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Air Date: Aug. 25, 2003
2169 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
I've already been on the radio in Idaho, Salt Lake City, St.
Louis, Missouri.
On this 25th of August, 2003 edition, I was on the radio this morning,
Out west, where Ashcroft is out telling more and larger lies about the Patriot Act 1 and 2 and the Victory Act, I was on local talk radio stations countering the chief liar of the Justice Department.
He's still a low-level minion.
And coming up in the second hour, we're going to have Tim Behrens on from KJSL Radio to play a clip, long clip, by long, about five minutes long, of John Ashcroft on national television lying about Patriot Act 1, 2, and now 3 with the Victory Act.
And so we're going to play the clip, then we're going to go through and cut it to pieces and expose the particular lies of Attorney General John Ashcroft with Tim Behrens in the next hour.
In this hour, I want to talk about Judge Roy Moore.
Alabama, they're saying he may get suspended without pay, may get kicked off the bench.
They might arrest him, arrest others.
They say there's no telling what's going to happen.
So we'll watch this as it develops.
And the American Civil Liberties Union, which has controlled opposition, which has hijacked the Anti-Patriot Act movement and watered it down.
That's their job.
They're now saying they're going to target Missouri and other areas to remove their Ten Commandments.
So the attack on America is in full swing.
We're going to take your calls in this hour on Schwarzenegger, on the blackout, on the troops dying, on the depleted uranium, on the Ten Commandments.
On any issue, you'd like to discuss 1-800-259-9231.
We'll also be talking about the electronic straight jacket.
We've told you that the cars already have the hardware, that is, the built-in systems to have tracking systems plugged into them, and most cars already have the tracking systems themselves in them standard.
This is out of BBC.com.
Spy plan for new cars.
And they say it'll be, for all new cars, a satellite tracking chip.
Here's another one.
Consumer RFID trials continue.
Your cell phone is now a tracking device.
This out of the News Chronicle, mainstream media, Green Bay News Chronicle.
Ashcroft visits draw protest in Boise, Idaho.
So that's some great news there.
Continuing, protesters gearing up for Ashcroft Patriot Actor, Associated Press, Salt Lake City, massive protest building going on right now.
In 30 minutes, Ashcroft arrives.
The meetings are not with the public, though they have staged government employees making it look like a town hall.
Folks, this is admitted news.
In the Associated Press, they're having staged town hall meetings.
That's how bad things have gotten.
Also, U.S.
smallpox vaccination plan grinds to a halt.
We'll get to that.
Al-Qaeda plots September 11th attack.
Give up your rights or the CIA will get you.
I mean, Al-Qaeda will get you.
We will also get into...
The latest information on Dr. David Kelly, who was obviously murdered, the guy that blew the whistle on Blair's lying about weapons of mass destruction.
We have life extension technology news the globalists are trying to suppress.
It's all coming up.
Big show lined up for you on this Monday, 25th of August, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones.
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He's the Rex of political talk.
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And then back from 9 to midnight, Central Standard Time.
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We simulcast at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and Global Shortwave during the day from 11 to 2 at 12.172 and 93.20 and at night from 9 to midnight at 5.085 and 68.90.
In the next hour, I do have Tim Behrens from 6.30 a.m.
KJSL in St.
Louis, Missouri.
A station that during the day covers four states, but only 50 times.
He's coming on the show to play this clip of Ashcroft on CNN for five minutes lying.
I mean, everything he says is a total lie.
We're going to air it in the next hour and then analyze it, break it apart here on the air with Tim Barron, who's a great talk show host and patriot in his own right.
Now, this morning I was on KTALK, a great station in Salt Lake City, Utah, talking about how the conservatives are there in mass protesting against the unpatriotic Patriot Act.
And here's the headline out of the Associated Press that we're going to go to a guest.
Protesters gearing up for Ashcroft's Patriot Act tour.
And it says, civil liberties advocates are organizing protests to greet U.S.
Attorney General John Ashcroft when he arrives in Utah on Monday to speak to local police and prosecutors about the U.S.
Patriot Act.
The article goes on to report that Attorney General John Ashcroft visited Monday.
He's expected to draw protests.
Ashcroft's hitting 18 cities in three weeks to gain support for the Patriot Act.
His visit is not open to the public, but it'll bring out many who strongly oppose the act.
Now, folks, we have the article from last week where they have staged town halls with government employees and then cops behind Ashcroft who've been ordered to salute him, and then the news shows it as if these are town halls and everyone loves it.
They're not town halls.
Joining us is Sheriff Richard Mack, who lives out in Salt Lake City where the big protest is going on.
He's there.
Protesting Ashcroft right now.
And thanks for joining us.
I'm glad to be here, Alex.
Can you hear me all right?
Yes, sir.
Tell us what's going on and exactly how many folks are out there standing up to the Patriot Act.
Good job.
Well, so far there's about 300 people.
10 police officers making sure that we all behave ourselves.
There's signs everywhere.
There's don't tread on me.
One sign in particular that I like is it said you could take your Patriot hat and shove it up your ass cough.
Oh, man.
The people are very emotional about this issue.
I think it's disgusting and very pathetic that we need...
The Attorney General of the United States to come out here spending taxpayer dollars to spread propaganda and to attempt to brainwash local law enforcement into supporting this.
Now, for those that don't know, you took your case all the way to the Supreme Court.
You refused as a sheriff to go along with the Brady Bill, which made you violate the Second Amendment and keep tabs and register gun owners.
Sheriff Mack, of course, is on the radio with KTALK out in Salt Lake City.
I have an honor to be on his show.
He's been on our show many times.
I requested this morning on the Jack Stockwell Show that somebody call in with a live report.
You're there.
It's live.
Has the Dark Lord himself appeared yet?
Is he infesting the city of Salt Lake City yet?
Well, we know that he has been at the airport, and he's supposed to be here in about a half an hour.
And I hope that our numbers increase.
I was really expecting about 1,000 people here.
And people on both sides, every side, from left wing to right wing and every wing in between,
Well, that's one of the reasons, Sheriff.
It's really good to see that.
That's one of the reasons, Sheriff Mack, they're panicking.
When Conservative Alaska voted against it after Ashcroft asked them not to, that made them panic, didn't it?
Yes, it did.
And this morning, another report came out that there's been over 100 different governmental jurisdictions across the country that have come out officially in opposition to the Patriot Act.
When was the last that ever occurred, Alex?
It's now three states and over 400 cities.
The news continues to report old numbers of two states and 140 cities and towns.
Well, maybe that's where I got that because it was on a CBS affiliate that I heard that from.
Now, Sheriff Mack, you're out there in the crowd right now?
Yes, I am.
I mean, cry out to the folks.
Ask them what they think of the Patriot Act.
Okay, I'm going to do that right now, Alex.
I'm walking across the street and I'm seeing people looking at me right now and I'm going to yell, what do you want me to say?
What do you think of the Patriot Act?
I'll just say, we're on the Alex Jones Show right now and he wants to know what you think of the Patriot Act.
This is Alex Jones.
It's called radio.
He wants to know what you think of the Patriot Act.
Did you get that, Alex?
I think he got it.
It sounds like in Braveheart.
It sounds like in the movie Braveheart where you've got all the Scots out there with Longshanks' army.
Yeah, that kind of is how it feels.
These aren't just common, ordinary, everyday Americans that are out here protesting this unconstitutional tyranny that is very akin to King Edward the Longshanks.
Well, Sheriff Mack, I know it's been a long journey from you from patrol officer to sheriff to patriot leader, but...
It is heartening to see this massive response against Ashcroft.
What do you think about the nature of the staged town hall meetings, which is now coming out that it's staged?
Well, you know, that's typical federal government engineering and manufacturing.
I mean, they're the best at that.
It's all wag-the-dog type engineering, and it shouldn't surprise anybody that that's what's going on.
And, you know, Icecroft is a very good little boy for the Jeanne Bush administration.
He's just doing what he's told.
And here he is, illegally spending...
Taxpayer dollars, because obviously this is not a function of the Justice Department.
Yeah, he's out campaigning because the Patriot Act is now dinner table, breakfast table, water cooler topic.
People have taken time out to read it, as you've challenged him to do on your own show.
Ashcroft claims it doesn't violate the Constitution.
He claims, now first he claimed there was no Patriot Act II.
Now he admits it.
That's one of his big lies.
Sheriff Mack, you've read it.
It is the Patriot Act II.
No, there's not any part of it that is.
It's simply a fulfillment of the Warren Ben Franklin who said not to ever surrender freedom for supposed security.
And that's exactly what we've been doing ever since 9-11, which adds a great deal to the theories and the conjecture that the federal government
Well, Sheriff Mack, I've got the article here.
We haven't even gotten to it yet.
It came out in major Indian papers.
It came out in major papers in India.
And this is on prisonplanet.com and being posted on infowars.com right now.
In India, that Musarif and the Bushes met and decided not to capture bin Laden so they could keep this thing going on and on, quote, in the name of not destabilizing Pakistan.
Why aren't they after bin Laden anymore?
Well, you see, you know, he's an old family friend and they just can't destroy this wonderful relationship they have going on of mutt and jess, cat and mouse, and
And Bush knows that the more he stays on top of that, the more his popularity will stay intact.
So his business partner, Bin Laden, is a great boogeyman.
Oh, sure, yeah, absolutely.
And I think it would hurt him if they actually were able to put an end to all of this.
But, you know, when you have Bush pushing...
The Attorney General of the country to propagandize and to brainwash local law enforcement and to try to get their support for this act, you know something's wrong and you have to go much deeper than what you're seeing on the surface.
Now, Sheriff Mack, his Imperial shuttle has landed.
How long until he's coming into his hotel or his speech?
Can you give us the itinerary for Salt Lake City?
Yeah, well, I talked to a member of the media who is about the only group here that knows the exact schedule, and he said that Ashcroft is supposed to be inside the Little America Motel at 1045, which is...
It's going to be just about 25 minutes from now.
And you're there protesting and demonstrating right now?
Yes, and there's lots of signs all over the place.
Most of them are like, the Patriot Act is unpatriotic.
Another guy has, sacrificing liberty for security is a fool's bargain, which I just mentioned to you a little while ago.
Well, Sheriff Mack, I appreciate you calling into the show.
Can you, at, say, 1035...
Or 10.30.
Call back in about 10 minutes so we can continue this discussion on air so that when Ashcroft drives by, we can all hear the response of the crowd.
Let's do that.
I'll have my assistant here, Andy, make sure that he keeps that schedule with you.
Well, I want to thank Andy for all he's done as well, getting me on KJSL as a guest.
Can we get your cell phone number during this break?
Let me do this.
And we'll even call you back in about 10 minutes.
That'll be great.
All right.
Or you can call us.
Yeah, call us back at about 30 after, because I want to hear this.
