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Air Date: Aug. 6, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, it's already midweek.
It's Wednesday, the 6th of August, 2003.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
We have several guests coming up as well, and a lot of your calls.
The evidence is coming out that the bombing in Jakarta was another globalist operation.
Again, the Saudis are saying the British...
Are carrying out the bombings in Saudi Arabia to destabilize the country so they can create a crisis to offer their New World Order solution.
The evidence shows that that is indeed a fact, the preponderance of the evidence.
New information is coming out about the original Bali bombing last year and the fact that the British and U.S.
government were there carrying the bombings out.
There's a new DARPA program.
You thought total information awareness was bad.
You thought the insider trading betting on dead U.S.
soldiers was bad.
Well, there's a new agency.
I mean, that's all basically DARPA does is pure evil, folks.
I mean, I've been down at the UT Psychology Department, and basically 90% of the place is run by DARPA, and there's DARPA mind control operations going on in plain view that aren't even classified, folks.
This stuff isn't even classified.
It's just, I mean, I'm down there shooting video for a war on drugs film with one of my friends using the facility because it's got great hallways and backdrops, and there's DARPA documents everywhere about mind control, and there's posters on the walls about mind control, and the whole place is funded by the Department of Defense, and if you want funding, well, you work for them.
And it's the same with every major university.
But wait until you hear about the new, and that's right, mind control agency.
They've already put five of these in airports.
Boston-Logan was the first last year.
And it will beam your mind.
First, it will read your mind, they claim.
And then, well, it will be part of freedom to have the government hitting you with different types of waves to make sure you're all good.
We've talked about how they can do this with the cell towers, and that's admitted.
They have different radio frequency arrays.
They admit they have military Humvees mounted, but not just microwave guns, but ultra-low and different type frequencies for mind control.
This is all coming out publicly now by these psychopaths, and we'll be discussing it here on the show as well.
So, big show lined up for you today, and I hope that everybody will stay with us.
We're also going to take your calls.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
And we'll also get you up and on the air.
But I'm going to try to go to your calls quickly, and I'm going to try to limit the callers to about one minute.
Ask your question, make your point, and I'll try not to interrupt you, and then we're going to move on because we're ending a lot of these shows with people on hold, and I want to try to cycle through the calls a little bit quicker.
And when I say that, I'm chastising myself more than the listeners.
So 1-800-259-9231.
And you'll definitely want to visit prisonplanet.com and infowars.com today, freshly updated.
By tomorrow, I'm going to be launching Order Out of Chaos, Paul Joseph Watson's new book.
I need to get Paul on the show.
And that covers government-sponsored terrorism, Order Out of Chaos, government-sponsored terrorism.
We're going to be interviewing the Barnes Review about a big story they've broken about Hawking Point memos to the media about lying about the Iraq War.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Again, my friends, we have a big show lined up for you today.
Every single day, every single week, the evidence just pours out of how criminal and how ruthless the globalists are, the worldwide crime syndicate known as the New World Order.
I mean, this morning I was in the shower and I was thinking about all the news articles where the police admit they frame people and how state and city and county and federal crime labs admittedly frame thousands just in each agency and how they run murder for hire and how the government...
Ships the drugs in and all the times they've been caught doing it and all the people they've framed.
I think about how deadly the vaccines are and the biological testing they've done on our troops and on U.S.
And it's all admitted but played down in the back of the newspaper, in the back of the magazine, or buried at 3 in the morning on some news channel.
And we had calls yesterday from listeners, several on-air, several off-air, and a bunch of emails of folks that were watching CNN and Fox yesterday, early in the morning after there had been a bombing in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
And they talked about how the U.S.
diplomats and U.S.
employees had been told to pull out
Four hours before.
Well, I had no way of confirming this.
I was getting emails.
I was getting calls about it.
But here it is now in Reuters and Sky News and in other Asian papers.
And, of course, the feds were on the ground within minutes, just like the Bali bombing.
But with the Bali bombing two weeks before, they had specifics of the attack.
And our government told the Bali's government and told the Taiwanese government, this has been in the mainstream papers like the Straits Times, not to warn anyone, not to tell the American people or the Australians or anybody else to let the bombing go forward.
Now, Indonesia has a long history of being in the globalist's hip pockets.
There are confirmed admitted cases where our government would carry out bombings and then blame it on the leftists or on the nationalists or on the communists.
Anybody who wasn't for being a vassal state of the global empire would be blamed for a bombing.
And this is admitted now by our government.
This is mainstream news.
Same thing went on in Vietnam.
The communists would blow stuff up and blame it on us, and we'd blow stuff up and blame it on them.
And they've taken a real-life story of that and put it into fiction, as they do a lot with the Graham Greene novel, The Quiet American, made a movie out of that.
You ought to see it, folks.
But the point is that this is how it's done.
This is 101, okay?
And we're so naive, and we just sit here and deny it.
But the Indonesians were very good at it.
They'd bomb something or kill somebody, kill one of their police captains, and then go round up 100,000 people and kill them and put them in mass graves.
I mean, it was a great little system.
And it's going on again.
I mean, it's going on in Bali, it's going on in Jakarta, over in Indonesia, where the globalists run things totally, and it's happening again.
So remember that article from yesterday, the London Guardian,
Saudis accuse British staff of destabilization campaign.
British embassy staff in Riyadh have been accused by the Saudi Arabian authorities of coordinating a campaign of anti-Western terrorist bombings in the kingdom.
The Guardian has learned the accusations that the British embassy in Riyadh coordinated the bombings destabilized the Saudi regime is the latest and most bizarre piece of information
To escape the pall of secrecy behind which the Saudis have been conducting legal proceedings against seven Westerners who they say have been tortured into making false confessions.
Now, I said day one, before this story ever broke, that the evidence is it was the British doing this.
And remember, the last place to get bombed in Saudi Arabia was owned by the Carlyle Group.
They just sold it but still managed it.
And everybody but the maids and security were on a junket
I think?
We're good to go.
There were four blasts, eyewitnesses say.
The eyewitness described four separate blasts at the JW Marriott Hotel in Megan Kunanjan Business Complex in Kunjan, South Jakarta.
On Tuesday, I was going to take some pictures after the first blast, when suddenly the second blast hit after about ten minutes.
The second was the largest of the four, a journalist told the Jakarta Post.
He said the second blast was the one that caused the crater in the hotel's restaurant.
I saw a hole in the floor of the restaurant going through to the basement.
I also saw two smaller explosions on the upper floors of the hotel, he said.
The eyewitness reported four blasts, at least two of which took place on the upper floors of the Marriott Hotel.
Other media is talking about just one car bomb.
Well, that's how it always works.
A globalist will have the diversionary car bomb go off so they can grab a single patsy because a single person couldn't plant military-grade plastics inside.
The bombs go off.
Same thing happened in Bali.
Same thing happens in Saudi Arabia.
Same thing happens in Oklahoma City.
It's the same people, folks.
And this is out of Jakarta.
The explosion at the JW Marriott Hotel in Mega Kunjan Business Complex south of Jakarta was a suicide bombing, a senior minister said on
This is the actual article of the Jakarta Post.
It goes on to have the national police and others saying it's definitely a suicide bombing using a car.
And then you move on to the other articles that report the four bombs going off.
Now, here's the interesting article.
Jakarta police knew Hotel was a target.
Jakarta police seized documents last month showing terrorists were planning an attack in the area around the Marriott Hotel where 14 people died yesterday in a suicide car bomb.
Investigators were sifting through the wreckage today for clues and said detectives said they planned to release a sketch of one of the two men believed who had brought the minivan used in the blast.
But again, they're ignoring the four other blasts.
And it goes on to report on that.
Now, here is the San Jose Mercury News on this today.
Jakarta police had anticipated attack.
Police on Wednesday said they had seized documents last month showing terrorists had planned to target the area around Jakarta's Marriott Hotel where a powerful car bomb a day earlier killed as many as 14 people and injured 150.
Now wait, the first report said, and the eyewitnesses all said, four to five bombs, but now we'll just ignore that.
Security forces had increased patrols in the Marriott area in response to the seizure, but the precautions weren't enough to prevent the suspected suicide attack, which underscored the continuing threat of terrorism in the world's largest Muslim nation.
There was a warning that there were some targets, and we had been anticipating an attack.
It's a Jakarta police spokesman.
Who, like many Indonesians, used a single name.
He said that the documents were seized in the central Java town of Samarang last month when police arrested seven alleged members of the Jamaya Islamia.
So what happens is you grab some poor teenagers, the government carries out the bombing, and then they'll hang them.
Here's another one.
planned withdrawal of Indonesian staff hours before blasts
And this is out of the Jakarta news, hours before the powerful blast in Bali.
Island went off.
had reportedly announced a plan to withdraw its administrative staff from Indonesia for security reasons.
The U.S.
So you have these two stories interconnected with Bali and with Indonesia.
It's the same story over and over again.
The Washington Post daily newspaper reported the U.S.
Had threatened to withdraw all its staff from Indonesia if Indonesia's security officials were not serious.
About revealing the terrorist network considered to be a threat to U.S.
Oh, yes.
citizens' safety.
Washington has, in the past few weeks, been urging Jakarta to take action against Muslim groups that claim were linked to the terrorist network.
And the government warned them, and they didn't do enough, and then the bombing went off four hours after our people were pulled out.
Man, I tell you, Washington's good at predicting this stuff, aren't they?
And it goes on to say, Yesterday's blast, however, may prove to be just the evidence Washington needed to force Jakarta to come down hard on Muslim civilian groups in the past.
Analysis did not rule out the occurrence of deliberate violence across the archipelago to provide a pretext for U.S.
Meanwhile, Indonesian House of Representatives Speaker Akbar Tangjung said that he regrets the U.S.
government's decision.
And again, it says the U.S.
government ordered its employees and embassy staff to pull out of the Marriott four hours before the blast.
Very astute timing.
Again, U.S.
embassy canceled the booking of Marriott Hotel four and a half hours before the explosion.
Embassy canceled the booking of the Marriott Hotel before the explosion.
