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Air Date: July 14, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
It's Monday.
We're live.
And there is just so much vital information.
We're good to go.
The world government leaders are going to be meeting this weekend, in fact starting really tomorrow throughout the week and throughout the weekend and into next week.
In Northern California at Bohemian Grove.
And I have the press Democrat news articles here, the San Francisco Chronicle news articles here in front of me.
We'll be covering some of what the world leaders like to do in their spare time today and the ritual they're going to be conducting tomorrow night to Moloch, the god of Babylon and Tyre.
So that's coming up.
With this dumbed-down population.
So, yeah, let's call Niger the company.
They claim that Saddam's organized crime ring company tried to buy weapons from their organized crime syndicate, and then, well, our organized crime syndicate went over to save us all.
But the point here is they first said that, oh, yes, State of the Union, he tried to buy this stuff, he did buy this stuff, we have absolute facts, it's documented.
Then they got caught lying, and so they said, okay, it was a mistake.
We're good to go.
I think?
And she said that, oh, yes, he did buy it from Niger, and they do have all the documents.
They just can't show them to you.
So first they claimed that he got it, then they claimed he didn't and that it was a mistake.
And now, oh, yes, they have the documents.
They just can't show them to you.
So lies within lies within lies, flip-flopping every millisecond.
How could anyone?
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
That's the little New World Order team, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
They keep putting out alerts of how uranium's getting stolen and it's for dirty bombs and the enemy's going to get us with dirty bombs any minute.
But if we give up all our rights, we'll be safe from the dirty bomb.
So we see the globalists scripting dirty bombs.
You know they're going to...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So we'll get into this, and there's just so much today.
By the way, the Associated Press admits you're taken to a re-education camp and put in the sun with a hood over your head for weeks, tied up in knots, one of the most horrible forms of torture, if you're caught selling beer in Iraq.
So the liberation rages on.
That's right, and they'd like to do that here to us.
Don't worry, they will if we let them.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I want to attempt to calmly go over this news without getting too upset.
When it comes to lying, it really makes me angry when the so-called leaders of this country, whether it's Bill Clinton or George Herbert Walker Bush or John Kerry or George Walker Bush or Al Gore Jr., Albert Gore Jr., when any of them lie, when any of them try to destroy liberty or freedom,
And flush down the commode everything our veterans have fought and died for, I get angry.
And then they tell us that it's in our best interest to keep us safe from terrorists as they remove Border Patrol off the southern and northern border.
Oh, I know you heard they added some.
Yeah, about a third of them have quit on the southern border, even more than that on the northern border, and it's like 300 for the whole northern border.
And so they've replaced about half of the third that left
And they're losing them so quickly that they can't replace them.
And by the way, that's all by design.
They give an air marshal $24,000 more a year than what a senior Border Patrol officer gets.
So they're advertising for air marshals.
Most of them are leaving.
They're telling the Border Patrol and INS to go become air marshals where they're not needed.
All you've got to do is arm the pilots.
Stop letting his lordship remote control the aircraft into buildings with his little system, and this would all end.
But they're not going to do that.
And so you've got thousands less on the southern border.
Hundreds less on the northern border, and the government is dancing around telling you to give up your liberty for security when this government is totally illegitimate, has overthrown the republic, is buying up the media, is putting in FEMA control grids with DARPA, is bringing in foreign troops, is just incinerating the Bill of Rights.
I think?
I think?
The average person reads this CNN text and they think, oh, Iraq's ruling council.
Well, where did their ruling council come from?
Well, a month ago, it was appointed.
280 members.
I've seen it in the news, 280 to 312.
I don't know how many it is, okay?
The federal government puts out different numbers.
The occupational government, military government, and by the way, they put that down in UN papers.
That's what they call it, the administrative occupational government.
The dictatorship set up over there has appointed over 200 people, okay?
They won't tell us exactly how many, but it's 280 to three-something.
We don't know.
Different articles, different federal press releases.
You know, these people lie so much, all we know is the sun came up this morning.
It could be 10,000.
But they say it's several hundred people that they appointed.
And now...
This group, this members of Iraq's governing council that were appointed by the Pentagon, appointed by the Pentagon, in a meeting in Kuwait City, by the way, again, about a month ago, this was in the news, are now up there in Iraq, and then they're appointed, and then now they appoint people to govern each city.
So we've got our governors over every town and city, and they've brought in a lot of the Shah's former torture experts.
The head guy in Baghdad is.
Most of them have criminal records.
One of them is a bank robber from Jordan.
This is admitted.
Stole $300 million a few years ago.
Just a very serious crew of criminals.
We're good.
Again, I could spend all day, or I could spend a whole hour on this article.
soldier killed in Iraq.
First line.
First paragraph.
Baghdad, CNN.
Biden killed another U.S.
soldier Monday in Baghdad as members of Iraq's governing council met to appoint a president and other officers and representatives.
So that's their democracy.
The soldier serving with the 3rd Infantry Division was killed around 6 a.m.
in Al-Muzar, area of Baghdad, when multiple rocket-propelled grenades hit the soldier's convoy.
According to a U.S.
military spokesman, six others were wounded, she added.
And it's not going to stop.
And you bet Bush says, bring it on.
We're not going to stop more U.S.
That little...
We're good to go.
You know, that's like being a thief, but it's a whole other level.
It's like armed robbery for the Republic when you go with your long hair and your sandals and fly the jets around a few times and almost have accidents, and basically they told Bush, just leave.
You're the worst pilot we've ever seen.
This has been in the Texas papers, by the way.
They've got his records.
He went for a year off and on, missed most of his missions,
And they told him, you're the worst flyer we've ever seen.
Please stop.
And they didn't want to embarrass him.
His daddy was director of the CIA at the time.
You don't want to mess with those guys, you know.
And so he disappeared off to Alabama to run some campaigns.
And we've seen photos and video of him, film of him.
I mean, the guy had hippie haircut, eyebrows growing together in the middle, looked like...
Basically, Bush, the young Bush, and I'm not kidding, look at a photo of this.
And I don't go off looks, but sometimes you need to.
Just the added evidence of what he does.
This hyper-liberal, this neocon that would make Trotsky proud.
This guy running around and...
He looked like a cross between Ted Bundy and Charlie Manson.
The same jaw, the same nose, the same wild eyes.
I mean, you'd be afraid if you walked up to Bush, the young Bush, in an alley at night.
You would be terrified.
The evil was just firing like lasers out of this Skull and Bones member's eyes.
The entities at the switch were definitely more evident at the time.
From his skull and bones.
Days there in the order of death, as it's affectionately called.
By the way, they'll be meeting tomorrow for the ritual, according to the Press Democrat major paper of Santa Rosa.
You might want to visit InfoWars.com to hear about the rituals.
Read the mainstream articles today about that.
But continuing here, U.S.
soldier killed in Iraq, and fighting killed another U.S.
Oh, bring it on!
soldier Monday.
Hey, you know, I got scotch and marijuana, you know, that's what old Bush was doing at the time.
He was worse than draft dodging, posing as if he served.
Fighting killed another U.S.
soldier Monday in Baghdad as members of Iraq's governing council met to appoint a president and other officers and representatives.
Oh, to appoint a president and other officers and representatives.
Let me say that again.
To appoint a president and other officers and representatives.
Let me say that again.
To appoint other officers and representatives.
By the way, that's what the new continuity of government amendment they want to pass.
The CFR has sponsored it with their new commission, and it will make the governors in consultation with Homeland Security.
Oh, yes, just announced two weeks ago by Ridge.
They will appoint the new Congress.
If Congress votes for that, they are so insane.
I mean, that's really asking for it, Congress, and you're stupid enough to do that.
The soldier serving with the 3rd Infantry Division was killed around 6 a.m.
in the Al Mazar area.
Killed by an RPG, rocket propelled grenade.
We need to pray for the troops, folks.
They're good people on average.
Their morale is at rock bottom low.
They admit this.
Instead of looking up now, you see video of them.
They're looking down.
They know what they're doing is wrong now.
The initial euphorias wore off.
Euphorias wore off.
The soldiers' morale, according to eyewitness accounts and what soldiers have told the media, is that when little kids walk up with arms and legs blown off or poisoned or dying of cholera, they can't help them.
And Americans are good people.
But the reason we are in so much trouble is because we're so gullible.
We're good people, but we're a bunch of gullible fools who think that the government and the media is good like we are, and so we just keep getting conned over and over again.
We're a good mark.
Well, the troops are finding out now, and they're getting killed.
And the Pentagon's got all-time low morale.
You'd think they'd all be up with this war and everything.
Oh, no, it's not a righteous war.
And they say it's the lowest it's been in the history of the Pentagon since it was completed in 1947.
Sorts on that Washington Times.
It's not some liberal, you know, UN-promoting paradigm group over there who's actually for this war, just wants the UN to be the boss.
It's not some left-wing propaganda.
In separate incidents Monday, an apparent grenade attack destroyed a car outside the Baghdad headquarters of the U.S.-led administration in Iraq.
Witnesses said there was no immediate reports or injuries.
So, it goes on.
I could spend all day on this article, but I'm going to move on here.
warns of deadly summer in Iraq, says get ready for hundreds if not thousands of troops to die.
Bush aid defends uranium claim.
I've got to spend some more time on this, and maybe you want to comment on it.
At first they said Niger tried to sell the uranium.
Turned out the government, the British government, made the document up, and Bush knew months before his State of the Union that it was totally fake.
The CIA had told him this is a fake document.
Please don't embarrass us.
You know, we may be criminals, but we're not this dumb.
People are going to find out this is sloppy.
And there's still good people in CIA, FBI as well, but the higher echelons, of course, are corrupt.
And Dick Cheney visited them and said, hey, you put the report out.
Then they got caught, and then Rumsfeld said, we never said that.
Now Rice is back saying, oh, we did find the evidence.
I mean, it's incredible.
We'll be back.
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I love America.
I tell you.
So beautiful in Austin, Texas during the summers.
The skies are this deep carillon blue.
The trees are just flush and green.
You drive outside the city and there's all these beautiful cornfields and fields of wheat, cows.
You go into the city, the pools, there's happy families, people out barbecuing.
I mean, it's easy to try to deny the facts.
It's easy to just sink back into life and the shopping mall and the movie theater and church and to just think that the world's happy and everything's okay and, you know, we're going to be all right.
Folks, there's nothing more.
I would love to just be a businessman.
I would love to spend time with my family.
I would love to work a 40-hour work week.
I would thoroughly enjoy not worrying about the lies and the corruption and not having to face the facts of just how serious things are.
But as a man and as a husband and as a father and as an American and, number one, as a Christian,
I have a responsibility to fight evil, and I have a responsibility to face the horror, as our founding fathers said, as Patrick Henry said in his famous speech in 1775.
And let me tell you something, okay?
I actually hold back how bad things are on the air sometimes.
I know some of the things I say sound crazy.
I know it sounds like a bad horror movie.
But let me tell you something.
From the bottom of my heart, from the depths of my psyche and intellect, I am a greater thinker and analyzer than I am a speaker.
So understand something.
I cannot articulate to you.
The faculties God gave me are not sufficient.
That is not my gift, to articulate to you the full scope and my understanding of the New World Order.
Let me try to boil it down like this for you.
Power is a synthesis of will, of contest, of war.
Everything is war, in business, in life.
And you have been bred to not understand this most basic fact, whereas those in the CFR and Skull and Bones, that's all they talk about is how it is a war.
