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Air Date: July 30, 2003
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, another powerful, informative, dynamic broadcast lined up for you today.
Thank you for joining us.
It is the 30th of July, 2003 on this live Wednesday edition.
Coming up in the next hour, we've got the founder and the head of the Recall Governor Davis movement that was so successful in getting the 1.6 million
Plus a million signatures, and the government was only able to throw out 300,000 of those, almost double the number that they needed to get the recall started, were completed, that is the signatures.
And so now it moves into the rest of the process, and the candidates prepare to
We're good to go.
California is a globalist test state, a model state for all the horrible systems they want to make mainstream in this country.
It's the system.
It's the model.
More than New York, more than Boston, more than Florida, even more than Texas or Michigan or Colorado, which are also model states for the New World Order and different programs they're putting in.
Now, I've heard neocons on the air saying this is really bad.
The recall of Davis is bad because it may get the Democrats, the liberals as they're called, to start recalls of Republicans.
Well, I think that's fine.
Whether it's Republicans or Democrats, it's the people's right to engage in recalls.
That's exactly what America was founded in.
We're good to go.
I think?
He also does a show on WLW, a big 50,000-watt blowtorch AM that I've been on about 15 times out of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Bill's a real character.
We'll pick his brain about broadcasting in the New World Order and throw news stories out at him in the third hour.
In the meantime, look at these headlines.
Enron used World Bank to avoid taxes and to get Guatemalan contracts.
This is from Bloomberg Financial.
Yeah, the IMF and World Bank are giant cash machines for criminal corporations.
I didn't even talk about this yesterday.
I should have, but I got diverted off into other important issues.
Public gay high school opened in New York City.
So now it's about your sexual...
We're good to go.
That's coming up.
More on this thing with the criminal, John Poindexter, the convicted felon running his betting scheme, his currency insider trading scam that he wanted to make mainstream and legal there at the Pentagon.
I mean, there's a lot of facets to this, and a lot of writers are talking about it being Alice in Wonderland.
And that's what I said yesterday.
I'm glad others are responding in the same way.
We'll be right back.
And no one makes it easier than the credit people.
We're good to go.
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All right, I always say I'm going to do this, and more often than not, I'll throw out five or six news articles and then get stuck on one and go into some 20-minute rant and never get to it.
So let me just run through some of the headlines right now.
And let me first add the caveat that we do have Howard Kalugian coming on.
He is the founder and the head, the chairman of the Recall Davis campaign.
So we'll find out the inner workings, what the Democrats are trying to do to derail this, how they have one of their top agents, Michael Savage, one of the top beatnik agents,
...in there who say he may run as an independent, which will then ensure that a liberal Democrat or liberal Republican gets elected.
I mean, this is hidden in plain view.
I don't know if you can see it when it's right in your face.
But we'll talk about Mr. Schwarzenegger, Mr. Gungrab, Mr. Pro-Abortion, who the Bohemian Grove, the San Francisco Chronicle reported last week, they've told him, the Republican national leadership, that they want him to run...
I think we're good to go.
And it's not happening from the liberal camp, but from the conservative camp, the real conservative camp that I count myself a part of that actually believes in sovereignty and actually believes in the Second Amendment and not being a globalist.
So I think recalls are wonderful, and they're a part of American society.
And back when this country was a lot freer, we had a lot more of these recalls going on.
So that's in the second hour.
Just for about 20 minutes, and we'll have other news and calls.
Then in the third hour, I've got Bilbo Shears, who's on WLW, big 50,000-watt AM that I've been on many times, and he's an interesting fella.
We'll be talking to Bilbo Shears in the third hour, so stay with us, folks.
But this is the kind of news I have in front of me every day.
Let's just run through it.
Enron used World Bank to avoid taxes, get Guatemalan contract.
Okay, that's just one of the articles.
Here's another one.
Public gay high school to open in New York City.
Here's another one.
Threats force freed farmer into hiding.
Killed teenage burglar Tony Martin released after 39 months in jail, hauled dead man by the gangs that stalk him.
Only in England where you defend yourself and the gangs say they're going to get you because it sets a bad precedent to have the minions that they feed on defending themselves.
Remember, he's the guy that got life in prison.
Has he been robbed three times, and they were attacking his wife, and so he shot and killed one of them, and the burglars sued him and won, and got him put in life in prison, and the burglars writing.
The guy had like 35 convictions.
He's writing books now, making money, but Tony Martin isn't allowed to.
He can't profit off of his crime.
Hey, look, they're already trying to make it like that here in the U.S., where you get prison time if you defend yourself in your own home.
Here's another one.
Voting systems can't be trusted.
Denver Post.
Machines at risk for fraud.
More on that.
We told you about this years ago, but it's not going to stop them.
They're going to put them in everywhere, and they'll have cops in black ski masks guarding them.
If you ask to see how the votes are counted, they'll say, shut up.
It's for your own good.
Shut up.
I'm serious.
They actually have black ski mask police, in many cases, guarding the county clerk's
As they steal elections nationwide.
It's all part of freedom.
Men in black uniforms guarding voting machines they admit that are hooked into shadowy intelligence agencies and corporations.
It's all part of freedom.
Continuing, Ottawa tries to rein in Joyriders, anti-theft device required.
Oh, the satellite tracker box kill switch has to be in all cars.
See, they announced they wanted to start taxing you, and they're going to start it now, but
Just in case you have a problem, they say it's to save lives.
It says it here in the article.
It's for the children.
It actually says it's for the children.
We'll be getting to that for you.
Germany is now officially starting nationwide the satellite tracking taxation.
Our government says they officially want to have it within two years.
I'm sure you'll submit to it.
They'll say it's conservative, and then you'll say, well, then we must do it.
New theory suggests death of...
Calvi was murdered, not suicide.
And again, I'm probably mispronouncing it, but C-A-L-V-I, the famous case of the banker who supposedly hung himself.
Turned out it was a murder, just like with Dr. David Kelly.
New theory suggests death of Calvi was murder, not suicide.
And then it gets, this is the London Independent, and now the Italian news, and the government says, yeah, he was killed, but the British government covered it up.
And that dovetails nicely with Blair implicated in Kelly death.
That's the headline out of the London Guardian.
And there's a bunch of headlines about his last day, his actions were the opposite of someone who was suicidal.
Telling friends he was going to fight the government, he was going to get his good name back, he was going to go ahead and bring out all the information.
There were dark actors surrounding him.
He'd been threatened, he was being intimidated, and then he commits suicide out in the field.
Blair implicated in Kelly death, so that's coming up.
Here's another one.
Ministers accused of threatening BBC chiefs.
Government ministers like Lord Wakeham, who's the head of N.M.
Rothschild and others, are trying to keep a tight rein on BBC, and now they're getting in trouble.
So you're having rebellions inside the media, which does happen from time to time.
So we'll get to that.
Also, terror trading program dies, but reality check still needed.
And let me stop here and spend a few minutes on this, and I'll get into more detail later.
Folks, this morning we scanned the news wires for several hours.
My wife did.
One of my other employees did.
I did.
I scanned the news wires several hours last night, and about half the news articles in Forbes and Fortune and the New York Times are actually positive about the giant currency slash war, death,
We're good to go.
They talked about how this would keep us safe, and maybe it's needed, and Fox was joking about it, but said, you know, maybe it's a bad idea, but it was just to keep us safe.
Yeah, secret passwords where anyone can bet on where the next terror attack will be in the billions of dollars, and you have the government run a speculation market, which should be illegal in and of themselves, or bad enough,
And upset markets and ruin people and are much more dangerous than any Las Vegas casino.
You're going to have that riding on who dies or what gets blown up or will smallpox get released in the U.S.
or what prime minister will get assassinated or will more U.S.
troops die or will we be thrown out of Iraq?
Then you have the people who are over the military and running all this over the gambling system.
I mean, this is so horrible, there's no way to even describe it.
And the articles that are against it, mainly by real conservatives and a few liberals, just a few, I guess, clear thinkers, whatever you want to call them, they talk about Alice in Wonderland craziness.
They can't understand it.
Why would they announce something this crazy?
But then the other half is, this is completely normal.
What's wrong with you?
Let's accept it.
It's good.
Maybe you want to talk about this, because we had several guests on yesterday and didn't have a lot of time to take calls.
And I really want to ask listeners to call in on this issue of the gambling.
But it's more than gambling.
It's legitimizing...
What the globalists, what the CIA did on 9-1-1, when they placed put options, bet against American and United dropping, when they were at very high levels, a week before, three days before, at record levels, six times the previous record.
And then it led back to the government.
Well, they just want to institutionalize that, and then they've got this new psychological warfare tactic of just doing things right out in the open to hopefully think you'll just be conditioned and accept it.
Oh, well, they're the authorities.
It must be okay to bet on when U.S.
citizens or U.S.
soldiers are going to die or when the West Coast is going to get nuked by North Korea.
As if terrorists, i.e.
the government, wouldn't carry out terror to make money.
They've already done it, folks.
It's just a side caveat.
Terror trading program dies, but reality checks still needed.
And this is one out of the Seacoast News.
And it says, terror trading program dies, but reality checks still needed.
The Bush administration has finally stepped through the looking glass or fallen down the rabbit hole, whichever analogy you prefer, into some sort of alternative reality.
I said these exact words yesterday.
They must be listening.
No, great minds think alike.
This is true, at least as far as foreign policy goes, and perhaps some other areas of government are concerned, too.
One of the administration's best and brightest employed the Pentagon's Defense Research Projects Agency, and that's Admiral Poindexter, came up with the idea of establishing a futures market in which the commodity being traded is human tragedy.
Dubbed the Policy Analyst Market, the program would allow traders to profit by correctly predicting assassinations and terrorist attacks in the Middle East and the U.S.
I guess this reporter didn't get to the site before they took it down.
We did and saved parts of it.
It's got stuff in there about nuking the U.S., troops being killed.
It's on Infowars.com.
By the way, it's got the pyramid.
As usual, DARPA, you know, the all-seeing eye, that's in the symbol for this.
Folks, there's a lot more.
We'll take your call.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks.
We're live.
Welcome back.
It's your chance to respond to the Pentagon gambling scheme.
But it's more than gambling.
We know that the globalists control and manipulate the currency, the speculation, the derivatives...
And if you look at derivatives, and you look at the speculation markets and currency and grain and pork bellies and steel and gold, it's a bigger business in just betting on random numbers and guessing what's going to happen than building cars and prisons and superconductors and microchips and helicopters and roads.
The speculation market we've had economists on, we've read the news articles here, is much bigger, many times bigger, every day than all real stock and things that are traded and things that are done and money that's transferred and property that's sold.
So this is the real economic world.
And the globalists control the events.
They control the mercantile in Chicago.
They control the big currency markets.
We're good to go.
