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Air Date: July 16, 2003
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
It's already Wednesday, the 16th of July 2003.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
In the second hour, I have Dwayne Coots, who powers InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and InfoWars.net.
He is an Internet expert, and we'll talk about the New World Order and the spy technology and the total information awareness network and ways to alert the public to this.
In the third hour, Abby Newman.
She was in the film Road to Tyranny off the squad car footage.
As they pull her out of the car at a checkpoint and find her pocket constitution, one of my videos, and go on to discuss the fact that, quote, this may be illegal stuff and, well, she declared her rights and that's what the terrorists do.
We'll talk about what she's gone through since she sued them and fought them and
I went to court against them.
They took her daughter's child, CPS did.
They've tried to take one of her younger children.
And again, these are people that never had trouble with the law, never been involved in the system, military veterans, good Christian farmers.
This is the new America.
So that's coming up in the third hour of the show today.
In the meantime, I'm going to try to not go into my ranting and raving and my sarcasm like I did last night.
Well, I was wild last night.
I want to just get into the news and try to analyze it and cover it and take a bunch of your calls.
Dwayne's joining us at 1230 in about an hour and a half, 1230 Central Time.
So we've got an hour and a half to cover news and take calls half the show.
And then, of course, we'll take calls for Dwayne as well.
And then at 1 o'clock, we'll have Abby Newman.
We'll take calls for that for those of you that have seen her in the Police State videos, like 911, The Road to Tyranny, or for those that have watched the video on the Internet or seen it on your local TV station.
The footage also got showed on several TV stations out on the East Coast.
I think?
We're good to go.
And look at all the socialistic, big government, anti-American rulings that have been coming out.
It's like Bill Clinton on steroids or something.
But again, all the conservatives say, the neocon followers, oh, we've got to vote for Republicans because we've got to get conservative justices appointed.
Folks, we don't have a Republican Party, okay?
We have Socialist A Party and Socialist B Party with different window dressing.
And, by the way, Ron Paul gave a speech a few days ago, and I have the text of it, on Infowars.com, on the Liberty Committee.
It's also on the Liberty Committee website, libertycommittee.org, forward slash neo dash conned.
And Ron Paul, the most conservative member of Congress...
That's the voting record, the actual actions, not the rhetoric.
I'm sorry.
Rhetoric-wise, he's not quite as conservative as Bush.
But in action, let's just say he's not for turning in your guns.
So that means I guess he's a liberal to the neocons.
But he said the biggest threat is the neocons, the Trojan horses.
And I didn't read all of this last night.
I only read a few paragraphs.
I want to read more of this today.
I'll get to that.
And the lies about weapons of mass destruction.
This story has gotten really big.
I think they're going to let it build to be a little bit bigger and then, oh, really discover some.
But maybe I've been wrong because they lost so much credibility getting caught lying that will anybody believe them?
Wheels within wheels.
I think I know what's going on.
I'll tell you about that and we'll also get your response to it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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It's about controlling our borders.
It is about exposing the greatest enemies to our republic.
Now, I started my show last night
With this, and I just can't help it, I want to cover it again in more detail, but I'm going to go ahead and do this in the next hour.
But I do challenge everybody to go and to read it, because it is so important.
And it's on Infowars.com right now.
Or you can simply go to the libertycommittee.org forward slash neo dash cond dot htm.
That's Ron Paul's political action from principle website.
And he gave a speech on the 10th.
I just saw this yesterday, and it's 15 pages long, and I'm not going to read the whole thing on air, but later I'm going to.
I've read the whole thing now.
I read part of it last night.
I read the whole thing when I got off the air last night, and I didn't have time, I didn't think, to highlight it.
I just want to read key tidbits of this.
But he says the greatest threat to America is the Republican Party.
And he says that he has never talked like this.
But he has to do it because the Republicans, he has analyzed their actions.
He has come to the decision and the analysis that they are the ultra-socialists.
They are really the Democratic Party trying to take over.
And that's what we told you years ago.
And Ron Paul is a Republican and has the most conservative voting record.
But things have gotten so bad now, he had to indict them.
Basically, a declaration of independence is what he went through, and he laid out how they're traitors, how they want to destroy America, and how they are the greatest threat.
The speech is neoconned.
And he went over the facts that they are destroying this country, so that's coming up later.
And I hope you read the whole thing for yourself, and I hope you email it out to your conservative friends who aren't really conservative.
I mean, they might as well be wearing red armbands or something and be part of Stalin's secret police.
I mean, these people are sick.
But as long as a neocon says it on Fox or on the EIB network or out of big government savage's mouth,
Or out of any of these people, as long as they say it, people go along with it.
Because they say a lot of things that are true and a lot of things that are right, but then mix the poison in with it and tell you to go ahead and support Bush.
Oh, well, you're not going to vote for Hillary, are you?
Or John Kerry?
Or Al Gore?
Frankly, I think it would be better if we had John Kerry or Hillary Clinton in there right now because the mass of conservatives would not be neutralized by the sleeping gas that is George W. Neocon puppet teleprompter Bush.
I mean, I wish we had Al Gore in here.
Mike Hanson, who I've worked with for years during the election, said, one of the most conservative people I know, he said, I'm voting for Al Gore.
And I said, why?
And he said, because people know he's evil, and the conservative movement's going to die and get totally derailed, the liberty movement, if George Bush is elected.
And I said, well, Mike...
I'm going to go vote, but I'm not even going to vote the presidential election, because I know it's already a foregone conclusion that's going to be staged.
And I told this story months and weeks before the election, so I'm on the record saying it was going to be a staged election.
It is a staged election.
We don't choose who the president is, okay?
That's a fact.
I've done 50 shows on it.
I hate to make that claim without doing a show on it, but it is a fact.
The CIA runs the elections.
You cannot get in to see the computers.
It is totally controlled.
Boulder News Services.
It's had other names.
The same group still runs it.
They got rid of that name.
They've changed names again.
So, you know, it doesn't really matter who's in there.
They're just titular heads, puppets.
But it does matter to the mass out there that, well, I know Bush has done some things that are wrong.
Because I'll say, well, he's...
He's for open borders.
Well, he's for gun control.
Well, he's for blocking pardon gate.
Well, he's for all these things.
They'll go, yeah, yeah, I know about that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know about the UNESCO.
Well, yeah, it is bad.
I go, well, what's he done that's conservative?
Well, he cut $90 million or $89 million in abortion funding worldwide.
I go, yeah, but he increased it by $3 billion in other funds.
Well, show me an article on that.
Well, I mean, here's the admission.
Oh, that is bad.
Well, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, you know, cannot compute.
Can you say Benedict Arnold?
Can you say Trojan horse?
And I know I start a couple shows each week with this, a different variant of the same diatribe.
But I tuned into Neocon Talk Radio, and it's all, Bush is so conservative, everything's so good, we've got to stop Hillary, you've got to follow Bush.
Oh, they did find weapons of mass destruction.
They're still saying it.
Oh, Bush is fighting with the UN.
No, he's empowering it.
He's using America as the bad cop, demonizing us, while we're working for the big banks in Europe.
And then they pose as the good guys that are, oh, against all this war.
Don't you see what's happening?
Don't you see how Bush is energizing a massive, highly organized, vicious, socialist, New World Order movement worldwide?
Bush is putting air into the sails of the liberals.
You call them the liberals, the big government control freaks.
He's energizing a whole new generation.
Of UN-promoting activists that think they're good and that think that there's this conservative New World Order that they've got to stop by empowering the loving liberal New World Order.
And I read the policy papers five years ago how they were going to sell this to you.
People say, how did you know all this?
How did you predict this and that?
Well, folks, the globalists have to communicate with each other.
There's tens of thousands of them.
Okay, they're in management positions at different levels.
And so they have policy papers and position papers.
It's like PNAC.
We're for big government.
We're for socialism.
We're for a new world order.
We want all the oil.
We want a police state.
We want to set up a military base.
We need to be attacked by terrorists to get this done.
How do we get this done?
I mean, they actually say that, ladies and gentlemen.
But the average person is not going to go to PNAC.org and read stuff written by Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and Pearl and Jeb Bush and Dick Cheney.
By the way, they're all there or they're on their way to Bohemian Grove right now.
They all pop in and out from July 15th to July 30th in the tiny town of Montereo, 12 miles west of Santa Rosa.
And three years ago yesterday, I snuck in there, and they admit they publish their speeches.
They give their.
They publish them through Berkeley.
Again, the conservatives publish their information through Berkeley.
See, the ultra-socialist university.
You're starting to get how this works, folks.
And it's all New World Order this, world government that.
Well, they're meeting right now and creating their position papers again.
But they know that 99.9% of you will never go read what they've said.
They say they're going to take your guns.
They say they're going to dumb you down.
They say the family's the enemy.
They say they're going to take everything you've got.
They're going to destroy the middle class.
But that doesn't matter because you heard them on TV say they were fighting against all that.
So that's my frustration here, that I could spend all day.
I have just today.
About 20 articles where they've been caught in red-handed lies about Iraq.
And they're on video, and they're on the news, and in the text of the articles, saying one thing, saying people are liars that say it's another way, and then a month later flip-flopping.
Now they're flip-flopping multiple times daily.
And, by the way, Lord Bush's approval rating is falling through the floor right now.
It is plunging through the basement right now, and that is terrifying.
Because when Bill Clinton's approval rating hit 32%, 33%, depending on the poll, Oklahoma City took place.
Every time this happens, there is a diversionary event.
And look, if Bush's approval rating was still at 75%, 80%, 95%, a world record like it was after 9-1-1,
And it's been going down ever since.
They wouldn't carry out more events, okay?
They have to do this to get you back in line, to get you to tribally get your hackles up and circle the wagons with them directing you, oh, we've got to protect ourselves, follow our orders, we're in an emergency, you know, grab bales of water and throw it on the fire.
But really, they're bales of gasoline.
You wonder as you throw the bales on why it explodes in your face and why things get worse.
They just say, oh, the buckets aren't big enough.
Here's some bigger buckets.
Patriot Act I wasn't enough.
Here, we'll give you Patriot Act II, but don't mention how the border's wide open or neocons like Ann Coulter.
Did you see how mad she got?
A big pretty girl, a poster girl, and that would bring up all the horrible big government stuff that's happening under Bush, and she'd just start...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But they don't like real conservatives.
They don't like libertarians.
They don't like Christian patriots.
They don't like the groups that are out there that know what America is all about and see it being destroyed and are upset.
They want to shut us out.
They want to shut us out so no one can hear us and so no one knows what's happening.
But you know what?
Our numbers are exploding.
The alternative media is...
Growing geometrically.
And the people now know that government is behind terror and that government cannot be trusted.
And so the awakening is taking place.
So the globalists are doomed.
They can carry out more terror.
They can do whatever they want.
I pray they won't because I care about the innocents.
But in the end equation, everybody's going to learn that they're the terrorists.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We're back live, and your calls are coming up in the next segment.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
As we blast out on the AM and FM dial across the country, simulcast on global shortwave during the day at 12.172 and 93.20 and back from 9 to midnight at 5.085 and 68.90.
And right here in Austin, Texas, on 1260 AM from 9 to midnight, and Saturdays and Sundays from 3 to 6 PM.
I want to jump into some of the news now, and then, of course, we'll come back, go to your calls, into that Ron Paul speech, portions of it.
Core of weapons case crumbling.
This is from the BBC.
Of the nine main conclusions in the British government document, Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, not one has been shown to be true.
We're good to go.
Because in 9-1-1, after NORAD was ordered to stand down and all this stuff happened, they all got cash bonuses and rewards and more funding.
So Tenet says it's all his fault.
He gave Bush the faulting information.
This is from the Associated Press.
Tenet faces grilling over uranium intelligence before Congress and says it's all his fault.
There's a problem, though.
We have a media source that I think is very impeccable on the subject.
It's called WhiteHouse.gov.
Yes, it's the President's website.
They have photos and text posted weeks before the State of the Union with Bush practicing the speech.
