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Air Date: July 25, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I am a frustrated individual.
I could spend the next three hours on just four or five news stories that I have here in front of me.
Instead, I reviewed the articles I never got to in the last four days.
I sat here and went through the stacks this week, and there were over 200 news articles that I read and printed today.
That I never covered on air.
There were several hundred that we did cover on air.
Take this article from yesterday out of the San Francisco Chronicle where it says that the Bohemian Grove Arnold Schwarzenegger
Was chosen as the heir apparent in the runoff race, the recall race that's coming up against Governor Gunn-Grab, Open Borders, New World Order, Schill, Davis.
And it talks about the Bohemian Grove and the Republican leaders, national and state, there.
In secret, and that they have told the press that they want Arnold Schwarzenegger to run, and that if he runs, that he's got their blessing.
If not, there's a, quote, another liberal Republican that they want to run.
Liberal Republican.
This is where the Bushes go.
And the story is on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
And we'll also be posting it later today on our backup site, or Mira's site, InfoWars.net.
It's on a separate server.
So I'm going to cover this article when we get back.
We're on the edge of war with North Korea.
North Korea says if there's not a deal, they're going to go ahead and nuke us on September 9th.
Rumsfeld's got battle plans to launch an attack today.
In October that he leaked to push North Korea into an escalation, which has now happened.
If you believe these photos of the Saddam sons are real, I got a bridge I want to sell you.
They reek of being fake.
Remember, they claim they've killed him three separate times and they killed Chemical Ali and he's still alive and I thought they'd found the body and...
Just mindless psychological victories in this sports fan society while the country is being destroyed and there's more news about how your televisions are now watching you and your web TVs listening to you and your digital cable boxes are listening to you and yeah, OnStar's listening to you just to make sure you're safe.
It's got a microphone in your car and
All these countries are signing deals and plant their populations with tracker chips under the skin.
It's la-la land, folks.
It's total and complete la-la land.
And the average yuppie or middle-class individual doesn't even think about such things.
They're busy drinking bottled water and watching Tour de France sucking their thumbs.
And they're going to pay for it.
They're going to pay dearly.
As their society, their future, their children's future is incinerated.
So I'm going to get into all this when we get back in the next segment.
There is just so much of it.
And later in the show, I want to try to go over some of the news articles I never got to or that I never went into enough detail on.
And yes, Michael Savage, the beatnik, super ultra-liberal, so ultra-liberal he is able to clone conservatives into liberal neocon minions.
He's announced he'll be exploring an exploration, yes, another doublespeak, exploring an exploration of governor as independent.
That will pull real conservative votes.
Away and ensure that Davis stays in office.
Again, as the key operative, he is there as the shield.
As plain as day, it's a political fact, folks.
Do the math.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
We're just starting the broadcast for those fine stations that carry the news in the first five-minute segment, but...
We're now 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the first hour.
We'll be here for another hour and 51 minutes, 15 seconds.
The toll-free number to join us on this open line Friday is 1-800-259-9231.
I cannot stress enough the critical juncture we have all reached in history.
We have America's liberties and freedoms being put into a wood chipper.
We see the size of government growing at record rates.
We have a $43 trillion deficit, according to the Dallas Morning News and Top Economist.
We have a neoconservative movement viciously attacking our Second Amendment rights, savaging our borders, savaging our troops,
Signing on to huge U.N.
treaties while putting out the rhetoric that they're against the U.N.
and fooling shallow-minded conservatives.
We're in the midst of a massive sneak attack, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, if this was a military base, we're on fire.
The buildings are shattered, wrecked, strewn.
Bodies are everywhere.
A few of us are stumbling around with shrapnel holes and blood streaming.
And our compadres who should be awakened and should be aware of what's happening are walking around with bloody faces saying, I love George Bush.
As capital ships of the neocon army set off at a distance blasting what's left of America.
And again, as America is blown to bits, figuratively and literally,
The neocons dance around saying, oh, it's manna from heaven.
Thank you so much.
Mushroom clouds are enveloping everything that our veterans have fought and died for.
What the flag symbolizes is being trashed and flushed down the toilet, and the enemy's uniform is the American flag as they run around butchering the country.
Their uniforms are the American flag.
It's an enemy sneak attack.
Wolves in sheep's clothing.
Trojan horse.
The enemy's in our uniforms!
We're under attack!
Watch out!
There's another one!
Get down!
It's happening right now.
And they know what they're doing.
They're highly paid to do it.
And they've got you, and they got you good, folks.
They got us all in a death grip, and they know we're waking up.
They know that we're angry.
They know we're waking up to their neocon activities.
That's why you can have an Ann Coulter or a William Bennett or a Dick Morris or one of their useful idiots out there.
Pushing all of this, and they love being on stage with a mindless liberal they can slap around, because that's just the other tread on the machine that they're a part of.
And they're the other tread, the right tread.
They're the other rail, so it's just a stage-sparring, laid-out paradigm.
But these neocons, when you call them liberals or big-government, New World Order pimps,
They react like Superman does to Kryptonite or vampires do to garlic and crosses and steaks.
They panic.
They get hysterical.
They run for cover because they know that we're on to them.
So the reason I went into this diatribe is because, as Ron Paul said two weeks ago,
It is the most destructive element in American society now is the neocon, the most deadly, the most wicked, the most intelligent, the most sneaky, the most crafty and weasel-like.
They say that entering into evil is what it's all about.
They say that Trotsky and Machiavelli are the people they support.
They believe in dictatorship.
They believe in lying to you.
Congressman Ron Paul...
For 45 minutes gave a speech reading out of their own publications, PNAC documents, their own documents, their own books, where they say, we are Trotskyites, we are going to destroy you.
And one of the Trotskyite attack leaders, Michael Savage, hit us hard yesterday.
There are several real conservatives that are planning to run.
One of them is a state rep.
They are foreclosing the borders, deporting the illegals, cutting the taxes, doing the things that need to be done in California, a modern global estate.
So neocon Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bohemian Grove member, stuck his snout into it along with this former mayor.
And that was in the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday, and it said that Schwarzenegger has been selected by the Republican leadership of the country at the Bohemian Grove after he got back from his Europe tour.
He now dropped by a few days ago there at the Grove for the ceremonies he's enjoyed for 20 years.
It is a German cult.
I mean, why not?
That's what Skull and Bones was founded out of, and German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt said in his book, Men and Powers, that they have their own grove in Germany, but he likes the West Coast one better.
I have that in my Bohemian Grove film, but Schwarzenegger and others were there, and they told Arnold, it says it here in the paper, they told him, if you will run, you've got our full backing, but you need to decide now.
So that's in the San Francisco Chronicle.
If you want to read about it,
They like to brag that the Grove calls the shots.
Helmut Schmidt said in his own book, Men in Power, you know, the German Chancellor, before Helmut Kohl wrote an autobiography, Men in Power is a political retrospective.
And he said, I am with the CFR, I'm with the Trilateral Commission, I'm with the Bilderberg Group, but we like to meet at the Grove and after the ceremony is really set policy.
I don't know, he's a German Chancellor and...
He says he likes the Druidic rituals.
He says, we do similar ones in our own grove in Germany, but I really enjoy the California grove.
Well, Arnie dropped by, and he's been told he's got full backing by the cabal.
And the San Francisco Chronicle hails Arnold and hails the other Republican candidate.
Because it says they are, quote, liberal.
Arnold is anti-gun, pro-abortion.
He is an animal rights activist.
He is a sinister creature, just like his daddy, Gestapo front-line captain, the equivalent of a colonel.
Their captains were the equivalent of colonels in army ranking.
But he's a good boy.
He's over here now.
He's, you know, I don't know if Arnold will run, but the point is, they say here they're much better, and that they got a chance to win, and it's just fine with the liberal establishment if they do.
Of course.
A great Trojan horse to kind of mullify the counter-revolution that was springing up in Southern California and Northern California.
Now, here's the problem.
I actually tuned in to hear Lord Savage, Mr. Putt, anyone that disagrees with the government in a forced labor camp, take their assets...
Disagreeing with the government is treason.
And again, there was a big San Jose Mercury News story with him with the big Karl Marx beard and the beatnik outfit.
I mean, you talk about trash of the earth, folks.
The guy wrote books about how wonderful the Sovietization of America would be.
He loved Allen Ginsberg, who I don't need to comment about.
I mean, just sick as it gets.
Oh, who wrote poems about how wonderful Moloch is.
I forgot to add that part.
He says everything you want to hear.
He says the right things on a bunch of issues, but then always slides the poison in.
Patriot acts good, blah, blah, blah, Bush is okay.
He said he's thinking about running for governor as an independent.
Now, if he was going to run as a Republican and really carry out those policies, I'd say, okay, let's see if he does it once he gets elected, and I'd predict he wouldn't.
He would stall the whole agenda.
Because the guy's an operative, folks.
Very sophisticated.
You know, he's your double master's degree beatnik.
Yeah, they figured out how to take over.
It's what Ron Paul said.
They're Trotskyites.
And here's another one of them, a Trotskyite.
I mean, it's just par for the course.
You're not a Nazi son, you're a Trotskyite, you know.
It's like the last chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff before the latest one, John Shelley Cash Veeley.
I mean, his dad admittedly ran most of the Polish death camps.
And when the Senate brought it up to him, he said, I resent that question, Mr. Chairman.
But it's admitted his dad was the top Nazi sympathizer in Poland.
So it's part of the course for these people.
And what will Savage do?
He will suck all the real conservative votes away.
And ensure that the other two real Republican candidates that have good, I said good, not perfect, good voting records, moderately conservative, compared to ultra-socialistic Arnold Schwarzenegger and others.
And he will suck those away in the race that's coming up.
If he does it, he will suck those away into the independent camp, and then the liberal Republican will get it, and then you'll have that race between Davis and Schwarzenegger or whoever else they run.
And that's the facts, folks.
That's the real, hardcore political facts.
Just like it turned out Ross Perot was having meetings with Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.
He shows up.
It looked like Bush was going to win.
They wanted to have this staged event.
They wanted to have the liberal agenda in there on the surface so that later they could have the savior Republican neocon revolution.
It was all scripted out to pull your votes away.
Of course...
Mr. Doesn't Like Big Government made his first big contract, Ross Perot, with EDS, with Nelson Rockefeller in New York administering Social Security and state welfare and a bunch of other CIA contracts.
He was going to get the contract for the national health care system.
And so as soon as he started winning in the polls, he acted all crazy and said, I'm quitting and did all this and then jumped back in when it looked like Bush might win.
It's all staged, people.
And so you see the key little neocon jumping in to make sure a real Republican doesn't win the race to become the new governor with a successful recall of Governor Gun Grab Open Border Davis.
We'll be right back.
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Easy way to remember it?
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Frankly, frankly folks,
The debate over who the captain of the sinking ship, the SS California, doesn't amount to a hill of beans compared to impending war with North Korea, Syria, Iran.
Our troops getting killed left and right in Iraq as the bankers could care less.
