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Air Date: July 9, 2003
1924 lines.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
They say that 78% of you are against it, but they don't care.
They're going to
Work on your apathy and tell you that resistance is futile, that there's nothing you can do to stop it.
And we had her on a few weeks ago.
I've been hammering the RFID tags for years.
Now Walmart is canceling their smart shelves and smart flooring that scans you and tracks you, but they're still demanding that all of their manufacturers start implanting this stuff, so they're just canceling it for now because of the massive heat.
Yes, coming on, part of a peace group.
We're good to go.
I think?
The International Herald Tribune is reporting what the Whitewash Commission said.
They admitted that there's been intimidation of witnesses and basically cover-ups going on.
That is coming up.
Also, USA Today, Supreme Court citing more foreign cases.
And they talk about how they're following, quote, the UN's mandate.
So I've been talking about this for years, but here it is.
In USA Today.
You're in a world government, folks.
Continuing, out in California, Governor Davis has a new bill that looks like it'll pass.
Republicans, of course, are behind it with him, big neocons, to make basic government activities local and state secret.
So a secret government, secret votes, you name it.
I've got some comments on the rash of shootings yesterday at a Lockheed Martin plant in Mississippi.
And out in California, the big suspect is an assistant principal blasting children.
So we'll continue to discuss that as well and how it ties into the Matrix Teenagers caught moments before the rampage on Monday.
Again, it is Wednesday, the 9th of July, 2003.
We're also going to be taking your calls today in this hour, early in this hour, at 800-259-9231.
Bunch of vaccine news.
I want to go over some of the latest vaccine news.
They don't just want your kids to take a triple shot that's been shown to be the most dangerous, the MMR.
Now they've got a five-combo shot.
They've got ten combos coming out.
And the new federal bureaucracy, 6.3 billion a year funding, and BioShield is going to try to force you to take it.
Also, one of the big pharma companies just lost a lawsuit for their deadly Lyme disease shot.
It maimed hundreds of thousands.
This is Associated Press, by the way.
So those that deny that vaccines are dangerous are living on the moon and telling us that we're the people that are crazy.
So we'll go over this and just a plethora of other news that I haven't even had time to scratch the surface on.
I'm going to go into a blitzkrieg of news and information on the other side of this quick break.
Also on InfoWars.com, we're going to post that clip that we posted before, but we're going to post it again of Bush saying,
Things would be a heck of a lot easier if this was a dictatorship, so long as I'm the dictator.
Not just the text of it, the video of it.
That'll be up on InfoWars.com in the next 30 minutes.
So stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones, and we'll be right back.
Be sure to visit InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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There is a chance to use this disaster as a New World Order.
A New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Our founding fathers said it over and over again in different ways and slightly different configurations, but...
I think.
...is the New World Order and all its pomps and all its servants.
And last night laying in bed at about 2 p.m., 2 a.m., 2 a.m., looking at the ceiling and cars driving by casting their shadows on the walls, I was exhausted, but I still laid there for about 20 minutes and thought,
About my life and what I've decided to do with it, and I've thought about, yes, the dangers of being killed by the government, the dangers of being falsely charged with some horrible crime and being imprisoned, being tortured, but then in the balance, thinking about my family, my children, their children, in the balance, there isn't even a choice, there isn't even a question for a millisecond of
Am I doing the right thing?
I mean, if you have basic decency and basic honor and the basic programming that God gave you to defend your family, your country, your people against evil and against oppressors, then there is no debating it.
There is no question.
There is no hindrance to the mission that we are all here in.
I mean, I'm not going to falter or waver, folks.
Because I know the cost, and I know that we can affect change, and I know that we can fight evil, and I'm not going to buy their line that resistance is futile.
And we all just need to accept this fact and become decent human beings and join in on the fight for humanity against dehumanization.
And I've talked about this a lot on the show.
I mean, every day we get in our cars...
And if you're under the age of 55, and you're a male under the age of 58, and you're a female, the number one cause of death is automobiles.
Now, after 55 is a male, 58 is a female, it's heart attacks and cancer and strokes and stuff like that.
So why do you still get in your car?
Why do you still drive down the road?
It's the most dangerous thing you can do.
You drive down the expressway at 75, 80 miles an hour.
You get on the interstates and drive 85 miles an hour.
You're driving around in a thin plastic and aluminum shell with giant 18 wheelers and moving trucks and cement trucks around you and huge SUVs.
But you don't even question it.
You don't even fear it.
You just accept it because everybody's doing it.
Now, I'm a conscious person, so when I'm driving, and knock on wood, I haven't had a wreck in about six years, when I'm driving, I do think about that it's the most dangerous thing I do in my life.
I get emails.
I get letters.
I get phone calls.
Oh, you're so brave.
You know, the government could kill you.
You need to watch your back.
Do you want a bodyguard?
I don't know how you do it.
How do you have this courage?
And frankly, it doesn't even compute because the biggest dangers in my life are slipping in the shower and grounding or...
Dying in a car wreck or, frankly, for that matter, being carjacked long before or being struck by a bolt of lightning long before.
I get into territory of the government, the men in black coming and killing me or framing me or torturing me.
Now, granted, if we don't fight this system and speak out and get involved, the chances of the...
We're good.
And our veterans and the people that stood up against crime and those that stood up against the system and consolidated arrogant delusional power, we wouldn't have the society we have today, ladies and gentlemen.
So we're standing on the backs and on the dead bodies and on the blood, sweat, and tears and on the sacrifices of all those before us that stood up for decency against tyranny.
So there's no choice for Alex Jones.
There's no going back.
Once I learned of the New World Order and found out that it was in fact a reality and began to learn of its crimes, there was never a debate.
I mean, I have examined the psychology and the soul and the spirit of it, but there has never even been a question of selling out.
But you see, in this society of weak, scrambled eggs, brained, pathetic people, almost everyone is ready to sell their family out for 20 pieces of silver.
And that's why things have gotten so corrupt.
That's why things have gotten so bad.
So stop being so fearful, folks.
I'm a canary in the coal mine for you.
I mean, I'm a big fish in this fight.
And I'm here telling the truth.
Seven days a week,
365 days a year, and I'm not going to live in fear.
I'm not going to do it.
I do live in the constant horror, though, of what's happening to my fellow man and what's happening to the society my family lives in.
I live in horror of not doing enough and in great frustration and not being able to express the ideas and understanding I have properly.
And I live in horror of how I spin out of control on the air, and I live in horror at the fact that I can't make all the films and telegraph all the ideas or log all the videotapes of all the incriminating evidence of the globalists or read all the documents or write all the books or get all the interviews we need for this show to expose the New World Order.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Folks, this system is designed to destroy the mass of humanity, to take your hearts, your minds, your souls, to turn you into grasping fools, chasing after these phantom carrots that are dangled in front of your faces.
The society is being engineered.
The architecture has been laid and is now being implemented to make you totally dependent on government to live in a compact city to be scanned and tracked and traced and taxed right to the edge of exhaustion to push you onto Ritalin and Prozac and alcohol and drugs and all the additives and the food and the water and the air.
And to shut up bureaucracies to forcibly inject you with deadly vaccines, hundreds of which they're coming out with every decade, dozens every year.
It's a nightmare.
I mean, I look at what they're doing.
I think of the crimes we've all committed.
The crime I committed to my ignorance ten years ago, eight years ago, buying a Pakistani rug.
The crimes I've committed...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That God will protect His people in their work.
And I know that I'm protected as long as God wants me to do this work.
And that's why I have no fear as well, my friends.
That it's all in God's hands.
That He's leading us.
That He's guiding us.
That He's directing us.
We're good to go.
USA Today admits that the Supreme Court is now following the orders of the UN.
Here's the headline.
Supreme Court citing more foreign cases.
That's the headline.
We're inside the New World Order already.
I've been to the concentration camps, people.
I've made films about it.
I've got Senate hearings on tape.
I've been to the camps with the troops trying to put you in them.
I mean...
Do you think it's going to be people that fight the New World Order?
No, it's people who serve it.
It's people who the government wants to take their possessions.
It's petty bureaucrats in the system that want to feed on you locally.
The New World Order is a blind demon eating its own, eating everyone.
And when you serve it, it has license to come into your home, license to destroy you and your family.
We'll come back and I will get to the news.
Please stay with me.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back, my friends.
Wyatt, Don...
Bob, Pat, and others, your calls are coming up in the next segment.
I could spend an hour on each one of these articles, but let's just go ahead and jump right into them.
911 panel complains some agencies are slowly and slowing inquiry.
Okay, there, finally got it.
911 panel complains some agencies are slowing inquiry.
And this is out of the International Herald Tribune.
The leaders of a federal commission investigating the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 complained today.
That's to make you think they're really doing something.
Remember, they tried to have Henry Kissinger run it.
The leaders of a federal commission investigating the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 complained today that they had encountered particularly serious problems in obtaining materials from the Defense Department and lesser delays from some other government departments that could threaten the panel's work.
Now, remember that this is a panel that has security clearances.
This is the elected Congress, and they've got members of Congress there.
They've got a former governor on the panel.
They've all been sworn to secrecy.
They're having some public hearings, but the government still won't give them the information.
The Commission's chairman, former Governor Thomas H. Keene of New Jersey, also said the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security were moving too slowly to permit the panel to conclude its report by May 2004 as required by its congressional mandate.
Mr. Keene said the commission's members were unhappy that some agencies, they cited the Justice Department in particular, had insisted on having monitors present at all commission interviews with their representative officials that can foster a chilling sense of intimidation among witnesses, Mr. Keene said.
So Mr. Keene said that it causes intimidation among witnesses.
The chairman also said the Justice Department had failed to provide needed cooperation regarding the
...prosecution of Zacharias Moushaoui, who was accused of conspiring with the September 11th hijackers.
Now, Zacharias Moushaoui has said that the government paid for his house, his car, his credit cards, and that's been proven with many of the other hijackers who've been found to be still alive, but that kind of gets stuck under the rug.