There was something interesting happening just hours before the explosion shocked the J.W.
Marriott Hotel, Mega Kunjan, South Jakarta.
The U.S.
Embassy canceled the bookings of 10 to 20 rooms in that hotel.
The cancellation was at 8, Western Indonesian time, Tuesday, June.
Or 4.5 hours before the explosion.
This information is from employees of the Marriott Hotel who refused to be identified.
He explained that the booking was made several days ago.
The U.S.
Embassy guests were planning to stay for three days.
And the ceremony was planned on Wednesday.
And there's other articles here.
They checked in.
The government men checked out.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, I'll tell you...
I think we're good to go.
The eyewitnesses report massive bombs going off, the fourth being the largest, and now the U.S.
government says, see, you better follow our orders now, as if the government hasn't been following the orders for 60, 70 years.
You better follow our orders in Indonesia and arrest and kill more people.
I mean, Indonesia killed millions of its citizens, and it's admitted it was all generated by the Indonesian military with our government and the British government killing people and blaming it on the Nationalists, on the Communists, on the Liberals, on anybody who wasn't with the official military party.
You're a terrorist.
We're going to kill you.
And that's all they're doing.
They're setting it up here.
It's death squads, folks.
And that's what Homeland Security and the National Police are.
That's what the SWAT teams are.
They're setting up death squads in America.
It's in Patriot Act 1 and 2 to be able to come and kill you and never even tell people why they killed you, never charge you, never indict you, never arrest you.
I mean, this is textbook classical tyranny.
We're going to take calls, and I've got a bunch of other news we're going to get to.
Toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
Jeff in Missouri, welcome, sir.
How are you, Alex?
Things are definitely heating up, and I've come to the conclusion, and I want to offer the suggestion that something that I've been...
I think we're good.
We're good to go.
Keep our eyes open and be able to document whatever we see on the road.
Folks send me footage of Marines kicking down doors in Dayton, Ohio, in so-called drills.
They send me footage of...
Black helicopters all above their city and explosions.
And then the news articles.
And I just want to thank the listeners for sending us this.
And these are all probing attacks to train us and acclimate us that all of this is normal.
And that is important.
But everybody, for the record, for the future generations, when...
Well, not only that as well, but before they decide to drop the hammer down,
We're good to go.
It's important to have that information because when it hits the fan, we need to be able to know and operate and make choices based on the intelligence we have.
Thanks for the call.
You bet.
And we're going to come back and take more calls.
If you'd like to join us, 800-259-9231.
And we'll get to the other folks that are patiently holding.
Does anybody want to comment on the Saudis saying, hey, we'll release the four banks that run the terror?
Does anyone want to comment on the Saudis going, hey, you're the ones blowing stuff up, so don't blame it on us?
Does anyone want to comment on the news articles that are now coming out of the Talking Point memos going around all the mainstream media of how to spin the news and how to lie to the American people?
Well, it's obvious they've got these memos.
It'll be the
We're good to go.
And outside the box and really see the big picture.
A bunch of other news I haven't even hit on.
We'll cover when we get back and we'll take your calls as well.
Bush article here prepares everybody for a Porsche draft.
It's all coming up when we get back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
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That's 877-605-9200.
All right, my friends.
Welcome back to the show.
Welcome back to your reality check where we take a closer look at how the government in the world really works and the powerful forces that are totally ruthless and cunning that use the mainstream media to turn us into mindless, giggling idiots that accept whatever propaganda is spewed at us.
We're trying to get you to wake up to the Orwellian nightmare we're entering
So we don't have to go any deeper into it, folks.
We've got to back out of this now.
We've got to wake up and get involved now, my friends.
Yes, this show is scary.
Yes, the things we talk about are bizarre.
But it's true.
It's documented.
It's worse than I say.
There is no way to accurately articulate the full horror of the New World Order, my friends.
It's too many experiences.
Too many facets, too many levels and echelons, too many mechanisms to ever even try to begin to enunciate, pronunciate.
Oh my goodness, we're about to go to Merle and Scott and many others that are holding.
Here's just some of the news that's coming up.
Again, top story yesterday, top story today.
There's a big blackmail war going on.
The Saudis are releasing documents that British MI6 is carrying out the bombings to destabilize things.
And frankly, from all the evidence I have, that's about a 99% probability.
I mean, I'm sure of it.
From past activities, from what they do in England, to the history of Saudi Arabia, who founded it, the eyewitnesses, who owns the companies, BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, funding the terrorists, the money laundering, the rest of it.
But they say they've got the documents.
Also turns out the government had inserted a team of, well, it looks like 20 people or more,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Two weeks before, that's all admitted, so we're supposed to forget about all this.
In fact, it was big news in Australia.
You know, headlines, the government knew and let it happen to get Australians behind the war.
They didn't let it happen.
Don't be stupid.
They did it.
I mean, the echelon group of countries, as I call it, because they don't all just run echelon together.
They run all the different social services programs, the gun grabbing programs, the ID programs, the DARPA surveillance face scanning systems.
It's all the same junk in the same order.
And the five countries are UK, Canada, U.S., New Zealand, Australia.
Those five are on the same track.
And one country might be a little bit ahead of the other on a few of its programs and behind compared to the other country on some others, but it's the same program.
The names of the programs are identical or just slightly different.
They're administered by the same international boards.
It's happening.
It's happening right now, folks.
So let me just hit on some of the other news we're going to be covering.
It's all really important.
Bush picks a new Selective Service Director.
And it says in preparation for a new national draft.
Oh, man, that's just real nice.
GOP bills push legislation, regulation of foreign workers.
And this is what Vicente Fox and Putin and Zhang Ximing have asked for, as well as the Indian president.
They want their workers legalized, and they want them shipped in here en masse, and the GOP says, okay, we're going to issue them ID cards and make unlimited immigration legal.
Now, we've had the different groups on about this.
It is a fact, unlimited legalization of all immigrants.
And if you're here illegally, you just go in, they give you an ID card, or they accept your matricula, whether it's Polish or Mexican,
And folks, that's unlimited.
So whether you're Hispanic or white or black or a northerner or a southerner or a westerner, this is going to hurt you and your family, hurt your wages, hurt the economy, hurt the environment, but it's going to help the elite, destroy the middle class, create a giant underclass.
We're good to go.
So it's just horrible.
Absolutely horrible.
And it's going to get worse and worse, but don't worry, you're going to have your new government job where you've got to go dig ditches for them a couple days a week.
Oh, and then they'll put some Pan-American creds on your multi-pass, you poor slaves.
I mean, we're all really in for it, folks.
You think napkin got hurt so far?
Get ready.
Just get ready.
I'm really upset.
I'm very upset.
So GOP bills push legalization.
That's legalization.
GOP bills push legalization, regulation of foreign workers.
And basically legalizes all the illegals and then offers them to get an ID card through our government.
There are over 6 billion people, folks.
They're all coming this way.
And there's 20 million new births a year in Latin America with giant highways being built and factories to suck the populations right up to our border.
And they're being trained that America is to be broken up and that we are to not have a Second Amendment.
And they're going to pull the lever in the voting booth as if the touchscreens weren't bad enough.
Folks, you're ready.
They're going to tell you it's a democracy.
You voted to not have a Second Amendment
We're good to go.
I think?
And then, of course, there'll be rioting and race war.
They've planned all that.
The Ford Foundation has funded that.
And then UN troops are going to come in.
They've already got UN advisors on the border and filling in the city councils and griping at people and giving them orders.
And the UN is overseeing that Canada isn't being nice enough to immigrants when they roll out a red carpet.
And it doesn't matter.
You know, the GOP says, hey, we're getting rid of the border completely.
And you say, we don't want that.
Democrats and Republicans don't want it.
They say, we don't care.
By the way, we're coming after your guns.
We mentioned we're conservative.
GOP bills push legalization of illegals.
Defense Department funding brain machine work.
This is out of DARPA.
And it's worse than the gambling.
It's worse than total information awareness.
This is admitted frequency systems that control your mind, that...
Make you pass out, make you get giddy, cause extreme pain.
And they say it's going to be deployed.
Part of it's already been deployed.
They're now announcing.
This is out of the Post and Courier, out of Charleston.
And I've told you about this over the years, off the documents, government documents, but here it is in the paper, and they say for your safety, they're going to have cell tower arrays up that are going to just beam your mind and make you behave.
You're having trouble believing this.
I mean, they just announced they're going to bet on dead soldiers.
They only get money if they die, though.
You know, they've got all seeing eyes saying the government's going to watch you for your safety on their website.
By the way, DARPA's announced little mini-robots that are going to drive around on the streets watching you.
Remember in Star Wars, little robots that roll around on the ground, tattling and running back to the stormtroopers on the Death Star?
They look just like that.
They're just going to roll around in buildings and roll around the streets and spy on us.
And don't kick them or touch them or bump into them, or there'll be criminal charges.
We've got mainstream news articles, well, directly from DARPA, on this little...
Oh, yeah, they said 10 years ago they wanted face-scanning cameras.
They're now up.
They said they wanted all these drones.
They're now in the skies.
Well, they say they're going to have little robots, and you better, yeah, the robots are going to be asking for ID, folks.
So just to supplement our police officers, so, again, we've entered total vortex twilight zone.
Who is up next?
Okay, I don't know who I got.
All right, folks.
I'm going to go to your calls here in just a minute.
All right, Merle in Kansas.
Go ahead, Merle.
You're on the air.
I heard a report on a Nebraska radio station on Monday that 70 cameras are being installed on Interstate 80, which extends about 450 miles from
Across the state of Nebraska.
Well, everybody's just now learning about the cameras.
Those things are hooked into face scanning software.
They read your license plates.
They scan your face through the windshield.
DARPA admits.
DARPA put up hundreds of microphones in Austin.
And now they're going to put up arrays that can knock you out if they want.
They say, on the roads, just for your safety, knock out pulse generators, literal mind control.
Doesn't that sound like freedom?
The purpose of these is supposed to be for prospective travelers to find out about the weather at various places.
