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Air Date: July 8, 2003
1597 lines.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Tuesday, the 8th of July, 2003.
Big show for you lined up today.
In the first hour, we have the webmaster of PrisonPlanet.com joining us.
He's Paul Joseph Watson.
He lives in the United Kingdom.
He has a great head on his shoulders for analyzing the New World Order and covering and posting pertinent facts and tracking their lies and doing daily flashbacks to show how they put out different propaganda almost on a daily basis now.
We'll also talk about his upcoming book, and no, we're not offering it yet, and yes, I'm publishing it, Order Out of Chaos.
Talk about a powerful name.
Well, it's a powerful book, and it's lengthy.
We'll go over some of what's in the book, some of the key smoking guns of September 11th, and we'll get a British perspective on the high-tech police state they have developing there, the disarmament of the British people.
We'll talk about the lies about
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's great what the technology people on the side of liberty are able to do.
It's like when Orrin Hatch came out and said, hack anybody's computer and destroy it if they download anything that's not authorized.
Video, audio.
Well, folks just went to Hatch's website and found out that he had pirated software.
He'd used pirated software to build his very fancy, expensive website.
We're good to go.
So, we're on the march, the Empire's on the run, but that only makes it more dangerous.
We will track the latest global developments and unravel the New World Order here on the show today.
Big show lined up, and we're going to take a lot of phone calls in this first hour, and Watson's on with us.
Now, the White House today had to admit that, yes, they knew that Africa didn't sell Saddam uranium and that Bush lied in his State of the Union.
That's kind of a big deal.
They lie about everything else, being the big socialists, big government liberals they are, the neocons they are, the lying creatures they are.
So that's coming up also.
Ministry of Defense report for scorn on evidence of Iraq-Ukraine match destruction, admitting they lied.
Blair's now been caught in his little fight with the BBC as being a big fat liar.
Frank says bring it on.
More U.S.
troops get killed.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, I've said it so many times, and it's true, because you're calm, you're
We're good to go.
Mark and Matt and Chris and people during the breaks, we were just trying to one-up each other during the last three-minute break with who bought the most fireworks and who had the best mortar shells and cannons.
Alright, now, this sounds like mainstream radio now.
I'm starting the show discussing fireworks, but I do enjoy going out with family in the middle of the countryside on a beautiful star-filled night and shooting fireworks off for three hours.
I really did enjoy it, and I love the Fourth of July, but I don't love the Fourth of July just because my dad made the best beef ribs and brisket that he smoked all day.
On my way to...
East Texas to visit family from Central Texas.
I want swarms, wolf packs, and they even call them wolf packs.
I saw this toddler standing there with his mother in fear, looking at these officers as they directed the father to dig through his car and remove the spare tire for them.
And I wanted to pull over, and I wanted to scream at those police officers that they're desecrating everything America is, was, and is going to be.
And then it just got worse and worse.
I heard little FEMA announcements on the radio.
I heard talk show hosts saying we should be thankful to the government on the 4th of July.
It made me sick.
And then I thought about the bill that almost passed in Texas.
Some states have banned them.
I think?
We're good to go.
But, uh...
You know, sometimes I get tired.
Sometimes I, just for a few seconds, will lose the fire, the will and the desire to get on the radio and to do interviews morning, noon, and night and do my own syndicated show.
And I sometimes lose the fire to make a new documentary film.
Or I lose the fire in my belly to sit there for hours every night reading news stories on the news wires.
And I...
I drove over there, met with the great folks.
We talked about the New World Order.
People shared news stories with me.
I had great discussions with them.
And then I get back in my car and I'm listening to that station.
I flip over to see what the other station's doing.
And stuck in traffic, I listen to 30 minutes of the hosts.
And I can successfully call into some local stations if I call in and go, oh, yes, I'd like to talk to the host, please.
You know, a lot of folks talk like this in Central Texas, so I can get on the air.
So I called in and I said, I'd like to disagree with the host about the story he's reading.
And the call screener goes, what do you want to discuss?
I said, well, I want to talk about...
I said, well...
I said, autism's up 2,000%, and some of it could be misdiagnosis or more diagnosis, but a lot of it has been proven to be additives to the vaccine.
They've admitted that.
George Bush had the vaccine record sealed and tried to sign an executive order and then passed a law that got repealed, by the way.
I didn't tell him that part.
Last year, guarding the vaccine makers.
So I said this to him, and of course I had something cogent to say, and he said, nope, I'm sorry, we're not going to let you on the air.
And I said, why not?
He said, well, I just don't agree with what you're saying.
And I said, but it doesn't matter if you agree.
It doesn't matter if you agree with what I'm saying, sir.
Lock, chance, go.
He said, nope.
And I said, so there's no free speech on this station.
Now, understand, I'm not talking about News Talk 1260 KWNX.
I'm talking about this other station owned by the president's family.
The president from Austin will just say that.
By the way, it just got sold to a big conglomerate.
They've always been totally New World Order, neocon, you know, liberal stuff on the slide.
They're owned by Democrats.
I think?
Frankly, folks, you have to lie to get on these talk shows.
You have to call in and say you agree with them, and then they'll let you on.
And it's even worse on national shows.
I've called on national shows, never get on.
I guess I've been able to call in on a financial show and frankly lie.
And this is a war.
I'm not into lying.
I've had questions of that.
You know, is that proper?
But I guess I really don't lie.
I'll just kind of talk about some other side issue, get on, talk about that issue, and then branch off.
But I have asked the listeners, you know, do you think that's ethical?
Some have said no.
Some have said yes.
But here I am on the air talking about it.
But it's like being a spy in a war.
They're the liars.
They're the corrupt people holding out that it's the First Amendment.
And it's not the First Amendment.
It's all about censorship and crafting a view.
So what does that say about Americans?
Very serious question for everybody out there.
Here is an article out of the Dallas Morning News yesterday that they were talking about on this local talk show.
The law lets kids forgo vaccines.
Critics worry about health at schools.
Others applaud choice.
Well, wait a minute.
There was already a law that you couldn't make a kid take a shot.
The article acts like there was a law where you had to, but what the new law actually does is it says CPS can't come after you, because I went and got the law yesterday.
And they passed it.
I commend them.
Because of pressure that a lot of our listeners, I remember our listeners were pushing for this, brought to bear.
The Vaccine Awareness Network and others.
So that's what the new law does.
They would come after you.
If there was no law, they would still come after you.
But now it says CPS can't do that.
Now you know they're still going to do it.
So when we get back, I'll tell you about this law in Texas that you need to have in your state.
And then the staged event I watched unfold on top radio here locally.
It's disgusting!
But I do have to say the news talk from 60 KWNX will not censor it.
Be right back.
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Folks, if you want to take vaccines, go ahead and knock yourself out.
You know, I have said that...
It's your choice.
Do it if you want to.
Don't do it if you don't want to.
Vaccines, if they were produced properly by trustworthy organizations, not eugenics-obsessed Nazis, publicly funding extermination programs worldwide against the third world, and being caught doing it to the vaccines, official government plans, Australian, U.S., Canadian, British, to do this.
We didn't have all the reports, the mercury and the microplasms and the cancer viruses and the weird hormones and the UN getting caught sterilizing women with a tetanus shot that had a hormone added.
I mean, this is all admitted.
But yeah, we have companies that can be trusted and four or five groups independently tested the vaccine lots, and yes, vaccines can be a good thing.
You can give yourself an immunity.
Thank you.
We're good to go.
I think?
Hey, I'll point out that if we're all coops, why did 99 plus percent of doctors and medical workers and police and firemen refuse a smallpox shot?
Why did the government have to suspend the experimental anthrax shot they gave the troops, now admittedly killing a bunch of them and injuring many others?
This is all confirmed stuff.
We cannot just sit here and ignore it.
And yes, if you don't give your kids inoculation, they could get something.
Especially if you've got them in these daycares, which is insane.
They could get sick.
All the, you know, the big disease factory because all the kids are on antibiotics and only the super bacteria survive.
It's like sick building syndrome or sick hospital syndrome.
You know, they always find the flesh-eating bacteria in the hospital.
I think?
Remember two of the guys in the same unit got the flesh-eating bacteria, one died in the rain, you know, you always hear about that.
Well, this stuff just breeds in daycares and hospitals.
