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Air Date: June 11, 2003
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We'll also get into the war in Iraq and how the globalists say they want America to get behind and attack on Syria, Iran, North Korea.
And then a private story that Colonel Roberts hasn't talked much about on the air, when he was diagnosed with a giant tumor, died on the operating table multiple times, and his experience going to heaven.
Now, I don't normally get into the paranormal and into the type of shadowy issues, but I have friends and family who have died.
And who have seen similar things.
In fact, people that have other religious backgrounds have seen the same thing.
And the supernatural is real.
God is real.
I've had experiences, not death experiences, but I've had other experiences, and I'll share some of those on the air today as well, because it's so important as a society.
We've forgotten God.
We don't believe.
Many people don't believe in the afterlife and the
Look, the evidence of God is in the stars.
It's in the trees.
The evidence of God is in your children.
It's all around you.
And the fool has said in his heart there is no God.
This is an amazing story.
Of what happened a few years ago when Colonel Roberts was hemorrhaging to death from a giant tumor that burst that he wasn't aware of and what happened when he died and was dead on the table for quite a while.
In fact, they had walked away from him and he came back to life.
It's an amazing story.
We'll talk about the New World Order and the things that we can totally prove and what's happening politically.
Then we'll talk about what's behind it, what's on the other side, coming up in the next hour.
Tomorrow we're going to get to Aaron Zellman, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms, ownership on the show to talk about the attack on the Second Amendment by Lord Bush and others and his organization concerned citizens opposed to police states.
We're also lining up some other guests for the show today as well.
We'll tell you about those a little bit later in the broadcast.
But coming up with Colonel Craig Roberts, his death experience, not near-death experience, his death experience.
My uncle, when he was 16, was in a motorcycle accident, died six times on the way to the hospital and at the hospital.
And he was then in a coma for six weeks, and he had an almost identical experience to Craig Roberts.
So I'll tell you about that as well, because it's very important that we understand that life's a lot bigger and a lot deeper than what the culture, the godless, materialistic, New World Order culture would sell to us.
This is all just a test down here.
This is all just a dress rehearsal, folks.
This is all to test us.
And that's coming up in the second hour of the show as I deviate from what we normally talk about here on the broadcast briefly.
I don't think I've ever had a show like this that's coming up today, so it should be very, very interesting.
In the meantime, when we get back, I've got a bunch of news about the monkeypox and the rest of it.
But first off...
We're good to go.
I think?
And they're criminals, and we need to start suing them and educating people about this.
More on RFID tracker chips, Walmart, and Microsoft joining forces to destroy the Fourth Amendment and privacy.
Big show.
You'll want to stay with us for the duration.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, my friends.
Another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
We do have Colonel Craig Roberts, Army Intelligence, Marine Corps sniper, police detective, joining us to give us his take on the geopolitical landscape.
The government's saying brace for more terror attacks.
Al Qaeda's sure to hit us in the next two years.
Ashcroft's saying as many as 10 to 11 million may die if we don't pass Patriot Act 2.
The globalist announcements of wishing to invade Syria, Iran, North Korea.
That's all coming up.
And then his near-death experience where he died on the operating table a few years ago and the experience he had because it's so important and so many people have had these experiences.
We will get into that on the show today as well.
Let me first read you an email.
Hi, Alex.
Australia's morning news program on Channel 7, Sunrise Today, had an interesting segment on DNA.
Since the 1960s, people who have been born have had a heel prick test for known diseases.
This could then tell parents if they were to expect any complications with the child down the track.
This information from the test in most states has been kept and archived.
We're good to go.
They're, quote, not mine from the show.
This was believed to be good use of the information, and they believe people would not mind it being used for such.
Currently, there is talk on what this information can and cannot be used for.
And then the listener says, this has been made mainstream news, and he says, here is the link.
Genetics.com.au forward slash genetics 2003 forward slash fact sheets forward slash 17 dot ASP.
Now, I've had a congressman on from Virginia who found out about this and was very upset.
I had him on last year.
I have read a few mainstream news articles that have been out there over the last five or six years.
There haven't been very many.
But the feds admit that when your baby is born at the hospital, they will demand, there's no law, but they will demand that three ampules of blood are taken from the baby's heel.
One is indeed sent to the county health department where your baby is tested for blood diseases.
They could do it right there at the hospital, but they don't.
It's sent to the health department.
It's, quote, mandated.
Another is sent to the state for the state database, and the other is sent to the federal government.
This happens if your child is born in a hospital.
And we've read the reports.
If you try to argue with them, they will call CPS saying, you want to abuse your baby, you don't want to know if your baby has blood disease.
Of course, you counter them by saying, go ahead, do your blood test, do it right here in hospital.
You're not sending it to the state without a court order.
If you then tell them it's for a DNA database, the nurse will laugh at you and tell you you're insane and say, we've heard that before.
Well, this is a 250-page double-sided report.
That is, it has text in magazine format in an acrobat format on both sides of the page.
We are posting it on InfoWars.com.
Your computers will have a function where you can search for keywords in the document.
Just search under DNA database.
And it is admitted that in the U.S.
and in Australia and the U.K.
and Britain,
Canada, the echelon group of countries that all have the same policies, the same programs, even under the same names in many cases, that it is an illegal federal and state DNA database.
And I'm reading from the genetics fact sheet, newborn screening for genetic disorders, from the major medical website of the NSW genetics education program.
This is a governmental website, globally.
And this is what they say they do.
Let me go ahead and read from the section that says what happens to the test sample.
The cards on which the blood has been dried in a record of the screening test after the dried blood spot has been tested.
It will be stored by the laboratory in a secure, locked area in accordance with guidelines issued by each state health department.
This is for Australia.
These guidelines currently require the records to be held for 50 years.
However, no further tests will be performed on any individual stored blood sample by the newborn screening laboratory without written consent from the parents, guardians, the person, if old enough, or the lawful authority.
The stored samples will be retained to allow for normal quality control practices and may need to be used, see the doublespeak, for approved research after identifying information has been removed.
Thank you.
It says it may be used, it continues, for further testing at the request of the parent or guardian to provide new medical information or benefit to the family.
Now, multiple states have been caught with the databases.
They've used them in criminal investigations, and as this email says, and we went over to the Sunrise Program website in Australia, and it says they did talk about this today.
We don't have any details, but it has been admitted in the past.
This is being put in a federal and state database.
And here they are saying it, right here from Australia.
And on the news they said, oh, it was used to find out, to identify the bodies in the Bali bombing that took place, obviously, in Bali last year to get the Australians behind the war.
Very convenient bombing.
Turned out plastic explosives were used.
The FBI was on the streets within minutes.
And the Taiwanese government, who found out two weeks before, according to the Taiwanese Times,
The Taiwan Times was told by the Defense Department and FBI not to warn the Bali's government about the impending bombing, so you can obviously tell who's behind the bombing, or at least who had prior knowledge.
Side issue, though, they say, oh, yeah, they used it, the government used it, but you shouldn't have a problem with it, and now they're having discussions about what should it be used for.
See, now they've been doing the DNA databases for a long time.
But now they're going public with it in our news and in their news in Australia to get you ready for it to be used against you.
They've had echelon listening to every phone call, radio transmission, email, fax since the 80s and since email became prevalent in the early 90s.
But now, if I talked about it six years ago, I was laughed at.
There is no echelon.
As it had been publicly announced by the Pentagon, the news would say it didn't exist.
