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Air Date: Aug. 18, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Another live edition of the Alex Jones Show, and I really am blessed to be your host, to be on the air, to be fighting the New World Order, to be exposing the globalists and their criminal activities.
I am blown away by the level of corruption, the sheer evil...
We're good to go.
New World Order carry out its eugenics against all of us to watch the general public unaware of how they're under attack and how they're being destroyed and to watch the family being dismantled and the sovereignty of countries being destroyed.
It's amazing.
I had some guests on today, several great guests, but I canceled both of them
And I'm going to make an attempt, as best I can, to cover this news.
I took off a couple days last week, something I haven't done in several years.
And, of course, while I was doing that, major news broke, so I did some live 30-minute pieces on air.
And then getting back into the office last night and spending several hours looking at what had developed.
The New World Order is in high gear, so we'll get into all of it when we get back.
And you know something?
I'm glad I spent several days last week talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Because in and of itself, it's a diversion, it's a distraction.
Arnold himself is nothing but an illusion.
But the forces around him and how the media has handled this and what the Simon Wiesenthal Center has done and the Bilderberg Group slash Rothschild Bohemian Grove axis that's now coming out concerning Arnold and Warren Buffett and how it ties into the situation up in Franklin.
It's all coming up, and yes, it's starting to happen.
I remember this last year.
I remember mentioning it.
I'd forgotten about it, and here it is.
We've posted, or are posting, on InfoWars.com, Reuters, and also an Associated Press article, and it's...
Madison Manor, England, Reuters, the world's second richest man, dropped into the English countryside with the Terminator at his side on Monday, a day after warning the UK's corporate big game as elephant gun was loaded.
And it says billionaire Warren Buffett and the mean machine Arnold Schwarzenegger touched down by helicopter on the immaculate lawn of...
Waddesdon Manor, a Renaissance-style chateau in the undulating hills of Buckinghamshire.
And it says that they were both guests for the weekend with the world's elite, with the Rothschild family.
And I remember this was in the British News last year because they were complaining, you know, these Rothschilds have all the elite fly in.
They openly decide policy for Europe and don't care what the people want.
This was in their news last year, and I remember seeing that Arnie was in attendance.
These guys go to Bohemian Grove, they go to Rothschild Castles.
Of course, old Stanley Kubrick tried to make a movie about that, and there was a big news article how he was fighting with the distributors, saying you're not going to cut scenes out.
Well, he had a little heart attack the day after, and he did get cut out, but a lot goes on at the old Rothschild Castles.
We'll be right back.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, we're now 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the first hour of this show.
And on Friday, I was at a car wash getting my car cleaned, and I'm sitting there watching my car go through the cleaning facility, and I was reading a copy of Order Out of Chaos that I published for Paul Joseph Watson, and somebody walks up and says, what's that book about?
And I said, well, it's about the New World Order.
And he goes, yeah, I saw the cover, elite-sponsored terrorism.
What's that mean, some middle-aged guy?
And I said, well, it's, you know, how there's an elite, and they're trying to set up a global system of control.
And the guy started laughing.
And I go, what's funny?
He goes, oh, global system of control.
I go, you don't think powerful people don't want control and don't want more control?
That's why they're where they're at in life, because they're intelligent, they're ruthless, they're skilled.
And the guy started going, ooh, crazy, doing the universal sign of crazy, where you take your finger and make a circle by the side of your head.
And I said, hey, just enjoy yourself.
And by then I thought the person knew who I was and was trying to tease me.
And then some lady sitting with her kid says, what are you talking about?
And I go, oh, the New World Order and some of the things they're doing to us.
The Cashless Society Control Grid.
She goes, what's that?
I go, well, I'm sure you've heard on the news that they want to put implantable microchips in us.
And she started laughing, and then I looked behind me, and the guy was making the crazy sign again.
And I said, now, wait a minute, ma'am.
Have you not heard how they want to put microchips in us and how they want to put them in the children so they, quote, can't get kidnapped?
And she goes, yeah, I've heard about that, but still, you're kind of weird, aren't you, talking about it?
I mean, I was looking at a George Orwell victim.
I was looking at one of the double thinkers.
She admits that she knows it's on the news and has heard it, but I'm weird because I'm in a business.
You know, it's a long line of chairs along where the trucks and vehicles drive through and get clean.
You've all been in them.
And somebody asked me what I'm reading.
I'm nice to them.
And I'm looking at victims.
I'm looking at little bug-eyed victims who are so petty and so small-minded that to them, you're trying to be uppity, you're trying to be aggressive, you're trying to get in their space just by telling them that there's a powerful elite who, by the way, are into eugenics and want to micromanage and control you and dumb you down and get rid of you.
So I'm bad.
I'm bad, folks, because I'm looking at a Reuters article from last year being posted on Infowars.com right now with a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Warren Buffett getting off a private jet, walking into the ancestral home of the Rothschilds to meet with the Rothschilds.
And then I went back to the news articles from that date and remember seeing that Arnold was there.
We talked about how the British people were upset, saying we're sick of the Rothschilds running our lives, meeting out at their castle with the Masons and the royalty and the bankers.
I mean, there were a bunch of articles about this.
People are sick of it.
They're tired of 80-plus percent of the people being against national ID cards, 80-plus percent being against the euro, and the Rothschilds control the media and the government and say, we don't care what you want, you're going to have it.
So Arnold, when he's not at Bilderberg Group meetings or at Rothschild Castles, he's out at Bohemian Grove, and so he's allowed to say, I admire Hitler.
He's allowed to say, I love Kurt Voltheim, the UN Secretary General and Austrian President who ran extermination centers in Serbia during the war against Serb patriots with the Croats and Muslims, killing the Serb Christians, of course.
And so he can do whatever he wants, but Mel Gibson was faced with a total ban of his movie in the U.S.
There is no First Amendment.
Mel Gibson's head of his production company is here stating that, well, we just use the Bible word for word, but we are going to cut it all out under threats.
And we're not going to show the Pharisees ordering Christ's death, even though it's word for word out of the Bible.
And they're capitulating and re-editing the film right now because Rabbi Hare said that they were going to boycott and stop the film from airing in the U.S.
And so that's your freedom.
You can have a guy who loves Hitler, who is a Nazi, who goes to Rothschild castles, by the way, and he's free.
He's untouchable, folks.
Arnold can do whatever he wants.
He can smoke marijuana on TV.
He can talk about how he loves to have sex with hundreds of women on TV.
He can talk about how he loves Hitler and how he admires Adolf Hitler and how he wants to control people.
I've conquered bodybuilding.
I've conquered acting.
Now I want to conquer people.
I love those that always control people.
I mean, he's on the record, folks.
He's on film saying,
In a documentary, I admire Adolf Hitler.
And you know what?
The Rothschilds love him.
Simon Wiesenthal Center loves him.
But you make a good, decent film about Jesus Christ, you're shut down.
You're starting to figure this out, folks.
And Arnold has announced, yeah, he'll probably raise taxes.
Warren Buffett's the big Democrat up there in Nebraska.
It's sick, folks.
It's such a great illustration here of everything we're facing.
And so, I mean, Arnold could be a...
Arnold could be a pumpkin with wings, and if the media said vote for him, it would happen.
And they're hyping him, they're lavishing praise, they're ignoring all the other candidates.
He is the official candidate for governor of California, as if it even matters.
They're putting in touchscreen election systems all over the country.
They're getting rid of the sovereignty.
They're about to vote for blanket total amnesty for all illegals in perpetuity.
Whoever can get here is legal.
It's all a sick joke.
I mean, look at California.
It's the model of the New World Order.
Blowing out the economy, raising taxes, falling standard of living, the power plants are even leaving, moving south of the border.
It's a joke.
And that's exactly what they want.
They'll just give you a puppet, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it'll be a big theater for you.
And you see, people can't... Westerners, raised by television and movies, can't even...
Interface now.
Can't even deal now with reality.
They really think Arnold is this deadly guy with a machine gun and can kill 50 guys in a room with his bare hands.
It's sick, folks.
It's so ridiculous.
And the media is merging his films with the race, and you're like, Alex, we know it's a joke, we know it's a diversion, but it's a great teaching tool, folks.
I mean, here is Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I've got a bunch of other news we're about to get to, but let me just read this article.
Wadsden Manor, England Reuters, the world's second richest man, which is totally untrue, he's low-level, folks, but a top manager.
The world's second richest man dropped into the English countryside with a Terminator at his side on Monday, a day after warning the UK corporate big game his elephant gun was loaded.
Billionaire Warren Buffett and mean machine Arnold Schwarzenegger touched down by helicopter on the immaculate lawns of Laddison Manor, a Renaissance-style chateau in the undulating hills of Buckinghamshire.
That's near where Stanley Kubrick lived.
Buffett, 72, is guest of honor at the closed two-day meeting of some of the world's most powerful businessmen and financiers, the ultimate networking opportunity.
The get-together is at the ancestral home of the Rothschild banking family.
We'll discuss economic and political issues, the organization said.
But Buffett's remark made in the weekend newspaper interview that he is looking for a big deal in Britain has stolen the agenda.
We're hunting for elephant.
We have got the elephant gun.
It is loaded, Buffett told the Sunday Telegraph.
And for those that don't know, they use fronts.
The Rothschilds use fronts like Buffett and Soros.
This was admitted, by the way, in the Financial Times of London.
As their front to come in and badmouth certain stocks, badmouth certain currencies, to bring down economies so the Rothschilds can consolidate.
Among those invited to...
Waddenston Manor, where the likes of James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank, Jorma Olia, chief executive of Nokia, and De Beers' chairman, Nicky Oppenheimer.
Oh, the folks with the World Diamond Monopoly, who just ordered all the invasions of the Gold Coast in the name of helping the Africans.
Of course, three years ago, they bragged in the New Yorker magazine, the Oppenheimers did, we'll be invading Africa in the name of humanitarian issues in the next year to get control of the Diamond Monopoly again.
The Schwarzenegger was on the guest list conference brought by Buffett's Breckshire Hathaway or Rothschild Front.
This year's stock market carnage is made for Buffett, the billionaire oracle of Omaha, Nebraska, a godsend for firms who need cash quickly.
He has more than $7 billion in cash on hand, which is just what... It's about what they make in an hour on the currency market, folks.
And can set up an ironclad deals in a day.
His philosophy is simple, and it goes on.
A group of photographers captured the moment when Buffett and Schwarzenegger were splendid in steel-tipped cowboy boots, stepped onto the freshly cut lawn, and greeted by Lord Jacob Rothschild.
His very nice view...
Well, there you have it.
Lord Rothschild, so good to meet you.
Before you become Federal Reserve Chairman, a Governor of California, a President, a CEO of Fortune 500, you always take a visit to Rothschild Castle.
In Burgundy, in Toulouse, or in England.
Burgundy and Toulouse are in France.
Nearby areas where, well, they found some interesting things buried.
We'll be right back.
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All right, I'm about to shift gears over into other news, but come on, folks.
