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Air Date: July 21, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
It is Monday, the 21st of July, 2003.
And we have a powerful...
Broadcast lined up for you coming up in about 30 minutes.
Bev Harris has put out incredible information with her organization, Black Box Voting, about the election fraud.
I think?
We're good to go.
On Friday, we talked about the death of the Ministry of Defense bioweapons expert, former head of Porton Down Bioweapons Laboratory that has its own ramifications.
And we predicted that they would claim that it was a suicide.
And within about eight hours of finding his body, yes, they were sure it's a suicide.
Of course, the first police there said it was, quote, a grisly find.
And he had just emailed a friend saying, I'm going to fight this.
I'm going to expose these people.
I'm going to get my good name back.
And it was a place he walked a couple times a week.
He would walk about five miles away from his house and walk back, British or big walkers.
He was obviously ambushed and killed from all the evidence.
I've read 50 news articles, literally this weekend.
I've read his email that Dr. Kelly sent to a friend.
He did everything that somebody would do that was going to fight for their honor and that was going to stand up.
He had three children, a wife.
He was only, what, 50-something years old.
So it looks like Arkansas, and we'll go over some of that.
And the Japanese basically accused Blair of that when he got off the plane from the U.S.
right when this thing broke Saturday.
He had just gotten to Japan after talking about how he was going to, you know,
Have a New World Order before Congress, and the New World must have order.
And calling for preemptive strikes against more countries, he got off the plane in Japan, and they accused him of, quote, having blood on his hands.
And if you read deeply into what the reporters said, they were accusing the government of an assassination.
By the time you read it in the British and U.S.
newspapers, it's, oh, you made him commit suicide.
So within hours of finding his body and confirming that it was Dr. Kelly, it's official, it's a suicide.
It's a suicide.
He killed himself.
So now they're going to have the sacrificial lamb, Tony Blair, who's going to leave office.
But you notice the war was still okay.
The globalists will do this.
After they use a politician to get a job done for them, they know there's public outrage against that politician, so they will politically decapitate them and give the people what they think they want.
So we'll get into that here on the show today as well.
There is a bunch of news about the economy, about the Second Amendment, about what the neocon Supreme Court is doing, butchering the Bill of Rights and Constitution and going after the Second Amendment.
That's coming up as well.
More U.S.
troops getting killed in Iraq.
In fact, I'm going to go into that next after we cover the details of Dr. David Kelly.
And of course, we're going to take your calls today.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
And we'll get you up and on the show.
My websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, and PrisonPlanet.com.
And we'll be right back and dive straight into the news as we track the latest global developments
Inside the New World Order criminal crime syndicate.
All right, stay with us.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
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All right, my friends, it is Monday, the 21st of July, 2003.
We'll be live for the next two hours and 51 and a half minutes.
I do have Bev Harris, author of Black Box Voting, Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century, and she's broken major news stories.
I have been studying this for years.
The touchscreen systems, it's admitted, have back doors, can be accessed by modems.
The federal government is paying to have them put in.
The county clerk here in Travis County who was caught double-counting ballot boxes, falsifying signatures, breaking safety seals back in 1998 has put them in here and that no one is allowed to know the inner workings of them.
They admit there's no paper record.
But again, the average American doesn't want to believe what's happening.
They can't believe that something this big will happen right out in plain view.
It's like the Federal Reserve being private and being run for profit.
It's an absolute fact.
It's even in the white pages, the business pages, not the blue government pages, of your yellow pages of your phone book.
But again, it's hidden in plain view.
The impossibility of hijackers taking over those planes and doing what they did on 9-1-1.
The fact that nine of them are still alive, that the others had their houses and cars and credit cards paid for by the FBI and Mossad.
The fact that Bush signed W-1-9-9-I, ordering the FBI not to stop al-Qaeda.
The fact that hijackers trained at U.S.
military bases.
The fact that public officials got told not to fly that day to New York.
On the record, mayors and others, joint chiefs of staff,
It goes on and on.
I mean, the New World Order is right out in plain view.
The U.N.
and DynCorp caught kidnapping little children.
En masse.
Mainstream news.
Texas company ProteGene putting AIDS virus in corn and planting it in 96 locations.
Source Associated Press.
Back of the newspaper, never hear about it again.
But neocons all know how stupid Hillary Clinton is.
You're all diverted off onto that mindless political warfare.
So these are the real issues, my friends.
So Bev Harris coming up to talk about that here in about 20 minutes, 22 minutes to be exact.
And I said I'd do this on Friday, and I didn't do it.
So stay with us.
I read a few paragraphs of it.
And the reason I didn't do it on Friday is because it will take an hour, if I read fast, to read the entire Ron Paul speech that took him...
50 plus minutes to carry out on the floor of the House of Representatives called Neocon.
And if you read one speech by one member of Congress, this is the speech.
It's posted on the main page of InfoWars.com right now.
Right now, it's there for you to read and print off and give to people.
He talks about how the Bush administration is run by communists.
Ron Paul says it.
He says the Bush administration is run by communists that openly call for dictatorship and believe that Machiavellian worldview is the way to go and that evil is good.
Now, Ron Paul said that about Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld and the leaders of the neocon movement.
He says we've been betrayed.
He says they're enemy forces.
He talks about the Federal Reserve.
He talks about the IRS.
He talks about how they're Trojan horses.
Folks, it took him 15 minutes to read it, to speak it himself.
We have 14 minutes of commercials here.
So that gives us, what, 46 minutes of talk time with the bumper music.
Really, it's about 44 minutes.
43 minutes.
I'm going to try to read this today.
At least most of it are key sections, but I was trying to find, you know, out of the 15 pages, just the key stuff.
Well, it's all important.
I was trying to reread this last night and highlight areas I was going to read and areas I wasn't going to read, but it's all important.
I can't find anything I can cut out here.
Ron Paul says the Bush administration is run by communists.
Now, it's true.
It's their own statements.
They wrote it.
The Fourth International took over America.
He says the National Review.
All of them.
All of them.
Folks, I've been telling you this for years.
They're neocons.
And I've had Ron Paul on this show 20-something times.
I'm going to get him back on.
I need to instruct my producer to do that.
We need to create a neocon section on Prison Planet, and I really want Paul to do that.
We're going to get that done.
He's pulled a lot of other great sections.
My wife with Violet Jones with InfoWars.com is building some new sections.
So you can go there and see this.
A vaccine section, a fluoride section, a neocon section.
We've got a bunch of other key sections.
A population control extermination section with their own U.S.
government documents that we've posted many times, but I want to put them all in one place how they want to kill us.
I mean, the horror, the bizarreness of this, I can't blame people for not wanting to believe it.
I mean, it's crazy.
The conservatives are the fourth international of communism?
Well, I mean, look at their actions.
Open borders, gun grabbing, supercomputers to communist China, blocking Dan Burton's committee, signing campaign finance reform, electronic voting machines with Chuckie Schumer.
I mean, when you look at, in fact, Ron Paul even says that.
He says, when you get past the rhetoric, you must be listening to the show,
And you look at the actions, that the Republicans are more socialistic than the Democrats.
And they're able to fool, as a Trojan horse, the conservative mass.
But Ron Paul, most conservative voting record, I know I made a big deal about this, and then I end up not reading it, but if you don't go to Infowars.com and print this off,
Or go to libertycommittee.org and get it, but ours isn't a more printer-friendly version.
Liberty Committee didn't format it very well.
It kind of cuts off part of it, but ours is formatted where it prints in 10 pages instead of 15, by the way, but it is in small print.
Either place, just go get it and make copies of it and hand it out at your church and go, you've heard of Ron Paul.
He's against abortion.
He's against open borders.
He's pro-gun.
He's pro-America.
And here he is saying, folks, there's like four pages of this thing where he uses quotes out of their own books and statements where Machiavelli's good and Trotsky's good and Nietzsche's good.
It's just like the Harper's Magazine report about the brotherhood with all these congressmen.
And they're not really Christians, it's just a co-op Christian organization's
And they think Hitler's good, and Trotsky's good, and Lenin's good, and Mao's good, and Machiavelli's good.
And you see them carrying it out in our daily lives.
And there was a story in the San Jose Mercury News, and again, we've got a big update today on InfoWars.com, so all the news stuff will be posted at about noon or 1230 Central.
There's a bunch of updates we did this weekend, so go to the site and get the Neocon story, but refresh around noon or a little bit later.
We're going to post the San Jose Mercury News article, which Mr. Weiner, Michael Savage, was the ultimate beatnik.
And you can see him with the big commie beard, the Karl Marx beard.
He promoted some of the most degenerate groups imaginable, the Allen Ginsbergs.
I mean, this guy is just trash of the earth.
And now he's called a neocon.
Well, yeah, folks, they're all Trotskyites.
And they say a bunch of things that are correct, but then add the laced poison to the mix of supporting the New World Order and supporting these wars, and, oh, the Patriot Act's good, and, you see, and then they don't attack the phony neocons that are really bringing you the socialist agenda.
Do you want to see a photograph of this beatnik?
And they're all beatniks, folks.
Bush, the guy in the White House, long hair, sandals, running around.
All of them.
So I've told the liberals, I mean, you guys should really love George Bush.
Gun control, open borders, growth in government.
I mean, if you really like big government guys, you should love Bush.
And I'm not attacking you if you have long hair and wear sandals, folks.
I mean, the ideology of it.
They even fit the stereotypes.
And now they dance around, draft Dodgers all.
They're all Bill Clinton clones.
It's the Bill Clinton, you know, it's like the T3.
You know, each brand of Terminator, Terminator said to destroy the Republic is what they are.
They get more advanced.
The early liberals were obvious with what they were for.
The later versions were a little bit more slick, slick-willy.
And now the new ones have this camouflage of conservatism
And they're very destructive and very sneaky and very deceptive.
It's called camouflage, folks.
It's a rule of warfare.
It's a part of modern warfare.
And you've bought it.
And so the enemy's in your camp smashing everything and they've shaved their big beatnik beards off and are storming us and...
They released knockout gas intellectually, and we're about to lose everything right now.
We are under massive total bombardment, and Ron Paul has finally said it, so I'm done talking about that.
I'm going to get to that in the middle of the second hour, and then lead it into the third hour, and it may take me an hour and a half to cover it, or an hour.
I don't know, but I'm going to try to cover it all.
I'm going to read the whole thing, okay?
And I'm not a newsreader, so bear with me.
In the meantime...
Again, the new revelation, new bombshell on proof that the touchscreens are hooked right into your loving friends at the Pentagon.
And that's okay.
They'll probably say it in the news.
Well, Total Information Awareness Network needs to monitor how you vote and control it.
You know it's for your safety, and there's no record of how you vote, and you just have to trust us.
By the way, did we mention we have police in black uniforms wearing ski masks everywhere, and you'd better shut up or bad things are going to happen.
Bush's approval rating sags, and be afraid, be very afraid when that happens.
