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Air Date: July 15, 2003
2344 lines.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
It's already the 15th of July, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones, and I have moved studios to another office, and we meant to be up and running live today.
We were yesterday, but I'll be joining you live during the show today or back tonight from 9 to midnight live just as soon as we
Get the studio transferred over, so I'm joining you via phone line.
But I've gotten literally hundreds of requests via email and calls on air, a lot of you heard them yesterday, to re-air the Ann Coulter interview, the neocon, who got angry when I talked about defending the Second Amendment or liberty or freedom, and who then called us conspiracy theorists when we talked about the New World Order.
So we'll be exposing the liberals' secret weapon, the neocon, their Trojan horse,
Ann Coulter, coming up a little bit later.
Also, I'm going to get all the other big top neocons on the show.
I'm going to get the Bennetts of the world on.
I'm going to get the Dick Morrises.
I'm going to get the whole list of neocons.
You're going to be hearing them here in the near future.
In fact, today I had George Humphrey lined up, who's a guy fighting the neocons, and I had Mr. Bannon, Dr. Bannon, talking about the government-run white slavery ranks.
We're rescheduling that for tomorrow and Thursday as well.
Just a bunch of great guests this week.
But coming up is Ann Coulter and then, of course, Red Beckman to talk about the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
And I tell you, I was wound up like a Swiss clock that day, so that was a good interview we did.
And just a lot of other news and information coming up.
But Ann Coulter in the next segment and for the rest of this hour.
And I want to thank Mark for putting that system together
This particular rebroadcast on such short notice.
Again, we'll probably be back live today.
I mean, during this show.
If not tonight, 9 to midnight, I'll do a live show 9 to midnight.
And then, of course, back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
And I want to thank the affiliates, the listeners, the sponsors, the folks right on the show.
The broadcast has exploded.
We have millions of people listening.
We are affecting change.
The New World Order is in deep trouble.
They're trying to flaunt everything on our face now to condition us to accept it.
But here's a headline of the London Telegraph today.
Blair's New World Order blocked.
He called for a New World Order yesterday and called for unlimited police power domestically to be able to invade any country he wants.
When he gets caught lying, he asks for more power.
And that totally backfired in his face.
The House of Commons.
Of course, he's a big liberal working with Bush, the neocon.
These terms mean nothing.
And there's just so much other scandalous, incredible news.
World Net Daily is calling Rumsfeld a liar.
See, when World Net Daily is forced to expose the neocons, you know the neocons are in trouble.
So that's coming up as well.
Then we'll get into Rumsfeld, a correct testimony twice, this and a lot more on the show today.
So be sure and stay with us.
And we'll be back with the Ann Coulter interview and, of course, then a broadcast with the
You're at the new office.
We have a phone company here putting in the digital lines.
I got cut off even on this analog.
We'll be back with Ann Coulter and Rhett Beckman.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Ann Coulter has been one of the top folks at the Michigan Law Review.
She has worked in the House Judiciary Committee.
She's a best-selling author.
You've probably seen her on just dozens and dozens of scores of national cable TV shows from CNN's Paula Zahn to Hannity and Combs to The O'Reilly Factor.
And I know I've heard her on a lot of different conservative talk shows as well.
And she's here to talk about some of her best-selling books.
The new one gets into treason and treachery of the liberals.
And we're going to talk about the lies about McCarthy, which I agree with her on.
We're going to talk about Alger Hiss and communist spies, how the Democrats have always protected them.
We'll get into Ronald Reagan, the Vietnam War, and the war on terror.
But, Ann Coulter, I'm going to be honest with you right up front here on the air.
I consider myself a real conservative, a Ron Paul-type conservative-slash-libertarian.
Would you consider yourself a neocon, a neoconservative?
No, I'm a conservative.
Okay, because a lot of the White House calls themselves neocons, and that's their own word.
And Bush says he'll re-sign the assault weapons ban and add some nice little tidbits to it.
Bush has voted with Hillary and others for open borders.
Hillary voted with Bush for the war, so I don't know if it's just a Republican-Democrat issue.
I mean, how do you respond to that, that Bush, I mean, we see the biggest growth in the federal government ever, and a lot of different things developing.
How do you respond to that?
Could conservatives do more to shine the spotlight on the dirt in our own house?
I think it's up to conservatives to fight these issues by persuading their fellow countrymen that we don't want
Big socialism, supported by Teddy Kennedy and Hillary, and not just sit back and say, oh, Bush should be stopping all of this.
Bush is the president, as president and a Republican.
He has the whole mainstream media against him.
I think Ronald Reagan did this as well.
The president can really only focus, it seems to me, on about three issues.
And I think the issues Bush has chosen...
Now, wait a minute.
Now, hold on, Ann.
But Ann Coulter, that's kind of a cop-out.
I mean, let's be honest here, and then we'll get into your book, but I want to get this out of the way up front.
Bush doesn't have to sign the assault weapons ban.
87% of Americans aren't against it in major polls.
89% in the Gallup poll against the open borders, which he's been pushing for.
What is open borders?
What do you mean?
Pardon me?
Oh, he had Fox up here right before 9-1-1 pushing for another blanket $10 million amnesty.
He's all part of this push for this Pan-American Union.
I mean, look, I don't hear this on conservative talk radio.
Bush, the NRA, did put out an alert, though.
Bush says he's going to re-sign that assault weapons bill.
How can you say that he's got the whole media against him?
I don't care if he had the whole media against him.
He needs to not sign that assault weapons ban.
Well, I think he also needs to get re-elected, and there are a lot of soccer moms who vote out there.
And I'm just saying that a conservative president can't take on every issue at once.
He does have to look at being re-elected.
I think he'll probably be re-elected without much trouble.
So you think it's okay to sign the assault weapons ban?
I don't think it's okay, but I'm saying instead of sitting back and complaining that Bush isn't
Doing everything for us.
I think we have to understand that there's only so much the President of the United States can do and can move the country on and persuade the country.
He can only hold so many
Okay, and we're going to move on to what the liberals are doing, because that's where I cut my teeth in talk radio.
This is important, but come on.
This is a cop-out here.
To have Bush... It's massive.
Everything we want.
It's the Second Amendment.
Okay, what about Pardongate?
It's the bedrock.
The White House press secretary told World Net Daily, who your columns run in, told their reporter, the president's not going after Clinton for Pardongate, and he suggests you drop it as well.
I don't want to hear neocons on the air bashing Bill Clinton, the traitor, which he is.
I agree with the title of your book.
Bashing the traitor when George Bush is blocking Dan Burton's Pardongate investigation, not releasing the papers on convicted drug dealers and money launderers.
What do you say to that, Ann Coulter?
What I've already said, which is I really want Bush to be focused on the war on terrorism, on taxes, and on the judiciary.
And if conservatives can raise enough of a ruckus, I don't agree with Bush on a lot of these other things.
But I think we have to do more than sit back and say Bush has to be the one to veto the bills.
Why are the representatives and senators that we voted for sending him things?
Well, hey, I agree with that.
But again, the executive is as big as the legislative, and he's got that veto power.
But he's not just not going to veto it.
He says he's going to sign it, Ann.
How about stopping it before it gets to him?
Well, I agree with that.
And I think too many conservatives sit back and think this is all Bush's fault.
Well, go out and persuade some soccer moms.
Go out and write an op-ed.
Complain to ABC, NBC, CBS.
Write to your congressman.
Write to your senator.
The problem with this is...
Both Reagan and Bush were more conservative and voted every way and vetoed every bill that I didn't like.
But there's a limit to how much a president can do if he can be re-elected.
Ann, again, we're on this line here.
I do want to have some time with you.
You've agreed to stay a little bit longer past the half hour, and I really appreciate that.
I know you're very busy, but let's discuss this now.
I mean, let's be honest here, because you can't just keep saying this.
Okay, then let's get to my book, okay?
Because I think we both made our point.
Ann, Ann, I understand you're doing your big book promotion, but...
I hear you all over the radio and TV, and I hear you talking about the danger of the liberals and how deadly they are, and I agree with that.
But now, you brought up this.
You put out your same idea three times when I brought these questions up.
Barbara Boxer said arm all the pilots.
It's better than having the F-16s shoot the planes down.
Bush said he didn't want to arm any of the pilots.
Now, how do you, and then the conservatives did put pressure on him, and he let it go through.
He was stopping that, threatening a veto.
Now, what do you say to that?
He didn't veto it.
Because of pressure.
See, that makes your point for you, but at the same time, if a big name like you, an articulate individual like yourself, who's kind of a mascot, well, not kind of a mascot, you are for the conservatives, and I think that's fine.
We need intelligent women out there doing this.
Then we need to have you help put some pressure in there as well, and I haven't heard you do it.
I mean, you have done a little bit today, and I appreciate that.
Look, I do in my book.
I am advising your audience that we need to persuade the American people and our representatives and senators.
I mean, what's the alternative?
Vote for Al Gore?
I'm just saying, this is what Reagan did, this is what Bush is doing.
There's only so much a president can do.
I've said this many times.
I'm sure you can come up with lots of stuff he did that I don't like.
What about Bush?
Why did he sign on to UNESCO?
Ann, what about UNESCO?
No, we're not going to keep doing this.
So you're not saying this is scripted like the liberals, are you?
No, I'm saying...
This is the same question over and over again, and I'm going to keep saying the same answer over and over again.
Yeah, there are a lot of things.
Do you want to hear that answer again?
You know, I could take a nap now and you could keep replaying it.
A president can only focus on three issues.
His three issues, terrorism, taxes, judiciary, he's focusing on those issues.
It's up to us to persuade our fellow Americans, our senators and representatives.
A president can only focus on three issues.
Our book, President, is focusing on terrorism, taxes, and judiciary.
And, and, and.
It's up to us to focus on the other issues, persuade the soccer moms who have to be won over.
And you're right.
You have replayed that a few times here for us.
But, okay, we can then get into the book.
What about UNESCO?
What about this?
I'm sure there are lots of...
Yeah, we could.
Well, I think somebody needs to, because all I hear is worship of Bush, and we're going to have a real conservative country and get back to what America is, and influential people like you and others.
But look, you have replayed that.
I understand your answer there.
I see where you're going with that, and I understand what you're saying.
Now, I don't think I've heard you get this hot on TV with the liberals.
Man, you're getting pretty upset here.
I'm getting pretty bored.
Oh, you're bored.
Okay, I thought the Second Amendment stuff was pretty important.
Okay, but look, McCarthy, I agree with you on that.
Your book, what do you get into with McCarthy and what the liberals have done?
I know the Wall Street Journal, even the L.A.
Times have admitted, quote, headlines, McCarthy was right, file show McCarthy was right.
That's been vindicated, but that message hasn't gotten out there.
Your book covers that.
Tell us about McCarthy.
The point in telling the truth about McCarthy and everything you think you know about McCarthy
McCarthy to the listeners out there is a massive lie, is that liberals won't let it go.
They've been hysterical about this myth of their own creation, McCarthyism, for 60 years, and they're using it once again in the war on terrorism.
The one topic that's off the table for debate in America is liberals' patriotism, is the relative patriotism of the two parties.
Democrats feel free to call conservatives, Republicans, dogs, Kurds, fascists, racists, but oh boy, don't challenge the patriotism of a liberal as they're out burning flags or demanding that schools take down God Bless America signs.
Well, Ann, we've got a break.
We've got a break, and I want to get into that when we get back on the other side, but I've pointed out
I think so.
Yes and no.
