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Air Date: Aug. 11, 2003
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends, welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
It is Monday, the 11th of August, 2003.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We've got several great guests coming up, and we're going to be taking your calls today about all of the important news as we track the criminal activities of the global elite, also known as the New World Order.
And here's just some of the news we'll be going over.
warns of new terrorist attacks, and they say brace yourself for bombings at hotels and soft targets, more hijacked jet airliners.
Why, now Al-Qaeda's going to go after cargo planes.
Yes, it was kind of tough to stage it last time with so-called passenger planes, so they're going to move on to easier stuff.
Iraq supplied Al-Qaeda with weapons of mass destruction, one of the newest lies.
You know, I've been lied to about 100 times on this.
So have you, so I just consider it to be a lie, and then I read into the article, and it's a shoddy evidence as usual.
Continuing here, Blunkett stormtroopers to open new front in war against terrorism.
That's the headline out of the Scotsman, folks, in Scotland.
Also, heat threat...
...threatens safety of nuclear reactors as France girds itself for electricity rationing.
France is big, and I mean big, on nuclear power, and they're having a heat wave the likes of which they've never seen.
We'll tell you why they say it's a threat to their nuclear power.
We're good to go.
And some people are saying that it's Mars.
There are a lot of people saying that it's going to cause major catastrophes, but no one knows, and I don't think it's going to be that big of a deal.
It's not going to be that close.
Those look like a marble in the sky.
It's got a little red dot.
In fact, I was out looking at it last night.
It's kind of interesting.
It's a pretty serious business, folks.
To have Mars closer to the Earth than it's been, it's like that movie.
What was it?
The Day the Earth Stood Still?
Where Mars is coming to destroy the Earth, and they've got to
Or the moon or something?
They've got to get out there and escape the earth.
I don't remember.
You know, the whole government type, secret government system saves everyone because it loves everyone.
Kind of the alternative three scenario.
So that's coming up as well.
And I never got to this Friday.
Last Thursday, we went down to city council who claimed they were going to vote to overturn the Patriot Act, and then we saw a lot of arm-twisting and derailing of the process.
Now the big guns, the neoliberals and neocons, are working together in the big paper here locally to stop a move to get rid of the Patriot Act here locally.
And this has been a big fight.
It's a big story nationwide.
Of how people are trying to resist the draconian Patriot Act 1 and 2, now known as the Victory Act.
Talk about Orwellian.
And so this is kind of a microcosm of the rest of the country.
But you have conservative states like Alaska voting to overturn the Patriot Act at the state level and reaffirm the Bill of Rights, but liberal Austin just can't seem to do it and wouldn't allow the citizens to speak, even though they'd signed up to speak, but then spent several years
We're good to go.
I think?
We have posted the transcript on prisonplanet.com of the Catherine Albrecht interview.
It's been up for weeks, and I didn't know it.
It's a great job of the folks that did that, talking about the biometrics.
Also, criminals face work camp to pay fines.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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All right, my friends, again, we're back live.
It is Monday, the 11th of August, 2003.
Paul Joseph Watson, my webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com, who's also a great writer, has written his debut book.
It is Order Out of Chaos, Elite-Sponsored Terrorism and the New World Order, 334 pages long.
I published it, and you can get it at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com by linking through to our secure online shopping cart.
So please take advantage of that.
And Paul Joseph Watson will be joining us to talk about the Dr. David Kelly murder.
Yes, there's more evidence that it's a murder than a suicide, and they're calling it a suicide with no evidence of that.
So we're going to call it a murder here.
But that's where the preponderance of the evidence is going.
And we'll also talk about the police state, the New World Order, and, yes, Her Majesty's Terrorist Service, one of the chapters...
In the book Order Out of Chaos, because this is one of the big overlooked stories.
We've talked about it here on this show.
It's admitted that British intelligence, MI5, MI6, is carrying out most of the terror.
The Saudis have come out for the last year multiple times and said the British are the ones carrying out the bombings over there.
Then you look at the evidence and that's where it all points.
The big news right now, and I'm just going to go ahead and run through the news, then we're going to take your calls.
warns of new terror attacks.
The United States warned today that extremists could be plotting more attacks against its interest in Indonesia following this week's deadly blast at the American-run hotel in Jakarta.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Can you imagine, though, that one of these planes magically gets hijacked and magically no one resists them again, and then it just magically T-bones a nuclear reactor just perfectly, and you have a giant meltdown like Chernobyl and radiation spraying into the sky?
See, this is just one of the scenarios the globalists are talking about giving us.
And then the soccer moms will howl.
Take my liberties.
Put people in camps.
Take the guns.
I'm sick of it.
Give me nighttime curfews, national ID cards.
I don't want to hear it.
I don't want to hear it.
Just keep me safe.
This is the whole line that they're pushing, my friends.
And they say that, again, soft targets Indonesia, soft targets here.
And then every time we track down a terrorist attack, it's elements of the globalist government carrying them out to get total control.
It's very, very serious.
We stand on the knife's edge at the precipice of destruction of this country.
And if we don't cause a renaissance, a revelation of understanding about who's really behind the terror, it's over for America.
It's over for the world.
We're going into a new dark ages.
Continuing with more of the establishment propaganda.
Iraq supplied Al-Qaeda with weapons of mass destruction.
This is the Weekend Australian reporting from Crawford, Texas.
Right down the road from me.
Well, I'm very close to Crawford today.
I'm here in John Stattmiller Studios instead of mine doing the show.
He's up in Round Rock, just about 35, 40 miles from Crawford.
I'm normally down in South Austin, about 50, 60 miles from Crawford.
A high-ranking al-Qaeda operative in custody disclosed that Iraq supplied the Al-Amasis militant group with material to build chemical and biological weapons, the White House said today.
That was this weekend.
A senior al-Qaeda terrorist now detained would have been responsible for al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan reports that al-Qaeda was intent on obtaining weapons of mass destruction assistance from Iraq, the White House said in a report.
The 25-page document was released as U.S.
President George W. Holliday did his Texas ranch.
Remember, he holidayed for a month right before 9-1-1, while General Mahmoud, the head of al-Qaeda and Pakistan intelligence, met with the heads of the House and Senate Intelligence Committee, wired $100,000 to Mohammed Adab, while Jeb Bush, on September 9th, activated the first martial law clause in Florida's history, where when the public officials all got calls the day before 9-1-1 not to fly, this is all in the records, Bush started his sipper, of course.
On September 10th as well, four weeks before Anthrax showed up in Boca Raton, Florida.
Thought I'd just add that.
He's vacationing again, one of those lavish vacations, as all the world leaders pop by to decide how things will be cut up in the spoils of the New World Order.
As Bush announces, he'll sign the assault weapons ban, and as Congress pushes for blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens, anybody who can get here, it's official.
But again, I'm pro-gun, I'm a liberal.
Bush is anti-gun, he's very conservative.
He's still blocking the, arming the pilots, by the way.
Remember, he was against it, and then Barbara Boxer said that she was forearming all of them, so he had to act conservative and said he was for it, but now he's blocked it.
Again, not arming the pilots.
Very conservative.
The Bush administration cited links between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath party regime as justification for attacking Iraq to al-Saddam.
The administration also insisted Saddam had chemical and biological weapons and was pursuing nuclear weapons.
The report quoted the unnamed prisoner as saying al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden turned to Iraq after concluding his group could not produce chemical or biological weapons on its own in Afghanistan.
Iraq agreed to provide chemical and biological weapons training for two al-Qaeda associates starting in December 2000.
The report said senior al-Qaeda associate Abu Masab al-Zahari came to Baghdad in May 2002 for medical treatment along with approximately two others, they claim.
Two dozen al-Qaeda terrorist associates.
And that's all been disproven months ago, but they're recycling this propaganda.
Remember the mobile weapons trucks?
They were sure they were for making anthrax turns out.
They had the purchase order from 1985 from the British.
They were pumping up blimps, dirigibles, surveillance blimps for the Iran-Iraq War.
Armies use these because you can have them way up there at 30,000 feet hovering, or you can have them tethered at 15,000 feet looking over a mountain ridge with infrared scanners, ground-penetrating radar.
We're good to go.
Again, they knew, bottom line, what these trucks were, and for months said that they were mobile weapons labs.
And I heard Neocon three weeks ago still saying, and a month after the story was out, that it was admittedly fake.
Denied your document, totally fake.
The weapons dossier, 12 years old, written by graduate students.
The mass graves, total lie.
It was an exchange program of dead Iranians and Iraqis.
That's why they were boxes full of sand and skeletons.
People dug out of the desert from that war that killed millions.
Again, I'm not defending Saddam Hussein, but we've already been over all this.
Saddam Hussein was a CIA asset, a hitman, way back in 1958.
I mean, he'd been doing this for them for years.
And this is the system.
This is the reality.
And people are supposed to just suspend their critical thinking process.
And that's exactly what they're doing now.
So we have that as we're being told.
We're about to be hit by terrorists any minute.
We'll get into more of the so-called terror threat a little bit later.
And today I'm going to cover this.
In fact, I'll cover it in this hour.
I'll just spend five minutes on it, I guess, in the next segment.
There's a nationwide drive.
It's not 140.
It's over 400 cities.
It's not 210.
Months ago when I counted them up, it was over 400 cities and towns.
Okay, cities and towns that have passed resolutions, liberal, conservative, middle-of-the-road areas, conservative states like Alaska, socialist states like Hawaii, decrying the Patriot Act, saying that it destroys the Bill of Rights Constitution.
Anybody can read it and then compare it to the Bill of Rights, and it's 180 degrees.
180 degrees from what America is supposed to be.
Well, now Ashcroft's got this 20-state tour to promote, yes, the Patriot Act II, dubbed the Victory Act, and the guy lied and said there wasn't new terrorism legislation.
He didn't say there's no new Patriot Act II.
He didn't just use lawyer speak to lie on that point.
No, he said there's no new anti-terrorism laws we want.
That's just patently false.
But then when they were good and ready, and this stuff was already introduced, we had copies of it, we knew it was lying then, just publicly lying, knowing that you wouldn't check it out,
Then he came out and said, okay, there is a Patriot Act, too.
It's called the Victory Act.
You better pass it or 11 million Americans could die.
He said 11 million.
Interesting number, Ashcroft.
He said, we're going to be hit.
It's going to happen.
We've got to take the rest of your rights away.
Well, now he's going on this 20-state tour.
They're panicking because all these cities and counties and states are pulling out.
And we went down to the city council last Thursday.
It had been set up for a while.
And by state law, you've got to have citizens' communication.
But the cities make you sign up hours before or days before in some cases.
People had to sign up at 10 a.m.
that morning.
They said a debate would start at 2.
Then they said at 4.
Then they said at 5.
Then they said, okay, sorry, none of you can speak.
They talked about that for about 30 minutes.
So we might do it next week.
Just show up next week and we might let you if you sign up.
Then they went on to letting people play banjos and have some proclamation about downtown bars for an hour or so.
And so it was ridiculous.
And the city council is very socialistic, very liberal.
And now they're in the paper.
Will Austin join Patriot Act?
Council will take a resolution opposing terror law as possible first step towards defying it.
And then it goes on to say if council member Jackie Goodman had her way, authorities in Austin would refuse to cooperate with some federal investigations conducted under the USA Patriot Act.
And they go into attacking her for saying that.
Well, I mean, why are conservative cities passing this?
We'll talk about it.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Alright folks, again, we're back live.
It is already another Monday.
The goal of this show is getting people to consciously think about
About the New World Order.