So, yeah, I mean, if you're going to have your kid in daycare, you're going to do that, had to do that, and the vaccines were safer, maybe, but not with the track record of who's running this.
And so I wanted to say that.
I wanted to warn the people that no!
So I wanted to find out if they were screening everybody.
I think?
So that's what even these local stations are doing.
So here's what they were talking about on the station.
Law lets kids forego vaccines.
Critics worry about health in schools.
Others applaud choice.
A new Texas law that will allow unvaccinated children to attend public schools and daycare centers.
Can their parents philosophically object to state immunization requirements?
Has alarmed pediatricians and public health experts.
The new measure, which was tacked to a mammoth Health and Human Services reorganization bill,
Well, that's been there forever.
This is what's new in the law right here.
That's the new law.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Are you prepared?
Seems that more terrorism on our soil is inevitable.
Chemical attacks, biological, nuclear, who knows for sure what dangers lie ahead for America.
Recent articles have pointed to vulnerability and our ability... That's 888-601-7546.
Well, Marilyn, that sounds fantastic.
We'll check back with you a little bit later to learn more about this exciting new product.
Okay, thanks.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I don't think they should have to take it.
And they just refused to take it.
The police and firefighters and doctors because they know how dangerous it was.
The evidence showed it was more dangerous than what the feds had said.
So, again, the New World Order can give its orders.
The question is, are people going to follow those orders?
Okay, let's go ahead and go to our guest, and then I'm going to get to, before this hour ends, Andy and Peter and Dan and many others that are patiently holding.
I do want to challenge all the listeners to get my book,
9-1-1, Descend to Tyranny.
Maybe you've already gotten Descend to Tyranny, the book, or the film, Road to Tyranny, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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Have you given them to friends and family?
Have you aired them on AXIS TV?
Have you given them to your sheriff, your police chief, your county commissioners, your city council, women and men?
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Take action today.
Get the videos.
Expose the liar.
We're good to go.
I think?
Thank you.
Let's start with our healthprisonplanet.com, and it has now gone, in just the last year, to being in the top 1% of patriot, conservative, constitutionalist websites.
It is as big as InfoWars.com was a year ago, only a year into its existence, and now InfoWars.com has raced up the charts.
Up there into the very highest percentile now, with just a few dozen websites ahead of us that cover similar information, with tens of millions of visitors per month to both the websites.
And I'm not bragging.
I'm giving you a status report out there on the front lines that our message is winning, that our war against the New World Order is very successful, and that you can become leaders in this fight as well.
Thank you.
Hello, Alex.
Great to be on the air today.
You bet.
You like that introduction?
Yeah, very good.
I'm just another terrorist, so you better watch what I say.
Oh, you're doing a great job.
Paul, tell us about, briefly, how you woke up to the New World Order, why you started your website, what we do at Prison Planet, then let's talk about the news coming out in England of the death camps, the national ID cards, the gun confiscation, and...
What's developing with the police state there?
And then I want to get into the weapons of mass destruction and 9-1-1.
But first off, what woke up, what turned the light bulb on in Paul Joseph Watson's brain?
Well, this ties into something you had discussed in just a few minutes ago, actually.
The idea of paradigm management or paradigm control.
Basically, I woke up to the New World Order by realizing that both left and right were controlled because originally...
I got into politics in the first place through the liberal channel, basically.
Then I started to read some books which proved that both the left and the right were controlled, especially in relation to the biggest example that we can provide, which is the Cold War.
And obviously we know the work of Anthony Sutton, who's done a great job
The title of the article is Kozlov Leaving California for Chile, Detroit.
I think?
Not yet, no, but in a few days or a week maximum, I will have a full article on that with a link to the original newspaper article.
Well, that's fantastic.
Now, continuing this line of discussion, we're going to go to some polls and back in the news.
It is admitted that the Red Cross was used to bring $25 million in gold bullion, equivalent of a billion at the time, when Lennon was about to fail in 1917.
We know that I was watching in the History Channel a couple years ago and almost fell out of my chair.
They have the old CIA section chief, who's like 85 at the time now, bragging that, yeah, we actually put Mao into power.
We thought it was a greater stabilizing effect.
And then I have got CBS Classics off the CBS Classics channel.
I don't have it on my cable.
A listener mailed it to me.
It's got McCarthy, right before he got burned, going, I have to
I think?
I think?
The National Post of Canada, three weeks ago, the headline, The Ghost of Protsky Walks the Halls of the White House, and it mentioned that all the neocon leaders, their fathers were all top Protskyites.
William Crystal's father was the head of the Communist Fourth International in this country.
I mean, Paul, you can't make stuff up.
It's so bizarre.
Any comments to that?
Well, yeah.
That's the main thrust of what we try to expose, the fact that both left and right are controlled.
In the news, it's not just a liberal bias.
It's either a liberal bias or a neocon bias.
The bottom line is that it's a bias.
Actually, I read today some excerpts from one of Anthony Sutton's books, who was the main exposer of this whole paradigm.
He was talking about the Hegelian dialectic and how left was played against right, not just during the Cold War, but afterwards to ensue that this would happen, that
I mean, what it boils down to today is that you can be against illegal immigration, but then you have to be pro-war.
Or you can be anti-war, but then you have to be pro-abortion.
That's obviously what the liberals are.
And then on top of it, you're not really against the war, just the U.S.
has got to authorize it.
You're for the, quote, left-wing New World Order.
So they bypass the discussion of, we don't want a New World Order.
They admit there is a New World Order.
Well, that's the point.
And the fact is that before the war actually started, all the left-wing
We're good to go.
It's what brigade of Caesar's troops will be there.
And then, now America and England play the part as the bad cops, who've always been the good guys before, in world opinion, making Russia, China, and the EU look like the good guys, empowering them.
Everybody dumps a dollar in the pound and goes to Europe.
Well, yeah.
Basically, they use liberal organizations like the UN.
They use them as sort of factories, I mean,
The UN was always meant to be folded into NATO, IMF, World Bank, OECD, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization.
Yeah, that's the point.
And I've seen articles from people that were putting out good information.
I mean, I won't name any names, but now those same people are writing voluminous articles praising the virtues of John Kerry and how the Democrats will save us.
Well, it's totally staged at the federal level, and we know that.
Now, Paul, day one, we've known that we were being lied to.
We know that the trucks were sold by the British.
The so-called mobile bioweapons trucks were sold by the British.
Uh, well...
And that conditions you to accept more of a kind of revelation of the message.
Yeah, that's the point.
It's the same process over and over again, which is why exposing it is very simple, as long as we get the key information out.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order?
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, Federal Congress.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks.
I'm back live.
I'm talking to Paul Watson.
Paul, let's take some calls.
He'll be with us the whole next hour.
We'll have more time to get into more key analysis.
This is really important information, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to really know what's going on in the world and want to be able to effect change.
Andy in Ohio and Peter, Dan, and others.
Andy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
Thanks for holding.
Thanks for keeping me on hold.
My shortwave's not working good today.
Alright, well you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Okay, I'm really excited to talk to you, Paul.
I look at your website every day.
I always wanted to know what went on with the radio show on the website.
What happened to the radio show, did you say?
Yeah, the radio show.
Yeah, on your website.
Paul does a once a week radio show, and I think he's probably been so busy he hasn't had a chance to do it lately.
Yeah, basically, I had to end that.
I mean, it was getting thousands and thousands of listeners a day, but I just decided to concentrate on other things.
But it may be back in the future.
I really like the archives.
Okay, yeah.
The archives are really good on the website, too.
What's going on with Seasilver?
Are they going to be back open?
Well, they got...
For those that don't know, this is simply a liquid vitamin, and all they said is it's more absorbable than solid vitamins.
It's the same stuff sold in the store, and the feds are now, in Europe, they're banning vitamin C over the counter.
So this is a move everywhere to go after any real supplement that does a good job, and I think that's just ridiculous.
Anything else on your mind, Andy?
Not much.
All right.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thank you so much for the call.
Let's talk to Peter in Florida.
Peter, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
Thank you.
In line with what we're talking about right now, I found something on the Hegelian dialectic.
It's interesting.
It says, at about the same time that Hegel was passing from the scene, Karl Marx caught the revolutionary fever.
He drew heavily from Hegel, the dialectic, and Kierbach, materialism.
I think we're good to go.
