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Air Date: Aug. 8, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have a parasite flash that is very sophisticated.
We're good to go.
That's the new America, folks!
I want to take a lot of calls.
It'll be open line Friday, and I do want to get to the news today and a lot of news throughout the week that I did not get to, so I'm going to jump straight into it.
In fact, when we get back in the next segment, because I'll have time, I want to read an article out of the Denver Post today that hurts my heart.
I mean, this stuff is painful to see people engaging in crimes.
That rivals Nazi Germany.
And to watch them do it right out in the open and admit what they're doing and say it's their right to do it.
The Denver Post, this is so evil that even the liberal Denver Post, the socialist Denver Post, has had to decry it.
The woman had no criminal record, had a beautiful home, family, church.
She went to have her fifth child.
CPS came and said, you'll answer all our questions.
She said, no, I get to see a lawyer.
What have I done?
They said, nothing.
We're just here to do a checkup with every mother now.
And they said, answer our questions and we'll take your child.
She said, how dare you?
So they grabbed the child, laughed at her, left, took it, and aren't answering the media or anybody's questions and say, hey, forget it.
You're not getting your kid back.
We read the article a few weeks ago, had the family on, valedictorian, homeschooler, highest scores, 3.84, graduating from college, CPS saw it on the news.
I mean, this is in the New York Daily News, New York Post.
Multiple articles, CPS saw it on the news, and they're trying right now to take a 15-year-old to a foster care home.
She's happy, well-adjusted, in college, has friends, graduating from college, going on to get her master's, got into college at 13.
And they're trying to take her.
I mean, we're living in a... Folks, Russians, a lot of Russians didn't know they were living in tyranny.
They thought it was, well, just normal that people disappeared.
The kids were taken.
People thought that was normal in Cuba.
We've had guests talk about that.
It's documented.
People thought it was normal in Germany that they took your kids if they wanted to.
Hitler was big on child protective services, one of the big pioneers of it.
And we got it here, and they don't care, and it is a literal criminal cult, folks.
And sure, some of those families they go after are really doing bad stuff, but that's a criminal matter.
No need for them.
So just because somebody might be a criminal or might be doing something wrong, well, that means they can commit even bigger state-sponsored crimes against everyone, and we're supposed to sit here and take it.
They're like the IRS, folks.
They've got their own courts, their own judges, their own rules.
No juries.
Can't face your accusers.
They're arming with their own SWAT teams.
And UNESCO's public plan, the UN, folks, we've read it here, is to, quote, break up the family.
It's a disease.
I've read the University of Texas textbook
On air, where they say, quote, the family is bad and must be eliminated and belongs to the age of savagery.
I mean, their plan's right out in the open.
Take your land, take your guns, take your kids, get rid of the borders, bring in a giant third world population.
And, folks, this next article I've got is hellish.
And then I've got a bunch of other news, too.
Just stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Folks, it's Friday.
Big show lined up for you.
We're 8 minutes and 18 seconds into this hour, this first hour.
A bunch of global news, national news, the situation on Iraq, all these different terror bombings taking place in Iraq and Saudi Arabia and in Jakarta, Indonesia.
We'll be discussing that as well.
But every couple days I see an article just like this.
And I've become desensitized to it.
I've become acclimated to where...
I don't even covered it like I should.
I mean, this is an epidemic.
This is a horror.
There are over a million and a half, million and a half children taken each year by federally funded child kidnapping services.
I think we're good to go.
Governments and agencies and orphanages, public or private, abuse kids more than parents statistically.
So it's kind of a catch-22.
You take kids from abusers and give them to people statistically that have an even bigger penchant for abuse where criminals of all types are attracted because they can then abuse people who are defenseless.
And that's just the, you know, go get a master's degree in criminology and you'll find out all about it, okay?
It's the big dirty secret.
It's the crime statistics, folks.
So their argument's blown right there.
But I have to tell you, I mean, if you're the daughter or son of a crack dealer, you don't have a problem, folks.
They don't want you.
But if you're middle class, if you...
Don't know your rights.
They will get in a year $200,000 of federal funds if they can string your toddler out on Ritalin Prozac.
Oh, yeah, this is admitted.
In Florida, tens of thousands of these kids are put in maximum security mental institutions on wings next to adults.
They got two-and-a-half-year-olds on Ritalin because if the child cries and throws a fit, that's considered mental illness.
This is Miami Herald, folks.
I mean, imagine a science fiction movie where toddlers are drugged in cages.
You'd go see it and go, man, that's a sick movie.
I don't ever want to think about it.
But it happens in America.
Oh, it's so good.
Oh, it's a good thing.
And the news has lots of pieces how it's good.
Folks, I've covered this for years.
I've been to the hospitals, okay, where the mothers had a newborn baby.
No criminal records.
And got some welfare, was recommended with her first baby.
Oh, come to the city hospital.
It'll be paid for.
Oh, I'll get some help.
Come in, sign here, take the kid.
You're at risk because you're both working blue-collar jobs, but you've got a house.
Take the first kid.
At birth.
And then I'm there to watch this woman.
We go there, and there's police stalking around, you name it.
They're trying to make her sign documents.
They're threatening her.
Mike's got a hidden camera getting footage of this.
They're telling her, you better do it right now.
And the cops are going down and showing his teeth.
What's your problem?
She goes... And then all of a sudden they grab us, threaten to arrest us, throw us out of the hospital.
And then eyewitnesses that were still there said they just grabbed her and squeezed her arm.
We talked to her, of course, on the TV show.
Squeezed her arm and said, sign it!
She did, and they go, that's better.
Grab the kid.
That's it, folks.
I mean, these are sick, evil, demonic, demonic people.
I mean, I live in a Freddy Krueger nightmare, folks, watching them commit the crimes, and then it got even sicker.
We then got the actual brief where they had had her flagged on the computer for the next time she went to a hospital.
Basically, they were just picking the apple tree, kidnapping her second kid.
They knew she was an easy pushover.
Her and her husband, you know, poor white folks.
They go in, and these are prized babies, folks.
I mean, they admit it, they're prized, because they're white.
They get a lot of money on them in the adoption after a couple years of siphoning off money for raising them a bit.
This is all admitted.
And so...
We sat there and watched that.
Then we got the brief of when they got the flag at the hospital.
They didn't even run down to the judge.
They just have forms they print out of all the crimes this woman has committed, and then they sign it.
Now, understand, all the crimes she's committed, it's just blank forms listing every crime imaginable, every form of evil, and then they just sign it.
And they listed, you know, from the birth certificate, the new name of this baby, the second baby.
They grabbed one three years before, and they said, this baby and its name, a year and a half ago and a year ago, witnesses saw it being abused, and the mother is not breastfeeding properly.
Folks, they're saying a baby that's a day old is, they're saying that, now understand this,
They're saying that a year, a year and a half before, that the baby was being abused.
Listing the baby by name.
The newborn baby.
I mean, this is lying, not even caring, folks.
Not even having any concern.
Because they know the judges will never hold them to any scrutiny.
They know that the government's corrupt.
They know they can feed and rend and abuse and savage.
I mean, brutally savage people.
In the most horrible way, stealing people's children.
I mean, this is as bad as it gets.
Remember the article where in Franco Spain, people that didn't go along with Franco would have their children taken.
Hitler was big into this, taking people's kids if they didn't agree with the Nazi party or if they were...
When they would invade countries, and he got all this, he admits, Hitler wrote this from Margaret Sanger and the other eugenics people in this country, who we quote, call the liberals, who were the forerunners of the modern social services people, and Planned Parenthood and all the rest of it.
I mean, they've got a giant swastika at their root.
You've heard about the hundreds of thousands of sterilizations of healthy women and men in this country, and now the millions of them in Peru and India, being funded by the State Department of the IMF and World Bank.
This is all mainstream news, folks.
Just horrors untold.
So then, today, I see an article like this.
Now, remember, most of the time now, I don't even cover these.
I can't stand it anymore.
I'm pulling my hair out.
I'm watching criminals engage in kidnapping, and then nothing's done to them.
This is the Denver Post who's outraged.
Who's normally a socialist and for all this, but it's even outraging Diane Carman.
Now this is the Denver Post on InfoWars.com.
We're updating it right now.
Agency seizure of baby still a sad mystery.
Victoria Goodluck sat in the sweltering living room of her Westminster home Monday afternoon, her breasts throbbing under the weight of so much milk.
Her baby girl,
Born early Friday morning, was in protective custody.
Protective custody.
Her five other children weren't.
The kids peeked out of the window and played quietly as Adams County social worker interviewed the parents and inspected the house and the family environment.
Now, they've already kidnapped the kid.
Wait till you get to this.
But now they're stomping around the house.
No warrant.
This is a threatening people.
I mean, they don't even care.
Her five other children weren't.
The kids peeked out of the window and played quietly as an Adams County social worker interviewed
They were outraged and bewildered by what had happened.
It remains a mystery.
It does not remain a mystery because they explained.
The woman did nothing.
The Reverend Heidi McGinnis of North Presbyterian Church insists that social workers in Denver Health Medical Center mistakenly assumed good luck and her husband, Phillip Gates, were homeless.
Now, that's what they said in Austin.
They told the woman, and we've been to a bunch of these, you can't leave, stay right here, we've got people coming to help you with some services.
And the police come in, they stand on each side, they'll grab the woman by the arms, they'll go, now it's time to sign.
Folks, they do this out in the open.
Continuing, insistent social worker in Denver Health Medical Center mistakenly assumed good luck and her husband, Phillip Gates, were homeless.
Then when they questioned good luck, they misinterpreted her natural shyness for animosity.
Also, that's why they took the kid because she showed silent aggression.
It gets to that.
Imagine, you just had a kid, and there's leering people.
It gets to how they threatened her.
She's like shy and afraid, ordered by hyenas all alone, all alone, surrounded by these just literal hell demons right out of the pit, and she's bad.
See the Orwellian nature?
Orwell could have written this into his book, and it would have been the most unbelievable part.
You know, that if you looked wrong, the thought police, they took your kids.
But see, now today, it's just normal.
It's good.
It's America.
It's sick, folks.
We're sick.
We're evil.
We've got to change this.
Reverend Heidi McGinnis of North Presbyterian Church insisted that social workers at Denver Health Medical Center mistakenly assumed good luck.
And her husband, Gates, were homeless.
Then, when they questioned good luck, they misinterpreted her natural shyness for animosity, secretiveness, or even mental instability.
You're in your hospital room, and they're there threatening you and asking if you're homeless.
You're going, no, of course.
And then you don't respond to them.
And so you're bad.
Whatever happened to the Fifth Amendment?
They're not even indicting here.
And it goes on.
Hospital officials contact the Denver Department of Human Services about their concerns.
See, the hospitals all have their own little CPS worker there as the liaison.
The hospital officials contact the Denver Department of Human Services about their concerns for the child's safety.
On Saturday, on Sunday morning, two-day-old Sunshine Gates was whisked away.
Or as Miss McGinnis describes it, they stole our baby.
Sue Cove, Human Services spokeswoman, said she could not comment on the case.
Instead, she talked about policy, praising her words carefully.
When we get a referral, we're obliged to follow up on it, she said.
We rely heavily on family cooperation.
Oh, got a no Fifth Amendment.
Or no Sixth Amendment to counsel.
