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Air Date: July 29, 2003
1969 lines.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have a very insightful and intelligent...
Researcher joining us in the second hour of the World Wide Broadcast today.
We have the founder of Global Research Magazine.
He is a political science and history professor.
Michael Chosodosky joining us from Canada in the next hour.
Now, a couple days ago, he wrote a detailed breakdown of the lies and the fraud.
And we don't know what lie is the big lie or what the truth is.
We just know we're being lied to.
Concerning the Saddam sons, the two brothers, Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
Who I believe are living with their father in Belarus.
I believe the Russian and Iranian newspapers before I believe the Pentagon.
I'm sorry, that's just the track record.
At least on issues that are embarrassing to the certain elements of the globalist camp I do.
I don't believe Russia or Iran when they talk about something internal, but their intelligence is Saddam was flown out to safety, and our government admits they flew...
Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders out to safety in Afghanistan, and that was staged, and we know they paid off Republican Guard leaders in gold bars and euros and dollars, so this fits with all the other pieces.
I don't know where Saddam is.
But I don't believe this military-industrial complex, this parasitic creature that is perched like a bloated tick on the cerebral cortex of America controlling the body politic.
But first they say the bodies are charred beyond recognition.
That's what the troops said, the first media said.
Then, oh, here's their faces, and it didn't look anything like them, and they're uncharred.
Thank you.
Wax Museum.
Because my parents would drag me all over the country on road trip vacations like National Lampoons.
And you'd be in a big city and go to the Wax Museum.
It'd be pretty nice.
But, you know, the little town that had the old Wax Museum and the wax figures didn't look very good.
And, you know, maybe the nose was falling off of one.
That's what these look like.
The bad Wax Museums I've been to.
So, but Professor Chasadosky is very good at breaking things down.
There's a bunch of new developments on 9-1-1, new stuff, and he'll talk about this whitewash commission that's got some of the people involved in the terror attacks on the commission.
That's coming up in the second hour.
In the meantime...
I could kick myself.
I went through a lot of the news I didn't cover yesterday because I was too busy babbling and monologuing about the neocons, which I'm obsessed with, and rightfully so.
But still, they admit they did tests on electronic voting machines.
Now, we told you this last Monday and years ago, but here it is, Baltimore Sun Associated Press, proving that these things are accessible from outside, designed to be hacked, designed as fraud vehicles.
So that's coming up.
Also, you may have heard the big story.
The Pentagon has announced insider trading to be run on terrorist attacks from inside the Pentagon by the convicted felon.
I mean, this is so crazy.
It's like a Kurt Vonnegut satire.
They're going to have the convicted five-time felon, Poindexter, running.
A literal betting parlor on dead U.S.
citizens and dead foreigners.
Folks, imagine if a foreign government started saying, place your bets on dead Americans.
Well, they're doing it publicly, and they're doing it on purpose.
I'll tell you why they're doing it on purpose when we get back.
But the news is all like this today.
It's all just as Twilight Zone as I've ever seen it.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
What is...
What is the New World Order?
Well, it is a ancient society, a university of confidence men, of king rats, of con artists.
And they take all the skills of the carnival barker, the strategy of an Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar, the vitriolic
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
...of testing probabilities overlaid with university sociologists and anthropologists integrated and tested by mass focus groups.
And that's the New World Order.
A criminal society owning the dominant media, conditioning you, selling you a change in the society, a shift to the destruction of the family,
The annihilation of the Second Amendment, the termination of private property and sovereignty and borders, and it's their own stated goals in black and white U.S.
government documents that turn you into a mindless idiot.
And they have succeeded with many people.
A large cadre of folks wake up to the fact they're being lied to, so the globalists, in a sophisticated fashion, bring you a fake counterfeit solution.
That is the neocons that co-opt you back into the Matrix-like grid.
And in the last segment, I talked about a Pentagon Deadpool.
And it's called Pam.
And it's overt.
They have learned that if something is hidden in plain view now and they just say it's normal, that the general public doesn't have a moral base or compass and will accept it as good and wholesome.
We have now entered Orwellian doublethink world where people can't even engage in critical thinking on average.
And so they announced that we're going to have a betting system
Similar to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, run by the Pentagon and controlled and founded, and the architecture constructed by DARPA, the folks with the old Shanghai Pyramid Total Information Awareness Network that want to watch you and your family, run by the convicted felon, Admiral Poindexter, involved in all the trafficking of goodies into the country and out of the country, all the goodies...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When will the Prince of Jordan be killed?
When will there be another suicide bombing in Israel?
They had all this on their website.
It wasn't going to be generally announced to the public.
It was going to be a Wall Street thing.
And admittedly, it's call options or put options, the most sincere, real form of gambling.
And they were going to bet on how many U.S.
soldiers were going to die?
How many were going to get shot and killed?
That's... Imagine, imagine if a foreign country said, we're going to have polls and we're going to have put options and bets placed on...
On Americans dying in Iraq.
I mean, can you imagine the outrage, the screaming neocons, the howls?
But when the Pentagon does it, they're going to get on the air and say it's wonderful, it's good.
The troops ought to thank Rumsfeld for this wonderful idea.
And yeah, Admiral Poindexter's a felon, but let him run a giant casino.
Folks, but look, this is being done on purpose.
Daily now, when you open up USA Today and it says, yeah, your OnStar listens to you and it hooks into Homeland Security, and yeah, your cable box is watching you, and yeah, we're looking through your walls with helicopters with high-tech systems, and yeah, we are signing up convicted felons who are illegal aliens to serve in the military.
You know, when they do this, it's on purpose, folks.
When they come out and say, we're going to sign the assault weapons ban.
We're conservative.
And then conservatives start just giggling kind of in an insane fetal position from all of this.
I mean, Saturday I was doing a talk show here on the network, and I started just laughing uncontrollably.
It's... You know, they're coming to take me away.
Ha-ha, ho-ho, he-he.
I like that little promo they play on the EIB network talking about Ross Perot.
I mean, it's just...
They are... Look, they announced a homosexual high school in New York, okay?
They announced that not just Tennessee, but many school districts have video cameras in the 10- and 12-year-old boys' and girls' showers.
They announced that, yeah, the vaccines are attacking kids' brains.
We're going to make you take even more of them.
You know, it's just... Yeah, Ritalin causes brain shrinkage and heart palpitation in kids, but...
We're just going to go ahead and make more of you take it.
Yeah, there's 3,500 missing kids in Florida that CPS took from families, and a convicted pedophile runs the database, but we're going to keep him in that position.
They're practicing evil right out in your face.
It's like in England where they arrest you if you say the word homosexual, the scientific term.
They arrest TV hosts.
And Scotland Yard says with a straight face, well, our diversity unit says that that word could be offensive to some, so we're now arresting people immediately.
We just raided 150 homes last night.
We're going to do this every day now.
Anyone that even looks crossly at someone, I mean, they're saying this.
Well, we're going to ban the Old Testament because it says some mean things about different groups of people.
That's BBC headline.
Folks, this new Pentagon thing is off the charts.
And believe me, I've read some of the declassified 1960s Army psychological warfare manuals, and they talk about, you know, the shock and awe.
They talk about dazing and confusing somebody just with the amazing bizarreness of it.
The culture shock.
They're trying to overload you so you just give up and go, I don't care anymore.
I'm going to the golf course.
And when you do that, they win, folks.
They have come out and they have announced betting, private betting, on what type of terrorist attacks are going to take place.
And, of course, a bunch of people pointed out that this is, quote, insane, this is crazy, how could you be doing this?
They're going ahead with it.
Because terrorists will blow stuff up
And then make money off the put options, off betting on it beforehand.
I mean, let's say you were going to remote control with your mobile trucks that you've had for 30 years a couple of jets into the World Trade Centers.
And let's just say you had the power to order NORAD to stand down and shut down, and as a smokescreen, you could say it was a drill that morning of flying hijacked jet airliners into buildings.
You could tell everybody it was just a drill, stand down for an hour and a half as the transponders had been turned off, normally would have scrambled fleets of F-16s.
And let's just say you knew this was going to happen a week before, why you could put put options, of course you'd put record put options on American and United,
We're good to go.
I think?
And total information awareness.
They're just laughing.
They're going, yeah, yeah.
It all led back to us.
We even made billions of dollars on the side off of what we did on 9-1-1.
These idiots never did anything about it.
Let's set up a dead pool where we'll all bet off the intelligence we have right here in the Pentagon.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, that's what the Pentagon is now, folks.
That's what they're going to do now at the Pentagon, run by total information awareness, is that they're going to have a big multi-billion dollar, they say it could get up to hundreds of billions very quickly, a big speculation racket, just a big casino, and everybody privately betting, and oh, guess what they say for your security?
You get a password-protected name and the government doesn't even know who you are.
It's going to operate like a Swiss bank account.
They're setting up a giant cash machine for themselves so when they blow stuff up, they'll make... I mean, they're institutionalizing the insider trading now on terrorist attacks.
You want... Folks, this is... I'm about to just start flopping around on the ground here any minute.
This is about to make me go into a catatonic state.
This is so off the charts, I don't even have words to try to describe how overt and sick this is.
And folks, I tuned into Neocon Radio this morning.
They were saying this is good.
Well, this helps us with intelligence.
People go and bet in the most dangerous form of so-called investing.
You get better odds playing the slot machines or the roulette wheel.
And they're going to do it betting on American cities and betting on our troops?
And the neocons are going, how dare these liberals come out against us?
And people call in, those darn liberals!
Oh, I can't stand them.
I'll try to elaborate on this and read the news articles.
I mean, it's right out of the Associated Press.
This is such, just, this is all off the charts.
And it's done on purpose.
We'll be right back.
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No, folks, I can't back down.
My family lives in this country.
I love America.
And I'm not going to let a bunch of neocons and their ugly stepchild Democrat servants bring down America for the New World Order.
And on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, we've got the Defense Department program taking terror bets.
Program models, futures, markets.
And again, they just calmly announce it in the Associated Press and CNET News.
Just, oh yeah, they're going to have bets on what happens to our troops.
And see, this is what they did, the government did last time knowing about 9-1-1.
They put options on key areas.
And then knew you'd find out, and knew that those people that were thinkers would know that they were behind 9-1-1, but they don't care.
So now they're going to set it up right out in front of you, and it says it's going to be password protected with code words.