Alone in the universe, man was distilled, a vacuum left by religion and materialism.
Yeah, the communists basically were just the front for the bankers.
They conned the people back into feudalism and served them.
They hung a label of liberation on it and then funded it and then conned the masses back into it.
So Marx and Lenin and all these guys were nothing but plagiarists.
Paul, any comments?
Well, yes, speaking about Marx, that again ties into how I wrote.
Welcome to the whole system, because when I went to university about two years ago, Marxist ideology was pushed as the accepted version of history.
It was sort of a revisionist history, but with a communist bias.
And then they tell you communism's dead as the system of big government spreads worldwide.
It's just the control of the communist system is by private banks.
Yeah, I mean, you were talking about the fireworks ban earlier, which is, again, sort of a communist
Yeah, and I mean, I was watching the news just before I came on today, and it showed a policeman with a hidden camera, and it showed a man smoking a cigarette and dropping the stub on the side of the street, and the policeman went up to him and said, that'll be a £50 fine, sir.
Exactly, and now in New York they've been ordered to arrest people for any petty reason.
It's about squeezing and hitting us all into the system.
Anything else, Peter?
It combines the materialistic idea of matter over mind with the Hegelian dialectic in which opposing forces are constantly being reunited at a higher level.
I tell you what, stay there, Peter.
I'm going to come back.
I want you to focus on that more.
I'm going to go to Dan and others.
Second hour straight ahead.
Stay with us.
When was the last time you used pure soap?
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
That's me, Dave in the heart of Texas.
Central Texas Command Center.
We're going to take a lot of calls and cover a ton of news.
Talk about 9-1-1, talk about the police state, talk about the missing weapons of mass destruction, the false left-right paradigm, the paradigm management.
Full free number to join us on air in the second hour, 800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
And I have the head of Caspian.
Coming on to the next hour, they got into the big RFID consortium website with Walmart and the Department of Defense, using the, just trying random passcodes, like Authorize.
They got into some internal areas, all legally and lawfully.
It was off the main site, no hacking involved.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I think so.
We're good to go.
Peter in Florida was bringing up the dialectic and dialectic materialism and how Karl Marx talked about taking so-called opposing forces and merging them over and over again, a system of psychological warfare.
Go ahead and reread that Webster's Dictionary definition, Peter.
A philosophy founded by Karl Marx that forms the basis of communist doctrines
It combines the materialistic idea of matter over mind with the Hegelian dialect in which opposing forces are constantly being reunited at a higher level.
That's dialectic materialism.
That's the dictionary.
And what does that mean to you, or put it in a nutshell, for somebody that's confused?
I can't believe anything you hear.
You just gotta know the difference between despotism and freedom.
That's it.
They confuse it between left and right, communism and capitalism, when really it's the same force of centralization.
Paul Watson comments.
Well, actually I was reading about this sort of topic earlier today, and Anthony does an excerpt from his Gull and Bones book, which I'll be posting on freedomplanet.com tomorrow.
He talks about Marxism and Hegelianism.
Oh, yeah.
Well, if we don't telegraph that bedrock message of real paradigm to people, it's over.
If we can't get that across, people will continue to be confused by the false paradigm.
Go ahead.
Yeah, you can find more about this on newswithnews.com.
It's an article done by Detective Phil Ward called Community-Oriented Policing.
And Bush said that he was a communitarian.
The dictionary, until about 20 years ago, said a communitarian is one that promotes communist systems.
And in the official platform of Bush-Cheney 2000, they say we are, first and foremost, communitarians.
Hidden in plain view, we'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
To boil this down simply and succinctly,
We talk about how the rhetoric of the Republicans and the Democrats is different, but the actions are carbon copies.
We're talking to Paul Joseph Watson, the webmaster for my website, presentplanet.com.
He's also an author, written a lot of great articles and a lot of great analysis, and I'm publishing his first book, Order Out of Chaos.
Man, what a great title, but it's a great book.
And no, it's not out yet, and no, you can't order it.
And yes, it is a trigger force.
Let's go back to the calls, Paul.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dan in Illinois.
Dan, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
How you doing, Alex?
Pretty good.
I also think that the way this is done, in fact, is a constant redefinition of meanings.
It gives an example, all the words.
Good people do evil things, and evil people do good things.
In other words, that premise... And now the good guys on all the sitcoms and dramas, they have to torture, but torture's now a good thing, and...
Right, the constant redefining of, and I'm just giving examples because it's more subtle than that.
That's what Orwell talked about in the 11th edition of Ingsot, where they're getting rid of whole words, or you can't use words.
That's everything that's happening today.
People think, oh, Orwell, this guy was a psychic.
No, he worked for the Imperial Police, Secret Police in India.
He worked for the Communist later and found out both sides were controlled.
Let's get a comment from Watson about Mr. Blair, a pen name George Orwell.
Go ahead, Paul.
Well, obviously you mentioned Ingsot
Something related to that came out just yesterday with the British ID card that's been introduced by stealth, even though 80% or more of the British people oppose it.
This idea of gaining liberty, meanwhile losing liberty.
Now, you posted that on Prison Planet.
Blair actually said, and his minister said, oh, you gain liberty, freedom plus.
Yeah, and the exact quote was, we are strengthened in our liberty if our identity is protected from theft.
When their system of identification number has caused identity theft and they admit it, create the crisis, offer the solution, get you deeper into the pit.
Well, yeah, exactly.
And what I was going to say, you were talking about Unitarian before.
The Unitarianism, it's not Muslimism.
Communitarianism is the most dangerous force out there.
Well, communitarian, and then they have their churches in our communities that are the communitarian or unitarian.
And I've been to unitarian churches before to see what they're doing.
I mean, it's openly a communist meeting.
Well, it's scramble late.
Each person has the truth within himself.
So that means each person can make his own definition, and it's okay.
That's what's the most dangerous thing out there.
But it's like a big change agent, though, because they all get led in a certain direction.
Because it's like not standing on the ground.
Once you're up in the air, you can get blown around with anything.
Well, that's what O'Brien says to Winston in the Ministry of Love when they're torturing him.
Winston says, well, you're not really holding up three fingers, but you say you want four or two or one.
He goes, hey, we want you to where you see all fingers at all times and have no real thoughts, or I could be a soap bubble floating up off the ground.
I hope we're not getting too esoteric here, getting off into too much...
But the other thing I wanted to mention was that under the disguise, we're very aware that their rights are being given up, but the communist influence of what's really going on is the responsibility is being handed.
That's communism, is you give all the responsibility to the state.
And then there are one point, Sal, that we have a war on terror.
The terror attacks get bigger.
We have a war on drugs.
There's triple the heroin, double the cocaine, and more people in prison.
We have a war on illiteracy.
There's more illiteracy.
A war on crime.
There's more crime.
Paul, comments to this?
Well, yeah, we were talking about communism and rights being given up.
Obviously, we know that communism is controlled anyway, but the fact is they are following the so-called cream of communist and Nazi ideals merged together because Western rights are the same system at the top.
And one of the major points of this is the moral decline of society.
You can go to the 45 goals of communism and find, and this was entered into the congressional record, and then
Number 25 actually states that present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as normal, natural, and healthy.
That goes back to UNESCO saying the family's a disease, terminated, but it's okay to say heterosexuals are a disease and should be terminated and call us breeders, but then it's okay for this group.
See how also in their whole hate crimes lexicon, they get to be hateful, but we can't counter that.
That's all the redefinition.
There's all your redefinitions right there.
Up is down, down is up, black is white, white is black.
The family's the disease rather than the family is the heart of any situation.
Well, the historical and basic common sense facts show that you're four to five times more likely in a single-parent home to end up on drugs or in crime.
But they don't care.
They do everything they can to break up the family and then have programs to, quote, strengthen it that actually destroy it more.
And they know if you're degenerate or you're on drugs, you're doing whatever, you're not going to care about your neighbor or corrupt government.
Thanks for the call.
And that plays into the materialism.
That's materialism when you become Judas Iscariot.
I mean, we saw the analogy in the Pinocchio movie where some of them got decadent and ended up getting shipped off to slave camps.
So it's important to rediscover what's really important morally.
Well, I've used that example many times.
They get the kids, they get them to engage in behaving as thugs.
The establishment takes them out to this wonderland, gets them to party and steal and do all this, and then that transforms them into beasts, mindless beasts that are then slaves of the system.
