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Air Date: July 10, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
It is Thursday, the 10th of July, 2003.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
Coming up later in the show, I have one of the chief neocons coming on the broadcast, one of the big spin doctors, one of the co-opters of the conservative movement in this country.
In fact, if you tune in to talk radio, whether it's a local show or a national show, they're all telling you that, well, Bush is okay.
Yeah, he wants your guns, but go ahead and turn them in.
It's the conservative thing to do.
Well, the Patriot Act doesn't take any of your rights.
Those lying liberals, you know, they...
I think?
We're good to go.
Or Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, all of them.
They'll tell you that Bush is a conservative despite the fact that all the evidence, the actions, not the rhetoric, point in the opposite direction.
And they've pacified a lot of people.
So when conservatives hear this show for the first time and
I talk about what the Patriot Act does to their liberties.
They're not going to check out the subsections and find out I'm telling the truth.
They're just going to say, Well, Sean Hannity said that that was a lie, and I believe him.
We're fighting Al-Qaeda.
Yeah, right.
The government is Al-Qaeda, people.
So that's coming up today.
We have a couple other guests too, but we'll just announce the guests when they come on with us because I don't want to... Sometimes when I have a neocon coming on and we talk about it, then they end up not coming on the show.
So we'll just sit back and enjoy that today.
The Trojan horses.
I'm going to have more of the Trojan horses on this show.
An endless parade of them.
Now remember...
They said there wasn't a Patriot Act.
Didn't exist.
A Patriot Act 2.
Now they admit there is a Patriot Act 2.
And they said that Patriot Act 1 didn't affect citizens and wasn't for misdemeanors and that it would only be used in terror cases.
And now the official Justice Department statement to the Congress says it will be used for all crimes against all citizens.
But in the car this morning...
I went and did my daily exercise, swam for about an hour early this morning.
Driving back from the YMCA, I am listening to talk radio and traffic and flipping through the channels, and they were all saying that weapons of mass destruction have been found.
Don't listen to lying liberals, as the president admits they lied.
But still, the false reality continues that I heard other stations, two other stations, Patriot Act doesn't take your rights, the lying liberals, Bush isn't trying to take your guns, that's a lie.
I mean, it's basically the liberals posing as conservatives telling you how conservative they are.
That's what we've arrived at here.
I don't want to spend too much time on that.
Bush says troops must stay the course in Iraq, despite the fact that more were killed last night.
Iraqi police tell U.S.
troops to get out of town, but they're all going to die.
They're saying that it's going to cause the troops and the police to get killed.
Now Rumsfeld says he never said the war was about weapons of mass destruction.
Of course, I have him on video dozens of times saying it, but hey, you don't have memories out there, so he's a neocon.
Ha, ha, ha.
Iraq war, not about new arms evidence, Rumsfeld said.
We'll get to his statements from yesterday.
And we'll talk about how the White House says they never said Niger sold nuclear weapons parts.
Well, they never said that in the State of the Union.
Americans, are you fed up with Big Brother watching you like a hawk?
Have you ever asked yourself why you're being tracked, categorized, numbered, classified, registered, and licensed by the government?
Would you like to make your assets vanish before the eyes of those who want to grab them, but still have them safe and sound?
How about operating a business in a way that makes earnings tax-exempt?
Maybe you'd like to be lawsuit-proof.
Well, there is a way.
And it protects your stuff from greedy lawyers, grasping relatives, and the government, especially the IRS.
It's a unique instrument valid everywhere in the world where the right to contract is accepted, which has protected Americans for over 230 years and is specifically guaranteed by the U.S.
You don't have to go offshore to do it either.
This is safe, secure, and domestic.
To get full details, and I do mean full details, get on the Internet and go to either puretrust.com or puretrust.net.
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We're good to go.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
Well, so does he.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
In the third hour today, I have one of the chief neocons coming on the show.
One of the top Trojan horses ever.
One of the technicians there to pacify real conservatism and to sell you the sugar-coated cyanide tablet of the New World Order that is the neocon, big government, gun grab, open border, police state promoting fraud.
We're going to have more and more of these slimy creatures on the show so that I can crush them in front of you and show you that they are frauds.
Because when you hear them on the air, it's all about how stupid Hillary is, how dumb her voice is, how mindless she is, how goofy Jesse Jackson is, what a liar he is.
Just endless mindless diversions about low-level puppets of the New World Order who, by the way, vote almost identically with President Bush.
I mean, right down the line with precision.
Expanding government, gun grabbing, arming our enemies, destroying our liberties and freedoms, creating new bureaucracies.
But there's lots of rhetorical chicken fights that go on on the surface.
And they talk about it just endlessly.
It's a sport.
It's a mindless, gladiatorial enjoyment.
I think.
I think.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, that's who I am just blown away by.
And they're all over the place.
I mean, anybody you see on Fox or CNN that's the supposed conservative who's on there all the time is a big government, destruction of America pushing hemp of the crime syndicate known as the New World Order.
That's what they are.
That's what they're about.
And they'll tell you there's no Patriot Act II.
They'll tell you Patriot Act I doesn't take your liberties, doesn't affect citizens, bald-faced lies.
They will tell you, Bush, isn't after your guns, or okay, maybe we should have some gun control.
They'll tell you open borders is, well, kind of a bad thing, but ah, so what, nothing you can do about it.
Hey, let's talk about Hillary's haircut for two hours.
Here, buy my half-baked book at a five-year-old reading level.
Let's not talk about any real issues.
And the neocons are still all over the airwaves saying they found weapons of mass destruction, the lying liberals, the lying liberals,
And then Bush jumped off script for them, but that's okay.
Their listeners don't have any long-term memories because they're so brainwashed.
Their listeners are ultra-liberals and think they're conservatives.
So that's the mind control here, folks.
They think they're free from their little Nazis.
Bush says troops must stay the course.
In Iraq, President Bush said on Thursday, repeated attacks on U.S.
troops in Iraq meant they had to remain tough and stay the course.
Of course, Bush didn't stay the course.
He spent
About half a year there at the International Garden, was there off and on.
The last year just ran off completely and, of course, was driving around drunk on whiskey and marijuana and other things at the time with his hippie hair and his sandals going after the cocktail waitresses.
But he'd like you to stay the course.
There's no question we've got a security issue in Iraq.
Bush told reporters in a meeting with Botswana President
And he goes, we're going to have to deal with it person by person.
We're going to have to remain tough.
Two U.S.
soldiers were killed in separate attacks in Iraq late on Wednesday.
One when a convoy came under small arms fire and the other in a rocket-propelled grenade attack.
The deaths bring to 31.
The number of U.S.
soldiers killed by hostile fire since Bush declared major combat over in the Iraq on May 1st.
Hussein calling on Iraqis to fight the occupation have surfaced in recent days.
And they're saying now it's Saddam.
It is Saddam.
The CIA says it.
Of course, the CIA said twice, we have killed him, we are sure.
And he's like this boogeyman they just keep bringing back probably 200 years from now.
Saddam attacked again.
A tree fell on my house.
Saddam did it.
My engine broke down.
It was Saddam.
Oh, a gas explosion blew up an apartment building.
Oh, that's bin Laden.
I've got cancer!
You know, it's just, oh, I've got a toothache!
Oh, that's Bin Laden again!
Or that's Saddam again!
The people don't like their women being raped and not being given health care and living in cardboard boxes and being machine-gunned when they have a march or demonstration or a wedding!
Of course, everyone loves it.
It's all Saddam secretly attacking.
He's everywhere.
He's like Goldstein, Big Brother's enemy, arch enemy, who's just unstoppable.
So Big Brother's going to have to enslave you to stop Goldstein.
I mean Saddam.
I mean bin Laden.
I mean, give me a break, folks.
They already flew Saddam out of the country.
It's all over the Arab newspapers.
Into Russia.
He's in Belarus.
They admit they paid off the Iraqi leadership in gold bars, dollars, and euros, and flew them out.
Many of them before the war even started, and then during the war.
And so that's why you just had a few people running around, you know, from Jordan and other countries who were there, who were kind of scattered everywhere.
I think?
Imagine, it's so powerful and so loving and so Christian to just have buses trying to escape and just opening fire with your howitzers and your DU and the warthogs splattering them.
All the photos of melted babies on the pavement.
Melted babies.
Oh, we're such heroes now.
You don't support the troops, you're a traitor.
He worked with Al-Qaeda!
No, I'm sorry, I'm not in business with Al-Qaeda like the President.
I'm sorry, I'm not.
I don't have all those ties, okay?
And by the way, I do support the troops.
You know, they got hit with sarin and VX in the first Gulf War when our government ordered the troops to blow up the evidence of what they'd sold Saddam.
That's now admitted.
And tens of thousands have died.
Yes, the numbers are in the tens of thousands.
Major university reports and studies.
The government's trying to shut those up, but they're out there.
And then they got hit by DU, and they sent this army chief over there, the scientist, to whitewash it.
He came back and said, no, they've got sores all over.
They're getting lung cancer.
It's deadly.
And they said, okay, you're fired.
But he's now gone back to Iraq and seen troops that have come out of the country in England and Australia and the U.S., and they've got the sores and the illness again.
Hey, it doesn't matter.
Support the troops.
That means don't care about them.
Just affix, festoon a plastic, desecrated American flag made by a Chinese slave on your car.
Mindlessly roll your eyes back in your head and be a neocon.
Hand your guns in.
Support the destruction of liberty and freedom.
Death of the West.
Open borders.
And you're a good neocon.
So you make me sick, but that's just what you are.
And then you've got your buddies, the Hillary Clintons and the Chuckie Schumers that you heard were against the war.
No, they voted for the war.
And it's all part of this paradigm where they hold up the puppet and go, oh, look, the Hillary is going to get you.
And you go, oh, and I'm for it.
It's just absolutely amazing.
So Bush says troops must stay the course in Iraq, and an average of two and a half troops are dying a day.
And they say it's a five-year occupation.
So, I don't know.
If this keeps up, we're going to have about a few thousand dead in the next five years.
Two a day, 365 days in a year, and then add it up, a couple thousand there.
And here is another one.
Iraq police tell U.S.
troops, get out of town.
These are the police they trained.
Iraqi police in Fajala threaten to...
Resign on Thursday unless the U.S.
forces that trained them left town, saying the presence of U.S.
troops endangered their lives.
More than 100 members of the new U.S.-backed force reside in the town about 30 miles west of Baghdad after a police station and municipality building came under attack overnight by guerrillas firing rocket-propelled grenades.
There were no reports of fatalities.
It goes on, we have the ability to protect these sites...
Said the town's police chief.
The presence of American endangers us.
We asked the Americans more than a month and a half ago to leave.
Well, they said before the war they were going to stay five years.
And it's part of the cynical plan to get our troops killed, to have a breakdown of society, to not bring order in, so there's an excuse to keep the place in third world squalor.
All they care about is guarding the oil pumps.
Out of a few troops die a day or a hundred a day, our government could care less.
All the better.
I understand how it is to be a neocon.
I'm beginning to learn just how good it is to be one.
Oh, yes.
Oh, and I'm going to believe Rumsfeld now.
I don't have hundreds of video clips, hundreds of his administration, dozens of Rumsfeld, hundreds of news articles where he said it was about weapons of mass destruction and what he was hiding, but it doesn't matter.
It's double think.
I can be a neocon, too.
I can accept this new statement.
Iraq war, not about new arms evidence, Rumsfeld says.
And he went on to say, I have the text of it here, that it was never about weapons of mass destruction.
That's right.
It was never about it.
It wasn't about it.
I mean, folks, the lying is getting so bizarre.
It was like last year.
They go, tips program.
Yeah, we're going to watch it.
And a week later, the White House said, we never announced a tips program.