Okay, well, we'll find out what you have to say about that when we get back, and we'll talk about McCarthy, because I have studied this, and I agree with your analysis of it, but I add one more facet, one more layer to it.
So please stay with us, Ann Coulter.
We're honored to have her.
And yes, your calls are coming up, too, at 800-259-9231.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
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Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central and back from 9 to midnight, it's the Alex Jones Show.
Blasting out on the AM and FM dial, one of the biggest internet listening audiences.
And we're talking to Ann Coulter, who, again, has been making the rounds for years, writing best-selling books.
Very intelligent, and we've got loaded phones.
In the next segment, she's ready to stay over for the rest of the hour with us.
We're very thankful for that.
We'll get to Bill and Kevin and John and Mike and Clint and many others that are patiently holding, wanting to talk to Ann Coulter.
We've all seen her on TV or heard her on the radio.
She's very prolific, and now she joins us.
Her new book is also climbing the bestseller chart.
She's got several books on the New York Times bestseller list at number one.
Treason and Liberal Treachery, folks, is the book.
And we'll be going over that.
We also have a link to it on my website.
And continuing with McCarthy, the KGB files are out.
It was worse than what McCarthy said, but still we have this word McCarthyism that the liberals have like a religious sacrament.
Can you break that down for us?
That's why they're reacting like Muslim clerics to the satanic verses to my book.
Yes, that's right.
By the way, I interviewed the author of that.
He was involved in investigating him and stuff he couldn't release for 40 years because of national security.
I mean, it was a lot worse than what McCarthy said.
That's right.
That's right.
Not dozens, but hundreds of Soviet spies were working their way into government at top positions, being defended by Democrats, by the Democratic Party elite, such as Alger Hiss, who was defended.
Harry Truman denounced the investigation into Alger Hiss as a red herring.
Harry Truman promoted...
Harry Dexter White, after Harry Dexter White was identified to him as a Soviet spy, that was such a stunning event that when Eisenhower became president, and Eisenhower was hardly a fire-breathing anti-communist, Eisenhower directed his Attorney General to go on national TV and state that as president, Truman had promoted
Oh, yeah, that would be hilarious.
Now, why did they finally get McCarthy, and why did conservatives abandon him?
Well, one of the most preposterous myths of McCarthyism is that he held a terrified nation captive.
To the contrary, liberals were loud, aggressive, they were having a ball denouncing McCarthy, libeling him.
One senator directed the postmaster of Washington, D.C.
to spy on McCarthy's private mail and the private mail of his assistant.
McCarthy never did anything like that.
The Senate staged four investigations into McCarthy.
Meanwhile, Soviet spies are working their way through the government, passing atomic technology to the Soviets.
And what the Democratic Party is interested in is what the precise words were McCarthy used in a speech before a group of Republican women.
All of the elites were arrayed against McCarthy because he was exposing the entire liberal establishment.
As the columnist Jack Anderson said about a year before McCarthy's censure, we had used up almost our entire bag of tricks against McCarthy and to no effect because the American people loved him.
It was much like the Clinton era.
If you can imagine the Clinton era without talk radio, without the Internet, and without Fox News.
All organs of mainstream opinion...
We're in a rage about McCarthy.
He was exposing the Democratic Party.
I mean, the Democratic Party was caught red-handed.
Now, he did get abandoned, though, when he went after the Army, and so there were higher-up levels, the government itself supporting the communists.
Now, the evidence has come out on that.
I was watching History Channel.
Just last year, and they admitted that they'd actually helped, that the government had decided Mao in 49 was, quote, better than the Nationalists.
Oh, yeah, including George Catlett Marshall, venerated on the PBS webpage.
Yeah, Marshall loved Mao, but hated Israelis as opposed to a state of Israel.
But see, he got burned.
He got burned, though, when he went too high to the level above the Communists.
Um, not quite.
I think it was, I mean, yes, technically I think all that happened was it finally wore down the hysteria, the anger, the gnashing of teeth.
It finally wore down McCarthy's supporters.
The Senate voted to censure him.
That looked very bad.
They voted to censure him, interestingly, not for any of his treatment of any witnesses.
Yeah, but are the liberals communist or are they elitist that will use a communist system to consolidate power?
Pardon me?
I mean, are the liberals communist or were they just elitist who wanted to use the communist system to consolidate control?
What would you call the liberals?
I mean, what's a real term for them?
Morally blind.
Well, I would just call them globalists today.
I mean, they want this global system, don't they?
Well, Ann, we've got a break.
We'll be back in three minutes.
We'll get into a couple other facets of your book real quick.
I want to talk about the Vietnam, and I want to talk about the war on terror.
Then we'll take calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
We're talking to Ann Coulter, my friend, the best-selling author.
The conservative Republican, I'd really call her a poster child, because she's intelligent and
And eloquent in her delivery, and we're honored to have her.
We're about to go to these loaded phones here in just a second.
And before we get into the Vietnam War just briefly and some of the lies there, because we know there's plenty of them, I wanted to talk about your war on terror, because Congressman Ron Paul is a friend of mine, and he said in the Washington Times Magazine Insight that Patriot Act I was the definition of an unconstitutional police state,
And that the Founding Fathers revolted over much lighter forms of oppression.
Now, that's an exact quote.
He said things worse on this show.
I just so happen to have an analysis here by Gunners of America, Patriot Act II, that Ashcroft said didn't exist.
Now he admits it does.
And I do know that Section 802 of the first one says that the new definition of terrorism, and you're a lawyer, is any action that endangers human life that's a violation of any federal or state law.
The Justice Department three weeks ago
The Washington Times admitted in a brief to Congress that they published sections of it that quote, it will be used for all crimes across the board for citizens as well.
Now, I've heard you on the radio and others saying that that's not the case.
Now, are we wrong?
I've read it.
I know I'm not.
Or where's the disconnect here, Ann?
Because everybody makes it a liberal issue.
Hillary and Chuckie Schumer voted for this.
They're for the Patriot Act.
Can you enlighten us, Ann Coulter?
Well, I can't get into the minutia you are discussing.
Minutia, the subsections?
Pardon me?
It's not just minutia, it's the facts.
Okay, but I haven't read the Act, so I was just saying I can't respond to precisely what it is Ron Paul is describing as being unconstitutional.
But what I can say is this.
Hillary Clinton also voted for war with Iraq, as did John Kerry, as did Dianne Feinstein, as did lots of Democrats, because they knew they'd lose the American people if they didn't vote for it.
And then they turned right around and started attacking the war with Iraq, saying we had to work with the Allies.
And, oh, of course, they thought this meant we'd have to work through Germany and France.
I'm not familiar with all of Ron Paul's positions or all of
Well, you're not going to find that, Ann.
About Ann?
I don't see any bomber raids.
I don't see any Japanese internments.
And you're not going to find it in the liberal press because they're spinning it about how it's about, oh, the Muslims, they've got to have their rights for the illegal aliens, when that's just window dressing playing good cop, bad cop.
I've read the section.
I've written analysis of it.
It's been published in major magazines, conservative magazines.
Major newspapers.
I've written an analysis.
You ought to talk to Larry Pratt.
His lawyers did.
You know, he was in Congress as one of their analysts.
And he can't believe it.
It's got gun control in it.
Patriot Act II has secret arrest of citizens for no reason.
Liability protection to police and military to act domestically.
I mean, this is stuff Bill Clinton tried to get past.
Section 213 means they can break in your house without a warrant, take whatever they want, plant whatever they want in any criminal investigation, even if it's non-terrorism.
So you can say that, well, you haven't read it, but then you've been looking for the problems in it.
I'm begging you.
No, I haven't read the portion that provides for secret arrests with no reason.
I would be curious to see that.
I'm sorry, I just don't believe it.
Let me get it for you.
That's Section 501.
The Domestic Security Enhancement Act that they said didn't exist.
It's been introduced in the Senate, sponsored by the Democrats, as S-22, the Justice Domestic Security Enhancement Act.
Would you like me to read you some sections?
Hey, listen, what about Vietnam?
I mean, I agree with you about Vietnam.
What do you cover in your book about Vietnam that will take calls?
The point of the Vietnam chapter is, for one thing, to explain what really happened, rather than the
No one lost China.
Ronald Reagan has a triumphant victory over a 60-year-old evil empire, and we're supposed to believe that was inevitable, too.
Oh, no one won that war.
He didn't win the Cold War.
So, you know, on liberal theory of how history works, no administration can ever affect anything.
But amazingly enough, continents are lost to communism, wars are lost, embassies are stormed when a Democrat is president.
Well, now, certainly the communists are still alive, still operating, but again...
Rumsfeld on the board of ABB.
Clinton allowed the transfers of the reactors.
You've got Rumsfeld with Saddam.
I mean, again, I just can't be a hypocrite here.
I see just as much of the treachery going on by Republicans.
Maybe they go in and clean up the mess when Democrats don't.
I agree with you that the Democrats will start wars and then hand it to a Republican and then try to
We're good to go.
I don't... My problem is not being involved with thug regimes.
My problem is losing wars and betraying allies.
Well, Ann Coulter, I have read your book, Slander.
I haven't read the new one.
Just got it last week.
I haven't had a chance to read it yet.
But you talked about Clinton and the supercomputers and stuff in China, and that was bad.
And all the other conservatives have.
But wait a minute.
Bush just took those restrictions off more than Clinton did.
Why is that suddenly okay?
I actually don't know what you're talking about.
Okay, you know about Clinton and the supercomputers?
No, I don't write about that.
I believe you did talk about Clinton and the treachery as selling stuff to China.
You didn't talk about that?
In High Crimes and Misdemeanors, there was one chapter on China, but right now I'm promoting treason.
Well, I read your book six months ago, so I may be a little off, but I think you did talk about China.
Yeah, there was one chapter on China.
I consider it axiomatic and obvious that Bill Clinton was not good for the self-defense of America.
But I'm saying it's Republican-connected companies that were doing the selling.
Clinton let it happen.
They're both guilty.
Loral was not.
As I recall, Loral was the main...
All righty, well, let's take some calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
To Bill in Pennsylvania.
Bill, you're on the air with Ann Coulter.
Go ahead.
How are you doing?
Yes, Alex.
Fine, sir.
Hi, Ann.
In all due respect, Ann, I can't help but drawing this analogy.
Oftentimes I go into a place of business and I inquire about purchasing something, so I go to a clerk or a salesperson, and I walk away in disparagement because I oftentimes know more than they do.
And that seems to be the case here with Alex versus you.
I didn't write a book about the Patriot Act.
Well, but you cover all these issues, and I don't think you should really... I disagree with his analysis of the Patriot Act.
I disagree with his analysis of the Patriot Act.
Ma'am, but you haven't read it.
It has nothing to do with my book.
Well, I know, but maybe these are issues that you talk about, evidently, on these talk shows.
Maybe you should educate yourself.
No, I don't.
Yeah, I've heard you on a bunch of shows.
Hold on a minute.
Hey, Ann, I've heard you on a bunch of shows say that it doesn't take liberties, and the liberals are lying.
It's not a liberal issue is what I'm saying.
I mean, ma'am, you are in support of the president.
No, I have said liberals are lying, claiming there's a civil liberties crisis in America right now.
If you think that, I think you're wrong.
There is!
And I think you give the liberals powerful cannon fodder by it not being a conservative issue to demand that Bush not violate the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Or Bill Clinton or anybody else?
I am suggesting that conservatives get off their duffs and do something about that, rather than sitting back and just complaining about George Bush.