If it goes below 40...
You are assured that the military-industrial complex will launch terror attacks to get you back in line worshipping the neocons.
Dead scientists feared dark actors playing games.
He had just contacted a friend and said, I'm being harassed, I'm being intimidated, I'm being mistreated.
Dark actors are all around me.
And then he ends up dead and they say, Oh!
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, thanks for joining me today.
Bush's approval rating sags from the Associated Press.
The public has grown increasingly uneasy with President Bush's handling of the economy and the situation in Iraq.
A new poll suggests, well, Bush isn't handling anything.
I think?
We're good to go.
Bush's overall job approval dropped eight points since May to 55% according to a new CNN Time poll.
Other polls show Bush running from 51% to 53%, and other polls show him at 47%.
So, be afraid.
Be very afraid.
Because when approval ratings start dropping below 50%, they tend to plunge into the low 30s.
And when that happens, Bill Clinton carried out Oklahoma City bombing, and then a year later bragged on Air Force One that he owed the revival of his presidency to the Oklahoma City bombing.
Yeah, no kidding.
And you look at President Bush's
Government, it was in trouble, and the economy was plunging, but that's all okay now after 9-1-1 because he stood there on the rubble and said that those that carry this out were going to pay.
Well, sir, your military-industrial complex that you're a puppet of has not paid.
In fact, they've all gotten raises, and the FBI agents that blocked investigations of al-Qaeda under your orders were given bonuses by your Justice Department, and those that blew the whistle have been fired or demoted and threatened with arrest.
So why'd you give people that helped al-Qaeda attack bonuses, according to the Washington Times?
Again, we're supposed to forget about all this.
So be afraid.
Be very afraid.
Blair's approval rating is through the floor.
Bush's is plunging.
This is very frightening.
I mean, I'm going to be honest with you.
This is chilling.
This is very, very serious.
A dead scientist feared dark actors playing games.
This is outofcanada.com.
Also have it out of the Sunday Mail.
I have it out of the London Telegraph, all over the place, posted on InfoWars.com.
Dead scientists fear dark actors playing games.
Calls for Blair to quit over suicide of weapons experts.
So now it's a suicide.
Within hours of finding him and confirming it was his body, the first police there said it was close to a grisly find.
Blood all over the place.
Some of the first reports were that he had a bullet hole in him.
We have those mainstream news articles posted.
But now it's, oh no, that was a false report.
Mr. Kelly, Dr. Kelly committed suicide.
Now, he admitted that he was the mole, that he had given information.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Saying there's dark actors playing games surrounding me, trying to intimidate me.
I'm being mistreated.
The Ministry of Defense.
And this guy was high level.
I mean, in the early 90s, for four years, he was the head of Porton Down Bio-Weapons Lab.
That's the infamous place where they kill U.S.
and British troops and biotest.
We're good to go.
I think?
So what's really going on here?
We'll pick this up later.
We'll talk about boning machines when we get back, though.
Very important.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
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Coming up here in just a few minutes, Bev Harris, author of Black Box Voting, Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century, has provided numerous articles on voting machine ownership, errors, and security to news publications worldwide.
In writing Black Box Voting, she spent over 2,000 hours researching voting machines and interviewed dozens of witnesses, including many election officials and even voting machine programmers who work directly for the firms that build these machines.
I just want to say something.
I've read her book.
I have listened to her on other talk shows.
We've had many other guests on who have researched this.
I have caught people engaging in election fraud here locally, okay?
I have tracked who owns these voting machine companies.
I've probably done 100 hours of research, and it's so horrible it would take me years to explain it all.
This woman has done 50 times the research I've done, conservatively, and has just found wholesale evil that's unspeakable, and of course the average person...
Knows all about the baseball scores or how to apply cosmetics, but not how to understand little black boxes with modems hooked up to them with the Pentagon involved sneaking around with election companies tied to major political parties.
And we have a county clerk here in Austin who's been caught engaged in election fraud.
I don't just say that.
It was in the newspaper.
She got caught, and the state board said, well, it was an accident, falsifying safety seals, breaking safety seals, double-counting ballot boxes.
And she's all for the wonderful touchscreens we've got.
So we go from bad to worse with the bubble punch-outs to this.
So that's coming up in a few minutes with Bev Harris.
She's got a new bombshell to drop on you, her new service, blackboxvoting.com.
Folks, I've researched this.
She is spot on.
Really key info.
So that's coming up in about two minutes.
Before we do that, and then we'll get into political assassinations and Ron Paul exposing the Republicans as neocons and is trying to destroy the Republic.
That's coming up in the third hour, or the middle of the second hour into the third hour.
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No rationally minded person can watch the video and check out the documents and come away from the facts with any other conclusion.
But that Operation Northwoods, the official government plan to carry out 9-1-1, was activated, and more attacks are going to be activated, and hopefully how to stop them.
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Help us plant the seeds and save the republic.
All right, let's go to Bev Harris, author of Black Box Voting.
Bev, this stuff is real.
This is a massive fraud, and I want to thank you for coming on the show.
Well, it's nice to be here.
Tell us a little bit more about yourself, how you got involved in this, how you discovered this rabbit hole, Alice, and tell us how deep it really goes.
Well, it's really disturbing.
I got involved in it because I read an article by Lynn Landis.
She's a reporter and she wrote an article that said, assume crooks are in control.
The gist of her article was that nobody could figure out who owned these companies.
I thought, well, I'll just go look it up.
I have some databases that not everyone has.
So on a lunch hour Sunday, I just sat down and looked it up, and I was really shocked to see that there was really conflict of interest among the owners.
In other words, people were programming voting machines and then running for office with their own machines counting their votes.
I found that just amazing that that could happen.
As I continued to research it, then I started looking into, well, do we know that the machines count accurately?
Found 112 elections, and by the way, there's more.
I just got tired of it and stopped.
112 elections that were documented that the machines counted wrong.
And I don't mean little mistakes.
I mean they counted 60% errors, 25% errors.
Now that's just when they get caught.
And that's just when they get caught.
And I would assume, by the way, that we're only catching about 5% of them at the most.
And that's their errors.
My next question is, are they errors or is some of this deliberate?
Now, we're talking to Bev Harris.
Bev, you've written books and consult the major companies.
What you do is track down fraud, embezzlement, corruption, so this was a perfect thing for you to investigate.
Well, yeah, as soon as I saw that they were removing the audit trail and they were trying to make these machines paperless so that there was no physical record of what the voter had done...
It's like, well, we've got a security hole here.
If you did this with accounting, you would always be embezzled from.
You can't do this kind of thing.
You've got to have checks and balances.
But Nationwide is going in, and Chuckie Schumer and Bush have got the bill to fund this with billions of dollars.
It's going in right here in Austin, and the people are so gullible, oh, the government wouldn't do that, and they are doing it.
Well, and we don't, you know, the thing is,
If you get at a couple of programmers, you can do a lot of damage.
But that's how they're getting caught, though, because you've noticed that in some of these elections, and I've seen the news articles, it'll be the exact same tally in certain classes of elections all over.
They're getting lazy, aren't they, where they just issue a set parameter and put it out there hoping that no one notices.
Well, there are some mathematical reasons for that.
That number that you're referring to, 18181, which happened three times in Comal County, Texas, well, actually, if you do a certain type of percentage addition to the vote, it will tend to get that number.
One of the things that's been interesting recently is we've had some mathematicians look at how that number came about, and
I won't go into it on the air, but it actually is a round-down of 18182, which happens when they do certain math functions on the computer.
So, yeah, it's very indicative of the fact that there was an automated program in place during that election, which happened to generate that result.
Now, Bev, I mean, let's just boom, boom, boom through the big red flags and smoking guns here.
And you were telling me this morning, briefly, that you had new information.
One of the things that I found curious is that a lot of the election company officials were making statements about the fact that these machines are not connected to anything, there's no modem, they don't connect to the Internet.
And I knew that they did.
I have the manuals.
I have the technical specs.
And I thought, well, why are they lying about this?
Because it was thought-based lies.
We got the county clerk on a local TV show, and she said, no, it doesn't hook to anything.
And then we go, well, look, there's a phone plug right here.
What's that?
How dumb do they think we are?
Well, exactly.
And not only that, but I have the technical specs.
They have wireless stuff in them.
I mean, they are all hooked up for wireless communication.
But it gets worse than that.
The story that we're working on now is actually looking at the code itself.
And it looks to us like they have rewritten portions of Windows, which will allow them to get remote access
I think so.
We're going to nail this down.
This is going to be a big, big story.
It is a giant story, but already they're remotely accessible.
You've got politicians involved in owning companies and then using their own machines when they run.
Can you give us some of that background?
Well, you know...
Well, where do you want me to start?
Well, actually, ask me that question again, and I'll focus it in.
There's so much to talk about.
Well, that's what I was saying, is that there's so much fraud, so much corruption, but you were talking about politicians who are involved in owning the touchscreen wireless voting companies, and then they end up using their own machines in their own elections with their own programmers working on the machines.
And one of the ones is being groomed to come in after President Bush as the next president.
His name is Chuck Hagel.
He's out of Nebraska.
You can see that they're actually kind of grooming him to take over some big position.
By the way, he goes to the Bilderberg group meetings.
He does.
He also, he administered, you know, he touts himself as this big Vietnam vet.
Well, I'm sorry, but he was the guy who administered the Agent Orange program.
And I don't know about your listeners, but I know people who have recently died.
They were Agent Orange victims.
I don't know too many people who felt like they got a fair shake out of the Agent Orange settlement the government came up with.
But that was his first foray.
And then he worked for George Bush Sr.
for several years in Washington, D.C.
And then he came out to run the voting machine company.
Thank you.
Lightning struck twice.
He had an amazing upset victory in the primary and another amazing victory in the election where he defeated a popular incumbent.
Well, if he had disclosed that he was running the voting machine company, I can tell you that they would have reported that too, but he lied on his disclosure documents, said he was a banker.
Now, what he was was the chairman of a voting machine.
By the way, those are the voting machines we use in Austin.
It's from Hagel's Nebraska Company.
ES&S, probably.
I know a lot of Texas companies.
I saw that back when they were paying for them and putting them in.
Plus, it's like $15 million for Austin, and all they are is little junky computers.
They're putting millions of dollars in, and what you don't even see is the extras.
I know Georgia put in $55 million worth of machines and then they wanted to have a little election on the state flag and the company said, oh, that will be another $2 million.
We have to reprogram.
I wonder how much is disclosed upon purchase as to what the extras are later on.
You know, this is just amazing.
And they just tell us this is the way it is.
I know that when we were reporting on this, trying to stop the touchscreens in Austin, a lot of strange things happened.
A lot of people got threatened.
They've got a lot of members of the media on the little local committees ramming this through.
This is very important to them, isn't it?
It is.
And, you know, what's really telling...
Thank you.
And they're now doing that in Ohio.
They're trying to get one state guy to make the decision for all the counties in Ohio to buy the same machine.
