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Air Date: July 18, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Welcome back to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
And it is Friday, the 18th of July, 2003.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
And we don't have any guests coming up today because I want to take your calls and cover the news.
In fact, I'm going to accelerate through news for the next 30 minutes.
Then I'm going to open the phones up and take a half hour of calls on any issue you'd like to discuss, any news item we failed to mention.
It's always interesting to take your calls.
And we will then get back into this in the second and third hour, continuing with your calls.
It's Open Line Friday, as they say.
Poll-free number to join us on air, 800-259-9231.
Big news day for you.
I think we're good to go.
And he couched it with, our new world must have order.
So, Tony Blair, but the guy that the evidence shows blew the whistle on lying by the government, premeditated lying, well, he went for a walk and was found face down dead.
But don't worry, the British intelligence is investigating their own obvious murder, and I'm sure they'll rule it an accident or a suicide, a
Kind of like Fannie Malick up in Arkansas for Clinton.
Somebody cuts their arms and legs and heads off and puts themselves in a plastic bag and then pours gasoline on themselves and then lights themselves on fire.
That's a suicide, folks.
It's like coming in and someone's put themselves in a meat grinder and then put the sausage that was made out of it into boxes and put in a freezer.
And then drives the truck that brings it to market or something.
Speaking of cannibalism, it's real big with the culture of death crowd.
Rolling Stone has reported, a liberal publication, about how the homosexuals, quote, want to get AIDS.
It's a culture of death.
Well, in Germany, cannibalism is big.
They'll cut their arms and legs off and eat them at large dinners.
But now they're volunteering to be killed and be gobbled in large death rings.
This is BBC.
I mean, any type of depravity.
Stuff that never has even entered our minds is going on out there.
And I'm committing a hate crime criticizing the cannibalism, by the way, according to Scotland Yard's diversity unit.
I'm not joking, folks.
I will probably be arrested someday just for reporting that this is deviant behavior.
One of the top media presenters over in England, we had him on the show last year, was arrested for using the word homosexual instead of gay.
You notice all the articles say gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, which isn't the proper word.
Homosexual, heterosexual.
Anglo, Negro, you know, these are scientific terms for things, but they find that offensive, so you can't use the scientific terms.
So the gays are big on eating each other, literally, and giving each other syphilis and AIDS.
I'm not saying all of them, but a larger group, and it's very dangerous, and it's horrible, and I'm a hate criminal for even reporting it.
So that's coming up, too, just bizarreness that,
That goes past anything that I had ever even thought of.
Evil volunteering to be eaten and being killed and slaughtered and butchered like a hog.
So that's coming up.
It's a big fetish here in the U.S.
that's been reported in the news to go to Mexico and have your legs cut off and then to eat them.
But when you run out of the long ham, that's what you call human flesh,
Well, you've got to resort to killing yourself.
It's a sacrifice you make so they can have the delicious meal.
But again, I'm radical and extreme.
I'm against this.
I'm also pro-gun, by the way.
That means I'm a liberal.
We'll be right back.
I'm Patrick T. Parker for Barclay Financial.
We're good to go.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, it's Alex Jones.
Yes, it's me.
It's I. Thank you for joining us today on this live Friday, the 18th of July, 2018.
And we're going to have open phones.
Well, the big whistleblower that exposed the falsification of documents by ultra-socialist Tony Blair had just testified secretly before the House of Commons, and he's dead.
At night, he had a little boo-boo, and he was found dead.
And, of course, the government is involved.
They don't do things like that.
MI5 and MI6 are very nice people when they're not blowing up school buses or bombing churches to blame it on their political enemies, which they've been caught doing.
And, yeah, it's dangerous to be right when the government's wrong.
People say, well, then why are you still alive?
Well, because I'm on the air and, you know, they whack Alex Jones.
It'll just make my videos more popular and you'll make more copies of them.
And there's so many patriots speaking out who are involved in writing books and making films and doing talk shows that... Now, they like to kill government officials, though.
The government does that to scare others.
And they know that everybody's going to get the message.
People are going to read the news and understand what happened, and this will get a little respect.
People will shut up.
In fact, as Tony Blair was giving his speech...
Yesterday, where he talked about a New World Order, as the Queen of England's little boss was here giving us orders, this man was dying.
And a lot of people have died who have spoken about corruption.
A lot of news reporters, our government said they would, quote, kill reporters.
And you look at the list of those that have died, the dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of reporters.
In Iraq, they're almost all independent reporters who just so happen to be against the war.
Well, in a lot of cases, witnesses would see troops walk up, special forces, and splatter their brains all over the wall.
Or, you know, the Abrams tank would target for ten minutes to get their shot just right and shoot up into the Reuters compound and reporters go blasting out in different pieces.
So, you know, it's all part of freedom.
Killing members of the press, murdering people that tell the truth.
It's all about freedom, folks.
And the headline of the BBC is, Body Matches Iraq Expert.
So this will be the spin.
But now they've done tests, and yes, it's Dr. Kelly.
Is it him?
The government says an independent judiciary inquiry will be held into the circumstances of the death...
The body is confirmed to be that of Dr. Kelly, and the family's seen it, and the police have seen it, and it's Dr. Kelly.
But they say they're not releasing anything right now.
They're not going to say if he was killed or committed suicide.
And it says, the government announcement of an inquiry into the body is Dr. Kelly's came from Prime Minister's plane as he flew for a visit to Tokyo from the U.S.
Earlier this week, Dr. Kelly denied being the main, BBC's main source for the story claiming Downing Street had sexed up
A dossier about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.
He appeared before the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday.
On Tuesday, excuse me, two days ago, three days ago, his family had contacted the police when he failed to return home by midnight on Thursday.
So Thursday, you know, this is just a few hours ago.
It's Thursday, 6-8.
Hours before it is there, before it is here.
It says, Tony Blair, who is heading to Japan for his speech to Congress in Washington, has been informed about the discovery of the body.
It says, sensitive government ministers have said they believe he was the source of Mr. Gillian's story.
Superintendent Perel said the official's family were aware that the body had been found.
A police family liaison officer is with them.
Oh, yes.
Probably telling them how good it'll be to keep their mouths shut.
And he goes on to say that he had given information to the BBC, but they were kind of protecting him and saying that he wasn't their main source, and he had testified before Commons that the government was lying, and, well, he had a little boo-boo, didn't he?
And so he's dead now, and found out in the middle of nowhere, five miles from his house...
It's kind of like the Enron executive over key files that just happened to come out missing and somebody drug him out of his house in his underwear and shot him in the head.
Then the other key, Arthur Anderson, accountant, got found his decomposing body in the woods, but again, they're just committed suicide, folks.
The Houston Chronicle first reported the police said that Mr. Baxter had probably been murdered and foul play was evident, and suddenly they got the message that that wasn't the case.
And remember, the Houston Chronicle on June 24th had the police chief saying that they framed thousands of people, and he got caught doing it, so now he's apologizing, and that the DNA and crime lab is framing people.
So this is the type of government we have here.
Just down there with that case.
So two individuals dying, but again, the government doesn't do that.
They're totally trustworthy.
They're nice people.
They're loving liberals like Bill Clinton or they're Christian conservatives like Bush.
It's all the same agenda.
But, hey, that doesn't really matter, does it?
We'll just talk about rhetoric.
By the way, I was doing errands yesterday and driving around doing stuff and going from office to office.
I was flipping around their conservative talk radio, and I'd flip channels, and it'd be, Hillary Clinton, flip the channel.
Tom Daschle, flip the channel.
Hillary Clinton, flip back.
Hillary Clinton.
I'd get my car going somewhere for 30 minutes, come out, turn on the car, turn on the radio.
Hillary Clinton, flip the channel.
Hillary Clinton.
I mean, that's all they talk about.
And you're like, well, you don't like Hillary, do you?
Oh, no, she voted for the war.
She votes for gun control.
She votes for open borders.
She tries to block down Burton's committee, investigating her criminal husband.
I mean, she's got an identical record to Bush.
Frankly, a little more conservative on a few issues.
I'm not joking when I say that, by the way.
In actual actions.
Just because she can't get stuff through like Bush can, her business partner from MENA, who's protecting her and her husband, as usual.
But it's just all this mindless diversion about Bill Clinton and Hillary.
And basically, all these neocon shows are advertisements for a book.
I mean, I'm really getting sick of it, folks.
You've got the Mary Madelines and the James Carmel husband and wife teams, two sides of the same coin.
You've got the Bennett brothers, two sides of the same coin.
You've got the Republicans and Democrats, two sides of the same coin.
I mean, it's all just teams.
It's all a big joke.
You've got the big socialist pushing world government, you know, lying little demonic snake.
You can just look at him.
He radiates corruption and wickedness.
Dick Morris, and then he's on all the conservative shows of them lavishing him with praise.
I mean, it's just total la-la land sophomoric theater.
I heard one of the big neocons yesterday saying that there's no proof they lied about the uranium issue.
But it's all partisan, and since the Democrats are using this, it's okay that even if President Bush did lie because the war was righteous and he's a great leader.
I mean, don't you see how they play that?
Oh, the Democrats are against the war, or the Democrats say the uranium is a lie, and so, you know, it's okay.
No, it's not okay that Bill Clinton's a liar.
And attacked Serbia for no reason.
And the news put out lies of mass graves that turned out to be Serbs.
And that bin Laden was attacking the Serbs.
And the Serbs couldn't defend themselves.
And no, it's not okay that PNAC, the president's group, said it was about oil and said it was about a military base.
By the way, energy documents just got released.
They had to release them.
This is a small portion, and it's Cheney meeting with the Energy Group with a map of Iraq plotting who gets the oil.
And by the way, that map matches BP and Shell and ExxonMobil and who got the oil in Iraq.
And of course, now their stock's up and record profits.
And of course, it was about oil.
Part of it was about oil.
Now, it's like saying when the mafia takes over the city, it's just about prostitution.
Well, no, it's about drugs and extortion and...
In corruption and bid rigging and construction.
Second thing with Iraq, there's a lot of reasons there.
Afghanistan, three trillion in oil, opium, slave trade, all the goodies, the slave factories with the rugs the yuppies pay $5,000 for.
And then I tuned into Neocon Radio.
Neocon Radio is an advertisement now that sweatshops aren't bad.
This is what I hear now.
Genetically modified food is good for you.
Well, a little gun control is reasonable.
And, hey, open borders is a good thing.
That's what mainline Neocon Radio is.
Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, all these guys.
I mean, it's shameful.
I could smash any of them in debates.
I could crush them.
I would annihilate them.
I would debate them for 24 hours until they collapsed.
I would expose what they are as Trojan horses.
But you know what?
We're not on 400, 500, 800 radio stations like these people.
We're on a lot, but they're usually the mom and pops, and we do get the mom and pops ratings.
We do build them, but it takes time, and we're not growing fast enough to defeat these people.
You're going to lose your guns.
You're going to lose your border.
You're going to be tracked and traced.
The National ID card's going in.
You're going to lose everything, folks, because of the Trojan horses.
I mean, we know Hillary Clinton is a...
Piece of trash up one side and down the other.
But it's not a religion of bashing her all day when the neocons are getting an agenda worse than hers through.
And now you've got the guy from all reports who was leaking a lot of the key information about Blair who testified and he ends up dead a day after he testifies.
Out in the middle of a field.
I mean, folks, Tony Blair...
He's one of the most socialistic, evil, gun-grabbing, world government-promoting people in the planet.
And the neocons are worshipping him yesterday, carrying his speech where he talked about a new world order, not once, but twice.
And those same neocons will get on the air when we talk about the new world order and call us conspiracy theorists.
See, it's a joke, people.
The whole thing's a sick joke.
Hillary, Chuckie Schumer, Blair, they're all for war.
They all want your guns, and they love Bush.
Be right back.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
The Ministry of Defense and the British government are here in the BBC saying that, yes, they believe that Dr. Kelly was the one leaking the information about the lies in the documents.
The prior knowledge of the lies about Saddam getting uranium.
We already know they know it was a lie.
That's admitted.
That's not even debatable.
But the people that call into the neocon shows are so incoherent because they're mindless liberals that they can't even debate their own kindred in the false paradigm.
But it says right here, I mean, this is horrible.
It's got the Ministry of Defense.
Spokeswoman said, we are aware that Dr. Kelly has gone missing, and we are obviously concerned.
And it says a police officer in the area where the body was found, and again, it's a wooded area found in a field, and they won't say what was on the body, and that may be sealed for security purposes.
