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Air Date: Aug. 19, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Alex Jones.
It's Tuesday.
Already the 19th of August, 2003.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We have minister, professor, best-selling author, researcher joining us, Tex Mars, in the next hour.
He's going to be with us for an hour and a half, and he's going to take calls.
He actually joins us in the middle of the next hour until the end of the broadcast, and we'll be taking calls and covering the Schwarzenegger race, the occult activities of world leaders that are on the record, nanotechnology and how they're now admitting it's going to be for military applications, genetic engineering, because Tex is a professor of the sciences.
We'll get into just a whole host of issues with Professor Tex Mars in the next hour.
Yesterday, I kind of dropped the ball.
I mean, it was a good broadcast overall, a lot of information, a lot of great calls.
But I never threw the question out to the listeners about the power outages last Thursday, Friday, into Saturday in some areas of the country and what you think is behind that.
Of course, Al-Qaeda, that is somebody sent an email to a CIA news service saying that, oh, we're Al-Qaeda, we did it.
And a lot of people are saying there's no way this could happen all by itself.
The system isn't designed that way.
A lot of people I know that work for power companies are saying this.
So we really should discuss it.
I'd like to hear what you think is going on.
I've got enough pieces of the puzzle to where I'm pretty sure I know what's going on, but I don't like to do that.
I know the global is carried out September 11th.
We have absolute proof.
I know the global is carried out Oklahoma City.
I know the global is putting cancer viruses in the vaccines.
That type of stuff we can prove.
I don't have enough information to absolutely be sure about the power outage, but in my gut, I know that they're behind it.
And my gut, unfortunately, is never wrong.
I wish I was wrong about all this, but I'll tell you why I think the government, that is the private corporate criminal government, carried out the power outages and why, and we'll get into that in the next segment.
In the meantime, Ashcroft has kicked off his 20 to 18 state tour,
They keep changing.
Different Justice Department press releases, but we have some of the places he's going to be visiting telling you how good Patriot Act 1 and 2 and the Victory Acts are.
I wonder if any news reporters will play Mr. Ashcroft's video clip.
You know how 60 Minutes does?
Mr. Ashcroft, Attorney General, you say right here there is no new terror legislation.
You say it doesn't affect citizens and isn't for fighting crime, just terrorists, but here's your own Justice Department brief where they say it's going to be used for all crime against all criminals and, well, people that are suspected criminals and that we won't have any liberties.
So which Ashcroft is telling the truth and which Ashcroft is lying?
But the Justice Department admits they are carefully screening who he will speak to.
And they've ordered the 94 U.S.
attorneys to have staged public debates, that is, staged town hall meetings.
We have the news articles where they're going to have all the local police officers stand behind them and give the illusion of local control, and they're going to admittedly screen who gives questions to the state's attorneys.
And U.S.
attorneys and local police that are going to be there, so they're going to have lots of stage-managed little propaganda events.
Hey, this is good, folks.
They're having to counter us.
They're having to come out of the ivory towers where they lie and cheat and steal these neocon, gun-grabbing, open-border-promoting, God-hating, church-seizing devils.
Are having to come down out of their high places, down here with the rest of us, and tell their lies to us up front.
Lying scum.
New World Order, un-American, enemy combatant trash.
That's right.
They're the terrorists.
We'll be right back, folks.
They are those that are trying to overthrow our republic.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
This broadcast is about unlocking your mind, taking the blinders off, your eyes...
Getting you to think outside the box and look at how you're being manipulated.
I don't watch very much television, but every time I turn it on and watch Friends or Frasier, which I've now had a chance to see, a particular episode that we talked about last week, or shows like 24, any of them, you have evil gun owners who want to bring down the government, and the police in black ski masks come in and kill them or burn them out, and it's a good thing.
The government's good.
Anyone that criticizes it or thinks the government ever did anything corrupt or should be watched are bizarre, insane, or worse.
I watch cartoons occasionally.
Almost every episode is UN forces saving the Earth from alien invasions.
Gun owners are bad.
The bad guy characters wear three-pointed hats.
There's a show called Captain Planet, and in most episodes, I've seen two episodes, so I've seen most episodes, the most evil character wears a patriot outfit, you know, blue and white, the colors of the Continental Army, and a three-cornered hat, and talks about freedom while he does bad things to people.
And every day now, my webmaster or my listeners give me news articles about new toys, and then I see them in the stores.
World Peacekeeper, and they're all wearing black ski masks,
These 8-inch, 10-inch tall guys in black ski masks, machine guns, they're all growling.
They have mean faces, hateful faces.
And you read the back and it says, with your global peacekeeper, you smash the resistance of the militia movements and enemy forces worldwide that are engaging in terrorism against the global order.
This is the kind of stuff you see on the backs of toy boxes.
No longer are they the white star of the U.S.
It's always multinational peace force.
And it's every manufacturer.
It's across the board.
So that's what this show is about, just getting you out there to look around you.
Today I was given this particular printout.
It's eToys.
I hope none of you buy this.
I hope you boycott and protest and demonstrate and write to and email Lego and tell them I'm never buying another Lego for my kids again.
Lego World City.
There's your propaganda right there.
Lego World City surveillance truck.
Now, it just so happens that these things are camouflaged all over Texas and all over the country, and I've had people that work on them years ago show me photos and diagrams of them.
They've got ground-penetrating radar dishes.
They drive by, look right through your walls.
They've got audio systems that can tune in right off the phone lines to any phone in the city, wirelessly tapping in.
They can read what's on your computer screen.
They can do it all.
And guess what?
Lego World City surveillance truck.
And it says, the eyes and ears of the law keep Lego World City safe.
Now, again, this is basically a Stasi truck, an East German surveillance truck.
The eyes and ears of law keep Lego World City safe.
Police keep the 10-wheeled surveillance truck on the scene to watch and listen for potential trouble.
Officers use antennas to send and intercept radio communications in a satellite dish to monitor transmissions from around the world.
A three-wheeled vehicle accompanies the Lego World City surveillance truck at all times to catch criminals in the act.
It includes two police agent minifigures, 266 Lego pieces.
And it looks just like the surveillance trucks that they have actually driving around.
And again, the Fourth Amendment says they can't aim ground-penetrating radar at your house and look at everything you're doing.
I mean, it's like watching I Love Lucy, folks.
It's that crisp.
The stuff that's declassified.
They've got color stuff that'll zoom into your intestines, zoom into your bones.
I saw one demonstration of it where they zoomed in on a guy's beating heart.
I've talked to Navy SEALs.
They've got it.
But the stuff being given to police, you know, black and white, they'll get the color units soon enough.
And, oh, there's more surveillance toys.
This is just, you know, we didn't have time to look at all of it.
Lego World City Police Four-Wheel Drive and Undercover Unit.
Use this fully equipped undercover van and police four-wheel drive to stop crime in World City.
The undercover officer monitors criminals using high-tech surveillance equipment in the undercover van.
When it's time to go in for the arrest, the police four-wheel drive swoops in and catches the bad guys in the act.
Includes two vehicles, two minifigures, and accessories.
151 Lego pieces.
Okay, so what's the problem here?
Again, the kids in hundreds of school districts write dossiers on mommy and daddy, D-A-T-F, pay to have an officer in the class for a full semester in the seventh grade, the most formative years.
And they admit, I've got the news articles in the takeover.
Where the kids write about what's in your medicine cabinet, what guns you own.
The ATF sits there with color cards of guns asking the kids.
This just goes on from North Carolina to Texas, folks.
It isn't Boston or New York or L.A.
Oh, it's a lot worse there.
They're banning ammo, banning above 40 cal, banning everything, shutting down all the gun shops.
Oh, yeah, we're just a few years away from that.
So, you know, your kids are under massive psychological attack.
The average parent, all trusting, you know, you're a good person.
Well, oh, surveillance.
Yeah, police surveil bad guys.
This is about everybody being surveilled.
The Pentagon's told you.
This is echelon-slash-CIA stuff domestically, and your kids... Lego's the number one seller of toys, by the way, folks.
Your kids...
And I've been looking at their lineup.
I mean, most of it's like this now.
Folks, go look at the toy aisles.
They have that toy manufactured by Walmart.
This was in the mainstream media last year.
That was early this year.
Told the kids, I hate you, I hate you.
You turn on the baby's room and for like an hour it plays nice C sounds and nice things and then real quietly turns off, turns back on, designed so parents wouldn't hear it.
That's how arrogant they are and starts telling the baby over and over again, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.
Stop the article on prisonplanet.com right now.
Just type in the search engine something like Walmart toy says it hates children or something.
It should pop up.
Started surfing around for five hours trying to find it.
But that's the new America, folks.
And it's everywhere.
Look, if I watch two hours of TV tomorrow night, or tonight, and I flipped around through the channels, and then I wrote notes down and came back to you, just the analysis of that one Frazier program, and we got the script, and you know where he joins the gun club and his family tells him it's evil, it's bad, guns should be banned, terrorists only have guns, and then he goes and finds out, yeah, they're terrorists.
Because they believe in the New World Order, and he runs out screaming, oh my gosh, I'm in deep trouble.
I mean, if I was to read the text, yesterday I thought about reading it.
I mean, that's why I get so frustrated.
It's information overload here.
I thought about reading, you know, this five-page article with the text of the Fraser program, just so you could hear it.
I mean, my wife would watch Friends maybe once a week, okay?
She deserves some escape.
One time I sit down with her,
The Dalai Lama's good.
Heterosexual marriages aren't as good as homosexual marriages, and they're better at having kids than heterosexuals.
And it's a new world order.
You better just get used to it.
They actually said that.
And I'm going, you're watching this?
And you know you've seen it.
You just sit there baking and roasting in it.
Here's the police surveillance trucks.
And, of course, they look exactly like the real thing.
And they know what they're doing.
They have policy reports that have been declassified about working with Hollywood back in the 40s.
They had official funding.
It's still going on.
In fact, it's a lot bigger now.
And this is just kind of a quiet little secret.
It's in a few news articles here and there, and there's some admissions on C-SPAN.
But shows like SWAT, the FBI was involved in funding that.
You know, guys in black ski masks are good.
Kicking down doors are good.
It's elite.
It's good.
And now all the movies are out.
Movie SWAT and every film and TV show.
And you watch the cop shows.
Every show they say, I'm violating the Bill of Rights.
I've got to get the bad guy.
I don't care.
And then, of course, they're validated as right in each episode.
They have to torture people.
Every cop show I watch, maybe it's just bad luck, but I've probably watched ten the last year and had to physically, got ill and had to turn it off.
They're always torturing some person to get answers, but that's okay because they're getting their bad guy.
You watch shows like Cobra Commander, you know, G.I.
Joe, Great American Hero.
I was kind of getting out of cartoons when that show was on, but I watched it some and
Remember Destro and all those guys?
And Cobra Commander drives a black armored vehicle.
He wears a black ski mask.
He's got a Cobra insignia.
Well, the Travis County SWAT team wears the exact, I mean exact, Cobra Commander outfit.
It is identical.
See how this works?
I'm not kidding, folks!
Don't watch your children's cartoons!
It's DNA testing, face scanning, retina scanning to buy and sell, UN troops always saving you, police in black ski masks everywhere, New World Order this, New World Order that, pyramids, all-seeing eyes everywhere.
Just watch Cartoon Network.
Watch Nickelodeon.