No one will know who's making the bets, and you'll get your money.
Don't worry.
You can go cash in with the Pentagon, and so they'll blow stuff up and kill Americans and nerve gases and release smallpox and take over our society and make big money off the stock market and
No one will ever say investigate.
It'll just be, well, we make our profits.
Ha ha ha.
And you'll say, you're with Al-Qaeda.
And they'll go, no.
They'll say, you're with Al-Qaeda if you ask questions.
We're the good guys that wear the black ski mask.
Defense Department program taking terror bets program models futures markets.
A new Department of Defense program allows traders to bet on the likelihood of future terrorist attacks.
The Department's Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, or DARPA, designed what is called the Policy Analyst Market.
The program works much like the financial markets, where traders buy and sell futures based on the possibility of specific events in the Middle East.
It goes on, some of the examples listed on the agency's website include the assassination of President Trump,
Of the Palestinian president, or former Palestinian president, Yasser Arafat, as a missile attack by North Korea on the U.S.
bidders would profit if these events for which they hold futures occur.
Defense officials said the market-based system is highly accurate when assessing such things as political and civil...
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Well, that's what the government intends to do.
That's what the military industrial complex intends to make a little money off what they're going to do and institutionalize it.
Wow, General, where'd you get the new 25-bedroom house on 1,000 acres?
Where'd you get this new $20 million home?
Where'd you get the money?
Well, I made a good bet.
Rumsfeld told me I don't get to be part of the major Swiss account operation in the billions, but we are giving tips.
This is a small bonus cadre.
And these idiots buy it, but people don't even see what we're doing and blame you.
Oh, yeah!
By the way, did I mention I'm a conservative?
Please give us your firearms.
We're going to take good care of you.
Don't mind all those prisons we're building.
I mean, folks, this is just, all this is off the charts.
Off the charts.
Off the charts.
Off the charts.
And I guarantee you, they said, look,
It came out in the news, we did insider trading, top government people did, CIA did, on United American.
Why not just institutionalize it and do it right in front of them?
They'll buy anything.
They'll buy police and black scheme-ass running around and go, oh, look, there's the good guys.
They'll buy cameras on every street corner.
They'll buy open borders as families have their goods thrown out on the side of the road in the heartland of America on the 4th of July at checkpoints.
They'll buy it, so why not just institutionalize it?
And that's what they're doing.
It's like right here in Austin, Texas.
You get arrested for not wearing a seatbelt.
They walk into your jail cell.
This has been on the news.
It's in my film, The Police State 3.
I said on the news, you're now guilty until proven innocent.
Doesn't matter if you're arrested for any misdemeanor.
We're going to need you to admit to several crimes before you leave.
And it lists family violence, drug dealing, drunken driving, hit and run, all sorts of crimes you admit to to get out of jail for parking tickets.
See, it's just overt insaneness.
And then they say you're insane.
It's like being teleported back to the Aztecs where they're cutting people's hearts out.
And if you'd have said you people are crazy, they'd have looked at you and said, no, you're crazy.
So that's what they're doing.
The neocons have said it.
Ron Paul's talked about it.
They want to, quote, train us to accept evil and enter into evil.
They're making evil good.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, I want the listeners to understand something.
I'm not exaggerating.
The Pentagon is going ahead with a plan for a put options or speculation market run by the Total Information Awareness Network and the convicted felon
This is admitted.
Admiral Poindexter, who isn't supposed to get near any type of securities, out of the Pentagon, and with anonymity, you get a password and your cash gets sent to Swiss bank accounts, and you go bet on when the next terror attack's going to be or where U.S.
troops are going to be killed or who's going to get assassinated or where North Korean nuclear bombs are going to go off in the U.S.
or Japan.
This is mainstream news, and they report like it's good.
Oh, they're going to run a dead pool.
It helps them get some information and track things.
Folks, they're institutionalizing evil.
They're training you.
This is a psychological warfare tactic to hide things in plain view.
They know what they're doing.
I mean, it was the CIA and elements of the government that did the put options, the record put options on United in America seven days and three days before September 11th.
Record put options.
Six times what they'd ever been in the past.
And then a German newspaper said, we'll be able to find out who did this by tracking it back.
And it got tracked back to the government and the CIA.
The story got shut down.
So now nobody talks about that.
But so they can get away with it, they're just going to institutionalize it and go, we're official.
We bet on who's going to die next here at the Pentagon.
As if that's not bad enough.
I mean, a general, you know, has got the troops in a position, let some of them die so he'll win the big bet.
I mean, they won't let betting get involved with baseball.
You know, if you're involved in the game, look at all the...
Pete Rose and people, but they're going to have the Pentagon!
I mean, this is... I shouldn't laugh, but see, this is how crazy it's gotten.
And I heard neocons going, well, this will help them get key data and a free market system.
I'm all for it.
There's nothing wrong with speculation, much less run by the government in government affairs.
I mean, folks, this is so bad from a thousand different angles, a million different facets.
And it says here, a critic said this allows terrorists who are planning an attack to profit on the assault or even make false bets to mislead authorities.
That's the plan, because the terrorists are the authorities, see?
Members of Congress said the market idea is not only wasteful but repugnant.
I think it's unbelievably stupid.
No, it's very sophisticated and very smart.
And I think they'll go ahead and go ahead with it.
They'll claim they canceled it and they'll have a new name for it.
And you'll be able to go place bets by next month, folks.
It's official here.
But this is amazing.
This is absolutely amazing.
Senator Ron Wyden said, The bizarre plan we are describing today is a waste of taxpayer money, and it needs to stop immediately.
The program's intent is clear.
The federal government is encouraging people to bet on and make money from atrocities and terrorist attacks.
Now, I've been going for 36 minutes, and I haven't really gotten to the point of what this really is.
When our soldiers got killed by Iraqi thugs, and they are Iraqi thugs, Republican guards, CIA trained and bred right here in the U.S.
at Fort Benning, in torture, you name it.
They learned all that from our government.
When our troops, our good troops, got killed and were dead in those bunkers, you know, drug off in those holes, and they were showing the images on the media, that was wrong until the family had been advised.
And it was macabre.
And you notice the government didn't want that to happen.
But when they supposedly killed the Iraq brothers, which is just, folks, every piece of evidence points towards it being a fraud.
I mean, they admit what they showed you was wax statues.
Okay, anyways, maybe you didn't hear that.
It was admitted, okay?
Minor footnote.
There's about ten different lies they've been caught in.
We don't know what the truth is.
That's the point with these people.
They're saying different things.
So which Bush do we believe?
It's like, which Clinton do we believe?
Comedy Central has this piece.
We're going to post it.
Comedy Central has this piece where it's Bush arguing with Bush.
It was amazing, folks.
But again...
I'm getting off track.
What is this really all about?
This is not just about the government institutionalizing insider trading for themselves and making clandestine profits off terror they carry out.
They can already do that.
They've already done it.
This is about institutionalizing a running man society.
Where instead of betting on the soccer or the dogs or the ponies or the Super Bowl or the National Hockey League, you bet on where the next terror attack will be.
I mean, talk about sick.
And, of course, Gary Hart has already said at the CFR that Cleveland, Dallas, and Denver.
So I guess go place your bets in the next year they're going to get hit.
I tell you, it's so sick!
So, yeah, whatever Hart says, bet on that, man.
That's where the bet's at.
Again, see, they know this is so crazy that your cognitive dissonance will kick in.
So it's The Running Man, the number one television show in the whole wide world.
And if you haven't seen The Running Man, you need to go rent it.
If you haven't seen They Live, John Carpenter, go get it.
If you haven't watched 1984, go rent it.
And then look at these videos of nightmare futures, or read the books.
Go read a Philip K. Dick book written 20, 30 years ago.
It's all happened.
We're in nightmare world.
We're here.
And you've got a brainwashed public that can't even see it.
These are some of the other headlines, and I'm going to your calls.
A voting machine fails inspection.
It admits that one of the major big three voter machines can be accessed from outside, is designed to be accessed, and is fraud-driven.
I've got AP, CNET News, Baltimore Sun.
We had the lady on a big corporate...
Fraud investigator who found out that all the voting machines are accessible by wireless internet.
The League of Women Voters is trying to block a bill so there'll be a paper ballot record and where independent groups can look at the machines and know how they work.
I mean, the League of Women Voters is blocking a paper ballot and trying to block any inspection of the voting machines?
I mean, folks, see, it's all la-la land.
It's all...
Oh, man.
Let's just take some.
Folks, I've got probably, I'm not exaggerating, 50 articles.
They're all this crazy.
They're all this crazy.
Remember in Israel a few months ago, the young quarry girl, no criminal record, great family, a Christian, by the way.
The media tried to call her a leftist.
She was a Christian.
We're good to go.
And our news said, yeah, she got what she deserved.
And the Christian groups say that if you are for that Carrie girl, you're going to hell.
You've got to support bulldozers running over Christians by Israelis, or you're evil.
And I've got an article right here from The Guardian where they now admit they target Palestinian kids.
They'll shoot them twice in the head.
So everybody knows they're shooting four-year-old kids now outside their parents' house.
Or out by the garden or out getting water.
And they laugh about it.
And now they've shot other U.S.
protesters, American college kids, Christian missionaries.
And now there's a news report the Israelis will tell them, hey, you better watch it or you're going to end up like Corey.
And then I thought back to 1989, Tiananmen Square, those tanks running over the people.
But see, that's bad.
But it's good when Israel does it.
Imagine if Saddam had a bet going on a currency exchange about when Americans would die, when American cities would get nuked, when American soldiers would get shot.
The Pentagon announced this.
But if Saddam did it, it'd be so horrible.
But when our government does it, it's so good, and you're a liberal if you're against it.
I mean, folks, they've got all this propaganda about how Saddam's sons had rape vans and they would savagely rape women for power and they would tell the young girls, you're going to hell because I've done this to you.
And I have no doubt.
I bet that's true.
You know what?
I bet it's true.
Because I know power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
And I know Jesus Christ said that the governments of the world are held under the sway of the dark one and his children.
And so, yeah, oh yeah, Saddam's real bad, folks.
And so are his dirty sons.
So Satan comes in and squashes one of his lower demons, one of his servants, and we go, oh, Satan, oh, you're so good.
Your world government you're forming is so good, and you're bulldozers running over children, and BATF burning down churches, and seizing churches, and Dyncor caught kidnapping 200,000 women and children.
