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Air Date: Aug. 20, 2003
2230 lines.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
A lot is happening.
The power systems around the world crashing.
Red's going down.
Governmental and corporate private computer systems being attacked by multiple viruses, followed up by further attacks of multiple viruses.
We have bombings in Israel, bombings in Baghdad, hawk of massive terrorist attacks here in the United States.
And the government has designed this giant police state control grid and they're using all of these threats to create insecurity and then they give you the answer to your anxiety.
Big government giving up your liberty.
Ashcroft has now kicked off his campaign because he's desperate because the Patriot Act has become kitchen table talk and Americans across the political spectrum are waking up to the horrors
We're good to go.
If you've seen some propaganda on the news or more likely in a sitcom or in a movie or in a newspaper, give us a call.
Expose it on air.
And I will go to the calls 20 minutes into this show.
By the third segment of this show, I will start going to your calls.
Israel blasts, suspends talks, but we've tracked the history of the bombings there, and Mossad founded Hamas to create crises so they can keep the police state going.
Again, both sides are controlled by the New World Order, the Palestinians and the Israelis.
This is out of Islam Online.
Reuters cameraman killed for filming U.S.
graves, brother says.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's coming up.
We'll get into some of his statements.
Also, new fast-spreading sorbid worm adds to worm week.
Computer glitch halts New Zealand stock market trading.
World makes and wakes up to a new virus.
Again, the globalists are behind this, folks.
They've been behind it many times in the past.
Also, CNN says bracing for guerrilla warfare in cyberspace.
They say we're already under attack.
The electronic Pearl Harbor has already begun, but don't worry.
By surveilling us and taxing the Internet and running our lives, everything will be fine.
Oops, wrong weapon.
Bullets instead of shock.
The national trend of police killing people with their lethal guns...
And then claiming, oh, I thought it was my non-lethal weapon.
We'll talk about how non-lethal weapons are really trained, are really there to train police how to kill people, how to go ahead and to preemptively, without provocation, to shoot you.
All this stuff of giving the guys in the black uniforms rubber bullets and flashbangs and all this, that's just for training for later to mow people down.
By the way, I have their own training manuals.
But the police are mad.
Police outrage over demand for their DNA.
They want to make you give yours, but not them.
They're for a universal database for the citizens, the slaves, but not for themselves.
So we'll get to that.
Look, I haven't even scratched the surface.
Big first hour.
Stay with us.
It's online at infowars.com.
We'll be right back.
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The broadcast is sent out via the AM and FM dial on a growing list of stations that care about America and want to tell the truth and believe that being a constitutionalist and being a real conservative is more important to their family's futures than being a big government anti-gun, open border promoting neocon.
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And yes, the websites are Infowars.net, Infowars.com, and PrisonPlanet.com, all excellent websites.
Check them out today.
And much of what we cover on the show is posted from multiple sources from around the world, mainstream, alternative, government documents, bills, transcripts, streaming audio, video, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
We make some amazing claims on this show, but when you know history, they're not amazing.
They're sad because they're true.
It's painful.
It's scary.
But it's even scarier to know what's going on and do nothing to stand up and fight against the corrupt powers that be, the organized criminal crime syndicate that is the New World Order, that owns Madison Avenue and Wall Street, that controls the spin machines, that is selling us feudalism, dehumanization, slavery.
If you don't know what surfdom or feudalism is, you need to go to the dictionary or encyclopedia.
Read it.
Look around you today.
You'll understand what we're facing.
A nightmarish Orwellian system is upon us.
It's not coming.
It's here.
It's what degree of hot water will we accept?
Top U.N.
official among dead in Baghdad blast.
The head envoy for the United Nations died yesterday when a powerful truck bomb ripped apart the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, killing at least 15 people, including the U.N.'
's top official in Iraq.
official confirmed that Sergio Del Mello, the U.N.
Senior U.N.
Secretary General's special representative to Iraq, had died after being trapped beneath the rubble of the U.N.
Mr. Del Mello's office appeared to have been the target of the bombing.
staff work at the compound, a former hotel in eastern Baghdad.
Hundreds of U.N.
A U.N.
worker in Baghdad told the Associated Press that he had counted 15 white body bags taken from the collapsed building.
At least 40 people were injured.
Now they're saying more dead.
We don't know the actual number, but it's above 15.
The explosion was caused by a massive truck bomb.
And it goes on.
We have evidence to suggest it could have been a suicide attack.
Bernard Kirk, the top U.S.
law enforcement official in Baghdad, told reporters...
Man, I tell you, Uday Adad, an Iraq security guard at the building, said, I was standing at the gate when it exploded.
Many Iraqis and foreigners were wounded, he told Reuters.
He had pulled three bodies from the rubble himself.
Suddenly there was an explosion and everything fell down.
There were lots of people inside because no one had gone home yet, a U.N.
employee told the Associated Press.
I am looking at an image of the blast and aftermath of the explosion at the UN headquarters in Baghdad.
And it doesn't look like it's that big from these images in the video I've seen.
But who knows?
I know that the Globalist carried out September 11th.
I know they carried out the first World Trade Center bombing where they cooked the bomb and trained the driver, the FBI did.
I know that they also carried out a lot of other different operations.
We've confirmed here on air
We know that we have official documents that call for carrying out terror, bombing ships, bombing buildings, hijacking jets by remote control full of passengers, committing sniper attacks, how to then blame that on enemies.
That's an official U.S.
government document.
We know Roosevelt ordered 7,000-plus civilians to be left in the Philippines for political effect so the Japanese could capture them.
That's now admitted, signed by Roosevelt.
We have hundreds of these examples.
MI5, MI6 have been caught blowing stuff up in England and outside England to blame it on their enemies.
It's clear the British government carried out the Bali bombing with the FBI last year.
That came out in mainstream papers.
The FBI told the Taiwanese not to warn the government in Bali.
I could go on and on for hours, and we have.
I've made two films on the subject of government-sponsored terror.
I've written a book about it.
I've published another great book that Paul Joseph Watson wrote, Order Out of Chaos, which, by the way, is brand new, just been out for a week.
I mean, really, I could spend every day just covering government-sponsored terrorism, take one case of it and spend three hours on it.
So I see this bombing in Baghdad.
I try to look at who stands to gain
The globalists said early on that they wanted to keep the occupation of Iraq going years before they invaded.
It would be a five-year occupation due to insurgents and resistance.
And that they need to do that so that the people don't call for, hey, you haven't appointed people to set up a real election.
You haven't had an election.
Instead, you've just appointed people to be the regional governors.
And see, now they don't have to do that.
I mean, they don't care if soldiers die every day.
They said bring them on.
No, they're draft-dodging chicken hawks.
Why do they care?
And so, look, a lot of Americans will say, yeah, we can't back out of a fight.
Let's just stay in Iraq.
So they don't care if stuff's getting blown up and Americans are dying because they need to have the illusion of a quagmire.
Number one is a big distraction and diversion.
Number two, so that there's no call for putting in a legitimate government.
Instead, they've taken former secret police out of the Shaw's dictatorship and put them in charge of the major cities who are now engaged in looting and raping and killing and drug dealing, and that's all admitted now, and torture and the rest of it.
So people say support the troops.
Well, I do support the troops.
They shouldn't be there.
They shouldn't be doing this.
This is unconstitutional.
War was not declared.
This is a big cash machine for the bankers.
And some say, well, wait a minute.
Alex, you're saying that they want to have troops getting killed as a diversion and to keep this thing going for as long as possible to have the excuse not to have a legitimate government that's elected by the Iraqi people.
Well, wait a minute, Alex.
This is hurting Bush.
This is hurting Republicans.
This is... Well, the globalists are bigger than that.
They burn Bill Clinton.
They burn George Bush politically.
They build him up, tear him down.
They're puppets.
It's theater.
It's like the U.N.
being against the war.
No, they weren't against the war.
They were for occupation or either Iraq accepted occupation and another 12 years of having their oil stolen...
Or the bad cop comes and gets you.
When the big banks that own America are in Europe that were ordering the war.
And now the U.N.
plays the part of the good cop and now playing the part of the little martyrs.
So there's a lot of other key pieces of information, but just think about it for yourself and look at all the evidence.
I don't know who's carrying out these bombings, this latest spat.
But I do know that evidence has come out on this network and come out in the news.
That the U.S.
government, that is, elements of it, were carrying out the oil field fires in the first Gulf War, which actually boosted oil prices and helped the oil companies make record profits.
And look what we're seeing now.
All over Arizona, they can't get fuel, they can't get gas.
We've got power outages over the Northeast.
We've got
Incredible gas prices that haven't gone down in years.
They just stay high now.
We're being sucked on.
We're being built.
We're being bled.
And it's horrible.
And there's been another blast.
The Israel blast suspends talks.
Israel has cut off contacts with Palestinian officials following a suicide bus blast in the heart of Jerusalem, which killed 20 Israelis and injured up to 100.
Israel's foreign minister official, Yothan Heald, announced the suspension of talks on the handover of West Bank towns to Palestinian control after Tuesday's bombing.
The ministry said Israel would also reimpose a total military closure of West Bank towns, allowing no one in or out.
According to Israeli radio reports, police have arrested 17 Palestinians suspected of being Hamas activists, including several of the bombers' relatives.
Palestinian security forces have also been ordered to arrest others linked to the bombing.
Palestinian Minister of Information Nabil Amar said, Israel, and Haratz reported yesterday, I never got to this yesterday, but it's on Infowars.com.
Haratz, the big national paper of Israel, admitted the horrible torture.
I think we're good to go.
And from her rots in UPI and Jerusalem Post and media bypass, so Jewish papers, U.S.
News Services, conservative news services, I mean, the whole gamut have reported that Israel was caught multiple times in the last 30 years, well, since 1974, 29 years.
Setting up Hamas, and even just last year, going and torturing young Palestinians who never were involved in bombings, ordering them to carry out shootings and bombings, and then letting them escape.
Now, that's Haratz, folks, okay?
I don't want to get an email that it's anti-Semitic because I just talked about Israel carrying out bombings.
This has been in the news in Jewish newspapers.
I was just talking about the British carrying out bombings.
I was just talking about the U.S.
government carrying out bombings.
This is what governments do, and we won't stand against corrupt governments.
So I don't know what's going on with this latest bombing.
We just know who's been caught doing it in the past.
Are there...
Wannabes that are copycatting that are Palestinian?
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We're good to go.
All right, folks, your calls are coming up.
We've discussed any news item we haven't covered, any piece of propaganda that you've witnessed on television or in the newspaper.
The toll-free number to join us on this live Wednesday edition of the World Wide Broadcast is 1-800-992-31.
That's 800-259-9231, and we'll get you up and on the air.
Israel blasts suspense talks.
Oh, see, and now Israel can continue building its armored wall and continue shooting reporters and children, and the Palestinians can continue shooting and killing children and military and blowing things up.
And it just continues.
Everybody gets their funding now.
And the police state, the big government, the military state, gets to stay in power.
And freedom of speech gets to be censored.
Reuters cameraman killed for filming U.S.
graves says brother.
The brother of Reuters cameraman says,
He said he was deliberately murdered for discovering mass graves of U.S.
troops killed in Iraq resistance attacks.
troops killed my brother in cold blood.
The U.S.
Nazim Dayan told Islam Online in an exclusive statement, the U.S.
occupation troops shot my brother on purpose, although he was wearing his press badge, which was also emblazoned on the car he was driving.
He said...