Well, wait.
Ashcroft said there wasn't a Patriot Act, too, and then a month later admitted there was.
Now, certainly you know about that.
No, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Oh, okay.
You support the so-called administration's war on terrorism, correct?
She's written a chapter on it, yeah.
Okay, well, if that's the case, then I would suggest maybe you should research this very critical legislation that you don't seem to know anything about.
Give me an example of someone whose civil rights have been violated.
We have American citizens being taken to Camp X-Ray.
The White House admits people have been, quote, tortured to death at Bagram Air Base.
Tortured to death.
That's preposterous.
What are you talking about?
That's admitted by the White House.
Two weeks ago, they said they won't, quote, allow that to happen anymore.
That is absurd.
The government has not tortured anyone to death.
They've been all over the news advocating it.
That is absolutely absurd.
It's not absurd.
They admitted it.
Oh, really?
Yeah, the White House.
Yes, the CIA section chief of the Middle East.
This is insane.
And the Washington Post said that they're taking him... The government has not tortured anyone to death.
Yeah, they said what?
This is absolutely absurd.
And you can tell me the government said it a million times.
Hey, Ann, what do you do if I send you Associated Press articles?
You just say they're false or...
Okay, tell me who wrote it.
I'll look it up right now.
Well, I've covered the articles here.
How many times have I covered them, Bill?
I've read them almost every week I read an article about it.
Okay, what's his name?
All the time.
Okay, who was tortured to death?
Well, I can say to you any article you mention who's their name, you won't remember.
Do you have it there?
I'll look it up on Google right now.
Okay, just type, White House says that torture will no longer be allowed, or type in, White House admits that Taliban fighters were tortured to death at Bagram Air Base.
I mean, there's hundreds of articles.
It's admitted.
You're talking about civil rights violations.
It's admitted.
What do you mean?
They've had the pundits... You just switched it over to Bagram.
Hold on.
And they said they fly them to Egypt and to Jordan for third parties to torture them.
Americans in this country, I asked for a civil rights violation.
Well, yeah, there's citizens who've been taken.
They're going to be tried before a military trial.
Hold on, let me answer a question.
Moussaoui and others, I dig the articles out right now, there's a bunch of citizens, British citizens, Australian Americans, being taken to Camp X-Ray.
They're building an execution chamber.
Paul Wolfowitz will appoint the three military judges that will try them without juries.
They can't face their accusers.
It's a kangaroo court.
Right, and we're talking about civil rights violations in this country.
Yeah, enemy combatant designations of American citizens.
No, that is a wartime crime.
Yes, that may have happened.
Are you denouncing the entire U.S.
military over this?
No, I think it's horrible that they're huffing depleted uranium, and I think it's horrible they got hit by VX and Sarin, according to hundreds of publications in universities, University of Texas at Dallas, and I think it's horrible they weren't given treatment for that.
I do support the troops, yes.
I think the anthrax shot was very dangerous and they finally suspended it.
I mean, yeah, I do support the troops.
But I don't let people say, do you support the troops?
Well, you've got to support what I say or you don't support them.
Okay, but we're talking about Ashcroft and civil rights in this country.
Yes, ma'am.
Just so you know, they are now saying that they will use it for banking, for everything, for all crimes.
An article in the Washington Times titled... So you have no example of anyone's civil rights being violated?
All over the place they're using the Patriot Act.
Ann, you said you haven't read the Patriot Act.
No, I said I read it.
I said I hadn't read the part about how innocent Americans can be arrested secretly on the basis of no evidence.
I believe I'm quoting you on that.
Yes, it actually says that.
I missed that provision.
Which says what?
Section 501.
Tied into Section 802.
Innocent Americans can be arrested for no reason in secret proceedings.
Yes, it says that they don't even need to think a crime's been committed, that you can be snatched off the street secretly and held.
That's not in the Patriot Act.
Yes, Patriot Act 2, yes it is.
Let's talk to Kevin in Massachusetts.
Go ahead, Kevin.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Ms.
Pleasure to have you take my call.
I had listened to Ms.
Coulter's responses, and a couple of terms she used was the liberals were reacting as if they were reacting to satanic verses.
She used another strong term of
I would call liberals morally blind.
Well, I agree with her that they respond like you have blasphemed to say that McCarthy was right.
When McCarthy was right, that's admitted now.
I think what appeals to me about her book would be that there are some hidden truths probably in there as compared to what you get off the national media, television control platforms.
That there'd be some insight into things like McCarthy.
You've got to go quick, bud.
I've got a bunch of callers.
All right.
My point was, could Ms.
Coulter please talk about the morality of a president that attends Bohemian Grove?
Oh, yeah.
Bush admits he goes to the Grove in skull and bones, and these are not Christian organizations.
Are you aware of those, Ann?
Men get dressed up in...
Women's clothes and sing songs.
Well, according to the Washington Times, they bus in male prostitutes.
That is absurd.
That means $10,000.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Hold on, John.
I'm not a betting man, but Ann, I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is.
George Bush attends functions with male prostitutes.
Sacramento Bee, Associated Press, Parade Magazine, Spy Magazine.
I have all the news articles.
What's his relationship to Victor Ashe?
I don't know who Victor Ashe is.
He's the mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee.
All right.
We're not going to go there.
I can't confirm that.
Thank you.
John in Tennessee, you're on the air with Ann Coulter.
Go ahead.
Isn't the title of your new book, Propaganda Attempt to Divert Attention from the Treason of Prescott Bush's Criminal Convictions Farming?
I can't believe this is the funniest stuff I've ever heard.
Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, I have the Pittsburgh and New York news articles from 42 when Prescott was arrested.
Are you saying that didn't happen?
I'm saying this is absolutely nutty, and you ought to get back to concentrating on the black helicopters.
Oh, which they now admit are surveilling the country with the drones, according to the Houston Chronicle and Senator Warner.
You mean those?
This is the nuttiest conversation I've ever had.
Hold on.
I just told you we have mainstream news articles.
We're at war right now.
This is no time to be looking for black helicopters.
Let's put John on hold.
I think we ought to be concerned about finding these weapons of self-destruction before they end up in New York, rather than run
You are a neocon, and you're out there chilling for the Trojan horse that is George Bush, who's a gun grabber, U.N.
promoter, open borders.
I mean, the evidence, the fruit's on the tree, Ann, and we've been trying to be nice to you, and you've just denied things that are all over the mainstream news, many of them for 50 years, and you can't face up to the corruption of the Republican Party that's growing the size of the government.
We're conservatives.
We're not LaRoucheites over here, okay?
I think you are.
Well, LaRouche says a lot of things that are true, but then he tells you big government's the answer.
We're telling you big government's not the answer, and we do have a corrupt government.
And we just told you about Bohemian Grove.
Okay, let's put the next nut on.
Ann, you're in the media.
You know this.
They don't let me on the air say things about Bohemian Grove unless I have the news articles.
Sure they do.
No, they don't.
Go to Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and type in Bohemian Grove.
I snuck in there.
I got video.
We've had Pat Buchanan on talking about it on this show.
Okay, Bohemian Grove's real.
Skull and Bones is real.
They lie in the coffins.
They do the rituals.
It was on Fox News two years ago.
Yeah, it's some nutty frat boy ritual.
George Bush is not...
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
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If you want to understand what the new rule order really is, then my new two and a half hour video, Police State 3, is for you.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I don't know about you, but Bush had better not sign that assault weapons ban.
Better not call for open borders.
I think that's top issues.
It's all about the war on terror, isn't it?
We should go after his Saudi pals, according to the head of Judicial Watch, Larry Klayman.
He likes to vacation with the Bin Laden family, but not C-SPAN National Press Club.
Final segment with Ann Coulter.
She's a best-selling author.
We've got a link on Infowars.com to her publisher, and now you can get it.
And we'll let her talk about it here in a second.
Let's try to jam a few calls in here, Ann.
Appreciate your courage coming on.
Mike in Arizona, you're on the air with Ann Coulter.
Hi, Ann.
I guess I'm the next nut.
Most of us who are more than casual observers of the political scene recognize that the fencing between the Democrats and the Republicans is largely staged.
How do you explain the concentration of Council on Foreign Relations members in both the Bush administration and the Clinton administration, an organization that's dedicated to the destruction of American national sovereignty?
I think it's absurd to suggest that there is no difference.
Yeah, that's just a publication, Foreign Affairs.
Don't talk about that.
It is absurd to say that the Republicans are indistinguishable from the Democrats.
I didn't say that, did I?
I think that Al Gore would be running this war on terrorism the way George Bush is.
It's crazy.
We would be at great risk right now.
All Americans would be.
We would not be probably fighting in Afghanistan or in Iran.
Why is, according to the International Herald Tribune, why does the Justice Department have their people standing over witnesses in the 9-1-1 investigation and, quote, intimidating them?
By standing there and scowling at them?
Well, you're not, yeah.
They're apparently easily intimidated.
That's why they're
Hijacking planes and flying them into buildings.
Oh, really?
Why were some of those hijackers trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, according to MSNBC?
Now you're saying we trained the hijackers?
What is this now?
Yeah, the Military Industrial Complex, according to Operation Northwoods, planned to carry out 9-1-1 style attacks.
Baltimore Sun, ABC Nightly News.
I don't know if you've heard of them.
This year's just getting nuttier and nuttier.
Well, it's like the USS Liberty, which they now admit we've had Admiral Moore on, former chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff.
He admits the government tried to sink the ship to blame it on Egypt.
No, in fact, I think George Bush was considering having Muhammad Atta in a highly placed position in the federal government.
Rumsfeld was almost one of the hijackers.
Did you know that?
But he got away at the last minute.
Well, nine of the hijackers are still alive, and unfortunately for you, Ann, our audience is educated and aware of what you're up to this whole spin.
What I'm up to?
I'm trying to talk about a book, and I'm getting a bunch of nut theories thrown at me.
Well, wait a minute.
What you're up to is saying that leave Bush alone, so what if he signs the assault weapons ban?
We need to get up off our butts and do something.
We have.
Clint in Missouri.
Last caller for Ann Coulter.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Clint.
Clint's gone.
Go ahead, Clint.
Yeah, I just wanted to say that Ann had mentioned that Bush has to do certain things to get reelected.
I think a lot of our perspectives are he should be more principled.
President's duty is not getting elected.
There's more important things like preserving our Constitution.
Right now, the majority of Americans are more than willing to give away our freedoms
Thanks, Clint.
Thank you, Clint.
Ann Coulter, we really appreciate you coming on the show, and we hope you'll talk more about the neocons, gun-grabbing, open borders, and blocking Dan Burton's committee, and signing on to UNESCO, and signing campaign finance reform, restricting the First Amendment.
You think that might be a good idea, Ann?
Okay, hey, hey, have fun being a neocon Trojan horse, Ann.
Have fun being their little poster child, okay?
Hopefully you and your buddies can keep everybody in the dark long enough to get your new world order.
We know that's what it's all about.
I'm out of time, folks.
If you want to support this broadcast, don't buy her mindless book of just stuff that doesn't matter anymore, little side issues.
Expose the whole system.
Get my videos.
Go to infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
God bless you all, and fight the neocons.
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, Alex Jones back live, already in the second hour of this July 3rd, 2003 live edition.
The websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Red Beckman is a veteran, patriot, conservative, a Christian.
He is a prolific writer and lecturer all over the country.