Now they admit it exists, and the public persona is the Total Information Awareness Network.
That became unpopular, so now it's the Terrorist Information Network, run by DARPA, who also shut up the Internet.
So they're just rolling it all out, whether it's Echelon or whether it's DNA databases or any of this.
Oh, yeah, we took your blood and stored it, and now we're going to use it.
So this is the system.
This is what they're setting up.
This is what's happening.
It's the same thing with RFID tracker tags.
Last year, Walmart told USA Today that, indeed, up in Arkansas, they have a test with radio readers on the roads to track the RFIDs in the products, the razors, the clothes, the shoes, the cans of Campbell soups, the Procter & Gamble products, and that they were going to track everybody on the highways with it, and the government was involved.
There was a big backlash.
Walmart issued internal documents saying we're concerned about the privacy concerns, we've got to put out a spin, that this is going to be deactivated when you leave the store, but we all know the truth, it's going to be used to tax and trace and control us, and now they're going to use RFID tags that people had to have
In the San Francisco Bay Area to drive their cars over toll roads.
Now you've got to have them to drive in the city, and they're putting up radio readers on the street corners to track your movements and tax you to drive, turning the entire city into a toll road.
So this is how it works.
They're putting the infrastructure in, Home Depot.
HEB, Kroger Food Stores, and hundreds of other corporations are pulling out half their lanes, their checkout lanes, making them self-serve.
Once you've started that, they've already started in Texas after a year of self-serve lanes.
Now they're putting thumb scanners in on top of the self-serve lane.
It's all part of training you, hurting you in, getting you ready, hooked into the Defense Department.
By the way, we have this admitted in my new film for mainstream news articles and video clips.
In my film, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, we walk up to the HEB counter, we say, what are the thumb scanners for?
And the young lady says, well, it hooks into the database, and we check it with the state against the driver's license thumbprint.
There you have it.
And then we have the local newscast, a quick clip of it, where they say, oh, don't worry, we're not doing that.
And then the reporter jokes and says, well, we just can't let you know the secrets.
Ha ha ha!
So, suck your baby's blood, put it in the federal and state database.
Put tracker chips in your clothes that are the size of a grain of sand or smaller, track you off of cell towers.
Start out with a toll road chip.
Turns out you've got to have it to drive.
Satellite tracker software and hardware already in all new cars.
Now the $25 interface is plugged in.
They start taxing you.
We're about a year away from that in Oregon.
Two years away from that in the rest of the country unless we stop it.
And the average talk show host who won't talk about this, you read USA Today, Washington Post, I'll be on radio interviews, they'll call me a liar and say it doesn't exist as it's happening.
They'll say they're not taking your baby's DNA and putting it in an illegal DNA database as it's announced and I've had congressmen on.
They'll say there isn't a box in your car for a satellite tracker system to be plugged into as it's announced on the news, but when I say it, it doesn't exist.
This is the nature of doublethink.
They'll say the New World Order doesn't exist in FBI training manuals written last year.
They'll say anyone that believes it is a delusional terrorist, as the president announces New World Order, as his cabinet announces it, as the news announces it, as hundreds of articles announce it.
Again, this is the new double-think world.
We're going to take your guns, but if you say we are, you're a conspiracy theorist.
We're going to get rid of the borders and have a Pan-American Union, but if you say we are, it doesn't exist and you're crazy.
There isn't a Patriot Act.
If you say there's a Patriot Act, you're aiding the terrorists.
You will lose your liberty, Ashcroft said.
Then last week, he announces there is a Patriot Act, too.
See, this is the new world of doublethink.
There is a tips program.
There isn't a tips program.
We'll be right back.
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I think?
We're good to go.
I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's the boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
If you break the law, you'll hear from me.
I know I'm working for the state.
I'm the highway patrol.
All right, folks.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central during the day and back from 9 to midnight.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Your calls are coming up.
We'll take them early in this hour, coming up in the next segment.
If you'd like to join me on air, it's 1-800-259-9231.
And we are posting on InfoWars.com, the genetic fact sheet, the big governmental website in Australia.
And you can go read where they say they keep the DNA test out of the baby's heels in their federal and state databases, the same thing they do in this country.
And now they're having national discussions of, oh, should we use this in all criminal investigations?
And, of course, about a month ago, the discoverer of DNA called for everyone to give their DNA at birth, be held in databases.
The government is called to be able to take your DNA whenever they wish.
They're now trying to pass provisions of the new Patriot Act where if you're even arrested for not wearing a seatbelt, blood and urine and other tissue samples will be taken and stored.
This is all part of the new world, the new country, the new system.
And they already have your DNA samples if you were born in the last 30 years in a hospital and they're going to keep it, they say, for 50 years and obviously that means forever.
They're not going to stop.
They're not going to get rid of any of this DNA, folks.
And they didn't tell you they were going to do this, did you?
And when you go to the hospital to have a child, they'll act like you're a fruitcake if you read out of the Associated Press to them that it's being kept in a DNA database at the federal and state level.
This is so sick how they behave.
They go, oh, you're crazy.
Oh, look, I have 100 articles here saying the MMR vaccine is bad for children.
You're nuts.
I have 100 articles saying they found all different sorts of cancer viruses and vaccines, not just polio vaccine.
I don't want to take the vaccine.
You're crazy.
I don't want the Pentagon watching my every move.
That's not what America is about.
Oh, you're paranoid.
What's wrong with the Pentagon watching you?
I don't want national compulsory service where all the high school kids to graduate have to serve two years in AmeriCorps and Tattletail Tips programs as it's been announced.
What's wrong with that?
You're not with the terrorists, are you?
I don't want this new world order that's been announced on the news.
Oh, you're one of those crazy people that thinks there's a new world order.
This is how they handle things.
I think there's too much police brutality and too much corruption, and I don't like their black ski mask.
What's wrong with you?
That's to protect the officers' identity.
They've got a tough job.
But they wore a black ski mask in Russia and China and Mexico.
Well, maybe they've got some good ideas then.
This is what they say.
This is what they do.
But we're the majority.
80 plus percent, 87 to 89 percent of Americans in major polls think the borders are too open, think the illegals should be deported, but the government, Republican and Democrat, keep voting to get the borders more open, more amnesties.
Most Americans are against gun control, the vast majority, 60 plus percent, still are for more gun control, saying we want it, we need it, giving us the false perceptions.
You know, they tell us that guns are the biggest scourge in the epidemic of gun violence, but it's actually down the last 10 years.
And the number one cause of death is automobile accidents with 40-plus thousand a year, drownings 15,000-plus a year, poisoning 10,000-plus a year, on and on down to 6,000 to 8,000 a year shootings, most of them criminals busting down your door that your wife takes out to her credit when you're busy at work.
So, this is how they lie.
It's just pure propaganda, and they've got all these little idiots in the media who say, well, I'm not working for the government.
I'm not told what to say.
I'm not censored, so what do you mean I'm controlled?
You were chosen because of your mindset, because of articles you'd written, because of the cookie-cutter view, because you were trained by the system and its semantical lexicon and its language.
And so you spout it because you're a creature of it.
You don't need to be told what to say, media.
You are the little brainwashed creatures they want.
You are that control freak minority trying to act like we want your New World Order and your whole system.
So that's the reality.
Getting into some of the other news.
Decision may sway Swedish voters to reject...
Single currency.