Arnold Schwarzenegger for 20 years attending the Bohemian Grove encampment, the occult meeting house of heads of major countries, presidents, prime ministers, German chancellors, and last year, in September, they land...
At the Rothschild compound, and Arnold and Warren Buffett are met by the head of the Rothschild banking family, and this is our country, folks.
This is America.
This is a sick joke.
And it's just absolutely amazing.
It shows how far we've gone down.
And for the average person, they have no idea.
And look at who's pulling the strings for them.
Hatch for foreign-born hopefuls.
We read this Associated Press article last week.
Orrin Hatch has introduced a bill to repeal the constitutional provision that stops someone who's foreign-born from being president.
Because you could have, it says here in the article, foreign-born agents taking over the country.
Says the restriction has become an anachronism that it is a decidedly un-American hatch.
The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said one time presidential candidate said when he introduced the change last week.
A retired University of Alabama history professor, Forrest MacDonald, said the prohibition made sense when it was included in the Constitution, and I'm not sure the reasoning is entirely outdated.
He said that 15 years before the Constitution was written, foreign operatives from Russia, Prussia, and Austria conspired to get a favorable monarch elected to lead Poland.
Once in place, the country was divided up among the three powers.
The American fathers were acutely sensitive to the prospect, McDonald said.
And he said it is not inconceivable that something like this could happen today.
It doesn't matter, folks.
You can get plenty of Benedict Arnolds who were born in the country, like the Bushes, who have been on the Nazi bankroll since well before 1940.
By the way, we've reposted some United Press International articles
On prisonplanet.com, where the Bushes were running the major Nazi operations in the U.S.
But let's shift gears out of that and get into some other really serious stuff.
We'll talk about the power outages.
We'll talk about a bunch of new gun control.
But here's just some of the news I've got.
Court, fake checkpoints, okay, in search for motorist illegal drugs.
Now, we'll just wait until we get to that.
Inside the resistance, the United States likes to think that all it confronts in Iraq are a few diehard Saddamists, but Paul Magawa meets a new guerrilla movement with growing popular support.
So we'll get into that situation.
Also, miracle birth signals male moms.
That's right, and we'll be getting to that.
It's mainstream news.
Open mail out of Canada.
Europe announces more nano-creations.
Interesting science news on nanotechnology.
Human rabbit embryos intensify stem cell debate.
They have little embryos that are half rabbit, half human.
This is the type of stuff that's going on, but again, it doesn't really matter.
And they're putting all sorts of weird chimera genetics into our food chain, but hey, that's all right.
And there's official World Bank IMF documents where they want to forcibly sterilize all of us, and that just so happens to be happening now all over the planet.
Sperm rates and female fertility plunge, but that's okay.
And Ashcroft says on MSNBC, they call this an exclusive, folks.
Exclusive Ashcroft campaign to shore up the Patriot Act.
This just came out over the weekend.
It's coming out in their August 25th issue.
And, of course, it's the 18th right now.
This hasn't even come out yet.
It comes out in a few days, and that is in the paper, physical form.
So this is very, very interesting.
Attorney General John Ashcroft this week will launch a cross-country brainstorming tour designed to shore up support for the U.S.
Patriot Act, the controversial measure passed after September 11th,
The Justice Department brought new power to combat terrorism.
You mean to combat the slaves, the population that might not submit to the horrible stuff you've got planned right around the corner?
This is all just preparation, isn't it, you little puppet?
And now he's proposed the Victory Act, which we've got the text of, the draft of, and that's posted, or being posted, it's a big update today, it'll take a while, on InfoWars.com.
So we'll get into that too when we get back.
Again, Gibson says he has softened crucifixion story and new Jesus movie and taken the direct passage from the Bible out under demands by the thought police here.
Gibson, you're not a Nazi.
You didn't say you loved Hitler.
And you love Jesus, so you can't have your movie, okay?
If you were a Bilderberg group Nazi, you'd be just fine.
The Rothschilds are Nazis.
We'll be right back with a lot more.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Every cell of the body has a receptor site for our master hormone called growth hormone.
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All right, your calls are coming up here in a few minutes.
1-800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
Later in the next hour, I do have comments about this Reuters article about Arnold Schwarzenegger being spirited by Warren Buffett off to the Rothschild Castle.
And there are similar articles for Bill Clinton before he even ran for president and everybody else.
I mean, it really is sick to be controlled by agents of this criminal family.
In my film, Police State 3, by the way, Total Enslavement, Police State 3, Total Enslavement gets into that situation.
But all these other articles, I mean, there are so many.
Where do you start?
Where does it all end?
There's so much tyranny and so much evil going on.
Listen to this.
Court fake checkpoints okay in search for motorist illegal drugs.
Colorado police can set up fake checkpoints in hopes of sniffing out illegal drugs.
An appeals court ruled in a case where camouflage-clad officers spied on fans during a bluegrass festival in 2000.
Now, folks, this article is doublespeak.
The globalists know that we're honest creatures, people.
I mean, we look at things as if they're reality-based.
That's why television is so mesmerizing.
I don't want to get into too much sophisticated.
There's no way to even articulate how much trouble we're in, folks.
I mean, I can't even read the news articles now.
Court rules that you can have fake checkpoints, and it says that
That the military-type police just search everybody, and they go, well, it doesn't violate the Fourth Amendment because it's a fake checkpoint.
That's doublespeak, doublethink.
That's not even reality-based.
This is so over-the-top, I could spend all day on this trying to break it down.
They're training us how to not think rationally, how to be a nation of basically mentally ill idiots.
Because, I mean, I read the article this morning, spent like 20 minutes on this one article just reading and then going, what?
It doesn't even... Oh, man, I don't even know how to... Oh.
It says they search the people, but it doesn't violate their rights because they're dubbing them fake checkpoints.
What does that mean?
See, it's all form over substance.
It's like Arnold.
Pro-abortion, open borders, wants...
Is pro-CPS taking kids and giving them to homosexual families?
That's the California initiative he supports.
He's for raising taxes.
The guy says he doesn't like Jesus Christ.
He's on video saying it.
He loves Hitler, smoking marijuana on TV, in a documentary.
But, oh, that's conservatism.
I have to see all the neocons up there pushing him and the liberals defending him.
Again, it just... The guy says he loves Hitler, so the ADL and the Rothschilds love him.
Because, by the way, the Rothschilds, Hitler was a Rothschild.
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
I was reading a book by Fritz Springmeier last night, and it's a book we're going to be offering soon.
It's an incredible book.
And he was talking about
You know, how everything you see and the labels you're given isn't really the reality.
And no matter how bizarre this book sounds, I've read so many news articles and watched so much C-SPAN and read so many history books that the whole thing's documented and true.
And it's the most fairytale, insane, horrible thing you can imagine.
I mean, Rothschild's controlling the Nazis, and the Kabbalah really creating the Nazis, and the whole Nazi movement really being, quote, Jewish.
And you try to tell somebody that, how does it even compute?
But then you've got this illustration.
Bill Gibson makes a movie, word for word, out of the Bible.
It's decried, being shut down.
They've edited it now.
Begging to, okay, can we please show this now?
Is this okay?
But then Arnold's running around, I love Hitler!
Ah, my daddy's a Nazi!
I love Kurt Volkheim!
Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha!
I hate Jesus!
And oh, he's at the Rothschild Castle.
I have the article.
Reuters, right here.
From last year, Reuters.
September 24th, 2002.
The world's second richest man dropped into England countryside with a Terminator.
And it goes into how he was met.
Let me just read the last quote again.
A group of photographers captured the moment when Buffett and Schwarzenegger responded in steel-tipped cowboy boots, stepped onto...
Waddington's freshly cut lawn to be greeted by Lord Jacob Rothschild.
It is very nice of you to host this Schwarzenegger set of the secret two-day meeting with the heads of the World Bank, IMF, you name it.
It's all right here.
I remember this article last year.
I remember a bunch of them.
They all come out from the meeting, announce the new policies, and everybody follows it.
And I just pause.
You know, what does it mean when two men are wearing the same clothes?
They get off the helicopter.
There's photos of them here getting off the jet and getting on the helicopter and then flying out to the base, out to the castle.
And see, I've snuck into one of these events.
I was only there on the kickoff of one of these things in Northern California.
And Helmut Schmidt, the German Chancellor, again, before Helmut Kohl, before Gerhard Schroeder, every time I mention Helmut Schmidt, I get an email, you idiot, the German Chancellor is Gerhard Schroeder.
Yeah, I know, the communist street thug.
I'm talking about 20 years ago.
Helmut Schmidt, in his own book, written by him, written by him,
Sid, I love the occult rituals at the Grove.
We've got our own Grove in Germany and our own meeting places in Europe, but I like the Druid rituals we do in Northern California.
I mean, folks, there are German chance for us writing books about Druid rituals where all the Christian conservative leaders meet, and you've got Arnold flapping around, and they bus in, ever jetting them in, the $2,000 an hour male prostitutes, according to the Washington Times.
But Arnold and Buffett, of course, the story's about Arnold, how he made his money in Europe, but Arnold and Buffett get off wearing the same little outfit.
They're little friends.
This is all just over the top, out of control.
Folks, again, I'm speechless here.
I really am getting to the point now where
They're all spending hours this morning reading over this news and reading over it last night, and I get on the air now, and I just... I'm speechless right now.
I just... Castles in Germany, castles in France, castles in England, and secret compounds in the Redwoods, and people running around naked, male prostitutes everywhere, Satan worship openly...
And it's all just good fun.
Oh, it's all just ha-ha-ha.
Oh, yeah, there's a German death cult at Yale, and most of the CIA directors go there, but, you know, it's just fun, and it was... It's all okay.
And don't criticize Hitler for your anti-Semitic now.
I mean, it's all off the charts, folks.
Colorado police can set up fake checkpoints in hopes of sniffing out illegal drugs.
An appeals court ruled in a case where camouflage-clad officers spied on fans during a bluegrass festival in 2000.
And now they've ruled.
Thursday's ruling, which reverts an earlier finding, was based on a federal appeals court decision last year in a similar case in Oklahoma.
Police pulled over Stephen Roth, 60, for littering after they found a marijuana pipe tossed from the window.
Oh, sure.
Anybody believe that?
Two other pipes and mushrooms were found in the search.
The appeals court said that while drug checkpoints are illegal because motorists are stopped at random and without reasonable suspicion of committing a crime, the discovery of the first pipe gave the officer probable cause to stop Roth's vehicle.
Roth's lawyer said he planned to appeal.
Sheriff Jerry Martin said his department conducted four fake checkpoint operations before suspending them because of the lawsuit.
The operation will probably be reinstated, he said.
Now, I mean, what does that even mean?
It's a fake checkpoint where they stop you and search your car.
And there's more and more... I mean, again, they're practicing this in the news.
Oh, well, the court said it because it goes on here.
You can have a checkpoint if it's not real.
You just pull them over and search them, but it's not real, so it's not a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
See, that's so evil and such doublethink.
How do I...
Don't you get that's not right, folks?
It is a checkpoint.
But they say, no, it's not.