Okay, the federal plan says that it's to be sold to you to, quote, neutralize opposition under the guise of traffic and weather.
But we now know they admit it's being used for law enforcement hooked into control grids and was designed from the beginning for that by DARPA.
Who's paying for these?
We are paying for them.
Federal government?
Yeah, the feds say states, if you want your highway funds, it's money they take from us in the beginning, Merle, you've got to give us money to do this.
Then they give us money back, a supplement, and then the state pays for half and the feds pay for half.
In other words, the highway funds are paying for this?
It's been mandated that everyone have a national ID card, driver's license with biometric face scan, thumb scan.
It's been mandated that face scanning cameras be at every key intersection.
They're now in neighborhoods in Austin.
They now have them internally on quiet streets.
You'll see them rotating, aiming at homes, microphones affixed to them.
That's the next wave you'll be enjoying in your area.
What could we do to...
Cut this off or head this off.
Well, in polls, most Americans don't like the cameras.
In polls, and it's constitutional, people don't like the open borders, 89%.
In polls, people are pro-gun.
Plus, it doesn't matter what the poll says.
We're a republic.
We've got that Second Amendment.
But they don't care.
I mean, I just read where the GOP wants to, quote, make all the illegals legal.
It's the biggest amnesty ever seen, carte blanche from ever.
And we'll thank them and call it conservative.
I mean, it's that bad.
It's been interesting.
You better get a better politician than me.
What do you mean, a better politician?
I mean, you know, somebody, some caller that has a better question.
Well, no, sir, that's a very important question.
I just want people to know that folks are just now noticing the cameras are
Look, in Austin, I'm not kidding, every side road, every little street, neighborhoods now.
I mean, you'll be in a neighborhood, and there'll be five cameras at an intersection.
And they're down at face level.
And then DARPA came out and said, yes, we have a program called Battlefields at Sea.
We've wired America with this.
It's been a 10-year program.
It is to control populations.
And the control grid we put in America...
It's been put in in England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.
We're now going to put it in in occupied countries like Iraq to control the populations.
They then go into saying this will be used for anti-terror in America.
Then you read the article with the local police quota tying into the command base that's run out of the local FEMA Emergency Management Center that's federally funded with a federal liaison officer with county and city and state.
Those are federal command bunkers.
You look at them, they're built underground with armored concrete pylons around them.
There'll be four or five armored vehicles in the back
With a state police office built onto it, with a nearby airport where the National Guard and Army are putting in helicopter helipads.
That's Austin, Texas.
That's all over the country.
I mean, literal stormtrooper garrisons in surveillance bunkers.
What does D-A-R-P-A stand for?
Thank you very much.
You bet.
When you hear somebody talk about DARPA, they start with advanced.
They never put the D on the end.
But it's the Defense Advanced Research Agency.
There you go.
And DARPA's everywhere.
I mean, I've got friends that work at the UT Psychology Department.
You go down there, and this is not hidden.
About half the building is classified, and I can't go in there, but the other half of the building, it's just DARPA, DARPA, DARPA on all the walls.
They fund 90% of it, and it's all mind control.
All right, who's up next, guys?
Scott in New York.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I wanted to get your opinion on a couple of things.
I was reading that on August 27th,
Mars is going to be closest to the Earth in 60,000 years.
Yeah, it's going to be the closest to Earth in 60,000 years.
We know how much these globalists are into the occult.
I was wondering if you had any opinion about if that has any significance or not.
I don't believe in astrology.
I don't believe in quackery.
But the globalists, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bush, Clinton, they got shamans, they're doing seances, they admit they run off of astrology.
And I keep meaning to mention this, I'm glad you brought it up, with Mars, the closest it'll be in 60,000 years, that's in humankind's history, folks,
In 60,000 years, these guys are totally obsessed with numerology, what that portends, the astrology, and that's why they're moving so hard, and it is very dangerous.
Go ahead.
And do you think that they would celebrate that day with another attack?
I mean, is that...
But you need to be looking out for... I don't make predictions on things like that when I don't have enough data, but I have to admit that reading about it and seeing over the last year that we've been worried about August 24th when it will be the closest to Earth it's been in 60,000 years.
I had one other thing I wanted you to comment on.
I was reading Rick Lacey's analysis on prison plants this morning.
He says that they're going to be basically spreading the...
Independent, democratic, capitalistic, consumer-driven economies.
That's what they're going to be spreading around the world.
I was wondering how you felt about that kind of counter to the whole prison planet idea.
I'll hang up and wait for the break.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be right back with the answer and more calls.
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The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, impenetrable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
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Folks, I know I start ranting and ranting because things get so bizarre, but the Boston Logan Airport and four other airports, they put brain scanners in.
And it's a high-powered MRI.
And it scans the surface of your brain.
And if your brain shows a classic pattern, which every brain is different, folks, but a general pattern,
Of being upset, of being aggressive, of having a lot of tension, you're going to be questioned.
And then they call you into a room with another scanner and they ask you questions and if the brain shows concern at certain questions, oh, then you must be a terrorist.
Now, they've proven the old lie detector test is a fraud.
So now they're just moving on to bigger black boxes that no one can prove either way and going, why the wizard says you're guilty.
The witch doctor has cast down the tea leaves or read the guts of this boar.
That's how they do it in the olden days and says you are the traitor.
And, of course, the witch doctor was told by the king, hey, I want this guy convicted, and the idiots believe in our quackery, so go out and tell them that you've read the tea leaves.
And so that's what they're doing now, just the tea leaves.
The MRI says you are hiding something.
And I've got articles here where Dartmouth goes, that's not enough.
We're going to deploy systems that make everybody happy or make them sick.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And here it is, mainstream news.
Oh yeah, we're going to deploy this.
Let's see how crazy it's all gotten.
DARPA's got little robots that are going to fly around and drive around.
Little drones, you know, just little drones the size of a bread box.
Ground vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles.
They're just going to drive around face scanning and assisting and reporting back.
Isn't that nice?
Folks, come on.
This is out of control.
And the average person still has no idea about this, but when they finally see one rolling down the street, it'll be for everyone's safety.
You know, aren't those cute?
Of course, they open up and hit you with one of these waves and make you fall down on the ground flopping around dead from a heart attack.
It's real cute, isn't it?
This could all be run off computer programs where a tiny group of elite criminals can run things.
And that's what Road to Tyranny gets into.
That's what Masters of Terror gets into.
That's what Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
You need to get my new films.
You need to make copies.
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Paul, get the videos, go online, order them.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
More wide-open phones in this hour.
And a bunch of news I haven't gotten to yet that, believe me, is very important.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
I'm going to take some more calls, but before the next segment ends, I'm going to get back into the news.
Bush picks new Selective Service Director in preparation for a national draft.
This from the Associated Press.
GOP bill...
Pushes legalization and regulation of foreign workers.
It's unlimited, folks.
Total open borders.
And they just give them an ID card.
Anybody can come that wants to take your job.
Also, Defense Department funding brain machine work.
They've already put it in airports.
And they've added a new twist that, yes, it not only scans your brain, it will control your brain.
This is mainstream news and from DARPA's website.
DARPA has introduced its new Cintabots.
According to the Cintabot website, the Cintabots are a team of 100 autonomous robots, and they are to track and guard America.
And they look just like little robots that run around tattling and surveilling for the stormtroopers in America.
In Star Wars.
In fact, I believe they may have actually used the same design here.
It's a remote control toy in the movie, but these are little tattletale bots.
And they're rolling out mini-tanks that are unmanned with microwave guns, rubber bullets, .50 caliber machine guns, lethal and non-lethal, or less lethal as they're really called by the industry.
And they're testing those out to be deployed in your cities just to keep you in the right position.
They've also rolled out the new 100-killer robots that they had classified for years.
They, again, look like something out of Star Wars.
They have two legs and pincer arms to grab you.
They fire foam, machine guns, rubber bullets, microwave guns.
This guy looks just like one of the attack walkers, you know, the smaller ones that run around below the big Imperial walkers.
It's all part of freedom having these running around on our streets and hover drones in the sky, though.
Again, I'm extreme for being against all this.
Oh, my goodness, it's out of control.
I mean, somebody wake me up from a bad dream.
This is crazier than I thought it would be this fast.
My uncle really is an expert on the New World Order.
He's studied it for years, and I had an argument with him about five years ago.
I said, yeah, the New World Order is going to set up a beast system and biometrics, but I said, it's going to take time to do that.
And he said, no, they build it, they line it all up, they get it ready, and they announce it.
And boy, how true his knowledge on that is.
That's what they do.
They set the whole thing up, and we go, gee, what's behind these curtains?
They lift the curtains, and it's a total dehumanizing Satan pit.
Oh, how interesting.
We're in it, ladies and gentlemen.
And the globalists are walking by going, voila, voila, voila.
You know, it's like buying your daughter or son a new car when they're 16, and you've got the big sheet on it with a bow on the top, and you grab it and go, voila.
Well, the globalists have bought us these horrible...
systems of dehumanization and enslavement, and they're going, voila, voila, voila, voila.
They are.
They're telling us it's good, and going, we're doing this because of 9-1-1.
But then you look at it, and you go, wait a minute.
You bought and built that years ago before it, and you had policy papers saying terror was coming.
You were going to use this as an excuse.
And they go, voila, I got a machine gun, and you don't.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
All right, we'll come back and go to Daryl.
I don't know.
Or is it Daniel?
And Bill and others.
And then I'll get into all the wah-lahs.
Lots of wah-lahs.
No more border.
Total amnesty.
Assault weapons ban of all semi-automatic shotguns.
Tiny robots tracking you.
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All right, my friends, we're back live.
And I do this show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, and then back from 9 to midnight, all times Central Standard.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, as well as Infowars.net, all three separate sites.
And we go on a shortwave during the day at 12.172 and 93.20, and at night, 9 to midnight, at 5.085 and 68.90.
Let's go ahead and take a few calls, and I'm getting right back into the news.
Darrell in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex, and this 20-year military veteran is so glad that you mentioned several times now the national draft on this broadcast, because it's the American people who will be providing their sons, and I might add, Alex, their daughters, too,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
By the way, stay there.