Switzerland and England are refusing to go on the Euro, despite the fact that Blair and others have tried to push for it.
The public just won't stand for it, despite the government's sneaky activities.
And so now Sweden is looking at not doing that.
Britain's decision to hold off on the Euro could help persuade at least one other European Union member, Sweden, to stay out.
We'll get to that.
Some good news.
Dolly team, Dolly the cloned sheep team, can work on human embryos.
Oh, yes.
We'll get into that.
More on the monkey pox.
It's all coming up.
And we'll take your calls at 800-259-9231.
Give me a call.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Or schedule, as the folks over in the UK like to say.
We're about to go to your calls here in a few minutes.
The toll-free number to join me on air.
Well, really discussing just the whole New World Order system.
And how the federal and state government have mandated, no law, that they've been taking your baby's blood out of their heel, saying it's for a blood test, and putting it in a federal and state DNA database.
Does that make you angry?
And how do we expose this?
And how do we get the neocon talk show host to talk about it and warn the people?
And how do we discuss how they're putting in all these infrastructures without even telling us and how we just mindlessly accept it?
And does it make you angry to know that they've been creating a DNA database of every American if you were born in the last 30 years?
Does that make you mad?
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That's a key theme of evidence through all my videos.
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It's all about documentation here.
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It's all about the truth.
That's what we do on this show.
The videos are such a big part of fighting the New World Order.
We give you the tools to engage in the information war against the enemy combatants, against the overthrowers of our republic.
That is the military-industrial complex owned by the private banks.
All right, jumping into news, and then I promise into your calls.
Monkeypox investigators seek exotic pets.
And it says investigators trying to stop the first outbreak of monkeypox in the Western Hemisphere scoured seven states...
Tuesday for dozens of prairie dogs and other exotic pets sold by an Illinois distributor.
Health officials announced a total of five confirmed human cases of the disease, four in Wisconsin and one in Illinois.
No people have died of the outbreak.
An addition of 48 possible cases have been reported.
Health and agriculture officials in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, South Carolina, knocked on doors at homes and visited pet shops trying to track animals sold, individuals in other pet stores, by Phil's Pocket Pets in suburban Illinois.
The investigators were tracking prairie dogs, rats, hedgehogs, and other exotic pets that had contaminated prairie dogs.
The rodent authorities believe is transmitting the disease to people.
That's priority number one, identifying those people who purchased prairie dogs from this shop, said Jeff Squibb, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Agriculture.
And it can kill a human, but it rarely does, but it does cause disfiguring, scars, high fevers, and is not fun.
It's interesting, though, this has never popped up in our country, and the government says we will be hit by smallpox.
CFR member and frontman Gary Hart says on Hannity and Combs, Dallas, Denver, and Cleveland will be hit by smallpox.
We will lock down the cities.
We will forcibly inoculate you.
We will go to red alert.
You will be considered an enemy if you leave your house, an enemy of the government, training us for martial law and the new societal shift to tyranny.
And then suddenly, 99,999% of the health care, police, and firemen refuse to take the shot.
They have to suspend the program.
And then suddenly SARS pops up to scare us, and then suddenly we've got...
We've got the monkey pox scaring everybody, and there's even an article saying people are running out and getting smallpox shots now, accepting it, even though it doesn't protect you from monkey pox or the weaponized smallpox that a supposed foreign enemy would use.
So it does stink to high heaven.
We've got Colonel Roberts coming on with his unique insight.
We'll get his take on that in the next hour.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Texas, and I'll go to some of the other news.
John in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
Thank you.
First, I'd like to say I really appreciate what you do, and I've always been a big fan, and I was kind of raised to someday fight a revolution in this country, and I wanted to talk to you about just that, revolution.
Do you feel like there's ever been a successful revolution in the recorded history of mankind?
1776 was a successful revolution.
The Civil War was not about slavery, but abolitionists did do a good job and successfully ended the pure form of slavery that was, there's still other forms of slavery, but that did end pure forms of slavery in this country.
Now we have it back in the prison industries that, of course, also drive down the wages of the average American worker.
People say, oh, make the prisoners work.
Well, it takes your jobs, folks, on top of it.
But that was a successful revolution.
So we won that revolution.
I am not a revolutionary, sir.
I am a restorationist.
I want our Bill of Rights and Constitution back.
I want the rule of law back.
I want the separation of powers back.
And so I want America back.
The illegitimate government is overthrowing our legitimate government and then posing as if they are the legitimate government, when in truth they are the enemy combatants.
I speak of the White House, much of the Congress, the traitors that are selling America out.
So, what do you think the most powerful thing a person can do is?
And let me ask another question on top of that one.
Do you meditate?
No, I don't meditate.
The reason I listen to you, Alex, because I can hear when you speak, I can hear in your voice this will, right?
This search for truth.
And my whole life, I was
You know, afraid of the man or whatever you want to call it, of control.
And in my opinion, the truth is...
That no matter how strong someone else's will is, they can never impose any type of real control on me.
Unless they trick you with false political spectrums and paradigms.
And so the globalists are experts at controlling counterculture movements that they create, they use to steer and manipulate society.
But you're right.
If you're conscious of the enemy and conscious of the overt slavery, it will always fail in time.
The problem is they have become very covert
In their overt takeover of society.
So the revolution that this country was founded on, yeah, that revolution, you feel we won that revolution?
Well, and then there were other revolutions, there were other evils that had to be righted, and every generation faces its own evils.
So there are revolutions against tyranny going on, but not a revolution against the government, because the government is compartmentalized with the sociopathic, ultra-rich,
So the problem is it's a complex thing we face, but once people are on the track they're being lied to and start going through the different levels of the onion, they're often on their own educating others and becoming even deeper divers than myself when it comes to realizing the true nature of the world, physical, spiritual, economic.
I appreciate the call.
Good to hear from you, sir.
And I'm glad that you have felt something your entire life, instinctively known you were being lied to.
That is very, very important, and that's a big step.
But let's go ahead and take more calls.
Let's talk to Ron in Oklahoma.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Alex, I just wanted to tell you, I talked to you yesterday.
I said the Oklahoma City Council was considering a resolution condemning the Patriot Act.
They passed it.
And is that at thedailyoklahoman.com?
No, sir.
I could not find a peep in thedailyoklahoman.com.
Now, they passed it past 9 o'clock at night.
It'll probably be in tomorrow's paper.
It was during the day.
No, sir.
I heard it on a local FM station yesterday afternoon.
I could not find one sentence in the Daily Oklahoman about it.
I would certainly like to see your listeners email the Daily Oklahoman
Well, this is the same Daily Oklahoman.
Remember when they... In fact, they're still spraying you.
It goes through the middle of this month.
For two months, they've been spraying you with bacillus rangenesis.
I remember.
All too well.
Spraying you with thousands of pounds, hundreds of pounds each day of a bacteria that you're, quote, not supposed to inhale in a, quote, biotest when they've done thousands of tested bases.
No reason to do this.
It's part of setting the precedent, training the pilots, the public, the police, that the government sprays us.
It's all part of setting that precedent.
I had the Daily Oklahoman...
We're good to go.
I think that's newsworthy to say what they're going to be spraying.
He goes, oh, yeah, I think my editor had that.
I think that was taken out.
I'll put it back in.
Callers called the Daily Oklahoman.
It got put in.
There was a firestorm.
Whole towns revolted.
Places like Goldsby, 800 residents, 680 showed up, according to the paper, and said we don't want it here, so they moved on to spray Oklahoma City.
