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Air Date: June 13, 2003
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Big, big show lined up for you on this Friday the 13th.
June the Friday the 13th, 2003.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're going to have wide open phones today and a ton of vital news and information.
Total war engulfs the Middle East as the roadmap is torn to shreds.
When the globalists say that they're going to give you peace, they give you war.
When they say they're going to give you prosperity and security, they give you destruction of the financial system, and they give you insecurity, they give you tyranny.
And remember, Israel founded Hamas.
They control Hamas.
They have never targeted the leaders of Hamas.
An interesting admission, now they supposedly are.
Hamas has activated all of its suicide squads.
And there are shootings, bombings all over the place.
Our government says, brace for attacks here.
And when the terrorists tell us, brace for attacks, I take the terrorists very, very seriously.
So we'll cover total war in Gulf's Middle East as roadmap is torn to shreds, oil jumps as U.S.
fuel stocks fall.
That's right, they're going to jack the gas prices up to record levels again, training you to accept higher gas prices.
No Iraq at OPEC until U.S.
leaves Baghdad.
monkeypox cases rise, and they say you may have to take the smallpox shot.
More on that.
Also, Labor backs plan to intercept North Korean ships and escalate the possibilities of all-out war.
Rumsfeld says again yesterday, U.S.
can't rule out North Korean strike.
Victim turns the table on an armed robber and shoots them.
I see articles like this every day.
I never cover them, but I'm going to cover this today.
What the Second Amendment's really all about.
Also, unlikely allies seek better enforcement on firearm statutes.
Oh, the so-called gun groups and pro-gun congressmen are wanting your guns.
Now it's so pro-gun to turn them in.
Stocks slip on consumer sentiment.
So it's souring consumer sentiment.
We will go over that as well.
And an incredible article out of Waltham, Massachusetts, Massachusetts,
We're good to go.
Also, state polls weighing fat tax on junk food.
State polls weighing fat tax on junk food.
They're going to do this through your state IDs that are really national ID cards, as they've already announced, and we'll talk more about satellite tracking and taxation to drive your car.
Also, every couple months, I'd say every four or five months, I see an article saying,
We're good to go.
And they've done it again.
The real scourge of the schools is the SWAT teams.
Mainstream news.
They've done it again.
We'll go over that little tidbit for you as well.
So a big show lined up for you today.
Would you like to comment on any of these news articles?
I would love to hear from you at 800-259-9231.
Go to your calls early in this first hour.
All these articles I mentioned are going to be updated in the next few minutes at Infowars.com, at Infowars.net, and PrisonPlanet.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I was listening to local radio news here in Austin, Texas last night, and they announced
Hundreds of millions of dollars of Homeland Security funds that have just been given to Texas by the Justice Department for Homeland Security.
And they had one of the state police minions on there, and he said that most of this will go to the regional anti-drug task forces, or the multi-jurisdictional task forces.
These are the people that drag your wife out naked in the middle of the street, search your home, find nothing, and arrest you for potting soil.
These are the people federally funded.
And it's been set up like this where if police seize drugs or assets or money, drugs don't even need to be found now, just paraphernalia, timers, potting soil, lights, now bottled water, blow sticks, according to the Rave Act.
By the way, they're now shutting down political functions using the Rave Act.
How have they federalized police?
Well, if the state or locals do it, they have to give the money to the general fund.
They don't get any of it.
But the feds have lobbied for laws at the state level.
Where if the money is given to the feds by police, the feds then give them back 80 to 95 percent of it, but they just have to follow federal guidelines and take orders from the feds.
So they're feeding on us in a piracy fashion, gathering booty from the public as the funds for their modern army of Rome.
And to create the currency of this drug war, of this breakdown of society, to create the crisis, the government ships in the narcotics.
They control the major cartels.
When you hear of a cartel being brought down or Manuel Noriega getting attacked and kidnapped, basically, it's when they don't pay in their cut of the money to their bosses in the Central Intelligence Agency, MI6, Mossad, and many others who have all been caught bringing in narcotics of every type.
It is absolutely incredible.
So where am I going with this?
I'm listening to local news and here's the anti-terror funding and what is it for?
Is it to control our borders?
Is it to remove people who are members of terrorist organizations like Hamas and Islamic Jihad?
No, Ridge has some big press conference about how they're going to check all the containers at ports, which is a total lie.
I looked at the funding.
They couldn't check all the containers at one port with that, much less globally, as they're saying.
So they put out this theater how they're checking the containers, but then I hear the local news of the funding to the state and local governments, and it's for SWAT teams running checkpoints, busting down your doors, merging county and city police and state police with the federal government.
So what a dichotomy there with Ridge out there putting out propaganda about how they're going to check all the containers and you see the actual effect of Homeland Security.
It's about drugs.
And they run these ads now, these TV ads, that if you smoke marijuana, you do hurt people.
You're a terrorist.
You're funding Al-Qaeda.
Give me a break.
The CIA founded and runs and protects and flies out to safety the Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That happened up in Detroit last year in a, quote, drill.
They shot the kid in the face.
We've talked to parents, read hundreds of articles where they do the drills, where they don't shoot kids, but what they do is they come in, grab them, cuss at them, scream at them.
They do it unannounced to the teachers.
They just tell them sometime this week we're going to have a drill.
Any kid out walking to the water fountain or the bathroom during a break or during class is grabbed and slammed to the ground and beat up, basically.
All part of training you that men in black ski masks and uniforms
Slam you around and point MP5 submachine guns at you.
Well, it's happened again, and this time, by the grace of God, in both cases, the guns just went off.
The guns just went off in the classrooms during the drills.
And, of course, last year, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported, cop of the year...
We're good to go.
In Lubbock last year, there was the famous case with the giant armored vehicle.
The guy's wife had left him.
He was throwing her stuff out in the front yard, throwing a fit, was distraught.
They came to the house.
He didn't have any guns.
They came in.
There's video and audio of all this.
The red and green team went in on two sides of the house, shot two of their own officers, killed one of them,
They planted a gun on the guy, tried to frame him.
A good cop who responded on the scene blew the whistle, and nothing happened to the officers that tried to frame someone and who killed a fellow officer and wounded another one, but at least the innocent man did not go to jail for that.
We've had clear cases in Austin and the Travis County SWAT team where they shoot their own officers.
Some of the cases are admitted.
In other cases, the evidence is clear.
They frame innocent bystanders.
If a SWAT team member blows their other member's head off or shoots them in the back...
Because they're all stumbling around in the dark with shotguns and MP5s to each other's backs in stacked up formation.
They're going to kill you on average and plant a gun on you.
This is horrible and it needs to stop, but it's not going to stop.
It's going to get worse because Homeland Security is going to increase the funding of it.
I heard it on the news right here in Austin.
Homeland Security has nothing to do with stopping terrorists.
Homeland Security is run by the administration and by the Central Intelligence Agency and by the military industrial complex that is carrying this garbage out.
And they tell you they're heroes on the news.
They're not heroes, by and large.
They're carrying out a federal mandate that gets citizens and cops and innocent people killed, and they're terrorizing the public, and it needs to stop.
A free country is not no-knock search warrants, men with skull patches and cobra patches and black widow insignia and black ski mask screaming and cussing at you as they drag you from your beds at night.
That is not what America is about.
Those articles are coming up.
We'll go to your calls early in this hour.
I know that we already have callers like Charlie in Rhode Island and others.
The toll-free number to join me on air is 800-259-9231.
And we will get you up and on the air.
That's 800-259-9231.
Continuing, total war engulfs the Middle East as roadmap is torn to shreds.
Again, if they tell you it's a road to peace, it's a road to war.
They tell you it's a war on terror, it's a war on freedom.
Israel declared total war on Hamas yesterday with the Islamic resistance movement responding by ordering all its fighters to immediately mobilize and blow up the Zionist entity.
The threat of escalation in an already bloody week for Palestinians and Israelis alike came hours before the army launched its fifth helicopter missile strike since Tuesday, killing a Hamas activist and six civilians among the dead, with a man's wife and two-year-old daughter.
Now, they had a truce, and they were saying they weren't going to blow up anything, and then earlier this week on Monday, the Israeli gunship
Blows up a car full of a so-called Hamas leader and his family and kills five people around it.
That was the first number.
Now it's eight people around the car.
And then the Hamas starts blowing everything up.
But Hamas was founded by Israel.
Is it still under Israel's control?
But it's admitted by United Press International, Aratz, Jewish Newspaper, and others that it was founded by Israel.
We don't know.
Yishak Rabin admitted that before his assassination by Mossad.
And then, of course, we have the UPI and AP reports from last year where Israel was caught handing out explosives and arms to people who had been arrested and tortured for years.
They were released from prison and told, you will be allowed to kill and bomb where we tell you to, but you, again, are not to tell anyone this.
And it went public, and then it was admitted by Israel, and the story got shut down.
So we don't know who's behind all these bombings.
This is how it works, though.
You've got Hamas that's Mossad slash CIA.
They order the young person who believes in what they're doing to go carry out the attack.
They think they're fighting for the jihad, the holy war, and really they're empowering the aggression of the New World Order in the concentration camp gulag system that the Palestinians live under.
So that's how it really works here.
But there are some real attacks carried out by Muslims, by Palestinians in the area.
There are even some Christians now who are Palestinians who are fighting the Israelis because they've seen their family members killed.
And a lot of Westerners have been killed, run over by armored vehicles, shot in the head by snipers while waving white flags, wearing vests that say PRESS.
And the family tries to go to a memorial service where their daughter or son were killed.
They get shot at.
It's horrible, folks.
And what Israel does over there is horrible.
They brutalize women and children.
They kill innocent people.
And that's wrong.
And it's wrong when Hamas blows up a bus full of people.
But when our media says it's just Hamas,
Carrying out atrocities and that Israel's only targeting military targets.
That is not true.
That is not true.
All right, I'm going to come back and we'll go to some calls at 800-259-9231.
And then I'll get into the economy.
I'll get into SWAT teams at schools firing their guns with live ammo with the children cowering and begging for their lives.
Teachers begging for their lives.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back.
All right, folks.
Thanks for joining us.
Not the news on the economy, the...
Heating up, we're seeing in the Middle East, like somebody threw a light switch.
We'll get into SWAT teams who like to shoot live ammo around kids in schools during drills, training you to accept all this.
They're never held accountable, but right now, let's go to Phillip in Virginia, then Charlie, Bob, Brandy, and others.
Phillip, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex Jones.
I just spoke to Mr. G. Gordon Liddy.
For the first time.
And I wanted to get his feelings on being on a radio station in my area that practiced censorship.
But I never got to hear his take on it because while I was waiting, I was listening to all these callers extolling Mr. George Bush and how a great man of God he is and this and that.
And when I got on to speak with Mr. Liddy, I've mentioned the fact that he is a member of the Skull and Bones and the Bohemian Grove and how it's a cult organization and they have a religious ceremony offering sacrifice to Moloch.
According to Mr. Liddy, that's just a spoof.
But not to the El Shaddai Yahweh.
It's not a spoof.
Well, I've had Liddy on this show, and he's better than some, but still, he's a neocon now, and he's something else.
I mean, he'll write a book called When I Was a Kid, This Was a Free Country, but then he doesn't have a problem with John Ashcroft and the Patriot Acts and the rest of it.
Yes, and I have mixed feelings about Mr. Liddy.
Really, I don't want to do a whole show about him.
And I just wanted him to know that he was on a radio station that would not allow your program to go on the air.
Oh, you talked about me?
Before I could get to him, he cut me off.
But before I could mention that, that he was on a station that would not allow your program on the air, I wanted to get his feelings about that.
I think that censorship is alive and well in this country.
We know that Erwin Schiff's book was banned.
The federal mafia.
Well, I've got to tell you that if a newspaper or radio station doesn't want to have somebody on the air, that's not censorship.
That's their right.
But if they heavily censor all the calls and don't let certain views come out, if it's an open call format, that is wrong.
What we need to foster...
Is a loosening of the FCC rules and to force stations to really serve the local community and to at least have some local programs.
Because that's what the airwaves are.
