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Air Date: June 30, 2003
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
The 30th of June, 2003, on this live...
Monday edition.
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Definitely want to check those out multiple times daily.
Coming up in about 30 minutes, Mike Hanson, who's done camera work for me and worked on my TV show here in Austin, is going to be joining me.
He runs a fireworks stand trying to raise money for his run for political office here in Austin.
This time as a...
County Constable.
And he sleeps out there in a mobile trailer by the fireworks stand.
And over the weekend, he woke up to people who had broken into it and were unloading the fireworks stand and its contents.
And he went out there in his underwear, subdued two of them, one of the three fled, and stood there in his underwear,
Pointing a gun at them, this is a great example of what the Second Amendment is all about, and it turns out these guys had hit a whole bunch of other fireworks stands and cars and had been on a robbery spree all over South Austin into Kyle, the town south of Austin.
It all stopped due to a citizen armed with the Second Amendment.
It's why we have lower crime rates in cities, in states, but still have some semblance of America's first freedom.
So we'll talk about that in about 30 minutes.
Then in the next hour, another local case.
I was listening to local radio and heard about this case last week.
Child Protective Services doesn't just take people's children now.
They try to take your neighbor's children if they refuse to lie in court about you.
And they tortured one family so bad that the mother had a stroke.
I mean, who wouldn't when they're trying to take their kids and they think it's real funny?
And that's coming up in the next hour.
In the meantime, interesting Scotsman story about paganism exploding in the United Kingdom.
And there's a photograph we've had to blur, which you can link through to the original Scotsman article, with a giant satanic...
We're good to go.
But they're also having a problem with people's dogs, cats, and horses being stolen and then being found with their hearts cut out, their intestines cut out in satanic rituals.
But the Wiccans say that's not us.
Sure, the very Druids that you fancy yourselves after, they found thousands of bodies in the peak bogs and in the boneyards, and where they would have the Burning Man, but they would...
Tie up women and children inside wicker effigies and burn them to death.
That's where the word bonfire or bonefire comes from.
You can check your Encyclopedia Britannica for that one.
So I'm tired of the denials by the Wiccans and the rest of you that, oh, we're just white magic, we're nice and friendly.
You're the low-level idiots being sucked into serious mind-control cults.
If you want to call in and disagree, I'd love to hear from you.
If you are a Wiccan or into the occult, or if you think this is all terrible what's happening, 800-259-9231.
I also want to get into the economy.
California going bankrupt.
What's happening with the war with Iraq.
Now they now say they're going into Syria and Iran.
They're canceling even the puppet elections they were going to have.
The terrible things that are happening to the troops, and I'm talking about the shootings, but also the bigger issue of the depleted uranium, which they now admit is in their bloodstream and causing serious health problems.
We'll be right back for all the real news that affects you and your family.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, my cameraman, been on many missions with me, including inside Bohemian Grove a few years ago, held off and apprehended two robbers over the weekend, and one of them got away, but he did apprehend two of the three.
That's coming up in about 25 minutes.
Then, of course, in the next hour, we'll talk about CPS, how if you don't testify against your neighbor when they're trying to take your neighbor's children with no evidence, they then try to take your children, and after you have a stroke and are in the hospital from the stress, they laugh about it because they're sadistic demons.
That's coming up as well in the next hour.
In the meantime, we have news of the economy, the new tips program called Operation Talon.
To be run domestically with increased funding, as we told you.
We now have the official name of it.
Just a lot of key news and information coming up today, this morning, tonight, depending on what time zone you're listening to us in.
I also want to take a lot of calls today, and I want to try to get your calls quickly and get your question, your comment out as quickly as possible and move on.
I've been getting pretty bad about not going to your calls early and then keeping folks on the line for a long time.
Toll-free number to join us on any news item you'd like to mention, any news story in your area, something you saw on television.
Example of what I'm talking about.
I got in from Dallas, Texas last night, visiting family with my wife.
We sat down and watched a show about the Spartans.
And they neglected to give a lot of the history of the Spartans, but they talked about their famous battle at Prolopoli, if I'm pronouncing that right.
I'm not good at pronouncing such words, terms.
But I read about it and heard about it, but they kept cutting back to the U.S.
Marine Corps and saying, this is our super elite, this is the Spartans.
And I've just got a bunch of comments about that, because I have nothing against the Marine Corps,
And certainly they have the esprit de corps, more esprit de corps than any other branch, general branch of the armed services.
But to compare the Marines to the Spartans and then to inculcate that mindset, I don't know, it's just not historically accurate, but we see the New World Order propaganda integrated into every program.
The next show that came on to the Discovery Channel, I didn't watch the whole thing.
I watched about 20 minutes of it until about 10.30 or so and had to turn it off because it was making me so angry.
It was Future Weapons of Future Soldiers.
I believe that was the name of the show.
I actually taped it.
It was showing all the futuristic weapons.
Maybe you saw it.
They made the point not once, not twice, but three times that
That the special forces troops that, quote, will be melded with microchips and implanted with microchips in the future, that these special forces troops, they were giving us their names by name, were actually in Afghanistan six months, one of them was there six months, some were there two months, before 9-1-1 preparing the attack on the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
Here it is, hidden in plain view.
We've read the articles where the Air Force had bin Laden after he supposedly bombed the coal and the Khobar Towers and the embassies in Africa.
They had bin Laden dozens of times in their sights.
They had his lieutenants in their sights, and they would be ordered by Special Operations Command in Florida, this is on the record, AP, Reuters, you name it, Washington Times, MSNBC, not to kill bin Laden.
And Bush had the launch orders to attack Afghanistan on his desk two days before.
The plan had already been drawn up, but he had it on his desk two days before 9-1-1.
They were waiting for the pretext, which they were controlling and authoring and driving.
And then, I'm watching this show, and they're admitting the special forces were all in place, ready to take down the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
I mean, you talk about prior knowledge, this is getting ridiculous.
And here it was, hidden in plain view.
Then the show went on to talk about this global army force, and they wear black uniforms, and black helmets, and black visors, and they will send in hover drones, and now since the terrorists attacked us, they're going to have to act domestically.
As I said, I turned it off.
I was tired, and it was making me too angry, and I went to bed.
Maybe you saw the
Second half of the show.
I watched 20-30 minutes of it.
The future weapons of future soldiers, or whatever it was called.
There's just so much propaganda.
It's everywhere.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
But here they are, by name, showing us the Special Forces soldiers who were there in Afghanistan preparing to direct the military strikes that supposedly brought down the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
What the show didn't tell you was the admitted fact that our generals captured their generals and were ordered to release them after having some of them in custody for two weeks and that they were hopping mad over it because the generals aren't all New World Order.
They're just compartmentalized with the information they have.
And it gets worse down at the grunge at the low level.
They didn't mention that the head of Pakistani intelligence, the founder of Taliban and Al-Qaeda, old-time CIA officer, was in the White House and at the Congress two days before 9-1-1 and that he wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta or that most of the hijackers have been found to still be alive and that they were given money and cars and credit cards and that the FBI lived with them in their houses in Florida and California and Houston, Texas and Dallas, Texas and Oklahoma City.
And that Massad was involved with them as well.
This is all in the mainstream news, but just report here, report there.
They just calmly, dryly report it.
They're patsies.
That's it.
I mean, this weekend I went back to Dealey Plaza.
I'd been there before.
Colonel Craig Roberts talks about anybody who's been a sniper to go to Dealey Plaza.
You know how ridiculous it is that the guy supposedly got three shots off from the Texas School Book Depository building.
Well, there I was, standing by the manhole in the separations in the fence where Mr. Harrelson and others took their shots and then were later brought into custody by the police.
Some of them escaped.
But still, they can kill one of our presidents in plain view, the government can, and then tell us that the back of the head blows off when you're shot in the back of the head, which is ridiculous.
And they can sell us this story about a bolt-action rifle and a magic bullet and bullet holes all over the car, dozens of them.
They can sell us that hijackers simultaneously took over four planes and NORAD was ordered to stand down, but that's okay.
I don't know, just the lies, the frauds, the ridiculous nature of the propaganda is all around us.
And just to cover and track all the lies becomes a monumental task.
But here's some of the news, folks.
This is from Newsmax.
Report Talon to gather suspicious information for the Department of Defense.
First, there was Operation Tips.
Attorney General John Ashcroft's plan to enlist civilian workers nationwide to report suspected terrorist activity taken offline last year.
The controversial program is reportedly being replaced with Talon, a cutting-edge Department of Defense database designed to snare and distribute raw, non-validated, that's the quote from the document, reports of anonymous activities within the United States, according to a report in Wired.
Talon, which will...
Collect and share reports by concerned citizens and military members regarding suspicious incidents was reportedly outlined in May 2nd and ran them to top Pentagon officials from Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.
Involved in your life, folks, Mr. Wolfowitz, the Defense Department.
Directing the heads of military departments and agencies to begin cranking out talent reports immediately, Wolfowitz reportedly further instructs DOD personnel to report in accordance with existing policy and law suspicious activities, including surveillance, tests, and security.
And it goes on, the elicitation attempts to hit at intelligence gathering, according to Wired.
Well, look, they've already said they want to get rid of Posse Comitatus and put troops on the streets.
They already have said that they're going to have them in all the infrastructure, and it's already happening, trips and plane clothes, for decades.
But let me give you an example of this real world.
Driving to Dallas this weekend, and the big flashing billboards put in by the feds were saying, report illegal guns, report terrorism, if you drink and drive, you'll go to jail, click it or tick it,
And this is all the supposed Amber Alert system and the dual use of traffic advisories.
But now it's flashing images and toll-free tattletale lines.
It'll say, tips, report terrorism.
Tips, report illegal guns.
And then they've got other billboards put up that show pictures of a revolver, and it says, report illegal guns in Texas.
Revolvers aren't illegal, folks.
But now my neighbor, if they see a revolver in my house, will call the police on me.
So it's not about catching guys in turbines running around with explosives, which don't really exist outside the government, outside agents of the globalists, creating the pretext to take over sovereign nations instead of a police state.
It exists in going after your guns, going after homeschoolers, and going after landowners.
And it's all over the place.
And by the way, they actually increased the funding on tips and changed the names.
When the Total Information Awareness Network got in trouble, they changed it to Total Terrorism Awareness Network.
They changed the name to Talon.
They've got all these different names under the same auspices.
Where everyone's turned into a tattletale, but the border stays wide open.
They tell us there's no Patriot Act 2, then they admit there's a Patriot Act 2.
They say it doesn't affect citizens.
And then two weeks ago, the Justice Department gets before Congress and says in a report, it is for all crimes, misdemeanors, we will go after everyone with the new terror powers.
That was the Justice Department's public statement and the report to Congress.
But still, people say it doesn't affect citizens.
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In science fiction movies and books written just 10, 15 years ago, where you have a criminal police state government, well, that's what we have today.
Stuff written back in the 40s, like 1984, envisioning a high-tech police state, well, we have it today.
Brave New World, we're seeing that system set up today.
You go see a movie like The Running Man, 1986 movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger with the billboards flashing, report terrorist, curfews, homeland security, media merge with government.
We're now getting it today.
Wake up, folks.
They've incrementally set it up, and now it's accelerating.
Coming up, bioweapon labs will bring threat of lethal viruses to urban America.
They're going to build dozens of level 2, level 3, level 4 bioweapons labs in downtown cities.
The British government three years ago accidentally released foot and mouth.
That was admitted calmly in the back of their newspapers, and then they had to kill 8 million sheep and 4 million cows.
That's coming up.
begins Iraq crackdown as soldiers found dead.
Also, U.S.
Bipartisan support grows for shifting Iraq patrols to multinational forts.
That's the U.N.
and NATO.
Iraq elections canceled by U.S.
You can just smell the liberation.
Global war looms.