He just showed up dead in a field, and now he won't be able to testify before Parliament anymore, and
It says, they say Dr. Kelly, who was worked as a weapons inspector in Iraq, had been poorly treated by the government, a charge strongly rejected by the ministry.
Of course, there'd also, earlier this week, been some threats that he'd better not testify anymore.
And, well, he had a boo-boo, but we're sorry for him.
God bless him.
I hope he goes to heaven.
I think he will.
His sacrifice to tell the truth.
But understand this, folks.
Understand this, that...
The neocons are worshipping Tony Blair.
They just love him.
This is a guy who is for 70 plus percent taxation.
This is a guy who is for total gun bans, hunting bans.
This is a guy who wants to get rid of England's national sovereignty.
This is a guy who says New World Order about 10 times a week, and I'm not joking.
All he does is say New World Order.
Just New World Order, New World Order, Global Government, New World Order, New World Order, Global Union.
He wants the three million cameras to all have face scanners in them.
They're putting it in.
Road taxes with satellite tracker boxes.
I mean, this guy's horrible.
And I hear them worshipping him on conservative talk radio.
I mean, just worshipping him.
Again, they're winning because they know how to put a conservative label on it and sell you big government.
I don't want to spend all day on the guy that blew the whistle on the British government lying, dying,
But, I mean, is this not obvious here, people?
This is so obvious.
Now other people in government will be very careful.
They better all speak out now and have courage and do the right thing.
It's amazing.
But, you know, he doesn't have the murder of all those Iraqi children and our troops and British troops on his hands now, does he?
And here's another story out of the Washington Post.
Again, they're going to report on all this now that the globalists have already gotten the oil and already gotten control of the region.
Now they're going to burn conservatives and act like conservatism is lying and evil and corrupt and then let America take the blame as the bad cops.
See, I told you this would happen.
I told you after the war they'd burn conservatives and Bush would burn conservatives and energize the gun-grabbing, land-grabbing, socialist arm of the New World Order.
And then now it's happening.
I mean, I got these people figured out, folks.
I got how they operate.
It's a tag team.
It's a double team.
They do on us.
The U.S.
had uranium papers earlier.
Officials say forgeries on Iraq efforts reached State Department before speech.
State Department received copies of what would turn out to be forged documents suggesting that Iraq tried to purchase uranium oxide from Niger three months before the President of the State of the Union.
Well, I've been saying two and a half.
They say three.
The State of the Union Address, administration officials said, documents which officials said appeared to be of dubious authenticity were distributed to the CIA and other agencies.
Well, they made them.
Also, remember, they found the two mobile weapons trucks and a couple others.
Two were sold to the Russians, two by the British, but the two they showed on the news were sold to them in the 80s by the British.
They have the purchase order.
Everybody, they have laptops with James Weapons dictionaries in them, serial numbers.
They knew the first day.
The Iraqis told them.
The Iraqi troops said, yeah, these are for pumping up balloons.
Our troops knew that.
We have the same British systems here.
government buys them.
It's the same trucks, but all over the news for months.
Look at these mobile weapons trucks.
Oh, they were going to hit us.
Oh, they were going to get us.
And they beat us up.
And as late as a week ago, I was still hearing neocons go, they have the mobile trucks, people!
Don't listen to these liberals about how the documents from Niger were fake.
That hasn't been proven.
Besides, we have the mobile trucks.
We have them, the nuclear centrifuges.
We have mass graves.
And months ago it was admitted that the U.N.
had been there in the early 1990s.
It was a storage area for dead Iranians and Iraqis where they exchanged the bodies like we do with North Korea or Vietnam.
But again, I still hear neocons.
I've heard them a week ago.
Still monitoring.
Mask raids.
Model 11 trucks.
It's all lies.
They're still lying.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Let me just say this one more time for you folks who just joined us.
The weapons inspector, the doctor, the guy that testified, they knew that the Niger documents and other material was fake.
They were being pressured to lie.
We're good to go.
And they could have easily poisoned him and had the guy have a heart attack.
Or he could have died in a car wreck.
But no, they want everybody to know and go, Gee, what happened to Dr. Kelly?
Hmm, he blew the whistle about lying and he's dead.
You see what you're part of now, neocons, cheering this whole thing on?
I'm sure it's real funny to you.
Of course, it'll never be discussed on the neocon shows.
But, of course, the neocons all want to talk about the Clinton death list, which is very worthy to be discussed.
But, you know, I really don't want to discuss it because I don't want to hear the neocons talk about how evil Clinton is because they're protecting him and blocking Dan Burton's committee.
It's all just an exercise in futility, as they say.
David and Ken and others that are holding your calls are coming up here in a few minutes.
The toll-free number to join us on air today on this Friday is 800-259-9231.
Let me just blitz through some of the headlines so you know what's coming up.
had uranium papers earlier, knew that they were false.
Iraq, uranium forgeries crudely done, newspaper reveals.
Well, it's like their weapons dossier was written by a graduate student 12 years ago.
They just grabbed it off the Internet.
I mean, look, I have a document right here.
Here's another one.
This is Judicial Watch, known as conservative.
I'm sorry, they're not neocons.
Ron Paul's in railing against.
They actually have a real record.
Chinese Energy Task Force documents featured map of Iraqi oil fields.
And it just so happened, mentioned some of the companies that just so happened to get the contracts.
And, of course, the White House's own documents said it was about oil, but we'll just ignore that.
And notice the liberals ignore PNAC, too, because they're all part of the team.
It's just that illusion, that theater, making you think there's a choice.
So that's coming up.
Blair sets out his view of the New World Order to Congress.
Again, Blair sets out his view of the New World Order to Congress, and in his speech he called for a New World Order and, quote, said that world order.
Order needs order, and that the new world needs order.
Just lots of new world order stuff.
And Tony Boyer last night became the first British Prime Minister to address a joint meeting of the U.S.
Congress since Margaret Thatcher in 1985.
The following are extracts, excerpts from the speech.
It says extracts.
I guess that's how the British write in the Herald.
They call it extracts.
We call it excerpts.
But little quirks in the English language there.
I guess they have the real authentic English language.
But so, I mean, I watched clips of it on TV last night.
I became so nauseated I was about to throw up.
This is their little regional governor coming over to spank everyone.
It's like 1776 all over again.
I mean, they're on the offensive because they know the best defense is good offense.
Key witnesses are dropping dead and Blair is jumping up and down in the halls of Congress saying Al-Qaeda is going to get us unless we give up our rights.
And you tune into the radio stations and they're playing all these war on terror promos and Al-Qaeda is creeping around going to get you and the border stays wide open.
So that's coming up.
Also Walmart to forego tracking chips due to protests.
Washington Times.
That is not true.
That is a shield.
We start winning the battle against them, so they say, okay, we give up, you're right, and then as soon as we turn our backs, they begin a large volley attack.
They've announced that the Total Information Awareness Network got defunded.
Actually, their funding got massively increased months ago, years ago, before we even heard of it.
We heard about it on this show five, six years ago.
They said they'd get rid of tips, and then they radically expanded under Talon.
So this shows we're having a victory, but again, they're moving forward.
Democrat eyes potential grounds for Bush impeachment.
Senator Graham, who, by the way, was involved sneaking around with 9-1-1, just like Bush is, more theater.
Blunkett rallies to Blair's aid, and Blair says history will judge us.
German cannibal charged with murder.
The man he ate wanted to be eaten.
He was part of a 450-group cannibal organization, and they found some other stuff.
There may be multiple bodies in the house.
You talk about the culture of death, very successful importation by UNESCO, the culture of death.
As Rolling Stone reported, these people want to die, they want AIDS.
This is Rolling Stone, by the way.
A large section, they say now, about a third of San Francisco men who were polled want AIDS, want to die, and there's also now this cannibal slash Satanism coming into it.
That's BBC talking about dehumanization, scientists to clone a mammoth.
That's coming up.
Also, you can buy a fish that's been crossed with a jellyfish that grows in the dark.
It's right out of Blade Runner in the Taiwan shops.
So just, you know, your designer genetic engineer is right there on the streets.
Yes, very nice.
Also, contamination in Canada sounds warning to UK.
There's hardly any real canola that's not genetically modified.
The Royal Mounted Police have been caught.
This has even been in the...
National Geographic, the Mounties drive around throwing handfuls of gently modified seeds into people's crops.
Then it grows up, contaminates.
The people have their seed records that they bought them, that they didn't buy Monsanto.
It doesn't matter.
Monsanto owns the judges.
They take the land.
They sue.
Their own statements are that they want to take over the entire biosphere, patenting life.
Massive environmental crisis.
Of course, the environmental groups who care less and are owned by Monsanto.
There they are, Greenpeace, all of them.
They're all bought and paid for by the big people that are corrupting the environment.
So the environmental movement is about stealing your ranch as they splice goaters with spiders and fish with jellyfish and release them in the oceans and put human genes into salmon and then put the salmon genes into corn and then put AIDS virus in the corn and plant it all over Texas and Nebraska, the Texas company's protein gene.
Source Associated Press, but you didn't hear about that.
See, it's all just off the charts, folks.
I'm about to go to your calls.
It's all just off the charts.
The insanity is off the charts.
Okay, we're living in total la-la land.
RFID for credit card users.
My wife has now noticed, and she's going to try to go purely to cash.
She goes to Kinko's.
And even if the clerk takes your card, it goes into a machine and doesn't come out unless you're a good citizen.
And now the ATMs are going mainly to this.
We've noticed that Slave-It or Target, as we call it, it now takes your credit card, sucks it in.
Talk about the casual society.
We're going there.
Well, now they want to make all credit cards be radio frequency read.
You notice IBM ran the ad two years ago before this was even put in stores where the guy comes in with a leather jacket, stuffing stuff in his jacket.
Security guard walks up and goes, excuse me, sir, you forgot your receipt.
Scan, see, by the radio frequency identifier reader to see
And his face is scanned to identify his security code access, and that's in the driver's license database slash national ID card.
Of course, I made a film about this almost six years ago, warning you in precise detail what would now happen.
Called America to show by design.
You may be concerned about it.
I don't know.
Maybe you want to be totally enslaved.
Maybe you're going to enjoy the 87% tax rate that the OECD has said you will serve under the cashless control grid.
When they bankrupt you and take your pension, maybe you're going to enjoy the one-room facility
We're good to go.
By the way, Aldous Huxley did say in a speech in 1962, before Berkeley, two months before his death, this was actually a government plan that he could now reveal, and that his brother was involved in it as a top socialist, known as Julian Huxley, First Secretary General of UNESCO.
We're having trouble denying this.
We had the family on, it was in the New York Post yesterday, where she has a 3.84, 3.84 from the top 1%.
Graduating from college at 15, the CPS is moving to take her from the family.
They call that abuse.
You're beginning to understand here just what we're facing.
Again, it's off the charts.
It's total dehumanization.
We're under mass attack right now.
It's off the scales.
I cannot humanly, with my intellect, articulate the massive scale of evil we're under right now and the mass mindlessness of the yuppies, the hippies, the rednecks, and all the other subgroups running around worshiping world government.
The sports heads, all of them, it's just disgusting.
It's pathetic.
We're under mass attack.
Do you understand me?
There's another article here towards the World Central Bank announcing that implantable human tracking chip launched.
Thousands taking it.
This is from Associated Press.
They say they're going to go ahead and make it mandatory.
For people on probation, both charged in Iraq arms, had doubters' house told, bill to stop gun lawsuits under fire, trying to derail that good bill, thanks to verified customer's identity, in all cases through USA Patriot Act, no Fourth Amendment, automatic reporting to IRS.
This is from the Sacramento Beeb.
That's all coming up.
Let's go ahead and go to your calls.
Let's talk to Dave in Boston, Mass.
Go ahead, Dave.
Hi, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
How are you doing?
This is Paul Revereland up here.
What's on your mind?
Just one quick thing.
You had John Kotmeyer on the show last Monday.
Did he give a website?
No, save-a-patriot.org.
Got it.
Because he's coming here in September.
I've got to see this guy.
He was great.
Well, he's a good guy in the fight against the New World Order.
Do you have any comments about this guy that blew the whistle on Blair lying, ending up dead in the field?
Do you have any comments about just mass, bizarre government police state?
Oh, yeah, one...
How are they going to do the fingerprints for thumb scans?
Well, I don't know how they're going to do that.
They put them in the grocery store, and you come in, and they say thumb scan for security.
