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Air Date: Aug. 7, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Iraq today, but of course that doesn't really matter.
It's all overshadowed by the mindless idiocy of the Colby Bryant case and Arnold Schwarzenegger, a gun-grabbing, abortion-pushing son of a Gestapo officer, announcing his run for governor only in America.
Now you notice that Schwarzenegger didn't want to run, but two weeks ago the
Newspaper out in San Francisco, San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Bohemian Grove had said that he was the man to be governor and that they were going to, quote, twist his arm into running for governor.
So he shocked everyone with his announcement on Jay Leno.
He promised lots of government goodies and entitlements to the people.
He promised open borders.
He's what they call a liberal Republican.
And, of course, Sean Hannity and others were hailing him.
Oh, so what if he's liberal?
I saw him last night in the neocons all over the channels.
Oh, he's so good.
So what if he's anti-gun and pro-abortion?
Oh, he's got an R before his name.
And, you know, when you got Bush's grandfather was a top Nazi, and when you got John Shelley Cash Velie, the chairman and joint chief of staff during Clinton, his daddy was a top Polish turncoat who helped kill millions of Poles under Hitler, and they don't stop there.
They've got Madeleine Albright, who was secretary of state.
Her father was the top commissar in Czechoslovakia, conservatively killed a million and a half people himself under direct orders.
Hey, if your daddy was a mass murderer, you are going to be in this government very high level.
It's a prerequisite almost.
There's a bunch of others who have similar pasts.
So you take Stormin Norman, Schwarzkopf's daddy.
He did a lot of wet work in Iran and other areas.
Just the facts here on the broadcast, but I'm not going to spend much time on Holby Bryant and Arnold.
I do have the articles here.
I will make a few comments that we haven't elaborated on.
Here on the subject, we're going to get into the bombings and how they want to invade all these new countries and how top military people are retiring and resigning and saying that the Pentagon lies on purpose and puts out false reports as if we needed them to tell us.
Hosting a lot of that on InfoWars.com.
Thanks to the great work of my webmaster there at InfoWars.com, Violet Jones, my wife, as well as Paul Watson over at PrisonPlanet.com.
And by the way, tomorrow is the launch of Order Out of Chaos.
I really should call Paul and get him on the show tomorrow.
That's how we sit guests up here on the air talking to them.
Paul, I need to call you in England and get you on the show tomorrow.
We'll try to have him on tomorrow if he can, if not on Monday.
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All right.
There is a lot coming up.
I mean, it's just yesterday I never even got into the federal plan called the Matrix.
They now have a terror grid called the Matrix.
I mean, come on.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
This morning, I did an interview on a 50,000-watt AM out of Norfolk, Virginia.
And the host was just a great guide.
Actually, the station carries just an hour of my Friday show every, I think it's Sunday.
But it was the program director's show, and they had just started carrying an hour, thanks to listeners getting involved.
And then now they're considering carrying three hours every day, and it's the big...
Marquee station.
In fact, it's a group of stations.
Several talk stations and a bunch of other stations.
And the host said he's sick of neocons and he's a libertarian slash conservative.
And we had a long, hour-long discussion about the New World Order and the government lying and Bush, how he's really pushing big government and trying to get our guns.
Every caller in a very conservative area of Norfolk
My wife even lived there a few years.
Every caller, as usual, calling and agreeing, freaking out, saying, I love hearing the truth.
I'm a real conservative.
I'm sick of the neocons.
And, you know, I'm on again in Denver the other night for two hours, and nobody calls in a disagree.
They all call in agreeing, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, black, white,
You know, I can be on KFI out of Los Angeles.
I can be on little radio stations, you know, in the Southland or big stations up north on my own syndicated show, and I'm not here bragging.
I mean, I'm just a regular guy who knows history and reads the news every day and understands what the globalists are and what their plans are.
They're organized crime syndicates controlling Madison Avenue pitch systems, propaganda systems.
That's all they're doing.
It's just a public relations attack continually by these people.
And they run the world and they want to run our lives individually.
But the good news is that more and more stations are picking up the show, AM and FM.
We have a giant internet listenership at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And wherever we're able to get on the radio...
We change paradigms very quickly by pointing out the hypocrisy of the Republicans and the Democrats and exposing who they really work for, the big private central banks.
And we bypass the Colby Bryant and Arnold Schwarzenegger news items and go right into real issues that affect you and your family, like poisons and the vaccines, mainstream reports, government documents, eyewitnesses and scientists and doctors.
We're good to go.
We read the Patriot Act on air, subsection by subsection, so it doesn't mean, it doesn't matter what John Ashcroft has to say or what lie he's telling.
Because we have the actual bill.
We have the meat and potatoes bill.
And when they squeal that, oh, it's liberal propaganda, we point out that it was Democrats who helped write it and Democrats who voted for the war and Democrats that are for open borders and gun control, just like their establishment buddy, their figurehead, George W. Bush.
So wherever we're able to break the paradigm, we can deprogram neocons almost instantly.
Now, some of them are...
They believe, and folks, I've gotten emails from them, I've talked to them on the radio, they really think it's conservative to turn your guns in.
They really think it's good to have open borders.
They really think protecting Bill Clinton is good.
Because they're not liberals, they're not conservatives, they're not constitutionalists, they're not Christians, they're not anything!
They're just go-along, get-along, fad-driven, peer-pressure, junior-high mentality nobodies.
And you know what?
You can quiz them.
They generally supported Bill Clinton, and now they support George Bush.
They're mindless idiots.
And you've got a few hardcore Republican wannabe hacks that are minor officials in the Republican Party, and their whole life is worshipping the elephant.
And there's no substance in their heads and they're just like religious followers of the Republican Party and they're hopeless and clueless as well.
But they're still a minority.
If we're able to reach people, we're able to change minds and unlock minds and that's a big deal.
But it's always very refreshing to do these interviews every day and to continue to get the feedback from liberal and conservative talk show hosts and
Every corner of this country, from British Columbia up in Canada down to the Keys of Florida, I mean, from Niagara Falls, New York, to southern sunny California, I mean, all points in between from North Dakota to South Texas, from Minnesota to Michigan, from Indiana to Missouri, I mean, everywhere from Iowa to Ohio.
It's a major poll I've been doing the last year, over a thousand interviews, and you can count maybe 150 callers that disagreed out of, I don't know, the average show takes 10 calls.
That's out of 10,000 callers, maybe 150 disagreed, and they're always incoherent or death-threading me.
And I've been on shows where the hosts are begging for people to call in and attack me, where the host is attacking me, and then the host freaks out when...
50 callers calling to defend me, and he's begging his call screener on air, get me somebody who disagrees with this kook.
Have I been put in the twilight zone?
Why does everybody agree with him?
And by the end of it, the fat-driven punk is agreeing with me just because he heard the mass agreeing.
I mean, it's sick, folks.
It's sick.
I was on Kogo Radio one time for like an hour and a half, and
I mean, he took like 50 calls desperately.
Tell me you disagree with him!
Tell me you disagree with him!
And of course they wouldn't, so he'd just hang up on them.
Tell me you disagree with him!
Tell me!
Tell me what's happening!
And he'd actually be going, this is crazy!
It's the big station out of San Diego.
What is COGO?
So I'm not tooting my horn here.
I'm just Alex Jones.
I mean, it's scary that people listen to the radio show and think so much of me, and there's so much attention paid to this show.
Because I listen to my show, and I hear all the stumbles and all my hyperventilating and cutting the callers off and running over guests, but my mind moves quickly, and I try to think about presentation, and I get frustrated that I don't get to all the news because I like to elaborate on certain issues.
But we're doing a good job.
All right, here's the news.
Baghdad blast kills 10 at Jordanian embassy.
Massive mainstream reports now admitting what we've told you for five, six years.
The touchscreen voting is designed to be fraudulent by the government, and it's now, I've got AP, I've got Reuters, I've got Denver Post, I mean it's all coming out.
Yeah, it's totally fraudulent, but so what?
You're going to accept it.
I mean, they just say, it doesn't matter.
It's designed for no record-keeping, designed to be accessed by the government and private corporations, designed for fraud.
They're designed, folks, so you can cook the books.
These have been looked at by hundreds of programmers and code writers, and I've got a stack of those I want to just skim through.
I mean, here's a headline.
The theft of your vote is just a chip away...
Computer voting is open to easy fraud, experts say.
election fraud scandal looms.
It goes on and on.
Conservative websites losing our liberty in the name of fighting terrorism.
See, the reason Bush is in trouble is because Alaska, which is conservative, read the Patriot Act and voted it down.
Hundreds of conservative towns and cities are now doing the same.
Conservatives are finally reading it and going, wait a minute, that little pinhead Ann Coulter lied to me.
At Pinhead, you know, conservative talk show host isn't conservative at all.
People are waking up, folks.
So look for the boys in black to blow something else up and then go, see, see, we're your savior.
Shut up or more terrorists coming.
They got the gun to our head going, do as we say or terrorists will get you.
And isn't it obvious?
And you look over and it's them with a gun.
You go, but you've got the gun to my head.
It's for your own good.
Shut up!
There's sweat beating on the killer's forehead.
Quit asking questions and just do what I say!
You did it for so long!
Let me take your pension funds.
Let me open your borders.
There isn't long.
You don't have long left.
You started waking up here at the end.
I almost had you.
Just lay there and let me suck your blood like a good zombie.
I'm the vampire of government.
Didn't I tell you I was good?
No prior knowledge of Marriott bombing is what the Australian government is saying now that it came out that they had prior knowledge.
Our government admits they had prior knowledge.
The latest bombing in Indonesia and of course the one in Bali.
Which has been proven they had knowledge of.
Yesterday, we briefly at the end announced that we now know the new name of the Patriot Act, too.
Now, it was Domestic Security Enhancement Act in the House and Justice Domestic Security Enhancement Act in the Senate.
Now, and it's been introduced officially in the Senate, S-22, now it's being reintroduced as, yes, the Victory Act.
Now, folks...
That is Orwellian 100%.
Now, folks have pointed out that they're following the Orwellian system to a T, almost like it's a sick joke.
But now they're calling it, remember, Victory Chocolate, Victory Gin, Victory Parades, Victory Day.
Well, now we have Victory Act.
It's the Victory Act.
You're for victory, aren't you?
But again, there was never a new terror law.
We were liars.
We were traitors.
We were liberals if we said it.
And now, the Victory Act.
We have that on Infowars.com.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's right.
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I think.
We're good to go.
Your health simply cannot wait any longer.
Folks, we had warned you... We had warned you for years about the touchscreen voting systems.
And people call in, that's wild!
I mean, how can you make the accusation that they're wirelessly...
Or also accessible by phone line and that they're designed by intelligence agencies and sold through private front companies.
And how can you say it's a scam?
Well, we studied the elections, folks.
We knew about voter news services before the rest of the country heard about them in 2000.
We know it was set up in 63 right after they took out Kennedy.
We know the history of it, and now it's out in the open.
