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Air Date: Aug. 5, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
It's Tuesday, the 5th of August, 2003.
We'll be live for the next three hours as we track the news and the criminal activities of the New World Order Crime Syndicate.
Big news story out today out of the London Guardian.
The Saudis are now releasing information that the British government is carrying out the bombings in that country in an attempt to destabilize Syria.
The land, so they could have a radical Muslim regime overthrow the obviously corrupt royalty, the House of Saudi, and so the globalists have an excuse to go in and then root out the radical Muslims and put in their own dictatorship.
Now, this is the plan.
It's been done all over the world.
It's being done here in America, and they have the documents.
There's already a hundred other stories this big or bigger with the British blowing up their own buildings, their own buses, their own schools, killing children to blame it on.
The folks in Northern Ireland as an excuse to keep that country divided.
It's an old story, and it's happening again, and our government does it.
It is one of their favorite tactics to blow stuff up, and when guts are in the streets...
Well, then they can pose as the quiet, loving government officials that stand up with authority and keep us all safe.
So that article is coming up big news story, folks.
Big, big, big.
We'll cover that first when we get back from break.
Also, Bush sabotaging arming pilots program.
And it says, we all know Bush was against arming pilots, but when Barbara Boxer said she wanted to arm them, he gave it lip service.
Now he's trying to sabotage the program, of course.
Barbara Boxer is an ultra-conservative compared to Bush.
And I'm serious when I say that.
And we'll get into the national draft.
Did you know it's already in operation?
Oh, yes.
We'll get to this story and just a lot more today right here on the Alex Jones Show.
Also, now the mainstream media is admitting, and the former chief scientist of the Army is admitting, that DU is deadly.
And is maiming and killing our troops in Iraqis, and they've tested Australian and British and U.S.
troops' blood from both Gulf Wars, high level of DU, depleted uranium, very dangerous.
It would be a lot better for you to go to the doctor's office and start eating the cube of radioactive material on the X-ray machine.
But the government could carry less and is not going to give them treatment, just like they didn't give them treatment when they were hit with nerve gas.
That's how you support the troops.
You don't give them treatment, and you call anyone that actually supports the troops a traitor.
You are mindless, you are an idiot, and you are the new neocon.
So we'll get into that as well.
Also, big headline here, Continental Airlines and White House policies help terrorists target aircraft passengers.
That's an interesting story that we'll give you more details of.
Also, Reuters is to move its main operation to India, and Dell is doing that, moving to India and China, and almost everybody else is.
And here's another one, booming China trade, Rankles U.S., just fantastic.
Enjoy yourselves, folks.
They hold you next, and that would be great.
Well, you believe them because everybody knows historically governments do no wrong and are to be trusted mindlessly.
Anyone that doesn't worship government is insane.
I mean, that's what the sitcoms and dramas say, and they have the government propaganda placement in the TV shows.
You criticize the government, you're crazy.
That's bizarre.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, it is Tuesday, the 5th of August, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I've been fighting the New World Order for coming up on ten years, almost nine years on the air, and I've written a book about September 11th, and I've made nine documentary films, and I have several great websites, Infowars.com, Infowars.net, and of course, PrisonPlanet.com as well.
And on prisonplanet.com, we have a gigantic 9-1-1 government prior knowledge involvement section.
I don't know, it's something like 500 mainstream news articles.
There's only about 200 on infowars.com in one spot.
And we stopped posting the red flag smoking gun evidence that the government carried that out, or elements of the government, about a year ago on infowars.com.
We've continued to post on prisonplanet.com.
Now, we post the new stories as they come out on the main page every day as new red flag, smoking gun, red-handed stories come out.
I mean, one of these stories, you could convict the people that carried it out and have them sentenced to life in prison.
But every day we post new articles.
I mean, the subterfuge at every level, how sloppily done this operation was.
I mean, it was well carried out on the day of the event, but still something this big is going to have a thousand holes in it, even if a hundred geniuses with 180 IQs put it together.
But they're counting on the psychology that you can't
Handle the truth and that you will rationalize for yourself to protect your fragile comfort zone.
Well, you're going to be crushed by this system whether you fight them or whether you go along with it.
In fact, the blows are going to be a lot lighter if you're in the fight.
That's kind of a rule of football or sports period that if you're going...
We're good to go.
I'm here to tell you folks that America is just stumbling around in a lemming-like stupor, not looking at the facts.
Every week, giant revelations come out on September 11th, but people don't have any historical context to look at the news.
They don't have a long-term memory, so they're unable to...
To focus even as incredible earth-shattering events are taking place right in front of their eyes.
Take the United Kingdom.
It has come out in the last two years.
They just calmly announce it in BBC, London Telegraph, London Guardian, Observer, Reuters, that, oh yeah, MI5 and MI6 carried out almost all the bombings and killed people and
Well, yeah, it was a way to keep control of Northern Ireland and get more police state funding in England and Wales and Scotland.
The central government wants control.
I mean, that's it.
They blow stuff up and blame it on their enemies.
It's called the frame-up.
Maybe you've heard of it before.
I think we're good to go.
The CIA was.
In this country, when the right wing gets too big and powerful and actually starts going in the right direction, they blow something up and say, oh look, McVeigh did it, the right wing talk show host, they're all behind it, mass conspiracy.
And then now that you've got the neocons in power, the threat is the real conservatives, and that's who they spend most of their time now attacking, calling us conspiracy theorists.
So, you know, look for terrorist attacks there to be blamed on the real patriots.
They do it over and over again.
But here's the big story today, and there's a bunch of them, but this one's being posted, if it hadn't already been posted, on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
As I left the office, the home office, to come to this office, I saw my wife about to upload it.
Embassy blamed for bombings.
Saudis accuse British staff of the destabilization campaign.
Now, again, I'm not tooting my own horn.
Once you understand this stuff, it's 101.
Every time there's been a bombing in Saudi Arabia, going back 10 years...
Right through to this year, I've stated the facts.
I've said it on air repeatedly, frankly, dozens of times.
People said, well, what's behind this Saudi bombing?
And I said, that's British intelligence or Mossad.
And I said, probably British intelligence.
They're frankly the best terror agency out there.
Everybody brags about the Mossad.
They're a joke compared to British intelligence.
They're out there carrying out the bombings.
The CIA's pretty good at it, too.
They're usually so busy, though, living it high on the hog off all their drug money that a lot of times they refuse to do some of this stuff.
But they've got their black ops squads and their teams out there that do it.
But I predicted, I said, it looks like British intelligence because not just that they're the best at this, but also because if you look at BCCI, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International,
They got caught funding all the major terror groups.
I mean, all of them.
Across the board, you're a major terrorist group.
They're funding you.
Muslim, Irish, Protestant.
I mean, across the board, worldwide, black African terrorists, French terrorists.
I mean, they were funding it.
They're like, you know, chaos from the James Bond flicks.
But in reality, James Bond is chaos.
You know, ordered out of chaos, folks.
Of course, you know, the guy that wrote those books was a British intel guy.
Made a little money on the side, I guess, letting out some of the dirty laundry, but putting a nice spin on it.
But anyway, side issue.
Because the British have always owned and run the last hundred years, or close to a hundred since World War I, that was a fight over who would control the Middle East and areas of Africa, as well as Europe, empire.
That they carved up.
They made Saudi Arabia.
They made Kuwait.
They made Iraq.
They separated it up.
And so that's their area of the world.
And it is the British families, according to Forbes, that are the number one owners of U.S.
companies, the Fortune 500, the military industrial complex.
When you hear it's the Chinese or the Japanese, that's a total red herring, folks.
All that business in the 80s about, oh, the Japanese are buying all our real estate.
Oh, the Japanese, they're unstoppable.
The globalists were just setting them up just like they set the Arabs up in the 70s.
And again, there's a whole history behind each one of those comments I just made.
But the point is that...
It's obvious.
You look at who stands to gain.
You look at who has a history of bombing things.
You look at how the bombings were carried out.
You look at how the propaganda is released at the time of the bombing.
I was totally sure, and I said the British government was either carrying out the bombings themselves or giving Israelis orders to do it.
Well, here it is.
And Saudi Arabia knows they're being set up to be taken down.
And I'm no fan of the corrupt, degenerate Saudis.
But you think they're corrupt and degenerate, they're just not good at hiding it, folks.
The elites in this country, in England and in the Netherlands and Germany and France, make the Saudis look like choir boys.
Like little Lord Fauntleroy.
Like Mr. Magoo or something.
About three weeks before this stupid 800-page report and the 28 missing pages, total red herring, came out, the Saudis said, if you release evidence that we're behind terror, we're going to put out the facts that four global banks in the U.S.
and England basically own us and actually fund the terrorists.
The Saudis know all this.
And they've gone along all these years following their orders since the British told some Bedouin tribesmen, here, here's some machine guns, you'll be the boss, and you'll give us express license to all the oil.
We're backing your tribe against that tribe.
You see what it's got you today.
So then suddenly this dossier comes out and those 28 pages are redacted.
So it's pretty obvious what's going on.
It's a blackmail game here.
Well, the Saudis are going ahead and dropping the big bomb, which we already knew and announced here a hundred times, but now it's mainstream news.
Bunch of articles on this, but here's one from The Guardian.
Embassy blamed for bombing.
Saudis accuse British staff of destabilization campaign.
That's it.
Exactly what I said they were doing.
British Embassy staff in Riyadh have been accused by the Saudi Arabian authorities of coordinating, coordinating a campaign of anti-Western terrorist bombings in the kingdom.
The Guardian has learned.
Well, let me just stop right there before I go any further.
We have the Times of Taiwan and other mainstream news articles, Sydney Morning Herald.
In fact, we'll need to repost those, Paul, on Prison Planet on the main page as flashbacks.
Where the British and the FBI were involved and the Taiwanese found out about the Bali bombing two weeks before and were ordered not to warn the government in Bali.
Now that's on the record.
And it was this super plastic explosive and they grabbed some poor teenager and tortured the daylights out of him and that's now come out.
Sure, he said he did it after they were done torturing the living daylights out of him, but
Point is, same story.
And these guys aren't going to stop, folks.
You keep giving them power when they blow stuff up, it's going to get worse.
It's going to get a lot worse a lot quicker.
These guys have got a hellish system set up if we let them push much further.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's right.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, continuing with this news, and we'll open the phones up in the next segment.
It'll be your chance to get involved and comment on it.
1-800-259-9231 is the toll-free number to join us.
It's 800-259-9231.
Embassies blame for bombing.
Saudis accuse British staff of destabilization campaign.
We're good to go.
