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Air Date: Aug. 28, 2003
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, another big show lined up for you on this Thursday, the 28th of August, 2003.
I have the news articles here in front of me.
It is true, in Klamath Falls, Oregon, a few days ago, when Lord Bush was out there visiting...
I think we're good to go.
When they wanted to take the Ten Commandments down in Alabama, it took federal courts.
There was a large fight involved, and that's because it was debatable, the government claimed, whether you could have the Ten Commandments, the foundation of our law there or not.
The point is, there was a process.
But with President Bush, there is no process, and on top of it, the case law, the history, our governmental structure is clear.
No one can take a sheriff's guns.
No one, unless a grand jury recommends for indictment for a crime, then the sheriff is removed from office and goes into trial.
But the government didn't say the sheriff did anything wrong.
He didn't do anything wrong.
They just said, we want you and others to turn your guns in while the president's here.
And I've seen the video clips of the police in Portland when the president was there in literal Darth Vader outfits, black helmets, black masks, shoving people around, getting in people's faces, choking women.
I mean, we got photos and video of them year after year now.
They just rubbed a woman with a sign and start choking her with black gloves on and spraying babies in the face with mace.
I mean, we're living in a third world dictatorship, folks.
But Bush goes to Klamath Basin, Oregon, and they come in and totally violate the Tenth Amendment, totally violate due process, engage in martial law activities.
Folks, when they tell the sheriff to turn his guns in while the president's there, and the sheriff complies when the gun's part of his uniform and...
We're good to go.
That, as we said, when you go take the so-called course and jump through 20 flaming hoops, then they just say, hey, you can't carry guns on the planes.
Bush was against arming any of the pilots.
Barbara Boxer came out, who was a right-wing extremist compared to Bush.
I'm serious when I say that.
An ultra-right-winger like Barbara Boxer compared to the ultra-communist neocon.
That's Ron Paul, by the way, talking about Bush.
I'm serious, folks.
Compared to Bush, she says arm all the pilots, and Bush says, no, we're not arming any of them.
There's a firestorm of conservatives, real conservatives, saying, what do you mean?
Barbara Boxer says arm all of them.
You don't want to arm them.
So Bush says, okay, if you can climb through all these hoops, we'll let you.
And now it turns out they won't let the pilots be armed.
Oh, my goodness.
And, of course, there was another mass shooting up in Chicago, seven dead last night, yesterday.
And, of course, that's a victim disarmament capital with total gun control.
And the guy who did the killings was a convicted felon, aggravated felon.
I do want to commend the SWAT teams.
They went inside and killed this guy.
They didn't sit there and suck their thumbs for four hours like they did at Columbine.
Four hours.
So, we'll get into all of it.
I mean, it is a big, big show.
We've got Glenn Spencer coming on, the police chief in L.A.
says, if you don't like the illegal aliens and the open borders and the matricula cards, leave the state.
Talk about Cruz Bustamante, the clan member, the Hispanic clan member.
Arnold the Nazi, who now is admitting to orgies and drug use.
It's all coming up.
Just a big, fat show for you today.
Have you been tricked into believing that you can't hire or be hired without a social security number?
You think that you can't bank, get a driver's license, or rent an apartment, or get insurance without a social security number.
It seems everywhere you turn, somebody is asking for it.
But did you know there is no law requiring you to obtain, have, or use a social security number to live or work in the United States?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
This morning... I was reading...
The newspaper, and there was the Washington Post headline that Saddam Hussein planted the false weapons of mass destruction stories in England and America.
And I almost busted a gut laughing.
I mean, the lies are getting so incredibly transparent now.
But a lot of people are going to parrot that and buy it.
I mean, they said that the anti-war protests nationwide were secretly paid for by the Iraqi Republican Guard.
You know, a bunch of guys running around the desert in soiled wife-beater shirts running around on walkie-talkies living in fear.
They were secretly over here
From their third world bunkers, all the protesters, all of the news are secretly controlled by bin Laden and Saddam.
And if you're protesting the war, you're with Al-Qaeda.
You remember that right before the war and during the war.
The so-called war, the staged event.
And then to have this article, it's a bunch of articles where the government goes, we're sure of it now.
Saddam planted false evidence.
That's why we gave you lies about weapons of mass destruction.
It wasn't our fault.
Tony Blair and George Bush say we were lied to.
It was Saddam.
If there's a flood in your town, or if your son or daughter or wife or husband are in a car wreck, it's Saddam.
If you slip off the stairs and break your ankle or your neck, you can just say, it's Saddam.
That's where the old saying of the boogeyman came from, literally, is that the sailors would come back to England and back to the Netherlands after they had been ruddering about Asia and there were pirates called the boogies, and the sailors would come back to England and tell their children, if you're not good, the boogeyman will get you.
We're probably going to start this where they'll tell kids that if you're not good, if you're bad, Saddam's going to get you.
The boogeyman.
I expect that, folks.
I'm not being sarcastic at this point.
I don't know why I just gave you the history of the word boogeyman.
This is classic boogeyman stuff, and now it was Saddam who 12 years ago wrote that fake dossier that Colin Powell held up in front of the UN and said this is the latest secret report on Saddam confirming his weapons of mass destruction are hidden and he has them.
I guess it was Saddam who had the government make a fake document supposedly from Niger saying that Saddam had bought uranium by the ton from the African nation.
I guess it was Saddam's people that claimed that those British balloon trucks were pumping up hydrogen surveillance blimps.
I guess Saddam had the U.S.
and British government announce that those were mobile bioweapons labs when they had sold them to Saddam in 1985 and knew that they were for pumping up balloons, and the James Weapons Encyclopedia had a picture of them right there, a standard truck.
I guess Saddam did all that.
Okay, sure.
Folks, whether you were for this war or against it, you cannot have a government that just practices blatant, massive, wholesale, gigantic lies, and then we just sit here and accept it.
Saddam Hussein...
I mean, not just that that's ridiculous and that the lies originated from the CIA and the White House and Downing Street, but that on top of it, that Saddam would want to plant false stories of weapons of mass destruction.
That he would want to plant stories that would give people the pretext to attack him.
I mean, this is stuff that if someone had the logic of a grub worm, the brain power of an amoeba, they could figure out.
But you know what this morning?
And all day.
I heard people parroting this story and going, see, see, well, we'll still find them while they're in Lebanon, while the weapons of mass destruction are in Lebanon.
And I love how they put up the stories.
There's mass graves.
There's mobile weapons trucks.
There's uranium from Niger.
Here's the weapons dossier.
We found chemicals.
We found biologicals over and over again.
We found them in Lebanon.
This is reported by the spin masters, the liars.
The folks where the spin starts, the hyper spin, the spin ends, the super hyper spin begins, the neocon socialist spin begins, the Judas goat, Trojan horse, wolf in sheep's clothing, Benedict Arnold super spin begins, and the normal spin ends.
I mean, it's incredible.
I'm not going to go on and on about it.
I'll read some of the articles later.
I just, I mean, how dumb do they think we are?
Maybe we are really stupid or something.
Yeah, yeah, Saddam planted stories of weapons of mass destruction.
Yeah, he wanted to be attacked, and he had the power to do that.
And you'll look at the cases, it was made up by the government.
But I heard Gary Brownfield talking about this again this morning, and I do have the articles, and they are being posted on Infowars.com.
I've got Fox, CNN, you name it.
Well, they just announced how good it was yesterday and the day before.
They just said, well, yeah, you know...
Bush was out in Klamath, Oregon, and the Secret Service came in and ordered the sheriff and his deputies to turn all their guns into him.
Federal men show up at the county, the elected official, who has more power than the governor in that county, that's the Constitution, all the right state constitutions, and tell him, turn your guns in, and he did it!
And, uh,
It's just really incredible.
Of course, we have had the police chief and the sheriff on this show, and they were both Republicans and really pro-Bush types, but they did complain, and they were part of lawsuits trying to stop the government from turning off the giant lake, I mean giant, 100-foot-deep lake, more than that, from feeding the thousands of farming families.
...from feeding their crops, and then they turned them off for a sucker fish that had been imported.
But everybody knows about that story.
But the sheriff had never said anything.
The police had never said anything.
But that doesn't stop the government.
They just come in and say, hey, no judge, no jury, no order.
You've done nothing wrong.
See, that's a criminal action, folks.
The feds just couldn't come in and take those Ten Commandments out.
They had to at least have their rubber-stamped ports appointed by neocons say that the Ten Commandments don't belong in there.
Regardless of which side of the issue you're on, there was a process.
And at least they had some arguments in that process, though I don't agree with the government, the illegitimate federal government.
But with this, they had not a leg to stand on.
They just show up, well, start giving us your guns.
Well, just for security.
Well, why?
You can tell your men to give us their guns.
Do it right now.
I mean, the Secret Service in Indianapolis earlier this year ordered people, they said, take your ties off.
About an hour before Bush got there, all this pathetic crowd waiting on him.
And when some didn't, the Secret Service got on the microphone and said, look, we're going to throw you out of here and you may be arrested.
You can't be in here if you're wearing a tie.
That was because the White House spin people didn't want ties.
They wanted to look like, you know, middle class or blue collar.
That was admitted.
When he went into the African Gold Coast, they would arrest thousands of people off the streets.
Poor people clear his way.
They packed folks at gunpoint in sports stadiums.
And do you know who did it, according to the BBC?
Guess who did it?
Guess who did it?
That's right, my friends.
The Secret Service in Army Special Operations.
So they're getting a lot of practice at this.
They go in and say, here's a red list.
Arrest all these people and put them in the sports stadiums.
And by the way, Bush is going into Bangkok.
They're going to have 3,000 Secret Service and Special Forces troops, along with about 15,000 Bangkok police and military.
And again, they're going to arrest everybody.
They're just going to go downtown, pick up every homeless person, every individual that doesn't look good.
They're going to arrest political dissidents.
Everybody's going to be put in a sports stadium.
So when the emperor comes to your town, you get put in sports stadiums.
And remember, earlier this year, when it was on the news, in Portland, the emperor lands for a fundraiser.
The liberal city council, following orders, notice there's no difference, goes out, and there's video of it.
The reporters are all on the front line.
They told them, you can protest here, 5,000 people.
They're all standing there, baby strollers, signs.
And the police captain yells, open fire on the media!
We're good to go.
It was on the news.
Video was caught of this and photos of people with strollers running.
I mean, middle class professionals.
And the police would run up and hit the dad in the face with a club.
And then the mother told the baby, begging, please no.
We had them on the show.
And the cop leans forward in his ski mask and goes, shouldn't bring a baby.
And just sprays him.
Just masses of it right into the face of the baby.
The nine-month-old baby.
The toddler's standing there.
And the father starts crying, begging on his knees.
He's sprayed.
And the cops laugh and go, don't bring your kids, hippie.
I mean, we got psychotic demons running this country, folks.
And by the way, this is all going on beneath Bush's hotel.
While he's up there, there's just people, baby strollers, men getting knocked upside the head by clubs, police in black uniforms just running around, and the media was targeted.
I mean, savagely, cameras smashed.
There's just all these video clips of a camera running.
All of a sudden, it goes, you see a guy, rear back with a billy club, and poof!
This savage attacks Tiananmen Square every day in America.
And you will love it.
Oh, it's so Christian.
It's so conservative.
And now they fly in and order the sheriff, turn your guns in, tell your deputies, hand their guns in.
Saddam Hussein could stand there with thousands around him firing AK-47s in the air.
Your president goes in in an arbitrary fashion.
He tells them, turn all your guns in.
It's like when Judicial Watch went to serve them the probe into Halliburton and the Energy Commission.