We warned you about satellite tracker taxation boxes already in all the new cars and the plan to start taxing and tracing you.
Now it's official and they're announcing it to you, telling you how good it is for your safety.
We warned you about this Matrix-like cashless society control grid to use the Echelon snooping system integrated with local police.
To bring America to its knees and set up a high-tech Stasi-slash-Russian system.
And now it came out yesterday in the Austin American-Statesman and the Washington Post and all the rest of them, crossing lines to fight terrorism, D.C.
and four states to share law enforcement and other records.
And it's a big move with Florida.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Organizers have the system dubbed Matrix, enables investigators to find patterns and links among people and events faster than ever before, combining police records with commercially available collections of personal information about most Americans.
I'm serious!
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then yesterday, we read off of DARPA's own website about the Centibots, and they also have the Descentibots, the second generation.
They rove in packs of 20.
We're good to go.
I think?
And they have larger centibots the size of a truck that are armored with guns, lethal and non-lethal weapons, microwave beams, and yes, they announced in the Boston Globe, mind control weapons that shoot out different classified frequencies that cause you to pass out or become giddy or fall down on the ground or have a seizure or die.
And no, this is not the Minority Report.
It's not the Running Man.
It's not the Fortress.
It's not those science fiction dystopic dramas.
It's America, 2003.
I remember eight years ago, six, seven, eight years ago, reading about police being given, and it was always by DARPA, Department of Defense Research System,
Giving them the ground-penetrating radar.
And then a few years ago, they started demonstrating it on the news.
Oh, here are the new police helicopters.
You can look right through your walls.
Not just heat sources like the old infrared, but crisp, black-and-white images of what you're doing in your house.
Walking around, drinking coffee, in bed with your wife, in the shower, on the toilet.
Reading a book.
Playing Parcheesi.
And they just show you this, because Americans don't know what the Fourth Amendment is.
They don't know that's worse than 1984.
It's just, oh, that's what they do now.
They look at me through my walls.
And they're so disconnected with reality.
Now the FCC's approved it for all police.
They're mounting them on guns.
I mean, it's just, folks, it's off the charts.
There's a bunch of other news we haven't even gotten to.
Just stay with us.
We've got a bunch of guests.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks, we're back live.
If you'd like to join us on air, it's 800-259-9231.
Let me just repeat the news to you that was announced yesterday.
That's 800-259-9231.
It's posted on InfoWars.com that John Ashcroft
...is bringing forward the, that's right, Patriot Act II, under the offensive term, the Victory Act.
Now, that is right out of the pages of 1984.
The Victory Act, and it's got some of the same stuff that's in Patriot Act I, but any cash in any cash transaction is terrorism.
He's banking about a license, and this is just the parts we're getting on the newest piece of Patriot Act legislation.
This is just the stuff they're admitting to.
We haven't gotten a copy of this supposed Patriot Act draft yet.
The New York Daily News listed some of the things, and it said that Ashcroft's going to be on a 20-state tour pushing the Victory Act.
Now, it's not going to work for him, again.
The real conservative newspapers and magazines, not the neocon, national review, socialist stuff, but the real conservative magazines...
And newspapers are all over the place talking about how Bush is this evil neocon, this gun grabber, how he wants to destroy our liberties, how the liberals are working with him, how he's really a Trojan horse.
They weren't doing this just a few months ago, but we've continued to push things here and expose the lies, and Ron Paul really helped with that 45-minute speech where he read chapter and verse 15
From the neocon bibles of how they love Trotsky and how they love Lenin and how they love Hitler and how they love fascism and how they love command and control and empire and how they love Machiavelli.
I mean, they actually say they love all this.
How they want to lie to us.
How lying to us is good.
How big government, how welfare is good.
Oh, they say big government welfare states are very good.
But they're more honest.
They say big private corporations really run government.
And that big government is the tool of corporatism.
It's the reality of tyranny, not the false left-right paradigm.
So they're in trouble, folks, but they don't care.
They're just going forward with, well, we're going to have a new system with the states of total information awareness.
I think?
We're good to go.
I mean, this is it.
You want to see a fascist New World Order takeover of America?
You've got front row seats to it, folks.
And if you don't climb out of the bleacher, out of the bucket seat, and get on the field, America is going to die.
They've got Lady Liberty out there beating her upside the head with a crowbar and a baseball bat with nails in it.
But it's okay because the baseball bat is painted up like an American flag, and they're beating the Constitution to death and burning the Bill of Rights, and you walk over and say, Stop that!
And they go, Shut up!
You're not a patriot!
You're a liberal!
Now get out of my way while I beat America to death!
And you go, Nope, that's not true.
And you've got to explain to the crowd that, Hey, just because this guy beating America to death is dressed up in an American flag, doesn't mean that it's a good thing that's happening.
So, U.S.
backs Florida's new counterterrorism database called the Matrix.
And then you read on, it's a state-level program aided by federal funding is poised to expand across the nation at a time when Congress has been sharply critical of similar data-driven systems on the federal level.
Well, that's just not true.
The Total Information Awareness Network was just one name of one sub-agency of DARPA, the Defense Department, research facility, research directorate, that funds over 70% of all scientific studies on universities.
Some universities, like UT, it's upwards of 90%.
MIT, it's more like 98%, the news reports have stated.
So you talk about undue influence of the military-industrial complex and its private owners.
You know, that's what Eisenhower warned us about just two years after DARPA was founded.
DARPA was founded in 1958.
And so DARPA comes out with TIA, and they go, oh, it's Poindexter.
It's that felon.
It's all his fault.
You know, the all-seeing-eye symbol.
The Pentagon's going to watch everything we do and buy and sell and trade.
It's horrible.
But then Poindexter has to resign after the PAM, the futures market betting on dead American soldiers, and okay, that's all been voted down by Congress.
No, it hasn't.
They changed the name of the Total Terrorism Awareness, and they increased funding in dozens of other agencies that all do the same thing while cutting some of the funding to TIA.
And they do this all the time.
They claim we're cutting the tips program where, you know, your neighbor and the cable guy are going to spy on you for guns and everything else.
You know, it wasn't about terror because there's no real terror.
And once the government does it, there's just crime.
So it was going to be, you know, the Stasi program literally, the local tattletale corps like they had in East Germany.
In fact, in East Germany, it was 1 in 24 was a spy.
They were going to say that 1 in 10 would be a spy here.
That was the federal announcement by FEMA that was going to run the TIPS program through Secure Corps, and they were going to make high school kids to graduate, even if it was private school, national compulsory service.
We're good to go.
They broke it into about five agencies, increased its funding, and one of the big groups is called Talon.
And it's going on right now in the Neighborhood Watch and the National Night Out.
We're out recruiting Monday in Austin for Tattletail Squads.
And they got signs going up that say this is a Homeland Security area.
We support Homeland Security.
Might as well have your sign up.
This neighborhood supports the Nazi Party.
But you got all the ignorant saps helping carry all this out.
I mean, folks, do you see through what's happening?
TIA now is starting state organizations that are federally funded and controlled from the FEMA bunkers they built in the late 90s, hooked into all the face scanning cameras and the rest of it, and the rapid reaction forces and all these groups.
All these federalized groups, but the border stays wide open, and they're saying brace for more terror attacks, and they call it the Matrix?
They call it the Matrix?
They got all seeing eyes on it as its symbol?
I mean, folks, they're throwing it in your face.
They come out with the Cintabots and say DARPA's going to have little robots driving around on the streets?
They're doing it.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the Sunshine Project comes out with a document last year, official declassified.
They've already mounted in every region of the country rapid reaction special forces helicopters with giant canisters of knockout gas on them to knock out whole cities, just like the stuff they used in the Russian theater that killed about 20% of the people, killed what was 117 people.
I mean, you spray people with knockout gas, fires start, people crash cars, they fall over, hit their heads, fire ants eat them.
If you live in the South or the West, you sit in the grass for two minutes, you're going to be dead from fire ants.
And they're going to fly over.
What did we do?
What's all this for?
Because they want power, folks.
They want total control.
It's what they always want.
They can't stop.
They got more money than they can spend, more mansions, more cars, more mistresses, more Swiss bank accounts, more diamonds and gold goblets.
They want control, more racehorses, more... They want everything now.
The nature of power.
You know what they really want?
They want the life extension technologies.
Silicon Weekly, Wired has said it.
They've said it.
Top scientists have said it.
That the elite want us dumbed down in compact cities, not even aware of advanced civilization systems that they've already deployed underground.
And yes, they're going to be deploying into space.
Alternative three.
And this is all real.
See, I don't talk about flying saucers or yetis or chubacabras.
But the underground bases, the continuity of government, the secret cloning programs, they're now admitting this is about the world's elite keeping the advanced life extension systems for themselves.
But to have that, they can't share it with us because there's 6 billion of us.
And frankly, that's true.
And so they're going to keep it all for themselves.
And they're going to stage their deaths so they can go on.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
This is what it's all about.
That's why they say they want to kill 80% of us in their own documents.
All right, let's go ahead and... 1-800-259-9231 1-800-259-9231
What do you think about what I've said here?
Can you face the full hire?
They're building a matrix system.
That's their term for it.
The Defense Department said last year a hive mind.
By law, you will have computer hookups in your head by 2025.
Now, that's not Alex Jones.
I know that sounds crazy.
That's the official Pentagon statement.
And they said they can use peer pressure.
Through the culture to force you to do it.
So is it any surprise you're watching CBS or NBC sitcoms or dramas and they go, the kid was kidnapped.
If the kids just had these digital angel chips, this wouldn't have happened.
This is how they do it.
Who would have ever thought they'd be announcing something called the Matrix or that the Pentagon was going to watch this or that face scanning cameras were going to have MRI systems hooked up to scan our brains?
Imagine, folks, the Pentagon says their main job is going to be implanting you with a plug-in.
And the Boston Globe reported on it yesterday.
Remember five years ago when I talked about the plan to put chips in you with IBM and the Communist Chinese and the government documents?
Well, now go to Applied Digital's website.
We're good to go.
See, suddenly overnight I wasn't crazy as I read documents on air.
See, I wasn't crazy when I told you about the touchscreen voter systems being a fraud.
I wasn't crazy when I told you they were putting AIDS viruses in the corn and open-air planting that came out in the Associated Press.
I wasn't crazy when I told you they had goat spiders that produced body armor for SWAT team uniforms.
Let's now admit it.
I wasn't crazy.
I wasn't crazy because all I go off of is what they're doing.
And yes, it's insane.
Yes, it's freaking me out.
Yes, it freaks my family out.
Yes, I'm concerned.
But if we don't wake up to the sheer horror of what we're living in, it's going to get worse a lot quicker when this government releases smallpox.
We better pray to God every day to heal this country and to wake these people up.
Because if people don't wake up, the globalists are going to move, folks.
And we're very close to waking enough people up where the globalists won't move and they may slow down and back off into their incrementalism.
That now stuff's in high gear, though.
