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Air Date: June 24, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends, another powerful broadcast lined up for you today as we chronicle the criminal activities of the global elite, also known as the New World Order.
We do have some guests coming up on the show a little bit later, and I'll be telling you about those a little bit later.
A bunch of news in the offing that we need to go over as we track the New World Order.
Websites being updated are InfoWars.com, InfoWars.net, and PrisonPlanet.com.
All three of the sites are different sites with different looks and different information.
Yesterday, I had a journalist on with his book, The Silent Invasion.
He's even been putting me in touch with some of the people, and we're going to be having some of the folks that are in the book on the show, some of the customs officials and other federal officers, witnesses to the feds pulling up, grabbing other federal officers who were never seen again.
I mean, that's how corrupt this has gotten.
The family never sees them again.
The police won't discuss it.
The newspapers won't report on it.
It's just part of your new freedom.
And this was going on a year and a half ago when people in customs were trying to expose the government shipping in weapons, shipping in heroin, shipping in other forms of trash to destabilize our society.
That was an amazing interview yesterday.
Oh, but the feds are back at it again.
You know, this guy they grabbed who supposedly was going to cut the suspension cables on the Brooklyn Bridge, turns out he's a fed.
A bunch of the guys they grabbed in Afghanistan and the Middle East, turns out, are feds, and they quietly released him a few months later when you've forgotten about the big arrest, and it's a minor footnote that, oh, he was really an agent.
They released him after putting out terror alerts, after fear-mongering, after taking control of our society.
And here's the Houston Chronicle.
Terrorists possibly targeting Texas.
Internet chat sites attack in July.
Energy facilities on alert.
So what you have is, and the feds have been caught mailing fake anthrax letters in a congressional study that was done.
In 1999, remember all those powdered letters that got mailed to businesses and private businesses and government buildings, and the feds then got lots of fear going and said, oh, we need more federal funding.
And then it turned out the CIA actually sent some super-weaponized anthrax for real in 2001, and Bush and his cabinet were on Cipro, the anthrax-fighting antibiotic, months before anybody ever heard of a case of it.
Well, they're just doing it again.
And Bush wants a six-plus-billion-dollar fund for forced inoculation?
Not just smallpox, but anthrax shots.
Oh, they're so deadly.
We've seen what they've done to the tribes.
We have the medical evidence.
It's a great new system where they have giant bureaucracies being set up, new agencies, a $6 billion a year fund to force inject.
Can you imagine?
They'll make the CPS child kidnappers look like saints.
They've got the Amber Alert to take over the radio and TV stations.
Its real name is EAS, FEMA Takeover System.
But now we have NORFCOM, the military over the U.S.,
But here it is.
Terrorists possibly targeting Texas.
And the reason I got up into anthrax and fake letters and real letters is, you know, the feds are out there on chat rooms trying to create fears.
They always do.
Another headline out of the Colorado Springs Gazette.
We'll get into that.
Northcom makes strong progress.
Here's another one.
Ten-year-old terror ways to be tagged.
They now say it can be considered terrorism.
If you get in any type of fist fights or trouble as a child, you'll be electronically tagged.
And they say they're having problems with the tags.
Perhaps implantation is needed.
Bunch of articles on this.
It's all coming up.
I haven't even begun to get to the news.
You'll want to stay with us.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome back to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
The Chief of Police of Houston, Texas has gone public saying that you cannot get a fair trial in Houston, that things are hopelessly corrupt, that the crime lab publicly is in the job of operating a criminal syndicate framing everyone.
Not stories coming up.
You know, we've talked a lot about this because all over the state of Texas, and I see articles around the country with similar stories, but Texas lately it's been coming out in a particular way, a particularly large number of stories where they want to fill the prisons.
They just go round up 40-something people.
No drugs are found.
People don't have criminal records.
There's one witness, the undercover cop.
Everybody gets 20 to 90 years in prison.
Turns out later it's all totally fake and made up.
They just drive out and pick you up off the street and say you're a drug dealer.
The Houston Crime Lab has framed thousands publicly, and they think it's funny that they plant DNA or make up DNA results or plant hair or fibers.
And it's just pandemic.
It's Williamson County.
Just north of Austin.
I mean, you can get pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, and you end up in jail for years once they get you into the courts.
I mean, it makes Boss Hogg look like a choir boy.
And, you know, this sounds incredible, but we read the article out of Massachusetts where the cop, the veteran cop, was at a party, and somebody supposedly saw him smoke a cigarette, and it's an anonymous letter, and they fire him, and then the state says, hey, you don't need to have witnesses.
They don't need to sign their name to a complaint.
We will fire you.
You don't get a trial.
You don't get a hearing.
And the cop says, well, what about innocent until proven guilty?
And they say in the article, the Associated Press article, hey, it's our policy.
So if you're planting drugs on people, killing people, running prostitutes, and you're a police officer, you're going to go far.
But if you don't trim your fingernails properly, you're going to be fired.
So everybody's getting a big taste of this.
That story I just mentioned is coming up
But look at this story out of the Houston Chronicle.
Terrorists possibly targeting Texas.
Now, we've had the feds send out the fake anthrax letters, warming us up for the real ones they mailed out in 2001.
That's a confirmed fact, by the way.
And then it goes on.
intelligence agencies early this month eavesdropping on two suspected al-Qaeda operatives discussing potential terrorism in Texas.
Time for July 4th weekend news.
Raising the specter of an attack on energy facilities in the Houston area, officials here said Monday.
That information, which should not specify a target, an exact time or a type of terrorist attack, was passed along to state officials.
We get these reports on a regular basis, said an official with the Department of Homeland Security.
We are currently in the process of assessing the credibility of the report concerning Texas.
There's always these discussions of credibility, and we've got to be credible, and we've got to check it out.
It came out in Capitol Hill Blue and then Newsmax and then the Associated Press and then ABC News and they tried to put a spin on it.
But it is admitted fact that the White House ordered FBI and CIA to create, quote, fake terror alerts to generate public hysteria and fear is what the White House memo said to the FBI and the CIA.
Generate hysteria and fear in the public.
Now, that is totally illegal for you or I to do it.
Try going into a theater and announcing fire.
Try getting on the air and saying there's been a bio attack when there hasn't been.
But, see, we'd go to jail for that, and we should, but not the government.
Oh, no.
Folks, in my film, The Road to Tyranny, we have footage from 2000.
From early 2001 with fake bio-attacks in downtown Austin, fake nuclear spills, okay?
They were shutting down parts of the city, shutting down hospitals, quarantining hundreds, and then they would quietly announce days later, oh, that was a drill you saw, that was part of a continuity of government drill.
They've had them in Denver and Cleveland and New York and Miami and Chicago and all over the place, but now they announce generally, okay, we're going to have this big drill.
And they announce it once or twice on the news, and then all of a sudden cars are blowing up in downtown.
There's smoke and fire and panics.
Last month when they had the top-off too, some people did panic.
They got thousands of calls.
People didn't know what was happening, see?
Because they know the average person, if they announce it once or twice in the back of the paper, doesn't pay attention.
And then the next day it has the feeling of a real terrorist attack and raises that hysteria, and then the government slips in as the controller and as the savior.
And offers to sell you protection.
It's like the capo of the mob in New Jersey drops by your little warehouse and says, look, you've got a nice mattress factory here.
A nice little company here.
I'm not going to burn it down, and I'm not going to beat your employees up or shoot them, but there's a guy across town who works for me, and he's a little out of control, but I can make him back off if you'll just pay me, well, let's start with 10% of your gross receipts.
You say 10% of our gross receipts?
That would be about our profits.
Well, I'm sorry.
I got an idea.
How about I give you a couple of my boys to work here in the factory and oversee stuff, and maybe that'll get you caught up.
Now, see, what is Homeland Security doing?
Putting FBI special forces in plainclothes and key infrastructure positions, private corporations...
We're good to go.
I think?
That's going to come get you if you don't follow orders.
It's bin Laden.
Oh, I'm not going to do any terrorism, the federal government says.
We're trying to stop that.
But if you don't give up your liberty, you've heard him say it, give up your liberty for security.
That's what the killer says, or the kidnapper.
He puts the gun to the head and says, Everybody back off!
Do as I say!
Or the girl dies!
They got a gun to your head going, Now do what we say, or Bin Laden's going to get you!
And then we... Again, continuing the analogy...
This mob boss or this mob captain says I'll protect you from Franco or Luigi if you just pay me 10% of your gross receipts and take a few of my boys on to work here for you to make sure you're paying up.
You know, so they can sit there and become fat pigs playing dominoes while you and your family work.
See, you heard of this before.
It's the government.
It's what the government's done.
They're sitting there in your house eating your food and telling you to thank them because they're going to stop the bad man from burning down your warehouse facility where you've got a little factory making mattresses or clothes or canning tomatoes, whatever.
Your family grocery store.
But then, as the capo walks out the door, you see him get in the car, and you see him get in the car with the guy he was telling he was going to attack you, but he's got some sway with him.
He can stop him.
He can stop Franco from coming after you, but you see the capo getting in the car, and he's getting in the car with Franco.
See, that's all this is, folks.
That's all any of this is, is more sophisticated, organized crime, shakedowns, extortion, racketeering.
And so they got rich in this article.
Oh, and the Houston Chronicle.
We're trying to, you know, get accurate information.
We only give you the best information about the terror attacks.
We've got to make sure these threats are credible.
And then, out of the other side of their mouth, they're telling people, give us fake news.
Terror alerts produced false information.
The White House gave orders to the Pentagon, the CIA, to produce evidence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.
And so, when our troops come along, the dirigible mobile trucks that are for pumping up artillery surveillance blimps, which our government has, which the British and the Russians sold to Saddam,
We're good to go.
I think?
They knew exactly what that was, but it doesn't matter.
I still hear people on national talk shows.
Why, Saddam, we found the mass graves.
Why, we found the weapons trucks.
I heard one of the big national hosts saying that again yesterday.
And by the way, folks, I also heard not just an afternoon show, but I heard a morning show on a different syndicator saying the exact words in the same order.
They are reading off scripts, people.
And that ended up coming out with Clear Channel host with the scripts they were given about the so-called pro-war rallies.
So you need to understand this.
They are the liberals, people.
Hillary Clinton was for the war.
Chuckie Schumer's for the war.
Then they'll point their finger at some liberal clown in the street and say, we're not with those communists, get behind the war.
When the real Trotskyites, the Fourth International, this was the National Post of Canada reporting, headline, Trotsky's ghost walks the halls of the White House, Trotskyites running the White House, gun grabbing, open borders, regulation, growth in government, secret police, wake up and see it for what it is.
But it's bankers.
It's not communists.
They just use the communist model to consolidate your wealth and transfer it to themselves.
So you've got mob bosses telling you, give up your rights or we're going to stick bin Laden on you.
And then it turns out they are so-called arrest members of Al-Qaeda, and then months later they quietly release them or put them in witness protection plans.
Because they're not even real Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda doesn't exist outside a subdirectory to the Central Intelligence Agency.
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We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks, we're back live.
And I kind of gave that long, meandering analogy of what organized classical organized crime, the stereotypical hype,
In the big corrupt city system of better pay our group protection money or this loose cannon in our organization is going to burn down your business.
And that's what bin Laden is for the globalists.
Oh, we're going to protect you from him, just let us run your lives.
And here's the Houston Chronicle today.
And then, you know, two dots.
Chief, and there's a statement.
Texas Justice Unfair.
Now, again, that's the headline.
Texas Justice Unfair urges Crime Lab Court of Inquiry.
Criminal defendants in Texas are at the mercy of prosecutors in an unfair system that emphasizes winning rather than justice.
Houston Police Chief.
CEO Bradford said Monday.
Trial by ambush.
