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Air Date: Sept. 1, 2003
2253 lines.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
I've already been on the radio in Idaho, Salt Lake City, St.
Louis, Missouri.
On this 25th of August, 2003 edition, I was on the radio this morning out west where Ashcroft is out telling more and larger lies about the Patriot Act 1 and 2 and the Victory Act.
I was on local talk radio stations countering the chief liar of the Justice Department.
He's still a low-level minion.
And coming up in the second hour, we're going to have Tim Behrens on from KJSL Radio to play a clip, long clip, by long, about five minutes long, of John Ashcroft on national television lying about Patriot Act 1, 2, and now 3 with the Victory Act.
And so we're going to play the clip, then we're going to go through and cut it to pieces and expose the particular lies of Attorney General John Ashcroft with Tim Behrens in the next hour.
In this hour, I want to talk about Judge Roy Moore.
Alabama, they're saying he may get suspended without pay, may get kicked off the bench.
They might arrest him, arrest others.
They say there's no telling what's going to happen.
So we'll watch this as it develops.
And the American Civil Liberties Union, which has controlled opposition, which has hijacked the Anti-Patriot Act movement and watered it down.
That's their job.
They're now saying they're going to target Missouri and other areas to remove their Ten Commandments.
So the attack on America is in full swing.
We're going to take your calls in this hour on Schwarzenegger, on the blackout, on the troops dying, on the depleted uranium, on the Ten Commandments.
On any issue, you'd like to discuss 1-800-259-9231.
We'll also be talking about the electronic straight jacket.
We've told you that the cars already have the hardware, that is, the built-in systems to have tracking systems plugged into them, and most cars already have the tracking systems themselves in them standard.
This is out of BBC.com.
Spy plan for new cars.
And they say it'll be, for all new cars, a satellite tracking chip.
There's another one.
Consumer RFID trials continue.
Your cell phone is now a tracking device.
This out of the News Chronicle, mainstream media, Green Bay News Chronicle.
Ashcroft visits draw protest in Boise, Idaho.
So that's some great news there.
Continuing, protesters gearing up for Ashcroft Patriot Act or Associated Press.
Salt Lake City, massive protest building going on right now.
In 30 minutes, Ashcroft arrives.
The meetings are not going to the public, though they have staged government employees making it look like a town hall.
Folks, this is admitted news.
In the Associated Press, they're having staged town hall meetings.
That's how bad things have gotten.
Also, U.S.
smallpox vaccination plan grinds to a halt.
We'll get to that.
Al-Qaeda plots September 11th attack.
Give up your rights or the CIA will get you.
I mean, Al-Qaeda will get you.
We will also get into...
The latest information on Dr. David Kelly, who was obviously murdered, the guy that blew the whistle on Blair's lying about weapons of mass destruction.
They have life extension technology news the globalists are trying to suppress.
It's all coming up.
Big show lined up for you on this Monday, 25th of August, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones.
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We do this little show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2, central time during the day, and then back from 9 to midnight, central standard time.
The show radiates out on the AM and FM dial all across the country on a growing list of wonderful affiliates that love America and the First Amendment.
We simulcast at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and Global Shortwave during the day from 11 to 2 at 12.172 and 93.20 and at night from 9 to midnight at 5.085 and 68.90.
In the next hour, I do have Tim Behrens from 630 AM KJSL in St.
Louis, Missouri, a station that during the day covers four states, but only 50 times.
He's coming on the show to play this clip of Ashcroft.
On CNN for five minutes, lying.
I mean, everything he says is a total lie.
We're going to air it in the next hour and then analyze it, break it apart, here on the air with Tim Barron, who's a great talk show host and patriot in his own right.
Now, this morning, I was on KTALK, a great station in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Talking about how the conservatives are there in mass protesting against the unpatriotic Patriot Act.
And here's the headline out of the Associated Press.
And we're going to go to a guest.
Protesters gearing up for Ashcroft's Patriot Act tour.
And it says, civil liberties advocates organizing protests to greet U.S.
Attorney General John Ashcroft when he arrives in Utah on Monday to speak to local police.
We're good to go.
Now, folks, we have the article from last week where they have staged town halls with government employees and then cops behind Ashcroft who've been ordered to salute him, and then the news shows it as if the national... These are town halls, and everyone loves it.
They're not town halls.
Joining us is Sheriff Richard Mack, who lives out in Salt Lake City where the big protest is going on.
He's there.
Protesting Ashcroft right now.
And thanks for joining us.
I'm glad to be here, Alex.
Can you hear me all right?
Yes, sir.
Good job.
Tell us what's going on and exactly how many folks are out there standing up for the Patriot Act.
Well, so far there's about 300 people and 10 police officers making sure that we all behave ourselves.
There's signs everywhere.
There's don't tread on me.
One sign in particular that I like is it said you could take your Patriot hat and shove it up your ass cross.
Oh, man.
The people are very emotional about this issue.
I think it's disgusting and very pathetic that we need
The Attorney General of the United States to come out here spending taxpayer dollars to spread propaganda and to attempt to brainwash local law enforcement into supporting this.
I'm constitutional patient.
Now, for those that don't know, you took your case all the way to the Supreme Court.
You refused as a sheriff to go along with the Brady Bill, which made you violate the Second Amendment and keep tabs and register gun owners.
Sheriff Mack, of course, is on the radio with KTALK out in Salt Lake City.
I've been honored to be on his show.
He's been on our show many times.
I requested this morning on the Jack Stockwell Show that somebody call in with a live report.
It's live.
You're there.
Has the Dark Lord himself appeared yet?
Is he infesting the city of Salt Lake City yet?
Well, we know that he has been at the airport, and he's supposed to be here in about a half an hour.
And I hope that our numbers increase.
I was really expecting about 1,000 people here.
And people on both sides, every side, from left wing to right wing and every wing in between are here to protest this.
Well, that's one of the reasons, Sheriff.
It's really good to see that.
That's one of the reasons, Sheriff Mack, they're panicking.
When Conservative Alaska voted against it after Ashcroft asked them not to, that made them panic, didn't it?
Yes, it did.
And this morning, another report came out that there's been over 100 different
...governmental jurisdiction across the country that have come out officially in opposition to the Patriot Act.
When was the last that ever occurred, Alex?
It's now three states and over 400 cities.
The news continues to report old numbers of two states and 140 cities and towns.
Well, maybe that's where I got that, because it was on a CBS affiliate that I heard that from.
Now, Sheriff Mack, you're out there in the crowd right now?
Yes, I am.
I mean, cry out to the folks.
Ask them what they think of the Patriot Act.
Okay, I'm going to do that right now, Alex, and...
I'm walking across the street, and I'm seeing people looking at me right now, and I'm going to yell, what do you want me to say?
What do you think of the Patriot Act?
I'll just say, we're on the Alex Jones Show right now, and he wants to know what you think of the Patriot Act.
This is Alex Jones.
This is radio.
He wants to know what you think of the Patriot Act.
Did you get that, Alex?
I think he got it.
It sounds like in Braveheart.
It sounds like in the movie Braveheart where you've got all the Scots out there with Longshanks' army.
Yeah, that kind of is how it feels.
These aren't just common, ordinary, everyday Americans that are out here protesting this unconstitutional tyranny that is very akin to King Edward the Longshanks.
Well, Sheriff Mack, I know it's been a long journey from you from patrol officer to sheriff to patriot leader, but...
It is heartening to see this massive response against Ashcroft.
What do you think about the nature of the staged town hall meetings, which is now coming out that it's staged?
Well, you know, that's typical federal government engineering and manufacturing.
I mean, they're the best at that.
You know, it's all wag the dog type engineering, and it shouldn't surprise anybody that that's what's going on.
And, you know, Icecroft is a very good little boy for the Jeanne Bush administration.
He's just doing what he's told.
And here he is illegally spending taxpayer dollars because, obviously, this is not a function of the Justice Department.
Yeah, he's out campaigning because the Patriot Act is now dinner table, breakfast table, water cooler topic.
People have taken time out to read it, as you've challenged them to do on your show.
Ashcroft claims it doesn't violate the Constitution.
He claims, now first he claimed there was no Patriot Act II.
Now he admits it.
That's one of his big lies.
Sheriff Mack, you've read it.
Is the Patriot Act constitutional?
No, there's not any part of it that is.
It's simply a fulfillment of the Warren Ben Franklin who said not to ever surrender freedom for supposed security.
And that's exactly what we've been doing ever since 9-11.
Which adds a great deal to the theories and the conjecture that the federal government
Well, Sheriff Mack, I've got the article here.
We haven't even gotten to it yet.
It came out in major Indian papers.
It came out in major papers in India.
And this is on prisonplanet.com and being posted on infowars.com right now.
In India, that Musarif and the Bushes met and decided not to capture bin Laden so they could keep this thing going on and on, quote, in the name of not destabilizing Pakistan.
Why aren't they after bin Laden anymore?
Well, you see, you know, he's an old family friend, and they just can't destroy this wonderful relationship they have going on of mutt and jess, cat and mouse, and
And Bush knows that the more he stays on top of that, the more his popularity will stay intact.
So his business partner, Bin Laden, is the great boogeyman?
Oh, sure, yeah.
And I think it would hurt him if they actually were able to put an end to all of this.
But, you know, when you have Bush pushing...
The Attorney General of the country to propagandize and to brainwash local law enforcement and to try to get their support for this act, you know something's wrong and you have to go much deeper than what you're seeing on the surface.
Now, Sheriff Mack, his Imperial shuttle has landed.
How long until he's coming into his hotel or his speech?
Can you give us the itinerary for Salt Lake City?
Yeah, well, I talked to a member of the media who is about the only group here that knows the exact schedule, and he said that Ashcroft is supposed to be inside the Little America Motel
At 1045, which is going to be just about 25 minutes from now.
And you're there protesting and demonstrating right now?
Oh, yes.
And there's lots of signs all over the place.
You know, most of them are like, the Patriot Act is unpatriotic.
Another guy has, sacrificing liberty for security is a fool's bargain.
Which I just mentioned to you a little while ago.
Well, Sheriff Mack, I appreciate you calling into the show.
Can you, at, say, 1035...
Okay, yeah.
Let's do that.
I'll have my assistant here, Andy, make sure that he keeps that schedule with you.
Well, I want to thank Andy for all he's done as well, getting me on KJSL as a guest.
Let me do this.
Can we get your cell phone number during this break?
And we'll even call you back in about 10 minutes.
All right.
That'll be great.
Or you can call us.
Yeah, call us back at about 30 after, because I want to hear this.
The world needs to hear this.
God bless you, Sheriff Mack.
You're on.
We'll be right back, folks.
All right.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
One of the Caesar's viceroys, or legates, is now out on the west coast.
They're in the mountainous regions trying to sell the good conservative people of Utah and Idaho on tyranny and on enslavement.
And we're going to be getting into the Patriot Act 2 and Victory Act and Ashcroft's big propaganda tour in the next hour with Tim Behrens from KJSL in St.
Louis, where old Ashcroft is from.
And we'll talk about this staged whirlwind tour.
And Ashcroft, some cars just pulled into the hotel there, but they don't think that's it.
We've got folks there on scene that will give us more information as it develops.
And I've just got a bunch of other news we're going to be getting to.
I already mentioned the news article.
Reporting here, this is out of major Indian papers, confirmed information that the Pakistan government and the U.S.
government ensured that bin Laden was not captured.
And they claim when they got caught doing this, oh, because that would stir up the Muslims.
Total shill story.
We know he works for the CIA.
Bob in Utah, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, you're out there at the rally too, Bob.
You're out at the rally too.
I'm out at the rally.
It's great.
It's good.
We've got all kinds of people here.
We've got people from the ACLU, libertarians, conservative Republicans, people with signs.
We had some folks from the SWAT team show up with video cameras.
I'm sure they were videotaping all of us with face recognition software so they'll know where to come and get us.
To protest their tyranny that they saw isn't taking place, the SWAT team showed up?
We had, I saw four officers, sergeants from the Salt Lake City Police Department in full pack gear with gas masks hanging around their neck in their little pouches.
One of them had a camcorder and he was going through the crowd videotaping some of the more radical looking protesters.