They belong to the people.
That's where you attack the subject.
I mean, if a station doesn't want to have me on the air, that's their right.
It's a free country.
You know, I've had people tell me before, well, you won't post my comments on your website.
Well, no, they can go start their own website.
You're censoring me.
So it's not censorship to not have someone's information if you don't agree with it.
I mean, I don't have... I won't let pornographers advertise on my website.
I won't let...
You know, I've gotten offers to advertise atheist-type stuff on my website, and I say no, because I have my moral reasons for that.
And obviously they try to give people the establishment line.
They try to give them the establishment package.
Most of these radio stations are under contract to big syndicators, and they've basically got to carry the syndicated programs that they're going to get any of the news or any of the feeds they need.
So this is another problem.
With the consolidation of the syndication market, where they give people limited choices and then try to muscle in on local stations, and they also work with the ad agencies, try to muscle in on stations and make them play ball.
So that's where the real censorship is taking place.
Okay, yeah, I understand how you, since you put it that way.
Now I wouldn't call it censorship, I would call it treason, because they are allowing government propaganda to be spewed forth
And they won't allow the troops to come through.
You know, Alex, I had a signed contract with this station, and he gave them my check and everything, and then a couple days later they come back and said, no, we're not going to put this guy on the air.
Oh, Phil, you're the guy who was going to pay to have an hour of my show aired on that big station in Virginia.
I remember this, and that happened.
Well, yeah, that is censorship.
And all we do is read the article out of the mainstream news with the SWAT team shooting their guns in the schools where there's a trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon, where the government's lying to everyone.
But I guess, yeah, well, that is censorship.
Now that you say it, that is if they said they would do it, claim their free speech, and then did that to you.
What did they say to you about the show?
The owner of the station didn't have the courage to call me and let me know what he did.
So the salesman said that the owner just did not want that type of program on for that time slot.
I guess he was feeling his religious roots or something, you know, because it was on a Sunday morning and, you know, there's religious broadcasting on.
We've got to worship Bush on Sundays.
Well, I appreciate you, sir.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks, we're back live.
Alex Jones here.
I want to go through five calls real quick.
The folks have been holding the longest, and then I want to get into the news.
What's happening with the economy, what the SWAT teams are up to, what Homeland Security is funding, how the illegitimate military-industrial complex government says they've got all these countries they want to invade, how they're going to get that job done, and what life will be like inside this system.
But right now, let's go to Charles in Rhode Island.
Charles, you're on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Yes, good morning, guys.
We love you here in New England.
Well, thank you.
I want to make three quick points.
First of all, the people that complain about Bush and Ashcroft, they're locking up American citizens forever and indefinitely, and they're taking away citizenship.
Don't they realize this is all part of the new freedom?
All right.
Secondly, I want to ask Alex, Erwin Schiff, I haven't been able to listen to the broadcast the last couple of weeks, but I'm sure you realize they're trying to actually ban his book like Stalin or Hitler.
Well, I've read mainstream news articles out of the Las Vegas Review Journal where the judge said, you are not allowed to sell your book simply because it lists U.S.
code words.
And documents and court rulings where the IRS is the private collection agency for the private federal reserve.
And by the way, here in Austin, we have the big regional head IRS building.
They produced their own hour special, high dollar, just to air it on local community cable to counter us, literally.
And in it, they admit that the large groups of deposits called blocks are deposited in the Federal Reserve.
So, I mean, but no, Erwin Schiff, they're now banning books in America.
They've gone after a bunch of the people that have been exposing this now and are grabbing their videos, their books, saying you can't sell this.
It's also part of the new freedom.
Yes, and they're selling them on eBay now.
They're going for like over $100, that's collected items, which is kind of interesting, but he can't sell them because it's banned.
Now, uh... Hey, is it banning or burning books a hallmark of freedom?
Absolutely, in America it is.
Oh, yes, don't be so radical.
Why are you complaining?
It's the new conservatism.
Exactly, confiscate your guns, increase regulation, open borders, sign us over to the U.N.
It's the new conservatism.
One more point, Alex, before I leave.
Police State 3, I know you've got a lot of calls to get to.
The scene where you confront the stormtroopers and they refuse to give their names, where is that?
What is the scenario behind that?
Could you briefly explain that towards the end of the movie?
It's a two-hour, 40-minute film, and we've got about three or four minutes where I go downtown.
And the SWAT teams are standing around in black ski masks.
Some weren't wearing black ski masks.
Hundreds of police in their federally funded armored ninja outfits in full body armor.
And we walk over and we have them on video grabbing young women, demanding to see their IDs.
Because it's the state law, you've got to have your ID to walk down the street now.
And that's downtown Austin.
And then when I say to a guy checking IDs, I say, where's your badge number?
Where is your insignia?
Because that's a state law, too, that officers have to have that.
And they would not answer me.
Oh, they answered you.
And they said, you don't need to know.
You don't need to know.
And I have, sir, I have five hours of that.
We walked around all night long at Mardi Gras.
Oh, I did Mardi Gras, yeah.
Yeah, it was Mardi Gras.
And they were all over the place.
If somebody looked at them wrong, they would beat them up, slam them to the ground, drag them away, and arrest them.
I mean, we have person after person.
The cops would walk up, ask them a question, punch them, knock them down.
I mean, we aired that on TV here in Austin.
The news media was covering it, and they just walked right over and sprayed right in the face of the news media.
Now, that's also on tape.
Well, thank God we live in a free country.
Oh, yeah.
By the way, the Supreme Court has said, and the Bill of Rights says, you don't have to have an ID to walk down the street.
Of course.
Failure to ID has been thrown out of courts, federal and state, hundreds of times.
There's three Supreme Court rulings in the last 20 years.
But 99.999% of people, when they get arrested for failure to ID, not having an ID at the park or walking down the street, I've been threatened with arrest before, walking back from the store without an ID.
Most people will go before the court.
The judge knows it's unconstitutionally legal.
They'll still get you to plea bargain because you don't know your rights.
But here are the cops who, by law, have to identify themselves, and they wouldn't do it.
But I'll tell you, Alex, there are police departments in Rhode Island where if you're stopped, and unless you can provide not only ID but a quote-unquote valid social security number, you are going back to the station.
Would not do it.
That's all part of it.
Well, in Germany, they brought security to the homeland.
You were arrested if your papers weren't in order.
Isn't that what it takes to keep the homeland secure?
South Africa pass laws, same thing.
Hey, it's all part of the freedom.
Thank you.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you, extremist.
How dare you say you should be able to walk down the street without your papers?
Man, I tell you, it's people like you that need to be stopped.
Bob in Arkansas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, yeah.
I just had two quick comments about that.
You know, it's just terrible what's going on.
If you can't walk down the street without a photo ID, I mean, you might as well be living in Nazi Germany as far as I'm concerned.
How dare you that you're obviously with Al-Qaeda for saying that?
Yeah, I know.
I must be...
I must be the chief member or something like that.
Man, that's radical, saying that in America you should be able to walk to the store 100 yards away and buy some Gatorade and ice cream like I did when I almost got arrested for not having an ID.
I mean, who do you think you are, buddy?
The government gives you orders.
You work for them!
I mean, I don't even know where to start with all this al-Qaeda business.
Every time something little happens, oh, well, al-Qaeda's going to do this, and al-Qaeda's going to do that.
I don't even think there is an al-Qaeda, to be honest with you.
Well, it was founded by the CIA in 1979.
Oh, really?
Ben Laden is a hero in all the 80s news articles.
The Bush family vacations with him.
They own the Carlyle Group together, making all the war profits.
And they flew Taliban and al-Qaeda out to safety right before Afghanistan fell.
It was a totally staged war, sir.
And they grabbed some 15-year-olds for torture at Camp X-Ray.
And then, of course, all these $43 trillion that are missing.
I can tell you where they're going.
Well, $43 trillion in debt, Dallas Morning News, Wall Street Journal, $43 trillion deficit.
I remember covering this six, seven years ago when it was $35 trillion.
Now it's $43.2 trillion.
Well, right, because Martha Stewart's a terrorist, too.
You can trust him now.
It's just ridiculous, and I can tell you where that money's going.
They're using that money to brainwash all the children now.
Oh, yeah, people say that education's failing because there's not enough funds.
The more money, the dumber they get.
We have the official Department of Education documents where they say they want to dumb your kids down, destroy identity, and turn them into a hive-mind idiot.
Have you met most of the teenagers today?
They're already dumbed down enough.
They're giggling little monkey-like creatures.
They've been trained to act like this.
It is a crisis.
Parents, let their children watch MTV.
Yeah, that's all I ever played in my house when I was a kid was MTV 24 hours a day.
Well, you're an extremist.
Take care.
By the way, I have a story here out of Massachusetts, but it happens in Texas.
It's not just liberal areas.
And they have these highly intelligent kids, what, 12 and 15.
They refuse to put them in public school.
They've homeschooled them.
The state's trying to claim they can't do that.
They said your kids have to report to take school tests.
They refused.
CPS came, kidnapped the children, and then told them, you will fill out this questionnaire.
Ordered the police to threaten the kids.
The police basically refused.
Hey, Alex.
I'm writing a paper for my school about the ethical arguments if there is one for...
Regime change in Iran, and I just wanted to get your take on the riots that were going on for the past 24 hours there.
Do you think that this is possibly a rehash of the 1953 CIA?
Well, why don't you talk about the riots for people that missed it, and I was going to get to that.
Tell folks what's happening right now.
Basically, they're rioting in the streets against the democratically elected President Khatami.
Over there and trying to oust the Muslim clerics that are... And then they put the Shah in after the 50s who tortured people, was incredibly brutal, made Saddam look like a choir boy.
And then, of course, they got the opposite extreme of that with Ayatollah Khomeini.
Well, gee, I wonder if the riots are caused by the CIA.
What was said, my friend...
Just two weeks ago, Rumsfeld announced that they were about to launch destabilization tactics on the ground with student groups through the CIA MI6 Mossad, and I will repeat to you that they were also going to begin radio and TV transmissions into the country.
So obviously the riots there have been started, and now they can say, oh look, they want freedom, let's invade.
But I assure you, they'll put someone worse than Ayatollah Khomeini, someone worse than the Shah, in there when they're done.
That place will be less free than it is today.
And also I wanted to ask you a question.
I'm trying to write about the neocons, and I was wondering where can I go to get...
Some information on how to connect them to this Leo Strauss.
Okay, that was in Reuters.
It was in the Times of Asia.
It was in several other papers.
One headline was, Neocons dance to a Straussian waltz.
Type that into the search engine.
It's on Infowars.com.
Just type it in the search engine.
Neocons dance to a Straussian waltz.
Also, we posted this on Monday, but you can find it at the National Post.
It's also on InfoWars.com.
Go to the National Post.ca in Canada, their big paper.
Type in, the ghost of Trotsky walks the halls of the White House.
It'll admit that all the neocons are admitted fourth international communist.
Mainstream, National Post, they're communist.
All right.
Well, thank you very much, Alex.
You bet.
That'll really make your liberal professor stumble around in a confused, deprogrammed fashion when you explain that he thinks he's some liberal socialist and the evil right-wingers is what he's fighting when he's faced with the facts that Bush is anti-gun, open border, pro-world government, protecting Bill Clinton with Dan Burton's committee.
When he's faced with that, he'll like, cannot compute, cannot compute, cannot compute.
And a lot of times when the smoke's done coming out their pea brain, they will wake up, become gun owners, become pro-liberty, constitutionalists, and will deprogram out of the left-wing control system.
So left and right are totally together at the top.
There's just different rhetoric.
But yeah, go read how the neocons are admitted.
Admitted students of dictatorship, that's what Strauss promoted, the economist, University of Chicago.
And then when you find out that they were founded by the Fourth International, by Trotsky, this is mainstream news.
You see, when you find out the Michael Savages are dirty, oily, slimy beatniks, then the deprogramming can begin.
When you find out these neocons are the scum of the earth, total and complete trash, they tell you, oh yeah, we're for your guns while passing gun control.
