you.
Go ahead.
Yeah, one of the things that I was...
I found absolutely stunning was, of course, well, we've known that the Diebold executives have been a major...
Major political folks behind the Bush administration.
It's not just Wally O'Dell.
It's also W.H.
Timken, who is another director from Diebold.
Now, understand that Bush has only about 100 pioneers.
The Bush pioneers are the group that kind of meets behind the scenes and are the powerhouse political strategists and fundraisers for George W. Bush.
Two of the 100 Bush pioneers run Diebold.
I mean, think about that.
That's really unusual, isn't it?
So W.H.
Timkin is a Bush pioneer, and Wally O'Dell is, and not only did he promise to deliver the votes, which is amazing.
He did so in writing.
He promised to deliver the votes to Bush, even though he runs the voting machine company.
He visited President Bush at the Crawford Ranch in August.
In early August, he was down there with a group of other Bush pioneers strategizing on how to win the election.
Now, how inappropriate is this?
Now, by the way, for those that don't know, last time you were on a few months ago, and now it's broken, I mean, Baltimore Sun, you name it, Austin American-Statesman, everything you said here on the show, that it's got wireless connections to the boxes I didn't tell anybody about, there's these three different levels of codes, hundreds of top programmers looked at it and agreed with your programmers.
Well, exactly, and here's what's happened.
They've gone after, what they did was they went after a few of the organizations, but they went at them from the top down, and they do not represent, by the way, what their own constituency says, because we've been in contact with many of the League of Women Voters local chapters, and they're furious about this.
They're saying, no, we want a paper ballot.
We are not throwing away the evidence.
And what's happened is I believe what we need to do now is start looking at the contributions.
Yes, we are.
I think so.
We're not the people of color.
They were not the NAACP.
They were not the black churches.
They were the League of Women Voters who happens to be a member and a couple of labor unions who happens to be a member.
Okay, for folks that are missing what you're saying, that is.
The three voting machine companies, all CIA, government, senator connections, I mean, just unbelievable.
With all the code source and all this corruption going on, that these are designed for this, they claim, oh yeah, well, the minorities want it, so you're racist and you're against it, which is just their classic tactic.
But I would also add to this that only in a few cases have we seen attempts at censorship of this show and others.
And when they were putting in electronic touchscreens last year and we confronted them and exposed it, we had actual threats, phone calls, attempts at censorship on this issue by, quote, members of the media here in Austin that are steering this and that were steering this into place.
So this is very important to them because they know this means total control and domination.
No more voting, folks!
And I will tell you this.
I have had six investigative reporters for huge news outlets who have called me and privately told me that they have been lobbying to cover this story, and they have been told by their management that they are not to cover it.
And these are major organizations.
Folks, do you hear what we're saying?
Major papers have had to admit, they just calmly go, yeah, these things are built for fraud, totally designed, owned by the government, and weird shadowy groups, and your vote doesn't count?
Ha, ha, ha.
And now on top of it, six major investigative journalists call you and say, I'm not allowed to report on this.
And it's so funny because they'll say, please keep sending me this stuff, and I wish I could break this, because there's something to break.
I could get a Pulitzer out of this.
And they're like, but I'm not...
Every time I put my proposal forward, it's not getting taken up on.
And you would be stunned.
I mean, some of these are international publications.
And they're just, it's just amazing.
Some of them are major, you know, people ask about the major TV investigative magazine shows.
I can tell you they've been in touch with me.
I can also tell you that it's been killed.
The story's been killed.
And it's not the producers that are killing it.
It's getting killed at management level.
Right here in Austin, Bev Harris, Dana DuBois is the county clerk.
She got caught in 98 with the paper ballots, double counting ballot boxes, breaking safety seals, falsifying signatures.
That was in the paper, but the state board said it was, quote, an accident.
In the middle of the night at 2 a.m., her good friend that was losing suddenly was winning.
This all comes out, and now she's the one pushing the touchscreens.
I mean, it's just, I don't know what to say about it anymore.
Of course.
But I've got a much bigger way to go with this, if and when you're ready.
Do it right now.
Okay, well, we were able to get into a private teleconference.
So he sat there and transcribed this meeting.
And this meeting, which was between... Understand, there was an insider meeting.