We had a caller about 15 minutes ago in the last hour who wanted to know about some article written for Prison Planet.
I haven't read that article, the particular article in question.
I actually have it here in my stack and scanned over it.
And I believe the caller was pointing out that the writer was talking about how the globalists want to create these quote democracies worldwide.
And I believe what the author, just from scanning over the story, is saying is these aren't really even democracies.
These are circus systems set up where they tell you what you are supposed to vote for, where they tell you how you supposedly voted, and where they then claim that mob rule has dominance over the individual's liberties.
So I think the listener didn't understand that when we say the globalists are setting up a worldwide democracy, that we're saying that's a bad thing.
Well, Alex, I think you brought it out at best anyone could throughout your broadcast, and that is that any time we make regime changes, we can call it a democracy, we can call it anything we want, but basically it's a command-and-control system with often criminals involved.
That they've just pulled out of jail a decade ago that we put in in power that run rampant tyranny all over the people.
I know I've called in several times and mentioned that the best tools to wake folks up are your videos, and I'd like to just say it again, Alex.
Your three police state videos and your 2911 videos are the best tools available to wake folks up.
I'm just sitting here in my living room.
I've got over 100 tapes I can look at, patriotic themes, and your last five are the very best.
I'd like to tell everyone, get masters of
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Wow, well thanks a lot for the call.
And God bless you and Violet and everyone there.
You bet.
Let me ask one more question.
Yes, sir.
What do you think about DARPA now announcing that they want to put little mind control pods up for our safety that just switch on and send out soothing waves or painful waves or lethal waves?
If it's needed.
What's wrong with DARPA having little mini-tanks that go around zapping crowds with different types of frequencies that they've proven kill people or incapacitate them?
Isn't that what a free country would have or do, is cell tower arrays that we've always talked about that they now admit will be used to control us?
Isn't that freedom?
And isn't it also interesting, Alex, that for decades they've done studies on these
The microwaves and everything else, the different frequencies, and find that they cause cancer and stuff.
So just another way to make the American people sick.
Well, and the great vaccines.
I mean, they found this SV40 cancer virus, not just in the polio shots, but other vaccines.
They found other bizarre cancer DNA, and that's admitted.
But, you know, we need to take our vaccines.
Hey, the government, sure, the government at Porton Down admits they killed a bunch of U.S.
troops in the 80s in open-air tests.
But, I mean, isn't that what the government's supposed to do?
And so what if Houston admits they framed thousands of people with their local crime lab?
I mean, you know, framing people, killing troops, putting poisons in vaccines, DARPA announcing they want to bet on dead U.S.
I mean, isn't that really all wholesome and good, and we've been wrong all along?
And isn't that what they've been doing for decades, the radiation testing, biological and chemical testing on our troops often?
Not only without their consent, but frequently even without their knowledge.
And I'm so glad that you always, you bring that frequently up too, Alex, how the terrible way they've treated our troops that greatly go off the fight.
Well, if Jeffrey Dahmer took somebody and sprayed sarin on them and then watched them die...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
If they capture our civilians, this will be a good tool in the newsreels.
And then over half those people, more than died in Pearl Harbor, died there.
And the women and children, I mean, that makes me trust this government, Daryl.
And that's why we need to wake people up, Alex, because it's so sad.
I run into some World War II era people who still almost worship Franklin Delano Roosevelt like a little god, much like some of the
Well, that's because they watch the newsreels.
That's because they watch the newsreels where Roosevelt was so upset about the 7,000 captured women and children.
See how cynical?
I mean, that's ten times more evil than the Japanese that were raping and killing.
Exactly, Alex.
Folks, that's admitted.
See, all these documents are coming out now.
Government plans to carry out 9-1-1 type ops and all this.
That's why Bush has put a freeze on all of it, and he says nothing, nothing's ever getting released again.
And, Alex, one final kudos.
Again, thanks for having great guests on, like Jack McLam, Lieutenant Colonel Craig Roberts.
You have some of the best guests, I think, across the country any radio talk show host could have.
Take care.
Well, I appreciate that.
God bless you.
You bet.
And, look, I'm not kidding for people that just tuned in.
You know, I'm being sarcastic about, oh, isn't it good they do this to the troops?
Isn't it nice?
Isn't it loving?
Because you sit there, some of you, and you don't care enough about the troops to check out what I've just said.
You just decide to go, well, I don't believe it.
Or, yeah, I heard about some of that, but he's exaggerating.
No, I'm not.
It's worse than what I say.
There's no way to cover all this stuff.
It's all out of control.
Go to my website every day and look at all the mainstream news where they're saying, oh, it's so good we're going to surveil you.
Take the Total Information Awareness Network.
It's nothing but echelon being used domestically.
Everything you do surveilled.
The end of America.
The feds are going to the states.
They're having the states do it.
Florida's going to do it for all crimes, not just terror.
Every credit card purchase, every email, every letter, everything, they're going to track and trace it.
The state is, for all crimes, for everything.
It's just no more Fourth Amendment.
They're just announcing the end of everything our veterans fought and died to protect.
And saying you're not a patriot if you're not for butchering America.
Bill in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Good program today.
Just wanted to give you a little update.
Thank you.
Reading the August 11th New American on the global gun ban update.
And they talk about the chairman that had it back in early July, and the chairman of it said 90 countries had complied with UN demands by passing new gun control laws designed to disarm their civilian populations.
And it goes on, it says, former Congressman Bob Barr, who attended the conference as a delegate on behalf of the State Department, commented their agenda truly is, and they make no bones about it,
To begin a process of internationally finding a system of regulating, registering firearms, and eventually outlawing all civilian use of firearms and possession of firearms.
They just met July 7th in New York.
The Intodair website said it again this year.
Civilian ownership of firearms threatens the legitimate power monopoly of the state.
Under treaties, I have another article today.
The Supreme Court is now following the edicts of the international community and courts.
And they say, no gun ownership for the people.
And Bush has said he will sign the assault weapons ban and ban.
And folks, this is the NRA now.
We'll ban 90% of guns in the U.S., including all semi-automatic shotguns.
Only single-shot shotguns, the type you crack and put one in, even a double barrel, is listed as semi-automatic.
Now, this is the NRA's website.
Now, folks, this is it.
And the U.N.
has said they want our guns.
And Bush is not fighting with the U.N.
He's under U.N.
Go ahead.
One other thing, Alex.
That guy that called in from Nebraska on the highway cameras.
The technology they're using is called IP technology or IP cameras.
They can take and bring in 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 or many thousand cameras using the IP cameras, either wireless or by wire, to a central control center.
In other words, that command bunker that they had there for Y2K with four people laughingly, they could run the country or run the world.
Well, that's admitted.
That was their drill to put all this in, and now they don't just have face scanning software.
They have walk scanning software.
Your walk.
And now they've announced that, oh, yeah, when you give them the fingerprints, they've been keeping that for DNA.
They've been getting a DNA sequence off your fingerprints.
That's United Press International.
Anything else, Bill?
No, that was it, Alex.
Excellent points.
Thank you, sir.
I'll cover news when we get back.
Thanks for the call.
Stay with me.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Take your calls in the next hour now.
For the rest of this hour, I'm going to cover news.
It's got to be done.
It's so important.
Now listen to this treason.
We've been warning you for about a month since we learned of the new bill.
Blanket amnesty.
It makes all the illegal aliens in the country legal.
It allows anyone who gets here to be made legal.
You just go get a blank check, basically, if you want to work somewhere, and they just give you a government ID card.
GOP bills...
Push legalization, regulation of foreign workers.
So they go, oh, don't worry, we'll regulate them.
And if they want to be here illegally, that's fine.
We'll leave them alone, too.
Homeland Security's abolished the INS.
I mean, it was bad enough, but now they're just getting rid of everything.
Well, that's their idea of reform.
For the first time since the attacks of September 11, 2001, several Republicans in Congress are pushing for broad...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All Republicans from Arizona introduced bills in January that would grant permanent residence over several years to workers who enter the country legally and to illegal workers already in the United States.
So this is another amnesty, and then if you get here, you get the amnesty.
This is the most liberalization ever seen, totally destroying the borders.
We've read the bill.
We've had experts on.
It is unlimited.
Again, unlimited gun control, banning almost all shotguns, but single shot.
That's conservative.
Total end of the borders, total legalization of illegals, not just legals.
That's conservative.
Then I'm the biggest liberal.
I'm a communist then, folks.
If that's conservative... I'm sorry.
I'm pro-gun, pro-sovereignty, anti-collectivization, anti-open borders, and...
Oh, we're in a lot of trouble, folks, but the neocons on talk radio are keeping you in the dark, so just enjoy the end of America.
Bush picks new Selective Service Director.
Crawford, Texas, President Bush has picked a former lobbyist, an ex-Marine, as Director of the Selective Service.
Bush said Tuesday he intends to nominate William A. Chatfield to the post.
The Selective Service would provide manpower for the military of an emergency force to draft.
Oh, and they've got all the bills lined up now.
One more terror attack, universal draft.
It collects young men's names through the Selective Service registration system to try to change the law for women.
Chatfield is currently a government relations consultant with Kindness and Chatfield Associates in Washington.
So that's real, real, real nice.
And he's also been involved in federalizing state police, involved in Consumer Product Safety Commission, in gun grabbing.
A little background on this guy.
Very serious gun grabber.
Of course, that's part of the new conservatism.
Sorry, we're not conservative here.
This is out of the Charleston News, the Post and Courier, on InfoWars.com right now.
Defense Department funding brain machine work, even by Washington's scandal standards, the terrorism future scandal, was strange and dramatic, Garth Cook says.
It started when two senators discovered an obscure military program designed to gauge the chances of various geopolitical developments, including terrorist attacks, by asking people to bet money on them.
Within 48 hours...
More precisely, two news cycles.
The program was canceled, and the man behind it, John Poindexter of Iran-Contra fame, had tendered his registration.
What most people don't know is that the Department of Defense is already funding a research program with far creepier implications.