In fact, MSNBC and USA Today admit that inscribed in the tomb at Yale, where most of our CIA directors and heads of the New York Stock Exchange and universities and CIA go as young men and now women,
That it is all about war.
It is all about the system of war.
It is how they are plundering the people.
They have sayings of how they are kings and princes and pirates and pirate princes and how they feed on us, how they dumb us down, how they breed us to be their cattle.
And that's why in business they say that ExxonMobil, BP, Dutch Royal Shell have won the contracts in Iraq for the oil.
It's all war, people, and the terms are all there.
And you have been bred to be stupid.
You have been bred to not understand history, to not understand the basic paradigms of control and power.
And Christ said that it's easier for a rich man to go to the eye of the needle than it is for him to go to heaven.
You need to understand and take that in the context of he was pointing at the eye of the needle.
It was a small entrance to Jerusalem that you could get a camel through.
You had to squeeze them down and get them to walk on their knees, which was very hard.
A camel was harder to control than a jackass or donkey.
And so, yes, a rich man can get into heaven.
It's just very hard because to get wealth and to maintain wealth, and Christ is talking about real wealth, you have to be ruthless.
You have to be cunning, and it's easier if you lie and cheat and stab in the back to get there.
And to get into the real seats of power, to get into the higher positions of power,
You have to be extremely corrupt and extremely ruthless.
And history has shown that.
Look at all the governments and all the leaders.
99% of the time, they've been corrupt.
They've been ruthless.
They've enjoyed being sadistic.
They're well-suited for their positions.
And so, we have a bunch of intelligent, sadistic, very corrupt, powerful criminal crime syndicates running the globe.
And the average person doesn't have the courage to at least face that fact and then decide what to do about it.
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That's puretrust, one word, puretrust.com or puretrust.net.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Governments have been corrupt, maniacal, controlling, ruthless, cunning, systematic throughout history.
That's why people get into control.
That's why they have power.
You can become wealthy, but then...
You become fat and happy.
You don't seek higher office.
You don't try to get more, more, more because you're satisfied.
That's how most people are.
And so because they're successful, because they're middle class, because they don't have evil in their hearts, because they wouldn't cheat on their wife, or they wouldn't rob a bank, or they wouldn't overthrow a government, or they wouldn't carry out terrorist attacks, they think other people wouldn't do it.
And then they forget history of all the horrible, bizarre, ruthless, sadistic things that governments and their leaders have done.
I mean, Joseph Stalin, he had total control.
No one was opposing him.
And he systematically killed the entire leadership of his military.
90-plus percent of all the communists that had helped him get into power, the people that had supported him as the head of the security force, as a little-known figure after Lenin died to become the leader of the Supreme Soviet.
And then after he got all the power...
He still was hateful, evil, corrupt.
He enjoyed having people killed.
He enjoyed oppressing populations.
He enjoyed force relocating 60 to 80 million people.
He enjoyed killing 50 to 60 million of them.
That's Encyclopedia Britannicus numbers.
We don't know the true number.
Think of millions of dead where you can't even count them.
You don't know.
Was it 50 million?
Was it 60 million?
And Stalin said it.
When one man dies, it's a tragedy.
When 10,000 die, it's a statistic.
And so we sit here in a naive fashion as the size and scope of government grows all around us to levels never seen in history.
As the government lies to us blatantly in just giant, overblown theatrical productions with holes in the lies that you can drive Titanic's through.
Then they admit the lies and then come back with new lies and then add lies on top of that.
I want to take your calls.
We'll go to them here in a few minutes.
I do want to say this before I get into some more of the news in your calls.
I am so thankful for life.
I am so thankful to God for the opportunity to have this radio program.
I'm so thankful to our sponsors, our affiliates.
The people that run this show, that work hard, that are dedicated to help bring you this information, that are the foundation of what we do, the people answering the phones and running the board right now.
I am so thankful to the listeners, first and foremost, for their incredible support and how they've spread the word and how you've gotten my films and how you've made hundreds and in some cases thousands of copies of them and how you've handed them out and distributed them to people inside the infrastructure at every level.
We're part of history.
And no, the mainstream media is not going to tell us the incredible effect we're having, but we are.
I talk to my neighbors.
They'll be on vacation in Mississippi or New York or California.
And they'll go to their family's house for dinner and they'll go, Hey, I want to give you an Alex Jones video.
I listen to him on the internet or shortwave or on this local AM station.
And that's just what I'm doing.
My dad will be in a hotel room in Kansas City or in Colorado or in Oregon.
Doing his consulting work, and he'll turn the cable on, and they've got local cable, and he's sitting there in a little motel, and there's his son on TV, one of my films, because of you putting it on AXS Television in your area.
It's amazing.
We can stand up.
We can fight.
Just in my sector of the war, in my fire base, in my defense of the republic and our families that live in this country, just in my little corner of the fight, we've had massive effects.
We've shaken the foundations of Washington and the New World Order and their ivory towers.
And they know there's so many of us, and they know there's more of us coming online every day, and they know we're committed to this sacred cause to defend humanity against the dehumanizing effects of the globalists and their syndicate of information warfare.
You see, we're not just fighting good old boy corruption, my friends.
There's a lot of middle class people that go, oh well, things have always been corrupt.
This is just good old boy corruption.
They somehow feel like they're part of the establishment.
I want to warn you out there, middle class, you're being destroyed.
Your size is evaporating to a giant underclass, totally delusional, dumbed down.
I like sports.
I like a baseball game, a football game, a good hockey game.
If I had time and wasn't in defense of this country literally 24 hours a day,
On the air, battling, working 16, 18 hours a day, dreaming about the fight against the New World Order when I'm asleep at night.
I'd be out there at the games, but how can you listen to Sports Talk Radio when they know every detail of minutiae and sports trivia and history and what they're paid and what they do?
And then you don't know what the first ten amendments are.
You don't know what the Declaration of Independence is.
You don't know what the Patriot Act's done or what Homeland Security does.
You don't know about DARPA and the Casual Society Control Grid and Walmart with the Defense Department.
They're documents now public for eight days that they are with Ridge and Homeland Security to track and trace and control you.
And the Fortune 500 helping overthrow this republic.
How can you sit there
And know all the details of mindless trash and not know what America's all about.
Shame on you.
There's nothing wrong with going to the baseball game or football game once a month.
There's nothing wrong with going to the football game that your son plays in or the volleyball game your daughter plays in.
We're good to go.
It's the same thing over and over again.
A diversion, a distraction.
Away from your real tribal energies that should be about defending your family.
They siphon all that energy off into sports, and it's destroying you, and that's why you've been turned into little mindless spectators.
How the women watch these sitcoms and these soap operas.
How the men watch these dramas and know all the characters and the sopranos and glorify criminals, but you don't know what the school's doing to your children.
Shame on you!
Let's talk to Kevin in Texas.
I'll get back into the news then.
We've got some guests coming up, too.
You'll want to stay with us.
Kevin in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, viva La Raza!
I guess people may or may not be aware, they're having the National La Raza Convention in Austin this weekend, in the early part of this week.
And that was front page of the paper.
Was it Friday?
Every day.
Every day.
I only read the paper on Friday, and it said that it is racial politics, and they bragged we're taking over, and it was a big advertisement.
Front page of the banker, white person-owned newspaper promoting race division.
They go through the article talking about the Ford Foundation as their major sponsor, and there's another article in here with Gus Garcia.
He's the one that steered it into Austin.
I've got a list of some of the speakers today.
They're all coming out today.
President of Spain, Don Jose Maria Aznar, Democratic presidential candidates, John Kerry, Howard Dean, good old Bill Richardson from New Mexico, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Nancy Pelosi, among others.
Now, let me stop you for a second.
Because obviously blacks in this country did go through a lot, and it's reasonable for blacks to get into a racial subdivide, but that's been used by the Democratic Party and the Republicans, the establishment, to keep them in a victim mentality, to keep them in control and actually destroy their community.
Take Hispanics, though, one of the biggest groups listening to this show, and because they listen, they know the truth of what I'm saying.
La Raza means the race.
Now, what if I formed a white person group
Got funding by big white foundations.
Hitler did.
Pardon me?
Hitler did.
Now, for those who don't know, we played Metro Clips, okay, and La Raza Clips, La Raza means the race, where they say it's racial, the head of La Raza in California says all whites are going to have to leave, this is on TV and radio, but it's okay.
Okay, this is the Klan with a tan, but it's being given attention, it's being given support,
And we fought the Klan here on the show as well, and the Aryan Nations, federally controlled as well.
Khalid Mohammed, black Muslim leader, says kill all the whites.
I have him on video saying kill even white babies in a debate with Anthony Hilder.
So this is the type of stuff, but that's Ford Foundation...
Old white banker money funding this to subdivide and break the country up.
And they admit.
It's all, quote, about numbers and racial politics.
Right out in the open.
But Metcha, on their own website, has flyers.
With pictures of an M-16 saying, drive the whites out.
This is going to be, we're going to break America up.
The U.N.
is going to occupy the Southwest.
And I've been to La Raza meetings.
We have video of this.
They have banners with a picture of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed person with their head cut off and their tongue sticking out.
So this is the new America, and it's acceptable, though,
And 82% of Hispanics want the borders shut and illegals deported, according to a Gallup poll, 89% when you average whites and blacks in, but still, when you call for control of borders, they say it's racist when 80-plus percent of Hispanics want it shut.
So they're trying to make...
Hispanics, Mexicans, Latin Americans, racial, and you've got Bilderberg Group members, I did see that article, coming here from Spain, who are as white as it gets, to try to make this as a way to break up America.
You know, Alex, your family and my family both fought for the establishment of Texas.
Along with many Hispanic... The writer of the formation of the government and the Texas Bill of Rights was Hispanic, was a Tejano.
Well, remember, they called us Texicans originally.
I mean, there's nothing wrong with Hispanic people being in Texas.
They are part of Texas.
They always will be.
But, you know, I've got a bunch of German blood in me.
Does that mean I get to go over to Germany and have unfettered access and
Would the Germans stand for me coming in and taking a job a fourth of what they're going to be paid?
Well, we always talk about Hispanics because that's the $400 million coming this way, $30 million in the country, and $20 million new births a year.
The pressure, major highways being built, factories being built on the border to bring them up here.
It's going to take everybody's job.
It's going to drive down the wages, and they're being taught by the New York banks to help break America.
Why do you think Toyota has decided to build a factory outside of San Antonio?
I mean, they can't afford Japanese... Their time is worth too much.
So move it down to San Antonio and continue this policy that's going to hurt everyone.
And that's the good news, though.
We're becoming so third world that everybody might move their factories here.
Now, you'll get $6 an hour, but so what?
Yeah, exactly.
It's the giant Maquiladora nation that they're getting ready to set up, and...
And by the way, you think $30 million is a lot when there's 60, 70, 80 million illegals just from Latin America, and then 10 million Chinese and 10 million Russians.
This Tower of Babel, no one can communicate with each other.
This is just a few years from now, and of course they're going to vote for the Democratic Party that's for total gun control.
The Republicans will go along and vote with it.
Bush has said he will.
I mean, this is it, folks.
You're going to lose everything.
Well, you know, they say in some of these articles there's four to five million... They're very racist.
They're almost all written by Hispanics.
I read two articles that were in Fridays.
I don't know.
You're saying there's more today?
Yeah, every day.
They've been running with it.
But, you know, they said... Hey, Kevin, email those to me.
We'll post them all on InfoWars.com right now.
I sure will.