What they were discussing, among other things, was can Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, defense contractors, you know, can they help us with our PR problem now, like they helped get the HAVA bill through?
The HAVA bill is the bill that requires that we buy all these new touchscreen machines.
I've got to stop you.
Think about what they just said.
This is insiders...
Saying and admitting that the defense industry was behind getting this bill through.
I've got to stop you, Bev Harris.
This is massive.
Folks, this is so huge.
I'll tell you why when we get back.
If you haven't figured it out yet, do you know who's putting up the red light cameras?
Lockheed Martin.
Who puts on the ads about thumb scanning for biometrics?
Lockheed Martin.
They're in a meeting.
The biometrics.
The RFIDs.
Remember the meeting with Ridge?
We'll be right back.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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The federal courts and even the U.S.
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In fact, the Supreme Court ruled over 106 years ago that such attacks imposed by the federal government on the citizens of the states would be unconstitutional and illegal.
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You've been carefully trained by government propaganda for decades.
But especially today with a tough economy, why would you let the government continue to illegally grab money from you when there's a simple, proven, and legal way to keep it all yourself?
To get the details...
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Investigator Ben Harris.
Just dropped a major bombshell on us.
The news you reported here a few months ago is now a top story in a lot of big newspapers, but they never made it onto the nightly television news where most people get their propaganda.
We talked to the head of Caspian, the group that exposes the whole cashless society and what's happening with the tracking there, about the secret meetings with the Biometric Consortium, the RFID Consortium,
With Governor Ridge of, quote, making us take it in the name of fighting terrorism, we know that Lockheed Martin and others are involved in funding domestic propaganda operations.
Folks, this is military coup.
This is Russia.
This is China.
This is so big.
You're telling me the military-industrial complex that in this discussion group, this closed...
Secret Conference!
That you guys got into, Bev Harris, that they were discussing using the military-industrial complex to smash opposition to this.
Please tell us.
Please give us the details.
What happened is they set up... Okay, well, as we all know, we've been getting a lot of press for the problems.
And part of that comes from, well, all of it comes from, the fact that we were able to find the cache of Diebold files, the Diebold voting machine files, 40,000 files they left on a website.
We were able to analyze those and find how incredibly flawed they were and that indeed they do appear to be set up just specifically to allow backdoor entrance into manipulating the vote.
Well, that's made the papers and of course now the industry has kind of a black eye and they're trying to think of any way they can to get out of offering a paper trail.
A paper trail, voter verified ballots, that just means you look at the ballot and it's kept in a ballot box like we've been doing since the beginning of time.
And it's evidence.
Okay, they want to get rid of the evidence.
So the industry had a meeting to figure out what to do about this PR fiasco.
In the meeting, it was set up, by the way, very inappropriately by the election center, which is supposed to represent the voters and the people, set up a meeting with a lobbyist and the vendors to deal with this PR problem.
The lobbyist that was running the meeting was the ITAA.
It's a series of initials that stands for a bunch of things.
Suffice it to say, it's very tightly connected to another bunch of initials, SAIC, which is a big Pentagon contractor.
Now, this is just so bizarre.
Let me draw this loop for you, and I'm sorry to have to come up with things with initials, but the military likes to do things with initials.
You have Diebold.
Diebold's software is exposed to be flawed.
They then get the state of Maryland and the state of Ohio to request a supposed independent investigation of Diebold security.
They commission a group called SAIC to do the supposedly independent evaluation of Diebold voting machine security.
The SAIC is mainly a Pentagon contractor.
It's sort of like a mercenary version of the CIA in much of what it does.
It's like a corrupt five-time convicted felon who is the informant who they then call in to testify against you in court, and you can't bring up the fact that it's a convicted felon with charges against him, and if they don't testify, they're going to jail.
So it's some government-owned and run quasi-public private group.
Oh, it's a private group that does CIA-like stuff.
It does surveillance and it does all kinds of things like that.
Oh, what a nice group to tell us Diebold is good.
Yeah, it's basically a mercenary CIA that does other things too.
But their job is to come up with the report on Diebold.
Except their senior vice president is the director for the ITAA, which is in there saying they're going to lobby to whitewash this whole thing.
Understand what I'm saying.