And then you look into who's pushing all this, who was the financial backer behind feminism, and the same names crop up again and again.
Well, Gloria Steinem, in one of her own books, admits that this magazine was funded by the Central Intelligence Agency, and she was an active officer.
This is mainstream books, one of her own books.
She admits it.
Central Intelligence Agency officer.
Well, yeah, if a woman wants to be a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist, I'm sure she can do a great job as good or better than a man.
The point is...
I think?
So they could have a higher tax bracket, the taxes at higher levels, so the kids would be in the daycare centers and the head start getting their vaccines, learning how to turn mommy and daddy in for owning a gun.
And it came out that the whole 60s movement was part of that same agenda with the LSD.
Yeah, the CIA released the patent on it.
Leary was their agent the entire time.
And those beatniks later became conservative talk show hosts like certain Michael Savage.
Who says that anyone that, yeah, you notice then in the redefinition, he gets fired off MSNBC for saying something about a group and engaging in the First Amendment, but it's bad to talk about the homosexuals, but not bad to say put anyone in a forced labor camp that disagrees with the government.
That's okay.
Put people in concentration camps.
He said that.
That's okay on MSNBC, but don't say anything about this protected group.
See the new values?
Bonnie engaged
...in inciting violence by saying attack peace protesters.
Now, it doesn't matter if peace protesters are left-wing.
I mean, advocating attacking them is not really acceptable.
I mean, the comments that he made that he got attacked for is a complete distraction from what he said before, which is now being pushed under the rug.
Yeah, it's saying, put everybody in a camp, forced labor camp, take their assets, if they disagree with the government, and then now we see the Deputy Attorney General of California, Mike Van Winkle, agree, he's a liberal, saying protests may not be allowed because protesting a war aids the terrorists.
Now the Republicans are with Gray Davis.
Take the recall campaign.
Let's say Arnold Schwarzenegger runs and wins.
He's for gun control, he's for abortion, his father was a top Gestapo captain who arrested people.
Later became the police chief of a major city.
And by the way, Schwarzenegger in a Rolling Stone interview about eight years ago said he'd like to be the head of a federal police force.
Doesn't that sound nice?
Yeah, and then you get, I mean, obviously Schwarzenegger's been in these films like The Running Man where he was a so-called freedom fighter.
So, brainwashed conservative thing where he's actually standing up for freedom and morality when he's the far, far title neocon, pro-abortion, pro-police thing.
We're good to go.
I think?
It's your choice, the red pill or the blue pill, folks.
We can't make that decision for you.
Hello, folks.
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All right, Paul Watson, my friend, my compadre over at prisonplanet.com.
Let's go back to the calls.
Meg in Texas.
Meg, you're on the air.
Yeah, hi, Alex and Paul.
Kudos to both you guys.
I really appreciate your work and how well cited and documented it is.
Listen, on your latest film, which is real good, by the way, one of the most poignant parts of it was the...
I guess it was on 6th Street, being a Texas girl.
It looked familiar.
The uniformed police officers.
Yeah, the guys in the ski masks refusing, covering their badges up in tape.
Yeah, Paul, you would have appreciated it.
They could have been in front of Buckingham Palace.
Yeah, they wouldn't say anything back.
Yeah, what can we do as citizens to...
Well, we went to the city council and pointed out, Mike Hanson dug out the actual law, that if they're not in undercover work, they were violating state law.
And if they do, it would be...
If they do it multiple times willingly, it becomes a felony.
It's a misdemeanor if they do it unwittingly.
Or without malice or forethought.
So we pointed that out.
They claim they're going to stop it.
The last time they were out, badges were visible.
No black ski masks.
They were wearing the federally issued Darth Vader outfits.
Paul, any comments?
Well, I remember having two pictures on my website.
I think about two years ago now.
Yeah, well, you're used to that over there somewhat with...
The Monarch, I don't guess it's quite as innocuous as all that, you know, there.
Well, yeah, we have the same police state system, but we don't have them dressed up in riot gear and black ski masks yet, anyway.
But two years ago, I posted on my website two different pictures.
One was the WAP and SS Nazi brigade, and one was...
Oh, Alex, a friend of yours and I were talking about Al the other day, and, you know, the Bohemian Grove thing with the Al statue and all that,
And I had never heard the term Molech.
So I happen to have a metaphysical Bible dictionary from the church.
It's interesting.
Molech is Hebrew for king, ruler, counselor, or judge.
But the metaphysical description of it is the ruling of public opinion and of the mind of the flesh in one's consciousness.
And that's what they did in the ceremony cremation of care.
They bring the bound effigy of a child.
They tell you it's an effigy.
Right, I believe it's 1821... Well, Alex, I'm just... I don't know if anyone can do this.
It's on the internet right now.
I've just typed in molet to dictionary.com, and the very first definition is, quote, in the Bible, the gods of the Canaanites and Phoenicians, to whom children were sacrificed.
And that's dictionary.com, the biggest referral site on the internet, so anyone can see that right now.
Right, and I'll save you on... All right.
I had it marked as the M night, yes.
Faulty thinking was one of the main things I remember in that definition.
But moreover, it goes on.
They conduct a ritual to mesmerize us and enslave us and to have no conscience while they're doing it.
They say this.
This is what George Bush attends.
Along with public opinion or swaying public opinion with the prejudices, customs, and desires
And that's from where?
This is from the metaphysical Bible dictionary put out by the Unity Church.
I'm not sure about the date, but
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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Well, I won't back down.
No, I won't back down.
All right, folks, it's Tuesday, the 8th of July, 2003.
We're about to go to your calls and into more of this news.
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I think?
We're good.
It's in 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
Part 2 of that expands with Maths of Terror.
It's a little over two hours long, and it's excellent as well.
It's mainly just on 9-1-1, though, and really details that.
We have Police State Free Total Enslavement that gets into dozens of other examples of government-sponsored terror we don't cover in the other two films.
And then it gets more into Homeland Security, Total Information Awareness Network, Patriot Act II.
It gets into government-run white slavery rings.
It gets into government drug dealing.
It just covers so much, folks.
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And get Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
The anniversary of that's coming up.
What, next Thursday or Friday they're going to have their 129th ritual.
And Helmut Schmidt, we have his own publication, his own book, Men in Powers.
Close-up of the cover, close-ups of the page numbers and subsections.
He was German Chancellor.
He admits they have other Bohemian Groves in Europe.
Oh, they go way back.
That's where Skull and Bones goes back to, the Druids.
And he says that he loves the Bohemian Grove in California.
He loves the CFR, Trilateral Commission, how they all meet there, how the Bilderberg Group members meet at the Bohemian Grove and, quote, have their Druid rituals.
That's about 45 seconds of the two-hour film to give you an idea of what's in it.
Just all documented, and then we have video of the ritual itself.
Paul, do you want to comment on Skull and Bones and the occult?
Well, yeah, just to side note, the popularity of your videos, as you were just mentioning, are proven by the fact that the bandwidth for presentplanet.com is something ridiculous like 129%, simply because most of your videos are actually posted online in the video section, which again is another, you know, point.
Well, obviously, Dwayne Coop has got some systems that can handle massive searches of bandwidth, but, I mean, InfoWars.com, now it probably gets double the amount of hits that PrisonPlanet.com gets, obviously, because it's been around longer.
But InfoWars.com is on about 11% of the maximum, because they've got these massive systems that can handle it.
But PrisonPlanet.com is
From the last estimate that I got, it's actually on 129% of its maximum.
And that's because we've got a lot of videos and obviously audio of the interviews that you do.
Yeah, and I'm having to pay for that.
That's why we're people with supporters.
Yeah, it's another reason to do that.
Well, and other folks have posted my videos, and I link to them when they do it if they want to handle it, but they always tag them down after a while when a million people come through.
Literally, we put up a clip of payoffs at the Texas Capitol a couple years ago that I caught on tape, and it got linked on the NRA's website, and gun owners, and heat and bear arms, and like a million people watched it, a million hits of it, and it was like $1,000 a day or something.
I had to take it down, folks.
I mean...
It's just, we do all, you know, we could have our own TV networks and we have the bandwidth.
That's the problem with internet taxation.
That's why they want to begin the taxation.
That'll break the back of everybody.
You won't even be able to hear audio streams anymore.
Which, of course, we don't pay for.