And other mindless cities.
And so this is what they do, lying through omission.
You're telling me the city council passed it during the day.
Yes, sir.
And a major national story like that was not in the paper.
I could not find one sentence about it.
I found an article reporting on yesterday's council meeting, budget crisis, et cetera, city employees being laid off.
I did not find any mention whatsoever of the resolution condemning the Patriot Act.
Now, was this a news blurb or a talk show host saying this?
Oh, the radio report?
It was an hourly radio report yesterday afternoon.
So it was the station's official radio report?
What is the station?
KKNG 93.3 FM.
I've been on that station as a guest.
I believe.
Now, tell me, where did you hear them today announce that the pro-America anti-tyranny act was passed?
Where did you hear that?
I heard it yesterday afternoon on that radio station.
Yesterday morning on the hourly news.
They announced they were going to consider.
In the afternoon, they said they had passed the resolution.
Did they say it decried the Patriot Act, or what did it say?
They said they condemned the Patriot Act, that the Oklahoma City Council was not for terrorism, but because under a different president, the Patriot Act could be used against legitimate organizations.
Up to and including the ACLU.
I have said that in the last month on three major talk shows in Oklahoma, and I challenged the listeners.
I said, let's say George Bush is this wonderful angel, which he's not, but he's a puppet.
What happens when Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton's back in?
He's trying to repeal the 22nd Amendment.
What happens when you get a John Carrier and Al Gore?
And they went, whoa, we see what you're saying.
Well, heaven forbid, but Hillary, Schumer, and Boxer...
We're three of the Senate sponsors of the USA Patriot Act.
And they've re-sponsored S-22.
The Patriot Act II introduced Justice Domestic Security Enhancement Act that Ashcroft said didn't exist.
Now he says it does, and he wants Congress to pass it.
Well, what's really scary is we have Bush in bed with Hillary.
They were in bed on the war.
Chuckie Schumer, Hillary, for the war.
I mean, you know, this is neocon liberalism.
I agree.
I agree.
There's also something else.
It's terrifying, Alex.
Your shortwave signals, both of them, are completely blanked out in Oklahoma City today.
And when I turn the volume on the radio up all the way, I can pick out electronic noises in the background.
Well, let me tell you what's happened.
And I've talked to different shortwave owners.
They have this, what is it, ultra-high frequency transmissions over power lines.
They're now starting tests where they transmit data, not sunspots, folks, where they transmit data over power lines.
Have you heard about that?
I caught something about that, and I heard that it would completely wipe out shortwave.
Yeah, and just the testing of it is already wiping it out.
So that's what's happening, sir.
So we'll see what happens.
The FCC had a comment period six months ago about, well, this will get rid of all shortwave, but we're going to go ahead and do it anyways.
...with no obligation of any kind.
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Yes, we have received hundreds of phone calls about shortwave.
We go out on AM, FM stations, shortwave, internet, satellite, and...
About six months ago, the FCC said they were going to start testing in certain areas of the country the transmission of data over power lines.
Now, a power line then becomes a giant broadcast antenna, a giant shortwave broadcasting antenna with horrible transmissions that pollute the shortwave dial.
And so they're going to transmit computer data, information, Internet streams, everything over the power lines.
And they are now doing this.
And that's a big part of it.
Now, we just ended the big 12-year sun cycle last year, and that caused some problems.
And yes, I'm getting hundreds of calls a day.
The board up at Genesis is getting hundreds of calls.
All the hosts are talking about it.
It's across the board.
It's not just one show.
It's doing it to Voice of America.
It's doing it to everything.
This is what they're doing, and they can care less.
This is really how the government's just getting the job done to destroy a venue that is for international listeners.
And it's a horrible problem.
And people need to complain, I guess, to the FCC.
I need to dig out the documents of the news articles I saw six months ago about that ultra-high frequency transmission down power lines.
I mean, that's all they're doing.
Imagine thousands of miles of power lines, and they're going to shoot information down them.
And it's causing them to transmit.
You talk about frequency pollution, it's horrible, and the government is the one doing it.
Some of their data streams are now already being shot down the power lines.
For those who don't know, that's how AM, which is really shortwave, transmits.
It powers a line, a stick, what they call a shortwave.
They've got big lines connected to that, and it shoots out a large wave.
I'm not a radio guy, but I've read about it, and
I don't want to get off into some giant discussion of it because there's really nothing we can do about it unless you... Believe me, there's going to be complaints, folks.
Aircraft use shortwave when they're over the oceans and out away from land or away from airports.
They use single sideband.
It'll hurt everything.
And so it's not the shortwave stations.
But who knows what will happen to it if this continues.
And they can shut the Internet down, too, by taxing it.
They're moving now to do that.
Europe is.
The U.N.
claims they own the Internet and own all the domain names and are going to start jacking up bandwidth prices so you can't afford that.
And they're buying up all the AM and FM stations.
And they're buying up all the newspapers.
And they're passing hate speech laws where you can't criticize the government in Europe and now trying it here.
So the future does not pretend well for the First Amendment.
That's why now you've got to get my videos, you've got to make 100 copies of them and tell those you give them to to make 100 copies, and one tape can turn into a million videos.
It's up to the grassroots, folks.
We've been hurting them with shortwave, internet, satellite, and the AM and FM's that do transmit the truth, or at least have people that have real guests on.
And they're on the run right now.
So they're consolidating and destroying every freedom and liberty in the Bill of Rights.
Second Amendment's under attack.
First Amendment's under attack.
Protests are being shut down by hiring provocateurs.
The government does.
They're shutting down churches with federal funding, controlling them, faith-based initiative.
They're getting rid of states' rights, attacking that.
They're attacking the Fourth Amendment with illegal search and seizure and surveillance.
They're saying you've got to testify against yourself or they hold you in contempt.
Getting rid of the Fifth Amendment.
I mean, anything we've got is on the fire right now, on the pyre.
And that's why I told you we're in a fight for our lives, people.
I mean, I've been ignoring this last month, but now I'm sure from people I've talked to of what's going on.
We're good to go.
Every cell of the body has a receptor site for our master hormone called growth hormone.
The role of growth hormone is to instruct the cells to repair.
This hormone is in the highest concentrations in the body... This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Welcome back.
Already one hour and 30 seconds into the show.
Into the second hour.
12 noon.
Central Standard Time.
1 p.m.
Got a bunch of vital news and information coming up.
Broderick details alleged rape by Clinton.
Anita Broderick.
I don't want to hear about it.
George Bush is protecting...
Bill Clinton blocking Dan Burton's committee of pardoning convicted drug dealers and money launderers, but the phony right-wings always reporting about Clinton being a rapist and the rest of this.
Well, nothing's going to be done to stop him, to punish him.
Nothing's going to be done to punish the Enron folks or the people that stole a trillion bucks from the Pentagon.
So they give you these stories, but the real culprits that allow this to take place are never punished.
Millions of Rothschild gold is stolen in moments.
Big bank robbery that took place over in Europe.
I want to get into that.
It's pretty interesting.
Iraqi civilian death toll from war exceeds 3,200.
The real number looks like it's 10,000.
Pentagon moving swiftly to become global cop.
Yeah, no kidding.
CIA aware of dubious war motive that they were told a lie about Levinson Bass's trucks.
You know, I think that's a big deal.
They were caught putting out that fake nuclear report out of Niger, just producing a fake document that an African country had sold nuclear parts to Iraq.