On the family providing information, and we make every effort to keep the family together.
That's a total lie.
Your own handbook says break it up.
Bobby Burroughs, spokesman for Denver Health.
Wait till you get to the part where they were threatening her.
We're going to take your baby.
We're going to take her.
And she started crying and wouldn't talk.
And they go, middle illness, middle illness.
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All right, my friends, we're back live.
Continuing with this article, I'm going to shift into national, international news and take your calls.
Understand, this is nothing new, folks.
I mean, Herod put out the order to go after all the firstborn children.
Pharaoh did it.
This is something, you know, the Babylonians, the Canaanites, they all did it.
This stuff has gone on worldwide.
It's about control.
It's about state power.
And they've got the little sicko control freaks that don't have families and in many cases are criminals of many different types who like to be around children.
That's the fact.
You hear about them getting busted all the time.
And again, who are five times more likely to abuse the children.
Government's own numbers that are quietly published.
I guess there was a Time Magazine article a few years ago about it.
But the point is, is that they say in this article, the social services does, that, well, she didn't answer all our questions and seemed upset, so we took the child.
And that's it.
That's the end of it.
Didn't properly respond.
So that's the new America.
You just had a baby, and there's bureaucrats around you, and you don't respond properly, so they take your child.
And, by the way, they do that in Austin.
And in Austin, they don't even write news articles about it.
It's just what they do.
And it's pure evil, folks.
It goes on.
Bobby Barrow, spokesman for the Denver Health Department,
Reiterated the message.
The Colorado Children's Code requires all care providers to report any situation.
But the welfare of the child is a concern, and that means you have diabetes.
One parent has diabetes.
Right when your wife's going to the hospital to have surgery, man, they'll come grab your kids right there in the foyer of the hospital.
Happens all the time.
The dad will be crying.
What's going on?
Just sign here, Mr. Johnson.
Sign here, Mr. Smith.
Just work with us.
Work with us.
Just work with us.
You sign it and they go, thank you!
You'll take the classes and pay the fines or you'll never see your children.
They'll actually say that you'll never see your children again.
I mean, these are, folks, it says it right here in the article.
These are wicked people!
Bombay Borough, spokesman for Denver Health, reiterated the message.
The Colorado Children's Code requires all care providers to report any situation where the welfare of a child is concerned.
We rely on the cooperation of the family to provide information to resolve our concerns.
And if you don't grovel properly to them, or you're just a statistic, a quota, a headhunt, they get paid per child.
They just take them.
No judge, no jury, no indictment, no nothing.
But here's a key point.
Good luck, Navajo.
Oh, so there also may have been a cultural issue.
Well, yeah, they thought you were homeless.
They saw you were brown, and they do it to those folks as well.
It's over.
She said she was upset by the inquiry.
Of course the social worker kept asking for all this information.
She would ask me for all these questions when we were alone, then stop when someone else entered the room.
If I didn't tell her what she wanted, she threatened me.
She said, I'm going to take your kid away.
That is the most terroristic threat.
That's like calling somebody up.
You know, the mob does that.
Don't testify in the trial or little Billy won't be coming home from school.
You know, that's the most evil thing.
But when they do it, it's just good wholesomeness.
And it goes on and on and on.
She said the doctors were concerned about my homelessness, but my friends took pictures of our house and brought them in.
It's so stupid.
I gave her all the information.
I don't know what she was looking for.
And it goes, good luck said she told the hospital admissions personnel her address, but while I was there, people kept coming up to me and asking if this is right.
See, swarming, because a lot of them get cuts of cash.
She didn't understand it.
Didn't understand the new 1984 cesspool we live in.
The family had lived in Denver area months, and it goes on.
Gates, who was a tribal policeman, said he was shot while working on a joint investigation with the U.S.
Drug Enforcement Administration.
It goes on to talk about the family.
This guy's a veteran cop and been to church.
I mean, and you're not going to get your kid back.
Understand that.
They don't care.
They want this to be in the paper.
They want to set the precedent.
Oh, man.
That is just absolutely amazing.
So... So, um... So, Gates is the father.
Good luck to mother.
He's a troubled policeman.
They don't care!
They don't, folks.
It's just pure evil.
Right out in the newspaper.
Yeah, you didn't talk to us right.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Unfortunately, there's more than that to a successful medical practice.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Now, in Austin, Texas, if you're poor and blue-collar and go in for some help having your child, about a third of the time they take your kid.
And you don't get them back.
And in this case...
They have gotten the child back.
When I say they're never getting their child back again, they're probably going to show back over and over and over and over again, which they've done in many of these cases.
And this happened mainly because he was a police officer.
That's why they're doing this.
Now understand, the mother...
Gave them their address.
Then friends brought photographs of their house, and they said, you don't have a house.
We're taking your child.
You didn't answer our questions properly.
This is no warrants, no nothing, no order was signed.
It says Gates and attorney Ted Peek, representing the family for free, said Human Services didn't get an explanation for taking the baby.
A form that Gates was asked to sign did not include a reason.
It did include the family's correct address, however, said Peek, noting the irony.
Understand, the order says they're homeless, don't have a house, and then the order for the police, and they're trying to get him to sign over rights, and then he didn't, and they went ahead and took it anyways.
So, and again, I see these articles, folks, every couple days, articles this bad.
This is the Denver Post, folks, people with no criminal record, a decorated police officer.
They go in, and they're Navajo Indians, and if you look poor and look like they can push you around, which means you're brown or you're white, you're black, it doesn't matter, they're going to do this.
This is pure evil, folks, and I've seen it many times.
Agency seizure of babies, still a sad mystery.
And they say that the agency admits, well, we kept asking her questions, and she kept saying she had a house and then acted angry.
Well, who wouldn't act angry?
This is America.
We're not your property.
They treat adults worse than you treat kindergarten students.
And imagine in 1984 if Winston would have had kids and the thought police were asking him questions and he didn't treat them with enough respect so they took his kids.
You know, that'd be, man, this 1984, what a horrible world.
But it's happening in America, so it's a good thing.
And so now if you don't answer their questions just right, of course they go ahead and take them anyways, but now if you don't answer their questions just right,
Well, that's grounds.
Folks, this is in America?
Without a jury, without an indictment, without a charge, without anything?
And then they sign on the document?
Well, they're homeless, and then list their address.
See, that's what they do with these documents.
I've seen them before.
Covered them, showed them on TV.
I mean, it's just so many wild lies that literally somebody with 80 IQ could figure out.
Like they claim that newborn baby was abused a year and a half ago.
Stuff like that.
I mean, it's just mind-boggling, folks.
They're so sloppy.
There's no oversight of them.
And the feds fund upwards of $30 billion.
It's $38 billion last time I saw it.
$38 billion a year.
And some of these CPS workers...
We actually got some of the numbers that are published on some of the Texas State websites.
One guy made over $700,000 from bounties.
They get paid, paid!
I mean, this is like going back to taking scalps or something, folks.
CPS workers are out here scalping the Indians, which, by the way, it was the white man that taught the Indians how to scalp, by the way.
Thought I'd tell you that.
Kind of a side issue or something.
Oh, man, I just can't handle it anymore.
I got stacks of articles like this.
I got people being arrested all over the country for their speech, city officials telling people they're afraid to speak out against the government, people getting arrested for political bumper stickers and T-shirts and yard signs, blanket amnesty for illegals, huge gun confiscation bills, very close to passing.
It's crazy.
All right.
Josie and others, your calls are coming up in just a few minutes.
I want to thank Jim Shepard for holding the last five while I was ranting and raving.
We're going to have Jim up for about another five.
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And I had John a few days ago, Jim, and you mentioned how this big Canadian newspaper, and I have it here in front of me, has the former top government guy who was all for fluoridation.
Now he says it's deadly.
Children shouldn't be near it.
You shouldn't use toothpaste.
He was wrong.
He apologizes.
There's all these top scientists saying it.
Sodium fluoride, he admits, is a toxic byproduct of aluminum manufacture that they are just dumping in the water.
This is how they get rid of toxic waste, folks.
It's a sick joke.
And that's when they started the fluoridation.
This is just one issue after World War II with all the big aircraft aluminum plants.
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It's got other agents in it.
It's deadly.
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It's awesome.
Jim, thanks for being on with us.
Always a pleasure, Alex.
And by the way, I always enjoy listening to you rant and rave.
I don't know where you get all your information.
You've got to be a prodigy to get all this stuff and cram it in your head and get it out to the folks.
Well, I mean, it's my webmaster.
It's my wife.
It's Violet.
It's Paul Joseph Watson.
It's the people that email me all these.
I've got stacks of stories this bad today, and I've already spent 35 minutes on it.
I mean, the paper has to admit this is evil.
The mother...
Her husband's a decorated police officer.
No criminal record.
They come in and threaten to take her kid and go, you're homeless.
She goes, no, I'm not.
They say she didn't even get mad, but then said, no, that's not true, and wouldn't talk to him.
So they took her kid.
What happened to the Fifth Amendment?
Well, you know, it seems like that there is no way to hold people who abuse their power accountable if they work for the government.
And I think that's a real tragedy.
I tell you what, if, you know, in the Old Testament...
If you accuse somebody of something and it was a false accusation, then you got their penalty if they would have been guilty.
So if you accuse somebody of murder and you know they didn't murder anybody, you go to the electric chair.
Well, it's the same thing in England.
I think it's a good law.
If you sue somebody and it was false, then you've got to pay for it.
That's right.
And unfortunately, there's just no accountability.
These people can come in and abuse their power and they're immune.
And so...
You know, in fact, in many cases, they get promotions.
And so this is just a tragedy, and it just seems like it's just systemic all through the system.
But anyway, well, you were talking about the fluoride, and I tell you what, that's one of the things that we get more calls from, and we develop these post filters because people do want the fluoride out of their water if it's being put in.
And I've talked with a lot of people where they've actually signed petitions
And gotten all the community together and said that we don't want fluoride in our water.
And the municipality says, well, so what?
We're going to put it in there anyway.
And so anyway, the best method is just if you don't want it in your water, take it out right before you drink it.
And we've got PF2 filters for the black Berkey filter elements.
Those are the ones that are in the Berkey lights.
And we just upgraded those filters.
The new filters flow about 20% faster.
And, I don't know, we've got probably 100 or 150 sets of the old, and we want to just give... And again, there's nothing wrong with it.
It's just the water.
You only get 20 gallons a day instead of 30 out of it.
And for those that don't understand this...
Go to the store.
Try to find a filter that cuts fluoride out.
They don't have them, folks, because fluoride is so microscopic.
It's this powerful element, or almost metal.
It's very difficult to get out of the water.
Yeah, it's one of the hardest things, and Jim has filters that do this.
Go ahead, Jim.
Okay, so we're going to offer your listeners specials on the Generation 1 PF2 filters, and again, they have the same efficiency.
They just run...
The new ones run about 20% faster than these.
And so if you don't have a water filtration system and you want the Berkey light with the lights, it's $259.
Add $10 to that and you get the $50 set of PF2 filters.
Again, there's a base, lights, LED lights that burn for how many years until they burn out?
Well, 11 years continues.
If you just burn them at night, that's 33 years.
And LEDs, you also have a little solar panel so you can charge the rechargeable batteries.
It's an amazing system, and you've got potassium iodate in case there's any type of radiological event.
