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Air Date: Aug. 21, 2003
1993 lines.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we've got a big show lined up for you today.
We have several guests that I'll tell you about in the next segment.
I was sent a document, and we've been sent similar documents and have a lot of news articles on the subject, but I was sent a document from Weld County, Colorado, Department of Public Health and Environment, under a presidential directive for forced smallpox.
We're good to go.
I think?
Now we have the Houston Chronicle announcing they want to have a national draft of medical workers and police and firemen to make you take the smallpox shot, which they've done to the troops, which has now been linked to killing them and liquefying their organs.
And so we're posting on Infowars.com as we speak this latest document.
That is where they ask the parents and teachers and everybody what they do, who they are.
They ask, are you a medical worker?
What skills do you have?
This is the selective service for the forced draft of professionals.
Now, we have the Houston Chronicle and the Washington Times, the Associated Press.
Months ago, they announced this draft of professionals.
They're codifying and preparing, but here it is.
First thing they'll do is forcibly inject you
Then they're going to give you the order to go out and make us take it.
So, and they talk about presidential decision directives, everything in here.
It is really scary.
So that's coming up.
Also, my wife was in the grocery store early this morning, and she saw an issue of Weekly World News, you know, that kook newspaper that'll say, first ever photo of alien abducting woman, or, well, this month it's Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, killer dinosaurs, madman built evil Jurassic Park, and Bush knew it.
Now, this is a government op.
I mean, Rupert Murdoch's into the same stuff.
It's X-Files, the overnight talk shows, you know what we're talking about.
In this mindless magazine, newspaper, of just ridiculous stuff, they have, guess what?
There's a plan to put microchips in you.
Here's the Army document.
Now, we reported on the Army document three years ago.
It is an Army document.
They report on chemtrails, biological testing on the American people.
But we've got Associated Press, Daily Oklahoman, about giant tests all over Oklahoma, spraying bacteria on the population.
BBC, you name it.
But out of about 40 articles of mindless idiocy, I love you too, rich sheik wants to wed sexy Siamese twins, you know, just totally made up stuff.
Saddam's secret dinosaurs are attacking and killing our troops.
In there, here's the Chipsons.
They're getting chips.
Chips are good.
There's aircraft spraying us.
So people read this and it discredits the real stuff.
And that's what the overnight talk shows do.
They talk about UFOs and Yetis and Bigfoots and Chupacabras and other mindless garbage.
Then they mix in, oh yeah, there's a New World Order in the middle of it and it discredits it all.
This is their tactic.
I'm going to talk about this tactic some today as well.
The situation with Judge Roy Moore, who's standing alone.
The governor says he won't help him.
The Republican appointed Supreme Court, seven of the nine, say they're not going to help or get involved.
Moore's on his own.
What do you expect from neocons?
Twenty people were protesting it and got arrested.
That's coming up.
It should be 25,000, 30,000.
Just a bunch of other news, folks.
We've got massive gun control news.
We've got the CIA unleashing a giant group of young thugs on the American people.
We also have more bombings in the Middle East, Israel, Iraq.
There is just so much, so much that's coming up.
Big show today.
So please stay with me.
And the websites are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
More on the Patriot Act II and Victory Act when we get back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I've been familiar with Joel Skousen's work for a few years, and we did an interview with him a couple years ago, but we've got him coming back on the show today.
I'm praying on Dave and Joyce's show, I wanted to get him on.
Then in the third hour, we've got Paul Joseph Watson, who's doing a great job analyzing the news and the Patriot Act II and Victory Act.
So that's in the second and third hours, and of course, wide open phones today on this already Thursday, the 21st of August, 2003.
But let me put it in a nutshell.
We have a hereditary oligarchy.
...of world crime syndicates that compete with each other but combine their forces against the common man and civilization to dumb us down to centralized control through government, and then they fight over who controls the levers.
And they have used scientifically crafted psychological warfare systems of synthesis of propaganda and statecraft to control populations going back thousands of years, integrated with modern psychology, sociology, anthropology, Madison Avenue, pitch men systems, modern science with flashing lights and images with the type of hypnosis.
...techniques that have been developed with some of the subliminal images and messages that they emit are now all over the news and in the media.
We're under an absolute blitzkrieg of enslavement right now.
And using terror, they're setting up a giant cashless society, taxation grids, satellite tracking in the cars, face-scanning cameras, thumb-scanning to buy and sell...
I think?
I mean, we're treated to Ashcroft, and we posted this last week, the official Justice Department order to the 94 U.S.
attorneys to have local police in their dress uniforms, their military-style uniforms, to salute Ashcroft when he mounts the dais.
Or they're not allowed to even be there.
If they want federal funds, they've got to be there.
And then Ashcroft stomps up on the podium.
They all salute him.
It's like something out of Nazi Germany.
He announces drugs are terror.
Anyone with drugs, anyone selling drugs, unless it's government-sponsored drugs, methamphetamine and Ritalin-type hallucinogens, the Prozac and stuff they push on the kids.
You're now all terrorists.
You're under the Patriot Act, Section 802.
It's incredible.
But everybody's freaking out now going, oh my gosh, they're going to use the Patriot Act against citizens and for all crime.
They promised they wouldn't do that.
Folks, I've been telling you now, for 22 months plus, since October 27th, when I got a copy of the Patriot Act, October 28th when we got the copy, the day after it passed, I read the thing.
I wrote an analysis of Patriot Act 1.
I wrote an analysis of Patriot Act 2.
I'm writing an analysis of the Victory Act.
It'll be done by Sunday.
In between five radio interviews a day, TV shows, my own radio shows, trying to go out and buy groceries and stuff like that, mow the yard.
I'm working.
I was up at 5.30 this morning.
I'll be going to bed at 2 this morning on my schedule.
But I love it.
I'm alive.
I'm fighting the New World Order.
I'm dedicated.
But to make a long story short, the KGB, the Nazis, no one ever had the nerve to put stuff like this on paper.
And I was on K-Talk out in Salt Lake City, and they've had hundreds of people show up, conservatives, and protest the Patriot Act.
Towns around Salt Lake have gotten laws passed against the Patriot Act using the Bill of Rights Restoration Act that I've written myself, large sections of it.
I want to commend them.
There's going to be hundreds of people out there protesting Ashcroft when he shows up there next Monday.
On his road show, carnival barking, telling his lies.
And I want to make it clear.
I mean, take the Judge Roy Moore case.
The Supreme Court's ruled.
They're not going to hear it.
They're going to duck it.
The seven members of the nine, all appointed by Republicans, gun control, homosexual marriage, everything that's considered liberal, but it's the neocons doing it.
Open borders.
You've read all the articles where the majority of them say they're going to follow the U.N.
criminal court.
It's the authority now, with no juries, can't face your accuser, no grand juries, no First Amendment, no free speech, no right to defend yourself, no Second Amendment.
They're arresting people now for what they say in Europe, left and right, criticize the government you're arrested.
The sitcoms and movies and dramas and news talk about not allowing people to speak out against the government because that might aid the terrorist.
The Deputy Attorney General under Governor Gray Davis, Mike Van Winkle, said in the Oakland Tribune about four months ago that protesting the war may be illegal because the wars against terrorists and protesting the war then aids the terrorists.
I mean, that's the Democrats.
It's unified, wholesale annihilation of America taking place right now.
And remember, if you've got any memory left in your heads, Ashcroft said Patriot Act was not to affect citizens and not for general crimes, and there was no new terror legislation, not just that there wasn't a Patriot Act II, but there was no new terrorism legislation.
They were not going to do that.
Then the draft got leaked.
They went ahead and introduced it in the Senate.
Then the guy said, okay, yeah, we're using Patriot Act against all crimes and all criminals, including misdemeanors.
That's official, Justice Department brief.
They've posted it many times.
He went on to say, either you pass my new legislation or 11 million Americans will die.
He listed the number.
I take him serious.
I take Ted Bundy seriously.
And so then we sit there and we watch this happen.
This is chilling.
And Ron Paul comes out and does a 45-minute speech on the floor of the House where he brings out the evidence, the quotes from their own documents, their own published books, the neocon leadership from Crystal to Bennett, to all of them saying they love Machiavelli, entering into evil, lying to the people is good, big government welfare state is good, Trotsky is good, socialism is good, and then you see it happening.
And I was on a talk show this morning, as I said, and the guy calls in and he goes, Alex, don't you know politics is about, well, basically compromise and going along with, and, you know, no, there's no compromise with this.
They never compromise with us.
That's ridiculous.
So see, now that the so-called conservatives are anti-gun, blanket amnesty for all illegals.
Getting rid of the Bill of Rights, coming after the Second Amendment, all this horrible stuff, taking down the Ten Commandments in courts, Republicans are doing it.
Now that all this is happening, it's, well, okay, what's your problem, liberal?
Think about how sick that is.
And let me just give you, in the next four minutes before we break, a snapshot of the news.
Here it is.
Bush in talks to bolster U.N.
Supreme Court rejects last-minute Alabama Chief Justice appeal on the Ten Commandments.
Chemical Ali captured.
I thought they killed him twice for sure.
They could just grab somebody who looks like him, kill him, show you a wax statue like the supposed Saddam brothers, and you'll believe it.
CI's first post-911 spy class graduates.
Massive numbers of 29-year-olds all over the place.
That's the average age of the class.
It says, Sheriff admits slapping suspects.
Another article here, jail guards raping women, a rash of pregnant women in jails all over the country.
CIA accused of bank heist.
This out of a major mainstream international currency review.
Turns out the government robbed Iraq banks during the war and just kept it for themselves.
It goes on and on and on.
Amazing article about how to sell a war.
Redden Group deploys perception management in its war.
Jordan seeks Chalibi's arrest and her poll bulks.
That's the guy who was one of the top lieutenants for the Shah running the torture chambers.
This is admitted.
Stole $300 million.
In Jordan, Jordan's the ally of the globalists.
They have indicted him.
He's already been convicted years ago, but escaped the country.
They now are calling for his arrest.
He's running Baghdad.
They say he's got hit teams, rape teams, everything Saddam did, five times worse.
He's CIA, folks.
He does the same thing Saddam did, Saddam's CIA.
Oh, you didn't know that was a fact in 58?
He was a hitman for them?
In the 80s, he was the big ally?
Major news article here.
Voting machine fiasco.
SAIC vote here and die bold.
Top scientists worldwide, major institutions say the things were designed for fraud with giant back doors built into them.
The government's moving to pass a law so there will be no record of how votes are cast.
League of Women Voters is behind it.
Wall-to-wall insanity.
The government doesn't care that you're learning there's going to be no election.
That's why they're arming, putting on the black ski mask, building giant prisons, laughing at you, butchering the Bill of Rights, saying any misdemeanor is going to be punishable by secret arrest and execution.
And when they blow more buildings up and release smallpox and install the national draft,
Folks, if we don't get the word out of who the terrorists are, boldly now, they're going to activate.
They're going to activate.
And from there, it goes downhill quickly.
We are descending into the equivalent of Nazi Germany and the Russian Revolution rolled into one, folks.
Better listen to Ron Paul's warning.
We are under Trotskyite attack.
Pilotless planes to fly routinely in civilian airspace.
New scientists, they've gotten their authorization for Air Force Global Hawk.
Pileless aircraft and drones to surveil U.S.
cities at all times.