The goal of this show is to get people, the old cliche, outside of the box.
To understand what governments have done in history, and now to see them doing the same thing today, but with a more sophisticated template.
That's all we're doing, is stating the historical fact.
But just briefly, the whole Patriot Act situation.
Well, here's an article out of the Austin American Statesman today.
Will Austin join Patriot Act Revolt Council to take up resolution opposing terror law as a possible first step towards defying it?
This was by Jonathan Osborne, out of the Socialist American Statesman.
If Council Member Jackie Goodman had her way, authorities in Austin would refuse to cooperate with some federal investigations conducted under the USA Patriot Act.
Such a stance would likely require a change in city law, a move Goodman isn't sure her colleagues on the Council believe,
Or their constituents would be comfortable with yet.
So today she instead will offer a resolution critical of the federal anti-terrorism law, which she hopes will lay the foundation for a future ordinance that will defy it.
It's just reaffirming our commitment to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Goodman said, of the proposed resolution.
Anything you're asked to do that infringes on those rights is questionable.
Well, I think that's half-decent.
If they added that every city employee, instead of going to some focus group to be guilty about your race or some focus group to make you more tolerant and more socialist or to go to some focus group to learn how to squeeze more money out of the public or whatever, how about they send you to city in-service training for a week where you learn the Bill of Rights and Constitution?
How about you go and just read randomly from the Federalist Papers?
Have a computer program that just randomly shoots out stuff from the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers and the ratification debates between the 13 states and where you read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
I mean, how about the city just buys the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Constitution on tape?
That's available, and just have city employees sit in an air-conditioned room and listen to it.
How about we do that?
Oh, no, can't do that.
But they've got seminars about the UN, seminars about the environment, seminars about how to socialize things, seminars about how we're all guilty and evil, how all men are really rapists deep inside, and all of this garbage.
I mean, much of what college professors and school teachers and government workers have to go to, and even private corporations now have these brainwashing, sensitivity training.
But again, Jackie Goodman knows she can't get it.
The rest of the liberals on the council, she's a bleeding heart.
She's not really evil.
She's just ignorant.
And I even saw her get freaked out at a meeting we had and said, yeah, I've read it.
It's scary.
I'm concerned because she's got a bunch of degrees and stuff.
So there's Jackie Goodman all freaking out over this, getting really, really concerned.
And the rest of them, Daryl Slusher and Will Wynn, the mayor, and the rest of them were just laughing, going, we're not going to let people talk about this.
And they cut over to the black guy, I forget his name, the so-called liberal, and he goes, oh, I don't even want to bring this up.
Maybe give people a few minutes and a few weeks.
I just don't see the point of all this.
It was something else.
I mean, you had all the liberals up there just really gutting this whole thing.
It really was something else.
And it goes on.
Yeah, I mean, I watch city employees say, if we pass this, we can all be arrested.
If we pass this, terrorists are going to strike at any moment.
They had all these city employees who were allowed to speak on it last week, not all the citizens that were signed up to speak.
They broke state law and just said, we don't care if you signed up, you can't speak.
And everybody just accepted it, except for myself.
Well, funny, why do you have conservative states like Alaska, after Ashcroft visits and tells them, please don't do this, they read it and say, no, we're reaffirming the Bill of Rights.
You can't secretly arrest citizens.
This thing's written for all misdemeanors.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
We're not going along with it.
How do you have that?
How do you have all these other cities doing it, but the liberal city of Austin won't go against Bush because he's a little neocon and they're all in the same dirty camp?
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright folks, we're back live and again I'm broadcasting today from John Stapmiller's studio here in the beautiful Round Rock, Texas.
I know we've got callers that are patiently holding.
Let me just hit on a couple other...
News stories, and in the second hour, we have Paul Joseph Watson, my webmaster, who's written an impressive book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terrorism in the New World Order.
He'll be joining us for the second and third hour, and then riding shotgun with both of us.
In the third hour, I've twisted his arm, will be John Stattmiller, who just got back from a business trip.
He's going to be on with us.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We interviewed Catherine Albrecht of Caspian.
She's a Ph.D.
from Harvard, exposing the RFID tracker chips, and we broke the story here on the air.
We had her on the air about a month ago.
She broke the story.
They got internal documents from the RFID Center at MIT, this big private consortium with Gillette and Walmart and Target and just hundreds of the major retailers and manufacturers meeting secretly with Ridge
And Homeland Security, with their plan, their admitted mainstream plan.
Again, they were going to go with this mainstream.
It was secret, but their plan to go mainstream with making you accept chips in every product to be able to sell them.
Basically making it the law that you have to have an RFID chip and replacing the barcode.
These can be tracked and read, in some cases from hundreds of yards away by cell towers and other radio transmitting systems.
Frequency transmitting, microwave transmitting systems.
And they got the documents by a back door on the RFID Center website.
It talked about neutralizing the public's resistance, how to control us, how to manipulate us, how they wanted the Department of Defense and Ridge to come out and say it's to fight terror and to make it the law and how Ridge was saying we've got to have ways to convince them to accept it
I mean, this is sinister, folks.
Very, very sinister.
We reported this a month ago.
Finally, two weeks ago, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, Wired Magazine, we posted all these on Infowars.com, where they stated the facts, that now, officially, since the documents are out, they're launching the plan early, and the big consortiums are now calling Congress and lobbying and giving campaign contributions for Congress to pass a law, a law,
We're good to go.
I think?
It's happening.
So I want to thank the listeners from the bottom of my heart for the 12-page transcript.
This shows how much I know.
This has been up for weeks.
Here I was sending emails to Watson going, call those people.
Get them to make a transcript of the Albrecht interview.
What's wrong with you?
And it had already been posted for a while in the column section, the independent contributor section.
It's Alex Jones, Paul Watson, Henry Macau, Al Lorenz, Tom Chittum, Mary Louise, Randy, Lavello, James Hall, Eric Fortman, Clint Lacey, Chuck Baldwin, Joey Dubin,
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Again, you're not tuning in to some late night UFO show.
Folks, I don't talk about stuff that isn't proven.
They're announcing mind control devices now to go in.
Not just spray bottles on helicopters that knock you out with opiates.
Not just Humvees being given to major police departments with huge microwave guns on them.
ABC Nightly News was reported on that three years ago.
We're talking about now what we already knew was there, the patents, the scientists, the experts that we've had on this show.
We're talking about Dr. Nick Begich.
His father was a congressman.
He's a scientist with a Ph.D.
in physics we've had on with the patents for mind control in the 50s.
They had different wavelengths that will make you get happy, make you pass out, make you have a seizure.
This is old technology, folks.
Now DARPA says they want to deploy it on the streets.
I mean, folks, this is Twilight Zone maximum warp, basically.
I mean, we're at light speed Twilight Zone here.
Please, everybody go to Prison Planet, get this transcript, email it out to everybody, get my article about DARPA and the brain scanners and the brain controllers and the surveillance blimps and the matrix system and the total information awareness and the Pentagon betting scheme on dead troops and Americans.
You just heard all that craziness.
But all of you heard it on the news.
You've heard them talk about all that stuff.
Think about how crazy it is.
When I read these articles, I feel like I'm lying or something.
It's so weird.
I'm like, is this possible?
I live in Austin, Texas, where they've got thousands of microphones and cameras.
But I know.
In neighborhoods now, folks, you'll see a little camera with a microphone rotating, pointing at houses.
Just rotating and pointing, and then they admit it's hooked into the feds and all these continuity of government control grids.
I don't want to go any further.
I said I'd take calls.
Let's talk to Tim in Texas.
Tim, thanks for holding.
Welcome, sir.
You're on the air.
Well, I'm good, Alex.
How are you doing, sir?
I'm doing good, Alex.
Go ahead.
What I was calling to see, Alex, is that if you have any information on your website or any other website about the new federal tax bill that just recently passed.
Well, there's been a lot of tax bills for cutting taxes, tax bills for increasing taxes.
What tax bill are you talking about?
This one, my understanding is they're going to have the 27% surcharge, I guess.
You're talking about a sales tax.
Okay, this is a major scam.
A sales tax is absolute, pure evil, but unfortunately it is constitutional.
Now, let me rephrase that.
What they're proposing is total evil.
A sales tax is constitutional and wouldn't be bad, and that's what we should have had all along.
Hey, Harry, how you doing?
Say hi to Harry.
Welcome back.
This is very important.
Let me break this down.
And you hear the neocons pushing this.
About ten years ago, I began reading policy papers of the globalists.
And early on, I saw the neocons saying, there's a major revolution against the income tax.
It's unfair.
It's making people very upset.
We've got to come up with a new tax strategy.
We're good to go.
I think?
All the other income taxes will be over, and they're going to start it, they said, at 10% to 15%.
You'll have a sales tax, and you'll have a 6.5%, 7.5% FICA tax or Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid tax.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, Alex.
Better do it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll pass, though.
What do you think about the liberals in Austin not wanting to stand up to Bush and decry the Patriot Act, but now conservative cities and states are doing it?
What does that tell you about these jellyfish Democrats?
Mostly they're all on the tech.
It's really a shame.
Those guys are only worried about what can you do for me.
That's it.
Another question.
What do you think about, did you hear last week about the new DARPA program?
It's the same thing as TIA, run by TIA, Total Information Awareness, called Matrix.
Did you hear about that?
No, I didn't.
It was in our local paper.
I don't know about your El Paso paper.
But, yeah, now, first it was one state, then five states.
Oh, now 20 states.
Oh, 45 states.
We're already really signed on for years.
We're just announcing it now.
Local police have been collecting data, and private corporations have been collecting data for the NSA, and now we're going to use it for all crimes and terror.
It's called the Matrix, and they call it the Matrix.
Did you hear them talk about how they're going to use blimps to surveil us now?
Blimps now?
Yeah, blimps.
Did you hear him announce how they're going to bet on dead soldiers?
Yeah, that one I did see the website for that one.
Yeah, and they bet on what U.S.
city is going to get nuked next?
Alex, all I can say is the American people have got to wake up and stop taking this BS from our government.
Well, it's not our government.
I agree.
It's an illegitimate group of criminals masquerading as government officials, and the Declaration of Independence clearly states that when they start destroying the Bill of Rights, they're not our government, and they're already null and void.
We just got to get that message out.
God bless you, Tim.
Appreciate the call.
Let's talk to John.
John, where are you calling us from today?
I'm calling you from Virginia, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Let me ask you a question, Alex.
Is there any way at all that you can possibly track your listenership?
You know, Rush, he boasts that he has 20 million listeners a week.
I believe it.
Well, maybe he does, maybe he doesn't.
I don't know.
Do you have any idea what your listenership is?
Well, I mean, if it's per week, I could conservatively say that it is several million.
If we're talking about, in the aggregate, over the years, who's tuned in three or four times, or who's been driving through a town and heard me on the radio, it's probably 10, 15 million.
Out of the 1,500 interviews I've done since I began broadcasting 10 years ago, 9 years ago,
It's in probably 50 million people.
In the 1,000 interviews I've done since 9-1-1, it's in the tens of millions.
1,000 plus interviews.
Well, let me tell you why, because there's a real good news chat room out there called libertypost.org, and I was on it last night.
You can post news articles and things like this.
Here was an article, not an article, but a poster had posted something, and they said,
Alex Jones is a cutting-edge info warrior, talk radio host, and all-around exposer of government corruption, globalist sellouts, and New World Order conspiracy.
He is a modern-day American hero, if you ask me.
You're getting your message out, my friend.