There is no tips program.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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So, the neocons are still on the air.
They are the most ultra-liberal, un-American...
Greedy, sinister creatures ever known.
They are the knife to slit the throat of America, held by the globalists, held by the David Rockefellers.
And they are out in the open telling us that, I still hear them every day, I monitor talk radio, why Saddam had mass graves, Saddam nerve-gassed his own people, we found these weapons mobile trucks, Africa sold them uranium.
I heard them saying that it was true yesterday.
Well, the president can say this if he wants.
That's because the source is still true.
By the way, the Patriot Act doesn't take any of your rights.
I know you've heard them saying this.
And I know that most of our listeners have gone to Infowars.com, read my analysis of the Patriot Act, subsection by subsection, and then you've gone to the bill and looked it up yourself.
Because hundreds of you have called in over the last year and a half on this subject, Patriot Act I and now II, and brought up questions about subsections.
So I know you're reading it.
And I know you're finding stuff I didn't find and educating me, and we're horrified and disgusted together as real conservatives, as real Americans.
But I'm telling you, at least Hillary Clinton, we know she's a lying scumbag.
We know she's a degenerate.
We know she's a traitor.
We know she's evil.
We know she wants to disenfranchise Americans and tax and spend and bring us into the New World Order.
But she can't get it done because America, the majority of Americans, Hispanic, black, white, doesn't matter, northerner, southerner, westerners, are bedrock conservatives.
But you're all being led by a bad shepherd that's really a big fat wolf called the neocon.
And I know I rant probably once a week, maybe twice a week about the neocons, but all they talk about is Hillary Clinton.
I mean, I'm sick of it.
She is a diversion, a tar baby.
While they stab you in the back, folks, and they make me so sick.
So, again, we're going to get all the neocons on.
We're lining them all up.
A bunch of the neocons are already scheduled.
We've got one scheduled today, a big one, one of the biggest and most disgusting ones, and then one of the most evil, and I will confront them.
And you may have been so brainwashed, you may think you're on board with what we're doing here, you may think you're informed.
You may be shocked that I attacked your little darling.
It just shows how liberal you are, how brainwashed you are.
We got a president who called for a new world order.
We got a president who says he'll sign the assault weapons ban.
We got a president who's blocking Dan Burton's committee going after Bill Clinton.
I don't want to hear the neocons talk about Bill Clinton ever again.
They're protecting him!
It's a red herring!
I mean, they're running scams.
Democrats were all involved in Enron, too.
Fake energy trading systems, Cheney involved in it, no bids allowed, $7 million contract in Iraq, $20 a month to the Iraqis, and they work in the oil fields.
That's slavery, folks.
We've reinstituted modern slavery.
They make them wear RFID badges.
By the way, we talked about it on Tuesday and on Monday, Monday and Tuesday, and had guests on Tuesday and yesterday and Wednesday.
About the RFIDs and Walmart and the secret documents of the Department of Defense and Ridge that Caspian got off their website through a security hole that was gaping.
Well, guess what?
It's now all admitted in the Washington Post today.
So you'll hear it here days, weeks, months, years before it's splattered in the headlines with a spin on it.
But what about this?
I mean, how dumb do you have to be?
How mindless do you have to be out there to not know Rumsfeld is a congenital liar of Bill Clinton proportions?
The only difference is the neocons would call Bill Clinton a lie.
Iraq war, not about new arms evidence, Rumsfeld says.
This is from CBC out of Canada, but choose your article.
There's like 50 of them I've seen today.
Funny, Rumsfeld, you wrote...
In 1998, America needed a huge terrorist attack, as big or bigger than Pearl Harbor, to get imperial mobilization, these are quotes, for a new world order.
Brzezinski had the exact same words in his 1998 book.
You had your little meetings, put your policy reports out.
You said Saddam is not a threat, but a terror attack would be a pretext to get the national resources and use Iraq as a new base of operations.
So, I don't know.
I mean, it's like having Jeffrey Dahmer confess what he's done and tell the cops how he cut the people up, and then the news says, oh, Jeffrey Dahmer didn't do it.
I mean, we have the confessions, people.
And the neocons are running around going, going, going.
Oh, no.
It's a lie.
It's a lie.
It's a lie.
The liberals.
The liberals.
The liberals all voted for this dirty war.
No, Clinton took over Serbia.
They're taking over new countries every couple years.
It doesn't matter who's in there.
So stop acting like that, neocons.
You're lying.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Andrew, Peter, Jim, and others, your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
The toll-free number to join me on air today is Thursday edition, the 10th of July, 1-800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
I do have a big fat neocon coming on the show later that I will...
I will disembowel with their own lies against them, their own spin against them, and also we have another guest as well.
We'll announce those when they come up.
Bush says troops must stay the courts in Iraq.
Remember, he ran off from his duty AWOL for anyone else.
He ran off to the parties from his Air National Guard situation.
The whole year just didn't show up, didn't...
Didn't bother to file any paperwork, nothing, but I guess when you're the CIA director's son, you can do whatever you want.
Bush says troops must stay the course in Iraq.
Iraqi police that have been trained by the USA, they've got to pull out or they're all in danger, I agree.
But the globalists don't care about the troops.
And again, Rumsfeld says it was never about weapons of mass destruction, never about new ones they hadn't found.
I thought that's what it was all about.
And they've been caught, again, making up fake Niger-Africa documents, making up weapons truck documents, making up bakeries turn into bioweapons labs.
It's just all lies, all lies.
And Hillary Clinton and Chuckie Schumer voted for all this, of course.
They're with the neocons.
There's no separation.
Another headline here, White House lied about Saddam threat.
Former U.S.
intelligence official, conservative of the Bush administration,
In the build-up to the Iraq war, accused the White House yesterday of lying about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein.
The claims came as the Bush administration was fighting to shore up its credibility among a series of anonymous government leaks over its distortion of U.S.
intelligence to manufacture a case against Saddam.
By the way, we knew before the Iraq attack, number two, that we talked about it on air, that everybody knew, it had been in the news, that those nuclear weapons documents were fakes made up by the British.
Just like the dossier written 12 years ago by graduate students, just like the weapons trucks sold by the British to Saddam, they had the serial numbers.
They sold it to them.
It's a standard balloon pump, a hydrogen pump for filling the dirigibles.
But I hear the neocons.
I heard them yesterday still announcing they found the weapons trucks.
They found the weapons trucks.
Don't listen to the liberals.
They'll lie to you.
The liberals?
You are the liberals, to use your own stupid term.
You're the command and control people.
And then the news from there gets even crazier.
This is from BBC.
It's from the Cape Times out of South Africa.
And, yes, online there's even video clips of this.
Did you know that they rounded up masses of people and put them in sports stadiums at gunpoint?
The massive protest against Bush.
And then our news, when he was there, and they're still not showing it, showed Bush and everyone loving him.
And you saw them all week long.
It turns out they've done this in two countries now.
They round people up, arrest them, or the news just doesn't show the protest.
And then they say, oh, everyone loves it.
Everyone loves it.
They're all holding up signs with pictures of Bush with a Hitler mustache.
They're not stupid.
They won't accept the AIDS money for more vaccines to help them when in many African countries four out of ten people have it.
They won't take the genetically modified food.
No, thank you.
I guess they don't have neocons on talk radio.
They're lying about how good...
The Transgenic Cropstar, the Pharmacological Cropstar, the wonderful Texas company, ProteGene, that put AIDS virus in corn and planted it in 96 locations.
By the way, before you roll your eyes out there, I just can't get on the air and name a Texas company and say they put AIDS virus in corn, okay?
I'd be sued off the air within minutes.
I've been saying it for a year since the news article came out in the Associated Press.
Just because you didn't hear about it doesn't mean it's true.
And yes, it's insane.
Yes, it's horrible.
I wish it was a lie.
But it's true.
We're living in absolute fruitcake land, people.
They're building giant camps for you and your family.
I've been inside of them.
I've got video of them.
I've got sit-in hearings about them.
Oh, this is what happens when I exercise in the morning instead of night.
I'm pretty fired up here.
I'm sorry.
I just can't handle it anymore.
This is out of the Cape Times.
Senegal rounds up, in quote, bad guys to protect Bush.
Senegal police have been rounded up more than 1,000 known lawbreakers.
See, this is an article all for it, but other articles I have say it's anybody protesting.
To improve security around the visit to Senegal of United States President George Bush and his 600-strong troop,
The guy has a British accent, people.
He's as blue blood as it gets, and I'm not bashing you if you're British.
I'm saying these are elite British families, well-known, admitted.
Reuters reported he's related to Queen Elizabeth very closely.
Both of them are.
The walkers, the bushes, the entire dirty family, they could go back and declare title lands there.
And I've got to sit here as a, I don't know, is it 7th or 8th generation?
A family came into Texas in 1829, got land grants in 1830.
I've got to sit here, and I've got to watch him stand in front of hay bales.
And they admit, hay bales, tractors, it's all fake.
On a stage, folks, I mean...
Oh, boy.
It's hard to deal with.
Look, I'm going to get to other news here in a second.
It goes on and on.
But right now, let's go to the calls.
Andrew in Ohio, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
They want to turn our government here into, like, the South African government.
Oh, yeah, that's it.
That's how they want us to live.
You heard him round up something that...
It says, the roundup, a term no doubt familiar to the Texan Bush on Saturday night, was collaboration with U.S.
security agents of the country ahead of Bush's arrival.
Maybe Bush is going there to learn their police tactics, how to treat us during the police stops.
Well, that's what they do now.
If you have a protest or demonstration, there could be 50,000 peaceful people.
An aircraft lands, offloads 50 anarchists.
Mainstream news in Seattle, paid for by the Defense Department and Delta Force, commanding them.
They burn a trash can, hit a cop, then they retire to a building to be paid off publicly, and then they attack the peaceful protesters.
Oh, yeah, I got all nine of your films.
I got Police Day, too.
I saw how it all happened.
You've seen the police admit it, the video of it, the newscast admitting it, and the Seattle Weekly and Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
You've seen them admit Delta Force commanding the anarchists.
What's going on with that IRS case in Fort Worth, Texas?
I think John Stanton will be calling in with an update for us sometime today.
What's the name of the guy that... Dick Simcannon, owner of Arrow Custom Plastics.
He was part of the full-page ad in USA Today saying, show us the law and how do you make me a tax collector when it violates the Constitution to have indentured servitude?
Okay, his company's in Texas?
Yeah, it's in Fort Worth.
Okay, thanks a lot.
Thank you, Andrew.
Yes, yes.
Let's talk to Peter in Florida.
Peter, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, hi, Alex.
Yes, it doesn't stop, does it?
No, it doesn't stop.
The phoniness, the lies, the illusion.
They definitely must like something about this country to want full control over it so bad.
Or is it just they lack control?
Yeah, I think I found the first 911 incident in the United States.
It was in 1772.
There was a British man o' war that was chasing smugglers, theoretically.
That's how the story goes.
In Narragnesset Bay in June of 1772, this thing ran aground and then it said that a bunch of New Englanders set fire to it and burned it right down to the keel.
And of course then...
This was during the calm period.
The British had been active in Europe in their wars and hadn't been paying much attention to the colonies, and the people were pretty much enjoying their freedoms.
So they set up an investigation, and just like this 9-1-1, nothing came out of it.
They couldn't find anybody who burned the royal ship down.
Let me find it here where it says they were worried about the other...
The commissions that they had set up were going to infringe on all manner of their rights and all other kinds of things in the colonies.
There was a 1920 bombing at the New York Stock Exchange, and even PBS basically admits that financiers did the bombing to get control.
Yeah, I remember reading that somewhere, too.
Very loving people.
Yeah, so this is an old system.
Oh, yeah, Nero...
His own family was converting to Christianity.