Already been happening, but now it's been announced.
Major credit card shake-ups nationwide and from U.S.
to England.
Almost all stores are about to shift and make you thumb-scan to buy and sell.
Mainstream news, major credit card shake-up.
If you're going to have a credit card, you'll have to thumb-scan, as we warned you.
Total cash will control grid plan.
Media ignores Bustamante's ties to a racist group.
So we got Arnold the Nazi and Bustamante, who's for his own Hispanic Nazi club, literally.
So, hey, pick your Nazi.
Folks, I haven't even... It just goes on and on.
I mean, it's just mass wholesale attack, 120%.
Mayday, mayday, mayday worldwide.
We're under attack.
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All right, folks.
That's 800-259-9231.
Let me hit on this first.
This is out of Weld County, Colorado.
And we're posting this on Infowars.com right now.
The official documents, and under it we're going to post similar stuff from last year out of Missouri and Arkansas where the kids aren't given food and then are shown violent videos and then trained to get on military buses to be taken to FEMA camps.
We then have the Washington Post and the Gazette News Service saying the same thing.
This is being planned.
We even have the training manuals from the schools saying
But now we have this latest little tidbit, because the Houston Chronicle and others have announced a few months ago that there's a national draft plan for engineers, police, firemen, but medical workers, mainly doctors, to make you give shots, and you refuse to take them, so now they're going to draft you, it says, to do it.
So they try to claim you've got to do it to have your job, they try to make the hospitals order people to do it, but their own doctors, professionals, said, no, we're doctors, we're not going to take that.
And so the administrators had to back off.
Now it's about a draft, and we've got this.
It says, Platt Valley employees, Platt Valley School District, Weld, RE7, Jersey, Colorado.
Dear employees, we at the county are working closely with local government to prepare our county in the event of an
Intentional release of biological agent or other reason of mass immunization clinic.
In order to be successful, we are looking at communities to assist us.
And it goes, could your organization give us assist in any way?
Various clinic and social registration form flyer believes outlines why we are seeking assistance.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration in assisting in our community.
And they ask you...
To fill out, you've got medical training, engineering training, stuff like that for the draft.
That's what this is for.
And it's general contact information, first name, occupation, employer.
Employer will release me from work responsibilities.
This has been given to parents, folks.
Work phone, pager, home contact information, street address, city, email, bilingual, home phone, state.
Do you have children who would need care in the event of your help is requested?
How many hours per day could you be able to work?
Are you a member of the service organization of the community group?
Lions Club, Rotary, Kiwanis, church, school, et cetera.
Do you have any special needs?
Would you be willing to travel to another region of the Weld County to help out?
Skills, blah, blah, blah.
And then here's the really interesting part.
This is the federal flyer that they've pasted on.
Weld County Smallpox Vaccination Volunteers, Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment, the goal to provide upon a presidential directive smallpox vaccine to all eligible persons in Weld County with the help of the community members and organizations in Weld County during a five-day mass clinic, which includes 194,382 people and covers 4,000 square miles.
And it says to vaccinate every citizen.
Now, remember, the government said this was going to be mandatory.
The medical workers and firemen and police had to do this.
Then they said, no.
They can force you to do it under Section 76, Page 76 of the Homeland Security Act passed last year.
They got a lot of states to pass the Model States of Emergency Powers Act that, by the way, listed total gun confiscation in its provisions.
And this gets into the forced inoculation and setting up for it.
So just more on that, and we're going to post as a recap the forced draft, the Model States of Emergency Powers Act, the forced inoculation, all this stuff, and how your kids will be taken from you and forcibly injected, and how there's a red alert you can't leave your house, and how the Army's going to be on the streets.
All mainstream news or government documents, we're going to post that with this latest information that was sent to us from Weld County, Colorado, by a parent who was given it and asked to be part of this garbage.
It says, I thought you'd like to see this.
I just acquired these documents from our local elementary school and managed to scan and return them before they were missed.
It looks like they are winding up.
For something I was especially interested to note, the number of security volunteers needed.
Yeah, it lists that.
I'm sure this is an addition to the police National Guard ninjas who would expect such an event.
And, yeah, it lists all the security people they're going to need to forcibly inject.
And, oh, boy.
This is very, very, very, very, very serious information.
It says they're going to need 90 security personnel because they're worried, you see, about attacks.
So many terrorists, they might resist getting their shots.
That's a terrorist action.
We'll be right back with more news.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're about to go to Christopher and others that are patiently holding.
If you want to join us on air on this live Thursday edition, 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
The websites are prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, and infowars.net.
Look, folks, I want to talk about this tactic.
Then I'll get into the Judge Roy Moore situation.
And I want to get into Bush saying the U.N.
is going to take over Iraq and the U.N.
building getting bombed and how that ties together and just a bunch of other vital news.
Total gun confiscation using the Army in Australia and surrounding areas.
The same model to be used here.
It's happening, folks.
It's happening.
And Ashcroft now, oh, yeah, we are going to use the Patriot Act and Victory Act against anybody with drugs.
You notice the TV ads beforehand about, well, I smoke marijuana.
That isn't terrorism.
And then they give them all these examples that are ridiculous, and the person goes, oh, I guess I am a terrorist.
Getting you ready for that.
Big article here out of the Tallahassee News admitting that you have politicians and private government
In this giant military industrial complex expanding the prisons.
And so they've got to have a reason to put you in there.
So now misdemeanors are going to see you in prison for life, folks.
And don't criticize the government because that's what terrorists do.
And it turns out these politicians, the article admits, own the prisons.
And so it's down to old-fashioned slavery.
I mean, you got a bunch of the so-called middle-class people that are left trying to cling to their middle-class status, thinking they're part of the establishment, who don't care how corrupt it gets, they're going to keep licking the boots all the way down.
I mean, if they go to a gulag, they're going to be the trustees in it.
They're going to thank the men in black ski masks from Czechoslovakia and Russia.
By the way, folks, the former head of the KGB is running Homeland Security, Prima Kopp, as Associated Press.
I mean, this stuff, and you've seen them on the news.
Everybody needs an implantable microchip.
Everybody needs a face-scanning camera.
Everybody needs to give their DNA, including the cops now.
You know this stuff's going on.
I told the story last week about how I was getting my car cleaned at the Genie Car Wash, and I'm sitting there, you know, watching the car go through, and some guy goes, what are you reading?
I go, a new book, Order Out of Chaos.
And he goes, what's it about?
And I go, oh, the New World Order.
Well, what's that?
And I said, government corruption.
He goes, well, I don't believe in that.
Started laughing at me.
He had the program response.
I said, you don't believe in government corruption?
Don't you know what history has shown?
That centralized power is the most dangerous thing because psychopaths get in control almost in every case because they're ruthless?
He goes, no, I don't believe that.
And I go, so basically you're afraid and don't want to face any threat.
These are children, folks.
He goes, well, what's in the book?
I go, well, you know, plannable microchips, world government, stuff like that.
And he goes, oh, starts laughing at me, making the crazy sign, and some other woman starts laughing at me with her kid, sitting two chairs down, and I go, what's funny?
You haven't seen that on the news?
She goes, yeah, I've seen it, but you're kind of weird.
You're kind of weird.
I'm weird.
It's like, again, I'm walking down the street, and I go, Billy Bob, is that you?
And it turns and hisses and points its finger.
It's the end of the movie with body snatchers.
Or They Live or V or something.
You know, Ashcroft's up there on the TV.
We are here to help you.
We're taking all your rights to protect liberty.
And all crimes will now be punishable under terror.
Any black market economy, any cash transactions.
That's what it says, folks.
They're up there going, submit to us.
We are here for your safety.
Look out for the terrorists.
They're everywhere.
And no, I'm not saying they're aliens.
I'm using the analogy.
I mean, it's that bad, folks.
And my wife went to the grocery store about 8 o'clock this morning, and she comes back and she goes, Honey, I got some serious news for you.
And she walks over with Weekly World News.
You've seen this idiocy.
I'm going to talk about this, and we'll go to your calls on their news.
You've seen this idiocy.
You know, first picture of alien kidnapping woman.
Bush is really an alien.
Well, here's this week's.
Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, killer dinosaurs.
And it shows dead U.S.
It says madman built evil Jurassic Park, and Bush knew it.
Found at last weapons of mass destruction.
And then at the top it says, I love you too.
Rich Sheik wants to wed sexy Siamese twins.
I mean, you talk about funny.
This thing's funny.
The type of stuff you hear on those big overnight talk shows or X-Files.
And in here, every time I pick up one of these, only about once a year I talk about this.
Every time I do it.
They will have the most hardcore information Army War College has planned for race-specific bioweapon.
Well, what they're reporting is in Associated Press, Jane's Weapons Publications, medical journals, weapons journals.
But the average person sees it mixed in with raptors, so that's why they laugh at you when you're out in public and you talk about something that was on the news.
You understand?
Still, it's to be announced.
It's like black helicopters.
I got hundreds of mainstream news articles about urban warfare drills, attacking cities, training us to accept attacks, military takeovers.
The government even admits that's why they're doing it in documented public reports, but black helicopters have been in X-Files, on overnight cook shows, in weekly world news, so...
Yeah, the news did announce they're putting chips in people, but still, for ten years before, the kooks talked about it, the government-sponsored kooks, mixing it in with ridiculous stuff, so now you've been inoculated against it.
It's psychological warfare.
Folks, this is very crafty.
And so that's why you've got these overnight sensations they put on every talk show, on every station, because they'll mix in Yetis and Chupacabras and aliens and Atlantis,
All this quack stuff with real stuff, you know, one out of ten stories on there is real, so that discredits it.
And it's the same formula.
Who owns this stuff?
Rupert Murdoch and all these big bankers and one of Queen Elizabeth's sons, one of the princes, owns a controlling stock in most of Europe's tabloids putting all this out.
It just came out in the Kansas City Star Associated Press, Washington Post, that the big Rothschild heir, plus Bill Clinton's former chief of staff, are behind the UFO channel, sci-fi channel, and are funding, quote, the release of UFO information.
And they have had the Air Force General up there to act stupid and act like he's hiding something for a two-hour press conference.
People go, ooh, there really are aliens.
See, they're doing all of this, and it's incredible, and the government's behind it.
So here it is.
And so you open the thing up, and it says,
Damn souls take escalator to hell.
It says, buy your way into sainthood.
It's got all this crazy stuff.
Mandatory IQ test has politicians shaking in their boots.
And it just goes on with all this mindless stuff.
Five reasons to lose your wedding ring.
New car runs on human gas.
Peeping Tom sentenced to stare at ugly naked people.
Just all totally made up, ridiculous.
Night of the Cat.
Evil spirit of dead.
Pet terrorizes family after chewing its way out of grave.
And then you come to Exposed.
And it shows a man and a woman with barcodes on their heads.
And it says, Secret UN plot to barcode every man, woman, and child.
And then it goes on.
But this family loves the chips.
Meet the Jacobs family of Boca Raton, Florida.
They volunteered to have data bearing microchips in their bodies.
Pictured left, the Jacobs each got a tiny Verichip bearing the medical information.
And into that, I've been reading this for years.
Everything else is totally insane, totally fake, and meant to be ridiculous.
Then they'll have an article straight out, documented, what's admitted, what they're doing, mixed into it to discredit it.