Oh, you're so good.
Will you please run our lives?
See, the big monolithic New World Order system...
Says, well, these thermal countries are evil.
We're going to take them out.
Yeah, they're evil, and you gave them weapons.
And when our troops get hit by those weapons, you don't treat our troops.
So that's the point.
You have to think three-dimensionally.
You have to think in a multifaceted, field-view spectrum of analysis to understand and correlate facts as they interconnect with each other.
We're in deep trouble.
That's all I can say.
It's just off the scales.
Every day, folks, they're charting new territory of insanity.
Let's talk to John in England and Justina, I think, in Canada.
John in England, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi there, Alex.
Guess what?
They've already canceled it.
BBC News is reporting that the Pentagon have already cancelled this ridiculous scheme.
That means it'll be doubled in funding within one month, guaranteed as they're following past parameters and patterns.
Yeah, new name as well, I bet.
They'll probably call it... I don't know.
What do you think?
What do you think they'll call it?
Security Protection Tracking Force.
Or maybe, I don't know, bettingunlimited.com.
How about something like that?
Alex, can I plug my new website?
Sure, what's your website?
It's thoughtcrimenews.com.
Hey, that's a good name!
Yeah, thanks.
You got a link to us at thoughtcrimenews.com?
Oh, absolutely.
I've got a link there.
I'm hoping to host some of your movies as well for people who can't afford to purchase them from you.
That's how I got woken up and broken out of my transfers, thanks to your video, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
What do you mean, poor Paul Joseph Watson?
What do you mean, poor Paul Joseph Watson?
No, no, sorry, not poor Paul Joseph Watson.
He's a bit busy because he's moving home at the moment.
I didn't say poor.
Yeah, you did.
No, no, I understand.
Yeah, he's really busy trying to track the whole global scene with PrisonPlanet.com, and he's building a lot of new archives and stuff.
Yeah, I'll be focusing more on British politics in general, but also the worldview.
But, I mean, you know, the subtitle to my site is Cutting Through the Propaganda.
I'm sick of all the nonsense.
And I also want to say to you, I'm Jewish.
My real name is Simon Aronowitz.
I was using John until I went public.
And I have to tell you, I disagree with what Israel does at times.
And I get sick of being accused of being anti-Israel by my own family.
Well, yeah, I mean, look, I bash our government, I bash the German government, I bash all these governments, and Israel's running over our citizens with tanks and shooting Reuters reporters from England in the head as they wave white flags.
I mean, this is not acceptable, and it's insane, and I was just illustrating how crazy all of this is.
Yeah, it's unacceptable in any country, but for some reason people seem to think that because it's Israel, we need to defend it because we've been brought up to think we need to defend it.
That's Zionism.
Well, it is.
It's another form of racism.
And, hey, the Orthodox Jews in New York are speaking out against the atheistic, God-hating people that run Israel today.
And it's the same people who run D.C.
and run New York, and they're German, they're Jewish, they're Chinese, they're evil, and the good people of the world have got to stand up and say no to evil.
Hey, John, what do you think about him coming out and going, yeah, the voting machines don't work and are hooked into some secret government group, but ah, so what, just accept it.
Alex, I also wanted to say to you there, it took 21 years for them to figure out that Roberto Calvi didn't hang himself, didn't commit suicide.
Is it going to take 21 years to figure out what really happened with Dr. Kelly?
You think?
Well, for those that don't know, tell them about who you just mentioned, the history of it.
Roberto Calvi was an Italian banker, nicknamed God's Banker, and he was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in 1982, that's Blackfriars Bridge in London, in the City of London, and you can read into all sorts of things where the City of London, David Icke, has done that.
But, oh, you know, they found him with bricks in his pockets, and his fingerprints weren't on the bricks or anything else, and they said, oh, he hung himself.
Well, he was responsible for skimming off of Vatican money and various other things, apparently.
And it took 21 years for now the Italians to come out and say, oh, he didn't commit suicide.
He was murdered.
Now, is it going to take 21 years for them to figure out, go back and exhume David Kelly's body and maybe find out he didn't slash his wrist?
Well, within eight hours of finding him, they said, it's official.
It's a suicide.
No foul play.
We're not investigating.
And the guy's sending emails around saying, I'm going to get my good name back.
I can't wait to get back to Iraq.
I mean, they obviously killed Kelly.
Talks about dark axes.
Dark actors around him, people mistreating him, threatening him.
Well, I want to say it on the record.
I will never commit suicide, and I have been threatened by dark actors, and if they're going to kill me, they're going to have to say they killed me or some carjacker did.
It's not going to be Alex Jones committed suicide.
Alex, do you think anyone who cuts their wrist would ever lie face down?
Because I can't see that likely.
Well, it's obvious what they did.
They grabbed him.
Shot him up with a hypo full of the barbiturates, threw the pills out, slit his wrist, laid him out there, waited until he was dead and left.
Yeah, well, quite simply, it stinks.
And it stinks like just about everything else going on right now.
Hey, what type of extremists are you?
Hey, why don't you start a website where we bet on what U.S.
troops are going to die next and we'll call ourselves patriots?
I mean, the Pentagon was going to do it.
Oh, it is a little bit unethical.
Oh, hang on.
I can sell out my ethics and go and join the government, can't I?
Well, you can be a government agent and blow stuff up and then make money off of it.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, we're not the enemy combatants.
We're the constitutionalists.
We want America back, and I would guess that John wants England back.
England isn't bad.
America's not bad.
It's the people running our countries.
And by the way, why do the neocons love the big liberal Tony Blair?
Why are they selling t-shirts at him?
See, that shows how they scrambled everything.
We'll come back and talk to a lady in Canada and a bunch of other people like Walt in Michigan and others.
You'll want to stay with us.
And yes, I'll plug my videos too.
So get your pens and paper ready.
We'll be right back with more Insanity.
We're good to go.
I think.
I think.
I think.
I think.
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I think?
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Order online now at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, Justina in Canada.
Justina, welcome to the airwaves.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much.
I'm a first-time caller, and you have a very interesting show, Alex.
Well, thank you.
I appreciate it.
You're very brave.
I wanted to ask you, do you know anything about a QX machine or a QSE machine?
These are machines that have been invented by, from what I understand, NASA scientists, and they take out allergies and chemical sensitivities and food sensitivities.
Have you heard of anything like this?
There's a lot of magic machines and a lot of magic cures.
You know, I have...
I have tried that machine, and they are very effective, especially the QSE machine, and I just wondered if they could be
Well, the government has lots of different patents on mind control devices and machines that put out a resonance that can control you.
That's all admitted.
But then people who claim they've got a machine that heals everything and goes out on all these frequencies and specifically knocks out cancer, specifically...
I mean, there are machines that will affect your body, but all these specifics.
I mean, they had machines 100 years ago in magazines that were sold mail order.
And they would just heal everything, but you could never open the machine up, or then you couldn't return it because you rented the machine.
And, of course, people opened the machines up as just a bunch of wires and a light bulb.
So there's a lot of disgusting scams going on, and they give the alternative media a bad name.
Does that answer your question?
Well, I have found that machine to be effective as far as allergies goes, because I have allergies, and I know what it is.
Well, look, I don't even know what the machine is.
Is it an air cleaner, or is it some type of... No, it's just a small machine, and it has different frequencies, and it's...
My concern is, I know that it works, but my concern is could it be used for some sort of mind control, and especially where it's been invented by NASA scientists, you know, and I know about all these mind control things going on.
So that is my concern.
I have no idea.
You don't know?
Okay, well, thank you so much.
Thank you for the call.
I really appreciate it.
You know, I just stick to stuff, bills, legislation, news articles,
Amassing foreign troops, mainstream news, huge FEMA camps, Rocky Mountain News, Associated Press.
I know they have Humvees with microwave guns that burn your skin mounted.
I know they've got ultra-low and ultra-high frequency that'll make you sick.
This is all admitted.
But as for all the people saying, I'm a NASA scientist, I got this magic machine, send me $5,000.
Or I've got this other magic pill that heals everything.
I just deal with real stuff I can prove.
That stuff may all be real, but again, once you step off into that stuff... Take my videos.
We're at the end of this hour, and I haven't plugged them.
You heard a caller last segment say that he woke up because he saw The Road to Tyranny online.
I hope you'll buy it on DVD or VHS.
I hope you'll make copies of it for nonprofit, not for sale purposes.
I hope you'll get Police State 3 Total Enslavement or my book, Descent into Tyranny.
Go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order the films.
Or call toll-free right now at 1-888-253-3139.
And this is real stuff, stuff we can prove, and it's hard to believe itself.
Or InfoWars.com or Net-to-Order.
Get the films.
Don't wait.
Wake America up.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
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This is the Dennis' Communications Radio Network.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, already into the second hour.
We've got Professor Michael Chosodosky joining us to go over the... Well, there's so many lies, we just want to know which one is the truth.
The government's been caught in a bunch of different lies concerning the supposed killings of Saddam's sons.
There's a bunch of new 911 developments and the people on the so-called commission that are whitewashing.
That's all coming up in a bunch of other news as well.
Let's talk to Walt in Michigan.
Go ahead.
Walt, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing, bud?
Fine, my friend.
Listen, I just saw something that just occurred to me.
I wanted to talk to you about it and ask you.
I'm thinking about calling Joseph Ferris' talk show today.
You know, they're promoting Ann Coulter's book on their website.
What really bothers me, I heard her running her mouth and saying all the mean things and
About people that were calling in and trying to ask her questions the other day concerning her knowledge about the New World Order.
And then she's making a mocking statement or a joke.
Yeah, she's saying that Bush's gun control is okay and the orbit borders are all right.
Yeah, we're bad for being against it, yeah.
I'll tell you what, and I didn't call to... I don't consider World Net Daily any longer like it used to be, you know, really against the New World Order.
Yeah, it's gotten a lot more neocon.
They've still got some good stuff, though.
Well, what I'm getting at is this, okay?
All the work that you've done about Bohemian Grove and all the police state they're setting up, you know, global police state, through the U.N., and...
All of those things that you've been doing, and I've been doing since 1980, and then this lady comes on, and I've seen her on a late-night talk show frequently as a so-called conservative.
Then she goes and attacks and calls people crazy who ask her legitimate questions about George Bush and these guys concerning their membership and activities in the New World Order.