Takes your print right there.
And they get your print for the database when you get your driver's license.
So that's how it works.
And that's admitted.
Here in Texas, it's 93.
They laser scan your thumb and take a digital photo of you.
That's uploaded, and the grocery stores and banks access that, and they're already doing it with their cameras.
And the stores are already putting the thumb scanners in.
Then they put in self-serve checkout lanes, get you used to that.
Then they pull out the service checkout lanes.
Then they make you use the thumb scanners.
Yeah, the Home Depot's doing that.
Yeah, well, they're putting in the self-servers.
Then they put the thumb scanners in.
Then they pull out the other checkout lanes.
You understand the control grid.
This is how you domesticate something.
Oh, yeah, I can see.
I understand the control grid.
By the way, it's the stated policy of these groups.
It's not hidden.
Oh, right out in the open?
Yeah, it's how you break a horse.
It's how you train a monkey.
It's how you train a dog.
It's just, you know, they're laughing at us.
Remember five years ago, the Lockheed Martin ad where the space shuttle takes off in the morning, you have this prideful feeling, and the guy points with pride, and then his finger gets scanned?
Associating thumb scanning with a space shuttle, with high tech, with American pride?
You ever see that ad?
I didn't see that ad, no.
It aired for about five years.
They've stopped airing it.
Did Ward Bush go to the Grove Tuesday?
All right.
Well, the Bohemian Grove meets for three weeks, two or three weeks, and they generally show up.
The Bushes don't normally show up when they're in office later.
Thanks for the call, Dave.
I really appreciate that call.
We're going to go to some more of your calls here in a moment, but I would ask listeners to have a particular news item they want to discuss or to talk about one of the items I've thrown out.
Now, no one has called in about the subject, I'm told, about the Dr. Kelly who blew the whistle about Blair knowing the documents were lies.
I mean, that's already come out, but now he's dead.
Is anyone concerned about this?
I mean, is this not obvious here?
Dead out in the field, folks.
And does this concern you, these snatch and grab operations by government?
And what do you think about the spin, the spin out there in the media?
That Bush never knew that the Niger information was false, and he never read the speech.
And the White House on websites, and they've since pulled them, but it's on the record and news is reported on it, show photos of Bush reading the speech, the State of the Union, drawing out the margin, circling it, circling lines, changing the speech, right up to the speech.
Because, you know, they want to project this image of Bush writing his own speeches and analyzing them when he doesn't write his own speeches.
Most presidents don't.
But they want to create this illusion so they show the photos and letters and say, oh, he never read it until the speech.
And, well, you know, it's okay to fib because this war was a righteous war and it was never about oil.
No, we just have the president's own cabinet writing documents about how it was for oil.
And then, see, they say, oh, well, the liberals are being partisan.
Of course they are.
It doesn't matter.
It's still a lie.
It's still bad.
You know, I got accused when I would attack Bill Clinton for being a criminal and a liar of, you're just being partisan.
You're just being a Republican.
And I'd say, no, I expose corruption.
And, see, I'm doing that today.
I have integrity, at least some integrity on this issue.
And again, I ask the conservatives, how do you worship Tony Blair?
I mean, he's like an icon now.
They're selling Tony Blair T-shirts on the big conservative websites.
He's this big hero now.
Tony Blair!
The most socialistic, wicked leader we know of in existence.
Other than, I don't know, maybe the admitted communist street thug.
He used to be an enforcer for the communists.
Mr. Schroeder.
Old Gerhard, and we've got...
Got Bush scurrying about.
He's a total puppet.
He's not running anything.
But the point is, people think these puppets are, so we have to discuss them.
So we'll come back and take your calls on the other side of this break, and I'll get into Iraq-Iranian forgeries.
Crudely done, newspaper reveals.
But the neocons just keep saying, it's liberal lies, it's liberal lies.
You're the liberals.
You're the people that vote identically to Hillary Clinton, and I'm sick of it.
And what do you think about Blair's speech yesterday?
Did you see him call for a New World Order?
Headline out of the Herald, Blair sets out his vision of the New World Order.
But you've heard the neocons on the air say, the Cook detector, anybody that talks about a New World Order, it's crazy, it doesn't exist, there's no CFR.
I mean, you heard Ann Coulter.
I talked about the CFR, she goes, oh, more black helicopters, more conspiracies.
You heard her.
I mean, they give speeches.
They give speeches at the CFR calling for a new world order, saying they're going to use terror to get a new world order, and then we say it, and they go, oh, you're crazy.
You're delusional.
See, that's double think, folks.
So there's just a bunch of news coming up, too, and we're going to have open phones today at 800-259-9231.
And we'll talk about this obvious murder of the whistleblower over in England.
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Executive orders.
Homeland Security.
Force vaccinations.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're about to go straight to your calls.
Emmett, Kevin, Barney, Bob, Dan, and others.
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It is powerful.
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9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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Emmett, Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, thanks for taking my call.
The mail person put a letter in my rural mailbox yesterday, and it reads, Our goal is to deliver mail to each address within the same 45-minute time frame every day.
The barcode to be placed in your mailbox will be one of several scanned each day along your carrier's delivery route.
These scans will produce a reporting enabling our carriers and supervisor to measure success in achieving the daily time goal and identify opportunities for greater delivery efficiency.
Yeah, and that's not... And, of course, that's part of the control grid, and I've read about this in the past.
This is about control, and this has nothing to do with speeding up delivery.
It's just...
To make a record that you did get delivery of whatever government bill or whatever they send to you.
It's about court proceedings.
Yeah, it's about that.
It's about land grabbing.
It's about tracking you.
Well, I can refuse this.
So that would be best if I do.
Oh, of course.
You don't want their dirty little barcode in there.
And I miss Brian of New York calling in.
Have you two guys had a fallout, or...?
Yes, yes, I had a fallout with a caller.
No, I haven't had a fallout with anybody.
Brian of New York?
Over the caller, sir.
Come on, I haven't had any fallouts with anybody.
Okay, my show isn't about fallouts with callers.
I'm not mad at you, but it is kind of irritating.
No, I know.
Well, he calls Tom Valentine, but I used to like to hear him call your show.
Okay, well, he can call him if he'd like to.
Maybe he's on vacation.
Thanks for the call.
I really appreciate it, sir.
Thank you so much.
Let's talk to Kevin and Mash.
Kevin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Welcome to the Airwaves, Kevin.
All right.
This David Kelly body being found, it's right in your face, it's right out there, and they want it to be that way.
You know, people say, what are you going to do about it?
And I just wanted to say that keeping quiet is not going to help your kid's future, and it didn't help the Jewish people who lived there.
In Hitler's Germany, and it doesn't help to keep quiet.
We have to do what we can do.
They killed the senator on purpose right in front of everybody.
They killed David Kelly, the guy that blew the whistle on Blair as a liar.
I mean, they could have killed him another way with poison or whatever.
Instead, they kill him and then throw him out in a wooded field, and out in the field by the woods, out in the countryside.
I mean, this is incredible.
David Bannon, you know, it was great just to hear him the other night.
And, you know, as he says, he'll only keep alive people like this that speak out because they have more that they could release.
And if he did, he'd be gone, too.
Do you want to add anything else, Kevin?
No, that was what I was thinking when I just saw the David Kelly right there on Yahoo.
Before the New World Order was there in my face, before I could hit your website, it was right there on the public press for a change.
I didn't have to.
Yeah, just letting you know, this is a message to all the government bureaucrats.
Keep your mouth shut or we'll ice you.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here introducing you to the Black Berkey Replacement Elements.
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
On PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com, we are posting.
I just talked to my wife, the webmaster for Prison Planet, for InfoWars.
Paul Watson, the webmaster for Prison Planet.
We're going to post multiple stories about the Dr. Kelly who testified before Parliament that the government was lying and he was being mistreated and basically threatened by the Ministry of Defense.
We're blowing the whistle.
He's a high-level individual.
We're blowing the whistle about Blair falsifying documents and stuff.
Well, he's dead now, found out in the field face down, disappeared after work.
Please step into our van.
And he's dead now, and we're posting all that right now.
We update with our big update generally at about 12 noon now because we post so much more every day.
It takes about four hours to post it all.
12 Central.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls, and let's talk to Barney in Maryland, and we'll go to Bob, Dan, Bob, and others.
You're on the air, Barney.
Go ahead.
Yeah, how you doing?
I'm doing better than Dr. David Kelly, who exposed government lies in England and ended up dead a day later.
You lost to another good man.
I got three points, Alex.
First, it was really nice that North Korea labeled their missile made in North Korea.
It was found in Alaska.
Yeah, that's in my film, Police State 3.
Missiles have been hitting us before the Iraq War.
Dummy test missiles.
Well, how do you know that the missile wasn't dropped out of a helicopter or...
Because North Korea admits on their own state-sponsored TV that they have shot, what is it, five missiles now over Japan, threatening them, and because our government didn't report it and told the South Koreans to shut up or they'd lose funding.
So understand, Kim Jong-il wanted America to know, I've got nukes, he had nukes.
They're saying he doesn't now, but I got articles from five years ago admitting he has them.
He's tested nuclear bombs.
He has warheads.
Our government's given it to him.
But they don't want you to know that.
They want to say, oh, it's to stop it.
Then we get nuked, as former Defense Secretary Perry said, and then we get into World War III, and then there's no liberties or freedoms because, oh, we're in a war for our survival.
They want a Pearl Harbor where we get nuked, Barney.
Think of the insane police state that will come out of that.
The way it looks to me, it would be too risky for them to rely on missiles, intercontinental ballistic missiles or whatnot.
Former Defense Secretary says we will be nuked, Washington Post, by North Korea.
And I don't put it past the globalists to detonate one and say they did it.
They probably already got their warheads planted here in this country.
Well, the globalists are totally ruthless, and they want to re-engineer our society.
They're putting the control grid in all around us right now.
Well, they wouldn't take a chance on losing their own people.
They have to have them planted.
Well, that's why you've got to watch out when, exactly, you've got to watch out when the globalists are all out of town or at one meeting place or not in Washington.
Just look out.
Okay, and when police predicted the war in Iraq would continue for decades, maybe 100 years...
He appeared to know that we'd have a never-ending guerrilla warfare.
Oh, yeah, it's a wonderful bring-it-on.
He said a hundred-year war and 63 countries on the hit list and a national compulsory draft.
Hey, I hope you enjoy it, folks.
Well, the way, I think it was in the American Free Press, they had an article where they interviewed these Iraqis that had taken refuge in abandoned prisons.
And they said that they don't have any money or food or anything, and they've been forced out of their housing, and they said that if they have to die, they'd rather die fighting than starve to death.
Well, that's what happened.
The Iraqis were pretty happy up front, but after the rapings and the mass shootings, they're fighting back, and the government claims it's the Goldstein Saddam.
You know, he's doing it all.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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The casual society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network,
And much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining us on this live Friday edition.
More of your calls and a bunch of news coming up that, believe me, you don't want to miss.
The globalists are starting to panic.
There are leaks all over the U.S.
Leaks from the Pentagon.
Leaks out of Congress.
Out of England about how our governments knowingly have produced a bunch of false weapons evidence.
It didn't fall out of an apple tree.
It didn't come here in a meteor.
It didn't show up in their toilet bowl or under a pillow.
They manufactured it.
The mobile weapons trucks that were for pumping up balloons, they knew day one they sold it to them.
The mass graves, lies, all of it.
Down the line, all lies put out.
I mean, the Pentagon told us last year they were reauthorizing the Office of Strategic Information, the Office of Information or Disinformation.
They said, quote, we're going to lie to you for your own good.
So it's just amazing how they operate.
And they started practicing it and saying, oh, we...
We are... That report was false.
The Pentagon Office of Information isn't going to lie to you.
That was the next press release after that one.
It's kind of weird how they do it.
It's like they've got this weird law.
They have to tell you what they're going to do to you before they do it.
And this doctor who...
Had been involved before in Parliament in the House of Commons exposing both in full view and in secret lies by the government and the manufacturing of evidence.
This weapons inspector who was involved with the reports has been found dead today out in the field.
Never came back from work, found out in the middle of nowhere, dead in a field.
The police, of course, won't tell us what his body looks like or how he died.
And the family's got Scotland Yard there caring about them, but loving them and sure getting them back in line.
And he had been threatened by the Ministry of Defense to keep quiet.
They say he'd been, quote, mistreated.
That's in the BBC.