Yeah, they're trying to always centralize it.
This is incredible.
And again, there's almost no debate about this.
You tell somebody this in a checkout line, they'll on average roll their eyes at you.
I guess people want to be slaves.
I don't want to know.
Well, I think the general public is starting to wake up.
And what this is is a situation, by the way, where...
We cannot depend on government or some organization to fix this problem.
Well, Bev, it's also a race against evil.
Because if they get these in everywhere, they'll just say, well, you voted for us taking your land.
Well, you voted for foreign troops.
Well, you voted for more taxes.
And people go, no, we didn't vote.
Oh, yes, you did.
I mean, if they get these in, it won't matter.
Right, nothing matters.
Thomas Jefferson, you know, one of our founding fathers said,
He predicted this type of thing, actually.
And he said, you know, the people at the grassroots level have to continue to be vigilant because if we don't, we will lose our democracy without anyone ever firing a shot.
And the reason we will is because of greed and corruption.
Well, Stalin said, I don't care who casts the votes, only who counts them.
That's right.
That's right.
You know...
I think what I'm seeing in actually looking at the programs themselves, and I haven't looked at ES&S.
I don't have access to it.
They're very secretive about these machines.
But I was able to get a hold of the actual programs for Diebold election systems, and they're based out of McKinney, Texas, by the way.
It's actually a long story.
But I will tell you that the kinds of things that we're seeing in the programs are completely inappropriate.
For example...
They keep multiple sets of books.
Now, you know what I'm talking about.
If you have two sets of books with your business and you show one to the IRS and the real set of books is the one you have, that is illicit.
That is fraudulent.
Now, these voting machines have three sets of books in them, and they can disengage from each other.
And that's written right into the program.
And basically, you can have all the votes put in three places, but you can change the votes in some of the sets of books.
And that's how they run the fraud all along.
Stay right there.
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Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
All right, we've got Ben Harris, author of Black Box Voting, blackboxvoting.com.
ABC Nightly News, CBS, they're not going to be part of warning you in this.
They've been part of voter news services for decades, telling you who wins.
And then the average American has no idea how the election process even works.
Voter News Services has armed guards, won't let you in to see how the national votes are even tallied.
That's a good word for it, Bev, is black box voting, because it's just armed guards, secret buildings with intelligence agency connections, with people in the Senate and the House and Jeb Bush and Chuckie Schumer involved, all these different groups.
I'm pushing the same agenda, and no way to know how you vote with wireless and phone wire modems hooked in, and no paper trail, and they say, hey, don't ask questions, this is the new America.
Well, and I can update a little bit on that.
You know, Voter News Service, apparently their results were so discrepant from what the machines came up with in the 2002 election that they shut down altogether.
Now, think about this.
They change the names, what they do.
Well, the new one will supposedly be sponsored by CNN or Gannett or some such thing.
CNN AP, but that was always what VNS was made up of.
Yeah, and then as for the mainstream media, I think, I don't want to say exactly who now, but I think you are going to see this story breaking into the mainstream media.
And what's doing it is this.
Once we were able to get the actual code itself and show in the code that it's not a bug, in other words, it's a feature of the code, now we've got a story that is attracting the attention of some of the heavy hitters.
It's a complex story, so it will probably take them another couple of weeks, maybe even three weeks, because what we're doing at this point, we're working with some of the big boys, I will tell you,
But what we're doing is they're bringing in their own independent computer experts who are verifying what our findings are.
And I think you will see that this breaks out into the press.
One of the things I would really encourage people to do, there is a petition out right now by Greg Palast and Working for Change, and I think it's at workingforchange.org or .com.
They are asking for an immediate moratorium on electronic voting
Until these problems are solved.
In other words, not in 2004, not in 2006, but now.
Bev, let me stop you for just a second.
I mean, you're a smart lady.
You investigate fraud.
I've researched your findings and your claims, and I found them to be right on the line with what I have independently verified locally and in researching news here on the air.
But Voter News Services was set up under another name in 1963, right after the Kennedy assassination.
They have been engaging in election fraud at the federal level for now over 30 years, almost 40 years.
They have changed the name several times.
And ABC and CNN and NBC and all of them, the Washington Post, USA Today, are all, quote, involved in sponsoring it.
They pay for it.
They give money to, quote, VNS and Bill Headline and the rest of the people that had it up.
And before 2000, people didn't even know the names of V&S or the people that worked there.
No one is allowed behind their closed doors in New York, and then they just magically announce hours before the polls close off so-called exit polling.
No one's ever seen the exit pollers.
Who won?
So my point is, you know, the mainstream news will come along, co-opt your story, because they're involved in it, I'll tell you right now, and then just kind of say, yeah, there's a few problems, but don't worry, we're going to fix it.
What do you say to that?
Well, we'll see, because you see, mainstream news comes in various forms.
For example...
One of the things that published information from me a couple of weeks ago was Slashdot.
Now, Slashdot is the premier computer site in the world.
They had over 400 computer programmers weigh in and basically support my findings.
That's amazing.
Bev, stay there.
I saw that story.
Let's talk about Slashdot when we get back, and we'll discuss more.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've only got Bev Harris with us for about 15 more minutes.
I appreciate her coming on on such short notice.
I want to get her back up in the future for two hours so she can calmly go over the history, the modern history of election fraud.
Not voter fraud, but election fraud by government officials, Republican and Democrat.
But now you have this unified system with these touchscreens going in.
And this is such a massive story.
Bev, continuing, there's so many facets.
What areas do you think are important for people to be aware of with the incredible research you and others have done?
Well, one of the things I haven't... Now, there's blackboxvoting.com, which you've mentioned.
That's the site about my book and so forth.
I have some articles.
There's a new site called blackboxvoting.org.
That site has the latest breaking exposés, but it's also got activism.
People can jump right in and get busy and do stuff.
It's really making a difference already.
One of the things that we need to do right now is get after the League of Women Voters.
Let me tell you something.
The League of Women Voters is one of the main obstacles that we are facing in getting fair, auditable voting right now.
Well, you know they've been caught in Florida back ten years ago on video, punching out the chads, stealing elections.
I've found that they're one of the biggest groups out there working for the establishment.
Well, the interesting thing is the League of Women Voters, they have a lot of different local chapters, and the local chapters are often not quite in sync with what the national chapter does.
I'm concerned.
I'm actually very curious about whether the national chapter has received contributions or money from the voting machine companies because they've taken such a strange stance.
There's something really important happening now.
There is a congressman in New Jersey, his name is Rush Holt, and he has put a bill on the floor nationally in Congress that would mandate a voter verified paper trail, would take all remote access mechanisms out of the voting machines
And would mandate audit to these things.
That is a great bill.
It's a great bill.
It's House Bill number 2239.
But, you know, the main... And he's getting lots of co-sponsors because... If I can get Rush Holtz on, will you come on with him?
Oh, sure I will, yeah.
Okay, I'll set him up for the show.
He's doing something really important.
A big obstacle they're facing, though, is the League of Women Voters is out there against...
Against a paper trail.
A paper trail.
Against auditability and against his efforts to get the remote stuff out of the machines.
Now that is, frankly, a wrong-headed position for them to take.
And one of the things I encourage your listeners to do is call them up.
Call up the national and the local branches of the League of Women Voters.
BlackBoxVoting.org has over 200 contact numbers for them, by the way.
So you can just go there and get contact numbers, e-mails, phone numbers, and so forth.
Well, Bev, they really ought to be ashamed of themselves.
Yes, they should, and I think it's time to start showing that there are consequences for this.
If they want to do that, they are going to have to face the criticism that is appropriate from the public because we don't want our vote to become roadkill.
Well, I'll tell the listeners right now, Bev, and we've got a final segment coming up with you in a second, that if they don't get out and protest these voter companies, these fraud companies with signs pointing out that there's no paper trail, that the boxes are remote accessed, that you've got military industrial complex people heading up most of these companies...
And I've researched it, and so have you.
If we don't start boycotting and protesting the League of Stealing Votes, I mean the League of Women Voters, because that is despicable that they're lobbying against HB 2239.
They're lobbying against a paper trail when that's what America and any other free society is all about.
That is incredible.
That is right.
That is right.
They need to be called to task for that.
I agree.
You know, the day has passed when these folks can do this with no consequences.
Because let me tell you, people understand.
All they have to do is get educated a little bit, and we aren't having it.
Well, they better understand this is a big, big deal.
Folks, I'm Alex Jones.
Our final segment with Bev Harris.
Here on the other side, and then I'm going to get into some of the other geopolitical news, but the issues don't get any bigger than this.
We appreciate her joining us.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, it's like trying to cover the Encyclopedia Britannica in 30 minutes, but we're talking about election fraud.
The government designing it.
The government's always the one in total control.
The republic's being destroyed before your very eyes with these touchscreen election systems where they are remotely accessed by modems, by wireless modems, a no-paper trail.
And Congressman Rush Holt has introduced HB 2239,
And Beverly Harris was just exposing the fact that his bill is a good bill, would make the voting companies create a paper trail, make sure that these touchscreen systems cannot be remotely accessed.
And that there be oversight and the League of Women Voters, who we have found is involved in election scams everywhere and are a tool of the globalists, are trying to block that.
They don't want you to have a paper trail.
They don't want auditing in our elections.
They don't want it to be open and free and fair.
I tell you, Bev, this is incredible.
Continuing in the last five minutes, we got left with other key points the listeners should be made aware of.
Well, one of the things that if you want an eye-opener...
Go to blackboxvoting.org and the very lead article there.
What I did, I went in, I rigged a voting system, a real voting system.
Now, I didn't go and rig one in a real election.
I didn't want to go to jail, obviously.
But I took the Diebold GEMS version 1.17.17.
It is the official certified version.
Went into it.
It took me 10 minutes to bypass the passwords, and I actually show the computer screenshots so that people can see exactly how easy this is to do.
Change the votes.
Change the audit logs.
This is really sad.
I mean, what we've been told is that these machines are, we can trust them and they're secure and they're this and they're that.
Let me tell you, I'm not a computer expert by any means, and I went in,
And rig a voting system using real software that's in use in the United States today.
And I don't even know what I'm doing.
You've had top programmers look at it.
You just said that over 400 top programmers agree with you.
Talk about that news article where you publish the findings and what the experts said about the findings.
Oh, yeah.
Basically, if you want...
If you bring up what I found in the fact that the systems that they're using, they're using Microsoft Access with the security features disabled, mind you.
Get a bunch of programmers at a party and start talking about this and you will see them literally snorting beer out their noses when they see how bad this system is.
They can't believe it.
It's like you're using Microsoft Access with the security features disabled.
And by the way, apparently Microsoft Access is one of the less secure systems.
They should be using something like SQL Server or Linux or something.
Basically, they are appalled.
And one after the next weighed in at Slashdot saying, this is just appalling.
I mean, it's got to stop.
It's got to stop now.