And they have photos of him the night before practicing it.
And it shows the speech on the lectern with Bush drawing circles and crossing out lines.
So everybody knows that Bush practices his speeches more than anyone ever has because he's not a very good public speaker.
I mean, I'm not either off a teleprompter.
I'm not saying he's stupid.
He is a neocon, though.
People say Bush is dumb.
No, he's not dumb.
He's very crafty, like a weasel, like a liberal.
And we've got him there.
So, again, neocons, you said he hadn't read it.
Turns out months before, he had been specifically told that that was fake by the CIA, by the analysts, who didn't want to get caught in the carpet for all this and didn't want to get burned, because they knew they were under scrutiny.
And who visited the CIA four separate times?
Dick Cheney.
You may have heard of him.
He's the vice president.
So they go over there and tell him what to do, and then they announce all this.
It's just total lies.
I could spend all day on these lies.
They say last week Rumsfeld says, look, it was never about hidden weapons of mass destruction.
It was about he was trying to have a program.
Well, folks, I have Rumsfeld on tape dozens of times.
Dozens of times.
And all over the news saying, and you heard him, that he's hiding weapons of mass destruction.
We know he got them from Africa.
We know he's covering it up.
Then last week he said before Congress that he never said that.
Then Condoleezza Rice came out over the weekend and said, oh, actually we have evidence of Niger.
We just can't give it to you.
And now they're saying it's partisan.
It's the Democrats.
They're just lying.
Well, of course the Democrats are being partisan and using this, and they are a bunch of liars.
But just because they're lying crooks, does that mean it's okay that the Republicans are liars?
Because Bill Clinton's a lying traitor?
Does that make it okay what Bush is doing?
This is called integrity.
It's like saying, well, the New York mob is corrupt, so New Jersey mob's okay.
Or the Chicago mob's bad.
But the Dixie Mafia, they're all right.
I mean, you know, it's just where are your thinking caps?
And I know most of you are aware of this.
We're losing everything America is.
We're losing the Bill of Rights.
We're losing what that flag symbolizes, okay?
And I am just upset.
And they're going to get away with this stuff, okay?
And they've got new lies for old.
I've never seen, okay, in my 10 years of fighting the New World Order, my 8 years, more than 8 years now, but only years since 95.
I don't know how many years since then.
The point is that in all the years I've been fighting this, and I've been active for 10, longer than 10, now about 11, I've never seen the lies get this bad.
Maybe I'm just more aware of the lies now, but
We'll take your calls on this.
I want to hear from conservatives, liberals, it doesn't matter.
Do you care you're being lied to, or do you want to deny you're being lied to?
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
As a doctor, you're able to cure and heal your patients.
Unfortunately, there's more than that to a successful medical practice.
Confirming appointments, rescheduling missed visits, and sending reminders is inconvenient and time-consuming.
I do have more of the neocons coming on the show this week and next week
I'm going to have them all on, all the neocons we can get on the show to tell us how we're wrong to be pro-gun, how we're wrong to be pro-border, how we're wrong to be against NAFTA and GATT, which is a giant scam, because it's not free or fair trade.
We're going to have them up here so you can really hear what they're all about on this show.
And then maybe I'll have Chucky Schumer on and we'll play the interviews side-by-side and show you how they're really...
For the same policies in reality.
I said we'd go to wide open phones.
We're going to do that.
I want to go to your calls quickly.
So your question or comment.
Let's talk to Jerry in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yeah, I'm trying to pass the word out.
Here in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, there's a campaign to fight the USA Patriot Act.
And there's a meeting July 17th.
This is this Thursday at the University of Pittsburgh's David Lawrence Hall.
Starts at 7 p.m.
Be a great place to network and deprogram liberals that are there to the real paradigm.
Yeah, and here it says this is the Pittsburgh Bill of Rights Defense Campaign.
They want to educate the public regarding the USA Patriot Act, which expands...
Well, it's a lot worse than that.
See, the liberal versions of this... I know.
...don't tell you about the secret arrests and execution and stuff.
And they don't tell you that Chuckie Schumer and others helped write that bill.
Go ahead.
Okay, and this group also wants to join with like-minded groups in other cities to push for a repeal of the Patriot Act and the defeat of Patriot II.
Here again, this is Thursday, and I don't have a computer, so I'm asking all those out there listening to this show in the western Pennsylvania area, contact others.
There is parking down there.
I think this is right near where the Carnegie Museum is, and there's a lot of parking available.
This is tomorrow at what time?
This is July 17th.
This is tomorrow at 7 p.m.
At the University of Pittsburgh's David Lawrence Hall.
Yeah, and pick your children up from school, take them out to eat, and then say, kids, this is what America's all about.
We're going to a committee of correspondents, just like the founding fathers.
There's a lot of restaurants out in that area, too.
Yeah, make it a family event.
Yeah, so everybody get together and let's go.
I heartily agree.
Did you know, last time I checked, I counted them up, over 400 cities and two states and a lot of conservative towns have repealed the Patriot Act because it's unpatriotic.
Well, we want every city to do this.
Thanks for the call.
It is so important because when they get resistance, they back off.
But when they run up against soft resistance, they will bulldoze over it.
And so we've got to let them know we're not going to let them butcher the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
And by the way, I've been to these meetings.
It's Republicans, it's Libertarians, it's Liberals, it's Democrats, it's Green Party.
And the liberals are talking about the New World Order.
They come up and say, yes, you've been right all along.
We're buying guns.
We're for smaller government.
We understand that big government is controlled by the corporations.
You're right, Alex.
I'm deprogrammed.
Death of the New World Order.
I understand the environmental movement has been co-opted.
You're right.
You're sensible.
You're correct about genetically modified foods being a big threat and the whole environmental movement being about land grabs.
I mean, it's just a giant deprogramming session, a huge populist constitutional movement.
People call in here every day, and they say, I used to be a liberal because I saw the corruption of the Republicans, and I heard you expose both sides, and now I'm a constitutionalist, and I understand.
Yes, we're not here to balkanize you.
We're here to open your eyes, folks, to the enemy that is the New World Order, the criminal crime ring.
It's not left-wing.
It's not right-wing.
We're fighting organized crime that owns the military-industrial complex, that owns big PR firms that put out this fancy spin.
Rudy in New Mexico.
Welcome, sir.
You're on the air.
Yes, good to hear from you.
This is Rudy, a sovereign American here.
I don't even believe in what is going on with this government, but Alex, you've been talking about it for a long time.
Alex, I just wanted to bring up a point.
I don't know if you got the article that I sent you about the burning of the
The trees here in Albuquerque that we had a problem with a couple of weeks ago.
Well, I know the feds like to set those fires.
Well, the military is still... Here's what they did.
They brought the National Guard in, and they're out there guarding the bicycle trails.
And what they're doing is they're in real programmed areas where people can see them and make sure that they're very visible.
And every time I drive by, you know, they've got their Humvees out there drinking water or doing whatever they're doing.
But the article that I sent you, and hopefully you'll get it, it said in the article, this is the guy that's in charge of this whole operation, quote, this is Homeland Security.
Now, the question I asked several people, and this is how I'm getting the word out, is here we've got fires that are being set, allegedly by fireworks, but several years in the past we've had fires of the same magnitude
And the guys have them out in three or four hours, the local fire department, very good guys.
They've got them out in two or three hours.
These fires burn for three days.
I'm not a paranoid person, but there's something going on there.
Well, let me just say this.
This is a big call, Rudy.
When did you send me this news article?
I sent this news article to you last week.
Okay, let me explain what happened.
Both my Internet email programs crashed because we hadn't gotten the, and I'm not exaggerating, it's like 30,000 emails dumped out of there.
So it clogged up and stopped going back six months, and it was all messed up.
Send it again to tips at infowars.com.
What's the name of the newspaper?
The name of the newspaper is the Albuquerque Journal.
Yeah, Albuquerque Journal.
Alina, what I'll do is, I've got to run by there anyway and pick up an old newspaper.
I'll buy a newspaper.
What was the headline?
The headline, Bosque, B-O-S-Q-E, is still burning, or is burning, or something like that.
Is still burning.
Bosque is still burning.
Now, let me stop you.
Your instincts are correct, but in the next two minutes, I can give you detailed evidence...
Of how they set fires, how this was a long-term plan, and their own statements, okay?
So your instincts are correct, sir.
But let me give you the facts, the proof.
I don't know if they set these particular fires, but I do know who set them in 1999 into 2000.
This was even on John Stossel's ABC News.
This was all over the newspapers.
This was admitted.
In 12 states, dozens of massive fires in each state were set.
The Bureau of Land Management was told by the Federal Meteorological Group not to set, quote, controlled burn fires in that hot summer in 99 because, quote, it was the hottest, driest winds on record from Mexico and that the fires would burn uncontrolled.
What's all of this?
All over, sir.
It was from Oregon to New Mexico.
We had state reps on from New Mexico.
We had county commissioners on, accusing the government of setting them and how they weren't allowed to put them out.
I've had county commissioners on saying the feds did it on purpose.
But let me just continue.
I was actually in World Net Daily, too, but let me just give people evidence.
This is not theory.
This is mainstream news fact.
Clinton ordered those fires set.
They were in key belts to burn out private areas, to burn out Indian reservations.
They were almost always outside a developed area in key growth belts where FEMA wanted to declare it an emergency and take the land.
They set the fires.
They wouldn't let the people put them out.
To the point where, last time I checked, seven of the 30-plus counties in New Mexico threw the feds out, declared their own emergency, and declared states' rights and threw them out.
Now, remember during those fires that they had the U.S.
Army, quote, with the U.N.
and Canadian firefighters, quote, helping to put the fires out.
Now, I have the mainstream news articles.
We posted them.
So U.N.
troops, oh, but it's just to fight the fires.
Homeland Security, they said, is for seatbelts, is for checkpoints, is for toll roads, is for the cameras, is for all crimes, all misdemeanors.
The Washington Times three weeks ago, in a story titled, Patriot Act Cast a Wide Net, the Justice Department spokesman said before Congress, quote, we will use it for all crimes, all misdemeanors, all tools, no more juries, no more nothing.
And then now you tell me that the National Guard says this is Homeland Security.
See, it's not about terror.
It's a new biggest federal agency in existence taking over dozens, 22 major agencies, biggest budget.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And they said this.
So the new America will be troops on the sidewalk with the police, troops in the factories, troops in the parks.
They do helicopter landings the last 10 years at almost every school, condition the kids that way.
In Texas, we have video, it's in my films, of troops at checkpoints.
In the takeover, they practice taking over a town in Florida in a drill.
I walk into the sheriff's department and say politely, it's all on video, unedited, I said, I'd like to talk to you about the troops.
And the secret operation, the public affairs lady in her fancy suit starts going, what's your problem?
Why do you want to know?
And getting all agitated, a woman runs around the corner wearing a Marine Corps shirt and says, I want martial law.
I want to line up and shoot anyone who gets in our way.
We need to be secret.
And I say, oh, really?
And she tells me basically to shut up.
Have you seen that?
I haven't seen that one yet.
I mean, I have footage of people.
You walk into a sheriff's department.
I calmly said I'd like to talk about the secret troops.
And the woman runs around the counter and starts screaming, I want martial law.
So they've already set it up before 9-1-1.
And I've been making films and warning people for years and said this would happen.
Said we'd have terror attacks.
They would do this.
So what you said, your instincts, the things you see were 110% on target, Rudy.
There's my analysis, so it's all true, it's all documented, and I don't know if they set these fires, but I know they set them last time, and they got caught doing it.
Well, these fires, when they started, they started underneath the freeway, so they had to block the freeway, and this is Interstate 40 that goes east and west.
And simultaneously, too.
And simultaneously, exactly, both sides of the freeway.
And I've seen these fires burn because I've lived in Albuquerque all my life.
They don't burn real hot.
They don't burn real quick.
These fires burn like there was incendiary devices placed strategically to get this thing hot.
Let me stop you.
Let me stop you again.