And either way, we win.
If they go into high gear, they lose.
They must not be listening to their scientific advisors and sociologists and psychiatrists and...
And their war games, because I know their own technicians are even leaking information that they're upset.
This is out of control, that they don't want to be part of this.
This thing is about to explode, folks.
It's exploding right now.
Let's talk to Ron in New York.
Go ahead, sir.
Hi, Alex.
Alex, I want to get on to a few things, but just one question.
They said that there were five states that were signing on to that matrix.
Now, you mentioned Florida.
What are the other four?
You know?
Yeah, let me dig the article out.
Kind of caught me unawares there.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Here it is.
Crossing Lines to Fight Terrorism, Washington Post.
And it's four states, now a fifth's announced.
And Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, District of Columbia.
Got another one here that says Texas.
So that's how it always works.
Now it's looking like
Hold on.
Six states and the district, so it's already mushrooming.
Of course, it was already set up eight years ago when they put the thumb scanners in uniformly in those states and put in the same DARPA cameras.
I mean, what I'm saying is this was all set up already.
They're just announcing it now, my friend.
Well, I had a suspicion.
You mentioned New York there.
I had a suspicion when I called you two weeks ago and I told you about how New York had organized records from its court administration.
Yeah, you called and said that they were already handing over misdemeanor stuff to the feds, and they're announcing, multiple states are announcing they will consider misdemeanor as a violation of the 68 Gun Control Act.
Misdemeanor people will no longer be able to own guns.
It's all coming down.
That's exactly what that's designed to do.
Now, secondly, moving along, you had mentioned life extension.
There was a fellow here in New York.
He was talking about that for many years.
I've got to be honest with you.
Initially, I thought maybe the guy was off the beam, but now I'm beginning to wonder.
His name is Al Bielik.
I don't know if you're familiar with the name.
Al Bielik.
Bielik, yeah.
You're familiar with him?
Yeah, I don't.
I can only get into life extension because...
Top elitists are writing about it and talking about it and bragging about it, and some of them are having pains of conscience and leaking it like joy.
You know, he's the co-owner and designer of Sun Microsystems.
He says the elite has already planned to kill all of us, except for the small elite that will enjoy the life extension.
This is the official plan.
I've been to meetings.
So, I mean, you know, Bill Joy told us.
I mean, so I only cover stuff I can prove.
I don't get into what Velix says because I can't prove all that.
It's just that he mentioned that, you know, for a number of years.
This thing with the race in California, that is outrageous.
California has financially collapsed.
And if the people find Arnold Schwarzenegger a viable alternative to the mistake they already have in office there, then the state is politically and mentally collapsed.
Yeah, they're replacing one bucket of worms with another bucket of worms.
The guy's anti-gun, pro-abortion, for open borders, and he's disgusting.
Look at how he went to achieve his objective, too.
He didn't even work hard.
He let some Republican businessman do all the heavy lifting, spend the money and the energy to get the recall vote done.
That's the only reason he's coming in, they say, is to block ISSA.
Right, and then he steps in.
Of course, what do parasites do?
Right, and that's exactly what he is.
And then he tells the people it's because, you know, he was fed up with the reigning governor there.
If he was so fed up with him, why didn't he do something?
More calls coming up.
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All right, Mary, Jim, John, and others, your calls are coming up.
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Mary in Pennsylvania, then Jim, John, and others.
Go ahead, Mary.
I think you're... Okay, we'll let him go now.
We'll go ahead and go to Mary.
Yes, hello, and I'm calling from rainy western Pennsylvania.
Okay, welcome.
I'm a Democrat and I can't stand moronic TV.
I'm trying to face the horror and trying to do something about this new world order.
And we got the trains magazine.
I wondered if you saw the cover.
It says, prepare yourself for no man trains.
Remote control trains.
That'll make you feel real safe at the railroad crossing.
Well, and then they say, oh, that'll cut costs.
Folks, when you get rid of the checkout lines and you get rid of the security guards and you get rid of the personnel, where are the people to have money to buy the goods?
They don't care.
They want us on welfare.
They want us in their system.
And, yeah, I've read about how they're going to go almost exclusively to remote control trains.
And they're also going to go to basically remote control toll booths and your cars.
They say that in major roads, they're going to make us take control systems, just so happens to already be in the ignition, on certain roads where the government will take control of your car.
That's the Associated Press.
But see, people aren't aware of this, Mary, and I'm glad you found that article.
I'll mail it to you.
Well, tell me about the magazine.
So it's Trains Magazine.
Yeah, Trains Magazine.
See, my son is a real fan, and we subscribe.
So their website is TrainsMag.com.
And, Mary, what do they say about the loving remote-controlled train?
Oh, they say...
Government regulators have to agree if remote control trains are safe and productive.
And it says, opinions differ wildly.
Well, I mean, that should never be allowed.
And as a society, if we let them automate everything, we're nuts.
Number one, it gives the government total control.
Number two, it destroys the service economy.
And number three, it's very, very dangerous.
I agree.
Mary, good to hear from you.
God bless you.
Spread the word about the broadcast.
Jim and John and Tom and Bobby and everybody else, your calls are coming up.
And we've got three guests, too.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones introducing you to the new Berkey PF2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements for exclusive use with the Berkey Lights Blackie Light.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, coming up, and I'm just going to intersperse all these different news items with our guests, so it's going to be a hot two hours coming up.
Pastor Butch Hall of Call to Decision Ministries joins myself and two guests for an in-depth look
At the Christian Faith Under Attack in America, coming up in about 5-10 minutes, we will be joined by Pastor Jake Wade of Texas, lives right outside Austin.
Pastor Wade has put everything he owns behind a Christian school he has run for years.
Now the state is threatening to shut the school down because he refuses to be licensed by the state.
Of course, Muslim and Buddhist schools require no license, but for Christian schools, it's another story.
And it goes on, continuing, even as they set up homosexual high schools.
And then in the next hour, we'll be joined by Pastor John Lewis of Indiana.
Pastor Lewis was brutalized and arrested by police for exercising his God-given, constitutionally backed right to free speech while protesting in front of an abortion clinic.
And they were caught on tape trying to frame him.
Cops beat you up and then accuse you of assault.
Right now, let's get some callers out of the way.
Good to hear from them.
Jim, where are you calling from today?
Alex, I'm calling from Indiana.
How are you doing?
Pretty good.
I have a couple of questions for you.
Number one, you said something about life extension and the globalist.
Would you go over that again?
Well, I mean to make a film about it in the future.
I've mentioned it.
I've covered news stories.
There's a chapter in my book, Descent into Tyranny.
How are they going to give life extension technologies?
It's easy to extend somebody out with the technologies they've got to 200 years.
You always hear about these new cures, but they never make it out to the people.
They have clinics in the underground bases.
This is admitted, folks, where only a few thousand top elitists and top scientists and others get chosen, actors and others, get to go, and they're given life extension.
They then have to stage their deaths.
It's 2001 eugenics megalomaniacal delusional behavior.
Something else.
The other night I was listening to you, and you mentioned something about, I think it was assault weapons ban.
I didn't catch all of it.
Yeah, Bush says he'll sign that.
Good chance of being added on is pork barrel and pass.
Republicans are sponsoring it with Democrats, and it will ban all semi-automatic shotguns down to double barrels.
You were mentioning about 19 with Clinton and 62 or 63 with Bush.
Is that the number of different items that are going to be on there now?
There are 90 different guns that get banned in one area, 60-something here, 16 there.
It's basically 90% of guns will be banned from possession, not just sale.
So you're saying like ARs, M14s, so on and so forth?
Any semi-automatic handgun, any semi-automatic, everything.
Okay, have you got this on your web yet or not?
Yeah, we've posted it about 10 times.
It's now in archives, but it's in the NRA's Legislative Alert Center.
Okay, now that lists all weapons, then it's supposed to go on there, is that correct?
Yeah, it's so broad, according to Larry Pratt, basically it bans almost everything.
Okay, well, it's coming down to it then, I guess.
Sounds conservative, doesn't it?
Oh, yeah, it definitely sounds conservative, definitely.
Well, you know, they called for total, complete amnesty, blank check for anybody that can get here, and it's sponsored by Republicans, very conservative.
And you say Bush is going to sign on to it?
Oh, he's pushing it.
Well, it's getting close.
And the NRA will admit in their legislative alert center because of the pressure by real gun groups, but in their First Freedom magazine, oh, Bush is wonderful.
Okay, well, thanks for your time, Alex.
You bet.
If the 5 million NRA members... Good question, sir.
If the 5.5 million NRA members found out about it, gave a person their First Freedom magazine and said, read this...
That'd be 10 million people, unstoppable lobbying, to get our Second Amendment back and repeal gun laws.
Instead, the NRA's told you, just accept it, no more repeals, you're just going to accept more laws.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back.
John in Tennessee and others, your calls are coming up here.
Just a little while.
There is so much news.
I want to throw it out at our guests who are both well aware of the New World Order.
Of course, I didn't spend enough time on this yesterday.
They are going to make Christian bookstores and Christian homes, except not just the homosexuals, but now the crossdressers.
And I guess that if I wanted to move into somebody's house and want to bring my barnyard pig that I'm married to, they'll have to accept that too, or you get a hundred and something thousand dollar fine in jail time.
I mean, this is the thought police, the secret police, but I got video out of L.A.
where the homosexuals spit on pro-life demonstrators and police, break their arms.
I have footage of them macing women with babies in their arms as people scream satanic curses and cuss in leather outfits.
I mean, it's the pit of hell.
But I guess that's okay.
And they've now announced that it looks like six states, because they said four in one article, now they've got other articles in two other states, are already part of this matrix system.
Well, I've called it a matrix of evil.
We've got a new film coming out called that, by the way.
But it's a control grid, and it's here.
It's with us now.
They're announcing the Cintabots.
The DARPA's going to put on the streets, the drones are about to get FAA and congressional approval, be in our skies, looking through our walls.
That's not a free society, folks.
And we're going to go over the news and talk about real discrimination.
The word is persecution of Christians.
I've read mainstream articles in Texas where kids miss a day of class, they've got to go to in-school suspension.
An article in South Texas says,
And they searched their bags now, training you how to be a prisoner, and they found the two young girls, two sisters in middle school, seventh and eighth grade.
They'd just come from a Saturday morning Sunday school, and they grabbed the Bibles out.
They were Seventh-day Adventists, but just mainstream folks.
Grabbed the Bibles out, slammed them on the ground, threw them in the trash, and said, I'm calling CPS.
This was in the newspaper, but then the schools pay to have your kids taken to Harry Potter and pay to take them to these homosexual camps at colleges where they train them how to do this, pedophilia right out in the open.
That's the new America, folks.
And then we're evil for trying to protect our families and basically just be normal human beings in God's creation.
Pastor Butch Paul of Call to Decision Ministries, calleddecision.com,
He's joining me and two guests today on an in-depth look at the Christian faith under attack in America.