The accusation the British Embassy in Riyadh coordinated the bombings to destabilize the Saudi regime is the latest and most bizarre piece of information, and it makes total sense, to escape the pall of secrecy behind which the Saudis have been conducting legal proceedings against seven Westerners who they say have been tortured into making false confessions.
Two Britons have been killed and several other Westerners maimed or injured since November 2000 in a bombing campaign widely believed to be the work of anti-Western extremists.
This, of course, turned out to mean that the building that got bombed just so happened to be the Carlisle Group with the Bin Ladens, and just so happened all the management was gone, but a couple of maids were there.
Everybody just so happened to be on a retreat out of the country, but again, a few maids got killed, the Carlisle Group, but again, everything's fine.
Two Britons have been killed and several other Westerners maimed or injured since November 2000 in a bombing campaign widely believed to be the work of anti-Western extremists.
The allegation against the British mission in Riyadh, confirmed yesterday by the Foreign Office, was at the heart of the prosecution case against five Britons, a Canadian and a Belgian detained in the Kingdom.
In televised confessions broadcast last year, six of the men said they had been ordered to carry out the attacks, but did not say by whom.
Well, it came out in Herat's Jewish newspaper, mainstream, that they would capture young Palestinians, torture them for several years, release them, pay them, and say, okay, you plant this little bomb here, you shoot this person there, nothing will happen to you.
And nothing does happen to them.
But then the Israelis get to get some Lebensstrahl or living space.
A Guardian investigation this year discredited the case against the men and uncovered evidence of systematic torture by Ministry of Interior officials.
Loving government torturing people in a prosecution document presented to a panel on Saudi judges last year.
Ministry investigations claim the men were acting on orders from British embassy officials.
The men were subsequently convicted and received sentences ranging from eight years to prison to the death penalty.
And the guy out in Bali, the guy out in Bali, they now admit he was tortured, just some 18-year-old kid.
Oh yeah, he had
High-power plastics and spread them all over the nightclub just perfectly.
Then it turned out that the British government and the U.S.
government had prior knowledge and told the Taiwanese who found out, don't warn the people in Bali or your aid funding could get in trouble.
You keep your mouth shut.
This came out in Taiwan's official government, folks, in their parliament.
Look, folks, this is all over the world.
I mean, everybody's learning about this.
This is not shocking or even radical news anymore.
But here in America, we have almost a total news blackout other than a few websites and the news stories we get and post that never make it in the paper and the affiliates we've got.
And then meanwhile, it's just wall-to-wall news.
Turn your guns in.
It's conservative.
Open borders are good.
Give the illegal aliens workers' compensation and more student aid than citizens get.
It's conservative.
800 cities taking matricula cards.
Don't arm the pilots.
Just craziness.
Total out of control.
And the article goes on and on, folks.
If you'd like to join us on air...
Where the Saudi government's getting desperate and is going, okay, well, here's the documents, and the British government admits, well, yeah, these accusations are being made, that, oh, the British are doing it, that he stabilized the country.
Well, let's see.
Why doesn't the Guardian link to all the other articles they've written at the bottom of the page?
You know, they're related.
Where the British government admits, and their own agents have said, that they carry out most of the bombings, 90-plus percent.
Killing little British children, little Irish boys and girls, men and women, kneecapping people.
They got MI5, Army Intel people walking around kneecapping folks.
You better go beat up those Catholic boys.
You better go beat up those Protestant boys to keep the fight going so the soldiers can march around in the countryside feeding on the population instead of people living in peace.
Grow up, America.
Grow up, Europe.
Find out the truth, and I think you are, before it's too late.
Before these people, with all their underground bases, release the plagues.
That's their plan.
This is all just a prelude.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
All right, folks, this is the big headline.
Embassy blamed for bombings.
Saudis accuse British staff of destabilization campaign and say that Britain is ordering and funding and directing the bombings.
As a pretext to destabilize the country, to bring it down, so they can then say, oh, look, there's a radical Muslim regime.
We've got to send troops in and fully take over the country.
And that's exactly what they do.
They do it in their own British isles every month or two.
Blow something up and then come fluttering in the terrorists themselves
Who supposedly saved the population.
And by the way, we're not offering it yet, but by the end of this week we will be offering it.
Paul Joseph Watson's Order Out of Chaos.
And it has a large section on British-sponsored terrorism.
In fact, the chapter is called
I don't have it in front of me.
I read it several times.
Her Majesty's Terrorist Network or Her Majesty's Terrorist instead of Her Majesty's Secret Service.
But that's in the book.
Just a side issue.
But there's a big section on MI5, MI6 sponsored terror where they've been caught red-handed over and over again on PrisonPlanet.com.
So you'll definitely want to check that out and
Paul will definitely, my webmaster for Prison Planet, will definitely want to post this.
And of course, he's also the author of Order Out of Chaos.
I'm about to go to your calls.
There's a bunch of other news coming up.
But I did want to read this email because I got about five or six emails that I saw.
On this subject, just like I got a bunch of emails about Gary Busey, who I know is a listener to the show because he calls my house all the time.
He's a good guy.
Knows about the New World Order.
Kind of a wild man, though.
And I got a bunch of emails about Gary Busey on his show on Comedy Central talking about the New World Order and saying I can't talk about it on this show, but
It's all in Police State 2000, because Gary's gotten the videos.
He got the videos and contacted me.
A lot of folks out in Hollywood, well, you know Mel Gibson's dad, Mel Gibson, have seen the films, and they know about the New World Order, and there's quite a few other people.
In fact, I just got a call yesterday from some Hollywood folks that are all scared of the New World Order and are saying or being told what to produce and what to do, and they can't believe how bad it's gotten.
But that's a side issue.
The point is, I trust these emails.
I mean, people emailed me about Gary Busey and the Comedy Central piece, and now I've got it on tape.
But I don't have this Malcolm in the Middle on tape, and if somebody's got it, I'd like you to send it to me.
Or could you call in and confirm that you saw this so I know if they really did this?
I mean, it's par for the course.
I don't doubt they did this, but this is just one of the many emails I got
Hi, Alex.
And Malcolm in the Middle is a Fox sitcom.
And I've talked many times about how there's more propaganda, more mind control, more police state in sitcoms and in dramas and in made-for-TV movies and in movies themselves than in all the newscasts and newspapers.
Because the globalists tailor propaganda.
They have their neocon propaganda, Wall Street Journal stuff for highbrow folks.
It's very sophisticated propaganda and lies.
They've got some good writers, too, but they mix the poison in.
Some of the time.
You've got the more mainstream propaganda for folks that read a few newspapers a week but don't have a good historical background, like USA Today.
It's mainly a conditioning mechanism.
Oh, yeah, there's satellite trackers in your car.
Oh, yeah, our Supreme Court follows the European orders now.
You know, just stuff like that.
But that's for people who are at least somewhat involved, kind of the Discovery History Channel crowd.
But for the Hollywood-following, E!
Entertainment, Howard Stern-watching crowd, who I basically lump in with the sports fan echelon,
It is heavily saturated.
They get their propaganda through the sitcoms, through the dramas.
And I see this every time I turn the TV on.
If it's Keith or Sutherland in 24 on Fox, or if it's L.A.
Law on one of the other channels, every episode I've seen, they're torturing somebody to get answers.
And torture's good because it saves the children or saves somebody.
The cops lie, and every episode they say, we don't need a warrant anymore, or forget the warrant, and they'll slap somebody upside the head, and it's good.
You know, it's kind of like saying the Pinkerton security was good out west, killing people for their land.
It's like the newspapers of the 1870s, 1880s up in Liberty, Missouri, where we're on, by the way, telling everybody that Pinkerton were great guys.
Well, it's the same thing today.
You know, all this Pinkerton-style activity, running around, engaging in police state activities is good.
So cops watch that, and they think, oh, it must be normal, it must be okay.
It's peer pressure.
They then carry it out on the streets.
And here's this email that I'll go to calls.
It says, hi, Alex.
Now, again, if you saw this, call and confirm it, because I've got a bunch of emails on this.
Hi, Alex.
I happened to be watching Malcolm in the Middle last night, 8303, two days ago, with my kids, and it seems your broadcasts have been made the butt of ridiculous, dumbed-down humor on that show.
It seems the loser father figure, again, Fox is so-called pro-family, you know, pro-Bush, but notice they have the most evil shows, Temptation Island, you know, and Mary with Children.
See the plan, folks?
It seems the loser father figure, very astute point by the emailer out there, it seems the loser father figure on the show was made out to be some sort of freak with a clandestine radio broadcasting station.
Hauling him away...
Kicking and screaming, I would guess this is supposed to equate anyone who wants to call attention to the atrocities of our government in the minds of, quote, normal Americans are really just weird freaks to be laughed at.
No one in my house was laughing, but also seen the level of coincidence must be raised if the networks are trying to change from public opinion.
Also, interesting side note, there is a local prison looking to raise funds for the homeless by getting people to spend the night in prison.
They give the itinerary, and it was complete, down to prison uniforms, roll call, meals, meet the guards, the warden, session, awake at 5 a.m.
the next morning, etc.
This sounds like activities to get everyone used to the idea of being a prisoner.
Oh, that's admitted.
And liking it, the idiots who participated...
Said how nice everyone was and how it was good to get funds to the homeless.
I'll see if I can send you the article.
Well, I'm fully aware of that.
Okay, now here's the deal.
I didn't see this, but I've seen similar stuff where you'll have a drama and the mother thinks that the IMF and World Bank are private and doing bad things, so CPS comes and takes her kids.
Because she's mentally ill.
She's insane.
She thinks there's a global government.
So on judging Amy, she's the social worker.
Her mommy's the secret police don, the judge.
And I've watched one episode, and they're taking their kids.
You flip to the next channel, it's torture of people is good.
It's all over the place, folks.
Every time I turn the TV on, I don't watch much TV, much less sitcoms and dramas.
I mean, maybe you can tell me about how bad it really is or
Take this stuff off television and write notes and send me the tape, because I can't stand to watch it myself unless I specifically know what I'm going to be seeing.
But it's massive.
But look at what, and all the emails basically told the same story, that he says the government's corrupt and he's crazy, and he's broadcasting on a pirate radio station, and so men in a black van come and grab him.
Now, he says there's men in black, but then he's still crazy when they even come and grab him.
Now that's Orwellian, folks.
So see, oh, it's normal to get grabbed and thrown into the van.
That's a symbol of freedom.
And it's okay because he's crazy because he thinks the government's corrupt.
Do you see how... And by the way, I read yesterday out of the big advertising consortium news about how the homosexual groups are paying to have product placement on Jay Leno's TV show.
They pay to have a pro-homosexual message.
Now, folks, they pay to have... The government pays $80 million a year, and they get matching funds.
They get double.
So that's $160 million a year.