Yes sir, that is correct.
Well, let's videotape them.
Are they wearing their black masks?
No, sir, they weren't wearing masks.
Well, good.
Actually, there are many people out here with stair cameras, some people out here with video cameras.
Let's get their faces.
Let's get their faces and put them on the Internet.
Let's make our own list of terrorists.
People out here holding signs, reminding the police that they work for the people and not for the Fed, wanting to impeach Ashcroft.
It's great.
I love it.
Well, God bless you, and God bless K-Talk out there for doing a great job.
And, again, I've been on a lot of shows this morning in different areas on Ashcroft's itinerary.
What do you think of him not allowing the public into the so-called town halls they're broadcasting on regional TV?
Well, I guess it's private property, and the hotel has the right to allow who they will.
But, personally, I find it unsavory, and I wonder what Harry Ashcroft has to hide from the people.
But they've said that his town halls are not open to the public.
These have been and are going to be staged events with fake questions, government employees.
Folks, that's like the running man or something.
Oh, yes, sir.
If the mainstream media would have broadcast these protesters out here, maybe more people would wake up and investigate Ashcroft's lies to the American people.
But as you said, it's going to be a staged event.
He's wrapped himself in a flag and surrounded himself with local law enforcement.
And my question is, how many of these law enforcement came voluntarily, and how many of them ordered to come here today?
Well, they admit they were under federal funding.
That was in the AP last week, to show up, to salute him, to give this staged view.
And now you've got goons in the combat boots and the curtsil helmets stalking you.
You're just lucky they're not wearing the black ski mask.
There's one sitting right there.
Do you want me to get him on the air?
Yes, let's talk to him.
Hold on.
We are approaching one of the Gestapo officers.
I got Alex Jones on the radio.
Any of y'all want to talk to him?
Sir, officers?
Don't even call him sir.
He's a nobody.
Are you sure?
Oh, okay.
They're asking you to step off the private property.
Oh, step off the, oh, see, so they get on the private corporate, see, I give them no respect because I knew you wouldn't get any.
You notice that they'll stand on the edge of private property, then approach them, hiding behind their little veil.
I hope they enjoy torching their children's future.
So what did this guy say to you?
Well, that's one of their favorite little tactics.
Are they saying the sidewalk is private property?
Well, by the way, you're allowed to be on that area right there, according to different federal rulings.
That's a bunch of garbage.
That guy is going to be ashamed of himself.
Stay there.
Look him out.
I mean, it's real simple.
Went up there with a shotgun and killed him.
I don't understand all this cowardice by police.
I've heard a lot of cops make excuses for the cops at Columbine, and I don't know how you do that.
Sitting there while people bleed to death for four hours.
But notice in Chicago, they got a total gun ban of handguns.
This guy was a convicted felon, aggravated felon.
He was a little gang member punk, and he was causing problems at work, so they fired him.
And he came, and folks, in Texas, I guarantee you, you go into some privately owned factory, I guarantee you, in about 80% of those shops, the owner or the manager has got a Glock in the drawer, and this guy would have gotten killed after he killed one or two people, and lives would have been saved.
This is GCN.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones introducing you to the new Berkey PF2 fluoride and arsenic reduction elements for exclusive use with the Berkey Lights blocky light.
Either puretrust.com or puretrust.net.
That's puretrust, one word, puretrust.com or puretrust.net.
Life in prison.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They try to tell these folks, you can't protest without a permit.
You've got to pay.
Well, that's for having a parade where you block traffic, folks.
You don't need a permit to protest or demonstrate.
There's a whole bunch of federal and state rulings.
But again, these cops would love nothing more than to beat these people over the head like they've done in many other cities.
They love nothing more than to take your guns, take your houses, take your wives, put you in their prisons, and make you their slaves.
They're doing it everywhere.
There's more criminals in law enforcement than there are outside of law enforcement, on average, and I'm tired of them there protecting Ashcroft like somebody was going to do something to this little low-level, this nobody.
Let's go back to Bob there in Salt Lake City, or Bo, excuse me, in Salt Lake City, who just walked over.
You heard him politely.
Would you like to talk to Alex Jones?
Get back!
Private property!
As if you couldn't walk into that hotel if you wanted to.
As if you couldn't go in there.
And the point is, if you wanted to walk up to a cop and talk to them, talk to a public servant, but no, get back, get back, slave, get back, like an old Roman slapping him with a bullwhip.
Go ahead, Bo.
I mean, how did this guy in the Kurtzel helmet behave?
He behaved, well, I wouldn't say he was Kurtzel.
He was not friendly at all.
Frankly, I think he was enjoying his position.
He gets to wear the badge.
I wonder how heavy that badge weighs on his chest.
It's always a symbol of his authority, ready to break out the CS gas and take us all down.
We're actually moving the protest to the north end of the building.
It's my understanding that Air Ashcroft is going to make a personal appearance.
So we'll see what kind of noise we can make.
Now, wait a minute.
You say the Fuhrer is actually going to drive by?
I understand that someone said that he's going to make some kind of appearance.
And so we're moving our protest... Oh, wait, wait.
Here in the free country, you're on the public street, on the sidewalk, but the cops are...
What are they, walking towards you with their clubs right now?
No, no, sir.
I haven't seen any police officers out right now, but I'm on the north end of the hotel.
Well, you just said that you were just talking to some.
You said that we're wearing black helmets and everything.
No, no, no.
Not black helmets.
They're wearing their... The rest are tactical gear, though.
They're large.
They're low-bearing vests with all their gizmos attached to them.
Large white stripes to police.
You know?
Okay, but now, where are you now?
I'm moving over to the west side of the building.
So are the police telling you to do that?
The protest is moving voluntarily because we're under the impression, oh, we've been told that Ashcroft is going to make some kind of appearance.
So he's going to come out and address you, huh?
That's what I'm here to see.
Do you want to put me on hold for a while and go on with your show and then check back and see?
Well, I'll tell you what this is.
I mean, we've been seeing him all over the news, all over regional news, national news, saying Patriot Act doesn't take your rights, saying Patriot Act 2 is needed.
This guy said there was no Patriot Act 2, and now his victory act, the possession of one marijuana cigarette, life in prison.
So this is how you stop the terrorists when it's the government shipping it in.
Is the crowd... I mean, what type of lies are you expecting, Bo?
Well, I'm expecting the same old rhetoric, Mr. Jones.
If you don't do anything wrong, you'll have nothing to worry about.
You know, win our compliance to the Patriot Act by reminding us that we have nothing to fear because we're not yet domestic terrorists.
But then again, the definition of terrorism is any action that endangers human life.
It's a violation of any federal or state law.
And the Justice Department in the Washington Times, by Frank J. Murray, headline titled, Patriot Act Cast Wide Net.
They have the actual quotes before Congress of the spokesman for the Justice Department saying it will be used in all crimes, all misdemeanors, against all citizens in non-terror-related cases.
Cases that have nothing to do with terror.
And that's the reason that we're out here having this protest today.
Honestly, Mr. Jones, I don't think that we can influence Heinrich Himmler's own self at all, but hopefully we can influence some of these cars that passed by.
We've been getting some good support, and I hope that these people will do a little more investigation on their own.
So folks are honking their horns, and you're there, so the media can't claim that everyone loves Ashcroft in the stage town hall meeting.
So the national media is ignoring you?
But I haven't seen anyone here from... Yeah, that'll be it.
It'll be on the newswire, and then nothing else.
Of course, 300 people plus out there protesting, and it's just getting going in a major city of conservatives.
That's not newsworthy.
But listen, it's admitted.
Just like in Russia or Germany, they're going to have a stage town hall meeting, folks.
Stage people.
Think about how that's tyranny right there.
My honest concern is that this protest, or maybe the one in Boise, might turn out to be another Reichstag fire.
I'm afraid that some rivalizers might show up and give the media an excuse to cover it and say those that do oppose the Patriot Act are terrorists.
Oh, you mean have a provocateur action where some Klan guy shows up and all the cameras show him.
Well, that hasn't happened yet.
They'll have a lot of trouble doing that.
If it was just conservatives out there, they'd try it, but not with the Libertarians and the Greens and the ACLU.
Well, that's certainly reassuring.
Yeah, they're having big problems.
I mean, look at conservative Alaska voting against them.
And, well, this is very exciting.
I'll tell you what, Bob, we'll put you on hold as one of our on-site reporters.
We're going to go back to Sheriff Mack here in just a few minutes.
Stay right there, Bob.
Not Bob, Bo.
Gosh, what's wrong with me?
Let's talk to Cliff in Arkansas.
Cliff in Arkansas, go ahead.
Sir, we need you and Sheriff Max to come to Arkansas and run for governor.
Well, they're putting in the electronic touch screens that they admit were fraud-based, so I don't know about that.
What I called for, is this Justice Brown in Alabama?
I don't know if you saw his news clips where he was on the news, but I watched them, and they're all, when he says something, you know, he doesn't make it clear and plain.
Like, for instance, he said he is not going to, oh, Lord, what was he saying?
I don't know what he said.
Well, he said he is not going to go against, more or less,
I think so.
Well, it's Judge Roy Moore.
Right, but he was on the news.
You said Brown.
Well, I meant Moore.
I'm sorry.
Oh, okay.
He said that he wasn't going to go against the guy that put our laws, that our laws were patterned after.
Well, look, I mean... Okay, but see, the thing is, Alex... So he's not good enough, I see.
Well, no, no, no.
No, no.
What I'm getting at is he's a Chief Justice, right?
Have you ever seen anyone in that high office...
I think we're good.
He didn't say the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
He said our God.
Judge Roy Moore is a good thing.
Well, I'll say this.
The establishment doesn't like it.
I agree with that.
He's put himself on the line.
I don't think he's an establishment type.
Alabama is a conservative state.
That's why he got elected.
They elect him in that state.
That's why he's there.
And believe me, the folks he's fighting are a lot better.
And I'm not going to sit here and speculate about Judge Roy Moore.
No, I'm not speculating.
I'm just saying...
Everybody's taking him at face value, and I respect him.
But we have to proceed cautiously is what I'm getting at.
Listen, I agree with you, but I've heard his speeches about how it's okay to have the Greek God, but not the God of the Bible.
Well, he said the God of the Bible in one of his speeches, I did see.
And I think he's a great man.
Well, I do too, if he's on the up and up.
But, you know, I'm not going to just bail in and...
I think we don't just have face value, Cliff.
I mean, we have him saying they shouldn't take down the Ten Commandments.
The oath in Alabama is to acknowledge God and to have the Ten Commandments.
The Ten Commandments are behind the Supreme Court when they're up there.
And, of course, the Republican-appointed Supreme Court is, of course, against Moore, and the judge going against Moore was appointed by Bush, showing what neocon prostitutes they are.
Thanks for the call, my friend.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good points.
I mean, I think it's important to question, but I see evidence and good fruits in Judge Roy Moore.
Back to Sheriff Richard Mack there outside the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City where people across the political spectrum are protesting the liar, the would-be destroyer of America, John Ashcroft.
I'm here, Alex.
It sounds like it's getting wild.
What's going on, Sheriff Knack?
The crowd's getting bigger.
It is.
The activity outside is getting a little bit busier.
Alex, knowing executive protection like I know executive protection in the law enforcement community, they've already sneaked him in.
I saw three different...
Of the black Suburbans, you know, the black Suburbans with the darkened glass.
And I'm pretty sure he came in one of those in the back door.
There was another decoy that was in a limousine that was escorted by three or four different law enforcement vehicles.
And I believe he is already in the hotel.
I believe we're going to be able to yell at him as he goes in.
And I think law enforcement purposely
Well, yeah, he's loved so much as a gun-grabbing, open-border-promoting, church-seizing, anti-Ten Commandment devil.
He's loved so much that they have to sneak him in.
Sheriff Mack, I hear the media is pretty much ignoring you guys.
No, no, they're here.
They're here.
Every major news station in Salt Lake City is here.
Well, I meant the national news media.
AP is here.
Well, they're always there, yeah.
But I'm talking about, why is it CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, whenever they've got Ashcroft on every night telling us how good the Patriot Act is, and everywhere he goes there's protests, and where's the media?