The attack on the liberties and the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
But it's a great case point example.
But you've got several real Republican candidates that have voted pro-sovereignty, pro-border, pro-gun, pro-family, pro-homeschooling, pro-lower taxes, and the San Francisco Chronicle admits that Schwarzenegger and a couple others have, quote, been selected by the Bohemian Grove.
This is a San Francisco Chronicle yesterday.
Have been selected to ensure a right-winger isn't elected.
And that either Schwarzenegger or this other character are going to run because they, quote, have liberal records.
And then on top of it, to ensure that happens, in the recall vote for Davis that's now coming up, the recall election, if Davis is unable to derail it in the courts, which he normally does, other issues, they got Savage in there, Mr. Weiner.
Mr. Michael Weiner, the beatnik guru.
I mean, we're talking top-level folks, the people that helped bring down the younger generation, that helped start the 60s breakdown.
I mean, these are the technicians.
They're back again.
The daddy-o is back, and he's going to be the independent, ensuring that the real hardcore conservatives that are fooled by Mr. Weiner and all his fake names and the rest of it
We're good to go.
I mean, we may end up getting a clown like Schwarzenegger or somebody else.
It doesn't matter.
It's replacing one latrine with another latrine.
And I am sick of it.
But the mindless husk brains out there are going to buy into this big time.
The ultra-neo super-socialist that thinks it's a conservative.
Pathetic mass, I tell you.
And let me just read this.
I'm going to move on to North Korea and the war and surveillance and Big Brother and all the real news here today, and then we'll take your calls.
It's the second item in this story.
You know how they'll have round-up stories in a newspaper where they do all the legal and state news?
The headline is, Helena planned for giving alleged victim a break.
Some say DA tried to help credibility of his star witness.
Okay, so it's some other case.
We're good to go.
For the big recall count, but the real plays are going well behind the scenes.
And that count did come out yesterday, and it was 1,300,000 of the signatories are valid, about double what they needed to start the recall of Mr. Turkey.
And then the runoff election.
The biggest question, of course, is whether Arnold Schwarzenegger, who just got back from a European promo tour, will make this the biggest story of the year by jumping into the fray.
And now the clock is ticking.
The time for playing cute is rapidly coming to an end.
Everything is set up to go if he says yes, but it's do or get off the pot time, admitted one source close to the Terminator.
My expectation is that he's talking it over with his wife right now, the ultra-liberal.
One of the keys in all this will be the final round of words between Schwarzenegger and former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, who is being urged to run by more liberal Republicans.
The bottom line, our source told us, is if Arnold goes, Dick won't.
If Arnold does it, then it's highly likely Dick will.
It's between the two of them to hash it out.
From what we hear, the Republican hierarchy, especially those close to former Governor Pete Wilson, would favor Schwarzenegger.
At least that's the word that came out of the Bohemian Grove this past weekend, where a number of state and national GOPers, including Presidential Advisor Karl Rove,
Happen to have gathered at a club getaway.
Yes, we have video of the getaway.
Have you seen Eyes Wide Shut, boys and girls?
That's the getaway.
None of this would be good news for Governor Greg Davis, who hopes his opponents will be limited to conservatives like Bill Simon or San Diego area representative Daryl Issa.
There's no question.
Byron would be the biggest problem of all, said one day of his operative.
He's the most liberal.
He has a strong name ID.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Your calls are coming up, folks.
The toll-free number to join us on this live Friday Worldwide Edition is 800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
So, what do you think about the recall coming in yesterday, the $1 million?
300,000 signatures.
They threw out about 400,000 of them.
But they still came down to about 1,300,000 signatures to start the recall of Davis and a new election where Davis is going to have to run against all these people.
And then you see the Judas Iscariot, the backstabber, the trusted one,
We're good to go.
I think?
I mean, that's just 101, folks.
And at the bare minimum, you're going to end up with an Arnie or this other liberal Republican winning.
All right, I'm done talking about it.
But if you want to comment about it, because it's such a great example of the manipulation of politics in this country and what's wrong with it today, poll-free number 800-259-9231.
Also, I'm getting, I mean, it must be 100 emails a day, faxes, calls about Colby Bryant.
I'm not going to discuss it on my show.
I think from the evidence and with my instincts that the guy's innocent, okay?
I'm not defending the trash that's in the NBA or the NFL or any of these big sports.
They're a bunch of gang members on power trips.
They're not role models.
And if you want to watch a game and eat a pizza, that's fine, but don't worship it and know all the details and...
You know, make it your life.
That's sick.
That's a disease.
That's a mental illness, folks, that they had in Rome at the arena.
It's a real sign of a society in deep decline.
But you don't know your Bill of Rights, but you know all about baseball and football and soccer and the rest of it.
My point is you don't know about your kids' grades, but you know all about Colby Bryant.
I have read the articles.
Yes, I haven't talked about them.
I've been looking at it for a while, and I'm rarely wrong in my instincts and the evidence and just looking at this creature that made this claim and this guy's track record.
I don't think the guy did it.
I mean, she's been suicidal.
It's been in the news that she's had mental problems.
She's at parties bragging about Mr. Bryant's manhood issues.
This is not the way women who've been raped behave, and this is really sick, and it's, again, though, we don't know.
The reason the story, the reason I will not discuss it, and I will not discuss it, I'm just mentioning this because everybody keeps demanding I talk about it,
Do you want my opinion on it?
Folks, I just read an article yesterday out of the Boston Globe and the AP where they say a thousand little boys were brutally molested by hacks, in many cases, of a pedophile priest.
Now, that's a lot bigger than Colby Bryant.
And it's much more serious.
And Dyncor and the UN getting caught kidnapping 200,000 women and children, that dwarfs the Catholic priest.
So it's diversions within diversions within diversions.
So this is the reality.
And I am not going to sit here and discuss it.
You want to talk about Dyncor and its kidnapping operation?
You want to talk about DynCorp taking over the U.S.
Army with hundreds of billions of dollars of funding for merc operations, for mercenary armies?
You want to talk about the television set that watches what you watch and the cable boxes that admittedly have microphones in them or the OnStar that can listen to you as you drive around and how they plan to satellite track and tax you to have a car within two years, federal announcement?
You want to talk about foreign troops massing or mainstream news about concentration camps that I've posted again on InfoWars.com?
You want to talk about big, giant stories?
We'll discuss them.
Now, that doesn't mean you're censored.
You can call in and talk about Colby Bryan or Michael Savage or Arnold Schwarzenegger if you want to, and I've just addressed it all.
The only reason I talked about the gubernatorial recall and the political jockeying and jousting and positioning that's going on in California is because it's an illustration of how politics really operate in this corrupt, decadent phase in this decline of our civilization.
That's why I spent time on it.
The only reason I'll talk about these Saddam son's photos is because they're obviously fakes.
I predict that they'd be dark and blurry and bloody.
And it's in the news that they were flown out to Belarus by the U.S.
And there's evidence showing that.
There's not evidence showing you can believe any of this.
They claim they killed them three separate times.
You're good to go.
These are people that tell you that Dr. David Kelly committed suicide when the guy was saying he was going to expose the government and get his good name back, and had just emailed and called friends.
If you want to believe a government that flies planes into buildings, that's an absolute fact, by the way, and then perpetrates this illusion, you can't believe anything they say or do, unless it's in a bill, and of course, then you've got to go read the bill yourself.
Let me just scan over some of the news we're going to cover.
I know we have loaded phones on this Friday, this live Friday edition.
releases pictures of bodies.
I'll get into that.
You know, I've got to talk about this.
This story is so big, I've got to talk about it again.
Poll shows many Germans see U.S.
behind September 11th.
A full 68% think they're being lied to, and there's a cover-up. 30%...
Believe the U.S.
government did it.
Again, I'm going to go back over those poll numbers a little bit later.
There's a Washington Post article, and I've detailed this.
They are trying to push North Korea into attacking us, just like the ten-part plan that the War Department had to get Japan to attack us, and that's now declassified.
Pearl Harbor of 2003, and they say, former Defense Secretary Perry says, nukes, quote, will go off in U.S.
I mean, I haven't spent enough time on this because I've been covering it for so many years.
They're pushing the psychopath.
He looks like a burnout rock star, the five-foot-tall Kim Jong-il, the hereditary dictator.
Yeah, when people's kids become the leader, when they start passing on power to their sons, you know you're in a really bad country.
Oh, what do we have here?
Does that mean you're for Al Gore?
No, it doesn't.
It just shows how rotten the whole enchilada is.
Do you understand that?
And it says, while the United States prepares for war across the Atlantic, a dangerous, hostile regime across the Pacific is sending nearly daily signals that it finds America's policies unacceptable and may well be willing to use force to challenge them.
But most of America's attention and effort focused on the East, a window of opportunity is created in East Asia where our forces are clearly not adequate to deal with the emerging threat
And I have the article, Prepare for War in Korea, Prime Minister told.
And when Rumsfeld released three separate battle plans a few months ago that they, quote, planned to preemptively attack North Korea, it's official, folks.
North Korea mobilized.
Kim Jong-il went into hiding with his buckets of beluga caviar and kidnapped slaves.
By the way, that's Time Magazine.
He has women kidnapped for his harem.
And then kills them for sport in front of his friends.
But the point is, they just gave him nuclear reactors.
That's how you deal with a psychopath.
You give him nuclear bombs, folks.
And by the way, that's AP.
They're transferring him more weapons now to make him a good enemy.
Clinton, under Rumsfeld control, you know, Clinton authorized the deal.
Rumsfeld did the transfer.
They all transferred him these weapons and systems and missile systems.
Now they can hit us.
Thank you very much.
And the cop's going to pull you over to Checkpoint and say, I've got to search your car, and you say, why?
And they go, Thanks, Jay Depp, 911!
But the border's wide open, and they're handing out weapons like hotcakes to psychopathic five-foot-tall little minions.
And I just see Kim Jong-il.
I just want to punch him in the nose.
I'm sorry.
Again, that's an Al-Qaeda statement.
I understand he's been a tool to the globalists, and that's treasonous to talk against Kim Jong-il.
I apologize.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to punch him in the nose.
Time magazine's wrong for reporting that he kidnaps women and kills them in front of people.
Maybe that's what leaders are allowed to do.
Maybe I was wrong and evil to say it.
I mean, you know.
So now they're pushing them into this, and it's not going to be like Iraq, folks.
It's been bad enough, where our government can go in and pay off the Iraqi leaders in gold bars, euros, and dollars before the war.
Rumsfeld said it in press conferences, and then with doublespeak said that he never said it after the war.
I mean, I got him on video saying it, and then he said he never said it.
We didn't pay anybody off.
Oh, yeah, sure you didn't.
How's old Saddam doing in Belarus?
He was your operative way back to 1958.
He wouldn't broker the deal, though, so the war went forward.
And then when there was resistance into it, there was that two-day lull.
The jets flew out to Crete and to Belarus, and then everybody, opposition crumbled, and now you have this big staged event.