And, of course, they got trained at U.S.
military bases as well.
That's all mainstream news, folks.
It's in my films, in the book, on the website right now, in the 911 sections.
And Moose Cowley wants to talk to the committee and wants to talk to the commission, but they've said no, so that's going on there as well.
But, again, they're just running the clock out on this commission.
It reports back May 1st of next year of 2004, a little under a year from now, and nothing's really going to come of this.
They're just going to say, okay, well, the government kind of messed up.
They need more funding.
That's all the other commissions have said.
This is from USA Today.
Supreme Court citing more foreign cases.
Scalia, only U.S.
views are relevant.
The Supreme Court's reference to foreign law in a ruling last month that overturned state anti-sodomy statutes stood out as if it were in bold print and capital letters.
Writing for the majority in a landmark decision supporting gay civil rights, Justice Anthony Kennedy noted the European Court of Human Rights and other foreign courts have affirmed the rights of homosexual adults to engage in intimate consensual conduct.
I just want to point that Anthony Kennedy, the justice, would be arrested in England for using the word homosexual.
We're good to go.
We're good.
Who admittedly committed murder, and there's all these witnesses.
And the Supreme Court earlier this year said, okay, we'll freeze and stay those executions.
We'll rule that has to happen.
So it's already happening.
And remember, the EU, there aren't any judges that are over juries.
You can't face your accusers.
It's tribunals.
You can be held for 30 years without being charged.
You're being tried.
And so the EU and the World Criminal Court and others, the International Court of Justice, as they call it,
Talk about mislabeling things.
Are basically giving the orders out here.
And it says, never before had the Supreme Court majority cited a foreign legal precedent in such a big case.
Kennedy's opinion in Lawrence v. Texas, which was signed by four other justices, has ignited a debate among analysts over whether it was a signal the justices will adopt foreign courts' views on individual liberties.
I'll come back and go through a couple other key talk stories, then we'll go right to your calls.
And then into some other guests.
You'll want to stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, folks.
I know we have Wyatt, Don, Bob, Pat, and others that are patiently holding.
I've got a bunch of other news coming up.
Marine dismissed jail for refusing anthrax vaccine.
Glaxo settles Lyme disease vaccine suit.
Wait till you hear about what this did to the people that took it.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Also, a new vaccine reduces numbers of shots.
Now, they admit the combo shots, the multiple shots, the most dangerous type.
Now, instead of three different vaccines in one, five, ten.
They want to make it mandatory.
With no oversight, and Bush trying to give liability protection to the big pharma.
In fact, they passed that, blanket liability protection in the Homeland Security package, and it was repealed, but they have made the autism record secret.
I wonder why.
So that's coming up.
Also, Supreme Court citing more foreign cases following U.N.
We'll get back into that.
Also, California trying to use the war on terror to make all the records secret and proceedings in local and state government secret.
I want to talk about these mass shootings that always pop up in rashes.
A lawsuit school forced pregnancy and STD test.
Now, we've seen this happen all over the country.
I mean, they'll grab 10-year-old girls and do sexual examinations on them for no reason.
Well, it's happened again.
And remember last week and Monday we had the lawyer on.
There in Tennessee they had hidden cameras in the girls' showers and boys' dressing rooms.
And the school said, so what?
Big deal.
And now they admit the images were sent out and accessible over the Internet, accessed from other states.
So talk about Big Brother.
It's all coming up.
Ballers, be patient, because I have gotten my wires crossed.
I had thought this guest was coming up the third hour.
He's coming up in the first hour.
He'll only be on with us about ten minutes, because it's an important story, but one we can tell quickly.
And I'm honored to have him on the show with us today.
Let me go over this news article, and then we'll get him up on the air.
Again, Associated Press report, peace group barred from city parade.
Now, whether you're for the peace groups or against them, you'd better be for the First Amendment because that's what the Fourth of July and America's all about.
But these neocons, and I've heard them all over the radio, say that people should be arrested if they protest or demonstrate because, quote, that aids the terrorist.
And even liberals are doing this.
Out in California, the Assistant Attorney General, Mike Van Winkle, said that chilling statement three weeks ago in the Oakland Tribune that's on InfoWars.com.
Peace group barred from city parade, and it says the Brannard Area Coalition for Peace was denied a spot in Friday's July 4th parade on the basis of safety issues.
Community action officials said today Nancy Cross, Executive Director,
...of the Community Action said her board made the decision on the basis of general safety after consulting with the police chief, John Bolick, if I'm pronouncing that right, and city attorney Tom Fitzpatrick.
The police told us they were spread absolutely too thin across Sid.
She said the decision was not made haphazardly.
Cross said Community Action offered to reserve a spot on the parade route where the coalition could display its signs.
The peace group rejected that idea.
And we hear this over and over again.
Pro-gun groups try to demonstrate in Arizona cities, and they say, well, you have to pay for police security, or you have to go to a special place, or you can't be part of the parade, or they tell environmental activists the same thing.
It's across the board.
Larry Fisk, spokesman for the BACP, said the option of setting up a booth would not have given his group the same exposure and was not the same manner in which other groups were treated.
And the article goes on to talk about, and there's several articles on this, how any group that wanted to be part of it, hunter groups, veterans groups, civic groups, the Rotary Club, they could all be part of it.
Your little kids could be in it if they wanted to.
They have the same type of raids in Austin, but not a peace group.
And in a letter of facts to Community Action and city officials, Wednesday, Fisk urged them to reconsider and raise the possibility of legal action.
And so now he joins us.
And we see this type of Gestapo attitude everywhere, trying to oppress and repress the First Amendment action.
Larry Fisk, good to have you on the show, sir.
Thank you.
Glad to be here.
This is a big deal.
This article is a whitewash compared to the other stories I've seen.
What really happened and why should we be concerned about this?
Well, what happened was that our group met in early June and decided we wanted to participate in this parade to
I think we're good.
Now, George Washington said that foreign entanglements were horrible, imperialism was horrible, and I can think of nothing more patriotic
That on the 4th of July, going out and being involved in the community with your view, that is in line with George Washington.
Actually, we've entered, filled out the form and entered, and we said the name of our unit was Supporting American Freedoms.
We're going to have a banner saying Supporting American Freedoms of Speech, Assembly, and Dissent.
I think peace is patriotic.
Oh, that's even worse than I thought.
You were talking about the actual Bill of Rights celebrating dissent.
And they told you, now again, in America you shouldn't have to fill out a form of what you're going to be saying and doing.
This is incredible.
Well, you know, they didn't require you to say what you're doing, but they asked, you know, what's the theme of your unit or what's the name of your unit?
And the name of our unit was Supporting American Freedom.
And these were the signs we're going to have.
We're going to have our coalition banner and American flag.
But that wasn't kosher on the 4th of July.
That wasn't acceptable on the 4th of July.
Excuse me?
Well, apparently not.
So we sent up the form on the 18th.
We received it on the 19th.
We faxed it back on the morning of the 20th.
Didn't hear anything back.
We're good to go.
Saying that this year's celebration was honoring the military and they couldn't guarantee the safety of peace marchers and we would not be allowed to march.
So now you've got your First Amendment unless the government decides it might be dangerous.
Oh, your speech is okay as long as it doesn't offend anybody.
And so now you're punished because somebody out there might not like the First Amendment and might need to move to Russia.
Right, and I said that we weren't worried to march.
But she said no...
Oh yes, it's a national security issue.
Gotta be real secretive.
They also obviously tried to run the clock out on you.
Well, yeah.
It was only a few days before the phrase that we heard.
So you threatened legal action.
What happened next?
Threatened legal action, you know, sent a letter that you referred to.
I did a follow-up call, and she said they were not going to change their mind.
So we subsequently had a meeting, and...
Well, it's also discrimination.
It's like telling blacks that, oh, you can go to the restaurant, you just got to get it out of
Well, that was the argument used to try to block people engaging in the First Amendment during the 60s.
It was, oh, it's for your safety.
So, what we decided is to...
Well, this just shows the mindset of government.
And they're doing it to liberals, they're doing it to conservatives, and they tell
Pro-gun groups when they're standing out on the street corner with signs protesting city gun laws.
The police will come and say, leave or we're going to arrest you.
Your protest is dangerous.
I'll tell you another story.
Early when anti-war activity was beginning before the Iraq War, I was at another community nearby, which is St.
Cloud, Minnesota.
There was a protest along the street and the police stopped
We're good to go.
Well, that shows the mindset.
These guys need to move to communist China.
That's where they operate like this.
So, this is across the board.
So, there hasn't been an apology by the city then?
In fact, now they are totally slammed up.
No, nothing.
A woman called me and was trying to just write a little paper for school, and she came to me and said, as a subject, and she said,
They wouldn't even tell me community action numbers.
They won't say anything.
Oh, so now you've got a little town saying you can't know the number to the board.
Oh, yes, it's for security.
I was wondering, could I give an email address if anybody was interested in contacting our local paper?
Oh, absolutely.
You want to give a city number out?
You want to give a number out to this commission?
Anything you want to do, go ahead.
Okay, um,
Letters to our local paper would be BDForum at BrainerdDispatch.com.
Brainerd is D-R-A-I-N-D-R-D.
BDForum at BrainerdDispatch.com.
Okay, let me stop you for a second.
Folks, just go to Infowars.com.
It's one of our top stories.
We have it there, a list of the guests that are coming on today, and we have Larry Fisk listed there.
We have a link to the BrainerdDispatch.com website, and on the left-hand side, down at the bottom, it says Contact List.
You can contact my phone number and email every department with the whitewashing newspaper.
If you want to encourage them to stand up for the First Amendment, they might want to do that.
You know, they are a newspaper.
I would like to say that the newspaper, which does tend to not always support our point of view by any means, but they have covered this story and, you know, let our opinion out.
Well, I'm reading a July 3rd article, and it seems like a spin piece to me.
Are there other articles?
Well, there's one thing.
There are several articles.
There's one thing that's been repeatedly in the paper.
You made a tune, Tony!