The more Christians they murdered in the arena, the more people stood up because of the apropos nature of the Christians and their stoic nature.
And so Nero later bragged in his own histories that he came up with a crafty plan to burn down a large area of Rome in the Greek quarter to blame it on the Christians.
And, yeah, it did work for a while.
And so one of the precursors of the Caesar, and I forget all the Roman names, forgive me folks, but I've read the history many times, it'll pop in my head in a second, said, I will start a fire brigade.
And of course they were militarized enforcers.
They wore blue.
They were the runner-up to the Praetorian.
That grew out of firefighters.
And then...
The Roman lords got caught setting fires, and then they would say, you've got to pay us protection money or we'll set fire to your palace or your neighborhood.
And then you notice the Italian mob today, that was one of their favorite scams, pay us protection or we'll burn down your grocery store.
So the more things change, the more they stay the same, Bud.
Yeah, you know, they don't forget these things.
They must keep records of all these incidents and study them and go over them.
And now with the...
Yeah, they run scenarios, all of this is admitted.
Yeah, and what about these concentration camps, all the foreign forces in Mexico, the Chinese, the
Sir, I've been to concentration camps.
I've got Marines that are trying to put you in them long before 9-1-1.
I've got video of them.
I've got Senate hearings.
I've got Sacramento B, AP, Reuters, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Austin American-Statesman, Fox News locally.
It's all in my films.
Just here are the camps.
They're good for you.
Ha, ha, ha.
We've got incinerators at them.
We can't show them to you, but don't worry.
We've got incinerators.
That's the Rocky Mountain News.
I know.
With mass graves all designated around the sites.
I posted it probably 20 times on the main page.
Every time I do, I get emails that I'm a liar.
Then I post it and they apologize.
They email me freaking out.
What do I do?
You know, Alex, I heard you a while ago.
You said that...
You make your money pretty much on selling these tapes.
And I tell people to make copies of them.
Yeah, I have done that.
I watch PBS and they always say send in donations.
Well, I've never had the money to donate like that.
But when you said that's how we can support your show, right away your show is the only thing I've ever found of any value.
So I gave you that exchange.
I bought all your tapes.
And, of course, you know, I run into people that are working over here that live out across the other side of the state.
I give them a copy of, you know, a bunch of the movies on one tape.
And so they head out to Tampa and up to New Jersey.
They go all over the place.
Well, Peter, Peter, I want to thank you because, because...
You do fund us, and we've gotten to the point where I had to hire more people, I had to get a bigger office, and it's hard because I won't turn the show into an infomercial, and then the show has really grown, and the network provides it, the stations pick us up, and then exchange, advertisement, that's how the network deal works, but for my staff and my business, this is how we fund our operation, and I want to thank you for the support, Peter.
Okay, you're welcome.
More than happy to do that.
I heard you say something about you were worried about the Federal Reserve Bankers, that's my interpretation, setting loose a terrorist attack on the 4th of July.
No, they said that.
I said I didn't know that would happen.
They put out a lot of fake terror alerts.
All right, well, we know they're only going to do it when our kids are in school.
You know, they've been training for that.
Well, the big one, yeah, according to the Red Alert and the Washington Post and the...
Gazette News Service out of New Jersey, they said we're, quote, enemies and we leave our homes.
Our children will be taken to undisclosed locations.
And I have the Associated Press as early as 99, it's in the takeover, where they say FEMA was running this plan.
I know.
So we can't trust them.
We can't open up the school year.
Now, you know, if you want to open up the revolution, that would be a good way to do it, is to not go along with the next school year.
That would open up a whole panacea of questions and investigations.
Well, there's already, it's gone from one million five years ago to two million a year ago to three million kids homeschooling this year, this last school year.
The way it's growing, the exodus, they are panicking.
That's why they're trying to shut that down.
Thanks for the call, Peter.
Appreciate the call.
Jim in D.C.
Welcome, sir.
Hey, how are you?
I'm listening to you on the feedback line through the phone.
I'm not in your time zone.
I'm in D.C.
Oh, so you listen to us when it re-airs at night.
Yeah, but I just called now because I knew you would be on the studio, and they said you were taking calls.
Yeah, that's fine.
You can listen to us.
We're on, what, 7 to 9 there in Washington, D.C.
So if anybody listens to stations that re-feed, and we have more that re-feed than carry us live, you can always call them when we're live.
Go ahead.
So, a while back, I was listening when you changed up to your seven time zone.
And you were quite up to... I'm new to your program, as I said, the only other time I've spoken to you and don't know you well enough to know what your feelings are, your personal feelings, you know.
And you were very upset.
You were talking about being ended up putting a meat grinder.
And I heard people calling in, you know, saying, Alex, no, no, no.
And then last night, I was happy to hear you in a...
The same degree of concern and commitment to everything.
You told me a little more about your personal life story on the air.
But you were not in that manner of upset that you were.
And that day that you were saying those things, I wanted to reach out and say, Hey, I have just met you and I love you for what you're doing, brother.
And you yourself say it.
If you stand up and you do it and you talk and you stay up front, it's not going to happen.
It doesn't mean it's not an absolute guarantee.
But I do believe you're having a big effect.
And I guess that was why I'm calling today.
I'm going to take a bus over to Georgetown.
And I'm on the bus, and I grabbed the Washington Times and was looking at it.
And Rummy's on the front page doing the dance that you're just talking about.
And I read a few lines, and I laughed out loud.
I'm a 58-year-old guy.
The guy sitting across from me, the Georgetown bus at this hour, it's a small little bus, only 40 people on it maybe.
And I'd say he was 26, 27 years old.
He said, ridiculous, isn't it?
He didn't even ask me what I was laughing about.
You know what I'm saying?
He knew exactly what it was.
We talked a little bit on the bus.
He said, I can't believe that they're doing this.
This is a young guy.
He's on his way to his university thing, and you would assume he was one that was already getting swept up into their con games.
Stay there, Jim.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're talking to Jim in D.C.
And this is happening more and more.
People just already are thinking the same things.
And he's on a bus reading where Rumsfeld says it was never about weapons of mass destruction, never about Saddam having them or hiding them.
And he was laughing out loud.
And then somebody across the row from him said, yeah, it's ridiculous, isn't it?
I mean, this is ridiculous.
I mean, yes, Bill Clinton was a horrible liar, but compared to Rumsfeld and Bush and the rest of them, he's nothing.
And besides, they're all puppets.
They're not running anything.
They're just minions of this military-industrial complex.
Continuing, Jim, you had another point you wanted to make.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, that was exactly what it is.
And I tell you, people don't know Washington.
They think of it as a conglomerate thing.
It, like other moderately big cities, is a series of neighborhoods.
You know what I'm saying?
And my family's from here just about the same amount of time that your family's from where they are in Texas.
So next summer, as the political campaign comes in, I'm telling you, I absolutely know, because some people like to... A buddy of mine, a writer and lecturer, he was up in Baltimore at some event, and he started talking.
He was talking about this historical thing, and he said when he called for questions, the kids wanted to talk about Alex Jones.
And I had turned him on to it.
He didn't even know, you know what I'm saying?
So it sort of happens.
I know you can have an effect.
I know that this is having an effect.
And if by next summer you can be in that slot where you can get to these people sort of where they live, government workers coming in and out, you know what I'm saying, it will be very powerful.
All of what you're doing is powerful.
And the last thought is I will write you a letter and give you my snail mail.
If there's something I can do up here for you, I'll be happy to do it.
And I appreciate your concern about your herbivores.
And when you talk about them,
Being fed this crushed bone and stuff, I know that you love them and appreciate the relationship between God, man, earth, and animal.
I'm going to run and listen to you tonight.
Thanks a lot.
Stay well, Alex.
All right.
Thanks a lot, Jim and D.C.
Of course, he's talking about how they feed meat products to herbivores like cows, and then it causes mad cow disease.
Well, no kidding.
You're not supposed to feed meat, much less rotten meat, to cows.
We're going to break and come back and talk to Dan and Jason and W and others that are patiently holding.
The toll-free number to get involved on air is 800-259-9231.
Now, I've talked a lot over the last five years how they're going to put thumb scanners in for kids to get their school lunches, train them for the cashless society and to get them into the system.
And retina scan.
And we told you it would be to control behavior.
Now they're doing that.
I have an article on this.
And, of course, this data is all put in your CPS file to make sure you're eating the right thing or maybe you need to be taken from your parents.
So talk about the control grid.
That's coming up.
And we do have several guests today.
As well, and more on the lies and corruption in the media, just a bunch of vital news in the second hour, but of course, first-year calls.
We're good to go.
Two hours, 40 minutes long.
It's really three 50-minute films together.
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If you order three or more of any of my nine films, they drop down to $20 apiece.
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Masters of Terror is part two of that.
My book, Descent into Tyranny, it's only $12.
Cover September 11th.
Get the films.
Make copies.
Get them out to people now.
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We'll be right back.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Here's the analogy.
We're going in against the Death Star and our snub fighters...
They've got the big guns in the media firing their lies and propaganda.
They've got their fighters in the air trying to intercept us, trying to erect new laws to destroy our liberties and freedoms.
We don't have a choice because the New World Order's attack system is orbiting the planet at maximum velocity, and our republic is the small moon on the far side.
And when the big gun gets around the planet, it's going to vaporize the republic.
And we've only, in the scale of time, got a few minutes here until it is cleared to fire.
So it doesn't matter, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going in full throttle at point-blank range in the Infowar against the enemy combatants, against the neocons, against the liberals, the servants of the New World Order.
I have a top neocon coming on in the next hour, the start of the next hour, about 58 minutes away.
You do not want to miss that.
I'm not going to announce it until the big fat neocon is on with us.
All right, good afternoon, Alex.
You like my analogy of the Death Star orbiting the planet?
Yeah, it was excellent.
I mean, you know, the more you do this, the more eloquent and you're able to describe things.
Sometimes I start laughing the way, just how you do it.
But because it's humorous to people who understand what's going on, the way you do that.
The call from Washington, D.C.
was excellent.
The people in Washington, D.C.
are very, very high level as far as educational skills.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And people come and go, and things change.
So these people are aware of how things are.
They understand it on a higher level, I think.
It's just that a lot of them get their income from the government in some way, so maybe that's a factor, too.
But anyway, last night on PBS, there was a very interesting program.
It was a reenactment of a 1962 Supreme Court case where Roosevelt...
I think?
We're good to go.
Professor of Law was sitting in as another third justice.
But very interesting because as this court case was being presented by the steel companies and then by the government, it came out in their talk.
Now, most people probably didn't understand this, but since I know what's going on, in my respect, I did.
But they talked about how the steel industry said, well, they're not fighting the constitutionality of the executive order, but how it was being enforced.
And the reason that this executive order was passed is because we were at war in Korea.
Well, it came out that we're not at war in Korea in this.
It's a conflict.
It's delegated through the United Nations.
All this was coming out in this trial.
It was very interesting.
And the steel industry pointed out how, not to make a point of this, it just came out of your arguments.
It came out that the United States was under, for the last 52 years,
Most of the 52 years was under emergency war powers.
And there they were admitting it on PBS.
Right in your face.
Martial law.
Thanks for the call.
More news, more calls.
Straight ahead.
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We're about to go back to Dan and Jason and Bob and Ron and many others that are patiently holding.
If you'd like to join us on air, it's 800-259-9231.
Let me jump into some of the other news first, and then we will get back into your calls.
Just recapping this because it's so big, I've got to talk about it again.
Iraq war, not about new arms evidence, Rumsfeld says, and it wasn't about Saddam trying to hide weapons of mass destruction.
Now, folks, he's on video at press conferences and press conferences saying he has weapons of mass destruction.
We know he's hiding them.
Look at this weapons truck.