That's the affiliate that does that.
It's just amazing.
Absolutely amazing.
In your research of Bohemian Grove or Skull and Bones, you just mentioned the AP article from the 50s you found that will be posted tomorrow, Associated Press, where you have the communist leaders going to the Grove in the 50s.
Yeah, that's correct.
I mean, anyone can see this.
You obviously have to pay for the access to feedback in the archives 50 years.
But it's associated with the press article out of the Wisconsin Daily Journal, July 6th.
I think we're good to go.
Well, who was one of the top folks at the Grove at 59 but Prescott Bush, grandfather of the Fool Society president we have now?
What do you think about that Brotherhood group that just came out with Ashcroft and others and congressmen living in buildings together and saying Hitler was good?
Did you see all that came out in the Harpers?
Yeah, these are the sort of groups that are even above groups like Skull and Bones and the ones that
You know, I would come out and publish newspapers.
That's funny.
That just came out about the Brotherhood, and I was having to make arguments with, you know, just about their power.
We already knew about them a few months ago in Kansas City with the guy that wrote the unseen hand.
Ralph Epperson was saying, no, the top group's the Brotherhood.
They've got all these interlocking groups, as Tax Mars has documented.
They're all members of the same groups.
And people sometimes don't believe the sort of rituals and practices that go on in places like Bohemian Grove.
But I've got a Washington Post article here from June 1997, and it talks about how then Secretary of State George Shultz actually proposed to his wife at Bohemian Grove.
And it goes on to casually mention that, quote,
Last month, Schultz gave her a ruby diamond and sapphire engagement ring that would be red, white, blue, and popped the question at San Francisco's Bohemian Club in July.
He'll repair for the club's rustic camp at the Bohemian Grove, where men often romp naked.
And that's an exact quote out of the Washington Post six years ago.
Well, also, that would mean meeting at the clubhouse in downtown San Francisco and ornately rebuilding gargoyles on it.
That's where the women are allowed.
They're not allowed at the camp itself, founded in 1873, but has had presidents going to it since the 1900s.
So this is the type of stuff they're doing there.
I mean, I've got a Washington Times article in the film about how they bust in the male prostitutes.
And then I get an email, how dare you bash the gays?
Well, wait a minute.
These are the Christian conservatives bussing in their $2,000 an hour male whores, and the liberals are defending them.
Isn't that nice?
I mean, with that, obviously we're talking about people's labeling as conspiracy theories.
We're talking about stuff that's in the mainstream newspapers.
I mentioned earlier this process, what some people call externalization of the hierarchy.
This is whereby the agenda and
Well, a month ago, Rumsfeld accepted the Doolittle Award, you know, after the famous guy who flew the B-243s or 4s off the front aircraft carriers to bomb Tokyo.
And he said, oh, I got a chance to meet Doolittle at the Bohemian Grove.
Yeah, I mean, you go to the newspaper archive website, just type in Bohemian Grove, and you get like 300 articles spanning right back to, I mean, if you type in Illuminati, you can get London Times articles from 1898 talking about German Illuminati and how it infiltrated the...
Well, John Quincy Adams had a ban that said that a secret German society was taking over.
The founding fathers that were Masons all quit.
They almost took over.
I mean, this is all admitted.
The presidents wrote books and letters about it.
It's not like it's a... Well, it's... Look, I get attacked by talk shows all the time.
Alex Jones believes there's a new world order.
We got all these presidents saying it on tape.
Well, anyone...
I mean, people ask me how I get these news articles to the website.
They don't go to just other alternative media websites.
They go directly to the source.
Anyone can go to Google and type in New World Order and check that every day.
And articles every single day pop up where people are talking about the New World Order.
Yeah, whether that be in Russia, China, France, or in America.
It's amazing.
Talk about double-think.
That's 1984, where they say one day you're at war with East Asia, and then the same newscast say we've never been at war with them, and then say we have been at war with them, and then if you say, hey, that's saying different things, you're crazy, they come arrest you.
Yeah, we get that sort of thing with the so-called nations that
Well, they're giving North Korea nuclear reactors and weapons parts while saying they're going to nuke us.
It's just crazy.
Let's take calls.
Real quick, folks.
Mike and Nevada, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Mike.
You're on the air worldwide, sir.
Yes, go ahead.
Yeah, actually, that's New Jersey.
Okay, well, go ahead.
Yes, I want to ask something of Paul about his website.
I don't know, I'm not very familiar with you.
This is the first time I've heard of you.
Well, President Plant, it's my website.
He's the director of it and the webmaster.
And so is InfoWars.com and InfoWars.net.
Paul has PropagandaMatrix.com.
Okay, you're okay now.
Yeah, I have a question, though.
Actually, that question was more of a statement about, you know, the form of governments and everything.
The political spectrum, as we've been believed and learned, is that we stay in the middle of the road.
Democracy is in the middle and everything is on the left and the right.
And really it's all the same system.
There's no choice.
It's an illusion.
Because really, where would you put a constitutional republic and an anarchist on that?
Okay, it's more like, is that for Paul or for myself?
That's for Paul.
Well, the anarchist system is basically at one extreme end of the political spectrum.
Republicanism is quite a way before that, but obviously before democracy.
But again, this whole paradigm is staged.
It's about freedom, or command and control.
And you get these anarchists that call for, you know, revolution.
And the right acts like the money is against socialism, when in truth they finance it because they need a large government that they control the levers of and control the population and confiscate wealth and control society and set the parameters.
The real political spectrum...
You can put either point on the left or right, okay?
It would be a circle.
But on one end, you've got total command and control, a boot stomping on the human face forever.
On the other end, you have hunter-gatherers in loose-knit societies as close to anarchy as you're going to get, and it's impossible in groups of better than two to three people.
You don't want anarchy.
We're too complex a society.
Very close to anarchy, about 90% towards it in the spectrum, is the Constitutional Republic, the rule of law.
So then you've got all the anarchist youthful idiots that are in fact propping up the agenda of the globalists.
I mean, I even read an article the other day where the top, the main traffic
You know, anarchist websites, the biggest ones on the internet, will refuse any articles on Bilderberg because they see it as an anti-Semitic, right-wing conspiracy theory.
When we had the BBC reporting...
Yeah, I mean, BBC did a report on Bilderberg just four days ago, and BBC is...
Yeah, but the anarchists, I mean, look, most of the anarchists are federal officers.
I've had them tell me they are.
I've had them threaten to kill me.
They work for the feds.
Thanks for the call.
That's why you see anarchist gear in all the malls now.
They're pushing it.
It's communist.
Okay, let's go ahead.
Let's go ahead.
We were just talking about anarchy.
This isn't real anarchy they're talking about.
It's about mislabeling.
Randy in North Carolina.
Randy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Sir, to all of our friends in Rhodesia, Australia, you know all the rest of the country, sir.
All I can say is
People are trying to tell people who don't know what is going on, what is going on.
I'm totally and completely behind you there.
Sweden, Norway, Finland, are they really going to know?
Denmark, Germany, Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, do they know what's going on?
Hey, what, I'm going to have to find out where you're going with this.
Stay there, Randy.
Then we've got Wyatt now and Paul Watson, final segment, and I am going to throw out a few of the other headlines we haven't hit on, though we've covered most of them in the discussion.
Hey, folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we...
We're good.
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The number 800-686-2237.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
And the documents posted on infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, what they got off of the, really the government's website, it's supposedly private, with Walmart and the Defense Department of how to, quote, neutralize the public's anger over this, how to manipulate the public.
So that's coming up, and Watson's going to ride shotgun with us right now.
Let's go back to the calls, and I'm going to hold our next guest off about eight minutes or the next hour so we can get to everybody.
Randy in North Carolina, make your point real quick, and I'm going to go to Wyatt, Alan, Joan, and others.
Go ahead, Randy.
Sir Paul, are you familiar with Alan Watt?
You're not?
But you're the same person so far as it goes.
I think I'll wait for it.
Sir, we're all the same.
We have to face the enemy.
We have to defeat the enemy.
Next time these people over here in Europe and the rest of the world are freed, they will not be freed by the United States military as it is right now, sir.
They'll be freed by people like you and me and the gentleman that owns the airtime right now.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
They are going to be freed by free human beings that want to stand up against the New World Order.
But talking about the power of the people.