I mean, some of the stuff's even worse with that demonic creature Rosie O'Donnell.
You know what the show she does?
Where, by the way, she said that homosexuals make better parents than heterosexuals.
These are hateful people.
And so, you need to just turn your television off and explain to your children it's there to basically ruin their minds.
Don't let your children hang out with the neighbor kid who plays all the violent video games, where, by the way, in almost every video game I've seen, you're global police forces killing and torturing militia members.
And you know what?
We'll be right back.
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All right, folks, we're back live, and I do want to take a lot of calls before Tex Mars gets on with us in about an hour.
We want to talk about the power outage over the last week and over the weekend around the country from Toronto to New York to Detroit, Michigan, down into Ohio.
Any pieces of news you saw, any angles you'd like to discuss, you can give us your ideas on what you think really happened there.
And now this email, this intercept sent to one of the CIA front newspapers going, oh, Al Qaeda takes responsibility.
I think we're good to go.
And I think more and more of this show should be about analyzing the sitcoms, the dramas, the movies, the children's toys, because we focus on the news and on Congress and on the politicians and on the globalists and what the Rothschilds are doing and where they're meeting, and that's all important.
But some of the time, I think about 15-20% of the time, we should talk about the propaganda that the general public is really being basted, marinated in.
And that is the dramas, the sitcoms, the cartoons, the children's toys, the women's magazines, the men's magazines.
They're just jam-packed, not laced.
They are overflowing with anti-family, anti-sovereignty, anti-liberty messages, many times packaged in the name of freedom.
They'll announce some horrible slavery for us and then say it's about freedom.
I mean, they're really getting bad about false labels.
They'll say, well, police are allowed to have giant checkpoints if they're fake checkpoints.
That describes, well, they're fake because we pull you over in your car and search your vehicle.
But it's a fake checkpoint, so it doesn't violate the Fourth Amendment.
I mean, that's something right out of 1984.
I talked about it yesterday.
It's like I cannot compute.
How do you even articulate how ridiculous that is?
I know a lot of you are probably going, what are you talking about?
They say it's a fake checkpoint.
They're just searching your vehicle.
If it's fake, then it doesn't violate the Fourth Amendment.
That's like walking up and shooting somebody in the head with a real bullet and blowing their brains all over the wall and going, I didn't commit murder.
It's a fake.
It's fake what I did.
And they go bury you and put you in the ground.
And cops come and go, hey, you can't do anything.
But Alex killed that guy because it's fake.
You go, that's insane.
But major newspapers, well, the court ruled if it's a fake checkpoint, they can do it.
And they describe it.
Well, they shut down the road and search all the cars and find stuff.
I mean, that's the problem, folks.
I could spend hours on one article to give you background on the lies and the propaganda.
Here's what I'm talking about.
You want to know what I'm talking about right here?
This is the BBC.
Never got to it yesterday.
It's still on Infowars.com on the main page.
Nanotechnology, the science of manufacturing tiny mechanisms and robots not much bigger than molecules could soon become a big part of national security in the U.S.
And they got a picture, and I'm not kidding, a U.S.
military release photo of the soldier of the future.
I've even seen these on postcards.
You know, join the military at restaurants.
You'll see it.
Yeah, I...
Folks, I'm not kidding here.
Guys running around in black capes.
It's Cobra Commander time.
And they've inculcated this in their minds.
They want to go out and play that out.
It's a fantasy.
This is programming, folks.
And that's what they would do 2,000 years ago in Rome.
You know, have the big splendid parades of the military and they were oppressive and evil, but it didn't matter.
The women loved them and the kids all wanted to join them because it didn't matter if they took his daddy away and killed him.
For no reason.
Or for talking bad about a local judge or something in Rome.
It wouldn't matter because he was still going to join them because, well, look at the gold breastplate!
Oh, and the sword!
Same thing today.
It's a Darth Vader outfit.
They put these archetypal images in our minds.
But, see, that's just one facet of the article.
That's just the photo.
And it says much of it is still fantasy.
Then it says, but in 2025, soldiers could be wearing thin uniforms, which are only flexible but also tough.
Then it says 2010, by the end of the decade, it goes on objective force warrior, maybe a common style of the battlefield.
Then it says our objective is to cut the weight in half and do it in three years.
So by the end of the article, they say, okay, it's already deployed.
It starts out, oh, it's 2025.
At the end of it, oh, it's already deployed.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 888-803-4438.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
When I was talking about the nanotech story in the last segment, they show the new future soldier, and it is literally a Darth Vader outfit.
I mean, it's Darth Vader.
The whole breathing apparatus, the same shape, the same shoulder pads, the same outfit.
Go to InfoWars.com.
Go to the BBC.
It's U.S.
This will be our new soldier, and it's Darth Vader, folks.
It's about intimidation, no badge, no number, no nothing for the police and military shoving you around, bossing you around.
Five years ago, that image was a terrorist.
That image was the bad guy.
Now it's the savior.
And yeah, they got to torture you, and yeah, they got to crack your heads, and yeah, they got to boss you around, but that's okay because the guys in black outfits and black ski masks and now Darth Vader outfits are the good guys.
And they say, well, in 2025, this is what they'll all look like.
Oh, and then by the end of the article, oh, they're already deploying this.
That's the tactic.
Well, someday we'll have national ID cards, then they announce.
Well, actually, your driver's license for seven years in the average U.S.
state has already been part of the national ID program.
But go ahead and submit to it.
Well, Total Information Network got defunded, but it was put in place six years ago nationwide under another name.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
You know, it's sick, folks.
So the article's not just about nanotech.
It's about all the spin, the lies, the Darth Vader outfit, the different tactics of announcing something's coming after it's already in place.
I mean, I saw stories six, seven years ago about ground-penetrating radar being given to police departments in L.A.
and New York.
Now it's being given to hundreds of departments.
Now they show it on TV.
Look them through your walls.
Got FCC approval to be used by all police last year.
Before you had to get some little form.
That's a big deal.
I know I talk about ground foot and trading radar a lot.
People not having any privacy is a big deal.
You know, 1984, you heard of it?
My wife called over here to the studio.
She said, honey, you haven't gotten to the news yet, and I know I should.
I mean, there's just so much of it here.
Ashcroft crafting Defense of Patriot Act, that's coming up.
Salt Lake City included.
We'll tell you some of the other cities that are on the list.
We'll tell you what Adolf Hitler did on this date in 1934.
Ridge, blackout was initial test for Homeland Security System.
I will get to what I think happened with the blackout and the evidence.
Three dead in a huge blast at UN headquarters.
And I do believe there are some Iraqis that are fighting back.
I understand, though, that the oil fires and the bombings have the mark of the New World Order, and I'll tell you why when we get to that.
And I'm so sad for our troops and the horrible things that are happening to them and the vaccines that are being given that are killing them and liquefying their organs right now.
But again, that means I don't support the troops because I support them.
I'm learning the double think.
Al-Qaeda plans responsibility for blackout.
Again, anybody can send an email to any news service and say they're Al-Qaeda and it will be in the news that Al-Qaeda officially takes the blame, even though it helps the government's position.
And Al-Qaeda is CIA, and every major terrorist attack, and we've had time to study it, turns out to be the globalists, and we have official U.S.
government plans to carry out there, and a track record of it, but let's just forget about that.
It looks like another sniper is on the loose.
More on West Nile.
This is just some of what's coming up, okay?
That's just some of what's coming up.
But before I go to, well, all these callers that are holding...
Who's up first, Mark?
Who should I go to first?
Okay, we're not going to go to them quietly, but we'll go to Sean and Jerry and Regina and Angus and everybody else here in a few minutes.
But before I do that, you know, I don't want to sit here for five hours and describe how good my videos, how powerful they are, how they're waking people up, how they're changing minds, unlocking minds.
How important in life and death it is that we get the word out to people about the globalists being behind the terror and how they're using the terror to enslave us?
I mean, this is the big message, folks.
This is the most important thing we can do if we're going to stop this anti-Christ system.
How do I describe how good Paul Joseph Watson's new book is, Order Out of Chaos, Elite-Sponsored Terrorism and the New World Order?
I mean, he was finishing up writing this thing a month ago.
It's very up-to-date, fresh information, very well documented, from British intelligence carrying out terror, caught red-handed, to our government, to how the globalists are planning more fake terror attacks to get control of us, including the whole fake UFO invasion situation and how the Rothschilds are behind funding that for mainstream news articles.
You need to have these videos.
You need to have them.
You need to have the books.
You need to have my book, Descent into Tyranny, that covers September 11th.
You need to have Dark Secrets from Side Bohemian Grove.
See the inside of the place that Arnold and German chancellors and American presidents have been going for 100 years.
See the bizarre, eyes wide shut type ritual that we risk our lives, myself and Mike Hanson, to get in there and get this footage.
You need to see it, folks.
You need to have Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove.
I carried the hidden camera in there.
I shot the footage of that ritual.
You need to have it, folks.
So don't wait.
Get Order Out of Chaos, the new book.
Get my book, Descent into Tyranny.
My book's only $12.
Paul's is 330-something pages.
Mine's $12.
Mine's 200-something.
Get a second Order Out of Chaos for only $11.95.
His is $19.95.
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So you support the show, but number one, you support the country and the world by exposing who the killers are.
The mainstream media is a propaganda arm, folks, with Army psychiatrists running it.
Okay, we've got to counter them.
It's up to you.
Get Road to Tyranny.
It's waking up 90% of those that see it.
Especially military and police, because they've seen everything in the video.
They've seen all the evidence.
They know I'm telling the truth.
They just never got outside the box.
People have been known, especially police and military, after they watch Road to Tyranny, to suddenly go outside and throw up off the back porch.
I'm not joking!
You ask why?
Because their whole paradigm is shifted, folks.
When they are deprogrammed, when they realize they've been in a cult, a cult of evil, and when we deprogram them with this road to tyranny, I don't know, it's incredible.
People, you've heard the callers calling about it.
There's been descriptions of it.
When they watch this thing and see everything they know is going on, all put together, they freak out, they throw up.
They get sick, they cry.
They know what they've been involved in.
When we break their programming, it is incredible, folks.
It's incredible to break programming on people.
I don't know why this film doesn't.
I mean, it's powerful.
It's shocking.
It's scary.
But it's my best film.
Police State 3 Total Enslavement is excellent.
It's two hours and 40 minutes long.
$25.95, folks.
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Order three or more of these two hour plus films.
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Don't wait.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
We can't stand here idle.
It is an information war.
People first have to understand the paradigm if they're going to break free of it.
Sean in Alabama, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Good to be speaking with you again.
I've heard you talk several times about how the globalists want to force everyone into compact urban areas.
And I was wondering if you were familiar with the Urban Sprawl and Smart Growth Study Act?
In fact, the federal government with the states is moving by law to set up internal checkpoints to tax you if you live outside an urban city, to tax you to get into the urban city,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
From cities and counties laughed at me and were demonically looking at me, and they were smiling and clapping, open evil.
Ha, ha, ha!
We're going to take everything you've got!
I've got video of it.
I've never put it in a film.
No, I'm not joking!
The city councils from all over the country were there.
They were eating luscious meals, caviar, goblets of wine, 4,000 of them, Michael Dell laughing at me.
Ha, ha, ha!
It was like that movie, The Dark Crystal, you know, those little big bird people.
And, I mean, I was in there with the camera just, oh, they were all laughing.
They admitted it.