And just, you know, this is something for people when they're at these campaign stops across the country and they see John Kerry or Howard Dean...
It seems to be a shift in the media right now.
They're really attacking Bush for the first time in almost three years or more.
Maybe it will be Kerry or Dean, but we've got to get these guys to put their feet to the fire and stand up and see what they stand on.
I'm sure Kerry will be real good as a Skull and Bones member from just five years older than Bush.
I'm sure he's going to be real good.
They're all Council on Foreign Relations.
You know, we need to, these people need to answer these questions.
I mean, you know.
Look, look, look, look, look.
When 82% of Hispanics haven't bought the racist line of Mecha and La Raza, and then now all the big bankers, all the white people come to sell them racial politics to get control and destroy them.
Divide and conquer.
It's like Rome bringing in the slaves.
That's all that's happened here.
I mean, it's all slaves.
It's what we've done in Yugoslavia.
It is the, you know, globalist formula.
What's that?
Of course.
It's a term in the dictionary now, thanks to Brzezinski.
But see, they're in the schools, and it's all over the news, teaching the Hispanic kids, you're not a Texan, you're not an American, you're a Mexican, and they're going to break off and create the Pan-American Union.
This is to disenfranchise little black kids, little Hispanic kids, little white kids.
It doesn't matter.
This is the destruction of America, and we need Hispanics...
To take over the positions of power and to create patriotic Hispanic organizations to counter Mecha and La Raza.
We need to ask Hispanics that say, yeah, I'm for these things, well, what benefit is it to you?
How will you benefit?
All they do is sell a pride issue.
They sell a pride issue of, ooh, we're taking over.
It said that Friday in the paper.
But they don't run Mexico.
Germans and international bankers run Mexico.
Hey, have you ever read the names?
Green, Schultz.
Most of the people down there, it's the most racist society anywhere.
To have any Indian blood is a big boo-boo down there.
Of course.
Those people are being run off their land in Mexico.
They're being run off their land.
They're being forced into the cities.
They're being forced here.
Yeah, but Kevin, exactly.
The UN Biosphere is in southern Mexico, but I'm not talking about big companies now buying in Mexico, which is happening.
I'm telling you, go to the websites, the Mexican government website, read in their Congress, and I've done it.
At least half the names are Green, Schultz, Hammond, Jones.
They immigrated in 1946.
There's Cape Nazis.
You know?
But the point, they were there before!
And they're a foot taller than the surf class of the real people of Mexico.
So it will not benefit them to bring, to export that to the United States.
Yeah, that's the point of slavery.
I've illustrated this, and I've done it many times.
I'm glad you brought this up.
Notice that the ruler class is always taller than the surf class, even with white people in Europe.
Read books about serfdom.
The serfs are always shorter because from malnutrition.
This is what they do.
Great points, Kevin.
Yeah, it's disgusting.
We should be down there protesting.
It's just sick.
The race?
There's a group meeting called The Race?
And they call for racial politics?
And they call for La Reconquista, Reconquering the Southwest?
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Coming up about eight minutes into the next hour, we're going to have John Kottmeyer.
His new book, Piercing the Illusion.
This guy's been in the fight against the New World Order for 30, 40 years.
He'll be joining us.
We are about to go to all of the different callers.
We're good to go.
I think?
Now, Condoleezza Rice this weekend, the National Security Advisor, said, oh, yeah, we do have the evidence he tried to do this.
I mean, it's just so many lies.
No one's calling him on it.
It's amazing.
More on that coming up.
Just a bunch of vital news and information.
Right now, let's go to Steve in Florida, the Patricia and others.
Steve, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
Am I coming in clear?
Loud and clear, sir.
I do not listen to Rush Limbaugh.
He's a shill for the establishment.
But this morning on the radio, I did hear a three- or four-minute piece
That he brought up the satellite tracking and the taxing of automobiles on public roads to begin on the West Coast and then going nationwide.
And I remember you've been talking about it for at least a couple years.
Well, I've been talking about it since I saw the federal plan six-plus years ago.
I would read the federal documents.
They're going to do it.
And don't worry, the 60 million illegals, it's 30 million just from Mexico, will be more than glad to follow orders, and they're going to vote us out and make us accept it.
See how that works?
I do, and it's just pitiful that people do not believe what's happening until they hear it from Limbaugh or Hannity or one of these other pseudocons, I call them.
They're fake.
They hear it from them, then it becomes truth.
It's kind of like
That female you had on your show, I think last Thursday on the third hour?
Yeah, she said the Second Amendment really didn't matter, and that she didn't want to talk about anything but her book and culture.
Yes, if she hasn't seen it...
She doesn't believe it.
Her book is about how the last part is how the Patriot Act doesn't take rights, and then she admitted she hasn't read it.
I said, do you want to hear subsections?
And she says no.
I understand.
That's the attitude, it seems, of a lot of people.
They've never read it, but they want to argue with it.
She was in the Judiciary Committee, sir.
She knows.
Yeah, yeah.
So many people down here in Florida, that's a cool area, in the churches, they refuse to be involved because they pervert Romans 13, the first several verses.
Or they simply do not believe the truth.
Yeah, so did Adolf Hitler.
Yes, yes indeed.
That was his favorite thing, render unto Caesar.
Of course, it goes on to say, stand up against evil and corruption.
These people just don't get it.
We know a depression is being forced upon this nation slowly.
And the ones that call them Christians, they sit back and do nothing.
Because they believe it's already written in the Bible, so they're not occupying like Jesus said.
I wonder why then the Founding Fathers fought, or why did we fight Hitler then?
Why did the Founding Fathers do that 227 years ago?
Steve, do you want to add more, or are you done?
I'll just say there, Christian men, let me read one sentence.
I'll tell you what, stay there.
I've got to put you on hold.
I'll come back to you, okay?
Stay there, and we'll go to Patricia and Charles and Arnold.
Because I've got to plug my videos, folks.
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A second hour straight ahead.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've been taught by society, by Hollywood, that being corrupt, being mean is cool.
That being decent and honorable is stupid and backwards?
Let me tell you something.
I love being wholesome.
I love family.
I love agriculture.
I love everything that God ingrained in us and it is so rewarding.
And the devil and the New World Order hate it and they've sold us a lie and they're destroying our society.
Let's go to Steve Patricia Charles.
Arnold, Regina, and others, everybody stay there.
We're going to get to you.
Steve, real quick, finish up.
You're talking about these neocon churches that worship at the feet of Babylon, that don't want to hear that Bush is skull and bones, Bohemian Grove, that don't want to hear that the globalists are going to keep the abortion going.
The phony Christians, one of the biggest threats we face.
Go ahead.
On my desk right here, I have August 7, 2000, Time Magazine.
Big article, 40 pages, showing Bush, skull and bones.
And you show this to people?
Sir, I didn't see that.
Will you please mail me the magazine and write Skull and Bones on the front of it, or will you make me copies of that?
I'll copy this tomorrow and mail it to you tomorrow.
What issue is it?
7 August 2000.
Please send it.
It shows all three bushes on the front.
I will send it to you.
I've showed this to people's face, Alex.
And they don't believe it, even if they read it.
These people in churches, Darren, I don't care if it's a Baptist church, a Charismatic, or Assemblies of God, it doesn't matter.
They don't believe what's going on.
What's that text about, if it was possible, even the elect would be deceived?
There's a sentence from Thomas Paine.
These are times that try men's souls.
The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of our country.
But he that stands now deserves the love and thanks of men and women.
These people don't realize the Depression's coming, and when the mission fields start to dry up and the money's not there, we are going to have to answer to Jesus Christ why we were not involved in occupying like Jesus said.
We're supposed to occupy until He comes, and not sit on our blessed assurance and let evil take over.
And that's what happens.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men do nothing.
I'm praying for you daily.
Keep up the good work.
I need it.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Let's talk to Patricia in Texas.
Go ahead, Patricia.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to call and pat you on the back for your interview with Ann Coulter.
Now, that was something else, wasn't it?
Well, I got to hear it twice.
Well, that nice girl act sure melted upon inspection.
I know.
Yes, I really got a kick out of that.
And I'm really proud that somebody's trying to put her in her place.
Well, she's a dangerous liberal.
Well, you know, another thing is, when you were...
You know, when you would stand up for something and she would act like, you know, make fun of the program.
It was bad that I said that Bush shouldn't have signed on to UNESCO or says he'll sign the assault weapons ban.
How dare me do that?
I've heard her on liberal shows.
She doesn't get mad, but she got mad because the liberal's her friend.
It's an act.
She got mad when she ran into real conservatism.
That's right.
And, yes, I've seen her on Fox and Friends and
She's just such a... Well, like what you just said, it's cool to be mad.
You know, she's kind of like that.
She's mad.
And you can tell it in her repertoire.
But anyway, I listen to you on 12-172 in the afternoons and then 5-1085 in the evenings and
My reception is really bad these days.
I don't know what's going on.
But we're not coming in real clear down here in Bandera.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It comes in pretty good in my house.
Of course, I can listen on local AM, 1260 AM, but I'm sorry to hear that.
You can always get a computer.
Well, yeah, I have a computer, but I don't use it much for...
I hear you.
Anything else, Patricia?
Well, I wanted to ask you about... Stay there.
I got a guest coming on, but we're going to take calls early with him.
He's an expert on the New World Order.
So everybody stay there.
All of you.
Stay there.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up in a few minutes, the founder of the Liberty Works Radio Network, an author who's been fighting the New World Order for, I don't know, 30, 40 years, John Kottmeyer.
His new book, Piercing the Illusion, and that's coming up.
Right now, let's go back to Patricia Charles and Arnold and Regina and others.
Let's go ahead and let Patricia finish up.
Go ahead, Patricia.
I didn't get to hear the next day about the man from Fort Worth that wouldn't collect taxes for the government.
Do you know what happened?
They're having another hearing tomorrow in Fort Worth, Texas.
And so you'll have a follow-up on that, won't you?
Yes, on the case of Dick Simcannon and the IRS trying to frame him, yes.
And do you accept emails?
Yes, I get several thousand emails a day.
Well, I have a wonderful campaign deal for the Internet.
And I wanted to send you something in the email.
Well, that's fantastic, Patricia.
What do you think of them saying that Saddam tried to buy or bought uranium, then he didn't, then they admitted they made it up, Rumsfeld then said he never said it, and that we were making stuff up, and then now Condoleezza Rice, over the weekend, National Security Advisor, said, oh yes, it's true, we do have the evidence that Saddam did this.
What do you think of the massive lying?
Well, what I am confused about is whenever they do that, they're standing in front of all these news people that write these articles for the Washington Post and all these other things.
And I'm thinking, why aren't these people standing up?
Because you know.
I mean, are they that?
Are we that?
Unable to report the truth?
Patricia, the news never calls them on it, or if a reporter does, the government just doesn't go to them the next time in the press conference.
That's how it works.
Or they pull their credentials, and then you have the editors themselves, if reporters ask the real questions, they get demoted or fired.
And this is admitted.
There's been a lot of...
I appreciate it.
Do we have John Kottmeyer now, Mark?
We're getting John lined up on the show.
We had him on earlier, but he wants to record the interview or something, so it's taking a while to get it hooked up on his end.
Let's talk to Charles in California and Arnold and others.
Charles, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
This is Charles calling from the new Ahtlon, California.
Yes, and as a caller earlier said, the race, that's the name of the group, La Raza, is meeting in Austin calling for a racial politic.
I know.
I got that Glenn Spencer's video, and I showed it to some people, and they say to me, oh, I don't think that'll ever happen.
