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Air Date: June 16, 2003
2223 lines.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends.
Big show lined up for you on this Monday, the 16th of June, 2003.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
Coming up, we'll be talking about Dr. Charles Sell, the St.
Louis doctor, who had exposed government corruption, so they arrested him under Medicaid-Medicare fraud.
The charge would give him two years in prison if he was convicted by a jury of his peers.
But they said that he was insane.
The medical doctor was insane, the government said.
The judge said.
The prosecution said.
So they've been drugging him with antipsychotics for six years.
And he's been refusing some of the drugs.
So they've been beating him and torturing him.
This is now admitted.
But the government says it's to keep him in line.
And it's now before the Supreme Court.
We've been covering this story the last two years.
We've had his lawyers, the different medical organizations on that are against what's happening to him, and John Statmiller joins us in about 30 minutes with one of the news clips that sounds horrible enough with the things they've done to Dr. Sell, but the true story is actually much worse.
Then in the second hour...
I've got Mr. Charlotte joining us from Harper's Magazine.
We talk about the Brotherhood, this bizarre so-called Christian cult that loves Nietzsche and Hitler and believes that a world government must be constituted because that's how Jesus wants it to be.
Well, the CIA is involved, and they control a lot of the big neocon Christian organizations, and it's an obvious government front from all the evidence.
That's in the second hour.
In the third hour, on Friday, we talked about the homeschoolers in Massachusetts.
13 and 15, where the parents refused to take them in for standardized testing, which you shouldn't have to do.
I mean, your children are your children.
And so they've now seized custody of them or threatening to take them for good if the kids refuse to take the test.
So no Fifth Amendment, no nothing.
You're going to do what the government says.
In fact, I've got the CPS here in the article talking about how the children belong to them and how they will follow their every order or else.
And we'll mix in a
Proud of the great job he's done, as well as what Violet Jones, my wife, has done with InfoWars.com.
So be sure and visit both of the websites, because they've both been redesigned in the last few months.
In fact, the redesign of Prison Planet is brand new today, so definitely go check that out.
All right, there's so much I want to get into before we get John Statmanler on to talk about Dr. Charles T. Sell and the Sovietization of America, where they just say you're crazy.
Forcibly drug you forever.
In fact, the court has said he may stay in jail for life if he continues to refuse forced drugging for his trial.
He's done nothing to anyone.
For life.
Totally cogent.
They admit they've beaten him and chained him down and done all these horrible things.
So that's coming up here in about 25 minutes.
In the meantime, I want to get into the other news items.
Hamas Israel...
Resist Mideast ceasefire.
Australian expert to expose Iraq weapons exaggerations.
New army chief helped plan final assault on Waco.
That's right, this is from the Associated Press.
The new...
Special Operations Commander, who's going to be over Iraq in the re-education takeover there, is, well, one of the planners of barbecuing the people inside Waco, inside Mount Carmel.
So that's coming up.
Just a ton of news that we haven't even gotten to yet.
Please stay with me today, tonight, this morning, depending on what time zone you're listening to us globally.
Again, we'll be right back.
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All right, my friends.
Again, thank you for joining us today.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're going to launch straight into the news with Hamas and Israel resist Mideast ceasefire.
Australian expert to expose Iraq weapons exaggerations.
The new army chief, the former head of special operations, is going to run Iraq.
And I guess any new operations, this guy was one of the planners of the Waco raid, so he's proven that he'll come up with battle plans to take out American citizens.
By the way, the Delta Force complained days before the raid, saying this was not their normal mission purview.
And that they knew that this was not an arrest situation.
They were being sent in to kill the Branch Davidians.
So that's who you've now got over the military takeover in the Middle East.
Also, Portugal is reeling over child sex abuse scandal.
It's claiming more and more governmental ministers and heads of media and corporations.
This is out of the London Independent.
That's coming up.
Another story here.
Colonel unaware of Al-Qaeda arrest.
Our government announced all these Al-Qaeda arrests.
They talked to the general, who the news said had made the arrest.
He goes, I don't know what you're talking about.
I haven't gotten word yet.
So the lies just continue.
Also, Iraq mobile labs, nothing to do with germ warfare, report fines.
They're now saying that North Korea has exported missiles to Iran by air.
Oh, so now both countries need to be invaded, and Bush is enraging Tehran, that's the capital of Iran, by backing freedom protests.
Now, it was so obvious last week, we even did a flashback on Infowars.com, where we showed three weeks ago where the Pentagon and the White House said, we're going to go ahead and start destabilization operations internally in Iran, and then suddenly you see riots in several of their cities.
So we'll get into that.
And I ran protest at U.S.
So we also have Rumsfeld telling North Korea that the globalists may invade them as early as October with a preemptive strike.
Again, they're doing this to a country who has missiles that can reach parts of the western seaboard run by a psychotic dictator, literally psychotic, Kim Jong-il.
So they're trying to spur him to attack us.
And imagine if we get hit by a nuke or North Korea invades South Korea, the wave of false patriotism, the unifying effect, you won't be allowed to criticize the government, they're going to install the national draft, and we are off to the races.
9-1-1 was just setting up the psyche to accept a military dictatorship.
And it's going to be hard to argue with the government in a war with North Korea, slugging it out with them, invasion forces, tens of thousands of dead Americans, which you will guarantee to have with an invasion of North Korea.
And, I mean, you can't argue that Kim Jong-il's a good guy and shouldn't be taken down.
The problem is the government, Rumsfeld, gave him the nuclear reactors.
China gave them the missile systems that Clinton gave China to help perfect their systems.
And now they're a major threat to Japan, to all the surrounding areas, to South Korea.
They have 100,000 artillery pieces with a 2.5 million man army pointed at Seoul in South Korea, just a few miles across the demilitarized zone.
They've got artillery up in the hills, aimed down at the city with precision.
And even if 2,000 aircraft attacked, more than the globalists have in their arsenal through the U.S.
They could not take out all those artillery pieces in hour after hour of bombing, in day after day of bombing, and they will shell Seoul into a burning carcass.
It'll look like Dresden or London.
It'll look like Dresden when the liberators and B-17s were hitting it in Germany.
It'll look worse than London when Hitler launched his blitzkrieg.
So you can really see what they're setting up.
Order out of chaos.
World War I, they try to give you a League of Nations.
World War II, they give you a UN.
Then they say in the globalist policy papers that they were going to use terror to unify us behind a world empire.
They needed, quote, Pearl Harbor-sized attacks or larger to get the American people behind, quote, the New World Order, as Brzezinski and Hart and Rudman and Wolfowitz and Pearl and Jeb Bush have all said.
In their own public policy reports before 9-1-1.
So this is a horrible thing that's happening.
World War III is being set up.
And to get you behind the war, the military-industrial complex has already implemented almost all of the Northwoods U.S.
government terror plan, where the U.S.
government officially called for carrying out terror in the continental United States, hijacking jets, bombing D.C., all these horrible things to get us behind this war.
And it's going to kill a lot of innocent Americans.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And on Saturday, Saturday night, we were out there fishing.
We were going back to the dock, and we came across a pontoon boat that was dead in the water.
And there were about four-foot waves.
There had been some storms earlier in the day, and we couldn't tie up alongside of it.
The pontoon was in the middle of the lake.
And I jumped in to swim over and try to fix their boat.
No good deed goes unpunished.
And, of course, the boat was turned off.
It was dead in the water.
I started climbing up on the side of the pontoon boat that has aluminum siding on it, and I slipped.
Once I got up on the boat, I slipped.
My hand caught in between the railing, and it basically cut my finger off.
So I've had a really enjoyable weekend, and it feels real good because I'm not about to take painkillers and then impair my judgment.
And so as I sit here now, they did a good job basically reattaching my finger.
The best description of it, you ever seen Terminator 2 where Schwarzenegger is the robot, the android, and he cuts his flesh off and pulls the flesh off his arm and there's the skeleton under it?
Well, that's basically what happened.
It just peeled the skin off my finger down to the end, down to the bone.
It was just a bone.
It was like taking a chicken leg and pulling the meat off of it from top to bottom.
But they did a great job putting it all back on.
I'm moving it.
Other than some throbbing pain, it's good.
Other than seeping and continual bleeding.
But I just want to thank God that it didn't cut my finger off.
Because it did put large indentions in the bone.
I want to thank God that it didn't cut my finger completely off.
The bone itself.
And that's good.
But you know how these rumors end.
By the time people are done hearing about it, it'll be that I was run over by a boat and cut in half and then flying saucers lifted me back out of the water and, you know, there were 14 hobgoblins jumping around.
That's the way stories work.
You know, a patriot can go on vacation for a week and come back and hear that they've been assassinated.
And I guess in a way that's a good thing because people are all watchful for folks that are in the movement of real news and information, but...
Yes, I decided to go out and do some fishing with a friend.
And then I did my good deed and jumped off the boat and swam over and helped these people.
And almost cut my finger off.
So that was a lot of fun Saturday.
But it could be worse.
This shows us how...
Life is short.
We're good to go.
Incredibly dangerous things.
We do this every day because it's accepted by the society.
Everybody does it.
But then they'll be afraid to stand up against corruption or afraid to get involved in the fight for liberty.
I mean, you could be diagnosed with cancer tomorrow.
You could have a heart attack walking into your house or going into work.
You could die.
You could be struck by lightning playing golf.
It happens all the time.
You could drown.
So life is short, folks.
You're not here very long.
And, you know, I could have caught my arm in that thing and slit my wrist, gone into shock, and gone to the bottom of the lake.
Out there in those big waves.
But I didn't.
And I just calmly, with the skin flopping around on the end of my finger, swam back over, got in my boat.
I'm usually pretty calm under pressure.
Again, thanks to the good Lord.
And we drove back in, the ten minutes back into the dock.
And then that was fun.
There was a big party going on at the dock.
You know, they have like a big restaurant and bands out there at night.
And I come pulling in.
There's a no-wake zone like a half mile out from the harbor.
And we come driving in, and my friend Kevin was driving about, I don't know, 15 miles an hour in the no-wake zone, which it wasn't throwing much of a wake.
We had all these people mad at us, yelling, and they all ran up to the dock as we pulled up.
And there was blood all over the place, and they were all yelling and cussing at me, drunk, I guess.
And I just held my hand up and said, Hey!
Almost cut my finger off.
And they all felt pretty stupid.
But, you know, they got the buoys out front.
You're not supposed to speed into the harbor.
But I was in no mood, and I rarely slip up.
But I did.
I apologize to those.
I had some choice words for them.
I'm just glad I got my finger.
My whole family's glad I didn't cut a finger off.
But that's enough about me whining about my finger.
Now we're going to get a bunch of calls, oh, I'm sorry about your finger.
People are going to hear that, and then it's going to translate into, I cut my arm off.
So please don't call about it.
No condolences needed.
It's just a funny story, and people locally found out about it, and before it turned into an urban legend that I got cut in half or something, I wanted to neutralize that.
Or I wouldn't have talked about it.
All right, we'll come back, get into news.
We've got three big guests coming up today and a lot of key information, so please stay with me.
Infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
We're good to go.
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We can't back down, my friends.
The globalists are going to get us into World War III.
They said that 62 countries were on their hit list.
They're moving forward to go into Syria, Iran, North Korea, and they won't list all the other countries.
We know one of them, Somalia.
It's a bunch of countries in Eastern Europe and in the belly of Russia, Central Asia.
And you better believe that one of the unnamed countries on that 60-plus list is the United States.
The number one function of this war is to get us into a Pan-American Union and to merge that with the EU through all these treaties.