Well, you know, the media has already been very anti the protest here.
They had Orrin Hatch on television yesterday, even on Sunday.
He worked on Sunday.
They had him on yesterday.
And, of course, he's a legitimate patriot actor, and he totally supported this.
Well, you need to ask them this.
Sheriff Mack, you need to ask him this.
He said before Congress, there is no new terror legislation.
They're not trying to pass it.
Those that say it are liars aiding terrorists.
Now, that's a quote.
Now, he said that four months after it was introduced by him in the Senate and House.
Now, he admits it.
He admits there's a second Patriot Act.
New terror legislation.
Everybody pulling through agreeing with you.
And now, I mean, he's been caught lying.
I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.
Read my lips, no new taxes.
His lie is even clearer than that.
Why isn't the media calling him on his lying?
Sheriff Mack, you've got to demand you call him on his lies.
Well, that's true.
And Alex, when you consider the fact that this is all about the Constitution, if you don't have a media that has ever read the Constitution, how are they ever going to know how to report on these types of pertinent freedom issues?
And they don't teach it in school?
Well, look, Sheriff Mack, I've written an analysis of Patriot Act II.
It's horrible.
Gun owners wrote an analysis that was 21 pages.
Mine was 7.
Theirs is much worse.
And, of course, you work with Gun Owners of America.
Larry Pratt says it's the end of the Second Amendment, the end of America, the end of all rights.
It says secret arrest, secret execution, no Second Amendment.
They cannot get away with this.
You know, this really is one of the last-ditch efforts from the federal government, Alex.
If we don't stand now and if we don't do more than just talk, then we're going to lose.
Well, it shows how desperate they are, Sheriff Mack, that he's having to do this road show to take his lie on the road.
What does that say about the forces of freedom, the anti-terror forces of the patriots?
Well, it's a great deal, and the Attorney General of the United States is out propagandizing to support unconstitutional acts that are destroying the Second Amendment, that destroy the entire Bill of Rights, except maybe for the third, where it talks about quartering troops.
Other than that, it's a complete destruction of the Bill of Rights and everything the Founding Fathers stood for.
And then they call this patriotic.
You're not patriotic if you don't butcher what America is.
Well, exactly, and that's the spin that they put on these types of things.
They always give it a great name so that people who oppose it say, oh, you mean you're not patriotic?
You're not for the Patriot Bill?
Well, then you're against America.
Well, Sheriff Mack, what's his itinerary now?
He's supposed to have a staged town hall meeting that the public's not allowed into where government bureaucrats sit in the crowd and cops sit behind him for staged events.
Literal wag the dog.
Literal Soviet fake meetings.
I mean, this is horrible, folks.
What's the itinerary for that?
Sheriff Mack?
I was getting reprimanded by a local officer because I wasn't standing on the curb.
Oh, you were being... Well, what did he say to you?
He was just telling me to get back, and I got back, and then he came up to me and told me to get farther back, which was exactly six inches different from where I was before.
So they're basically like attack dogs making sure you stand right where they say, and then there's an added pleasure after you submit re-smearing your face in it.
Well, yeah, I think he was hoping to give you some footage for your next police date video.
Well, I'm begging folks to send me all this footage.
Sheriff Mack, this is amazing.
Well, what did you say to this guy?
I just bowed.
Doesn't he know that, Sheriff Mack, that what he's doing is destroying his children's future utterly?
Well, these guys are just like the rest of the Nuremberg officers who just follow orders, Alex.
And it's really sad that our law enforcement officers in this country are being used as puppets for the tyranny that exists today.
And nothing has exposed that more than your own videos.
Sheriff Mack, can you stay with us just a few more minutes?
I sure can.
Okay, stay there.
I want to get a few more questions out of you.
Get you to check in maybe in an hour or so.
We'll be right back as we fight the second American revolution of restoration.
I mean, how do I know the future?
People keep asking me because I read the federal plan.
None of this is a secret.
They want you dumbed down and totally dependent on them.
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A New World Order.
You will lose your liberty.
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That's 888-253-3139.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
...forged into tyranny.
Imagine Sheriff Richard Mack, a big guy who's been in law enforcement for decades...
The guy that stood up with the Second Amendment out there.
And I've been at these protests and demonstrations with good conservative Americans.
And the cops will run around in black uniforms and combat boots, shoving you, hurting you, snapping at you, pepper spraying you.
You go to a land rights rally, they'll look at you with hate.
They'll be videotaping you.
They hate your guts as citizens.
They want you to submit to them.
And we've seen this happen throughout history over and over again.
All the police aren't bad.
A lot of you are good.
But the ones they have on these particular duties or details get into this mindless groupthink.
Sheriff Mack, how are the police behaving?
I mean, I've seen them where you submit to them, then they come after you again.
How do they do this?
I was always embarrassed if I caught myself bullying somebody in school.
How do they get off on bullying citizens?
Sheriff Mack?
Yeah, I'm here, Alex.
It sounds like the cops are bullying you guys.
I mean, why are they doing this?
No, not really.
They have a big source, is what it's called in law enforcement terms.
It's a show of force.
They want to make sure that a lot of them are being seen so that nobody will step out of line.
Like I said a little while ago, they asked me to step back, and I did.
Then he told me to get up on the curb, which was only a six-inch difference.
I'm serious.
And he was really kind of getting in my face.
But for the most part, there's been very little officer out of control.
Why did he get in your face, though?
I mean, what have we done?
Well, they are very stern.
There's no question about that.
But, Ben, I would say for the most part that the officers are behaving themselves pretty well.
Well, yeah, in Portland, they ran up and sprayed babies in baby carriages, admittedly, and the head cop was seen on tape saying, attack the media.
Have you seen that footage?
No, I haven't seen that one yet.
But, of course, we found left-wing cops are generally the worst.
They love serving the New World Order, don't they?
And we've got, I'll tell you what, we've got a really huge crowd here now.
I'd say about 500 people.
We've got all the entrances covered with about 100 people each at every entrance.
We've got north, south, east, and west all covered.
Okay, so let me ask you again.
What's the itinerary?
When is he going to have his stage town hall meeting?
Well, he's having a meeting right now with law enforcement.
The meeting he is having is not with the public.
It's only...
An elite group of law enforcement officials.
Oh, that sounds, that sounds, the executive branch comes into a city and meets with law enforcement officials, not the other elected officials?
No, this is not public officials or elected officials.
It's just the law enforcement community.
Now, is the media allowed in this meeting?
You know, there are media inside.
They moved inside.
I do know that for a fact.
But I read that that was select media.
Is K-Talk allowed in there?
I seriously doubt it.
I don't know.
I know that Andy was trying to get inside.
Don't know if he made it.
I know they said in the news that only select media is allowed in other meetings.
I don't know about this one.
We got a cop getting somebody out of the road here.
Did you just hear the siren?
What's happening now?
We had one guy that was out on the road and a cop just came by and did his siren at him.
And he jumped out of the road and that ended that.
Oh, good.
I'm glad he jumped quick when the folks in Cuba... What would we do if we didn't have all these cops here taking care of us, Alex?
Well, hey, don't put you in a famicam.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Mars is the closest it's going to be to Earth in 60,000 years, they say.
Tonight, tomorrow night...
I'm going to try to get out with the binoculars or go up my dad with the telescope tonight.
It's been kind of cloudy the last few days.
I haven't been able to do it, but that's something you might want to do.
Just a side issue, kind of interesting.
It certainly is a lot bigger than I've ever seen in my short life.
It looks like it's a lot bigger than Jupiter appears normally.
Normally, Mars is a tiny red dot or pink dot.
Just as an interesting side note, I was looking at my atomic clock, and it said 826...
And I was thinking, wow, interesting little tidbit.
Colonel Craig Roberts is coming up here in about five minutes, and I really am going to throw news articles out at him and get his response and his take on them.
Right now, let's go to Eric in Connecticut.
Hello, Alex.
Eric, go ahead.
Great show as always.
You know, I was listening over the weekend to Matt Drudge Sunday night, and he was actually talking about
I think so.
Lucrative amount of money if you would give up the crusade, quote unquote.
And there are a lot of listeners out there, myself included, who basically thought guys like Limbaugh and Hannity and these other people were the bee's knees.
And I mean, I hungrily listened to Limbaugh for years and years and years.
And finally, September 11th happened.
And I saw your video, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
And I have to be honest, when I first saw it, I kind of thought, hmm,
The answer is an unequivocal no.
They know exactly.
At that level, they are told what to say.
They are given directions to go.
Limbaugh is so trusted as a neocon, a Judas goat, that he's left alone probably, but he goes to all the top globalist meetings and is in with them.
A Hannity or the ilk, look, sir,
I mean, it's come out that talk show hosts get orders.
I've talked to a lot of other talk show hosts that just stay where they're at and are being threatened to be fired because they're not worshiping the New World Order.
They've got a few token people, but, I mean, folks want me to.
These meetings I had now five years ago, five years ago, and, you know, I've talked to other groups too, and they've always approached to me.
I mean, I told them it was in confidence, and I had to even go into these discussions, had to sign nondisclosure agreements.
And frankly, I wouldn't talk about it even if I hadn't, because I don't go into a meeting and then give details of it.
I understand.
But no, I mean, this is how they operate.
They traffic in the souls of men, as the Bible says.
And I was told point blank...
For those that haven't been told about this, do you want to be on this crusade, or do you want to be a star?
And we'll pay you a million bucks, which is Trump changed these people.
I mean, they'll pay $50 million for a nothing radio station.
I understand.
Well, they'd buy them up.
I mean, I talked to the local radio station in my area, and I guess they're owned by, I don't know if it's Clear Channel or who, and I talked to the local guy, it's WSUB out of Groton, and I said, look, there's a good show on Alex Jones out of Austin, Texas.
You might want to think about running his show.
And I talked with him briefly on the phone, and I got sort of a ho-hummer response, and I never really heard anything from him again.
And I think that they're owned by a larger conglomerate.
Well, of course.
Well, you've got to contact the mom and pops of the stations that are privately owned, and a good way to wake the owners up is to send them a copy of the videos.
Good to hear from you, sir.
Really appreciate that call, Eric.
Up in Connecticut.
I mean, that's skull and bones territory.
Very highly controlled.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, my friends.
Welcome back.
Again, it's Tuesday, the 26th of August, 2003.
Warrior Call is coming up.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
Joining us is best-selling author, Army Colonel.
He was a Marine Corps sniper in Vietnam.
Craig Roberts, he's an expert on the New World Order.
And we had about an hour-long conversation last night.
It'll probably go longer than this interview on the phone about the New World Order and what it's doing right now.
Craig, good to have you back on the show.
Oh, Alex, always good to be back.
And too bad we didn't have two hours last night, but I think both of us were fading out toward the end.
I tell you, there is so much to keep track of.
They've announced they're pouring concrete at Camp X-Ray.
There is an execution center there.
It is for citizens.
This is a big deal.
The general who was there, Rick Baucus, resigned and said, I will not torture people.
And I'm just bringing this back into the news because we forget how serious this is.
They're institutionalizing homeland security.
That means we'll never see an end to terror.
As a military man in the Marines in Vietnam, then in the Army and in Army intelligence, and as a police officer and as an expert on the New World Order,
Address torture, Camp X-Ray, the Patriot Act, and everything we see happening.
Well, you know, Alex, it's really amazing how much history swings its pendulum every 20 years or 30 years or so.
Because if we go back in time, look at the French when they set up Devil's Island off the coast of South America.
We're good to go.
In its own right, for taking anybody except military prisoners.
And the problem I've got with this as a police officer is what is a military prisoner now under all these new laws that they've just generated out of thin air under this Homeland Defense Act and all this other nonsense that they've come up with with this super overreaction with a giant codified set of statutes waiting to be passed prior to 9-11.
So we get this...
Blurring between the jurisdiction of the civilian law enforcement and the jurisdiction of the military, and with the federal government bridging the gap with a set of laws that no one read.
Well, the states are passing...
I don't know.
Laws that are carbon copies, in some cases worse.
In Wisconsin, they're arresting people who sue public officials, calling it, quote, paper terrorism.