No, it's okay.
Mexicans are here.
They help us.
Now, that's video of the Mexican government saying they're taking the U.S.
over, the U.S.
government funding it, and in the Barbara Coe video, they have the newscast with the pictures of white people's heads cut off.
Now, imagine if the Klan, which is a horrible group, had pictures of white people's heads cut off.
They'd probably get arrested.
But, oh, when the Mexicans do it, it's good.
Oh, they pick our strawberries.
Nobody else wants to do the job, they always say, you know.
Well, you know, they, they, they.
Eighty-plus percent of Hispanics agree with us.
It's the government trying to make a racial divide, trying to make everybody be at each other's throats, and it is disgusting.
It is, totally.
Look at who funds Mecha and La Raza.
The same people that fund Amy Goodman, the Ford Foundation.
That's right, and they fund Khalid Muhammad, who I have on video.
I got that on a CD here somewhere.
Anthony Hilder debated him.
It's a great film.
It's a two-hour debate, and Khalid Muhammad said, we will kill all white women, all white children, because they are evil.
All whites must die, and he's funded by New York banks.
That makes me feel real good living here in a hot salon.
Well, don't criticize the Ford Foundation because it's good to fund people that say they want to kill all white people.
Yeah, it's amazing.
You know, I've always been more left-wing throughout my life, and since I started listening to you and that, I've realized that the...
You know, the left wing is just totally out to lunch like the right wing is.
Well, they're out creating, in the name of fighting racism, they generate it.
And then, out of the crisis, government comes in to save us, see?
Yeah, that's exactly right.
And except this government, I don't know what their reason for wanting to, like, overtake this...
Well, they've said it.
Because the tiny elite doesn't want a middle class, regardless of what color you are, to get in their way.
Anybody that's independent.
They want everybody dumbed down in a surf position making five bucks an hour.
And I guess that they can live anywhere, so if this country gets blasted or blown up by the Russians or whatever, they don't care.
They're simply reorganizing the country, and they said to have a Pan-American Union.
When Bush got into office and Clinton had met the year before, they had the Union of American States meeting in Montreal, Canada, and I taped it off C-SPAN.
They said, we're getting rid of Canada, we're getting rid of the U.S., we're getting rid of Mexico.
Those are the first countries to merge.
Then they're going to merge Mexico and the U.S.
and Canada with Central and South America, from Guatemala to Chile, from Chile to Alaska.
It has been stated.
It's just like the satellite tracker bots is already in all the cars, the new cars.
The government's saying they're going to start taxing us, and finally it's in the AP, six years after I discovered it.
In their own documents.
Finally, Rush Limbaugh is talking about it.
When it's already almost too late, when it's upon us.
What's the purpose of all this?
You know, like people are refinancing their homes.
Control, power, domination, because the jobs people are downsizing, they want to keep their lifestyle, they think this is a short-term economic downturn, so they go and live off a mortgage on their paid-off house or a second mortgage, and now those are running out.
The mortgages are the biggest bubble out there other than derivatives and speculation.
So when that happens, what would happen to the economy?
Well, they'll have a nice terror attack right when the second implosion begins, just like with 9-1-1.
We will accept the government.
As there's emergency restructuring, they will seize the bank accounts.
Through your national ID card, your driver's license, they will put government credits on your card, enough to live, and then you'll thank the government, even though they took your bank account.
It's just like Argentina or Poland or Japan.
Well, what about your unpaid mortgage and all that?
You will then, if you sign over future assets, they just passed the law in Texas, other states are passing it, you will be able to keep your home, maybe, if you didn't have bad credit before,
And then you'll have to sign your assets over when you're incapacitated or ever receive Medicaid or Medicare.
You will then go into large, compact, urban, government-owned housing.
This is a stated federal plan.
That sounds like a fun time for all Americans.
It's going to be great.
I show your video to people, and they keep it for like two or three weeks, and then I say, well, did you watch it?
Oh, we didn't get a chance to watch it.
Here it is back.
I know you want it.
It's like...
The people almost deserve what they get.
Some folks call in, Charles, and say that 90% of people are waking up.
Some call in and say no one's waking up.
Some call in and say people won't watch it.
Right on it, football game, and maybe they will.
That's about it.
It's like you get the video where they get mad at you thinking you're some kind of a
Conspiracy nut.
We're showing CFR meetings and showing Ashcroft lying and showing documents.
You don't want to see it, but I want to just lastly to say I really appreciated the job you did on Ann Coulter.
I felt like she was knocked out in the ring.
And she was like...
She had, like, jelly legs the whole time you were talking to her.
It's really refreshing to hear somebody attack those liars.
Well, see, you said before you were left-wing.
Now you're coming over to be a constitutionalist.
I would imagine becoming pro-gun, pro-border.
I am.
Because you didn't hear a hypocritical neocon line.
I don't blame people for buying the Democrats because they see the Republicans and think that's conservatism.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, you know, I used to believe in Amy Goodman and all that stuff, but then when I started researching more and I found out that she was funded by the Ford Foundation, I thought, my, this has all been a scam the whole time I've been believing in these people.
They fund the left wing, they fund the right wing to create division and balkanize.
Thanks for the call.
Okay, bye-bye.
If they can't get you on welfare...
They'll get you into the criminal justice system.
If they can't do that, they'll bankrupt the economy.
To get control of your life, they'll carry out terror attacks.
The military industrial complex will.
All right, we're going to go to Arnold, Regina, and others, and we're going to hold John Kottmeyer over probably 30 minutes in the next hour because I want to have him on for a full hour.
And we have gotten him up and on the line.
And John Kottmeyer has a long bio.
He's an amazing American.
We've got about a minute and a half, John.
We're going to come back and talk about your book and get Arnold and Regina out of the way, take some quick calls with you.
You're on.
John, go ahead.
John Kottmeyer, tell us your bio.
Tell us about yourself because you're one of the great granddaddies in the fight against the New World Order.
Well, I guess as a young police officer in Baltimore, I became very alarmed with the Bay of Pigs invasion, which caused me to start rooting, because I knew that was felonious, because being a naval veteran, I understood that you don't give the wrong ammunition for guns and co-op air support.
When you're actually trying to make a landing in a foreign country like Cuba.
And I've been digging ever since, which took me through a lot of different things.
It's been 40 years of study.
I was a section leader in the Birch Society.
I formed a committee of correspondents some years ago.
I was one of the
Founders of the Patriot Network, which we spent two years on the road lecturing.
I've done two years in jail for failure to file.
When I got out of that, I formed what is known as the Save the Patriot Fellowship, which has been in existence now since 1984.
Actually, it's the only successful...
And you also found in the Liberty Works Radio Network that was very successful.
Stay there, John.
We'll be right back with John Kottmeyer.
New book, Perishing the Illusion.
This guy's like Red Beckman.
He's one of the big granddaddies of it all.
Fighting the globalists.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
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The websites are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
On InfoWars, we have a link to save-a-patriot.org.
We can learn more about Save a Patriot Fellowship, the group John Kottmeyer founded, and his new book, Piercing the Illusion.
John, we got a bunch of calls here.
I want to go over your new book.
I want to talk about the New World Order.
But you have a great view of the New World Order, decades of fighting it.
And successfully in many cases.
The Iraq War, the lies about weapons of mass destruction, the false left-right paradigm, gun control, Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, it's all coming down on us right now.
Your view of what's happening short-term and long-term for us, please, sir.
Well, I think that time is on our side.
The revolution is way out of kilter.
That's why they're rushing everything.
And through rushing everything, they're alarming a lot of people.
Just like you talk about in California, some of these municipalities are going against the Patriot Act and all.
It's over 400 nationwide.
The more we push them, the more their revolution is going to get out of kilter.
That's right.
They need everything to go smooth, and it's not going smooth.
Now, John, for those that are just tuning in, you notice John says their revolution.
We're the Americans.
We're the restorationists.
We're the counter-revolutionaries.
We're fighting an enemy force that controls the federal government that's overthrowing America.
See that key...
Distinction you just made, John.
Go ahead.
Oh, yes.
And what we have to do, the very reason I went into Liberty Works Radio Network was to spread the word as fast as we can, because talk radio is very powerful.
You're evidence of that.
Of course, when we did fail for lack of funds, which we hope to get it going again, but that's why I spent my time from that time on just writing this book.
And I spent about three months getting it together because there's a need for an overview, which I don't see out there.
Most of everything that I've seen over the years has been more or less in some kind of a niche that talks about one subject or another.
It doesn't give you an overview of what the New World Order is doing and what it is and how to stop it.
How it begun, how it come forward, who were the participants, how they evolved to the point they got to today.
This knowledge is needed to know how to reverse it, which I do, and as you know, you read the book in the last couple chapters.
How does your training as a naval veteran and police officer help you recognize the criminal syndicate and expose the system?
Well, it really gives me a lot of experience in court.
And the courts is where the problems are in this country.
Understanding the law, which the citizens do not.
Understanding that courts can't change the law.
And it was another one of my purposes of the book, because once people understand jurisdiction, they won't be able to get away with this.
And the only way the courts are going to change and get back under the law...
It's political pressure from the public, and the only way they're going to get that is to educate the public.
But the average college graduate can't tell you three of the ten amendments, but they can tell you all the football and baseball scores.
People think they have freedom.
They don't know what tyranny is when it's in their face.
Well, that's correct.
Even my grandchildren graduating out of school, they get no history whatsoever.
And we have to reverse that.
Not just to push my book, but you read it, you understand what I'm saying.
And once people read that book, I mean, it just blows it wide open because it starts out, the conspiracy actually started before the revolution was over, as you're well aware.
And it was just brought forward, and that's what has to be understood.
Because today, people who call themselves conservatives are really not constitutionalists.
Because all they're doing is making a deal like the Republicans are satisfied to promote this type of socialism and the Democrats that.
But they're both socialists.
It's just two different crime syndicates or management teams from the large central banks.
And the only fight you see is over territory.
It's like New Jersey and New York mob fighting over territory.
That's correct.
It's exactly what's going on.
And what we have to get people to understand is we have to gather our own candidates.
They have to understand how to have a grassroots movement.
Like I said, time's on our side.
But people have to be prepared, and as people become informed, they don't have the experience.
It takes a lot of experience to overturn this new world order.
It does.
I mean, I've been fighting them nonstop for ten years, John.
I feel like I'm just beginning to understand how to fight them.
And how long have you been fighting them, John?
Forty years.
Forty years.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll start taking your calls and get into this new book, Piercing the Illusion.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We're going to go back to John Kottmeyer in here in just a couple minutes.
We're going to go to Regina, Bob...
And just a bunch of other people, Joan, Rodney, and others.
John Kottmeyer, Save a Patriot Fellowship, around since the 1980s, educating people about how the courts and the laws really work.
Save-a-patriot.org, or folks can link through at infowars.com.
They're at the top of the main page in our desk section.
John, before we go to these calls and talk more about the history of the New World Order and how to stop it, how do folks get your new book, Piercing the Illusion?
They can get it right from the fellowship.
The fellowship is the publisher, and that's at 12 Carroll Street, C-A-R-R-O-L-L, Westminster, Maryland, 21157.
The cost is $39.95, plus handling and shipping $6.
Six Federal Reserve notes.
And it's a big book, and a lot of that cost goes to fight the New World Order.
Everything goes to fight the New World Order.
All right.
That address again?
It's the Save a Patriot Fellowship, 12 Carroll Street, West Minister, Maryland, 21157, and the book's title is Piercing the Illusion.