Well, and I've got a few more specials that I want to mention here.
Now, for those of you that are not familiar with the Black Berkey, basically the Black Berkey filter elements, which are the filter elements in the Berkey light, they're the only filter to the knowledge of the laboratories that checked it
We contaminated the water with more than a billion microorganisms per liter, ran it through the filter, and nothing, zero, got through.
So we've been told that we've created a whole new standard in water purification.
We do the same thing with chemicals.
We bring them down to non-detectable levels, which means that with modern equipment, you can't detect any of those chemicals in the water.
And then we also take out the heavy metals.
But these PF2 filters are specifically to target the fluoride.
We also have the Berkey light for $199.
It does not have the lights.
You can upgrade it later on and add $10 to that and you get the $50 set of PF2 filters.
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And so if you want to stock up on them for down the road, then now's the time to get the PF2s and get them at a darn good price.
And, folks, they've admitted the bottled water is sometimes dirtier than tap.
Many of the brands, it's been in the news.
Some Dannon Water in New York, this is the Associated Press two years ago, killed people.
You need to filter your water, and you need to get it.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I then get three or four calls on air from listeners complimenting it, and yes, the calls are actually coming in right now.
This is not like one of those infomercials where the guy goes, I just love it, but Bill from Illinois is calling in.
I'm going to let him come on now, but please no calls later about this, folks.
Bill in Illinois, go ahead.
What do you think of the Big Berkeys?
Alex, I bought every filter out there.
I've had the MSR's junk.
I've had the pocket, the canadine pocket filter.
It's a good filter.
I bought the Aqua Rain.
It's moderate.
And I bought your Big Berkey with the PF4s, okay?
This new filter system is a steal.
The price is an unbelievable price.
And as an experienced survivalist, I'm telling you, if you're going to buy one thing, buy this because it's one guarantee you'll have decent water whatever happens.
Well, thank you very much for that comment.
You know, Alex,
In that compliment.
Alex, everybody who knows me knows that I'm extreme.
I don't live in the gray area.
I'm either black or white, hot or cold.
If I have to take a vitamin, if one is good, then ten ought to really be good.
And that's just the way I live.
Well, when it comes to water filtration, when we were putting together this formulation, the laboratories and the formulators were saying, why are you doing this?
The thing is going to last.
You can save a lot of money, and most people just make them last for six months.
And you're not going to get any repeat business on the filter elements.
And I said, that's exactly right.
What we want to do is we want to go extreme.
We went extreme with pathogenic removal to non-detectable levels.
Well, it's like how they make the pantyhose and the light bulbs where they break.
That's right.
And I hate that concept.
And so we have really gone to the extreme on this.
And with respect to chemicals, you know, for example, chlorine, you know, most,
Thank you.
Well, we went non-detectable.
5% isn't good enough.
We don't want diethylene bromide, which comes from JPA.
You know, you've got all these contrails up there, and this stuff's getting in the water system.
You've got... MBTE.
We want that down to non-detectable limits.
Lead, mercury, all of it.
Hey, thanks for the call, Bill.
Folks, other calls are coming up.
I'm about to jump to other news, but I really... This is the type of issue I don't mind talking about and promoting, because, you know, this show...
We talk about information, documents.
We bring the guests on.
Water is such a big deal.
This is so important.
And, again, I know a lot of you, I have friends, I go to their house, they're still drinking tap water.
You are insane if you don't call right now and protect your family.
That's 888-803-4438.
And if you call and the phone's busy, leave your name and number.
They'll call you right back or call back 1-888-803-4438.
Jim, thanks for coming on, my friend.
It's a pleasure, Alex.
Keep up the good work.
You bet.
God bless.
Again, folks, I'm serious.
This is a big deal.
And, yeah, Jim's a big sponsor of this show.
Before he was a sponsor two years ago, I'd already bought two big Berkeys, okay?
And those are the old ones.
Now I've got the new one.
And they're all great.
And protect your family.
Take control of your life.
They're putting trash in the water.
They're laughing at you.
And then, by the way, Jim mentioned how people go to these towns and they sign the petitions and half the town, literally, half the town will show up, you know, of 8,000, 3,500 show up and say, we don't want fluoride.
They say, sorry!
You've got all these big shadowy globalist organizations funding all this.
It's amazing.
Well, it's the same thing yesterday with the Patriot Act in Austin, Texas, the resolution.
What a fiasco.
What a scam.
What arrogance.
Wait, I'll tell you about that later in the show.
Because you talk about people signed up, and by state law, they have the city rules that you sign up, you get to speak.
They just said, we don't care if there's 100 of you here, you're not going to speak.
And they said, by the way, we're going to have people come up and play music now and have some proclamations and give some awards to bureaucrats.
They just said, forget it!
And they kept changing.
Wait until you hear the story.
I mean, it is sick, folks.
It is so sick what I saw happen yesterday.
And of course, they're a bunch of liberals.
Conservative states like Alaska can pass laws against the Patriot Act reaffirming America, controlled by real Republicans.
But here, with the slimy yellow dog Democrats that are all about show!
They wouldn't do a thing.
Folks, it was Kubrick-like.
It was like Clockwork Orange or something.
It was the giggling, the laughing of the bureaucrats, the police harassing people, the whole story.
It's just amazing.
I'll come back and talk to Josie and others.
He told Free Number to join us on air.
1-800-259-9231 Wide open phones, folks.
And a bunch of news.
Your calls.
Just 800-259-9231 The emperor has no clothes, folks.
We're just pointing out the fraud.
That's all we're doing.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Five years ago, I told you the dollar would drop after an engineered terrorist attack.
Five years ago, I told you about satellite tracker taxation to be put in all your cars, the hardware already in all the new ignitions.
Five, six years ago, I warned you about the plans to put face-scanning cameras up and microphones in all cities by DARPA and their domestic echelon system.
I warned you of the matrix...
Cashless Society control grid.
It has now been announced.
All states were already participating.
It didn't come from Florida, as they're telling you.
And I'm bugging people out there.
We understand the globalist plan.
They have handbooks.
They have policy books.
This is public stuff.
They just know you're never going to read it.
We do read it here.
And we're about to go to Josie and Jim and others.
On Infowars.com, I have written a detailed analysis of some of the main things that DARPA, the Defense Department Research Program, is engaging in.
The bizarre drones, the attack droids, the brain scanners going on the streets.
The helicopters that look through your walls, the Total Information Awareness Network, the Pentagon betting scheme, and now Operation Project Matrix.
Yes, we have all the official links.
Every time I make a claim in the article, there's a link off to mainstream news.
Just email that.
Email the link to my DARPA story.
It's on the main page of InfoWars.com.
To every doubting Thomas, you're going to think you're in the middle of Minority Report or something, but it's worse.
In Minority Report, they weren't announcing on the news cell towers would be put up to control our minds.
Folks, they're now admitting this!
Mainstream news!
I mean, come on, folks!
Come on!
I mean, yesterday I just started laughing incoherently on the third hour because we had all these wild preachers up yelling and screaming.
I understand why they're freaking out.
I mean, this is culture shock.
We're being put in a meat grinder here, folks.
By the way, we just launched Paul Joseph Watson's Order Out of Chaos.
I don't have words to describe how good a book it is.
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But you can order it on the Internet or by mail.
And by next Monday, you'll be able to order it by the toll-free number.
I'll talk about that in the next hour.
Josie in Missouri, go ahead and thanks for holding.
Alex, thank you very much, first of all, for your conviction on getting this truth out to the world about what's going on in our system.
You've become my example to follow.
I only wish that I had had this insight eight years ago before I lost custody of my daughter.
She was diagnosed.
As ADHD by a school counselor.
Not a doctor.
They just say it, and you think they're there to help.
Yeah, just a counselor.
And my daughter was a very active, strong-willed child, which I didn't understand that years ago.
But she is a leader and was told that she needed to be evaluated and treated for her active personality.
So a psychologist diagnosed her.
She was started on Ritalin.
Until her heart became enlarged from the side effects of Ritalin.
Yeah, it kills a lot of kids.
That's admitted.
They lost the lawsuit over it.
It shrinks the brain as well.
It actually causes cottage cheesing.
I'm sorry to mention that.
I know it happened to your daughter, but it's horrifying.
We've got to face the truth to save others.
Where is your daughter now?
She's living in California with a family.
They take her from you, hop her up on drugs.
Stay there.
Stay there.
I want people to hear this.
What these body snatchers do.
Oh, of course, I'm sure the Coca-Cola sold at the public school wasn't, you know, was probably causing their daughter to raise her hand too much and argue.
That's okay.
We've got some methamphetamine for her.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
You know that Berkey water filters have become the standard of excellence by which all other water filtration systems are measured.
The Berkey light gives you the freshest, cleanest water possible from the world.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're talking to Josie in Missouri.
Her daughter was supposedly hyper, the school counselor said.
You know, she's not a doctor, but hey, they got a whole chest of it in these schools now.
We've been at cases, covering cases for the show where the judge will just order it.
It's amazing.
It's even dispensed out of the courts in many cases.
They've got a whole cart set up.
They roll around these schools now.
And so her daughter took it and her heart got enlarged, which is the normal effect.
Heart enlargement, heart palpitations, brain shrinkage, retardation of growth.
And, well, it's amphetamine, speed kills, as they used to say.
And so now they took your daughter from you.
They got you into this process.
How did that happen, Josie?
She was put into a group home in a hospital here in the city that I live in.
They said... So wait, so wait, so...
Quote, they just said, sign these papers so we can give her some treatment.
Yeah, so we can give her the treatment that she needs.
Yeah, we're going to help you with the funding.
Then the Ritalin made her heart get big.
She had to go off of it.
How did she behave when they took her off the Ritalin?
Well, they didn't stop that.
They immediately put her on other things just to experiment.
The doctor's words literally were, I want to see how this Haldol affects her.
She was put on Haldol, which I learned was a very serious antipsychotic.
Oh, that's rude.
By the way, they're giving those to thousands of 15-month-old babies in the U.S., by the way.
Hold on.
I want to repeat this.
They're giving antipsychotics to toddlers.
Please continue.
So she developed neurological tremors from that serious medication.
She was falling asleep in school.
She didn't know whether she was coming or going because they had her on uppers and downers at the same time.
The school did not want her there because she couldn't do anything.
She couldn't stay awake.
So obviously far worse than when she first talked to the counselor.
How does this counselor live with themselves?
I know.
I wonder all the time.
But it got to the point she was diagnosed with ADHD.
Which is totally made up.
Yeah, but by the time the state was done with her, she had nine different labels, psychiatric labels attached to her.
Okay, how did they take her from you and put her out in California?
Well, she was given to actually the father who abandoned her at birth, who has a history of abuse in this situation, but she was sent to live with him.
How is she doing now?
She's a mess.
I mean, just her life has been very hard.
Well, you need to tell her.
I wish I had time to talk to her in person.
I would look in her eyes and say, energize, break these bonds, you know, in the name of Jesus Christ.
And if she really has faith, I'm telling you, I've seen people healed of this bondage.
She needs to get off all drugs.
I'm sure them putting her on drugs led to illegal drugs, didn't they?
Yes, yes, exactly.
Oh, yeah.
Well, you're, again...
Five times more likely to be abused in their custody, and you are eight times more likely to be a substance abuser if you were ever on Ritalin or Prozac or any of the methamphetamine hallucinogenic classes.
