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Air Date: July 23, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got author and researcher, New World Order investigator, George Humphrey, joining us in the second and third hours today to ride shotgun with us to talk about Patriot Act 1 and 2, Homeland Security, the latest developments on September 11th, and the police state.
And how we are attempting to shift the paradigm of the American people out of the false reality into the reality of what is actually developing.
Big show lined up for you.
I'm going to go through a ton of news and information in this first hour, and we're going to have wide open phones all day today or this morning or tonight, depending on what time zone you're listening to us in.
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You'll definitely want to check those out because it's vital news and information posted there multiple times daily.
Where to begin?
There is so much.
This is out of television news, mainstream media.
This is out of television news.
Is your television watching you by Philip Swan?
And guess what?
Your TV's watching you, and they have microphones in the cable boxes and the satellite boxes, and they're listening to you.
Now, I've already announced this.
It's been in the news in the past, but it doesn't seem to sink in with people.
That's coming up.
4,500 U.S.
troops might head to Liberia, so the empire is expanding, or liberations.
Pentagon plans draft.
That's the headline out of the Charlotte Observer.
That's right.
Pentagon plans draft.
They've been lining it up for a while.
The draft for the glorious empire.
Also, warning of toxic aftermath from uranium munitions.
This from the Army's former chief official studying this.
He says, yes, it's killing and maiming our troops, and no one seems to care.
But that's the new patriotism.
Being hollow, being mindless, only worshipping the flag, but detesting everything the flag stands for.
By the way, I called in on a national radio show this morning and actually got through...
And the host would not let me talk and hung up on me and said that I hated America.
I know, it's you that hates America and didn't know it.
So I'll talk about that too.
Men ordered to stay in.
Those from ABC News, men ordered to stay in their homes in Spain at night.
That's a new feminist move by the government.
They say it's very loving, and if you're against this, you're against women.
I think?
We're good to go.
UPI investigates the vaccine conflict.
It's a nine-page article.
Admits the vaccines are killing children, rotting their intestines out, attacking their brains.
And they say the CDC doesn't care, but is taking some vaccines off the shelf because it might scare people away from taking them.
Not that they kill your kid or brain damage them or implode their intestines.
And, of course, there's more on 15-month-old babies and others now on good old Ritalin.
Just a gigantic show lined up for you.
You do not want to miss a single second.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
What's wrong with this picture, BBC?
Doctors have prescribed Ritalin to children as young as 15 months.
There is also concern that doctors are prescribing the drug without considering alternative treatments.
Health spokesman Paul Burstow of the House of Commons has urged ministers to examine why the number of children being given the drug has increased so sharply.
Over 6 million in this country on it at any one time.
Tens of millions that have been on it.
They're now giving Prozac and Luvox and other stuff to babies as young as 12 months.
The child cries, they scream, they misbehave, and so mommy takes them down and says, let's give baby a chemical lobotomy.
And the government says, yes, yes, yes, that's good.
And then Ritalin causes heart palpitations, heart swelling.
Brain shrinkage, literal striations and death in the tissue.
I have seen x-rays and mainstream news articles of children that have been on Ritalin several years.
The Prozac destroys their brain chemistry and shuts down their neuroreceptors.
I mean, these are hardcore drugs.
The whole psychotropic class is a hallucinogenic compound.
That's actually the subgroup they're listed in
You've got Revlon that is almost identical, just a slight change in the molecular form, as methamphetamine, or GoPills, first developed by the British in World War I to give to frontline troops and then used by the Nazis.
So let's just give it to the newborn babies.
And when you're in the stores, you see the water for infants in the jugs, and it says, fortified with fluoride.
Yum, yum, yum.
And then you look at the thousands of medical reports of how it attacks the brain development, causes bone fractures contrary to popular belief, but I still would give that to them as well.
And then you read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, written in 1933.
And he talks about a government plan to dumb down children at birth or in the womb to have a subclass of mindless idiots.
So you can have a ruling elite who are more intelligent and can control the population.
This is what feudalists have always done by trying to keep the serfs on tiny plots of land at subsistence level so they're running so fast on the treadmill under malnutrition that they literally are retarded.
We see this with the serfs of Japan, of Europe.
We saw it with the serfs of Russia.
It's the same system, but now it's more sophisticated.
And you say, wait a minute, Aldous Huxley, he was a fiction writer.
Well, his brother was the first secretary general of a criminal organization that Bush just signed on to and increased funding for.
He was the first secretary general in 1946.
And was there for many years.
Julian Huxley of UNESCO, and we've aired it here, and I think we should air it again, the 45-minute speech, the last speech that Aldous Huxley, brother of Julian Huxley, gave at Berkeley University in California in 1962.
And in the speech, he said that Brave New World was actually the government plan
And that he had gotten it from his brother, who was a government minister at the time in the 30s in the British socialist government, and then, of course, later in the 40s, the first head of UNESCO.
And then we've read UNESCO documents, their charter, their policy on education, where it says the family is the enemy, quote, and is a disease and must be, quote, eradicated.
And so you sit here, you sit here, buying their lies, buying their propaganda, buying their worship of celebrity, that's the diversion for the women, and the diversion of the sports for the men, a spectator society being poisoned and warped and twisted, and it's their own stated long-term eugenics plan.
I just read an article out of California where tens of thousands of women were forcibly sterilized for making under a B+.
It happened in 30 of the states at a massive level, at lower levels, if you call thousands lower level, in the original 48.
It went on until the mid-1980s and is still going on under new names.
Sharp rise in children's riddle and use.
That's the headline and
This is the new America.
So you let your 14-month-old toddler drink Coca-Cola.
I see babies drinking Diet Coke at the shopping mall.
It's full of aspartame and dyes and toxins.
I see children gobbling cakes.
Cramming candy into their mouths and you wonder why your child bounces off the walls and then becomes angry 30 minutes later when they have the sugar crash.
I mean, try it yourselves.
Eat a candy bar and see how you feel 30 minutes later.
And then you take your child to the doctor.
Dr. Bobby or Jenny is angry and frustrated and crying a lot.
The doctor doesn't say, what are you feeding them?
The doctor says, hmm, how about Ritalin?
How about Prozac?
And, folks, I'm understating how bad it is.
The governor of Oregon just last year, he's a psychiatrist, by the way, called for drugging upwards of 70% of children at birth, and he says there's new developments perhaps in utero.
They will genetically test all mothers, and they want to make a law.
I'm not kidding.
This is from the governor's office.
We read it on air and had guests on about it.
And there could be a drug pack delivered into the womb.
This is the new America, and you're thinking, that'll never happen.
We told you five, six, seven years ago about the satellite tracker hardware in your new cars and how they plan to tax you.
Oh, really?
Now even Lord Limbaugh is talking about it.
You'd better wake up to the science fiction horror that we're all living in here, or it's only going to get worse.
This morning I was doing some chores, going to the office supply store, buying more paper, and buying my wife a power bar, and yes, getting myself a Starbucks coffee, corporate minion I guess that I am at that level, and I was listening to the Mike Gallagher show, it's a large nationally syndicated show, I'd
They had a fill-in host, and so I called in quickly and got in.
And they were discussing.
They said, if you don't like the American flag or you're intimidated by it, call in.
And I told the call screener, I said, look, I didn't play dumb.
I'll give them that.
Normally if you don't play dumb, they won't let you on.
I said, look, I support the American flag, but only because it symbolizes the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and we're losing the Bill of Rights and Constitution, what the flag symbolizes.
I said, the flag doesn't give us liberty, as the host was saying.
He said, the flag did all this for us.
I said, what it symbolizes simply enshrines our God-given rights.
Read the 9th and 10th Amendment, boys and girls.
The Bill of Rights and Constitution doesn't give you your rights.
No matter how much we love it here on this show, that stuff comes from God, okay?
That's the founders.
And I said, let me give you an example.
Hitler took the German flag, not the Nazi flag, the German flag, and said, either you support my policies or you're against this flag and all the patriots.
And people bought that.
So I get on the air and he says, you hate America, you've made my point and talked over me and faded me down.
I tried to point out that the liberals are on the extreme, but think about the American Indians being killed and slavery and the blacks and all the rest of it.
And I said...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then I drove around finishing my errands for another 20 minutes and heard callers going, how dare, you know, the traitor.
Can you believe that guy?
The flag gives us our rights.
And the host goes, yes, but he's saying that the president uses it and says you've got to support it or you don't support me.
And this lady goes, well, yes, that's right.
Our troops and the president give us that flag, and that's why we've got freedom, because of the president.
The host didn't like that, because here was the caller worshipping it so much that she was making my point for me.
Again, it's this hollow, mindless patriotism that Ron Paul, who just so happens to have the most conservative voting record in Congress, the most constitutionally-based voting record, almost perfect.
It's like a 99 on my scale.
Same thing with the John Birch Society and their review of him.
And he's exposed Bush as a phony, destroying America, founded by communists, Trotskyites.
I mean, I got the neocon story still posted, main page, his whole speech, eventfulwars.com.
And when he cut me off was when I tried to say that, you know, well, PNAC said they needed to have a terrorist attack to get us behind this false patriotism for war.
As soon as I said PNAC, he talked over me and hung up on me.
In fact, I got to turn up the radio and hear the delay and hear him panicking to get me off.
I wouldn't let me get it out.
Don't want the foolish neocon followers to wake up that they've been stabbed in the back, do you?
I don't want to get off into a big, long discussion of that because I've got a bunch of news to cover in the next 40 minutes before George Humphrey, former city council member, very successful businessman, author, lecturer, researcher, joins us.
He lives right here in Austin, a good friend of mine.
Talk about a host of issues and take your calls.
We'll launch into television news.
Article by Philip Swan, Mainstream News.
Is your television watching you?
And we'll get into mysterious diseases haunt U.S.
Radiation poisoning.
We'll be right back.
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I remember eight years ago getting a call on local radio from an electrical engineer who even...
Dropped by the radio station studio, was waiting for me in the parking lot one night and said, Sir, I want to show you diagrams.
They plan to use the new digital cable boxes when digital TV comes out.
And this was eight years ago.
There wasn't even really a discussion of it.
I'd hardly even heard about it.
He said, there's a plan to use these to watch you and listen to you.
And he was all afraid, looking over his shoulder.
He was driving a brand new Cadillac and...
We're good to go.
Watch what you watch.
That is, they don't physically watch you.
They track what you watch.
The different shows have psychological scores, different ads have different psychological scores, how long you watch, if you flip away, if you flip back, and they're selling the data and doing things with the government with it.
And then, a couple weeks ago, I was talking to a Time Warner installer,
And this isn't just one of the general cable installers.
He does the cable modems.
He does the fixing of the systems.
He's one of their higher-up guys.
And he also subs and does some contracting for the phone company.
And he said, Mr. Jones, I want to show you something.
Put me out to his truck, opened up a digital cable box, and showed me the microphone inside of it.
And he then went into how the new fiber optic system for the newest cable box has a bunch of parts that the manual doesn't even say what they're for.
