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Air Date: June 19, 2003
2002 lines.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Hard to believe that it is already Thursday, the 19th of June, 2003.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We have the lawyer for the original plaintiff in Roe v. Wade.
Coming on the show in the second hour to talk about, well, attempting to force the neocons and the neocon Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade and stop any further killing.
There's already been 54 million children murdered in this country.
And you can rationalize all day long.
You can try to make excuses all you want, but it is murder, ladies and gentlemen, and we'll be discussing that in this historical case.
In the third hour, I've got one of these rock stars coming on who is against the war and the lies and the propaganda of the New World Order.
He's associated with Greg Palast.
And their television blitz, ads with a conscience, we'll be discussing that in the third hour.
A bunch of news from around the world, but I also want to cover a couple stories I never got to yesterday.
One of them is Zacharias Musawi.
Saying that the government had prior knowledge of the attacks when he wants to address Congress.
Also, Senator Orrin Hatch takes aim at illegal downloading.
Wants the government to have a back door into your computer to have a hack system running.
Total violation of every candidate of a free society.
And a Newsmax story I never got to that has quotes out of UNESCO's founding documents that Bush has just signed on to.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.
Where they say the family must be destroyed.
Now, I have the Calhoun Reader, the desk reference for those going to be social workers at the University of Texas, or they have this at many other universities.
It's the standard textbook, the Calhoun Reader, where they say the family must be destroyed, that the family belongs to the age of barbarism, that their job is to destroy the family.
Now, how could any of you have your kids in the public school and make excuses when they admit it's about destroying the family?
And how could Bush sign back on to an organization that Ronald Reagan got us out of when Charlotte Isserby was the head of policy at the Department of Education?
And, of course, they've implemented all the plans in it, but now they're signing back on to it to give it more funding.
So that's coming up early in this hour as well.
Also, Bush threatens Iran with actions to halt its nuclear ambitions.
Think about this.
Now, they said, the neocons said they were going to invade Iran, Syria, Iraq, North Korea, and now they're going to do it preemptively.
World War III, folks.
We'll get into that.
North Korea makes explicit threat.
Regime warns of immediate physical retaliation in the event of a U.S.
Powell appears to shrug off the statement.
Also, Minister warns of Eurovote Civil War.
Eighth night of unrest in Iran, encouraged by the U.S.
Not by the U.S., but by the bankers.
And we will continue also with the covert war in Iran.
And we'll get into the U.S.
options for North Korea run from bad to worse.
And we'll get into panel probing September 11th, request of documents, and of course what Zacharias Missali said, DARPA has a new brain interface system they want to create for the military with the microchips.
This is from Defense Science Office.
It's all coming up.
Big show today also.
Camp X-Ray Father, Anger at Execution Plan, Paxil Ban for 18 and under in the UK and Ireland.
And, of course, now it turns out that Ritalin is highly addictive and causes drug abuse later in life.
We'll be right back.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
Big show.
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All right, my friends, it's Thursday, the 19th of June, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, and infowars.net.
And we do have the lawyer.
Who is representing the woman who was the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade.
She's now a Christian and is against abortion and has a right to have the case reopened by the Supreme Court.
That's in the second hour.
In the third hour we'll be talking about what some of the left-wingers are doing, starting to wake up to the New World Order and the real paradigm.
So you'll want to stay with us for that.
Of course, we'll have open phones throughout the broadcast.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
I want to get into UNESCO saying their job is to destroy the family, the UN group that Bush just signed back onto.
We're good to go.
Absolute violation of the Fourth Amendment, and the government even says it will violate its own hacking laws, but they're going to go ahead and change those, and Hatch just isn't talking about this.
A bill's been proposed.
I saw it last year to do this.
And really the big news is that the neocons, PNAC, the Project for a New American Century, the think tank founded in 96 by Bush's cabinet in waiting,
Said they want World War III, global domination, global empire.
They used these terms.
A new world order.
They called it imperial mobilization in another paper.
They said they needed terrorist attacks.
Large attacks on the scale of Pearl Harbor or larger to get us behind these endless wars.
Well, now the globalists have gone into Iraq publicly to get the oil and to have Iraq as a military base to launch into Syria and Iran, and now they're doing it.
Now they're saying they're going to do it.
And now they're trying to push the psychopaths in North Korea into striking us first so they have a pretext to get us into World War III.
And people will, in a primitive fashion, will shift into mindless groupthink, will worship the government during this World War III period, and will willingly give up their liberties en masse unless we expose who the terrorists are and how they've set this thing up and point people their own public documents where the globalists planned all of this.
They just know that most of you don't read white papers by prestigious think tanks.
But more Americans are beginning to learn of PNAC.
I've been on liberal and conservative shows from Louisiana to Oklahoma to New York to California to Idaho to Florida in the last week or two, and everybody's calling in, bringing up PNAC to me.
So there is an awakening taking place to the confessions of these criminals.
And that's what it is.
To premeditatedly say, we need terrorist attacks against America to get the people behind a war for global empire, to get the national resources, and then to come out and say that it's not about national resources, that it's not about global power, that it's not about weapon sales, is a fraud and is a lie and is a massive racketeering conspiracy.
And it's public.
And now Bush threatens Iran with action to halt its nuclear ambitions.
North Korea makes explicit threat to nuke us.
It's all coming up.
I didn't want to have to do this on the air, but I'm going to do it.
And I know there's no way to address all the people that are doing this, but I'd have to do that on 20 shows to reach the entire audience because people tune in at different times.
The whole audience isn't obviously there at one time, but
You know, I produce documentary films, and I tell people they can make copies for non-profit, not-for-sale purposes.
That means you can make copies of my videos to hand them out to friends and family.
And nobody else that I know of does this.
I do this because I really do care.
I want to wake this country up.
I want to defeat the New World Order.
And because I do that, I don't sell as many videotapes, which is my main source of funding for my staff and what we do, and funds to produce more films in the future.
And to have cameras and computers and editing systems and all of that.
And when I found out that a major Christian organization would only buy like 20 of my videos every couple months, and I knew they were advertising in major newspapers and magazines, and I kind of ignored it.
I instinctively knew they must be bootlegging them and making copies.
And then I found out, because I was mailed, I get mailed copies of videos in different jackets and different sleeves with different stickers, saying, this video isn't high quality, there's a dead spot on it, return it.
Send me another.
And I had to contact them and say, where did you buy this?
Oh, I bought it from this person.
Well, we didn't make this videotape.
So I ordered from the individual, had someone out of another state order from them, and yes, it was a bootlegged video.
I'm sick and tired of it.
I'm going to start taking legal action against people that do it.
And if the person doesn't take their ads out of newspapers and magazines, I'm going to talk about them on the air.
I'm not putting up with this anymore.
I'm not putting up with it anymore.
Especially when it's people that have a lot of money.
What's really funny is this individual, this group, will order videos...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And selling them, report it to me immediately.
Because I'm going to start taking legal action.
Because I am sick and tired of the deception out there.
And I tell you, a lot of these so-called Christians are the ones that will stab me in the back in a minute.
Because they're not Christians.
They're a bunch of profiteers, manipulators.
And I, for one, am sick and tired of it.
I don't want to get off into some big discussion of it, but
I really do hope the listeners will get my original high-quality videos and, of course, Road to Tyranny on DVD.
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All right?
I mean, who else?
When you go buy a minority report, does it say on the movie jacket, please make copies for nonprofit educational purposes?
No, it doesn't.
I do that.
And that's not enough for these slime balls.
Well, I know it's enough for you, and I appreciate you out there, but we do need your support.
So go buy all my videos, and buy my book, and make copies of the films, and do the right thing, because 90% of those that see the films are waking up and are having the blinders taken off of their eyes.
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That's 888-253-3139.
Take action now, folks.
Get the films.
I'll come back and tell you about the World War III the globalists are setting up.
UNESCO is saying that your children must be broken up from the family.
The family's the enemy.
There's no doubt about their goals.
We'll be right back.
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All right, my friends, Alex Jones back live.
And one more note about the people bootlegging and selling my videos and ripping me off.
You know, I'm not going to talk about any of these people on the air.
I'm just going to sue them.
And, you know, I've sued people before.
I don't make a big deal or public deal about that.
But on other issues, I'm not going to sit here and take this type of garbage from people.
Their deception, their lies, their corruption.
But I am certainly just angry, angry about that type of stuff because I have worked so hard to fight the New World Order.
And so many of our problems are in the so-called alternative media.
But that's just the nature of the world as things get more and more corrupt.
Let me cover what UNESCO had to say, and this is important.
We've got to expose UNESCO.
It says, Strangle this monster in its crib.
That's the headline by Phil Vernon, Newsmax.
Now, listen to the propaganda in this article.
Unless Congress regains its modicum of sanity, they're not insane.
They know what they're doing.
They want slaves.
They're not insane, Phil.
Unless Congress regains a modicum of sanity, the United States of America is about to rejoin an organization dedicated to the destruction of the last vestiges of Christian civilization.
For reasons inexplicable, the most sensible Americans in September 2002, and otherwise sensible President George W. Bush, told the United Nations that the U.S.
will rejoin the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO.
A wild-eyed bunch of President Reagan abandoned in 1984, noting that it was utterly corrupt and that the U.S.
had no business being a member of such a group.
Now, wait a minute.
I was on a talk show last night with Charlotte Iserby in Oklahoma City, and she pointed out that she tried to get us out of it, but that they only got out of it in name and stopped funding the UN itself, but the Department of Education funded the exact UNESCO handbooks for the schools and the administration and for the National Education Association's policies.
So it's really always been here.
Reagan just tried to get out of it, and at least didn't fund the U.N.
side of it.
To Reagan's credit.
But, of course, George W. Bush, the New World Order promoter like his daddy that he is.
I mean, listen to this article.
An otherwise sensible President Bush.
You mean sensible when he tried to block arming the pilots when Barbara Boxer was for it?
You mean the sensible president who's for blanket amnesty and open borders?
You mean the sensible president that blocked Dan Burton's committee investigating Pardongate?
George Bush protecting Clinton, pardoning the convicted cocaine dealers and money launderers?