The world needs to hear this.
God bless you, Sheriff Mack.
You're on.
All right.
We'll be right back, folks.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Vice boys are luggage.
He is now out on the west coast, there in the mountainous regions, trying to sell the good conservative people of Utah and Idaho on tyranny and on enslavement.
And we're going to be getting into the Patriot Act II and Victory Act and Ashcroft's big propaganda tour in the next hour with Tim Behrens of KJSL in St.
Louis, where old Ashcroft is from.
And we'll talk about this staged whirlwind tour.
And Ashcroft, some cars just pulled into the hotel there, but they don't think that's it.
We've got folks there on scene that will give us more information as it develops.
And I've just got a bunch of other news we're going to be getting to.
I already mentioned the news article reporting here.
This is out of major Indian papers, confirmed information that the Pakistan government and the U.S.
government ensured that bin Laden was not captured.
And they claim when they got caught doing this, oh, because that would stir up the Muslims.
Total shill story.
We know he works for the CIA.
Bob in Utah, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, you're out there at the rally too, Bob.
You're out at the rally too.
It's great.
It's great.
We've got all kinds of people here.
Got people from the ACLU, libertarians, conservative Republicans, people with signs.
We had some folks from the SWAT team show up with video cameras.
I'm sure they were videotaping all of us for their face recognition software so they'll know where to come and get us.
To protest their tyranny that they say isn't taking place, the SWAT team showed up?
I saw four officers, sergeants from the Salt Lake City Police Department in full pack gear with gas masks hanging around their neck in their little pouches.
One of them had a camcorder, and he was going through the crowd videotaping some of the more radical-looking protesters.
Yes, sir, that is correct.
Well, let's videotape them.
Are they wearing their black masks?
No, sir, they weren't wearing masks.
Actually, there are many people out here with still cameras, some people out here with video cameras.
Good, let's get their faces.
Let's get their faces and put them on the Internet.
Let's make a run list of terrorists.
People out here holding signs, reminding the police that they work for the people and not for the feds, wanting to impeach Ashcroft.
It's great.
I love it.
Well, God bless you, and God bless K-Talk out there for doing a great job.
Again, I've been on a lot of shows this morning in different areas on Ashcroft's itinerary.
What do you think of him not allowing the public into the so-called town halls they're broadcasting on regional TV?
Well, I guess it's private property, and the hotel has the right to allow it who they will.
But personally, I find it unsavory, and I wonder what Harry Ashcroft has to hide from the people.
But they've said that his town halls are not open to the public.
These have been and are going to be staged events with fake questions, government employees.
Folks, that's like the running man or something.
Oh, yes, sir.
If the mainstream media were to broadcast these protesters out here, maybe more people would wake up and investigate Ashcroft's lies to the American people.
But as you said, it's going to be a staged event.
He's wrapped himself in the flag and surrounded himself with local law enforcement.
And my question is, how many of these law enforcement came voluntarily, and how many of them were ordered to come here today?
Well, they admit they were under federal funding.
That was in the AP last week, to show up, to salute him, to give this staged view.
And now you've got goons in the combat boots and the curtsil helmets stalking you.
You're just lucky they're not wearing the black ski mask.
There's one sitting right there.
Do you want me to get him on the air?
Yes, let's talk to him.
Hold on.
We are approaching one of the Gestapo officers.
I got Alex Jones on the radio.
Any of y'all want to talk to him?
Sir, officers?
Don't even call him, sir.
He's a nobody.
Are you sure?
Oh, okay.
They're asking me to step off the private property.
Oh, step off the, oh, see, so they get on the private corporate, see, I give them no respect because I knew you wouldn't get any.
You notice that they'll stand on the edge of private property, then approach them, hiding behind their little veil.
I hope they enjoy torching their children's future.
So what did this guy say to you?
They said that no, they didn't want to talk and reminded me to step off the private property.
And now I'm on the edge of the sidewalk where I protected...
Well, that's one of their favorite little tactics.
Are they saying the sidewalk is private property?
Well, by the way, you're allowed to be on that area right there, according to different federal rulings.
That's a bunch of garbage.
That guy should be ashamed of himself.
Stay there.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Remember that a few months ago, we posted the bill on Infowars.com, that a few months ago, Senator Menace, that's his name, the head of the Judiciary Committee in Oregon, tried to pass a law that if one person blocks traffic, the entire protest, it's life in prison in a forced labor camp.
It actually said labor camp, forest labor camp, life in prison.
Having a gun on your possession without committing a crime, life in prison in a labor camp.
Swapping music on the internet, life in a forced labor camp.
The states are passing similar laws all over the place that if you sue a public official, prison time.
They try to tell these folks, you can't protest without a permit.
You've got to pay.
Well, that's for having a parade where you block traffic, folks.
You don't need a permit to protest or demonstrate.
There's a whole bunch of federal and state rulings.
But again, these cops would love nothing more than to beat these people over the head like they've done in many other cities.
They'd love nothing more to take your guns, take your houses, take your wives, put you in their prisons, and make you their slaves.
They're doing it everywhere.
There's more criminals in law enforcement than there are outside of law enforcement, on average.
And I'm tired of them there protecting Ashcroft like somebody was going to do something to this little low-level, this nobody.
Let's go back to Bob there in Salt Lake City, or Bo, excuse me, in Salt Lake City, who just walked over.
You heard him politely.
Would you like to talk to Alex Jones?
Get back!
Private property!
As if you couldn't walk into that hotel if you wanted to.
As if you couldn't go in there.
And the point is, if you wanted to walk up to a cop and talk to them, talk to a public servant, but no, get back!
Get back, slave!
Get back!
Like an old Roman slapping him with a bullwhip.
Go ahead, Bo.
I mean, how did this guy in the Kurtzel helmet behave?
He behaved well.
I wouldn't say he was Kurtz.
He was not friendly at all.
Frankly, I think he was enjoying his position.
He gets to wear the badge.
I wonder how heavy that badge weighs on his chest.
Always the symbol of his authority.
Ready to break out the CS gas and take us all down.
We're actually moving the protest to the north end of the building.
It's my understanding that Harry Ashcroft is going to make a personal appearance.
We'll see what kind of noise we can make.
Now, wait a minute.
You say the Fuhrer is actually going to drive by?
I understand that someone said that he was going to make some kind of appearance, and so we're moving our protest.
Oh, wait, wait.
Here in the free country, you're on the public street, on the sidewalk, but the cops are, what are they, walking towards you with their clubs right now?
No, no, sir.
I haven't seen any police officers out right now, but I'm on the north end of the hotel.
Well, you just said that you were just talking to somebody.
You said that we're wearing black helmets and everything.
No, no, no.
Not black helmets.
They're wearing their, the rest are casual gear, though.
Okay, but now, where are you now?
So are the police telling you to do that, or who's telling you...
So he's going to come out and address you, huh?
That's what I'm here to see.
I mean, if you want to put me on hold for a while and go on with your show and then check back and see.
Well, I'll tell you what this is.
I mean, we've been seeing him all over the news, all over regional news, national news, saying Patriot Act doesn't take your rights, saying Patriot Act 2 is needed.
This guy said there was no Patriot Act 2, and now his victory act, the possession of one marijuana cigarette, life in prison.
So this is how you stop the terrorists when it's the government shipping it in.
Is the crowd... I mean, what type of lies are you expecting, Bo?
Well, I'm expecting the same old rhetoric, Mr. Jones.
If you don't do anything wrong, you'll have nothing to worry about.
I win our compliance...
To the Patriot Act by reminding us that we have nothing to fear because we're not yet domestic terrorists.
But then again, the definition of terrorism is any action that endangers human life.
It's a violation of any federal or state law.
And the Justice Department in the Washington Times, by Frank J. Murray, headline titled, Patriot Act Cast Wide Net.
They have the actual quotes before Congress of the spokesman for the Justice Department saying it will be used in all crimes, all misdemeanors, against all citizens in non-terror-related cases.
Cases that have nothing to do with terror.
And that's the reason that we're having this protest today.
Honestly, Mr. Jones, I don't think that we can influence Heinrich Himmler's own self at all, but hopefully we can influence some of these cars that pass by.
We've been getting some good support, and I hope that these people will do a little more investigation on their own.
So folks are honking their horns, and you're there, so the media can't claim that everyone loves Ashcroft in the stage town hall meeting.
So the national media is ignoring you?
But I haven't seen anyone here from... Yeah, that'll be it.
It'll be on the newswire, and then nothing else.
Of course, 300 people plus out there protesting, and it's just getting going in a major city of conservatives.
That's not newsworthy.
But listen, it's admitted.
Just like in Russia or Germany, they're going to have a stage town hall meeting, folks.
Stage people.
Think about how that's tyranny right there.
My honest concern is that this protest, or maybe the one in Boise, might turn out to be another Reichstag fire.
I'm afraid that some rabble-rousers might show up and give the media an excuse to cover it and say those that do oppose the Patriot Act are terrorists.
Oh, you mean have a provocateur action where some Klan guy shows up and all the cameras show him.
Well, that hasn't happened yet, and they'll have a lot of trouble doing that.
If it was just conservatives out there, they'd try it, but not with the Libertarians and the Greens and the ACLU.
Well, that's certainly reassuring.
Yeah, they're having big problems.
I mean, look at conservative Alaska voting against them.
And, well, this is very exciting.
I'll tell you what, Bob, we'll put you on hold as one of our on-site reporters.
We're going to go back to Sheriff Mac here in just a few minutes.
Stay right there, Bob.
Or not Bob, Bo.
Gosh, what's wrong with me?
Let's talk to Cliff in Arkansas.
Cliff in Arkansas, go ahead.
Sir, we need you and Sheriff Max to come to Arkansas and run for governor.
Well, they're putting in the electronic touchscreens, but they admit we're fraud-based, so I don't know about that.
What I called for, is this Justice Brown in Alabama?
I don't know if you saw his news clips where he was on the news, but I watched them, and they're all... When he says something, you know, he doesn't make it clear and plain.
Like, for instance, he said he is not going to... Oh, Lord, what was he saying?
I don't know what he said.
Well, he said he is not going to go against, more or less...
The guy that put our laws in... Well, it's Judge Roy Moore.
Right, but he was on... You said Brown.
Well, I meant Moore.
I'm sorry.
Oh, okay.
He said that he wasn't going to go against the guy that put our laws... that our laws were patterned after.
Well, look, I mean... Okay, but see, the thing is, Alex... So he's not good enough, I see.
Well, no, no, no.
No, no.
What I'm getting at is he's a Chief Justice, right?
Have you ever seen anyone in that high office that wasn't a Freemason?
What God is he talking about?
He didn't say...
The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
He's our God.
Well, I'll say this.
Judge Roy Moore is a good thing.