He is the universally seen founder of the fully informed jury movement where juries find out that they're supposed to judge the law and the facts and the judge isn't the boss and that grand juries are independent bodies, not rubber stamps for...
Rubber stamps for the prosecutors.
We'll talk about how they've been warping the system at its core and solutions to that in the next hour, and we will take your calls.
Again, we are joined by Red Beckman, my good friend, on the show, and later in this hour, early in this hour, we're going to take your calls.
Red, we were just talking about how the government has trained us that they're above the people, that they're the boss, that we follow their orders, but it's for our best interest.
Tyrants always say that.
All the key indicators and the facts are in.
Police framing people, FBI framing people, corruption, government drug dealing.
It's everywhere.
Due process being destroyed.
Good old boy networks engaged in corruption.
It's everywhere.
And part of our job is those committees of correspondence, the bill of particulars listing their crimes.
But what are some of the other key things we need to do in this fight?
Well, you know, I may be just kind of shifting gears a little bit for you here, but, you know, just in the last couple of days, the circuit court, federal circuit court in Georgia, in Atlanta, ruled that Judge Moore in Alabama, that they have to remove the Ten Commandments from the foyer in the Supreme Court building in the state of Alabama.
And they're using this phony argument, the separation of church and state.
And this argument that has been developed by our courts is so typical of how they tamper with the law, tamper with the Bill of Rights, and change the meaning to fit the government's purposes.
And we the people are so poorly informed about the Bill of Rights and what it means that we don't understand what they have done.
Now there is nothing in the Constitution that says anything about separation of church and state.
Well, there was a letter from Thomas Jefferson, and that meant keep the government out of making laws on religion, not don't keep religion out of government.
Yes, and you see, the Freedom of Religion Clause in the First Amendment
The First Amendment, you know, they taught us in the schools, the public school system that... That it was speech.
Well, they told us that we have free speech, that you can criticize the government.
We have free press so that the press can criticize the government without the government lashing out at the press.
Now, the same thing, the same purpose, you see, was the freedom of religion.
The minister was to be able to stand up in his pulpit and condemn government and public servants if they were operating outside of the law.
They have changed that completely until now.
It's the freedom of the Muslims, the freedom of the Buddhists, the freedom of everybody else.
And, you know, they're just absolutely running roughshod
Well, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Congress shall make no law.
They've written hundreds of them.
They're controlling the churches.
Now, under faith-based initiative, they're going to pay the churches off and control them.
Yes, and of course, the churches fell into the trap because the government offered a carrot on a stick.
They said, if you incorporate, then you can have limited liability.
And they gave them the tax-exempt status, the Internal Revenue Service.
So at first it was voluntary, then they phased it in to be mandatory.
Stay there, Red Beckman.
It's all color of law.
Let's go through the first ten amendments to the Bill of Rights.
Let's talk about what they stand for and how they've been eradicated.
Our own Declaration of Independence.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back, my friends.
We're talking about the Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776.
I read Patrick Henry's, one of his famous speeches in the last hour.
We're joined by the father of the Fully Informed Jury Association and movement in this country,
And, Rad, before we get back into the Bill of Rights and go over what the Bill of Rights really means and how it's being violated today, because people think they have their liberties and freedoms.
They think the government isn't violating them because they haven't read the documents.
Tell us about the Fully Informed Jury Association, how important it is, the real role of juries and grand juries, and how that's been subverted and why this should be so important to people out there and how it should make folks very angry.
Well, let me start by saying that the easy way and the best way to understand the Bill of Rights is to understand the system of checks and balances that were given to us by the founders.
Checks and balances, and we were taught that it was just basically the checks between the Senate and the House and the judiciary and the executive branches of government.
But if we think about the Bill of Rights...
As being more checks.
You have to have an awful lot of checks in a system to maintain freedom.
So if you think of the freedom of religion in the First Amendment as a check, the church was to be free to speak out against government.
The press was to speak out against government.
Be a check.
The free speech, the freedom of assembly, all of this was so that the people could be a check against government.
You go to the Second Amendment.
The right to keep and bear arms was to be a check against government.
You go to the Third, Fourth, Fifth.
All of the things in there that you find in particularly the Fourth and Fifth are checks against the government.
Checks that are in your hands and mine.
You go to the Sixth Amendment and you have the right to a jury trial in all criminal cases.
The jury is to be a check against the Congress of the United States.
They're to be a check against the judiciary.
They're to be a check against the executive branch of government.
That means people like John Ashcroft in the Justice Department.
You go to the Seventh Amendment in suits of the common law.
If the value in controversy exceeds 20 bucks, the right to trial by jury shall be preserved.
That jury is a check.
When the government sues the individual
We're good to go.
I think?
We have the authority as an individual to be a check against the government.
And, Red Buckman, in the last segment, we talked about what the First Amendment states.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or the press or the right of the people to peaceably assemble in a petition of the government for redress of grievances.
Now, they teach it's just about the press and school or speech, but that's, as you said, the speech of the press to stand up against the criminality of government, which they were most worried about throughout history.
From the lessons therein, as Patrick Henry said...
You had the churches to be totally left alone, no laws by the government, no control, to speak out against the government.
Now with the 501c3 and the faith-based initiative, they're turning the churches into giant rubber stamps like the Patriotic Church of Communist China or something.
We have the Second Amendment.
It's all about individual rights.
It's all about checks and balances.
It says the right of free people.
They need guns to defend the founding fathers of the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers.
The speeches they gave, it was all about fighting tyranny.
We're good to go.
I think?
Let's talk briefly about the juries and how you noticed in the 60s that the juries were being turned into rubber stamps, creatures of the judge.
These TV shows about judges on these real-life shows where it's like a tribunal, a single-judge tribunal.
They're training us.
The grand juries are being turned into rubber stamps.
This is a key place we're able to vote, not just the ballot box, the cartridge box, the soap box, but also the jury box, the grand jury box.
Go over that for us, please.
Well, the Sixth Amendment, of course, secures our, is supposedly supposed to secure our right to have a jury trial in all criminal cases.
In all criminal cases, it is the government that ends up being the prosecutor.
And, you know, they don't tell the jury.
They don't instruct the jury.
...as to the fact that they are to be a check against government, that they are to judge the law.
In all criminal cases, the first responsibility of the jury is to look at the law and determine if it is a just law.
They're to look at the law and see if it is a constitutional law.
They are to judge it as to whether it is constitutional.
It is our responsibility to enforce that Constitution.
The Constitution is a law governing governments.
And so we have a responsibility to see that the government lives within the law which we the people wrote.
We the people wrote it, and we require every public servant to take an oath to uphold and defend that law.
And it is the jury to judge the facts and the law.
And that if they even...
Absolutely not.
When they prosecuted the survivors of Waco...
In San Antonio, wasn't it?
Yeah, the jury found him not guilty, but the judge said, I find you guilty.
I think?
The Supreme Court said he had to reverse it.
He didn't.
And then in the civil trial three years ago, Walter Smith said there will be no jury.
We protested it.
I got death threats over it.
Then he said, I will impanel a secret seven-member jury, but their ruling will have no effect.
I will have the verdict.
Did you hear about that?
Right, and this was an act of treason by that judge.
Walter Smith.
Yeah, and he said the jury would only be at advisory capacity.
So he's creating new charted territory.
He's just making up his tyranny.
Absolutely, and if we'd have had a properly functioning grand jury in the area...
That grand jury should have indicted him, you see, for obstruction of justice.
Now, let's talk about how grand juries were set up in the Magna Carta 1214.
By the way, they've announced in England they're getting rid of the Magna Carta, actually said that, reinstating double jeopardy, trying you twice for the same crime, getting rid of juries for almost every offense, including capital ones, very serious ones.
Going into this, Redd,
What is a grand jury?
What was it supposed to do?
What does the Constitution, Magna Carta, say about it?
Now, what is it?
Well, number one, the grand jury is probably the most important check in the system of checks and balances.
The grand jury was to be a check against the Congress of the United States.
They were to be a check against the Supreme Court and all the lower courts.
A grand jury pulled Bill Clinton in from Arkansas.
Absolutely, and the grand jury's power is so tremendous, and it was proven when Bill Clinton thought he could evade having going to the grand jury, but he had to appear, or he had to answer questions by the grand jury.
Because he was not above the law.
And the grand jury, their subpoena power is just almost totally unlimited.
But it is not doing us any good because the people sitting on the grand jury don't know their power.
And the government is determined that they don't ever learn about their power.
Now, you've studied the history.
You're the world expert on this.
How did they co-opt it?
How did the process take place?
Didn't it really get bad with the western states that were really just territories that could get away with a puppet thug judge?
I mean, how did this develop?
You see, we had the robber barons back there in the late 1800s and the early 1900s.
They had so much money, of course, the Carnegies and the Jay Goulds and the Morgans and such, and they literally owned the U.S.
Supreme Court, and they owned the U.S.
And the way they did it is they brought in a lot of these western states, like my state of Montana, they brought it into the Union as a state in 1889,
And it was not ready to become a state, and the robber barons, for the most part, they were able to own the U.S.
senators from the West.
And, of course, this is how they got the 16th Amendment in 1913.
This is how they got the Federal Reserve Bank system.
Which wasn't ratified by those states.
The governors and senators would just sign off and say it was.
Now proven fact.
They did it all because the states out here in the West, the low-population states,
We're not equipped and they were not ready to become states and they were able to, the super rich were able to own the U.S.
They didn't care about the House because the Senate could keep anything that the House did, keep it from becoming law.
Stay there.
We'll talk more about juries and grand juries and what a grand jury can really do, how it's now a rubber stamp of the prosecutor and we'll take calls as well.
Stay with us.
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All right, folks.
Alex Jones back live.
The websites are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Freshly updated, full of vital information.
The crimes of this illegitimate government.
The global crime syndicate laid out daily for you.
Admitted crimes en masse.
Now, Red Beckman, a perfect thing for a grand jury to do would be to counter this.
It's just one of many corruption stories I've covered several times last week.
This is out of the Houston Chronicle.
Tuesday, June 24, 2003.
That's the headline.
Texas justice unfair urges crime lab court inquiry.
Criminal defendants in Texas are at the mercy of prosecutors in an unfair system that emphasizes winning rather than justice, Houston Police Chief C.O.
Bradford said Monday.
Now, he's gotten caught doing this, is trying to spin all of it now.
Trial by ambush.
That is Texas criminal justice problem.
The chief said in a two-hour meeting with Houston Chronicle editorial board, also said he believes that there is sufficient probable cause for Harris County judges to convene a court of inquiry to publicly and independently investigate the entire police department crime lab, not just the troubled DNA portion.
Over 2,000 people have been framed by the crime lab.
So they just totally make up evidence, frame people.
It's what they do.
They don't care.
They caught Tulia, Texas a few weeks ago grabbing 46 people, no criminal records, no drugs, no paraphernalia found.
They got 20 to 90 years apiece.
They got the FBI running hitmen, informants, and drugs from L.A.
to Boston nationwide.
That's mainstream news.
A trillion-two missing from the Pentagon budget.
A trillion-two, folks, over the last eight years.
No investigation.
Enron, all this.
Well, they call for a court of inquiry.
They call it independent.
That's like Reno investigating Waco and calling it independent, or Henry Kissinger running the 911 Commission and calling it independent.
It's like having Joseph Mingala or Heinrich Himmler investigate Hitler.
Why not have a grand jury?
Why not have them see the evidence and indict all these people?
Red, why isn't this happening?
Instead, they invent a court of inquiry with these kangaroo judges.