Depending on what type of derivative or what exchange, you've got a lot better chance winning at the roulette wheel or at blackjack, which is one of the better games statistically, than you do in these speculation markets.
But for the globalists with their inside information, as the articles say, this could allow terrorists to bet on things because they know the outcome.
Yeah, that's the point.
That's why it's secret and there's all this anonymity and secret people can bet on it.
And remember, this is your Total Information Awareness Network, DARPA.
This is a convicted felon running all of this.
And so this was done on purpose to see if you would accept it.
And they're wearing us down.
There's a bunch of news articles about how wonderful it is.
What do you think about it?
What do you think about this story?
What facets of it have we not covered?
It's absolutely incredible.
That's 800-259-9231 on this live Wednesday edition.
We'll go right to your calls when I start the next segment, I promise.
So we've got this article about how we've gone down the rabbit hole or through the looking glass and how crazy this is.
The administration is basically saying that people who normally trade in hog bellies and wheat are better able to determine what will happen at some future time in the Middle East than the CIA, NSA, or military intelligence sources.
Yeah, that's the outward claim.
This will help us.
The market can predict things like no one else.
We need this to keep you safe.
We need to bet on death.
MSNBC has a great image in this article, Gambling on Terrorism, Pentagon on Terror Futures.
No more bets, please.
And it shows an image, a painting of two jacks on their backs, and side up is a skull.
You know, the eyes and the nose and the mouth.
The universal skull symbol.
Betting on death, ladies and gentlemen.
But these are the articles that are against it.
Kansas City Star says, A disgraceful blunder.
Here's another one.
Oh, but it's a blunder.
They couldn't help it.
But here's another one.
Then it gets positive.
This is out of Silicon Valley.
Just a really corrupt publication.
They always have let-them-eat-cake type articles.
Terrorism market has certain allure.
Oh, here's Fortune.
It says, in a futures market on terror, outlandish?
Maybe not.
There is strong evidence that futures exchanges can predict events better than other forms of analysis.
Yeah, because the insiders are controlling it and making the profits.
Then you guys follow them and go, oh, how'd they know?
Over and over again like saps.
So Fortune says it's real good.
Here's another one.
Merit in Terror Market.
There's merit.
This is out of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
In fact, I've got more articles here for it than against it.
It's just wonderful.
It's like they have all these newscasts how every child needs an implantable chip.
You're crazy if you don't want one.
I mean, everyone needs a national ID card.
It's normal.
See how they just announce all this craziness?
Oh, yes, the cameras will face-scan you now in every street corner.
What do you think about this?
All the news I've mentioned, and there's a bunch more coming up.
We'll take your calls when we get back, and it's all online at InfoWars.com.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Hey, thanks a lot, Mike.
Appreciate it, bud.
Mike just walked into the studio and gave me some coffee.
Yes, I hadn't had my coffee today.
I'm trying to break myself of it, and I'm addicted to it.
It is a drug.
I am phasing myself off of it, but I had a big, fat headache, so I...
Mike was coming into the studio, and I called him on the cell phone about ten minutes ago and said, will you get me a coffee?
And Mike walked right in as I was going on the air and handed me this coffee, this drug.
Of course, it's about 20 times less strong than Ritalin that we give 15-month-old babies in this country, but it's still bad stuff, and I really shouldn't do it.
But hold on, I've got to have it.
By the way, there's a move to tax and perhaps even ban coffee.
Oh, you think I'm joking?
It's official.
It may be like a controlled substance.
So will T-bone steaks, chicken fried steaks, butter.
With your new special driver's license, they're going to make you pay a special tax just to eat fattening food or drink things that are bad for you.
The only vice I've got is drinking coffee.
So let me see.
Now, maybe eating too much, too.
I'm a glutton, but I'm controlling myself.
I've lost a lot of weight.
All right, folks.
I'm Alex Jones, and I got off into some side issues here, and I apologize.
We are back to the key issues.
I said we're going to have open phones to take your calls concerning the...
The betting situation, the currency speculation, the pork barrel speculators, all of this, well, they're now moving into betting on dead soldiers, but it's a lot more than just that, and they claim they've canceled it, but of course that's not true.
Let's talk to Paul in New Jersey.
Paul, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
This is Paul.
Hey, good to talk to you.
Thanks for holding.
Yes, I actually wanted to talk about Gray Davis and the recall movement.
Sure, go ahead.
For one, I find it astounding that Gray Davis would run up, I think, a total debt of $38 billion in the state of California, which, in a sense, comes to about a little over $1,000 to every man, woman, and child in the state of California.
True, Alex?
I've heard him say that on the news.
I haven't done the math.
Yeah, okay.
Well, it's 38 billion divided by about 38 million.
It comes to a little over $1,000.
At the same time, though, this is what I find ridiculous.
At the same time, George Bush ran up the national debt in one year's time $450 billion.
$450 billion.
Well, let me stop you.
Those numbers are totally phony.
That's on the budget.
The actual debt is now $43.2 trillion.
$43.2 trillion, according to the Dallas Morning News and the Federal Reserve, and American Free Press has done their own numbers, and I trust them before I believe Alan Greenspan.
They say it's actually $70 trillion, so...
Yes, Gray Davis is corrupt.
I don't like him because he's for open borders and anti-gun.
I have no problem with the recall of him, but if the reason is this debt, then yes, it's pretty hypocritical.
Right, and one aspect, what I was trying to get at is that George Bush ran up, you know, what they talk about in the media, $450 billion debt in one year's time.
When you divide that by a population of about 300 million Americans
It comes to $1,500 for every man, woman, and child in that year's time.
Well, it's a lot more than that because only about 160 million of those are actual taxpayers.
Right, but the point being, though...
Well, that goes for likewise the way I looked at the state of California.
But the point being is that George Bush has run up a larger debt in a shorter period of time, and there's no recall movement to recall George Bush.
Hold on.
It came out last week.
Of course, we reported it here years ago with Greg Palast, BBC.
But it came out last week and this week that Cheney was involved with Davis.
The neocons have this whole act like, oh, look at Davis, he's bad out there.
Davis was buying, this was in the Sacramento Bee two years ago, Davis was buying a megawatt for $137.
I can't remember if it was $137 or $147.
The point is, I have the article somewhere, over $100 a megawatt and selling it back to Enron and others for $1 a megawatt over and over again.
I'm aware there's a lot of corruption issues, and this is the last point I wanted to make just concerning Gray Davis before I go, is that I'm for the people in the state of California to have the right to recall their governor if they wish.
However, I have to admit this, Alex.
I think it looks a little silly since they just reelected him six months ago.
And so, sure, they can recall him.
But I have to admit, why did they vote him in in November?
Well, you've got 10 million illegal aliens voting in that state, so if the liberal establishment said elect a pumpkin, the pumpkin would be sitting in the governor's chair.
Thanks for the call, Paul.
Good point.
And look, I see where you're coming from, but look, the reason this story's important is because it's going to start recalls across the country of Republicans and Democrats.
And I think that's a healthy thing.
I mean, just getting people involved is a healthy thing.
Things have gotten so decadent and so corrupt.
But the caller does have a good point about the fact that Governor Davis, when you're talking about corrupt individuals, is horrible, but is nothing compared to those in the White House.
But those in the White House are just puppets too.
And then you have the whole study of how the political process has been hijacked by the establishment.
Look at the ringer, the shill, the foil they throw into this thing.
Mr. Weiner, Mr. Michael Beatnik, Mr. Trotskyite, Mr. Neocon.
That's Congressman Ron Paul, not Alex Jones.
The entire Bush administration is run by Trotskyites, Fourth International.
So he's a nice little...
Add-on, little nodule, little creature, Mr. Weiner, Mr. Put-Anyone-In-A-Camp-That-Disagrees-With-The-Government, and that's not out of the context.
He says put people in camps, take their assets if they disagree with the war.
Mr. Liberal, Mr. Beatnik, Mr. Bigbeard, I mean, the spitting image of the beatnik mastermind
Up there with his Karl Marx beard and the bug eyes, he's going to run as an independent, or he's saying he may.
And if he does that, folks, that ensures the Democrats get in.
So there you have it.
What do you expect from a beatnik?
I mean, you know, they got slick.
They've taken over.
They pose as conservatives.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark...
In Minnesota, then JQ in Oregon, and others.
Mark, you're on the air.
How are you doing?
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, this thing on the terror futures, you know, this seems so bizarre, you know, so eccentric that I halfway wonder if this might have been just deliberately put out there because I think Joyce Riley this morning, she said it best when she pointed out that, you know, this is now making Congress...
Well, let me stop you, Mark.
I said it yesterday.
This is a psychological warfare tactic.
When every news show...
Morning news and night for seven days straight says, this family is full of geniuses.
It's wonderful.
They're all getting microchips.
You can get one soon, and you'll be really cool.
And then they show sexy chicks saying how wonderful it is.
I mean, that's in your face.
And they don't care of applied digital stock drop.
And people hated it and said, what propaganda?
Because now, hold on, because now you're still conditioned and made more comfortable, and it's been introduced to you.
It's just like a lion that gazelles see many days in the same spot.
They get to where they're not so worried about it anymore.
This is an admitted.
I've read their psychological warfare manuals, just the declassified ones, when the military was going to invade Panama in 89 or 88.
For a year before, they did touch-and-go Delta Force insertions to where the Panamanians thought they were being invaded the first 20 times, and finally they thought it was crying wolf, and when it really happened, no one did anything.
So this is on purpose to train you to accept the insane.
Go ahead.
Yeah, definitely, because it's like the more nutty they get,
I think it makes everything else they do, by contrast, look almost good.
Well, yeah, that's it.
When they say every American needs an implantable chip, that makes a national ID card not look so bad.
Again, this is in manuals, Mark.
This is admitted psychological warfare operation.
But then at the same time, I mean, really...
You know, I'd like to know about the rest of that $3 billion DARPA budget.
It really seems, in the grand scheme of things, you know, these mandatory deadly shots to make the troops take and everything, this seems to be a relatively minor thing.
And if you think about it, people are pretty much shocked just because of how nutty and eccentric it is.
And so, in a way, it really is a huge distraction from some of the more important things.
Hey, I totally agree.
Thanks for the call.
Great points, Mark.
And if you disagree with us, you're welcome to call us.
That's 800-259-9231.
We're about to go to JQ, Dan, and others that are patiently holding.
But look, about half the editorials and news articles that I found last night and my wife found this morning and that listeners emailed to us
We're positive.
Oh, this is so good.
There's nothing like the free market to predict things.
You know, these liberals are just so extreme that they're against this.
It's not just betting on where our soldiers die or what U.S.
city gets nuked by the North Koreans or will the Israeli prime minister be killed or will Yasser Arafat be assassinated or will Jordan be overthrown or will we get run out of Iraq by 2004.
We're good to go.
I think?