And on top of it, before when they were first selling it to people, oh, there's a record, oh, it's good.
And now they're pushing by law.
At the state level to make the counties do it, to take the paper trail away, and the League of Women Voters is lobbying to take the paper trail.
So there's no record.
I mean, folks, that's so obvious a two-year-old could figure that out.
It is.
As soon as I saw that, it's, you know, look, tell the IRS we want to take away our receipts.
We're not going to, oh, you know what, I'm just going to give you something out of my computer.
I mean, come on.
The reason the paper trail is important is because it's verified by an independent source, the voter.
You know, you can't have the computer being the only verifier.
You can't watch how it records your votes.
They could easily have these machines, spit out a receipt, and still people couldn't put all their receipts together later and check it.
But if there was a recall, you could spot check, have it have a code number on it.
People could bring that receipt back.
You want to have them all in a ballot box because the reason is with receipts you can't ever total.
You can't check the total.
You'd have to run around and everybody's losing their receipts and so forth.
You need to have... I've had two sets, yeah.
Yeah, you want to have that, and then you want to have a robust way of auditing that.
And even these little spot check audits that they have in a few states, it's not going to work.
In fact, the rig that I did, which is on the website, blackboxboating.org,
It's actually designed to pass a spot check.
It will pass a spot check, and the reason is because it uses multiple sets of books.
And if you spot check it, it uses the right ones.
And let me stop you.
And if you total check it, it gives you the wrong ones.
You talked about one of the oldest tricks with the computer voting.
That is where they take the paper ballots, stick them in, feed them into a computer tape, and the county clerk, whoever walks off with that,
Around the country, they were caught with the computerized system, but the precursor to this, having different computer files and then just flipping numbers.
Somebody would be ahead, and I've been watching TV and then seeing the number flip at 2 a.m.
I have several reports of that, of flipping the votes, and it's an absolute flip.
It's 100% flip.
You know, everybody goes from this to that.
And they just flip it right in front of you and say, Hey, we're the government.
We've got cops in black ski masks with machine guns.
You got a problem?
Well, I'll tell you something.
You cannot solve something by hoping that some organization will do it or by hoping that Bev Harris will do it.
Every single person listening, if you want your vote,
This is one of those times when we're going to have to step forward and take action as individuals.
Well, this should be top story every day, and it's very simple.
They're trying to remove any type of paper ballot, even a receipt.
You've got Chuck Hagel owning the company that then got him elected in this, quote,
There's no difference.
This is the best analogy I can give you.
If you go in... Let's say you have a paper balloting system and you say...
I'm going to vote for whoever you're going to vote for.
I'm going to vote for Bob.
And the lady who's taking your vote says, okay, I'll mark your vote down for Bob, but you can't see what I'm marking down.
I'm going to mark it down under a ledge here so you can't see it.
Nobody would trust that.
That's ridiculous.
Of course you want to see what was marked down for your vote.
Well, when you vote on these computers, sure, the screen may tell you one thing, but you do not know what it's marking down inside the machine.
It's exactly the same thing as having an election lady saying, I'm going to mark your vote down, but you can't see what I wrote.
And they use psychology.
They go, oh, it's just like an ATM, the same technology.
Well, how many ATMs would you put your money into...
I don't even do deposits in them anyway.
But how many would you use if they didn't give you a receipt?
It's not just like an ATM.
See, on top of it, there's no receipt, and then you've got it connected to a bunch of politicians and Chuckie Schumer and Bush pushing for these billions of dollars to put the touchscreens in.
And last but not least, Bev Harrison, we've got to have you back up for two hours and have a couple of congressmen and other guests on and let you basically interview them
And the website blackboxvoting.org and com, org's the big news site, com's about the great book that everybody should get.
But, Bev, for people listening in New York or Florida or Texas or Denver, Colorado or Pensacola, Florida, wherever right now, going back just briefly into how with these touchscreens, that these are remotely accessible wireless Internet connections, and then they get on the news and say that's not the case.
Oh, yeah, I know.
I actually, on my website, I have another link right now, and it changes every day, but it says straight answers in short supply.
And I actually have about nine different officials, and they just out and out lie.
And then I included in there a photocopy from their own manual that shows the remote hookups.
I'm like, okay, here you have the officials saying they're not hooked up.
Okay, what is this photograph then?
You mentioned before that I've done financial fraud type writing and so forth.
I've looked into that stuff.
The first thing you do when someone tells you don't look over here is you want to look over there.
They've been telling us don't look at our remote access.
There's none.
Don't worry.
Don't look.
Nothing to see here.
Move along.
That's the first thing you want to look at.
And let me tell you, it is amazing the amount of access there is to these things.
Let me give you an example.
And this is a separate issue, but it's in the same area.
The Scientific Atlantic table box, the new digital one.
I have seen the manual.
I have one of these things.
It's been on MSNBC that it, quote, tracks what you watch.
It keeps a record of it and sells that psychological data to different groups.
There's a tiny hidden microphone.
And they don't offer Internet access.
They don't offer the use of it.
They've been selling this for four years.
And there is a big, fat microphone two-way in there.
And if you call them up, they'll deny it.
And I've got the training manual that says it.
Yeah, there's a microphone in it.
I mean, this is... Oh, that's a little scary.
Well, there you go.
Well, some of these things... Well, here's another thing that we found in the source code that we're going to be looking into in more detail.
Now, guess what?
You go and you activate your vote with a card, and you go up and the lady checks your name off of this voter registration list, and then she gives you a card, and they key in this little number.
Well, in the source code for the voting machine, you know what it says?
In activate card, it says get first name, last name, birth date, street address.
Now, can somebody explain that to me, why we want that on our vote?
Yeah, now they're going to know exactly how you voted.
See, folks?
Oh yeah, in the Soviet Union they would have somebody watching on a camera for who you voted for, and the vote didn't matter other than a gauge of who supported Stalin or whoever else.
Well, and the other thing we found in their files was...
A complete set of redistricting software.
Again, why does a voting machine company need redistricting software?
Folks, this is the government.
These are their friends.
We're dealing with something that there's a lot of answers, and I think as citizens it's time we start demanding those answers.
And if we have to, I think we should start dealing with subpoenas.
Oh, absolutely.
We need some state grand juries to start some push for some indictments.
Bev Harris, can we get you back up soon?
Yeah, you sure can.
Give it another few weeks here, and then we'll come in with some new information.
We break it every week.
All right.
I'm going to get this congressman on.
I'd like to have you on with him.
Thanks for coming on the show.
We'll be right back with a bunch of other news.
Stay with us.
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All right, my friends, we're back live.
Warren, Mark, Jeff, and others, we're about to go to your calls.
I do want to briefly hit on some other news we haven't gotten to yet in the next segment and then start the Ron Paul speech that he gave July 10th, talking about how the greatest threat to America is the neocons and how they are communist nations.
And fascists run following the ideas of Trotsky, that's their own public statements, and Machiavelli, the guy who wrote The Prince, who called for dictatorship and slavery.
So that's coming up as well and more on the obvious assassination of Dr. David Kelly over in England for blowing the whistle and much more.
Right now, Warren in Colorado.
You're on the air, Warren.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
What a great guest this morning.
It kind of got me re-energized.
Does that show you how bad things have gotten, though, that they're publicly, that the League of Women Voters doesn't want there to be a record of how you voted and wants remote access by the government into secret voting machine systems?
Oh, yeah.
I think there's a reason for it.
And I'm going to give you a quick example.
The year that Ross Perot was running, I guess it was early 90s.
I don't even remember the year.
But we had an amendment called Parents' Rights.
And Social Service was really against it, along with the Sheriff's Department.
And they kept lobbying against it.
And the morning of the election, it was ahead by 15 points.
That night I voted for that and I also voted for Ross Perot because he's kind of a neat little individual.
The next morning, of course the parents' rights didn't pass, but it was ahead 15% that morning of the election.
From that time forward, I decided never to vote again.
And I'd be glad to research this and give you some more information.
Oh, sir, they've been caught locally, state, and federal level engaging in election fraud.
They've been caught red-handed, and they're doing it again.
They're doing it in our face, en masse, one unified system.
And saying you can't have a record of it, and then they're going to claim that you voted to have your kids taken, that you voted to have massive taxation, that you voted to have forced labor camps, that you voted to get rid of the Bill of Rights.
This is the end, folks.
They're setting up a dictatorship.
This isn't a joke.
This is it.
This is everything on the line.
They're taking over.
And they're going to say, it's a democracy.
You voted for it, Warren.
And I guess my whole point is, what if this guy that, you know, he worked all this
He worked hard, and he understood how these state laws work.
But then he wanted a recount, and he wanted to follow that paper trail.
But guess what?
It probably didn't hit the news.
And so this is why they want to go to no... Well, look, look, I mean, in Austin they've had recounts and found them stealing elections, and nothing happens.
They, with...
They won Bob out in Orange County.
He won.
They admitted that they stole the election from him, but the Republicans turned their back.
This is the plan.
Thanks for the call.
And then the poor Bob Dornan still defends the neocons, gets on the air, and just sick.
Okay, let's talk to Mark in Minnesota.
Go ahead, Mark.
Hey, how are you doing, Alex?
You're on the air.
Pretty good, my friend.
Yeah, I first became aware of the issue, oh, it must have been around 1999, 2000.
When I got a copy of the Collier Brothers book, Vote Scam.
Pretty good book there.
They call it League of Women Voters runs the election fraud in many cities.
Oh, yeah, and it's my understanding that the way that it's been is, you know, voter news services, they can already sit out in their offices on 34th Street in New York and just push a button and change the vote count.
In pretty much any county.
Hey, they're the group that no one's allowed in the building, and they tell the networks who won.
And then the government's involved, quote, providing security.
But in third world countries, we send poll watchers down to watch their process and certify it.
Yeah, and then they post the results like a day before the elections sometimes.
Yeah, ABC News, somebody in 98 got mad two days before, posted the exact results of the congressional off-year elections.
I mean, somebody daringly, they probably got whacked for all we know, we don't know who did it, posted the exact election results a day before on ABCNews.com, and by the way, the screen save of that is posted on some of the websites out there.
My understanding is pretty much the grids are fragmented right now.
Yeah, they're having trouble unifying the election fraud.
They've got different capos over other areas.
Now they're unifying.
Yeah, you'll have one computer firm handling one grid, another computer handing it.
Handling another grid.
So, yeah, now they're basically going to consolidate everything and make it... And there's armed guards in black ski masks, and there's no receipt.
You ask questions, you get arrested.
Al-Qaeda is trying to undermine our election process.
This is the new America, folks.
Giant prisons, armored vehicles, face-scanning cameras, total information awareness network.
Hell on earth.
The destruction of you and your family in your face.
And they're going to vote to take your guns and say, you voted for it.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back, folks.
Alex Jones here.
I'm looking at this Ron Paul speech called Neocon.
