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Air Date: July 28, 2003
1996 lines.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Alex Jones.
It's Monday, the 28th.
Of July 2003.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We've got two guests coming up today that I'll tell you about a little bit later in the next segment, and a ton of news.
You talk about firestorms going on all over the place, but much of it is nothing but a red herring diversion operation by the globalists.
We have the senator's
Up on the Sunday news shows yesterday, talking about how the government whitewash commission excised out 20 plus pages of information about Saudi Arabia and how they were tied to the terrorists.
Folks, Saudi Arabia didn't run the terrorists.
The globalists did.
MI5, MI6, CIA, Mossad.
From all the evidence.
Now, are the Saudis aware of it and involved in it?
At a certain level, they are.
In fact, about two weeks ago, the Saudis had gotten word that they were going to be in the report from Congress and the Whitewash Commission.
And they said if you list our banks as funding terrorists, we're going to list who owns our banks and who was involved in the transfers.
And they said it's four top U.S.
banks with connections to U.S.
I think?
We're good to go.
And remember, only part of the overall report's been released.
There's stuff in there about Dick Cheney's Energy Commission bragging about how they'd soon get the Iraq oil.
There's stuff in there with informants and FBI agents living with hijackers on both the West and East Coast.
I mean, yeah, there's a lot of really bad stuff in there, but it's nothing compared to the really big smoking guns of insider trading by the CIA against American and United.
It is nothing, nothing compared to public officials being warned not to fly to New York that day or the Pentagon and the White House ordering NORAD to stand down.
Or the fact that hijackers were trained at U.S.
military bases, on and on and on.
That's why you need to get Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Descent into Tyranny.
A story so big, I've had to make two films and write a book that are condensed information just trying to cover the sloppy execution of 9-1-1.
And information on the book and the films are on InfoWars.com.
And prisonplanet.com and infowars.net right now.
Okay, there's a bunch of other news, too, and it's really a ridiculous quantity of it.
I'm going to try to just briefly run through some of the headlines on about 20 stories, if I can do it, when we get back, and then we'll also take your calls in this hour, and then I've got the company coming on that's building the emergency relocation centers, or they've got one of the thousands of contracts.
Building the FEMA Centers.
We've got those folks coming on, and we've got some other guests as well.
So it's a big show lined up for you on July 28, 2003.
And yes, Bob Hope of Bohemian Grove fame has died.
And we hope he went to heaven, but as a worshiper of Moloch, we're not too sure.
I'm sorry.
I should talk about him as a good guy.
Okay, Moloch is a Christian deity.
Well, actually, that's not true, but we'll just say it is.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, again, it's another Monday, another week spanning out before us.
And we do have several guests coming up today.
We've got the spokesperson for one of the corporations involved in building the emergency relocation centers for your safety, of course.
One of the quarantine centers joining us on the show.
And we've got some other guests as well that I'll tell you about a little bit later in the broadcast.
In the meantime, Bob Hope is dead at 100 years old.
And, you know, the guy didn't seem like a bad person to me.
He seemed like kind of that 1940s slapstick style of humor.
I know that my grandmother or grandmothers like Bob Hope.
But he does attend the Bohemian Grove, or did attend, and had been involved in some of the revelry there, according to the Washington Times and Spy Magazine and Esquire and other publications.
But I wonder why they didn't mention that in his big obituary today, wall to wall, all over the news, that Mr. Hope
Was a worshiper of a Canaanite god.
A child sacrifice god.
I think if I was famous and I worshipped an ancient Canaanite deity...
I don't know.
I would think that that would be newsworthy.
But again, maybe I'm being mean.
Maybe I was bad last week when I read the San Francisco Chronicle saying that the Bohemian Grove Club and the Republican leadership have asked Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for governor at the Grove and they don't know if he will accept.
Again, is it newsworthy that somebody who's going to run for governor and calls themselves a conservative is anti-gun, pro-abortion, his father was a Gestapo operator, and he goes to the Grove for the last 20 years?
I don't know.
Again, I ask the question, would you let your neighbor walk your dog or babysit your children if they worshipped a 45-foot stone owl in the backyard and committed mock human sacrifices?
Because the Grove admits on the Trio Network and on the BBC and all over news and TV that I did sneak in three years ago and get the footage of them doing these rituals.
It's like Tom Cruise running out of Eyes Wide Shut and saying, I've got video of what the world leaders do, and the news says, ah, so what, we don't care, because we were there.
Well, I guess that's kind of what happened.
But this is for real, and I just thought I'd mention that for you.
When we talk about Bob Hope, who's gone home now to meet his maker, wonder how he's doing.
Maybe he...
Repented for going to the Grove.
I just think that when these people die, we need to really honestly look back on their lives.
Oh, I may get criticized for this.
Kind of like when I got on the air and I said, don't give money to the Red Cross.
Don't give money to United Way.
They're going to give it to gun grabbers.
And I got a few mean emails and even a few stations got mad at me, but a few months later they were apologizing and saying, well, we just won't pick up an hour of your show.
We'll pick up all three because you were right about that.
Alex, how did you know the Red Cross takes your money and gives it to gun grabbers?
Well, because they did it in the past, and I have a long-term memory.
How did I know that United Way is a criminal organization?
Well, because they've been caught about ten times, folks.
I mean, they're incredible.
They are...
Again, I am almost cursed with a long-term memory.
I remember with Oklahoma City, the Red Cross took over the, quote, mail to the families, and there would be checks handwritten by other family members to family members, and the Red Cross would endorse it over to themselves, what bank would argue, and then arrogantly go on and mail the letter itself without the check to the families.
That's the kind of stuff.
The Red Cross is so evil, is so corrupt, is so dastardly.
And I'm not talking about the useful idiots that go and volunteer for it.
They're good people, but they empower an evil organization because they're ignorant.
Oh, in fact, that's how this whole New World Order operates.
They've got all these well-meaning saps who don't investigate anything.
That don't look at a politician's voting record, but believe their rhetoric.
That don't research the Red Cross or United Way, just believe their rhetoric.
And you give a nice face to some of the most evil groups out there.
But again, same thing with Bob Hope.
I can't really say the guy is evil.
I could just say he was a member of the Bohemian Grove, which...
According to German chancellors and David Gergen and many others, in and out of U.S.
government is a meeting house for a satanic cult.
Now, that's members saying this.
Again, I just thought it might be added that, you know, when Anton LaVey died, they pointed out that he was the founder of the modern Church of Satan.
And I think that that was proper to mention that, but...
Anyways, just a side issue.
Maybe you don't want to know about the Red Cross ripping you off and having telethons and the United Way having telethons and giving tens of millions to the gun grabbers.
Maybe you want to lose your guns.
Okay, all right.
Maybe you want to be conned by Bush, Mr. Open Border, Mr. Supercomputer to China, Mr. Protect Bill Clinton and Block Dan Burton's Committee, Mr. Make the Vaccine Records Secret.
Maybe you want to be conned.
Maybe this isn't the show for you.
Maybe you want to lose your guns and lose your sovereignty.
Oh, by the way, the Republicans are set this week to vote on this so-called expansion of free trade bill.
You've seen how wonderful NAFTA and GATT have been for the economy.
They now have a bill for unlimited guest worker program, which is amnesty across the board.
They will let them in, accept any ID card.
It could be another $20 million, another $30 million.
Unlimited means unlimited, and it'll be real good for your job.
In fact, they won't have to ship them to India or China.
I guess Boeing and Dell and everybody else can stay here like GM has done from Michigan to Alabama.
They just bring in the Russians and the Poles,
To build the trucks.
Why, they're even displacing the illegal aliens, the illegal Latin Americans.
So that's nice.
And, of course, they're paid about $5 an hour, and they work 65 to 80-hour work weeks, the different articles say.
And they all live in one-room apartments, so you'll have six to ten guys living in a little bedroom, living room,
Bathroom, kitchen, a little efficiency.
And they all just pile out and get in their van, supplied by GM, and they just ride off to the camp.
And that'll be real good for the economy.
And you say, well, they're hardworking, and this is what America's all about.
Yeah, they are hardworking.
And they're right at home with police and black ski masks, and they're right at home with face scanning cameras everywhere, and they're right at home with showing their papers and getting out and licking black boots.
Why, they're even more at home than the Mexicans are.
And on top of it, how are you going to compete whether you're a Polish American or a black American or a German American or a Chinese American who's a citizen who pays the property taxes and the state income taxes and the federal income taxes and the excise taxes and all these taxes.
You pay all these taxes and all this stuff.
How are you going to compete against...
Ten sweaty guys, whether they're from Mexico or Poland, in an efficiency apartment.
How are you going to compete against that?
With GM supplying the white van.
How are you going to compete?
You're not.
It's going to drive all your wages down.
But don't worry, your daughter can work in a topless bar.
Your son can be a crack dealer, or maybe he can work on a golf course.
I don't know.
For all the government bureaucrats who make the $500,000 a year.
Or the private corporations that get the contracts from the government bureaucrats.
All part of the privatization.
Yes, the new privatization.
You mean the hijacking.
The corporations finance a big government to get us all addicted, then they blow out the government and hand it over to the corporations and put a man with a black ski mask and a submachine gun on every corner and call it freedom.
I don't know, though.
I've talked to some of these Poles and Russians.
They seem to know about the New World Order, so maybe they won't make good citizens.
Maybe they will stand up to tyranny.
But they tend to know all about it, but say, oh, I'm going to keep my mouth shut.
My father disappeared to the gulag.
We never saw him again.
We got word he was dumped into an underground lake in a salt mine.
Poor daddy, he smarted off when the policeman grabbed mommy's breast.
Yeah, the little kids remember.
I've talked to these guys.
I mean, their dad would be there.
They'd be 10 years old.
One of these guys would come over in a black uniform, start questioning mommy.
Daddy would say no and stand up to the guy, and, well, daddy would get punched right in the face and drug off.
Don't worry.
You're going to get to enjoy it.
It's already begun.
Don't worry.
The new freedom, the new freedom is here.
You're all going to get to enjoy it.
You'll get to turn your guns in and be conservative.
That's the conservative thing to do.
Ultra-liberals are against gun control.
Conservatives are for it.
We've heard the Ann Coulters.
How dare I say Bush shouldn't sign the assault weapons ban?
I must be against the flag.
The flag, but I go, but I'm for what the flag symbolizes.
Shut up, that's just what liberals say.
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All right, my friends.
We're back live.
Thanks for joining us today.
The toll-free number to get involved on air is 800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
But, I mean, I really have taken time out to talk to Russian and Polish immigrants to this country.
And they know all about the New World Order.
They understand the propaganda.
And to hear the stories of their neighbors or their uncle or their father who would complain because there wasn't proper safety measures at the smelting plant and somebody got killed, and so they'd complain.