And he said he'd shown it to other engineers and it looked like it was some type of imaging system.
But again, we don't know on that point.
And I'm going to do a story on this in the near future.
But this is so crazy, so bizarre, the average person has trouble even understanding
This is out of television news, mainstream media.
We're posting it on InfoWars.com right now.
Could the federal government find out what you're watching on TV, even if you're not the subject of a criminal investigation?
This is mainstream news, folks.
If you're a satellite TV or TIV owner, the answer is yes, according to legal experts and industry officials.
Under the USA Patriot Act, passed a month after the 9-1-1 terrorist attack, the feds can force a non-cable TV operator to disclose every show you have watched.
The government just has to say that the request is related to terrorism investigation.
Said Jay Stanley, a technology expert for the American Civil Liberties Union, under Section 215 of the Patriot Act, you don't even have to be the target of the investigation, plus your TV provider is prohibited from informing you that the feds have requested your personal information.
Now, we covered two days after 9-1-1, we got the bill, or two days after they passed the Patriot Act in October, we got the bill.
When we covered 215 and 213 and dozens of other subsections,
This was almost two years ago, 19 months ago.
No, 20 months ago.
And we warned everybody, and we went over this, and we're finally seeing it in MSNBC and TV news and other websites.
But the average person in the checkout line will still laugh at me if I warn them about this, or they'll say, oh, good, I want to accept it.
Oh, good.
Well, I don't have anything to hide.
Oh, yeah, your TV just tracking you, and it just so happens to have a microphone in it hooked in two ways.
But, you know, that's part of freedom.
You know, in 1984, they had microphones in their TVs, and what's wrong with that?
You know, that's freedom.
1984 is freedom.
That's conservative.
It's liberal to be for privacy in the Second Amendment.
I forgot I'm a liberal.
I got accused of it today on national radio.
So, under Section 215 of the Act, you don't even have to be the target of investigation, plus your TV provider is prohibited from informing you that the feds have requested your personal information.
The language is very broad.
Mr. Stanley said it allows the FBI to force a company to turn over the records of their customers.
They don't even need a reasonable suspicion of criminal behavior.
Well, it's a lot worse, Mr. Stanley, because...
In 96, the federal government funded $4 billion, ended up being $8.5 billion, to put in snooping hubs into cable, telephone, email systems, the backbone of hubs, digital hubs, that analog is all fed through.
And it's all hooked into AstroLine.
And that's known as Total Information Awareness Network, the inward focus system there, now known as ChatLine and other systems.
They keep changing the names to confuse you.
And so they can just dial right in and listen to you.
But see, the average person doesn't want to take up the responsibility of even psychologically admitting this.
I mean, it's going to get worse.
Where's it going to go from here?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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overnight Central Standard Time, so nine hours a day of the Alex Jones Show.
We're about to go to Ed in Canada, Dave in, I don't know where Dave's calling from, Jeff down in New Orleans, and others.
Where did you say Dave was calling from?
Arkansas and others.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
Now, earlier, I'm just going to mention some of the news that's coming up, and then I'll go back to your calls, and we've got a guest coming up in the second hour as well.
Earlier, I started going into a television news report, and that's the name of the news service, television news.
It's mainstream media.
It says, could the federal government find out what you're watching on TV, even if you're not the subject of a criminal investigation, if you're a TV or ITV owner?
The answer is yes, according to legal experts and industry officials.
Under the USA Patriot Act passed a month after 9-1-1 terrorist attacks, the feds can force a non-cable TV operator to disclose every show you have watched.
The government just has to say that their request is related to terrorist investigation, said Jay Stanley, a technology expert for the American Civil Liberties Union.
They also have Mr. Stanley...
From one of the other big organizations, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, talking about it.
But it's the cable systems, too.
I mean, the Scientific Atlantic cable box that's been out for four years has a microphone in it, people, and a little bitty hole on the front.
I've been inside the box.
I've had one of their employees show it to me, show me the manual for it that talks about the microphone.
And by the way, the cable system doesn't sell the Internet access to use the box as an interface.
It's just there, folks.
And no one's ever discussed it.
And the article gets into great detail about how they're using it and how no one's discussing it.
All we hear is how they can force librarians to give up your records or bookstores to do it.
And it goes on in the article, the Patriot Act, which Attorney General John Ashcroft said is crucial to fighting terrorism in the United States, has scared many civil libertarians.
However, the possibility that the feds could use the law to learn about your viewing habits has been overlooked until now.
Well, not on this show, TV News.
The invasion of privacy might be well-intentioned.
Oh, yes.
And perhaps even necessary.
However, there's also a danger that an overzealous team of agents will abuse the law in the spirit of the early patriots.
All Americans need to remain vigilant.
That's Philip Swan, president and publisher of TVP Predictions, writing for Television News.
And, look, just type into a search engine.
Your television is watching you.
Get ready to see AP, Reuters, UPI, MSNBC.
We've got about a five-minute segment on it in Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
It's two hours and 40 minutes long, okay?
Every five minutes is totally jam-packed with subjects.
You want an overview of the New World Order, this is the film for you.
You want to know about government-sponsored terrorism and 9-1-1?
Get the road to tyranny.
Or Masters of Terror Part 2.
Or my book, Descent into Tyranny.
I'll give you that number later to get to that, folks.
Again, I remember being on the air three or four years ago when MSNBC was first reporting this and having people call on air and email me and say, you're a kook, you made it up, you're a liar.
And I'd say, please go to Infowars.com.
It'd be right on the main page.
More emails.
I can't find it!
You're a liar!
I mean, anything to deny what I'm saying.
I've even gotten a few emails, I can't find Ron Paul's speech where he said Bush's group was founded by communists and the neocons are a bunch of big government fascists.
I can't find it.
Where is it?
I don't believe Ron Paul said it.
I mean, any way for you to stay in your box, to stay in your false reality, to deny what I'm saying on this show.
Any way to do it.
And again, it's not the liberals.
It's the neocons.
The neocon followers out there who really think Bush is a conservative and don't know that the government's growing in size, don't know the Bill of Rights is on fire, imploding, don't know our borders are wide open, don't know we're losing everything we've got.
And you try to tell them that the digital cable boxes, and I just know about the Atlantic Scientific.
I'm told, according to news articles, the other ones have it.
Can watch what you watch and have microphones in them.
Now that's a fact, people.
Two-way microphones.
That's a fact.
And still you're in denial.
I was a few weeks ago at a local radio station that carries my show.
Great folks.
News Talk 1260 KWNX.
And some of the folks there were with another station previously, so they know that I document stuff, but
One of the other employees said, Alex, I heard you the other night talking about radio frequency microchips in the goods and that the Pentagon is tied into it.
That's ridiculous.
I would have heard about it.
And I said, come here.
I said, let's go to a computer terminal.
And the guy started laughing at me, and I said, come on, bet me right now.
I'm not a betting man, but you want to lose some money to teach you a lesson?
And he goes, no, no, show me.
Yes, it's crazy, okay?
I mean, folks, I've got a stack of government kidnapping children here.
Mainstream news today.
There's so many of these articles now, I don't even cover them anymore about 80% of the time.
I can't stand to read the articles anymore.
I can't stand to cover them on air anymore.
I can't stand it anymore.
We're living in blatant, wholesale evil.
Folks, there's been 50...
54 million plus abortions.
They killed 54 million children in this country.
That's a gigantic evil, the biggest of them all, right out there in your face.
So of course a government that will do that and will brainwash the public that it's good to do, of course a government like that is going to go after a 15-year-old with a 3.84.
Who's graduating from college at 15.
Of course CPS is trying to take her from her family and about to criminally charge the father in New York.
Of course they want to put 12- and 15-month-old babies on Prozac and Ritalin and Luvox.
Of course they want to inject you with dangerous vaccines that attack the cerebral cortex and brain damage you.
Of course, folks, we have their own UNESCO documents!
So whether it's TVs that listen to you and watch you, or UNESCO saying they want to break the family up and dumb you down, and Bush signing on to it, or Bush saying he's going to sign the assault weapons ban, all of this, it's all true, it's all happening.
The only question is, do you have the courage to research it and face the horror?
It's more evil than I thought it could be.
I didn't understand the depths of evil.
I'm still plumbing them.
Yes, I'm a deep diver.
And yes, I've faced it.
I have faced the Matrix, folks.
It is horrifying.
The horror is that more of you aren't waking up quick enough.
Let's just take some calls.
I'll get back into other news.
Ed in Canada.
Go ahead, sir.
I'm one of your dissidents, so I hope you don't cut me off.
Now, go ahead.
You know, I'm a Canadian who supports the U.S.
troops and the war in Iraq.
Lots of Canadians are in favor of it, and we're not a bunch of cowards.
We did it in Vietnam also.
You know, when your draft dodgers came up here by the thousands, thousands of Canadians volunteered to fight in Vietnam, and they didn't have to.
Did you know that?
They joined the U.S.
Army and the Marines, and they fought in Vietnam.
And here, when I listen to you
To you twisting and manipulating the news every morning.
For instance, the biggest news story this morning was the killing of Saddam's son.
Oh, that was coming up.
So you apparently haven't heard about that, or you don't want to hear about it.
Thank you for reminding me.
It's right here in front of me.
In fact, it was two stories down.
I would have gotten to it before the hour ended.
Well, that was a bigger story.
You took quite a time to get to it.
One of these guys is a serial rapist.
Hold on.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
The other one is a mass murderer.
Put him on hold.
Don't hang up, okay, weasel?
Let me counter what you're saying piece by piece here, okay?
Let me counter it piece by piece.
Because you can make an accusation and I'm going to counter it at that point.
Ron Paul, who served, what is it, two tours in Vietnam as a flight surgeon, okay, front line, Ron Paul says the war is wrong and says it's a fraud.
Now, I don't know about Mr. Bush, who only spent a year at the National Guard and then went AWOL.
I don't know about the rest of his cabinet, who are all either draft dodgers or got deferments.
Now, let's counter that first.
Number two.
Number two, he went off into this whole diatribe about how I didn't talk about Saddam Hussein's sons.
Well, I guess I'm cursed with something.
I have a long-term memory.
They claim they killed Chemical Ali.
Nice little name they give him.
And it turns out they didn't.
They claimed that they killed Saddam not once, not twice, but three separate times, and then said he was alive again.
Because they know you need little mindless victories, so they give you false ones.
Oh, we finally got Goldstein, and then Goldstein's back.
It's a 1984 illusion.
I'm alluding to that.
Excuse me, not an illusion.
I'm alluding to it.
This whole thing about, oh, they had a firefight and killed four people, and they're sure that they killed these guys.
I happen to remember Rumsfeld saying a week before the war they paid off the Iraqi leadership and they were going to lay down their arms, which they did, and their leadership was flown out on jet aircraft.
And according to the Russian and Iranian news, they were flown out to safety in Russia.
We're good to go.
And so don't sit here and claim that we're liberal socialists here because we're against your phony war.
Ron Paul has the most conservative record, not rhetoric, record, and he's against your phony war.