They've now gotten internal information, American Free Press has, Gordon Thomas has, about the actual invasion plan of Iran.
That's all coming up, but right now let's go to Bob in Florida.
Bob, you're on the air.
Howdy, Alex.
Good, sir.
How you doing?
Very well, thank you.
I saw those programs on the Discovery Channel, and so I'm glad that you got to see at least one of them and have the other on tape.
And by the way, that second one,
was entitled 21st Century Warriors and it dealt with all the high-tech
I wanted to call you as well as John Stadmiller and discuss both of these programs because of what I was impressed with, especially in that second one.
Yeah, Captain Jason Amering, who led the Special Forces Team 574, and I'm not sure what group he was.
I was trying to recall from my days at Fort Bragg when I was involved with some Special Forces what the different flashes, that's the shield on the front of the beret, and they have different patterns of colors.
You know, if I remember this guy, Captain Jason Amering, had a white border on a black field, and I'm not familiar with what that
Well, no, they kept saying it.
They kept saying...
They kept saying, this team was there six months before, this team was there two months before.
Every time they showed a new Special Forces team, showed their face, told their names, they would then tell when they had been there.
Oh, yeah, I was just astonished to see that they were there prior to 9-11-2001, dealing with people from the Northern Alliance, the various tribal chieftains, as well as Hamid Karzai, who was preordained almost to step in
Yeah, one of the Special Forces commanders says, we were there making contact with Cards Up, preparing for the takeover.
Yeah, I wonder how much gold bullion they were laying across the table, or I should say under the table, to the chieftains, et cetera, you know?
Well, look, I mean, that shows how staged it all is.
They've already admitted this.
Bush had the launch orders on his desk ready two days before.
Yeah, it's disgusting, really.
And in regards to that other one about the Spartans at the gates of Hellfire...
Thermopylae, where they held off Xerxes and the Persians.
This is a point that I brought up about two weeks ago to John Stadmiller.
On all of our military vehicles, going back to Gulf War I and even prior, we now have like a Chevron.
And this is something I've noticed on the shields of all Greeks.
And in Greek, that's the letter L.
And I'm really concerned as to why we dropped the star.
What the show didn't tell you was that it was a homosexual death cult that held slaves.
And they said this is the heart of Western civilization.
This is what our Marines are modeled after.
Now, the one good thing that the Spartans did say was that
You know, there wasn't a question of fighting and standing up for what they thought was right.
And I've stated that.
There's not a question of fighting the New World Order.
If you love your family, there isn't even a question.
Now, that was the only good point of the film, but I found it really disturbing to see them really covering up what the Spartans really were.
Is that it, sir?
Thanks, Alex.
Hey, thank you.
We'll come back and talk to Mike Hanson, just for about ten minutes.
I appreciate him joining us.
He held off robbers at gunpoint, and then the police apprehended him.
Now, that's coming up right here in Austin, Texas.
My good buddy.
And then we'll talk to Tom and others.
Stay with me.
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All right, my friends.
Alex Jones back live.
We do have more of your calls coming up here in just a few minutes.
And I will get more into Operation Talon, the new TIPS program to be run by the Defense Department domestically against you and your family.
Also, new bioweapons labs are going to build in most major cities to counter the crisis they're creating.
Bush is creating a new $6 billion fund for forced inoculation for dozens of vaccines.
Announcing BioShield.
We'll talk about the Iraq, the Syria, the Iran, the North Korea situation.
North Korea says they're going to go ahead and test another nuclear bomb.
They've had them for over 10 years.
Our government's helped government systems to produce 100 warheads a year, according to the Associated Press.
As they escalate the crises, it'll bring in world government as the solution.
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All right.
Tom and Andrew and others, your calls are coming up in a few minutes.
Right now, I want to bring Mike Hanson up.
He's been on many trips with me to Bohemian Grove.
He's covered urban warfare training, the Marines training to take our guns.
He was there in the film Police State 2000.
He has run for political office and gotten record votes as a Republican, but lost in these Democrat districts.
He's now switched to a Democrat to win, running as constable here in Austin.
And he helps run my TV show that we do twice a week, Info Wars and Exposing Corruption, the two shows.
And Mike has been on the show before covering the police state.
He is running a firework stand to raise money for his campaign out there alone at night.
In a trailer that was donated to us during Loan to Us, Loan to Mike, and what he's doing into the campaign, so he's sleeping in that, and all of a sudden he wakes up to something interesting, and this story's a testament to the Second Amendment and his courage and why we need the Second Amendment, because Mike stopped.
A robbery spree that was going on all over South Austin into Kyle, a town south of Austin, with these thugs.
And Mike, there was three of them, and by himself he apprehended two of them until police could get there.
Mike, thanks for joining us.
Well, thank you for having me.
It's glad to be anywhere.
And this just happened six hours ago, Alex.
It happened at 4.30 this morning.
Okay, so it happened, I say this weekend, but going into this week.
It happened Sunday or I guess Monday morning.
Mike, tell us what happened.
Go through the story.
It's an amazing story.
You're out there in your underwear with these guys on the ground at gunpoint.
Well, as you know, this is just not an average firecracker stand.
This is a factory outlet.
There's about $32,000 worth of product we have out there.
You know, Alex, you've been there.
Well, yeah, but unlike these guys, I actually came and bought some fireworks Thursday.
That's right.
But, you know, a lot of these are these professional fireworks stuff like you bought that are very expensive items, and, you know, we have to have somebody out there.
There's usually about 20 to 40 people, volunteers, out there until midnight, and then they all leave, and then I'm there, you know, sleeping in the motorhome, and I have a baby monitor that I put in the...
In the stand that's nearest the street.
Now, we have a back door that's because of the fire code that you have to have a door on each end of the stand.
And that door is right near the street, but they had built a fence there.
I was sleeping, and I had that baby monitor, and something just woke me up.
I think so.
Yeah, I think so.
The other one must have ran off, but I had heard something in the stand, so I said, the next person that comes out of that stand is a dead man.
The two were on the ground in the middle of the street, and the car was in the middle of the street.
Here I was in my underwear in the middle of the street, had the gun on them, no way to call.
I was yelling for the girl that was a long way away.
You know how far it is back where the motorhome is from the street, Alex.
Let me get straight how crazy this scene is.
While you're out there doing this, there's a family hiding out so the government doesn't kidnap their children at the same time there.
That's right.
And she's been on TV before.
That's how insane it is here in Austin.
Okay, go ahead.
It's a Mexican lady and her husband.
We're good to go.
Well, first of all, I told you on the phone this morning, Alex, that two, a big dually truck and another truck, I had them on the ground for ten minutes.
This is a major road that goes by the fireworks stand.
And I was waving, saying, I need you to call the sheriff.
This is out in the county.
It's not in the city.
It's in the county.
I said, I need you to call it.
They passed me up.
I was in my underwear with a gun, trained on somebody.
It was a Hispanic and a white man.
And nobody would stop to help me, Alex.
I mean, nobody would render aid.
So I had to march them to the RV, and then by that time she heard me and she called 911.
So 911, I made sure that 911 knew that I had them at gunpoint and that when they came that they knew I had them at gunpoint and I wasn't a criminal.
So I gave the gun to the lady and said, if they move, shoot them.
I need to go get my clothes on.
Yeah, I think so.
That if I wouldn't have had the gun, these people wouldn't have been stopped.
These people had robbed stuff from Pflugerville all the way down to Buda all night long.
They had stereos that they ripped out of people's trucks and stuff.
They had real nice cameras, video cameras.
They had smashed windows out all over the county.
They had a whole car load of loot besides what they had stole from me and they were trying to steal more.
Well, that's hard for the course, but that's why here in Texas we can sleep in our homes at night, though, because the crooks will get stuff off the street or out of firework stands.
They don't like coming in the houses because they know that they'll get holes put in their body where they're not supposed to be.
So I'm just glad you're okay, Mike.
Fortunately, I send off the money every night to the bank, and we did have in that one stand $19 bills and two $5 bills.
One that got away, got away with the money, but the other two, you know... Well, Mike, you need to tell me what the police did when they pulled up.
What was that like?
I told them, I kept telling them on 911, I have a gun, I have a gun, and when it gets here, I'll put it away, and that's what I did.
They were very nice.
Alex, they told me to tell you hi.
They all knew you.
They are very much on your side and the whole movement side, and they were very nice.
I have to give them that.
Well, of course, the patrol cops are nice.
We're talking about...
The detectives that are dealing the drugs and running the prostitutes around here.
Well, they didn't say one thing about the gun.
I told them it's right there on the window of the RV, and they didn't even look at it, take pictures, or do anything.
Yeah, we're in a lot of states that arrest you now.
That's right.
I thought I figured I'd be in big trouble for doing that.
So that's good.
So how many police responded?
About eight cars.
So what'd they do to these punks?
They put them in the back seat of the car and took them off.
A lot of people are going to be getting their stuff back.
It could have been like a sophisticated ring because they had all sorts of stuff.
Mike, last week in my neighborhood, I pull up from going to the grocery store.
I watch a suburban pull up about 20 yards down the street, stop, two guys ride up with bikes, throw them in the back and go, this is quite a haul.
I run out to get the license number.
They didn't have lights over their license plates.
They sped away.
But there is just petty thievery going on all over the place.
I'm getting sick of it.
I'm almost...
Almost grabbed a gun and followed him.
And I said, you know what, I'm going to end up getting blown away by the cops if I stop these guys stealing bicycles.
Well, we have liberty after the time you violate somebody's property or their person.
That's the way I feel about it.
Yeah, I hear you.
No, I'm glad you're okay.
So how long were the police there?
Until about 8 o'clock in the morning.
Did these thieves say anything?
Yes, and I asked them why I had them at gunpoint.
I told them, you robbed the wrong place.
I have county constable signs up everywhere.
Travis County constable all over the RV.
How stupid can you be?
They would have to know we have guns there.
I just don't understand why they would do it.
But this must have been their last stop and they just got brave about it because they had the whole car full.
They couldn't have got any more in that car.
And they had all this stuff picked out that they were trying to get.
They did it real quick, Alex.
It was only like two or three minutes because I heard it on the baby monitor, and I thought it was like a bird or something or a possum or something because they were real quiet about it, and they did it quick.
They're in and out of there.
They cut the lock off?
They cut the lock off.
They cut the fence down even because, see, we have a fence there.
They cut the fence, and they cut the lock off that quick with a bolt cutter.
Well, they'll get about 10 minutes in jail, and then if some woman's pulled over not wearing a seatbelt, she'll spend a couple months.
Well, I just did a tour of the jail, and I talked to the sergeant over there.
He said about 80% of the people shouldn't be in there, and it's overcrowded again.
Well, for those that don't know, in the new film Police State 3, we have a clip of the local newscast where they admit that, quote, in Travis County, you're guilty of being an innocent.
They force you to sign documents before you can even call out for parking tickets saying you're a criminal.
And people find that hard to believe.
That's how nuts things have gotten.
Well, I saw it with my own eyes.
They actually chained people to a bench and gave you your own personal phone and said, say, you get somebody down here to pay this
Well, I did the other day, and believe it or not, he reported a bad cop here in Austin.
And instead of doing something to the bad cop, they transfer him out of the area that he's been in for eight years.
So that's what we're going through here.
They transferred your brother, Billy, out of the rich neighborhood into the crack dealer neighborhood now.
Just because he reported a bad cop.
That's right.
And this is the third time that he had reported this bad cop.
So that's what you're dealing with.
The good cops cannot get rid of the bad cops.
Well, they run things.
That's how it works.
Thanks for the call, Mike.
I'm glad you're all right.
Hey, Alex?
Yes, sir.
We're having a big firework celebration with free food on the 4th of July.
Anybody that would like to come out, they're welcome.
And that's on Twin Creek Road in Manchac, Texas.
Sounds good.
All right.