He also recalled that his brother had obtained a prior permit from U.S.
occupation authorities in Iraq to film in the site.
On Sunday, August 17, U.S.
troops shot dead the award-winning Reuters cameraman while he was filming near the U.S.-run Abu Dharib prison in Baghdad.
His last pictures show a U.S.
tank driving toward him outside the prison wall.
Several shots rang out from the tank, and the camera falls to the ground.
Mass grave.
Mazin told me by phone a few days before his death that he discovered a mass grave dug by U.S.
troops to conceal the bodies of their fellow comrades killed in Iraq resistance attacks.
Nazimi said he also told me that he found U.S.
troops covered in plastic bags in remote desert areas and he filmed them for a TV program.
You're pretty sure that the
American forces had killed him knowingly to prevent him from airing his findings.
Well, we know that's what the Russians did in Afghanistan.
We know that they're not even reporting on the massive numbers of troops being killed in Afghanistan.
And families will just be told that, oh, your son or daughter died in an accident in
And then it's never reported on our news, part of living in a police state.
Oh, boy.
Continuing, Ashcroft Patriot Act, a turning point.
This is out of Associated Press.
The USA Patriot Act will be seen as a turning point in the war against terrorism.
Take the word terrorism out and add freedom, Bill of Rights, family, America.
Attorney General John Ashcroft says, launching a nationwide campaign to counter criticism that the law undermines civil liberties and the Constitution.
We haven't used these tools to prevent terrorists from unleashing more death.
We have used these tools to prevent terrorists from unleashing more death and destruction on our soil, Ashcroft said in a speech Tuesday in the American Enterprise Institute.
Ashcroft was appearing Wednesday in Pennsylvania to reinforce the message, part of the month-long tour of more than a dozen cities that includes Cleveland.
Later Wednesday in Detroit and Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday, voting Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill in a Tuesday speech.
Ashcroft compared the law passed six weeks ago.
After the 2001 attacks, six weeks after the 2001 attacks, to such great historical events as the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg and the U.S.
aid that bolstered Great Britain in the early days of the struggle against Nazi Germany.
Well, Ashcroft, in Nazi Germany, they called it homeland security.
In Nazi Germany, they said you could be arrested without a warrant or have your home searched without a warrant.
That's all in your Patriot Act.
They admit your Patriot Act is for citizens and all crimes, and your new Victory Act is for crimes, publicly calling a bunch of new crimes, having some marijuana, a terrorist act.
Oh, it's incredible.
And the guy said there wasn't a second Patriot Act.
Now he admits it.
I mean, he's a liar, people.
Critics scoff, contending that the campaign is a sign of growing public skepticism about the Patriot Act.
Quote, although the Department of Justice is understandably reluctant to admit it, the real significance of this road show is that it shows that the Patriot Act is becoming a kitchen table issue, said Laura Murphy, director of the Washington office of the American Civil Liberties Union, who is a loyal opposition.
Okay, they're there to pass weak resolutions and to make you think the Democrats are the saviors when it was Hillary and Chuckie Schumer helped write the Patriot Act.
All right, we'll come back and get into a bunch of other news on the police state and take your calls.
We'll go right to your calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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So, my friends, we stand here on the edge of another terrorist attack.
I'm sure that you've heard that the government's saying, brace for another attack.
It's going to happen.
Not a question of if but when.
But if you give all your liberties up, they'll be able to keep you safe.
They said give up liberty for security.
Over and over again, that's kind of backfired on them now.
So I've got the quote here of John Ashcroft saying that we need to accept the Patriot Act and new legislation to protect our liberties.
That's right.
And the Patriot Act doesn't just expand government surveillance.
It allows them to break into your house without a warrant for any suspected crime that's not even terrorist-related.
It allows them to secretly arrest you.
The new Patriot Act allows them to secretly kill you.
They admit torture.
It goes on and on, and it should upset everybody, folks.
It really should.
And then there's this chilling CNN article.
Racing for guerrilla warfare in cyberspace.
There are lots of opportunities that are very scary.
The children are out of school, and as highways and airports fill with vacationers, rolling power outages hit sections of Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, New York, an airliner is mysteriously knocked off the flight control system and crashes into Kansas.
Now, this is April 6, 1999, folks, from CNN, by the way.
Parts of 911 service in Washington fail.
Supervisors of the Department of Defense discover that their email and telephone services are disrupted, and officers aboard the U.S.
Navy Cruiser find that their computer systems have been attacked.
All incidents mount.
As incidents mount, the stock market drops precipitously, and panic surges through the population.
The electronic Pearl Harbor that the White House terrorisms are, Richard A. Clark fears, is not just a threat, it has already happened.
Much of the scenarios above, except for the plane and stock market crashes and panic, occurred in 97 when 35 hackers hired by the National Security Agency, oh, launched simultaneous attacks on U.S.
electronic infrastructure.
And they found that they were able to bring the country down
Oh, it's the government testing that.
Kind of like the government on September 11th at 8.30 in the morning in the D.C.
area was running a drill of hijacked jets being flown into buildings.
And so, just because they have that first ever test, they just so happen to order NORAD to stand down.
Oh, it's just a drill this morning.
You guys all stand down, okay?
Okay, boss!
Okay, chief!
Ha ha ha!
That's the Associated Press, by the way.
It's in Masters of Terror.
It's in Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
We go over that stuff, but that's just one piece of it.
I mean, it's so sick.
It's so horrible.
Get away with it, because you'll never be able to face it.
And it gets into...
Now they're doing all this.
And President Clinton announced in January of 1999 a $1.46 billion initiative to deal with U.S.
government computer security.
And what did it do?
It centralized it and made it even more easy to attack with Windows-based systems being added to the backbone of it.
They made it more easy to attack.
It's the same thing with the power outages.
Deregulation, centralization.
It's not free market.
It's fascism.
And it puts it all, the whole system, where it can be brought down by the government.
You look at all the evil stuff that the corrupt interests in this government have done, it's bad to give a centralized government so much control over the states, over the counties, over the cities.
This was common sense just a few decades ago.
But Americans have become so mindless, they don't even understand what states' rights and local control is.
So what do you think about that?
An article from 1999, April 6th, out of CNN, and it's on Infowars.com, it continues.
What do you think about that?
What do you think about all these bombings?
What do you think about Ashcroft saying we've got to give up our liberty to protect our liberty?
One of his insane quotes here.
And remember, he said there was no Patriot Act II.
He said the first Patriot Act didn't affect citizens.
That's now all been reversed, but people aren't calling him on it in these stupid press conferences, these staged press conferences, which, by the way, they won't let alternative media in.
They've even taken World Net Daily's press credentials out of the White House and capitals.
Won't let you get in and ask these liars questions.
That's your free speech, folks.
So what do you think about all this?
Here's another one.
Oops, wrong weapon.
Bullets instead of shock.
And I read this article, then I have another article here in my stack, where...
They're issuing the police more non-lethal weapons.
Now what does this do?
Well, you train a gladiator first with a wooden sword, folks.
And they admit that the non-lethal weapons for training with the military decades ago was to train the men to get past that instinct to not kill fellow humans, to not strike fellow humans.
And the whole non-lethal weapons movement is about getting police used to
Engaging, assaulting citizens.
Oh, you didn't move fast enough off the street.
We'll hit you with a billy club.
This is an old tactic.
We'll spray you with pepper spray.
We'll shoot you in the face with rubber bullets, which has killed dozens of people every year.
And it says when Madera, California police officer drew her handgun instead of a non-lethal taser and killed a suspect last year, it wasn't the first time law enforcement had mistakenly fired bullets instead of an electronic charge.
Twice before, in April 2001 in Sacramento, California, and September 2002 in Rochester, Minnesota, officers had drawn guns instead of the taser device and wounded suspects.
As a result, the city of Madera and police officer Mercy Noriega have filed a lawsuit against Taser International, manufacturer of the electronic device, and blame the company's training procedures for part of the problem.
Isn't that insane?
Yes, I have an article about police suing gun manufacturers now.
Let's see.
Noriega shot Eduardo Torres, 24, on October 27, 2002, as he sat handcuffed in the back of the police cruiser.
And it's a Fresno B. And we see these articles where, all the time, some old wino doesn't get up quick enough, they kill him with rubber bullets.
They do this all the time, folks.
They blow other cops' eyes out with their rubber bullets.
They get real upset when that happens.
When it's you, it's no big deal.
But think of the insanity.
Now, we got video of people at checkpoints with their hands up, and they hit them with three tasers.
They fall down.
The dogs chew on them.
They hit them with more tasers.
They got a new thing where they line you up against the side of a bridge, taser you, you fall off.
It's how they like to kill people they don't like.
You think I'm joking?
Folks, I got 20 articles today, more than 20, with cops raping children, raping women in jails, killing other cops, murder for hire, drug dealing.
I never even cover this stuff.
I'm not here to bash cops.
Most cops aren't bad.
We're good to go.
Again, it's like Pinkerton Security and the Wild West going around and hiring every gunslinger and paying them double what they get robbing banks, paying them lavishly to go around killing whoever wouldn't give their land up.
So I've got a stack of these articles here.
And so the point is you've got to limit the scope and power of government.
You've got to have due process.
Yes, some criminals are going to go free.
But it's better that the lone criminal go free, and I still have my Second Amendment, to defend against that scum than to have an unlimited, unchecked, centralized government that's hiring felons and illegal aliens now who run its operations, by the way.
So I got that article, and then I got another one here where it shows how nationwide it's proliferating.
Again, all this is to do is to train police to engage the public preemptively.
How are you doing, Alex?
I had a couple points.
First thing I want to say is I recently got a chance to view the trailer for Mel Gibson's new movie, The Passion, and I must say, just from watching the four-minute preview of what the movie is, that it's honestly the most intense preview that I've ever seen for a movie, and if you change a thing of it, I'd be very sad.
I can't wait to see it.
It looks fantastic.
Well, we had Hutton Gibson on last night, and I'm debating whether we should re-air that in the third hour today.
And Hutton Gibson, father of Mel Gibson, he has seen the whole thing screened at his son's home, Mel Gibson, and he's talked to Mel, and they're not planning to change anything other than cuts that were already going to take place, decisions that Mel had already made.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I hope they don't change a thing from what I saw.
It's looking like it's going to show up to be really good.
Where did you see the trailer for this film?
I downloaded it online off of Akaza.
I pirated it.
My second point is that I wanted to go is for the people in Tampa that have known that we've had to face the crowd scanning technology in downtown Tampa for the last two years.
I was just reading a thing today from the Tampa Tribune that the Tampa Police Department
Now, understand that what's happened here is it has a glitch rate of about 20%.
We've had the guests on where, you know, construction worker, no criminal record, two children.
You know, World War, you know, veterans, old black men, it doesn't matter.
SWAT teams would SWAT them, and then they'd give them their ID, and it wouldn't even be the person they thought.
So then the argument is, okay, we've got to fix it, as if that was the argument.
Oh, well, if we just make it work, then it's okay.
Let me tell you, every high-powered television camera
Close order TV camera out there is hooked into Facebook software.
Goes right to NSA.
This is all admitted.
DARPA paid to put this in.
But that is exciting news that Tampa is eliminating it.
Now, I read just two weeks ago that Tampa's going to use it in the ship channel to, quote, profile boats.
So maybe they're cutting one part of the program and expanding the other.
I hope not.
I hope we've gotten rid of that.
I remember that they got one person over the two years and it happened to be the wrong person.