The establishment doesn't like it.
I agree with that.
He's put himself on the line.
I don't think he's an establishment type.
Alabama's a conservative state.
That's why he got elected.
They elect him in that state.
That's why he's there.
And believe me, the folks he's fighting are a lot better.
And I'm not going to sit here and speculate about Judge Roy Moore.
No, I'm not speculating.
I'm just saying everybody's taking him at face value.
And I respect him, but we have to proceed cautiously is what I'm getting at.
Oh, listen, I agree with you, but I've heard his speeches about how it's okay to have the Greek God, but not the God of the Bible.
Well, he said the God of the Bible in one of his speeches, I did see.
And I think he's a great man.
Well, I do too, if he's on the up and up.
But, you know, I'm not going to just bail in and...
Just take it at face value.
I think we don't just have face value, Cliff.
I mean, we have him saying they shouldn't take down the Ten Commandments.
The oath in Alabama is to acknowledge God and to have the Ten Commandments.
The Ten Commandments are behind the Supreme Court when they're up there.
And, of course, the Republican-appointed Supreme Court is, of course, against Moore, and the judge going against Moore was appointed by Bush, showing what neocon prostitutes they are.
Thanks for the call, my friend.
Thank you.
I mean, I think it's important to question, but I see evidence and good fruits in Judge Roy Moore.
Good points.
Back to Sheriff Richard Mack there outside the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City where people across the political spectrum are protesting the liar, the would-be destroyer of America, John Ashcroft.
I'm here, Alex.
It sounds like it's getting wild.
What's going on, Sheriff Mack?
It is.
The crowd's getting bigger.
The activity outside is getting a little bit busier.
Alex, knowing executive protection like I know executive protection in the law enforcement community, they've already sneaked him in.
I saw three different of the black Suburbans, you know, the black Suburbans with the darkened glass, and I'm pretty sure he came in one of those in the back door.
There was another decoy that was in a limousine that was...
Look at this!
They're loved!
Made sure that we did not know where or when he came in.
Well, yeah, he's loved so much as a gun-grabbing, open-border-promoting, church-seizing, anti-Ten Commandment devil.
He's loved so much that they have to sneak him in.
Sheriff Mack, I hear the media is pretty much ignoring you guys.
No, no, they're here.
They're here.
Every major news station in Salt Lake City is here.
Well, I'm at the national news media.
AP is here.
Well, they're always there, yeah.
But I'm talking about, why is it CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, whenever they've got Ashcroft on every night telling us how good the Patriot Act is, and everywhere he goes there's protests, and where's the media?
Well, you know, the media has already been very anti the protests here.
They had Orrin Hatch on television yesterday, even on Sunday.
He worked on Sunday.
They had him on yesterday.
And, of course, he's a legitimate patriot actor, and he totally supported this.
And they've been doing their spin, trying to keep the media down and trying to keep the media from being out here and supporting us.
But most of the major news stations are here, but what remains to be seen, Alex,
Well, you need to ask them this.
Sheriff Mack, you need to ask him this.
He said before Congress, there is no new terror legislation.
They're not trying to pass it.
Those that say it are liars aiding terrorists.
Now, that's a quote.
Now, he said that four months after it was introduced by him in the Senate and House.
Now, he admits it.
He admits there's a second Patriot Act.
New terror legislation.
Everybody pulling through agreeing with you.
And now, I mean, he's been caught lying.
I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.
Read my lips, no new taxes.
His lie is even clearer than that.
Why isn't the media calling him on his lying?
Sheriff Mack, you've got to demand you call him on his lies.
Yeah, well, that's true.
And, Alex, when you consider the fact that this is all about the Constitution, if you don't have a media that has ever read the Constitution, how are they ever going to know how to report on these types of pertinent freedom issues?
And they don't teach it in school?
Well, look, Sheriff Mack, I've written an analysis of Patriot Act II.
It's horrible.
Gun owners wrote an analysis that was 21 pages.
Mine was 7.
Theirs is much worse.
And, of course, you work with Gun Owners of America.
Larry Pratt says it's the end of the Second Amendment, the end of America, the end of all rights.
It says secret arrest, secret execution, no Second Amendment.
They cannot get away with this.
You know, this really is one of the last-ditch efforts from the federal government, Alex.
If we don't stand now and if we don't do more than just talk, then we're going to lose.
Well, it shows how desperate they are, Sheriff Mack, that he's having to do this road show to take his lie on the road.
What does that say about the forces of freedom, the anti-terror forces of the patriots?
Well, it's a great deal, and the General of the United States is out propagandizing to support unconstitutional acts that are destroying the Second Amendment, that destroy the entire Bill of Rights, except maybe for the third, where it talks about quartering troops.
Other than that, it's a complete destruction of the Bill of Rights and everything the Founding Fathers stood for.
And then they call this patriotic.
You're not patriotic if you don't butcher what America is.
Well, exactly, and that's the spin that they put on these types of things.
They always give it a great name so that people who oppose it say, oh, you mean you're not patriotic?
You're not for the Patriot Bill?
Well, then you're against America.
Well, Sheriff Mack, what's his itinerary now?
He's supposed to have a staged town hall meeting that the public's not allowed into where government bureaucrats sit in the crowd and cops sit behind him for staged events.
Literal wag the dog.
Literal Soviet fake meetings.
I mean, this is horrible, folks.
What's the itinerary for that?
Sheriff Mack?
I'm here.
I was getting reprimanded by a local officer because I wasn't standing on the curb.
Oh, you were being... Well, what did he say to you?
He was just telling me to get back, and I got back, and then he came up to me and told me to get farther back, which was exactly six inches, different from where I was before.
So they're basically like attack dogs, making sure you stand right where they say, and then there's an added pleasure after you submit, re-smearing your face in it.
Well, yeah, I think he was hoping to give you some footage for your next police tape video.
Well, I'm begging folks to send me all this footage.
Sheriff Mack, this is amazing.
Well, what did you say to this guy?
I just bowed.
Doesn't he know that, Sheriff Mack, that what he's doing is destroying his children's future utterly?
Well, these guys are just like the rest of the Nuremberg officers who just follow orders, Alex, and it's really sad that our law enforcement officers in this country are being used as puppets
For the tyranny that exists today.
Nothing has exposed that more than your own videos.
Sheriff Mack, can you stay with us just a few more minutes?
I sure can.
I want to get a few more questions out of you.
Okay, stay there.
Get you to check in maybe in an hour or so.
We'll be right back as we fight the second American revolution of restoration.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The guy that stood up for the Second Amendment out there.
And I've been at these protests and demonstrations with good, conservative Americans.
And the cops will run around in black uniforms and combat boots, shoving you, hurting you, snapping at you, pepper spraying you.
You go to a land rights rally, they'll look at you with hate.
They'll be videotaping you.
They hate your guts as citizens.
They want you to submit to them.
Sheriff Mack?
Sheriff Mack?
Yeah, I'm here, Alex.
It sounds like the cops are bullying you guys.
I mean, why are they doing this?
No, not really.
They have a big source, is what it's called in law enforcement terms.
It's a show of force.
They want to make sure that a lot of them are being seen so that nobody will step out of line.
Like I said a little while ago, they asked me to step back, and I did.
Well, they are very stern.
There's no question about that.
But then I would say for the most part that the officers are behaving themselves pretty well.
Well, yeah, in Portland they ran up and sprayed babies in baby carriages, admittedly, and the head cop was seen on tape saying, attack the media.
Have you seen that footage?
No, I haven't seen that one yet.
But, of course, we found left-wing cops are generally the worst.
They love serving the New World Order, don't they?
And we've got, I'll tell you what, a really huge crowd here now.
I'd say about 500 people.
We've got all the entrances covered with about 100 people each at every entrance.
We've got north, south, east, and west all covered.
Okay, so let me ask you again.
What's the itinerary?
When is he going to have his stage town hall meeting?
Well, he's having a meeting right now with law enforcement.
The meeting he is having is not with the public.
It's only...
I'm an elite group of law enforcement officials.
Oh, that sounds... The executive branch comes into a city and meets with law enforcement officials, not the other elected officials?
No, this is not public officials or elected officials.
That's just the law enforcement community.
Now, is the media allowed in this meeting?
You know, there are media inside.
They moved inside.
I do know that for a fact.
But I read that that was select media.
Is K-Talk allowed in there?
I seriously doubt it.
I know that Andy was trying to get inside.
Don't know if he made it.
I know they said in the news that only select media is allowed in other meetings.
I don't know about this one.
We got a cop getting somebody out of the road here.
Did you just hear the siren?
What's happening now?
We had one guy that was out on the road and a cop just came by and did his siren at him.
And he jumped out of the road and that ended that.
I'm glad he jumped quick when the folks in Cuba... What would we do if we didn't have all these cops here taking care of us, Alex?
Oh, good.
Well, hey, they'll put you in a FEMA camp and really take care of you.
Sheriff Mack, let me check back in with you in 30 minutes, okay?
That sounds great, Alex.
Thanks for your... You bet.
We'll be right back.
God bless you.
Hello, folks.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I guess today, today's kind of...
The day of exposing the liar, the minion, the front man, the titular head, the puppet, the Trojan horse, the phony Christian, John Ashcroft.
We had Sheriff Richard Mack on the ground, now over 500 protesters and growing in downtown Salt Lake City protesting John Ashcroft.
The cops have got him on the sidewalk.
If they get
Off the sidewalk, towards private property, even a foot or two near a building, they run up to them and threaten them.
If they step off onto the shoulder of the city street or walk across the street or whatever, they run over and yell at them.
I've experienced this myself.
You'll have 1,000 people out protesting, in this case 500 and growing, and you've all got to just ride on the sidewalk, ride on one slice of the sidewalk, not the extended sidewalk that they claim is private easement.
And Ashcroft is having a meeting with the law enforcement about how to suppress the people and how to take our liberties and freedoms.
Then he'll have his little staged town hall meeting about how to lie to us.
And we're going to have in the next segment Tim Behrens of 630 AM KJSL.
Big talk station with the strongest frequency in the day in St.
Covers four states.
I've been a guest on every Tuesday morning.
I'm a guest on the show.
And cover the news with them.
And I wanted to get Tim Behrens on the show.
It's a Tim and Al show.
I wanted to get Tim on because they have this interview of Ashcroft this weekend just lying like a fox.
And so we can decipher these lies, take more calls, and get into some of the police state news for this hour with Tim Behrens of KJSL.
And we're also going to take your calls and get Sheriff Mack back on and Bo, who was a caller at the protest, who I appreciate calling in.
We'll get Bo to call back in there.
And everywhere Ashcroft's going, conservatives, liberals, left-wingers, Christians, constitutionalists, militia people, they're all out
So that's coming up.
Also, they are officially announcing, yes, there are satellite boxes in your cars.