You mean the George Bush that says he's going to re-sign the Clinton assault weapons ban and add a bunch of bans, including a ban on all semi-automatic shotguns?
You mean that sensible, President?
Come on, neocons, quit acting like he's some conservative or something.
He's a New World Order puppet.
And it says most Americans are blissfully ignorant of the insidious nature of the...
Where does Bush go?
He goes to Bohemian Grove.
They worship the trees.
I got them on videotape.
They worship Moloch.
I mean, come on.
Promotes abortion worldwide.
Seeks to capture control of schools and school children.
And is in the process of transforming national and privately owned property in the U.S.
and elsewhere into its greedy hands.
It says, consider this gem from UNESCO's own policy report.
A ten-part series for teachers published in 1949.
Under the title, Towards World Understanding...
Asserted that, quote, one of the chief aims of education today should be to prepare boys and girls to take an active part in the creation of a world society.
But government schools must stamp out love of country, and the family must be viewed as the enemy, as long as children breathe life.
Poisoned air of nationalism, education, world-mindedness can produce only rather precarious results.
As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism.
The school should therefore use the means described earlier to combat family attitudes that favor jingoism.
So there, they call the family a disease.
They say it's got to be gotten rid of.
And I have the Calhoun Reader used at UT today.
I don't know about your college, but it's the big standard desk reference for people going to be school teachers or social workers.
It says the family must be eradicated.
It belongs to the age of barbarism, the state for the future.
Right out of Brave New World, right out of 1984.
Of course, Huxley's brother was Julian Huxley, the author of 1984.
His brother later became, excuse me, the author of Brave New World.
Aldous Huxley's brother, Julian Huxley, became the first Secretary General and Director of UNESCO in 1946.
So, Brave New World's what they want to do.
Drug the kids, all this garbage, it's what they're doing.
We'll be right back and we'll cover World War III.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, folks.
You know that the lady who was known as Roe is now an older woman and Christian and believes that what happened
...was wrong and that abortion is wrong and has the opportunity, because she was a plaintiff in the Supreme Court, to re-enter that case and try to overturn Roe v. Wade, which is great news, and we have her lawyer joining us.
Who's brought forward the new brief of the Supreme Court in the next hour.
We have several other guests as well coming up in a few minutes.
Bush threatens Iran with action to halt its nuclear ambitions.
North Korea makes explicit threat.
Regime warns of immediate physical retaliation.
In the event of a U.S.
blockade, Powell appears to shrug off the statement.
Oh yeah, the North Koreans attack us.
They'll get to get us into a war and pose as our saviors during this war.
World War III.
When Bush told us the new war would last 100 years, multiple generations, he wasn't lying to us.
How do we stop all these preemptive attacks on countries?
And, of course, once they overthrow the thugs, they'll just put in thugs that are as bad or worse in many cases.
And, of course, we're going to take your calls.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231, and we'll get you up and on the air.
And that your calls and that news about World War III are coming up here in just a few minutes.
Right now I want to bring one of our great sponsors up with great products with a couple of new wonderful offers and new products.
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Jim, good to have you on the show today.
Hey, it's good to be on, Alex.
How are you today?
Oh, I'm doing all right, Jim.
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So the filters go up on top of it?
It's a post filter.
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Jim, I know you do exhaustive testing.
How long will these post filters work to cut out the fluoride and the arsenic?
Okay, a set of two is going to go about 1,000 gallons per...
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You've just got a bunch of different products, potassium iodate in case there's any type of nuclear release,
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Hardly any news on that.
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And the new Berkey Light is made in America, by the way.
Jim, thanks for coming on.
Always a pleasure, Alex.
God bless.
God bless you, buddy.
All right.
Now, again, we have several guests coming up, and we're going to take your calls at 800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
We'll get you up and on the air.
Now, I want to recap this briefly.
Bush and his cabinet...
Cheney and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz in 96, before they were even talking about running for election, founded the neocon think tank Project for a New American Century.
And they penned essays, white papers, where they said we need America to be attacked with a Pearl Harbor-style attack or larger by terrorists for imperial mobilization to set up a new world order.
And they said the attacks are needed.
And they said it's going to be an endless war.
We can get the natural resources.
We can invade everybody.
We can take over the world.
We can set up a police state here domestically.
As long as we're in a war, the people will support the government.
They'll support the government while they take your pension funds, while they take the veterans' health care, while they take your guns, while they open the borders, while they do all of this.
While they institute Patriot Act 1 and 2...
While they build giant prisons that they profiteer off of.
They went into Iraq, paid off the Republican Guard, opposition imploded, now they're setting up a dictatorship, taking over the free press, confiscating the guns.
They will, in the cities, the government will appoint 300 people who then vote for who the leader is.
So I go out and tell my people who can vote, and they go vote for me.
I mean, it's crazy.
And now that's not enough for them.
All the lies about, oh, it's just Iraq, oh, it's just the weapons of mass destruction, oh, we don't have any plan to go into Syria or Iran, and they have their own documents saying they planned two years ago.
This is from the London Times.
Bush threatens Iran with action to halt its nuclear ambitions.
Now, Donald Rumsfeld gave them the reactors on the board of ABB, the Swiss company.
As he was the bag man in 83, transferring the chemical and biologicals to Saddam.
President Bush issued his darkest threat to Iran yesterday, saying that the world would not tolerate its nuclear ambitions.
Days after infuriating Iran's ruling clerics by cheering demonstrations in Iran cities, Mr. Bush suggested the U.S.
would act rather than allow Iraq's neighbor to develop a nuclear capability.
Asked if he was going to stop Iran from building a bomb.
Mr. Bush said it will be dangerous if they have a nuclear weapon.
He said the international community must come together to make it clear to Iran that we will not tolerate the construction of nuclear weapons in Iran.
Now, Iran denies that this is happening.
They say it's for peaceful purposes.
And U.S.
and British companies have helped give them the technology that they do have.
Officials in Washington says that the U.S.
will not act unilaterally against Iran.
Dan Bartlett, Mr. Bush's communications director, told the Times that Iran was an issue for the world body, for the whole world, unlike the route to increase pressure against Iran would be through the U.N.
Security Council, he said.
So one likely route to increase pressure against Iran would be through the U.N.
Now, Bush...
Security Council.
A couple weeks ago was at the G8 meeting, and the whole G8 said, yeah, we're for you attacking Iran if need be to stop them producing nuclear weapons.
But then you look at who's helped give them the systems that they can now claim are being used for nuclear weapons.
Now, I have no doubt that Iran's trying to produce a bomb.
In fact, it's admitted that.
I have no doubt.
That North Korea has the bomb, but our government acts like they don't.
They've got to stop them from getting one.
They had a bomb six years ago.
Now, according to the Federation of American Scientists and the Associated Press, Pyongyang, North Korea, can produce 100 nuclear warheads a year, and China gave them the technology to perfect their intermediate range missiles, some of which can hit the West Coast.
And Alaska, they shoot them over the pole.
And so now they've been enabled, they've been empowered, and the globalists don't care.
In fact, by threatening to invade, and by Rumsfeld releasing his invasion plan of North Korea two months ago, now North Korea's freaking out, threatening everyone, massing troops.
This is crazy, folks.
This is a massive escalation.
And boy, try criticizing the government when they're in the middle of a war with North Korea and Iran and Syria, and they've got a national draft in place.
And of course, terrorists will conveniently carry out attacks.
The government will be doing that, of course, per the Northwoods plan to get everyone behind the war during this period.
So, in Paris, two women and one man set themselves on fire.
They were among 100 demonstrators who had gathered near the headquarters of the DST to counter espionage service, demanding the release of a leader of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which was the target of a police sweep on Tuesday.
Self-immolations were also attempted by Iranian protesters in Hamburg and other German cities.
You know, it takes a lot for somebody to set themselves on fire.
And I don't think it's a good thing to do, but you talk about desperation to do something like this, and some are injured, others are dying from this.
There's now inhalations taking place in Iraq.
They know if they shoot somebody, that'll be turned against them.
And so they're just setting themselves on fire and committing suicide.
Because they're in so much pain.
They're so enslaved after 12 years of bombardment and genocide and DU, salting of the earth with depleted uranium.
And they've made all this a left-right debate.
Oh, the liberals are against the war.
No, Chuckie Schumer and Hillary Clinton and all the big socialists, Dianne Feinstein, were for the war.
Just like they're for UNESCO.
Just like Bush is for UNESCO and the UN taking over our schools.
Just like Bush is for the assault weapons ban.
Just like Bush is for open borders.
They have all these neocons on the radio going, look at these liberals against the war.
No, the liberals are for the war, you dirty beatniks.
It's the fringe on the right and the left that really are the populists in this country that see through these lies.
I mean, look at Bush signing on to UNESCO.
I read this earlier.
This is from UNESCO's 1949 official document, their charter, a ten-part series for teachers.
Published in 1949 under the title Towards World Understanding...
Asserted that one of the chief aims of education today should be to prepare boys and girls to take an active part in the creation of a world society, but government schools must stamp out love of country, and the family must be viewed as the enemy.
As long as the children breathe the poisoned air of nationalism, education and world-mindedness can produce only rather precarious results.
As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism.
And Bush signs on to this and massively increases its funding.
And you call that conservative.
It's like the assault weapons ban.
It's like all of it.
It's like protecting those involved in Pardon Gate.
It's like the Open Board.
Just like the supercomputers of China.
The reactors in North Korea.
By the way, the transfers are continuing in North Korea as we speak.
Gotta build up that enemy.
What really happened September 11th and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Remember that Knight Ritter news service headline a few weeks ago?
Neocons call for the New World Order?
And the article mentioned, oh yeah, the neocons are the fourth international atrocity.
They decided to become conservatives in the 50s.
Years after Trotsky's death, and they want a new world order.
They want your guns, by the way, but they're conservative.
And now the neocons have said they want to invade 62 countries in a 100-year war and a national draft.
And oh, this country's got weapons.
That country's got weapons.
Sovereign country after sovereign country getting hit.
Now they're getting you ready for more invasions.
And they say, oh, more terror is coming.