They get it at half price for propaganda placement.
And so it's all... Folks, I would imagine if you did research, and I know Fox is getting government funds to write their scripts...
But I guarantee you that Malcolm in the Middle piece was paid for.
And I've seen what storylines... And again, the government throws lots of ideas at the networks, and they decide what they want to accept and what funding they want to take.
But for an episode, you're probably looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Now, there's so much product placement on Fox that they've got to be doing a lot of it for free.
I mean, I've watched their Mad TV...
And they'll have a scrolling news feed on the bottom talking about dumb conspiracy theorists that think the government's corrupt, how they should be arrested.
I got this on tape.
I was taping it one night.
I can't even watch a comedy show, folks.
They were talking about how anybody against the war is a traitor, should be arrested.
This is what scrolls.
And so we're watching the news, listening to talk radio, reading newspapers, reading books, reading legislation, calling Congress.
80% of the public are in total la-la land.
Just absorbing massive propaganda.
All right, let's go to the calls.
Joan in Florida, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How you doing?
Okay, well, I've got a couple things, but I want to start out with about 8.30 this morning.
I don't know if any of your listeners were taping or if the professor in Ottawa, was it, that you had on the other day, maybe he was taping Fox Cable this morning.
But, of course, we had the bombing in, is that Jakarta?
Yeah, I was going to get to that.
Another convenient bombing.
Right, but this is what I heard, and I don't think I'll ever catch it again, and I wasn't taping, so if anybody was taping Fox this morning, 8.30 Eastern Time, they ran a clip with a call from the reporter in Indonesia, right there in the capital city.
And she started out, you know, about the bombing, and then she said, the United States, a few hours prior to the bombing, canceled 20 reservations for the Marriott.
I couldn't believe it.
It's honest to God, but I wasn't taping it, Alex, so if anybody can research that.
Well, I mean, it's like the Carlaw Group's building.
They sell it six months before, but it was still managed by them.
One of their sub-companies was there.
And all the management, mid-level, high-level, everybody was, quote, on a junket out of Saudi Arabia, and only the maids and security were there when it blew up.
I mean, it's a sick joke.
I couldn't believe she said that.
She said...
The United States canceled 20 reservations for the Marriott a couple hours prior to the bomb.
And I'm sure that Demon and Friends, that's what I call that morning show, Vampire and Friends, Neocon Bloodsucker Friends, well, they just gloss over it.
Oh, thank you!
Well, nobody said anything.
You know, of course, it just went into the rest of it, how many people were hurt.
So I put a tape in, and I started taping then.
For the rest of the morning.
But, of course, when they replayed, you know, the interview with her... You just so happened to be clipped out.
It was gone.
It was gone.
But talking about Ireland, we have a videotape here.
I'm trying to see how I can get more.
It's called The Siege of Shortstrand.
It was produced by a Walsh-Graphics.com.
And I traced down Walsh...
trading post up in New Jersey, and that is the same Mr. Walsh.
Okay, but just tell me... Well, anyhow, what it is, is the Short Strands is a community just outside of Belfast, and last May, they were attacked.
The Catholic community in the Short Strands were attacked.
The Protestants and Catholics lived together up there.
In fact, about 25% are
So are intermarried.
They're a very close community.
Yeah, an MI6 and MI5 can't allow that.
Okay, well, anyhow, what happened?
They started throwing bottle bombs and stuff like that across the fence and stuff like that, destroying the Catholic homes and stirring the whole community up.
Okay, I understand.
So what happened?
Now, the military police were there and everything, and they're just standing there.
And the British police were just standing there, you know, like your SWAT team guys.
We're just standing there and letting the people do it.
Well, let me tell you what happens.
The leaders of the Catholics and the Protestant groups are always NI5, MI6, Army Intel, and they will go out and shoot people in the kneecaps, beat them over the head and say, you go burn that house down or I'm going to kill you.
And then they go out and do it, and the news talks about great points, and I hope you'll send me that video, Joan.
Well, also what was interesting in part of the video, I mean, we watched it many, many times,
Because we've been making copies of it and getting it out to other Irish people.
But we didn't hear about this last year.
Oh, you never hear about it.
That stuff goes on all the time.
Thanks, John.
Thanks a lot.
Gotta go.
Walt in Michigan.
Go ahead, Walt.
Hello, Alex.
Yeah, good to talk to you.
Yeah, good to talk to you, son.
How you doing?
Pretty good.
Listen, I just had a little conversation with Joseph Farah on the phone.
He says he doesn't know who you are.
He says he doesn't know who you are.
Pardon me?
Well, he says his website is a business.
And I confronted him about Ann Coulter's book being advertised on his website.
And I tried to explain to him how she mistreated people on your talk show the other day.
Well, number one, I've interviewed Farrah.
Farrah has run...
Ten stories with my plus, with myself in them.
And I've talked to Farrah's wife.
I've had folks on.
So Joseph Farrah told you he didn't know who Alex Jones was.
That's correct, and that's who the guy on the other end of the phone who picked the phone up told me.
I called his office.
Now, wait a minute.
Joseph Farrah or the guy that picked the phone up?
Joseph Farrah.
That's what I was told.
I got his office.
The secretary answered.
She said, hold on.
I'll get him on the phone.
Okay, I did that.
He got on the phone, says he doesn't know who you are.
Okay, and says, we're a business, he says.
We even promote Al Gore's book.
I said, well, why?
I thought you guys were against this New World Order.
He was very abrupt, very short.
He said, I have one foot out the door, he says, and blah, blah, blah.
And he was just trying to, you know, get the conversation over with.
Well, I tell you what, stay there, but I don't want to just talk about Joseph Farah all day, but we'll come back.
Stay with us.
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The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We've ripped the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and revealed the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Look, folks, I'll just say it.
Prior to George Bush being elected, World Net Daily, about 80% of their stories were hard-hitting, very important.
And now it's gone the other way, and it's just neocon dripping from it.
They've got a lot of good writers, though, still, that cover some good issues.
At least they report on what the federal government's doing and some of the police state measures, but
Overall, I mean, they will not criticize Lord Bush.
And I've got to commend Judicial Watch and others.
When Clinton left office, they didn't stop rooting out corruption.
And neither did David Shepard's.
But most of the conservative groups, they said, hey, this is a business, and the money's in catering to neocon, only conservatism.
I don't know about Farah, but saying he doesn't know who I am, that's a joke.
It is a business.
I mean, it's like Ann Coulter saying she hadn't read the Patriot Act, but she's written a book about how the liberals are liars saying it takes liberty away.
Well, all that does is give the liberals a great tool to demonize real conservatism.
And I'm tired of this Carnival Barker scam where the neocons are around back
The tour bus with the other carnies running the scam about how to fleece us as their marks.
Go ahead and finish up with what you were saying, Walt, and we'll go back to other calls.
Bob and others, go ahead.
Who is the editor?
I've been going to WorldNetDaily off and on for a long time.
I've been getting their email and stuff, alerts and stuff, and I'm
I'm to the point now.
Is he the same editor that's been in charge of World Net Daily all along, or was there a different person ahead of him?
No, he started it, and he writes Rush Limbaugh's books.
Ooh, that told you something, didn't it?
Thanks for the call, bud.
Thank you.
You bet.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, he writes one of the chief neocons' books, the See, I Told You So, and that stuff.
Again, you know, this country's got cancer, and they're giving us sugar pills while ignoring the real problem.
They're talking about a rash we've got on our backs or our feet while we're dying of, you know, a busted aorta.
And then you complain about the aorta and go, give me treatment, and they go, I put a Band-Aid on your pinky.
Shut up, Libro!
So what if Bush takes our guns?
He's got a compromise.
Oh yeah, he's got the House, the Senate, the Executive, the Supreme Court, and all this horrible stuff's happening.
Just shut up, neocons.
I'm sick of you.
I love America more than I love you.
Before I end this hour and come back with more calls and a bunch of other news, and yes, Jack McClam, Police Against the New World Order, is joining us.
Honored to have him coming up in about 30 minutes.
We'll take more calls, cover more news.
I have made nine films, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, The Masters of Terror, covers September 11th, two different films, both over two hours.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We're all ready.
40 seconds into the second hour, I got Jack McClam, founder of Police Against the New World Order.
He writes a debate newsletter.
They go around educating the police and military about the dangers of the New World Order.
And so that's coming up.
In about 30 minutes, I know we've got a lot of callers that are holding.
We're going to take your calls in the next 30 minutes, and with Jack McClam as well, after that.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
And we'll get you up and on the air.
Pop story for stations that just joined us.
The Saudis told Bush, they said, if you blame us for the attacks, we're going to release the documents that two British and two U.S.
global banks actually run the terror operations and fund al-Qaeda.
And suddenly you notice the report came out with the 28 pages redacted.
And folks, they probably took out the real stuff beforehand.
I predict it's going to be just some milquetoast information that's going to come out in those 28 pages.
It's a classic tactic to go, please don't look there.
No, you can't look there.
And then you look there and there's nothing there.
All the real dirt was already right underneath your nose.
Embassy blamed for bombings.
There's a bunch of mainstream news articles about this today.
They're on Infowars.com.
Saudis accuse British staff of a destabilization campaign.
British embassy staff in Riyadh have been accused by the Saudi Arabian authorities of coordinating a campaign of anti-Western terrorist bombings in the kingdom.
The Guardian has learned to destabilize the country, to bring it down so they can invade.
The accusation that the British embassy in Riyadh coordinated the bombings that destabilized the Saudi regime is the latest and most bizarre piece of information.
No, it's the first piece of information that made sense.
To escape the hall of secrecy behind which the Saudis have been conducting legal proceedings against seven Westerners who they say have been tortured into making false confessions.
Well, our government tortures, so again, I guess it's a family value.
So this is all very serious.
I know this, folks.
The British created Saudi Arabia out of a bunch of Bedouin goat herders, literally.
And would give them boxes of hand grenades and guns and said, you're the biggest tribe, you're in charge, follow our orders, the oil is ours, and you get 10% of the money.
And look at the opulence they got with 10%.
You see, the Western elites are just good at not flaunting it, folks.
The real power off that oil.
And that's why they take the oil from there, not from Texas or Alaska.
Because that's where they've got a monopoly, folks.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Oil would be, they say a gallon of gas would be 50 cents, 60 cents a gallon if half of it was taxed, and still you'd have a better economy, you'd have more jobs, and there'd be a huge oil industry here in America.
But again, the oil companies run the environmental movements.
Look at who bankrolls.
The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Greenpeace.
Look at who bankrolls.
Oh, the big National Geographic, Exxon, BP, Mobile, Dutch Rochelle.
It's a joke!
They run.
You see, the right-wingers control the left-wingers.