And two years ago, the UN said we want a world ID, biometric passport, U.S.
and England, everybody just adopted it, face scan, thumb scan, now to get a passport, going into your driver's license facilities, going into McDonald's and H-E-B and Kroger's and Safeway and Verichips and the frequency identifiers to go in all the products.
That's all, you know, Walmart press releases, Homeland Security involved, but right here,
A serious article in the middle of all this idiocy.
The United Nations has hatched a secret plan.
It's public.
To implant a barcode in the forehead of every man.
Now, where's the twist there?
Well, they call it a digital barcode.
It's a face scan and a thumb scan or a hand scan, and it creates a digital barcode.
That's admitted.
And then they get into the plan for a world ID card and implantable chip.
Well, I have hundreds of mainstream news articles.
It's in my films.
And then I start flipping into the articles, and I come to more stuff.
White chemtrails.
It says the government is doing biological and chemical tests on us, spraying us with aircraft all over the country.
And this is mixed in with your horoscope and the most idiotic moron stuff, how to turn people into toads, and then right in the middle of it.
Now understand, on Infowars.com, right now,
I have Washington Post, Daily Oklahoma, and all these articles all over the country spraying thousands of pounds of bacteria and other stuff on us, just calmly announcing it.
There's all the announcements how they killed troops in the 80s with this stuff and knowingly did it and they don't care.
And then right in the middle of the magazine, government spraying U.S.
cities with happy gas.
And it says, have you recently noticed a lot more small planes flying over your neighborhood and that you've been feeling pretty upbeat about America lately?
The real reason why might surprise you.
It's because the aircraft are spraying a chemical government calls HGC, a happy gas civilian, claims sociologist and researcher Dr. Carola Alcord.
The plan is to spray urban areas with the gas
Was hatched in Washington a way to take the American people's minds off the sick economy, employment, rising prices, and terrorism.
Now, let's get serious.
What's really happening is they're pushing Redland and Prozac.
Ten million adults are on some type of psychotropic.
Six million kids on Redland.
Five million kids on other psychotropics.
The government ships in the narcotics and tries to break down the society with it, then calls it terrorism.
Yes, there have been tens of thousands of tests going back to the 40s, spraying radiation, spraying chemicals, biologicals on U.S.
In 68, they sprayed biologicals on the New York subways.
Then had federal officers and army doctors in the hospitals to do tests on people.
Multiple people died in multiple hospitals.
The numbers are in the dozens.
Details remain classified.
That's Senate reports.
That's admitted.
But see, then it's a joke, and it shows all these drones spraying chemtrails out over the city.
And early this morning, I was swimming lapsed.
And it was just getting light, and there were planes flying in, folks, at 8,000 feet towards the airport, and you would see them, unmarked white aircraft, right next to other aircraft that weren't leaving trails, turning off the sprayers.
I mean, they're flying.
There's a big plume.
It just stops.
And it's going on.
And then you go to my website, and they say they're spraying us all over the place.
But see, the average person is inoculated to this psychologically by the overnight radio talk shows, by the X-Files and shows like that, by the Sci-Fi Channel, run by the Rothschilds and Clinton's former chief of staff.
I mean, that's Kansas City Star, folks.
You're listening in Kansas City.
You read that.
This is how they're doing it.
Christopher in Canada.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
I have a few things regarding the power outage in Ottawa.
I work for the big telecom here, Nortel Networks.
And since Thursday, they have only had maybe 10% of the staff back, probably close to 10,000 people working there, you know?
Another thing is I think this is sort of a preparation to determine how little people they can deal with, you know, get away with.
Governor Ridge even said this is our first major test.
It's always for the outward population, the outward meeting, and then there is the more esoteric meeting and everything they do.
You know, I remember how they started the outsourcing stuff here.
First it was just a few people to help us write automation scripts, you know,
In India and China, then it was to help out with the software support, and then it was to help out with the project, then it was to have a whole feature down there, you know, India, China.
And it was a whole software subsystem.
Soon it will be the whole product line, the new design, you know?
And their own policy report say it is to drive down the wages, destroy the middle class, because the middle class can educate itself, is not dependent on government.
We're all going to be poor, except for a tiny, pathetic government servant middle class that will be fiercely protective...
Listen to this.
My parents brought me from Poland.
We escaped Poland in 1986, you know, through Italy to come to Canada.
And then...
They were trying to escape communism, but what they got here is more of the same, you know, but ten times stronger.
Yeah, more sophisticated.
Yeah, more sophisticated.
Ottawa, you know, and then people here think they live in a free society where they have a bunch of gag laws to suppress freedom of speech.
Hey, hey, listen.
Listen, it's the truth.
I was talking to one of Texas Mars' head folks,
And they ship stuff all over the world.
Texas is the best-selling author all over the world.
And it is almost impossible to get something into Canada now.
And as a ministry, both of us, Tex and myself, we just keep sending it, sending it, sending it, sending it.
I was waiting for your DVD for the longest time.
I gave your DVD, the 9-11 Road to Thailand, to a Chinese who works in my department, you know?
I listened to this.
And that guy, the next day,
He was shaking when he gave me the DVD and started, you know, you know, real conspiracy theory, real conspiracy theory, you know, just like that.
These people, they are afraid of their own shadows.
They have no idea, no concept of what freedom and free society is.
And what did Alexander Stolzenitz say?
He said, if you don't stand up early on and get back in their face, they will take over.
They bring them here, these third world nations that were used to tyranny, oppression, and oppression.
Purposely here to power this liberal voting machine in Canada.
That's it.
That's it.
This is disgusting.
These people are afraid to open their own mouth, you know?
I asked him, if you see something is evil, it is wrong, why don't you speak out against it, you know?
But this is so pathetic, you know?
I'm, you know, I don't want to lose hope, but when I see...
Hey, listen, Ashcroft wouldn't be on this road show.
Ashcroft is a disgusting animal.
You know, the only reason why people advertise something or promote something is because it either doesn't work or it's not true what they claim it does.
That's it.
Beautiful call.
Thanks, Christopher.
Call back any time.
And I'll say this again.
They tried to forcibly inject all the medical workers and police.
They said no.
Now they're going to draft them.
They wanted to force them to give it to you.
This was mainstream news.
We defeated them.
For now.
We won this battle.
Same thing with the Patriot Act.
400 cities.
Three states.
It's not 150.
It's not 200.
It's over 400.
They're panicking.
You see, we are going to win this fight.
No matter how many buildings they blow up.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
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If you want to understand what the new world order really is,
We're good to go.
Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief coming on.
I heard him on David George's show today.
It was very impressive.
We got Paul Joseph Watson in the third hour.
I'm going to start throwing these news articles out at Joel Skousen.
And boy, there are a lot of them.
Right now, let's talk to Wesley in Tennessee.
Wesley, welcome, sir.
Thank you very much.
I sure do appreciate the kindness and the appreciation for the opportunity to talk to you today, Alex.
I'm the guy that got dragged out of that car at that roadblock.
And I'll tell you, the reason why I'm calling you back today is to let you know that after 15 years of living down here in the eastern hills of Tennessee, I'm a Yankee, a reformed Yankee turned Tennessee hillbilly.
And I'll tell you what, people down here know how to hunt and how to grow what they eat.
And we're looking at the sons and grandsons of...
That's why they're trying to force people off the land using the environmental movement that Bush is trying to fund with $47 million to force you to sell your land for about five cents on the dollar.
And we've got great affiliate there in Tennessee, WBCR.
And this has been going on for years.
Before 9-1-1, now they've got the hordes of these cadres.
What they do is they give the military questionnaire.
Will you fire on U.S.
And this has been in the news.
And those that say no, 70-plus percent are shipped overseas, given deadly vaccines.
The gang members and thugs and criminals that say they will are rewarded, given credit cards, vehicles, and they're integrated into covert activities, drug dealing, everything else.
And you just ran into some of those thugs.
Well, Alex, I'll tell you something.
Like I said, these are the sons and grandsons that have run stills down here for years and are used to dealing with revenuers.
And I got a message for all those NSA drones and little worker bees that think they're just going to come marching into these hills down here in the south and just take over.
All I can say is come on down, boys, because we're going to have a party.
We're going to have a party.
We're good to go.
Thanks to people like you, Alex.
And I sure do appreciate the show that you put out every day.
God bless you.
I know it's a back-breaking job, but God love you.
I'll tell you what, I can't say enough good things about you.
Hey, thank you, Wesley, for all you do.
Take care.
Yeah, that was in the newspaper, the cops and military beating up people in wheelchairs.
It's real nice, but that's what America's all about, folks.
It's what the veterans fought for, so young gang members now with machine guns can beat up men in wheelchairs.
But as I was saying...
We're good to go.
I think?
I apologize if Watson ordered out of chaos.
It's incredible.
1995, 300 and something pages long, covering government-sponsored terrorism and all the latest info.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
We're back live, already into the second hour.
Next hour, we've got Paul Joseph Watson joining us from the United Kingdom.
Talk about his new book, Order Out of Chaos, and believe me, it's good and turned a lot of heads.
Exposing government-sponsored terrorism, elite-sponsored terrorism, and the New World Order.
Joel Skousen, every time I hear this guy on the radio, he really cuts right to the meat of the issue, understands the globalist.
He has a great website, joelskousen.com.
He writes World Affairs Brief.
And I wanted to get him on today and just throw these different news items out at him and get his response and take your calls.
The toll-free number to join us on air, if you want to talk to Joel Skousen or myself, Alex Jones, is 1-800-259-9231.
It is Thursday, the 21st of August, 2003.
Joel Skousen, again, has an amazing website.
You definitely want to check it out.
He has great analysis that I heartily agree with.
And, Joel, tell us a little bit about yourself before we launch into all this news.
Well, I come from a political science background.
I must admit that I had to reject most everything I got in formal training in political science, which was leftist and oriented politics.
I come from a family of constitutionalists.
My uncle was W. Cleon Skousen, who wrote The Naked Communist, The Naked Capitalist, and several other books.
So I had a good background that allowed me to be skeptical of what I was receiving in college.
So I spent time in the military as a Marine Corps aviator during the Vietnam era, flying F-4s.
I saw the rules of engagement.
Eventually was driven out of the military by the same kind of lockstep allegiance and obedience they required to administrative policies that I disagreed with.
Went into private practice as a high security architect and that's where I got my experience designing high security residences.
Wrote the book Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places and
I've been writing my World Affairs brief for many years as well, doing weekly analysis of the major issues in the news.
Joel, I want to pick your brain in the next hour.
They really are setting up a horrible prison grid, a cashless society grid, a forced inoculation system.
They really are going all the way.
They really are signing the deals to bring in the foreign troops.
I have them right here in front of me.
They really are going ahead with it all.
And why are the globalists moving so quickly right now?
Well, I think the important... The thing that has led to this rush to war in Iraq, the leveraging of government-sponsored terrorism into an attack on the United States, as you have so excellently pointed out in your 9-11 video, which I highly recommend, is because...
They really can't get to a global world government without, first of all, taking down the two remaining centers of national sovereignty, which is the constitutional base here in the United States and Israel, which has its own feelings about sovereignty not related to our constitutional-type republic, which is fairly unknown to them.
But for both of these reasons...
You know, right now the world looks upon the United States military as the policemen of the world.