Yes, there are tracker chips.
Yes, we're going to start taxing you worldwide.
That's coming up.
Much of science and technology news, and I'm going to throw it to Tim Behrens as well.
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All right, I'm Alex Jones.
We'll be back with Tim Behrens from KJSL 630 AM in St.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Every single indicator of mass unmitigated, unadulterated tyranny is now taking place.
Secret arrests, secret executions are being openly announced as they prepare to pass Patriot Act II and introduce the Victory Act.
They're putting in a cashless society control grid with the biometrics, the face scanning cameras, the world ID card being standardized.
All this while the border is wide open and the matricula card, not just from Mexico but Poland and other countries, are now going to be honored.
I have articles here from Reuters and the New York Times where they're saying that illegals are basically legal now.
But you as a citizen are going to be watched and shoved around and prodded and have your...
They're putting in the control grid.
The good news is people from across the political spectrum are waking up and getting involved.
In the last hour, I read the Associated Press articles.
We're in Boise, Idaho, and right now in Salt Lake City, we had Sheriff Richard Mack on scene at a protest, now building to over 500.
The police are shoving people around, getting in their faces, videotaping the crime.
They're in their SWAT uniforms.
Ashcroft pulls into the hotel, the massive boos, as you heard on the show, as people cried out against the tyranny.
And the news admits that they've been ordered to have staged town hall meetings with government bureaucrats in the audience, citizens aren't allowed in, only select media authorized by the Attorney General, and he's going to have stage press conference after stage press conference after stage town halls, many of which that are going to be televised.
Now, again, in Russia and China and all these places, they have these staged town halls.
We know Bill Clinton had them.
We know C-SPAN had one last year, and when people brought up government involvement in 9-1-1, they shut the so-called town hall down.
So they've gotten to the point where they can't even have town halls now.
Joining us is Tim Behrens from KJSL, the big blowtorch, the strongest station in the area of Missouri during the day, 6.30 a.m.
When I'm on the show, they get calls from Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, you name it.
And I'm always honored to be on their show every Tuesday morning.
And I wanted to get Tim on because he does such a great job, Tim Behrens, and he's got this clip.
But first off, Tim Behrens,
Ashcroft is a Missouri boy.
He claims Patriot Act II didn't exist.
Now he admits it.
Your comments about John Ashcroft.
Well, he was governor here, of course, for eight years.
He was one senator.
Thanks for having me.
Unfortunately, Jim, there he is.
I can get you now.
Start back over.
Okay, yeah.
He was governor here for eight years.
He was a senator, one-term senator.
And, of course, he lost in that squeaker to Gene Carnahan.
Some hanky-panky going on there.
But we've been...
Many people here have been very disappointed with the stand that he's taken on this.
I mean, as you've pointed out in our program a number of times, the number of rights that we have lost.
I mean, any law enforcement agency can go to your Internet service provider and obtain your records without any warrant or court involvement, and you can't sue them.
And that's under the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act.
Exactly, and the terror definition is so wide, it's for everything.
Yeah, yeah.
And Don McElvenny points out in Chief Security Office Magazine, number 2002, 45% of the 797 businesses surveyed had given law enforcement or the government data on their customers, employees, or business partners under the Patriot Act.
45% of 797 businesses surveyed.
It's incredible.
And that was a random survey, Tim.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And so our first, fourth, fifth, and sixth amendment rights are just, I mean, just evaporate.
This is a clip, Alex, from Saturday's CNN Capital Gang.
Cato Byrne.
Was interviewing the Attorney General at the Justice Department.
It takes about five minutes.
Should I go ahead and play it?
Before you play that, I was on your show today when you played it and got my comment and then made your comments, and so did Al, but I just want to say this now.
When you came back to me, you said, well, if Alex hadn't had a heart attack, and I literally was stunned.
I mean, this was so well crafted.
It's all total lies mixing in just on the periphery some lawyer-like doublespeak.
And just totally amazing that the mainstream media isn't calling him on this and how softball and scripted these questions are.
Kate O'Byrne is usually very spontaneous, but she was reading every one of those questions.
All right.
Let's go ahead and play it.
All right.
Again, from CNN, Capital Gang on Saturday, Kate O'Byrne interviewing the Attorney General.
You believe that the attacks on 9-11...
Well, we need to be better prepared to fight against terror.
The terrorist uses high technology, uses disposable telephones, uses modern communication techniques that, frankly, weren't available at the fight against terror.
So we needed to be prepared to stop additional terrorists.
How important has the Patriot Act been in preventing additional terrorists?
Well, the Patriot Act did about three things.
One, it took a number of authorities we had against other kinds of criminal activity, say drugs and organized crime, and made those authorities available to fight against terror.
Number two, it gave us the ability to have the kind of technology against terror that would match the technology of the terrorists so that we could use digital surveillance techniques to surveil digital communications.
Now, the patient I passed Congress six weeks after 9-11, by a vote of 98 to 1 in the Senate, an overwhelming amount.
Why is it apparently more controversial now?
Well, I really can't say, unless it is that the country is less focused on the need to interrupt the kind of violent terrorist attacks that really galvanized our attention.
There was a vigorous debate for the full six weeks.
We were focused on this.
We had a proposed act ready to go within six days, but it took the kind of...
Last month, a provision that permits delayed notification of warrants was effectively repealed by a large margin in the House, including over 100 Republicans.
Does that tell you that even the President's supporters...
No, that was a late-night amendment.
It hadn't been debated.
It hadn't been before committee.
There were people on the floor saying, I don't know what this does.
People were told this was some kind of novel intrusion into the civil rights of Americans.
Judicially supervised delayed notification has been part of our law for decades, and it allows us to, under the supervision of the court, to make certain kinds of searches
Another specific.
Under the Act, can federal agents conduct wiretaps
I think we're good to go.
We're good to go.
They provide another layer of oversight in the congressional branch.
Can immigrants now be held indefinitely without the right to attorneys?
Absolutely not.
Immigrants cannot be held without a reason to hold them.
Now, people who are in violation of the law can be held.
They are always given notice of their right to an attorney.
Do you have the necessary tools now or do you need additional legislation to continue?
The success in preventing another attack.
Well, I think we're always going to have to be sensitive to the fact that the terrorist evolves.
He changes his operation to try and avoid the techniques and the capacities we have.
So we should always be open to finding ways to protect American lives, American liberties against terrorism.
To give you another example, people who commit violent crime are people who are major drug dealers
There is a presumption that they should be detained while their case is being adjudicated.
It's not automatic, but there is a presumption that they wouldn't be sent out on bond.
We don't have that presumption about terrorists.
Some of these changes would fit into a B-3-10?
We know that there is a continuing threat, but it's an evolving threat.
All right, there you go.
That is amazing, and I took some notes here, Tim.
I know you probably got some of your own comments.
We're going to break here and just come back in a few minutes, folks.
We'll talk to Tim Behrens and get his comments, his thoughts on what Ashcroft just had to say.
And terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, they're going to get you.
We've got to protect your rights, so that's why you've got to pass Patriot Act II.
I mean, you talk about a sophisticated lie.
I mean, this is Orwellian, Tim.
It sure is.
All right, stay there, Tim Behrens from KJSL.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
We'll be right back and talk about this.
Then we'll take some calls.
What do you think about Ashcroft and Patriot Act?
Have you read my analysis of Patriot Act 1 and 2?
Or gun owners' analysis?
Larry Pratt's analysis?
I mean, it's the end of America, and they're billing it as pro-America.
We've got to stand against the lies.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're honored to have Tim Behrens on from KJSL up in St.
Louis for the rest of this hour.
Your calls, I promise, are coming up in the next long segment, so here in about five, six minutes.
And also, I'm going to throw a bunch of different news articles and stories out at Tim Behrens and get his response, his take to it, what he thinks about it.
Tim Ashcroft, I mean, basically, if you want to be safe, give your rights up.
We protect liberty by taking liberty away.
It doesn't affect citizens.
We don't even take the illegals' rights away.
We've been doing all this for years.
I think.
I think.
Well, one of the questions that Cato Burns asked him was, why is this more controversial now than it was back then?
And he said that the country is less focused.
Well, maybe it's because people have had time to read the Patriot Act.
That's one reason why 120 cities have tried to repeal it and have had real problems.
Then she asked this question.
I'm going to play it again so I don't misinterpret his response.
Hold on.
Here it is.
Last month, a provision that permits delayed notification of warrants was effectively repealed by a large margin in the House, including over 100 Republicans.
Does that tell you that even the President's supporters have now become critics of the Act?
No, that was a late-night amendment that hadn't been debated.
It hadn't been before committee.
There were people on the floor saying, I don't know what this does.
That was debated, wasn't it, Alex?
That's not true.
Here on this show, and on your show, for weeks we read the Washington Times, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the debate, the arguments.
They had huge debates.
They had huge arguments.
Ashcroft's people said that terrorists would be able to get us if we did this.
There was a huge debate.
It was on the nightly news.
Again, this guy makes Bill Clinton look like a Boy Scout, and I'm not joking.
Because people would call Bill Clinton on a lie.
Sherbertus would call Bill Clinton on a lie.
Ask Tim Ashcroft.
I have it in Police State 3.
He says that there's no Patriot Act 2 four months after it was introduced.
Yeah, yeah.
The amazing thing is that people will call us conspiracy nuts, and yet if they're willing to take the time, for instance, to take the time and study Oklahoma City,
And read General Parton's report.
I asked Bill Bennett, the former drug czar, how he felt about our loss of liberties.
And I have his response.
It's very brief.
Did you want to hear that?
Oh, yes.
This was an interview we did with the former...
All right.
I figured our government tells us the truth.
And then I learn about FDR and some things about Pearl Harbor.
And then I look at Oklahoma City and all the questions, Bill, that come out of that.
What do you say to your wife when you're all alone, when you're away from Fox TV?
What do you say to your wife about Oklahoma City?
Do you really believe it was just Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols?
Were there other people involved?
My answer to that is I don't know.
The answer I give to a number of questions, my guess is no.
They weren't the only ones who were involved.
By the way, it's not a theory I hold, but there is a theory around that has an Iraqi connection.
We've had General Ben Parton on the program.
I think there's no way that a truck could have blown up that building.
To hear about devices being taken out, and I know that was in Clinton's administration, and I know Bush wants to put that behind him, but man, I would think this would be related to 9-1-1 and
I am more concerned about our survival right now.
I would say that of course I'm concerned about
That's right.
I don't think we're at that point.
I don't agree with you.
But I am very concerned about tax-to-tax and the future of this country and the future of civilization.
All right, that was Bill Bennett a while back on our program.
Right off the neocon script, he's not concerned about our rights.
That's what America is.
The border stays open.
They're taking the matricula cards in over 850 cities now.