Continuity of government's taking over all the other governments, state government, local government.
We're going to federalize your cities, have a national draft.
We're going to take your lives over.
Well, in my film, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, we cover continuity of government, Patriot Act 1 and 2, Homeland Security, executive orders.
That's about...
50 minutes, 60 minutes of the 2-hour and 40-minute film, Police State 3, Total Enslavement.
And I hope that everyone will order the film, folks.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Get the original films, make copies, get them out to your friends and family.
Let's talk to Dan in Illinois and Spencer in Ohio.
Dan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you doing, Alex?
Let me throw this at you.
What if North Korea is a complete decoy?
What if the leader, whatever his name is, is totally in bed with this regime?
Well, we know he's in bed with the communist Chinese who are in bed with the globalists.
So when you say regime, I mean, Bush isn't even a regime.
He's a front puppet just like Clinton.
No, North Korea is the real deal.
They've been armed.
They're psychopathic.
They're pure evil, as evil as it gets.
But what about just a scare tactic?
They don't have any resources.
They don't have anything to take, you know, taking that country over or whatever is not going to... But in the meantime...
Dan, that's not true.
The Iraqis laid down, special forces infiltrated British and U.S., paid them off in gold bars, euros, and dollars.
That's now admitted before the war, during the war.
With North Korea, whenever they catch one of their police boats in South Korean waters, everybody takes cyanide.
They're totally mind-controlled.
No, but I'm saying that they don't have the resources to steal from, like the Middle East, you know what I mean?
You forgot that they're one of the biggest opium producers in the world?
And the CIA likes to deal smack, don't they?
That's what I'm saying.
I just think it's a diversionary tactic because in the meantime they're genociding a bunch of people, which is their plan too at the same time.
You keep nutrition away from them, you keep food away from them because they're threatening with the nuclear bombs and stuff.
It's an excuse just to keep that thing going.
Well, I think that the globalists haven't really cared for the last few decades because Kim Jong-il and his daddy...
Dictatorships seem to have hereditary power systems.
What do we have here?
Yeah, they are starving and killing 2 million people a year.
Their population is dropping.
They are a model country, just like China.
That's what I'm thinking.
I'm thinking that there's never going to be any attack over there.
This is just keep the fear going, keep the diversion going.
Well, it's a good point, Dan.
I appreciate the call.
But they are going into Syria and Iran.
Let's talk to Spencer in Ohio.
Spencer, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir, Alex.
Today is the anniversary of the Rosenbergs being fried.
Who, of course, were patsies.
It was the Army that gave them the nukes.
So if you were president, you wouldn't have fried them back then?
Well, they were communists and they were little minions, but no, the government, as McCarthy found out, ran the communist system at a level above that, and our government gave the Russians the nukes and the weapons and the systems.
So what I'm saying is the Rosenbergs were patsies.
Well, you think Wen Ho Lee got away with it?
Don't you think he should be brought to justice?
Oh, come on.
You know Wen Ho Lee was a patsy.
That's been proven.
Now, Operation Northwood.
How did that survive if nobody knew about it?
It was a declassified U.S.
government plan to carry out terror.
It's an admitted declassified plan, Spencer.
government plan to carry out terror in America.
It's here, and Ted Anderson from Midas Resources wants to be sure you call right now and get yours today.
It's the 22nd edition Blue Book of Gun Values.
I love going to all the big gun shows.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You've heard that the woman known as Roe in Roe v. Wade, the plaintiff to the Supreme Court in 73, landmark case that legalized the extermination now of 50 plus million children, it dwarfs
Slavery and the amount of deaths and despair that we had in this country, the slavery of black people.
And now the woman known as Roe has, well, she's allowed to have a brief to the court because she was a plaintiff in the case.
She's, of course, a born-again Christian and knows now that it's murder and wants to reverse this and it's being brought to the Supreme Court.
Joining us is Sharon Blakeney.
And we appreciate her joining us, attorney and counselor at law, and she is one of the lawyers on the team with the organization here in Texas that is countering the government and trying to reverse this Nazi policy.
And Sharon, thanks for joining us on the show today.
Great to be here, Alex.
Tell us about yourself, tell us about your client, and where this is all going, please.
Well, obviously it's going to be going to the Supreme Court.
Our client is tremendously relieved, quite frankly, Alex, at the filing of this.
I don't know if you got to see any of the press coverage, but it really lifted a great weight off of her shoulders.
She has borne this burden for quite some time after she realized the travesty that abortion is to women and children.
And she very much wishes to see this case set aside and overturned.
And we fully intend to represent her in doing that.
Well, that's wonderful.
And give us details about your client.
And I want to revisit the 73 case and then look at what you think is going to happen with the new case at the Supreme Court.
Well, basically, her affidavit, you can see it online.
If you go to www.operationoutcry.org, you can actually read much more about Norma's story.
Very briefly, though, back in 1970, Norma was a homeless woman that was pregnant and did seek an abortion.
She went to a doctor.
The doctor said, it's illegal to perform abortion in Texas, but I know an attorney that would like to see that changed, and maybe she can help you.
And then Norma was introduced to the attorney that filed the Roe v. Wade case.
Norma actually had her baby.
She did not have an abortion and the baby was put up for adoption.
However, she had very little contact after that point when she signed the affidavit for her attorney regarding the case itself.
There was no trial.
There was no fact-finding hearing, no evidentiary hearing at all.
It was all based on summary judgment motions and Norma McCorvey herself learned of the ruling at the Supreme Court by reading it in the Dallas Morning News.
Yes, I'm right here.
I was over here on the other side of the studio digging through news articles.
I'm listening.
Go ahead.
Just wanted to make sure you were still there.
Basically, after the ruling, Norma did become a worker in abortion clinics for several years, and it was during that time that she saw how abortion negatively affected women.
And then she became a Christian and very pro-life.
She has her own pro-life ministry, Row No More.
And that is how we came to represent her.
And through what we believe will be a dramatic change in the law of this country, we have filed this Rule 60 motion on her behalf to see the case overturned.
Now, President Bush's wife is against overturning Roe v. Wade.
Do you think Bush will try to block this somehow?
No, actually, Alex, if you look online at the press briefing that Ari Fleischer gave yesterday morning, he was asked directly if the president has ever contended that the Supreme Court was wrong in ruling on Roe v. Wade.
And our slasher answered that the President repeatedly said throughout 2000... All right, Sharon, stay right there.
We'll be right back.
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You will lose your liberty
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, Alex Jones here.
We're live, already into the second hour, in fact 8 minutes and 40 seconds into the second hour of this worldwide broadcast as we go out on the AM and FM dial on a growing list of wonderful affiliates.
Simulcast on Global Shortwave during the day at 12.172 and 93.20 and at night at 5.085 and 68.90 and on the internet at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Roe wants abortion case reversed.
Associated Press, the former plaintiff known as Jane Roe, in a 73 U.S.
Supreme Court case that legalized abortion, sought to have the case overturned in a motion filed Tuesday that asked the courts to consider new evidence that abortion hurts women.
Norma McCorvey...
I think?
If God wants you to abort and it's a bad pregnancy, it'll happen, folks.
And it's very bad for women to increase cancer.
If you do it in an unnatural fashion, if you go in and kill the baby, it also causes massive emotional problems and it creates all these damaged women who then join the New World Order cause to carry all of this out.
And we're getting our babies back, a jubilant McCorvey said at a news conference, all flanked by about 60 women, some who sobbed and held signs that read, I regret my abortion.
I feel like the weight of the world has just been lifted off my shoulders, said McCorvey, 55.
And Sarah Weddington, who I just so happened to meet here in Austin, because she lives here in Austin, the abortion advocate attorney who originally represented McCorvey, did not immediately return a call seeking comment.
Representative from the National Organization of Women also did not immediately return a message.
And we're joined by one of Norma McCorvey's lawyers, attorneys.
Sharon Blakeney, and she is with the Justice Foundation that is trying to counter what's happening.
Sharon, we were talking about Bush saying that he is against Roe v. Wade, which is a good thing.
He wanted to make some comments to go into the history of what happened, how Norman McCorvey was used, and what this means now in the Supreme Court having the case reopened.
Please continue.
Well, obviously, we're thrilled that the President has come out strongly voicing his opposition to Roe v. Wade through Ari Fleischer yesterday morning in the press conference.
And we feel this just confirms that this is the right thing to do.
And as far as what this means, I believe, Alex, it's going to mean a dramatic history-making change in the laws of this country.
Well, that's certainly the case.
Going back to some more of the history of Norman McCorvey, known as Jane Robe, this homeless woman who they basically used, and then how she got into the abortion industry, the death mills, and then her awakening to this great evil, and now how she's trying to counter this, definitely a testament to her.
Can you give us the history of this for those that aren't aware of it?
Well, you gave a very good summary just then, Alex.
I'm not sure that I could add it to many more details.
I know that her story is in her affidavit that is on our website.
Obviously, she saw some very terrible things working in the abortion clinics that clearly pricked her conscience.
She came to realize that abortion is a great cruelty to women, that it's not a benefit to women, it's not a good thing.
And she saw herself the pain that women went through when they suffered abortions.
And through her work there at the clinic, she met a Christian that led her to the Lord, and her life has been dramatically turned around, and she very much wants to see this case overturned.
And we're very pleased and honored to assist her in that endeavor.
Now, it was clear that the socialists and the...
God-haters wanted to legalize abortion.
And we know that the United Nations organization known as UNESCO pushes abortion worldwide in a big way.
So they wanted this, and it's clear they used Norma McCorvey.
Can you explain to us the legal system, how this works, how someone who has already had a case before the court can resubmit the case and give us some of the websites so we can read the brief that you have filed?
Our website is www.OperationOutcry.org, and if you click on the press packet icon there on the homepage, you will be able to read Norma's affidavit and the actual brief and motion that were filed with the Federal District Court in Dallas.
Basically, the legal basis for the motion is found in Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Rule 60.
Under a Rule 60 motion, someone who is a party to a case can come back and file a motion with the court based upon changes in law or changes in facts that make it no longer just or equitable for the previous ruling of the court to have prospective application.