And, well, he's dead now.
And this sends a nice message to everyone in government.
Keep your mouth shut!
We're going to gut this country.
We're going to gut England.
We're going to enslave the people.
We're going to have a national draft.
We're going to follow our orders.
We're in control.
Do you hear us?
Do you understand?
We're the New World Order.
So as Blair was speaking to Congress, it looks like Mr. Kelly right around that time was a dying out in the field with I'm sure some nice men around him.
I wonder if they said sorry about this mate.
You know, they say, hey, mate.
I wonder if they said that to him out in the field.
They probably took him to a warehouse and killed him there and then threw him in the field.
Notice the body got found real quick in a rural, it says right by some woods where there aren't a lot of people.
They just happened to
Mind him.
Behind a fence.
Oh, but it says Downing Street and the Ministry of Defense is very concerned about news that David Kelly has gone missing and now his body's been found.
Wow, well that's too bad.
But don't worry, the police are investigating.
Government's on the job.
Well, we appreciate Dr. Kelly telling the truth.
He had a good long life and
He stood up against evil and did the really manly thing.
It's hard to go against the grain.
It's really hard to go against the grain when it can get you killed.
And they say it's harder to do that against your own government like our founding fathers did.
It's harder to do that psychologically, the studies show, than to charge a machine gun nest.
We do it here every day.
But we love our families, and we love humanity, and we don't want the blood of dead children being bombed worldwide in our hands.
So when you think about it in the balance and what we're doing for humanity, the instinct to defend humanity and to resist dehumanization kicks in, and actually an endorphin flows, at least in my life, and I feel good.
They could have my head in the guillotine and say, renounce Jesus Christ, accept the new world order,
We're good to go.
The tyranny's begun.
Were the enforcers doing it?
Believe me, when they're killing their own, they're afraid.
And when they're driving back after killing innocent good people, they say to each other, well, we got our files put up in the right spot.
If they do it to us, we'll release it.
They're all busy blackmailing each other and the rest of it.
I mean, you know, how do you do it?
How do you kill good guys?
Well, you just do it.
You know, there's some sick rationale.
Well, he's upsetting our whole agenda, and he released classified information about our program to put out false evidence of weapons of mass destruction.
Men, you've been trusted in other operations.
You'll be rewarded well.
Dr. Kelly has to go.
Let's go back to the calls.
Talk to Bob in New York and Dan in Illinois, Bob in Los Angeles, Ed in Pennsylvania, and others.
Quickly, callers, I want to go to you quick.
Bob, New York, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Alex, I've got a whole bunch of muck for you here today.
William Donaldson was appointed the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Yeah, former, not former, always Skull and Bones.
Skull and Bones forever until the day he dies.
Until the day he dies.
But our roommates with Bush in the ceremony just... Well... The Christian... Hold on.
The Christian ceremony.
He's handing Elliot Spitzer his hat and says, No, we don't really want you involved in this massive corporate fraud on Wall Street anymore.
And there's a bill pending in the House that...
That we'll kind of hand him his hat and say, thanks, Elliot Spitzer, but have a nice day.
Not that I think that he's Mr. Super Crime Fighter, but still, at least we got some action.
Now Donaldson's trying to preempt of all that, so they don't even have to answer any questions.
Hey, you know, the people that have the key documents died at Arthur Anderson and Enron.
They both got shot in the head in cars.
Shredding the documents for weeks while the government sits around and does absolutely nothing.
Well, that's okay.
They're nuts.
Let me go on here.
Captain Morgan's Rum.
Have you seen this commercial on TV?
Oh, well, no, but I know the captain's been there.
Well, yeah, you never see his face, and he's always got this evil chuckle while the little MTVites dance around in their bikinis, etc.
But real weird, at the end of the commercial, this guy holds up this, it looks like something out of some sci-fi movie like, you know, Aliens or whatever, and he holds it up.
And it does a retinal scan on the individual that's looking, and it says, oh, you're approved to party, you're 21.
I don't know if anybody picked up on that one, but I found that really weird.
Of course, and I hope somebody sends it to me.
Please tape it.
Okay, yeah.
But, I mean, listen, there was a directive for Hollywood.
They had a big meeting with Karl Rowe and Lionel Cho and others, and it's admitted.
I mean, it's everywhere.
It's in kids.
Watch kids' cartoons.
I mean, all the new kids' cartoons that I've seen.
Retina scanning, DNA testing, to go to school, being frisked by police in black uniforms.
The UN troops are here in America to keep us safe because the aliens are attacking.
Retina scanning, thumb scanning everywhere.
And see, now it's a...
It's a status thing.
Oh, you retina scan.
Oh, let's see if you're acceptable to right of passage.
Oh, you're retina scanned.
See, now there's fake IDs.
You've got a retina scan to get into a bar.
I told you to buy and sell.
You go into Target.
You go into Kinko's.
It takes your card now into the machine.
You're not a good globalist.
They take your card.
They've announced satellite tracking and taxation to begin in the next few years of all cars.
I mean, sir, it's horrible.
And the young people are totally buying it.
Thanks for the call.
Wait, wait.
Two more points, Alex, real quick.
Okay, you've got to quit doing this, man.
I've got a lot of other callers.
Okay, one about Mr. Kelly.
He was fosterized.
That's all I've got to say.
Mr. Kelly, the guy who was just assassinated in England?
Yeah, absolutely.
You're making great points, Bob.
I've got to get to them.
I've got all these callers.
I'm trying to make myself to the callers quicker.
I appreciate the call.
Thank you, sir.
Dan in Illinois, you're on the air, Dan.
How are you doing, Alex?
I'm pretty good, sir.
Listen, that's a very syndicate mafia kind of hit, wasn't it?
Message and all.
Well, they want you to know, yeah, it's face down in the field.
After being threatened that you could be in trouble with security for doing this, you better watch it.
That's in the news article and then dead.
I mean, it's just the message is there, just like anybody who turns on us.
Please come with us, Dr. Kelly.
Well, what's going on?
We need to speak to you.
The Prime Minister's very angry.
I put the hood over him and everything.
But the other two things I wanted to say is that I happen to see Blair being received by the Congress yesterday.
Yeah, when he announced New World Order.
No, but the reception.
This is the Congress that's going to investigate weapons of mass destruction.
They received this guy as if he was God.
I mean, it made me so sick.
Well, the governor of Oceania arrived.
And you hear the neocons.
The neocon websites are selling T-shirts of Tony Blair.
The ultimate liberal.
Oh, my God.
And it's, oh, he's so good.
Oh, I love you.
He's booed in his own parliament.
It doesn't matter, not over here.
I mean, my goodness.
But, of course, it's now come out that while he was here, Mr. Dr. Kelly was dying.
It had been about midnight over there.
What else is on your mind?
I was just going to say, you were talking about the oil is only one of the issues.
I think the main issue, Alex, is very clear to me.
These people love murder and torture.
Because they're torturing and murdering their own troops, their own troops over.
Their own people are getting... No, they're huffing to you.
The Army said, God, they said to investigate it, quit, and said, yeah, our troops have got rashes and have got it in their blood.
It's horrible.
Bring it on!
Put the average neocon drives along and he just goes, bring it on!
Some of their sons dying at 25 along cancer, just lean over him as he dies and does his death rattle on the table and say, bring it on!
And you've got all these 120 degree weather, they're getting sick, plus the uranium, I mean...
They're genociding them.
I mean, that's what they love.
They love the murder and torture.
They always kill our troops.
Agent Orange, Saren VXDU, Last War, Don't Treat Them, now admitted they were hit with it.
Government New Day won.
That's how you support the troops.
You just use them up.
Don't worry, they'll have a new crowd of young people.
They're going to have the National Draft.
I mean, come on, baby.
There's lots of death to go around.
We'll take more calls when we get back.
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I think?
We're good to go.
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Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 and then back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time I do this show.
And we are about to go to Bob in Los Angeles, Ed in Pennsylvania, Jim in Texas, Ron in New York, and many others that are patiently holding the toll-free number to join us on air on this live Friday edition on this pro-family, pro-God, pro-country, pro-border, pro-gun show.
Liberal show, because if you're for all that, you're a liberal.
If you're against all that, you're now a neocon.
Ron Paul's being called liberal now because he's for lower taxes and smaller government, and he did a big speech about the neocons called Neocond.
Well, I talk about a powerful speech, although the ultimate threat.
But we're about to go back to your calls, but I wanted to hit on this story here because this is Judicial Watch, and no, they're not neocons.
They actually sued Bill Clinton and tried to punish him.
They're not protecting him.
So, again, they're not conservatives.
They're liberals.
They went after Bill Clinton.
They have integrity.
They're pro-constitution.
That means they're bad.
May even be with the bad people.
But, again, I'm starting to learn the new paradigm here.
Cheney's Energy Task Force documents feature map of Iraq oil fields.
Oh, unbelievable.
No wonder Cheney didn't want these to be released, but finally a judge ordered it to happen.
And, of course, it's partisan.
Again, that's why there's separation of powers.
The Founding Fathers knew both sides would be corrupt, so they would fight with each other.
Redlock is good, according to the Founding Fathers, not the liberals and neocons.
Commerce and State Department reports the task force detailed oil fields and gas projects, contracts, and exploration.
And they listed oil companies that wanted it, and those just so happened to be the oil companies that got the contracts and gave money to the White House in its election.
Judicial Watch, the public interest group, investigates and prosecutes government corruption and abuse.
That means they're bad.
And according to the neocon, said today that documents turned over by the Commerce Department under court order as a result of Judicial Watch and Freedom Information Act lawsuit concerning the activities of Cheney's Energy Task Force contain a map of Iraqi oil fields.
Pipelines, refineries, and terminals, as well as two charts detailing Iraq oil fields, gas projects, and foreign suitors for Iraqi oil field contracts.
The documents, which are dated March 2001, are available on the Internet at judicialwatch.org.
Very, very interesting.
Right before September 11th, eyeing the goodies...
And then, of course, they were eyeing the goodies in 96 and 98 and 99 and 2000 when Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others wrote the PNAC documents that are on their own website.
They don't hide them where they say, Saddam's not a threat, quote, we want his oil, great military base, New World Order this, New World Order that.
Maybe you heard Blair say New World Order yesterday.
Tony Blair in the House of Commons subgroup called Congress said,
So, there you have it.
And it goes on and on about how they wanted the oil.
But again, you're a liberal if you say that, and the Democrats are using it for partisan aims.
The Democrats all voted for this war.
And of course they're using it for partisan aims.
Does that mean it's okay?
I mean, let's say a Republican got caught...
Robbing a bank.
Okay, they caught him outside with a black mask on and the bags of money.
Well, they think he was a SWAT team leader.
I'm sorry.
Good people wear ski masks.
Forget the ski mask part.
It used to be that was bad.
It's good now.
A robber gets caught, and it turns out to be a senator, and it's a Democrat.
If the Republicans say that's bad, would they be partisan?
Should the guy be let go because the Democrats said it was bad or it was a Republican or a Democrat, you know, vice versa?
I mean, it's a crime.
A crime is a lie.
A lie is a fraud.
A fraud...
Putting our troops in harm's way when we have their own admitted documents saying it's about oil and world government?
They say it's not just about oil, though, and it's true.
It's about world government.
It's about everybody being afraid and doing what the globalists say, including you.
It's about an empire.
And they've got a national draft ready for your kids.
So don't be an idiot.
Don't have your son or daughter come back with their legs blown off by a landmine for a bunch of dirty bankers.
Don't be part of it!
And don't let the media show you all the dirty hippies promoting the UN, who are against the war for all the wrong reasons, and then make you use reverse psychology so you support the war.
Those dirty, gun-grabbing, socialistic, un-American, CPS-promoting trash heads are useful idiots and are dangerous.
And they are in the hip pocket of Bush and all the red John Kerry, Mr. Skull and Bones, and they need to stop being naive, just like the mindless, idiot neocon followers that are destroying America!
I'm sick of all of you idiots!
You're all part of the establishment, you're all being drug around by your hair, willingly, and I'm sick of it!
Our whole society is being swallowed by a military-industrial complex that's going to micromanage our lives, tax the living daylights out of us, take our private property, and they're going to double-team us with this new world order left-right system.
Wake up to that, people, and boycott the neocons.
We'll be right back with your calls and a bunch of news.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You see, criminals want control of the organs of government.
The judges...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's the nature of history.