And I guess if they get their electronic touchscreens in, he'll be out of office.
Of course, they're going to have a problem, though, because polls will show Ron Paul is very popular, and then if they try to remove him, how are they going to claim that he loses campaigns?
Of course, Bush publicly targets Senator Bob Smith because he had a real conservative voting record in New Hampshire.
The White House is publicly targeting other conservatives.
They've said that they want to defeat...
We're good to go.
How they support Machiavellian politics, that they say evil is good.
Ron Paul is saying this about the Republicans we have in office, who are really just Democrat clones bringing in this new world order, and then they just have phony fights with each other to give you the illusion of a choice.
So that's coming up.
I'm going to start reading this.
I mean, it's right in your face, people.
It's happening.
9-1-1's right in your face, how they carried it out.
But they're counting on you to think you're a member of the establishment, to think it's not your place to get involved.
It's your place to go to the baseball game and suck your thumb like a juvenile delinquent as your children's future is flushed down the toilet.
People care so much about sports, they could care less about losing voting in this country.
Or DARPA saying they're going to watch everything Americans do, violating the Fourth Amendment, or secret arrest of citizens for no reasons.
Let's take two more calls, and I'll hit a few final news stories I haven't gotten to, and then I'll get into Paul's speech.
Let's talk to Lou in Colorado.
Go ahead, Lou.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Like I said, I did get your film.
I did send some out to Illinois and to some people here in Colorado where I'm at.
I appreciate you getting the videos.
Oh, yeah.
Believe me.
I do much more than that, too, because I put in a little bit of law.
So people can't be turned around.
In other words, the General Welfare Clause, the Implied Power Clause, and the UN Treaty of the Treaties Clause are important to explain to people so they can't be turned around by lawyers giving them a BS line.
And I back it up with documentation.
Are you finding that folks are waking up when they see the videos?
One guy told me he couldn't sleep at night after he saw it.
But I said, if you have any questions, you talk to me.
I'm pretty versed.
I feel that I'm pretty versed after 30 years being in this.
And I can respond to questions that people have on it.
Yeah, if people have trouble sleeping after they hear this radio show, when you see the videos, when you see the globalists doing it to you, this is all out in the open.
This is all hidden in plain view, folks.
I have one quick question, and it's something I've probably been a little bit confused on.
When you talk about the military-industrial complex, now, is that different from the CIA, from the FBI, from the NSA?
What is the military-industrial complex exactly?
Let me break this down.
And what's the pecking order?
Let me break this down.
The pecking order is the royal families of Europe that own the tabloids, by and large, that own the tabloids.
This is admitted.
Track the owners of the big tabloids back, and it's owned by the royal family.
They've created this illusion that they don't have any power, they don't have any money.
Really rich people don't want you knowing how much power they have.
I understand that.
So it goes to the royal families.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
To not make money because they print the money, but to consolidate and grow their power and steal natural resources.
So the military-industrial complex is the armored force, the weapons-producing, military-owning, and policy-writing force for the tiny cabal of no more than 20 families that own and run the New World Order.
I see.
Now, does the NSA or the, these things are like subsidiaries?
I mean, if one has more power, for instance, the CIA or the NSA, or is it, how is it, you know, shares?
There are over 40 secret intelligence agencies that we know of in the U.S.
Many, you know, if you talked about the NSA 10 years ago, they'd say you're a kook, it doesn't exist.
I see how that is.
You know, you talk about Ashrawan.
Oh, the government can't listen to us.
That violates the Fourth Amendment.
Now they announce it.
Yeah, we've been listening to you forever.
Shut up!
This is freedom!
But to break it down, NSA, FBI, and its hostage rescue team, CIA, Defense Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, it goes on and on and on, all these different groups.
But at the director level, it's all...
A rotating, revolving door.
I see.
People that are in the CIA then go into the NSA, or out of the NSA into the CIA, into naval intelligence, into army intelligence.
Well, their key people are in different positions.
You've got the same, and then you've got their private counterparts of the CFR, who have government officials, banking officials, all the heads of major universities, all the heads of the major media, from Fox to CNN to ABC, are all CFR.
And so you've got just a couple hundred guys and gals that run the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, ABC, CNN, Fox.
It's all run by just a few hundred people, and they have a few thousand under them that carry out policy, lower-level CFR, and the heads of CFR are the heads of Trilateral Commission, the heads of Bilderberg Group.
Okay, that's good.
One quick question, and that is on the film that you have on 9-1-1,
I wanted to at least explain something.
People see that one where the firemen had the FEMA guy talking about the Founding Fathers were terrorists.
If you were a religious person, the Christians took people and cut their heads off if they didn't agree with them.
When you show that to somebody, you're going to find some person that doesn't even believe in Christ, but he's interested in the other stuff.
He's going to say...
Well, that's true.
The Christians, and there were people that pretended to be Christians, what I'm saying, the establishment that did force gold down the Indians' throats.
Well, sir, the point is, sir, sir, sir, the point is, FEMA's on tape, the group of police saying, quote, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington are terrorists.
Christians are enemies of the federal government.
Well, he said that Christians would chop your head off if you didn't believe in Christ.
Yeah, so he says Christians are bad.
Yeah, he's distorting it because he's confusing the principle of Christianity with the perversion of it.
In other words, there are people pretending to be Christians.
Yeah, the establishment government using the envelope of it to do it.
Thanks for the call.
Okay, very good.
Hey, appreciate the call.
I really do.
I'm out of time.
I'm not going to take any more calls this hour.
I'm sorry if folks want to hold into the next hour.
You're welcome to do it.
I'll take your calls.
I just got to cover the news and get to all the other information.
Oh, boy, where to start here?
There is so much.
I just want to scan through some of the news for folks that just joined us.
Dozens of major papers are reporting this headline.
Dead scientists feared dark actors playing games calls for Blair to quit over suicide of weapons expert.
So now they're saying that the death of David Kelly was a suicide with no evidence of that.
The police called it a grisly scene.
He admitted that he had blown the whistle on some lying to Mr. Gilligan at the BBC.
Now the new spin is that he wasn't the mold, and then there's a wheel within a wheel that it may make Blair resign, which is what the globalists like to do.
They know the war was wildly unpopular.
They know the people are getting very angry about the police state and national ID cards and gun confiscation and the rest of it via this neocon Tony Blair.
And so they might go ahead and get rid of Tony Blair and put in some other individual just to make the people think they've had a victory.
I mean, the bankers did that in Argentina.
They gave them six different presidents before they finally felt placated with having their bank accounts stolen.
It's just cutting the heads off titular heads.
That's all they're doing.
Giving you a scapegoat when all Tony Blair is is a puppet.
But it's clear that they whacked this guy to keep others from leaking, and they killed him in the old-fashioned mob style, just so it's a message to everyone and anyone in government.
And you can read about how Dr. David Kelly was saying that he was being harassed, he was being mistreated, he was being told to shut up, he was going to get his good name back.
He had told friends this via telephone, via emails, on the record.
Had three children, a wife, happily married, and goes out and commits suicide.
And within hours now, that's the official story.
Continuing Dr. Kelly's final email to a friend can be read at InfoWars.com.
It was posted in the Sunday Mail yesterday.
British voters blame government for Kelly's death.
And Blair poll rating plummets.
So is Bush approval rating plummeting.
So look out.
They may provide us with some terror so they can pose as our saviors.
Tony Blair's reputation has suffered dramatically as a result of the death of Dr. David Kelly.
A poll shows today Blair on the brink as Kelly family points the finger.
And again, email sent by Kelly accusing many dark actors of playing games then killed himself
Sunday Herald, he didn't kill himself.
See, with no evidence, they're just saying that before the cops even say it was a suicide.
Again, here's another one from Ananova.
Kelly warned of dark actors playing games, and then that gets into the harassment and the rest of it.
The BBC has confirmed that Dr. Kelly was the main source for the report on Radio 4's Today program.
They would not release that information previously.
He had three meetings with Mr. Gilligan of the BBC.
There's a profile of Dr. David Kelly.
We have 18 U.S., British, and Australian and one Russian microbiologist dying in airlocks, being stabbed to death and shot, having their heads bashed in and thrown off bridges into water, and the government keeps ruling those suicides...
One guy carved a pentagram in his back.
That's right.
They tried to rule it a suicide, the Washington Post reported, in Virginia.
Then they caught the people that, quote, did it, some, quote, cult of young people.
Turned out they'd been in government psychiatric custody.
Same M.O.
They just have them do some wacky satanic stuff to throw the news media off with the bizarreness.
That's the Washington Post, by the way.
You've got all these microbiologists killing themselves or dying and having pentagrams carved in them, being gutted, disemboweled.
They're all in key bioweapons program areas with the mousepox that kills all humans it comes in contact with, all folks, super bioweapon.
They're all dropping dead.
People involved in anthrax, smallpox dropping dead in this government.
And now Dr. David Kelly, former head of Bio Weapons Lab, porting down where they admit they did biotesting in the 80s on U.S.
and British troops and killed them.
Imagine being told what your duties are for the day.
Oh, go sit on top of that tank.
A plane's going to spray you with a simulant.
You drop dead hours later.
That's BBC.
Kelly was there at the time, but was the head of it just a few years after that in the early 90s.
Very bizarre stuff.
What was he getting ready to blow the whistle on?
Blair, again, called for a new world order last week, and neocons call him a conservative.
Isn't that precious?
This is out of the Herald.
Again, Blair sets out his view of the new world order to Congress, and they've been praising him all over talk radio.
The government officials and major newspapers are calling Blair a psychopath.
That's out of the mirror.
We have a timeline of Dr. Kelly's death.
Very revealing.
We'll try to cover it next hour.
I've got a bunch of these stories on Kelly, but let me get to some of the other news.
Here's another one out of the Scotsman.
Blood on the hands of the spin machine.
Talking about the death of Dr. David Kelly.
It just goes on and on with these particular articles.
But let me go ahead now and get into some of the other news because it is all extremely important.
Here we go.
This is concerning Iraq now.
Just a rundown of some of these articles.
Prime Minister, weapons of mass destruction hunt could take years.
Tony Blair yesterday warned that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction might not be found before the next general election and the search could take years.
But in an interview with the Far East Tour, the Prime Minister insisted they would eventually be tracked down.
So there you have it.
And Bush has been saying the same thing.
Well, before the war, they said occupation would take five years.
They want our troops to get killed.
They want things to be badly coordinated.
They don't want to have a real election.
They're appointing the leaders of Iraq.
They want things to go badly and then calling the U.N.
as the good cop, as I've been saying for two years on this show.
chief seeks Iraqi handover.
United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan is set to call for a swift handover of sovereignty to the Iraq people.
The BBC has learned...
And he said that this is the answer to end the bloodshed.
And notice the U.N.
said, accept U.N.
troops on the ground or face America invading you.
So either way, you get globalist control of your natural resources.