It's all coming up.
And for the next hour and a half, we are joined by Colonel Craig Roberts, good friend of mine.
Marine Corps sniper in Vietnam, Army colonel in intelligence, police officer who worked the Oklahoma City bombing case, wanted to get his take on Ashcroft admitting there's a Patriot Act II now after denying it, admitting it last Thursday before Congress, wanted to get his take on the announcements to invade Iran, Syria, as well as North Korea.
And I want to talk about how the government says brace for more terror, we're going to take all your rights away, the monkey pox, the West Nile, the SARS, just a lot of different issues.
And then I want to talk about, Colonel Roberts is kind enough to share with me, well, the story that he shared with me when I was in the car with him for five hours driving back from Kansas City into Oklahoma where I got back in my truck and drove back to Texas.
And we were up in Kansas City doing a presentation to a big crowd of 600
About how he died on the operating table and went to heaven.
Same thing happened to my uncle.
It's happened to many others.
It's happened to people that aren't even Christians, but they see the same thing.
Very interesting, and there is life after death, folks.
This is just a test down here.
This is kind of the minor leaves, and the Bible says that the fool has said in his heart that there is no God.
And so people live for the moment and don't care about future generations, don't care about themselves for that matter, and it's causing a breakdown of society because so many of us have bought the devil's lie that God doesn't exist and the devil doesn't exist.
So joining us is Craig Roberts.
We're about to break, but Craig, good to have you on the show with us, sir.
Thanks, Alex.
I just have one question.
If I find a trillion dollars, do I get to keep it?
Ha ha ha!
I don't know, but you'd probably get put in prison as an enemy combatant if you exposed the government for stealing a trillion.
That's a lot of money to be missing, isn't it?
Well, you know, it's probably a slip of the pen somewhere in the Pentagon.
Some E3 bean counter made a slight error in the books and it just went missing and no one noticed.
Oh, sure, yeah, that's it.
Did you see those articles where they just calmly announced a trillion's missing over the last eight years, but it's no big deal?
Well, you know, that's the way the government does things.
Even when I was working with the government, it was real easy to buy stuff in the government.
If you just slipped it in in a 50-page purchase order as another line item, you could spend a million dollars here and a million dollars there, and people really wouldn't notice it unless they went back looking for it.
So you can probably lose money the same way.
You do a contract someplace, you send a check someplace, or another check someplace else, and unless somebody goes digging for it to find out if these places even exist, who knows where the money went.
And it's the people doing the stealing, doing the investigating, so hey!
And with their trillion bucks, they can hire hit squads to kill people that expose it.
It's all part of freedom.
We'll be right back with Colonel Craig Roberts.
A lot of different stuff we'll cover.
And your calls.
Please stay with us at InfoWars.com.
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soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks.
We're back live.
We're talking to my good friend, Colonel Roberts.
In fact, he's been on this show more than anybody else.
I do have Aaron Zellman.
He does the preservation of firearms rights ownership.
Coming on tomorrow.
Honored to have him as well, so stay tuned for that tomorrow to expose the Bush gun grabbing.
Colonel Roberts, we're going to get into your experience dying on the operating table and what happened.
Do you want to cover that first, or do you want to get into your analysis of the geopolitical scene that I respect and that I think the listeners need to hear?
What would you like to cover first?
Well, since you introduced the...
The After Death Experience.
We'll just launch into that.
I'm sure everybody's waiting for that part with giddy anticipation.
Now, I want to tell the listeners, tell folks why you think this is important to tell this story, because I don't ever cover stuff like this, but I've experienced this in my life, my family has, and this is real, and this is what it's really all about, and you always talk about clearly documented serious issues that are totally provable, but this is something you experienced, and it's something people need to know.
Why do you think it's important to tell this story?
Well, because as you mentioned before, we totally lose sight of the top of the hill when we're standing down in the valley.
Society is breaking down all around us mainly because a lot of people are in positions of power who don't feel any self-accountability.
They think that they can get away with doing anything and probably when you're dead, you're dead, so just go ahead and do what you want to do right now.
It's the old if it feels good, do it type mentality.
The problem with that is
We live for the moment.
We don't live for the future of either ourselves or our future generations.
Yeah, let's say there isn't a God, which we know there is.
The fool has said in his heart there is no God.
But what about future generations?
You know, over in Italy, a young man will plant an olive tree knowing his grandchildren will eat of it.
But in this new society, it's not even ten years out, it's not even six months out, and the corruption just piles on corruption.
That really is the devil's system.
The evil power in the world, at the top level, plans centuries in advance.
Well, absolutely.
But they convince the people that work for them today that there is no future, there is nothing after death, you're just dead, so just do what we tell you to do, we'll make you rich, we'll give you power here, and forget what happens.
You know, when Jesus said in the Bible that it matters not how rich you become here, you're piling up treasures that are going to be rusty and cankered.
You need to pile up your treasures in heaven.
And that you do with your deeds and the way you conduct yourself and so on.
So basically you're sitting in the middle listening to two recruiters.
One is the side of God and one is the side of Satan.
And you've got to make up your choice.
A lot of people make the choice with the limited amount of data they have through our public school system that there is no God, there is no hell, there is no future, there is no hell.
You don't have to worry about anything.
When I was growing up, we were taught just the opposite.
We were taught, if you do this, if you do that, you're going to go to hell and burn forever.
It was scare tactics, I'm sure, but the problem is it stayed with me my entire life and it always put doubt in my mind that before I do something really bad or stupid, I'd better stop and regroup and think about it.
Well, that's self-accountability.
When we lose self-accountability, all of a sudden, we get people that get out here, and it doesn't matter who they hurt, who they kill, who they step on, who they steal from, or how many lies they tell.
I mean, if you look just at the Clinton administration, what you had is a giant sea bag full of lies.
It didn't bother them at all.
You and I could sit here and accuse them of it and point fingers and prove that they said these things and did these things.
They wouldn't even answer us.
They wouldn't even talk about it.
They would just go right on down the road.
Other people got too close to them.
Those people ended up on the dead list.
If we don't understand that, yes, this is just a very small part of eternity that we're living right now,
And yes, that we are judged on how we conduct ourselves now.
We better do the right thing.
And yes, we need to plan for the future for our generations and do everything we can so that they don't have to suffer through some type of prison camp system or persecution or global socialist government or whatever.
Now's the time to do it.
And if you lose your life in doing so, so what?
Because I'm here to tell you this life really doesn't mean that much when you get through the doorway to the other side.
In fact, you don't even think about it very much.
Well, my uncle...
Was 16.
He begged for a motorcycle, and my grandparents refused.
They said, it's too dangerous.
He said, I'm going out and getting my own job, and I'm getting the motorcycle.
They said, fine.
He got the motorcycle.
He got broadsided by a truck, went flying 100 feet, died six times on the way to the hospital and at the hospital, and he died.
And my uncle's a real serious guy.
He has limited brain damage.
I mean, you can hardly tell.
He just has a few speech problems, not a gigantic vocabulary because of the brain damage.
But he's sharp as a whip and smarter than I am on a hundred other issues.
You know, runs a successful business to this day.
But he said that he'd never been very religious.
I mean, they went to church as Baptists, but he didn't really buy into it.
He was kind of the rebellious one.
My dad was the older son, the good boy, the valedictorian, John Birch Society, anti-communist speeches to the thousands of youth around the state.