Look at this report.
Oh, he tried to get uranium from Niger.
Bush said it was the State of the Union.
Now they're saying it was never so.
Now, I remember last year they said that there's the TIPS program, your cable guy, the phone man, they're all going to spy on you, your neighbors.
The neighborhood watch is going to be taken over by the federal government and Homeland Security.
And we read the TIPS program.
It was a subdirectory of Secure Corps that Bush wants to make mandatory national service.
And it said that they'd already taken over Neighborhood Watch and all these other groups under different names.
Now, after there was heat on the subject, a week later they said, we never proposed a TIPS program.
Those are exact words.
It was never a TIPS program.
They called it a conspiracy theory.
Ridge had said it out of his mouth, Ashcroft had.
They said a week later, we never said that.
And they said, oh, Dick Army got it derailed.
No, they just changed the name to Talon.
Operation Talon.
It's all part of the Total Information Awareness Network rolled into FEMA and continuity of government.
And by the way, it's for all misdemeanors, all crimes, guns, drugs, family violence, everything to catch you in the snares.
It's a national snitch force like East Germany.
So, it's a Stasi system.
So, I mean, they've gotten to the point where it's not just that they say Patriot Act 1 doesn't affect citizens, and that's a total lie.
Section 802, just one of the red flags and smoking guns.
It's not just saying there's no Patriot Act 2 after it's enrolled in the Senate under S-22.
It's not just that.
I mean, it's just we've never been at war with East Asia.
We've always been at war with East Asia.
So they're trying to practice the big lie, and the neocons and the liberals are covering up for them because they're all together in on this thing.
Well, it gets worse now.
Blair may let U.S.
try U.K.
They've got American citizens, Australian citizens, U.K.
Britons there.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is out of the Financial Times.
Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, may allow the U.S.
military trials of two U.K.
detainees in Mahanamo Bay to proceed because he fears it will be almost impossible to mount a successful prosecution in the U.K.
The Financial Times has learned.
Well, if you've got all this evidence, then why can't you get a conviction in the U.K.?
Or you're getting rid of juries as well.
It's all totally staged.
Anybody they've grabbed isn't real Taliban or al-Qaeda.
They flew out Taliban and al-Qaeda to safety on CIA C-130s.
Our troops that captured Taliban generals were ordered to release them.
That's all been in the news.
Mr. Blair has yet to decide whether to press the U.S.
to allow Mozambique and Berzaz Mbizi...
The two suspected al-Qaeda terrorists have faced trial in the U.K.
He is under mounting political pressure to do so.
163 members of Parliament, most of them from his own party, have signed a motion calling for him to push for repatriation.
The U.K.
government is concerned it could not get a British court to convict the man, according to Whitehall insiders.
The evidence that will be used in the U.S.
military tribunals will not be permitted under English law because of the way it has been obtained, admittedly through torture and through secret arrest.
Continuing, then I'll get to your calls.
report on 9-1-1 to be explosive.
The Miami Herald.
report on 9-1-1 to be explosive.
Government errors.
Saudi ties to terrorists among highlights.
Now, the Saudis just said, if you keep suing us and going after our banks, we're going to release the names of U.S.
banks at the center of 9-1-1.
A long-awaited final report on September 11, 2001.
Attacks will be released in the next two weeks.
Containing new information about U.S.
government mistakes, mistakes, and Saudi financing of terrorists.
Former Representative Tim Romer, who served on the House Intelligence Committee and who has read the report, said it will be highly explosive when it becomes public.
The staff director of the congressional investigation that produced the 800-page report, Eleanor Hill, said Wednesday that several lengthy battles with the Bush administration over how the secret data to be declassified has been resolved.
She expects the document to go to the government printing office late this week and then to be made public about a week later.
She expects the document, again, to go to the printing office later this week.
That'll be Friday and to come out sometime next week.
I remember when the U.N.
The Iraqi documents, 14,000 pages they handed over, 8,000 Special Forces troops, U.S.
troops went into the U.N.
building at gunpoint, took the document, excised 8,000 pages, and then released that.
Took the only two copies.
It later came out because the Iraqis had held back other copies and released them.
It was U.S.
and British and German and French companies, connections to the Bushes, the Clintons, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, all of them.
And then that got swept under the rug.
So, we have the Senate report by Alphonse D'Amato in 99 of Sharon VX, Botulism, Anthrax, West Nile, given to Saddam.
Romer, who is a member of the Independent Commission, Independent Commission, on September 11th, but not discussed to tell the report, he said he expects the public report to be comprehensive between intelligence officials who wanted to hold back data and congressional leaders and staffers who pressed for more disclosure.
So they're acting like it's going to have some damning evidence in it, when in reality, it's going to come out and just say, oh, we need more funding, we're kind of inept, sorry.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
In New York and D.C., ordered NORAD to stand down, that public officials like Mayor Willie Brown, John Ashcroft were told not to fly to New York that day, Source Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Times of London, on and on and on, insider trading by the CIA three days before.
Well, that's about 1% of the evidence that we put in Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, and Descent to Tyranny, the two films of the book about 9-1-1.
So you got that.
Oh, boy, there's a bunch of other news here, but let's go ahead and go to the calls as promised.
Dan in Illinois, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Too bad Rumsfeld couldn't... He started out with the truth as far as saying it's not about weapons of mass corruption.
Too bad they can't just go ahead and tell the truth and explain what they're doing.
We have a white paper published in 98 by him and Dick Cheney saying, quote, Saddam's not a threat.
He is a pretext for natural resources and a military base.
But anyway...
You know, these neocons, you've listened to these people calling.
Wouldn't you think like 90% of these people actually are not conned by them?
They're actually supporting them?
They screen calls.
If you call in and you're a Ron Paul Republican, a real conservative, you do not get on the air.
If you're a mindless idiot liberal who they can slap around to make the other side of the paradigm look good, the other treads on the tank, it's basically infighting within the system to make it look like there's an illusion of choice.
I mean, the people who actually do support him, you know, I think they're in one accord with him.
I think they really believe what they're saying.
It's not just a matter of wanting to believe the truth.
It's not just a matter of being conned.
Well, let me break this down for you.
You've got a lot of good conservatives that love America, and they couldn't believe what Bill Clinton did.
But Bill Clinton, as I said, was just a puppet.
He's a horrible puppet, but he was meant, as I said, the last few years of his office career,
That Bill Clinton was meant to drag the American side through the mud and to train us to accept corruption, Dan.
I'm going to let you go, Dan.
Thanks for the call.
He was meant to train us to accept corruption, to do all these horrible things.
The neocons told the truth, exposed the corruption of Bill Clinton, didn't talk about the sellout by Republicans with him, but would expose something legitimate.
Bill Clinton's bad.
He's a traitor selling us out missile secrets.
Clinton death list, Clinton drug dealing, Clinton pardoning of all these horrible people.
That was all accurate and real, so people got to be very trusting of the neocons.
Then the Trojan horse Bush comes in, and it's all a retread, a replay of isn't Hillary bad, isn't Clinton bad, when they don't really have any power, as a smokescreen to divert them off of what Bush is doing.
And that's why you see this happen.
Then they got up on the air and say, the liberals say the Patriot Act's bad.
The liberals say this, the liberals say that.
And then suddenly the whole real big government, what they would call liberal agenda, is being rammed through by Bush, and the neocon followers are in la-la land being conned.
It's good cop, bad cop.
Let's talk to Jason in California.
Go ahead, Jason.
Good morning, Alex Jones.
How are you doing today?
I just came back from a summer school Rocky Mountain trip,
We're good.
Well, certainly America had evils in its beginning and still today, but it had a better idea, a system of liberty that caused slavery to be abolished here and in other parts of the world.
And it's the best system there's been, and it guards against tyranny.
It's certainly not perfect.
And what the federal government did out west to the settlers, not letting them really own their land, and to the Indians, has ramifications today for Native Americans.
Anything else you'd like to add, Jason?
Um, no.
Oh, you're done?
Well, not really.
Stay there then.
We'll let you finish on the other side.
Don't hang up.
And I'll get to Bob, Ron, and others.
And we've got a guest coming on and a bunch of other news.
Kids retina scanning now to get their school lunches.
We'll be right back.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, let's go back to Jason.
Jason, you had a system set up in America where the individual is protected above the interest of the state or any criminal crime rings that set themselves up.
That didn't mean, though, that all the protections there were enforced or directed to the Indians or blacks in this country.
And it's up to blacks and Indians and any other human being to stand up and demand their God-given rights that the 9th and 10th Amendment and others only point out.
No one can take your liberties and freedoms.
But certainly what happened to the American Indians was wrong to the Native Americans.
They were attacked by biological weapons.
It is admitted in the congressional record going back 100 years.
The smallpox-infected blankets, the...
Smithsonian has these records as well.
We're given to them as a bio-attack for the U.S.
The first in the Americas to use a bio-weapon.
Now, actually, some of the Huns and others in some of their invasions would use disease-ridden corpses with the plague or other diseases to catapult them over.
I'd read this.
It was on Discovery Channel this week.
I was shocked by it.
To catapult the dead body over the wall into the enemy's camp.
So this has been done over and over again.
We're dropping a dead body into a well.
Do you have any other comments?
Well, I was actually asking some of the Indians what to do.
I was explaining the modern crisis that we're having, and I asked them what to do about it, and they didn't have any real ideas.
So I'm turning to you now, and I just wanted to know what we can do to elect a fair and good president.
Well, the problem is the Indians had neocons of their age.
They had Indian tribes that claimed to be their friends who could be paid off, to be sold out, to be used against their own people.
They were Balkanized, and the same things happened again in America.
So don't be Balkanized.
All people should be informed about the New World Order and educate others to resist it and to resist the centralization of government, which is the mechanism through which we are dominated.
I see.
Well, I appreciate that, and I will look into it.
Well, thank you, Jason.
Thank you.
Appreciate the call.
Spread the word out in California.
Let's talk to Ron.
Ron's up next in New York.
Go ahead, Ron.
You're on the air.
It's Bob, Alex.
How are you doing?
Well, we do have a Ron in New York, too, and they were up next, but we'll go to you, Bob.
Go ahead.
I heard something that made me rather wheezy in the stomach the other day on Anity.
On the talk radio AM.
On liberal, liberal-dy.
Yes, be liberalized.
The liberalization of America under neocon auspices, yes.
This was so disgusting.
And what happened was this poor old lady, who was a concentration camp survivor from World War II, calls in and says how terrible Clinton is and how she's for Bush.
You know, I think she's completely fooled, and Hannity's just, you know, running her along and pushing her along, oh yeah, you're right, and you've called in before, and we really like you, and we understand that you hate the liberals.
You know, the whole deal is, and she's for Bush.
I don't think she ever understood that Bush's grandfather planned the whole Holocaust in the first place.
And IBM sold him the computers and ran 53% of steel production and sat on the board with known top Nazis in the U.S., yeah.
And you hear that, and it just makes you sick to your stomach.
And God knows that if I ever went through that, I'd be looking to find out who's really responsible.
But on a lighter note...
I really hope your staff and stuff try to get you on Comedy Central's daily show with Jon Stewart.
Well, I didn't want to mention this, but I told folks that Gary Busey has called me quite a bit.
I got his home number.
He's a listener of the show.
And he is a maniac, but he's on target on a lot of subjects.
I'm with Busey, and we've got it.
Unfortunately, we've got it from online.
I didn't see it.
Everybody called about it.
My buddy saw it live.
He's talking about nanotech computers, how dangerous they are, and he goes, but I can't talk about the New World Order on this show.
This is a quote.
I can't talk about the New World Order on this show.
And he goes, well, what's the New World Order?
And he goes, Police State 2000.
I know Gary got Police State 2000 from me in all my videos, but I kicked myself because Gary's all, I want to do something with you.