By the way, they're going to put not just cameras in all the school systems, not just Louisiana or Texas or New York.
All the schools are going to get cameras watching the kids.
Now parents to come get their kids have to have a school-approved ID card.
Of course, once we all have our national ID card, you swipe the card, they won't let you have your kid.
Oh, the police have to talk to you first, taking control of your children.
They're going to put state police on the school buses, further training your kids.
They're prisoners.
They're going to frisk them on and off the bus.
And a lot of people go, good, that'll keep us safe.
That'll keep us safe.
That's not America.
It wasn't that bad in East Germany.
But again, maybe you think blimps and helicopters with ground-penetrating radar looking through your walls is freedom, too.
Maybe you think them looking at you in your house right through your walls.
Maybe you like DARPA handing it out to police agencies.
Maybe you think it's good they've signed deals for bringing foreign troops.
Maybe you think a bill for blanket total amnesty and perpetuity of all illegals forever is good.
But I don't, folks.
I don't think a new assault weapons ban banning 90-plus percent of guns in the U.S.
Yes, yes.
All semi-automatic shotguns.
Yes, yes.
Yes, yes.
Maybe you think that's good.
I don't, folks.
I don't like it.
I don't like Buffett and Schwarzenegger running around at the Rothschild Palace.
And trying to run our lives.
I'm sick of these people.
I'm sick of these slime bags and their devilish media.
And I'm tired of you being dumb.
I'm tired of you being mentally ill.
We are.
This culture... Folks, I got articles here where they're teaching college courses on how to be a homosexual.
They're teaching courses on how to promote in your community, setting up homosexual public schools, where the curriculum is how to be a homosexual.
I got articles here where they're arresting people.
After a kid wins a spelling bee at 12 years old against seniors, the police come and arrest the parents because the kid never signed up with a public school.
I got articles here.
I mean, we are living in just pandemic evil.
And these people can't even see it.
They're just like an Aztec.
If you were to be teleported back to an Aztec pyramid rooftop, and you'd have been teleported back, and there's the idle shock mule where they bench you over the idle and cut your heart out with a big old obsidian dagger and kick your corpse down the steps as lunch meat for the roaring crowd below.
This is part of their crowd control system.
You'd have been teleported back to that point.
Let's say you were a professor of anthropology and also had studied Mayan languages, North American Indian languages of southern North America.
And you were teleported back to that point.
You stood there, and you spoke to the high priest and to the king, and you said, don't do this.
This is wrong.
This is destroying your culture.
Killing your best and brightest is destroying your gene pool and making you shorter and shorter.
By the way, that's what their god demanded.
It's really, and that's why you got Indians that were 6'2", on average, in the plains, and same genetic bloodline down south, you know, getting down to 5 feet tall and shorter.
That's what Chocmool and Quitscatlubhotel, the winged snake, demanded in their delusional fruitcake kingdom of power trips.
And so you're teleported back.
And no, before you put me in the New York Times saying I believe in teleportation, it's an analogy.
You're teleported back and you try to talk to them and you go, Don't do it!
You're crazy!
This is insane!
Taking pieces of glass that are tied to ropes and pulling it through your tongue for hours for pain-induced hallucinations is not good.
They would grab you up, chain you down, cut your heart out, and everybody there would think you were insane.
They are sane!
They are normal!
And that's what we're about to face.
We are entering that vortex of political mind control where how many of you turn the sitcoms on?
Everybody's insane and they love freedom.
Gun owners are bad, need to be arrested.
There's going to be terror.
They've got to put us in camps.
The New World Order's good.
You've watched TV.
You see it.
I don't watch TV maybe an hour a week now.
I see it everywhere.
Why aren't you conscious?
Why aren't you awake?
Why haven't you activated your minds out there?
Because if we, the millions of Americans that know what's going on, do not become aggressive and outspoken and psychologically pour a big bucket of water on your neighbors of ice water and wake these poor victims up, and I know it's tough as they arrogantly jibber at you and laugh at you and smile at you, adorned with their chains.
I understand.
But who cares?
I mean, you know, you don't feel hurt or insulted when a schizophrenic is yelling at you at the side of the street corner.
You can tell they're mentally ill.
Well, so what when your family laughs at you?
Just grab them by the shoulders, look them in the eyes and go, you better wake up!
You better investigate this!
You better learn about history!
They're poor little mental patients, basically.
Oh, man.
You know what I'm going to do?
Callers have been holding.
I want to give you plenty of time.
I'm going to come back and just shotgun through some of the headlines so you get an idea of some of the craziness I've got here, and then we're going to come back and take calls for a while, and then I'll get back into the news in more detail.
But, I mean, I can't handle Schwarzenegger and Buffett running around at the Rothschild Castle calling for world government and...
And then running around calling for big government and open borders and everything else and calling it conservative and saying they're going to raise our taxes.
I mean, I just... It's such an example of how this is all a rigged game.
And it really does make me sick.
And we need to get on more AM and FM affiliates so we can reach the American people and warn them and wake them up because I just...
Again, it's like watching millions of victims get in the car with Ted Bundy.
And when you warn them, don't get in the car, they laugh at you.
Oh, you're just trying to stop me from having fun.
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The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
It's true, folks.
The rabbit hole goes...
It goes very, very deep.
When you get down to the bottom of it, it burns, burns, burns.
The truth hurts, but not facing it is much, much more painful, not just the long term, but even the short term.
And when it seems like resistance is futile, understand, folks, that if we weren't here fighting this, if you weren't out there involved in educating people, we would already be in...
Just almost unimaginably worse position right now.
And with my whole Aztec analogy, or Mayan analogy, I was trying to illustrate being in a nation of crazy people.
But you're crazy because, according to the definition, crazy is just going against the norms.
So you don't believe in human sacrifice.
You don't believe in a religion of dominating and enslaving and pressing on the nerve of power, as George R. Wells said.
Which, by the way, that's been the norm in almost every empire and culture.
The West, the modern West, has just been a little bit different.
And so now everything's shifting back to the older, centralized, Babylonian models
And the massive people out there have had the scientifically crafted psychological warfare systems used against them where they can't even think anymore.
They're just ruling masses of idiocy and labels.
I mean, it's like the conservatives that call into shows I'm on and say, I'm for Bush's gun control, you're a liberal because you're against it.
And I go, then you're not a conservative.
And they don't understand.
It's like all the big conservative news services and websites are selling Arnold garbage and supporting him.
Shame on them!
And you know who I'm talking about.
Again, I keep talking about Arnold because it's such an amazing illustration and it just gets crazier and crazier by the minute.
We're going to come back and start the next hour and go to Larry and everybody else.
And again, there is just so much of this news.
Other figures, gay men, go overseas for surrogate babies.
This is out of the Sydney Morning Herald.
Just out of control.
Buffett's tax criticism draws rebukes.
Yep, going to raise taxes.
Walmart expands RFID mandate.
They have said that, okay, we heard your boycott.
We're not going to use RFID.
And I said, within one month, they will announce that they're going to expand the program by at least double.
Okay, well, this says that it's going to be total all products.
Now they don't care.
That's what they originally said, of course.
Backers of RFID chips banking on alien concept.
This is out of Business Journal.
Alien is basically a front NSA company, and its symbol is a flying saucer.
No, we're not talking about flying saucers.
That's the headline, Business Journal.
Silicon Valley, San Jose, Business Journal.
Just, oh, there's so much more.
It's all coming up in the next hour, and we're going to cover it, and we're going to take your calls.
Before I end this hour, if you want to support us, if you believe in what we're doing, if you want to wake others up, if you don't want to just sit down in the ditch and lick the boots of the stormtroopers, then get my video, Road to Terrorism.
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You think stuff's crazy now?
They're just getting you ready for the real launch of the dehumanization campaign.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we covered some news last hour.
We're good to go.
I think?
Carrying out dog and pony shows in the media between their low-level minions to give the illusion of some type of political debate, discourse, or choice.
Only by realizing the fraudulent nature of the false reality that's been spun before our eyes by the carnival barkers can we get humanity, our creativity, our decency back, folks.
We're about to go to your calls, and then I'm going to launch into all this other news, and boy, is there a lot of it.
Let's go to Larry in Louisiana, then Steve Emmett and others.
Larry, thanks for holding her on the air.
Alex, they did it today, first day of school, Rapides Parish, which a parish is a county in Louisiana.
We voted last year to double their pay, the police, the sheriffs, and put one in each school.
Now, we have a monitor right at the front doorway.
Of course, he's packing a gun, so he's backing it up.
The parents at the door are not allowed to go in the hallways.
No unauthorized adults in the hall.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You used to be able to, you know, the little ones, they might soil themselves during the day.
Well, they call you up and say, can you bring over an extra pair of clothes?
Well, now the clothes go to the office.
You will not be allowed, that is not a reason, to go in there and change your child's clothes.
Oh, so now the perverts are going to do it.
Think about it.
They can't say nothing about being a dyke or a faggot.
If those words are okay to say, I guess they can arrest me.
But being a teacher and being that, but they're going to be changing your little children, people.
Point two, Alex, it's sick.
I'm having trouble with my circuit breaker box in my house, and I know you can figure this one out.
I decided to follow the national model some time ago and deregulate it.
I had 15 breakers in the box, and I decided to just put them down to one breaker.
That way I wouldn't have to maintain 15 whole breakers.
Well, my stove gets hot, and it blows the power in the whole house when that breaks, and I can't figure it out, Alex.
Well, actually, I am not an electrician, and I'm the wrong person to ask about technical stuff, and we don't have a handyman show here, but hold on, hold on a minute.
Now, all over the country, they've taken young children and stripped them down and done this, and the highest level of truancy officers, teachers, this is where the perverts go, they've been caught doing it, and you have a very valid point
And you're telling, I got the news article about Louisiana, but it's a bunch of areas now, where they're not going to let parents in to see their kids, and all the more reason to get your kid out of the public school.
Now they want to take vouchers and federalize the private schools and then ban homeschooling.
Go ahead.
Exactly, and that's what it boiled down to.
So I'm going to try to get a list of the qualifications that does allow the parent to go into the hallway, to go down to the classroom.
Well, look, it's about training the kids they're prisoners.
Drug dogs, frisk, tattletale sessions with the school counselor, BATF in the schools, writing dossiers on mommy and daddy, all mainstream news, folks.
They are barbed wire fences around the schools, turning them into prison camps.
Exactly, Alex.
But the point on the fuse box is they put all the power supplies into one unit instead of small individual power supplies, so it only takes three hits to knock the power out of the whole country.
That's not it.
Yeah, thanks.
I haven't talked much about... Well, that's it.
The centralization.
This has not been deregulation or privatization.
It's been centralization.
And I guess I should talk about the power situation.
I'll do that if it takes more calls.
You've asked for them and now they're here.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A caller in the last segment brought up an important point that they've got all the different power grids tied in together.
Not just in regions, but in some cases make up dozens of states.
But the regions themselves are connected, and I've seen them right here in Austin.
The federal government, along with private corporations, really tried to force the city to shut down its power plant to then hand it over to private corporations so they could jack up prices.