That is a Texas criminal justice problem, the chief said.
A two-hour meeting with the Houston Chronicle editorial board.
Bradford also said he believes there is sufficient probable cause for Harris County judges to convene a court of inquiry into...
And to publicly and independently investigate the entire police department crime lab, not just the troubled DNA portion.
He distanced himself, however, from any direct responsibility for the problems at the lab where DNA tests have been suspended amid questions about their accuracy.
Yeah, and the report by the legislature says that thousands of people were framed, okay?
I mean, it's just a joke.
The lab will give a prosecutor, without even having samples, they'll just say, that person's blood's at the scene.
And this got embarrassing for them because people would have alibis, they'd be at football games, and the lab would be saying, oh, their blood's at the scene.
It turned out they framed a bunch of innocent people, and again, it's the same way here in Texas in small towns.
They'll just go out in a small town of 5,000, they'll arrest 45, 50 people,
Charge them all for drugs.
Give them 20 to 90 years of peace.
No drugs are found.
All in the words of a corrupt cop who's now going to go to prison.
And it's good that the police chief's doing this.
And some will say he's not taking responsibility.
Well, that crime lab has been doing this since before he got into office, by the way.
And that's what a chief's supposed to do, is call for an investigation and say it's corrupt.
And when he did this, of course, a few weeks ago, people tried to say, oh, he's bad, and now the police are attacking him, saying he needs to go.
Yeah, that's right.
Just let the corruption continue to breed and fester, and don't stop it.
Just keep framing the innocent people.
Bradford advocated major changes in criminal prosecution that he said would make the justice system worse.
More fair.
And we'll tell you more about that coming up later in the show.
This is the type of news story I see every day around the country.
I mean, for those that don't know, I'm sure you've heard about Massachusetts, the former head of the Senate, and he's now the head of a major university.
His brother was a FBI, quote, informant, actually a mob boss.
We're good to go.
And the head of the university is now saying they're trying to kill him and his brother, that it's a cover-up of their corruption.
Well, the FBI's already been caught and convicted of running the informants, running Murder for Hire, running cocaine and heroin nationwide in a national syndicate.
You want evidence of this, though, going back into the 50s?
Mob boss J. Edgar Hoover.
He was a mafia boss.
He was the head of the mafia in the United States, folks.
That is, under the CIA.
It was founded in 1947.
You know it as OSS before that.
Founded directly by the big banks.
He got up before Congress and said, there is no organized crime in America.
La Cosa Nostra doesn't exist.
And, of course, the FBI knew that wasn't the case because they were running the mafia.
And then when they got caught, they decided to burn the low-level Italians.
They didn't go after the WASPs.
They didn't go after the Jews and others that were higher up in the mafia system.
That's just a fact, folks.
They didn't go after the Bushes or the Kennedys or others.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
That's 1-800-914-3223.
Barclay Financial.
Mystery solved.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
So, the Chief of Police in Houston says that they're framing a bunch of people and that it's all about getting convictions.
Not about carrying out justice.
Well, yeah, that's criminal to frame people.
In fact, bearing false witness is about as bad as it gets, ladies and gentlemen.
But they admit that the police now call testifying test-a-lying or lie-a-testing.
And they just get up there.
The courts have ruled they can lie on the stand, but the general public isn't aware of this.
And so all over Texas these articles are coming out from Dallas to Houston to Tulia to Austin where they lie and the courts are corrupt and they deal the drugs and they run the prostitutes.
And this is the government that's going to run our lives and the federal government then when cities get caught in corruption comes in and federalizes things as the U.S.
attorneys giving the orders over the police departments and controlling them with federal funds and
The feds just do a better job of corruption.
It's more of a top-down system.
But they've been caught many times.
So this is the government that's now running things.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231 on this live Tuesday, 24th of June, 2003 edition.
And so we have the terrorists in the form of the government, the illegitimate government that's overthrowing America, posing as if they care about the country and telling us give up our liberty or the terrorists are going to get us.
That's just simple extortion.
The equivalent of holding a gun to our heads.
That makes me angry.
The Colorado Springs Gazette is reporting the headline, Northcom makes strong progress.
Now that's
The organization merged with FEMA to form the Department of Homeland Security.
And they had announced years before, 9-1-1, that massive terror attacks would happen.
They would take over our lives.
They would put troops on the streets.
They would make secret arrests.
Special forces would take out the terrorists without trials.
And that they would set up a new world order, as the CFR Commission, chaired by Mr. Rudman...
Warren Rudman and Gary Hart.
And here's the Colorado Gazette and Springs Gazette, and we're on in Colorado Springs.
Say hi to the folks there.
Northern Command, military's homeland defense nerve center, is streaming towards full operation while its civilian counterpart founders, a member of Congress, said Friday.
Well, that's just not true.
It's all merged into one system.
Again, they play good cop, bad cop.
They say, oh, the military is doing its job of taking over our society.
My cousin is helping head it up out here at the Austin Airport.
Out there with the Army and the police in the same building with their helicopters and drones, I would add.
Oh, see, they're doing a good job, but Homeland Security is doing a bad job.
No money for the states or the cities unless it's for more cameras or more surveillance, but no medical...
Isn't that what we need in a bio attack or other attack?
Well, instead all we're getting is bullets, the doctors are saying.
That's not how you fight something like this.
Because this whole Homeland Security is a smokescreen for martial law takeover.
They're saying it's Homeland Security.
They've fallen down on the job.
It's their fault.
No, no, no.
You know, it's like when the kids get dumber, they say educations fail.
They're not failing.
Well, it was publicly stated by UNESCO and Department of Education, the former head of policy, Department of Education, on this show many times.
It's their publicly stated goal to dumb your kids down.
Last Friday, I remember they said, quote, the family's the enemy.
It's a disease that must be eradicated out of official UNESCO documents.
I mean, I know this sounds insane, but it's mainstream, people.
So see, they say, oh, Northcom's succeeding, but Homeland Security's failing, or education's failing, more funds.
No, no, no, it's succeeding.
But see, it's never for what the stated goal is, so they claim it fails for its stated goal, and always expand it, while the unstated goal is a police state, centralization of control, herding us into the compact cities, the cashless society control grid, while all of that's being shut up.
The Department of Homeland Security, the civilian agency charged.
Well, it's not civilian.
It's in a military command, folks.
The Department of Homeland Security, the civilian agency charged with protecting the nation, hasn't produced a single picture of where... It goes on.
I need to get my light more directed on this story.
My lamp fell out of its housing and slid down.
Ah, there we go.
I couldn't read.
Ah, now I can see.
The Department of Homeland Security, the civilian agency charged with protecting the nation, hasn't produced a single picture of where terrorists might strike and won't for months, said U.S.
Representative Jane Harmon, a ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.
Well, yeah, terrorists never want you to know where they're going to strike.
That's the point of the fear, to get the political outcome.
That's why governments are the number one threat.
Perpetrators of terrorism.
That's a fact, by the way.
Scientific fact, historical fact.
Without that picture, leaders can't decide where to spend scarce money and what needs most protection, said Harmon, Democrat, California.
For instance, she said, the focus has been on making airliners safe and less attention and money has gone to increasing port security.
Well, they don't want the cocaine and heroin to stop flowing in, lady.
In places, we are much safer, but we still lack an overall strategy to make the whole country safe.
Well, don't worry.
They've announced RFID tags to go in the food, a national ID card to have a job, troops in the factories and on the streets, secret police everywhere.
Don't worry, Ms.
They're going to do what's needed.
So you read these articles, and it's a bunch of psychobabble.
Here's another story out of Scotland, Scotland on Sunday newspaper.
Ten-year-old tearaways to be tagged.
Tearaway children as young as Tim will be electronically tagged under government plans to crack down on a nationwide epidemic of youth crime.
Youngsters responsible for terrorizing see their terrorists.
Scottish communities will be forced to wear the tags to prevent them from leaving their homes at night under the proposals.
And yes, it's been proposed in past articles to put chips in them, by the way.
And Bureau of Prisons in California signed a deal to implant their prisoners.
That was in Reuters when the news got out.
They canceled the deal because you complained.
So they're already moving to do that.
We're not speculating that's the plan here, folks.
This is just a transitional phase.
And parents who fail to help impose tagging orders on their out-of-control children will face fines and even jail.
So see, now you're indentured servants carrying out the job of a jail guard.
At the same time, they want to arrest any parent that even spats their child.
They're even talking about making verbal reprimands illegal.
I have just an article on that today.
So don't discipline your kids.
Then they turn into the demonic even...
And then the state tags them and puts them in juvenile hall.
They come out after being raped many times by the older thugs in many cases, or the jail guards.
They got caught doing that right here in Austin, the jail guards did, at multiple prisons.
Well, we've covered those stories.
But they come out learning all the tricks of the trade and how to be criminals and great universities of crime.
The controversial move is part of a Scottish executive campaign against the rising tide of petty crime
And antisocial behavior perpetrated by the under-16s.
Now, of course, they've taken guns all over the country, all over the United Kingdom, and the crime rate went from being the lowest next to Switzerland in the world to being the most crime-ridden country in the industrialized world, official numbers.
The U.S.
is way down the line, much safer.
Now, what the media does is they'll go, England's much safer than America, and they'll focus into New York City in the worst ward and use that statistic to put it up against England and say that England's safer.
That's not true, folks.
The FBI crime statistics just came out.
Most of our crime is in the big cities and the eastern cities and in the California cities with almost total gun control.
You disarm the people.
I mean, here in Texas, folks...
We don't have a lot of home invasion unless somebody's gone and doesn't have a dog.
I mean, crooks will tell you, they don't come in your house in Texas.
I mean, in New York, they'll bust in with a knife or gun right in front of you because people don't have guns.
And they will give you a lot of time in prison if you hide a gun and defend yourself, even if you're being physically attacked in your own home.
But, I mean, I can't imagine what it would be like sleeping in my house
Without firearms and bands of crackheads and heroin heads running around, busting down doors, raping and killing.
I mean, they don't do that in Texas because they know what happens.
These crooks, by the way, are smart.
In my neighborhood, they've had a lot of cars getting broken into.
There has not been one car broken into that I know of.
I've talked to all the neighbors, and we've been robbed as well.
There has not been one person who's been robbed when the car is parked in the parking lot.
But you park it on the street, and that's what happened to us.
They will come after you.
Do you know why?
Because they know, the Texans know, that we can't kill them if they're robbing our cars on the street.
But you come on my driveway, I can kill you.
And I will, by the way, if I ever.
I got cameras up.
And if I see somebody in my car, I'm going to go out and I'm going to... I don't know.
I don't want the trouble of killing them.
I'll probably just tell them to get on the ground.
If they try something with a weapon, I'll probably shoot them.
I just don't want the hassle, but...
Plus, I don't really know if somebody just robbing my car needs to die.
But that is legal and lawful, and if you feel threatened in state law, go ahead and do it, and I'll back you.
But I will tell you, you step foot in my house or try to get in my house or I catch you trying to break in my window or something, I will visually look at you and make sure it's not somebody I know, and I will defend my family.
I don't want to get off into meandering discussions.
I've got all this news here.
I know we've got callers.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
A 10-year-old tearaways to be tagged.
And under new UK laws and Scottish laws, cussing at someone, using profanity,
And get you labeled as a hoodlum or hooligan, as they call them over there.
And they call it hooliganism.
It says electronic tag has been available to courts in Scotland over the past year.
It has been restricted to adult offenders chiefly as an alternative to prison.
The tag sent as a signal to the transmitter in the offender's home is relayed to a central control.
Scott, his executive, is now proposing that children's hearings should have the right to order that under-16s be tagged to curb their offending behavior.
This would bring Scotland in line with England and Wales for 4,000.