They said, of course we're going to take it.
We need to be like private corporations.
I'm not kidding, sir.
I've got to put that in the video.
I believe it.
I looked up the bill at thomas.lock.gov, and once you read through the doublespeak,
Basically, this is the go-ahead to craft the means and the methods for forcing everyone into the urban areas because it defines urban sprawl as basically urban sprawl includes anyone who has the nerve to live out in the country like I do because I don't like being in cities.
Let me tell you what they do to rural people in central Texas.
I mean, I've been to folks' houses who, you know, were German immigrants in the 1840s, living in an old three-foot-thick walled stone house.
SWAT teams come in a couple times, don't find drugs, slap people around, threaten to kill them if they complain.
I mean, I've heard this on Austin TV.
Fly over, run people's horses and cows through fences.
They have to put them down.
You call and complain to the military.
They say, we don't know what you're talking about.
It's just horrible.
They've got this so-called judicial district that does a lot of it.
I mean, it's back to the old Pinkerton security.
That's all it is.
It's like the railroad coming through, and a guy walks up going, I got a badge, and you go...
Why, you're John Thompson, the killer gunfighter and bank robber.
I work for this territory now.
Get your paw out here!
Paw walks out.
This is our little ranch.
It's all we got.
Shut up!
And they go, I'm with the government.
Shut your mouth!
That's the new America.
Just hordes of these scumbags.
Let me tell them something.
My family fought them in the 1830s and the 1840s and 50s and 60s, and I'm fighting the same trash right now!
Yeah, it's just, I mean, you read through this and, you know, it's laughable.
They're saying they're doing this to preserve the open spaces, and yet if you look at what they've done whenever they turn the open spaces over to the globalists in the UN, they won't let you go and use the open space for anything.
And then they've got the controlled earth furs and all those that are publicly funded by the big corporations.
Greenpeace here just went to Monsanto.
Then they're making it look grassroots, and they're saying, shut down wilderness areas, even to hikers.
Some bear just attacked somebody, and they're all going, I wish that bear would have killed them!
Find everyone from going!
Yeah, I guess I'm insane because I just don't see the value in preserving open land if no one gets to use it.
Well, the facts are human beings develop land and make it better, and there's a...
We're good to go.
Look at what's happened to the Second Amendment, the borders.
Look at what's happening with SmartGround.
Bush and his cronies are the ones who finally woke me up from my neocon daydream.
Yeah, well, there was the CARA bill.
Not NACERA, folks.
That doesn't exist.
The CARA bill, $47 billion, and they found out the NRA was funding it.
That was the funding mechanism.
To grab key roads, key private roads, key state roads, other stuff, and then shut them down.
Imagine $47 billion to fund these land grabbers.
Oh, but that's conservative, see?
I don't support the troops because I don't support taking the land.
Doesn't make any sense, but, you know.
Yeah, I guess... I'm against Arnold being an admitted Nazi who, quote, loves Hitler, so I'm an anti-Semite.
Yeah, and I guess I'm no longer a conservative because I actually believe in the Constitution.
Well, exactly.
You're not a Trotskyite.
I don't know.
You were talking about people getting sick after watching your videos because of the paradigm shift.
I can testify to that.
I watched a copy of 9-1-1 Descent into Tyranny that I got from a friend.
I'll tell you, about halfway through it, my stomach was knotted up and I was feeling pretty queasy.
Like you said, it wasn't stuff that I didn't already know about.
It's just that I hadn't...
Taking the proper steps logically to put it together.
Well, they're building a... Look, neo-feudalism.
We're going to all be put on the reservation, the plantation.
And, you know, Southerners and Northerners didn't invent plantations.
It came from Rome.
It's the same model.
That's what they do.
That's what the ruling elite do.
And so you're going to be serfs now.
And men in black ski masks are going to shove you around...
And they admit they're going to hire criminals, they're going to hire foreigners, they're going to shove you and your family around just like Pinkerton Security did.
In Colorado, Pinkerton Security killed several hundred people at one squatter's camp.
Women, children, burned them out.
They'd go around, gun down people on their front steps.
That's a true story, folks.
So now the same people of Pinkerton's involved in Homeland Security training the police now.
Yeah, I guess if you look at it the way that they do, slavery only exists so long as you still have free people.
Once everybody's enslaved, then it's not slavery anymore.
Well, they'll just call it freedom.
I don't know.
It's insane.
Tell folks the name of the bill again.
We posted that last week, but I need to cover that on air.
It's House Resolution 748.
It's called the Urban Sprawl and Smart Growth Study Act.
And you can get an online copy of it at thomas.lock, that's L-O-C, .gov, and do a word search for HR 748.
HR 748.
We'll get that repost on infowars.com.
By the way, we do have the Vectreact post, and the link was dead yesterday.
Thank you.
The link has been repaired.
It's on infowars.com.
We'll come back and go to Jerry, Regina, Angus, and others.
I know you've been holding.
I'll try to get the calls quicker.
Next Mars is about 40 minutes away.
We've got plenty of time for calls and news.
Before then, just turn your guns in.
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You know, in all these weeks, I haven't even talked about Mars being the closest to Earth it's been in 60,000 years.
I don't know how they come up with that mathematical equation, but it is very interesting.
I will at least get into some of that next hour with Tex Mars.
Professor Tex Mars.
But right now, let's go back to the calls.
You guys and gals have been holding long enough.
Jerry in California.
Go ahead, Jerry.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, we love you out here in Southern California.
And this is the first time I've been able to find any information about your radio station or anything.
But I was wondering, is there any way we can pick up a broadcast from Los Angeles even out here if you're syndicated?
You know, we're on a lot of stations, but nothing compared to the big conglomerates.
And California is almost totally bought up.
We're on one commercial affiliate, a big 100,000-watt FM out of Northern California.
And it's up to listeners to get us on independent stations.
But unfortunately, the West Coast has just been totally bought up by the neocons.
Yeah, yeah.
So what you do is you just tell people about Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or about shortwave radios or satellite dishes.
We've got to get a shortwave radio.
We've got to get shortwave.
Well, or Internet.
I mean, you can't have the King of England did not like the pamphleteers, and so they had to sneak around and give people pamphlets.
We do the same thing today on a wider scale.
It's just the people listening, like yourself, and what you're certainly doing, need to value something alternative, anything alternative, because it spurs people to think.
Well, we sure love you out here.
All my friends are crazy about you guys and the wonderful work you're doing for America alone.
You're helping everybody.
How are you listening to us?
Well, we got a copy through a friend of a friend.
He got your tape, Road to Tyranny, and a couple of your other tapes, the one about Bohemian Grove and another one,
But he got it over the Internet.
You mean the Christian Conservative meeting?
Bohemian Grove is the Christian Conservative meeting.
Excuse me?
Well, he got it off the Internet, and then we made, I don't know how many copies we have made of it, but it's real poor quality because it's a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, you know.
Are you saying it's just on a disc, a copy?
No, it was originally one of your VCR tapes that we got off the Internet.
And we just kept making copies of it, but after so many copies, it's just poor quality.
We're going to order your regular, now that we know where you are, we're going to order your regular videos and everything, and your books and everything.
But I was just wondering if there's any way we could get a regular broadcast, but I guess if we're deluged out here, we can't get it.
You know, I mean, Southern California is kind of a strange place.
It's kind of just a
It's a rich area, and there's all kinds of corruption out here.
I always told all my friends and everybody that it's all white-collar criminals, you know, and politicians are the people out here.
You don't see a lot of the low-level crime because they keep it under, you know, they keep it down.
But in certain areas, you see it out here.
Well, that's it.
You've got a higher-level criminal class dominating the public.
And they're very wealthy, you know.
They're very wealthy, and it's...
It's pretty hard to buck City Hall, if you know what I mean, especially like I'm on a low income, you know, and I'm doing things to alleviate that problem.
But it's pretty hard to do anything when everybody in the government and the police and everybody in the neighborhood is all brainwashed and the corruption is flagrant.
They just, you know, I'll put it right in front of your face, they're arrogant people.
You know, and they'll put it right in front of you, you know, and in an arrogant manner that is just so flagrant that, you know, and then they'll tell you, what are you going to do about it?
You know, like you were saying about those other people, you know, they just, you know, catcall you and make your life miserable, you know.
We're going to take your land!
That only goes on so long.
And you see, the parasites get greedy and get delusional and get out of control, and that's now happening.
Their time is short.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
And did you know that you can have greater exposure to these chemicals by taking hot showers than when you drink the water?
That's because many chemicals are inhaled when they have inhaled.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Already into the second hour.
We're only 30 minutes away from one of my favorite guests, one of my favorite people, Tex Mars.
Big, lovable expert on the New World Order.
So he'll be joining us, and I'm going to try to literally stick a gag in my mouth so I can let him talk a little bit and get some information out.
I'll just try to ask questions.
Now we're going to take your calls.
I know we've got loaded phones, and I haven't even detailed a lot of key news stories, bombings and power outages, and I haven't told you what I think of that, and I will, and the Mars situation.
It's all coming up.
Let's go to some calls, though.
Regina in Pennsylvania, then Angus, Dave, Bob, others.
Regina, welcome.
Hello, Regina.
Hi, Alex.
Good to hear from you.
I hope.
I just wondered, when you were talking about that Carol Bronner, is that in your America Wake Up or Waco?
I remember that.
You know, Alex, I still like your old tapes, America Destroyed but Designed, because right now we're dealing with the new civics.
I mean, I love the new ones, too.
Wait a minute.
How did you see that?
I thought it was America Wake Up.
I just remember.
Yeah, it was America Wake Up or Waco, an earlier version.
So that actually has gotten out to the people.
You saw it.
I didn't even know it was on my own video.
That's what I mean.
Don't ever discount all the good you've done because in all this situation, right now with this new civics program, you're talking about all the TV shows and how we're
You know, be in mindset.
Well, these people are being in mindset that, you know, we don't have any rights.
They're going to be calling for federal money.
By the way, I've got an article.
They're going to make them take out the word founding fathers out of all the textbooks.
And in Europe, they're moving to a system where you get arrested if you do that.
I'm not kidding.
Well, I understand that, but still, you know, this is these academies, the HR 1078, which prepares the presidential academies to teach the new civics, which under this...
Rights is defined as an expansive social welfare state.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the sort of document, enumerated rights, that put world governments in charge.
Yeah, so what you're saying is the new civics policy experts that will write the textbooks, and I've read the bill.
We'll teach world government and the U.N., and this is all Bush is doing, again, open borders, gun control, the Supreme Court ruling for the homosexuals.
This is the new conservatism.
We're against all that, so we're communist.
We're for free market and small government.
We're communist.
Therefore, total government and total enslavement, they're conservatives.
Right, but what I'm saying here is we have to get to our congressman on this, H.R.
1078, because the Senate, you know, blindly...
Well, they're not blindly.
They love destroying America.
Well, what I'm saying is the people that are following the Bill Bannetts, okay, you know, like you were saying about getting people to watch the tapes.
The problem is, like what you said with Jerry Falwell yesterday.
He is the leader.
He doesn't speak when UNESCO comes up for a vote.
He doesn't, you know, tell us the Bush vote.
He speaks against the U.N., but when there's critical votes, where is Jerry Fowler?
It's a bunch of wing-flapping.
He doesn't tell you that he's bankrolled by this very system.