There's a poster on a news bulletin board saying,
That certainly is very aware of what your message is, and he just got your message out to an awful lot of folks by posting on that bulletin board.
Well, look, I mean, it's all because of the listeners, and I am frankly, I'm just an average guy fighting the globalists.
It's the listeners of this show and other like-minded shows that are defeating the New World Order and having major victories.
It looks like the globalists are in high gear attacking us, and they are, but it's because we're having such an effect that they know their time is short.
But if you want to know what we're doing, the network itself has, with all the hosts combined, it's about over 300 affiliates.
I mean, Derry Brownfield has over 100.
I've got about 70 affiliates during the day, 20 or 30 at night.
I don't know, 15 or 20 stations that carry the show as a rebroadcast.
Then we're also on the internet shortwave.
But one place to track our listenership is Shoutcast.
Now, there's 3,000 plus.
It fluctuates between 3,200 and 3,500 networks and radio stations.
I mean, they got AP Network News and WBAP and syndicated shows on there.
And they track how many people are listening on streams.
They don't know who the people are individually.
They just know how many people are logged in, you know, listening.
It tracks that.
And this show...
is routinely number one on the Shoutcast system.
Now, understand, this network has three streams.
So one of our streams will be number five, one of our streams will be number 10, and one will be number 20.
So you add all those together, you average it, it's generally number one.
But many times, just one of our streams is number one.
They have done a JavaScript tracker before, the folks that do the streaming at m2ktalk.net,
They've done the JavaScript tracking, and in a day, and this was a couple years ago, we had about 300,000 people, individual different people, tuning in from different IP addresses in a 24-hour period.
And our listenership has conservatively gone up every year about 200% since then.
So, frankly, sir, I have no idea.
Well, I know.
And, you know, you can't ever tell who's listening the short way.
But I'll say this.
Your message is getting out.
It's got to make sense.
The people that are the elitist, a little bit nervous.
It's pushing their time frame, I think, ahead of schedule.
They're going to get stupid, do something here.
They've got to before the whole masses wake up.
Well, that's it.
But they're also trying...
Well, sure.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's what the globalists do, is they just go, yeah, we want to put chips in all your kids.
Everybody's seen that on the news.
You know they've done that.
Or, yeah, we're going to go ahead and surveil everything you do with the Pentagon.
Or, yeah, we're going to go ahead and put face scanning cameras up everywhere.
Yeah, we're going to go ahead and merge the military with the police.
They just calmly do that.
A lot of people just go, oh, okay.
Alex, it's getting harder to sell with the open borders, with the people getting laid off.
People are waking up to NAFTA and GATT, and more and more people are getting hit in the pocketbook.
If you want to get someone's attention...
Hit them in the pocketbook, and that's what's happening.
People are getting hit, and they are going, what is happening?
They may not know everything that's going on, but they know something's not right.
No, you're right, and when people are in financial trouble, that'll get their little brains cleared up real quick, won't it?
They're starting to ask questions.
Alex, check out Liberty Post.
They'll like it.
Okay, I'll check it out.
Thanks for the call.
Stay with us.
More calls coming up.
You've asked for them and now they're here.
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All right, my friends.
Let me just calmly try to get this out and state it.
It is a big deal that hundreds of cities, and now they're saying three states...
...have passed laws against the Patriot Act condemning it.
That is very, very, very exciting.
And that's letting the globalists know that no matter how many planes they crash into buildings or how many schools they blow up or how many people they shoot, more and more Americans know that giving up liberty doesn't give you security.
And as the last caller said, they leave the northern and southern borders wide open, actually take Border Patrol agents off the job and put them into air marshal positions
We're good to go.
We've been conditioned to accept this.
Oh, make them prisoners work.
The problem is they work for private corporations, and then that competes with your jobs.
I mean, you think a Chinese slave is competing against you.
Well, there's still the shipping cost in a container ship of getting it over here.
These prisoners getting 20 cents an hour, that's decimating the economy, and they're working in almost every industry, including data entry.
Criminals face work camps
To pay fines.
Criminals face work camp to pay fines.
I will get into that with Paul Watson in the next hour.
NATO takes over Afghanistan Peacekeeping Force.
That is a big, big deal.
NATO was only for the North Atlantic.
It was a North Atlantic treaty organization, a private corporation set up by the Bilderberg Group.
That's admitted.
But now NATO is going to be a global government military arm.
That's from the Financial Times of London.
Also, you remember the TIPS program?
Well, they already had it set up.
It's now called TALEN.
Now they have a new TIPS program, and it's Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration.
And with this new program, taxi drivers, bus drivers, 18-wheeler drivers, they're not paid.
But by law, they've got to serve for Homeland Security.
It's basically a draft.
I have the, it's not a bill, it's just a new order, new executive order, new directive where you have to serve for Homeland Security.
It says for all crimes, speeding, guns, drugs, everything.
And it's horrible.
Just your neighborhood Stasi.
Also, microbiologists would link to race-based weapons turning up dead, which tells me the globalists are about to start releasing that.
This is from the American Free Press.
Dr. David Kelly, of course, was involved in bioweapons of race-specific systems.
Gordon Thomas, this is very important.
That is coming up in the next hour.
Big next hour.
I'm going to cover at least these next five stories in the next hour with Paul Joseph Watson.
Who joins us from the United Kingdom.
And Paul, I've been a big fan of his writing and work for several years.
He's a webmaster the last year or so for prisonplanet.com.
Now gets tens of millions of visitors.
And he's written the book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite-Sponsored Terrorism and the New World Order, 334 pages long.
It is an incredibly powerful book.
Every American should have this book.
It covers government-sponsored terrorism, the New World Order, their criminal activities, really focuses in on British orchestrated terrorism and 9-1-1.
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order.
The film, or any of my films, or his new book, or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
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My films are $25.95.
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They drop down to $20.
We haven't gotten the book yet up on the 1-800 line.
You can't order it there yet, but you'll be able to by tomorrow.
We want to do it today, but it's not there yet.
But you can order by mail or by Internet right now.
Order Out of Chaos by Paul Watson.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
Please stay with us.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
And did you know that you can have greater exposure to these chemicals by taking hot showers than when you drink the water?
That's because many chemicals are inhaled when they have been inhaled.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right.
All right, my friends.
We've got a big second hour and third hour lined up for you.
We're going to have Paul Joseph Watson, my webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and writer of the new book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terrorism and the New World Order, joining us.
I'm fully aware that we have Larry, Rhett, Charles, Rob, Charlotte, Kelly, and many others that are patiently holding.
I'm going to get to you in the next segment.
We'll just take your calls and let Paul and myself answer your questions or take your comments.
Then I want to get into his new book and how it ties in with the latest news and the death of Dr. David Kelly who blew the whistle on manufactured evidence by the Blair puppet regime.
That's all coming up as well and how it ties into a bunch of deaths of microbiologists around the world connected to race-specific bioweapons production.
They're getting rid of the developers of this stuff so there's no one to blow the whistle when the globalists release it.
You're like, why would they do something like that?
Because out of a crisis, out of a global bug that was killing certain races, out of that crisis, there will come into being a police state in the name of stopping it.
And people will relinquish all liberties and total enslavement and secret arrest and hell on earth will begin.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're going to come back and take some calls.
But right now, tell us about yourself, Paul, and why you decided to write Order Out of Chaos and what the book covers.
Because I read the book several times before we published it.
I read it when I did the blue line before I signed off on having it printed.
And it just got better each time.
It is so jam-packed with concentrated information.
Well, hello, Alex.
Thanks for having me on the air again.
You bet.
Regarding the book, I actually started writing the book nearly a year ago when I only finished it a few months ago because, as you mentioned, there was just so much information to actually sort through that I just came to the point where I had to literally force myself to stop writing and just draw a line under it.
I think we're good to go.
So, in the book we have everything from the agenda behind the war on Afghanistan, the agenda behind the war on Iraq, September 11th, MI5 state-sponsored terrorism, which we'll go on to talk about, and right through to how the whole UFO movement was co-opted and placed on the back burner for later on down the line when this whole
cosmic threat plan unfolds which obviously may tie into the Mars situation at the moment and that's being referred to by people like Kissinger and Reagan in the past but with the book the same theme runs constant throughout which is obviously order out of chaos how the elite artificially create problems to then step in and play the role of saviour by inevitably coercing societies to accept
Foreign crusades and at home removal of individual liberty.
But another point to emphasise is the fact that the book itself, and this is why it took so long to write, is the fact that it's painstakingly sourced to an almost obnoxious level.
In the book, I cite hundreds of mainstream reports for almost every piece of evidence I provide.
That's right, and the book is available at InfoWars.com, at InfoWars.net, at PrisonPlanet.com, or by writing with $19.95 plus $4 shipping and handling to 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And by tomorrow, I'll have it up on the toll-free number as well.
We'll be back with your calls and more.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
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Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
Well, so does he.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Dozens and dozens and dozens of microbiologists who are involved in producing race-specific viruses and bacteria that kill certain races of people will wipe out entire races.
The U.S., Israel, the U.K.
This is admitted.
are developing it.
They have bioweapons labs, level fours, in England that have even released level four bioweapons in the past, like weaponized foot and mouth, and then it's some story in the back of the paper.
Now Dr. David Kelly helped head up one of these programs that fits into a larger pattern, getting rid of people that know about the larger programs.
This does not bode well for what the globalists are up to.
We're going to be talking about that with Paul Joseph Watson, who joins us from England, and he's also talking about his new book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terrorism and the New World Order.
Paul, right now I've got a bunch of callers, so before we get into MI5 and MI6 terror and Dr. David Kelly and all this news, you ready to go to some calls?
Yeah, sure.
Let's do it.
Let's talk to Larry, Louisiana, then Rhett, Rob, Charlotte, Ray, and others.
Go ahead, Larry, you're on the air.
Hello, thank you.
This is one of those set-up deals that they set up for both of you.
Did you see how the two missing college students recently was actually a set-up for the Victory Act tour coming across the states?
Why don't you elaborate on that for me?
Okay, what it was, was they had an FBI spokeswoman on there, and it cost the FBI a lot of money, and they had to work for a whole week...
Yeah, elaborate on that, because I don't watch TV that much, and so I'm kind of out of the loop, but I did read a news article recently,
Tell them about the basis, the particular college student's story.
Now there's this move that, well, it's like the RFID.
Just a month ago it was, oh, no, we're not going to track you with it.
Now it's, we want the government to make it the law.
You've got to do it.
See, everything's supposedly for terror, but the border stays wide open.
Go ahead and elaborate on the story.
Well, it was very interesting.
The father asked the son.
Tell people the background of the college students and all that.
Tell them about the story.
As far as I know, I caught the story that two college students came up missing.
They came from a bed and breakfast where they stayed, and then they just came up missing.
Well, they had traveled across the country from where they were down into Florida.
They used cash to go the whole way, and they used none of their electronic surveillance systems.
So they couldn't be tracked.
So when the FBI came out and said, we were terrorized because we couldn't find these people, and when they said it ought to be against the law, what they meant was, cash transactions ought to be against the law.
Hold on, hold on.
You're telling me that the FBI got on the news and said, it ought to be against the law to not be tracked with your credit card or your cell phone?
At the bank machine with the cell phone or to buy gasoline with your credit card.
Somebody had told them how to evade the system and not be tracked while traveling across the country.
And so what ended up happening?
I mean, why were they after these college students?
Well, because their parents, they were missing, I guess.
And so now there needs to be a law that when you buy gas or, of course, that's for the taxation, they want to start the new satellite deal, or when you travel or when you use a phone or an ATM, you need to be tracked.