They won't put a dime into the United Nations in terms of operating a global government as long as we're the policemen of the world.
So I think this uniquely explains why the U.S.
is going about antagonizing the rest of the world by constant intervention.
We're good to go.
That's it.
The New World Order is using America as an attack dog, and then we're going to take the blame, and then the European Union and the U.N.
is going to come in as the savior.
That's how my film, Police State 3, starts.
No scowls and stay right there.
We'll be right back, and we're going to take calls because there's a bunch of news with our great guests.
So please stay with us in fullwars.com.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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That no matter what region of the world you're in or what time frame in history, powerful, corrupt, ruthless, cunning, intelligent geniuses who are totally ruthless and are sadistic and enjoy feeding on people are the very nature of the synthesis that gets them into positions of power.
Take control and do horrible things.
And then only by limiting the size of government, having a rule of law, a constitution, a bill of rights that is enforced, can we raise families and have a happy and successful society.
That's not happening.
Things are getting worse and worse.
Things are about to get a lot worse in America because of the undermining of the economy, going into the global plantation, lowering our standard of living because a middle class cannot be properly controlled or governed.
On this feudal system.
They know you're going to struggle and resist, so they're just going to have a long string of terror attacks so they can pose as the saviors throughout this.
And joining us is Joel Skalson.
And, of course, he's related to Leon Skalson.
And he's done a lot of great work studying the New World Order and many different facets.
His website is joelskalson.com.
We have a link to it on infowars.com.
Joel, what do you think the most important thing on the horizon or that's already upon us is that we should be worried about right now?
Is it the economy?
More government-sponsored terror?
What worries you the most and what's the greatest threat right now?
Well, the greatest threat right now is the use of agent provocateur terrorist events in order to continue to strip away constitutional protections of which you have eloquently brought about.
But there's a
A longer-term threat, which is being obscured by our concentration on this immediate terrorist threat that the U.S.
keeps throwing up at us.
And that is the fact, and I don't find much coverage of it even in conservative publications, is that the Bush administration, as well as the Clinton administration, has been purposely covering for Russian and Chinese war preparations to such a degree...
That we have to analyze whether or not there's complicity involved in this.
I mean, we're talking about a huge underground complex in the Ural Mountains and Yamantou Mountain and Yazvinsky Mountain where the Soviets are building whole nuclear factories underground as well as huge bunker systems.
And they're preparing for World War III of a major nuclear Armageddon.
I think we're good.
All of the armaments that they're coming off with... Well, look at Rumsfeld, the bag man with the chemicals and biologicals to Saddam in 83, the bag man in 97, the Kim Jong-il with the reactors, the arming via Clinton and the Bush cabinet who were all involved, China...
Building up this enemy, the leaking of battle plans to attack North Korea, trying to push the East into doing something.
I guess the globalists want this World War III to, out of it, finally get their new world order, while Europe plays the part of the good guy the whole time?
Yes, that's right.
You know, Europe really has quite a few links with Moscow through the Socialist International.
After World War II, the Communists decided to go underground.
They created the Socialist International.
And infiltrated most of the Western governments.
Their leaders rose to power.
Francois Mitterrand was a secret communist that rose to power for 14 years in France.
Secret service there had to eliminate a file about four inches thick on his communist connections.
Gerhard Schroeder right now.
That's Gerhard Schroeder right now.
Joschka Fischer, Lionel Gillespan.
Of course, there's been a whole string of them in Italy.
Berlusconi is not one of those.
He's a New World Order guy related to the Bush team.
I think so.
Tory, Bush... Anglo-American establishment that Carol Kelly wrote about.
Anglo-American establishment that is controlling the New World Order because they control the money right now, but there's also the leftist faction aligned with Moscow that controls the General Assembly of the UN, and that's why they don't allow the General Assembly to have any power at this point.
But as you just said, before the break, and again, Joel Skousen, author, researcher...
Marine Corps Aviator in Vietnam saw a lot of the New World Order activities there.
Just like Vietnam, it's the West funding the communists in a giant staged event, basically, to consolidate power for both sides.
I mean, that's what the communists were, was this excuse for the globalists to actually build their empire, but say, oh, it's that other evil empire.
Isn't that what it really boils down to?
And then out of this, America gets blamed for all the empire building, like the new Soviet Union?
Yes, I have a little bit of a twist to that theory, which if you'll permit me, I think in fact the reason why the West has been promoting and allowing communist revolutions to take over in various countries around the world, as well as covering for the Soviet Union, is that they in fact want this attack to occur, just as you've said.
But I think they intend to, in the process, take down Russia.
Just like they built up the Nazis and then the Nazis were sacrificed to advance the New World Order.
What's going to happen to do that, I think, is that our leaders with PDD-60, which of course tells our nuclear missile forces to absorb a nuclear first strike and not launch on warning.
I think that when that nuclear first strike from Russia comes, I think our leaders will come out of their bunkers, which are very well prepared all over the United States, and they'll say, oh,
We didn't know this was coming.
The Russians deceived us.
Let's go to war in the name of God, country, and the Constitution and fight this new Bolshevik revolution.
But you see, the U.S.
won't have any power because that decapitating strike will virtually wipe out about 80% of the U.S.
Therefore, the U.S.
government will say we'll have to...
We're good to go.
China betrays Russia at some point during that war, and I think perhaps some of the explanation for the insider dealings with China is to kind of set the stage for China to attack Russia's rear during this Third World War, and then China will emerge as the new Cold War opposition to the West,
Which is necessary for the UN if they have military power after the Third World War because they will want to maintain that power.
And you have to have an enemy, a perceived enemy.
So just like it was Uncle Joe Stalin fighting Hitler, the war ends, roll it over, start it up with Stalin.
I think there's a pattern there that we need to look at.
But the bigger pattern is, of course, I think you'd agree, Joel Skelson, is that out of the nuclear attack, out of biological releases, out of all this terror, there will be a police state that develops that we must all wave flags and get behind to defend the homeland.
That's why they're giving us all these terms and this whole new system.
That's right, and I think that's why concentration camps and detention centers are being constructed.
I will issue a caution here, however.
I have done a lot of investigation of that, and I've found that about 60% of things which are listed on the Internet as camps are bogus and just not credible.
There are plenty of credible ones.
We have to be careful about not setting ourselves up for being discredited by making claims about
Yeah, I mean, I've got in the takeover, I've got local Fox News saying, here's the old 747 hangar, here's the barbed wire, here's the cots and porta-potties for emergencies.
This is where you go.
You'll be chained up.
And then I have the Rocky Mountain News Associated Press, you know, the Newsmax articles about all the emergency cities they're building.
And look, we have more prisons than anybody on the face of the earth.
That's the camps right there.
I've had a city councilwoman on from Denver.
She said, oh, yeah, our sports stadiums where...
Everybody's going to have to go.
I've been to these urban warfare training ops.
The Army or the Marines can set up a camp that holds thousands in just a matter of hours.
So isn't that really where the camps are located?
Well, you know, there are what we call excess prison capacity that's even listed on the U.S.
federal site.
One of the ones that is very easy for people to check out is the one just
About two miles north of Nellis Air Force Base.
It's a huge facility capable of holding double, triple barbed wire fences.
It has about 100 prisoners and a full staff.
I talked to the staff at the gate and said, you know, how come you have all this capacity?
Well, we're a holding center for future use.
And they were quite open about it.
I mean, they didn't know the long-term implications of that.
But it's a huge facility, and anybody who visits Las Vegas can drive right up and see it.
It's up on a hill.
Now, Joel Skousen, do you believe that if we get the word out about government-sponsored terrorism and cause a political understanding or revelation or renaissance to the New World Order and how they're manipulating events, that if enough of us are aware of that, the globalists may back off on their plans?
No, I don't think they'll back off at all.
I think, in fact, they'll just give us war.
They're committed to it.
War is the ultimate solution to force people into a scenario that is just so devastating that people will just cry out for anything.
They'll give up any rights under a nuclear holocaust to say to government to save us.
And I fully believe they'll use that.
Well, that's exactly... That's actually what...
What old Henry Kissinger said at the Bilderberg meeting.
He said in that meeting that we will need an outside threat to get the American people to, quote, accept foreign occupational forces, and they've also signed the deals, and I have the Associated Press articles on this,
And I've seen the Joint Chiefs of Staff on TV saying it, quote, bring in foreign assets if our troops are tied down in the war on terror for, quote, peacekeeping and for anti-terrorism operations.
In fact, that's the Army War College in 99, and then we heard it all word for word in 2001, 2002, 2003.
All this stuff was already prepared and beta tested before 9-1-1.
You know, there's an interesting other piece of information you may not have heard, and that is that Helmut Kohl in the mid-'90s... Do we have time for this, or do you want to wait for after the break?
Yeah, let's talk about it on the other side with Bruce Gelson.
And I'm going to throw out some news articles at him, too, like, Bush in talks to bolster U.N.
Chemical Ali captured.
I hope they kill him twice.
9-1-1 style attack predicted in next year.
It's all coming up.
Supreme Court rejects last-minute Alabama Chief Justice appeal.
It's all coming up.
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Don't consolidate, eliminate.
George Orwell, that was his pen name, Mr. Blair, was a member of the police, Imperial Police in India.
Then he thought he'd fight the capitalists.
He ran off and joined the communists and got shot in the neck.
Fighting Hitler's forces and Franco's forces in Spain before World War II.
Then he went and worked for the BBC, and by the end of it he found out that it was all controlled by the same people.
And in his book, 1984, the government blows up his own buildings to blame it on imaginary foreign enemies.
And this is the system we see today.
And Joel Skousen, of course, a relative of one of the folks that wrote The Naked Communist, The Naked...
Capitalist is joining us and done a lot of great work in his own right, written some powerful books, BillSkelton.com.
Joel, you were talking about Helmut Kohl, the guy before Helmut Schroeder.
You know, Helmut Kohl is a knowing conspirator and insider with the New World Order in Europe.
That's right.
In February of 1996, at a major speech in Leuven, Belgium,
He gave his war remark, which caused quite a stir in Europe.
It was never reported here in the United States.
He said,
He refused to elaborate on when the press besieged him with... What do you mean war?
There's no sentiment between war, even between Germany or France.
There's no sentiment for war.
What is this talk about war?
He refused to answer.
What he was really saying, in my opinion, is that he knew of the establishment powers' plan to give us World War III...
If we didn't voluntarily go into this cessation of national sovereignty and join in the globalist government.
Well, that's it.
And my father and mother travel a couple of times a year to Europe, and they talk to shipbuilders and go to Germany and England and France and all over.
And they say Europe is just massively arming right now physically.
Huge troop-carrying submarines, aircraft carriers, jets, fighter bombers, tanks.
Well, first of all, in order to accomplish this World War III scenario, even something like Russia...
Or China has to have an excuse to give to their own people to attack the West.
That excuse is being handed to Russia over time through this interventionist strategy, this preemptive strike doctrine.
By the way, you know, that gives Russia a preemptive strike doctrine once the U.S.
decides to employ it.
But the intervention in the Balkans and now in the Islamic countries is meant to create hatred against the West.
And the two major sources of political and popular support, especially cannon fodder for the Russian military machine someday, the Slavic people hate the United States now as well as the Islamic people.