Secret Service said, you will be arrested under Patriot Act if you drop that summons.
Bill Clinton didn't do that.
Just pure tyranny, folks.
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We're good to go.
I think?
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends.
We're back live, and we're going to go to your calls coming up in the next segment, Mike, Frank, and others.
We've got Glenn Spencer joining us later in the show from American Patrol, where the police chief of Los Angeles, especially a CIA regional governor, that's where they started the CIA takeover of the police departments, said that if you don't like the illegal immigration, if you don't like the total legalization of all illegals from anywhere in the world, he said this, you can just leave the state.
And, of course...
I think so.
Just shut down to the economy.
They're laughing.
200 million births a year in Latin America alone.
All coming this way, folks.
Masses of illegals from Russia, Poland, China.
We always talk about Latin America because that's the majority.
Destroying wages.
Destroying housing prices.
Just annihilating everything.
And again, this is part of the plan.
The state and government plan to destroy America.
We're good to go.
I think?
As victim disarmament continues, man kills six colleagues in shooting.
A man on the verge of losing his job killed six colleagues before being killed himself.
Police in Chicago said yesterday the deaths were the latest in a series of workplace shootings in which disgruntled employees shoot colleagues dead after being sacked or disciplined.
And then the media advertises it, and, well, that's the thing to do for nutcases.
They advertise schools as a place for crazies to go.
The gunman was an employee at the Windy City Core Supply Incorporated, a vehicle parts warehouse in the south side.
According to police, the man had either been sacked or knew that he was being about to be sacked when he went to work yesterday morning.
Well, it turns out he'd been sacked weeks before, now they're saying.
Police and ambulances were called to the scene shortly after he opened fire and ferried him.
Some of his victims to the hospital.
Police spokesmen were then stationed on the rooftops of surrounding buildings.
Other officers attempted to persuade the man to surrender while he was shooting folks in the back of the head by the way.
After the gunman said he had no intention of giving himself up, police stormed the building and the man then shot himself dead according to a police spokesman.
Well, I want to just say that
This is better than what they did at Columbine.
It was three hours and 50-something minutes.
It's not three hours.
It's closer to four hours.
We've had Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News reporters on who were there, folks.
Four hours, almost four hours, three hours, 50-something minutes.
From the time they got there, and parents would try to get in who had more courage than the goons in their black outfits, and they would stop them.
They'd beat them up.
In this case, the cops went in and got shot at, and wow, actually did what they were paid to do, and I want to commend them for doing their job.
They should have done it even quicker, though.
I mean, when somebody's already shooting people, kill them.
And this is what a lot of the police experts I've talked to say you should do.
A lot of SWAT team folks we've interviewed.
I mean, if somebody's already shooting people, just kill them.
The problem is these cops, on average, are pretty cowardly folks.
They don't think their job is to be in harm's way.
I mean, I guarantee you.
Folks, because I've been in positions where people are holding guns to my head.
I've had somebody put a knife to my throat, grab me by the hair, do all that.
I'm not saying I'm Mr. Tough.
It's just instinctive.
I mean, if I saw somebody robbing my neighbor and had a gun to their head, I'd grab my gun and I'd go after them.
That's just instinctive.
And cops used to do that without all the ski masks and the helmets and all the accoutrements, the garbage.
The cops would just charge in.
They did it all the time.
We saw that with the shooting here in Texas from the tower with the Marine up there.
We, by the way, have been in CIA programs, which is admitted.
It's like the L.A.
Theodore Kaczynski volunteered for MKL for my control, the Unabomber.
But, you know, just a guy ran in there with a gun and took him out.
I mean, it's real simple.
Went up there with a shotgun and killed him.
I don't understand all this cowardice by police.
I've heard a lot of cops make excuses for the cops at Columbine, and I don't know how you do that.
Sitting there while people bleed to death for four hours.
But notice in Chicago, they got a total gun ban of handguns.
This guy was a convicted felon, aggravated felon.
He was a little gang member punk, and he was causing problems at work, so they fired him.
And he came, and folks, in Texas, I guarantee you, you go into some privately owned factory, I guarantee you, in about 80% of those shops, the owner or the manager has got a Glock in the drawer, and this guy would have gotten killed after he killed one or two people, and lives would have been saved.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Introducing the most efficient gravity filter available.
You know, if you were to throw 100 ball bearings at a magnet, most would bounce off.
But, if you placed them on the magnet, all would stick.
That's 800-340-7091 or visit calbenpuresoap.com.
All right, folks.
We're back live, and we're about to go to your calls.
If you'd like to join me on air, it's 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
I do have Glenn Spencer of American Patrol joining us.
In the third hour today, to talk about Arnold, who has not just said that he's pro-gun control and abortion and for tax increases and then backpedaled off that.
Now he's for open borders and unlimited illegal immigration.
And the police chief of L.A., a known CIA operative, they all are there in L.A., the big ones, has said that if you don't like total legalization of all illegals, and that's what he said, you can just leave the state.
We'll be playing that clip.
We're putting a link to that on Infowars.com.
One of our big stories is the government has claimed that the fake dossiers, the Niger stories about uranium, the weapons trucks, that was all planted by Saddam.
Yes, I'm not kidding.
Saddam planted those stories.
Now, of course he wouldn't plant stories of weapons of mass destruction until there was a pretext to come in and take him over.
That's ridiculous.
Again, a two-year-old can figure that out.
Seriously, folks.
We know the government made all that up.
We know the mobile trucks.
They knew day one they were for pumping up balloons.
Surveillance blimps.
I mean, it goes on and on.
It's just so incredible.
And now it's confirmed.
The Secret Service told the sheriff and his deputies to turn their guns in while the Secret Service was in Klamath Falls, despite the fact these guys are the elected officials and there was no court order, no indictment, no arrest, no reason why.
It's a total violation of local control.
And all over the country, they're getting rid of sheriffs.
They're turning counties and cities, turning the whole country into a federalized system.
They're using the metro system to make the city, which is the private corporation, take over the county.
It's horrible, folks.
It's dictatorship being set up right now.
Right now.
In your face.
So we'll get more into that and
Again, in Chicago, where you can't own a handgun, where they're trying to ban everything, trying to get the whole state to do it, a convicted, aggravated felon went in and shot a bunch of people, and nobody was armed to take him down.
Folks, they don't do a lot of stuff like that in Texas, especially in businesses, or Vermont, for that matter, because you go into the average auto parts store or factory.
I mean, there's guns, folks.
There's guns in the office.
These little mom-and-pop stores, you go into them.
I mean, that's why we don't have the liquor store robberies and the home invasions.
We're massively lower in the crime statistics than New York, Chicago, D.C., L.A., where they got the gun bans.
Now, we have had a mass shooting at Luby's because people don't usually take guns to the restaurant.
They do more now because of that.
But when this psychopath went in and shot a bunch of people at Luby's in Killeen
But this guy goes in and they've had so many attempted school shootings where the principal grabs a gun and kills the thug or chases him off or where they go into a business and shoot one person and grandma grabs the shotgun and kills him.
I mean, I see these stories every day.
They post dozens of these articles every day at keepingbarearms.com.
I want to create a section on infowars.com or prisonplanet.com that does that if I can get my webmasters to do that.
But there's just so much going on, and there's a bunch of other news articles here.
Patriot Act debate plan.
We had a listener mention this yesterday out of Arizona.
I have the article.
They call it a debate, but it's a staged event.
We'll get to that.
Rights advocates slam new screening system with the CAHPS II system, where you're...
Voting record, basically everything.
What kind of guns you own.
Are you a registered voter?
Do you have good credit?
Your divorce record.
It'll all be loaded into travel, and that's part of the new national ID card system.
Also, we'll get into U.S.-Saudi's plan anti-terror force together.
Totally staged.
Pentagon Council's patience in weapons of mass destruction, not in Iraq.
Yeah, they're going to roll them out right before the election.
Pentagon is talking about sending in troops under NATO and the UN into Israel.
A bunch of this is coming up after we take some calls.
Before I do that, though, I haven't talked about this since that Saturday show I did with John Stattmiller, Real Talk Radio.
I am going to be this Saturday...
Right outside Austin, right before you get to Bastrop, at a meeting where supposedly Ron Paul is going to be there.
Sometimes he shows up, sometimes he doesn't.
But regardless, it's going to be good.
They say he's going to be there, which I'm sure will be great.
We've had him on the show many times.
He's been to many local meetings, been to gun rallies and stuff.
I'm going to be speaking.
John Statler is going to be speaking.
I'm told Desi Andrews on constitutional law is going to be speaking.
So that should be very, very interesting.
And so that's coming up this Saturday from noon to 5, just outside Austin.
And we're going to post a link to that in the MapQuest link and details at Infowars.com in the next few hours.
There's also a link to it at PatriotConnect.com.
Coming up September 11th, and I really haven't promoted this, September 11th in Houston, Texas...
All that stuff.
There at Alamo Drafthouse in Houston, Texas.
It's in the West Oaks Mall.
Big mall there.
It's an eight-theater, big... They just built it.
It just opened.
But we're going to be in the big theater, seats 300 and something.
And I hope we can sell the thing out.
It's a double feature.
For $7, you get to see THX 1138, the George Lucas Academy Award-winning...
A film from 1972 starring Robert Duvall, a dystopic Orwellian, Huxleyan adaptation that is very powerful about the forced drugging, enslavement society, what they're officially setting up, what the Pentagon has said they want to do.
This is a powerful film.
It's a New World Order film, by the way.
They're kind of throwing it in your face.
But that's going to air at about...
About 10 o'clock at night.
At 7, I'm going to speak for about 30 minutes.
And then we're going to show Road to Tyranny.
And then we're going to show THX 1138.
And I know that a lot of interesting folks, great folks, have said that they're coming.
And so we might even have a surprise speaker.
I'm not going to say who, though.
And that's in Houston, Texas, September 11th.
I'm going to do this radio show.
And I'm going to get in the car, and I'm going to drive down to Houston, and I'm going to give a speech and show the films, and then I guess go to a hotel, sleep six hours, get in the car, and drive back to Austin to do the radio show on Friday.
So that's September 11, 2003.
For those all over South Texas or Central Texas or, I don't know, I'm told folks in Louisiana are driving in and Arkansas.
So if you want to, I don't know, maybe have a vacation to Houston,
You could take off Thursday and Friday, drive down to Houston, and take the whole family, and you could come Thursday and see the films, and then maybe go to the Texas beach or something on Saturday and Sunday or see the sights in Houston.
I don't know.
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Big fat banner right there.
We're going to get a link to MapQuest and all that stuff there for you as well, but you can't miss it.
It's the Western Oak Shopping Center, September 11, 2003.
So definitely see us there.
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It's excellent.
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Folks, he went to federal prison for this book.
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It's like Jim Keith in Black Helicopters.
They killed him for that and killed the publisher.
So, I don't know.
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All right.
Let's go ahead and talk to the callers.
We're going to go ahead and go to the calls now.
Mike in Florida, thanks for holding her on the air.
How are you doing this afternoon, Alex?
Good, my friend.
Before I get into any of the points, I just thought you might be interested to know that the George Bush action figure has had so many pre-orders that they've had to push the release date back to October 31st.
So I guess that's a big popular seller with a lot of people.
Yeah, it's him with a stern face landing on board the aircraft carrier.
Really, the first thing I wanted to get into was, I was reading an article the other day on MSNBC.com, and they made a couple of interesting points about how the gay television industry
Yeah, it is.
What they do is, see, the globalists couldn't get their agenda through.
The whole thing to destroy the family, break down the society.
So what they've done is...