Well, we knew all about it, and it's been in the news, and it's already in the airports.
Now, when we get back, I'll go into the article some more.
They're officially going to put stuff that will fry your brain on the highways.
I mean, we're talking total evil here, folks.
This is something right out of a Stephen King novel.
Rolled into THX 1138 Brave New World 1984.
They already got Humvees and unmanned tanks, these little mini tanks, about the size of a van.
We've got microwave guns, mind control beams, everything!
And they announce it here in the article.
Here's one out of the Boston Globe, same story.
And it says the $24 million enterprise called Brain Machine, it's probably like $24 billion, folks.
This is just one sub-directorate.
Interface is developing technology that promises to directly read thoughts from a living brain and even instill thoughts as well.
That's right.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
And did you know that you can have greater exposure to these chemicals by taking hot showers than when you drink the water?
That's because many chemicals are inhaled when they are... 800-481-9858 800-481-9858 That's 800-481-9858
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Folks, it's 2003.
We are in the future.
The technology's been suppressed for decades.
Now they're unleashing it to surveil and control the people.
And they're counting on you to hesitate and to not see the threat as it develops.
I mean, the electronic voting machines, individual companies and universities have tested them.
They're designed to defraud the voters.
It was designed that way, with shadowy intelligence agencies owning and controlling the companies that produce it.
Now they're rushing ahead with the cashless society, putting in the thumb scanners to buy and sell, pulling out the service checkout lanes, preparing you to go to self-serve and to make you biometrically scanned.
They're going to a biometric passport.
Now, they're announcing these Cenobots, little tattletale robots that go around looking through your walls and, well, it's like the spiders in Minority Report.
They've announced big armored remote-controlled vehicles to be in every major city.
Humvees with microwave guns.
Folks, the feds are saying this is going to be issued to everybody.
What is it they've got planned that's so horrible?
And I've got the Boston Globe today.
I've got the
Post and Courier out of Charleston about a new DARPA program.
Well, they call it new.
We've been reporting on it for years.
But now it's going to be deployed for mind control transmitters.
Now, this is mainstream news, folks.
Now, we've got the bills, the executive orders, the information on it.
It's in my films.
We've covered it here.
We've had scientists on.
We've read the U.S.
patent numbers on the air to you.
Now they're announcing they want to deploy it on the streets.
It's already in five airports.
You see, we're not in 1945 here, okay?
We're not in 1959 with the SR-71 Blackbird being the fastest plane, they claim today still.
We're in 2003, folks, and they're moving ahead to get rid of our vote.
They're going to put in devices that can knock out whole cities or make you happy or make you subservient.
It's very frightening.
So that's coming up in a few minutes.
More on this Boston Globe story.
We've got the DARPA introducing the Centibots, the little tattlebots.
Also, online absentee voting eliminates postmarks.
They've caught the voting machines being fraud-driven.
Now the Army is going to move in and manipulate the voting nationwide, not just with troops overseas, with Internet voting.
Vaccine link raised in U.S.
troops, and that's from Drudge, and the troops' deaths are now admitting it's killing the troops.
Ginsburg, international law shaped court rulings, that's from the Associated Press.
They say they will follow the orders of foreign courts.
They say the EU is the authority.
People, are you starting to figure out what's happening here?
backs Florida's new counterterrorism database.
It's total information awareness by the state working for the feds on everything you do, all crimes, everything.
They're going to surveil everybody.
Folks, it's very serious.
So that's coming up in about ten minutes, okay?
In about ten minutes.
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Well, Alex, the reason...
I tell you what, we've talked about the Berkey light and the fact that it's powerful enough to remove pathogenic bacteria to non-detectable levels, which is a whole new standard in water filtration.
We have been told by the laboratories that they do not think that there is another water filter out there.
Thank you.
I think we're good to go.
And I thought it might be good just to kind of read a little bit, you know, about this gentleman in Canada who was the guy who got fluoride introduced into the water system in Canada.
For those that don't know, fluoride burns through mediums, burns through everything.
Go to the store.
You can't find a filter that cuts out fluoride.
Jim's got filters that do it.
They're great, and the sodium fluoride is a deadly poison.
I have hundreds of major university reports.
This is what the globalists do with the toxic waste they can't get rid of.
After World War II, they had big dumps of this.
It killed a bunch of people, toxified entire river systems, killed all the fish.
So they came up with a scheme to take this byproduct of aluminum manufacturing for the aircraft,
This article is really packed full, and we might want to just kind of take little snippets of it over the course of the next couple weeks.
The gentleman's name is Dr. Hardy Lambach, a Ph.D.
in biochemistry and the head of the Department of Preventative Dentistry for the University of Toronto and the president of the Canadian Association for Dental Research.
And I'll read just one paragraph here.
Dr. Lambach is Canada's leading fluoride authority and, until recently, the country's primary promoter of the controversial additive.
In a surprising newsmaker interview this April, Dr. Lambach announced a dramatic change in heart
Children under three should never use fluoridated toothpaste, he counseled, or drink fluoridated water.
He goes on to say it's been building up, the reason why he changed his mind is it's been building up for a couple of years.
But certainly the crowning blow was the realization that we have been dumping contaminated fluoride into the water reservoirs for half a century.
Now let's understand this.
They take industrial waste fluoride from aluminum plants, and even worse, fertilizer plants, and folks, I have family that works in fertilizer plants, okay, in Houston.
They take it, they don't take the poisons out, and they just stick the toxic waste right in the water.
I mean, take a fish, folks.
Stick it in a bucket with tap water.
It'll die within hours.
You're drinking it.
You're slurping it.
I mean, you're insane if you keep drinking fluoridated water.
Stop drinking fluoride for a couple months, and you're going to have more energy.
You're going to be hyper all the time, like I am.
And Jim, I go to the stores and it says, fluoridated, bottled water for babies.
It says just for babies we put fluoride in.
Folks, the Nazis used sodium fluoride in the death camps to sedate the people.
Folks, it is a mind control agent.
I have University of Texas, University of Ottawa, University of Beijing, University of Ireland.
Jim, fluoride is incredibly deadly, and I can't believe people sit there and brush their teeth with it and drink the stuff.
We're not talking about calcium fluoride, folks.
Get that in a multivitamin.
That's good for you, a little bit of it.
I don't mean to keep ranting and raving, Jim.
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And I know we've got Ron and Jason and Fred and others.
We'll get to you in the next hour.
And I want to get to the rest of this mind control system DARPA's funding.
It's Boston Globe today, folks, okay?
I mean, I've been warning you about it for years.
Here it is.
Sell towers that control you, okay?
It gets into that.
We'll cover it.
Jim, you've got that special.
You've got the potassium iodate in case there's a nuclear attack to protect the thyroid.
You've got portable sports bottles.
You've got shower filters where we absorb so much of this poison.
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It just doesn't flow as fast.
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The Generation 1 is going to reduce the flow rate.
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And so there's plenty of capacity there.
Most families just use a gallon or two a day.
So you're saying instead of having 30 gallons, we'll have 20 gallons?
There you go.
Oh, that's horrible.
I'm joking.
And there's some other specials as well.
Just ask about them when you call.
Give it as a gift, too, folks.
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This is a great system.
Print off some of the news about how deadly fluoride is and give it with the gift, with the filter.
It's a very important thing to do.
Hey, Jim, thanks for coming on.
Always a pleasure, Alex.
See you, buddy.
Okay, here it is.
Defense Department funding brain machine work.
And it goes, what most people don't know is the Department of Defense is already funding a research program with far creepier implications than the betting scheme.
The enterprise, called Brain Machine Interface, is developing technology that promises to directly read thoughts from a living brain and even instill thoughts as well.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And it goes on to talk about DARPA, money from DARPA and other small government agencies, small, such as the Office of Naval Research, has produced profound scientific advances, Nobel Prizes of technologies, and it goes on to talk about how they have weapons systems already developed to get a whole crowd or a whole city with these things, and it just makes everybody fall over or get happier.
I mean, this is admitted stuff, folks, and DARPA's already putting some of it in airports.
Come on!
Third hour straight ahead.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here introducing you to the Black Berkey replacement elements.
They're new and they're more powerful than any gravity filter element on the market.
These powerful filters fit most gravity filter systems and can be installed in... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're the real deal, and we're here to stay, as the vice president of this company says, Michael Turdove.
I tell it like it is.
I don't pull my punches.
I fight evil.
I expose the New World Order.
Evidence is now coming out the bombing in Jakarta, Indonesia was the work of the globalists.
They were pulling their people out hours before it took place from the very hotel itself, not other hotels.
They had threatened the government to submit to total globalist control or terrorist wood strike.
It's now coming out the Saudis say MI6, British intel is carrying out the bombings in
Saudi Arabia to destabilize the country and the entire region.
They want the country to fall so they can have World War III and send in the assault forces to set up a new government.
The Republicans have announced total blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens.
Anyone who comes here will be made legal.
Total, limitless, absolute.
This right out of the mainstream newspaper.
Bush is also preparing...
The story about unlimited immigration was out of the Miami Herald.
They're very happy about it.
Bush is preparing for a national draft, and that's out of the Associated Press.
Of course, we warned you about this a long time ago.
It's for everyone up until the age of 49.
You'll serve digging ditches, paddling on neighbors, doing gun confiscation operations.
We have mainstream news on the cadres already being trained for that.
Last hour, I tried to get into it and covered some of it out of the Post and Courier, out of the Boston Globe and other publications I have here.
Several different articles.
They have found another DARPA.
DARPA's just getting attention now.
We've been talking about DARPA before it was a household name.
I told you DARPA was putting the microphones and cameras up in Austin five years ago.
They've now announced it's part of battlefields that see a control grid for America and the world.
That's their words.
A cashless society control grid, surveillance grid.
That's now hooking in with Florida and other states to surveil you for misdemeanors, any crime.
No one will have any Fourth Amendment.
And they announced that they want to put in Humvees and tanks and on street corners mine control wave generators.
DARPA has admitted they have this now, just like they put the cameras in.