And you sit there in naive fashion as the most horrible stuff imaginable out of some horrible late-night science fiction movie is being made mainstream and manifest and send me emails.
You won't call in threatening to kill me.
I got this email.
I'm going to come and kill you because you're a liberal.
You ain't for the war.
I mean, these people are so dumb.
They don't even know I could have the person arrested for what they did.
It's sick, and I'm sick of you, and I'm sick of all your half-baked lies, and just all of it.
I love this country, and I can't stand watching it get butchered, and our children's futures being flushed down the toilet.
All right, Michelle in Rhode Island, and Bob in Los Angeles, and Ed in Pennsylvania, and Jim in Texas, and Ron in New York, and many others.
Your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
And yes, there's a bunch of other news I haven't gotten to yet.
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Why stand you here idle?
The war has already begun.
We are the restorationists against the revolutionaries.
We are trying to restore our constitutional republic.
We want America back.
We are the counter-revolutionaries.
We are fighting the enemy combatants that run the halls of Congress and the White House on both sides of the aisle.
We are fighting the technicians of the military industrial complex that's owned by the private central banks.
We are trying to get America back.
Ladies and gentlemen, join us now!
Somebody tuning in going, man, this guy gets too excited for me.
Why is it normal to yell and scream about a baseball or football game and get so upset and all the mindless details and minutiae, but you know about the Bill of Rights, you're some kind of weirdo.
See how brainwashed you are?
All right, let's go to the calls as promised.
And I forgot to plug this.
We have a new affiliate in Rhode Island.
I want to thank...
Mr. Blood there, they sold their W-A-L-E, 50,000 Water.
We're on another big station.
And now we're on another station in Rhode Island.
I was given this a few weeks ago and never plugged it.
But listening out in Rhode Island is Michelle.
Michelle, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex Jones.
Go ahead.
How are you?
Good to talk to you.
Good to talk to you.
My name is Michelle Freeman, and my husband's Ben Freeman, and he's on W-A-R-L.
Tell us the call letters and tell us about the station.
It's W-A-R-L, power 1320, and it's Reality Radio.
Oh, what a good name!
And they cover pretty much Providence and up to Attleboro, Massachusetts.
Now, where is this based?
It's based in Providence, and they're upping their wattage so that they can reach more listeners.
But they already cover most of that state and into Massachusetts.
That's good.
And they're doing a really good job.
They've got Joyce and Dave on in the morning, and then a lot of programs.
Jack Blood's on Saturday, and I just wanted to ask your permission if I could talk a little bit about my husband's show.
Oh, that's fine.
And when am I on there?
You are on right now.
Well, that's good.
You're on every day live.
Well, that's exciting.
Folks need to support that station and tell ten people a day about it.
And when is your husband's broadcast on?
He's on Saturday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and his show is called The Benferno.
The Benferno.
So the inferno, the Benferno.
So that's 1320, you say, covering Rhode Island.
Yes, and you are his hero.
He's been listening to you for many, many years.
A friend of his named Steve got him started listening to you about six years ago.
And he didn't believe anything at first.
He just went over there and hung out and listened.
He and I got married about two years ago, and he started telling me about the New World Order.
I didn't believe any of it.
And I started looking into it, and I started listening to you and some other people and reading and really researching for myself.
See, that's the thing.
I mean, a couple years ago, though, I can understand how you wouldn't believe it because the news would say...
Dangerous people talk about a New World Order.
And then Blair said New World Order twice in his speech yesterday.
Yeah, and I think that the people... I am a fundraiser for a charity, and I talk to people every day, and I ask them, do you know what the Patriot Act is?
Do you understand what it's doing to us?
Do you understand that your liberties are at risk here, that they're in jeopardy?
Do you understand this?
And they know.
People know what's going on.
Hey, look.
I do.
Oh, I don't know the average.
I mean, I've done now over 1,000 interviews since September 11th.
And I've been on, you know, syndicated Jeff Rents.
It's a friendly audience.
And I've been on Ken Hamblin, who's kind of a neocon.
But he's really a good guy because he has me on and at least lets me talk.
But Pacifica Radio, liberal, conservative.
And on average, you know, KOA, KFI, I'll take 30 calls, you know, as a guest on.
And maybe one person disagrees, and they say, I want to kill you.
You should be in jail.
You shouldn't be allowed to talk like this.
And I'm going, well, I'm just reading from a bill here.
So, yeah, we're winning the fight.
That's why they're panicking.
I feel like they're going to...
I don't remember the guy's name, but he said he was covering for Rush yesterday, and I was listening to him talk about the frankenfood and how it's okay because we've been doing it.
We've been genetically mutating food for thousands of years or something under the Mendel, you know, the Mendel the monk.
And a scientist called in and said, no, Mendel did something completely different.
He did hybrids of peas, and he let nature take its course.
Look, all that is is hybrids crossing plants pollinating each other.
It's not putting human genes in tomatoes with cockroach genes.
It's not putting AIDS virus in pharmacological corn and planting it all over Texas, and it jumped into soybeans, sources satiated press.
The stuff has AIDS in it.
You know, this is what I'm saying.
Neocon Radio does this now.
I've heard all of them say, hold on, hold on a second, Michelle, this is important.
I've heard them, and I monitor them, and now they've gotten worse than ever.
They are so evil.
It's like, I'd call it Nazi radio or something.
They say genetically engineered food is wholesome and good.
You're a lying liberal if you say it's not.
They say sweatshops are good and are good for children, and the liberals lie about it when the liberals are all for it.
They say a little gun control is good.
It's all an advertisement for evil.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, I saw it in the newspaper, too, that
The mainstream media is sending out this propaganda that the frankenfood is okay for you and that we're feeding people that are poor with it and everything, and that's a bunch of crap.
Hey, listen, I appreciate your call, and God bless you.
It is.
And for every one of our affiliates, whether it's in Rochester, New York, or in Rhode Island, or Austin, Texas, or Denver, Colorado, or Albuquerque, New Mexico, or Northern California, Pensacola, Florida,
Tampa, Florida, everywhere we are on the radio, I am telling you, folks, you know this stuff's true.
We document everything we talk about.
It's right out there in the open from a bill, from a news story, and we're fighting for America.
Please tell 10 people a day about the AM or FM affiliate you listen to.
Please do it.
And I can't say anything for other shows, but I can say for mine.
We're not an infomercial.
I talk about things I really believe in.
We don't compromise.
We talk about real information.
What I tell you is the best understanding I have.
We do this in a fearless fashion.
I know we can win this thing, but you've got to tell 10 people a day about Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Let's say you're listening to us on AM or FM in your area.
You know, Fredericksburg, Texas, or Kerrville, Texas, or, you know, wherever.
Or North Texas.
And you're listening to us, but your family in New Jersey or California or Oklahoma doesn't have an affiliate.
They got a computer.
Infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
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Listen to all six hours of the show, 11 to 2.
Every day, Central, 12.172.
At night, 9 to midnight, 5.085.
Tell people, grassroots power.
That's why with my films, I say make copies.
It's powerful.
Let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Bob in Los Angeles.
Bob, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex Jones.
I'm Bob Jones.
I'm from L.A., and I'd like to say the night of the long knives with the gun is going to be a feeding frenzy of the hyenas.
They're going to eat each other, trying to protect each other, and...
You're just looking back at... Well, Bob, number one, do me a favor.
This is out of control.
The listener's giving their last names.
Just don't do it.
Oh, okay.
Because you could call in and say you were somebody else, and you really weren't.
Now, I'm going to have to cut people off, but they do.
I'm not mad at people, but it's like two in a row.
This is getting out of control.
Oh, okay.
No, no, it's okay, but hold on just a second.
Hold on just a second.
Hold on just a second.
For those who don't know what knife along knives is, tell them, and then go ahead.
So, I mean, we're looking back at Vince Foster and Ron Brown and Mary Mulhaney there.
What happens when you step in the face of these power mongers?
I, myself, like you, have fought against the government as far as the identity issues.
I fought against Los Angeles Police Department, got rid of my Social Security number, revoked my Social Security number, driver's license, did all that, and I ended up spending two and a half years in a county jail.
And they said in the court that they had to punish me extraordinarily, ordinarily, because I'm a constitutionalist.
They said that in open court.
The FBI argued in Denver last year, Denver Post, that the Constitution is not admissible and has connections to terrorists.
Well, the Constitution is their contract not to violate our rights.
And they're saying that.
They're saying that they're out of office.
Well, I have FEMA on tape saying it's a terrorist document.
I mean, I have it on video.
This is what they teach police.
You remember the days of the Towers and Feathers and the Spalding Tea and the Hangings?
You know, that's
They're just inviting upon themselves.
I think you should submit to whatever tyranny.
I think that it was wrong that blacks stood up against slavery.
I think that it was wrong that some of the Jews fought back in Nazi Germany.
I don't think we have a right to fight back against tyranny.
So I'm going to take the mainstream view here.
I think you should grovel.
I think if a cop wants to rape your wife or take your house or come over and order you to mow their lawn, I think you should do it.
Of course, I'm being sarcastic here, illustrating evil by pointing it out.
Of course, I think what Hitler did was wrong and slavery was wrong.
But no, they say you will submit to them, you will accept whatever corruption.
But for those who don't know, neither Long Knives was killing Jens, Rome, and...
The SA that helped bring the Hitler and his SS, the brown shirts, it was killing off the brown shirts, the street thugs, the lower-level idiot criminals that helped them, and that's always the group that's greatest feeding frenzies on.
But I don't want to say that Dr. David Kelly, he's an honorable man, had a good record, blew the whistle on Blair lying, that Blair knew the documents were fake, and a day after going before the parliament, he was found dead in a field.
Well, one more point.
You know, I was looking at Bush and the Prime Minister of England walking together.
They look like two gay guys prancing in the woods.
I mean, what's up with that?
They look like they're in love with each other.
Well, they are in love with each other.
Should be down here in West Hollywood working it.
Anyways, I'm sorry for the shock news here, so thanks a lot.
All right, thank you.
Please, we have a family audience here.
That's what they do at Skull & Bones, though, according to MSNBC and USA Today.
And according to Washington Times, what they bust in at Bohemian Grove.
But, hey, that's conservatism.
And I'm pro-gun.
I'm a liberal.
It's all too insane.
Oh, my goodness.
I don't know about him and Blair, though.
I don't know.
Let's go ahead.
He's just a puppet, though, but I shouldn't even talk about Bush.
I mean, he's not running anything.
Let's go... I mean, I'm sure if he asks his daddy for something, he can get it, though.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ed in Pennsylvania.
Ed, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
You know, Kelly's a good Irish name, so they probably said you should have kept your mouth shut, Mick, before they killed him.
Yeah, probably did, yeah.
But see, I'm behind 57.
I'm Welch and Irish and Scottish and Comanche, so... Same here, brother.
The big news today, they keep talking about Iran with this enriched uranium.
They're pushing that real big on the news right now.
Oh, it's good for you.
In fact, they suggest you eat it with your Wheaties.
Good excuse for us to go over there and start some trouble.
And England, they've got to put some more cameras in.
They could have caught these guys killing this poor doctor, you know?
They have them in the fields now.
Oh, yes.
The cameras that analyze movements, of course.
Of course, I'm sure the police officers will have their images taken out of the database.
Anything else you'd like to add there?
Did you see the Terminator yet?
Is it New World War propaganda?
It was robots for crowd control.
I'll tell you what I want to see is King Conan.
You know they're going to make another Conan.
I didn't hear about that.
Yeah, I will go see that.
I like the first Conan.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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There is a chance to use this disaster as a New World Order.
A New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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Yeah, they probably did say something insulting to this Irish doctor who worked in the government at the highest levels and exposed Blair's lying.
If he was Irish, he probably did.
But, again, I'm a high 57.
My mom's side of the family is German.
They're Alsatian.
That's French German.
Southern Germany.
And then...
I think?
There's a lot they'll do.
That's an interesting story.
I'm sad that Mr. Kelly's dead.
We're about to go to Jim and Ron and David and who was that in Idaho?
Dan, you say?
Dan and others.
But what I want to do now is everybody be patient, and I'll just get to you, strike your calls the next hour.
It's about four and a half minutes away, because I want to go ahead and blitz through some news I didn't get to, and then I'll get into more detail on it the next hour if we take calls.
Just recapping, Cheney Energy Task Force had maps of who was going to get the oil in Iraq and where all the oil fields were before September 11th.
You talk about planning.
They did a lot of planning.