In the road to tyranny.
Local newscast.
They had fake bioattacks dozens of times.
I mean, multiple times.
Eight times we caught them.
They had a fake nuclear spill and then later announced, okay, it was just a drill.
They have admitted, quote, the White House ordered fake terror alerts to, quote, create hysteria.
That's ABC News.
And I have been to events where they call the media out in Belton, Texas, 60 miles north of me, right by Crawford.
This is in early 2001.
The mayor announces we have been attacked by terrorists simultaneously.
Cars explode.
We have video.
Explode in the parking lot.
Shooting fire everywhere.
Black smoke.
Troops walk over and ask what we're doing with cameras.
So, yes, sir.
My instincts.
Now, they've been caught doing it in Austin, and they've been caught doing it in New Mexico.
I don't know about this case, but...
Yes, sir.
I would bet a considerable sum, my instincts, that I know they did it, but I won't say that.
Of course.
And this is all part of acclimation.
What are the troops doing when you're out around town?
Well, they're just down there in that area where the fires were down along the Bosque.
I stopped one day and I got out of my car and I walked towards them and a guy immediately jumps out and he runs over to what I would consider to be a perimeter where
He says, this is an indefinite program.
Quote, unquote.
Oh, so the fires are gone, but it's an indefinite... It's an indefinite program.
And so now the troops are... What are you doing?
What are you doing in a public area?
How dare you?
That's right.
What did you say to him when he said that?
I said, well, I'd like to know, because this was part of our exercise routine, and I said, it sure would be nice.
Is there a number I can call?
He says, you need to talk to the Sheriff's Department.
And in the past you had fires, but now troops are there.
Oh, hell, they...
Alex, they wouldn't even close the trails down.
The fires would burn.
They'd put them out, and you'd be out there the next day.
Well, of course.
But now they're conditioning the public.
But you say the papers said that this is Homeland Security.
This is Homeland Security.
That's right.
Hey, did you get my bumper stickers?
Thank you.
Yes, I did.
Those are great.
You're welcome.
Hey, but do me a big favor.
Email that to me.
Get on the computer.
Find the article.
We'll get it posted.
Email it.
In fact, I know Paul Joseph Watson's listening.
Paul, will you please post that on Prison Planet immediately?
And that was the Albuquerque Journal.
And we're on in Albuquerque at night.
They carry the show at night.
Yeah, the damn conservatives here X you from the... They don't want people during the day to listen to you.
Well, no, I don't think that's it.
It's just a programming situation.
Well, they put on... No, no, no, Alex.
They substituted you with one of their conservative neo... I won't say the word.
Well, look, I actually know the folks that run that station.
They're great people, but...
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
We're glad to be on five days a week at 9 to midnight.
And the station covers, you know, several cities at night.
It's powerful at night.
Now, maybe you can call programming and ask them to carry it maybe Saturday or Sunday.
Have a bus stop so people can hear it during the day.
But regardless, we don't complain.
Now, let's talk to Eric in Texas, then we'll go to Bob, Heather, Ron, and others.
Go ahead, Eric.
Thanks for having me.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, it's good to hear about all the trips, isn't it?
And this is an indefinite program with Homeland Security.
It's pretty scary.
In fact, I was pretty amazed I popped in your police tape to the takeover tape.
It's not one that I had seen all the way through because I mainly focused on 9-1-1 and afterwards.
You're talking about the takeover where the woman screams, I want martial law, I love it, and begins foaming at the mouth in the police station?
Yeah, and the NATO commander talks about how these exercises are going to enable a new world order.
To confiscate our guns?
Yeah, that was in 96.
Yeah, and I was just completely amazed that in your intro to the tape, it's very clear that you had the major big picture figured out way before 9-11, Alex, and you're still saying the same message, and people really need to take heed.
What else is on your mind, Eric?
I'll let you finish up on the other side.
I didn't mean to go to you with 50 seconds left.
Stay there, Eric.
We'll come back to you then.
Bob, Heather, Ron, and others.
Yeah, I got, you know, police station, people screaming, I want martial law.
I just calmly ask them, what's the secret service about?
Martial law, shut up!
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Yeah, I went to Brooksville, Florida.
And I get into town, get off the plane, get a rent car.
Next day, walk into the Sheriff's Department.
Lady comes out.
I say, I'd like to talk about the secret military operation going on.
She's real nice.
All of a sudden, she gets real mean.
She goes, why do you want to know?
Why do you want to ask?
I said, well, we're with the media and...
I'm not going to answer your questions if some woman runs around the counter at us wearing a Marine Corps t-shirt going, I want martial law, line people up and shoot them if they don't submit.
I think it should be secret.
They've got people just ready, ready to take everything you've got, people.
Just ready to stomp your guts out.
Fourth of July, it's not good enough to have families pulled over searching cars everywhere to desecrate America.
None of this is enough for these people.
Our borders are wide open, and they've got troops in Albuquerque.
I did see some of the news articles.
I didn't see the one that Rudy was talking about where, well, this is part of Homeland Security.
I can't wait to get that out of the Albuquerque Journal.
And we'll find that article.
And just amazing, just absolutely amazing.
Eric, you want to finish up, and we'll go to Bob and Heather and Ron and others.
Sure, just a few things.
Go ahead.
Okay, well, I'm going to definitely air your intro to Police State 2000 on my cable access show because it does take people back a few years.
You know, you look a little younger, a little leaner, but the message is still there that, you know, we're under attack by the New World Order.
So I think things age like wine.
It gets better with time.
And also, on my show, I created this music video where I combined a song that Paris, an artist, a hip-hop artist, created.
It's incredible.
It's right on target, and it's very powerful, the lyrics.
And I combined that with your intro to Please Stay 2000, and I attended the intro for 911 and the Road to Tyranny, and how it worked out.
The timing was just absolutely divine.
Such a powerful music video.
Well, I'm familiar with Paris.
I know he plugs me on his website, and he's aware of the New World Order.
He's got a new album called Soul Jihad, and his website is Gorilla Funk, G-U-E-R-R-I-L-L.
Yeah, I know what it is.
He's kind of the...
West Coast Liberal group, but they're starting to wake up to the New World Order.
So I digitized this, and I put this up on my website, 9-11 Exposed, and it's a 3-meg file, and I think it might help get the message out.
Eric, I've got to jump.
Thanks for the call.
Sounds interesting.
We're going to break, and I promise we'll go right to Bob, Heather, Ron, and others.
You guys be patient.
You gals be patient.
We will get to you in a bunch of other news and two guests coming up, but the guest is about 35 minutes away, so we'll have plenty of time to go to your calls.
I mean, think of how desperate things have gotten.
I knew all about this martial law years ago because I went to the events.
They've been training the troops for it.
Now they're training you for it.
And it has nothing to do with terror.
It's about you try to go to your park to go for a jog a week after the fires are out and the troops say, What are you doing in this area?
Get out of here!
You know, the stormtroopers.
This is what it's all about.
It's the new America.
They're going to have them in your businesses, your factories.
They're going to do urine tests of you.
By the way, that's already on Austin News.
The Army wants to drop by and urine test your employees.
Part of the Department of Homeland Security.
That's actually on our local news.
Nothing to do with terror, folks.
Well, if you don't have nothing to hide, what's your problem?
The Army is about taking your precious bodily fluids.
That's what freedom is all about.
The Founding Fathers and veterans fought so you could have checkpoints and drug tests by the Army.
When you work at any business or factory.
It's part of the homeland.
Before I end this hour, I've not been plugging my videos properly.
We need to get them out to people.
Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, The Takeover, they're all excellent films.
They're full of incredible stuff.
Go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order them, or call toll-free to order at 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139 or prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
Again, that's 888-253-3139.
We're not going to expose these people unless you take action and get the films and make copies.
Please do it now.
Please support the broadcast.
Get the videos and my book.
Second hour coming up.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
They won't put groups on the borders to stop the flood of drugs and criminals, but they've announced they're going to be in the factories.
They're going to control your life on local news in Austin.
And on Army News Watch, which is produced in D.C.
and aired here locally, they have started telling all businesses that the Army and Air Force will drug test your employees once a week or once a month for free.
And they say, force your employees to do this.
The Army will drop by.
And, yes, the Army will watch your employees do it.
This is on our news, folks.
This is the freedom of America.
This will stop Al-Qaeda, the government taking your fluids.
And then this guy calls in and talks about what's going on in Albuquerque.
I knew they had troops out there, but it's a standard fare.
We're not leaving after the fires are out, and it's indefinite.
We're going to march around in the woods and give you orders in your public parks.
It's all part of freedom.
It's all part of the humiliation.
Bob, Heather, Ron, Tom, and others are going to you right now.
Bob of New York, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you today?
Oh, I guess I'm bad because I'm against martial law.
There you go.
I want to pass on a message to your listeners of my own personal journey through this conspiracy theory stuff and what's going on.
I'll tell you what.
There's one conspiracy that makes all the rest of this believable.
It's the nature of coin credit and circulation.
I'll give you a little quote.
This was a letter from John Adams, one of our
Greatest founding fathers to probably what I consider our greatest founding father, Thomas Jefferson.
But FEMA says that they're terrorists and even quoting them as a terrorist action.
By the way, I have them on tape saying that.
All the perplexities, confusion, and distress in America arise not from the defects in the Constitution or Confederation, nor from the want of honor or virtue as much from the downright ignorance...
Of the nature of coin credit and circulation.
People do not understand the massive amount of control that poverty brings.
They don't, and they don't understand that private banks own the printing presses and print the money.
They're buying up the world.
Bob, thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Got to let you go.
Thank you.
Great point.
Heather in Texas, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
I've actually been listening for about five years.
It's nice to actually call for the first time, Alex.
Well, welcome to the airwaves.
One of the things I wanted to bring up is I found an interesting article on MelbourneIndyMedia.com.
It's called How George Bush Won the 2004 Election.
It's specifically talking about the electronic voting systems that are created by ES&S, Diebold Systems, and Sequoia.
Some of the stuff that really bothers me about this is it shows that the source code, which is what actually writes to either the government and tells them what you voted and what you get to see on the screen, they're not opening the source code so nobody can actually tell whether it's been written so that it'll publish one thing to you and publish something else to the government.
It's a scam in a huge way.
Right out in the open, you can't know how the machine works because it's private software and there's a modem hooked up to the government.
But that's okay.
You don't need to know.
You can trust the government.
I know.
One of the things I found interesting was something that happened here in Comel County, Texas.
There was an uncanny coincidence.
This is straight out of the article.
Where three Republican candidates won by exactly 18,181 votes each, and two other Republican candidates outside of Texas won by the same amount.
In the same election, five people with the same total.
I mean, the statistics on that have to be amazing.
It's hard when you've got touchscreen frauds to enter different random numbers for everybody, and mistakes happen.
The data entry people...
It's a small core that's in on it.
You know, get tired.
ABC News in the 1998 election, a day and a half before the election, published the exact results of the election.
Somebody inside posted it to warn everybody.
And the globalists didn't even change the results.
Did you know about that?
Yeah, I had actually read about that as well.
People saved the ABC webpage.
This is a fact, folks.
Stay there, Heather.
We'll talk more about election fraud.
But hey, who needs to be able to actually vote?
I mean, you know, that's for Al-Qaeda.
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There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
Can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police State 3, is for you.
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How about operating a business in a way that makes earnings tax-exempt?
Maybe you'd like to be lawsuit-proof.
Well, there is a way.
And it protects your stuff from greedy lawyers, grasping relatives, and the government, especially the IRS.
It's a unique instrument valid everywhere in the world where the right to contract is accepted, which has protected Americans for over 230 years and is specifically guaranteed by the U.S.
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This is safe, secure, and domestic.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Just type vote scam election fraud into a computer and prepare yourself.
Government at every level has been caught red-handed, stealing elections, and now they're codifying it in the giant super-federal system.
Won't let you investigate voter news services, won't let you know how the system even works.
They're federally putting in touchscreens, and Heather in Texas wanted to make some more points on this subject.