Now, what do you say to that, buddy?
Alex, can I say something now?
Yeah, well, no, no, no.
You answer my questions.
What about Ron Paul?
He has a record, not a rhetoric.
Now, what do you say?
Are you calling him?
I heard his speech about neocons, okay?
How about yesterday?
Yeah, everything's connected.
We're talking about reality here.
Now, is he a draft-dodging liberal because he's against the war?
I'm talking about you.
Did you serve the military?
No, I didn't.
And let me give you another little news tip here.
I'm not going to go serve under the U.N., and I'm not going to serve in these corporate wars.
And they've got $100 billion to $200 billion funding mercenary armies, and they're hiring illegal aliens with criminal records now, like Stalin did.
Anyway, I was talking about... Hey!
This is not... Hey!
This is not a two-year-old discussion.
I'm telling you, the most conservative member of Congress says the war is wrong.
So don't say you don't want to discuss that and then call me a liberal.
Lots of people say the war is wrong and others don't.
Well, as usual, you don't have any coaching points, Neocon.
Getting to the Saddam matter here, you told us that Saddam and his gang were flown out with millions in gold, and now here they are in Baghdad, two of them dead.
Well, this time they have the bodies.
Oh, sure they do.
When you drop a bomb on a building, you can never be sure if you killed the person.
But what about, so now, so the government doesn't lie to us.
What about the Pentagon Office of Strategic Information?
They said they would lie to us last year in a major report.
I never did that.
I never did that.
I said all of them were remote-controlled.
All remote-controlled, yeah.
Yeah, and over 300 former top U.S.
generals and others met in Portugal for a 76-hour news conference last year and laid it all out.
Yeah, well, you sure did a good whitewash on these Islamic beasts.
We'll murder 3,000 Americans.
No, sure they did.
Oh, you mean the ones that FBI informants and agents lived with and paid for their houses and their cars and their credit cards and they trained at U.S.
bases and all the public officials that got told not to fly that day or the CIA that put put options in on American and United or maybe you're talking about the U.S.
troops massing into Zikistan or Uzbekistan or maybe PNAC calling for terrorist attacks to get us behind the New World Order.
You talking about all that?
And how about all those Canadian troops that have invaded the United States?
Oh, you're talking about... Now, wait a minute.
What about your Canadian troops that got bombed by the speed freaks?
We don't have any Canadian troops in your country.
We don't even have any to protect Canada.
That was an official story of the CBC and the Associated Press.
They signed the deal last year to bring in foreign troops to, quote, deal with American terrorists.
Oh, there are no Canadians there.
Again, that's not true either.
Hey, I suppose you think it's not true that the cable boxes have microphones and are hooked into the government?
I suppose that's a lie, too.
Not here they don't.
Pardon me?
Not here they don't.
Oh, I'm sure they don't.
Yeah, right.
And you haven't checked it out.
You just say that.
Well, listen, that talk show host who cut you off, he was right.
You're just, you hate America.
You're a traitor and a coward.
Oh, sure I am.
That's what you are.
Oh, yeah, what I'm doing is very cowardly.
You hate your country.
Yeah, going up against the New World Order.
It's very cowardly.
The New World Order.
I've heard about the New World Order 20 years ago from Tex Mars.
I had every one of his books.
You know what I did recently?
I threw them all in the trash can.
Well, Tex Mars wasn't writing books about the New World Order 20 years ago.
Tex Mars was an officer in the Air Force writing military policy books, and a space and aeronautics professor at the University of Texas.
I listened to Tex Mars before you ever came on the air, 15 years ago.
Tex is a good friend of mine.
He married me and my wife, and I've had dinner with him and then go to his church.
I read every one of his books.
And it's all come true, and it's all come true, and you're the coward.
You're so afraid of this New World Order, you're just going to deny it because you can't face the horror.
I guess Tex Mars, the Vietnam veteran, I guess he's a coward too.
I'll tell you what the New World Order is.
It's the Islamic World Order.
They're going to take over the world.
Well, the globalists are funding them.
That's probably a big part of it.
Yes, you're right.
Europe's going to use the Muslims.
Boy, you're correct on that.
Wow, you said something true.
Thanks a lot for the call.
Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
You're welcome to call back any time, Ed.
And I called you one name.
You called me about ten.
I apologize for calling you a name.
It's hard to deal with, folks.
You notice the compartmentalized thinking and mindset there.
He could not focus in on key points.
He had to just name call and have an emotional spasm.
An emotional spasm.
And his cable boxes, they don't have microphones.
Oh, boy.
Oh, man.
By the way, the former head of the Army who was studying radiological events said in 91 our troops were sick and dying from DU, and it's deadly.
He's saying he's tested their blood again.
British, Australian, and U.S., they have it again.
They're already coming down ill.
They were hit with sarin VX in the first Gulf War University of Texas Medical Center report.
A lot of them have died, and they weren't given treatment.
Our government's stolen the stuff, but I know I don't support the trips because I try to save them.
I understand how your sick logic works, and God forgive you because you don't know what you do.
You've been blinded by this system.
If it was possible, even the elect would be deceived, and they have.
We'll be right back.
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That's 888-253-3139.
And that guy comes out and attacks a veteran like Tex Mars.
By the way, Tex made his money.
His best sellers were defense policy books, premier books on robotics, test booklets for the military.
He wrote a lot of those.
That's where...
Tex got involved and learned about the New World Order, was doing stuff for the Pentagon, and as a professor, then he broke away from that and wrote books about the New World Order, I guess starting about 12 years ago, 14 years ago.
So go ahead and attack Tex Mars.
Go ahead and attack Ron Paul, Vietnam veteran.
Go ahead and attack real patriots.
Who's our caller from Pennsylvania, Mark?
Darrell, you're on the air.
Would you like to say anything to our last caller?
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
I'm a 20-year military veteran.
I'm not going to call him any names.
I would assume he's either grossly ignorant and or he's in total denial.
I think it was total denial because he says he was aware of this.
I think it was so scary he shifted over and went ahead and joined the enemy.
That's happened a lot in wars.
When Benedict Arnold thought they were going to lose, he shifted over.
Look, I am fighting for this country.
I am in the cause for the republic here in the homeland against the enemy combatants.
My guess is he's both grossly ignorant and in total denial.
I'm a 20-year military veteran, and to ask whether someone was in the service or not is a moot point.
The fact of the matter is I think you agree with what I'm going to say here right now, and that is that the vast majority of the wars we fought in the 20th century had nothing to do with American security or anything in the best interest of the American people.
What about the Marine Corps general who wrote a book about it?
You've had General Walton and other top military guys.
I know the guy you're talking about is Fedley D. Butler, who was a double Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.
War is a racket.
And we've basically fought for corporate interests, oil interests.
The fruit companies and... Yeah, nerve-gassing and making our troops huff DU.
That's not patriotic.
And let me just give you a couple figures here, Alex, and you're aware of this.
I'm sorry.
In the Korean War, we left behind 7,190 POWs.
We left 21,000 behind to Stalin.
That's admitted fact.
Some people say up to 25,000 that the Soviet Army liberated.
Confirmed number is 21,000, but yeah, it's probably higher.
And we had 8,000 MIA from the Korean War, and of those over 7,000 POWs, only 4,000 were repatriated.
Well, wait.
We have the official document.
I had the lawyers on last year.
This is mainstream news, New York Daily News.
Scotsman is well-reported.
It's on infowars.com, where Roosevelt knowingly
Left 7,000 women and children in the Philippines, quote, to be captured because that would, quote, be good propaganda tool.
I mean, these people are cold-blooded, folks.
And in Vietnam, over 2,400 POW MIAs.
And, Alex, it's not just the MIA-POW issue.
As you've brought out on your program quite frequently, we had Agent Horn.
Stay there.
I'm going to let you finish up, Daryl, and then we'll go to Dave, Jeff, Rambo, Ken, and others.
We've got George Humphreys coming up.
Stay there.
I'll come back to you in the next hour.
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We'll be right back with a second hour of your calls in George Humphrey.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The political process is designed to switch off your thinking process.
The left-right paradigm is phony, and I just got called a liberal in the last hour because I support Ron Paul, the most conservative member of Congress, against the phony wars.
Daryl in Pennsylvania, go ahead and finish up, and we'll go to Dave, Jeff, Rambo, Ken, and others.
Go ahead, sir.
Yeah, I just want to say how they treat America's fighting men after the wars.
They treat them like disposable diapers.
Not just the POWMIA issue.
And, Alex, when I went through survival training, I flew hazardous duty missions against the Soviet Union and other communist countries, and they told us in that survival training, if you guys ever get shot down over enemy territory, we will leave no stone unturned.
We will get you out.
We'll extract you out.
No matter if they stick you in the middle of the Soviet Union, we'll come in with special forces and get you out.
And, Alex, after I got out of the military, after 20 years, I found out not only, like I said, Korea, Vietnam, World War II, how they left our men behind.
They knew they were there.
They knew they were being tortured to death.
They knew they were having medical experience.
But isn't that patriotic?
Isn't really supporting the troops not patriotic?
Working them to death, digging in salt mines, uranium mines, digging canals up around Leningrad.
Being taken to special hospitals in North Korea and China where the Czechs had built the hospitals and where they experimented cutting off totally healthy legs and arms just to see how they worked, doing biological, chemical, and radiation testing on our men.
And our intercept by our national intelligence community knew about this, knew they were moving the men around, had actual experience,
Well, according to the neocons, that's patriotism.
Yeah, give them Prozac and other things.
It's all in their head, don't you know?
And up to between $25,000 to...
Conservatively, to 40,000 of our guys dead from Gulf War.
Well, that's major universities that have done autopsies and found the Sarin VX in their brain stems.
But you know what?
You're not a patriot.
You're a coward.
Leaving our troops behind, nerve-gassing them is good.
I'm a neocon.
And VA stringing out claims until the guys die, like they did on Agent Orange.
And then, as you pointed out recently, how they promised all the troops every time when you'd re-enlist, oh, you'll have medical treatment.
Until the day you die, as long as the sun comes up, we're going to take care of you.
That's one thing that was supposedly a guarantee from the time I went in in the mid-60s.
Well, according to this last guy, we're bad.
We don't mindlessly let ourselves be thrown into meat grinders.
Well, the bottom line is our young men and women enlist.
Fight thinking they're doing for the right causes and be totally betrayed by the government, the VA, and even at the top levels, the VFW and the American Legion have been co-opted.
And Alex, you know, it's just a crying shame, but you are 100% patriotic, and anyone else that opposes a phony war, that's true patriotism.
False patriotism is stupidly waving a flag made in China and rallying behind the president as if he's the head of the football team, the quarterback or something, that's going to lead us to victory when we're going in and bombing the heck out of countries that are no threat to the United States, such as Serbia.
Well, we now have the White House Energy Commission's documents getting ready for the Iraq War, divvying up the oil.
I mean, this is all official.
And then calling Tex Marsh, saying he threw away all his books.