Oh, that was the construction worker.
We had him on, and he wasn't the only person.
They SWAT teamed an old black man.
They SWAT teamed an old World War II vet.
You know, they were criminals.
So it's pretty ridiculous.
I have one final thing about the whole anthrax situation that happened a couple years back.
I recently saw that after they got done draining the pond and whatnot that they found zero evidence
Come to that.
And I decided to do some of my own reading more into the story.
And it turns out that there is another officer of the CIA who went right into the area where the anthrax was held and that they are distracting everybody away from that.
It was an official globalist operation.
And we have other proof.
Bush was on Cipro on September 10th, four weeks before the anthrax showed up.
The name of Philip Zack was the guy's name, and he sent letters threatening, sent letters before the 9-1-1, before the anthrax attacks, accusing an Egyptian colleague that he worked with.
Yeah, it turns out, according to press reports, the guy's a Mossad double agent, and he sent threatening letters trying to say it was the Egyptian, and then he was in the unauthorized area, according to press reports, and yeah.
I just got one final point.
I just got Paul Joseph Watson's book, and I just started reading it last night.
And I just happened to get through the first couple chapters.
And I must say, it's very well-sourced for anyone that's out there.
Very good book, and it's a good read so far from what I've got through.
Well, thank you so much for getting the book.
God bless you, Mike.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Appreciate that.
Nash in Arizona.
Nash, go ahead.
Yeah, I see.
This is Nash from Arizona calling you.
Well, welcome, sir.
Yes, sir.
I want to get your information about the Palestinians and about Palestine.
Okay, exactly.
All right, let me tell you one thing.
I think, you know, I hope you are a man enough not to cut into our conversation.
I have trouble understanding you.
Go ahead.
All right, you understand, you know.
You are the biggest, biggest liar.
The Palestinian people have existed in Palestine for thousands of years.
The Zionist movement has been founded in Europe in 1860.
Okay, you need to stop your car and turn your radio off because I can barely understand you.
I'm going to turn the radio off here.
You can hear me now.
You know, when you talk about, you know, history and talk about people and country and you want freedom, then you better not be a liar on the radio and with thousands of people hearing you.
Okay, well, I'm... If you want to speak the truth...
Okay, hold on just a second.
Okay, great, great, great.
Hold on just a minute.
Put him on hold for a second because I need to be able to counter what he's saying.
Number one, I need to know specifically what I'm lying about because I try to tell the truth.
Occasionally I do make mistakes on some issues, but I'm more accurate than about 98% of people out there.
What am I lying about?
I mean, what am I doing bad to the Palestinians?
I'm trying to understand that.
The Palestinian people exist, and they've been in Middle East all the years of history.
Jesus came there, and all Europe came there, if you remember.
So what am I lying about?
The Jews and the Zionists.
What am I lying about?
You are lying about everything you spoke about the Palestinians.
The Jews or the Zionists did not impose the Palestinians.
Okay, hold on a minute.
Put him on hold.
You're going to have to stay there, Nashville.
I'll hold you over to the next segment, but just don't hang up.
This is what I'm talking about.
I get death threats from the Klan.
I get attacked by the ADL and the New York Times.
It's all controlled, folks.
The Palestinians, the Jews, the Germans, America, Russia, China, evil people are in control.
And until you realize that government is the problem, not where somebody's from or what color they are, we're going to have this problem.
Now, I explained that the Mossad is carrying out most of the bombings, and he doesn't like that.
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This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we found out what was going on.
There's a show that comes on before my broadcast on the Colorado Radio Network that goes into several other states, obviously, and Nash is calling from Arizona.
And Nash thinks he's talking to another talk show host.
And so, Nash, would you like to continue calling me a liar?
Yes, I am calling you, and I will call you again, to collect your information about Palestinians and Palestine.
You really are an idiot, aren't you?
You are a very idiot and decreased idiot.
Did you just hear me say... Did you just hear me say... What do you think my... Hey, sir, what do you think my name is?
What if you said Steve?
If you're hiding behind your name, it's a different game.
Hold on.
No, no, no.
What's my name?
You said Steve.
Again, we had callers call in who heard the show you're talking about before this one.
This is another show.
Well, how can I get back on the show?
I want to speak to another guy.
You know, his name is Steve.
Well, he's not on right now.
I'm on right now.
Oh, okay.
You are on right now.
I apologize for it.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, you're talking to another person.
I thought I was talking to Steve, and I'm sorry if I, you know, I hear through the feelings, but I was asked off by him, you know, myself.
All right.
I was listening to his trash.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
I don't have time for this mindless distraction.
Oh, man, I tell you what, it just gets so out of control.
Totally out of control, folks.
People are so into labels and so into... I have listeners all the time on the street ask me, well, how do I hear you in northern Texas and I can go to Missouri and hear you on the rodeo?
How do you go to each place and do the show?
This person will have some Fortune 500 job and, you know,
We're good to go.
We'll have to break and come back and go to Gary and Tom and a bunch of others.
If you want to join us on air, it's 800-259-9231.
The corrupt global government is about to carry out more terrorist attacks, and they're going to really set up a police state after that and have secret arrests, and they've built concentration camps, and it's in the mainstream media.
And Bush is going after your guns, after the borders, after the family, signing on to UNESCO, selling out our complete sovereignty.
And the Democrats are all voting with him, and we're losing America right now, and you better wake up to that.
You heard a caller earlier who's gotten the new book, Order Out of Chaos, that I published.
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You need to get it.
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Take action.
By the way, I think that call was staged.
We'll be right back.
Nuclear reactors provide economical energy, but would you be prepared during an accident?
During nuclear disasters, great amounts of radioactive iodine are released into the... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, what a circus in the last hour.
Coming up, police outrage over demand for their DNA.
Oh, what's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.
Repairs, EPA ruling, are positive signs in gas ordeal with the gas shutdown in Arizona.
First, energy has friends in high places.
The energy company they're trying to blame for the power outages in Ohio is now being demonized as some corrupt organization as a scapegoat.
Walmart expands RFID mandate.
First they said no RFIDs, and they said, okay, only some.
Then they met with Homeland Security, who's now going to announce that it's to fight terror.
A week ago it was, okay, only 100 big manufacturers.
Now all their manufacturers have to adopt it.
Well, we told you that was the official plan two years ago in a Walmart press release.
They always stick to the original statement, putting out lots of propaganda to confuse things.
That's coming up.
Also, Predator being beaten.
They've got some poll, which, again, you can't believe or you can't trust either way, that now Bustamante, the open socialist and gun grabber, no difference between him and Schwarzenegger, is ahead of Schwarzenegger, and I don't care.
I don't care which one wins.
It probably isn't even a real election.
I've got 100 articles, mainstream, and the touchscreens are totally fraud-based and designed for fraud.
Detroit Free Press, Denver Post, AP, Sydney Morning Herald, Washington Post.
Just, oh yeah, it's all fraud-driven.
It's designed to be fraudulent.
There's now no election.
Ha, ha, ha.
Well, we're going to go ahead and put it in anyways.
Gulf War veterans sue banks, firms over chemicals.
I'd like to hear about that from CNN.
I want to go over some of the new stuff in the Victory Act.
We have an analysis of it posted on Infowars.com, as well as the bill's text.
And a lot more coming up.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls right now.
If you want to join me on air, 1-800-259-9231.
Gary in Tennessee, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I haven't talked to you in a while.
But I just want to tell you that I've got me another VCR and started making some copies.
And I've been able to get 9-1-1 and Masters of Terror on one video.
So I've got out like 10 so far, like, you know,
That's awesome.
If all the listeners made ten copies of my videos, handed them out to people and told them to make copies, one video can turn into thousands, thousands of videos turns into millions, millions of videos turn into tens of millions.
And folks, I'm serious.
I have done over a thousand radio interviews since September 11th.
And all the time, callers call in who've never heard the show, never seen my website, but they've seen Road to Tyranny, they've seen Masters of Terror, they've seen Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, because people aired it on AXS Television, or neighbors gave them copies, or their VFW showed a copy, and it's amazing, so God bless you.
Well, thank you a lot.
And I just wanted to tell you, I want to meet the press and kind of keep an eye on what's going on
I watched Fox News right after it went off a couple weeks ago.
They had Ashcroft on there.
Brett Hume was interviewing him, and he brought up the Patriot Act.
And Ashcroft just nonchalantly said, Oh, well, it was passed 98-1.
Like the people, it was no big deal.
While the Capitol was under a CIA anthrax attack, it was passed.
And it kind of tickles me the way he said that.
I just had one more.
Yeah, stay there.
We'll hear from you on the other side.
Then we'll go to Tom and others.
Don't hang up, Gary.
Pull a free number to join us on air.
Is anybody in the news, in the mainstream propaganda arms, going to call Ashcroft on saying there was no Patriot Act II?
And then publicly admitting there was?
I mean, the guy is a lying snake.
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In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, impalpable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the Masters of Terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
Order online now at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Just look at all the different points of information.
It's just someone threw a light switch on September 11th, and even before it, the stock market starts going down.
There's terrorist attacks.
There's power outages.
There's stock market glitches in computer systems.
There's bombings all over the world.
There's armies invading.
World War III is going on right now, but it's a war against sovereign countries, whether they're run by good guys or bad guys.
It's a larger empire, a larger crime syndicate taking over.
We're good to go.
They float out the Al-Qaeda taking responsibility.
Again, an email that showed up at some government front website.
But then they just kind of hang that out there and covertly tell the public to create fear.
You know, around the water cooler, I hear it's Al-Qaeda.
My buddy at the power station says they were told it was a terrorist attack, but they can't tell the public because it would cause panic.
I know they've been doing this for years before 9-1-1.
They'd already told police chiefs about the red alert system, about how we'd be hit by terror, how we'd have to go under emergency systems, and then the attacks came and the police chiefs said, oh, you're so smart, and the city manager said, oh, feds, oh, CFR commission, you knew, we better follow your orders, and that's right, you're now all under national security, and
You'll be getting an added federal check, but you've got to sign nondisclosure documents and secrecy documents, and we're going to go ahead and federalize your city.
Oh, see, we were hit by the terrorists with a cyber attack on the infrastructure of the power plants.
They just kind of dribble that news out that, oh, yeah, that's really what happened, but never make it official.
And so this is how they get their police state going.
But it's all about creating crises to then run drills.
These are all drills.
These are all tests, as I said last Friday, to set up the police state.
These are all tests for Homeland Security to test the cerebral cortex's control over the rest of the brain of the federal government and then down into the body politic and state and local agencies.
And then Ridge said yesterday, as exactly what I said, this is an initial test for Homeland Security.
Again, Al-Qaeda doesn't exist, terrorist groups don't exist, unless they're manufactured.
Every time we investigate them, they're manufactured, they're created.
And that's the bottom line.
And they're controlled by the global crime syndicate that isn't Russian or Chinese or Jewish or German.
It's evil.
It's evil people combining their forces, different bloodlines, different diverse families, working together to intensify and increase the empire they've already set up.
That's what the New World Order is.
Let's go ahead and take some calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
Go back to Gary in Tennessee, and we'll go to Tom, Tom, Tom, and others.
A bunch of Toms.
Gary, go ahead.
Okay, Alex, I've been hearing you talk about Mel Gibson's movie.
And what's happened is, see, the Jews, they don't recognize the New Testament.
They just recognize the old, except those that have been saved.
In that country, and there's more souls than have been saved.
And that's why they're so up in arms about this.