They all got together and they said, look, we're all going to put thumb scanners in.
We're all going to put face scanners in.
We're all going to tear out our service checkout lanes and put in self-serve.
All the shows are going to promote this and say it's good.
You know, the destruction of the family tactics.
All the shows are going to say a world government's good, a new world order's here, get used to it.
So now you turn on the news, read the newspaper, turn on Jay Leno.
This is being sold.
They told the women in Australia, can't find a man?
Do this.
We're going to subsidize it.
Anything to break up the family so the kids that are born are raised in daycare, go to Head Start, get their vaccines, are taught by the state.
It's the admitted UNESCO plan to ensure that none of the old values of liberty and freedom are transmitted to the generation.
That civilization is the transmission of all previous knowledge and common sense and things that people learn through trial and error to the next generation.
The march of civilization is to be killed or to be put into a sub-dumbed-down society.
The destruction, the reduction of the population is to be carried out by sterilization through vaccines, through homosexuality, through all of this.
That's the program.
Anything to reduce birth rates, anything to enslave us, anything to dumb us down.
And my other point on that same subject was, and I agree with all of us, for everybody and whatnot, but for a lot of the, it seems to me that a lot of the women and just the way that society has pushed everything in general, that women have gained an upper hand, it seems, in this time, but not through anything besides society pushing sex on us everywhere and these short clothing.
Well, let me tell you how it works.
And the globals understand the male and female system, okay?
Bottom line, a woman will try to dominate you.
In every case, it's their nature.
And they will not respect you if you allow them to dominate you.
They will hate your guts.
It's just the way women are.
It's just a fact, folks.
It's biology.
Women want the aggressive, dominant male, but at the same time, they will test that and, you know...
You know, the good guy in school never got the girl.
It was always, you know, the bad guy.
Well, we don't have to be bad guys.
We've just got to be firm.
And Hitler said it.
First you get the women, then you got the children, so follow the men.
And so if they have women say they're for something, men will then pile on and follow that.
And then women are mad.
Men have been turning to lazy blobs, you know, watching the man show, watching all the football games.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, that's mainstream news, folks.
Type in Miss Magazine, founded by CIA.
She was a high-level CIA officer, not just agent or asset.
She was an officer, and the whole feminist movement was meant to destroy the family.
And then now look, the feminist movement won.
The 13-year-old girls are dressed like streetwalkers.
The pregnancy is out of control.
The society is breaking down.
There's more topless bars than ever.
That actually destroys women.
They've destroyed women.
They've destroyed men.
They've almost destroyed the family.
The prisons are busting at the seams.
They've done a great job.
Very true.
Very true.
And I got one more point for you, Alex, and then I'll let you open it up to other people waiting to talk to you.
Just for people to know, in Tampa, in the whole state of Florida, it's our ballot.
Anybody that gets enough signatures can get anything onto the ballot.
And one of the things that's coming onto the ballot the next time we have an election is going to be that now if the state law is that if a police officer pulls you over, you must pull you over for something else, and then he can give you also a ticket for seat belt.
But now they're trying to change it on the ballot to where just not having your seatbelt on at all will be a moving violation enough for a law enforcement officer to pull you over.
Now, I know a lot of people will say... The Supreme Court already said they can beat you up and take you to jail for not wearing a seatbelt.
Yeah, and the thing that gets me is I know a lot of people are like, well, seatbelts save lives.
There's no reason why you wouldn't want to wear them.
It's an excuse.
Look, look, the National Seatbelt Initiative Act...
Of 98 said.
It says, their own federal plan.
It says it's not about seatbelts.
It's about hardened toll roads and checkpoints.
This is an excuse to get in the car.
I mean, they block the highway for five miles, slow traffic down, as if you don't put your kids in a seatbelt.
It's about searching the car.
It has nothing to do with it.
Their own federal plan.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, it's amazing.
We'll talk to Frank and others when we get back.
And we'll take more calls, 800-259-9231.
I mean, how do I know the future?
People keep asking me, because I read the federal plan.
None of this is a secret.
They want you dumbed down and totally dependent on them.
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All right, folks, we're back live.
Got loaded phones here.
Frank in West Virginia, go ahead.
You're on the air, sir.
Alex, thank you for taking my call.
It's a pleasure to talk to you.
Good to talk to you.
I'm calling about the issue about the sheriff at Klamath Falls.
I really think most people are making too big of an issue out of this.
I think back in 1968 is when they should have been up in arms raising cane over this issue.
He's just pretty much a reflection of our general society and culture.
Most men in general have already been demasculated to handing over their firearms upon request.
Think about the U.S.
Gun Control Act 1968.
Law was passed in which required all the manufacturers to start regulating and registering with the government.
They did.
They complied.
All went right in lockstep with the Nazi gun law of 1938.
And so FFLs were also administered to the shop owners, the merchants at that level.
So the middleman started to follow right in line.
Well, look, it is bad, but what I'm trying to get at here is that I think this is one of the first cases of a president coming somewhere and the Secret Service saying local elected police have to turn their guns in.
And then it's just calmly announced on CNN, oh, yeah, when the emperor comes, the locals turn.
I mean, what does that say?
Oh, I agree with you, Alex.
This is a massive story.
I mean, this shows we're in a federal dictatorship, folks.
I'm not jumping on you about that at all, Alex.
I just hear a lot of pundits.
Some of them, these neocons, which pretty much, you know, they'll mention this, but they also are for Project Exile, for instance.
Who was it?
They're scum of the earth, and all Project Exile is.
You're driving to the shooting range with your gun in Texas.
They pull you over.
It's their discretion.
They charge you.
No any possession.
Did you know in Texas, I can't drive to the shooting range with my gun?
We don't even have a Second Amendment here.
Oh, we're so conservative.
And these pathetic neocons go get their concealed carries that turn them right into a privilege.
And then it'll be just like New York where they just start making it harder and harder to get the license.
People are so foolish.
Well, true.
I hear it all the time from friends and the cops that talk about, well, I got this CCW, and they think it's some kind of a big deal.
I've got my permit for this privilege.
I hear cops on the news and the politicians, it's a privilege to own a gun.
It's a privilege to drive a car.
You could say that.
You could say black people aren't human beings.
It isn't the case.
You know, you could say that Hitler was good.
Doesn't mean it's true.
Driving is not a privilege.
Owning a gun is not a privilege.
I got the federal court rulings before you took over, you pack of criminals.
That's exactly right, Alex.
I'm right there with you.
The Nazi Law 38 required any private person seeking the privilege, it uses the term privilege, of owning firearms to prove him or herself reliable.
And it was all selectively enforced.
And it was all selectively enforced, and you can only own a gun if you're a member of the Nazi Party, and it's the same thing today.
You're a Hollywood person, you're a dirtbag former police chief, you can own a whole bunch of guns in New York, but you're a good, decent citizen Navy veteran who defends his family from some fat pig, some thief trying to rape your wife, and the Navy veteran gets prison time.
May I ask the Christian audience in the concealed carry permit section,
Owner's a question, or holder's a question.
Where do you get your authority from, folks?
We have in our Bible, Luke 22, look it up, 22, 35, and 36.
Jesus Christ commands us, he that has no sword to take it up, and likewise this script, and he that has no sword let himself garment by one.
And also, the permit is a permission slip.
We're the new United States of the Soviet System.
Thanks for the call.
Second hour, only seconds away.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
I do this show live Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central.
And then back from 9 to midnight, the websites are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
And we go out on the AM and FM dial from New York to Texas to Denver, Colorado, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Northern California.
We simulcast on Global Shortwave Worldwide during the day at 12.172 and 93.20, and at night from 9 to midnight at 5.085 and 68.90.
Got a bunch of other news items coming up.
In the third hour, about 59 minutes from now, we've got Len Spencer from American Border Patrol talking about how the police chief
There in Los Angeles said, if you don't like all illegals being legalized and taking your jobs, you can just leave the state.
Arnold's saying he's for totally legal immigration.
The analysis of what's happening to the imploding borders, by design right now, and a bunch of other news.
I think I'm going to get to a lot of that this hour.
We've got loaded phones here.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Wes in Tennessee.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
God bless you.
It's good to talk to you this afternoon, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
Thank you.
I've got a couple of heads up, and I'd like to lead that into those wonderful films that you've done.
And I'll try to get through these as fast as I can.
There's a current movie out called Knock Around Guys starring Vin Diesel.
It has a scene in it where a half a dozen young guys were trying to fight off some mafioso type go into a gun store with the most ridiculous looking redneck
Oh, yeah, like a gun dealer just goes, Here, have all the guns you want!
Okay, another one is that since 1999 here in Knox County, Tennessee, violent crime has been cut by...
And another thing that the Palestinians are doing is that there's a lot of guys down here that are getting fuel carry permits.
And they've got that one gun registered, but buried someplace in a location known only to them.
They've got
A half a dozen handguns, rifles, and shotguns.
Here's the problem.
It's a process.
They're killing the Second Amendment culture, and by accepting, instead of, imagine if all the concealed carrier people went to rallies, sued the government, got involved, and said, no, we need Vermont right to carry.
No paperwork, none of this garbage, and, of course, lowest crime rate in the country.
That's what we need.
That's the problem with concealed carry.
Well, the thing is we know that when the cops come out, they're going to probably just want that one gun that's registered.
They're not going to know about that other half-dozen handguns, rifles, and shotguns.
What about Vin Diesel, though?
He's in all these movies where he's a criminal, but he's the new CIA.
He's the new CIA.
And you find out the CIA is hiring criminals and young thugs.
That's right.
See, that's the new America.
Oh, the criminals fight for the homeland.
Now, to get this tied into your film, because you've exposed the kind of corruption, because we've seen the truth of Oklahoma City, because you've shown us the truth of Waco, Texas, the truth about 9-11, one of these days, and God forbid this is going to happen, but I can see the handwriting on the wall, Alex, they're going to, these black people,
We're good to go.
They're not taking the idea that they necessarily want an armed overthrow of the government, that they just want to defend themselves and defend their property.
Well, yeah, people are going to defend themselves, and I think that's wrong.
I think you shouldn't defend your family.
You should go quietly to be taken to FEMA camps.
You should turn all your guns in, Wesley.
That'll be the day.
It'll snow in hell first.
Well, that's what America's all about, is being a slave.
And the founding fathers said you had no right to resist tyranny.
Standing up to tyranny is bad.
Being a slave is good.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Eight minutes and 30 seconds into the second hour of this worldwide broadcast as we defend liberty, resist tyranny.
Let's go right back to the calls and let's move through them quickly.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Is it Ian in Texas?
Go ahead, Ian.
You're on the air.
Thanks for having me on.
Hi, Alex.
All right.
Yeah, in my independent research here, I've been able to uncover some stuff I definitely find interesting.
Have you heard of the chronological history of health or the history of health chronological order?
No, I'm having trouble understanding you.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Let me turn up the volume here.
Can you hear me better now?
What are you saying?
My girlfriend and I work at a law firm, and we were doing some independent research.
We found some interesting articles on fluoride.
You're saying something about chronological health, and I'm just saying, yeah.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
It's the history of health in chronological order.
It's this packet of information that starts in 550 A.D.
and goes to 1997, I believe.
Anyways, it has facts in it that state, like when the bubonic plague broke out, people who didn't have any sugar in their dietary system escaped the bubonic plague.
That stuff that obviously the FDA doesn't talk about how bad sugar really is for you.
Just wanted to mention something about that, sort of give the link at the
Now, I know all the information.
There's a lot of medical information.
You've got to be careful about it, though, just because somebody says it's a fact doesn't make it so.
But on fluoride, I actually have several medical reports here.
