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Air Date: Aug. 27, 2003
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Here we are.
It's already the Wednesday, the 27th of August, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Let's jump straight into the news.
Bush vows no retreat from Iraq and the Middle East.
In a speech last night, no retreat?
I think?
We're good to go.
John Hinckley Jr., whose daddy was having dinner with the vice president the night before, is now scheduled, 22 years later, to be released from the mental ward, a job done for his master's.
Again, John Hinckley wants out.
His lawyers say the man who shot Ronald Reagan needs more freedom in order to get well.
The president's daughter says, who cares?
Well, the Bushes are president now.
And that's right.
Bush 1 is back in the White House with his figurehead, Bush 2.
And so that's the facts.
Also, I'll just talk a few minutes about Mars.
It certainly is the biggest I've ever seen in my life.
I was out with the binoculars last night looking at it.
It's kind of interesting, and I won't be this big again.
The government says in 60,000 years.
Well, regardless, it's the biggest I've ever seen it, the biggest my dad's ever seen it, so at least the last 50-something years.
But did you go out and look at Mars?
I was out last night seeing neighbors out doing the same.
But again, more coming up on serious issues like loaner who shot Reagan ready to be released.
Outsourcing jobs in India to increase seven times what it is now by 08.
You thought you didn't have a job now.
Arizona governor announces they're going to totally legalize all illegals and give them all your jobs.
Headline, Arizona offered as a site for guest worker plan.
The total legalization of any legal from any country in the world is now taking place right now.
And it's part of the set, stated U.N.
plan that Republicans and Democrats follow.
Other big news here.
Microchip to watch Prince Harry.
That's right.
I told you they'd have celebrities and people take the chip, and that's how they're now selling it on MTV and on Nickelodeon.
Now Prince Henry, the big prince of the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, the German royal family of England, is giving him a chip to get everybody to submit to it and think it's real cool.
See, it's a status symbol, like the OnStar in your car, which they didn't tell you is about to be used to tax everybody to drive their vehicles.
That's been big news.
It's on Infowars.com right now, the satellite trackers, the microchips, the global plan to start taxing you to drive your cars.
I know I've talked a lot about it.
It's a big deal.
We better discuss it.
We better talk about it.
Big headline here out of the Herald, and this is the current White House press secretary's father.
The journalist in his own right says that the government killed JFK.
Was LBJ behind JFK murder?
Well, certainly at a certain level.
I mean, I had LBJ's mistress on the radio before she died.
I mean, there's so much evidence on JFK, the government killed him.
It's a joke to say that he didn't.
Chaining stifled energy probe, GAO investigations say.
Post-war Iraq toll exceeds combat deaths.
We talked about this some yesterday.
We'll talk about it again today.
And new U.S.
military role suggested.
Wait till you hear where they want to send the troops next.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, it is Wednesday, the 27th of August, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you so much.
For joining us here on the Worldwide Broadcast today.
Tonight, this morning, depending on what time zone you're listening to us in.
In the last segment that I know many stations do carry the news, I just ran through some of the information we're going to be covering in this hour.
We're also going to have open phones.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
Bush vows no retreat from Iraq Middle East.
Now, again, when people start talking about no retreat, no surrender, what morale are they trying to bolster?
The troops can't leave.
They were told they'd go to Baghdad and come right home.
They were lied to.
They're calling people up who were enlisted five, six, seven, eight years ago and saying, hey, there's a little clause in here that you were part of the volunteer army.
Well, now you've got to volunteer.
They're shipping them over there.
They've now announced, U.S.
Senators announced, the White House has said they're considering plans under NATO, not just the U.N., but under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, to send U.S.
troops into Israel and to the West Bank in Palestine to be sitting targets.
We have troops in over 200 countries.
Now, the UN only has 196 member nations, but there are hundreds of provinces and subdivisions of countries that have not been brought to heel under the New World Order, whether they're bad or good.
Regardless, they're not under globalist control.
And so you've got our troops in over 200 countries or regions of the world right now.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Here's the problem, Bush.
I know you're not really the president.
I know you're not a conservative.
I know you don't run anything, but people think you do, so let's just address the facts.
The Iraqi people, a lot of them were ambivalent when the takeover took place of the central water supplies and oil and power.
And then as things got worse and as families got killed and troops raped and murdered, the people began to fight back.
And our troops are on the record.
Officers are on the record saying, kids have their arms blown off, we can't treat them.
Bad troops are raping women, they're not being prosecuted.
These people haven't had water or power now for months.
Americans would certainly get angry.
We're here oppressing these people.
Now, you can scream at the troops and call them traitors, but you're not over there in the middle of this like the troops are.
And you're not over there in a depleted uranium wasteland.
It is admitted fact.
The Army's own top scientist that they hired to disprove depleted uranium resigned and said the troops have lesions, the troops have lung problems, the troops are dead and dying, and that was in 1992 when he investigated.
Now he's tested the blood of the Australians.
He's tested the blood of the British.
He's tested our troops' blood.
They've got massive levels.
Folks, in one area of Baghdad, it was over 1,900 times the safe level of depleted uranium.
And that just so happens to be the main headquarters for our troops.
Now, this is the Associated Press, folks.
We post these articles every day.
1,900 times the safe level of uranium.
And so Bush says, bring them on.
And now a lot of good old boys who are not real good old boys are saying, well, we can't leave.
We can't look like we got whipped.
Well, we can't do that.
Let me tell you something.
If our forces would have gone in there and turned the power on and turned the water on and allowed them to have an election, believe me, we wouldn't have troops getting killed right now at a tenth the level they are.
We wouldn't have all these RPG attacks.
There wouldn't be all these bombings.
None of this would be happening.
And to claim that it's Saddam doing it,
And now Saddam's this boogeyman like bin Laden that just surfaces.
When anybody resists, oh, it's Goldstein from 1984, the fictional character of the state.
And now they've sent NATO into Afghanistan, where we're getting troops killed every day, too.
You just don't hear about it in the news.
It's in the back of some newswire.
Now they're talking about sending NATO troops into Iraq, NATO troops into Israel.
I mean, do you see the escalation of this?
And so how about all these wannabe neocon good old boys, how about you go sit out in the sun for a year?
How about you do it?
How about you go sit out in the sun for a year?
And sit out there and go somewhere, maybe in the Arizona desert where it's 120 degrees during the day, and then let a bunch of sand flies chew on you and just be in the midst of dirty, poor people with no water, no nothing, cholera, kids dying all around you from dysentery.
Huge graves everywhere.
A million and a half people died in the last 12 years there.
Bombed out shells, wrecks, kids walking around with giant tumors on their heads, children with their intestines on the outside of their body from all the depleted uranium that have been born.
Literally, it would be like going into Hades.
They have the highest rates of deformities.
The highest rates of dysentery and cholera, it's worse than sub-Saharan Africa.
It's worse than the worst tenement in Latin America.
It's like a giant Mexico City wasteland, and your troops are just sitting over there, huffing to put uranium, and they're looking at the kids that folks look like something like a late-night horror movie.
I mean, these images, there's just tens of thousands of these little kids
And, you know, the mothers carry them around, and it looks like they're carrying around, you know, a possum that was hit by an 18-wheeler.
And I'm not trying to be mean here.
I'm trying to describe how horrible this is.
I mean, it's like carrying around a bag of guts or something.
And I'm sorry, folks.
I mean, I've posted the images on the website that the most...
It's horrible.
The troops are in that.
They're crying.
They're freaking out.
It's disgusting.
It's not what they thought they were signing up for to go fight enemies.
The Iraqis get $20 a month.
They've got to go through Halliburton, Brown, Kellogg, Root, Kellogg, Brown, and Root, all these subdivisions of one company to get any job anywhere.
I have the Associated Press article.
This isn't some Reuters article or some BBC article, some French story.
I mean, AP reporters over there with images of them, photos of them arresting men selling fruits, vegetables, beer, machine parts.
You're not allowed to go out and sell stuff on the street.
Then I hear these neocons on the radio going, people can buy and sell and trade on the street now.
They're happy now.
By the way, coming up next, sweatshops are good, and depleted uranium isn't bad for you, and genetically modified food is good.
It's just advertisements for the lies.
And they call this conservatism, and then the giant horde of liberals see that, and it validates everything that they were told about the left, and, oh, see, the left is good, and it energizes the other pillar of the New World Order.
But you talk to one of these leftists with the facts and lay out the hypocrisy of the entire system, they'll go out and buy a gun, folks.
They'll go get rid of their membership of the Sierra Club.
They will show up at your Patriot Act meeting.
They will deprogram themselves instantly.
But you try to sit up here and go, yeah, I'm for the family and guns and
Jesus Christ, and by the way, I love George Bush.
He's a man of honor.
The left's all been shown the evidence and compartmentalized news of the total lies and corruption.
And it's true of the Bush administration.
And so they hear you saying that, and then everything else you're saying that's true, they totally disregard it.
They totally disregard the constitutional patriot slash conservative Christian camp.
That's got the facts, that understand what's going on.
So Bush vows, you know, he's going to handle it for everybody.
He's just going to keep the troops over there.
So that's the report on that.
When we get back, Hatfield sues U.S.
over anthrax probe.
Loner who shot Reagan ready to be released.
That's right.
John Hinckley wants out.
More on Mars, closest to Earth now that it's been 60,000 years.
We'll also get into a report here.
Outsourcing jobs to India to increase seven times by 2008.
Arizona offered a site of guest worker plan.
Officially, Vicente Fox is to be the governor of the Southwest.
This is the Arizona Republic.
Herald Sun, microchip to watch Prince Henry.
Was LBJ behind JFK's murder?
Another mainstream article.
Cheney's Stable Energy Probe, GAO investigators say.
We'll be right back.
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I do this show Monday through Friday from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, here at night, and of course during the day from 11 to 2 Central Time during the day.
Websites are prisonplanet.com, infowars.net, and infowars.com.
And coming up in the next segment, we'll go to your calls for Lynn in New York and others that are holding.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Hatfield sues U.S.
over anthrax probe.
Now, folks, we have the names of the scientists who, under CIA control, and it's even been in the mainstream news, were ordered...
To launch the anthrax attacks on the Capitol and on other enemies of the central government, of the executive branch.
And it was used as a way to continue the hysteria after September 11th, get the Patriot Act passed.
The Patriot Act was passed while the Capitol was under anthrax attack and five of the six office buildings were shut down, whole wings of the Capitol were shut down.
They were then all told, you better pass this.
No one was allowed to read it.
And now they've been trying to frame Hatfield.
They drained this pond, found nothing, of course, claimed that he could have brewed it in a bucket.
Turns out it's the most weaponized form of anthrax ever seen, coated in bentonite.
The machine that does that costs about $100 million.
It's a U.S.
patented system.
These were micro-fine, smallest particles of anthrax known to exist.
And there was an official CIA plan in 99 of how to send a test, a professionally funded test, this is what's declassified, of how to send weaponized anthrax through the mail.
Then you have the Bush White House on Cipro, the anthrax-fighting antibiotic.
On September 10th, according to the Associated Press, and what the White House Press Secretary made in a briefing, the entire Cabinet was on this stuff.
Much of the Cabinet, the top people on the Cabinet, were all on Cipro four weeks before it showed up in Bogart, North Florida.
Violent terrorism expert under scrutiny in the 2001 anthrax attacks filed a lawsuit Tuesday accusing Attorney General John Ashcroft and other government officials of trampling his constitutional rights and using him as a scapegoat for their failure to make an arrest in the case.