They're trying to pass laws in Oregon where if one protester blocks traffic, everyone gets life in prison.
And it says in a, quote, forest labor camp.
I mean, this stuff's so crazy, the average person, I don't think, can believe it when we're sitting here talking about it.
Well, it's going to get worse because all they have to do is keep adding to the list.
How about religious terrorism?
They could go after Roy Moore for religious terrorism, or why can't they go after the judge that's making him move the Ten Commandments for religious terrorism?
That's the real religious terrorist.
What is a terrorist?
A terrorist is whatever the Justice Department says they are.
Well, there's also a new U.N.
treaty they're trying to pass that says that if you incite someone, now you don't even have to say fire in a theater or go kill this person.
Now it's you incited it, and that's going to be terrorism.
Well, you know, this goes back to the, you know, we've passed laws through the years that should have never been on the books.
One of them is conspiracy before the fact.
In other words, two or more people get together and they talk about a crime.
Now, they may decide later on that none of them's going to do it.
You know, you and I decide we're going to go rob the local liquor store, then all of a sudden we say, no, we don't want to do that because we don't want to go to jail.
But somebody overheard us talking about it, okay?
There are some states where you can be arrested for that on a felony for criminal conspiracy to plan a crime.
Well, now they're arresting kids who draw a picture of a gun saying that was a premeditated, it's thought crime.
Yeah, and that's where we're getting right now is we're going to 1984.
To the thought crimes and the thought police.
We never thought it would happen in this country.
The Constitution has provisions in there specifically to protect us against this, and they just throw it out the window.
What we found out is there are four branches of government.
There's the executive, the legislative, the judicial, and the bureaucracy.
The bureaucracy goes on forever, and it's this giant amoeba that eats its young, and what it does is it creates laws, regulations, and sub-institutions.
Now, sub-institution is, okay, they create Homeland Defense, then Homeland Defense turns around, and if they get enough money in the budget, they create institutions under them that don't fall under anybody else's purview, and then they give them
Power to go out and do things by regulation or by rules such as the EPA, such as the Department of the Interior.
That's what's so scary about this biggest federal agency, one in 12 employees under it, the others controlled by it, and all the big universities are now shifting to make a large portion of their curriculum to be Homeland Security.
You know now they're going to list everything as terrorism.
Now they've officially admitted it in the Victory Act.
It was in the first Patriot Act under Section 802.
I mean, they're going to supply the terror, period, to legitimize this giant bureaucracy.
And it's no different than what's happened all the way back to Roman times and Greek times.
All you have to do is inflame the minds of the general population with an event
I think so.
The younger generation who's going to replace us someday is going to go right along with it like malleable clay.
Well, let me stop you right there.
We have millions of listeners to this show.
A tiny fraction of you take action.
If you would just tell friends and family about this show, about Craig's books, about my books, about my films, about our websites, riflewarrior.com, infowars.com, if you would help us and really get out there,
We're good to go.
And this whole line that Ashcroft has been saying, you know, give your liberty up to protect liberty.
I mean, that's an oxymoron.
Or give your liberty up for security.
Colonel, do we get security out of giving up liberty?
No, the only thing we get is tyranny.
There's no security out there at all because security is what we make it.
Where does security really start, Alex?
Security starts on your own private property with you being armed under the Second Amendment.
And it starts at the borders, too, and both of those are under attack.
We're good to go.
And we do that with the state police, the National Guard, and so on.
Then we worry about protecting the country.
But since we can't, you and I can't really do anything about it, we pay the government to do it for us.
We hire an army with our tax money, and they are supposed to protect our borders first.
That is first and primary to protect the borders.
You want homeland defense, then stop the immigration problem by putting troops on the borders.
That's perfectly legitimate.
It doesn't have anything to do with Posse Comitatus.
It is not enforcing civil law.
It's enforcing national defense.
And that's where the globalists have twisted it all around and made it look like, well, we can't do that.
That's the job of the local sheriff.
The local sheriff can't stop 50,000 Mexicans from crossing the border.
It can't be done.
That's where we need the military, but instead we send them to 272 places all over the world, and in places we never heard of or care about, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, and so on.
All the way, Craig, they're covering up the numbers of dead.
I mean, there are reputable reports that the numbers of dead are a lot higher.
Well, I'd have to be real careful in that area because I have been in investigations on that before where you have agent provocateurs saying, they lost 40 people that day and come to find out they lost four and somebody wanted to add a zero.
And here's the problem we've got is we've got families who are going to be missing loved ones and they're going to report this someplace along the line.
But we can't discredit it either because here's the fact.
We're not getting timely information, say, from Iraq.
Let's just pick Iraq.
We could say Afghanistan, but let's take Iraq.
We can't even get mail to Iraq now.
I have personally sent packages to Iraq six weeks ago, eight weeks ago, where they had to sign for them.
Troops in the field had to sign for them.
I've sent care packages over there.
I have received nothing back that they've ever got them, and I can get through to some of them on e-mail.
They're not getting their mail.
They're not getting any of these packages these people are putting together and sending over.
They're sitting in warehouses someplace.
So if they're not getting information going that way, we're not getting information coming back either.
Now, that's scary when you can't get a package of the troops, and they had told them that, you know, when you get Baghdad, you come home.
But I read the Army reports before the war.
They said it was a five-year occupation.
I can't believe people bought that propaganda that they could just go subdue 21 million people and then leave them alone.
Well, it's going to be a permanent occupation in the sense that we're not going to give up that place.
We're not going to give up the oil fields.
But the big thing is we want to be able to control the strategic area.
And as we talked yesterday, let's outline this real quick so everybody can look at this in perspective.
We started in the east with Pakistan, and they're kind of a semi-ally.
They're malleable.
The New World Order guys in government use them for whatever they want to.
The CIA uses the Pakistanis.
The Pakistanis do what we want because we protect them from India.
Then we took Afghanistan in 30 days.
The Russians couldn't do it in eight years, but we did it in 30 days.
And as soon as we did, all of a sudden the opium production started back up again in the northeast tribal area.
Then we go west.
We've got Turkey as an ally.
We take Iraq in a month, and then we own the Persian Gulf.
We have one place totally surrounded, and that's Iran.
And after the break, we'll come back, and we'll talk about what's going to happen next.
And then I want to throw out a bunch of other news items here, because there is a lot of it.
And we're going to take your calls.
Stay with us.
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We're talking to Colonel Craig Roberts.
I'm Alex Jones.
Craig, when you say we are taking over, you're talking about the globalists that control America, this tiny parasitic organization that controls the body politic, continuing with the map of the Middle East and Central Asia.
Right, and we being U.S.
troops, U.S.
armed forces being utilized to take these areas.
We have significantly taken a section of the Middle East and left one part out, and that is Iran.
Because Iran sits right in the middle of all those places.
We started at the east, we went to the north, we went to the west, and we already had the south, which is the Persian Gulf.
It's a pond for one of the American fleets.
We've got Iran, okay?
And they admit...
Now, that a few months ago, during the Iraq War, at the end of it, that the CIA got the students going.
Oh, yeah, and let's go back to Mossadegh.
If people get my book, The Medusa File, and go into the original seizure of Iran, we just sent a handful of CIA agents in.
They stirred up a revolution, and they overthrew a guy named Mossadegh, who was the head of Iran at the time, and they did it for a conglomerate of American interest plus British Petroleum.
British Petroleum had a huge interest in the place, but we wanted the oil, and we wanted to keep control of it over British Petroleum, who had it at the time, and by throwing out most of the day, we got the oil fields.
Then we turn around and we install the Shaw.
Well, he was just a puppet.
And by the way, one of the Shaw's captains who ran tortures is a Chalibi.
This guy is convicted of stealing 300 million from the ally, the Jordanians.
He's now setting up his own little mafia organization there in Baghdad, and when the Jordanians asked for him to be released, the Interpol said no.
Well, you know, if you back up again and look at what happened as soon as the Shah got in, well, he had to have a secret police himself, so he set up the SAVAK.
And the SAVAK had what?
They had torture chambers, they had private executions, they had all of that stuff.
They could disappear people off the street like they did down in South America.
All the good patriotic things we're now getting in America.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
See, you could do that to take care because you wanted the Shah to stay in there because you had the Russians up north and we wanted the Iranian border well secured against the Russians.
And so American corporations went in and built giant radar stations and checkpoints and stuff all along the Iranian border.
And then we had, of course, all the arms deals and so on that went on over there.
But eventually, they had to do away with the Shah.
I don't know exactly why.
I haven't dug into that too far.
But we had the revolution that happened during the Carter regime and
We're good to go.
You push it.
You can only push it so far before that spring is going to spring back at you.
A lot of times they have controlled springs.
Look at California.
Get out of Davis.
Put in a phony Arnold.
Oh, yeah.
You can do that.
What you have to do is make the people want to do something.
Then you pull the trigger and it happens.
You let them do the work for you.
And that's what they did when they overthrew the Shah.
Now that's what they're probably going to do when they overthrow the Muslim fundamentalists.
They already tried it, though, just a few months ago.
Well, that was probably a trial and error deal.
But when they get ready to do it for real, it's going to happen.
What you have to remember, though, everybody has to remember, we are not dealing with Arabs here.
We are dealing with Persians, and it's a totally different mentality.
The Persians have a much more military background than the Arabs ever thought of having.
Now, Arabs have always been good at hit-and-run and guerrilla tactics.
They've never, ever, ever won a stand-up battle against any kind of forces that equaled them.
If they couldn't overcome you ten to one, they didn't fight.
If they did try to attack you, they attacked your supply columns, or they attacked you while you slept at night.
The same thing is happening in Baghdad now.
But the Persians will stand and fight.
They'll go into trench warfare.
They'll do whatever...
So we don't want to have a war with Iran if we can have a revolution in Iran.
Now, how do we make the American people buy off on this?
Well, it's real simple.
We suffer deaths in Baghdad, and we find out that it's terrorists that come from Iran.
Yeah, it's the Iranians doing it, or you blow something up and say the Iranians are behind it.
That's right.
You know, we chase these things over to the Shiites over in Iran.
They've now...
They've now connected the bombing in Baghdad to Chalibi.
Why would the globalists want to bomb the U.N.
Well, you have to get the U.N.
You've got to be able to draw them in and say, look.
Or you have to run them off.
It depends on what the plan is, and it's hard to tell right now.
You either have to run them completely out of the country or you have to draw them in.
Now, that depends on how they work it.
So we'll just have to wait and see how that one plays out.
All right, we'll talk about this some more and a bunch of other issues in your calls.
When we get back, stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're about to go to Dan and Bob and Kevin and others that are patiently holding, and I hope that Colonel Roberts can stay with us into the next hour as well.
I want to, in a few minutes, talk to Colonel Roberts about an Associated Press article, an AFP article, several others, headline, Idealistic Philippine Rebellion Leaders Claim Moral Victory, where it turns out that you had U.S.
government agents involved in bombings being extracted by the CIA.
This is in mainstream news.
The commandos, the Philippine Special Forces, saying we're tired of getting shot and bombed by stuff our government gives them.
This is all staged.
They had a big uprising a month or so ago, and this has gotten almost no attention.
We've talked about it a few times.
We're going to get Colonel Roberts' response and analysis of it.
And then we'll go right to your calls.
But before we go back to Colonel Roberts, I really want every listener out there, number one, I want to thank those that have gotten the films, that have gotten my book, that have gotten our T-shirts, that have supported the show, what we're doing in this fight against the New World Order.
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The new book, Order Out of Chaos, by Paul Joseph Watson.
It is excellent.
It covers how the British government carries out terror attacks and blames it on its enemies.
Confirmed, admitted, mainstream news stuff, folks.
It's right out there in the open.
They've been caught in a bunch of cases internationally in their own country.
How the Israelis actually have a bunch of Arabs working for them.
Who blows stuff up and who were never prosecuted, who worked for Mossad.
This is admitted stuff out of Israeli news that you never heard about.
It's an incredible 330-something page book full of diagrams and documents, only $19.95.
I'm now carrying a very scary book.
I can confirm most of what's in it.
It's 600-something pages long, $24.95.
It's Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier.