And the scripture to this, back when they had Jesus sealed up in the stone, and when Jesus rose and the stone was rolled away, it was guarded by a bunch of Roman soldiers.
When that happened, they went and told the Sadducees and the Pharisees that what had happened and that Jesus had been raised from the dead.
But they didn't want to believe that.
And in Matthew 28, if anybody wants to read that, the last chapter of Matthew 28, it explains it pretty well.
When they were assembled with the elders and had taken counsel, they gave large money unto the soldiers, saying, His disciples came by night and stole him away while we slept.
And if this comes to the governor's ears, we will persuade him and secure you,
So they took the money and did as they were taught, and this thing is commonly reported among the Jews until this day.
You see, there is the problem, see.
They don't recognize the New Testament as the Jews know it.
Well, that's it, and thanks for the call.
You know, we've been talking about the film because it's a historical film, and there's been an attempt at censorship of it when it's word for word out of the Bible.
And if somebody was trying to boycott and stop any other film from showing, unless it was obscene, obviously, I would be for that as well.
I support.
The First Amendment to the Constitution.
It isn't just freedom of press or assembly or the petition of the government for redress of grievances.
It begins with, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
That's what America is all about.
And obviously, the Gibson family are listeners to this show, and I know that they've got the documentaries we've made and
We've obviously had Hutton Gibson on this show several times, and he's been on some of the other shows, like Pastor Butch's.
And they're aware of the New World Order, and Mel Gibson puts out, by and large, good, wholesome family films, like The Patriot and Braveheart and other films.
And the reason I talked about this case is you've got Arnold Schwarzenegger, who, folks, I saw him in Pumping Iron.
This is a documentary.
Bush said, I admire Adolf Hitler and other dictators.
Other quotes, I would like to be a dictator, I would like power over men.
I've conquered bodybuilding, I've conquered acting, and I will conquer politics.
I mean, you know, when Bush said things would be a heck of a lot easier if this was a dictatorship, so long as I'm the dictator.
And we got Clinton saying, if I was a dictator, I could fix all these problems.
I saw him live at a CFR dinner give a speech back in 1998.
He said that.
He made the Diablo sign with his hand when he did it, by the way.
It almost fell out of my chair.
Well, this stuff's crazy.
And Arnold defends Kurt Waldheim, the U.N.
Secretary General.
Notice all those liberal socialists just love that Nazi who helped kill Serbs and Jews and Christians that saved American airmen in Serbia.
He put out pamphlets that said, the Jews are our enemies, kill them all.
He wrote them.
He approved them.
No, but the Simon Wiesenthal Center doesn't have any problem with Arnold saying he loves Hitler and loves Kirk of all time and defends him and campaigns for him.
There's photos of him with him last year.
That's okay.
A real live Nazi.
He traipses around.
You're an elitist.
You support world government.
You say you don't like Christians in his own book.
You say you're for gun control and abortion and all this stuff, and suddenly you can be a grade-A Nazi.
That's okay.
But you put out a film about Christ, you're bad.
It's a tool that's used by the government and the media to label people with a horrible label for political control.
And I'm not going to sit here and take it.
And that's why the ADO and others keep losing lawsuits.
Because they go after people and demonize them and label them.
And the feds have got their other organizations, like the Klan and the Aryan Nations, and they'll go out and adopt a patriotic American flag sovereignty issue.
Then they focus in on that and say, oh, if you're for sovereignty, if you're for the American flag, if you're for the family, you must be a Nazi.
And you find out those Nazi leaders turn out to be federal agents.
And then shallow people hear somebody, well, he talked about big central banks.
He must be a Nazi.
Well, the BBC reporter Greg Palast does.
That's who owns America.
Big European banks.
And contrary to popular demand, it's got a bunch of people owning them.
Royalty, and yeah, there's Jews that own big banks, and there's Russians that own them.
I mean, you know, there's corrupt people.
I'm sick of it.
This thing of...
In Europe, they're moving to ban the Old Testament, the New Testament, large sections of it that, quote, can't be read publicly.
Pennsylvania passed a law last year that preachers can be fined or arrested if they read the, quote, anti-homosexual quotes out of the Old Testament that were written by Jews, by the way.
It's crazy.
And so it's this chilling effect.
Well, you know, first it's, well, don't say you dislike that race.
And I warn people.
I said, hey, you may not agree with somebody that, you know, says things that are tribal.
I don't really call it racial.
I mean, every group out there, every race, every group, you know, has their own identity, and that's just natural, folks.
But I am against disliking people just for their race or color.
But the point is they said, okay, well, you can't do that.
You should be arrested.
And then next it's, okay, the Bible's racist.
We've got to ban it.
See how that works?
And, well, you can't criticize the environmental movement because that's xenophobic towards an environmentalist movement that's a minority.
Or British farmers can't criticize German produce because that's anti-German.
That's happening.
Or we're arresting you for using the pound measure at your market because that's xenophobic against Europe.
See, now it branches out into all this thought crime.
And we cannot put up with it.
The First Amendment is too important.
It's way too important.
All right, we'll come back and talk to Tom, Tom, Thomas, and others that are holding 1-800-259-9231, and then I will get into police outrage over demand for their DNA.
They want to take yours, but they don't want to give theirs.
Well, I warned you, cops, whatever you do to us is going to happen to you.
The government hates your guts.
They're very fearful of anybody who's got any type of authority.
We'll be right back.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I'll try to get some calls out of the way here.
Folks have been holding.
Tom and Max, go ahead, you're on the air.
Sir, Alex Jones, how are you?
Good, sir.
I want to thank you for your patriotism, and you are a modern-day Paul Revere.
I'd like to say to all the other would-be patriots that are kind of entertained by your show out there, if you consider yourself a patriot, you should go out.
I bought all of Alex's films.
They are excellent.
And what I've done is I've consolidated them all down into one two-hour film, and that exercise alone makes you think.
And then I send that out sort of like a best-of
And I agree that you are having an effect.
One question I have is, here in the Boston area, of course, you've got two huge parts of the New World Order that are educated here.
You've got the technological part that are coming out with all this technology you talk about at MIT.
Then you've got the governmental sector at Harvard.
You came in on GCN 890.
That's how I found you.
It was a great radio station.
And then all of a sudden, one day, it was like a Mexican radio station.
I haven't been able to get it.
Now, that's happening everywhere.
Either Clear Channel buys it up and puts Neocon Liza on, or it gets bought up by a foreign language.
Yeah, it was like, I don't know, it was like the Alamo was overrun suddenly or something.
It was like no warning, nothing, just kaboomba.
You know, everybody's waking up regardless of what color they are.
But, yeah, it is sad because there's a massive, what they call, market for the truth.
Especially here in Boston.
There's a huge radio market here.
We have the biggest, for example, the biggest sports radio show in the country.
And there's a lot of other call-in shows.
And I don't know if you can get yourself back on around here.
The problem is a handful of conglomerates own the stations, and the final few independents in big cities are all being bought up.
Yes, sir.
And so it's really up to listeners, as I said, that's why we say, get the videos, make copies, get the books, hand them out to people, tell folks about the website, because that's a place we can't be censored, and there are millions of listeners on our AM and FM shortwave internet broadcast, and...
They're highly motivated, educated folks that are listening.
It's very exciting.
Now, sometimes you say on your show if you disagree about something, so I agree about 99% of everything.
I am a son of the American Revolution from a patriot, Scott's Irishman, that fought at Bunker Hill.
They ran out of gunpowder, and we will run off that hill.
Now, later on, 90% of our gunpowder...
Came through France through an American agent by the name of Benjamin Franklin, who's kind of gotten a hard time on your show.
Another thing was, there was a patriot by the name of John Paul Jones, a little like you.
He was a naval man.
He was scrappy.
He said, I have not yet begun to fight.
He named his ship the Bonhomme Richard after a poor Richard's almanac.
Franklin was in your line of work, sir.
He set up a franchise of papers, made a lot of people rich, and he recommended Thomas Paine come over from England.
If you're an English agent, you don't send Tom Paine over because Tom Paine stirred things up.
He published Common Sense, got us to declare independence when a lot of people were sitting on the fence.
You know your history.
All I'm stating is that
There's a lot of evidence that Benjamin Franklin was an Illuminati agent and that there was an internal fight going on.
George Washington spoke out before his death about how the Illuminati was trying to take over the revolution.
I think the Illuminati thought they could control the revolution after it was won.
Yes, sir.
But I think it got away from them because of Western expansion, but it's always been here with us.
All right.
America's a great thing.
Yes, sir.
America's done some things that were wrong compared to other countries.
America's great.
Certainly all the founding fathers were in Illuminati, like we've heard, but there were some of them in there.
One of them was Alexander Hamilton.
Yes, Hamilton definitely was.
And you saw how the founding fathers dealt with him.
Yes, sir.
I've got a number of books on the Illuminati of this type of history and the American Revolution.
Franklin, from what I can see...
He retired.
I know.
He broke permanently with his son, who was the royal governor of New Jersey.
When the revolution came, he broke with him permanently.
And then a few other things.
He sent over, when we didn't have very disciplined troops, he sent over Baron von Steuben.
I know that, to get them trained.
To get them trained.
I'm telling you, Arm of the Illuminati, the folks that brought you the French Revolution and other stuff, they were working behind the scenes.
Just like the British tried to get the Civil War going, kind of a reverse of that.
Well, one thing that Franklin said, he said it was the banks that started this whole thing towards the revolution because they were taking us off of our own money and putting us on to a dead base.
Yeah, that's it.
I'll let you finish up.
Stay there.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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At 888-803-4438.
That's toll free, 888-803-4438.
Not yet available in Iowa.
We know from approved histories of Benjamin Franklin that he was a member of something called the Hellfire Club, an admitted Illuminati group.
You know it as the OTO today.
And certainly there were existing empires, royalty, in Europe, and it was already a renaissance, a rebellion building against it
So the New World Order sent what we know of as the modern Illuminati 300, 400 years ago, developing 400 years ago, into 300, 250, 230 years ago, out to try to take over revolutions, try to steer them back into the New World Order, controlling false revolutions.
And we see this today.
Most of the people in the Revolutionary War were wonderful.
They had amazing courage.
They were doing it for the right reasons.
They were tired of seeing preachers getting beat up and whipped in the street for not having licenses or people having their farms and ranches taken and high taxation and regulation and troops quartered in their homes, bossing them around.
They didn't like being serfs.
They were English citizens.
Who had fought earlier at Runnymede hundreds of years before to get somewhat of a Bill of Rights, to get the Bill of Particulars, to get the jury and grand jury.
And so they were being treated like the British government treated Africans and people in the Caribbean and people in Asia.
And they didn't like it.
And so when they started fighting back, some nice guys showed up to try to control that revolution.
So you had warring factions inside the New World Order in the 1770s, 1780s, 1820s, 30s.
John Quincy Adams and others in the 1820s banned the Masonic Lodges in this country because they tried to take over the government.
They threw them out.
They tried to ban it.
Books were written on the subject.
That's why they founded the Order of Skull and Bones with German Illuminati money, which had tried to get control of the government by what they called the Black Lodge or Masonic Lodge.
There's been a bunch of articles today in England where the Masons are running everything, and mainstream groups are angry about it.
I mean, it's the same fight, folks.
I'm not saying if you're a Mason, you're evil.
Most of you are low-level, useful idiots that don't know what you're part of.
It's the higher levels.