In other words, when a prior ruling of the court has become a manifest injustice or is clearly erroneous given the changes in law and facts that have come to light since the original ruling, the court can overrule its case.
And any idea on or have any of the justices made comments like Scalia or Rehnquist
Or Ginsburg on what they're going to do with this new filing?
Well, I don't know that they've made any publicly and most likely they've not.
Judges are not allowed to make comment on a case that might possibly be before them.
And we fully expect that this case certainly will not have a final decision in the federal district court in Dallas.
Most likely it is going to be appealed by one side or the other.
And the interesting thing is, at this point, the only parties at this point are our client, Norman McCorvey, and the state itself.
And the state of Texas' interest, obviously, in the previous ruling, was to enforce the laws of the state of Texas.
The laws of the state of Texas are that abortion should be illegal.
So in this case, we have the original pro-abortion forces, now anti-abortion, as the plaintiff,
So a role reversal, and then on the other side you have the state who was in a proper position before against the abortion.
So now are we going to see, in fact that was my next question, very astute comments from you.
What about Sarah Weddington and the others that are pro-death and pro-annihilation of humanity?
How do you counter them, or are they going to get involved, or will it be now, or will it be people, a
Claiming that she's being denied abortions?
I mean, what's going to happen here?
It'll be interesting to see.
And I certainly can't speak with any accuracy on that.
But obviously Sarah Weddington is no longer Norman McCorvey's attorney, and we're very grateful to God for that.
So at this point, she has no voice in this case.
I don't know if any other...
Parties will attempt to intervene.
I don't know that they would be successful even if they did.
This is a prior party to a prior cause of action.
This type of motion has not been utilized extensively in the past.
There's one case, Agostini v. Felton.
It was an establishment of religion case.
Where the courts came back several years after a previous ruling and overturned the ruling.
And just by way of comment, I did notice on Fox News that their legal analyst, the judge, and his last name is escaping me at this moment, but if you look on their website, there's a comment from their senior legal analyst saying that in the Agostini case,
That the parties were able to have their case overruled because it only affected them.
That is a great misstatement of the facts of that case of Agostini because in that case...
It affected the entire school system of the state of New York.
And so there was many, many persons that were affected by the ruling of the court.
Well, look, they can't claim that Roe v. Wade just applies to Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe, being able to get her abortion.
Because it legalized this grisly practice.
Nationwide and was used as that precedent.
So clearly the precedent states that, and they can't suddenly tell us the sky is red when we all know it's blue.
You're exactly right, Alex.
And basically, under the law, the ruling in Agostini and the basis of the Rule 60 motion, we have the changes in law and the changes in fact that support the idea that prospective application of Roe is just no longer just.
We know now that abortion is terrible for women.
We have over a thousand affidavits that were filed with the court with testimonies of women of physical complications, miscarriages, infertility, cancer, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, promiscuity.
The list goes on and on.
It's a terrible travesty for women.
I think we're good to go.
Very early on, as early as 21 weeks in some cases, and still live at this time.
I mean, take partial birth abortion or killing babies that could be adopted on the spot.
We've got a break.
Stay right there.
We'll come back, talk more about what this does to women, and we'll take your calls.
You want to weigh in on this historical...
It's got to feel good, Sharon, to be in your shoes.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, we're back live.
We're talking to Sharon Blakeney, attorney and counselor-in-law.
She represents...
The woman known as Jane Roe from the landmark 73 Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade.
And Sharon, I was saying before we hit the last break that it's got to feel good to be involved in something that potentially could save millions and millions, hundreds of millions.
They've already killed 54 million children.
The next Einstein, the next George Washington, the next Orville Wright.
Somebody that could be one of our presidents or scientists or auto mechanics or loving fathers or mothers.
It doesn't matter.
This is incredible, and it's got to be just, you've got to be, I mean, I know you haven't won the case.
You haven't overturned this great evil yet, but it's got to really, you really are getting something done here.
What does it feel like?
Is it rewarding to be involved in something like this?
It's a tremendous blessing to me, Alex, on a number of different levels.
Most importantly, personally, I experienced abortion when I was in high school.
It was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life.
Through the grace of God, I have the opportunity to use the horrible experience that I suffered and then the education that God blessed me with
To hopefully protect other women from experiencing the same thing that I did.
Well, they claim that they give you options, but when you go to these places, I've talked to the women, they just sell you on it.
It's not a human.
This won't hurt you.
They don't tell you about the cancer risk, the depression, how it causes a lot of women to become infertile, all the horrible things it does.
That's right.
It's not an informed consent procedure.
It's truly not.
And honestly, Alex, I don't know that it could ever be.
Because no matter how much information they would give you until you actually experienced it, I don't think you really know.
And that's why, you know, if you look at the situation with physician-assisted suicide, this Supreme Court, the same one that the justices we have right now,
Most recently ruled that because a person in a position that might consider physician-assisted suicide is under such extreme duress they could never make an informed decision, that's why physician-assisted suicide was ruled illegal.
Well, it's also turned out that Wesley Smith's work in the Wall Street Journal that most people that have been killed by doctors weren't even terminally ill and were mentally ill.
And that if they were denied their right to the physician-assisted suicide, once their pain was relieved or they received some emotional comfort, they were glad that it didn't happen.
And that's exactly what we see happens with women that are
Sharon Blakeney, what are the forces of death, and that's what they are, the culture of death, what are they going to do to try to counter this?
I know you've got to have ideas of what their attack plan is going to be.
Also, the Supreme Court, the makeup of it.
Are they going to give us some whitewash ruling that doesn't really get rid of abortion?
What do your analytical skills and skills of law and understanding and research show you?
And what are your colleagues saying?
What do you see happening?
Well, for obvious reasons, there's not too much that I want to comment on in that area.
Clearly, we have some ideas as to what they may or may not try.
In case they haven't thought of it yet, I don't know that I want to share my thoughts as to what they might do.
I really feel that this is going to be a successful effort.
We have the law and the facts and God on our side.
And that's why they've been desperately trying to stop people peaceably protesting, showing people pictures of what abortion really looks like, because they know if people knew the truth, Americans would be against this.
Now, even Dick Gephardt voted to ban partial birth abortion.
Where is the partial birth abortion ban right now?
Is Bush going to sign that?
I mean, where is it?
Now, I haven't, I'll be honest with you, I've been a little busy with our case, and I haven't looked intently at that issue in the last week or so, but my understanding was it had passed both the House and the Senate, but different versions of it, and so it had to go to committee for them to reconcile the differences, and once that occurs, then the bill should be presented to the President for signature, which he has indicated he would sign.
Well, that's good news.
That is incredible news.
I want to come back and take some calls in our final segment with you.
The toll-free number to join us, listeners, is 800-259-9231.
We're talking to Sharon Lightning.
She is attorney and counselor at Law.
We'll tell you about the websites and how to get involved and how to support these organizations.
And again, she is the lawyer for Jane Roe in the 1973 U.S.
Supreme Court case.
She is the lawyer now countering that case that was brought by Sarah Weddington.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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In the last hour...
I covered a story out of Newsmax when his conservative, Phil Brennan, in Eskos, strangled the monster in its crib.
Unless Congress regains a modicum of sanity, the United States of America is about to rejoin an organization dedicated to the destruction of the last vestiges of Christian civilization.
For reasons inexplicable to most sensible Americans, September 2002, an otherwise sensible President George W. Bush told the United Nations that the U.S.
will rejoin the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, a wild-eyed bunch of President Reagan abandoned in 1984, noting that it was utterly corrupt and the U.S.
had no business being a member of such a group.
Most Americans are blissfully ignorant of the insidious nature of the crowd of one-world...
So here's the problem.
Bush, under pressure, cuts $80-something million to the worldwide abortion mill, which is much bigger than here.
Obviously, there's 6 billion people worldwide and another 280-something million tacked on here.
So 50-plus million abortions here over the last 30 years, or 27 years, 30 years.
Imagine what it is overseas.
And now Bush has actually increased funding in the billions for other big abortion programs.
Now, obviously, it's up to you to put pressure on the White House to back out of this.
We wouldn't be having abortion in deep trouble in this country if it wasn't for people taking action.
If it wasn't for people getting arrested protesting abortion clinics and counseling young women and men and trying to teach abstinence and trying to save our society from the MTV devil culture is the only way to describe it.
This culture of death.
I know we've got a lot of callers, Roger, Bob, Debbie, and others that are holding that want to talk to our guests, who I really appreciate joining us.
Sharon Blakeney, and we are about to go to your call.
She is one of the lawyers representing Jane Roe.
That was, of course, the alias for Norman McCorvey in the famous case Roe v. Wade from 1973.
Sharon, any other points you want to make, websites you want to give out, points you need to make before we go to these calls?
Let me suggest one thing for your listeners, Alex.
As you know, the makeup of the Supreme Court is of incredible importance, especially given this case that we have filed, which may and most likely will be heard there sometime in the near future.
We're facing some possible vacancies on that court.
President Bush in his campaign has said that he would promote a culture of life.
There is a project called Project Rosebud.
If you go to www.F2A.org, you can be a part of Project Rosebud, which is sending roses to President Bush for $10.
You can send a rose to President Bush with a message supporting his decision to promote a culture of life and to promote
To appoint justices that will rule in accordance with that.
Boy, I bet the White House is just full of roses now.
That's right.
There's been thousands that have been sent, and we want to send more, Alex.
We want to make sure that if there's a vacancy on this court before this case gets heard...
That there's going to be a pro-life justice there.
I've got another idea.
That's a good idea.
How about Senator Rose?
Maybe I should start this.
It says, please don't sign the assault weapons ban.
Well, I don't know.
The rose is the symbol for the pro-life movement.
I'm not sure what the assault rifle ban symbol is, but you're on the right track, Alex.
Yeah, something that is non-threatening but gets the point across.
That's correct.
And Janet Folger, the director of Faith to Action, is wonderful at that.
If your listeners have never been to her website, I suggest they go.
She highlights the best of what everybody is doing across the country.
What are some of the other websites for the... I mean, what about the organization you're a member of that's been helping to fund this?
That is operationoutcry.org.