Well, we started talking about...
Well, that's my point.
The point is, all she is is a neutralizer, in my opinion.
Her job is to neutralize any kind of suspicion that might be growing concerning... She's an apologist.
Yeah, it's... Well, I don't know about that, but I know that Hope did go to the Bohemian Grove.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Got to jump because I want to get this other caller in before we get a break.
John in Tennessee, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yeah, I got a copy of the U.S.
Senate press conference about DARPA's Deadpool, and I'll send you a copy or I can play it over the telephone if you'd like.
It's about 13 minutes long.
Please send me a copy of that.
Do you have it on VHS?
Yeah, I'll FedEx it tonight.
I'm begging you to send me that.
So what did they say about how they're going to bet on our soldiers?
Well, the two senators are Byron Durgan, I guess.
I've got the articles about that.
And Ron Wyden.
And they were just saying it's the nuttiest, craziest thing they've ever seen in their whole careers.
They were just really livid, you know, the way a good American should be every day in the Congress, but at least finally they're looking kind of pissed off.
And they're still...
I agree.
Over ten days ago, all the Democrats in Congress were banned by D.C.
police from entering the Capitol building under the illegal orders of the Republican leaders.
And that was when one congressman called another congressman a homosexual, and they turned into a fist fight of some sort, so they just brought the cops in and banned all the Democrats.
You know, I'm sorry to be going to the call so quick because we've got Professor Chasadosky coming up.
It's amazing.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Yeah, I've got something on the... Tell you what, stay there.
I'm going to come back, get Chasadosky on, then I'll get you up first.
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Welcome, my friends.
We're joined by Professor Michael Chosodosky.
And he can stay with us for the rest of this hour.
Hopefully into the next hour, because I want to take calls this hour and next hour for Professor Chosodosky.
He's the publisher of a magazine.
He's written a book.
He's also put out some documentary films.
He's done a lot of great analysis on just basic propaganda.
And yesterday we posted an article that he'd written that was full of hyperlinks to mainstream sources where the government contradicted themselves about ten different times and then rolled out these wax figurines, basically, of Saddam Hussein's supposed sons.
The whole thing reeking of Wag the Dog, then we have the past of all the lies we've been told, and we have this story coming out at an opportune time with the Niger nuclear lie news coming out and the poll numbers dropping.
I will say this is better than the military-industrial complex carrying out a terror attack to get the poll numbers back up.
So we've got to Professor Chasadosky to talk about this subject and also the 911 White Watch Commission and how some of the people involved in that commission are involved in September 11th.
And we'll also go to your calls on both these subjects if you'd like to get involved on air at 1-800-259-9231.
But first, Professor Chasadosky...
First, I want to also tell folks about your website that's just full of amazing stuff, including that Comedy Central piece where Bush debates Bush.
It's globalresearch.ca, and one could spend several days on the website.
And, folks, I know what I'm talking about.
There's excellent analysis on the site.
They even go into the Federal Reserve and the private nature of it.
So, the left and right waking up across the board to the New World Order.
This is very exciting.
Professor Chasadosky, first off, Pentagon got caught setting up their own insider trading scheme right out in the open to bet on dead soldiers and dead U.S.
citizens and foreigners they were going to kill.
Obvious conflict of interest where you've got the Pentagon running a betting service in the billions of dollars with secret names being introduced with anonymity to Swiss bank accounts.
This is all admitted.
And, of course, you're going to have generals betting on people that are going to die because they're going to kill them.
It's also a cover so the CIA can do put options like they did on 9-1-1.
This is so insane that I don't even have ways to describe how bad this running man scenario is.
Your comments?
Well, yes, it's pushing inside trading, the concept of inside trading to the nth degree because, in effect...
It allows the military and intelligence community to amass significant profits by betting on speculative instruments.
But, but, but... Yeah, they're already doing it.
They're already doing it.
And I hate to jump in again, but I don't think listeners understand just how crazy this is.
I think.
Well, I think they've announced it because they want to have people invest in this venture.
In other words, people on Main Street USA who say, wow, I'm going to put my savings into this.
Obviously, people who are investing in this, who have no inside knowledge of when and where these political assassinations and war plans are going to occur...
will, of course, lose their lifetime savings.
That is the hidden agenda.
But they have to make a public announcement so that they can start having people investing.
That is the whole nature of derivative trade.
Some people lose, other people gain.
And, of course, the people who have all the inside information and who are, in fact, involved in a certain type of insider trade, which is, as you said, blatantly illegal and immoral...
Are they cashing in and appropriating billions of dollars of the people who have been sucked into putting their money into this kind of operation?
Well, Professor Chossodosky, I thought things were crazy eight, nine years ago on the air.
But in the last year, we crossed some magic Rubicon into Twilight Zone world.
I mean, folks, I'm not kidding when I say Twilight Zone.
I'm beginning to think we may be in an episode.
We're good to go.
And now they're going to have some big running man TV show.
They're talking about having this on one of the financial networks as they track the dead pool.
Are you as stunned by this as I am, Professor?
Well, I mean, I think it's consistent with the direction of this administration.
The way, the whole pattern of...
of occupation where civilians are being killed where this killing of the sons of Saddam Hussein is being used as a big media event which essentially serves the purpose of distracting western public opinion from the broader issue which is really war crimes committed
By the Bush administration and, of course, the government of Tony Blair.
And why?
Because this war was based on a fabricated pretext, phony intelligence, misleading public opinion.
And the bottom line, ultimately, is profit.
It's the tremendous oil reserves of Iraq, of the broader region.
And, by the way, Professor Chossudovsky, as you know well,
Right before the Saddam story comes out, the diversion, finally some of the Energy Commission numbers get released, and Cheney, two months before 9-1-1, is having meetings with oil execs carving up Iraq.
I mean, this is so staged.
This is so obvious.
Any comments to Cheney's Energy Commission?
Well, yeah, you're absolutely right.
I mean...
It's also the fact that you have key individuals within the Bush administration, including the Vice President, who are in obvious conflict of interest because they have a stake in some of the large oil companies.
We know that Cheney is a former...
CEO of Halliburton, and Halliburton is there on the receiving end in the so-called reconstruction of Iraq, which essentially, as you pointed out, is dividing up the spoils of war and handing it over to private companies.
And the same thing is true for Condoleezza Rice, who was working with Chevron Texaco,
Prior to assuming her position as National Security Advisor.
Do you have any word, Professor, about this oil executive who was nominated to be the new Navy Secretary committing suicide and how that ties in with Dr. David Kelly?
Well, I haven't followed that particular slant, but I think, of course, the issue of David Kelly's so-called suicide...
Which is yet to be established, points to a much broader issue.
It may well also be a political assassination.
And it's clear that David Kelly had information which, if made public in a British parliamentary committee, could, of course,
Twelve years old.
Also, the mobile weapons trucks, they knew day one that the British had sold that to Saddam in 1985.
They were for pumping up hydrogen surveillance blimps.
They knew day one, but for months said, we found the mobile weapons trucks.
That right there is bigger in total than the Niger lie.
Well, there's a whole string of lies.
I think there's a whole string of lies.
It's not... And what the administration is trying to do is that they're saying...
16 words in the State of the Union address is an inadvertent technical mistake of the CIA, blah, blah, blah.
Of course, it's not.
But we're not talking about one small piece of planted inaccuracy.
There are dozens of them.
There are dozens, there are dozens and dozens, and they're war crimes.
By the dozen.
So we're dealing essentially with the criminalization of the state, the whole apparatus.
And I think 9-11 ties into that because increasingly we see that 9-11 is not simply an issue of
Of whether the FBI didn't act in the right way or the CIA made mistakes, it is much more fundamental if the links of key members of the Bush administration and of previous administrations to the Islamic terrorist organizations from the very outset in the late 70s.
We'll be right back, Professor, with calls and more.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
All right, my friends, Alex Jones here back live.
My websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.com.
They've been freshly updated for you today with vital news and information.
Our guest website is GlobalResearch.ca.
We'll tell you about some of the work they've done, the magazine that they produce.
It's even had my writings in it.
And a powerful little book that Professor Chosodosky's written that exposes how the globalists carried out September 11th.
There isn't an honest jury in the world when shown the months of evidence.
It would take months to show all this evidence.
It wouldn't convict the military-industrial complex of carrying out September 11th.
We're about to go back to John and Dan and others that are patiently holding him.
We'll hold Professor Chasadosky into the next hour if he can stay with us because we've got a lot of issues to talk about.
We haven't gotten into the Hussein's son story either.
But, Professor, briefly getting back into this,
I think we're good to go.
That shows kind of the delusional thing we've seen with Stalin and Hitler or Caligula.
Do you expect Bush to marry his horse or something in the near future?
Have we reached that type of Roman emperor insanity?
Because I'm seeing a lot of signs of that.
Well, you know, I for one don't believe that Bush is the ultimate power behind this project.
Oh yeah, he's obviously a puppet, yeah.
He is a puppet.
Now, whether previous dictators in history were puppets or not, that's a very complex issue.
But today, we have this facade of democracy, of a...
...of a pseudo-president.
We've got these key advisors behind him.
We've got the military-industrial complex, Wall Street playing.
We have the Council on Foreign Relations, the Project for the New American Century.
All that is very important.
And, in fact, Bush is just as much a puppet as he is a scapegoat, because in the wake of this Niger scandal...
People are putting the plug on Bush, and they're putting the plug on Bush so that the real powers behind the system can relax and say, well, we're not involved in this.
Professor, that's why I like you, because that is very sophisticated.
Last night, I was sitting there in bed.
Trying to go to sleep thinking about this, and it's clear.
They can trash Bill Clinton, they can trash George Bush, but then the establishment looks clean.
They can trash some Martha Stewart, who's a tiny fish, compared to the big whales.
And big sharks of corruption.
And yes, Bush and the whole debate around Bush is a diversion, but the think tanks and the policy boards that represent the top corporations of the New World Order, they are the real power.
How do we bring them to justice?
Well, absolutely.
Alex, just one thing.
I'd like to mention our 1-800 number, so people, if they want to order my book or our magazine, it's 1-
I'll repeat that.
It's 888-713-8500.
And some of the issues that you... I mean, we've gone into a tremendous amount of detail on this evolving New World Order.
We were particularly concerned in the present issue...