And here's my uncle, the wild guy.
He has this wreck, gets thrown, and goes to heaven.
And the description you talked about of the waiting room, the hand on the shoulder, he was still a good person, but believed in God, accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, but he was still kind of the rebellious guy.
And he got admonished about that, went through, saw these crystal cities.
We're good to go.
I think?
And he came out of it and, of course, has been changed ever since.
And we see this same description time and time again, even by people in other cultures who have had this experience.
Jesus said, I have sheep and other flocks.
Obviously people that had the Spirit of the Lord in them who never even had a chance to hear about Jesus.
And we see this going back thousands of years.
This happened to you.
Can you describe that?
Okay, to bring some of the people up to speed that don't know the preamble to this story, I had retired off the police department.
I'd been retired six or eight months.
I had a radio show I was doing on another network at the time.
I'd been doing it about three months, a daily Monday through Friday talk show for about three hours a day.
I just got into it.
One day...
I was getting ready to do a weekend seminar and it was a Friday night and it felt like somebody kicked me in the side, my lower right side, like where your appendix is at.
I'd never had a pain like that before.
It felt like a gunshot wound.
After about a minute it went away and a couple of minutes later it did it again.
That cycle repeated all night long and I was doubled up on the couch all night.
The next day I couldn't do the seminar.
I had to have somebody else do it for me.
I was sick all weekend and then I thought, well, this has got to be some kind of stomach virus.
The next Monday, they finally quit, and over the next 30 days, I kept getting weaker and weaker and so on, and my skin started getting jaundiced, and it was getting hard for me to breathe.
I was short of breath, and I didn't know what was going on.
So I was getting ready to do my show one morning, and I picked up a newspaper, and I was trying to pick out articles to talk about on the show, political stuff.
And there was an article in there about hepatitis A, B, and C. And I thought, wow, this is kind of interesting.
I read those and I said, man, I've got to have hepatitis.
That's what's wrong with me.
So after I got off the show that day, I went to the doctor.
They took blood and I got a really great doctor.
He's a Chinese guy, kind of looks like Buddha.
He has a thick Chinese accent or American Chinese accent.
And lab results came back and he looked at these and said, oh, Mr. Roberts.
He said, this is no good.
Your blood...
Yes, we're good to go.
I think so.
The end result was getting booked into the chemotherapy unit.
So for the next three or four months, I was taking chemotherapy, intravenous chemotherapy where they collapsed all my veins.
I won't go into all the details.
The bottom line was after about five months into this, we went to California on vacation.
I had a week off of chemo and I got out there and I got so sick that I couldn't leave the hotel room.
By the time we got home, I couldn't get out of bed.
And on one particular Sunday in August, five years ago, I got up out of bed and blacked out and fell down on the floor.
And the next thing I know is I open my eyes, I'm laying on the floor, my wife's standing over me trying to get me up, and I said, well, get me back in bed.
I just need to get some rest.
And so she got me back in bed, and I started to get up again to run into the bathroom, and as soon as I got my head above my waist, I blacked out again.
Now, this is a sure indication that you've got a serious hemorrhage problem because you're not getting blood to the brain.
She calls 911.
Paramedics show up.
The fire department shows up.
They take my blood pressure at 60 over zero and falling.
Things are not looking good down at the old campground by this time.
So they load me up in the ambulance, and the ambulance drivers are talking to each other, and I can hear them.
They say, we don't even need to drive fast.
This guy is not even going to make it to the hospital.
And I thought, you know, if I wasn't so weak, I'd stop in the middle of the next intersection and whip both these guys.
But as luck would have it, I did make it to the hospital.
They wheeled me in, put me in most little rooms on the gurney, and one of the doctors who I knew came in, and he said, listen, do you have a living will?
And I said, no, I've got a regular will.
I didn't even know what a living will was.
And he said, well, you're going to need a living will, I think.
And I said, what's that?
And he said, well, that's where we can unplug life support if things go bad on you.
He said, because you're hemorrhaging internally.
You've got A-negative blood, and that's a very short supply.
We're going to have to switch over to O if we can find that.
We're real short on blood.
You've lost so much now that I don't think you're going to make it through the night.
We've already told your wife.
And so I said, well, just do what you have to do, and I don't think it's my time, but let's do what we have to do.
He said, we've got five doctors here tonight.
I said, no, sir, you've got six.
You've got God working with you.
You listen to him, and I'm putting him in charge, and we'll see what happens.
When we come back from the break, we'll see what happens.
All right, folks.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're talking to Colonel Craig Roberts.
Come back and tell you where he went when he died.
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I won't back down.
I won't be turned around, my friends.
You know the truth about the world and powers that are fighting each other.
It's very easy to commit yourself to a fight against the globalists.
But if you don't believe in God, if you don't have faith, if you don't understand that there is good and evil in the world, if you have this moral relativist view, you're going to be like a little...
We're good to go.
Well, an orderly came in to prep me for whatever they were going to do, and he started to put a tube down my nose, and then instantaneously, that was it.
I was so quickly transported to another place that there's no way to describe how quickly it happened.
It was instantaneous.
And I was sitting in a large room, and it was dark.
I couldn't really see anything.
And the only reason I know it was a room is because when you get there, you just know.
You know these things.
It's not something you have to see or perceive or have measurements or anything like that.
It's just all of a sudden you have this ability to know what's going on around you.
You see things and it's like an instant download of knowledge.
And I'm sitting there and I'm very comfortable and it's cool and I feel great.
There's no one else in there with me except somebody standing right behind me
Alex Jones Show!
We're good to go.
I think?
I think so.
...of missing my family or any of that sort of thing, I felt wonderful.
I felt like I was probably 21, 22 years old in peak condition.
This is important because everything that I was feeling was just exactly the opposite of how I felt one half of a second ago.
I was in pain.
I was sick.
I was weak.
Now I was young and I was strong and I felt good.
I didn't really notice that I was wearing anything in particular or that I even...
I didn't even look at my body or feel myself.
I just knew I was there.
Then right behind me was a bean.
The best way I can describe that, and this is really hard to describe because it's one of those things that until you get there you just don't really absorb the whole scene and understand what's going on.
It's like trying to describe a McDonald's restaurant to a cannibal in New Guinea.
They just don't picture it.
This being is standing behind me, and I know right then exactly who it is.
It's somebody who had been with me my entire life, ever since I could remember.
He was my childhood playmate that was invisible.
I think we all had those guys.
He had helped me defend the Alamo as Davy Crockett when I was a kid growing up in the 50s on my backyard fence.
He had been with me in Vietnam.
This guy had been with me all my life.
I had nicknamed him Joe for some reason or other back when
When I was a kid.
Of course, as we get older, we forget about those things.
Well, here was Joe.
He was a great big guy.
I think he was probably seven feet tall.
He was behind me.
I didn't turn around and look at him, but I just knew he was there.
He had his hand on my right shoulder, but he wasn't touching me.
It was just kind of there.
It was kind of just hovering over my right shoulder, but I could feel the force or the energy from it.
The feeling was, everything's okay.
I'm with you.
I'll be with you as we go from here.
And I also knew, by the way, and this is the part I want to really put out to everybody.
I also knew, by the way, this is my guardian angel.
This is the guy that took care of me a lot of times when I couldn't take care of myself.
But he's also the guy that keeps track of everything you do in life.
He's the guy who, they don't have to write it down.
It's like this giant computer chip in them or something.