We'll have to report more on that.
Free to the public.
Yeah, because there's a big field right next to the fireworks stand, right?
And we have a big celebration every year.
We've been having a mini celebration every night, but the big one's going to be the 4th of July.
All right, Mike.
I'll try to drop by.
All right, thanks a lot.
I'm glad you're okay.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank God for that.
We'll be right back with your calls.
We're going to have another guest coming up in about 45 minutes.
We've got plenty of time to take calls and cover news.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
We're good to go.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright folks, we're about to go to Tom and Andrew and Chris and many others that are patiently holding.
I just want to make another comment about the story we just discussed of stopping a robbery at the fireworks stand.
Here in Austin, thanks to the Second Amendment and some initiative,
Imagine being in New York where they arrest Navy veterans who defend their family from a thug attacking them in their home.
And the father gets more time than the person breaking and entering who had multiple felonies.
Imagine being in these cities where you can't own guns and the criminals bust down your doors all the time and rape and kill your family.
That's what the Second Amendment is all about, is stopping that and frustrating that.
And I'm glad we had Mike on because one of the weak spots of this show is that I never cover these articles.
I see these articles where people shoot thugs in their houses, stop them from robbing people, save people.
I mean, every day I see multiple articles around the country, and that's just the stuff that makes it in the news, where people stop crime with guns.
And it's the citizens more often than the police because there's more citizens than police, and it's generally in your homes or businesses.
So we've got to keep that Second Amendment.
It is such a key liberty and freedom.
Let's talk to Tom in California.
Tom, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Good morning, Alex.
Go ahead.
I did contact Senator Tom McClitt's office and emailed him.
Hopefully he'll write again on your show.
But like I said, he's a busy man right now.
For those who don't know, you're talking about one of the more conservative candidates who will be on the ballot in the runoff, in the recall against Governor Davis.
I'm calling this morning because of some concerns, just, you know, things I'm seeing are going on, especially about Orrin Hatch and the RIAPP, and he's obviously, you know, getting paid by them to go after the people downloading MP3 music.
I would venture to say that they even put some of that music out there
Well, in a scan... Well, they admit they do that.
In a scan of his website, his senatorial website, there is stolen software valued at $400 to $600.
So it turns out, Wire News reported, he's a hypocrite.
He wants the government to be able, as well as private corporations, this is a bill, by the way, he talked about this last year, it's just back in the news, to hack your computer and destroy it if you download basically anything.
Yes, I heard about that, but they can't go after Enron and the people involved in that.
And my second issue also has to do with this topic, is from Drudge's site last week,
I rarely go to his site anymore these days.
He made a report that Bill Gates was at the White House meeting with Tom Ridge, and that really bothered me as well.
I'm sure one of the topics they talked about was MP3 amongst mostly probably computer-related spyware.
Well, yeah, spyware they're building into the Microsoft operating systems now as well as the biometric access system.
Pardon me?
It's built in, believe me.
Oh, they've been caught as of about four years ago doing that.
Yeah, and I'm just seeing where this is all headed with, you know, being arrested and, you know, not told what you're, you know, this is going to be like the starting...
Starting gate right here, where I'm seeing it going.
Well, they're talking about life in prison now for illegal downloads.
See, all these petty crimes, things that can't be proven.
There's a lot of different software that you accidentally load on your computer when you download something else.
Then it loads some songs onto your computer.
Then the SWAT team raids you.
It goes on and on.
And they're doing the same thing with pornography and everything else on the computer as well, and almost positive of it.
It's amazing.
It's about making us all criminals.
Yeah, it's just horrifying.
That's all I had to call about, though, but hopefully I'll keep on Mr. McClintock.
Hopefully he'll be contacting your show.
All right, well, we're going to get the folks from the Recall Davis campaign on.
It's just there's so many different people that I want to get the right folks on.
Thanks for the call.
All right, second hour coming up.
Your calls straight ahead.
Everybody stay right there.
And a ton of news and another guest.
But first, your calls for the next 30 minutes.
I want to go to your calls quickly.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got two full hours left in this worldwide broadcast, the 30th.
Of June 2003, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And coming up, we're going to get into the new tips program.
Talon will tell you what it means for you and your family.
Also, bioweapon labs will bring threat of lethal viruses to urban America.
That's the headline out of the Independent.
begins Iraq crackdown as soldiers found dead.
This will actually add to the cycle and cause more of our troops to get killed, which I'm very sad about.
The real threat is depleted uranium.
The former head of the Pentagon Task Force to investigate this says it is killing the troops and maiming them from both Gulf Wars.
It's horrible.
They've also cancelled even the puppet elections, even the kangaroo elections in...
That's all coming up.
And some more news on the economy, the stock market, and other facets.
Let's talk to Andrew in Ohio, then Chris, Barney, Bob, Jeff, and others.
Go ahead, Andrew.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
I just want to tell you what's going on up here.
I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio.
And every day in the newspaper, we've got this rag newspaper called the Cincinnati Inquirer.
They should just change it to the Daily Hell on Earth report.
It's every day.
Supreme Court upholds gay sex.
Taxes raising.
You turn in the back pages.
It has a story about a couple of homosexuals in San Francisco raising two little boys and talking about how many homosexual couples are raising children now.
By the way, kids taken from other families, CPS grabs them for this industry.
That's admitted fact.
I knew that right away when I saw your article.
Those are children they took from good, solid families and gave to these homosexuals.
It's complete and sandy every day right out here.
The Supreme Court's ruled they can take private property without just compensation.
They've ruled that they can force drug you unlimited amounts, getting you ready for trial.
They've ruled that courts are ruling they can take your guns.
There is no Second Amendment.
The Ninth Circuit did that.
I mean, the rulings are just out of control.
The Supreme Court reaffirmed affirmative action, basically.
And they had on the front page, too, Sunday paper, another front page article.
You can't keep track of it.
It's insane.
A woman, black box, they're using that against her in a trial, a black box in her car.
And that black box interfaces with the satellite tracker boxes, the feds say.
They're about to make it the law to satellite track and tax you.
And I read the AP report on Friday, headline, the government's going to drive your car for you.
Within five years, they're going to be able to remote control your car.
They can already do it, but now they're announcing it.
For your safety, they're going to remote control your car.
I'll probably wake up tomorrow morning and see on the front page of the paper, you people are brain dead.
Look at the fecal matter we rub your faces in every morning.
These people, they're immoral and vulgar, and they have no respect for themselves, and that's why they allow this to happen to themselves, to society as a whole.
They're immoral and vulgar.
Well, I mean, look, the big thing is the police state.
If you love your family, if you love your children, if you love this country, if you have self-preservation in your guts, you've got to become leaders in the fight against the New World Order.
Leave us alone.
Leave homeschoolers alone.
Leave our families alone.
Leave our private property alone.
Control the borders.
Stop shipping the narcotics in.
It's out of control.
I remember, I was just a couple years younger than you, I remember 10 years ago in 1993, I was about 17 years old, I remember I saw Ice-T...
On the Arsenio Hall Show, and he said, he was talking about who they market rap music to.
He said, do you think black kids buy this music?
He said, one kid will get the tape and the whole rest of the neighborhood will dub it.
He said, it's white kids that buy all this.
Well, look, it's a targeting of the entire culture to destroy the moral underpinnings, because the globalists need police state thugs that think torture's okay, and they're going to carry this out.
And that's why the nightly news, I was in a hotel room in Dallas, Texas this weekend, and they admitted that they take people to Jordan for torture.
And they, over in northern Kentucky, across the river, they have all the minor league dope dealers, and my friend
Liz over there told me they're wiping all those guys off the street.
Now they've got the big-time gangbangers from Chicago.
They're moving them in.
That's all by design.
All run by the government.
Thanks for the call.
Come back and talk to...
Chris and Barney and Bob and Jeff and others told Free Number to join us today.
We talk about the big issues that affect you.
The corrupt government, the loss of liberty, the taxation, the destruction of sovereignty, the attack on the family, the stated goal to destroy America.
We're resisting that.
We'll be right back.
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I think?
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All right, my friends, Alex Jones back live.
We're exposing the police state and corruption of organized crime that now controls the government at every level and the mass of Americans that are still in denial about how serious things have gotten and how badly they can be abused by this system unless they stand up and begin to speak out and resist it and expose it and reprove it.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls as promised.
Let's talk to Chris in Tennessee.
Chris, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Alex, I want to talk to you about a story on the Moscow Times that's just been out today.
It's a story that George Bush has spoken to God.
It was released by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, H-A-A-R-E-T-Z.
These are George Bush's exact words.
God told me to strike out Al-Qaeda, and I struck them.
We're good to go.
Haven't received any repair parts over there in the Mideast in six months backlog.
They've been lied to.
They're supposed to be a six-month deployment.
They've been stuck in there for nine months.
We've had 44 million people lose their life savings.
Sir, they've said that it's going to be five years.
They said it before the war, now because of the problems, which they're allowing to happen on purpose, five years, and, oh, there can't even be a puppet election now.
Well, that's going to be unacceptable because he needs to be replaced in 2004 if I have to do it myself.
The fact of the matter is, we don't have one Bradley that's combat ready right now, Alex, or Abrams' fighting tank.
They need the parts, and I can't believe that God has spoken to him and sent him on this mission here.
Number one, let me stop you.
Let me stop you right now, Chris.
I don't like the sound of what I just heard about, number one, Bush is a puppet.
Bush isn't running anything, neither was Bill Clinton.
They're figureheads for the military industrial complex owned by the private banks that are run by the intelligence agencies, compartmentalized groups high up.
Number two, it doesn't matter if we have John Kerry, it doesn't matter if we have George Bush, or Al Gore, or Hillary Clinton, you will have the exact same policies.
Hillary's for the war, she's for supercomputers in China, she's for blocking Dan Burton's committee investigating Pardon Gate, she's for signing the assault weapons ban, so is Bush.
And I wish no harm against the puppet president.
I wish that he'd be tried for his administration's treason and crimes against America, but I don't get up here on this national show and get off into discussions of... I mean, yes, if somebody wanted to elect...
And we did have free elections at the federal level.
It's your right and duty to try to get somebody elected if you don't believe that President Bush... Hold on.
I don't want to sit here and get focused in on personalities because Rumsfeld, Bush, Ashcroft are all just puppets, and until we realize that, we're not going anywhere.
Well, I'm a candidate for the president.
I filled all the paperwork out.
Now I understand your statement.
I thought you were going somewhere else.
No, no, no.
I filled all the proper paperwork out.
My point being is that if Mohammed or Allah would have spoken to Mr. Bush about this line, the rest of the world would have been completely shocked.
But the statement here by God with this war in the Mideast
It has nothing to do with our president, who should be representing the people of the United States.
I did see that report, and it was Haratz that reported on that, but let me just tell you something real quick.
This is just political manipulation.
Bush will go to a Shinto shrine and pray to the ancestors of the Japanese.
Blasphemy to Christians.
Bush will go to a mosque in New York and pray to Allah.
Okay, he's like Bill Clinton.
You know, he's Jewish one day, he's Catholic the next, he's Protestant the next day.
So we need to look at what Bush really does in his free time.
He goes to Bohemian Grove, he goes to Skull and Bones.
That's pagan.
From the evidence, he is a pagan, and the Bible says that the Satan masquerades as an angel of light.
And Bush is a counterfeit.
The neocon Christians are on the radio and TV lying, saying the Patriot Act is just, saying it doesn't affect citizens.
They're liars.
But for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, the fruits of Bush are obvious.
That's what I'll say on that issue, and I understand your frustration.
I hope you win the presidency.
I'm still trying, sir, but that was so disturbing that I felt that I had to reach out to you today about this quote.
I hear you.
I appreciate the call.
Email me that story.
I saw it out of her rods, but I'd like to see it out of the Moscow Times.