But really what it is, is about the globalists being able to make profits on their inside knowledge right in plain view.
See, the Federal Reserve is in plain view.
It's private run for profit.
The FEMA camps are being built and put in the news for your safety right in plain view.
They're putting it right in plain view that foreign troops are coming in to keep you safe.
Well, Alex, I have a little bit different take than most people on this thing of the DARPA betting.
I think it's a measured campaign of evil.
Look at the facts.
In 9-11, there was speculation against the airlines.
It was eventually traced back to the government and the FBI.
Yet that's where it was stopped.
It was blocked.
And I believe that was a dry run to find out whether they could block and stop investigations into who was doing the speculating.
I totally agree with you.
And I think it's very conscious, very well thought through.
It's a plan.
That was a dryer and a test to see whether the investigations could actually be stopped in this circumstance.
They were stopped.
You can't investigate past that national security wall of the FBI and the government.
So now that they know they can stop investigations, now it allows them to profit from terrorism since they're the ones causing it.
You see what I'm saying?
J.Q., I said exactly that yesterday.
I think what you're saying is what many are saying, though you said it probably in the best nutshell that I've heard.
Repeat that again for people out there that may have missed what you just said.
Well, I don't know if I can repeat it, but it appears to me to be a conscious, well-thought-through effort to put profit into terrorism is really what they're doing.
Another facet of profit.
They can bet against...
We're good to go.
The outsiders who don't know when terrorism is going to occur.
And folks, that's a fact.
This is what I've been stating in 30 minutes of information that JQ just boiled down here, is they're institutionalizing evil, they're putting it out there in plain view, they're legitimizing it.
And did you hear my analogy yesterday, J.Q., where I talked about if Alex Jones got teleported back to a thousand years ago to the Aztec kingdom on the Yucatan Peninsula in what is today Mexico, and I walked over and they were cutting children's hearts out, and I said, you're crazy, stop it, they would look at me and say, no, you're crazy, because in that land of insanity, that type of bizarreness is normal.
In psychological warfare terms, they are just flaunting and manipulating everything, conditioning us.
Ron Paul talked about it in his speech, how the neocons brag that they must train us to, quote, enter into evil, that they must train us that evil is good.
This is very well thought out.
We are having our minds warped and twisted en masse, J.Q.
Well, the basic process is people compare what they're familiar with with something they've recently heard.
So if they're familiar with evil, and they hear someone recently saying, oh, well, you're going to condemn evil, then you're the one who's out of place, not the evil.
So that's what they're doing.
They're laying down the baseline of evil.
So that becomes the experience people are used to.
Once they're used to that experience... Yeah, people all the time, I'll tell them some horrible information, they go, yeah, I knew that years ago.
Like, knowing about it, it's like saying, hey, police officer, there's five women chained up in that basement.
My neighbor's a serial killer, and the cop goes, I've known about that for years.
Who cares?
But they try that.
I mean, what is that psychology?
What is that mass mental illness, J.Q.?
Well, it takes advantage of weaknesses in the way people think, is what it is.
The weaknesses are well understood by a lot of people.
But the point I'm making here is this is not crazy.
It's not like a lot of people think.
It's actually a measured plan for evil.
Just mass conditioning.
Just, hey, we're doing it.
We're the establishment.
You got it.
Thanks for the call, JQ.
JQ is absolutely right.
Put it in a nutshell.
We really appreciate his call.
More callers coming up.
And folks, I've got stacks of such articles.
It's all just off the charts.
What would you rather do?
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, let's go to Dan in Illinois.
This is Scott, Greg, Michael, and others.
Dan, you're on the air.
How are you doing, Alex?
Just to add to what you were saying a minute ago, it's a massive redefinition of acceptable behavior.
Yeah, we're going to have homosexual high schools.
Well, are we going to have heterosexual high schools?
A school that's about sexual orientation?
I mean, even if you're a liberal, and we're all for what the homosexuals are doing, still, you don't have a school that is about someone's sexual orientation, much less a destructive lifestyle.
I mean, folks, this is...
Anyway, to talk about what you were saying with his betting and stuff, this
Every one of these guys in this regime and who's ever backing them, they've all got history on making money off of negativity.
Making money off wars.
I mean, disasters, bankruptcies.
I mean, they've got this background, you know.
Bush owned an oil company that never profited.
It didn't even produce oil.
That was founded by the Bin Ladens.
He sold it at a profit and never even produced any oil.
Well, it's like Hillary.
It's a classic way to pay people off.
If you put $1,000 in, you make $100,000 on futures.
No one can do that unless it's rigged.
This stuff is rigged, folks.
Now, the other thing, you remember right before the war, those couple of months, the stock market went down about over 2,000 points?
Now, if I knew the day before that the president was going to give a speech that the stock market reacts to, I could make a fortune, too.
The stock market went down 300-400 points every time he made a speech.
Well, that's what this is all designed to do.
I mean, there's more going on in the currency and pork bellies and all the commodities trading and speculation than there is in the real economy.
It's in the trillions every day, folks, and it's a rigged game.
It's a joke.
And now they want to institutionalize that in the Pentagon with a convicted felon running it?
I mean, folks, to have a company and make it go public...
None of your officers can have a criminal record.
You look at the people involved in DARPA and the Pentagon.
I mean, they've got rap sheets 100 feet long.
I mean, just putting that guy in charge is another redefinition of what good is, right?
Appreciate the call.
I've got to let you go.
We're out of time.
Great points, Dan.
We'll come back and take more calls, but callers will have to hold because I'm going to, for about 15, 20 minutes, we'll go ahead and call the guy now.
We're going to go ahead and get the head of the Davis recalled.
Group on.
Really appreciate them coming on the show.
This is important.
We'll have them on about 20 minutes, then I'll go to Scott, Greg, Michael, and others.
In fact, we'll take your calls while he's on with us, and hopefully you can mention something about the recall and go into your other issues or whatever.
But that's coming up here in just a second.
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I don't know.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
We've got the Governor Davis recall people coming on the show.
Folks started all that.
Here in the next segment, I got a bunch of news.
Right now, let's go back to your calls.
We've been talking about the Pentagon and this whole DARPA situation, betting on when American troops or others are going to die.
But it's also a cover for insider trading.
It breaks so many laws on the surface.
It's just amazing.
Let's talk to Scott in New York.
Go ahead.
Scott, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
This terrorism betting board is a heartbreaker.
Oh, the conservatives say that you're a liberal if you're against it.
Yeah, you know, over the last year and a half or so, I've campaigned to friends and family and virtually everyone I meet about the reality of what happened on 9-1-1, constantly faced with comments that completely ignore the evidence presented, and they say things like, well, don't you care that 3,000 Americans died?
Well, now these same people are going to go around and say that it's okay if you betted or if you wagered that such a bad thing would happen.
And there's zero consistency within the public to react to certain things, and it's really distressing.
Well, people make split-second decisions, Scott, to be cowards, and you're not a coward.
And so they decide that whatever the system says is good, but they're not, number one, the majority.
They are a large portion, though, but they don't have any power.
They'll never be involved on either side.
They're mindless idiots.
And it's exactly because the globalists killed those 3,000 people that we are exposing them.
You know, they now admit that Roosevelt left 7,000 women and children...
And civilians on the Philippines so they'd be captured for good war propaganda purposes.
Oh, they've got our women.
Now, this is official.
Over 3,000 of them died.
What about those 7,000?
Throw that in their face out of the New York Daily News.
You know, these people just haven't put two and two together, Scott.
It's really amazing.
Also, that's about all I have.
The other thing I just wanted to say, I really enjoyed your Bohemian Grove
Well, thank you for the call, Scott.
Let's talk to Greg in Colorado.
Greg, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I'd like to say thank you for your effort for this country.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Well, that's, you know, I mean, that's the problem.
The corruption's gotten so bad, they keep getting away with it at every level that they're now just running around basically giggling at us right out in the open.
Oh, and they'll marginalize you if you try to, you know, you go down and try to talk to the city council and go, they're talking about last year we passed a bond issue for more firemen to support our fire district.
And now they're saying they're going to have to lay firemen off, but they can't account for the money.
You can't get a general... Look, I do something most people don't do.
I'll watch every once in a while an hour or two of a city council meeting, what's out in the open.
They'll be talking about bond issues they passed in 1975 and never spent the money.
It's all just sitting there.
And exactly, it's always got to raise taxes for the firemen and police and for potholes, and they'll have 20 bond proposals that never one dime went to them.
It's just... Stay there.
I'll let you finish up.
It's an amazing scam.
I don't know about your city.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Eight minutes into the second hour of this worldwide Wednesday broadcast.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I know we've got callers patiently holding to talk about the announcement by John Poindexter that he wants to bet and gamble on soldiers and American lives, as well as global leaders.
They claim that they have terminated the program.
I don't buy it for a second from past DARPA activities.
A bunch of news from around the world, satellite tracking boxes in your cars, plans to tax you with them.
We're talking about mainstream news, folks.
As governments move to do this, it's all coming up.
We're honored to have Howard Kalugian, the chairman of the Recall Ray Davis Committee on the show and on InfoWars.com.
We have a big link to the Recall Davis official website.
They've been very successful.
The governor has basically had people threatened, had his minions threaten people, tried to stop it.
They implied that it might be illegal or seditious to try to have a recall.
I can't think of anything better in our republic than recalling an open border promoting, gun-grabbing, energy-speculating creature like Governor Davis.
The problem is, are we going to get a neocon like Schwarzenegger, or are we going to get some other Democrat-winning
Thank you very much, Alex.
It's good to be with you today.
You bet.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, the zenith of this, how you started it, what the process has been like, and where we're going, and how you see this breaking down.
Well, quickly about me.
I'm an attorney, but don't hold it against me.
I sought honest employment as a politician.
And I was elected to the California State Assembly in 1994.
Term limits kicked me out in 2000.
And I'm working currently with a college doing estate planning.
And I saw that the state was going and
The wrong direction in just about every category.
If you look at traffic and taxes or water or energy... Well, your bond rating is about what Mexico's is now.
Yes, everything's going in the wrong direction.
We're headed towards bankruptcy.
Our bond rating has been reduced three times recently.
We're at the bottom in education and everybody's ranking, either 50th or next to last.
We have the worst fiscally managed government, according to the USA Today newspaper polling.
Everything's going wrong here in this state.
And so, Gray Davis is the governor.
He's in charge of the administration.
He's the head of his party.
His party fully owns the state offices, as well as are firmly in majorities in the Senate and in the lower house, the Assembly.
And so he's the person who should be held accountable for this, and we want to send them a message through this recall that business as usual has to change.
Now, you got over a million and a half signatures.
They threw out 300,000, but you still had well over the amount you needed.
We needed 900,000 signatures.
And they verified 1.35 million out of 1.65 million that we submitted to them.