And on there, they can also support the Justice Foundation, which I am a part of, which has filed this case.
And that's based right here in Texas?
That's correct.
And obviously the Justice Foundation requests your prayer, your financial support, and affidavits.
If there are post-abortive women that have not provided affidavits to us yet, they can go online, fill out their affidavit, have it notarized and send it in, and we probably will have an evidentiary hearing and we'll still have some time to
File more affidavits with the court if they get them in quickly.
All right, so those websites for women that may want to do that?
That's correct, and that's operationoutcry.org.
Okay, let's go ahead and take some calls.
Roger in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, thanks, folks.
And if you please, Alex, I have three or four comments slash questions if you keep coming back to me.
Now, it's my understanding, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that even some otherwise good Christian media analysts
...has suggested that Roe or any subsequent decision has ruled regarding the personhood of that unborn child, and isn't it true in fact that that was studiously avoided in every decision?
Roger, the Supreme Court has ruled that a fetus is not a person.
A fetus, obviously, is an unborn child, and if you look in Black's Law Dictionary, that's what the definition of fetus is, although the other side doesn't want you to know that.
So it's more word games, like what does the word is, is mean?
Do you mean just de facto or explicitly?
Exactly, yes.
Now, one thing the court has not done, which our case is specifically requesting, is rule upon the humanity of the child.
They have never been presented scientific evidence regarding the humanity of the child.
And so that is something very... I mean, come on, folks.
It's an embryonic human, just like a little seedling is an oak tree, and I'm sick and tired of these word games.
It's got 46 chromosomes.
It's a human.
Now, second...
There's probably a short-form name for that constitutional provision, some doctrine name, where the Congress can say, by the way, we have determined that the unborn child is a person and entitled to all the rights and protections under the Constitution, etc., etc., and the Supreme Court cannot rule to the contrary, case closed.
Is there a name for that, and might not that be a better route?
Well, Roger, I don't know about a better route.
This is the route at this time that we're taking.
You're saying it's a human being.
If you're speaking of a constitutional amendment, which would require ratification by the state... No, no, that doesn't require an amendment.
You're saying that the 9th and 5th and 4th Amendment would cover this.
I should have the article section in the Constitution, but it does say that Congress can...
Keep the Supreme Court hands off on a particular matter.
Roger, I've got other callers.
Do you want to make your last point?
Yeah, now, even some people that support the right to abortion, which was, of course, invented out of whole cloth in row, there's even some liberal atheists, etc., that, while they want that right, they see that as a horrible decision in itself.
They would want to see it through some other avenue.
And I...
I think your case might say, well, that was wrong for Norman McCorvey.
Nevertheless, that doesn't undermine the general principle.
Okay, Roger, I'm going to let you go.
We've got a lot of callers.
And the point you're making we made in the last segment, and you made some good points, Roger.
We've got to be fair to the other listeners.
We only have a few minutes left with our guests, about nine minutes left.
We already said this, that they're going to try, and she talked about the analyst on Fox, our guest did, the lawyer representing Norma McCorvey, going back to the Supreme Court, that they're already trying to say, okay, well this will just be in the individual case of Jane Roe and Norma McCorvey, the true name.
The point is, it was used as a precedent to legalize abortion nationwide.
They cannot say that, and if they try it, it's a total fraud.
Any other comments on that subject, Sharon?
I agree with you, Alex.
Okay, so it's clear, the precedent's clear, it's been used in the state governments, in the state rulings and other federal rulings, so there is no debate on this, though they'll probably try.
Bob in Colorado.
Bob, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex, and thank you, Sharon.
Just a point that I have a problem with, and that is using the term abortion.
Abortion is nature's way of doing something
To correct a wrong, but what we're talking about is infanticide.
Invasive medical murder.
That's right, and this is practiced by not only the mother, but by the butchers of science that perform these operations.
They're the real parties because they're doctors, they have a Hippocratic Oath, they know what they're doing, they pull those little arms and legs out of there.
Well, wouldn't it be more correct to call it infanticide than abortion?
Because abortion pertains to a whole other subject.
Yeah, we get back to semantical terms.
The enemy is good at manipulating terms.
Any comments to what Bob is saying, Sharon?
Well, I don't really care what they call it.
I just don't want it to be legal anymore.
Okay, Bob, anything else?
No, thank you again, and have a nice day, both of you.
Bono Fortuna.
Thank you, Bob.
Thank you, Bob.
Debbie in Texas, you're on the air with our guest, lawyer representing in the new case with Roe Wade going in there.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
I appreciate your work, and I just wanted to ask two quick little questions.
First was
What type of cancers are they finding related to abortion?
Femal cancers?
Cervical, uterus, breast.
Am I correct saying that?
That's correct.
And then the second question is off topic, but I wanted to ask Alex.
My mother is a very intelligent, well-read person that knows a lot of history, and I've been sharing a lot of information with her, your videos and that sort of thing.
And she always asks me over and over, why do all these globalists and all these secret societies and all these powerful people, why do they get so caught up
And doing what they're doing, and she keeps saying they're not going to live forever.
So why do they do this?
I mean, I think I know the answer, but I want to hear your answer.
Well, I mean, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The nature of power is that people that get into positions of power want more power, and it attracts sociopathic, and in many cases not just sociopathic, but sadistic individuals.
And that's a big question.
Why is there evil in the world?
And we know why.
They follow their father, don't they?
And so that's the answer of why evil people do what they do.
They want control.
They're afraid of the minions that are around them that help them get where they are.
So they tend to get more sadistic the more powerful they get.
And I guess it's because a lot of these plans are very long-range.
Yeah, the New World Order is like a university.
The New World Order is like a university.
It has people that sit in the positions of power, but it goes on.
The institution has a life, and this corrupt world system has a life of its own, okay?
And, of course, you know, I'm fully persuaded that it's because I don't think men in and of themselves...
Orchestrate what these evil men do.
So, I mean, that tells me that Satan himself is the one that's actually, you know, the genius behind it all.
The devil's biggest trick was convincing us he didn't exist, and now you have moral relativism, and people, you know, don't even know what good and evil is.
Well, of course.
Thanks for the call, Debbie.
And this is a fight, isn't it, about good and evil, Sharon?
Absolutely it is.
Let's go ahead and talk to Wyatt Maryland.
Wyatt, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Hello, good afternoon, and best of luck to you, and I hope that you're successful, Sharon, in your endeavor to overturn this decision.
The decision wasn't actually about abortion.
It was about choice, wasn't it?
In other words, the Supreme Court decision wasn't actually about the right to choose, not about abortion.
Well, I think, again, Wyatt, that's getting into some semantics of it.
I think what we're dealing with now is the results of a 30-year experiment, a social experiment, of abortion.
I think we see now that it's a terrible thing, and it's time for it to end.
I don't think it was an experiment.
I think it was a well-orchestrated plan.
As Alex pointed out in the beginning of his show, just about the destruction of the family, according to a 1949 document that he was talking about.
Yeah, this is UNESCO, and they said...
That a 10-part series for teachers published by UNESCO in 49 under the title Towards World Understanding asserted that one of the chief aims of education today should be to prepare boys and girls to take an active part in the creation of world society.
The government schools must stamp out love of country and family must be viewed as the enemy.
One other comment.
I think semantics can play an important part in all of this.
I'm sure that the opposite side will be using semantics also.
One gentleman kind of stole my thunder a little bit.
According to the dictionary that I had, abortion was a natural miscarriage.
And it's actually aborticide, which is a doctor-assisted or assisted type of abortion.
And if you take aborticide and homicide, you might want to call it semantics, but it's still the same thing.
So it is a form of homicide and genocide.
So semantics can be used.
Well, it's killing our young in the tender womb.
I mean, it's the equivalent of grabbing a kid off the street and going and cutting their arms and legs off.
Okay, Alex, well, good luck to you, and I hope everything works out, and I'll be praying for you.
That's right.
All right, thank you.
Thank you, Wyatt.
I appreciate it.
So how long until we find out what the Supreme Court's going to do with this?
You say it's going into the appellate court in Dallas.
How long until it gets up to the Supreme Court?
Well, it's actually not in the appellate court, Alex.
We filed this in the federal district court in Dallas, Texas, which was the court where the original filing was made.
This may be a little more detailed than you were looking for, but basically the court there has to make a decision whether they're going to have one judge hear the case or if they're going to
And so they could now rule, then, that the abortion is illegal, and then what area of the country would then have a ban on abortion?
And then you'd have an appeal that would go to the Supreme Court.
How does this work?
Well, if the court chooses to convene a three-judge panel and that panel makes a ruling either for or against, there is a direct appeal to the United States Supreme Court for many ruling from a three-judge court.
Now, if the federal district court chooses to only have one judge hear the case,
Then, after that ruling, the case would then be appealed to an appellate court and then to the Supreme Court if necessary.
So we're talking about years here?
It could be years or it could be one year.
Millions more dead children.
We have to wait.
The federal district court here has a lot of decisions to make, and sometimes these things just move very, very swiftly, and other times they get bogged down.
Well, how do we lobby to make sure it moves quickly?
Well, I suppose... It's a lot more important than can a school teacher wear a dress.
You know, they've got cases like that, I know, in the courts.
They're a man.
I don't anticipate they're going to sit on it too long, because the longer they sit on it, the more support is going to swell on both sides, and we could be in the middle of a...
Even more of a fire scene than we're in.
Godspeed to you.
We'll be praying for you.
We really appreciate Sharon Blakely for joining us.
Take care.
Thank you.
I'll come back.
You bet.
I've got some comments on this and some other news.
We'll go to the next hour with another guest.
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All right, we're back live, folks, and...
This is a testament to what can happen if you get involved and keep pushing.
We could see Roe v. Wade overturned.
But I predict that we'll be lucky if we get a ban on partial birth abortion.
And I want to say blessed because it's just sick what's happening.
God wants it all stopped and humanity should want it all stopped.
Just watch the type of judges Bush puts in there.
I mean, the guy just signed on to UNESCO that worldwide is killing hundreds of millions of children every decade through abortion.
Hundreds of millions.