And then men from the Communist Bureau would come and say, you've undermined the motherland.
By lowering morale at this plant, you're a terrorist, and they arrest him.
They generally come so there wouldn't be too big a stir at home and knock on the door, and Dad would put his head down like a sheep off the slaughter and walk out with the men who would go put him in the back of the truck and take him off as a slave laborer.
Where they'd work him to death over 20, 30 years.
They found people in the camps, some of them that got released later, and they still run them today, who'd been there 30, 40 years.
veterans of World War II, they find them living, you know, at 85 years old now, after they got released when they were too old, from the camp, because even the camp guards kind of had affection for them.
You know, they'd been there so long.
Old Americans taken out of the Nazi camps, and the Russians took them.
It's in many congressional hearings.
Our government knew 21,000 of our boys were taken by Stalin, but who cares?
It's patriotic not to care about the troops.
Okay, then I don't care about them.
I actually want to get our troops back from places like death camps in Russia, and that means I'm bad.
I'm not patriotic.
I'm evil.
I admit it.
Killing and slaughtering and letting our troops take deadly vaccines and huff radiation and sarin and VX.
That's patriotism.
Being a mindless, bug-eyed idiot with a Power of Pride sticker on your car.
A mindless pride in a husk of what America once was.
And you talk to these Poles and these Russians about, yes, our police wore these black uniforms and they started wearing masks and they said it was all for our own good and
I talked to one guy about how his father was taken away, all because a police captain wanted his mother.
And, of course, his mother wouldn't have anything to do with it, so she later was taken too.
But, again, that's part of freedom.
And the little boy went into the little youth work camp and got trained how to later go into the Soviet Army.
You know, for the homeland, we've got to have national service and national drafts.
That's freedom.
You're for the flag, aren't you?
Imagine your mother and father drug away to death camps.
That's freedom.
Yes, that's big government, the power of the state.
And they're setting it up here, but we should just lay down and go along with it.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn was bad when he said that they should have fought and should have stood up
The Second Amendment's bad, folks.
I agree with Bush.
Let's just turn our guns in and let him sign the assault weapons ban and add to it the ban on all semi-automatic shotguns.
Let's do the conservative thing.
Can we all do that together now?
Can we all listen to Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh, who tell us how conservative they are all day but blind us to all the real news?
I've been wrong all along.
I'm beginning to realize that more and more on this show.
I've been wrong all along.
Big government's good.
Entering into evil is good.
The welfare state is good, as the neocons say.
Ron Paul was bad to give that speech on July 10th, saying that George Bush and the neocons are the ultimate threat and are destroying America.
How dare him have a record of conservatism, of real conservatism?
I want the phony conservatism.
I want to be a mindless idiot.
That's what I want to be lied to and manipulated.
Oh, and you know what?
The troops are real upset about that they were told they'd be coming back from Iraq and the road almost through Baghdad, but they're all mad now and they're getting shot and killed.
Well, how dare those troops criticize the government?
They should all be arrested as working for Al-Qaeda if they criticize their commander and draft dodger chief, their guy who was AWOL for a year from the Air National Guard.
Again, that's a symbol of pride.
By the way, the Drudge Report talked about how Bush signed an American flag, which is against the U.S.
Code, but it said only George Bush can do that.
He is our commander-in-chief and can do whatever he wants to the flag.
Well, that's not true.
And on top of it, I want to add, he's not commander-in-chief until Congress declares war.
But again, he's just a puppet.
All right, enough out-of-control behavior.
I'm going to launch straight into this plethora of vital news and take your calls.
When we get back, stay with me.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Imagine how pathetic it is to have an oppressive government
Or even local police thugs can just arrest you and take you away to a forced labor camp if they want your wife, or more often, if they want your business.
Well, that started now in New York and Chicago and Miami and Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington and Houston, Texas.
And then the reverse psychology begins.
The people begin to worship the tyranny out of fear.
They love it.
They thank them.
And it goes to the heads of the oppressors, and they think, oh, it's our right to do this.
And your daughters then grow up throwing themselves at the capos, at the mafiadons, at the government street-level thugs.
This is the pattern of tyranny and serfdom and the pathetic mass of jellyfish that have been engineered into being slaves.
We'll go to your calls here in a moment.
And yes, my websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
This weekend, it hit me.
I mean, it hit me between the eyes.
I was sitting there getting ready for a big radio show I was going on last night.
On WLW, we were getting calls from North Carolina and Florida and Indiana on the Bilbo Shears show for two hours, but I was there getting ready for the show, and I had this pile of news articles that had been in my truck from when I'd been at one of the other studios doing a show with John Stattmiller, a Saturday show we do, and I was looking at USA Today, and I was looking at Television Week magazine, and I was looking at this AP article, and it said...
Yeah, your television's listening to you with audio sensors, and all the new cars have got audio sensors listening to you, hooked into Homeland Security.
I had a Salt Lake City Tribune article about, yeah, the helicopters, the police helicopters have got ground-penetrating radar, and look through your walls, you know, crisp image.
And I thought, you know, I've mentioned all this on the air many times, but there's no way to describe how horrible this is.
All I do is desensitize you further.
I get up here, I rant and rant about it.
The average idiot driving along hasn't heard about it yet and will laugh at me and say that's not true.
Because that's part of the old paradigm, that stuff like this doesn't exist, and they're good at rationalizing things, and as soon as they read it in Time Magazine, they'll go, okay, it's good, I want it, watch me, listen to me, I love black helicopters.
You know, it's like Ann Coulter when she was on this show, she was talking about government corruption, she goes, oh, black helicopters!
And then if I was the confrontor about black helicopters, I could have, you know, there's hundreds of news articles.
I said, yeah.
I mean, they attacked Texas.
They were all over the newspapers, burning buildings, firing Czechoslovakian troops, screaming, machine gunning, things blowing up, foaming at the mountain, sanity, helicopters attacking buildings, downtown San Antonio, explosions, police chiefs on the news saying they didn't authorize it, total bedlam.
I mean, I got footage of all that.
I got newscasts.
I got AP.
I got Kingsville Record.
I got Austin American-Statesman.
I got World Net Daily.
I got Charlotte Observer.
I got Police Chiefs on video I interviewed.
I got foreign troops.
I got... But still, it doesn't matter.
Oh, yeah, it just doesn't matter to them.
It's just a conspiracy theory.
I mean, I live in a state where we routinely have foreign troops running around screaming, firing automatic weapons at 9 o'clock at night, unannounced.
And the police just, uh, I got the police on the news going, well, we weren't allowed to tell the public, but once it started, we went out with our squad cars and said anyone outside their house would be arrested.
I got the police chief in Alice, Texas going, well, there are foreign assets involved, but
I'm not at liberty to say!
He actually talks like that, you know, the fake Texan talk about the puke.
He started going, I'm not at liberty to say about it.
This is the La La Land crazy world that we're living in, that we're facing, that we're dealing with.
And I'm the weirdo for reading the Austin American Statesman about black helicopters.
In fact, after weeks of this, six towns, not counting San Antonio, six towns and one big city getting hit, people having heart attacks, you know, the troops would go in 200 feet from a nursing home, Casa Ricarda in Kingsville, blowing up two buildings, fire shooting out, covertly leasing the buildings and then attacking them,
This is all psychological warfare testing.
It's admitted.
The Rand Corporation admits it.
This is all public.
The Statesman has.
It says, South Texas invaded.
Black helicopters attack.
And then it says next to it, Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones believes in black helicopters.
So see, they're telling you.
It's still not acceptable to...
Yes, we're going to throw it in your face we're doing this, but you're still a weirdo like this guy if you don't like it.
It said Alex Jones has been preaching about the black helicopters, the imaginary helicopters for years, and now it's come true, but it's really just training for your safety.
Oh, now it had come true.
I just had imagined there were these black helicopters attacking all over the country, and then magically it just so happened to happen in Texas.
And they were always quoting the same Delta Force people, the same Fort Bragg officials with the same quotes.
Well, we do this for your safety, and this is the first type such training drill ever done.
Your city is special.
And then I have articles going back, you know, ten years before that with them doing it.
And it's always the same story.
They covertly show up, lease a government building, the government pulls out of the building two days before, and then, you know, five to fifteen helicopters attack, generally with foreigners, screaming, blowing buildings up, and then the police show up and go, you'll be arrested if you videotape this or criticize them.
And news reporters show up and they grab their film.
This is national security!
By the way, I got an article here out of Time Magazine.
Excuse me, it's out of Newsweek.
There's two articles on this, but one out of Newsweek, and it says here...
That old people are planting marijuana on the public lands, and so the Army Rangers, don't be surprised if they need to search your vehicle or search your bags if you're out in the national parks.
It's just the troops.
And then in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they had the fires, the fires have been put out, but the news reports, well, as part of Homeland Security, some of the troops are going to stay and patrol the parks, and they may not allow you into the parks, but again, they're the bosses now.
The feds said, quote, it's about desensitizing you to accept an end to posse commentatus.
Any excuse to get that done?
And now there's another headline here.
California energy scam fraud traced to the White House.
And it turns out that they were involved with Governor Gray Davis in the Enron scamming.
Well, we already knew that.
It was already in the Sacramento Bee about two years ago that he would buy, Governor Davis would, a megawatt for $1.47.
He'd buy a megawatt from...
Enron and then sell it back to them for a dollar.
That's a nice markup there, isn't it?
I mean, this is the type of news we've got here, and there is so much of it.
So much vital news and information.
Researchers help define what makes a political conservative.
You ought to see this UC Berkeley article, what the phony laughs up to them, and expose that later.
Of course, I really should talk about the really important news.
Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France again.
That's a joke, folks.
I really shouldn't talk about such things.
Also, U.S.
hunts for Saddam around the Tigris River.
Don't you want to bet they're about to find him?
Of course, it'll be a dead body double.
Old Saddam and the boys are in Belarus, according to press reports.
I trust a lot more than this media.
And by the way, we've reposted on Infowars.com some of the articles where they claim they killed him day one, and they claim they killed him at the end of the war.
They claim they killed his sons a couple times.
They were sure of it.
They found the bodies.
Well, now they show us these latest photos, and there's more holes than you can drive 100 Mack trucks through.
hunts for Saddam around Tigris River.
What do you think about this?
You think the story's real?
You think they really caught Saddam's sons?
You think they really killed them?
I mean, how can you believe a group that claimed that trucks for pumping up balloons, for pumping up blimps, were bioweapons trucks when the British sold it to them and knew what it was?
Who create fake Niger documents?
hunts for Saddam around the Tigris River.
American forces focused their hunt for Saddam Hussein around the Tigris River hometown and reported a near-miss Sunday in a raid to capture his new chief of security and perhaps the ousted dictator himself, a U.S.
soldier, was killed south of Baghdad.