However, even after that, signatures have continued to come in because, you know, the cutoff date was September 2nd, that we could have gone all the way out to September 2nd and gathered signatures.
And currently, we have over 2 million signatures.
Now, Governor Davis has had his Lorican Kista folks calling for revolution and breaking up the U.S.
He's had his minions on TV basically energizing the illegal aliens to go steal this election.
But let's cover that last.
If we can, let's talk about the process now.
You've got the signatures.
What's going to develop?
How is this going to work?
How does the process work?
How do candidates get...
Now get involved or get their names on the ballot.
What are we going to see happen?
Well, the deadline to get your name on the ballot is August 9th.
And how does that work?
And it's the same requirements as getting your name on the ballot for a primary if you wanted to run for governor, which is you file a fee of $3,500 and you find 65 people to sign nominating papers.
And your name is on the ballot, and that's the same qualifications as running for governor in a primary.
You also have to live in the state, right?
Yes, technically.
I guess you have to live in the state.
Well, I guess I'm going to run for governor, okay?
I'm joking.
That's a joke.
That's a joke.
You would certainly be better than this guy we've got.
In fact, I'd rather take somebody out of the phone book and live in the mansion than this guy.
But frankly, the ballot is twofold.
There are two questions on the ballot.
First question, shall Gray Davis be removed or recalled from the office of governor, yes or no?
And then assuming that 50% plus one vote yes, then the second question would apply, and that is, who among the following list of candidates should replace him?
Now, this is only the second time in the last hundred years this has happened.
That's correct.
The first time was in North Dakota, and so that really doesn't count.
But nonetheless, it's been on the books here since 1911 in California, and it's been attempted 32 times before.
Every governor since the 60s, including Ronald Reagan and Jerry Brown and George Duke Magin and Pete Wilson, every governor has had a recall effort begun against him.
Not once has it ever gotten to the point of actually making the ballot, because never before have we had a governor this bad taking us to the brink of bankruptcy.
Hey, I tell you, it's getting pretty close in Arizona with conservatives going after McCain.
Yes, well, that could be, but I'm not familiar enough with that situation.
This is very historical, and for those that just joined us, we're honored to...
Sure, right.
To have Howard Kalugian.
He is the chairman of the Recall Gun Grabber Davis Committee.
This is the governor that runs TV ads saying, turn your guns in or else.
I mean, he is a monster, folks.
The Sacramento Bee reported that he would buy power for $137 a megawatt and sell it back to the power producers for a dollar.
I mean, this guy, in the evidence we have, is basically a mafia chief.
What is Davis trying to do, Mr. Kalugian, to stop what you're doing, or does he have a prayer in this?
What do you see developing?
Well, every poll puts him at about 20% support, and that's not enough.
And so what he's doing is he's not defending himself by defending his record.
He's defending himself by attacking others, saying in typical style that he's used in every campaign before that the other guy that might face him on the ballot is really terrible and that his own chief virtue is that he's not the other guy.
And then he attacks, of course, the recall process itself.
So he doesn't like democracy, apparently, because he doesn't like this idea that the people, that the peasants... Well, he's already thrown out other referendums in the state by the majority of the citizens.
So he shows that he has this dictatorial stripe down the middle of his back.
So either Davis stays...
Or they then vote to have a new election and then it's just everybody is thrown into a giant free-for-all?
I mean, how does that process work?
No, it's all on the same day.
On October 7th, we will have both questions.
Shall Gray Davis be removed as well as who shall replace him?
So in one ballot, you will determine both items.
So people are going to be voting for who they want to replace them, or you only vote on one or the other?
No, you vote on both.
You vote on both.
Okay, so the second question of who replaces him doesn't even get answered or doesn't even matter if they tally the votes and it shows that Davis stays.
But I guess that will still be released of who would have gotten elected if Davis wouldn't have gotten removed.
I'm confused.
They will tally all of the ballots for both questions at the same time.
Yeah, that's probably right.
However, unless the first question is answered by a majority of Californians is yes,
Then it doesn't matter who gets the most number of votes on the second part of the ballot.
Okay, who do you favor to win?
The state rep Issa, who has a more conservative record, or an Arnold Schwarzenegger, kind of a neocon?
I mean, who are you leaning towards?
The congressman's name is Issa, and he is from the San Diego area, as am I.
And he had the vision to see the need for the recall, and he provided the leadership to get it finished.
The volunteer effort was significant, but it was not able on its own to finish up the job.
Well, he's now being attacked, and obviously he's a lot better than Arnie and the rest of these guys.
Yes, and I would be supporting Congressman Issa.
However, I don't think Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to run, and even if he did, he'd have to answer the questions as to what does he plan to do.
And he won't have a plan because he really doesn't understand the process very well.
But, frankly, that's a question that all candidates are going to have to answer.
Senator McClintock has been there a long time, and he's got several ideas.
Congressman Issa brings all the business experience that he has in building up a very successful business to bear on the problem, and that will be very useful.
I mean, I just read the articles and had conservative activists on from the state.
They say that
That the congressman you're mentioning has a conservative record.
I mean, Arnold's pro-abortion, anti-gun, and obviously, from studying the guy, he doesn't have a lot of political smarts.
Also, he's got a lot of skeletons in his closet, literally, and is something that I don't think we want to have.
What about a Mr. Weiner running?
Wouldn't he basically...
I mean, what would happen if... Wouldn't Mr. Savage, the alias, wouldn't he pull the more conservatives to vote for him, but not win, and then you end up getting one of the liberals winning?
I don't think so.
I'm not concerned about Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I don't think he's going to run.
And I don't know this other person that you're mentioning.
Michael Savage.
You've never heard of Michael Savage?
Oh, Michael Savage?
Oh, he's not going to run.
That's kind of silly.
Do you think that's a stunt, then?
Oh, I think so.
And, you know, it's something where we're going to have dozens and dozens and dozens of people who are going to pull papers, and many of them are going to pay the filing fee.
Hey, one more quick segment.
I know you're very busy.
Howard, but stay there.
I've got a few other questions about this race that's coming up, the tactics, and what does it mean for the rest of the country.
We'll be right back.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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All right, folks.
Howard Kalugian, he's the guy that started with Daryl Issa.
Issa, if I can pronounce that right.
The congressman there in California started the recall.
And Daryl Issa, from the evidence I've seen in the conservative gun groups we've had on this show and people who are against the open borders and are for sovereignty, they say Issa is the guy to go with
They have this Reardon fellow who was the mayor of that city of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles.
This guy gave money to Gray Davis, Howard was just telling me during the break, and it looks like from the L.A.
Times and San Francisco Chronicle that he's already been dubbed the darling.
How do we stop them from pushing him as the savior here, and how do we get a Darryl Iza elected?
Well, you know, it's interesting that the newspapers are all scrambling to try to defend their endorsement from the last election cycle because they were all behind Gray Davis at that time.
And here it is now.
They're coming out against the recall.
And if the recall works, they're going to come out for somebody who is similar to Davis.
And, of course, that's where Mayor Reardon comes in.
Reardon is talking about running for governor, but he's not sure if he's a Republican or an Independent in this election.
And I've got news for you.
If you don't know that you're a Republican, you're not.
So, what are the tactics you say, if the recall succeeds, or if it goes forward, Davis is walking around like a crab, all different directions, saying he's going to try different tactics.
Can he stop it now from going to the ballot?
No, I don't think so.
In fact, his big argument is that it costs a lot of money to have an election.
This is the first time I've ever heard Gray Davis say he's against spending.
That's why we're in this mess of being close to bankruptcy, because he can't say no to spending.
But here, allowing people to have their will, that he's against, because it might kick him out of office for the first time.
And again, as you said, he has a history with the Prop 187 and others of just throwing it out.
He doesn't care what the people have called for and what's constitutional.
Yeah, that's right.
He thinks that it's too expensive to allow people to hold him accountable, but I'll tell you, we spend that much money in three hours here in California.
It's really not much money at all compared to the $38 billion deficit compared to the $100 billion we spend in our budget annually.
To fix the problem and to allow our education system to begin to improve, to fix the problems on the freeways by actually building more freeways,
What about recalling and removing some of these gun laws you've got in your state, or controlling that border, or throwing the illegals off welfare?
Is that something that the more conservative candidates are going to do?
Well, you know what?
It's going to be difficult to address some of the basic issues to begin with, but frankly, sending a message to the ruling...
Business as usual can no longer continue.
That they must begin to acknowledge the people's will in some of these things is something that is very important as part of the message that gets sent by the recall.
Okay, when are they going to have the recall election again?
The election is October 7th and it will consist of two questions.
Shall Gray Davis be removed?
And secondly, who among the following list of candidates should be the next governor?
And the next governor takes office the next day at 12 o'clock.
Alright, last question.
Are there any polls out there, and are they reputable polls that you have seen to be accurate in the past?
And if so, what are those polls showing?
Who right now would win this runoff election?
Yes, there are polls out there, and the most reputable of them all agree that Gray Davis is toast, to quote Nancy Pelosi, the congresswoman from San Francisco.
The idea here is that we no longer have confidence in Gray Davis, and when you ask the question, do you have confidence that Gray Davis can fix the problems that California has, only 9% support him.
Okay, but who...
Do they have polls out yet on the other candidates?
Is a liberal going to win or is a conservative going to win?
Well, that's going to be determined by voter turnout, and the polls right now don't say that because, frankly, it's too far out to know.
The major contenders are Bill Simon, who was the Republican nominee from last year, Congressman Darrell Issa, who had the vision to help get the recall on the ballot, and Senator Tom McClintock.
And each of those three have a message, and they all agree on at least one thing, and that is that Gray Davis should be removed from office.
Now, look, Davis is bad news.
I can't stand him.
He's horrible.
He's a model globalist.
But how do you ensure that he just doesn't become a sacrificial lamb and everybody goes, oh, good, we did something, but still all the big government controls continue?
Well, this is a Democrat-controlled state.
44% of the state is registered Democrat, 35% is registered Republican.
The likelihood of Democrats normally being in charge is, well, you know, I've got to say, that's the standard here in California.
But if there was an opportunity to make the case that Democrats have failed in this state, it would be in this election because this governor is so bad.
All right.
Howard Kalugian, the chairman and head of the Recall Davis...
God bless you.
Thanks for joining us.
Take care.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, Greg in Colorado, who I had to cut off earlier, was talking about local bond elections and scams going on with that.
I don't know about Colorado Springs, though we're on in Colorado Springs, but I do know about Austin, Texas, and many other cities we've looked at where they do claim a bond, packages for something, and then, of course, most of the time not spend it on that or not even spend it, period, just pile cash up.
All part of growing the criminal enterprise that is government.
And then we'll go to a bunch of other people, Michael and Bill and many others that are patiently holding.
