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Air Date: June 12, 2003
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
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He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, welcome to another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We have Aaron Zellman.
We're good to go.
And they certainly got their work cut out for them, so that's coming up a little bit later in this hour.
We're also going to have wide-open phones today as well, if you'd like to join us.
And I'll be back on the Jeff Rents program tonight for a full hour as well, just to let the listeners know.
Can't Rule Out North Korean Strike Rumsfeld Advisor Says...
This is from Reuters.
They say that, yes, we leaked the battle plan two months ago to invade North Korea this October.
My, this is an underreported story.
Preparing, massing troops, pulling them back from the border with North Korea, massing ships and aircraft carriers and aircraft.
We'll be discussing this when we get back in the next segment.
And you knew this was going to happen.
I said this on Monday with the monkeypox.
I said, watch, they're going to claim that the smallpox shot will help you with the monkeypox.
And they couldn't get the public to take it.
99% plus of the medical workers, firemen, police officers refused the smallpox shot.
But now they say monkeypox might spread everywhere.
It's now up to 60-something cases.
Well, you just might have to have that smallpox shot after all.
Of course, the government launched the anthrax attack.
They got caught doing it.
Most weaponized form ever seen.
The White House was on Cipro, the drug that fights it, four weeks before it showed up.
And all of a sudden we have West Nile a few years ago popping up that was given to Saddam.
That's admitted, being blamed on him.
We have the SARS right on time.
Just all these little primers for the big bio-attack and how we're supposed to behave when it happens and all these big top-off terror drills training us to give up our liberty.
So we'll get into U.S.
urges smallpox vaccine to protect you from monkeypox exposure.
So you knew that was coming.
It wasn't hard to predict that.
And here it is.
Stock loses.
...value over the last few years and has culled the millionaires' ranks.
Survey says U.S.-Canada have 100,000 fewer millionaires in 2002 despite increase in global wealth.
Well, yeah.
Americans had half the world's wealth just 10 years ago.
Now we have about 40% of the world's wealth.
And it's going bye-bye into the European banks' hands.
Well, we've had this little rally in the stock market, and it's just that.
It's a little rally to train you to stay in.
The next drop will go below 7,000.
That's my prediction.
Also, U.S.
wideness checks at foreign ports.
We'll get into that whitewash.
We'll get into the announcement of the need to go ahead and invade Iran, not just North Korea and Syria.
Saying Iranian nuclear experts visited North Korea, report says.
Yeah, but who gave them the nuclear reactors?
Donald Rumsfeld, the guy that's saying they need to be attacked now.
Who gave Saddam the chemical and biologicals in the 80s?
According to the Senate report by Republicans in 94.
Donald Rumsfeld, he's the bag man for the globalists when it comes to weapons of mass destruction.
UK rejects US plans of regime change in Iran, saying not yet.
But they said that before.
Of course, they'll be shown lots of evidence and decide it's good.
And Rumsfeld says that Al-Qaeda is busy in Iran.
We need to take over now.
It's all coming up in the next two hours and 55 minutes.
Aaron Zellman and much more.
Aaron's a great guy, very intelligent, very astute in the study.
You won't want to miss that.
And all this news, we'll come back and tell you about World War III and the forced injections.
Okay, stay with us.
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I want to go to your calls early in this hour.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
Our websites are infowars.com, infowars.net.
And PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll be going to Mike in Florida and others that have been holding patiently here in just a few minutes.
But I have to remember that a lot of our stations carry the news in the first five-minute segment, so it's always kind of a recap coming out of the eight-after break.
So let me detail some of the top stories, and then I will start getting into your calls.
And we have Aaron Zellman, founder and president of Jews and Preservation of Firearms Ownership.
One of the largest alternative Second Amendment groups out there.
He also has concerned citizens opposed to police states to give us his insight into what the New World Order is up to and what they're doing and the commie Nazi tactics they are deploying against the American people and the people of the world.
But I said on Monday it was coming.
I said, folks, you just know they're going to say that
Because of the monkeypox outbreak in the Midwest, supposedly originating in Texas, where I sit, that now they're going to need to, well, go ahead and give you a smallpox shot, that'll keep you safe.
You see, 99 plus percent, 99.9, I haven't done the math,
Of the medical workers, firemen, policemen have refused the smallpox shot.
Remember last year they said, yeah, we want the states to pass the model.
States held the Emergency Powers Act where all the health workers and police had to take it.
Most of the states refused.
It had martial law provisions in it, gun confiscation provisions.
It came out in the newspapers.
People said no.
A few states did pass it.
And so what developed from that point?
Well, they just put it in page 76 of Homeland Security.
And they said, you don't have to take the shot as a fireman, a police officer, a medical worker, a doctor, an ambulance driver, or paramedic, but you won't be able to have a job, you won't be insured if you don't do it.
So they tried to pressure the hospitals through policy to do it.
A bunch of top epidemiologists and others at major universities and medical centers said the smallpox shot is dangerous, it doesn't protect you from weaponized smallpox.
Smallpox is not generally airborne.
It's hard to catch.
It's not like the flu or the cold bug.
And they said there's no reason because of risk analysis to do this.
And so the plan fell apart.
Then they told medical workers, and I've seen the articles and actually seen the memos they've been given from Idaho to Texas where they've offered them double the pay to forcibly inject you.
And guess what?
They don't even have to take the shots.
And some of them are taking the money in the, quote, training seminars.
Thousands of dollars they're paid just to go learn for a few hours how to administer the jab.
They just scratch the skin 15 to 30 times.
They just stick a blunt needle into your arm with the smallpox virus on it.
So this is great news that people are not taking it.
And I'm sad that 1 in 1,000, according to MSNBC, have died from the shot.
1 in 1,500 have had a heart attack.
And there's only been 296 medical workers and police that have taken it in the 10 largest cities, according to the LA Times, the Associated Press reported.
And I know I talk about this a lot because it's such good news that in Connecticut, one article talked about they ordered 20,000 health care workers and police to show up to get shots in a two-day period.
Four people showed up.
So, again, I haven't done the specific math, but if you've got 20,000 people and four people show up to get the shot in one state, Connecticut, I mean, that's 99.999-something.
If you've got the ten largest cities with millions they wanted to vaccinate, with the medical workers, the firemen, the police, millions of people in the ten largest cities,
Well, they refused.
296 did it.
So somebody can calculate the math on this, but it's 99.9-something are refusing.
So I said, people said, well, what is SARS all about?
Well, the Toronto Star said it best.
It is the UN fear-mongering, trying to get more funding, trying to expand global big pharma health department-type powers.
And the SARS thing has really just been a scare tactic.
And then we have the West Nile scaring people.
We have now the monkey pox.
We have suspicious letters.
Now we find out, mailed from the CIA, a $100 million piece of equipment that produces this micro-fine anthrax.
It's an advanced U.S.
recipe coated in bentonite.
And it's traced back to Fort Detrick, and they have a congressional study of how to mail this stuff.
And, again, Bush is on Cipro, the anthrax-fighting antibiotic, on September 10th with his cabinet.
The White House press secretary even admitted this.
And so it's just incredible.
You can see who's behind all this.
In fact, the Congress wasn't going to pass the Patriot Act, but suddenly the most of the Capitol was shut down under anthrax attack.
Five of the six office buildings, so-called federal protective services, were in the building at the time interrogating congressmen and women trying to find out who leaked information about prior knowledge.
That kind of shut that story down real quick.
And then I predict on Monday that they would say, oh, you need to take the smallpox shot.
It'll protect you from the monkeypox that just, first cases ever, shows up right on time, stinks to high heaven.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Fleming told reporters, citing efforts to track down and euthanize infected animals.
A similar ban was placed on the sale and transportation of prairie dogs, a rodent native to the Great Plains that the African rats are believed to have infected, and which in turn trade the virus to humans through bites or scratches.
And it says several states affected, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, and supposedly it came from Texas.
They won't say where exactly.
They've listed one pet store, but now they think it's another pet store.
They're not sure.
Look, I want people to understand something here.
I'm going to shift gears into another subject, but it ties together with this.
I have seen from Austin hospitals the death certificates from family members of people who died from spongiform encephalopathy, if I'm pronouncing that correctly, or BSE.
The Creutzfeldt-Jacobs.
All the different terms and diagnoses they give it.
But it said Creutzfeldt-Jacobs, BSE, in humans, spongioform encephalopathy.
It said it on the paper I have seen.
And I've heard other stories out of Austin.
We've had guests on who've had family members who have died.
And the hospital listed it refused to do an autopsy because the crystals, the prion crystals, will get on the metal instruments.
They have to be burned because of liability.
The entire hospital room is contaminated.
This stuff is that bad.
And they've kept it quiet.
They've kept the story shut down.
It came out three weeks ago that they found mad cow and some cows and then in three or four herds in two different provinces of Canada, including Saskatchewan.
Then the Billings Gazette reported that part of the herd had been brought to the U.S., the feds were swarming around, and the story shut down just like that.
I mean, with the snap of the fingers, this thing just got shut down.
So why am I bringing this up with monkeypox and all the rest of this?
If the Centers for Disease Control doesn't want you to know about an outbreak, you won't know about it.
It'll be in a medical journal a year later.
Okay, that's what the gatekeepers, the editors, and people do.
They get calls all the time and get told to shut up, to not talk to the press.
The AMA will call people.
The board of directors of hospitals that are all in the federal dole will get a call.
If they didn't want you to know about this monkey pox, you wouldn't know about it.
They're doing this to fearmonger and saying maybe everybody needs to take the smallpox shot so they'll be safe.
If they don't want you to know about something, you won't.
If you know what the number one epidemic in the U.S.
now is, emerging epidemic, at least 80,000 cases a year now of untreatable or drug-resistant tuberculosis, and that's a number I got a year ago that was out of one of the medical wires online.
We're good to go.
Mexico's got it pouring in.
Your kids are sitting next to illegals from Russia and Poland and Mexico and China.
When your kid gets tuberculosis, it won't be in the newspaper.
80,000 cases a year of this now.
It is exploding.
And you do see a few news articles, but it's isolated regionally about how bad things have gotten.
They put you in one of these jail cells for a parking ticket or something or not paying your fines.
A lot of you are getting in these jails.
Where some diseased wino has been coughing tuberculosis all over the walls.
So just know this.
If they didn't want you to hear about SARS, you wouldn't.
If they didn't want you to hear about monkeypox, you wouldn't.
Anything they promote is for fear-mongering purposes.
We'll come back and talk to folks in Florida and others.
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Coming up, Aaron Zellman, founder, president of Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States and Jewish Preservation of Firearms Ownership.
Then coming up, stock losses, coal millionaire ranks.
There's 100,000 less millionaires in the U.S.
and Canada.
Also, Mr. Rumsfeld says that he wants to go ahead and invade Iran and wants to have a preemptive strike on North Korea, and yes, they've got a national draft lined up for you and your family, and you'll be all for it after the globalists launch a couple more terrorist attacks to get you all prepared for that so they can pose as your savior during that process.
Right now, let's talk to Mike in Florida.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing this afternoon?
Pretty good, sir.
I had three things I really wanted to point out.
First thing is I was watching this past Monday on our TV in Combs, and they had a guest on who was debating the pros and cons of going to war with Iraq.