Go ahead.
It's just, it is so bad and it's so corrupt.
And the people out here are still so gullible.
They will take and they'll let this go, you know, instead of getting themselves informed about that court of inquiry.
I think your state has provisions in the law for a court of inquiry, which is about 27 or 28 people.
Your state does have some very good grand jury law.
Yeah, but this isn't a grand jury, though.
This is a thing with the state judges.
So why not have the county grand jury indict them?
Well, the county grand jury has the authority to initiate.
They have the authority to initiate the investigation.
But if they don't know, if they're not told, if they're not informed, they don't ever do that.
You see, Waco, we would never have had...
The atrocity of Waco, if your local county grand juries had been functioning properly.
They would have said, hey, you can pick Vernon Howell or David Koresh up every day when he drives into town.
Why have a 100-man assault team trained by Green Berets at Fort Hood assault it?
Yeah, if your grand juries had been functioning properly when those ATF people went out there on Sunday...
If the local county grand juries had been functioning properly on Monday morning, they would have met, and there wouldn't have been the great atrocities.
Burning little children to protect them from the government or from Koresh or whatever, there wouldn't have been that because the grand jury would have stopped it all right in its tracks.
And all this on an unpaid $250 fee for a gun.
So how do they control the grand jury?
Just they call them in and say, here's your boss, the prosecutor, follow his orders?
Right, and the people are so misinformed.
It's the power of the gullible.
Now, we're about to break and come back and talk to Spencer and Kathy and others.
Go straight to your calls, folks.
But in my new film, Police State, Three Total Enslavement...
I've got to get you a copy of this.
I mean, it's about people being ignorant.
They just set the parameters, and you just accept that, oh, authority's always good and wouldn't mistreat me.
Were you aware of this personal recognizance bond now turning into a confession sheet where you've agreed to probation?
I mean, you're arrested for not wearing a seatbelt.
They got crimes of abuse, drug abuse, driving while drunk, robbery on their red.
Had you heard about this?
Yeah, and we've got the same kind of thing right up here in Montana.
It's not just in Texas.
It's happening all over the country.
So now it's getting crazier and crazier.
And they get on the news and say, in Travis County, you're now guilty of suburban innocent.
That's an exact quote.
This is the new way.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Now, in the first hour, I read a Reuters report.
It's on Infowars.com.
School suit over hidden cameras in the boys' and girls' dressing room.
Aged 10 to 14, turns out the school principal was downloading images of it at night, storing it for himself.
Hidden cameras put in by the government in their dressing rooms.
I mean, that's 1984.
And earlier we just mentioned how right here in Austin they announced that if you're arrested for any reason, we learned of this five years ago when Mike Hanson got arrested for refusing to have his car searched without a warrant, and they take him to jail and they go, we won't let you leave until you sign this.
And he reads it and it says you're guilty of drugs, violence, driving while drunk, robbery.
Sign this, defer to justification, take like $5,000 worth of classes.
It actually said this.
And Mike finally gets a phone call and goes, they're telling me I can't leave until I sign this.
And I go, Mike, that's ridiculous.
They don't do that.
That's Russia.
I walk up to the front desk, you know, the bulletproof glass, the people behind it, and I go, can I have the document you ask people to sign when they leave?
She goes, oh, yeah, here it is.
You know, in Russia, they hid down in pits under, you know, police stations and did this in dungeons.
Now it's just out in the open on the news.
And a couple years later, they have a CBS show.
Oh, you're now guilty until proven innocent.
It's for your security.
Yes, you'll have to take thousands of dollars in classes.
You'll have it on your record for any arrest.
But, you know, this is all part of it.
And they just list all the crimes you've committed.
It's a standard form.
I'm not kidding, people.
Brad, we're about to go to calls, but how did it get this insane?
Just real simple.
You know, in that little book of mine, Walls on Our Minds, I ask the question, who's the most dangerous, the liar or the believer?
We have a nation of believers that have believed all of the lies that they are told by their politicians, by their local police and their school teachers and the news media and all the rest.
Never check things out.
Never read the Constitution.
Never read the Bill of Rights.
Never read the information.
Never read the speeches by Patrick Henry.
Here's another example.
We've all heard of the hundreds of stories, and it's always in the back of the paper.
Eighty-year-old lady pulled over, $5,000 in her purse because she doesn't trust banks.
Cops take it and say it's up to you to prove it's not drugs.
No arrest, no jury, no indictment, no grand jury, no nothing.
You can spend $30,000 to get $5,000 back.
I mean, some of these ticket counter people at the airports are making $100,000 a year off of the 10% payoff they get from the federal marshals.
They're making $30,000 a year as a ticket clerk.
You walk up, you're paying cash, got a big wad of money, you're going to, one guy, you're going to go in to buy shrubs, have the receipts for the last year's purchase, no criminal record, they arrest him, take everything he's got, no drugs are found, they're taking ranchers and farms, they don't even have to plant the drugs anymore.
There's no indictment, no nothing.
And then Patriot Act 1, Red, you know, I've written an analysis of that.
I've written an analysis of the second Patriot Act.
It gives total immunity to government.
No more warrants.
It's for all crimes, all investigations, including misdemeanors, Section 802 of the first one, secret arrests, secret execution.
They're building a death camp, an execution center, according to Reuters and the Washington Post, a camp x-rayed for citizens.
I mean, that's not freedom, is it, Red?
Secretly disappearing and no one knows where you went?
Well, it's worse than Russia.
It's worse than Russia.
It's worse than the communists in Russia ever had.
Because this here, you know, is high-tech.
Everything they're doing is high-tech, and... So they built the prison... ...compaired to what they're trying to do here.
That's it.
They built the giant control grid.
DARPA admits it.
Army control, the cameras, everything to track and trace you.
For military control of the U.S., they said they're getting rid of posit-comatitis.
It's public.
They've got the gun to our head.
They just haven't fully pulled the trigger.
And they're telling us, the terrorists are coming.
The terrorists are going to get you.
We're going to do this to you to keep you safe.
Accept it.
Accept it.
Yeah, this war on terrorism is so hypocritical because the Internal Revenue Service has been the worst terrorist organization on the face of the earth.
Yeah, they call you before special judges that are paid by the IRS.
There's no juries.
I mean, how did that happen in America?
Oh, yes.
It happened because of the gullible...
The power of the gullible.
How do they grab your bank account without you being indicted and going before a jury and the IRS showing you the law?
Well, the IRS has gotten away with it for years.
Guilty until proven innocent.
What about Dick Simcanon from Aeroplastics?
I know Dick very well.
Tell us about that and we'll go to these calls.
Well, Dick, of course, put his picture, had his picture and his story
In that Bob Schultz We the People thing in USA Today.
Full-page ads in USA Today.
And he put himself and his business, his life, he put it all on the line.
And he was a check.
He was acting as a check against the criminal government.
And, boy, they've come down on him, and they've come down on everybody that's been involved in that.
And it's so diabolical.
It is absolutely tyranny at its worst.
And all they did was print the U.S.
Code showing the Federal Reserve as a private collection agency for the private Federal Reserve.
And the fact that the IRS, that the 16th Amendment had never been ratified.
And you traveled with Bill Benson to the original 48 at the time and found out that many states hadn't even ratified it in their own official records.
But again, there's the illusion.
I'm the co-author of the book, Volume 1 of The Law That Never Was.
Because we started that process of collecting that information right here in the state of Montana in June of 1980.
That's over 20 years ago, 23 years ago.
We started that project of investigating the ratification of the 16th and the 17th Amendment, both of them.
And, you know, when I wrote my book Born Again Republic in the fall of 1980, that'll be 23 years ago now,
I knew at that point in time we had the documentation to prove that the 16th Amendment was a fraud.
And for those who don't know, that gave us the income tax along with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, but also the 17th Amendment took the senators from the states who were appointed by your legislatures that made them creatures of the state were taken to the federal government.
Yes, the states lost what little was left of their states' rights and their states' sovereignty.
They lost it.
And, of course, you see it was the 14th Amendment, which is also phony, and the 17th Amendment.
Those are the two amendments that basically changed our form of government.
And the 14th Amendment no longer makes us free human beings.
It makes us trustees, wards of the state who have privileges.
Let's take some calls for those that have been patiently holding.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
And, Red, I really appreciate you joining us.
Stay right there.
Spencer in Ohio, you're on the air with Red Beckman.
Go ahead.
God bless you, Mr. Beckman.
Article 1, Section 9 states, No ex post facto law shall be passed.
We're losing our grand juries because of the actions of Bill Clinton, and he signed in the International World Court in December of 2000.
Is that not communist goal number 45?
Let me stop you right there, okay, because the bankers created the communists as a consolidation arm and a murder arm, but at the same time...
What we have here going on is that it's always an expansion of already existing corruption.
The New World Order isn't coming.
It's been here.
It's what increment will we see?
And yes, the Supreme Court has said they will follow the orders of the International Criminal Court.
Ginsburg and others have said it.
Read any comments to that?
Well, they're showing their true colors, and they're so blatant about it.
They're so sure of themselves that the American people
are not going to react.
They're so sure of themselves that they can go public and there's no reaction on the part of the people out here.
And this just gives them more, you know, energy and such to go on with their program.
I first wrote about the New World Order in 1984 in one of my books.
And people at that time, they said, where in the world do you get this New World Order thing?
It's there, and it's very, very visible today.
In July 7th of 2001, UNIDIR, the United Nations Disarmament Body, met in New York, and they said on their website, on TV, they read it here many times on air from the UN website, they said civilian ownership of firearms threatens the legitimate...
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
That, of course, is just exactly the opposite of what the founders gave us 220-some years ago.
Well, that is the definition of a dictatorship.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And it is just the opposite, absolute opposite of what we were supposed to have.
We were supposed to be, we the people were to be sovereign over the government,
And today the government is sovereign over us.
But it's all for our best interest.
Thanks, Spencer.
Kathy in Michigan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, welcome.
I hope this pertains to your discussion today, but I would like to ask Mr. Beckman about a situation that is going on here in our county in Michigan.
And that is the American Farmland Trust is in here trying to convince the farmers to sell their development rights.
That's like selling a freedom to them, which I think is just a horrendous thing.
Does Mr. Beckman know anything about the American Farmland Trust?
Well, yes, and we have the same problem in the state of Montana.
It's all over the country, and it's so diabolical, and people are, and of course the way the tax laws are, and the way the agriculture, the pricing of the farmer's products and such, they're breaking the farmer, they're breaking the agriculturist in this country.
And they're putting them into a desperate situation where they do, I don't know how many different outfits there are that are selling
They're buying these conservation easements, and it's really, really bad news.
What's going on here is forever.
Those conservation easements are forever.
I've sat at these meetings, and I have heard them say that...
The farmers are hurting, and this is a good time to push this.
It just... Well, look, ma'am, ma'am, I've been to smart growth conferences, and the federal government, Republican and Democrat, are funding it.
They squeeze you out.
They say you can't build or use your land.
Then they say, well, pay your pennies on the dollar for it, or they'll buy your land outright.
And here in Austin, they grabbed 15,000 acres.
I think so.
What they do is, I mean, it's like UNESCO that Bush has signed on to the big UN body.
I read their document last week on air where they said, quote, the families of disease must be eradicated.
Our goal is to break up the family.
So it's all out in the open, what they're doing, and it's horrible.
It's serfdom.
It's feudalism.
They want us in compact cities dependent on them.
Any comments, Red?