Yeah, I understand what government does.
They lie, that's what they do.
Yeah, that's their excuse.
Your application should be part of a parade.
All right, well, thank you for coming on the show, Larry Fisk, and Godspeed to you.
Good luck.
I appreciate it.
And what is that website?
www.infowars.com, infowars.com, or prisonplanet.com.
Okay, well, I appreciate you giving attention to our issues.
Thank you, Larry.
I don't care who you are, if I agree with you or disagree with you.
I agree with you.
This war was a fraud.
Now that's totally proven.
Good afternoon, Alex.
How you doing?
Listen, I'm furious.
I just read an article yesterday in the Baltimore Sun.
It was originally from the Los Angeles Times, Charles Pillar.
The headline reads, Residents, it's a big article, but I'm going to hit on a few topics.
Residents, comma, officials split in boom in biolab construction.
You know, these biolabs they want to put all over the country.
Part of BioShield, part of the Forest Inoculation Program.
That's right.
Okay, in Hamilton, Montana, which is about 65, 70 miles south of Missoula.
Right on the border there with Idaho.
It says, Isn't that nice?
Concentrated death.
Oh, but it's just a study hit, Wyatt.
You can trust them.
They don't want control out of a viral release.
Of course not.
They're building this thing right across the street from a senior citizen center, right across from restaurants, and right down the street from a school football field and school.
There's only 3,700 people.
Don't worry, they're going to build dozens of them all over the country.
That's right, they're talking about... And now listen, why would the states, who are supposed to be broke...
They're also saying everything's secret.
We can't tell you what the city council did with the taxes.
That's secret now all over the country because of the terrorists.
But we're going to tell you where all the new Level 4 bioweapons labs are.
They're going to tell you where they are, but they want to keep it secret.
It's at a university research center that some local officials are clamoring to join the building boom because of the hundreds of millions of dollars in research money.
Well, that's the reason they're doing it.
They want it in their neighborhood.
It says a modern bio four level lab.
They're going to produce
Ebola and lots of viruses.
Oh, isn't that nice?
If there's about 20 liters of concentrated Ebola and other dangerous organisms, enough to infect every person on the planet, will be produced just in one, so that they can study vaccines.
Of course, there are no vaccines, according to them, for us.
But Bush says they're going to make them, and then make it mandatory, and of course there'll be a release, and then you'll need to take the shot.
It is Creighton named John LaMontagne, Deputy Director of NIAID at Bethesda, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
Bethesda, Maryland here.
We've got enough of these here.
We've got Fort Detrick.
It's unbelievable.
What, you didn't like how they mailed anthrax out?
Oh, yeah.
Most weaponized form ever seen.
Well, don't worry.
Bush got a heads up to be on several four weeks before it showed up.
Listen to this.
He says it's the people that are protesting.
Stay there.
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Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
You will lose your liberty.
All right, Wyatt, Maryland.
You're absolutely right to be concerned about BioShield.
Alex, this is just unbelievable.
I mean, there's one guy from NIAD in Bethesda, Maryland.
He says that these people, he calls them intransigents, which sounds terrible, but it just means people who live there.
It says critics as in Tangerine spoil spoilers who don't understand level four precautions.
Sterilized waste from such labs is cleaner than what comes out of anybody's home.
Yeah, right.
Let me stop you.
Today, on InfoWars.com, we have the BBC where they admit that they, quote, killed troops, Americans killed American troops and British troops in and outside Porton Down as late as the mid-'80s, but no charges because the government ordered it, and...
Three years ago, it was porting down that admits that they, quote, accidentally released weaponized foot and mouth, that they had to kill 8 million sheep, 4 million cows, and then wouldn't let people restock and use that as a police tape measure.
I mean, it goes on and on.
I know, Alex.
Look, some of the things in here are so amazingly stupid that are quoted by these so-called intelligent idiots.
It says, we're getting as close to failsafe as possible, adding as failsafe as a space shuttle.
Well, my God, we've had two space shuttles blow up!
I mean...
Yeah, you know, what I said, and they said they're building this to withstand a small plane crash.
Give me a break.
A home could withstand a small plane crash if necessary.
Now let me stop you, Wyatt.
Some articles say a dozen, some say 26, some say 40.
How many of these does this article say they're going to build?
It says six.
But it really didn't get into where the six are.
It just says bio over boom in bio lab construction, but it points out about six.
It says dotting the country, dotting the country with these labs.
So it doesn't say it's a total of six.
See, every article says something different.
But right here in Fort Detrick, Maryland, they point out that there are so many leaks in the old pipes
The Russians released anthrax and killed thousands of people.
That all they have to do is release a little bit of something and everybody in the United States could drop dead.
Well, that won't happen.
They'll have a few thousand die and then clamp down the cities and say, after this happened, we've got to take your rights to keep you safe.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, they're behind it all.
Yeah, folks.
And the CFR is saying, we're going to get hit by bioweapons.
Our lives are going to change.
They're going to take all our rights.
And they're building these everywhere and saying, oh, we're going to develop dozens of vaccines.
It'll be fours.
All right, we're going to break, and we will come back with Don and Bob and Thad and others.
And I kind of got behind because I thought that guest was on the third hour.
That means we've just got another guest coming on for about 15 minutes in the middle of the next hour, and then I'll be done with guests, and we'll have time for all your calls, but I'll go to your calls when we get back first, and then I'll have time to get to all this news, the vaccine news, the gun grabbing news, the mass shooting news.
I mean, there's just so much we've got to go over, so please stay with us.
Before I end this hour, in the last minute I've got left here,
Please go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
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All right.
Just a lot coming up on this Wednesday edition.
Second hour, third hour, straight ahead.
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Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have a government that admits they've killed U.S.
troops, foreign troops, and chemical and biological weapons tests.
It's all over the news right now, on at fullwars.com and prisonplanet.com.
And now they want to build dozens, they won't tell us the exact numbers, some articles say a dozen, some 26, some 30-something, bio-weapons labs all over the country, in populated areas, in big cities, in small towns,
We're good to go.
How you doing, Alex?
Pretty good, sir.
Did you get my email I sent to you?
About what's going on up in Fremont, Michigan here?
How they're land grabbing.
Yes, I did.
It's going on everywhere.
No, that's not it, Alex.
There's been a raid.
State police.
There's been a trooper killed.
Another one shot.
My contacts here in Michigan say that the guy, the citizen's been shot.
They shot him from a military helicopter.
He's got shot seven times.
I know you don't like to talk about theories, only the documented stuff, so I'll leave that alone.
But the state police, they say that they haven't found him and they're looking for him.
Police from seven states away are helping.
This is big news right now in Michigan.
Well, I'll have to go to the Associated Press and find out more, and I'll do that.
Did this happen today?
This happened Sunday night.
What's supposed to have happened, the guy, Christian, patriot, militia, whatever, conservative views, believes women should be wearing dresses instead of pants.
Apparently he was in a gas station in Hesperia, Michigan, and some young women were out there.
I wasn't there.
I don't know.
I'm just telling you what I read.
Apparently they weren't dressed too conservatively.
And he made some comments, but long story short, they filed a complaint against him, and supposedly he's soliciting sex from minors.
But the police were sent out there to serve the warrant.
He barricaded himself.
He tried to hit her.
I guess Trooper Kevin Marshall's been shot dead.
There's another one wounded.
My people say that, you know, there was helicopters there firing down into the house.
Right here, the big news channel in Michigan is 9 and 10 News up in northern Michigan here, and I watched it last night.
Today, I saw a armored personnel carrier right up at the guy's house by the cornfield there.
It looked just like Waco, Texas.
They ran through.
I saw an explosion right there from the windows just blowing out.
All right.
Well, when did you send your email?
I sent it last night, and I just sent you another one today.
To what box?
I sent it to Tips at InfoWars and Alex at InfoWars.
I can give you the site right now.
It's from Grand Rapids Press.
It'll tell you all about it.
I'll find it.
Thank you, sir.
I'll cover it.
Thank you.
And we'll get more information.
Thank you, Don.
Very interesting.
Bob in New York, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you today?
Well, it's just amazing stuff going on.
Isn't it?
Hey, this is a follow-up from yesterday in regards to what I refer to as a degaussing coil.
We were talking about trying to deactivate the RFID tracker chips they're now going to put in everything.
And I just wanted to reiterate that you don't want to do this around any film or any electronic device, which kind of, you know, what are you going to do about that?
You're talking about the magnetic wand that you use to erase audio tape?
Yeah, yeah.
What you do is just plug it into a 110 outlet, press the button, and...
The coils of wire give you a huge magnetic field, and it'll blow out those RFID tags.
Now, will it erase them or blow them out?
It'll blow them out.
I spent about eight years in the military in electronics, then I went into retail where I actually was in the CD business, and I had to have RFID or a similar device called...
Stay there.
We'll get to you later.
We're good to go.
It's also very hydrating and more importantly, extremely detoxifying.
We're good to go.
Your health simply cannot wait any longer.
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Alright, my friends, we're back live, already in the second hour.
We're going to go back to the calls, back to Bob and Thad and others coming up here in just about 10-15 minutes.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
Last Friday and then on Monday, we covered articles about Tennessee where they have hidden cameras in the
10 to 14 year old school children's bathrooms, dressing rooms in public schools.
It's going on all over the country, but they've been caught in one particular area.
Well, now they're back at it again in other areas of the nation doing these sexual exams on young girls for absolutely no reason.
So, this is your government, folks, training you that the children don't belong to you and abusing your children.
Now, Catherine Albrecht
We're good.
We're talking about the secret documents of Walmart, the Defense Department, Proctor & Gamble, and others, and the Auto ID Center, part of the Uniform Commercial Code and barcoding system, and they've been caught lying, saying that they didn't want to put shelf readers and scanners that scan you as you walk around through the store.
The microchips, again, are activated, and as you leave the store, they're still activated.
Now there's news articles admitting they plan to use it for taxing you as you drive around in your car, already doing it out in San Francisco according to the San Mato Times.