We'll post that on Infowars.com if it hasn't been posted.
Got to move on.
Call back any time, Chris.
Barney in Maryland.
Barney, you're on the air.
Yeah, Alex.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I've been trying to get the patrons to study warfare and weapons systems so that they can effectively respond to the pending crisis.
Iraq is a good example of what can happen when you have people of the warrior class respond without doing anything about warfare.
Most of the Iraqi warrior class have been wiped out
They charge into tanks and a sophisticated weapon system.
Well, actually, the Iraqi warrior class was set up by the CIA in 1958.
The Ba'athists were controlled and were controlled and were publicly paid off in gold bars, euros and dollars, and quit and were flown out, just like the Afghanis, on jets and C-130s to their retirements.
That's right.
Now all they have over there is fanatics.
But the Patriots think that because they have been in the military, taking orders, or because they can hit a bullseye at 300 yards, that's all they have to do.
When the Patriots have a half a dozen concealed enemy soldiers firing at them from different angles with rifles and machine guns, etc., they won't even want to lift their head to sight their weapons in, let alone take time to squeeze the trigger.
They know warfare.
They should be able to avoid such a situation.
And make no mistake, they will have to fight.
It sounds to me, Barney, that you've seen some combat.
Where did you see combat?
I've seen it out in the Pacific.
And I know what it is when somebody shoots at you.
I think all these people should take time to study and learn.
You wouldn't expect a truck driver or a stonemason to do brain surgery, and you can't do warfare unless you know what it's all about.
Well, I think that the fact that the government signed deals to bring foreign troops in to oppress us, take our guns, take our property, no Bill of Rights or Constitution, I think that's all wonderful, and how dare you even discuss defending your family.
I think it was wrong that one of my associates, one of my employees, Mike Hanson, was being robbed last night, and then he defended himself.
And call the police.
I think Mike should be arrested for defending himself.
Yeah, and I think it's wrong to have a free country, and I think torture and tyranny is good.
Everything the media has announced is good.
And I think Enron is good.
They shouldn't be prosecuted.
I think the trillion dollars, trillion two, missing from the Pentagon is no big deal.
And I think secret bids and no bids allowed for Dick Cheney and Halliburton and Iraq, and I think no elections are good.
And I support the troops, and that means mindlessly reading the reports of how they were hit with depleted uranium and how they're not going to be given treatment.
And I think forced inoculations, the American people are good.
And I think we should submit, Bernie.
I mean, you're a pretty radical guy saying we should stand up and resist.
I'm just checking it, though.
How dare you?
Thanks for the call.
That's really sick.
Really sick of you to fight for this country.
Again, I'm a neocon.
I think higher taxes, more regulations, signing the assault weapons ban is good.
I think supercomputers to communist China, nuclear reactors to North Korea is good.
I support the president.
Let's talk to Jeff in Colorado.
No, Bob in New York, then Jeff.
Bob in Colorado.
Welcome to the airwaves.
How you doing, Alex?
Pretty good.
I'm actually in New York.
Yeah, I said Jeff in Colorado, and I said no, we're going to Bob in New York.
A couple things.
Just a preview for a movie coming out called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
It's like some big-budget Sean Connery thing coming up.
Yeah, it's a comic book.
Well, what's amazing about it is they finally ran the long enough clip where you got introduced to who these League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are.
And they're devil worshippers.
Well, you know, the Invisible Man went insane.
That was one of them.
Captain Nemo, he was insane.
Dr. Jekyll.
You know, it's like, what, these are new superheroes that are going to save the world?
Yeah, the bad guys, they're shifting the paradigm now where the bad guys are the good guys.
It's like so ultra-bizarre.
And most people don't even pick up on what they're trying to tell.
Sir, I mean, this is happening at every level.
Again, I'm sitting in a hotel room in Dallas watching CNN, and they admit that they're taking people to Jordan to be tortured.
And torture's now a good thing.
But, of course, it's not a good thing.
I mean, then you'd have to say that Northern Vietnamese were good, torturing our troops, and they weren't.
It was despicable.
But now, you see, we're becoming evil, but people that are evil always have excuses for what they do, so the mass is being programmed to accept evil and to think it's good now, so the globalists have the fodder they need to carry out their operations.
A mass warping of the psyche is now taking place.
I'm also wondering, just a second thing, and I'll sign off here.
I see your website.
I see all the documentation.
This is mainstream media that's reporting on this despicable behavior.
Don't you think it's possible, and this is just a suggestion, it's your show, it's your website, don't you think it's about time that InfoWars had its own Hall of Shame, International Hall of Shame, National Hall of Shame, and
Possibly even a local hall of fame that your readers can call in and back to stuff for people who are working with these guys.
Yes, if I had a couple extra employees and the money to do it, I would, sir.
That's why it's important listeners support this broadcast.
The more funding we get, the more we expand our operations, and our sole source of funding is my documentary films, T-shirts, and book.
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We'll be right back.
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I'm compelled to do it.
I'm threatened by it.
You should be threatened by it as well.
Let's talk to Jeff in Colorado.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hi, Alex.
I've got some information to confirm your information about how they're imprisoning American citizens and then turning them into slave labor.
That's the biggest part of our economy now, sir.
It's admitted.
Well, I called the Warren Air Force Base up in Wyoming, and they told me I wanted to quote them some prices on some toner cartridges for their printers.
They said, oh, no, we ordered them from Unicor, a prison product program that refills toner cartridges for that Air Force Base.
Which the Bushes are a major...
And you have all these groups, and so now it hurts our economy, and people say, oh, make them prisoners work.
Folks, they're taking your job.
It's worse than the illegal aliens.
The other thing is I wanted to make a comment to really try to get a lot of listeners to call, fax, email our government representatives and let them know that we're not happy with this stuff and what our wants are and what
How they should be doing things per their constitution and their oath of office that they took.
It is important to let them know that we know what they're up to.
That's it.
All right.
Thank you, Jeff.
Great call.
Let's talk to Wyatt in Maryland.
Wyatt, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, good afternoon.
How are you doing?
Listen, I didn't hear you talk about the 11 Muslims that were locked up in the Alexandria, Washington area.
Are you familiar with that?
Yeah, every week now they stand up there and say, we caught somebody who was planning to terrorize you, and every time we track it down, it turns out to be made up.
It's just some patsy they grab to give the illusion that they're stopping terrorists when it's the government carrying out the terrorism.
Right, well, I recorded it, but it's about two minutes, so I won't play it.
What it is, it's nine U.S.
They didn't say who the other men were.
One was from Pennsylvania.
They were indicted by a federal grand jury in Alexandria for conspiring to commit acts against the Neutrality Act of the United States, which means that they're being charged with conspiring to commit the terrorist activity in foreign nations that have allies with the United States, specifically in Kashmir and India.
So, they've just been charged with conspiracy.
Yet they had training at Quantico, according to the news report.
There was training at Quantico with former Gulf War veterans that were training them in military tactics.
Well, it gets worse than that.
I mean, it's like the guy they grabbed who was supposedly going to try to cut down with a blowtorch, which is ridiculous, the Brooklyn Bridge...
Turns out that he was, quote, FBI double agent in their employ.
They just grab people.
They get them into programs, go, your special forces, your secret operatives, give us information.
They later grab them and say, oh, look, we've got terrorists.
It's the same thing with Lee Harvey Oswald.
I mean, the guy was in the Marines, the Civil Air Patrol.
He was an admitted U.S.
government agent.
He said, I was a patsy.
I mean, same thing with McVeigh.
McVeigh, sure.
Same story over and over.
Look, all the hijackers, folks.
The groups they were in, at least 12 of them we've confirmed, lived in houses that were paid for by the FBI, their credit cards, their cars.
Then they leave Korans, business cards, the days before.
We're going to get the towers.
Their passports are found at two crash sites, unburned.
This is a total setup, people.
Oh, sure it is.
I was running a storage area, and I was talking to the woman who ran the storage facility,
And this was around the time of 9-11, just shortly after.
And she had one of her tenants vacate and never paid her and left the stuff there.
It was a small shed.
So she went through to pull everything out of there and went through it.
And it was a lot of Islamic writing.
And they had pictures and maps of nuclear facilities and all kinds of targets.
So she called the FBI.
And also in this one book, there was another Islamic tenant who had another shed, and in this book that she found had that other tenant's name in it.
So she reported it to the FBI, and the FBI took all the information and took the stuff that she recovered out of the one shed, but they never came back and were never interested in going into the other shed.
That had a corresponding name to it.
Well, that's what the TIPS program is about.
It's about knowing if we're catching on to them, the government.
It's about finding out if we're piercing any of their operational systems, their terror arms.
It's an absolute fact, folks.
They're carrying the terror out to scare you into submission to set up a police state.
More calls, I guess, and more news coming up.
Thanks, Wyatt.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Coming up here in a few minutes, we're going to go to...
Stuart Gerstacker, an Austinite, an engineer, who had CPS come after him and then even his neighbors when they wouldn't go along and testify like they wanted them to.
We've investigated child grabbing services here in Austin and around the country.
I have been in hospitals where they're stealing newborn babies for absolutely no reason.
We've shot video of it happening until we're thrown out.
I've witnessed it.
And then we get copies of the documents, the kidnapping orders they get from judges on one-day-old babies.
And they will say, witnesses saw the baby, and they'll say, by name, abused one year ago.
Three months before the baby even existed in the mother's womb as a zygote.
I mean, the lies.
I did a TV show about this.
We showed the documents, close-ups of it.
The lies I've seen, where they just randomly put, you know, that flying saucers invaded and King Kong shot lasers out his nose and was jumping around on a pogo stick, and the Brooklyn Bridge got sold to Martians.
I mean, it might as well be that crazy.
They'll say, we have five witnesses to abuse of this child.
Then the name, one year ago, also 16 months ago, this newborn child was seen being abused by neighbors.
I mean, it's so crazy.
The lies are something a one-year-old could see through, and the judge will sit there and laugh and go, this order is absolutely proper.
I'm taking full custody of the child forever.
Ritalin will be given to the child now.
They're now drugging children of a two-year-old.
Cries in custody.
They call that mental illness.
Put them on Ritalin, Prozac.
I mean, it's stuff so horrible.
Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley.
Pales in significance.
And before I get emails saying, you believe Flying Saucers and King Kong are doing this, it's a figure of speech.
It's a joke.
I'm saying the documents I've seen, the lies they tell, are so over the top and obvious, there's no debating the fact they're lies.
They're saying a child's been abused a year, a year and a half before, before the child's even born, before the child's even conceived.
So we see this type of stuff all over the country.
You hear now how they're arresting homeschoolers for no reason.
They're taking children and giving it.
To the homosexuals who can't have kids, so they get them from the children that are stolen.
The government gets $250,000 from a kid if they hold them for a year.
Then they drug them.
Convicted pedophiles, the Miami Herald reported, running the system in Florida.
I mean, that's mainstream news.
And the state says, well, they're authorized to do this.
It's so crazy.
It's over-the-top bizarre.
So that's coming up here in just a few minutes with Stuart Gerstacker.
And we'll get to that, and we'll get to Dan and Herman and everybody else that's holding.
But let me just hit news for a couple minutes real quick.
Some of the news we haven't gotten to.
Report from, this is from Wired News and Newsmax as well.
The Pentagon has announced Operation Talon, formerly known as TIPS for your cable guy.
The phone man, the carpet cleaner, to tattle on you.
They even get cash bonuses.
The program is looking for guns, drugs, because that's all this terrorist implements.
The Deputy Secretary of State, Paul Wolfowitz, is going to run this system.
It's already in operation.
With talent reports already being issued, it takes control of the FEMA system, the EAS,
Emergency alert system, EAS system, you know it as Amber Alert.
The flash anti-terror messages.
Got that for you.
Also, bioweapon labs will bring threat of lethal viruses to urban areas in America.