Well, on top of that, you'll have the...
The mind control wave system for the bloc.
Folks, this is mainstream news, okay?
You understand?
And you're going, that sounds crazy, I don't believe it.
You didn't believe it when you first heard that they were going to bet on when U.S.
soldiers died.
You didn't believe that they were going to bet on what U.S.
city would get nuked by North Korea.
But it turned out it was true.
You didn't believe the Total Information Awareness Network with an all-seeing eye symbol radiating the earth surveilling us run by a convicted felon.
This is what they're doing.
You didn't believe five years ago when I had guests on documenting that the touchscreen electronic voting was being federally funded and was designed to be remotely, wirelessly accessed by the feds.
Now it's in the Boston Globe, the Baltimore Sun, the New York Times.
But they say, okay, tests were done, and there's no paper trail, and Congress doesn't want there to be a paper trail, and the League of Women Voters doesn't want there to be a paper trail, and a paper trail's bad, and so what if the government can covertly access it?
And so what if people like Chuck Hagel, the senator, owns one of the three companies and it's all shadowy?
Just don't ask questions.
Folks, we're living in just absolute demonic wonderland right now.
And the people have been given a grand delusion.
To where they can't even recognize it when it's two inches in front of their faces!
The stench of death!
And the New World Order is in my nostrils!
It is disgusting!
Oh, man.
Oh, boy.
We got a bunch of callers.
We'll come back and take your calls.
I know you're there.
Stay with me.
A lot of calls.
A lot of news in this hour.
Comments on any of the news I've thrown out.
Stay with us, Infowars.com.
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That's 888-803-4438.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm going to attempt to settle down this hour and calmly go over the news and information.
There's a lot of it we haven't gotten to yet.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to your calls.
Let's talk to Jason in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Jason.
You're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
I'll be really good if you turn your radio off.
All right, there we go.
I just had a couple questions for you there.
My girlfriend wants to know about the $20 bill thing that you fold up into an airplane and you get the Twin Towers falling down.
What's your outlook on that?
And also, where do you go on the Internet to get some of this stuff?
Information, declassified information, or information, like, about what you're saying there.
This all sounds like it's coming out of the movies, but it seems like it's real.
Okay, well, I just, last hour I talked about mind control transmitters to be put up around the country, and that's been in bills, that's been in U.S.
government documents, that's been...
In the classified documents that we've covered.
I even have one of the bills in my book.
Turn the radio up.
Put him on hold.
I cannot have you on the air with the radio up, sir.
I just can't do it.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to have to let you go.
Now, I'll try to go ahead and answer your question now.
And I'm not mad at you, Jason.
You can call back someday when you don't have your radio up.
I just can't do it.
In my book, Descent to Tyranny, I have one of the bills where they admitted all this in Congress.
You have to study what DARPA is doing to know about this.
Today, it's in the Boston Globe, and it's in several other publications.
We have a direct link to DARPA, where they admit all these little surveillance robots.
There's a bunch of different articles on that.
There's a story here out of the Post and Courier, out of Charleston,
So that's a few of the places.
When I say that Congress is moving for blanket amnesty, I read the article.
When I say that they're getting ready for a national draft, I read the bill, S-89, Universal Service Act, and then I read the Associated Press today repeating it again.
When I make a claim, it's posted on InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Very good question.
And he had another question.
He had two questions.
I don't remember the other one.
Again, here it is.
Boston Globe.
Defense Department funding brain machine work.
Even by Washington standards...
The terrorism future scandal was strange and dramatic.
It started when two senators discovered an obscure military program designed to gauge the characteristics and chances of various geopolitical developments, including terrorist attacks, by asking people to bet money on them.
Within 48 hours, or more precisely, two news cycles, the program was canceled, and the man behind it, John Poindexter of Iran-Contra fame, had tendered his resignation.
What most people don't know is that the Department of Defense is already funding a research program with a far creepier implication.
The enterprise called Brain Machine Interface is developing technology that promises to directly read thoughts,
From a living brain and even instill thoughts as well.
Instill thoughts.
Now, we called DARPA up last year when one of their documents got released.
It was called the Hive Mind.
And it said the government's main job within 25 years... This isn't the thing from three years ago that said, in 25 years, the Army's main job will be in planning us all with our brain chip for everyone's security.
They actually said that, by the way.
They said brain chip.
The new one last year...
Carried by the Sydney Morning Herald.
Had the actual document.
It said we'll all be hooked into hive minds with wires by law.
People won't accept this now, but with conditioning they will.
It'll be total control.
Ha, ha, ha.
And I called the head scientist up, and she's like, how did you know about this?
What's going on?
And they didn't know it was in a mainstream newspaper.
Well, that's not supposed to be published.
And then hung up the phone.
These people are just out of control, folks.
You go up to the UT Psychology Department, there's just documents laying around everywhere about this.
Every major university, MIT, Berkeley, it's going on everywhere, folks.
And it's not even hidden anymore.
And they get into the remote control systems.
And it goes on to say the research, some of which is being done at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is already surprisingly advanced.
Monkeys in a laboratory can control the movement of a robotic arm using only their thoughts.
And last year, a scientist in New York announced they could control the skittering motions of a rat by implanting electrodes in its brains, steering it around the lab floors of a radio-controlled toy car.
It does not take much imagination to see
In this, the makings of a matrix-like cyberpunk dystopia.
Chips that impose false memories, machines that scan for wayward thoughts, cognitively augmented government security forces that impose a ruthless order on a recalcitrant population.
This is one thing to propose a tasteless market for gambling on terrorism.
It's quite another to set up some of the nation's top neuroscientists to work on mind control.
And it goes on to say they set it up, and it talks about DARPA, and we've covered this.
It was on CBS News a few months ago.
People couldn't believe it.
That in five airports, they've got a brain scanner that scans your brain and picks up your brain waves and decides if you're aggressive or not.
And then if it looks like you're upset, maybe you got stomachache, your wife just divorced you, you just banged your shin.
They don't care.
Any type of aggression or brainwave of anger or stress, men come out and question you.
They take you in their room and then aim another brain scanner at you and ask questions.
This is at Boston's airport, folks.
Associated Press.
And then they decide if you're lying.
Now, that's like the stuff at the airport where you walk through and you're naked.
It scans down to your skin in living color.
First they say, okay, we won't do that.
Then, oh, well, yeah, we are.
We decided to.
I mean, is this freedom?
So this is just part of what DARPA's doing.
And I've read the DARPA documents.
This is declassified.
They've got Humvees and telescoping antenna setups where you put them in a camp or a prison.
You turn it on.
They've talked about using it in prisons.
And everybody gets nauseated, they fall down on the ground, or they get happy, or they have bowel movements.
I mean, this is the type of stuff they say they can do.
20-year-old technology.
You've got a control panel.
Want to make somebody start laughing?
Want to make somebody have a seizure?
Make them have a heart attack?
Make them start passing out?
Now, that's where I get that.
From years of studying DARPA, and here it is, DARPA's brain machine work, which is unclassified, and the
I was talking to folks involved in DARPA stuff this weekend, this declassified mainstream stuff, and they said the whole University of Texas hates DARPA.
Oh, really?
They wish they didn't have to take DARPA money, but 90% of that psychology department is funded by the Defense Department and DARPA.
And you're not going to get a PhD.
You're not going to get a job as a professor or even a job outside of there as a professor unless you work for DARPA.
They say they spend all their time trying to figure out how to not take money from DARPA and how they know how evil it is.
Oh, but it says the scientists just love it.
This stupid article.
Like the futures market, the Brain Machine Interface Program grew out of DARPA's long involvement in information processing.
DARPA is a successor to ARPA, an office that was created in 1958 in the wake of Sputnik to push forward scientific research for potential military applications.
And it says ARPA is the backbone and the creator of the Internet, also contributed to the wide variety of computer applications currently in use.
Yeah, they develop it and give it out to people like Gates, who then gives them back doors into all his systems for total control.
Folks, I've read declassified documents from 50 years ago where they talk about the slave grid.
I've aired an hour-long speech of Aldous Huxley, who wrote Brave New World, that he gave in 62 at Berkeley where he said he'd been in the government labs, his book was about a reality, and that his brother was involved in the British government, yeah, the first Secretary General of UNESCO, and that this was the plan, and that he'd seen people who were already remote-controlled with brain implants.
That's why that book's so scary, folks, because that's their plan.
They forced Druggie in that book.
What do they do now?
Six million kids on Ritalin at any one time.
Over 10 million Americans on Prozac alone.
That's not counting the dozens of other psychotropics that fit the bill of Soma!
Wake up, man!
This is an emergency!
Fred in New Mexico.
Hey, good morning.
Go ahead, Fred.
Great guy today.
I want to make a couple of comments on that Berkey.
It's a great machine.
I don't have one.
I know several people that do.
I wish I did.
But I think we should advertise the fact that it's been verified that ozonating your water will destroy sodium fluoride as well as everything else.
And I've been doing it here and put it in the refrigerator and it makes it taste a whole lot better.
And another thing I'd like to mention is when we refer to what they've put on paper and sign their name to it, it doesn't constitute making it a law.
When we say they have passed a law, we are giving concedence to our enemy.
We should say they have signed their name to a crime.
If it doesn't become a law until it passes the requirements of the Constitution.
Fred, stay there.
That's true.
In fact, I've read old debates from the Supreme Court and state courts, and it would be, this law must be tested.
This is not truly a law yet.
This is a crime.
This is abhorrent.
We're not going to follow this.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it when you get back.
Yeah, when they sign a bill saying drones are going to look through our walls...
That's a crime.
That's violating the big law, the Fourth Amendment.
That's treason.
Stay there, Fred.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
You know, that's the nature of dictatorship is the king rat stands up and says, I got the scepter, I got the crown, I got the strongmen, the troops.
And you're going to follow my orders because I am the king.
I am the law.
I am the man.
In our republic, we said we have a basic rule of law, a bill of rights, a constitution, that no government or no president or no governor can violate.
Or they are traitors.
They are criminals.