Dr. Steve J. Hatfield claims that by labeling him a person of interest in the case, Ashcroft and other federal authorities have destroyed his reputation and ruined his job prospects.
Yeah, no kidding.
Mr. Ashcroft acted to protect both his department and his own political future and public image at the expense of Dr. Hadfield's constitutional rights to the lawsuit filed in the U.S.
District Court.
Now remember Richard Jewell.
They were sure that he'd bomb the Olympic Park.
Of course, he was the security guard that saw a known BATF officer leaving the satchel.
And so they couldn't have a security guard seeing a federal officer leaving the bomb.
So they simply said, oh, we know he did it and smeared him, and he had got a big settlement.
And it turned out that then they tried to frame some other guy, then it was Eric Rudolph, and see, that's why I can't believe a thing they do.
And then you look at some of the bombings of abortion clinics, turns out it's the government there.
We read yesterday out of AFP and the Associated Press, French and American news, where the head of the 300 commandos, the colonel,
We're good to go.
John Hinckley Jr.'
's father met with Vice President Bush, Herbert Walker, and according to other press reports in the mainstream news, Neil Bush, the night before the shooting.
Interesting little thing there, and of course, skull and bones, members.
The loner who shot Ronald Reagan in 81 is said by his doctors, who have been cured of a mental illness that led to the assassination attempt.
John Hinckley, 48, has been confined to secure wards in the St.
Elizabeth Hospital in Washington for more than 20 years after being found not guilty of attempted murder by reason of insanity, but could soon be released without supervision.
I mean, you talk about a textbook mind control guy, this is it.
And by the way, there's admitted congressional hearings, 1977, where they admit they have hundreds of these mind control slaves.
It's a lot more than hundreds, folks.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We've got some breaking news here.
I normally listen to Derry Brownfield every morning.
I didn't have time today.
Derry Brownfield comes on.
Right before this show, he syndicated to about 100 stations, been on the air for, I don't know, 40-something years.
And he faxed Pastor Butch Paw the Fox News story.
I'm going to get it posted on InfoWars.com.
In fact, I'll tell Paul Joseph Watson.
If we don't have it posted on PrisonPlanet.com, go ahead and post that there right now, Paul.
But Pastor Butch is on the line with us, and he has the news article.
Now, some background here.
When Bush went into African countries...
They would arrest thousands of people, homeless, people living in shacks, people on the streets, and put them in sports stadiums.
This was admitted.
The Secret Service ran this operation.
When he came into Portland, they just said no protest allowed or the police to savagely attack men, women, children, babies and baby strollers.
This was on local TV news.
That I've seen on tape.
Local Fox, local ABC out in Portland, they'd run up to somebody with a baby in their arms, hit them with a belly club upside the head, spray the baby right in the face, and say you shouldn't bring babies to this.
Klamath, Oregon, we've had the sheriff on the show.
That's where they turned the water off for no reason, despite the fact that the lake was full.
Said you can't have water for your land.
The UN is involved there with UNESCO trying to take it.
And you all know about the big standoffs that took place.
We had the sheriff on.
He said that he was against the New World Order and what was happening but never said anything violent.
And you talk about dictatorship.
Pastor Butch has the news article from Fox News as well as a CNN story.
And I guess, listeners, if you saw this, you can call in and tell us your take on it too, that they came into the town when he visited Oregon and made the sheriff turn in his guns
And federalized the county while the president was there.
So that's martial law, folks.
Of course, when the president went to Indiana, they were in Indianapolis last year.
This was the Associated Press as well.
They made everyone take their ties off in the audience or said you'll be thrown out by the Secret Service because the president doesn't want people in ties.
He wants you to look like the general public.
They order people around everywhere to do this.
These meetings they're having with Ashcroft are staged.
The public isn't allowed in, and only select media.
Pastor Butch, tell us this latest development.
Well, according to Darryl Brownfield, I just listened to his program a few minutes ago, and I called Darryl immediately after he got off the air to get the news article from Fox News.
And I hope people realize how serious this is.
You know, the president was in Klamath County in the Redmond area raising funds, I suppose, to run for office again.
And this is what happened while he was there.
The Klamath County Sheriff, attending the Redmond area visit of the Commander-in-Chief, is forbidden to carry his weapon.
Because the weapon is part of the uniform of his office, this person is no longer a sheriff and apparently never had a right to bear arms.
And what is worse, according to the article, he didn't stand up for his office.
This unilateral federal divestment of authority must mean there isn't any state or local right of sovereignty
The local governance is overthrown in the presence of a central government official or officer, meaning we the people have absolutely no authority.
Now, for those that don't understand this, Saddam Hussein could stand in a crowd on a podium with 5,000 people dancing around with fully loaded AK-47s.
But, again, because he's such an evil dictator, which he was, by the way, a shill put in by our government.
But now when they go into Liberia or other areas...
I mean, this is scary.
This is very scary.
Well, when the president landed at the Portland airport...
They cleared the airspace for up to 10 miles around the Commander-in-Chief.
No one was allowed to fly within 10 miles of the airport when he landed.
I think it was more than that.
We had a guest on last Thursday from Portland.
Okay, I know it says $10,000 in this article.
But the point I want to make, Alex, I know you've got a lot covered here, but when they disarmed the sheriff...
There is nothing left between us and the feds.
The sheriff could have, if he would have known his office, had these men arrested and Bush ordered to leave the county because he has a right over these dictators.
Well, that's what the founding fathers said, but that don't count.
No, that don't count.
That's right.
The founding fathers were a bunch of terrorists.
We know that.
Well, that's what FEMA says, but...
But now, do they say why in the story, why they ordered the sheriff to turn in his gun?
It does not say why here.
It does not say why.
It's just so important.
I knew you wouldn't know this, and I'll get more information so I can find it, but this is so important.
I had to get it on the air to people that they disarmed the sheriff when the president landed.
Well, thanks a lot, Pastor Butch, for that information.
But I would add to this that we have the sheriff on, and he's a very mild-mannered fellow.
And just said it was wrong that the feds were taking the land and turning the water off.
And in the end, he stepped aside when they took it.
And ruined all those families who've gone bankrupt now.
Hundreds of families have had to move out.
It's a horrible story.
And the lake's full of water.
And there's a sucker fish that the government put into the aquifer, into the ditch feeding the community.
And this is a fish that you can buy at any fish store.
It's a very common junk fish for eating algae.
So now an algae fish imported...
Let me say this, and I know you've got a lot to do, but until the pastors get some backbone to stand up for what's right,
He is the authority, period, in that category.
He's the elected military...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's your mini draft for the real defense of the community at the cellular level.
And the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights Constitution, the Federalist Papers state that the sheriff in the county is the strongest official in the government.
And the president, by the way, is only the commander-in-chief when Congress declares war.
So the president isn't even the commander-in-chief.
That's exactly right.
Well, Alex, thank you for taking this news, and I knew that you'd want to know this.
Well, thank you.
I know you've got the Fox article there.
I'm going to get it posted on prisonplanet.com.
God bless you, Alex.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for the call.
Yeah, I do want to go ahead.
It's probably already posted.
I know I've got two webmasters working on infowars.com and prisonplanet.com, but I want to make sure that gets posted.
I think.
Literally, folks, that whole community shut down.
Things went into repossession.
The crops all died.
And now the Nature Conservancy is trying to force people who are bankrupt to sell out for pennies on the dollar.
Sierra Club's involved.
And we've had the sheriff on, so that's interesting.
I'll have to get him back on.
Let's go ahead and talk to Lynn in New York.
Go ahead, Lynn.
Yes, hi, Alex.
I'm a first-time caller, and I've been listening to your show for the last six months or so, and I
I really think you're doing a fabulous job for all of us.
Thank you so much.
Listen, you're great, Lynn, but folks don't have to thank me, really.
You may have to go to the set of sand dittos who can say, Death, the New World Order, and people will know that they like what we're doing here.
All right.
Well, the reason for my call is my husband had some cinder blocks delivered this morning, and the delivery man told us that he was running low on cinder blocks,
As well as pressure-treated lumber.
He has no plywood left.
And the reason for all of this is because the government is buying it up, supposedly, for the rebuilding of Iraq.
He said that his actual words were, the government is taking over production of the factory.
And lots of people are being laid off.
He said the construction jobs are coming to a screeching halt because they don't have the product.
I'm glad you raised this point because last night I visited with some old family friends and one of them manages one of the biggest apartment complexes in Austin, Texas and partly manages a couple others.
And it is arguably in the top
I was talking to her.
She's a mid-level executive.
They went to this big meeting in Dallas a few months ago, and they told them, you're not to tell any of the tenants, and by the way, this is higher-end apartments.
I've got friends that live there.
It's mid-range.
It's nice for the apartments I've lived in.
And they've been told that they're not supposed to talk about it, that through Homeland Security and other things, they need more public housing.
And so this company is never going to have to pay property taxes again on their thousands and thousands and thousands of golf courses, apartments, high-rises, office buildings, you name it.
But no longer, it's not even to be real government housing.
Only 25% of it has to either have government in it or have people that are on housing in it, housing assistance in it,
And it is fascism.
So, see, the big companies are moving to a system where they merge with the government, they're given governmental powers, they don't have to pay taxes, and she says now when a tenant comes in wanting to rent, they do basically a know your customer.
They spy on them for the government.
How much money you make, how long will you be living here, how many people will live in it, where did you live last, give me all your bank account numbers, background, just all this information, and that she doesn't even tell them, by the way, this is government housing now.
It's just, oh, fill out all these extra forms.
Well, what do you make of the fact that he said... Well, here's the deal, though.
They've been ordered to allow illegal aliens to have 10 to a room.
Now, understand...
This big apartment complex will have a bunch of one rooms, a bunch of two bedrooms, a bunch of three bedrooms, and they've been ordered.
You go to the bank, you're standing there, you watch an illegal walk-up, can't speak English, no identification.
And we've talked about this.
He's given a bank account instantly.
You go up to open one, they want three forms, background checks, harassment, signed forms, waiving your rights to know your customer, tell them how much you're going to keep in that bank, how much you'll normally deposit or withdraw, waiving your rights to a jury or trial.
They're admitting they're an agent of the government.
It's just know your customer form.
This is important, Lynn.
I'll let you finish up.
I wanted to talk about this, and you reminded me.
Okay, well... But hold on.
The illegals, the illegals, understand, the illegal aliens, they've been told, look, you just let them stay as many as they want to an apartment, but if they're middle class Hispanics, whites, blacks...
We're good to go.
And then not even tell you it's now run by the government.
So this is the new fascist model.
Go ahead.
No, but what do you make of the fact that this man, this is his exact words.
He said the government is now taking over production of the factory.
That's what he told me.
Well, you've been listening for six months.
I talk a lot about that.
I've got it on tape.
That two-hour C-SPAN meeting I saw with Governor Ridge about a year and a half ago before Homeland Security even got activated.
They had all the Fortune 500s.
I mean, there was a giant table, probably 20, 30 top executives around it.
They had people representing.
A person would be there from IBM or whatever.
They'd be representing 10 companies.
And Ridge said, to have a job anywhere, you'll have four levels of security pass.
Everyone will be surveilled.
We're going to have proofs in all the factories, the stores.
And in 99, it was a Fayetteville Observer article.
We covered many times here on air where it said there's going to be terror attacks, special forces being prepared to look out for terrorists in the factories.