And we're going to be talking with Pastor Jake Wade of Texas near Austin.
Pastor Wade has put everything he owns behind the Christian schools.
He has run for years in Texas.
Now the state is threatening to close them down because he has refused to require no license.
The state, of course, doesn't make Muslim or Buddhist schools have a license, but they're requiring him to have a license because he doesn't.
They're coming after him.
This is amazing.
And at the same time, they're starting homosexual schools.
Just, again, I didn't know school was all about sex and your preference, as they say, but now it is so they can expand the size of these devil cults, basically.
And believe me, folks, they're out recruiting people.
So joining us is Pastor Butch and, of course, Pastor Jake Wade.
Good to have both you gentlemen on the show today.
Thank you.
Good to be with you, Alex.
And Alex, amen.
Pastor, I'm familiar with your work.
It's good, basic Christian schools.
I know the kids don't learn how to snort cocaine or don't have video cameras by the school in the 10-year-old dressing rooms like they do in Tennessee and Texas.
I know at your schools, you don't teach them about how the UN's good.
You don't teach them how to report on your parents for owning guns.
Which the BATF does in thousands of school districts.
I know your kids don't thumb scan to get school lunches, no cash allowed, training them for the Matrix Control Grid, now announced by DARPA.
But tell us the story of your schools and what you've been through.
We began schools because my wife and I were teaching as substitutes in the federal school system, unaware of how bad it was.
I think so.
Forget the spiritual.
They couldn't keep up with our academic program.
Now, that's come out that most of the teachers can't read and write and can't do basic algebra.
I remember that in school, and I had to go home and get help from my dad.
I remember teachers couldn't answer my questions when I was 12 years old.
But they sure know how to teach you how to take your Ritalin.
We do not accept Ritalin or any other drug in our school, and we have... Now, wait a minute.
You don't accept kids being given methamphetamine?
No, sir.
But you don't accept them taking hallucinogens like Prozac?
That's pretty radical.
You mean you don't... Okay, well... We have this theory that God doesn't make junk, so we ought to be able to teach anybody.
Well, actually, the real scientific studies show that the hyperactive young males are going to be the leaders.
And that's what they're targeting.
I mean, I would imagine all three of us were pretty hyper.
But I imagine the discipline kept us in line to be the men we are today.
Please continue, Pastor.
You hit the nail on the head because what we're doing is stifling leadership for control by the federal folks.
That's what they're doing this for.
If you don't have any leaders from the ranks, then they've got us.
Well, you see, Alex and Pastor Jake, I know all three of you.
I know both of you men well, and I know myself personally.
I'm a type A plus personality.
I always have been.
When I go to do something, I go at it as hard as I can and as strong as I can.
And they don't want that type of manhood in America.
They want people who are more docile.
And we have the official, we have the head of the Department of Education Policy, number two position, for four years, 80 to 84, a big, nice blue blood from the East Coast, Charlotte Iserby.
Her dad was Bohemian Grove.
And she published the documents where they said the family is a diseased family.
UNESCO, it must be destroyed.
Young males that raise their hands and answer questions quickly are leaders.
They must be neutralized.
It is official.
Go ahead.
Well, this is nothing but brain neutering.
That's all it's doing to the children, the drugs.
And not only the drugs.
Well, it's garbage in, garbage out.
A relativist doesn't have a rudder, so what happened?
Now, I know for a fact, because I went to private school a few years, and most of it in public, but I know that you've got accredited and unaccredited schools.
You don't have to have their, quote, accreditation, which basically means they've got a funnel of Ritalin going into the school, and stupid teachers would...
One of the things we did to briefly finish the scenario, we had to start a college to teach our own teachers because we couldn't find any that could work in the system.
We wanted Christian teachers that were called, not certified.
We can't use a certified teacher.
They're ingrained in this federalist system.
The thing we do, we're very radical because we do not teach Harry Potter.
We're not going to do witchcraft.
We're not going to do satanic practices.
In fact, to the contrary, we teach very staunchly David Barton and the Constitution.
We teach very staunchly... We have posted on the board the UN agenda.
We have the NEA agenda on the board so that our children...
I tell you, that's incredible, Pastor, because when people tell their kids, oh, you can't drink and party because that's what big people do and that's too cool, well, of course the kid runs out and does it.
But if you explain to them how this society wants to scientifically turn them into prisoners, they will never rebel because they will understand that rebellion is what the system has created and they will rebel against the system itself.
Go ahead.
What happens is, and we get this every year, kids will come on a given morning and say, last night we saw this on the TV.
Brother Wade, is that right?
We have developed a group that thinks for themselves.
They know the Constitution.
They're saying, is that constitutional?
They're asking us these questions, and it's seven and eight year olds.
Now, top federal recruiters, top university recruiters, and Fortune 500 recruiters
My dad's a pretty high-level executive in a company.
He goes to these seminars he's supposed to go to, and they'll have top guys admitting.
They're now talking about the New World Order and saying, this is in big hotels in downtown Austin.
We've dumbed people down.
We've got to get all the homeschoolers now as our people.
They're the only ones that can think.
And I've seen my family that's been homeschooled being snatched up by Fortune 500.
They know what they've done, don't they?
Oh, yeah.
And the problem is that when you put this out, and I know you've done this, they're looking for 80% of our graduates to be a workforce that they can determine.
It's just like communist Russia.
We're doing the same thing over again under the guise of, what, democracy?
Well, of course, they choose the profession for the children by the time they're in eighth grade.
Yeah, that's Goals 2000.
They've already got the profession chosen, coal miner or a doctor, and that's where they plan them.
That's where you stay.
This is total mind control from the get-go.
Well, it's amazing in our schools.
Our children say...
They can't do that to us, and the parents haven't got a clue.
We need to teach the parents more than we do the children.
Stay there.
We've gotten to the point where the government says we're the boss, do this, pick that up, jump this high.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
This is freedom.
No, it's not freedom.
And, folks, you've got to get your kids out of these public schools.
The problem is most of the private schools are spewing the same propaganda.
Stay right there, gentlemen.
We'll be right back with both the pastors.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, your calls...
On this issue or any of the police state takeovers will be discussed in the next segment.
If you'd like to join us on air, folks, it's 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
And all across the country, I see the articles every day.
Homeschoolers, Christians, even secular private schools.
So, again, to them and their twisted logic,
I mean, she's happy.
She's intelligent.
We had her on.
You know, it's great.
And there have been other homeschoolers who at 13 beat the 18-year-olds and the spelling bees.
They get CPS at their door.
Why isn't your kid in school?
You didn't sign the papers.
These are evil, wicked devils.
Pastor Jake Wade, right outside Austin, Texas, started Christian schools and an academy.
Well, I would like to say something very quickly, if you don't mind, gentlemen.
Pastor Jake, I know you know this as well as I do, that not only is the enemy on the civil authority against us, but most of the so-called churches think you're nuts also, am I right?
Well, that's because they're about to get, I was about to add, the faith-based initiative.
They're all going to be federal pimp secret police agencies.
The local Baptist church in Austin, the biggest in Austin, has UN Day, Anti-Gun Day, everything.
Well, these people have been brainwashed also by the same people that brainwashed most of the other people.
Worse, a few in number that's almost ridiculous.
World Council of Churches.
Yes, absolutely, indeed.
But you know, in Acts chapter 24, Paul was facing the Felix, the governor Felix, and the people that brought him before Felix were the high priests of the day, the church of the day, and they brought in a professional speaker.
This is in Acts chapter 24, a professional speaker by the name of Tertullius.
To accuse Paul of sedation against the civil authority.
That's what they're doing to Pastor Jake here.
So they basically bring in their change agents or their actors.
They're professional liars.
Pastor Jake Wade, tell us about the persecution just like they have in communist China that we now enjoy here in the homeland.
Well, first of all, our sedition goes to the point of we charge $25 plus a little shipping and handling for any called pastor that comes for the full course at our school, at our college.
$125 for any called teacher that wants to prepare to teach.
That's really racking up the dollars, and the state of Texas thinks we're out here running a paper mill
Okay, for people that don't know, you can buy law enforcement magazines and buy any badge, any diploma you want.
You guys, but anybody who really wants to, can start a school where people physically come and buy training courses, but they're saying this is wrong.
Go ahead.
What they've done, they've said, because we will not subject ourselves to their scrutiny, and I understand that we have begged them to come and audit us, but they don't know how to do that, and they can't find 40 miles south of Austin.
Here's what it says from our lawyer.
By now you may have been informed that the Austin Court of Appeals has affirmed the judgment that the state of Texas may regulate course content and qualification of those who teach purely religious disciplines.
Now, that's the government.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
That is 180 that the state can regulate anything that's religious.
That is amazing!
It's unconstitutional.
It's illegal.
In fact, the board that sued us is illegal.
Pastor Jake, how much have they fined you already?
Well, I just heard from... I was talking to the lady in our lawyer's office this morning, and she said the total bill for all of us that are in this, there's about 11 of us, is up to $2 million now that they're fining us for doing this without a license.
They are the criminals.
They should be arrested.
Imagine our founding fathers if they saw...
Christian schools turning out great students.
Well, they're going to take the 15-year-old with a 3.84.
They're blocking her getting her college diploma and trying to take her to a foster home.
I mean, folks, their official plan says they want to dumb your kids down.
They are criminals.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
And did you know that you can have greater exposure to these chemicals by taking hot showers than when you drink the water?
That's because many chemicals are inhaled when they are inhaled.
That web address again is calbinpuresoap.com.
Try Pure Soap once and I guarantee you'll never use anything else.
All right, John, Mark, Robert, Cheryl, others, your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
I've got a key announcement here.
Over 400 cities and three states now have passed laws barring the Patriot Act, saying that it's unconstitutional and violates our God-given rights.
Some of the liberal cities have used it as a way to protect illegal aliens.
That was already happening.
The feds weren't after him despite that.
The feds are already wanting to accept the matricula and have blanket amnesty.
But yeah, the left got that inserted.
It's wrong.
It's un-American.
It's bad.
But overall, the rest of the laws that have been passed have been good.
And now conservative states like Alaska and a lot of conservative cities have been passing conservative or constitutional resolutions that have more meat in them standing up against the Patriot Act.
I was one of the first people to do this.
Before the ACLU, before the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, I had written a law and parts of it have been used in many cities.
Different cities take different parts of other people's resolutions.
And I introduced it to Fredericksburg, Texas, Austin, Texas, Travis County, and then others got involved and formed big committees and meetings and
We're good to go.
And they're meeting at the LCRA building because they're building a giant new armored city council, but literally an armored camp downtown.
But while that's happening, they're meeting at the LCRA building off of Lake Austin Boulevard across from the Hula Hut in the big LCRA land grab and water grab complex.
And it was item 37.
They're on item 36 right now.
Normally an item 37 would be in the afternoon or at night.
We have neighbors and friends that are planning to go.
I'm planning to go this evening.
But, of course, it looks like they're being sneaky and doing it in the middle of the day.