Well, it's just blatant, and the American people sleep on it.
This is what Catherine Brette, the UN World Food Program Executive Director, said in 1997.
Food is power.
We use it to change behavior.
Some may call that bribery.
We do not apologize.
Yes, I remember that.
So how do you start to educate these farmers that are desperate, that they're convinced this is a good thing?
You know, they've got their heads stuck in the sand, a lot of them.
I mean, don't they realize it's selling a freedom?
They just don't understand what freedom is.
They've been told all their lives that they're free, and they believed it.
You know, I keep repeating that phrase or that question, who's the most dangerous, the liar or the believer?
The believer, if he believes a lie, and if you've got a liar, and if he's got a million believers, he's dangerous.
The liar is.
Well, that's it.
And they've got this mass of stampeding lemmings who aren't evil people but are totally ignorant.
They buy the lies of the tyrant.
And they fake the tyrant as he abuses and destroys them.
I mean, Red, I've got a stack of articles every day now
Well, they're admitting thousands of dangerous chemical and biological tests over our cities.
It came out, confirmed, admitted, U.S.
government document.
That Roosevelt left 7,000 women and children and men, civilians in the Philippines, and said, if they're captured, it'll be good war propaganda.
And most of them were killed.
More were killed out of that 7,000 that died at Pearl Harbor in the 2800.
So here they are, admittedly, killing thousands of women and children, leaving them to die, saying it's a good thing as a good war propaganda.
And people say, oh, we can trust the government.
They wouldn't carry out 9-1-1.
I mean, people don't think of all the crimes this government's committed.
They go, well, that's the government.
It's an illegitimate government.
It's an alien government.
Alien to our way of life.
Kathy, anything else?
No, I guess that's it.
I need to gather more information on this.
Tell people to study history and the horrible things governments have done in every case, and then why do they think it's different today?
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
David in Delaware, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Is this Alex?
Yes, sir.
Yes, this is Dave from Delaware.
How are you, sir?
I'm okay.
Okay, I got something here that might be very important to you pertaining to the bank.
Two years ago, roughly, the bank that I dealt with was wanting to take my checks and give me image copies instead, and I told them no, and I stood up to them, and now they're giving me the checks back, sample checks,
Now, I've been stamping on checks also where it mentions I have not accepted any lawful money, which it goes to a court case and so forth.
And three different government checks that I get, which is from the U.S.
Now, they're saying at the bank they will not tax my checks no more because of the tracing on the back.
Well, hold on.
The banks are trying to make everybody take automatic transfers and so are corporations.
That's right.
Getting rid of even the physical fiat currency.
Red, why is that important?
That's right.
Well, it's more control.
If they can control the money, they want a cashless society.
If they can control the money, they've got control.
That's about the final straw in this whole system of... By the way, Red, I have the official DARPA document and the Associated Press.
The Army has now said the face-scanning cameras that are everywhere, the scan-our-faces, the casual society, the biometrics, they admit it is about a military control grid for the U.S.
This is admitted, people!
I was in Colorado just a few weeks ago, and they said they've already got one of those cameras on one of the main highways down there.
Oh, they're everywhere.
Look, the camera just looks into a software system.
And they can identify a person by just a picture of him in his car, his face.
And that goes off, and where'd they get the original image?
The digital photo when you got the driver's license along with the thumb scan, and now grocery stores are putting it in and saying you've got to use it.
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The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
That's 888-253-3139.
The carnival barkers that run the government and the media, who live off of our production, have convinced us that they're there to take care of us.
Well, I assure you they're not if you just investigate it in a cursory fashion.
They're total criminals.
They're sadistic psychopaths.
That's why they're in control, because they are ruthless criminals.
And they're feeding on you because you are a mindless jellyfish.
Who has just accepted all these lies?
And you need to stop being abused.
You need to wake up to what's happening.
You need to wake up to world history.
Red Beckman, you have been with us for the last hour and 20 minutes.
I'd like to hold you over the next hour and talk about some of your books and videotapes and take more calls, but if you can do that.
But right now, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Hank in Florida, thanks for calling, sir.
You're on the air.
I've just got a couple of things.
I've got some of your tapes and a few others around, and I've got some from the militia in Montana.
And now my telephone has been tapped.
Oh, really?
How do you know that?
You don't know when the Echelon system is tapping your phone.
It would have to be a local phone.
The tapping systems for the last 20 years, you don't hear them, sir.
Also, if they had 5 million government personnel, they couldn't watch all of us.
All this announcement of echelon and total information is an intimidation chilling effect system.
Any comments to that, Red Beckman?
Well, you're right on target with that.
It's intimidation, you know, to keep people fearful.
I mean, if you're hearing stuff on your phone, it's because they want you to, or it's because water is in the lines.
No, I know somebody's on there.
Oh, really?
How do you know?
I was in a call-in situation like I am now, and I heard a little click and somebody breathing.
Well, a lot of times, just so you know, I work in radio, sir.
A lot of times they hit two buttons or the host fumbles or the phone line systems.
Believe me.
Believe me, sir.
Believe me.
I'm a big fish in this movement.
I'm fighting the New World Order hard.
It takes a long time for them to surveil you, to know who you are, to do anything.
We outnumber them thousands to one, and most police and military I talk to are waking up and joining us.
Red, isn't it really an illusion that they've got the power?
It is.
It is an illusion.
And, of course, they continue.
You see, they continue the illusion.
This is why I said that if we have an economic meltdown, it's going to be quite a switch, I suspicion, in the thinking of the American people.
They're suddenly going to wake up and they're going to say, hey, there's a guy by the name of Alex Jones down there in Texas, and he's been telling us about a lot of this, and we should have listened.
And they're going to be, their hearing is going to become very acute.
Hank, we've planted billions of seeds, millions have sprouted, but tyranny is the water and sunlight that makes it sprout.
What Red is saying is a lot of people have heard the message,
They don't take it serious until they get abused in the exact fashion we've described.
And when they find out it's tyranny, then they will become the greatest allies of liberty.
Is that what you're saying, Red?
Yes, and they're the ones that are going to... It's like I've always said, the fellow that gets mad last is the one that's the most dangerous.
And Hank, I understand your concern, but look, most people who think they're being surveilled are not being surveilled.
I have been under surveillance on and off again when I'm working on key stories, but it's very rare for myself, and I'm on radio stations all over the country, write books, make films.
It's an illusion, sir.
Now, NSA may have over 50,000 employees.
We think it's less.
Only a few thousand of those are actual analysts listening to this information, and a lot of them have come to our side by checking it out.
They're not all evil.
So you need to understand, imagine a few thousand people trying to listen to billions of phone calls, emails, and faxes.
You're not being surveilled.
All of us have had an Echelon computer randomly listen to our phone line.
But that's a computer listening for keywords.
We got a break.
Say what?
We got a break.
Could I have another item?
Here are the music.
Hello, folks.
Yeah, sure.
This is Alex Jones.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Welcome back.
We're already into the third hour of the July 3rd, 2003 live edition.
We've got the grandfather of the jury rights movement in America, that juries are to judge the facts and the law, and so are grand juries, to be independent, not part of the prosecution or the judiciary.
And he now joins us for this third hour.
I want to go over news with Red.
I want to get his comments on things.
I want to take more calls.
But a very interesting point, and I forgot to ask you, Chris, is Hank in Florida still there?
Hank was called into a talk show, and when he was online, not this show, he said another show, and he heard buttons being pushed and somebody breathing.
Well, that's the call screener or the other caller.
Sometimes they'll air two calls.
This happens a lot, okay?
I had another instance on that.
Well, sir, what I'm telling you is they do not physically...
Physically, have the personnel.
You've got Echelon with, say, 50,000 employees at the NSA.
Most of them are on fire and desk watch.
And they've got a few thousand domestically, maximum.
They can't listen to all of us or ever do anything with the material.
They're announcing they're surveilling us as a chilling effect.
It also violates the Fourth Amendment, but it's also as a chilling effect.
Red, would you like to comment on this to Hank?
Well, you know, I always said that I would hope that they had my phone tapped because it's probably the best source of truth that they're going to find.
To hear all the horror stories, the abuse, the evil.
And it gives me a chance, if they're listening, it gives me a chance to talk to somebody else and explain to somebody else
Right, right.
And I think that they have come to the conclusion that it's not smart to put people on because when they listen to these conversations...
They're getting an education, and all they have to do is look around them and see what's going on, and they know that we're telling the truth.
And, Red, you worked in a sensitive area of the military.
You know about this stuff.
Tell us about your military service.
Well, that's been a long time ago.
I'm 74 years old now.
And so it's been a long time ago, but I'll tell you...
What I've seen, I had a top-secret security classification because we were handling, I was in a test outfit, and we were handling a lot of pretty sophisticated stuff back then, but the people that I have contact with telling me about what's happening today, like in Area 51 in Nevada,
And such as mind-boggling the technology that is just literally exploding.
That's why they're so arrogant and are on such incredible power trips.
Anything else, Hank?
My daughter in upstate New York was away from her home during the day.
And when she got home, the front door was all busted in.
And when she called the police, they said that they got a 911 call from her residence.
Of course, nobody was there.
That's their excuse all over the country.
They've been caught doing it.
You're gone.
They claim they get a 911.
That's how they get in without the warrant.
Red, that's a classic case, isn't it?
So what happens is the crackhead informant says they saw something there.
It's usually a lie.
They just want the money.
The cops bust in and say, oh, it was a 911 call.
Demand the records of that 911 call.
Oh, man.
It's amazing.
Anything else, Hank?
I appreciate it.
I appreciate you, but don't be afraid, sir.
Be afraid of not fighting these people.
Red, when we get back...
I'm going to go over this new DARPA document and the AP headline, Big Brother, U.S.
One Surveillance System, admitting the face-scanning cameras, the control grid are watching us, and I want to get your take on that, okay?
And yes, folks, we've got wide-open phones.
You've got a question about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, juries, grand juries, the New World Order, the 16th and 17th Amendment.
Red Beckman is a world expert, so give us a call.
We'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
You've got all these fake patriots who think patriotism is submitting to police in black ski masks as they search your house without a warrant.
Or affixing plastic, desecrated American flags made in Chinese slave camps to your car while destroying what the flag symbolizes, the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
We're going to be back to Red Beckman in about four or five minutes, and we're going to go to your calls and cover a bunch of news I haven't gotten to.
But every time I talk about a government document or a news article, there's a lot of people that say they don't have computers, but half our audience doesn't.
And they want to know how to get a piece of information.
Yesterday I read an AP article.
Big Brother U.S.
wants surveillance system.
Again, when they tell you about it, it's already in place.
Wants it.
Police can envision limited domestic use of an urban surveillance system that Pentagon is developing.
And it goes on, dubbed Combat Zones That See, the project is intended to help the U.S.
military protect troops in fighting cities overseas.
Scientists and privacy experts say the unclassified technology also could easily be adapted to keep tabs on Americans.
It's already been deployed, folks.
The project's centerpiece would be groundbreaking computer software capable of automatically identifying vehicles by size, color, shape, license tag, or drivers and passengers by face.
We're good to go.
Think about this.
Think about how bad things have gotten here.
And if you want the DARPA report, the declassified document, Broad Board Agency Announcement 03-15, BAA 0315, Defense Agency Research Project, or DARPA, run by convicted felon Admiral Poindexter.
Remember he said last year that everything you do, every call you make, every email you send will all be tracked by the computers and by the government in total violation of the Fourth Amendment.