The South of the Independent, a network of highly secretive laboratories, restoring and investigating some of the most lethal viruses known to mankind as being built across the U.S.
living communities in uproar.
They not only fear the risk of the viruses escaping, but also...
Contend that the program is part of a $6 billion Project BioShield and a stunning case of overkill where none of the germs to be studied is revealed and is related to bioweaponry.
It's part of a massive force inoculation program.
We read that out of the Washington Post last Monday, seven days ago.
Six plus billion a year for forcible injection.
Okay, you beginning to understand?
In the tiny town of Hamilton, Montana, campaigners worry that they will become a terrorist target if the proposed laboratory goes ahead.
In New York State, congressmen have already blocked a proposal to house a laboratory on Plum Island.
It's already there.
It's where Lyme disease came from.
Deer that swam off the island.
In Davis, California, home to a major branch of the state university system, activists have sued the university for failing to abide by state environmental regulations, making its application to house nasties ranging from Ebola to Huta virus and tick-borne encephalitis.
It goes on.
This is not a matter of...
NIMBYism, that's what it says, not nepotism, NIMBYism, showing my ignorance, what does that mean?
The protesters cannot understand why they should risk exposure to a tiny clutch of diseases requiring the construction of maximum security level for biosecurity facilities.
There are just five of them, but none has any known practical utility as a guerrilla weapon.
The diseases, the national security people...
Our most worried about anthrax, smallpox, and plague are either level 2 or 3, and plenty of laboratories at those levels exist already.
We have the story on Infowars.com, listing where they're going to put them in your town, and dozens and dozens of facilities.
And I'll remind you, the British government, from a level 4 bioweapons lab, in 1999, released weaponized foot and mouth.
Two months before it showed up, the British military contacted...
The agriculture departments in the counties from Scotland to Ireland to Wales and told them prepare for foot and mouth, prepare mass pyres to burn dead animals, then I predicted that it would show up.
It did.
When it did, they killed 8,000 sheep, 8 million sheep, 4 million cows, and would not let the British people restock their cows, their sheep, and force them off their land.
It's about forcing you into the compact cities the farmers had refused to go along with the EU edicts.
Incidentally modified foods.
So it's siege being committed.
They had a war on drugs, there's more drugs.
A war on terror, there's been more terror since it started in 96, the so-called war on terror.
Now they're going to have a war on bioweapons and bioreleases, and they say get ready for lots of stuff to get released, and monkeypox, and West Nile, which was given to Saddam by our government in the 90s and 80s, by Rumsfeld.
They create the crises.
And now these are going to be in your towns, and we have a level four bioweapons lab that, quote, accidentally released, put them out, and then nothing was done to the government for doing it.
The same porting down bioweapons lab in Wiltshire was caught testing it on its own soldiers.
Look, I've got to go to our guest here who's been holding.
I've got so much news.
There's no way to cover all this.
I mean, this is out of control.
Let's go to our guest, and we'll go to more news and your calls.
His name is Astert Gerstacker.
He's an engineer, lives in Austin.
He has a son named Alex.
And his wife said, you need to move back with me to Ohio.
According to him, I heard him on local radio Thursday or else.
And then suddenly, well, he'll tell you the story.
And then it gets even worse to his neighbors that wouldn't bear false witness against him in jail.
Or in court.
And so the CPS came after them.
The mother got so freaked out.
His next-door neighbor, she had a stroke and can't walk.
CPS forced drug testing of them.
No drugs were found.
They're still attacking them savagely.
It's horrible.
Hyenas have more decency and give more quarter.
Stuart Gerstacker, good to have you on the show today.
Appreciate you coming on, Stuart.
Yeah, well, thank you very much for having me.
You bet.
Give us in a nutshell what happened, then what happened to your neighbor, and what you're facing.
And, of course, your website is?
It's savemyson.org.
And anyone out there that's listening that wants to e-mail me, my e-mail address is daddy at savemyson.org.
And, yeah, basically in a nutshell what happened is my wife decided January 4th of this year that she didn't need me anymore and she was going to move to Ohio so she could drop our son off with her mom and go out and party with her friends.
I think so.
Now, I want you to know your case, as bad as it sounds, with strokes and CPS with no warrants and fake court orders, which you have copies of and all the rest of this, this is nothing compared to some of the stuff I've seen where...
They just come to a newborn baby a day old and say, this baby was abused a year ago and 16 months ago, and it's a newborn baby.
I mean, that's how insane the lies have been.
What has your experience been like?
Well, how did this start?
Tell us about it.
The way my involvement with the state all started was my wife had sued me for divorce, and then she fled the state.
And I was forced to retain counsel and countersue to get her to come back down so we could deal with the issue of child custody and division of property and all that.
And the first thing she did was she alleged that I wasn't actually the father of our son.
I had to take a paternity test to prove that I am the father.
And you're married.
We were married in 1999, so we've been married for several years before she conceived our son.
This is on the record, so you do the paternity test.
It shows it's false.
That's why one.
Yeah, exactly.
The paternity test showed that I am the father.
And she's testified since then that she's had unprotected sexual intercourse.
I think so.
I've offered photographic and witness testimony to prove that I'm not a violent abuser.
This is her out of the state, now alleging this after it's found that you are the father and you've been married for three years before the birth.
So this goes on and on.
Yeah, I mean, yeah, and basically what happened, the state, I thought what they would do is, you know, look at the case.
Realize that I'm not a violent abuser, and then order visitation, which is all that I've been asking.
You say you've been a viewer and listener to my show, and people still are in denial until it happens to them.
You thought they would do the right thing?
I thought they would do the right thing.
Instead, what they saw was just opportunity to make money off of me and my wife.
Basically, what they did was they assigned this person called a guardian ad litem, which is like child protective services.
It's a social worker that comes into your home,
To examine your circumstances.
But you found out you'd been conned into signing things.
Yeah, I was conned.
That these orders had never been signed by the judge or filed.
That's correct.
No orders were ever actually signed.
The judge himself, his name is Pete Lowry, he's not even actually a judge.
He's retired.
He has no paperwork on file.
He's not even legally allowed to sit on the bench.
So, I mean, basically it was just like this little kangaroo court.
It's all calling to law.
They got to pay all this money to undergo supervised visitations, and ultimately their main objection to me now is that I own guns.
And, you know, the Guardian ad litem says that guns in the household are inherently endangering the children, and I've got to give up my guns before I can be allowed to have kids in my house.
No trial, no conviction.
No, I haven't been arrested for anything.
I have no criminal record.
Pops never came out for abuse.
None of this happened.
It's just we say so, and we've been in...
We've covered this judge before.
He is a real piece of work.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, exactly.
Their whole thing is just do what we say or we're going to punish you.
And with me, basically what they're doing is they're saying, okay, you're not going to gain access to your child until you give up your guns, take a bunch of classes, and agree to random drug testing.
Okay, for those who don't know, it's a personal recognizance bond, but this is done civilly.
If you're arrested for...
Parking tickets.
We have a clip of this, by the way, in Police State 3, off of local news.
They say, when the news starts, it says, in Travis County, you're guilty until proven innocent.
If you're arrested for parking tickets and no seatbelt, they say, you're not allowed to call until you sign this.
And there's eight charges.
Family violence, drug abuse, drinking and driving, robbery.
You agree to all these things you've committed, the thousands of dollars of classes, and most people just sign it.
Now, even if you don't sign it, the judge just says that you're under it.
But they don't issue the orders.
They make you believe that you're under it, but you're not.
They want you to voluntarily comply.
It looks like CPS will knock on your door and say, be at court next Tuesday or we're taking your kid, and there's no order, no subpoena.
In fact, because my next-door neighbors came and testified to my character in one of these civil hearings, and my wife's friend called them the next day and tried to get them to do things to help them get to me, and my neighbor refused to cooperate.
Yeah, exactly.
And a week later, my wife's friend sent CPS over to their house,
They basically said that there had been an allegation of illegal drug use, and they got both my neighbor to urinate in a cup, and then they went up to her husband's place of employment with a uniformed police officer and said, look, give us a clean urine sample or we're going to take your children away.
Now let's break this down.
Your neighbors go and testify that what she's saying isn't true in court, in the kangaroo court.
A week later, CPS comes, and I heard you on the radio Thursday here in Austin, you said that they told them, give it to us now, we're taking your kids, they gave the urine sample, it came back clean, and then they came back again.
Yeah, they came back.
At first they said, sorry, we obviously got a false report, but then they came back a week later and said...
We need you to start taking parenting classes, or we're going to take your children away.
No judge, no jury, a bureaucrat at your door who gets paid money to make you take these, quote, classes to sign a form that you're a criminal.
This is probation.
This is your neighbors that testified for you.
Now, then the neighbors countersue, and then you said the mother had a stroke.
Yeah, what happened was there was...
Basically what happened was one of the witnesses that gave testimony in the trial had sat through the entire trial and heard a bunch of tainted testimony.
What my neighbors were trying to show was that basically she'd made up a bunch of stuff based on what she'd heard in those hearings and that her testimony was tainted.
What happened was the judge, Pete Lowry, the one that was presiding over our hearings, came into that civil proceeding and testified that no, this witness wasn't tainted, wasn't in the courtroom, didn't hear any of that stuff.
And the civil judge just threw the case out.
Okay, when did the woman have the stroke?
After the case was thrown out, because basically they'd been under threat of losing their kids.
They'd had to spend $6,000 to retain an attorney to go back and fight CPS and fight the accuser.
Of course the lawyer didn't help.
Of course the lawyer's your lawyer.
Say again?
Their lawyer didn't help.
Oh, no.
I'll tell you, the lawyers in the Texas family courts, their first loyalties are to the courts.
My lawyer totally screwed me over.
That's why I actually just fired her last week.
She didn't object when she should have objected.
She basically let these guys walk all over me because, I mean, the fix is in is the way they say it.
My wife has political connections.
Now I'm getting screwed, basically.
Okay, so, and she's helping, and she's done a lot of great work.
She knows what she's doing now.
The woman has a stroke.
The deal was, after the judge dismissed her civil suit, she had a stroke.
She can't walk?
She has partial paralysis on one side of her body.
She can actually walk.
You told me she couldn't walk at first, though.
Is CPS now saying that's at risk because she's had a stroke?
I'm sorry, say that again?
I don't want to give them ideas, but is the CPS saying that she's at risk because she had a stroke?
No, no, no, no.
As far as I know, CPS hasn't been over to harass her anymore since she's had the stroke.
It's just that the stroke came as a result of all the stress from CPS trying to get kids away.
So that was pleasing enough to them?
I'm sorry, say again?
That was pleasing enough to the hyenas that ran down the gazelle until it had a stroke.
Yeah, exactly, exactly.
And now I think they're backing off because they don't really have anything on.
Okay, well, we're going to fight them and stay there.
And I'd imagine from this interview, World Net Daily will probably contact you.
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That's 1-800-686-2237.
We're good to go.
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The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really means,
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Imagine going to court for your neighbor that you would then get a visit from CPS going, we know you're on drugs, give us a urine test.
You go, okay, because you're trusting of the system because you're foolish.
The media never told you.
And so you give it to them, it comes back negative, you're not on drugs.
And so they come after you again.
And then you have a stroke.
It's real funny.
Now, folks, the moral is you have due process.
If you waive that due process and do not demand a jury trial, trial by jury, use all the different terms, that they will run all over you and laugh at you and won't even sign orders, won't even sign documents, will just coerce you.
And I know we've got callers.
Your calls are coming up.
A whole other hour of news and information.
And I sat there driving along on the highway stuck in traffic during drive time Thursday listening to Stuart Gerstacker on the radio going over this story.
I went to his website, read the documents.
Some of the folks that I associate with, Desi Andrews and others are involved in this case.
They looked at the documents.
It's just par for the course.
And it's what they do.