Also, if you'd like to talk about the Pentagon betting scheme, but really that would be legitimizing a running man society of betting on dead U.S.
soldiers, dead U.S.
citizens, dead Israelis, dead Palestinians, dead Iraqis.
And there's a lot of articles saying this is wonderful.
This will keep us safe.
This is very good.
And, of course, I'll legitimize the globalists betting, doing insider trading on events that they're about to sponsor.
We know elements of the Pentagon and NORAD and the New World Order ran September 11th.
That's admitted fact now in most of the world knows it.
And I've made two films on the subject and written a book.
So now they just want to legitimize and institutionalize that.
They're very good at institutionalizing evil
Like 54 million abortions or giant eugenics forced sterilization programs going on until the mid-1980s and still going on under new names like bioethics.
They're very good at putting deadly poison in vaccines and injecting you and ignoring all the medical data.
They're very good at putting 6 million kids on Ritalin at one time and 10 million Americans on psychotropics that are deadly.
They're good at just doing stuff right out in the opening.
You go, well, everybody's doing it.
You know, Hitler's putting all these Jews in camps.
It must be normal.
Putting all these people, all these anti-fascists in here.
You know, well, I'm with the Fuhrer.
You know, he's on the radio.
He's in the newspaper.
He's normal.
He's the establishment.
You don't have your own social compass, your own spiritual compass, your own God-given understanding.
It has been turned off.
And so you're in deep trouble.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Oh, boy.
But got a bunch of news about satellite tracker boxes and the taxation's now beginning worldwide.
It is nightmarish.
Mainstream news in this country, Sacramento BAP.
It's just la-la land crazy.
More on that.
They're getting ready to do it to you.
DARPA hooked in with Walmart and the Defense Department tracking you with small chips already.
Tons of articles on that every day.
Just wall-to-wall tyranny, folks.
Oh, boy.
But before I go back to your calls and then into more of this news, you can comment on the Gray-Davis recall and what that means nationally and how that's probably going to start recalls across the nation, which I think is fine.
Anything that gets some traction going here.
And starts making the politicians fear for their jobs.
Of course, they're racing to put in the touch screens that are hooked into the government and are admitted total fraud devices.
Oh, I have Denver Post on that right now, by the way.
Baltimore Sun AP yesterday.
Of course, you heard the lady who got all this data out last Monday on the show.
We talked about it five years ago and warned you to stop it, but now they're putting it in.
It doesn't matter if they're caught engaging in fraud.
They say that
They don't care because they've got machine guns.
They're the government.
I mean, it's coming down to that point, folks.
We're about to become just like Russia, but bigger and better because America's bigger and better.
It's going to be worse than Russia.
It's going to have American ingenuity and energy behind it.
It's not going to be vodka-fueled.
It's going to be Ritalin-fueled and Prozac-fueled.
It's amazing.
Before I go any further, oh boy, I really want you to get my videos.
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I mean, take the takeover.
We've got concentration camps.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Former Special Forces people, folks that know the data in it is accurate, people who've been in the government, who've been given part of the brainwashing that's in the film, and then go, how did I miss it?
It freaks them out.
For those that were conscious but just weren't aware.
For an unconscious person, they go, yeah, that's scary, but move on to their beer and baseball or whatever.
So again, take action, get the videos, 1-888-
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I'm not about the Yeti or the Chupacabra or the psychic healers.
I'm about bills and documents and what's happening and studying globalist activities and stopping government-sponsored terror, which is the number one threat we face.
And the films expose that.
All right, that's enough of a rant about those.
Let's go back to the calls.
Let's let Greg in Colorado finish up.
We had to cut you short earlier, so I held you over before the guest.
You were talking about how every election it's past this bond issue where there will be no firemen.
Then they don't spend the money on that, won't tell you where it went, and then fire firemen, which this is what they do.
It's standard.
Give us more money or we won't fill the potholes.
When they've got giant surpluses in one budget, then they have another budget that's lacking, and it's part of creative bookkeeping like Al Capone engaged in.
Go ahead, Greg.
Well, thank you, Alex.
I appreciate you letting me speak.
The fact being is it's getting even more and more difficult to get the physical accounting done.
You might be with Al-Qaeda.
They're talking about making all city council, county meetings, state meetings all secret, and you can't know anything about anything.
So that sounds like freedom.
Well, it's just as you have been speaking.
Hey, hey, Greg, corruption won't breed behind closed doors with unlimited power.
That's a recipe for freedom.
You know, people have got to stop wringing their hands, get out there, get involved, and start taking action.
And, you know, don't be afraid to be noticed.
Well, most politicians are involved in good old boy corruption, little cash on the side, land scams, stuff like that.
In fact, this is the number one scam for a politician.
They will do something for a buddy.
There won't be any cash overtly transferred.
The politician will put a piece of land up for sale.
They'll put a price tag of a million on it, and Billy Bob will buy it from them as the payoff.
It'll be worth $200,000.
That's going on right now down in Pueblo with this Wackenhut prison they're trying to put in.
There's city council and their cadres own the property around this industrial park.
And the people down there are up in arms about it.
Their cadres?
I love it.
Their cadres.
And right now, this DARPA thing about this damn dying for dollars, excuse my language.
More running man.
Keep pounded on it.
Keep people aware of it, because you know what?
They'll move it offshore.
Change the name, and they'll try to put this... Oh, it's already been set up.
They did it for 9-1-1.
The Ponte IA and others, the airlines themselves, put record put options against themselves right out in front of us.
Well, the acceptance of depravity in this country, and we're supposed to be a moral country.
And then, just one example of many...
Every month I see an article where a homeschooler wins a spelling bee and the CPS sees it on the news locally and says, that kid's not registered as a homeschooler.
They'll come and grab the kid, beat the parents up with the police.
Oh, yeah.
The case in New York, she's 15, 3.84 grade average, graduating from college.
They saw it on the news.
CPS is trying to take her.
The depraved, just like in Sodom and Gomorrah, they came to Lot's door and said...
Give us your children.
Give us your wife.
Give us your family.
The depraved see the normal as the depraved.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir, I do.
I've recognized it for a long time.
And only through us uniting and standing together and shedding light on this will it retreat back into the cold.
Hiding out in the country and hoping they don't come won't help you.
We've got to fight them.
There's actually tens of millions of us, but we're mesmerized by Trojan horses.
Phony neocons like Bush.
I mean, Ron Paul said it.
Most conservative voting record in Congress.
He's got a record, not rhetoric.
He said the greatest threat is Bush and the neocons.
And he listed how they love Machiavelli, how they want to make us, quote, enter into evil, normalize evil, how they are run by communists.
I mean, this is real, folks.
Put these men in your prayer, people, because prayer will help us.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's just off the charts.
I mean, everything's off the charts.
It's la-la land.
And I'll tell you what holds this whole thing up.
It's the well-meaning bureaucrat who just works at their desk at the health department.
It's the well-meaning beat cop.
We're good to go.
But if the government tells them torture's good, and the government tells them corruption's really good, they will believe it.
And right now they're being co-opted and being turned into zombie forces, basically, for the globalists.
And so we have got to reach out to them and grab them by the collar and look them in the eyes and go, wake up!
This is wrong!
And go, think about it.
Who in your family or your neighbors has been abused by this system?
You know this is wrong.
What type of corruption are you seeing?
Wake up, and they say, well, that's not my job.
Say, yes, it is.
Please, don't go along with this, because if they get the mass, the government mass, that's why they're on the news saying all this evil is good now.
They're trying to get their people lined up, folks.
It's scary.
Let's talk to Michael in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Go ahead, Michael.
Thanks for holding.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
You bet, sir.
I had called you a little while ago, about a few years ago, when I asked you about why is Bush and all these people doing what they're doing with the Muslim religion?
And I was asking you, is it because they're doing this to kind of use the Muslim faith to push on their agenda towards the American people?
And we pretty much came to the same agreement that that's what they're doing.
Well, I mean, it's a fact.
The Hamas, the Al-Qaeda, all CIA, Mossad, MI6 run, and then you've got a Mossad chief controlling an Al-Qaeda chief who then orders the well-meaning...
And that's what kills me about this.
And you go back and you look at when Bush first entered into office, Alex.
And the way he got in there, we know he was selected and not elected by the Supreme Court.
And it wouldn't matter if it was Al Gore either, but they needed a Republican to act as the Trojan horse.
Gore couldn't do that.
Totally agree.
And the other thing that astonishes me about all of this is that Bush, when he first got into office, he was so adamant about not helping out with the peace process in the Middle East.
And now all of a sudden he had to put his hand in it, which was all by design.
And then the other thing that kills me about all of this too is that he didn't want the United Nations to help him with Iraq in the beginning when he first started talking about war with Iraq.
He didn't want to go through the United Nations.
Well, if the war... If the war...
And so it's all about the money.
They have to let the U.N.
act like they're against the war, then let America carry out the dirty work to then make the third world think the U.N.
is the good cop.
That's crazy.
I was just wondering, I know you're getting ready to go to a break, but I just wanted to add something.
I'll tell you what, stay there.
I'll hold you over.
You've been holding a while and didn't have a lot of time.
Stay there, Michael and Nevada.
We'll let you finish up and we'll go to Bill and others.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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If you want to understand
Order today and spread the word.
All right, folks.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
Finishing up is Michael in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Go ahead, Michael.
Thank you, Alex, for this opportunity again.
One other thing.
I was going to ask you a question.
Have you ever heard of this document called the Protocols of Zion?
Yeah, and it was clearly a propaganda document.
It was probably, from all the evidence written by the czars, as a political smear piece.
I mean...
I mean, it's written like a comic book to demonize the Jews.
And it does list many of the systems that governments use, that people like Machiavelli used, and he was Italian, to control society.
Basically, it'd be like if I put out a document of how to commit crimes and put your name on it, Michael.
That doesn't mean that organized crime of any ilk doesn't use those tactics.
People see different groups using those tactics and go, it must be accurate, they're using those tactics.
Well, that's what governments, whether it's Israel or Germany or
Or Russia use.
And I understand what you're saying, but without the anti-Semitism at all, I know how, like Jesus says in the book of Revelation, they call themselves Jews and they are not.
A Jew is one inwardly and not one outwardly just because of appearance.
Now, these men who call themselves the Protocols of Zion, like the Zionist movement, who is America backing up?
I mean, every single day, like what Bush was saying yesterday, we're the best friends to Israel.
And everything that we're doing, like it says in the Bible, that this is going to be the time of Jacob's trouble.
And if we're in the time of Israel's trouble because we're backing up Israel's things for their agenda, then we're going to get caught in the same mess.
And that's what we're seeing today with all this suicide bombing and everything else that the terrorists are trying to do.
Let me say this, Michael.
There are cases in the Bible, just historically speaking, where Israel is doing bad things, and God says, I'm not going to support you, I'm going to punish you.