But the globalists quit teaching the Bill of Rights and Constitution in school and said, we can do whatever we want in an emergency, whatever we want to keep you safe from terrorists, whatever we want to stop the flooding or to stop a crisis.
We're the government.
Well, let's look at what that government's done.
Engaged in more crimes than it's even possible to imagine.
More frame-ups and money laundering and drug dealing and genetic engineering.
But somehow we've been trained to worship centralized force, and it's a good thing to put yourself in a subservient, dependent position to a monolithic state.
Oh, that's a very safe thing to do.
Folks, that's ridiculous.
And Fred in New Mexico is making a great point.
You know, Adolf Hitler can make a law that Jews couldn't have stores, or Jews couldn't be on the streets, or Jews had to show their papers.
That didn't make it a law of gods.
That didn't make it a law of nature, as our Declaration of Independence says.
We can have a law that black people aren't human beings.
The Supreme Court could state that.
The Supreme Court was wrong and was misinterpreting the Bill of Rights.
Go ahead, Fred, if you have any comments.
Yeah, the Reconstruction Act after the Uncivil War, the Federal Reserve Act, Income Tax Act.
That one is H.R.
907, the 1981 Population Control Act.
They declared they wanted to reduce the world's population by 2 billion people.
By the year 2000.
Yeah, that was an official State Department plan actually written in the 70s but got full approval in the 80s.
And we have the official document.
This is declassified where they say we want to kill half the world's women.
That is sterilize half the women so they can't have kids.
That's public, and we trust these people?
Well, I lost my thought.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
Anyway, they didn't need to put that on paper to go ahead and do what they were going to do.
They had already been doing it.
For instance, the swine flu caper.
They did that to kill off people.
Archie Kalakamas, the head doctor in Australia, said it was a plan for mass murder.
There was nobody that ever had the swine flu until they took the shot.
I was one of the suckers that took it, and I'm lucky to be alive.
It killed, they say, several thousand in the northwest alone, and it dealt out 140 million shots.
We don't even have a record of how many people got sick and are still suffering from it.
And, you know, we forget about the swine flu epidemic, and then right at the time they gave the shots in the film Road to Tyranny, we have the mainstream Australian papers with the admittedly classified plan to sterilize through vaccines half the world's population again.
And now they're creating a $6.3 billion a year agency.
Bush got like 5.7.
He didn't get all he wanted.
For BioShield, a huge agency to forcibly inject us.
They're building a multi-billion dollar a year infrastructure and preparing to draft doctors because the doctors wouldn't take the smallpox shot.
Now they're preparing to draft them to take it and then to make us take it.
Gee, I wonder what type of goodies are in there.
They now admit it's killing our troops in Iraq.
I wonder what the goodies are, Fred.
Well, right now the Durban bill is trying to pass a bill to prevent us from having vitamins unless we get a doctor's prescription, and that's...
Totally against our natural rights.
That'll be a ban on vitamin C. They're going to make vitamins like cocaine with SWAT team raids.
They've said it.
Well, the Bible prophecy is coming true.
We don't fulfill the requirements in 2 Chronicles 7.14.
We're going to go through this problem.
Well, that's it.
The media says support Israel.
The phony Christian media do whatever they say.
Well, no, my Bible says that when Israel doesn't fulfill the requirements, when Israel is bad and God says they're very corrupt, like any other country, they lose the promise.
They lose the covenant.
Same thing goes with the Gentiles with America.
And when we're evil and kill 54 million kids, we're going to get judged.
And I say good!
But my job is to warn the people that care so they can protect themselves.
What do you say to that, Fred?
Well, I think we start making a practice of speaking that they are not bashing laws.
They are null and void.
Anything that's done with fraud and deception is automatically null and void.
That's what the courts that weren't corrupt said.
Common sense.
Yeah, you do this by fraud, it's null and void.
Of course, they say they don't care.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
You know that Berkey water filters have become the standard of excellence by which all other water filtration systems are measured.
The Berkey light gives you the freshest, cleanest water possible.
We're the GCN Radio Network.
Check us out today.
We promise not to tell anyone you are here.
All right.
My friends, I'm going to take five more calls, then I'm going to cover some final news and wrap this nightmare show up.
Yeah, it's all scary, but by facing the truth, that makes us a lot safer.
Fred, I keep running all over you, but I've had you on a couple segments.
Anything else you wanted to add from New Mexico?
I just wanted to know if I could get a time to call you after a few minutes off the air.
I've got some things to hash over to spend a
Take some thought.
Well, unfortunately, from the time I leave here until about midnight tonight, I'm going to be working.
But I don't know when I can talk to you, sir.
I mean, I'm not trying to say I'm a big shot or anything.
I'm in deep trouble.
I have hundreds of phone calls, hundreds of emails, faxes.
With folks that want to talk to me.
Let's talk about it here on the air.
Go ahead.
What's going on?
Well, it concerns the interpretation of the Bible.
And we're not supposed to fear our enemies.
It says to expose the devil and he will flee from you.
And it's a long story.
The pieces of this puzzle are scattered from one end of the Bible to the other.
And to put them all together in the right order is going to take some serious thought because...
Christ said that the scribes will pervert the Scripture.
And there are some places it takes real research to figure out what was changed.
This is not the total holy word of God.
It is the perverted word of God.
And I think it would take half an hour to clarify what I mean.
Well, there was a rule I learned in psychology class
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Sometimes when you've learned something, you've got it in your head all your life.
Well, look, I know that whenever we invade Iraq, it's not we invade Iraq or what we're doing over there is wrong.
That term, what we're doing, we need to say, no, that's not our government.
That's the parasite government, the hijack government that's using us in a parasitic fashion.
We've got to unlearn that, and that's very hard to do.
Thanks for the call.
Send me a letter with your ideas, and I'll definitely read it, sir.
Thanks for the call.
Very interesting.
Let's take another call now.
Let's go ahead and talk to... I guess Justin in Minnesota is up next.
Go ahead, Justin.
Yeah, I know how much email you get and stuff, so I...
I just wanted to call your attention.
Well, folks, you've got to keep the letters and email coming or I'll never see any of it.
I mean, I do read the email.
Okay, yeah, and I just wanted to draw your attention to it.
It's basically a sort of commentary that was written by a guy named L. Neal Smith, and it was really the first thing that kind of woke me up to what's really going on, and I would just like to share it with you.
The listeners out there.
Well, how long is it?
Well, no, I mean, I'm just saying maybe you could put a link on your site.
I sent you it, and it's called Meet Me in St.
It's probably longer than you want me to read on the air, but it's really interesting.
It just talks about the taxation, how we're taxed over and over and over again on everything.
It's just a really good eye-opener for
Well, taxes, yeah, it sounds interesting.
Taxes are a mode of control.
People think that, oh, the government taxes us to provide services and build an infrastructure.
No, no, no.
The government bureaucrats will admit it is a mode of control, and the government bureaucrats are owned and run by the private interests that control the globe.
And so until the left...
Yeah, it's a two-headed dragon.
You know, it's...
It's destroying everything, too.
And now the one-headed dragon of corporatism in the name of privatization is actually shrinking and eating the other head and just making itself government.
So we're seeing the final phase.
They use socialism to get our wealth consolidated in government hands, and they hand that wealth control thought process, brainwashing mechanisms, over to the corporate control.
Yeah, like I said, I just wanted to give one more punch for this.
It was published in 1997, Neal L. Smith from the Libertarian Enterprise.
I got this off of freerepublic.com.
It's called Meet Me in St.
Well, awesome.
I'll check it out.
Thanks for the call.
Have a good one.
You too, buddy.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Tim in Canada, then Tim in Florida, and Ron in New York.
Tim in Canada, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Doing a great job, man.
I haven't talked to you for ages because I listen every day, and the show just gets better and better.
I wanted to just put a little bit of a plug in for the Berkey.
I ordered a Berkey light about three months ago.
Oh, shoot, maybe a little longer than that.
I had to wait for the scratch and dent sale because by the time we get it up here, it's several times the cost of what it costs down there.
The other thing, I searched up and down the web all over the place.
We don't have a dealer that I know of in Canada.
Fantastic machine, though.
You just wouldn't believe what it takes out of what we thought was clean water.
I turned the water into...
Just literally lime green.
But for the first time in our lives, we're actually drinking clean water.
The other thing, there was something on the Joyce and Dave's Power Hour this morning where there's a bill going through, or has already gone through your Congress, I believe, that says that all illegal aliens are going to be welcome.
Yeah, it's total...
Blanket, amnesty for illegals, you get here, you get to stay here, and then you get workers' compensation, everything, and it's being pushed by three Republicans.
Bush says he'll sign it.
That's your conservatism.
Light years, worse than Bill Clinton.
Look, it's like the gun bill.
Bush says he will ban all semi-automatic shotguns, and a double barrel is classified as semi-automatic.
So, down to double barrels, and that's conservative.
Mr. Bush is anything but a conservative.
But an interesting thing, if you're coming down from the north, don't count on being granted any of those things that that bill is supposedly...
I'm going to give.
I think if you're Mexican, it would highly favor you.
But not Canadian.
That's not going to happen.
You won't be allowed to stay.
We've had a few people who have wanted to move to the States for various reasons.
Yeah, this has been admitted.
If you have a high income, whether you're black or white, and come from a Western country, very hard to get in.
But if you are coming from India, China, Russia, Mexico, man, they love you.
Well, you know why.
They can drive the wages down, you work for nothing, and probably they can encourage you to vote the way they want.
Well, that's it.
I mean, they're now firing people at GM and Ford plants and shipping in whole teams of former Soviet tank producers.
What are the unions doing for these workers?
Anything at all?
They love it.
They give them lip service.
The union heads get cash on the side in corporate jobs, and just union leader after union leader slits their throats.
It's a total implosion of everything, total looting, total third world setup of America.
Well, my friend, we have got to get the word out, and it is very hard.
I've been trying.
I've got one of your videos.
I've got one through.
I managed to copy it.
You wouldn't believe the resistance there is to this.
People up here at least are still too fat and happy.