They got some of the, well, they were secret documents, but the fools at Auto ID Center actually had a back door that was wide open to everybody on their website to get their corporate minutes.
And they talk about suppressing the people, manipulating the people, pacifying them, how to control you, how you're apathetic.
They don't care if the majority of you are against it.
They talk about strategies to manipulate and to basically lie to the public.
It's a big news story.
So, Catherine, recap the basics, and then let's get into a law you guys have written that you're hoping Ron Paul will sponsor that we know will have great support with the people, but not with the bureaucrats in Washington.
Hey, absolutely, Alex.
But listen, before we get started, I've got to share some very good news with your listeners.
It's just in.
Walmart has unexpectedly canceled plans to do these shelf trials in Brockton, Massachusetts.
Now, you know about this?
This is where they were... Yes, I actually... I have a Reuters story here where Walmart unexpectedly, quote, cancels...
Well, we'll see.
I think they're taking an awful lot of heat.
We're scoring this one as a victory.
And Alex, your listeners can get actually an exclusive on this piece of information.
But I was actually in a Walmart store in Brockton.
I saw that SmartShelf with my own eyes.
I took photos.
And now they're canceling it.
So that shows the army of one out there, for real, taking action.
Now, Catherine, for those that don't know, they brag in their corporate minutes...
And it's the Defense Department, Walmart, all the big guys, they want to make this the standard system, replace the barcode or supplement it.
It's trackable, traceable, it's for the casual society control grid.
Now in these documents you just got this week, and they admit you've got them, they're very mad that you have them, according to the Associated Press.
Go over some of that for them.
Well, you know, the part that we found most interesting about their research, and by the way, they're not claiming that we shouldn't have them.
They're now taking a very different tact.
Well, there was an article yesterday in the AP.
They said that you shouldn't have those documents.
That was their quote.
Have they changed that again?
You know, what they're now saying is, oh, we meant to do that.
We meant to post all those.
Everything we do is an open book.
Now, wait a minute.
Yesterday, and I have the mainstream articles, they said they were very mad that you had those.
Well, go figure, because their story is changing, I think, as fast as they can make it up.
There is no Patriot Act.
There is a Patriot Act.
It doesn't affect citizens.
It does affect citizens.
It's just, there are weapons of mass destruction, and you're lying if you say there aren't.
Okay, there are weapons of mass destruction.
Okay, there aren't weapons of mass destruction.
I mean, it's just every day, endless flip-flopping.
Yeah, I think so.
So, wait a minute.
You downloaded them when it just said confidential.
Then you reported on Monday that they were now altering them, and they're altering them, putting a confidential till date.
That's correct.
I mean, the news should have a field day with that, but of course they won't.
Well, and that's exactly what's happening.
If you look at the mirror, if you go to our website at nocards.org, you can download all 68 of those original confidential documents, and believe me, there's some juicy tidbits in those documents.
What they have done is they pulled them all off, and then one by one they put them back on with these new bogus confidential until deadlines.
They would say confidential until May 2003 or confidential until November 2002.
Matt, you talk about transparent.
You talk about transparent.
That's a big deal.
Well, and if you compare the before and the after versions, you'll see that that's been tacked on to every one of the documents, and many of the documents have yet to reappear at all.
And the most interesting part is that we have thousands of documents from their website, and by far the most interesting ones were never labeled confidential at all.
And if they are sincere about meaning that everything on their website was meant for public consumption, then we'll take them up on that and go ahead and begin releasing those documents.
And here it is from CNET News today.
That's amazing.
Walmart canceled smart shelf trial.
Walmart stores unexpectedly canceled testing for an experimental wireless inventory control system, ending one of the first and most closely watched efforts to bring controversial radio frequency identification technology to store shelves in the United States.
Well, Gillette didn't order...
Well, they're on the run for now, and it's thanks to consumers out there who took the time to call and voice their complaints.
We're not out of the woods yet.
Gillette is still doing trials elsewhere.
They've pulled that particular set of trials.
Walmart is still trialing other consumer products as well.
So I think this is a nice, highly publicized retreat, but it doesn't mean we're out of the woods.
We need to let these people know we're going to boycott you, we're going to pick at you, we are going to be on you until you make an absolute declaration that you're not going to be putting anything into consumer products.
So that's really what we're pushing for right now.
We have, as we discussed yesterday when we got off the air, we have two things that we are proposing that we think will fix this.
The first is we have authored a piece of legislation called the RFID Right to Know Act of 2003.
You can find the full text of that legislation on our website at nocards.org.
It's a second story down.
That legislation is looking for a sponsor.
Thank you so much.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And you paid for it with a credit card that they would not associate in a database or anywhere else your name with that label so that you could later be tracked or tagged with that.
Now, Catherine.
And this is what our legislation aims
One more quick segment, then folks, I will get into the other news.
After going to your calls, for those who have been holding, everybody stay with us.
We'll tell you how to get this legislation introduced when we get back.
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economy receives its currency by taking on debt through private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
The U.S.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
It's bad enough that the U.S.
citizens is bound by debt in order to have commerce.
However, shocking the economy with the reduction of this magnitude could wipe out years of growth in a stock portfolio.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks, we're back live.
Catherine Albrecht is our guest, and we're going to be going to the callers coming up here in a few minutes.
All the great folks that are holding, the toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
Believe me.
Definitely want to hear the news.
It's all just out of control, proving how criminal the government is, how just insane with tyranny they are and despotism.
It's coming up.
Our last segment with Catherine.
Thank you.
This is a big victory.
Walmart had announced it was going to go in all their stores and they were going to make all their suppliers adopt the RFID.
Having them back off the trials is a big deal, but we need to get Ron Paul to sponsor this bill and that's why you're here today.
How do we do that?
What you want to do is contact Ron Paul's office.
Now, this won't be of very much help unless you're in his district.
So if Ron Paul is your congressman, and you can find that out, I'm sure, by going online if you're not sure who your congressman is and looking up your district there.
But you can reach Ron Paul at this email address, rep.paul at mail.house.
Right here in Austin, his district surrounds us.
We're on six affiliates in Texas, and four of them are in his district, or cover his district.
A News Talk 1260 is right here in Austin, so thousands, tens of thousands of Ron Paul constituents and voters, because my listeners are all Ron Paul supporters,
They're there listening right now.
We need to encourage Ron Paul to adopt this legislation.
It is called the RFID Right to Know Act.
You can find it online at www.nocards.org, no cards, because our organization started fighting supermarket cards.
You can see the full text of the legislation in the summary of the bill.
I have spoken with Representative Paul's legislative analyst, a man by the name of Norm
Yeah, I've met Norm, and I've been to some dinners, he said, and I've met Ron Paul, had him on the show about 20 times.
They are overwhelmed, but we do need to push.
...for labeling of this Big Brother technology.
It's a great idea.
That will stop it cold if we can get this passed.
I beg our listeners, we even air Ron Paul's legislative updates twice a day on this network.
That's how Ron Paul-friendly we are on this national network.
So, Ron Paul, I certainly hope, and he better bring forward this legislation, and then the folks can lobby nationwide, because as you said, what, 70...
Well, that's what I think.
So here's the path to getting this introduced.
We're good to go.
Well, just so you know, Austin is Lloyd, big government dogged, but the surrounding, it's all gerrymandered by the Democrats, the surrounding area down to Houston is all Ron Paul, and so Fredericksburg and...
It is called the RFID Right to Know Act of 2003.
And you know what, Alex?
As I'm sitting here, I'm going to put myself on the line.
I'm calling, and as you know, I'm patched in by telephone, and I'm in New England.
I'm all the way up in New Hampshire.
I will personally fly out to Austin, and I will meet with any group of people there who want to work with me to get this legislation introduced.
I will fly out there in August.
I will put myself on the line right now.
Contact me at this telephone number, 877-287-5854.
If I can get a dozen of you
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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4-4-3-8, a column Alex Jones sent you.
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Not yet available in Iowa.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, I'm going to take three calls that have been holding the longest, then I'm going straight into this news, about to the hour.
Then I'm going to go back into your calls, because we don't have any other guests today, which is a good thing.
I'm getting frustrated here, because we've had a lot of great guests on already, and we're taking a lot of great calls and taking some important news stories.
I've taken some time out to cover those, but the news I haven't gotten to is just out of control.
Real quick, Bob in New York got caught short earlier.
I told him to hold over.
He wanted to make a point about the oath of office or the oath in the military.
Go ahead, Bob.
Hi, Alex.
This is really weird.
On CNN, I saw Bush reassigning or re-upping a bunch of military officers and enlisted people.
In that, they had changed the oath of office.
It went through the first, you know, section, the normal section where, you know, support and defend the Constitution, blah, blah, blah.
But then it went into the segue of basically a loyalty oath to the President and all of his officers below him.
Now, I don't know if you recall history, but what did Adolf Hitler do?
He made the Wehrmacht.
I got the film of that.
You're telling me...
Where was he giving a speech?
At what military base?
Okay, well, Paul Joseph Watson is a great webmaster.
Paul, do a search for about a week and a half ago, talking to my webmaster right now.
Get that.
Find out.
There'll be a text on AP or Fox or CNN or something.
...of the President's speech, and then they'll have the troops perhaps giving their oath.
You're telling me that on the end of it, they gave a loyalty oath to the President?
To the President and his officers below him.
Now, that is so bizarre.
I mean, it really flipped me up, because like you said... Well, look, everything's bizarre.
I mean, video cameras in elementary school dressing rooms... Yeah, I know.
Alex, I'm 38, and I took this oath when I was 21.
You know, there was no timeline for this oath.
So as far as I'm concerned, even though I've been discharged and no longer under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, that I still need to support and defend my Constitution.
And when I heard this, it just, you know, it rubbed me wrong.
What did they say?
So they swear an oath to the Constitution and then to the President?
And then they go through and I loyally swear to follow the orders
So notice they always had that problem of swearing an oath to the Constitution so you couldn't follow unlawful orders, but now, oh, I swore an oath to the bureaucrats, too.