But they remember and see everything.
It's like a massive CD-ROM disc.
That they can carry that's got all the information of everything you ever did in your life, good and bad.
Because, you know, the old question comes up of, yeah, you read the Bible, you go to church, and you say, okay, in the end we've got to bow down on our knee and we're held accountable for everything we do.
Well, that's impossible.
How's God going to know what everybody does?
There's billions of people out here, and there's millions that came before, and there's no way that he's going to know everything that everybody did.
Well, let me tell you what, he doesn't have to.
The other guy does, and he reports he's standing there right next to you.
That's just the witness.
That's just the witness.
God does obviously know everything.
Stay there.
We'll come back and tell folks what happened next.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, folks.
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All right, Alex Jones back live.
Thanks for joining us.
We're at the halfway point of the show.
We're going to continue in this hour talking about life after death and what Colonel Craig Roberts experienced and what members of my family, my uncle experienced when they died and were revived and what they experienced.
But in the case of Colonel Roberts, he died.
They were walking off, and he came back.
We'll get to that here in just a few minutes.
We'll also take calls on this subject.
Then we'll get into the New World Order, the monkeypox, the plans to attack all these other countries, and a basic overview of where the globalists are right now in a smorgasbord of key news and information.
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And just stop drinking what they put in the water.
All right, Colonel Roberts, thanks for holding while I had Jim on, continuing, recapping.
You're hemorrhaging to death.
You've been weakened by chemotherapy.
You are transported to this place.
You've got your guardian angel with his hand on your shoulder.
And all this information is being downloaded into your mind.
Same thing my uncle told me when he died six times on the operating table.
This brain literally out on the stretcher.
Literally, his skull was totally shattered away.
But you're there.
Please continue with what happened.
And then, what's really incredible, when you came back to life and what the doctors told you.
Go ahead.
Well, the one thing that was beginning to happen was I was receiving information.
And this information was the first thing.
It was an acknowledgment that I was there and that a decision was being made.
And the decision...
Would be to take me on or to send me back.
And I thought later, when I reflected back on that, I thought, well, isn't this ingenious?
Because sometimes we may be running into people on the street who've already been there and been sent back because they've had information to bring back, so we really need to listen to people.
Maybe there's somebody out there who has some information that we need to hear.
So anyway, I'm sitting there, and I feel fine.
I don't have a problem with anything.
I'm not even thinking about this life because it's like leaving one end of your house and going to the other end.
You don't think about the part you just left.
It isn't relevant because now you're someplace else.
So as I'm sitting there, I feel like I'm getting all kinds of different information.
A lot of it I don't understand what it is.
I don't know what it means other than the fact that later on it could be valuable and I may have to draw upon this information for people that I run into on down the road.
The decision was made to send me back.
And what happened was very, very interesting in the fact that I felt like I had been gone maybe three minutes.
But at the same time, I have to say that there was no feeling of time.
Time didn't mean anything there.
Time was not a factor in anything.
But in the human clock, I thought maybe this entire process of me sitting there while the decision was made, while I was given information...
It was maybe three minutes.
Now this is interesting because I all of a sudden had changed positions again.
I changed places and I opened my eyes and I'm on a bed in the intensive care unit.
And I signaled for the nurse and she comes running in there and then of course she calls for the doctor and the same doctor happened to be on duty
And came in, and what's interesting, it was 18 hours later.
I felt I was gone maybe three minutes, and there was 18 hours that passed.
So he comes in, and he just whited the sheet.
He said, I can't believe that you made it.
He said, this is absolutely incredible.
He said, we lost you on the operating table.
And I said, what do you mean?
He said, you flatlined for three minutes.
That's the amount of time I felt like I was gone.
Where was I the other 18 hours?
I don't know, but instantaneously I had been transported back from that little three-minute time window that I can remember.
I'm here to tell you this was not a dream.
This was not some kind of hallucination to chemical imbalances because you're dying or anything else.
They had lost me.
I was gone.
I remember explicitly what happened, and now I'm back.
Some of the information I got, one of them, it said, Roberts, get off of that poison.
Get off of chemotherapy.
Quit it.
I will heal you.
So I quit going to chemotherapy after that.
I started getting stronger.
I started getting better.
I had to go in and see the chemo doctor, the oncologist, who was an old retired Army colonel himself.
He said, you're going to be dead a year from now if you don't keep up for the chemo.
I said, no.
I said, a year from now, you're just not going to have as much money because I'm not coming back.
I started doing a lot of research on natural supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, all of this sort of thing and finding out what we needed to do to get our bodies back in balance and regain health.
Everything just started coming back to me.
Within about four months, I was in pretty good shape.
And I went in and had an MRI, and they could find absolutely no trace of cancer anywhere.
And I'm going to have credit a lot of this guy because I did a whole lot of praying, too.
And how many years ago was that?
That's been five years now.
And it looked great when I saw you in person for somebody that survived all of this.
Now, you were telling me this story in the car when we were driving back from Kansas City at the Expo back to Oklahoma.
And I'm going back from memory, but is my memory accurate that you said that they had given up, too, that you had died, that they weren't... At that point, they were basically just getting you ready and putting the toe tag on, and that you came back, or... Well, what had happened was they left you hooked up for a certain period of time to make sure...
We're good to go.
I was comatose.
They pretty much said, well, you were in a coma, but that's to be expected.
So the only thing we could do is put you in ICU and monitor you.
So they didn't really do anything for me other than give me blood.
So I'm sure that giving me blood had a lot to do with it, considering how much I'd lost.
But they never opened me up.
They never did anything to repair the hemorrhage.
It was a massive internal stomach hemorrhage.
They never did anything to repair that.
They figured that they'd keep me alive until I died and then took me off to the morgue.
As it turned out, because of the experience that I had, there was a healing that had occurred in spite of what they did at the hospital.
Because of that, the hospital really didn't do anything.
They kept me for a week.
And they gave me antibiotics and stuff, whatever they put in your IV while you're there, but they didn't do an operation or anything like that.
And a week later, they wheeled me out and sent me home, and over the next two to three weeks, I kept getting stronger and stronger, and finally I was able to eat again.
And after that, the rest became history.
But the important point here was I was sent back because I had done a lot of work and received a lot of information over the years in my research work, plus what I was told when I was gone,
To continue on doing what you and I are doing now and that's getting information out to people and telling them, look, you have a life you have to live right now.
You better live it correctly because later on you're going to have to answer for it anyway.
So don't be a coward.
Fight the new world order.
Fight evil.
Fight Satan.
That's what you're here for.
I look at it kind of like it's a recruiting ground.
We're recruiting for the good army and the bad guy is recruiting for the bad army and you've got to make a choice.
We want the very best.
We don't want the mud.
We want the diamonds.
So that's the way we need to live our lives right now, and we need to get on board, and we need not to fear anything.
That's the biggest thing.
We don't need to fear anything.
Fear is something the devil has.
Absolutely, and Colonel, again, for those who just joined us, my uncle was in an accident on a motorcycle, died six times, a couple times in the ambulance, several times at the hospital, and he actually went...
Up through that waiting room you talked about, through the tunnel into heaven, and my uncle starts crying when he tells this story.
And then he was told by angels, you're going back.
We're good to go.
And I've studied the New World Order.
They publicly are devil worshippers.
I mean, they know there's a God.
They know there's a Satan.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
You better wake up, people.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order...