They're doing tests in the local ice cream factory, the local tire factory, and they asked the colonel, they said, who do you watch out for?
They said white males who don't talk a lot and lock their desk drawers.
And so this will be like in Red Dawn, you know when they sneak into the grocery store?
There's the guy walking along up there.
Remember that movie?
Yes, yes.
You know, Tony Montana in Scarface says, you want a Giovanna on every corner telling you what to eat, what to wear, what to do.
You a communist?
You know, he asks that.
He goes, why are you doing this to me?
Are you a communist?
You know, you're acting like a communist to the guy.
So this is the system.
You want to be a slave, folks?
You're going to get it.
Go ahead, ma'am.
Well, no, I'm just, you know, I was just really shocked when he came out and he said this, and he said that...
This all began last Wednesday.
Now, I don't know what kind of push started this whole thing, but he said it was just last Wednesday.
They cannot get these products, even in the surrounding counties.
So I don't know if there's other states or... The economy has officially collapsed.
They've done everything they can to ship the jobs out, everything they can to bring in Third World to undercut the middle class, and then now we're all going to be, as I said, folded into our local ID card.
Your state card is really a national ID card.
It's admitted.
And then you will have, you'll all be put on welfare, and you're all going to be under government control now.
Well, that's what he said.
He said, I don't understand why the government's doing this.
He said this is the only job industry around here that's making any money.
And he said, now they're taking that away from us, too.
Oh, it's not all the ship cinder blocks to Iraq.
No, no, no.
It was the plywood pieces and all.
It wasn't the cinder blocks.
And he said it used to cost $6.99, I think, for a piece or a sheet.
And he said, now, if you can get it, you're paying $24.
Some of that may be Iraq, but I'm sure you heard about how they're expanding Camp X-Ray.
Oh, yeah.
Miami Herald building all these 2,000 extra beds.
And really, I look at the news report, and it looks like it's a lot bigger.
I've got friends who are in the airline business, and we talked about it yesterday on air.
People I know are being told how to fly masses of people to Guantanamo.
This is it.
Well, yeah, and I don't even think we've got months left anymore.
I mean, I think they're going to be climbing down us in the next weeks or so.
Well, they admit, Newsmax last year, that by January 1, 2002...
It's already over a year ago, folks.
They had to have three one-million-man camps built.
And Chris Ruddy wrote the article, and he got all this flack, and he said, Folks, here's the purchase orders.
It's a real article.
It's like the Rocky Mountain News announcing mass graves and incinerators.
Well, it's just frightening, and, you know, we just all need to pray.
We do, Lynn, but, you know, those incinerators are to burn the bodies that are disease-ridden.
It's for your safety.
Of course.
Government-owned incinerators are good.
God bless you, Alex.
Well, thank you.
I've been radical all along.
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There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
We're good to go.
Folks, what's happened is the big Fortune 500 pulled out of the tax system, moved overseas,
Moved into the Cayman Islands, went offshore, and they've set it up where they don't pay taxes.
Then they control the government and you pay your taxes right into them.
And it's all going to a command and control system.
No future, no nothing.
And the racing ahead, you think it's bad now?
The articles are all, it'll be seven times worse in just four years.
They're setting it up where there'll be no factories here.
Ha, ha, ha.
But don't worry, we'll be fighting terror, and you can join the military.
We're going to have a draft for you.
Well, you'll have a supplemental check along with your job, but the government directs you into that private job.
That private job, that supervisor has governmental control, and it will be an officer of Homeland Security who also gets a paycheck.
I mean, folks, you talk about a nightmare.
I've been reading the new textbooks on Homeland Security, what they're teaching in the colleges.
I mean, it's going to be block captains telling you what to do and mandatory volunteerism.
If you don't volunteer, you're going to be arrested.
You won't get the credits, the money on your little ID card.
You go, why would they do that?
Why would they?
Well, I mean, look, they've said they're going to ban all semi-automatic shotguns.
Bush says he'll sign that.
They're going to decide what your kids are going to be.
Your churches are going to be on the government payroll.
Oh, heaven help us.
We're going to break and we'll come back and talk to Paul and Georgia and others.
If you want to join us on air, it's 800-259-9231.
I've covered some of the news.
I've got a bunch of other really big news stories coming up.
More on John Hinckley Jr.
and the government, how they're going to release their little minion.
More on Mars being the closest Earth it's been in 60,000 years.
We'll also get into outsourcing jobs to India to increase by seven-fold by 2008.
That's a nice little article.
And Arizona, offered as a site for the guest worker plan, total legalization, unlimited, microchip to watch Prince Henry, was LBJ killed by JFK?
That's mainstream news out of the Herald.
Cheney, stifled energy probe, GAO investigators say, I will get all of that in the next hour.
Early in the next hour, I'm just going to talk to a couple of callers.
I'll go right to that.
And before I end this hour, we are now carrying Bloodlines of the Illuminati, the third and latest edition by Fritz Springmeier.
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We'll be right back.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Thank you so much for joining us in the second hour of this Wednesday worldwide edition of the show.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
What's happening in the world is very frightening.
It is scary.
The free peoples of the world are being swallowed up by the dragon system of the New World Order.
It's very painful to watch this happening.
And enslavement is unfolding.
The same pattern we've seen throughout time and memorial is now taking place with a vigor and sophistication
Well, the guy that supposedly shot Reagan.
We'll get into Prince Henry getting his microchip.
We'll get into major mainstream articles about the government killing Kennedy, outsourcing jobs and bringing in the Latin Americans to do it.
Big, big, big articles on that.
Cheney and the Energy Commission.
It's coming up.
Next segment.
Right now, let's go to Paul in Georgia.
Paul, good to hear from you.
Good to hear from you.
You bet.
Well, first off, I was born in 1980, and there's never been...
A president in the White House that I can trust.
I don't watch television.
I haven't watched serious television for at least a year.
When I do, maybe once a month, I watch cartoons.
Quite frankly, I believe it's the only stuff on TV that isn't fake, or it's honest about being fake.
Well, the cartoons have massive propaganda.
Yeah, they do.
I mean, there are subliminal images that are
No, the U.S.
troops are always saving the kids.
Kids are retina scanning to get food.
Kids are rebellious, don't listen to their parents, run around like idiots.
They make some kind of fun element out of it, like, it's fun, let's all go down and do it.
And that includes the vaccinations or the microchipping and everything.
Again, I watch cartoons to monitor enemy activity.
And it's totally filled with it.
And, well, I think I'm getting off track.
The two points I wanted to make is in the 2004 election, they're instituting a touch screen method where you just touch the screen and then you don't even know who you voted for.
Yeah, that's federally funded.
And they even came out and said that it's designed for fraud and doesn't work and has secret wireless connections and politicians and the CIA are involved.
And they put it in the Baltimore Sun, Denver Post, hundreds of papers and just said, well, there's no election now, so what?
They even tell you, you just forget it.
And so you wouldn't even recommend writing in for a candidate?
You know, they've done tests where they do like thousands of write-ins and it doesn't even show up.
Yeah, it's... There's a few counties and cities where you still actually have elections, generally rural.
Also, there's a tactic being employed by patriots and constitutionalists to act like a New World Order minion to get elected.
That's something... I mean, this may be a generational thing of actually getting our agents into government.
We're entering the Gulag slave pits, sir.
Am I trying... I mean, it sounds horrible, but it's admitted now, and...
Yeah, but there are people that would rather know the truth.
There are a lot of people.
The government and the media's credibility is gone.
Statistics show the media's gone from having 60% trust to about 30% now.
All the alternative media's trust has gone way up.
I mean, they're in deep trouble.
So maybe a recommendation would be public demand is strong.
If the demand is high enough, you can move mountains.
They can tell us we all voted to turn our guns in, we just don't turn them in.
They can tell us that we all want to be given smallpox shots, but when no one shows up, what's that going to say about their election?
I mean, they can see what happens when people do their own polls.
See, they're in deep trouble.
You're in deep trouble, New World Order.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
That's right, folks.
I have confirmed the report from Pastor Butch in the last hour that Fox News last night reported.
That when Bush was out in Klamath Falls, where they'd taken the water from the people and taken the land, and the sheriff stood aside and let him do it.
He said he was against it, and it was part of the U.N.
takeover, because that's what the environmentalists told him.
The Secret Service showed up and made him turn his gun in while the president was there and federalize the county just for a campaign stop.
That's tyranny, folks, when the emperor comes into your area and they make you disarmed.
But, of course, they've got good practice going into the African Gold Coast, detaining thousands of people, just rounding up the homeless, rounding up the sinners, throwing them in a sports stadium.
The Secret Service got on the microphone and threatened anybody in Indianapolis earlier this year who didn't take their ties off.
The president doesn't want that image, take your ties off.
A guy didn't do it and got threatened with arrest.
We've got several articles on that.
You know, it's just total staged evil, folks.
Just total evil.
And you're like, what do you mean I like Bush?
Well, then you like the end of the Second Amendment, the end of the family, the end of everything.
Think about all these families, how they set up a taxation system where there's no industrial base.
I mean, think about the 50s, where the husband could work, the mother could raise five kids.
On a blue-collar job, you could have two cars, three-bedroom house, vacation, three or four weeks a year.
Take Junior out with a rifle shooting, your daughter could walk down the street not dressed like a whore.
It's like that Bill Maher piece where they've got the skit where the whores are going, no, I really am a whore.
Now everybody dresses like a whore.
America's falling apart, folks, and it's got this sicky sweet veneer, this plastic American flag painted on to the rotten innards of it
And they're pumping more poison in all the time for this American flag flavoring.
So you're whapping down the cyanide because it's in Kool-Aid.
I'm warning you, you better quit drinking it, folks.
America was big and strong, but she's really rotten and sick now.
And she's rotten and sick because you haven't gotten involved, because you haven't stood up to evil, because you've accepted propaganda.
We're in a lot of trouble, folks, a lot of trouble right now.
I mean, there's a total looting of the entire society, the industrial-based everything, and they're just getting started, folks.
They're just getting started.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Texas.
Go ahead, Tim.
Hi, Alex.
Pretty good.
How are you today?
I want to let you know that this week on file in Colin Powell's office,
The international borders for the Republic of Texas are re-established by legal papers that have been filed this week in his office by registered mail.
Well, that's it.
They're going to be defeated tomorrow, then.
No, but I didn't say... It's over for them.
I didn't say that, but I'm saying that I'm standing up and being counted trying to re-establish the Republic of Texas once again as a sovereign nation.
As long as the Lone Star flag flies on the flagpoles, Texas is a sovereign nation under that flag.
Well, look, I'm not trying to be sarcastic, Tim.
I understand what you're saying.
I'm a native Texan, and I know that it says Republic of Texas in there under the Capitol Dome.
That's a fact, and I know that we were illegally annexed.
Because they have no ratified treaty.
Only treaties, Alex.
I think under the Tenth Amendment, it is really, really important...
That any state that wants to pull out should.
I think that should happen.
Arizona discussed it.
New Hampshire discussed it.
Weeks before September 11th, we had city council mayors on.
The polls were running that the majority were going to vote to pull out of the union.
They have Article 10, right to revolt, in their state.
And I think it's very noteworthy and good.
And I...
Alex, Texas is not a state because they have no ratified treaty.
I understand it was a separate nation and never even became a territory or state.
That's correct.
It's still a sovereign nation as long as the Lone Star flag flies.
That is the 1839 national flag.
It always has been the national flag under international law.
Okay, Alex?