So you got a video and they think the New World Order is just great?
Oh, the New World Order is just wonderful.
As long as the pension checks keep on rolling in, it's wonderful.
You know, the minute you start biting the hand that feeds you, that hand might not feed you any longer.
Well, that's the problem is they're setting up the giant police state grid and then you see them moving to get the pension funds, changing the laws.
I just feel, but here's the problem.
We've got to tell folks that when all this happens, it's the government.
Because when the government does it, they'll go, oh, we're here to help you.
See, they create the crises and then offer the solution.
Well, they've been doing it for a long time.
9-1-1 was a huge climax to the thing, and it's not the only one.
I think we're actually one more incident, major incident.
9-1-1 was the hammer hitting the cap.
Detonating the powder, firing the bullet down the barrel towards its target, and the event that's coming is going to dwarf the ignition of the final phase takeover.
I would love to be a fly on the wall in Crawford, Texas right now.
You know, he's taking that vacation, and he did that right before 9-1-1, and when they take the special month-long vacations, you've got to watch out.
I'm getting kind of nervous, man.
I mean, I'm not scared, but I'm getting kind of nervous.
What's it going to be this time?
Well, it's serious, and these are the times that try men's souls, and that's the nature of terrorism.
We never know when the terrorists are going to strike, but we know they're the terrorists.
Thanks for the call.
You're welcome.
Tim in Florida, you're on the air, and then Ron.
Go ahead, Tim.
Hi, Alex.
I haven't called you in a long time.
I think the last time I called you was about the snipers
Up in the northern part of the United States with the Master Bush, the gun that they were using.
Well, yeah, and there were a bunch of other symbolism.
Skull and bones cards being left.
Witnesses saw white men.
And then you look at the Northwoods plan, the U.S.
government terror plan.
It says in the Northwoods plan, we'll commit sniper attacks and then frame patsies.
The last time I called you was about that.
It was about George W. Bush.
Master Bush Lodge number 322 at Yale University, Scullin' Bones Lodge.
Anyway, I have something else about George Bush.
It's in the public record, case number 22127, filed at Fort Bend County, Texas.
Now, you're talking about the alleged rape of the black woman.
Yes, Margie Stradinger.
Margie Strodinger.
She has filed a lawsuit against George W. Bush.
I think you can pick it up on AmericanPolitics.com.
I don't know why it's not a bigger news story.
We've mentioned that here.
Is it a case, another case of what we're seeing with the basketball player?
Is it true?
Is it false?
I don't know.
I just know that
I just know that PNAC said that they needed terror attacks and said that Iraq was about oil and a New World Order.
So I have them there saying what their plans were, signed by them.
I have the confession there.
Did you have heard of this case?
Yeah, I got a copy of it.
This woman, she was a minor when he was raping her.
Well, that's alleged.
I heard today what the lawsuit says.
And how they are terrorizing this woman.
No, I understand that, sir, I've covered it, but what I'm saying is that George Bush has not been convicted of raping her.
Right, not yet.
It's because he is a high-ranking skull and bones man, and they are protecting him.
What's the guys that protect him?
The CIA?
The Secret Service founded by Pinkerton Security.
Yeah, what they do, they get little girls for it,
The president, and then the president raped these little girls, and they end up killing the little girls.
Well, all right, thanks for the call.
You know, my show's all about what we can document, and I have this wall-to-wall evil here right out in the open documented.
And so I don't talk about stuff I can't prove.
Do they bus in, like Beluga Caviar, giant buses full of $2,000 an hour male prostitutes at Bohemian Grove?
Well, according to the Washington Times and Parade Magazine and Spy Magazine and mainstream publications, yes, they do.
Do they worship Satan at the Skull and Bones encampment?
That's admitted by members, yes, they do.
It is a Nazi death cult.
Set up by the Fool Society and the Illuminati in 1832.
That's MSNBC, USA Today.
Would people that do stuff like that do the things you just mentioned?
Sounds like the M.O., but I don't know if that's true what you just said.
But why not focus on the stuff we can prove?
Our Christian conservative president goes to an encampment where they ship male prostitutes in.
Doesn't sound very Christian or conservative to me.
Oh, boy.
Last caller.
Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Well, here's something you could document.
Today's New York Daily News, page 25.
Ashcroft sets terror power trip.
That law, the Patriot Act II, that they denied that they were going to introduce, in fact, is going to be introduced.
It's going to be called the Victory Act.
It's going to be introduced next month.
At the behest of John Ashcroft.
And you're telling me I missed this.
I remember you called in, Ron, about the New York Daily News or the New York Post article.
With that kid and the father.
Yeah, with the kid who got the 3.8415, graduating from college, so CPS is trying to take her, saying it's abuse.
That's right.
You're saying the New York Daily News is reporting on the Victory Act.
Please tell us all about it.
What it is, and I want you to keep in mind, remember they were denying there was going to be any more Patriot-type or Patriot Act-type laws.
What it is going to be is called the Vital Interdiction and Criminal Terrorist Organization Act.
Say criminal!
Say criminal!
Yeah, listen, hold on, Alex.
Let me finish up.
It gets better.
It gets better.
Basically, right, now they're going to be considering narcotics trafficking an act of terrorism.
But that's
It gets better than that.
It gets juicier.
The worst part about it is it shows us there's four things in which they're going to have an allure.
And they say they're going to clamp down on Arab Hawalas.
How cleverly they put that.
And I'll explain to you what an Arab Hawala is.
Well, that's any type of cash in your pocket.
In other words, Alex, if you and your... That's already in Patriot Act 1.
$3,000 cash is punishable by basically being disappeared.
If you...
And your first cousin got together to chip in money to help your brother-in-law start a hardware store.
That's a Hawala.
In other words, it's any cash transaction that doesn't go through.
Yeah, and the Federal Reserve has said they want to make the money valueless over the year off the little chips in it, the little RFIDs, to destroy any type of underground economy.
And for your listeners, they don't honestly think that when the legislation is drafted, it's going to say this law applies only to people in America.
I've already read Patriot Act 2.
It allows them to secretly grab you, blow your head off for any misdemeanor.
And get business records without a court order.
Ashcroft is going to go on a 10-state tour to promote this.
Well, I know he's already been on the tour promoting it.
I'm sorry, 20-state.
20-state tour, but you're telling me that...
Oh, man.
It was reported in today's New York Daily News.
If you want, you can get the Daily News online.
Well, the fact that they're introducing this now tells me they're getting ready to do some boom-booming.
Oh, yeah.
And ironically, the bill will be introduced by that other apple pie American, Orrin Hatch, at the behest of Ashcroft in September, and I'm sure it'll happen somewhere around September.
Orrin Hatch, who wants more funding for illegals than citizens of Utah.
Oh, by the way, too, with John Ashcroft, before everybody thinks he's such a pro-Second Amendment person, they should keep in mind that this past April, he had instructed the FBI with reference to the infant not to be too concerned with the accuracy or appropriateness.
Stay there.
Give the data on veterans.
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Yeah, it's been admitted now all over the mainstream news that the touchscreens are fraud-driven and hooked into the government.
They don't care.
They're going ahead with it for everybody.
They admit they want to ban almost all guns.
They say it's conservative.
They say blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens.
They're trying to pass it.
Good chance it'll pass.
All this while they say we're about to be hit by terrorists.
There's no Patriot Act 2.
Now Ashcroft, he's already admitted there is a second Patriot Act.
He called for it.
As I was saying with reference to the Attorney General back sometime in and around April of this year,
He directed the FBI not to concern itself with the accuracy or the appropriateness of information taken into its NICS system.
For those listeners that don't know what NICS is, it's the government database that your name is run through before you're allowed to purchase a firearm.
So now they're going to, on purpose, corrupt it and say everybody's a criminal and deny you gun ownership.
I mean, they can put erroneous information in there.
It could be totally inaccurate and wrong.
And what will happen is, in essence, you'll be denied the right to purchase a firearm.
It's already happening.
He said we have a Second Amendment within...
The law, so they can write any law they want and violate the big law of the Second Amendment.
Okay, one last thing, Alex.
Thanks, Ron.
One last thing.
Well, the show's almost over, so you'll have to make it a last thing.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Is now giving speeches before certain legal groups bragging about it.
Yeah, I've been talking about it.
It was in USA Today all over.
She's been saying it for years.
On European law.
She based the Texas sodomy case on European law.
All of it.
All of it.
Okay, thanks for the call.
Got to let you go.
Steve in Colorado, you've got 45 seconds.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi there, Alec.
Hey, I don't know if you had caught or spoken about this news item, but I just heard on the news that down in Florida they're implementing a program
It's called The Matrix, and it's named after the movie.
Yeah, yeah.
Five states are going to collect data on everything everybody does, even if you're not a terrorist suspect.
It is the Total Information Awareness Network being set up.
It was meant to gather at the state level.
All along, it's total federal takeover.
It's on InfoWars.com right now.
Yeah, I mean, how much more do people need to hear before they realize what's going on?
They're calling at the Matrix.
I've got the Washington Post right here in front of me.
Hey, did you hear about DARPA with little spy robots they're going to release on the streets?
Well, we need the extra security, right?
Yeah, incidentally, DARPA is a Defense Advanced Research Project agency.
Okay, just on that.
Okay, I guess that'll do it then.
Thanks a lot, brother.
Thank you very much, Alex.
You bet.
In fact, here it is.
Here it is.
backs Florida's new counterterrorism database, Matrix, offers law agencies faster access to America's personal data.
And your credit cards score who your wife is, where you went to school, what political party you're in, how much money you got in the bank account.
Crossing lines to fight terrorism.
forced states to share law enforcement and other records.
Job cut announced up 43%.
Oh, that's good.
Germany jobless rate up 10.4%.
Returning Marines critical of Iraq plans.
Sick and dying.
They were hit by chemical weapons.
Vaccines are killing them.
passports to add facial biometrics.
Yeah, the U.N.
ordered it.
Black box in your car to trap speed by drivers and satellite tax you.
London Guardian...
Folks, come on!
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Hello, folks.
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