So he does a lot of talking, and people go, oh, everything's okay, but then he doesn't explain that the Republicans are ramming the entire agenda through.
He just talks about how evil Hillary is.
We know Hillary Clinton's a witch.
We know she's a scumbag.
But we get on the same bills with her.
And push things that say you have no inalienable rights, which means that pro-lifers on the streets have no inalienable rights.
Something that John Birch has done is, they have compared Bush's voting record, what he signed to Clinton.
Bush is more liberal.
But I'm looking at the Congress, Alex, and this bill hasn't passed the Congress yet, and people that, you know, care about life, they care about people getting beat up on the streets.
I agree with you, but I just say get your kids out of these public schools.
Well, but how are you going to keep them coming from your door?
In Pennsylvania, we already have... I agree, they're banning homeschooling.
Right, they accept benefits through the union.
HR 1078.
1078, and then also HR 7, which is the faith-based bill that hasn't passed the House yet.
It still has the 25% tax exemption if you sell your property to the government or the environmentalists.
But, you know, in the face of all of it, it's all going to come through.
By the way, that faith-based initiative has over a billion dollars a year to the New Age movement.
Help Christian!
Tell you what, stay there, Regina.
I'll let you finish up.
Help Christian!
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There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
We're good to go.
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All right, folks, we're back live.
And I'm trying to be a little bit happy today instead of being all down in the dumps like I was yesterday.
But when you really look at what Bush and the Republicans are doing, it is a slaughter fest for America and American values.
And I'm so sick.
Of well-meaning people going, well, I know Bush is evil.
I know he's with the New World Order, but he's lesser of two evils.
No, he's not.
There's no such thing.
It's like going, well, there's a glass right here that has enough cyanide to kill an elephant.
There's a glass here that has enough cyanide to kill a horse.
Now, you've got a choice.
Drink one of them.
Well, in truth, Bush isn't just the cyanide cup that'll kill a horse.
This is what Bush is to America.
He's actually the elephant.
Because he's covert.
He at least has this... He has all these neocon talk show hosts on radio and TV pushing for him and lying for him.
And that's what I tried to say yesterday.
I totally support
Judge Moore in Alabama and what he's doing, and I support those that are going to the rallies and protesting and demonstrating and saying no to this, and I hope the governor says no, and I hope the population says no, and I hope that if the federal troops come in, I hope Alabama secedes from the union again, okay?
I think that's part of the Bill of Rights.
In fact, I know it is.
I think Arizona's bill to pull out of the union if, quote, the New World Order is announced or gun confiscation begins.
Did you hear about that?
We had the state rep on a few years ago.
I think that's a good message to send.
I mean, America's already been destroyed.
It's already been hijacked by private bankers.
They've already taken over the country.
They just wrapped themselves in the flag and in the signets, in the trappings of power, and tell us this is the U.S.
government when it's not.
Totally secret since 47, running everything in secret.
Totally corrupt, bringing in drugs, engaging in eugenics programs, breaking up the family, admitted policies.
They're building a giant control grid, a huge prison.
And so I think it's a great idea.
But I'm going to point out that with all the other evil stuff that's going on, all the other federal court rulings, the stuff being taught in the public schools, all the other courts that are having their Ten Commandments taken out,
The globalists are focusing in and getting you to focus in on this case alone, and then some of the desperate neocons get to act like they're conservative on this issue, while in reality, what Regina just said, they're actually pushing a New World Order agenda.
That's all I'm trying to tell you.
That's all I'm trying to say.
Regina, go ahead and finish up with what you were saying.
Give me a little more time, so Alex, I have to pray about what I need to focus on here.
I just...
Thank you.
Thank you.
That I have no inalienable rights.
Is this going to fall on... Well, Regina, so we know they've gotten rid of civics and just didn't teach it.
Now they're going to have new civics, and I've seen it where the U.N.'
's the boss, abortion's good, all that.
CPS is wonderful.
Hey, you know, isn't that the conservative thing?
Isn't it good that Bush is doing this?
But, Alex, you know, in the means of all this is, you know, for New Hampshire to implement No Child Left Behind...
They got $10 million from the federal government and it cost them $126.5 million.
Where are the taxpayers in all this so that their children can be brainwashed and they lose their rights to be homeschooled?
Well, that's conservative.
See, I'm having a problem because today on C-SPAN there was a guy from, he was one of the charter school's promoters, mayor of Minnesota.
He thinks it's so wonderful.
So I did ask him about what kind of test he's going to use and explained to him that basically he will be following the NAEP
We've been trying desperately in Pennsylvania to get the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.
It's already been considered not acceptable under No Child Left Behind.
For those that, Regina, the problem is, you know all about this, a lot of people don't.
It's a UN model, UNESCO, that Bush just signed on to.
So under the treaty, they're going to teach that you don't have any freedoms, and it actually says that, and this is wonderful, and you're with Al-Qaeda if you're for liberty, basically.
We're good to go.
No grants to the private schools?
Well, that's what I was going to say.
I have the Bilderberg Group meeting.
Some of the minutes of it have come out.
Homeschooling, they talked about it.
Charter schools, how to destroy those in the U.S.
I have the Bohemian Grove, Lakeside Talks for the 16 days it went on.
One was what brought down the towers.
Another was...
How to have charter schools and to take over.
I posted it yesterday on the website.
This is official.
How to take over private schools.
And that's it.
The neocons are going to take the so-called voucher money that they told you so good and destroy whatever's left and get federal control in there.
Well, I don't see why they have a right to do that because the children were given to the parents by the Lord and Savior and they weren't given.
So H.R.
1078 makes it so that
Basically, the Declaration of Independence, you're speaking, and this group is, you know, Maple River Education Coalition.
Praise God for them.
Out of Minnesota, Alex, if you get a chance, you know, they are taking a stand.
And, you know, when I call my congressman, he says, we need the money.
We need the money.
You know, so we need the money.
Yeah, we need the money.
Take a dollar from the state.
And then send 30 cents back with 100 strings attached.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks a lot.
Yeah, it's like saying, we need to pay the money for the baseball bats so they can knock our teeth out with them.
And you go, but you don't want your teeth knocked out.
You don't want your kids dumbed down.
Shut up!
We need that free money!
Yeah, the states are all going bankrupt, and that's part of the bigger design here.
Folks, we're in emergency foreclosure.
We're good to go.
Is this vulture, buzzard economy?
Oh, NAFTA and God have been so good.
God have been good for the globalists, destroying America and the West, centralizing control in the third world, where the New World Order already has dictatorship set up, and they can use economics to force you to accept it.
Here's China coming out with a plan to implant people in their largest cities with implantable microchips.
Here's China coming out with an official national ID card.
And it's called, ooh, a police state.
Ooh, in China they have that.
They're now doing that here.
Your driver's license officially is a national ID card.
And now the U.N.
announced, oh, guess what?
It's a unified number.
We're going to use your Social Security number.
There's a world ID number that just so happens to be the same list of numbers.
And now you're going to be taxed through that on all purchases and sales.
They're setting it up right now, folks.
We're in it right now.
The new world order isn't coming.
It's here.
But the neocons are talking about what Hillary looks like.
Oh, I mean, folks, I've been in my car driving somewhere for an hour and flipped through 20 stations.
Whoop the station.
Hillary's such an idiot liar.
Well, I tell you, Hillary's new book really is full of lies.
I tell you about that Hillary Clinton and blah, blah, blah.
Next channel.
Jesse Jackson did it again.
Next channel.
Well, that John Kerry's an idiot.
Hillary Clinton up there, you know, she doesn't do her hair the way she used to.
Next channel.
I mean, I actually have heard this.
Or it's click.
George Bush is such a great leader.
I tell you, these lying liberals are trying to stop the Patriot Act.
I tell you, the Patriot Act doesn't take any rights.
Anybody that says it does is a liar.
And it's different hosts.
On one day you click, it's all Patriot Act and how good it is.
Next day, you click through the channels.
It's all how genetically modified food is wonderful.
And anyone that says it isn't is a lying socialist.
Next channel, you know, next day.
Sweat shops are good.
One day I heard four different stations talking about how sweat shops aren't really bad.
They get talking points, folks.
I know people in the industry, okay?
Can't say names or they get fired.
I know people that work for Clear Channel and others, and they get talking points.
We'd like you to consult and sit down a fax.
You'd like, well, here's a two-page fax of what we like.
You want to keep your job, don't you?
Most of them go, sure, sure.
They get on there.
And some of the medium-sized hosts, you'll hear them slip up every once in a while and say something sarcastic about it.
A little pang of conscience.
You'll hear little dribbles of emotion as Winston Smith sits in the Ministry of Truth, angry about how he's selling out the people of Oceania, and he knows it's lies.
And you'll hear Winston, who will just write one little word, a little wrong.
That's where O'Brien got onto him.
So let's go ahead and talk to Angus in Canada.
Angus, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
How are you today?
I'm sitting here writing drivel for the masses, helping sell this new system to the citizens here.
Oh, you are?
I won't mention who it's for, but the reason that I called you today is because when they had the power outage in Toronto, my wife is an editor for a major daily newspaper
So during all this, something was happening to the computers?
Well, yeah, evidently.
I mean, I failed to see that knowing something about infrastructure and technology.
I fail to simply accept it as coincident.
Well, somebody sent an email, and so it's official.
Al-Qaeda did it.
Well, it very well could be.
I sent them an email, and just anonymously, Mickey Mouse did it, front page.
Mickey Mouse behind power outage.
That's great journalistic system, isn't it?
Oh, yeah.
I'll let you finish up.
Stay there.
Angus, stay there.
Winston, stay there.
If you haven't read 1984, folks, you won't know what we're talking about.
Stay there, my friend.
We'll come back and let Angus finish up.
And Dave, Bob, we've got Tex Mars.
I'm just going to throw these news stories out at Tex and get his comments on them.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Hello, folks.
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All right, my friends.
We're back live.
We're talking to Winston Smith in the Ministry of Truth up in Canada.
Goes by Angus, who admits he writes drivel to manipulate the masses.
You ever read the statement by the editor of the New York Times back in the 50s where he said,
We're here to sell out the American people.
We're here to be the jumping jacks of powerful men.
We're liars.
We're whores.
Yeah, he said that the National Press Club, when he retired, and he said that if I ever wrote the truth, I wouldn't have a job in five minutes, which is an interesting story.
When I worked for a local radio station, I had really high ratings, the highest in the time slot, even against music.
So they sent down a consultant, and he said, you know, no more Bill Clinton, no more this and that, and other people told me that.
And then he told me, you know, I used to work for the CIA.
Oh, you know, this is a big consultant that goes around all the radio stations.
Oh, you did.
They have their Operation Mockingbird to make sure it's all the same thing being said.
These are things I've experienced, folks.
You need to understand this.
This has been a growing experience for Alex Jones.
To just as a normal person, as a half-decent person, because none of us are perfect, to experience just how sick and twisted things are.
So for those of you in government and out of government, you're not stupid.
How long are you going to go along with this?
Before, you just thought it was corrupt.
How long are you going to go along with this?
Well, they're going to take the finances away from everybody and make it even easier to submit to them.
Angus, you say you work in a ministry of truth.
Go ahead.
We had Angus on the line.
Is he still there?
Okay, go ahead.
Yes, I'm here.
No, I'm a writer, and what I'm doing is I'm working on an article right now to sell their whole apprenticeship program, which is basically, oh, I guess it's...
How would you say?