I have all of Tex's books that he wrote on the New World Order and the New Age.
And everything that Tex has said has come true.
So this guy, he's living in la-la land.
And I just want to thank you and Violet and everyone there, Alex, that you had the guts to stand up and tell the truth about phony patriotism.
So God bless you, and thank you so much for taking my call.
All right, thank you.
Well, he said it was cowardly that I'm fighting the New World Order.
You know, it's very safe to do this for a national talk show.
Just ask Dr. Kelly.
It was very good for him.
We'll be right back.
I'm George Humphrey.
Stay with me in your calls.
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The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
My good friend George Humphrey, former city council member, successful businessman, author, researcher, good friend of mine, joins us.
And now we've got Dave, Jeff, Rambo, Ken, and others.
I'm going to get to you here in the next 10-15 minutes.
And George is just going to ride shotgun with us today, and we're going to bounce back and forth different news articles and get his take on it and talk about the New World Order and his new book that he has come out with, 9-1-1, The Great Deception, The Illuminati End Game, Your Choice, Love or Fear.
And it's an incredibly professionally produced audio and tape CD set over three hours long and a little 70-page color booklet.
Well, it's not little at all.
It's concentrated info.
And, yes, I'm offering it.
Yes, I carry his other two books on tape.
And this one I think is the best, and it's now on InfoWars.com for those that just joined us.
Coming up again in a few minutes, Dave, Jeff, Rambo, Ken, and many others.
George, I know you can tune into the show.
I know you listen quite a bit.
Did you hear the guy in the last hour say that I'm not patriotic because I'm not for invading all these countries?
Alex, first of all, it's good to hear your voice and good to talk to you this morning.
Alex, you and I both have been charged several times with not being patriotic.
After a while, when you first hear it,
It's frustrating and makes you angry, but then after a while, it's almost funny.
These people have no sense of imagination.
They have no intelligence.
It is just absolutely amazing that these people in their ignorance restore to such juvenile intelligence.
In inaccurate accusations.
And so what we're actually doing is that when people respond like this, I think that most of your listeners will realize how far off base they are.
And all we can do is kind of chuckle and respond.
Well, they do it because of fear.
Deep down, they know the truth.
They're afraid, George.
They're incredibly afraid because you know what?
Not only are we right on a spiritual level, but on a third-dimensional, just factual, objective basis, point after point after point, we have showed that the power elite, the Illuminati, whatever you want to call them... Psychopathic degenerates.
...that they have absolute control of our financial economic systems.
They have control of our cultural outlets.
They have control of both political parties.
And they are moving us at light warp speed toward a police state and the destruction of our Constitution.
You're absolutely right, George.
And the fact is that you and others across the country, we are getting out the information on a daily basis.
And the people of this country are starting to listen.
And it's amazing.
All over the country.
Ten years ago when I talked about this,
Nobody would listen.
And today, wherever I go, and I'm sure wherever you go, people come up to us and talk to us.
And this is the start of the second American revolution to restore our constitutional republic, to restore justice, to restore truth.
And that's why I am so honored to be on your show today.
Well, George, I'm honored to have you here.
I mean, the level of evil, and the more I study the New World Order, the deeper down the rabbit hole I go, the deeper I dive, the more painful it is to admit the truth.
I'm more alive than I've ever been, and I have a mission, and my humanity has been activated, my desire to warn people to this incredible threat.
It's all around us.
I mean, in the last hour, George, I read a television news, that's the name of the news service, story admitting under Patriot Act the digital cable systems are watching what we watch.
They've got microphones in them.
This is admitted right here in Austin.
Microphones in the Atlantic Scientific black cable boxes.
I think.
I think.
Now on a syndicated show and we don't screen the calls, it's a rarity.
Maybe once a month somebody calls in who's mindless and disagrees because the thinkers, the real patriots and real conservatives are waking up and the liberals, we're waking them up that their controlled paradigm was false and controlled because we're not hypocrites.
We expose the entire system.
They're going out and buying guns and educating people and becoming freedom lovers.
We're breaking the false left-right paradigm.
And now I love the phones, and everybody agrees and has cogent, intelligent points to make.
I was at the grocery store last night.
Waiting for some food.
There's a little restaurant to be prepared, and I probably had 20 people come by my table and say, you're right.
And they were people in business suits and hippies with long hair and young women and old women and blacks and whites and Indians.
I mean, this is happening, and we have the momentum, and right now the globalists blow something else up, I think it's going to backfire on them.
Exactly, exactly.
And the reason...
That you and I are saying this to the people who are listening, and I say this on my show, is the people who are listening, for a long time, many of us have felt alone and very isolated.
But the momentum has changed, and you're not alone any longer.
You were talking about DU, which is depleted uranium.
We're good to go.
And for those of you who are listening, this depleted uranium has been poisoning American and British troops for the last 12 years.
It's poisoning American troops right now.
And it has caused the death of untold thousands of defenseless Iraqi children in the last 10 years.
And Serb children.
It is unbelievable what we are doing, and it is unbelievable that the loving Democrats, the loving liberals, are so quiet about this.
It just blows my mind.
Well, they all vote for Patriot Act.
They helped write the Senate version.
And the former head of the Pentagon was sent to whitewash this.
He resigned in the early 90s.
He said, I'm not going to be part of this.
They have skin rashes.
They have lung lesions.
They have high levels of it.
If you ingest this, it's deadly.
Here it is, the Charlotte Observer.
And it says, Pentagon plans drafts of medics.
I'm going to get into that article a little bit later.
Here's the Buffalo News.
Excuse me, this is the article.
Warning of toxic aftermath from uranium munitions.
The American use of depleted uranium munitions, thousands of tons, folks, in both Persian Gulf wars has unleashed a toxic disaster that will eclipse the Agent Orange tragedy of Vietnam War.
A former top Army official said Monday evening, former Major Douglas Rook,
We're good to go.
Dressed in sneakers, blue jeans, and a red polo shirt, Rook fit the image of an animated science professor, hair tousled, adjusting the glasses, and eager to impart his findings to the next generation.
If what he says is true, students will soon have yet another chapter of heartbreaking history to study in the schools.
If he's wrong, it will take years to disprove.
Called to active duty in 1990, Rook said he was assigned to develop procedures for cleaning up uranium contamination after they decided to use and put uranium munitions in the war to expel from Iraq and Kuwait.
And he goes on about how he blood tested them then, he's blood tested people from this war, massive amounts in their bloodstream, in their lungs, causing radiation, cysts on the arms, fingernails, hair falling out, fast growing areas are hit.
It's causing lung lesions.
This is admitted, and he's a guy hired by them, and he has had the courage to come out and doesn't want the blood on his hands, and the average American still has no idea, George.
And the amazing thing is that this is not a new issue.
Ten years ago, I and many, many other people, and perhaps you were too, were talking about the insanity of
I think so.
That the radiation from this uranium, which will remain active for many thousands of years, will contaminate the area around it for thousands of years, and the people who put these weapons together.
And so this is not something new.
George, I've got to stop you.
The official numbers are between, depending on what batch of it, 500 million to a billion.
Yeah, the half-life of this uranium is 234,000 years.
We're good to go.
...point of view.
They are totally in their own world.
They care not about the people who it's affecting, and they care not about the American Constitution.
Stay there, George.
We've got a break.
When we get back, I promise this group of callers we've been holding for like an hour that we get them on, we'll talk to them, then we'll wait to take more calls into the next hour.
So Dave and Jeff and Rambo and Ken and a few others stay there.
We'll get to you this hour, then we'll cover news the rest of the hour and get back to calls in the next hour.
There's so many subjects I want to cover, George, but for those that don't know, you're also a degreed economist and successful businessman and former city council member.
I want to talk about Ron Paul's neocon speech where he says the Bushes are Trotskyites who, quote, say, enter into evil and support a Machiavellian worldview.
In a nutshell, what does that mean?
Well, what that means is that the cabal of people who are in control of this administration have used the oxymoron of saying that they are neoconservatives.
In fact, they are power-hungry plutocrats that will gather power from any foreman who has no respect, no respect for our Constitution or the rights of the American people.
And here's Ron Paul.
I mean, it's not just the National Post with the headline, The Ghost of Trotsky Walks the White House.
Pauls, it's not just the AP reporting on it.
The founders of it are the Fourth International and Trotsky.
But you tell the average conservative that, it doesn't compute.
Well, look at Brzezinski.
Stay right there, George.
We'll cover it when we get back.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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All right, we're back live.
We're about to talk about the neocons, the supposed killing of Saddam's son.
Give me a break, and then your calls with George Humphrey.
George, they even say here in the USA Today...
The deaths represent a major victory for President Bush at a time when he is on the defensive over his justification for the Iraq War and hit-and-run attacks on U.S.
Thirty-nine Americans have been killed by hostility since May 1st when Bush declared a major combat over.
Now, when I saw this headline last night on the news, heard him talking about it, I said, yeah, that's because the approval rating's down, and it's really a good thing because that means they're not going to resort now, right now, to blowing things up to pose as our saviors.
But they could still pull that.
But it's very dangerous when their approval ratings drop because they need to get the New World Order agenda through.
But they told us over and over again they'd kill them.
Oh, we're sure they were in the house.
We're totally, you know, we're sure.
And then a month later, oh, quietly, we didn't kill them.
And then, oh, we killed them again.
And we just have the same victories over and over again in this Orwellian mindset where Goldstein is killed every month.
You know, in 1984, folks.
Well, it is amazing that Karl Rowe, who used to live here in Austin, Texas...
The guy is incredible.
He is an absolute genius.
He is a political marvel, but it's all about power.
It's all about power and perception.
The fact is that all of these events, just like Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, are manipulated, preconceived events to manipulate the mind of the American people.
It is just so obvious to anyone who has taken the proverbial red pill.
All one has to do is wake up and look at what's going on and see how manipulated these events are.
For example, Steve Hadley, Saddam's sons are killed the day before the hearings on the depleted uranium and the lies that were put forward by the Bush administration.
It's power politics.
And if the American people have to make a choice, either we believe in a constitutional republic in which we have a free press and a process of law, or they're going to just accept the fact that we have tyranny and a cabal and that we are in a police state.
Now, in my belief system, and I believe that a vast majority of Americans believe
Still believe in a constitutional republic and freedom of the press.
They don't teach that in school so folks don't know what freedom is.
They just don't know what's going on.
But the good news is that because of shows like yours, because of television shows like mine, because of tens of thousands...
Yeah, the globalists have to keep reapplying their lies.
We just have to show somebody how they're being lied to, show them the matrix, and they're off and running.
And all of us who have had that epiphany, who have woken up, remember the day that the light went on.
I remember when the light went on with me.
I used to think I was a pretty hot stuff economist.
I was a city councilman.
I was in charge of a budget of $1.6 billion.
I was a degreed economist.
I thought I knew how the economy worked.
You're a very successful businessman as well.
And then...
We're good to go.
It's for navigational purposes.
Yes, absolutely.
Because right now, there's only one thing.
We have to increase our numbers.