And it is the 13 Illuminati bloodlines and a few other sub-bloodlines.
Being someone who studied history, it makes it even more scary when I read this book because I can't find fault with it.
We're now carrying that, the latest third edition, the latest edition.
We're good to go.
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I think?
I think?
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And look, the films, the books, they're really waking people up.
And before we get back into the Philippines and a hot spot for New World Order terrorism, Colonel Roberts, tell folks about some of your books and your website.
Okay, riflewarrior.com.
You can buy them right over the website or you can go to just about any bookstore and go to the Special Order Department and order.
Just go there.
The only three that we've got right now are the Medusa file, of course, which I think every American ought to have if they...
Don't have anything else.
They better get that book and dig into it because there's nine years of investigations in there that tell you what really happened about everything that's happened in this country over the last 20, 30 years.
And then, of course, Kill Zone.
Which talks about, starts with the Kennedy assassination, but goes into the New World Order and the Illuminati and all the rest of it, and who was really responsible behind that.
And Doorway to Hell Disaster in Somalia, which is a very timely book right now because we're seeing the same thing in Iraq that we saw in Somalia, and we tell you what really happened.
And you wrote that with General Wheeler?
That was with Ed Wheeler, General Wheeler, and we've got that available.
It's in hardback, and it's got pictures, it's got documents, it's got everything you need in it.
Great book.
And we have about 1,500 of those left in stock.
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People really should take advantage of that and support those that tell the truth.
And New York City is reprinting my book, my story in Vietnam.
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And it's got my picture on the cover instead of some other schmuck, like the first version had.
So if you want to see what I look like with a Viet Cong prisoner, go down to the bookstore and look at the cover.
You don't even have to buy it.
But The Walking Dead, if you want to see what it was like in those days from my eye view, is a Marine instrument and is a Marine sniper.
It's a paperback.
It should be in all the bookstores.
It's out there.
Well, I haven't read that one.
I've read One Shot, One Kill, Medusa File, Sniper Looks at Ely Plaza.
But Craig, Colonel...
Before we get into this article here out of AFP and the Associated Press about the Philippine military not going along with government-sponsored terror, you talk about how 10 years ago you'd go deer hunting and there'd be 30 guys and maybe two of you knew about the New World Order.
You say now the majority know about it or are concerned, talk about it.
I do see a lot of police, a lot of military, a lot of school teachers, doctors, lawyers, auto mechanics.
I really do see a change, a major wake-up taking place.
Number one...
I think.
I think.
Well, they've almost got it right now, to answer the last question first.
There are certain things that have to be done for the NWO scumbags to have what they want, and they've done most of it.
Now, one of the things they have to do, of course, is disarm the population.
We are the last domino.
The entire world...
I think so.
And we're next.
And they're doing everything they can.
They know they can't just have everybody just stack arms.
So what they're doing is they're legislating things away a little bit at a time.
Now, we can go into that in great detail any time you want.
But the next thing they have to do is they have to destroy faith.
I think so.
And God doesn't take care of you, government does.
Don't answer to God, but you have to answer to government.
In fact, we don't even want you talking to God.
We want him out of your life, and we're going to take him out a little bit at a time.
Now, this is called incrementalism, and this is what the Illuminati and the Globalists have done for over 200 years, is they legislate things away a little bit at a time.
You know, a socialist will do that.
A communist is a socialist with a gun.
But a socialist will go in and they will legislate out little pieces of your house until you have nothing left but one room.
We do that here by taking the Ten Commandments out, by no prayer at ball games, by creating a myth of
Yeah, I just read about a city council that would say a prayer.
They're elected officials.
If they're elected and want to say a prayer, go right ahead.
It's called the First Amendment.
We've got to stop putting up with all these socialists.
Well, what they've done is they've created a myth in our minds, and even some of my friends at Know Better are starting to say,
Well, that's what I keep trying to get through to these neocons, but Craig...
Jumping forward here, the police you talk to, you say they're waking up.
What are you seeing out there?
It's funny.
Some of the people that five years ago that I would talk to and they'd look at me with this blank stare like, what in the world are you talking about?
I'm now receiving email from and they're sending me articles about New World Order activities.
They all have their own agendas.
They all have their own areas of concern.
A lot of police officers, their big thing is they like to be able to go out and shoot or go hunting.
They don't want anybody messing with their Second Amendment rights.
But then the other friends I've got in other areas are concerned about the First Amendment rights and the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech rights.
But where before, they said, well, they can't do that.
We've got a Constitution.
And I kept telling them, I said, look, guys, the Constitution is used against you, and they will ignore it unless they want to use it.
And you can't use it because they won't let you.
Yeah, that's it.
They'll twist it and use it for their aims and claim stuff that isn't in there.
Well, it's like the border.
They say, we can't put troops on the border, but we will have them in Ohio.
Oh, yeah.
We can put troops on the streets of Denver and do stuff, but we can't put them in Arizona to keep aliens out.
And so we're seeing that.
And we're also seeing destruction of morals.
Once you destroy religion and you replace God with government and you take away
The fact that if you're bad, you're going to go to hell.
Take that factor out of everything.
Then we're going to go to destroying our morals.
It's moral relativism.
Yeah, we're torturing him, but it's okay because our government's good.
Yeah, we're taking this farmer's land, but everybody needs it.
It's all moral relativism.
Yeah, and take it even further.
Take it to the Internet.
You know, if you can flood the world with pornography and stuff like that and make it where the kids can get to this stuff, it follows the Rothschild plan.
And this is the point I was trying to get to.
If you destroy and rewrite the value system, if you destroy the morals, if you put, you know, homosexuality is a verboten thing to even talk about, and you promote it, and you can do all of these things that have always been bad in the past, but now they're good and good is bad.
Well, that's it.
They're now saying microchips for every kid.
Sean Hannity says every kid should be made to have one.
I'm a conservative.
You're not conservative if you don't take microchips.
Yeah, and I don't know how in the world anybody can go along with that that has any microchips.
Well, they've got all these Christian leaders out saying the chip's good now.
Knowledge of the Bible.
Well, and, you know, they're neo-Christians then.
So, you know, I mean, there's so many areas we can go this direction, but if you go to the Kill Zone, my book, and get about halfway through it, I go into the Rothschild Plan.
It's in 1773, and it said you have to destroy and corrupt the youth of all nations.
You have to destroy morals.
You have to get rid of God.
It goes right down the line, and those things came up later as the ten planks of communism, and now they're in this country being implemented by our own Congress who passes laws without even reading the things.
Well, that's it.
And a few men run things.
It's like Arnold Warren Buffett flying out of the Rothschild Castle.
And we're also going to see flak.
And flak is where they send something up to scare everybody, they pass a bunch of new regulations and laws, and then it goes away, but we've still got the regulations and laws.
Case in point is, what happened to SARS, Alex?
This terrible disease that was in Hong Kong and it was going... Well, it's going to be back, but they had to pass laws to quarantine you.
Oh, they got the laws passed, but what happened to the disease?
Well, we had the power outage.
Now Chuckie Schumer says a nationalized power grid.
Oh, by the way, I did email you that website we talked about last night.
To what address?
To the one you gave me.
Oh, okay.
We're going to post that.
Tell folks, because there were a bunch of news articles about an EMP burst, a car is dying, a clock's changing.
That's not on the power grid.
Talk about that real quick.
Okay, what I got was one of my federal guys, who's really up to speed on all the stuff we're talking about, emailed me a radar imagery
I think so.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then you've got, interestingly enough, Alex, you're lucky because you've got the Texas Power Grid.
The Texas Power Grid is only Texas and eastern New Mexico, which is a very... You see, their answer is link them all up together now so this doesn't happen again when the electricians I've talked to and engineers say that's the last thing you want to do.
Absolutely the last thing you want to do.
You want to be able to isolate areas.
Now, we've got this so big virus going around in everybody's email.
And it's been so successful, it's jammed up everybody's email.
And by the way, if we get a chance, I'll tell you how to stop it today.
I just found out this morning.
And I think everybody out there that's listening, if they've got email, have had 50 to 200 of these stupid things coming in saying, open the attachment and all that stuff.
And I'll tell you how to fix that in a minute.
But the thing about this, we talked about this last night, and who could have written something like this that could shut down the Internet email system so effectively for a length of time and then self-destruct?
The average hacker out here isn't probably going to be able to do it, but the Red Chinese Army, who we sold all kinds of computer secrets to during the Clinton administration, has a... They've had newspaper announcements every year saying, ordering their college students to attack us.
Right, and they have a cyber warfare division just to try to shut down our computer systems.
Now, if you can shut down the email system, why can't you write a virus to shut down the computer switching systems?
They're all interlocked, and it wouldn't be that hard if you can shut down the computers and fool the computers.
And what did Bill Gates do last year?
He gave Russia and China the code to Microsoft.
I've got to stop you right there, Craig, because these folks have been holding so long, and I've got to get to this Philippine story.
But I want to talk more about that EMP later.
Dan in California, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I want to lead up to a Wagon Hut contract that one time a day,
But I've been a Christian for over 40 years, and only God put me in a position to work at a Wackenhut facility in California.
And I've been there only five, not even five months.
But I was working at McDonald's, started at McDonald Douglas.
Boeing took us over.
I was laid off at Boeing, three years unemployed.
And now, desperate for a job, I end up at Wackenhut.
And just this past week, I heard news that
Wagon Hut officially received a contract at Guantanamo Bay, and that contract is with Homeland Security Department, and they're hiring people at 50% higher wages than what we're getting here in California.
Well, yeah, they're building 2,000 new beds in stockade-type Auschwitz-style.
That's Miami Herald.
Colonel Roberts?
Yeah, and you know, Wackenhut is closely associated with the CIA.
They get prime cut on contracts.
There's two or three organizations.
DynCorp is one.
Wackenhut's one.
I got a $178,000 job offer if I wanted to go to Baghdad and trade Iraqi police.
Stay there.
Stay there too, Dan.
We'll be right back.
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There is a chance to use this disaster as a New World Order.
A New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
We're good to go.
Kellogg Brown and Root subdivision of Halliburton is giving contracts to Wackenhut and others.
And Wackenhut, you know, is just an offshoot of things like the Pinkertons, where the government hires private thugs to do their bidding, like we've seen in the formation of the West of this nation.
Dan in California, anything else you wanted to add before we go to Bob, Kevin, and others?
The term starts in October, and we were given notice that for any correctional officer by this coming Friday, give notice to warn if we want to go down there.
But it's limited.
They don't allow families.
It's just really they want single persons.
Yes, sir.
This will be a job as a concentration camp guard.
They are killing people and torturing people to death at that base.
The general over it quit.
You might go serviture in the death camp.
Of course, if you criticize it, you might end up in it.
Yeah, but I know the Lords are going to be with me down there, but I've got other things that I have here to deal with, too.
But I just can't see how can Homeland Security be in charge?
If they're only Homeland in our own borders, why do they have anything contract outside of our borders?
Well, Colonel Roberts just said it.
Colonel Roberts just said it.
It's Devil's Island.
It's a place where your family can't get to you.
It's inside a country run by a communist dictator.
Colonel Roberts comments.
We don't have a whole lot of extra real estate at Gitmo, so my question is, why have it there to begin with?
I mean, temporarily using a brig is one thing.
But, you know, we've got entire military bases here on this country that are set up to be used as a detention camp.
What happened in the takeover?
My video of the takeover, local newscast, Seattle, and it shows the FEMA camp, and they say, Sam Point, FEMA camp, we're going to put the protesters in it.
The Army did it.
And they had plenty of other jail spaces.
They don't care.
Yeah, but the thing about it is, if they brought them here...
People, you know, media people could find them.
You and I could find them.
We could do interviews.
We could see what's going on.
But there is no overwatch if you're on an island someplace.
And we could shut up a high-powered lens and take photos.
Interestingly enough, when I was in Hawaii two years ago, I was told that there is no prisons in Hawaii that keep prisoners that they subcontract with the state of Texas, and that you get all the Hawaiian felons down there, and Hawaii just pays you.
Yet Hawaii, the Hawaiian Islands, are basically a military camp.
Honolulu is always under martial law.
Pearl Harbor is there.
All the military bases are there.