But that doesn't matter.
You're going to be pushed around and shoved around.
Your call straight ahead with our guest on the other side.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
You asked us to make the water level visible to eliminate the guesswork when refilling the water.
We water.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, well we never heard that whole song if we didn't learn it.
Alex Jones here, back live, as I was saying.
We've got Sheriff Richard Mack coming up in about ten minutes just for an update with a big protest going on in Salt Lake City.
We're talking to Tim Behrens from KJSL 630 AM.
They're in Salt Lake City.
I'm a little flustered.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm going to throw away here.
They're in St.
We've got Sheriff Mack joining us from Salt Lake.
I'm coming up, whoa, in a few minutes.
But can't this possibly backfire on Ashcroft to have this roadshow lying, telling more lies, kind of like Clinton's lies sort of backfiring on him?
You know, it's just sad that they... Here's a man that... I mean, I went to see the guy sing at a church here locally a while back when he was running for the Senate.
I met him, and I've heard his testimony.
And then for him to get in there and to be a part of this massive cover-up and part of... I mean, we are losing as Americans.
We're giving up the very essence of what makes us Americans, our rights to freedom, privacy, liberty, in exchange for the false measure of security, which is no measure at all.
Let's go to some calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Alan in Ohio.
Alan, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Welcome to Ohio.
Land of power outages, federal government-controlled sheriffs, and SWAT team murders.
I had a question for you.
I've been reading some interesting stuff in my favorite newsletter from Florida.
And he mentioned that the elitists are furious with George Bush and his staff for a lot of things they've done.
Could you elaborate on that if you know anything to add?
Well, again, that's a pretty broad subject.
Say that again?
He suggests that the elitist, the world elitist, are furious with George Bush.
No, that's totally... Look, I've talked about this a hundred times.
The U.N., the people that own the big banks, that own Europe and America, America was used...
Tim Barron, any comments?
Well, no, just, I mean, we have troops in 120 countries now.
120 countries.
And I saw a clip over the weekend where he was railing on Clinton for having too many troops spread throughout the globe.
And here we've never had this many troops in this many countries under any president.
I remember that clip where Bush said we shouldn't have them all over telling people what to do.
We should have them back here at home.
And now they've got deployments all over the place.
Right, exactly.
If we were attacked on American soil, we don't have the troops to defend our homeland.
And that term, and thanks for the call, Alan, that term, the homeland, I mean, that's right out of Nazi Germany where it was Reich security.
Let's talk to Charlie in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Good to talk to you, Charles.
Okay, he may be gone.
All right, we'll move on.
Let's talk to Ron in Oklahoma.
Ron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Okay, we'll try to go back to Charles.
Let's go ahead and go back to Charles.
Hello, Charles, you're on the air.
Hello, can you hear me?
I can now, yeah.
Hey, it's Pete Peters.
It's spreading that stuff around about Roy Moore.
This guy's supposed to have an IQ of 160.
You could never tell it by listening to some of the garbage he puts out.
I'm really sick of these people, I'm telling you.
You touched on this, and Alex seems to really have a handle on it, on how these people tell these outrageous lies and identify themselves as Christians.
We have this here on just a local talk show, the 50,000 Watch talk shows, where they profess Christianity and then rail against the Ten Commandments and Judge Roy Moore.
The dialectic...
It's just, I'm really frustrated about this.
I read this speech that Mr. Ashcroft gave, No King But Jesus, down at Bob Jones University.
And I look at that speech, and I listen to what he says and what he does, and there's a serious disconnect here.
He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.
The devil comes as an angel of light and quotes scripture.
I mean, Hitler loved the Bible.
He used it all the time.
Romans 13, to follow evil government, taking out of context.
And I know KJSL is a Christian station.
Comments to what Charles is saying?
Well, you know, I think we saw a little of what he was going to do at the confirmation hearings when he backed down from his stand on Roe v. Wade.
He had been pro-life up to that time.
And then I thought for sure when he got in, okay, first he's going to go after that...
Vince Foster murder.
No dirt on the guy's feet.
Investigated by the Park Police.
Certainly we're going to get to the bottom of this.
And then I see this covered up.
Oklahoma City, there's nothing there.
Hundreds of people see this.
Over 100 people see a missile hit TWA Flight 800, and nothing's followed up there.
I think, what is going on?
Well, it seemed to me that this thing with Judge Roy Moore, no matter who Judge Roy Moore is, the issue that's at hand here is a chance to reverse 50 and 60 years of this trash.
We have been shamed into silence.
They're not going to stop here.
You'll be hiding in a basement somewhere to read your Bible if we continue to allow these people.
Have you ever been in the Truman Library?
No, I haven't.
I understand, and I would like to know, if anybody's ever been in there, that there is a picture of Mr. Truman in his full Mason regalia, his 33rd degree Mason regalia.
And I would like to know if there's any truth to that.
Hugo Black was a 33rd degree Mason, and this is when it started in 1947.
Great points.
Great fire.
Thanks for the call.
You know, this whole thing with Judge Roy Moore, I mean, for crying out loud, Congress purchased Bibles for schools in 1786.
Where's the separation of church and state in that?
I mean, if anybody knew about the separation of church and state, it would have been Congress in 1786.
George Washington said it's impossible to govern the world without God and the Bible.
Patrick Henry said this country was not founded by religionists, but by Christians.
I mean, this is the guy who said, if life is so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains or slavery, forbid it, almighty God.
I know not...
All right, I love it.
That's Tim Barron's 6.30 a.m.
right there in St.
Louis, KJSL.
Tim, you're absolutely right.
I mean, that was Thomas Jefferson.
Congress shall make no law.
And Paul Harvey, I don't agree with everything Paul Harvey says, certainly, but he said, it was interesting, we have God on our money, we have God at the Supreme Court with the Ten Commandments right behind him, the President swears on the Bible, so help me God, we do it in the court of law.
He says, you have to wonder what commandment these
Well, I'll tell you what I'm sick of.
You've got some people who are mad at Moore because he's not bringing up the rebel flag and all this.
They're mad at him because they're going, well, what God are you talking about?
He said the God of the Bible.
And that's what our Magna Carta in 1214 grew into the Bill of Rights and Constitution in 1789.
That's the bedrock of the Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776.
That's what America's all about.
Judge Roy Moore's doing a great job.
There's a lot of so-called conservatives that haven't gotten behind what he's doing.
Now, there is something I want to warn people about, and that's
Some of the neocons that have been around this issue that have tried to pick up on it because they're trying to act like conservatives.
I mean, look, we've got seven members of the Supreme Court appointed by Republicans.
The judge going after Moore, appointed by Bush.
And I want to know why the conservatives aren't more upset about Bush on that issue, Tim.
He can get away with anything.
That's right.
He's endorsed Arnold Schwarzenegger in California, says he'd be a good governor.
This is the guy who favors homosexuals adopting children and who favors the killing of the pre-
Abortion, gun control.
He said, I admire Adolf Hitler.
He hangs around with Kurt Waldheim.
And the ADL and Simon Wiesenthal love him.
Yeah, yeah.
It's amazing.
It blows me away, because we stand against Nazis here on this show.
And I cannot believe that the ADL and others and Simon Wiesenthal Center will list mainstream gun groups, conservative groups, on their Digital Hate 2000 list, and then not list Arnold, but go after the passion!
Yeah, yeah.
And we've had Hutton Gibson on the show, and he says that his son, he's talked to him, isn't taking any of this stuff out, that it's totally made up, and the thing is word for word out of the Bible.
Right, right.
I really think the White House is probably behind Arnold running.
They probably said, look, we'll say that you'd make a good governor.
They're certainly not going to say that McClintock, Tom McClintock, the conservative, would make a good governor.
Or Simon.
And the...
And Bill Simon has... What's his name?
Simon's first name.
He's pulled out.
He's no longer part of the group.
Yeah, he's dropped out this weekend because Arnold's behind the other Nazi, Bustamante, who's part of the racist Metra group.
So we've got two racists.
And I'll say it.
Arnold said, quote, I admire Hitler.
He hangs around with Kurt of all time, so he doesn't apologize for it.
That's about as Nazi as it gets, folks.
See, a person... When I was in the service...
I came close to joining the Nazi Party because a friend was telling me the problem was with the blacks and the Jews.
And I started following this fellow, George Lincoln Rockwell, around.
And if he hadn't been killed, I probably would have joined when I came out.
But my father was a Baptist minister.
And I was ranting and raving about how the Jews controlled the media one day.
My dad, he looked up at me and he said, Tim, a person cannot be a Christian and hate the Jews.
I said, how come?
He said, because Jesus was Jewish.
And the Bible was written by Jews.
Yeah, you can have, but then the double-sided issue is, then the ADL and some of these other centers say, you can't criticize anything Israel's doing, or anything somebody's doing if they just so happen to be Jewish, and that's where the fraud comes in.
Right, right.
We stand against evil people, whether they're Chinese or Jewish or German.
Let's talk to Ron in Oklahoma.
You're on the air with Tim Behrens.
Go ahead.
I heard Cam a minute ago talking about the Oklahoma City bombing.
I got a couple questions for him about it.
He seems to be knowledgeable on the subject.
For one, I was told that this ammonium nitrate explosive is so unstable that it would have been impossible to mix it up in Kansas and transport it to Oklahoma without blowing oneself to smithereens.
And then for another,
Who but the government would have had access to a federal building over a weekend to plant explosives in the building on the beam?
Is this a military operation?
They took those bombs out.
Go ahead, Tim.
No, I just, I mean, there's so much.
I mean, the ATF being given the day off, McVeigh leaving the scene with no license plate, John Doe No.
2, a $2 million bounty on his head, and all of a sudden there's no John Doe No.
He never existed.
We've got the local newscast where they're taking the bombs out.
We've got them saying there's these Iraqis.
The thing is, they work for the CIA, not for Saddam.
Anything else, Ryan?
Yeah, I've spent an hour running this Oklahoma City bombing over in my head, Alex, because I'm here in Oklahoma City, not far from the start of the bombing.
One other thing that's bothered me is the fact that
The media has presented McVeigh as being above average intelligence.
This guy is supposedly a show star, but he put this entire operation together on a shoestring budget.
And then he's stumbling around on the side of the road saying, I got a chip, I got a chip, which, by the way, is the Associated Press.
He's driving around without a license tag, which is stupid.
He's telling the officer he has a gun.
If he just knew...
He knew that he killed somebody, at least one person.
He blew up a federal building.
He didn't shoot it out with his top.
What's going on?
It has never added up to me, guys.
Well, Craig Roberts has a great book on it, too.
It's called The Medusa Files.
And he investigated it for six months.
He was a cop in Tulsa, and they called him to Oklahoma City, and they wanted him to investigate it.
He quit after six months because they weren't following up on his leads.