We've seen them, when they're able to do this in surrounding areas, jack up the prices.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I don't know if the power got turned off by accident or by a lightning strike, and certainly I know that our infrastructure is old, and there's articles here where they're moving the power plants out of country because we're not going to need them, folks, because we're not going to have any factories.
They're saying that, and they want to get you ready for rationing.
See, it's part of living in the Orwellian system.
The globalists don't care about you.
Their pleasure as feudal lords, as neo-robber barons, is about having you at a subsistence level.
They've said it.
They want you in highly controlled, compact cities, living at a subsistence level, having to gift wrap all your trash and garbage, having CPS inspect your home and visit every family and licensed parents.
This is the new system enforcing dozens of new vaccines.
It's now 40-plus vaccines that they're trying to make mandatory, ordering kids to take by the age of four.
Imagine this system.
And the more control you give them, the more they're going to use it against you.
They had a war on drugs.
There's triple the heroin, double the cocaine.
More people in prison than ever.
They had a war on illiteracy.
There's more illiteracy.
They're going to have a war on terror now, folks.
They're going to have more terror because...
It is a war, but it's a war on your freedoms.
And the terrorists have to have an excuse to run your life.
And they're totally ruthless, and they're planning even bigger terrorist attacks.
Now, let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Florida.
Steve, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
Can you hear me fine?
Yes, sir.
I have several phone numbers for the governor and the attorney general of Alabama.
We attended the rally to support Judge Moore and the Ten Commandments the other day in Montgomery.
And the monument may be removed from the Supreme Court building this Wednesday, the 20th, unless we fire off a bunch of phone calls, and I've got those numbers ready.
Okay, and these are phone numbers to the governor?
I've got the Attorney General Bill Pryor.
I'll start with his phone numbers.
I've already called them.
The area codes for all these numbers are 334...
And here's the first number.
35303... That's 3530138.
See, that's why I don't like giving numbers out, Steve, because you notice you just messed up there.
Yeah, I got it written in front of me, my mistake.
But see what happens?
I understand.
See what happens?
Now, I don't know what the phone number is now.
I support not taking the Ten Commandments out.
I think it's important, but...
At the same time, I don't know the phone number.
I've got it right here if I may continue.
Well, you need to give it out again.
I will, and I'll be very careful.
Area code 334-353-0138.
And that's just a message that they've got set up.
You just wait for the...
Message and talk your talk.
So it's 334-353-0138.
That's the first one.
Steve, I think it's important.
People ought to go knock on the door.
People ought to go in and see the Attorney General or see the rude security guard who will bug his eyes out at you and tell you to stay in line.
But hauling that, I mean, I don't know they're actually going to listen to it.
Now, probably what's going to happen is
They're going to go ahead and order the stuff removed and then come in and try to take it out, and it's going to turn into a big, quite a circus.
But we do need to resist this because if they're allowed to take the Ten Commandments out, there's been a suit to get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance.
There's been federal court rulings.
Kentucky ruled that the Declaration of Independence is unconstitutional because it has the word creator in it.
But they can have a faith-based initiative to pay off the Baptist churches to suddenly be anti-gun and anti-family.
So it's very important, and I'm glad you called about this, Steve.
What do you think about the power outages?
I think maybe they did it purposely to get everything refinanced and rebuild everything and tax everybody further with higher rates.
When I first heard about it, I wasn't sure.
But after watching the unified...
What stinks even further is yesterday I heard on ABC News they said it was a tree.
I guess they think I'm pretty stupid.
That's caused by a tree.
So they're saying one tree fell into one line and did all this.
That's what they said, but that's incredibly idiotic, so we won't even go there.
I've got Governor Bob Riley's phone number.
Okay, Bob Riley.
Here's his executive assistant.
Area code 334-353-7210.
And I've called these numbers and spoke to them and given my opinion in support of Judge Moore.
They're very polite.
I was very polite.
I've got another number for the governor right here.
Same area code, 334-242-7100.
That's for the governor.
While you're at it, when you call, tell them you're going to go ahead and take your kids out of public school.
Tell them that you're going to, if you feel led to do this, stop paying your taxes.
And, you know, see how that works.
Because Alabama's full of good conservative people, but the government consistently just pays lip service to them.
I have one further number for Bill Pryor, if I may.
May I marry you?
Code 334-242-7300.
And what are all these?
Why does he have different numbers?
Some are his executive assistants.
The first one I gave for Bill Pryor was a message system that they have set up because there's too many calls coming in from around the country.
And he's refusing to take calls personally, so they set this up.
And the secretaries that I spoke to and the executive assistant that I spoke to said they will transcribe all of it and give it to Attorney General Bill Pryor.
All right.
Well, thanks for the call, Steve.
And, yeah, I think it's good to call politicians.
I think it's good to let them know that we're aware of what they're doing.
And to tell the governor to stand up to the feds.
It isn't even the feds.
The private criminal enterprise running out of D.C.
I mean, look at the Supreme Court, folks.
Seven of the nine members appointed by Republicans.
And look at the rulings.
Just look at the rulings.
The same type of conservatism we see from Arnold.
Tax increases, gun control, abortion on demand, homosexuals adopting children.
It's amazing.
Well, it's the same thing with Bush.
I mean, get past the rhetoric.
Look at the actions.
It's a nightmare.
There isn't a choice.
But I have to tell you, for the tens of thousands of calls they're getting a day, and that's what the news, I've actually got a news report on the issue that Steve just raised.
For the tens of thousands of calls they get a day, imagine tens of thousands of calls in your communities.
I think.
I think.
Imagine tens of thousands of people getting together and paying for billboards to promote local talk show hosts that are telling the truth.
Imagine tens of thousands of people getting together to sponsor local radio stations that have alternative news and views.
Imagine the power of the people putting up their own websites, doing their own access TV shows, writing their own books.
Until this country is knee-deep in exposés against the New World Order.
We need the pamphleteers like we had before 1776 to get our country back.
We need to first educate the people or the committees of correspondence.
By the way, that's coming up Ashcroft on his...
19 city tour.
First it was 20, then 19, now 18.
I guess he's been to two.
So it's down to 18 now.
He's making his tour.
Let's talk to Ernest in Pennsylvania.
Or Emmett in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Guten Tag, meine Freunde.
I have a naive Nikon friend that gets his daily indoctrination from Rush Limbaugh.
He was telling me, well, Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted he made a mistake and
What he said about Adolph.
And he said, as long as someone has admitted they made a mistake, well, they should be forgiven.
But Mel Gibson can't have a film word for word out of the Bible.
He's now edited it, begging, can I please now show it in America?
A wholesome family film.
And even Rush Limbaugh said there's nothing in it that would urge people towards any religion.
Yeah, but who cares?
See, this is the point.
Arnold can say he loves Hitler, hang out with Nazis to this day, hang out at Rothschild palaces, run around saying he loves to control people and wants power over men.
All this dictator talk.
It's like if I was a dictator, it would be a lot easier, like Bush said.
I mean, I'm sick of it, folks.
It shows how it's a political tool to beat people over the head that love America.
But I said to my friend, Waldo, we want this guy to go on and be president of the United States when once he was a Nazi.
And what did he say?
Oh, we could trust him.
He has forgiveness.
Oh, and we could trust him.
He's for gun control and abortion.
We'll talk about your idiot friend.
Stay there.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Our founding fathers wrote down for all time our most precious documents of freedom.
The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
These are the purest forms of our country's freedom before the thousands of politicians got their hands on them.
The Declaration in Washington, D.C.
can barely be read.
It has faded that much.
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We're good to go.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
This weekend I turned on the TV for about an hour to watch the blackout news.
Then they cut back to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the big diversion.
They had a Republican strategist on, and he was saying, Arnold is very smart.
He is practicing self-inoculation.
He's admitting the Hitler comment about how he admires Hitler was bad, and he's admitting some of the womanizing we've seen in the past.
Yeah, it's acclimation.
It's desensitization.
That's why we have these...
Reuters articles about how the Rothschilds met with Arnold and with Warren Buffett a year ago.
Yeah, there's a world government, but you know, it's no big deal.
It's the self-inoculation of every child needs an implantable microchip for their safety.
But then people will admit that to me on the street, but still say I'm weird because I don't like it.
I'm the crazy one.
See, they've gone through what this Republican pundit said was self-inoculation.
And I've said that.
I use the term titrating the dose.
Because they're about to dump all this poison on our society.
They've got to build up your tolerance for it, you see.
So that's how they get you to where you can handle a cobra bite is they give you smaller dosages and build up.
Well, folks, we've reached the level now where we're swimming in barrels of evil.
They're dumping masses of it, injecting every angle.
I've never seen.
I can't believe it's moving this fast.
Indescribable levels of evil.
Every angle.
Off the charts.
And then we talked to Emmett in Pennsylvania, and he's
He's talking to the future man.
A mindless, spineless, giggling pomp.
A neocon.
I've heard them.
Defending Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Well, he didn't mean the Hitler comment.
Well, we can't let the liberals get him.
Well, yeah, he's a big liberal, but so what?
So what if he's for...
You know, the homosexuals adopting kids.
And so what if he's for gun control and abortion on demand?
And so what if he wants to raise taxes?
Well, you know, we got to... So overnight now, being a neocon is like being a sports fan.
It doesn't mean anything.
It just means you rah, rah, rah.
And now, where'd the conservative revolution go?
Out the window.
I mean, it's a certain kind of call.
I'll be on a talk show.
We'll take 20 calls.
One guy calls in and disagrees, and he goes, Yeah, I heard Bush is for gun control.
We've got to compromise.
So what?
Well, they're going to take your semi-automatic shotguns.
The host goes, Well, that's crude of the caller.
Well, I guess I don't need it.
You know, this is our time as conservatives.
You're trying to derail that, Mr. Jones.
Have you ever served this country, boy?
I go, what does that have to do with this?
I'm defending the Bill of Rights.
Shut up, liberal!
Go ahead, Emmett.
Finish up with your idiot friend who thinks that being a big government pimp is a good thing.
Well, some of his background, he did serve in the Vietnam War, and he probably feels he has stake in this country.
And he has said, as you just said, I ask him, why does he listen to these certain talk show hosts?
Oh, they tell jokes.
Ha, ha, ha.
They're funny.
There's nothing funny about this.
I put the analogy this way.
If a child molester was once a child molester and maybe he becomes a good, clean Christian, am I still going to trust my children to go on a field trip with him?
Well, look, good analogy, but
Arnold said he admires Adolf Hitler, and then a year ago he's hanging out with Kirk of all time.
So, again, UN Secretary General, why does the Rothschild-controlled UN have a Nazi heading?
In full knowledge!
We're looking for a sun umbrella, and they didn't have the anchor for it in the dirt, for the sand.
So I had to go to three different shops.
I noticed in Port Aransas, all three of the big, and they don't advertise this, of the big surf shops are owned by the same people.
Well, see, it's the oldest trick in the book.
That's all they've done here.
They've got three different shops, and you're supposed to go to one of them.
It's owned by the same people, and they sell the same lousy merchandise and have it marked up in price.