The supposedly independent Pentagon contractor who's supposed to do an independent evaluation of Diebold security, they're tied to the lobbying group that is promising to whitewash this thing.
Now, how inappropriate is that?
So did you record?
I mean, why just do a transcript?
I will tell you there is evidence, okay?
And there's also three witnesses that will testify, because it wasn't just us that was in this meeting.
And obviously with some of the state laws, some states you can't record something in a phone conversation.
It is legal in some states.
Let's just say we've got transcripts of three witnesses, and yeah, there's some tapes, but oh, maybe not.
Well, it depends on the state, and so we'll have to go through that.
How long did this whole thing go on with the government and the vendor and the lobbyist and, oh, we'll just get the Defense Department?
It's crazy.
I mean, you have the same group that's doing the independent investigation tied to the group that's supposed to do the whitewash.
And get this.
Now, this was on Friday, August 22nd.
What a shakedown.
They tell the vendors they've got seven days to come up with $200,000.
And if they don't participate, they may not be protected.
So it's also a shakedown.
You're catching racketeering on tape.
We'll be back.
Oh, my goodness.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's here, and Ted Anderson from Midas Resources wants to be sure you call right now and get yours today.
It's the 22nd edition blue book of gun values.
I love going to all the big gun shows, and now I can... And tell them Alex Jones sent you.
That's toll free at 888-803-4438.
Not yet available in Iowa.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
My friends, I want you to understand the magnitude of this.
In my...
...own life here in Austin.
The people running this system have threatened us, tried to keep this information from going on the air.
They've got the local media involved on the board of this, profiting from it.
And then you look at it nationally.
They have always taught computer programmers, look at just one of the companies' software, and it's designed with secret back doors and wireless connections, and you've got
The government and the CIA, we talked about this months ago when she was on the show, Bev Harris.
All of this, and then now you find out that there's a PR campaign to use the Defense Department's money and the private defense contractor's money to lobby and propagandize to suppress the people and the media that is starting to learn of this.
And they're counting on you going, Oh, Martha, they'd never steal the election.
They'd never have a fraud set up like that.
Folks, this is so horrible.
Bev Harris, what else came out in this secret meeting that you guys were able to get in on between the lobbyists, the vendors, the military-industrial complex folks?
A good bit of discussion about, well, we want to make sure the media never finds out about this.
I have to say that the folks that were listening in were having a really hard time not saying anything because they did sign in under their own name.
What happened is they had everybody sign in and say who they were, but everybody called in at once.
I guess didn't pay attention because there was also a reporter from the Beacon Journal in Akron.
Oh, so now it's not just... We tipped off a few people and said, you know, go on in and see what you can hear, and that's exactly what happened.
But, yeah, there was a good bit of conversation about, well, we'd better check in with antitrust regulations and we don't want anyone talking about collusion and things like this.
Now, that's...
Now understand that any industry can set up a lobbying thing.
There's nothing unusual in that.
And in setting such a thing up, they would certainly want to discuss antitrust issues.
What was very unusual about this is this.
Now if you're an industry and you're legit and you're setting up a lobbying thing,
The group of people from the industry would get together.
They would probably interview a few lobbyist firms.
Now, that's not the case here.
What happened is the lobbying firm shows up and says, we need money by Friday.
And they said, don't want to say the term knife in the back, but those who are not members, well, if they get into trouble, it looks like they would want to become members.
So, we're watching protection activities.
To me, that's a protection racket.
It's just cloaked in white-collar lingo.
Well, see, I've talked to people in and out of government, and they say corruption has never been at such all-time highs.
It's totally rampant.
And if they get away with taking our elections away and let the CIA run it, I mean, folks, you're going to lose your Second Amendment, your borders, and they're going to say, well, it's a democracy.
You voted for it, didn't you?
That's why they want to get us away from a republic, because even if they control the voting machines, a republic would still have the Bill of Rights, not in a pure democracy.
Now, Bev Harris, for those that just joined us, you've got an incredible track record yourself.
Tell us a little bit about Bev Harris, and then let's go back into some more of this.
I don't know why I ended up with this thing.
Frankly, I always thought voting was boring.
I never wanted to get into this.
I ran a PR agency, but I've been a writer for many years.