You need to use the electronic tracking system, exactly.
And that was a set-up story for the 20-state tour.
It was obvious... For the new Victory Act that didn't exist.
Remember, I've got Ashcroft and Police State 3 saying, saying, on the record, if, if you...
Say that the Patriot Act 1 takes liberties and affects citizens.
You're aiding terrorists.
You will lose your liberties.
And then he says there's no Patriot Act 2, and then we have him saying there is a Patriot Act 2, and now it's the Victory Act.
Paul Watson comments on this nightmare development.
I didn't hear the story that he's referring to.
I heard about the missing college kids.
I didn't see this.
If listeners have articles, please email them to Paul or to me.
Go ahead.
It ties into the fact that
Each different segment of the New World Order is intertwined, whereby we have the situation in this case where the Victory Act or the Patriot Act or anti-terrorism legislation in general is tied into the cashless society.
I mean, you cannot go online and transfer over $1,000 without a cursory investigation being proposed.
Again, it ties into each different segment from one to another.
Well, also, Paul, in your country, they're more honest.
They admit that, well, your driver's license and ID card is really a national ID card, and we want to make you have it to leave your house.
Now, that's what Blunkett and all of them have been saying.
And it kind of blew up in their face.
The people in polls are, what, 80% against it.
So they say, we don't care.
We're going to make you take it.
But at least there they tell you your ID card is really a national ID card, being rolled into now the international standard for ID cards and passports.
We're good to go.
Oh, I need to go ahead and see your driver's license at these Fortune 500 companies.
I'll be buying something with cash.
They'll go, can I see your license?
And I'll go, no.
I mean, I've walked out of Circuit City before, and they've tried to force me to do that.
Go ahead, Paul.
Well, yeah, and just with reference to the National ID card, obviously 80, 90% of the British public are against it, but they've already prepared the grounds for its introduction.
I was in the bank just two weeks ago, just putting a cheque in, and the sign on the counter read, these...
Well, also, here at HEB, an HEB about a half mile from where I'm sitting, where I'm nesting right now,
Is the clip I have in Police State 3 where I go in and they've got the sign up that soon we're going to have inkless fingerprint readers who'll have to do it here to buy stuff, to buy and sell, to make purchases.
Oh, I think I read that before.
I go, well, is this hooked into the police?
And I talk to her.
She goes, uh-huh, yeah.
Yeah, it's hooked into, you know, check you when you thumbprint that you are who you say you are, the driver's license database.
And, well, there it is.
The signs are going in.
And then in some of the stores, the thumb scanners are going in.
And simultaneously, at the Home Depot by my house, guys, they pulled out just three of the checkout lanes about a year ago.
They pulled out, you know, they have about 15 lanes or 12 lanes.
They pulled out three where it would be self-serve.
You know, scan your own stuff, do your own stuff.
Well, now it was in there last week, and now they've pulled out three more.
Now there's six.
And I've read the federal plans.
They're going to pull them all out.
You're going to go in, they're going to say for security, and see after they get the self-serves in, then they put the thumb printer in, which they're now doing.
I mean, this is so sneaky, folks.
Go ahead.
Well, we also had the article a couple of weeks ago out of America where McDonald's are introducing these self-serve counters as well as many different supermarkets.
People need to recognize that it's not just about...
The government tracking what you buy, it's about them having the ability to refuse purchase on any particular product.
Well, then, in fact, you've got the Commerce Department and others calling for a tax on fattening foods or soft drinks.
Well, how are they going to keep track of that?
Well, by swiping your national ID card.
And, folks, the policy groups are public.
This is all public.
People say, Alex, how do you say it?
Then two years later it happens.
How do I get these emails?
Are you psychic?
No, I've read the plans.
They're public.
They know you're not going to read them.
And we've cited them here many times, that they're going to be able to tax you, so no matter, you'll still be able to pay cash, but they're going to swipe the card so it keeps a record of that, thus making it cashless, and then you're going to have all these different little taxes depending on what you're getting.
And it says the ground hamburger won't be taxed as a fattening food unless you buy too much of it for that month.
So it's actually introducing rationing.
And then they're going to say, well, we have to do this tracking so terrorists don't attack the food supply.
See how they always have the terror excuse to implement, but then when you read their own reports, it's about taxation and control.
And we had the Oracle out of Wired News just a few days ago, which said...
That basically RFID would save us from terrorists by protecting the food supply.
And then we posted, we had the interview a month ago and posted a week ago or so, the Catherine Albrecht interview that's on prisonplanet.com right now in the column section, the Alex Jones section, and it's 12 pages long where she got the secret documents and they said we're going to make it the law and say it's to fight terror that you all got to have tiny chips tracking you.
Tiny chips tracking you folks?
And even with the actual cash itself, I mean, well, in the dollar bill there, it is already a tracking strip.
You've already got a primitive RFID in there.
Thanks for the call, Larry.
Let's talk to Rhett in North Carolina.
Rhett, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, guys.
Thanks for taking my call, and it's truly an honor to talk to both of you guys.
I know you all have a lot on the agenda today, but I think that you could help me out if you have time.
I was wondering if you could break down the chain of command, if you will, when it comes to the New World Order and the military-industrial complex.
Specifically, you talked about the royal family, and I was a little confused if you're talking about the royal family out of Europe or the Saudi royal family.
Could you explain that for me just quickly, please?
Okay, we have public power puppets.
Then we have the hidden power that's the real power.
The power behind the throne is the throne.
And the royalty owns, the Dutch, the British royalty, owns the tabloids that attack themselves and belittle them.
So it's a hidden and plain view psychology, and we can go through the hierarchy of the New World Order.
Paul, comments on the hierarchy of the New World Order in a nutshell?
Well, it's obviously structured in a pyramid fashion where the lower levels are basically ignorant and follow their own life and see that if it benefits them, then they go along with the agenda.
I mean, I think people focus on the individual group too much because the end result is that they all have the same agenda.
And I prefer to focus on the tactics that they use because then we can point them out to other people.
An example is the externalization of the hierarchy, throwing it in our faces, which we can go on to in the next segment.
Yeah, we'll talk about that, and Rhett, we'll hold you over and let you finish up, and we'll talk to Rob, Charlotte, Ray, and others.
Everybody stay right there.
We'll be right back.
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I think?
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Can you hear how frantic we are?
Desperate to warn you as we see every level of the society being turned into a prison, a control grid.
As we see really sadistic criminals controlling the New World Order.
To boil it down, you have some powerful banking families, some powerful royal families, a lot of the families that became powerful by serving royalty over the last 500 years that are in positions of power.
They come together in councils and agree on certain views throughout the next year and policies they're going to follow.
That's why you see coordination.
Thank you.
So that's how the New World Order operates, and it's, you know, the Crumps, it's the Rothmans, it's the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, all the classic names, and they really do run the New World Order and push the New World Order.
So I hope that answers your question.
We'll bring Rhett from North Carolina back up, but first, Paul Joseph Watson, your take on his question.
Well, yeah, we can name the different groups, and we can identify the common agenda, because
Each tactic that they use is duplicated across, in our case, Canada, the USA, Britain, Australia, the echelon countries.
Some of the tactics that they use, and I wanted to mention this because I know you were talking about it on the show last week, it's another facet to the externalisation of the hierarchy.
We're good to go.
And the plot went like this.
One of the brothers joined a gun club, and to all the other characters' surprise, he became friends with the other members of the club and began to see them regularly.
And throughout the rest of the show, everyone was questioning his integrity about the fact that he was hanging out with, in their words, these wacko gun-nut survivalists.
But the most interesting aspect came at the very end of the show.
Where one of the brothers walked into the gun club and found all the other members crowded around something talking.
And when he said, hey guys, what's that?
The other members came back and said, quote, it's a machine we're building to defeat the New World Order.
And then the plot went that the brother ran out of the gun club and the studio audience laughed hysterically and that was basically the end of the show.
I'm begging everyone, turtle red alert,
I absolutely must have that on video.
That is total gold.
Was that a new episode or an old one?
Well, it was on about six months ago, and obviously the repeat screen later here in Britain.
I know there's people that tape all this stuff.
Somebody go to eBay, buy it, email me the name of the episode.
Look, that's why I can't watch TV now.
I haven't watched more than three hours of TV in the last four weeks.
I'm going to be honest.
And I really should be watching it.
I'm just too busy fighting the globalists, and I get their propaganda out of the newspapers, and I already know what their plan is.
But I mean, I turn on every channel, every cartoon, the UN's taking over, DNA testing all the kids, retina scanning to buy and sell, Christians are bad, homeschooling's bad, hand in your guns.
And yeah, Frazier, so he goes in, and everybody's been telling him he's wrong, and they're all standing around, and they say something we're building to defeat the New World Order, and that freaks him out, and he runs out.
Hey, I'll tell you.
Well, you know what?
They're having to do that, though, Paul, because they're in deep trouble.
I mean, when they've got shows like The District where they crowd around and go, every child needs a microchip because, you know, it's for their safety.
Or when they have, I'm watching Friends one time with my wife.
I've seen the show one time.
And they go, you know, he's got problems.
He doesn't accept it.
He doesn't accept that it's the New World Order.
I mean, come on.
You know, the sitcoms, Frasier, Friends.
You gotta accept the new world order.
Oh, you're a cookie, not for it.
I mean, come on, people.
But the interesting thing is that then you juxtapose that to the fact that world leaders each week are calling for a new world order.
I've just posted a new archive on Prison Planet with all the mainstream articles.
Neocons call for a new world order.
Blair calls for one polar power.
And then we have another example, the show 24, where it's a group within the government and the owners of the oil industry that carry out the nuclear attack.
So this stuff is everywhere, and it's television literally infested with paid-for government social engineering propaganda.
I quit watching 24.
Do they carry out the nuclear attack?
Yeah, the new gets that off, and it turns out to be an organization within the government with links to the oil industry.
And then the war that is... And again, that should terrify everyone.
I got emails about that.
I just had that episode.
It should terrify everyone, because let me tell you something.
River Murdoch already had it where the secret government group hijacks the jet airliner by remote control to fly it in the World Trade Centers to, quote, get a new world order.
To scare the people into submission.
And they did it three months later.
You folks just brace yourselves.
These murderers aren't going to stop.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
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We have four great affiliates in the Colorado area.
We're good to go.
1360 KHNC.
We appreciate all the other great affiliates in the Colorado area.
Now folks can hear all three hours.
That's great news.
We're about to go back to Paul Joseph Watson and Rhett and Rob and Charlotte and Ray and all the folks that have now been holding a long time.
And we've got to go to you quick because then we also have to get into this microbiologist, Dr. David Kelly, that's died.
And how he was involved in race-specific bioweapons production.
That's bacteria or viruses that kill certain races.
This was part of a larger pattern of these top weapons biologists dying.
So that's coming up a little bit later as well.
Before I go any further, Paul Joseph Watson has written a just powerful new book called Order Out of Chaos, Elite-Sponsored Terrorism.
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If we don't wake people up to who is behind the terrorism, folks, it's over.
They're going to keep blowing stuff up until they set up a police state that makes Aldous Huxley's Brave New World look like a wonderland of love and humanity.
Rhett, North Carolina, earlier you asked your question to Watson and myself.
Has our information answered your question?
Absolutely, Alex, and thank you so much for spending some time on it.
God bless you, and I'll go.
I was just wondering maybe, and I know this might be kind of wishful thinking, but do you know anything about Wesley Clark at all?
I know there's a move to draft him to the...
To the Democrats.
Horrible demon.
I don't know.