The latest death in a spike of guerrilla attacks.
It says they killed five innocent people and a bunch of U.S.
troops were killed.
Five innocent Iraqis and five U.S.
troops were killed.
Dead this weekend.
Hey, but Bush has got the hearse backed up to the plane saying, Hey, bring them on!
Troops of the 4th Infantry Division, acting on tips from informants, hit three farms in the Crete region in the pre-dawn area, but learned their specific target, the security chief, had left the area the day before.
We missed him by 24 hours.
Lieutenant Colonel Steve Russell, who led the operation, who witnessed by the Associated Press reporter,
By the way, most of these key embedded reporters, if they're not former colonels or army chiefs or admitted CIA, you look at their dossier, they've been part of the other government agencies.
Here's that article I mentioned earlier, busted, and this particular one is out of time.
There's another from Newsweek.
Drug dealers are planting pot farms all over our national parks.
Oh, and the Park Service is struggling to root them out.
Time goes on a raid.
Going in at dawn, rangers search for a marijuana farm in Tahoe National Forest.
And it talks about park rangers working with the National Guard.
Are out there running around, and you need to go ahead and go along with them, because it'll keep you safe.
Oh, it's amazing.
Look, I don't want to spend any time on this, but Bush, in a rally, was caught by a photograph, a photographer, signing an American flag, which violates the U.S.
Code, and they've tried to pass a constitutional amendment.
Which is a red herring.
The First Amendment that the flag symbolizes states that you should be able to ride on the flag if you want to.
I like the flag.
I find it offensive to ride on it or desecrate it, but I find it more offensive to take that right away because that's what the flag symbolizes.
We're not blood and soil here like Germany where we mindlessly worship the flags, at least not yet.
In this religious fervor, it came out that the high priest of phony patriotism, George W. Blueblood from Kennebunkport, Maine, had signed the flag, George Bush.
And everyone freaked out about it, but don't worry, Matt Drudge, another New World Order priest, told us that, hey, it's okay.
The high priest is the only one, it actually says this,
Only the commander-in-chief is allowed to burn a flag, cut a flag, ride on a flag.
He can change the rules whenever he wants as our dictator.
And so it's okay.
It's okay.
You know, four legs good, two legs bad.
But, you know, now it's okay for the pigs to start walking upright and saying, four legs okay, but two legs better.
Okay, if you haven't read Animal Farm by George Orwell, you think I sound completely insane.
It'll probably be in a New York Times article that Mr. Jones talks about pigs and walking on two legs.
It's a book written by George Orwell.
I've got to watch it, though.
I'll get emails.
Oh, boy.
Again, I'm pro-Second Amendment, pro-national sovereignty.
That means I'm an evil liberal, according to Ann Coulter.
We'll come back, and I promise we'll start going to your calls.
Do you believe these are really the Saddam sons that have been killed?
Can you believe anything comes out of the neocon mouthpieces of the mainstream media?
What do you think about all the evidence coming out of Dick Cheney with the Energy Department months before 9-1-1 divvying up the Iraq oil, saying it'll soon be ours?
What do you think about the morale of the U.S.
troops at rock bottom and that now the Pentagon says it's going to prosecute troops that complain?
I guess now, I mean, it's easy to ride around in your dually and say you support the troops, but does that mean allowing them to be nerve-gassed and hit with depleted uranium by our government?
Again, if you really support the troops, you'll have to find out what's happened to them.
And there's a bunch of other news here, but it really shows how petty things have gotten, that people are criticizing Bush now for riding on one of these desecrated Chinese flags.
I mean, it's a thousand times worse that the flags are made, admittedly, in some of the slave camps of China.
I've done my own little study in stores.
About one out of 20 flags you find is made in America.
We're good to go.
I think?
I mean, if you respect the American flag, give me a break.
All these things should be burned.
You're like, what do you mean, you traitor?
That's how you're supposed to dispose of a flag that has been misused or desecrated.
As long as we're going to have the religion of flag worship, let's practice it properly.
Okay, enough ranting and raving.
We will get to your calls.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we've got Dr. McCulloch coming on, the head of this corporation that builds the little prefab relocation centers, the safety centers.
We're good to go.
I think?
The company, there's hundreds of these companies, they have a quick little prefab isolation system, and the government said, we're going to be hit by biologicals because, you know, they'll get more power and control, and they want to save us, and they're going to give themselves the opportunity to save us, save us from our liberties and freedoms.
So that's coming up in about 15 minutes, and I've got another guest coming on from Canada.
Where they're refusing to register their guns en masse.
That'll be an interesting guess.
But I know we've got T.J., Tom, John, John, and others.
Let's go to T.J.
in Minnesota.
Go ahead, T.J., you're on the air.
Good to talk to you, T.J.
It's been a while.
There's a tape coming to John.
You and Violet are welcome to listen to it in the next ten days, too.
The only flags I have a tremendous respect for right now is the Jones family flag, which said, Don't Tread on Me, designed by that famous naval officer, John Paul Jones, and the Confederate flags.
And that's an unfortunate circumstance.
But regarding commanders and chiefs, I have in front of me a naval Blue Jackets manual, original copyright, 1938.
Unfortunately, Alex,
Whether you call him the Commander-in-Chief or otherwise, he's the boss, because the Secretary of the Navy is the highest-ranking naval officer, even though he's a civilian, and unfortunately, most unfortunately, he is a direct appointee of the President with the approval of the Senate.
These are unfortunate circumstances.
By the way, the guy who was about to be Secretary of the Navy committed suicide again,
Yeah, that is a fragmented news story that you can only hear at about 3 a.m.
on networks.
I hope you'll elaborate on that.
God bless you.
I'm out of here, Alex.
All right.
Thank you, T.J.
Yes, it's very interesting.
I do have a Reuters, UPI, and AP article, but they're claiming now he might have had cancer again, and maybe he did commit suicide.
I mean, he's a globalist.
The Dr. David Kelly subject, though, everything points away from suicide.
Tom in Texas.
Go ahead, Tom.
You're on the air.
Yes, sir.
And God bless you, and I pray for you all the time.
You sound like me.
I'm 44 years old, and I've been on this stuff for all my life since my granddaddy told me about this.
Anyway, I've called up a lot of congressmen.
I've taken some of this stuff off the Infowars and wrote it down on about three or four pages of nothing but congressmen and senators.
I called every one of them up here about two weeks ago, got on them, wrote me a calling card.
And I told them what I felt about him.
I was real discreet now.
But I've been working on it, Alex.
Tom, it's very important that they know that we know.
That we're aware of what they're doing.
That can and will back them off.
Yes, sir.
And I told them that John Ashcroft, I can't name all of them I talked to, but they're over 50.
I talked to and told them that John Ashcroft needs no expansion of powers.
As a matter of fact, you need to repeal it.
He doesn't need that.
He doesn't even know how to use the power he's got.
I mean, I told them flat out.
I got in some conversation with them, too.
Used up several calling cards, but that's how I'm doing it.
And the helicopters are flying around all over the place up here in Lake Livingston, man.
They're all over.
The black Apaches are all over the place up here.
Keeping you safe, Tom.
Yeah, right.
Tom, anything else you'd like to add?
Well, what about John Dean?
What do you think about him?
I tell you what, stay there.
We'll come back.
We'll let you elaborate, Tom.
Then we'll go to John, John, and many others.
Then we've got a guest coming on.
Nuclear reactors provide electrical energy across our great nation, but during an accident, would you be prepared?
Medical course potassium iodate gives you virtually complete protection from the most... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We're already into the second hour.
We have the head of the Daedalus Corporation, Dr. McCulloch, coming on the show with their emergency quarantine camp centers, safety, love, happy clown centers.
That's coming up.
And, of course, your calls, and we have some of the folks coming on that are fighting the forced registration and confiscation of guns in Canada where mass disobedience, civil disobedience, is now taking place.
Right now, Tom in Texas, then John and others.
Tom, go ahead and finish up with another point you had to make.
Yes, sir.
I was just wanting to know what you thought about Howard Dean, one of the running mates there.
It was 16 questions.
Have you heard about the 16 questions he gave for Bush, you know?
Why don't you elaborate on those 16?
Okay, it says, Mr. President, beyond the NSC and the CIA officials who have been identified, we need to know who else at the White House was involved in the decision to include the discredited uranium evidence in your speech.
And if they knew it was false, why didn't they permit it to be introduced into the speech?
Mr. President, we need to know why anyone in your administration would have contemplated using evidence on State of the Union after the Georgia tenant personally intervened on October 2002 to have the same evidence removed from the President's speech October 7th.
I mean, this goes down.
Mr. President, we urgently need an explanation about the very serious charges.
Yeah, but you notice what's happening is the liberals are engaging in the assault on Bush.
That will make conservatives shift into mindless groupthink and support the president.
We need to have criticism of Bush and the liberals that he's with by people like Ron Paul.
But yes, it's all true.
They're a pack of liars.
The Pentagon told us last year that the Office of Strategic Information was going to be reauthorized to, quote, lie to us.
So they kind of covered themselves beforehand that, oh, this is our new policy.
Oh, we doggone.
But, yeah, it's just incredible.
Man, the main thing we need to do, and I love you, man, as a brother.
I don't know how to explain that.
You're just awesome.
You remind me of myself and my brother, too.
He lives on the lake.
We love you.
We're praying for you.
What we've got to do with all this here, not to be fearful, but to be strong and bold and back up the Word of God with it and pray about this.
I think we can set this back.
We're not going to stop this if it's part of Scripture of the last days.
I believe God wants to still save some souls.
I believe we can still make a difference.
Oh, yeah, we've got a job.
You're right.
We've got a job to warn people so they won't be sucked in by this system.
Thanks for the call, Tom.
Really wonderful points.
I appreciate it.
John in Georgia, go ahead.
You're on the air.
I appreciate you pointing out a lot of the things about how the media overtly lies to us, but I also wanted to point out a story that
Yes, sir.
Kind of a regional story with national implications that's been largely overlooked by the national media, which is the case of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama who has been fighting a federal court order to remove Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Courthouse.
A ruling from the 11th District Court came down in Atlanta last week and the feds might quite possibly move to actively remove that against
Well, that's the first thing Ashcroft did when he got in office was raid a church and take down some Ten Commandments.
And look, our Magna Carta came out of the Ten Commandments.
Our Bill of Rights and Constitution came out of the Magna Carta.
Remember that court in Kentucky a few years ago that ruled the Declaration of Independence was unconstitutional?
Yes, sir, I do.
Now, there is no separation of church and state.
That's a made-up thing.
What there is in the First Amendment is that the government can't get involved in controlling churches.
And the Ten Commandments is part of our Bill of Rights.
I'll tell you what, I've got this guest coming up for just 15 minutes.