Tens of millions of individual folks visit Infowars.com and PrisonPyna.com every month.
That's not an exaggeration.
Tens of millions...
Millions of different people coming back every week, turn into tens of millions, and strutting the word.
Dick Gephardt.
Online supporters of Democratic presidential hopeful Dick Gephardt appear to have trouble organizing.
Recent email exchanges reveal his official campaign tried to have a grassroots meeting, several of them online, when less than five people showed up and they canceled it.
They can't even get five of their dumb minions.
And Bush has trouble, too, to meet up on some online chat
That shows their grassroots support, whereas we can't grow anymore because we're getting too many people visiting us.
Paul, that shows that we've got the grassroots.
They've got the illusion.
You know, I talk to big newspaper writers.
They get one or two emails a day.
I get thousands a day.
We've got the people.
They just haven't figured out their leadership yet, Paul.
Well, that's the point.
And all the big mainstream news websites are now going to subscription.
And it's not working out for them because they're hit with dwindling week by week and they hit for the
And a new Gallup poll shows that only 32% of the American people trust the mainstream media, 80 plus percent trust the alternative media.
And 80 plus percent are against the national ID card and the Euro, but he doesn't care.
Well, yeah, the government tried to suppress the belts against the National ID card because they had a big online poll, and it was 89% against or even more.
Then they tried to decline.
They lost it, but it turned out they hadn't.
Let's talk to Wyatt Maryland.
Wyatt, go ahead.
How you doing, guys?
Pretty good.
Good afternoon.
Listen, the Independence Day that came on the movie with Will Smith, it's a complete Illuminati New World Order movie.
You have a common threat
That global destruction by an outside enemy, and then the entire world unites to defeat it.
Also, the movie is entirely filled with special effects, if you still frame it, frame by frame, with Illuminati symbolism, pyramids that are all through the movie.
No, I agree.
Stay there a while.
We'll let you finish up on the third hour.
Watson, stay right there, my friend.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
If your station doesn't carry the third hour, ask them, please, to do or get a sponsor so they'll carry the third hour.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And, uh, total new world order in your face, revelation of the method.
The grand architect is the head of it, you know, the Masonic Lucifer paradigm.
And then now these kids, just like Harrison Kleibel, wanted to go on a giant killing spree and were obsessed with the movie Matrix.
And, uh, Wyatt, you were talking about Independence Day.
I got Reagan on video.
He did say an outside threat from another planet attacking us would unify us.
The Bilderberg Group has talked about this.
I don't get into flying saucers and aliens, but the Kansas City Star and before that, Wired Magazine reported that this Rothschild consultant, the former chief of staff for Clinton, are behind this, quote, disclosure project to tell us that the UFOs are real.
That's Project Iron Mountain to, quote, have this outside threat to get us unified.
So that is something that's in there.
Well, yeah.
People talking about Independence Day and the fact that this whole UFO invasion may be staged.
Obviously, this is going to be 10, 15 years down the line.
But I actually wrote an article on this many months ago.
I've got the exact rate it's close.
I can play it right now.
It's just a 16-second sample.
You want to play it?
Yeah, go ahead right now.
Yeah, turn the volume up.
Go ahead.
I don't suppose we can wait for some alien race to come down and threaten us.
Perhaps we need, from outside universal threat, our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.
Did you get that?
He said that in the State of the Union and before the U.N.
Yeah, before the UN General Assembly, September 8th, December.
So that's the UN quote.
Wyatt, is that where you were going?
What you have here is a total movie of order out of chaos.
And that's the theme.
But what really got me was when...
Got my interest peaking.
To look and go back through this entire movie, frame by frame, in all the special effects, I don't care where it is, but wherever special effects are there, you have Illuminati symbolism.
You have pyramids.
You have the all-seeing eye in the pyramid.
You have occultic symbols within the spaceships.
Not only that, there's an American flag shown in one portion of the movie.
And there's no stars in the field of blue.
It's all just red, white, and the field of blue.
There's no stars at all, which caught me, began me to go back and look at this movie.
Total federalism, total command and control.
Thanks for the show.
Good points.
Alan in Kansas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
When we use the word New World Order and talk about New World Order, the word new is promotional.
It sounds like it's something new.
It's an old world order.
I agree with you.
It is so very, very old.
And I think we need to start explaining this to people every time we say, well, we don't agree with the new world order.
It sounds like we don't agree with something new.
And it's not new.
It's not even about the world.
It's about some kings, pseudo-kings, and princes and prince wannabes forming a syndicate.
And it's not even very orderly.
Look at what's going on today.
Yeah, it's a criminal crime ring.
It's pirates...
Bushwhacking people.
Stay there.
I'll let you finish up.
We're going to get our guest on.
But for Alan and John and others that are holding, just stay there.
I'll get your calls early.
Paul Watson, stay there as well.
We've got the head of Caspian joining us to talk about some bombshell information that, believe me, you do not want to miss coming up here in the next segment.
So everybody will definitely want to stay with us.
We will be right back on the other side.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
...is our guest.
She's a grade from Harvard, working on her doctorate in graduate work there.
Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering.
They've broken dozens of major stories about how these supermarket discount cards really rip you off, how they share and sell the data, the governments involved, RFIDs we've been covering here for years, the small radio frequency identification tracker tags, the cashless society control grid, the biometrics, all of it,
You can get them, though, folks.
And it goes, recommendations, consumer surveys, and slide shows discussing how to pacify consumers.
The Walmart documents we have talk about the same things.
The RFID industry site, autoidcenter.com, has already begun removing or replacing the documents discovered by Caspian and mirrored by proptome.org, while the RFID journal has complained that Caspian has invaded the privacy of autoidcenter.com members.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Going on.
Off-air doo-doo slapshot dot effect.
The documents cited by Krypton, however, have been interpreted as evidence of negative attitude towards consumers.
They speak of a need to pacify consumers when unfavorable RFID tagging news stories emerge and look for ways to, quote, neutralize opposition.
The RFID industry has for some time focused on its publicity.
So that is true.
It's a lot more dangerous, folks, to have a cell phone than one of these RFID tags and microscopic transmissions just with the waves hitting it and reading it.
But joining us is the founder and head of Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering, and she's Catherine Albrecht.
Hey Alex, always a pleasure to be on with you.
Had you on just two weeks ago and you're getting more and more documents as you do more and more interviews.
You've been on around the world.
This is a big deal.
I know you've got copies of the documents.
Tell us exactly what you discovered in the incredibly arrogant statements.
But frankly, when you were on three weeks ago, you heard similar statements and a lot of biblical references when you were up in Chicago at their big consortium meeting.
Yeah, well, you know, the thing that's been happening is behind the scenes since 1999 when this Auto ID Center first got founded.
And to put this in perspective for your listeners, by the way, the Auto ID Center, the folks who had this gaping security hall where we were able to just go in and see all these embarrassing and confidential documents,
They're actually, you know, it could be argued that they are one of the most powerful organizations in the world right now in terms of futuristic technology.
Well, they're connected to all the people.
Walmart got the barcode to become universal in the 80s.
They're doing it again by them forcing all of their manufacturers to adopt this.
This will become universal.
You got it.
Walmart being one of the sponsors of the Auto ID Center, it's comprised of now more than 100 different organizations and companies, product manufacturers, retailers all around the world.
They have gotten together and for, as I said, the last few years have been meeting secretly behind closed doors in these meetings having discussions about... And that is the definition of racketeering, I will say it.
They are colluding to change industry and to make us accept the new system with additional costs as well.
This is racketeering, setting up a new industry, and then it has the privacy implications.
Well, the problem here is it would be one thing if they were meeting behind closed doors to talk about, oh, I don't know, new forms of forklifts or something to develop for the warehouse.
But what they have developed is something that has the potential to influence every single human being on the planet.
And they say that in their documents.
Tell us about the new documents and how you got them, and then we're going to get Paul Watson's response to this.
Well, we have, it's kind of funny, we first stumbled across this huge gap in their website security back in the spring.
Thank you.
I'm talking about lengthy lists with emails of everyone who's participated in their meetings with telephone numbers.
Yeah, I mean, that level of detail.
Tell us about the group and exactly who's in it and what's in the documents.
Well, these documents contain everything from board meetings that are confidential, secret PowerPoint presentations that they have given to, say, everyone from the Department of Transportation.