So that's pretty much a military community.
Dan, please call me after your tour in the camp, okay?
Well, I don't think I'm going.
Go ahead.
Apostle Paul is Alex Jones of that day.
We're not to obey the government like the New Translation said.
And he was writing to the church, and that's the church leaders, and I just want to get that in because I couldn't call in last time.
Well, thank you.
Colonel Roberts, Romans 13, used by Hitler.
They've taken it, they've really warped it.
Your comments to the render unto Caesar comment.
Well, that's pretty apparent.
There's one place in the entire Bible where it talks about that.
It says, render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, render unto God what is God's.
You know, and so, you know, what is Caesar's?
Not very darn much.
And that's what we lose sight of.
It isn't what Caesar says is Caesar's.
It's basically that you have to support the government as long as it's a just government.
But when the government is no longer just, then you have to do something about it.
Now, our founding fathers did that.
Yeah, that's it.
I mean, the whole Bible is people standing up to corrupt governments.
There's been more corrupt governments thrown out and overcome or wiped out in the Bible than there is that have been supported.
You know, I mean, they've gone in and they've taken whole countries and destroyed the governments of them because they were evil.
And that's what we're really talking about.
You and I talk about this all the time.
Folks, it's just good against evil.
It's that simple.
Except evil disguises itself in a hundred different patterns and tries to convince us that it's good.
Yeah, exactly.
All right, third hour.
Colonel, can you stay with us?
I'll stay with you as long as you want.
Yeah, well, the whole next hour we'll talk to Bob, Kevin, others, and a bunch of news.
We haven't gotten to this Philippines news yet.
We will.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
You asked us to make the water level visible to eliminate the guesswork when refilling the water.
We bought it.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we're back live, already in the third and final hour of this Tuesday, the 26th of August, 2003 edition.
And Bob, Kevin, Willie, Joe, and others, your calls are coming up right now.
We've got Colonel Craig Roberts on the line with us.
And I want to get to this.
Idealistic Philippine rebellion leaders claim moral victory...
This hasn't gotten reported properly.
It came out from the French news agency, Associated Press, in an article about it.
And we need to talk about this.
You heard about the rebellion going on a month ago there, but you didn't hear why it was going on there.
In fact, just exactly a month ago.
So we'll be discussing this with Colonel Roberts because he's done a lot of study of the Philippines, interesting things that are happening there.
And just a bunch of other news reports.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
Bob in Montana, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Bob.
Hello, Alex and Colonel Roberts.
I could highly recommend Killzone and Medusa File, as I've read those, but that's not the main reason I call.
Earlier, you mentioned the Shah's security force and the torture and all of that.
His security force was most likely trained at the School of the Americas, where they've trained other
Well, yeah, that's the point.
And just because the left protested, that doesn't mean that the school's good.
The left's all for torture just when leftists are doing it.
I'm against it when leftists are doing it or phony right-wing people are doing it.
The School of America does train people in death squad activities.
Colonel, comments?
Well, you can trace that all the way back to Edward Lansdale in the Philippines before the Vietnam War and during the Vietnam War.
You can trace it down to South America when a lot of the South American dictators' security forces were trained there.
What happens is they create a school, then all of a sudden there's little tentacles that branch out into other areas and say, oh, by the way, while you're here, let me tell you what else you can do.
And then sometimes it just gets out of hand, and I think School of the Americas went that way with a lot of these alleged right-wing dictators that some of them turned out left-wing dictators later on, but that's beside the point.
Yeah, we saw that back especially in the 60s.
If you really want to read about some interesting things, look up General Edward Lansdale.
The guy's the first two- or three-star general that ever surfaced that only had one row of combat ribbons.
I don't even think they were combat.
I think they were for hanging out at the officer's club or something.
But this guy was a spook deluxe.
He fomented more revolutions than you could shake a stick at.
He's even been linked to the Kennedy assassination.
He was involved in the assassination of the Diem brothers over in Vietnam back in 1962 or 1963.
And he's one example, but he was highly involved in the Philippines and the formation of the intelligence services and the death squads and the hit squads back in the 1960s.
And since then, we've never lost a grip on that situation over there.
We're still involved in it.
All right.
Go ahead, Bob.
Okay, yes.
The comment I wanted to make was, now we're seeing them talk about torture and stuff in this country, and what's happening is the biblical principle, let you reap what you sow.
And also one comment on Guantanamo Bay.
The reason they're using that down there is the Constitution does not apply because it's out there.
Yeah, they're saying it's under admiralty.
In fact, they've even said that in the riddlings.
Well, this isn't military and this isn't civilian.
Now, this is admiralty under our enemy combatant designation.
Right, and that's all I have.
So God bless you folks.
Well, thank you, Bob.
That's a great point you made, Colonel, because I meant to say that last hour and never did, that they're doing it there because it's outside the U.S.
It's kind of in this territorial jurisdiction.
And you can go even further, because you have to designate the difference between military law and admiralty law.
There is a difference.
Military law has to do with the Army, and I guess the Air Force would fall under that.
But the admiralty law is Navy and Marine Corps, and it goes to the law of the high seas, which is totally different.
And it's like every naval base is just like a ship.
It's a country within itself.
And then look at how they're administering it.
Who's administering it?
Navy and the Marines.
Right, see, and also, naval personnel do not fall under posse comitatus anyway.
That's only for the Army.
And who have they been training for the Urban Warfare Gun Compensation?
But the Marines will be right back.
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Okay, let's talk to Kevin...
Then we'll cover this news about the Philippines and government-sponsored terror.
Then we'll shift gears and go to Willie and Joe and Darren and others.
Kevin in Texas, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Colonel Roberts.
It's a great honor to speak to you.
You guys got my head spinning.
I originally called up to talk about the Dallas Police Force, but I'll get to that in a second.
I'm a
I guess if your previous caller was going to be the guy turning the ovens on in Guantanamo Bay, I guess my brother is going to be the train driver.
I'm sitting here.
I'm looking at an MPEG file on CD that was sent to my brother through his airline.
They're getting the civil contract to start running, or the DOD contract to start running into Guantanamo Bay.
This is the tutorial.
On how to come into the airspace, because it's all Cuban airspace around there.
But October sounds about right.
That's what this is designed to be implemented.
Wow, they're going to need to round up a lot of folks in October.
I guess more than the military can handle, so they have to sell it out.
And they're out there pouring concrete for a mass camp, according to the Miami Herald.
Yeah, well, it's going to happen, I guess.
Hey, I wonder what's coming up in September, Colonel.
Well, I've got a question first.
If this is going to be a civil airline transport contract to haul prisoners in, is there any information in this MPEG file that you've got showing where they're flying from?
No, not anything there.
It's just the procedures on how to arrive and depart out of Guantanamo Bay.
Those who don't know, I know Kevin.
He's done some work with me, so...
I mean, he's basically, being an airline pilot, you're basically a federal employee.
I mean, you know, you can't rock the boat too much, but
I read the Somalia book that Robert has in the One Shot One Kill.
He is an excellent writer and he is somebody that has credibility from the military that can bridge this gap where someone would be called a conspiracy nut or whatever and not have any credibility.
He has it.
One thing I noticed that, you know, until about a week ago, they kept saying, well, the death toll since hostilities ended in Iraq is at 50.
And I'm like, how can it be at 50?
We've had 10 killed this week, and today I saw they came out and said it's 138.
So it's jumped from about 50 to 138 in a weekend.
Also, all the government websites said all combat activities have ended, and then now they've changed them all, and news articles have all changed to major deaths.
Colonel, we've confirmed this.
They're actually going back, not just in government sites now, but newspapers and changing that.
What does it mean when retroactively newspapers start getting edited?
Well, that's common practice, though.
If you look at Operation Mockingbird, where the CIA controls the media anyway, they have to be able to go along with the government program because you have to control the minds of the people, and you do that by rewriting history.
Well, that's right out of the Ministry of Truth in Winston.
Colonel Roberts, I don't know if you know about this, but in March I filmed a...
The CIA and CFR steering committee at UT Law School.
They said this is World War IV.
Wolsey in there and Philip Bobbitt on the continuity of government panels and Leo Graglia.
They were calling for Muslims in camps.
It doesn't really matter Muslims.
It can be just one group that's out of favor just to get the president started and then it starts flowing.
You know, I had Anne-Marie Slaughter from Princeton saying, you know, we can't tell the American public that Iraq's the base of operations and then go to Iran and then Syria and then Saudi Arabia.
They'd never stand for it.
Kevin shot that footage there at the meeting, and it is just chilling, chilling stuff.
And he talked about World War IV.
Then a month later it was on CNN, big headline.
Woolsey says we're in World War IV.
But, yeah, they sit around and brag with news cameras.
That we've got to lie to the people and can't let them know what we're doing?
Ron Paul's speech talks about that.
How the neocons brag, how they manipulate us.
Incredible speech.
That's going to be a historic document.
Why are they so arrogant, Colonel, that they can just publicly brag in front of ten news cameras that, yeah, we're going to lie to the people and this will never be on the news as they look at the news cameras?
Well, you know, I think that they think they have a handle on the whole situation that's not going to be changed now, and a lot of them are getting a little bit reckless, which is good because it shows stupidity on their part because not all of us are dumb down to the point where we don't see this stuff anymore.
Why do criminals always get reckless?
I think it's human nature that you get cocky and you get overconfident.
You see it in sports where one team goes out, they've won five games in a row, and they know that this team's not going to be a challenge, and they get beat because they get overconfident.
But these people, they start announcing things ahead, and a lot of times they'll do that just to see what kind of play they get.
They can always deny it later.
They say, that's not what I meant, or it was taken out of context.
Well, they don't even say that.
They say, I never said there was a Patriot Act, dude.
And then, oh yes, we need to pass it.
And then, I never said I did that.
I mean, I've got them on tape going, there is no second Patriot Act.
It does not affect citizens later.
Well, there is a second Patriot Act.
You better pass it.
It does affect citizens.
Colonel Roberts, Ann Rees-Slaughter did a two-hour presentation two nights before this particular meeting, and I've got the handout from it.
The name of her lecture was A New World Order.
Yeah, I showed it on TV.
And they're all just clapping and laughing and patting each other on the back, but
We've just got to get to a point where we can tell people these things and they don't forget when they go to sleep and they go,
You know, oh wow, you know, that was weird.
I did hear about that.
But people don't connect the dots.
But last thing I wanted to say, you're a police officer, retired police officer.
The Dallas police force and all of Dallas politics is so racially driven.
It's a joke.
It's a media circus always.
It's a way to control everybody.
They put in this police chief, bumped him up over everyone's head.
I think he was a patrol officer.
A black man, there was a complete purge of the upper echelon of the Dallas Police Force, which I mean, you know, maybe it's not such a bad thing.
They're probably one of the most corrupt departments in the world.
The fallout was predictable.
He wasn't able to handle the job.
There was great divisions between the power structure.
It's been nothing but a failure for him.
There's so many shootings here.
Today, an hour ago, he was fired.
So now it's a racial divide.
Last week, Giuliani and associates were in town.
Pitching to the city council how they can come in and run the Dallas Police Department like they did New York and clean it up.
Oh yeah, Giuliani's a definite CIA guy.
He's going around selling them on the anti-terror, no civil liberties, no freedoms model.
Colonel, comments on how they're covertly federalizing cities.
And the FBI is taking charge of the department also.
And I'll stop.
Thank you very much, guys.
Yeah, let me just say this.
It's in my analysis of Patriot Act 2.
Thanks, Kevin.
Yes, I'm writing an analysis of the Victory Act.
And let me just say this in a nutshell.
The Victory Act has some new stuff, but mainly it's Patriot Act 1 and Patriot Act 2, some of the key provisions mixed together because they're afraid stuff's getting repealed.
They want to repass it again under new names.
But just for folks to understand here,
They have another bill that takes over local governments.
And this new bill, and I have the bill number in the document.
I can't remember it right now.
It's in my analysis.
I just mentioned it and have a subsection.
Detroit, L.A., New York, Times-Picayune reported on New Orleans.
So they just calmly announce the feds around the city.
So they get a city in trouble, and the feds come in and take over.