Go ahead, Heather.
Next thing I was going to say is that it doesn't leave a paper trail, which is something that is absolutely important for every voter.
I mean, you should be able to walk away from the polls with a slip that basically says what you voted for.
No, that sounds like something Al-Qaeda would say.
Secrecy in government, black uniforms, ski and mask, giant prison camps.
That's what freedom's about.
And somebody like you calling for a record of how you voted, how dare you?
Well, and that's the exact perspective that they're taking, unfortunately.
I mean, elections should be open.
No, no.
The government is the boss.
We work for them.
That's what freedom's about.
Asking questions is un-American.
How dare you?
Well, and one of the other things about this that really bothers me is that Diebold Systems, which is the largest distributor of these voting machines, has serious connections to what's called the Christian Reconstruction Movement, which is an absolutely frightening thing.
What's the Christian Reconstruction Movement?
Okay, the name of the institute is called C-H-A-L-C-E-D-O-N.
I don't know exactly how they pronounce that, but basically this is the crown rights of Jesus Christ in all areas of life.
You've discussed this before.
Oh, you're talking about the Brotherhood.
Yeah, and this is another group that's basically in the same idea.
Yeah, these aren't real Christians.
These are the neocons that like Hitler and say they like Nietzsche.
Well, they're not really against abortion, so please don't bring it up, according to Harper's Magazine.
Yeah, and this company... I've seen that before, but go ahead.
It's absolutely frightening that somebody who's involved in our election process would be so fundamentally skewed as far as their perspective goes and could actually affect elections to... Well, the average person doesn't know how the elections work, and that's good.
That's what freedom's about, is being ignorant.
And I think you're maybe with Al-Qaeda, Heather.
Asking questions.
I'm serious.
FEMA has... I'm being serious here.
But we have their view.
I'm being serious.
FEMA says that Christians, gun owners, constitutionalists are terrorists.
So you're talking about freedom, and that's bad.
And it's one of the things that we absolutely have to change.
I mean, as the populace of the United States, we are in control of this government.
More Al-Qaeda talk.
If we don't keep control, these voting systems are going to take it away from us.
Maybe the government knows best.
Go ahead and take your vaccines and give them your land and turn your guns in.
And so what if UNESCO says their goal is to destroy the family?
You know, Bush is conservative.
He's signing on to that.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it, Heather.
Yeah, she's right.
It's horrible.
That's the problem.
This stuff is so horrible.
How could anyone believe it, even when it's admitted?
Hello, Ron.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, Ron, go ahead.
Alex, you mean to tell me that George Washington didn't cross the Delaware River to get urine samples from factory workers on the other side?
Actually, that's what he was doing.
He was fighting for the right to go through checkpoints.
He was fighting for the right to have the military quartered in our communities.
He was fighting for the right to have open borders and not protect our trade.
He was fighting for the right to enslave the American people.
Absolutely, and any other version of that history, such as he was fighting for some form of freedom and dignity, that's Al-Qaeda-type history.
That's Al-Qaeda-tainted subversive history.
Well, according to FEMA, yes.
Oh, yes.
I mean, look, our veterans fought and died so families could be jerked out of cars at checkpoints and have their goods thrown on the side of the road.
And then the cops tell them to put it back yourself.
I think that's good.
Jerking families out of cars, throwing guns all over the road, under the watchful eyes of DARPA cameras, where DARPA says we'll all be watched by the Pentagon.
That's freedom.
Countries where the Army watches the people's freedom.
The funny part about that is most of the relatives that I had had, I guess I lived in ignorance these numbers of years.
Who had fought in World War II said they had fought against fascism, so we wouldn't have that, but... Well... I'm wrong.
I'm in error on that.
That's it.
I'm wrong.
Hey, we've got to leave the borders open, but then search your car and throw your goods on the side of the road randomly for freedom, okay?
Now, that's what freedom's all about.
And I'm glad on the 4th of July they had FEMA flashing billboards about anti-gun and report terrorist and seatbelt check ahead, which was really about searching vehicles, their own federal plan says.
True patriotism.
Yeah, freedom is all about groveling and having no rights.
And having a boot on your neck.
That's freedom.
That feels good.
There's nothing like that police baton on the bridge of your nose, too.
It really enlightens you.
Well, if you don't move quick enough, these men are trying to protect us.
That's your fault, right?
You know, talking about freedom, I was reading a story in today's New York Post on page 9, which is a major newspaper here in New York.
Now, it's just another, I guess, indication of the reason, the absolute reason of our system.
There was a gentleman whose daughter was, I guess you could call her a child prodigy, maybe even a genius.
She had started to take college courses at the age of 11.
She was so intelligent that at the age of 11, she was taking college courses and maxing them out.
Was this an evil homeschooler?
No, she wasn't an evil homeschooler.
What the father did is, seeing that she was so intelligent, sent her directly to colleges that we have in the area, right?
And so what did they do to him?
Oh, it's coming, man.
Listen to this.
Oh, good, good, good.
So now she's 15.
She has a 3.8 average.
Now, Alex, you attended college.
You know that's a high average, right?
She's brilliant.
He was reported to Child Protective Services, and he's being investigated for educational neglect.
Oh, good, good.
Now, instead of looking at what formula this man used to say, this guy's doing something right, his daughter has a mess, a 3.8 average in college at age 15, they're looking to persecute him.
He's probably with anybody that cares about their children's with Al-Qaeda.
Oh, yes.
I realize it's subversive activity.
Well, I mean, of course.
I mean, we're under UNESCO.
They run our policy, and they say, I'm being serious here.
Maybe a communist.
I mean, I don't know.
Newsmax published their own textbook.
It says the family is, quote, a disease, and that sounds like freedom to me.
But, you see, the way I figured it, the way I assessed it, you know, in all honesty, is that what the court was really saying is that there's that four-year period...
That you go to high school here in New York, which is really an indoctrination period.
Yeah, you've got to get your vaccines, you've got to learn how to be a drug addict.
Condoms on cucumbers, violence, crime.
Yeah, you've got to be beat up a lot.
Yeah, all the good important stuff.
You've got to learn how to be frisked by police and wear an ID badge and thumb scan to get your school lunch.
Right, right, right.
And don't forget the drugs.
You've got to learn to take plenty of drugs because, you know,
Our high schools here in the New York area are basically puff centers.
You go in normal, you come out.
You're seeing things backwards, and so am I. Oh, I mean, that's a problem I have.
Now, I'm going to post this, too, on Infowars.com or Prison Planet, and webmasters, get it up there for me.
Read me the New York Post headline and what they had to say.
Okay, it's not a headline.
It's on page nine, okay?
Court K.O.'
's college whiz kid.
Okay, court...
's college whiz kid.
This is great news.
Please continue.
And the article is by a Carl Campanile or Campanelli.
A 15-year-old Manhattan girl whose parents sent her to college instead of high school has been told by a judge that she can't get her associate's degree, even though she's got enough credits, as city officials launched an educational neglect probe against her dad.
Oh, good, good.
You know, because he must be al-Qaeda, you're right.
Angela Lipman has been passing courses since she was 11 at the Fashion Institute of Technology,
I think the father should be arrested.
Oh, absolutely.
You know, he's deprived his daughter of proper socialization.
She could be pregnant now at 15.
She could have tracks up and down her arms within another year or two.
She could be in a topless bar.
Look at that.
She could have learned the chemistry.
Yeah, she could be in a topless bar owned by a police detective being whored out the back door.
And look, she missed her chemistry courses.
Heroin and cocaine 101.
I mean, these are very important courses.
She has a 3.8 average.
Well, we've got to stop her.
And, you know, I'm glad they're banning her from schooling in California.
The kids kept winning all the awards and getting all the scholarships.
They weren't grueling idiots.
That's not good.
You see, that's why the judge wants her to go to college.
Well, New York's just a wonderful place.
And so it says Excelsior College, an Albany school that grants degrees based on work at other colleges, said she has more than enough credit to get her degree.
Well, I think whoever said that should be arrested.
Yeah, I know.
And that person works for the system, too, so they're really a dangerous al-Qaeda plant.
Yeah, they think kids being advanced and intelligent and being given opportunity and having an evil father like this that cares about his children and doesn't just turn them over to the state.
This guy could be at Yankees games.
This guy could be at topless bars.
This guy could be out with his buddies playing poker all night.
Instead, he spent time with his daughter.
I know.
What kind of man does that instead of recreational drugs?
This guy is with Al Qaeda.
You should be drinking.
Instead of this, this is un-American behavior.
But here's the hero of the story.
Would-all-be Supreme Court Justice Bernard Malone ruled Monday that because she was not 17, Angela was too young to obtain a high school equivalency diploma.
But without some kind of high school diploma, she can't qualify for a college degree.
Malone said she could have taken accelerated courses in high school.
Yeah, she could have gone to high school or resident high schools in New York State.
She could walk through the barbed wire gates.
She could be frisked.
Black ski mask, love enforcers.
Don't forget.
Don't forget, though, very important, condoms on cucumbers.
Very important over here in New York.
In the elementary schools now.
Well, it's true.
They don't even have to wait until high school now.
And graduated early, as other students do.
As other students do.
You ought to see, if you lived in New York, you'd see the quality of our... Well, I'm going to get this Al-Qaeda group on the air.
I know I'm probably an enemy combatant just by having this father and her daughter on, who are just trying to undermine the state.
Well, yeah, because listen, I'll move a little forward in the article, but it says... Thank you, pardon.
Meanwhile, her dad, Daniel, said the Administration for Child Services notified him that he's being investigated.
Good, good.
Now, because of his subversive behavior... Yeah, that's money well spent.
Oh, they're good people.
ACS people, oh yeah, they're the patriots here.
They're the...
Well, I'll tell you what.
I'm going to get this article.
Email it to me at tips at infowars.com.
We'll have a computer.
Thank you.
Hello, folks.
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You know, I don't doubt the caller about the New York Post article.
I've seen hundreds of stories like that from Texas to Illinois to California.
And they want to just say you can't raise your own kids.
And I told you, CPS doesn't go after kids that are really being abused.
They go out for good families.
And it's the stated goal of UNESCO, Department of Education.
We've had the former head of policy, Department of Education, on.
She has the documents.
The job is to turn you into mindless idiots.
And I think they've done a good job, generally.
A lot of listeners probably thought, hey, good.
The girl's got a 3.8, doing great.
I hope CPS takes her.
You know, this is good.
You know, this is what it's all about.
Let's talk to Tom in Colorado.
Tom, you're on the air.
Hi there.
How you doing?
Well, okay.
You know, she, you know, spending all that time doing her homework, she could be watching MTV, you know.
PBS is right.
Well, I'm trying to spread the word here.
I've only been listening to you for a few months.
I didn't even, you know, just found out.
And I got your documentaries.
I'm making copies.
I'm trying to wake people up as much as I can.
What did you think of the films?
I thought they were very, very good.
What can I say?
A lot of information just jam-packed in there.
And after watching them, I can't remember which one it was, there is some... I mean, I agree with practically everything you have to say, but there is one thing, and I would just like to know what you think about this.
I remember one of them, you had the Georgia Guidestones in there.
See, I've lived in a third-world country.
I know what overpopulation is like.
And I just wonder, do you think there is such a thing as overpopulation?
I mean, I've seen my own home state of Colorado pretty much bulldozed by all this development, and it's really sad for me.
Okay, let me boil this down.
And, sir, you don't have to apologize for disagreeing with me.
Anytime you want to, you tell the folks running the show that, you go right to the head of the line.
And if you'd have told them that, you'd have been on 20 minutes ago when you first called in.
30 minutes ago.
Tom, so you don't have to apologize to me for that.
We don't screen calls.
This is about the First Amendment.
Now, understand, I only mentioned the Georgia Guidestones and how they want to forcibly reduce this down to $250 to $500 million.
Okay, I get into that.
Is overpopulation a problem in certain sectors and areas of the world?
Is toxic waste a problem?