Oh yeah, we're for the borders while opening the borders.
See, they're Trojan horses.
They're enemy-cloaked attack ships.
Let's recognize them.
Let's decloak them.
Let's pull away the veils.
Lou in Colorado.
Lou, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I got your film, that 9-1-1, incredible.
It's a well-put-together film.
Thank you.
I appreciate all the plugs for the videos.
And I made my wife sit down and watch it.
Did a deprogrammer.
Yeah, she's pretty much with me, but she's got to see something like that.
I want to make copies and send them to my friends.
But anyhow, you know what I was curious a little bit about was that Wal-Mart,
You know, when you said Walmart had these little grains that they're going to eventually put in clothes and whatever?
They're already in half the products.
Not eventually.
And all products by next year, hence making the manufacturers of retail goods, Walmart, Harris, 33% of total market, forcing all manufacturers to put them in all products.
So by doing that, I've said this for years, now it was announced.
Z-Net news on Monday.
Walmart, quote, gets behind RFID.
And it said, what I had said, common sense, that by Walmart saying, you sell to us, you've got to have this in your product, that will cause all products to put it in, regardless of whether it's sold at Walmart or not.
I guess what I'm trying to figure out is what would this thing do?
I mean, you buy some pants, you give it as a present to somebody.
How are they actually tracing me through this or whatever?
There's just a record of it, and it can be tracked off Shell Tower, off radio readers.
Oh, wow.
So see how this works?
It's part of the Pentagon says we're going to watch everything you do.
You have no Fourth Amendment.
We're going to put chips in everything.
Just shut up and accept it.
It's an overwhelming attack right now.
Yeah, that's incredible.
I didn't know Aaron Schiff's...
What was banned like that either?
I mean, that's incredible news, too.
Oh, it's official, yeah.
The mainstream news, books are now being banned.
But in that film where, you know, they show the police, you know, pointing their guns at kids in Louisiana, what happened to that first rule of gun safety that everybody else would go along with?
Have you ever did something like that?
Well, those of you who don't know, we have video of eight-year-old girls crying and begging as men in black uniforms scream at them.
This is...
Then we cut to articles where they shoot kids in the face, where they shoot their own officers.
Did you not see the articles?
Yes, well, yes.
And now they've done it again.
I've got articles on this today for you.
Yeah, what happened to that rule?
Why do you let them scream and cuss at your kids and slam them around and point guns in their faces?
You'd be arrested in a minute, but then they could do it.
It's always what those in power can do that you can't do.
It's just amazing.
And that guy that was talking to those police trainees and firemen, that guy was a real wacko.
He was talking about his founding fathers being terrorists.
And then he was saying... Okay, for those that don't know, I mention this all the time to let people know how chilling it is.
What does FEMA say to the classroom of police in Kansas City?
Well, tell them what they say.
Well, he was saying that the Founding Fathers were terrorists.
They were going into that.
They were saying that Christians, anybody who's Christian, these people have strong beliefs, and these people are hard to fight that have strong beliefs.
Well, what does he have?
No beliefs?
Well, he also went on to say they are enemies of the government.
Right, right.
I mean, what I'm getting at is this guy, when he makes a stupid statement like that.
So, in other words, if you're a Christian, you have strong beliefs, you're hard to fight.
But if you're a one-worlder with strong beliefs, then that's a different story, right?
I mean, it's just so unbelievable.
That guy ought to be checked out.
He's got some ties somewhere.
Boy, that guy ought to be investigated.
Sir, that is standard training manual from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado to Massachusetts.
This is what they teach.
You ought to see the new manuals.
I made that film a year ago.
The new manuals are saying prepare for total gun confiscation.
Yeah, right.
There will be no freedom.
This is good.
Ha, ha, ha.
We'll secretly arrest whoever we want.
Torture's good.
I mean, you think that's bad.
I mean, it's reached la-la, insane, foaming at the mouth levels now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, I've done it again.
I haven't gotten to a lot of the news.
I've mentioned some of it.
I know we've got a lot of other callers.
We'll go to Lorraine in a few minutes, and then we'll come back in the next hour.
We'll get into news, and then into more of your calls.
But you've got to see it to believe it.
I don't just have mainstream news articles with a headline out of the Herald Register in West Virginia, Christians, a hate group, period, where the FBI, they said, was caught teaching manuals to police that all Christians are terrorists, and that it's going to be illegal.
I mean, period, folks.
The Washington Times, a constitutional terrorist, was the headline about the FBI training manual where it says those that believe in the U.S.
Constitution, those that make frequent references to it, are terrorists.
Arrest them immediately at roadside checkpoints.
But how about having them on tape saying, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson are terrorists, are enemies of the government.
All of this.
Christians, period, are enemies of the government.
Because they oppose what we're going to do.
Now imagine
Having that on tape.
Imagine having 9-1-1 the road to tyranny.
You just heard what the caller said.
I mean, you can't believe this stuff until you see these sniveling criminals on tape.
These traitors to America.
You can't begin to imagine how serious it is.
Now, I want you to go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
I want you to get Police State 3 Total Enslavement, 9-1-1 the road to tyranny, my book, Dissent and Tyranny.
And I want you to make 100 copies of the videos.
Because if you don't, if the grassroots doesn't do this, the average American isn't going to learn who the real terrorists are.
Who the people are that are, by the very definition, traitors and engaged in sedition trying to overthrow this republic.
I mean, when you start saying George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are enemies of the state, that that type of person is bad, that Christians are bad, that homeschoolers are bad, and then they're attacking us, we know who the enemy is.
We know who the enemy combatants are.
By every definition.
They are the terrorists.
They are the overthrowers.
We want our country back.
We are counter-revolutionaries, folks.
We're counter-insurgents.
We just want to be left alone.
So go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com, get my videos, make copies now, know that it has an effect, or call toll-free to get the films 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139, or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704, or 1-888-253-3139.
Now, this article is from May 25th, about half a month ago.
The U.S.
considers plan to destabilize Iran.
The Bush administration alarmed by intelligence suggesting that al-Qaeda operatives in Iran, sure, had a role in the May 12th suicide bombing in Saudi Arabia, has cut off once promising contacts with Iran, and appears ready to embrace an aggressive policy of trying to destabilize the Iranian government, administration officials said.
Senior Bush administration officials will meet Tuesday at the White House.
Well, they said that they plan to use Iraq as the invasion point against Iran.
White House to discuss the evolving strategy towards the Islamic Republic.
The Pentagon officials pressing hard.
Republic and private actions they believe could lead to toppling of the government through a popular uprising, officials said.
It includes radio and TV transmissions into the country and using student groups under control of the CIA.
And then today, what happens?
nods approval as Iranian student protests explode onto streets.
The third night of protests outside Tehran's university dormitories exploded early yesterday in the surrounding middle-class neighborhoods with gangs of students fighting, running, street battles against vigilantes armed with sticks and chains.
That's the militia fighting back.
At one intersection, demonstrators hurled rocks at trucks and riot police who were rushing to lift barricades and douse fires, protesters had ignited in the streets.
So understand, folks, they're going to take over Iran.
Your young daughters and sons will be there occupying it, getting stabbed in the back by people that don't want to be slaves.
And they'll set a dictatorship up there and start the torture camps again like the Shah did.
We'll be right back.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Already in the second hour of this live Friday edition of the World Wide Broadcast.
The 13th.
Friday the 13th, June 2003.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 800-259-9231.
I do this show Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central during the day and then back from 9 to midnight Central.
We don't just go out on the AM and FM dial.
You can also listen to us at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or on Global Shortwave during the day at 12.172 or 93.20 and at night at 5.085 and 68.90.
We're about to go to Lorraine, Roy, Bob, and others, Wilbur and others, that are patiently holding.
But I need to spend more time today on Iran, okay?
Because in the 50s, there was an overthrow of their legitimate government staged by the globalists.
They set up the Shah, who had torture chambers, killed hundreds of thousands, brutally, just viciously oppressed the people.
Then there was a backlash in Ayatollah Khomeini, who I'm no fan of, but who certainly was for sovereignty for his nation.
You can't be against that point.
Nothing compared to a Kim Jong-il or somebody that our government's armed with nuclear reactors.
And then about a month ago, a little less than a month ago, the headline out of the Washington Post, the Associated Press, Washington considers planning to destabilize Iran through the student movements.
And then two weeks ago they said they were going to go ahead and activate that, and now U.S.
nods approval as Iranian students protest explode onto the streets.
I wonder when the globalists take over Iran and bomb out the water treatment, the power plants, everything, and then never build it back and commit genocide against them and do forced inoculations, gun confiscation, I wonder if all of the MTV surfing and watching via the net Iranian youth are going to enjoy the high-tech tyranny they're going to get instead of the old-fashioned religious tyranny.
I don't know.
Maybe you don't like running water.
Maybe you don't like being able to have children and raise them as you see fit.
Maybe you don't like having more freedom than you'll have under the globalists.
Or maybe you're going to like not being able to have free elections.
Maybe you're going to like having the new leader selected for you and having a monarchy set back up, which is what they said they do.
Okay, knock yourselves out over there.
That's fine.
Some will say, but the Ayatollah Khomeini, I had lots of target practice on, you know, targets that looked like him.
He's bad.
Folks, the very government telling you he was bad made deals with him not to give the hostages up until the end of the election in 1980 and until he'd gotten lots of tow missiles.
So I don't want to hear it.
We're about reality here on this show.
Now you've got this new Ayatollah who's been in there the last few years.
There was one before him.
And they tried to buddy up to the globalists.
That didn't work.
And now the globalists have said, we're going to destabilize and bring your country down.
And then your sons and daughters are going to have to occupy Iran.
They said 62 countries on the hit list, folks, and Iran, Syria, North Korea are next.
We're good to go.
You understand the global escalation and out of this crisis, the globalists will bring you more terror to legitimize their policies and to say you can't criticize them.
They're getting rid of the Bill of Rights here, federalizing elections, paying off the Church of the Faith-based initiatives.
Bush says he'll sign more gun control.
All this is happening, and the average conservative has no idea because a neocon...
Hunks and parasites, big-time liberals in sheep's clothing, are there manipulating you and telling you everything's fine in a disgusting worship fest of all of this.
So when we get back, I will shortly recap in detail the situation in Iran with the riots.
A little bit more information on that, then we'll go to Lorraine, Roy, Bob, and others.
Then I'll get into SWAT teams firing live guns in classrooms with children and drills.
We'll get into the economy.
We'll get into the lies about weapons of mass destruction.
As I said, big show today.
Stay with us.
Your calls are straight ahead.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then
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Well, Marilyn, that sounds fantastic.
We'll check back with you a little bit later to learn more about this exciting new product.
Okay, thanks.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Imagine an organization with some of the most powerful political figures, economic figures, military figures.
Imagine an organization saying that they, quote, needed terror attacks in America on the scale or larger than Pearl Harbor to get the American people behind a new world order.
To invade Iraq, Syria, Iran, North Korea, and then 59 other countries.
A total of 62.
Imagine them writing this in 97, 98, and 99 and publicly publishing it in the Journal of Foreign Affairs of the CFR.
Publicly publishing it on the Project for a New American Century website, PNAC.
Well, they've done it.
And it was Jeb Bush...
And reinstall...
Relatives of the Shah reinstall a hereditary dictatorship, put in a literal monarchy.
And now the foolish MTV generation over there, and I'm not defending the Ayatollahs or any of those guys, but they have free elections now.
They have stopped a lot of their restrictions.
They're a sovereign nation.
And now, we have the article.
This was out of the Associated Press.
considers plan to destabilize Iran.
This was a month ago.
A little under a month ago.
May 25th, senior Bush administration officials met Tuesday at the White House to discuss the evolving strategy towards the Islamic Republic.
State Department, which had encouraged some form of engagement with the Iranians, appears inclined to accept such a policy, especially if Iran does not take any visible steps to deal with the suspected al-Qaeda operatives involved.
Officials said, but the State Department officials are concerned that the level of popular discontent there is much lower.
The Pentagon officials believe, leading to the possibility that U.S.
efforts could ultimately discredit reformers in Iran.