Colonel Roberts, how important is that?
Well, it's extremely important because there's two things that's happening.
Your caller just mentioned one that brought one to mind.
They don't know that this is happening.
People don't understand.
There is a national organization of chiefs of police
We're good to go.
We had a guy that was in my academy class.
He's a good guy and I like him, but he was very socialist, very globalist, and he became the chief of police.
The next thing we knew, the whole department was ending up with all kinds of decisions that were shoving us into the KGB mentality.
And this is happening in different cities around the country.
Now, when they can't do that, or when something else goes astray, what they do is they say, gee, it's such a disaster, we're going to have to fire this guy, we've got to have help, and we're going to have to go outside the department to get help, and we're going to have to go here and we're going to have to go there, and they end up bringing in federal authorities to take over in the interim.
Texas isn't the first place.
I mean, this has happened in other states as well, especially up north.
Now, what happens at that point...
And as you get the FBI that comes in, let's say, and they put their idea of the way this department ought to be run, and what they do is they come in with new policies and procedures, they come in with new... And they say 50 of your officers are now going to be watching the evil right-wingers.
Oh, yeah, they can create sub-task force in different units and reorganize the whole department into whatever image they want.
And at that point, it becomes nothing but a clone of the federal government.
And here's another thing that's happening.
We're seeing what's known as cross-deputization and cross-commissioning.
And there's no reason to do that.
No, because once you've done that, once you cross-deputize everybody across the country, you have created a national police force that, above all, is answerable to the Department of Justice.
And that's what FEMA has on their badges, is national police force.
That's right.
And once you get to answering to the Department of Justice, you answer to whoever the head of the Department of Justice is, which means you answer also to the President of the United States.
Because he works for the president.
So in your chain of command, it jumps from out of your local jurisdiction under your second badge.
Yeah, all it does is make the police chief the city governor.
Yeah, he's redundant at that point.
Yeah, he's the guy held accountable for stuff, and he's the buffer zone, but he's not the power behind the throne now.
The power behind the throne is the guy you answer to and watch.
Yeah, basically you've got a ready-made patsy.
And the feds come in and teach you how to not just shoot some innocent kid in the back, but here, we'll burn down a church and kill everybody inside and make it look good.
We'll teach you how to be real professionals.
Well, the thing that goes beyond that...
Is what happens when all of a sudden they say we have a national emergency, you are now operating all as federal agents.
Oh, by the way, and I'm talking to the police officers who are listening to this.
By the way, all you local officers, you need to go in and get all of your new safety equipment that we're issuing and get your guns checked and make sure that you have your guns and your ammunition all checked and make sure everything's up to date.
Don't worry about it.
We're paying for it.
It's a good penny.
You go in there, they take your gun away from you, and now you are unarmed police officers.
And by the way, we've got an inoculation for you.
They're talking about a national draft for doctors and police to force you to take the shots.
Willie, you're up next.
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Let's go to him quickly.
Willie in Alabama, I guess with an update on the Judge Roy Moore situation.
Go ahead.
Greetings, Mr. Jones, Mr. Robert.
Yes, sir, I was up there for about three nights and four or five days, and I just came back to Mobile to get a break and pass the baton to some other Christians, and I wanted to bring you on a little update on what's going on, if I may.
The U.S.
Supreme Court...
Let me see if I can get everything in order here.
Chief Justice Roy Moore found out he was suspended by the eight other state Supreme Court justices on CNN News, and he was never served, and the other eight won't even let him in his office to get his personal items.
A counter-lawsuit has been filed against
Kelly McGinley and some others, and I believe you know her.
She has www.retakingamerica.com in Mobile.
I believe you've been interviewed on her program before in Mobile.
There's so much going on up there.
Anyway, we've had great speakers, Dr. Rick Scarborough, Vision America, Howard Phillips, Conservative Caucus.
We've had Ambassador Alan Keyes, who's just been a jewel.
I mean, he's just given so many great patriot speeches up there.
Of course, Jerry Falwell came up and was embracing George W. Bush, but so far I have not seen him yet.
Thank you, Bush, for appointing all these judges and this one that's going after more, and thank you for Bohemian Grove, and thank you for open borders and gun control, and thank you for being a neocon.
Let me get comments from Colonel Roberts about this.
Well, you know, it goes back to what we were talking about in the beginning, that they have established a system where they put people on the bench who are going to do everything they can to legislate law from the bench instead of just uphold the law and judge the law.
What they're doing is they're creating law from the bench.
Yeah, I mean, they're saying police can run warrantless checkpoints.
I mean, that's a total violation of the Fourth Amendment.
When you control the judicial branch and you control the...
Thank you.
Thank you.
I think so.
When do we take oaths out of our oaths of office?
You know, I mean, how far does this thing go?
Well, Colonel Roberts, I've got a, and thank you, Willie, for the call.
I've got a stack here of news articles where that's already begun.
We'll get to those.
Let's talk to Joe in Oklahoma.
Joe, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing today?
Good, okay.
I just wanted to bring up something that Colonel Roberts mentioned about the So Big Virus thing.
Good deal.
I think we're good to go.
You wouldn't even be reading about it.
It would be so stealthy that they would take over your computer and you wouldn't know about it.
Well, that's the kind of stuff the government's got, and I think Roberts is talking about the scale of it.
But go ahead and be specific exactly.
What are you saying?
It's kind of, you know, people shouldn't look at this as a malicious attack by government or by a terrorist organization.
But really more like a kid sitting in his room.
All I was saying is I've read the Chinese newspapers, not somebody saying the Chinese said it.
I've read the Chinese newspapers where they, and supposedly our friends, folks, where they say we're the big enemy and they order their college students to launch hack attacks on America.
I think what Craig was saying is that's one of the big culprits of a lot of the mischief we see.
Any comments, Craig?
Yeah, and I'm not going to... I can't agree that some kid in high school can do this because I've been in computers for 20 years and I can't do it.
Yeah, I've been in eight.
Well, that may be.
You've had a lot of classes on programming stuff.
But what I'm saying is it cost us over $10 billion a day and lost business through the Internet because of this virus.
And the government isn't doing anything about it.
They're not trying to track down who did it.
They designed the system.
Look, they gave the communist Chinese last year the Microsoft system.
The code.
Why aren't they on the news every night telling us how to defeat this thing?
Because I'm going to tell you right now how to defeat it.
It's real easy to do.
It is.
Okay, well, I'll tell you what.
Stay there, Joe, and stay there, Craig.
We'll get both your takes on how to fix it, and then we'll talk to Darren, Mike, and Pat.
And that's it for calls, because I've got to get to the Philippines news, government sponsored terror, a bunch of this stuff, and I want to dig out these articles.
We're all over the country, from Texas to Missouri to California.
They're going after Bibles anywhere now.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's toll free at 888-803-4438.
Not yet available in Iowa.
Welcome back, my friends.
Already into the next to final segment.
We've got about 26 minutes left here.
And go ahead, caller.
You were raising the point of this virus not originating from some government.
And just to me, it kind of takes people's
Speak up a little bit.
It just takes people's attention away from real issues that we have, like in Guantanamo Bay and et cetera.
Kind of a red herring was only the point I was trying to make.
Well, okay.
How do you fix it?
The easiest way to fix it, I would go to Symantec.com, and they have a removal tool.
Go ahead and change the registry settings and kill the virus and wipe it off your hard drive.
Well, that's if it's on your hard drive.
The problem is it's not on my hard drive because I clean it every day, and I get over 200 emails a day with this junk on it to open the attachment.
And this has been going on for two weeks.
Now, this is coming from, and it also takes my email address and sends it all over the Internet, making me look like I'm sending it, and I have a virus when I don't.
Now, here's how you stop that.
I can only address the Outlook Express is what I use.
And that's...
Okay, go to Tools.
Go to the Tools at the top in the Outlook Express when you've got your email program open.
And then you go from the Tools tab, you go to Message Rules.
Then you go to Mail.
And you're not going to remember this, but just know it's there.
Then Mail Rules, it's just following the progression down until you can click on the rule description and you can edit in there.
You can type in a line that says, I don't want any more email that says,
I think so.
And it's also a good idea to do that because that's a common tactic that almost all email viruses use.
And they use a lot of similar subject lines.
Right, right.
And if you learn how to just go in there and set your message rules to delete, you can go subject, you can go who it's from.
If you don't want any more from Uncle John, you can put his name in there and you're not going to get any more.
I don't want any more mortgage ads or Viagra ads.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, same thing, Alex.
I put those in there myself, including a few other I don't even want to mention on the air that keep coming in.
Okay, before we go to Darren and Mike and Pat, that'll be our final calls.
Let's get to some news, Colonel.
This is important.
Let me just read this article.
It's a big French newspaper, news service.
Disgruntled rebel Philippine troops claimed a moral victory Monday despite being forced to return...
Dejected to barracks after their failed military uprising in central Manila, the young, battle-tested and idealistic military officers and enlisted men reluctantly agreed to end their 22-hour siege and be court-martialed after the authorities agreed to consider demands for a probe into allegations of military and government corruption.
We were ready to die, but give up for the sake of our comrades in the military and the interest of the people and the country.
31-year-old Navy officer Antonio Trinalis, the self-styled leader of the group, said, We have already planted the seeds.
We will just have to bite the bullet and roll with the punches.
Hopefully, we have inspired others.
This is our significant contribution to the country.
Folks, they could get life in prison or executed.
He said he and his 300-odd men ended their occupation of an upscale apartment and shopping complex in the financial center after intense negotiations with the government, opposition, and military officials.
In the end, sources close to the negotiations said the key figures of the mutiny, whose average age was 27 years old, were largely influenced by colleagues from their alma mater, the Philippine Military Academy, where they belonged to a class renowned for its brilliance and idealism.
Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff, General Narisco Abella, agreed he would create a special panel to study the complaints raised by the young officers against President Glorio Arroyo's administration in the military.
That goes on to say, Trimnilis, who spoke to Arroyo about his grievances before the revolt, sounded dejected in a local television interview.
And he says, these reforms will not come in my lifetime, he said in a defeat in his voice.
Canales had documented the irregularities in the Philippines military in a controversial thesis he submitted for a master's degree at the University of Philippines last year.
Eugene Gonzalez, another rebel leader, military officer in revolt, was a reminder of the country's leaders to serve with sincerity, adding that his group was prepared to face the music for its action.
And it goes on.
Now, here it is.
They accuse the military leadership of selling arms to rebels from the country's biggest separatist Muslim group, the Islamic Liberation Front, or MILF, the Communist Guerrilla Force of New People's Army, and the notorious Abu Sayyaf Kingpin.
Kidnap for ransom group.
The mutineers also, who colleagues say also hold a sterling combat record, said they had come across recovered ammunition from captured rebel camps with markings DND, Department of National Defense, Arsenal.
These bullets are some of the same ones that are killing our fellow soldiers in the field, complained Captain Bernardo Gambilla, another core leader of the siege.
The ministry is also accused...
Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes, the military intelligence chief, of masterminding bombings against civilian targets in the southern Philippines in a bid to declare the MILF a terrorist group and eventually get more U.S.
funding for the anti-terror campaign.
They also accused the military leadership of planning bombings in Manila in a bid to extend O'Rario's stay in power through martial law.
They will also do this through bombings in Metro Milan, which they will blame on other groups, said Gambialena.
Excuse me, Gambalala, citing the recent escape of self-confessed Indonesian terrorist father, Ramon Al-Gortez, as essential to his operation.
Now, I've got about ten articles on this.
It gets worse.
They caught a U.S.
spy blowing stuff up, and the U.S.
government came and got him, and they've caught him red-handed doing it.
Some of the security troops have caught other intelligence agency people planting bombs.
That's just the beginning.
I can't babble through all this in the interest of time.
But, Colonel Roberts, I mean, how many times do we have to catch Mossad, MI6, CIA blowing stuff up?
I mean, it's so obvious what they're doing.
Well, and it is, and it's not the first time.
And it's probably going to continue on because it's kind of a modus operandi for anybody in the intelligence segment to be able to initiate an action so that they can have a counteraction to it, so they can justify spending more money or bringing in more troops.
And this whole thing is pointing toward us putting American forces back into the Philippines.