In fact, I'm going to try to read some of this in this hour.
We're good to go.
Okay, let's put small amounts in the water.
It's like depleted uranium.
I think.
I think.
The Vulcan guns in A-10 Warthogs and in F-18s, and we'll use it in the Abrams tank, and we'll use it for armored vehicles and for missile tips.
And then we'll blast Iraq with it, and we'll blast Serbia with it.
And the head of the Army who went to investigate says, it's killing the troops, it's very dangerous, and suddenly that leaves the headlines.
So, yeah, they take toxic waste.
And put it in small amounts into the environment.
These people are really, really sick, folks.
Totally psychotic.
Let's see, on another topic, Arnold Schwarzenegger, I found the smoking gun.
It's on InfoWars.com, and it's on PrisonPlanet.com, and it was in the Washington Post today, and I told everybody...
I told you he said that he admires Hitler.
I told you that he was part of orgies.
I told you the guy brags.
He says he doesn't like Jesus, doesn't like Christians.
And by the way, this is in a book he wrote in the 80s.
The guy hangs around with Kurt Waldheim, a Nazi, now.
And the guy's endorsed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.
Yeah, I mean, he was obviously totally been groomed for this position for, what, the past decade at least.
Yeah, when he married him with the Kennedys in 86.
He's been in with the Kennedys since 1981.
I love that picture of his wife doing the Illuminati hello wave.
By the way, that link on our website was dead to our Arnold section.
It's been put back up, and we've added the picture of him doing his favorite pose, the Heil Hitler pose.
But again, you've got to do the Heil Hitler to get the Simon Wiesenthal Center stamp of approval.
If you don't do that, you don't get their approval.
No kidding.
Well, according to what they're doing with Arnold now, yeah.
My girlfriend actually made an interesting observation last night.
We were standing out looking at our yard and wondered why our plants,
Alex Jones Show!
And they might wonder, well, you know, what's that water doing to me?
Yeah, my grandmother's really good with plants, and she has big jugs.
She puts the tap in, makes it sit a week, and a lot of the chemicals break down and evaporate off.
Oh, yeah, it's...
They've got a precedent now to put poison in the water, and then they just say it's a conspiracy theory when you complain.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Texas.
Go ahead, Tim.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing today?
Pretty good.
What I wanted to talk about is John Ashcroft.
Does he belong to the Bilderbergers?
You know, he's pushing the Patriots and all that garbage.
John Ashcroft isn't the guy that wrote the Patriot Act.
He's just a touch of the head.
But he's a minion of theirs, going around being the little shoesman.
Oh, by the way, I have the Reuters article in Detroit yesterday, and it's on prisonplanet.com right now.
It's already in yesterday's news.
He was in Detroit, and a member of LaRouge stood up and told the truth, said, when are your terrorists going to strike again?
When are you going to give us another 9-1-1?
We know the government's behind it.
When are you going to stop lying to the people?
And I'm begging folks in Detroit, I'm begging people,
Did he respond?
Hold on just a second.
I'm begging people.
Appreciate it.
Thanks for the call.
I'm begging people there in Detroit to send me this tape.
And yes, sir.
He did respond, according to Reuters.
He was, quote, visibly shaken, along with the police, whose faces, quote, turned red.
And then the crowd, there's several articles on this, began to clap.
Even though that was just the media, several people clapped, not the entire crowd, because the crowd was a staged crowd.
Some people clapped.
That's out of the Detroit Free Press article.
We need to get all of those posted.
It's just so much happening, and the guy escaped out to the crowd instead of anti-government protesters outside.
So you're anti-government when you're pro-Bill of Rights.
Thank you for the call, Tim.
Really do appreciate it.
Let's go and talk to Ron in New York and Deborah Ednothers.
Ron, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Alex, you know, I was thinking and pondering the election out in California, and I came to a conclusion.
I'm beginning to wonder because...
If it was a state that was largely populated by people with a sense of self-respect and decency, they would find and insist upon a third legitimate and viable alternative to these two other clowns.
So I kind of blame, in part, I kind of blame people for the situation that they're in.
Now, I heard, and I'm sure you're familiar with, Schwarzenegger's interview on Hannity yesterday, which basically, I guess he showed his card.
He made a statement, and I'm sure most people will never pick up on this,
That he will not raise taxes in California, which is the issue of the moment, of course, unless there's an emergency.
Well, guess what, folks?
With a $38 billion shortfall in the state that's probably growing every day, should he succeed, the moment he enters office, he's going to claim that's the emergency, and he's going to wind up zinging them.
I mean, you have to be naive not to see this.
Of course, on the other hand, Bustamante has already indicated that.
So what kind of people comprise the state of California?
Well, for those who don't know...
Cruz Bustamante is a racist member of METCHA.
There's all these video clips and audio clips of him saying, if whites don't like it, get out of here.
We're taking over.
It's like having David Duke, you know, being the governor of California.
People wouldn't like that.
I mean, he's worse than David Duke for the views.
I mean, David Duke doesn't say all blacks out.
You know, David Duke.
Hold on, let me continue here.
So, more overt than David Duke, and I saw him on NBC last night.
Again, I never watch TV, but I watched about 20 minutes flipping around, and I did see Bustamante.
Talk about an arrogant fat cat.
You've got a racist, socialist gun grabber running against a racist, socialist, abortion-promoting gun grabber, and now they've got this wee Playboy interview from 1977 with Arnold talking about
Drugs and sex and orgies and all this other garbage and how much he loves Hitler.
But that's okay, Ron.
Well, you know something with Bustamante?
The organization he belongs to has a motto.
And the motto is, everything for our race and nothing for the other races.
That's the motto of an organization this man is associated with and will not disavow.
Yeah, Metra and La Raza means the race.
I mean, I'm a white guy.
How about I start an organization called The Race?
You know, this is insane.
And you've got to be, you've got to have blonde hair and blue eyes to join my club.
But see, that would be bad.
But no, it's okay.
And notice it's the old white bankers out of New York funding this.
They want race war.
They want everybody at each other's throats.
Well, look at the, like I said, look at the two men that emerge as frontrunners.
And another thing, too, I want to get this straight once and for all, because this really is turning my stomach.
I am tired.
Every time an elite is caught in his path, he turns around and he says, well, that was years ago when I was younger.
Well, let me say something.
If it was a non-privileged, non-elite person and you did something or said something in your late 20s,
When you were 26 or 28 or 29 years old, I guarantee you that tag would follow you the rest of your life.
No one would say, he was just a little 28-year-old boy when he said it.
Yeah, 28 years old?
Much of our founding fathers were that old.
Alex, you or I or anyone else in this country that doesn't have a privilege, okay, would be held to account for things we said at that age.
Well, hey, Arnold says he took part in orgies.
I bet he did at the Bohemian Grove.
Yeah, well.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be back with more calls more next week.
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Welcome back, my friends.
I know we've got a lot of callers.
I'm going to take two or three more.
I'm going to come back in the next segment, cover news, and then go back to calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Debra in Indiana.
Go ahead, Debra.
You're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I'm calling about last Friday, the 22nd of August, in Addison, Illinois.
There was supposedly a large drug ring in something called the Bradford Apartment, like a big series of apartment buildings, a big complex.
And they showed on the 10 o'clock news that there were approximately 50 police cars, and the latest thing that they've been using, too, are those little four-wheeler ATVs.
Well, they do that all the time, and it's all about toys.
I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have, you know, go-karts next and wear little funny hats.
They'll be driving around Austin.
There'll be four guys with black helmets on, on four-wheelers, and they're all just playing around, driving down the street, having a good time.
They might decide to swarm in, pull you over.
It's all part of the homeland.
All the border stays wide open.
The drugs pour in.
And all the time they use the U.S.
Army or National Guard.
I've got Associated Press articles out of Missouri a few years ago where you had headlines like, Town Searched.
And they would just send in the police and military and search, quote, every apartment.
Because, quote, we got to find out if...
Any of you are using drugs.
And then a lot of these apartments now are 25% owned by the government.
That is, they're 25% housing assistance.
And you don't even know you're in a housing assistance apartment because you're paying normal rent.
You're not getting assistance.
But under that then, they claim they can search your apartment without a warrant because you're in a government assistance house.
And so they do it to government assistance apartments.
And I talked about it yesterday, how one of my friends is a bank manager at one of the biggest...
Department complexes in Austin, which is one of the biggest apartment companies in the country.
They own golf courses, high-rises, you name it.
And they have been covertly merged with the government.
They're very profitable.
They weren't bankrupt.
So they don't have to pay taxes anymore.
They get to keep all the profits, but 25% of all their properties will have to be disadvantaged or government.
Their golf courses now have to serve the FBI or the Praetorian Guard.
I mean, this is really scary and sick.
And now, so when you're in this, when they raid you, then you find out you were a federal slave with no rights.
I'm not sure if this was one of those type of complexes, but after they showed all these police and fire units and ATVs, they then panned the camera over to a tank.
Well, see, that's where I didn't, I mean, I knew where you were going next.
And, again, the militarization of the police, and I called this in on a local radio program, and the fella...
Well, you know, there was nobody of a military nature in that vehicle.
Well, you know, it's pretty sad when you have to have a tank, no matter who's in it.
Well, all over the news, they've said they're getting rid of posse commentatus, so your talk show host isn't informed.
But when they do, when he finally hears it on the news, he'll go, okay, we need troops.
See, today he says it's bad, because he hadn't gotten the word yet.
As soon as he knows the peer pressure says that everybody's a slave, he'll go, okay, sure.
Well, I almost fell off the couch when I saw this tank.
Well, yeah, they are leaving armored vehicles and going to the larger LAVs,
Light armored vehicles that are basically wheeled tanks.
I see lots of photos now.
Police in heavy marine LAVs.
Take care.
Thanks for the call.
Interesting call, Deborah.
Cliff in Colorado.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hello, sir.
Yes, I've called before.
I enjoy your program.
I want to encourage all the listeners to be proactive and be foot soldiers in this cause.
I make copies of tapes.
I put letters in the papers.
You mean exploit the areas we've got to expose them?
And we need to write letters to the paper.
We need to make copies of your videos.
We need to give them out.
We need to do more than what we're doing.
I'm giving out hundreds of tapes, and I'm slowly converting people to listen to your program and watch your tape.
It's a tough job.
I just feel like we're not doing enough.
Well, we don't have a choice, and I commend you for what you're doing.
We've got a break.
I tell you what, we've got a break.
Stay right there, and we'll come back to you, sir.
And other callers and news, stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Visit nonumber.com or call 1-800-831-6141.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back, my friends.
I'm going to let Cliff finish up, and then I'm going to cover some news, and we'll go to Gary and Tom and Tom and many others that are holding.
Cliff in Colorado was making some points about waking people up and using my documentary films to do it.
And I've found that Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Police State 3 are some of the best tools out there to really show people the big picture.
Because if you try to explain one thing to somebody, they've already got all these preconceptions about everything else.
They don't get the big picture.
The films, the books, the materials we offer are all extremely insightful when it comes to taking the blinders off people's minds.
Unlocking their minds.
It's so important.
We're going to re-enter into what we've seen time and time again in history, and that is tyranny with this whole high-tech overlay.
But going back to Cliff in Colorado, Cliff, you said you used to hear me get mad on the air and that irritated you, but now it doesn't?
Well, yeah, because I'm a proactive person.
I challenge what you state.
I research what you state, and
I think for myself, and I've come to the conclusion that I can't find any untruths that you speak.
And I make copies.
I talk about the issues you talk about.
I write letters to the paper.
Most people think I'm a kook when I talk about these things.