Ten to 15-year-olds have been tagged since 2001.
In Scotland, the tagging of a child would be considered in cases where the youngster had already broken an antisocial behavior order.
See, it's now antisocial behavior.
Yelling, cussing, fist-fighting.
Kids have been seen wrestling.
I mean, who didn't do that?
I mean, I was never a big potty mouth, but we certainly would go play baseball after school in a field in the neighborhood, and there were fist fights almost every couple weeks.
I wasn't always involved in them, but fistfights did take place.
Somebody hit a baseball.
We played baseball, and it would hit somebody in the head, and they'd say, you did that on purpose, and there'd be a fistfight.
That happens now.
You get tagged.
You go to jail.
You get into the system.
You get put on drugs.
I don't want to keep going on with this.
I mean, a kid, I talked about it yesterday, his dad is an officer in the Army over in Iraq, and he drew a picture of his dad with an M16, and he was detained, police came, they want to put the kid on drugs, he's been expelled, can't go back to school until he's on drugs, because they say that he's hyper, and he drew a picture of a gun, and he may get people, and, you know, this is the new America, folks.
Just incredible.
So the stuff you and I did as kids, as children, is now punishable by tagging and jail, and this is happening here, too.
I mean, I remember when I was growing up, we'd be getting in fistfights, and adults would stop a car, look at what we were doing, and if it wasn't too serious, they'd just drive off.
I mean, obviously, if you're adults bashing each other's...
Faces out.
People call the police generally.
I don't know, though.
Growing up, they wouldn't even call the police for stuff like that.
I don't know.
But I know this.
We didn't have all the school shootings and all the problems because people would work it out in a fist fight.
And if the coaches in school caught you fighting, they'd say, okay, you've had your fight.
In fact, they'd stand there and let you fight.
They go, okay, now that you're done fighting, how about we go run until you puke your guts out?
I got in a few fights, not a lot of fights, and I remember being walked out to the football stadium around the track and the coach sitting there drinking lemonade, filling out, doing test scores, you know, the all-taught classes.
I remember running around the track for an hour, hour and a half,
We're good to go.
And by the time I was a freshman in high school, I really wasn't into fighting anymore.
And no one really was.
But you can't do that.
That's cruel and unusual.
Nope, nope.
You've got to have kids hopped up on Prozac and Luvox and Ritalin.
Harris and Kleibel were on Ritalin and Prozac.
And one of them was on Paxil.
And so this is the new America.
So, again, we'll talk about all this, 800-259-9231, in the next segment.
And also, coming up, we've got the recall Governor Davis campaign.
They will be coming on the show.
It's gained steam, and public officials are saying it may be illegal.
Recalls may not be allowed.
Now, there was a story last year in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, early 2002, where they had a recall going against a council member, and the city manager called for martial law in a public meeting.
And she said in the article, this was in a city council meeting, this is out in the open, this is how delusional they've gotten.
She said, maybe we need martial law.
We've had discussions, she said, about martial law in the past.
Maybe it's time for that now.
Of course, the feds got very upset and others got very upset.
You're not supposed to talk about that in the council room in front of the citizens.
But now they're saying that it's despicable, it may be illegal, that it's a threat to democracy.
Oh, a recall vote.
There's nothing more freedom-oriented.
There's nothing more American-oriented.
Nothing more part of our constitutional republic than recalling slime.
We'll talk about that when we get back.
You know, when you read about Milwaukee and they just go, hey, we've talked a lot about martial law.
Would it be time to declare it now?
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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We're good to go.
All right, Larry and Sam and folks in Colorado and all over the country, your calls are coming up, and I'll just go to calls in the next hour.
So we give everybody plenty of time.
We're about to go to the second hour here in about five, six minutes.
So the folks that have been holding, just stay there a few more minutes, and we'll get to you directly.
This situation with the recall of Criminal Davis.
This is a guy who got caught with Enron and others.
Buying a megawatt of power for $137, that was on average, according to Sacramento Bee, and then selling it back to the energy giant for $1 a megawatt, over and over again every day in just tens of thousands of purchases of megawatts.
I mean, just blatantly criminal.
And the head of the Army, Mr. White, who now had to leave, he gave legislators a tour of fake computers, hooked up to fake trading systems.
It wasn't even a real trading system.
I mean, just total fraud.
Maximum financial corruption.
Just unbelievable.
And, of course, nothing's happened.
It's admitted.
It's totally criminal.
It dwarfs what Martha Stewart may have done
By about, in terms of money, $100 million to one.
I mean, the scams that are being run in derivatives and in speculations where the currency is in the tens of trillions every day, multi-trillions just here in the U.S., and there'll be no discussion of that, no nothing, and just middle-sized scams like White and Enron and Davis over there, you know, in the hundreds of billions, it's no big deal.
Many hats may enter recalled ring.
This is a story here out of the Sacramento Bee as well.
The state attorney general calls efforts to recall Governor Gray Davis a profound threat to democracy.
And another government official in this article saying this may be illegal.
The lieutenant governor calls it an expensive perversion.
Oh, yes, it's a perversion to recall criminals.
Of the recall process, the state treasurer describes it as an odious use of the system.
One after another, at the urging of labor leaders to support the governor, five of Davis' fellow Democratic officeholders said last week they don't intend to run should a recall make the ballot.
On Saturday, U.S.
Senator Dianne Feinstein added her name to the list.
I am not a candidate, said Feinstein, who appeared with Davis at ceremonies to open a BART extension to San Francisco's International Airport.
So if Davis faces recall, who would be alternatives?
The possibilities include some of the usual suspects, including the man who lost to Davis last time.
The list of potential governors also includes the Terminator.
And Meathead and not everyone at the Capitol is convinced the Democrats who bowed out last week would resist the temptation to run.
Recall Drive has yet to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures of voter support needed to qualify for what would be a history-making election this fall or next spring.
Funny, I talked to them last week.
They said they basically got it.
But they've got to get a bunch of extras because the state's going to throw most of it out.
Probably all of it out.
When they had propositions to control their borders and not give all this welfare to felons, illegal aliens, the governor just said, I don't care what you say.
We're not following it.
Ha, ha, ha.
Still, there is now a swarm of public figures with gubernatorial ambitions who are hurriedly polling and strategizing.
And we'll take some calls, and I'll get more into this article as well in the next hour.
Before I end this hour, I want to challenge everybody to go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and to get my videos and expose the terrorists, expose the globalists that have hijacked America, get Police State 3 Total Enslavement, my new film, or my book, Ascent into Tyranny, my other film, Road to Tyranny, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
There's a lot of great films.
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Please take action.
Get the films.
Second hour, your calls.
A ton of news straight ahead.
Nuclear reactors provide electrical energy across our great nation, but during an accident, would you be prepared?
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'm sitting here...
Reading Arnold Schwarzenegger's bio for a possible run for governor of California, and they like him over there.
He's for gun control.
He's a good Bush Republican.
He is for massive gun control.
So I'm sure that you will all enjoy that.
And he also, of course, is pro-abortion, so he's a good neocon.
So it won't matter if you get rid of Davis.
You'll just have some creature like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
He fits in nicely, though.
His father was a Gestapo officer in Austria, helped with the roundups and political dissidents.
And Arnold has said he'd like to be a police officer.
He said he'd like to run a large law enforcement agency.
He said, if I don't become president someday, I'd like to... I saw this in an Esquire article years ago.
He said he'd like to run a national police force.
It's in the blood, is it, Arnie?
Gun-grabbing, abortion, neoconservatism.
So it doesn't matter what slimeball you get really in this runoff.
I guess we might be able to get some type of conservative in there, but don't hold your breath.
So that's coming up.
I said that we would take calls in this hour, and we are going to do that right now.
And I guess first off here...
Mark, who should I go to first here today?
Larry in Ohio, then Sam Maryland, and Richard in Colorado, and others.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing today?
Hey, doesn't Arnold attend Bohemian Grove?
Yes, he's been there.
I wanted to talk about a couple of things.
First, I want to say about people calling in and suggesting that you do things.
I can't believe how much you do, Alex.
In the videotape, 9-1-1 to Road to Tyranny,
I've handed out at least a couple hundred copies of that.
Good job!
I tell you what, that tape speaks to everybody.
Someone who watches that who's a Christian, they come right back and say, I can't believe they say Christians are terrorists.
It's like the book of Revelation.
You talk to someone who watches the news, and all of a sudden...
You know, I heard this, I heard that part, I heard that, and all of a sudden the dots are connected.
Yeah, so what happens is, the reason The Road to Tyranny is so powerful is they've already heard everything that's in it, they just never saw it all together.
And that's why the film, in fact, you just hit on something that I never seem to articulate, but I've thought of many times.
I have much more cogent, intelligent, insightful...
Revelations when I'm not on the air, but what you just said is something I've thought many times.
The film, that film is so powerful because it's their words.
It's their statements.
It's stuff that everybody has already seen or heard because we put it all together.
And it's not Alex's opinion.
It's what they say.
It's the news.
It's what's out there in your face, and it is so heavily documented.
I've gone in and I've looked.
When I first heard this, I mean, actually I was stationed down at Berkshire Air Force Base.
I was in the 12th Tactical Intelligence Squadron.
You're familiar with that.
Well, now Bergstrom is the airport, but my cousin's there merging the Army with the police right now.
I tell you what, I was in Air Force Intelligence on 9-1-1.
I'm watching the TV, and I'm thinking, this is absolutely impossible.
There's absolutely no way this could happen without them letting it happen or being part of it.
And that's when I went on a search, and that's when I found you.
And I tell you what, I like to tell it just like it is.
There's absolutely no way that that could happen.
I mean, when you showed the one, the golfer on the airplane, and they were up behind him in what I believe was seven minutes, but yet we have one of the big jumbo jet airliners flying around for an hour.
They had jets scrambled in seven.
They had three planes surrounding him in 18.
When you're where I was at, there's absolutely no way that you could believe that that could happen.
You can see it.
Stay there.
I want you to talk more about working in Air Force intelligence and...
How you instinctively knew the 9-1-1 story was a fraud, then you saw all the evidence.
Will you stay there?
Don't hang up, okay?
I'll put you on hold.
I won't.
We'll come back and let you finish up, then we'll go to Sam and Richard and others.
Hold free number to join us on air, 800-59-9231.
Infowars.com is the website.
We're good to go.
So call now.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is...
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Hold on, I was talking to a fellow in Ohio, and you were saying that you were an Air Force intelligence...
During 9-1-1, or that you had been in an Air Force intelligence so understood how these operations worked and going over the information with NORAD and that you instinctively knew something was wrong, what went through your mind on September 11th and then researching the information and finding out for yourself what's it been like for you?
It was just a real wake-up call.
Radar systems that they have all around this country, they know everything that's in the air.
When something's coming in from out of the country, they have lines that certain sized objects, once they cross a certain line, they have to scramble planes.
Once they lose contact with a plane, any plane up in the air, they have to scramble.
The procedures are all there.
There's just absolutely no way that a jumbo jet could turn off their transponders.
And not be followed within 10 minutes.
They have people, the Air Force pilots are sitting there in their suits, the planes running, just waiting for something like this to happen all over the country.
And again, with the golfer Payne Stewart, they launched planes within 7-8 minutes, had the aircraft surrounded by three planes within 18 minutes.
They followed it for about an hour until it crashed in the Midwest, and that had happened because of depressurization.
In the aircraft.
So we know about these cases.
We know this stuff happens.
We know this develops.
And we've seen many other cases.
But they have four planes, all by the way, at exactly 20% occupancy.
There was a malfunction in both the airlines' computers.
So they only allowed booking of 20%, they claim.
And the transponder's all turned off.
As the transponder turns off, they have scrambled the jets.
But not that day.