Stay there, John, in Georgia, John, Tennessee, and others.
I'll get to you after this guest is on.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, we are now 8 minutes and 20 seconds into the second hour of this worldwide edition of the Alex Jones Show.
The websites are infowars.com, infowars.net.
And we are joined by Dr. Ed McCulloch.
He is the head of the Daedalus Project.
Daedalus was the father of Icarus.
Remember Icarus?
He basically used the hot wax to put the feathers on his shoulders and arms and flew up to the sun and thought he could be like the gods, but
The feathers, the wax got hot and he fell back to Earth.
Interesting name.
A lot of listeners are concerned about Homeland Security, page 76 of the package, forced inoculation, forced internment during a smallpox or other biological release.
The Council on Foreign Relations, in their last report,
We're good to go.
We're joined by Dr. Ed McCulloch, and we've got a PR Newswire story here.
I've got an AP article here.
A SARS bioterror fears grow prototype isolation and treatment facility to be built in Pittsburgh area.
Beginning in mid-August, the three Northern Virginia companies today announced plans to assemble a prototype facility outside of Pittsburgh next month that could be used for isolating patients
Thank you.
Certainly my pleasure.
I think the important point here is that Daedalus was principally focused upon the development of materials to create extremely low-cost housing in the emerging markets of the developing world.
As it turns out, in our view, there are probably few materials available that provide the same structural integrity, the same projected longevity, and the same sense of dignity as the materials we have designed.
So we had never really intended to be in the U.S.
domestic market.
We simply recognized through one of our associates that a requirement existed to have a low-cost response or a low-cost response capability that could put up a 500-bed facility within about 24 to 48 hours and perhaps a 1,000-bed facility within 48 to 72 hours.
Now, the different news articles, and correct them if they're wrong, they say this 150-bed facility is a facility for the public and the government and the media to get a good look at, hopefully, I guess, to sell the system out there competing with the others that are bidding on the government contracts.
Well, I'm not sure if that's correct or not.
I don't know of any potential government contracts for this particular development.
As it turns out, this particular facility is under a government-funded contract through Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, where they have one of the more advanced or perhaps leading-edge groups involved in both civil preparedness and disaster response.
This particular item, this particular demonstration, will in fact demonstrate that this particular low-cost material is applicable to this role and several other roles.
So it really goes from this kind of facility through several others, including just neighborhood health and any kind of natural disaster response.
Now, the news calls it high-tech advanced system technology.
What are the buildings made of?
How do you put up a 500-bed facility in 24, 48 hours?
Thank you.
A relatively fast system to assemble.
But it's very strong, so it's a type of silicate compound with... More accurately defined, I think, as a glass-reinforced polymer.
Essentially, the polyolefins or the plastics that we're more familiar with, like polyethylene, polypropylene, and an amount of fiberglass reinforcement.
Now, they said that during a quarantine, people are going to be locked up in these things...
Well, I think that's a little inaccurate, or perhaps a little severe.
The real notion here is that these facilities would provide the opportunity for observation, for isolation, excuse me, for observation, for quarantine, and isolation.
So, in fact, you would presumably have three different kinds of patients.
Those who believe that perhaps they've been exposed but don't really know, those who have been exposed for certain, and those who have been exposed for certain and exhibit certain features of a particular disease.
Yeah, but, I mean, they have the guy in Dallas who they thought had SARS and he wanted to leave the hospital and they wouldn't let him and chained him down to the bed.
Yeah, that's not a part of Daedalus' activity.
Daedalus is really working on the structural side of this.
Wow, in 48 hours, having a system with power and water and everything.
So what do you have, like trucks that have nodules of different services, and then they all show up, put the frame together, and then stick the appliances in?
That is correct.
In the case of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, the HVAC provider, that's really being done by AlbanCat.
I called AlbanCat Rental Solutions of Elk Ridge, Maryland, and they are a Caterpillar provider.
So there is a...
Okay, now...
I understand you're in the composite materials and the new solutions and the infrastructure of this, but... And on the planning side, that's correct.
We cover and track this occasionally here on the show.
I have Detroit Free Press.
I have Newsmax.
I have Rocky Mountain News.
Where FEMA...
Last year, by January 1st of this year, wanted three one-million-man emergency cities already set up.
Were you aware of those contracts, or are you involved in those?
No, we're not either aware of them nor a part of them.
I wonder why they need one million person facilities.
That's pretty big.
Well, I think the HRSA requirement from Health and Human Services is actually a surge capacity nationwide for a variety of reasons, including natural disasters, simply for 500 beds per million population.
And beyond that, I can't tell you.
And so what does that translate out to with the 290 million people?
500 times... Times the 285, 290.
That's correct.
Well, you're talking about multi-millions then.
It's a fair amount.
So what are the local FEMA people more worried about?
SARS naturally occurring or smallpox?
Well, I don't think I can speak or even know what FEMA's position is on this.
Our interface is actually not with FEMA.
Ours is through the Allegheny County and the working group there.
So we're not directly involved with FEMA, nor are we a part of their planning.
Well, let's say somebody had smallpox, and they're trying to bust out of the quarantine facility.
And obviously that happens.
That's what they've talked about.
I've just read the feds saying they're going to have secure facilities for this, but you're saying your facility wouldn't be for that?
What I'm asking is will one of these... Yes, it would be for that application in the case of smallpox, and that's probably the worst case scenario that we have used for determining what our requirements would be for the system itself.
Is the National Guard training on how to put in your system?
We have had some interface with the National Guard, and we would like...
To see them have a role in this particular system.
As of now, they do not.
So they may be training for something, but they're not training for the use of our system, nor are they directly interfacing with us.
You guys have got a couple different websites.
You're a company that's been involved here, the news says, in a lot of key infrastructure projects around the world.
What site would you recommend for my listeners around the country to visit?
Well, the first site that will be meaningful will actually be the site in Pittsburgh.
We have a very small structure prototype close to us in Newington, Virginia.
And this is the DaedalusProject.com?
And we have a link to news articles that have links to your website if folks can't spell Daedalus.
That's correct.
Doctor, tell us a little bit about yourself in the last 60 seconds.
How did you get involved in this, and what's your background?
I'm essentially the developer of this.
I am a...
I am a planner developer.
I've been involved on the materials side.
And this, as I said, principally focused upon our desire to participate in the emerging markets of the developing world.
So it was just an odd application, not one that we were really seeking.
But when we saw the opportunity, then we moved on that to define the requirements and then to meet those requirements through this type of facility.
So now you're just going to demonstrate this to government and the public.
Well, if I was you, Doctor, I would reach out to FEMA because, I mean, they've got 3 million man capacity system.
I mean, I think if you haven't heard about that, you need to go to InfoWars.com.
Absolutely, because our news from last Friday, just click on the archive.
Thanks for joining us, Doctor.
Take care.
All right, we'll be right back, folks.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Canadians have marched.
They've gone public.
They've marched with their guns.
They've said, you registered our guns and then you confiscated them, and now you're registering even our shotguns and hunting rifles and admitting you want to confiscate them.
No, you can come get my gun out of my cold, dead hand.
Now, folks, they're registering and banning guns all over this country at the state and local level, and Americans are doing nothing.
So I don't ever want to hear that the Canadians are pathetic jellyfish.
Are way down the room when it comes to being jellyfish.
We're pathetic.
I know a lot of us are involved, a lot of us are informed, but ever since Bush got into office and the true assault on guns began, the media told us the assault was over and we bought it.
A classic enemy tactic.
This is not an assault.
We're going to pause for, you know, the Chinese New Year and then here comes the Tet Offensive.
It's basically what's happened here.
So in the next hour, I've got Dr. Hudson from one of the big Second Amendment groups, or self-defense groups, freedom groups in Canada, joining us.
And almost all the provinces have also rebelled, and there's talk of secession if the gun grabbing continues.
This is amazing.
I've got a bunch of news I haven't gotten to yet, and I've got a bunch of callers.
Let's go to calls right now.
Let me just say about the last guest...
I assessed him rather quickly.
A bookworm, a polymer specialist, not a bad guy, a Dudley Do-Right, and I just wanted you to know what type of camps you're going to be living in.
Just so when you're inside of them and they drag your wife off to have their way with her, I just want you to know the type of facility you'll be in.
And I'm not saying the facility designer is a bad guy.
It sounds like he's just one of many people pushing for these systems.
I mean, if he doesn't know about the one million man FEMA camps and the bids on that, you know, let's go ahead and talk to John in Georgia, then John in Tennessee, Gary in Kansas, and Elroy in Texas, and others.
Go ahead, John in Georgia, finishing up what you were talking about earlier.
Well, I'm glad to hear some people in Canada seriously talking about secession, but what I was going to say is in order to defeat the globalists, we have to defend both personal rights and states' rights, and the federal government and Supreme Court have been all too willing to trample on states' rights these days, and it's good to see someone in a prominent position like Judge Moore taking an open stand, and I encourage the people of Alabama to support him.
And again, he's the judge who says the Bill of Rights is part of jurisprudence.
The Magna Carta of 1214 grew out of the Ten Commandments.
Our Bill of Rights and Constitution grows out of the Magna Carta.
And they're attacking the bedrock of America.
And I want to point out, these Republican friends of mine say, Alex, you used to be a good Republican.
You gave money, you put up Republican yard signs, you...
You let us borrow your truck to go around and put the signs up.
What happened to you?
And I say to them, what happened to you?
Bush is signing the assault weapons ban.
Yeah, that is bad.
He's pushing for open borders.
Yeah, that is bad.
His so-called Republican Supreme Court, seven of the nine appointed by Republicans, and look at the rulings.
Look at the rulings.
It's a joke.
What happened to you people?
I didn't change my values.
You changed yours.
What do you say to that, John?
Well, they trampled all over Texas state's right with the recent anti-sodomy ruling, and I think to say that someone is a Republican means they're going to defend your rights is putting your head in the sand and turning away from the fact.
It is.
Look, this Supreme Court is a joke.
They said that they can have random checkpoints on the road.
They said you don't have to have Miranda rights.
They said you don't have to have a Fourth Amendment.
They rule that SWAT teams aren't liable for killing innocent people.
They rule you can be arrested for not wearing a seatbelt and beat up.
This is our conservative Supreme Court.
It's a sad state of affairs, particularly when they're...
And that was USA Today.
That was USA Today.
Conservative members, all of them except for Scalia, and he was just a good cop in this fake thing, said, we take our orders from the EU now.
We follow their ruling as the authority.
Folks, the EU court doesn't have juries.
You can't face your accusers.
There's no private property rights, and they're putting it in USA Today!
Great points.
You got me riled up, John.
John in Tennessee, Gary in Kansas, Elroy in Texas and others, your calls are up next and a bunch of other news.