It's the higher levels of the Republican Party, the higher levels of the Democratic Party, the higher levels of the Russian government, the higher levels of the Chinese government, the higher levels of the Masons, the higher levels of the Catholics, the higher levels of the Germans, the higher levels of the Jews, the higher levels of the Venezuelans.
This is where the corrupt people get into power.
Smart criminals.
And then they somehow convince us to ignore all of history of what big government does.
It gives the corrupt individuals that want power and want control levers and mechanisms to do that.
And Benjamin Franklin was a Renaissance man.
I mean, the guy discovered electricity, invented hundreds of different inventions.
He was amazing.
And he was involved, folks.
He was a deist.
He was not a Christian.
And he believed in the New World Order.
So go ahead, Tom and Mass.
Any other comments to my little rant there?
Yes, sir.
No, I totally... I'm with you on...
I read the Federalist Papers, and I'm definitely with you on Alexander Hamilton.
I'm going to speak up for Hamilton.
He did fight bravely with Washington in the Revolution.
I had an ancestor that fought with him at Trenton in that particular battle.
And James Monroe was a 19-year-old Virginian in that battle, fought bravely.
But when he came to government, Hamilton was working to install the first bank of the United States.
Franklin was not on that one.
Franklin was kind of not on board with that.
Hamilton wanted a king.
Yeah, Franklin thought Washington should be king, a puppet king with this Bank of England kind of behind him in the background.
Yeah, that was it.
Okay, we won the Revolution.
Now, England, you've got to give us a cut of the goodies.
And so they walked old Hamilton out in the back and dealt with him.
Hey, thanks for the call.
Thank you, sir, for your patriotism.
I appreciate it.
You bet.
Appreciate the call.
Tom in California.
Go ahead, Tom.
Another Tom.
Hi, Alex.
This is Tom in California.
Before I make my comments about the...
The update on what's going on with the recall out here, I just want to point out, I've heard California and other people wonder why things are so messed up in California here.
The reason why is we are the Freemason capital of the world.
We have the most Freemason lodges out of anywhere else in the world.
I've seen the maps.
It's not prestige that I want.
Believe me, it's very much unwanted.
Well, what they do is, it's simple.
It's private, secret organizations that scratch each other's backs, and that always leads into corruption.
We've had a secret government, totally secret since 1947.
Now, believe me, folks, you could have a perfect government.
If they set that up in a few years, it'll be ruthless and corrupt.
You should see the Scottish Rites Temple over in San Francisco.
The thing is huge.
It looks like a palace.
But the reason I was calling was to bring an update about the recall last night.
We had Davis on TV from UCLA basically whining to keep his job.
Saying it's a right-wing conspiracy.
Yeah, and he's trying to compare himself to Clinton and impeachment, which the whole thing was laughable.
Secondly, I saw a snippet of Arnold's...
I want to help you.
I want to give you leadership.
I love Adolf Hitler.
And I really think, in the long run, my gut's telling me that he's not going to get elected.
Most of the people who are voting this recall, we signed the petition.
We want a real politician.
And unfortunately, McClintock... I mean, he won a statesman.
Yeah, he's not... So you're not going to get someone more conservative like Simon or... McClintock.
Well, McClintock's not getting the...
Yeah, they're totally ignoring him.
Look, look.
Yeah, but notice what this does with Bustamante and all them saying that, you know, that Arnold's this evil right winger.
The guy has the exact policies they do.
So it shows it doesn't matter.
They provide you the two phony selections.
And it's really a pity because if Bustamante gets elected, it's just going to be Gray Davis all over again.
It's going to be no different.
Well, Bustamante and the whole Metro crowd are racist.
Yeah, they are.
They really are.
I don't approve of this Latin caucus and the black caucus.
I mean, what happened to just having American...
Congress, people, and senators.
Well, it's a lot worse than that.
I mean, Metra has got websites that say they're going to kill all whites.
Yeah, I know.
I mean, and that's acceptable?
I mean, I'm sick of this stuff.
I'm ready to move out of California.
I'm waiting for some money to come in, and basically I want to leave this state.
But see, that's their plan is, now notice, California is the model state.
They're going to do that everywhere else.
Thanks for the call.
And they don't care.
I mean, they don't care if 89% of Americans, including Hispanics, are against open borders.
They're going to try to make it a racial issue when it's an economic and sovereignty issue.
We always talk about Hispanics because that's the majority that's coming in.
It's Russians and Chinese and Venezuelans and everybody else who will go into the packing plant and work for $2 an hour.
And then lived into a house, driving down the standard of living.
And it doesn't help their country they left.
As the World Bank and IMF squeeze all these third world countries, they're all coming here.
Folks, our standard of living is disappearing, and it's because of NAFTA and the gap in open borders.
That's a fact.
You want it to stop?
Because let me tell you, we can't fix things now.
We can just try to... You know, it's like you fall off a cliff, and there's another cliff 20 feet down, and then...
We're good to go.
Official admitted documents.
Take your ranches, take your farms, get you in the compact cities.
That's next.
They're going to take everything you've got.
Unless you get your heads out of the sand.
Rural communities.
And so they're doing it right now.
And so do you want them?
I mean, they're underneath the next ledge with a blasting cap right now about to blow this ledge out from under us, and then it's free fall, folks.
You think 7-plus million people?
It's not 5.5 like they said yesterday.
It's 7-plus million people.
Not just in federal, state, local prisons, but on probation.
You think that's a lot?
You know, triple what any other country has?
They say in their own policy reports, we're going to be a prison economy.
That's nothing, folks.
We're going to be a surveillance economy.
It's going to be 1984.
They're already putting the grid in that's worse than 1984.
They just haven't started the massive persecution yet.
And you're like, then we better shut up.
People are all looking over their shoulders.
We better not talk about it then.
We've got to have the cops and the military and the school teachers and the FBI and everybody say, look, I'm not going to go along with this.
And let me just say this to FBI and police and everybody.
You heard Ashcroft over and over again say there was no Patriot Act II and that Patriot Act I wouldn't be used for general crimes and against non-terrorist cases.
And now you've heard him say it will be used and you've heard him say there is a Patriot Act II and a Victory Act and...
It's all this new anti-terrorism provisions for drugs and reverse money laundering.
That means doing anything in cash.
Folks, I've read it.
It's a nightmare.
And you know they lied, so stop it.
And you know that they... Think of all the crimes this government's committed.
You know about all the bad stuff they've done.
All the times they've been caught with the workers at uranium plants not giving them devices to protect themselves and knowingly
You know, having them do it.
The syphilis in Tuskegee.
The testing on the troops.
On the troops!
Spraying stuff on the troops and making them sick and die.
I mean, that's all admitted.
Veterans in VA hospitals so bad, covered with rats and maggots.
The flies go up their noses and lay eggs in their brains.
Kansas City Star.
I mean, it's just thousands of examples.
You know all about it.
You know it.
I just can't believe you're all so cowardly you're going to let this happen.
The good news is, though, they told you to take that smallpox shot, didn't they?
And 99.9% of you said no.
Police, firefighters, medical workers, doctors.
And they're telling you to do lots of other stuff, and you're doing it in a half-hearted fashion, kind of dragging your feet.
Now, the globalists are going to blow more stuff up and try to get you back in line, but it's losing its effect.
It's losing its power.
And the globalists aren't going to release the smallpox and go to the next level unless they think you're going to follow orders.
Save millions of lives.
They've said millions will die, folks.
We didn't say that they did.
Save millions of lives and stand up against the lies of Ashcroft and all the rest of these people.
Save millions of lives, folks, by facing the lies that you've been told.
You've got to do it now.
It is so massively important.
Let me read this DNA story, then I'll go to Tom, Thomas, Ron, Phil, and others.
I'm trying to find my article here about the police, where they want to start DNA testing of the police.
I had this thing in front of me for an hour and a half.
Now, of course, when I want to go to it, I know it's on the website.
Oh, where is it?
Now I'm getting real mad.
I'll try to find it.
There's an article here out of England where they've announced they want a national DNA database, and three years ago they started setting up checkpoints where they demand you give them a tissue swab.
The police demand you give them a tissue swab going into a bar or going into a football game just to make sure you don't do something wrong later they got your DNA.
They've got 3.5 plus million cameras hooked into face scanning systems in England.
It's really the model.
Like, California's the model here.
And so now they've announced that they're going to take DNA from all police for a database.
And the police are just freaking out.
I mean, they are just screaming bloody murder, saying, we're not going to do that.
The police unions and the cops were all for making the citizens do it, but not for themselves having to do it.
And it's the same thing.
I remember five years ago in different states hearing about police having to take satellite tracker boxes in their cars to monitor, to make sure they're on their beat and make sure they're following their orders.
And, of course, that stuff's only used if you're a good cop to go after you.
And so they make the cops accept it first.
Now it's going in the city buses.
In Austin, they put dozens of cameras on each bus with face scanners, and they're doing it in the police cars.
Again, they oppress you first, and then, well, I had to do it, so I'm going to make the people do it.
Stop complaining.
We all got to do it.
We all got to dig ditches for Stalin.
I mean, come on, cops.
You know that when we brought out the secret documents that Walmart now admits it had meetings with Homeland Security and the other Fortune 500 to put chips and everything and track and traces, you've heard about that.
You know that's not freedom.
You know ground-penetrating radar on your helicopters given to you by Department of Defense looking through our walls isn't freedom.
You know that's not what America's supposed to be while the borders stay wide open.
During the break, I'm going to find that article.
I'm getting real mad.
Oh, boy.
Let's go ahead and talk to Thomas in Virginia.
Go ahead, Thomas.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
I don't know.
You're doing great.
How am I doing?
You're doing great, I think.
You're a good cause for our country.
You're the last guy left in the media, just about.
I wanted to ask you, have you heard of a guy named Benjamin Krem?
I'm kind of switching topics here.
A disgusting U.N.
promoter of world government and one world religion.
Yeah, with his Maitreya.
He just spoke in New York City.
He comes to America twice a year.
I wanted to go here and speak, but couldn't get away.
That guy's a pathetic charlatan who's given respect by the U.N.
because he promotes world government religion.
Yeah, the one world religion.
He shows some bearded,
A fruitcake in India goes, there's our world leader.
I mean, this is sick.
Well, he claims, I guess, he's living in London, somewhere amongst the Pakistani population, because I go to the sites every now and then.
That guy's a disgusting fruitcake.
Yep, and then he's got, yeah, like you said, he's got a big platform at the UN, and Prince Charles and Lady Diana were evidently obsessed with him, too, and Lord Maitreya.
Yeah, they do that.
Well, they're all occultists.
They do that, and that's admitted.
I have the news articles.
They do that to just add legitimacy.
There's this Messiah coming, and when he comes on the scene, you can't criticize him.
And see, the Christians are holding back the growth of the consciousness.
They're going to have to, well, have him be fixed.
They're the reason there's terror.
You're going to be hearing that.
Yeah, because, I mean...
I know quite a bit about the New Age movement.
I've been to my fair share of fish concerts and Grateful Dead concerts and stuff, and all those kids, I think, in a large part of this country are ready to bow down to something like that.
Well, that's anti-Grateful Dead.
You're now a hate monger.
You've committed a thought crime.
You're against a group.
You've insulted the New Agers.
We'll have to arrest you, because after all, you could incite terrorism.
And I go to Fall Willows University in Lynchburg.
I guess the Neocon Central.
And Ollie North is going to speak on the 31st of this month at Jerry's Church.