Approximately 1 to 1.5% of the population of this country now see the big picture, can connect the dots.
But until we get up to about 5% of the population, which is about 14 or 15 million people, unless we get to that critical mass, we are totally, completely vulnerable.
Well, George, I disagree with that.
I think that we have 10% know something's very badly wrong or constitutionalist.
They just don't know how bad it is, and they feel disempowered and are not active.
And I would say that 3% are now awake, but a lot of them are afraid to speak out.
Well, whatever the numbers are, and we don't have those objective numbers, is that we have to increase the numbers of people who see the big picture and, more importantly, have the courage and the moral fiber to stand up.
They've got to spread it.
We are white blood cells.
I'm a T lymphocyte trying to wake you up to fight the infection.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
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Drop the form.
Call 800-569-4340 or visit on the web at cliffscott.com.
All right, we now are about to accelerate into your calls for those who have been patiently holding.
And then I'm going to throw out news stories and get George Humphreys' response and analysis to them.
Before we go back to George, I am now carrying George's new book on tape.
9-1-1, The Great Illusion, the Illuminati in-game, your choice, fear or love.
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We're good to go.
I think?
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888-253-3139, or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
George, would you like to speak to the CDs or the cassettes or the booklet itself?
Well, first of all, Alex, I'm very honored that you will carry them on your website.
You know, it's hard to be objective about your own work, but when I write this stuff, I write it so number one is that it's understandable, is that we have lots of pictures, we keep it short so that people can read it.
A lot of times people won't read a 300-page book, but everybody can look to read a 70-page book, booklet, or listen to a CD or a cassette.
The production of it, my friend, our good friend Rusty Fields, who has got a great voice,
We're good to go.
It's my experience.
I've had this out for just a few months.
But the response on this has been excellent.
I've had not one, but thousands of letters saying that they have given the booklet or the CD or the cassette to friends.
George, tell folks you also gave a copy to every member of the House of Representatives here in Texas.
We did the same thing with my DVDs and VHS.
Tell folks, if you want, how many of the total booklets and tapes of all three of your books you've gotten out.
Well, altogether, we've gotten out close to 110,000 booklets.
The first book, of course, was called Common Sense, and that was in recognition of the great, a patriot, Thomas Paine.
The second book was Uncommon Sense, and this third book is 9-1-1, The Great Illusions.
And it goes from a... Common Sense is a wonderful book for those who are just learning about the history of the New World Order and what's going on.
Uncommon Sense takes it a step further and provides a lot of cutting-edge information.
9-1-1, the great illusion, is if it wasn't for you, Alex, and David Icke, and people like Chris Bolan, and others, I couldn't have written this.
But it is a concise 60 points of factual information that absolutely proves beyond a doubt.
And seven points of solutions.
And proves without a doubt the globalists carried 9-1-1 out.
Yes, there's no question.
It is absolutely empirical information.
Objective information.
The problem is there's so many facts.
I've had to make two films and write a book.
And I could make five other films.
We can just keep going.
But the bottom line is there were bombs in the World Trade Center before the planes hit.
No ifs, ands, or buts.
Eyes on the grass, eyewitnesses, prior knowledge, funding the terrorists, on and on and on and on.
This is the main point.
If we can get these simple points across to good Americans who love this country, then we can build up our base.
Then we can restore what is good and moral about this country.
But we, which means all the people listening, every single one of us, have to carry this information to everyone we talk to.
Alex, you are like me.
I don't go anywhere.
I go into a grocery store and I start talking to the clerk about the New World Order.
Everywhere I go, I talk about this.
And the reason is, we don't have a choice.
I want to save their life.
I see somebody inserted in the matrix.
I want to get them out.
And on a more personal basis...
I want to save my own life and my family's life.
On a larger level is that I love this thing, this dream called the American Republic.
My culture, my family, my friends.
And on a bigger picture, it's for all the people of this world.
It's not just the people in Austin or in Texas or the United States.
Every human being
In this world, whether they're in India or in Argentina or in Austin or New York.
They're all under New World Order attack.
We're all under attack.
George, let's take some calls.
I want to get back into the neocons and a bunch of news I haven't even gotten to yet.
Dave in Arkansas, thanks for holding.
You're on the air with our guest, George Humphrey, and I'm Alex Jones.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I just want to make a couple points real quick.
I've been waiting for a long time to call your show.
I really enjoy it.
You know, that first guy from Canada that was saying, you know, shame on these people for being draft dodgers.
Well, I don't think there's any shame in dodging away from a bad situation.
I mean, it's not like...
It's not like it was necessary to go over there.
They didn't have much of a plan.
Well, this is the deal.
This isn't our government.
This isn't our military.
Now there's $100 billion to $200 billion a year for mercenaries who, quote, wear black uniforms.
I read the article yesterday.
They abuse and misuse our troops, let them get hit with weapons sold to them by the government, then don't give them treatment.
That's a fact.
And then they put them under U.N.
or globalist control.
And, you know, yeah, it was bad for Bill Clinton to go to Russia and protest the war and put down America.
It's not bad to be against a phony war, and that's what Ron Paul, who's a Vietnam veteran, had to say.
Well, right.
I mean, you shouldn't go over there and get yourself shot up just because, you know, your country says.
But, you know, I'm a liberal for thinking that.
But it's not your country that's even saying it.
We have this parasite sitting up on top of the brain of America.
George, can you speak to this?
Well, I think the gentleman is absolutely correct, and I think all your listeners realize, is that we, the people who are talking about this, we support our troops.
We support our military.
George Washington was against foreign entanglements.
But what we support them is to do their proper job of protecting the Constitution, protecting our rights, and doing the right and moral thing.
We have a question.
Either we can be a republic or we can be the most aggressive country in the whole world.
And the fact is, I don't think most Americans want us to go to these countries around the world killing tens of thousands of innocents so that the multinational corporations can take their mineral.
And by the way, it's not our words when we say that.
And the Democrats are involved in it too.
They all voted for the war.
It's a fake left-right fight.
We're good to go.
I think?
So it's not our words, it's not our opinion, it's the facts.
Go ahead, George.
Well, Alex, you say it so beautifully, and it just has to be said by everyone.
And you're giving out this objective information.
Cheney and his Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and Pearl.
And this Pearl is functionally and emotionally insane.
I mean, he truly is.
Let me stop you.
The Washington Times reported three months ago that he was at a White House press dinner, and he walked up to a bunch of beautiful women, some models that were there.
This was in the news, and began giggling and saying, I run things.
We're going to be in North Korea soon.
I have power.
And they call him the Prince of Darkness because he runs around giggling about killing people all the time.
He is absolutely...
Emotionally disturbed.
At least Rumsfeld and Cheney can keep it together in public.
I mean, they're both arrogant son of a guns, but they're not visually crazy on the street.
This Pearl is intelligent, but he is the one who's really pushing the engine.
And the fact is, is that we have people...
None of you would invite to dinner because they are so morally degenerate.
These people are sick puppies.
Also, if I could make another point just real quick, I've been speaking out in my area against this whole New World Order thing and some things that I know because I was in the military, and I've been constantly harassed because of it.
There's been black helicopters flying around.
People have come up to me.
I'll just be going to the supermarket or something.
They'll say, hey, you need to stop talking about this.
We know where you're at.
We know where your family's at.
And I came home the other day and they were putting anthrax in my house.
military was.
The U.S.
And they tried to say that they were just there checking on some things because people had reported that I had guns or something like that.
That I wasn't supposed to have, saying I had munitions that I wasn't supposed to have, and they were putting things in my house.
Well, let me break that down.
This is happening to you.
This is the vast minority.
They do this so it's talked about, so it scares people.
Let me break down, and they have been caught doing this.
Massive funding for domestic anti-terror forces has been increased.
And then people who talk about the New World Order or talk about corruption or whatever, they are then...
I think so.
Yes, yes.
I really can't talk too much about it.
Did you do a lot of foreign... Did you ever carry out assassinations?
Well, like I say, I really didn't, you know, because I've been harassed and stuff.
I just...
I'll just say, there's a lot of dirty work going on, and I was talking about it.
But I'm asking you, sir, were you Special Forces in assassination teams?
Yes, yes, I was.
Well, that's who they go.
They're very afraid of people like you.
Because, let me tell you something, most former Special Forces people later find out, later join the fight against the New World Order.
There are hundreds of thousands of you, and thousands of you do get harassed.
See, I know the M.O., that's why I was able to point that out.
George comments...
Well, another thing is that many of our special forces
They have been, their minds have been compartmentalized and they have been mind controlled and many of these people are starting to wake up and integrate their thinking and remembering what has been put into their thought process and they rebel against this because most of the special forces people are just good Americans who signed up because they believed in America and want to protect America and when they find out
The Special Forces is designed to be behind enemy lines and force multiply the indigenous population in the Infowars.
But the main point to 99.9% of the people listening is there's not a thing that I would say on this radio show or on my television show that I wouldn't say to our chief of police or our elected officials.
We believe in the republic.
We believe in the Constitution, the process of law.
And as long as we are standing in...
The right, as long as we look them in the eyes, as long as we are unafraid, they want us to be afraid.
Yeah, that gives them power because the guys carrying out the harassment, the assassinations, they're afraid.
And more and more, they're losing that control.
That's why they're panicking.
Thanks, Dave.
Let's talk to Jeff.
And Jeff's calling from New Orleans, Louisiana.
Go ahead, Jeff.
That city's been federalized, by the way, according to the Times-Picayune.
Go ahead.
Last week, July 16, two significant events occurred that are contrast.
One, a great American died of brain cancer.
This person was born in Cuba, but left after Fidel Castro came into power because she would not be his mistress, came to the United States.
She was an advocate of capitalism, free market economics, liberty and fidelity in marriage, and of course her name was Celia Cruz.
But the reason I bring this up is to show you that at the same time that she died,
The Cuban refugees tried to reach America in a boat from Cuba, a la the Marielle-type invasion.
Our immigration service picked them up and then sent them back to Cuba yesterday.
To serve, yes, and torture.
Yeah, they're going to be tortured for 10 years in Cuban jails.
And the point is that this so-called open borders policy is a joke.
Yeah, if you're an illegal from Russia or Chinese mob, you're in the country.
But if you're a Cuban who's a real political refugee, you're not getting in.
George, any comments?
Well, the fact is, between 1917 to 1965, there was an average of 133,000 legal immigrants per year coming into this country.
Today, because of the immigration laws of 1965, we are going to have over 965,000 legal immigrants, mostly from third world nations.
And between 800,000 to 1,200,000 illegal immigrants.
Those are low estimates.
I'm being as conservative as possible.
And when one does the objective demographics on what this means to our country... It means death of America, and these people will pull a letter for total gun control in the voting booth.
We'll be back with more calls with our guest, George Humphrey.
He'll be with us in the second hour.
It's the third hour as well.
That's 800-348-4100.
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All right, folks.
Rambo in Washington State.
Go ahead, Rambo.
It's Randall.
Hi, Alex.
I don't know why they were telling me Rambo.