And you claim that people are fighting back because Saddam's ordering them to give me a break.
The Shiites were against Saddam, but they don't like being enslaved or being arrested for selling goods in the streets.
By the way, that's admitted.
The neocons get on the radio and say, oh, there's such freedom over there.
Yeah, you can only have a job if you work for the government.
One of its contractors, like Halliburton, and you get $20 a month.
They were getting paid $400 a month under Saddam, but
Don't worry, you get $20 a month now.
21 million slaves now for the government.
It's a great new system over there.
Clouds of DU, our troops and their people are huffing, but that's how you support the troops.
You let them huff DU and die.
Again, I'm bad for saying the troops shouldn't be hit with this and shouldn't be put in harm's way of our own weapons and should be treated.
Again, that's bad.
I'm bad.
I forgot.
So, they're getting us all ready for the North Korea situation.
It says the United States is facing a deep and terrible crisis in Northeast Asia and repeated statements by the Secretary of State and others.
The contrary are making it worse.
The President has said he would consider using force against North Korea and has deployed bombers to the area, presumably to send a signal of strength and determination.
The North Koreans read the newspapers as well as the President's speeches and the signal they see is very different.
On the 10th,
Of the ten divisions in the active army, eight are deployed or deployed to the Persian Gulf and Bosnia and Afghanistan.
Of the 12 aircraft carrier battle groups, five are deployed to the Gulf region.
Three are undergoing maintenance, and the fourth has just emerged from a maintenance period, leaving only three available for immediate action.
And, by the way, whenever they pull over a North Korean speedboat, everyone on board commits suicide about 98% of the time.
When they send commandos over the border to try to commit assassinations in the South, they never capture them.
They commit suicide.
I mean, you're talking about a nation, a model New World Order nation of North Korea.
This is real mind control, folks.
It'll be a great new province of the New World Order proper.
They've got to kick out one of their sub-demons.
See, it's only a tool.
And I think you're going to see a preemptive strike by North Korea or the globalists are going to carry one out and say North Korea did it.
There will be a national draft instated.
There will be mass arrests.
There will be U.S.
cities will be vaporized.
And then out of this, the government will become our leaders.
Total worship of government will begin.
Mass mobilization.
Youth in black uniforms.
In youth organizations marching.
Giant flags everywhere.
A pyramid, all-seeing eye, symbols on television.
That's the Total Information Awareness Network symbol.
It's going to be a running man society out of World War III, folks.
And that's the plan, folks.
That's what the CFR and PNAC and all of them said.
They said an endless 100-year war would be perfect to mobilize us to be, quote, an imperial army for imperial mobilization.
For a new world order to state, and that we would willingly relinquish our civil liberties and enter into evil.
That's top neocon strategist Ron Paul reporting that just two weeks ago on the floor of the House.
Their own official documents that we will, quote, be part of the journey into evil.
That our journey, and it sounds like the Emperor in Star Wars, that our journey to the dark side will be complete.
Oh, man.
I mean, you think about it.
When they blow a city, folks, it's going to be just government worship.
Oh, government, do anything.
Just keep me safe.
My pension fund's gone.
Oh, thank you for putting $200 a month on my credit, on my little driver's license that just so happened to have this credit card function already embedded eight years ago on it.
Oh, it's okay.
I lost my pension fund, and I've got to work in one of the work grades digging ditches.
And sure, the officers slap us around a little, but you know, they're just trying to keep us safe after what happened.
After the enemy released smallpox.
Then we learn that the militias and the ultra-right-wingers have been working with Al-Qaeda and Saddam all along and have been working for Kim Jong-il.
And I'm just so glad the President's moving hard and fast.
He nuked them.
He nuked Syria.
He nuked Iran.
He nuked North Korea.
And Putin's joined us in the fight.
Our troops are tied down overseas, being overrun in some areas.
I'm glad they brought in UN forces to help.
It's been tough.
I lost family in Cleveland when the bomb went off!
Arrest my neighbor!
Shut up!
He's against the homeland!
I want to wear a uniform.
I want to join.
I want an armband.
Thanks for my submachine gun, Captain.
What do I do for America?
You get out there and you report anybody that gives us a problem.
By the way, I want to take over my neighbor's business.
You want to be the manager of it?
You want to help me?
Sure, the economy's bad now.
I'll do anything for money.
You've just joined the homeland.
You're going to see it.
You're going to see it unless we get the word out now.
It's all over, folks.
It's all over.
You're going to see all that happen unless we get the word out that the globalists are orchestrating these events.
All right, we'll come back and take calls, I promise.
And there's a bunch of other news, but you know what?
A lot of you aren't going to listen, but when it happens, you will, and therein is going to lie our victory.
That's our race in the hole, but as things get a lot worse, the tens of millions that have heard my message and other messages, similar to the facts and the prime study that I've done of this, you're going to realize it.
The new dark age is upon us.
Enemy forces are engaging us at every level and preparing to launch a major attack.
All others have just been probes.
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Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Folks, every key system of tyranny, of jack-booted thuggism, of corruption,
We're good to go.
We've got a telegraph this morning to everyone now, because the globalists are well aware of the group's psychology, and if they think that we're on to them, they will back off and slow their program back down.
By the way, the 9-1-1 whitewash report is out.
It's nothing new, but it admits that the FBI knew about the hijacked plans and the Bush administration ordered that they not stop them, and that's all just W-1-9-9-I stuff.
That's coming up in the next hour.
Just a bunch of other news.
Before I go to Ed and Bill and Michael and Joan and Ron and others that are patiently holding, just briefly, I want to invite you, I want to encourage you to join me in the information war for this republic.
And we found no tool like my videos to wake people up to unlock minds.
You've heard the listeners' testimonies of this fact here on the show.
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Ed in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hello, Alex.
I've seen that Kim Jong-un guy from North Korea on the international news a couple months ago at a state function, and everybody took a toast.
Everybody took a little drink out of their goblet.
He downed it.
One shot.
You know, he's an alcoholic and everything.
Well, that's admitted.
Look, Time Magazine talked about how he rapes and kills women for entertainment.
I mean, and Madeleine Albright went over there and toasted him and loved all the slaves doing their acrobats for him.
And they're giving him reactors, more reactors right now.
Oh, this is real nice.
He's the perfect guy to start trouble because he's a nut, you know?
They can blame everything on him.
Yeah, he's a hereditary dictator.
But again, that's a good sign when the leader's son becomes the leader.
It's always a sign of a free society.
And I've seen Jesse Ventura on Jay Leno's show talking about him and his buddy going to be running.
He's going to be vice president, and his buddy's going to be president, talking about Arnie.
And who better to lead us into this new world?
A mindless, professional, lying wrestler, and the son of a Nazi who's for gun control and abortion.
I think we need a guy with a big barrel chest and a strong jaw and his fist, like kindergarten cops saying, you know, get in line.
This is what we have to do, you know?
Oh, it's Big Brother was a big guy.
Yeah, he's big and strong.
He'll look good up there, pounding on the desk.
That's right.
Maybe he can host The Running Man.
I got this shirt from the Gipdo Intrusion Corporation.
You'll have to stay there.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, let's roll through some of the calls and get back into the news.
Go ahead, Ed.
Pennsylvania, you were talking about a T-shirt some corporation gave you.
Go ahead.
Oh, it's from a cancer institute.
And it says on the front, it says, I'm a cell culturist.
And I know that on the back it has like 50 different little things.
And one thing it says, immortality is possible.
For the elite, not for you, a genetically modified suboid minion.
That's me, brother.
Well, no, that's what they want to make us.
That's their stated policy.
Drooling, shaved head idiots worshipping the great leaders.
That thing you said about bohemian growth, that just shocked me.
That amazed me.
Yeah, San Francisco Chronicle.
Yeah, they grow.
The Republican leaders want Arnie to run.
But if he doesn't, they've given their approval to this other person.
I mentioned a guy that owns a used bookstore around here about Arnie running, and he went nuts.
He said they can't do that because he's a foreign citizen.
It won't stop a foreigner.
citizen now, but it won't stop a foreigner from being a governor.
He's a U.S.
It's the president.
But they want to change that amendment so that Slimeball, who they admit is pro-abortion, anti-gun.
He's a perfect neocon.
You kind of remind me of John Connors on the Terminator 3, Alex.
At the very end of the movie, everybody's calling up saying, what's going on, what's going on?
All right, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bill in Ohio.
Bill, you're on the air.
How you doing?
Go ahead.
Pretty good.
Listen, something I heard just a few minutes after 12 noon, I thought...
You might... I want to check with AP and see if you could turn up anything on it.
It sounded kind of like the... I don't know.
It didn't go into any great detail, but it was Paul Harvey.
It almost sounded like the British might be bringing their act over here.
Was Bush in the process of appointing a new Secretary of the Navy?
Secretary of the Navy?
I had heard that, but so... Well, the guy was found dead, and Paul Harvey said that...
They're saying now, they didn't go into any detail, they just said that they're saying now that it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Yeah, and you know, it's funny with the Dr. David Kelly situation, they just calmly report that, oh yeah, it's suicide, despite the fact that everything points against suicide.
And I wonder why the, now were they saying the acting or the guy they were trying to get to be Secretary of the Navy?
I think it was the guy, he just kind of,
Lost over it real quick.
I think it was the guy that was being nominated.
And he was from somewhere in Texas, I think.
Getting nominated for a big possession and you kill yourself.
Oh, wow.
This strange.
Well, anybody that thinks the government ever committed an assassination is with Al-Qaeda.
The government never did anything wrong, will never do anything wrong, and actually the U.S.
government built the moon, the sun...
They did everything.
They make us happy.
They love us.
They make the birds chirp and tweet.
And how dare you question authority?
That's not what it is to be an American.
An American is a groveling, mindless, drooling sports fan.
Which is good.
I guess depending on how you look at it, man.
That's right, Bill.
Bill, what do you think about all the bizarreness that's going on?
I really don't.
I'm kind of sitting on the middle of a fence wondering, you know, is it true, is it not true?
I don't know.
Is true?
I mean, is what true?
The Illuminati, the whole business, you know, is there some kind of a conspiracy going on?
It looks to me like some things that are happening.
I don't understand how they could be happening if there wasn't... Well, sir...
They write in their own books that they run the world that a tiny cabal does.
I know that.
I'm not liking a lot of what's going on.
But tell you what, stay there, Bill.
I need to talk to you more about this because it's all right there.
PNAC was written by Rumsfeld and Cheney.
They say Iraq is about oil.
They say it's about a new world order.
It's not a conspiracy.
It's a program.
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Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central Standard Time.
I do this show and then back from 9 to midnight.
Central Standard Time.
We're about to go back to Bill, Michael, Joan, Ron and others.
The toll free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
It is open line Friday.
Wide open phones and a ton of news and vital information coming up.