When I told them that I wanted her to be taken off of these terribly damaging drugs, they threatened me with medical neglect, and they said that they were going to take her away from me if I stopped giving her her medication.
So that's why they took her.
Well, God bless you for doing the right thing, and I'm sorry this happened to your daughter.
And, yes, I wish you could have known this eight years ago.
You know what?
I wish everybody could know not to sign documents and understand how wicked and evil these people are.
Yes, and I just really want to thank you for your strength and your conviction, Alex.
And I listen to you just about every day as often as I can.
I stop doing what I'm doing to listen and learn, and then I pass on what I've learned.
And I've lost a lot of friends along the way, and I've lost a lot of my family.
Well, that's what happens in Nazi Germany.
A lot of people want to serve the Hitler system.
A lot of people want to serve Adolf Hitler.
And so they don't like you saying what Hitler's doing is wrong.
They think all this is normal.
They thought that I was paranoid, even though they know me.
Well, I mean, they can read the newspaper and see what's going on.
Thank you.
More calls, more news straight ahead.
Stay with us.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones introducing you to the new Berkey PF2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements for exclusive use with the Berkey Light's Black Berkey Purification Elements.
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We're good to go.
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The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations.
The new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome, welcome, welcome into the second hour of
Eight minutes and 30 seconds to be precise into the second hour, according to my atomic clock.
36, 37, 38 seconds after the hour.
For stations that carry the news, you just missed it with the lady on the last segment.
Daughter, you know, a few problems, getting into a few arguments, or raising her hand a lot, you know, being a little hyper, a leadership type personality.
According to the published, documented, mainstream government documents, how they want to ruin the minds of that type of leadership individual, especially young males.
They also target leadership females.
Not a good drone.
So she went to the school council.
This would go to her, not a doctor.
She said, you're going on Ritalin.
And she went on Ritalin, caused the heart to swell.
And then took her off of it and put her on Haldol, which is an anti-psychotic.
It even goes above Prozac and stuff, even worse.
I've read about it.
They give tens of thousands of American toddlers Haldol now.
My child yells and screams.
Well, that's totally abnormal.
Put him on something you give axe murderers.
I mean, this is mainstream.
This is true, okay?
You realize how horrible this is?
We've got to face this, and we're going to fix it, folks.
We've got to stop sweeping it under the rug.
She says no to giving the child the drug, so they take her and send her off to California.
The CPS does.
This is what they do, and I've seen it a thousand times.
Folks, I was a straight A plus student.
My first couple years in high school, I screwed around, was on the football team, didn't go to school, quite a bit, played hooky, all that stuff.
But by the time I was a
I was a sophomore, end of my sophomore year, junior, senior.
By the time I was a senior, I was making 100, 100, 100, 100, 98, 99.
I mean, my report card was a joke.
It was so good.
I think when I graduated, it was like that year was a 99 average or something.
I mean, it was ridiculous.
There was somebody who had 100, so of course, you know, they get all the awards.
And so I was done with school.
Had too many credits, so they had me in their first period to be an assistant.
I would walk around and bring the notes to the class for people that had to come to see the counselor.
Little did I know to be secret policed, to be set up or whatever, to be brought to the principal.
And so I'm down there, and I've told this story a few times.
Let me tell it briefly, and then I'll go to Jim and others.
I'm down there, and this is Anderson High School.
And we had some general at the time, literally an Army Reserve general, what was his name, as the principal.
And I would actually do the work.
He'd order me around.
He just loved it.
I'd unload giant pallets of paper and do all this stuff, and I didn't care.
And one day, I mean, it was like a month before school got out, I had this horrible headache, and I knew.
I said, I'm getting the flu.
And at 17 years old, I still had to call Mommy so I could drive home.
I had my Mustang out in the parking lot.
I called.
I go in the nurse's office.
She takes my temperature.
She goes, oh, yeah, 101.
It looks like you're getting the flu.
I'm like, yeah, I just want to go home.
She goes, well, before you call your mother, you're pretty good looking.
And, I mean, I was real good looking at 17, and I've got a lot of weight now.
You know, blonde hair, blue eyes, bench press, 330 pounds, 185 pounds is what I weighed.
I mean, I look like Bruce Lee, folks.
There's photos of me out there on the Internet.
One of my friends sent a picture of me lifting weights to the paper, and I got put in the paper when I was about 20.
But the point is that she's hitting on me, and she's pretty good looking.
She's a blonde herself, 30 years old.
She goes, yeah.
She goes, you use drugs?
And I go, I'm wearing a polo shirt, slacks, and, you know, top-sider shoes.
And I go, do I look like I use drugs?
And, I mean, at that time, I didn't even drink coffee.
I go, I don't even drink coffee.
I remember this very crisp memory of this.
She says, well, you ever want to, you know, she started hitting on me.
You ever want to go out?
I guess it was about a month until I was out of high school, so she was, it was like a month until school got out.
She was hitting on me.
And so I'm sitting there, and this is happening, and she says, use drugs?
And I go, no.
She goes, you like speed?
I said, no, I just told you I don't smoke marijuana.
I said, why are you asking me all this?
She watches me every morning in first period walk around in there doing all the work for these people.
I brought supplies into her before when I came off the truck.
And she says, well, I want to give you the card to a doctor.
You've got a lot of energy.
He said, Ritalin, it's like speed.
You'll like it.
I mean, folks, that's America, okay?
That's what America is.
You understand how evil that is?
And she wasn't bad to her.
It was just all funny.
You know, she gets to hit on the young man.
She gets to peddle Ritalin.
She gets to just sit there.
I just said, look, let me call my mother.
I called mom, could I come home?
And I get out of there and I leave.
And she was kind of mad at me after that.
That I guess, you know, I couldn't go out with her after I got out of high school.
But this is the new America, folks.
And it's a cesspool.
And let me tell you another high school story.
When I was in the...
We're good to go.
And he was my buddy, and I went over to his house a few times and stuff.
We went and played basketball and baseball.
We'd pick up a game of baseball, and I'd ride the bus to his neighborhood, he'd ride the bus to my neighborhood.
I knew him.
I hung out with him probably 20 or 30 times.
I talked to him that summer, and he said, yeah, you know, at the end of school, they said I was a little bit hyper, so I went to the school nurse, and I went on this Ritalin, man, and he wasn't looking too good.
You know, he was a black guy.
He kind of had, you know, that grayish-purple look when, you know, white folks turn green.
Black folks, when they're sick, kind of turn that, you know, that grayish-blue color.
Looked like that.
I'm like, are you all right?
Two a day started, and now he's in high school.
I'm an eighth grader still in middle school.
He dies, has a heart attack.
Now, this is in Rockwall, Texas.
Finish school in Austin.
Rockwall, Texas, outside Dallas.
It was a big freakout.
He was just out there two days working out.
Had a heart attack and died.
And actually, I remember hearing him talk.
I may know what Ritalin was.
People go, yeah, they say it was Ritalin.
They say it was Ritalin.
I mean, I got nurses pushing it on me.
I got friends dying of heart attacks.
Probably be a professional football player now.
You people make me sick!
You government, you're a bunch of psychopaths!
You never think about what you do!
And it was all set up by a bunch of eugenics people.
Nazis, H.G.
Wells, wrote about how he wanted to do this to us.
Wrote a book called The New World Order.
Aldous Huxley, his brother, Julian Huxley at UNESCO.
Not a nation's cultural educational organization, where they, quote, say the family's the enemy.
A disease must be eradicated.
And when you watch the family being eradicated, and the borders, and the sovereignty, and everything being destroyed, and you wonder why we're in this position!
God have mercy on us.
I tell you, I'm about to start a newsletter, and that's every...
There's always going to be a personal message, you know, where I just, a personal message each month to people along with the news articles that I'm going to write myself.
And I say, may God have mercy on us all.
You know, that's going to be how I sign off, because God have mercy on us, folks.
I mean, I start thinking about the carnage, the
The things I've seen.
When you're perceptive and your intellect is turned on and you're watching, look around you.
I'm living in a nightmare.
But there's all this other great stuff.
My family, my friends, the beautiful trees, the moon, the sun, the beach, barbecue.
My dad cooking barbecue going over there on the weekend.
My grandparents that are still alive.
My grandmother's.
Wife and family, this is all precious and wonderful and good and decent and hearth and home and visiting family.
And then on the other side, there's this raging evil government just bringing nothing but grief and destruction.
I have to watch them smile at me on the nightly news, how much they love me and how they're going to take care of me and how they're going to take my rights away.
Give me a break, folks!
I know there's men and women of honor and decency out there, and you better become leaders and get involved now.
In whatever way you're called.
All right, let's talk to Jim in Indiana.
Jim, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, Alex, I really think you're a fat-bellied lying devil, you.
Oh, man, I'll tell you.
Those preachers, I mean, what's Paul and... Paul and... Pastor Lewis.
Yeah, Lewis and... I didn't realize until Lewis came on that he's famous for that stuff, and I've heard him on a bunch of other national talk shows.
So I had no idea.
I mean...
And, you know, that's his First Amendment, and I can see his anger and everything, but I was just going, I was going, whoa, man, because he had me rolling.
I know he did.
He was so wild.
But I have called him this morning and talked to him.
And I live in Indiana.
I'm going to go over for one of his services.
He's a character, isn't he?
It should be something.
Anyways, the reason why I'm calling, I talked to you yesterday, too, about this gun ban bill.
Now, how did that come into existence with the assault weapons ban?
Was that a bill or was that an EO?
No, these are all phased in.
Remember the big Clinton assault weapons ban in 1994?
And there was a huge revolt in a Republican landslide.
Because of it.
But how did that come about?
Was that through an EO?
No, that was a bill that the Democrats passed, and then there was a backlash that swept Republicans in.
Now, the thing was sunsetted for 10 years.
Well, 10 years has passed.
Okay, so if Bush adds to that, then it has to go back through Congress.
Is that correct?
Yeah, no, no.
They're reauthorizing it in Congress and adding stuff, and Bush says he'll sign it.
Okay, so they're adding it in Congress.
Stay there, Jim.
You've been holding a long time.
I want to give you time.
This is a very important subject.
And the average conservative has no idea that Bush says he'll sign a bill that bans all semi-automatic shotguns.
And folks, they've got to reauthorize it, because that's their Brady Bill and all this.
They're going to do it.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live.
I'm Alex Jones, and last hour we talked about the Denver Post article where the family, the Navajo woman and man, he's a Navajo police officer wounded in the line of duty.
They went to have a child at the hospital.
They said, you're homeless.
They said, what?
Here's our address.
Here's our house.
Family brought photos of the house.
We said, we don't care.
We're taking your kid.
You didn't answer our questions quick enough.
I mean, this is the secret police nature of America.
But Jim in Indiana was talking about... Now, I'm going to make it clear.
The Brady Bill isn't the assault weapons ban, but it's connected.
And they both kind of lean to together...
The structures support each other, and what's happening here is, and this is very important for everybody to understand, what's happening with this structure and this system is that they passed the assault weapons ban, and the Democrats did, so the Republicans got control to counter it, and of course they didn't repeal it.
Even though they could have, oh, they just never get around to doing it, because they're the establishment, of course.
And it banned hundreds of guns, I mean, semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, you name it, but it was vaguely written to ban a lot of guns.