And then I hear these neocon preachers, literally paid for by the World Council of Churches and the Rockefellers, they fly the neocon preachers over to Israel, they pay a lot of them off, this has been in the news,
They have business deals, and they come back and they say, you can't go to heaven unless you worship Israel.
And worshiping Israel is not what you're supposed to do.
You're supposed to certainly support the Jewish people, but that doesn't mean support their evil kings.
I mean, was David evil because he went after Saul?
No, he was beloved by God above all others.
And that's what I love about you, Alex.
And I hope all the listeners understand this also, because the information that you have totally lines up with the Bible.
I appreciate the call.
A lot of people think they're not going to be here to see it, and every time I look at the Bible, I mean, the Christians had to go through the fires in Rome.
The Jews had to go through the fires in the furnace.
Jesus had to go through it.
And so I don't know what happened to Christians in Germany.
So I don't know, folks.
A lot of these churches say lay down, go along with it,
And I don't know if it's the end of the world.
All I do is cover the news.
But I know they're on the news saying everybody needs a microchip and we're about to start satellite tracking and taxing you and everybody needs this ID card and your global government's here and artificial intelligence and genetic engineering.
I mean, I know there's a God.
And I know the 50 million abortions in this country and the hundreds of millions worldwide cannot make God happy.
And I know that we're in very serious times, so all I know is I got a job to do, morally, ethically, spiritually, to warn people about evil and to expose people to the facts.
And I will continue to do it.
I'm not going to stop.
We'll come back and talk to Bill and John and that and others.
And we'll take your calls toll-free at 1-800-259-9231.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Welcome into the third hour of this worldwide live edition.
I know that we have...
Bill and John and many others that are holding, if you want to join us on air, the toll-free number to do so is 1-800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
I've probably been on this show about, I don't know, 15 times, 20 times.
He's Bill Boshears.
He's on WLW 700, Saturdays and Sunday nights.
He fills in a lot on the weekdays as well.
He has his own Internet show he's now doing weekdays at Real Talk Radio Networks.
And he does a really good job, has a lot of great guest stuff.
And we appreciate him coming on the show today.
I'm just going to bounce news articles off Bill and get his unique take on it and take your calls.
Bill Beauchere, it's good to have you on with us, sir.
It's a pleasure to be with you, Alex.
You and your guests, all your listeners out there worldwide, I guess.
You know, I can listen to your show right here in my house.
What, over 1,000 miles away on WLW?
We cover 38 states at night, and at any one given time, we're talking to 100 million people.
When you're on there, we stream it, of course, and then it goes on the Internet.
But the other night, Alex, I've got to tell you, when we were on the Real Talk Network, I took about 700 emails the next day.
Saying, when are you going to have him back?
When are you going to have him back?
And the people in the chat room went nuts.
They really enjoyed you.
Well, thanks for having me on.
Bill, this whole thing with the betting on when our soldiers will die or when citizens will die, that's only part of the story.
It's also a running man gladiatorial system of getting us involved as a sporting event on dead and dying people.
It's right there with Rome, with what they were doing at the Colosseum or the circus.
But there's other facets to it, insider trading.
I mean, this is criminality right out in the open.
Why do you think they went public with this?
Because we started talking about it on the Internet about a week ago, and I did it Sunday night or Saturday night on WLW.
Or Sunday night, I guess it was, we did it.
You and I mentioned it a little bit.
Somebody called in and asked about it.
You know, that's funny.
I was on your show Sunday for two hours, and somebody did call in and talk about it, and then suddenly you started getting more calls.
Where did that come from, Bill?
Well, I can tell you we know where the calls come from on the Internet, and we know about most of the time the questions come from, of all places, Washington, D.C.,
And that's what... We know they're listening.
And I can't tell you how many times, Alex, I'll do a topic on a Sunday night, and Monday morning it will be run as a...
A special for one of their leading news rags up there.
But putting their spin on it.
Oh, yes, of course.
They're the ones that broke the story.
They're just now.
I'll give you an idea.
They're just now telling us that the FBI was paying for the houses and credit cards and cars of the hijackers.
I mean, we were reporting that.
A year and... A year ago.
I mean, well, almost 22 months ago.
Way over that.
And it was in the mainstream media, you know, little local papers a year ago.
But, oh, Newsweek has a major story they wrote this week, Bill.
That's the way they do it.
We don't... And you know, Alex, what bothers me about the mainstream media, they are the grease for the wheel of the New World Order.
The New World Order, in order to succeed, needs funds.
I spent a lot of time thinking about that.
And the mouthpiece for the New World Order, of course, is the UN.
The sooner we get out of the UN, the sooner we stop funding globalist corporations, and the sooner the people decide that they want term limits and start recalling like they're trying to do in California.
And I'm not so sure that recall is a way to do it.
But can you tell me where in the Constitution or where any place in law that it gives the President the right
To classify documents that you and I pay for.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll be right back.
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Alright folks, I'm Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us.
We've got talk show host from WLW 700 joining us, Bill Boshears.
I've been on his show many times over the last few years and we finally got him on here.
I'm just going to throw out a bunch of key news stories and get Bill's response to it and your calls, your calls.
John and Thad and others are coming up here in just a few minutes.
If you want to join us on air on this live Wednesday edition, it's 1-800-259-9231 on any of the news stories.
But, Bill, getting back to this...
This massive insider trading system, they're trying to legitimize criminal activity.
I mean, that's criminal, betting on disasters.
Well, what's even more criminal is that your president was seeking, I don't know if you knew this or not, $8 million to fund it.
Yeah, I know that Poindexter is a convicted felon.
I mean, you can't have convicted felons anywhere near securities.
And then turn around.
And stonewall everything about 9-11.
Well, that's a good point.
And a sub-story here is they're making a big deal of these 28 pages now when the Saudi prince came out.
All that blood that's on his hands from 9-11.
Someday he's going to have to come clean on this.
You're talking about Bush.
Yeah, absolutely.
I lay everything at his doorstep.
Because he's the president.
Well, he is the puppet and cheat.
But the Saudi prince comes out and says, go ahead and declassify it.
This is a classic tactic.
The commission is a whitewash.
The guys running it, many of them were involved in the cover-up, in the planning of 9-1-1, so to make us think it's something really meaty, they go, don't look at this, don't look at this, and they go, all right, you win, look at it, and then nothing's in it.
I mean, that's so obvious what they're doing.
Go ahead, Bill.
Well, and the one thing that he's doing now is saying, and he jumped up today on television, look how bad it is in Africa.
Well, look who made it bad.
My God Almighty, it was the World Health Organization that gave that country AIDS by injecting them.
And they're over there now trying to put live polio viruses in the kids.
And the mothers are taking the kids and running through the bush to hide.
That was broken last year.
I broke that story.
All over the place, and these reports are there, they would go into African towns.
The IMF and World Bank will make it a stipulation of the IMF-World Bank funding that they've got to, quote, sterilize half their women.
This is official State Department documents.
Public, folks, Library of Congress.
We have links to it on Infowars.com.
What Bill is saying is accurate.
And about six months ago, no, three months ago, it came out in the BBC that we did find AIDS in some of the vaccines.
We don't know how.
It was an accident.
I mean, amazing stories like that just get reported and go nowhere.
And Africa's refusing the genetically modified food.
Sounds like they're starting to get a little bit more wise than we are, Bill.
I'll tell you, that's another thing.
That's a pandemic waiting to happen.
We don't know what these genetically engineered foods are going to do to us, our diet, our children, or any of the rest of it.
We know they're already spreading into all the big weed species where you can't kill these plants and the genetically modified corn and soybeans jumping into other plants.
And this Texas company, ProteGene, put AIDS virus in corn, planted it in 96 locations, and that was in the back of the paper once, Bill.
Well, you know, I don't think...
Well, I'll tell you why.
I know exactly why, and I blame it totally on the media.
Every time we hear a story break in the media, Alex, you say it and I do too.
If I say Alex Jones said so-and-so, or if you say Bill Boshear said so-and-so, we can tie it to a name.
We hear the media go, sources in Washington or sources at the White House, tie this to somebody so that we can start having some kind of a...
You've got to be accountability.
We've got to have it.
And if we don't have it, what have we got?
We've got a lost cause.
Now, when you tie it to somebody's name, if Alex Jones said it, Alex Jones said it.
If Bill said it, I said it.
If Bush said it, he said it.
But don't... And the media has a tendency to go, well, my sources tell me... And you know, Alex, I was dumb enough to use that for years.
But I stopped using it.
If I can't put a name to it or somebody will say, this is off the record, I look at them and I let them continue the story and I go, well, thank you.
Well, wait a minute, Bill, is that off the record?
Oh, no, no.
You said it.
Well, you're not going to use my name, are you?
I'll just deny it.
Well, Bill, here's another story.
There's a bunch of these articles being positive about the betting on our dead soldiers.
There's a bunch of articles saying terrorism market has a certain allure.
That's out of Silicon Valley News.
Fortune magazine, is the futures market on terror outlandish?
Maybe not.
There's strong evidence that it's good.
Here's another one, merit in terror market.
They're actually out there, Bill, saying this is good.
Well, it must be good for somebody, but you go back and my old adage is follow the money.
Let's see who it's good for, and let's ask a question.
Who funded it and who started it?
Let's find some names.
The company that I broke said, oh, no, we're out of here.
Yesterday, we're not going to do it.
We've decided not to do it because of the flap.
Flap hell, it was everybody out there.
Nobody wants to
Are you kidding?
These sports fans would love to watch the drones, like it's the Super Bowl, watch the drones bombing people and betting money greedily.
I mean, I'm so sick of this culture.
It's just a culture of total evil spreading.
Now, what about the Dr.
David Kelly's story, it's now come out that he was being threatened, dark actors were around him, but day one they said, oh, it's a suicide.
Your comments on political assassination and how, well, Clinton was never brought to justice for all the murders that went on under him.
Well, take a look at what's happened in adjacent to him.
He's one of 20 eminent doctors and biologists and...
We've got an epidemic all over the world of SARS, this, that, and the other, and all kinds of plays.
We watch it all the time.
The interesting thing about it, these eminent biologists and doctors, 20 of them have died.
And he was the head of Porton Down Bioweapons Lab, where they have race-specific viruses and bacteria.
And Porton Down got caught three years ago.
They released the foot and mouth.
It was admitted in the news and then swept under the rug, again, using these crises to build up the size of the health departments of the world that are really militarized police arms.
Well, you got this guy in Virginia, and this is the Washington Post.
They cut his heart out and carve a pentagram on his back.
And then that same day, a guy in Tennessee gets killed and thrown over a bridge.
Well, the interesting thing about it, he got out of his car, left the door open and the motor running, and the lights on, and jumped over the bridge.
They found him a month and a half later, 300 miles downriver.
And this Italian...