And the Bush and the other people, like them judges, they want to take the Ten Commandments out
It's the reason they belong to Skull and Bones, they belong to Freemasonry, and they're Luciferian worshippers, so they would hate the God of the Bible.
They would hate the Ten Commandments.
Because they've allowed themselves to be taken over by evil.
Tim, what branch of the... Well, that's true.
That's admitted.
I mean, they do it, folks.
I know it sounds crazy and like, again, a late-night horror movie, but it's true what he just said.
It's admitted in mainstream news.
That's why they hate the Ten Commandments.
I know.
I understand that, sir.
But hold on just a second.
What branch of the Republic of Texas are you a member of?
Okay, what's that?
The DGIR means...
The lawful legitimate government that was established in 1836.
Oh, you mean du jour.
That's correct.
But what I'm trying to understand here is, here's the problem with the Republic of Texas, the way it was done six, seven years ago.
Twenty guys stood up and said, I am the president.
And then another hundred guys said, I am an admiral, I'm a general because I have a bass boat, I'm an admiral because I have an army jeep, I'm a field marshal.
I know.
I mean, it was an insane joke, I believe on purpose, by some of the groups to make it look stupid.
Yes, I think it was some of the CIA operations.
I don't think I know, but I mean, I was around these clowns.
They were federal officers, most of them.
That's correct.
Play acting.
Go ahead.
Hold on a second.
Yeah, that was the whole point.
So that Texas, who legitimately, of any state, as you said, nation... Nation.
Still a nation now.
Nation, nation, nation, nation.
The point is...
Still dead.
Still dead.
I understand.
They didn't go out and have educational committees.
They didn't go to their counties to try to get the counties to vote to do it and then create regional groups.
They allowed themselves to be a bunch of clowns.
That's correct.
And that was by design, and that's what happens to so many patriot and militia and groups.
You get infiltrators.
I understand that, Alex.
But remember this.
You as a native-born son of Texas, your Constitution is 1836.
Yeah, I know.
My whole family's daughters are Republican on both sides.
The whole nine yards.
I understand that.
But, sir, the point is that we're fighting a new world order.
Okay, let me tell you something.
You can't have an election to do that because they've got touchscreens in now.
I understand what they're doing, Alex.
Hey, Tim, I've got to move on.
I've got a lot of news here.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
I really do.
Pat in California, go ahead.
Put them on hold.
Please turn your radio off.
It's a big rule in radio.
It's a big, big rule.
My comment, I called in yesterday, but you ran out of time.
I just basically was regarding around the issue yesterday with respect of Bush communicating with Jesus.
That's a pretty audacious statement considering 12 years ago we had a neighbor lady next to us that just made the statement as a school teacher to her students that she had breakfast with Jesus.
Well, she lost her job.
Well, see, that's the double thing.
While he appoints judges, while he funds UNESCO, while they slaughter Christians worldwide and euthanize them and abort babies, there's all this, Jesus, Jesus, we love you, a Christian.
There's going to be a world leader in Israel soon.
He's going to be Jesus.
Jesus will come back to the temple soon.
I mean, now all the Christian leaders are saying this, and I'm like, man, that's antichrist talk.
This is the new system.
And, you know, also, I mean, they are basically neo-Christians because, I mean, John Ashcroft ordered the bosom of a statue to be covered, but yet no one is stepping up to defend the Ten Commandments in Alabama.
It's form over substance.
It's I'll cover up the Greek statue, ooh, but I will take the Ten Commandments down.
And just one closing thing.
Have you heard of IFTA yet?
International Fuel Tax.
Yeah, they met last year in Mexico and announced a tax on money transfers, a tax on credit cards, a tax on fuel, a tax on driving, and all of those are international.
All of those, but it's to be administered locally, federally controlled, to get federal control over the locals, and then they will tax you on your fuel at the pump to the U.N., and they will tax you by driving your car, and the locals will all be for it because a percentage of the tax will be shared throughout the chain of command.
Yeah, I just learned of that just by going to the State Board of Equalization and listening to their automated system, and that was kind of like heaped into everything else.
Yeah, so you call the California Bureau.
Tell them what you heard.
Well, basically, while I was on hold waiting to speak with a real individual, amongst many other, I guess you could call them news releases, they kind of made a real brief statement about IFTA and the collection of the international fuel tax, and that these taxes will begin, we will begin to see them in California here very shortly.
So it just seemed to be like they used their telephone hold system
As they're broadcast, although it would be very limited, as you know, very few people call in.
And that seems to be the only place... George Bush last year, again, he said, I'm against the Kyoto Protocol.
And he says, we're not going to have that.
We're going to have a voluntary one.
Now, this is more double-think.
What they do is they come out with a left-wing model, which is the government's going to tax you globally, and then the phony right wing says, no, that's not right.
We're going to set up a giant commodities trading scam.
Where it has governmental power, and you're made to do it as a taxpayer, as a gas buyer, and then the profits will be privatized directly to the IMF and World Bank, and oil companies can then trade the allotments with other third world.
I mean, it's 100 times more corrupt and overt than the government running it, but it is the government at the same time.
So then they're implementing it.
It's been trading up in Chicago for a year now.
And then you're out in California, the model state, and they announce, oh, yes, we'll be doing it.
What do you think about that?
It's going to be pretty sad.
We're coming to a sad state here.
I mean, we're paying more in taxes on our fuel than we do get fuel.
We'll talk more about it on the other side.
Stay there.
I'll get to this news.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
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All right, we're back live, and we're talking to Pat out in California.
Yeah, you know, they've announced in all the big papers, just to let you know, Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, that, oh, our chief justices follow the UN's orders now.
They say that's the official law, and
They don't rule according to the Bill of Rights anymore.
They rule according to the U.N.
Of course, there's no liberty or freedom there.
Lots of platitudes as they secretly arrest you about your freedom.
And they just announced, yeah, there's all these new international taxes about to begin because we're so conservative.
And, yeah, we're going to sign the assault weapons ban bill and add some bans to it.
And, yeah, we're going to go ahead and have blanket amnesty.
How's that sound?
Yeah, we're going to go ahead and move our military under NATO control.
And put NATO all over the world.
And we're going to go ahead and put troops in Israel.
We're going to go ahead and do all that.
We're going to go ahead and pass Patriot Act II and Victory Act, and if you're caught with one marijuana cigarette, you're going to get life in prison or worse.
How's that sound?
That's the official plan.
Yeah, we're going to build lots of prisons, and you're going to follow all our orders.
We hate to do this, but terrorists hit us, and we're going to have to do this now to keep you safe.
Never mind the fact that we funded the terrorists, the government says, and run all the attacks.
Historically, we have documents that show we're doing this.
Let's just ignore all that.
Just to be a mindless idiot, okay?
Thanks a lot.
Go ahead, Pat.
Anything else you'd like to add?
I guess my closing thing would be in regards to the Victory Act, and you were saying here basically also yesterday that one joint would get you put into Camp X-Ray, for an example here.
Then I guess Jenna Bush would be a prime candidate, would she not?
It's called selective enforcement.
We have the entire Bush family, just type Bush crime family into searches, and they've got maps showing all their convictions.
I mean, all of them.
I mean, this is a... What do you expect the kids of Mafia Dons to do?
But they're good Christians again.
Yeah, I question that one.
You question it?
I mean, they admittedly... It's insane.
I mean, it just shows how gullible people are.
Well, fine!
You're going to lose everything you got, folks.
Kiss your kids' futures goodbye.
What was that you said yesterday?
When the believable becomes unbelievable or something to that effect?
Basically, you know, when everything that seems unbelievable is being believed by the masses, it's kind of where we are at this point now.
Well, people don't feel like they have any power.
And the globalists are moving hard right now.
But thanks for the call.
You're welcome, buddy.
Yeah, it's just la-la land, folks.
Corrupt people aren't being held accountable.
Corruption in the stock market and law enforcement and in the private sector and just everywhere.
It's just rampant right now.
You've got giant societies of criminals that are expanding their operations, getting fatter and fatter, greedier and greedier, that own high-tech Madison Avenue propaganda arms who are able to package what they're doing nicely.
And we're all getting the effects.
We're all getting sick off this.
It's breaking down our society.
But they just keep saying, no, no, no, it's good.
Again, it's like cyanide and Kool-Aid.
It's got the good taste, but there's some...
Bad taste in the back of your mouth and you're feeling real bad.
They just say, you ain't drinking it.
You know.
Oh, you got a bad cough?
Smoke more camels.
You know, it's like the old advertisements in the 60s.
It's the same propaganda today.
Oh, you don't have a job?
Well, we need more naphthen yet.
Oh, lots of crime in Chicago?
Let's ban all the guns.
Let's talk to Pat in... We're going to talk to Pat.
Let's talk to Steve in Florida.
Go ahead, Steve.
Thank you for taking my call.
Hello, Alex.
Can you hear me fine?
Loud and clear.
I heard Pastor Butch Paul in the last hour, and then I left the radio talking about that sheriff that was disarmed.
Were all the deputies in the county disarmed, or only the sheriff?
The Fox News story just says that for security purposes, the sheriff was made to turn his gun into the Secret Service.
And that was Plymouth Falls, Idaho?
It's Oregon.
Oregon, my mistake.
That sounds like what's happening in Ohio.
I got an article here in my Wisconsin report that the sheriffs are expected to take the sheriffs out of commission December of this year or July of 2004.
They're putting federal marshals next to them in all the counties in Ohio.
Yeah, I know.
Have you heard that?
They're liquidating sheriffs.
They're federalizing.
They're telling police all over that you're federal commissioned officers now.
And they come into your county where you've got an elected sheriff and say, you're out of here.
It's all part of freedom.
Hey, this is all part of freedom.
Over two years ago, I brought my sheriff here in Pensacola, Ron McNesby, Police Day 2000.
And I know other people have brought him stuff, but he doesn't seem to care.
It's typical of a lot of sheriffs.
They must have a federal brain.
Well, this is how it works.
They come to the sheriffs and they say, or they get the legislature to pass it, and they say, hey, it's all right.
You can be a captain or a chief or a subdirector.
And they go, okay, sure, I'll be a fed.
And they just walk away.
I mean, they don't have to get elected anymore.
They don't have to lick boots and sell out citizens and set up checkpoints and destroy everything America was and is.
They don't seem to...
They don't seem to be aware of State Department document 7277.
It was written under the auspices of Mr. Kennedy that says they're going to be disarmed just like us.
Well, it's public law, yeah.
Thank you for my call.
Thank you, sir.
Yeah, that's the law.
Once they're done federalizing and they're going to have lots of stories, we're going to break.
We'll be back.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Ideal for travel... 7091.
That's 800-340-7091 or visit calbenpuresoap.com.
All right, uh...
We're still talking to Steve in Florida.
We hit that last break.
So we'll go back to the calls.
I'm just going to take a few more here.
Steve, you were continuing.
Oh, hey, double entendre there.
Let's talk to Ed in Utah then.
Go ahead, Ed, you're on the air.
Yeah, listen, good job, by the way.
Your program and your information is being talked about by several hosts on KTALK here, which you're a regular guest on.
And when Ashcroft was here in Salt Lake City on Monday, there were several hundred protesters against him.
Some of them having placards, obviously using information that you have provided.
Sheriff Mack said there were 500.
Well, the local media tried to downplay it, saying there was 175, but everybody says minimum 300 that looked at it, and Sheriff Mack may well be right.