As we sit here on the edge of World War III, which the globalists want to now bring to fruition, to usher us into total state worship as the government poses as the savior and the all-powerful lover of the people, when in truth it is the abuser and the slave master that must be reigned in.
Bill in Ohio is a very important caller.
He called in with an important point about an AP report about a guy being nominated to be Secretary of the Navy committing Arkansas.
We'll research that and bring you more.
Is it along the lines of the Dr. David Kelly case?
We don't know.
But then he said, I don't know whether to believe all this.
I don't know whether to believe there's a conspiracy or an illuminate.
Please elaborate, Bill, because...
You are obviously a seeker of information and I commend you for questioning.
What are your points of doubt or what are points that convince you?
Let us into your mind.
Well, what makes me think it's possible is things that are happening that I don't like.
The RFID chips, the idea that they may be getting put into products that people have to buy and so forth.
That's a very important central question about the New World Order, but
All right.
The University of Texas was founded over 100 and, what, 40-something years ago, but the founders of it have long since died.
Why does it hang together?
Why does it continue?
It's an institution, and people stepped into the...
We're good to go.
How do you have the, say, Irish or Italian mob in New York that's been operating for 130, 150 years, how do they continue to operate?
Profit, and it's hereditary.
Key word, hereditary.
What is an aristocracy?
How does an aristocracy use a system?
Well, they set up a plutocracy of plutocrats that serve them, that sit in the seats of the institutions.
It goes back to kings and queens, and you look at who owns the Federal Reserve, the same families that own the private stock in it.
This is Forbes magazine, folks, not Alex Jones.
The same people that owned the stock in it in 1913 predominantly own the stock today.
Rothschilds, Crumbs, British Roll Family, Dutch Roll Family, Rockefellers.
It's the same players.
And they are trained, they are schooled, they even have servant families, high-level echelon servant families that have been serving the elite for 200 years.
The Bushes go back over, this is Reuters,
Over 200 years as Tories, 230 years, as Tories supporters, as defenders of the British Crown, as agents of British East India Company.
Same thing with the Roosevelts.
The Atlantic accent is the affected British accent.
They kept it.
Go to Pennybunkport, Maine today.
Knock on the mansion's door.
The butler will come.
If you can talk to the man or lady of the house, they will address you in a British accent.
These are families.
These are cabals.
These are organized crime syndicates, sir.
And they own the printing presses.
They own the dominant media.
Their families gave endowments 150 years ago to major universities.
In 1832, they founded Skull and Bones.
Are you beginning to understand now?
It's a shame.
I wish...
Instead of 20 or 30 people to think the way he does, I wish there was about 200 or 300 people like Ron Paul in the Congress.
Well, Ron Paul has been targeted by the Republicans twice to get him out of office.
They did target successfully Bob Smith, the senator who I've had down in Austin.
We've had him give speeches.
Great guy, good voting record.
From New Hampshire, they targeted him and got the gun-grabbing socialist John Sununu in.
They're now targeting officially, this has been in human events and roll call, Tom Tancredo of Colorado because he has a conservative record, pro-America.
There's only a handful.
They're all under Bush attack right now.
And Ron Paul went public with his speech.
45 minutes and said the Bush administration is run by admitted Trotskyites.
They talk about entering into evil.
They talk about dictatorship, keeping the people in the dark.
This is Ron Paul reading their own public documents.
So it's not a conspiracy.
It's a program of slavery by a ruling elite that have become very sophisticated and adept at manipulating you.
That makes a lot of sense.
It's history, sir.
Read about the entry in the Roman court, or in the German courts, and I mean the Royal courts, or the British court, or the Dutch court, or the French court.
Read about it and see what the elites were doing then.
They have handbooks on how to warp the search, how to make them shorter like bonsai trees.
The Japanese have writings about how to keep the servant classes in line.
They like to twist and warp and shorten like little dogs.
That's why you go to Europe, the aristocrats, the aristocracy is 6'5", 6'8", 7 feet tall, from generations of higher diet and breeding, and inbreeding, by the way.
And then you see somebody who's from a coal mining family or who came here as indentured servants and they're 5'4".
You see, our bone structure has been affected by them.
We've already been engineered by them.
They're into breeding and control.
They've got handbooks on how to keep serfs on a certain size plot of land and to not let them take rabbits or deer or plant outside the lines.
We're good to go.
And so the Indians curl up and drink their fire water.
Well, it's the same thing with the crack and the methamphetamine.
Don't you understand, sir?
Oh, yeah.
Well, I understand a lot of things that I didn't like about Clinton.
I voted for Bush because I thought maybe they would change, and they're still going on under Bush.
And actually under Bush because he is...
I pretty much made up my mind that in the next election, I'm not going to vote for Bush, and if I don't like any of the other offerings, I may just go...
Vote on local issues.
Well, that's a good idea.
And ignore the top of the ticket.
Well, that's it, because it's already staged.
And if we had Al Gore in office, could he be getting away with Patriot Act and signing the assault weapons ban and calling for open borders?
Yeah, Al Gore couldn't get away with it.
But when an enemy... What do special forces do?
They camouflage themselves.
They crawl in undercover.
I mean, what did...
I mean, all the big philosophers talked about the enemy with the banner openly isn't as big a threat as the man that comes by stealth, the enemy that climbs the wall, the enemy that takes down your city by subterfuge behind your gates.
And again, they're all just puppets.
Thanks, Bill.
Unfortunately, the New World Order is real.
I mean, look, I posted the Salt Lake City Tribune where they admit the helicopters and drones have got stuff that looks right through your walls.
Well, that's old news, but here it is.
States are announcing they're going to use the Patriot Act against all crimes and all citizens.
Bunch of articles today on that.
The Justice Department has said it.
They're doing it.
They're raping you.
And they don't care because they're going to carry out more terror and then pose as your savior.
We're going to have to sit there and watch the serial killers pose as our saviors.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Oh, who's up next?
Michael in Washington.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Alex, I just wanted to point out one thing for your last caller, Bill.
He was wondering about the conspiracies.
All one would have to do is look at an aerial photograph of Washington, D.C., and you'll notice that it's laid out like a giant owl.
I mean, how long has this stuff been going on?
How long did it take them to lay it out like an owl?
And the average person driving along hasn't seen the History Channel and doesn't know that even on the History Channel they admit that a mason designed it and it is an owl sitting in a pentagram.
And in the belly is the Capitol building.
And, by the way, San Francisco Chronicle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, if he'll run, was chosen by the Bohemian Grove to be the next governor, San Francisco Chronicle, yesterday.
You want to add more, or are you done?
Yeah, I do.
I wanted to add a couple more things.
Well, you've got a few seconds left.
We'll hold you over.
But what do you think about just all the craziness?
I think it's getting out of hand.
And I was really interested to hear that Patriot sites are number two that you mentioned yesterday.
We are crushing the enemy with shared numbers and information.
Stay there.
We'll be back.
This is Alex Jones.
Hello, folks.
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Hopefully dousing the flames before it's too late.
Michael in Washington, go ahead and finish up with what you were saying.
Okay, Alex, I have some tools to help douse the flame on my website.
I set one up, and I sell nothing but you.
But on my website, I have the audio of Mr. Bush's oath of office, where he omits that he will protect us from enemies, foreign and domestic.
Anyone can download that from my website.
I also have the Della Biafra...
That a lot of your listeners call in to get.
And I also have the click it or pick it video where Bush and First Lady are feverishly digging for nose jerky.
And if I could, I'd give my website out for listeners to get that.
I also have the aerial photograph of Washington, D.C.
Sure, what is it?
It's strandtones.tk.
Yep, .tk.
All right, I'll have to check that out.
Anything else?
I went offshore for it.
Nope, that's it, Alex.
You have a great day, and keep up the fight, and I hope everybody else joins in to help us send them back.
We need more people to start websites.
Good job.
Joan in Florida, you're on the air worldwide.
Joan, I'm going to talk to you.
Hi, Alex.
I have about three things I want to go over as quickly as possible.
First of all, on C-SPAN this morning, they were talking on the journal, they were talking a lot about the
9-11 investigation, and a lady called in and read directly from Greg Palast's book a connection and maybe why Saudi Arabia was left out.
Oh, about W199I?
No, no.
She read the whole paragraph or so about the connection between the Bushes and the oil company and...
Yeah, for those that don't know, this whole report's a whitewash, and they let the Saudis out of it.
But the Saudis didn't run the attacks, folks.
The CIA did, but that's a subred herring.
But that is interesting.
So how did the host respond to that?
Well, you know, they just mostly listened and said thank you for calling that information in.
But the lady, they did give her plenty of time, and she read the whole section and connected all the dots together.
From like 10, 12 years ago.
Yeah, I heard one of our callers said they called in yesterday about the 9-1-1 discussion on Washington Journal.
One of the few places you don't get censored.
Oh, you saw that, Joan?
Well, I monitor as much as I can.
What did they say to the... Well, I don't remember, Alex.
The caller said the host kind of freaked out.
Well, I'll tell you what.
There are a lot of people calling in to C-SPAN, and they do know what's going on, and they're trying to
To inform others to question all this, you know, and realize that there's a lot more behind it that wasn't brought out.
I tried to get in because I wanted to bring up that they never brought forward Judicial Watch or, oh, come on, help me with the attorney.
David Shippers?
Yeah, David Shippers and things like that, you know.
So it's a whitewash, but a lot of people are not buying it.
A lot of people are not buying it. $80,000?
Plus percent of the people in major polls, 60%, 50%.
The polls all say different things.
In France, believe the U.S.
government carried out 9-1-1.
Yeah, and you said Germany yesterday, too.
Yeah, and in Germany it was 68% don't believe the official story, 20% overall think the government did it, and a third of the people under 30 think the government did it.
That's an amazing poll, and that's from Reuters.
The other thing, there's two more things real quick.
I just got back to press release from the New World Organization, United Cities and Local Governments, to be launched January 2004.
This is to do with United Cities and Local Governments will be interlocutory between local government and the United Nations and will ensure the political representation of local government
To the international community.
Yeah, it's bringing cities under immunization.
Houston actually just went under this, under UN control.
Well, it says here that the founding Congress of the United Cities and local governments will be held in Paris in May.
So people, you know, you've got to get out to your local governments and ask them which representatives they plan to be sending over to Paris in May.
And if local people, I mean, if local elected officials can't see that we're going under world governance... Yeah, and they're claiming that we're all broke, Joan, and then saying, because I was aware of that story you mentioned, and then saying we've got to pay to send them to Paris to be turned into international bureaucratic whores.
Thanks for the call.
Well, Alex... Joan, we're out of time.
We're just... Go ahead.
Just take us out of break.
Real quick.
In blockbusters, go get the movie In the Name of the Father.
Do you want to see what happens under the Patriot Act?
And Harrison Bergeron, you're going to have to request that be sent in from a lending library.
Thank you.
All right.
We're out of time for that segment.
I'm going to come back and cover news for a while, then I'll get back into your calls.
If you'd like to join us on air, it's 800-259-9231.