It dwarfs the 54 million in this country.
And I know a lot of you have had abortions out there, and so you've tried to rationalize what's happening, but you've got this pain in your heart and your stomach and your mind.
Why don't you repent and ask God for forgiveness and beg the baby for forgiveness, and you'll be forgiven.
You'll be forgiven.
Like the thief hanging on the cross next to Christ.
Folks, you really can be forgiven.
It was a human being you killed.
Stop being a party to the murder of other children.
Join us in the fight against this.
By the way, street preachers now on public streets are being beat up by police and arrested nationwide.
I'm going to be getting some of those guests on.
This is confirmed mainstream news.
They're banning political protest of almost any type.
The feds carry out the abortion clinic bombings from all the evidence we have and then blame it on Christians and try to demonize those that are against abortion.
The feds are going to do this with biometrics, I have no doubt.
As you complain about biometrics in the cashless society, they'll form terror groups that blow stuff up, protesting against biometrics.
Then, oh, if you're against biometrics, you're with the terrorists.
This is how they do it.
You're against the New World Order, you're a terrorist.
See, this is the globalist tactic.
We've proven it in hundreds of cases.
You know, even people on the left are waking up and coming out against abortion because they've had abortions, they know it's wrong, the health risk, all of it.
It's time to repent.
It's time to have some decency.
It's time to not kill children.
And all this life of the mother stuff.
I mean, if a surgery needs to take place and a baby, you know, was lodged, killing the mother, and in the surgery they remove the human being, the baby and the mother dies, and the baby dies, or the mother lives, the baby dies, then that's not an abortion.
So, you know, before the mother was in risk, they'd go into a surgery.
It wasn't called an abortion.
It was a surgery and the baby died.
This is abortion.
This is sick.
This is sick.
And Trent Lott was going to pass the same version as the House last year, and Bush got mad and told him to not bring up that ban on partial birth abortions.
So there's a lot of sneakiness going on, and I look at Bush's actions.
Claims he's against abortion here, funds it worldwide.
So it's like saying, okay, I'm not going to kill this kid, but I'm going to bash the brains out of 100,000.
So I'm good because I saved this one kid, but I'm going to kill all these other kids.
It's a sick joke.
Before I end this hour and come back with your calls and another guest, I hope you'll all go to InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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Expose the terrorists.
Get the videos.
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Third hour straight ahead.
Your calls and guests and a bunch of news.
Stay with me.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
We're back live already into the second, third hour.
Third hour.
And we do this show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central and then back from 9 to midnight Central on the AM and FM dial.
Global shortwave during the day at 12.172 and 93.20 and at night from 9 to midnight at 5.085 and 68.90.
And your calls are coming up in this hour at 800-259-9231.
Bush claims he's against abortion, but he signed on to UNESCO, the world harbinger of abortion, funding hundreds of millions of abortions just in the last decade alone.
So, it's very serious.
We had...
Well, Jane Roe's attorney on, her real name is Norma McCorvey, she's now a born-again Christian, worked in the death mills, is against what happened, and says it harms women and children.
We had her lawyer, Sharon Blakeney, on to talk about Roe v. Wade and how it's now in the federal courts because she's allowed to petition on the same case and try to get that overturned.
And as you heard from our guests, the neocons on Fox, they're going, well, this will fail because Roe v. Wade was about an individual case.
No, it wasn't, neocon liars!
It was used for abortion nationwide!
So, uh, that's coming up, and you watch Bush, he'll play some little tricks here and drop the ball on purpose, because he's, well, with one hand, saving a few children, maybe, with the other hand, uh, committing millions to death camps.
Committing millions to instant death.
In the womb.
So that's coming up, um,
The left is starting to find out about election fraud.
I'm seeing a lot of mainstream left-wing websites talking about touchscreen systems that Chuckie Schumer and Bush are putting in that are totally fraud-ridden, no record of how you voted, this incredible corruption.
Globalist companies own the companies that produce these machines.
And to talk about this and a bunch of other forms of election fraud...
And how the disenfranchised left is introducing commercials with a conscience, airing now on CNN, A&E, and VH1.
Joining us in the next segment is Michelle Schacht, the big bluegrass and blues gold platinum record celebrity, I guess.
That's a weird way to say it.
But recording artist.
While Texas-born, Michelle was born and bred in tradition of bluegrass and blues and swing.
She became a true British pop phenomenon, and she's involved with Greg Pallast and others trying to expose the corruption.
And so we'll talk about it and see where she's coming from in the next segment.
Have her on for about 20 minutes or so.
And then I'm going to get back into all the global news.
And what's developing around the world and some of the news I never got to yesterday, like Orrin Hatch wanting the government to have back doors to hack into all your computers in the name of stopping illegal downloads of music and software.
So that's coming up as well.
If you want to go ahead and get on board and get lined up to get on air, the toll-free number to join me on this live Thursday edition of the World Wide Broadcast, 800-259-9231, 800-259-9231, and I will get you up and on the air.
And then coming up,
More on war with North Korea and Iran and Syria on the horizon.
We're lying about weapons of mass destruction as the government's been caught red-handed.
1,500 families sued over the deadly measles, mumps, rubella shot.
And just a ton of information.
About genetically engineered food, that they're now going to be planting all over the country, and much, much more.
But the number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We've had award-winning BBC Newsnight investigative journalist Greg Palast, who's an American, on four or five times, and he's dropped just huge bombshells on us.
Declassified IMF World Bank documents where they say they want to implode our economies, take our pension funds, literally set up dictatorships.
It's their own documents.
And they've even come out and admitted that Greg Palast has accurate documents, but said, well, you know, he's just putting a bad light on them.
He's also exposed election fraud by Republicans and Democrats in Choice Point.
Working for President Bush in the election in Florida, then getting all these big government contracts, running a bunch of other scams, and it really is important information.
In fact, I've seen the left wing here in Austin, the phony left wing, just like we have the phony neocon conservatives, they're all really on the same team, attack Greg Palast.
In the Chronicle in Austin last week, they attacked myself and Greg Palast.
Didn't say Greg was wrong about anything.
Just said, oh, well, he's wrong because he criticizes Democrats, too.
It's this mindless left-right stuff that keeps the corrupt, globalist, New World Order agenda moving forward.
And one of Greg Palast's associates involved in the fight against this globalization is Michelle Schott.
And she, of course, is a best-selling British pop phenomenon and swing, blues, bluegrass, and a bunch of other music.
And she's been an activist involved in just a whole bunch of different areas.
And she's now involved with a group that is introducing commercials with a conscience, airing now on CNN, A&E, and VH1.
And their press release says, you probably heard about this in the news, as the media continues to be owned and operated by a small, biased minority, and it's not free market either, I would add, the need increases for a forum that can expose alternative truths and opinions.
So, we're here talking about alternative information, and to tell us about it is Michelle Schacht.
And I appreciate you coming on the show, Michelle.
It's my pleasure, Alex, and being a
A UT alumni there in Austin.
It's good to kind of, by phone, be back at home.
Where are you now?
I'm in Los Angeles, and I'm working with this group's commercials with a conscience.
Actually, people should go to the website standupnow.org if they kind of want to trace the roots of this grassroots citizens initiative.
But a lot of us are, of course, out here in the Citizens Republic of California.
Absolutely, and Greg Pallas and others are involved.
What is the organization trying to do?
What are the commercials focused on?
Well, you've got to play fire with fire, man.
And if the media is being bought and sold by elites, well, the next best thing I guess citizens can do is organize and collaborate and come together.
And we've put together a commercial, and we're just outraged.
We are outraged by the encroachments on fire.
Not just our civil liberties, but our way of life as Americans.
Well, Ashcroft, two and a half months ago before Congress, the House and Senate, in two separate committees, read off a page and told the Congress, there is no Patriot Act II.
Patriot Act I doesn't affect citizens.
Then on Monday, the Justice Department released a brief and said, yes...
We will use it for all crimes against everyone, no more Bill of Rights, secret arrest, everything.
Now, we already knew that was in the bills because we've read it, but to have them lying and then admitting they have a Patriot Act, too, and now saying, okay, it is against citizens, does that concern you?
It concerns me, and it concerns every American who cherishes our way of life.
When we sing that song, Our Sweet Land of Liberty, we're not saying empty words.
We really mean it.
And I tell you what, this Help Americans Vote Act is the one that's got my dander up.
Because they're now proposing that we adopt the Florida model for our voting system.
And that really is what's lit the fire under the commercials with the conscience.
We're saying this is a tyranny.
And in the Constitution, we are, by citizens, we are by rights, supposed to oppose any tyranny which breaches these shores.
And we've got one sitting in the White House.
Well, that's certainly in the Declaration of Independence.
Chuckie Schumer and George Bush collaborated together to fund the federalization of elections, to put in the touchscreen systems.
Lawsuits have been filed by Republicans and Democrats saying there's no record of a vote.
It's totally fraud-driven, with modems hooked into the federal government.
It's just a black box, and they tell you who wins.
So out of the crisis in Florida, which they created, now they're going to, in the name of a solution, take over the whole system.
What are you concerned about?
Alex, there's no paper trail.
And on top of that, it's handled by partisan elected officials who you can see from the Florida model have nothing but their own interests in mind when they keep this system in place where they scrub voter lists.
You know, Kathleen Harris, she deliberately squashed the previous service that was scrubbing the list when they noticed that there were some discrepancies, that one person who'd been a felon in some other state would take out ten voters in Florida because they had similar names, not even the same names.
Well, now we've caught this government front choice point involved buying the names of Latin Americans for elections.
And, of course, choice points now have been given contracts by Bush, and Harris has been given a lot of perks for doing this.
Now, understand, I wasn't for Al Gore or George Bush.
They're two sides of the same coin, but we do see the corruption happening.
Of other news services, and we do see that it's nothing but a political system, and our entire electoral process is now in peril.
What is your organization calling for?
Getting rid of the touch screen systems or getting federal control out of the states?
What are you calling for?
Essentially, we're calling for citizens to take action, come together, and standupnow.org.
If you go on that website, you will see that we're proposing all manner of citizens initiatives.