In the course of my writing career, I did a lot of work on financial fraud stuff.
I had a pretty good idea of how people do shenanigans like this.
But I ran into some stuff last fall.
It hasn't even been quite a year.
But what I ran into showed that there were clear conflicts of interest in the ownership of the voting companies and that there were clearly not just dozens but hundreds of situations where the machines were caught miscounting.
And then we got Senator Hagel.
Right, that was one of the first things that clued me in.
It was like, my gosh, you have a guy, at that time it was in October, and he was running for office.
He had an election in a month, and he's running for office, and he's got ownership, and his campaign finance director was the main owner of the company that's counting all his votes.
And it was not disclosed on his disclosure document.
And so I thought, well, we've got a problem.
And by the way, the polls, by the way, Bev, the polls, we have the articles, showed him way behind.
Well, not Hagel.
Now, Hagel was ahead in the polls, but he...
He still had anomalies in the type of win that he did.
Well, wait, I've got some of the articles, and last time you were on with us you were going over that, that some of the polls showed Hagel way behind and that it was a big upstep.
Oh, I think that was Cleland that we're talking about.
Yeah, there were some situations like that.
Cleland was ahead in the polls, and that was Georgia.
Georgia had actually six upsets that did not match the polls.
And Georgia used all these unauditable touch screens.
Okay, so what happened with Hagel?
Then we'll go into Georgia.
Yeah, and Hagel, with Hagel, he outspent his opponent.
His opponent, Charlie Matoka, you've got to love him.
He's a construction worker.
He spent a total of $4,000 on a United States Senate campaign, and Hagel spent about $3 million.
He's a feisty guy.
So Hagel outspent him by whatever it was, $100,000 to one.
And so, yes, you know, Matoka figured that Hagel has a bit of an advantage there.
But what was odd was that Hagel won demographic groups that always go Democrat.
He won the black areas of Omaha, you know.
I mean, and it was not really to be expected.
And then he comes forward and he starts bragging on his website that he won with the biggest margin in history.
Well, you know, 85% of his votes were counted by his own machine.
So then his opponent, Charlie Matulka, who's a candidate, he had standing for a recount.
And because the margin wasn't close, he couldn't get an automatic recount funded by the state.
But you can get a recount if you're a candidate if you pay for it.
So he said, okay, I'm going to pay for it.
Now let's look at these ballots that my opponent ran through his own machines.
And the state of Nebraska, if you can believe it, said, well, you can pay for the recount, but all we will do is run the ballot through Hagel's machines again.
You can't ever look at the ballots.
We have no provision in the law to let you look at the actual ballots that were used.
Now, that was back with the hybrid ballots where it's an electronic machine.
You feed a Scantron Stiles, and that's what we've been caught with fraud.
I mean, they've been caught with fraud in Austin with those, and the same people running the fraud have now put in the touchscreens and threatened folks that talk about it.
Yeah, and I'll tell you something.
There's a reason they want these touch screens so desperately, and that is because I think Florida scared the heck out of them.
While everyone was talking about punch cards, my theory on Florida is the thing that really put fear into these people is the optical scans.
Diebold optical scans counted 40% of Florida in the year 2000.
Now, if they had hand counted every single one of those Diebold optical scans immediately after the election statewide,
Yeah, the people involved are just raunched.
And then we've got a situation now.
Now, this is kind of how I see things, and this is speculative, so we'll label it.
Bev Harris' speculation, okay?
But here's what I'm seeing it shake down to.
We have the defense industry who was pushing the move toward unauditable voting, toward getting rid of the paper trail.
That we know from the meeting, because they came right out and said it.
And number one, why is the Defense Department and then private...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This lobbying effort, this whitewash effort, one of the things they also discussed is, well, what we need to do is sort of come up with our own certification standard, not the Federal Election Commission, but our own.
We'll have the gold standard, which will be our own making.
Now, I think what they're planning to do with the gold standard is this.
There's a company called Vote Here.
Vote Here makes something that goes inside voting machines.
It's designed to go inside all the voting machines from all the manufacturers.
It will be sort of like, you know, where they have that little label that says Intel Inside.
Well, I think they'll have a little thing that says Vote Here Inside.