They go, I wonder why he's saying his name's Rambo.
I was like, okay, folks.
I wanted to address the cable and TV issue.
All right, let me stop you for those that just joined us.
I read a television news report, that's the name of the site, and I've got MSNBC as well, that the digital cable boxes, the satellite stuff, that it has a record of what you watch and what you do, and I pointed out that the scientific Atlantic cable boxes here in Austin, this is a fact, have a microphone in them.
Go ahead.
Okay, I used to be the cable company here where I live, used to let you purchase your own cable box and remote so you didn't have to rent from them.
Yeah, we're good.
Now, I just bought a TV a couple months ago and come to learn that it's going to be obsolete in about a year or two.
They're going to force you onto the high definition.
Let me get a comment from George on this, George.
Well, the facts speak for themselves in every facet of our lives.
Is that the federal government, through the black ops, is snooping on us, is investigating us, is putting cameras and chips everywhere.
This is not some conspiracy theory.
By the way, DARPA paid to put the cameras and microphones in five years ago.
That's the statesman, and they claim it's a new program this year and that it didn't get its funding?
I mean, that's a total lie.
George, go ahead.
Randall, you're right on target here.
And there is so much information.
The fact that you've worked with the cable company is that your testimony is so important.
Yeah, go ahead and continue.
Have you heard about the microphones in them?
That's a fact.
I haven't heard about the microphones.
A couple of months ago, I caught your article about them putting, or your show about them...
With the psychological meters and monitoring what you watch.
Now, I have an older box, but it would have worked.
And one thing else I would like to address is the VHS DVD issue.
Years ago, VCRs, like home computers, were not supposed to be for civilian use.
I learned this from somebody.
And the reason why is, with a VCR, you can
Watch what you want.
You can't be monitored.
And I was wondering if you had any comments about why... They've announced they want new TVs and new VCRs to dial in either wirelessly or over the Internet.
And now they have these entertainment centers that are all merged.
And then we'll report back on what you're doing.
And then if you are recording something you're not supposed to be, stuff that's copyrighted will be criminal charges.
George, did you hear about that?
Yeah, I've heard about that.
They're eliminating VCRs completely.
I went into Blockbuster.
I went into Suncoast Motion Picture to try to get VHS documentaries and movies that I want to watch.
And they are wiping the VHS... Well, that's one reason we're going to offer the films on DVD and VHS, but I want to stay in VHS as much as possible because it's easier to make copies.
Everybody's got it.
It's easier for them to make copies.
Well, this is the thing.
I intend to homeschool, and a lot of the historical stuff that is accurate has been put out on VHS.
I mean, I've got LaserDisc players.
I'm collecting machines...
I'm getting new machines because I'm going to need the audiovisual.
A lot of stuff is going into the memory hole to be destroyed.
Thanks for the call.
George, stay with us in the next hour.
We'll have more time for you to elaborate and get some information out.
I promise I'll finish with these callers.
Steve, finish up in the next hour.
Then I'm going to hold off for the last 20 minutes after that and take calls.
We'll have a good 35-40 minutes to just cover news and go over your analysis in the New World Order.
And how we're right on the edge of more government-sponsored terror, and how we can hopefully expose that and save lives and stop the enemy combatants that run the government, the terrorists, the overthrowers, the revolutionaries.
How do we defeat the revolutionaries as counter-revolutionaries?
We'll be back in the third hour.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
You know that Berkey water filters have become the standard of excellence by which all other water filtration systems are measured.
The Berkey light gives you the freshest, cleanest water possible from...
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Former city council member, economist, a prolific researcher and writer, George Humphrey, my good friend from right here in Austin, Texas, joins us as we blast out on the AM and FM dial across the country, simulcast to the internet, at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, and on Global Shortwave during the day at 12.172 and 93.20, and at night from 9 to midnight at 5.085 and 68.90.
And George is our guest.
I've got two callers that have been left over.
Other callers will have to hold the last 20, 30 minutes because then I'll go back to calls.
But right now, George, let's finish up with Ken and Steve.
Ken in Virginia, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I think all of your audience should know about an absolute blockbuster victory we had last night in the House of Representatives where they voted 309 to 118 to pass an appropriations bill amendment
Stripping the USA Patriot Act of one of its most tyrannical provisions.
Section 215.
This is the one that allows government agents to secretly search homes of suspects and only inform them later than a warrant had been issued to do so.
Now, let me stop you.
This is big.
This is big, Ken, and I have the article, and it's one of the things I was going to throw at George, but...
Mine says Section 215.
It's Section 213 that's breaking in the houses.
Are you saying they reversed Section 213?
I don't have the number.
But the thing about it is that just the day before, Ashcroft had defended the whole act as saying the criticisms of it were based on exaggerations and falsehoods.
So this is proof that Ashcroft and the Bush administration have been using
The fact that he's defending this unconstitutional act, which the House has now trashed this important section, is proof that he's been using the World Trade Center disaster to bring in the national police state.
Sir, that shows how across the board, and I do have the article, it is true, that shows how across the board the heat on Congress is massive.
George Humphrey comments.
No, I want to say something more.
Go ahead.
Well, in this state, we had eight Republicans, and they all voted wrong on the first time because, of course, they had no time.
But they were all pressured, and they all voted wrong, even our best congressman.
This time, four of them corrected their earlier vote, and they voted correctly for this amendment, along with Ron Paul.
We also had three Democrats.
And the thing is that with this victory...
There's a good possibility that there could be more fixed Patriot measures to come later, because this should be trumpeted to the housetops.
This is psychological warfare.
Okay, okay, hold on.
Hold on.
George, comments?
Okay, well, the fact is that both Homeland Security and the Patriot Act are the nails in the coffin to the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
And fortunately around this country people are waking up to that fact and are blowing the horns and speaking loudly and our elected representatives slowly are listening to these people and they realize that there is a mounting storm of indignation.
And so this is good news.
The fact is, though, is that the cabal that is in right now... They don't care about laws!
...are totally, totally corrupt, is that Ashcroft, who says that he is a great Christian, his very first act on the first day he was in was to go in and close down the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, which was a Christian non-corporated church...
And to close it down at gunpoint and then later on in the day go down to New Bedford, Indiana and tear down the Ten Commandments from the plaza at the courthouse.
This man, like Bush and like Rumsfeld and like Pearl and Wolfowitz and Powell are all phonies.
They're here at the bequest of the New World Order of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and we have to get these people out.
Out right now.
Okay, we'll be back.
Ken, great point.
We'll be right back.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday, from 11 to 2 Central and back from 9 to Midnight Central, we do the show.
We've got one more call we're going to take before we get back into news and information.
We're with George Humphrey, our guest, author of 9-1-1, The Great Illusion, a good friend of mine, an economist right here in Austin.
But the last caller, who was making great points, and I heard the enthusiasm in his voice, and God bless him, the last caller from Virginia was raising the point about the House passing by the vast majority of
We're good to go.
Not listening to Ashcroft's incessant, pathological lying as he destroys the Constitution and robs us of our liberties like the kleptobureaucrat he is.
Now, the story is on Infowars.com.
It's from CNS News, conservative news service.
And understand, the Republican-run state of Alaska just voted last week to fully pull out of the Patriot Act.
Ashcroft panicked and ran up there and said it was liberals lying.
Well, it was Republicans that passed it because of their constituents.
We got him caught cold.
He said there wasn't a Patriot Act, too.
Then he had to admit it.
The thing's been introduced in the Senate seven months and 18 days ago, okay?
We've been covering it since day one in January 6th when it came out.
I wrote the definitive analysis of it, not bragging, just fact.
Please go read it at Infowars.com.
Then check it in the bill for yourself.
We have a link to below the story.
So here it is.
We told you about secret executions.
Now it's been in 100 newspapers.
You couldn't believe it.
announces death chambers for anyone that commits any crime.
Justice Department four weeks ago before the Congress enthusiastically said we'll use it for all crimes against misdemeanors.
That was the head of the Justice Department policy there in the report.
I mean, this is happening.
We just take the time out to research this.
They count on you to know all the baseball and football statistics, but to not know about the facts of this.
Just shift into this and learn this like you did football scores, and you'll know about the New World Order.
Please focus your energies into real stuff, folks.
Here it is, and I'm not bashing sports in and of themselves, but the mindless knowing all the statistics of that and not this will destroy you and your family.
Proposed amendments of the USA Patriot Act, and the following is representative of Bernie Sanders' independent Vermont bill that would amend the USA Patriot Act, which bills and mirror modifications, and would remove Section 215.
1157, and it's the armed, and to amend the Foreign Service Surveillance Act to exempt bookstores and libraries from orders requiring the production of any tangible things for certain foreign intelligence investigations, because it's all about domestic.
And it's H.R.
So there's that.
Here's another one.
Judge dismisses NAACP lawsuit against gun makers, which angers Governor Pataki, the gun-grabbing Republican.
Now, this is Fox News.
There's another one.
Patriot Act upsets Delaware, other states.
Hawaii, Alaska, now it looks like Delaware is going to pull out.
It looks like Utah is going to pull out.
Orrin Hatch is trying to stop that.
He also wants more tuition for illegal aliens than for citizens.
That's out of the mainstream news today.
That's coming up.
So, they're in deep trouble, but I think there's a sneak attack coming here, George Humphrey, and we'll go to this final call for this half hour, then we'll get into news.
There's a sneak attack here because they, in their own policies, have said, and I've heard the globalists giggle on TV, go ahead, amend the Patriot Act.
When there's a bigger terrorist attack, it's going to be your fault.
So they're going to allow this counter-revolution against them.
They're going to use judo, carry out a terror attack, flip it around and say, you cost lives.
We've got to add the addendum, the key caveat that's larger than the bulk itself, and say, hey, we know you're going to carry out more terror to legitimize this.
We know you're leaving the borders wide open and doing nothing to stop terror.
How important is that point right now, George?
I see a judo move, and you know my frank insight into their machinations.
Your comment?
Well, number one, when you first get into politics, the first thing you learn is to follow the money, and you follow the power.
And there is no question whatsoever that the group that is in power right now wants and desires more than anything else to stay in power.
I think so.
We're up to about 84%.
They have been coming down.
They hit the all-time high of 95%.
Yeah, and I think they're at about 58% right now.
Actually, in their mainstream polls, overall he's at 53%.
A lot of polls show 45%.
So whatever the number is, but as soon as the number gets down below the magical number of 45%, is that they are going to start initiating.
And they've already got this planned.
I do not think that they will do... I think that there is going to be some sort of what is called an NBC, nuclear biological or chemical attack, to create fear.
Well, the CFR has said Dallas, Cleveland, Denver will be hit.
The fact is that these people operate off the fear of the American people.
It would be so easy for them.
I think that they will wait until the end of this year or early next year to institute another event.
Because they want to create the fear so that that momentum carries over.
And they're already setting it up saying Saddam still is in control and is secretly going to launch the attack.
Then that will legitimize their war.
You know, they have numerous different options.