And we know by Rumsfeld leaking this plan to invade North Korea and all these countries and encircle Russia, that spurs them to do this.
But, Joel, they've got to be smart enough in North Korea and China and in Russia, a bunch of thugs, to know what's being set up.
Well, you know, they're suspicious.
You know, they can't believe the U.S.
is as stupid as they are in their facial disarmament they're making.
They really think that we're cheating on them.
And we are cheating to a certain extent.
In other words, the U.S.
is attempting to lure Russia into a strike by making the appearances of disarmament of conventional weapons and some of our nuclear weapons
But I think there's a great deal of black budget weaponry being built that the U.S.
does not intend to use to save the United States, but to turn over to the New World Order to prosecute the World War III when it starts.
And I think that's one of the reasons why we have all of these huge... There's no longer $300 hammers in the military.
It's an extra $300 million in a contract here and there.
And that stuff's going into black budget weapons projects, which are huge.
Giant space planes with particle beams and radiation guns.
And none of that's going to be used to defend the United States.
I think that's going to be used to defeat Russia once this war starts, but they're going to feign a little bit of weakness here as well.
Well, it's just like Pearl Harbor, the ten-part plan of how to get the Japanese to attack us.
It was a...
A premeditated conspiracy in order to get us into the war, and, you know, that's been amply proven by... But, Joe, well, it's declassified, but why do they keep... Why do people keep... It's like the Japanese.
Oh, you know, our news said the Japanese are defeating us.
They're buying up everything, and that was all a stage ruse to suck them in.
I mean, the globalists just keep doing this, and the world keeps falling for it.
Why is that?
Well, I think, obviously, we're suckers for this partial information that we're given, but it's...
American people have to be anesthetized.
But, I mean, other intelligence agencies, too.
Yeah, but they're under a gag order.
They can't speak, because a lot of them would like to, but I'll tell you, they're ruthless about gagging them.
All right, stay there, Joel.
I've got some news articles I didn't want to throw out and some calls we'll take.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, my friends.
If you'd like to join us on air, it's 1-800-259-9231.
If you have any questions or comments for Joel Skousen or myself, or any news items you want to bring up, 1-800-259-9231.
We'll go to your calls here in just a few minutes.
Joel Skousen.
It's going to be very, very bad indeed.
And again, through that false patriotism, we will relinquish all liberties after massive attacks or terrorist attacks.
What type of world will America be?
What will America look like, and what time frame do you see?
Well, first of all, I think they are operating under a very hard and fast rule, and that is you never inconvenience the majority of people at any given time.
They'll continue to target...
People who have no sympathy, they'll target the Muslim groups that can be linked with terrorism, the communist ex-Black Panthers and things like the Portland Six that Ashcroft made a big deal about doing things in solidarity with terrorism.
They'll target drug people.
Well, obviously, to
We're good to go.
Yeah, but still, it's a very, very small percentage.
You don't see that as attacking anywhere near the mainstream or anyone who... I mean, it's a very, very tiny percentage.
It's very easy with the Internet for this to spread into a backlash that they want to avoid.
And that's why I think that we want to be careful about raising the alarm too soon in the sense that I think that, in fact...
They're going to keep everyone dumbed down and relatively unaffected by these things until we have another major terrorist attack, which they simply have to have.
They've been crying wolf now for months and months, and they're frankly losing credibility.
So I am saying that they are going to have some type of agent provocateur attack, but it's going to be nothing compared to the actual World War III.
I don't think the majority of these draconian measures will be employed until the war actually starts.
So, right now, it's about training mechanisms for counties, cities, police, getting them all prepared in many operations, like the power outage, then to give us the big one.
And getting people used to just saying yes to anything the feds say when they come in to coordinate with it.
That's what the urban warfare training's been about, is acclimating to troops, and, oh, we're going to get rid of posse comitatus, and, oh, under a red alert, you can't leave your house.
FEMA said that, but...
But let me tell you this, Alex.
As you know, in the sniper shutdown and the...
The various shutdowns they've had under the Orange Alert, when you start to inconvenience the traveling public, the backlash is severe, and they're having to back off on this.
They are continuing to do it occasionally just to get people slowly used to this.
I mean, just like here in Portland, where I'm temporarily at right now, 10 o'clock just a few minutes ago when we started this interview, President Bush flew in town.
They literally shut down every single airport with a tower in Oregon.
For him flying in, in the name of Homeland Security.
They inconvenienced thousands of private pilots who couldn't land or take off in the state of Oregon.
All because the emperor is coming to town.
That's right.
And this type of thing is getting people... Remember, it doesn't even come close to inconvenience to the majority of people.
They don't even know about it.
But it's irritating small portions of people and getting them used to the hand of government...
And we all have this feeling like there's nothing we can do because I'm just a small minority of air travelers or I'm a small minority of private pilots, but we're all getting used to the fact that we have to be under this absolute control.
Or now you can't get your kid out of school, but with a special school-issued ID card, there's a camera at the front gate, your kid's being frisked, they are putting cameras in all the classrooms, the kids have the thumb scan to get their food, training them for that, Walmart.
And others are announcing you may have to thumbscan to buy from them.
All about, really it's about infrastructure changes.
They just phase this stuff in.
But what will life be like after the next couple of attacks?
Well, I think that the big question is, you know, we'll continue to turn the screws after each attack and have less and less constitutional protections.
But still, generally speaking, the majority of people are going to be relatively unaffected.
We're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
You know, they do take their hits financially during a war, but they regain wealth in the rebuilding process after war.
That's what happened in World War II.
The reason I raise that is, Joel, we have Arnold Schwarzenegger and Warren Buffett, and Buffett is a front man.
We have the Reuters article where these two landed at the Rothschild Castle last year to get their walking orders, and there were even protests about, we're sick of these bankers ordering everybody around.
So I just want to point out that over and over again that this is happening.
Yeah, Buffett was involved also in the Offutt Air Force-based meeting that took place right in the aftermath of 9-11.
Now, what was that about?
Because we had CEOs and people already there waiting on the president to show up at some bizarre meeting on 9-11.
What's your analysis on that?
I think basically what Warren Buffett is running is an insider collection group to entice other CEOs into the ring of people who have insider connections with government.
I think they were given special briefings and made to feel like you played ball with us and you have these insider connections.
They've been reaping these.
You look at the contractual outlays over Iraq and they're all going to insider corporations.
I think that Warren Buffett is a front man for bringing them in.
I think Schwarzenegger
It has specifically been cultivated.
I mean, the presence of George Shultz, a prime kingmaker, who's the one who gave the nod to the powers that be that George Bush was ready to run for president.
He admitted that in a San Francisco interview.
This is a guy who's now sitting there in Arnold Schwarzenegger's camp.
Very scary.
Very, very suspicious as well that Orrin Hatch, who's a lackey for the Bush administration...
Is this part of the... I mean, is Schwarzenegger to be our leader during World War III?
No, I don't think so.
But I think that they're preparing him.
I frankly don't think he's got the smarts and the capability, the sophistication to survive.
He's a total puppet.
We're good to go.
Well, he's still in the Pumping Iron documentary.
I admire Hitler.
He hangs out with Kirk Valtime.
The guy talks about how he doesn't like Christians.
I mean, he's something else.
Well, he's a little bit of a wild card all over the map, but people who know him well say he's basically a nice guy and he's fairly harmless himself.
But I think that he's being used.
The fact that he's surrounded by Buffett and Schultz at this press conference indicates that the powers that be have big plans for Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Yeah, he's been going to the Grove for a long time.
Yeah, but the one to really watch out for, in my opinion, is Rudolph Giuliani.
Giuliani, I believe, is the one that the Republicans are planning on running...
After Bush.
Well, yeah, the way they've built him up.
Yeah, Schwarzenegger may be down the line, but Giuliani's slick, sophisticated.
He's got the capability.
They don't make a person Times Man of the Year unless they have big plans for them.
They've built him up.
So watch out for Rudolph Giuliani.
I mean, we see under Republicans, we're about to go to H.W.
It's amazing.
in Colorado and others here in a second.
We see...
Bush saying he'll sign the new assault weapons ban that bans all semi-automatic shotguns.
We hear him blanket, total...
Amnesty for all illegals, supercomputers to China, campaign finance reform.
I mean, this guy is like Bill Clinton on steroids, and the average neocon out there listening to talk radio has totally been blinded by these lying talk show hosts.
And then a caveat to that is you hear about Ron Paul's speech saying the ultimate threat is the Trotskyite neocons.
Yeah, and I'm not sure I completely agree.
It's like the people who read Rodney Stitch's book on defrauding America and come to the conclusion that the CIA ran a coup and is running the government.
It isn't true.
The globalists really do run the government, and they run the neocons, and they run who are the theoretical CIA.
Oh, and obviously we're not saying the neocons are high-level puppets for a certain management team.
That's what Paul's saying.
Yeah, yeah, that's absolutely right.
I mean, we really don't have many or any defectors at all from the top levels.
We have no defectors from the second level, except maybe...
Quigley who wrote Tragedy and Hope and he wasn't really deep inside by any means but you know the...
The people like Strobe Talbot, Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, Lawrence Eagleberger.
You don't need defectors.
They just blabber it in your face.
Yeah, I mean, they're fairly open about this.
A few people like Richard Gardner have been very open about doing an end round around sovereignty.
Most of these people are a little more sophisticated.
They do cover for their hidden intentions, but they're right out there front promoting that.
I'll tell you another interesting experience I had proving that Kissinger is one of those.
When I was in Europe in the 90s, I overheard a radio interview with the new president of Spain, José María Aznar, and there Walter Cronkite in Spain was interviewing him in Spanish, and I understand Spanish, so I was listening to this live there, and he said, well, how is it that you as a nobody came to become president of Spain all of a sudden?
And he said, well...
The powers that be met with me and asked me if I would run.
And he says, what do you mean the powers that be?
And he said, well, you know, the labor union people and the various bankers and the political party people.
And this guy was incredulous.
The interviewer was not a knowing conspirator like Walter Cronkite was.
But was a bootlicker.
A naive liberal, but he said, what do you mean the powers that be?
He just went on and on about it.
This is incredible.
He couldn't believe or get over the fact that
That Osnar was being controlled by these people.
Oh, how unbelievable!
You mean those powerful men want power?
And that would bring and use a mild-mannered person to front for them.
That was the implication.
But what was even more revealing, after he got over his shock, he asked the president, he says, well, tell us what your first day was like as president of Spain.
And he said, well, my first appointment was with Henry Kissinger.
And Iñaki Gabilondo, the interviewer, just went off the wall and said, What do you mean, Henry Kissinger?
He doesn't speak Spanish.
He doesn't know anything about Spain.
What was he doing here talking to you?
And Osnar said, He was explaining to me how the world works.
I bet he was.
Well, exactly.
But let me break this down for folks.
Henry Kissinger commissioned and wrote the opening letter to the 1973 Order to the Third World that they didn't get any IMF or World Bank funds unless they forcibly sterilized half their women.
Now, folks, that's late-night horror movie stuff.
Think about that.
And they did it.
They went in, cut their uteruses out, cut their tubes, castrated men, millions in India, millions in Latin America.
And this is State Department-released, declassified in 1994.
We posted it on Infowars.com.
I've got Australian newspapers where they had plans to sterilize half the world with spray planes.