And I notice at one store, one thing would be cheaper, one thing would be more, and the opposite at the other.
So no matter what you do, they get you.
So your friend likes being a slave, huh?
Side of it is, most of the people I give your films to and talk to believe me.
Well, stay there.
I want to hear a little more about that.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Nuclear reactors provide electrical energy across our great nation.
But during an accident, would you be prepared?
Medical Course Potassium Iodate gives you virtually complete protection from the I-N.
$25 off a three-month supply.
So call Vim and Vigor today.
Again, that's 1-800-622-8446.
I can't back down.
The globalists aren't going to back down.
They're not going to stop.
They come from people who are experts at herding their serfs into tiny, dirty hovels on tiny pieces of land surrounded by untouched, pristine plantations, estates owned by the elites.
Almost all the stores in Port Aransas were owned by
One family.
And, of course, they were foreigners.
And when I found that out, and I walked over to the counter, and I said, so these are all owned by the same people.
And they said, how did you know that?
And I said, well, it's pretty obvious.
The layout, what's out front, the prices, the price tags.
They said, because, you know, we did some shopping.
And they got real paranoid.
Manager came over and said, can I help you?
And I was being real calm just asking the question.
I said, so these are all owned by the same people.
Again, how do you know that?
Well, because I'm not an idiot.
That's why.
Because I've got my eyes open.
And that's just a tiny, microscopic, microcosm example of what I do and what other people don't do.
I got my eyes open when I walk in somewhere.
I'm looking around me with a historical understanding, understanding how scams operate, knowing what the globalists are up to.
Then you can see the local...
Paradigm, the local version of it.
As below, above, as below, above, as above, below.
They used some of their occult terminology.
So, I just... And how do you... We've got a population totally dumbed down on television.
Just mindless, fad-driven creatures being injected with vaccines full of cancer viruses.
With water supplies being poisoned by the government publicly, with thousands of medical reports admitting it, and just rampant insanity, and Prozac and Ritalin ads everywhere, foreign troops massing, people that say they love Hitler and love Kurt Waldheim being praised by the Simon Wiesenthal Center while with the next breath are attacking Mel Gibson and the Passion.
Oh, man.
And they're going to ban free speech.
They're going to take everything you've got, folks.
And you know what?
They'll do it in such a way as most of you are going to thank them and clamor for the smaller amount of resources that are available.
See, the globalists want to restrict resources so you're dependent on them.
So they can abuse you.
You're in for really painful times, people.
Until you let the globalists know that you know exactly what they are.
But they just keep the illusion going.
I'm making callers hold forever, and I'm just on quite a rant today.
Things are very upsetting.
But, hey, we're here on the air talking about it, reaching millions of people, and that's what matters.
And a lot of good people are taking action.
But real quick, Ernest, Emmett, I'll keep saying Ernest.
Emmett, finish up, and you were saying something about the videos.
I guess Emmett's gone then.
Oh, you're back now.
I'm here.
Yeah, good to have you on with us.
What's going on?
Why, I gave your 911 to a former local state official who's a neighbor.
He was completely baffled by it.
He didn't know what to say.
I gave your Masonic Grove film to another neighbor, and he said he was invited to join the Masons.
However, now he decided not to.
Glory to God.
And, well, people just don't know what to make of it.
And we have a local grocery store here.
They like to advertise with a little town in Pennsylvania.
We've been in business since 1900.
However, the grocery store chain is owned by people in the Netherlands.
It's amazing.
That's about it, Alex.
All right.
Thank you for that good report.
Yeah, the first report is his friend doesn't care of Arnold for gun control and all this stuff.
Thank you.
Well, that's the new conservatism.
But the other folks who have, I guess, a few brain cells are concerned.
Let's talk to Ruth in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Ruth.
I wanted to mention a history channel, a video that they showed last night
A lot worse than that.
They're going to cut the pay of the troops.
Because I'm for higher pay, I'm not patriotic.
Because I'm not for the troops getting nerve gas and injected with deadly vaccines, I'm not patriotic.
So you've got to learn how to be a double thinker.
You've got to learn how to be a good slave.
Well, there's just in the swimming pools and the police, the ambulances, all these things are getting cut back, but it just goes to the pocket.
Well, you know what the plan is.
They grow the socialist government, get us all addicted to government, then they blow out the government, so-called privatization takes place, everything's handed over to private corporations that are just organized crime syndicates, they're not free market.
I think so.
Arnie's got to raise your taxes, or the old people don't get their meals, or we can't fill the potholes, see?
See, we're more now, whereas almost all of it goes to, quote, interest on a debt that was created out of nowhere to begin with.
Oh, yeah.
The History Channel, I want to mention real quick, you would die if you saw this.
I was so shocked.
It was very frightening.
Frightening because it was so well done.
If you didn't know the real facts, you would seriously believe everything they were saying.
It was totally against the First Amendment.
The First Amendment is dangerous.
It's against the Second Amendment.
They were painting a broad brush.
I think so.
I actually saw the ad for it.
It goes Nazi America and it shows gun shows and stuff.
So you saw it.
Did it show gun shows?
Everybody they showed was the ratty looking skinhead type with swastikas and
Let me stop you right there.
A third of the people at Waco were black.
But they said that they were arming for Armageddon.
And Tim McVeigh was there, and he was so motivated.
Yeah, well, what they do is they sent McVeigh, who was an asset.
This is admitted to all these different places to tie that in to the movements.
They said short waves were contraband.
And when they did the concentration camps during the war, when they impounded the Japanese...
They collected all the short waves.
They said that there's going to be lone assassins, and they're very dangerous.
A broad brush they painted.
Wait a minute.
So they said that they talked about short waves?
They're contraband.
They were collected during World War II when they impounded the Japanese.
So they labeled short waves as dangerous in the way these people get their message across.
It was bizarre.
I mean, you have to rent this or buy this.
But Arnold Schwarzenegger is good.
He loves Hitler.
He hangs out with Kurt Waldheim.
The U.N.
likes Nazis.
They have the top Nazis as the head of the U.N.
See how they're really the Nazis, and then they call anybody who loves freedom a Nazi?
That's what this does.
It diverts the attention from the real fascists.
Which is the government marriage with the government corporation.
That's it, exactly.
And they're calling these private citizens who are interested in their family.
Well, I don't know who they showed these pictures of.
We talked about the Frazier episode.
Did you hear me talk about that?
And there's hundreds of these, but this is just one we now have.
And we found online the complete Frazier sitcom text of that day, and Frazier joins a gun club.
We're good to go.
And he runs out going, they're militia, they're militia, screaming in fear.
So, yeah, that's the message.
Gun clubs are secretly rebelling.
Books, they label it as bad.
These books that these churches sell, they label as bad.
They said these people want to overthrow the government.
And they said the reason this got going was a misuse of the First Amendment.
Unbelievable stuff.
Oh, misuse?
They were attacking the First Amendment and saying how it was so dangerous that these people were allowed a voice.
And they made them sound so crazy.
All right, thanks for the call.
Really appreciate it.
Yeah, I mean, take Mel Gibson.
They have gone in.
They are going to re-edit the film.
And the head of Icon Pictures, the head manager for Gibson, the guy that works for Gibson, says, well, we're taking the passages that are word for word out of the Bible out, and we will not show it.
We've been ordered that this is not going to be allowed to show in the U.S.,
If it shows the Pharisees ordering Christ's death.
So that's your new America.
You've got a guy traipsing around who says he loves Hitler and hangs out with Nazis to this day and says, I don't care about the Nazi stuff.
I don't apologize.
It's a tool to shut you up.
And then every time you track back a real Nazi group, it's the feds, folks.
Clan groups, it's the feds.
Senator Byrd, it's the feds.
It's the feds, it's the feds, it's the feds.
I mean, I've been trying to build a veteran a new house.
Joe Campana just died, by the way.
This was about five years ago.
They were going to bulldoze his house, so we go out and build him a new house here in Austin.
And cops show up, try to provoke a tour or something.
We've been out at protests demonstrating against the Fortune 500.
Cops try to start a riot.
I ran up with video cameras and said, we have police officers engaging in crimes.
I said, you will be prosecuted.
You've been caught.
And they stopped and 50 cops ran across and said, Jones, stop it.
And they're only inches away from the day where they'll blow my head off right in plain view.
And I don't care.
I don't care.
I love this country.
I'll stand up for my family.
You aren't a bunch of criminals.
Criminals, criminals, criminals, criminals, criminals, criminals, criminals.
And I'm sick of you.
I mean, they're out of control, folks.
And we better start questioning authority.
We better get our heads out of the sand.
We better realize the real political paradigm.
Tom in Florida, go ahead.
Or Tim, I don't know.
Who's calling from Florida?
This is Tom in Florida.
Okay, I got it right the first time.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I just wanted to weigh in on the Ten Commandments monument situation.
I haven't heard much from you about it until today.
Well, you know...
Do you think I'm not for the Ten Commandments or something?
No, no.
I just figured you had other things that were more pressing.
You know what?
I've talked about it for years.
Let me just stop you.
Let me just stop you.
Let me just stop you.
I'm not mad at you.
I'm really upset today.
Let me just articulate something.
I've been talking about how they're taking down the Ten Commandments for years.
And I talk about the movement to do it.
How they're trying to say the Declaration of Independence is unconstitutional.
Now, a federal court in Kentucky ruled on that two years ago.
Now, that's all important.
And I just gave the phone numbers out, or the listener did.
I think it is important.
I just pointed out that we need to get active across the board.
Go ahead.
Well, let me just say this.
There's going to be a rally Wednesday in Montgomery, Alabama.
And the website...
For people that want more information about it, it's www.christiandefensecoalition.net.
Well, that's good.
They had one this past Saturday with Howard Phillips and Jerry Falwell and others there, Alan Keyes, that attracted several thousand people, but now there'll be another one Wednesday.
Well, there's the problem right there.
List those three names again
Jerry Falwell, Alan Keyes, and Howard Phillips.
Among others.
Alan Keyes.
You know what his job was, right?
I don't want to get sidetracked.
That's peripheral.
No, it's not.
No, it's not.
Anyway, there's going to be another rally Wednesday.
That one's over with.
It's an energy-sucking operation.
Do you know how that works?
Yeah, right.
But I don't want to get off on that tangent.
Oh, okay.
Tie you up.
Tie you up.
But anyway, there'll be another rally Wednesday in Montgomery for those that are interested.
And the website is www.christiandefensecoalition.net.
You know, President Bush and Mr. Ashcroft are so-called professing Christians.
They could put a stop to this right now and just tell that federal judge that, look, U.S.
marshals are under the executive branch, and we're not going to let you use them to enforce your order.
You know, and that judge wouldn't be able to do squat.
But, you know, don't hold your breath waiting for Bush and Ashcroft to do that.
I think we need to have the states throw the feds out.
Well, okay, the governor of Alabama has been silent on this thing.
He's stuck in the issue.
The attorney general came out last Thursday or Friday and said, I'm not going to support Judge Moore.