I want to have you out to L.A.
I never really followed up on it, but...
Yeah, he had his robot show yesterday, and he plugged Police State 2000.
Hopefully he can get... I don't know what you think of Jon Stewart, but I think he's hilarious.
Well, he had his little FEMA thing.
Oh, boy.
And we even put a clip of that about Homeland Security and Freedom Plus in Police State 3.
Hey, Alex, I ordered the latest three videos, and I'm going to pump it out.
I think it's the...
The only way to get through to these people.
Yeah, it is.
We're having 90% conversion rates with folks that see the films.
And anything ever happens to me, instead of making 100 copies of each video, I ask listeners to make 1,000 copies of each video.
We'll be right back.
But I'll be fine.
You know, Jennifer Flowers is fine because she got out in the open.
We're in trouble when we hide in the shadows where the monsters lurk.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're back live.
We've got a big neocon, one of their front men.
Coming on the show in the next hour, we've got other folks that are patiently holding.
Coming up, police and FSB listen in on mobile phone calls in Russia, and they say they're doing it here too.
satellite feeds to Iran have been jammed.
Iraq weapons unlikely to be found.
Now they're admitting.
More on how they had thousands of people arrested and rounded up who were protesting and put in sports stadiums under machine gun watch.
When Bush went into African countries, got these stories here.
More on retina scanning kids to get their school lunches now.
Hong Kong protests spread.
Those are real freedom protests against the tyranny there of China.
Also genetic agriculture designed to feed the rich, not the world.
The cause of consolidation and control.
And the patent life is from the Sydney Morning Herald.
It's all coming up here in just a few short minutes.
For the next five minutes or so, I'm honored to have Jim Shepard of New Millennium Concepts, one of our great sponsors, on the show with us about taking control of your lives.
And I've got a BBC article here as well as an Associated Press article about, quote, much of the bottled water on the shelves two years old or older.
They did a big market study.
Bottled water, they thought some of the Dannon bottled water killed people in New York.
It's not safe, and I don't drink it, okay?
I don't drink it, and I don't drink tap water because it tastes like gasoline.
I don't know how you drink it out there once you've drunk and drunk.
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And for the amount of light they put out, per ratio of energy, you get a lot of light for a little bit of power, so the batteries last a lot longer.
That's right.
LED technology is expensive.
And the reason it's expensive, Alex, is because, A, it's a new technology.
I think so.
You can use it to read by.
You can use it for a lamp in the room.
Of course, it's not going to be as bright as like a fluorescent lamp, but it's bright enough that you can see people in the room, see their expressions, see what's going on.
Yeah, I've got one.
It's a great system.
But the real benefit, Alex, on this is that it uses a very small amount of electricity, and that's the key because in an emergency, you just don't have the resources that you need.
So you want to be able to provide this lighting for long periods of time
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So it also takes normal alkaline batteries, and on top of it, you're now rolling out the little solar panel.
That's right.
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Now that is very valuable for survival situations.
So basically, between the Berkey light with the light base and the solar panel, you've got small power needs covered, you've got your water purification covered, you've got your lighting needs covered.
Very important.
And you have the ability to keep your communications equipment going.
Now, this is a gravity filter.
The power is for the light and the base.
It's not for the filtration.
That runs just by gravity.
That is correct.
You don't need any power to filter or purify the water.
Well, Jim, how do folks call and get this?
What's the price?
What are the specials you're offering on this rollout?
The Berkey lights with the lights...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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That's an $88 value.
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Folks, that is really an excellent deal.
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That's correct.
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Your body's 70% water.
And I actually dug the article out here.
This is out of the Evening Standard.
Bottled water is two years old.
And it says bottled water...
Could be almost two years old.
By the time it is bought by consumers, it was revealed today, supermarket shoppers who buy bottled water in the belief that it is fresher than tap water are unaware that it may, in fact, have set on a warehouse shelf for most of its use-by date.
And it says Professor Claiborne, head of the drinking water inspectorate, said people have a perception that bottled water is fresh because it's been sealed in a bottle.
Folks, and they tested 13 brands and found this with all of them.
Give them a call.
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Thanks, Jim.
Thanks, Alex.
All right.
Thanks for tuning in, folks.
Thanks for staying with us.
Let's go to Ron in New York.
Ron in New York, and I'm going back into the news.
Go ahead, Ron.
Hi, Alex.
The first thing I'm going to touch on today was something I heard earlier in the week, statements by the Homeland Security chief, of course.
He had mentioned implementation of the new banking rules which have come out under Patriot Act 1.
But I thought it was all about fighting terrorists.
You know where I'm going with this.
Initially, for many months, they were talking about terrorism.
Now, he had mentioned crime.
He didn't use the term terrorism.
He said, this will help us fight crime.
Now, most people, it doesn't probably register in their mind.
He's gradually transforming terrorism
And converting that from terrorism... I actually have his comments... To you, you know what I'm saying?
Ron, I actually have his comments from the AP yesterday, something I never got to, and...
Three weeks ago, Washington Times had the brief in a headlined article, Patriot Act Cast Wide Net, and it says, quote, it will be used in all crime, in all prosecutions, across the board.
No juries, no facing accusers, everything's an act of terror now.
It's out in the open, we read the Patriot Act, we know what it said, and the neocons are everywhere lying and saying it doesn't take their rights.
It just applies to terrorism.
As we've been told, it applies to foreign agents of terrorism.
And now you'll find it applies to us, the American people.
I've even noticed in the last few months when I go to a bank, with the limited amount of banking I do, I've noticed that there's almost a hostile attitude, a suspicious attitude towards just ordinary American citizens.
They are doing things like every time you go to the bank,
Taking photocopies of your ID, never done before.
Over $3,000 outside a bank is a criminal act the way this thing's written.
And these banks are putting limitations, the one I'm dealing with, $1,500.
So much for the fight against Bin Laden.
It's not the fight against Bin Laden.
It's the fight against Ron of New York.
It's the fight against Alex in Texas.
It's the fight against average Americans.
This is the canard they used to do this to us.
I wish I had video of that.
All I have is the news article, and he said we're going to use these new powers to fight crime.
Uh-huh, that's right, crime.
Remember when it was terrorism?
Foreign terrorism.
Ben Laden.
Where was he speaking when you saw this?
Because I want to try to get a video of that.
I heard it, heard it, and you'd need an audio on ABC News.
ABC News.
We're going to have a lot more of this.
I mean, they've announced in a bunch of papers the last three weeks that, oh, it's the fight all crime.
Then I hear the neocons.
I heard them this morning stuck in traffic.
Two separate shows.
The lying liberals say it's for citizens and all crime.
That's a lie.
It's only for foreigners.
I'm sick of these liberals.
That's what they've been saying.
And the Justice Department, in a brief to Congress three weeks ago, headline Washington Times, Patriot Act cast wide net, said, said it is for all citizens, for all crimes and all investigations.
And Rich said it was for crime, with his own tongue.
Well, they told us it was about hidden weapons of mass destruction.
Now they say they never said that.
You notice, I mean, they almost do things that are surreal.
It's almost unbelievable how they underestimate the intelligence of people.
They say one thing clearly out in the open, and then shortly thereafter, completely transform it or go the other way 360 degrees, as though they never said the original thing.
They must think, I guess, the entire American population is out of its mind.
Sir, absolutely.
Alex, just two questions.
I appreciate the call.
I want to get your opinion on two things.
I need you to confirm something, too.
I understand that with reference to the Texas sodomy case, the Justice Kennedy of the Supreme Court, who wrote the majority opinion... They sodomed the United Nations.
Okay, if you could elaborate on that, I'd appreciate it.
It's posted, or it should have been.
I know it's on prisonplanet.com.
If it's not, put it there, please, Paul.
But it was in the USA Today on Tuesday.
And second question.
The U.S.
Supreme Court has agreed to take up the issue out of the Ninth Federal Circuit
As to whether the Second Amendment is an individual right or a collective right, you know that argument.
And look for a ruling, a split ruling, that in reality says you don't have a right.
They'll say you don't have a right within law, but then that it is in the Constitution, just like Ashcroft argued with the Second Amendment.
And now conservative newspapers are banning gun ads.
It's happening.
The gun grab's happening.
Bush is going to sign the assault weapons ban expansion next year.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, that was USA Today.
In fact, I can probably dig that out and reread that.
That is such a big, big deal.
I read that article twice on air yesterday, and it is a big, big, big deal.
I found it.
Here it is.
Here it is.
See there?
There's the article.
It says, USA Today, page 9A.
Supreme Court citing more foreign cases.
The Supreme Court referenced a foreign law in a ruling last month that overturned the state's anti-sodomy statute.
It stood out as if it were in bold print and capital letters.
And the high court routinely will turn to foreign law and the practice its critics.
Noticeably, Justice Andy Scalia, when the court interprets the Constitution, he has written U.S.
Of what is decent and right, not foreign ones are what should matter.
But it says that they will follow the International Criminal Court's edicts.
I'll tell you about retina scanning kids to get school lunches.
It's worse and worse.
On Monday, it was hidden cameras in their dressing rooms.
I mean, you know.
We'll be right back.
It's all part of the new Freedom, Freedom Plus.
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That's 800-348-4100.
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Brace yourselves as the New World Order of
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I've got the Neocon Princess Ann Coulter scheduled to come up today on the show in the next hour.
And she says the Patriot Act doesn't take any of your rights.
The lying liberals must be stopped.
And, oh, Bush is a gun grabber, and that's good.
Oh, but McCarthy, he's a good guy, so we can trust her.
Yeah, but she won't tell you that McCarthy got snuffed politically because he exposed that the globalists were behind the communists.
And that was McCarthy.
So we'll see if she defends McCarthy all the way.
And we'll talk about her best-selling books that are out there.
It's just something else, folks.
That's coming up here in a few minutes.
Some of the articles I wanted to hit on right now.
Genetic agriculture designed to feed the rich, not the world.
A handful of companies is moving towards owning every stage of the global food system.
Writes Gregory Trends.
Public opposition to genetically modified foods has been a stumbling block to the commercialization of GM crops and animals.
And it goes on to say that the agri-biotech industry is hoping GM foods with consumer-friendly traits might overcome some of this opposition.
But they have also been running big advertisement campaigns in an attempt to convince the public that GM foods will be required to feed the world.
These are the kinds of predictable arguments being aired at the International Congress of Genetics in Melbourne.
In reality, the new genetic technologies will largely be used to feed...
The power of the profits of agri-food corporations, and they are more likely to exacerbate rather than alleviate problems of widespread hunger and malnutrition in the third world.
Yeah, you plant them, they grow up, they jump into the similar corn species, and then that corn cannot produce seeds that produce corn, new plants.
It patterns life.
They're doing it with trees, grasses, all the major grain plants, canola, soybean.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And as they pick up food, the iris scanner identifies them and takes the money from their account.
See, now you have to do it.
But these databases also identify what foods their parents say they are allowed to eat.
See, oh, so parents, it's for you.
It's so good.
Of course, they don't tell you a CPS comes after you if your kid isn't eating right, saying you didn't train him properly.
I've read reports on that.
So this is it.
Training your kids to be prisoners in the cashless society control grid.
Before I end this hour and come back with our guests in the third hour...
I want to remind you that I have produced nine films.
Police State 3 Total Enslavement is the newest.
It's excellent.
9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, details who carried out September 11th and who stands to gain from it, and a very important film.
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Third hour.
We'll be right back.
Straight ahead.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, already into the third hour as we blast out across the country.
We are joined by Ann Coulter.
Ann Coulter is a lawyer and author of the New York Times bestseller High Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Case Against Bill Clinton.
Her most recent book is Slander, Liberal Lies About the American Right.