But the people claiming they want to fix that problem are using that crisis for police state control not to do something real through education and through moving to cleaner systems to do it.
They want to stay in the old systems that are dirty while using your terror at the environmental degradation to power their system of land grabbing.
Now let me continue.
The world population in the West is between a 5% and 3% drop.
Some German cities and French cities are almost ghost towns and are half empty from what they were.
The U.S.
has a massive population reduction.
Other than the massive third world influx of 30 million illegals, we only have a 3% growth rate in the last decade.
So the West is dying.
People in the West, those that industrialize, go into negative, whether they're black or white, they go into negative birth rates, an average of, what, 1.52 children in the U.S., lower than that in Europe, to the point of they have billboards saying, have children.
So once you industrialize, once you move into a third-wave economy, the problem's already fixed.
Now, what do the globalists do?
They go into third world, and they put stuff in vaccines to sterilize people, to maim people.
They put HIV in the polio shots.
This is all admitted, by the way.
These are declassified.
We have State Department documents about how they want to sterilize half the women of the world, and women wonder why they can't have kids now.
This is all documented.
No matter how horrible it sounds, we posted the U.S.
government documents on Monday on this.
So that's going on.
Instead of going in and educating and industrializing people, they want to do this.
So it is a problem, but not in the sense they sell it as being a problem.
So that's what's really going on.
All right.
Well, I lived in the Philippines for three years, and they are headed straight for disaster.
I mean, it's a traditionally agricultural society, but it's to the point now they have to import rice from China and Thailand
And, you know, they keep having seven or eight kids per family, average.
But see, no infrastructure's been built, and there's no opportunity, and the children are the insurance policy and workers in that society, and a lot of their kids die or did die, and so now they're trying, you know, they're still in the old paradigm.
It takes education, not extermination.
Yeah, oh, definitely, yeah.
All right, well, great.
Okay, you've got to go.
I was going to say something else, but go ahead.
Hey, thanks for the call.
Call me back tomorrow.
Call me back next week.
We've got a guest coming up, Dwayne Cooch.
Talk about Globalist, and we'll take your calls as well.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks, Alex Jones back live.
We've got about an hour and 25, 26 minutes left.
A bunch of news we haven't gotten to yet.
And Joan and JC and Dave and Ken and others, your calls are coming up, and I am going to read this Ron Pohl speech he gave about the greatest danger to America being the phony conservative neocons.
That's coming up as well.
Joining us is Dwayne Coutts, and he has Rovinet and several other Internet companies.
He's an expert on computers in multiple facets.
He powers InfoWars.net.
We'll be going to Dwayne here in just a moment to talk about the Total Information Awareness Network and some of the things that are going on out there and just his general take on the New World Order because I respect his opinion.
Before we go to Dwayne Coutts, I do want to encourage everybody
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Dwayne Coutts, he's a talk show host in his own right, been working with computers since he came out, basically, and, again, is the backbone of InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and InfoWars.net, and that does a great job of the tens of millions of visitors we get and has watched the explosive growth of our new services.
Dwayne, and I just want to thank him for, I mean this, for all his incredible work,
And, you know, when the site gets a couple million hits in an hour and it goes down once every couple of months, he gets up in the middle of the night to get it back up and running, and he's grown our servers to basically server farms now, and he's done so much, and he's an expert on the New World Order.
Dwayne, good to have you on the show.
Thank you, big guy.
Hey, appreciate it.
Dwayne, you also power some websites that are exposing the biggest mass murder operation in world history, the abortion racket.
Tell us about those.
You bet.
Roughly 3,200...
You know, potential human beings ripped out of the womb by suction machines every single day, every day, every day, every day.
I guess about the last year and a half, we've also been helping that movement to forward itself, not only in a technology sense, but also in advertising exposure and just getting the word out normally.
And I'm going to get that particular gentleman on.
Tell us about his website.
Oh, sure.
Neil Horsley.
Yeah, he runs a couple of them.
Many of your listeners may have heard of Neil before.
He's been on a lot of mainstream news, national news shows, and 60 Minutes, featured in an HBO special.
Neil Horsley was the original creator and webmaster of the Nuremberg Files, which basically listed publicly on the Internet, visibly,
The names and addresses of abortion doctors that were actively performing abortions.
And he really didn't have any problem with that.
And of course abortion is when the woman naturally loses a baby by God's design.
So they changed the semantics.
It's really the aborticide.
Right, right, right.
Well, call it murder, call it whatever you want.
You're right.
It's not a medical necessity the way these abortion mills are working or abortuaries we call them.
Anyhow, he really didn't run into too much trouble on his First Amendment rights there.
Think how evil and dumbed down some people are that they really think that's okay and it's some precious right.
You were all there once, and we'll do that to the least of us, and we'll do it to everybody.
And now in Europe, they're making euthanasia the law where they kill you.
You don't have a choice.
It's starting to happen here.
And that's a liberal fighting that.
That's Wesley Smith, Wall Street Journal, where he lists the names of people that beg for food and water who were paralyzed, and the government kills them.
I mean, folks, we're not exaggerating.
Mass evil is going on all around you right now.
Not only in population control, which is, as you know and have been speaking about for a very long time, Alex, population control is one of the cornerstones.
Yes, sir.
It is a cornerstone activity of world domination.
I mean, you have to be able to dumb down and control the population.
Well, I posted again Henry Kissinger's letter in the State Department report on Monday.
Oh, it's an amazing thing.
Now the neoconservative movement has suddenly lended...
We're good to go.
I think so.
Actually, having your own thought or belief or developing your own theories is completely out of the question.
You've got to be one or the other.
And yes, they are on the run.
Unfortunately, they've got something that we did not expect.
When a Republican got elected, and I'm sure you've heard this before, and everyone out there who listens to you regularly has heard this before, as soon as George Bush got elected,
Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.
Well, at least it isn't Clinton.
But it's quite the opposite.
It's worse than Clinton.
And what it is is a sneak attack.
That's right.
What it is is a sneak attack.
It's an end around.
We're just, you know, we're relaxed now.
Everything's fine.
But then John Ashcroft has just strapped extra rockets onto this civil liberties destruction.
Well, let me give people an analogy, because I study this, you know, just literally all day, all night, generally.
To use an analogy, if America and the Republic was a city, under Clinton there were a lot of fires, the enemy was shelling the city, but we were winning a lot of the fights.
Then suddenly the enemy withdrew, an army showed up and said, we're here to help you, let us in the gates, and now they're running around slaughtering everyone, blowing the city to pieces, and then the public is stumbling around saying, thank you for saving us.
The shields are down.
They're attacking you.
Have you seen Ron Paul's speech yet?
I haven't read it.
No, sir.
Called Neo-Cond.
He says, the modern-day limited government movement has been co-opted.
The conservatives have failed in their effort to shrink the size of government.
There has not been, nor will there be, a conservative...
Revolution in Washington.
Political party control.
The federal government has changed, but the inexorable growth of the size and scope of government has continued unabated.
The liberal arguments for limited government, he means the classical liberal arguments, in personal affairs and foreign military adventurism were never seriously considered as part of this revolution.
And he goes on to say that the neocons of the Trojan horse...
I mean, it's a 15-page article, the text of his speech.
It's scathing.
That's well put, very well put.
I also saw where his attempt to get the United States out of the United Nations failed also.
Yeah, that was rhetoric against the U.N.
in name only, again, so the U.N.
can play the part of the good cop as we play the part of the bad cop.
Right, right.
In the middle of their big push for worldwide small arms control and the elimination of private ownership of firearms.
They were meeting last week, and they ended their website, civilian ownership of firearms threatens a legitimate power monopoly of the state.
What's a power monopoly of the state, Dwayne?
What's another definition for that?
You know, what do you want to call it?
Absolute control.
That's right.
That's right.
Well, that's actually the dictionary definition of dictatorship is a power monopoly of the states.
That's why George Bush and Adolf Hitler are not too far off the mark there.
It's the same methodology, the same trail, the same truth.
That we're facing.
You know, you're talking about Ron Paul saying that they failed to shrink the government.
You know, I'm looking at an $90 million contract awarded to Microsoft and Dell, coming from my technology, to put 140,000 new desktops into service for the Department of Motherland Security.
And they're going to make about $90 million off the deal.
The whole thing is going to be managed by Dell.
And they're publicly announcing in this news article that they're going to be using as a platform Windows XP, Microsoft Office Professional, and the whole suite of Office automation applications, including a common email application.
Well, we all know that's Microsoft Outlook.
So hackers and virus writers, get ready.
Anytime you want to take down the Department of Homeland Security, you can rest assured that it is now being hosted and run on the world's most insecure platform, as far as I'm concerned.
Well, it's come out that you can't even get a phone number or a fax number for Homeland Security.
And it is.
It's homeland insecurity.
They have no accountability.
And so they're going to have the weakest platform imaginable.
But see, they know there's no real terrorist threat.
They are the terrorists.
So they know the attack comes when they want it to.
In fact...
I'm predicting that if the president's approval rating goes below 40%, that the military-industrial complex will launch a massive terror attack.
Dwayne, what do you say to that?
Yeah, they're going to have to.
And not only do I agree, I'm actually shocked that it hasn't happened yet.
Well, they've done lots of pinpricks.
Well, the pot is on low boil on the back burner now.
It's just a solid thing.
We're just waiting for something to boil over at any time.
Our energies are directed all over the world.
Meanwhile, a fascist state is developing where we live.
They're not protecting the borders, but they're taking DNA samples from school kids in Oklahoma.
You know, when's the last time a school kid in Oklahoma, you know, was in danger of being a terrorist?
Well, I mean... Amazing.
Dwayne, I haven't announced this yet on air, but I'll do it right now because we're talking about technology.
Then we'll go to Joan and Casey and Dave and Ken and others.
But, Dwayne, you know, I have Time Warner cable because I'm on local cable.
And I had them taking out the digital cable boxes...
Because MSNBC admits that they watch everything you watch and track what you're doing and build a psychological algorithm.
And the technician opened the box up and he says, look at this, Mr. Jones.
And there is a microphone.
Folks, this is the Scientific Atlantic table box.
Never advertised for voice application.
You know, as a computer box, like the Xbox or something.
Sure, sure.
There it is with the microphone, a large microphone.
In the size of a lob, that's relatively large, right up to a tiny hole in the front.
And he took me out to the truck and showed me the manual.
It's even on the Scientific Atlantic website.
And they never advertised it the last three years they had this.
No one has the service.
It just has a microphone in it hooked to a fiber optic cable.
I mean, that's how bad it's gotten.
And people go, oh, they wouldn't use that.
Folks in Tennessee, they just caught them with the video cameras in the 10-year-old boys' and girls' showers.
And it was being accessed from foreign servers and by people with ISPs in other states.
Did you hear about that, Dwayne?
No, sir.
Yeah, we had the lawyer on about it.
We actually posted the AP article.
I mean, this is 1984, Dwayne.
DARPA said two weeks ago that, oh yeah, we did put the cameras and microphones in in the cities, and it is part of the Total Information Awareness Network.
I mean, Total Information Awareness, is that what America's all about?
Yeah, well, it could happen.
I mean, from the back end, because the entire promotional effort and the brainwashing effort is being directed through mainstream media, through popular television, the educational shows, the programs.
When you see these things on television, they are automatically...
I agree.
A month-long news blitz, every channel, same questions in the same order, lavishly worshipping it.
The Learning Channel is doing these wonderful specials about how these secret traffic cameras are catching speeders and making the world safe for you.
Oh, so we're going to go ahead and use them for crime.
Absolutely, already are.
And Homeland Security's going to run it.
Yeah, amazing.
Where's all that data going?
I'll give you one chance.
You don't need more than one chance.
Well, they admitted it.
The big DARPA report came out.
That's right.
It was DARPA put the microphones and cameras up in Austin five years ago.
Now they're going up in the neighborhood, Dwayne.
I've got three cameras within a couple hundred yards of my house.
And watch the line.