He was in the crowd, so was former Congressman Merrill Cook, who, by the way, is on the show and has said he would have you on and that he would go on your show, just as a tidbit here.
But I have a few things today.
You're right to try to wake up the naive Christian conservative out there about Bush not being a conservative.
He has extended another olive branch to the lavender lobby.
He's got a homo ambassador to Romania.
Let's look at his rap sheet here.
He told the leader of the log cabin Republicans the other day, Alex, he said, I'm working to keep people from having heartburn about your issues.
That came out of the mouth of Bush Jr.
Let's look at his Second Amendment record here, the Tom Bean case, something that Clinton was overruled by two judges, and Ashcroft reopened it.
Yeah, for those that don't know, the Mexicans grab our citizens for bullets in their cars, and then our government takes them and charges them here, even though it's not a crime.
And just a couple more things, Alex.
This Ashcroft tour, I wonder if he's telling all those policemen in private about how KGB General Primakov, as reported in the American Free Press and other sources, and Khrushchev's son are working with formerly Point Decker.
Well, here's the problem, Ed.
I mean, folks, again, imagine making a Hollywood movie where there's a terrorist attack and the government carries it out and then they hire the KGB.
Well, it's America with a K. And it's just all over the top.
I mean, they're building concentration camps.
My final point on all this, and by the way, Khrushchev's son is in tow with him over here.
My final point, and I'll let you go, Alex, is this deal in Montgomery, Alabama.
This regrettable deal with them going after the Ten Commandments.
And now they're putting the barriers up, pushing people back to take them out.
And I want to draw a point.
I know that you read the American Free Press.
It should be noted here that it's the Southern Poverty Law Center that has bankrolled these lawyers that went after this judge.
We're good to go.
This is a clear cut.
There were no Muslims there, Alex, trying to take away those Ten Commandments.
This was the rabbi-in-chief of the 1.5 million Reformed Jews.
That's the largest Jewish organization, church, synagogue, if you will, in this country.
Who was the rabbi on the God Squad last week that acquired it with snuff films, with Mel Gibson's film with the snuff films?
Yeah, and well, keep in mind, the man that I'm glad you're exposing there, this Arnold, this interloper, he pays, as you pointed out, a tithe.
For all of this movie since Conan, to the Simon Weathenall Center.
So when you start taking this into play, we need to start focusing in on those people that are hiding behind their religion, pointing the finger at fundamentalist Christians and at Muslims, and we're over there doing their dirty work in the Middle East, Alex, and they're ruining our country here.
No, I think it's their right to take the Ten Commandments down and put a statue of Harry Potter in there.
Well, there you go.
And that's going to happen, and you're going to like it, and we're going to break the family up and take everything you got.
Well, you know, Alex, this is why I listen to you, and I do what I can to promote your information.
I also look at the American Free Press.
Tell me, are you still hot-linked to them?
Yeah, I think we've got a link to him, yeah.
Okay, I'm not sure, because there's a lot of people, I don't know if you know this, but Alex, after Mel Gibson's father, is a friend of the American Free Press, and they've now acquired Gordon Thomas, the world-famous Vietnam correspondent, and he's on national TV in Ireland.
He is now the British correspondent for the American Free Press, and I hope this helps your quiver for information.
Okay, hey, thanks so much.
Thank you, Alex.
Appreciate it.
Yeah, any religion's just fine.
Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist.
Just don't be Christian.
And they can have the religious icons everywhere.
You just can't have it if it's Christian.
I saw how the ADL came out wanting the things removed, wanting the Ten Commandments removed.
So did all these other big groups.
I don't understand, because it's Jewish.
But, I mean, I guess, according to Simon Wiesenthal, though...
The whole Jesus thing is bad.
I did get the text of it off of Fox.
They have the transcripts last Thursday.
They have what they call the God Squad on.
And they, a rabbi, an imam, and a preacher, a Muslim, a Jew, and a Christian.
And they had a show on before it about snuff films and how there really is a snuff film industry.
Yeah, the government runs it.
And the rabbi got on there and said, he said, this is far... He said, what Mel Gibson has done is the moral equivalent to snuff film.
So a film, word for word from the Bible, is the moral equivalent of a snuff film.
That's just the way it goes, huh?
That's how they work it.
Leslie, where are you calling us from?
Welcome to the show.
Yeah, I just wanted to tell you, I appreciate your show, your information, and...
I just wanted to... We got a paper here this morning from their library.
It's in compliance with the U.S.
Patriot Act.
They want to use the public Internet.
What gets me about this is you've got to sign an agreement before you can use the Internet.
They've got some filtering software in there that blocks material that may be deemed offensive and disturbing.
What gets me about that... You sign a waiver that they can spy on you.
Yeah, that's right.
That's exactly right.
What gets me about this is they never specify what's deemed offensive and disturbing as opposed to fight, criminal behavior, and public safety, etc.
I wondered if that is all over the United States in libraries.
Yes, sir.
Everything's hooked in.
The papers your children write in school go directly to the federal government.
All the papers now have to be written on computer.
That was the whole initiative to get all the kids on the computer.
Now they have keyword software that reviews what your children write.
I mean, it's worse than Russia.
They didn't read every school paper in Russia.
Now they can.
And they're setting up that model, and it's the same thing with the libraries.
They want to build digital algorithms to understand what people are doing and thinking.
But more than that, it's about intimidating you.
Right, right.
When they come out and say the Pentagon's watching you, it's meant to be a chilling effect.
Because they're losing right now.
Folks are waking up to who they are.
Well, you know, I got hold of my town councilor in the local area to view your 911 Road to Tyranny.
I gave a public viewing of it myself and not got any... Actually, I've asked them three times and nothing.
They don't want nothing to do with it.
Who have you been asking for a public viewing?
The town councilor.
Our local town councilor.
I mean, do you have an access TV station?
When I got your 9-1-1 Road to Tyranny on DVD, I was going to take it there and set it up myself.
What you can do is you can just do it at the local VFW Hall or show it to the local Second Amendment group or show it to the local land rights organization, put flyers out, rent your own room, or show it at a bar or restaurant.
There are a lot of other places to do it, but...
Your town council is probably getting pretty fat off the destruction of America.
They probably don't care.
That's true.
You mentioned some of those Second Amendment people.
I don't think there's anyone with a 50-mile radius around this area where I'm at.
It seems like I'm all alone out here.
I'm sure there's some patriots out there somewhere.
I have to tell you, I think if you wore a T-shirt that said, I'm looking for fellow patriots or I'm looking for fellow constitutionalists,
Or I'm looking for freedom lovers.
People would say, hey, neat shirt.
I care about freedom.
So, I mean, I can get off a plane.
I can drive in the middle of Timbuktu and walk into gas stations and strike up conversations.
You've just got to be talking to folks.
Okay, thank you.
Thanks for the call.
Really appreciate it.
I'm going to talk to David and others in the next hour.
You can hang up callers if you want, or you can hold 16, 17 minutes.
And we'll keep taking calls.
I need to get into news.
Some of the news I haven't covered.
Like I said that I would do a little bit earlier.
A lot of this stuff's real important.
Loner who shot Reagan, ready to be released, London Telegraph.
The loner who shot Ronald Reagan in 81 is said by his doctors to have been cured of the mental illness that led to the assassination attempt.
John Hinckley, 48, has been confined to secure wards in St.
Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington for more than 20 years after being found not guilty of attempted murder by reason of insanity, but could soon be released without supervision.
And it says he's already made several visits to his family and done a bunch of unattended stuff and done some attended stuff.
And Martha Kinsley, Washington's mental health director, agreed that Hinckley's mental disorders were in full remission and said his trips outside had gone well.
Well, yeah, the programming can be deactivated.
He could be released.
He would carry orders out, of course, immediately in order to do so again.
And I wonder why his dad met with the vice president the day before.
Skull and Bones colleagues, of course.
Notably, the community outings were without incident and did not result in any problematic recognition of him or incur significant media attention.
Several hinkly day trips around Washington have been with Leslie DeVoe, a former Haitian at St.
Elizabeth's who's found not guilty by reason of insanity of the murder of her 10-year-old daughter.
In 1982, so they've been little buds ever since.
John Hinckley wants out.
Again, his lawyers say the man who shot Ronald Reagan needs more freedom in order to get well.
The president's daughter is saying, who cares, don't release him.
Very, very interesting little history in the case there.
So let me get into some of the other news now.
Outsourcing jobs in India increased seven times by 2008.
Well, that's just India.
The story is on Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
The number of workers in India performing computer jobs for U.S.
companies will increase seven-fold from 177,000 in 2002 to 1.2 million in 2008, says a new study.
In the New World Order, and that's not Alex Jones.
Again, I know that the FBI training manual says that I could be arrested for even saying that.
That's a terror code word, but I'm just reading the Reuters article here.
I'm sorry.
In the New World Order, jobs are increasingly transportable and will migrate to low-cost regions in order to boost corporations' profits and businesses' productivity, said Don McLean.
Kepler Smith, economist at New Haven, Connecticut-based Scalia, Downing & Natrilli Advisors, a prestigious law firm.
Connecticut's tech workers will be hardest hit by the change, said the CFR-based firm.
The state's sluggish job growth raises and rises out of business' cycle, the use of technology to replace people and jobs, and the replacement of skilled domestic workers with cheap jobs.
Foreign labor, he said.
The job market for workers and computers and information technology is getting tougher in Connecticut compared to U.S.
and the United States.
And it goes on to say that so it's going to seven times number just to India, and then it's Mexico and Russia and hundreds of other countries.
And here's a problem.
You know, as they tear out the checkout lanes and make you self-bag your stuff at the hardware store or the grocery store,
And there won't even be those jobs to then go out and buy things to keep the economy going.
A lot of economists have looked at this.
The globalists have stated it's not about having a good economy or even province corporations.
Because the globalists just print money out of nothing and control the big corporations.
They can add zeros and ones on their bank accounts anytime they wish.
I mean, it's that bad.
It's not even a real economy, folks.
This is about the control.
The lowering of American standards down to the third world level.
Not raising them.
Lowering everybody's to get control.
And it's been stated by the American Banking Associations and others that they want to get rid of the middle class, that everything's going to be government housing, and you're going to have to serve them, and you're going to work for the government, but private profits go to corporations.
But again, profits mean nothing.
It's all zeros and ones.
And so to do this, they will actually give tax breaks to companies.
And I've got an article here that moved to Mexico or India or China.
And Dell, IBM, Boeing, Motorola, take your pick.
They're all moving to China and India.
And actually the government gives visas to people to fly in.
Not just the millions that are going overseas, but they fly these people in.
When you're a tech worker from India or China, you actually don't have to pay taxes for seven years, eight years in some cases.
The corporations put them up in nice apartments.
About half of what an American will get paid.
And so it's designed, folks.
They're going to take your guns.
They're going to take your kids.
And for that, they're going to take everything you got.
They're going to set up a $6.5 billion a year.
Force inoculation system called BioShield.
So you'll be injected with lots of horrible stuff.
It's basically a Logan's Run, THX 1138, Brave New World slave grid.
And I'm not trying to scare you.
I just want you to know that we drove off the cliff, okay?
And it's mega, mega evil now.
And as things get worse and worse, I just wanted you to remember that the globalists did it to you and your family.
Because they'll be jumping around telling you how much they love you and how...
How giving your liberties up is a good thing, and how enslavement is good, and that's basically it.
And on top of it, you'll have lots of new taxes.
Arizona offered a site for guest worker land.