And it's so important for people in and out of government to resist this, to speak out against this, for people in government to say no to all these policies.
And I keep using one of the best examples we have.
That is, the smallpox shot.
99.99% said no.
Not 90%, not 80%.
99 plus percent out of hundreds of thousands of people that they wanted to vaccinate, most of them refused because they found out how dangerous and how deadly all of this was.
And so...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They know that he's an intelligence agency super gopher.
And so we just simply have to continue to discredit this system.
It's not our government.
It works for a bunch of corrupt banks that own our military industrial complex.
And they want to train you to be slaves.
They want to train you to accept tyranny that is the complete opposite, the antithesis of what the United States of America is supposed to be.
In the United States of America, you're not supposed to have a system where Dr. Charles T. Sell...
And be arrested for Medicaid, Medicare fraud, a charge that carried two years in prison, and forcibly drugged for six years, five and a half of that in solitary confinement.
And then to have the government say, we don't care if the Supreme Court says that we can't force drug him, then he'll have to stay in prison for life, if need be.
They said for decades, until he takes the drugs, until he's ready for trial.
They said that.
That's the Soviet Union, ladies and gentlemen.
And as evidence of his craziness on this NBC piece that we're going to air coming up in the next segment, they talked about how Dr. Sell thinks that the government's covering up something on 9-1-1.
See, he's anti-government.
He says that there was a cover-up with Waco in the medical records.
Well, that's admitted in mainstream documentaries.
Again, you believe there's a new world order.
You're crazy.
Think about that.
I mean, all these news articles, all these government training manuals where they say there isn't a New World Order.
You're crazy if you say that there's a New World Order.
And then you open the newspaper up and the president and his administration and the Democrats and the Europeans and all these big think tanks are calling for a New World Order.
How many clips have we aired of vice presidents and presidents and CFR members and senators and Hollywood people calling for a New World Order?
I have literally...
Hundreds of news articles that we posted on InfoWars.com from Reuters and Knight Ritter and AP and the Washington Post where they call for a new world order.
But still, Rush Limbaugh has his coop detector why crazy people, delusional people, believe in a new world order, believe in a world government as the world government is being set up right in our faces.
And in the new system, if you believe in a corrupt court system, you believe in a new world order, you think it's taking over from their own statements, you're crazy, and you need to be arrested and forcibly drugged.
Same thing happened in Russia under Khrushchev or Stalin.
Same thing happened in China under Mao.
You believe the government's corrupt?
You don't think the Gulag system's a good thing?
You're grabbed, you're arrested, you're forcibly drugged,
And then you're brought gibbering and foaming at the mouth before the magistrates, before the tribunal, and they commit you to a labor camp to reform you, to repair you, to fix you.
So, this is the system.
We'll come back, we'll talk to John Stattmiller, we'll talk about Dr. Charles T. Sell and the incredible case.
We're seeing more of this around the country.
They tried to pass a bill here in Texas to do this.
They passed another bill in Texas, by the way, in the legislature, where if you take any Medicare or Medicaid, speaking of that, they take your house.
So now you take welfare, they take everything you own.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Coming up, we're going to talk about the case of Dr. Charles T. Sell, the St.
Louis doctor, who was involved in some of the medical records in the Waco case.
He said the government was lying, so they charged him with Medicaid and Medicare fraud, arrested him, and six years later, they've been force-drugging him on and off again.
He's been in solitary confinement for five and a half of the six years.
They admit they've beaten and tortured him.
They say this is all part of the new policy.
And now it's in the Supreme Court, and they say even if it... Even the Supreme Court says they can't forcibly drug, they're just going to go ahead and hold him then, and they say it could be for life.
So you can probably imagine the ramifications of this.
We're seeing similar cases all around the country that haven't gotten as much attention.
I have listened to interviews online with Sell, with his lawyers.
I've had his lawyers, his doctors, his psychiatrist on years ago.
The guy is completely sane.
He's had like five psychiatrists look at him.
He's totally sane, totally cogent, and it doesn't matter to the government.
They just say you're crazy, it's the new Soviet system.
We've got John Statmiller joining us to talk about that.
Before we go to John, and then in the next hour, I want to remind you we've got the Harper's writer coming on to talk about this bizarre so-called Christian group with CIA connections with all these members of Congress that are members that call for a new world order, that call for a world government run by a secret brotherhood.
Jesus wants a world government, and they think Hitler and Nietzsche are good.
This is public.
We'll talk about phony Christian organizations like this.
And in the third hour, I've got the homeschoolers coming on, the parents of Massachusetts, World Net Daily and the Metro West News have written stories about it where they said, you've got to give your kids to us for testing.
You can't homeschool them.
We're going to go ahead and take your kids from you.
So that's coming up the third hour.
And, of course, your phone calls.
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We're good to go.
Tell us about the case of Charles T. Sell, the doctor who said the government was corrupt, so now he's in a gulag.
Tell us all about it, John.
Well, it's interesting, Alex.
This is the gentleman that was given notice.
He was in the Army at the time, in the Reserves.
They wanted him to come down to Waco to do the forensic work for dentures, so on and so forth, teeth, you know, to identify bodies.
Now, this is before the Branch Davidians decided to kill themselves, burn themselves, according to the mainstream press and all the findings of government panels that the Davidians actually committed suicide.
But then their own declassified Delta Force documents show they went in and killed them.
So here's this dentist.
He's in the Army Reserve.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then sets the weird tale and incarceration of Dr. Sell.
Now, he's been in a cell for some six years now.
The government has, as you've had as attorneys on the air, this man has been in solitary confinement at three, four years at a stretch.
It's coming up on his sixth anniversary.
He's not been to court yet.
Well, John, of the six years, he spent five and a half in solitary.
But here's the government.
This guy supposedly, if found guilty of fraud for Medicare and Medicaid, would only spend two years in jail.
He has not seen the inside of the courtroom except for a judge.
And he basically called the judge out and he said, look, he said, this is phony.
These are false charges.
I don't trust you.
And so the story goes, the judge remanded him into the care of the mental health people, and this man has not seen the light of day for six years.
Now, this Thursday edition with Stone Phillips of NBC's Dateline was nothing more than a spin.
This is getting national attention.
This case is going up in front of the Supreme Court probably by tomorrow or Wednesday.
And only on the issue if the government can drug people if their psychiatrists say that they're allowed to.
Now, keeping in mind, Mr. Sale going into court hyped up on psychotropic drugs, the question is...
Really, the legal question is, can the guy, is he cognitive?
Is he of his right mind?
Well, I would say that he is, but that's not good enough for the government.
Well, John, let me add a caveat to this, too, that we covered Saturday.
And this is all mainstream, folks.
This is all out in the open.
They say that even if the government says they can't force drugging, then he's going to stay in prison for the rest of his life, quote, getting him ready for trial.
This is pure textbook Stalinist Russia.
Well, we have the clip if you're ready to roll that, Alex.
Well, John, other points you want to add on this case?
Well, I'll tell you.
Let's run the video clip that I have here for the sound, and we'll make some comments after.
And again, you only caught part of this, but I got a lot of calls about this.
Here it is, folks.
This is absolutely 180 degrees away from what America's supposed to be.
Go ahead, John.
All right, here we go.
They don't want to give me a trial, and they don't want to let me walk out of here free.
Six years after his arrest, Dr. Sell still waits for a trial.
The government says it is not legally or ethically proper to try a mentally ill man and wants to give Sell mind-altering anti-psychotic drugs to restore his mental health.
Drugs Dr. Sell refuses to take.
So the doctor is caught, unable to go to court to prove he's innocent until he proves he's not mentally ill.
Unable to be found not mentally ill because he won't take the drugs.
Why not just take the drugs?
I've seen people here that are on these drugs and they shake and they can't read.
And it's pretty terrible and pathetic.
You could just take the drugs for a short period of time, satisfy everybody, and go stand trial.
Well, I don't know that I'll be able to take the drugs for a short period of time.
Why should I have to stand trial drugged and not in my right mind?
It is that question that has now gained national attention.
Should the federal government be allowed to medicate someone who is non-violent against his will?
Or should a prisoner like Dr. Sell be allowed to make his own decision?
That question is so significant, so important, that Dr. Sell's case has now reached the U.S.
Supreme Court.
He has a fundamental liberty interest to make the decision for himself whether or not to be medicated.
Law professor Peter Joy has written a brief for the American Civil Liberties Union.
The ACLU is just one of a number of high-profile civil rights and medical organizations that support Sell's case.
Saying his claim that he alone should decide whether to be medicated isn't crazy after all.
I think Dr. Sell has a right to say no.
You know, I don't care if you call me delusional.
I don't want to have these drugs coming into me.
I don't want that.
While government doctors haven't disclosed precisely what medicines they'll give Dr. Sell, his attorneys believe it will be a new class of atypical antipsychotic drugs.
The latest independent research has raised new concerns about serious side effects from these drugs, notably diabetes, in some cases leading to death.
The bottom line is, in a way it affects all of us.
For us to make a decision for ourselves rather than the government telling us, but also the potential of actually killing us simply to have somebody go to trial, that to me is a frightening thought.
It's very common for people with psychotic illness to be treated with anti-psychotic medication.
Former U.S.
Attorney Edward Dowd says adverse reactions to the types of drugs Sell may receive are rare.
That the drugs are safe and widely used.
That's what you do.
And I think it's the right thing to do here.
But just when you might be thinking that all the government is doing is trying to heal Dr. Sell and bring him to trial, there's one more twist.
One more reason why Sell feels he's being persecuted and conspired against.
He claims prison workers at Springfield have abused him, shamed him to a slab for 19 hours, even sprayed him with scalding water.
Why did he do that?
He wanted to torment me, to hurt me, to torture me.
That's what he wanted.
Sadistic pleasure.
How long did this go on?
15 or 20 minutes.
Portions of the incidents were caught on videotape.
For years, the Justice Department has refused requests for anyone to see the tapes.
Only after NBC News argued that there was no valid legal reason to withhold the tapes did the government turn over one small portion of heavily edited videotape to Dateline.
All it revealed were these shots of a prison response team assembling and then walking to confront the doctor in his prison cell.
I need you to come up.
So am so well.
Dr. Sell admits he was insolent to the staff, but the tape shows nothing of what happened to him as a result.
Dr. Sell is walked to where documents now reveal he really was chained to a slab for 19 hours.
But before we see that, the tape suddenly ends.
As for the alleged scalding, the government only released these poor quality photographs taken immediately after the incident.
And medical records revealed that Dr. Sell did, in fact, show reddened areas on his body.
The U.S.
Bureau of Prisons would not answer any of our questions regarding Dr. Sell's case.
But the doctor says he expects more brutality and more time in solitary until his day in court comes, if it ever comes.
I think that they're going to continue to harass me because I won't take the drugs.
That's been their modus operandi for the years I've been here, blowing everything out of proportion, trying to latch on to any straws they can to prove that I'm a violent person.
How has all this time in solitary affected your mental state?
I think if you locked anybody in a vault for months and months and months, it doesn't help them to get better.
If the government's real purpose here is to restore this guy to competency, essentially to help his mental health, do you think solitary confinement is the best way to do that?
No, I know from my experience that the only time you hold someone in solitary confinement is when you have to because they will not obey the rules of the prison.
Within a matter of days, the US Supreme Court is expected to rule on Dr. Sell's case.
If the justices rule that Sell can be forcibly medicated, he says he'll have no choice but to take the drugs.
But if the justices rule that Sell cannot be forcibly drugged, then his journey through America's justice system all the way to the nation's highest court could leave Dr. Sell in a catch-22 that almost defies description.