Well, they've also killed a bunch of cops who were involved in exposing it.
Who is covering it up?
Is it city officials, city police?
Are there...
It's the whole government.
The federal government has argued under the Freedom of Information Act to block the release of those surveillance camera tapes.
Alex, do you have Charles Key's website or something?
Key's had a 500-page report on this whole thing.
He needs to get that, and also your video on 9-1-1 that has clips on that.
I have the 9-1-1 video, Sam.
I've been passing it out here in Oklahoma City.
You know who Charles Key is, don't you?
Yes, sir.
He was demonized and vilified, ridiculed by the local media.
He is selling the final report, and you need to contact him.
I don't know how you do that.
He's died from cancer.
Wasn't he a state representative or a state senator?
Yeah, I didn't realize he had passed away.
I think he did, a year or two ago.
No, I don't think that's right.
No, you're talking about one of the fathers of some of the kids.
Or the grandfather.
No, no, yeah, this is the state representative who... No, he's still alive.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, yeah.
Let's not start that one, boy.
Yeah, no.
Thanks for the call.
We've got a final segment with Tim Behrens coming up.
We'll tell you about his powerful radio show that he does with Al there every morning.
You can hear it in several states.
Strongest daytime signal in St.
It's 6.30 a.m.
in St.
What is it?
The salt and light of St.
We're the most powerful station in St.
Louis during the day.
Third most powerful at night.
We do a program.
We cover half of Missouri, half of Illinois, get into Kentucky and Indiana.
Well, that's exciting because I know we've got a few affiliates in Kansas, but not up in St.
Tim, I've got a few other news articles I want to throw out at you, too, when we get back.
Spy plans for new cars.
The government is reportedly planning to fit all cars with a personalized microchip so a rule-breaking motorist can be prosecuted by computer.
Alex, I need to close on the house today.
I'm going to have to go.
Oh, that's right.
You're in the radio studio.
They're running you out of there.
All right.
Thanks a lot, Tim.
God bless you.
Take care, my friend.
That's right.
He's in the studio, and the other show's coming in.
We'll come back and take calls, get a report from Sheriff Richard Mack, and get into other news items.
Stay with us, InfoWars.com.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
He had to leave us because a live show was coming in.
So we're about to go to Bob and Barney and others.
We're going to have wide open phones for the rest of the show.
And we will get an update from the huge protest.
Well, when we left Richard Mack an hour ago, or 54 minutes ago, it was over 500 people there in Salt Lake City who are...
Protesting against the Patriot Act, so that's coming up as well.
Also, spy plans for new cars.
The government is reportedly planning to fit all cars in Britain with a personalized microchip so rule-breaking motorists can be prosecuted by computers.
And it goes on, the chip will automatically report a wide range of offenses, including speeding, road tax evasion, and illegal parking, according to Sunday Times newspaper.
Now, by road tax evasion, they're talking about the new law they're trying to pass.
They pass it in certain cities.
You've got to have a satellite tracker box in your car.
And again, it all happens years ago, about seven, eight years ago, worldwide in the Western world.
So you talk about Big Brother.
Cameras in the schools, we're talking about cameras in the homes for old people by law, because, well, you know, it'll keep them safe, or cameras in the homes of anybody who's on probation.
I mean, this is 1984.
It really is 1984, folks.
It's happening right now.
And we've got to start the protests, the demonstrations, the education of the people about the satellite tracking and taxation, about the face-scanning cameras that are going in nationwide.
Everybody says they're taking them out in Miami.
That's just because that particular company was run by a convicted felon, and now that all came out.
But they're putting in other systems in Miami and Tampa and other areas as that happens.
So we're in the fight of our lives, folks, the fight with everything on the line.
Bottom line.
But before I end this hour and come back with all the news we haven't gotten to in your calls, I do want to challenge every listener of this show to get The Road to Tyranny, my video that Tim Behrens was recommending, that the callers were recommending, 9-1-1 The Road to Tyranny, the most definitive work out there on government-sponsored terrorism in video form.
Masters of Terror is part two of that film.
They're both over two hours long.
The new book is Order Out of Chaos, Elite-Sponsored Terrorism in the New World Order.
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My book, Ascent to Tyranny, also covers government-sponsored terror.
It's the most important subject, folks, because this is how they get the control.
This is how they scare us into submission, is by government-sponsored terror.
So, again, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, or 1-888-253-3139 to order.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Again, that's 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704, or 1-888-253-3139.
Or 1-888-253-3139.
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Your station doesn't carry the third hour.
They sure should.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
On the other side, your calls, more gas, and a bunch of news.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Folks, we've got a major news blitz lined up for you in this last 60 minutes we've got left here.
A bunch of your calls.
We're going to have Sheriff Mike from Salt Lake City, Utah, check back in with us.
Last time we talked to him over an hour ago.
There were over 500 people there protesting the liar John Ashcroft who says the Patriot Act doesn't take your rights and is no big deal and is needed to protect liberty.
We had Tim Behrens on from KJSL Radio in the last hour playing clips of Ashcroft.
I want to thank him for coming on the show.
We've got Bob and Barney and Troy and many others that are holding.
Let's go to the calls quickly.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bob in New York.
Go ahead, Bob.
How are you today?
Hi, Alex.
Pretty good, my friend.
I have a dissenting opinion in regards to the Ten Commandments being placed in the courthouse in Alabama.
Don't get me wrong about this.
You think it legitimizes an illegitimate court system?
Well, I think it's more designed for OJTV.
I believe myself personally that they should have never been placed in the courthouse in the first place.
A copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence should be there.
And the reason for my belief is that the Ten Commandments is a unique philosophy of three major religions.
There are more.
And as Thomas Jefferson alluded to saying, he said, I do not care whether a man believes in one god or a thousand or none.
It neither breaks my bone or robs money from my wallet.
I think this was designed for a big giant spin.
That's my personal opinion.
I certainly...
I think that the separation of church and state, I mean, the word God is in our documents, okay?
They will stay there unless these bastards try to take them out.
Well, see, you don't understand.
It's okay to have a Greek God.
It's okay to bust all the high school kids or junior high kids or elementary kids to Harry Potter, which does get you into witchcraft.
It's a fact.
It's written to do that.
It's a primer.
That's all okay, but then you got something that is part of our government, was part of our government,
That only Christian societies have had freedom, sir, and that's what was built into our government, and it's a lot.
They were all a bunch of deists.
Now, Jefferson was somewhat, but the point here is that they want to do that so they can get rid of the Declaration of Independence.
A Kentucky federal court already said it's unconstitutional because it has creator in it.
I myself, you know, I certainly believe in those Ten Commandments, but what I would argue, okay, on the other side is, no, it's not right there's a statue of Athena and all this other cult worship nonsense within the system, and that's got to go, too.
Yeah, but you notice that's not going to go, and why is that?
Why is that?
Because they're devil worshipers, Alex.
That's their core belief.
I'll tell you this.
Certainly it's turned into a circus, a media circus, but what Judge Roy Moore is doing is a good thing.
It's a good focus.
The problem is the conservatives are blind, liking Bush during this period, when it's Bush's minions that are doing all this, Ron.
Thanks for the call, Bob.
Thanks for the call.
Barney in Maryland.
Go ahead, Barney.
Yeah, how you doing, Alex?
There's an article in the Maryland paper called
A local Associated Press article.
Maryland Basilical at center of constitutional crisis.
It says that the... Has anybody touched on this yet?
Touched on what?
The Basilical's historic trust is now applying for up to $4 million in state and federal money to help refurbish the church for its 5th centennial.
Yeah, that's dangerous that we have faith-based initiative churches getting money from the feds.
Yeah, the critics say... Stay there.
Yeah, this is part of the government taking over private schooling, homeschooling churches.
If they can't beat us, they'll just buy us.
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Okay, folks.
We're back live.
Appreciate you joining us today.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
So before we go back to Barney and Troy and others, let's go to Sheriff Mack, who's there in the middle of the protest.
He's been going for about four hours.
How many people are now in Salt Lake City standing up to Heinrich Ashcroft?
Well, Alex, it's just now breaking up.
Ashcroft has left the building.
They really did some cat-and-mouse games getting him in and out.
When did he...
Just about 15 minutes ago.
15 minutes ago.
Boy, I'd have liked to have caught that.
So what happened?
Well, we think they had a little bit of a decoy, and it did not even happen in the middle of America, the grand America.
You know, sounds like you're in a parking garage or something, Sheriff Mack.
No, I'm outside, but it's just not as good reception here.
I apologize for that.
Stand right there.
That's a good spot.
Tell us what happened.
I'm speaking closer to the mic here on my phone.
But the whole thing is breaking up now.
We had a good crowd every walk of life, rich people, poor people, hippies, businessmen.
Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and I think this is a typical example of how the people are starting to wake up in this country and join together in standing for the freedom that was originally our birthright.
Now, for those that don't know, Ashcroft's doing a national tour of lying.
We aired one of his clips last hour where he told dozens of lies in the space of five minutes.
Everything he said was a congenital lie.
Sheriff Richard Mack, who was out there demonstrating against this, last time we talked to you there were 500-plus people.
How many people when the rally ended?
It's about how it ended, Alex.
They kind of got...
Well, according to the Associated Press, here in front of me, well...
It says Attorney General John Ashcroft is to visit Boise on Monday.
He's expected to draw protest.
Ashcroft is hitting 18 cities in three weeks to gain support for the USA Patriot Act.
His visit is not open to the public, but it'll bring out many who strongly oppose the Patriot Act.
We're good to go.
That the national news is billing these as town hall meetings and showing people in plain clothes around the police in Ashcroft as if these are people there supporting him and clapping.
This is totally staged like Russia.
Is this not outrageous?
It is, Alex.
There is nothing like that happening here.
There are no town hall meetings.
This is like it was in Salt Lake.
It was only for law enforcement officials.
It was so that...
Ashcroft could have the chance to inculcate and brainwash local law enforcement into jumping on board like the little Nuremberg officers he was hoping to get here.
You said the Nuremberg officers he was hoping to get there.
You cut out for a second.
Sheriff Mack, anything else you'd like to add?
Well, Alex, if there's anything else that happens, I'm back, and I sure appreciate your support and the good people that listen to your show.
This is a time where we have got to take a stand.
I do want to add, I heard on your show earlier, I want to say God bless the Judge Moore, and we certainly wish him and all the patriots out there the best.
Sheriff Magnus, one or two final questions, I'll let you go.
The crowd out there, you say there was a lot of media.
Are you expecting to see any reports on this nationally?
Well, you know, that remains to be seen.
I'm going to turn it on and...
Have my TV on and see what's going to come across and to see how they spin this.
I'm very curious to see how they're going to spin it all.
What does it mean that Ashcroft is in a bunker mentality, only spending a few hours in your city and then escaping?