So now they've rewritten it, expanded it, added teeth to it, where it specifically bans all semi-automatic shotguns, on and on and on, and increases all the different federal funding and enforcement.
So that's what's going on, and that's now up for reauthorization because it was sunsetted for 2004.
So they can then expand it.
All of these are.
There were supposed to be Brady 1, 2, and 3.
And 3 was admittedly confiscation of most firearms.
Same system in Australia or England.
They register, then they confiscate in the different categories and phases.
So this bill, and on Monday I read the NRA legislative alert page where they admit that it will ban almost all guns.
And that's their words.
It's the most draconian gun control legislation ever seen.
And you don't think that the government isn't going to want to reauthorize the assault weapons ban?
I mean, that's a whole body of law.
They're intending to pass it, and Bush says he will sign it.
But Washington says, don't get involved, don't show up, don't protest.
It's not going to pass.
Those are famous last words.
Go ahead, Jim, and finish up.
Is there a bill number on this or anything that we can call about?
Yeah, I need to dig it out.
I read the bill number on Monday.
I read it months ago.
The S-22?
No, that's the Patriot Act in the Senate.
It's got a bunch of gun control, too.
But, sir, believe me, they'll know about the assault weapon reauthorization bill.
And it's got a House version and a Senate version.
It's big legislation.
I have a suggestion here, too, for a guest for you.
He was on Hannity and Combs last night.
If you could get him on, he would be super.
Is Chief Justice Roy Moore out of Alabama the one that has the Ten Commandments up in his courthouse?
Yes, we've tried to get Roy Moore on and just had trouble getting through his staff.
I don't think if they haven't heard of him, it's hard to get to him.
He's going to make a decision next week whether he's going to take him out, and I don't think he's going to do so.
At least that's the way he gave the impression on TV.
I've got one other thing I'm going to ask you.
Have you seen the movie Gods and Generals?
No, but everybody keeps mentioning it to me.
You've got to see that.
You've got to see it, Alex.
I recommend it to everybody to watch.
That's a Ted Turner movie.
Yeah, but it's well made.
It really tells the truth about the Civil War.
That's what I... Well, he's from Atlanta, so he's a southerner, but...
Obviously, folks, and this is admitted, the Civil War was about who would control Western expansion, and both sides were manipulated by the British.
They thought they'd break the country up.
And so, frankly, both sides had globalist spies in them.
And that's the true history of the Civil War, or the war against Southern independence.
What does the movie say?
Well, it doesn't hit on that very much.
It basically covers most of Stonewall Jackson and...
Well, yeah, the feds were increasing taxes, wanting to control the states, take state sovereignty.
It was about states' rights, not about slavery.
I have quotes of Abraham Lincoln saying that.
But what I'm saying is...
There were Illuminati spies, like Albert Pike, who was a Confederate general.
This is admitted, by the way.
In the Southern Army, ensuring that they were defeated.
Okay, we'll see you later, Alex.
You bet.
Appreciate the call.
We've got guests coming up with more calls and a bunch of news, so stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right.
I already spent about 40 minutes on this in the first hour.
So I'm just going to take the time of our guests for this segment, and then I'm going to get back to your calls and all the international and national news and the new...
Matrix program, Total Information Awareness Network at the local level.
I'm not calling it the Matrix.
They call it the Matrix System.
That's coming up.
It's all so important.
And I want to thank my producer for getting these folks on.
I talked about it in the first hour.
Agency seizure, a baby, still a sad mystery.
Victoria Goodluck sat in the sweltering living room of her Westminster home Monday afternoon, her breasts throbbing under the weight of so much milk.
Her baby girl, born early Friday morning, was in protective custody.
And it goes on to say that she's got a house and lives with her husband, who's on the line with us, and he's a police officer.
This is amazing.
And they go and they say, you're homeless.
Here's pictures of our house.
They go, no, we're not.
They go, we're taking your kid.
You didn't answer our questions quick enough.
It says that here.
They threaten her.
We're going to take your kid.
We're going to take your kid.
When she seemed upset, they said, oh, my gosh, this is mental illness.
Someone's leaning over your hospital bed saying we're going to take your newborn child.
You're upset.
And this is in the Denver Post today on InfoWars.com.
So let's go ahead and go to the Reverend Heidi McGinnis of the North Presbyterian Church saying that social workers are out of control.
And, oh, yeah, that's putting it lightly.
And, of course, the husband as well, the father, Mr. Gates, who are now both on the show with us.
Thanks for coming on.
I appreciate it.
Who would like to make some comments about what's developed first, the Reverend or Mr. Gates?
Sounds like we got people on speaker phones.
Or something's whistling in the background.
Okay, some kind of multi-phone deal going on.
We'll try to fix that and get you up.
How about I just reread over some of this while we're doing that?
Again, it's just a nightmare story.
They threaten them.
They say, we're going to take your kids.
They say that the social worker said that they began to question her about saying she was homeless.
And she said, what are you talking about?
Here's my home.
They then questioned good luck.
They misinterpreted her natural shyness for anonymity.
Animosity, secretiveness, or even mental instability.
So now someone's leaning over, and it says here in the article, threatening to take her children, and she was upset and wouldn't talk to them after a while.
They said, well, she may be mentally ill, not just homeless.
And then on the order to take the child, they listed the address of their home.
Okay, we're going to switch phones back and forth between the two.
He's available also here.
Is this the father?
Yes, yes.
And I'm happy to say that due to the very fine work of everybody, all the supporters that showed up Monday morning at the Family Crisis Center in Denver, Colorado, because of all the support and all the friends and all the church members that we had out there in support for Sunshine Gates, that Sunshine Gates was...
Now, let's understand this here, Mr. Gates, the father.
You and your wife, no criminal record.
You're a police officer.
Yes, I am.
All of this, and they come, they take the child, and...
Well, I had a minimum contact with them.
The contact I had was when all the families and all the family members as well as friends of the family were dropping by on the first day of the birth, which was Friday, and many of which we just took for granted that we were celebrating the birth of our child
And we were just taking for granted the hours of pleasure in doing so, during which time I left just for a moment and came back in the room and there was a lady sitting in there and Victoria was visibly upset.
She was crying.
And I came in and the lady didn't introduce herself.
And I asked Victoria, I said, why are you crying?
I said, you should be celebrating the birth of your child.
Imagine some rude...
Literal maggots sitting there.
Your wife had the child.
We now know that she was threatening her, we're going to take your child, we're going to take your child, you're homeless, you're homeless.
Then saying she's crazy because she's crying.
I mean, imagine if a kidnapper bussing your house and had your wife at gunpoint was saying, I'm going to take your child, your wife would cry.
But that's now bad when we cry.
That's aggressive.
This is so sick, it's off the scale.
So what did this maggot do?
Well, Alex, she basically shut real quietly when I was in the room.
She just sat there staring at Victoria, you know, as not to discuss whatever it was that was upsetting Victoria.
That's a bizarre intimidation move.
A psychic vampire just sucking off your wife, sucking off of her.
And I asked her to leave.
And she was mumbling something, but from what I could hear, it was, we're going to be right back with the police officer, and we're going to take your child away.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, no, I've been there.
I've seen them.
They'll smile.
They actually look like demons.
They'll go, you're going to see.
And they'll show their teeth.
It's like a horror movie.
I'm living in a body snatcher world.
Yes, we're good to go.
And before even he got the news, and before he can react also, there was a uniformed police officer that came in with this particular lady again.
All about intimidation, no indictments, no warrants, violate your Fourth and Fifth Amendment, in your hospital room, intimidating you, that individual needs to be arrested as well.
Now, who is this social worker?
Well, I just got through with counsel, and the counsel said... Oh, she's intimidated you and your local lawyer who works there locally.
I believe so.
Oh, that's real nice.
I was asked not to mention her name.
Oh, yeah, don't mention their names!
Don't mention their crimes!
She's one of the very many, many social workers in Denver County whom...
In a very unusual case, I imagine.
This is not an unusual case.
It happens every millisecond.
So what happened here?
So what happened next?
The cop comes in.
And the police officer comes in, and he's got a paper that the social worker gave him that was already filled out.
And then she asked me if I was the father, and I said yes.
And mind you, this was the first question that was asked from me since that morning.
And I said, well, of course.
Hold on, hold on.
No counsel.
No counsel.
No Fourth Amendment.
No Fourth Amendment.
No Miranda.
No Miranda.
And they know that people are used to signing things for cops.
That cop told you to sign it, didn't he?
Massive crime.
When I looked at it.
Hold on, hold on.
Massive crime.
Now, what was that, waiving your parental rights?
What it was was a receipt for the child, so to speak.
And a reason, four boxes on the bottom of the application that said,
Abuse in home, domestic violence, or sexual abuse.
Yeah, that's a personal recognizance bond.
He was going to have you sign a confession on a set form.
They always do it.
Now, in Austin, they will grab the women physically through police officers' will after kicking the husband and family out and say, sign it, sign it, sign it.
Well, that's not too far from the truth here also.
Okay, so what happened?
What happened to you?
I was told to step aside.
And I was told up by the police officer that I would be restrained physically if I had interjected.
And then the baby was physically taken out of the mother's arms.
Wait a minute.
You signed it and then this happened?
Why did you sign it?
What is wrong with you?
You're a cop!
You're a police officer!
What is wrong with you?
I was told at the time that
This paper was just a procedure.
Look, I'm not mad at you, sir, but this is freaking me out.
I understand.
This is Soviet Russia.
This is very painful.
This piece of paper was, in fact, a receipt for the child and also a hearing to be set for Monday, the preceding Monday at 9 a.m.
at Family Crisis Center in Denver, Colorado.
And what did they act like when you... Okay, so then they grabbed the baby and said, step aside.
And I told the officer at the time, I told him, I said, my friend, I said, the job that, I wouldn't envy your job at this time.
I said, this is an abomination of all humanity.
And what did he say to you?
And he just said, well, he said, I handle these cases every day, he said, and I really, something to the effect he didn't take his job personally or anything like that.
Oh, yeah, oh, just following orders, they said, standing over the pitch.
Yes, yes.
Very true.
So the black bottle flies swarming over the heaps of flesh.
So, just following all this.
So the baby's taken from mommy?
Did the baby start crying or just walk out?
The baby at this point was sleeping, but she was really awakened.
And she did start to kind of cry as she was taken out of the room.
How did this affect your wife?
She was just upset, you know.
We're Native Americans, and we're very reserved as far as personal... And let's be honest, it's the evil government again, the corrupt, illegitimate government there, stealing your children.
And this is exactly what they did to Indians before, to Native Americans.
They would take your children and take them to their schools, and they're doing it again.
Are you going to sue these people?
Well, right now it's too early.
Right now it's too early.
And there's been a number of offers.
Yes, yes.
You've got to do it for the other kids.
But here's the thing.
You've got to bring these people to justice.
Yes, I believe.
We're dedicated.
Now, let's go further here.
And I'm sorry.
This stuff really freaks me out.
This is so evil right out in the open, and the culture just accepts it.
So you're there dealing with this.
Normally a social worker will count coup.
You know what that term is.
Normally it's an Indian term, a Native American term.
Well, normally they will, but all cultures do it.
After the victory, was there a child-grabbing celebration?
Did she make any comment or was there a smile?