I think if the court says that he cannot be medicated, that he will have to wait until a court determines that he's competent to stand trial.
And then have a trial.
So theoretically, at least in some scenario, this guy could spend the rest of his life in jail?
It is not impossible.
Possibly the rest of his life in prison without ever having a trial?
Regardless of whether you think the government has secretly acted to keep him off the street, or what you make of Dr. Sell's guilt or innocence, for a man who's already lost nearly six years of his life, his home, and his freedom...
You can see why it's enough to make someone like Dr. Sell believe in conspiracies.
I may spend the rest of my life probably right here in Springfield.
You know, this thing, John, this whole story, John... Incredible, isn't it?
It's hidden in plain view.
They're obviously conspiring to keep him off the street.
He was involved in the Waco case.
That's admitted.
The guy goes down there and says the government's involved.
He's in the army.
He's hired to whitewash this.
They then come and grab him and say Medicaid and Medicare fraud.
When he started speaking out, this has been in the St.
Louis papers, they grab him.
He tells the judge this court's a fraud.
These charges are a fraud.
It's about Waco.
They go, oh, you're crazy.
They grab him.
They've been forcibly drugging him.
They don't mention that part.
They don't mention how they beat him until he bleeds out of orifices.
That's all admitted.
And now, even if they say they can't forcibly drug him, well, now you've got to stay here in the prison then without your trial.
So, John, this is pure Soviet Union right here in America.
It is pure Soviet Union, and the case has drawn enough notoriety that the United States Supreme Court is going to rule, as I said on the issue, whether the government has the right to drug somebody.
Well, they've got to discredit him because, you know, they've already had, I guess, Gene Cullen, the big CIA guy over Delta Force in Africa.
He said Delta Force bragged about killing Davidians.
He went public, had to go into protective custody, said the FBI threatened his children.
That's the Washington Times.
I guess Gene Cullen should be arrested, forcibly drugged, and thrown into a gulag, too.
Well, the FBI sent in an undercover agent, and evidently selling this undercover agent went to a range.
We're good to go.
And the interviewer asked him, he said, why do you hate the FBI?
He said, because they're a pack of liars.
Well, they just got caught running the informants in hits from L.A.
to Boston and controlling the drug dealing nationwide.
That's admitted.
I mean, what more do you need?
Well, all you need is to be in a position to expose something about the government, and you can be locked away in a gulag, proclaimed that you're crazy, and you can never go to trial.
It's absolutely incredible, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the new America.
They're trying to set precedence.
Does it make you mad?
John, stay there.
Let's talk more about this in the final segment on the other side of this break when we've got another guest coming up.
I'm Alex Jones, prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
Check them out.
Spread the word.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Understand, ladies and gentlemen, that John Ashcroft says that, oh, the Patriot Act 1 and 2, it's only about foreigners, when the legislation says it's about citizens.
For any misdemeanor, they want to arrest you, secretly trial you before a tribunal, and execute you.
That's what he said two weeks ago, two Thursdays ago.
He said, oh, we want to execute you for any terrorist act.
Well, any terrorist act is a misdemeanor under Section 802 of the first Patriot Act.
They broadened that to an unlimited scope, not even misdemeanor crimes in the new one.
And here they are, and there's thousands of people like Sel around the country.
Somebody blows the whistle on the government dealing drugs, corruption.
They grab you, they say they're nuts.
They tried to pass a law right here in Texas in the last legislature to do this, just where the judge says you're crazy, unlimited time in a mental institution, forcibly drugging you.
And John, here we have this guy in the Army, a dentist,
Hired by him, sent down to Waco to whitewash.
He says there's a cover-up.
They grab his information, grab him, throw him in this thing, have the FBI make up all these lies about him.
Now they torture him, force drug him.
Take the Branch Davidians.
The Supreme Court ordered their release two years ago.
Because they were found guilty of having weapons in the commission of a crime, and they were found not guilty of committing a crime, so how can that happen?
They're still in prison being tortured, beaten, the same stories.
Since 19, what, 96?
I'm sorry, 94, you're right.
So think about this.
I mean, this is scary stuff.
Well, and Alex, I've done many stories on where prosecutors, federal prosecutors will lie.
They'll vilify, they'll do anything that they possibly can.
The judges team up with the prosecutors to exclude evidence and cases.
There was one case down in Georgia where three guys spent years in prison with admitted on the stand BATF planted evidence in a supposed bomb case.
They bury pipe bombs on your land, folks.
They bury the pipe bombs.
The BATF informant gets up on the stand, admits it, but the jury still convicts.
And the jury polled later said, well, why did you convict?
They said, well, the government must have had something on them.
They must have been guilty of something.
Yeah, you have this mindless, well, if they say it, I mean, so what if they plant evidence?
The government's good.
They must have done it to get the bad guys.
Well, take these sitcoms and dramas, you know, like The Agency, where they frame people, but they're doing it because they're bad guys, and torture's good, and framing's good.
You know, they've got to play dirty to protect us, John.
Well, they've got to get their man.
A lot of these federal prosecutors, they're climbing the ranks.
They want to become judges.
They're told to get their man from the Justice Department.
And as you said, coming out of the break, Alex, we have the Department of Justice head, John Ashcroft, caught in a lie about Patriot Act II.
He said it before an investigative committee.
And it turns out that he lied to the American people.
Viet Dinh, which was a CFR member, shortly after getting in front of the cameras on C-SPAN at the National Press Club, they handed this Viet Dinh, a Vietnamese immigrant into this country, that they hung the moniker on this guy saying that the Homeland Security and Patriot Act
That was all his writings.
He's the Attorney General's assistant.
They hung it on him.
A week later, the guy bails and quits.
So we have lie after lie after lie.
And the people that are doing this in the service, supposedly the American people, as soon as it's exposed, they either retire or they're fired.
Well, John, I would expand on this.
That, again, the FBI, it's in my new film, Mainstream News, was caught running hit teams, drugs, everything.
The informants are a criminal army dealing drugs, committing murders for them.
They run the organized crime.
And we have organized criminals with this national security cloak around them taking over.
People, you better get involved now and stand up against this.
We outnumber them.
We're the real Americans.
They're enemy combatants destroying our republic.
Alex, I'll see you on Real Talk Radio this Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m.
Central right on this network and on WWCR.
All right, thanks.
Thanks for joining us, John.
I appreciate you coming on to give us that update.
We've got more guests coming up.
I'm Alex Jones.
Please stay with me.
Some people believe a group of wealthy men control political parties, the American media, and the wealth of our nation.
Is this true?
Dr. Stanley Monteith spent 40 years studying secrecy.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
In the last hour, we talked about the chilling case of Dr. Charles T. Shelb.
Army doctor, army dentist, involved in Waco, exposing government involvement in the mass murder there.
They grabbed him six years ago, been forcibly drugging him for trial.
They say even the Supreme Court rules they can't forcibly drug him.
They're going to go ahead and keep him in prison.
There's already Patriot Act snatch and grab, GRU slash KGB style police operations going on everywhere.
They're trying to legitimize it to the media and the dramas on TV that torture and evil is good if the government does it.
The good news is the American people are waking up getting involved.
We have to stand up for this country against this corruption.
A couple weeks ago, I read a Guerrilla News Network story, and of course it all came out of a story out of Harper's, a highly respected magazine.
Jeffrey Charlotte, who's a religious writer, writes on religious organizations, wrote an amazing story about the Brotherhood.
And in the article, they talk about how Hitler was good and Mao was good and they like Nietzsche and all of this and the CIA is involved and they've got all these so-called Christian conservatives involved and all these congressmen.
And I posted my comment that it sounds like Satanism to me, and Jeffrey was emailing me back saying, well, no, they're just weird or whatever.
Well, I mean, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it's just like a government cult if you ask me.
But joining us is Jeffrey Charlotte.
Hi, Alex.
Good to be on the show.
Well, I'll tell you, it came about, I was researching a book I've got coming out called Killing the Buddha.
It's a Buddhist phrase and it's about religious groups around the country.
And during that time, a friend asked me to meet with a relative who was involved with the group and he told me about it.
And he made it sound really fascinating, just the kind of thing I'd be curious about.
So I arranged to go down to this house
This group, which I call the family, they usually call themselves the family, maintains in Arlington, Virginia, for young men.
The article also says the Brotherhood, so which is it?
Well, one of the interesting things about them is that they're pretty slippery on names.
They've been called International Christian Leadership, they've been called the Fellowship, the Brotherhood, the Family.
As non-profit organizations, they tend to change their name fairly often.
It's pretty hard to... And that confuses people, so folks don't see the full scope of their control.
It does seem that way.
They'll even talk about that.
On the one hand, they'll say, we want a decentralized financial model so that no one gets too much power.
On the other hand, they'll say, hey, look, a great model for doing things is the mafia.
That doesn't mean that they've got hitmen running around and so on, but it does mean that they're doing that kind of... The financing is hard to track.
A lot of the money gets handed person to person.
And there's also a secret leadership called the core...
And in your articles, you talk about how they believe that Jesus wants the secret group to secretly run the world.
This is what Jesus wants, right?
Yeah, they've got a very unorthodox Christian interpretation.
In fact, so unorthodox that they insist that it's not Christian, that it's just Jesus, and that Christian is a political term that distracts them.
And some of the biggest Christian leaders, of course, are members.
We're going to come back and talk about that.
So how long did you spend inside the brotherhood or the family or whatever you want to call it?
I spent actually a little less than a month, and then after that, I spent about, or before and after that, I spent several months researching an archive they maintained at the Billy Graham Center.
Oh, Billy Graham.
And they also told you, didn't they, that one of them told you, we're going to get you, you're a traitor, you're going to pay?
There was a variety of responses, and I should say most of the responses were from some of the people I wrote about where some of them were hurt and said, Jeff, you should have come to us.
There was one guy who, or two men actually, who wrote very aggressively, one suggesting that I was a traitor and that I would be dealt with as a traitor, and another who said, you know, you are outside Christ's love.
Oh, that sounds very Christian.
All right, we'll talk about the CIA connections and all of it with Jeffrey Charlotte.
The website's killingthebuddha.com.
We've got a link to it on infowars.com.
Or read the articles at infowars.com.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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A couple weeks ago, I covered the article, the shocking article, out of Harper's Magazine and another interview that was done of the author by Guerrilla News Network and the good folks over there.
He's Jeffrey Charlotte.
Now, I've talked a lot about neocons, neoconservatives.
They're for open borders, gun control, supercomputers to communist China, nuclear reactors to North Korea.
They're for draconian police state legislation like Patriot Act 1 and 2.
They have bizarre Nazi connections like the Bushes and Prescott Bush running the largest Nazi bank in the United States, Brown Brother Harriman, that controlled over half of Nazi steel production.
The Skull and Bones, with all of its bizarre activities at Yale, with all these CIA directors in three bushes.
I've infiltrated Bohemian Grove and videotaped the bizarre rituals that our world leaders do there, German chancellors.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Go over this in detail for us, Jeffrey Charlotte, please, because it's so important, and I would also challenge folks to go to your website, killingthebuddha.com, about your upcoming book.
Please break it down for us, what the Brotherhood is, or the family, as they call it, how they operate, how it was founded, and all these shadowy connections.
Okay, the family started in 1935, and...
I think so.
And everyone else, he thought Christianity had always ministered to the down and out, the poor and the weak.
And he said, well, what about the up and out, the powerful and the strong?
And he thought that's what Christ wanted him to do, was to go out and minister.
And so he built that up, starting there and then spreading across the country.
By the early 40s, he had a third of the Senate had attended one of his weekly meetings in Washington.
And these would be prayer meetings.