Oh, and they all just so happen to be designed where it could fit into them.
Vote Here does is they create a software program with cryptography that is supposed to verify our vote as voters, so we don't need paper.
And then everybody, of course, will sign off on this.
You know, the defense contractors and the Homeland Security.
Oh, this is all wonderful.
The hypocrisy is bulletproof.
You have to trust it if it's got vote here inside it, you see.
And so I think what it's aiming toward is you're going to see a move, and we're doing some pretty good work here to...
Get the right questions asked so it may be more difficult than they expected.
You're going to see a move, though, to try to switch again and say, okay, well, the voters insist on a voter-verified paper ballot.
You don't need that.
You know what?
You need this bulletproof cryptography system.
And we'll put it inside all the voting machines.
Now, guess who is the director of Vote Here?
Well, the Chairman of the Board of Directors is also on the Defense Policy Board, and he's also the Vice Chairman of the SAIC.
His name is Admiral Bill Owens.
He was Cheney Crony.
And another director is Robert Gates, the former CIA director.
Oh, see?
And these are the people who are running Vote Here and have the expert, wonderful cryptography solution Trust Us.
Just remember, Trust Us.
And it will go in these voting machines and be the new gold standard so that we should just trust them and we know we never again need a paper ballot.
Well, Bev Harris, let me stop you for just a minute.
Let me stop, because this is just bombshell after bombshell, and I'm begging the listeners, you know who we are, just like the Catherine Albrecht interview that you did a transcript of, I'm begging you, do the transcript, get it to Paul Watson, we'll get it up on prisonplanet.com, up on infowars.com, so we don't have to wait four months or three months for this to show up in the mainstream media with a spin on it, and we'll put links, of course, to blackboxvoting.com and have all that there for folks, so we can get it out to everybody, but
The key here is, Bev, were you aware of the folks over at No Cards, the involved Catherine Albrecht, she went to the meetings and then they got off one of the websites that had a back door in it, the documents with the RFID tracker chips they want to replace the barcode with, and the secret meeting with Walmart and Dr. Gamble.
Oh, I heard about that, yes.
Yeah, with Homeland Security talking about how to neutralize us, how to neutralize opposition, and how to get the military-industrial complex involved.
I mean, this is sinister.
This is like The Running Man or something, where you find out TV's fake and pulling the curtain back.
I mean, this is so huge, Bev.
And it's like, I agree.
People want to say, oh, you guys, you're just crazy and stuff.
And look, I agree.
I had no idea frankly when my publisher went into this meeting.
I had no idea about this.
I knew that there was a vote here situation and that there was defense people involved in that, but I couldn't quite figure out what vote here did until this meeting.
I'm telling you, there was like two paragraphs of conversation about the defense industry and how it had pushed HAVA bill through and how maybe they could come in and help us now.
By the way, there's two websites with this, but blackboxvoting.com does have the transcript on it.
It's not a complete transcript, and it does have my publisher's fairly opinionated notes along with it.
It also has a document on it.
Go ahead.
This is so huge.
We've already caught them that the voting machines are a fraud.
We've got the League of Women Voters saying we don't want a paper ballot or a record.
We've got all this other police state stuff going on.
And then you guys get into one of these little secret meetings, and you've got the plain dealer Cleveland newspaper person hearing all this.
This is on the record.
This is huge.
I mean, I don't even have words to articulate how evil this is.
This is people, I call it a business plan.
You see people, are you a conspiracy theorist?
What do you think of this?
I say, look, this is a business plan.
I have broken six or seven stories in a row now and not one of them
I think so.
And by the way, defense contractors tend to make an awful lot of money if the vote goes their way.
We've spent, what, a trillion dollars in the last three years?
Yeah, but I'm going to stop you.
If they control the government, the government's going to give them more wars for more weapons, but also the private defense contractors are getting into private prisons.
Homeland Security operations, the face-scanning cameras, the biometrics, all of it, the RFIDs.
I mean, they're going to build a giant prison for us.
They're taking over the voting.
This is a late-night science fiction horror movie from the 1980s.
You know, the one thing we have going for us is that when you have all that data and they crunch all those things,
Eventually, it comes down to a human who has to go to his boss and say, I think we should look into so-and-so.