This show is like trying to fit the water through a fire hose through one of those straws you stir your coffee with.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
From taking Collagenate from Vim and Vigor, I've gone from a size 12 to a size 9.
It feels great.
Absolutely wonderful.
Well, here's another listener who's lost weight the safe and healthy way with Collagenate.
All right, my friends, let's go back to your calls.
Toll-free number to join us on air on this live Monday edition, 1-800-259-9231.
Let's talk to John in Tennessee.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I've got three points.
Bob Hope was mentioned last week on the History Channel, Secret Passages.
When Bob was in Vietnam doing his comedy shows, the Viet Cong were underneath the stage in their giant multi-story tunnel complex.
So since it was a police action of the United Nations Corporation with the communist Russians on the UN Security Council giving American generals their orders, you know, they probably knew they were there.
A giant meat grinder by design and Bob Hope dead at 100.
I'm sad he's dead.
I've seen some of his movies.
I think he was a funny guy.
But should I have mentioned that he was a big Bohemian Grove member?
I gave Arnold's brother-in-law, RFK Jr., a copy of Bohemian Grove and 911 tapes, so I guess the rest of the Kennedy family now knows what Arnold's up to.
You gave RFK Jr.?
Yeah, he's a law professor.
He was speaking at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and I asked him a question about...
I think so.
Oh, I bet he was.
They all know about that.
I mean, elitists will wait 10, 15 years just to get in on the waiting list.
Arnie got right in about 20 years ago, but look.
When you talk to these people and you talk about the UN taking over the national parks, did you give them Executive Order 12,986?
I mean, it's even been admitted in the Orlando newspapers and other publications that the UN has taken over our national parks.
Well, I quoted Henry Lamb's article from World Net Daily about that, where he talked about the two million acres under UN control and UNESCO biosphere reserves and
He acted like he didn't know what I was talking about.
I didn't give him a copy.
I kept my copy, which I should have given him my copy.
But I embarrassed him in front of the group, so maybe he went out and started reading.
Oh, how did you embarrass him?
Well, I was going into the background in local politics as far as the problems we have with the topic.
He was talking about environmental pollution, and he made me sit down.
So when everybody else got done, I got back up again
And, you know, it was an embarrassing moment for everybody, but I just went through and I quoted directly from Henry Lamb's article.
I just didn't quit.
Yeah, these so-called intellectuals, and, you know, he's up there peddling his land-grab system, his scam.
They'll try to act elitist and laugh at you.
You've got to laugh at them right back, folks.
Well, I quoted from it.
He didn't answer my question.
He just said Henry Lamb was a nut.
Oh, he goes, oh, that nut.
Yeah, I know who that is.
He didn't answer the question, though.
Yeah, we're all nuts.
Now, wait a minute.
Five years ago, we were nuts to talk about a new world order when their publications talk about it.
See, that's how they try to neutralize you.
It's just, oh, you're a nut.
Let's not have a discussion about what John is mentioning.
And they interrupt trial lawyers, which Coulter and RFK Jr.
both are.
That's their standard trick, as well as politicians, is to interrupt
And when I hear neocons on the radio...
Well, the second point I wanted to make was the GPS car tax and GPS speeding tickets
We're good to go.
I think?
According to the Village Voice and the New York Daily News, ran the largest car theft racket in New York State, and another uncle was a hijacker gunned down by the FBI.
Giuliani's father was a mafia enforcer sent to Sing Sing Prison, and Giuliani himself was speaking at the lecture by the National Law Enforcement Institute that bragged about the CIA running a war game on 9-1-1 to crash airliners into buildings.
Well, yeah, that's all true.
Well, is he part of the Jewish cartel up there, Bloomberg, or is that some other nationality?
No, there's no such thing as a Jewish cartel.
How dare you?
There's only WASP mafia...
And Italian Mafia.
No, hey, hey.
Bugsy Siegel, that was made up.
Hey, I appreciate your call.
Yeah, thanks.
And what I'm trying to illustrate here is, I don't think Jews run the world.
I don't think Jews are the secret group behind the New World Order.
Evil people are, whether they're Chinese or German or Jewish.
If you expose Jewish mafia, the ADL and people will come out and attack you as anti-Semitic.
And I think that's a sick joke.
But it's a great system.
I mean, it's amazing.
And, yes, I don't know particularly about Bloomberg being Jewish mafia.
He's just a big financial guy.
But the stock market... I mean, it doesn't matter whether it's Bloomberg or Giuliani or...
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
These guys are New World Order pimps.
But, yes, we should be able to criticize Bloomberg, even though he's Jewish, and we shouldn't let organizations use bad things that have happened to any racial group in the past as an excuse today where we can't criticize them.
I mean, people who criticize black street gangs have been called racist.
Or people that criticize... Back during Clinton, when all these communist Chinese spies were paying off people in our government, there were articles in the news, is it covert racism to criticize the Chinese workers at military bases?
China admitted they had thousands of Chinese spies all over our government, destroying our national security.
We're good to go.
About Rich and others, you know, oh, they're Jewish, that's why people are criticizing the pardons, because they're Jewish, and they're being anti-Semitic, and I've even gotten emails, I'm a Christian, and the Bible says support Israel, and you criticized Israel, and you're going to go to hell because you did that.
So I guess Jesus Christ then is in a lot of trouble because he criticized the corruption of Israel, and John the Baptist criticized Herod, and David criticized Saul, and it doesn't matter to me, folks.
You get corrupt people in government, and we need to be able to criticize them.
So what you've got is the liberal media lobby has taken over the Christian churches, and they've got this new religion of worshipping Israel.
And it's wrong, folks.
It's out of control.
So whether it's Germany engaging in corruption, or England, or Israel, or the U.S.
government, I'm going to expose it.
And that's why I got off on that little sarcastic talk about, hey...
John in Tennessee, don't talk about Jewish mafia.
It doesn't exist.
Of course it exists.
That's how mafia is formed.
You have Russian racial gangs.
You have Chinese racial gangs.
You have German racial gangs.
You have Irish racial gangs.
And, folks, you have Italian, you have Polish, you have Vietnamese...
Out in the West, you have Mexican gangs, you have white supremacist gangs, and you have Jewish organized crime engaged in child porn, porn, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, all the same trash that others are peddling.
And we will talk about it here.
Yes, I know your Bible, your special Bible, given to you by the ADL, says that it's blasphemy to talk like that, but again, I go off the King James, so sorry.
Let's talk to Gary in Kansas.
Gary, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Something happened to me Friday.
I was able to meet some of your best from Texas National Guard, and they had a Lone Star on the one patch, so that's their call.
But the weird thing is they had that blue patch covered by a pin.
You know, it's that light blue with the stars around it.
I should ask, but when they take off that pin, what was underneath that?
But he did talk to me.
One of the captains talked to me for a while about the black helicopters.
He said, yes, we see them from time to time.
They're special ops.
They're quiet.
They have all that technology on them.
So I think they're based out of Houston or so, but they're an artillery unit going up to Leavenworth.
Wait, wait, wait.
The block helicopters in Texas are based out of Fort Bliss.
Oh, well, he said the National Guard has some.
Oh, I thought, okay.
Yeah, but he intercepts, I guess, with those guys a lot.
But I met them at a gun show because they were heading up to Leavenworth.
They were happening to be.
Their hotel was across from the gun show area, so they decided to come in.
He was in the National Guard for 11 years, but he talked to me a little bit.
But then, you know, after I got into the helicopters, he decided not to divulge too much.
Oh, but again, Ann Coulter says we're crazy.
I have hundreds of mainstream news articles about the urban warfare training, but if we mention it, it doesn't exist.
We're crazy.
You know what the underneath, they hide that patch.
I should have asked them, but I didn't want to pull it.
They have a pin covering that blue patch, and now we're wearing them on their berets.
There's a light blue with stars and a horseshoe up on top.
They all had these pins covering them like their unit, but it was like they pulled that off.
I didn't know if that was like a UN patch or what.
You got a lot of that going on.
I don't know particularly, but why were they going up to Leavenworth?
Our artillery unit was going to do some practice games or whatever.
He didn't tell me too much of what was going on.
He just said we're heading up to Leavenworth to have a week or two practice.
Well, it's all part of a process of conditioning those men and women that there is no law against them pulling you out of your car, searching your vehicle, and it's going on all over the country.
Our troops have been training to domestically take our guns.
I have it on video, and I have mainstream news articles admitting it.
And so for all those out there in denial, your military...
That your veterans fought and died to build is being turned into an arm of the New World Order, and it makes me very angry.
Well, thanks for having me on, and we'll call back later.
All right, thanks for your call.
I tell you what, I'm going to cover news for the rest of this hour, and then I've got another guest coming up for the first 20 minutes of the first hour, where they're refusing to turn their guns in up in Canada, which is great news.
And then we'll take more calls the last 40 minutes of the show.
But you know, I've done an hour and 47 minutes, and I haven't plugged my videos yet.
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takeover of the national parks.
I have park rangers admitting it.
The park signs, the executive orders, mainstream news articles.
We have the government carrying out the Oklahoma City bombing.
We have the concentration camps and Senate hearings about it.
We have the thumb scanning and the biometric control grid where I get arrested protesting it.
There's that and a lot more in two hours and four minutes in my first film made in 1997.
Then there's my second film, Police State 2000, with the Army and the
Marines and the foreign troops admitting they're training to put you in camps and take your guns, and we have them on tape admitting it, and the documents and the Cashless Society control grid and the federalized checkpoints and the black helicopters burning police stations, blowing up buildings, police chiefs on tape admitting foreign troops and admitting that Delta Force lied to them and tried to bribe them.
We have the chief of police of San Antonio saying that on tape.
That's about a third of what's in Police State 2000.
You might want to get it.
I made it in 99.
We have the takeover where the feds hire provocateurs to stop protest, where they've built more giant camps, more urban warfare training.
We have people in police stations.
We ask, what are the troops here for?
A woman comes screaming out of the back, martial law, light them up and shoot them.
That's on tape.
It's just insane stuff that God has allowed us to catch on tape.
You walk into a police station.
What are the troops about here?
Martial law!
We're going to line people up and shoot them!
You got a problem with it?
You know, we just so happen to walk into police stations as women run screaming by us, screaming martial law.
All before 9-1-1, by the way, you see.
Getting them ready covertly.
Then I have 9-1-1, the road to tyranny, after 9-1-1, proving they carried it out.
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You know, I'll say it again.
I started the first hour of the show today.
We're now coming to the end of the second hour.
About to start the third hour.
But I said in the first hour, this weekend, I started looking at the articles just from Thursday and Friday where it was...
I mean, folks, this is not a free society.
And it's really started to burn into my brain just how crazy everything's gotten.
We're about to go to Richard in Colorado and others here in a second, but some of the news that I'm going to hit on now and more in the next hour after this guest is off.