And I'm going to try to get to that and ask him about the depleted uranium and the things that he didn't report on when he reported Fox on the war.
Great job.
And I'm going to ask him.
Stay there.
We'll come back to you.
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There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're back live.
And you know what?
I'm going to talk to Ron Phil, Umar, and a few others.
And then I'm going to take about five, six, seven more calls into the next hour.
And then I am going to spend the rest of the time on news.
We've gotten to a lot of it with some of what we haven't covered.
A lot of it's just amazing information.
Now, real quick, Thomas in Virginia finishing up.
You're going to go confront the neocon... Ollie North.
Ollie North, who... Yeah, he's going to be at Thomas Road Baptist Church, which is Jerry Falwell's main church.
And I'm just so disturbed.
I go to school there.
I'm a senior psychology major.
And it just disturbs me that they're pro-war, pro-Bush.
And it took the Iraqi war... I mean, I knew things were wrong before, because my father is a southern historian.
And he's one of the few people that kept the flag on the Capitol in Columbia as long as it did.
The Cross of St.
Andrews is what I call it.
But I finally, you know, started realizing what was going on, digging on the Internet, found you, you know, and I realized he's coming there, and I've read a lot about the depleted uranium that they're poisoning our troops in the Iraqis with.
Yeah, ask him how it supports the troops to knowingly, when the former head of the Army who was hired to go there, the scientist, says it is killing and maiming them.
Mm-hmm, and the horrible birth defects from the 91 Gulf War, and we used 10 times the amount of depleted, 10 times the amount of depleted.
I wonder if you'll be allowed to ask that question.
I'm going to try to get up next to him, because I want to ask him about the Iran-Contra, how he can stand up in front of a church after he was drug trafficking with George Bush Sr.
when he was head of the CIA, and they ran that whole operation out of me.
And, you know, I'd say, how do you call Bush a conservative when he's for total amnesty, open borders, gun control, and North will just shove past you, hey, thanks for the call, bro.
Ben Duke.
But thanks.
Yeah, absolutely.
Bring somebody with you with a video camera.
I'd love to see that.
I'll put it on TV here locally.
Send it to me.
Here's one that he just mentioned.
Gulf War veteran Sue Banks firms over chemicals.
Veterans of the first U.S.-led war with Iraq filed a lawsuit in federal court in Brooklyn on Tuesday alleging that the companies that exported chemicals to Iraq in the 80s and the banks that finance those deals are liable for illnesses U.S.
veterans sustained from exposure.
The chemical weapons stockpiles that were blown up during the 91 Gulf War.
That's an admitted, documented fact.
Veterans are among the more than 100,000 U.S.
soldiers who have the symptoms including extreme fatigue, memory loss, and bone and joint pain, which are often referred to as Gulf War Syndrome or Gulf War Illness.
Texas at Dallas Medical Center did biopsies of dead troops and tests of living ones.
Everybody they tested, every living person, had masses of sarin.
And in some cases, VX.
They were hit with it.
It's an admitted fact.
And they were not given treatment.
But that's the new patriotism.
Murder our troops.
Don't give them treatment.
I'm not patriotic.
I'm pro-gun.
I'm a liberal.
I'm pro-family.
I'm evil.
I'm pro-Jesus Christ, so I'm a Satanist.
That's the new America, folks.
You're a devil worshiper, you're good.
You're a Nazi, you're good.
You're good American, you're bad.
No, it's time to tell these lying neocons and their liberal followers to stop their lying.
Before I end this hour, if you want to join us in this historical fight against the globalists and the information war...
Get my film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, covering September 11th on government-sponsored terror.
Get Police State 3 Total Enslavement for the truth on Patriot Act 1 and 2, Homeland Security, dozens of other examples of government-sponsored terror.
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Incredible book.
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Don't wait, folks.
Get the videos.
Make the copies.
Give them to your friends and family.
Take action, because once we show somebody how they're being lied to, all the propaganda in the world doesn't work on them anymore.
1-888-253-3139 or Infowars.com or net.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
Stay with us.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones introducing you to the new Berkey PF2 fluoride and arsenic reduction elements for exclusive use with the Berkey Light Blackie... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The power outages taking place around the world, the stock market problems around the globe, the computer glitches, the viruses, the bombings,
All of this chaos empowers the new world order.
All of this chaos empowers the dark forces that control and run the new world order.
Thanks for joining us.
We're already into the third hour of this worldwide broadcast, and I'm going to go to all the callers, I promise, coming up in the next segment.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
I also want to get into some of the provisions in the new Victory Act that we have posted on InfoWars.com.
And remember, Ashcroft said there was no new proposed terrorist acts of any kind.
He's a liar.
But I guess lying is actually a good thing now.
It's a conservative thing to do.
Gun control is a conservative thing to do.
Also, I want to talk about what they did to the Navajo Indians.
In New Mexico, having them work in the uranium mines, knowing that it would kill them.
Want to get to that, but I guess that's a loving thing to do.
I'm probably anti-Navajo now because I'm trying to support the Navajos and say they shouldn't do this.
I'll probably be listed in the newspaper as that.
Or, well, who knows.
A moron 9-1-1 style attack predicted in next year.
More propaganda articles about the Chipsons, a reference to the futuristic cartoon family, the Jetsons.
They are America's first family to have radio frequency identification chips implanted.
And they act like in this article that they just found out about it and just decided to do it.
They work for the company, folks.
The company is owned by the Communist Chinese military and IBM jointly, and it's based in Beijing.
They have plans to implant the entire slave population worldwide.
We'll get to that.
Also, I did dig that article out where they're going to try to make police give DNA samples before you say, yeah, make them do it.
That's what it's all about.
Make them do it and then why have a problem making you do it despite the fact that it is totally and completely unconstitutional in every way.
Also, Davis accuses Republicans of power grab and recall and a right-wing power grab.
It's not a right-wing power grab.
It's a left-wing pushing out another left-wing.
I mean, that's all.
It's just one mafia knocking out another mafia.
It's a good liberal.
I mean, like Margaret Sanger gave awards to Hitler, got awards from Hitler.
Arnold Schwarzenegger says he admires Hitler and loves Kurt Waldheim and loves Nazis, so he's a good liberal.
I mean, I'm...
I'm learning what scum you guys all are.
Davis accuses Republicans of power grab.
Give me a break, Davis.
I don't care who wins there.
I mean, it's a sick joke, folks.
So we'll be getting into that report as well.
And I do want to spend more time on the Gulf War veterans suing banks that were connected with BCCI and others in transferring the chemical and biological weapons of Saddam, which they then blew up the evidence of in the first Gulf War, which they then had to breathe.
Some of the other articles we're going to be getting into is a blasphemous Esquire magazine portraying George Bush as Jesus Christ.
That's sick.
And we'll also get into computer glitch halts New Zealand trading.
And a former intelligence officer wanted his objections to dossier known.
Former people in England are going public about the lies, claiming that...
The British government did lie.
Well, of course they did.
They said those mobile weapons trucks were... Well, it turned out they were for pumping up hydrogen balloons for surveillance.
And they knew that.
The British had sold it.
There's so many lies.
Where do you begin?
And these lying, gun-grabbing neocons distract you and go, you're not conservative if you don't support the New World Order.
So that's all coming up as well.
We'll talk more about these viruses, these computer viruses that are spreading so quickly.
Stay with us.
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Alright, my friends, we're back live, already 8 minutes and 12 seconds into the third hour of this worldwide Wednesday edition of the show.
Ron in Oklahoma, thanks for holding, sir.
Go ahead.
Alex, there are several things I'd like to talk to you about, but one, I've heard you say many times that you've received a lot of benefits from hearing on the Good Fight.
I've passed out about 250 copies of your take during Oklahoma City
Have you ever seen the movie Force 10 from Navarone with Harrison Ford?
I think I have in the past.
I'm not too familiar with it.
Well, I mean, this is an analogy, folks.
They bomb the Nazi dam to knock out the Nazi troops, and the dam doesn't explode and crumble all at once.
I remember now.
Okay, well, that's what... It's like water.
Water is the softest thing out there of a liquid or of a solid or of a gas, as it can be considered.
But it will carve holes through giant masses of solid granite.
And so we're like water.
We are evaporating the New World Order.
We are dissolving it.
And see, they have all the fancy info babes smacking their lips, lying, and all the neocon gun grabbers on radio trying to divert people into false conservatism and to divert them from real issues or Bush's real record.
Once you show somebody how they're being lied to, a lot of times they won't believe it right at first, but then everything they see in the videos, they'll then see on the news or see in person, and then they're going to wake up.
Is that what's happened, Ron?
Apparently, Alex, I am truly amazed at what's going on now and the way people are reacting towards me who acted totally at first and skeptical.
But now they're going out of their way to be friendly, to shake my hand, to thank me.
It's truly amazing.
Also, Alex, there were a couple of other things.
One thing, I was told by a former crew member, John F. Kennedy, a number of years ago, that the 1977 East Coast blackout, power blackout, was caused by a Navy E-3 electronic warfare plane that strayed off course
During war games, training exercise.
That's all the information I have.
Well, they admit they have pulse weapons that will knock out entire power grids.
They bragged about that during the war.
They're EMP devices.
But they don't have to do that.
They've got the codes to everything under this centralization.
Privatization has not been privatization.
It's been centralization, an oligopoly being built.
And it's their own personal cash machine.
I mean, we're dealing with a government that had an Army secretary that worked for Enron who set up fake computers for California legislators to walk them through and say, look, here we have the energy trading going on.
Remember that?
No, I must have missed that one.
Yeah, well, we have a government... Have you seen all the articles where they admit the touchscreens are totally fraud-based, accessible by wireless Internet with three different databases in them, designed... Absolutely.
I even cut one article out about the people in California being awfully skeptical of the possibility of a free and honest election.
Yeah, so what's happening is...
Because they know we know, okay?
Now it's about 30% of us really know something's wrong.
Out of that 30%, about 5% are willing to be active.
The other 25% think sneaking around is going to keep them safe, which is totally false.
That ensures you and your family's destruction.
And that's why the globalists are so desperate.
But see, they can't stop.
The globalists before were good about keeping their local corrupt bosses, you know,
Local corrupt minions but bosses over the regional areas under control.
Now they've all got dirt on each other.
Now corruption has become so acceptable that they've got fake vote machines that are laughing at us and putting it in every paper.
Yeah, it's fake.
We're going to make you accept it.
Yeah, we've been spraying bacteria on you and killing the troops.
I mean, it's all just right there.
And none of them see criminals aren't brought to justice now.
What would happen if you owned an energy company and you set up fake computers for the trades with the government?
I mean, they were just making up random numbers, Ron.
Alex, nothing that I learned anymore surprises me at all.
It seems that, in my opinion, the only criminal terrorist organization the average person is going to have any contact with is going to be Homeland Security or possibly their local police department.
I know here in Oklahoma City just a couple of days ago, I was driving my work truck with InfoWars bumper stickers on it and drove past a number of undercover cops, whoever, making an arrest in downtown Oklahoma City.
I drove around the block to get a closer look at them because
I've seen some of these cars following me in the past, or like cars, but I didn't know who they belonged to, who they were.
A local Gestapo, and I was curious about them.
A couple Crown Vicks, Dunmark, Taurus SE, a Jeep Wagoneer.
Hey, general police are shifting to those all over the country.
Well, they also drive, their trademark is extremely dark, blacked out windows.
They drive 80 models, GM cars, gangbangers, cars, anything.