Got a bunch of news I haven't even gotten to yet on a plethora of issues.
I'll cover that quickly and then back to your calls.
Stay with me.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hi, this is Joyce Reiling.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A lot of people play tricks with their minds and just decide to not research history, to not notice the trends towards textbook tyranny.
Here in America today and worldwide, but
In the end, reality is going to catch up with you.
And it would be better if you do it sooner than later.
Because the type of tyranny we see being set up is very sophisticated and just ruthless and cunning and sadistic to its very, very core.
I'm about to jump into a stack of really important news and information.
Then I will go to Kevin and Ron and Tim and many others that are patiently holding.
We're good to go.
I think?
I think?
Please help us get this job done.
9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, is an amazing video.
Part 2 of it is excellent as well.
The Masters of Terror.
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I already talked about how the globalists are admittedly trying to push North Korea into attacking us.
That'll give the globalists a great unifying effect.
They'll be able to set up an even bigger police state, a national draft, compulsory national volunteerism.
Meanwhile, prepare for war in Korea.
Prime Minister told, this is out of the Sydney Morning Herald out of Australia, an influential think tank has urged the federal government to make contingency plans for war with North Korea, which it says could occur even if key players do not want it to.
While the Australian Strategic Policy Institute said it believes war is less likely than a continuing stalemate or a diplomatic deal to defuse the crisis, it warned that there is a serious risk that miscalculation by North Korea or the United States could trigger a conflict.
You mean like Rumsfeld releasing three battle plans to preemptively attack North Korea?
It said that such a war would involve large-scale hostilities, which would suck in other countries in the region, including Australia.
Japan is now admitting that they're developing nuclear weapons to counter it.
Another dangerous escalation.
It said that such a war would involve large-scale hostilities.
It is very likely that the U.S.
would request and expect a much larger contribution of Australian forces than we have made in recent conflicts in the Gulf and Afghanistan, the Institute said in a detailed analysis of the Korean crisis, which was published yesterday.
Folks, Bush said it would be a 100-year war.
Remember that?
It would last generations.
63 countries on the hit list.
And this was before 9-1-1.
They said, terror is coming.
When it does, you're going to follow our orders because we're the boss.
North Korea sees September 9th as a deadline for U.S.
This is out of Reuters.
To its proposals for resolving a dispute over North's nuclear ambitions by September 9th, the anniversary of the Communist country's founding, diplomatic sources in Tokyo said.
One source with close ties to North Korea told Reuters that the North was ready to declare itself officially a member of the nuclear club, opening the way for the possibility of nuclear tests and increased production of weapons.
They admitted 10 years ago they had nicks.
Our government's helped arm them.
Then there's this debate about, oh, we've got to stop them before they get them.
Another source, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said China feared that a muted response from the United States or fruitless talks could prompt North Korea to declare itself a nuclear state.
The United States refuses to strike a deal in one way or another.
North Korea could go nuclear.
The source said this is what China worries about the most, and China as a mediator with clothes will lose face.
He added, China's there pushing it.
We fought China in the Korean War.
I'm sorry, Korean conflict.
No, it's totally staged, folks.
North Korea angry at armistice plans, the armistice plans.
BBC, the North has criticized U.S.-led plans to mark the 50th anniversary of the armistice, which ended the Korean War.
Korea described a ceremony to be held the 27th of July in the Demilitarized Zone.
Which separates North and South Korea as a very dangerous act, but the UN command of South Korea said it was confident that the event, due to attend by about 200 foreign dignitaries, as well as veterans, would go ahead safely.
Lots of escalations going on there.
ABB, that Rumsfeld was on the board of during the nuclear transfer, signed power deal with North Korea.
This is from Swiss Info.
The cash-strapped Swiss-Swedish engineering giant ABB has signed a tentative agreement to upgrade North Korea's decrepit electricity network.
ABB spokesman Wolfram Epperhardt confirmed that the company has clinched a memorandum of understanding with North Korean capital potentially worth tens of millions of francs.
It goes on the same group that armed them with nuclear reactors with the U.S.
And Rumsfeld, continuing...
Construction of nuclear reactors in North going on despite tension.
This out of the Associated Press.
A U.S.-led project to build two nuclear reactors in North Korea has proceeded despite the standoff over the Communist state's suspected nuclear weapons development, South Korean officials said Wednesday.
The reactors are the most coveted part of the 94 Accord that was the backbone of U.S.
efforts to keep Korean Peninsula nuclear-free.
Give me a break.
It was about escalating.
They knew all along what this was about.
Now let's get into some other stuff.
Forsyth VA will also try new law.
Anti-terrorism statute may fight meth labs.
And this is out of the Journal Now.
Journal reporter David Ingram, right here in America.
It says, frustrated by drug laws that he thought were not tough enough on methamphetamine producers, Prosecutor Jerry Wilson decided to examine the books.
Wilson, the district attorney for Ouachita County and members of his staff, started flipping through legal text and precedents in the past few weeks until they found they were looking for a law with more teeth.
Instead of a drug law, though, Wilson turned to the state's anti-terrorism law,
Where prosecutors accuse methamphetamine producers, the law specifically a state passed in November 2001, to tail the penalties for manufacturing a nuclear or chemical weapon.
Wilson's office filed what are believed to be the first charges using the law last week.
Now it says other counties are doing it.
Folks, I've seen this a hundred times.
From Michigan to Texas, they're doing it.
From Florida to New York, they're doing it.
Any misdemeanor, a terrorist action, the feds have said it in open...
Federal hearings in Congress.
Read the Washington Times on Monday again about it.
Any crime, any misdemeanor, any law, no rights, you can be secretly arrested, secretly executed.
Here's just another article where, okay, now you're trying to produce a nuclear or chemical weapon if you even possess methamphetamine.
While the government has 6 million plus kids at any one time on Ritalin, which is almost identical to methamphetamine, and at the exact same time has tens of millions of people on Prozac and other drugs that are hallucinogenic in nature and very dangerous, and while they give go pills that are pure methamphetamine to the troops.
So that's your new country, folks.
This is the new system that they're peddling and that they are pushing.
And the Pentagon just put out a report called the Marshall Plan.
Their 89-year-old futurist, Marshall, calls for plugging in aggression drugs, amnesia drugs into the troops.
That's all great.
But they're going to not give you any ballot rights or constitution because they're the government when it comes to drug cases now.
That's just one of many.
Here's another one.
This is from USA Today.
Came out yesterday.
Turning cars into crime stoppers.
I told you six years ago, the federal plan, we've had state reps on here on the federal board, to put satellite tracking hardware into all new cars, which has been done.
Even if you didn't know it came standard, now the interface can be plugged in, a $25 interface.
Oregon's about to make it to law.
The feds are pushing it.
All the big manufacturers are making it a stylish power statement now.
Turning cars into crime stoppers, USA Today.
Now listen carefully.
When Oscar Salazar of Kingsville, Texas, bought his 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer, he figured the OnStar communication system would help if the vehicle broke down in a remote area where he often worked for Union Pacific Railroad.
But when the sport utility vehicle was snatched from his mother's house in nearby Robinson, Texas, last New Year's Day, Salazar found another use for OnStar working with police.
OnStar employees tracked the vehicle stolen at 5.30 a.m.
It was back with Salazar by that noon.
Salazar benefited from the latest audio security technology.
Using a combination of local positioning satellite and cell phone technology, today's systems can track stolen cars and eavesdrop on the thieves inside.
Audio, folks.
Some can shut down the engine.
Others let owners track vehicles via the Internet.
So if you've got this in your car, you've got OnStar, take it to your dealer, tell them to remove the cell phone slash GPS tracker chip
That's right behind the OnStar.
Take the antenna off.
Unplug it, people.
Because it's an official federal plan to tax you with it.
And again, with audio to listen to you.
And they admit.
I read television news, the big article on Tuesday, and it's on InfoWars.com on this week's focus section there on the right-hand side.
I think?
So there you go.
Today's systems can track stolen cars and eavesdrop on thieves inside.
Some can shut down the engine.
Others let owners track vehicles via the Internet.
I read an AP article a month ago on air where the feds say within five years they want most cities to have an area where your car is remote controlled.
They keep you at the speed limit, separate your cars out, and you're just going to have to accept it and get used to it.
You say, oh, that'll never happen.
Oh, yes, it will.
And they're already putting the control grids in.
They admit DARPA controls, the face-scanning cameras that the cameras are hooked into, the microphones.
Folks, this is five times, ten times, I don't know, twenty times in some cases worse than 1984.
This makes THX-1138 by Robert Duvall and George Lucas look like a land of liberty.
The systems are becoming increasingly popular.
Car thefts rose 4.6 nationwide in the first six months of 2002.
The latest figures available according to the FBI in 2001.
And, of course, there are discussions if it'll stop crime of making it mandatory.
Of course!
And then there'll be the excess cost of police monitoring the audio sensors and satellite sensors in your vehicle.
And so there'll have to be the tax, which has already been announced to start.
And it's so good, and states need the money, and they're going to share it with the feds.
You're not with Al-Qaeda, are you?
Then what do you have to hide?
So understand, folks, this is it.
This is the new world order.
Freedom is not drones and helicopters looking through your walls with ground-penetrating radar.
Now mounted in most cities.
Freedom is not face scanning cameras.
Freedom is not open borders.
But then you get stopped at a checkpoint and your goods thrown on the side of the road.
Freedom is not guilty until proven innocent.
It's not giant prisons, the biggest part of our economy, and the fastest growing part of our economy.
Freedom is not police in black ski masks.
Freedom is not foreign troops.
Freedom is not the CFR calling for a new world order.
Is not what we're seeing here.
Freedom is not the news promoting torture as a new virtue.
It is tyranny.
And it goes into, you know, I read the MSNBC article last year.
Remember when the 30 kids died one summer because their idiot parents left them in the heat?
Their parents should be imprisoned.
Well, they said that GM and Ford are moving that by 2005 or 2006, it'd be optional, and by 2008 standard, and they're lobbying for a law that...
The cell phone can be hooked to an infrared camera.
It can be monitored by police.
Now, hey, it'll only be turned on if the temperature goes above 95 in the vehicle.
It'll save children infrared cameras watching you!
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There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Let's go back to your calls, and I'm going to get into even more news in the next hour.
I haven't even scratched the surface, folks.
Of the massive textbook, unbelievable tyranny off the scale.
With a bunch of drooling yuppies and Hollywood followers not even knowing what time it is.
Well, we're waking them up.
We're the wake-up call.
Kevin and Mass, you're on the air.
Kevin, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I enjoyed when you had Ann Coulter and exposed her as a neocon.
I do have more neocons coming on.
I had an idea of Al Franken might be a good guest.
He's got a book out, and as a former liberal, it would be nice to, you know, we think we're done with the Clintons, but I hear Hillary's name being tossed around.
It's kind of frightening.
Oh, yeah, all the neocons are former liberals, and sure, I formerly ran the Fourth International as a communist agent, but I'm a neocon now.