Bush faces domestic revolt over Patriot Act sneak searches.
And it says that it's bipartisan.
Yes, it's finally being reported.
Real conservatives leading the charge.
An amazing article that's very honest about RFID chips, the small tracker chips.
Chips with everything, it says.
And it's out of Channel 4 News out of England, a big national news channel.
It says that it is hooked in with the government.
They do track you.
They do photograph you in the stores.
They do mesh that number off your digital face scan with the chips when you leave.
And that it does track you on the street.
Very, very interesting.
So that's coming up.
And also how they're putting cameras in all the schools and tracking the kids and...
An interesting article about Israel where Israel admits that they target small children as a way to knock down the morale of the Palestinians and little four-year-olds will be walking down the street and they'll double tap them in the head with a rifle.
And I've heard the neocons on the air saying that this is good.
And that if you're against killing the children, that you're basically anti-Semitic.
But wait, those Palestinians are about as Semitic as it gets.
So I think what's happening to the Palestinians is anti-Semitic and looks pretty Nazi-like to me.
And it's bad what the Palestinians are doing, too.
But we're going to talk about that in the next hour as well.
Let's go ahead right now and talk to Richard in Colorado.
Go ahead, Richard.
Yeah, Alex, I was listening to your show here in Denver on KLMO, and I don't know what happened.
All of a sudden I lost your broadcast for about ten minutes there, and a sports show came on.
I don't know if you know anything about that.
Oh, who knows these days.
Right when you were talking about the president and writing on the flag is when that happened.
Well, you know, that might have been that our satellite went down.
You know, that happens.
Oh, okay.
And, you know, they might have put something up there.
I mean, does that happen very often?
Not too often.
It's happened before, but it doesn't happen too often.
Now, did you hear my show go off first?
Well, it sounded like somebody hit a switch, like if you're talking on a two-way radio.
And it blocks out the frequency.
And then I could hear, very faint in the background, some kind of voices talking.
I was trying to pick up on what they were saying.
Oh, really?
How long did that go on?
For about ten minutes.
Yeah, well, who knows what did that?
No telling.
Anything else on your mind, Richard?
Well, I just wanted to let people know that if they want to have any idea of how bad and how big government's gotten over the years...
There's a real good book out about that.
It's called Lost Right, the Destruction of American Liberty by James Bogart.
He's also the author of The Paratrade Fraud.
If you read that book, it's a fairly sick book.
It goes into quite a lot of detail about our rights, how they're just being taken away left and right.
And that'll clue some people in that if they think we're conspiracy theorists, it might kind of clue them in as to
This guy backs up everything with footnotes and everything.
Well, government history shows that governments centralize and always do horrible things.
And people are walking around denying the law of gravity because they're weak-minded and they don't want to face the facts.
We'll be back.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
You know that Berkey water filters have become the standard of excellence by which all other water filtration systems are measured.
The Berkey light gives you the freshest, cleanest water possible from the water...
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Fighting corruption, fighting centralization of power.
Talking about basic historical facts and reality to a spoiled, rotten America that's about to have its wake-up call because the globalists are de-industrializing this country and setting it up to be a total slave grid.
Well, north of us, up in Canada, they got big problems as well.
They registered a bunch of guns.
Then they came out and banned them.
We're good to go.
I think?
Look at New York.
Look at Chicago.
Look at England where they ban guns and the crime rates explode.
So these are the type of facts that are out there.
And then I saw Canadians on TV saying, my name's Billy Bob and I'm not turning my guns in.
You can come take them.
So shame on the general American out there who doesn't have the will and the courage that a Canadian does to say no to this.
But I guess up there in their media...
They're pretty good at just saying, yeah, we're registering and taking your guns.
Down here, it's, oh, it's a safety policy.
It's just an instant check, and all the gun dealers say, it's not a registration because they want to keep selling to you.
Oh, no, it's not a problem.
Go ahead and instead of fighting the system, we just go along with it and rationalize and say...
And say, you know, a duck isn't a duck and a dog isn't a dog and a gun registration isn't a gun registration and they're banning stuff left and right.
Bush wants to sign the new assault weapons bill and ban all semi-automatic shotguns whether they're two-shot or five-shot and even when the NRA admits it, people are in total denial down here.
So we're going to break here in a second.
We're going to come back with Dr. Ed Hudson and he's with one of the big groups up in Canada who are
Valiantly fighting the government bureaucrats, the socialistic control freaks up there in the Commonwealth that want to make the Canadian people their property.
And I just hope they keep going, and I hope they use this revolution against tyranny up there to remove a lot of the other things we've seen.
There's also big discussions of provinces seceding, secession.
Leaving the Commonwealth if the gun confiscation registration continues.
That's very exciting.
I think that's wonderful.
In fact, I would move to Canada if a state broke away and then stated our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, had their own sovereignty, no gun laws, low taxes.
I'd move up there.
But right now, Canada is a socialist success pool just like the United States.
So we'll come back and talk to Dr. Ed Hudson.
On the other side of this break, and if you'd like to talk to a Canadian and an organization that's fighting the gun grabbing, the toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
And if you want to link through to some of the Canadian gun groups and self-defense groups,
We have links to their websites, and this particular group as well, at infowars.com, at prisonplanet.com, and at infowars.net.
So please visit the website.
We're going to break now.
When we get back, we will go to Dr. Hudson, who, again, we're honored to have on the show.
And we will take your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
There is no right more basic than being armed.
A free man owns weapons.
Did a black slave on a plantation own a gun or a knife?
Did a white slave in Rome own a knife?
Or a sword?
In Nazi Germany, could you own a gun?
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That's toll free, 888-803-4438.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Defending the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, trying to point out that when government grows powerful and large, bad things happen and it's happening again.
Dr. Ed Hudson is with Canadian Unregistered Firearm Owners Association.
And again, hundreds of thousands of Canadians have marched, have gone public in all of their provinces.
Many of their provinces, the majority of them are saying, we're not going to register our gun owners even under the federal orders.
And joining us to tell us about this in more detail is Dr. Hudson.
And Dr. Hudson, of course, is a member of the Canadian Unregistered Farms Owners Association.
Tell us about the group and the historical fight that is taking place up in Canada.
This fight's been going on for 10 years, starting 10 years ago in 1993.
Yes, sir.
The government introduced to Parliament a law that would require the licensing of all firearms owners and the registration of all firearms in Canada.
The law was protested and demonstrated against by firearms owners as far back as 10 years ago, starting in 1993.
The Canadian government, who had a large majority in Parliament at that time, basically ignored all of the protests, ignored any common sense,
And rammed us through with Parliament, as they can do here in Canada because they have a virtual stranglehold on the governing party.
The law was passed in 1995, but they staged it in a very Machiavellian method to come in power slowly over a period of years.
And we're now down to 10 years later in 2003.
Where every Canadian who owns a firearm must have a license to own a firearm, and now every firearm in Canada must be registered.
And, Dr. Hudson, they make you jump through a bunch of hoops, then after a while, just like New York did, New York City, first you've got to have a license, then they stop issuing the license.
But I read an article...
Out of Canada last year, it said that over 53% of the guns that had been registered had later been banned, so registration does lead to confiscation.
Please continue.
That is exactly correct.
The firearms, handguns, which had been registered in Canada since 1934...
We're good to go.
I think?
They do that in Canada by an order in council.
They no longer even have to go through Parliament.
So anytime they want to, they can declare another classification of firearm banned, and we can no longer own it, we can no longer sell it.
That's amazing.
And meanwhile, your borders are wide open, record numbers of legals and illegals.
The border is open to anything that wants to come across.
There have been those type of home invasions that you mentioned.
The only thing that the Canadian-U.S.
border stops is Canadian beef going south.
That's it, and it turns out that that mad cow probably came from our side.
I've heard that, but the point is on that it's only one cow, and they're making all of this about one cow.
But we didn't call this discussion about not mad cow.
No, absolutely.
You just mentioned it, and I'm pointing out how ridiculous all of this is.
Dr. Hudson, tell us about Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association, because it's coming down to the point now where Canadians across the border are saying, in fact, I've read the articles, even in your own mainstream papers, that this is about the government trying to dominate you, and that this is about controlling law-abiding citizens.
People are finally getting it.
That's exactly correct.
What we've been saying for 10 years, what gun owners have been saying up here for 10 years, is there's not a criminal anywhere in the world who's registered their firearm or license themselves.
This law is not about criminal control or crime control.
It's about controlling its citizens.
Our group is a small group.
You have to understand that membership in our group is completely open.
Our membership list is open to the government.
Anyone who is a member
So you guys are signing your John Hancock to your own Declaration of Independence?
It's not actually a Declaration of Independence, but it's specifically a Declaration of Noncompliance.
We're stating...
Very forcefully, peacefully, non-violently, we will not submit to this law.
Well, it takes a lot of courage.
I know there's been big protests and demonstrations.
How many of the provinces total are telling the feds this law is wrong, unpopular, and we're not going to follow it, this registration law?
Seven out of the ten provinces are doing that, but unfortunately that's only a half step.
The provinces in Canada could take the step and say, we will not allow the law to be enforced in this province.
The Attorney General of each province has that authority, but they won't exercise that authority.
They take the half step and say, we won't spend any of our provincial money doing it, but they will not block the federal government from doing it.
Well, I mean, your Mounties, your federal police are out of control.
And so is our BATF, which is a criminal organization.
They actually hire crooks there.
They know what this is all about.
It seems you guys have really gotten the momentum going.
There's a lot of talk about secession.
If some of these provinces broke off, we could have a new free country, couldn't we?
There's that type of talk in Alberta.
That's a little bit beyond my scope and expertise, but I've certainly been to many, many gun shows in Alberta, and I've certainly stood beside and talked to people in Alberta who are talking about the Alberta Separatist Party, Alberta separating.
I know that that's happening.
I am not a part of that group.
I am focusing on peaceful, nonviolent civil disobedience to a specific community,
Very unjust law here in Canada.
And what type of response are you getting, Dr. Hudson, from the gun-grabbing government?
The response from the government so far is that they've called us frivolous.
They've said that what we're doing is a stunt.
But the main thing they've said, they've said that we're not violent, which is our whole point all along, is that gun owners, responsible gun owners, firearms owners, are not violent.
Tomorrow we're on Parliament Hill, a capital here in Ottawa, with a major protest, and we're telling them, come arrest us.
We're demanding that our government give us our day in court.
We want to challenge this to the Supreme Court of Canada.
And the government so far has been playing chicken.
They will not come out of the closet and enforce their law.
They don't want to create martyrs, but let me warn you.
I don't know about your Canadian government, but I know what our federal government does.
They will try to infiltrate you with a provocateur who will then get into trouble, who will later have the charges dropped against him, and if you investigate, he's going to be a federal officer, a bounty, or he's going to be a paid informant.