It's bizarre.
As they torch the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
I'm sure we'll find out more.
Thanks, Bob.
Let's talk to Roy in Florida and Aldo in California.
Roy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Roy.
I was listening to your guest on the RFID legislation.
And I agree that 100% it needs to be done.
But the number one means for corporate America to track me or you or anybody else is spyware on the computer.
Oh, you're right.
And the cookies and...
All the things they do.
The whole society's being geared for the total information awareness system.
And in addition to that legislation, why can't we have some legislation to label spyware when a web page comes up?
And when they access your computer.
What happens is you buy a computer program that does XYZ,
I've heard of it.
Well, I'm not the computer expert, but the guy that runs InfoWars.net, Dwayne Coots, has a big internet service provider company.
He's not big, it's small compared to the big ones, but it's large.
He's got tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of members.
And he runs InfoWars.net.
Great internet service provider.
ISDN, DSL, dial-up, all that stuff.
A great dial-up.
I mean, you'll think you're on, you know, a better connection than normal dial-up just because he has good phone numbers.
But it's nationwide service, and they have a, you know, the proxy servers.
They have the virtual browser, so it gives you another identity and just blocks all of that out of hand.
I never plugged this, but people really should go switch from AOL, the other big brother systems, to InfoWars.net.
Yeah, particularly any internet service provider that includes your own browser, AOL, MSN.
Well, I mean, having AOL is like having Echelon for your internet service provider.
Okay, thank you, Alex.
All right, I appreciate the call, Roy.
Great points.
Aldo in California, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
How you doing, bud?
Hey, this is a little late, actually, and I really wish I'd gotten this news to you a few months ago.
Actually, it was probably about beginning of June.
I was outside in my backyard, this is in Southern California, and I heard what I thought was like a model airplane or a prop airplane or something.
And you saw a drone?
I saw a drone.
I have another mainstream news article here today where the aviation people are very upset.
They're going to launch drones.
They're already out nationwide.
They're going to watch all of us, but not the border.
And they've got high-powered radar that looks right through your walls.
So they're going to just fly right over, black and white image inside your house, through four feet of concrete if necessary.
And it's all part of the new police state.
So what did you see in your backyard?
I just looked up in the sky and I could see this little, you know, little, it sounded more like a model airplane, but a little bit louder, like a Cessna or something to that effect.
And it was just screaming right across the sky.
And it was no mistake in it.
It was absolutely a drone.
It had the funny wings and everything.
One of the drones you've seen on the news.
Yeah, absolutely.
I've seen it on your website and multiple pictures of it.
Well, I mean, it's not a conspiracy theory.
They admit it.
It's total surveillance.
And the Defense Department five years ago started paying to have police departments put in this high-powered radar that looks right through your walls.
I mean, where's the Fourth Amendment, people?
That's not a free society when the Army's looking through your walls and the police are.
And by the way, it didn't stop 9-1-1, did it?
No, absolutely not.
We're the terrorists, right?
You know what I mean?
We're the terrorists.
Well, that's it.
And I guess the new oath is worshiping the President.
I've got to confirm that.
Yeah, you know, real quick, Jackson, I know you don't have much time, but I need you to address this point.
You hear me talk about how, I got video of this, there were, my wife says, get out of the shower at like 7.30 in the morning, I run out a few months ago, and here's the police helicopter flying around my house in little circles, and then shooting right by it is a drone at about 100 feet below the tree line, and it was a drone, the standard, classic little drone.
It really, really creeped you out, because I need you to address these points, because you've actually converted myself, as well as my brothers, into absolute soldiers for this cause, and this is all we spend our time on now, mostly.
But we absolutely need some type of concrete info or documentation as far as the 80% population reduction.
And also, any light you can shed on the whole life extension question.
Because when we show people the videos, that's kind of one of their big, you know, things that they bring up and kind of use it as a way to discredit you.
And I believe and I know it, but I just want some type of hard concrete... Well, in Roads of Tyranny, and I point out that I'm going to make a whole film on that in the future in the film,
I showed some mainstream news articles.
I showed text of Prince Philip's book published in 1987, If I Was an Animal.
It's on bookstore shelves, sir.
Prince Philip, head of the royal family over in England, you know, the daddy of Prince Charles.
The husband of Queen Elizabeth.
Any type of UN documentation or anything like that?
Well, let me go over it for you.
Well, let me go over it for you.
All right.
I mean, they're saying, where is it?
There's Prince Philip saying it.
Ted Turner, an Audubon magazine, we give the footnotes of it.
A public magazine said he wanted to get rid of 95% of us.
The UN has said they have a targeted of 80% world population reduction.
Type in...
I'm well aware of all the things you're saying.
We're good to go.
To have the reproductive systems cut up to get land.
I mean, that's in the news every week, so... It's incremental, basically.
Well, it's not incremental.
Hold on a minute.
About a month ago, I posted, it was allafrica.com, but I posted a link to the Declassified National Security Council report where they had a plan launched in the 70s by Henry Kissinger, in the late 70s,
I'm with you.
I'm 100% with you.
I could go print.
I could go to Google.
I could print AP Reuters, UPI, BBC, Times of London.
I could print an entire box of paper.
I mean, a huge box of paper.
I'm serious.
Two printer cartridges coming here with a stack that reaches the ceiling.
Now, I'm not exaggerating, sir.
With admitted mainstream reports and read them at 95 miles an hour, so I was a babbling mess here on the air.
It's like DynCorp and the U.N.
getting caught running white slavery rings globally.
I mean, there's hundreds of articles in the last six months on it.
Have you ever had Ted Bederson on your show, too, I was going to ask you?
Yeah, I have had Ted on.
Okay, all right.
I just saw his video through the Prophecy Club, and I was pretty impressed with his findings.
Hey, I hear you.
I'll tell you what, Aldo, if you want to hold the next hour, I can do it.
I've got to cover news.
No problem.
Do you want me to let you go?
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, because I'm not cutting you off from your important question, but I said I'd do this, and I got to.
Thanks a lot, bud.
You know, I've told my wife to do this.
She's my webmaster.
She's too busy.
I'm asking Watson to do this now at Prison Planet.
I want a gigantic vaccine section.
I know you can post 500 in a week, buddy.
Find me all mainstream stuff where they've lost lawsuits, where they've been caught with deadly stuff in it.
The coroner saying this is the anthrax, shots killed people, all that stuff.
I want that post.
I know it's a big job, but it's for the country.
Please do it, Watson.
If you're listening, I'll call him today.
I want to communicate him over the air, though.
I also want a aspartame section.
We have some on that every week, but these thousands of articles are all mixed around on the site.
I also want a section on this, what we were just talking about, how they want to kill us.
I know you can find 100 articles in a few days, in a few hours, but post them in a few days.
Do those three things for me, and get the transcript from yesterday.
I know it's a lot of work, but we've got to give it to these people, and we've got to put it all in one spot.
Man, I've got to go through all this.
Let me just race through it, and I'll get into more detail in the next hour.
But I'm sorry.
I'm getting bad about this.
I take calls and guests and don't get to it.
Fox News, Marine dismissed, jailed for refusing anthrax vaccine.
A Marine helicopter pilot who refused on religious grounds to receive an anthrax vaccination was dismissed from the Corps on Tuesday in order to serve seven months in prison.
Now, I could spend an hour on this.
They found it full of toxins, poisons, cancer viruses.
This is mainstream news, Atlantic Journal.
They suspended the experimental program.
It's caused massive damage.
They're back giving it again.
They want to forcibly give it to you, the BioShield program.
A huge bureaucracy there for them.
So that's just horrible.
That's Fox News.
Glaxo settles Lyme disease.
Vaccine suit.
This is out of the Philadelphia Inquirer.
And no, that's not the National Inquirer.
By the time I say inquirer, I get emails.
It's a highly respected paper.
Philadelphia Inquirer.
Laxo settles Lyme disease vaccine suit.
Hundreds of thousands of people nationwide who received the Lyme disease vaccine have received the lawyer's label as impressive settlement.
But if you are one of the recipients of LymeX shots, don't bother looking for a check in the mail.
The lawyers get it.
The benefits from the agreement finalized last week with the vaccine manufacturer SmithKline Beecham Corp.
Now SmithKline, Laxo, SmithKline, PLC are not monetary unless you are one of the plaintiff's attorneys who spent more than $1 million.
And it goes on to talk about what the vaccine did and how it damaged them and how they admit it damaged them and how dangerous the vaccine is.
It's a long article.
If you want to go read it, go ahead.
I see this stuff every day.
I don't know how to cover it at all.
Here's another one.
Repeat, MMR jab for 40,000 kids.
The government says, not only do we want to make it mandatory, but we want you to come back and take it again.
That despite one telegraph poll that 99%
That's the poll.
Are against the MMR shot.
Is the kids happy and well and talking and walking?
Give them a shot.
They're in a corner flopping around for the rest of their life.
This is out of... What is this out of?
Associated Press.
New vaccine, reduced number of shots, five vaccinations combined into one.
Children in Madison are not able to get their vaccinations without having to take so many shots.
Oh, isn't it great?
WISC News 3 reporter Tony Morsley said the medical breakthrough is called.
They want to make dozens of new ones mandatory.
Here's another one.
This is out of the Boston Globe.
Lawsuit school for its pregnancy STD test.
School administrators in Washington Heights for several eighth graders to be tested for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
And it goes on.
What they did is completely unheard of, said Donna Lieberman, executive director of NYCLU.
It violates their right to privacy.
It violates their right to go to school.
It violated their right not to be subjected to summary punishment.
And it goes on.
Dr. David Bell, a specialist in adolescent medicine at Newark Presbyterian Hospital Family Planning Clinic, who saw the two girls, said he was outraged that Intermediate School 164 demanded confidential medical information from the students.
And that's what the students get for missing a day of class.
Here in Austin, you miss a day of class, you get drug tested, medical examinations, juvenile hall, and hey, they're putting video cameras in the showers.