And as the argument ended, the gentleman who was the guest asked Sean Hannity if he believed that it was a good thing that we gave weapons to Iraq and gave them training in the 80s and helped them and nurtured them for all these times.
And Sean Hannity basically came out and said, yes, I think it was a good idea.
Did he ask, was it a good idea to have April Gillespie, U.S.
Ambassador, on orders from George Herbert Walker Bush to tell Saddam to go ahead and invade Kuwait one week before he did it?
No, I don't think he covered that, but I did see that he had an add-up in some paper of the picture of, I believe it was Donald Rumsfeld meeting with Saddam Hussein back in the 80s.
No, it was Rumsfeld, and there's a photo from an 83 meeting.
He was also there in 84.
He was the liaison for the chemical and biological weapons.
That is part of a Republican senatorial report.
Yeah, I mean, it just, to me, it was... Sir, do you know who gave the nuclear reactors that could produce, according to the Associated Press and the Federation for American Scientists, 100 nuclear bombs, warheads a year?
Donald Rumsfeld in 1997 and 8.
It was Clinton that got all the blame, and obviously he allowed it to happen.
He's a traitor and a sniveling, gun-grabbing socialist, but it was Rumsfeld doing the dirty deed itself as usual.
Very true.
And speaking of Donald Rumsfeld, I'm glad you brought that point up.
Another thing I was going to mention was that I recently saw an article where Donald Rumsfeld was talking, like you said, of preemptively invading Iran, saying that they may soon have nuclear weapons.
Sir, they've already announced they're going to start transmission sometime next month, broadcasting radio and TV, taking over Iranian television and TV, broadcasting in, telling their people to overthrow the government.
They have leaked the plan publicly two months ago to start bombing preemptively North Korea in October.
Kim Jong-il has disappeared underground and may launch a preemptive strike.
They're trying to push that psychopath to do something after they gave him the nukes.
You see how this works?
Yes, sir.
Well, the thing that gets me about that is, like I was saying about Rumsfeld, is that, you know, he just recently said this, but I've looked for reports from the BBC from 2002 of...
I'm saying that a British company, DTI, was selling nuclear parts to Iran already.
Yeah, and so did the U.S., and that's in police state three total enslavement.
We show how they arm North Korea, how they arm Iraq, how they arm Iran, how they arm Syria.
This is what they do.
It's like the old Western, where the bad, corrupt sheriff who works for the railroad wants to take the family's land.
And he's already killed the 10-year-old or 12-year-old boy's father in trying to take the land that's got the gold on it.
And the 12-year-old comes out, and the sheriff throws a gun down and says, go ahead, pick it up, boy, pick it up.
Thanks for the call.
When that kid picks that gun up, the sheriff's got the quick draw and fills him full of holes.
Let's talk to Larry in Indiana.
Larry, you're on the air.
Alex, I heard you talking about...
Go ahead.
Oh, with Craig Roberts yesterday, and I think that was a very good topic, even though some might consider that ethereal.
It's important to know that you do have to do something, even if the odds look like they're against you.
The way I read the Bible, you know, we may not win this, especially if we don't wake up enough people up, but you've got to know that even though the odds are against you, you've still got to defend your family.
You still have to try, because you are going to answer for what you do.
I also wanted to thank you for staying pretty much on topic.
There's a lot of hosts that are letting topics of aliens and a million Chinese robotoids come across the air, and it's important to maintain credibility and not let patriots look like idiots through these kind of topics that are getting out.
Well, that's done to discredit wider topics.
They'll mix things in that can't be proven.
That's it.
I want to thank you.
All right, thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you, Larry.
Aaron Zellman's up next, and then we'll take calls.
Total free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
But it is being underreported that our government, the illegitimate government, is saying they're going to invade at least three more countries on the 61 hit list.
They've got 61 countries left.
It was 63, but now it's 61.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire.
All right.
Thanks for joining us again on this live Thursday edition, the 12th of June, 2003.
And coming up in a few minutes, I've got a guest that I really respect who's done a lot of wonderful work in awakening and freeing the minds of not just the American people, but the population globally.
And that's Aaron Zellman, founder and the head of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms.
And everybody can be a member.
And, of course, he also has another great organization that's gained a lot of steam since he founded it a few years ago.
And that is Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States.
And we'll talk about the Second Amendment.
We'll talk about the so-called war on terror.
It's really a war on rights and how the globalists really fund the Muslim terrorists from all the evidence I have.
Now, that's all coming up and your calls.
And then I want to get into U.S.
can't rule out North Korea's strike.
Rumsfeld advisor says after Rumsfeld on the board of ABB was the back man to North Korea giving him the weapons.
Big news as they say they're about to go into Iran and all these other countries.
And isn't it funny what Larry Pratt said two days ago on this show, the head of Gunners of America, that the Iraqis can have semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles, but we can't.
Under Saddam they can have it.
Under the new government they can have it because they won't turn them in.
They already tried.
But Americans can't.
So they get more rights than we do.
An occupied country gets more rights than we do.
So we'll talk about that with Aaron Zellman as well today.
Before we go to Aaron, I really want to encourage listeners to get my book, Descent into Tyranny.
It's a great value at $12.
911, Descent into Tyranny.
It's like a reader's digest of information, concentrated information, on the history of government-sponsored terrorism, what happened on 9-1-1, the police state, the concentration camps, the foreign troops, how to fight the globalists, their plans, 9-1-1, dissent to tyranny, only $12, and you really need to get this book.
It's an amazing book.
You need to have it.
My newest film is out, Police State 3, Total Enslavement.
It is actually 2 hours and 40 minutes long.
I kept saying 2 hours and 37 minutes.
It's more like...
239.50, but it doesn't matter.
It's over two and a half hours long, covers dozens of examples of government-sponsored terrorism from Germany to the Middle East to the United States, where the government admits it carries out bombings and shootings to blame it on their enemies.
Patriot Act 1 and 2, and Ashcroft lying and saying there is no Patriot Act 2, which he finally admitted last week there is, because of pressure.
We get into the government-run white slavery rings, and I don't mean rumors.
I mean BBC, AP, where they've been caught doing this, DynCorp, the UN, and others.
Massive information on that.
We also get into forced inoculations, gun control.
It's a new film, two hours and 30-plus minutes long.
Police State, three total enslavement.
Of course, there's Police State 1, Police State 2.
They're both excellent.
9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
I film about 9-1-1 and part two of that.
The Masters of Terror.
I had to make two films on the subject of 9-1-1 and write a book.
I still haven't covered all the hardcore evidence.
I think?
We're good to go.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
That's 888-253-3139.
Take action.
Expose the evildoers, the enemy combatants that run our government,
Thank you, Alex.
JPFO, the name of it is Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, was founded a little over 14 years ago to publicly challenge the leadership of the Jewish community that does, for the most part, support gun control, and quite bluntly ask these folks if they've learned anything from history.
And the answer is pretty obvious.
The answer is no.
That's why they support gun control schemes and the Big Brother government schemes and
And are very enamored with socialism.
So we've tried, Alex, to get these people to open their eyes, but we've decided that it's going to be an uphill battle doing that.
So we thought we'd try to circle the wagons around them, them being the leadership of the Jewish community, and reach out to many other people and help them understand what the leadership of the Jewish community fails to grasp.
And we've been having a lot of success at doing that.
So we have done it through publications of our books,
Our little pamphlets, our freedom pamphlets.
We're working on our own documentaries, you may have heard by now.
And we have a website, jpfo.org, where people can go and get alerts and find all the information that we've published and download it.
And that's pretty much what we do.
Seacops is undergoing a... Seacops being concerned citizens opposed to police states is going to be revamped.
We've got an exciting strategy to replace that.
It'll still deal with police state policies, but we think we have found a better way to get people who don't understand what's going on to come on board and to become aware and hopefully frightened as to what is happening in America.
I have a saying, Alex.
I say that when governments get scared, that they do scary things.
And that's what's going on in America today.
As you have certainly documented.
So... Well, let's go over the police state first, and we'll get into the Second Amendment and Bush's traitorous anti-American activities with Herr Clinton and others.
But... And his whole neocon agenda with the Trotskyite crowd, which has now admitted, even the National Post of Canada just reported, the ghost of Trotsky walks the White House because they are running things and they know what they're doing.
This is the takeover we're seeing right now.
Ashcroft said last year, there is no Patriot Act.
If you say there's a Patriot Act 2, or he said if you say that Patriot Act 1 takes your liberties, phantoms have lost liberties, you're aiding the terrorists, and you will lose your liberties.
Then he said, two and a half months ago, there is no Patriot Act 2.
And then last Thursday, he said, okay, there is.
We want to be able to arrest you for any terrorist reason and execute you.
Well, Section 802 of the first Patriot Act says any action that endangers human life is a violation of any federal or state law.
So that's so broad.
It's anybody and everybody.
We've seen laws where they want to arrest protesters calling it terrorism.
The governor of California has called for that.
Conservatives have called for that in Oregon.
We see across the board Republicans and Democrats together on the police state, the Chuckie Schumers, the Feinsteins, the Bushes, the Senator Menaces out of Oregon, the Mike Van Winkle's Attorney General of California saying protesting a war might be helping terrorists, that might be terrorism.
We're hearing now the First Amendment might be terror.
Your analysis of Patriot 1 and 2, and we're now hearing about death camps at Guantanamo Bay, and, oh, it could be for Americans too, no judge, no jury.
Your analysis of that, Aaron Zellman?
Well, you know, it's almost unbelievable.
I mean, I think most people have just simply tuned out.
They can't come to grips with the reality.
Of what's happening here in America.
And that's the Reuters headline in BBC, as well as the Associated Press.
The U.S.
announces death camps.
They said it.
A mass assembly line execution chamber.
Does that sound fun?
Well, let's put it this way.
It's all been done before.
The United States, the people who run this country, have all gone to the same dictator school
The people who have run the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany or Cuba or Cambodia or, you know, wherever you want to go, just pick the dictatorship.
Well, it's even the same name, Reich Security, Homeland Security.
Well, that should frighten people on its own, but most people don't understand the history behind that.
But as I said before, you know, when governments get scared, they do scary things.
I think the government is scared.
The United States government is scared, but for more reasons than just terrorism.
I think you're seeing an awakening amongst a growing number of people that the government itself, I mean, the system of government in America is shaky.
The people see that it's falling apart and that the government is concerned about losing power.
Well, I totally agree.
That's probably why we have the Patriot Acts 1, 2, and I'm sure there'll be 3, 4, 5, and 6.
But we are looking at a situation where
Those who are in power don't want to lose power.
Those who are in power are willing to do anything to keep power.
We're rapidly reaching the point where there's no difference between the socialist concept and the National Socialist Workers, the Nazi Party, and what's going on in America.
It's the same old, same old.
I'm not trying to be facetious about this.
Well, when I've talked to some Holocaust survivors or people who have escaped from the Soviet Union, they're in shock as to what they see happening in America.
That happens all the time.
They've lived through it before.
Aaron, on this radio show, I have old German women, old German men, old Czechoslovakian men.
They call in every week and they say, you know, with their accents...
We saw the same thing in Russia, the same thing in Poland.
I saw the same thing as a little girl in Germany.
The same slogans, the same uniforms, the same, we're going to protect you from these terrorists.
And so we are seeing a repeat, Aaron.