But like I say, I was trying to figure out who these were.
Apparently they're Oklahoma City Police.
But since then, I have had these people driving past my house and following me around.
This is not the Oklahoma City.
It's unbelievable.
And apparently these people are the Oklahoma City Police Department.
It is truly, it's terrible, Alex.
Well, I'm not saying they're not watching you, but
A large portion of the police cars are being retired.
They're going to unmarked, so you're probably watching a police officer on patrol.
I mean, now for every, I'd say on average as I've been counting them, for every 10 marked police cars I see, I see one of the unmarked.
Well, they're driving a little skivvy luminous with dark windows, but the major giveaway is the dark blacked-out windows, no matter how old that car is.
Yeah, because you can't lawfully have darked-out windows, but they can.
Right, and their windows are really black and dark.
They drive yellow cabs here in Oklahoma City, cop cabs.
And I've noticed them.
Of course, the windows are all dark.
Jeep Wagoneers.
Well, did you hear me yesterday read about the new Lego toys?
No, I missed that one, Alex.
Well, I didn't get to all the new Lego toys, but we have links to this on InfoWars.com, and please boycott them, folks.
But it's all the toys now, I mean, you know, for boys.
Lego World City police four-wheel drive undercover, Lego World City surveillance truck, and it says the latest satellite and listening devices keep an eye out for potential trouble.
And it's got little SWAT teams going around people up, and they've got the little jail, looks like a concentration camp.
It's got antennas and guard towers on top of it.
Well, they even drive Chevrolet Z71 four-wheel drive pickups here in Oklahoma City.
I'm Mark.
I'm seeing a little bit of everything, Alex.
Well, it's about black ski masks.
I mean, executioners wore black masks.
Nazis wore black masks.
Hijackers wear black masks.
Terrorists wear black masks.
And they just say, hey, the good guys wear black masks now.
The Russians 50 years ago, arresting people to go to the gulags, wore black masks.
Oh, really?
But they're going, oh, no, no, no, no.
We're the good guys.
It's to protect our faces and our identities.
Well, what's the difference between Hitler's Germany and Oklahoma City or the United States now?
They don't have the nerve to en masse arrest everybody, and they don't have cops that are willing to go around arresting people en masse.
And even if they did, the crooks, not the useful idiot cops that don't understand what's going on, but the criminal cops, the higher-level ones, they know how dangerous it's going to be
Maybe the first few patriots they grab into town, patriots won't be alerted, but later they will be.
And when somebody's back against the wall and they're fighting all these former Special Forces people and all these patriots, I mean, it won't be good for them.
Well, Alex, when Hitler took over Germany, Germany had a constitution.
They had the Gestapo, the other agencies.
They had to work around Germany's constitution and find ways to subvert it.
Hitler just did not start out with absolute control.
So apparently that's the same way that this country is going, through Homeland Security.
But the good news is there's a massive national revolt against it.
Ashcroft can lie all he wants.
People have seen the Patriot Act.
Conservatives are waking up, which is terrifying him.
And so let him lie.
It's not working.
Let him lie.
Alex, I just want to tell your listeners...
Keep on passing out those tapes because they are having an effect.
Like you say, it's just like water.
It erodes.
No matter what reception they get from someone when they give them the tape, to pass out that tape and keep on going to the next person, the next person, the next person, because eventually it's going to hit home to these people.
It really will.
You are making a really big difference.
Like I say, I'm up around 250 of your tapes, 9-11, Masters of Terror, and Police Take 3.
So I'm getting rave reviews now.
I would not have believed it when I first started passing these tapes out, Alex.
I would not have believed it, the way people are acting towards me now.
Well, they're losing their bank accounts.
Their kid comes home and says they're putting cameras in my school.
The teacher asked me about what type of guns you've got.
I mean, people, this is happening everywhere.
They're definitely waking up, and I would ask your listeners, too, to think back about George Herbert's administration, the similarities between it, George W.'
's administration, and what is happening to the economy.
I've always been a Republican, a conservative.
Hey, I'm the guy that voted twice for Richard Nixon.
Stop voting after he got kicked out of office.
But I'll tell you what, you've got to watch the Bushes.
We're in a lot of trouble because of these guys, Ali.
Well, yeah, and conservatives are finally, they were all laughing, I love Bush, it was all fun, but now they're starting to figure out, hey man, something's wrong here.
Well, just wait until they turn the heat up more.
That'll convert even more people.
We'll be back with more calls, more news.
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All right, Phil in Colorado.
Go ahead, sir.
How you doing, Alex?
Pretty good.
Hey, I just wanted to do, this first time I called in, I wanted to say that I've got some of the videos and been passing them out, and I get the same thing.
People that
They see them and either just freak out.
Other people go, yeah, I knew about some of this stuff.
Other people get them and then refuse to watch them.
I live right next to a major university in Colorado, so I'm going to pass them out on campus this year and to some of the professors.
How are you listening to us?
On 1360 radio.
Oh, yeah, great folks.
We appreciate them picking up the show.
Yeah, the third hour they just did.
So anyway, I just want to tell people that are listening that I spent probably 25 years under the influence of drugs and alcohol pretty bad, and I've been clean for about four and a half years now.
And don't give up.
It's the information that you put out along with the biblical reading.
I'm reading the Bible now and studying it, and I was raised a Christian, and so I'm getting back to it.
This all goes together.
And to defeat this New World Order, you know, you can't run out in the street with your guns and stuff.
We're not going to defeat them that way.
We defeat them with knowledge and with information.
Yeah, the globalists have to blow up their own buildings and shoot their own people.
We even have their handbooks, like Operation Northwoods, of how they carry out terror, but then blame it on us.
We're going to win the fight by educating police and military and by changing the hearts and minds of the people.
And certainly, we're going to win the fight if they launch a physical attack by defending ourselves.
You know, your website, InfoWars, well, that says it all because it's,
It's information, and it's knowledge, and it's knowledge about what these people are.
Yeah, they're the criminals.
They're the bad guys.
If they win, if they can pose as the good guys, carry out the terror and blame it on the good people.
Well, that's it exactly.
And if you know this, and ultimately the ultimate bad guy is Lucifer, who's controlling all the evil humans that control us.
Our Savior is Christ.
And, you know, I did nothing in my life for 25 years to save myself.
The only reason I'm alive today is through His grace.
He got me out of that pit.
And anyone that hears my voice that either personally has or knows someone who, you know, is addicted to drugs and alcohol or any of the other evils out there that will destroy people and at the very least blind you from reality, do your best to save them because as a human, as a Christian...
That's our duty.
That is what we are supposed to do.
That is our duty, Phil.
Thanks for the call.
And look at how they will go after you for marijuana or cocaine or heroin and then set up this whole police state, and then we catch them shipping the stuff in to create the crisis and then to make the profits, and then they're pushing Ritalin and Prozac and Luvox and all this garbage that's worse in many cases on the children, on the population.
But great testimony, Phil.
Last caller, because I'm coming back and covering just a plethora of news.
Umar in Michigan.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I respect you, and I think you're doing a good job.
Well, thank you.
But I got a message for the first minions and bootlickers of the New World Order.
Remember, it was the kids in Yugoslavia, the children of Yugoslavia, that took out the chess cubes.
And y'all is next.
We're not going to stand for this.
We're not going to be slaves.
We're not going to be none of that.
We're not going in your concentration camps.
We're not taking your drugs, vaccines, or none of that.
So you just, hey, be ready for it.
Whatever you do to us, we're going to do to you.
Have a good day.
All right.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate your calling, Warren.
I understand the frustration of people.
You know how we're under attack.
You know the evil things that have been done to us.
Talk to BBC a month ago.
No charges in murder of U.S.
and British troops.
That was the headline.
Then it was...
The British police, they said, yeah, the U.S.
and British government did over 25 years.
1965, 1960 to 1985, they would have troops sit out in fields and spray them with chemical and biologicals and kill them outside port and down, and they would die on the spot or die later.
And this is all admitted, but no one's going to be charged because they were acting under orders.
I mean, we have governments that will have troops just sit out in the Jeep and have jets fly over or helicopters and scram with stuff.
We've had the veterans that survived on.
They'd be on these ships during the Shad Test and people died.
The government killed people.
Now, I know you think supporting the troops means killing them.
But no, here at this show...
We don't think killing the troops or nerve-gassing them or letting them huff nerve gas and not giving them treatment or deliberately doing it is wrong.
I mean, they admit in 1968 they released a biological in the New York subway, the government did.
They killed Americans!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The Berkey Lights unique design combines the age-old process of microporous filtration coupled with modern state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials bringing you the finest water filter available anywhere.
Again, it's m2ktalk.com or simply call 877-996-4327, extension 150.
All right, my friends.
We do this show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I wanted to get into what the new Victory Act does, and it's just another piece of anti-terror legislation that in truth is designed to destroy America.
And let's launch into this.
We've obtained...
From Washington Contacts, a draft copy of the vital Interdiction of Criminal Terrorist Organizations Act of 2003, also known as the Orwellian Victory Act.
Ernie General John Ashcroft is currently putting on a little road show to garner support for the bill as well as for the USA Patriot Act.
The draft obtained by Liberty Think is dated June 27th and...
The word in the beltway is the Victory Act is still being retooled over the August recess before it is introduced in the Senate.
Although this may not be the final form of the act, we do encourage readers to study the bill and hit Ashcroft with hard questions when and if he comes to your town.
We do have it posted on Infowars.com if you want to read it.
Measures in the 89-page draft include
Creation of a new category of crime called narco-terrorism.
So, now you have drugs, you're a terrorist.
We already saw this in the ads on TV.
Well, I don't see why having some marijuana makes me a terrorist.
Oh, really, you don't.
I call the kids that die.
Like the terrorists that it funds and controls.
And the guy goes, gee, I guess you're right.
That's right.
Don't use marijuana or you fund Al-Qaeda.
Razzi, you buy Homeland Security.
You know all those ads.
And we said, look, folks, we've read Patriot Act I, we've read Patriot Act II, we've looked at Homeland Security.
It makes every misdemeanor, everything you do, you don't even have to be suspected of doing something.
They can secretly grab you, you're never seen again.
I've written a detailed analysis of Patriot Act II.
It's on Infowars.com.
Go read it.
Email it out to folks.
It's a creation of a new category of crime called narco-terrorism.
Now, wait.
Ashcroft said that it didn't affect anybody but terrorists, but see, the definition of terrorist in Section 802 of the First Patriot Act is any action that endangers human life that's a violation of any federal or state law.
Radical expansion of asset forfeiture powers for the Department of Justice and Homeland Security.
So, you funded a charity that may have given money to somebody that they retroactively declared a terrorist group.
We're going to take your company, your ranch, your farm.
Expansion of the definition of money laundering to several kinds of transactions, including offshore banking as a means of tax evasion.
So, period, having money offshore, which Enron and Boeing and everybody's moving offshore.
But you can't do that.
You've got to stay here and be abused.
policy and OECD, the global group, has said that money's all got to be kept in countries unless you're a globalist.
That's part of the U.N.
Creation of a ludicrous new crime of reverse money laundering.
Longer jail terms for a number of nonviolent drug and non-drug offenses.
Expanded opportunities for judge shopping and wiretap cases.
Expansion of non-judicial administrative subpoenas for terrorism investigations is broadly defined in the USA Patriot Act.
They just grab you off the street, say it's a subpoena, you're never seen again.
And that's just a partial listing.