It's all they do.
They're inhuman.
They could care less.
I read to you the UNESCO documents last week from Newsmax, the official documents where they say the family is the enemy, must be destroyed.
Breaking the family up is the number one job.
The social worker textbook used at the University of Texas, the Calhoun Reader, I read from it on the air where it says that the family belongs to the age of barbarism, must be destroyed for the state.
This is their stated policy, and we wonder why they do this.
Are you shocked, Stuart, though, that they have this many evil, lying people ready to do these type of crimes every day?
You know, at first I was totally shocked, but now that I've experienced it for a while, it's obvious that these people have been doing this for a long time, and all they care about is making some easy money.
They're like pirates.
Now, when you would see the radio show or the TV show and hear the radio show,
And hear me talk about this.
Did you believe it years ago?
You know, I believed these things were happening, but it always seemed like they were starting with criminal prosecutions and maybe going a little too far.
I never really thought that just doing nothing criminal at all could get you in the kind of deep water with the state that I'm in right now.
It's totally frightening.
And they've never signed anything, never had a subpoena, never did anything.
They just say, do what we say or you're going to jail, harassing your neighbors until they have strokes.
Let me read you something.
This is out of the Houston Chronicle last Monday.
That was Tuesday, excuse me, June 24, 2003.
She, Texas Justice Unfair, urges Crime Lab Court of Inquiry.
Criminal defendants in Texas are at mercy of prosecutors in an unfair system that emphasizes winning rather than justice, Houston Police Chief C.O.
Bradford said on Monday.
Trial by ambush, that is a Texas criminal justice problem.
In a two-hour meeting with the Houston Chronicle editorial board, Bradford also said he believes that there is sufficient probable cause for Harris County judges to convene a court of inquiry to publicly and independently investigate the entire police department crime lab, not just the troubled DNA portion.
Turned out they framed a bunch of people.
Stay there, Stuart.
We're going to come back in the next hour, take calls, and talk more about this.
Before I end this hour... See, that's a police chief, folks.
This is...
This is in the system.
This is systemic.
This is everywhere.
This is across the board.
This is not the exception.
It's the rule.
You heard about Tulia where they framed the 46 people.
No criminal records.
No drugs found.
They don't care.
They want workers in their prisons.
They want you in their system.
If they can't get you on welfare, they'll do it other ways.
Now, before I end this hour, go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com if you believe in what we're doing.
Get my powerful, professionally produced videos.
Make copies of them.
Give them to everyone.
Expose the evil now.
Get Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
That's 888-253-3139 to order or infowars.com or net.
Make the call, get the videos.
Third hour, as we expose corruption, coming up.
Hello, everybody.
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The Declaration of Independence warns us about bureaucracies setting up their own many corrupt empires and under the color of law feeding in a predatory fashion on populations.
They ship the drugs in to create the crisis.
Their stated goal is to break up the family with CPS out of their own documents.
I read to you AP articles with the FBI's running hit teams through informants and drug dealing nationwide.
I read to you where the chief of police of Houston says that they're framing people to care less if you're innocent, that they will frame you and commit crimes.
Julia, Texas, grabbing 46 in a nighttime raid.
No drugs found in any of the homes, giving them all 20 to 90 years in prison when they knew the whole time they were innocent.
It's about hacking fresh people in those private prisons, now number one part of our economy, and destroying our economy, driving down the wages because the prisoners work for 20 cents an hour.
And just another case, another example of this with our guest, Stuart Gerstacker, who the court was trying to basically seize his kids, break up the family, wouldn't let him see his son.
When his neighbors testified that it wasn't true, the CPS attacked them, demanded urine samples, no drugs were found, and they still came after him until the next-door neighbor had a stroke.
A young woman.
So, this is the new America, folks.
And Stuart, going over to the store, we're going to go to Roy in Florida and others here in the next segment.
The toll-free number to join us on air today, coast-to-coast, 800-259-9231.
Stuart, the point I'm making is you can't trust this government, state, federal, local, international, because they've all been caught.
I mean, the bottom line is you can't ever trust the government.
And I think the best way to deal with the government is to keep it as powerless as possible, and we've lost sight of that in modern society.
That's it, and they're increasing the power now.
Under the guise of fighting terrorists, and there are changes to the laws that does nothing to stop terrorists.
Right, exactly.
It just expands power of the centralized state, which is the most dangerous terrorist in the entire world.
Throughout history.
Throughout history.
That's a historical fact.
Well, we're facing this.
Where does it go from now?
From this point, you've got SaveMySon.org.
And you're fighting the system.
Well, basically, since I started getting the word out, I've found, actually through Mike Hanson, I got a paralegal, Desi Andrews, that's doing some work for me.
And basically what I'm going to do is just file all my motions myself.
I've fired my attorney.
Right now, I'm looking for assistance of counsel, but I haven't been able to find any.
So right now, I'm planning on just going it alone.
The only lawyer you can trust is a family friend, if they're knowledgeable on the area of law, and if they're from outside the city.
From outside the city and really from outside the system, too, because what I'm finding out is that the divorce courts are not constitutional courts.
They are in-rem courts, which means that they deal only with property.
And so you don't actually have – your lawyer in a divorce court doesn't actually represent –
Your liberties and your rights, they represent the interests of the court first.
Yeah, it's all uniform commercial code, the fraud courts they've built.
And in your case, they never signed any of the orders, nothing?
No, there are no signed orders at all.
There are no standing orders in these proceedings.
And I just found this out last week after being... I mean, I'm under the impression that I can't see my son.
But then, of course, the other side of it is that my wife is up in Painesville, Ohio...
Her mom used to be the clerk of courts and the clerk of counsel up there for like 30 years, and they've been telling the cops and all the people that they're buddy-buddy with that I'm a violent abuser, and if I just go up there, I place myself in jeopardy because there's a good chance that somebody's going to do something, perceive me as a violent threat, and do something to hurt me.
And again, that was never even part of the original case.
You've been married.
She said that it wasn't your child.
You did the paternity test, showed that you're the father, and then now all this starts drugs, and then that was disproven, and...
She's just punishing me for my disobedience.
That's all that this is.
She's just trying to control me, and I'm rebelling.
Well, this shows how the system works.
Stay there.
We'll come back and take calls.
Stuart, I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
The government is run by corrupt people across the board.
It's getting worse and worse.
We have to realize this corruption and realize the illegitimate nature of state, federal, and local government, how it's destroying the Bill of Rights and Constitution, how they are the enemy combatants working within the system with their cloak of authority who oppress and feed on the people in a predatory, parasitic fashion.
We're talking to Sturt Gerstacker.
And again, the CPS was used on him during a divorce proceeding.
His wife first tried to claim that he wasn't the father.
Then he had the paternity test done, and they learned that, of course, he was.
And then she moved on to charges of drugs, and the neighbors testified and were involved on his side.
They then took CPS on the neighbors.
They intimidated the neighbors into giving a drug test with no court order, no subpoena, just front door, threatening them with police charges.
At the husband's home, when they gave the samples and were found not to be using drugs, CPS came back again, tried to take the neighbor's kids, because they testified on behalf of Stuart Stacker.
And then the mother of the neighbor had a stroke.
I mean, this is what we're facing.
This case, frankly, is horrible, but it's nothing compared to what I've seen, with just incredible corruption that even dwarfs this, if that's possible.
Stuart, let's take some calls on this issue and on other New World Order issues.
All right.
The toll-free number to join us on air today, this Monday, the 30th of June edition, 1-800-259-9231.
Let's go ahead and talk to Roy in Florida.
Roy, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
And I wish you luck, Stuart.
Thank you.
I've got to start a divorce case myself, and I hope I have a little bit better luck.
Yeah, good luck, man.
Actually, what I'm calling about is not right exactly on target, but Alex, I'm noticing in the last four or five months that all these Supreme Court decisions are not based on Constitution, and I would think that
You know, when the Supreme Court comes down with a decision, it's based on the Constitution.
These are based on what five or six states do.
The Sodomy case was based on common usage that everybody thinks it's okay.
That's all Democratic stuff.
It is not based on the Constitution whatsoever.
Well, they're now saying the people want...
And that's based on something like the UCC or whatever...
But let me, since I'm not on target, I just got one other brief question, and I'll let somebody else speak.
I was trying to download the Northwoods document yesterday, and I was unable to do so.
Is there a problem with your website?
We're downloading it.
No, generally it's your computer.
Do you have a new computer or an old computer?
I have a very new computer.
You have not installed Acrobat then?
Yes, I have.
The Acrobat thing came up and then blank page.
I can go download Northwoods at about 500 different places right now, including the Library of Congress.
Okay, okay.
We have the ABC News report.
We have the Baltimore Sun report.
We have excerpts of James Bamford's book.
And we have a place to download it.
At least we did it about a week ago the last time I printed it.
The Northwoods Plan.
That's the U.S.
government plan to carry out terror attacks against U.S.
cities to blame it on foreign enemies.
It's an official plan.
Were you able to get the ABC News or Baltimore Sun stories?
No, I wasn't, but I was looking on your site.
Those didn't work either then.
All right, thank you very much.
Hold on, Roy.
Those didn't work either then.
Uh, neither Prison Planet or InfoWars work.
Oh, the whole website doesn't work, is what you're saying?
Uh, just the Northwoods documents, because that's all I track.
You're saying the ABC News stories, the Baltimore Sun stories, those don't work either?
Now, wait a minute.
Uh, I linked on to Northwoods documents, and there was a something 20 percentage something else on the address link.
The PDF thing came up.
We loaded the PDF thing.
I'm not a big computer whiz, but I can go download it right now.
Okay, thank you.
So I don't know what I can do for you.
I would type in Operation Northwoods into the Library of Congress website or the National Security Archives, or I would type Operation Northwoods into a website.
There's mirrors of the document on hundreds of websites.
All right, thanks very much, Alex.
Yeah, thank you, Roy.
Good work.
About once a month I get an email or a call, I can't download Northwoods.
And then I go, they're in the break, and I try to download it, and I do.
So I don't know what I can say for folks out there.
Different computers have different configurations, and it's a public stated document.
It was like W1999.
I posted nine articles, BBC, Reuters, CNN.
On the website about W1999, on the main page, and people would call me and say, I can't find it.
So it's all in the 911 Government Involvement Archive.
And I guess I can post it again on the main page.
But were you aware of Operation Northwood, Stuart?
Yeah, I've read about it on your website before.
Oh, you were able to download it?
Yeah, I've been to your website a whole bunch of times.
I don't think I've had any problems with it in the past.
I'm not mad at Stuart.
I mean, it's an important question.
It's just that I never get why... It's generally people's computers.
You may need to restart your computer.
Yeah, and sometimes there's settings in the Internet browser that you have to play with.
I don't know.
I just... I'm at total information overload.
I mean, I got e-mails...
On Friday, you know, saying, where's the Houston Chronicle story about the police chief saying that it's total fraud?
All I can do is go like this on the air, and then Houston Chronicle, Steve Connan, or Roma Connan and Steve McVicker, Houston Chronicle, Texas Justice Unfair Urges Crime Lab Court Inquiry,
And that's on the Houston Chronicle, so that's all I can do there, too.
Did you hear about the Tulia, Texas case?
Yeah, I did.
Why don't you tell the listeners about that?
Well, basically, from what I understand, these guys just went and basically set a bunch of people up for a drug bust.
And they were all completely not guilty.
One cop did.
One cop did.
But it was a travesty.
One cop did, and he's been caught framing other people.
46 people arrested in one night.
Didn't have criminal records.
No drugs found.
They were given sentences ranging from 20 to 90 years.
That's crazy.
That's crazy.
I mean, these guys are pirates.
They get paid by the federal government to go out and bust people for drugs, and if they can't find any drugs, they'll plant them on you and bust you anyway.
It's insane.
But I guess they're the authorities.