And ostensibly, there would be no politics discussed, but it's all about giving you...
A particular worldview that's going to help you make your decisions.
And it's also about making deals.
And as they spread out internationally, these prayer groups would encompass more and more international leaders.
And they had a particular affinity for dictators and strongmen.
General Cosby Silva, who's the horrible dictator in Brazil.
General Sahardo, who's the murderous dictator, killed half a million of his own citizens in Indonesia.
These were guys that they would get into prayer cells with U.S.
I think we're good to go.
Now, you also say that they say Christ is more of a spirit guide, and that, of course, Christ's emissaries here on Earth, this secret global order, will administer his kingdom here in this part of this larger global system.
Now, it's obvious from your writings and then what I've dug up since I read your stories about this, and you were inside the group, of course, for a month, and then investigated it for months before and after this,
That it's just an envelope, an envelope, a way for them to use Christians as a cover.
From the evidence I see, they've done this in countless other organizations to put this, oh, this Christian mantle on covert activities and legitimize dictators and mass murderers.
I mean, you get into how they sit around at these dinner tables and talk about how Hitler was good.
Well, I can clarify that.
They do admire what they call the Hitler model.
That does not mean...
But also, you say, Jeffrey Charlotte, writer for Harper's Magazine...
You also say in there, in an interview you did for Guerrilla News Network, that Nietzsche, they talk a lot about Nietzsche.
Well, Nietzsche was insane.
He said God was dead.
He hated Christians.
I mean, you've got all these unsundry characters.
This is all they seem to talk about.
Well, I depict a scene in which one very intelligent young guy and I had a discussion about Nietzsche.
And I should say, look, I think Nietzsche's a philosopher.
We should all study whether or not we agree with him.
I don't think that's out of line.
I don't think that's crazy.
I think what's crazy is not making the distinction between the Hitler method, so-called, or the Mao method.
You know, that was another one.
Imagine if you could take what Mao did and put that to work for Christ.
Well, you can't because that's not a Christian goal.
I think there are actually a lot of people with good hearts and good integrity within the group.
And they are not paying close enough attention to what they as a group are doing.
But, I mean, that's how the Masons work, is you've got the low-level useful idiots, and meanwhile they're being used by the higher-level people.
And I'm just telling you, sir, from my study, the people that are involved, this fits the model that I have seen over and over again, and these so-called Christian leaders, a lot of them are members of this group, and they put the spin out that basically you're
Yeah, yeah.
Well, I tell you, it gets even more complicated than that.
You can find this online.
Al Gore once referred to Doug Coe, who is the leader of the family, this group, as one of his personal heroes.
So they cut across political lines.
What they're most interested in is power.
It's not even so much a particular agenda.
I mean, they like George Bush and John Ashcroft, as you mentioned, has been involved with them since 1981 when he began corresponding with the leader and meeting with him.
But they also have democratic allies, too.
And they've even, you know, if you look at some of these leaders, they've allied themselves around the world.
Despite their fierce anti-communism, they'll even ally themselves occasionally with the communist leaders.
Well, I mean, that's the double speak of we're against communism, but we fund it.
We're for it because it centralizes things, and Jesus wants centralization.
Now, Jesus Christ fought against centralized government of man.
He stood up against Rome.
He stood up against the Pharisees and Sadducees.
This is a joke, and they talk about Christ being the spirit guide.
They say that they're not really against abortion, that other religions can do a good job.
That's what your article says.
Is that accurate?
Yeah, they do.
They definitely maintain a bit...
In as much as they have a public face, which is not very much, they're dedicated to being, in their own words, an invisible organization.
And that's not me charging them with that.
That's what they call themselves.
But in as much as they sometimes surface in the public, they have a fairly ecumenical approach.
So, for instance, Suharto was in Indonesia.
He was a Muslim.
I think so.
Now, what is the Cedars?
You talk about how they bring world leaders in and how you even saw a congressman meeting with them who was basically being interrogated to be a member.
He was there presenting himself.
Let's talk about that, who the core is, the core group.
It's all secret.
And then some of the members of this and some of the so-called Christian leaders today.
Well, there's a bunch of locations.
Sure, sure.
Ivanwald is the house for young men at which I live, and that's down in a sort of a cul-de-sac with a bunch of houses all belong to this, the chief one of which is called the Cedars, this beautiful old mansion built by the son of the George Mason, famous from American history, and they use that to host diplomatic events.
I was there, for instance, one day.
Ed Meese, former Attorney General, very corrupt guy, was presiding over a
Yeah, I think so.
Congressman Tehar was very eager to prove his credentials by showing how fiercely opposed he was to abortion and to Islam.
And that was kind of a no-no.
They got upset about that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And Doug Coe, the leader, said that's not what we're really about.
We're just about...
Building what he calls a covenant, this bond, this bond.
What about just saying we're Christian and taking over Christian organizations and having key personnel in positions of power?
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, in the documents, they refer to the long-term goal as a worldwide network of 200 world leaders committed to thinking like Christ, talking like Christ, and acting like Christ.
And, of course, you've got to remember their idea of how Christ acts and thinks and talks.
...is not necessarily the same as that of most Christians.
In your article, you say that they're all having a discussion around the dinner table, and they say, who had a covenant?
And they say, Hitler.
Oh, yes, very good.
We will have our own covenant, Jesus, with Mao and Hitler.
I mean, this is insane.
They would not say we have a covenant with Mao and Hitler.
They say, like...
Now in Hitler, who had a covenant.
They see that these guys, that the guys who've been most effective are these fascists.
Yeah, and the Nazis, of course, were the fool society.
Illuminati, this is MSNBC, that founded the Russell Trust, 1832 at Yale.
And it's the same group, folks.
This is riveting, Jeffrey Charlotte.
Stay there.
We really appreciate you joining us.
And I want you to continue telling us the story and breaking it down.
There's so much more.
And then I want to take some calls.
His website is killingthebuddha.com.
He also writes for Harper's.
We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The big money of the so-called neocon Christians.
They attack those that expose Bohemian Grove and Stone and Bones.
And I was talking to Jeffrey Charlotte, the writer for Harper's Magazine, who spent a month inside the organization in D.C.
I was talking about Bohemian Grove during the last segment.
During the break, I was talking to him and learned something.
And I told you, folks, it was a connection to this because I've done my study under the different names, the brotherhood, the family, all these different names.
That the founder or the prime mover of this organization in modern times does a lot of his recruiting at the Bohemian Grove.
Why don't you tell us about that, Jeffrey?
This is something I learned about recently.
A man named Doug Coe, the leader of this group of families.
Not the founder, but he is essentially the prime mover.
He has attended...
The Bohemian Grove, apparently.
And that's how he works.
He goes around the world.
He's visited every country in the world.
And he does what he calls making friends.
Oftentimes, he'll travel with a couple U.S.
congressmen abroad.
That's very effective.
And I'm sure the Bohemian Grove is very effective, too.
This is one of the best connected guys on the planet.
And this is not me accusing him of this again.
This is people within his own group talking about it.
I've seen his correspondence with you name the political figure.
He knows them and talks to them.
And he goes and he says, hey, look, you know, why don't you just come in and pray with my friends and I, and it'll be totally non-political, and we'll just exchange views, and you bring a person closer and closer into this covenant, this tight relationship.
Now, this is just the level they allowed you into, the documents they allowed you to see.
You were saying there was a lot of documents that you were not allowed to see a quote about the core.
Well, there are a lot of... One of the things, again, and I say that these guys are not as well organized as one might fear because the fact of the matter is they put a lot of their documents in public places.
I think they don't think they're doing anything wrong.
So they're not really afraid.
Well, sir, their practice is now to hide everything in plain view.
That could be it.
But whatever the case may be, the documents are there, and you can read them.
That could be it.
And, you know, when I say that anyone doesn't believe what I'm saying, go ahead, look at the documents.
Now, you were saying this congressman from Kansas is there, and he's saying, hey, I'm pro-life, I'm a real Christian, I want your support.
They've got all these big Christian leaders and other senators and congressmen and women as members.
And they say, hey, don't bring up this abortion thing.
We're not really concerned with that.
We're not really after the Muslims.
Jesus is everything.
I mean, it's so obvious what's going on.
Now, who are some of the big Christian leaders that are supported and involved?
You mentioned Billy Graham.
Billy Graham, yeah, Billy Graham has been referred to in the documents as a core member for going back many years.
Chuck Colson, who is now a big Christian leader, and as it was at one point, Nixon's Chief Dirty Tricks guy actually went to jail for that for, I think, three years and came out and founded something called Prison Fellowship.
But he's a Christian now.
We can't criticize him.
He's a Christian.
He's an interesting Christian.
I actually came across a letter from Chuck Colson to Doug Coe saying, Hey, our German brothers are really doing a great job.
They've got, essentially saying something effective, they've got the Nazi technique.
Now again, I want to emphasize, Chuck Colson is not a Nazi.
He's not an anti-Semite.
What these guys admire, though, is the organizing principles.
And they don't make the distinction that the organizing principles... Well, this is what they admit to you.
This is what they admit to you on the surface.
I believe that.
I believe that.
I've researched them pretty deeply, and I don't think that makes them any less dangerous or worrisome.
Sir, do you know who founded Skull and Bones?
I know, just that I've heard of Skull and Bones.
Well, go read the MSNBC article.
It was founded by a secret German cult in the United States for the purpose of taking over the United States.
It is a fool society.
Their symbol is the swastika.
It's inside the tomb.
This is admitted.
Hitler was a member of the same brotherhood, okay?
Just want you to know that.
I will check it out when we get off the phone today.
I will check it out and do some research.
I think this group probably then might even stay clear of that because the fact of the matter is they're not committed to an oxy principle.
What I'm saying is that they're recruiting at the Grove.
They've got Skull and Bones people in the higher echelons.
Skull and Bones aren't in any powerful group in the country.
It's an association of powerful men.
You can say, oh, we're just having fun, but
Powerful men hanging out together and helping each other.
But then they threatened you.
Two of them said, you better watch it, you're a traitor.
Yeah, yeah.
And a bunch of them, you know, I talked to a bunch of them, and they were quite decent, and they said, look, you know, I'm really upset that you did this.
This is really wrong.
It's called good cop, bad cop.
I'm real sorry for what you did.
It is.
I believe the good cops, and, you know, I would say to the bad cops, just what the...
What they would say to me is, I'm praying for them.
I hope that they want to follow Christ, and I hope they learn to do that, and that that involves not threatening people to say things you don't like.
Well, Lionel Chet wouldn't threaten me.
You know who he is?
No, I'm not familiar with him.
A big guy making this made-for-TV movie about Bush being a hero on 9-1-1, and a top guy taking over the media for Bush.
And I'm there in the dressing room in Los Angeles, and the guy walks over and says, You're Alex Jones.
We're going to get you.
They're real Christian.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
That's 877-605-9200.
All right.
We've already got a lot of callers that want to talk to our guest, Jeffrey Charlotte.
We'll go to your calls here in a few minutes.
I know he's got more he'd like to add.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
Before we go back to my guest, whose website is KillingTheBuddha.com, an upcoming book he's got coming out.
He's a Harper's writer.
Before we talk about the brotherhood, the family, this prime moving...
CIA-connected organization of so-called neocon Christians.
You want to find out what these guys are really up to, what goes on at the Bohemian Grove where they recruit, where German chancellors and British prime ministers and members of the Dutch and British royal family go, and the Bushes back into the 30s, and presidents at the turn of the last century.
It goes on and on.
If you want to know the truth about Bohemian Grove, and they admit I snuck in and got this footage.