It's all a chilling effect.
They admitted this.
And now they say the cameras and all that are for it.
And the RFID tags and the clothes at the store and all of this.
So, if you want this report and the AP article, get out to your friends and family.
We've got a special today because it's... We hardly ever do this where we send out a free document.
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What's the number, Ted?
Well, the number is 888-294-6187.
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Ted, have a good Fourth of July, my friend.
Yeah, you too, Alex, and thanks for Red Beckman bringing up such good material on this network.
God bless you, Ted.
Ted Anderson, the founder of this network, put his life, his treasure, his honor, everything he's got into this network and the listenership,
He still airs that ad from like two years ago where it goes, the literature's increased by 200%.
Well, you know why they keep running that ad year after year?
Because it keeps going up 200% to 300% each year.
We're good to go.
I think?
There's a lot of concerned Americans out there.
There's a lot of...
And they told us that would be great for the economy.
And so the word is available.
The truth is available.
Red, putting in a plug here...
The Citizen's Rulebook, your ideas, your information help form that.
The one out of Arizona that we offer that has the jury nullification information.
Is the Citizen's Rulebook from Arizona one of the better ones?
I helped design that thing.
And Ted's done a lot of offers where those are free as well, but today they're part of the package.
Folks, okay, Red, I want to come back in the next segment and take some calls.
I also want to talk about
Yes, Joe Bannister, of course, was a criminal investigator for the IRS.
He's a CPA, you know, a college graduate, of course, and...
He was listening to a talk show, and there were some things said on that talk show that got his interest, and so he investigated and discovered that he was working for a criminal agency.
For two years, he heard it was private run-for-profit, offshore accounts, IMF, World Bank.
Heard a show he respected with people on.
Going over the evidence, he took two years to investigate it, and then the IRS basically admitted to him it was true.
And he's not alone.
Over the past several years, I've been contacted by two former CIA pilots.
Who had discovered that they were flying drugs in CIA airplanes.
We've had them on the show.
I mean, it's been public.
Terry Reid and others, and Terry Reid's a big guy at World Net Daily.
He was there.
You know, he worked in Vietnam, a patriot, anti-communist, unloading stuff at MENA, Clinton and Bush involved, giant crates of cocaine daily.
And so, you know, the word is getting out, and...
We just have to hope and pray, you know, that enough get the word so that when the New World Order, when they try to make their final surge... That'll come after a terrorist attack they launch.
Yes, so that the American people, that we'll be ready.
We'll have enough people supporting our position.
One of the things I need to mention... Stay there.
Mention it after the break, Red.
We're so honored to have you.
And later we are going to tell you about his incredible videos and books.
Red Beckman puts out... I mean, you're talking about the granddaddy of the modern movement with factual documentation.
He just took time out to read the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
We'll be right back with Red Beckman.
Be sure to visit my website at fullwars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Stay with us.
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Red Buckman is our guest.
He's the guy that founded the Fully Informed Jury Association.
He's the grandfather of it.
And it's simply the fact that the juries are another form of voting, and so are the grand juries, and that's what the Constitution says, the Magna Carta says.
They're taking that away now.
You wanted to make a point before we go to Bob, Paul, Rick, and others, Red.
How's that again?
You were wanting to make a point in the last segment when we hit the break.
You know, talking about all this military now, they want all this surveillance, all these cameras,
And everything.
I addressed some of that in my last book, the 14th chapter I asked.
The question, the heading on the chapter is, is the federal government a false god?
In theological world, they talk about our Heavenly Father as having omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.
And the omniscience, of course, was that our Heavenly Father is all-knowing.
Every false god in history has always tried to gain as much information so that they have all the information about people.
Now, let me stop you, Red.
You are very astute, obviously.
When Lord of the Rings Two Towers came out,
They pointed out the Total Information Awareness Network, the admitted Pentagon system that watched the American people, said it would be all-knowing.
Their symbol was a burning, all-seeing eye radiating the Earth.
USA Today and the Washington Post, it isn't just Red Beckman or Alex Jones that pointed this out.
They said, this is the government wanting to be the all-seeing eye of Sauron on a total power trip.
They want to be gods.
Because the DARPA website talked about, quote, a godlike omnipotent power.
That shows the delusional nature of these people.
And you wrote this last book years ago before they said and did all this.
How did you know this?
Well, I don't know, but I have always been able to tie what is happening in our world today
To Bible history, biblical history and such.
And there's been a lot of systems, political systems in the past that have risen and fallen.
And it has always been they want to replace God.
They want to, well, we have the contemporary thing, contemporary history with the USSR.
The USSR said there is no God creator, and they said... They said the state is God.
They said the state is God, and of course it was dissolved.
Now, this is so ironic, and people just do not understand what happened.
The USSR was one of two great world powers at the point where they were dissolved overnight.
They were considered one of two great world powers, and they were dissolved overnight.
And people don't understand why, and the answer is very simple.
It was a false god, and it reached a point where it could no longer answer the prayers of those who prayed to that false god.
And so it just fell back into basic corruption, because the bankers were done with it, and now they've moved on with it here, but they plan to have it more sophisticated.
Drugging the population, using propaganda, what they call imperial mobilization in the PNAC documents.
Red, have you heard about the PNAC documents where Bush and Cheney wrote public documents before 9-1-1 that they needed a terrorist attack to invade Iraq and other countries and that they talked about imperial mobilization in a New World Order?
And, I mean, if a person is observant and he's watching,
You can find most of this evidence that you need to prove all this.
It's available.
My dad is a successful businessman, doctor, consultant, and he had to learn the law dealing with these big medical firms and the things he does.
It's right there, and they've taken the Roman law and replaced our biblical law, the mosaic that led into the Magna Carta Constitution.
When did that shift happen to the black robes and praying to the judge?
It sounds bizarre, but all the lawyers know this, Red.
Yes, and, you know, we had a case...
And I don't remember exactly where it was at, but one of the defendants was trying to defend himself, and he approached the bench a little too close, and they have that table out in front of the bench, and the judge warned him.
He says, don't touch the altar.
Don't touch that altar.
And they build them like Greek or Roman temples.
Yes, absolutely.
And so I'm working on another book.
The title of the book is The Rise and Fall of the Federal God in Russia.
The Rise and Fall of the Federal God.
Stay there, Reverend.
Bob, Paul, and Rick will get back.
And we're going to plug your books and tapes that are...
Just mucho powerful.
I'm Alex Jones, prisonplanet.com.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Call 1-800-893-6870.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
If you can believe it, I was just flipping through the cable channels and came across MSNBC during the last three-minute break, and they had some piece about
The different goals, Goals 2000, how the feds want to decide what your kids will be by the fifth grade.
And so the pilot school, where they're going to train them to be special tax police, just like they have in Russia, and I've covered this before and seen other reports on it, and they were showing how good Russia is, how they train the kids how to be secret police.
I mean, folks, stuff's getting so nuts now.
It has nothing to do with stopping terrorists.
It's just out of control.
We're about to go to Bob, Paul, Rick.
David and others here in just a few minutes.
And before Red leaves us, I want to go over some of the things in Patriot Act and
And discuss this with Red Beckman.
But before we go back to Red Beckman just briefly, I have produced nine full-length feature documentary films, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, The Tales of the Globalist, carried out September 11th, The Scarce and the Submission.
It gives a history of government-sponsored terrorism, official U.S.
government plans to carry out 9-1-1 attacks, including remote-control hijacking aircraft and flying them into buildings.
I'm talking ABC Nightly News.
I'm talking Baltimore Sun.
Articles before 9-1-1, okay?
I got FEMA on there saying the founding fathers are all terrorists, all Christians are terrorists, their training manuals where they say homeschoolers, gun owners are terrorists.
I got them arresting women at checkpoints on the road for having pocket constitutions.
The police saying this may be illegal.
I have the insanity of these criminals and their useful idiots that think this is normal who've been titrated, incrementally trained to accept all this.
I have it in the road to tyranny.
It's my best film.
I've got other great films like Police State 3, Total Enslavement, that's just out, covers Patriot Act 1 and 2, Homeland Security, dozens of examples of government-sponsored terror.
I have my book, 9-1-1, Descent to Tyranny, covering 9-1-1.
It's excellent.
The films are $25.95, and they're an average of about 2 hours and 20 minutes long.
It's $12, 230 pages.
You need to get them.
Police State 3 is two hours and 40 minutes.
You really get three films in one.
I suggest you watch it in 52-minute blocks.
Support the show.
Get the films.
Make copies for non-profit, not for sale, educational purposes.
Air them on AXS TV.
Give them to everybody and know that we are unlocking minds.
Join us in history.
Please, before the globalists go to the next phase, and believe me, it will affect all of you whether you fight them or serve them.
The toll-free number to order my films is 1-888-253-3139.
Or go to prisonplanet.com or infowars.com to order.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, LAMAR, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Please take action.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
We can't do it all.
Alex Jones can't do it all.
Ted Anderson can't do it all.
Red Beckman can't do it all.
We need you to be on the front lines of the info war.
There's not a question.
Once you see the facts, you've got to get involved in this.
There isn't a question.
It's about survival.
You're safer fighting the enemy than groveling and licking its boots.
So 888-253-3139.
Make that call.
Get the films.
Make a Declaration of Independence resolution to get in the fight.
We're about to go to Bob, Paul, Rick, David, and others, but read...
Well, we'll make the same offer that we've always made on talk radio.
That is, anybody that will send us three $1 bills
I think so.
But the little book, Walls on Our Minds, is so powerful, it's a tremendous, tremendous value.
It's about a paradigm shift.
It is a tremendous value, and it's small, 64 pages or something like that.
Three bucks, we'll get you a copy.
The postage is over a dollar, so it's not a moneymaker for us.
But if people will order that, and of course the address to order it from is Common Sense Press, P.O.
Box 1544, Billings, Montana 59103.
And they'll get the list of all the other products that we have available.
So I hope that a lot of people will take this on.
Gamble three bucks.
It'll be the best three bucks you ever spent.
Give that address out twice slowly, because I'm going to get a bunch of calls and emails asking for it.
It's Common Sense Press, P.O.
Box 1544, Billings, Montana, 59103.
That's P.O.
Box 1544, Billings, Montana...
All right, folks.
It's excellent.
Take advantage.
Let's talk to Bob in New York.
Thanks for holding.
Then Paul, Rick, David, and others.
Go ahead, Bob.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
More doublespeak from CNN.
You know, I watch this stuff and it disgusts me sometimes, but what they were talking about is how the Supreme Court is the ultimate determiner of the constitutionality of law.
Which is such doublespeak.
I mean, the people of the United States are the ultimate interpreters.
Well, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the Ninth Amendment state that it's the rules of God's nature.
And, again, the Supreme Court ruled black people weren't human beings.
Did that mean we had to go along with it?
The Supreme Court ruled you could do medical experiments on prisoners.
The Supreme Court ruled that they could take Indians and put them in camps and give them smallpox.
The Supreme Court ruled that killing babies is okay, and I'm sick of it.
Red Beckman, any comments?
I like to hear people talk like that.
The U.S.
Supreme Court was only supposed to deal with disputes between the states, and they're getting into all kinds of things where they don't belong.
They don't have any authority.
And I hope to see the day when the Supreme Court and that entire court system is, you know, we reach a point where we have a total overhaul of that part of our government.
Well, there are a bunch of political whores that are appointed.
It doesn't matter if it's a Republican or a Democrat.
Government gets bigger.
Tyranny gets larger.