We don't know what's going to happen.
It is important.
But just the fact that folks are aware of this and standing up and that my neighbors on both sides of me and friends around town are planning to go tells me you're going to have a big crowd down there.
But that may be why they're planning to try to pass it or not pass it while no one's really up there.
But we do have some reporters there on site, and they'll be on the show a little bit later today.
Before I go back to our guest, where we talk about the destruction of freedom and the Bill of Rights and the literal Sovietization of America, I mean textbook, classic, folks, before I do that, I do want to remind listeners that this show needs your support.
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Their sponsors do.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
For non-profit, educational, not for self-purposes.
Get them, make copies, hand them out to everybody, wake America up.
It is working, but not fast enough.
People have been in tyranny so long, they can't recognize it when they're immersed in it.
So don't wait, folks.
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Or you can just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
So stop doing nothing.
All right, going back to Pastor Jake Wade.
Who sets up Christian schools in Texas and around the country that are not incorporated, that are not licensed by the government, which, again, he points out, and I've seen it in the news, Buddhist, witchcraft schools, secular schools don't have a problem.
But if you're a homeschooler or a Christian, look out.
You win the spelling bee, the CPS sees it in the paper, they hate your guts, a mind they didn't ruin, they come after you.
At least to make examples, you're still a lot safer out of the public schools just from the shootings and the drugs and the sex and the brainwashing.
Statistically, private schools, Christian schools, home schools are much safer, better academically, but they try to make these case point examples to scare people.
You were talking about $2 million in fines...
By some little board they just set up out of nothing.
It's this new government system of kangaroo courts just set up by nobody.
And you were saying the state court was saying, read that quote again, Pastor Wade.
Okay, it says, and I quote, "...the judgment states that the state of Texas may regulate course content and qualifications of those who teach purely religious disciplines."
Number one, you're not purely religious.
You teach world history, you teach mathematics, you teach English, you teach the basics, you have high test scores.
What's going on?
But at the same time, the statement that the government regulates religion, that is, again, a 180 from the Texas Bill of Rights and the U.S.
Bill of Rights.
But not only that, Alex and Pastor Jake, it's a lie.
They do not regulate all religions, only the true faith.
The only one they're afraid of, Christianity.
They don't regulate Buddhism or Hinduism.
They're allowed to flourish.
They promote those in the school system.
They do.
But for the Christian faith, the one that they're really afraid of, where the truth is found, they are attacking us on every...
Well, that's right.
Every time I see the atheists on TV or read their publications or see what the NEA's doing, they teach the Greek gods.
They teach voodoo.
I remember being in elementary school.
They tried to make us meditate.
It was in the whole school.
This was outside Dallas.
And now it's much, much worse.
But, oh, that's okay.
I didn't know that.
What video do you use?
The 9-11.
Oh my goodness, what did they think of that?
Oh, the kids think that it's exactly right, and having metallurgical background, I explained to them how this was set and planned, and no plane knocked the buildings down.
That's pretty easy to see.
Just basic mathematics, and you add all the other evidence on it.
Oh, yeah.
But you know, they can keep trying to arrest people for saying the world's round.
All over the world is realizing the globalists did September 11th.
So they can keep trying to lock you up, Mr. Galileo, but it isn't going to work.
So, $2 million in fines.
I know you're going to appeal it.
Tell us about this kangaroo board, because I know they've got these unelected things all over the place now.
I got into this deeper because my buddy up in Rockdale, Dr. Dennis Brooks, was doing the Institute for Teaching God's Word Seminary, and they were shutting him down because he didn't have 25%.
Yeah, I think so.
I called him and he said, how arrogant, how big shot do you think you are?
You're going to tell us how to run this?
We don't think so.
Yeah, look at how we dug your kids down and taught them how to live destructive lifestyles and prepare them, prep them for prison.
You shut up, slave!
Yes, yes.
And I just will not bow to that, so we actually went after them.
What was this scumball's name?
That's amazing.
So, continuing, go ahead.
The guy that sued us was a Dr. Brown, and where he got his PhD, I have no clue, because he can't even spell what he attempted to do.
They threatened us.
They said, you must use only your terminology.
You cannot use anything we protect.
We went to the point of changing everything on our website, everything in all of our documentation to accommodate them, and made a disclaimer telling them we wouldn't use anything the state did and didn't want to, and they fined us for a word that I made up.
Oh, so what was the word you made up?
It's not in the dictionary.
My wife and I made it up one night and told them, this is what we're going to call one of our degrees, and they fined us $43,000 for using that word.
Yeah, I wouldn't.
See, I think you made the mistake up front of even going to the vampires to get permission.
Oh, I didn't.
At that point, I was in their face.
I said, here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to prove how stupid they are because I wrote a book called Adjusting the Lifter.
The credender degree is in adjusting the lifters, and they did not do any research.
They don't know it's not a word.
They sued me for something that doesn't exist.
Well, that's amazing, and that's how we get new words.
Like, weekend is only 50, 60 years old.
I mean, all these words are... That's how we get the word email or Orwellian or doublespeak.
I mean, people invent them.
They make sense.
Folks use them.
Like neocon.
That was their own word, so now we use it.
Or like demo rats.
Or republic rats.
But continuing.
So where are things now?
Ron Paul saw this.
It's interesting that his associate there, a young lady who was very courteous to us and handled us before he got there, is intending that we put a school in her neighborhood, in her little town of Goliad, and we're going to get together with her and do so.
Now say that again?
One of the people in Ron Paul's office wants a school in Goliad, and we're going to go set her one up.
Well, absolutely.
I mean, how wonderful would it be?
I've looked at Christian school curriculum.
I've looked at the best private school curriculum in Austin.
It's just a little bit less New World Order.
It's what they were teaching 10 years ago in public schools.
We use predominantly a BECA.
We use some of the stuff I've written.
My latest book was sold out, and it delineates the problems that we're talking about in education.
But the Becca books are all Bible-based.
They are constitutional.
They have the Republic as the best form of government.
And so you've got just this imaginary board, and they're making new ones literally every week, telling you that they're going to fine you millions of dollars for starting your own Christian schools.
We're apparently teaching something that they do not approve of and they will not even come to see.
I don't think... That's called truth, Pastor Jake.
It's called truth.
So they are, by the definition, the commissariat or the political police of the government.
They're commissars, folks.
Okay, we're about to go to some calls.
Where does this go from here?
Well, I have already told them that the only way they're getting me out is to kill me, and they better be careful because I'll do more good as a martyr than I will alive.
I'm not quitting until we get schools all over the country and we take people back to where we were 150 or 200 years ago.
We've even got Montgomery Readers.
We have the best kids and the best readers in the world.
Yes, yes, exactly.
Pastor Butch, any comments before we go to John and Mark and Robert and Sheila?
There's not much I can add to what y'all are saying except that this doesn't surprise me at all because Pastor Jake is putting out too much evidence of what's happening with your videos, his books, and other materials.
The children he's producing cannot be controlled by the mass media nor the New World Order, so therefore they can't stand...
Can I make one quick statement?
Sure, go ahead.
If I had 18 to 20 million, we would just put these all over this country and say, come, and the good people of America, the good Christian people that know that this is a good thing,
Well, that's it, and that's deadly dangerous.
Well, they outlawed it in Russia and China.
Welcome to America, folks.
Let's talk to John in Tennessee.
Go ahead, John.
I've got two points.
As for private schools and zero tolerance for the right to carry firearms, I went to Tennessee Military Institute, which was a Christian school for grades 7 through 12, and we were ordered to carry M14 assault rifles on school grounds for hours at a time,
We were educated on using lawful deadly force.
And I bet you never had a shooting or a problem.
In fact, it was sort of a reform school for troubled youth.
Oh, well, you know, my dad, public school, East Texas, big school, just walked right in with his shotgun if he was going shooting after school.
Well, Alex, I carried shotguns with me on the school bus, left them on the bus all day to go hunt with friends after school and never had a problem.
Now, that was back when we weren't a sicko, demon-possessed society.
Well, TMI is now a Japanese-only boarding school, so I wonder if it went bankrupt as a policy to take away our guns rather than fall out of the Vietnam War Syndrome.
Also, Sarah Brady is a Republican, and John Hinckley's father was a high-level CIA agent with Bush Sr.
And they had a meeting the night before a luscious dinner.
That's right.
With the president.
The vice president.
So guns should be taken away from the five-time convicted felon George Bush Jr., not from law-abiding Americans.
All right.
Well, look, criminals want your guns.
It's not hard to figure it out.
And what's the first thing a criminal does is he ties you up and makes sure you don't have a weapon.
So the criminals run things.
They want your guns.
I mean, you know, it's not hard to figure out, folks.
Stay there, Pastor.
Both pastors.
We're going to go to Mark and Robert and Sheila and others that are holding patiently.
We're going to hold you over a little bit in the next hour.
We've got another pastor coming on where the police beat you up if you stand on the street corner preaching.
We're good to go.
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If we can, I'd like to keep Pastor Jake Wade over into the next hour with the other great pastor we've got joining us, John Lewis.
You know, I aired this footage years ago on cable here in Austin.
It was footage out of St.
Louis and footage out of L.A., and it was Catholic priests and Protestant preachers
Protesting abortion clinics, and the police would come over, take nunchucks, break their arms, spray Mason Babies' faces.
This is what they want to do to everybody.
And they've got to demonize this first, and they've got to do that to the educational system.
That's why they carried out some of the school shootings, so they could freak everybody out and demonize guns and make the schools mainly about demonizing guns, which is now a large part of the curriculum.
And I'm glad that John in Tennessee pointed that out.
So we've got Pastor Butch Paul, we've got Pastor Jake Wade, we've got another pastor coming on, and we've got your calls.
Let's go right to them.
Mark in Minnesota, then Robert, Cheryl or Sheila, I forget, and Randy and others.
But go ahead, Mark, you're on the air.
Hey, gentlemen, how are you guys doing?
Do you actually teach things at your school like inflation is a bad thing and a gold standard would be a marvelous and wonderful thing?
We even do a course on how not to use plastic and how to shop for money properly.
Well, are you with Al-Qaeda or something?
Actually... Hold on, hold on.
The Victory Act will make that illegal, by the way.
Any cash action they want to say is terrorism.
Any cash they say is involved with a crime now will be punishable by secret execution.
Just thought I'd add that part.
I just had one recommendation for your curriculum, Man, Economy, and State by Murray Rompard.
And then also I wanted to ask you, what can we do to help you?
I mean, who can we write...
How can we donate?
How can we help?
The phone number is 512-398-5797.
Should folks call that after the interview?
Yeah, because you're on the phone right now.
What's that number again?
Area 512-398-5797.
And also, go learn the curriculum from him, and if you like it, go start setting up your own churches, your own schools in your area.
We need money.
The best thing you can do is to start a school, and we have developed this so it's so easy.
We're putting parents back in charge of their kids, and we're teaching the Bible and relationships before we do academics.