Well, he is on a hit-and-run mode.
He doesn't want to stay too long in any one place, I guess, because he knows that he's not going to get much support.
So he's got to go bunker to bunker.
And hopefully get local officials to get behind him.
I certainly hope, though, he doesn't find too many more Orrin Hatches.
Oh, yeah, Orrin Hatch has been supportive of getting Arnold into the presidency, changing that law, giving illegals more tuition than citizens, supporting the Patriot Act.
Well, Orrin Hatch really is their favorite minion in the Senate.
Orrin Hatch is trying to set himself up to be appointed to the U.S.
Supreme Court
God forbid.
And he's doing everything to show how centrist and middle of the road he is.
He's an embarrassment to the Constitution and to America and to Utah.
All right.
Well, Sheriff Richard Mack, the guy that stood up to the feds on the Brady Law, took it to the Supreme Court.
God bless you, and thanks for joining us.
I'll see you soon, brother.
All right, Alex.
Take care.
And he can also be heard on KTALK Radio.
They're locally in Salt Lake that I am a routine guest on.
I know we've got a lot of callers.
Barney in Maryland talking about how the feds are taking the Ten Commandments out but federally funding the churches.
Go ahead.
Yeah, quoting this paper, Alex, critics say preservation funds for religious sites, which the Bush administration made available recently, flout the U.S.
And then there's Reverend Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a Washington-based organization, and in a quote from him, he says, the big problem with the White House is they seem to have lost all memory of
Of church-state separation, said the Reverend Barry Mann.
Okay, and what do you think about all this?
Well, I don't think that the government should provide money for churches, no.
All right, thanks for the call.
Let me say this.
Now, notice how sophisticated this is.
You got Bush and his judges ordering another judge, Roy Moore, Chief Justice of Alabama, to take Ten Commandments out.
Republicans are doing this, okay?
There's almost a total media blockout on that central fact.
At the same time, you've got the socialist group, Americans for church and state separation, and I've noticed that they are all against the faith-based initiative, which is good.
It's good to be against the faith-based initiative.
Federal funds, I mean, it's like a billion bucks he wants for new age groups, three billion for Christians, another couple billion for other religious groups.
Federally controlling that.
Totally unconstitutional.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
But then conservatives see bad groups that are against the Ten Commandments and against the Declaration of Independence and against all this.
They see a group that's bad on some issues that's right on this issue making it a left-right debate.
And then the establishment just moves forward.
What they hate is a fight like we see against the Patriot Act.
And in this fight against the Patriot Act, it is just absolutely massive.
The support for the Bill of Rights and Constitution, the liberals, the conservatives, the constitutionalists, the Christians, the patriots, the Green Party people, and its conservative areas that have got the biggest crowds out on the streets, Boise and Salt Lake and Alaska.
And here in Austin, Texas, you go to one of the rallies against the Patriot Act for conservatives and patriots, but it's always run by the ACLU, who then drop the ball purposely over and over again and have ensured that it didn't get passed here in Austin.
And I've been watching that.
And I told people three weeks ago, I said, I'm not going to the council anymore.
This is a staged event.
You'll have to sign up there in Citizens Communication to talk to them.
You're never going to get the Talking Tree Act.
Every week they say, come back next week, sign up next week.
Then they say, sorry, you can't talk.
Then they'll have somebody walk up with a banjo and play songs about handing your property over for an hour.
On purpose, they'll put something in frivolous every time it was to be your time to speak.
So, I mean, it's a sick joke.
It's leftists running the Austin City Council, acting like they're against the Patriot Act.
Because they have to, because of the liberals that are in this city.
The well-meaning, bleeding-heart liberals.
The poor idiots.
Just like the poor idiot neocons.
Hey, liberals, you should love George Bush.
He protects Bill Clinton and Partingate.
He's for open borders.
He's for the most draconian gun control ever seen.
We're signing on to UNESCO and the UN.
He signed campaign finance reform.
He's putting in electronic touchscreen voting with Chuckie Schumer.
He's pushing Arnold Schwarzenegger, who openly calls for socialism and more taxes and abortion and gun control and appoints judges that block Roy Moore.
You guys just need to face it.
You are neocons.
You're all a bunch of trash
I'm sorry to just come right down to that point, but if you won't wake up, and if you can't wake up now, then you are just a mindless idiot.
I'm not talking about the evil people in government.
We know they're evil and bad.
I'm talking about just the fools that believe the lie.
All right, Troy and others, you're up next, and then I'm going straight into this news.
I'm Alex Jones.
Infowars.com is the website.
Stay with us.
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All right, here's the deal, folks.
I want to go to these quick.
We're going to go to Scott, Troy, Ken, Bill, Melissa, and that's it for calls, because I've got to blitz through if we haven't gotten to yet.
Scott in Alabama is on the courthouse steps where more activism is taking place, where they're trying to destroy the bedrock of America.
Thanks for putting me through, Alex.
I'm on a cell phone, and I really appreciate you getting me on.
I just wanted to just kind of check in with you and let you know that this is just a groundswell...
...of what can happen when people come out and get involved.
It's good for us to do this, and for the neocons that are criticizing Moore, saying, you know, he's not doing enough, or, oh, he's not talking about the rebel flag.
That's a diversion.
And, you know, what's going on right here, what's going on right here, our Attorney General, who, in 1997...
Came out in 100% favor of Judge Moore, has turned his back on him now that he has the authority to stop this.
And he's not done it.
Our governor, who also...
You know, has the big-time Christian lingo when it comes to trying to get his tax increase passed.
He's not come out for Judge Moore.
Well, there's a big crowd there.
Tell us what's going on right now.
Right now they're having a press conference.
They just announced a lawsuit that's been brought by a lady from Mobile County against the eight justices who voted against Judge Moore for violating her First Amendment rights.
To acknowledge God as the state constitution.
That's in your state constitution for those that don't know.
That's right.
They're violating their oath of office.
There's at least 800 people standing out here.
And we're talking the middle of the day on a work day.
Same thing out in Utah in Salt Lake City.
Over 500 in the middle of the work day for four hours protesting Ashcroft and ran him out of town.
Yeah, that's right.
And let me give you just one little heads up here on some of the media bias that's going on.
I picked up a copy of a Birmingham paper that reported there were 200 people here last night, and there was probably closer to 1,500.
And I don't know if anybody's watching the live coverage, but one of the things I can see from where I'm standing is the cameras have pulled up very close to...
The speakers and what's going on.
It's forcing well over half of the people here to have to stand behind the cameras.
They did that with the Iraq statue of Saddam.
Either if the crowd's too small, they'll zoom up close, or if they want to make a big crowd look small, they'll zoom up close.
And like I said, well over half the people here are standing behind the television cameras.
That's right.
I've been out here roasting since 8 o'clock Thursday morning, and the crowd has grown and grown every day.
There's been at least two busloads.
With over 100 people show up just within the last couple hours.
And I'm optimistic that if there's ever a chance we're going to be back in any kind of tyranny, this is how we're going to do it, is by showing up.
It lets them know that everywhere they try this, they're going to run into a fight.
That's right.
And it lets them know that they can take down stuff if they want to, but it's still written on our hearts.
And it lets AskCross know that he can try to butcher the Bill of Rights and Constitution, but that's not going to happen.
That's right, and we're not going to let him.
Let me ask you a question, though, Richard.
Scott, excuse me.
Scott, let me ask you a question.
Are the people aware that Republican judges are the ones that are doing this?
Yes, yes they are.
They understand it's phony neocon traitors.
Yes, and we're pushing that.
And by the way, there's quite a few of your listeners here, Alex.
Quite a few of your listeners.
And I would encourage anybody who can get to Montgomery to get down here and be counted.
Just the sheer numbers of people that are here.
We were told last night is the only reason that monument is still in the building.
Yeah, and for those that don't know, the government said they were coming in to take it out.
Now what are they saying?
Now they're trying to kind of back it up and say, well, maybe we'll give you a week.
We really don't know.
And I think what they may be trying to do is to try to wait until interest dies down a little bit.
Well, that's exactly what happened at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.
You said, I'm not going to take your church.
That's right.
The crowd's left, and the SWAT team's hit them hard.
That's right.
That's right.
And what's going on right here is every day the crowd is increasing.
Now, there have been people that have had to leave.
I may have to leave tonight.
Basically, as folks leave, more arrive, manning the walls in this fight.
That's right.
Over 500 people have signed up.
The call is saying that they will come and sit down and be arrested before they will allow the monument to be moved peacefully.
What's going to happen is you're going to have to keep hundreds of people there for the next few months.
That's right, exactly.
Until the Supreme Court rules on this, or some type of executive order is signed... Hey, the Supreme Court that has the Ten Commandments behind them says they're not going to help more.
That's right.
I mean, you know, seven out of nine Republicans appointed justices.
A Republican governor, a Republican president, and a Republican attorney general.
And all of this is going on, and Christians won't wake up.
Oh, he's a Christian man.
Scullin' Bones is Christian, Scott.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks, Alex.
All right.
Good to hear from you.
We'll come back and talk to Troy, Ken, Bill, Melissa, and others.
Appreciate that.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
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All right, here's the deal.
Loaded phones.
I'm going to give each person about a minute and a half because I've got to get to some of this other news.
Let's talk to Troy in New York.
Go ahead, Troy.
Good to talk to you.
Will you allow the listeners to hear a few words about the true meaning of patriotism?
Well, I don't know what that means.
If you want to talk, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Glad to tell you if you want to listen.
No, no, you know what?
Let's put him on hold.
Folks, everybody knows we don't censor the news here.
We don't censor callers here, but when people come on and say, don't censor me, it's irritating.
Yes, go ahead, buddy.
What then is patriotism?
The word patriotism comes from pater, the Greek word for father.
But the patriot is none other than a good and loyal son to his father.
Are you a good and loyal patriot, dear listener?
Yes, I'm a patriot to God and the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
I guess it depends upon you and your father.
And if one's father, one's pater, is Satan, then one practices a completely different kind of patriotism from one whose father is God or God-like.
Thus, if any state or government says it is unpatriotic for you, dear listener, to be unwilling to surrender your rights or properties to government, to officialdom,
Well, you're right, caller, that it goes back to the word patriarch, or male society.
Again, what is patriotism, and what is a patriot?
Again, the word comes from pater, the Greek word for father.
Similarly, patris is Greek for fatherland, and patriot for countryman.
Thus, the patriot was and remains a good and loyal son to his father.
He keeps the patris, the father's land, i.e., the farm in the family, thus defending it against all enemies near or far.
Well, yeah, that's it.
But now we've had bad patriots who are patriots of the New World Order who are defending their father's farm, telling us it's patriotic to follow them when they're the alien impostors.