In any case, the Saudi Arabian bombings have ended the tentative signs of engagement between Iran and the United States.
Folks, Iran doesn't like al-Qaeda.
It's a different sect.
Iran has accused al-Qaeda of being CIA, which is a public fact.
Tried to help the U.S., and the U.S.
didn't want the help.
There are not Al-Qaeda members in Iran, people.
This is totally made up.
This is total theater.
They also want to go into Syria.
They claim, well, the weapons of mass destruction were taken there.
We've got to invade Syria.
Now, if the globalists were saying, we're not going to launch a military attack, but we're going to support, we want a real republic there, constitutional republic, we want the Ayatollahs to lose their veto power over the elected officials, people that are elected in general elections and regional elections in Iran by the citizenry.
But that's not happening.
They're going to put another monarch in there with the torture chambers, the death, all the rest of it,
And you see them destabilizing the country.
They say they're going to do it.
And then U.S.
nods approval as Iranian students explode.
Protests explode onto the streets.
They're burning, torching, killing, running around, foaming at the mouth.
The nationally televised speech on Thursday, Ayatollah Khomeini accused the U.S.
of trying.
...of trying to incite disorder and warn protesters that the government would be merciless against those acting in the interest of foreign powers.
Imagine if Russia said, we've got people that are going to cause riots and take over government buildings, and we're going to go ahead and order them to take over.
How would we respond if that then happened a month later, or three weeks later?
How were you supposed to respond to that?
And a lot of you are like, good, overthrow them Iranians!
Oh, yeah?
That same CIA that's taking over your cities, your counties, taking your Bill of Rights, pushing for gun control, that same government's destroying America.
They want all the oil and all the control of the entire region, and during the war, it'll be a political smokescreen.
During the war, you will accept them taking your pension funds, taking your private property.
They have a national draft bill, National Service, Universal Service Act, S-89.
Women, children, young people, middle-aged people, if you can't serve in the foreign overseas war, you'll have to, quote, serve domestically, and what is the domestic...
A tips program.
What are they doing with the Homeland Security and the National Compulsory Volunteering?
An oxymoron?
Roadside safety checks.
Fugitive apprehension.
Anti-gun community programs.
Nazi Germany, folks.
So go ahead and laugh as all these sovereign countries get toppled.
Know that America is being toppled as well.
And being used as the muscle to do it
By the big European banks that are running all of this, letting us play the part of the bad cop.
And it goes on and on and on.
But the public ignored the admonishment by the Ayatollahs, staging the largest street demonstrations to erupt in the Capitol in four years, joining the students were some older government workers and traditionally dressed women.
Yeah, the CIA folks.
Iran is a member of President George Bush's Axis of Evil.
And Mr. Bocher rejected U.S.
complaints about Tehran's policies, notably its support organizations Washington considers terrorist.
You know, it's funny.
The Iranian-backed terror group, as they call it, in the past turns out to be CIA and Iraq, and now they've been publicly taken off the State Department list of terrorists to, quote, attack Iran.
So a group that was supposedly run by Iran all these years, blowing stuff up in Saudi Arabia and Israel, this is in the news.
Two weeks ago they say, oh, this is no longer a terror group.
They work for us, see?
And now they can run around blowing stuff up and it'll be blamed on Iran.
And Iran's gone public.
They've said the globalists carried out 9-1-1.
They're not stupid.
Of course they're corrupt.
Of course they're despots.
But they're a sovereign nation.
They're not part of the New World Order.
And so that's why they're under attack.
Let's just be cold and calculating about the facts and not be emotional.
Imagine your sons and daughters occupying Iraq, Syria, Iran, North Korea for decades to come.
The White House told us this new war would last generations, a hundred years in some of the quotes by the President in some of his statements.
And now they've told the Army, I'm sorry, you may never come home.
You may serve out the rest of your tours.
We may not let you leave.
You know you signed clauses that we could hold you for 20 years if we wanted to.
We may never let you leave Iraq.
You're going to have to stay there.
And they're not going to repair the water, the sewage, the bridges.
They want these countries in the Stone Age.
It's the plan of the globalists.
Nothing's secured but the oil pipelines being built directly into Israel who gets the oil free of charge now.
But the preacher says support Israel no matter what they do.
So would that mean that if Herod was back today, we'd have to bow down and worship him?
Or did John the Baptist rebuke Herod?
Could there be a corrupt leader of Israel?
Could it be possible Israel could do something wrong?
Is this the real Israel?
And again, I say what Barry Hamish says.
Israel is a Jewish writer.
Israel isn't running anything.
They're just puppets of the New World Order.
That's all any of this is.
No, it's the New World Order running things, my friends.
So, very serious as we watch countries being destabilized across the board.
Let's go ahead and talk to Lorraine.
Lorraine, thanks for holding.
You're welcome.
And you're calling us from where?
Welcome to the airwaves.
Thank you.
I just had two things.
The first one, do you know what happened to William Cooper's website?
No, I don't.
I've noticed it's not up anymore.
Yeah, they have some really cool information on, like, the Freemasons and the global government and stuff.
And I noticed, like, a lot of his stuff he predicted has come true.
But I know he was calling the militia out, so I think they considered him a threat.
Probably the government got a hold of him and took it down.
Well, probably the government.
You know how he died.
SWAT team dropped by and gunned him down.
Yeah, and it was right after he was trying to call the militia out, too.
Well, look, I guess Cooper got killed about a year ago, along with his dog.
And that's a sad thing, but no, I don't know where his website went.
Yeah, he was a little weird, but I found his stuff interesting.
And then, you know about the American Association of Motor Vehicles, how it's a not-for-profit organization, but yet, like, my state government, who has, like, $30 billion deficit, gives money to these associations so they can standardize our driver's licenses?
Like, your individual state gives money to them
So they can change, which our ID here has like a computer script.
I don't think it needs much changing at this point.
And it's like such a waste of money.
I think there's like a lot of misuse of these not-for-profit organizations.
What do you think?
Ma'am, you don't have a driver's license.
Since 93, the executive order was signed by Bill Clinton.
It has been implemented now by 42 states.
The last eight are signing on.
If states want their highway funds...
They don't just have to run checkpoints, or they don't just have to search vehicles or carry out a certain number or put in FEMA billboards that can be taken over to flash messages.
Also, your driver's license has to have a strip, has to have a digital photo, a digital thumbprint.
It is already, admittedly, the national ID card.
That's why you have these groups standardizing the IDs.
Yeah, but that's our money that we don't have.
And they want to put like a chip in those, and now they have weapons.
Well, that's to make it a credit card as well.
So when they bankrupt the economy, like Argentina, they will then put your monthly credits.
It will seize your bank account and allow you $200 a month.
And then you'll all have to go into government housing, and then they are going to form work projects.
And, of course, they'll have to guard the important work projects.
So Governor Ridge has announced the Army will be there with M-16s overseeing you at the work projects.
They have weaponry that can melt those chips, though.
Well, you can put it in a microwave, but then when you try to go in the store to buy food because of the new national sales tax, you won't be able to buy food, ma'am.
It's a cashless society.
You need to fight the system itself and expose the casual society instead of stopgap measures against key areas of its infrastructure.
We'll be right back in the battle for the republic.
More of your calls and more news.
Are you prepared?
Seems that more terrorism on our soil is inevitable.
Chemical attacks, biological, nuclear, who knows for sure what dangers lie ahead for America.
Recent articles have pointed to vulnerability in our agricultural industry.
An attack on our food supply would be devastating.
Jerry Good
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Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central Time, and then back from 9 to midnight Central.
We're here live, folks.
We're about to go to Roy and Bob and others, and then I'm going to get into more of this news.
But bottom line, the military industrial complex and the little whores that work for them, the 501c3 establishment, lying churches, the Fortune 500, their minions, the wannabes, they want to be part of an empire.
They want to take over the planet.
They want to take...
The liberties and freedoms our veterans fought for and to get rid of them.
And they've dispatched neocon liars to pacify you.
Who are ramming through an agenda that can only be called ten times more liberal than anything Bill Clinton ever tried to do.
To use the phony liberal conservative label people enjoy so much.
And it's a horrible new system where we're going to be drafted and have to serve in their...
They're New World Order, and we're not going to have any freedoms, and it's sick, but they found that if they can just have us in a war, we will primitively rally around the government and follow their orders.
Roy in Michigan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, the data that you've got there, like the manuals from the different police departments and all that type of thing, you know, if you was to put that type of thing on the floppy disk,
I know I would sure be happy to buy the floppy disk from you, and that I could put it on my computer and take and run off copies of that to get that data out there.
Well, I mean, the manuals, the video clips on CD-ROM, the stuff I've got is just repeats of the same stuff over and over again.
I understand it.
If you had it organized, like let's take the...
All the data that you've got from 911, all the different newspaper articles and all that type of thing.
Here's the problem.
I did two hours in Salt Lake City yesterday in the morning.
Then I did a 45-minute interview.
Then I did my own show.
Then I did two live TV shows.
I did an hour on Jeff Rantz.
I then got to bed at about 2 a.m.
And I was up at 6.30 this morning doing more interviews and then doing some errands.
So I'm sorry.
I just can't do it.
I wasn't thinking about yourself personally, but...
Maybe somebody there locally, because you have the access to the... Like, I can't get the manuals.
Where would I get the manuals that were given to the police departments as far as their training?
Well, we have some of the manuals and video of them and news articles in the Road to Tyranny.
I understand that.
But, I mean, to actually get your hands on to...
The video where you can download it from a floppy disk.
You'll be able to distribute it.
Law enforcement magazines like the Firearms and Weapons of Law Enforcement April issue 2001 lauded the virtues of torture.
I've got other mainstream law enforcement magazines listeners fax me or mail to me where it talks about arrest somebody.
They've got an anti-UN sticker on their car.
That was Law Enforcement Technology magazine.
I mean, it's everywhere, sir.
I realize that it is.
Only in an organized manner is what I was looking for.
So you think people would want to sit there and read hundreds of pages about Christians and gun owners or terrorists?
I think that people would read that material if you put it on a flappy desk.
Well, I mean, they have read the Washington Times article and the Hale Register articles and the training manuals and Megiddo and all that is out there.
Yes, I know it's all out there.
Oh, you're saying take it all and stick it in one place.
Just stick it in one place and be able to take it to buy those from you.
I'm sure there in Austin you could find hundreds of guys that are in the same position I am trying to get that information out.
I can't legally take things out of whole cloth and just resell other people's stuff.
I can talk about a document, show it, critique it, show subsections of it, but I can't wholesale dump the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center and the FBI's training manuals on CDs and sell them.
See, I wasn't realizing that you had some complication there, but I do that.
Yeah, I can't say take.
You could take a newspaper article.
I can't take 1984 and reprint it and sell it.
Okay, well, there you go.
There's my answer to the question.
I used to buy from data sources.
I would buy the floppy disk and I would get enormous amounts of data.
And then I would take it, download that data, and then take it, recirculate the data.
Which was evidence of what's... We can do stuff like that.
Also, I encourage police and others to keep sending me that stuff.
And we have done things with it.
We will do things with more of it.
But, I mean, if I made a film about the stuff I've got, it would be five hours long.
Oh, I realize that.
I was just looking for the data to be able to recirculate the data out there.
What I'm saying is you have dozens of mainstream news articles out there now.
You have the training manuals.
You have the video of them saying it in Kansas City.
There's already more information that I've put out than most people will sit there and watch.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central Standard Time and back from 9 to Midnight Central.
I'm here.
Thanks for joining me.
And Roy in Michigan was making some good points.
I just get frustrated thinking of the job of trying to compile all that.
And we already have so many news articles, so many FBI documents, so many...
FEMA training manuals, FEMA on tape saying gun owners, Christians are terrorists.
The news saying torture is good.
We ought to torture people.
What Patriot Act 1 and 2 do.
I mean, that's all public now.
And really, it's a whole cottage industry of different groups and different organizations and federal agencies putting out these manuals.
It's really all just regurgitated information over and over again.
I mean, I've got
We're good to go.