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That's toll-free, 888-803-4438.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I am seriously considering making a bunch of films where I do a one-hour video
We're good to go.
170-minute films, you know, almost three-hour films, are great, and I suggest folks watch them in segments, you know, hours-long segments of Sorbitol.
But I wasn't getting frustrated with the earlier caller.
It's just that I was getting a little bit, because it's so hard to relay all the information, and I understand people cannot accept the horror of what's going on.
But in the life extension technology situation, I want to make a special film about that.
But probably go on the eugenics film, though, maybe 30 minutes on eugenics and that, and then show why, what the globalists want, how they want to get us out of the way so they can enjoy all the suppressed technologies they've developed.
We do have their admissions in this from top futurists and top corporate leaders.
This is what they talk about around the Martins, or out on the yachts, my friends.
Oh, we're in so much trouble.
But look at this article, Lawsuit School Force Pregnancy STD Test.
And it said that the girls had played hooky, and so now if you miss class, you get called in and get your genitalia examined.
We've all heard the horrors of this nationwide with elementary school kids.
It's gotten a lot of attention.
It's happened all over the place.
But here in Austin, I have newscasts where they have the family court judges, if you're late to class three times, late to class, that's an absence.
They file criminal charges, though the state law doesn't even say that.
And go after you.
I got them on tape with kids.
They even showed them the news.
Juveniles in court.
They know this somehow.
I don't know how they do it.
Going, you're going to take drug tests.
You're going to be examined by a doctor.
And you're going to be... I mean, folks, how do you say that putting video cameras in the 10-year-old girl and boy's showers is good?
About a week ago, I was telling a local talk show host about this.
He said, oh, Alan,
Yeah, I saw it on Fox.
And I said, okay, here's another one.
Walmart's putting tracker chips in their products.
Oh, that's ridiculous.
He goes, wait a minute.
Show me the article.
He goes, I need to quit doubting you.
Oh, I want you to doubt me, but don't just doubt and then just doubt.
Please go check out what I'm saying.
This is all out of control.
I can't handle it anymore.
I mean, I got this article, USA Today, where they say the UN's giving orders to the Supreme Court
To actually say that they're saying that's the authority now?
USA Today, folks!
I got articles here about the drones that watch us looking through our walls.
The Defense Department says, yeah, they run the face-scanning cameras.
It's a control grid.
They're going to watch what we do as citizens.
I mean, come on!
We're living in a bad Twilight Zone episode.
I expect Rod Serling to walk by any moment.
And the response I have in freaking out over this is a normal response.
Something's wrong with you if you don't have a bad response to this.
I'm out of time.
We need your support.
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They're $25.95 apiece.
My book's $12 to set the tyranny about 9-1-1.
They're the best work out there, okay?
A lot of folks have said that, and frankly, that doesn't say much, but it's the best work out there.
They're good videos.
I wish somebody would make better ones, but they're excellent.
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com, order the videos.
We need your support as well.
Don't wait.
Order the videos, please.
Third hour coming up.
When was the last time you used pure soap?
I mean real, hard-to-find, all-natural pure soap that contains no dyes, perfumes, deodorants, or antibacterials.
Probably never, right?
Hey, folks, Michael Trudeau here.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I want to talk and more to tell about some of the stories I barely mentioned earlier in the show.
There's been a victory against the Defense Department in Walmart in their RFID cocker chip scheme.
The 911 panel admits witnesses are being intimidated by the White House.
The Supreme Court says in USA Today they're going to be following U.N.
orders from now on.
They're using anti-terrorism laws locally and at state level to freeze access to basically any government information.
Total secrecy.
I want to talk about some of the shootings that have taken place in the last week or attempted shootings.
There is just so much and some more vaccine news I didn't get to.
And yes, we're going to take a lot of calls this hour.
I had to suspend calls in the last part of the last hour because I didn't get to some of the news.
I wanted to cover some of it.
It's all vital.
We've got news here just across the board about the phony war, about bio-weapons labs they want to build everywhere that are so dangerous.
It's just all vitally important.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
We will get you, my friends, up and on the air.
The White House backs off claim on Iraq by Washington Post.
The Bush administration acknowledged for the first time yesterday that President Bush should not have alleged in his State of the Union address in January that Iraq had sought to buy uranium in Africa to reconstruct its nuclear weapons program.
The statement was prompted by a publication of a British Parliamentary Commission report, which raised serious questions about the reliability of British intelligence that was cited by Bush as part of the effort to convince Congress.
Now, the CIA had already told Bush months before the report was fake, made up.
The government made it up, the British government.
It's made up.
The mobile weapons trucks, made up, sold by the British to them to pump up hot air balloons.
Made up.
They're lying to you.
They're gun-grabbing, big government-promoting, New World Order minions.
report for scorn on evidence of Iraq weapons, and it's just totally false, total lies, totally and completely made up.
Vladimir Putin warns of catastrophe from unilateralism.
This is more just New World Order jockeying, acting like there's two halves of the New World Order and giving you some fake choice of what type of New World Order do you want.
And it's all run by the same jokers.
Now, this is out of...
This is out of Yahoo.
I guess it's an AP article.
Putin warns of catastrophe from unilateralism.
If unilateralism becomes the norm of international life, it will lead to chaos and catastrophe.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said in remarks published here.
Putin was responding to a question on the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in an explosive interview with the New Straits Times ahead of planned visits to Malaysia, a mainly Muslim Southeast Asian nation.
The trip, which was to have begun...
Tuesday was postponed after suicide bombers killed 13 people on the weekend in Moscow rock concert.
Putin stressed in the interview held in Moscow that Russia wanted to see international organizations of the United Nations strengthen the deal with peacekeeping and upholding international law.
So that's about making the UN the good cop in this massive scam.
I haven't spent enough time on this.
I will talk about this in the next hour.
In the next segment, Bush Link Company handled security for WTC, Dulles, and United.
Oh, wait till you hear about the details of this.
I mentioned it yesterday, but haven't detailed it yet.
I'll read the article as well.
More on lawsuits, school-forced pregnancy, and STD-tested exams on young girls.
They're doing it again!
They're doing it again in New York.
They've done it all over the country.
And on Monday, revelations of the school knowingly putting cameras in 10-year-old girl and boy's showers.
Just big brother in your face.
Maximum tyranny.
Got an article here we haven't gotten to yet about.
Yes, they're launching the hover drones to watch all the cities and look through your walls.
But high-powered radar...
And we're also going to have an update on Dixon Cannon, the aeroplastics guy, who said, show me the IRS law.
Your private collection agency will file a reserve.
Now in jail through a kangaroo court system.
We'll have an update on the continuation of the trial tomorrow.
I'm John Stattner.
When we get back, we'll also take your calls.
So give us a call at 800-259-9231 on any of these issues.
I think?
We're good to go.
Your health simply cannot wait any longer.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, be going to your calls.
Doc and others that are holding, just be patient.
We'll get to you.
And yes, Bush-linked company handled security for the WTC, Dallas, and United.
We'll get to that story as well.
Right now, I'm joined by John Stattmiller.
I don't know if he's in Dallas yet or going to Dallas or Fort Worth, but I know he's going up in the morning.
For the case of Dick Simcannon and Aero Custom Plastics, why don't you give folks some background, John?
Yeah, hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking the call.
Yeah, Dick Simcannon of Aero Plastics, and actually it's in Fort Worth, he has not been the tax collector for the federal government for several years now.
What they did is they slapped a 27-count indictment on him.
He researched the law.
And let me say something first about Mr. Simcannon's character.
I've been up at his place of business after hours for meetings with this man.
I've met Rhett Beckman there that you had on the air, I think, what, last week.
Very good, well-thought-out man, not prone to exaggeration.
The facts are the facts.
He looked at the situation.
We're good to go.
And for those who don't know, the Constitution says the government can't order you to do work for them and carry out their enforcement arms without paying you, and they can't make you work for them.
They call that the S-word for slavery, and on top of it, it's a private collection agency for the private Federal Reserve, and Mr. Simcannon was part of the full-page ads in USA Today saying, here's the U.S.
Code, now show us the law.
And, Alex, it must...
It must bear repeating that we've had people that the then commissioner, Charles Rosati, has since resigned.
The Department of Justice.
We got as far as having a meeting arranged by Roscoe Bartlett with the aforementioned parties.
By the way, John, John, last year, we've read the video here in Austin, what this group did with the people.
They went and bullhorned Grisotti and stood at the building, and they'd asked for months, and hunger strikes, you name it, for him to come out and answer and show us the law.
They wouldn't do it because it's a fraud.
The 16th Amendment's a fraud.
That's been admitted by the state.
It's never ratified.
Well, it's been very interesting because in this country, Alex, do we have a right of a redress of our government?
Do we have the right to simply ask a few simple questions of our, what they like to call a representative democracy?
Okay, fine.
What do we need?
51% of the people asking the same questions.
The question is, is the 16th Amendment, was it properly ratified, is it constitutional, and who asked to exactly pay these income taxes?
You know, Alex, you know, we have a lot of tax protesters here in this country.
We have a lot of people that have gone to jail supposedly for not paying their fair share.
You would think that the IRS would more than welcome the opportunity to clear any of this up.
Well, why don't you get to face your accuser?
Why don't you get a jury?
Why is it their own special tax court paid by the government?
Well, in this case, Dixon Cannon is going up in front of Judge McBride tomorrow morning.
Actually, it's been slated for 2 p.m., but I never trust these federal judges.
I would urge people to be up there by at least 9 a.m.
and maybe plan on staying until at least 5 p.m.
This is one thing that I must do.
My wife and I are going up there.
I'm going to see if I can get an interview.
He is not released.
Now, the reason he's in jail right now
The judge recognized who he was, where he was, he had the business.
Well, and you know, it's not like he's going to pack this thing up on his back and move it off to Mexico overnight.
This man is in the community, has been part of the community for many years.
He's not going anywhere.
This hearing tomorrow is strictly on the bond.
This Judge McBride wants to review this bond and see if he is a flight risk.