And so I'm a patriot, sir, sir, I'm a patriot for Jesus Christ and for the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
This defense of the family farm is true patriotism.
I think this is a recording.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for listening.
Thanks for the call.
I said a minute and a half per caller, and I already did three minutes with you, but if you want to talk to me, you actually got to talk to me.
I'm not mad at you, sir.
It's important information too, Troy, but I don't know.
It just seems very disrespectful how you do things.
Let's talk to Ken in Texas.
Go ahead, Ken.
Hey, Alex.
I appreciate what you're doing out there.
I just wanted to make the comment that Ashcroft, he has to do these little city to city tours.
And it's not about how well he's received.
It's just so that he can be filmed in these different locations.
And then I guess the Federal Reserve Media Lab can
Wipe it all together and make a good little propaganda film out of it for the news.
All over America, people love the new Department of Pre-Crime.
Exactly, my thoughts exactly.
Liberties are being given up and freedom is being strengthened.
Give up your liberty to strengthen it.
Then they can cut to the UN and Treasury-owned extras who will be clapping like mad cows.
Well, I mean, literally, literally, the Associated Press reported these are staged town halls.
And people all over the nightly news will report that, though.
See, the news wires have got a lot of the truth in them, because it's just some guy, you know, some 25-year-old guy there writing what he sees, and they take it and cut it all up and it turns into something else.
But all over, they're having staged events where they sneak him in, sneak him out, public isn't allowed in.
May not even be him.
That's a thought.
Well, listen, have a good one.
I hope that all your dreams come true, man.
I hope all your dreams come true.
What are your dreams?
My dreams are for people to be able to live in a free country that they can still call America, that's not part of the Pan-American Union or part of the United Nations conglomerate, and I'd like to be able to
You know, even 100 years from now, I'll sit back and relax knowing that my Bill of Rights is protecting me.
God bless you.
And I love a call like that from Ken in Texas.
See, we went back and forth, and that was a conversation.
Bill in Alaska, welcome, sir.
I just wanted to put it out there that there's one lawgiver, and he declares himself to be...
He'll have no gods before him.
And those Ten Commandments came from him.
And I think, you know, just that monument, it's not a thorn in the side of anybody but a Supreme Court and a justice system that is overtly trying to become God.
Well, look, we've had our legal experts on, people who have won at the Supreme Court, pro se and as lawyers, but none of them as esquires.
That is part of the British bar.
And we've had them on, and the American system...
What we had here was out of the Magna Carta, out of the Ten Commandments, this Magna Carta, it grows out of Moses, God's Law, Old Testament, New Testament, Magna Carta, 1776, 1789, and, I mean, 50 years ago, 100 years ago?
Yes, sir.
You didn't pray to the judge in your brief.
You go look at a lawsuit now or a filing.
We pray to the court.
We pray to the bench.
It's Roman civil law.
So they're replacing it with the Roman civil law, guilty until proven innocent.
That's all that's happening.
So we're going backwards, folks, and this is so important that they're trying to get those Ten Commandments out of there.
Well, people need to realize, Alex, that it was the Roman centurions that took Jesus Christ and guarded Gethsemane and the priests.
We're in a similar situation, an incestuous relationship with the Roman government, and that's what we've got going on here.
And that's what Christ spoke out against, Christ the Jew, spoke out against the corrupt Pharisees working with the Romans.
No one's accusing Mel Gibson of being anti-Italian.
It just shows how far we've gone that in Pennsylvania, they've banned reading certain passages of the Old Testament.
A preacher can be arrested, and it was a Republican governor that passed that, Mark Schweiker.
Yes, sir.
So it shows how devilish this is.
Thanks for the call, Bill.
Yes, sir.
Melissa in Florida, go ahead.
Thanks for calling.
Alex, I just wanted to say, and as far as...
Separation between church and state.
I did some research on the web and found out that that whole thing came from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson.
And if you do a search in a search engine and just type in
Separation between church and state plus letter written by Thomas Jefferson?
No, no, that's a fact.
No, we go to the First Amendment.
Congress shall make no law restricting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
The government isn't involved.
Now look today how the government regulates and runs the churches.
It's the opposite.
What's happened is the opposite, a total perversion.
And I also had another point that's not on this topic, but it's something very important that I've researched, and for instance,
On shows like cartoon channels that our kids watch.
Jam-packed with massive New World Order propaganda.
Sorcery, witchcraft, sex.
But the founding fathers are bad, Second Amendment is bad, UN is good, report on your parents biometrically.
Yeah, it's massive.
Can I tell you a couple things tonight that the viewers can check out for themselves?
Okay, I don't watch TV, but go ahead.
Okay, if you have cable...
There's a show on tonight on Cartoon Network, which is owned by, I believe, Ted Turner.
And it's called, from 11 to 11.30 Eastern Standard Time, it's called The Family Guy.
Episode is called Brian Does Hollywood.
Brian's first job in Hollywood is directing a pornographic film.
That's on a Cartoon Network show.
That's just one of them.
Well, you know, it's a lot.
Yeah, exactly.
And it's horrible.
Look, Nickelodeon, owned by Sumner Redstone, had a show with Rosie O'Donnell where they're targeting, it said in their own press release, four years to 11, teaching kids how to be homosexuals.
This aired in the middle of the afternoon last summer.
And because we don't want our kids sexualized, because we don't want pedophiles promoting their systems, we're bad.
Yeah, there's another one called Courage the Cowardly Dog on tonight at 830 to 9.
Surely the medium.
That's one of the things in the show.
But the one tonight really to check out is from 11 to 1130.
Called Family Guy.
Thanks for the call.
Melissa, got to let you go.
One last caller, then I'm going to blitz through news the last 15 minutes.
But to be accurate, I do watch TV.
In the last five, six weeks, I have watched a broadcast television or cable, I don't know, five, six hours.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
I probably watch 10 hours of movies, though.
I do watch movies.
I do rent them on DVD or VHS, and I watched a movie with my wife last night.
But it is wonderful not watching television.
But you don't have to tune into the shows that...
That Melissa eloquently pointed out.
You turn on any sitcom, any drama, any news show, any cartoon, you watch two shows, you will see New World Order comments, world government comments, patriots being bad comments, militias, gun owners being bad.
Every time I turn the TV on, I see it.
So go ahead, watch it if you want to.
I suggest you turn the TVs off.
I really do.
Or you keep it locked up in a vault in your closet and just randomly turn it on maybe once a week to see what the enemy's doing.
I mean, it is a mind-control device.
The TV in and of itself isn't bad.
It's how it's been used.
That's why I say get my videos and put them on cable access, give them to people, and use that medium in a good way.
But I don't watch it, and I'm so happy it's ridiculous.
Last caller, Rachel...
Yes, Alex.
In the interest of unity amongst this patriotic movement, I would like to ask you if you would define what you mean when you use the word Jew.
What does that word mean?
Well, number one, I don't like the fetish that Jews and non-Jews have about all things Jewish and the endless obsession with it by all the different camps.
I'm into freedom.
I'm into liberty.
And I'm sick of Jewish organizations saying Arnold's good when he says he loves Hitler and hangs out with Kirk Voltheim, but at the same time attack Mel Gibson for a film that's not anti-Semitic because Christ criticized the Pharisees.
But I would think that the real Jews are people that are the Orthodox folks or people that have come out of the Orthodox and become Christians.
Someone from that region tracing their lines back to the Twelve Tribes.
Thanks for the call.
It's just amazing.
It's absolutely amazing the stuff that's going on.
I'm out of time and I can't take any more calls.
Sorry for those that have been calling in.
We had a bunch of guests on today and a bunch of news.
Boy, it's been a wild Monday.
Let me try to get on some of the news just real fast.
Okay, I already hit on this.
Spy plans for new cars, BBC.
The government is reportedly planning to fit all cars, it's already happened, in Britain with a personalized microchip so rule-breaking motorists can be prosecuted by computer.
The chip will automatically report a wide range of offenses including speeding, road tax...
Evasion and illegal speeding and parking or into the Sunday Times newspaper.
And it ties into the face-scanning cameras and the grid.
Same system's already in your car here in the U.S.
And it's all about to start.
That's on Infowars.com.
Ashcroft visit draws protest in Idaho.
Draws protest in Salt Lake City, Utah.
New scientist reports U.S.
smallpox vaccination plan grinds to a halt.
And it goes on to say that out of millions that they wanted to vaccinate, only 38,257 have taken it, but that's counting active-duty military personnel, folks.
Al-Qaeda plots September 11th-style attack.
That's Fox News.
Translate that into CIA plots and other attack to get you refocused on giving your liberties up, as Ashcroft said.
And it goes on to say the FBI has uncovered intelligence suggesting al-Qaeda plotting to hijack an airplane in Britain and fly it into an important building in the next two months.
So, boy, I tell you, if local police don't stop the feds, that'll happen.
Also, more and more coming out.
Mainstream news articles here admitting our troops are dead and dying from depleted uranium and the smallpox shot.
Also, getting into some of the other news...
And witnesses described the scenes of chaos and blast shook buildings.
Telephone lines were jammed and packed.
Residents called family and friends.
And they're blast condemned, and they're still not sure.
They might be Muslims.
They're not sure.
Here's another article.
Machines will make criminals of every driver.
Drivers were reeling last night as the government plans to put a computerized spy in every car.
The high-tech gadgets record record every motorist.
Again, it just goes on and on.
Old ID cards give new status to Mexicans in the U.S., New York Times.
While all this is happening, illegals are now being legalized.
For nearly a decade, Riondo Monte de Oca, Suarez, what it says, long name, stirred to be invisible.
He melted into the crowds, ducked police officers and city officials.
He flourished in the bustling anonymity of...
Restaurant kitchens here building a life of a cook amid the clattering plates and splattering fry pans.
But in recent months, Mr. Monte Duerca and other undocumented immigrants from Mexico have begun stepping out of the shadows.
It says in Indianapolis and Midwestern cities, they're accepting ID cards from Mexico that have now been legalized.
Still a felony, but the government says, we don't care what the majority of Americans want, including Hispanics.
We're going to make them all legal.
Also an announcement that all passports and driver's licenses are going on to an international barcode biometric access system.
demanding biometric technology and passports in the world may not be ready, and the U.S.
is saying to the world, you've got to do it, and so is the U.N.
So there you've got it.
You've got to have a biometric ID, but an illegal can have a fake one, and that's just fine.
And I've got an article here where the Indian News in India reported that the U.S.
Met with the head of Pakistan, General Massarif, and decided not to capture bin Laden, saying that it would, quote, make the Muslims get mad.
So that we now found out that there's an order not to capture him, so they spin it.
Okay, because it'll make people mad if we capture him.
It's mainstream Indian news on Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
I got a bunch of other articles here.
We'll hit in the final segment straight ahead.
Please stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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