It's now come out in the White House.
It's a joke.
So what did you say day one when you saw this happen?
When the second plane hit, my skin was crawling.
I mean, I knew that there's absolutely no way someone else could have pulled this off.
There's a third.
Well, the big national newspaper, one of the big papers in Portugal, the News of Portugal, covered a bizarre 70-plus hour news
Press conference with hundreds of military men, generals, troops from our country, captains, generals, retired, naval aviators, Air Force aviators, saying no one could pull this off but the U.S.
And they went over all the evidence for 70-plus hours with the Portuguese and Spanish and French media there, and nothing in our news about it.
I just went over the evidence for hour after hour after hour after hour with witness after witness after witness, so you're not the only one understanding this.
You know, and the thing is, that's one aspect of 9-1-1 or the tyranny, but if you watch it, after you're done watching that movie, it's decision time.
I mean, there's just no two ways about it.
You're either going to go into fantasy land, pull the cover over your eyes, or else you're going to be a man and stand up.
I mean, there's just no two ways about it.
Well, I have to tell you that we spend more time on the planes and the NORAD stand down in Masters of Terror, part two of the Road to Tyranny, but people made whole films.
One was made for Canadian television.
We've had the guest on just about the NORAD stand down, and that right there.
Then you have the hijackers trained at U.S.
You have their houses and cars and credit cards paid for by the government.
You have their passports fluttering down from the sky, unburned, at two of the crash sites in Pennsylvania and New York.
You have the head of Pakistan intelligence wiring $100,000 to Muhammad Atta, his second trip in his life to the U.S.
Two days before 9-1-1, he's meeting with the White House and the heads of the Senate.
Intelligence committees.
I mean, it's incredible.
And you've got Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco told not to fly.
Ashcroft told not to fly.
Joint Chiefs of Staff told not to fly.
And then they admit all this and then shut up later because that shows it's a level even above these guys.
And the thing is, that's just the start of it.
When you look into Oklahoma City bombing and when you see the videotapes of the news broadcast of them removing bombs from the building, you just...
And the seismographs and the eyewitnesses and no BATF in the building.
Timothy McVeigh could not have put those bombs in that building.
It's absurd.
Well, Jane Graham was an eyewitness.
She was the head of HUD.
She saw two white men planting large gray sticks of butter on support columns that morning at 8 o'clock in the morning.
You watch that movie, you can't deny it.
I mean, it's wake-up time.
What do you want to say to the globalists then, sir?
It's like people, you know, they want to say the government's corrupt.
A lot of people just can't seem to accept the fact that there's a global tyranny.
I try to explain the New World Order, the UN, and all these groups.
And they can't even accept reality as it's in their face.
Did you hear me Friday read where UNESCO, that Bush has signed on to, at the UN says, quote, the family is the enemy, must be destroyed?
This is public!
Their own policies!
And then people go, oh, they don't want to dumb our kids down.
And people are concerned with their stock portfolio.
It's incredible.
Thanks for the call.
What else is on your mind?
FID tags.
Oh, the FRIDs?
I work with a large automotive supplier, and to give you an idea of the level, they're going to put these in every part.
Right now, the whole plant where I've been working, they're wired for all of the terminals to go throughout the plant.
They're putting them on pallets at this level.
The next phase is, well, the end phase is they're going to put them on every part that comes in so that when the part's actually tested, it's verified that all the information from that ID tag is sent to a large database up in Toronto, Canada.
Then what happens is once it arrives at the next plant, they scan the entire pallet, the whole thing at one time.
They verify that all those parts have been tested and all those parts have gone through all the procedures, and then
We assemble parts using those, and it's all complete confirmation everything's been tested.
It goes all the way to where when something arises against the car, they scan it, and they say that that part was tested, and then they know that they can put it on the car.
Eventually, if you have a problem with your car, that part will then void your warranty, and they're claiming that this is going to stop all the chop-chops,
They're going to have complete control over your car.
Well, they already have transponders in your car that are red as you go down the road.
They already have the antenna arrays.
The satellite tracking box hardware is already in all the new cars.
This is all announced.
They're racing ahead.
Total surveillance, total control, total taxation.
And people will still deny it as it's in the newspaper until they're being taxed in their car.
And then they'll say, oh, I'll just accept it.
I love globalists.
Thanks for the call, sir.
You're welcome.
Appreciate it.
Sam and Marilyn, thanks for holding them.
We'll go to Richard and others.
Sam, you're on the air.
I don't have anything earth-shattering, but, you know, occasionally you talk about the way the globalists do their mind-bending.
I was surfing frequencies last night and came across a frequency that I hadn't heard before.
And I kept listening off and on.
I'd go back to it to try to catch the...
Yeah, the call numbers and whatever.
Yeah, please don't give it out here.
No, I'm not.
But they were running a program that seemed to be criticizing Bush over the Iraq War, so that kind of made it interesting, but I didn't really listen to enough of it to get the whole gist.
So they gave out an 800 number that I called later, and they kept referring to themselves as Alternative Radio.
That's what we normally refer to shortwave as, is alternative radio, but we understand that to mean there are programs like yours and others of the same nature.
So I called the 800 number out of curiosity to see if I could get a program scheduled.
It's Radio for Peace International out of Costa Rica.
The UN station.
Yeah, who, by the way, the evidence shows, and one of their heads has attacked me personally, and it looks like they're the ones that have done some jamming before.
Probably, but my point is that they're now using the term alternative radio, and that's going to fake some people briefly, but not long.
But they're trying to insert a new meaning for the term alternative radio.
Well, I'll tell you how it works.
See, they control both sides of the paradigm.
The phony right wing can point at the liberals and go, see, they're wrong.
They're against the war.
They're pro-UN, pro-New World Order.
And then they'll say, we're conservative.
We're for the New World Order.
It's just different flavors of the same thing.
But then the key liberals, the Hillarys, the Chuckie Schumers, they vote for the war.
See, so it's only a rhetorical fight.
Whereas the war is wrong, they don't criticize the war for the right reasons.
They don't reach out to the
To the real Americans, black, white, it doesn't matter, who understand the real paradigm.
They just reach out to the dumbed down masses.
But let me give you a really good example of mind control.
I went and saw a late night edition of The Hulk last night.
And the bad guy in the movie, he is anti-world government.
He's anti-corrupt government.
Sounds like you've got a siren in the background.
Thanks for the call, Sam.
I appreciate it, and thanks for that information.
They go in, and at the end of the movie, the bad guys against big government.
See, it's always that message.
The bad guys against big government.
And you watch the daytime talk shows, the Jerry Springers.
They'll have some toothless Klan guy up there calling black people all these horrible names, then he'll add to it, by the way, it's a New World Order.
New World Order.
And he'll speak out against the New World Order and taxes and regulation and the U.N.
So now when... I mean, they would never have me on one of those shows because I bring people together to defeat the New World Order to expose the threat.
But no, they'll have some unsavory person out there saying similar things.
It's just pure demonization.
And most of those Klan guys that are on TV, we later found out, are federal agents.
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We're good to go.
All right, let's go straight back to the calls.
Then I have Ray McGovern.
He's a retired former senior CIA analyst who was assigned to Ronald Reagan's White House, one of his chief advisors.
Tell you how fake the war was, all the lies, the corruption, one of the good guys that's gone public with the information, and everything he's said now has come out in the mainstream news from when we had him on before the war and during the war.
Let's go ahead and go to Richard in Colorado.
Richard, you're on the air.
We'll go to Garfield, Brian, and others.
Hi, Alex.
Pleasure to talk with you again.
I just wanted to let you know, I don't know if you heard or not, but there's a place in Iowa, some Federal Land Army Corps of Engineers that want to donate, or I should say sell... A Muslim center.
Yeah, exactly.
Have you heard about that?
Oh, I've seen the reports, and...
You notice that it's okay for the government to give it to the Harry Potter Wiccans or the Muslims or anybody but Christians.
Well, I mean, that's nothing compared to creating al-Qaeda and the Taliban and then training them at U.S.
military bases and paying for their houses, their cars, and credit cards before 9-1-1 and blocking FBI from arresting them.
But, yeah, it's pretty bad.
They're getting bold.
They're getting real bold.
I've heard it described in some articles as a training camp.
But then I get all these different stories.
What have you heard on this?
That's basically about it.
As a matter of fact, on the other program I heard it on, the host of the show, he's going to go to Iowa City, Iowa and have a town hall meeting.
Yeah, I know who that is.
That guy's a neocon.
Oh, is he?
Yeah, in a way it's kind of a... Yeah, that's the same person I hear saying that still reporting that the mobile weapons labs are over there and are going to get us in Iraq.
Now, that's a neocon.
He says a lot of the right things, but then a bunch of the other stuff is propaganda.
Well, my question about that is, do you think he's trying to be right in his heart, just misled, or do you think he knows what he's doing?
Oh, that individual definitely knows what he's doing.
At that level, believe me.
They all do.
I had one of the big syndicators come to me, like four years ago, and offer me a million bucks, okay?
Like 350-something thousand to sign the contract.
If I got ratings on four of the 15 stations, which I was guaranteed to get, I was already there at the stations, then I would get $700,000 additional.
It was over a million in the first year.
And I had lawyers look at the contract.
It was the real deal.
And they told me, no more New World Order.
We want you to be a fiery conservative.
And no more Federal Reserve.
No more black helicopters.
Oh, interesting.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, don't think somebody's on 300 radio stations and not controlled.
Okay, so they just buy these people off.
These people sell out their soul and their country for all the money they can get.
Yeah, and then they'll talk about don't take the Ten Commandments down or gun control's dumb, but then they won't go after Bush for being the biggest gun grabber of them all, see?
Or they'll say put anybody that disagrees with the government in a prison camp.
Well, yeah, that was kind of my next thing I wanted to hit on.
I ordered some videos of yours and the book, and I've been letting friends know about tuning into your show and what it's all about.
They look at me like I'm crazy, and then one of my neighbors told me, he says, yeah, I listened to that Alex Jones guy, and I called the FBI, and I said, what do you mean you called the FBI?
What did you call the FBI for?
So the guy's a nutcase.
He needs to be taken off the air.
Oh, it's okay for your First Amendment rights to say whatever you want, but it's not okay for Alex Jones.
But see, that shows the mindset.
We're talking about the tyranny.
We're saying it's a police state.
The guy goes, he's crazy.
I'm going to call the FBI, proving our point that he thought something would actually happen to me.
Maybe if his type takes over, which they're trying, we read the subsections.
We cover the facts.
We talk about Houston with a corrupt crime lab.
We talk about the FBI running drugs.
They've been caught doing it.
We talk about real issues here.
But, oh, that's crazy.
I'm going to call the FBI.
What did you say to this nutcase when he said that?
Basically, about the First Amendment, I said, oh, it's okay for you to practice your First Amendment right, but you want to shut up Alex Jones.
What did he say to that?
What did he say to that?
Oh, it's the typical BS, you know, well, if you don't like living in this country, you know, why don't you go move somewhere else?
So protesting and demonstrating and being informed is bad, and I should be... Did he say I should be arrested, or what did he say?
Well, you know, I'm sure he would be all for that if he's going to... You know, he told me he called the FBI, so what did he call the FBI for?
What did he say the FBI said?
Well, it was on a weekend.
He said he tried to call the FBI.
There's a radio talk show host.
He talks bad about you.
Arrest him.
Get useful idiot.
Well, I'll tell you what.
We've got a guest coming up.
Stay there.
I want to hold you on.
Go ahead and get the guest on, but I want the guest to hear what you have to say.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Colorado, I'm Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us today, blasting out on the AM and FM dial, simulcasting on the Internet at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, and on Global Shortwave, serving the international audience, at 12.172 and 93.20 from 11 to 2 Central Time during the day, and 5.085 and 68.90 from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
I know that we have a bunch of callers holding.