It has references to meetings with Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge.
It has references to trials, actual store-level trials where they're putting these
...tagging devices into actual products that people are taking home with them.
This has been vehemently denied in the media, and yet these internal documents openly state and specify that this is happening.
This is massive, and you talked about it at the public meeting in Chicago.
They said, if we can get Homeland Security to endorse this for security, now they're saying they want all the cows and sheep to have this, federal inspectors, a whole new level of bureaucracy, a security clearance to have any job.
I mean, this is their control group.
Remember, I talked about bridge on C-SPAN...
Well, and I think that this is one of the concerns is that, you know, the companies involved in this would tell you that their only concern is better efficiency in the supply chain, that they're only worried about warehouses and, you know, transporting things more efficiently.
But now I'm dealing with Ridge.
Yeah, and one of the things that you'll see on here, and let me just reread that quote that I mentioned last time we were on together, Alex, and this is a quote by Larry Kellum.
He's the director of B2B Supply Chain Innovation for Procter & Gamble.
He gave a whole presentation about how item-level tagging is going to be the future of RFID.
Now, item-level tagging is actually putting one of these tiny remote transmitter chips on every consumer product manufactured in the world.
The clothing?
Woven into the clothing.
Well, woven into the clothing or potentially pressed right into plastic and bottles and products as they come off the shelves.
Gillette already has it.
Michelin already has it, the tires.
Well, Gillette is testing it.
They've been putting it in the packaging, but the potential is quite large that they would put this right into... I mean, for some things, the packaging may as well be the product.
Now, it's in the Michelin tire.
Yes, and we have seen schematic diagrams, and that has been going forward.
Let me stop you, Catherine.
As we've got Paul Watson here, we're so honored to have you.
I know I'm jumping in a lot, just adding tidbits, and I want to get into what the documents actually say in the next segment.
But let's bring Paul Watson, our researcher from England, on.
Paul, any comments to what Catherine's saying?
Well, you mentioned the first interview with Catherine, and anyone can go online and listen to that now at prismplanet.com in the audio section.
June 20th interview.
We're good to go.
Well, you know, it's true.
And the problem here with Walmart is that they're putting these hidden reader devices in shelves and in floor techs.
We actually have a document that states this is happening now.
They have vehemently denied it in interviews with reporters.
I have right here... Well, that is one of their stated plans, absolutely.
And let me give you a list of products that we have a document right here that specifies at Walmart in-phase retesting.
They are testing Correct Soap, Right Guard Aerosol Deodorant, Canteen Shampoo, Puggies, Baby Wipes, Coca-Cola 2-Liter Bottles, and, of course, Gillette products.
Now, when you look at this document that talks about Walmart doing this, it actually says that for each of these products, they're doing a shelf read.
Now, a shelf read means actually reading the items on the shelf.
This means that the tags must be in the items themselves in order to do that.
I got this document, and that's big, but in the items themselves, and they said they weren't doing that.
One of the other ones is a floor reader.
There's a reference to a floor read for Coca-Cola.
And the question we are now raising is, we actually, I have in my possession right here, right now, a pair of shoes by the company called Footstar.
And right on the tag, it says, attention.
So you combine that with floor readers, you have the potential to read people through their shoes.
Absolutely important.
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Thank you.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I think one of the big problems that the Auto ID Center and hence all the over 100 companies affiliated with it have right now is they have an enormous problem with consumers right now.
78%, as you mentioned earlier, 78% of consumers that they studied in their own internal documents have turned up saying that they are extremely concerned or somewhat concerned about privacy invasion associated with this technology.
61% are concerned about electromagnetic energy affecting their physical health.
So they've got a big problem, and their big problem is called a public relations nightmare.
So they have called in heavy-hitter PR firm Fleishman-Hillard to devise a PR strategy for them.
And one of the things – they've actually done two things.
They called in Fleishman-Hillard to say, come up with a PR strategy for us.
The second thing, they actually studied a whole bunch of consumers all around the world – in Japan, Germany, England, the United States, France.
And what they found was, in every case, that the people they surveyed did not like the technology.
In that particular document, Helen Deuce, who is their researcher over there in England, she actually comes right out and says, well, and in fact, at the November board meeting where all these guys got together again behind closed doors to talk about this, she presented the results of the study.
And from what I have been told, her comment was, well, we've got some good news and some bad news.
The bad news is that people really don't like this technology.
That's the result of my study.
The good news is that it appears they will be apathetic
We've got to really promote Caspian, and we've got to get the word out.
I know I've been talking about RFID for five years, Tex-Mars for eight years, people.
Watson, got any ideas on how to get the word out on this other than this show?
Well, yes.
I mean, Catherine mentioned the same system being implemented in what's called the echelon countries, specifically my country.
But people in this country say, oh, well, we haven't got a Walmart over here, so they're not introducing it.
But Walmart, in fact, owns a major supermarket store over here, which is Asda.
It's the same system being implemented across all those countries.
It's interesting that we're talking about these documents that have just been released that lay the groundwork.
And the quote I read out of one of the stories that came out today is that these companies talked about how they would manage the release of negative stories about RFID
Let me tell you one of the ways that this is actually
What does the board say?
What does the board say?
Resistance is futile!
Resistance is futile!
Resistance is futile!
Lay down, G.I.
You won't be seeing your sweetheart.
Lay down, Tokyo Rose said.
Watson, do about five more minutes on the other side, and head of Caspian, stay right there, Catherine.
Amazing information.
I want to hear more about these secret documents you've gotten and how they're panicking.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN
We're good to go.
We're talking to Katherine Albrecht.
We've got my webmaster at prisonplanet.com.
Paul Joseph Watson.
You'll be hearing more on the show's upcoming book, Border Out of Chaos, that I'm publishing.
Then we've got Joan and Bob and Bill and others that are holding.
Your calls are coming up in a few minutes.
I am hyperventilating over this issue.
I think?
I am asking our listeners, three or four of you that do this, hauling all cars, I want a transcript of this interview posted because Greg Paulus and others, the BBC, have posted them.
The transcripts of this show get published in major newspapers around the world.
I don't know why.
I guess the interviews are so insightful with these great guests.
Listeners, you know who you are.
Email it to Watson, okay?
If it's half the time, we get so many thousands a day, sometimes I won't see it the first day.
Email it to tips at infowars.com, and what's in the transcript of this?
Where should they email it to you to get it posted so millions of listeners can email it out to folks?
Listeners can email it to paul at propagandamatrix.com, and they'll get that.
All right, and we'll publish it in the present planet headline.
This is so important.
Catherine, I know I'm jumping in over you.
I get out of control on this subject.
It makes me so mad.
Because I read them years ago saying what they would do with this taxation, control, tracking.
You've got the internal documents.
Before we go any further and then go to these calls, who got the incredible idea at Caspian to go to the site, to snoop around, not hack it, but just look around and find their classified documents of this governmental quasi-private group shutting up this racketeering takeover?
How did you get in and get this and tell us about some of the other secret documents you've got?
Well, let me tell you, Alex, what I think is the most disturbing part of this whole thing is that here are the people who reassure us that we can trust them to put these tagging devices in everything we come in contact with, that we can trust them because they are going to use Internet security.
And this is actually a quote from one of their documents, their public relations document.
And then you go to their website.
We're good to go.
I think?
These people do not have a clue about security.
They do not have the first idea of how to protect their own sensitive information.
Well, Catherine, and now they're going to tie us all into this grid.
They're the people, this same grid, same companies, Walmart and others, that have pushed for the social security numbers as an identifier everywhere now.
They admit that has caused the proliferation of identity theft.
And now they're opening a bigger Pandora's box and they'll offer more tracking and tracing.
And, I mean, this is incredible.
I have to say, the idea of leaving these folks,
We're good to go.
I think?
A criminal can also scan boxcars, warehouses, homes.
We'll be putting this grand database.
That's a quote.
And then now you've got Ridge in these documents meeting with them.
You go to their public meetings and they say, we've got to get Homeland Security to be behind this and pushing it.
Tell us about those secret documents, please.
Well, the quote I wanted to read to you about Larry Killen said, if we get a declaration from Homeland Security that this is the step we need to take to protect the food supply, that's the step that will move this technology forward.
We're already hearing that out of Ridge.
And that was in reference to item level tagging, which means putting remote tracking devices on every item in the food chain.