It is part of the problem.
Joel Skousen, that people can't handle the horror of what the New World Order really is?
Yeah, that really is, Alex.
You know, people really don't understand.
You know, they'll see a movie about exorcism and evil spirits and they think, well, that's just Hollywood.
They really don't understand that there really is real evil in the world and that people are capable of this.
I mean, they look and see that Hitler was capable of conspiracy and that Stalin was capable of conspiracy.
They don't believe that it can happen in the United States of America.
We're good to go.
And the path that they've been, because they've been promised things.
Orrin Hatch, for example, was first promised that he could run for president if he would be a lackey for them, and they gave him his chance when he had no chance of winning in this last election.
Now they've promised him if he would endorse Bush, that they'd give him a Supreme Court nomination.
That's yet to be fulfilled, but you watch and we'll see.
His name will probably be thrown in the office.
The guy comes out and says, I want to give more tuition to illegals than to citizens.
And by the way, I'm for gun control, and let's make Arnie president, and people, it's amazing.
Let's talk to H.W.
in Colorado.
Go ahead, H.W.
Hello, hello.
I'm a bear survivor of Dresden in Germany.
Kurt Weingart, Florida House 5, let's bring you more.
And I was in some time concerned with these powers in the world forcing evil.
And that whole story of Hitler just always made me mad to see the sick man because I suffered from it very much.
I just, with the so-called reunification of Germany, lost all my grandfather's inheritance.
It was about $400,000.
So, but a direct question to Joe Skousen.
Do you know that supposedly, and I was never able to verify it myself, but Kohl, you mentioned him in having given the speech in Belgium.
Thomas Kohl.
Thomas Kohl, yeah.
That his real name supposedly was Kuhn, K-U-H-N, which was the name of the company in New York, Kuhn and Company, which financed Hitler.
That's correct.
Kuhn and Loeb.
Kuhn and Loeb was very instrumental in the financing of Hitler.
And they called the Bushes Prescott.
Did you know that his real name supposedly was Kuhn?
Kohl's name was Kuhn?
I had not heard that.
I knew somebody in the Alsace, in the French part, Alsace-Lorraine area.
Yes, yes.
And I still could dig him up somewhere in the Belfort area, the southern part, close to the Alsace, to the Ballon d'Alsace.
That's a big mountain where they go.
He's financing Schwarzenegger.
They just love Nazis.
Any comments to that, Joel?
Well, you know, I'd be very reluctant to, you know, pin the Nazi label on Schwarzenegger.
He said he loves Hitler.
He said he admires Hitler.
He hangs out with Kurt Voltheim.
That's why I say that.
If I say I admire Hitler, Joel, you can say I'm a Nazi.
I understand, but what I'm just saying is that I just don't think there's any other evidence.
I think he is positioning himself to be a mild-mannered liberal conservative to pull on the people who need to be deceived in the United States.
Well, that's it.
Stay there.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Talking to Joel Skousen on our final segment with him.
We're getting back up on the show.
We've got Paul Joseph Watson the next hour.
Joel Skousen, what are solutions in this fight to stop the globalists from carrying this out, or if they do carry it out, protecting ourselves and our families?
Well, I think first and foremost we have to...
Make sure that the one word that they don't want us to use we must talk more about and get people convinced, and that is that there is an actual conspiracy to take down our liberties.
I think the most effective thing we can do is unmask the conservatives who are carrying water for the globalists like George Bush and help people to realize that they are not true conservatives.
And only speaking the words that make us... Well, that's what Ron Paul was saying.
That's right.
These Trojan horses are more dangerous than the out-in-the-open Ted Kennedys and Bill Clintons.
Conservatives can see through a Bill Clinton, but they cannot see through a George Bush, and that's our major goal that we've got to work on, the conservatives, to see a George Bush.
We're good to go.
Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places for How You Can Relocate.
And that's at joelskousen.com.
That's correct.
There's a link at infowars.com to joelskousen, J-O-E-L-S-K-O-U-S-E-N.com.
Or you also have your weekly World Affairs Brief, which is excellent, very discerning, very well researched with a great wealth of knowledge there backing up your analysis there.
How do folks get the World Affairs Brief?
The email edition, which is the preferred edition because it's so cheap, it's only $30 a year, is on my website.
You can take a look at that and see all of the archives from 2002 back on and samples.
If you don't have access to the web, give my office a call at the following number, area code 801-224-4746.
That's 801-224-4746.
All right, Joel, thank you so much, and I look forward to having you back up on the show.
All right, Alex, we'll do it.
Take care.
Well, I really respect Joel Scalzo and his work, and you heard him when he first came on out of the blue plug Road to Tyranny and say that it's excellent work exposing government-sponsored terrorism.
If we do not expose government-sponsored terrorism, and it's been going on for thousands of years,
That the government, bad guys, blow stuff up and then act like they're saving you and take your freedom.
It's the oldest trick in the book.
9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, both these films covered it.
My book, Ascent into Tyranny, covers it.
Paul Joseph Watson's new book that is incredible, Order Out of Chaos, a book that everybody should read.
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I mean, this is life or death, folks.
I'm looking at my family.
I'm looking around me.
I'm looking at people I care about.
I mean, this is...
Remember, I'm the guy that told you about 9-1-1 too much before it happened and said they're going to use Bin Laden to hit New York.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, we've got Paul Joseph Watson scheduled to be on the show, but we're having some phone problems.
Sorry, can't get in via calling either, unless you try.
Maybe you can.
But we've got a lot of news to cover, so maybe that's a good thing in a way.
Not that Paul can't be with us right now, but that he can take calls, because I've been going on and on here today.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
And let's jump right into some of the news we haven't gotten to as of yet.
Bush in talks to bolster U.N.
Security advisors discuss plan for Baghdad force.
President George Bush's top national security advisors yesterday held an urgent debate over whether to seek a new UN resolution backing an international stabilization force in the wake of Tuesday's devastating truck bomb attack on the UN headquarters in Iraq.
We're good to go.
To give the international community a greater say in the running Iraq return for a UN endorsement of foreign troop contributions.
This is all totally staged.
We're all in on it together.
They've allowed America to play the part of bad cop over there, while letting the EU and the UN play the part of good cop and look good as the third world and all the American-hating countries that are out there.
The globalists always finance both sides to get their aims.
They finance the Israelis.
They finance the Palestinians to continue killing each other.
They finance the Northern Ireland fighting between the Protestants and the Catholics.
That's documented.
They finance different African tribes killing each other.
They'll find a difference.
They'll focus in on it.
It's called divide and conquer.
And for every comment I've just made, there's volumes of documentation we've covered in mainly my three latest videos, Police State 3, Masses of Terror, and Road to Tyranny.
Chemical Ali captured.
I mentioned this earlier.
I don't buy it for a second.
Coalition troops in Iraq have captured one of Saddam Hussein's top generals, al-Hussein al-Majad, also known as Chemical Ali, U.S.
Central Command has confirmed.
Now, wait a minute.
They said they killed the Saddam sons, and they show us wax figurines, literally, that look nothing like the two decimated bodies they showed.
They claim they killed this guy two separate times.
They claim they killed the Saddam's son, Saddam, three separate times.
Now they've captured chemical law elites like Goldstein.
1984 just keeps coming back to be the boogeyman.
The U.S.
military said Al-Mujad, number five on the United States list of 55 most wanted Iraqis, was in custody of coalition forces but gave no further details about his capture.
An unnamed U.S.
defense official told the French news agency AFP that the Iraq general appeared to be alive and well.
Al-Mujad is a cousin of the deposed Iraqi leader and is notorious for his role in the gas attacks.
On the Kurds in northern Iraq, we have the former head of Reagan's CIA advisory panel who says it's a new world order, and he's going public on the air, Mr. McNamara.
And he also went in, not the other McNamara you know of, the other one, folks.
And he went into how it was the Iranians that were nerve-gassing the Kurds.
Now, I'm not defending Saddam Hussein.
He was a horrible CIA puppet, but this is all lies.
He's also accused of playing a leading role in the bombing of the Marsh Arabs in southern Iraq.
And it says the BBC's Jonathan Heade in Baghdad says that Al-Mujaddi is one of the men the U.S.
has said it wants to put on trial for alleged war crimes.
Al-Mujaddi has been reported killed at the start of the war in Iraq.
Pollution troops failed to find his body.
BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner says his capture will raise hopes that his interrogation will soon lead to the arrest of Saddam Hussein himself.
His capture follows that of a former Iraqi vice president, Teha Yassin Rahmanian, on Monday.
I mean, if they do have him, they probably had him in custody since day one.
According to the foreign reports, they flew Saddam out on a jet.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my
That's 888-253-3139.
Order today and spread the word.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Now in the shower, we'll have time to take more of your calls.
We've got Paul Joseph Watson, who does a lot of great work analyzing the criminal activities of the global elite.
Joining us is also the author of the new book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite-Sponsored Terrorism and the New World Order.
Paul, you've done a great job on PrisonPlanet.com that you webmastered today, doing flashbacks to how Ashcroft publicly last week ordered U.S.
attorneys to have states manage town halls.
With government employees in there as the minions asking the questions with local police lined up behind him saluting.
Now we've seen those staged events taking place.
Now he's done a 180.
Okay, it is to fight drugs and crime, but that's good.
So I guess those phantoms of lost liberty turned out to be true.
Your take on the Patriot Act 2 now morphing part of it into the Victory Act.
There's just more and more of these amoebas dividing off the host.
Well, that's right, Ike.
I mean, we can preface this.
I've actually got a clip.
From your video, Police State 3 Total Enslavement, where Ashcroft publicly states that there is no Terrorist Act 2, and that was from just six months ago, so we can go ahead and play that now if that's okay.
Sure, and this is after it's introduced.
This is after it's introduced, enrolled in the Senate, months after he's saying there's no such thing, you're aiding terrorists if you say this.
Go ahead and play it.
Here's Lord Ashcroft.
Senator, with your permission, I'd like to respond to the suggestion that there is a Patriot Act 2.
When individuals indicate to you that if there is a proposal, we'll confer with you, I believe they are right.
There is not a proposed Patriot Act 2.
I don't know.
Paul's playing it off the tape, and somehow it's feeding back in the telephone and doing that heterodyne noise.
So we'll try to figure... From England!
Paul, were you able to hear that?
Police State 3.
Yeah, it's playing fine for me, but obviously not on the other end.
I wonder what's doing that.
Were you just putting the phone up to the speaker?
Mark, any ideas of what's going on with that?
Yeah, you might have had it up too loud.
Try to not have it up so high.
Try it again.
There is no proposed terrorist act, too.
I mean, he said it all over TV.
Everybody saw it.
But go ahead and try it again, Paul.
Okay, I'm going to get to the exact spot.
Imagine what ABC News could do if they wanted to expose him as a liar.
But no, we have to do it here with two tin cans and a wire tie between them from here to the Atlantic.
...a narrow class of individuals, terror citizens...
Yeah, and then we can go into the actual spin coming out at the moment with the Victory Act.
I'll try it again with volume.
Okay, go ahead.
Let's see.
Slightly turned down.
Here we go, ladies and gentlemen.
Senator, with your permission, I'd like to respond to the suggestion that there is a Patriot Act II.
When individuals indicate to you that if there is a proposal, we'll confer with you, I believe they are right.