That is a very dangerous scenario to the New World Order, Brother Jake, to get parents back in charge of children.
My goodness, that's dangerous.
The New World Order is not my idea of the world I want to live in.
Well, Bush has signed on to UNESCO, and it says officially, we read the actual document, official public, this is what's public, the family is a disease, must be eliminated and replaced by the state.
This is the main job of public education.
The family is an Al-Qaeda thing.
Thanks for the call.
Yep, that's right.
Let's talk to Robert in Illinois.
Go ahead.
Robert, you're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, good to hear your voice.
It's been a while since you got me out of that gulag, but they kept coming after me.
Now I beat them on a rule to show cause, and I also beat them on this criminal charge so I can leave the state of Illinois.
Two quick things I wanted to pass along.
I want to thank you for your assistance.
I remember you.
It was in the newspaper.
You said the government did 9-1-1.
This was in the paper.
So they arrested him and then later had to admit he wasn't crazy.
And then they also had this criminal charge hanging over my head, which finally got to the point where the judge was faced with, I was going to go file a federal felony.
Well, hold on just a minute.
68% of the German people think the government was involved in 9-1-1.
30% say they did it.
That's a Reuters poll.
I guess they're all crazy, too.
A lot of crazy people out here, Alex.
Yeah, we don't think government is God.
Pastor Butch, Paul, is that crazy?
Well, it is their minds, but I just finished two of our teachings.
I'm making it available to everybody who wants it.
Proving from Scripture and history that Caesar, the civil authority, is not our God.
We cannot violate the civil authority.
You know, I'll tell you what.
Everybody stay there.
Pastor Butch, later I want you to spend five minutes...
On that Romans quote that they take out of context, all the disciples did, all Christ did was fight the corrupt government.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Just so everybody knows, I've gotten a report from the makeshift Austin City Council FEMA command bunker over at the LCRA building in Austin, Texas on this Thursday, the 7th of August 2003.
And item 37 will be to start debate, I believe, in the next hour.
It'll go on for several hours, depending on how many speakers there are.
So folks, get down there and speak.
So I can get off the air here and brush my teeth and comb my hair and get out of this T-shirt and get down to the LCRA building.
So can you hold them for me until about 2.45?
Everybody wants me to come down and speak, and they've reserved time for me, trying to get rid of the Patriot Act.
But this is a national show, so we're covering the issues.
Right back in Texas, though, we have Jake Wade, a Texas...
We're good to go.
From what it sounds like, a curriculum politically similar to what the John Birch Society has with their constitutional summer camps that I highly recommend.
I've seen some of the videos of the presentations there, but this is amazing.
You talk about, you know, we read about China, underground schools, churches, arrests, fines, and it's, oh, those evil communists.
They're doing it here, and I know that we have a lot of other callers left here on the line.
Who's the next caller, Mark?
We already went to Robert.
Okay, Cheryl in Ohio.
Cheryl, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, and salam to you, Pastor Wade, and to you, Pastor Paul.
Thank you.
I want to just say one thing and then several things here.
First is from the Word of God.
Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked.
None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.
Those of us who are wise and are understanding and getting the full-blown picture, if you have a calling that Jesus Christ Emmanuel placed on your life, and if this
Let me add this.
Cheryl, right?
It's very intense when you do see the evil.
And you can meet somebody you've never met, and they will have the exact worldview, the exact same understanding, because it's the truth, folks.
We know what's going on.
Dissentibots by DARPA, brain scanners on the streets that now will mind control us, Boston Globe, fingerprints taking everybody's DNA, foreign troops, homosexual public schools.
Alex, allow me to say this.
Pastor Wade knows who I am.
We met last year.
He is my pastor from afar.
I am coming to Texas next month, however long of a period.
That the Lord has me there.
I will be there.
And I want to share this one thing that's going on in the Wycliffe City Schools in the state of Ohio where I live.
This just came into my hands.
Something new.
If the parents out there like sending their kids to public school, they better wake up.
This is something new that will help the students understand more about plagiarism.
And it's a software program that they will be starting to use in all subject areas, and you can go to TurnItIn.com, and as reported by the company, is an online resource for educators and students concerned with the developing quality writing and research skills.
Yeah, this came out a few years ago.
It's a federal database to read what your kids are writing.
I mean, you talk about East Germany.
Stay there.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, implanable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the Masters of Terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We're back live, and we've got a lot of folks on the line today and a bunch of callers.
We're going to go back to Sherwin, Ohio.
I saw this a couple years ago.
I'd forgotten about it.
They have these federal programs in the name of stopping plagiarism.
The papers that are written by the students are sent to a database of the principal and then can be sent to other people.
I know in the takeover, I have footage and the documents and the news articles in North Carolina, and it's now gone nationwide.
This is from 1999-2000, where the BATF teaches an entire semester.
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Compensation teaches a whole semester in the school
Hayes for a deputy who's trained by them to go in, and the entire semester you learn about how guns are bad, and you write dossiers on your parents.
This is admitted.
And the school board voted it down, but the school still did it.
No one knows how that happened.
This was one.
One area of North Carolina that's in the film, but it's everywhere.
And then we're going to, just a second, I'm going to go to Pastor John Lewis of Indiana.
Pastor Lewis was brutalized and arrested by the police for exercising his God-given and constitutionally backed right to free speech while protesting in front of an abortion clinic.
And so they brutalize people all the time.
We've got video of this stuff.
But real quick, before we go to our other guest, we also have it riding shotgun with us, Pastor Butch Paul, and we're talking to Pastor Jake Wade who tries to set up Christian schools, and the government says you can't do that in America anymore, but you can set up a Buddhist or Hindu or Muslim outfit, and so it's all very interesting.
But there in Ohio, go ahead and finish up with what you were saying about how they read the kids' papers.
What they're doing here is, Alex, is this, and this just came in my mail yesterday, that this system, and it's called TurnItIn.com, so anybody who's listening can go there.
Oh, okay.
This is providing a reliable, efficient, and powerful deterrent to the Internet-based plagiarism, detecting digital plagiarism when and where it occurs, hosting an online interface for student and teacher review,
Thank you.
Let's teach the children to be spy kids.
I don't know about this particular company.
There's another one done by the schools where the government is getting their papers.
Well, this one is called... That's part of the Al Gore thing.
Put a computer in every school.
It's for the children.
Well, this is called Turn It In.
It's right here, right in front of me.
Very interesting.
Thank you so much for the call.
I've got to let you go.
Great points.
We've got the educator here with us, Pastor Jake Wade, who left the government training camps to start his own private Christian schools, which have outraged the globalists.
Pastor Jake Wade and Pastor Butch, any comments?
I want to quote.
I'll do this very quickly.
What I told the higher education board in Austin was,
Just like the magistrate telling Peter and John that they could not preach the name of Jesus in their town.
I'm going to obey God rather than man.
That's in the fifth chapter of Acts.
That's Acts 5.29.
As a matter of fact, Alex, very quickly I will say this, and I'm going to send you and Pastor Jack both a copy of two of our teachings that I just finished on Romans 13.
There is nowhere in the Bible, and I will challenge anyone listening anywhere in this world, to show me in the Scriptures where we're to obey man rather than God.
And I will challenge anyone to show me anywhere in the Bible, when Paul wrote Romans 13, he was in prison writing it.
And by the way, he doesn't say, render unto Caesar, if Caesar says, throw little kids in ovens.
No, he does not.
That's all taken out of context, and that was Hitler's favorite quote, and it's used in these dirty, federally controlled, patriotic churches.
Alex, within a matter of a few days, you'll be seeing a videotape of me, a two-hour videotape.
I hope you'll take time to watch it.
And that's what the
That's exactly right.
It's our duty.
It's our duty.
That's what the Declaration of Independence says in case somebody's going, this is treason.
You must worship the government.
That's what America is.
That's strange.
It's the same thing that they accused Jehoiada, the high priest, in 2 Kings 11, the queen, accused him of treason for reinstating righteous government.
That's in your Bible.
Yes, maybe they called treason and sedation treason.
But it's Bible, and I'll preach it until I die, and there's no one in the Scriptures, and I defy anyone to call me.
Well, it's also Bible not to murder, not to steal.
Oh, I guess all that's bad, too.
These kids belong to God.
They do not belong to Satan.
Anyone who will call me, toll free at 800-777-4403, and want to discuss with me the issue of rendering unto Caesar, please feel free to do so, because there's nowhere in the Bible that tells me I must render to Caesar what is not his, and my children are not his.
Later, let's read the whole three paragraphs instead of just the render unto Caesar, the things that are Caesar's.
Because they take that out of context.
But right now, let's bring up, as well, everybody online with us.
We've got Pastor Jake Wade, who is being persecuted.
It's about persecution of the Christians.
You see it in Nazi Germany.
You see it in Russia.
You see it in China.
You see it in Rome.
You see it in Fidel's Cuba.
And it's very fashionable with the beatniks that run things now, like Bush.
Yeah, the ultra-liberal gun grabbers.
We're good to go.
And they were out there protesting the execution camps, the Auschwitz centers, and that's what they are, where 54 million children have been slaughtered, and the bloodthirsty eugenics program run in this country.
And it's a favorite tactic, and they got it on tape.
Their favorite tactic is to brutalize innocent people and then claim that the innocent person assaulted them.
But again, they have videotape.
That's what stops the globalists.
Pastor John Lewis, good to have you on the show.
All right, Alex, thank you very much.
It's good to be here and say hi to Butch, Paul, and Pastor Wade.
And we thank you for taking time to listen to us today.
Well, we're just doing what they did before the 1776 hostilities.
We're pointing out who the enemies are, who the traitors are, how they are the wicked devils, and how they hate life, folks.
They love death.
Either you love God or you love death.
And they don't love God.
They hate God.
So they're in a love affair with death.
Tell us what happened to you, and then we'll go to some calls.
All right.
Well, thank you.
You have most of the facts right.
There are seven of us in our church, and I pastor the church here, seven of us out of jail right now on bond with criminal charges for simply exercising our First Amendment rights to preach the hell out of this bunch on the streets of Kentucky and Indiana.
Now, my son, who is 20 years old, is actually the one who was brutalized by the police in
He's been charged with felony charges.
He's 20 years old, and he's on the phone here listening also.
And you're welcome to get his statement and comments.
But seven of us from our church activities of preaching on the street were arrested on perjured police reports, affidavits of probable cause.
Now, this was a couple months ago.
I listened to you on Pastor Butch's show.
Break it down for us.
This was a park, correct?
Well, it was on the public square on the sidewalk, which is constitutionally protected under Supreme Court ruling.
Well, that's the exact place you're supposed to be.
Well, sure.
And we hold up signs, and we hold up photographs of little murdered babies.
And, of course, the Nazis don't like you showing pictures of Auschwitz.
Oh, no, they don't.
Imagine trying that in 1942.
Why, sure.
And then in the Nuremberg trials in 1945 and 1946, abortionists were tried under the...