No wonder they didn't want this to be released.
Look for another attack real quick to smoke screen this so the serial killers can pose as our saviors.
I'm sad for those that are going to die.
I wish they wouldn't do it.
We're trying to stop them right now here on the air, putting our lives on the line doing it, by the way.
Iraq uranium forgeries crudely done newspaper reveals.
That's right, my friends.
Iraq uranium forgeries crudely done newspaper reveals.
And it turns out that it was a first buyer government and totally fake.
Walmart is claiming that they are not going to put chips in the clothes and the shoes, but it turns out that's not true.
They're just putting them in the goods right now.
They won't track you, yet they claim.
Again, this is a tactic.
When they get caught doing something, they say, okay, we're not going to do it for five minutes, and then they're back five minutes later.
Senator Graham out of Florida, who, by the way, was involved in the Intelligence Committee's meeting with the heads of Al-Qaeda and others, and that's Associated Press, by the way, is now playing good cop, saying that Bush should be impeached.
Democrat eyes, potential grounds for Bush impeachment.
More on that coming up.
But it's all staged.
Also, again, I want to read some of Tony Blair's speech where he called for a New World Order and then said...
The New World must have order.
Nice little play on words there.
Also, the German cannibal homosexual ring with 400 plus people involved and people donating themselves to be slaughtered and butchered and eaten.
I think that's deviant, but of course I could be arrested according to the hate crimes laws under the EU for saying that
These cults are deviant.
But that's BBC.
You might have heard about it.
And Scientists to Clone a Mammoth.
It's official.
Also on sale in Taiwan.
Fish that have been crossed with jellyfish.
Again, it's like Blade Runner.
But all this genetic engineering, it's just like crossing two corn species like they did thousands of years ago.
It's here, folks.
You know, cockroach genes in your tomatoes and in goats that are spliced with spiders that produce body armor out of their udders.
That's all no big deal, the neocons say.
And I've even heard the neocons on the air saying sweatshops are really pretty good and it gives the kids an opportunity.
And it's not as bad as the liberals say.
No, gun control's good.
The liberals are against it.
See, I actually heard conservatives now.
You know, these liberals are saying Bush is anti-gun.
That's a sneaky lie they've put out.
Taiwan shopkeepers unveil frankenfish.
Yes, all the cynic engineering.
It's just all natural.
It's good for you.
The starling corn was good for you, too.
It didn't cause allergic reactions.
And, of course, the pigs wouldn't eat it, but it's still good for you.
Barnyard animals won't eat it, but
But it's good for you.
That's what Neocon Radio is now.
I can't believe them.
Sweat shops are good.
Torture's good.
Patriot doesn't take your rights.
Bunch of other news coming up.
It's a big third hour.
Stay with us.
Nuclear reactors provide electrical energy across our great nation.
But during an accident, would you be prepared?
Medical course potassium iodate gives you virtually complete protection from the most...
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's Friday.
We've got a bunch of vital news coming up about genetic engineering and how deadly it is, but the media is telling you how good it is.
Radiation of school children's meat, they say it's wonderful.
DU is not bad for the fruits either.
Agent Orange is good for you, too.
Oh, I have a Times of London article I didn't get to last week where they apologize and admit that the California eugenics model was actually used by Adolf Hitler.
They consulted with him.
But this is the loving liberals that want to run your life.
Again, the neo-con-liberal, whatever you want to call them, government pimps, evil control freaks breeding you like cattle.
That's all coming up.
More on the British doctor-scientist who was high-level in ministry defense, exposed the cover-ups.
By Blair, the false evidence of weapons of mass destruction.
He ended up dead last night after being threatened and being, quote, mistreated, the BBC said, because he was one of the leakers.
He's leaking, but in other ways.
Of course, the government won't say how he died.
I'm sure the family will be told to shut up.
It'll never come out how he died, or maybe it will.
I don't know.
We've got loaded phones.
We're about to go to...
Jim and Ron and Dan and Dan and Rob and a bunch of other people, or David, excuse me.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jim in Texas.
Jim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Greetings from Cowtown, Alex.
Oh, you're up in Fort Worth.
Fort Worth.
Hey, listen, Alex, we respect your opinion, and I need one from you on some information I found.
At a website a couple of days ago, it's stanley2002.org.
Are you familiar with Rick Stanley, his mutual defense pact militia?
Did you know he's issued a preliminary militia alert?
And last but not least, don't we have an obligation to protect our like-minded friends?
I don't know of this Stanley individual.
Is he in Texas?
He's in Denver.
Actually, I've heard that name somewhere.
Is he the guy that went to the Capitol Arm and got arrested?
That's it.
He was making the point that we don't have a Second Amendment.
He just said to the news, I'm going to go with a gun, holstered, I have this right, and you watch, I'm going to get arrested.
And he did.
And then the FBI said in that case, quote, the Constitution can't be argued.
That was one of the deals.
And I don't know what he's calling for.
I need to get him on the show.
But I'll tell you this.
The government uses things like this to make us all look rabid and wild-eyed.
I'm not saying he is.
And I have to tell you, I don't know if he's saying he has a militia, but the problem is good people go join the militia.
Every man who's of age, you know, what is it, 18 to 50-something is in the militia.
The Swiss out there haven't demonized it and they have the lowest crime rate in the world, period.
I'm not against the militia.
The problem is that if you swung a stick in the dark in a militia meeting, you'd hit 10 FBI agents.
And they're there provocateuring.
They will call for violence.
It's like Dr. Charles T. Sell up in St.
He was an Army doctor.
They called in to do the medical records of the Davidians.
Beforehand, he said the feds killed him.
Suddenly they go, he's crazy.
They grab him, force drug him for six years, most of it in solitary confinement.
And their excuse was he went to a shooting range with an FBI agent and sent some threats.
They never charge him for that, but it's what they do.
So I'm just warning people to be careful.
That's why I disavow violence in an offensive manner.
I say I'll defend my family, but I don't wish any harm against any of these petty bureaucrats.
I want to wake them up, and I want to expose them as criminals if we can't do that.
And I want to educate the general population, because if people go off into some violent modes, the government's just going to point and go, oh, look, they're terrorists.
We've got to take your guns.
The government has to blow up its own buildings to try to make us look bad.
So see...
They get power out of this at this point.
We're still in the educational phase.
You got any comments on that?
You're exactly right.
All I can say is I'd suggest checking out his website, stanley2002.org.
There's a ton of good information there.
I think he's got some good ideas, just trying to decide what to do with it.
Thanks for the call.
And I would advise people, I mean, anybody that smiles at you when you're having a beer and talks about violence, they're a dirty fag.
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Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then mind you,
Order today and spread the word.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The British doctor, the scientist, who was high level in the British government and who blew the whistle on Tony Blair manufacturing evidence and lying, turned up dead last night.
They found him today.
They're already billing it.
They won't say how he died.
Won't anybody see the body or get near it.
The BBC has the headline, David Kelly tragedy.
He just never came home from work.
He disappeared.
He had been threatened by the government and was, quote, being mistreated.
Blowing the whistle, and they were threatening him.
You could be violating national security, exposing our lives, and he ends up dead.
Oh, it's a tragedy!
It's a tragedy!
And then Tony Blair there in our Congress yesterday saying, New world order, new world order, new world order, new world order.
You know, somebody else has said new world order there in four State of the Union addresses.
And I got him on tape saying he's called George Herbert Walker, blue blood, skull and bones, Kenny Buckport, Maine, phony Texan CIA director, UN ambassador, first ambassador to China, only family allowed to get contracts with Kissinger and others through China.
That's who I'm talking about.
Okay, let's go back to the call.
A lot of callers, a lot of news coming up.
Let's talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Talk about a big brother system.
In New York, we have, and it's commonly known, a very well-developed subway system.
It moves 2 to 3 million people per day, okay?
You no longer can use cash or purchase a metal, simple metal token to get into that system now.
Everybody is forced to purchase what they call a MetroCard, which essentially is a credit card for the purchase of traveling in that system.
Well, every time you purchase one of those cards, each card has its own individual serialized number,
When you purchase the card, your photograph is taken, and the serialized number... Yeah, of course, and when you swipe it, it tells them where you drive and where you go and what you do.
Well, what it tells them at this point is,
Where you have entered that subway system, what station you have entered, time and day, and if they really want to find out... I read about this, but on the digital photo, they already have the cameras, and they admit, DARPA admits two weeks ago, this is the Pentagon, all the cameras being hooked into face scanning software as a, quote, military control grid over the U.S., and now when you go to Target or any of these places, they're making it where even when the clerk swipes it, the machine keeps your card.
And in this case, they can actually track.
Could you imagine a computer required?
If they wanted to single you out, they could actually track.
Now in England, they're going to use 3 million cameras with behavioral scanners.
If you have tension in your shoulders, you may be a terrorist.
And that five airports have put brain scanners in, this is CBS News, folks, that scan the brain waves.
I mean, it's total insanity.
It is insane.
Most people are ignorant of this fact, you know, here in the city of New York.
As I said, two to three million people use that system per day.
They got you photographed with the serialized card number, so when you swipe and go in the system, if they really want to find out, you know,
And by the way, the New York Post reported yesterday, we had the family on, she's got a 3.84, 3.8 plus, 15, graduating with her bachelor's from college, and the father said that CPS is threatening to take her from the family.
They say it is abusive, she must go to public school, and they're not going to let her have her college diploma.
They're blocking that, and they're talking about indictments.
Your border is wide open.
The policemen ordered to squeeze the people.
They're scanning your faces.
Foreign troops are being brought in.
And 15-year-old girls may be taken from their family.
Doesn't that sound like freedom to you?
Oh, yeah, real freedom.
As a matter of fact, right now the city of New York is conducting a minor experiment.
Well, I shouldn't say minor.
It is putting microchips.
In the employee identification cards of at least its police officers, which are close to 30,000 or 40,000 in number, and maybe even some of the other civil agencies.
And my feeling is if that thing works out... Sir, major states like New Jersey are already doing it, and they've admitted...
We're good to go.
And I come up to the counter, and there's this kid behind the counter, and he gets the card, and he says, you know, Alex Jones, Magnolia Management.
He goes, what's Magnolia Management?
I go, just some name, some proprietorship.
Came up with it because, you know, we got magnolia trees around my grandma's house.
My dad had the idea, you know, eight years ago or whatever.
And he goes, well, what is it?
And I said, well, a business.
And he goes, I need to know what this is.
He has three times.
And I said, well, I'm Alex Jones.
I have a radio show.
And you have a business, and that name is your company, Magnolia Management.
What further does it require?
Yeah, exactly.
And he didn't even need to know that.
It's my name on the card.
And so he goes, I'm going to have to call this in.
He walks over.
When he comes back, and he's real rude and throws it down, I go, this is not a third world country.
I know this is a police state.
I'm sick of it.
I want your manager.
And I go, this is Gestapo tactics.
And then some lady behind me in the counter goes, that's insulting!
And I go, no, you being trained to do this is insulting.
The manager comes out and he goes, oh, Alex Jones.
And I go, yeah.
And he goes, oh, I'm a fan.
We just have to do this now.
I'm sorry.
But, Alex, do what?
There's nothing more to be explained.
It's all about questioning.
It's a business name, period.
Well, I shouldn't be shopping in Office Max.
Remember, they're the ones that said that they would, quote, watch what you print and copy and wouldn't allow anti-war except to be at their own copy centers.
Remember that?
It was OfficeMax.
I heard that, but I wasn't sure what company that was.
That was OfficeMax, yeah.
But I forget this.
You know, Target pays for face-standing cameras in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they're based.
AP last week.
Walmart, with the Defense Department and Target, and a secret microchip plant.
Source, AP.
OfficeMax spying on you.
I mean, it's everywhere.
Keep in mind with those chips, not only could they tell you,
Sorry, the RFIDs already do that, and I have reports on it today.
Thanks for the call.
Yes, yes.
Was it Patrick Henry that said, give me a microchip or give me death?
Isn't that what they were all about?
He said, give me security or give me death.
He said, give me police in black ski masks, ordering me around or give me death.
That's what I thought he said.
He said, give me welfare or give me death.
He said, exactly.
He said, standing up was wrong.
Thanks for the call.
He was an extremist terrorist, and I'm glad I have FEMA on tape saying it.
I do, I do.
I have FEMA on tape saying the Founding Fathers are evil, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin.
I have them saying all Christians are enemies of the government.
I have this under official Bush administration training, okay?