Arizona Republic, the United States needs to rethink immigration, and Arizona should be the place to test that new thinking.
With a pilot guest program, Governor Janet Napolitano said Tuesday on her first official visit to Mexico,
On a one-day mission in which she met President Vicente Fox, the senators, governors, and cabinet officers, the governor talked about trade and immigration concerns.
She goes, I have long been a proponent of the guest worker program between the United States and Mexico, and in particular, I have proposed that Arizona would be an ideal location for the pilot projects she said in the news conference.
Now, the feds have already said that all of the states are going to accept in the cities and counties fake matricula cards.
And there's articles how the illegals are no longer really illegal.
And then they do stuff like in Utah, they want to give them double the tuition citizens get.
Already do that in California.
And the governor here says that.
So, again, and they're pulling the trigger right now.
They're pulling the trigger on your country.
America's dying right now.
That's 800-348-4100.
or call the National Line at 877-996-4327.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down.
Information coming up in the next hour.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
You ought to read this Arizona Republic article.
They just say we're just going to accept anybody who comes across the border.
Anybody who gets here legally will be legalized and be able to work.
And we'll accept any ID card, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Mexican, Venezuelan.
And the feds have got a bill.
The Republicans do.
The Democrats say they're happy to sign it, of course.
Anybody gets here, they're legal.
But as a citizen, you're going to be a total slave and have to give them all kinds of information.
So I guess you've got to become an illegal alien, basically, to have any rights.
A microchip to watch Prince Henry.
This is out of the Herald Sun mainstream news.
Prince Henry.
Prince Harry.
Why do I keep saying Henry?
Prince Harry could be fitted with a surveillance microchip during his year in Australia.
Australian and British intelligence services are reportedly liaisoning over use of the technology to protect the prince as part of a security operation estimated to cost British taxpayers $25,000 a week.
Also, operatives have apparently warned the British spy agency MI6 that an al-Qaeda attack on Prince Harry, little twit, cannot be ruled out.
The microchip is described as being small enough to be inserted under Harry's skin.
It can also be worn inside a shirt button or a wristwatch casing.
And it's Applied Digital Solutions, of course.
Some British media have condemned Harry's gap year visit to Australia as a year-long polo-playing holiday.
A $1.5 million fund to provide security for Harry in Australia will be spent on Royal Protection squad officers who will fly business class in and out of Australia for six-week shifts.
This mindless, petty stuff.
And it goes into the officers will stay in luxury hotels.
I mean, who cares?
Again, I mean, they own the whole country, own the banks, own everything, and they have all these stupid tabloids about how they spent money on delicacies, little petty diversions.
And he says he's getting his implied digital solution injections here.
It says Harry's executive and excessive drinking and behavior caused one sergeant to transfer from the elite squad because he allegedly was unable to cope with Harry's mood swings.
Well, you better do what your German lord says, you stupid slave.
Also, big article next hour.
It's also out of the Herald.
Son, big Australian paper.
Was LBJ behind JFK's murder?
This is also in some U.S.
papers, but former President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy according to the father of the current White House press secretary.
That's coming up in the next hour in your calls.
A bunch of other news.
I've always scratched the tip of the iceberg, as I usually do.
The big news comes up in the next hour.
I will get to it.
Before I end this hour, we are now carrying the third edition, the latest edition, of Fred Springmeier's Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Welcome to another hour of this live Wednesday edition of
Of the Alex Jones Show.
Good evening, good afternoon, good morning.
People listening globally around the world.
We're going to take calls this hour and cover a bunch of other key news items.
That's 800-259-9231 are the numbers to join us.
What an interesting headline I read last hour.
Microchip to watch Prince Harry.
Harold Sun, he's getting his Applied Digital Solutions microchip.
So will the Chinese citizens now that they're finishing a plant.
They produced billions of the IBM-owned device.
Applied Digital is a front for IBM.
According to their own financial papers at AppliedDigitalSolutions.com, ADS.com,
Of course, IBM was involved with the computers, the primitive machines, primitive computers, that would decide, according to someone's weight and age, how many calories they needed to barely survive in concentration camps and slave labor systems.
And the famous little ink tattoo was the code number of the human resource that they now call you, of course, at all the businesses, right in your face.
You don't even know it, what they're doing to you.
Just right there, so IBM involved in that, of course.
Also, was LBJ behind JFK's murder?
Mainstream news, folks.
White House Press Secretary's dad's written a new book on this.
Cheney stifled energy probe.
GAO investigators say post-war Iraq toll exceeds combat deaths.
military role suggested by NATO and Israel.
New U.S.
Father's Nazi past threatened Schwarzenegger's campaign.
And by the way, we found a photo of him clearly hiling Hitler.
We're going to post on Infowars.com.
Getty helped traders sell oil to Hitler.
So did the Bushes.
That's the one in Telegraph.
But we'd go over that.
We're against Nazis here on this show.
And U.S.
recruiting Hussein spies.
That's who's helping run the torture systems over in Iraq.
By the way, Scotland on Sunday reported dismay as international pedophile probe fails because so many government officials, clergy, police chiefs, members of the government in England have been connected to it.
And that's in the article, by the way.
Scotland on Sunday.
It came out Sunday.
We just learned of it, of course, three days later.
Interesting article.
Also, Vatican memo cited in sex abuse.
We've never even covered this.
The official Vatican documented release and admitted where they said, we don't care if kids get raped and tortured and all this.
Anyone who speaks out about this or helps these kids will be excommunicated.
But you notice it's the Catholic Church that people are going after, which is very corrupt, folks.
I'm not Catholic.
I'm not defending the Catholic Church.
You know, Hutton Gibson's a Catholic, and he's not defending it.
I think we're good to go.
You know, if you'd like to join me on this show, if you'd like to disagree with me or agree or got questions or comments and you'd like to talk, we'd like to hear from you.
A particular news item I hadn't talked about, we'd like to welcome you on board.
That's 800-259-9231.
I sound a little different today.
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Just for two days.
I just, for some reason, I just, I want to fast.
I don't want to eat.
And so I haven't eaten in quite a while.
Well, I mean, quite a while for me is yesterday afternoon.
So I'm going to do that until, I guess, until Saturday or something.
A couple days.
I don't know.
We'll be right back.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The globalists move stealthily for generations, gaining control of banking, academia,
The major cities, the newspapers, and they built a cage, an elaborate cage, sold you on giving up liberty for security that the government had to boss you around and make you a child for your safety.
And now that they've got the cage built for you, there's going to be lots of terror and lots of insecurity and lots of fear.
When the feds are in a school shooting your kids, they'll hold you outside for four hours while they do it.
If you try to get into your child, they'll beat you in the head.
They'll kill your kids right out in plain view and even get caught.
Witnesses saw SWAT teams at Columbine shooting the kids and then came out, okay, we accidentally shot a few of them.
You know, that's the kind of stuff we deal with here in America, folks.
And it's painful, it's sad, but if we don't wake up, if we don't speak out, if we don't get involved and realize that government is dangerous, big government is dangerous, and that government's growing at levels never before seen and merging with corporations to give us neo-fascistic corporate socialism.
And by that, my own little term is that it is...
Neo-corporate fascism.
It is private select corporations that are not free market, that have got control of the government, that operate as organized crime syndicates, that have Madison Avenue pitchmen and advertising systems propagandizing the public as they roll forward, as big government is lobbied for by the Fortune 500, which are only owned by a few families, by the way, and are walking to records.
Fortune 500 is a few companies.
And they roll this big system while the big corporations lobby for big government, lobby for control.
Then they de-industrialize it, ship the jobs overseas, which the Fortune 500 control.
They then defund the government, blow out the taxation base, bankrupt the government, merge it with the private corporations in a type of repossession, then give the corporations governmental power, which is happening under Homeland Security.
And destroy the middle class and get total control of everybody.
It's serfdom.
It's feudalism.
While the left and right are talking about how evil Bush is or how evil Hillary are, they're nothing but total puppets, and the country is being shut down and being deconstructed and rolled into the New World Order.
They're announcing the international taxes on our fuels, and they're announcing our courts follow the orders of the UN.
They're announcing that, okay, conservatism is gun control.
Shut up.
Submit to it.
It's just total garbage.
Let's go to the calls.
Let's talk to David in California.
David, you're on the air.
Hey, hi, Alex.
I hadn't called in a long time.
Good to hear from you.
I had a couple of different things I wanted to ask about, particularly if you had any idea who are in the list of suspects of the bombing of the UN out there in Baghdad.
I wanted to raise something before I did.
You were talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Nazi father.
One scandal that's probably more important than that is that when California got eaten alive by Enron a year and a half ago, Kenneth Lay was scared to death.
Of course, Kenneth Lay was the head of Enron.
Kenneth Lay got together a quick meeting up in, I'm not sure if it was the Sheraton Hotel, but it was one of the big hotels down in L.A.,
And he got together a little meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Milliken, the old savings and loans pirate.
And they got together to put together a PR scheme in order to prevent deregulation from being dismantled.
Can you send me a news article on that?
Oh yeah, and as a matter of fact, that was in the LA Times just days after it happened.
Well, let me stop you.
For those who don't know, when you hear deregulation, it's the opposite.
When you hear that, it means they're going to put everybody on one giant grid, connect it all together, don't let you have any competition, and then charge you more for the power.
Again, it's that fascism.
And they force cities and counties to sell their little private power companies that were delivering power to the city.
That way, it also gives the global a centralized control.
We have the Reuters article where Arnold with Warren Buffett last year, September 26th, went to the Rothschild Castle for the big globalist meeting.
And it admitted they were setting policy with the Rothmans and the Rothschilds and James Wolftonson of the World Bank.
And so it's clear Arnold's their little minion, but then you've got
Bustamante, who's a member of METCHA, which is a Hispanic Nazi group, says they want all whites out and whites are evil and the Hispanics are the master race.
You've got Arnold.
We have photos of him hailing Hitler, saying he, quote, admires Hitler.
We're not talking about his dad being a Nazi police chief.
We're talking about Arnold hanging out last year with Kurt Waldheim, defending him in 86.
That's what we're talking about.
Oh, yeah, and this is really significant because
They came up with a PR campaign to keep Enron from getting prosecuted.
Give me a favor.
Find me that article.
I'll send it right over.
It's Alex at InfoWars, right?
Yeah, that one gets clogged with a stupid virus.
Send it to tips at InfoWars.com or one of the others.
Okay, will do.
My main question was, do you have any suspects, so to speak, on the bombing of the UN?
It was my understanding that almost every...
A terrorism expert believed that the profiteers, the Halliburtons and the various other scoundrels in the Bush administration had something to do with it.
Because nobody, the UN in Iraq were seen as someone who was opposed to Bush.
Yeah, and now this gets the U.N.
the excuse.
And it needs to say, hey, you attacked us.
Okay, we're meeting with Powell.
We're going to put U.N.
troops in now, or NATO troops.
Yeah, this is kind of the, oh, we've all bled together now.
See, it is a problem.
And so if the third world can see the U.N.
now as still the little liberal good cop who got hit on the jaw and so now has got to come in.
I know this, that Chalibi character, the convicted bank robber,
Who was the colonel over the special forces who said that the government's behind the bombings for martial law.
I'm sick of it.
They're funding the Muslim groups in the Philippines.
So more and more of this is happening.
And so obviously, I mean, we know that the globalists are a bear, and we found a bear track and some bear...
And then we're all questioning, was it the bear, was it the bear that broke into the camp house in the refrigerator?