International law number 10 in that anti-human crimes against humans.
They were tried for murdering babies in abortion back then, but now in the same country that supported the prosecution of murderers in 1945 and 1946.
Now we, as God's people, are persecuted and prosecuted and brutalized on the street for preaching, and there are seven of us right now still
We're litigating these cases in criminal court, state court.
We did get a federal stay on an ordinance they passed specifically to stop us in town.
We sued them, and they lost.
They backed off and abolished the ordinance.
And so we go back, even though we're out on bond, all of us go back on the street and put it in their face every chance we get at least once a week.
You're out there with the signs.
The police come up and say, stop it.
What happens next?
Well, they don't tell us that anymore because we've gotten their attention a little bit through federal court.
However, we still have to be exonerated or cleared in the state charges in the criminal court system.
And it's a favored tactic.
We have Abby Newman on tape.
Doesn't even touch him, and they say she assaults him at the checkpoint.
They beat you up and then charge you.
What happened?
Well, we had a bunch of our men on June the 3rd...
Amen, I love it.
No, you're not.
Love it.
It comes from the Magna Carta that comes from the Old Testament and the Mosaic Law, and they're trying to destroy it.
They're trying to destroy it because they know that this is the spirit that defeated the empire in 1776.
We'll be right back.
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All right, folks.
These phone lines are loaded up, been jammed all day, and we're going to try to go to Nick and Charlie and Rhonda and Regina and Don and on and on and on.
We've got a bunch of people online.
We've got Pastor Butch Hall.
We've got Pastor Jake Wade.
We've got Pastor John Lewis of Indiana.
Pastor Jake Wade of Texas has put everything he owns behind the Christian schools he has run for years in Texas.
Now the state is threatening to close him down because he has refused to be licensed by the state, but of course...
Any other school, Muslim, Buddhist, or secular, that's independent doesn't have to be licensed, but they're saying you because you're Christian have to be.
They're actually saying that.
So, again, this discrimination is allowed as long as it's for only certain groups.
It's not just discrimination, it's persecution.
Pastor John Lewis has a right to say whatever he wants to, short of firing a theater there on the streets of his city, and they were assaulted by police.
His son has been framed.
This is
I've talked to folks that have seen the video.
The police are now starting to back off a little bit.
So, Pastor Butch, jump in.
Pastor Wade, jump in any time you want.
Pastor Lewis?
Yes, sir.
So, you and your son and some of your church are out there protesting against things that are against your beliefs, your religion, and then suddenly the police show up and they tell you you're not allowed to do that.
Well, we've been doing this in this city, our hometown city, Salem, Indiana, since back in the winter.
All right.
Go ahead.
And every week, every Saturday, we were out there.
They had an escalating problem with us because the citizenry...
Of the county as diametrically opposed, even though they all claim to be Christians, don't you know?
They don't like our methods on the street.
They don't like the truth.
They hate the truth.
You mean the same kind of conservatives that say Bush signing an assault weapons ban that bans all semi-automatic shotguns is conservative?
Oh, yes.
They believe little Bushy is a Christian, even though he worshipped in a Shinto shrine in February of 2002 over in Japan.
Well, that's a lot.
But what about Moloch?
I mean, did you know Bush goes to Bohemian Grove?
Well, that's just modern-day Baal worship.
And, you know, he says that Allah's just another name for the Lord God of the Bible.
He's deluded, just like the Vice President Dick Cheney that raised a faggot daughter that's out of a closet out in Conifer, Colorado.
George Bush is ten times more dangerous than Bill Clinton or Thabibian.
Well, look, I'll say this.
We're fighting the New World Order, and we've got to have the First Amendment, folks.
And so they arrested you for engaging in your free speech.
Now, I'll fight to the death for their free speech, but they don't want you to have free speech, so they beat your son up and took him to jail.
Yes, and that's how communists always do.
They believe...
That they have the rights, but we don't.
That's how despots and tyrants always work.
However, this thing had been escalating since in the wintertime, and this particular day, which was a Tuesday, June the 3rd, the city was, the whole city mayor's office, the town city hall was out there watching, and there was quite a crowd gathered, and the chief of police, a lying, fat-bellied
By the name of Brian Scott Ratz.
He had the narcotics team, which consisted of two Indiana State Police in plain clothes and two other plain clothes policemen out there.
They had conjured this thing up and had planned on this.
What's that bellied lying devil?
Yeah, that's what he is.
That's his good points, Alex.
That's his good points.
We'll not even talk about where he's weak, okay?
Could I inject one thing?
Yes, sir.
Alex Jones keeps bringing up 1776.
If people would look back at the real history, those religious leaders, those Christians that left the European domination and tyranny left to get
Free from the very kinds of things we're listing here so that we can teach our children the truth of the Bible.
As a matter of fact, I have in my possession, gentlemen, in my possession the original constitutions of each colony and every one of them
All they were saying with the letter from Thomas Jefferson is that the government doesn't regulate churches and has no power over them.
A five-year-old can figure out what the First Amendment says.
We were founded a Christian nation, and only a complete fool can say anything different than that with the proof that we have in our hands, scripturally and historically.
Fat-bellied liars.
Fat-bellied liars.
Hey, let me tell you this, fellas.
You're right.
The preachers in America, Brother Wade, are demonic whores.
They will not study.
You cannot have an educated populace when the pulpits...
Cannot even be approached to within two feet because their fat belly is out there.
Brother John, that's because... Hold on, hold on.
We've got to break.
This is unbelievable.
The way he says fat belly devil or whatever he said.
I'm sorry, folks.
This is out of control.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Hello, folks.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down.
All right, folks.
We're back live.
And, boy, we've been talking about persecution, oppressions, attacks on the First Amendment, you name it.
And some of you out there may not agree with everything you've heard, but that's what the First Amendment's all about.
But I'll tell you this, the globalists and all their minions are aggressive, cramming all their garbage down our throats and then telling us to shut up and go along with the destruction of America.
And I'm not going to put up with it.
And I know that what's happening to our guests, because I've seen the evidence of it, what happened to John Lewis's son, who's on with us, who, again, the police didn't like their speech, so they beat him up and took him to jail and then charged him with assaulting them.
That is wrong, folks.
And that's what the First Amendment is all about, is standing against that.
And the same thing with Pastor Jake Wade of Texas.
I mean, he's a teacher, taught in the public schools, didn't like it, went and set up his own schools, doing a great job.
They're trying to shut him down.
That's not a free society.
Alex, I'll say one thing, then I'll try to be quiet while you take phone calls.
Well, no, I also want to hear your Romans passage.
That's important.
It would take longer than we have, I'm sure, to do that.
But I will say that this, I don't think that...
Brother John or Brother JQ1 will have you in trouble with this.
The problem with America today is that 95% of the churches are filled with government 503 pulpit pimps.
They will not stand for anything because they will lose their income and their crowds.
Pastor John knows this for a fact, that he and I, neither one, draw big crowds to our churches because we will not compromise the truth.
These churches that call themselves churches, the Episcopal Church, the Methodist Church, and some Baptist churches, and others are now ordained sodomites.
All right.
Well, we're going to take some calls here in a second.
I just know this.
That there is massive persecution against Christians, and then you have the establishment church that says whatever the government wants, which Pastor Butch was just talking about.
They're pimps!
Brother Jones, can I take the government a little more?
And this is Pastor Jake White.
Sure, go ahead.
Go ahead.
We won't take an applicant for a pastor's training or preparation that is not a called pastor, and that's part of the problem.
We do not want to teach teachers to teach unless they're really called to teach.
It's not a profession.
It is a calling of God.
And I'm going to give the phone number, which will really irritate our education board because this is supposed to be illegal.
We're at area 512-284-3475.
If you want to get out in the fight with us as a called pastor,
And speak for the United States of America like it used to be and tell the truth.
Give us a call and we'll prepare you.
Wait, you're saying to have a school and say on the air we're looking for teachers?
That's not allowed.
We're really in a free country, folks.
Not that way.
Let's talk to Pastor John Lewis, a son who's 20 years old and it's on video, was beat up by police for his speech.
Whether you love it or hate it, that's a violation of the First Amendment.
Beat up for his speech, and then they charge him with assaulting them.
This is John Lewis' son.
What's your name again, sir?
Nathan Lewis.
Nathan, what happened to you?
Well, I was standing out on public square.
We were preaching, holding up signs against the murder of abortion and sin of sodomy.
And I was approached by Chief Scott Rapp,
My dad, he called him a fat belly offler, which he is.
He's an arrogant fellow.
Okay, okay.
But anyway, I was standing there exercising my First Amendment rights, and he came up to me and asked me for my information.
And so I gave it to him and on to the next protester and was asking him for his, and this next protester would not comply.
And so he arrested him, said he was under arrest for failure to identify him,
Oh, in our free society, we have to show our papers to go out of our house.
Folks, Nazi Germany.
Right, exactly.
Go ahead.
Anyway, this protester, when he was under arrest, he tried to pass me his wallet.
He did not want the police officers to get his money, which was a foolish thing to do because they would have gotten it anyway.
Anyway, out of natural reaction, I went for the wallet to catch it as he threw it to me.
And so I caught it in my left hand.
I had my video camera in my right hand.
And the chief turned around to me and said, Don't touch it.
Don't touch it.
And he said, Okay, mister, you're gone.
I said, Sir, what do you mean I'm gone?
What have I done?
And so then I was pulled around, my arm crammed behind my back by another police officer.
And I was being walked away to the police cruiser.
And just out of the crowd, a big man hit me from behind and threw me down on the ground and several more piled up on top of me.
Now, was this police or the local demons?
Well, this was... Same thing.
Same thing.
But the police... Now, I want people to hear the anger by you guys.
I want people to understand.
You can't raise your own children.
You can't have your own church.
You're getting beat up by these people.
We got video of Catholic priests and Protestant preachers having their arms broken, mace sprayed, and women with babies in their arms, faces...
And, you know, it's evil.
I've seen video.
We've heard it locally of just crowds in L.A.
We've got video.
beating Christians up, spitting on them, stomping on them, laughing.
The police just in.
It looks like something right out of Sodom and Gomorrah.
It is.
And so, again, was it police or some of the other demons?
I mean, who attacked you from behind?
Well, there was a special narcotics team in plain clothes.
They worked for the city of Salem.
There's four members on this narcotics team, and two of these men, which were in plain clothes, they had their police badges.
So these were kind of commissariat political black uniformed police who were in their plain clothes.
And so they were just standing there and came out of the crowd.
They did not want anybody to know who they were.
They just wanted to come out and assault us and exercise their police brutality.
So that's what they did.
And then after they were done beating you real good, they said you attack them, the standard deal.
They took me to the jail.
My dad, he had come over there to bomb me out of jail for $250 because I had just been under arrest supposedly.
I never was told I was under arrest.
But then they told me in the jail that I was arrested for...
All right, now that's fat belly possum.
That's right.
Possum belly.