I know that John Trotman, Militia Montana, I've got a bunch of discs from him that have Army manuals about how to build camps in America, how to take our guns, how to control our population.
I mean, the stuff's all out there.
I'm waiting in the documentation.
And the stuff we have in Road to Tyranny or Masters of Terror or Police State 3 Total Enslavement or The Takeover or Police State 2000,
I mean, I've got nine videos that are all over two hours long, so over 20 hours of video with them saying and doing and news articles and dates and documents, and we post the stuff on the website.
So that's really the place to start is with my films.
You need to get them, folks.
You need to get them and make copies.
You need to educate people now.
We've got the tools to wake up America.
We've got the tools to educate the people about who the real terrorists are, about who the real enemy combatants are.
So before I go back to your calls and into the news, I hope that everybody goes to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com, and I hope you'll order my films today.
Operators are there 24 hours a day to take your call, to take your order.
America Destroyed by Design, Police State 2000, Police State 2, The Takeover, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Exposed, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, The Masters of Terror, Police State 3, Total Enslavement, By Book, Descent into Tyranny, only $12, covering what really happened on 9-1-1 and who really carried out the attacks and what their master plan is.
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Now, break the paradigm, unlock their minds.
All right, let's take one call, and I'm getting into news.
Bob in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Well, howdy, Alex.
How you doing?
Quite well, thank you, sir.
It's been quite a while since we spoke.
I listen to you daily as best I can.
For about three years now, I first heard your program going back before Y2K problems occasionally.
I picked it up then.
And you really lit a fresh fire here.
That's sweeping the country.
God bless you and those dear to you.
You know, a lot of people seem to think you can do it all.
As I've heard over the years, people are like, you know, trying to become your followers.
They're trying to make you into almost like...
You know, a leader of a movement and such.
Roy had a pretty good idea, but, you know, I realize you've got a family.
You know, Violet and you have a child.
You know, people get to understand the importance of quality time with, you know, family.
And they can do everything, but maybe some associates of yours could do something like and wise what Roy was talking about there, you know.
Because people, by and large, are pretty...
Oh, I guess, you know, lazy in some respects and a bit confused and don't know how to dig out all this stuff, you know.
But that's not really why I called.
Two points that are not connected.
I'd like to bring up Walmart spokesman was on with Dave Van Cleist and Joyce Riley this morning on the Power Hour.
He granted them about five minutes at his time during the second hour, so you might want to listen to this guy.
What was the subject?
RFI tracking chips.
And a lot of your callers are putting that question to you because they hear about it.
You talk about Walmart.
Well, this guy should have been wearing a uniform and a badge because his attitude was almost like you don't have a need to know.
And he was like, you know, really hard-nosed and evasive and not giving any answers at all to their questions.
It lasted for about five minutes.
What were they saying to him?
Oh, they were wanting to know because they understand that this is being discussed, it's being written about by certain people in certain major newspapers, as I understand it, that they're going to be installing these small tracking devices and, you know, Gillette
Which is a French company, seems to be involved in it also.
They're not just a razor company, but they seem to be doing something.
Well, sir, it's hundreds of major companies.
Walmart, I want to state this again, said that if you want to sell products in their store, you've got to install RFID tracking systems.
They're 33% of all retail sales in the U.S., and a large portion globally now, all over the world.
And so...
If they say put it in the products you sell us, they're going to put it in everything standard.
And they've got their big RFID testing center.
They've got their RFID command center literally in a bunker.
This is mainstream news.
And I have internal documents.
What did this Yahoo have to say about all that?
Joyce would ask him a question like, is there any tracking devices in any other products in the store?
Because he kept focusing in on Gillette products.
And he would say, as far as I know, Gillette has nothing.
I mean, he wasn't even hearing the question.
He was just responding as he chose to.
Well, I mean, USA Today admitted last year that already hundreds of their products had it.
Clothing stores are doing it.
Target's doing it.
It's not just Walmart.
Across the board, and Walmart said all their products will have it.
So I don't know what this guy's talking about.
The man was saying that basically it was tied into inventory control in-house within the store.
But they admit it's also for tracking it by radio readers in the trucks as it drives down the road.
Well, he said that they were going to put these things only on pallets of merchandise coming in, and these would replace barcodes.
And I find it very odd that on a large wooden pallet you would need to... Sir, I don't need to find any of it hard or whatever.
I know what's been announced.
It's already being woven into the clothes.
Yeah, well, you know, if they've got barcodes on pallets, I think that would be okay.
Why do they need a small little sand...
It's a grain of sand-sized item, you know.
It's a grain of sand-sized item, sir, to be woven into the clothes.
That's the headline.
You know, anyway.
Sure, I believe you.
No, don't believe me.
It's hundreds of news articles.
Well, I haven't seen them, but, you know, I take it on, you know, your, you know, credentials.
Well, no, we probably posted 15 articles this week on the website about it.
Police State 3 has the...
As the big Florida papers, the Miami Herald saying, your clothes will spy on you was the headline.
Well, I don't want to get bogged down in this topic, because if people are interested, they can tune in and replay the choice.
Sure, sure.
I understand, but what else is on your mind?
You've got a lot of people also concerned about, like, the IRS and taxation, etc.
And, you know, a lot of people still haven't figured out.
They haven't yet seen that this is like a spider web of interconnectedness, like the lady from California, you know, with the driver's license businesses, right?
They're not capable of seeing that basically everybody is a slave.
We are owned by the system and that we have to be productive and working or controlled and, you know, dealt with in that manner.
That's why we need IDs when we go out.
We have to have a social security number from birth now and they're like, you know, footprinting children.
The whole program was laid out going back at least 20 to 35 years, you know, and it's now being implemented.
I'm amazed that people just don't see this all coming together in some sort of like a quilt that's being knitted together.
It's being fashioned like a spider web.
Like an RFID tag woven into your clothes.
Thanks for the call, Roy.
I really do appreciate that call.
We'll get to some of your other calls here in a few minutes.
I need to cover news now.
But look.
People still don't understand that the driver's license, publicly, we already have the national ID card.
Then they have debates in the news of, quote, will we accept the national ID card?
It's already being used for that.
People still email me and go, oh, you're that kook that thinks that they want to put microchips in us.
Well, the government has said so.
The Army War College.
They've got companies like Verichip, Applied Digital Solutions, saying we need the chip.
It's been all over the news.
You know, it's like the emails I get saying, they won't call the show, saying there is no New World Order.
I heard kooks talk about it.
When the government's on the news saying New World Order.
So, it's just people aren't even aware of the quilt you're talking about, Roy, and I understand what you're talking about and see what you're discussing.
Total war engulfs the Middle East as roadmap is torn to shreds.
And I understand what you're saying as well, Bob, in Florida.
So total war engulfs the Middle East as a roadmap is torn to shreds and this helicopter gunship attacks and kills some people, some Hamas people, a bunch of innocent bystanders, and then Hamas starts bombing and they call this peace.
Oh yeah, we want peace, but it's war.
And then now they've got riots going in Iran after the CIA said they were going to do this.
All part of this escalation.
Reuters is reporting no Iraq at OPEC until U.S.
leaves Baghdad.
OPEC cannot permit Iraq to attend meetings of the central cartel while Baghdad remains under the rule of an occupying U.S.-led authority, oil minister said on Wednesday.
Well, it won't matter soon because so many of the OPEC countries are going to be taken over by global forces that it won't matter.
We cannot have relations with Iraq until there is an internationally recognized government.
This is a consensus, said Venezuelan oil minister Rafael Ramirez.
We're good to go.
Also, labor backs plan to intercept North Korean ships.
The federal opposition says it agrees that there is a need for an international mission to intercept North Korean ships from transporting legal drugs and nuclear weapons.
Australia representatives will discuss the interception of North Korean vessels with a number of nations, including the United States, at a meeting in Madrid today.
Now, two months ago, they said that their plan to attack North Korea in October leaked the plan on purpose, trying to get
An escalation of tensions to get North Korea to do something so the globalists have an excuse to go in there.
Richard Pearl, top Defense Department executive, says that, oh, don't worry, at a press dinner, we'll be going in by the fall.
Ha, ha, ha.
They say he laughed about it.
Yeah, it's real funny.
Real funny for those that will die going in there.
It won't be like Iraq, folks.
Believe me, they haven't been able to covertly pay off the North Koreans.
These people are so brainwashed that every time they capture one of their ships, everybody takes cyanide pills on board.
The U.S.
can't rule out a North Korean strike.
There's two from Reuters.
The United States should be prepared to destroy North Korea's Yabong reactor, necessary to keep Pyongyang from trafficking in nuclear weapons, an influential member of the Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Advisory Panel says.
And that is Richard Perle.
Of course, it's our government with Rumsfeld and the board of ABB that gave the nuclear reactors to them in the late 90s.
And Bill Clinton that allowed the transfer.
Also, victim turns tables and shoots armed robber Tampa, Florida...
Two bullet wounds led investigators to a man suspected of attempting to rob another man.
At gunpoint Sunday, officials said at about 5 a.m., Michael Perdue, 35, returned home to his duplex at 58th Street as a masked gunman forced him inside.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said once inside his home, Perdue got his own handgun and shot the man three times, forcing him to flee, officials said.
Hours later, East Podesta Medical Center in
Zephyrus Hills contacted authorities about Albert Lee Jones, 25, a patient with a gunshot wound in his shoulder and side.
Hillsborough Sheriff's detectives determined Jones was the man who tried to rob Perdue and charged him with an aggravated battery, attempting armed robbery and armed burglary, the Sheriff's Office said.
Jones, of 2900 University Square Drive, Tampa, was being held by the Pasco County Jail late Sunday.
I read this because I never read these articles, and I see...
Four or five of them every day.
Keepenbeararms.com is good about posting them.
Just understand that guns are used conservatively ten times.
It was five, but the new statistics are saying ten times more often to frustrate crime than they're used in the commission of crime.
A lot of crime is being stopped, and this is shown by statistics.
Areas like New York, Chicago, places that have gun bans, have the highest crime rates.
But here's a disgusting New York Times article.
Unlikely allies seek better enforcement of firearm statutes.
In an unlikely tandem, gun control groups and a congressman who has long supported gun rights are pressing the Justice Department to become more aggressive in prosecuting weapons crimes.
And not just people committing crimes with guns, but owning a gun you're not supposed to.
We all heard about the Navy veteran who defended his family from a weapon-wielding thug in his home in New York who's now going to have to serve prison time for having an illegal gun.
You're not allowed to have a gun.
Stock slip on consumer sentiment.
Sours, Reuters, U.S.
stocks fell by mid-morning on Friday after the key economic indicator showed the consumer sentiment unexpectedly.
But I was listening to financial news yesterday.
They were saying how great it all was.
Here's an amazing story, and I'm going to get these people on the show.
You'll be hearing them on the show if they'll come on.
This is out of the Metro West Daily News out of Massachusetts.
NASA Bryant 13 stood behind their parents, Kim and George, as police and D.C.
workers attempted to collect the children at 7.45 a.m.
The D.S.S.
demanded the two children complete the test to determine their educational level.
After a court order was issued by the Framingham Juvenile Court around 1 p.m., the children were driven by their parents to the Waltham Hotel.
Again, they refused to take the test, but they were threatened.
Wait till you hear what...
DSS Child Kidnapping Services did.
Then I'll tell you about SWAT teams.
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What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
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In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination has blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips.
Troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies.
Psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
So much evil to expose, so little time, my friends.
The genuine homeschooling standoff in Massachusetts.
After a court order was issued by the juvenile court around 1 p.m., children were driven by their parents to Waltham Hotel.
Again, they refused to take the test.
It goes on.
This is the standardized test.
There's no law, but they claim there is.
And it's all part of the new country where they own your kids.
The court order said the children must be there.
It said nothing about taking the test, said George Bryant.
The second refusal came after an emotional-filled mourning for the family when DSS workers sternly demanded that the Bryants comply with their orders.
We have legal custody of the children, and we will do with them as we see fit, DSS worker Susan Eskotevich told the Bryants in their Gale Street home.