Yeah, he's a Rhodes Scholar with Bill Clinton, top-level New World Order agent, totally staged, Republican and Democrat, top party members, John Kerry, skull and bones, Bush, skull and bones, Clinton Rhodes Scholar, Clark Rhodes Scholar, former head of NATO.
I mean, this is totally staged.
Thanks for the call.
Totally staged.
Watson, comments about that?
They're obviously bringing all the Rhodes Scholars through at the moment.
Many of which are actually sons and daughters of former leaders of the Weather Underground, which was a leading communist terrorist group in the 60s and now in the 70s, and now the Rhodes Scholars are the offspring of their production.
So we can see the direction in which the elite are being breeded.
Yeah, again, whether it's a right-wing or a left-wing terrorist, they're always New World Order, unless it's some literally retarded patsy they grab.
It's amazing.
Paul, before we go any further, because I know we've got Rob and Charlotte and Ray and others, and we're going to get to you guys in just a second.
We've got to cover this now or we never will, and I promise that I'll do it.
I've got four stories here that we need to go over.
And number one is the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation, and Security Administration.
And next hour, I'm actually going to read part of this when Statmiller's on with us, and you're going to ride shotgun with us, Watson, so stay there.
And you posted this, and it's on both the websites right now.
This is where they admit that all your taxi drivers, bus drivers, and 18-wheeler drivers, all commercial license holders, will have to serve the government.
It is a draft.
It's written as such to be tattletales on all crime.
Of course, there will be no real terrorism, but now any crime is called terrorism.
You've read over it.
You've posted it.
What do you think about it, Paul?
It's another example of the fact that the original TIPS programme, which was announced in July 2002, subsequently obviously defeated by legislation, but then we see each individual portion of it is introduced via different names, and this particular version comes straight from the Office of Homeland Security, from the Krypton website, which basically just posts directives straight from government sources, unedited, and it's called the Highway Watch Programme,
And it says that the Highway Watch Program plans to train the nation's commercial drivers to observe and report any suspicious activities or items that may threaten the critical elements of the nation's highway transportation system.
So basically that is anything.
And we have the photographs out of the Washington Post where the billboards on the highways say report terrorism called tip wine.
And they do that now in Texas.
And when you call that number, they ask if you see any guns
So it's a, folks, this is hardcore serious.
Let me add something to what you were just saying about Homeland Security.
You know, they take it and they call TIPS Talon.
They take AmeriCorps and it becomes SecureCorps.
And they actually get the funding increased by breaking it up in parts.
What about the Matrix system of total information awareness?
The states had always been units of this, but now they go, oh, yeah, we're going to have the states do the tattling for us.
It's called Matrix.
Again, more in your face.
Well, yeah, and I've got articles spanning back to late last year where Florida had already introduced what they call this matrix system.
And again, it's another, you know, different, shifting the definition of total information awareness and just calling it something different.
While that gets defeated in Congress, they just introduce it as another name.
And DARPA says they're going to have the blimps.
Looking through our walls with ground penetrating radar over all our cities.
I mean, folks, surveillance blimps?
Comments on that?
Well, that was reported in Fox News just on Friday.
DARPA have got blimps, they've got centi-bots, everything under the sun to do with surveillance.
And people say, oh, this is just an office at the back of the Pentagon.
And yet everything they announce gets mainstream front-page headlines.
Well, also, I have friends at the University of Texas...
And they tell me the psychology department's 90% DARPA funded.
I've been in there in the areas that aren't classified, and I mean, on every door, it's DARPA, DARPA, DARPA.
Every lab, every tenured professor, they're all funded by DARPA.
I've talked to them, and it's all mind control, right out in the open, Paul.
And we had the article out of the Boston Globe a few days ago where they...
Already developed and ready to roll a brain interface device which enables them to implant thoughts in the minds of any subject they wish.
And ten years ago, I mean, this would be the stuff of
You know, wackos, but they are announcing it.
It was in the Boston Globe that they can implant thoughts in people's minds.
Well, they said they're going to deploy these on the streets.
Not only are they going to have a Humvee with a microwave gun, which they admitted three years ago that, you know, burns everybody.
Now it's, well, yes, we've got systems that control people's minds.
What's wrong with that?
It's totally normal.
And to tie in with that, we've got LifeLog, which is another extrapolation of total information awareness where
In a similar vein to owning a mobile phone, which is seen as cool these days, obviously ten years ago it was the new development.
But in 10 years, they are predicting that everyone will have this lifelog system whereby your heartbeat, your brainwaves, every conversation that you have with anyone is recorded and sent straight to a government database.
Now, this isn't Paul Watson or Alex Jones.
This is mainstream Pentagon DARPA release a few weeks ago.
Every breath, every heartbeat could be tracked by scanner cameras.
And in Boston, Logan Airport, and four others...
And we posted the Popular Science Magazine article saying,
Which, again, was out of DARPA, who announced their desire to develop a brain chip implant that would, quote, enable them to clone a race of half-cyborg servant drones.
And this is in Popular Science magazine.
Sounds bizarre, but it's all on the website at DARPA.mil.
Yeah, do me a favor.
Email that.
I want to post that again.
You've seen the article I've written about DARPA, just a few of the nightmare things they've done.
I want to add the blimps.
The surveillance blimps, and I want to... I forgot to add LifeLog, and I want to add that thing about... Remember a year ago when DARPA came out and said we want a hive mind where we're all, by law, connected into... Our brains have plug-ins, and how does it end all crime?
Well, you're here for ending all crime, aren't you?
We all need to be implanted.
I mean, folks, just...
Paul, how do you deal with this?
I have trouble dealing with it.
I mean, it's just, they're doing it, it's off the charts insane, and these yuppies can't seem to figure that out.
It is a complete overload of information.
I mean, the Hive Mind came out in the Sydney Morning Herald, which is obviously Australia's biggest newspaper.
Yeah, that was the headline, Hive Mind.
Send that to me, because I can't find that.
Well, I will, and...
LifeLog, which they announced, they define it as a digital diary.
Cameras, sensors, recording devices all over your body that compute every single action you take.
And then now they're saying we've got to have the RFID to fight Al-Qaeda.
Yes, we want to make it by law, but all products have to have it and plan it.
Oh, and now there's a move, Kevin Albers talking about it, to make it outlawed to deactivate an RFID.
Did you hear about that?
Yeah, basically they're introduced in the same system in England because the major supermarket chains here are owned by the same groups that own Walmart in America.
So it's a pan-Anglo-American movement towards this surveillance society.
Folks, we're not kidding.
This is all right out in the open.
You know what, Paul?
We're in a Body Snatchers movie.
Did you know that?
We are actually in it.
The poor public has been, like, basically lobotomized.
A lot of you can't even reach.
But you know what?
They don't matter.
It's the people we can reach, folks.
I mean, I want people to realize.
I want to burn your brain.
You know, I want to be... I mean, if it's not... If the hair on the back of your neck... When I just stood up, the hair on the back of my neck, when I faced the horror, stood up.
Paul, does the hair on the back of your neck ever stand up when you look at the total system they're setting up?
Well, yes, it does.
And obviously, you get desensitized to it.
I mean...
I remember Christmas 2001, you were hyperventilating over the Verichip and the implantable microchip in humans, and now that is almost passe.
Yeah, I mean, I'm conditioned, okay?
Yeah, now China's going to put it in all their people, and yeah, there's a government move.
We already talked about that.
Yeah, and I see articles still on Verichip, like, every week, and sometimes I don't even post them, because compared to the systems that they're announcing now, it is completely passe, like Orwell's 1984.
It's psychological warfare.
Our last point, and we've got to go to these calls.
Everybody stay there.
I'm about to go to you.
I know you've been holding a long time.
Microbiologists with link to race-based weapons turning up dead, American Free Press.
Dr. David Kelly, the biological warfare weapons specialist at the heart of the continuing political crisis for the British government, had links to three other top microbiologists whose deaths have left unanswered questions.
The 59-year-old British scientist was involved with ultra-secret work at Israel's Institute for Biological Research.
Israeli sources claim Kelly met institute scientists several times in London in the past two years.
Israel has not signed the Biological Weapons and Toxins Convention, an international treaty ratified by more than 140 countries.
By the way, they're saying if Iran pulls out, they're going to invade.
But Israel doesn't have to be a part of it.
Thank you.
...formed a part of British government's inquiry into the background of Kelly's death, which opened last week.
Oh, but before there was even an autopsy, they said he was murdered by, you know, suicide, murdered by suicide, 40 to slip.
The intelligence investigation is believed to have originated in Washington, where it emerged that Kelly had contacts with two companies in the U.S.
biodefense industry.
One of the men he was in touch with was a former Russian defector, and it says, I can't pronounce it, Alba Kinkov...
Paul, how do you pronounce that?
Kamabvajin Albikivov.
When he arrived in America, he changed his name to Ken Albik.
Yeah, a little globalist front man.
He is now president of Harden Advanced Bio Systems, a company specializing in medicines against biological terrorist attacks.
Kelly was himself considering resigning from his senior post in the Ministry of Defense to work in America.
Before his death, he had been discreetly headhunted by two companies.
One, see, everybody who's in key bioweapons production, race-specific like Kelly was at Porton Down, is now dying, folks.
Harden Advanced Biosystem, which has close ties to the Pentagon.
Harden describes itself as a company specializing in the development of technical solutions for U.S.
intelligence companies.
Harden was also linked to William Patrick, one of five classified patents on the process of developing weaponized anthrax that just so happened to get mailed by the CIA to people.
He is a biowarefare consultant to both the Pentagon and CIA.
The other company is Regma Biotechnologies.
One that Kelly helped found, Vladimir Pesinknik, is to set up Britain, arguing for it to have a laboratory at Porton Down, the country's chem-bio-warfare defense system.
Now, let me add that this is the place where they release foot and mouth on purpose to get control of the farms.
This is the place where they killed people as late as 1985 that have troops stand out in the field and fly over them and spray them.
This is right out in the open.
They had U.S.
and British troops just sit out on top tanks and have jets fly over and spray them, and they would die sometimes days or weeks or months later.
This was in BBC.
They killed them.
Admit it.
We have a government that has race-specific viruses produced by the gallon at a place where they kill our troops and then announce it 15 years later.
And it goes on to talk about all the others that are getting killed.
We'll have to cover this more in the next hour because I want to go to some calls in the final segment of this hour.
They've been holding long enough.
But Paul comments on that.
Well, yeah, the American Free Press article obviously outlines the connection between Porton Down bioweapons facility and the Pentagon itself.
And this whole microbiologist, you know, death scenario, dozens have died and it stretches back right to September 11th and the aftermath.
But even before September the 11th, I've got an article out of the London Times which says,
Well, Al-Qaeda needs a little something.
Somebody's got to make it.
Don't be so extreme.
I promise when we get back, we're going straight to Rob, Charlotte, Ray and others.
We're going right to your calls.
Everybody stay right there.
Stay with us.
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Paul Watson is going to be riding shotgun with us into the next hour with more news on all these microbiologists dying.
We've only gotten into page one of this story.
Now it ties into Dr. David Kelly and a bunch of other news reports.
We'll talk about MI5 and MI6-sponsored terror and much more.
Right now, Rob, Charlotte, Ray, Don, and others.
Rob in Wyoming, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Excellent guest.
Thank you.
About the national ID state, the Your Papers Please state.
I'll make this quick.
I told you, you probably don't remember, last September, a First Interstate Bank here in Casper demanded two forms of ID.
I remember, yeah.
Okay, well, I've been cashing paychecks, no problem since, with one form and endorsement.