Now, this is a very bad thing because we can assume they're going to look into a lot of people that are very inappropriate.
But the bottom line is some human has to eventually look at all that data.
So it's extremely inappropriate that they're collecting it.
But I have to say I sometimes kind of smile and think, what in the world do they think people –
At some point, if you do surveillance on all these people, I can tell you if they were doing surveillance on the six telephone lines that I have in my office and house, they would have to listen to five teenagers discussing their boyfriends and their nails.
At some point, some poor schmo is going to have to actually go through all this stuff and decide what's important.
I think that may be the thing that saves us at some point because they won't get... Well, no, it's true.
The reason they're announcing Echelon is watching this and you don't have any rights is a chilling effect.
They don't have the personnel, even with the computers, to do anything with this.
We're on the march.
They're on the run.
So they'll get a couple of key people that they can use as a public example.
But, Bev, they're still putting in the systems no matter how much fraud comes out.
How do we stop them?
It's getting to the point where we need to... I'm saying we are at Boston Tea Party stage, okay?
This is really sad because we are getting quite a few little emails putting us on notice that are looking into it is putting us into legal jeopardy.
And I look at that as the Boston Tea Party.
I will break one more thing here.
Stay there.
One more segment, Bev.
We're so honored to have you, Bev Harris.
So, see, this woman, this investigator who exposes corruption, you know, mainstream, and got major newspapers involved, she gets the emails.
You better stop looking into that.
How about we all join her in looking into it?
How about we all join her in this fight?
How about we stand up to this evil, folks?
We'll go one layer deeper down the rabbit hole when we get back.
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Folks, they're reporting in the Drugs Report, the London Guardian, the Associated Press, that the levels of radiation are 1,900 times safe levels in Baghdad from our own government, what it's spread on our troops and the people.
But again, it's the back of the paper.
Nobody even will ever hear about it.
Same thing with them taking your right to vote.
I mean, they're taking it.
The CIA runs these companies, folks, every time we investigate it.
Mainstream news, but it never makes it out naturally.
And I've been hyperventilating for the last 50-something minutes, and I'm sorry we don't have time to take calls.
It's our last few minutes here with Bev Harris.
We've got to get her back up.
An amazing lady.
There's a lot of other great investigators.
This stuff is confirmed.
Bev Harris, you said one more major issue you were going to break.
Well, yeah.
We were talking about the Boston Tea Party.
Look, if all of us are out there...
Okay, tell us about it.
There's going to be a link that he posts.
We're good to go.
Well, it's simple.
For those who don't know, it's been in the news.
They will have where one of every three vote for a certain individual just goes into a black hole file that isn't counted.
Well, yeah, and what he has is it shows you where the back doors are.
And it's just so appalling when you see it.
Give us that website address.
Well, we have to send that to you.
It's going up within the next two days.
I'm telling you what's going to happen here.
And so that will be coming.
Now, one of the things he found, though, was he found a smoking gun.
He found an actual file of actual votes for San Luis Obispo County, California, that is, let's just say, a problem.
Now, you know what they're supposed to do.
All the precincts vote, they close down the polls, they tally up the precincts.
Somebody explain why there's a file that was left on the Diebold FTP site where they tallied up the votes from all 51 precincts in that county at 3.31 in the afternoon, and it can only have been done via wireless electronic means.
Because otherwise they would have had to shut down all 51 polling places and plug in a modem.
That didn't happen.
And why did that end up with a password that's the name of a Diebold employee
And end up on a public FTP site.
Well, they're not supposed to be involved.
They're so sloppy.
This is in the middle of an election, folks.
You were tallying up 51 tracing.
Beth Harris, God bless you.
We've got to get you back on.
You're an amazing lady.
You're amazing.
Can we get you back up soon?
You're awesome.
Take care.
Thank you much.
Wow, folks.
The CIA, the military-industrial complex, the media.
I mean, are you starting to get how bad stuff is?
Come on, save America.
Don't let them kill America.
They're going to ban your guns, folks.
Let me tell you something.
They're getting rid of the borders.
They're going to legalize all illegals.
And they're going to say, you voted for it.
We're a democracy.
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The kind of people that will do stuff like this have got some really nasty stuff planned, folks.
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Take care.
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