On the question of nuclear weapons, because just before the beginning of the campaign against Iraq, the Bush administration made the statement, we will use nuclear weapons against Iraq if they use their weapons of mass destruction.
And Tony Blair's government said exactly the same thing.
And in the wake of the war, the Senate went ahead and actually said, okay, go ahead, guys.
And now they're funding these mini-nukes.
Yeah, the mini, the so-called strategic tactical nuclear weapons.
They are harmless.
But in fact, it's six times Hiroshima.
Up to six times Hiroshima.
Yeah, because they're detonated at ground level.
Causes a lot of radiation.
They're saying that they want to go ahead and invade North Korea.
It's obvious, Professor, they're trying to escalate North Korea into making a first move, just like they have the ten-part plan to get the Japanese to attack us.
Well, absolutely.
And there again, I think the whole question of North Korea, what was behind this, whether it was... There was an agreement which was signed between the two governments
And in fact, it's not North Korea which is really a threat to world security or to security in the Korean Peninsula, it's the United States.
And it just so happens that the North Koreans use nuclear power plants to generate... Stay there.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
Your call's up next.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm going to go back to Professor Michael Chosodosky here in just a few minutes, then I promise to John and Dan and others.
If you want to join us on air to talk about any of the lies, the Deadpool betting on dead Americans, that the convicted felon Admiral Poindexter wanted to run out of the Pentagon...
The insider trading, mass criminality to be publicly run.
In your face, their new policy of committing all crimes right in front of you and saying evil is good.
We haven't even gotten into the Saddam sons and how obviously fake this whole thing is.
I mean, they've been caught in a bunch of lies.
We just don't know what's true.
So we'll talk about that and get the insights from Professor Chasadosky as well and get into this new 9-1-1 whitewash commission and
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Dozens of other examples of government-sponsored terror.
It's an amazing new video.
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At 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And all that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
So please don't wait.
Please take action.
And Professor Chosodosky, if folks go to globalresearch.ca, they can get other great materials that are excellent for waking people up.
888-713-8500 That's 888-
713-8500, and they can get a subscription to our magazine, Global Outlook, several books, my own book, and videos, and they can order also online.
Bottom line, Professor, bottom line here, if we don't get the word out about these criminals, and there's only a few good sources of this info, you do a great job, I do a good job, a few others do,
If we don't get the word out, if the people don't help us get the word out, the globalists are going to carry out more terror, and then we're going to have to watch them pose as our saviors.
And that's a question I got for you.
And we were about to go to Dan, but he hung up, so we'll go to John and others.
Trying to understand this.
Knowing they're criminals, knowing they carried out 9-1-1, knowing they're bloodthirsty, what is it like for you to watch them on TV posing as our saviors, Professor?
Well, what is it?
I mean, each time I watch TV, I record more falsehoods.
It is, of course... Okay, we're having phone line problems.
I think of the network, because I've been hearing a clicking a while.
Mark, what's going on?
Okay, we'll try to get...
We'll try to get him back on then.
And that was a disconnection.
I don't know if that's on our end or his end.
Right now, while we're getting Professor Chosodosky back on, let's go ahead and talk to John in Tennessee.
John, go ahead and finish up with what you were saying.
Yeah, maybe we should start betting against the Democrats at DARPA's website.
When the U.S.
Congress was under martial law last week on TV, it looked like a coup d'etat going down.
Now, for those that missed that story, why don't you break it down for people?
Yeah, the House Speaker was banging his gavel and yelling at a congressman to sit down and shut up while the congressman screamed into his microphone trying to warn the American public that the D.C.
police had locked all the Democrats out of the U.S.
And to me, it looked like there was some kind of fistfight between two congressmen calling one a homosexual.
But that was between one congressman and another.
And CNN tried to spin it like
Oh, it's so funny.
They did them like boxers and they put their stats up, who could knock out who, like it's a big joke.
But to me, it looked like when Yeltsin deposed Gorbachev in the Russian Politburo on live TV or Napoleon using his army to remove the French legislators at gunpoint.
Yeah, I saw that story.
That's what I mean.
Everything's gotten so crazy, there's no way to even track it anymore.
Well, that's where the Democrats in the White House in 2004 are based on Mike Carrier, Hillary.
The PAX TV Encounters program did a feature on the assassination of JFK Jr.
GMRs and TV news, local news, said JFK Jr.
Senate in 2000 against Giuliani and Hillary and was a done deal for president in 2004.
was running for U.S.
PAX said there was several witnesses who saw the airplane explode in midair
had over 700 hours flight time, and the weather was clear, and they said either the mafia killed him for Giuliani, or the Clinton backers killed him for Hillary.
You're telling me PAX TV came out with all that?
Yes, I'll send you a copy of that, too.
I'm begging for that.
You can buy it from their website, too, or they show it on TV about every three months.
All right, thanks for the call.
Really appreciate that.
Thank you so much, John.
We've got Professor Chosodosky back.
You were talking about watching television and just the bizarreness of it.
Please continue, Professor.
Well, you know, it's difficult to say.
I think we get a lot of information from television because precisely we're able to corroborate the lies.
Statements are made about events and then you can corroborate and see what actually happened.
I think people will have to start doing that.
They have to start identifying the lies which are transmitted on mainstream television.
Because most of those lies are refuted from the horse's mouth, from official documents and so on.
They're always contradicting themselves.
And a great example of this, you've written a detailed article with hyperlinks to DefenseLink and all the government's own documents.
Break down just all the different lies.
We don't know what the truth is.
We just know we're being lied to about the Saddam brothers and this opportunistic announcement of this as the poll numbers were plunging.
Yeah, well, precisely.
It's a typical wag the dog type of thing.
It's not the first time that a U.S.
government has used wag the dog.
I think we should also recall that Clinton, back in 1998, at the time when he was being...
He had trouble with Monica Lewinsky.
He... And the impeachment motion was already in the Senate.
That was the day when he started bombing Iraq.
And prior to bombing Iraq, he ordered the recall of the UN inspectors.
And that was wag the dog, because the whole news chain was focusing on the bombings.
Monica's appearance before the grand jury, which otherwise would have been given a lot of prominence in the news chain, was relegated to brief reports.
And again, they've done the same thing here.
They've used the
They've used the Saddam sons, and particularly this derelict son, Uday, who's been involved in, who's a sort of a playboy, and who's been involved in scandals and so on, and atrocities and so on.
They've played up this individual with a view to, in a sense, lowering the heat on the issues of phony intelligence, war crimes, and so on.
And that is, I think, very serious because the Bush administration is involved in war crimes and they're using this incident in Iraq essentially to...
And then they show the bodies, and they're not charred, looks nothing like the brothers.
Then the next day they bring 12 members of the press to the base, and it's plastic mask, and they admit that they made wax figures, basically, of them.
I mean, it's so fake, it's so shoddy, their own contradictions.
My question is, you know, which lie are we supposed to believe, and why are the lies getting so shoddy?
Go ahead.
Well, the lies are getting shoddy because as this administration proceeds with its war plans and with the resistance from Iraqis to occupation, with public opinion around the world definitely
Pointing to the Bush administration as involved.
They've got to have gimmicks.
Well, they are very much on the defensive, and they think that they can lie through their teeth.
But again, when I look at the narrative of this report on the death of the two sons,
First of all, why, if there are three adult gunmen inside a building, plus a teenager, why do they need Apache helicopters and missiles and rockets, okay?
And then they say, once they throw in the rockets and the missiles, and they say, as you pointed out, that the bodies that, in fact, they say that Uday and Kousai actually died from the missile attack,
They then come up with a statement that they died from gunshot wounds, okay?
And then at the last phase of this attack, which lasts from four to six hours with heavy equipment, they go in the building again and there's one lone gunman.
They don't say who that lone gunman is.
It's the teenager, okay?
And then they say,
First they say there was no resistance from the second floor, but then he starts shooting on us.
Obviously what happened was that they went in and they shot the teenager in cold-blooded murder.
I think our listeners should go through the transcripts.
...of that official statement, and they will see exactly what happened.
They have to read between the lines.
Let me stop, because we're kind of glazing over some areas, and we'll go to Joan and Dan and others.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231 on this live Tuesday edition.
Professor Chosodosky, you talk about why do they need helicopters and tanks and hundreds of troops...
Well, because the troops aren't bad, the helicopter pilots aren't bad.
They're told Saddam's sons are in there.
They've got to do that to kill and disfigure whatever patsy is inside so they can then send in the intelligence agency to come out, dress up the burnt corpse, and say, oh, look, it's the brothers, regardless of it is or isn't.
So we know that's why they did this, whereas they could have just sent in a Delta Force team to wipe these guys out and shoot them and then bring them out.
I mean, this is so obvious.
Well, they could have gone in and arrested them.
That would have been another alternative if they had wanted to do that.
Well, that tells me this isn't the Saddam Brothers, because we have the evidence of the Pentagon paying off the Iraq leadership in gold bars and euros and dollars, admitting they paid off the top generals.
They flew the Taliban and al-Qaeda out to safety in Afghanistan.
They work for the globalists.
We've got the Russian and Iranian reports of Saddam being flown to Belarus.
Whether it's true or not, we've been lied to so many times, I don't know what to believe.
Then they admit these are wax figures.
Well, I haven't actually come to any clear-cut conclusion on this attack.
I've tried to go through the evidence.
But we certainly can't believe the official story.
Well, the official story is full of holes.
As to whether this... As to whether the...
The Saddam sons were in the building or not is still, as you pointed out, is still a question mark.
But I think really what disturbs me there is the way... First of all, the fact that much of the evidence has been manipulated.
Secondly, it's the lack of respect for human life, whoever that life happens to be, you know?
I mean, Al Capone got better treatment...
You know, any known criminal in the U.S.
gets better treatment than politicians in Iraq, because that's what they are.
They're political figures in Iraq, in a country which has been invaded.
Why aren't they arrested?
Why aren't they brought on trial?
Because they don't want it coming out in trial if it really was the brothers who sold the weapons to Saddam, who he worked for.
Well, obviously, they don't want to have... I don't think they want to have Iraqi leaders on trial, because this is not... Of course, this would also bring forth a lot of evidence on complicity between successive U.S.
administrations and Iraqi leadership...
It would also expose the war plans of the Bush administration.
And so they just kill them?
So they just kill them.
I think the decision to kill them, if indeed these are the individuals... So either way, it's a political assassination, down and dirty, or it's a lie.