There's no doubt about it.
On our website, there's a quote from Goring.
He was a prisoner during the Nuremberg trial.
Why don't you read that quote?
I don't have it in front of me.
I forget.
Well, he just talked about how you use a war to get the people unified and then take their rights away.
That's right.
And then people who complain about that, you just point to them as being traitors.
And it's the same old, same old.
And, you know, Bush has taken on the so-called conservative mantle wherein substance, he's a gun grabber, open border, supercomputers to China, blocks Dan Burton's committee on Pardon Gate.
We know the truth, but think of the liberal backlash when they get in and have all these Patriot Act powers, and then they're going to be all vitriolic, thinking they're on some holy crusade against the right-wingers, and it's going to be you and I that are in trouble.
It's going to be anybody, Alex, who...
Even utter something called a name like the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.
By the way, you bring that up, and I keep jumping in there because it's so interesting, Aaron.
Have you seen my film, The Road to Tyranny?
No, I haven't.
In the video in Kansas City, I have the head FEMA guy there in a classroom of police, and of course he tells them this is all off the record, don't you?
And then he tells them in a firefighter shooting video of this that, quote, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson are terrorists.
All Christians are enemies of the federal government.
And we have their training manuals.
They mention defenders of the U.S.
Constitution, homeschoolers.
I know you've seen those.
That was in the Washington Times.
What do you think about that covert training that's going on everywhere right now?
Well, my advice to Americans, frankly, is that
You're not going to be able to stop this.
You're going to have to fight it.
And my advice to Americans is to master long-range rifles.
I hope I don't have to peel that onion anymore for people.
But that's about the last hope they're going to have is mastering the use of a long-range rifle.
I mean, you can take your AK-47 and throw it in a fire fight.
It's going to be useless.
You've got to learn how to master long-range rifles because you're going to have to deal with it on that level if...
This cancer spreads and becomes so severe that we have no choice.
We will have a choice if the government doesn't push it, but the government may not give us a choice.
Some people probably think I'm being an extremist, but I'm just dealing with the reality of the situation.
The handwriting is on the wall.
Well, I've had you on probably ten times over the last few years.
I've never heard you talk like this.
What are the indicators that are upsetting you so much?
Well, you know, it's interesting.
I guess it's a realization of just how much evil there is in the world after working on this documentary that we've been putting together.
And you look at that type of evil that's around the world, and you see that's also here in America.
And there are people who are just taken over by this evil, and there are people in government, and they can't... It just becomes their mantra, becomes their religion...
To have power.
They worship power and nothing else.
Now, that's what O'Brien... That's what's so darn scary, you know.
That's what, Aaron, that's what O'Brien, who was torturing Winston in the Ministry of Love, tells him in 1984.
He says, we are the priest of power, always pressing on the nerve of power, power for power's sake.
Well, there you go.
But that's what we have in America today, and anybody who wants to bury their head in the sand and doesn't want to deal with these realities, well, maybe they'll be the first to go, because they're totally useless anyways.
They're only in the way.
Well, I've pointed that out, that tyrants seem to feed on their minions first.
Why is that?
Well, you know, I think part of it is that
The tyrant looks at the people who have put him in power as very weak people because if they're willing to turn on their own Americans, their own citizens and they're willing to give up freedom so easily to put an evil person in power that evil person no longer has any faith in these people.
And they do not admire them anymore because they see that they are useless.
They're parasites.
Also, they can undermine and put in another dictator after them.
That's right.
So they want to get rid of those people.
We saw it in Russia.
We saw it with Night of the Long Knives, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Mao in China, Fidel Castro in Cuba.
It's the same story over and over again.
If you're going to betray your own people, they fear that you will betray them.
Again, this is why...
The useful idiots, if we can use that term, will be the first to go.
Well, I can't believe we've gotten to this point.
You know, a trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon and there's no investigation.
A trillion dollars is missing, Aaron.
Well, maybe they just printed it up, Alex.
Maybe they didn't steal it from the taxpayers this time.
Now, people try to focus everything in on Ashcroft, but obviously Bill Clinton helped set all this up.
So did the president before him.
But now we've got Ashcroft.
He really seems to enjoy what he's doing.
What do you think of Ridge and Ashcroft and the rest of the Herman Gurings and Heinrich Himmlers we've got on the Hill right now?
Well, I think that just, you know, the comment I made before, when governments get scared, they do scary things.
And I think that there's a lot of these folks who are scared, and they're doing scary things.
You know, I agree with you, because I've done 900 interviews.
It's coming up on 900 since 9-1-1.
And Aaron, I go on these shows, and I'll take 30 calls, and nobody disagrees.
I mean big talk shows.
Talk show hosts that disagree with me.
And all I hear is an awakening happening.
So we're in a race now, and they know their time is short.
Stay right there, my friend.
We'll come back and talk about the Second Amendment more with Aaron Zellman.
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There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grants, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then mind you,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I want to hold Aaron Zellman into the next hour if he can do it, and I want to take your calls on the Second Amendment, on the police state, on the New World Order.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
We ended the last segment, Aaron, with you saying that there's a massive awakening happening to the corruption in government.
That people see the lies now, and so the globalists are scared.
And I second that.
I mean, you know, in our positions where we actually are out there in the public and talk to people and do interviews and see what's happening, we get a grip of things, a grasp of things.
The average person is kind of isolated alone and doesn't know that three doors down, there's somebody thinking just like them.
It's great to get out there and network.
What are some of the other solutions you see, and some of the other key areas of threats to liberty you see, and what are some of the most frightening developments inside this Homeland Security dictatorship that you're concerned about?
Well, I think there's a threat to everything.
In other words, the entire Bill of Rights is under attack.
It's not just the First Amendment or the Second Amendment, but there is an effort to destroy the entire Bill of Rights, and
I think the first thing we have to do is help people understand that the Bill of Rights exists because it's a list of clauses telling the government what it cannot do.
We really have to reach out to people and get them to understand what the government is doing to them by helping them understand what the government was not supposed to do in the first place.
So that might be a step in the right direction for us to undertake.
You call it the Bill of Rights culture.
Yes, the Bill of Rights culture would be, you know, all the Bill of Rights for all citizens, and that anything that violates the Bill of Rights is prohibited and must cease to exist immediately.
That's a Bill of Rights culture.
There's a zero tolerance for those who violate the Bill of Rights.
Any proposed law, any existing law, any effort to violate the Bill of Rights
Simply must cease to exist.
It's absolutely incredible.
That is the only way we're going to save this country.
We're going to have to take that step, which is where we started off from to begin with.
If we go back to that step, it's full circle.
That's why we told the British to drop dead and shot them.
And so we have to just take this full circle again.
Well, they've been setting up for conflict with the American people for a while because they knew the things they had planned were so horrible, a lot of people would get off the bench.
And we're trying to let them know that our numbers are so great, our resolve is strong enough, so they will back off.
But in their ivory towers, I think they have gotten a bit delusional and are not listening to their social architects and the professors that advise them on how to take over.
Do you agree with that statement?
Oh, I think people in government have always been delusional.
You know, they think that they can bring about a better world if everyone would just listen to them and let them do what they want to do.
Delusional is putting them mildly.
You're being very diplomatic.
I think maybe crazy, mentally unbalanced.
Might be a little more appropriate.
Here's a quote by Sarah Brady.
This was published in the National Educator magazine.
She said this on the House floor, Senate floor.
Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.
Sarah Brady, Chairman of Handgun Control to Senator Howard Metzenbaum.
The National Educator, January 94, page 3.
Unidear, in 2001, had their July meeting in New York.
They said, civilian ownership of firearms threatens a legitimate power monopoly of the state.
Power monopoly of the state is a dictatorship, is it not?
Indeed it is.
And I think that if you study the history of the world and those countries where they've been able to take guns away from people and leave people defenseless...
The power of the state has been to murder people.
And now Bush says he'll sign the assault weapons ban with pleasure and add some other goodies to it.
We'll be back with Aaron Zellman to his preservation of firearms.
We'll give you the website, the phone number, and more when we get back.
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This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
Now we have loaded phones with Wesley and Daryl and Brian and Tom and Charles and others.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
Your chance to talk to Aaron Zellman, founder and president of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms and Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States.
The website is jpfo.org.
We have a link to it on infowars.com, jpfo.org, and later we'll give you a toll-free number to join or to get their free email alerts or to get some of the fine publications they put out, like Uncle Jack's comic books that teaches kids about corrupt government and what gun control is really all about.
It has a great effect.
But Aaron, I wanted to raise this story and get your response to it during this short segment.
Well, we'll just do it in the next segment.
I'll actually read the article, but it's out of New York Daily News.
I think?
We're good to go.
Now two men that have a barber shop stepped out when they didn't have anybody's hair to cut, smoked a cigarette on their own step, and they were given fines, and the police said, blame it on Bloomberg, we've been ordered to do this.
Government just squeezing, taking women to jail for not wearing a seatbelt a block from their house, driving home and putting them in jail, and just all of these new incredible charges for petty offenses.
Is this what the police state is all about?
You know, this almost makes me think that New York City is a test case, like a bunch of rats inside a cage.
Let's just see if we can get away with all of these things.
I think that's what the boys are asking themselves.
And, you know, I think Mr. Bloomberg ought to run his business the way he's trying to run New York City, see if he likes it.
This morning I was talking to somebody who lives in the New York area, and they said that someone was leaning on a fire hydrant the other day,
Aaron, you're accurate.
There's another article on the fire hydrant.
They've given out several thousand tickets for even standing by fire hydrants.
Okay, okay.
So what is this all about, just running around, foaming at the mouth?
It sounds just like the Declaration of Independence, where the king has erected swarms of officers to go forth and eat out our substance.
But I think in New York City they'll get away with it, because I think the majority of people who live in New York City want government to do things for them, and they have faith in government.
And you look at the people that they vote for, and what else has to be said?
I mean, the people in New York City, I think in some respects, are brain-dead.
So they're more than willing to put up with this.
Remember New York City years ago?
I used to have an expression.
You take some money for the muggers with you.
You're mugging money.
Because the people are just ready to tolerate being victims.
Well, I agree it's a test case, and they're doing it all over the country, but more so in L.A.
and New York.
And when you go ahead and go along with their $100 fines for not putting your newspapers out right, next time it'll be jail time and you'll thank them for it, won't you?
Oh sure, you'll enjoy the food there and also the cockroaches.
And they're going to build a new factory onto the jail so you can do a little work, dude.
And then of course that'll take everybody else's job on the outside.
Aaron, stay there.
Let's talk more about this and more about JPFO when we get back and take calls.
Stay with us, folks.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
I think?
The new prison economy, the total information society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grants, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the New World Order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police State 3, is for you.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Aaron Zellman today, founder and president of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms, been around for 14 years.
Fighting the criminals who want your guns so they can enslave you and your family.
That's the historical fact.
Slaves are disarmed, whether it was in Rome or this country or Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.
And in the last segment, and we're about to go straight to your calls, and I appreciate Aaron joining us today.
In the last segment, I mentioned to Aaron about how you don't put your recycling out right.
You get a huge fine.
You put your books out.
Next to you in an open seat on the train, you get a huge fine.
He mentioned it, and it's in the news.
You lean up against a fire hydrant.
Huge fine.