Suddenly, oh, it's two forms of ID now for all, even for non-parties to the bank.
That's what they can later say.
See, it's so easy.
Now only your national ID card.
Just like Paul said, they've already got the national ID card signed up in the bank before the law's even passed.
Well, and like Paul also pointed out, they know that a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck, and you get them where it hurts.
You don't give them their money that's due them.
The bank's borrowing the money unlawfully without your consent.
And see, they hide behind this limited liability corporation.
You sue them personally.
So you say they're holding themselves out for a service.
It's discrimination and not giving the money.
Well, I wouldn't say it's discrimination like civil rights discrimination.
But yeah, you can use that to a 14th Amendment type thing.
I'd rather avoid that.
But then I go to explain again that they don't have the right to reserve service to anyone.
They don't have private ownership rights.
They can't have the advantages of a corporation and the advantages of a sole proprietor, but none of the disadvantages, because there's no accountability.
And that worked for you and Casper?
It worked the first time.
This time I go in, their strong arm comes out again.
Now, this time there's no witnesses.
I thought there might be a chance I could catch the main guy before closing.
I think so.
This has got to stop.
By the way, I've got your videos real quick.
I showed them to one person who no amount of evidence will ever convince them.
Real disappointing.
But when I see that takeover, the masters of terror, that's the real convincer to me in my opinion.
They're all excellent, but that's beyond excellent.
Some people will never, they can't handle it.
But when I see that movie, Police State 2, The Takeover, that woman in Seattle, that little old lady, my medical bills will be enormous.
See, I'm one of the terrorists.
That fills me with anger.
You know what I'm saying?
Well, police in black uniforms savagely beating old women in neighborhoods.
Yeah, thanks for the call.
You bet.
It's amazing.
Let's talk to Charlotte in Virginia.
Go ahead, Charlotte.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Okay, we're finding her on the board.
Just tell me when you got her.
Maybe we'll hold her over and go through in the next segment.
It's only a one-minute break for the next hour.
While we're finding Charlotte, we're going to you and then Ray and Don and others.
Paul, they've tried this at banks with me, and I just bug my eyes back at the hired goon.
But under Homeland Security, they talk about infrastructure protection, the key word you saw in this new TIPS program.
And we're going to go to Charlotte.
We'll just have a one-minute break, and we'll go to Charlotte the next hour.
Charlotte, stay right there.
We're about to go to you.
But, Paul, this is a key term, this infrastructure protection, where they say it's for protection.
Well, I've got Ridge on tape.
On C-SPAN saying they're going to have troops in the stores, the shops, the streets, anywhere that's, quote, infrastructure.
Oh, they've got to protect it.
There can't be any rights there.
The microcosm was the airports.
Now you're not going to have those rights anywhere.
See where I'm going with this?
Yeah, and even Newsmax reported on that, that they would be putting troops in businesses.
And obviously the airports are the prototype police state, as I call it, introducing all these measures and calling it, you know,
Not a private arena to be in an airport, and then not a private arena to be in a business, and then it finally gets down to being in your own home is not considered private.
We'll be right back with your calls and a bunch of news on the other side.
Stay there.
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We really do appreciate the fine work they're doing.
Right now, we're going to jump right back into the calls, and we're going to get into MI5, MI6, and their terror.
More on Paul Joseph Watson's new book, Order Out of Chaos, The New World Order, and...
It's elite-sponsored terrorism.
And we're going to get into these microbiologists that have been dying who are connected to race-specific viruses and bacteria and how that ties into Dr. David Kelly, the guy that blew the whistle on falsified weapons of mass destruction evidence.
Let's go to Charlotte in Virginia, who's been holding a long, long time.
Thank you so much, Charlotte.
You're on the air with Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones.
Hello, Alex.
Good to be on the air.
I want the American people to beware of these small nonprofit organizations that's out here that claim that they are going to help people with their rent and utilities and house repairs and things like that.
They get you to sign over rights to your house.
Yeah, they do.
And now they're getting state law here in Texas.
Many other states are doing it.
Where you ever take Medicaid or Medicare, they get your house.
Yeah, that's right.
But I was fired from my job from warning the clients to stay away from the smaller agencies or the bigger agencies like the Department of Social Services, the Child Enforcement Agency, and the CTS, Child Protective Services.
I also warned them not to take the FEMA funds that we got to help people with their rent.
I warned them what FEMA was all about.
My boss
So he wanted you to be a party to crimes of the government racketeering and extortion of getting people through ignorance to waive their rights and contractually give up property and their children.
Right, exactly.
And also, too, who knew that if you fired me that I was going to need a little help.
So when I did go to try to get some help, I was told by the director of another agency that they were warned by their boss that if they helped me in any way that they would be fired.
Yeah, so now you can't blow the whistle, you can't stand up.
I mean, that's part of Homeland Security.
You just fire whoever you want, whenever you want, and let the government get more and more evil.
And my ex-boss does have a website and a guestbook if anybody would like to find their guestbook.
It's www.mountainshelter.org.
Well, send me some information on that.
All right.
I'd like to investigate it because I don't know the particulars of your case and can't confirm or deny it, but I'd like to investigate it and see what's going on.
But I appreciate you having that moral stand, and God bless.
Paul, comments to what she was just talking about?
Take care.
Well, she began by talking about the issue of private property.
I mean, anyone that has a mortgage basically doesn't own their own property, but the eventual agenda behind private property is to have everyone in the third world police state mentality living in high-rise slave pens, which is the situation at the moment in places like Korea and China.
So that's the ultimate agenda behind the restriction of private property.
I've seen them talk about it.
Compact cities, easier to control us.
They actually say that.
We're going to come back and get into indentured servitude.
They're bringing it back in multiple facets.
And Dr. David Kelly and the race-specific viruses and bacteria in your call.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Take Three, is for you.
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All right, let's take three more calls real quick.
It's a very tried and trusted activity of corrupt governments
But right now, let's go back to Ray in Maryland.
And Paul, anytime you want to jump in, just jump in.
Ray in Maryland, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good to talk to you, Ray.
Thanks for holding.
I'm here.
Okay, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good, good.
Question for Paul for a minute, then I get to where I'm going with it.
Do you have a Walmart over in your country?
Well, I mentioned earlier, Walmart owned the major supermarket chain in Britain, which is called Asda.
It's basically an extrapolation of Walmart, the whole corporation.
Where I'm going with this is, do you all think that they're part of the national security or the New World Order, intertwined with them?
Because I know of, in Missouri...
They built a complex, a bunker.
They call it a communication bunker.
And they're saying it's only one story.
I was watching it being built, and it looked to me like it was three stories.
Now, we've talked to people that were inside of it, and it sounds like you were.
I've been on the local radio station.
They're on the Arkansas-Missouri line.
Yep, yep.
You've obviously heard me then locally.
And I've got the documents myself and gave them to Catherine Albrecht and others.
And this was about three months ago, four months ago, with the RFID Center and the secret operation with Homeland Security and how there's a bunker there with the FBI in it to track the RFIDs and to use face-scanning camera systems through Walmart's cameras.
Well, all of that now has come out, sir.
All of that, not just the interview a month ago with Catherine Albrecht that we broke first and now has been posted as a transcript.
Thanks to the great listeners of the transcript on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Now, it's admitted in the Wall Street Journal AP Wired that they're saying, we want to make you take RFID chips in all the products and track you around to stop terrorists.
And Ridge is going to announce it's to stop terrorists.
So there's the answer right there.
Yeah, obviously Walmart was the original driving force behind RFID, and it continues to this day.
They got barcodes adopted in 1985.
Yeah, we've got RFID being proposed for every solution to terrorism or security.
RFID in passports, RFID controlling the food supply.
So obviously Walmart are a powerful driving force behind that.
Yeah, I noticed they tried to implement it a couple months ago in their products.
Big backlash.
And they said, okay, we're not going to do it.
And we're never going to track you.
How ridiculous.
Then their documents come out.
We want to track and control everyone.
We're working with the Pentagon and Homeland Security.
And it's all the corporations, not just Walmart.
And then we're going to have a report that comes out that says it's to stop terror.
But it's really about control.
And then you see the report.
It's about stopping terror.
We want to make it the law.
You have to have the chip on you.
I mean, this is incredible stuff.
That's what I wanted to know.
I didn't hear your show on it.
Well, everybody should get the transcript.
Paul, tell them how they get the transcript of the interview with Catherine Albrecht when we broke the story.
Well, the transcript, go to prisonplanet.com and just click on Alex Jones under Independent Contributors.
It's the top story.
Alex Jones interviews Catherine Albrecht.
The entire transcript is posted there, as well as a link to the actual MP3 audio interview.
Well, I was watching it being built, and they're trying to say it's only one story tall, but I'm pretty sure, I'm 100% sure it's three stories deep.
Well, it's an admitted command bunker that runs all the air conditioning, the cameras, the uploading systems, the credit card systems, the face scanning cameras, the RFID systems.
And in their documents I got it said, our RFID center will track everything and even track vehicles on the road.
And then you've got the FBI involved in it.
It's critical infrastructure.
This is the control grid.
And I've seen a five-star general overseeing it, too.
And that was kind of scary.
So you're a construction worker?
No, I live by there.
And I go up there.
I was going up there periodically just sitting there and watching them.
Okay, well, tell us what you saw and tell us where this is located.
Well, it's right there on the Missouri line, the Missouri-Arkansas line.
And what I've seen was them digging it out, them installing it, that five-star general coming in there overseeing it.
I've even talked to the guard himself when I wasn't there, and he said, yeah, he comes in here periodically and just checks things out.
And I know they've got four big generators inside this thing,
And I'm thinking to myself, why would they have four big generators for being only one story like they're saying?
Well, I mean, it's admitted, sir.
It's four stories underground from the documents we've got, and it's an admitted command bunker to run Walmart, to run their warehouses as special facilities.
I know.
Special places for us.
Yeah, it's a pretty well-convenient place.
Well, I have an Associated Press article from last year.
I know you posted this, Paul.
Where they go, Walmart's doing drills where you come by and get jelly beans as simulated medicine for the bio attack, and they're putting up little fences around them and putting in police substations.
There are areas where we're going to have to congregate in the future for directions in that very area of Missouri, Arkansas, and the Ozarks there.
We posted the articles on InfoWars.com where they told the kids under a red alert,
Well, yeah, anyone can go to Google News right now, type in RFID, and RFID is integrated into every single thing you can imagine.
We've got headlines like, Taiwan uses RFID to combat SARS.
RFID, will it stop terrorism?
They make the Iraqis wear the little, to have a job, you've got to wear a bracelet with an RFID.
Go ahead.
Yeah, it's been introduced into the Japanese yen, also being fused into the Verichip Crusade as well.
So every single facet of the Big Brother Police State, you can see elements of RFID within it.
Chips being activated, reading, sending back data everywhere you go.
And an automatic checkout system, too.
Walmart has three of those in their Bentonville store, too.
But see, what happens is it's self-checkout at first.
You watch.
If there's three of them, there'll be six in a few months, and then nine.
And then they're going to force you onto that.
And then they say, oh, well, it cuts costs.
Folks, all this does is destroy the economy.
People won't have entry-level jobs to go buy products.
All the factories, everything, it's going to remote control.
That gives a tiny group total power over the population.
Even if the soldiers and police refuse to go along, they then control it.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, Ray.
That was Ray in Maryland.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Now let's go.
Don just hung up.
We were just about to go to Don.
So who was up next there, Mark?
Who in Texas?
Kevin in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Paul, great job, guys.