I mean, either way it's bad.
Well, if it's not a political assassination, it's the killing of innocents.
Whoever happens to have been in that building.
And it's consistent with the way in which they're operating in Iraq, which is essentially killing people left and right every day.
I mean, they're killing civilians.
That's what Chaplaining...
And it's admitted, and then they say the boogeyman of Saddam, he controls all the people, and magically anybody that fights back is controlled by Saddam.
Folks, that is a total joke.
I support the troops.
I want them back in America.
We'll be right back with your calls.
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Okay, folks, Professor Chossodosky has agreed to stay with us about 30 minutes into the next hour, so we can take all your calls.
Then I've got all these other headlines.
Voting machine fails inspection.
Turns out the government's got back doors into the voting machines, so do private corporations.
They admit black boxes in your cars, tracking and tracing you.
There's a proposed law to inform you about this and to remove these.
The feds are screaming, going, no, we plan to make that the law for taxation and control.
And the point that Professor Chasadosky makes is that it isn't George Bush, it isn't Bill Clinton, it isn't Al Gore.
They're all evil puppets.
But it's this establishment...
We're good to go.
And they're going for broke because they know conservatives are in la-la land right now because they think Bush is actually a good guy.
So Bush is a kind of Trojan horse for the agenda because people think he's pushing the agenda.
Joan in Florida, you're on the air with Professor Kosodosky.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I couldn't help but call in because you always say how they throw it in our face.
Well, the very night that the day that they exposed Bush,
The two bodies and showed them on TV and everything.
That night on the news program, now they have these fillers, they actually did a report on the wax museum here and they did a report on the wax museum in London and how the tourist trade is down.
People coming in to see this.
Now I didn't see that.
Was that national news?
You know, Alex, please forgive me because I switch channels and monitor a lot.
And I apologize.
I don't know whether it was Fox or whether it was one of our local stations.
Well, for those that don't know, the reason I point this out is they show us these faces.
They don't look anything like the Saddam Brothers.
Then next, it's wax faces that look like a bad wax museum job.
I mean, this is...
Professor, it's almost like they want thinking people to know that they're criminals and that they're lying.
Your comments on that?
Well, you know, I'm not sure whether they want people to think that they're lying because the act of lying is, well, let's say the act of cover-up
Seems to be done in a very clumsy fashion.
They're very clumsy liars.
They're lying and at the same time they are presenting to public opinion the elements which enable us to say well this simply doesn't make sense.
They must be lying.
I think the problem is that people throughout the world tend to
It's the respect for authority.
And they say, yes, our president has said this, okay?
He can't be a liar.
And even if the lies are absolutely clear-cut, he cannot be a liar.
And I think that we have to break that.
And so they're aware of this and just don't care.
They think we're so dumb.
They put out these pitiful excuses for lies and flip-flop.
I mean, it's like Rumsfeld saying he never said the war was about weapons of mass destruction.
And weapons of mass destruction are secondary.
We never said the war was about that.
I mean, he said that before Congress.
But the thing is that most people in America don't really read the fine print.
They look at the tabloids and then they more or less say, yes, so well.
And then they ultimately conclude, we still believe in America, we believe in the President, and so on.
And we have to, I think, understand that at the heart of this crisis is the legitimacy of the entire political establishment, not only the president, but also the U.S.
Yeah, you got it.
You got it.
And they are destroying America.
We'll be right back with more calls.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, we're already into the third hour.
We do have a ton of news we haven't gotten to coming up.
Your calls, our guest, Professor Michael Kosodosky.
In fact, we're about to go straight to your calls.
We've gotten into the obvious lies.
There's a whole bunch of lies about the Saddam's sons, the two brothers.
We don't know what the truth is.
We know they're just contradicting and lying about it.
And then putting out two wax figures on the news and going, yeah, these are wax faces.
Here's our proof.
Here they are.
I mean, couldn't they have come up with something better?
And we haven't even gotten into 9-1-1 and the latest developments there and this whitewash commission and the people involved on the whitewash board involved in September 11th.
Professor Chosodosky, recapping, tell us about yourself, where you're a professor, how you got into this, and we'll go to Ken and Keith and others that are patiently holding.
Well, essentially, I teach at the University of Ottawa.
I'm director of a small research center, the Center for Research on Globalization.
We have a website at www.globalresearch.ca and we run a magazine which is called Global Outlook, which you can order by calling 888-713-8500.
Okay, now, how did you get into fighting the New World Order?
When did you discover how these criminals operate and what their global aim is?
Well, I've been working essentially for, I would say, more than ten years mainly on economic issues, on the whole restructuring these deadly...
Macroeconomic reforms which are imposed on developing countries.
I've looked at it more from the economics perspective.
And then I started to realize when I got into looking at the relationship between money laundering and organized crime that this investigation of economic issues was much, much broader.
So I got interested in...
In intelligence issues, the role of intelligence organizations in financial markets, the laundering of drug money, and of course the whole issue of foreign policy which supports these objectives.
So my evolution has been towards
Taking a broader view of these questions, looking at war and looking at globalization as well.
Yeah, it always starts with the bankers, the IMF, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, and then leads out into all other forms of crime.
And so, of course, you stumbled into the New World Order because you were a smart guy investigating the IMF and World Bank.
I mean, what about these World Bank documents from the State Department?
In the 70s, about how they had to sterilize half their women to get the money.
I mean, I don't think people realize just how out of control these globalists are.
Well, the IMF and the World Bank have imposed very severe conditions on countries as a condition for, you know, for...
Renegotiating the external debt.
And, in fact, I think that the collapse of many national economies is tied into these IMF World Bank policies.
Well, their own documents that were released a few years ago by Stiglitz and Pallas say they want to collapse economies.
Yeah, I think that, in all fairness to Stiglitz and Pallas, that's just the tip of the iceberg.
I wrote a book which is called The Globalization of Poverty, which is now in second edition.
Which goes into very, very detailed analysis of how the IMF World Bank operates.
We've got to have you back on to talk about that, but let's talk about some calls at 9-1-1.
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In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards and, yes, even implantable microchips.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, we've now got about 51 minutes left in the show.
I know we've had callers holding for a while.
If you want to talk to Professor Michael Chosodosky or myself, Alex Jones, you're welcome to get involved on air at 1-800-259-9231.
Let's take a few calls and get into the latest information on September 11th.
Ken in Georgia, then Keith in Florida and others.
Ken, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
This is Ted in Georgia.
I was told your name was Ken.
Well, Ken's good enough.
Let me make a couple of points.
Well, one point I want to make, and that is that you were speaking of him throwing it in our face, so to speak, and then the doctor had alluded to the people, so many people in the United States, and I'm sure in Canada too, reading the column captions and the headlines and not reading
The details.
And I think they consider that they have two audiences, and one of which is the majority, which is the non-thinking people, which they're particularly interested in.
And so I think what is in our face, in the face of thinking people, is not necessarily in the face of the more casual readers.
And I think that I'm sure you all, both of you already know this, but I'm articulating anyway, attempting to.
Then I have a question, and that question is directed to both of you.
I'd like to hear both of you respond to it, if you would.
And that is, as I recall very distinctly, the stock market was plunging on September the 10th.
And, of course, we know what happened on September the 11th.
My question I've always had, and it bothers me, is was the plunge in the stock market in anticipation of the September 11th event, or was the September 11th event a response
To the plunge in the stock market.
Those are all great questions.
Stay there.
You say it's Tim.
Ted, and then we'll let Professor Joss Adosky respond, and then you can say something else if you want.
Go ahead.
Let me just respond to the first part of the question.
I mean, I don't want to make this distinction between thinking people and casual readers.
There are lots of people in America...
Who don't have time to do the kind of research that we're doing, going through piles and piles of documents.
And I think it's the media which is actually misleading people because the headlines are misleading.
The headlines are lies.
And if you want to know the truth, you have to read between the lines, between the headlines.
You have to go to official documents.
You have to go on the Internet.
And essentially...
There's a campaign of disinformation which is using the news chain to mislead people.
And they know that we are against the New World Order.
Let me give you an example of something I even got sucked into briefly.
Big headline, the feds want to tag all animals and tax them and track them under Homeland Security.
Well, I saw Ridge say that.
And I saw Ridge push that a year ago.
I know they have a plan to do that, but then the feds come out and announce it, but really it's a plan to counter foreign beef and other foods to help our markets so they take a real story, overlay it with a false one to use our energies to actually defeat something good.
It's very sophisticated.
Well, absolutely.
Now, with regard to the story on the stock market, there's no doubt that there were people who made bundles of money from 9-11 because they had foreknowledge and they had placed orders on airline stocks using speculative instruments, futures and so on,
And they made out with a lot of money due to the fact that they knew that 9-11 was going to take place.
And that has been fairly well documented, that derivative trade in particular put options on airline stock
...was conducive to... And now they want to institutionalize it with total information and DARPA running a Deadpool derivatives out of the Pentagon.
I mean, that's just wild.
Well, that in fact generalizes the insider trading which took place in the days prior to 9-11.
It's an attempt to legitimize it, again, in plain view.
It's, you know...
They really are just trying to legitimize their entire agenda.
Yes, of course, that does provide legitimacy to this kind of thing.
But you notice it backfired on them.
How did they think they could just announce that they were going to have a dead pool betting on what U.S.
city would get nuked or where U.S.
troops would die or who would get assassinated?
How did they think they could get away with that?
Well, there must be people on Wall Street who actually don't want this to happen, because what it means is it transfers clout from the civilian insider traders, which abound, the bona fide speculators, if you wish, and those who are speculating within the military intelligence community and who want to make an easy buck out of
Covert operations which they themselves control.
Now, they even say in there that it would be secret.
Anybody could go bet and trade on this, including government officials.
I mean, that is so illegal on the face of it.
They're like announcing they want to commit massive felonies here.
But I guess they enforce their own laws, so they're allowed to do it.
I mean, it's just... Anything else, sir?
Well, not on that specific question.
I think it points to the fact that the military intelligence people, in a sense, want to gain a stake in financial markets
And up to a point, they're also encroaching on some very powerful interests there.
So this shows that it's just a free-for-all of criminality up there with different mob groups fighting with each other, and they don't even care if we know about it.
I mean, I've talked to a lot of top folks.
You've studied it.
Most of Wall Street is just speculation in trillions a day.