We will get to you.
Here in just a few minutes.
Right now we are joined by 27-year veteran analyst working at the Central Intelligence Agency.
He worked the most senior levels of intelligence and policy in Washington.
He conducted daily briefings of the Vice President and the Secretary of State and Defense.
He is part of an organization called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.
He now works in the inner city of Washington for a non-profit that reaches out to help the poor.
And Ray McGovern gave us great information on air about how it was really the Iranians that nerve-gassed the people.
In the key cases, they talk about not Saddam.
He talked about how there really wasn't weapons of mass destruction because they'd all been destroyed in the First Gulf War.
Most of them had been.
He talked about fake intelligence, which has now all been proven, with the vice president at the CIA basically ordering them to lie, ordering them to put out fake terror alerts.
That's been on ABC News.
We have all this on InfoWars.com.
But, Ray, I wanted to bring you up, but I have a caller, and I get this now.
I hear this about once a week in Colorado, one of our listeners there.
And he told his neighbor to listen.
His neighbor tuned in and heard the show and called the FBI on me.
Of course, nothing ever happened, but there have been confirmed cases of this in a couple newspapers.
Where people think that criticizing corruption in the executive branch is illegal, there's a national talk show host who has a show on MSNBC on the weekend who calls for anyone disagreeing with the government.
He's Michael Savage being put in a, quote, work camp, having their assets taken.
The deputy attorney general in California said protesting may be illegal two weeks ago in a quote on television, and it was then quoted in the Oakland Tribune.
Well, it's of great concern, Alex.
I was born in August of 1939, and that was a key month in the history of Germany.
I know a lot about it because I've looked into what happened in that month, and that was, of course, the month before the invasion of Poland and the start of World War II.
What happened then was the most highly educated populace of Europe, of the world at that time, was...
...was drummed into submission by fear, and by fear of speaking out, by fear of saying, it's wrong what you've just done to my Jewish neighbor.
And if we inculcate that kind of mindset into our citizenry, then we've lost it all.
So this is even more incentive for folks like you and me and for others to speak out, speak out now, and speak out strongly.
Because that'll back them off.
We can't be cowed by this.
Just briefly, and then we'll get into how you were right, everything you said.
In fact, it turned out being worse than what you said with the Gulf War II.
I want to bring just briefly Richard in Colorado back up.
Tell Ray McGovern what your neighbor said after he tuned into the show, Richard.
Well, Ray...
I mentioned to him about Alex Jones.
He ought to, you know, listen to him.
And I thought, you know, then we'll kick it around and talk about it.
And next time I saw him, he said, yeah, I tuned into that show and I called the FBI.
The guy's a nutcase.
Are you referring to me?
No, I'm referring to Alex.
I'm just talking about this mindset, Ray.
And he said he called the FBI.
And I said, well, what did you call the FBI for?
Since the guy needs to be taken off the air.
And I said, oh, it's okay for you to practice your First Amendment right, but it's not okay for a guy like Alex Jones to... But I'm crazy because I say they're setting up a police state, and then he goes and proves my point.
Yeah, I wish they were funny, you know?
It's incredible.
And I call people like that useful idiots.
Well, Richard, I want you to follow up on that.
I want to invite that guy on the air, because they'll never call this show.
I get their emails.
They say, you know, I want to kill you.
I hope they arrest you and put you in a camp.
I mean, this is what America's about.
Our veterans fought and died so we could live in the equivalent of Soviet Russia.
Thanks for the call, Richard.
Ray, I just wanted to illustrate that because I hear this national talk show host here locally in Austin say every day, I mean I tune in probably ten times, I've heard it five times, anyone that disagrees with the government should be arrested and put in a camp.
Are you aware of what Michael Savage is saying?
No, I'm afraid I'm allergic to listening to those things, Alex.
I'm not aware of it, but I'm not surprised.
Did you see the Reuters story about how they're going to build an execution chamber at Camp X-Ray?
I did see that, yeah.
You know, it's really very frightening when you look at the tactics that the U.S.
military and the U.S.
government has chosen and how we've ended up here with the necessity or the perceived necessity to
To turn our weapons on little boys throwing rocks at us in Iraq.
It's very reminiscent, of course, what the situation the Israelis face in the West Bank and the other occupied territories in the Middle East.
So we've backed ourselves into the kind of situation where we're occupiers and where we resort to things that used to be only done by Israel, like preemptive strikes and targeted assassinations and perhaps even some questionable tactics on interrogating folks.
Oh, they've said torture.
So I'm careful not to say anything declaratively unless I can prove it.
There is a lot of press on this.
Dana Priest in the Washington Post did a very big article just before Christmas.
So these things are very disquieting.
They talked to the CIA section chief in the Middle East, and he told them it said off the record that the real people they torture, they don't fly to Camp X-Ray, they fly them to...
Yeah, it's pretty blatant and pretty bad.
Yeah, yeah.
I just don't know where it will end.
This business about the weapons of mass destruction, of course, is the most interesting.
Now they say it's Syria and Iran, and I actually saw PBS, their news hour last Thursday.
They said, well, so what if Bush didn't find them in this country?
He has more credibility on Iran.
But let's go back and recap and pick your expertise on this Ray McGovern, 27 years, senior analyst, of course, advisor to Ronald Reagan and others.
You documented on this show that it was a bunch of made-up intel and fraud from people in and out of intelligence.
And, of course, you worked and did intelligence on Iraq when you were advising the White House in the 80s.
But what about these blimp-filling trucks that the British sold?
The Iraqis, and the Russians did too, it turns out our government has actually bought a bunch of these trucks from the British.
They're for pumping up hydrogen balloons.
Here it's helium.
But the average American, I still hear them on the news talking about the bioweapons trucks.
Any comments?
Well, the comment, Alex, is that this is an incredibly clever, some might say diabolically clever, PR-oriented regime here.
The initial reports come out as you described them, and people are most impressed by what they hear first.
If there's a disclaimer later, and, well, those weren't really trucks for biological warfare, there was something else, they conveniently kind of block that from their consciousness.
So the American people are incredibly misled on this whole nexus of events.
You know, this business where the president was told about these two trailers and he's in Poland and he says, well, there you go, there's weapons of mass destruction.
That was so strange that I call that the president's Polish joke.
It's really beyond belief that he would say, well, there you go, these two trailers, weapons of mass destruction.
Well, we've got the memo out of the African country.
Turns out the thing was manufactured out of whole cloth.
It was just a fake document of supposed transfers of nuclear materials to Saddam.
Then you have the dossier that Powell holds up as evidence at the U.N.
Turns out it's totally fabricated some...
Alex, the forgery is the most interesting and the most unequivocal demonstration of what's going on here.
People can quibble.
They can say that people have different interpretations of this or that piece of evidence.
But a forgery is a forgery.
And the U.S.
government has admitted...
And that a forgery was used to persuade our elected representatives to vote to authorize the president to launch an unprovoked war.
That's the bottom line for me.
I'll say it again.
A forgery that senior officials in our government knew to be a forgery was used to persuade congressmen and senators to vote for war.
That's really serious stuff.
Probably some of your listeners don't know what the forgery had to do.
It's very simple.
There were some documents that purported to say that Iraq was trying to get uranium from the African country of Niger.
Now the only reason they wanted uranium would be for a nuclear program.
Well, Vice President Cheney's office sent down a retired U.S.
I'm an ambassador to investigate this.
In February of last year, that's February 2002, he came back at the end of February and said, he was holding his nose, he said, boy, that evidence really stinks.
He said, it's a forgery, pure and simple.
Don't touch it.
He reported that to various and sundry.
And it sort of seemed to die a natural death until the end of the summer when the decision had been made to make war.
To make war, it's nice to have a congressional resolution that lets you do that.
So they had to persuade Congress.
The only thing they had, the only thing they had was this forgery, and so they decided to use it.
Now, that's criminal because they're going before Congress bringing known fake documents.
People have gone to prison for that.
I think that's criminal, yeah.
When you think of what other people have been impeached for,
Like dalliances, sexual dalliances in the White House and almost impeached for a third-rate burglary.
How does this stand up against it?
How does it stand up when the President and his senior advisors... Well, sir, we have another forgery in the L.A.
The London Guardian have reported it's admitted and...
I don't have the...
Yeah, it's like the rescue of Jessica Lynch.
You know, the folks going in there, guns blazing, and it all being incredibly unnecessary.
She was well taken care of.
They tried to drive her in an ambulance to him and got shot at.
They told him two days before, the Iraqis have pulled out, police come get her.
So it's a big, and at that time, at that particular point in time, the war did not seem to be going well, and we didn't need a real morale boost.
So you get the Hill and Noltsons of this world, and they do the story, and the U.S.
press, at least up until now... Did you know that Jerry Bruckheimer actually consulted for that?
Yeah, that was in the BBC, the Black Hawk Down producer.
No, I didn't.
When you mentioned forgery and the Guardian, I thought you were going to refer to the blackening of that Member of Parliament Galloway.
That, too, was done on the basis of forged evidence, and I noticed that the Christian Science Monitor very sheepishly admitted that last Friday and apologized to Callaway.
There's a lot of hit pieces going on.
Bad stuff.
Well, now they want to go in, and we'll go to calls here in a second.
I appreciate you joining us, Ray.
Now they want to go into Syria, Iran, but the big one, and I want to get your analytical comments on this.
This is very important for your analysis of it.
Am I correct in saying two months ago when Rumsfeld leaked the battle plan to attack North Korea, that he leaked that to escalate tensions, to get North Korea to do something stupid, just like the ten-part plan to get the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor?
Yeah, I don't think so, Alex.
I think that they were so preoccupied with Iraq at that time that they would have little incentive to stir the waters out there.
That's not to say that unconsciously they're not doing precisely that, because actually they are.
Well, it's, I mean, battle, complete battle plans for preemptively striking North Korea?
I mean, that does escalate things, doesn't it?
It does, yeah.
And I don't know how that leak occurred, but...
You're right to focus on North Korea because that's the one place where we don't have a clue.
There isn't anybody that I know that pretends to understand what's going on within that leadership.
All I know is usually when they catch a boat of North Korean military out of their waters, most of the time they all take cyanide.
That's mind control.
This will not be a pushover.
So what's happening there now with the U.S.
withdrawing from the front lines, if I were a North Korean, I would say, well, hmm, looks like the U.S.
isn't going to defend as it usually has, so there'd be a tripwire before they have to use nuclear weapons.
Looks like they're just reconciled to using nuclear weapons as soon as there's a real threat, so we better beef up our own nuclear deterrent before they do that.
It's very destabilizing.
So it's an escalation in world arms races, and then the Carlaw Group's there to sell weapons to all the parties.
Yeah, they're doing pretty well.
So problem, reaction, solution.
Create this world arms race, and then the government itself and the officials arm the so-called Axis of Evil worldwide.
That's crazy, yeah.
Well, it's not crazy for them.
Makes a lot of money.
No, yeah.
But I mean, when you look at what Eisenhower said as he left, you know, beware, and
It's just amazing that the country can allow this to happen.
I have a bedrock faith, though, in the American people, and I think that you can fool some of the people some of the time.
I think probably as many people as are going to be fooled now by this administration have been, and that we're sort of recouping them back as word leaks out.
I'm a conservative, and I see conservatives finally waking up to Bush.
Well, I think conservatives are the people we have to depend on here because if they stand for anything, they stand for the values for which we were created and for which we were created as a country.
And those values have to do with telling the truth.
Ray McGovern, stay right there.
Can you stay with us and take some calls?
Sure can.
All right, folks.
I know some of you were holding before Ray got on, but if you would, have a comment for him, and you can make any other comments you want.