And we've been there several times before.
In fact, we just pulled out.
We just gave them Clark Air Base and the Naval Station back
And all of a sudden, here we've got this, that they're saying, we need American money, we need American troops.
And we're starting to send special forces guys over there.
Now, we've always had them over there.
Colonel Nick Rau was over there.
And Colonel Rau was, if you remember him, he was in Vietnam, I think as a lieutenant, was captured by the Viet Cong.
He was one of the few people that escaped and actually got away.
He'd been there for, I mean, they had him in cage for several months.
And he actually escaped and got away.
Wait a minute.
What's wrong with being in a cage with mosquitoes and rats?
We do that to the people at Camp X-Ray.
Isn't that a loving thing?
Oh, I didn't say anything wrong with it.
I just said I would rather have a nicer house than that.
I'm being sarcastic.
Nick Raul, though, was in the Philippines, Special Forces, good guy, and he gets ambushed one day.
I think it was in Manila or near Manila.
He's in a van and a gorilla has come up.
I can't remember if they shot him or threw a bomb in the van or what it was.
He was assassinated over there because he was starting to make waves on this very connection that, hey, there's a problem here.
We've got people inside the Philippine government who are supplying the rebels, who are supplying
I think so.
He met with Ramzi Yosef, who was later one of the World Trade Center bombers.
He met with a guy named Muhammad Wali Khan, who was Osama bin Laden's left-hand man.
And he met with a guy named Edwin Angeles.
Now, this is where the point I'm trying to make now is Edwin Angeles was the second command of Abu Sayyaf, but Edwin Angeles was a member of the Philippine Secret Intelligence Service.
He was a plant, but he helped start Abu Sayyaf.
He funded Abu Sayyaf.
Well, it's the same thing in England.
MI5 runs the terror groups, Protestant and Catholic.
They're blowing things up.
It's not that they're infiltrated.
They run it, and British intelligence goes around kneecapping people if they won't start riots.
I mean, it's controlled by them.
Well, let's go back to the 1700s.
It's the same thing.
If you can stir up the people against an organization or against a government, then you can either take over the organization or the government by using the people.
So you do that in the Philippines.
You blow up a few things.
You blame it on somebody.
Hitler did it.
It worked for him.
And I think that's what we're seeing.
So now you've got Philippine military personnel who are saying, you know, we found out that we're supplying the enemy and we're blowing up our own stuff and we're not putting up with it anymore.
It's about time we had a little discussion with this government at a vantage point, and that's where the insurrection came from.
And then they gave themselves up to be put in prison for the rest of their lives.
And they'll probably be killed in prison by communists who are openly working for the government.
I mean, I've had leftist anarchists
Who aren't, again, anarchists at all.
Walk over to me at a rally, admit they work for the feds, and say that we can kill you anytime we want.
They're leftists.
Yeah, sometimes they get a little brazen.
But my point is that these so-called leftists out in the streets who are against the wars and all this, they're there to make anti-war look stupid.
They're there to control the debate and make the left look like it's good.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
And what we're seeing, though, is all of this stuff.
It doesn't matter whether it's right-wing or left-wing.
It's all going in the same direction right now, and it's all being controlled by the globalists for one purpose, and that is to pull all of this stuff together to accomplish their little new world order scenario.
Well, it's simple.
There's going to be more and more bombings, more and more terror, and the government gets bigger and bigger with more controls over our lives, and now everything's going to be a terrorist action.
It's just an excuse for the government to run our lives.
Well, there's the next step.
And when you go to the Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn and you start looking at it, we're seeing a blueprint that was done there happening here now.
The next step is going to be terrorizing the population so badly that we're afraid to leave our houses.
We're afraid to say anything.
We're afraid to have radio shows like this.
We're afraid to do anything because we don't want to be labeled a terrorist.
We don't want to be labeled a criminal.
We don't want anybody picking us up in the middle of the night.
And that's where this is going right now.
To protect you from yourself, we have to destroy you, basically.
You know, it's the old Vietnam deal.
To save the village, we had to destroy it.
And their deal is order out of chaos, and it's also to control by terror.
Craig, we're not Russia.
We're not China.
We're not cube-up.
And the key is we're being more vocal.
We're being more active.
More people are waking up.
You talk about how you go to the deer camp, and 10 years ago, two cops out of 30 knew.
Now almost all of you know.
Don't you see it that we have a good chance if folks are active of standing up and not being cowed into submission and defeating this?
I think it's happening more and more every day.
But it only happens because we keep gas in our tanks.
You know, the day we quit talking, the day we quit having these radio shows and publishing these books and doing these videos, and the day we quit doing the seminars and traveling and just decide, I'm just going to pass the torch on to somebody else, I'm going to kick back in my lawn chair.
Yeah, folks, they spend a lot of time figuring out how to counter real patriots.
We're on the threat board.
You can see their propaganda in the news, the newspapers, the sitcoms, the dramas.
You know, the episodes where it's all anti-gun messages, they're trying to counter us, and they know they're losing credibility.
The polls have come out, Colonel, the mainstream news is losing almost all its credibility.
Well, it was going to happen sooner or later, because people aren't totally stupid.
People do have the ability to become educated, and once they do, you can't uneducate them.
And that's the problem they're running into.
They've tried to control the youth.
They've tried to control the educational system.
They've tried to control the religious systems in this country.
They've tried to control the media.
But the problem is the Americans are a different breed of cat.
We don't fall in the same groove as the other people who line up in a row and turn in their guns.
That's why we're more violent.
There's problems on that, but there's also pluses to being a bunch of wild folks from all over the place.
You're not ever going to be able to kill all the fish in the sea.
It just isn't going to happen.
But now it's a battle.
It's a war.
It's an information war right now.
It's an education war.
It's where we have to get other people on board.
We have to make them see the truth, see the light, see what's going on, and then stand up against it.
Do it at the ballot box.
Do it on the soapbox.
I don't care.
But, you know, people at my church ask me, well, you know, we really need some leadership.
We really need somebody to do something.
And I said, let me tell you something.
No, you don't.
You need yourself to do something.
Because I do radio shows.
I write books.
I put my head on the chopping block all the time.
Yeah, Carl, in Vietnam, when you were out there as a sniper, I mean, it's not, you know, the general's going to save me back in the command bunker.
No, no.
What we need is we need the troops on the line.
We need the people in the Sunday school classes.
We need the people at the bus stop.
We need the people on the street to educate the guy standing next to them.
And say, look... Well, look, ten years ago I was in college hearing how evil America was, and I got sick of hearing they're anti-gun, anti-family garbage, and I got on this path.
You, you know, 15, 20 years ago began investigating it.
You found out about it.
I mean, it's simple, folks.
You've all got to be leaders.
There are people more articulate, more intelligent, with more resources than us...
And I'm telling you, if you don't get involved, folks, we're going to lose it all.
The globalists are the sickest, most ruthless synthesis of wickedness I have ever even tried to study or imagine.
And it's their nature.
And you better stop being naive, and you better admit that there is a devil.
Because that's the devil's biggest trick, is convincing the world he didn't exist.
That's how Ted Bundy got women in that Volkswagen.
There's two kinds of people in the world, folks.
And that's meat eaters and grass eaters.
And you've got to figure out which one you are because the meat eaters eat the grass eaters.
And there's two types of birds, eagles and ostriches.
And if you're not an eagle, you've got your head in the sand and somebody's going to come along and pick what's sticking up.
Well, I do a varying of that.
You've got wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs.
I'm not a wolf.
I'm not a sheep.
And I have this instinctive need to warn these people.
Let's talk to Darren in Colorado.
Go ahead, Darren.
Good day, gentlemen.
It's a distinct and profound pleasure to be with you today.
Well, it's an honor to talk to you.
Go ahead.
Mr. Roberts, have you ever heard of a former military man named Jim Ammerman?
Oh, yes.
I think he's a wonderful speaker, and Alex, if you could ever speak with him on your show, I'm sure we'd all be delighted to hear it.
I'd like to thank you, Alex, for bringing up that commercial that ran a few years ago with the guy in the overcoat filling his pockets and walking out and being stopped to have his receipt handed to him.
I'd forgotten completely about that, and I appreciate you reminding me of that.
Well, that's what the self-checkout is with the RFID.
It's admitted to get rid of all the checkers.
And then, like you said, they weren't selling anything except that they're putting forth this image of things to come.
Alex, the one thing I wanted to ask you...
My dad, his name was David Waters, and he was from Austin, Texas, where you're at.
And he killed Madeline Murray O'Hare.
And I've read as much as I could about that case.
And is there anything that I should know that maybe you'd be privy to from being from that area?
Because I know it was covered more thoroughly in Austin.
You're going to have to stay there, Darren, because I'll talk to you on the other side.
We'll be right back.
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All right.
Darren in Colorado.
If you want to contact me sometime off air, email me or something.
I'll try to sift through and find it and get in touch with you.
But, I mean, the whole battle of Marie O'Hare case and how she was supposedly killed and then how that investigation went along, I don't know what to make of it.
I don't know what the truth is.
You probably know more about that than I do, but you're saying your father was the convicted killer?
Yes, sir.
He died in January.
Just all of a sudden, he'd been put in Leavenworth
And suddenly he was deathly ill and died within a month.
And it was very strange.
It struck me as strange that a perfectly healthy man would just suddenly... Yeah, that whole case was they were out there at that ranch for months and, oh, they found something, oh, they hadn't.
And just the way that the whole thing was being reported, it was very, very interesting.
Yeah, he was in Leavenworth, struck deathly ill.
All of a sudden, they shipped him off to North Carolina to their federal cancer brig or whatever they've got.
Well, I know they do a lot of bio and chemical testing on prisoners and people, and that's admitted.
They did it to troops, even in the mid-'80s in England, killing our troops knowingly.
That's BBC.
Colonel Roberts, can you speak to that?
I'm real familiar with the O'Hare case.
I don't know anything about what you're talking about right now, but I know that there was also a lot of money involved in this deal.
All the money disappeared, and there was a lot of gold involved, and all the gold disappeared.
It all happened overnight.
I don't know if they ever found any of that.
Other than that, I really don't know much about it.
Send me some info.
I appreciate the call, Darren.
Mike in Tennessee, real quick.
Go ahead.
Appreciate you coming on the show, Mike.
Go ahead.
I'm here.
Go ahead and talk.
Mr. Roberts, I've enjoyed all your books, and your newest one was Walking Dead.
Is that the latest one?
That's a reprint of one that came out several years ago, but it's just come back out again.
Now, you mentioned something earlier about a radar shot from Long Island that showed that people...
Yeah, your phone's bad.
I'm going to have to let you go, Mike.
Thanks for the call.
Craig, other comments on the power outage and the EMP burst that you emailed to me that I'll be posting on Infowars.com?
Yeah, I don't know much more than what we're going to see there, but something we need to look at.
But before we run out of time, there is one last thing, and I want them to know they heard it here first.
I just got this in, and I already knew something about this, but I just got some confirmation about it.
And now they're claiming there's one also in Lebanon.
Well, these two right now, we know about them.
We knew about them a long time ago, and you and I discussed why haven't they just gone and shown that, hey, here they are.
Well, they would lose effect.
If you can find them just before the election, of course, it would make a big difference.
Well, I've even heard Limbaugh brag that they've already found it and they're going to be showing it to people.
Of course, also, they've got to go into them first and clean them out because a lot of them have U.S.-made chemicals in them.
Well, I don't know about these two right here.
We were watching these 10 years ago that I know of.
At least one of them.
It's inside of a mountain.
It's been hollowed out.
The other one is under the desert where they dug it at nighttime, not realizing that we had satellites that they could see at night.
Pat, last caller.
Go ahead real quick.
Okay, Pat, we're not going to have time to go to Pat.
I'm out of time, folks.
And, Craig, I want to thank you for coming on the show.
Take care, my friend.
Thank you.
All right.
Absolutely great stuff.
The new book's out, Order Out of Chaos, and it's on InfoWars.com.
1995, 300-something pages covering government-sponsored terrorism in the New World Order.
Get your second copy for only...
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We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
More news, more great guests and analysis.
Have a great day.
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