Why did the Chicago Mercantile on the one-year anniversary, Professor, come up 9-1-1.000?
That had never happened.
Why would they do that?
Is that another little message that they run things?
I didn't see that, but that's an interesting event.
Whether they can manipulate it to that degree of accuracy is something we'd have to look into.
Well, that was in the Associated Press.
I mean, that is basically an impossibility.
And then it happens on the one-year anniversary.
I mean, they're letting us know.
Anything else, Ted?
Oh, okay, he's gone.
Let's talk to Keith in Florida.
Keith, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Mr. Jones, any guests?
Good afternoon, sir.
A gentleman or another.
Here's a scenario that maybe you want to ponder.
What if Saddam and his sons and various other people that our military is looking for in either Iraq or Afghanistan were inadvertently killed and that the New World Order or the globalists, however you want to say it, have got a problem in that they don't have an enemy now.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
That they're having to manufacture videotapes or audio tapes
And that, and like this killing of alleged two sons, that's why they've gotten... Well, that's our point.
When they've been caught manufacturing mobile weapons trucks and mass graves and Niger documents and weapons dossiers, when they've been caught manufacturing things in the past...
Nothing they do can be trusted, and you've got a credibility problem throughout the entire Anglo-American establishment.
Professor Chasadosky?
Well, I think, I mean, it's very clear that the whole basis of U.S.
foreign policy has been, even during the Cold War era, is to fabricate an enemy, okay?
And to say that this enemy is a threat to America.
Yeah, the Gulf of Tonkin.
Well, absolutely.
But if we're looking at more recent events and connecting it up with the 9-11 joint inquiry and the 9-11 commission, well, if you read the reports, the thrust of these reports is that Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and they can invent several other Osama bin Ladens, are the outside enemy, a threat to America.
And they want us to believe that somehow this threat
This mythical figure sitting with his Kalachnikov in a cave in Afghanistan is a threat to the U.S.
military establishment.
It's like a red cape.
Professor, it's like a red cape to a bull.
It's the Goldstein character from 1984.
Tell us about Goldstein.
Well, maybe you should.
Well, remember he was the bearded fellow who was always behind the bombings and the terror, and the government had to take everybody's rights, but Goldstein could never be defeated.
They'd kill him, but he'd be back a month later.
But Winston discovers that it's really the government blowing stuff up, and that Goldstein is a mythical character.
Well, exactly, and I think that there's certainly evidence that the government has been blowing up things or at least inciting the blowing up of things and using that as a pretext.
The Bali bombings, for instance, a few months ago in Indonesia, where they...
The Council of Foreign Relations actually confirmed that Indonesian intelligence had links to the Islamic organization which was allegedly responsible for those bombings.
Now, if the Indonesian intelligence has links to the Islamic groups or is protecting those Islamic groups, you would expect that the CIA is behind it because the CIA has links to Indonesian intelligence.
Well, also...
It turned out they told the Taiwanese not to warn people, and they found out.
We'll be right back.
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All right, Professor Chasadosky, we've got more calls.
Alex Jones here back live, folks.
Manuel in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex?
Yes, sir.
Yes, you spoke recently about the NAACP having a suit against the gun makers.
Yes, that was in New York, and it got thrown out, and that was a good thing.
Yes, that is a good thing.
What kind of ridiculous organization is the NAACP?
I mean, the people should know they were founded by the Roundtable Group.
Well, that's true.
A lot of your so-called black leaders, but it's the same thing with... Speaking of that, speaking of that, quickly, how about Louis Fabricant?
I remember you one day making a comment on him.
Well, I really... You know, he plays both sides of the fence.
Yeah, I would have to say he does, but I don't... I mean, anybody who's really big, who controls a really big organization, whether it's Billy Graham or...
Or the NAACP, they're generally in the New World Order's back pocket.
And I'll tell you one thing, the media does play him... They do give him a lot of airtime.
Well, I... Anybody who's friendly with this media is... Well, let me get a comment from Professor Chasadosky about that.
Do you have any comments?
Well, listen, I... Up here, from where I am up in Canada, I don't want to comment on these issues.
And I'm not sufficiently well informed on those questions.
So I'll take a rain check on that.
Anything else, sir, from Pennsylvania?
I'll tell you about before 9-1-1, Bush couldn't go anywhere without being scathed.
Media were preparing reports and documentaries about how they paid off the Democrats, abandoned the recount.
People seem to have forgotten all about that.
No, you're right.
They were in trouble for Enron, but the whole establishment was in trouble.
That's why you saw the whole media get behind covering up for Bush.
But as soon as they were done with him, now they're letting the media attack him.
Again, it's part of a sophisticated program.
Thanks for the call.
Joe in Idaho, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Howdy, Alex.
Hello, go ahead.
Yeah, I thought I lost you here for a minute.
Okay, you're on the air.
Listen, what I've got to say here is no disrespect to this professor, okay?
Go ahead.
But what I see going on with your show here, I listen in every day.
And we're always talking about the problems over here and the problems over there and what America is doing over here and America is doing over there.
I think American people are well aware of what our government...
We're good to go.
Soldiers of misfortune if you will going down in flames right here in America the ones that are trying to stand up and get things done right
And I don't hear you talking about those things.
We're always talking about somebody else someplace else.
How about we get to the point here where we start talking about red-blooded Americans right here in our country, the ones that are standing up, the ones that are going down in flames, and they never happen to get mentioned on your show anymore.
Maybe if somebody pushes the envelope a little bit, you might mention their name.
But let's start talking about... Well, hold on a minute.
Hold on a minute.
Look, you can't really criticize me.
I'm here...
Exposing corruption.
I'm here showing people lies.
I'm here trying to fight the New World Order.
And you're saying I'm not talking about red-blooded Americans.
I mean, our troops are over there fighting and dying for a fraud.
Hold on just a minute.
Hold on.
Let me finish.
I'll let you finish.
Our troops are over there huffing depleted uranium.
I do talk about the police state.
I do talk about how they're grabbing innocent people like Dick Simcannon and others.
I do talk about how they banned Erwin Schiff's book.
I do have these people on the show.
So I don't understand your criticism of this broadcast.
You know what it is?
You can't get in and get mad at Peter Jennings, so you might as well just get mad at me.
I understand your frustration, and I'm sorry I'm not good enough.
I've got a lot of problems.
You're always talking about people standing up.
You want people to stand up.
What I'm saying here is the ones that have stood up and got mowed down with some of this bad media, the mainstream media, mows them over, makes them look like something else.
How about let's do a little something in their defense.
We're getting an education out here.
Thank you for your show.
You're doing a good job.
Don't misunderstand what I'm saying here.
But it just seems that from the times I started listening a year ago, we're wandering off and you're beginning to sound a lot like mainstream media.
We're talking about everything that America is doing all over the world.
Hold on just a minute.
My show sounds like mainstream media.
You're getting there.
We're good to go.
They're going to carry out more terrorist attacks, and then the whole ball of wax is burning down, and it goes to a whole other level.
Professor Chosodosky, stay there for one more quick segment.
You can stay there too, Joe.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks.
I do have a big stack of news that I need to cover here today.
We covered some of it in the first hour, but I've got to go over electronic voting machines that they admit are frauds.
Just masses of it.
Federal court rulings.
A lot of different issues.
And I wanted to get into this new 9-1-1 commission and how it's... how it's...
Basically putting out a fraud, and I want Professor Chasadosky, before he leaves us, to be able to briefly comment on that.
I've been really honored to have him on.
We'll have to have him back on to talk about his study of the Federal Reserve and the IMF and the World Bank and the banking system.
But I do my radio talk show as a news format show, and I cover the issues that I think are important.
And I have done a lot for people that have been in trouble with the government, people that have gone to jail.
We built a memorial church in Waco.
But to have an accusation of, I don't talk about what's happening to red-blooded Americans.
I talk about news all the time that affects America, that affects everybody.
It's a news show.
And there are a bunch of people that think I should talk about UFOs.
I'm not going to do it.
There are people that think I should only talk about the militia all day.
Well, basically I'd be talking about a bunch of FBI agents all day trying to get good people in trouble.
Am I saying the militia is bad or it's not a good idea or not constitutional?
It is constitutional.
It is a good idea.
It is part of America.
But there's more provocateurs than you can shake a stick at.
We've got to talk about that.
When Smith & Wesson has a plan to try to shut down the gun shows with the government, we boycott Smith & Wesson.
We destroyed them.
When Dell comes out and is against guns, we boycott them.
Or we have the folks from Canada on who are saying, no, we're not turning our guns in.
We're not registering them.
No, making a stand.
I'm really confused, Joe.
And just real quick, because I've got a few final calls for Professor...
But real quick, finishing up what you were saying, I'm not understanding.
We sound like mainstream media.
Let's look at it this way.
America is the source.
And if we took care of the source and started paying more attention to the source, which is what you're talking about most of the time, but like today, you have a professor, like I said, no disrespect to this gentleman,
But we have enough people in the world telling us what's wrong with our country and what we're doing, and what I'm saying is American people are trying to stand up, and I think what I'm saying here is we need to put a little more recognition into what is going on in our country so that our brothers and our sisters who are trying to get something done deserve the recognition just as much as somebody else in another country.
Okay, Joe, I understand what you're saying, and I appreciate the call.
Let me just say this, and I'll leave it.
They're using this war as a political smoke screen and as a way to grab natural resources.
They're getting our troops killed.
They're using it for this, your for us or against us mentality.
And we're not saying America's bad.
I mean, you're being a little bit tribal, Joe, to say, oh, this guy from outside America is telling us what's bad with America.
No, he said, what's wrong with Europe?
He said, what's wrong with England?
What's wrong with Canada?
What's wrong with this global crime syndicate known as the New World Order controlling all our sovereign countries?
And I don't think Professor Chasadosky's knocking America...
He's talking about how America is the engine now for the New World Order.
And talk about recognition.
I've talked about how the firefighters and police and medical workers have refused the smallpox shot.
And 400 cities and now two states have said no to the Patriot Act.
And we talk about this all the time.
But for people to take those actions, to get liberty back, they've got to be informed.
Professor Chasadosky comments...
Well, first of all, I think we have to understand that there's a relationship between so-called internal issues, let's say U.S.
issues, social, political issues, what happens on the inside, and the broader picture, which is U.S.
foreign policy.