They are minors, and they do what we tell them to do.
Oh, now you're a slave to these people.
Four police officers were also at the scene attempting to coax the Bryants to listen to the DSS worker.
We are simply here to prevent a breach of the peace.
Oh, you're there making people that don't want to be part of your corrupt, mind-dumbing, corrupting system take your filthy little test.
We are simply here to prevent a breach of the peace, said...
Waltham Youth Officer Detective James Ulud, we will not physically remove the children.
Yesterday's events are the continuation of a six-year legal battle between the family and the Waltham Public Schools and the state.
Oh, that's money well spent.
The Bryans contend that the city and the state do not have the legal right to force the children to take standardized tests, even though DSS workers have threatened to take their children from them.
They have been threats all along.
Most families fall to that bullying by the state and the legal system, said George Bryant.
Yeah, where does it end, folks?
This has been a six-year battle between the Waltham Police, public schools, and our family over who is in control of the education of our children, Bryant continued, and the end of the law of the state will protect us.
We're good to go.
I think?
And out in California, they announced the policy, you can't homeschool anymore.
You've got to have a teaching certificate and have home inspections.
See, but homeschoolers win all the spelling bees, all the geography bees.
They're winning everything.
The public schools get dumber and dumber.
We have the official federal documents where they say their plan is to dumb the kids down.
We've got the former head of policy, Department of Education, on the show.
We'll talk more about this in the next hour, and take your calls.
But first, teachers suspended over student's toy gun.
She didn't take a toy gun away from a basketball player, and so she's suspended.
But then look who's really doing stuff with guns.
Bay Nine News.
Police officer gun goes off during drill inside Manatee High School in Florida.
Training drills are nothing new for Brandon police officers, but a live bullet fired inside a high school is certainly not procedure.
Deborah Green thought it was a clear backfire, a car backfiring.
I was inside cleaning and heard a loud noise, said Green, pretty scary.
As it turns out, the noise was a gunshot during a routine drill on Tuesday at Brandon High School.
Police officer's gun accidentally went off inside the Manatee High School classroom.
According to the school board critical incident response report, the bullet went into a classroom wall.
No one was heard, but the incident left some wondering how this could have happened.
Well, they killed top of the year last year in Fort Worth in a drill with kids in the room.
Blew his head off in front of them.
That was nice.
Last year, they shot a kid in the face up in Detroit in a drill in the school.
Just shoot a little kid in the face.
That's okay.
And they kill cops all the time doing this, and nobody seems to care.
And it goes on.
I'll tell you more about this in the next hour.
There's two articles, two different incidents today, happened this week.
Around the country where they like to come into the school, scream and cuss at the kids.
There are a lot of scream and cuss.
Aim guns at them, shoot them in the face, shoot cops, shoot guns in the walls.
Ha, ha, ha!
It's all part of training you to be prisoners here in the new Nazi Germany nationwide death camp.
Third hour coming up.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, the CIA is destabilizing Iran publicly.
In Massachusetts, a family with straight-A students, 12 and 15, are refusing to let the government dictate their curriculum, claiming now that social services will run the homeschoolers' curriculum.
They have now kidnapped the kids once and are saying they're going to take them out of the home and break the family up if the children refuse to take the test.
And this is the new America, ladies and gentlemen.
And then I have another article.
Police officer's gun goes off during drill inside Manatee High School classroom.
We've had cases of them shooting kids in the face, killing cops in these drills.
These schools are places to train your kids how to be prisoners, how to love Nike tennis shoes made by slaves, how to have sex at a young age, how to use drugs.
And good job to the parents getting their kids out of these death camps.
The problem is they're trying to now outlaw homeschooling all over the country and harassing homeschoolers as things get worse and worse.
The government is totally illegitimate and totally criminal.
We'll go over that and get your response to this as well.
And we'll take your calls in this third hour.
Open line Friday.
I want to take a lot of calls.
Toll-free number to join us on air.
Right now, let's go ahead and go to the calls.
Jeff, where are you calling us from today, sir?
Good to talk to you.
I was just getting a hold of you to let you know that...
Last three days here, Walmart's been doing a trade show in Chicago for those RFID chips, and there's something that your listeners need to consider here, that we need to realize that these products aren't just going to be on Walmart shelves, because it isn't like Gillette's just going to produce these only for Walmart.
They're going to end up at everybody's stores.
That's what I continue to say.
Walmart is 33% of total retail sales of all manufacturers, and if they say all products must have RFID, the news is even admitted that will cause everyone to put it in everything.
These are small, trackable chips with microscopic antennas.
The other thing to consider, too, is how do those products get to the stores?
Those all come on pallets.
And those pallets are actually produced by a company called Shep, and actually Shep is now putting two chips in every pallet for RFID tracking also.
And their idea is that they eventually want to put into place this Project Ohio where they're going to have
Zero human involvement in moving the pallets around so that it's going to lose jobs by putting these chips in place.
Well, it's the same thing with the stores taking out the service checkout lanes at the grocery store at Home Depot, putting in the self-serve.
Then they put thumb scanners in the self-serve.
It's already happening.
Then they pull out the final checkout lanes.
You get lower quality service, and you get tracked and traced.
And if your thumb scan gets turned off at the Homeland Security computer, you can buy nor sell.
That's pretty much my final point, Alex.
I just want people to think outside the box to realize those products aren't just going to be a matter of boycotting Walmart.
It's going to be the mom-and-pop shops, too.
Well, they said that.
That's what Walmart getting behind it does.
Well, do you have any ideas of how to stop this?
To tell you the truth, sir, I really don't at this point.
But I'm thinking on it day and night.
You know, it gives me nightmares thinking about it.
Can you believe how evil and widespread this is?
Actually, I can.
You know, when I find out that a lot of these chips, if you go back and look at the manufacturers of the chips, some of those manufacturers are backed by the Carlyle Group.
Well, that's true.
They're involved in it.
Also, they make most of them in Communist China.
Applied Digital Solutions with the implantable digital Angel and Vera chip has built its plant in Beijing at a military base, and it is owned almost completely wholly on the major stock control and debt by the People's Liberation Army and IBM.
Well, pretty soon we'll all be just, you know, John Ashcroft's lapdog.
We'll all have ID chips just like our puppies.
Hey, but it's good for the puppies.
We've seen lots of PR stories about how great it is.
Oh, yeah.
Thanks, Jeff.
Thank you, Alex.
Great call.
More of your calls and more of this news I haven't even gotten into.
And more details of taking your kids away from you if you don't let the CPS run your homeschool curriculum.
That's right, all part of the new freedom here in this cesspool that we used to call America.
How do we get it back?
Give me a call at 800-259-9231.
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Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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Hannah Murray.
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In the first hour, we got off into discussing failure to ID law.
In Texas and many other states, if you walk down the street with your dog or walk to the corner store, police will arrest you if you don't have an ID on you.
Now, the courts have all ruled it's unconstitutional, but they keep the law on the books because most people don't know their rights, don't know how to sue.
Most of the low-level courts are corrupt.
But how is that a free society?
It's been going on for decades.
Did that stop Al-Qaeda?
Why is the border still wide open?
You know, in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia or China, you have to show your ID at any time walking down the street or you get arrested.
And now we do that in America, and we call it a free society.
I'm about to go to Mike in Illinois and others that are holding.
If you'd like to join us on air today...
To discuss just how much freedom we've got left and what the government's setting up and how they're intensifying all this corruption and police state and abuse of our most basic rights.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
But I want to go back over these stories because I hurried through them in about four minutes in the last hour there in the last segment.
And I didn't really detail it like I should have, so let me go over this.
Homeschooling standoff in Waltham.
A legal battle over two homeschooled children exploded into a seven-hour standoff yesterday, but they refused to take a standardized test ordered by the Department of Social Services.
George Nicholas Bryant, 15, and
NYSA Bryant 13 stood behind their parents, Kim and George, as police and DSS workers attended to collect their children at 7.45 a.m.
DSS demanded the two complete a test to determine their educational level.
We're good to go.
I added that part.
Sternly demanded the Bryants comply with their orders.
We have legal custody of the children, and we will do with them as we see fit.
DSS worker Susan Estracots told the Bryants in their Gale Street home, they are minors, they do what we tell them to do.
Four police officers were also at the scene and attempted to coax the Bryants to listen to the DSS worker.
We are simply here to prevent a breach of the peace.
Oh, you came there and now it's a breach of the peace, said Waltham Youth Officer Detective James Allude.
We will not physically remove the children.
Yesterday's events are the continuation of a six-year legal battle between the family and the Waltham Public Schools and the state.
The Bryans contend that the city and state do not have a legal right to force their children to take the standardized test even though DSS workers have threatened to take their children from them.
And they say it's the policy.
The state law doesn't say it, but it's the school board's policy.
There have been threats all along.
Most families fall to that bullying by the state and the legal system, said George Bryant.
But this has been a six-year battle between the Waltham Public Schools and our family over who is in control of the education of our children.
Bryant continued in the end that the law of the state will protect us.
The Bryant children have never attended public school.
Let's call it the government training camp.
Both sides agree that the children are in no way abused mentally, physically, sexually, or emotionally, but legal custody of the children was taken from Kim and George Bryant in December 2001.
Children who remain under the legal custody of the DSS until their 16th birthday.
The parents have been ruled as unfit because they did not follow educational plans or determine a grading system for the children to criteria the Waltham Public Schools homeschooling policy.
So you can let them in your house without a warrant.
Let them test your kids.
You don't own your kids.
You don't control your kids.
You didn't have your kids.
The state owns them.
We do not believe in assessing our children based on the number...
Or letter.
Their education process is their personal intellectual property, said Bryant.
Yeah, it's called the Fifth Amendment.
George Bryant said he was arrested six years ago after not attending a meeting.
The city contends he was summoned to.
No real summons.
They just say, show up, they arrest you.
The meeting was called by the Waltham County Department for his failure to send his children to school.
See, you can't homeschool your kids.
We want these issues aired and open in public.
The school system and DSS have fought to keep us behind closed doors, said Bryant.
Just wait until they're 16.
They'll be out of your clutches, you filthy trash.
Superintendent of Schools Susan Perilla said she was unaware of yesterday's incident.
Oh, I'm unaware.
And that currently the school department approves of the education plan filed by DSS for the Bryant children.
An acceptable home school plan is in place right now, said Perilla.
I was not aware of the testing occurring today.
The Bryant children freely admitted that they have no intention of taking the test.
It goes on to say, Kenneth Patones, area director of DSS, denied the workers have ever talked to the children privately.
You've stolen custody of them.
What does that mean?
But admitted that this type of case isn't often seen by his office.
Oh, yeah?
The governor said two months ago in California, homeschooling is illegal.
No law was passed.
They said we will arrest anyone who has their kids out of public schools.
That was a total bluff.
Parents refused.
They arrested several parents with incredibly intelligent children.
One of them, a regional spelling bee champion, who is 15, who already has piles of full scholarship stacking up, who is just about to graduate.
They're desperate to get him in their deadly custody immediately.
And all the horrible things.
Five times more likely to be abused in foster parent or DSS child kidnapping custody.
Department of Education's own numbers.
And so they came and arrested him, made a big deal out of it, and said, your parents don't have teaching certificates.
You must be a licensed teacher.
You don't just have to have the degree in it.
That's not good enough.
Now you've got to be licensed by them.
The school board's got to say it's okay.
Because here in that free country, you can't leave your house without an ID card.
You've got to be watched by the Pentagon.
Cameras everywhere.
You can't homeschool your children.
That's how they love you.
Atone said the possibility exists the children will be removed from their home, but that was a last course of action.
No one wants these children to be put in foster homes.
Sure, we get incredible federal funding and we are headhunters, but I have to say this publicly.
I'm sorry I didn't say that.
No one wants these children to be put in foster homes.
That's just our stated goal.
Continuing, the best course of action would be the Bryant's to instruct the children to take the test.
The head of DSS said.
The Bryant family is due in Framingham District Court this morning to go before a juvenile court judge.
According to DSS, the session will determine whether the next course of action will be and if the children will be removed from the Bryant home.