Piercing the Illusion.
I'm bad about saying the veil.
Same thing.
It took me a while to read it.
It's an excellent book.
John, before we go to these calls, I want to bring up Bohemian Grove, because later I'm going to get into this.
Now, these are stories out of the Press Democrat in Santa Rosa.
Today, I'm going to be getting the author on.
I snuck into the Grove.
You're up there in Maryland, pretty close to Connecticut, in Skull and Bones.
I know you get into the Bill of Rights, Constitution, New World Order, history of it, but in your 40 years of study of the New World Order, why does it always go back to the elite and all these bizarre beliefs that they have?
Well, Alex, it's like I have in my book.
When you sit down and keep thinking about it, what do these people really gain?
It started before creation, as I talk about in the last chapter.
It's the powers of the air, it's the principalities of the air that the battle is going on between Lucifer and God.
And these people have to be of Lucifer.
There's no other logical conclusion you can come to.
Because it's so wicked, it's so long-term, it's generational, and they synthesize lies and wickedness and corruption, and they're sadistic.
They enjoy dumbing people down.
They enjoy disease and war and pestilence.
They do it when it doesn't even aid their cause.
That's correct.
And, you know, like I had in the last chapter, the history, I showed the history of this battle from creation.
And it's an eye-opener.
It really is.
And it's more than that.
Vigilance is forever.
Eternal vigilance, as Jefferson said.
And when he wins the fight over it, it never is.
It's continual.
I love this quote you have of Thomas Jefferson.
On every question of the Constitution...
Let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed, Thomas Jefferson, letter to Judge William Johnson from Monticello, June 12, 1823.
We know the Bill of Rights is about individual liberty.
It's a warning against centralized government.
But that's not taught.
That's correct.
That's what we have to reverse.
And the only way we can reverse it is get Americans to understand what their founding is.
They don't even know.
It's like I talk about in the book.
The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag is seditious.
And people say that's crazy.
But when you read the book and I explain why, and of course you know I have another proposed Pledge of Allegiance in there, it makes perfect sense.
But that was part of the New World Order.
And, John, for those that don't understand, when did we adopt the Pledge of Allegiance?
It was in the late 1800s, around 1878.
Because it's to a flag instead of what the flag symbolizes, the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
And then they would violate the Bill of Rights...
By passing an amendment that you couldn't burn it.
I love the flag, but because of what it symbolizes, it's a greater desecration of the flag to remove the First Amendment that gives these idiots the right to do that, and making the pledge of the flag more important than the Bill of Rights, that's form over substance, isn't it?
That's correct.
That's why, as you know, my new pledge is that I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States.
Instead of to the flag.
Right, not the flag.
The flag's just a banner, a symbol, something to use in battle or for recognition.
It doesn't give us anything but that.
And again, you're a naval veteran and a former police officer, been in this fight for 40 years.
You're very patriotic.
But this is how they use symbols.
In fact, in a talk I gave in Kansas City, Missouri...
About a month ago, I went over the fact that this flag can be used by our enemies to wrap their programs in it and say, oh, aren't you for the flag?
Hitler used flag worship and destroy what their republicans stood for.
That's correct.
And the fellow who wrote the pledge to the flag, like I said, he was a defrocked Presbyterian preacher.
He was a world socialist.
So, mindless obedience...
The symbolism not to actual codified information.
That's correct.
Let's take some calls.
They can beat the drum and have you march off to wars that have nothing to do with you or your liberties.
Oh, by the way, I have an Associated Press article here in the photos on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
I'm going to read it a little bit later in the shower.
They now admit that it is, quote, re-education centers...
People that are caught selling beer or mead, a type of whiskey the Arabs like.
It was also popular in ancient Europe.
It's made out of honey.
If you're caught selling it, you get a bag put over your head and taken to a camp, and then they're going to abuse them as forced laborers at the oil fields.
Doesn't that sound like liberation to you, John?
Yeah, it's liberation, all right.
I tell you, when you sit down and watch what's going on, you know, the only thing that throws me a curve right here is you know you have the Federal Reserve note in the euro, and you know the Federal Reserve note fell 35% against the euro.
And we know that when it fell 17%, it is believed the reason for that was that Saddam Hussein was demanding euros instead of Federal Reserve notes for payment for oil.
So then you can understand... Now, John, make me understand something, because what you said is true, it's valid, that was in the news, but then Snow, before him, O'Neill, Treasury Secretaries, got it before the Congress, and then I saw him bad-mouthing it on the news, bad-mouthing the dollar.
They are concerned about the drop, but then why?
And they did say that part of it was Saddam dumping dollars, but so are the Chinese, Japanese, and others.
Why did they go in, but at the same time badmouth the dollar and say, they don't care, it's good for us?
That's like saying, cyanide's good for us.
Well, that's simple.
They went into Iraq to save the Federal Reserve, and they're telling us it's good for it because they don't want panic.
When you have fiat currency, all you have is the faith that the people have in it.
So they were using, as usual, the opposite of whatever they say is the case.
That's correct.
Let's take some calls.
Let's talk to, oh, I guess Regina in Pennsylvania.
I want the callers to be quick.
Go ahead, Regina.
Good information here.
I also want to thank Steve for his good information from Florida.
And I say, you know, don't...
Let's keep trying to educate the furniture, but we need all the people that know what's going on to get a call in to their Congressman on Ron Paul's amendment.
UNESCO is going to come up for a vote.
Our Congress is going to have to show their feet.
Regina, let me stop you.
For those that just joined us, John Kottmeyer, Bush, just signed back on to UNESCO, United Nations Educational Cultural Organization.
I've read their quotes from Newsmax last week.
They're out of their own main publication, their policy for schools.
Bush has signed the treaties on to this.
It quote-unquote calls the family a disease that must be eradicated.
Your comments about the so-called neocon moving to get us into UNESCO, what does that mean?
What are you asking me?
Well, yeah, I mean, your take on UNESCO.
Oh, my take on UNESCO?
It's a move towards world government, of course.
Like I say in my book,
We have to think nationalistic.
I mean, the UN, there's nothing in the Constitution that allows us to be part of a united world government.
But they've got tricks where they have the UN and the Euro claim they're against the war when their corporations own the Federal Reserve.
They profit off of it, use America as the bad cop.
The point I'm making, Alex, is I don't know of any congressman over there that knows how to fight this thing, even if they wanted to, including Ron Paul.
We should be out of the U.N., period.
Well, he's got a bill to get us out of the U.N.
Regina, go ahead.
Okay, well, right now, Mr. Bush is going to further expand us back into the UNESCO if these congressmen are allowed to let this happen.
This amendment is the Port Ron Paul's amendment.
This will strike the funding language to H.R.
1950, the Foreign Relations Bill.
1950 UNESCO funding.
Forced abortions, dumbing kids down, teaching paganism worldwide.
And this is a group that says, quote, the family is a disease, must be eradicated for the state.
Huxley's brother, Julian Huxley, was the first Secretary General and a eugenics person.
That's where Aldous Huxley got his ideas in 1933 when his brother was a minister in the British socialist government.
So this is what Bush is signing us on to, a group that, quote, wants to eradicate your family.
Alex Jones, I just want to mention here real quick, there was an article in one of our local papers, the Leader Times, about...
The fact that Pennsylvania is looking at no education plan, no money, and I'm sure this is affiliated to every state.
I connect this with this UNESCO vote.
That's why it's very important that we remind our congressmen, if you're pro-life, you're pro-Second Amendment, you're pro-private property, the whole bit, they need to vote no and support Ron Paul's amendment.
All right, Regina, thank you.
I totally agree.
John, any other comments to what Regina said?
Well, I can comment on it, but I go beyond that.
I mean, you know, it goes back to funding, and if you bring the government back under the Constitution, which Ron Paul should be working towards, but he ignores that, then bring it back to Constitution.
They won't have money to carry out U.N.
They won't have the money for all this.
That's correct.
So that's what he should be working towards instead of just fighting a piecemeal, which is sometimes just token.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bob in New York.
You're on the air with John Kottmeyer.
Go ahead.
How are you doing, Alex?
Hi, John.
Pretty good.
March 17, 1993, congressional record.
Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest...
Reorganization of any bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S.
We are setting forth a hopeful, a blueprint for our future.
There are some who say it is a coroner's report that will lead to our demise.
Do you guys know which congressman said that in 1993?
He's in jail.
Tell us.
His name's James Trafican.
I've got to say that I think one of the best things you could possibly do, Alex, and it's only a suggestion, but we need a hall of fame and we need a hall of shame.
You know, callers have said that before.
I would build one.
I've got two webmasters that are working, you know, many hours a day on the sites.
If somebody builds a good Hall of Shame, Hall of Fame, I'll link to it.
So I would tell the listeners to get out there and get the job done.
Big follow-up question for you.
I called a week ago or so indicating that I saw Bush administering the oath of office for officers and enlisted people and where they tacked on this whole loyalty oath to the President of the United States.
Yes, I was sent a Reuters story by a listener, a text of that,
And John, have you heard they've expanded the oath to where it's not just to the Bill of Rights Constitution in America, it's now to the President and his agents?
Totally seditious.
Well, that's what Hitler did one week after getting elected.
It's totally seditious.
Were you aware of that?
Not to the Constitution, not to the President or anybody else or any other branch of the government.
Were you aware of that, sir?
Was I aware of what?
Well, I just learned of this change to the oath a week ago.
Were you aware of that?
I wasn't aware of it, but like I said, it's totally seditious.
The biggest problem is we've got to hold them to the law.
Most people don't even understand the Constitution to hold them to it.
I mean...
Even people who think themselves Constitutionists, they come here and we teach it here every Saturday night, and you'd be surprised how long it takes for the lights to come on for them.
Thanks for the call, Bob.
Let's talk to Joan in Florida.
You're on the air with John Kottmeyer and Alex Jones.
Go ahead.
I'm kind of getting an echo.
Yeah, we are.
Might be on John's side.
Go ahead.
Okay, is that better?
Yeah, go ahead.
Okay, real quick.
The governor of Oregon, I heard it over the news this morning, is calling to use the tracking and tax the people for their mileage.
But I've got something else I want.
The governor of where?
Well, yeah, I read the AP article in the World Net Daily about six months ago, eight months ago.
And just type into my website, satellite tracking of cars, and a bunch of articles will pop up from England to Oregon.
This is going to happen everywhere.
Oh, the states are bankrupt.
We just so happened to put the satellite tracker box in your car six, seven years ago, but this just came up.
We're going to go ahead and do this.
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Going back to John Kottmeyer, and I believe we were going to let Joan in Florida finish up.
Joan, are you still there?
I'm Alex Jones.
Very quickly.
Where did you hear... I mean, this has already been in the news months ago, but you're saying it's back.
They're now making the proposal to go ahead and start the satellite taxation.
It came over our WFLA local radio station this morning.
I'm sure they said it was wonderful.
Well, they said it would be...
You know, in other words, if you use the roads, then you should pay your fair share.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
You know the old argument.
We just pay, over the years, trillions of dollars for the roads, and the government won't fill the potholes until you pay for the new tax increase.
But that's okay.
You know what?
I'm not going to pay it, and I'm not going to do it, and I want everybody to know that Chevrolet and Ford and others are trying to push it like it's some value-added deal.
It's horrible.
John, your comments on satellite tracking and taxation of our cars?
Totally against it.
You know, what else can you say?
You just have to put the pressure.
But in order to put the pressure, you've got to educate the public.