She's actually got another book out now.
And it is number one on the New York Times bestseller.
So she's got a bunch of bestselling books out, and Coulter's got an interesting past.
Coulter is a legal correspondent for Human Events, which is a great publication.
We've had a lot of their writers on, and writes a popular syndicated column for Universal Press Syndicate.
She's a frequent guest.
Obviously, you've all seen her on the cable news shows and on TV.
We're good to go.
Sure, hi there.
Tell us a little bit more about yourself, and we're going to break and come back and get into the meat and potatoes of your newest book.
I'm a five-foot-tall blonde.
And you certainly break the stereotype of blondes not being smart.
My mom's a blonde.
She's real smart.
Yes, this is a rumor invented by liberals.
I think they did invent it out in Hollywood, didn't they?
That's right.
Why'd they do that?
I don't know.
Tell us about your newest book.
It's about the 50-year history of treachery of the Democratic Party, of the Democratic Party becoming a refuge for traitors, for Soviet spies in the 50s, and on to defeats in Vietnam, losing continence to communism, being completely wrong through eight years of Reagan, and now back to their old tricks again in the war on terrorism.
And boy, are they back to their old tricks again.
Yes, they are.
You know, I heard you on a syndicated talk show, I think it was Hannity, and you said that, you know, how they're talking about how the Patriot Act destroys liberties, and what do you think about that?
I think it's, in the abstract, it's something to be concerned with, but nothing to be concerned with that I've seen.
I mean, the Patriot Act, the main provisions of it simply update existing law to new technology.
I suppose you could take the position that you were always against, the law enforcement being able to wiretap anyone and you were just waiting for technology to make it obsolete but all it did was update it for cell phones and computers.
You still have to go to court to get a court order.
So I don't really see anything particularly frightening in it.
Well, we'll talk about that when we get back.
We'll also talk about what the Democrats are doing with immigration and some of the other things they've been engaged in, and also some of the treason and treachery you talk about in your new book, some of the documented examples of that, and certainly I know my audience is well-educated and informed on the crimes, just of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, much less of Democrats throughout the last 60 years.
In this country, I don't think anyone who's got any historical understanding would argue with the fact that they made it communist as well.
So we'll talk about that with you, Ann, when we get back.
And are you up for taking some calls, too?
I'd love to, yeah.
Okay, folks, toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
Ann Coulter, I don't really need to introduce her.
Most of you know who she is.
We'll be right back with Ann Coulter on the other side of this quick three-minute break.
So stay the course.
We'll be right back.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Ann Coulter has been one of the top folks at the Michigan Law Review.
She has worked in the House Judiciary Committee.
She's a best-selling author.
You've probably seen her.
We're good to go.
We're going to talk about the lies about McCarthy, which I agree with her on.
We're going to talk about Alger Hiss and communist spies, how the Democrats have always protected them.
We'll get into Ronald Reagan, the Vietnam War, and the war on terror.
But, Ann Coulter, I'm going to be honest with you right up front here on the air.
I consider myself a real conservative, a Ron Paul-type conservative-slash-libertarian, and would you consider yourself a neocon, a neoconservative?
No, I'm a conservative.
Okay, because a lot of the White House calls themselves neocons, and that's their own word, and Bush says he'll resign the assault weapons ban and add some nice little tidbits to it.
Bush has voted with Hillary and others for open borders.
Hillary voted with Bush for the war, so I don't know if it's just a Republican-Democrat issue.
I mean, how do you respond to that, that Bush... I mean, we see the biggest growth in the federal government ever, and...
A lot of different things developing.
How do you respond to that?
Could conservatives do more to shine the spotlight on the dirt in our own house?
I think it's up to conservatives to fight these issues by persuading their fellow countrymen that we don't want big socialism supported by Teddy Kennedy and Hillary and not just sit back and say, oh, Bush should be stopping all of this.
Bush is the president.
Now, wait a minute.
Now, hold on, Ann.
Persuade the soccer moms out there and our congressmen and our senators that we don't want big socialism.
But, Ann Coulter, that's kind of a cop-out.
I mean, let's be honest here, and then we'll get into your book, but I want to get this out of the way up front.
Bush doesn't have to sign the assault weapons ban.
87% of Americans aren't against it in major polls.
89% in the Gallup poll against the open borders, which he's been pushing for.
What is open borders?
Pardon me?
What do you mean?
Oh, he had Fox up here right before 9-1-1 pushing for another blanket 10 million amnesty.
He's all part of this push for this Pan-American Union.
I mean, look, I don't hear this on conservative talk radio.
Bush, the NRA did put out an alert, though.
Bush says he's going to re-sign that assault weapons bill.
How can you say that he's got the whole media against him?
I don't care if he had the whole media against him.
He needs to not sign that assault weapons ban.
Well, I think he also needs to get re-elected, and there are a lot of soccer moms who vote out there.
And I'm just saying that a conservative president can't take on every issue at once.
He does have to look at being re-elected.
I think he'll probably be re-elected without much trouble.
So you think it's okay to sign?
I don't think it's okay, but I'm saying instead of sitting back and complaining that Bush isn't doing everything for us...
I think we have to understand that there's only so much the President of the United States can do and can move the country on and persuade the country.
He can only hold so many nationally televised speeches, so many State of the Union addresses, and I think it's on the, other than the three main issues chosen by a Republican President,
It's up to the rest of us to get our senators and our representatives not to vote for such bills to send them to the president.
Okay, and we're going to move on to what the liberals are doing because that's where I cut my teeth on talk radio and...
This is important, but come on.
This is a cop-out here.
I think it's a cop-out just for conservatives to sit back and say Bush isn't giving us everything we want.
Everything we want?
It's the Second Amendment.
It's the bedrock.
Okay, what about Pardongate?
The White House press secretary told World Net Daily, who your columns run in, told their reporter...
The president's not going after Clinton for pardon gate, and he suggests you drop it as well.
I don't want to hear neocons on the air bashing Bill Clinton, the traitor, which he is, I agree with the title of your book, bashing the traitor when George Bush is blocking Dan Burton's pardon gate investigation, not releasing the papers on convicted drug dealers and money launderers.
What do you say to that, Ann Coulter?
What I've already said, which is I really want Bush to be focused on
The war on terrorism, on taxes, and on the judiciary.
And if conservatives can raise enough of a ruckus, I don't agree with Bush on a lot of these other things.
But I think we have to do more than sit back and say Bush has to be the one to veto the bills.
Why are the representatives and senators that we voted for sending him things?
Well, hey, I agree with that.
But again, the executive is as big as the legislative, and he's got that veto power.
But he's not just not going to veto it.
He says he's going to sign it, Ann.
How about stopping it before it gets to him?
Well, I agree with that.
And I think too many conservatives sit back and think, you know, this is all Bush's fault.
Well, go out and persuade some soccer moms.
Go out and write an op-ed.
Complain to ABC, NBC, CBS.
Write to your congressman.
Write to your senator.
Both Reagan and Bush were more conservative and voted every way and vetoed every bill that I didn't like.
But there's a limit to how much a president can do if he's going to be re-elected.
Ann, again, we're on this line here.
I do want to have some time with you.
You've agreed to stay a little bit longer past the half hour, and I really appreciate that.
I know you're very busy, but let's discuss this now.
I mean, let's be honest here, because you can't just keep saying this.
Okay, then let's get to my book, okay?
Because I think we both made our point.
Ann, Ann, I understand you're doing your big book promotion, but...
You know, I hear you all over the radio and TV, and I hear you talking about the danger of the liberals and how deadly they are, and I agree with that, but now you brought up this, you put out your same idea three times when I brought these questions up.
Barbara Boxer said arm all the pilots.
It's better than having the F-16s shoot the planes down.
Bush said he didn't want to arm any of the pilots.
And then the conservatives did put pressure on him, and he let it go through.
He was stopping that, threatening a veto.
Now, what do you say to that?
He didn't veto it.
Because of pressure.
See, that makes your point for you, but at the same time, if a big name like you, an articulate individual like yourself, who's kind of a mascot, well, not kind of a mascot, you are for the conservatives, and I think that's fine.
We need intelligent women out there doing this.
Then we need to have you help put some pressure in there as well, and I haven't heard you do it.
I mean, you have done a little bit today, and I appreciate that.
Look, I do in my book.
I am advising your audience that we need to persuade the American people and our representatives and senators.
I mean, what's the alternative?
Vote for Al Gore?
I'm just saying this is what Reagan did.
This is what Bush is doing.
There's only so much a president can do.
I've said this.
Many times.
I'm sure you can come up with lots of stuff he did that I don't like.
What about Bush?
The Department of Education.
I mean, we could spend six hours probably going through all the things Bush has done that, yeah, we don't like.
And I'm going to keep coming back to you and saying, yes, but he's not going to let us down on taxes.
He's not going to let us down on the judiciary.
He's not going to let us down on the war on terrorism.
Why did he sign on to UNESCO?
I think there are some limits to how much the president can do.
He's not czar of the universe.
And what about UNESCO?
No, we're not going to keep doing this.
So you're not saying this is scripted like the liberals, are you?
No, I'm saying this is the same question over and over again, and I'm going to keep saying the same answer over and over again.
Yeah, there are a lot of things.
Do you want to hear that answer again?
You know, I could take a nap now and you could keep replaying it.
A president can only focus on three issues.
His three issues, terrorism, taxes, judiciary, he's focusing on those issues.
It's up to us to persuade our fellow Americans, our senators and representatives.
A president can only focus on three issues.
Our book, President, is focusing on terrorism, taxes, and judiciary.
Man, Ann, Ann.
It's up to us to focus on the other issues, persuade the soccer moms who have to be won over.
Ann, you're right.
You have replayed that a few times here for us.
But, okay, we can then get into the book.
What about UNESCO?
What about this?
I'm sure there are lots.
Yeah, we could.
Well, I think somebody needs to, because all I hear is worship of Bush, and we're going to have a real conservative country and get back to what America is, and influential people like you and others.
But look, you have replayed that.
I understand your answer there.
I see where we're going with that, and I understand what you're saying.
Now, I don't think I've heard you get this hot on TV with the liberals.
Man, you're getting pretty upset here.
I'm getting pretty bored.
Oh, you're bored.
Okay, I thought the Second Amendment stuff was pretty important.
Okay, but look, McCarthy, I agree with you on that.
Your book, what do you get into with McCarthy and what the liberals have done?
I know the Wall Street Journal, even the L.A.
Times admitted, quote, headlines, McCarthy was right, file show McCarthy was right.
That's been vindicated, but that message hasn't gotten out there.
Your book covers that.
Tell us about McCarthy.
The point in telling the truth about McCarthy and everything you think you know about him
McCarthy to the listeners out there is a massive lie, is that liberals won't let it go.
They've been hysterical about this myth of their own creation, McCarthyism, for 60 years, and they're using it once again in the war on terrorism.
The one topic that's off the table for debate in America is liberals' patriotism, is the relative patriotism of the two parties.
Democrats feel free to call conservatives, Republicans, dogs, Kurds, fascists, racists, but oh boy, don't challenge the patriotism of a liberal as they're out burning flags or demanding that schools take down God Bless America signs.
Well, Ann, we've got a break.
We've got a break, and I want to get into that when we get back on the other side, but I've pointed out that Alec Baldwin said kill Henry Hyde.
I know you worked with him.
He said, go to his house, kill him and his children.
Should have been arrested.
That was an actual terroristic threat.
A murder threat.
These other liberals have said they hope conservatives die of AIDS.
And then Savage says it, thinking he's off air and he gets fired.
Does that prove your point?
Uh, yes and no.
Okay, well, we'll find out what you have to say about that when we get back, and we'll talk about McCarthy, because I have studied this, and I agree with your analysis of it, but I add one more facet, one more layer to it.