Now America plays the part of the bad cop, gets demonized worldwide, picks up the bill, and then the savior, the U.N., comes in, and the Iraqis buy the propaganda.
The recommendations are contained in a report due to be presented to UN Security Council next week, a copy of which has been obtained by the BBC.
Here's another one.
Pentagon may punish GIs who spoke out on TV about how the 115 degree heat, lack of food, not being allowed to give medical treatment to the Iraqis, the incessant being shot at, being lied to about how long their deployment would be,
And by the way, this was from Saturday.
Now it's been reported that they are being punished.
So I guess Saddam is secretly influencing them.
I guess when all the Shiites went out and had a huge protest, Saddam controls that too when the Shiites are against Saddam.
Notice it's all Saddam's fault this is happening.
The lying neocons say.
The same neocons that say sweatshops are good, genetically modified food is good, and, well, Bush signing gun control laws is good too.
Iraq reports spotlight is on the White House aide.
Senior White House advisor emerged as a key player in the surrounding the use of disputed intelligence on Iraq.
President Bush stated the union speech, prompting a partisan tug of war over Bush's responsibility for the misleading assertion.
Folks, they're still saying it.
They've been saying it for months after knowing it was fake.
They knew it months before it was fake.
Oh, there's so much other news in this Ron Paul neocon speech.
It's all coming up.
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Welcome back, folks.
The frustration I have daily is that there's so much news, so much corruption.
There's stacks of it.
You know, the neocons are on the radio saying, hey, this will take years.
Hey, our troops have got good morale.
All the lying liberals are saying this.
We need to get behind the troops.
This is a just war to stop terrorism.
And, you know, this is all Saddam that's controlling this.
The other Iraqis just love us.
Well, funny, even generals are admitting that if they don't restore law and order, things are going to get worse, and that no, it's not Saddam forces by and large that are doing all this.
Time running out to secure Iraq.
Top Pentagon advisors have warned that time is running out for the United States to establish law and order in Iraq where another U.S.
soldier was killed by a bomb on Friday and two more shot on a convoy yesterday.
Again, troops attacked in Baghdad.
A soldier and an Iraqi interpreter were killed and three soldiers have been wounded in a gun and bomb attack in Baghdad.
struggling to find replacement troops.
This is out of Knight Ritter newspapers.
Don't worry, they've got a national draft lined up, and they'll spring it on you after they blow up something else.
The Pentagon is scrambling to find enough fresh troops to begin an orderly rotation program that would bring home some 147,000 soldiers spread thinly across troubled Iraq.
We'll get him.
Top officials in Iraq say he believes Saddam Hussein is still alive.
See, it's all his fault.
In the war-battered nation, you know, they told us they killed him for sure twice with bombs.
See, it's all psychology.
It's like a cartoon, a comic book cartoon where the bad guy gets defeated each episode but is always back again.
And they have trouble building up new boogeymen that don't really exist in reality, so they just keep retreading them over and over again.
Oh, you know, lightning hit your house.
It was bin Laden.
You know, it's...
It's incredible.
So now they're retreading him again.
Folks, there's just so much of this.
Demonstrators rally for Saddam, and the Shiites doing it, Sunnis doing it.
The Shiites are for America, but not anymore.
They don't like what's happening.
Here's another story.
The Iraq War began a year before the official bombardment.
And it says that the Iraq war began in mid-2002 with intensive airstrikes under the guise of enforcing the southern no-fly zones over the country, a senior U.S.
official admitted in remarks published yesterday.
Again, they can say it's classified.
It was hidden in plain view when they intensified almost daily bombings for a year.
You don't call that war?
You don't call that getting ready for the attack?
They had special forces there months before killing and paying people off?
Days before the ultimatum?
Oh, give up your weapons or else.
That was all stage.
It was all theater, folks.
I'm out of time for this hour.
I know I said I'd get to the Ron Paul this hour.
I'll get to it right when we start the next hour.
The Ron Paul neocon speech, so please stay with me.
The toll-free number to join us on air later will be 800-259-9231 as well.
I'm going to read most of it, not all of it, and then we'll take calls the last 15 minutes of the next hour.
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It's excellent as well.
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Or call toll-free right now and get involved in the fight for the republic with the videos at 888-
Call, get the films, make the copies, wake America up.
It's up to you.
Please take action today.
Don't wait.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, my friends.
Thanks for joining me on this live Monday edition.
I've got a bunch of news coming up on the economy, on the war with Iraq, on the obvious assassination of Dr. David Kelly for blowing the whistle, on Tony Blair for lying about weapons of mass destruction, and the media spin being covered.
But I promised to do this, so I'm going to do it.
I'm not the best newsreader in the world.
It took Ron Paul 45 minutes to give this speech before Congress a couple weeks ago.
And we've got about 45 minutes of broadcast time each hour that's not ads.
So I'm going to try to read most of this.
I hope you go to Infowars.com and download it.
I've read excerpts of it last week, but...
I'm going to try to read at least a large portion of it in this hour.
So let's go ahead and launch into Ron Paul's address, neoconned.
Now, again, the Congressman Ron Paul addresses the U.S.
House of Representatives, July 10, 2003, the title neoconned.
A modern-day limited government movement has been co-opted.
The conservatives have failed in their effort to shrink the size of government.
There has not been, nor will there soon be, a conservative revolution in Washington.
Political party control of the federal government has changed, but the inexorable growth in size and scope of government has continued unabated.
The liberal arguments for limited government...
In personal affairs and foreign military adventurism will never seriously considered as part of this revolution.
Since the...
Thank you.
Thank you.
Someone is responsible, and it's important that those of us who love liberty and resent Big Brother government identify the philosophic supporters who have the most to say about the direction our country is going.
If they're wrong, and I believe they are, we need to show it and alert the American people and offer a more positive approach to government.
However, this depends on whether the American people desire to live in a free society and reject the dangerous notion that we need a strong central government to take care of us from the cradle to grave.
Continuing, my friends, do the American people really believe it's the government's responsibility to make us morally better people?
And economically equal?
Do we have a responsibility to police the world while imposing our vision of good government on everyone else?
And they're not.
They're putting a dictatorship in despite that.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
The so-called conservative revolution of the past two decades has given us massive growth in government size, spending, and regulations.
Deficits are exploding, and the national debt is now rising at greater than half a trillion dollars per year.
Taxes do not go down.
Even if we vote for lower them, they can't as long as spending is increased.
Since all spending must be paid for one way or another, both Presidents Reagan and the Elder Bush raised taxes directly.
With this administration so far, direct taxes have been reduced, and this certainly should have been done, but it means little of spending increases and deficits rise.
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The casual society control grid, implantable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, I'm reading Congressman Ron Paul's address to Congress where he exposes the neocons.
He did this exactly 11 days ago.
And I'm begging anybody who's got the video of this to send me an SP copy of it because I want to play clips of it on the air.
Please tell me you got it.
Please mail it to me.
I went on C-SPAN's website and found like a 30-second clip of him talking about it and saw a few clips on some websites, but not the entire 45-minute speech.
In fact, if somebody sends it to me, and if it's good audio quality, I'll have it translated over to disk, and I'll air it in its entirety here.
That would be much better than myself babbling through it.
This is the most conservative member of Congress exposing the ultimate enemy of America, the neocons.
One thing is certain, he says, conservatives who worked and voted for less government in the Reagan years and welcomed the takeover of the U.S.
Congress and the presidency in the 1990s and early 2000s were deceived.
Soon they will realize that the goal of limited government has been dashed and that their views no longer matter.
That's right.
And he goes on to expose how the Federal Reserve is just printing more money and how Bush is raising a bunch of other taxes but lowering...
Lowering one tax.
Smoke and mirrors.
When taxes are not raised to accommodate higher spending, the bills must be paid by either borrowing or printing new money.
Continuing, this is one reason why we conveniently have a generous Federal Reserve Chairman who is willing to accommodate the Congress with borrowing and inflating the tax.
He is delaying and is delayed and distributed in a way that makes it difficult for those paying the tax to identify it.
For instance, future generations of those on fixed incomes who suffer from rising prices and those who lose jobs, they certainly feel the consequences of economic dislocations that this process causes.
Government spending is always a tax burden on the American people and is never equally or fairly distributed.
The poor and low middle income workers always suffer the most from the deceitful tax of inflation and borrowing.
Many present-day conservatives who generally argue for less government and supported the Reagan-Ginrich-Bush takeover of the federal government are now justifiably disillusioned.
Although not a monolithic group, they wanted to shrink the size of government.
Now, it gets real bad where he talks about Bush and 9-1-1 and Bush and the communists, literally, folks.
That's coming up.
Ron Paul telling it like it is.
It sounds so crazy, but it's documented.
I mean, it's just so wild.
Early in our history, the advocates of limited constitutional government recognized two important principles.
The rule of law was crucial and a constitutional government must derive just powers from the consent of the governed.
It was understood that...
We're good to go.
And shared by various groups, some protecting civil liberties, others economic freedom, and a small, diverse group arguing for a foreign policy of non-interventionism.
The philosophy of freedom has had a tough go of it and was hoped that the renewed interest in limited government of the past two decades would revive an interest in reconstructing the freedom philosophy into something more consistent.
I think.
I think.
Yes, there was always a remnant who longed for truly limited government and maintained a belief in the rule of law combined with a deep conviction that free people and a government bound by a constitution were the most advantageous form of government.
They recognized it as the only practical way for prosperity to be spread to the maximum number of people while promoting peace and security.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
At the very least, they are ignored except when they are used by the new leaders of the right, the new conservatives now in charge of the U.S.
And he gets into who these traitors are.
The remnants' instincts were correct, and the politicians placated them with talk of free markets, limited government, and a humble, non-nation-building foreign policy.
However, little concern for civil liberties was expressed in the recent quest for less government, yet for an ultimate victory of achieving freedom, they must change interest in personal privacy and choices has generally remained outside the concern of many conservatives, especially with the great harm done by their support of the drug war, even though some confess...
We're good to go.
Now there's mounting evidence to indicate exactly what happened to the revolution.
Government is bigger than ever, and the future commitments are overwhelming.
Millions will soon become disenchanted with the new status quo delivered to the American people by the advocates of limited government, and will find it to be just more of the same old status quo.
Victories for limited government have turned out to be hollow indeed.
Since the national debt is increasing at a rate greater than half a trillion dollars per year, the debt limit has recently increased by an astounding $984 billion.
Total U.S.
government obligations are $43 trillion, while total net worth of the U.S.
households is just over $40.6 trillion.
The debt is greater than all the money put together.
The country is broke, but no one in Washington seems to notice or care the philosophic and political commitment for both guns and butter, and especially for expanding the American empire, must be challenged.
This is crucial for our survival.
Instead, they're setting up a police state.
Oh, they've noticed what's happening.
They plan to set up a police state when they take everything you've got and put in the touchscreen election fraud systems, you name it.
In spite of our floundering economy, the Congress and the administration continue to take on new commitments in foreign aid, education, farming, medicine, multiple efforts in nation building, aid in preemptive wars around the world.