Go ahead and give me your gun.
You can trust me.
Like a mom or dad who's told their child committed a serious crime, people have a tough time believing this because they're so committed with loyalty to their parents' political party.
And I just thought that, you know, like exposing Ann Coulter and these names who are out in the regular media, that's why it's so effective because suddenly people think, oh, this isn't somebody in the alternative media.
You know, boy, when they went up against the debate, they didn't stand very well at all.
Well, look, I can crush every one of these people because they're –
They've got a half-baked political system.
It's a fraud.
It's the problem with reactionary resolution.
Before, Clinton was the problem.
He was awful, shameful, and Bush was the answer.
Now they're going to have Bush as the problem.
And the war on the economy is going to make us look for, you know, reaction.
It's terrible.
And the Democrats are the solution.
They just keep flip-flopping that when all they are is legs on the same ogre, and each leg takes a step, and people think there's a difference, but it's moving the body and the head and the arms along.
Well, I've hit petition online, Paul 2004, and I signed the petition to draft Ron Paul.
I don't, you know, he's not running.
But I thought that's a way to send a message that... Hey, what did you think of his 45-minute speech where he said the Bush administration is run by Trotskyites that are pure evil?
I thought it was very brave for him to come out there and be able to address that, and it was necessary for somebody who has his title to stand up.
There's no one else doing it, and it's shameful that there's no one else out there talking about this because they know what's going on.
I mean, what do the neocons out there say?
Ron Paul, you know, he has the conservative record, not the rhetoric, saying the Bush administration is a bunch of Machiavellian Trotskyites from their own words.
I mean, that's so bizarre, but here's a congressman saying on the floor of the House he wasn't censured because they want to ignore it.
They know it's true.
All he did was read from their own policy reports how they want to destroy America.
Well, as they're building these camps for people, whether they're going to nuke a city and move us there, if people are aware and everybody stands together and stands up against them, their systems will collapse.
It's just like the forced inoculation of the police, firemen, and medical workers.
99.9% refused.
We just have to really be committed and take action and know what's going on.
We can win.
We don't have a choice.
By the way, we posted...
Boston Globe, AP Today, about new giant camps they're building.
For your safety, of course.
Yes, we're building camps.
They're for your safety.
Well, they're going to hit us, and we'll be ready for them.
Well, Kevin, these camps are for your safety.
Let's go ahead, and we don't have much time left in this hour, but let's go ahead and talk to...
Let's go ahead and talk to Dave.
Dave, where are you calling from?
Hi, Alex.
This is Dave.
Alex, I'm a hearer of your program, but I'd like to say I feel I can't move right here.
I'm just hearing everything.
I would like to partake in this stuff.
And I think all your hearers are the same thing.
They're hearing this all from you, and they all like to partake.
It seems like, Alex, that we need an agenda here.
We need a plan.
You're giving out all this information, but we need to start doing things.
Hey, tell you what.
Stay there.
I'll come back to you, Dave, and others.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
On this show, on this broadcast, we talk about how the government tries to co-opt through the phony left wing, through the phony right wing, what we're doing as the American people, as the world.
And we document how you don't look at rhetoric, you look at actions.
And that's a big part of the solution.
And we categorize the globalist architecture and plan and their systems
And how to stop them.
And we talk about the victories and not going along with the system.
And then Dave in Virginia calls in and says, you know, I feel like I'm a spectator.
I'm partaking of this.
I'm hearing it, but I'm not doing anything.
I want a plan, Dave from Virginia says.
Well, Dave, pick an issue.
The Second Amendment.
The open borders.
The environmental land grabbing that's going on.
And go out and get involved in that issue and meet like-minded people and then educate them on other issues.
Become a leader.
Put up a website.
Get an AXS TV show.
Get a commercial radio show.
Start your own organization.
It's millions of us doing small things can move mountains together.
Many hands make light work.
Does that answer your question?
Yeah, that's a good answer.
But this stuff is coming too fast.
And I really think that we need to, maybe we can first come together first, and then we can make plans.
Okay, let's say 10,000 of us try to meet and come together.
We're good to go.
You first got to educate people at the grassroots level and get a sheriff, a county commissioner elected that supports your ideals, then move on from the grassroots level.
They've convinced us it's all about the top down.
That's a fraud.
Thank you very much for that answer, and I'm very satisfied with that answer.
You are definitely correct with that.
Thank you for enlightening me on that.
If we do come together, they will get us.
You are correct with that.
I see.
Well, don't go away, Dave.
Let me elaborate on that.
You know, if we go and have a rally with 500, 1,000 people here in Austin pro-Second Amendment, nothing happens.
You know, the police come and agree with us.
If we go out and protest land grabbers, everything's fine.
But at key things like the Fortune 500 meeting they had three years ago in Austin...
Thank you.
We're good to go.
I think?
We have to have that cellular Bill of Rights culture in our minds, transmitted to our children, to our neighbors, in small communities, interconnected with a common goal and culture of exposing the New World Order Crime Syndicate.
You are very correct there, Alex.
And thank you for that answer.
All right, thank you for the call.
Any other questions, Dave?
No, sir.
All right, God bless you.
Jesus bless you also.
That'll be a crime someday, by the way.
They're moving in Europe to ban the Old Testament or the New Testament, and preachers have been told they've passed a law, the Republicans have, in Pennsylvania, that if you criticize people out of the Bible, you will be arrested.
It's all part of the new freedom.
All part of freedom.
We'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I love America.
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I simply recite criminal activities of the globalists, laying them out there for you.
I ask you, are drones deployed by the Pentagon and police helicopters with ground-penetrating radar looking through your walls with a black-and-white TV image of everything you're doing, is that what America's about?
Are police pulling you over, throwing your goods out on the side of the road with no warrant?
Is that what America is all about?
All the while, they leave the borders wide open.
Are satellite tracker boxes in the cars and a federal plan to start taxing you?
Is that something you want?
Is forced inoculation with a long list of very dangerous vaccines something you want to be a part of?
These are serious questions.
Do you think the biggest part of our economy and the fastest growing part of our economy being prisons and private prison industries competing against you and your wages, you think that's a good idea?
Are you proud of that?
You think the fact that the drug war, they've increased the funding so there's triple the heroin, double the cocaine on the streets, the bigger the
The illiteracy war gets, the more illiteracy we have, the bigger the war on terror gets, the more terror we have.
You think our government arming all our enemies is a good idea?
I mean, just look at what's happened.
Look at how ridiculous things have gotten.
Folks, I scan the news wires daily.
It is a nightmare what's going on in this country.
It's Friday.
We've got 50 minutes left exactly in this show today.
Ten minutes after the hour.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
I'm going to take a lot of calls and hit on a bunch of different news stories.
That's 800-259-9231.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'd like to convey to you a story about something that occurred earlier this morning.
I was listening to a local talk show here in New York City on WABC, and the host of the show is a neocon host, and he was interviewing James Kallstrom, who I'm sure you're familiar with.
And Kallstrom was carrying on about how we need bigger databases, we need more information in databases,
We need to interface databases.
He said we need this, and he said the Congress had generated a report this week.
Yeah, Total Information Awareness Network, and since the government funded and trained the terrorists, the answer is they need more power, exactly what I said the report would say.
It gets better than that.
Listen to what happened.
Now, as former law enforcement...
I'm aware that if we wanted to fight terrorism, we have a database, and this is public knowledge, called NCIC.
It's been in effect for 28 years, all right?
These hijackers were all on the terrorist list, and the CIA ordered the State Department to take them off the list and let them back in the country.
They paid for their houses, their cars, their credit cards.
And when good FBI wanted to bust them, Bush signed W1999, ordering them not to.
So it goes even further.
I call up the show, okay?
Unfortunately, Calstrom had left by that time, but I get on and I'm talking with the Neocon host.
And I explain this to him.
I said, listen, what more do we need to expand?
And what type of records are you looking to put into a so-called terrorist database when we've already got a database for serious hombres already and have had it for years?
Any law enforcement agency could contribute information to it.
Any law enforcement agency, from the highest to the smallest, can withdraw the information from it on a wanted person.
I don't know why Jim Kallstrom and other political leaders are carrying on this way, like we totally are helpless without these mechanisms, and why they want to expand it.
I was thinking to myself, what do you want to do?
It's the end of the Fourth Amendment, while the border stays wide open, and then when you find out who the terrorists work for, it's the globalists.
And I went on, you know, and I'm thinking to myself, as I said, what do you want to do?
Put social security records and work with compensation records into a large anti-terrorist database?
Well, when I questioned the guy, and I told him I'm former law enforcement, and I told him about NCIC, you could see it was registrable in his voice that he got a little nervous, as if to say, uh-oh, someone's letting a cat out of the bag here.
So what he did, very cleverly, is he disconnected me, however...
No, I know.
They do that.
And they actually get trained by the consultants how to do this.
They will hang up on you and go, what do you say to that?
So, you hate America.
Oh, see, you have nothing to say.
Hang up on that coward.
And that other caller who called a number of calls back was uncertain about whether there is some agenda here or some conspiracy, as he called it.
You've got to be kidding.
Listen, there is no need.
This country is, in reality, not defenseless.
We have more than enough databases, maybe too many.
We don't need to expand this.
This is not about terrorism.
This is about me and you.
Look, Ron, the military-industrial complex carried September 11th out.
I mean, the majority of people in Europe believe that.
They know they're being lied to, and we've got this whole agenda, this whole line, and the proof's in the pudding.
That they have these guys in the databases, the patsies, and ordered the government to let them in.
And then the people that blocked the investigation of them were given the cash bonuses.
So they're giving people bonuses that protected the so-called hijackers?
I mean, isn't that obvious what's going on, Ron?
To people who are awake and conscious, it should be, because they're using this issue as a cheap excuse to get good and innocent Americans' names into databases.
Well, Total Information Awareness, Ron, Total Information Awareness Network, run by a convicted felon, Admiral John Poindexter, says every email you send, fax you send, phone call you make,
Marriage, records, everything you say, your face being scanned by cameras, it's Oprah, big brother.
Their symbol is an all-seeing eye.
Yes, yes, yes.
And keep in mind that Mr. Kallstrom, maybe your audience doesn't remember, he was the special FBI agent in charge of the Flight 800 downing in 1996.
Yeah, involved in the big whitewash of that.
Yes, we all know about that, or at least most of us.
And he is now the head of the New York State Office of Homeland Defense.
He's a state official now.
Yeah, it's absolutely ridiculous.
And just south of you, do you remember what the Gannett News Service reported?
The FEMA boss in New Jersey, what he said about a red alert?
What will happen to your rights under a red alert?
Yes, yes.
Yes, that's right.
Why don't you tell the listeners what that said?
Essentially, I'll just kind of encapsulate it.
If there's a red alert, you have essentially martial law, and you have no rights.
You're nothing.
Essentially, you'll have no rights.