And the fact is, I know that I don't know, but I do know that there is something coming
We're good to go.
I think?
And I think that we've stymied them for a while about their attack on Iran.
I think that they realize that they've gone too far in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and that we are now in a guerrilla war.
But if they carry out more attacks, they can institute the national draft.
There's an article on that today that they're announcing.
They can activate that total imperial mobilization, to use Brzezinski's words.
And 9-1-1 is clearly, George, the primer.
It is not the capstone.
It is the foundational event toward their drive toward the closing chapter of totally destroying this country, moving us into a secular, atheistic, new world order.
Now, in my opinion, in your opinion...
Let's take a call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve.
Steve, where are you calling from today, sir?
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I'm calling from Utah, Provo, Utah.
Good to talk to you.
Go ahead.
I've got a great idea on how to get the word out on your website.
The idea came to me with campaign yard signs.
And so a friend of mine, what we did is we put together a sign 42 inches long and 18 inches deep.
It says in bright red bold print, Forbidden Information.
And then there's a black line below that.
And then below the black line it says, in even bigger letters, prisonplanet.com.
Now, I've been going to parades and working parade routes before the parades start.
And I'd walk up, well, like the Fourth of July parade I went.
There must have been 100,000 people there.
And I'd just walk up and down the street.
I wouldn't say nothing to anybody.
But as I was walking by, people's heads were turning from the left to the right as I was walking by.
And you could see them mouth the words, forbidden information, prisonplanet.com.
You can see them committing it to memory.
What's that?
You can see them committing it to memory.
That's right.
And today, I'm going to go up and get ready to work a parade route tomorrow.
There'll be 200,000 people there, and I'm going to work the parade route from 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock midnight until 6 in the morning, and people will see it.
And what's more is I plan on doing this during football games in the fall because at the football stadium here in town, there'll be 65,000 people who are going to come see the game.
I have to stand out there and hold the sign up and people see it.
I want to tell you something.
I've probably been sent...
We're good to go.
And it is the guerrilla war in the information ward.
George, what do you say about that?
Well, first of all, I say thank you to the man who's on the phone for sharing this information, because as Sir Francis Bacon said, knowledge is power.
And right now, it's all about information.
And waking our friends and relatives up.
By the way, the neocons in Ron Paul's speech, he quotes their top strategists as saying that we've got to keep the people from the information.
We've got to control them with misinformation.
I mean, they say this knowing people will never read their published books or call them on it.
Well, you know what's interesting is instead of the people coming to the billboard, I take the billboard to the people.
And I'm not intrusive.
I don't say anything to anybody.
If people ask me a question, I'll answer the question.
And I'll refer to the Patriot Act or the Homeland Security Act and how evil it is.
And then I say, you know why they call prisonplanet.com?
They'll go, no, why?
I'll say, because if you don't have the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights, you live in a prison planet.
And then the connection is drawn.
They go, yeah, I'll go to the website.
But what's amazing is wherever there's a large amount of people, you don't have to say anything.
You stand on public property.
You don't stand on private property.
You just hold the sign up.
People walk by.
You can see them mouth the word.
Forbidden information, prisonplanet.com.
If other people would do this in other states, we can get the word out en masse.
Well done, friend.
Absolutely, Steve.
You're beautiful.
God bless you.
Anything else you'd like to add?
No, I'm going to work the parade route tomorrow.
There's going to be 200,000 people there, and I'm going to walk up and down the parade route.
Hey, where is that going to be?
Where is that going to be if folks want to come join us?
Salt Lake City.
All right.
And what's the parade for?
Thank you.
All right.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
George Humphrey is our guest.
He has written two other books and two powerful audio books.
Common sense and uncommon sense.
Now he has 9-1-1, The Great Illusion, The Illuminati, Endgame, Your Choice, Fear or Love.
And, George, for the next 15 minutes or so, I just want to get into some key points that you want to cover about The Globalist, some of the news items.
I want to throw some other news points at you, and then I want to take calls for the last 15 minutes or so.
But go ahead and launch into whatever you'd like to talk about.
Well, I think the key right now is...
The key in waking up the American people has to be 9-1-1 because the administration and the NSA and the FBI and all the other power elites, they are all keying off of this.
And the facts are so clear and so brazenly out there that the information that we have been given about what happened before 9-1-1
During and after 9-1-1, as presented to us by the corporate media, are so blatantly and factually false.
And you and others have done just a tremendous job at factually pointing out point by point what's going on.
And what I have done is that I have put together a little booklet, 70 pages with 45 colored pictures,
To show the people of this country, even people who don't believe in conspiracy, people whether they're black or white or whatever, if they read this booklet that you're now carrying,
On your website, and I've also got a booklet on this, is that they can go through, they can spend about two hours just looking at this, and that they can come away with the factual information about what is being told to us, which is absolutely, bizarrely false.
And when people start understanding that the information concerning 9-1-1
...has been so misrepresented to us.
That awakens the righteous indignation within people.
For example, today I was at the tennis courts, a fairly conservative club, and all these women came up to me and they said, you know what?
And these are Bush Republicans.
And they said, you know what?
We read your booklet and we didn't want to believe it.
We didn't believe it.
But you know what?
What you're saying is so important and so true.
Now, they still support Bush, but they're questioning right now.
And that's what we have to do, is that we have to spread the seeds of information.
And hopefully these seeds will be planted in places that are fertile, where the human mind is still somewhat awake.
Well, George, let me throw a few points out here.
You're a very successful businessman, real estate owner.
You've come out with clothing lines and
And so many middle class people think they're part of this system.
But getting back into 9-1-1, I mean, we reported this a year and a half ago, but it's now admitted in the mainstream, their own government report, that, oh yeah, a bunch of the hijackers had FBI and FBI informants living with them and paid for their houses, their cars, their credit cards.
Yeah, they were trained at military bases.
Yeah, a bunch of them are still alive.
And they just leave it at that.
I mean, they ran this operation.
The so-called hijackers were just there to be seen at the scenes of the crime.
They've been proven to be an Assad, FBI, and MI6 agents.
It's totally staged.
It's so bizarre because not only one or two points, but point after point after point can totally turn the tables, and the American corporate press is just ignoring it.
The fact is that on the day of 9-1-1, this woman in Jersey City looks up out of her house.
On top of the next door building are six people who are filming the first plank,
Hit the World Trade Center.
Not the second place.
And that's New York Daily News.
And these people are cheering.
She thinks it's a bunch of Arab terrorists.
They arrest them, go to the company, and turns out it's a Mossad operation.
And as soon as that information comes out, it dies.
No information.
The next day in Ohio, they catch a bunch of guys in a moving truck in the same company that employed the first group, and they had explosives and the plans for nuclear power reactors in Florida.
Not only is this information suppressed, but all these people are allowed to go back to Israel.
And by the way, the cops that busted them deserve million-dollar rewards.
That's good.
They saved a lot of lives.
And if they'd have gotten those reactors to go off, imagine the police state we'd be in right now, George.
We'll be right back.
This is a fact.
Mainstream news.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, Regina, Paul, Rodney, Todd, Ron, and others, your calls are all coming up here in about 10 minutes or so.
Got a bunch of news I want to run through and just get George's take on.
Before we do that, George Humphrey, I am carrying your three... It's three-plus hours.
How long is your incredible audio book on CD or on cassette, 9-1-1, The Great Illusion, The Illuminati's Endgame, Your Choice, Fear or Love?
How long exactly is it?
I don't know to the minute, but it's approximately three hours.
I think it's a little bit over three.
If I do say so myself, the guy who did the production did a wonderful job.
The person who did the voice has a great sense of humor and is very, very listenable.
It came out very nicely.
If you will listen to this,
If you give it to a friend, give it to a friend who is a skeptic, and if they will listen to it, it will change their point of view.
And, George, it's $18.95 to get the three-hour, two-CD or audio cassette set, and you get two of the books.
We're good to go.
You know, to and from work, the average commute time is 45 minutes.
In two or three days, they can listen to the whole thing, and it'll change lives, and we're carrying it.
You can also, for $15, get five of the books, or you can get for $18.95 the CD or cassette package with the two booklets free for $18.95.
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Click through to the shopping cart.
The area that says by other insightful authors.
Click there and you'll see George's other books and tapes.
But the new one is 9-1-1, The Great Illusion.
And your purchase also supports this broadcast and my team and what we're doing, getting the word out worldwide in our filmmaking.
So please go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and get 9-1-1, The Great Illusion.
Get my film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
Get my part two of that, Masters of Terror, both over two hours long.
We have Road to Terry on DVD and VHS.
Get Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, Police State 2000, America Destroyed by Design.
George, you've seen, I think, most of my nine videos.
Which one do you think people should get out there?
Well, I think the last couple of videos that you've made is the quality.
You know, I've known Alex since he first started on this stuff, and his quality of video and audios is,
We're good to go.
Not only do you get a very, very powerful piece of information for yourself and your friends, but you're supporting Alex and his group of... How he does this, this does not come free.
He's got people who are working for him.
There's a lot of overhead that a lot of you are not aware of.
And it also helps the Genesis Station.
And so it's a win-win-win.
And so his prices are very reasonable.
His information is incredible.
Well, George, I appreciate the sentiment.
It's wonderful.
At the same time, I authorize my listeners to make copies of my videos because they're like mini printing presses, and that's where the power comes in, is in the people taking action.
You know, my dad's a consultant for a big Fortune 500 medical infrastructure company,
And he goes around.
He'll be in a hotel room in Chicago or a hotel room in Kansas City or a hotel room in Washington State or a hotel room in Houston.
This has happened like five times.
He turns on the cable and there's his son's videos on Access.
Or he turns it on to the Trio Network, and there is a footage I've shot on national TV, commercial TV, about Bohemian Grove.
But the point is, I started my fight eight years ago.
You started yours ten years ago.
And we have seen the seeds bear incredible fruit.
Huge harvest.
But there's not enough of us getting the word out fast enough.
And the main point is this is not about Alex or myself or David Icke or any other leading the way.
This has to be a grassroots revolution.
And one of the things that I say every time on my television show is that not only is this an economic, political, and a cultural battle, is this is a time of spiritual choice.
And each and every person listening has much more latent divine wonderful power than most of you give yourself credit for.
And each and every person listening to this is a part of the solution.
You can all do things.
You can all print out letters.
You can all start your own cable access.
You can all write booklets.
We need every single one of you.
Well, that's what happened in 17... Right now.
That's what happened in 1776, George.
And we've got to have that awakening.
And it was a decade of information warfare before that revolution began physically.
And we're trying to avert the physical conflict because even the globalists say the pen is mightier.
They say their info war is more important than all their physical manifestations because it would fail...
If the people knew the truth.
Now, even their own minions are waking up.
Let me throw out about 20 news articles.
I'll throw one out.
I'll spend 15 seconds on one.
Give us a 30-second comment, and then we're going to go to calls for the loaded phones here.
4,500 U.S.
troops might head to Liberia.
That's the Associated Press byline.
They said years ago it's about getting control of the diamonds, the oil, and the gold.