I believe she stepped out of the hallway and she was out in the hallway for a while.
We were not sure what went on, but the charge nurse that was in charge of the floor there said that she was kind of upset by what had happened out there.
We didn't get her version of what was, but we stayed in the room.
Wait, the charge nurse was upset by what she saw?
She saw a vampiric celebration dance.
Literally, folks, I've seen them do it.
So you watched a culture of death dance.
This must have been horrible.
As we were in the room, Victoria was just very, very upset.
I just stayed with her for quite a while until her pastor came.
Our family pastor's name is Pastor Heidi McGinnis.
I've been hyperventilating.
Let me talk to... Well, one last question for you, and then we'll go to the pastor.
And I really appreciate your courage, sir, and your honor for coming on the show.
Philip Gates.
Thank you for having me on.
You bet.
Decorated police officer, wounded in the line of duty.
Goes in to have a kid.
He's got a home and kids and everything.
They say, you're homeless.
And they say, no, we're not.
And they laugh and say, we're taking your kid.
And then sign on the paper, they're homeless, here's their address.
I mean, this is the evil.
What happened when you went to the Family Crisis Center?
Oh, well, we signed in.
We met some people there briefly.
There was some support from the church as well as a lot of well-wishers that were concerned.
Very many people concerned that morning.
And also, Victoria's attorney, his name is Ted Peek,
He wanted to take this case pro bono and represent the family.
He was outraged also as a result of this unfortunate incident.
And he showed up and started meeting with Victoria, trying to get the ball game going, so to speak.
And then a short time later, a news crew showed up, and I was contacted that they would not let them in.
What were the ringwraiths, what were the Sith doing at this time?
They were basically, it was business as usual.
It was on Monday morning, mind you, so they were going about their business, doing intakes on... So just a robotic Gestapo operation, okay.
Basically, yes.
A line of business, and around a little after 9.30, Victoria was asked for an interview, and she was accompanied by her attorney, Ted Peek, and they went in briefly, maybe about 30 minutes
And she came back out, and her attorney was very optimistic at that point.
And so what happened?
I mean, when you went in and they saw the heat, the hyenas saw that some aid was coming, so they ran off the parade for a bit?
Oh, they were clearly visibly shaken by a lot of people there that said that.
Well, they had a uniformed officer.
But what happened is they stayed out late and the sun came up and just an edge of it kind of hit them and, yeah.
No, I'm dead serious here.
Oh, yes, I know you are.
Yeah, these people are pure evil.
And then we waited and we waited.
We were told that the case was being moved over to Adams County, which is a county adjacent to Denver County, north of which the baby's parents resided.
And at that time, I was given one more interview by myself.
I have not even had a word with them since I signed the paper, and I was told that I was going to be physically restrained if I had interfered since then.
Well, sir, your civil rights were violated.
Your God-given rights were violated.
You were massively and cruelly abused.
They falsified the documents saying that they were taking the child because of homelessness and signing the address.
They are...
They are some really wicked devils, and I'd like to talk to your pastor when we get back, if your pastor can speak with us.
And I'm sorry, I get upset about a few issues, and this is one of them, because I've covered it here in Austin, and it is child kidnapping, folks.
And I don't like child kidnappers, whether it's Ted Bundy or whoever.
I want to thank all your listeners for caring.
And I want to thank this show also for having me on, and I'll have Pastor Heidi on in a minute here.
Listen how sweet Philip Gates is.
He's a police officer.
He was wounded in a drug raid.
They do this to cops, wives, and children.
Can you imagine what they do to poor people?
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Folks, I really didn't mean to lose control earlier and get angry.
I just... I've covered these cases.
We've had cameras at the hospitals.
People will do nothing.
They're just poor, and they just say, well, we're taking your kid, and they never get the child back.
It's amazing.
And they get money for it.
And they don't care.
And they'll laugh at the parents.
And they got these special cops that are usually on call that like being part of this.
And it is painful, folks.
It's like people didn't think Hitler was bad.
They just accepted him in Germany.
And these people just don't recognize their own evil when they're involved in it.
That's how sick they are, folks.
Hitler thought he was good.
John Wayne Gacy thought he was good.
They just think it's their right to do this stuff.
They're a bunch of sickos.
Reverend Heidi McGinnis of Northern Presbyterian Church has been upset over all of this and what happened.
And Reverend Heidi McGinnis has now come on, and I appreciate the Reverend coming on while I'm ranting and raving.
Reverend, just real quick, your take on all this.
Well, Alex, thank you so much for asking us to be on the program.
I was there Saturday morning holding baby Sunshine in my arm as we passed her back and forth between us, between her mother and back to me and showering her with kisses.
About an hour and a half later, Sunshine's 17-year-old brother, Brian, called me.
I was going home to write the sermon for the next day.
Ironically, the sermon title was, "'Tell Old Pharaoh to Let My People Go.'"
And, of course, we prayed mightily to God that Pharaoh would let little Sunshine come back home.
It's really quite a miracle that she came back to us.
Oh, yeah, they don't normally give you... Oh, no, it's very rare.
People told me who have experience that don't expect to see Sunshine for two or three months.
But we're people of faith.
Philip and Victoria are the...
Ministers of Native American Ministries at North Presbyterian, and we had a lot of people there who are prayer warriors.
I think what concerned me was that I made frantic calls to different hospital supervisors to say, just a moment here, this is erroneous information that you're basing things on.
Please, we've got to put some brake on the proceedings.
This family isn't homeless.
And even if they were, by the way, Alex, people who are homeless, there are wonderful shelters.
They have constitutional rights, too.
Oh, absolutely.
Human rights and constitutional rights.
And so I desperately tried to make all of the calls that I knew how to make to put a break on the proceedings to no avail.
Hey, I'll tell you what.
I'll tell you what.
We've got another hour coming up.
Will you stay with us?
Ten more minutes, Reverend, because we're out of time and I want to have you on to continue.
Can you do that?
Well, yes.
If you just simply note this, what we wanted most of all is to get our baby back and then to make sure that this doesn't happen to other families where there aren't groups of prayer warriors.
That's what I'm saying.
That's it.
That's it.
I mean, this guy's a...
He has this background as a veteran police officer.
Imagine what happens to other people.
Stay there, Reverend.
We're going to break and start the third hour, and I want to keep you and the father on for a few more minutes and let you continue and give out your number for folks that want to get involved in your area or try to support you guys.
So please stay there.
We're going to put you on hold.
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So, InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or you can write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
You can't order on the phone yet.
We'll be back in the third hour.
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Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Welcome back.
We're already into the third hour today and
I don't want to say we've been sidetracked because it's a great example of how evil things have gotten and how unaccountable government's gotten and how predatory it's gotten.
The case of a family, the father, of course, a police officer on the Indian reservation or facility.
Our entire culture is a reservation by the globalists now to control us.
And highly decorated, you know, shot in the line of duty in a drug raid.
Good guy.
Has many children.
They went in to have a baby, and they just said, you're homeless.
And they got a home, brought pictures, said, what are you talking about?
They said, you know, shut up.
We're taking your kid.
Sign here.
They forced him to sign it.
He's a cop.
Grabbed the kid, said, stand back.
The newborn baby took it away.
Massive backlash.
And in the Denver Post, you name it to it now.
And we were just talking to the reverend who's at their church, who was there before they came and grabbed the baby, and they're after Reverend Heidi McGinnis, a lady with a lot of courage, to stand up against these monsters.
And when they had support, they had to give the child back.
But as the reverend said, what I've been saying all day, they don't normally give the child back, do they, Reverend?
Please continue.
I think that that's very true.
And while we want to say that there are many dedicated social workers, and we're certainly not...
We're good to go.
I think?
Is the great speed with which this child was yanked away from her mother's death.
Ma'am, you can say you're not declaring war.
They declared war on us.
Sure, there's a few good people in the system, but when you get into the CPS area, they have a mandate.
By the government.
I've read the documents on air.
This is a business.
This is about breaking up the family.
And I think if you found out the full ramifications, you'd be shocked.
The hospitals, city hospitals, interface with these people and actually profit from it.
I just want you to know that.
Things that I'm very much aware of and that we're trying to affect a change.
And you were asking earlier how...
People in the area might help because we're aware that there are many sunshines out there.
And we don't want anyone's baby to be taken.
We want to put a break in the system.
And as you know already quite well, social workers have immunity from civil and criminal law.
That's not the case.
Well, they claim they do.
Well, you have to be able to prove that they didn't work in good faith.
Which is obvious.
But, you know, there's a double complication here, and that is the mother being Navajo, being very stoic,
And very quiet, reticent.
She doesn't smile on demand.
You have to know her.
And so this was such an invasion into her privacy.
Imagine having had a difficult labor and then having a barrage of what I think was inappropriate questioning.
Well, I don't care if she's Navajo or white or yellow or bronze.
I agree with you.
I mean, look, when hyenas are attacking any female mammal after they've given birth, they'll growl back.
What woman?
And this social worker said that she didn't like being threatened to have her kid taken?
My head would explode!
Oh, yes.
And there's another thing.
I'm not quite sure.
But, you know, the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 was there to protect particularly Indian children and that they were not removed when parents were in place.
But we need that for all children.
That's because they're doing a long-term project to take Native American children, which is what CPS grew out of, by the way, to break up the Indian culture.
This is admitted.
They're doing it to all of us now.
It's admitted.
Stay there, Reverend.
One more segment, and we'll get some final comments from the father.
And this is such a key case, because they're doing it to everybody now.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
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The criminal activities of this military industrial complex dwarf anything seen in history.
But today, reading the Denver Post article about a decorated Indian affairs police officer...
His wife goes in to have a child.
The CPS comes and says, you're homeless.
She goes, no, we're not.
And they say, I'm going to take your child.
That's all in the paper.
And then the mother gets quiet and quits talking to her.
That's the advanced thing to do.
Most people would freak out.
They then also call that mentally ill when you're being threatened.
So I guess now when you're reading the news of a kidnapper, just your run-of-the-mill kidnapper grabbing somebody and the person cries and freaks out and says, help me.
I think we're good to go.
In most cases, they would come grab the little children.
Imagine the horror of that.
Grab the little Native American children and drag them off and shave their heads and put them in suits.
And, of course, the culture didn't want them wherever they were transplanted, but that was okay.
They'd end up hanging them and putting them in prison.
See, first they just committed genocide against them and shot them and killed them and smallpoxed them and gave them the whiskey and all the rest of it and made sure they couldn't get guns to defend themselves.
Same stuff today.
Now they do it to everybody.
Same system.
This plantation system had been done against the Germans by the Romans.
So it's read Julius Caesar's The Battle for Gaul.
That was the French, what the Romans did.
So this has been done over and over again.
And so you take their children.
Caesar talks about it.
And so imagine this Navajo woman.
Her husband's a decorated police officer.
And there is this person.
I'm going to get you killed.
Now, that's declaring war on us, folks.
And yes, the minister, Reverend Heidi McGinnis, was talking about, from their church, was talking about how there's been a pattern of this and how there's supposedly more protections for Native Americans.
But we all know Native Americans are their favorite group to pick on, along with blacks and other minorities, because it's kind of institutionalized.
Go ahead, Reverend.
I don't mean to go on this long.
I'm really upset.
Go ahead.
Yes, did you wish to speak with Elder Gates or with me, Mr. Jones?