And he's so Christian.
See, they're going to pay off your Baptist churches.
The big Baptist church in Austin has anti-gun days, UN days now.
I mean, it's just, I love Jesus, they say.
I worship the UN.
Jesus loved the UN.
I mean, it's blasphemous.
This is the new America, folks.
Mindless, socialist control freaks that are so braindead, they're the conservatives.
And they tell real freedom lovers, real Christians, real conservatives, that we're bad.
I mean, you are pathetic, mindless jellyfish out there.
You need to wake up, neocons, and you too, you stupid liberals.
I'm really tired of all you.
You're like, hey, don't be so mean.
Well, look, it's like your house is on fire, and I'm trying to wake you up from a deep sleep.
I may have to, you know, throw some water on you or slap you.
Wake up, people!
Read history!
It's happening again!
With a high-tech overlay!
All right, David in Illinois, and then Dan and Rob and Frank and everybody else.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
How you doing?
I caught your interview with Ann Coulter the other night on shortwave.
Yeah, if you really listen to her, well, gun control, you know, Bush has got to do it, and UNESCO has got to do it, and I was bad.
She got more mad at me than she does at the liberal, because the liberal's really her little buddy.
Wink, wink, see?
Well, the liberals don't argue using pertinent facts.
They engage in the party warfare distraction.
Emotional chicken wing flapping.
That's correct.
And so what I want to do is encourage you to put that interview...
You know, I'm going to... Is that your word, your term?
Well, I'm going to...
Yes, it is.
I think one of our columnists for Prison Planet should write an article called Party Warfare Distraction.
I think I'm co-opting that word now at this time.
It's mine.
But that is something.
Party Warfare Distraction.
Well, it keeps the argument at a certain level, and it filters out a lot of the pertinent... Did you hear my story last hour, David, where I...
I was doing errands for like three hours yesterday, and I'd get back in the car, and I'd turn the car, and every time it was Hillary Clinton.
And then I'd flip channels, Hillary Clinton.
Well, who cares?
Yes, we know that a walking latrine is in the Senate.
There are a bunch of evil people there.
But it's all about, we're good because we're against her.
That's right, and this keeps the argument centered on labels, liberals versus conservatives.
Nobody can define that.
Well, I mean, look at Tony Blair.
He's the most socialistic creature known to be able to get policies through.
Anti-gun, anti-sovereignty, enslaving cameras, secret arrest.
Have you thought of speech crime?
I mean, they have it there now.
They arrested a big TV presenter for saying the word homosexual.
That's not allowed now.
All the articles say gay, gay, gay.
I don't think they can do that in Canada either.
I think it's called something like...
Attacking identifiable groups or something like that.
Yeah, that's it.
But my point is, is even, you know, a dictionary is illegal now there.
And the point is, there are conservative websites.
We all know who they are, folks.
The ones that sell the Ronald Reagan caps.
And they'll, you know, they're promoting Tony Blair.
I know another conservative site sells Tony Blair T-shirts.
I mean...
I'm speechless.
Well, the reason I'm mentioning this and the reason I called is because once I heard that interview and you really left her speechless, the only thing that she could do was start trying to debunk you by using things like black helicopters and throwing the net label around.
But if you could maybe construct...
You know, show that interview and then construct a small segment in your next film.
Show documents over... Yeah, I'll tell you what, stay there.
We'll talk about it.
It is a good idea.
It is a good idea.
Mark, we haven't gotten rid of that interview yet.
We need to save that.
It's very important.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
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Your health simply cannot wait any longer.
All right, we're back live.
Tony Blair, the poster child, the mascot of the neocons.
I mean, he's... The guy's a communist, folks.
The guy is so anti-Western civilization, Magna Carta Bill of Rights, you know, Western Europe.
It's a joke!
And, again, neocons love him.
This is a guy who loved Bill Clinton.
See, it shows how phony it is.
It's only on the surface.
David Illinois was making some great points, and I was interrupting him, of course.
That's my hallmark.
But, yes, continuing with the Ann Coulter interview, people have actually said that, and I thought of it instinctively.
Great minds think alike with our native intelligence.
Yeah, I'll probably take 10 minutes of that.
I need to ask for a copy of it.
Mark, will you burn me a copy of that and mail it to me?
I'm so busy.
But who knows?
I'm just telling the folks around the show.
Well, one of the points that I'd certainly stress is that you were mentioning Maine...
Mainstream media sources on these stories, and she was unaware of those.
Well, she said, in my book, we expose that the Patriot Act doesn't take rights and how liberals lie.
Now, that's a chapter of her book.
I've got it right here.
And she had never read it.
And then I said, well, you know about the subsection?
She goes, I never read it.
I go, well, what about the Patriot Act?
Never read it.
And I said, well, would you like me to read a subsection?
That's boring.
Well, and that's a tip-off right there.
She sounded like a liberal.
That's what they sound like.
Well, they're all the same.
And that's why there's no difference between the parties anymore.
That's it.
If there ever was in the first place.
You know, I'm not sure that there ever was.
And think of her.
That lady made like 20-something million off one book.
I mean, I don't care if people make money.
That's what happens to these...
System-coronated media celebrities, though, they do make a lot of money.
As you were offered a million, I think.
You turned it down.
Well, see, if you'd have gone with the plan, you'd have been a rich guy now.
Well, you know what?
I don't want all the blood on my hands.
I know it.
I'm going to go here, but one more point.
We've got these...
Media standouts out there, they have been coronated by the system, and they're out there offering this distraction, keeping everybody focused on party, liberal, conservative, when nobody can really define what those things are.
But you listen to Limbaugh and Hannity.
And the problem is liberals.
The problem is Democrats.
And they took the money, boy, didn't they?
They sure did.
They took $279 million for a 10-year contract, 9-year contract.
So keep up the good work, Alex.
Thanks for the call.
And then all the little talk show hosts, the little neocon clones that are making like $15 an hour...
That's what they get paid here locally.
If they're lucky, they just regurgitate and beg and plead and just try to get that syndicated job and just try to break in so they can be with one of the big three or four networks so they can do it and they can care less.
And these guys and gals aren't stupid, by the way.
They know they're slipping America's throat.
They know what they're doing.
And all their little good old boy next door acts, and thank you so much for the call, and all that sweet act.
The call irritates me.
I'll let them know.
I'm an irritable person.
I don't put on acts here.
And it was so easy.
That's what I'm proud of.
They offered a million bucks, and that was just starting in the first year, folks.
They wanted me to be the big, aggressive, you know,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I can be really mean.
I'm an aggressive person.
I have a lot of testosterone.
But to take a million dollars to sell people out, I mean, it does not compute.
But, see, that's how America used to be, folks.
Ninety-five percent of people were like that.
Now it's five percent that aren't.
That's how upside-down things are.
And, I mean, they told me, they said, what's wrong with the New World Order?
I mean, I ought to tell that story a more detailed sometime.
Let's talk to Dan in Idaho.
Go ahead, sir.
You're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, this is Dan in north-central Panhandle, Idaho.
All right, we'll probably have to hold you over, but go ahead.
Yeah, we thank you very much for your work, and thanks for having me on.
We've circulated your tapes up here in this part of the country, and I've shipped some to Portland and California and their relatives.
They're excellent, and we appreciate your work.
What I've got is a request, Alex, and I would ask you to consider this
Would you report more on our own?
What's happening to our own guys out here?
Guys that are awake.
Oh, how they're shooting and killing patriots and taking your farms and ranches.
Like Scott Woodring.
Nobody's reporting on him.
I picked it up on the Intel report from Nancy Farnsey.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Stay there and you can tell us about it.
We've talked about it about 15 times.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, buddy.
My name is Bob Barefoot, and I'm here today to introduce Bob Barefoot's Best Coral Calcium Supreme Plus.
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That's 877-605-9200.
All right, folks.
This is Real Talk Radio.
We talk about real issues that actually affect you and your family.
Not issues of little or no significance or mindless chicken fights, gladiatorial diversions between Tom Daschle and George Bush.
Now, there is a huge stack of vital news.
I'm going to blitz through here.
I'm only taking three more calls from Dan and Robert, or Rob, and Frank, and maybe a few others.
Then I'm going to jump into news for the balance of the show.
We've got about 26 minutes left right now.
I want to remind the listeners, my website's rprisonplanet.com, infowars.com, and infowars.net.
Please spread the word.
Dan, up there in Idaho, you know, you say talk about what's happening to us, the Patriots.
I mean, I do, but I talk about what happens to...
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Well, I thank you, Alex, and I know you do, and that was a good piece on that young girl, and it's a good example of our federal learning institutions, if you will.
Scott Woodring, and I'm just picking up bits and pieces.
I don't have a computer.
I had to call Jack McLam, my neighbor the other day, and get a little bit from him.
But he was evidently a chaplain in the Michigan militia,
And they falsely charged him with sexual charges and ultimately murdered him, burned his house down.
Yeah, what happened is that, this was even in the paper, he told some young girls, you know, that, hey, you're dressed like whores, you shouldn't do that.
And it's dangerous, too.
You shouldn't let your 14-year-old girls go out there dressed like hookers, and that's what the style is.
It's been in the news.
They've gotten in trouble marketing lingerie to 8-year-olds.
It's been in the news.
He says this, then they come and SWAT team him, and they kill him, and it's horrible.
So this is the new America.
I understand yesterday was his funeral, and...
I would ask all the brothers to pray for him and his widow and children he left behind.
But they're picking us off out here in Idaho also.
Oh, man, they arrest you there for speech, according to the Associated Press.
I mean, I don't want to call black people names or Hispanics or whites or anybody else.
Yes, sir.
We're all together in this fight against tyranny.
But a black man in front of a whole football stadium attacked a news reporter
I know it is, Alex, and we're in sad shape, and I appreciate, again, the work you're doing.
But I would again make that request.
We've got a Pastor John Lewis out of Campbellsburg, Indiana that...
You know, I got the pastor's number, and I dropped the ball and didn't get him on.
I'm going to call Pastor Butch.
I'm going to get him on.
Yeah, they were protesting at the city park on public land, First Amendment, and they came up and beat people up and then charged them with assault.
Now, the cops are in trouble because the video shows no assault.
That's right.
That's right.
And we've got other things going on.
You know, these health food places.
We had one out here called Water Oz.
Dave Hinkson's in prison down in Boise for standing against the FDA and all the other agencies.
They've sicked on him.
We've got Larry Roggett that's up north in Wallace, Idaho.
He'll be sentenced to several years in prison for teaching the Constitution and organizing an unincorporated posse.
Well, I'll tell you what happens.
I'll tell you what happens, and I've read the documents years ago from Idaho and Texas and everywhere else.
Even small departments get a federal grant to bring in somebody who's really a fed, generally for the sheriff's department or the city police.
And his job is to go around and, quote, find militias and slash terrorists.
We're good to go.
And they like the name Viper.
That's why they picked it.
So it would sound Viper Militia that makes methamphetamine with guns.
It's psychological warfare, mixing those words.
And the guys never did anything, never said anything.
And the FBI agent made a little bottle bomb.
They blew it up outside.
And the guys were like, yeah, that's cool.
Yeah, you know what?
We're for America.
We'll do that to the U.N., whatever.
And then they all just swarmed.
And then it's on the news.
Massive terrorist group.
Viper militia was planning to destroy everything.
They were the most sinister brainiacs ever known.
It's like the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and also Texas Monthly.
It's in the takeover.
We're good to go.
A little bit of black powder, had them drive around, talk about how they were going to do all this stuff, and they talked for months.
And then they'd give them whiskey, and yeah, talk about it and record them.
The sheriff then got word that there was a plan to bomb the chemical plant.
The sheriff bust them before the FBI to cook a bomb, roll it in there, and blow it up and blame it.
I mean, folks, and then right after that happened, there was this demonization thing.
There's a new sheriff, and he's a big Christian, and he won't allow them...
Checkpoints, and he says the police don't need new squad cars, and he wants to cut the budget.
Boy, he was out of there quick.
Did you ever hear about that?
Yes, I did, and I've been following a lot of those things through the years.
So, I mean, you know, they kicked Sheriff's out and stopped blowing up chemical plants.
I mean, it's... They're evil.
They're evil.
Have you heard Sheriff Mack's running for governor of Utah?
Well, that is exciting.
I was on his show...
A few weeks ago, and he made an allusion to it.
I didn't really... Sheriff, how's old Sheriff Mack doing?
I don't get to communicate with him much.