School to work?
Yeah, it's Gold's 2000 European-slash-Soviet model.
And so, basically, that's what I'm working on right now.
I called you today to give you some information, basically, on some residual effects of that blackout in Toronto.
That newspaper is, in fact, hooked up directly to a server in Toronto.
But one of the things I would add as an American living in Canada...
In the United States, we tend to be deluged with media that focuses only on what's going on in the United States.
And what's going on in the United States is going on throughout the English-speaking world.
Yeah, whatever police state thing we have here, the exact same thing, generally with the same name or slightly different, is being done.
That's correct.
Now, it's a little more less palatable to Americans because we're not used to a socialist structure like most of these other countries have.
I think so.
My faith in the common man in North America is very strong.
And our concepts of war are right and wrong.
We have a very long fuse.
And I would encourage all of us to stick to our ground, stay in reality, and these things will begin to feed upon themselves.
Oh, that always happens.
That's the point I made last hour.
It's Nazi Germany up to now, so it'll go its course.
I mean, if you can't see the parallels between the 1930s and right now, then I can't do much for anyone, you know?
Well, they plan to do it in a more of a creeping fashion, but at the same time, you're right, their system calls for feeding on the people in a very vicious fashion.
Sure, but the thing is, for every one person that gets screwed over unjustly, that ripple effect affects about ten people.
So as this continues to be aggressive and oppressive, it will alienate larger segments of the population.
And the kinds of people that are required for it to work are exactly the kind that turn on each other.
Well, you're right, but the problem is they do a flip-flop now.
They'll give you a fake leader, a Bush, who's going to stop the evil Clinton.
Then the left-wing sees Bush as evil, which he is, but they're blind to their own left-wing system.
Then they give them a left-wing savior.
We then see the horror of the left-wing, and then the right-wing savior.
See how that left-right stepping motion carries the obese maggot preacher towards its New World Order goals.
That's the problem.
Thanks for the call.
Really great points.
Call back, Angus.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
If you break the law, you'll hear from me.
I know I'm working for the state.
I'm the Highway Patrol.
All right, my friends.
Alex Jones here back live.
We've now reached the halfway point in the show.
We've got about an hour and 26 minutes left in the show.
I know we've got
Callers who are patiently holding, and we'll get to you here in a few minutes.
I've got a bunch of news that I want to go over with our guest, Tex Mars.
Before we go to pastor, professor, Air Force officer, best-selling author and lecturer, on and on and on, good friend of mine, Tex Mars, I want to encourage listeners to go to InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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And my videos are some of the best tools I've found to do it.
And, of course, Tex Mars also.
We carry one of his videos.
We're about to be carrying more of them.
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That book's 1995.
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It's excellent as well, covering government-sponsored terrorism.
I think you can tell that the theme of what I've been doing the last few years is exposing government-sponsored terrorism.
In fact, I was doing that in my films before 9-1-1 because that's really their tried and trusted tool is blowing stuff up and then posing as our saviors.
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Now, without further ado, I'm honored to have Tex Mars on with us into the next hour, hopefully for the whole show, the next hour and 20 minutes, and to take your calls and to try to pick his brain, because this guy, I mean, I was just rereading a book he wrote six, seven years ago, Project Lucent, all about the implantable microchip.
Alex Jones, great to be with you, my friend.
There's a lot happening.
Any key issues you'd like to cover from the top?
And then I've got some news stories I'd like to get your analysis on.
Well, Alex, I'm delighted to cover especially the news so we can keep people up to date on things.
I'll tell you, for about the past six months, I've had a special project going.
And it seems to have spiraled out into many different fields and many different names and such.
But, you know, in looking over, as you and I have, this concentration camp program for America and the facets and how this is quickly developing and, of course, everything, Patriot Act II, all of these things are all being rolled in.
There's a new treaty that is proposed, a United Nations treaty by the nation of Israel to stop all free speech programs
Throughout the world, and that's now at the Bush administration, they're considering it.
A number of nations, Russia and others, have already agreed to it.
I'd like to talk about that, but I'll tell you what I began to look at.
Six months ago, I really began to investigate the Gulag concentration camp system inside the supposed old Soviet Union.
And, of course, they had thousands of camps there.
They made the Nazi concentration camps horrible as they were, but they were like pikers compared to the communists, the Bolsheviks.
And I wanted to know the parallels, because I began to suspect this when I began to read some of the laws that have been passed, especially since 9-11, Alex, here in the United States.
And what amazed me, and I'll tell you, I almost lost sleep over this,
What amazed me was I didn't have to do my homework.
I found out that the Soviet criminal code is remarkably like some of the legislation we're getting.
It's almost as if Mr. Ashcroft and the Bush administration have had Soviet advisers
Wait a minute, Tex.
It came out that the former head of the KGB has been hired, according to the Associated Press, to be an advisor to Homeland Security.
See, and what they're doing with Homeland Security, and Ridge, of course, is the top guy there, but you're right.
They have a KGB general, and they have a Primakov, also a KGB guy, and the Russian communist that are now advising.
And here's the thing.
They are evidently using the communist model.
They had some problems.
I mean, as heinous as the Nazi camps were, it's the Soviet model that they're raising up in America.
And I tell you, one thing that I did was to get the classic textbook on this by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
I reread it again.
Of course, it's many hundreds of pages long.
We're good to go.
A prize for literature.
Gulag Archipelago.
Gulag Archipelago.
Now, here's the whole thing.
What I have found is that Solzhenitsyn has written, he's 84 years old, he's written his final book now, the two-part series.
It's entitled 200 Years.
And I'm going to say something.
This has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, Alex, but...
Alexander Solzhenitsyn is now going to be bashed and smashed from pillar to post.
He can get no American publisher to publish his new book, although every one of his books has been celebrated.
He's won all kinds of awards.
In Russia, he is known as the folk hero, not the hero of the communists, but of the people.
They know he tells the truth.
He says, I will not participate in the lie.
And his new book tells exactly who the Communists were, what they did, and I'll tell you, it shows you what we're having in America.
Now, it goes into this incredible combining of the Israeli Mossad and the US CIA in their quest for world empire.
Of course, the British intelligence, MI, and then the others are all linked in together
But the two great components of this are the Israeli Mossad of Ariel Sharon's government and the Central Intelligence Agency along with, of course, the FBI.
Well, I have the United Press International where Bush authorized Israeli Mossad to kill Americans here in America without trial.
Now, hold on just a minute, folks.
They're going to say that Arnold Schwarzenegger, who says he loves Hitler...
Is good, but then Mel Gibson can't have his movie that's biblical.
And then we have Arnold at the Rothschild Castle.
I have the Reuters article on Infowars.com right now.
Let me read this.
The procession of black cars with darkened windows swept up the drive of the 120-year-old English country house amid tight but discreet security.
A group of photographers captured the moment when Buffett and Schwarzenegger, the splendid steel-tipped cowboy boots, stepped onto the freshly cut lawn to be greeted by Lord Jacob Rothschild.
It's very nice of you to host this, Schwarzenegger said.
Now, that's them meeting almost a year ago.
Well, of course, I call these people communazis.
It's a combination of communism and
And a form of Nazism, which is basically fascism.
Ron Paul, I've got to stop you again.
You're on target again.
Ron Paul gave a 45-minute speech called Neocon, where he said that the neocons are a synthesis of Trotskyites, the Fourth International, Machiavellian politics, and Nazism.
Now, here's the key to this.
For example, you mentioned Trotskyites.
What a wonderful way to frame these people.
Absolutely all of these folks, 20 years ago, were unrepentant Marxist communists.
But they had a problem in the United States.
Up until the time of Richard Nixon, they had control of the Republican Party, but only tenuously.
And they felt like they needed total control of the Republicans, and so they began to spin off many of their Marxist-Communist agents into the Republican Party.
And now you're right.
They call them neoconservatives.
The new conservatives.
Ron Paul is correct.
Most of these people are Jews.
But I want to caution people on this.
The reason I want to bring this up is I want to help true American patriots who are Jewish to understand this so they'll be on our side.
Because just as we're not anti-American to expose Bush's network...
Well, I mean, a text, Professor Mars, is like this.
If you wrote a book about Bugsy Siegel and the Jewish Mafia, would that be anti-Semitic?
They'd probably say yes.
But there's been all these books written about the Italian mob.
Why can't we talk about this when it's happening and when they, in history, are supporting the Nazis?
In fact, Alexander Cockburn, the big liberal with a bunch of Jewish writers, has put out a book.
About the Jews supporting Hitler and having a very similar mindset.
Now, these are the Zionistic Jews that the Orthodox Jews have actually spoken out against who have said they are false Jews.
Same thing Jesus Christ said, which they've now gotten cut out of the movie.
You see, what we have, we have, for example, I've done radio programs exposing Hitler's occultism
And his anti-Christian attitude, how he put pastors such as Martin Niemöller, put him in the concentration camp because he stood up for God.
And if I can expose Hitler for his anti-Christian attitude and what he did to one of some of the finest Christians by putting them in concentration camps and by attempting to shut up the pastors of Germany, the Christian pastors,
Then I am certainly not going to shut up just because the Jewish ADL or the Simon Wiesenthal Center have threatened Mel Gibson and told him you cannot tell the true story of how the Jews cried out, crucify him.
I mean, so, you know, we can't go all the way back in history 2,000 years and say the Jews wanted to kill Jesus, but we can go back 50 years and say,
Hitler wanted to kill Christians.
Well, see, this is not... We need to expose evil wherever it is, if it was 2,000 years ago, 50 years ago, or today.
I was on your radio program just last week, and we talked about this... And I was reading Fritz Springmeier's book that you happen to carry, Bloodlines of Illuminati.
And he goes into detail.
He says, from my research, he said the Nazis are a creation of the Rothschilds, and then he gives all this evidence.
And then he goes over all of it and says they're not Jews, they're not Germans, they're Satanists, but they use this label now, the Satanists do.
Don't talk about me, you're anti-Semitic, but what a great example here where we have Mel Gibson makes a film and he's made a statement that it's word for word out of the Bible just what happened with the Pharisees.
He's now capitulated because of a, it wasn't going to be allowed to be shown here because of our new First Amendment we have.
He then came out
I said, fine, I'll cut it all out.
But then Arnold, and I have him on video, said, I admire Hitler.
I want to be a dictator.
He hangs out with Kurt Waldheim, again, the Nazi, the head of the UN, hanging out with all these Israelis who loved him.
I mean, this is sick.
I will stand against the Nazis, and I will stand against the Zionists.
What about you, Tex?
We have to.
You know, Karl Marx, there's no doubt that he was funded by
At least partly by Nathan Rothschild over in Great Britain.
And Marx, of course, listen to this, was Jewish, but he hated the God of the Old Testament.
He hated our Christian Lord and Savior Jesus.
So we have a network of Jews who were Bolsheviks who founded the Communist Empire, set up the Gulag system,
I think so.
Recently, the curator of the Lenin Museum, the Vladimir Lenin Museum, that's where they still have the body of Lenin.
They have to treat it once a year with chemicals so people can come in and view it in the climate control casket.
And millions of Russians still go there every year and view the body and still think of Lenin as a god.
The curator has now...
Publicly admitted something that was just rumored and gossiped about for years, and that is that, yes, Lenin was Jewish.
Of course, Trotsky, we mentioned Trotsky.
Trotsky came from the Bronx, New York.