We'll come back and talk to Garfield and Brian and Tim and others.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
All right, folks, we're back live with Ray McGovern, 27-year veteran analyst working at the Central Intelligence Agency.
He works at the most senior levels of intelligence and policy in Washington, and he's part of an organization, veterans, who are for a little bit more sanity, and we're honored to have him on the show today.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, he is part of an organization called Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.
And the government is insane.
It's out of control corrupt.
The big corporations are engaging in open piracy against us.
They're setting up a police state.
We have to resist it.
Ray, before I go to some of these calls, I know there's a lot of information you have.
Any other lies or corruption points you'd like to cover concerning the upcoming, and I've been told by family and the military, the upcoming set invasion of
Of Iran and Syria.
And another key piece of evidence that just came out, special forces were already in Iraq a month or two before the invasion, and that ultimatum, that 48 hours, all of that was nothing but pure theater.
Any comments on this?
Yeah, that much is clear.
As a matter of fact, they were in there looking for weapons of mass destruction of all things.
And cleared the first 30 or 40 sites before the war actually started.
So, yeah, it was made clear even when somebody asked one of the senior officials, suppose Saddam did go away.
And the answer was, well, we'll still need to go in there and clean stuff out.
So the idea was...
The decision was made last summer to occupy and take control of Iraq.
Well, how does PNAC, the Project for a New American Century, fit in?
You know, I read one of their documents where they say that Cheney wrote that, oh, Saddam's not a threat, he's a pretext to get the oil, he's Iraq as a military base.
I mean, we have premeditated admissions of what this war was really about.
Well, I'm really glad you mentioned that, Alex, because if people are really interested in that, all they need to do is go on the web.
It's the Project for a New American Century.
And those documents go back to 1992 when Wolfowitz wrote what was called the Defense Posture Statement.
It's all laid out.
It's really the ideological and strategic justification for what's been going on.
It's very much like Hitler's Mein Kampf.
It sort of lays it all out.
And so once you've read that, you'll be able to understand and you won't be so confused about the different rationales that have been adduced.
And Ray, this is where it really gets weird.
The National Post and the Washington Post have both written about how most of the neocons are really former Trotskyites, or their parents were Trotskyites.
And then you've got them following also this economist, Strauss, who was for dictatorships.
He wrote policy reports.
So we've got a fascist...
Well, the bottom line is that they're real ideologues.
They know what's best for us all.
And they dovetail very nicely with the folks in Israel who also know what's best for the world.
As a matter of fact, most of these folks, Doug Feith and Wolfowitz and those folks, they have actually worked for the Israeli government as well as for ours.
They've written position papers for Netanyahu and others.
So double agents.
Now let me stop you there.
Wouldn't that have been illegal for you, Ray, as a top analyst in the CIA for Ronald Reagan?
Wouldn't that have been illegal for you to be an Israeli citizen and carry out policies for them and then to be in the White House?
Well, you asked a really good question.
I think the answer, Alex, is it wouldn't have been illegal, but it would have been impossible.
Because in the CIA, we had this policy.
Hey, Ray, will you stay with us?
I know you're busy.
We're really honored to have you.
And I promise we'll go to Tim and Garfield and Brian and everybody else who's been patiently holding.
Just Ray's an incredible guy, and he's just doing this out of the goodness of his heart.
And he's got really good information, because I've already checked it all out myself.
Third hour coming up.
Stay with us.
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
I've got a bunch of news, and it dovetails with our guest, Ray McGovern, senior policy analyst for the CIA, retired 27-year veteran, part of an organization who's speaking out against the lies and corruption.
I've got articles here where people beg for food in Iraq.
They're given nothing.
The troops laugh at the children.
Children come in with blown-off fingers, charred bodies, can't walk, and the troops say, no medical care for you.
Oh, the government's so nice, it says they offer them $20 a month to work for Halliburton and others.
So what we have now is a nation of 22, 23 million slaves.
We've killed...
We've killed a million and a half of them.
That's conservative numbers.
Madeleine Albright said 500,000 kids being dead.
This was in 97.
It was a good price to pay.
And now the ethnic cleansing is continuing.
Ray, the comments I just made, and I have the articles here in front of me.
We'll mention them a little bit later, and we're about to go to the calls.
But does that anger you that children who pick up cluster bombs and blow fingers off, our troops won't give them treatment?
Yeah, I feel incredibly angry, Alex, not only at what's going on, but at what's being done not only to these children, to the Iraqis, but what's being done to the souls of our troops.
We really can't blame the troops.
They signed up, most of them from the inner city, most of them from the farms.
They hoped that the Army would give them away to education and so forth.
They didn't bargain for this.
And now they're being trained to be bloodthirsty psychopaths.
They're going to come back here and become our police officers.
And if somebody says, oh, you don't support the troops, shut up.
Hey, a unit of Delta Force came back and in one week killed four of their wives, folks.
Something's happening to their souls.
Go ahead, Ray.
So that's a really important aspect of all this.
As for what needs to be done, well, clearly this needs to be internationalized.
We can't pretend to have the answer to these things.
We had no plan going in.
We had no plan for what would happen after the war.
So we need to get the UN in there, and we also need to invite the UN inspectors back.
I mean, what's really, really difficult for me to understand is the US refusal to allow the very people who know everything there is to know about Iraqi weaponry, where it is, how it's made, how it's procured, the scientists they know, why don't they let them back if they're interested in finding this stuff?
Well, Ray, before I... And we're going to come back, and I promise, right when we get back, we're going to take calls.
Everybody's been patiently holding, so everybody stay there.
But, Ray, before I get jumped on here, you know, the UN was a creation of that military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.
It's a tool, a rubber stamp for the globalists.
And every time it doesn't do exactly what they want, they just abandon it.
And, obviously, Blinks wasn't saying what they wanted to hear, because Blinks said, I wasn't going to be, you know, made a fool of later.
There weren't weapons of mass destruction.
We couldn't find them.
But to say, oh, use the U.N.
I mean, the U.N., NATO, all this, it's run by the same people.
It's really turned into a good cop, bad cop thing where they just use it as a tool of the takeover.
They'd like to do, but they weren't able to do that.
They had to go forward without the U.N.
blessing, and that's a big, big difference.
And it's all the more inexcusable for the U.S.
to go ahead with the British to sort of thumb their nose at the rest of the world.
Well, it makes America look like the bad guy.
Well, yeah.
And then it makes the U.N.
look good.
Well, the UN, to its credit, tried to put the brakes on this war, Alex.
We can't forget that the French and the others, as maligned as they are, they said that we don't abide by this new doctrine that you can, because you're strong enough, that you can go and do a preemptive strike on somebody.
Is that because Europe is within nuclear strike range of more countries on the hit list and they're worried?
Well, it could be, but I think it's more a case that their friends have been around for a while, and they realize what happens when you let one country exert this kind of unfettered power.
All right, Ray McGovern, we're honored to have you stay there.
We're going to come back and take calls, and we'll talk more about the lies and the corruption, folks.
Bottom line, and we'll go through this information.
Please stay with us.
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I challenge folks to go to a search engine and type in Ray McGovern, veteran intelligence professionals for sanity, and read his comments below.
That's why I love search engines.
Click on some of the earlier listings from six months ago, a year ago, where Ray laid out the lies, the propaganda, how they were manipulating the population with stunning accuracy, and then it all came out later.
That's what I like to do, and it's amazing information.
Ray, you were...
Right on target with everything you said on this show and what you said on Fox News and other places, how did you have such accurate information?
Is it your sources still in intelligence or is it your understanding of analyzing the geopolitical system and the tricks of this current regime?
Well, it's a fair question, Alex.
It's sort of a combination of three things.
One is the experience.
There's no substitute for having lived and breathed at the high levels of intelligence and policy in Washington as long as I did.
I guess the most important factor, though, is the Internet.
I can come down in my pajamas and get read up on just about everything I need to know in two hours by just tuning in to the right websites and the right newspapers.
And then the value added to, say, the next 20%, the last 20%, that comes from contacts inside
Most often these contacts we use mostly
To affirm or to confirm our own analysis.
We kind of say, well, this is what it looks like to us.
Tell us if we've gotten wrong.
And the answer usually is no.
You got it right, but there's also this.
And then we'll get extra little confirmation, extra detail to throw in there.
What about Dick Cheney visiting, we now find out, the CIA and literally putting his hand on senior analysts' shoulders and going, we need these weapons.
Well, Alex Jones,
I spent 27 years at the CIA.
Not once, not once in all those years did a Vice President of the United States come to the CIA for a working visit to help us analyze things.
And that whole concept of him paying repeated visits to the CIA until he browbeat them into coming up with the, quote, correct, end quote, answer is just beyond the pale.
It's bizarre.
Well, they'd also tell him, in one report, they told him to rewrite it seven times.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, that's the tactic used.
And unless you have a very strong director, a strong director of the CIA, you're pretty much done for.
And unfortunately, the current incumbent is not a very strong director.
Well, I don't go off looks, but to me, just the way he looks, Tenet is ready for the Sopranos.
I'm sorry.
Well, he's an interesting guy.
He's got all the credentials for being a very successful congressional staffer.
And those same credentials are the antithesis of the credentials needed by the director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
All right, let's take some calls, Ray.
It's great to have you on the show.
I really appreciate Garfield in Arkansas holding the last 45 minutes.
Go ahead, Garfield, you're on the air.
Gentlemen, I just wanted to pass on a quick news bit I caught on PBS the other morning.
And I didn't get all the details.
I don't know who is trying to introduce this bill, but apparently there's a bill trying to be introduced to change the Constitution to allow a non-native-born citizen to run for president.
And they go on to say that this would allow people such as Madeleine Albright, they used her expressly to... Or Arnold Gustavo Schwarzenegger.
Yeah, to run for president.
And I just...
I wondered if you'd heard anything about that.
Well, I know that they've got a new continuity of government thing the CFR just put out, and they want the governors to appoint people during the decapitation of Congress.
And I know that during that CONCON, Constitutional Convention, they could rewrite the whole Bill of Rights during that period, and they're already trying to do that with Homeland Security, Patriot Act I and II.
Any comments to that, Ray?
Well, I was just reflecting here on the prospect of having Henry Kissinger as president and Albright as vice president.
I have a cold sweat coming down the back of my neck there, Alex.
And, Garfield, I wish you hadn't raised that.
Yeah, I wish I could find what you just said funny.
Well, yeah, all this stuff, you know, you have to keep a sense of humor, but when you come right down to it, man... Well, the Republicans and Democrats have introduced bills to prepare the process of repealing the 22nd Amendment.
That, of course, keeps presidents from running more than two consecutive terms.
That's not a good sign.
That was most recently introduced by a Republican representative.
Henry Hyde.
Well, actually, there's another one as well.
It's in committee right now.
There's about five different versions that I've seen.
Hyde's the same one that when Ron Paul tried to get him to put a rider on the bill that would appropriate the money for the war, Ron Paul wanted to put a rider on that bill.
I got that quote out of the AP.
I wish I had it on video.
That's the most conservative member of Congress against the war, but the media never focuses on that, Ray.
They make it a left-right debate to polarize.
Listen, I'll let you go on to some more callers.
Thank you both, gentlemen, for what you're doing.
Thank you.
Let's talk to Brian in Virginia.
Brian, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
You guys are real patriots, Brian and Alex.
Oh, thanks, Brian.
Great to talk to you.
I think I got fired because I was giving out your tape, Alex.
Well, last hour it was, you know, somebody's going to call the FBI because we speak out against corruption.
So you're passing out my videos, and what happened?
I was...
Ask Matt your video to anybody that would take one.
I mailed them out to everybody I had an address for.
The next thing I know, I was fired for literally no reason.
I'm drawing unemployment now.