Are you prepared, doctor, to deal with that?
Fortunately, we've had that type of advice before, specifically from someone who came up from your part of the country to talk to us.
We are aware of that.
I'm not sure exactly how we deal with it other than we stating as plainly as we can, we're completely peaceful, completely nonviolent.
If anyone in our group claims to be operating in our name, does anything that even looks violent, smells violent,
They're not speaking or acting for our group.
Well, what I would do, Doctor, is simply, if anything ever happens, if you investigate, it's going to be a fad.
And if they know that you know about that trick, they won't try it on you.
Well, we do know about that trick.
And as I say, fortunately, it was from someone from south of the border that came up and told us about that.
They do that in everything here.
I mean, you're trying to stop them from taking somebody's farm, and a guy shows up and starts threatening the police.
And then if you walk over to their car, it'll have a police badge in it, and then you say, hey, this is a cop, and then the riot police suddenly will disappear.
I mean, it's really sick what they do trying to destroy our freedoms.
But I'm reading that a lot of police are actually on your side in Canada.
Most of the rank-and-file police are on our side.
I would say up to 70%.
Again, I don't want to get in the numbers game on something that I can't back up, but certainly the large majority of the rank-and-file police officer supports us.
Well, they know they're safer when you're armed.
They know that places like New York where you can't own a gun, that's where the cops get killed.
Well, it's incredible, so it endangers the citizens, the police, everybody.
The website is cufoa.ca, cufoa.ca.
We've got a link to it on infowars.com.
Dr. Hudson, the media tries to focus on this in your country and say, oh, it's a money issue, the people don't like it because it costs money, but then I talk to the people and it's all about keeping your liberties and freedoms.
Is that a red herring in the media?
The media likes to talk about that it's safety.
We have a media that is basically controlled by the liberal left wing up here, and they try and talk about that the firearms control issue or the gun issue is a safety issue.
That's the red herring.
What has saved us up here is what Canadians respond to as dollars, and our federal government has wasted a billion dollars.
Oh, so even gun owners who don't care about guns, they're mad about the big bureaucracy.
But the issue here, and this is the issue that I would like to make plain to your readership south of the border, the issue is rights and freedom.
The issue is liberty.
The government, in passing this law, passed seven specific violations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is roughly equivalent to the U.S.
Bill of Rights.
Dr. Hudson, I tell you what, do six or seven more minutes with us.
We've got a break, and we're going to go to break right now.
We'll be right back in just a few minutes.
And I want you to elaborate on that and hopefully give us some tips.
We could use some tips from you about standing up and not being cowardly.
We'll be right back.
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All right, it's our final segment for Dr. Edward Hudson.
He's with Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association.
Seven of the ten provinces are saying they're not going to be part of this gun registration confiscation scheme.
And now the momentum, I would say, is on the side of gun owners there in Canada.
We're about to go to Phyllis in Missouri and Trevor in Texas.
I would like to take the opportunity to say to your listeners that as you said in your introduction, the people of the United States need to wake up.
The forces that are in play here in Canada that want to take over our rights and freedoms.
And I really think
That we in Canada sleptwalked through the first part of this, and I'm really afraid that the same thing is happening down in the United States.
I know that you are aware of it, but not enough people in your listenership.
Gun owners aren't aware of it because Republicans are the ones pushing it.
Democrats always tried to push it, but Republicans push it, and these neocons go, well, I guess it's all right then.
I guess I'll turn Granddaddy's shotgun in if Bush wants me to.
I really invite them to come up here in Canada and see what's happening here because they're requiring... I have to have a license now to own a firearm.
I do not have a license.
I own firearms.
I do not have a license.
I own 50 rifles, shotguns, and pistols.
Not a one of them is registered.
I have invited the police into my home to say, arrest me, confiscate it if you want to.
They have not come in because they know I'll win this fight on a constitutional challenge.
They violate my Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
But the point that I'm trying to make is to pass this law.
Our government saw fit to trample the Canadian Bill of Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms just to trample our rights in the mud to get this passed.
Yeah, it shows they're tyrants.
Too many Americans think that they can depend on the Second Amendment for their rights.
But when the government turns against you,
That Second Amendment right is going to go down the drain, just like our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and our Canadian... Hey, the courts are already ruling we don't have this right.
Let's talk to Phyllis in Missouri.
You're absolutely right, Doctor.
Phyllis, go ahead.
You're on the air with our guest.
Oh, hi.
I was just wondering, do your people know that the powers really want to reduce our population by 80%?
Do they have any idea?
He's talking about the leftist UN plan, the world population reduction and all this.
Were you aware of that?
No, I'm not.
I must say I've had my nose stuck so deeply in the firearms issue that I'm actually somewhat woefully ignorant of some of the other things going on around me now.
Anything else, Phyllis?
No, I just think all of this going on is pointing to us being eliminated.
Well, that's what JPFO says, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, registration, confiscation, extermination, and certainly if you're disarmed, the government can get away with doing that.
Now, will this end up being like Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany?
I don't want to give them that chance.
Let's talk to Trevor in Texas.
Trevor, you're on the air with our guest from Canada, Dr. Hudson.
Go ahead.
First of all, I'd just like to say thanks for taking my call, Dr. Hudson.
I appreciate all your work.
Everyone out here has got all y'all in our prayers.
I want to say something because, like you said earlier, Alex, this is all like trying to fit a fire hose water through a coffee straw.
We're good to go.
Well, the Amber Alert System is an admitted FEMA takeover arm of communications, and they just said, oh, it's for the kids.
I'll tell you what, Trevor, I'll put you on hold.
We're about to let the doctor go.
I'll come back to you and others in the next segment, okay?
Okay, I'll put you on hold.
Dr. Hudson, I really appreciate you coming on the show today, sir.
Well, I certainly appreciate the opportunity.
I have been concerned about what's happening down in the States.
Again, I'm extremely glad to know that there's a program like you that are warning Americans to wake up before it's too late.
We have a problem here in Canada.
We're going to take care of it.
Tomorrow we have a demonstration.
We're challenging our government directly, peacefully, nonviolently, but it's a challenge to our government, and we demand to be heard.
Well, Dr. Hudson, God bless you, Godspeed, and take care.
Thank you, sir.
You bet.
We'll be back with more calls and more news.
Stay there, Trevor.
I'll get back to you when we get back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
I want to play that Elvis song, Looks Like an Angel.
Talks like an angel, walks like an angel, but I got wise, she's a devil in disguise.
Because that's exactly what this whole government is.
And I go back to history.
History shows that governments centralize power and go absolutely ape and control and slaughter a bunch of people.
That's the norm.
Freedom has been the exception.
And you've got all these yuppies and good old boys and liberals and hippies and just all of you.
You need to wake up.
This is serious business.
The exact same pattern is being woven with an overlay of high tech.
Trevor in Texas, you were talking about government propaganda and manipulation.
Please continue, then we'll go to John and others.
The name of your website says it best, and I think that's one of the most important issues when fighting the New World Order is this brainwashing that we're getting from the American media and the media abroad.
The Amber Alert system, it occurred to me when I first started to see those stories on TV that they were following that story so closely.
It's like there's no way they could have been on the scene and following it so tightly unless they knew what was going to happen.
But yet, when you see the same thing overseas, it's like, oh, we don't know what happened.
We weren't there.
We didn't get to cover that.
But all the details were all there when they started to introduce the Amber Alert system.
Well, this is what we're going to use now because this poor little girl, and God bless her, whatever happened,
And it just so happened that that same year the FCC law was passed that all radio and TV stations had the EAS FEMA takeover boxes, remote control federal boxes, put into them, and the federal plan said it's EAS, and they said for PR, we're going to call it AMBER and make it mandatory for the little kids.
Yeah, they're totally playing off of our good nature, you know, the general, I think, general good nature of the ignorance, you know, and the ignorance of citizens.
You know, they want to introduce this and go, look.
Yeah, that's what empowered Hitler was good Germans that thought, man, I mean, people say, how did the Germans do it?
How did they do it?
Well, because they were saps.
I wish they could have gotten to the people who perpetrated 9-11 as fast as they did to the Malvo people.
All those guys who shot up, you know, as quickly as they got to them.
Well, bottom line, they're not going to put themselves in jail.
Of course.
But going back to Hitler, the Germans were conservative, upright, good family values, a lot less decadent than we are today, folks.
And a corrupt individual, an intelligent individual, an evil individual got control of the media.
And Germans, to this day, they think Hitler was right because the news said so.
The media could tell the average American today that a Hitler character is good and they'd buy it, which they have done.
Yeah, well, you know, like you said earlier, you've talked to some of the foreigners, even some of the foreigners who come here.
I know for a fact when I was volunteering with Mike out at the stand that I talked to Helga.
I don't know if you know Helga.
She went into great detail about her experience as a young woman
I was a very young girl in Germany when America came through and razed their city completely with fire, talking about people walking through the streets on fire and diseased children on every corner.
And she said that she has no desire to see war again and that this is exactly how it began, when they started putting on the black masks and saying it was for your own good.
You can't see who I am.
I'm supposed to be able to do whatever I want to you.
Because I'm protecting you, and how dare you say you've got rights?
I'm sick of it.
I'm so sick of these pagans.
They're destroying everything.
They don't care.
That's the bottom line.
Well, the same pattern is being woven again.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you, sir.
Yeah, that's the point I made in the first hour.
I've talked to people from Poland and Russia about the...
Secret police walking up and grabbing on their mother when they were 10, and the father shoves the secret police officer, and you never see daddy again.
And then mommy refuses to go out with him, so a couple months later she gets shipped off.
I mean, that's what they do, folks.
Because the system can't disappoint its own.
Stalin took all the criminals out of the jails because they were the only people that put black ski masks on and bust down doors and break up families and beat people up.
And so they're going to have a little fun with you.
You're going to have criminals, you already do, in uniforms, running your life.
Just like Nazi Germany.
Just like Russia.
And the only thing holding them back from going hog wild...
Is that there's still a lot of good police and a lot of good military.
But, again, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
The average cop goes home and he watches the dramas, the sitcoms, where the good cop tortures people, where the good cop lies and steals because it's for a better cause.
And that good cop's having his mind twisted and molded.
And when his partner gets killed...
The feds come in and say, the answer is you weren't hard enough.
You didn't follow the policies correctly.
And all the heat the police are under in this bad situation is then focused into making them even more police state thuggish.
Then when they get in trouble for being thugs, the feds come in and say, you're in trouble.
We're federalizing your city.
And then they intensify the training to make them thugs.
It doesn't matter if it's Republicans or Democrats running things.
It's the same policies, just different rhetoric on the nightly news.
And so that's why they're on the news saying torture's good.
World government's good.