I'd like to speak with the father in a second, but you had a few other points you were trying to add about what this was like and how you'd been there to see the baby.
Oh, yes, and of course, one of the first things that I said, this is an exemplary family, and I was shocked and outraged.
It was only after I realized by trying to utilize the proper channels to put a stop to the proceedings
That I found out that it was already a fait accompli that I called my friend who is a man of God and an attorney.
That's not an oxymoron in this case.
He really is a man of God and said, you know, we need help here.
And still we were not able to affect anything.
And as the father pointed out, he was told to stay out of things because this doesn't involve you.
No doubt we've been shocked and outraged.
We're thrilled to have sunshine back.
And we will do everything that we can so everyone... Well, notice they had him sign the form.
See, this is... Oh, yes.
People are told... She calls in the cop.
He walks in.
She has nothing but disdain.
He's like, what's going on?
Why are you crying, honey?
She goes, this doesn't concern you.
Hey, what's wrong with you?
I'll be back and I'll take your child.
I'm just repeating what he said.
Then the cop walks in and says, sign this, and it says all these crimes that they've committed.
I mean, they used to do this in secret under the jails in Russia.
But now it goes on in full view, and you're a minister in the community.
You brought in a well-known lawyer.
That didn't mean anything.
The hospital's liable here, I'm telling you.
What we're trying to make sure is that it doesn't happen.
We know that it's happened.
We want to put a break on it, and I think that's the most productive and peaceable way to go about it.
When we put about 10,000 of these wicked bureaucrats in prison, just from this one grouping, then maybe we'll put a stop to it.
I think we can do it productively and peaceably, but I want to thank you for caring about people, and here is Elder Gates, and it truly is an exemplary family.
I'm just
So proud.
And we are dedicated to the oppressed and the poor.
And Victoria and Phillip are very much a part of that ministry to make sure that people's rights are honored and that they have clothing and food.
Well, I want to commend you.
In fact, I got several articles on this here, not just on the Denver Post, that the family's been involved in helping others.
Oh, yes.
Oh, my.
And Phillip is an advocate for the homeless himself.
And so...
We're very prayerful that we will have people who will help all human beings because we're all related, and that's critical.
We want to thank you again.
Well, last question, Reverend, and then we'll talk to the Father and let him go.
Well, I think we have a few callers here for you, but then we'll let you go.
What I'm trying to understand here is when you finally went to the family crisis centers, when you have a crisis, you go to them and they help you, like Don Carleone helps you.
You go to them.
Were you there, and what was that like, and how were they behaving when confronted by people?
Well, the hearing was set for 9, but Elder Gates thinks it was 9.30, but it was closer to 10.
We kept waiting for about an hour.
And, of course, they were quite surprised to see so many people come in.
There were about 20 of us.
I thank them later for the hospitality.
What was shocking to me was to simply dismiss it by saying, oh, these people live in Westminster.
That's Adams County.
And so they relinquished everything to the Adams County social workers who had such a wonderful human face when they came.
And they did an interview and said, oh, we're bringing this baby back.
We're very comfortable with placing this baby in the family.
And it's ironic that on the form, nothing was listed, not parental neglect, no other was checked.
And I said, when I saw the form in the hospital, I said, what an irony that my friend's address is here, and yet you continue in spite of the fact that she has said that she is not homeless and gave you the address, and now you do have her correct address.
But you take the child and then sign the form with her address.
Yes, yes.
Look, I've seen stuff on these forums that make that look good.
I've seen them say that a newborn baby was abused a year and a half before and they have a dozen witnesses.
I've seen them put stuff on there like they were trying to get caught, like they're saying, somebody please catch us.
We want people to be sure to put a break on these proceedings and that kind of carte blanche autonomy so that what will happen is that
There have to be checks and balances.
You know, you have checks and balances and so do I. You know, I work for the big kahuna, so I really have to be careful.
Well, it's called the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
They can't arrest you or do anything unless they have a grand jury, they have the indictment, they have the reasons to charge you.
They can't do this, but now they've made it where there's all these little special boards, and they're creating new special courts every day, and oh, there's no juries in our court.
There's no facing the accuser in our court.
We just, our bureaucrats are Judge Dredd.
Thank you so much.
Mr. Jones, I just want to give you something a little bit on the humorous side.
When one of our members walked into the Family Crisis Center,
On Monday morning, she said the only crisis that the Gates family has experienced is the one that's created by the social workers that they encounter.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
That's what it's meant.
I mean, look, your kid goes in and says, you know, your child gets in an argument in class.
They go, go to the counselor.
And you go to the counselor thinking, oh, not the principal.
That's nice.
And in some of these schools, the counselor is there reporting to CPS, and they'll ask questions any reason.
But thank you so much, Reverend.
And just real quick, I want to go back to the father, Phillip Gates.
Phillip, will you take a couple calls with us?
Okay, let's just take two real quick.
Let's talk to Chris in Tennessee and then Bob in Missouri.
Chris in Tennessee, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I want to remind everybody to donate money to Alex's show and buy his latest tape.
Phillip, I've gone through the Department of Human Services, which you're going through, and they really gave me a hard time.
Please check with the courthouse every other week to make sure that you do get a court date, because what they did to me is they had a court date, they did not notify me, and then they charged me with failure to appear.
And I was automatically at fault.
Yeah, this may not be over because you've got defenders.
They may back off to easier prey.
You know, you've got horns.
They see that.
And they'll move on to a smaller gazelle.
But, yeah, their favorite thing is to file, never tell you, then come arrest you.
And we have 10 million people out of work.
Phillip, stand your ground, and you have a lot of support.
Everybody buy Alex's video and support the show, please.
Thank you very much.
Okay, we're not going to take any more calls.
Any final comments, Phillip?
Yes, as Pastor has indicated, I belong to All Nations Walking with the Lord Ministries at North Presbyterian here in Denver.
If your audience would like to voice their concerns, or if they would like to also drop a word off for the family, the mother and the child, they can do so also at Denver, Colorado, and
Mr. Jones, is it okay if I give this address over there?
I want folks to come and support you guys.
Make all correspondents in care of all nations welcome with the Lord at North Presbyterian, 3025 West 37th Avenue, Denver, Colorado, 80211.
And I want to thank all of your audience for caring so much, and also I want to thank you, Mr. Alex Jones, for making this possible, that we may get the word out.
Phillip, you're making me even more sick.
You're such a nice, good, decent person, and these wolves have attacked you, and I hope that they...
Get what's coming to them.
I hope they change their ways and repent.
But if not, I'm just glad that God created a hell for them.
And God bless you, sir.
And I hope that they don't harass you or anybody else anymore.
And I hope you guys and your church start helping the other people that are being ripped to shreds by these goblins.
Yes, we have a big job ahead of us.
Thank you for having us.
God bless you.
Yes, sir.
What a nice guy.
I tell you what, this makes me so sick.
Makes me want to puke
And I am glad there's a hell for these people.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.
They're laying against the crowd in another red-tag van declaring independence.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, folks.
Where are the renegades in the world today?
Who are the renegades?
Can you recognize evil when it's in your face?
Bob in Missouri, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing, young man?
I'm doing okay.
How you doing, young man?
Well, I want to thank you for being on and a voice, I guess, to the public.
I've got something that's really weighing heavy on my mind.
And it's number one, these Democrats, Republicans, you know?
There's the left and the rightest.
I want you to be able to tell me and maybe your listening audience, because I think time is running out like you've said before, and that there is nothing really in place.
And what I'm alluding to about in place is I was talking to a gentleman about a day ago, and he brought up Illuminata.
What is that?
The Illuminati?
Yes, sir.
Well, in the late 1770s, German police raided a group called the Illuminists, or the Illuminati, who were funding revolutions in Europe.
Admittedly, it's in the history books.
It's in the encyclopedia.
The Illuminati is a real group, and they funded the French Revolution and stuff.
It wasn't a counter-revolution.
It was there to set up a police state.
And the same elite's in place today.
And Adam Weishaupt was one of the heads of it.
He wasn't the founder of it.
It came out of the Knights Templar.
And that goes back to the Rosicrucians and other secret societies.
And so that's the system.
And that's what we have with the Illuminati today is the current institutions that are running things.
That's just the 18th, 17th century name of the global elite.
They were the new elite.
They were replacing some of the older elites.
They've been around for a long time.
But it's publicly known.
It's admitted.
And there's actually a lot of the Illuminati's papers on display at a major university over in Germany because the German police caught them with a bunch of their material.
Go ahead.
And George Washington warned people about the Illuminati in letters and speeches he gave.
They tried to recruit him.
Benjamin Franklin was a member of the Illuminati.
That's not, like, say, four or five families in the United States.
He kind of led me to believe that it was the Rockefellers, the Kennedys, the Bruns... Well, yeah, no, not the Kennedys.
No, not the Kennedys.
Yeah, there's rich, powerful families.
A couple dozen of them.
Crumps, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Habsburgs...
That's the British roll family.
Yeah, that's it.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends.
We've got about 26 and a half minutes left, and I'm going to take one more call.
I'm sorry, that's all I'm going to do is take one more call.
We've got to get to some of the other news.
I don't know, the government kidnapping children with no probable cause, no court order, no nothing, just with a cop.
Ordering a dad to sign something and then grabbing the baby and running out laughing.
I mean, I see it all the time.
I've been there.
I've watched him do it, folks.
We've gone down.
We've had him call.
We've covered it.
We've gotten the documents they filed.
It's just pure evil.
And it shakes me to my very core, to my very soul.
It's very, very painful.
It hurts me, folks.
There's something wrong with you if evil doesn't hurt.
And just the blind general public letting it grow.
Now, the last caller brought up the Illuminati.
New world order, globalist, alpha elite, whatever you want to call it.
It's corrupt, powerful families that have gotten a very sophisticated system of maintaining control.
And people might have thought, well, I was contradicting myself.
I said, you have the Illuminati overthrowing the royalty and setting up their own empire in the 1770s.
Well, this was all part of a bigger Renaissance move to throw off the existing elite, which itself was the Illuminati.
Understand this.
The globalists are experts at hijacking movements, using that energy like a judo move.
So you have these corrupt elites, you know, the Sun King in France, these people living in 2,000-bedroom mansions with their own playhouses for their kids the size of the Capitol building and luxurious palaces bigger than what the Queen of England's got just for their horses.
So that was going on in France.
So the Illuminati saw the Renaissance, saw what was happening in America, saw what was going on.
And they admit this, by the way.
This is all admitted.
So they hijacked that revolutionary fervor and rode that into power.
Now, who was the Illuminati?
They were the bankers.
They were the servants of the corrupt royalty.
And the Illuminati out of Germany and France were under complete control of the British and the Dutch.
Using them to kill off their cousins in France, who had been more busy with being corrupt and making people grovel and making people go through all these ridiculous types of prostration before them.
Whereas the British put their money into espionage and ships and assassins.
Same thing with the Dutch, who were teamed up with the British.
So they funded...
They saw this revolution coming, and so they actually funded an internal revolution.
They tried to overthrow Germany.
They successfully overthrew France, and then slaughtered the middle class, and then put many of the elites back in power.
So you had all these Illuminati functionaries, all interbred, underneath the French royalty,
And so all they did was kill them and then work as captains under the complete mob bosses in London and in the Netherlands.