And you said you got shoes that already have this in it.
Well, you're up in Harvard country.
I'm down in Texas.
My dad is a dentist and oral surgeon.
I've got skull x-rays that scan those nice ones.
Be sure and ensure that I will call you when I get off air and give you the address to send it.
And I will, within a day of getting those, have them x-rayed.
And then do you want me to dig out the tweezers, the chip itself, and then maybe scan that as well?
I think we're good.
We're good to go.
I think?
One of them, the Auto ID Center has been going through four phases of testing out their RFID technology.
The first and second phases are now complete.
They are now in the middle of phase three.
And phase three is item level tagging, among other things, meaning putting these into individual items, seeing how consumers interact with them, seeing how the stores and readers interact with them, seeing what happens when they try to read many dozens of things at a time on a shelf in a store.
Here are the products, and I hope you do get a transcript of this because I would like this to be made public.
Here are the products that are being tagged currently.
It says summer of 2003.
Procter & Gamble is tagging Bounty Towels and Pantene Shampoo.
It says Cape Girardieu Factory, Iowa City, D.C.
That means distribution center.
So Bounty Towels and Pantene Shampoo coming out of there may well be tagged.
Gillette Moc 3, 16-pack.
Right Guard Aerosol Deodorant, 10-ounce cans.
That's coming out of Chicago.
Unilever, a major consumer products company, produces these products that will be tagged.
Liquid All Detergent, Correct Soap.
That is coming out of Baltimore.
Johnson & Johnson is tagging Carefree.
Not sure what Carefree is.
Also, Bedtime Bath out of Olive Branch.
Kraft Foods is tagging Maxwell House Coffee.
We're good.
It has already been demonstrated
Now, and by the way, the read range on these, the read range really doesn't go beyond about 20, 30 feet unless you put a battery in it or unless you hack around a little.
The read range typically is, I would say, between 5, 10, 15 feet in that area, but the more powerful devices have a shorter read range in some cases.
Now, if you can put RFID tags into shoes, and if you can get away with hiding them in shoes, and you have reader devices in floors
In the Washington Post article last year, and Paul, when you dig all these up, post them in the story when we do a transcript.
They said that pressure plates will read what you're buying.
Tiny cameras, and I know somebody at UT who works for the CIA and the Psychology Department, Department of Defense funded.
It's all about retina readers that read void comp, like Blade Runner-type movements in the eyes.
Well, you know, that's really the idea is to find ways to custom tailor things to individuals to identify them.
I have in my possession a prototype loyalty card that actually contains within it an RFID tag.
That can be read right through your purse, backpack, or wallet.
Well, they had the IBM ad a few years ago where the guy, you think he's stealing food, he's putting his jacket, he walks out, the security guard comes over and says, Sir, your receipt.
Now, in that case, though, the reader device in the doorway has read the products that he's carrying and presumably also read some identifier of him so that those products could be deducted from his payment system, whatever that is.
That's an IBM ad for this new chip credit card.
Paul Watson, any comments to what she's saying?
Yeah, just to throw this in, we actually had an article on prisonplanet.com last week where one of these RFID tags was actually discovered in women's underwear.
So we've got all these products on top of each other.
But the question that I wanted to put to Katherine is about Benetton, because we know that Katherine led a successful campaign against Benetton to boycott Benetton against putting RFID tags in clothes, but we recently had
We're good to go.
Yeah, Catherine, that question and then also the quotes here out of the news where you have the documents that talk about, quote, neutralizing opposition, pacifying consumers.
Answer his question and mine, please.
Well, let's see.
The issue with Benetton is that Benetton, I think, was astonished at the speed and power of this firestorm that consumed them when they made the announcement that they were going to be embedding RFID remote tracking devices in clothing labels.
Now, that is absolutely over the line.
I think everyone who heard this story agreed.
They were inundated with press requests from as far away as Tasmania.
I was on Swedish public radio.
We've been featured all over France, Australia, all over the world.
People went nuts when they heard about this.
Now, what I did not realize at the time, apparently, is that Mauro Benetton, a member of the Benetton family, is also deeply involved with a company called LabID that is developing and promoting this label-tagging technology.
And so, apparently, our boycott against Benetton caused a big family rift in the Benetton family.
This is what I've been told from inside sources, that Mauro Benetton apparently had put in about $15 million to developing this RFID technology and investing in it and was going to apparently use his family's company, Benetton, as one of the first examples of bringing it to market.
And when the rest of the Benetton family heard what had happened or were right in the middle of this firestorm, they said, you know what, I don't care what you've invested.
We are pulling back from this.
This is dangerous stuff.
We are going to get clobbered in the middle.
I don't care if they pull back.
Benetton, we must target them just like Smith & Wesson when they tried to do this sneaky anti-gun move a few years ago.
I don't care if they sell it, what they do.
We must salt the earth.
Anyone, Walmart, everyone, we must boycott them 110%, all of them.
You know who I want to call for the biggest boycott of all against is Gillette.
I think that Gillette is one of the most despicable companies I have ever come in contact with in working with this technology.
I personally was in a Brockton Walmart.
Now this is another story I'll get a little exclusive on here.
I went into the Brockton Walmart after reading in the Boston Globe a few weeks ago that they were going to begin their shelf-level tagging test the following week.
Yeah, disenfranchised groups are always tested on first.
I think we're good.
Absolutely amazing.
Paul Watson comments, then we're going to calls.
Yeah, that's better.
We've got a big show on PrisonPlanet.com, isn't it?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
What they actually have toyed around with the idea of calling these green tags, safer, better, smarter, something like that.
You know, of actually promoting them as this wonderful thing that's somehow going to make the world better.
And, you know, I saw that and I thought, you know, that is really, that is such a stretch.
And, you know, I really hope they do something like that because that means they would take a public splash, they would take this public, and believe me, the public would be on them like white on rice.
Well, that's really stupid because green tag is something even easier to get across to people.
RFID is kind of a hard concept.
I want to go to Joan, Bob, and Bill.
I'm going to give you each about a minute on the other side with our guest, Catherine Albrecht, and give you out her website as well.
I want to thank you for joining us, Paul Watson.
Okay, thanks, Alex.
Take care, bud.
I'll talk to you soon.
Catherine, one final segment with you.
We'll come back and take three final calls and get you hit on some final tidbits.
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We're good to go.
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Catherine, what about the website for Caspian?
How do folks visit the website and get more informed?
You can find us online at www.nocard.com.
Okay, nocards.org.
Let's take a call.
Quickly, callers.
Thanks for holding.
Joan in Florida, you're on the air.
Yes, Alex.
Out of a regular newspaper, Tampa Tribune, Our Opinion, it was June 15th, so they can go tbo.com and research this article.
Our Opinion, New Science of Radio Tags Holds Promise, Threatens Privacy.
And it also talks in here on this about the tag car could be taxed based on where and when you drive your car.
Give me that article and please email it to Catherine.
So Tampa Tribune is saying it will be used to tax cars.
All will be happening with a little bit more sophisticated transponder in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Interesting, Catherine.
Yeah, absolutely.
And you know, the limits of what this will be used for are just the limits of the human imagination.
If they can find a reason for collecting the data, this technology will enable them to do it.
And Alex, you talk about a number of
This is Department of Defense applications of Auto ID.
And this is a Mr. Campbell from the Auto ID who was speaking at a meeting.
I'd like to read you something here.
Mr. Campbell described four projects which the Department of Defense is pursuing related to Auto ID.
Most of these are pretty innocuous.
The Department of Defense needs to know the location of materials at all stages of its life cycle.
All right, the final one is, this is the one at the end, it says, Mr. Kimball mused on future applications, including a telepathy tax.
Such a tag does not exist, nor can we guess how it might work, but the point is that the Department of Defense is careful not to go down a course of action that precludes adoption of a new technology when that technology becomes feasible.
A telepathy tag?
What is that?
It's insane.
Real quick, Bob in New York, thanks for holding.
You've got 30 seconds.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Bob.
My training is in electronics, and there is a device called a degausser stick, or a degaussing device.
I'm sure you'll be able to find
Alright, thank you for the call.
Sorry to Bill and others we're holding.
I apologize.
Call me back.
Oh, Catherine, that's great.
And I'm going to call you after the show, okay?
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Tell your friends.
God bless you all.
We're good to go.