And, I mean, obviously we didn't see the bear do it, but there's bear tracks leading into the house, and the bear left something in front of the refrigerator.
So, you know, the motive, the actions, the past activities, and I think they even like to tell us now what they're doing.
It's just, yeah, we blow stuff up.
Just shut up.
We love you.
We're the globalists.
So does that answer your question?
I don't know.
Well, I'm seeing now that Al-Qaeda is supposed to have announced that they did it.
We better take the rest of your rights.
Ashcroft says it's an evolving threat.
Al-Qaeda is an evolving threat that's going to attack us any minute.
We've got to give all our rights up.
The belief is that
Bush has got a lot of stuff to smuggle out of there.
The United Nations went in there ostensibly to deal with the food program and to deal with refugees and whatnot.
But obviously all of these refugees have got tales to tell about the opium smuggling, the arms merchants in there, the black marketeering, all of the artifacts that were stolen from the museums, all of the cash that's disappearing and the gold and whatnot.
And so all of these tips are probably... Yeah, by the way, it was in mainstream news last week.
Tens of billions of dollars, 10 billion they're saying plus, disappears out of all of the banks, and it goes right back to the private people in the Bush administration.
I mean, that's what's scary, is that they're getting away with all of it.
They're up there in ivory towers.
They fly into Klamath Falls in order for the sheriff to turn his gun in when the president's there.
I mean, it's just la-la land.
It's total la-la land.
Thanks for the call.
Really good points, David.
We'll go to Robert, Ron, Steve, Michael, and others.
We're going to get to all of you and a bunch of other news.
Everybody stay there.
Robert in Tennessee, go ahead.
Alex, it looks like all the states are going to have to succeed from the feds.
That would be nice, yes.
Yes, it would.
They're not even feds.
You mean we should secede from the private criminal coup d'etat that took place in 1913?
We need to sue the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service when we do.
Well, the problem is they're just armored treasure boxes of the private rulers.
We have private conquerors and...
Now they want to conquer the family and break you up and take everything you've got.
I just ask, folks, they're going to take your jobs, everything you've got.
And God's under the government now.
Not over the government, but under the government.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
There are Greek devil gods and Harry Potter and Wicca suing to take all of it down.
So that's above the government.
But the foundation of our Magna Carta and our Bill of Rights and our Constitution that is that Mosaic Law is out the window.
Anything else, sir?
That's it.
All right.
God bless you.
Thank you for the call.
Free man.
Are we free human beings?
Are we slaves?
Are we men or mice?
Look around you.
They're on the news saying every child needs a microchip.
No, you didn't wake up and turn on the TV, and it's not a late-night horror movie.
Not some science fiction movie from the 70s.
2003, folks, we're in deep, deep trouble.
I'm going to keep ringing the alarm and warning you.
Be back with more calls, more news.
Keep it locked in.
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The U.S.
economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
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All right, I'm going to talk to Ron, Steve, Mike, and then I'm going to go back in the news and we'll take even more calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ron in New York.
Go ahead, Ron.
Hi, Alex.
Alex, I like to give my hypothesis of what's going on with...
John Ashcroft's nationwide victory tour.
Well, the magical victory tour instead of the magical mystery tour.
Well, that way when there's a terrorist attack, he'll say, See, I told you we have to have more laws as the terrorists of all.
And he admitted that on what we aired two days ago from CNN.
He's just never going to end.
More and more liberties.
One marijuana cigarette, live and present, actually says it.
You want to know something?
I think there's even more to it than that.
If you notice in the cities and states in which he's gone, a tour...
I think that's because...
And I really believe, I'm beginning to believe that... They're telling him we're going into a dictatorship.
It's like the meeting up at the Moffitt Air Force Base two hours after 9-1-1 with Bush and all the CEOs who were already there waiting on him.
Alex, in his mind, I think it's a foregone conclusion that this victory act is going to pass, come hook or crook.
And I think that he's talking to these specific entities, such as police officials and executives of cities, elected executives... To feel them out.
Well, I think no, for implementation.
To tell them it's coming and to discuss with them how it's going to be implemented when it comes.
And how to resist the crowds outside and how to have the cops shove folks around and how to be good slaves, yeah.
Pathetic destruction of America, all our heritage, everything that's decent, makes me want to cry.
And if you look at it, the 20 cities and states that he visited, okay, to the best of my knowledge, five of the 20 are those states which are part of that matrix grid.
Well, number one, the Matrix Grid is nationwide, and for those that don't know, it's a federal program with Echelon and NSA and Total Information.
It's been there forever, and it's going to know what guns you own, where you go to school, how much money's in the bank.
It's called the Matrix, and that's their name for it.
And, you know, folks, this is so horrible what happened to our country.
You know something else, Alex, too?
You mentioned the way the quality of life is getting in this country.
Well, I'll tell you what.
I'll put it to people very simply.
Stop you.
Did you hear me talk about how one of the top three property-owning groups in the country, of apartments, golf courses, high-rises, has covertly been taken over by the government, even though it's very profitable, so they don't have to pay taxes.
The profit is privatized, the system is governmental, and they're openly spying on all the employees.
If anybody is just a little bit older, all they have to do is ask themselves simple questions.
They don't even have to read old newspapers or government documents.
Is it easier to afford a house in 2003 than it was in 1973?
Is it easier to afford a nice new car in 2003 than it was in 1973?
Do you have more leisure time to be with your family from your job in 2003?
The cops treat you better now than they did in 73.
Right, in 73.
All you have to do is just draw on your own memory of your own life, and you could compare it, and you see the difference.
That's what happens to Winston.
You know what's sad?
He remembers.
I'm sorry, Alex?
Well, that's what happens to Winston in 1984.
He remembers.
That's right.
And there are those of us that do remember, because I remember those times as opposed to today.
And these are not better times.
These are not better times in that respect.
But when they told us it's going to get seven times worse today.
Yes, I feel that.
Job loss over the next five years, four years, it's just going to more.
And they call it, did you hear this big group in the paper?
It said the New World Order, get used to it.
They're telling you in your face.
We discussed this in the past, you and I. They're so bold now.
They feel so empowered that they're hitting you right in the face with a bat, letting you know that they're coming at you and they don't give a damn what you think.
What do you think about the cops being ordered to keep giving tickets here in the blackouts in New York?
I think that's a disgrace.
And another thing I wanted to ask you about, because I couldn't hear all your broadcasts, Alex, because propagation's a little rough in New York.
What about the Dallas police chief who was fired for planting evidence?
Well, I mean, you know, in Houston, they frame 2,000 people, nothing happens.
Tulia, they just pull SWAT trucks up, grab children running, screaming.
In Houston, they just block off whole streets, arrest everyone, CPS fills the trucks with kids.
You know, they go to restaurants.
A father stands up and says, what's the problem?
The cop knocks his... This is in the Houston Chronicle.
Just knocks his teeth out, and they go, load them up!
It's like Planet of the Apes.
They're just training us to ride us down with nets, and we just...
I mean, we're just animals to them.
We're beginning to lose the rule of law and the dominance of naked, vulgar power.
That's what's happening.
That's it.
It's in today's paper.
A guy named Terrell Bolton was fired.
Dallas police chief.
Yeah, planning evidence.
And he had a training manual of how to have cops basically frame people.
Very loving.
Very loving.
And, you know, he got in trouble because he thought it was okay and just published it and issued it to the media.
He thought it was normal to plan evidence.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, my friends.
It is Wednesday, the 27th of August, 2003.
Year of our Lord.
About to go to Stephen Rhode Island.
He just hung up.
So here in a few minutes, I'll go to Mike and Don and Daryl and others.
I want to hit just five, ten minutes of news right now.
So everybody be patient because I need to get to some of this other news that we have not yet covered.
And then I'm going to take some calls and I'm going to recap some of the top stories that we covered in the first hour that probably a lot of you didn't have a chance to hear.
I know most of you don't listen to all three hours of the show.
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And it covers Patriot Act 1 and 2, Ashcroft's Lies, Homeland Security, government-run white slavery rings, forced inoculation, gun control...
We're good to go.
I think?
This is right out of the Jewish newspapers, right out of the British newspapers.
Very well documented.
It gets into a bunch of different issues.
You need to have Order Out of Chaos, the new book.
My book, Descent into Tyranny, covers September 11th, and government-sponsored terror as well.
As you notice, that's a key subject, folks.
It's a large subject, a lot of information.
You could have a whole college degree just studying.
Of course, they don't offer that course.
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Okay, again, John Hinckley Jr., the government is recommending that this guy be released from prison, from a mental institution.
He's had supervised and semi-unsupervised visits now in public places with other killers, or other attempted killers.
And he met with John Hinckley Jr.'
's daddy, met with the vice president,
The night before, and that's mainstream news, folks.
People just thought it was interesting in the Dallas Morning News article way back in 1981.
Why were the Hinckleys meeting privately with the Bushes?
Maybe they're just friends and like to have dinner together.
I don't know.
Skull and bones members do like that.
Very interesting.
So, how about again?
That is just everything the government does.
It's like Dallas.
I didn't even mention that.
I've got a stack of police corruptions.
Yeah, the police, he frames people and falsifies stuff and puts out a manual on how to do it and how to go out and have a point system and how to squeeze people not to help a lady with a tire that's blown out.
Just give tickets, make money.
Yeah, you're not supposed to write that down.
That's still illegal.
Everybody knows you're crooks and do it.
And everybody knows you're not going to be brought to justice.
Just frame people, grab them, do whatever you want.
We all know that.
I understand I'm wrong.
I'm not patriotic because I don't want the troops breathing depleted uranium, which they admit kills them and makes them sick.
I admit I've been wrong all along because I wanted a border and to have a few jobs in this country and to not have government documents that call for the National Education Association and call for the public and private groups and UNESCO, Department of Education, to destroy the family, their stated policies.
Yeah, I'm bad because I'm against it, folks.
Again, this article here.
Outsourcing jobs in India to increase seven times by 2008.
It says in the New World Order, jobs are increasingly transportable.
And if you think it's bad now, seven times that are going to move to India in the next four years alone.
And again, Vicente Fox announced with the governor of Arizona they're going to legalize all the illegals in that state.
The feds will do absolutely nothing.
Microchip to watch Prince Harry.
When he lives in Australia for a year, he's going to be implanted with a microchip, Harold's son.
Here's one I haven't gotten to yet.
Was LBJ behind JFK murder?
And again, this is on the websites right now.
Former U.S.
President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, according to the father of the current White House press secretary.
In his new book, Barr McLennan claims the death of JFK was meticulously planned by Johnson legal advisor Ed Clark, who was later U.S.
ambassador to Australia from 1965 to 1967.
And of course, it was a young CIA officer named George Herbert Walker Bush who was in Dealey that morning.
We've had LBJ's mistress, who's in DNA test shows her son is the legitimate son of LBJ.
And we had her on.
I've had all the folks on involved.
I've had masses of guests.
It's the same story over and over again.
At the big party meeting with the oil men and the mafia and others, they killed him because he found out about Northwoods, didn't want to hijack jets and kill college kids.
Kennedy said, no, I won't be part of that.
And he didn't want to bomb D.C.
and have sniper attacks and school shootings and all that to be blamed on foreign terrorists, so they killed him.
And it goes on.
This is, again, Herald on Sunday, Mainstream News.
McClennan is the father of White House Press Secretary Scott McClennan and Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Mark McClennan.