Don't wear a seatbelt.
And now the police have taken out radio ads, newspaper ads, and they're saying, We're sorry.
Everyone hates us now.
We've been ordered to raid houses without warrants.
We've been ordered to do all this.
We've been ordered to step all this up.
We've been ordered to give you all tickets.
And we're being ordered to do it.
Well, that's just so they don't get resistance.
Mayor Bloomberg wants more money.
Look, that government has plenty of money.
They just raised the property taxes something like 95% last year.
Well, here it is out of the New York Daily News real quick, and we'll get Aaron's take on this and go to some calls.
Two barbers clipped for loitering at work.
New York Daily News.
Kim Pond and a buddy had stepped out of...
Shaw's big time on Friday night to smoke a butt when a cop slapped them with a pair of summonses.
The charge, loitering in front of a business.
But Pond and Bruce Rosaro, 27, were just hanging outside the Bronx Barbershop.
They work there.
We can't smoke inside because it's against the law, Pond23 told the Daily News.
What are we supposed to do?
Go home to have a cigarette?
It was 7 p.m., and Pond, who had been a barber at Shaw's for two months, still had one more haircut to go before calling it a night.
But before he was able to get back to work, a police wagon...
Turn the corner and slow to a stop outside the barber shop at 935 North Morris Park Avenue near Flower Avenue.
Let me see some ID!
It's all part of getting shaken down for papers.
They can't walk down the street or stand on the street.
See, all these little innocuous laws sound like they were no big deal, but now they can take your house if there's three-inch grass in Austin, Texas.
$2,000 a day fines.
See how all this stuff works?
Let me see some ID, a cop told Pond and Rosaro, who said they quickly whipped out their driver's license.
Yes, sir.
Next thing he knew, Pond had the pink summons slip in his hand.
Blame it on Bloomberg, they said, said the cop told them before driving away.
When asked about the summons, police spokesman Deputy Chief Michael Collins issued the same statement he has made regarding other tickets.
As the Daily News is fully aware, or should be aware, there are administrative procedures available to those who may have been issued summons in error or for those who may have a legitimate reason for violating these regulations.
Those procedures are clearly described on the summons issued to violators.
And then you go before the corrupt courts.
But the border's wide open.
They're funding every major terror group.
They're burning the Bill of Rights.
Those are the big laws.
That's treason.
But here in Austin, I have friends, nice middle-class people, go to a city park, having a barbecue.
Cops walk over.
Let me see your IDs.
Ruffle through their stuff.
And if somebody doesn't have their ID, they will put them in the police car, take them to jail.
Failure to ID...
In a free country.
Can't be in a park, walk down the street without your ID.
Is that a free country, Aaron?
It's a country that feels like it's free to harass people.
It's a government that doesn't give a damn about what is right and only knows what is wrong.
But Jim, there's one intriguing part about all this that you were reading, Alex.
That is that the police are saying blame it on Bloomberg.
It's almost as if Mr. Bloomberg isn't aware of something, that the police are not in lockstep with him, that they don't approve of what they're being told to do or ordered to do.
And that's dangerous for Mr. Bloomberg.
That's a good sign.
Well, it's bizarre.
Because it shows a lack of respect for the leader, the so-called leader of New York City.
And that's very important.
When you start to have people who are part of government showing a lack of respect for the so-called leader, that is good for us.
But how do you double property taxes when they know the city's falling apart and the citizens are all losing their jobs?
How do you tell the police to crack down on little old ladies?
That's in these articles.
I've got a whole stack of them.
Well, it's just a matter of, you know, the man is scared.
He's doing scary things.
But now it says of the little old ladies, it literally says handicapped old women and such have been videoed by the news.
The light will change and say walk, and if they're not totally across by the time it turns, they're giving them $200 fines.
Does that sound like America to you?
No, of course not.
But lazy Americans have allowed this to happen.
We have to be very realistic.
There are some people who still have their head in the sand.
But because there's that expression, I think, something, the fact that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
And this is exactly what's happening here.
Good people have chosen to do nothing.
Good people have chosen to, just like government, take control of their lives.
Well, now they're going to pay the price.
But that is good news that the police are refusing a smallpox shot.
They're getting mad about having to do this.
They're waking up that gun control's a fraud.
But still, they're following orders.
What would happen if... Well, you know why, Alex.
I mean, it all boils down to one word.
Everyone's concerned about their pension.
Yeah, but what if half the cops said, no, we're not going to do this anymore?
It's like, what, now it's eight of the provinces in Canada have refused to confiscate and register guns, and the feds are flipping out up there?
Well, I think that's a good sign.
What we need to do is to help politicians see the light, and so more of them will do as we tell them to do.
And that's what we do.
We have to take this attitude.
These people work for us.
That's what public servant means.
So they either follow our orders or they get out.
You know, I've told police that, and they'll say, Hey, buddy, I pay taxes.
I pay my own salary.
Well, then I'd like him to live on what he pays in taxes.
Tell him that.
Well, that's what I said.
So you pay your couple hundred dollars a month in taxes?
Well, fine.
And you live on that.
You and your entire family live on that couple hundred dollars a month.
And so you've got a deal.
You live on your taxes.
But don't expect to live on mine.
Well, it's incredible.
But it seems to be a dichotomy there because I'll have a state police major walk over and go, Mooster Jones in his cowboy hat, listen, I want you to know we were brought up, this was the Soviet Union, and we know something's wrong.
And I said, well, how many of you are watching the show?
I have a TV show.
And he goes, well, a lot of us, a lot of us.
And he goes, the younger guys are kind of brainwashed.
This is a high-level officer telling me this.
I have no doubt.
I mean, and he's right about a lot of the younger guys are, you know, victims of the public school system.
Of course, they're brainwashed.
Well, that's what Hitler said.
You get the Eugen.
Yeah, control the youth, and you're well on your way.
All right, Aaron, I want to go to some calls, and folks, also later he'll be giving out a toll-free number telling you about some of the incredible...
Thank you, Alex, and good afternoon to the both of you gentlemen.
For a long time before I got put on the shelf as a school teacher by muscular dystrophy, I taught American and world history.
And perhaps better than most people, I understand why the Jews said never again after World War II.
And I guess if there's hope in this, it's that Alex, you reported earlier in the week that Arizona was going to refuse to
We're good to go.
We'll permit at least the use of it for medical purposes.
Well, let me just say this.
It does have real medical use in chemotherapy people in glaucoma.
The government ships in the hard drugs.
We've got to be criminalized because they're shipping it in to create the crime.
By it being illegal, that's nine out of ten robberies.
It's a joke.
It's like Satan punishing one of his demons.
It's like Stalin telling you he's going to keep you safe from the commissars.
Aaron, do you see what I'm saying about the drug war on that subject?
Oh, absolutely.
I agree with you.
I guess a better way to put this on the whole drug war, to get people a little more focused on it, so they understand how evil it is, is to ask people, when did you vote to give the government permission to dictate what you can or cannot do with your body?
And sometimes, Alex, that pulls people into the argument a little better.
They begin to see the bigger picture.
Well, now they're trying to say smoking marijuana is a terrorist act, so you don't have any rights if you're smoking marijuana.
The point is, I don't use any of these drugs.
I drink two glasses of coffee in the morning, and that's about as deep into drugs as I get maybe Tylenol twice a year.
But they're shipping the heroin and cocaine in to create the crisis.
They make the profits.
And then when they catch your dumb kid on the street with some marijuana, he gets three years in prison building widgets for George Bush's Wackenhut Company.
It's a joke.
Well, it's more than a joke.
I mean, this is a crisis that has happened.
Yeah, the police are busting in doors with black skin.
But again, you see, it all boils down to
If we can get millions of Americans just to answer the question, when did you vote to give the government permission to dictate what you can or cannot do with your body?
Well, in some areas, and I don't agree with much with what Europe's done, but I do agree when they decriminalize drugs, people stop using them.
It's not cool anymore.
Well, of course it is.
I mean, only a fool is going to go use drugs.
And then it loses the money, so the drug dealers aren't these status symbols anymore.
It's like the garbage it is.
It's psychology, folks.
Who decriminalized heroin?
Where did his family make his money?
Heroin dealing.
Be right back.
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My friends, the British East India Company has the world monopoly on opium shipments into Western Europe, the United Kingdom and the U.S.
Their main distributor was the Roosevelt family of Hyde Park.
And they lobbied to criminalize it once competition came into the market, and they could still covertly control the market and make much higher profits.
Lodum opium was sold by the bottle at drugstores, and you had less drug abuse then than you do today.
They ship it in, make it illegal to jack the prices up, and then gives it a fashionable look for low-level drug dealers, and your daughters become crack whores.
We must decriminalize now.
That's what I have to say about the drug war.
Aaron Zellman, I want to get into JPFO and what you're doing to fight the gun grabbers and what your organization does and how folks can get involved.
We've got loaded phones.
We've just started going to them.
I didn't ask you this before you did the interview.
How long can you stay with us?
Well, I'm going to have to wrap it up pretty soon.
I have to go to an appointment.
I understand.
Sure, I understand.
Let's jam some calls in here then.
Daryl in Pennsylvania, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Okay, Daryl's gone.
Brian in New York, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Thank you for taking my call.
Mr. Zellman, I think the problem is this.
There's three kinds of people that make up a society.
Those that want power, those that want justice, and those that want security.
Unfortunately, the people that want security and power are only 5%.
And the people that want security want 90%.
The people that want power and justice only want 5%.
Like Benjamin Franklin said, it's a republic if you can keep it.
If we don't mature from security to justice, we'll lose this republic.
Do you agree with that, sir?
Oh, absolutely.
Well, I'll tell you, that's exactly what's happening is...
People want the government to take care of them, and it never has, it never will.
You're in New York, Brian.
What is it like where, according to police-owned admissions, they've been ordered to just totally feed on you and squeeze on you?
I'll give you two shining examples.
They gave a woman a ticket sent on the subway, so it was six months pregnant because it was hot.
She got a $105 ticket.
Guy sent on a milk crate got a $105 ticket.
I mean, what is happening here, Jim, and I look at it like this.
Any society that's starting to fall goes through three phases.
First it goes insane, then becomes humiliated, then becomes destroyed.
I mean, the people on top, the way I see it, no matter who they are, these people are probably mouth, say, tongue.
These people have turned their back on God.
They're like a small little G-God.
Great points, Brian.
Let's talk to Daryl in Pennsylvania.
Daryl, you are there.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex, and Aaron, this is Darrell Eberhardt in Crescent, PA, and I've been a member of JPFO for going on six years, and I'd like to urge all of the NRA members out there, I'm a former one, but if they can't bring themselves to leave the NRA, which is a compromising organization, at least also join both JPFO and GOA, and JPFO is open to both Jews and non-Jews, because I don't see any room in the Second Amendment where it says the word shall not be infringed upon.
I don't see any room for compromise there.
So folks need to join JPFO and GOA so that they can get an aggressive gun rights organization out there that's fighting on their behalf.
And before Aaron leaves us, we'll get a couple more calls here in a second.
I'll let you chime back in.
Stay there, Darrell.
Aaron Zellman, what do you think about Bush saying he'll re-sign the assault weapons ban and add a semi-automatic shotgun ban to it?
Well, the fruit doesn't fall very far from the tree, does it?