We're going to have more terrorism as their funding gets increased, not less.
Well, I mean, because you're funding the terrorists now.
You know, it's not a big surprise.
This is going on.
It's right there in front of everyone, and all we can do is be vigilant, and you keep doing what you're doing.
Yeah, I mean, did people think we could have a government that aborts 50-plus million children and not have other evil things happen?
I mean, folks, you can deny this stuff's evil, but it's all going to come back on us.
It's absolutely true.
What I'm afraid of is that there I go back again, my friend, to the neoconservative movement.
It's just a complacency.
It makes everyone relax.
Everyone sits back.
It's just a wonderful hunky-dory time, and we have the great, brave Bush family running this country.
I've never been more concerned in my life.
Dwayne will come back and we'll talk to some callers.
Stay there, my friend.
You're going to be joining us each week to talk about tech news.
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There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world
A lot of folks saw the road to tyranny where they pulled a woman over at the checkpoint.
Talk about how her pocket constitution is illegal.
Take her to jail.
Well, Abby Newman has been through a lot now with CPS attacking her as admitted retaliation.
And this is a criminal government, people, and they think their criminality is okay.
They rationalize it.
They're a bunch of sickos.
We've got to stand up and point out how they're the criminals.
That's coming up in the next hour with a bunch of other news.
And I know that we've got Joan and Casey and Dave and Jason and Rebecca.
We'll get to everybody here in just a second.
And at the end of the next hour, just stay with us.
Real quick, Dwayne.
Folks need to support what we're doing.
They need to go sign up for great Internet service that's run by your organization that has virtual servers and virtual browsers, proxy browsers that block your identity and block cookies and tracking.
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How do folks go to InfoWars.net and sign up?
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And folks, you've got to read all the...
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Sure, sure.
Oh, not to mention, I'm glad you brought that up.
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Oh, I'm sorry.
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No, I'm sorry.
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And that will be your name at InfoWars.net, too?
That's correct.
That's correct.
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But, you know, just take a moment to consider where your money is going when you send it to them.
Dwayne, I've got a guest coming up, and I need to go to these calls, and I know you've got to go.
Great, great, great.
If you want to ride shotgun, you're welcome, but I know you're busy running your business.
You're going on vacation next week, but in a few weeks I'm going to start having you up with a 30-minute text segment every week.
We're going to pick a day to do that.
You bet.
Probably on Mondays or Fridays.
I'm not sure yet.
Dwayne, I really want to thank you for what you do, brother.
You too, my friend.
Have a great one.
Take care.
All right, we've got Abby Newman coming on, but I'm first going to come back real quick, and I'm going to start going to Joan and Casey and Dave and Jason and Rebecca and everybody else.
And we're going to have Abby Newman and her granddaughter on and just wait to hear this horror story, what the criminals are doing to them.
Hello, folks.
This is Alex Jones.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
Already in the third hour.
Abby Newman's coming up.
Talk about the police state.
You don't want to miss it.
Let's go to calls real quick.
I've got to clear some lines so Abby can get in.
Let's see if that's possible.
Joan in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I wish I had a chance to say hello to Dwayne.
I want to let your listeners know.
I signed up with Robinette and was going to have InfoWars for my email.
I think so.
Or Canada.
So what did Dwayne do?
Send your money back?
No, no, no, darling.
No, I talked personally to Dwayne.
He looked up my records.
He said, no, you're all set to go.
But then they're going to have that high speed, so I think I'll probably transfer over to that.
Oh, so you're saying you got the service, paid for it, never used it, and so Dwayne credited you.
Well, yeah, because they still kept my money, and I didn't fuss with them to get it back to me because a lot of people are trying to talk me into going to one of these other services.
And I explained to them, why would I do that?
Why would I not go with a true free enterprise family that's doing a fabulous job with all the protections that you all talked about?
And I said, I want to support a pro-American free enterprise family.
And like I say, folks, these are good people.
Well, certainly, and that's why there's tech support during business hours, and then they'll call you back in the morning if there's a big problem because you're actually talking to the people that own the company.
Exactly, exactly, and not only that, but when I talked to Dwayne the other day, I said, Dwayne, you need to get back on with Alex, you know, on the air, and so I was glad to hear him today.
But real quick, I want to tell you, Sunday evening I called into a local talk show on Clear Channel.
His name is Mark Hero.
Thank you.
I guess maybe he has a death wish.
Well, yeah, I mean, Al Capone's going to drag his feet in his tax evasion case.
I mean, it's a joke.
Hey, Joni, you're awesome.
Real quick, you need to get somebody from Traditional Values Coalition on.
They are a neocon outfit.
They also put out postcards against Dan Burton and also Congressman Smith from New Jersey.
Oh, so they're against real conservatives.
The biggest enemy of real conservatives is conservatives.
Thanks for the call, John.
You're great.
Thank you.
I want to get to other folks here.
Casey in New York, and then we'll go to others.
Go ahead, Casey.
You're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
You bet.
I've been listening for four years.
This is the first time that I actually called you.
I was calling because of a situation that arose yesterday I wanted to share with you.
I tried to email you, but it bounced back to me.
Yeah, my email was down yesterday.
We're having a lot of problems.
Yeah, I've been having problems emailing you for the last month.
So I figured I'd call and let you know.
My daughter and son-in-law went to the bank yesterday to open up two separate checking accounts.
And the bank officer was asking my daughter all these questions.
He said it was keeping with the U.S.
Patriot Act.
Yeah, and you see, it had nothing to do with terror.
It's total control of your life.
It's now happening.
The Justice Department's now admitting it.
Everything you do, everything you own, no rights.
Hey, look, I went to OfficeMax, used a business credit card, and the guy asked me, is this your card?
I said, yeah.
And he tried to go through this whole rigmarole.
I mean, it's a police state.
It's pathetic.
They were asking her, like, intrusive questions and questions she couldn't possibly answer, like, how much are you going to deposit a month?
How much are you going to withdraw a month?
Are you going to deposit cash?
That's something they tried years ago called Know Your Customer.
See, everything they couldn't get past, they did with the Patriot Act.
Stay there.
I'll let you finish up real briefly, then we'll go to Abby Newman.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hey, John Statmiller here, and I have a question for you.
Are you having an energy crisis?
No, I'm not talking about the rising cost of gasoline.
I'm talking about you, personally.
Do you have the energy you need to do all the things in life that you need to do?
If you're like most people, the answer is no.
And that extra cup of coffee or an afternoon candy bar is not the solution.
We're good to go.
All right, a lot of you have seen my film.
This may be illegal...
They freak out.
They say, how do we charge her?
They take her to jail.
The jury found her not guilty of assaulting him, but guilty of not following their orders and all this other stupid stuff.
She's suing them.
That's a very serious fight, and it's been going on now for a couple years.
This happened before 9-1-1 about two and a half years ago.
My website got talked about on Virginia television.
They got the video off the site.
They talked about it.
Then there was a news article in the paper, and from the news article, the new commissars, the secret police, decided to go after Abby Newman's, one of her grandchildren, and it goes on and on.
It's just standard for the New World Order, all starting with a woman with no criminal record, a naval veteran, at a checkpoint saying, I have a Fourth Amendment.
And Abby, it's good to have you back on the show, and a lot of folks wanted to talk to you, and we do have coming up...
It's more like a nightmare.
By the way, I did get the article.
I haven't seen it.
I called my wife.
Because I'm out of the house in the office doing the show.
And she did find the New York Post article where they're going to try to take a man's daughter because she has a 3.8 at 15 years of age in a local college.
He never put her in high school.
She's about to graduate from college, so they're going to go ahead and take her.
So this is the new America.
Your child is on the honor roll at college at 15, so they try to take him.
So, Abby, I guess you're in with the same lot of evil people.
So the CPS saw a news article about it and is very angry now.
Well, it's not so much that.
My older daughter is 25 years old, and her ex-husband decided to exploit an article which was inaccurate, and that will be a surprise to you.
That was actually written just a couple months after my trial.
The local fellow at the Roanoke Times who did a fair piece, he made a few errors but it was nothing that I couldn't live with.
But we had a two hour plus luncheon one day and he wanted to find out about the Federal Reserve and all the thinking outside of the box subjects that I was trying to share with him.
Yes, we are.
And he asked me, he said, is that what I think it is?
I said, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I said, I never carry it in the gun.
It only takes a second to throw it in.
I said, I just, you know, I just threw it in the box.
So he saw that and freaked out.
Well, he didn't exactly freak out, but what he did was he merged a couple of things that I said separately with that and put it into one statement to make me look like a wild-eyed crazy.
No, I understand what happens.
And, you know, it's like I'm at the carpet cleaners.
At the office, and they see a shotgun, which you can buy at any Walmart, and they, you know, do we call the police?
We saw a gun.
I mean, this is the new America.
You've got an insane class of people that, you know, watch a sitcom about New York where shotguns are illegal, so they see one in your house or your office in Texas, they think it's bad.
But so that all happened.
What's happened with the court case?
Well, my...
I took the appeal of my two misdemeanor convictions all the way to the U.S.
Supreme Court, and of course they wouldn't hear it.
They like to hear important cases like whether or not a kid's feelings are hurt when their papers are graded by their classmates.
That's the kind of important case work that they like to listen to.
In fact, I'm on my way to the U.S.
Supreme Court again tomorrow, because on April 2nd, Judge Wilson here,
At the U.S.
District Court where I filed the civil suit, he dismissed the charges on the two judges and the prosecutors and the Franklin County Sheriff's Department saying that they had absolute immunity against prosecution, that there's nothing that they can do in their office and be prosecuted for.
Well, of course, that's not in the Constitution that I read, but that's basically what happened.
So I took that dismissal to the U.S.
Court of Appeals, and they wouldn't hear the case
Yes, I think so.
I keep racking up the bills.
They're attacking me personally now to the point where I'm utterly financially destitute.
My family, I have lost my granddaughter.
I've lost my daughter.
There is nothing these snakes will not do.
I mean, they won't settle out of court.
It would have been a whole lot cheaper for them to settle out of court with me, but I have racked up six figures.
Well, Abby, let me stop you, and this was all in the Austin American Statesman last year.
We had the woman on the air twice.
I forget the name.
It's a famous case where she was outside Austin in Lago Vista, an affluent area.
Her husband is a surgeon.
No criminal record.
They were driving to the corner store, coming back.
The child dropped the toy out of the window.
She drove back from the house to the neighborhood, out of her seatbelt, looking for the toy.
The officer pulled her over.
They admit in the news.
He admits he cussed her out, decided to go ahead and take her to jail, called in CPS to take the kids for her being out of her seatbelt.
She went to the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court said, well, the law didn't say you could be arrested for seatbelt, but now you can.
Remember, they promised you wouldn't even be ticketed for it when they passed it, federal law to control the local police.
But they took her to jail.
Then when they were going to go to the Supreme Court, the week of the Supreme Court, going to the Supreme Court,
Police pull up at the yard from the husband's home alone, call him out, start running after him.
He runs back in the house.
They admit they came in, beat him up, bruises and bloodied his nose, took him to jail, charged him with all these felony charges of assaulting them, called the hospital, got him fired.
This is all the statesmen, Austin American statesmen.
So that's the new America.
So yes, they do, it is proven,
That they will retaliate if you go to court against them.
Now, does that mean we shouldn't fight?
No, we need to.
But it is just, and they've gotten, you know, and now defeated all of that.
But this is the new America.
There's nothing they won't do.
And, you know, the thing of it is, is that what they are doing by not settling with me, it's costing the state much more to fight me than it would be to settle.
Well, Abby, they own the printing presses.
They don't care about money.
They don't not give the veterans their health care because they don't have money.
They do it because it's a practice of evil.
That's true.
If it doesn't mean anything to them, why don't they give me some of it because I am destitute?
Well, they don't care.
It's war.
It's about salting the earth.
It's about overrunning you.
It's about training you to be a slave.
I know that.
I know that.
But you know what?
I don't see any alternative.
Now, I've done absolutely everything that I can do above board.