That's right.
All right, well, and so now they're... But I'll tell you, this is really out of control.
Let's take some calls on the education issue.
I think we're good to go.
All right, well, and I'm on the air five hours a week on shortwave trying to awaken the American pastors and have been preaching for 20 years trying to get them waking up about the Christian history of America.
I understand, but tell us how we contact you.
All right, Pastor John Lewis, Post Office Box 104, Campbellsburg, like Campbell Soup, Campbellsburg, Indiana, 47108.
Okay, and what about a phone number?
All right.
Okay, we'll get that out again in a few minutes.
There's loaded phones here.
Let's go to them.
And as usual, I don't know my head from a hole in the ground.
Who should I go to first here?
Nick in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Or Michigan, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
This is Nick.
I was assaulted by an Oakland County sheriff yesterday evening at a concert.
They basically grabbed me out of the crowd, started taking me to the front gate.
I was asking what I did wrong.
They told me to shut up.
If I asked again, they said that they knew what I did, or I knew what I had done.
And then later on I found out that they thought that I threw some type of beverages at them.
They twisted my arm and asked me if they wanted me to break it.
At the same time, while they were holding me, they asked me to get my wallet, and I couldn't reach for my wallet because they were holding me.
Later on, I was in handcuffs.
Someone said I think he should be on his knees.
Oh, yeah, petty people.
I'd be embarrassed to try to shove people around, but bullies really enjoy it.
This just goes on perpetually.
People are going to enjoy tyranny now by a bunch of school bullies.
And that's what's happened.
The perverts, the bullies, the criminals, the serial killers have gotten together and said, Hey, let's feed on these cattle.
And they're doing it.
So, gentlemen, any comments?
Pastor Butch, any comments to what happened to...
To Neil up in Michigan?
Well, what can you say?
It's happening to everybody else.
Why not him too?
It's just another step in the direction that that's why we're crying so loud and pleading with people to listen five nights a week, just like you are five days a week.
And Brother Lewis says we're begging people to listen to the truth.
We're losing this country, and if we don't stand soon, it's going to be way too late.
Thanks for the call, Neal.
Charles in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for taking my call.
Pastor John Lewis, I was really wondering, when are you going to stop sugarcoating stuff?
Well, I've got an application into Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot, but until it gets answered, I figured I'd just go on and make it sweet so the pussyfoot Christians in America could understand it, brother.
And I'm glad your perception has brought out this comment.
I know you're being facetious, but...
Brother, we need preachers who will rear back and tell the truth.
And preachers who have enough understanding of the battle of liberty as opposed to tyranny down through the ages.
Well, I agree we need people that are willing to say what they believe and be bold.
And I believe in that First Amendment.
And they're violating it up one side and down the other.
And we need to scream right back in their face.
And tell them, they can claim this right's gone, but it's still there.
We have a nation full of cotton candy preachers all fluffing those substances.
You'll starve death going to their churches, but the sad part is that people don't know they're starving death.
Okay, thanks for the call, Charles.
Jake Wade, any comments to this?
Well, they're mad at me because I'm trying to rally them and prepare them.
So we can speak back.
You're just setting up Christian schools.
And then they use a double standard against you and try to shut it down.
Well, they're going to have a hard time enslaving everybody if we're well-educated.
You got it.
Rhonda in Missouri.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air, Rhonda.
Good afternoon.
I originally called to tell you about my meeting with the congressman, but I wasn't aware of who you had on.
Well, no, tell us about that.
What happened with the congressman?
I told him the first thing, the most important thing he needed to know about me was that I believed in God and Jesus Christ as my Savior.
That's the first thing he needed to know about me.
I told him I voted for him and Bush, because I was blinded by my hatred of the other side so bad that I was deceived.
And with the passage of the Patriot, I voted for him because I wanted less government, more personal responsibility.
No, Congress has unanimously repealed some of the bad provisions, so now Ashcroft has the Victory Act?
I mean, Rhonda, that's right out of 1984.
That's the actual exact term.
And stay there, Rhonda.
I want to ask all of you a question.
I want to ask you a question.
Why do they call this new Total Information Awareness Network with the states the Matrix?
Why do they use the very terms?
Is this to just throw it in our face as a joke?
Rhonda, why do you think that?
Because we've all been deceived.
Because we believe lies are the foundation of stupidity.
So when we believe they're lies, we become stupid.
But to have Ashcroft say there's no Patriot Act II, when he'd introduced the thing with his name on it, and then to come out with it and name it the Victory Act, I mean, how dumb do they think we are?
Well, that's it.
How dumb do these... Brother Jones?
The name of the controlling computer in...
And Belgium is called the beast.
I have that from Reuters.
Oh, by the way, we had the big Harvard PhD on Catherine Albrecht, and she's secular, and she said, by the way, I went to the RFID meeting with the Defense Department at Walmart, and they kept saying, Project Babylon's going well.
Archangels subgroup.
Little Angel's doing well with Little Devil.
I mean, Babylon.
I mean, it's sick!
Matrix, Beast.
They're preparing us for the Eurodollar and bowing down for the European Common Market and under the beast straight out of Revelation.
It's incredible.
My question is that every weekend millions of Americans go to church.
I ask this question, where is the church?
When they come on the radio, as you said, I slap us right in the face with the terms, where is the church?
Where is the church?
Well, I mean, it's the digital angel.
Everybody needs their own little guardian, their own little number chippy.
And then the documents come out that Walmart and the Defense Department have a plan to, quote, neutralize dissent, track us in taxes.
It's all admitted.
Look, yesterday, Boston Globe, they admit DARPA is going to put on the streets, I've read the plans, but here it was in the Boston Globe, systems that mind control you, frequency wave.
They're putting it in the newspaper, mind control boxes.
Why can't we get it?
Oh, because the people have been given the great delusion.
Rhonda, anything else?
Well, he started in about, well, you know, we have that balancing between security and rights and this and that and the other.
And I said, you know, look, I'm not giving up one of my rights.
Not one.
Not one.
And he started in about, well, you know, we've caught 18...
You know, stopped 18 incidences from happening.
I said, oh, really?
You talking about the military guy down in Florida that got caught putting explosives by a power plant, caught by the sheriff?
Sheriff's Department?
Are you talking about that?
Are you talking about anthrax coming out of Fort Detrick?
Is that what you're talking about, the incidences?
Because I wanted him to know.
What did he say to that?
What did he say to that?
He didn't have too much to say.
But, I mean, did you ask him, why are the borders more open than ever?
Yeah, he happens to be for the borders.
I asked him about the assault weapons ban.
He said that's going to die on the floor.
Oh, yeah, don't bet on it.
Larry Pratt said two days ago on this network, and he worked in the Congress, they're trying to stick that at pork riders.
Just like the domestic, and like the homeland.
I said, you know, I can't even bring myself to hardly say that word without getting nauseous.
Talk about your face again.
They called it the Reich Land.
And what is Reich but homeland?
I mean, that's what I mean.
It just can't get any more ridiculous.
Can I just say one comment about a comment that one of your gentlemen made earlier?
I'm not sure which one.
He was talking about AIDS being the cure for faggots.
You know, here we decry one government genocide with abortion and praise another government genocide with AIDS.
Well, I will say this.
The globalists did release that, and we do need to reach out and try to turn these people back to God.
But I think what they're saying is that the people that are trying to push this on our kids get what they deserve, and God allows them to get these plagues.
Is that not it, gentlemen?
Is that not what you're saying?
I said it.
Okay, we'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, it's the final segment.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
And then back from 9 to midnight as well, Central Standard Time.
And some of you may not agree with everything you've heard here by our guests today.
But you should agree with the First Amendment, that right to say it, or they'll take your right away, and that's what's happening here, and it's selective against Christians, my friends, the Christians that don't go along with this out-of-control New World Order system.
Let's real quick go to Regina and then Don, and then that's it for calls.
Regina, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Hello, I just want to thank Pastor Butch Paul tremendously and his friend and anybody else out there.
I really have a problem with this whole idea.
Alex, I sent you this, this civics, and we do have an opportunity to get this stopped.
You're saying civics.
We're almost out of time.
I hope you read the email, Alex, because these are presidential academies to set up and teach the new civics.
There's no inalienable rights in these civics, so...
None of us are considered of any value, no matter we can argue about AIDS and we can argue about babies.
But just what I heard from Mr. Lewis' son, his right to life isn't even considered because it's all right to just beat people up.
Yeah, they're warping and destroying America, and we've got to stand up and we can change it.
Thanks, Regina.
Don or Dan, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Last caller, go ahead.
Alex, this is Don.
Are you going to post those pictures about Scott Woodring?
They had tanks blowing up the place.
You know, I told my webmaster 15 times to do it, and we're totally overwhelmed, and she didn't.
That's okay.
No, send them again with some news articles attached, and I will get that posted, or send it to the webmaster of Prison Planet.
That's why we have two webmasters, in case one doesn't get something done, the other can.
And this is where they went in and bulldozed the Christian's house with the tanks and killed him.
Before it was even not burning.
They bulldozed it before the fire even went out.
Yeah, it's Waco all over again.
Comments about how this government loves to hunt and kill good Americans, pastors.
Final comments from all three of you.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Final calls from all of you.
I mean, final comments.
I'd like to address the homosexual thing for a moment, if I may.
We're almost out of time.
Just tell you what.
Give out your contact information.
The college is Timothy Bible College, area 512-284-3475, and the Little Red Schoolhouse under Grace is 512-398-5797.
Okay, and that's Pastor Jake Wade in south of Austin, Texas.
John Lewis, how do folks contact you?
Yes, sir.
Pastor John Lewis, post office box 104.
We're good to go.
And I'll give an 812-755-4533.
Okay, fantastic.
Pastor Butch, real quick, you can have the last word.
I appreciate everybody coming on.
Final 20 seconds and plug your phone number.
They can call me toll free at 800-777-4403.
Go to our website at calltodecision.com.
I'm here to talk to anybody, and I still challenge anyone to prove me wrong when I say that the Scriptures nowhere demand me to obey man over God.
Alex, thank you so much for your courage for the program today.
You bet.
All three of you, thanks for coming on.
Thanks to all the callers, everybody, and God bless.
Take care, gentlemen.
I'm out of time.
If you believe in the First Amendment, you believe in exposing the New World Order, you need to get 911 the road to tyranny.
The Masters of Terror, both those films, over two hours apiece.
Exposed at the Global was carried out September 11th.
The setup is Police State.
The new film is Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
It's incredibly good.
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Order three or more.
They drop down to $20.
My book's Descent into Tyranny, about 9-1-1.
It's $12.
It's a great gift.
Get the videos as gifts, folks.
Give them to people.
Make copies of them.
I mean, I'll let you do that for non-profit educational purposes.
Go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order or call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
And go to Infowars.com and look at all the wild stories.
Look at all the incredible news.
Look at what they're admitting they're doing.
I mean, this is pure evil, folks.
Wake up now!
God bless you all.
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