Alex, about a month ago I gave you an article from the Bangkok Post that had a government official claiming that
They were forced to make arrests of Muslims in Thailand and trump up all these terrorism charges against it.
And the official said that it was all being forced on them by the U.S.
government and that they wanted them to do this so they could come in on their war on terror.
Yeah, I got that article.
Was that a several publications?
It was Bangkok Post.
And then a few weeks ago, when they had the little miniature coup in the Philippines, those soldiers that took over the mall were claiming...
They wanted back pay, and they also claimed that special units within the Filipino Army with the U.S.
government had staged these bombings and these attacks.
And then they had one of the American terrorists, and the CIA took him out and wouldn't let the police have him.
So, I mean, our CIA for the last 50 years have been honing their skills on these third-world countries around the world, and all they've done is they've just brought it home now.
Well, have you seen The Quiet American with...
A great actor.
Who's the British actor, older guy?
Oh, I forget.
I've heard of it.
He plays Austin Powers' dad.
Oh, Michael Caine.
Yeah, Michael Caine, a great actor.
But The Quiet American is fiction, but it's based on a true story.
You've got this guy who's actual stupid, works for the U.S.
government, and he's there, and really it turns out he's blowing stuff up to blame it on the enemies.
Well, that's based on a true story.
And it's the same story over and over again.
I mean, the CIA admits it did this in a bunch of terrible countries.
Now they're doing it here.
They did it in Italy.
They did it in France to protect the Corsican heroin mob.
If I could, I'd like to speak to Paul for a second.
Sure, go ahead.
Hey, Paul.
Kevin Smith here in Austin.
My father's British, and nice to talk to a fellow countryman, I guess.
You know, the recent report on 9-1-1 that I guess our Congress put out, and there were the 28 pages that were redacted,
Are you aware of that?
Some time ago, a year ago, I read the book Forbidden Truth by those two French authors.
It seems to me that those 28 redacted pages are all available for anyone to see in that book.
These guys had the flow charts, the pyramids, showed where the money from the old BCCI gang and all the Sudanese banks and Ben Mahfouz...
It seemed to me it's all there.
The problem was it's all there and it all comes back to the Bushes.
Are you aware of any of that?
Also, if you would touch on MI5, MI6 using al-Qaeda in Libya to overthrow Qaddafi.
I'll just hang up and listen to you guys.
Great job.
The Saudi Arabia connection, I'm not surprised that those 28 redacted pages were available.
Mainly the Saudi Arabia connection is a complete distraction because we know that Saudi Arabia basically is under firm control of the New World Order.
But you mentioned earlier the Philippines bombings.
And we know that the Project for a New American Century have the agenda to create military bases in Asia.
Tell you what, stay there, Paul.
This is the time to get into MI5, MI6, Mossad, CIA terror attacks, and what your book Order Out of Chaos gets into.
We'll cover this for about 20 minutes.
Get into some of the forced labor camp news that's now in the mainstream news.
And then we'll take calls the last 20 minutes.
So everybody stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
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Alright, we're back live, and Paul Joseph Watson, my good friend who's on the line with us right now from England, has written Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terrorism and the New World Order, 334 pages long, and believe me, it is excellent.
You want something to convince people?
You want something to educate yourself on the facts?
This is the book, folks.
It's only $19.95, and we're carrying it.
We printed it.
We published it at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
You can get it.
And let's launch into it, Paul.
Government-sponsored terrorism.
We posted a bunch of mainstream articles as of late about how the CIA has to go pick up their terrorists, pick them up in Afghanistan.
Turns out that it's staged arrest of their own agents who they later release.
Pick them up in Indonesia.
Turns out it's staged arrest.
Pick them up in the Philippines.
Turns out it's staged arrest.
And then they do the same thing in your country, right there at home blowing stuff up.
Tell us all about it.
Well, yeah, I mean, we've had the stage arrest of Khalid Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-Sheib connecting to the so-called imaginary al-Qaeda network.
But previous caller mentioned the Philippines, and obviously we've had the recent Marriott hotel bombing in Indonesia, Jakarta, which was... The target was known, the time of the attack was known, and the actual official explanation of the attack conflicts through the eyewitness reports...
And we can relate that to the general agenda behind the operation in Asia, which is a destabilisation campaign.
And there was an interesting article which I posted on Prison Planet last week which talks about how the US government has been using these proxy Islamic agents to fake terrorist attacks.
And with regard to the Philippines, they used a man called Michael Mearing to blow up the Evergreen Hotel in the Philippines.
We're good to go.
At the wrong time, mangling his own lower body.
But before Mearing could even get to hospital, he was whisked off by FBI and NSA agents to a secure American military base.
I noticed it turns out it wasn't a Muslim or anybody.
It turns out it was a government agent.
And now all that's admitted.
And take Indonesia last week.
Turns out the U.S.
government checked in, checked out four hours before, pulled its people, and that's probably the bombers right there.
We have the original bombing last year in...
In Bali, where they told the Taiwanese government that found out about it two weeks before, don't tell anybody about this bombing that's coming up.
Go ahead.
And we got the report out today where the so-called brains behind the Bali bombing operation denies any involvement.
Most of the other suspects of the Bali bombing were tortured to confess to carrying out the bombing.
And that's now admitted.
And you talk about lower IQs.
They normally got 70, 75-point IQs.
The guys that bombed the World Trade Center were both mentally retarded.
And they were told, you're doing this as a wonderful jihad.
They paid a CIA guy named Salim to cook it.
He thought it was just a sting, said, I'm not going to be part of this.
Pulled out, recorded the FBI telling them to let the bombing go forward.
The two retarded guys didn't park the thing up against the column, so it didn't bring down the building, thank God.
And then you've got the actual ringleader of the Bali bombing recently.
Sentenced to death, Amrose, who cannot stop laughing, giggling and smiling whenever he's in public, you know, an obvious mind-control subject.
So this pattern of using mentally retarded people is prevalent throughout each attack.
Obviously we can lead on to the same system, Order Out of Chaos, which is the MI5 British intelligence involvement in the bombings both in London and Ireland.
And then shooting people, kneecapping folks that won't go out and start street fights either.
I mean, just keeping the basic bedlam going on.
We'll talk about the history of that when we get back, but why would they do that?
What's the reason to do this?
Obviously they need to keep a divided island because the IRA are a successful organization in carrying out terrorist bombings.
Which supposedly go against their own intention of uniting Ireland and only further the divided nature of Ireland because there's this security threat which the British need to step in and sort out.
So, yeah, we can go on to talk about Her Majesty's Terrorist Network, which is the actual sample chapter that we've posted online.
That's right.
Right now, by going to Infowars.com and clicking on the big banner that says Order Out of Chaos, you can go and read a sample chapter
And you know, I was thinking, Paul, if you want to post a sample chapter yourself and put hyperlinks on the news articles, the sourcing you have, that might be good.
We might want to add the photos, too, so people get a real idea of what they get with the book.
That's just one chapter of many, a 334-page book, folks.
You need to get it.
It's on Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
You can order the book, $19.95.
It's a...
What they call it is the perfect cover, a tight paperback, a really strong, really nice kind of a cross between a paperback and a hardback.
And it's a beautiful book, and what's more important is what's inside of it.
So be sure and write to us or go to the website and get that.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks, I do this show live Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, and then back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
At night, we're on the global shortwave at 5.085 and 68.90.
The internet at infowars.com and on your local AM and FM dial.
During the day on shortwave at 12.172 and 93.20 from 11 to 2 Central.
Coming up from 4 to 5 o'clock today, or 4 to 6, excuse me, Central time, I'm going to be sitting in for John Stapmiller on the National Intel Report.
I'm going to have Paul Joseph Watson back on because we took all those calls and there's so much news here and
What's the big deal?
I mentioned the sample chapter that we've posted online, which documents the history of British intelligence, not only sponsoring and financially supporting proxy terrorist organisations, but actually carrying out the bombings and assassinations.
Now we can preface this by taking a look at the news today.
There's an article out of the London Independent which has a headline,
Police on alert for imminent al-Qaeda terror attack on Britain.
And this coincides with a massive simulated attack on the London Underground.
And, of course, also coincides with similar drastic warnings coming out of the U.S.
So they have these drills, which has now been released from the White House, are meant to, quote, create fear.
Then they can step in and go, we'll take care of you.
Yeah, and the same propaganda coordination is seen on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean at the same time.
But the usual counter-argument to MI5 infiltration of the IRA goes along the lines of,
Well, we have to be dirtier than the terrorists to defeat them.
But MI5 have not only infiltrated the Irish Republican Army, they are the Irish Republican Army.
At the very top, the leadership owes its allegiance to the Queen and to the old-school British Illuminati.
And MI5, talking about getting caught red-handed...
MR5 actually got caught carrying out the Omar bombing in August 1998, which killed dozens of people, including 13 children.
Um, MI5 actually had an agent within the bomb squad who talked to the bomb maker the night before the bombing, tracked the bomb vehicle to its destination, and then was on the ground coordinating the attack.
And within days, both the British and the Irish parliaments were recalled to pass emergency anti-terror legislation which passed
Yeah, because if there wasn't machine gunnings and killings and bombings, the Crown wouldn't have the excuse to have ground troops running around.
And they also have been caught with their intelligence guys, who are the heads of the IRA locally, as well as orange Protestants locally.
And even years before the Omar bombing...
As you were talking about, similar bombings and assassinations in London and Northern Ireland always led back to MI5, an example of which is the Bishopsgate Israeli Embassy bombing in 1993.
And we've got an archive on Prison Planet, which I need to update because this stuff comes out every other week, but already includes the headlines out of mainstream British newspapers like the Sunday Herald and the London Guardian, with headlines like, the army asked me to make bombs for the IRA,
...told me I had the Prime Minister's blessing, then tried to kill me, and that was the Sunday Herald.
And another one read, British double agent was in real IRA's Omar Bond team.
So most of this information was leaked because of courageous efforts, basically, of former agents, specifically MI5 agent David Shaler, who was, of course, subsequently arrested for blowing the whistle on the fact that the government was carrying out terrorist attacks.
And Shaila's actual very trial was subject to a denotice, which in Britain means that the media are forbidden from reporting on it, and obviously because during the trial more damaging revelations than this actually emerged.
And Shaila, with relation to Al-Qaeda, also blew the whistle on how MI6, and I remember Carla mentioned earlier this exact subject, MI6 paid...
Al-Qaeda, $200,000 to carry out an assassination of Gaddafi in 1996.
Now, this is, remember, three years after terrorist organisation linked to Al-Qaeda, which is obviously CIA, had bombed the World Trade Centre.
And the exact same contract in which the British intelligence agency paid $200,000 included the stipulation that British intelligence would hold anything
...opportunity to arrest Osama bin Laden, and that was reported in the London Observer.
And we've had other things reported in Time Magazine and the BBC, that MI5 actually provided protection to Osama bin Laden's right-hand man immediately after September 11th, a man by the name of Abu Qatada, who was the leader of al-Qaeda's European network.
MI5 graciously fed, clothed, protected him and his family in a government safe house.
And we had headlines out the BBC which read, Britain sheltering Al-Qaeda leader.
The Guardian reported, MI5 wanted me to escape, claims cleric.
This is Osama Bin Laden's right-hand man we're talking about, so it's clear that the lower-level agents like Shaila, who become privy to this information, are desperately trying to blow the whistle and are later imprisoned.
Meanwhile, the leadership of Her Majesty's terrorist network, which is what the chapter's called, continues to carry out terrorist attacks and protect terrorist networks both in Ireland and worldwide.