These are our children, the state says.
We have full custody.
Let me read what this monster said again.
Let me find it.
Let me find what this DSS worker said.
Let me find it.
We have legal custody.
This is a quote.
We have legal custody of the children.
And we will do them as... I'm going to read it again.
This is a quote.
We have legal custody of the children.
And we will do with them as we see fit.
DSS worker Susan Estakovitz told the Bryants in their Gale Street home.
She continued, They are minors, and they do what we tell them to do.
Close quote.
Continuing with their other quotes, the head of DSS says, The possibility exists that children will be removed from their home.
And don't walk outside without your ID or we'll arrest you.
We're a free country.
I like to add that voice just to let you know how evil these people are.
Sure, unadulterated evil.
But in Germany, the DSS, they really got it cranking.
They taught Franco how to do it in fascist Spain.
It was mandatory by 1940.
Your kid didn't attend Hitlerjugend?
They were taken by Reich Security.
Reich means land.
Homeland Security.
It is the policy of the Reich!
We are the government!
You take orders from us!
You will do as we order!
Ha ha ha!
Then I have these articles.
I got stacks of articles.
Look at this one.
Teacher suspended over student's toy gun.
Herald Tribune.
A high school teacher has been suspended for two days without pay for failing to take a toy gun away from a baseball player.
The realistic-looking silver and black gun was later used by the student to shoot plastic pellets at another student, prompting a fight.
Okay, fine.
But listen to this.
That's going on.
Police officer's gun goes off during a drill inside Manatee High School classroom, Bay 9 News, out of Manatee, Florida.
Training drills are nothing new for Brandon police officers, but a live bullet fired inside a high school is clearly not procedure.
Deborah Green thought it was a car bike firing.
I was inside cleaning, and I heard a loud noise.
Said Green, pretty scary.
As it turns out, that noise was a gunshot during a routine, a routine concentration camp roundup drill.
Let me continue.
During a routine drill on Tuesday, a Brandon police officer's gun accidentally went off inside a Manatee High School classroom.
Again, last year, Detroit, they shot a little girl in the face in a drill.
It's a drill.
They shot and killed a cop of the year last year at Fort Worth.
It's all on the road to tyranny film.
According to School Board's Critical Incident Response Report, the fox investigating the weasels, the bullet went into the classroom wall, no one was hurt, but the incident left some wondering how this could have happened.
Manatee High School Principal says police told her the officer's accident was left a bullet, the chamber was gone.
An internal investigation is underway at the Brandon Police Department.
Manatee High School coach, Bruce Blanton, was coaching a sports camp during the incident.
He says he didn't hear the gunshot, but believes this would probably make officers more cautious in the future.
Several incidences ended in tragedy in the past.
Two years ago, an Arlington, Texas officer shot and killed another officer during a tactical training scenario at a junior high.
There's monthly cases.
You asked us to include an emergency light for camping and during power outages.
We're good to go.
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That's 1-800-686-2237.
We're good to go.
So, face-scanning cameras are everywhere.
Police are wearing black uniforms and ski masks.
You try to homeschool your kids, they come and kidnap them.
You can't walk down the street without an ID card now.
It's been going on for years.
Not a free country.
More and more corruption at every level.
And we're about to go to your calls.
Mike in Illinois, then Bill, Osinda, and others.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, how you doing?
Pretty good, sir.
Alex, I want to send you a newspaper clipping from the Daily Herald, which is about the third largest newspaper in the Chicago vicinity.
There's a huge golf tournament going on in Olympia Fields, which is a far south suburb.
It's a large tournament.
There's all professional golfers there.
And then the front page of the section shows a police officer with camouflage pants on and a black bulletproof vest and an M16 and a helmet.
And it says there, I don't have the headline in front of me, but it basically states security, and it talks there.
Yeah, it's all part of training us to live in a third world dictatorship with hateful paramilitary police shoving us around like cattle.
Absolutely, Alex.
They interviewed about five or six people in this article, and a couple women and the men, and they all said, well, we feel...
Safer with them there because of all the terrorist threats that the one woman states.
I feel a little bit strange.
Yeah, they do it at any high-profile event.
Kentucky Dermy, they call the Army out, anything, betraying you to accept the end of posse comitatus.
They've said they're getting rid of the law that bars the military from attacking the American people.
And this is the new system, and you support the military, don't you?
What do you think about how the cops go into schools and kill their own officers, shoot kids, blow their faces off, and then nothing happens to them from Michigan to Texas to Florida and shooting bullets into walls, all part of training them to be slaves?
Absolutely, Alex.
I took my children out of public schools last year.
Well, good job.
I put them in a private school.
I would homeschool.
Because now even a lot of the private schools, Alex, are following the public school guidelines.
So there's gods in the school, but they follow a lot of the curriculum of the public school.
They're starting to get federal funding, yeah.
Yeah, so basically it's not all a good thing, but it's still better than the public school.
But nothing's going to happen if the cops shoot their own officers, shoot kids, shoot bullets into walls.
That's what officers do.
Yep, Alex, I'll tell you what.
Have you seen the road to tyranny where they cuss and yell at little kids who are crying in a drill?
Did not see the road to tyranny.
I saw it.
Oh, you're talking about 9-11?
That's the movie I just saw, correct?
Yeah, where the kids are crying and begging.
It's good training for them to learn how to grovel and be loaded on buses to be shipped to the FEMA camp.
Unbelievable, Alex.
That's a very scary thing.
That film's great.
But I'll tell you what, Alex.
If we don't do something quick, which you said, you know, obviously word of mouth, and that's the only way to educate everybody.
Everyone's got to get educated.
But it's like they're pulling the wool over our eyes, Alex.
It's just like they're doing it, and people are...
You know, just standing there like, well, you know, they've got to do it because, you know, otherwise we're not going to be safe.
Yeah, and then you look at who's behind the terror, and they're the ones behind the terror.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks, Alex.
Bill in Alaska, then I'll send in others.
Bill, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Sir Alex, how are you today?
Pretty good, my friend.
Well, I've got good news from Alaska.
They passed our, well, you know, we had the right to keep and bear arms.
And now then, in 90 days, they're doing away with permits, going to have the same law up here as New Jersey.
Wait a minute.
I thought they were passing the Vermont law, right to carry.
Yeah, New Jersey has horrible gun laws.
Vermont has the good law.
They just say, oh, you have the Second Amendment right, no permit to carry guns, which is what the Second Amendment is.
And your state has passed a resolution repudiating the Patriot Act.
Yes, sir.
And I wanted to advertise that for any right-thinking American that might want to move in and be my neighbor.
But I wanted to say this for those that have ears to hear and eyes to see.
We have the Alaska State Troopers up here, and they have no historical record of benefit to the state.
All they are is federal police.
State police are set up by Roosevelt.
My wife is full-blooded.
Yupik Eskimo and her aunt, uncle, and their baby froze to death up here, and we tried to get the troopers to go out and search for them, and they said it was too cold.
And it ended up costing the state about $3 million to her family.
Sounds like real men to me.
They can yell and scream at kids and shoot low kids' heads off in drills and laugh about it, but they can't save freezing people.
This is what I've come to know from viewing the thing from up here, is that these men that...
That have these jobs, carrying these badges around.
This happened before in history.
A lot of times, like with railroads, they'd go in and buy out the police departments or sheriff or whatever, and they'd hang badges on these two-bit gunslingers.
And that's what we've got now.
That's it.
They hire thugs.
Stay there.
You know, stay there.
You need to stay there, Bill.
I'll let you finish up on the other side.
But that's it.
It's a historical comparison.
Railroads would come in, start their own town, hire their own thugs, run around murder people.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here introducing you to the Black Berkey Replacement Elements.
They're new and they're more powerful than any gravity filter element on the market.
These powerful filters fit most gravity filter systems and can be installed in minutes.
Order today and save $14 by calling 1-888-803-4438.
All right, let's go back to Bell in Alaska.
I had to cut short during the last break.
How dare you say that those lawmen hired by the railroads or the people that were hired to go and kill strikers...
We're good to go.
Like they did in Colorado to kill hundreds in one attack.
That is good.
Government murdering people who were innocent and done nothing is about freedom.
And how dare you make that anti-government statement about the railroad hiring gunslingers and putting badges on them to kill innocent people.
That's what goodness and decency is all about.
And the families they murdered deserved it because they didn't submit to tyranny!
Now I want you to apologize right now for what you've said, you right-wing extremist.
I got their apology.
But, Alex, you know, these men, otherwise good individuals... Why don't you just turn your guns in, and they'll be a lot nicer to you.
As soon as we get your guns, boy.
But see, they've come to believe that for a paycheck, they should violate their own personal integrity and take on the reputation of the corporate entity that they're serving.
And everybody seems to agree with that, but they don't understand that they're being used to perpetrate incidences by people pulling their strings and that don't concern themselves with the
Well, that's just to train you, the federal plan says, to accept checkpoints.
The federal plan admits it's to train you, but there is no Fourth Amendment.
You know what I did, Alex?
I cut my seatbelt off, and I hung it on my radio antenna and went through their checkpoint with it.
And they just shined me on, acted like I wasn't even there.
If they'd have stopped me, I'd have told them, well, I was afraid it was a safety hazard because every time I see one of you guys, I almost wreck the truck trying to get it fastened.
And I said, I just cut it off there to protect my neighbors and other people on the highway.
Well, you know, Roosevelt founded the state police with federal funds.
It is admitted in their charter most state police don't even know that they are really federal police.
They don't even know who they are.
No constitutional foundation for their existence.
The sheriff is the... And we don't even have sheriffs up here.
Oh, they're getting rid of sheriffs all over the country.
The incorporated cities are taking them over, and the sheriffs just buy it and go, well, I'll be a deputy chief now.
They're so stupid.
Well, I'm just afraid for these officers that think that they can't use any selective enforcement about what's right and what's wrong.
That they're going to be in harm's way.
I've told them just not to be doing their revenue-generating activities in this little town that I'm in.
Buddy, watch your mouth.
If somebody wants to beat your brains out with a lead pipe, if they're an officer, you let them do it.
Officers can do no wrong.
They speak ex cathedra just like the Pope.
They are the emissaries.
Okay, they are gods now.
And you will follow their orders and thank them.
When they say jump, you say, sir, how high?
All right?
Yes, sir.
I'm going to do that.
And if you'd have been out west 150 years ago, 120 years ago when the railroad came through and had hired thugs to push you around, you should admit to them.
You do what they say.
All right?
You know, I'm going to agree to that.
I'll get off here, Alex, and let you talk to somebody else.
I just wanted to put my two cents to work then on that.
I appreciate the call.
God bless you, bud.
You bet.
And I'm just trying to play devil's advocate here.
I think it's good that if you're walking to the store without an ID card that you'll be arrested in Austin, Texas.
I think our veterans fought and died so we couldn't walk down the street without an ID card.
I think that's freedom.
I think the fact that there's so much corruption and the FBI's been caught running hit teams and drug cartels through their informants.
I think it's good.
They should be allowed to deal drugs.
We shouldn't.
They should.
I think they should be allowed to kill innocent people and not be charged.
And, you know, a guy and his date driving home, and the guy gets out of the car, hands up, and they blow his head off.
I think that's good.
I think it's good to ship his dead body back to his mama.
That's what they deserve!
The officers needed some target practice!
I'm learning to submit here.
I'm learning to grovel properly.
I'm learning to appreciate everything this government does for me.
I want to thank the officers that shoot small children in the face in drills.
And, well, I don't want to thank them for killing Cop of the Year in Fort Worth.
They were killing a god there, a higher class citizen, and that was wrong.
But when they shoot little kids in these drills, hey, it's an accident.
Maybe it's good training for them.
The parents should thank the officers, say this is an offering to you, our God, our golden calf.
Thank you, Mr. Ski Mask.
I know that people that wear black ski masks are always the good guys.
In fact, I've been learning double-think that George Orwell talked about.
When they show Al-Qaeda with ski masks, that's bad.
When they show our police officers, that's good.