There isn't any wing involved.
They use the liberals to create a big government like par paper, like fly paper, to get you stuck in their thrall.
I'll come right back and take your calls.
It's a big show.
Stay with us.
Two hours left.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'm sure you heard last week about how one of the top convicted felon neocons...
John Poindexter had to resign because, well, Total Information Awareness Network, complete with the all-seeing eye, saying the Pentagon was going to spy on every box of macaroni we bought or pan of paint we purchased and was going to track and trace us with face-scanning cameras, which they're already doing.
He was in trouble for that, being so public about it.
He's the figurehead.
And then he said, let's bet on dead U.S.
You only get money if they die, and secretly you can put put options on them.
It was insider trading.
Well, Bob Ostertag has created a new website.
It's a parody of the PAM website that the Pentagon created, and it talks about how the CIA and others are...
Are basically running this whole thing.
So he's going to be joining us in about 25 minutes.
And then in the third hour, I'm going to have Jack McClan, Police Against the New World Order, on.
And right now, we're going back to your calls.
But again, top story, evidence coming out.
Saudi's making the accusation that the British government's blowing stuff up to destabilize Saudi Arabia.
The average person will go, what would the British care about Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabia, even the name was created by the British folks at the end of World War I. And it's just totally staged.
And they want to have a radical regime come in so there can be a big invasion of Saudi Arabia and set up a good police state because the Saudis have gotten out of line and haven't been following all their orders.
And that's been bin Laden's job all along, is to bring down Saudi Arabia.
As we said...
Let's go ahead and go to Bob in Wisconsin.
Bob, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, hello, Alex.
This morning on C-SPAN, I heard about the pneumonia epidemic with our troops over in the Gulf, of course, in Iraq.
Yeah, and of course, they've done tests.
They've got nerve gas again and DU.
But the government says it's not nerve gas leaking out of these bunkers where it's U.S.-made nerve gas so they can't show it on the news.
Well, there's another thing.
Yeah, so they've got nerve gas, DU, and the Pentagon says you're not getting any treatment.
This is good for you.
Well, there's another thing, Alex.
It's very characteristic of the smallpox shot, and they do get the smallpox shot because a friend of mine's daughter is over there, and she got the smallpox shot.
And it's a heart repercussion also.
Well, they're saying it killed David Bloom.
Hey, anything to hurt the troops, they do it.
Yeah, you bet.
Now, here's a few things to look at.
How come none of the Iraqis are coming down with pneumonia?
Well, they are.
They just don't get treatment.
Well, it could be.
I just was putting it together that, hey, they didn't get the smallpox shot.
Well, sir, they have masses of Iraqis dying of cholera, dysentery.
Oh, yeah, but I'm talking about the characteristic that you get from the smallpox shot.
A lot of them have gotten sick.
Yeah, you bet.
And incidentally, this is a little off the subject, but here in Wisconsin, we tied the can to the butt of the people that wanted to give all these first responders...
And by talking about this a lot on talk radio in this area, a lot of people refused.
A whole lot of people at the hospital in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, turned it down.
Well, I'm sure your phone calls helped, but also when a bunch of top epidemiologists at the premier medical institutions said, I wouldn't take that if you paid me to.
And listed that they found all sorts of bizarre stuff in it.
Oh, yeah, you bet.
So that was on the record.
That's why 99.9% have refused it.
Well, what do you think about all the Somalians who are leaving into this country?
Whether it's massive groups of Russians or massive groups of Somalis when they get here, or if it's Mexicans, when they get here, they get extra tuition and citizens.
They get the workers' comp, the Social Security.
It's here to bankrupt America.
It's here to bring the country down.
That's the stated policy of the U.N.
You got it.
I just want people to know it, and I want you to bring it out because they'll believe you.
Like Poindexter, what's his name, the guy that used to be a newsman for Nixon, he said Bush is doing everything he can to bring this country down.
I forget the guy's name now, but
Bill Moyers?
Yeah, he said Bush is doing everything, and he is doing it.
Oh, yes.
Worse than what we can ever imagine what this boy is doing.
Well, let's make it clear.
George Bush isn't running anything, but he's the titular head, the figurehead, for the group that is killing America.
And they wrapped their murder of America...
In an American flag, and so a lot of shallow people are buying it, but not for long, the awakening has begun.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
Mike in Illinois.
Go ahead, Mike.
Pretty good.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Alex, I have to tell you something that happened.
My neighbor, two doors down from me,
It was really funny.
And it wasn't funny.
It was a really pathetic situation.
He has a garden in his backyard, and I'm not really for shooting the animals because he's killing baby rabbits, but they're eating his lettuce.
I told him to put a fence up around it.
He didn't do it.
Last week, I came home from work, and I had the street blocked off with a SWAT team truck out there and tons of police officers in a helicopter.
What had happened is his neighbor that lives on the other side of him is an old man, probably in his mid-80s, and he said that he saw a gentleman
In this house with a rifle, and that he was shooting it out in the backyard.
And all it was was a Crossman 766 pellet gun, and he was shooting rabbits in his backyard.
And they took my neighbor, they put him down, they put gun to his, the SWAT team put an M16 to his head, and they just scared the bejesus out of him.
I mean, that's just unbelievable, Alex, what's going on here.
But they had helicopters.
Hey, look, right here in Texas.
You get somebody who's moved in from New York or California.
They're in your house.
There's a gun case.
And I've had it happen multiple times.
They will stop, almost stumble, and go, Are you allowed to have it?
I'm a domesticated slob.
I mean, pathetic, ignorant, stupid.
They don't care.
I know, Alex.
Josh Sugarman bragged from Violence Policy Center.
He said, we've got your kids.
We're going to ban your guns when they grow up.
Ha, ha, ha!
It's unbelievable.
They busted his door down, too.
And he said, he says, wait a minute.
He's on the ground in his backyard.
They got the gun to his head.
And he says, wait a minute.
He says, it's a pellet gun.
It's in my garage.
Meanwhile, the SWAT team's taking this thing that busted his back door down.
He had put new doors and windows on last year.
They totally destroyed his door.
Busted his door down.
Smashed a window.
Unbelievable what they did to him, Alex.
Over a pilot gun.
Because it's supposedly a neighbor car.
There was a helicopter flying.
Flot team was on the street.
They had the street blocked off for three blocks around.
I couldn't even get home.
Now, here's the difference.
And I'm not that old.
I would walk around squirrel hunting.
And we would take him and eat him, too, folks.
We would walk around squirrel and rabbit hunting in the neighborhood.
And I'm in a suburb of Dallas.
We're good to go.
I think?
For your speech, just like they do in England now, you're going to be arrested.
Yeah, don't prepare us, Alex, because if you look at, like, I don't watch too much primetime TV, but sometimes I'll be flicking through the cable, and I'll notice that, like, on Fox, or I think it's mostly Fox.
Yeah, notice Fox has the most evil programming, Men with Men, Temptation Island, Destruction of the Family.
They're the conservative channel.
All the police programs, Alex.
You remember the show, what was it called?
I don't know what it was.
Yeah, cops.
They got all these new things now out.
It's all about the police wearing their black helmets and rioting houses.
And everybody's bad and they violate rights, but so what?
It's the running man, sir.
Yep, they're doing it.
They're getting it on primetime TV so they can prepare all the people that this is the way it's got to be.
Well, I mean, it's classic.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks, Alex.
I hope they put you in a FEMA camp talking about freedom, talking about America and liberty.
That's bad.
People like you that are destroying this country.
People like you that work with Al-Qaeda.
Mitch in Indiana.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
How are you today?
Hi, Alex.
Pretty good.
All right.
Hey, yeah, I saw that Malcolm episode the other night, too.
Okay, describe it to us.
So he's crazy, he thinks the government's bad, but then they do come in a black van to get him.
Yeah, they do.
They were actually tracking him down the street.
They were following him in the car.
He was mobile.
They tracked him down, the men in black.
Black suits.
So men in black suits.
Now, this is the dumb, stupid dad, not to be respected.
That's the message from conservative Fox, the CIA channel.
And so he's driving down the road.
He thinks the government's corrupt.
So they come get him, but he's crazy even when they come get him.
As if that didn't confirm what he was saying.
So what happened in the end?
He apologized and the wife made fun of him and it was okay?
Yeah, that's about the way it ended.
Well, tell you what, stay there.
I want to hear how this went.
For those that don't know, I got a bunch of emails about this.
He believes there's a New World Order.
He says the government's corrupt.
So a black van comes to get him, but still, he's crazy, see?
See, that's when they start double-thinking, is when he thinks there's people coming to get him, and they do come get him, and he's still bad just because he thinks that.
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All right, folks, we're back live.
Thanks for joining us today.
Let's go back to the calls.
This is the email I read in the last hour.
It says, I happened to be watching Malcolm in the Middle last night.
When my kids and it seems your broadcasts have been made the butt of the ridiculous dumbed-down humor of the show, it seems that the loser father figure on the show has been made out to be some sort of freak with a clandestine radio broadcasting station.
He mentioned some issues you might have brought up and was using terms like military-industrial complex issues
He was screaming like a maniac and was talking about other really lame, unrelated drivel, etc.
Naturally, the government boys show up in black van and chase him down on foot and generally made a real fool out of him, hauling him away.
So I would guess this is supposed to equate anyone who wants to call attention to the atrocities of our government in the minds of normal Americans...
Are really just weird freaks to be laughed at.
And it's all over the sitcoms, all over the dramas.
I mean, I never watched an episode of Friends.
And the one time I did, one of the girls goes, he's crazy.
He doesn't understand we're in the New World Order.
He's not accepting it.
I'm like, oh, that's nice.
Do you realize how serious this is, people?
Let's go back to Mitch in Indiana.
So, Mitch, you saw this episode.
The pathetic, mindless father figure.
The woman slaps him around.
His kids make fun of him.
He's the idiot.
Again, Fox always has that message.
So conservative!
So good!
What else happened on the show?
Well, I guess he had that radio transmitter from his college days.
And they were cleaning out the garage for a garage sale, and he happened to come about it, so that's how he got set up in the business again.
He also ran a stop sign, and he blamed that on the rich people for putting that stop sign there because it was at the end of their driveway for their golf course.
And he ran that red light, and, well, he was...
And then a black van pulls up and grabs him.
And what do they say to him, the men in black?
What do they say?
Well, he was in violation, as far as I can remember, he was in violation of FCC rules.
So basically we have a TV ad against Patriots and a TV ad in this stupid sitcom to break down the family against microtransmitters.
I mean, this is how out of control it's getting thanks to the cold.
Hey, Alex.
I've got an interesting side story.
You might be interested in.
I was at a family get-together this weekend at a friend's house.