And when I hear you raise your voice, I'd yell at the radio saying, Alex, I am doing, I am, I'm trying to promote this stuff.
And tell people the truth and wake people up.
Well, you've got to understand, I don't do this show in a calculated fashion.
I get mad some days.
Some days I'm in a good mood.
Some days I'm depressed.
And that will just come through.
And when they're doing horrible things, it blows my mind.
It upsets me.
And we need to get upset.
We need to be really angry about what's happening and then find solutions because our whole society is being destroyed.
But I want to commend you for your work, Cliff, and take care.
Of course.
Of course, Alex.
What I'm trying to say is I'm sure a lot of your callers and listeners like to discuss these issues and debate them and research them, but what do they do when they get off the phone?
Do they write letters to the paper?
Do they make copies of your film?
One of our biggest allies could be the library system.
They're in the front lines fighting the Patriot Act.
If every one of your listeners went to the public libraries today or tomorrow and asked,
Ask that they get your videos and bring them to the library.
That would be a big wake-up call.
If you go to the library and try and get a book on the secret societies or the New World Order, there's nothing there.
And I've asked my library and they... Yeah, there are a lot of books that are best sellers out there, like Texas Books and others, both Tex Mars and Jim Mars, who are related, by the way.
They're from the same Scottish clan, but
It's incredible that you don't see those best-selling books on the bookshelves at the library.
You should tell the library to get my books, to get their books, to get them all, to have those videos that, hey, tell them that Police State 3 Total Enslavement is 2 hours and 40 minutes long, 40 minutes of it.
And I agree.
We're good to go.
Make those ten copies.
Give them to them and say, this is some really powerful, forbidden information.
You need to watch it.
And about 98% of what's in my films are documented and confirmed.
Frankly, in hindsight, after watching my films, I mean, there's stuff in there that isn't accurate.
You know, like a date will be wrong by a day or two, or I'll have a date off by a year or something, something that happened in history.
I mean, that's really about it.
Or I'll have a picture of Dianne Feinstein, and I'll say it's Barbara Boxer.
And I know the difference between Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, but you get in a hurry or doing something, and then once you make something and then put it out, it's hard to go back.
But, I mean, at least we try to tell the truth, and we try to do the best job we can.
The media tries to spin and tries to lie and tries to con you.
And that's the big difference.
All right, let me just, I'm going to just real fast get into news, because I really need to do this, and I want to get into the fluoride, too, and I want to get to all your calls.
I will get to the four or five oldest calls that have been holding before we end this now, or all the Toms and Gary and others.
But, again, I just want to say that it was a horrible mass shooting in Chicago yesterday, where they have a total gun ban.
And this guy was a convicted, aggravated felon, violent felon, and he had a gun.
And in Vermont or Texas or Alabama or even places like Colorado that haven't been totally socialized yet, you try to go into some mom-and-pop factory and do that, I guarantee you the manager's going to come out and blow your head off.
So a lot of lives got lost if no one was armed in there to fight back against this punk.
At the same time, I want to say the police did a better job at least charging in against the guy.
They didn't wait their four hours like Columbine, so that is certainly some good news.
Seven dead in the Chicago shooting.
A caller called yesterday right about this time and mentioned an Arizona Republic article that I didn't have about how they were billing Ashcroft's visit to Phoenix.
And what the U.S.
attorneys were going to do at future meetings as a public debate.
And here's the article.
Patriot Act debate planned in Arizona.
Arizona Republic.
Arizona's top federal prosecutor has scheduled a community meeting in Phoenix on the USA Patriot Act, the controversial anti-terrorism law adopted.
And they go on to say there needs to be an honest and open debate about the Patriot Act.
That's a script.
I have Ashcroft in my film saying we need an honest and open debate about the Patriot Act and then lying and saying it doesn't affect citizens, lying and saying there's no Patriot Act 2.
How dare anyone say that after it was introduced, folks?
It's introduced officially, and he's saying it doesn't exist.
You're crazy if you say it does.
I mean, this guy is something else.
So we have the U.S.
Attorney saying the exact same stuff Ashcroft was saying a year ago, six months ago, in different propaganda pushes.
Patriot Act Debate Plan in Arizona
And so the average person reads that, believes the headline, that prejudices their thought process, and then they, oh, we're debating it in America.
These are staged events.
Now yesterday, in Detroit, Michigan, and I want to commend those in Detroit, and we have a lot of listeners up there.
We're not on the radio in Detroit, but we have several AM and FM affiliates in the state of Michigan.
I know a lot of folks were emailing me telling me they were planning to go confront him.
A LaRouge person, identifying himself as a Lennon LaRouge follower, and LaRouge does put out good information, by and large, about government-sponsored terror, stood up at the end of Ashcroft's speech, just like I did to Bush, and said, quote, When, Mr. Ashcroft, are you going to order your terrorists to carry out another 9-1-1?
Where will it be, Mr. Ashcroft?
When are you going to stop lying to the American people?
And according to Reuters, I haven't seen it, and according to the Detroit Free Press, Ashcroft became visibly shaken and turned beet red, and so did all the police chiefs and people.
And they did not arrest him, by the way, because that's been backfiring on them, to arrest somebody that does that.
He was allowed to leave.
But see, they're billing it on the news as an open debate.
It says he had to lie and claim he was a news reporter
A fake press pass got in for the staged event.
It said several others clapped, and the police did move in and get positioned beside them.
So we're having staged events right here in America, folks.
It should make you want to puke.
Rights Advocates Slam News Screening System, Washington Times.
The Caps 2 system will run a complete background check of all passengers daily, 2 million passengers flying daily.
I didn't know it was 2 million.
Man, that is massive, more than 2 million.
And Bob Barr, a civil liberties advocate and former Republican congressman from Georgia, said the program seeks to gather evidence on law-abiding citizens in vain hopes that someone will magically identify terrorists.
It's not about that.
It's an admitted casual society grid.
I've got Ridge on videotape saying there'll be four levels of security on your card.
To have a car, to have a job, to work anywhere, you're going to be drug tested.
DNA database, you'll have a barcode on your ID card that shows what your DNA is.
That's now being proposed in England, being proposed here.
Your credit record, if you're a registered voter, what political party, how much money you make, bank account numbers, all that.
And they say one bad credit score, quote, then they can discriminate and I'll let you fly.
You've already heard how the Green Party head can't fly anywhere.
If you argue, they just arrest you right on sight.
I mean, it's Nazi Germany, folks.
Conservative and liberal advocates are banding together to oppose new airline passenger screening methods that they say will be a quantum leap in government surveillance programs.
Well, yeah, it's total information awareness.
It's the matrix system they announced.
And it goes on and on, folks.
It is so, so important that everybody understand that
Which is massive tyranny.
By the way, that scumbag, degenerate demon who raped all those children got beaten to death, and I didn't comment on it yesterday because I don't really want to get into what my opinion is.
I mean, I cannot say I'm sad he got killed.
I'm sorry.
I just, I cannot, I'm not going to lie to people, so I just, I have to comment.
I mean, I think it's very dangerous to have a climate, though, where
Where people can be murdered in prison and a lot of good people get killed in prison because the warden will order it.
But at the same time, a lot of criminals don't like being in the jail cell with scumbag punks.
And the guy should have gotten the death penalty.
One of the other fellow criminals shouldn't have had to dispatch this demon back to Hades.
I mean, that's basically what it boils down to.
And I was watching Fox News, and they said that, well, the man that killed him was a homophobe, and this shows how we have homophobia in America.
He was extremely homophobic.
I mean, you're put in a jail cell with a demon, and I heard the demon was acting weird and doing weird stuff, and he got beat to death.
I mean, I'm sorry.
If you put me in a jail cell with a demon,
I don't know what I'd do.
I'm going to be honest with you.
It's like Jeffrey Dahmer.
You know, they didn't execute that piece of trash and somebody beat him to death up in Wisconsin with a broom handle.
And, again, I'm not a violent person, but, I mean, you stick me in a jail cell with Jeffrey Dahmer, I don't know what I'd do.
And now they're calling him bad, the guy that beat him to death.
And, obviously, you know, it's...
Again, I'm not going to say any more about it.
All I'm saying here is that don't put me in a jail cell with one of these people.
And then to watch the news, go and see the shows, the homophobia in America.
How about demon phobia?
Just absolutely amazing.
Again, I don't want to get off into some two-hour-long discussion about that, but, I mean, I've heard all the neocons talking about how it was wrong this guy beat this demon to death.
That guy had abused thousands of children brutally, selling them to other degenerate demons.
I mean, I say take them all, have them drive by a jury of their peers, and execute every last one of them.
U.S.-Saudi... See, now I'm a...
I guess I'm a pedophobe.
I'll probably be arrested for being a pedophobe.
You know, they arrest you in England for being a, quote, homophobe.
Now we have those articles on the website.
That's incredible, folks.
U.S.-Saudi's plan, Anti-Terror Force, BBC, Saudi Arabia, and the United States are to create a joint task force aimed at combating the funding of extremist groups in the country, U.S.
reports have said.
Agents from the U.S.
Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service are due to flattery odd this week to begin setting up the force, the Washington Post newspaper reported.
So the IRS is like the CIA, folks.
Isn't that interesting?
And, of course, that's all staged.
We've read the articles where the bombings over in the Philippines, the bombings in Bali, the bombings everywhere of the government.
Even the Saudis say the British government's carrying out the bombings over there.
Pentagon counsels patients in weapons of mass destruction hunt in Iraq.
Reuters is reporting.
And, yes, here's the incredible headline of the Washington Post.
The White House and Downing Street are saying Saddam planted fake evidence of weapons of mass destruction.
Now, how stupid can you get?
He would plant evidence that would get him in trouble.
And, oh, so he made them say that those balloon trucks were pumping up hydrogen balloons or bioweapon trucks.
He made them make the fake document out of Niger.
I mean, this is just ridiculous.
Absolutely ridiculous.
Also, they're reporting that a man in weaponry litters Iraq, U.S.
faulted for not securing Hussein-era munitions, which are being used to kill our troops.
Just terrible.
And war games set at sea target North Koreans, Herald Sun.
Warships and surveillance aircraft from up to 11 nations will practice high-seas interdiction of North Koreans
Northern Australia next month, an exercise aimed at North Korea and its suspected trade in missiles and weapons of mass destruction.
Now remember, six months ago, Rumsfeld released a battle plan to invade as early as October.
That's what the Associated Press said.
Rumsfeld released a plan to invade North Korea in October, and of course they're trying to get Kim Jong-il to do something stupid, to strike first.
And then they get to have World War III, and now they've had all these troop movements, and they're interdicting North Korean ships, really escalating things.
Defense sources say details about the timing and extent of the exercise in interception, boarding, and seizure have not been widely publicized because of fears of derailing the crucial peace talks going on in Beijing today.
You talk about doublespeak.
And then there's a bunch of articles about why the U.S.
needs the U.N., and now they'll reluctantly, on the surface, have the U.N.
come in as the good cop.
It's another BBC article.
And Blair on dossier, defensive after crowds jeer him.
Tony Blair has defended his role in preparing the government's controversial Iraq dossier after crowds jeered him as he made his way to the Hutton inquiries.
And so all over, Ashcroft gets jeered, gets booed.
Push, guys.
All of them.
All of them.
They all do it.
We'll be right back, and we'll go to Gary and Tom and others.
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All right, folks, I know that we've got loaded phones.
We're going to get to everybody's calls.
We've also got Glenn Spencer coming up, but I'm going to go to calls early in this interview with him.
He'll just be with us about 30 minutes.
We'll get to JQ and Robert and everybody, and Gary and the Toms that are there.