To be a paper terrorist now is what I am, technically.
According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the man, the state attorney said he sued public officials.
That is not acceptable.
He is a paper terrorist.
That's an exact quote.
And so that's what I've become.
And the thing of it is that I don't see...
I was listening to your broadcast on Monday and tried to get in desperately when your guest said, well, gee, if they did that to me, because you were talking about me, he said if they had done that to me, I'd have their house.
Well, you know what?
I've been trying to get their house and their car and their jobs, and it's not working.
They want mine.
Well, Red Beckman has won a lot of cases, but he has the legal mind and had the right.
These were long, multi-decade fights.
Yes, I know.
And I'm just afraid that this is going to ruin my life.
And I'm not saying you don't have the legal mind.
It's just that I know you've got a lot of different advice, and that's a big part of the problem.
Well, it's also the fact that no attorneys will step forward.
This is a huge case.
Somebody really could have gone somewhere with it, but no one would touch it.
Yeah, where's the ACLU with a woman on video with audio, the police saying that you may be a terrorist because you said you have a Fourth Amendment?
By the way, this is before 9-1-1.
We show FEMA teaching police that those that declare the Constitution are terrorists, their training manuals, them on video saying it, then we show them doing it at a checkpoint.
Well, I wouldn't say that I would accept the ACLU if they came knocking at my door.
Well, yeah, because their loyal opposition meant to lose the case.
And they would probably have sandbagged my case intentionally just to prevent me from ever going forward legitimately.
So I wouldn't have trusted them.
By the way, my point is you notice they didn't even try to help you.
No, nobody did.
Just a prisoner up in Michigan who heard one of your broadcasts, wrote to me and said, how can I help you?
And it's been him and me the whole way.
That and some supporters, I have to say.
Genesis has had some supporters bail me out of jail.
They did pay for my fines.
I'm actually driving a junker car that paid $900 for that came from the supporters, and I didn't have a vehicle prior to that.
Well, and you notice, Abby, that also making the film, putting that police squad car video in there, that's what got the story out.
It sure did, and it really helped.
And I will say this.
For the other times that I have had to go to court locally, my ex-husband had to go way away from here.
Nobody in Franklin County would represent him because of who I am.
Nobody in Roanoke would represent him because of who I am.
So there has been some positive benefits.
Not so much because they're afraid of me, but they know that I cost them more money than they could ever get.
So that's a plus.
Abby, I've got a break here.
We're going to come back and take some calls and talk about the New World Order and tell folks how they can get in contact with you.
But, you know, we have victories.
There are victories against their system.
All the judges aren't corrupt.
All the systems aren't corrupt.
But you've got to know your rights.
And Virginia's bad news.
It's very bad news.
Yeah, very, very bad news.
And when you've got a bunch of police that think the Constitution's illegal, I mean, this is our society.
Totally dumbed down.
They're the bosses of us.
We work for them.
And this is an educational process.
We'll come back, and I promise we will go straight to your calls.
There are all the people that are patiently holding.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
All right, we've got Abby Newman on the line, and this story would take hours to tell, but it's just the new America, folks.
Pure evil.
It's like the New York Post today.
The girl's 15 but in college for three years, about to graduate, and when it was in the paper how neat and smart she was and how great a job her parents did, CPS is trying to take her now, saying it was educational neglect and she was not sent to the public school.
That's the new America, folks.
Let's take some calls, Abby.
Casey in New York earlier wanted to talk about her kids went to set up bank accounts, and it was 20 questions how this ties into the violation of our rights and liberties.
And you said, Casey, that they mentioned, we had you on earlier and had to go to a break, you mentioned, Casey, that they mentioned the Patriot Act.
Yes, Alex.
So what type of questions did they have for your children?
Basically, they wanted to know if they were going to be depositing cash, if they were going to be depositing checks, how much were they going to withdraw at a time, what kind of checks they were going to write out, whether they were going to use an ATM card, where they were going to use an ATM card.
So the company's store was letting you know the rules of commerce.
And my daughter said to this guy, she's like, isn't this a little nosy?
And he goes, well, it's in keeping with the Patriot Act.
She said, well, I don't know how many checks I'm going to write a month.
And he goes, well, make up a number.
We have to put something down.
And with that, he excuses... And then that's their, quote, excuse.
If you go over or under that, they go ahead and alert Homeland Security.
It's all part of the free society.
Everyone reporting on you, but the border stays wide open, and the White House has massive connections to al-Qaeda and the Saudis, and are blocking the congressional investigation.
But that's all right.
Everything you do, there's no Fourth Amendment.
It'll be uploaded to the IRS if you write the wrong check, because it's all part of freedom.
Oh, of course.
And we're all tired of it still.
Abby Newman, what do you say to this?
Well, that's what happens when they turn us into human resources.
That's what we are to those people.
We are human resources.
You know, in the old days, we used to go to the personnel office when we had a problem at work.
Now we go to the human resources department.
Yeah, it's all hidden in plain view for the humanization.
Sure, that's exactly what we're dealing with here.
It's all hidden in plain view.
Of course.
Alex, I just wanted to tell you that she turned around to her husband when this guy excused himself and said, well, it's a good thing my mom isn't here because I know what she would be saying.
And my daughter is getting a cold slap in the face because she moved back home with me last summer, her and her husband and my grandson.
And since she's been with me, I've been in her face about this fight that I've been in since I was a kid.
And there's no escaping it now.
You know, before she used to ignore my emails and just blow off what I had to say.
Now she hears it constantly because I have your show running on the computer all day long.
And she's getting a taste of what it's like, and now she's starting to see that her mother isn't crazy.
Exactly, and she's blessed to have somebody like you.
Thanks, Casey.
Yeah, things would be much worse if we didn't have people like Abby Newman and Casey out there.
David in Michigan, you're on the air with Abby Newman.
Go ahead, David.
I didn't know that your courageous guest was going to be on, because what I have to say dovetails beautifully with what you're talking about.
But first of all...
Please don't tell me I have to wait 40 years to be recognized for this because I am utterly worn out.
Yeah, I don't blame you, and I certainly hope not.
You've stored up a lot of treasure in heaven, and that's what matters.
And doing the right thing, not compromising.
You've done a great job.
I've made sacrifices in this fight as well.
Again, who out there wouldn't jump in front of a truck to save a child, even if it wasn't their own child?
Who wouldn't, when faced with evil, fight it?
It's instinctive.
Most of us get past the cowardice.
And we just don't recognize the threat.
We need to recognize the threat.
There's no choice.
We've got to fight this thing.
Well, you know, Alex, what you said is true for people like you and I, but you already know.
You've covered the stories where there's a woman who's raped and people walk right by.
The majority of people in this country are not made of the same stuff as you and I are.
And I think about the fact that I'm fighting for these people to be apathetic.
And I wake up sometimes and I say, why are you doing this?
Because everyone thinks you're crazy.
And you know this judge... Well, Abby, that's not true.
We get about...
On this show, we're on AM and FM all over the place, mainstream stations, stations that were sports or whatever.
It's a big mainstream audience.
We're on, and everybody within a week has been deprogrammed and agrees with us.
We're here not screening the calls.
People aren't calling and disagreeing.
All I get is agreement here in Austin, but they all say, everybody thinks I'm crazy, nobody cares.
As I'm surrounded in the grocery store by people agreeing with me, why don't they get together and go fight the New World Order?
They're still spectators.
That's the problem.
Not enough people are in the arena, Abby.
Stay there.
We'll come back.
Anything else you want to add, David?
Yes, I have a lot to talk about.
I'll let you finish up, and we'll go to Jason, Rebecca, Frank, Eric, Ethan, a bunch of people.
Just stay with us.
And the websites are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
877-605-9200 That's 877-605-9200
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
You know, it's scary to know the facts, but it's even scarier to be ignorant and stumbling around in the dark.
And all the police aren't bad.
All the military aren't bad.
All the judges aren't bad.
In fact, the public is actually pretty good people.
They're just ignorant and afraid and accept whatever the TV has to say.
And their gullibility is destroying them and empowering this new world order.
People can't imagine what evil is capable of.
They don't know what's happened in history.
They don't know what's replicating itself today.
And we're here as the cure to wake them up and to alert them to that.
We're about to go back to the calls.
In fact, we're talking to David.
David, you had some more points for our guest, Abby Newman, victim of the warrantless checkpoint.
Go ahead.
Well, you were talking before.
You've talked several times about the Stephen Megritz case.
And Magritte was declared, as you know, a paper terrorist when some politicians were trying to take his land.
And by the way, the Milwaukee Journal admits all this.
They wanted his land, he countersued them, and the state attorney said, you're not allowed to sue us, that's terrorism.
He said that.
You know, you were talking to Ann Coulter, and she was trying to challenge you, and this is what all the neocon talk show hosts and pundits do.
When you come up with the truth and real information, they...
They challenge you to be impossibly specific.
Well, Stephen Megritz and... Well, wait a minute.
I was giving her subsections, and she said, well, I haven't read it.
Will you read it?
But she was asking you for a person that, you know... She said, what's the date of that particular article?
I go, I don't know, three weeks ago, the Washington Times headlined Patriot Outcast White Net.
When I tried to answer, she'd interrupt.
You were giving her sources over and over again.
Ron Paul, yeah, just on...
This guy, Megritz, in response to him being declared a paper terrorist, it's very interesting.
It seems that James Sensenbrenner, who is a Republican House member, seems to have gotten a bill passed through Congress.
There's a bill that mirrors this in the Senate that's being shepherded through by Herb Cole and Russ Feingold, both Wisconsin Senators.
And what the idea is that the bill would indemnify public officials from having liens placed against them in direct response to the paper terrorism charge.
Yeah, so now all the remedies we had to defend ourselves, they're taking them away and saying, oh, it's frivolous.
Well, you know, in the case of Magritte, his deposition when he sued was removed from the court and a default judgment was filed against him.
But after that, he did the same thing that Abby Newman is doing.
He did the same thing to them that they were doing to him, and these liens that he filed were accepted by the appropriate authority.
And now they declared him a paper terrorist.
They keyed in the Federal Anti-Terrorism Task Force.
He was SWAT-teamed and taken away to prison where he's now rotting for five years.
Anyway, they passed this bill through the House to prevent anyone from doing this in the future, make these politicians immune from prosecution,
Well, they're already doing it.
I mean, they're already exempt from Social Security and have their own pensions.
They exempt themselves from almost everything they do to us.
Well, the details of this case are very interesting.
It can be found at wisclean.org, W-I-S-C-L-E-A-N dot O-R-G.
But it's really incredible.
At every turn, they're making themselves immune from prosecution and immune from any kind of... Yeah, it's a double standard.
What the Lord can do, you can't do.
In other words, we're just subjects, and we're going to be treated as subjects, those of us that they allow to live.
God will let you go, David.
I've got a lot of callers.
Abby Nimmin, you want to comment on that?
No, he did fine just by himself.
All right, let's talk to Jason in California.
Go ahead, Jason.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, Abby.
How are you guys doing today?
What I wanted to talk about is this upcoming weekend, I saw on the Internet, on your website, that this Bohemian Grove thing is going on this weekend.
Well, it already started.
That's the press Democrat articles.
It already started last night with the ritual, one of the rituals, the cremation of care.
But, yeah, the big protest against it is in Montereo, about 400 yards from the gates of
It starts about 400 yards from the gates, a bohemian avenue that leads up to the armored compound and the Secret Service and all the world leaders there.
And, yeah, that's what the press Democrat says as it, quote, starts this weekend.
It actually started last night.
Well, actually, I was... By the way, a lot of the neocons say the Grove doesn't exist as world leaders go there and as it's in the local newspapers.
So I'm a conspiracy theorist for even talking about it.
And by the way, there's no New World Order as they announce it on TV.
Yeah, they publicly announce it themselves.
And then it doesn't exist.
You're insane if you believe it.
How do I get into that for human growth?
I'm a school reporter also, and I need to try and get in there.
How can I do that?