It's my duty to enforce federal, it's my duty to enforce court orders
Regardless of how I may feel about them personally, and that's just a crock.
He's wimping out, too.
You know, and people can be calling them, you know, and raising canes.
But, you know, at the very least, they should refuse to pay those fines that the judge will be imposing after Wednesday.
Personally, if I was the governor, I'd be sending the state police to arrest Judge Thompson, who was healed in state prison for a while.
Well, I mean, what do you... Look, you know who appointed all these Supreme Court people?
Bill Pryor is nominated by Bush to be a federal court judge.
He's awaiting nomination right now.
I know.
So let me explain something.
I've watched everybody but Howard Phillips.
I like Howard Phillips, but the other two, Keyes and...
Well, I mean, they're New World Order shills, and I could go into each one of them for an hour, but Keyes was UN ambassador, and I just want to point out how basically all our movements are infiltrated, and that's why we can't get anything done.
Well, you may have a point there, you know.
Well, yeah, I'm just pointing out that I'm for the Continental Army.
I just think Benedict Arnold should be removed from the ranks.
I listened to Alan Key's speech Saturday, you know, and I didn't have any objection to anything he said.
He was right on.
But Benedict Arnold had great speeches, too.
Yeah, well.
I'm talking about who they serve.
We'll be right back.
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The New World Order.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Folks, to control a movement, you've got to say some of the things that are the touchstone issues.
And that's what these neocons, so-called Christian conservatives, do.
I hear them all the time, and I listen to them very carefully.
And on big issues like open borders and on issues like gun control,
And that's all I was saying, is that we've got to shatter our illusions.
About these so-called conservative Christian leaders.
I mean, Howard Phillips has a good record and has stood up and has criticized the neocons.
You do not get that out of Falwell and Keyes.
And by the way, Mr. Keyes was the ambassador to the UN, okay?
And the guy's a globalist, and I watched his show on MSNBC once,
Making sense or whatever it was.
And, I mean, it was just mindless New World Order garbage.
It's like that Scarborough country.
It's false paradigms.
So, all I'm saying is a lot of neocons have attached themselves to this Ten Commandments issue.
Because they, frankly, in the end equation, don't care...
Whether they stay or go in this particular courthouse or there in the state, because they're going to get rid of the Bill of Rights and Constitution itself, and they're going to have the courts rule the Declaration of Independence itself is unconstitutional.
I think it's very, very important that we defend the Ten Commandments and that they stay there, and I think it's a good exercise for people to get involved and stand up and say no.
But how about we put the Ten Commandments in all our yards?
How about we get 100 towns, get mayors elected who will put the Ten Commandments up in all of their city halls?
Then all the lawsuits in the world by the socialist globalists can't stop us.
That's all I'm saying.
So I was just adding some other points, some ideas that we might try to engage in here.
Because the neocons don't have a lot to talk about right now.
They can't talk about how they're for open borders or for gun control or for homosexual marriage.
They can't talk about all that because they're for it.
So they're going to focus and get everybody real hot over this Ten Commandments issue, which is important.
But I'm just saying, look at all the issues.
So that's probably why you haven't heard me talk about it that much, because I've already talked about it for years.
All right.
Point taken, Mr. Alex.
All right.
Well, good to hear from you.
I really appreciate it.
Look, I rarely get depressed, and I'm not going to lie to people.
I am... I don't want to say depressed.
I'm just... I don't know how people can't see it.
I just...
And it burns my brain.
I mean, it is a very frustrating feeling to know how sick the globalists are and to try to sit here and deal with them.
I just don't know what to say anymore.
I really don't know what to say anymore about it.
We're going to start the third hour, and I'm going to take two more calls.
I'm not taking any more calls today.
Because I keep saying I'm going to do it, and I haven't done it.
I need to cover the news and talk about it and just try to wake you people up.
I just, I don't know what to say anymore.
We're in for hard times, I'm not going to lie to you.
We're in a lot of trouble.
They're going to kill a lot of people, and I can't do anything to stop them.
Get the new Berkey battery adapter, an inexpensive yet long-term backup power supply for your Berkey light LED system.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Already into the third hour.
We've covered quite a bit of news and covered some of the big issues, but I've got a lot of it here we haven't gotten to.
I need to.
So I'll talk to Dan and a few other people.
Yeah, good morning here, Alex.
How you doing?
Ha ha!
This is Russ from Pennsylvania.
Yo, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, as they say.
Anyways, I live over here in Newcastle, PA.
I know I'm not allowed to say that, but I am.
Over here in the Lawrence County Courthouse, the Bar Association said that you are no longer allowed to represent yourself without a neocon lawyer.
They also ruled that there's no attorney-client privilege.
They can doddle on you, and they're moving to get rid of juries.
Oh, I've already realized that.
The other thing is,
On January here, I went and talked to another extortionist called an IRS agent.
I went and talked to him for a matter of maybe two minutes, to be honest with you.
How can I say?
The conversation went quite well, in my opinion.
He said, you haven't paid no taxes for a while.
What's your problem?
That's 96.
Now, you've got to realize that is significant because it's a statute of limitations.
He goes, why not?
I said, sir, I've read your book.
I said, here's your book in front of you.
I said, can you show me the law where I have to pay an income tax?
I said, you show me and I'll be more than happy to pay it.
He goes, well, I'll give you a 96 return, which he did.
He goes, all you've got to do is date and sign it.
I said, excuse me, sir, but by me doing that, that violates my Fifth Amendment because this can be used against me.
He goes, well, you're going to love this, Alex.
He turned right around and he goes, he shoved his book that he had for notes that's just used for propaganda and show.
He goes, well, you're going to go see a federal judge in 30 days.
I said, sir.
I said, according to the Patriot Act, I said, I am hereby considering you as a terrorist against me.
I said, I hereby have authorization to arrest you and throw you in my prison, not a state prison, and I don't have to tell anyone for at least a year.
I said, would you like to reframe that?
He goes, you're free to go.
I thought I'd let you have fun with that.
All right.
Well, thanks for the call.
By the way, you can say where you're from.
We don't mind first names and where you're calling from.
In fact, we like that.
I just don't want folks giving their first and last name and giving phone numbers out.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to... We'll break and come back and talk to three more callers.
That's all I have time for because I need to get to news.
I really do.
It's very frustrating for me when I don't cover it all
And yeah, maybe sometime in this hour I'll plug my videos and the new book I've published, Ordered Out of Chaos, that you can only get at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free.
I don't know, though, if you really want to find out who carried out September 11th and other terrorist attacks and what their plan is for you and your family.
It's probably not as important as a football game, but hey...
We're weird around here.
We're actually into freedom.
We do apologize in advance for it.
But we'll be right back, and we'll take some more calls, and I'll get into all the news, including an article out of CNN about life extension technologies.
So it's a big third hour lined up for you.
Please stay with us, and we'll be back on the other side.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Into the third hour.
It is the 18th.
Of August 2003, I'm going to take three more calls, and I'm going right back into the news.
There's a lot of really important stuff we've got to get to, like South Korea fires on North Korean boat.
Russian Pacific Fleet launches major exercise in Far East, the biggest ever seen.
Also, Ashcroft campaigned to shore up the Patriot Act and get the Victory Act passed.
Walmart announces that, yeah, they don't care if you boycott them.
They're going to launch total RFID tracking of you and your family.
That's just some of what's coming up.
Right now, let's go to Brandon in Texas.
Go ahead, Brandon.
Yeah, Alex, how are you doing?
Pretty good.
Good, good.
Hey there, I'm from Austin, but I recently have been in California for the past month, and I was in L.A.
visiting my dad, and when I was there...
I was walking around in North Hollywood and came across a table with some literature and some young people about my age, some college students.
And they had some signs that said, stop Cheney from carrying out another 9-11 and impeach Cheney now.
So that definitely caught my interest and went over there to talk with them.
And they were with the LaRouche Youth Movement.
And so I wanted to get your opinion on the Lynn LaRouche campaign, because it seems some of the things that I've read some of his literature, and some of the things make me take pause, but it seems that he's the only one in Washington that knows who the real enemy is.
But I just wanted to get your opinion.
Thanks for the call.
Well, thanks.
Appreciate it.
Look, Lyndon LaRouche is a New World Order shill, and he puts out really accurate information about the British oligarchy, the Anglo-American establishment, the New World Order, the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, government-sponsored terrorism.
And then his answer is kind of a left-wing world socialist government and all these big building projects.
So, basically, he's a...
Well, I was just earlier talking about Alan Keyes and Jerry Falwell being phonies.
They talk about a lot of real problems, but basically just run a business out of it and misdirect people's energies.
And that's what LaRouche does.
And I know this from reading their executive intelligence review.
I know this over the decades.
I know this by watching their weekly TV show here in Austin.
Before the election, you know, Bill Clinton is this horrible British demon agent, the worst ever known.
We have all this evidence, multi-hour long treatises on it, and then Bill Clinton gets elected, and Bill Clinton has always been fighting the globalists, and is wonderful, and Al Gore is the evil one.
And Bill Clinton is fighting the establishment with LaRouche, secretly advising him.
I mean, it's just pure propaganda.
And so I've watched them over time.
They have a lot of good people involved in it, but I don't know.
I mean, I've just called them up for wanting information, and I also got the hard-sell...
Just another one of the loyal opposition groups, if you ask me.
I'm not in the business of bad-mouthing all these minion groups.
It really does come down to the individual asking God for guidance and trying to fight the New World Order and educating others, where as a society we value freedom and know a fraud when we see it.
Let's talk to Arnold in Kentucky.
Good morning.
Arnold, go ahead.
Good morning.
How are you?
Go ahead.
It's the afternoon.
I want to ask you a bunch of questions.
I want to have them answered immediately.
Go ahead and answer them.
Who is your daddy and what does he do?
This is fun.
How many more clips do you got?
So, how long have you been enjoying the satanic rituals at the Bohemian Grove?
So tell me.
Tell me right now, Arnold.
What have we got to do?
We've got Arnold Schwarzenegger on the line with us, and I'm asking him about his meeting with the Rothschilds last year, according to Reuters, when he flew in with Warren Buffett.
I've got news for you.
You are mine now.
You belong to me.
Well, that's good.
Arnold in Kentucky.
Nice to meet you.
Is that it?
Is that all you have?
Actually, you've got a larger vocabulary than you normally do today.
This must be what they mean by poetic justice.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Man, this is something else.
So, you're for open borders.
They know you were in trouble for that, so they're trying to claim now that you're actually against open borders.
But we know you're for abortion, the murder of babies.
We know that you're for total gun control and for higher taxes.
Would you like to comment on this neocon platform?
Stop whining.
Stop whining.
Well, we're not whining.
We're standing up to you as a little Illuminati punk.
You want lanes and addresses?
Whoever's doing this, I would love to talk to you.
Come on the line and tell me how you put all these Arnold clips in a computer.
Hello, Alex?
I just thought you'd like that.
You can get them on the internet quite easily.
Who is this?
My real name is Keith.
Well, that is very interesting.
What do you think about Arnold and this giant distraction?