Already we're entrenched in Iraq and Afghanistan with plans to soon aid and add new trophies to our conquest.
War talk abounds as to when Syria, Iran, and North Korea will be attacked.
How did all this transpire?
Why did the government do it?
Why haven't the people objected?
How long will it go on before something is done?
Does anyone care?
Will the euphoria of the grand military victories against non-enemies ever be mellowed?
Someday we as a legislative body must face the reality of the dire situation in which we have allowed ourselves to become a mesh.
Hopefully it will be soon.
We got here because ideas do have consequences.
Bad ideas have bad consequences.
Even the best of intentions have unintended consequences.
We need to know exactly what the philosophic ideas were that drove us here to this point, then hopefully reject them and decide on another set of intellectual parameters.
So he tells you who's done this to us, okay?
That's the neocon, your mortal enemy, if you're a good American.
There is abundant evidence exposing those who drive our foreign policy justifying preemptive war, those who scheme and are proud of achievements in usurping control over foreign policy.
These are the neoconservatives of recent fame.
Neoconservatives are obviously positions of influence and are well placed throughout our government and media.
An apathetic Congress put up little resistance and advocated its responsibilities over foreign affairs.
The electorate was easily influenced to join the patriotic fervor supporting the military adventurism advocated by the neoconservatives.
The numbers of those who still hope for a truly limited government
We're good to go.
I think?
Again, domestic policy or foreign military adventure that were supposed to help reduce the threat of a terrorist attack.
Believers in limited government were harder to find.
Political money, as usual, played a role in pressing Congress into supporting...
Almost any proposal suggested by the neocons.
This process, where campaign donations and lobbying efforts affect policy, is hardly the domain of any single political party, and unfortunately, it is the way of life in Washington.
There are many reasons why government continues to grow.
It would be naive for anyone to expect otherwise.
Since 9-1-1, protection of privacy, whether medical, personal, or financial, has vanished 100%, folks.
His words vanish.
Free speech and the Fourth Amendment have been under constant attack.
Higher welfare expenditures are endorsed by the leadership of both parties.
Policing the world and nation building issues are popular campaign targets, yet they are now standard operating procedure.
There's no sign that these programs will be slow to reverse until either we are stopped by force overseas, which won't be soon,
We're good to go.
I think?
Strategy and moral justification for all they hope to accomplish.
Above all else, they were not and are not conservatives dedicated to limited constitutional government.
Again, above all else, they were not and are not conservatives dedicated to limited constitutional government.
And it goes into what they are.
Trotskyites who follow communism and fascism and, yes, support Hitler.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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I think?
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Welcome back.
I'm reading Congressman Ron Paul's speech from July 10th on the floor of the House.
In its entirety.
Now he's talking about how big government's grown, how we're losing our liberty, how we're losing our sovereignty.
And he says, who's behind it?
He just said the neocons.
Now he continues.
Neoconservatism has been around for decades.
And strangely, has connections to past generations as far back as Machiavelli.
Modern-day neoconservatism was introduced to us in the 1960s.
It entails both a detailed strategy as well as a philosophical and philosophy on government.
The ideas of Teddy Roosevelt or certainly Woodrow Wilson, and Woodrow Wilson gave us the Federal Reserve and the income tax, were quite similar to many of the views of present-day neocons.
Neocon spokesman Max Boot brags that what he advocates is hard Wilson-tonism.
In many ways, there's nothing neo about their views, and certainly nothing conservative.
Yet they have been able to co-opt the conservative movement by advertising themselves as a new or modern form of conservatism.
More recently, the modern-day neocons have come from the far left, a group historically identified as former Trotskyites, the Fourth International.
I'm Mr. Crystal's father.
Liberal Christopher Hitchens has recently officially joined the neocons, and it has been reported that he has already been to the White House as an ad hoc consultant.
Many neocons, now in positions of influence in Washington, can trace their status back to Professor Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago, who called for fascism in his own publications.
One of Strauss' books was Thoughts on Machiavelli.
And it goes on...
All are key players in designing our new strategy of preemptive war.
Others include Michael Leiden of the American Enterprise Institute, former CIA Director James Woolsey, Bill Bennett of the Book of Virtues, Frank Gaffney, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld.
They are just too many to mention who are philosophically and politically connected to the neocon philosophy in some varying degree.
Now, again, folks, neocons are just a globalist team for the bankers, but...
Again, this is what they believe in.
The godfather of modern neoconservatism is considered to be Irving Kristol, father of Bill Kristol, who set the stage in 1983 with his publication Reflections of a Neoconservative.
In his book, Kristol, the head of the Fourth International, folks, also defends the traditional liberal position on welfare.
Now, let's go over the ten points.
This is Ron Paul speaking.
More important than the names of people affiliated with neoconservatism are the views they adhere to.
Here is a brief summary of the general understanding of what neocons believe.
Now, listen to this.
Number one, this is Ron Paul.
They agree with Trotsky.
That's the head of the Communist Party.
They agree with Trotsky on permanent revolution, violent as well as intellectual.
They are for redrawing the map of the Middle East and are willing to use force to do so.
They believe in preemptive war to achieve desired ends.
They accept the notion that the end justifies the means, that hardball politics is a moral necessity.
They express no opposition to the welfare state or abortion.
They are not bashful about an American empire.
Instead, they strongly endorse it.
And I would add an empire of tyranny, not American values.
They believe a powerful federal government is a benefit.
They believe permanent facts about how a society should be run should be held by the elite and withheld from those who do not have the courage to deal with it.
Again, false reality.
They believe neutrality in foreign affairs is ill-advised.
Well, George Washington said it was what America was about.
They hold Leo Strauss in high esteem, who held fascism in high esteem.
They believed imperialism, if progressive in nature, is appropriate.
What, slave camps?
Using American might to force American ideals on others is acceptable.
Four, should not be limited to the defense of our country.
Fourteen, 9-1-1 resulted from a lack of foreign attainments, not from too many.
Fifteen, they dislike and despise libertarians, therefore the same applies to all strict constitutionalists.
Well yeah, Bush has got FEMA handing out tens of thousands of pamphlets and training manuals where all Christians and constitutionalists are terrorists.
They endorse attacks on civil liberties such as those found in the Patriot Act as being necessary.
They unconditionally support Israel and have a close alliance with the Likud Party.
Folks, they're double agents, okay?
A lot of them are admitted Mossad agents, which is illegal, but who cares?
And by the way, I heard neocons this weekend on the radio, big national ones, saying that Saddam wouldn't let people have business over there.
Our government arrests you if you're caught without a special license selling stuff on the streets.
Various organizations and publications over the last 30 years have played a significant role in the rise of power and neoconservatism.
It took plenty of money and commitment to produce the intellectual arguments needed to convince the main participants in the movements of its respectability.
We'll come back and tell you who these moles are.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones.
I'm reading Ron Paul's speech about the greatest threat to America.
And phony conservatives, the mindless type of person that drives around with the NRA sticker on their car, with the George Bush sticker on their car,
Doesn't even know they've been co-opted by a sinister slash communist organization.
This is Ron Paul telling you from the neocon's own words.
I mean, look at it.
More regulation, more tax, more control, gun grabbing, open borders, militarization of police, and they call it conservative.
Wake up.
It's in your face.
Stop being idiots out there.
It is no secret, especially after the rash of research and articles written about the neocons since our invasion of Iraq, how they gained influence and what organizations were used to promote their cause.
Although for decades they agitated for their beliefs through publications like the National Review, the Weekly Standard, the Public Interest, the Wall Street Journal...
Commentary in the New York Post, their views only gained momentum in the 90s following the first Persian Gulf War and Bush's announcement of a new world order, which still has not ended, even with the removal of Saddam Hussein.
They became convinced that a much more militant approach for removing all the conflicts in the Middle East was an absolute necessity, and they were determined to implement that policy.
Yeah, the neocons wrote it was about oil, not about peace.
Congressman, we have their own documents.
In addition, the publications, multiple think tanks, and projects were centered and created to promote their agenda.
A product of the Bradley Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, led the neocon charge.
But the real push for war came from the Project for a New American Century, PNAC, another organization helped by the Bradley Foundation.
This occurred in 98 and was chaired...
By Weekly Standard editor Bill Crystal.
Early on, they urged war against Iraq, but were disappointed with the Clinton administration, which never followed through with its periodic bombings.
Obviously, the bombings were motivated more by Clinton's personal political problems than a belief in the neocon agenda.
Oh yeah, they had letters ordering Clinton to do it, and he followed orders, Paul.
The election of 2000 changed all that.
The Defense Policy Board, chaired by Richard Pearl, played no small role in coordinating the various projects and think tanks, all determined to take us into war against Iraq.
It wasn't too long before the dream of empire was brought closer to reality by the election of 2000 with Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld playing key roles in the accomplishment.
The plan to promote an American greatness imperialistic foreign policy was now a distinct possibility.
Iraq offered a great opportunity to provide
And prove their long-held theories.
This opportunity was the consequences of 9-1-1 disaster.
The money and views of Rupert Murdoch also played a key role in promoting the neocon views, as well as rallying support by the general population through his news corporation, which owns Fox Network, the New York Post, and the Weekly Standard.
This powerful, influential media empire, which puts out the most filthy shows, by the way, and calls itself conservative, did more to galvanize public support for the Iraq invasion than one might imagine.
Fox even bragged that.
This facilitated the Rumsfeld-Cheney policy as their plans to attack Iraq came to fruition.
This would have been difficult for the neocons to usurp foreign policy from the...
Restraints of Colin Powell's State Department without the successful agitation of the Rupert Murdoch empire.
Max Boot was satisfied as he explained, neoconservatives believe in using American might to promote American ideas abroad.
This attitude is a far cry from the advice of our founders who advocated no entangling alliances and neutrality as a proper goal on American foreign policy.
And I would add a large caveat to this, a key caveat, I should say, that when they say American values, American values, yeah, we're taking over, yeah, it's empire, that means bags over people's heads, torture, secret police, mass killings, looting everything, deindustrialization, end of the Bill of Rights, SWAT teams raiding your house, drones in the skies, open borders.
That's their American value.
They wrap death of America in the flag and hope you'll swallow it.
Let's go back to Ron Paul.
Let there be no doubt, those in the neocon camp had been anxious to go to war against Iraq for a decade.
They justified the use of force to accomplish their goals, even if it required preemptive war.
If anyone doubts this assertion, they need only to read on the strategy in a clean break, a new strategy for securing the realm.
That's the neocon.
Securing the realm, the empire.
Although they felt morally justified in changing the government in Iraq, they knew that public support was important.
And justification had to be given to pursue the war.
Of course, a threat to us had to exist before the people and the Congress would go along with the war.
This is 9-1-1.
The majority of Americans blame...
Excuse me, the majority of Americans become convinced of this threat, which is actually never really existed, Ron Paul went on to say.