What company did you work for?
Bell & Howell.
Your phone's distorting.
What did you say?
Bell & Howell.
Oh, and they make the...
They're into a little bit of everything.
I'm a technician, and I was servicing their mail processing machines.
Well, I know that Dell Computer fires anyone that goes to a pro-life site, an environmentalist site, my site...
I mean, we have this censorship going on all over the place, and I know that Stanley Hilton, who's suing Bush for involvement in 9-1-1, has taken the case of one of our listeners who worked at a luxury store, and they were allowed to give friends and people stuff during their lunch break, but he gave somebody a copy of one of my videos, and the manager said, I'm firing you.
You're a traitor for being against the war.
And, again, this has actually been in the news out in San Francisco.
So, we've seen this before.
It's what I'm talking about.
If you don't agree with the government, you should be arrested or fired.
It's becoming a real problem.
The need is to get together with folks that are still untainted by this kind of fear.
And speak out.
That's really what responsible behavior is these days, and that's what did not happen in August of 1939 in Germany.
People just got too afraid to speak out and just watching out for themselves.
We have to watch out for one another.
I'm sorry to hear that happen, Brian, but you're going to be blessed in the end.
I've had similar stuff happen to myself for standing up for what's right.
But we won't have a society if people don't stand up like you do or like you did.
And so I'm sorry to hear that happened here in the new Reich land, the new homeland.
And good luck to you, Brian.
I hope that you're able to land another job quickly.
Oh, I think I will.
I think my next step is going to try to get to the local city council and the county, try to see if I can get something done.
I'm going to convince them about the Patriot Act.
Well, 400 cities and two states, it's not 150 or 200, it's over 400 cities and towns and two states have said no to Ashcroft and the Patriot Act.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Tim in Texas.
Good to hear from you.
Tim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you?
How's your guest?
What I want to talk to you about, Alex, is Bush...
They didn't do it by Congress, the declaration of war against Iraq, so they violated international law.
I'm not for Saddam, but they violated international law by invading a sovereign foreign nation.
Sir, they violated our own Constitution.
That's correct.
Ray, any comments to that?
Well, if they certainly are in violation of international law, whether Congress can delegate the ability to make war is a contentious question.
Congress did vote.
They did give the President authorization to make war, so most people would say they chickened out, but they chickened out in a legal way.
Yeah, but they didn't declare war.
The Declaration of War is required in the Constitution for the United States.
They gave him a blank check.
They gave him a blank check to invade whoever he wanted.
Right, right.
Which I find even worse.
Yeah, well... Basically, they're running the United States government under executive orders under national emergency since 1933 when the FDR...
Put the whole United States government under a state of national emergency.
Well, I know that we are now under continuity of government.
Ray, did you see the stories about a year and a half ago where they admitted that we were under continuity of government and quote, shadow government?
Oh, yeah.
I remember the, you mean right after 9-11?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, and Congress hadn't even been informed of that.
Oh, yeah, that was another thing.
The House leaders and the Senate leaders were not informed and were not involved in continuity of government, again violating the Constitution, despite the fact they're in direct line of ascension.
Alex, the Articles of Confederation, though they treat the Constitution suspended, the 1787 Constitution like it's suspended, remember this to all the listeners out there,
That the Articles of Confederation were written before the Constitution.
There's no provision for suspending it.
And people out there use the Articles of Confederation.
They have to go in the courtroom.
All right, sir.
I appreciate the call, Tim.
Ray McGovern, I want to get more into going into Iran and Syria and North Korea and your analysis of that.
And then we'll talk to Warren in Colorado and Tim in Wisconsin and a couple others.
I appreciate you staying with us.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
And again, be sure and visit the websites, infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Talking to Ray McGovern.
We're taking calls.
Ray McGovern, 27-year veteran analyst working at the Central Intelligence Agency, part of a group of former analysts who spoke out against the war and the fraud and the lies and have been proven totally correct and accurate.
Unfortunately, I wish they were wrong.
We're about to get some of his comments on the upcoming wars, which are basically a foregone conclusion, unless we stand up and speak out to the new lies that they're putting out daily.
Warren in Colorado, you're on the air with your host, Alex Jones, and our guest, Ray McGovern.
Go ahead, Warren.
Hi, Alex.
How you doing?
Last week, on one of your last segments, I caught it late at night, 10 to 11 here in Colorado, and you made a great point about how these so-called pilots weren't
There's no way that they could fly those large airplanes into the towers.
And I've got a pilot's license, and I guess my question is, has any veteran pilots made any comments to the fact that that could not have happened for an inexperienced pilot?
Well, sir, to get into this takes hours, and we've done it.
It's an important question, but...
You know, how was NORAD ordered to stand down?
You know, the list goes on and on.
And, yes, a bunch of veteran pilots have said that with all their skills, it would be hard to hit one of those buildings the way they did, much less two or three.
And why did NORAD get scrambled?
Why did Bush keep reading the little goat story?
For 27 minutes after knowing the second tower had been hit.
I mean, it was just theater.
And then later he put out different stories.
I mean, just to get into 9-1-1 just takes so long.
And then now Bush has declared even the public hearings classified.
And now it turns out the spokeswoman for the FAA said in front of the press, oh, yeah, we got called right after the transponders got turned off.
Well, yes, I would.
I think that the joint hearings in Congress that wound up in September and later last year
That shows that Congress is not able to investigate something like this.
You may recall that after months and months of investigation, for the last public hearing, Eleanor Hill, the very gutsy staff director, got up and said, Now, I want everyone to know before we start here that our negotiations with the White House went well into the night, but we were unsuccessful.
The White House is insisting that we keep everything that has to do with what the President was told
Before 9-11, out of the record.
So now the executive branch bosses the legislative?
That's exactly what's happening here, and you see that in all kinds of ways.
I mean, Representative Henry Waxman of California wrote a blistering letter to the President on the 17th of March saying, Look, you lied to me, and that's why I voted for this war.
Now I want an explanation.
That was the 17th of March, Alex.
He hasn't still received a... Well, when Judicial Watch tried to depose the White House press secretary on Halliburton and some of their activities in the war, they threatened to arrest the Judicial Watch server.
I mean, even Bill Clinton, for all of his corruption, never threatened to arrest somebody in a legal serving procedure.
It's pretty crazy.
It's getting crazy.
Thanks for the call, Warren.
Ray McGovern, what do you see happening in Iran and Syria?
Well, I think you're right to be extremely concerned about that.
If you look again at those Project for a New American Century documents, you see a kind of a plan where the U.S.
would increase its influence in those areas, as well as Israel would do the same.
There was an interesting comment right after our victory in Iraq.
The U.S.
senior officials started talking about Syria, saying that Syria was the next target, and they were harboring criminals and escapees from Iraq and doing other things.
They had weapons of mass destruction, of all things.
So it looked pretty scary, and the Israeli defense minister was asked to comment on all this, and he said in an unguarded moment,
Oh, yes.
We Israelis have a whole list of grievances against Syria, but we just assume that the Americans take care of it at this point.
So there you have a very clear manifestation of the fact that the Israelis are delighted to have us do their bidding there.
And what is their bidding?
Well, both Iran and Syria do harbor terrorists, do harbor folks that support terror in the occupied territories of Palestine.
The Israelis don't like that, and so the Israelis would just be delighted if we went after Syria and or Iraq.
Well, Ray McGovern, we've got a break.
We've had you on for an hour.
I know you're busy.
Can you do ten more minutes with us?
I could do ten more.
Okay, we'll come back in three.
I'll keep on about seven more after that.
And I want to get into some other questions about this issue.
Netanyahu said yesterday, and I have the article right here out of Reuters, they will be taking the oil from Iraq out of the pipeline.
They're going to get it for free.
Now, folks, if that isn't criminal, I don't know what is.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
You asked us to make the water level visible to eliminate the guesswork when refilling the water.
All right, folks, our final segment with Ray McGovern.
I only have time to take one more call from Elias in Michigan, but first I wanted to get more into Syria and Iran.
Ray, the White House has said they want to go into Syria and Iran.
About two months ago, a month and a half ago, Rumsfeld said we want to start destabilization of Iran, maybe even broadcast into Iran, use the student movement.
That's now happening.
And I just want to point out that in Iraq, they're saying they're going to appoint...
The people that will then, quote, vote for who runs the country.
Well, that's a puppet dictatorship.
As I said earlier, and I've got the articles on Infowars.com, $20 a month for Iraqis that are lucky enough to get hired, the whole infrastructure taken over, working for private firms that Dick Cheney and others are profiting from.
I mean, this is amazing.
How do we get the message out to the people and your comments on this whole spectrum of things I've been speaking of?
I mean, I don't know if you saw the article out of Reuters where Netanyahu says, oh yeah, we need oil, we're going to be given the oil.
Given the oil?
I mean, that's horrible.
That belongs to the Iraqi people.
Alex, one comment, sort of a good news, bad news type of thing.
Bad news for the poor troops that were sent over there.
They're going to be embedded down there for a long time in Iraq.
I think there are about 145,000 of our guys there and women.
It turns out that the Chief of Staff of the Army was quite right when he said it's going to take a couple hundred thousand folks to pacify and to occupy Iraq.
And we'll probably have to send in more folks.
Those of you who have been around Vietnam, it's really the quagmire that we saw there.
So why is this also good news?
Well, it's also good news because even the most arrogant and ideological folks can outstrip themselves.
They've got their hands full in Iraq now.
I can't conceive of them going to the army now and saying, okay, we need a couple hundred more thousand to do Iran and Syria.
The army doesn't have it.
But now they've got a Republican and Democrat version of bills for a national compulsory draft never before seen for men and women.
They're talking about using NATO in other countries.
They just had the G8 meeting.
They were authorizing if Iran and Syria don't follow orders going in.
Did that concern you?
Well, not so much.
I think that the Europeans are trying to put up a strong front there.
But I can't conceive of it.
There are other ways to put the brakes on nuclear programs besides going in militarily.
The Europeans know that.
Most sensible people know that.
And in many ways, Alex, the nuclear genie is out of the bottle.
What we're doing with respect to North Korea, for example, is we're hastening their attempts to get nuclear weapons by the way we're acting.
So, it's not going to be possible to prevent people like... Well, North Korea is already gone.
Iran will probably get a nuclear capability.
Israel already has one.
They have 400 in chemical, biological, race-specific viruses and bacteria.
But why aren't the globalists running things?
Why aren't they concerned about...
India and Pakistan.
Why did our government help develop China's systems?
Why did Rumsfeld on the board of ABB help transfer the reactors to North Korea in the mid-90s?
I mean, this goes on and on and on and on.
Yeah, it's pretty crass when you look at it.
The mighty buck speaks to most of that.
There is concern with respect to India and Pakistan, but it looks like that... You know, deterrence worked for, what, since 1945?
A deterrence can work if sensible people are in power.
But by having these preemptive strikes, this is escalating the arms race.
When I said sensible people in power, I rule out those who would mount preemptive strikes against international law.
That creates an instability in the world.
It's just the first time it's been so unstable in a doctrine, strategic way since World War II.
But I have family.
Yeah, they would train for that.
That just makes good prudence to train for that, to get the Syrian maps out and all that kind of thing for contingency reasons.
The Israelis would be delighted, of course, if we went into Syria.
But I think that, well, I may be gilding the lily here, but I think that the quagmire that we find ourselves already in in Iraq will militate against any quick decision to do the same to Syria.
By the way, we didn't have our troops getting shot.
We're getting more resistance now that we've taken over than even taking the country over in the first place.
The evidence is the people are fighting back now because so many of them were mowed down at weddings and protests.
It has no connection to Saddam.
They're actually putting the Baptists back in in an attempt to get control, but then the news tries to say, oh, Saddam's secretly commanding them.