There is not a proposed terrorist act 2 from the Justice Department.
Okay, that's good.
Now, there's a bill signed into the legislative control sheet January 7th, introduced in the Senate January 10th, and they're saying it doesn't exist.
Paul, that's ridiculous.
Well, yeah, and we've got a plush of articles out today.
The main spin that I see emerging from the media today about the Victory Act revolves around the somewhat naive assumption that it has no chance of passing, and while this may be the case at present, and that's what I was talking about in these articles, obviously just one government-sponsored act of terrorism, and all that goes out the window, you know.
Pandora's box is opened, and you've mentioned many times, Alex, about how the drug war is in fact increasing the amount of drugs on our streets, and we have the irony of the Victory Act being justified because of, quote, recently noted connections between terrorist organisations and drug cartels, and the ironic thing is that the kingpin of that very synthesis is
We're good to go.
Of Afghanistan returning as the biggest opium and heroin outlet in the world, comprising around about 70% of all trade.
And right now your 12-year-old daughter is trying smack for the first time.
Yeah, just by coincidence, we've had numerous articles out of both Britain and America talking about how heroin is flooding the streets of London and New York at record levels, and so...
We know the government has no intention of curbing the drug trade because it runs the drug trade.
And in light of the massive backlash after the Domestic Justice Enhancement Act was leaked, their tactic, from what I can see, is obviously to pass this Victory Act by piecemeal with things like
Why do you think they're calling it the Victory Act right out of 1984 or Homeland Security?
Why are they using all these purely command and control authoritarian terms?
Well, obviously, we've got Orwell's Victory Gin and Victory Cigarettes, but
More than just throwing it in our faces, it is obviously a form of communication because, I mean, when you're trying to manipulate the world, obviously communication between all the different levels is difficult on an individual basis.
So you have to have a mass communication signal whereby all the minions know exactly how to follow their orders.
So in the fact that these things are named Victory Acts and Homeland Security is that signal that they are key elements
Do you buy it for the minute that they've captured Chemical Ali?
I mean, first they said they killed this guy, and now they've captured him, and they already showed us the two Saddam sons, the wax figures, literally.
In fact, we're going to put an archive up on Prison Planet soon, and we can relate this back to the so-called War on Terrorism prize trophy captures of Sheikh Mohammed and a character called Ramzi bin al-Shib, both so-called high-level al-Qaeda members.
And you'll notice that you've heard nothing about the trial of Zakarius Mousoui recently, because he asked Ramzi bin al-Shib to be called to testify at his trial.
And said that he was a CIA asset, and they've caught a bunch of other so-called terrorists, and then it came out in the news that these are staged arrests bringing CIA agents back in.
Staged arrests, yes, and the government's scrambling to prevent Ramzi bin al-Shib from being brought forth to testify because...
We're good to go.
The vast majority of these arrests are, in fact, staged to give the... Yeah, all they do is show you a picture and go, look, we killed them, we're winning the war.
I mean, it's absolutely amazing.
When do you think we'll see another globalist terror attack, Paul?
The moment, I think, after the election, but with the whole Mars occult symbology thing, something may happen sooner.
For those that don't know, Paul and myself don't believe in astrology or Mars, but...
It's interesting watching it because when it started, the immediate network spin on all the TV channels
We're good to go.
Yeah, I've seen the reports of that and weird electrical disturbances and that Homeland Security in your face says, oh, it's a test.
I saw on your website a
A article from the Memory Hole where, and I've seen them do this, where they change transcripts, they change stuff, but also they change the headline off the White House website where it said, Bush announces an end to military operations.
Now it announces an end to major military operations.
Yeah, and we've got that posted on prisonplanet.com today from the Memory Hole website.
And in every major government website, they've changed the headline.
President Bush announces combat operations in Iraq have ended, which was the previous headline.
Now every single version is changed, inserting the word major straight out of Winston's Ministry of Truth.
Well, also, I remember we aired it on the show.
It was on video.
A few foreign agencies had it as staged, but Bush said to one of the reporters that's been asking him tough questions, hey, this is staged in the lab center.
And to show how staged it was, Fox, CNN, London Guardian, everybody had Bush saying, this isn't staged.
So, I mean, they really are going in now and editing things out of old news articles.
Folks, that is 1984.
Go ahead.
Yes, Winston's Ministry of Truth all over.
And obviously the situation in Iraq with all the troop casualties has caused them to insert that word major.
And it's in every single government website has been changed.
Stay right there.
We'll talk to Michael in Illinois and others.
And I want to get into a bunch of other news.
We keep throwing these articles out at Paul Watson and you.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Something Paul did today on prisonplanet.com is he went back and got that video image of Bush in St.
Louis at the Made in America rally where nothing was made in America, where they'd stenciled in big black letters, Made in USA.
Up behind him, randomly on boxes, and they admitted later they lied and committed a felony, but no one will be charged, of course, by spray-painting that.
If you or I did it, we'd be charged falsely labeling where something's from as a federal law.
But again, the laws are for us, not for the emperors and their corrupt big government minions.
Right after that, in Indiana, in Indianapolis, Bush came.
Secret Service announced everyone had to take their ties off, not for security, but because the PR people wanted it to look like the general public.
I mean, see, it's about image, and Clinton did this, Bush does it to an even greater extent, but you notice the neocons don't talk about how things are staged when it's Bush, do they, Paul?
Well, that's correct.
And even when Bush visited Liberia, all the residents, the poor residents, were told to leave the area.
And some, in fact, were thrown out of their own houses because they didn't reflect the kind of image, you know, because they represented the squalor of the country.
And that was all over African TV.
Delta Force and Secret Service rounded up thousands and put people in sports stadiums.
Yeah, basically temporary detention facilities because they didn't reflect the image that Bush or Bush's handlers wanted to portray.
Yeah, Bush doesn't want to be mixed in with a bunch of poor, AIDS-infested, via UN biological attacks, Africans.
Yeah, today on this very topic we've posted the AP wire photo which shows Ashcroft being saluted by police officers who look more like military with the sort of uniforms they're wearing before one of his Patriot Act speeches.
And this of course was planned in advance.
We had the article and the police officers were ordered to wear these military style uniforms and salute the Fuhrer as is depicted in the photograph.
We had the Newsweek article posted just a few days ago, which also talks about how the 94 attorneys were told to write editorials in the major newspapers, lauding the virtues of Ashcroft and the Patriot Act.
So it's a desperate lunge by the government, as they so often use in these sort of PR stunts.
And this is, of course, in the face of the recent bill in Congress to curtail the funding of the sneak and peek provision of the Patriot Act.
And for those that don't know, I'm writing an analysis of the Victory Act, but basically it's a bunch of stuff that's in Patriot Act 2 and then a repeat of Patriot Act 1 stuff.
I guess they want multiple bills passed in case other stuff gets repealed.
It duplicates a lot of stuff, but it has some new things in it
Because before it just said any crime.
Any moron can read that.
It says any crime in Section 802, but people still didn't get it.
In this, they specifically say drug dealing or drug possession, narco-terrorism that meshes with the ads they've been running that say if you smoke marijuana, you help al-Qaeda, you're going to be treated as a terrorist.
So this is the new system, folks.
When they have the nerve to ship the trash in,
It's just amazing.
Mike in Illinois, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, Paul.
Both you guys keep up the good work and the creator's work.
Alex, I wanted to thank you for giving the Native American news that you'll never hear anywhere else about the Navajos and the uranium and the oil.
Yeah, and I should have spent an hour on that, and I spent about two minutes, but they admittedly said they're Navajo.
Tell them they can only have jobs out here in the desert in this uranium plant.
Don't give them any gas masks.
While the foreman wore a mask, and everybody gets the cancer.
Ha, ha, ha, isn't that nice?
Yeah, well, in today's paper, they also talk about them exploiting their oil and other natural resources.
Previously, you had told about the Shoshones with the gold being stolen from them, and it's just... And the CPS has been given just... I mean, even Shoshone cops have their kids taken for no reason.
I mean, it's just...
Well, if people want to see what the government can do, just look at the reservations.
And Pine Ridge, South Dakota is the poorest community in the U.S.
Yeah, that's it.
You want to know, look, the plantation system, that's all the reservation is.
And it's relocation, folks.
Paul Watson, any comments?
Well yeah the point is they always beta test the systems of enslavement on the lower level disenfranchised populations.
I mean people will recall from history we had the smallpox blankets with the Tuskegee experiment in the 1930s so it's important to emphasise that this is a war against basically every single facet of society.
Exactly, and they beta test it always on the minority.
Thanks for the call.
Oh, you want to say something else, Mike?
A few points, but I don't know, maybe I can even talk with you off the air, but the most important thing I called about is the Manhattan Diamond dealer that was charged with bringing in that shoulder-fired missile.
Yeah, notice the Mossad connection.
Oh, Mossad.
Yehudi Abraham is his name.
Well, I'll tell you what, stay there.
Just stay there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I want to ask Paul Joseph Watson and Mike in Illinois and the other callers to be patient here for just a few minutes.
Then we'll get into Supreme Court rejects last-minute Alabama Chief Justice appeal.
CIA's first post-911 spy class graduates.
Truant sheriff admits slapping suspects.
I got a bunch of other police state news.
CIA accused of bank heist.
Haven't gotten to that yet.
Just a ton of news.
We're going to blitz through real quick.
To see it all, just go to prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
But before we go back to Paul Watson and to the callers, I want to bring up for five minutes Jim Shepard from New Millennium Concepts.
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Just last week you were on, Jim.
You talked about that big CBC article out of Canada where the former guy that got things fluoridated, the big scientist, says he was wrong.
He's redone his research, that the fluoride is very dangerous, that it's a byproduct of toxic waste, that it's got other stuff in it.
I mean, folks, after World War II, they had all this fluoride from the aluminum plants.
They had spills in the Mississippi that caused giant fish dyes, poisoned whole towns.
Same thing's happened in communist China from their plants.
So now they take it and put small amounts in the water.
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There's a lot of other garbage in the water.
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Any other comments, Jim?
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Thanks a lot, Jim.
All right.
And if you call and it's busy, call back.
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Going back to Paul Watson.
Paul, there's so many facets to the New World Order.
I was talking last hour with Cleon Skelton about Cleon, not Cleon, that was his relative, Joel Skelton, about, Cleon Skelton wrote The Naked Communist, The Naked Capitalist.
So many different areas of this, but people just don't want to face the horror that there are bad people out there.
Why do you think so many people just keep their head in the sand?
It's obvious that most people are decent people, by and large, though they don't dare think for a minute that anyone would commit such acts of barbarity to carry out such an agenda.
And yet we see the same system unfolding day to day.
And many people ask, I mean, we've outlined the agenda of the New World Order many times, but
A lot of people are interested in the actual structure of it and who is behind it.
I mean, this crops up over and over again and we need to specify it.
And I tend to agree with people like Tatiana Koryagina, you know, the top economist in Russia who predicted September 11th.
And the names that we're familiar with in relation to the New World Order, like Skull and Bones and Freemasons,
Are still powerful at the known levels of manipulation, but the groups at the very top of the ladder are still in basic, complete darkness.
And she named a group called Dead Head, and nobody knows anything about that.
And she also talked about the Church of Scientology that was having success in infiltrating its members into powerful positions.