That was admitted.
Now they've got their excuse, and it's a political diversion and smokescreen for the other bad things that are happening for the globalists.
George, comments?
It's just amazing.
Afghanistan, Iraq, Liberia.
Minerals, minerals, minerals.
Follow the money.
And if you read the reports in the papers, it's saying all these Liberian people are coming and asking that the Americans come.
That's just absolute baloney.
But, George, the British news and the foreign news and the African news reported that when Bush landed in some of these countries, they would have protesters by the thousands rounded up, put in the scoops, and put in sports stadiums under machine gun with U.S.
special forces overseeing it.
What more can you say?
To force doctors and engineers and others to serve domestically and internationally.
This is, of course, they have two bills for a universal draft, compulsory national service, compulsory volunteerism.
That's an oxymoron.
Your comments to that?
Well, as we've said before, is that the possibility of another Hegelian event is very, very real.
And all of us have to realize that the current lull that we have right now
We're good to go.
I think?
To become stronger and healthier and more in love with our life.
And, George, it's not really a lull because they're putting in the control grids, putting in the biometrics, putting in the RFIDs, opening the borders, bringing in the foreign troops, raising $100 to $200 billion Merck armies.
Read five articles on air about that yesterday.
Quote, they wear black uniforms.
I can reread that article.
They're announcing that torture is acceptable in British courts.
Have that.
London Guardian yesterday.
A billion dollars a week in Iraq for a police action.
It's unbelievable, friends.
And when I say lull, that is relative to what we could be facing.
I would say that the first wave of the hurricane passed us.
We're now in the eye of it, and it's accelerating rotation.
Good analogy.
Okay, let's, from 50 miles an hour to 10 million miles an hour, folks.
We're not joking here.
Next story, national draft for you and your family.
Already mentioned this.
Warning of toxic aftermath from uranium munitions.
Former Major Douglas Rook, who was director of the Army Supply Uranium Project, says the troops are dead and dying from it over the last 12 years, and it is deadly.
Again, quick comment on that, George.
Well, one one-tenth thousandth of an ounce of depleted uranium, if ingested in your lungs...
That are both alpha and beta, which pleated uranium can emit both what's called a low-level alpha or beta emission, can and will cause a cancer.
And we're not talking about ounces or pounds.
We're talking about hundreds and hundreds of pounds.
They're now talking about thousands of tons, George.
That have been scattered indiscriminately around Iraq.
This is absolute madness.
Don't forget Eastern Europe.
Okay, men ordered to stay in on ladies' night.
A big town, a city in Spain, ABC News is reporting, they've decided to tell men they can't leave their houses at night once a week, quote, so they'll be better feminists.
The mayor of southern Spanish town has declared Thursday's ladies' night and says he will find any man found strolling about town in the evening.
A spokesman for the recently elected regional party mayor, Javier Chaka, says the curfew is an attempt to encourage men to stay at home and do the chores.
Now, see, it's all giggly funny.
That's total Stalin didn't do that.
But, see, now it's giggly fun.
Maybe comments, George.
Well, Javier, I hope that you will reconsider what you're doing.
I don't think that this will last, but this is another step in the insanity of political correctness.
The 15-year-old with a 3.85 and an accredited New York college, no criminal record.
Her father is a successful businessman and her mother, they would not put her in public school, and they're coming to arrest him now with criminal charges saying it's abusive.
Well, Child Protective Services throughout this country is one of the most dangerous organizations.
They've been doing Patriot Act stuff for years.
Well, just like the heads of the FBI, the five people that blocked the investigation of the so-called hijackers, got record cash bonuses of between $15,000 and $30,000, CPS gets bonuses for breaking up families.
And clearly is that the power elite, the Illuminati, many, many years ago through Adam Weishoff,
Realize that one of the ways of destroying the American Constitution and the American culture was to destabilize and fracture the American family.
And Bush just signed on to UNESCO in their official documents as, quote, the families of disease.
UPI investigates the vaccine conflict.
UPI, July 20th.
The screaming started four hours after an eight-month-old chase.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Autism's up 2,000%, up from 1,000% a year ago.
It's not overdiagnosis.
The kid's 18 months old, gets a shot, is drooling in the corner for the rest of their life.
They found hormones in it that attack the cerebral cortex.
Bush moved to block those documents.
They still were leaked.
These are IQ reduction attack salvos just out of Brave New World.
As Huxley said, he got it all from his brother, the first head of UNESCO.
George comments on this nightmare.
It's nine pages long of children bleeding out of their brains, out of their hind ends, dying, flopping around, blood everywhere, going into seizures right after the injections.
What do you say to that?
Well, just factual information is that most of the vaccines now, only 3% of the vaccine is actually the vaccine.
95-97% of the vaccine is a combination of different ingredients.
I think so.
Dr. Len Horowitz has done a very commendable job.
It's SV40 and ugly cancer, which they admit they found in sewage systems now.
It spreads even if you don't take it.
And they passed a law in Texas, as the headline said, so you wouldn't have to take vaccines.
That law was already there.
The new law said CPS can't take your kids if you refuse.
Let's take some quick calls, and we'll get back into quick news.
I know some of the callers hung up.
Who is still there, Mark?
Regina, Paul, Michael...
Rodney, Todd, Ron, who's still there?
Okay, Regina, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, I just wanted to get in the UNESCO, because as you talk about the Children and Youth Services, under this UNESCO, which Mr. Ron Paul is trying desperately to rid us of paying for... Well, they just defunded it in the House.
They defunded UNESCO?
The vote's been coming?
The AP reported last week that they stripped the funding.
That's good news.
I didn't get any record of that.
I got an American Policy Center alert yesterday on H.R.
2799, the Department of Commerce Justice.
There may be other bills to try to fund it.
And Judiciary Appropriations.
They did the U.N., and I sent you the roll call count.
They did on stop funding at U.N., so it's 74 that voted with Ron Paul to stop the funding of the U.N.,
And I was hoping you'd get a chance to look at the roll call vote on that, Alex.
It was real interesting.
Okay, real quick, Regina.
This is right now they appear to be back to this bill, the Commerce State Justice Judiciary Appropriations Act, H.R.
Stop the United States from funding and rejoining UNESCO.
You need to support the Ron Paul Amendment to do this under H.R.
Talking about the children and youth.
Yeah, they're funding the child grabbing.
Thanks for the call, Regina.
Paul in Texas.
Paul, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
I'm here often, actually, and I've got a local question specifically for you, George.
You probably still have some connections and friends on the city council and know people in the city government.
And I've been watching all these cameras go up on South Mopac.
Isn't it amazing?
What are you talking about?
They're in my neighborhood.
There's one that's on top of what's going to be an Amber Alert sign.
I know that for sure.
And I tell my friends about it, and they just say, well, it's for highway control, and this, that, and the other.
And then last week, I went under the intersection of Mopac and Bee Cave, and there's eight new cameras.
So they're in neighborhoods now with microphones.
And they're pointing down.
It couldn't be for traffic control because each one is pointed to where it can film whoever's in the driver's seat of that particular lane.
DARPA said two weeks ago the Pentagon's face scanning you.
Yeah, they are face scanning.
And the amazing thing is I went down to the Austin City Council yesterday to try to hand deliver a letter.
I'm a former city council member.
I couldn't even get in to the Austin City Council to the building.
They have a big old... And I'm not against the policeman.
He's just doing his job.
But they're turning into armored sacred police compounds.
You can't even talk to your council members.
They informed me that I had to go three miles away and deliver this to an office three miles away.
And when you cannot even talk...
Stay there.
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The government is insulating itself, surrounding itself by armored compounds, the police stations, the prisons, the FEMA command centers.
They admit they have a concentration camp facility at the old airport.
Fox News locally had articles and video of it in my film, The Takeover.
Before 9-1-1, folks, this is the control grid.
And George, you're a former city councilman.
When you can't get into the city council building, when you've got to go to some other facility, when they end citizens' communications effectively, I mean, it's tyranny and it's happening everywhere.
Go ahead and finish your comments.
Yeah, and the point is that most of these council members...
This information is so much bigger than what they realize.
They're just being carried along.
The city manager just says, this is the new thing for you.
It's not the city manager initiating it.
There are people who are higher up.
Our present city manager is a good person
But I don't think she sees the whole deal.
And standing up to the momentum is a very difficult thing to do.
So you couldn't even get in the building and there's a cop in his black combat boots saying, move along, slave.
So what I am encouraging every person, whether you're in Austin, Texas, or in Schenectady, or in Portland, is go to your local officials.
Take them Alex's tapes.
Take them my books and tapes.
Talk to them.
And just give them the information and realize it's going to be very, very difficult for them to understand this and get it.
They need to be knee-deep in your books and my books and my videos.
In fact, we never gave this out this hour.
We talked about it.
If you want his new CD, book on tape, or the books, go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or call toll-free right now, 1-888-253-3139.
And it's 911, The Great Illusion, 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
You know, the city councilwoman came and said she was afraid of the Patriot Act and concerned they were going to pass something.
That never happened, George.
Yeah, and Jackie, I think, got swallowed up by the others.
And we're going to get back with others.
We're good to go.
I would encourage you to educate yourself and then to go down in prayer and realize, again, this is not just a political or an economic battle.
This is a time of spiritual choice.
George, this is the Illuminati attacking.
I want to take a final call here.
And each person has to stand up right now.
They do.
You've got to stand up right now, and you have got to confront these people with the facts in love and let them know what's happening.
It's got to be done now, folks.
This is life or death situation.
Let's take one call from Boston.
Is it Kevin from Boston?
Go ahead.
You're our last caller.
Thank you, Alex.
Hi, George.
Hi, Kevin.
Two quick things.
When you talk about them potentially having a nuclear chemical biological attack coming, I'm thinking of how thin their control is paper thin right now.
The CFR is setting it up to clamp down cities, to put us in sports stadiums.
It's admitted Bush has a new $6-plus billion forced injection thing called BioShield to build level 4 bioweapons labs everywhere.
It is hell on earth they're building.
People are turning, and I picture Boris Yeltsin standing up and the people rallying against the Soviet Union as they expose their weakness.
And these desperate acts expose that they're vulnerable.
And I'm wondering, does he have any knowledge of, like I read in Skolnick's, had suggested that there was flag officers organizing some resistance.
No, I don't mind that.
Real quick, George, you've got 30 seconds.
Well, the fact is that we don't know.
What we do know is that something is coming, and we have to prepare ourselves.
Yeah, the globalists are saying bigger attacks are coming.
We're going to take all your rights.
Foreign troops are going to help.
We've hired a $200 billion mercenary army to help.
Time Corps is here to help.
Wake up, they're putting cameras in my neighborhood with microphones.
That's in the mainstream news.
George, I want to thank you for coming on.
God bless you, brother.
Thank you very much.
George, can we have you back up soon?
Oh, I'd love to.
You are wonderful.
Great bouncing ideas back and forth.
You see very clearly, my friend, and dive deeply.
God bless you all.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central.
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