His name was Leon Bronstein.
He was Jewish, and he became the second devil head of the Soviet Communist Empire.
But listen to this.
He was funded...
By the Warburgs, gave him $20 million, and by the Rothschilds.
So we have again... And now we have Arnold Schwarzenegger, who says he despises Jesus Christ, he loves Hitler.
This is his own book.
Biggs at the Rothschild Castle.
We'll be right back.
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A couple weeks ago, I talked to Tex privately off air, but it wasn't a secret conversation.
That's why I'm about to tell it.
And he said, Alex, you know, you read some of my earlier books from 10, 15 years ago, even five or six years ago, very pro-Israel.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All themselves Jews, very high up, who then we find funding Hitler and Trotsky and anybody else.
Then you find out that Hitler, the evidence clearly shows, was a Rothschild.
Tex, what's really behind all this?
What we have is the Hegelian dialectic.
The 20th century, if we can look at the two great movements, we can see communism on one side, we see Nazism on the other.
Two great tyrannies.
Supposedly from the left and the other one from the right.
But you know, Satanism is a circle.
The philosophy of Satan is like a circle.
If you travel to the left of a circle far enough...
And then you travel to the right.
You will meet in the middle.
You will meet somewhere along that 360 degrees of that circle.
That's their symbol is the snake eating itself.
Eating its own tail and the double-headed eagle.
The two heads that seem to be facing apart from each other but have one body.
And I believe this is the case what we have.
And so they are secret admirers even of the Hitlerian system
That ate hundreds of thousands of Jews alive.
But these are nothing but Holocaust sacrifices, burnt sacrifices, according to the Illuminati, which in itself includes many, many Jews.
And so we have to understand here that our enemy really is Satan and these people are Satanic and they oppose Satan.
You know, we've been reading a lot.
I know you've been exposing Admiral John Poindexter's new Information Awareness Office, the IAO.
It's very interesting if you get Alistair Crowley, a number of his books, he has prayers in there to Lucifer.
And guess what Lucifer's code name is?
He has actually prayers to Lucifer.
Now, if you go back and you study, for example, Richard Bermbrand has written a book called Marx and Satan.
You find out that Karl Marx, the founder of communism, was a Jew but a hater of God.
He also was a satanic priest and even had a satanic altar with black candles set up in his home.
And a number of the subordinates who wrote to Marx called him our high priest.
In other words, in the church of Satan.
So this is what we really have here, and this is why, if there are Jews out there listening to us, and Christians, listen, come together as good Americans and fight these evil forces.
Well, that's what Aaron Zellman says, JPFO.
I mean, he talks about how you've got these communist Jews, and he's Jewish, who are so intimately involved in the New World Order,
And then you have them loving Arnold Schwarzenegger, who says he loves Hitler.
But they know Gibson's bad.
I mean, folks, we have to stand against Hitler here on this show.
I'm sorry.
Even if they say it's anti-Semitic to stand up against Hitler.
And, of course, Schwarzenegger, I want to say this.
You know, we were on my program just recently.
This was before Schwarzenegger announced that he was running.
And you said that Bohemian Grove has picked him.
But the press was saying, no, he's not going to run.
But you said, Alex, the Beeman Grove wants him.
And guess what?
There he is running, too.
Just as you predicted.
Well, they're the masters.
And again, they worship Moloch.
And the German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, said he loved it.
Your call is a bunch of news, third hour, straight ahead.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, we got into the Hegelian dialectic of the left and right being controlled by the Illuminati, who are not Jewish or German or Chinese, but are Satanists, and they use these different left-wing, right-wing, Jew-Gentile terms to confuse and manipulate us, whereas at the top, it doesn't matter if you're Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tony Blair, you're a servant of the New World Order.
I know we've got loaded phones, Dave, Bob, Bill,
And a bunch of Mike and Sandy and just a bunch of other people that are patiently holding.
We'll get to your calls coming up here in the next segment.
I got a bunch of news I want to throw out at Professor Tex Mars.
People said, why do you call him Professor Tex Mars?
Because he was a professor at UT in space and aeronautics, and he wrote a bunch of best-selling books on science and technology and on how to take the military exams and...
You know, that's a side of text a lot of people don't know about.
He wrote a best-selling book about robotics.
And he wrote a book in 1996.
Well, it was published in 96.
Wrote it in 95 that I'm not carrying yet, but I am going to be carrying by the end of the week because it's so incredible.
I reread it.
Project Lucid, where he talks about the implantable chip, shows them the RFID tracker chips, the plan to control us.
Everything that's now happened.
I mean, you want to convince somebody, you know, here's a
Seven-plus-year-old book, and it's all come true.
You can read that and know what's going to happen in a year from now.
Just amazing.
So that's why I respect Tex so much.
And Tex has been out there fighting evil for a long time, and he's found out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
We're always breaking down through new levels of it.
I've got a bunch of news I want to throw out at Tex.
One of them is because there's probably nobody out there that's studied the occult more in a factual basis than Tex.
We're good to go.
We stand against Hitler here on this show, even if Rabbi Herr wants to say that's anti-Semitic, over to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and wants to defend that bucket of evil that is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
But Tex, we're about to break here, and I've got a bunch of issues I want to bring up, the power outage and the rest of it, but right now, Mars being so close to Earth.
It's a very interesting thing, and of course this phenomenon, they say this is, in thousands of years, Mars has never been closer to Earth.
Of course, Mars and the occult astrological world is known as the god of war.
And you say, well, that's old junk.
Who cares?
The god of war, Mars.
But listen to me very carefully.
The occultists of the Illuminati, they believe in this, and they believe in rituals, and they believe in propitiating and appeasing the gods who they know are devils.
And each one of these planetary deities, Mars and the others, Venus and so forth, there's a devil that stands behind them and represents them, and they are actually sacrificing to that devil.
So there's no doubt at all.
For example, this electrical spike that occurred, and now they're trying to blame it on the poor little Ohio network before it was maybe up in Ottawa.
But I don't have any doubt that they used some kind of the HAARP
Electronic system or whatever, a device to cause this big blackout.
They're preparing us all, and they're doing this as a measure of sacrifice for their demon god.
Remember, Mars is known as the red planet, the planet of blood.
And you mentioned Moloch, the one that they worship in the Bohemian Grove meetings.
And of course, that was Marduk, also known as Mars.
It's the god of war, folks.
And these people are totally obsessed with it.
The 27th.
Seven days away.
Closest to Earth it's been in 60,000 years.
There's no telling what these psychopaths are going to do.
Americans, are you fed up with Big Brother watching you like a hawk?
Have you ever asked yourself why you're being tracked, categorized, numbered, classified, registered, and licensed by the government?
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You don't have to go offshore to do it, either.
This is safe, secure, and domestic.
To get full details, and I do mean full details, get on the internet and go to either puretrust.com or puretrust.net.
That's puretrust, one word, puretrust.com or puretrust.net.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We know Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the opium supply left 7,000 men, women, and children, civilians, in the Philippines, and his now declassified documents signed by him said that he wanted them to be captured so that on newsreels they could talk about the Japanese have our women and children.
This is how cold-blooded they are.
This is how murderous they are.
And over half of them died, more than the people that died in the World Trade Centers and Pentagon.
They admit in BBC just a month ago that the British government, yeah, into the mid-80s they'd have U.S.
and British soldiers stand out under jets that would fly over helicopters, spray them with stuff, kill them.
And that, yeah, no one's going to be charged.
Horton Down was acting under orders.
This is how ruthless they are.
We have Dr. Henry Kissinger's eugenics program.
And where the IMF and World Bank told the Third World, you don't get any money unless you sterilize half your women.
This is all admitted.
You need to realize how cunning and evil the globalists are, folks, and how they've got evil people in charge of every country in the world.
Now, we're talking to Professor Tex Mars, an incredible occult researcher, space and aeronautics professor, Air Force officer, good friend of mine, and we're going to go to your calls here in a few minutes.
I know there's a lot of you, but I want to get back into, here comes Mars, Earth's closest matchup with the red planet will happen August 27th.
In all recorded human history, it is only the Earth civilization of 2003 that can claim a close encounter of the red kind.
And despite the age-old tales of little green men from Mars, there is nothing to worry about, says Linda Spark, who chairs the University of Wisconsin-Madison Astronomy Department.
It's not going to attack, as she explained, in her down-to-Earth way.
It's quite safe.
Now, let me stop right there.
In the new book, Order Out of Chaos, we talk about Orson Welles, and he does this War of the Worlds mind-control test to see how they can create hysteria.
Well, that's what September 11th is, a real attack to create hysteria to then get a response towards the police state.
And in that, it is Mars that attacks us.
And so going back into all the cultures, it's the god of blood, the god of war, the god of Moloch, which we know world leaders worship.
So Tex and I don't believe in astrology or all this stuff, but world leaders do.
You know about them all.
They're astrologers.
And again, I already mentioned that.
So, Tex, we've already seen a lot of weird stuff going on.
We've got a new sniper, got the power outage, which they're now getting more police state out of.
We've got them launching all these new wars and invasions.
All in this year of Mars.
Go ahead.
Well, you're right about Mars, and I believe they're going to have to have sacrifice to Mars.
Now, one of the things that I believe is, I'm convinced, is ahead is
And here's what they're doing.
The Israel government and the U.S.
government are working together to bring about a horrible change in our Constitution.
Now, people need to know.
I'm looking at the Haaretz press release from the Haaretz.
That's a daily newspaper, one of the most popular daily newspapers over in Israel.
And their headline is, U.S.
dithers over Israeli proposal for treaty against suicide bombing
Here's what has happened.
The nation of Israel has come up with a treaty, an anti-terrorism treaty, that will, quote, and they actually admit it here, impose restrictions on the freedom of expression.
They say the treaty will cover a legal void.
And what it will do, it will ban incitement of people to commit terror.
For example, you cannot...
Discuss in a pejorative, in other words, a negative way, any racial or ethnic group, for example.
And if you do, and you call somebody, you incite them.
In other words, for example, you.
It may be that you're inciting people against Schwarzenegger.
You're inciting people against George W. Bush by exposing his skull and bones.
Yeah, I'm exposing how Schwarzenegger says he, quote, loves Hitler, wants to be a dictator, hates Jesus.
Well, now, if somebody went and killed Schwarzenegger, God forbid the thought, neither you nor I would want such a thing.
Then you could be saying, well, it could be that they would say, well, I heard this on the Alex Jones Show.
Well, they already tried that once with their agent at the Grove.
They already kind of set that up.
That's what they're going to set up.
When they sent that Special Forces guy in there.
Now, Texas is very important because I want to give some background to this.
I had the BBC reporter on, the host of One Man and His Dog, a rural affairs show,
And we have the BBC article.
It's in the audio section of prisonplanet.com.
You just scroll down to the audio section of it.
And then there's a BBC article.
The head of Scotland Yard Diversity Unit said, he said the word homosexual.
That is hateful.
That hurts people's feelings.
So he was arrested.
And we have in Pennsylvania, Mark Swiker, the Republican governor, passing a law where you can be fined or arrested if you read passages out of the Old Testament that are considered to be anti-homosexual.
So we do see this, and see, they can have their reason, oh, well, we can't have people inciting these suicide bombings, which are terrible, but so now let's restrict everybody's First Amendment.
Go ahead.
Well, Mel Gibson, for example, if this treaty is passed, if Mel Gibson had not decided to cut out those parts of that movie, and then he could be blamed.