It goes back to the same thing over and over again.
You know, you can write to these, what I call Hamiltonian Lincolnites, to your blue in the face, and they're still Hamiltonian Lincolnites, and they're going to go forward building the federal system.
They're going to build and keep expanding government.
And tax you at every level and claim they're bankrupt so they can do it.
Imagine, but it's not just money it's going to cost us.
It's the Fourth Amendment being satellite tracked everywhere you go, and they put it in years ago and had to plan to do it, and now they claim, oh, it's the downturn.
Folks, this was set up long before that.
It's part of DARPA.
TIPS program hasn't been killed.
Total information hasn't been killed.
Contrary to all these articles, it's worse than ever.
You know, did you see in my book I had two proposed bills in there, one for the state and one for the federal?
If those bills were passed, it would end it all.
In other words, for any judge who doesn't uphold the law as written, he just goes to jail and pays a $50,000 fine.
Of course, then they've got to have a, quote, judge who decides that they violated the law.
You've got the foxguard in the henhouse.
It's self-evident by the law because their laws are written in the United States.
For those that hear that echo, John Kottmeyer is recording this, and somehow it's causing a feedback.
We'll get that fixed.
John, let's take another call.
Joni, thanks for that information.
We're getting a lot of calls that the news is suddenly talking about it everywhere, but we've been warning you.
You want to get taxed and traced?
Go ahead.
Many of you sent me emails denying it.
Before we go back to calls, we'll go to Rodney and a bunch of other people that are holding.
Before we do that, John, this denial thing.
People will deny stuff when it's in their face.
That's not very good for their family, is it?
Of course not.
The reason for denial, I think, more than anything, is because of the ignorance.
We live in a society that people don't even know what their culture is.
And our culture is being destroyed.
That's the purpose of all these different groups.
It's being replaced with pure evil, the MTV society.
That's correct.
And first of all, they've got to understand what their culture is, who they are, where they come from.
They don't know.
They've never been taught.
As you're well aware, it's been taught out of the schools.
It's been dumbed down.
I tell you what, John Kottmeyer, stay there with us into the next hour.
Can you do that?
All right, we'll be back in about 70 minutes.
We'll be back in about 70 seconds and start the third hour with John Kottmeyer.
Put him on hold.
I've got a bunch of callers here that we'll get to as well.
It's always good to give the number out, I guess.
A bunch of news, a bunch of calls, some stuff on Bohemian Grove.
Did you remember to take your Focus Factor this morning?
Too bad.
Every morning, men, women, and children across the country start their day with Focus Factor because they rely on it to feed their... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Oh, I forget movement.
The rediscovery of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the attempt to restore the Republic, to rout the invaders, the neocons, the liberals, the overthrowers of the Republic, the enemy combatants.
They are the revolutionaries.
We are the counter-revolutionaries.
I know we've got a lot of phone callers that are patiently holding.
Roger and many, many others.
Rodney and just a whole bunch of folks.
Your calls are coming up.
In the next segment, I promise, we'll go directly to them.
Also, some of the news that's coming up, this is just amazing stuff about Walmart and the Defense Department with its RFIDs to microchip all your clothes and track you.
This is from the Associated Press, by the way.
It is being announced, and I was just handed the latest AP article.
It's all over the news.
They are officially proposing it on the West Coast.
Plans to go nationwide.
I had folks who were on the federal board three years ago on about the plan to satellite track and control you and your car.
That's all mainstream news now.
Also, more lies about the weapons of mass destruction.
Iraqis being arrested if they're caught selling alcohol and put in, quote, re-education centers where they're tortured.
That's all coming up today, so please stay with us.
And I have some articles on Bohemian Grove.
They have their big ritual tomorrow night in Northern California.
And I have a Sacramento Bee article here.
I also have another article out of the Press Democrat.
They're in Santa Rosa, about 15 miles from where they have the bizarre world government meeting.
So we'll go over that, too, I promise, in this hour.
Let's go back to John Kotmeyer.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And we'll talk more about piercing the illusion.
Here on the show on this 14th of July, 2003.
And by the way, as we talk, the UN is meeting in New York for a
Gun control meeting.
Two years ago, in 2001, they had a meeting in July, in 2001, in mid-July, where they called for the complete disarmament of the American people and said, quote, this is the UNIDIR, UN website, civilian ownership of firearms threatens the legitimate power monopoly of the state.
John, most Americans want their guns.
It's a God-given right.
It's in the Bill of Rights.
Even if 98% of people wanted the guns to be handed in, it couldn't happen in a republic.
Why is Bush coming after our guns, and why are conservatives accepting it, John?
Well, what is a conservative?
What is the meaning?
I've come to ask what the meaning of that word is, conservative.
The conservatives...
They've shut the police state.
There you go.
Because when you put the weapons that they have in the military in the hands of 18-year-olds and 19-year-olds who know hardly anything about their country or its founding, we're in danger.
And they've said they want to get rid of Posse Comitatus.
They want to put troops on the streets, so they're accelerating that program.
That's correct.
We'll come back and talk about Posse Comitatus and the Patriot Act.
And we'll take calls as well for all those that are holding.
John Kotmeyer is our guest.
The new book, and it's powerful, Piercing the Illusion.
Infowars.com is the website.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
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The chair is against the wall.
The chair is against the wall.
To all the friendlies out there, to all those that love our constitutional republic, north, south, east, and west, and all points in between, we are the counter-revolutionaries in a desperate attempt to educate you about your liberties and freedoms and about the criminal crime syndicate known as the New World Order that is dumbing you down, poisoning your food and water.
Moving to disarm you, setting up a high-tech police state, putting in the satellite tracking taxation grid, the RFID chips and all the clothes and everything else, moving ahead for total control of a compact city, destroying the family farm, bringing you nothing but centralization and dehumanization.
We are about to go to Rodney and Dan and Roger and Spencer and everybody else that's patiently holding.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
We're talking to John Kottmeyer, author, researcher, constitutionalist, fighter of the globalists.
Founder of the Liberty Works Radio Network.
He's written a new book, Piercing the Illusion.
It's powerful.
John, talking about Patriot Act 1 and 2, Homeland Security, the end of Posse Comitatus, the announcements of putting troops on the streets, all of this in your face, 110%, grade A, textbook, martial law dictatorship, your response to just the incredible acceleration of the globalist plan?
Well, the reason for that is because of the educational effort that's put forth by the fellowship and like groups around the country.
I mean, there's so much, and of course, with the Internet, I mean, the source of information is so vast that they're really becoming very alarmed, which is good for us because as they move forward fast, there's a sense of urgency
It's like overplaying their hand and more people become aware just through that because they raise a lot of questions.
What we have to do is get the proper information to the public as they become alarmed so that they don't go off on all these
Side tracks or what we call wild theory efforts.
That's it.
There's so much stuff you can prove that's admitted, but so many of the so-called anti-government, you know, what the media would call them, talk show hosts are off in la-la land, stuff you can't prove.
Oh, yes.
I mean, there's a lot of so-called conservative talk show hosts that won't even let me get on their show to talk about my book, which is elementary American right down the line.
All they want to do is talk about, you know, calling your congressman or whatever.
And how dumb the liberals are, how dumb the conservatives are, when it's two sides of the same coin, or did you hear about Hillary's book?
Who cares?
That's correct.
Who cares about Hillary's book?
Well, I mean, it's just mindless dribble.
And then you've got the whole other genre that's off into flying saucers and...
Tesla stuff, things that can't be proven, when they're openly saying they're going to put troops on the streets.
Now, in my new film, Police State 3, Total Enslavement, I know you've seen some of the other films.
I doubt you've seen the new one.
I haven't seen the new one yet.
But we have all their own articles, the globalists on TV saying it out of their own mouths.
The head of FEMA in New Jersey said, quote, in a red alert, you can't leave your house.
You will, quote, be considered an enemy combatant.
You will have no rights.
You can be put in relocation centers.
We can take your land.
This is Gazette News Service.
This is AP.
This is textbook martial law.
Washington Post said if there's a red alert, they're going to take your kids to FEMA centers.
Won't let you have them.
Oh, and by the way, you might have to turn your guns in to make sure everything's safe.
I mean, they're out in the open, John, and I think they're going to launch another major terrorist attack.
Government-sponsored terrorism, 911, Oklahoma City.
How important is that as an ace in the hole for the criminal globalists to blow stuff up and then pose as our saviors?
Well, of course it's important, particularly when you have so much of the population that are ignorant as to what's going on.
That's why we have to increase our educational effort every day.
Who's behind the terrorism?
Who stands to gain from it, John?
Well, of course, the New World Order is setting up the globalist government, which is satanic, so it goes right back to Lucifer.
Just like in the Book of Revelations.
They create the crisis?
I'm excited about it.
It gives me an opportunity to serve God in the proper way.
Let's take some calls.
Rodney in Texas, thanks for holding it on the air.
Yes, I'll be real brief.
I have a couple of questions I want to direct to both Alex and John.
The first question involves this latest tactic by the people in the White House to confuse people.
Alex, you mentioned
Here at the beginning of your show that Condoleezza Rice just came out with another lie or another spin saying that now we have evidence that we did have information showing that there was a connection between this uranium and Niger.
Now, I guess my question is, didn't this kind of work?
To their advantage to have all of this misinformation and confusion and bedlam out there to keep people wondering, well, what is the real truth?
Well, let me try to answer that.
Yeah, it's a smokescreen.
Part of moving ahead so fast and lying on purpose, practicing the lie, I've said it over and over again, Bill Clinton was meant to drag us through the mud psychologically, train us to accept corruption, and Bush and his puppet cronies, because they're all just puppets,
Are doing the same thing.
So they come out and they say, Niger sold uranium to Saddam in the State of the Union.
Turns out that Bush knew months before that was a total lie.
This is smoking gun confirmed.
Then last week Rumsfeld comes out and says, we never said that.
Remember, this is on the State of the Union.
We never said that, and we never said it was new weapons of mass destruction or that he was hiding them.
Well, the guy's on TV a hundred times conservatively
Well, the point is, Alex...
It doesn't matter for them to do this or not.
If we held them to the law, they wouldn't go there any which way unless Iraq had attacked us, because we can only declare war when the country is being attacked.
So Bushes and the Congresses
Actions in this regard were seditious.
They should be arrested and tried and put in jail.
Now, John, I would add that under the laws of sedition or attack by a foreign power, we could, if we had a republic, Mexican presidents have called for taking over the Southwest.
You know, if a patriot was president, I would imagine we would see an attack on Mexico to push him back from the border.
If they were actually attacking us and invading us.
Of course, we know they're invading us with illegal aliens, but that's not the same as an army invading us.
So how would a George Washington or Thomas Jefferson handle Mexico saying they're going to take over the Southwest?
Well, first of all, if it was Thomas Jefferson or George Washington handling Mexico, they wouldn't be allowing all these Mexican illegals to come across the border.
When we had Liberty Works Radio Network, when we interviewed one of these, he was the head of the union for the Border Patrol, and he told us that they confined the Border Patrol to one mile on the border, and that left the aliens to go across anywhere they wanted.
And on that one mile, they're allowed to look left or right, but only one direction, and their main job is picking up garbage.
That's correct.
And in all the California or New Mexico towns or whatever, they're not allowed to root them out.
So the question is not them coming across, it's the government inviting them across and not doing their job.
It's New York and D.C.
running this.
Anything else, Rodney?
I guess Rodney's gone.
Okay, let's talk to Dan in Illinois.