But, by studying the story, ceases to be a distraction is very educational.
It's pretty obvious that they want Arnold to be the governor because they're ignoring everyone else.
And Gary Coleman has got the same... You know, Gary Coleman.
He should have the same chance of getting elected as Arnold because they're both the same.
They're both actors.
Well, the globalists love actors, though, don't they?
But, you know, at the same time, we've got a meeting with the Rothschilds.
And then we have, at the same time as that...
I don't think that would be very popular, though, even if Arnold is popular.
Well, they don't care.
They don't care.
But the question is, why is Arnold hanging out with the Illuminati?
Why do they like him so much?
Well, because he's got the speeches.
I think he's probably a member because he married into the Kennedy family.
Well, yeah, that's a big part of it.
He knows what he's doing, but it goes back before that.
His family, especially who his mother married after his father died, I mean, mommy likes to marry Nazis, and how do you think you can say he admires Hitler and that's acceptable, but Mel Gibson can't make a biblical movie?
I don't know.
It confuses me a lot.
I just think you have to forgive what they've done in the past for... I don't understand what's wrong with Mel Gibson's movie.
Well, there's nothing wrong with it other than the fact that it's historical and it will... They don't like anything that's truly Christian.
They want to equate Christianity with anti-Semitism, but if you're a real live Nazi, you're okay, and that's very hypocritical.
But they...
There's no Italian group suing Mel Gibson saying that because he portrays the Romans killing Jesus.
There's no Italian group suing Mel Gibson.
Well, that's it, and they do show the Romans killing Jesus, and I wonder why the Italian groups have not gotten angry.
All right, thanks for the call.
That's very interesting.
Hey, are you still there?
Arnold, can you hit I'll Be Back For Me so you can call in with Arnold maybe later?
Well, go ahead and hit it for us.
That was something else.
He's trying to find it right now.
I guess he's got a menu of Arnold audio clips and he's playing them.
He can't find it, huh, Arnold?
I'll be back.
Well, thank you.
I'll be back.
Thank you for the call.
Really appreciate that.
Man, when I first heard it, I thought, man, that is a really good imitator of Arnold.
And then Mark popped in my ear and said, that's obviously a recording.
And yeah, right as he said that, I was starting to pick up on the fact these were movie clips, but
Mark in Minnesota.
Go ahead, last caller.
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, that was pretty wild.
You actually got to interview Arnold Schwarzenegger.
But, yeah, you're absolutely right about these infiltrators.
In fact, what's really interesting, I happen to know a former national campaign manager for Allen Keys, and he actually told me that, you know,
He did not believe Alan Keyes ever ran for president to actually get elected.
It was actually to promote his book.
In fact, what's interesting, you'd go back and look at some of Keyes' rhetoric, and he would reserve his most brutal attacks for people like Pat Buchanan.
Then Bob Dole or somebody would get a free pass on some really far-out physician.
That really what they're good at is they might identify part of the problem, but they will not discuss solutions.
Well, that's it.
And the big solution is first getting people to realize the fraud you just articulated so easily.
Stay there.
I'll let you finish up.
That's it for calls today because I've got to cover some of this news.
My brain is reeling from all this.
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We're good to go.
Don't consolidate, eliminate.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, finishing up with Mark in Minnesota.
I'm talking about phonies, left-wing, right-wing phonies.
They're all over the place.
Go ahead in finishing up your comment.
I recently had a chance to discuss Gulf War Syndrome, this second Gulf War Syndrome.
By the way, I believe it's from the shots.
A young lady who died from a similar pneumonia-like illness just after receiving the shots, but before she deployed back in April, Rachel Lacey.
But I had a chance to talk to some Republicans about Gulf War Syndrome, too.
And you know what their reaction was?
I mean, pretty much they just said, what, are you a liberal?
And are you a communist or something like that?
And I'm just thinking, whoa.
I didn't talk about anything else other than pretty much Gulf War Syndrome and the shots.
Well, now they admit that the first troops were given a dangerous vaccine that had been banned.
They now admit they were hit with nerve gas from the bunkers that were blown up and were not given treatment.
But you see, we're supposed to... Well, that was then.
Shut up.
No, I've told you, Mark.
Supporting the troops... Hey, supporting the troops means waving a plastic flag.
Made in China, it means cutting their pay.
It means...
Just mindlessly supporting the empire.
Yeah, see, this is exactly what one of their tactics is.
In fact, you'll notice, like, of course, I don't really listen.
In fact, I don't listen to them.
But back when I used to, I would notice, like Rush Limbaugh.
Say you had a Democrat that would come out and say, oh, you know, there are kids in poverty.
We need some government program.
Well, what Rush would do is he would come out and say, no, kids aren't in poverty, everything is perfect, and if you suggest that kids are in poverty, you're just a liberal.
So rather than saying, no, we shouldn't expand government, the real problem is that you don't believe we're in utopia.
And this, Alex, is what the Republican Party and these neocons are all about,
They are there to tell you that we're in utopia, and anybody who denies that we're in utopia, Alex, is a liberal.
Well, that's it.
And then the liberals go to all the disenfranchised growing mass and say, we're not in a utopia.
Government's the answer.
So either way, they capture you, the middle classes in la-la land, as they're being dismantled.
And you've got all the larger group of poor people hearing, no, we're going to take care of you.
By the way, take the guns from those middle class people, will you?
Now you tell the middle class utopians, hey, Bush wants your guns and open borders.
They say, let them eat cake.
And again, okay, then you're in for a rough ride.
But here's the problem.
Whenever a middle class person sees their neighbor go down in this economy, in this society, they just say, well, that's just them.
I've got to keep up appearances as if I'm doing real well.
So it's...
It's mind control, all right.
So the first step to reaching a solution is to admit there's a problem.
Yes, there are a lot of false solutions, but there is a problem, and it doesn't make you a liberal to suggest that we're in something other than utopia.
Look, look, look, they have trouble with this whole liberal thing.
I mean...
They got all the neocons on TV saying Arnold Schwarzenegger is the second coming, okay?
Who cares if he's a Nazi?
Who cares if he wants your guns?
The neocons are on radio and TV for him saying, vote for him, you've got to stop the liberals.
The liberals, he is one.
I know.
So this shows how it's a false fight.
It's gotten, I know, it's just, and it's so, I mean, it's everywhere, and people, you're right, they're so mind-controlled, and they don't even realize it.
They've been indoctrinated and brainwashed.
Did you hear my story of last week, I'm getting my car cleaned?
Yeah, I heard that.
And for those that didn't, and a guy walks over and says, what are you reading?
And I said, I'm reading Order Out of Gaosh.
He said, oh, what's it about?
And I said, well, it's, you know, about corrupt government.
And he said, well...
I don't believe in that.
And I said, well, you don't believe in history?
And he said, well, what's it about?
And I said, well, it's, you know, about how they want to put implantable microchips in it.
And he started laughing at me, and some woman said, yeah, I heard about that, but what are you, crazy?
Because I was, see, I mean, that's nuts, folks.
They admit they heard about it, but I am crazy for talking about it.
I mean, whoa!
Well, this is a good thing, Alex.
I think that the police state, this control grid, it's a wonderful conservative thing, Alex.
You're just a liberal.
God bless you.
I got a copy of your book in the mail today, A Descent into Tyranny.
It looks like it's going to be a great read.
God bless you, and death to the New World Order.
Well, thank you for the support.
Yeah, it's a great book I wrote.
$12, 230 pages.
I want to thank all those that have gotten it.
If you haven't gotten it, you should.
But now I've printed another book I didn't write it.
Paul Watson did.
It's Order Out of Chaos, 330-something pages long.
It's 1995, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terrorism and the New World Order.
You need to have Order Out of Chaos, folks.
And you know what?
I haven't plugged it in about an hour and a half.
I'll do that briefly when we get back, and then I'll get into all the news we haven't gotten to yet.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't consolidate, eliminate.
All right, my friends.
We're back live.
Jumping right into some of the news we haven't detailed yet.
South Korea fires on North Korean boat.
Instead of ABC News of Australia, South Korea warships fired warning shots at a North Korean vessel in the Yellow Sea.
According to Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff, the 10-ton North Korean boat crossing the South Korean waters this afternoon.
There's also a giant U.S.-South Korean drill going on in the waters right now.
Russia's Pacific Fleet launches major exercises in Far East.
Russia's Pacific Fleet launched large-scale exercises in Russia's Far East Monday, Navy officials said.
Besides the Pacific Fleet, the exercises would involve troops of the Far Eastern military bases, border guards, police rescue agencies, and security searches, officials say.
Total of 75 warships, over 20 aircraft, and 30,000 soldiers and experts would be included in the operation, which has no precedent in the history of the Russian Navy by scale, diversity of its participants, and the space-covered officials added.
South Korean and Japanese ships and planes would also take part in the exercise, which would be monitored by experts from the United States, Canada, China, and North Korea.
What does that mean?
A lot of bizarre stuff going on.
This whole power grid thing, that'll centralize, that'll grow the federal control.
Oh, the terrorists might strike our power.
Now we might need to have troops at all the power stations.
Lots of troops training you to accept troops.
They're calling it an exclusive why they've broken a news story that was broken by the New York Daily News two weeks ago.
Ellen talked about
Eight months ago on this show, but exclusive, Ashcroft's campaign to shore up the Patriot Act.
I mean, it may have been unannounced months ago, but it was obvious he was pushing a campaign.
Attorney General John Ashcroft this week will launch a cross-country brainstorming tour designed to shore up support for the USA Patriot Act.
The controversial measure passed after 9-1-1, giving the Justice Department broad new powers to combat terrorism.
You mean to combat the Bill of Rights and ensure that your terrorist attacks go off without a hitch?
Over the next three weeks, Ashcroft plans to swoop into 18 cities, give speeches, meet local officials, and grant select press interviews, counting department success using the law.
In a conference call and emails last week, sources tell Newsweek the country's 94 U.S.
attorneys were instructed to help
...gain support by convincing community meetings, write-up ed articles, and local newspapers, and ensuring that uninformed cops are seated in the bleachers behind the AG during his visits.
Of course, out of Freudian slip, it says, "...and by ensuring that uniformed cops are seated in the bleachers behind the AG attorney general during his visits."
Yeah, uninformed cops ordered to sit there behind the Attorney General to give up the illusion of local police.
People you know, you can trust the Nazi Party.
We're here to help you, and we're hiring local police from your Austrian government to make up the backbone of the new SS.
Oh, that's another story.
But let's break down what's really going on here.
Bush went to St.
Louis and they had the boxes that said Made in the USA stenciled on them where somebody with, you know, 30, 45 vision could read it at 50 yards away.
And then they zoomed in on the actual boxes.
They said Made in China.
It's a felony to mislabel stuff at a warehouse, but hey, who cares?
You know, that's for the general public, not the Fuhrer.
The Fuhrer can't do any wrong.
The idiot Fuhrer, the little puppet head.
And so we had all that develop.
Then Bush was in Indiana a few months later, and they ordered everybody in this big arena, take your ties off or you're going to be taken out by the Secret Service.