I guess his daddy was a gun grabber, too.
For starters.
Well, I'm not surprised at any of this, because it's a... You know, they got a little wink from the NRA saying, yeah, go ahead and do it.
We'll be able to pacify the fools who support us.
And it also shows that there is a haughtiness that, yes, you guys were dumb enough to help me get elected, and so I don't care...
If you're around or not, later on.
All right.
Thanks for the call, Darrell.
Thanks, Darrell.
Anything else?
Let's talk to Tom in Ohio.
You're on the air with Aaron Zellman.
Go ahead.
Hi, Aaron.
It's good to talk to you.
And I'm glad you're out there fighting the battle.
Thank you.
I think that we ought to take up the battle cry over here that Israel's got Masada never again.
And I talked to a guy named Henry Lazarus, a bureaucrat, the...
We're good to go.
Aaron, you said something about long-range shooting.
What do you recommend, a .375 or something like that?
Oh, I don't think I'm going to get into that.
I'm not an expert in that area, but...
It's whatever you can handle, number one.
Whatever you can handle out to four, five, six hundred yards.
So that's sort of open to everybody.
Aaron, I know you've got to go, but I wanted to talk a little bit about JPFO.
Can you stay with us about five minutes on the other side?
Okay, great.
Stay there, Tom.
We'll talk to Charles, and then that's it for calls.
I'll let you finish up.
Just here on the other side real quick with Aaron Zellman, then I'll continue with the news and take more calls.
Stay with me.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I'm on the phone with Marilyn from Calvera, who's going to explain a little bit about this new diet.
Marilyn, tell us about it.
Well, it's a collagen protein supplement.
It has collagen, aloe vera, and glycerin.
The call is 877-605-9200.
That's 877-605-9200.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, coming up in about five minutes, I'm going to get into the nuclear war they're trying to instigate with North Korea.
Imagine out of a nuclear exchange or some type of expanded war.
That'll prove to be a great diversion for the politicians and their...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, hold on, Tom.
They've actually got organizations you can go join that do long-range shooting sports.
But I would just recommend something like a .308 bolt-action Remington 700.
Now, go ahead, Tom.
Yeah, Aaron, I was wondering, why would you recommend them being able to shoot long-range?
Do you know about the weapons that we're going to be facing?
Well, that's part of it.
You want to be as far away from the enemy as you can.
Can you tell me why?
Sir, I think you know why from history.
Thanks for the call, Tom.
Appreciate it.
Let's go ahead.
The reason I like long-range shooting rifles is because I do some hunting where the deer could be 600, 700 yards away.
And I think Aaron's talking about it.
We were invaded by a foreign power or something.
I know it's treason to say that we would resist communist Chinese troops invading, which our government says they'd like to do, but I think that's what he's talking about.
Let's go ahead and talk real quick to Charles in Pennsylvania.
Charles, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Mr. Jones, Mr. Zellman, you're right on the money, Mr. Zellman, but something you mentioned earlier, and if I'm putting words in your mouth, stop me.
Any assault on the Bill of Rights or on the Constitution should immediately be, there should be a reaction.
And I think that's, I've been harping about this,
This is a problem.
Tried to put in a total ban on any semi-automatic.
You'd get six months in jail or a $1,000 fine.
It was reacted to by the good people of Youngstown.
They came en masse yesterday, and it looks like it may be defeated.
Now, that friend of Hillary Clinton, she's from Cleveland.
She's not even from Youngstown.
She was the one that organized that Million Mom March thing.
And I just want to reiterate that what you're saying about this, that any time this happens, we need to have a reaction to these people, a very strong reaction, maybe people in every county.
And that's the point, is when we were fighting them in Texas, the NRA was actually trying to stop us.
They're there to make you think you've got representation.
So you go to sleep.
Look at L.A.
where they're banning ammo over .40 caliber, banning sale of ammo.
Aaron Zellman comments to what Charles was just saying.
Well, I agree with what the man is saying, that we have to have a zero tolerance for rights destroyers.
And I think this is something that people need to take to heart.
That if someone's destroying your rights, if someone's destroying your ability to defend your life,
Someone's destroying your freedom or your privacy.
You have to have a knee-jerk reaction to this.
Zero tolerance.
One more call and then we'll plug JPFO and let you go.
Thanks for the call, Charles.
Who were you telling me was up next?
I guess Warren in Colorado.
Last caller for Aaron Zellman.
Go ahead.
I hope I'm not wasting your time.
Have you heard of the article out of the Rocky Mountain News saying that deputies say that they're
The sheriff department is displaying Nazi garb.
There's an article out of Saturday, May 31, Rocky Mountain News, and the headline is, Deputies Say Uniforms Look Like Nazi Garb.
Well, I mean, look, in Mexico, the secret police wear black uniforms and face ski masks.
In Russia, they do it.
In Germany, I mean, when your police start wearing black uniforms with skull patches, like our SWAT team does here in Austin, you've got a big problem.
How important is the uniform and the insignia of death being on your police, Aaron?
Well, you know, it has a conscious effect on people.
It makes people fear.
The police.
Because it makes people think that the police are the authority figure.
And that you must do as you're ordered to do.
In fact, the uniforms they wear are even more thuggish than what the Nazis wore.
Well, modern technology has helped out a long way.
You know, the Nazis would be doing it the same way today if they could.
Just imagine what the Nazis could do with a computer system versus the holorap machine that they had.
Just imagine.
Yeah, that was IBM.
Right, that's right.
And you know Prescott Bush ran the big Nazi bank in New York, Brown Brother Harriman, and paid that big million dollar fine.
And then Bush went to one of the concentration camps and said how sad he was while he's destroying our Bill of Rights.
What did you think of that, Aaron?
Well, you know, this is all for show.
I mean, people have to see this for what it is.
It's like something evil trying to look good.
Warren, thanks for the call, sir.
Appreciate it.
Aaron Zellman, how do folks get the free email alert?
How do they join JPFO?
The free email alerts are from our website, which is jpfo.org, and they can simply go there and sign on.
And you've got the Grandpa Jack comic book series.
We have a whole series of them.
We have eight of them now.
The latest one is called Is America Becoming a Police State?
And, you know, they can learn more about the documentary we're working on that shows the connection between gun control and genocides.
Now, you also have a book, and I've got it somewhere on a shelf.
What is it?
Gun Control Gateway to Tyranny?
It's one of our original books, yes.
But that is a side-by-side comparison between the
1968 Gun Control Act and the 1938 Nazi Gun Control Laws.
Now, Donald... By the way, on the back of the book, just for what it's worth, we reprint the letter from the Library of Congress Law Library and Lewis Coffin, who acknowledges to Senator Thomas Dodd that we have received the copies of the German weapons law, which you requested us to translate for you,
And the translation is on its way back to you.
And then that becomes a law with a few word changes, and he worked in the Nuremberg trials.
He was with the Justice Department, yes.
So an obvious Nazi sympathizer.
Yes, he's kind of an odd guy.
We assume he's a Nazi sympathizer, although he's a strong anti-communist.
Of course, that would go hand in hand.
So again, here you have evil trying to masquerade as being good.
All right, so jpfo.org.
I recommend the Grandpa Jack series.
It's great for adults, the simple-minded public.
It states it historically.
I don't have the newest version of it, but you've got eight different ones.
And you've got the Gun Control Gateway to Tyranny.
What about a toll-free number or a number to call?
That's our order line number.
The regular number is 262-673-
That number again, the toll-free one?
That's the order line, right?
And folks, if you don't get involved, if you don't get involved in the fight for the Second Amendment, Josh Sugarman of Handgun Control Incorporated and Violence Policy Center said in the 2001 March 25th issue of The Statesman,
That, right next to an article where they were attacking me for being pro-gun, there's a whole bunch of articles about it that day, he said, we've got your kids, in another generation we will ban all guns.
And he was laughing at us in the article.
And if people don't get involved in this fight and educate others and make it a duty to take people under their wing, we're going to lose America.
You're right, Alex.
You're right.
All right.
Well, Aaron Zellman, I really appreciate you coming on, and I'm on the same page with you about the police state and how far it's grown, and I understand your frustration, but I also hear you saying that you're seeing a great awakening that you've never seen before.
Is that accurate?
When you can get folks on the left to start agreeing with folks on the right about the destruction of the Bill of Rights, that's a good sign.
Well, I have... Unfortunately, there's folks on the left and folks on the right who also want to destroy the Bill of Rights.
That's not such a good sign.
So this is going to be truly a showdown between good and evil.
Well, by not being a hypocrite,
Well, I think it goes hand in hand.
I don't know if you're going to reprogram anybody, but I think they begin to take a different look at you and become more tolerant.
Aaron Zellman, Godspeed, and take care, my friend.
Okay, you too, Alex.
We'll see you, buddy.
All right, we'll take more calls.
I'm going to get into some news first.
The toll-free number to join me on air is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231.
And I will get you up and on the air.
Aaron Zellman had to leave us after an hour and ten minutes, and I appreciate him.
Not an hour and ten minutes.
Yeah, an hour and twelve minutes.
I've got a bunch of other stuff I haven't even gotten to.
It is all so bizarre and so out of control and so important that we covered it.
I've got Rumsfeld here saying that they want to go ahead and attack North Korea, and if that doesn't concern you, you're crazy.
This is the Washington Post.
can't rule out North Korea's strike, Rumsfeld advisor says.
Now, a month and a half ago, Rumsfeld leaks, and they now admit it was a purposeful leak.
They leak the battle plan to attack North Korea with a literal sneak attack.
To attack North Korea with a literal sneak attack in October.
But again, it isn't a sneak attack because they leaked it.
They want North Korea to attack us.
We have the ten-part federal document from 1940, the ten-part plan of how to get the Japanese to attack us and how to let them attack us.
And then, of course, our government had prior knowledge and ordered the Navy to stand down and to take the attack.
Five Japanese submarines were sunk in the harbor, outside the harbor, that morning.
This is now admitted fact.
That doesn't take away from the valiance of the Navy and Marine and Army people, Air Force people, at that time Army Air Corps people, that died at Pearl Harbor.
But this is the reality.
This is the reality of what we're facing.
And with Kim Jong-il, I mean, this guy is psychopathic.
He is evil.
And our government, Donald Rumsfeld, has given him nuclear reactors.
can't rule out North Korea's strike, Rumsfeld's advisor says.
The U.S.
You realize how big this is?
The globalists say they're allowed to preemptively strike anybody they want, so don't complain when we get preemptively striked.
And thanks to China and Clinton and Bush and all the rest of them that armed China and armed North Korea, they can now hit the United States.
The United States should be prepared to destroy North Korea's Yongbong reactor if necessary to keep the capital from trafficking in nuclear weapons, an influential member of the Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld advisory panel said on Wednesday.
Well, Richard Perle said about two months ago when this blueprint came out, he said at a White House press dinner, he told the reporters, he said, get ready, we're going to be invading North Korea and started laughing.
I mean, even if you're invading and it's the right thing to do, you don't laugh about it.
It's not funny, Prince of Darkness, as you've been dubbed.
That's his nickname.
Whether we can effectively mobilize a coalition, including China, Russia, the South Koreans, the Japanese, ourselves, and so isolate them, they will abandon this program.
That remains to be seen, said Richard Pearl.