And Alex, there's something you've got to keep in mind here.
We have seen people like Erwin Schiff, Larkin Rose, We the People Foundation, Bob Schultz, Dick Vixen Cannon has been part of this group of people and we're not simply
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yeah, they raise a dozen taxes and they give us some paltry tax, but at the same time, John, Ronald Reagan's commission in 81 found that not one cent of the income tax goes around the country.
It all goes to the IMF, World Bank, and the...
Because you're guilty until at least you can prove yourself innocent.
That doesn't keep them from, and this is the game plan from the IRS.
They will contact, this is what they did to Mitch McCannon, they contacted his creditors, they contacted his business people that he did business with and told them basically that he was in jail for tax fraud.
Now this is even before the case even comes up in court, before a decision is made.
It's the harassment, intimidation, and I'll tell you what, do you want something that makes George Bush's $350 billion tax cuts look like
Like nothing, let's start putting the money back in people's pockets where they spend it and spread it out throughout the economy.
You know, economically that makes sense to me, but not these people that got into bed with the Federal Reserve Act.
Of course, the IRS is the surety for that private corporation.
Alex, things have been so screwed up for so long, and what's really sad is most people are brainwashed into thinking they have to pay their IRS taxes.
Now, there are exceptions.
If you're a federal employee, if you live in the District of Criminals, I'm sorry, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and there are other subsections, the by and large majority of American people do not, absolutely positively, do not owe a tax to the Internal Revenue Service.
Well, people accept slavery like black slaves accepted in this country as their lot in life, but they didn't even really institute that thing over 1% until during World War II, and then it was a voluntary wartime tax just for the war.
And then during World War II, it was only at 1%.
I think people today would think that that would be a great tax break if they only had to pay... That's how down they are.
They thank them for some 10-year, $350 billion.
There are multiple trillions being transferred in the U.S.
every day in the currency and commodity markets, John.
$350 billion is nothing.
There's a trillion-two missing from the Pentagon.
How about they give us back that money they stole?
Well, it's a system we managed in 200... We just had a birthday, Alex.
And they were on the radio saying, you thanked the government on the 4th, you said you saw it on TV, I heard it in the car, there were checkpoints everywhere, pulling families out, throwing their goods on the ground, billboards flashing orders at the people, report illegal guns, report terrorists.
It's all out of control.
It's being legislated through the court.
This country is so screwed up and popped inside out, but there is salvation.
If people educate them about their type of government, they will get involved.
Well, take Asset Formature Seizure, where they pull the old lady over and take her money, no drugs found.
Take Tulia, Texas, 46 people, no criminal record, no drugs found, no paraphernalia.
They get 20 to 90 years in prison.
Turns out later on the word of one cop who admitted he lied.
I mean, it's just you can't trust this government.
That's what the founding fathers said.
John, what time tomorrow or where in Fort Worth?
Yeah, it's at Judge McBride Court.
Now, this is in Fort Worth, Texas.
The address is 501 West 10th Street, Room 401, 401.
And that's in Fort Worth, Texas.
And let me give you the zip, because... Is that a federal courthouse?
I do believe it is.
Now, if people need directions, let me give you the zip, and you can go up to MapQuest.com and get directions right from your home or your business, wherever you're at.
I urge people to go up there tomorrow.
The zip code up there is 76102.
Now this is for Dixon Cannon.
This is just a bond hearing.
We're going to show support.
So let this judge know.
And if I have to pledge my assets for this guy to be free so he can face these egregious phony and false charges against this man, I'll pledge everything that I own.
And I know that man will be back in court.
This is a fight that he's been looking forward to for a number of years.
We've had him on the show.
He said that two years ago.
John, thanks for going up there.
We're going to check in from you tomorrow.
Thanks for joining us.
All right.
Thanks, Alex.
Take care.
All right.
Very important information.
Let's talk to Doc in Illinois.
Doc, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Doc.
You're on the air from Illinois.
Okay, Doc's not there.
Let's go to Alexis in Michigan.
Go ahead, Alexis.
Go ahead.
I'm way over here.
We listen to you over here, and I've been trying to get your word out everywhere.
And if you hear me coughing, they just chemtrailed the Indian Reservation out here, so my voice is gone.
But my question was, why are there massive amounts of Russians building brand-new houses on the Indian Reservations, and there's whole colonies...
Well, because our borders are wide open and the CIA controls the Russian and the Chinese mob of their enforcers.
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Let's go back to Alexis in Washington State.
Alexis, you say that Russian communities are building on the Indian Reservation?
Right down the street from my house, I live on the Chilean Indian Reservation, and they have huge, brand-new houses, and there's whole colonies where they'll take up, you know, like,
Okay, have you talked to the Indians why this is happening?
I've talked to some of the people that I know, but I haven't gone to the tribe itself.
Okay, well, why do they say this is happening?
Nobody knows.
They're wondering themselves because they don't want them there.
I mean, don't they have to go to the tribe or go to the government?
I mean, no one knows why the communities are just popping up on Indian land?
Yes, there's a lot of strange things going on.
They're putting up those DARPA cameras.
They're allowing the sheriffs to come on the land now and pull people over and arrest them.
They're letting them do a lot of things that they never used to do.
Well, it sounds to me, Alexis, like you have more answers than I do.
But they have signed deals to bring in foreign troops to, quote, deal with American terrorists.
So, they're also hiring felons for the military now.
They're also hiring illegal aliens for the military.
So, everything we saw Stalin doing is now happening here.
By the way, in my stack of news, and I will cover it when we get back, as well as the Bush story about his companies involved in the WTC takedown, involved in the security there,
About Stalin, how he used hidden microphones around the country to control, and how our government is now doing that.
Alexis, thanks for the call.
You're welcome.
You bet.
Who's up next, Mark?
Randy in Georgia.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Alex.
I wanted to tell you about that guy with the plastic industry who stopped the income tax law.
When you file for your EIN number, that's the Employee Identification Number,
It says on the instruction book, if you look in the instructions on page two, who must file.
It says here that you must be a foreign person or non-resident alien before you become a withholding agent.
The problem, though, and that's what everybody sees and points out, is true.
That's right.
But the globalists are all about wordsmithing.
So, under the 1933 War Powers Act, this is a fact, they declare all of us aliens...
Of the District of Columbia, started the state police, started issuing licenses.
It made us all enemy combatants.
It made us all enemies of the state.
It made us all criminals who were then licensed.
That is why they say you're an alien.
Well, that's right.
When you become a U.S.
citizen, you're saying you live in a Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Virgin Islands, or Washington, D.C.
Instead of a citizen of your state that is part of the original union.
Right, but when it comes to federal income tax, which is under the federal state, when you sign that Social Security number and that W-4, now the W-4 falls under 3402P, under Title 26, which says that you may enter into that agreement and you can terminate that agreement each time.
Here's the problem.
They're criminals.
They don't even follow their own code.
They do what they want when they want.
They make the laws as they go.
You're right, because I've been rebutting the letters left and right since 1998.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, everybody.
My name is Bob Fairford.
I'm here today to introduce Bob Fairford's Best Coral Calcium Supreme Plus.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That masquerades as a legitimate government that is replacing every institution with its own bodies.
Go ahead.
You're right what you said just a minute ago.
They don't go by the tax laws because if they did go by the tax laws, they would lose.
Now, you know why there's all those holes in the tax laws?
Because the big corporations get to use all those loopholes.
Well, that's right.
It's awful for big corporations.
It's not for the little man.
But when the tax laws were set up, they were set up for non-resident aliens and foreign corporations.
Well, that's like a driver's license.
Because of the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings, and this is their own rulings, folks, they cannot make you have a license to travel.
So, they just come out and say, okay, well, if you have an unusual conveyance, you've got to have this.
Well, cars in 1918, when they passed that law, were still the unusual conveyance.
So, I can lawfully ride my horse down the shoulder of the highway without a license, because that's still the general conveyance.
But see, just like all income taxes, there's a primal place of evidence.
And what that means is, you owe the tax until you rebut it.
If you don't ever rebut it, if you get a letter from the IRS and you just throw it in the drawer and don't worry about it, you owe the tax.
And if you go in the courtroom and say that you didn't rebut letters or say anything about it, then I'm not liable under Title 26, Section 60.01, 60.11, 60.12a.
I hear you, sir.
I really appreciate your call.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's a whole area of study, and folks really should investigate that.
But, I mean, if you want to know that our country's being destroyed, and what was there that made up what the flag symbolized as being dissolved, look at USA Today.
Supreme Court citing more foreign cases.
That's the headline.
Supreme Court citing more foreign cases.
And then it lists how the court is listing...
The United Nations and other foreign courts, the World Criminal Court, as the authority.
And that's USA Today on the 9th, ladies and gentlemen.
It's on InfoWars.com right now.
And they admit it right here.
So now any rule or law they have in the EU, you supposedly have got to follow it.
Well, over in the EU...
You can't criticize the government.
You don't have juries.
You can't face your accuser.
And you notice in the Patriot Act, they are merging these systems.
They are unifying the systems.
All right, now I'm just going to race through news here, and there is a lot of it.
Look, this is the Moscow Times.
Russians are about three times more likely to commit suicide.
Russians are nearly three times more likely to commit suicide than the world average, according to a new report by the health minister of Moscow's Research Institute of Psychiatry.
Now, a lot of this is the government killing people and blaming it suicides, but...
Thank you.
Thank you.
We're good.
...taking place there now.
This is out of a Sacramento Bee Terrorism Bill limits public role.
The measure which would reduce access to meetings is called too far-reaching.
And it's racing through the Senate.
Governor Davis has sponsored the bill, and it will make local government, county government, state government virtually secret.
They talk about it here being unlimited measures and no way to mitigate it.
It's boundless, said Tom Newton of the CNPA's General Counsel.
Any record associated with crime seems to me to be thrown into this black hole of exemption, and there's no precedent I'm aware of for open meeting exemption they want to create.
So that's just some of the news there.