Troops on the streets are good.
The end of liberty is good.
Giving up liberty gives you security, which is a total lie.
And so they're trying to train the cops that all of this is normal and you've got to do this to get your paycheck and you've got to do this to defend the homeland or the economy's going to go down.
And so the middle class, the soccer moms, are listening to talk radio where they say that
The neocons say sweatshops are good.
That's good in third world.
They're lucky they have sweatshops.
Genetically modified food is good.
Some gun control is good.
Open borders is good.
Bush blocking Dan Burton's committee on pardon gates, okay.
But really, they don't even discuss all those issues.
It's all...
You can turn your car on and listen to talk radio.
This is what I listen to when I'm out driving around, and it's how dumb Hillary Clinton is.
I can come back two hours later, turn the car on, it's how dumb Hillary Clinton is.
I can drive to the store, get out, come back ten minutes later, it's how dumb Hillary Clinton is.
That's all they do, folks.
That's all they do.
It's this mindless diversion.
It's good cop, bad cop, two different sides of the New World Order having a mindless political distraction.
And all their pimps and all their pops, their William Bennett, Mr. Million Dollar a Day gambling habit, and Ann Coulter, Miss Government Minion, just all of them.
Then you got the useful idiots like Charlie Daniels.
I like Charlie Daniels.
I like Charlie Daniels' music.
But Charlie Daniels is, if you don't like what the president's doing, you ought to leave.
Don't you put down my flag.
Well, sir, your flag is a symbol of my free speech.
Okay, Mr. Daniels?
Ain't no rag.
Well, it's being treated worse than a rag, Mr. Daniels.
But see, it's a well-meaning person like Daniels that's going to send this country straight into the pit.
I mean, I guarantee you, you talk to Daniels, you tell him, I've heard him on the air, we got him coming on the show.
You talk to Daniels and you tell him, well, Bush is signing the assault weapons ban.
Well, I don't want to talk about it.
Well, he shouldn't, but I still support him.
What are you, some kind of liberal?
I don't know.
We'll see what happens.
George Bush went down to Georgia.
He was looking for a soul to steal.
He was in a bind.
He was way behind.
He was willing to make a deal.
That's right.
And they've got some new country song.
It isn't by Daniels, but it's about, We got a lot of gang members and a lot of troublemakers and terrorists.
Put them in the camps, blow their heads off.
We're cowboys, give us whiskey and beer for horses.
Put everybody in camps, we're for America.
Kill everybody, kill the criminals.
Hang them high, tie them up in the swamps.
Death, death, death, camps, camps, camps.
I mean, it's like this rap country song I hear every time I turn the radio on.
I don't even know who the group is.
I wrote it down but left it in my truck.
Maybe you've heard it.
I'll take some whiskey for my men and beer for my horses.
They mix crime in with terrorism and talk about, the police just need to kill more people, fill them full of lead, hang them, put them in camps, and bring whiskey for my men and beer for my horses.
I mean, the propaganda, folks, is everywhere.
I turn on country music and it's talking about camps.
I open up the newspaper and it's how wonderful the FEMA camps are.
John in Pennsylvania, you're on the air, go ahead.
Alex, thank you so much for talking to me today.
I just want to tell you it's the first time I've ever called into your program, obviously.
I want to thank you for what you're doing, but I want to talk about something that happened on your show about a week ago and how it ties into the doctor's presentation this afternoon, which was wonderful and highly motivational for those of us who are out there that are entering the fight.
The doctor said that his mailing list was completely open and that everybody who participated in his organization was open to governments.
And they were all willing to stand up and voice their distaste or whatever was going on in their particular province.
Yeah, and there's no point that his database should be open because that, under the Magna Carta, which they have in Canada, he has his right to privacy, and the government is the force that doesn't have the right to privacy.
I appreciate that, but I also... Last week or so, and you might remember the show, you may not...
There were two people who called in in succession where they both gave their last names.
At that very moment, Alex, I have to tell you that I was excited.
I was actually happy.
I've listened to you for several years on what would be considered a pirate thing.
We're getting ready to try and make moves for retransmitters so we can get these
Your message and that type of thing out there more, but I can't tell you how proud I was at that moment that these two people had actually stood up and said, My name is John Farley, and I'm from Pennsylvania.
Yeah, my name is John Hancock, and I'm going to sign my name real big on this Declaration of Independence.
I was very happy that people were finally standing up.
This is really what we need.
This is what we need.
We need people to say, my name is Alex Jones, and I'm not going to take it anymore.
Let me just explain why I can't allow that.
I understand, and that's really what I wanted to talk about.
Hold on a second.
They need to form their own organizations, their own websites, their own radio shows, their own access shows, form and come together.
Here's the problem.
This has actually been done quite a bit in radio.
People have lost lawsuits over this.
Someone will call in and pose as someone else.
The host will buy it, let them say it, and then be held liable.
That's why I don't let people say their last names, because I don't know if that's their last name.
Go ahead.
And at that very moment of being so excited, I heard your response, and I'm thinking to myself, why?
I got you.
Your message is getting out there, and the things that you have done, your videos and those types of things are making a difference.
And what it is going to require is somebody to take your work
And take it that step further, and that's what we're doing now.
And, again, the doctor, what he was saying was very inspirational in the fact that they are willing.
They're going to go stand on the courthouse steps.
We need everybody in this country to stand on the courthouse steps.
Stand there and request, require, demand a response from our government.
And never stop.
Let me tell you how I got involved.
I got involved with what was going on in the world.
I woke up from my real life due to the fact of the transformation of our educational system here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, this movement towards school work, the workforce and investment boards, and where we identify that not only is it a local agenda, it's a Commonwealth agenda, it's a federal agenda, and by God, it's a UNESCO agenda as well.
They're creating a planned economy.
Which turns out that my representatives in government are not performing my function.
They're actually performing the function of some other agenda.
That's what got us involved in the fight.
Hold on, John, because you're making a lot of good points.
They're trying actively in their own documents to overthrow your children's thinking process to make you pliable, willing slaves.
That's their own Department of Education policy.
But that is the point, and the point is that co-work,
My point is, is that
We stand up on a local level and fight this school move.
It's a radical transformation.
We had to build a brand-new middle school.
We transformed the middle school.
It cost us millions of dollars, largest tax increase in local history in the last 30 years.
We identify as we keep digging, digging, digging.
We find that it's not only, again, a local Commonwealth federal agenda, it's now this international agenda, and that's how we get involved in the fight.
The point is that in order to fight it,
Everybody has to stand up and say, my name is John Farley, and I'm from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and I'll reclaim Pennsylvania.
I will reclaim Pennsylvania.
And we have to stand on the steps of the courthouse and fight.
And I wanted to call you and tell you that.
It just tied into what the doctor was saying.
And, again, I wanted to discuss with you about that.
I understand the libel thing, but everybody needs to stand up.
No, I understand, and...
John in Pennsylvania is actually empowering to step over the line, to step out in the light, to get out there on the battlefield, just like in Braveheart, and let's get it on.
Let's do it.
Let's fight the globalists because we know they're evil.
We know they're scum.
We know they operate off of keeping people in the dark, and it's time to bring out the light.
It's time to expose these creatures.
It's time to make them run back under the rocks
You're good to go.
That we post on my website, then you know, and there's no fear, there isn't a question, we have got to fight this thing, because we are on the side of good, ladies and gentlemen.
Thanks for the call, John.
That's exactly right, Alex.
Thank you very much.
Appreciate the call, and it was exciting hearing you and the action you're taking.
I really do appreciate that.
And, you know, it is like trying to force the amount of information that you have in a water hose, a fire hose, under pressure,
Thousands of gallons every few minutes.
It's like trying to force that through the straw you stir your coffee with.
I could take one of these articles.
Dr. David Kelly.
I've probably read a hundred stories on it, read his emails, listened to the accounts of his family.
Obviously murdered.
I could talk for hours about Condoleezza Rice caught in new lies.
I could spend hours about how the agenda between Hillary and Bush is identical.
I could spend hours about the control grid, the police state.
I could spend hours about this new 9-1-1 report and the omission of the Saudi Arabia stuff.
It's just they're a pack of murdering criminals, bottom line.
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Alright folks, I'm sorry I can't take any more calls today.
We're out of time.
Let me just hit a couple final news stories.
And I do suggest you all visit InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.net to see the stuff we didn't cover.
Blair Orders Blunkett
To put identity card scheme on hold.
Now, they've already put it in via the driver's license and the youth cards.
The kids all have to have ID cards to leave their houses, but they've been trying for four years to make everybody have one to buy and sell.
They're trying to make shopkeepers make you thumb scan to buy and sell.
Arlington, Texas is trying to make all retailers make you thumb scan, even if you pay cash.
They're doing this outside Denver.
It's everywhere, but
The good news is the people are refusing, and so it's backfiring on them for now.
So this just shows that we can take action and say no.
Tony Blair has put off the launch of a plan to compel every Briton to hold an ID card in response to fears that it will turn into an expensive and frustrating assault on liberty.
Here's another one.
This is out of The Age.
This is the family of the...
We're good to go.
This one gentleman, he actually was the one who died and got stabbed and tortured and killed, and he's the guy that fought.
But Lynch, she got the credit for all of it when she was the one cowering and begging and when she was under the covers when the Delta Force came in begging for mommy.
And fine, folks, but my point is, again, they didn't want to have the dead body of the real veteran that did the heroic stuff.
They'll just make up a lie, steal his honor, and give it to her.
And I know that's patriotism.
I'm not patriotic because I think of dead veterans.
I understand, okay?
I know how you work, neocons.
I understand.
I'm against turning my guns in, so I'm a liberal.
I understand you.
I'm against having wide open borders and everybody losing their job to the illegals.
So I'm a liberal.
I understand how it works, okay?
You pieces of trash.
So dead ambush hero, ignored as Jessica Lynch is worshipped and...
Niger hits back over uranium claim and says it was all lies.
That's all documented.
It just goes on and on, folks.
There's so much more.
Five more U.S.
troops died this weekend, tragically.
It says the morale's at all-time lows.
I didn't get to the part about Israel admittedly targeting children to be shot in the West Bank.
That's terrible, but again, both sides are just murdering each other.
There's another article, Reveal the Secret Cabal, which spun for Blair, and the British police they now found out are part of some secret society.
I'm out of time, folks.
But before I end this hour, you heard the last caller, John in Pennsylvania, talk about Road to Tyranny.
Three minutes of that two-hour-plus film is FEMA saying...
Christians are terrorists.
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson are terrorists and are enemies of the federal government, okay?
Every three-minute piece is that hardcore in this video.
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I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
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God bless.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
And did you know that you can have greater exposure to these chemicals by taking hot showers than when you drink the water?
That's because many chemicals are inhaled when they have inhaled.