See, he's the guy, an architect of the U.S.
invasion of Iraq.
That's certainly the preferable way to deal with it.
See, we always say that at first.
He added in his speech to the conference on Iraq reconstruction.
He also had conferences on how to profit from the Iraq war months before the war.
Totally illegal!
That's certainly the preferable way to deal with it.
He added to his speech to a conference on Iraqi reconstruction.
But I don't think anyone can exclude the kind of surgical strike we saw in 81, talking about Israel attacking Iraq.
He said, referring to Israel's surprise air attack that destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor near Baghdad, known as TAMUS, on June 7, 1981.
We should always be prepared to go it alone if necessary.
The administration of President Bush has branded North Korea part of the Axis of Evil with Iran and pre-war Iraq and wants the capital of North Korea to ditch its nuclear program.
Yeah, ditch it after you gave them two reactors that are able to create, according to the Associated Press, 100 nuclear warheads a year, and they've got the liberty systems from the Chinese.
The nuclear dispute erupted last October when the United States said North Korea had admitted to having a covert program.
On Monday, North Korea said it wanted nuclear weapons so it could cut its huge conventional forces and divert funds into an economy foreign analysts say is close to collapse.
I think we must assume that if they had a nuclear weapon and if Al-Qaeda wished to purchase a nuclear weapon,
It's a deal that could be done, said Pearl, who was Assistant Secretary of Defense for the International Security Policy under President Ronald Reagan.
Hey, hold on just a minute.
Wait just a second.
Hold your horses.
They've had dozens of nuclear warheads for five, six years.
They've produced hundreds now.
But every time they talk about it, they go, oh, we've got to stop them before they get a nuke.
We've got to stop them before they get a nuke.
When our government gave them the reactors and gave them the nuclear know-how.
I have a whole, I don't know, 10-minute segment on this in Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Out of the 2-hour and 40-minute film, I've got about 10 minutes where we cover this in detail with all the news articles, just dozens of them, and public statements.
It's the same thing.
But, you know, they told us that Iraq had all these weapons, and they were sure about it, and they were going to give it to al-Qaeda, and it turns out the CIA knew that was totally false.
You had the former top CIA advisor, Ronald Reagan, on this show.
Mr., what's his name?
He's got the same name as that southern governor.
Mr. McGovern, yes.
We had him on to tell you that they knew it was all false, and now it's come out yesterday.
The CIA admits, yes, it was false.
We were told a lie.
Dick Cheney dropped by.
Dick Cheney dropped by and pressured us to say they had all these weapons.
And by the way, Iraq is littered with chemical weapons.
Giant bunkers half blown up full of it.
No one dare go into it to try to remove it all.
Bombed in the first Gulf War.
Our government can't hold a canister of that up because they're already declared sites.
Or it's marked U.S.
chemical weapons.
That would look real good.
Oh, we found the warehouse of warheads.
Yes, they're on every street corner, basically.
But it's all marked U.S.
I have video of the U.S.
marked chemical weapons in there.
The point here is they're trying to push North Korea into attacking us first.
They're doing overflights of South Korea.
They got their speedboats harassing people.
They're saying they may strike first.
They're telling Iran, brace to be invaded.
They're telling Syria this, just hoping somebody makes a move.
Go ahead, punk, pick the gun up.
But it isn't Dirty Harry, folks.
The bad guy's saying go ahead and pick the gun up.
I'm putting people's backs against the wall.
It's crazy.
Order out of chaos.
That's the New World Order game.
We'll be right back with more calls and news.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Before the war, before the 9-1-1 attacks, Richard Perle and Rumsfeld and Cheney had gotten together with a project for New American Century and written policy reports where they said, we need terrorists to attack us.
Events on the scale of Pearl Harbor are bigger, so we can take over the world for a new world order.
And it all happened, and now they're saying, we're going into Syria.
We're going into Iran.
We're going into North Korea.
We're going in everywhere.
We're going to have a national draft.
We're going to set up execution centers at FEMA bases.
We're going to arrest you.
We're going to, oh, it's for your safety.
Shut up and you're a traitor.
Let us have our own private contracts off a war and make billions apiece.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
I mean, it is sick, people.
It is sick to watch him doing this.
We're about to go to John in England, Ted in Texas, and many others that are patiently holding.
We've got a whole third hour just jam-packed with news, and your call's coming up.
In fact, I'll get to your calls in this hour.
I just want to take a few minutes out to remind listeners that I have produced nine documentary films.
The ninth film is now out, Police State 3, Total Enslavement, two hours and 40 minutes long.
I have been saying two hours and 37.
It's two hours and 40 minutes long.
It is encyclopedic.
You will have a great education on how the New World Order operates, what they do, the crimes they've committed.
What their plans are, their operations, the terror they carry out, Project for a New American Century, all of it, in Police State 3, total enslavement.
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order Police State 3 or 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, or my book, Descent into Tyranny, any of the great films or my book.
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
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It's easy to do.
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Expose the terrorists.
Expose the evildoers.
It's up to you.
Peter Jennings won't do it.
Get the videos now, folks.
Don't wait.
Get them and make copies.
John in the United Kingdom.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
I've got three things.
Hi, Alex.
I hope you'll let me get through.
Sure, go ahead.
I was just listening to your talk with Aaron there.
I have to say that I used to believe the propaganda, and I have to thank you for waking me up.
I know you've had me on the show a couple of times as a caller.
But it was a 3am revelation watching 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, which just completely stunned me and broke me out of the trance, basically.
And I used to think, thanks to the propaganda, that the Patriot Movement was a bunch of nutcases.
Now, having read in more detail and understanding why you guys don't want to give up your guns, it makes perfect sense.
But, of course, all the propaganda is there to demonize you guys.
So I want to say to anyone listening to the show, you need to get 9-11 the right to tyranny.
You need to wake friends up out of their trance.
You need to let them know that it's all just propaganda and that we're being lied to constantly.
That's the first thing.
Secondly, I hope you got my emails about George Monbiot and BBC Newsnight last night.
I did, but why don't you tell us about it and I'll hold you over.
You can tell us the rest of the story.
Well, George Monbiot is a guy who's been at the front of these anti-globalisation protests.
He's a journalist in The Guardian, which Greg Pallast also writes for, and he was on BBC Newsnight, which is one of the programmes that Greg Pallast works for.
But he was talking about the fact that the anti-globalists are always saying, well, we don't like this and we don't like that, but he was bringing forward a manifesto of what the anti-globalists might be in favour of.
Well, I tell you what, I want to hear about this.
This list of demands.
When we get back, stay there, John.
Third hour, straight away.
Stay with us.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, it's been a great show so far today.
We had Aaron Zellman choose the preservation of firearms in the last hour.
This hour, we're taking your calls and getting into the news.
The government says that, oh yeah, they do plan to go ahead and attack North Korea as early as this October.
And, ah, so what do they try to nuke us?
You know, it's all part of living in the homeland.
They'll take all your rights away and keep you safe.
They also plan to attack Iran and Syria.
More details on that later.
Some of the bizarre police state measures being carried out against the people as they crack down on the population.
Gun control, more on biometrics.
It's all coming up in this hour.
But right now we were talking to Ted.
Well, Ted's coming up next.
We're talking to John in England.
And, John, you were telling us about one of the folks on the BBC talking about the globalists, their term of the New World Order.
And, you know, the globalist always complaining, or the anti-globalist always complaining about the globalist, but never having what they stand for and what they want.
You're saying this guy had an actual list of ideas.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, it was, I mean, I haven't had a chance to type up a full transcript of the program myself.
Someone else on a forum typed up some of it.
I'll read you what one of his key comments was here, first of all.
George Monbiot says, All I'm trying to do at the moment is to say,
Those powers which already exist at the global level, let's democratize them.
I'm not saying let's get rid of the nation-state, though that might be a potential outcome of what I'm suggesting.
Interesting, huh?
Have you heard of a guy called Roger Kimball?
Well, sir, I would just say that's the standard line.
In Police State 3, I point out, the left wing says, okay, there is a new world order, but let's make it liberal and loving, and the right wing says, oh no, there is a new world order, but it's going to be conservative.
So they bypass the discussion of, we don't want a new world order, to, okay, there is going to be a world government, let's accept it, let's have a debate about how the table is going to be set.
Alex, yeah.
Have you heard of a neoconservative called Roger Kimball?
Well, they had him on.
I think he's a low-level neocon, but they had him on.
And we've got the presenter of the show.
It was Gavin Esther last night.
He says, People across the world are very uneasy that globalization means Americanization and American dominance.
I mean, that's obviously true, isn't it?
Kimball says,
I think it's in part true.
I think it's also true that they welcome it.
Americanization means liberty.
Esler goes on, why does United States stroke globalization mean liberty, as you asserted?
And he comes back, and Roger Kimball, a neoconservative, says, well, yes, because I believe that these poor countries that you just mentioned, the people in these countries, should every morning get down and say a prayer for the fact that America is the greatest power at the moment, because it's a power that is working to make them more prosperous and more secure.
And I can tell you from the United States, this is not the U.S.
government saying this.
It's private banks hijacking us out of Europe, the Dutch, the British Royal Family, the Rockefellers, the Crumps, the Warburgs, the classic names, and they're using America as the bad cop, as their muscle, to take over the world.
There's one more thing.
I just want to say to you, would it be possible to speak to you in the break?
Because I want to tell you something.
I'm working on something right now, and I can't talk about it over the air, but it may actually blow a lot of stuff wide open.
Sure, sure.
I'll talk to you during the break.
Everybody will call and want to do this, but I do it on occasion.
Sure, I'll talk to you during the break and find out what's on your mind.
Thanks for the call, John.
I'll talk to you here in just a second during the break.
And then I will come back and talk to Ted, Sheila, and many others.
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The United States and Canada lost 100,000 millionaires in 2002.
We'll talk about some of the real economic data.
I want to get into some of the other Second Amendment news and how our government, the illegitimate military industrial complex government, is saying they want to invade a whole list of third world countries now.
And again, they're doing this for the big banks, and America's taking the blame globally for this, while internal propaganda tells us how great we are and how wonderful this all is.
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Let's go to the calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ted in Texas.
Ted, you're on the air.
Thanks for having me on.
Hi, Alex.
You bet, sir.
And also thanks to you and GCN.
I listen to you guys all the time now ever since I found out.
And what's really bad is that most people have no idea about this radio station or your show, and it's just kind of sad to talk to people and try and tell them.
They have no clue.
Well, at least they're learning.
We were all dumb as dirt once ourselves.
Yeah, exactly.
I just want to say, I want to get you or somebody needs to get you on a symposium over at UT.
I mean, I go to these things and they're there talking about this stuff, and I just love to see you be able to talk to these people.
Let me tell you the difference.
At UT...
We're good to go.
I think?
Yeah, I mean, I went to one with Nathan Sales.
He was one of the lawyers who wrote the Patriot Act.
He was one of the guys who wrote it, and
Just listen to this guy talk.
I mean, it's crazy his mindset.
I mean, he's pretty much brainwashed, I think.
I mean, because after the show, they were talking about that guy Padilla who was arrested under the Patriot Act and held without charge.
And I don't know if this guy's guilty or not, but he's held without charge.
He doesn't get a jury.
He doesn't get a lawyer.
He doesn't get anything.