That's mainstream news.
You want to see the rituals they do.
Worshiping Moloch.
Last time I checked, that's not a god Christians are supposed to worship.
You want to see the mock human sacrifice.
The video I got that was aired on Trio Network.
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and get Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove.
And the film starts with Washington Times, AP, Reuters, articles about the Grove, admitting the orgies, admitting the satanic rituals, but it's all just fun.
You know, the Christian leaders go and they truck in the male prostitutes, but all they're just having fun.
So you need to go to InfoWars.com.
We're good to go.
I think?
Executive orders, gun grabbing, it's all in police state, three total enslavement.
Then I have, frankly, my best film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, and part two of that, The Masters of Terror, covering what really happened on September 11th and how the globalists carried that out.
So go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to get the videos, or call toll-free 1-888-
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Please take action.
Get my videos.
Make copies for non-profit educational, not for sale purposes.
Get them.
Make 100 copies.
Force multiply the information.
Give it to your church so they know who these neocon leaders really are.
Now back to our guest, Jeffrey Charlotte, again with Harper's Magazine.
Incredible articles.
A lot of them are very tame, though, just analysis of different religious groups.
This one is one of the more bizarre about the brotherhood of the family.
You say that some Christian organizations believe this is an anti-Christ organization.
Can you tell us about that, sir?
Yeah, sure.
I think they're even crazier.
There is a group online that has been tracking this guy, Doug Coe,
For some years on the theory that he is the Antichrist.
And if you believe in that particular kind of literalist and unsophisticated reading of Revelation...
Yeah, then I suppose he could fit your profile.
Do I think he's in Christ?
But there are these groups that are out there.
Well, regardless, saying that the Hitler and Stalin or Mao model, I mean, that's sick enough.
That's sick enough.
That's my point exactly.
We don't need to even go any further than that.
As soon as you say, hey, let's use the Hitler model for Christ, well, you've gone off the tracks right there.
Well, look at Homeland Security.
That was called Reich Security.
Reich meaning land, land security.
I think so.
The neocons followed this Professor Strauss, Chicago University, someone who fled Germany.
He wrote papers, Reuters has reported, saying that dictatorship is good.
So we have this same theme popping up over and over again.
Yeah, exactly.
I think that's it, and I think that's a common thread throughout, is a certain number of people who really feel that a few elite men should be calling all the shots, and that's the government model they admire, and they don't even quite recognize sometimes that what they're advocating is dictatorship.
Now, what are the exact... I mean, you've got the quotes in the Harper's article.
Which it had to be documented on the record or Harper's wouldn't let you run with this.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Lawyers combed over it.
But continuing with this, exactly... Now, you're sitting around with these people and they talk about...
I'm trying to find the quotes here.
Jesus needs a sacred group of men running the world so he can love us properly?
Well, I can tell you, for instance, there's a document that they gave me for one of their projects called Youth Corps.
Youth Corps is sort of a...
We're good to go.
And it says, the vision is to mobilize thousands of young people worldwide committed to principles, precepts, and persons of Jesus Christ.
That's fine.
And then it says to help them mature into people who talk like Jesus, act like Jesus, think like Jesus.
That's okay, but then when it gets weird is when they start saying, to see that the finest and best and visible organization is developed and maintained at all levels of the work.
And even though the structure is hidden...
See that the family atmosphere is maintained so that all people can feel a part of the family.
And that's why I say you go off the rails right there.
Invisible organizations are not what Jesus was working toward.
Invisible organizations are not what, more importantly, because we're a democracy.
We are not a Christian nation.
We're a democracy.
We're a constitutional republic.
Let me stop you for a second, Jeffrey Charlotte.
Number one, we're a constitutional republic.
Well, I'll get a lot of heat over that.
No, you're right, you're right, you're right.
Thank you for the correction.
You know in a pure democracy, if 51% of the people say, kill this group and take their property, it happens.
In a republic, you can't.
The minority, as well as the majority, is protected.
But let me continue.
Classic intelligence...
System, pyramidal structure, where you have the low-level idiots who pay their dues, their tithes, fund the higher-level echelon.
Then they have key people in positions of power.
This is how the CFR, how the Trilateral Commission, how others work.
And then you see the CFR and Trilateral and Bilderberg Group and Bohemian Grove members all in this organization.
This is nothing but a vehicle to take over Christianity in this country.
And now through Bush's faith-based initiative, that'll be the coup d'etat.
The coup de grace.
I think the faith-based initiative is very worrisome, and it's one of those things, again, it looks good.
Who can complain about a soup kitchen feeding the hungry?
And you have to question what is the system that they're putting into place.
It takes control with the tens of billions of dollars a year.
Any other facets you want to hit on?
I'll stop jumping in.
This is just so riveting.
You were in there for a month.
Any other facets you want to hit on before we take calls?
The one thing I would like to say that I think that your listeners are attuned to, that one of the most compelling things about this group is that they're internationalists.
And I think liberals too often dismiss fundamentalists as stupid and as provincial and local.
And these guys are none of that.
They're very internationalists.
They're very sophisticated.
They're very savvy.
They're charming.
They're not Jerry Falwell screaming at you on the TV.
These groups are...
Jeffrey, there's nothing wrong with being a fundamentalist on issues that are important.
I'm a fundamentalist on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Well, that's a little bit different than being a fundamentalist Christian who is advocating a literalist reading.
Alex, that's what I'm trying to tell you.
That's what I'm trying to emphasize, that this is an internationalist group.
In other words, people write to me and they say, oh, I knew it.
I knew those right-wing Republicans were, this is what they're all about.
And I say, no, it's
It's not a question of left and right.
It's a question of people who believe in transparency, who believe in democracy and open debate and discussion, versus people who think a few elites should control everything.
All right, let me read you another quote, and then we'll go to calls.
Maybe you'll understand once you've heard this.
You know who Professor Carroll Quigley was?
No, I don't.
Bill Clinton thanked him in his first State of the Union address.
He was the head of political science at Georgetown University.
And this is what he said in his book, Tragedy and Hope.
There does exist and has existed for a generation an international network which operates to some extent in the way the radical right believes the communist act.
In fact, this network, which we may call the roundtable groups, groups, see it's roundtable interlocking groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the communists or any other group and frequently does so.
I know of their operations of this network because I have studied it for 20 years and was permitted for two years in the early 60s to examine its papers and secret records.
I have no aversion to it or most of its aims and have for much of my life been close to it and many of its instruments.
I have objected both in the past and recently to a few of its policies, but in general, my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known, Professor Carroll Quigley in his book, Tragedy and Hope.
I couldn't agree with that more.
I mean, that's exactly the main issue, that they wish to remain unknown.
You can advocate whatever you want, as long as you're not doing it secretly, and you're not hiding, and you're not trying to manipulate power secretly.
Well, they called for dictatorship, and then Ashcroft's trying to pass Patriot Act II.
Yeah, I think Ashcroft has made pretty clear where his sympathies lie.
Well, now you say he's connected to the group.
What about that?
Yeah, in 1981, a correspondence began between he and Doug Coe in which they agreed to get together and pray together and also talk about how they could bring Jesus, remember this is their Jesus, their idea of Jesus, into politics.
And they don't really have, I think, a great sense of the separation of church and state.
And I think we're seeing the effects of that right now.
He also helped, Ashcroft helped organize within this group a series of somewhat secret, and again, that's their word.
The organizer said this is a secret meeting for students.
They have to handpick students from good colleges around the country who are brought to a hotel.
No press, no press is alerted about this.
And someone like Ashcroft or Senator Pete Dominici of New Mexico will just give them a weekend seminar on how they can
Bring Jesus into politics and how you can do it without setting off alarms.
And we bring Jesus as we secretly take over all the religious groups.
We bring Jesus in through a Hitler model.
Yeah, instead of saying, hey, you bring Jesus in by saying, I'm a Christian, and these are my views, and you can support them or not support them if you want.
We don't talk about abortion.
We don't talk about the Muslims.
This is the spirit guide Jesus.
Well, Ashcroft really does talk about abortion and the Muslims.
I mean, Ashcroft is a more openly dictatorial character.
That's the front for all of this, but I'm showing people the core.
The core is much more sophisticated than Ashcroft.
One more comment on this.
Isn't it a conflict of interest to have seven to eight congressmen who live in D.C.
in a house paid for by this non-profit shadowy group, as you write, connected to the CIA?
Yeah, the building is actually registered with IRS as a church, too, which when, I think, AP, Associated Press, followed up and checked it out, and these guys are saying, oh, I didn't know that, I didn't know that, and I didn't even know it was any Christian.
And a Maine reporter followed up with...
John Elias Baldacci, then a congressman, now governor of Maine, conservative Democrat, and he claimed he didn't know there was any Christian element to it.
Now, I was there.
Every meal was preceded by a prayer, and it's a fairly unconventional prayer.
Oh, what is the prayer?
It's always a free-form prayer, and it's always just an emphasis.
There's a lot you wouldn't disagree with.
Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you for this food.
This is all good.
We agree with this.
And then...
Emphasizing our total allegiance to this.
And I would even have people, I would hear people say all the time, they say, you know, the kingdom of Christ is not a democracy.
And there can only be one king.
And that's what we have to pray to be broken and have our spirit humiliated because democracy can be a pride.
They're saying that they are the Knights Templars, basically, defending the grail.
They believe that they're the new chosen.
And I heard that said a lot of the times.
They're actually the chosen or the elect, however you want to put that.
And Jesus is a spirit guide in abortion.
We don't talk about that.
Let's talk to Dan in Illinois.
Then Bob in New York and others.
Dan, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Dan.
Hello, Jeff.
Hello, Don.
Hi, Dan.
I think they're alluding to Hitler, or that they even admit it to themselves.
You were just hitting on it right now.
And it's the same mistake that all religion without the real Christ and all the religion without real God is, is this idea of a superior race.
The Nazis were the superior race.
It's a takeover system for religious organizations.
It's a total front.
It fits all parameters of a cult.
You got congressmen living in this house paid for by the group?
Give me a break.
Well, Dan, I would make one important distinction.
This is what separates them from a lot of those groups.
They don't believe in a superior race.
Not that I've been able to detect.
Look, there's people of all races involved, and that's important to understand.
What they believe in is that strength and that power.
Now, as for the true Christ or the not-true Christ, it's not for me to judge what's in their hearts.
Well, I don't want to have a religious debate.
I'm talking about the sinister organization, and I'll call a duck a duck.
You know, when it's yellow and quacks and wobbles and swims and flies.
Now, I want to go back to the point that two of these guys threatened you and said, you're a traitor, you will pay.
So I would take that very seriously.
Anything else, Dan?
Yeah, well, what I was going to say was that it's confusing the human accomplishments.
And the conservative right type person, they are so impressed with authority and success.
And they're trained never to doubt anything.
This is to suck good Christians in to be their servants.
I think you've got it right there, Dan, this kind of fetish for authority and success and confusing that with what being a good Christian is.
Which is the total opposite message, actually.
Well, I'll give you my analysis.
This thing stinks to high heaven.
And you write about the CIA connections in your article, correct, Jeff?
I don't mention that too much.
I think that they've always had guys in every branch of government.
They've always had...
That's not something I've explored too thoroughly, but I don't think that... I mean, they've got prayer groups in the Department of Defense and prayer groups throughout government.
And, you know, the government's bigger than the CIA, and we should be worried about what's going on throughout it.
Thanks for the call, Dan.
Appreciate the call.
Bob in New York, you're on the air with our guest.
How are you doing today, Alex?
Go ahead, Bob.
How's Jeff today?
Hi, Bob.