He says he has proof, including photographs, letters, and fingerprint samples, that the ambitious Johnson was behind the 1963 assassination in Dallas.
He was just a figurehead.
Kennedy was shot and killed as crowds watched his motorcade pass through Dallas on November 22nd.
Vice President Johnson was sworn into president soon after.
McLennan, 63, was a partner with Clark, an Austin law firm that served Johnson.
It said Johnson had the motive, opportunity, and means.
McClendon alleges JFK assassination plot began as early as 61.
He quotes Ed Clark, business partner, the late Martin Harris, on a meeting between Johnson and Clark and Vice President's ranch right outside Austin.
Say hi to Lady Bird out there.
I know she can listen to us out there.
He quotes Ed Clark, business partner, the late Martin Harris, on a meeting between Johnson and Clark, the Vice President's ranch...
I think so.
We're good to go.
I think?
Yes, loud Texans.
He was a close friend to LBJ.
McLennan began working with Clark at an Austin law firm in 66 and said he heard rumors about the Texans' involvement in the JFK plot.
I didn't believe it.
I think I went into a bad case of denial.
McLennan wrote in his book, Blood, Money, and Power, LBJ Killed JFK.
McLennan said he asked Clark directly about the rumors in 69 when he was acting as Clark's lawyer.
He said Clark talked in code, but he wanted to
Wanted the payoff for the assassination.
He said the discussion about it, he said that it's in the book pretty much verbatim.
McClendon said he didn't go to the public with what he knew earlier because he believed it wouldn't breach the client attorney privilege he had with Clark.
It's since that I found out there's no privilege for lawyers who plan crimes.
And that was two weeks ago when the American Bar ruled, and they've been talking about changing it for years, that you can title on each other.
So it's kind of backfiring on them.
No attorney-client privilege.
It goes on.
McClendon left Austin Law Firm in 1982 and was then involved in legal action over money with Clark for several years.
In a 14-year legal battle ended in 1994, McClendon was able to publish the book.
But by then, Clark had been dead for two years.
McClendon said he had not had a chance to ask his powerful sons for their opinions on the book.
They know what I'm doing.
They're not going to comment on it, he said.
Yeah, they're top Bush administration officials.
McClendon's book is one of the numerous conspiracy theory books that criticize the conclusion of the FBI's assassination investigation, which found Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman.
And it goes on and on.
Cheney stifled energy probe.
GAO investigators say...
Congressional investigators said on Monday that Vice President Dick Cheney stymied their investigation into their Energy Task Force for refusing to turn over key documents.
And that's now admitted.
When Judicial Watch tried to sue the Vice President, it simply asked questions about the pipeline deal that they were threatened with arrest.
This is out of Reuters.
Well, of course they stymied the investigation.
Post-war Iraq toll exceeds combat deaths.
Of course, we reported on this, but it's important to repeat.
The toll of U.S.
troops killed in post-war Iraq surpassed the number killed in major combat on Tuesday, reaching 139 with the death of a soldier in the roadside bombing.
Got that for you.
I'm going to hit on some other news here.
Well, let's take one more article, and I'm going to call.
New U.S.
military role suggested.
Military involvement by the United States and its NATO allies may be necessary to create stability between Israel and Palestinians, a key lawmaker said Sunday.
Freudian slip there.
They're all lawyers.
If we're serious about having a situation of stability, a very direct action, I think it's going to be required, said Senator Richard Lugar, Republican Indiana Foreign Relations Committee chairman on CNN's late edition.
And it would take tens of thousands of U.S.
troops to stabilize the zone, and the military experts predict thousands of deaths if the occupation lasts more than a year.
Got a bunch of other articles I want to hit here, but right now let's go back to the calls.
And Mike in Rhode Island is up next.
Not Mike in Rhode Island, Mike in Arizona.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alec.
There was another item in the Arizona Republic today that I don't know if you saw or not, the Patriot Act debate planned in Arizona.
Yeah, Ashcroft ordered his people to, quote, have staged events where only government bureaucrats are allowed in or police are lined up behind them to have staged events.
Is this saying the public will be allowed to attend?
Yeah, it says it'll be limited to about 125 people, but it'll be held.
It says it's
For the public or community meeting.
Yeah, yeah.
How hard is that?
See, that's the same thing with UT when they have a CFR guy in now.
They don't even give the students tickets.
Certain faculty get it put in their box.
Then that certain faculty can get in trouble if they give it to the wrong person who says something embarrassing.
I mean, this is disgusting.
Yeah, but even worse than that, it's going to be at his office, at the prosecutor's office.
So, I mean, that's going to be... So they can bully whoever they want.
Yeah, exactly.
Be real comfortable there.
But the average Joe is going to watch TV and go, well, I saw it televised for an hour and every person got up and...
And I liked it.
They'll have one person, and folks, please type all this for me and send it to me, please.
They'll have one person who acts half-hearted.
Well, I hear you can have Martians.
And he'll go, sir, we don't involve with Martians.
Everyone will laugh.
The people who think it's better into Martians.
It'll be something like, I hear you can take somebody's pickup truck.
And they'll go, now that's silly.
I mean, can't you imagine this?
Hey, Mike, what does it mean when they have staged media events with staged public?
Well, what caught my attention was the fact that Ashcroft himself wasn't even willing to come.
I guess he figures Arizona is probably hostile territory.
He ducks in, and only executives, as you heard, we've read the articles, are allowed in, but no public.
He's secretly brought in, secretly brought out, and then he ordered U.S.
attorneys to have these.
And then you notice the article dubs it a debate.
A debate!
125 employees of the police department sit there and worship him.
There needs to be an honest and open debate about the Patriot Act.
Let's be honest.
Let's tell lies for a couple hours and not allow any questions.
We tell people in Austin, they won't let anybody speak on the subject.
They keep canceling it week after week after week, acting like they're against it because they're all Democrats.
They have to act like they're against it.
And then they'll go, sorry, no questions, or I know you all signed up three weeks in a row to speak, but you can't.
We've got a lady who's going to play the banjo for an hour.
And they'll just have somebody go, love and peace and good, happy time.
I mean, it's all psychological warfare.
Why do you think when Congress finally did get their act together and decide that portions of this act were over the line,
That's only the House, and that's to make you feel good because they're all getting thousands of calls a month, and they've all read it, and they know what's in it now.
So they've got to act like it.
It's like Austin.
This is just political behavior.
There's masses, there's rallies, there's protests, left, right, everybody.
They've read it.
So they have stage deals where they go, okay, next week, and Jackie Goodman's the Judas coach.
She comes out and says, friend, you can come back.
Next week, I promise you come back.
Next week, they go, sorry, no time.
And they'll all even laugh.
And then they'll have somebody talk about their dog for an hour or play a banjo.
Yeah, but they didn't even repeal that section about the sneak and peek.
All they did was say, you can't fund it, you know, you can't pay for it with tax dollars.
Exactly, and Patriot Act II and In Victory Act are all duplicating one and adding stuff.
So they got lots of, and Homeland Security had a bunch of this stuff in it.
It's like they fire 100 missiles at you, and you're able to block most of them that one gets through.
All right.
That's all I had, Alex.
Thanks for the call.
All right.
You don't like the debate?
Why, the Kremlin had televised discussions with the publics in the villages.
And guess what?
They all stood up, and they loved the right.
And they said, thank you, government.
Enslave me.
Then lots of people will watch film and news and go, well, I guess it's all right.
And I'll be on other talk shows and hear somebody call up and go, we have meetings here, Mr. Jones, we like it!
Shut up!
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
Can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security.
Executive orders.
Force vaccinations.
The new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police State 3, is for you.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, on InfoWars.com, we posted a new report, and it's got dozens of major universities signing on to it saying that
Fluoride does cause retardation, destruction of brain cells, reduces the IQ of children, causes bone fractures, is an all-around poison.
And, I mean, I could just read.
I mean, I've got, like, just so many documents on this.
There's just so much, folks.
Getty, the Texas oil billionaire, John Paul Getty, was at the heart of a conspiracy to provide support to Hitler's Germany early in the Second World War.
According to newly released intelligence documents, the files link Getty to the shadowy network of financiers, Prescott Bush, who supplied the Nazis with fuel in defiance of the British blockade and accuses him of gathering spies and traitors around him at his fashionable hotel, Paris, in New York.
I mean, my grandfather was just a leasehound that worked for oil companies.
This was so well-known.
They had Nazis all over the place out here.
Bushes, all of them.
In records that he returned from Berlin in 1939, taking breezily of his old friend Hitler, and it goes on and on.
I mean, these are the people that whacked Kennedy.
I'm out of time.
Let's take a few calls here.
Don in Michigan, go ahead.
Thanks, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
You bet.
Listen, I've got two quick questions.
I know the show's almost over.
Who's that urban sheriff?
What county is that?
That's in Klamath County.
And again, when the president came, he had to turn his gun in.
Never said anything bad about the president either, but if you don't have any, you know, there's no local control, you're all slaves.
One last question.
My girlfriend thinks I'm over-exaggerating when I explain about the smallpox vaccine.
Could you real quick touch on that?
Was there a girl's eyeball, something happened with that?
Well, you can, if somebody takes the shot, then they rub up against you, you can get smallpox from them.
There's actually been quite a few smallpox cases, and some folks have lost their sight from it, and
It's real serious.
Just type in medical workers or doctors refused shot.
Just type it in the search engine.
I'm not kidding.
5,000 articles will pop up.
You can go, here you go, honey.
Thanks, buddy.
You bet.
Take care.
Let's talk to Daryl in Pennsylvania.
Daryl, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I wore one of your T-shirts yesterday, the one with the picture of Mao, Stalin, and Hitler on the front saying mass murders.
I think it says love, gun control in the back.
Yes, yes.
Politicians love disarmed peasants, and it has the InfoWars.com website.
In less than five minutes, I got three favorable comments at a coffee center and a donut place.
So I recommend everyone get those T-shirts.
Oh, yeah, that's how you meet like-minded people.
Exactly, but it's also a great walking billboard for the truth, especially about the Second Amendment.
I got two copies of Paul Joseph Watson's book in the mail last week from you folks, Order Out of Chaos.
It's an outstanding expose on a government's orchestrating terrorism.
I really urge everyone to buy two copies of the book from you, Alex.
Again, your latest three videos, 9-1-1 Road to Tyranny, The Masters of Terror, and Police State 3, are still the three best videos, I think, out there.
I love the listeners of this show.
I mean, who could call in and do an ad for me?
But thank you so much, Daryl.
Is it Daryl or Daniel?
Thank you, Alex, for all you do.
God bless you.
All right.
Appreciate the call.
Thanks a lot.
Now, that's why that...
That Mass Murders Agree, Gut Control Works t-shirt, Politicians Love Disarmed Peasants on the Back, is really effective.
And that's $19.95 on InfoWars.com.
I am out of time.
Wow, that was a great show.
It's a great job of the folks running the show.
Thanks to all our wonderful affiliates, our wonderful sponsors.
You, the best listeners on the planet.
To my wife, who's a webmaster for InfoWars.com, Paul Watson, who runs PrisonPlanet.com, a webmaster for me there for my website.
To everybody, just thank you so much, and we're going to win this thing.
I know it's scary and it's bad, but...
If we belly up to the fact and stand up to it, we can get out of this.
But if we sit here like a bunch of idiots, it's over.
They'll eat our lunch.
You've got to stand up to the regulators of the railroad.
That's the analysis.
Have a good day.
Good night.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
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