And the guy's uncle, he's a World War II vet in his 80s, but he's still sharp as a whip yet.
And he was one of the original people involved in the drones during World War II.
Yeah, they'd load the B-23s up with explosives and fly them in by remote control.
Even before Hitler had his unguided missiles, we had them.
Yeah, he's one of the few survivors of that program, though.
He was going on about, he used to have a newsletter, and I think he's one of the two people surviving now from that project.
He was very interesting.
Yeah, the oldest Kennedy boy died in that operation.
But again, I get emails, the government can't remote control jets.
Okay, sure!
Again, they're living in La La Land.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks, Alex.
Appreciate it.
Let's talk to Robert in Illinois.
Go ahead, Robert.
All righty, then.
Well, we'll go to Stuart and a bunch of other people, Rogan, Keith, and others, coming up.
And we've got this guest coming on who's kind of made a spoof website after Pam.
Betting on dead American troops was a great Wired News story.
We posted it on Infowars.com, so we'll talk to them about setting up a betting website on when the U.S.
government's going to carry out terror attacks or topple countries of dictators that go off the CIA reservation or payroll.
Then we got Jack McClam.
Police Against the New World Order coming on.
A bunch of other news articles I haven't even gotten to.
Big show lined up for you.
Please stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Bob Ostertag is our guest, and he's serious about this.
All right, folks.
They're starting the American Action Market, and basically they saved the Pentagon DARPA convicted felon-run insider trading betting parlor website.
Turned it around to what it really is, betting on where the U.S.
government will carry out terror next, who they will invade next, what dictator is about to go off the CIA payroll and will be attacked next.
So it's very, very interesting.
I'm sure you heard about the betting parlor they were going to have on dead Americans, what U.S.
city will be nuked, where smallpox will be released in the next year.
And then private secret groups could bet on this with their little Swiss bank account number.
So, this is the new America.
Well, we weren't quite ready to buy that yet, and there's an incredible article from Wired Magazine that I know we posted on Infowars.com, but I didn't get it today, so I don't have it.
But you can go read it there at the site where it's really comical if it wasn't so serious.
Bob Ostertag, tell us about yourself and why you started the American Action Market.
Well, we...
I think that if in fact it's true that markets can be good predictors of future events, that we should use them to try to predict the most important event, which is what is Bush going to do next?
So we took over the idea from the Pentagon.
Hold on just a second.
You've got the floor.
Tell us about yourself.
Tell us about the idea, how it started, and what you're going to do.
Go ahead.
Well, when we heard that the Pentagon was canceling their plan, they wanted to start an online market, an online futures market, where people could bet on what the next terrorist action would be, who the next government to fall in the Middle East would be, and so forth.
As soon as they announced the project,
There was such an outcry over it that they canceled it the very same day it became public.
They took the website down, but not before we managed to copy it.
We thought, well, that's kind of a good idea, but let's use that idea to predict what Bush is going to do.
The site is up now describing what we plan to do.
We're going to actually put the market online on October 1st, which is the date the Pentagon was originally going to put their market online.
And you'll be able to go there and buy futures.
Now, they're going to have trouble claiming you're gambling because they were going to do it.
They thought it was a wonderful idea.
And so we're really going to do it.
You'll be able to type in your credit card and get some money to invest.
Now, Wired, did you find that Wired story?
Yes, I did.
Do me a favor.
Read us the first few paragraphs of that.
It says, though there was now cry over the Pentagon's terrorism futures market, a similar online exchange is in the works to predict what the U.S.
government is up to.
The American action market will offer various Washington futures that can be bet upon and traded.
Examples include which country will the White House threaten next, who will be the next foreign leader to move off the CIA payroll and onto the White House most wanted list, which corporation with close ties to the White House will be the next cloaked in scandal, and so on.
The American Action Market will begin registering traders in September and plans to open for business October 1st, the same launch date for the Pentagon's terrorism market until it was shelved.
Now, do you think the Federal Trade Commission will let you shut this up?
I mean, they'll let convicted felons like Poindexter do that, but if you're not a felon, Mr. Ostertag, will they let you, if you're not a felon, do that?
Well, I suppose I could go out and commit a crime.
Well, you have to commit at least five felonies and be convicted.
Well, we're in the process of getting legal advice, and I can't really speak to the legal issue.
But I think it's a great idea.
I mean, betting on dead U.S.
troops, betting on what area will get nuked next, or betting where smallpox will get released or who will be assassinated, and then allowing groups to secretly bet on it,
Well, uh... Um...
Much less radical, and now I'm being serious.
I mean, you just want to track the criminal activities of the cabal in power right now, and I think it's a lot more important what they do than what the CIA-founded and controlled al-Qaeda does.
I mean, I don't look at the tail.
I look at the head, don't you?
This is exactly what we thought.
We thought that the most important question is what is Bush going to do?
Is he really going to proceed with building tactical nuclear weapons
Is he really going to use them?
Is he really going to use them?
We might have a section of the market where you can bet on what the unemployment rate in the United States will be by the end of Bush's first term.
We might have a thing where you'll be able to bet on if the presidential race gets close, will he start a new war during the campaign?
You know, things like this, important things, things that matter to people all over the world.
In fact, sir, I've got one for you that I know will be popular.
Well, maybe not too popular because the odds are sure on it, but that within six months of the end of the election, they will find weapons of mass destruction.
Especially planted.
Well, sir, they're already saying that, well, we really found them, but we're going to release them later.
I don't know if you heard that.
No, I didn't hear that.
I think that's a sure thing.
They're going to find some right on time.
But I can tell you that we've already been flooded with emails from all over the country and all over the world of people who want to register as traders.
People have been proposing.
I say in the first couple of days that this thing has been up, we've probably received 300 or 400 emails with proposals of things people want to bet on.
When we announced it, we said that the trading would be limited to 1,000 traders.
And the first 1,000 people who would register would be the traders, because we didn't think we could technically handle more than 1,000.
We're already getting emails from people who are demanding that we open it up to more than 1,000 people because they're sure they're not going to be in the first 1,000 and they want to get in.
But the problem is the odds.
I mean, I wonder who's going to set the odds because it's almost guaranteed they're going to attack somebody else during the election.
They said they are, and we've got PNAC documents.
The odds will be set up like a horse race.
So, the odds will be determined by how many people bet in which direction.
So, for example, if you want to bet on which country we're going to attack next, and 1,000 people bet $100 each on Iran, and 100 people bet $100 each on North Korea, then the odds will be 10 to 1 in favor of Iran.
Well, that sounds like a normal thing to do.
All right.
Well, you see, this will actually produce what the Pentagon said they hoped to get.
In other words, the odds at any given moment will reflect the collective wisdom of the people who are participating in the market as to what the United States is going to do next.
And we'll actually have a ticker tape going across the screen updating the
The likelihood of various actions.
So, American action market.
Now, I think it's interesting to bet on who will leave the CIA payroll and then be on the enemies list the next day announces a terrorist.
That's high-stakes betting, I think.
And, of course, that's something that many people in the world would like to know.
And we've gotten e-mails...
Particularly from Europe, people who are quite excited about it because they feel that their future and their world is being so profoundly affected by the Bush administration and they have no way to speak back to it.
They don't feel like they have any power, which is the way it should be under this new Homeland Security system for everyone's safety.
Of course.
Of course, you could also bet on what amendment to the Bill of Rights they will publicly abolish.
Yes, or the next civil right that Ashcroft will infringe upon.
The list of suggestions we've had, some of them are sort of mean-spirited.
We have a suggestion that we bet on what the next substance abuse charge Bush's daughters will be.
Oh, that's not important.
We're not going to go in that direction at all.
Yeah, what country is going to be liberated?
Oh, I would bet on how many die from cholera and dysentery after the country is liberated.
Oh, that's a nice one.
Or how many troops will get radiation sickness from depleted uranium?
Yep, yep.
I would bet on that.
So tell your listeners they can go to AmericanActionMarket.org and register now.
To get in on the trading.
And again, this is not a joke.
This is a serious thing.
Well, hey, hey, hey, this is a Christian conservative administration betting on when our soldiers will die.
We're really good?
Whatever they do is certified, I've heard the big churches say, by God.
And so if Bush is the living, breathing, basically like the Pope of North America, then it's something that, I mean, according to them, I don't know if I agree, but according to them, it's the Christian thing to do.
Now betting is a Christian thing.
Well, I can't speak to that.
That's their department.
We're running a market here.
Oh, I understand, but they said that Skull and Bones is a Christian group too.
I'm just trying to talk about the facts that, well, they had some trouble with it, and I don't know why the people didn't like the idea, probably Al-Qaeda members that didn't like it, but good people like you have stepped up to aid our gracious leaders.
We felt that the Pentagon sort of turned tail and ran at the first sign of trouble here.
They had this idea, they developed it.
They tried to claim, I don't know how closely you followed it, but they tried to claim that it was
Being run by some tangential, marginal office buried someplace in the Pentagon that nobody really was keeping track of.
But in fact, it was... It turned out it was Poindexter's great idea.
I think he deserves the credit.
It was run by DARPA, which is the main think tank of the Pentagon.
Hey, they said they want to surveil everything we do and use the Patriot Act against all citizens, and they just announced they got face-scanning cameras.
I think that's part of freedom.
So we thought they just, at the first sign of heat, they ran out of the kitchen.
So we thought we'd pick up the ball for them.
But it really wasn't heat.
I mean, there's nothing weird or bizarre or Orwellian or kind of like a Running Man movie where you bet on death and you only get paid if our troops die.
I think that's... What's wrong with these people, Bob, that they didn't like it?
I don't know, but like I said, we're asking what we feel is the more important question, which is what will Bush do next.
And we're thinking of having a separate section, which is actually what is Bush doing now, where you'll be able to bet on things that may have already happened or are happening now, but we're not aware of.
Hey, you could bet on a speech coming up of what new word he'll invent.
Right, or what his next public gaffe will be.
What will be the next region of the world he misidentifies?
Well, Nigeria is a very important continent.
Well, hey, wait a minute.
When he wrote on that U.S.
flag and violated U.S.
They pointed out in the news that, well, the president can change the rule on the flag whenever he wishes now that he's kind of a centralized, hereditary figure like Kim Jong-il.
We've kind of moved to that system.
And so I say it.
If the emperor wants to announce that we've got an eighth continent, I think he can do that.
I mean, who are we to say that that's wrong?
Where are you based?
I'm here in Austin, Texas.
In Austin?
Yeah, we're on in Denver and Rochester, New York and Washington, D.C.
and Pensacola, Florida and Albuquerque.
We've got quite a few affiliates.
Do you know Jim Hightower?
I do.