So please stay with us, Ann Coulter.
We're honored to have her.
And yes, your calls are coming up, too, at 800-259-9231.
Stay with me.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good.
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Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central and back from 9 to midnight, it's the Alex Jones Show.
Blasting out on the AM and FM dial, one of the biggest internet listening audiences.
And we're talking to Ann Coulter, who, again, has been making the rounds for years, writing best-selling books.
Very intelligent.
And we've got loaded phones.
In the next segment, she's ready to stay over for the rest of the hour with us.
We're very thankful for that.
We'll get to Bill and Kevin and John and Mike and Clint and many others that are patiently holding, wanting to talk to Ann Coulter.
We've all seen her on TV or heard her on the radio.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
And we'll be going over that.
We also have a link to it on my website.
And continuing with McCarthy, the KGB files are out.
It was worse than what McCarthy said, but still we have this word, McCarthyism, that the liberals have like a religious sacrament.
Can you break that down for us?
Yes, that's right.
That's why they're reacting like Muslim clerics to the satanic verses to my book.
Their fallback position, I mean, for 60 years they've ferociously denied...
That these manifestly obvious spies were spies.
The Venona documents came out in 1995.
It turns out the U.S.
government had been secretly decrypting Soviet cables.
By the way, I interviewed the author of that.
He was involved in investigating them and stuff he couldn't release for 40 years because of national security.
I mean, it was a lot worse than what McCarthy said.
That's right.
That's right.
Not dozens, but hundreds of Soviet spies were working their way into government at top positions.
Being defended by Democrats, by the Democratic Party elite, such as Alger Hiss, who was defended.
Harry Truman denounced the investigation into Alger Hiss as a red herring.
Harry Truman promoted Harry Dexter White after Harry Dexter White was identified to him as a Soviet spy.
That was such a stunning event that when Eisenhower became president, and Eisenhower was hardly a fire-breathing anti-communist,
Eisenhower directed his attorney general to go on national TV and state that as president, Truman had promoted a Soviet spy after being told he was a Soviet spy.
This would be like George Bush putting known Al-Qaeda members in the Department of Transportation.
Oh, yeah, that would be weird.
It was outrageous.
And still, you know, Harry Truman is portrayed as the feisty little anti-communist.
Now, why did they finally get McCarthy, and why did the conservatives abandon him?
Well, one of the most preposterous myths of McCarthyism is that he held a terrified nation captive.
To the contrary, liberals were loud, aggressive.
They were having a ball denouncing McCarthy, libeling him.
One senator directed the postmaster of Washington, D.C., to spy on McCarthy's private mail.
And the private mail of his assistant.
McCarthy never did anything like that.
The Senate staged four investigations into McCarthy.
Meanwhile, Soviet spies are working their way through the government, passing atomic technology to the Soviets.
And what the Democratic Party is interested in is what the precise words were McCarthy used in a speech before a group of Republican women.
All of the elites were arrayed against McCarthy because he was exposing the entire liberal establishment.
As the columnist Jack Anderson said about a year before McCarthy's censure, we've used up almost our entire bag of tricks against McCarthy and to no effect because the American people loved him.
It was much like the Clinton era.
If you can imagine the Clinton era without talk radio, without the Internet, and without Fox News, all organs of mainstream opinion...
We're in a rage about McCarthy.
He was exposing the Democratic Party.
I mean, the Democratic Party was caught red-handed.
Now, he did get abandoned, though, when he went after the Army and said there were higher-up levels, the government itself, supporting the communists.
Now, the evidence has come out on that.
I was watching History Channel.
Just last year, and they admitted that they'd actually helped, that the government had decided Mao in 49 was, quote, better than the Nationalists.
Oh, yeah, including George Catlett Marshall, venerated on the PBS webpage.
Yeah, Marshall loved Mao, but hated Israelis as opposed to a state of Israel.
But see, he got burned.
He got burned, though, when he went too high to the level above the Communists.
Um, not quite.
I think it was, I mean, yes, technically I think all that happened was it finally wore down the hysteria, the anger, the gnashing of teeth.
It finally wore down McCarthy's supporters.
The Senate voted to censure him.
That looked very bad.
They voted to censure him, interestingly, not for any of his treatment of any witnesses.
Yeah, but are the liberals communist or are they elitist that will use a communist system to consolidate power?
Pardon me?
I mean, are the liberals communist or were they just elitist who wanted to use the communist system to consolidate control?
What would you call the liberals?
I mean, what's a real term for them?
Morally blind.
Well, I would just call them globalists today.
I mean, they want this global system, don't they?
Uh, yes.
Well, Ann, we've got a break.
We'll be back in three minutes.
We'll get into a couple other facets of your book real quick.
I want to talk about the Vietnam, and I want to talk about the war on terror.
Then we'll take calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
That's 888-803-4438.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
We're talking to Ann Coulter, my friend, the best-selling author, the conservative Republican, I'd really call her a poster child because she's intelligent and
And eloquent in her delivery, and we're honored to have her.
We're about to go to these loaded phones here in just a second.
And before we get into the Vietnam War just briefly and some of the lies there, because we know there's plenty of them, I wanted to talk about your war on terror, because Congressman Ron Paul is a friend of mine, and he said in the Washington Times Magazine Insight that Hatred Act I was the definition of an unconstitutional police state,
And that the Founding Fathers revolted over much lighter forms of oppression.
Now, that's an exact quote.
He said things worse on this show.
I just so happen to have an analysis here by Gunners of America, Patriot Act II, that Ashcroft said didn't exist.
Now he admits it does.
And I do know that Section 802 of the first one says that the new definition of terrorism, and you're a lawyer, is any action that endangers human life that's a violation of any federal or state law.
The Justice Department three weeks ago
The Washington Times admitted in a brief to Congress that they published sections of it that quote, it will be used for all crimes across the board for citizens as well.
Now, I've heard you on the radio and others saying that that's not the case.
Now, are we wrong?
I've read it.
I know I'm not.
Or where's the disconnect here, Ann?
Because everybody makes it a liberal issue.
Hillary and Chuckie Schumer voted for this.
They're for the Patriot Act.
Can you enlighten us, Ann Coulter?
Well, I can't get into the minutia you are discussing.
Minutia, the subsections?
Pardon me?
It's not just minutia, it's the facts.
Okay, but I haven't read the act, so I was just saying I can't respond to precisely what it is Ron Paul is describing as being unconstitutional.
But what I can say is this.
Hillary Clinton also voted for war with Iraq, as did John Kerry, as did Dianne Feinstein.
As did lots of Democrats, because they knew they'd lose the American people if they didn't vote for it.
And then they turned right around and started attacking the war with Iraq, saying we had to work with the Allies.
And oh, of course, they thought this meant we'd have to work through Germany and France.
I'm not familiar with all of Ron Paul's positions or all of
Well, you're not going to find that.
I don't see any bomber raids.
I don't see any Japanese internments.
And you're not going to find it in the liberal press because they're spinning it about how it's about, oh, the Muslims, they've got to have their rights or the illegal aliens, when that's just window dressing playing good cop, bad cop.
I've read the section.
I've written analysis of it.
It's been published in major magazines, conservative magazines, major newspapers.
I've written analysis.
You ought to talk to Larry Pratt.
His lawyers did.
You know, he was in Congress.
As one of their analysts.
And he can't believe it.
It's got gun control in it.
Patriot Act II has secret arrest of citizens for no reason.
Liability protection to police and military to act domestically.
I mean, this is stuff Bill Clinton tried to get past.
Section 213 means they can break in your house without a warrant, take whatever they want, plant whatever they want in any criminal investigation, even if it's non-terrorism.
So you can say that, well, you haven't read it, but then you've been looking for the problems in it.
I'm begging you.
No, I haven't read the portion that provides for secret arrests with no reason.
I would be curious to see that.
I'm sorry, I just don't believe it.
Let me get it for you.
That's Section 501.
The Domestic Security Enhancement Act that they said didn't exist.
It's been introduced in the Senate, sponsored by the Democrats, as S-22, the Justice Domestic Security Enhancement Act.
Would you like me to read you some sections?
Hey, listen, what about Vietnam?
I mean, I agree with you about Vietnam.
What do you cover in your book about Vietnam that will take calls?
The point of the Vietnam chapter is, for one thing, to explain what really happened, rather than the...
We're good to go.
I think?
I think.
I think.
I think.
No administration can ever affect anything, but amazingly enough, continents are lost to communism, wars are lost, embassies are stormed when a Democrat is president, and 70-year-old Soviet regimes are toppled when a Republican is president.
So, you know, if nothing else, on the luck theory, you should only vote for Republicans.
Well, now, certainly the communists are still alive, still operating, but again...
Rumsfeld on the board of ABB.
Clinton allowed the transfers of the reactors.
You've got Rumsfeld with Saddam.
Again, I just can't be a hypocrite here.
I see just as much of the treachery going on by Republicans.
Maybe they go in and clean up the mess when Democrats don't.
I agree with you that the Democrats will start wars and then hand it to a Republican and then try to
...cause social degeneration, which they feed off of, but at the same time, I mean, what do you say to the Republicans?
I mean, they've certainly been involved with thug regimes as well.
I don't... My problem is not being involved with thug regimes.
My problem is losing wars and betraying allies.
Well, Ann Coulter, I have read your book, Slander.
I haven't read the new one.
Just got it last week.
Haven't had a chance to read it yet.
But you talked about Clinton and the supercomputers and stuff in China, and that was bad.
And all the other conservatives have.
But wait a minute.
Bush just took those restrictions off more than Clinton did.
Why is that suddenly okay?
I actually don't know what you're talking about.
Okay, you know about Clinton and the supercomputers?
No, I don't write about that.
I believe you did talk about Clinton and the treachery as selling stuff to China.
You didn't talk about that?
In High Crimes and Misdemeanors, there was one chapter on China, but right now I'm promoting treason.
Well, I read your book six months ago, so I may be a little off, but I think you did talk about China.
Yeah, there was one chapter on China.
I consider it axiomatic and obvious that Bill Clinton was not good for the self-defense of America.
But I'm saying it's Republican-connected companies that were doing the selling.
Clinton let it happen.
They're both guilty.
Loral was not.
As I recall, Loral was the main malefactor in that case.
And I was absolutely not a, quote, Republican.
He used to, yeah.
...company, though I did write that book five years ago.
But Laurel, it seems to me, as I recall from the book I wrote five years ago, was the main malefactor, and that was not Republicans.
Well, let's take some calls.
All righty.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bill in Pennsylvania.
Bill, you're on the air with Ann Coulter.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
How are you doing?
Fine, sir.
Hi, Ann.
In all due respect, Ann, I can't help but drawing this analogy...
Oftentimes I go into a place of business and I inquire about purchasing something.
So I go to a clerk or a salesperson and I walk away in disparagement because I oftentimes know more than they do.
That seems to be the case here with Alex versus you.
I didn't write a book about the Patriot Act.
But you cover all these issues and I don't think you should really...
I disagree with his analysis of the Patriot Act.
It has nothing to do with my book.
Well, I know, but maybe these are issues that you talk about, evidently, on these talk shows.
Maybe you should educate yourself.
Yeah, I've heard you on a bunch of shows.
Hang on, I've heard you on a bunch of shows say that it doesn't take liberties, and the liberals are lying.
It's not a liberal issue is what I'm saying.
I mean, ma'am, you are in support of the president.
No, I have said liberals are lying, claiming there's a civil liberties crisis in America right now.
And if you think that, I think you're wrong, too.
There is!
And I think you give the liberals powerful cannon fodder by it not being a conservative issue to demand that Bush not violate the Bill of Rights or Constitution.
Or Bill Clinton or anybody else?