Banker, who got involved with the Vatican and stuff, it just came out, oh yeah, he was murdered, it wasn't suicide.
He had bricks in his pockets.
He was ritualistically assassinated, or killed, if you will, and his body hung under a bridge.
But again, it's just over and over again, ritualistically killed.
And you see it everywhere you go.
You see...
The mark of the UN, you see the mark of the people that are following it.
You can watch them vote for it.
What really disgusts me about it is that there are pressure organizations.
I've always said we've got the best government money can rent.
So what they do, you and I have decided we're going to have a pressure group, so we go to Washington, we write a bill, and then we make a donation to Senator so-and-so or Congressman so-and-so, and he introduces the bill on the floor.
And the reason we can't close the borders... Alex, you and I have talked about this before.
We've got drugs coming across the border faster than we can count them.
And that money is drug money that goes to spend Washington.
And the people...
You know, we're fighting a war in some other country, and our borders are wide open, and we're the ones suffering the tyranny of the Homeland Security.
Hey, the border's wide open, but 1,000 miles from the border, 200 miles from the border, 4th of July, they randomly pull the cars over, throw the goods out all over the ground, and the kids stand there in the 110-degree heat.
Yes, sir.
Alex, I agree with much of what you say, but I think in some cases you're turning words upside down and unnecessarily alienating, I think, some allies.
I don't belong to any organization, but I read from the laptop
Yeah, but they say the solution is the loving, liberal UN, and that's all part of this elaborate scam.
No, the left and the World Socialist website do not say that.
They point out that it's nothing but a pawn for these corporate... Don't they know that socialism was funded by the bankers?
The common people back into serfdom?
Well, I think that's where you've been really subjected to this kind of psychological warfare because if it can be dressed up in anti-communist propaganda, I think the neocons...
Have been able to act as a Trojan horse among conservatives.
Sir, the neocons are admitted Protskyites.
Well, if you look at the facts, they are... Tell you what, stay there, stay there.
I'll talk to you, John, but I'm not going to sit here and have a long, half-baked discussion.
So stay there.
I'll let Bill Boshear's way in, too.
We appreciate him joining us.
But I'm not going to have some half-baked discussion.
It is a fact the big banks funded socialism to get people addicted to government.
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All right, my friends, welcome back.
We're joined by Bilbo Shares, talk show host on WLW.
And we're honored to have Bilbo on with us today.
We've got a bunch of callers here who will be getting involved with us.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231 on any of the issues we've discussed.
You're welcome to call in and be on the show.
Going back to John in Ohio and jumping any time, Bill.
John, it's not my opinion.
The big money financed big government to get us dependent and domesticated.
Then they blow out the socialist system and transfer it into privatization, which is nothing but organized crime, running it.
The left thinks big government's the answer.
The phony right wing thinks that the right wing is against big government when it actually helped author it.
So it's all a false political spectrum.
The left doesn't even exist.
The right doesn't even exist in reality.
Bill, do you have any comments to this?
My only comment is to the caller.
I wouldn't take your call.
Alex, it's very kind to you.
If you're going to sit and quote from a socialist doctrine, then you don't need to be on my show because...
I'm a part of a constitutional onslaught.
I'm not interested in socialism or anything it's got to do.
We've got too damn much of it now.
John, any comments?
Yeah, what I'm talking about is that some of the very outrages that you're talking about have been exposed by leftist and socialist publications that I read.
They do.
They do expose it, but then they give you bad solutions.
Hold on.
They don't do anything about it.
Well, what they're...
What they're talking about, what I'm saying, though, is that I think it's very dangerous because these neocons have dressed up their schemes for destroying the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, plunging us into wars for empire under the name of anti-communism.
This has been the decades-long propaganda.
Okay, let me stop you, let me stop you.
That's absolutely true.
And then here's the twist that proves what Mellon and I are saying.
Ron Paul read from dozens of their own books and publications the top neocons are Machiavellian first and foremost and they were formed out of Trotsky's Fourth International.
Now that's a fact.
The founders, let me finish, the founders are Trotskyites.
So you've got real hardcore communists saying they're anti-communists, calling for big government.
And see, you can't understand that.
You can't compute that the enemies all around us, that they're big government people, whether you call them right-wing or left-wing, they want to control the entire paradigm.
Go ahead, John.
Well, I think you're projecting people like Irving Kristol might have been on the left at one time, maybe as either plants by the CIA or opportunists who then saw that their origins could be traded on to become anti-communists.
But this does not mean...
No, today they called for a social welfare.
They called for control.
They called for big government.
So you're confused.
You're spinning your wheels, John.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for the call, John.
I really appreciate it.
Bill, any other comments on that?
Okay, let's talk to Thad in Texas.
Thad, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Pretty good.
The reason I was calling, I've tried getting in a couple times, your popularity is growing and growing and growing, and apparently you're upsetting people too.
My Infowars.com sticker was actually ripped off of my car here in College Station.
So I guess that's a good thing that you're apparently pissing people off.
Well, just do me a favor, let's be careful of language.
A lot of kids listening, but you're telling me that somebody ripped your sticker off.
Yeah, I had my Infowars.com sticker that I had gotten when I lived in Austin and now here in College Station.
Apparently, I guess somebody went and looked up the site or knew what you were about.
Homeland Security is going to base one of its main capitals, kind of its new school of Americas, for the American KGB there with all the gullible neocons.
So that's probably why that happened.
It's already here, Alex.
I'm sitting here staring at some of the drills.
They just recently had a Homeland Security manufacturing consent drill, and then I called up the police department because, you know, the press passes that Chris does.
I went out there to try and get some footage of something, and they were like, oh, sorry, we were doing it all at the police department, but we'll invite you next time.
I've given them my name and, you know, number and everything.
Well, they do that.
They do that where, I mean, it's in the film The Road to Tyranny, fake bio-attacks, fake attacks, blowing up cars in downtown cities, and then announcing it's real, and then later saying it was just a drill, again, to create that fear.
Everybody stay there.
We'll come back and get Bill Boshear's comment on the fake terror drills leading up to 9-1-1.
Training us to accept federalization.
And we'll take more calls.
I'm going to throw out a bunch of other news stories.
And our guest, Bill Boach, here is the host of a great talk show on WLW, The Big Blowtorch.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I think.
I think.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, and then back from 9 to midnight Central, I do this show as we blast out on the growing list of wonderful AM and FM affiliates, the internet at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, and Global Shortwave during the day at 12.172 and 93.20.
Serving the worldwide audience and at night, 9 to midnight Central Time at 5.085 and 6890.
Bill Boshears, host of a talk show.
Been on for several years, doing a great job on WLW out of Cincinnati, Ohio, 700 AM.
You can hear him Saturday and Sunday nights and also a lot during the week.
And he also hosts his own syndicated show weekdays.
Hey, Bill, tell them about your website.
We did some interesting things with the website because if the liberal government gets back in, which it looks like it's going to be Bush at the polls this time, if it comes in, conservative talk show hosts around the country are going to be looking for jobs.
So with that in mind, I started doing the Internet.
And we started webcasting, and we put last week on that site 215,000 people
The other part of it is, is that
Shortly, this will become, Alex, and I hope you'll join me, over the Internet, we will put up cameras and video that stream to people that want to see the products you and I talk about.
They want to see what you and I are doing.
I'm not crazy, but I've got a face for radio, but the people are asking for it.
So we said, well, we'll take a look at it.
If we can make it work, we'll do it.
Yeah, it sounds interesting, and that way I could have two cameras in my studio, have a split screen, have one of the cameras on a document easel.
With the camera zoomed in on the document of the news article.
And then the other shot on the broadcast desk and what I'm doing and the pile of documents and news articles and bills.
That you never get through.
You can't get through them.
Well, that's why we have Infowars.com and Net.
And I tell you, there is a huge alternative audience.
About every year, our listenership on the network goes up by 200%.
Oh, yeah.
One of the places we track it is the Internet, and it's conservatively, conservatively, hundreds of thousands of people, different people,
I'm calling from Woodstock, New York, Mr. Jones.
Uh, question for you, not to be disparaging, uh,
I only started listening to your show about two years ago.
What was your background before this show of yours?
Well, right in college, I started an AXS TV show, and then I went and got a once-a-week radio show, just out of the blue, fell in my lap.
The station manager liked my cable show, and then it got syndicated about, I don't know, five and a half years ago.
And that's my background.
I mean, Bill Gates' background is he dropped out of college, and so is Rush Limbaugh's, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's is he's the son of a Nazi who wants your guns.
And I'm a 7th or 8th generation, I don't know, 1829, 1830 Texan, and I live right here in Austin with my family, and I fight corruption, and I go, gee, here's the Associated Press saying,
Telling us they want to start satellite tracking and taxing us.
Does that sound like freedom?
Or, gee, the Pentagon's mounting ground-penetrating radar on the helicopters and is going to look through our walls.
Is that a free society?
So that's basically what I do is cover news and information here and try to defend the republic against enemies foreign and domestic.
And I'm 29 years old.
And I've been in this fight for nine, ten years, on the air for over eight.
Does that answer your basic question?
I believe it does.
Are you familiar with the organization Liberty Lobby and such?
Yeah, I think that they've done great work with alternative news, and I am familiar with them, yes.
Oh, because I was under the impression that perhaps you were a spinoff from them or such.
Well, I think we're all spin-offs of the Bill of Rights and Constitution in 1776.
People, when I'm on talk shows, will say, are you a John Bircher, or are you a Buchanan Republican, or are you a spotlight person?
And no, I'm a guy who was going to college here in Austin and heard America was bad and that guns were bad and that we were going to get rid of our borders and the U.N.
was going to run our lives.
And so I started investigating it and read U.N.
documents and then said, I better warn the people.
I better go down and get a cable show, which has won Best of Austin three times.
And last year in the Reader's Poll, it was the Austin City Limits, which is a national TV show.
To give you an idea, it's a big deal to win these awards.
And so my message is mainstream.
It's defend the republic from enemies foreign and domestic, but I've always made the point it's not about Alex Jones.
It's about, hey, the Pentagon wants to have a Deadpool running, gambling, to cover up for their insider trading on terrorism they're carrying out.
So, see, that's not about Alex Jones.
That's about the Pentagon.
But I have trouble trying to see where you're going.
Would it be bad if I was to spin off from the Liberty Lobby?
Which I'm not.
I've never even been a subscriber.
I'm just going by a rough assumption that most of your independent shortwave radio hosts, like stations like WWCR and the Spotlight people are one of the pioneers of such shows.
I would say Red Beckman is the pioneer still living, and people like, there's hundreds of these old-timers, and then there were old-timers they can tell you about.
I mean, in 1913, there were people getting up and saying, the bankers are taking over, this is a European takeover.
I mean, Andrew Jackson talked about the bankers trying to take over.
On the subject, you mentioned Bill Gates.