I'm more of a constitutionalist libertarian, and Hightower's kind of the populist left, but he is a very intelligent, great guy.
I think he's doing a lot of great work, and we need anybody who's speaking up against the... Well, I'm frankly... I'm frankly... I mean, I'm not planning to move out of the country.
I plan to stay and fight, but passports are almost in order for many people at this point.
I mean, I'm that concerned, Bob.
Things are very, very serious.
Well, tell your listeners, go to AmericanActionMarket.org, sign up, and everybody can invest in the future of their country.
Again, it's AmericanActionMarket.org, and you're either with us or against us.
Get behind the Pentagon.
Bet on our dead and dying trips, and that's the good thing to do.
You're with the devil if you don't do it.
Well, thank you, sir, for coming on the show, and I wish you a lot of luck, and hopefully we can have you back on as this develops, Bob.
All right.
Maybe we can do it again when the market goes online.
All right.
Thanks for coming on.
All right.
Now, of course, that's all tongue-in-cheek, folks.
But it just illustrates how we have gone down the rabbit hole.
We are in insane la-la land now.
And let's go back to the calls.
And I've got Jack McClam and a bunch of other news coming up.
Who's up next?
I got confused.
I'm sorry.
You sure Robert's there?
Okay, Robert, Illinois.
That's cool.
Go ahead, Robert.
Yeah, Alex?
Go ahead.
Oh, you're back.
You were right on the money on the sitcoms and dramas on TV.
My wife had the district cop drama on last Saturday night, and I was only halfway watching it, but I did catch this part of a young girl having disappeared and there's a male cop and a female cop discussing it.
And the female cop ends up saying, if she'd had a digital angel chip implanted, we wouldn't be in this situation.
And it was all done very subtly, but it was there.
I couldn't believe it.
Now, this is called The District?
The District, yeah.
It's on every Saturday night.
Now, see, I can't keep track of all this, but I guarantee you that company paid for that.
Yeah, I don't doubt it.
I didn't know it was coming or I had to put it on tape.
Folks, you've got to be in just...
You've got to be going ape over this.
I mean, it's worse than 1984.
You're just watching some show, and every kid needs their chip.
We all need our trackable chip now, and Robert, you're crazy if you're against it.
Yeah, I think you're right.
So does that air every Saturday?
Yeah, it airs every Saturday.
When the new series here ends, they'll air it again.
Do you know the name of it?
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll talk about it.
Folks, every time I turn the TV on, it's stuff like this.
I mean, come on!
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is how fast our minds have been scrambled.
Two years ago, I'd get on the air and read official Army documents.
Four years ago, I'd get on the air and do it.
Where they said the military's main job will be implanting your brain-controlled chip.
Well, then 2025, we'll all be in a giant hive mind.
DARPA has said the movie The Matrix is actually what they want to force you to do, plug you into a hive mind, basically.
I don't care how insane that sounds, because that's what they said.
Now, I covered this about the implantable radio tracker chips.
People said, oh, that's ridiculous.
I love world government, basically.
Now, right after 9-1-1, when your anxiety's high, they roll out on every news channel for weeks straight, everybody needs a chip.
Oh, it's so neat to have one.
Oh, it's so great.
The same script, the same comments, in the same order.
IBM really owns Applied Digital.
That's their front.
The factories in communist China.
And we're talking to Robert, and I see this in children's cartoons and stuff.
I've got a lot of footage of this where they say every child needs a chip, but he's watching The District.
Oh, that's another dirty little...
Fox show, isn't it, where it's about the school district, right?
It's a CBS show.
He's a cop.
Okay, well, there's another show called The District that's on Fox about schools where it's all anti-gun, but maybe that's another show.
So he's a cop, and exactly what do these pieces of literal demon on earth say?
Well, my wife was watching it, and I wasn't watching too much, but I got to this point where this girl was missing.
And as I say, the two cops were talking, a male and a female, and a woman hides up and says, referring to the girl, if she'd had a digital angel chip implanted, we wouldn't be in this fix right now.
Just acclimating us.
And what does the male officer just kind of nod and say?
Yeah, he just kind of,
I said, oh, yes, or something like that.
Yeah, this is a column.
Everybody needs a chip.
They say they want to make it the law, and they're going to do it in China, Mexico, other areas first.
The name of it was, if anybody can ever get it back, it's the district colon explicit activities.
That was it.
Name of the show in particular.
Explicit Activities.
You can probably get it on eBay or something.
Somebody send it to me.
Come on.
I can't do it all.
I was up until 4 in the morning last night on KOA in Denver.
I was up this morning at 8 o'clock doing an interview, 840.
I mean, I just can't keep track of it.
It's gotten so crazy, Robert, and how these people can't see it when they're
Malcolm in the middle.
He thinks the government's corrupt, so the black van comes and gets him.
I mean, and he's bad.
They're coming to get him, but he's bad.
You're doing a great job.
Keep it up.
Thank you, brother.
Yeah, folks, it's mass attack.
Most people don't listen to these talk shows, even mainstream neocon shows.
What do you hear Sean Hannity doing?
The Applied Digital, Digital Angels, so good.
Every kid needs one.
I'm buying stock in it.
Why is the establishment universally pushing implantable chips?
What did he say the name of the show was, Matt?
I think he said the district explicit activity or something.
I don't know.
Somebody get it.
It's like the thing before 9-1-1 where the hijacked jet airliner remote controlled by the government is going to be flown into the
World Trade Center to get martial law by the government.
I mean, it's just flaunting it in your face.
It's so sick.
They got bad stuff planned.
We got about 30 seconds left.
I'm begging you, folks, get the videos, make the copies for non-profit, not for self-purposes.
Get Road to Tyranny, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, Masters of Terror.
Get my book, Descent into Tyranny.
Don't wait.
If you're sick of this, they're great tools.
Wake people up.
Stand up.
See the propaganda.
It's all around you.
Infowars.com or prisonplanet.com to get my videos and books.
They're cold toll free and don't wait.
And take these TV shows and send them to me.
888-253-3139 or infowars.com or net.
That's 888-253-3139.
Jack McClann and others coming up.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we've got Jack Clam.
Police against the New World War coming up in about five minutes.
We're going to take some more calls right now.
Had a caller just called in and said that the show, the district, had a piece this weekend where the kid's missing and the cop says, you know, the kid had a digital angel chip.
This wouldn't happen.
It's everywhere, folks.
I mean, I turn it on.
There's always, they're torturing somebody, they're violating somebody's rights and saying they're violating their rights, but it's good.
You realize how late the hour is?
How serious things are?
How evil this government is?
And how wicked Hollywood is?
I mean, take Fox.
They're the worst.
All their anti-family shows where the fathers are all mindless idiots.
But that's conservative, see?
While they promote their lies.
I'm sick of it.
And I've got a bunch of other top stories coming up.
More on embassy blamed for bombings.
The British are being blamed for carrying out bombings in Saudi Arabia as a pretext for control.
Right now, let's go ahead and talk to Stuart.
Stuart, where are you calling us from?
I'm calling from upstate New York.
What do you think of the craziness and the propaganda that's in the sitcoms and TV shows?
I see it all the time.
It's very subtle, but it's there.
And as far as the hour being late, I think it's later than you think.
You were talking yesterday about how the NRA finally admitted that
About how big of a gun grab Mr. Bush is about to perpetrate on us.
Yeah, a ban of all semi-automatic shotguns.
Right, among other things.
Now, weeks before you were talking about the new electronic voting machines, how they can be rigged very easily.
Now, I'm putting these two together to my conspiratorial mind.
If it wasn't for the NRA, we'd be saying good morning, President Gore, instead of good morning, President Bush.
And the NRA says, thank you.
Well, some of them do, but I think it was a loud wakening call.
Well, bottom line, for those that don't know, Baltimore Sun, Denver Post, they admit the electronic machines are run by shadowy private and government organizations designed to be activated and controlled from outside, and they're lobbying so there's no paper trail or no record.
Oh, that sounds like freedom.
Now, my feeling, my thought is this.
If Bush can turn around and stab in the back the very...
Well, that's it.
And they've already got enough of the country where they can do that.
Washington could always announce who had won.
The shadowy voter news services in an armored compound with police and black ski masks guarding it, literally, and they would just tell you who had won, but the states would announce other numbers that had caused problems.
Now they're unifying that fraud.
That's why they don't care if 87% or 89% don't want the borders open.
They don't care if you want your Second Amendment.
They don't care.
They don't care if you want your private property rights now.
They're moving hard.
That's why things have gotten so serious.
You're telling me the fix is in the bag, or so it seems.
Well, but the good news is people are analyzing these voting machines and going, they're all total frauds.
I know, even if it means that I have to...
Well, they've been caught in fraud from day one and the feds are involved and shadowy groups are involved owning and controlling the companies.
What a surprise.
Yeah, but, oh, see, it's that trust, that ignorant, blind, mindless trust.
And so bad things are going to happen to everybody.
They're going to wonder why stuff's bad, and the government's going to go, it's bad because of that group.
Follow our orders, and the cheeseburgers and beer will flow again.
They'll go, okay.
And it just gets worse and worse and worse.
Thanks for the call.
Jack McClam, please consider a little coming up, and more of your calls, Keith.
Thank you, Alex.
Others that are patiently holding, the websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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All right, folks.
We've got about 51 minutes left in this worldwide broadcast today.
We do this show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, and then back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
We go out on the AM and FM dial.
Global shortwave.
And the Internet at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
I know we've got Keith and Joe and Pete and Josh and a lot of other people that are patiently holding.
Your calls are coming up.
And I've got a lot of different news articles I'm going to throw out at our next guest, Jack McClam, Police Against the New World Order.
Just a great guy who's done so much wonderful work.
We're good to go.
And, Jack, before we get into that, in the last hour, I talked about how there's more propaganda by this beast system in the dramas and the sitcoms than there is in all the news put together, because they know most people don't even watch the news.
And on these sitcoms, it's, you know, every child needs a chip.
Oh, you're crazy if you don't like the government.
You think the IMF is corrupt, well, the CPS needs you to take your kids.
Torture's good.
The Bill of Rights is bad.
And especially Fox is pushing to destroy the family, and the father figure is always bad.
I mean, the liberals have gotten pretty smart.
They're posing as conservatives.
Jack, what's going on?
Well, it's nothing new under the sun, brother.
It's the new world order, man.
We're going to love it.
It's just coming on us so fast today, and our police and soldiers, our brothers and sisters in uniform,
Right in the midst of it, and we're just inundated with contact from people in uniform who are involved in all of this, and they can now see it, and they're very upset.
Many of them are upset because they now know they're in 140 different nations there for the United Nations New World Order.
It has nothing to do with protecting America.