But it's important to understand that
There's just a lot of news that you need to go read at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
I mean, I got one right here out of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Steel not seen as factor in WTC collapse.
Associated Press also reports early tests of steel beams from the World Trade Center show they generally met or were stronger than design requirements, ruling them out as a contributing cause of the collapse of the towers, federal investigators said Wednesday.
Now, everybody already said jet fuel, no matter what you did, couldn't melt those beams.
Explosions clearly went off, and we've covered all that.
But here they are now admitting that it wasn't what NOVA and Discovery Channel said caused the towers to collapse.
And that's really weird to have federal investigators come out and admit that.
I guess they just don't even care now.
I mean, that's on the website.
And there's a bunch of articles here about the U.S.
government still arming everybody with chemical and biological weapons.
I got this fluoride-linked low-IQ study shows.
I got massive reports here from U.S.
major universities and other universities that we've just got to get to.
There's just so much here, folks.
We're about to go right to your calls.
And, of course, all those proceeds go to Fight the New World Order.
Well, half of it goes to the movie theater.
But I hope to see everybody out there for that.
And details are on Infowars.com right now.
And I also hope that everybody gets Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, my new film, the new book we just published for Paul Watson, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror, and the New World Order.
We're also carrying Fritz Springmeier's Bloodlines, The Illuminati.
You want to be blown away, this book will do it.
Tex Mars' great book, Order Out of Chaos.
That's Order Out of Chaos is our book.
Circle of Intrigue.
Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or call toll-free at 1-888-253-3139.
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You need to get those.
Great exposés.
$18.95 for three hours of that and a free booklet.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Don't wait.
Get the info today.
Let's talk to Gary.
Go ahead, Gary.
You're on the air.
This morning on one of the Kansas City stations, I guess they're going to have a big training up this weekend.
Compass, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, they said, and all the way up to Minnesota on I-35.
Who's going to have a training event?
Well, the state police or somebody, they said they were going to have a lot of stops on all of I-35, so I thought that was kind of strange.
Well, yeah, they always announce checkpoints for this, checkpoints for that.
It's all federally funded to do it, to train you to accept internal checkpoints.
They did one back in Memorial Weekend.
They had 6,000 stops.
I know a guy that works for the county over here
But it's not for the globalists, see.
The drug war hasn't failed.
They got more of us in prison, more drugs.
They're funding their system.
Education hasn't failed.
It's dumbed all the kids down.
It's done its job.
Well, yeah, it's all part of Nazi Germany.
In Nazi Germany, they had checkpoints and you had to show your papers.
It's part of freedom.
Again, you're a Nazi if you're against the Nazis.
I'll let you finish up.
Anyway, stay there.
We'll get to others.
In about three or four or five minutes, we'll get Glenn Spencer on.
Stay with us.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, already into the third hour.
Wow, that was interesting.
Already into the third hour of this live Thursday edition, we got Glenn Spencer from American Patrol.
To talk about how the police chief of L.A.
says, hey, there's no more borders, the illegals are legal, you've got a problem with it, leave the state.
He actually said that on local radio in a discussion.
We'll talk about Arnold, who now says he's for totally open borders, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and read some of the quotes out of the Playboy magazine, the We, it was one of their subsidiaries, in 1977, where he talks about the orgies and all the rest of it, and the good Christian conservative he is.
Like I said, it's from Kansas City, and I heard it on the local news this morning, and it just
I think so.
But the border stays wide open, and at these checkpoints, it's been in the news, the police are ordered to release illegals, no licenses, no nothing, bald tires, 18-wheelers.
It's been in the news.
Sheriffs have complained.
They're ordered with federal funds to go out and set up checkpoints, but illegal aliens are untouchable.
That they can risk you and your wife and kids and make you get out of your car?
It's all about letting you know how to be a good slave.
It's about training Americans that tyranny's good.
The federal plan from 1998 says that these safety checkpoints are about training you for internal checkpoints and road tolls
Where people under a new national draft, by law, will have to volunteer, have to volunteer, double speak, oxymoron, to go out and search your car as volunteers at the checkpoints.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
Let's talk to Tom in California.
Go ahead, Tom.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to respond to that guy.
He sounded like he was calling from the East Coast.
About saying we deserve out in California what we get.
We don't deserve what we're getting out here.
It is total chaos.
I did not ask for Arnie to be running the race.
He's running a Ross Perot, going to cancel out Tom McClintock, and basically he's been put here so they can get Bustamante in office.
Nothing's going to change here.
I mean, they're even talking about a new bill that I don't know if we get to even vote on it that's coming up.
They heard for the first time this morning to let illegals vote in this state.
I mean, that's how crazy it is, and I'm against all these things.
Uh-oh, they're going to merge it and set up Mexican polling booths to vote in regions down in Mexico, the dual citizenship, merging the two countries.
This has all run out of Washington, folks.
It hasn't run out of Mexico.
And the police chief announced, he said, illegals are legal.
We're not stopping them.
If you don't like it, leave the state.
I know, and I mean, what am I supposed to do?
I'm one person against all these people.
And we've got hundreds of millions of illegals all over the world that want to come here.
We've got 40 million of them here now driving down the wages.
Look, I talked about my friend who manages the big apartment complex.
They've been told.
You don't mess with illegals, 10 people to a room.
But if middle-class Americans, Hispanic, white, doesn't matter, if they got an extra person, you a victim.
Look, you go to the bank.
An illegal walks up, no ID, gets a bank account.
The cops accept their fake... Hold on, the cops pull them over, no driver's license, nothing's done.
Cops, you know that's true.
They have Spanish-speaking lines in Bank of America in this state.
I mean, it's just sickening.
They hear this guy say, I deserve this.
I try to...
I don't deserve this.
I call my Congress people every day, and he's a big AFL-CIO supporter with his campaign.
You think he listens to a thing I say?
It's like, it's frustrating.
He says frustrating from where he is.
It's frustrating being in California.
It's nothing but chaos out here.
Thanks for the call.
We've got Glenn Spencer coming up, and I will go to your calls early.
I know you've been over a long time, and we're talking about the open borders.
And it's run by the government.
It's run by the neocons.
It's run by the liberals.
It's the destruction of America by the globalists.
So, Tom, Robert, JQ, and others, stay there.
Len Spencer is coming up.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The invasion of the United States by illegal aliens from every corner of the world, by the tens of millions,
...has been orchestrated out of Washington, D.C., out of New York.
It is the admitted plan to drive down the wages of the industrialized world to bring us into a world socialist system.
They can't have a middle class.
And we've got LAPD Chief William Bratton.
And again, if you're a police chief in L.A., you're a CIA operative, folks.
We've done past shows on that.
It was on KABC Radio with Ken Menard and...
The caller said to the police chief, the rest of your arguments are humorous.
They're here illegally.
It's his job to uphold the law.
Chief Bratton.
And he goes on to say, if you don't like it, leave the state.
We're not going to enforce the immigration law.
And now they say leave the state, so folks like Glenn Spencer flee the third world onslaught, the bankrupting of everything, the criminal gangs everywhere.
I mean, I've been to L.A., folks.
It's turning into Mexico City.
Okay, and there's 20 million new births a year in Latin America coming this way, China, Russia.
You know, these people, they say they're allowed to stay in apartment 10, but if you're a middle-class American, Hispanic, white, black, it doesn't matter.
They won't let you have 10 people in an apartment.
These are set policies, folks.
I know apartment managers here in Austin.
It's designed by the establishment to bring America down.
These illegals are going to vote for gun control, socialism.
They're going to vote to take your farms and ranches.
Just remember when they do.
That I warned you.
Just remember.
And we have got Arnold saying he's for open borders, gun control.
Mexican state gives immigrants the vote now.
They're going to set up voting machines in our country.
We have got, now that Glenn Spencer and others have run to the new front after California fell,
Now the governor has announced they're going to legalize all illegals, accept them.
They have more rights than citizens.
800 plus cities are accepting it.
The Republicans want blanket total amnesty.
Wall-to-wall destruction.
But in Ohio, in Illinois, and Central Texas, hundreds of miles from the border, thousands of miles in many cases, they'll set up checkpoints, pull over citizens who are Hispanic, black, white, driving nice cars, throw your goods down the road.
We've read the mainstream articles where police chiefs get mad and say, I've been ordered to let coyotes go, smuggling people at these checkpoints.
Illegals are not to be stopped.
The feds have told them.
This is a plan to overthrow the country.
Glenn Spencer, the premier expert fighting this total destruction, is on the line with us from his command center there in Arizona.
Welcome to the Airwave, sir.
Alex, good to be with you again.
Just got back from the border.
With your drones and the Denver Post.
Yes, we had a very successful test flight, and we had a reporter and photographer there from the Denver Post
And they watched us.
They watched our ground control system work.
They watched the UAV's unmanned aerial vehicles do their thing on a
A GPS, Global Positioning System, satellite navigation system.
We were flying that UAV all over the place under automatic control, just as we said we would.
And we had a reporter there and a photographer to document that this darn thing works beautifully.
And you've also got your sensors now right there where the tens of thousands are invading every day.
That is correct.
And we're about to marry these two things, and they'll happen next week.
Now, of course, the government won't put... We have sensors in the ground, and we're going to start flying over and sending live video back to America.
And, of course, the government won't put drones on the border.
They'll just put the drones over us.
We don't go anywhere near, you know, houses or anybody's backyard.
No, I understand, but I'm saying the government is announcing surveillance blips, drones, ground-penetrating radar to look through our walls over major cities, but they won't do it on the border where they should.
Well, it's clear that, as these guys from the Denver Post said, he says, boy, you're cutting-edge technology.
You're way ahead of the Border Patrol.
And they said, well, that's not saying much, but you're right.
Now, Glenn Spencer, AmericanPatrol.com, AmericanPatrol.org, got links to you on Infowars.com, incredible research material exposing the racist organizations that are funded by New York and D.C.
to break the country down, balkanization, sacrificing America and ultra-globalism.
This disgusting police chief...
Chief Bratton should be forced to resign for saying he will protect felons.
And you've got his phone number posted.
Do you have the clip?
I know you've got it on the website.
Listen to it.
I don't have the clip.
We don't have the actual clip.
We got this out of California.
It's here someplace.
But it is what the guy said, essentially.
It's on the web.
This is the interesting thing about it.
He says, in as much as California has pretty much indicated they don't want us involved in that issue, that is, illegal immigration, we're out of that business.
In other words, we won't report illegals.
We won't say anything about it.
If you don't like it, leave the state.
Now, that is a complete lie.
This guy is out from New York and took over the job.
The last time the people of California spoke on this issue...
They voted by an overwhelming margin of 60% to demand that local police cooperate with the INS.
But they don't care.
They're just going to pump another 5 million illegals in.
So what this guy said in the LAPD that the people of California have spoken and they don't want the police to get involved is a lie.
It's a flat-out lie.
Now, based on this lie...
And the fact that they refused to enforce the law demanded by the people.
Now he's telling the people who passed the law that he refuses to obey and to enforce to get the hell out of the state.
Well, now you've got the clips on the website.
You've also got Mario Oblato and others saying the same thing.
If you don't like it, leave.
And you have the video.
We've aired it here locally.
Where the match has the pictures of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed people with their heads cut off, and they have flyers with pictures of machine guns saying they're going to kill all whites.
This chief of police said get out of the state, but here's Mario Oblato saying the same thing.
Now, wait a minute.
We're going to take over all the political institutions of California.
In five years, the Hispanics are going to be the majority population of the state.
You also made the statement that California is going to become a Hispanic state and that if anyone doesn't like it, they should leave.