Now, this has been just hundreds of articles in your country, but they just calmly report it like you're talking about the price of lettuce or something.
Are people on the street or at the pubs or at church talking about this in England, Paul?
Not at the moment, no.
I mean, the Sunday Herald did multiple articles on it, but they were all relegated to the back of the newspaper, which is what usually happens.
But still, I mean, they're just calmly reporting that all these bombings over these years of the government, well...
You know, I mean, it's like the report when Porton Down released the foot and mouth.
Well, we did it.
We're going to have to kill all your cows and sheep and take your land.
I mean, it's just... Oh, Porton Down killed U.S.
and British troops in tests in the mid-'80s.
Just killed troops knowingly.
Ah, well, we're still good.
It's just amazing how they just calmly report this.
Yeah, I mean, even the very day after bombings, terrorist bombings, we still kept the...
Well, the U.S.
government four hours before pulled 20 people out of rooms.
Yeah, the attack wasn't known beforehand because 20 to 30 rooms were cancelled hours before and diplomats pulled out, which is similar with the Bali bombing where they also pulled out hours before.
So why didn't the 14 victims... But see, I mean, before they weren't this sloppy, Paul.
It's like they want us to know now.
They want a certain class, certain genre of folks who are educated and researching to see it and know what they are, and it's just like it's a big sick joke.
They're like leering at us, laughing at us.
I don't know.
Yes, similar with the David Kelly case where he was
Obviously murdered, but we can go into that.
Yeah, he's got electrodes hanging on his chest.
They say this has never been seen.
Totally bizarre.
Hadn't been in the hospital in months.
He's got his wrist slit.
He said he had dark actors following him, was being threatened, was being mistreated, and he was going to get his good name back.
Couldn't wait to get back to Iraq.
He was involved in developing race-specific bioweapons and hooked into weird globalist companies.
Now he's dead.
I guess it's a security risk, huh?
Well, yeah, and then we have the BBC reporting today that David Kelly had mentioned to friends that he was looking forward to returning to Iraq and attending the wedding of his daughter.
Well, that was in the emails.
This is out of control, folks.
I mean, this is like, I'm Alex Jones, and I'm never going to commit suicide, and I love my life, and I want to live to be 110, and then tomorrow I'm found dead after, you know, exposing the government, and then they go, suicide!
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
So we're supposed to believe that a man goes out jogging with a smile on his face looking forward to future events, ends up with his wrist slit in the middle of a desolate field, and I mean, I've had emails from doctors who have told me personally that
Slitting the wrist as a method of suicide is not only one of the most painful ways to kill yourself, but it is also one of the least successful.
And on top of that, we have the mysterious eight hours before the body was found, according to the London Telegraph.
Well, the police said it was a grisly scene.
There was some discussion of a gunshot wound, but that's all disappeared now.
Yeah, along with a plethora of other suspicious circumstances.
And as soon as the story broke, as we mentioned before,
I saw it as a method of intimidation for any other potential whistleblowers.
I mean, with Shaler, he got imprisoned.
Kelly blew the whistle, he got killed.
And so that's exactly what it's proved to be.
The day after Kelly died, Blair came out and publicly stated that the inquiry would be short and that, quote, he already knew what the outcome would be.
And it turns out that Lord Hutton, who is directing the inquiry, has close links to the very establishment that he's supposed to be questioning.
So expect the actual inquiries to be a complete whitewash.
Oh, that's what they always are.
I mean, the people running the 911 Commission were involved in the attacks.
And they'll probably bring out another stage media event to distract from all the attacks.
Yeah, like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Colby Bryant.
Arnold now says, by the way, he's against giving illegals benefits, which is a good thing, but I wouldn't believe him for a minute.
That's a Colby Bryant.
I mean, folks, why are we even hearing about this?
Who cares?
I mean, we're talking about real issues here that shake the foundations of our entire society.
Paul, there's this article out today.
I want to shift gears here for a second because I said I'd cover this.
Criminals face work camp to pay fines.
Now, we have this in the U.S.
This is out of London Guardian, out of England.
Criminals who fail to pay fines will be forced to work them off at below the minimum wage under a controversial scheme to restore public faith in the court process.
Now, folks, they say make prisoners work, or now there's discussions of making you work off your debts if you don't pay them.
The problem is the banks issue the credit out of nothing.
It's all zeros and ones.
They just make up.
And at the same time, you say, well, make them work.
Well, then that competes against you, folks.
The proposal, which has been described as smacking of chain gangs by organizations working with offenders, will be piloted next year as part of plans being drawn up by the Department of Constitutional Affairs to privatize the final collection system.
It goes on.
Last year, 45% of fines went unpaid, rising to 60% in some cases.
It says, ministers believe the new fine payments work system will help reduce the number of offenders sent to prison for non-payment of fines to discourage people from committing further crimes.
It says the work camps.
You're going to get a ticket now.
That's right.
We're going to take you to the work camp.
Of course, they're going to raise the fine so you can't pay it.
You've got to go to the work camp.
The work camps will be run by the voluntary sector and would involve low-level manual work, such as litter collection, graffiti removal, and canal and river clearance.
Oh, like the Soviet work gangs.
By the way, under the new draft system in the U.S.
and England are proposing, you'll all have to go dig ditches until you're, what, 49 years old.
And they've got warrant service and neighborhood tattletale squads.
It's right out of Russia, folks.
This is what they'd come by and, you know, you've got to volunteer here.
Compulsory volunteerism, or doublespeak.
The DCA has confirmed that fines will be paid off at little less than the minimum wage, although the rate has not been set.
The range of financial penalties presented, covered by the fine collection system, include everything from parking fees to court costs and compensation for victims of crime.
A secret government review of the fine system, commissioned by the DCA and seen by the Observer, shows that the $411 million in fines imposed last year
56% was collected.
So they got the crisis.
People aren't paying their fines.
I guess the satellite tracker boxes will catch you speeding, too.
You'll have to do this.
So what's it like?
They're getting the work camps ready, Paul.
You ready to go into them?
This whole thing is directed towards this private prison industry.
And, I mean, we see the same system being implemented with specific reference to the recent bill that came out of Oregon.
Which stated that anyone protesting would be sent to a, quote, forest work camp.
So we see the direction that this was headed.
For life.
For life.
That was proposed by the head of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Menace.
I'm not kidding his name, Senator Menace.
And we've posted that bill many times.
It said anyone that blocks traffic or commits any misdemeanor, including gun possession, will be given life in prison in a foreign labor camp.
And it lists music, swapping, life in prison, forest labor camp.
And then we have the county commissioner on who said that the feds were building a camp.
And that was on a local TV station.
Sounds like freedom, doesn't it?
Yeah, I mean, we already have the system of working off your sentence with community service, but with this, the whole system's been centralised.
Directed towards a centralized police state, which is basically the whole way that the British judicial system... And everybody knows the crime in your country is being caused by all the illegals they're bringing in.
No one will punish them, but a farmer defends himself against knife-wielding gypsies and he gets, what, they try to give him like 50 years, but then after four years of serving it, they finally released him?
Yeah, and the media is basically still bashing Tony Martin for what he did.
Oh, it's so horrible.
He defended himself and his wife after he'd been robbed three times by these guys.
Oh, it's terrible.
And the guy that robbed him is like a little rock star.
They just love him, don't they?
Yeah, and since Dunblane, the private ownership of firearms...
Has been basically abolished in this country and then you go back and look at Dunblane where Thomas Hamilton went into a primary school and shot basically dozens of children.
That links back to the fact that he was a Freemason and leaders of NATO like George Robertson and top government MPs were sending letters back and forth before the incident saying how Hamilton should be protected in whatever he does because he was in the Freemason.
So again that led to the
Complete abolition of handgun ownership in this country.
And then your crime rate totally exploded.
Yeah, quadrupled, basically.
So now we're forced to defend our homes with baseball bats, and now even that's being called illegal.
Yeah, I see stories where, like, a guy's trying to rape her, and she stabs him, and the police arrest her and say that was too much force.
Yeah, and the same system's being implemented in places all over the world, South Africa.
I mean, that happens basically every week where a rapist or a burglar or a murderer comes in, invades a private home, the homeowners fight back, and the homeowners are prosecuted.
So again, the same judicial... Yeah, I mean, it's simple.
When criminals run the government, they protect criminals.
I tell you, this is so sick, folks.
It's so sick.
And now we see it in the U.S.
where they arrest you defending yourself in your own home, even in the South.
And it's just, there's not even a law.
They just, well, you know, so he was attacking you.
Well, we're still arresting you.
It's all a part of freedom here.
We're going to come back and hit NATO takes over Afghanistan peace force.
Folks, NATO now off in Central Asia.
And we'll get, we've got a bunch of final news articles with Paul Watson.
And we'll plug how to get his new book.
Stay with us.
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All right, my friends, final segment, and I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, and I'll be back in two hours.
I'm going to be doing the National Intel Report for John Staten Island, and Paul Joseph Watson is going to join me for two hours.
I've got a couple of other articles I want to hit on here, Paul, but before we go any further, go through some of the basic chapters in the next minute or two that are in your new book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terrorism, and the New World Order, and tell folks why they should go to the websites or why they should write to me.
Well, basically, people should buy the book to not just support me, but support you also, because, I mean, obviously you're the publisher, but the book itself is so exhaustively documented that it is a great tool to wake up other people.
We've got
Yeah, you've got articles where the...
You know, the Washington Post admits and the Kansas City Star admits that the Rothschilds are behind the UFO movement.
This is the Kansas City Star, folks, and are funding all this phoniness and it's this crisis they want to create that, oh, now we're being invaded.
I mean, the book totally exposes that.
And we've got documents spanning back to the Iron Mountain Project, which proposed the same thing, basically.
Go ahead.
Yeah, that's what your book has got that other books don't have.
Well, basically, it's
I dismiss things that have already been documented by other people because there's no point in rehashing old ground.
So I basically take what's happened over the last two years and apply it to the general agenda that we're trying to... Hey, listen, I read the book three times.
Once when I was deciding whether I wanted to print it and then two other times while I was proofreading it.
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And I believe now you can call the operators and order there.
It's now on the order list at 1-888.
That's 888-253-3139.
And it's a great book.
Also, we just printed it, so that was very expensive to get all these books printed.
So folks, do help us with that and go ahead and order it.
But you may know all about the New World Order, too, folks, but other people don't.
And if you want my films, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, Masters of Terror, Road to Tyranny, my book, Descent to Tyranny, go to infowars.com or the mailing address or call toll-free 888-253-3139.
Paul, what about NATO now?
Overnight, it's going to be invading other countries and running the peacekeeping forces.
NATO takes over Afghanistan peacekeeping force.
NATO this Monday embarked on a landmark mission where it takes over the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.
This is a big deal, isn't it?
Well, yeah, it's obviously another order-out-of-care scenario.
We have a situation in Afghanistan where the guerrilla attacks on US troops and British troops are, in fact, basically double the amount of attacks that are going on against US and British troops in Iraq.
But they've successfully been covered up by the mainstream media.
And we've had articles about Afghanistan, which basically say Afghanistan out of control and things like that coming out of the Arab media.
All right, Paul.
It's a perfect pretext.
Paul, thanks for coming on, and we'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, and back in two hours in the National Intel Report.
I'll be back tomorrow, 11 to 2, to tell everybody about the show.
Paul, thanks for coming on.
Okay, thanks, Alex.
You bet.
I want to thank John Statmore for letting me use his studio today while they were working on mine.
I'll be back in my studio in two hours.
Join us.
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