Jeff, Alex brought up a point, and I'm going to give you some homework if that's okay with you.
Sure, I'd love that.
There was a gentleman by the name of Anthony Sutton that wrote a book called America's Secret Establishment, A Look into Skull and Bones.
And where this all goes back to is a philosopher in the 19th century named Hegel.
And what's amazing is if you go way back, which Anthony has done, he exposes the fact that not only is Skull and Bones some satanic ritual, you know, and they do weird things inside a tomb, but it's infiltrated all of U.S.
education systems since the early 1800s.
And the whole point of it
This education system is not to educate.
It's to make you subservient.
He also goes into their biggest ploy is eugenics.
The head of the Nazi eugenics program was meeting in 1932 with Harriman.
This is genocide.
They need to depopulate.
So they're setting up...
The little Christian soldiers who think they're Christian bring in the world dictatorship.
Stay there, Bob.
Stay there, Jeff.
We'll be right back with our guest.
Stay with me.
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All right, folks.
I really do appreciate our guests with all this great information and amazing research he's done.
Jeffrey Charlotte,
Combined with the research I've done and the listeners have done, it's stunningly scary what the globalists are setting up here and how I hear these so-called Christian leaders on the radio saying, Patriot Act 1 and 2 is good.
Basically, you're not a Christian if you don't worship George Bush.
They will attack you if you mention Skull and Bones or Bohemian Grove.
They will attack you if you mention that Bush goes to Muslim prayer breakfasts and worships Allah.
This is the new system, folks.
It's just putting the name of Christ on something and then trying to sell an agenda attached to that engine.
And we're talking to Harper's writer, Jeffrey Charlotte, an award-winning author.
His website is KillingTheBuddha.com.
He's got a new book coming out.
Let's go back to Bob in New York.
Anything else real quick, Bob, you want to say to Jeffrey?
Well, Jeffrey, you've done some great work.
You opened up something that we weren't even aware of.
Well, I was aware of it under different names.
As I said, they had different names.
You know, Opus Dei, I don't know if you've ever looked into that.
I'm looking into now the possible connections between Opus Dei and the late 60s.
This group had a lot of trouble getting into Spain.
They had leaders throughout the rest of the European government of Spain, which was a Catholic government.
This group is very Protestant.
They ended up sort of making common cause with a group of government officials who were in Opus Dei, and through that they were able to get access to Franco, the dictator of Spain.
And these government officials, these Opus Dei guys, would vouch for this group and say they're all right, and then from there on they're doing business.
And they say in your article that, oh, we like Franco.
Yeah, they did admire Franco, another dictator who...
Killed a lot of his own citizens.
Ruled Spain for many years with U.S.
And again, this is a guy who maybe he has some problems with his policies, but we like the way he approaches governance.
Because it's on the model of crisis, they understand it, which is hierarchical.
Which is a dictatorship.
Thanks for the call, Bob.
Billy in Texas, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead, Billy.
Hello, Alex.
Nice talking to you again.
Nice talking to you.
I called you, I think it was two weeks ago, and I was wanting to ask you about if you've seen 44 Minutes or that, and you let me plug my website on here.
Okay, sir, what's on your mind?
Real quick, if I could just explain my story, what I have to explain dwarfs what you guys have been talking about, but basically I'm going to try to make this real short.
The state of Michigan has just came and raped and pillaged my whole family.
Well, sir, we see these horror stories every day.
I may have to hold you over the next hour, and you tell me you're calling in from Texas.
Yeah, I'm calling from Texas.
It's a child support issue.
Okay, sir, I'm going to have to put you on hold.
Because when I have a guest on, it's about that issue.
You know what?
I'm not going to take any more calls.
I just want to go ahead and let our guests finish up.
Sir, are there any other points you'd like to make, any other things you'd like to discuss about this situation you've exposed?
I think we've covered it pretty well.
I think one thing that's worth looking at is in 1945, the founder of the group, Abraham Brady, was using the phrase the New World Order.
And he was working with the administrators of the Marshall Plan, with which the U.S.
helped to rebuild Europe and do a lot of good work.
But he was also saying, let's use that to promote this Christian agenda and to say, look, you want to do business with us, you have to do it on these terms.
You have to
Oh, no.
A lot of them do pursue this with good hearts and with good integrity, but the issue becomes, are you going to do it out in the open, out in the public?
Well, we can all debate, and we can say, is this a good idea or a bad idea?
And they call it, and the founder called it a New World Order, and just a few years it had presidential support.
Did you know that Hitler called for a New World Order, sir?
I didn't, but it's not surprising.
Well, you know, George W. Bush and his daddy have called for a New World Order.
It's a popular phrase.
It means world dictatorship.
Appreciate you joining us, Jeffrey Charlotte.
Great job.
Take care.
Be right back with the third hour with another guest.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, in the first hour, we talked about the story of Dr. Charles T. Sell, an Army physician.
Dentist hired to look at medical records in Waco.
He was there on the scene.
Said the government was involved in the cover-up, so they charged him with Medicaid and Medicare fraud in his private practice.
He said that the court was corrupt and a fraud.
And so they grabbed him secretly and been drugging him.
Now it's public.
And they want to continue forced drugging.
They say the Supreme Court rules they can't force drugging for six years.
They will just continue to hold him in solitary confinement until the
Prison doctors say he's sane because they say it's insane to say the government is corrupt.
They actually say this.
They admit they've beaten and tortured him.
They will not release the videotapes of this, though.
They say it's all part of discipline.
In the last hour, we talked about the neocons taking over real Christian organizations and recruiting at Bohemian Grove and much more with the Harper's Magazine reporter.
And in this hour, I am really happy to announce that we've got...
The Kim Bryant on, the mother of a valiant family that are trying to defend their children from the re-education dumbing down centers that are the public schools.
It was first reported by the Metro West Daily News.
World Net Daily's written an article about this.
We have it on InfoWars.com.
Coming up in about five minutes, we're going to have our guest on, who I know is already online.
But I wanted to read some of this article.
Homeschooling standoff in Waltham.
I think.
George Nicholas Bryant, 15, and the daughter, Nysa Bryant, 13, stood behind their parents, Kim and George Bryant, as police and child kidnapping services workers attempted to collect the children at 7.45 a.m.
The DSS demanded the two complete a test to determine their educational level.
After a court order was issued by the Crammingham Juvenile Court around 1 p.m., the children were driven by their parents to the Waltham Hotel.
Again, they refused to take the test.
The court order said that the children must be here.
It said nothing about taking the test, said George Bryant, the father.
The second refusal came after an emotional, filled morning for the family when DSS workers sternly demanded that the Bryants comply with their orders.
We have legal custody of the children, and we will deal with them as we see fit, DSS worker Susan Estakovich told the Bryants in their Gale Street home.
Quote, they are minors, and they will do what we tell them to do.
We have legal custody of the children, and we will deal with them as we see fit.
Four police officers were also at the scene and attempted to coax the Bryants to listen to the DSS worker.
Whatever happened to the Fifth Amendment, folks?
We are simply here to prevent a breach of the peace.
Oh yeah, you're the one causing the breach of the peace, said Waltham Youth Officer Detective James Allude.
We will not physically remove the children.
And then it goes on to the CPS saying they may take the children for good because the children refused to take the test.
Now, the question here, and the big...
Precedent we're looking at here is that if they can make you follow their curriculum and have CPS in your home and have them take their stupid test to see how they've dumbed your kids down to make sure they've carried out the Defense Department directive.
We've had the former head of Policy Department of Education on, Charlotte Iserby.
They want to make sure they've dumbed your kids down.
And they're trying to outlaw homeschooling, harassing parents nationwide as the borders are wide open and as their kids are learning how to use drugs and have sex and worship Nike tennis shoes in these public schools and eat irradiated food.
They feed them now in these systems.
The kids are thumb scanning to get school lunches, training them for the biometric system.
It's horrible.
And it's your children, not the state's.
And this is not freedom.
We'll come back and go to the mother...
Mrs. Bryant, who has incredible courage.
The father said that they can try to bully a lot of parents.
He said there have been threats all along.
And he says most families fall to that bullying by the state legal system.
We're not going to do it.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
And we'll talk to Mrs. Bryant.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Stay with me.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, we had some callers earlier in the last hour with our other guests wanting to bring up CPS and how the government's breaking up families.
Some of those folks got disconnected on accident.
If you want to call in on this issue, we'll take your calls later in this hour.
The toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
There is a hallmark of dictatorship and police state.
Whether it was under the Egyptians who wanted to kill the firstborn of the Jews, or whether it was in Franco's Spain who took people's children for political reasons, or in Hitler's Germany, this same eugenics process of dumbing our kids down is taking place here.
We have the official Department of Education documents.
They're in Charlotte Iserby's phone book-sized book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.
She's, of course, the former head of policy, number two position, Department of Education in the first Reagan administration.
So we know they want to hurt our children.
The useful idiot teachers, who aren't generally bad, but are just ignorant and follow orders, don't see the larger plan.
The more education funding, the dumber our kids get.
The bigger the drug war gets, the more drugs on the streets.
More people in prison.
The bigger the war on terror gets, the more terror.
They are creating the crises to offer the solution.
Now, from California to Illinois to Texas, they're now announcing you can't homeschool.
You've got to have a teaching certificate.
You've got to have CPS in your house five times a year.
You've got to take our tests.
You've got to follow our curriculum.
They're saying your kids don't belong to you.
And with the Bryant family up in Massachusetts going back six years ago, George Bryant,
Was arrested six years ago after not attending a meeting that the city contends was a summons.
Now, they don't even send you a summons.
They just call and say, you've got to show up.
We'll arrest you if you don't.
It's not a legal document.
It's not constitutional.
The meeting was called by the Waltham School District for his failure to send his children to school when they're homeschooling.
And they now have basically grabbed the kids and have taken custody.
They've gotten the kids back, but they're saying they control them even in the house.
They don't take the test.
They're going to be taken out of the home.
Joining me is Kim Bryant.
Kim, I'm sorry you've gone through this, and I want to commend you and your husband's courage and honor trying to shield your children from the clutches of these evil creatures.
Thank you.
It's been a long six and a half years.
Simply trying to raise your children in this so-called free country.
Tell us about yourself, your husband, why you decided to homeschool, what it's been like with these vicious hyenas attacking you.
Well, let's see.
We decided to keep our kids out of school.
Mostly because we felt that we could provide them with a better education.
When I was looking at preschools for my son, I was looking for a place where he would be able to express himself.
I was looking for a kind of school where no one would tell him to sit down and be quiet.
Then a friend of mine said to me, �Well, I know the school you're looking for is called home school.� She handed me a bunch of literature on home education and my kids never went to school.
And I don't usually say that I homeschool, because I kind of think that the word homeschool is sort of an oxymoron.
It's my home, it's not a school.
Yeah, because if you use the word school, they can legally now try to take you under regulations.
Now, something they're very angry about, the Chicago Tribune's done it, LA Times has done it,
They're very upset the last five international spelling bee champions were homeschoolers.
They're now taking first, second, and third place generally.
They're also winning all the geography bees.
I've had cousins that were homeschooled, got full scholarships.
Fortune 500 begs for them.
They start making $60,000, $70,000, $80,000 a year right out of college, $100,000 a year.
They hate it that they can't ruin your brains, and so I want to make that clear.
It's your children, and of course you do a better job.
Go ahead.
Well, I was just going to say that both of my children competed in Destination Imagination, which is a problem-solving creativity challenge, and both teams were made up entirely of children who don't attend school.
And my son's team is state champion in his challenge, and my daughter's team came in second.
Well, let's not even call it school.