What he said, what Sid Kasperson said was, under a red alert, your essential rights are stripped, freedom of movement and association, you will be considered an enemy combatant, and you leave your home.
And there you go.
Martial law rules.
Martial law style rules.
Yeah, and they get more funding.
They get more control.
A report comes out and says they did a bad job.
Here's more funding.
Shame on you.
Now, are they going to give us more terror or less terror if they get cash bonuses and more funding when there's more terror, Ron?
No, they will increase it.
And that's what they're looking to do.
They keep crying that they want more funding to supposedly fight terror.
And in the final analysis, when you examine it closely, the fight is not necessarily against terror.
It seems to be against the common, good, decent, average American citizen.
Well, sir, I have FEMA three months before 9-1-1 in Kansas City telling a classroom of cops and firefighters, quote, George Washington Thomas Jefferson are terrorists.
All Christians are terrorists.
They have their training manuals where it says homeschoolers, gun owners.
That shows us that they are the terrorists.
They are the enemy combatants.
I mean, that's how an enemy combatant talks.
And you know something, Alex?
You touched on something when you mentioned that about the officers and the firemen.
I want to say, as a retired member of law enforcement, and I know you have a pretty big audience, and I'm sure there's a number of law enforcement and retired law enforcement in your listening audience, okay?
And I want to say this directly to them, if they can hear me.
Listen, fellas, we all served our community.
I spent years of my life serving this country in a law enforcement capacity, all right?
I am no subversive to this nation, and neither are they.
But we've got to wake up to two things.
A, that system, once you are no longer actively associated with it, has as much use for you as an old cigarette butt.
Don't delude yourself into a belief that, well, I'm retired law enforcement,
That will help me out.
You mean nothing to that system once you are no longer actively contributing to it.
They don't care less.
There might be a sense of loyalties, I understand, to the old job or old position or old institution you work for, but you have to know where to draw the line.
Do you love your children more than you love your old employer?
And you've got to ask yourself that question.
And I hope, if you have a normal, balanced mind, the answer will be you love your children, you love your mother, you love your father more, you love your neighbors more, you love your fellow countrymen more than you love a job that you used to perform at one time in the past.
Well, I would say that to people who delude themselves who are in current positions.
I mean, Ron, you've looked at the New World Order.
The thing is blatant.
Their policy papers are public.
They said they were going to do 9-1-1.
That's what's so incredible.
We have confessions by these people.
That shows their arrogance.
That shows me they're planning bigger events.
Alex, remember when they used to pull tricks and they were a little bit slick and well-oiled years back?
Now they're smash mouth.
They don't even care.
What does that mean as somebody who's studied the criminal mind?
What does that mean, Ron?
It always happens in history.
They're in the ivory towers.
The power trip.
The insanity's begun.
They killed 50 million people in Russia alone, folks.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's right.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest A gun on my hip and the right to arrest Is government your god?
Is it your boss?
If they tell you to put people in ovens, do you have to do it?
I mean, that's what it comes down to.
Well, there's a big enough crisis, I will.
Yeah, but are they providing that crisis so you will accept something that you wouldn't have accepted without it?
It's just simple psychology.
We're about to go to Paul and Tim and Dave and Jim and Roy and Brian and many, many others that are patiently holding.
Some of the news that's coming up before I end this hour, and boy, it's a big stack of it.
I've got an article here pointing out that Web TV tracks your habits and what you do and has an audio system connected to it so it can listen to you.
Also a story here out of PR Newswire.
They're building SARS emergency camps because they're sure SARS is going to hit us or other attacks, so emergency cities are being built by the government.
FBI was aware of Al-Qaeda cells in 2000, was ordered to do nothing.
That's from Fox News.
Also, Saudi-Al-Qaeda ties excised from congressional report.
Oh, they decided not to mention that.
Phoenix agent linked bin Laden to flight schools.
Turns out the memo they've tried to keep classified listed that he knew specifically what was being planned, but was ordered not to stop him.
Also, modified genetically engineered crops that the neocons tell you are so good could erase wild counterpart study finds.
It's incredibly dangerous.
But again, listen, neocon, big government radio, it's sweat factories are good, you know, sweat shops are good, genetically modified food and crops are good, world government's good, a little gun control isn't bad, they say.
Supreme Court rules on schools' approach to potential criminal acts of students as students have no constitutional rights.
Also, a story here out of UPI saying there are still masses of missing children that have been seized from their parents by CPS in Florida.
Christian Science Monitor reporting world record opium coming out of Afghanistan with your government involved in shipping it in.
Iraq claims torture by U.S.
Well, I mean, they're on the news going two-thirds of the people at Camp X-Ray have admitted that they're terrorists.
Well, yeah, under torture.
Can't believe a word comes out of their mouths, folks.
I mean, it's just unbelievable the things that are happening.
Let's talk to Paul.
Paul, you're calling in from New York.
Good to hear from you.
What's going on?
I just wanted to let you know that we're going to be releasing our fourth disc August 9th at an event called the Believe Festival here in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
And if you're listeners in the tri-state area that would like to come out, check it out at pokerface.com.
For those that don't know, you guys have a rock band that's got great music that exposes the New World Order.
And so you're going to be having another event out there exposing the globalists.
What type of response are you getting from the young people?
They're loving this stuff.
Everybody from 7 to 70.
We have fans of all types.
Well, that's exciting.
What do you think about all the developments?
In the world today, I think scarerism is right on target with the 1962 report called the Iron Mountain Report.
I think Mr. Kissinger had a little hand in that one.
Yeah, I think scarerism is everything they needed it to be to bring a police state here to America.
Well, they set the police state up and then have started using it in the name of keeping us safe, but why was it already all set up before 9-1-1?
All I've known is it's been used to harass patriots, and even in some instances killed them, like Cooper, Brian Downey Quigg.
A bunch of people have been dying lately, left and right.
How about that scientist from England, the weapon of mass destruction guy that said that there was no uranium?
He kind of ended up Arkansas-ed it too, right?
Yeah, but they told us day one it was suicide, and they don't lie.
Hey, you know, as long as they keep doing that, we'll have something to write about, you know?
And it's very transparent what they're doing.
And that was an act of desperation to intimidate other government employees to keep their mouths shut.
But they can't kill everybody, can they?
Nope, nope.
As soon as the disc comes out, Alex, I'm definitely going to send you down like 10 copies.
And, um...
You can do with them what you will, but just keep doing what you're doing, brother.
We need you.
I appreciate the call, my friend.
All right.
Great folks there.
Let's talk to Tim in Wisconsin.
Tim, you're on the air, then we'll go to others.
Go ahead, Tim.
You said in the first hour about people worshiping government when the New World Order would happen.
It looks to me like a worship of governments going on already, also even by so many that call themselves Christians in the mainstream and organized churches.
Now, you're not a Christian unless you worship the government, yeah.
Yeah, another one of the things I've been learning in the Bible, it looks like Isaiah, that what the mark of the beast really is, is that it was always the government system.
All those in the churches are not realizing they get into the sudden bang of patriotism.
It's that...
I hear you.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm only going to take a few other calls from Jim, Roy, Brian, and those that have been holding the longest because I want to try to settle down a little bit and cover some of the final news that we need to get to before this show ends today.
But I do want to leave a line or two open for anybody that disagrees with us.
Because here we are going out on the AM and FM dial from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado to Albuquerque, New Mexico to Rochester, New York to Pensacola, Florida.
If you disagree with me or anything I'm saying, go ahead, hit me with your best shot.
1-800-259-9231 You know, earlier I talked about the Reuters story.
Of how a large portion of the German people believe the U.S.
government carried out September 11th.
And they're right.
The government did.
But not the U.S.
The tiny cabal that controls our government that's even more high level than Dick Cheney and George Bush.
1-800-259-9231 Let's talk to Jim in New York.
Jim, go ahead.
I want to thank you for everything you do.
Hi, Alex.
My comment is on the same lines as your previous caller, Dave, where he's sitting home listening to the radio and he feels ineffective.
And I just want to say sometimes I'm sitting up here listening, upstate New York, listening to my radio, and I hear people with the same sentiment 20, 25 miles away.
My suggestion was, and I did hear your response to what you told Dave concerning how to reach to people, and this is about reaching to people and getting the information out, and getting it to a grassroots level, a small cellular level.
Is there any way, because your audience is the most informative, they seem to be the smartest on the dial,
How can we have cellular areas where people who listen to you and agree with you can get together and start as a base to do things locally?
Well, look, you're going to find like-minded people who already see a lot of what's happening.
It's not the whole picture.
In gun organizations, in land rights organizations, you guys could call the local radio stations that carry the show
And you could show up at radio station meetings that I know that Dr. Wolf, the owner of the Sunshine Network, has.
You could go to his church.
You could meet like-minded people there.
I mean, it's really pretty simple to do.
You could start websites.
There's a lot of different things you can do to meet like-minded people.
I mean, this is a shameless plug, but it's true.
If you buy one of my Tyranny Response t-shirts...
That are navy blue with the yellow firefighter-style tyranny response team.
Looks like a law enforcement shirt.
And you walk down the street with that, you're going to meet like-minded people.
They're going to know what the tyranny response team is.
You wear my shirt that has a picture of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao on it.
I have it.
And it says, mass murderers agree, gun control works, politicians love disarmed peasants.
You're going to meet like-minded people wearing that shirt.
So there are ways to meet like-minded people.
Well, I appreciate that.
I do have the shirt and I do have your videos.
But it does get to the point where you try to educate your small group of friends and people that you care about.
But then it just gets to a point where, you know, sometimes they look at you with the glaze.
A lot of times family doesn't respect themselves, they don't respect you, and they think you're trying to put them down by warning them.
No question.
Or friends you've known all your life.
I mean, Jesus Christ talked about...
You know, people in his own town wouldn't listen to him.
I mean, that's, you know, a prophet doesn't get any truck with his own country, as the old saying goes.
So you're going to find like-minded people or people that you can turn to the light and the reality.
You're going to find them anywhere where there's politically active people.
Well, I appreciate it, Alex.
And once again, thanks for everything you do.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
Yeah, Dave earlier said that he didn't want to be a spectator.
He didn't want to be on the bench just listening to the show.
And I commend him.
That's the right attitude.
That's the attitude we all need to have.
And I know a lot of stations don't carry the first five minutes of the hour because I held him over.
From the end of one hour into the first five minutes and I gave him solutions and ways to get involved.
I don't know if most folks had a chance to hear that, but it's just common sense.
You have to respect yourself.
You have to be informed.
You have to be bold.
You have to be a leader and you've all got it in you.
There's a lot of you out there that are more intelligent, more articulate, who would frankly make better radio talk show hosts than I. You've just got to
You've just got to fire up your intellect.
You've got to fire up your mindset.
You've got to go into your defensive, offensive mode to defend this society and to recognize the enemies of humanity that are the New World Order.
Let's go ahead and talk to Roy in Texas.
Roy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good to talk to you, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
I hope that a lot of new listeners have listened today because some of those conversations like you and Ron, the last couple, have really been outstanding and informative.