Now, that was in the Associated Press.
You will be thrown out of this building if you do not.
They got all the speakers.
Take your ties off.
And then a lot of people didn't, so they came back on and said, take them off now or you'll be thrown out.
So they did it.
Because Bush didn't want the image of lots of men wearing ties, giving orders.
And so, that's what happened there.
And this weekend, I'm again watching some more TV.
I've been watching a long time, spending some time on vacation, watching a little TV.
And I'm there watching it, and
It's Bush out at some national monument, and they've got forest service workers behind him.
I mean, two feet behind him.
And the sound of crunching dirt as they're digging with spades and shovels.
And you could tell they had the ground microphone.
I mean, the crunching of the dirt was louder than the president talking, and he was having his press conference about getting America back to work and upgrading the power system and how...
You know, he'd been for this all along, and here was people right behind him.
I mean, two feet behind him in Forest Service outfits, old gray-haired Forest Service workers, you know, all the head folks, in a staged photo op.
Oh, look, the Fuhrer's out, and look at all the work going on.
Look at how your government works for you.
Can you imagine him ordering the Forest Service people, here, stand behind the President and dig?
Will you do that for us?
Think about that.
Think about that.
So maybe you like phoniness, but I just thought of that reading where they're going to have uniformed cops.
They've instructed all the country's 94 U.S.
attorneys to go order the local police, I guess, to sit behind the Attorney General.
Why Ashcroft and his top aides are worried...
We're good to go.
Justice alarming was last month's lopsided U.S.
House vote, forbidding justice from spending funds to use the act's controversial sneak and peek provision.
Authorities authorized federal agents to conduct secret searches of homes and businesses.
Alarm that the anti-Patriot Act movement was spiraling and might torpedo internal justice plans for even more expansive anti-terrorism puzzles.
Ashcroft aides included.
They need to strike back.
One method, said an official, was to roll out Ashcroft.
Okay, let's give you the numbers.
It's three states, about another ten, a bunch of conservative states.
It's over 400 cities and towns.
And he went to Alaska and asked them not to pass it, and they still did.
Conservative state.
By the way, why isn't the media calling him on the carpet for being a big fat liar?
He said there wasn't a Patriot Act due months after it was introduced officially.
He says there was no new terror legislation, and he's now rolled out the Victory Act, so we've got multiple new Patriot Acts.
By the way, all that stuff's on Infowars.com if you want to read it.
The anxiety of justice is intensified by the fact that the Anti-Patriot Act campaign is being driven by a coalition that includes such diverse groups as the ACLU and Phyllis Shafley's The Eagle Forum.
The House sponsor...
Of the anti-Sneak and Peek Amendment, for example, is GOP Representative Butch Otter, an Idaho conservative, who's under major pressure by his constituents, who told Newsweek his concerns were heightened when anti-abortion groups warned that abortion protesters could be targeted as domestic terrorists.
Justice officials say Otter and his supporters are grotesquely distorting what the law does.
Hey, you're a liar again.
We've read the thing on the air, folks, one and two.
Large subsections of it on air.
It allows them to arrest you secretly for any reason, take you to an undisclosed location, torture you, blow your head off, lethal inject you.
And bury you, cremate you.
You'll never be seen again.
Now, it says it.
I announced it.
People couldn't believe it.
Then it came out in the news.
Okay, there are secret death camps for your safety, of course.
And, yes, they're going to secretly arrest citizens for any reason.
And now the Justice Department, in a brief to Congress, admits it will be used against all criminals for all crimes and suspected crimes.
So I'm sick of it.
Now listen to this.
This is out of the RFID Journal.
And it's a journal paid for by the RFID Consortium in the Pentagon.
And their documents have been released.
We broke the story on air.
Now it's been in all the big newspapers that, yeah, the government secretly met with the heads of corporations for a cashless society, implantable microchip, tracker grid, and all goods and services out there.
The money you pay with, the stuff you buy, Gillette razors, clothes, shoes, everything.
Campbell's suit.
And they've announced it.
Then there was a protest, and they said, okay, we're not going to do it.
Well, again, I said, if you believe that, I've got a bridge I'll be more than happy to sell you.
Walmart expands RFID mandate.
The world's largest retailer says that it will ask all suppliers to tag...
Pallets and cases by the end of 2006.
Now, they had said they were going to do it all Walmarts by next year.
And it says, if anyone still doubts that Walmart is serious about deploying, deploying, oh, RFID technology in its supply chain, they should be dispelled by its latest revelation.
The world's largest retailer says it will require all suppliers, but RFID tags carrying electronic product
Codes, by the end of 2006, we have asked our 100 top suppliers to have product on pallets employing RFID chips, and in cases with RFID chips, says Walmart spokesman Tom Williams, by 2006, we will roll in out with all suppliers.
That's what it says.
We will roll it out with all suppliers.
And it says, Linda Dillman, Walmart's CIO, publicly announced in June that the retailer... Now listen to this.
A retailer would ask its top suppliers to attack pallets and cases beginning in January 2005.
And of course, individual goods is what they tried to roll out last month, and there was a protest.
So that's pretty serious.
And here's a bizarre article out of the Silicon Valley Business Journal.
Backers of RFID chips banking on alien concept.
The prediction that one day every consumer product will include an electronic tracking chip in every movement from manufacturer plant to store shelf and beyond may be as sci-fi as it sounds.
May not be as sci-fi as it sounds.
At least that's
What more than a dozen investors in Morgan Hill-based alien technology corp are hoping?
That goes in to talk about how they're selling this to everybody.
It's called alien technologies and they're symbols of flying saucer.
Oh, man.
Continuing here with all this news.
to send signal to North Koreans in naval exercise.
Yeah, they're shooting at North Korean vessels right now.
The Bush administration, while preparing for talks soon with North Korea, is also stepping up military pressure with plans for the joint naval exercise next month to train for interdicting at sea arms and other materials being transported to and from the North.
Administration officials said Asian diplomats said the exercise would be carried out in the Coral Sea off northeastern Australia in September, and that it was officially described as directed at no one country.
A principal intention, however, was to send a sharp signal to North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons program, they say.
We've read the mainstream reports where Rumsfeld purposely leaked his battle plans for September or October.
To get vessels redeployed over there to preemptively strike.
First they release this.
Now they're deploying.
And this is trying to push the North into doing something stupid.
What are you?
Do you support North Korea?
No, I don't.
I'm just saying they're staging a war with these psychopaths, okay?
And the people running this country are just as evil.
In fact, they're more sophisticated, okay?
They're not four and a half feet tall running around gobbling caviar drunk.
They want to dehumanize everybody and are taking their time doing it.
West Virginia police step up patrols after sniper-style shootings.
Got another one of those happening.
Sure, it's the government.
They have Northwood's plan, the official government plan, to carry out sniper attacks to get martial law in America and even how to frame patsies in the Northwood's plan.
22 die in Taliban attack on police station.
At least 22 people died.
When hundreds of suspected Taliban fighters seized control of a police station in southern Afghanistan, at the weekend, one of the most serious attacks against the government for a year, at least 400 heavily armed government poured into Barmal, 125 miles southeast of Kabul.
Late on Saturday, in a convoy of trucks, Muhammad Al-Jali, the governor of Pakistani province, said that they had come across the Pakistani border five miles away.
By the way, Pakistan's run by the CIA, folks.
Our government's happy for them to have nukes and help arm them.
But that's okay.
The head of their intelligence agency met with the heads of the House and Senate the morning of September 11th while it was happening, and he wired $100,000 to Muhammad Atta.
And now they're supposedly attacking him.
Oh, this is ridiculous.
Bush blamed for chaos, which led to blackouts.
Bush didn't do anything.
Bush is a puppet.
This is out of the Independent, saying he blocked reforms that would have made the power system not go down by allowing centralization and consolidation and price cutting and so-called privatization.
Which is true, but again, Bush didn't do anything.
Bush reads off a teleprompter, folks.
Stop having the illusion that he's our president.
The guy couldn't even finish his flight training.
Continuing here, a bunch of other news here, very, very important.
A story came out about Dr. David Kelly.
And Dr. David Kelly...
It turns out he was seen by one of his neighbors a mile from home right before he supposedly died, laughing and joking and happily talking to his neighbor.
Again, he talked about dark actors, people that have been threatening him, problems he'd been having, and that certainly ended up happening there in the end, didn't it?
Also, there's this Reuters journalist...
We'll talk about study, 9-1-1 style attack on U.S.
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All right, final segment.
There's a bunch of news we didn't get to.
It's online at Infowars.com.
Study 9-1-1 style attack on U.S.
So, you see, they study this, and then the globalists say the terrorists are going to get you, we're going to have to totally enslave you, okay?
And then the terrorists attack, and we go, oh, you're so smart.
We'll have to let you run our lives now.
Never mind that you're connected to all the terrorists up one side and down the other.
We'll just be mindless idiots.
Another September 11th-style terrorism attack is highly likely in the United States, which ranks 4th.
In an index assessing the risk of 186 countries, a research company said Sunday London-based World Markets Research Center ranked Colombia, Israel, Pakistan, and the United States as the most likely to descend into order or disorder, as the five countries most likely to be targeted in a terrorist attack in the next 12 months.
And it's the company's World Terrorism Index at a telephone interview.
And the CFR is saying the same thing.
We're going to get nuked.
We're going to get smallpox.
But don't worry.
They're ready to totally enslave you to keep you safe.
There's a story out of United Press International, Walker's World, trading with the enemy.
And it says world trade is growing at 6% this year.
That's more than it did in the happy, booming 96 of recent memory.
And after the
Unexciting 3% growth last year and a 1.5% shrinkage of dismal 2001.
It should be cause to celebrate.
It should also be grounds for optimism about next month's World Trade Organization Summit in Cancun, Mexico.
So it's just, man, the WTO is going to save us, United Press International says.
Isn't that nice?
Here's another one.
How to be gay.
Can't use the scientific word homosexual.
That's a thought crime.
How to be gay.
Course draws fire at Michigan.
Washington Times, a course called How to Be Gay, Male Homosexuality and Initiation, scheduled this fall, has redefined a culture war.
University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
A family's value lobbyist is leading public opposition to the self-proclaimed uncompromising political militancy of the professor who teaches lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.
And it goes on and on.
They're going to teach the young people how to do all this.
Again, just destroy the family.
Destroy the family.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and his type of neocon trash totally support this.
We're out of time, my friends.
But we'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central, and back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
I want to thank all the great listeners and affiliates and sponsors for their support, the folks running the show.
I guess I really should tell you, I've written a book, 9-1-1, Descent into Tyranny, about September 11th and how they carried the attacks out, how the government did.
I think it's important you have it.
Twelve bucks.
We've got a new book covering September 11th and other examples of terrorism and British terrorism and
We're good to go.
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Remember, all that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
So don't sit there on your hind end.
All right, get out there and fight the New World Order.
God bless.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
And did you know that you can have greater exposure to these chemicals by taking hot showers than when you drink the water?
That's because many chemicals are inhaled when they...