Your children do not attend re-education camp.
They definitely don't.
And that's what it is, by the way.
So, going over this, this started six years ago.
What developed?
What happened?
We got a letter from the truant officer.
He sent us a letter and said, well, certainly you can homeschool, but you have to follow certain procedures.
You have to send us an education plan.
And we sent him a letter back saying, oh, we do?
Could you please give us a copy of the law that requires us to do that?
He didn't provide that law.
Instead, he went and filed criminal charges for failure to send children to school.
Now that's false arrest imprisonment right there.
So we went to court.
We told them that we wanted a jury trial.
And the penalty, I might add, for this statute is $20 fine.
They changed it from a criminal complaint to a civil complaint and tried to tell us that we couldn't have a jury.
And we kept asking for the copies of the law.
And so they decided that they weren't going to get anywhere the day the trial was supposed to start.
They filed a notice for dismissal and we asked them if we had been prejudiced and it was dismissed with prejudice so they couldn't bring it back and they went and filed with the Department of Social Services allegations of educational neglect and DSS came to the house and decided that they did not want to pursue it though the city attorney
Well, now they're doing it across the board because they're desperate.
The exodus has gone from 100,000 kids 10 years ago to a million, 2 million, 3 million.
Some estimates are now at 4 million.
A lot of folks are secretive about this.
They're panicking because a brain trust is leaving them.
It's great.
The more the better.
I hope it just collapses under its own weight.
Oh, it's criminal.
Now, when they arrested your husband, what was the terror like to have these people there grabbing your husband?
And what was it like for the children?
I mean, this is the purest form of terrorism.
Well, I have to tell you, I wasn't home at the time that it happened.
And my husband was in the middle of a Cub Scout meeting with my son at the time.
And I got a call basically when he was in jail saying,
Yeah, I think so.
You know, we looked at the warrant.
Ma'am, you should have sued him because that was false imprisonment.
That was a terrorist attack.
I mean, imagine if criminals come to your house and grab your husband and take him away for no reason with no law.
Then, you know, that would be kidnapping.
But when the government does it, it's just, oh, well, they're the boss.
Well, you know, I totally agree with you because I checked the summons that summoned us to court, and that summons was never served.
The court record shows it was never served, which means they falsely issued a default warrant on my husband and myself.
All the time when they arrest patriots and Christians, there's not even paperwork.
And then you go to them and go, I was in jail for a month.
Where's the paperwork?
Shut up or we'll arrest you again!
I mean, it was amazing on Thursday when we were here because my husband and we had three members of our council here who are non-attorneys.
We were standing at the door and my husband said to the police officer, you don't have a warrant and you don't have a precept to take those children, you better stay out.
And the police didn't come in the premises at all.
Now imagine if you'd have been a blue-collar family, uneducated, ignorant on your rights, and imagine, this is what they do,
And now you put your toddler in Head Start.
Oh, it's the good thing to do.
You get three CPS visits a year, and on average about 31% of children are being taken from families that are in Head Start.
It is a way to get them into the home.
The feds pay upwards of $10 billion a year to fund all this breakup of the family, but they are taking 100 kids a month in Austin, Texas.
And now they've fed on all the blue-collar people.
Now they're moving on to the middle class.
Well, they get federal funds.
The CPS gets federal funds for children who are on public assistance.
So, yeah, they're ready to help you because it makes it really easy for them to take care of kids and get lots of money for it.
And if they put them on Redline and Prozac and hurt them and give them psychological disorders on a list...
In Florida, they have tens of thousands of toddlers.
When they cry for mommy, that's called mental illness, and they're putting them on antipsychotics.
Can you believe that?
Yeah, little babies beating on doors, crying, and when they cry, that's mental illness, and they drug them.
This is the sickest evil we can imagine.
I know a woman who, it's kind of ironic, I know a woman who was,
I think so.
Because you're trying to test your kids too much.
And she was using the test results to get special ed services.
Yeah, see, you get their services, they do this to you.
But notice now, we're all mentally ill now when we claim our rights or try to do something.
See, it's a Soviet model.
Well, as someone said to me once, the DSM-IV, that manual that has all the psychological problems, doesn't have a code for normal.
Everybody has to be sick.
Well, with my kids, I kind of wonder what kind of results do the kids have to have before you decide they're not educationally neglected, you know?
Even if my kids had agreed to take that standardized test, which they wouldn't agree to do, what are you going to do with the results?
And again, in Massachusetts, it's a violation of Article 12 of our Declaration of Rights.
And, you know, the...
Not being compelled to accuse or furnish evidence against yourself.
Stay right there.
Yeah, it's all color of law.
All color of law.
We'll be right back with our guest.
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The U.S.
We're good to go.
I think?
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Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central Standard Time, I do this show.
Then back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time as well.
We're talking to Kim Bryant.
I'm ranting and raving on this subject because it's just such a key indicator of tyranny.
It doesn't matter who's in office, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry.
It just gets bigger and worse.
And they're panicking now because people are fleeing their brainwashing machines.
We're good to go.
So you've got to go take this skills assessment test when your kids are winning on the big championship teams and stuff with all the other homeschoolers as the other public school kids drool in the corner saying, I love the New World Order.
Describe what happened and now how the government's behaved since this has gotten so much attention.
Well, I haven't heard from the Department of Social Services since it got all this public attention, although I have seen news reports that the spokespeople for the governor or for the commissioner of the Department of Social Services, I saw an interesting quote the other day.
It said, they...
Support the Waltham Public Schools in ensuring that the children receive an education.
And I said, wait, wait, wait.
I thought Child Protective Services was here to support the family.
And now the truth comes out.
You guys are really here just to support states.
Well, to make sure all the kids are in there getting their vaccinations and thumb scanning to get their food, training them for the biometrics and getting searched by the police.
Yeah, making sure they know that they're watched every second of the day.
And that they obey arbitrary authority.
Whatever we tell you to do, you do it, like that CPS worker said.
Yeah, she said that in the article.
She said, tell us about that quote where we're in control, you're under us, you'll do what we say.
She said for real.
I couldn't believe it.
She just said, these are minors.
They will do what we tell them to do.
Here's her quote.
We have legal custody of the children, and we will do with them as we see fit.
They are minors, and they do what we tell them to do.
And I couldn't believe that she said it.
Well, now they're threatening to take your children permanently if they don't take this test.
They have made that threat.
I mean, this is our second care and protection.
My children have actually been in, quote, the legal custody since December of 2001, and they are still at home.
So how did that happen?
I hold up that Constitution every chance I get.
You know, she said all this stuff about the children will do what we do, and I said, excuse me, do children have rights?
Do they have rights under this Constitution?
Well, number one, I mean, it's all a fraud.
They're just claiming all these new powers.
Oh, yeah.
What about a Fifth Amendment?
I mean, can they make your children work as slave laborers?
Can they make them take these tests?
How do you verify if they took it or not?
You know, if the children answered five questions, did they take the test?
Do they have to answer 30 questions?
There's no objective standard, and there's no law.
I don't see how it could be in accordance with the Constitution to require someone to take a test.
How did they get custody of your children in 2000?
Well, there was... I have to tell you, we have counsel.
The Massachusetts Constitution provides for C-O-U-N-C-I-L, and we maintain that that does not require one to have a license by the Bar of Massachusetts.
And the judge removed our counsel every court hearing, and my husband and I left with him, and we've appealed that up to the appellate court, saying...
So they wouldn't allow you to have your own counsel and said that was an action that was bad, and so they took custody.
Well, we weren't at the trial, so it's kind of hard to defend yourself when you're not there.
But these judges in Massachusetts have absolute judicial immunity.
They can make up whatever they want on the bench, and there isn't much you can do.
Well, it's incredible.
So now where does it stand?
Well, now I think the ball is probably still in DSS's court.
We'll see whether they go back to court.
And when we were in court on Thursday, the DSS attorney said, Your Honor, you have to issue this precept ordering the Bryants to bring the children to the testing or else give them back custody because there's nothing we can do.
So I hope she goes back into court and says that.
The children won't take the test.
Give them custody.
Let us out.
Well, I mean, they're your children.
They're winning awards.
You're educating them.
You're intelligent people.
I mean, the state is saying here, hey, it doesn't matter if you go to our public schools.
We're still over you.
We're going to send CPS to your house.
Your kids are going to take tests.
We're going to approve their curriculum.
End of the story.
This is the public school saying, we own your kids.
And now they're trying to take over the private schools.
Yep, and I just stand there and say, where's the law?
And what do they say to that?
Well, we'll get your answer when we get back.
The hundreds of times over six years, as they've arrested your husband, taken custody of your children, come to your house, demanded they go to this hotel to take tests, the police trying to intimidate them, all of this, and you just say, what's the law?
What's the law?
What's the law?
What's the law?
What do they say?
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
All right, folks, we're back live.
All the key indicators of a dictatorship of an ultra-police state being set up here in America, grabbing citizens that expose government corruption, well-known doctors in the community, forced drugging them, saying they may stay in prison for life, never with a trial for anything.
Grabbing people's children, saying the state owns your children, saying they have custody of the children.
All of this being set up here in America, and John in Michigan and others, your calls are coming up here in a few minutes.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
I've got to plug something and then...
We're going to go back to our guest and get an answer from Kim Bryant about when she says, show me the law, there is no law.
They don't care.
Same thing in California.
Same thing in Illinois.
We've had the different homeschool legal defense associations on.
They say there is no law.
It's all color of law.
And they get people to waive their rights generally is how they do it.
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Going back to our guest, and we really appreciate her joining us, after all they've been through, this six-plus-year battle, Kim Bryant and her husband, George Bryant, now they're saying, okay, you take the test.
We're going to come take the kids.
Let's see them try it with all this attention.
This happens every day around the country.
Even the middle class, educated, intelligent people, imagine what it's like for the working class, the blue-collar folks that weren't ever taught their rights and were in these public schools.
When you ask them for the law showing that your kids have got to have their curriculum approved by the government, that they've got to be tested by the government, when you ask for the law, what do they say?
They won't show it to us.
What do they say?
They say, well, you know what it is.
We're not your attorney.
You go look it up.
So now they violate the Fifth Amendment in not telling you what you're charged of.
And they don't list on the sheets what the charges are.
Well, the charge will say something.
Well, if you're charged criminally, it says failure to send.
That's the entire thing.
And then you go to court and say, what have I done?
And they just sit there and look at you and go, we're taking your kids.
Sounds like a free country.
They say, you have to do what we say.
Give us an education plan.
And this will all go away.
Of course, you know it's not going to all go away.
No, people have said to me, well, why don't the kids just take the test and prove that they're fine?
And I say, well, you know, my daughter's 13 and a half.
She's got another two and a half years before she's 16.
That's two and a half years of that social work coming to my house every month.
And how many years of testing?
What incentive is there for us?
You've committed no crime, your kids are winning awards, and you've got people who have an agenda to take kids.
They get massive federal funding to do it.
It's in their own statements.
You've got them showing up with an axe to grind, no warrant, no nothing, running your life.
How would you like that, parents?
It's absolutely amazing.
Do you ever say to them, don't you have any humanity?
Don't you know what the Bill of Rights says?
Oh, well, I have a very...
Strong member of council who says to them, God will judge.
Your time will come.
You will be held accountable, perhaps not by me.
There's a higher power than me.
Well, you reap what you sow, and that's how it works.
Well, let me just say this, too.
When you put your kid in public school, we looked at a school that has 1,100 students, a middle school here in Austin.
Then an investigation was actually in the paper.
And they found that over 500 of the children, almost half, four-tenths of the children, of 1,100, 500, had already had criminal charges filed against them.