And yes, I've read it.
That's a good...
A very good synopsis of what's in there.
A very good synopsis.
And yes, in the next few days, I'm going to be writing a couple-page analysis of Victory Act to add as a front-end addendum to my Patriot Act II analysis.
And I would ask again that listeners get that and email it out to everybody.
I would ask that listeners get my analysis of what DARPA is up to and email it out to everybody.
If you do that, millions of people get to read it.
If just our listeners read it, you know, those that happen to go read that particular article, it'll be in the hundreds of thousands.
Folks got the analysis of Patriot Act II that I wrote, emailed it out to everybody, it got published in a bunch of magazines and newspapers, and it just won the Censored 2003 Second Place Award, which is a pretty big deal in Project Censored.
That's because of you, so please get...
A few key articles we write and email them out to everybody.
The power of you doing that is just amazing.
Absolutely amazing.
So that's what's going on there with the Patriot Act II, a side addendum, the Victory Act.
Basically what they're doing is they're breaking Patriot Act II up into several parts.
And Patriot Act II has passed out of the Senate, went into the House, back to the Senate,
And so we've got that to watch, which they say doesn't even exist.
Think about that.
I mean, everybody said there's Patriot Act I, and they said, oh, look, there's this draft proposal in the House, the Domestic Security Enhancement Act, that we all found out about January 7th, and then listeners called in and said, Alex, you better look at the Senate version S-22, the Justice Domestic Security Enhancement Act,
And it's the same thing with added gun control, sponsored by Democrats, just like it was Democrats that helped take the dead Patriot Act 1 and get it rammed through with that 99-1 vote.
Yeah, the House and Senate wouldn't pass it, and then suddenly the entire complex got hit by anthrax letters, folks.
The most weaponized anthrax ever known, and Bush was on it with his whole cabinet on Cipro.
And you put two and two together.
Here's some of the other news.
Freemason's closed shop blocked me, says Barrister.
Gunmaker aims at $1 billion military contract.
Bustamante, Metcha and the Media, great little article by slight neocom, as she does some good articles.
Michelle Malkin, a real neocom, wouldn't even mention that.
Also, people worry more about immigration than crime.
A new poll, well, immigration causes crime.
GOP legislators are pushing state audit of illegal voting.
Why don't you check the whole system that's been put in, the touchscreen system?
City will accept consular ID.
Card helps Mexican citizens get established in the U.S.
But the city says, Corpus Christi, oh, we're just going to make it legal.
We're going to make it all legal.
Hackers claim new fingerprint biometric attack.
Wait till you hear about this.
Look, it's all coming up.
Before I get back into this in the last 19 minutes of the show, you've heard every caller almost who's gotten the films talk about the amazing effect they have
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90% wake-up rates, conversions over to reality from folks that see Road to Tyranny especially because the video is so well-produced, so well-documented, so shocking.
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Find out what Schwarzenegger and the other Nazis do there every year.
I better not call him a Nazi.
I'll get attacked by the ADL or Simon Wiesenthal Center.
I'm serious.
Simon Wiesenthal Center said, I don't want to get back into that.
It just blows me away that this guy can say he loves Hitler, and they're saying he's good, but they attack Neil Gibson and attack all these Second Amendment groups.
Side issue, I'm just very angry about it because I don't like Nazis.
I don't like people that defend them.
Continuing, folks.
See, the paradigms all turn backwards.
Reality isn't what they project.
And bottom line, my films are waking people up.
My videos are having a massive effect.
Thank God.
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Don't wait.
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They're all excellent.
Gulf War veterans sue banks, firms over chemicals.
And again, I already mentioned this, but it's important.
The veterans are among the more than 100,000 U.S.
soldiers who have symptoms, including extreme fatigue, memory loss, and bone and joint pain, which are often referred to as Gulf War syndrome or Gulf War illness.
The defendants are 11 companies that the suit accuses of supplying Iraq with precursors for chemical weapons, and 33 banks that provided letters of credit for Iraq's purchases according to Iraq's declarations to U.N.
weapons inspectors.
And why do you think special forces, Delta Force, swooped in by helicopter, ran into the U.N.
building, and at gunpoint took 8,000 pages out of the 20,000 pages?
They walked in with guns, took it, and then Iraq released the names again.
They already had it on disk.
BCCI, it's already been out in Senate reports and stuff.
It wasn't precursors that were sold.
They list banks that provided letters of credit for more than 50 suppliers of chemical precursors that could have been used to manufacture mustard gas, sarin, and VX.
And then, folks, our government sold them whole artillery shells of VX and sarin.
We have video inside the bunkers, U.S.-marked chemical weapons.
That's why they blew it all up.
And then that's why they couldn't give the troops treatment, because then they'd have to admit that they sold it to them.
Murdering tens of thousands of our troops.
I know that's very patriotic according to neocons and liberals.
But I'm sorry.
Gun control isn't conservative.
Neither is open borders.
And neither is killing our troops.
You murderers.
I understand.
I'm a liberal now.
I'm for lower taxes.
I understand that.
Every day I see articles on this.
I really should.
I never cover them.
This is out of the national website of Wales.
I see Wales newspaper.
The particular subgroup of this consortium is the Western Mail newspaper.
Pre-Mason, closed shop, locked me, says barrister.
You can't get a job in a union, a job in government, a job selling stuff now unless you're a Mason.
And Masons have been involved in murders and stuff, and no one can convict them.
I mean, it's a license to do whatever you want.
So they've understandably gotten a little out of control, and now there's a backlash, which they're going to try to call xenophobic and hateful.
Now, Masons aren't a racial group, but this is the new system.
Can't criticize any group.
Freemason clothes shop blocked me, says barrister.
A barrister claims his application to become a judge has been turned down because he is not a Freemason.
Roger Everett says he was told 30 years ago that he would never get on a legal profession after turning down an invitation to join the Dynas Landive Lodge of the Freemasons in Cardiff.
By the way, I haven't gotten death threats in a few years.
I've had people calling up claiming to be Masons death-threatening me.
And then others just calling up threatening us.
Well, we're going to read out of the Western Mail mainstream newspaper.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Last week, the 64-year-old was informed by the Director of Judicial Appointments of the Department of Constitutional Affairs that he was not being appointed to circuit judge.
Earlier this year, Mr. Everest, who participates in practices from chambers...
Here, Cardiff had a claim that his career had been blighted by his non-membership of the Freemasons rejected by the European Court of Human Rights.
Yesterday, he said, the judiciary in South Wales is a chop shop.
It's a clothes shop where I believe excludes ethnic minorities, women, and men who are not part of the Masonic network.
After over 30 years as a practicing barrister of Wales and Chester Circuit with hundreds of satisfied clients, not one of whom has ever been made a complaint against me.
I am furious never to have been offered the opportunity to sit as a judge.
This is just one of hundreds of articles.
It's big news in Europe, and the Masons won't release their names.
They won't ask if they're a Mason when they're in intelligence agencies.
And a lot of Masons will claim, well, all the founding fathers were Masons, and we're all good guys, and we're blah, blah, blah.
I don't want to hear it, folks.
I'm sitting here in a Lone Star State, okay?
Most people that died at the Alamo were Masons.
Like, almost all of them.
But they were lower mid-level.
That's how a pyramidal structure works.
It's like a cop going, well, I'm a good guy.
I wouldn't blow up the World Trade Center, so don't say the government did it.
Ignoring all the facts, we're talking about the tops of these organizations and how it's really a mafia.
I mean, you go into New York and ask somebody if John Gotti's a good guy, they'll go, yeah, he gives us free pizza and fireworks displays.
You know, it's the same line.
And anything's secret.
With people involved in government, we'll breed corruption.
That's how it works.
You have secret groups sworn to secrecy, dominating government and positions of power, and then you're not supposed to talk about it?
You're a weirdo if you talk about it?
You know, that's not what America's about.
And George Washington talked about how there were outside forces trying to use the Masons after the Revolutionary War was won.
And he was a Mason.
I'm not saying everybody who's a Mason is an evil person.
I've had family that have been Masons, you know, grandfathers.
But they were lower mid-level.
And I've found that it was higher level, and I mean, they've admitted it.
I mean, it's a bunch of occult stuff.
So look at Bohemian Grove, folks.
That's Masonic.
That's high level.
We'll be right back.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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All right, I guess one more call and then we'll hit some final news.
Real quick, Martin in Illinois, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just wondered if you knew anything about the showdown with Judge Roy Moore today that was supposed to take place.
I know the governor told them, the neocon governor said you're on your own yesterday, and I know it's very important and historical, and I talked a lot about it last night with Mel Gibson's father, Hutton Gibson, who was at the rally over the weekend.
Okay, I had heard on the Alan Key Show, Alan Key said he was going to go down there, and if he had to go to jail, he'd go to jail, but I hope a whole lot of people are going to stand in the way there.
Well, go to jail?
They're not coming to take down the Ten Commandments today, are they?
I don't know.
That's what he said.
That's not what I read in the news.
The ruling's coming down.
Okay, I thought today was the showdown date.
Well, where did you get that information?
Maybe I'm wrong.
On the Alan Keyes Show.
Well, I know they're saying that they're going to start the big fines today.
But what they'll do is they'll let them continue to build up.
I see.
Well, no, sir.
Tell us what you heard.
My brother-in-law came in the door and said, Hey, I heard the Alan Keyes Show.
The big showdown is supposed to be tomorrow.
And he said he didn't know if it was going to be in Washington or the other place.
Okay, well, I'm going to let you go.
Maybe somebody can call in who knows real quick here at the end.
Heckler & Koch, a big German arms maker, is talking about moving a factory here to the U.S.
That would be a good thing.
It says, while Katie Couric complains about GOP candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger being the son of a Nazi party member, international media outlets assail Schwarzenegger's advisor, Pete Wilson, as anti-immigrant and racially divisive.
The liberal press has been stone-cold silent on Bustamante's connection to one of the nation's most virulently racist organizations.
Well, that's true, Michelle Malkin, but that doesn't say Schwarzenegger's okay, then.
Besides, Schwarzenegger's not a conservative.
Please don't say that.
You see, they can tell you the truth on one area, but not on the other.
Now, has anybody called in to let us know exactly what's going on with Judge Roy Moore?
The people aren't sure what's going on.
I know there was some type of showdown today.
I read articles about it yesterday.
Had Hutton Gibson on, who was there.
Usually the feds will give it time to rack up more fines and fees.
I know the governor said yesterday he's not going to support
The Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore.
I know that's terrible, but this whole thing is par for the course, and I commend people for getting involved there.
I just wish some of the neocons that champion this issue, which they should have championed, should champion Bush not having blanket illegal amnesty or signing the assault weapons ban or...
Funding a billion dollars for the New Age faith-based movement.
See, that's very important, too.
My answer to it is just get the kids out of the public schools.
These courts are totally illegitimate.
Support Judge Roy Moore?
Oh, we're out of time.
It was a good show today.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, right here on the network, on shortwave at 5.085 or 6890, or on your local AM or FM dial, or at infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
During the day, you can hear us on shortwave at 12.172 and 9320 from 11 to 2.
During the day, please tell your friends and family about the show.
We will not compromise on the Second Amendment, on our borders, on our sovereignty, on the Ten Commandments, on any of it.
And we will expose the ultimate threat that Ron Paul has exposed as well.
The neocons.
The Trojan horses.
We know what the Democrats are.
It's these neocons that are the real threat.
God bless you all.
Have a great day or evening.