I guess that's okay.
Actually, it's not okay.
I mean, you know, I pay my taxes.
But aren't the authorities allowed?
As long as I'm not bothering anybody, I don't have to put up with any of this crap from anybody.
But, I mean, Nero was the emperor.
Shouldn't he be allowed to kill people?
Nah, you know, we live in an army.
Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.
Hitler was the elected official.
So he did some things.
No, of course I'm being sarcastic.
Yes, it's our right to say slavery's wrong.
It's our right to say Hitler's bad.
It's our right to say framing innocent people is wrong.
All legislative power is inherent in the hands of the people, and the government has forgotten that, and they need to be reminded.
I mean, we need to stop.
We need to repeal the income tax.
We need to stop giving these people our money.
We need to stop serving them.
We just need to say no.
When they come for your kids, just tell them to get off your land and say no.
Don't pay them anything and don't sign anything.
You've got to fight back.
Well, last week I read out of the UNESCO documents, that's the United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization, Bush just signed back onto it, and it says in their founding document, the family is a disease and must be eradicated.
Then we wonder why all this is happening, Stuart.
No, it's all connected.
It's all part of this worldwide thrust toward global monarchy.
And you can call it whatever you want.
You can call it the police state, or you can call it socialism, but the bottom line is there's two forms of government.
There's republic, and there's monarchy.
And we live in a republic, and we're being pushed in the direction of monarchy just the same way the Roman Empire went.
I agree.
We're being pushed out of what you call monarchy, I'd call command and control.
Yeah, command and control, centralized control, empire, it's all basically different words for the same thing.
You've got one centralized leader and the law is whatever he says it is.
And that's not the kind of system I'm willing to labor under.
And it's your right as a human being to stand up and say no to that system.
The Ninth Amendment, the Declaration of Independence clearly states it.
And what we're trying to do on this show is to get people to open their eyes, their minds, their hearts to look at the facts.
People say, well, it's scary.
The government's corrupt.
They'll say, yeah, you're right, Alex, but I'm afraid.
Folks, that shows the level of tyranny right there, and there shouldn't be a question of standing up against this evil.
Folks, if you don't stand up against it, it wins for sure.
So it's not just a thing of having courage.
This is about survival.
We've got to stand up and say no to this.
I mean, there's nothing new about our government now.
All governments have always been like this.
And the Declaration of Independence clearly states that we have certain rights,
And what happens is...
And they serve at our discretion, not the other way around.
And the government and the media create the illusion that we support this and the illusion that corruption is only a side issue and accidental and incidental when it is the thrust of this system to set up an absolute despotism.
You're right, sir.
If any writers or other talk show hosts want to contact you, they can do it at SaveMySon.org.
My email address, you can contact me through the website, or my email address is daddy at...
All right, we'll be tracking this case, and I hope that others will interview you, Stuart, and I hope that news writers like WorldNetDaily and others will contact you and write a story about this.
I know they listen to the show a lot and get a lot of their news stories from this program, so that might happen.
Be sure and check your emails soon.
I'll be right back.
Thanks, Stuart.
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The government's own official plan says they want to destroy the family.
That they want to dumb you down.
They want to imprison you.
They want troops on the streets ordering you about.
This is not good.
This has happened over and over again, and it's happening again, and we need adults to face the data, to face the facts, and to do something about it.
Let's talk to Grant in Minnesota, then I'm going to go to more calls and more news.
Grant, go ahead.
You're on the air, sir.
Yeah, good afternoon.
The last time I called you guys, I told you that they confiscated my Tiger Cubs.
Siberian tiger.
And the next time in court after that, suddenly the doors were locked.
They were locking the doors.
So I think this thing is going to catch up with them pretty quick here.
And all the court dates for the decisions the judges are making are on or before a full moon or a new moon.
And so they're doing witchcraft, definitely.
The first people that did threaten me were from Hollywood.
Now I'm really confused, sir.
You called us about two weeks ago.
I remember your call.
You said you had some exotic wildlife.
They came and killed it.
Taman took them and killed them.
Took them and killed them.
Okay, now, I do know the leader in Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and all this, but I don't particularly know where this is going now.
And you also say that Hollywood threatened you.
Well, I had some people come up here from Hollywood that first threatened me that I better not breed any tiger cub.
What does this mean?
They first found out I had Siberian tigers.
By that, you mean some group that has animals from films?
Yeah, somebody who was in movies and...
So basically the environmentalist WACOs came after you.
Yeah, and then now the court is looking at a double perjury.
We have double perjury going.
They have perjury going for them.
Their main witness lied eight times.
Their investigator lied.
That's what they do.
Six or seven times.
So we've got all the paperwork to back it up now.
So this one's going to catch up with them definitely.
All right.
Keep us abreast of it.
Thanks for the call.
Speaking of the occult...
I have a couple articles about that today.
Here's one out of WorldNet Daily.
Horse mutilations plague England.
Authorities suspect a cult ritual in at least a dozen incidents.
Police in England suspect a cult ritualistic practices in their investigations of at least a dozen incidents of horse mutilations.
In one incident reported by the London Guardian, a healthy purebred filly was found dead, her belly slashed with a knife, yet there was little blood in the field despite the fact that about eight people
I think so.
They have constructed near him, according to The Guardian.
It emerged this week that the regular and increasing slashing incidents happens all the time in Texas, taking place in the Hope Valley since October, indicative of a wider recurring problem, the paper reported.
And that's not just the 12 incidents.
There's going on all over the place.
Stone circles appear.
There's blood dribbled around.
There was a bunch of articles last week.
BBC reported that a Harry Potter phenomenon has caused an explosion of Wiccan rituals.
It's now the fastest growing religion.
They're finding dead cats and dogs all over the place, all over the country, dead goats.
And then there was an article out of the Scotsman today on Infowars.com that shows people in a satanic ritual dancing around naked.
And it's a huge event.
The universities, everybody basically gets involved.
I had to blur the photos out.
I mean, they were posted in a mainstream Scotsman newspaper, but you can link through to the Scotsman, read the actual article, and it just shows a bunch of naked women and naked men running around fires.
And it says...
Exorcist calls for crusade against occult.
An exorcist yesterday called for the crusade from the pulpits against the growing power of the occult.
Father Jim Mahanis said paganism and witchcraft were intertwined with the evil and needed to be stamped out.
A 62-year-old priest, the only Catholic clergyman, performed the service of deliverance regularly.
He said devil worship could only lead to tragedy.
The profile of paganism will yet get a boost next month with two festivals and an academic conference on the subject are held north of the border.
On Saturday, Scotland's largest ever festival to celebrate followers of Wicca will be held in Glasgow.
And next week, Glasgow University is hosting a two-day conference to discuss the significance of the film The Wicker Man and the rise of the occult until they tie somebody up and burn them to death, which the Druids did.
The Wiccans said they're non-violent.
The low-level people they recruit in are told that.
Then it gets to the higher level, and it's run by Satanists.
It coincides with the Wicker Man Festival in Galloway, which will culminate with the burning of a giant wicker man, as in the film.
The Pagan Federation alone claims 2,000 devotees in Scotland, rising by 20% in the past six months.
And we'll be right back with the rise of the occult and all the sacrifices.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I mean real, hard-to-find, all-natural pure soap that contains no dyes, perfumes, deodorants, or antibacterials.
Probably never, right?
Hey, folks, Michael Trudeau here.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I've got a bunch of geopolitical news and the plans to invade Iran and Syria are now taking more shape, forming themselves.
A bunch of economic news.
We've got Gene and Jim and many others that are now patiently holding and want to get involved on air.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
But here's a warning about Satanism.
Now, the pagans, the Wiccans, they will tell you that
Oh, that's a wives' tale.
That's a stereotype that the Wiccans, the Druids, sacrifice people, kill animals.
Well, no, it's National Geographic.
It's Encyclopedia Britannica.
You know, they can't deny that the Aztecs killed 10,000 people every year on one holiday alone and had daily sacrifices and eradicated entire tribes in southern North America and in Central America and South America.
The Toltecs and others did, eradicated whole tribes in their bloodlust for sacrifice of their gods.
All these ancient religions demanded sacrifices, and they always had a horned demon god or snake god that demanded it.
And if you go to Scotland, you go to Ireland, you go to Wales, you go to England, they found the peat bogs and the burials and the boneyards.
Where they'll find burned wood parts and burned bodies with people with offerings, jewels on them.
They'd grab you, deck you out in a bunch of finery, make you drink a nauseous narcotic so you wouldn't resist.
They would put you in a wicker man or in a big bull or in an owl.
A moloch, by the way, in the...
Middle East was an owl and a bull.
Same thing went on to similar gods there in Scotland and in the Isles, the British Isles.
And they found thousands of these boneyards full of burned skeletons, children, women, men, jewels all in the fires.
That's where the word bonfire comes from, bonefire.
That's Encyclopedia Britannica, folks.
And then I've got to hear these Wiccans, and they're everywhere now.
They have these big Harry Potter days.
Everybody takes their kids, and they buy all the witchcraft accoutrements.
Oh, it's cute.
It's fun.
It teaches my kid to read.
And, of course, no one points out that they release these Harry Potter books on the summer solstice, on the eve of the summer solstice.
That's the high holy day of sacrifices.
Not in the winter solstice.
This is not being pointed out to people, and it should be.
And this is going on.
And I've probably seen, let me be conservative, 100 reports.
It's over 100 in the last two months.
We've posted hundreds on Infowars.com, on PrisonPlanet.com, of them digging up dead bodies of children and women in Portugal.
Digging up dead bodies of women and children in France, in Burgundy, and in other areas, in Toulouse.
Digging up dead bodies...
In England.
Finding dead kids in England.
And in other areas.
I mean, just every European country.
They find the dead kids, and they've had their hearts cut out.
They find the skeletons of these women by the hundreds.
And in France, this all started unraveling two years ago.
It was reported in the BBC, London Guardian, Le Figaro, French News.
A woman escaped who weighed like 85 pounds out of a castle.
And she ran to the police station.
They wouldn't help her, started pursuing her.
She got the state police.
They came in, found some dead women, found another woman that weighed even less than her in a cage.
They said satanic rituals were done on us.
They've now busted the mayors and police chiefs and judges.
And now it's gone all the way up to the conservatives running France.
And now the French Secret Service has gotten involved and they're shutting down the stories.
Witnesses are dying.
I mean, you talk about a real bloody soap opera.
I read this stuff every week.
And this isn't rumors, folks.
They're finding the dead bodies.
One of the French conservative leaders that went to the Bilderberg Group this year caused a controversy because he's under investigation for this stuff.
And what do they say they do?
They go into these castles, they have wild sex, they worship Satan.
Well, what did Kubrick do in his film, Eyes Wide Shut?
World leaders meeting at a palatial mansion in satanic sex orgies they're not supposed to enjoy because the devil wants to...
He wants to mutate anything that God's created and sex is meant to be enjoyed with your wife to have children, with your husband to have children.
And, you know, Kubrick made films about real things, you know, Full Metal Jacket, 2001 Space Odyssey.
They were about ideas.
They were comments on society.
Clockwork Orange, Mind Control, and the coming police state, kind of his dystopic movie.
Many others.
Dr. Strangelove.
And then he makes this film.
And what's in that film is the exact description of what goes on.
Now, that's mid-level.
They also carry out sacrifices of human beings.
Now, you're tuned in for the first time.
You're going, this is ridiculous.
Well, you've been trained by the LaVey School of the media that Satanists dress up and wear red pajamas with little black horns.
And they admit Marilyn Monroe went, and Sammy Davis Jr., and all these other Hollywood people.
That was just one of their little low-level spokesmen, Anton LaVey.
You don't think he actually wrote that book, do you?
Do as thou wilt, that's what Crowley said.
You don't think Aleister Crowley came up with that?
So this is all reconstituted Satanism.