Did you say that?
I did.
They ought to go back to Europe.
How's that?
Now, here is the co-founder of MALDEF, the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund.
Saying that California is going to be a Hispanic, and he means Mexican state.
And if you don't like it, you should leave.
You should go back to Europe.
Well, they all fly flags that show Mexico, and they hold up signs and pictures of dead white people saying, we're going to kill you, we're going to kill you.
And Glenn, I've been out protesting the Klan.
I've been out protesting these guys.
But the media acts like you're racist if you fight against these racists.
Oh, no question about it.
They can do no wrong.
An illegal alien can do no wrong.
There are no laws.
There are no laws.
They are above the law.
They can do anything.
Did you hear that I know a lady who manages one of the biggest apartment complexes in Austin, and they've been told if there's 10 illegals in that apartment, you leave them alone.
But if the middle class renters, regardless of color, have one extra person, you evict them.
I mean, they're actually the government.
Why are they doing that, setting up a two-tiered system?
That is correct.
I was stopped the other day.
We're adding vehicles to our fleet.
And I added a vehicle, and we added the insurance.
And I was stopped on the 7th of August, and on the 8th of August, our proof of insurance arrived in the mail.
Because it was one day late from the time I got stopped, and I had no other ticket, no other violation, I had to pay $250 because the insurance came in one day late.
Do you know what they do if they stop an illegal alien driving here?
They let them go.
No license, no insurance.
They don't care.
Well, that shows the double standard of all this.
Of course.
They don't touch them.
Because if they apprehend them, then they've got to notify, in some cases, the INS.
They don't want to do that.
And they know that if they apprehend them and find them and try to send a bill, they know they'll never show up.
So they don't even bother with it.
And so the police chief says, hey, just leave the state.
Get out of California!
But this is the irony of the thing.
When we passed California Proposition 187, there was a provision in it that the people passed, and actually the courts allowed it to become state law.
Now, this gets a little arcane, but it's not too arcane.
It's pretty simple.
There's a new state law that was to crack down on these phony IDs, and it's California Penal Codes 113 and 114.
And it's been on the books since 1994.
And the LAPD refuses to enforce it.
Well, that's because the LAPD has been run by the Pentagon since the 1960s, and this is the plan.
The plan is to break America up, get us all fighting with each other like the French Quebec, and that's the end of the deal.
So now we've got Arnold.
You've got on your website that he's Benedict Arnold.
Why do you say that?
First of all,
Arnold Schwarzenegger has said back in 1994 when it was popular that he voted for Proposition 187 that would have cut off illegal aliens from the school system and from every other free service.
He now says he doesn't support it, it's antiquated, and he says that essentially
These people are here.
I'm going to get the direct quote about the illegal aliens.
Should we have them stay here, which I think is the right thing to do?
But how do you do that and then include them in our society?
How do you make it official?
How do you make it legal?
Well, you want to legalize.
Yeah, and the important thing here is no one's discussing in the national news that the state's bankrupt because of the giant third world population, that it's now a third world country.
That is the reason California is bankrupt.
There are two reasons, you see.
You have people that are coming in who earn next to nothing, pay no taxes, pay nothing in taxes, and then use services, but then force out the middle class who have been fleeing.
Who can't even then pay the tax to pay for their bankroll then.
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The European Union...
Again, the European Union, the Asian Union, the Pacific Union, the African Union, the Pan-American Union.
The globalists have said that they're going to get rid of borders.
They're going to get rid of sovereignty.
And they're going to bring in third world populations.
You know, if it's Western Europe, they bring in third world Eastern Europeans.
If it's a somewhat wealthy African country, they'll have a coup d'etat revolution and bring it down.
It's about control, and now they don't just have dual citizenship with Mexico and California.
Now they're going to have voting machines for Mexican elections in California.
The merger is happening right in front of us.
Glenn Spencer, talk about that.
Then we're going to go to some calls.
I also want to talk about your Arizona governor saying, hey, we're going to legalize all illegals.
Well, absolutely.
We know that the Mexicans went to dual citizenship after the passage of Prop 187 in California.
People have to understand that proposition, what happened to it, what the Mexicans did after it was passed, is a story in and of itself of the struggle of the United States of America to survive.
The first thing they did after that proposition passed
They came out and said, and I've got all the documentation, we can't have this.
We can't have the individual citizens.
We've got the government under our thumb, but we can't let these individual citizens run amok and pass laws that stop our invasion.
So we can take care of that.
We'll just flood them with our own citizens.
So they knew that Mexicans didn't want to become U.S.
citizens and lose their Mexican citizenship, and there's a good reason why.
Because in order to buy land in the choice parts of Mexico, you have to be a citizen.
You as an American can't go down there and buy property.
You get all other kinds of benefits if you're a Mexican citizen.
So they said, well, how are we going to get them to become U.S.
Oh, I'll tell you what.
We'll allow them to remain Mexican citizens.
We'll give them dual citizenship.
That way they can go out and outvote the Americans in their own land.
What a great idea!
And then the police chief gets up and says, that's right, you don't like it, leave.
What a great idea.
That's right.
We'll just go in there, we'll just overwhelm them and outvote them, and the police chief will even throw them out.
Because it all comes out of D.C.
and New York.
Mexico's a shill in this whole thing.
So the elitists really are willing to totally destroy America and turn us into a giant Brazilian.
Well, they said that in Vietnam we had to destroy the village to save it.
Had to destroy the United States to save it, as far as they're concerned.
Well, and now the Republicans say they want blanket, total, nationwide amnesty for anybody.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he's all for amnesty, 100%.
He wants to give these people everything.
You don't think he's going to tax California to death?
You better believe he will.
Well, that's it.
They're destroying the middle class, making them leave, and at the same time bringing all the illegals that want the goodies.
Where are all these illegals that are going to get all their free health care and all their goodies?
What do you mean, where are they going to get it?
I guess we'll just keep toxin and toxin.
Of course.
Of course.
Now, here you had yesterday on one of these popular TV shows, they had a debate on, you know, they had a Supreme Court decision here in Arizona.
It's breaking the back.
The Supreme Court said that the people of Arizona had to pay for the health care of anybody who shows up at a hospital.
Legal or not.
And they said specifically the illegals will come driving across in a car with somebody who's got a brain problem and go pay for it, and they do.
Ambulances pull up to the border crossing right here in Douglas, Arizona.
But you know what?
I was on the news last night.
If there's an ambulance and a person is in it, the Border Patrol waves them through.
Now let me tell you the difference, folks, because I've grown up in Texas my whole life.
I could see it.
And so what does this guy say, this guy on the Scarborough country last night, this guy who represents the Friends Foreign Service Communist Committee?
Yeah, Christian Ramirez.
He says, well, you know, the United States government has a policy of keeping the border open, so you have to take care of it.
He said they could close the border if they want to, and that's true.
So the people... I've been saying this, and I don't know when I'm going to stop it.
I'm going to continue to say it as long as I have a breath.
Your government is doing this to you deliberately!
And the majority of Hispanics, the majority of everybody, are against open borders.
Everybody knows it's bad.
But the Republicans don't care.
Glenn, stay there.
We've got some calls for you.
We're going to come back and go to Tom and...
Joe and a couple other people.
And then I've got a bunch of other news items here.
Just stay with us, folks.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, my friends, we're back live.
We've got about 26 minutes left.
This is our final segment with Glenn Spencer.
Glenn, I've got a couple calls.
Folks want to talk to you here.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
And, Glenn Spencer, we have won the fight.
When it comes to exposing what's happening, I mean, I read the polls, 80-plus percent of Hispanics are against the open borders and illegals.
The media tries to make it a racial issue, and it's successful with some, but it's a survival issue.
We cannot have no borders and be a country, especially when it's third-world populations.
So why can we have 89% of blacks and whites, 80-something percent of Hispanics, wanting the borders shut, illegals deported?
Because they don't want you to vote on it.
In other words, you can sit and scream your head off and have all these polls, but what they do is very cleverly make sure you're never given an opportunity to express your feelings at the ballot box.
That's why this California election is so interesting.
There's only one guy running for office out there, and that's Tom McClintock.
Tom McClintock is a state senator.
And he said that if elected governor, he would send Proposition 187 back to the court.
He would enforce all of the provisions of 187 that are law.
And they're telling him to drop out instead of Arnold, a Nazi.
That's right.
Benedict Arnold, who would turn us over to Mexico.
It's the hat.
It's the hat, Lee.
Got a lot of stuff going on in there.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Well, the dog didn't recognize the hat.
Anyway, so this guy is ready to turn us over to Mexico.
And that's why we called him Benedict Arnold.
And that's his name.
From now on, as far as I'm concerned.
This guy...
It is the worst thing that could ever happen to California.
He was close buddies with Richard Reardon, the guy who endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa to succeed him as mayor of Los Angeles.
Well, they're buddies.
They're buddies at the Bohemian Grove.
That's right.
According to the San Francisco Chronicle.
Oh, absolutely.
And then when Schwarzenegger named a list of advisers...
He included this guy Carlos Olamendi, who I debated personally and took him apart on the O'Reilly Factor, okay, with Newt Gingrich as the host.
This guy is a fifth columnist who is representing the Mexican government, and I went into it in detail in my video, Conquest of Aztlan.
And so guess what Arnold does?
He names him to his board of advisors, plus other people with close ties to the Mexican government.
Ladies and gentlemen...
This guy is Hitler's revenge!
Well, literally, he says he admires Hitler, and he hangs around with Voltheim, the former U.N.
chief of Nazi, married into the Kennedys.
He is a Trojan horse, and you've got the Republican leaders supporting him.
What about your governor in Arizona?
Then we'll go to some calls.
She's saying, blanket amnesty.
Anybody that can get here can be a guest worker.
We're going to take all your cars.
What you have now is with Schwarzenegger there, Napolitano in Arizona, and you have Richardson in New Mexico.
And, of course, we know that Richardson is a Hispanic.
We have him on tape saying that it's more important to act Hispanic than Republican or Democrat, and it's unfair to attack illegal immigration.
And so now Schwarzenegger has said he wants to join with these other mayors to make a deal with Mexico.
Ladies and gentlemen, come on!
Come on!
California has one last chance.
I'll tell you something.
If Tom McClintock was elected governor of California, he would save the state and save the United States.
If he isn't, it'll probably be all over.
Washington, the bigwigs at the Grove, and the Rothschilds that Reuters reported Arnold gets his orders from, they want the end of America.
So you've got a racist Bustamante and a Nazi like Schwarzenegger.
They want to destroy America.
And that's the bottom line.
Well, you see, the reason we say he's Hitler's revenge, and there's a reason for that.
He wanted to use Mexico, yeah.
You see, in Peter Brimelow's book, Alien Nation, he opens it up by saying there is a sense in which current immigration policy is Adolf Hitler's posthumous revenge on America.
And in essence, what he says in his book...
We're good to go.
I think?
But this opening ourselves up to the third world may have eventually destroyed, be the cause for the demise of the United States.
Now, the elites are for that, because they'll be off in their ivory towers.
Of course.
Now, the elite wants to get rid of the middle class, regardless of what color you are.
Well, my whole point about Arnold is, he says, I admire Hitler.
He hangs around with Voltheim.
He's involved with all these people.
So that's why I say that about him.
And Boos Gamonte...
I mean, I've read the mainstream news articles about his racist activities.
I tell you, Bustamante really is an arrogant creature.
He was a member of MECHA.
Pardon me?
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan.
I mean, this is the separate student movement to separate Aztlan, and this has been all the news lately on MSNBC.
Well, they're talking about returning the Southwest to Mexico.