I listen to shortwave, and then we just recently got an FM station up, a pirate station here on the mountain.
So we get a lot clearer.
Well, I know he's on TED Talk, a commercial station I've been on many times, but...
He's a great guy.
Oh, he is.
Tell him I said hi.
He was in this area a couple of years ago, and he ran for undersheriff.
And we had a good man running for sheriff.
Of course, they did a Ross Perot and torpedoed our guy.
And they've got a puppet in there now for a county sheriff here in the county of Idaho, in the state of Idaho.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Rob in New York.
Go ahead, Rob.
Hey, Alex, it's Wyoming, not New York.
Hey, pretty close.
Listen, I've got nothing but admiration for you, man.
So if you interrupt me, it's okay.
Hey, the guy that just called from Idaho, Dan, I thought he was going to mention this guy.
He's, to me, in my opinion, really important.
He's got a strategy for a gradual transition, a peaceful, orderly transition back to the law of the land.
You know, through attrition, basically.
But this guy knows the law, and you never hear about him.
You hear about Earl Schiff and all those guys, which, in my opinion, they're distractors.
They're meant to mislead.
You know, the 16th Amendment, I agree, it probably was not ratified.
However, you don't need to go that route.
There's a better way.
But, I mean, I understand what you're saying.
Let me tell you the guy's name first.
Gary A. DeMott.
And they've got him in prison in Mississippi, even though the first conviction was not...
Executed because he got a jury trial instead of a trial by jury.
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rules 54A and B. They're talking about two different jurisdictions superimposed.
I know you know all this, but your listeners may not.
Superimposed on the same geographical location, right?
That have the trappings to make you think that it's like a football grid and a baseball diamond on the same field.
For those who don't know...
People can get a grasp of this.
Here in Austin, CBS News reported, got a clip of it in Police State 3, that when you go to jail, you are, quote, now guilty until proven innocent.
They say that, and they say that, yes, if you're arrested for any reason, they ask you to sign a form that you agree that you are convicted of.
If you're arrested for seatbelt, they make you sign a form or try to make you sign a form that says family violence, drug dealing, drunk driving,
And that's not even a court.
It's just signed the paper.
That all comes from the silent waiver presumption of contract.
Yeah, it's the same thing when you sign the contract with the bank, then you agree to let the IRS take your bank account without a contract.
But even if you never had a contract with a bank or anybody... They still do it.
They still do it, and Gary DeMott was prepared to do this.
They presume it.
He's an old man.
He's a great man.
He caught their expert witness to the IRS on perjury for stating something she did not know to be true.
He caught the agent, the jury, which was lied to.
That's why it's a jury trial, not a trial by jury.
It wasn't his peers or anything either because they were all presumed legal fictions under the 14th Amendment.
Didn't know it, of course.
But they convicted him, of course, because they were lied to by the judge, Judge Lodge.
Who was about to retire.
So for about a year after this phony conviction, nothing happened to him.
See, because Judge Lodge didn't want to get himself in trouble, but he also didn't want to mess up his retirement.
I'd like to see him spend his retirement in jail, in prison.
Anyway, he has to rule according to law when the law is brought.
I understand.
We can't do a law lesson right now.
No, I hear you.
I'm sorry.
But I hope people will look up Gary DeMott on the Internet.
I want so much to get this man out of jail, not just for humanitarian reasons, but because he's extremely important in what we're trying to do here.
All right, we'll check into it.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
Last caller, Frank in West Virginia.
They're not going to cover news.
Go ahead, Frank.
Hey, Alex.
I just wanted to mention a couple things.
I wanted to ask you, first of all, there's a fellow that's on your 9-11 documentary who looks like he...
The SWAT team is after him.
He's on the ground.
Dog's tearing at his crotch and his arm, and then they move in on him.
I was just wondering, that guy, you said that you had interviewed him a long time ago, but I'd been listening the past two years and I hadn't remembered hearing about him.
Could you have him back on again?
Farrell Montgomery.
That's it, yes.
And, yeah, we had Farrell on.
He's in Albuquerque, and no criminal record.
He is a carpenter, goes around doing carpentry jobs.
And the cops pull him over.
It just so happened the helicopter was there.
The head of that news station has been kind of a liaison to the ADL.
They just randomly picked the Patriot, had it all set up,
And he steps out, hands up, they hit him with three tasers, the dog chews on him, they do all this, and then on the news, they hold up jumper cables and go, look, pipe bombs!
Now, later the paper retracted that, but it's all just a training drill for what they like to do to you.
Oh, good grief.
Well, sir, they will, and I'm not being sarcastic, a bottle of aspirin now is a biological weapon, a chemical weapon.
A screwdriver is a machete.
Jumper cables are plastic explosives.
I mean, they do this all the time.
They're now arresting peace groups if they have rocks in their backyard, that they say these were weapons.
That was in the news.
I'm not being sarcastic.
I believe you.
They're arresting people for potting soil.
No drugs were found.
People are getting five to ten years for potting soil, cooking timers.
That would be a powerful interview.
I hope to hear it again sometime or maybe find it on the archive.
Is that on your website, maybe?
What was a powerful interview?
I would like to hear that interview with Mr. Montgomery.
Man, that was... I probably interviewed Farrell.
Let's see, Road to Tyranny came out.
Would that be...
It came out about a year and a half ago, so it's within the last year and a half.
Okay, well, I'll look for it.
One more interview you might want to recall is Mr. Stanley.
You mentioned him earlier.
You didn't recall who he was.
Now, I didn't hear it all.
Maybe I got things out of context because the reception is real poor.
However, you said some things about Mr. Stanley.
Do you remember having him on your show?
Because I do remember you interviewing this man.
No, you've probably heard him on another show.
He hasn't been on the show.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Okay, you might want to have a long-term interview.
Listen to me for just a second, Frank.
Almost all the shows are basically sewing circles.
For people in one particular sliver of the patriot movement.
And yes, they know what they're talking about.
Yes, they're as on as anybody can be.
Yes, they're aware of what's going on.
I wasn't talking about Mr. Stanley when I said that government violence.
What I was saying was is that they use things like marches on Washington and things like that to backfire against us, and they're very dangerous.
And my show, I mean, we had a caller in the first hour who said,
He said, Brian in New York hasn't called in a while.
Are you guys fighting with each other?
I mean, you know, my show is not about what's this guy up to, what's that guy doing.
Oh, I haven't heard this caller.
Are you all still friends?
My show is about exposing the New World Order.
And I'm not saying you're doing this, but so many of the patriot leaders, I mean, all they do is attack each other.
All they do is run around talking about the movement and each other all day.
I keep my InfoWar weapons in the InfoWar focused downrange at the globalists and exposing and discrediting their system.
Thanks for the call.
I've got to let you go because I've got to really cover some news.
That's another one of my frustration points here today.
Now, you can call me back on tonight, 9 to midnight, or on Monday, 11 to 2, earlier in the show.
We took a lot of calls today.
I mean, a whole tassel of calls.
That's good, because I usually make callers sit there forever, and I didn't do that today.
Oh, man, there's so much news I want to cover.
I just want to recap a few things, and then get in the next segment and get into some other stories we haven't covered.
Blair sets out his view of the New World Order to Congress.
This is out of the Herald News.
In England, it says he called for a new world order to protect America and the UK and the world and civilizations from Al-Qaeda, who is planning to attack again.
History will judge them as copper and will forgive them if any of the evidence was false on Iraq.
They're asking for forgiveness now as the people that blow the whistle are dying, like Dr. Kelly over in England who blew the whistle.
And he said that the new world must have order.
Yes, that's the headline.
Blair sets out his vision of a new world order, and I believe any alliance must start with America and Europe as part of a global system.
So he gave his little new world order speech, and Congress just loves the arch creature.
Continuing, U.S.
had uranium papers earlier.
Turns out that they've been caught lying again and again and again.
They've had to reverse themselves because of documents.
We're pulling big-time Clintons here, but I guess that's okay.
They're Republicans.
Well, Bush will sign the insolvency ban, but I guess that's okay.
Well, he's for open borders, but I guess that's okay.
Well, he's protecting Bill Clinton, but I guess that's okay.
Well, he's giving supercomputers to communists, but I guess that's okay.
Well, he signed on to UNESCO, but I guess that's okay.
On and on.
Well, he signed campaign finance reform, but I guess that's okay.
Oh, he bloated the size of the government and increased a bunch of different taxes and cut one tax, but I guess that's okay.
Democrat eyes potential grounds for Bush impeachment.
Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham said on Thursday there was grounds to impeach President Bush if he was found to have lied to the American people.
That's the pot calling the kettle black, folks, again.
German cannibals charged with murder.
Remember this when we get back.
Talk about sick and twisted.
A guy volunteered to be eaten.
Scientists to clone mammoth.
I want shopkeepers unveil frankenfish.
You can get a jellyfish, cross with a fish.
But genetic engineering is no big deal.
It's completely natural.
It's good for you.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips.
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All right, an attempt at mindless humor.
That is a good deal, though.
I know Michael Trudeau is using those in his gigantic Wisconsin garden he's got.
And don't have to eat all that pesticide.
That's what they used to do in the past.
Kind of a side issue.
I know this is not an underhanded plug for Arbico.
I don't know.
It's Friday, last segment, and I've got a headache today.
I've been a little grumpy at the callers.
I'm sorry.
I'm just mad at the New World Order, folks.
I am.
I'm kind of like an alligator just snapping in all different directions here because I'm so mad at the New World Order.
Talk about degeneracy, folks.
I mean, this is degenerate.
German cannibal charged with murder.
BBC, a German man who confessed to killing and eating a man he met through a website for cannibals, has been charged with murder, prosecutors said.
41-year-old suspect identified as Armin M. is alleged to have killed 43-year-old victim in March 2001 in the town of Rottenburg in central Germany after meeting him through the site.
Turns out that he's part of a group of 400-plus cannibals on one website who like to eat their body parts for sexual enjoyment.
The suspect and victim, both apparently homosexuals, met in early 2001 after Armin M. is said to have posted a personal ad, several websites, and in the chat rooms asking for young, well-built men, ages 18 to 30, to be slaughtered.
The German daily newspaper Bill reported at the time of his arrest, the victim was a 43-year-old Berlin computer technician who had sold his car, written a will, and taken the day off to sort out what he called a personal matter.
And, folks, I read about these homosexuals.
They go down to Mexico to have a leg cut off, and then they lovingly slice salami meat off of it and bolognese and have little parties.
And Rolling Stone, which is liberal, said, my gosh, a third of the gay men, homosexuals in San Francisco, want AIDS.
I mean, folks, you talk about destructive lifestyle.
I'll be arrested as a hate criminal for saying wanting to be killed and eaten is wrong.
Yeah, and the liberal groups are saying it's their right to be killed and eaten if they want to, and we're wrong to it.
I'm serious.
Just fine, okay?
Okay, I'm wrong.
I'm an extremist, okay?
I guess this is wholesome, then.
Scientists to clone mammoths.
Again, all the neocons are saying how good genetic engineering is.
It's all natural.
Russian and Japanese scientists are hoping to clone mammoths.
What they think are the legs of an extinct animal discovered in Russia's northern Yat-Tux region.
Specimens of the animal discovered last year have arrived in Kikiki Universities in Giphy Science and Technology Center in western Japan.
The bone, marrow, skin, and muscle specimens frozen in nitrogen liquid look fine.
They think another elephant can chestate it.
Here's another one.
Taiwan shopkeepers unveil Frankenfish, Associated Press.
Their weird glowing green color makes them look like they're swimming in nuclear plants spent field pond.
But the zebrafish of sale in Taipei shops have an even stranger background.
They're the latest in genetically modified fish.
Their bodies contain DNA from jellyfish, making them similar and shimmer in the dark.
So it's the incredible Hulkfish.
Never mind.
The point here is these neocons are on TV and radio saying this is wholesome and good for you, and liberals are lying about it.
Well, no, the liberals are busy trying to steal land.
They could care less about this.
Genetic engineering is out of control and is deadly dangerous and is insane, and they don't know what the ramifications of this will be, and it's not all natural.
And all mutations are not natural and good, as my cousin who works for IBM said.
In the genome program.
Okay, just quit buying your own propaganda, folks.
It's very dangerous.
I'm out of time.
Ladies and gentlemen, go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Get my videos.
Don't wait.
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We need your support.
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We need your support.
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Please support those who support freedom and liberty.
God bless you all.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
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