And if you're doubting me, in my film, Dark Secrets, inside Bohemian Grove,
We start the film with about 30 news articles.
AP, Sacramento Bee, Washington Times, Parade Magazine, Spy Magazine, Men in Powers, written by German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, where he admits, you know, he wrote this.
The German Chancellor said, I am Bilderberg.
I am trilateral.
I am CFR.
I love the pagan rituals at the Grove.
He wrote it.
It's on library shelves.
The guy before Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schröder.
Helmut Schmidt.
I mean, we've got these guys writing books about how I love every year the pagan rituals we do.
I have the book, I have the subpages, the pages, the text, we zoom in on it.
And it says in these news articles, it's admitted, they bus in, they fly them in, they bus them in, with Secret Service driving the buses, male prostitutes.
And a thousand plus world leaders enjoy themselves.
And this is out in the news, but you don't hear the big Christian talk shows talking about this.
You don't hear a discussion of it.
It is satanic.
By the way, they control both sides of the coin.
A guy got some video at home and got some video from me two years ago
A year after I was snuck into Bohemian Grove, we're coming up on the anniversary in 15 days of when I snuck in with Mike Hansen back on July 15, 2000, with the British media covering our infiltration.
That's now aired in Japan, England, on national cable, on the Trio Network, 15 times, by the way.
And the Grove admits at the end of the piece that I did sneak in to get this footage.
They say, yes, he did.
Yes, that footage is real.
There's no debating it.
But I've been on big national Christian talk shows debating these people, and they all attack me and say, you need to repent to God for bearing false witness against our president.
When it's admitted he goes there, when the Grove admits I got the footage, I've been accused by the number one talk show host in San Antonio of faking the Bohemian Grove film.
He got on the air and said that was shot in the backyard.
That's not real, and had a Grove member on with him.
So, we've got denial when Helmut Schmidt says it's a New World Order group and that that's where the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and CFR go to let off steam.
When Spy Magazine and Parade Magazine, you know, it's in your Sunday paper every week, and Sacramento Bee, the Washington Times, says that they truck, it is admitted, they truck in male prostitutes.
People say, well, did you see that?
Folks, I was dodging Secret Service.
I was dodging internal security, hiding out in the woods to try to catch the ritual on tape, and I did.
They say, well, why didn't you go over to President Bush and talk to him?
Well, President Bush knows who I am.
I shot across the table from President Bush when my sister was going to school with his daughters, when he wasn't even governor.
George Bush had me arrested for asking him a question in 1998 at the DuPont photo masking plant after his speech.
If I didn't run up and ask George Bush to answer a few questions, can you please take your hood off?
It's like Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut walking up and saying, hey, can you take your outfit off for me, please?
But see, this is so bizarre that people can't even interface in it.
And every couple weeks now I see pictures of good-looking witches
Dancing around with the warlocks, and the young people see these well-muscled guys and these busty women dancing around a fire naked, and now it's exploding.
The media's promoting it.
The kids are rushing in.
They go, oh, it's white magic.
It's love of earth.
It's love of the environment.
And the government and the media promote it.
And your young daughters see this, and they get involved.
Your young sons see this.
They get involved.
They go and they see this alluring, worldly, flesh-enthused system.
And what do you end up in?
The occult.
And it is dangerous.
And the young people, you need to come to the altar and you need to beg Jesus Christ
To forgive you for your sins and to come into your heart and to come into your soul.
And I don't want to hear how dare you promote Jesus Christ on your show.
How dare you promote Yahweh.
You turn on the news.
It is a promotion of Satanism and witchcraft and sex and drugs as snares to capture your children.
Folks, you have got to go to the Lord.
He will protect you.
But you've got to admit the devil exists.
You've got to admit his forces exist.
You've got to stand against the forces in high places that have laid these snares and these traps.
You look at the advertisements to get into this.
This is horrible.
And the satanic cults are involved in organized crime, the CIA, everything.
You say, well, why do they do that?
You've got to get people to break down their morals, their traditional dogma.
When you become a made man in the Italian mob, la cosa nostra.
The good little Italian boys.
So they've got to have them go from what their traditional views are.
They have them say a satanic prayer to the devil when they're becoming made men.
They cut themselves.
They drip blood on a picture of Jesus Christ.
They burn the photo.
They say a prayer to Satan.
It's a test.
After they've committed murders, now will you go all the way?
This is who you're really serving.
Well, it's much worse than the wasp mob.
You go to the grove.
You go to Skull and Bones.
You engage in dark black magic rituals.
You bus in $2,000 an hour male prostitutes.
You carry this out in front of everyone.
You write about it.
You admit it.
And the Christian leaders don't call you on it because many of them are involved in it.
What was Hollywood telling us with the 80s production of Dragnet?
Remember that with... Oh, what's his name?
The guy that plays in all the big movies.
Dan Aykroyd and... Who's the other one?
Tom Hanks.
You see, you got the pornographer and he's really low-level nobody.
Just in the flesh, a sinner, and it's really the preacher is the leader of the pagans, and he's taking over the city.
See, they're throwing it in your face, folks.
They're letting you know the real score.
You've got the outer-level people that are in it for the drugs, the sex, the corruption.
You've got the higher-level people that are in it for the exercise of power.
Because the devil's promised them.
It's like he promised Christ on the mountain, you can have all this to serve me.
And it's real, and you can't ignore it.
My friends, I grew up in Rockwall, Texas.
Very wealthy suburb of Dallas.
I was a poor boy.
My dad was middle class.
And dozens of times, every group of friends I tried to be involved with, the jocks, the bullies,
Rock and roll crowd, the rich kids, especially the rich kids, tried to recruit me into Satanism.
And I've talked about this before.
I mean, I'd be at some girl's house who wanted to date me, beautiful dark black hair and big old green eyes, in some $15 million house, and they come right out and say, we're Satanists, you want to join us?
And I'd say, no, thank you.
And then when I'd say no thank you, I'd have the police pull me over and tell me that if I didn't straighten up, I'd be a dead man.
And my family had to move to Austin, Texas to get away from this type of stuff.
So people ask why I understand the New World Order, why I've seen it.
Because I lived in the wealthiest county in Texas, outside one of the most evil cities in the country, Dallas.
And all its occult garbage.
And I witnessed it, people.
I have seen it!
Gene in Arizona.
Go ahead, Gene, and then we'll go to Jim and others.
You're on the air.
Is Gene there, or is he gone?
Okay, let's talk to Jim in Florida.
Jim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you doing, sir?
Hello, Alex.
Pretty good.
I need to share this information with people.
And, you know, like you said, all these things happen to you...
You're fighting the enemy, and the public servants are your enemies.
I'm in the process of setting up a big lawsuit against Indian River County, Florida, and Vero Beach City Police.
But you've got to dot your I's and cross your T's, and everybody goes out here on the street.
They're not prepared.
I'd like to share a few things, if you don't mind.
Go ahead.
I suggest that when you go out, you carry two tape recorders with you.
And when you get pulled over, you tell that policeman that you're recording the conversation.
This policeman is going to immediately impound that tape recorder.
And did you catch what I said?
He'll impound that tape recorder.
And then you catch him in the commission of the crime trying to cover up any surveillance of what he's about to do.
Okay, now what you do is you go straight home or go straight and get on a typewriter word processor.
You type everything up.
You, at that point in that letter, demand all the videos, all the audio tapes,
From one hour prior to the stopping to one hour after the stopping, and all of this police... And then they refuse and say that there is no tape and they didn't take it all together.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I just saved an old boy.
I kept him out of jail for seven years.
No, sir.
You go in there and you demand a certified copy.
You take a blank tape with you and they'll certify it.
No, sir.
Now, I'm telling you, it's very important that everybody listens to this.
Now, when you file everything, you've got to do it with the clerk under that tag number, that citation number, whatever it is, because you've not got no court docket number at that time.
But you file everything you can with that clerk, even including those certified tapes that you picked up.
Now, when you do this, you get a court date.
You demand, under no circumstances, you take anything but a trial by a jury...
So I'm going to have to hold you over.
Jim, stay there.
What I'm saying is, as many times as we've caught them destroying evidence in tapes, by having that second recording, they certify it, they claim it in court, and then you bring forward the next piece of evidence, the other recorder, you can really catch them in perjury that way.
I'm going to try to find out what you're getting at when we get back.
Sounds very interesting.
I'll let some final news when we get back, too.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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Alright folks, we're fighting wickedness in high places.
And I'm about to go back to Jim.
Then I want to hit Israel acknowledges running secret jail.
Israel's Shia Bet security agency has held Palestinian prisoners at Communicado for weeks at a time in a secret detention center.
The Associated Press has learned.
Prisoners say they are blindfolded.
The Captain Black went to LaSalle's when they asked where they are.
They are told on the moon.
They also admit people from other countries are being held there.
And yes, this is the Associated Press report.
Israel says that they will kill American citizens when they wish.
We can be extradited to these facilities for torture.
They're also doing it in Jordan.
Now, is that a free society?
Secret arrests, secret prisons, no one knows where you are.
You're taken to Israel or Jordan for torture.
Let's go back to Jim.
Jim, why do you have the second recording, and then why do you demand a certified copy of the other one?
Well, you're not demanding a certified copy of the other one.
You're demanding a certified copy of all the radio transmissions from the policeman or the public servant to the dispatch or whatever.
This is what you're demanding.
But you're demanding a copy of all this transmission, the audio and videos.
For example, you could just leave that tape that he took away from you in limbo.
What you do is on production.
You've got what they call a discovery process.
When you do a discovery process, this is where you hammer him real hard to produce that tape.
You have got yours filed with the clerk of court.
Now, if he produces an altered tape, well, he will.
But you've got to understand, Alex, there's so much to know about this that
I only wish that, I only wish when I was in school, attending school, that they demanded me to take one year law or two years, like Alice for one and two.
If we had studied law, common law, these policemen, these public servants, sit all day and all night talking about how to screw the people.
We people are working our buns off to pay them to orchestrate plans against us.
That's like loaning a man money to play poker against you.
So, we need to get educated.
It's not that difficult, either.
I agree, Jim.
I'm out of time.
Do me a favor.
Call back, and we'll talk more about this.
Can I give out my email address so people want to contact me?
Sure, go ahead.
It would be M-R-L-E-E
At UCMSB.net.
Got to let you go.
Thank you, sir.
Just call back earlier in the show sometime.
I'll have you on for ten minutes or something.
It's interesting, good information you're putting out.
We like to put hidden camera systems in our cars.
There's hundreds of the units now in Austin.
The police are aware of them and are scared to death, and that's good.
The go-cops don't have to worry about anything.
Bad ones better watch out.
A lot of times there's multiple systems.
Yeah, you should try something.
Chief Texas Justice Unfair Urges Crime Lab Court Inquiry, Houston Chronicle, the police chief saying that they're framing people en masse.
That's the Houston Chronicle.
Folks, the corruption is out of control.
They're not all bad, but the system's getting, you know, corruption just gets worse and worse.
They just don't know when to stop.
We've got to stop them.
We're the good people.
We want to be left alone.
But look at this article out of Israel, out of the Associated Press.
Israel acknowledges running secret jail.
They just grab you off the street.
Other citizens of other countries are there.
They torture you.
Everything, when you ask where you're at, they tell you on the moon.
That's not freedom, folks.
Secret jails.
They're called dungeons.
They admit secret executions for citizens now.
Doesn't scare me.
Makes me very angry.
Makes me want to fight these people and the InfoWarp.
Help us do it.
Spread the word about the show.
Go to Infowars.com and presentplanet.com.
Don't wait.
Don't procrastinate.
Get my videos.
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Call toll-free.
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Find out what the globalists are doing.
888-253-3139 or infowars.com or net-to-order.
Support the show, get the films, wake America up.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Have a great day.
God bless you all.
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