Now in Austin, if you're late to class three times, late, that constitutes an unexcused absence that your parents can't excuse.
You are criminally charged, and so are your parents.
And we found out that most of the parents paid the $500.
It was a $500 fine.
$500 plus court fees for like another $60.
So $560.
This happened to Mike Hanson, my cameraman's daughter.
His grandmother, Mike's grandmother, died two years ago.
She was out two days.
They went to the funeral.
Buried their grandmother, who they all loved.
Very close family.
Came back with a note, and they criminally charged Crystal, his daughter.
It was a straight-A student, by the way, honor roll.
Criminally charged Mike.
He had his son in homeschooling.
Criminally charged Mike Hanson.
And Mike called the senator who wrote the law four years ago, and he said, wait, your law says 14 unexcused absences...
In a semester is criminal truancy.
How can they do it for one or two or three absences?
And he got the senator on the record saying no.
The senator wrote a letter, called the school district, said you must stop it.
They dropped the charges on Mike, and then Mike investigated and found out that almost half the school was under criminal charges.
Then they do it for judification.
Okay, if you don't get in trouble for the next semester, we're going to let you get off of this for just $100, not the $560,000.
Then when your kid is late again or does anything wrong, criminal charges juvenile where 17-year-old gang members with beards, literal grown-up gang members, do horrible things to your children.
So do you see how this is about getting everybody into the system?
I can see it.
And this is Austin, Texas.
This is Dallas, Texas.
The Houston Chronicle six months ago had a big series of articles.
It said, headline, Don't fill out your homework.
Mommy gets arrested.
And they are arresting parents if the kids don't fill out all their homework.
First charge.
Does that sound like a free society to you?
It sounds like a fascist society to me.
And it's hidden in plain view?
Sure is.
Well, I'm ranting and raving here.
A lot of times they scurry away when you get news attention.
Did you get news attention six years ago when this started?
We got some.
I think we were found in 97.
They were in court when they changed it from criminal to civil.
But what happens is they put you here in Massachusetts.
The juvenile court proceedings are all closed, allegedly for the privacy of the children.
But I tell you, it's so that those government people can do whatever they want to you.
So you go to a court hearing and nobody knows what happens, and it's hard for the press to stay interested when they can't go to any of the hearings.
And nobody will talk to them.
Yeah, secret government.
Well, the government says they can't tell us what antipsychotics they want to give Dr. Sell, who's exposing government corruption so he's in solitary confinement.
All right.
They say for his, they can't tell him or anybody for his privacy.
Well, at one point they told us that they couldn't.
We were taping.
Anytime the social worker came, we were taping her visits.
And they would say, well, we can't allow her to be taped.
We'd say, what law allows you to, you know, do this in secret?
You know, what says you can't be taped?
They would say, oh, well, we have to do this for the children's privacy.
Yeah, they're in a hearing with the parents at the house, no warrant, can't have a record.
That's so they can do whatever they want and falsify.
Did you say no to that?
We said no.
You know, give us a copy of the law.
They said, well...
We have to do this to protect the children's rights because they're in our custody.
We said, show us the law relative to children's rights.
And we called the ombudsman's office, we called the commissioner's office, we talked to the press, and they backed down.
Yeah, police are now fighting to make it illegal to videotape any type of government building or proceeding, but then every time they get caught doing something wrong, the videotape gets edited.
All right, let's take a call.
John in Michigan, you're on the air with Mrs. Bryant.
Go ahead, John.
Hello, and God bless you.
I homeschool my children here in Michigan.
Michigan is one of the best states for homeschooling.
If you're having trouble there, you might want to move here.
Yeah, that's a question.
Hold on, John.
What about moving to another state?
Well, I've looked into it, and it isn't much better out there.
Actually, I have seen Michigan stuff, and I think that's because Kwanlara has fought the court stuff in Michigan.
And I think they've done a pretty good job because you haven't had HSLDA out there, the Homeschool Legal Defense.
And so I think Michigan's doing pretty well.
We moved to Connecticut for a while to try and protect our kids.
They have a good law, too.
But we have family in Massachusetts.
I understand.
It's the roots.
One more thing, please.
Where I think they get their power is in the marriage license.
When you put your name down on that marriage license, you put your maiden name down, and that makes your child a bastard.
It does, but see, that's illegitimate.
That's contract by fraud, and the Constitution is still in operation according to the 9th and 10th Amendment, so we can try to legitimize what they're doing by saying, oh, well, the marriage certificate, and for those that doubt this, it just came out in mainstream news, the heel blood they take from your baby goes into a federal DNA database, okay?
All of this is done criminally through color of law.
I agree, Alex, but if she goes back and just changes that, it may give her a little more power.
That's all.
God bless you all.
Thank you.
Well, the problem is they set the parameter across the board, then the cops are so used to violating rights, they think it's all normal.
Yeah, I find the problem is, too, for us that you, I like a lot of this stuff I hear and read about, you know, about the marriage license and birth certificates and trying to wipe out all that paper trail and all of that.
No, I don't think any of them do.
And they have to know the Constitution.
I mean, this case is entirely about the Constitution.
And if you're not willing to stand up to the Constitution...
Forget it.
You can't possibly understand.
I mean, we've gone in and said, is the Constitution law?
And an attorney will say to me, yeah, it's law as interpreted by the Supreme Court.
Wait a minute.
Can't you read it for yourself?
Why would I need a government agent to tell me what my law says?
You've also got older Supreme Court rulings that are constitutional.
You can get that precedent and show it.
And that is good on the record for appeals, but...
The problem is they're going totally criminal now.
I mean, when almost half the school in Austin, the kids and the families are under criminal charges, half the kids, three times late.
I mean, when I went to Anderson High, I went to a government training camp here in Austin.
I went two years in Dallas, two years here.
And in the government training camp, the school was so big, I had to carry my books in a bag.
I couldn't get from one end of the school to the other in three minutes.
And then if you were late three times, and I was making 100s and 99s and 98s and 100s when I graduated, and I still one time had to go to Saturday suspension.
Because I had been late three times in that semester to class.
I mean, if you walked in ten seconds before, I mean, after the bell, and I remember teachers getting in trouble.
If good students got there late, they would just ignore that you came in late.
I remember teachers getting reprimanded.
They would have the principals walking around looking for... And this is decades ago.
They would have teachers walking around trying to catch teachers that weren't putting kids into the system.
And you go to Saturday school, it's all the drug heads, it's all the thugs, all the gang members.
You're in there, people throwing spit wads.
You're sitting facing forward.
If you do one thing wrong, you get two more Saturdays.
That didn't happen to me.
It's getting your kids into the criminal system.
Yeah, well, it kind of amazes me that they pretend that these grades are assessments of your educational ability, and then your grade gets knocked down if you miss so many classes.
You know, if I can do the work, then who cares if I miss it?
The grade's not reflecting my education, per se.
It's arbitrary.
Well, I mean, look, we had people like the president during the Civil War
Who could speak four languages and could write longhand in Latin and Abraham Lincoln who was trained by his mommy.
My father could speak
Latin and could write by the time he was six years old.
His grandmother read to him.
She lived in the house, and he slept in the same room with his bed next to hers in the old hundred-and-something-year-old house, and she would read the classics to him.
This is what we used to have.
When people didn't want to send their kids to school, they just didn't send them, and your kid went for about six months a year, and it was locally controlled.
And now that's totally changed.
Now the federal government's going to control your education, or lack thereof.
And you're five times more likely to be abused in government schools, government custody, and CPS custody.
Well, I have to tell you, we put in an education plan under all this threat, and the education plan has a section on it that says, upon approval...
The Waltham School Department and the Department of Social Services take full responsibility for the children's education or lack thereof, and they wouldn't accept it.
They want no responsibility, no accountability.
And at the same time, they go into court and say, Oh, we're responsible for the children, Your Honor.
We have to do this testing.
And when they kill the kids in custody, when they do all these horrible things to them, and yes, some CPS in Florida has been caught selling them out the pedophile rings.
That's Miami Herald, by the way, the head of the organization that runs the database convicted pedophile.
They say that doesn't matter.
187 of them are known pedophiles.
And when all this happened, they said it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter what we do to the kids.
And they will not prosecute the social workers and others that abuse the children.
And his predators are drawn towards this.
I mean, if you're a psychopath and a degenerate scumbag, you become a CPS worker.
You've got a whole slew of victims right there.
And nobody can stop you.
You can just feed on them all you want.
And everybody will just keep giving you more because there's money in it.
I mean, God bless the children.
Well, I have the Calhoun Reader used at UT by social service people going to school for that, and it says the age of the family belongs to barbarism.
The age of the state is upon us.
And they say in the major source reference book for a four-year bachelor's, they say their job is to liquidate the family and create a government system.
Yeah, there's a book...
Dan Johnson wrote this book called The Public Family, where he looks at the writings of Dewey back in the early 1900s when all of this stuff was taken off and compulsory education was moving out across the country.
And he looks at his writings from substituting the state as mother of children.
That was their entire purpose of the public schools.
And they were also into eugenics?
And how to break the family up.
This led to forced sterilization of kids that made under a B+.
I know.
And they say in their own source books that they all use, we're going to break your families up.
That's our job.
And then they have the nerve in the news to act like they care about the family.
It's all out in the open.
It's like you said.
Behind closed doors.
Yeah, it's just right out in the open, but then the news, all, oh, they love you, oh, they care about you, oh, all these little pieces of propaganda they put out there.
We'll come back and take some more calls, finish up with our guest, wrap up this powerful broadcast.
This has been an A-plus show today.
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And talking to our guest, Kim Bryant, whose 15- and 13-year-old son and daughter are under attack by the government for six years straight.
They're winning all these awards on these different competitions for academia.
Doesn't seem to matter to the government, and the government says, the CPS worker says, we have legal custody of the children, and we will do with them as we see fit.
They are minors, and they do what we tell them to.
You will take tests.
You will follow our orders.
How can people help you, Mrs. Bryant?
How do people get involved?
Well, I've encouraged people to send letters.
We don't really have a legal fund, but if they want to, write to the Commissioner, Commissioner Spence of the Department of Social Services at 24 Farnsworth Street in Boston, Massachusetts.
I'm not sure what the zip is. 021
0-2-1-0-8 is probably close enough.
And when we confront them, when we fight them, when we're in the states resisting them, they will move on to other states.
We mentioned Michigan being better because it was one of the worst states and people fought it.
We've got to have people fighting this, standing up, supporting those in your area when this happens.
I wish there was more support.
Because it would be real nice if we had a groundswell of people at the court.
Now, you're in Waltham, right?
And where is that near in Mass?
Waltham is about 10 miles outside of Boston.
Okay, we... Allerton West.
We were on the air in Boston.
That station sold and switched formats.
But we have a lot of listeners that listen on the Internet and shortwave there.
If they want to get in touch with you, to meet with you, to help you, to get involved, or to show up at court, how do they do that?
An email address or something?
I think email is the best way to reach me.
I'm at free2be.com.
At rcn.com.
Free to be is all one word.
At rcn.com.
All right.
I want to really thank you for coming on the show, and I want to thank you for standing up for your family so that two more of the children of America will not be wrecked, mindless, brainwashed, heathen, as the re-education factories are turning out.
And to God's speed, we'll track your case.
You've got my number if you need us to come on the air and give out phone numbers or anything in the future.
God bless you.
Thank you.
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We're going to win this thing.
We don't have a choice.
They're going to keep pushing.
We've got to push back as the rightful, decent Americans trying to restore America from the enemy combatants.
Thanks for watching!