And you look at who founded the Bilderberg Group and the CFR and all this, it's the British and the Dutch.
I mean, that's really who's got the power, folks.
And, you know, they use the Chinese, they use the Jews, you know, they use the Germans, they use all these other mafias, but they're not the people running it.
And again, we're talking about organized crime.
You know, there's Italian organized crime, and there's Jewish organized crime, and there's Russian organized crime, and they're all high up in this.
But the real power of the Illuminati...
Is the royalty of England and over there with the Dutch and the Netherlands.
Prince Bernhard, Queen Beatrix, Queen Elizabeth, the House of Windsor.
The average, they've done polls, 80 plus percent of the British people don't even know that their royal family just so happens to really be Nordic, German, and Dutch, interbred, and doesn't even happen to know that their real name is Saxe-Coburg-Gopha.
I've been on British radio shows, and the callers, I can't believe it, and the callers are like, well, yeah, that's true.
So that's what's going on here.
And so they're just killing each other, consolidating.
That's what the communists were about.
This is admitted.
British intelligence funded Lenin, and then later Stalin and others, but Lenin was there to kill their cousin.
The British king and the czar could not be distinguished from each other.
I've got photographs of these guys.
They were so inbred and very wicked that they just decided to kill their own cousin.
So this is what they do, folks.
And this is who runs things.
So that's why these people that talk about armed revolution in America and all this, that would be co-opted and has been co-opted every time I've investigated it, faster than...
You know, then you can say super duper.
I mean, it's just incredible.
The key is having a revolution of understanding, a renaissance of understanding about how they work and limit government.
And it won't matter if it's the Russian mafia or the Chinese mafia running your city.
It won't matter if it's corrupt bureaucrats in Tel Aviv or corrupt bureaucrats in Syria.
Or corrupt bureaucrats in Japan, they're not going to be able to run your life for the power elite if you limit the size of government.
So wake up to that!
Last caller, Pete in Missouri.
Pete, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, you're giving me high blood pressure, but setting that aside, two things.
One, for this issue of the child grabbing, I would think that...
If these people come knocking on the door and you're not prepared, you'd want to immediately get an attorney down before... Well, I mean, look, folks, they don't have anything.
They just show up and grab your kid, and they always have you sign a piece of paper because they couldn't do it.
You're agreeing.
You notice they said these boxes had all these crimes.
Well, look, it's been on the news.
It's in my film, Police State 3.
They announced on CBS two years ago, I reported on it five years ago, that if you get arrested for a seatbelt now, they have you sign a form saying you committed robbery, drug dealing, drunken driving, child abuse.
They list like nine things on there.
One form we've seen lists 14.
We have copies of this.
It's in my film.
And the CBS said, yes, in Travis County, you're now guilty of the preventative.
So you go in there, and they say, yeah, you can call your lawyer.
Just sign here.
Well, people just do what they're told.
And then they leave, and a week later they get a call.
This is CPS.
We'll be there in five minutes.
We're coming to your door.
You go, why?
Just talk to us, Mrs. Brown.
And then knock, knock.
Guess what's going on?
Well, you admitted to the child abuse.
We have it on paper.
Right here.
Sign here.
I'm taking your kid.
The police officer.
They sign.
Take the child.
Stand back, Mrs. Brown.
I mean, it's every day, sir.
It's that bad.
Go ahead.
Well, then maybe they need to be set up and webcammed and see how those cockroaches can't stand light.
The one other thing I wanted to mention, a little off point here, I don't know if an earlier caller... No, that's it.
I'm stopping you.
God created cockroaches, and they clean up food, and they actually maintain things, and do not insult cockroaches on my show.
You know something?
Did anybody see that movie Demolition Man?
There was that business about Schwarzenegger becoming governor and president in Demolition Man.
That was a Sylvester Stallone movie back in the early 90s.
Schwarzenegger said that he wanted to be the head of a new national police to fight terrorism in an article I read six years ago, in fact it's somewhere in my archives, in Esquire.
And they had a picture of him in a Nazi uniform next to the quote.
Now understand,
It's like all the... Yes, yes.
That was before Governor Schwarzenegger became governor.
Schwarzenegger said in Rolling Stone he wants you to be the head of the National Police.
Well, his father was the head in a large town.
Because I've read his book, his first bodybuilding book, I don't know, what is it, The Evolution of a Bodybuilder or something like that?
He talked about, yeah, I grew up in a castle with four-foot walls.
My dad was the chief of police.
Yeah, after the war he was chief of police.
During the war he was sexing chief in that area for the Gestapo.
And the guy now says he wants to be head of the national police to fight terrorism six years ago?
So it's all on an inside track.
And the San Francisco Chronicle two weeks ago said that Bohemian Grove has requested Schwarzenegger run.
Are you starting to get this?
I'm just wondering if Stallone is connected up in some way that he would have that in that movie going way back when.
Of course they are.
It's a little joke to them.
Why do you think on the one-year anniversary of 9-1-1...
The New York lottery came up 9-1-1.
Why do you think the Chicago mercantile that day, their exchange market, their put market, their futures market came up 9-1-1, .0000?
It never comes up .0000, much less 9-1-1.
It's little messages.
It's like the Phillips ad on TV.
A year before 9-1-1, only airing in New York, the AP wrote an article about this,
Where two F-16s bomb the World Trade Center and say, Phillips, changing the way you live.
Or the lone gunman on Fox, where a secret government group hijacks a jet airliner to fly it into the buildings to get martial law and to invade the third world.
It's all about... Look, the government just came out and announced this new multi-state echelon system with total information awareness, everything you do, everything you have ever done.
What do they call it, Pete?
Yeah, now it's the Terrorist Information Awareness.
It's the one with the... Yeah, now they're calling it the Matrix.
The Matrix, yeah.
Oh, yes, yes.
And they have the Fed in the article.
There's a bunch of articles on my website right now.
He says, yes, it's like the movie The Matrix.
Everything you do will be watched.
That's America?
But the border stays open?
And, look, sir, it's all about throwing at your face now.
The arrogance will be their undoing.
Well, I mean, that's what they always do.
They always get delusional and start flipping out.
I mean, why did Stalin kill 50 million people when no one was resisting him?
Because he was evil, man!
The very murdering, backstabbing, cunning that got him up there as that boss over the British East Empire, that very cunning, he couldn't stop it.
It was his nature.
You understand?
He enjoyed it.
Yeah, I could see that, yeah.
And so, see, that's the problem.
They can't stop.
It's a religion to them.
They hate us.
The University of Texas textbook, the Calhoun study book, that's the desk reference for social workers, says, quote, the family belongs to the age of barbarism while the state belongs to the future.
The family must be eliminated if the state is to be able to maintain its, you know,
I've read UNESCO documents on there where they call the family a disease.
I've had the former head of policy, number two, Department of Education on.
She's got a book the size of a phone book called Deliberate Dumbing Now with the documents, official documents, where they say the job is to dumb you down and break the family up.
We wonder why this is all happening.
I have everybody in my family reading that one, by the way, including my 14-year-old son who's in a private school, so he could spot the agenda that's crawled in even there.
What effect is it having on them?
Well, of course, Charlotte, who you met at that thing back in May 17th, she doesn't like it one bit.
And then, of course, my son is kind of aware of this kind of stuff, and he comes back from school and he tells me where he spots the agenda.
Good job.
You're a good father.
Take care.
I'm going to cover news.
That's it.
I've done two hours and 46 minutes and 55 seconds, and I haven't even really plugged my videos or the new book yet, and that's how we fund this operation.
And I hate evil, and I know I'm right, and I've studied these people, and that's all I do is look at what they're up to, and I'm just totally blown away.
And I hope you feel the same way I do.
I hope you have a calling to fight them.
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All right, folks.
I have been really angry today.
I think that's been evident.
We had an angry show yesterday, and we should be angry.
We're under attack.
We're under attack.
I look at all this news.
They admit that the troops are dying from...
The government now admits it could be the vaccine.
Well, no kidding, folks.
If they want the general public to take it, it's bad for you.
I mean, they're evil.
We've caught them killing us with vaccines before.
They now admit the DU's hurting the troops, but they don't care.
They'll have another crop later, you know, in five years.
Nobody will go, oh, it doesn't matter.
Support the troops.
Yeah, spray them with bad stuff.
I mean, there's like 50 articles this week, mainstream news.
You know, Denver Post, Associated Press.
Oh yeah, the electronic voting machines are run by secret shadowy groups and they're designed for fraud and they're totally unreliable and they're hooked into shadowy wireless internet connections for no reason.
So we're going to expand it.
It's all just off the charts craziness.
I've got stacks of it here.
Heaven help this country.
God have mercy on us all because I don't know what to say anymore.
And now North Korea is exporting missiles to Iran.
It's just massive proliferations.
The globalists have helped arm China and North Korea.
And they've got the national draft all lined up.
Bush is preparing to do that.
They go on to talk about, here in the articles, about China envoy in North Korea, Pyongyang, slams U.S.
drills, massing U.S.
troops, running all over the place.
And now officials have been forced to reveal mad cow disease scare, and mad cow is, people are dying of it now in Italy and the U.S., and it's just in the back of the paper.
Here's one out of the New Zealand Herald.
Public health officials last night were forced to disclose it tells about a man with a rare brain wasting condition in a bed to dispel damaging rumors about a foot and mouth outbreak, and then they get caught covering up.
Foot and mouth, again, was saying it's something else.
I've seen death certificates here in Austin that say Creutzfeldt-Jacobs, and man, and they shut that down.
People that report the story get followed by guys in black cars.
I mean, they don't want you knowing about that.
They want to keep feeding rotten meat to cows.
You're not even supposed to feed meat to cows.
But farmers, most farmers and ranchers don't feed that type of stuff to their cows.
American beef's pretty good, by and large, compared to a lot of this stuff.
So I don't know what we're so afraid of telling the truth about.
Let's kick all this foreign meat out of here.
And now it's coming out that David Kelly was basically killed for sure.
There were torture marks all over him.
Folks, just this news is all out of control.
And they're cloning horses.
They're cloning human embryos, which is really a human, but then killing it.
Father of dead Army soldier is claiming Army cover-up about how he died, saying it isn't pneumonia, it's something else.
The father of a soldier who died of pneumonia this spring said Thursday the Army has excluded her death from its investigation of deadly phenomenon because it wants to cover up the vaccine's side effects.
The government is covering this up, and it is a doggone shame, said Moses Lacey.
His daughter, Army Specialist Rachel Lacey, died April 4th at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, after getting pneumonia.
Oh, see?
It's not mad cow.
It's a similar brain wasting.
It's not the vaccine.
These people's lungs and innards liquefy, and they're calling it pneumonia.
This is so horrible, folks.
God bless all these people.
I'm sorry this is happening to them.
It's all off the charts, folks.
It's all off the charts for all the news we didn't cover.
Just visit InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and get the new book we're offering that we published, InfoWars.com published, Ordered Out of Chaos.
It is amazing, a great gift, and no bookshelf is even half decent unless it's got Ordered Out of Chaos on it.
If you want to be a distributor for it, check into that as well.
I'm out of time.
Back to 9, 9 to midnight.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones introducing you to the new Berkey PF2 fluoride and arsenic reduction elements for exclusive use with the Berkey Lights black light.