And our law enforcement officers are being given more and more power over the people, and some of them are smart enough to know that that means the people, their children, and posterity is going to grow up in a nation that's not free.
That's it.
And that's a bad feeling.
That's a bad feeling, Jack.
And Jack McClam, I mean, I'm going to toot your horn for you.
For 10 years you've been putting out aid and abet,
Amen to that.
And this is our 22nd year, by the way.
22nd year.
22nd year, and we're just thrilled that so many now finally are beginning to see that writing on the wall so heavy the wall's falling down.
And they're beginning to wake up and say, wait a minute, do I want to be a Gestapo agent in my community?
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
The case is to destroy America for free all across the country.
Well, where are our attorneys when these officers and soldiers are standing up like Michael New and saying no to this type of tyranny and immorality and unlawfulness?
We can't find attorneys to take these cases.
Well, what happens is, let me boil it down.
And again, Jack McClam for over two decades.
I've been getting the newsletter for over ten years.
Warning the police, warning the military.
He put out Vampire Killer 2000 that warned of everything that came true by 2000.
And to talk about death camps, execution centers, foreign troops, five years ago, implantable chips, you were a raving loon.
Now it's passe.
Now you read 1984, it's passe.
They built the infrastructure.
They're just not launching it en masse.
They're launching it...
They're launching it incrementally.
And for those just tuning in, I want to explain something to you.
If you serve this system or just think you can stick your head in the sand and it's going to go away, this system is going to devour anything and everything.
And it seems to back away from people that are standing on the side of good and decency and move on to other things that are weaker.
That's what criminals and predators do.
And being a highly decorated cop of the year in Phoenix...
Well, you know, we've gone through 22 years of reaching and educating our brothers and sisters in uniform and helping awaken them, but...
The thing is, Alex, our police officers have changed because 22 years ago when I was in law enforcement, well, it was 1986, I was injured in the line of duty and had to take a medical retirement arresting an illegal alien drug smuggler out of Mexico.
But I was out of there.
But for 22 years we've been educating and awakening our brothers and sisters and
I think so.
Well, Jack... Well, Jack, our forefathers said, don't trust government, keep it small.
That was a universal value in America.
Alex de Tocqueville wrote about it.
Americans didn't trust government.
And Americans wanted local government, but now today, people are so gullible, Jack, and I go back to what I just said.
The average cop doesn't understand how evil this New World Order is.
No, they think big government, they learned in school, big government's wonderful.
It's Big Daddy.
I mean, it's going to take care of you from the cradle to the grave.
They don't know it's run by a bunch of psychopathic control freaks hell-bent on eugenics.
What I would say, as you asked me, Alex, what I would say to my brothers and sisters in uniform today is, you know, back in Phoenix, Arizona when I was a police officer, it was so cool to go to the park on the 4th of July.
I think so.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They're going to pay the price that the citizens are beginning to pay now that do not have the uniforms and the badges.
So they should think this thing through.
Jack McClain, founder of Police Against the New World Order, 22 years with his newsletter and speaking around the country and educating police and military.
And we'll talk about how you do that a little bit later in some of the training seminars.
We're going to take some calls and cover some news with you, and we're honored to have you.
But, you know...
I would think that police would be able to understand the organized crime mind.
And I have noticed a lot of police understand the New World Order.
But you're right, a lot of the younger ones...
Well, we are living in la-la land, and you're trying to talk about your Bill of Rights.
They act threatened by it, and under Bush, this is expanding, not receding.
In my film, The Road to Tyranny, I have FEMA saying all Christians are terrorists.
The Founding Fathers are terrorists.
Homeschoolers are terrorists.
Gun owners are terrorists.
Defenders of the U.S.
Constitution are terrorists.
How do they say this, write this,
Speak about this, have it in textbooks, and then the cop goes and swears an oath to the same Constitution he's being taught is evil.
I mean, that's like something out of They Live or something.
That's right.
The pod people, you know.
Yes, it's amazing.
And we have all these questions come to us all the time here from fellow officers.
Some of them just chastise us for speaking out against the government.
We're good to go.
Do our best to get our publications into their hands so that we can start re-educating them at really a very late age in life.
Yeah, they've never thought about that the government could do bad things.
The government they've been taught is good, and the only real good in society.
Yeah, in fact, we're now guilty until proven innocent.
That's what they're teaching us.
That's right, yes.
Everybody's guilty of something.
It's unbelievable.
Jack, I've got some news reports here I want to throw out at you when we get back.
And I also want to talk about your newsletter and how folks get it.
And I want to talk about some of the training seminars you guys give along with Jack McClam or along with Sheriff Mack and along with others that are really having an effect.
We're talking to Jack McClam, Police Against the New World Order.
I know we've got a bunch of callers.
So Keith and Joe and Pete and others, your calls are coming up as well.
And any points you want to make, Jack, you jump right in about it as well.
We'll talk about Bush saying he's going to ban all semi-automatic shotguns, too.
Yeah, that's real conservative.
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Let me try to put this in perspective for police that think the government is God or do no wrong.
Government is the first thing to become corrupt, especially when there's little or no oversight and you have corrupt people in control of that system.
A great example out west was Pinkerton Security.
I mean, they'd come into Missouri or Colorado.
It didn't matter.
People were on their own land they owned.
The railroad wanted it.
There was gold on it.
They'd come in and shoot and kill men, women, and children.
There was a case in Colorado where over 100 people were killed.
I mean, it was like Waco.
They just rode them down, shot them in the back.
It was the same thing they did to Indians and to Native Americans.
Well, that's what law enforcement is turning in today is Pinkertons for the New World Order.
In fact, there was an article last week, a couple of them, about $100 to $200 billion a year on average spent on new mercenary armies switching over to these guys in black uniforms who give our generals orders.
There will be a man without insignia sitting in a black uniform giving our generals orders.
Mr. McClam, police against the New World Order, that is not a good sign, is it?
Certainly isn't.
Yes, the federal officers that contact us, too, are very disturbed because they see, too, that they're being controlled by people that are not even Americans many times.
You know, they're attached to the U.N.
or some
Yes, that's right.
And, of course, you remember who closed our military bases.
It was the old communist...
We're good to go.
They've read our material, they've heard your show for years, and they've poo-pooed it.
Well, now it's happening, Alex, and so some of our good federal officers are getting very concerned, too.
It's red dawn in slow motion, and they're not going to parachute in.
They're going to walk through the front door.
They've been given the islands off the coast of Alaska.
It certainly will.
And, of course, that's the plan.
The easiest route to totalitarianism is
And chaos is no better portrayed than through terrorism.
And all it takes is a very small amount of explosives and some blood on the American people, and you've got a change in government.
After 9-11, my goodness, the American people allowed them to take more freedoms away from us.
Thank you.
It's amazing.
And now Ashcroft says, brace for even bigger attacks.
You better give all your rights up to me.
What do you say to that, Jack?
Well, you can read what I say about it in our publication.
And I try to be Christian about it, but it's awfully difficult when we have these political Christians running around.
Making the American Christian community believe that our Savior has returned and is going to save America.
And all the time, these are the most evil leaders on the face of the earth.
Oh, that's... I mean, they're members of Skull and Bones, members of Bohemian Grove.
I mean, does your Old Testament say that Molech was a Christian deity?
It certainly doesn't.
I read my Bible, and I'm afraid that these guys that say they do...
Well, we're going to come back and talk to Josh and Joe and Pete and Joe and Daryl and others.
And I'm really honored to have you, Jack.
We'll also plug your newsletter.
But after we take some calls, I want to talk about the things that you're most concerned with.
And I want to mention this news now that the Saudis are saying the British are carrying out the bombings.
...who bring in a new world order.
I've said that since day one.
I want to talk about the other moves here to give illegal aliens more benefits than citizens.
Another article here, Uncle Sam shocks some veterans with recall to duty.
We're talking about a general universal draft in literal compulsory national service.
So you talk about mirroring the Soviet Union, folks.
This is it.
We'll be back with Jack McClam.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I've said it before, folks.
My great frustration with the information I have, with the incredible knowledge people like Jack McClam have, is that it's trying to fit the amount of information that's in a fire hose under pressure through one of the straws you stir your coffee with.
I mean, folks, I got their documents, their news articles, their admissions.
I can see their plan.
It is, folks, it's so horrible, I can't accurately describe it.
It's a creeping death, but now it's in high gear.
And I'm just begging you to wake up and to know that we can stand up and fight this thing and say no to it.
There's countless examples of it.
And I think a lot of it starts with grabbing your television set and smashing it.
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Very powerful.
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Again, 888-253-3139 or Infowars.com or Net-to-Order.
Jack, how do folks get your 20-plus year old newsletter that you've been writing that's pretty thick, full of insightful information and intelligence about the New World Order?
Well, brother, they can write to us at our police and military organization.
It's called Aid and Abet Police and Military Newsletter.
The publication is Aid and Abet Police and Military Newsletter.
Subtitle is Constitutional Issues for Lawmen and Soldiers.
And they can write to us very simply at HC, that's like Henry Charles, 11, Box 357 Magnum,
Just remember the gun I carried on duty for my whole career, .357 Magnum, very good weapon.
And that's in Kamiah, K-A-M-I-A-H, Idaho, 83536.
Once again, real quick, HC-11, Box 357, Kamiah, K-A-M-I-A-H,
Idaho 83536.
And Alex, if they'll send us $3, we're an all-volunteer police and military association.
My dogs are chasing something right now.
I just heard them go by.
They're the volunteers as well.
That's right.
They're our attack dogs here at our police association.
But anyway, they can send us a $3 donation.
We'd appreciate it.
We're all volunteers.
We don't get paid, but we do have to pay the postage and pay the printing.
Well, Jack, that sounded like a chihuahua.
That sounded like a chihuahua.
That's a little Yorkshire Terrier, and he's full of testosterone, and he just attacks everything that goes by.
So he's something else.
Oh, absolutely.
And before we let you go here in about 17 minutes, no, excuse me, about 20 minutes from now,
We'll give that address out.
It's an excellent newsletter, folks, and I hope that you will support what Jack McClam's doing and get the newsletter and give it to people in your area, leave copies of it on the police cars, or better yet, hand-delivered it to them.
Jack, I've got to tell you, five, six years ago, I would go out to a function and the police would give me dirty looks.
Now, a lot of them smile at me, they wink, they say, we know...
We've been warning them so long.
It's happened.
Again, I go back to the credibility issue.
Any other key areas you want to hit on before we go to these calls?
Well, I just want to say that, you know, we take, especially in my publication, we're the peers.
We're the police officers and soldiers.
We take some real shots at our brothers and sisters that will not stand up and uphold their oath and will do things immoral and unlawful to get the pension or get the promotion.