Well, sir, I would not advise that you attempt that, especially now.
I mean, I'm not going to advise you because they do have no trespassing signs up now.
Before, they just had guards.
They did not have no trespassing signs.
I went in and didn't even have to lie to them because I just acted in a calm fashion.
I'm not advising you to trespass, but you can go to the Grove and protest it outside the gates.
No, I don't want to trespass.
I want to buy a ticket.
I want to find out exactly... You don't buy tickets.
People stay on a waiting list.
Even people that are worth over a billion dollars stay on waiting lists according to the Washington Times of upwards of 15 years.
Yeah, I just crashed the party.
You know, I was also going to say... Oh, by the way, in England, they want to make that a terrorist offense.
Crashing any ward's party.
Not everyone else's, only theirs.
Go ahead.
You know that new video you have, that Police Street 3?
Yes, sir.
I was wondering, actually, if you had that on DVD and if I could win it somehow, because I'm a struggling student here in California.
Well, the only film I've got on DVD is Road to Tyranny.
The others are still on VHS.
I appreciate it, nevertheless.
You bet, sir.
God bless you.
God bless you, Alex.
And Abby, take care.
Thank you.
You bet.
Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, these are some nice people, aren't they, Abby?
Oh, yeah.
Just the kind you'd want living next door.
And running your country.
Yeah, and taking your kids.
And telling us how conservative they are while they do it.
But the neocons say that abortion shouldn't be an issue, guns shouldn't be an issue, and the government grows at record size and liberties are destroyed, but, oh, they're conservative.
Doesn't it sound nice, Abby?
Yeah, I'm living it, and so are you.
Next up is Rebecca in Texas.
You're on the air with Abby Newman.
Go ahead.
Hello, Abby.
We just received our new phone book down here in Bastrop County, and they've got a picture of an eagle, and on the corner it says Homeland Security, and they have a section on Homeland Security, and then...
Anyway, they published, they want all the 911 addresses, whether you pay for a different thing or whatever, they have these.
They've got a whole section in our new phone books that I guess they'll come out.
And it has to do with banking, guns, farming, ranching, corporations, just troops everywhere in our lives, nothing to do with terror, but that's okay.
It's all part of freedom.
But when they holler peace and security, will sudden destruction...
We'll come and when they change these laws and put judges in jail for standing up for righteousness and changing the sodomy laws that goes against God's laws, judgment will surely come and come quickly.
So we can fear not if
We have, believe and trust in the Lord.
But that's the conservative, seven of the nine judges, conservatives, and look at all the rulings, but oh, we, the Republicans are so good.
Thanks for the call, Rebecca.
Any comments to what Rebecca was just saying, Abby Newman?
Well, one of the things that struck me was I was going to ask her whether or not, if she was sure that it was an eagle or a phoenix, but
Regardless, the eagle is a bird of prey, and it really does describe our government and what they're doing.
Well, I mean, I'm not going to attack Americana symbols, but the Bill of Rights and Constitution are a thousand times more important than the color of a flag or an eagle or whatever.
But yeah, Hitler had the eagle, the Romans had it, Saddam Hussein had it, and yeah, it means we're predatory.
It says a lot.
It's the imperial symbol, yeah.
Excuse me.
Benjamin Franklin didn't want an eagle.
He wanted a turkey.
A turkey, yeah.
Because he thought it was a smart bird and everything.
I don't know.
Our national bird would be a turkey.
Go ahead, Abby.
Well, I was going to say, if anybody has ever gotten out the old Apocrypha, which used to be in the old Bibles, and they read 2 Esdras, it talks about the eagle.
Because I've always wondered how come our symbol was never in the Bible.
But if you read in 2 Esdras, it talks about the eagle, and it's a prophetical book, and it talks about the eagle being utterly burned.
And anybody who's interested, I would encourage them to read that book.
Out of the Apocrypha.
Absolutely, and the Bible talks about, I forget the passages, but I've read it, about the eagle being an evil symbol.
But it doesn't matter, you know.
Let's go ahead and take some more calls.
Let's talk to, who's up next, Mark?
Okay, Frank in West Virginia, then Larry in Ohio, and a bunch of other people.
Frank, you're on the air.
Yes, I like the rattlesnake snake my best as the national symbol.
Oh, don't tread on me.
I have that flying out in front of my house.
Well, that makes two of us.
I have two questions for you, Abby.
Real quick, I want to ask you if it's something that you are comfortable talking about.
You brought it up on another broadcast, I believe it was John's show, John Stadmiller, about your detention and some of the evasive searches.
And I was just wondering if you've brought suit...
Concerning that.
Okay, so when you were in jail, what happened to you?
Well, I don't want to go into any detail, but it was... Yeah, you don't have to go there if you don't want to.
It was humiliating.
And see, that's all about torture.
See, they know it's a good Christian woman, no criminal record, so they're going to do horrible things to her, but it's just something we do.
Well, I will say this.
There was no question in my mind as to the persuasion of the women who had to search me.
And they had me for over a two-day period of time, and they deprived me of sleep.
They wouldn't let me take out my contact lenses.
They put me in a very cold room.
They employed all of the techniques that you would to mind-control somebody.
And notice it's always these so-called left-wing women in the positions of power in the right-wing fascistic state.
Yeah, it was the worst part of the arrest was what they did afterwards.
But that's as far as I want to go with it publicly.
It's all part of living in a free society.
No, that is included in the civil suit.
The Franklin County Sheriff's Department is responsible for taking me there, and it was under the care of the Virginia Sheriff's Department that this was done.
So they are included in the lawsuit, yes.
And boy, do these sadistic freaks love what they do.
I have a real question.
Go ahead.
Concerning jurisdiction.
Pardon me?
How they got jurisdiction over you.
As you know yourself, and you've even written me about concerning jurisdiction with the registration, your car is under their ownership, licenses puts us under their ownership, the quote-unquote driver.
I was just wondering how they actually found jurisdiction in the courts.
They don't need to find it.
It's like a burglar.
They take it.
Yeah, it's admiralty.
They don't follow any law.
It's the law of the sea.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it, sir.
Let's go ahead now and take another call.
In fact, I know there's a bunch of these.
I've got them out of order.
My fault.
I'm not good at this.
Okay, Larry in Ohio.
Go ahead, Larry.
How are you doing today, Alex?
Good, sir.
Are we left-wing or right-wing extremists today?
Well, we're freedom lovers, but the left wing and right wing are all together destroying America, just putting different window dressing on different battalions of troops, smashing our republic.
They just seem to call us one or the other different every day.
Oh, they like labels, and I don't think I'm extreme at all.
Oh, I don't either.
I think it's rather humorous.
I think it was extremely evil for the police to freak out over a pocket constitution in one of my videos in the car and then take you to jail and then falsely charge you.
Abby, I can't tell you how many people was absolutely shocked at that part of the movie.
Many people came to me.
I have two daughters, 11 and 12 years old, and...
They were just going, she did nothing wrong.
But imagine her getting tortured by the creatures in the jail cell.
It got worse and worse.
But you know what's so sad about this?
This is something that you don't even know, but I just got this a couple days ago.
Judge Wilson at the U.S.
District Court on this lawsuit, he dismissed everything, saying that my suit was frivolous.
It was frivolous!
You're fighting the beast.
Yes, I know that.
And I certainly appreciate the fight.
Well... They'll try to wear you down, they'll try to wear you down, but... Oh, they're doing a fine job.
Well, you've got to stand strong, and I know it's a tough fight, but we certainly appreciate you out here.
Thanks for the call.
Russ in Alabama, you're on the air with Abby Newman.
Go ahead.
Hi, Abby.
It's interesting you said you're just worn out.
That's what the Bible says.
Wear out the saints, you know.
It's true.
I have a question for you, but first I'd like to announce that, Alex, you said earlier something about the United Nations power monopoly, disarmament of civilians, and evidently today there is a vote, and it's for H.R. 1146.
And if people would care to call their congressmen, their representatives today... That's Ron Paul's Restoration Act to get us out of the U.N.?
HR 1146 is an amendment to HR 1950.
And this disallows...
So that vote is evidently today or this evening for H.R.
So if people are going to do something, they need to do it now.
That is important, Rush.
What do you think about all the lying about weapons of mass destruction?
I'll tell you who is on top of this.
Lyndon LaRouche.
They've been handing out 20,000 leaflets in this city and 10,000 leaflets in that city, in California, Washington, D.C.
They do a lot of good work.
To make the case for Cheney's impeachment.
But the problem is their solution is big government.
Well, of course, when it comes to pointing the finger of blame,
They say that Cheney is the ringleader of this regime that's calling the shots for George W. Well, I would say that's accurate.
I mean, he's a high-level minion in the White House.
Thanks for the call, Rush.
We've got a final segment.
I'll let Abby give out her number and address.
And then I want to read a few quotes from Ron Paul.
I said I'd do this, and I ran out of time, but I'm going to read some of it.
In his neocon speech he gave July 10th,
And we'll get to that as well, and I'll briefly plug my videos and my book because you need to support us, what we're doing, and they're powerful films waking up the vast majority of those that see them.
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We'll be right back.
Please stay with me.
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Take about a minute and a half of The Takeover, a two-hour, five-minute film.
Police station, people running around screaming, we want martial law, line people up and shoot them, don't ask about the military.
I mean, it's just insane stuff on these tapes.
I mean, we're in the police station, they're running around yelling it.
FEMA's saying all Christians are terrorists, the Founding Fathers are terrorists, homeschoolers are terrorists.
We've got them on tape and their training manuals.
The stuff that happened to Abby Newman, that's all road to tyranny.
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I want to read a few of these Ron Paul quotes out of his speech, but Abby Newman, real quick, we'll have you back up in the future, track this.
Ellen, I've got a direct number to you.
We've had trouble getting in touch with you in the past.
How do folks write to you or contact you if they want to get any information or try to help you?
How do they do that real quick?
PO Box 272 Ferrum, that's F like Frank,
E-R-R-U-M, like Mike, Virginia, and the zip is 24088.
All right, so that number again, or that mailing address again is?
Box 272, Ferrum, F-E-R-R-U-M, Virginia.
Okay, and what do people want to call you, or do you not want to give your number out?
I really don't mind providing.
Understand, I'm doing litigation 16 hours a day.
I cannot just chat.
You can't talk long, and you can't call people back.
And I can't call people back because I am utterly broke.
What's the number?
Hey, Abby, we're going to be praying for you.
We'll talk to you soon, and God bless you.
Thank you, dear.
You bet.
Thanks for coming on.
All right, I'm almost out of time.
I've got to take an hour out tomorrow and read this whole thing.
It's 15 pages of speech, Congresswoman Ron Paul addressing the U.S.
House of Representatives, July 10, 2003.
The modern-day limited government, and its headline, neoconned.
The modern day limited government movement has been co-opted.
The conservatives have failed in their effort to shrink the size of government.
There has not been, nor will there be soon, a conservative revolution in Washington.
Political party control of the federal government has changed, but the inexorable growth of the size and scope of government has continued unabated.
Thank you.
A difference?
Who's really in charge?
If the particular party of power makes little difference, whose policy is it that permits expanded government programs, increased spending, huge deficits, nation building, and the pervasive invasion of our privacy with fewer Fourth Amendment protections than ever before?
Someone is responsible.
And he goes on to say, it is the Republicans, the neocons.
They're worse than the Democrats.
He also said, one thing is certain, conservatives who worked and voted for less government in the Reagan years and welcomed the takeover of the U.S.
Congress and the presidency in the 90s, early 2000, were deceived.
Soon they will realize that the gold-limited government has been dashed, that their views no longer matter.
And he goes on to call them con artists in his speech titled, Neocon, from his website.
I'm out of time, folks.
Please tell your friends and family about the show.
We know what's going on.
We've got the globalists down pat.
We understand their architecture, their agenda, and how to stop them.
And the big solution is the films.
Thousands of you making copies, making those thousands into millions.
Please aid us in this great cause.
God bless you all.
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