And they keep empowering all these treaties and saying the EU and the World Court is the authority.
I've got
I've got AP articles where they go, oh, we'll follow your orders.
Hey, Alex.
Yes, sir.
And last week, the Supreme Court reversed themselves again in something that they had done less than 20 years ago, and that was that homosexual case out of Texas.
It's one thing to reverse themselves after 100 years or so, but to reverse themselves in less than 20 years is rather significant.
Yeah, this is a conservative court.
Yes, Bob?
One of the best novels I've ever read in terms of understanding what the Constitution is all about was a book of fiction which is filled with the truth called Crashmaker.
It was written by Dr. Edwin Vieira, and it's so telling.
I know it's a very long book, but I recommend people order it.
Have you read Crashmaker Red?
No, I haven't.
Well, that's an unbelievable work of art, and actually it's an unbelievable work of hopefulness.
It's about an individual who gains control and gets some inside information on the Fed and
Kind of runs everything down, but he takes all that money and uses it to throw the bums out, should I say.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Paul, where are you calling us from today?
How are you doing, sir?
Yes, sir.
Where are you calling from?
Go ahead.
Brad, I want to say hi to you, too.
And I can't believe the way the, you know, like, on your show, I've listened probably for three months or so, and, you know, if somebody didn't know it, they'd say, oh, you're almost a madman.
Because it's amazing until it hits home and then somebody goes to your website and
You just think, oh, is Alex for real out there, you know?
And then once I saw your website, I was absolutely astounded.
Hey, when I say the Patriot Act affects all citizens for any crime, secret arrest, secret execution, I post the bill and list the subsections you should read, and I point you to the Library of Congress.
When I say, go ahead.
Well, it's just amazing that you've got the documentation, and I think, you know, for somebody like me, like,
Alex, I don't get in trouble with the police.
I just don't live that kind of lifestyle, you know.
But the way the government and the things where we're moving towards, it is absolutely frightening nowadays.
And, you know, for example, I did get a speeding ticket here a couple years ago, didn't pay it, but I got stopped the other night.
And I was surprised.
You know, I was nice to the officer, and he said, hey, got to take you in.
Then they asked me if they could search my vehicle.
I said no.
You know, no, I didn't have anything in there.
They said fine.
Then there was some, I think she's a lesbian cop, but that's, you know, neither here nor there.
But she said, well, tell it then.
Well, I guarantee you they did what they call an inventory and searched it.
Well, I know.
The point is, people say, well, you shouldn't speed.
The point is, I'd rather have the danger of petty things and the big danger of a big corrupt government, and I would add the caveat to that, that they ship the heroin and cocaine in and then bust down our doors looking for it.
It's dangerous.
And since when do they have the right just to search your vehicle, and where else is it going to go to?
Well, they don't have the right to do that, Paul.
But they're training, and look, this is how it works.
The National Seatbelt Initiative of 1998, I put it in Police State 2000, I read the thing in horror, like a 40-page report.
Part 3 of the plan said, this is to build hardened checkpoints so we can search vehicles, internal toll roads, we're going to have citizen volunteers, but compulsory volunteers, they've now got the bill, S-89, out there helping run the checkpoints, and in the last big National Seatbelt Initiative, they...
Add the volunteers out.
And it says in Part 3, we're going to go ahead and search the car and find guns and drugs.
They mix guns with drugs, psychologically.
And so there's the plan.
They call it the Amber Alert System.
Well, I work in radio.
It's called EAS.
It was put in in 97.
It's a FEMA takeover system, and now the billboards and radio are having anti-gun, anti-terror messages.
You know, it's nothing to do with lost kids.
So, see, they always have an excuse so the cop feels okay and the culture accepts it.
This is part of the brainwashing, isn't it, Red?
Yes, very much so.
Alex, all I've got to say is just keep up the good work, and I, you know...
I realize you can't do this fight alone, but the American people have to wake up.
They absolutely have to wake up, because this is absolutely getting crazy anymore.
Just want to commend you, Alex.
You take care.
Thank you.
Red, let me read you this article, and then we're going to go to...
We're going to go to Rick and David and others that are holding.
This is Otto Reuters today, Infowars.com.
Schools sued over hidden cameras.
A Tennessee school allowed security cameras to film children undressing in locker rooms and then store the images on a computer accessible through the Internet, according to a lawsuit by the group of angry parents.
The stored images of video and photos were accessed as far away as North Carolina.
A lawsuit filed last week in federal court in Nashville seeks $4.2 million in damages.
I misread that earlier.
It's a four in front of the two.
I printed it a little blurb.
The parents contend the school system violated students' rights by putting hidden cameras in the boys' and girls' locker rooms.
At Livington Middle School, the cameras reportedly captured students ages 10 to 14 in various stages of undress.
Showers, you name it.
The parents have been devastated by the conduct of the school officials, by the videotaping, by the breach of trust in attorney Mark Carlos, who represents the parents of the 16 girls and one boy.
Chuck Gagel, lawyer for Overton County Schools, said he would not comment.
Edutech Incorporated, the company that installed the surveillance cameras in several Overton school systems, also was named in a lawsuit officials said where the company had no comment.
Parents learned of the cameras when a student reported a suspicious device in the school at Livingston, about 130 kilometers east of Nashville.
The lawsuit contains the images captured by the cameras and stored on a hard drive in the office of the assistant principal to be accessed from remote computers by the internet.
It claims the computer password security had not been changed.
From the factory default setting, the images were reportedly accessed 98 times between July 2002 and January 2003, sometimes late at night and early in the morning, and through Internet providers in Tennessee and South Carolina.
William Needham, director of Overton County Schools, said the assistant principal had been transferred to another school system.
Now look, the Michigan Parks had put them in the bathrooms.
In 1984, read...
We're good to go.
The Miami Herald reported last year that the people running the missing kid database for the CPS for thousands of missing kids they had were convicted pedophiles, linked it to a ring and child murder, but it's in the news one time.
How can it get this horrible, Red?
It is just absolutely so vile.
It is so vile, it just absolutely violates every principle
Everything that we were ever taught as far as morality and such, it just violates everything.
You have to understand that for everyone that has been, you might say, caught in the act.
There's 100 others.
How many are there that are not being, you know, exposed?
Crime statistics show that for every one person they catch, they say 10 in some cases, but that's a murder.
It's one out of 112, usually just round down to 100, and of the 112 criminal operations, they're committing crimes on a routine basis, so it's in the thousands.
But they won't say they took the cameras out, Red.
And then they wonder why people want to take their children and homeschool them.
And have you heard they're trying to claim that's illegal now to homeschool as the homeschoolers went all the spelling bees?
The geography bees and everything else.
They're total scumbags.
But did you see the Miami Herald article where they had 187 pedophiles in the top positions running the CPS, and there's like 3,000 kids missing, and they find some of them dead, others given to... I mean, I can't even mention what they do to these kids.
That's the Miami Herald.
It's not speculation.
Shouldn't that be top story every day, but instead it's one article?
It should be top story all across the country.
Rev, they now admit they're planning to start satellite tracking and taxation of cars, and the hardware is already in all new cars.
That sounds fun, doesn't it?
Oh, my.
And, you know, it's just mind-boggling for the American people to hear the story of 9-1-1 and how those airplanes were controlled by remote control and the
It wasn't the hijackers that flew those airplanes.
They found the hijackers alive.
Their houses and cars and credit cards paid for by the FBI.
The CIA was running a drill that morning, Red, according to the Associated Press, of flying hijacked jets into buildings.
They so happened to be running a drill that morning and ordered NORAD to stand down, but it's all coincidental, right?
Final segment with Red Beckman.
We'll take two final calls for him as well.
Everybody stay there.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
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You will lose your liberty.
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Thanks for joining us.
We're about to take two final calls.
I'm sorry, that's all we have time for is Rick and David.
For Red Buckman, though, one more question.
This is the Washington Times.
Black boxes for cars are a surprise because people are being surprised that police are now going in and using their data recorders that have been in all the cars for the last eight years.
Called the Delphi system.
Oh, the all-knowing, again, Oracle system to track and trace and charge us criminally.
It's got a satellite tracker in it.
And, oh, guess what?
I already mentioned the satellite tracker boxes.
They're now saying they're getting ready to tax us with this.
They're going to purposely implode the states, make them do this for money, federally administered.
That doesn't just violate the Fourth Amendment.
It also is a giant taxation mode.
I mean, what are these people going to put up with, Red?
How long are they going to sit by and let this happen?
I mean, they put the infrastructure in and then announce it.
Absolutely amazing.
Let's talk to Rick in Texas and then David in wherever he's calling from.
Go ahead, Rick.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Two quick points.
Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, has just elected an America-hating communist, Lula da Silva,
And got a congratulatory note from the Council of Foreign Relations.
See, that's the paradigm.
They create the fake right-wing movement, the counter is then communist taking over, and the so-called right-winger CFR congratulate them.
Second point, the Supreme Court now says it's okay to discriminate against white Americans wanting to enter into college, and there's been no...
Well, the news doesn't show you the protests that create the illusion.
Red, any comments to that?
No, I didn't understand the question.
He's talking about the affirmative action ruling.
Oh, yes.
Again, the Supreme Court is dealing in areas where they don't belong or they don't have any authority.
Of course, that's according to that Constitution.
And FEMA says, Red, have you seen the road to tyranny?
You haven't seen my film where FEMA says the Founding Fathers are terrorists?
No, I haven't seen that.
Have you seen any of my videos?
I've seen one or two in the past.
I'm not much for watching videos.
Harry, I need to get those to you, though.
It's pretty bad to have FEMA on tape saying that all the Founding Fathers are terrorists, though.
That's sacrilegious.
All right.
Appreciate the call.
Thank you for your tapes, and keep up the good work.
Oh, let me ask you a question.
Rick, have you seen FEMA say that in Road to Tyranny?
And I believe also on the 911 tape.
Yeah, it's 911 Road to Tyranny.
My point is, this is documented.
David, you're on the air, and I guess you're calling from Illinois.
Go ahead, David.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I think that's great that you're exposing the New World Order and government cover-ups.
Yeah, I'd just like to say, with it being the day before 4th of July, what do you think would happen if New York was hit with a nuclear bomb?
Oh, if the globalists carry out a terrorist attack and then pose as our saviors?
Red, what do you think will happen after the next big terror attack that the military-industrial complex is going to launch?
What do you think will happen?
Well, I think it'll be bigger than the last one.
You go back and you watch the progression.
You know, Ruby Ridge and... World Trade Center, Oklahoma City.
And 9-1-1.
Everyone gets a little bigger than the last one.
To train us to accept the tyranny.
Well, the CFR just said on Monday we will be attacked again.
They say maybe on 4th of July.
I hope not.
Keep your eyes out for feds, folks.
Red Buckman, I want to thank you for coming on.
I want to thank you, David, for the call.
Red, what's your mailing address again for $3 to get your booklet, Walls in Our Minds?
It's Common Sense Press, P.O.
Box, 1544 Billings, Montana, 59103.
And anybody that will send three $1 bills, why, we'll send them the book, Walls in Our Minds.
All right.
Red, I want to thank you for spending two hours, two and a half hours with us today, and God bless you and your wife.
We need your prayers, and our prayers are with you.
Thank you.
Keep up the great work.
I tell you, what a great man.
One of the longest-time fighters and most on-target people out there, Red Beckman.
I'm Alex Jones saying bye-bye until tonight, and bye-bye until tomorrow.