We can't, as you pointed out, we cannot...
We cannot simply close our eyes on what's happening to the rest of the world because precisely the United States government and the United States financial establishment plays a key role in that.
And so any kind of understanding, let's say, of domestic issues on civil liberties or the Patriot Act and so on
Well, here's a quick example.
When they're down there purposefully, our government, the IMF, the World Bank, wrecking economies, that causes the flood of illegal aliens.
I mean, it's all interconnected.
Precisely, and then there's another aspect which is very important, is that we're talking about billions and billions and billions of dollars in defense spending.
What does that do?
It certainly has a very devastating impact.
On social programs, on employment in the civilian economies.
It has to do with the broader growth of the U.S.
economy in producing goods and services for civilians, for people, rather than building actually weapons of mass destruction, because that's what they're doing.
It sets up a war economy where that's all we can do.
So that, I mean, I don't think we can have a narrow perspective on domestic issues without having an understanding of the broader global picture.
I understand Joe's frustration.
He's talking about the folks that really know what they're doing, the Christian right-wing, who are good people in this country, who are fighting the New World Order, and who are being persecuted.
And I talk about this.
I made films about this.
We have Abby Newman up on the show.
But this broadcast is an information venue to educate people.
So many other shows are particular, you know, basically little sewing circles for federal provocateurs.
And I'm sorry, that's not what my show's about.
Let's talk to Gordon in Texas.
Gordon, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Great work you're doing here.
Well, thank you.
I'd just like to say that policy analysis market, the sicko little program to bet on death, is actually still up.
I believe everyone was talking, I even heard on Austin News that the site has been taken down, but in fact it's still up.
But that's just an update.
I was wondering if anybody's considered the little bit of misinformation that came out this morning on, I believe I saw it on Yahoo News, that
A new warning of possible hijacking plots.
Oh yeah, I was going to try to get to that.
We better give our rights up because the government's about to remote control some more jets into buildings.
Right, and it's interesting how these stories, they go in parallel.
One is highly, I guess you'd call it critical of Bush administration or his policies, and yet...
There's another story saying, oh, we've got to be worried about terrorism again, you know?
Well, it came out last year.
This is admitted.
Senior CIA and FBI, it's admitted.
The White House ordered them to, quote, put out fake terror alerts to create hysteria.
Now, if you or I do that, we get arrested for a fake bomb threat.
When they do it, it's good.
Professor, what about how they use the threat of terror as a political tool?
Well, absolutely.
That was well documented, actually.
Back just after Colin Powell's presentation to the United Nations Security Council, we had the Orange Code alert, and then it transpired because the FBI got involved, and they started pointing their finger at the CIA and said the CIA was responsible for phony intelligence.
And this is all on record.
And then what happened was that the Bush administration, I think it was the Justice Department said, well, or Homeland Security, they said, well, this was a false, it was false alert.
There was no reason to have Orange Code Alert, but we're going to maintain Orange Code Alert.
In other words, they also were responsible for intimidating people because everybody started panicking.
Yeah, I mean, he's done with his speech, to get your attention.
I mean, this is a martial law zone.
Under a red alert, they have said, the feds have said, you quote, can't leave your house, you don't have any rights.
Folks, this is training you, like a dog in a Pavlovian fashion, to live under a military dictatorship.
Yes, sir.
I just wanted to...
Make one more point about, I mean, we seem to be operating in the good old Cold War mode here as far as the Pentagon's concerned.
It would seem that, you know, like we learned from the movie JFK, you know, what's black is white and what's white is black, and
The strange betting on death type webpages they've set up.
Yeah, for those that don't know, the government said that the convicted felon Poindexter is setting up betting on what U.S.
city will get nuked or where smallpox get released or where U.S.
troops will get killed.
And they just say it's great, and private investors can secretly bet, and then, of course, the government knows when they're going to blow something up next, so they can do insider trading, which they did on 9-1-1.
They're legitimizing what before is the most serious type of insider trading.
People need to realize that from top to bottom, the administration has been stacked with appointed officials from all the various right-wing think tank groups.
But they're not right-wing.
Well, they're, I guess...
They call themselves right-wing.
They're pro-abortion, anti-gun.
How right-wing is that?
Yeah, it's pretty bizarre.
I mean, you've got people who actively participated financially in the eugenics programs up until... And then you've got the Trotskyites, according to Congressman Ron Paul, running the White House.
I mean, it doesn't matter.
They love Lenin.
They love Stalin.
They love Hitler.
They love Machiavelli.
They said they do.
Anybody who was a thug, they love them.
Professor, any comments on that?
Well, I mean, we're dealing essentially also with recycled Iran contra officials.
This whole Bush administration is...
We're good to go.
I think?
Colin Powell.
All these people ultimately were tied into Iran-Contra.
And one thing that people should realize is that Iran-Contra also involved financing the Mujahideen in the Soviet-Afghan war.
In other words, the Mujahideen is Al-Qaeda.
In fact, there's video of Oliver North in Congress talking about their boy bin Laden, Osama bin Laden, and they talk about concentration camps with Oliver North as they had a plan to overthrow the country then, but never got through with it, and that's in my films.
I mean, these people really want to overthrow America.
It's like they... I mean, what a...
Powerful men always want more of, and that's power.
Thanks for the call, Gordon.
Last caller, Mike in New York, and then I've got to hit a few final news stories, like the one Gordon just mentioned.
Mike, go ahead.
Yeah, hello, Alex.
How are you doing?
Pretty good.
Pretty good?
I have a few things to go over.
I travel a lot for my job, and it was like two weeks ago, I believe, I was calling from a pay phone.
It was in New York State, actually the southeast part of New York State.
I never saw this before, and it did say, it actually had a sticker on the payphone that said, under Patriot Law, Section 216, that this phone may and may not be under surveillance.
It said that actually on the payphone.
Yeah, and a lot of, I've seen stories, a lot of city and counties are now saying, you don't have a Fourth Amendment under this, we're going to use it for all crimes.
And a month ago in the Washington Times, an article, Patriot Act Cast Wide Net, now the Justice Department admits it'll be used for all crimes against all citizens.
So they spent all this time denying it, now they admit it, and they admit...
Execution chambers for anyone charged with terrorism.
They secretly grab you.
You disappear.
I mean, this is something right out of Nazi Germany.
Professor Chasadosky?
Well, absolutely.
I mean, if you look at the whole structure of this total, what is called the Total Information Awareness Program, which is really a big brother surveillance outfit run by John Poindexter,
What it does is it establishes a giant database.
It compiles the detailed confidential information on every single U.S.
Psychological profiles.
I just want to mention that we covered this in one of our previous issues of Global Outlook magazine, and if people want to get that or any other publication, they can call us up at 888-713-8500.
Yeah, you actually posted my analysis, and guess what?
That analysis just won the number two of the 25 censored stories of the year.
I was surprised by that.
Oh, I wasn't advised about that.
Well, I don't know if I was supposed to talk about it, but yeah, it's coming out here in the next few weeks.
Well, listen, thanks for the call, Mike.
I appreciate it.
Professor Chosodosky, you've got about a minute left.
And the website is globalresearch.ca.
But right now, real quick, this 9-1-1 commission, Porter Goss and Graham and others, tell us about them.
Well, I think that this joint inquiry, what they're doing, of course, they're lying through their teeth because they're saying that there's an outside enemy when, in fact, Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda is an intelligence asset created by the CIA.
They're saying that their intelligence lapses, in other words, errors, mistakes by officials, when in fact they don't look at the political agenda behind the support which successive administrations have given to Islamic terrorism.
And they don't mention, for obvious reasons, that the two chairmen, Porter Goss and Bob Graham, Senator and Representative...
Both from Florida had links with the money man behind September 11, the alleged money man behind September 11, according to the FBI, the Pakistani General Mahmoud Ahmad.
And this is confirmed, in fact, by press reports, including the Washington Post, that the two individuals, I'm not saying necessarily that they are complicit, but they have a conflict.
But the week of 9-1-1, before 9-1-1, they were meeting with the guy that wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, the head CIA guy over al-Qaeda.
That was the head ISI, the Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence.
They met him, actually.
They met him on the morning of 9-11, and it's confirmed by the U.S.
press, and they are the guys who are actually running the investigation.
And so they have to act like they're doing something.
Well, two weeks ago, the Saudis said, if you put us in that report, we'll blow the whistle on four of your banks that were giving us orders.
Notice they excised that out of the report.
Well, absolutely.
And then they're pointing to the role of the Saudi financiers when, in fact, they themselves have links to these Saudi financiers.
We're out of time, Professor.
I've got to get you back up to talk about the banking issues.
God bless you.
Take care.
Thank you very much.
Great to be on the program.
You bet.
Appreciate you.
I'm going to come back and just shotgun out some top stories that, of course, I didn't get to, but we did cover a lot.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
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We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two and a half hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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We're good to go.
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And I'm sorry, no more time to take calls.
I do want to try to hit a few final top news stories.
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From the Associated Press, CNET News, Baltimore Sun, a bunch of articles.
Voting machine fails inspection.
University researchers delivered a serious blow to the current crop of electronic voting systems in an analysis of one such system, source code, in which they concluded that a voter could cast unlimited ballots without detection, that it was wirelessly accessed, that it was totally controlled, and basically designed for fraud.
It's the Diebold election system.
We talked about that last week.
They've had over 400 code writers look at it.
I mean, it is designed to be remotely accessed.
It was designed for fraud.
They all are.
I mean, it's just incredible.
Here's another one.
Police officer accused in vote buying.
That's a story out of the Herald Tribune.
It goes on.
Defects reported in voting machines.
Baltimore Sun.
Uday and Kwize, bodies underwent facial reconstruction, U.S.
That's out of the Associated Press.
They just calmly announced, oh, we did some facial reconstruction for you with some wax masks.
See, it looks like them.
Big story at London Telegraph.
Children exploited as Britain faces boom and trafficking.
And who's involved with the British government and child kidnapping?
London Telegraph.
Black boxes in cars present privacy issues.
Sacramento Bee, an assembly bill aims to inform drivers and limit access to the data recorders.
But they say just accidentally got put in your car.
I actually have ABC News saying that.
I'm out of time.
Yes, I'm out of time for this live Tuesday edition, but I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, and back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
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I don't know.
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There's so much information.
God bless you all.
See you back tonight and back tomorrow.
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