Yeah, and after the conference, we were asking questions to him, and there's a little crowd around him asking him questions.
And we said, well, you have this guy, and you're punishing him, but you're not telling him what he's being punished.
And he interrupted us.
He said, oh, he's not being punished.
I mean, that's his mind state.
This guy's being held, and he can't contact anybody, and he's not going to have a trial.
And they're saying it's going to be for gun ownership in their own documents.
They're saying it's going to be for not handing over your land to the government.
It's going to be for everything, everything in Section 802.
Any misdemeanor, you can be secretly arrested, secretly executed.
Mainstream news articles on InfoWars.com right now.
Headline, U.S.
announces death camps.
Does that make you angry?
Well, and another thing I wanted to say was that I'm trying to, like, when I try and tell my parents about just to, like, listen to this show, and, like, even adults around me should listen to this show or listen just to GCN in general.
I try to tell them this, and they just kind of have this knee-jerk reaction of doubt with it, you know?
Yeah, and anybody that criticizes the government's crazy, government's never done anything wrong, government hung the moon, government made the oceans, government is just perfect, let's submit to it.
Okay, well, your parents are going to enjoy their 501K being taken, their pension funds, they're changing the rules where your parents want on their pension funds, and
They can thank the government for that, too, and they can thank them for the trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon, and they can thank them for everything.
Thanks for the call, Ted.
Sheila in Missouri.
Sheila, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, how are you today?
I'm pretty good, Sheila.
How are you?
Well, being followed, Monday I took a trip to town.
And I was pulled over by a state trooper.
He was doing his, I don't know what.
He never gave me an explanation.
He was just pulling people over.
He was standing in the middle of the highway and asking to see their driver's license.
So he had a gentleman on the other side of me looking at his license, and he told me to give him my license.
And I said, no, sir, I do not have one.
So he told me to pull over to the side of the road, and I did.
He came back to me, and he noticed that my son and I both had our seatbelts on.
And he said, you want to tell me why you don't have a license?
And I said, yes, sir.
I believe in the Constitution of the United States, and I also believe in the Bible.
My husband owns this truck.
He gives me permission to drive it.
So therefore, unless he tells me to get a driver's license and until you show me where the Constitution of the United States says that I have to have a driver's license or a license at all to operate something that my husband owns and gives me permission to use, then I'll go get one.
He laughed at me and then asked for my insurance papers.
I said, I'll allow you to see those.
That's fine.
I showed them to him.
He looked them over.
And he laughed at me again, handed me the insurance form, and said, well, I could stand here and debate with you over the Constitution of the United States, but I don't have that kind of time today.
So you can just go on.
Well, I'll tell you what's happening is you've got him out there in the middle of the highway.
The federal government has their click-it-or-ticket program.
They are demanding that the states carry out tens of thousands of warrantless checkpoints, safety checks, and part three of the four-part plan in the federal register, and it's in my film Police State 2000, made in 99.
It says in there,
That this is to train you for internal checkpoints, train you to be taxed and traced, to drive your car, and he was out there with no probable cause, randomly stopping vehicles, and I don't care what court tells him what, the courts can say black people are slaves, I say that's a fraud too, the courts can say that
You know, that we don't have any rights, but that's a fraud.
And he can laugh all day about what our veterans fought and died to preserve and protect and defend.
And he is a shameful creature.
But you ought to be glad he didn't beat you up and take you to jail.
You know, they did that to Abby Newman.
Right, and that's what I was really expecting.
By the way, you know now they took her daughter's children and are trying to take her younger daughter, CPS is, all because she sued the government over that warrantless checkpoint that we've all seen on video in the road to tyranny.
So that's how corrupt this government is.
Exactly, and I think he would have done something had I been alone.
But I had my son with me, and I really think that he would have done more if I hadn't had my son with me.
But it was real funny flushing America down the toilet.
And my son, he was just... He's 11, and he just couldn't believe it.
He said... Well, by the way, according to the Supreme Court and the laws...
If it is a general, agreed-upon conveyance of the day, you do not have a license to use the roads as part of your right to travel.
But, under U.S.
code, the automobile is considered the unusual conveyance under the 1918 Supreme Court ruling, because back then cars were still rare.
So that's why you can still legally and lawfully ride a horse down the side of the road.
That's why until a few years ago you could drive your tractor or your farm equipment because it was still considered to be part of agriculture or the general conveyance.
Now they're trying to even change that.
But it's not law, it's color of law and practice.
Yeah, exactly.
All right, thanks for the call.
Thank you.
By the way, I have another mainstream news article where the governments of the U.S., the U.K., and Australia admit they plan to start taxing you to drive your car with satellite tracker boxes.
The hardware is already in all new automobiles in the U.S.
They put in the infrastructure first.
It's only a few years away unless you fight it.
You'll be paying 65 cents a mile to drive.
If you doubt me, it's right here in the article.
We'll get to that and a lot more in more of your calls.
Stay with me.
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Thanks for joining me.
I'm Alex Jones.
Let's go back to calls, and I'm coming back in the next segment, going straight into this mountain of vital news.
Believe me, you don't want to miss.
Mark in Colorado, then Mike in Illinois and others.
Mark, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I had a question for you regarding the construction of the World Trade Center towers.
I've been doing a little bit of research.
About the way they were constructed, and I know, of course, as you do, that the buildings were destroyed by explosives primarily, and that the crashes of the airliners were nothing but a ruse to confuse the American people, and a use as an excuse.
And in my research, I've discovered, of course, that the official government version of the destruction of the buildings includes a theory called the trust theory, and that, of course, is the one that says that
That the building essentially had very weak trusses between the inner cores and the outer columns.
Yeah, they claim that the lattice structure of the building did that, but the designer of the building has said years before, and the design clearly was so, a large passenger liner could hit it without any real structural damage because it already had a problem with a B-17 or was it a liberator,
Hitting the Empire State Building during heavy fog during World War II.
Right, it was in 1945.
It was a B-17 that hit the Empire State Building and destroyed 23 floors.
Of course, it didn't collapse.
It burned, but it didn't collapse, and it caused extensive damage.
Also, I would continue to add to all of this that Firefighter Engineering, the oldest firefighter organization and publication in the country, says that it is impossible, says there's a cover-up,
The second tower imploded and fell faster than the 1,300-plus-story building could fall according to the laws of gravity.
Only if there were explosives beneath it blowing it out could that have happened.
And Building 7 wasn't hit by an aircraft but caught fire in the afternoon and an hour later imploded and fell in 3.2 seconds, which was also impossible.
A bowling ball doesn't drop that fast.
I mean, it's all pretty bogus.
Minoru, Yamasaki, and Associates basically provided the design architecture for the World Trade Center.
And I've done some research on the Internet.
I can't find anything regarding the actual architectural plans anywhere.
They just disappeared.
Well, sir, there had never been a steel-framed building before.
We're good to go.
I think?
Oklahoma City bombing.
They imploded the building weeks after.
Took it to a Wackenhut landfill.
Buried it under guard with M-16 and MP5 toting.
Private guards to this day.
The Waco Church Records Vault, the only concrete part of the building where the women and children were hiding out.
It had a hole blown in the top.
That was admitted in Delta Force documents.
They went in and pulled triggers and killed them.
They haven't put a satchel explosive on top.
We have photos of that.
I've talked to the cement truck drivers in Waco.
They took the rubble of that, poured it in a landfill, private landfill, and poured for days concrete in it and over it to mix it with the chunks.
Now that's what a criminal does is cover up the evidence of their crime.
I guess my question for you, and I know it took a long time to get to this, but my question was, do you know of anyone who has plans to these buildings, the World Trade Center towers?
I mean, I would love to get my hands on them.
Yeah, I know they've been studied, sir, and I know that they're in university architecture classes on disk and in books.
I would imagine that the University of Colorado,
That Denver would have the plans, detailed plans, of World Trade Center 1 and 2 Tower, as well as the other buildings of the complex.
That's awesome.
I would almost guarantee that.
Well, I'm going to check that out.
I mean, I know about World Trade Center 7 too.
Well, sir, we have a book that's 100 and something pages long, hundreds of color photographs and diagrams with the architecture of the building showing how it was blown up.
It's called Painful Questions.
I've actually got that book.
It's by Eric Huffschmidt.
I picked that up from him.
It was one of the first things I bought off their website.
It's a very, very good book.
This book is not described in the internal structures other than trusses, so I'm trying to find more information so I can share this with friends.
You're doing a great job, Alex.
All right, thank you.
Thank you, Mark, for the call.
Mike and Owen Oil will talk to you, then I'm going straight into all this news.
There it is, voluminous amounts of it, all vital.
From the economy to satellite tracking and taxation to your cars, give your face maximum big brother.
We resist it by exposing it when we get back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're about to go to Mike in Illinois, and then I'm getting into a bunch of the news that has stacked up here that is so important that we covered here on the air in the last 27 minutes, 26 minutes that we have remaining in this worldwide broadcast on this Thursday.
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The military on the streets.
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I also have Police State I, Police State II.
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You've got to get to that one as well.
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We need to expose the perpetrators of September 11th.
We need to educate enough people so they can be brought to justice, and at a bare minimum, so they know that a majority of us know they did it, and then that will cause them to back off and not carry out more terror.
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All right, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Mike in Illinois.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Alex, how are you doing?
Fine, how are you doing?
Just this past Sunday, I took the Road to Tyranny film, which I have just gotten last week.
I ordered it.
And showed it to my church congregation.
About 28 people showed up, and they were baffled by it.
They were astounded.
Thought it was a very good film.
I'd encourage anybody out there who hasn't seen it yet to go ahead and get it.
So we found 90% wake-up rates to people that see the film.
What percentage of the 22 would you say woke up?
There were 28 people.
I'd say probably 20 of them at least.
I was talking to a gentleman, Alex, and I want to ask you a question.
This guy...
That his brother was an ex-CIA agent.
This guy was about 70 years old.
He's a member of my church.
And I'm just, Alex, I want to ask you a question.
I know back when the election, the big election fraud scam with Gore and Bush and all that, when you were saying, well, you know, voter new services and all that was all.
I just want your angle on something.
And he brought up a good point.
Isn't it possible that the New World Order wanted Bush in there rather than Gore?
And that was a botched election.
Being that Bush's brother was in Florida and they knew they had to get Bush in there to stage this Iraqi war that's been planned since 1998 or longer than that, Alex, but according to what I've heard.
Well, they have their own documents, the Project for a New American Century written by Rumsfeld and Bush.
So, I mean, being that they're both puppets, they knew that Bush would be the better one of the two to get in there.
Because he's a Trojan horse conservative and would act as a sleeping gas to make conservative America go to sleep.
So do you believe that there was some fraudulent activity with the Gore and Bush election?
Mike, let me explain this to you.
I only deal in things I can prove.
And occasionally I'll speculate, very rarely.
And if I do, I'll tell you I'm speculating.
I know that the military-industrial complex, without a shadow of a doubt, carried out September 11th.
I know they carried out Oklahoma City.
I know they killed Kennedy.
I know that Voter News Services took over two weeks after they blew his head off in Dallas, Texas.
I know that it's got different names.
I know that Voter News Services that night announced that Al Gore was the president.
And then they announced that Bush was the president.
And then they announced that Al Gore was the president.