In fact, it says here that if a suicide in this proposed United Nations treaty
That if somebody incites a suicide bomber, for example, it could be claimed that Mel Gibson incited people to hate the Jews by showing how they cried out, and thus Mel Gibson is guilty of a hate crime by having that movie.
And another thing, if a pastor preached from any of the four Gospels in the Bible and quoted
Now, that's another BBC headline.
You remember it two years ago.
Mr. Biggles and New Testament may be banned.
Mr. Biggles is a children's comic book character from World War I. He says bad things about Germans.
And then the New Testament, Jesus says to the Pharisees, you're bad, and there is a move in Europe to ban reading those passages.
Already there are a number of Jewish groups that I know of.
In fact, they just put out a new book claiming that the New Testament itself...
Is irredeemable.
It's got to be done away with because there are too many passages that talk about the Jews.
For example, Jesus told the Jews of his day, the Pharisees, you are of your father, the devil.
These things cannot be allowed.
They are anti-Semitic, and so they're going to have to get rid of the entire New Testament.
But that was Christ saying that to the Pharisees, that class, that elite caste.
That's like when I say Bush is of the devil.
Does that mean I'm anti-British?
Well, no, but the problem is that the rabbis, even the rabbis today, would tell you basically that Judaism is indeed Phariseeism.
It has the very same characteristics, and it basically promotes the Talmud rather than the Old Testament.
So they would claim then...
That it is anti-Semitic.
Now, here's what I think is going to happen, Alex.
Well, let me stop you again, because Rabbi Hare, the guy that says Arnold's a great guy and not bad, he says he loves Hitler and admires dictators and doesn't like Jesus.
He said that in his book.
Oh yeah, the ADL has said that it is an anti-Semitic film before they ever saw the film.
But here's the connection with Big Brother's concentration camp police state program.
First, I believe what we're going to have is another terrorist incident, a horrible one.
It may be somewhat on the lines of a 9-11.
I don't know what format it's going to take, Alex, and I know you and I have our suspicions.
However, I believe that it will be done by some group, and then they will claim.
For example, that a nationalist, a person who is a patriot, like a Tex Mars... I've said it over and over again.
Just like with Oklahoma City, they said it was all talk radio.
All talk radio.
They will say, this guy was incited.
We found a book or a video by Alex Jones in his apartment...
We're good to go.
I think?
Good restrictions on the freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
Well, there's now been calls on the news for that across the board.
Now, the problem is, as I read this Haaretz article, Alex, it says here that the American administration is now concerned, though, and they don't know how to get around the First Amendment of the U.S.
In other words, they're saying we want to approve this treaty.
Other nations, Russia, Turkey, India, Australia, Norway, have already said they would go along with it to knock out.
In other words, you and I would have to be off the radio.
Everybody listening, we would be called hate speechers.
In fact, we would be going to prison for 50 years under this new treaty.
But they can't do it right now.
They need another 9-11.
And by the way, there's extradition deals with Russia and the Netherlands and Israel so they can come grab us and haul us over there to a kangaroo court.
And now they have the International Criminal Court.
Which, in the last month, the entire Supreme Court has said they back following orders from that court.
And it is, of course, satanic.
It has three levels with six judges at each level.
That means six, six, six.
Everything is set up.
Even this Mars thing.
I don't believe at all that Mars hasn't been this brilliant for 60,000 years.
That number six keeps creeping up.
And these people just throw those kinds of things in.
It's sort of like a magic code.
Well, they always tell us what they'll do to us beforehand.
Stay there.
We'll go to calls when we get back.
It's just out of control.
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Alright, we've had folks holding for an hour.
I know a lot of them have dropped off.
The phones have loaded up again.
We're going to go to your calls right now.
But one last point about this Mars being in opposition to the Earth in the closest of 60,000 years.
And I don't buy that for a minute either.
But it is quite large.
I was down at the coast this weekend and everything was big.
It continues.
In fact, because of the proximity, NASA has launched two Mars rover spacecraft of its own.
And Tex, do you know the names of the spacecraft?
I can't remember.
Refresh my memory here.
Spirit and opportunity.
Spirit and opportunity, huh?
Yeah, and to take advantage, continues, of this celestial good fortune.
Oh, good fortune.
Spirit launched from Cape Vernavro, Florida, June 10th, and will arrive at Mars January 4th, 2004.
Opportunity was launched.
July 7th and we'll arrive January 25th, 2004.
So it goes on and on.
Of course, again, being a numerologist as I am and studying occult numerology, I can see even some possibilities in there.
The first one, that date translates into what they call a new beginning.
The second one is actually a replacement of God.
And so, you know, spirit would be a new beginning and opportunity would be the replacement of God.
So the space program, of course, has been designed as an occultic tool ever since its inception, bringing over the Nazis, Wernher von Braun and others to run it, for example.
And Joseph Mingalo with all their mind control.
Let's take some calls, folks.
I want to thank you for holding.
Dave in Colorado.
Go ahead, Dave.
Hey, I don't know about you, but I got my Slim Whitman records ready to go.
Oh, hi.
Is that right?
Are you talking about that movie, Mars Attacks, where they play the record?
Anyway, well, I kind of think of what your show is and your videos sort of as, do you ever see the movie They Live?
You're kind of muffled, sir.
I'm sorry.
Did you ever see the movie They Live?
Yes, with Rowdy Rowdy Piper.
It's a film by... What's his name?
But yes, I have seen it where you put the sunglasses on and you can see the real world.
So what I'm trying to do with your tapes, I kind of think of it as I get the people to put the glasses on.
That's a good analogy.
The films of the sunglasses help us distribute them.
Oh yeah, that's what I've been doing, man.
So, you know...
I can only do what I can do, and then, you know, I mean, it's just pretty frustrating when people say, oh, well, what are you going to do?
You know, so I don't like that.
What type of effect are the films having on people that see them?
Some of them, a few people that I've given them to are like, they're going to do the same thing.
It's like, okay, I'm with you.
I'm going to make copies and give them, you know, I'm going to give them, like, if everyone I gave them to just made, like, three copies, give them to three people, you know, sort of a pay it forward type thing, you know.
I mean, if that would happen, but some, you know, it's a varied...
It's a varied reaction.
Some people are really passionate about it, and some people are just like, oh, I don't know.
Well, see, 5% of the people won the Revolutionary War.
We don't need the majority.
Same thing in Christ's day.
I mean, that was one man with 12 disciples.
Tex, comments on that?
Yeah, you're right.
Jesus had 12, and one of them was the devil and a betrayer.
You've got a few of those in the patriot ranks sometimes, too, but we've just got to keep going forward, don't we?
My comment there is that, you know, take the lion's den.
That was just a few people there.
I mean, over and over again, it's a minority in history that changes things.
And the globalists know that.
That's why they're so afraid of Tex Mars and Alex Jones.
Well, Alex, I think I have the answer to that.
You know, we were talking here about this treaty.
This treaty is to put the Alex Joneses of this world, their precious few of you,
Out of business, this new treaty that will ban incitement of terror.
I mean, you're causing people to be terroristic and to hate their governments and such.
You know, I was reading recently, and this was in the USA Today.
I kept an old article, May 29, 1998.
In Pravda was the mouthpiece of the Communist Party and of the Soviet government.
When you visited the building that Pravda and his reporters and such, his editors were housed in, they actually, and they still have this today, there are words chiseled into stone in the newsroom wall.
And so the reporters, the editors, every day when they went in there, these were the words chiseled into stone.
And I'd like to read it just real quickly, Alex, just a couple of sentences.
It's a quote from Vladimir Lenin dated 1920.
Now remember, this was the guidelines then for the Pravda, and that very word, by the way, means truth in Russian.
And here's what they read every day when they went to work.
It says, Why should freedom of speech and freedom of the press be allowed?
Why should a government, which is doing what it believes right, allow itself to be criticized?
It would not allow opposition by lethal weapons, and ideas are more fatal than guns.
There you go.
So, that's what they're setting up.
The neocons are all Trotskyites.
We'll be right back.
More calls?
Protect Mars.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, folks.
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We're joined by Professor Tex Mars, and we're about to go to Bill and Cheryl and Fred and Steve.
And I appreciate Tex staying with us for the rest of the show.
I also want to throw out a few of these other news items at Tex and get his expert comment on them.
Bill in Ohio, you're on the air.
You know, before we do that, before we do that,
We're going to need just a second, Bill.
Sorry, I forgot about this, because I want to make Tex plug his free newsletter, which is always concentrated, focused, key, insightful information, and some of his films and best-selling books.
Tex, how do folks get one of your free newsletters?
Sure, we'll be glad to give them a free sample copy of our newsletter, and all they have to do, Alex, is
Just write to us.
Our organization is called Power of Prophecy, and we're at 1708, that's 1708 Patterson Road, P-A-T-T-E-R-S-O-N Road, Austin, Texas, and the zip code is 78733.
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Toll-free, 1-800-
1-800-234-9673 and say, hey, send me the newsletter.
Of course, we have a list of a number of books and videos and tapes.
In fact, we have your videos offered as well, Alex.
But folks can get that free newsletter.
I think this month we talk about Leviathan.
The truth about the space program and the occult nature of it, and it's just some very shocking evidence that we have there.
But every month we have a different subject.
And again, you were a UT professor that taught that stuff, and Air Force officer.
So, I mean, NASA is so occult, folks, and so full of Nazi...
Yeah, it's 1708 Patterson Road.
I think so.
They may want to call a little bit later on after your program.
Don't be calling up during it because it seems like they're all lit up and they may not be able to get through.
But just keep trying during the workday.
We'll have a very friendly receptionist.
And if folks hear this rebroadcast overnight in the middle of the night and want to call, just write down the number of the call in the morning or 800-234-9673, 800-234-9673.
And give that mailing address out again one more time, Tex.
Yeah, the mailing address is 1708 Patterson Road.
Address to TexMars or to Power Prophecy.
1708 Patterson Road, Austin, Texas, 78733.
By the way, you talked about Barry Hamish, who was on your program.
The Israeli investigator and writer.
About how they killed, how Mossad killed Yishak Rabin.
Yeah, that's right, and he's done a good job of that.
I think Barry is probably the only other guy in the world who's done an equivalent amount of research, I don't know if he's done as much as me, but maybe, who knows, on the Masonic Lodge and the high-level 33-degree Freemasons in Israel.
And, you know, I have a whole video on that called The Masonic Lodge Over Jerusalem.
And see, that's the point, is that it's levels above levels above levels, and these upper rooms, you have the Rothschilds installing Kirk Voltheim, who ran extermination camps, this is admitted, folks, in Serbia killing Jews!
And then you've got him putting him in to run the U.N.
And then Arnold, who's best friends with him and campaigns for him, defends him, goes and meets with the same Rothschild.
This is disgusting.
And it needs to be exposed.
Let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Bill in Ohio.
Thanks for holding, Bill.
Good, sir.
How are you doing?
Go ahead.
I had a question that occurred to me when I heard you say Professor Mars had written the book on the RFID chips.
I've heard a lot of people talking about these things, but I have not heard anyone mention how...
What I'd really like to know is how would you zap one of these things?
How would you disable it if you had a product that you thought or that you pretty well knew had a pair of shoes with one of these things embedded in the sole or in the sidewall of a tire?
And they're tracker chips for those that don't know that are going to go in all products.