But obviously, elected officials have been bought and sold by corporations.
They're running amok with our government.
And this is a democracy by the people, for the people, and of the people, and commercials with the conscience is just one part of a strategy to organize and coalesce the citizens who this country really belongs to, not the elite who try to buy and sell the democracy.
Sure, we're talking to Michelle Schacht, a best-selling pop phenomenon, and she's been a social activist for a long time.
I would tell you, though, Michelle, that the difference between a democracy...
We're good to go.
But Alex, I don't have time to split hairs over that.
The fact that we go along with a decision by the Supreme Court because they are supposed to represent fairness and balance means that we allow for four years this guy to run amok in the White House.
But come the next election...
I don't even buy into the whole electoral system.
Why do we need to have representatives determining what the popular vote should be distilled down to?
I don't buy into any of that.
Let me tell you why we have that.
I agree with much of what you're saying, but some of the key issues I don't.
It's about states' rights.
You will get a dictatorship, take the 17th Amendment, that took our senators from the states and made them creatures of the federal government and destroyed local control.
That's why we have that.
But you know what it's like?
It's called mother wit.
That's what we say in Texas.
You've just got common sense.
And people will go along with tyranny for so long, and once it becomes so blatant, they will throw the tea chest into the Boston Harbor.
Well, that's true, but they've got to know what the real corruption is.
Now, I agree with you.
I mean, Bush is setting up a dictatorship.
He's the worst president that's ever been in office, but he's a puppet.
It's the corporations you talked about that are not free market.
I mean, there's a trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon.
$7 billion contract for Dick Cheney in Iraq.
No bids allowed.
And I hear what you're saying.
So what specifically is your organization calling for?
Just trying to raise the awareness about this?
Well, there's been so much propaganda, hype, brainwash, manipulation in the media that we're fighting fire with fire.
Commercials with a Conscience is bought and paid for and produced by citizens themselves.
Dealing directly with these citizens' initiatives, voter fraud, government corruption.
We'll have a whole list of issues that we can address, but the way we're going about it is, as I say, fighting fire with fire.
We're buying media time, just like the corporate elites do, and so we're calling on citizens.
Somebody's got to be brought to justice, because if you don't bring criminals to justice, the corruption just gets bigger and bigger and bigger, and it's a race straight to the bottom, but
Well, I know this.
I mean, look, George Bush blocked Dan Burton's committee from investigating Clinton pardoning convicted cocaine dealers and money launderers, and now the Democrats are protecting Bush.
They're not contesting what happened with that election.
Do you guys understand that at the committee, chairman, and above level, it doesn't matter if they're Republicans or Democrats?
I got you covered, Alex.
We're not partisan in that sense.
We're dealing with an oligarchy.
Did I say oligarchy?
I'm in an oiligarchy.
This government is being bought and sold long, long ago, quite frankly.
I agree with you.
It's becoming blatantly obvious to even, you know, East Texas hillbillies like me at this point.
We see what time it is.
All right, Michelle Schott, can you stay with us for another segment?
All right, we'll come back with Michelle Schott.
You know, they're doing some good work.
They're getting people to think about election fraud, to think about government corruption, to become aware that this is going on.
I'm telling you folks, we're inches away from not even having local elections if they put these federal touchscreens in.
Just understand that.
We'll be right back with her information.
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Across the board, Americans are starting to wake up.
And I agree with our guest, Michelle Shock, that we do have an oligarchy in this country, but it's more than an oilarchy.
It's a weapons salesarchy.
It's a private prison industryarchy.
It is a tyrannyarchy.
It is a currency speculationarchy.
It is massive corruption that wants it all and wants it now.
And they are setting up a police state.
And I tell you, Michelle, that was exciting what you said about
The point about losing our liberties, our freedoms.
So you guys are involved in exposing the Patriot Act and some of the things they're doing.
We're trusting that citizens are reading, getting their information from sites such as gregpalast.com, that they're getting their information from programs like yours, that they're connecting the dots themselves.
We don't underestimate people's intelligence.
All we're trying to do is get them to come together
And to start creating a foment, a motion, a movement that, in our particular case, StandUpNow.org encourages people to fight fire with fire with regard to media, that it's bought and sold, and your average citizen would look at the media and think, oh, I could never afford commercial airtime on VH1 or CNN or whatever.
And we're saying no.
One person can't, but a whole bunch of us together can.
You know what?
We're assuming that the issues that we address will be obvious to everyone.
By the time we get around to making a commercial like the one we did for commercials with a conscience, it's a general call to arms to say enough is enough.
You're a tyrant, and we're calling you bluff.
Well, the evidence is clear that the administration...
Is the front for the military-industrial complex that carried out September 11th.
Michelle, were you aware of that information?
Yeah, and you know where I got it from?
One of my favorite, favorite books of all time.
I don't know if it's available.
Yeah, I think it's available retail, too.
It's called Addicted to War.
You must know that one, Alex.
Sure, I read it, and I'm glad to see it in the stores.
But it isn't just Bush having prior knowledge, which is now coming out, and I got some more news on that today.
They funded and trained and ran the whole operation.
And have you ever heard about the Northwoods document, Michelle?
No, you caught me off guard on that, Alex.
Well, that's a U.S.
government plan to carry out terror attacks, and they tell us why and how they would do this.
Does that concern you?
Well, you know, terrorism is supposed to be the big bug-a-bear that frightens us all.
It's like Thomas Paine or Thomas Jefferson.
Anyone who gives up liberty for security deserves neither.
Yeah, that was one of the founding fathers.
Well, I mean, they tell us give up liberty, you'll get security.
When you give liberty up, you get tyranny.
They're the threat to our liberty.
And that was, remember, one of the threats that the terrorists made was that they could overtake the United States because we were an open society, because we were too free.
And you've got the folks in Washington, D.C.
saying, okay, well, now we've got a justification.
We're going to protect Americans from themselves.
Oh, yeah, the so-called statements from the terrorists just mesh perfectly with the government, what they want, yeah.
Yeah, it just so happens.
Well, look, I can only commend you guys.
Who are some of the other people that are involved in your organization?
I'm sorry I'm not real quick with the names here because it's a fairly umbrella organization.
Well, there's Greg Pallast and many others here that I see that are involved.
Michelle Schacht.
And, again, this is very, very exciting.
And I hope that more people get involved in this.
And, obviously, that's going to start happening.
Standupnow.org is the call to arms.
Commercials with the conscience is the result.
You'll see the commercials broadcast, but if you go to standupnow.org, you will kind of see the infrastructure, how people are getting involved and who's basically put their names on the line.
Because now, you know, these anti-terrorist organizations could go and find our names and say, aha, arrest these citizens.
That would be your worst nightmare, right, by taking action now.
Well, they're not going to get away with that because we outnumber them and they are the terrorists.
They carried out the terror attacks and we're going to expose that.
You see, they don't care if we complain about Patriot Act 1 or 2 or any of this because they're going to carry out more terror and say, see, we told you so.
If we don't explain who carried out the terror and who stands to gain from this, they're going to continue to carry the terror out and pose as our saviors.
Were you aware of the Project for a New American Century, PNAC?
You got me again, Alan.
Well, this was a group that Bush formed, and they said, we need terrorist attacks in America to get people behind a global empire, imperial mobilization.
Well, I really appreciate you joining us and taking time out from your career to defend this republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
And Michelle Schacht, Godspeed, and thanks for joining us.
God bless you.
Take care.
I'll be right back.
I'll cover news and take your calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Yeah, it's painful to know the truth, but it's a lot more painful to ignore it and to keep stumbling headlong over the cliff like a fool.
And yes, truth is stranger than fiction.
Yes, governments are ruthless and corrupt and must be resisted, must be exposed, especially this illegitimate, enemy-combatant, terrorist government overthrowing America and replacing it with a high-tech slavery.
We're about to go to Ron in Oklahoma and others that are patiently holding.
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Take action, get the films today, and get my book, Descent into Tyranny.
All right, let's go ahead and go to Ron in New York and some more calls, and I'll jump straight into the news.
Go ahead, Ron, I'm going to talk to you.
Ron in Oklahoma.
Got another Ron in New York, too.
Go ahead, Ron.
You there?
Yes, I'm here.
Okay, good.
Didn't know whether you could hear me or not.
I was on my cell phone.
I've got an editorial here from the Daily Oklahoman about opposing the Patriot Act, but my thought is one reason...
The city doesn't want to go along with this.
They don't want to rock the boat for federal money and tourist dollars.
They've got the bombing memorial here now, and they're trying to build a tourist economy on the bombing memorial.
And then they've got the Center for Terrorism here, which brings in federal money every year and Tinker Air Force Base.
But let me hit this.
Editorial, short editorial from the Daily Oklahoman real quick.
Well, let me just tell folks that don't know, they proposed a city law to reaffirm the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and the city council voted down the one member and said, we don't have a constitution here, and that's a federal matter.
So, a simple resolution saying we support liberty and freedom, what our veterans fought and died for,
The city council said, well, we don't care about the veterans.
Go ahead.
Okay, well, we have a Republican mayor, Republican newspaper, and some Republican council members.
But anyway, opposing the Patriot Act.
Understandably, the Oklahoma City Council has decided to decline to weigh in on the work of the so-called Patriot Act.
It's a complex and controversial law born out of the September 11, 2001 attack
But one that doesn't lend itself to lengthy debate in municipal government circles.
Still, the issue is one worthy of the court of public opinion.
The act passed by Congress and signed by President Bush goes to the heart of individual civil liberties in this country that generations of Americans have fought and died for.
We've been generally supportive of Bush's war on terrorism, but have wondered if the Patriot Act goes too far
By expanding governmental power to eavesdrop and give access to financial and computer records.
We disagree with a recent move by some members of Congress who would like to make the law a permanent one.
Lawmakers should be required to debate its extension, for circumstances in waging such shadowy wars often change quickly.
Maybe the proposal by City Councilman Brent Reinhart to force the city to oppose the Patriot Act
While deferred indefinitely, we'll serve a wider purpose by calling attention to an issue that needs the public's scrutiny and skepticism.