And it went back and forth.
And I studied it, and I studied it.
They caught Democrats in Florida, one legislator, with voting machines in his car, cramming the ballots.
They caught Republicans taking tens of thousands of people's names off the ballot.
They have a CIA front company, Choice Point, manipulating things.
Both sides were in some type of battle.
We saw an internal fight in the New World Order for what mafia don front man would be over the North American governorship.
That's what they call it.
Now, I don't know if that was contrived, because out of that crisis, they got a four-plus-billion-dollar package passed with Chuckie Schumer authoring it, Bush signing it.
To federally put in and fund touchscreen election systems that are totally fraud-based, absolutely documented, no record of how you voted.
It's got federal elections overseeing our local elections.
A federally controlled phone line is hooked into all the precinct touchscreens.
This is the system.
So, I don't know, but I know this.
The average American, I will ask you, do you know how they announce who the winner is?
At 7 o'clock Central?
No, you don't.
Did you know that in the 98 election and the 96 election, states went different directions than what VNS said, and there was never an investigation, nothing was done?
In the 96 election, some of the conservative candidates actually won states, and VNS said that they didn't.
Pat Buchanan actually came out and won in Arizona.
Somebody at ABC News in the 1998 congressional election posted the exact order of the election the day before.
Someone inside, desperately, like a hero...
Publish the results of the election on ABCNews.com a day before.
That site was saved.
That's on VoteScan.com and other websites.
So there is election fraud.
This is going on.
But the different manipulations and jockeying, I don't know.
But I know there was fraud on both sides.
I know Voter News Service has not been abolished.
It's been given a new name now.
It's still in the same building with Mr. Headline.
As the head of it.
No one's allowed to go into it.
The media isn't allowed to see it.
It's like this black box, and the average American doesn't know what's inside of it.
And we're the one that votes them in.
We have no access to it.
Well, yeah, it just gives you the illusion that you're voting.
Now, what does the federalization do with the touchscreens and the federal oversight of local elections, quote, to fix the problems we saw in southern Florida?
That now neutralizes real elections locally.
Many areas we still had real election results being posted for congressional candidates, state legislature candidates, city hall, county commissioners.
Now that's being federalized.
County clerks are being federalized.
And so that's what this $4 billion a year did that Bush just passed.
So obviously...
Clinton Gore had control of the White House, so VNS said that Gore had won.
Then they said that Bush had won.
But then the rabbit hole gets even deeper, and we get into evidence of the CIA and Bush Sr.
meeting at Bilderberg Group meetings in 1991, Mina, Arkansas, with the cocaine dealing together, George Bush protecting Bill Clinton from pardon gate, pardoning convicted cocaine traffickers and money launderers.
So they're really all together, and I tend to believe that it's all theater, sir.
Sure, absolutely, Alex.
And, you know, your question with me about the 28 people that saw the film,
You know, Alex, I go to church and I'm a Christian.
And a lot of the people in my church say, oh, we've got to pray for Bush.
He's doing a great job.
But I'll tell you what, there was about six men that came out of that after that film Sunday night.
And they were just like, I can't believe Bush.
And then I had told them, I said, go to InfoWars.com.
I said, you need to know about Bohemian Grove.
This man is a Satanist.
And in my opinion, he is a Satanist, especially because of the Skull and Crossbow fraternity that him and his father were in.
Nixon was in that.
I believe Nixon was in there.
Nixon was at Bohemian Grove.
Am I correct, Alex?
Yeah, he's a Grove member, not a Skull and Bones member.
Same difference.
I mean, they're all sickness, in my opinion, and that's all part of the New World Order, Alex.
They admit it, and they admit I snuck in and got the footage.
It's eyes wide shut for real.
And what you need to do now is tell those 28 people to bring one more person and you'll have 56 people next time and then tell them to bring 56 more and you'll have 112 and tell them to bring 112 next time and you'll have 224 and then tell them to bring 224 and you'll have, you know, the numbers just continue from there.
Yeah, it's unbelievable, Alex, and I'll tell you what.
I urge any people out there who haven't seen that video to get it.
It's phenomenal, Alex.
The footage on there, especially with the Oklahoma City bombing, how you go into it, you start out, you go through the history of corruption in the government and basically a problem-reaction solution, and it's just a phenomenal film.
It's worth every minute of it, Alex.
So what were the reactions during the film?
Were there any gasps during it?
Yeah, I mean, there were...
You know, Alex, I'll tell you what.
A lot of people, especially during the Oklahoma City bombing coverage, that pretty much started out how the government was involved in it and how the ATF agents were not in the building when the bomb went off in the Oklahoma City bombing, that none were around, and that they brushed it under the rug, basically, when people were questioning the ATF.
Where were you?
Well, we weren't in the building.
Where were you?
We can't know further comment about it.
Well, and as you know, the evidence gets a lot more conclusive than that.
Get the video and make copies.
Thanks for the call, Mike.
No more calls today because I've got about 13 minutes left, 13 and a half minutes left.
I want to get into some of this news.
Top story again, U.S.
can't rule out North Korea's strike.
Rumsfeld advisor Richard Pearl says, and they've leaked the battle plan to go ahead and invade in October.
We don't know if that will happen, but it's definitely on the charts.
NATO debates sweeping changes to be a global police body, BBC.
A woman was fined for writing a comment on a check that she didn't appreciate the court.
So that is continuing.
Stock loses.
We're good to go.
In the 2002, despite increase in global wealth, stock losses contributed heavily to a decline in the number of North American millionaires last year, even as the world's richest people are getting richer, according to the new report.
Yeah, the little middle class millionaires, and that's lower middle class.
You've got four or five billion and...
So that's going on there.
And Iranian nuclear experts visited North Korea, report says.
AFP, Iranian nuclear experts, made three secret visits to North Korea this year, even as the Stalin estate faced international criticism from its nuclear arms ambitions, a press report said Wednesday.
They have nuclear weapons.
They have Typhoon Dong-2 missiles to deliver them.
plans of regime change in Iran.
rejects U.S.
And it says Britain and the United States disagree.
On their stance towards Iran, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw indicated on Wednesday, sometimes friends disagree.
We can have an honest disagreement about our approach to Iran with the U.S.
Straw told the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, we can have honest disagreements with our friends despite a hardening opposition towards Tehran by British Prime Minister Tony Blair last month.
Straw restrained Britain's line that it did not want regime change in Iran.
Well, they said that before, and then they'll come out and say they're for the war.
It's like Powell saying he's against the war, and then suddenly he's for it, and they go, oh, look, even the detractor's been won over to the side of the debate in the war.
This is theater.
Absolutely incredible.
And now Rumsfeld's beating the drums for war.
This is out of Reuters.
Al-Qaeda busy in Iran, Rumsfeld says.
Senior Al-Qaeda leaders were busy in Iran, the U.S.
Defense Secretary said today, amid reports that terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia were directed by a small cell in Iran.
And Iran, by the way, arrests any Al-Qaeda people.
They don't want CIA in their country.
They're a different sect.
Just from a factual standpoint, there is no question, but there have been and are today senior al-Qaeda leaders in Iran, and they are busy, Donald Rumsfeld said.
But it turns out he lied about the nuclear reactors.
He said Iraq did have nuclear reactors and weapons.
I've got Cheney on tape on Meet the Press saying that.
I mean, just more lies for old, folks.
New lies for old.
And what are they doing?
Republicans limit probe on Iraq.
You mean neocons do.
Republicans in Congress on Wednesday rebuffed Democrats' calls for an investigation into whether the Bush administration misled or inflated threats posed by Iraq before going to war in March.
Well, of course they did.
I want to tell you about satellite tracking boxes and some other key tidbits of news when we get back.
They're going to tax you to drive your cars.
You might speak out against it.
You might demand it's taken out of your new car you just bought.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
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For as much news as possible, so strap yourselves in.
BBC death camp.
Camp Delta death camp chamber planned for American citizens as well as foreigners.
A court and execution chamber could be built.
The U.S.
detention camp in Cuba under plans being drawn up by the military officials.
You will not be allowed to face your accusers.
No jury.
And you can secretly be arrested under the new Patriot Act and secretly executed.
This is out of the Oregonian.
The case of the missing trillion.
The Pentagon's own Inspector General admits that the department could not account for more than a trillion dollars of the past spending.
And that came out.
The Pentagon is asking for another $400 billion for the next budget.
It cannot account for $1 trillion.
And this is all part of compromising people in the military and the government through corruption.
Gun control bill would subject firearms to consumer safety screening.
It already happens, but the feds will be able to ban any gun they say is unsafe.
Well, obviously a gun is unsafe if not used properly.
All about shutting down the Second Amendment.
Also, engineer blows whistle over tainted voting booths files lawsuit.
This story is from 2600 News.
It's on Infowars.com.
We want details of how the electronic voting machines are designed to be federally controlled.
Go ahead for stem cell research.
BBC, scientists who cloned Dolly the sheep, have been granted a license allowing them to carry out controversial stem cell research or cloning of embryos.
That's what it says.
So they're already doing the human cloning.
They're just killing them in the embryonic stage.
It's all just...
Word games.
Applied Digital Solutions, the implantable microchip company, the Business Journal of South Florida reports, to sell 2.5 million shares to help pay debt.
They're owned by IBM and the People's Liberation Army.
This is by VNUNet.
UK Technology News reviews and downloads.
Government molds GPS-based car tax plan.
Already implementing it in London and major cities.
Now they want it to go nationwide.
UK cars can be fitted with satellite receivers.
The hardware is already in the cars, I would add.
As part of a pay-as-you-drive tax scheme that will further boost the rapid advance of GPS technology, the plan is currently being considered by Transport Minister Alistair Darling.
If approved, the country's 24 million cars would be tracked using GPS technology and taxed individually depending on when and where and how much they have driven.
65 cents a mile is being recommended during peak times, 2 cents a mile U.S.
It calculates out the pounds.
And they're going to start it with the police, just to track them, and then the bus drivers and the lorry drivers to pay their taxes, but it'll be for everybody else, for all citizens of the country.
And the insurance union will start testing pay-as-you-drive insurance, and they're pushing it.
Progressive Insurance wants to make it the law here.
You see how this works?
You better have them remove it out of the car when you buy it, or refuse.
Here's one out of Arab News.
Tracking of vehicles made possible.
A Saudi economic onset company has manufactured a satellite-based automatic vehicle location system that makes it possible to track movement of a vehicle on a bilingual Arab-English digital map.
The speed at which the vehicle is traveling and the route it is following, and of course, is for taxation.
There's lots of propaganda every day of how it'll stop all the criminals and cops will be able to turn your cars off and already some manufacturers are putting kill switches in and the cops have digital codes to kill your car via helicopter as they fly above you.
I mean, it goes on and on and on and on.
And again, the U.S.
urges smallpox vaccines for monkeypox exposure.
Oh, nobody would take the shots?
Well, now maybe you need it for the monkeypox.
Go ahead and take their deadly vaccine or the monkeypox will get you.
And Blair and Brown launch Euro campaign trying to convince skeptical Swiss, Belgians, and British to accept the Euro.
That's from the Evening Standard.
Also on Infowars.com and net.
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I'm out of time.
Stand up against corruption.
Get involved in the fight for liberty.
And have a great day.
Thank you.
Thank you.