You were mentioning a few months ago how you believe the Internet is not safe.
It's a government tracking system.
Well, what I'm saying is everything is.
Your grocery store discount card, that camera on the street corners hooked into face-scanning technology.
I mean, it's all around you.
I'm not saying it.
They're announcing they're going to tax you to drive your car with a satellite box, sir.
Bill, those shares jump in here.
You know, everything you're saying, I'm just sitting here applauding it.
I can't imagine.
What part of New York do you live in, sir?
That's in the north.
It's a very liberal area.
If I were you, I'd move out.
Very liberal area.
Actually, it's extremely neocon or liberal.
You're caught between the two.
I definitely would move.
I'd move toward Austin or out of there.
Neocons have their base out of Texas, as far as I'm concerned.
Look, all I know is that I'm trying to get where you're going.
I mean, I'm not mad at you, Stuart.
I'm just confused.
Right, I'm just sort of like they ask you three questions at once.
That's about it.
I mean, you're obviously pressed for time.
Well, no, ask all your questions.
I can't do that.
But my point is, you know, you say I feel the Internet is being surveilled.
You mentioned that Microsoft tracks people's web searching.
And you mentioned how it would be much safer if you're seeing a system of Red Hat Linux or such.
Well, that's what my computer experts have said that have been on the show.
I did a little research myself on Linux in general, and a national security agency has its own version of Linux.
Well, they use all the different operating systems, yeah.
And just the... So what is, hold on, hold on, what does that mean?
That I don't think there's really any safety to any operating system on the Internet.
Well, no, they're just systems that are, they're systems that are harder, or let's just say this, Microsoft has back doors in everything, so the doors are open, and with your, all these different systems of, you know, cobalt and blah, blah, there's a hundred different
You know, little subgroups, but it's all off the same code.
And I have to have my Internet people or computer people up to talk about it.
Right, I'm not an expert myself.
It's been a pleasure talking to you, Mr. Jones.
Hey, good hearing from you.
I really appreciate it.
Trying to figure out where that was going.
You won't, you won't, because he's a wandering generality in a place of specifics, and they look like a bull in a china shop.
They don't know what they're doing.
They have no name to tie any of their information to.
That's what I said earlier.
The moment you tie a name to a story, Alex, you become a dangerous, a very, very dangerous journalist, be it on the Internet, television, whatever it is.
When you start mentioning names, here's a guy who calls us wanting to know something off the wall about nothing that he just seems to know.
The other part is this.
When people don't know who to tie the story to or who said it or why they said it or why they did it, it looks like bad journalism on their part, and they don't want that.
Well, I don't understand.
I don't know how people can't see it, Bill.
I mean, I keep just repeating this over and over again.
USA Today comes out and says, yeah, you're on Star System.
Homeland Security's got audio sensors.
They can listen to you.
Yeah, your cable box is watching you and watching what you're watching.
And yeah, there is microphones in it.
And yeah, there is a plan to go ahead and start taxing and satellite tracking you and
And then people don't really seem to get upset about that when that's like worse than 1984.
I just don't... I get confused, that's all.
I can tell you this much.
There is a group of people right now listening to you in Washington because I'm taking email from them.
Oh, I know there's millions of people that listen and are upset and concerned, but they already know what the game plan is and understand.
I'm talking about... Here's an example, Bill.
I was at Home Depot.
Buying some wiring to put, you know, some mesh to put in my fence because the Chihuahua was digging under it.
Oh, yeah.
And I'm up there at the counter and six months ago they put in two self-checkouts.
Now they're pulling out more of the service checkouts and now it's about half of the serve yourself.
And they admit the plan is to finally pull them all out and make you check yourself out and
And I'm stuck in line because people don't want the self-checkout, and so I'm in this long line of like 10 people at the service checkout, and there's this nice middle-class family standing there with their kids, and they're like, man, this is a long line.
I go, yeah.
I go, look at these poor folks, though.
They're over there using the self-checkout.
Soon they're going to pull out these service checkouts, and we're all going to have to use it.
And the housewife suddenly starts defending the establishment.
You saw her eyes light up, like the programming, like the board turned her on or something.
And she says, well, that'll cut prices.
Oh, yeah.
What's wrong with that?
I go, well, why are you in this line?
Well, just what we're used to.
And I go, yeah, but you're not going to have a choice soon.
They're designing this to phase these out to train you.
This is an admitted policy that these corporations have talked about at their different symposiums, their biometric symposiums.
Not a clue.
Alex, I'm watching it daily.
If you just look at the leading indicators, we are absolutely on our way to a complete breakdown.
We've got trading agreements that are going to take, over the next few years, over five more million jobs to India.
And these are IT jobs.
And they admit it, and it's unlimited high-tech and low-tech workers pouring in here with carte blanche visas, and once they get here, they can stay.
And they know we don't want it.
They know we're against it.
We know it's bad for the economy, but they say, no, it's good, we're going to do it.
Alex, this week, Congress is debating what, would you get this?
The unlimited immigration.
They don't know what unlimited immigration is.
They're debating it this week.
And that's in the news, so-called free trade.
I thought we had free trade, and look what it's done to our economy.
We've got, and Ross Perot talked about a sucking sound.
Let me tell you, the sound is bigger than the sucking sound.
It's an absolute tornado.
And the reason nobody hears it is because the eye of the storm is so big, it's sweeping the entire nation.
By the way, Alex, over 15 million people right now in America are without jobs and pay.
Yeah, when they claim it's 7%, that's who's still on the rolls.
These people have been going off the rolls for three years.
Now, take the average family of four times 15 million.
You tell me how many people are out of work and are affected by it.
But that's okay, because if we don't support the government in Enron, Al-Qaeda will get us.
Well, we've got to be scared of that.
About five years ago, I broke the story of the anthrax scare that was coming.
The anthrax, the way it was going to be dealt.
Nobody wanted to listen.
Honest to God, I was laughed at by the people at the station, by coworkers.
They actually laughed at me.
I told them, I said, well, keep laughing.
I said, now you're going to be faced with something else.
Did you see the congressional funding of, quote, how to send it to the mail?
Oh, God.
Or what tipped you off that the government was going to start mailing anthrax?
What tipped it off?
Some of the researchers that were involved in the research that had trained the Al Qaeda members came to me and we did a show with them.
And the guy said, I'm very concerned, Bill.
And I said, why?
He said...
We're going to have this happen.
It's going to happen.
Oh, yeah, I've interviewed him.
Because they told him.
They told him, hey, we're going to do it.
And, of course, those Iraqis and Al-Qaeda, it's admitted.
Again, I've even got news from the L.A.
Times and, you know, Washington Post in 93 were brought in by our government and trained.
Oh, yeah, and he was the one that was doing the training.
He was the one that was training them at a bioweapons laboratory.
He came to me.
I remember that.
I interviewed him two or five years ago.
Yeah, this stuff is just incredible, and there's so much of it.
How can you ever keep track of it?
You know, we couldn't make this up if we had a team of writers.
You know what's funny?
Remember right after 9-1-1, they announced it.
You know what's funny?
It was already going on.
$40 million a year...
Isn't it funny that all of this has begun to unravel on them, and nobody wants to talk about this.
All they want to do is, well, we'll classify that.
We'll classify that.
We can't even get an investigation of 9-11.
Well, you're getting a whitewash bill.
And they're buying this like you can't believe.
I mean, there's been more money spent on covering up 9-11 than ever caused to do it.
Stay right there.
And we may take some more calls when we've got other callers.
Bunch of news.
We've got a little five-minute segment left.
Stay with us on the other side, folks.
I'm just going to dig through this.
Stack of news, and try to get the most vital out of the cover, but if you want to read it all, it's on InfoWars.com right now.
We'll be right back in the final segment with Bill Boshears.
I'm Alex Jones.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I mean, look at this.
Public gay high school to open in New York City.
I could talk about that for an hour.
Enron used World Bank to avoid taxes and to get Guatemalan contract.
Blair sidesteps Kelly questions.
Threats force breed farmer into hiding.
Tony Martin, the guy that got attacked and defended himself
We're good to go.
Ottawa tries to rein in Joyriders anti-theft device required.
National Post citing the death toll caused by young thrill-seekers Joyriders.
Transport Canada has introduced a regulation requiring that all new cars introduce anti-theft immobilization devices within two years.
Satellite track.
Here's another one.
Out of Germany, DU Worldwide.
It says, DWTV, big brother on the highway.
A new toll system goes into effect on German highways for heavy commercial vehicles next month.
The system is the world's first to use satellite technology to record trucks' highway mileage and automatically charge tolls.
Folks, they put the hardware in all the new cars here.
It's a federal policy.
It's worldwide.
England's announcing it.
Canada's announcing it.
Oregon's announcing it.
But they never told you.
They just put it in everything standard and then get you ready for it.
This has been going on for six years since I learned of it.
Bill comments on this giant story and how premeditated this is.
Alex, what they didn't tell you is that they're going to take that money, as I understand it, and when you go through a federal park that, by the way, happens to be owned by...
By the U.N.
and those biospheres.
Part of the global tax.
That's been admitted, by the way.
Will go to the U.N.
You know, there's so many.
Bill, I forgot.
That's part of it.
They just had the big U.N.
Oh, yeah.
Early this year out in Mexico with Bush.
They had the global tax summit, and they said the satellite tracker tax.
Oh, see?
I mean, thank you for reminding me of that.
Nobody seems to care about that.
And it's just a building standing in New York.
Oh, by the way, we need $250 million for a new paint job and a facelift.
That's what they're asking.
And maybe it's $450.
Anyway, a large number, more than I've got.
It was a billion dollars to fix the...
The glass building, yeah.
Yeah, and they've got to have a new facelift.
But that's all, I mean, that's just, look, Bush has increased you in funding, signed on to UNESCO, and they're calling him a conservative.
Bilbo Shears, you're on Saturday and Sunday nights.
Every night from 8 until 10 o'clock on the Real Talk Network, or www.unesco.com.
And Saturday and Sunday nights on WLW 700 AM.
All right.
I heard all over the country.
About half the country can hear it.
Thanks for joining us, sir.
It's a pleasure to be here.
Alex, great job.
Keep up the good work.
Stay safe, my friend.
God bless you, brother.
All right.
Be in peace.
He's doing a lot of good work.
Appreciate him coming on.
And sorry, no time for those that are holding.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
In the last 50-something seconds I got left, if you believe in this show and what we're doing, I want to wake people up, get my film, The Road to Tyranny, Exposes Who Carried Out September 11th, get my book, Descent into Tyranny, also on 911, get my newest film, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, or the other Police State films.
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It's not hopeless.
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We can defeat it.
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Don't wait.
Make the call.
888-253-3139 or infowars.com or net or the mailing address posted there on the site.
I'm out of time.
Get out there and fight the New World Order.
God bless you all.
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