They've got the papers with Homeland Security, meaning with Walmart, Target, Gillette, everybody to put in this beast system, as Tex described it seven years ago in his book.
Tex, how did you learn of RFID in 95 to write this book?
That's just one chapter of your book.
For the beast tracking grid, which they've now put in exactly as you said they would, how did you discover all that before anybody else was talking about it?
And are there ways to neutralize RFID?
As far back as 1983, I began to do research on biochips, a combination of biology, genetics, and macrochip technology, but the use of fleshly material as the medium.
Way back in 1983, these corporations were working on that along with the CIA and DARPA and other agencies.
But as far as my book, Project Lucid, L-U-C-I-D, which I exposed back in 1996, I got a clue on that, believe it or not, from a law enforcement journal.
It comes out for the narcotics officers, the DEA cops and so forth, and the FBI.
And they accidentally let out
I think so.
With the computer system.
And see, that's why it's so ridiculous to say we have a total information awareness network.
Oh, Poindexter did it when five years ago I saw the Austin American-Statesman with DARPA putting in the cameras and microphones when this guy wasn't even in office.
That's right.
Actually, Poindexter has been there for many years, and this is already in place.
When they announced it just recently, of course, it was like a leak to the public so that they could, you know, they knew there would be a little bit of damage.
I understand Poindexter is resigning.
We're good to go.
We thought they were trying to set up a missile defense system for the United States, and that was what all the money was going to DARPA for.
But, in fact, they've been building a police state and spending billions of dollars to develop... And then they get conservatives to go, we deserve a missile defense, we deserve it, and really that funding goes to build a cage.
It builds the cage in the concentration camp system.
Back to our caller's question, though, as to how to avoid this.
There is a major problem here.
You know, there have been a number... I've actually...
Robert Neslin over in Sweden had this happen to him, and he has been on a campaign for years to expose this.
We're talking about doctors and verification now that this is going on.
Many years ago, a gentleman wrote to me from the state prison in New York.
His story was so compelling and yet so crazy.
Back in 1987, it was scarcely believable.
He said that he had a flu and he was taken away.
Usually, they just gave him some medication, right?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And he wrote to me with this story, and it was so incredible, yet it was true.
So they use a lot of prisoners, for example.
Well, that's even come out that they give them biologicals, test dioxins on them.
I mean, it's just so much evil, Tex.
It is evil.
In Sweden, Mr. Neslin, who's Swedish, found out that working with American authorities and doctors, that the Swedish doctors were cooperating, and the elderly...
We're going into the hospital and we're being given these RFID transplants.
As to how we can find out about it, I think increasingly security experts are going to be able to debug people and find out if they've got chips in them.
But, hey, they're having these chips.
They're going to be in your shirt.
You wear your shirt, and it's so tiny, it's going to be in bed.
And then it came out.
It got leaked.
This is a minute, folks.
Wall Street Journal, Walmart, and others secretly meeting with Ridge, talking about how to neutralize us, how to stop us, how to get the control grid in.
And then I was rereading Texas Book, written in 96, written in 95, published in 96, and it's describing this whole thing.
And then I'm on the Army's own website in 2000, the Army War College.
They say, quote,
By 2024, the Army's main job will be implanting the entire public with their own brain chips in a, quote, hive mind.
Sidney Morning Herald wrote about it.
So they plan to get us through terror into compact cities, under their control, then have more attacks, get our numbers down, and then turn us into slave drones.
This sounds insane.
Tex, you talked about using nanotech as a military application.
I've now got articles where they admit that they're going to breed special amoebas that can be put into water supplies to, quote, go in and neutralize troops.
On the other side, BBC, tiny tech to help big soldiers.
They say it'll be in effect within three years.
Our objective is to do this within three years.
And it shows the new uniform.
They're going to wear, it's a Darth Vader suit with the actual V Darth Vader mouthpiece and the whole mask.
Why are they... This is incredible.
Well, you know, they... You know, somebody once asked a mass murderer why he did it.
He said, because I could.
And that sounds so incredible, because they can.
Well, it's like the old thing of going across the old African parable of the...
The little gazelle comes up to the crocodile and says, would you carry me across and not eat me?
And he says, sure.
And the gazelle says, you promise?
He goes, yeah.
So she gets on the back, and about halfway over, he turns around, bites her in the neck, and she says, well, you lied to me.
Why'd you do that?
And he said, because I'm a crocodile.
I'm a crocodile.
Well, going back to stories like that, they would like us to appease these monsters that are giving us a police state.
Don't let the crocodile, you know, Winston Churchill,
Well, the point is we're in a real terrible situation here.
But there is hope as long as we have free speech.
Because more and more people are coming over to our side.
More communities, for example, are saying no to the Patriot Act.
That's over 400, and that's my next question.
Ashcroft said there was no Patriot Act, too.
Now he admits it.
He said the first one didn't affect citizens.
Now in official briefs, they admit it's for all crime.
This guy's a liar, but nobody's going to confront him on it.
Well, that's right.
Well, you know, the Justice Department has such power, and they're running afraid of Ashcroft.
And I think he's a very cold man.
And especially because he pretends to be a Christian.
Anyone who pretends to be a Christian who is evil, I think, is especially evil.
And, you know, the Bible even gives us prior warning that the Antichrist himself will pretend to be a Christian and pretend to be holy and of Christ.
It says that he appears to be the Lamb, it says in Revelation 13, but he
But he has horns like the dragon.
In other words, he has power like Satan, but he appears to be like the lamb.
Let's take another call.
Let's talk to Cheryl in Ohio.
Thanks for holding, Cheryl.
You're on the air with Tex Mars.
Thank you, gentlemen.
This is what we would call, and I think, Tex, you would agree with this, in Revelation, these are not Jews.
They are of the synagogue of Satan.
Those who call themselves Jews are not, but of the synagogue of Satan.
And Mr. Jones, I do want to say this.
The night of the power outage, the night the lights went out in Ohio, I was listening to a repeat of your show that evening, and I want to pertain this to Mr. Gibson's film.
The powers that be once
To put a stop to this film because, A, it depicts the truth.
The truth.
It wasn't not just Jews alone, but it was all who sent Christ to the cross.
But Christ, what did he do?
Jesus denied himself.
He knew that this was going to happen.
Let me stop you.
That's what we're doing.
That's what Tex said up front.
He'd always been a supporter of what Israel is.
Does that mean that when the Antichrist...
You know, is there we're supposed to follow the Antichrist?
This is the point.
We're exposing Adolf Hitler and saying he's bad.
We're saying it's bad when an Israeli army bulldozer runs over a little Miss Corrie and then backs back over her laughing.
We're saying it's wrong when the KGB kills somebody.
Let me just say this.
I'm a Hebrew throat Christian.
I have been saved for 20 years.
I know Jesus Christ as my...
I do want to say this and this was a point that I wanted to bring out that I don't think
Did the powers-to-be and did the movie industry kick up their heels and kick and scream that when they committed the worst blasphemy that they could several years back, when the movie industry, Hollyweird, put out the movie and blatantly lied in your face about Jesus Christ committing the act of adultery?
The last temptation of Christ?
Oh, no, that was just fine.
Any comments, Tex?
Well, I agree with our caller completely, and I'm so glad we have a Jewish Hebrew Christian here with us.
And I like what she said.
The Bible does warn of those that say they are Jews and are not and are the synagogue of Satan because a true Jew will believe in the Messiah of both Jews and Gentiles, which is Jesus Christ.
Those are the true Jews.
That are circumcised in the heart.
And also, Jesus Christ, you cannot have Old Testament without New Testament, New Testament without the Old.
Give any Jewish person, anybody, are they going to eat half a bagel or are they going to eat a whole bagel?
Let's put the whole amount on it.
Obviously, the point is, thank you for the call.
Great point, Cheryl.
Call back any time.
We're out of time.
We'll take two final calls in the next segment with text.
You're absolutely right.
That's what we're pointing out here is a hypocrisy.
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I think?
We're good to go.
All right, my friends, our final segment.
I've got to have text on for three hours.
I should do it.
I know he's so busy, though.
That's where we talk to Fred and Steve, our final callers.
One more time, what's that toll-free number for folks that want to get your free newsletter?
Sure, to get the newsletter, just call toll-free 1-800-234-9673.
We'd be delighted to send them a free copy.
That's 800-234-9673.
And I'm going to announce this now.
I haven't really talked about it.
I'm launching a new newsletter, and I just found out how expensive it is to send this out to...
5,000 people.
And so Tex is doing a great job sending that out for free, folks, which we're going to try to do.
We'll see how it goes.
Let's talk to Fred in South Dakota.
Fred, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
You were on the subject of spirit and opportunity.
The spirit of evil and the opportunity to do it, I would say.
The truck bombing in...
In Baghdad, I got it just from the AP of High Commissioner DeMello, and they claim that there's machine gun fire in the background.
This is the evening time in Baghdad right now.
And opportunistically, they stated that there would be some sort of an attack in the United States within a year during all this going on on the Fox News channel.
Yeah, and that's the globalist terrorizing is the terrorists are going to get you, we're going to take your rights, and then Ashcroft's traipsing around going, give me your rights or the terrorists will get you.
Then when they blow more stuff up, the government does, the false government, then they can say, see, see, we're fighting the terrorists.
You better shut up now by criticizing our laws.
You ate the terrorists, Tex.
And you know, it's like Big Brother's police state in 1984.
They never were able to get to the bad guy.
He was this shadowy creature.
Yeah, Goldstein.
And now we have Osama and Saddam, and they're out there somewhere.
Who knows what they're going to do?
They must be linked up with everything that happens now.
I'm sure that Kobe Bryant probably was a member of Al-Qaeda.
In fact, in 1984, exactly, when they didn't have power, it was Goldstein's fault.
That's true.
Yeah, and so here, as I said, you know, I'm sure whoever killed Dennehy, the Baylor basketball player, probably was a member of Al-Qaeda.
Everything that happened is Osama or Saddam, no doubt about it.
We've got to be afraid.
We're all shaking in our boots.
It gives a person pause to wonder that...
Wait a minute.
If you add all these facts together, you come up with a negative.
Well, it's simple.
Ordered out of chaos.
Thanks for the call.
Great points, Fred.
Steve in Colorado.
You're our tail gunner.
Last caller.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex, and hello, Tex.
Hey, Alex, you had mentioned Barry Chamish.
I guess there's a third pronunciation of his name for you, but you ought to have him on again because what you and both you and Tex can relate to is
Some very interesting new information that he's got about how the Vatican wants to internationalize Jerusalem.
Oh yeah, that's the plan.
New world order, out of this crisis, and then they'll say support the new world order.
I mean, it's incredible.
Well, what I was going to say in particular was they want to take Jerusalem out of the hands of the Jews, internationalize it so that you can get there without any passport, which is what Barry was saying.
And that sounds to me like a fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation.
Real quick, we're out of time.
Thanks, Steve.
Tex, any comments to that?
Yeah, Jerusalem is going to be the earthly world capital for the Antichrist.
Read about that in Revelation 11, verse 9.
Flat out says.
In fact, it calls it Sodom and Egypt in the last days.
Well, Tex, thanks for coming on, and God bless you, sir.
Take care.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
You bet.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Don't wait.
Get this new book.
It is impressive.
Spread the word about the show.
Have a great day.
Get out there and fight evils.
God bless you.
Take care.
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