Which is what the government's doing, because they want to break the country up.
And of course, when Prop 187 passed, Bustamante, and we've got this tape, Bustamante went to Mexico, Cruz Bustamante went to Mexico and apologized for the racist Republicans for passing that bill.
I mean, come on!
He is close tied to the Mexican government.
He is here to aid their invasion and conquest.
And if he becomes governor of California, you could kiss that state goodbye.
There would be no recovery.
And then people say, well, maybe if he was governor, and in three years when the state's in really bad shape, you know, then everybody will say, aha, forget it.
Forget it.
If he's governor for three years, you don't have a state.
There will be no recovery.
Well, you know what?
Maybe this is going to be a wake-up call for all these idiots.
Oh, you know, wait.
No, I don't think it will.
I think it's only when the blood is running in the streets, but not just running in the streets.
It has to be ankle high, right?
It has to get above your socks.
For these idiots to say, ooh, I think something's wrong here.
Now, they're passing out the machine guns, the drug money, the flyers are everywhere, that all whites will be killed when the order is given.
Exactly where are these orders to kill all whites?
Where are these issuing from?
Well, that first showed up in El Plan de San Diego.
That was in the early part of last century.
They said that there was going to be an uprising, and the first thing they were going to do was kill all the whites.
The Mexicans and Hispanics said that.
But that's a loving thing now.
And, of course, we've seen this in various, you know, the rap songs and all of that.
It's vicious, vicious, vicious, vicious music and lyrics.
And it's not music.
Rap isn't music.
It's just yelling.
So the thing is, I repeat, I've warned about the demise of California.
I've been doing that for 12 years.
It is now dead.
The only hope is if they elect Tom McClintock, there's a hope you can save the state.
The chances are probably 1 in 10 that that'll happen.
If you elect Schwarzenegger or anybody else, the state is gone.
It's finished.
It's part of Mexico.
I would advise anybody who is living in California who is a loyal American...
And Tom McClintock is not elected governor to get the heck out of California.
Well, the police chief said it.
The police chief told everybody to get out.
Yeah, I would listen to his advice, because you are going to be forced out.
Okay, let's go to a couple calls here.
I promise I've been holding forever.
Tom in New York, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
This is actually Bob.
Okay, go ahead.
Let's cut through all the fluff, guys.
And not one time in your conversation have I heard the word...
Traders to the Constitution.
That's exactly what these people are.
Need to emphasize it.
I say it all the time to everybody in my circle.
They are traitors to the Constitution.
They're treasoners.
Am I right here?
My second video that I produced three years ago was called Treachery and Treason in America.
It is absolutely treason.
It is also treachery.
But we've been saying all along it is a global plan to break down all sovereign nations for the new world order.
They've said it.
We are being sacrificed on the altar of globalism.
Can I give you a little perspective from the northeast?
Yeah, go ahead.
A little town in upper state New York called Horseth.
Never thought I'd see illegal aliens getting piled in.
I had a business.
I paid my workman's comp.
I paid my withholding.
I find out the pizzeria down the street has got illegals, okay?
He's paying them cash under the table.
Like, you know, come on.
This is ridiculous.
I never thought I'd see it here in upper state New York, but evidently, after I got talking with the cops that called the INS to haul them away, they say it's everywhere.
It's everywhere.
Everywhere all across the country.
It's more like 40 million illegals.
25 million of them just happen to be Mexican.
Look, look, look.
They're firing everybody at the GM and Ford plants and bringing in masses of Poles from the old Soviet factories.
They say that you think the outsourcing of high-tech jobs is bad?
It's going to increase seven times.
That was the article yesterday.
Seven times.
It's only begun.
Isn't that the case, Glenn?
Oh, absolutely.
And it is our fault.
The American people are permitting it to happen.
They sit back and do nothing.
Well, we're down here on the border.
We've got equipment to find them and we're going to do it.
And you can go on to AmericanPatrol.com and then get into American Border Patrol and watch what we do in the next few weeks.
It's going to be amazing.
Well, you've done a lot of amazing... I hope people stimulate the people to take action.
You've done a lot of amazing stuff.
Thanks for the call, Bob.
Let's go ahead and talk to Brad.
Brad, where are you calling us from today?
Yeah, thanks for taking my call.
I'll try to be quick.
Where are you calling us from today?
Oh, Illinois, Alex.
Thank you.
You're doing a great job, Glenn.
I love listening to you.
I just wanted to make just a couple quick comments.
And that is, first of all, yeah, the American white people, the American stupid white people are the ones to blame.
In the first place, we only make up 9% of the world's population, so that ought to tell the people who the genocide is being focused on who the real minority of the world is.
That's number one.
And also, any person, any white person out there that thinks they own a home when they go into the real estate market and buy a home, don't they ever ask the question what they're paying on their transfer taxes?
Well, let me break it down.
It is corrupt.
I will say this.
Anglo-American Europeans that have coldly decided to destroy the Western world to give themselves total dictatorship and power, and they're using the third world population as a tool to drive down wages, as a tool to do that.
You're absolutely right.
But look at the genocide against Indian, Native American populations.
I know Glenn's worked with them.
There's genocide against everybody.
This New World Order is about trashing everybody's culture and getting everybody at each other's throats, and it's working like a charm when the real enemy is the military-industrial complex that is using this system.
Yeah, but I want to emphasize, you're absolutely right, but I want to emphasize the one thing that they fear most is the vote.
And I want to say this again.
That there is a once in a decade opportunity out there in California.
You know, I ran a recall campaign against Gray Davis over three years ago.
We got over 300,000 votes.
And I knew at the time the guy had a screw loose.
This guy is out of touch with reality.
Had we succeeded in that recall, we would have saved the people of America a lot of grief.
But right now, there is a very dynamic situation, a fluid situation.
The power structure really doesn't have control over it.
And we can use shows like yours and the Internet and AmericanPatrol.com to get the truth out and try to focus on California and get Tom McClintock in there.
I don't have anything to do with Tom McClintock.
But you notice what they're doing is... I've met him a couple of times.
If he's governor, it won't help me at all.
Oh, hey, Glenn, of course.
I live in Arizona.
He's got a conservative record.
But that's why they're ignoring him.
This is why everybody's got to focus, in my judgment, the top priority right now.
Forget about us down on the border.
Forget about everything else.
You focus, you get on the Internet, you get on the phones, you donate money to Tom McClintock.
You get people to send him money, okay, to elect him governor of California.
If you did that, it would be a revolution in this country.
It would save the United States of America.
And, Glenn Spencer, we're in a race because they're putting in the touchscreen systems that they admit are fraud-based now.
Well, then you can overwhelm them.
If you could just do that one thing, elect McClintock,
Glenn, let me stop you.
You'll save the country.
Let me stop you for a second, because this is important.
We have a problem here.
The Republicans and the Democrats have said they're for open borders, end of sovereignty.
So, what do you do when you can't find the candidates, or Bush says he's going to target Tom Tancredo to be removed, or Senator Bob Smith?
I mean, Bush goes after the real conservative candidates.
Well, they're going after McClintock.
There's no question about it.
But he's made very specific promises.
Yeah, but see what the neocons that are, you know... Well, they're coming after McClintock.
The neocons are up there with Arnold, ignoring McClintock.
Of course, Dreyer, Fred Dreyer, I mean, whether Dreyer is out there, Congressman Dreyer...
He is the worst neocon there is.
And they're all lining up behind this Schwarzenegger.
And he says he wants to legalize all illegal aliens.
That, in and of itself, would destroy this country.
Would destroy it.
That's the issue.
The media, the LA Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, they're frightened to death that this issue could get traction.
And all I am saying right now, try to make, if you have any influence, you try to make it this issue and get it traction.
Well, exactly.
But, Glenn, this is the point here.
You're making great points yourself, but the point I'm trying to make here is that
Is that the people want the border control.
The recall is about all the illegal aliens.
That's what caused the budget problems.
But the media is totally ignoring the fact that it's about illegal immigration.
See, this is an interesting opportunity.
All right?
You call it info wars, right?
This is a real war.
So what you have to do is use your radio station.
Use the Internet.
Use faxes and emails and let people know the truth.
It overwhelmed the established media in California.
And the nice thing about it is we don't have to wait long.
We get instant gratification.
Well, I know that they're trying to make McClintock step down.
He's saying he won't.
How about Arnold step down?
He should step down.
It just came out about his orgies and his drug use.
Did you hear what he said about cloning?
What did he say?
This was reported by George Will on ABC TV Network News.
You know, some people are a little concerned about these stem cells they take from embryos.
Arnold loves stem cell research, not only that.
He believes in unlimited cloning.
And he said anybody who opposes it is a religious zealot.
Did you remember the movie Boys from Brazil?
Where they cloned Hitler?
Well, he's the product of an SS marriage.
Well, I'm serious.
And, you know, he says in his book, Evolution of a Bodybuilder, that he hates Christians.
He's a good neocon.
Glenn Spencer, thank you so much for joining us.
You keep it up.
We'll be back for the final segment.
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We're good to go.
Don't consolidate, eliminate.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks.
Back live.
Thanks for joining us.
Final segment.
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I want to thank Len Spencer for coming on.
Look, you can keep hoping it all goes away, keep thinking you won't get involved.
You better stand up for America, no matter what color you are or where you're from.
Your standard of living and your liberties are going straight down the tubes.
Steel not seen as factor in WTC collapse after telling us that jet fuel melted the steel, which is impossible.
Now they admit that that never happened and that was impossible.
That's the government admitting that and saying, they're not going to tell you why they exploded and collapsed.
Falling faster than a bowling ball can fall.
You know one of those towers fell faster than a bowling ball?
Faster than science says anything can fall in Earth's gravity well?
You go, well, then how did it happen?
Because, well, if you blow out floors beneath it, the building will just fall into pieces and will collapse faster.
That's the difference, see?
If it's being blown out at the lower levels, then the whole thing collapses quicker.
That is, the top piece still hits as fast as the law of gravity will allow it.
It doesn't defeat gravity, but the bottom is already hitting the ground beforehand.
Hence, you get the collapse in just over 10 seconds for an 1,100-foot building.
It continues, but again, you can just believe that...
Believe that Bush is a conservative if you'd like, and believe that, you know, Mars is Planet X and is going to get us.
Believe whatever you want, folks.
Okay, government loves you, turn your guns in, it's conservative.
And it goes on to say, U.S., U.K.
sell chemical weapons to the world, Sunday Herald, breaking international law, Britain exports lethal TCPs to Iran, Sudan, Libya, and Israel.
Ha ha ha.
UK sells bomb material to Iran.
Israel arms to Iran inquiry.
That's out of CNN.
Arming all the enemies for war.
Straw warns Iraq to end its nuclear program.
And Queen in summit air terror alert.
Australia has revealed it scrambled a fighter jet shoot down an identified plane during a security scare at the Commonwealth Summit attended by the degenerate Queen and her degenerate brood.
And it continues.
And there is just so much here that I wanted to get to that we didn't have time to get to.
Look at this.
Scott's social worker snatches U.S.
We don't have foreigners grabbing our kids.
International custody battle was played out in a small Scottish town yesterday when a toddler was snatched from its mother by order of a judge.
Social worker staged a late-night raid on the address of Bridge of Allen Strangleshire that sees a two-year-old boy from a fugitive mother been missing from the United States for nine months.
It goes on and on.
September 11th terrorist suspect publicly announced attacks in 99.
A witness for the trial of September 11th terrorist suspect has been pressed by a judge from memory that he saw the hijackers predicted the attacks on the U.S.
Of course, the FBI was ordered not to stop Al Qaeda.
I'm out of time.
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