Big victory, of course, but they're going to come back with it again.
Walmart was rolling out its smart shelves and smart floors that track you with RFID tags and the clothes and shoes and Gillette razors.
Due to massive backlash from this show and other broadcasts, they're canceling that for now.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hey, here's an argument from the San Francisco Chronicle against euthanasia.
They try to unplug you after a week being in a coma now.
A man walks after nearly two decades in a coma, greets mother.
A man regained consciousness after spending 19 years in a coma as a result of a car crash, greeting his mother, who was waiting at his bedside.
He started out with mom and surprised her, and then it was Pepsi, and then it was milk, and now it's everything he wants to say.
Stone County Nursing Rehabilitation Center Social Director Ashley Bagley said Tuesday Terry Wall, 39, had been at the center since his July 84 crash, and his family refused to unplug him.
So, there you go.
But they want to make it a law where they kill you, because we all have to pay for that.
That's not right.
Iraq attacks wound seven U.S.
soldiers after Tommy, Franks, and Bush say, bring it on, go ahead and attack our troops.
There's been lots of new attacks, including now mortar attacks and rocket attacks not seen since the end of the so-called war.
And they claim the boogeyman Saddam's running all of it.
As if they wouldn't really catch Saddam if they wanted to with a $25 million bounty.
Of course, the CIA claims they killed him twice in bombings for sure.
Now they claim he's alive again and the audio tape is Saddam.
Also, quizzing them on 9-1-1 from Time Magazine, Bush and Clinton may be asked to meet with an independent commission investigating the terrorist attacks.
An independent commission that has to be agreed on by the president?
These guys were all appointed by the president?
They called Henry Kissinger independent.
I mean, this is just, it's like saying Joseph Mingala or Heinrich Himmler is an independent investigator of Adolf Hitler.
And it goes on.
Will President Bush be summoned before the Independent Commission investigating 9-1-1?
It now appears very likely.
John Leeham, Ronald Reagan's Navy Secretary, wants both President Bush and former President Clinton to meet with the Commission to discuss matters that could conclude that their administration knew about al-Qaeda's terrorist plots and what was done to combat them before 9-1-1 attached.
That'll be a big whitewash, you can be assured of that.
White House, again, already mentioned, backs off claims that Iraq tried to buy uranium.
We told you that months ago.
It was totally made up.
They knew it all along.
There are still neocons on the radio.
Liberals and conservatives clothing, if you want to use that term.
It's not a correct term, but just use it if you want to.
It's all liberal-conservative.
It's very, very serious.
Also, big news story here out of Tehran Times.
Riyadi, a leading Islamic business group, has warned four major Western banks they could be implicated in a multi-trillion dollar lawsuit filed by families of victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks.
The group said Sunday the Saudi group threatened to implicate Western banks in a 9-1-1 lawsuit because the Saudis are just a set piece for the bankers.
And so they're saying, okay, you killed these suits, so we're going to tell them who's really involved in 9-1-1.
It actually says it in the article.
A legal team for Dalla Al-Bakr Holding and its owner, Saeem Kamal, has notified the four unnamed Western banks that their names could be added to a list of defendants implicated in the lawsuit.
Dalla said in a statement, Dalla's banking subsidiary, Al-Barras, Investment and Development, and Kamal are among the more than 100 Saudi organizations, charities, businesses, and well-known personalities sued by the families.
Well, look for an invasion any day now of Saudi Arabia.
Isn't that nice?
Here's another report.
This is out of the Prince George's Journal, out of Maryland, mainstream news.
Bush-linked company handled security for the WTC, Dulles, and United.
All key areas.
And remember, the CIA was running a drill that morning, applying hijacked airliners into New York and D.C.
skyline, and ordered NORAD to stand down.
In fact, in the news a few times, never heard about it again.
George W. Bush's brother was on the board of directors of a company providing electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dallas International Airport, United Airlines.
By the way, George Bush's brother declared martial law one day before 9-1-1, according to the Associated Press in Florida, had never been done before.
But see, under that, he could do some things with the banks and other goodies.
It goes on.
George W. Bush's brother was on the board of the records of the company providing electronic security for the World Trade Center, Douglas International Airport, and United Airlines.
According to public records, the company was backed by an investment firm, the Kuwaiti American Corp., also linked for years to the Bush family.
The security company, formerly named SECURACOM, SECURACOM, and now named STATESECACOM,
He's in Sterling, Virginia.
His CEO, Barry McDaniel, said the company had a completion contract to handle some of the security of the World Trade Center up to the day the building swelled down.
And they'd hired John O'Neill, former deputy director of the FBI, to be head of security that day, starting that day.
And he supposedly died in a collapse.
And by his body, one of the hijackers' passports was found uncharred.
You believe that?
It also had a three-year contract with Manhattan Electric Security Systems at Dulles Airport, according to a Dulles contracting official.
Also handles some security for United Airlines, according to McDaniel.
And it goes on and on.
So just more and more connections.
And remember, all the planes were running at 95% occupancy on the East Coast that day, on average, according to reports.
But the four planes that got hijacked, United and American, had 20% exact occupancy.
No more, no less.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my goodness.
It just goes on and on.
Let's continue.
This is out of the Scotsman of Scotland on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
The hidden microphones Stalin used to shape the rebuilding of post-war Europe.
Now, in Austin, DARPA, five years ago, began putting hundreds of microphones up each year.
It's now up to 1,000.
They admit this in the paper.
Microphones with shotgun power to rotate around 200 yards away and listen to people.
And it's all hooked into their emergency center.
And now they admit, last Monday, that it's used by the Defense Department to, quote, watch the people.
The hidden microphone Stalin used to shape the rebuilding of post-war Europe.
Joseph Stalin was not a man to leave anything to chance.
Years of eliminating his opponents, 50 to 65 million of them, and protecting himself from potential challengers,
...has instilled a keen sense of self-preservation in the Soviet dictator and bred, as poker players put it, a sense of self-preservation and unwillingness to ever give a sucker an even break.
One of those suckers, it turns out, was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the United States president.
A new study was revealed in devastating detail on Stalin bug FDR's quarters during the 1945 conference at Yalta, term in the post-war map of Europe.
Oh, yeah, right.
But it just shows how loving microphones are for you and your family.
Here's one out of the new scientists today.
Safety fears over powerless planes.
A plan for powerless aircraft to begin operating routinely from ordinary airports in the U.S.
is being greeted with alarm by aviation safety campaigners.
They say such operations would put at risk the safety of other planes, passengers on the ground, and people living near airports.
The plan, which also involves giving unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, easier access to U.S.
civil airspace, is a result of a powerful partnership led by the Pentagon, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing.
Oh, they're remote control systems.
Those are useful, aren't they?
On Access 5, the group aims to loosen restrictions on where UAVs can operate within five years.
They've already got drones in the skies.
They climb out of Bergstrom right here in Austin in a joint APD-U.S.
Army operation.
Allow the craft to fly more flexible missions, but critics fear it may eventually pave the way for pilotless cargo flights.
And it says, totally unopposed, the prospect of UAB sharing runways with passenger planes is raising serious concerns.
What happens if the pilotless plane hits an airport terminal or another plane?
It goes on and on.
Folks, they've already got them in the sky.
Senator Warner said they're going to watch everything we do.
Before I end this segment, I do want to challenge all the listeners to get my videos, to support the broadcast, to get my book.
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I'll give you the number again and the mailing address on the other side and launch back into about ten other news articles in a news blitz.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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The casual society control grid, infallible microchips,
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
I think.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
My webmaster is Paul Joseph Watson.
Violet, everybody.
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All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing, so please don't do nothing.
ABC News.
military experts arrive in Monrovia.
A U.S.
military team has flown into Liberia to look at how best to bring stability to the broken West African country as President Charles Taylor prepares for foreign exile.
He's been told, leave or it's over for you, and he's following orders.
The first group of humanitarian survey team touched down in a helicopter to heavily fortified U.S.
embassy in the coastal capital of Monrovia.
My friends...
Africa has more oil in the Middle East, much of it's sweet, more gold, more diamonds, and the entire area that's been invaded by the French, the British, and the U.S.
this year is full of it.
Their own reports say it's about oil, but of course they won't be honest about it.
No, no, no.
They'll just say it's because they love the black people.
If you want to be fooled, go ahead.
Here's another disgusting story.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Swedish scientists produce healthy baby from mice with womb transplants.
The Saudi Arabians have done it in women, transplanting wombs and trying to plant embryos.
It just goes on and on.
A nanotechnology group to address safety concerns, and it says it's a consortium put together by nanotechnology companies.
They call it an independent commission that the New York Times does to investigate nanotech and to tell us it's safe.
The company's telling you it's independent, telling you it's safe.
The Nanotechnology Business Alliance, a trade group of business and work on nanotechnology, plans to announce a new task force today to address health and environmental concerns that would be associated with microscopic nanotech scale products.
We haven't seen anything yet that's really scared anyone, said Mark Molodezki, executive director of the group.
Mr. Molodezki said many members of the group had decided, in light of growing speculation about potential dangers posed by nanotechnology, that they want a forum
We're sharing research and developing better public explanations on the issues.
It says it will be an independent commission based on universities funded by the group.
Oh yes, very independent.
Such a joke.
Another one here, human cloning now the public's main concern.
Human cloning has overtaken nuclear waste and the concern it causes in the Australian community, a genetics expert said yesterday.
It's all important.
EU to adopt stem cell research rules this week.
Widening for cloning of humans.
The recall of Davis is going well.
They have collected 1.4 million signatures, but Davis may just throw it all out, the criminal he is.
Court rejects a bid to stop Cheney lawsuit.
Cheney doesn't want you to know about his Enron crimes.
And so, he's trying to stop that, threatening those that try to deliver subpoenas.
He goes on and on, but I'm out of time.
We covered a lot of news, had three guests, answered a lot of calls.
Thanks for joining us.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight central, and back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Be sure and join us.
Thanks for listening, and thanks for being involved, and thanks for caring.
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