I am suggesting that conservatives get off their duffs and do something about that, rather than sitting back and just complaining about George Bush.
Well, wait.
Ashcroft said there wasn't a Patriot Act, too, and then a month later admitted there was.
Now, certainly you know about that.
No, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Oh, okay.
You support the so-called administration's war on terrorism, correct?
Okay, well, if that's the case, then I would suggest maybe you should research this very critical legislation that you don't seem to know anything about.
Give me an example of someone whose civil rights have been violated.
We have American citizens being taken to Camp X-Ray.
The White House admits people have been, quote, tortured to death at Bagram Air Base.
No one has been tortured to death.
It's preposterous.
What are you talking about?
That's admitted by the White House.
Two weeks ago they said they won't, quote, allow that to happen anymore.
That is absurd.
The government has not tortured anyone to death.
They've been all over the news advocating it.
They admitted it.
It's not absurd.
Oh, really?
Yeah, the White House.
Yes, the CIA section chief of the Middle East.
This is insane.
And the Washington Post said that they're taking him to... The government has not tortured anyone to death.
Yeah, they said what?
This is absolutely absurd.
And you can tell me the government said it a million times.
Hey, Ann, what do you do if I send you Associated Press articles?
You just say they're false or...
Okay, tell me who wrote it.
I'll look it up right now.
Well, I've covered the articles here.
How many times have I covered them, Bill?
I've read them almost every week I read an article about it.
Okay, what's his name?
All the time.
Okay, who was tortured to death?
Well, I can say to you any article you mention who's their name, you won't remember.
Do you have it there?
I'll look it up on Google right now.
Okay, just type, White House says that torture will no longer be allowed, or type in, White House admits that Taliban fighters were tortured to death at Bagram Air Base.
I mean, there's hundreds of articles.
It's admitted.
It's admitted.
We're talking about civil rights violations.
What do you mean?
They've had the pundits... You just switched it over to Bagram.
Hold on.
And they said they fly them to Egypt and to Jordan for third parties to torture them.
We're talking about...
Americans in this country, I asked for a civil rights violation in this country.
Well, yeah, there's citizens who've been taken.
They're going to be tried before a military tribunal.
Hold on, let me answer your question.
Moussaoui and others, I dig the articles out right now.
There's a bunch of citizens, British citizens, Australian Americans, being taken to Camp X-Ray.
They're building an execution chamber.
Paul Wolfowitz will appoint the three military judges that will try them without juries.
They can't face their accusers.
It's a kangaroo court.
Right, and we're talking about civil rights violations in this country.
Yeah, enemy combatant designations of American citizens.
No, that is a wartime crime.
Yes, that may have happened.
Are you denouncing the entire U.S.
military over this?
No, I think it's horrible that they're huffing depleted uranium, and I think it's horrible they got hit by VX and Sarin, according to hundreds of publications in universities, University of Texas at Dallas, and I think it's horrible they weren't given treatment for that.
I do support the troops, yes.
I think the anthrax shot was very dangerous and they finally suspended it.
I mean, yeah, I do support the troops.
But I don't let people say, do you support the troops?
Well, you've got to support what I say or you don't support them.
Okay, but we're talking about Ashcroft and civil rights in this country.
Yes, ma'am.
Just so you know, they are now saying that they will use it for banking, for everything, for all crimes.
An article in the Washington Times titled... So you have no example of anyone's civil rights being violated?
All over the place they're using the Patriot Act.
Ann, you said you haven't read the Patriot Act.
No, I said I read it.
I said I hadn't read the part about how innocent Americans can be arrested secretly on the basis of no evidence.
I believe I'm quoting you on that.
Yes, it actually says that.
I missed that provision.
Which says what?
Section 501.
Tied into Section 802.
Innocent Americans can be arrested for no reason in secret proceedings.
Yes, it says that they don't even need to think a crime has been committed, that you can be snatched off the street secretly and held.
That's not in the Patriot Act.
Yes, Patriot Act 2.
Yes, it is.
Let's talk to Kevin in Massachusetts.
Go ahead, Kevin.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
It's a pleasure to have you take my call.
Hi, Ms.
I had listened to Ms.
Coulter's responses, and a couple of terms she used was the liberals were reacting as if they were reacting to Satanic versus.
She used another strong term that I would call liberal satire.
Morally blind.
Well, I agree with her that they respond like you have blasphemed to say that McCarthy was right.
When McCarthy was right, that's admitted now.
I think what appeals to me about her book would be that there are some hidden truths probably in there as compared to what you get off the national media, television control platforms.
That there'd be some insight into things like McCarthy.
You've got to go quick, bud.
I've got a bunch of callers.
All right.
My point was, could Ms.
Coulter please talk about the morality of a president that attends Bohemian Grove?
Oh, yeah.
Bush admits he goes to the Grove in skull and bones, and these are not Christian organizations.
Are you aware of those, Ann?
Men get dressed up in...
Women's clothes and sing songs.
Well, according to the Washington Times, they bus in male prostitutes.
That is absurd.
That means $10,000.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Hold on, John.
I'm not a betting man, but Ann, I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is.
George Bush attends functions with male prostitutes.
Sacramento Bee, Associated Press, Parade Magazine, Spy Magazine.
I have all the news articles.
What's his relationship to Victor Ashe?
I don't know who Victor Ashe is.
He's the mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee.
All right.
We're not going to go there.
I can't confirm that.
Thank you.
John in Tennessee, you're on the air with Ann Coulter.
Go ahead.
Isn't the title of your new book, Propaganda Attempt to Divert Attention from the Treason of Prescott Bush's Criminal Convictions for Arming Adolf Hitler during World War II, to divert attention...
This is a little... Sir Bush Jr.'s...
I can't believe this is the nuttiest stuff I've ever heard.
Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, I have the Pittsburgh and New York news articles from 42 when Prescott was arrested.
Are you saying that didn't happen?
I'm saying this is absolutely nutty, and you ought to get back to concentrating on the black helicopters.
Oh, which they now admit are surveilling the country with the drones, according to the Houston Chronicle and Senator Warner.
You mean those?
This is the nuttiest conversation I've ever had.
I just told you we have mainstream news articles.
Hold on.
We're at war right now.
This is no time to be looking for black helicopters.
Let's put John on hold.
I think we ought to be concerned about finding these weapons of destruction before they end up in New York, rather than run for office.
You are a neocon, and you're out there chilling for the Trojan horse that is George Bush, who's a gun grabber, U.N.
promoter, open borders.
I mean, the evidence, the fruit's on the tree, Ann, and we've been trying to be nice to you, and you've just denied things that are all over the mainstream news, many of them for 50 years, and you can't face up to the corruption of the Republican Party that's growing the size of the government.
We're conservatives.
We're not LaRoucheites over here, okay?
I think you are.
Well, LaRouche says a lot of things that are true, but then he tells you big government's the answer.
We're telling you big government's not the answer, and we do have a corrupt government.
And we just told you about Bohemian Grove.
Okay, let's put the next nut on.
Ann, you're in the media.
They don't let me on the air say things about Bohemian Grove unless I have the news articles.
You know this.
Sure they do.
No, they don't.
Go to Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and type in Bohemian Grove.
I snuck in there.
I got video.
We've had Pat Buchanan on talking about it on this show.
Okay, Bohemian Grove's real.
Skull and Bones is real.
They lie in the coffins.
They do the rituals.
It was on Fox News two years ago.
Yeah, but it's some nutty frat boy ritual.
George Bush is not struggling with male prostitutes.
No, I said that they admit that male prostitutes are brought into the grove.
The question on the table was, what do you think of the morality of a president who attends Bohemian Grove, which you clarified is a place where there are male prostitutes?
That's right.
I said the Washington Times said that.
Implication, and perhaps you are denying it now.
No, I just said it.
I said what the Washington Times... Stay there, Ann Coulter, if you've got the nerve to do it.
I just said it.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
I don't know about you, but Bush had better not sign that assault weapons ban.
Better not call for open borders.
I think that's top issues.
It's all about the war on terror, isn't it?
We should go after his Saudi pals, according to the head of judicial watch, Larry Klayman.
He likes to vacation with the Bin Laden family, but that's C-SPAN National Press Club.
Final segment with Ann Coulter.
She's a best-selling author.
We've got a link on Infowars.com to her publisher, and now you can get it.
And we'll let her talk about it here in a second.
Let's try to jam a few calls in here, Ann.
Appreciate your courage coming on.
Mike in Arizona, you're on the air with Ann Coulter.
I guess I'm the next nut.
Hi, Ann.
Most of us who are more than casual observers of the political scene recognize that the fencing between the Democrats and the Republicans is largely staged.
How do you explain the concentration of Council on Foreign Relations members in both the Bush administration and the Clinton administration, an organization that's dedicated to the destruction of American national sovereignty?
I think it's absurd to suggest that there are no Democrats.
Yeah, that's just a publication in Foreign Affairs.
Don't talk about that.
It is absurd to say that the Republicans are indistinguishable from the Democrats.
The idea that Al Gore would be running this war on terrorism the way George Bush is is crazy.
Who said that?
We would be at great risk right now.
All Americans would be.
We would not be probably fighting in Afghanistan or in Iran.
Why is, according to the International Herald Tribune, why does the Justice Department have their people standing over witnesses in the 9-1-1 investigation and, quote, intimidating them?
By standing there and scowling at them?
Well, you're not, yeah, private meetings.
They're apparently easily intimidated.
That's why they're hijacking planes and flying them into buildings.
Oh, really?
Hey, why were some of those hijackers trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, according to MSNBC?
Now you're saying we trained the hijackers?
What is this now?
Yeah, the military-industrial complex, according to Operation Northwoods, planned to carry out 9-1-1-style attacks.
Baltimore Sun, ABC Nightly News.
I don't know if you've heard of them.
This year's just getting nuttier and nuttier.
Well, it's like the USS Liberty, which they now admit we've had Admiral Moore on, former Chairman John Chiefs' staff.
He admits the government tried to sink the ship to blame it on Egypt.
No, in fact, I think George Bush was considering having Muhammad Atta in a highly placed position in the federal government.
And Rumsfeld was almost one of the hijackers.
Did you know that?
But he got away at the last minute.
Well, none of the hijackers are still alive.
And unfortunately for you, Anne, our audience is educated and aware of what you're up to this whole spin.
What I'm up to?
I was trying to talk about a book, and I'm getting a bunch of nut theories thrown at me.
Well, wait a minute.
What you're up to is saying that leave Bush alone, so what if he signs the assault weapons ban?
We need to get up off our butts and do something.
We have.
Clint in Missouri.
Last caller for Ann Colfer.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Clint.
Clint's gone.
Go ahead, Clint.
Yeah, I just wanted to say that Ann had mentioned that Bush has to do certain things to get reelected.
I think a lot of our perspectives are he should be more principled.
President's duty is not getting elected.
There's more important things like preserving our Constitution.
Right now, the majority of Americans are more than willing to give away our freedoms.
Thanks, Clint.
Thank you, Clint.
Ann Coulter, we really appreciate you coming on the show, and we hope you'll talk more about the neocons, gun-grabbing, open borders, and blocking Dan Burton's committee, and signing on to UNESCO, and signing campaign finance reform, restricting the First Amendment.
You think that might be a good idea, Ann?
Okay, hey, hey, have fun being a neocon Trojan horse, Ann.
Have fun being their little poster child, okay?
Hopefully you and your buddies can keep everybody in the dark long enough to get your new world order.
We know that's what it's all about.
I'm out of time, folks.
If you want to support this broadcast, don't buy her mindless book of just stuff that doesn't matter anymore, little side issues.
Expose the whole system.
Get my videos.
Go to infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
I'll be back tonight, night and the bed night.
God bless you all, and fight the neocons.
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