No, we have the ongoing debate over the location of weapons of mass destruction.
Where was the danger?
Was all this killing and spending necessary?
How long will this nation building and dying go on?
When will we become more concerned about the needs of our own citizens than the problems we sought in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Who knows where we'll go next?
Iran, Syria, North Korea?
Well, Perlis said North Korea.
At the end of the Cold War, the neoconservatives realized in a...
We're good to go.
I think?
The only problem is the neocons...
And again, it's the people that brought you communism.
The Trotskyites founding the neocons, relabeling it.
That's what this is all about, folks.
This is a command-and-control revolution continuing.
Communism surely lost a lot with the breakup of the Soviet Union, but this can hardly be declared a victory for the American liberty as the founders understood it.
Neoconservatism is not the philosophy of free markets and a wise foreign policy.
Instead, it represents big government welfare at home and a program of using our military might to spread that version.
Of their values throughout the world.
So see?
Big government, welfare state, invading people.
That's fascism.
That's communism.
That's imperial attacks.
They just confuse you with terms.
Since neoconservatives dominate the way the U.S.
government now operates, it behooves us all to understand their beliefs and goals.
The breakup of the Soviet system may well have been an epic event, but to say that it's a victory for the views of the neocons and all we need to do is to wait for their implementation is a capitulation to controlling the focus of history that many Americans are not yet ready to concede.
There is surely no need to do so.
There is now a recognized philosophic connection between modern-day neoconservatives and Irving Kristol, Leo Strauss, and Machiavelli.
This is important to understand that today's policies and the subsequent problems with which will be with us for years to come if these policies are not reversed.
Not only did Leo Strauss write favorably of Machiavelli, Michael Leiden and current leader of the neoconservative movement did the same in 99.
Leiden titled his book Machiavelli on Modern Leadership and subtitled Why Machiavelli's Iron Rules Are as Timely and Important Today as Five Centuries Ago.
Leiden is indeed an influential neocon theorist whose views get lots of attention today in Washington.
His book on Machiavelli, interestingly enough, was passed out to members of Congress attending a political strategy meeting shortly after its publication, and at just about the same time a clean break was issued.
Again, a clean break pushing for the control of the realm.
In Leiden's most recent publication, The War Against the Terror Masters... Oh, I had the Masters of Terror.
In Leiden's most recent publication, The War Against the Terror Masters, he reiterates his beliefs outlined in the 99 Machiavelli book.
He specifically praises creative destruction both within our own society and abroad.
Foreigners, seeing America undo traditional societies, may fear us, for they do not wish to be undone.
Amazingly, Leiden concludes, they must attack us in order to survive, just as we must destroy them to advance our historic mission.
See, they're shutting up World War III and admitting it, folks, pushing North Korea into attacking us by announcing the battle plan.
If those words don't scare you, nothing will.
If they are not a clear warning, I don't know what could be.
It sounds like both sides of each disagreement in the world will be following the principle of preemptive war.
The world is certainly a less safe place for it.
Again, the world is certainly a less safe place for it.
And Ron Paul's a Vietnam veteran, okay?
Combat veteran.
Multiple tours.
But notice, none of the neocons but Rumsfeld have ever even been in the military.
They're all buckets of pus, little greebling creatures bumbling around.
Well, gun control's okay.
Well, open borders is all right.
And they tell us we're bad for saying Bush is a liberal?
In Machiavelli on Modern Leadership, Leiden praises a business leader for correctly understanding Machiavelli.
There are no absolute solutions.
It all depends.
What is right and what is wrong depends on what needs to be done and how.
Moral relativism.
This is a clear endorsement of situational ethics and is not coming from the traditional left.
Reminds me of, it depends on what the definition of is is.
That's it, folks.
They're about changing labels.
Leaden quotes Machiavelli approvingly of what makes a great leader.
A prince must have no other objective other than... Again, a prince must have no other objectives or other thoughts other than to take anything for his craft, except war.
What do they have on the skull and bones on the wall?
To Leaden, this meant the virtue of the warrior are those of great leaders or of any successful organization.
I think.
I think.
It continues encouraging some of our worst instincts and depriving us of some of our best leaders.
PC claims it's a dream and not even a pleasant one, for it would cause indolence and would undermine the power of the state.
The power of the state?
Oh, I see conservatism.
Although I concede the history of the world is a history of frequent war, Paul says, to capitulate and give up even striving for peace, believing peace is not a...
Benefit to mankind is a frightening thought that condemns the world to perpetual war and justifies as a benefit and a necessity.
These are dangerous ideas from which no good can come.
Now understand, folks, that's the war on terror.
It's a war on your liberties.
The drug war.
The bigger it gets, the more drugs, the more cocaine, the more heroin.
They bring in the crisis, then offer the solution, which increases their power.
It's about dictatorship.
I will continue with Ron Paul's speech.
The conflict of all the ages has been between the state and the individual.
Central power versus liberty.
The more restrained the state, the more emphasis on individual liberty.
The greater has been the advancement of civilization and general prosperity.
Just as man's condition was not locked in place by the times and wars of old and improved with liberty and free markets, there's no reason to believe that a new stage for man might not be achieved by believing and working for continuations of peace and conditions of peace.
The inevitability and so-called need for preemptive war should never be intellectually justified as being a benefit.
Such an attitude guarantees a backsliding of civilization.
Neocons, unfortunately, claim that war is man's nature and that we can't do much about it, so let's use it to our advantage and let the neocons run things by promoting our...
Goodness, around the world, through force of arms, this view is anathema to the cause of liberty and the preservation of the Constitution.
It is not, and if it is not loudly refuted, our future will be dire indeed.
By the way, the world would trade with us.
The world would love us if we were the old America.
That's what built this wealth and this power.
The new imperial America is diminishing our economy, diminishing our liberties, and our last muscles, our last stores are being used up to empower the new world order.
Then America will be blamed for all this and be destroyed.
You watch, folks.
It's already happening.
Leighton believes man is basically evil and cannot be left to his own desires, Paul continues.
Therefore, he must have proper and strong leadership.
This is Machiavelli argued.
Only then can man achieve good, and Leighton explains, in order to achieve the most noble accomplishments, the leader must have to enter into evil.
Now, that's what Satan said.
This is pure evil.
Listen to this.
Only then can man achieve good, as Leedon explains, in order to achieve the most noble accomplishments, the leader may have to enter into evil.
This is the chilling insight that has made Machiavelli so feared, admired, and challenging.
We are rotten, argues Leedon.
That's the quote.
It's true that we can achieve greatness if and only if we are properly led.
In other words, man is so depraved that individuals are incapable of
...are incapable of moral, ethical, and spiritual greatness, and achieving excellence and virtue can only come from a powerful authoritarian leader.
What depraved ideas are these to now be influencing our leaders in Washington?
The question Leiden doesn't answer is, why do the political leaders not suffer from the same shortcomings, and where do they obtain their monopoly on wisdom?
Paul continues.
Folks, they're saying dictatorship is good, evil is good,
Machiavelli's good.
We must enter into evil.
This is what they tell the young CIA hitman.
Well, you're going to kill these innocent people because they don't see the bigger picture and they're getting in the way of our agenda.
We've got to be more evil than the enemy to be able to counter them.
That's the line.
That's how they seduce people.
I've talked about this many times.
And they're creating this elite class of psychopaths to run our lives and rationalize they're doing it for our own good.
Folks, this is Ron Paul telling you this from their own words.
You won't listen to me, listen to Ron Paul.
They're going to take your guns, your pension funds, the elections, everything.
They're going to create hell on earth, folks.
And they're all a bunch of squat, fat, gray-haired little men
We want big government and they're a bunch of filthy, dirty Trotskyites.
They're traitors!
They're destroying America!
And for NAFTA and GATT and gun grabbing and all of it, and they make me want to puke.
And it goes on, Leiden makes it clear that war is a necessity to establish national boundaries because they're the ways it's always been done.
Who needs progress on the human race, he explains.
Look at the map of the world.
And it goes, national boundaries have not been drawn by peaceful men leading lives of spiritual contemplation.
National boundaries have been established by war and national charter.
And character has been shaped by struggle, most often bloody struggle.
But the nation they're talking about is a new world order.
They're pushing to break down borders.
Understand the double speak, decipher it.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, I've gotten to page seven on this Ron Paul speech, and from here it gets even worse.
We must enter into evil.
Communism's good.
They follow philosophies of people that supported Hitler.
He explains in eerie terms, Ron Paul continues, Dying for one's country doesn't come naturally.
Modern armies raised from the populace must be inspired, motivated, indoctrinated...
Religion is central to the military enterprise for men are more likely to risk their lives than they believe they will be rewarded forever after serving their country.
This is an abomination that might just as well have been given by Osama Bin Laden.
See, I'm having to skip stuff.
Before that, he talks about how they bragged they're taking over the churches, your local Baptist church, through the faith-based initiative, through the neocon movement.
It goes on.
Neocons anxious for the U.S.
to use force...
To religion, the boundaries and challenge regimes in the Middle East certainly understand the benefit of a galvanizing and emotional event to rally the people to their cause.
Usually they talk about 9-1-1.
Without a special event, they realize the difficulty in selling their policy, a preemptive war, where our own military personnel would be killed, whether it was the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, or the Maine, all served their purpose in promoting a war that was sought by our leaders.
And Ron Paul gets into how they called for a 9-1-1 event.
Leiden writes of a fortuitous event in 99.
Quote, of course we can always get lucky.
Stunning events from outside can...
Providentially awaken the enterprise from its growing tuple and demonstrate the need for reversal.
As the devastating Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor did in 1941 so effectively aroused the U.S.
from its soothing dreams of permanent neutrality.
Amazingly, Leiden calls Pearl Harbor a lucky event, Ron Paul says.
The Project for New American Century, as recently as 2000 likewise, foresaw the need for a, quote, Pearl Harbor event that would galvanize the American people to support their ambitious plans to ensure potential and political economic domination of the world while strangling any potential rival.
Recognizing a need for a Pearl Harbor event and referring to Pearl Harbor as being lucky are not identical to support and knowledge of such an event, but they do give sympathy for galvanizing events such as 9-1-1 turned out to be was used to promote an agenda that strict constitutionalists and devotees of the founding fathers of this nation find appalling and indeed disturbing.
After 9-1-1, Rumsfeld and others argued for an immediate attack on Iraq even though it was not implicated in the attacks.
I'm out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
I got to most of it.
Go read it at infowars.com about the communism, the Machiavelli, the following Hitler, the perpetual war, the entering into evil, being more evil than your enemy.
This is all to be used domestically against the American people and conservatives because neocons are not conservatives.
They support big government and control.
I'm not a newsreader.
I'm sorry if I babbled through that, but I was trying to hurry.
Before I end this show, it's very important you support this broadcast, if you believe what we're doing.
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All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing, so stop doing nothing.
Be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless.
We're good to go.