Dan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
I was going to say about the denial.
I think what most people do is that they feel that it's out of their control like death what's going to happen, and I think that's what the denial is.
Well, I agree with you there, but it also contributes to that is the ignorance of their culture in the law.
I mean, look, I have stopped bills by going and catching bribery going on.
I have stopped laws in the city by myself.
No one else shows up.
You know, if the people would just get out there and do something instead of going, it's too big, pick a subject, the land grabbing, the gun grabbing, the open borders, the corrupt courts, pick a key area of the New World Order, fight it in your area, and no others are doing it.
I mean, don't wait for orders from headquarters, go to the sound of the guns.
Well, I agree.
In fact, I think if my book was studied and promoted across the country, it would go a long way, not just because it's my book, it's
It took me 40 years to get the knowledge to put into that book on how to fight this thing and where we should fight it.
The pertinent points and not have all these brush fires that don't really go anywhere, just use up our energy.
It almost would take like a Martin Luther King type of movement, wouldn't it?
Well, of course, but Martin Luther King had the advantage of the establishment media.
That's why I'm working so hard to create media for the Americans like Alex on the air every day and other people like him constantly all day long.
The only form of media that we have is internet, print, video, and radio talk.
That's it.
We can't afford television.
Hopefully soon we can keep on going.
Well, the chick of the armor, John.
But we need media, which she had and we didn't.
A jig in the armor is AXS TV.
I know my videos have aired on at least 300 stations.
That's why they're trying to shut AXS down.
People need to get into their AXS, get control of it, learn the law, and not let cable companies shut it down because they're getting the right of way for free, and they sign deals with the cities.
We've got to use that AXS TV.
Well, you know, the attack, they're expanding their attack on the First Amendment.
That's right.
The attack on Erwin Schiff and his book, The Federal Mafia.
Yeah, saying he can't sell his book.
That's book burning.
That's correct.
That's a first step against shutting us down.
Thanks for the call, Dan.
We'll come back and talk to Roger and Spencer and others.
We're with John Kottmeyer.
John, I want to talk about some of the 40 years of knowledge you have, key areas to resist the New World Order, the overthrowers, the enemy combatants, the al-Qaeda that is the CIA.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're about to go to Kalina, Roger, Spencer, and others.
In fact, let's go to Kalina right now.
You're on the air with one of the old-timers who's been fighting the New World Order at point-blank range, John Kottmeyer, and I'm going to start throwing some news stories out at John and getting his comments on them, and we'll also talk about some of the key areas to fight the New World Order from his great knowledge and study.
Let's go ahead and go to Kalina in Alaska.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
It's Pauline.
I was told Pauline.
Pauline, go ahead.
Yeah, you know, paying taxes?
We are guilty when we pay taxes.
We have this abortion thing, you know?
You're saying that the taxes fund abortion because the government...
No, I don't understand.
Yeah, you're saying it funds the abortions.
Elaborate for me.
Well, look, not one red cent.
This is Ronald Reagan, not Alex Jones.
One red cent of the income tax goes around the country.
It goes right into the IMF World Bank.
And John Kottmeyer is a real expert on this, John.
Well, the thing of it is...
Abortion is the natural aborting of the baby by the body itself.
Aborticide is the taking of an infant that hasn't been born.
So again, they're changing semantical names.
That's correct.
The Supreme Court had no right making a ruling on aborticide.
Of course, they called it abortion.
Because murder, which it was and still is,
When you take a baby from the womb, murder is a state crime.
It has no federal jurisdiction.
And no state had changed the law for the Supreme Court to hear it.
There was no jurisdiction for the Supreme Court to hear Root v. Wade.
Now, John, this is a key point.
This is what the Bill of Rights Constitution, the Founding Fathers said.
It's the way it's supposed to work, but it's these frauds like the 16th Amendment that was never ratified.
That's admitted.
They just say this is the way it is, and everybody follows the order.
Because the news media tells them the Supreme Court is the law.
But the first part of the Constitution, after the preamble,
Article 1, Section 1 says all legislative authority is in Congress, not the Supreme Court.
Judges cannot make law.
They can only rule as to the application of the law or the infraction of the law.
That's what people have to understand.
John Kottmeyer, it's also the 10th Amendment.
The power is not delegated to the United States by the Constitution or prohibited by the states or reserved to the states respectively or to the people.
The 9th Amendment expands that.
The enumeration of the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
That's exactly what I was talking about.
The Supreme Court had no jurisdiction to hear that because it's a state crime.
Now, what do you say when they answer it?
And I've actually argued on air against big professors, constitutional law scholars like Graglia.
He says that the Constitution is, quote, a luxury.
And what was the other term he used?
A privilege.
And we've got to go ahead and get rid of it.
He said that on radio here locally.
But he expanded on that.
You know, these guys say, well, the Civil War answered that, and so it's a federal system now.
John, what do you say to that?
Well, if you read my book, that's when the problem started with Abraham Lincoln.
He was a Whig.
Whig or Federalist.
And the Revolution started with Hamilton and then got ground with Lincoln.
Yeah, how did they deal with the bad thing that happened to Hamilton?
What do you mean, with Hamilton got killed by Burr, you mean?
Yeah, the... Hamilton was a monarchist.
Yeah, he wanted a king.
Yeah, he's the one proposed of Washington to be king.
And he's the father of federalism.
He's the father of federalism.
He was the founder of the Federalist Party, which later became known as the Whig Party.
And when Abraham Lincoln ran for office, he said, I'm a Hamiltonian Whig.
The war was not about slavery.
It was already being abolished.
Nothing to do with slavery.
In fact, like I talk about in my book, General Fremont wanted to free the slaves in Missouri, and Lincoln said, if you do, I'll take your commission away from you.
Well, he also wrote in a letter to Congress, he said, if I could unite the country without freeing a single black slave, by God, I would do it.
That's correct.
But Lincoln, you know, I'm proud to say that
The state I'm from, their state saw... He had members of Congress arrested.
Over 35,000.
I mean, not only Congress, but I mean the whole country's citizens.
They were arrested without charge and put into prison.
So we've seen Patriot Act before.
Yeah, and Texans removed two northern governors at gunpoint.
That's just history.
They don't teach in schools.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You're sick because you allow yourself to remain sick.
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That's 888-803-4438.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones here.
I can't back down.
I love this republic, this country, way, way too much.
And history shows that when you give in to corrupt government, it doesn't stop racing to the bottom.
It's the nature of the sadistic control freaks that were ruthless enough to get into those positions of power.
They enjoy dominating for domination's sake.
We're good to go.
I think?
Now they're announcing it and people are really getting angry.
But they don't even know how to say no to this system.
And the car manufacturers are putting it in standard more and more.
You've got to protest that.
I mean, it's not like corruption is just going to stay at this place.
If we let them stay in control, it's going to get worse and worse.
So many people say, ah, c'est la vie.
You know, it's always been that way.
But corruption isn't stagnant or at one point, is it?
It's not fixed.
But what you have to do there is just disconnect the antennas.
Here's the problem.
Here's the problem.
Here's the problem.
They're saying to gas up, you're going to have to plug it in each time by law at the gas pump.
Well, hook the antenna, plug it up, disconnect the antenna.
And then the cops pull you over.
This is what they'll do.
Then you file a suit against them.
You know, it's interesting.
I ought to send you a copy of my... I'm challenging the seatbelt law in Maryland.
And it's really interesting.
What's going on in the government to try to keep me from taking that forward?
They've done everything, including to give me back all my fees, fines, and everything, which is unheard of.
Because they're so afraid of that going up.
Now, let me stop, folks.
They don't want you to wear seatbelts because they love you.
They do that because it's part of a federal plan.
This is Part 3 of the four-part National Seatbelt Initiative of 1998 that Bush has continued.
It is to build hardened checkpoints to, quote,
Check to see if you're wearing your seatbelt that Part 3 admits.
It's about an internal toll road and checkpoint at state and city lines to have your car searched and taxed, literally freebooting, literal piracy, or what's the term where pirates feed on you.
That's what they're doing there.
Yeah, it's a conditioning.
It's a conditioning for people to get used to being stopped and checked without probable cause.
Well, they admit it.
They say it's to train you to accept checkpoints.
To be searched without probable cause.
That's right.
That's exactly what it's all about.
The average cop is against us.
They say, oh, it's for seatbelts.
But by the way, go ahead and search the car.
This 4th of July, I drove to see family in East Texas, and I would see swarms of police in wolf packs pulling over 10 cars randomly, searching their cars, families with their goods, dumped out on the road.
What did that have to do with seatbelts?
That's right.
I got stopped at three of those checkpoints.
That's how I got three seatbelt tickets.
But anyway, they're really scared to death.
I mean, it's really interesting to see that they even falsified the docket, which I can send them to jail for.
It's really interesting.
How did they falsify the docket?
Well, you see, I filed notice of appeal, and they tried to trick me into making it out of time, which they couldn't do because I understood the rules, because I'm in these courts for years.
And I guess they thought they were playing with a novice.
But anyway...
I think.
I think.
Against it, and then the judge ruled in the state's favor after the time limit for filing the notice.
Well, John, let me stop you.
Let me throw something in here.
All the time now, people go to jail without ever being told they can have a jury, without ever really even having a trial, without the judge even, without an indictment.
Here in Austin, if you get arrested for no seatbelt or parking tickets...
We're good to go.
And people sign it, and the news announced, now in Travis County, you're guilty until proven innocent.
I have the CBS News piece, a little clip of it, in Police Day 3.
How are they just putting people in jail when they never even had a trial?
I mean, it's getting crazier and crazier.
Well, that's correct, because people were not fighting it properly.
You know, actually, it isn't just to talk about this now, because it's so...
It takes a while to develop so you can understand what I'm talking about.
But they're not even real courts is what I'm saying.
If they're courts under the Constitution of the state, they're real courts.
There's nothing wrong with the system that we have.
It's the perversion of it by those who are running it.
Well, John, what I'm telling you is, here in Austin, and I've talked to red back men, it's happening in Wyoming.
I don't know about Maryland.
Oh, it's happening all over.
Let me give you an example.
Up in Maryland, you've got the Lockheed Martin Marietta red light cameras.
The Defense Department running them, private defense agency.
There's no witness.
The private company gives you a ticket.
People pay it.
Now, that's not real.
That's the same thing.
That's what they figured with the $25 fine for his seatbelt.
Nobody would fight it.
But John Cutmar is going up if it cost him $1,000 to fight it.
So that's the difference, you see.
But what I'm saying is they've got all these new color of law things that aren't even courts.
Well, no, the courts are courts, but they're being perverted by people who are abusing the system.
But I'm talking about a defense contractor sending you a ticket.
Oh, I understand, but the best way to fight that is the Sixth Amendment.
You've got the right to face your accuser, and they can't bring him into court.
Well, that's why they pulled the cameras out in San Diego.
Plus, Lockheed got caught shortening the red lights, shortening the yellow lights, and causing more accidents.
Well, that's correct.
That's correct, because it's all about money.
And you keep talking about money over the air all the time.
Get people to understand that.
It's not to keep us safe, John?
Of course not.
You and I both know that.
You know, when I was on the police force, the police were totally different then.
They're trained different now.
I mean, I was on the police force back in the late 50s, early 60s.
And, I mean, even the attitude of the police, the way these police act now...
If we had one like that on the force, then we called him badge happy.
We thought he was a nut.
You know?
Because we tried to apply common sense.
And by the way, people tried to bring you, John, people tried to bring you pie and coffee and waved at you, didn't they?