That's why they don't like our troops.
Is that propaganda?
Yeah, well, sure it is.
It's the same propaganda as the prospect that they would go up on the rooftops and wave American flags.
You know, I was thinking, Alex, just the other day, as I saw more of our people getting killed, there's a Rudyard Kipling doublet here that really speaks volumes.
About riding the tiger?
No, well, it's this.
If they ask you why we died, tell them because our fathers lied.
I forget the saying.
That's a good saying.
But I forget the one Kipling was talking about, about riding the tiger.
You end up being the meal.
We are riding a tiger in Iraq.
The thought that we can pacify and direct 23 million people with 150,000 troops is absurd.
But why should Exxon and Mobil care if they're getting record profits if our boys die?
Well, they don't care.
It's just, it's really a mark of, well, there's the arrogance and there's the fact that they don't really know what they're doing.
It's the same as Vietnam.
What you have is a president from Texas, LBJ Bush.
What you have is an Ivy League defense secretary who thinks he knows everything there is to know in the world.
And the relatively ignorant
Well, Bush is Ivy League, too, but even though he got in with a 65 score.
But, Mr. Skull and Bones, one last call.
We'll let you go, Ray.
We appreciate all the time.
Elias in Michigan.
Elias, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much.
Hello to Ray.
Hi, Elias.
Yeah, hi.
What I was interested in and what I've been thinking about is where are all the clones of Alex going?
And it just hit me today when he was talking about that.
I suppose you know there should be hundreds, literally.
Giving out this message on local radios.
I don't have any local here, so I hear it on the shortwave.
But you can't find anything.
Well, there are people in every city.
Well, there used to be one here.
He was called Mark Scott.
But he is long gone.
You never hear of him anymore.
So what is your opinion on this?
Where are they all?
Well, I know this.
This show gets good ratings, great ratings, number one ratings in many cases.
There are a lot of sponsors out there.
There is a market for it, for the truth, for alternative news and information, but look at the FCC ruling with Powell's son saying they can own unlimited.
That's not free market.
That's monopoly or oligopoly.
Ray McGovern, how does this consolidation of the media feed into destroying a free society?
That's the worst thing that's happened here in town in several months, and there have been a lot of bad things happening.
That Powell would do this without holding public hearings, that he would do this against congressional opposition, it's just really unconscionable.
The result will be that folks like you and others that would speak truth to power are in jeopardy now.
Thanks for the call, Elias.
And Ray McGovern, any closing comments for the listeners?
Yeah, I just would say that we need to kind of focus our interest on the real, demonstrably arrogant and
Unsupported things.
I'm thinking of the forgery.
Now, we know that a forgery was used to deceive our Congress into voting for war.
We have to figure out how to get at that.
Vice President Cheney, frequent trips to the CIA, unprecedented sort of behavior.
He exaggerating the nuclear threat.
I believe that the evidence is very persuasive that he was behind that.
What we need to do is get up and out, talk about this and say, is it right?
Well, Ray, that's the problem.
They're committing frauds, forgeries all the time, domestically, internationally.
The Republicans, the Democrats do it.
It's a big fat cash machine up in Washington.
They're literally freebooting or pirating our entire society.
Bush has announced they're going to now change the rules where we won't own our pension funds.
Across the board, this is happening.
I've never seen such corruption, and the media, the supposedly liberal media, which is a joke, totally ignoring this.
And I see government growing, liberty's being destroyed, Bush is going to sign the assault weapons ban, open borders.
I mean, Bush isn't a conservative or a liberal.
He is a command and controller trying to wreck this country, and of course he's just a puppet as well, the military-industrial complex.
So how do we stop this system?
Well, I mean, that's my final question, Ray.
That's our challenge, and the way we do it is together, and the way we do it is to try first through the political process.
We hear ever since 9-11 in Washington a bunch of us that consider ourselves progressive or conservative or conservative progressives who have been lamenting and we've been talking and we've been shouting what we need to start doing.
And what we need to start doing is getting together and making sure that the people that will be running next November are people that represent what we stand for and will try to get at the truth.
Now, what percentage, and this is the last question, what percentage of the former and current intelligence people you talk to are upset about what's happening and see the Orwellian nature of the lies for what they are?
Well, the colleagues that we talk to are mostly of the kind that know us by reputation as having a thing about integrity.
So we're not talking to a cross-section of the community.
But even having said that, I think about 80% of the folks still slogging away in there are just trying to bite their tongues and wait so that they can fight another day.
Because right now, because of their director caving in to the powers that be, their voice is not being heard.
So what strata is it?
I mean, you say 80%.
That's almost the entire strata, or all the different layers.
So you're saying top to bottom, there are people that don't like butchering America.
Not really, Alex.
I'm afraid I have to say that there's bureaucracy even in the Central Intelligence Agency, and that means that if you know how to sniff the wind right, you know,
You figure out what the right answers are and you're interested more in self-advancement and getting promoted than you are in pursuing the truth.
You will bubble to the top, and so that other 20%, I'm afraid to say, is at the top of the agency.
All right, Ray McGovern, I really appreciate you coming on the show today, and we look forward to having you on again in the future, and God bless you.
And to you, too.
Take care.
And talking about integrity, talking about sniffing the wind, I mean, here is the Houston Chronicle today.
Justice unfair.
That's the headline.
The chief says.
Big, bold headline.
Says chief.
Texas justice unfair urges crime lab court of inquiry.
Criminal defendants in Texas are at the mercy of prosecutors in an unfair system that emphasizes winning rather than justice, Houston police chief C.O.
Bradford said Monday.
Trial by ambush.
That is a Texas criminal justice problem.
In a two-hour meeting with the Houston Chronicle editorial board, Bradford also said he believes that there is sufficient probable cause for Harris County judges to convene a court of inquiry to publicly and independently investigate the entire police department crime lab, not just the troubled DNA portion.
Now, police have gone forward.
They've been caught framing innocent people, thousands of them.
Of course, you heard last week about Tulia, Texas, with the 56 people
Excuse me, 46 people arrested, enraged, no drugs, paraphernalia found.
One cop said, I saw drugs on all of them, and it turned out he hadn't even ever talked to about half of them.
They all got prison time between 20 and 90 years.
Turned out it was all made up and fake.
Now, that's just Texas.
It just came out that in Dallas they frame people in the crime lab, that they have a whole locker of fake drugs they plant on people and then later substitute it with real ones.
I mean, it's wall-to-wall, folks, and when your government's that corrupt, you can't believe a thing they do.
And it's Republicans, it's Democrats, it's everybody.
I mean, somebody like Ray McGovern, you know, kind of a moderate, was a conservative in the Reagan administration.
And he's here freaking out over all this.
We've got Charlotte Iserby, former head of Policy Department of Education, Reagan Administration, giving you the documents where they say they want to dumb your kids down.
There's a lot of conservatives and liberals and people across the board that are waking up right now.
And I'm a real conservative.
To be conservative, a constitutionalist, I'm pro-gun, pro-family, pro-border, I'm for lower taxes, getting rid of the Federal Reserve.
Well, the neocons you hear on the news, they're not.
They've got some red herring of beating up some mindless soccer mom on the air who's got half-baked idiotic ideas, but that soccer mom isn't the real threat.
She can be deprogrammed.
Joe Sixpack can be woken up.
It's these neocons who are taking the energies of conservative America, of Christian America, and misdirecting it into empowering the New World Order.
Somebody like Ray says, well, see, the UN's against the war.
They must be good.
And no, Ray's wrong about that because the U.N.
was founded by the military-industrial complex.
He didn't argue with that.
And they're just there to play good cop, bad cop while the world demonizes America.
So that's the real system.
There is so much government corruption now that I can't even begin to even try to cover it.
You've got to go to Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com to look at it for yourself.
But I want to remind so-called conservatives that Hillary Clinton and Chuckie Schumer were for this war.
This war was based on lies and fraud.
Iraq was targeted as a military launch base.
Iraq was targeted, ladies and gentlemen, for its oil.
Now that's the president's own policy board statement.
Now, when they can have public documents where they tell us the truth for internal circulation and then they have a public lie for the general public and people accept that, we're in deep trouble.
I'll come back and tell you about some key final news stories and believe me, they're important, so stay with us.
And yes, I'll put in a brief plug for my videos and my book, which we haven't really plugged today.
Stay with me.
We'll be right back in the final segment.
Stay with us.
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The New World Order.
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Thanks for joining me, my friends.
Face recognition surveillance bound for Miami River.
Face recognition software is coming to Miami River.
Long known as a haunt for smugglers and a home for small freighters and high-priced yachts.
The technology that debuted at the 2001 Super Bowl in Tampa will scan for matches, the faces, and ship silhouettes of known terrorists and smugglers.
Oh, yes.
Known terrorists just everywhere are going to get us.
And, of course, they put this in in Igor City.
They're in Tampa.
And it ended up causing massive problems.
With innocent people being flagged down.
In fact, they didn't catch anyone.
It was just some guy sitting there drinking a Sprite with his girlfriend.
A SWAT team would come running up with machine guns.
We even had that guy on the air.
The police tried to arrest people protesting it.
They said, those cameras give you justice.
Protesting them obstructs justice.
That was actually in the Tampa paper.
Actually, the St.
Petersburg Times.
That was about two years ago.
I don't know how I can remember all this stuff, but I can.
Miami River has...
Brandish a black eye with law enforcement for as long as I can remember, said Miami River Marine Group Director Frank Boshag.
The times have changed.
The legitimate business of the river wanted to do something to show their commitment to rivers' improvement.
Oh, yes, so now you'll be face-scanned, folks.
It's spreading all over the country.
Hundreds of cities now doing it.
It's totally illegal.
Total violation of the Fourth Amendment.
And here's another story out of Reuters.
Apocalypse Now music fires up U.S.
troops for a raid.
It says when they attack towns, they play Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries right out of the movie Apocalypse Now before crashing into Iraqi homes to hunt gunmen.
And it said they are going ahead in some towns and just arresting most of the men and taking them to camps that MSNBC has reported are re-education centers complete with movie screens, broadcasting propaganda.
I guess it was good in Red Dawn, you know, in movies like that, or for real in the Soviet Union, so now our government does it, with these strings of Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries still ringing in their ears and the clatter of helicopters overhead, soldiers rammed vehicles into metal gates, hundreds of troops raided houses in the western city.
After sunrise, and it goes on.
Are troops at war before the war?
This is out of the City Morning Herald.
I thought they were waiting to see if Saddam followed orders.
Australian, U.S., and British Special Forces took control of a quarter of Iraq before the war was officially launched.
On March 20th, Allied Forces Commander General Tommy Frank said, Yesterday, in an extraordinary statement that suggests Australians were engaged in the war prior to Prime Minister John Howard's officially committing troops, General Frank said more than 50...
Twelve members of Special Forces units secretly entered Iraq's desert before hostilities began.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
But I thought it was all, they didn't follow orders, didn't do what the UN said.
See, it was all lies, people.
They always intended to go in.
That's admitted.
And they say that's all happening because Saddam's still in there giving orders, and bin Laden's still alive, but don't worry about that.
I mean, it's just totally made up.
It's total theater.
Bunch of other stories, obviously, on the websites, InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And I do hope that everyone will support this broadcast, spread the word about this show, support our sponsors, and to tell the stations, thank you for carrying the show.
The broadcast is really growing.
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Take action, get the film, spread the word, wake America up to what the neocons and liberals are doing.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, and back tomorrow, 11 to 2 during the day.
Be sure and join us.
God bless.
More than 700 chemicals have been found in our drinking water.
And did you know that you can have greater exposure to these chemicals by taking hot showers than when you drink the water?
That's because many chemicals are inhaled when they are inhaled.