But I want the people to know that the vast majority of our police and soldiers are very fine Americans.
They love this country, but they're just brainwashed, and we need your help desperately to get this constitutional publication written by police and soldiers for police and soldiers into their hands.
They need to get Alex Jones' wonderful videotapes into their hands and
It's all education right now, as fast as we can do it, brother.
And it's working.
We just need to do more of it.
We need more help as fast as we can.
Well, here's a few examples of that.
They said 10 million police, firemen, and medical workers have to take the smallpox shot or you can't work.
I mean, we're talking 4 out of 20,000 was the AP average.
Associated Press did the average.
4 out of 20,000, out of the millions that wanted to vaccinate,
And the media says they're all a bunch of kooks.
Well, no, these are epidemiologists.
These are smart people.
They tried to have the futures market betting on dead U.S.
That didn't work.
They tried to have Henry Kissinger on the Whitewash Commission for 9-1-1.
More and more, the garbage they try isn't flying.
That's right.
So we can take the country back, but it's going to take everybody doing their share.
You know, we...
We just got to remember, you know, sometimes we get depressed and we think we can't make a difference, Alex, but doggone it, it's not true.
We hear from police and soldiers all the time that stood up and said no to saying to protect the city because they violated somebody's Second Amendment rights, that that gun was underneath his seat and not in full view on the vehicle, so he can't win his suit against the city.
And the officer said, I'm not going to lie.
Well, my police report, no, I just won't do it.
Well, of course, he's ostracized and is no longer a team player, but at least more standing up and saying, no, I will not change my police report.
I will not lie.
Gang members are team players.
Yes, that's right.
In fact, I've read the gang handbooks.
That's exactly how the police operate.
Sadly, that's the case.
Yeah, and we've got to stop that, folks, and then you'll get your respect back.
Another thing they do, Jack, and you know this well, they train the cops how to act like thugs, then they do things, then the feds come in like the saviors and federalize the city.
Yeah, they're going to do the investigation.
The feds are going to come in and investigate our local officers.
That's really a laugh.
Yeah, they go, boys, you did this haphazardly and didn't really do it on purpose.
We'll teach you how to burn down churches and then cover it up.
That's right.
Let's talk to Josh in Montana, up in your neck of the woods.
Jack, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Josh.
It's an honor to talk to you guys.
I'm on my cell phone.
I hope it's coming in good.
I've been a long-time listener.
This is the first time I've ever called, and I have just a few points I want to make.
I hope you'll let me make every one of them.
Sure, go ahead.
So, it's just a...
I don't know what to say, but those are just an extraordinary tool to wake people up, so I'm grateful to have those.
Yeah, Josh, thanks for doing that.
That's marvelous.
And also, this is something that I hope you can spend just a little bit of time on because there's probably a lot of other listeners maybe that have contemplated this in their head.
I've known about the New World Order and global government since I was about 13 or 14 years old, and I mean, implantable microchips and all that stuff, and I'm 25 right now, and I can't...
I want to think things are going to get better and be solved by non-violence.
I don't see the day when I have UN troops rolling the streets up here.
Another part of me tells me to prepare for the worst.
I've been considering, actually, I have about a month before I go sign up for this to go join the military and learn how to be a medical corpsman and a Navy SEAL so I can have all these good skills to
Well, I think you need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best and be involved as an info warrior, reaching out.
Really, it's a special forces tactic to educate the indigenous population about the real enemy threat that our government's been overthrown.
We have a false alien system of tyranny destroying America, masquerading in the flag using our sacred symbols.
At the same time, prepare for the worst to physically defend your family and your county.
Jack McClam comments...
Yes, this is very true.
For 10 years that I traveled the country with the preparedness expos, I would always tell the people that this is a time to work, work, work like we're going to win.
We're good to go.
I couldn't agree more.
What would you think for a guy like myself being 25 years old?
I mean, I scored close to the top on all the military tests as far as
Hey, they're going to give you a questionnaire where you fire on citizens, and when you say no, you're going to get shipped out and given a dangerous injection.
If you say yes, you'll stay here and get your credit cards and everything paid for.
That's up to you to make the decision.
I think you could do more here as a police officer or as a fireman than you could off masquerading about grabbing oil.
Hey, thanks for the call, Josh.
Josh, I understand you.
I've got to move on.
We've got loaded phones.
Quick comment on his second question, Jack McClam.
Yes, he should stay home.
This is where the battle is.
They're destroying America, and we need soldiers here in and out of uniform to take the stand with us.
And they're doing it, and we need them here.
Like you say, join the police department, join the fire department, or just go to school right here in this very small town.
I can go and learn to be an EMT if I want to.
So he didn't have to go into the New World Army in order to be and go over and take the guns away from little black people in some country so that they no longer can protect themselves from the warlords in their country
They're communist warlords in their country.
He can stay right here and do more good than going in the military today.
And that's exactly what we're doing.
France, England, the U.S.
are going in to take the diamonds for the brothmans, for the brewers.
It's a sick joke.
Let's go and take another call.
Thanks, Josh.
Let's talk to Joe in Maryland.
Thanks for holding her on the air, Joe.
Thank you for taking my call.
I wasn't planning on being on with Jack, but a good program, and I really thank you.
What I called for was
About the district.
I watched that series and what was played Saturday night.
I didn't watch all of it because I was at Friends.
The reason why I like the district is because Banyan, the chief of police, he comes against all of the bureaucrats in the city.
They all hate him because he plays by the rules.
You know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Yeah, but the caller said in the episode, they say, if this kid had a microchip, this wouldn't have happened.
Well, I didn't hear that part, and I'm not saying it wasn't there, but it's got such good parts in it, because I love the way that he stands up against the New World Order, really.
Joe, they're very sophisticated.
They know people are waking up, so they create phony counter-revolutions...
You know, where this guy's fighting the bureaucracy.
I mean, that's real common, where the cop tortures the guy, and he's against the establishment, but he gets the bad guy, but it's okay.
Jack, comments to that.
Well, brother, they use reverse psychology all the time.
All the time.
It's as bad, well, not as bad as having a president that parades around as a Christian.
But anyway, yes, watch out.
There are always...
We're good to go.
I mean, ma'am, I'm not saying you're wrong about this show or they may have some good writers, but I'm telling you that's product placement, which we know Applied Digital's been doing, when they say if the child had a digital angel, she'd be okay.
That's the point people were making.
That's it.
That's the point.
Oh, yeah, definitely.
And like I said, I didn't hear that.
All I know is that that was a rerun.
But they hate this.
I mean, they fired the chief, and the reason why they fired him is because they had illegal bugs
It certainly is.
Hey, Joe, awesome call.
Thanks so much.
I want to get to everybody.
Pete in Florida, you're on the air with Jack McClam.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
A couple of things.
My sister just put her house up for sale.
She's up in Kentucky.
And somebody busted in the front door and took her guns and...
Yes, that's right.
Yes, if you're not in one of those places where you have a right to defend yourself, you better think about going to one of those places like our good old Idaho County, Idaho up here.
Yeah, that's still like it was 30 years ago where the doors were open at night and everybody had guns in their cars and everybody was free.
That's right.
You come up here and you go to town and they see you lock your car, they know you're an outsider because everybody doesn't do it up here.
There's no crime up here.
I have a question for you, Jack.
Sure, go ahead.
I know a police officer in town, and I'd like to approach him with what you're doing.
I've got your tapes, Alex, so I can give him the tapes, and I probably should get your newsletter.
What else can I do?
Well, you should go into the local NRA.
That'll be good recruits, and start your own, say, land rights group, and then through that land rights group, you can get into Second Amendment issues of your own, anti-New World Order activities.
Yes, very good idea, Alex.
The best thing that the listeners can do today is get the material available today for people like that you're putting out and others are putting out, like our association, and just get it out every way you can.
And it's very easy to do.
You can go Sundays to some of your churches, and you can put out information flyers on the windshield.
Stay there, we've got a break.
Yeah, just carpet bomb the Info War.
Gotta do it!
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Look, this is the best advice I can give you.
I dress moderately nice.
I'm confident.
I'm here to warn people about a threat.
I'm in charge.
Well, we found, we had this problem about 12 years ago.
Yes, we are.
Take it from step one to step two.
It's very easily read.
It's just 75 pages.
I've had so many police and soldiers call me and write me and email me and say, my gosh, I took that home.
I found it on the windshield of my police car.
I found it on the stairs outside my home.
And I took that in, and it kept me up all night until I could finish that 75 pages, and it just awakens them, because we've got quotes from presidents, prime ministers, Supreme Court justices about this conspiracy.
How do folks get the Vampire Killer 2000?
Well, they can write to us here at Aiden Abett Police Military Newsletter and send us $11 for the OVK 2000.
They can just put OVK 2000.
All right, let's take two quick calls.
Joe in Texas and Daryl in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead, Joe.
Just something I saw on TV the other day.
Hi, Alex.
TVN, the alleged Christian Broadcasting Network, is coming out with a pilot.
They're going to try to sell the network about Homeland Security, the series.
Oh, and it takes over and saves us with Christian love.
Yeah, they show Powell and Bush and Rumsfeld, like, in some kind of praying position on the show.
And the other thing was, I went down to Cary Fillion, and they come up with this new thing called
We got, like, sound police here.
If your stereo is too loud on your car, I don't know who determines what too loud is or how the court cases go, but... Look, it's any reason to get into your house to control your life.
Or your car.
$2,000 fine up to impossible jail term the second time.
Yeah, $2,000 fine.
Yeah, they're doing it all over the place.
Thanks for the call, Joe.
Daryl in Pennsylvania.
Last caller for Jack McClam.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex and Jack.
Jack, you stole my thunder.
I was going to promote your book, Operation Vampire Killer 2000.
I just want to tell everyone it's the best primer for police and military out there on the New World Order.
It's on the Southwest.
goes under Mexico.
And I thank both you and Alex that that's an item, the border area with Mexico, that you guys both keep in the forefront.
God bless and thank you both.
John McClain, that's a great point.
They're rolling the red carpet out for Russians, Chinese, Mexicans, doesn't matter, as long as you're an illegal, but citizens on the 4th of July in the heartland of the country having their goods thrown out on the road.
Yes, that's right, brother.
That's not America, is it?
It's not the America it should be, that's for sure.
All right, Jack McClam, I hope to have you back up in the near future, and we really appreciate your time, and Godspeed.
Brother, thanks for all you're doing for my eight kids, and we love you, and keep on doing what you're doing.
Hey, thanks to you.
I appreciate what you're doing for my family.
All right, brother.
I'm out of time.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, and back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time.
Just please get involved.
We're fighting some wicked devils.
We need your help.
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