Also, our local Channel 5 ABC affiliate conducted a viewer's poll the night the council voted on the resolution.
At 6 o'clock, their poll was running 4-1 against the Patriot Act, against it.
Well, I would ask you, sir, to send me that information.
I know that I've lobbied on Oklahoma City radio stations against the Patriot Act.
I know conservatives are now learning what's in it, Ron, and I want to encourage you to keep up your work fighting the Patriot Act.
And I'd like you to send me, you can get a tape of that or a news article about that, the poll running 4-1 against the Patriot Act.
But even if it was running 100-1 for it,
The Bill of Rights says that if it violates the Bill of Rights and Constitution, it is null and void.
And please send me that editorial or a hyperlink to it.
I'd like to post it on Infowars.com.
For those that don't know, two states have passed laws reaffirming the Bill of Rights, decrying the Patriot Act as un-American and not stopping terrorism, and over 400 cities and towns have done the same.
So they're in deep trouble.
People are responding in defense of the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Ron, did you hear me yesterday and the day before read the Washington Times with the official brief of the Justice Department where they say the Patriot Act II is real and Patriot Act I will be used for all crime against all citizens?
I missed that, Alex.
I've been busy the last couple of days, but I'm certainly not surprised at all.
Well, I've got you here, Alex.
I would like to ask your listeners to email the Daily Oklahoman and their CBS TV affiliate channel line at newsok.com and ask them to support the resolution against the Patriot Act.
You must have many, many thousands of listeners, Alex, so maybe we can put their weight on our side.
They should do it in every city.
Every city that hasn't passed it.
We proposed it.
Two council members are for it in Austin, but they won't pass it.
They don't support America either.
Before I go to Brandon and others and some more of this news, listen to this article.
Thanks for the call.
Ashcroft defends Patriot Act in visit.
And Ashcroft went on to say that the Patriot Act didn't affect citizens, didn't take your rights.
That was out of the Washington Times.
But then, I have the other Washington Times article from Monday.
Now, the one I just read was from last Friday.
This is from Monday.
Listen to this.
Patriot Act on 2001 passed wide net Frank J. Murray.
Now, all he did was quote the Justice Department's own brief to Congress.
It's public.
Now, how did I know a year and a half ago that Patriot Act I affected citizens for all crimes, took juries...
Not ready or right to face your accusers.
Secret arrest.
But you notice that Daily Oklahoman article and every other article I've seen says, oh, more surveillance, more powers to stop terrorists.
They never mention it's about the FBI, local police breaking in your house without a warrant, taking whatever they want, planning whatever they want.
They never mention any of that.
They never mention that Section 802 says the new definition of terrorism is any action that endangers human life that's a violation of any federal or state law.
Well, now the new Patriot Act says that Section 802 isn't broad enough.
They want an unlimited definition to secretly arrest you and secretly execute you.
It actually says it if you do not even knowingly commit a crime or even if you don't commit a crime.
Now let me tell you, that's worse than the Soviet Union.
So go ahead, globalists, keep lying, keep spinning, you're not going to get away with it.
So this is out of the Washington Times.
Patriot Act of 2001 casts wide net, long-sought details have begun to emerge from the Justice Department on how anti-terror provisions of the USA Patriot Act have applied in non-terror investigations, just as battle lines are being drawn on proposed new powers in Patriot Act II.
Overall, the policy now allows evidence to be used for prosecuting common criminals, even when obtained under extraordinary anti-terrorism powers and information sharing between intelligence agencies and the FBI.
So, what does that paragraph say?
The policy now allows evidence to be used for prosecuting common criminals.
Even when the information is obtained from the CIA domestically and given to the FBI.
The CIA domestically.
They're now operating domestically.
They've announced.
Well, they've been operating for decades with the smack and the coke, and now these criminals are going to be on our streets.
Now, this is the Justice Department's quote here.
We would use whatever tools are available to us within reason to prosecute violators of any law.
We would use whatever tools are available to us to prosecute violators of any law.
Justice Department spokesman Brian Sierra said in the wake of his department's massive report to Congress describing how the USA Patriot Act is being implemented.
Now we've had Frank Murray on.
He's a great Congress watcher.
Actually reports what he sees, what's on C-SPAN.
But all the other articles last week were, oh, Ashcroft assures you this is not for citizens, it's only for narrow terror investigations.
But, semantically, he's telling the truth.
Because terror is now any misdemeanor crime, anything.
Now, he did lie saying there isn't a Patriot Act II, there isn't a proposed Second Patriot Terror Law, when it was already introduced in the Senate under F-22.
Semantically, it's like Clinton saying, it depends on what the word is, is, is, is.
I mean, aren't you tired of this?
So that's what they're doing.
Brandon in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you doing?
Hi, Alex.
I'm actually a student at the University of Texas in Austin, and I listen to your show every now and then, and I'm really intrigued by a lot of things you say, but I was just curious, as a student, what sort of sources can I look to to educate myself
Because, you know, I listen to the politicians on the news, and we're just supposed to take everything they say.
But then I listen to you, and I can't just, you know, take everything you say.
I want to go ahead and educate myself.
So I was just curious, like I said, if you could name any sources.
Well, when I say Section 802 is the new definition of terrorism, you go to thomas.loc.gov.
That's the Library of Congress.
3162 or Patriot Act.
You type in H.R.
And there will be five versions of it.
You click on the one that says enrolled and passed in the House and Senate.
That will be the one with the latest date, October 27, 2001.
And then you go to Section 802 and you read the new definition of domestic terrorism.
When I say that Ashcroft says there's no Patriot Act II, I have him on video saying that in Police State 3 on C-SPAN.
Then I have him saying later there is a Patriot Act II.
I have the Justice Department's quote here, that yes, it will be used against citizens for all crimes.
No more Bill of Rights.
That's the Washington Times.
When I say that Oklahoma City is proposing a law to get rid of the Patriot Act, because I read it in their newspaper last week, they report the truth on most issues.
It's the spin they put on it.
We take the spin off of it because of our larger understanding of the geopolitical spectrum.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
So when Bush says we've got a new law to make your pension funds safe, I go to the proposed changes and it says that you will no longer own your pension funds and they can take them from you.
And so I come on the air and say, well, this takes your pension funds.
When a federal court rules that veterans above 65 no longer get health care...
And I go to the AP that tends to tell the truth.
It's unfiltered.
And I read the actual AP article where it says veterans won't get any more health care.
And then I see it in the Austin American Statesman a week later with a local spin saying, oh, there's been some changes that might make it a little tougher to get health care.
But, oh, this had to happen.
Okay, so when I read the Statesman and it says...
Perry signed a new bill where if you take Medicare or Medicaid, they'll take your house, but he says it's good.
I go to the Texas legislature's website, I read the bill, and it basically says you won't have any private property ownership if you ever take a government handout.
That's what we do here.
Does that answer your question?
Yes, sir.
I suggest Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com for you.
We'll be right back with more calls and more news.
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That's right.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
We're about to go to Hank in Texas and others and a few final news stories.
But to...
Answer the UT college students' important question.
Don't believe anything I say, sir.
Check it out for yourself.
I mean, they told us campaign finance reform would stop dirty money in politics.
Well, it doubled the soft contributions that corporations can give.
That is the corrupting influence.
While it restricted First Amendment activities of groups in elections.
And who I can interview, by the way.
And so, you can make up your own mind.
Is that a good reform?
Is that what they said it would do?
Two years ago, they passed a medical privacy bill.
I read the bill.
Made all your medical records public.
Federalized all your different medical clinics where the feds have got computerized systems now and watch everything you do.
I mean, that's what they do across the board.
I mean, they said there wasn't a tips program to have you title on your neighbors and have the cable guy title on you.
They changed the name, doubled the funding.
This is what they do.
And so this is the information we're covering here on this broadcast.
We look at the corruption of governments in the past, how they run scams, and we look at what's happening today.
I mean, take a story like a trillion bucks, it's 1.2 trillion actually, missing from the Pentagon over the last eight years.
There's no investigation.
There's been a handful of news articles about
The Defense Department admitting over a trillion is missing.
We go read those articles.
Why isn't it top story?
Why isn't it top story that it's now admitted that those so-called bioweapons trucks, trailers in Iraq, were for pumping up dirigibles, blimps, and the government knew that.
They have the purchase order from the Russians in the 80s.
They claim they were bioweapons labs.
Let's go ahead and talk to, I guess Hank in Texas is up next.
Go ahead, Hank.
Good afternoon, Alex.
How you doing, sir?
I just wanted to let you know that apparently the police state is livened well in San Antonio.
I just noticed one of their new secret police cars today.
You can hardly tell it's a police car.
It's dark green with black lettering on the side and you have to be just about parallel or right next to the car to be able to see that it says San Antonio Police.
No antennas that are visible and they're cruising the highways.
I wonder what that's about.
Well, look...
You build a prison society.
Prisons are the biggest part of our economy and the fastest growing.
And they need people in those prisons.
They need to expand their industry.
And it's going to get bigger and bigger, and they're going to go after more and more of us that are innocent.
And the cops are running the drugs, the prostitutes, everything.
They get caught all the time framing people.
A lot of the cops aren't bad, but they're compartmentalized and don't stand up against the corruption.
And it's system-wide.
It's all part of the larger takeover.
Can't find enough real criminals.
Now they have to sneak up on anybody they can, I guess, and trump up some charge.
Well, look at New York.
The police are complaining.
They said they've been ordered to put as many people as they can in jail.
Pregnant women sit down on the sidewalks sick.
Well, anyway, maybe there's some people listening that will be on the lookout.
I really appreciate your call.
All right, sir.
God bless you.
Thank you.
Oh, man, there's a lot of news we got to, some we didn't have a chance to get to.
I hope you will tell your friends and family about the show, the great guests we have, the great callers, the important news we cover by analysis as well.
PrisonPlanet.com is the website.
Infowars.com is another great site we have.
Visit them both daily.
Please email your friends and family and tell them to check them out today.
And tell your friends and family to tune in, whether it's on AM, FM, shortwave, Internet, or satellite.
Through this worldwide broadcast.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, and back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
There in the day central.
God bless you all.
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