Basically, whether it's the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300, Bilderberg Group, major religious organizations, the top couple hundred people are all in all the other groups.
Yeah, and you were talking about how people can't face the reality of it, and the method that they use is making the irrational seem rational, so all this tyranny seems just a natural unfolding of the course of events.
No, they just calmly announce, yeah, we'll all be putting microchips in you soon, and yeah, we're going to surveil you and look through your walls, but it's good, and look at this kook who's against it.
Yeah, and then you read into the actual doctrines of groups like the Church of Scientology, and the very way that they brainwash their own members ties in with this...
You know, this disenfranchisement about how people can't face the system.
The Church of Scientology, the way they brainwash their own members, they bring the subconscious mind to the forefront, making, as I said, the irrational seem rational.
So this seems to be exactly what television at the moment is doing to us to condition people to accept the New World Order, bombarding us with shock to greater and greater levels.
And it has a literal effect on the mind of turning us into basically psychopaths, making us immune to basic vulgarity.
Well, that's it.
We're being conditioned by the sex and the drugs and the abuse and the murder and the insanity.
And so when the government really does it out in the open for real, we just go, yeah, I'm conditioned to that.
So as soon as you turn off the television, you see the world in a totally different light.
Folks, in fact, this morning I was watching some of it trying to catch Patriot Act stuff, and please tape it for me, folks.
Just do me this favor so I don't have to specifically wade through a bunch of it.
I've only watched four or five hours of TV now in the last five, six weeks.
I mean, I never watch it, Paul, and I feel so good.
Yeah, it's probably a good idea because then...
The very purpose of television is to subordinate your own mind to believe that what is unfolding on the screen is reality because there's a...
They call it suspended disbelief or literally being mesmerized.
When you go to a movie and you're on board the deck of that ship or that spacecraft or you're in that fight, you've had suspended disbelief.
The mind was designed by God to look at
The surface of things and see it as reality.
You see the apple as red and in the tree.
So they show you these images, and whether you consciously know it's not real, still it has the overriding effect of being real to your subconscious.
So then people turn on the sitcoms and see that anyone who opposes a, quote, New World Order is an anti-government extremist attempting to overthrow the government.
So it's no surprise to have a rash of these sitcoms that condition us that anyone who believes in the New World Order is in fact a dangerous... Yeah, I got a bunch of emails about it.
I didn't see it.
Law and Order last night.
The evil militia is going to blow everything up.
They're with the terrorists.
Yeah, I've actually posted an article on...
And then we ignore Bush vacationing and founding his company with the Bin Ladens and funding Osama Bin Laden and him being in a U.S.
hospital and the government, BCCI, just ignore all that.
Let's let Mike in Illinois finish up.
Oh, thanks, Alex.
Go ahead, Mike.
It's so multi-level, it's so devious, it's so evil.
We just have to say no to neocons.
But that's their industry.
The globalists will say, well, it's so big, and it's generational.
They pass it on generationally, and it grows like an institution, like a university.
I'm sure they give themselves a divine right.
But they're just so evil.
But I just wanted to make sure that people were aware of this soldier-fired missile situation.
This fellow is a Manhattan diamond dealer named Yehuda Abraham.
The Manhattan diamond dealers are exclusively ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jews, and they would absolutely have no track with any Arabs.
So, you know, you talk about the Mossad connection.
This is very, very deep.
Well, you know, I do have a Reuters story on that, and this is all staged.
What they do is they go up to people, whether they're Jews or Gentiles or whatever, and they go, here, I want to sell you a truck full of Oz rockets.
It's the oldest trick in the book.
And then you say, no way.
But if you say, yeah, maybe, that'd be kind of boom!
You know, the cherries go on, and the cops got you on the ground.
Stomp it on your head, and it's all the news.
He was planning to murder everyone.
Also, you know, with Mars coming into view here, there's a fellow that's very informed on the occult importance of celestial events.
His name is Richard Hoagland, H-O-U-G-L-A-N-D, and he's at Enterprise.com.
Yeah, I know who he is.
I really don't get into all that stuff.
I know, but, I mean, that, again, is so multileveled and so evil and so generational.
God, it's just so much to keep up with.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Let me just say this.
Paul, the new book, Order Out of Chaos, and we'll get back into the other news stories.
The new book, Order Out of Chaos, you have a chapter, and this has been in the mainstream news, you know, BBC, Kansas City Star, Wired Magazine,
Well, yeah, the chapter itself is called Counterfeit Foe, the Ultimate Hegelian Dialectic.
And it goes into how...
People like, obviously, the Rothschilds, Lawrence and the Rockefellers.
Actually, Lawrence Rockefeller met with Clinton in the early 90s, and actually I've got a picture on my website where he's meeting with Dick Cheney to propose something called the Matrix of UFO Belief Studies.
You've got the book, him meeting with the Rothschilds, just like Schwarzenegger.
Yeah, Spielberg was actually invited to a secure US military base where they said to him that you have to make, and this was a basic demand because we know Spielberg is a member of the Bilderberg Group, they demanded that he make a film about an astrological threat.
And one year later we saw on our movie screens Deep Impact.
And so we have Spielberg meeting with top military officials at secure US military bases and the member of the Bilderberg Group attended the 1999 meeting in Portugal.
And then we have Rockefeller's Rothschild, both Clinton and Bush administrations involved in pushing this whole paradigm where this phony alien threat is set to be introduced in the near future.
And then on top of it, we see how it's okay on the X-Files to have that, then mix in the CFR FEMA, that when somebody hears us talk about it, we're discredited.
That's what News of the World does.
You know, Batboy next to, oh, this family wants to take chips.
The chip story's real.
Batboy isn't.
Same thing with the overnight talk shows.
I mean, this is a formula to discredit real information.
And then we have the things which are also mentioned in newspapers like
You know, the World Daily News, the National Enquirer, those sort of false newspapers, including things like the Alien Autopsy, which came out in 95.
I mean, most of your listeners will remember the pictures that were published of this so-called alien after an autopsy released by Ray Santilli.
And we go back to that and we can trace it again back to Steven Spielberg.
It was a movie creation, basically.
So we see the same actors involved in...
Proposing this phony UFO belief.
It's scary, and Henry Kissinger and Ronald Reagan all said it.
Ronald Reagan said, from outer space, from beyond, and you've got all that in the book.
I know you've played that clip on air before.
People want Order Out of Chaos, elite-sponsored terror in the New World Order.
It gets into September 11th, British intelligence terror.
It's a great book, 330-something pages long, $19.95.
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This Order Out of Chaos is a very insightful book.
And I know Tex Marr just wrote it and said he thinks it's very insightful.
He's thinking about carrying it.
Paul, just to let you know here on the air.
It's, again, a great book.
Folks, you need to have it.
We published it.
You need to get it.
And I would also add to this, folks, another plug here, and we'll come back and hit some final top news stories and get Paul's take on it.
I've decided to do it.
I'm going to do my radio show live on September 11th.
I'm going to get in the car.
I'm going to drive to Houston where they want me to show Road to Tyranny at the Alamo Drafthouse.
Big new, eight screen.
I'm going to be in the big 300-person theater.
I'm going to speak for 30 minutes.
I'm actually going to prepare a speech.
We're going to show Road to Tyranny.
Then we're going to show THX 1138, the George Lucas film.
Another elite film, Academy Award winning with Robert Duvall that really throws it in your face.
So that's September 11th, Houston, Texas, Alamo Drafthouse, movie theater.
I'm going to do that.
Really should have had a rally or protest or something to say the government carried out 9-1-1, but we'll do that.
We'll do that after.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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That's right, folks.
I'll be in Houston, Texas at the Alamo Grouch House in their big theater on September 11th.
Kind of short notice, only about 19 days or so to promote it, but I hope you tell everybody about it and
By tonight, we'll have something up on InfoWars.com for folks that want to come.
I don't know if it's going to sell out like the last few times it did in Austin, but $7 for a double feature for THX 1138 in Road to Tyranny.
So that's going to be a good deal to wake people up.
And so I look forward to seeing folks out there September 11th.
Paul, this whole Supreme Court situation, I mean, they're destroying the basis of the Magna Carta and with our Constitution and Bill of Rights here, saying they've got to take down the Ten Commandments.
Your response to that going on and the Republican-appointed Supreme Court saying they're not going to help Judge Roy Moore?
Well, I mean, I remember listening to your show last week and you had a few calls saying that we weren't discussing this too much, but we actually posted a... One of our Prison Planet contributors wrote an article about this just a few days ago, and it states basically that the whole situation revolves around the fact that Moore is acting within the constitution of the state of Alabama, which he obviously took an oath to support, and so...
The First Amendment to the U.S.
Constitution, as you mentioned, prohibits the federal government from interfering in these matters, anything related to them.
But it's a federal judge saying take it down.
Yeah, the Constitution actually guarantees more than everyone else's freedom in this regard.
So again, it's a total violation of the Constitution.
It is.
And then I see neocons grandstanding on this issue, which is a good issue, but then not blaming Bush for it.
It's horrible.
So that's amazing.
That's what's made me mad.
Did you hear about CIA accused of bank heist from International Currency Review?
The CIA and others are sucking out of Iraq banks when they first took over.
Ten billion in U.S.
and Euros, and no one knows where it went.
And this is all documented right here.
What do you think of that, Paul?
I didn't actually see that article, but we know it's...
We've got an article on Prison Planet today where all the lower-level executives of people like BP and Chevro Oil and Amoco were already in place immediately after the war started, and we've got an article on that today called To the Victor Goes the Oil from Guerrilla News Network.
Now, did you hear about Jordan Seeks to Levi's Arrest Interpol Bulks?
World Tribune, in her poll, has rejected a Jordanian request for a warrant for the arrest of Iraqi opposition leader.
Jordanian officials to the International Police Agency refused to process a arrest warrant submitted by the kingdom for Ahmad Chalibi, or Chalibi is the leader of the pro-U.S.-Iraq National Council.
Chalibi was accused of stealing $300 million.
He was also a top captain in the torture squads of the Shah.
Isn't this a nice fellow?
Very nice, and I mean, this sort of thing was coming out even right before the war started, and you'll remember that Shalibi was in fact one of the instigators behind the several staged incidents that we saw right at the end of the war, or the declared end of the war.
Yeah, it'd be Shalibi and ten guys jumping around on camera in the north and the south, they'd go, look, they're celebrating, it'd be Shalibi and a few others, and then cutting down the statue, Shalibi...
Yeah, and then you notice the coverage of the close-up shots of the statue.
They were always close-up shots.
And then whenever the elevator camera started to pan back, the view would switch to another camera.
And so the perception of the large mass of liberated Iraqis was portrayed right across the world.
Yeah, but the point is, folks, whether you're for the war or not, they're lying to you.
They're lying to you.
They're staging things.
They're taking your liberties.
Paul, thanks for coming on the show and thanks for doing a great job with Order Out of Chaos.
I hope folks visit the site or call the number to get it.
We're out of time.
Take care, my friend.
All the callers, to the affiliates, the listeners, to the folks that run the show, to the sponsors, God bless you all.
Have a great Thursday.
And we'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central.
At night, we're on global shortwave at 5.085 and 6890, and during the day at 12.172 and 9320.
And on your AM and FM dial.
Take care!