I'm calling for about a couple of quick questions, but first of all, there's a man about a little over an hour ago that he gave you a website and I couldn't understand him.
It was about Washington, D.C.
and the Freemasonry symbols.
Did you have that website?
I did not write it down, and I need to get it, but just type in occult symbolism in D.C.
layout, or occult symbols in D.C., and we've posted those aerial photographs many, many times.
But even the History Channel did a show about it and admitted that it's laid out in occult symbols.
That's hard to believe.
Hey, this new money is coming out.
Do you have any idea what month it's going to be, that new colored money that they're going to make us accept and get rid of our old money?
Well, they rolled it out about six months ago, and they said the 20s go into circulation in the fall of 2003.
Oh, okay.
And that is a, it's red on the back, and then the face is rainbow colored, blue, green, orange, yellow.
And the reason they're doing this, the Federal Reserve says, Alex Jones doesn't say, is to train you to accept a cashless society and to call in the greenbacks worldwide.
It's actually to hurt the dollar.
It's actually to damage it as the World Reserve currency and to empower the euro.
Oh, boy.
Yeah, I know they're selling euros short right now.
There's a lot of people pushing that.
Do you think there'll ever be a time when they make ownership of any kind of gold illegal?
They have done it four separate times.
I mean, regardless of the date of a coin or anything like that?
And by the way, for somebody driving along who doesn't believe this, ask your grandmother or grandfather about when they were kids and they outlawed gold and made you turn it in for paper money.
Talk about a scam.
But do I ever think there'll be a time where they'll do that?
Well, any kind of gold, regardless of coins or what have you.
I could see them restricting it or saying that police can take it if they want to.
Because they already do that under asset forfeiture seizure.
Again, are we in a free society where the police pull over the old lady, she's got five grand in her purse, no drugs are found, they just take the money?
Now that's admitted.
Everybody's heard about that.
Is that what America's all about?
No way.
I go to chat rooms all the time, and every time I go in, I say, if you people want to know what the real news is all about in the government, you've got to go to Infowars.com and hear Alex Jones on Genesis Communications Network.
And since 9-11, I've noticed, at first, I was the enemy.
They were cussing me and calling me unpatriotic, but here lately, it seems like the majority is against Bush and the New World Order and what he's been doing over there in Iraq.
So hopefully things are turning around a little bit, but it was terrible right at first.
Well, they are.
And what did Mark Twain say?
In the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, hated and feared.
But in time when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
Oh, man, is that so true.
And I really felt like the American person, the average person, was the enemy because they're so closed-minded and dumbed down, and it just made me sick.
Can't even talk to them.
Well, the globalists were about four years behind schedule, so they've had to accelerate things, their own policy reports say.
And so what happens when, in the final two laps, the NASCAR driver is four or five cars back,
He was slighted to be the winner.
He has the best car, but he slams down the pedal, and the car's starting to have problems, and uh-oh, the car's on fire, but he doesn't care.
He's grinding that metal there.
What happens?
What happens?
Yeah, what happens when the New World Order is behind schedule and tries to put it in high gear?
Well, it breaks loose.
They just do anything, and they're wide open to anything.
That's right.
And any second, this balancing act they're doing, trying to organize a controlled World War III out of the crisis to legitimize this world government, any time they could have a massive blowout and spin out of control.
And here come the atom bombs, huh?
Well, hydrogen, yes.
Oh, hydrogen.
Yeah, I'm behind.
I'm 72 years old.
I'm still back in the atomic age.
Well, you know, North Korea, that's probably what they'll actually have, so I think you were actually right.
Oh, okay.
Well, I sure enjoyed talking to you, Alex, and I love this show.
I appreciate you tuning in and putting up with me.
Well, thank you, Roy.
Let's talk to Brian in Minnesota, last caller.
And I guess nobody called in to disagree, so Brian, go ahead.
Calling up here from Minnesota.
First time caller, been listening for a couple years now.
And I have a few things I want to touch on real quick.
I'm a history major up here at a state college.
And I learned something really interesting the other day.
Do you happen to know what the number one cash crop in Liberia is?
Well, I know that mineral-wise, it's in this order, diamonds, gold, oil.
But when you say cash crop, what is it, opium?
It's rubber trees.
I know they grow a little bit of opium in Africa, but not much.
It's mainly in Central Asia and Far East and in Latin America.
But rubber trees, oh yeah.
Rubber trees, that's kind of what it was like in Vietnam at the same time, which is interesting.
My father, he's a Vietnam vet, and he flew over there and he was saying how they bombed that country almost everywhere, but they never touched the rubber trees.
And there was actually Ford Motor Company places up there in Vietnam where they flew around bombing things.
But they could never touch the rubber trees.
I always thought that was kind of interesting.
Well, you know, people say it's about rubber, it's about oil.
It's about domination.
It's about the military-industrial complex.
But the rubber is a good point.
Being able to invade whoever they want,
Whenever they want.
Take Soharto, the support of that brutal dictator in Asia.
That was done because of the rubber trees.
Yeah, it's just wherever the resources are and what they need at the time, it kind of seems like.
Because they don't like to pay for them, they can just... Look, there was an editorial praising De Beers and the family that has the 90-plus percent world monopoly on diamonds.
They've actually lost their monopoly but have an almost total monopoly.
We're good to go.
And then you saw the French invade one country, the British another, the U.S.
It's all about getting the gold, the diamonds, the oil, and as you said, the rubber trees.
Yeah, exactly.
Local cable station here on their local news the other night.
This is just how everybody's perpetuating all the fear around here.
They actually have a West Nile threat level alert up here in Minnesota where they have the colored, you know, orange, yellow, green for their threat of West Nile.
Yeah, just a couple people died.
But, again, it's hysteria.
And then the big military industrial big pharma complex is building emergency caps everywhere.
It's so ridiculous.
And then another thing, I am a subscriber to AOL, which I should have to stop immediately, but I always get a kick out of their headlines.
I think it was three days ago they had a thing, a big article, on whether they were going to bring the draft back.
And then today I turned it on, and they had their headline, I believe it's there, any AOL members could look at it, of how they have sent an undisclosed number of American troops to the seas around Liberia right now.
But they won't tell us how many.
Well, it's 4,800.
Yeah, maybe AOL won't tell you, but it's official in British papers.
But let me break this down for you with the draft.
They already are reinstating it for engineers and medical workers.
I see.
That was in the Houston Chronicle two days ago.
Also, they have two versions of a universal draft for men and women
But that's only 18 to 26.
If you're older, you have to serve, and it says this, anti-terror reporting squads, tips, tattletale groups.
They're even going to give them, and I'm not kidding, sir, a gray uniform with an ID badge.
Well, that's just insane.
Oh, I mean, it's right out of the textbooks, and when they instate it, you're going to have
You know, all the people that ran the neighborhood associations, they're going to be in their little citizen corps, and they already have it for kids in high school, and quote, you'll have to volunteer, see?
Yeah, that's terrible, because I'm like right in the age group right now where chances are if they do that, I'm going to be getting a draft card.
And they signed the deal, hey, hey, hey, they signed the deal where Canada won't let you run up there.
Yeah, exactly, exactly, but it's like...
I believe in everything you're talking about, and I feel like if I go for the draft, well, then I'm selling myself out to the New World Order.
And by the way, by the way, they call that cowardly.
Folks, our troops got hit with CERN and VX and were not treated.
They got hit with DU, both the Gulf Wars.
This is now admitted by the Army's chief investigator, who they then kicked out of there when he came out with a report.
You know, killing and maiming and using the troops for profit is not an American value.
And I don't want to hear that, oh, the Democrats are against the war, you're a Democrat.
The Democrats all voted for the war.
So it's a rotten whorehouse.
And myself or my family, we're not serving.
We're not indentured servants.
We're fighting here for the homeland against the enemy combatants that run this government.
But the choice that people in the draft age have is either you go and become a slave or you don't go and you become a slave.
Well, actually, we're all debt slaves already anyway.
I mean, what do you do?
Well, you better fight it.
Now, what they're doing is, guess who's going to manage the new Army and Navy?
Who's that?
United Nations?
Well, I read the articles two days ago.
We posted them.
It said, quote, black uniformed, black mask, dying corps and other mercenaries that are paid $200,000 a year.
Oh, great.
So, yeah, and they're also, according to the Washington Times, hiring illegal aliens with criminal records to join the military, just like Stalin did.
I've seen that.
It's a sad state.
Hey, are you with Al-Qaeda?
What's wrong with felons being in the military?
Oh, you're right.
Um, yeah.
No, I think it's all good, Alex.
It's always a good sign when the government hires criminals to be its enforcers.
That's another tale tale that your society's in great shape.
Just like the drones looking through your walls.
You couldn't have said it any better.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Hi, Ted Anderson here.
I'm happy to announce that the audience has increased over 200% this year, and our advertisers have sent testimonials complimenting the responsiveness.
We're good to go.
Alright, final segment of this live Friday edition.
I do this show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central during the day and back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time right here on the GCN Radio Network.
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Please tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your community about the show and about how we cover real information.
But, yeah, the globalists said before 9-1-1 in major reports that they all put out, PNAC, CFR, all of them, that we, quote, need terror attacks to get a national draft for imperial mobilization for new world order.
This is not the U.S.
This is a crime cabal, and they hate the troops.
They love manipulating them.
That is a staged, controlled, false paradigm.
Before I hit a couple key final news stories, I really want everybody out there to get my videos.
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Don't wait.
Take action, folks.
Oh, there's so many articles I tried to get to.
I covered a lot of it today, but there's just so much here that we need to get to.
We're running out of time here, folks.
They're building more camps, saying we're about to be hit by bioweapons.
The 9-1-1 whitewash blocked information about the Bushes and the Saudis.
This happened, they're reporting, because the Saudis threatened to release the facts that U.S.
banks were involved in the terror attacks.
That's the Associated Press report.
So that's why they blocked that release.
Also, Phoenix agent Link Bin Laden to flight schools and was ordered not to stop Al-Qaeda.
This is the Arizona Republic.
Phoenix agent Link Bin Laden to flight schools two months before September 11, 2001.
How long ago did I tell you this?
Two years ago, folks.
A Phoenix FBI agent...
Specifically accused of losing flight schools in Arizona and elsewhere in the United States to train a cadre of individuals to carry out aviation terrorism, according to congressional reports, to be released today.
And he was told to shut up under penalty of arrest under W1999, ordered by Bush.
Of course, some of you are going, wait, 9-1-1 didn't happen two years ago.
It happened 22 and a half months ago.
I was on the air in July...
July 25th.
In fact, it's two years to the day.
I just realized that, that I launched Operation Expose the Government Terrorist, where I said, call the White House and tell them, don't use bin Laden to attack New York as a pretext for a new world order.
I just realized that.
This was the second year anniversary of when I told you what they were about to do.
Have a good weekend.
See you back tonight, 9 to midnight.
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