I'm learning double-think now, too.
See, I'm learning.
Osinda in mass, you're on the air.
Welcome to the airwaves.
How are you doing, Alex?
Pretty good.
I just caught on the part we were just talking about what happened in Waltham, and that's a huge surprise to me because it's not even reported in their local papers, the Daily Tribune.
And I was on there on the page on Thursday.
It's Metro West Daily News reporting that if you don't hand your kids over to their system and do their curriculum, they come and kidnap them.
And I think it's wonderful.
I think a free country is all about not being able to raise your own kids and have them win all the spelling bees and have them have the highest test scores and have colleges fighting over them with full scholarships.
How dare the homeschoolers not be part of the greater whole?
Do they think they're better than us?
Yeah, that's exactly what it seems to be because... Well, they say they're going to take their kids now.
It doesn't matter if they're straight-A students.
It doesn't matter.
They say they're going to arrest the parents and take the kids if the kids refuse to take the test.
I think it's good.
And this is supposed to be going on in Framingham today?
Yes, they had court today.
All right, because I went to a meeting yesterday... You know what?
I think this father not aiding and not doing what the government says...
In a way, he's a terrorist.
Maybe he should be sent to Camp X-Ray.
I mean, taking his kids is worse than that, and they're saying they're doing that.
So how about we send him to Camp X-Ray?
Let's go all the way.
I'll tell you right now, sir.
I mean, if they even attempt anything with my kids, God help whoever tries.
But I was at a meeting yesterday discussing with a little group of citizens wanting to talk about the Patriot Act.
And when I brought up how under the Patriot Act, the FBI could tell the clerks to spy on their customers, and then I showed them articles about Walgreens and the RFID chips, and then I was trying to relate everything, relate everything.
It's like people just seem to sit back and, oh, what can we do?
Oh, let's just talk about the Patriot Act.
And I was trying to enlighten them, like,
Trying to give them the big picture.
Yeah, they just could not see it, or if they did see it, they would say, well, what are you going to do?
I mean, we've got to stop those terrorists, but you have to fight the Patriot Act.
And I'm like, well, in a way, you guys are double speaking.
I would imagine that the ACLU was in control of this.
Oh, there was someone from the ACLU and the International.
And those were the people staring and telling you to...
Trying to neutralize, correct?
Yeah, they were staring at me every time.
Okay, let me explain this.
ACLU is to suck up good people that want liberty and freedom and to make them think that something's being done.
And then they also will try to limit liberty in the name of liberty.
They are loyal opposition.
They are a control arm, just like the NRA.
Okay, the NRA's mission is to get your guns, and the ACLU's mission is to destroy your liberties.
So when they see a real restoration of rights taking place, they go in and soft-soap stuff and write weak resolutions.
Okay, can I ask you a question, sir?
I don't know if it's okay for me to do, but sometimes what I do is certain articles or your analysis that you do, what I do is I print them out because they were asking about what could we do as far as fighting the Patriot Act.
And I read your thing for freedom to restore the Bill of Rights.
Yeah, my resolution.
Yeah, your resolution.
And I also downloaded Ron Paul's, Congressman Ron Paul's.
Yeah, what is he, some liberal?
He's the most conservative member of Congress.
But neocons will say, he's pro-gun!
He's a commie!
And it's ridiculous because, again... Well, look, you can't expect people to grow up and learn everything overnight.
Somebody who's laughing at you one day will be crying the next, and the next day angry.
So don't feel bad, my friend.
People are waking up, and thanks for the call.
Thank you, sir.
And of course it's okay for you to print resolutions off my website.
Of course it's okay for you to print news articles and hand them out.
It's called the First Amendment.
In fact, before I go to Steve in Colorado and others and hit some other news we haven't gotten to yet,
How about I read just a few of the Bill of Rights to you, just a few of the articles?
Maybe this is allowed.
How does that sound?
I know FEMA says this is a terrorist action.
I'm about to carry out terrorism here on the air.
Here I go!
See, the terrorists say this is terrorist.
First Amendment.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Look at all the regulations and control in the churches, folks.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or of the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
Well, studies tell you you've got to have a permit to march.
Now they deny the permits.
Folks, the courts have ruled you don't have to do that.
But they just take your tax money and fight you in court and don't care if they lose.
They'll arrest somebody the next day for the same thing.
Just like failure to ID.
Hundreds of courts.
The Supreme Court three times in 20 years has said they can't arrest you for not having an ID walking down the street.
But they still do it because they are criminals.
Second Amendment, a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
I'm getting even more radical here.
Third Amendment, no soldier in time of peace be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a matter to be prescribed by law.
Now, your police have been militarized, and quartering means you had to pay them with your food, even lodge them.
You cannot have taxes to police, folks.
The Fourth Amendment, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated and no warrant shall be issued but by probable cause supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.
And the Pentagon announces every email, every fax, every phone call, every radio transmission, every purchase will be tracked and put in a file on you.
And there's no mention of the Fourth Amendment.
And the border stays wide open.
They're doing nothing about terror.
Every time we track who carried out the terror, it's the people doing this.
Fourth Amendment, folks, but they do all this stuff all the time.
In almost all the SWAT team raids that we go to the scene or we read about in the newspaper here locally, they have a blank warrant form.
Not signed, no date, nothing.
They're criminals, folks.
Those are the Big Ten laws.
It's treason.
Just because they're criminals and say it doesn't matter, well, of course a criminal's going to tell you rape or murder isn't bad.
Of course a serial killer's going to tell you that kidnapping people and stewing them in big pots is okay.
And of course these criminals are going to tell you in their cloak of authority that, oh, the Constitution doesn't matter anymore.
Sheriff Margo Frazier, after they raided three homes at the end of the street, didn't find any drugs, beat people up, kicked their dog,
Had the Army involved, and they now settled out of court, by the way.
She got up on ABC News and said, we no longer need warrants.
She said, in the press conference, well, you didn't have a warrant for this.
You were raiding part of a whole neighborhood.
You didn't have a warrant.
Are you going to be liable?
She goes, we no longer need warrants.
Well, you can say all day you no longer need warrants, you twit.
Oh, you make me sick.
There's the Fourth Amendment.
No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime unless on a presentment of indictment by a grand jury.
Well, now we've got the military involved, and they say it doesn't matter.
Well, see, that's why they call you an enemy combatant, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces or in the militia when the actual service in time of war...
That's why they continually say we're always in a new emergency each year.
Nor shall any person be subjected for the same offense to be twice tried, put in jeopardy of life and limb.
They're already bringing back double jeopardy.
Nor shall he be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.
Well, wait a minute.
All the time they hold you in contempt if you don't testify against yourself.
Nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.
Well, acid forfeiture seizure, you've heard the cases.
Eighty-year-old lady, five grand in her purse.
The cops even snatched the diamond rings off her finger.
You've heard those articles.
It's been in the news.
It's widespread.
They bust in houses, no drugs found.
Well, you've got a cooking timer.
That's drug paraphernalia.
You're all going to jail.
We're taking your $200,000 house.
So, nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.
Supreme Court ruled two years ago that there's no more just compensation.
State, county, city, federal, international can take your land at any time without just compensation.
And it has begun.
So don't get involved.
When they take your farm, your ranch, your business, this big business wants it and they run the government.
You just remember, when they're taking everything you've got, your neighbors won't help you.
You didn't get organized.
You didn't get involved.
You destroyed everything America was through your cowardice and your ignorance and your sniveling, skin-deep patriotism that amounts to waving plastic, desecrated American flags made in Chinese death camps.
Then there's the Sixth Amendment, the Seventh Amendment,
The eighth and ninth is incredible.
The enumeration of the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
Tenth Amendment.
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution but prohibited to it by the states are reserved to the states respectively or to the people.
We run this country.
Not you, you pack of criminal goons, claiming that you're the authority, creating crises, provocateuring riots, blowing up buildings.
You are the enemy combatants.
You are the usurpers.
You are the overthrowers of America.
You are the great Satan.
The great Satan took over America.
It uses America as its engine to take over the world and then gives America the blame for it.
But the new world order, skull and bones, Luciferian cabal, is run out of the dirty holes in New York and the dirty rat holes in Europe.
Come back and talk to Stephen Colorado and others.
I'll hit a few final news stories and wrap up this edition of the Alex Jones Show.
But I'm angry.
I care about my family in this country, and I'll defend this republic.
And I'm not afraid of a pack of serial killing twerps and their mindless servants.
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1-888-887-2063 Alright, final segment.
Let's talk to Steve in Colorado.
Steve, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hello there, Alex.
Hey, you had mentioned an article earlier in your program today about the Fourth Socialist International.
What was that about?
Well, you know about Trotsky.
Okay, yeah.
He had a different view of communism.
Left Russia was kicked out by Stalin.
Later killed by a Stalin assassin in Mexico City.
But, yes, the neocon leaders, Crystal's father and all of them, admittedly, are members of the neocon movement founded by Trotsky's Fourth International.
That was the National Post, the biggest paper in Canada, reporting Trotsky's ghost walks the White House halls.
Isn't it interesting that Bush has Trotskyites that are now neocons running things?
Oh, I see.
Okay, so it was in that Trotskyite article.
It's been in a bunch of them.
We've had Dr. Dennis Cuddy and others on the show.
It's been in a bunch of news articles.
It's admitted.
It's just so bizarre.
Who can believe it?
Okay, yeah.
It's all about mislabeling.
The New World Order is all about mislabeling.
Yeah, I just wanted to track that particular article down that you had mentioned, the Fourth Socialist International.
And then, you remember that article about Woolsey in World War IV?
Is that still available at your website?
Do you have any idea?
Well, yeah.
We post the articles, hundreds of them a day, and you can go find them if you like.
And then the last commercial you just had advertising for your Police Day 3, you played some of that music that sounds like kind of a choir.
I don't know if you've ever heard Sean Hannity's program that has that same kind of massive choir sound.
You know what music that's from?
No, I don't, but I've been using that music for five years.
It's in America Destroyed by Design.
It's in all of them.
I see.
Well, I know there's some other people, so let's go.
Godspeed to you, Alex.
All right.
Thanks a lot, Steve.
I appreciate the call, and thanks for holding.
I don't have time to get to any other calls.
Try to hit a few final news stories.
And speaking of my videos, 9-1-1, the road to tyranny, the masters of terror, police state, three total enslavement.
If you want to see the globalist crimes, thousands of them lined up, documented, admitted, SWAT teams going to school, unarmed kid, blow their head off, call it a training drill, shoot their own officers, running around foaming at the mouth, screaming and cussing at children, in drills, it's in road to tyranny.
That's just about two minutes of the 170-minute film.
170-minute on DVD, 144 on VHS.
Police State 3 is two hours and 40 minutes long.
They're all $25.95 apiece.
Order three or more of any of my nine videos.
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My book, The Sentence of Tyranny, is only $12.
Get the videos.
Make copies.
Know that it's hurting the New World Order.
Know that it's exposing them.
They're not going to stop.
We don't have a choice.
We've got to win this thing.
We're going to win this thing.
Toll-free number to order the videos.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or InfoWars.com or net.
Or just write to me, AlexJones.com.
At 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
So, infowars.com or net, or 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
I'm out of time.
Just this article out of Bay News 9, where the officer's gun goes off during drill inside Manatee High School...
And they say at the end of the article, similar incidents have ended in tragedy in the past.
Two years ago in Arlington, Texas, an officer was shot and killed by another officer during a tactical training scenario at a junior high.
With the kids all around them, splattered brains, in a drill, training our kids how to be prisoners.
But don't worry, here's one out of NBC News.
School lockdown over gun props.
Authorities feared the worst when the report came in of a kid with a gun at Washington State Middle School.
But it was just a homemade prop used in a Civil War presentation.
Police in Seattle suburb locked down Jackson High.
Blah, blah, blah.
They stayed outside for four hours at Columbine.
It turns out, according to Rocky Mountain News, they shot at least six of the children.
And it looks like they were older men inside doing the shooting.
Out of time!
Exposing the murdering criminals.
Join me back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow.
Love it.
Take care.
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