Well, I mean, I worked mostly black neighborhoods in Baltimore the whole time I was on it.
In fact, I never worked any white neighborhoods.
I always worked black neighborhoods.
And we had no problems whatsoever.
I'd be sitting in a radio car, and without saying a word, they'd come by and throw a cigar in for me, or a miniature, or whatever.
They'd just throw it right in the window.
There was a wave actually going down the street.
If I was to throw a cigar into a police car, I'd probably get shot.
I mean, the attitude is like night and day today.
I mean, I've never seen anything like it.
In fact, let me tell you, I was asked to do things then that I knew was clearly unconstitutional, and I just refused.
And they didn't say a word to me.
They just went on to find somebody else who would do it.
They didn't say a word to me.
They knew that they didn't want a hand to pull with that.
John, what are some of the... But the problem is that these police don't even know what the Constitution is.
And then when you tell them... Have you seen 9-1-1, the road to tyranny?
Not yet, no.
In the video, you've got to see this, John.
I have FEMA in Kansas City.
A firefighter sent it to me.
God bless him.
I have FEMA in a classroom of cops and firefighters and sheriff's deputies say, quote, Thomas Jefferson towards Washington are terrorists.
I beg your pardon.
I saw that, and you're correct.
Yeah, all Christians are terrorists.
And then I have their training manual they handed out.
All gun owners are terrorists.
Anyone that says they're a defender of the U.S.
Constitution is a terrorist.
I've been at a checkpoint and said...
You can't do it.
Fourth Amendment.
I've seen the cops step back, put their hand on their gun.
They've been trained.
If somebody talks about Constitution, that that's terrorist, and then I have them arresting Abby Newman, a woman with no criminal record, Navy veteran, at a checkpoint.
We're talking about the Fourth Amendment.
They arrest her and then find a pocket Constitution and debate whether it's legal or not.
Now, how insane is that?
Well, I don't know if it's insane, but I'd like to see one of them arrest me for such a thing, because I'd have their home.
You know, you've got to learn this.
We've got to sue these people.
But, John, how does a police officer swear an oath to the Bill of Rights and Constitution and then arrest a woman on the side of the road?
We have the video out of the squad car, their audio microphones, meant to frame us, caught them, saying, is this legal, and they discuss it.
I mean, how did they not know if the Constitution's legal?
Alex, when I got out, I wasn't taught anything about the Constitution in the police academy.
I was told in the police academy that whether the law is right or not is none of our business.
That's up to the legislature.
They're the ones that changed the law.
That's just like when they tell juries.
Now, when I went in to raise my hand to take the oath,
The knowledge I had about the Constitution you could put in a thimble.
All I did was go through the ceremony raising my right hand and saying I do like we were told to do.
And that's about it.
When I got stopped for one of these seatbelt tickets I started talking the Constitution to the police and I talked about first off I said because some people are exempt from the seatbelt that it makes it
Unconstitutional as to the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.
He says, well, I understand that, sir.
He says, but we're acting under federal law, and federal law supersedes state law.
See, a state following the seatbelt is also about federalization.
Well, that's correct.
I said, but wait a minute.
I said, federal law does not supersede state law.
There's no overlap.
None whatsoever.
He says, oh, I beg your pardon.
There is.
I said, where?
He says, well, I don't have time to argue that.
I tried to engage him through letters, but he wouldn't take the bait to be taught.
But they're told that federal law supersedes state law, and that's the biggest fake there is.
It does not supersede.
It's fallacious.
John Kottmeyer, I want to talk about a few news stories, and I want to talk about some of the solutions in your book.
Let's take two final calls real quick from Roger and Spencer.
Roger in Pennsylvania, quickly, you're on the air.
Yeah, thanks, gents.
Of course, it sounds, John, like you came up against invincible ignorance there.
That's correct.
Hey, I won't be two minutes unless you want to carry it further or can't keep your interrupt the bus in neutral, in which case I'll call back another day, Alex.
Hey, hold on.
What did you just say?
I said unless you want to carry it further or can't interrupt the bus in neutral, in which case I'll call back.
Well, I'll just let you go now, Roger.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Spencer in Ohio.
Go ahead, Spencer.
Yes, sir, Alex.
I'd like to remind you and everyone that 2004 is the Masonic year, according to Whitaker's British Almanac, and Aaron Burr was a Tory, and he's related to the Bush family through the Skull and Bones bloodline.
And at least Alexander Hamilton wanted Congress to coin our money rather than have Greenspan transfer our wealth to strange lands in a money laundering scheme thanks to the Patriot Act.
Well, I don't know.
I don't know if Alexander Hamilton had anything to do with the Patriot Act or the coining of our money.
I know.
I think he's being a little sarcastic.
Is that what he's saying?
And back in 1941, Churchill and Stalin signed a mutual agreement pact.
It was FDR catatonic.
That was this week in 1941.
All right.
Yes, sir.
Anything else, Spencer?
Yeah, did Hitler have a shrink from Harvard?
Okay, sir.
Thanks, Spencer.
Kind of unusual calls there at the end.
And to Roger, yes, I know I jump in a lot and add points, because if I don't, later I'll forget about them.
This is the most popular show on the network.
Yes, I listen to my own rebroadcast.
I do interrupt sometimes.
And I expect somebody to interrupt me if they want.
I keep callers on longer than anybody else does.
So in between the eruptions, time total, you get more time than on any other show probably on average.
I just don't want personal comments, little petty jokes.
My show is not about that.
You want to be serious about something, I understand.
I appreciate your call and everything, and I don't mean to get mad at you.
I'm very tired.
I work very hard.
And, yes, I've been jumping in because I want to hit a lot of different points and bring all the different points in so people who are listening for the first time understand what we're dealing with.
John Kottmeyer, other areas that you think are places we should focus on in this fight?
Well, we have to go to where the power comes from for the Federalists.
And what we have to do is get people to understand that these things have to be removed.
The One Worlders circumvented the Constitution with entitlements.
And they did this through treaty laws.
People have to understand how these things work so they don't,
They got the American people to enslave themselves through Social Security by making application for the number.
Because Social Security only applies to non-resident aliens, foreigners, through a treaty law.
So once they got the American people to apply and become part of the system, that gave them the right voluntarily to circumvent the Constitution with all these entitlements.
And then they grew on these entitlements
To enslave them.
Now, another way that they enslaved the American people is through zoning.
Well, John, let me just forget into zoning.
Let me just add something to what you just said, a case point example.
Bill Clinton got up on MTV, and I have his quote in my book, Ascent to Tyranny, and he said, well, these people in housing projects aren't under the Bill of Rights, so we can search all their homes without a Fourth Amendment warrant because they took something from the government.
Is that what you're saying?
That's exactly what I'm saying.
It's entitlements.
There's a rule of law that says that a beneficiary has no standing against his benefactor.
And that goes back to the sharecropping laws.
That's correct.
I mean, so once they say that you're building credits towards benefits by paying that tax, which is voluntary for citizens, and you just bill for those benefits, that doesn't mean that you have a right to those benefits.
You just can apply for those benefits.
So it's just like now they're creating something new that in 10 years they'll think you're crazy if you argue with it.
We've got to fight it now where you go to jail for not wearing a seatbelt and they come to you with a form and say, please sign here, which is on the news, and then you admit to a bunch of crimes that they know you didn't do.
It's a standard form.
Well, if everybody starts doing it, they'll claim, because everybody's ignorant, oh, this is just the way we do it.
Well, that's right.
It's the same way with zoning.
I built my house without a zoning permit.
So you get into how zoning's a big part of the tyranny.
Oh, yeah.
And I was a home builder, right?
So this is 1975.
The state's attorney here in the county filed an action against me.
And so before we go to court, I had a preliminary hearing.
I told them I wanted a jury, etc., etc., etc.
So then they had a Freda hearing where the judge asked me if I wanted a lawyer to represent me, and I told him, oh, no.
I said, you know, I think I'm capable of representing myself.
I don't think wild horses should keep me out of the courtroom.
Stay there.
We'll finish the story.
Plug your bug.
Throw a couple news articles out at you, John Kottmeyer.
I want to thank all the listeners, all the callers, all the affiliates, the folks running the show, our sponsors, and the people that fund this network.
We'll be back with John Kottmeyer in the final segment.
Stay with us.
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All right, John Kottmeyer, founder of Save the Patriot Fellowship, the website save-a-patriot.org, or link through it in fullwars.com.
Finishing up your story that you were getting into with zoning that your book covers.
I built a house without a permit, and they charged me with it.
So the
The judge gave a ferretta hearing where, you know, they asked if I wanted to have a lawyer, and I said, no, I'll handle it myself.
And that was in 1975.
The judge said to me as I left the room, okay, I'm going to set the case in 19 days.
I said, fine, Judge.
Well, all the worse, it's going to keep me out of the courtroom.
In 1979, we went over and looked and seen it was now processed in 1977.
Because they didn't want me going in and explaining to a jury about zoning and how it's unconstitutional.
Now, for those that don't know, they're moving ahead with this with incredible tyranny.
They claim because it's a misdemeanor or a petty civil matter, you, quote, can't have a jury now, which is a fraud.
Of course, John can teach you how to do that and get a jury.
They now have the National Association of Counties, Cities, Governors, Water Districts, and they're unifying the zoning laws and putting incredible draconian stuff into it.
Well, you know, the zoning laws all came from the Rockefeller University of Chicago.
They've been canned there for years.
And they start out there and go to all the counties, and they have these county administrators who all go to school there to be taught about zoning laws.
The whole thing is part of the one world government.
Get people used to being told what to do with their property.
It's feudalism or serfdom.
Of course, it's conditioning.
The American people, they've been conditioned over the years.
You know, Gordon Liddy wrote a book, When I Was a Boy, America Was Free.
And a lot of the things in that book I can relate to because I was born then.
He talks about walking down the street with a gun and nobody paid any attention to you when you were a young boy.
I did those things.
Same thing with my dad, and this was just in the early 60s.
He'd walk right in with a shotgun to school and stick it in his locker.
Hey, let me tell you something.
Right after the war was over, I was still in elementary school.
I was 1945.
I was 11 years old.
And they had a junkyard down the street from us which was full of war material.
Tanks, airplanes, everything.
And I used to go down there and get around back and climb over the fence, you know, and rip my pants on the barbed wire getting over there.
Get into the tanks and turn the turrets.
We had guns.
You know, you found lugers in the glove boxes and all.
We had handguns.
I got on a streetcar and went to school with a bazooka and a bazooka shell in my hand.
Nobody even paid any attention to me.
I showed it to my friends.
And everybody had their doors open at night, and you didn't have all these shootings.
That's correct.
I mean, people paid no more attention to that.
They knew I wasn't going to use that.
John Kottmeyer, I'm going to want to get you back up on the show to talk about law, to talk about cases, to talk about how to respond.
In the next week or two, call me back or I'll call you.
I want to get you on for a couple of hours and let you talk about the law and get into details on that.
People can link through to your great website and get your new book.
Thanks for coming on today.
Well, I'd like to make an announcement before we go off, if I may.
On September 27th in Lexington, Massachusetts, we're going to have a book signing up there in a conference, which will also have...
Along with myself would be Peter Kershaw and Pastor Garrett Lair.
If anybody's interested.
All right, and there's information on Save a Patriot about that.
Thanks for joining us, John.
Okie dokie.
God bless you.
We'll have you back up on the show soon.
I miss having John Kottmeyer on.
I'm out of time.
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