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I talk about bills, bills, documents, news articles.
I go out and cover things myself.
I read legislation.
And I don't have one of these shows where we talk about ghost stories and flying saucers.
I talk about real things.
But shaping my life, I've had experiences.
And I'm not going to get any detail on this.
Maybe someday.
I mean, this is the first show I've done like this in decades.
In the nine years I've been doing this.
But I, from the time I was a child, and it only happens once every few years, will have a dream, I will tell people about the dream, vividly image it, and it will happen at a later date, a month, six months, a year later.
And a lot of people ask, how did I know about 9-1-1?
How did I get on the air?
Never done this before.
I said, call the White House, call Congress, tell them not to use bin Laden to attack New York.
Well, you know, a lot of people are selected to receive premonitions.
They're usually sensitive people, and, you know, there's times when I...
I developed kind of a sixth sense along that line.
So yes, it's out there.
I know in Vietnam a lot of guys develop that what we call the jungle sense where you knew ahead of time on a patrol at nighttime that down the trail was a trip wire or across the rice paddy was a sniper.
You could just feel it.
You just knew it.
You didn't have to have information, but it happened ahead of time.
You could see it in your mind's eye, so to speak.
So that stuff does happen.
A lot of people have dreams.
My mother would.
My grandmother would that way.
They were very receptive to dreams that did come true later on.
This is something that's been reported through history.
Like you say, it goes back thousands of years where people had premonitions.
They were called different things.
They were called seers.
They were called dreamers.
They were called prophets sometimes and even witches.
But depending on what part of history you're in, the fact remains that I think God does give us information
In a timely fashion to people to spread it out.
We become the watchmen on the wall.
Well, I would think obviously, too, that the devil tries to do that with his minions, but he doesn't control the cosmos.
He tries to manipulate events and will try to point his people in that direction.
He's the guy that will tell you the sky is red and you're supposed to believe it.
Well, obviously in five hours in your car driving back from Kansas to Oklahoma where I got back in my truck and went to Texas...
You told me a little bit more about you're there in heaven or in the waiting room, and the angel, God, was transmitting more information, more knowledge.
Do you want to share any areas of that with the listeners?
Well, one of the things was that I would receive a lot of information that I would bring back, but I wouldn't know when to use it.
Until something happened or until I ran into somebody that I needed to tell or talk to about something or somebody would ask me a question and it was like opening a filing cabinet.
I would have a file on that and I could pull it out and I could share what I brought back with me.
But at the same time, I was also given information, a mission assignment so to speak.
Go out and talk to people.
Don't stop writing about it.
Don't stop...
I think so.
You can't be afraid to do this.
Well, Colonel, that's my mission.
I mean, that's the drive that I have, is to warn people and to tell folks to be leaders themselves and to force multiply.
You can't have an army of nothing but privates that sit back in the barracks.
You know, you've got to go forward.
You've got to set up a chain of command.
You've got to come up with a plan, and you've got to do intelligence gathering.
It's a military operation in the sense that we have to fight evil on every plane.
And I told you in a car that there are two wars going on.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll come back in the third hour.
Stay with us.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
You asked us to make the water level visible to eliminate the guesswork when refilling the water.
We water.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Already into the third and final hour of this worldwide broadcast, I'm Alex Jones.
We're going to get into the overview of what the globalist New World Order forces are doing using terror to corral us into accepting their New World Order.
The news of the day that ties into this discussion, the trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon.
We'll discuss it with Colonel Craig Roberts.
We'll get into the different developments that he sees developing from the evidence that we have out there of what the enemy is up to.
Just a lot of key info coming up this hour.
I know we already have callers like Wesley in Tennessee and others that are holding.
If you'd like to join us on air, the toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
My website's rinfowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
That's 800-259-9231.
Last hour I did something that we've never done on this show.
We got what some would call into the paranormal, but you listen to these establishment talk shows, it's all disinformation and basically propaganda with a whole new age twist to it.
But my uncle was in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, died six times on the operating table.
Went into a coma for weeks.
When he came out of it, he'd been to heaven.
He'd been back.
He'd seen the angels.
Colonel Craig Roberts had the same thing happen to him five years ago.
He died, was dead for three minutes.
He just told his experiences.
It's real.
It really does happen.
And the problem is that a lot of people know this is true, so the enemy has a lot of quacks and people out there putting out disinfo.
Again, the globalist, the devil always has their counterfeits, basically.
That's why I've always stayed away from it.
But I have had experiences, and I think now is the time to talk about them, at least a little bit, where I've had dreams, my friends, that come true with the same images, the same color, the same detail.
And one of those dreams was about 9-1-1 months before, and I had all my other evidence and my sources, but
We're good to go.
And there's a lot of things that science hasn't discovered and may never discover.
Colonel Roberts, continuing with any other comments you have about this, we'll go to break and come back and take calls.
Do you have any other comments, Colonel?
Yes, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Okay, what we have to realize is that we are spiritual beings.
We have a spirit inside of this thing, this container we call a body.
We are connected to that world.
A lot of people want to deny that.
They think, okay, I'm chemicals.
I'm electrical charges.
When you're dead, you're dead.
The thing about it is there is a spiritual war and a physical war going on all around us right now.
We may not be able to see the spiritual war, but I'm here to tell you it exists and it's happening.
The angels are fighting the demons.
The physical war is what we're doing right here today, standing firm and
Thank you.
Well, Colonel Roberts, the Bible says that some will be given to great delusion and that God won't allow some people's eyes to be opened.
Well, and it says don't cast your pearls before the swine lest they turn and rend you, so...
We know that there are people out there that are ostriches.
You know, when we lecture, we tell people that you can't get across to everybody and don't waste your time with them, but your mission is to give them the information.
What they do with it after that is their choice.
God gives everybody one thing, and that's the right to make your own decisions.
And if we make it to the good side, fine.
If we make it to the bad side, we'll woe unto you.
The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.
Said in his heart.
And believe me, I've studied the globalists.
They believe...
In the devil, as Tony Brown has said.
When you research the facts, it's clear who we're fighting.
Toxins are everywhere.
They're in the air you breathe, in the food you eat, in the water you drink.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, so we're talking about near-death experiences, death experiences.
Colonel Craig Roberts had one.
My uncle had one.
This is real.
You cannot avoid or ignore it.
And when you study the globalist, Colonel, I mean, they admit skull and bones.
They admit it was a satanic group founded in 1832 by the German Illuminati in New Haven, Connecticut.
Three of our presidents, a bunch of our CIA directors, all these, John Kerry, the senator.
They're into this.
I go to Bohemian Grove.
They're worshiping Molech, the Canaanite god.
They know this is real.
They have chosen the dark side.
But then it's announced, and we covered it on the air, and some people say, we're weird for talking about it, but somehow the leaders aren't bad for being into it.
That shows that great delusion with the public.
I mean, the evidence of the globalists being into the occult, being into Satanism, Colonel, would you like to speak to that and speak to Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove?
Well, you know, when I was working on my book, The Medusa File, I kept running into people who were involved in organizations that were highly into the occult, going back decades and decades.
In fact, I chased some of these people and their families back over 200 years, and about the time of Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati, some were already in the occult organization, some joined then or shortly thereafter, but they seemed to keep their entire family in there, and they set up their own
Yeah, it's there and they believe in it.
They know it to be true.
They have elected to take power in this world versus eternal life in the next one because I think a lot of them don't believe there is eternal life in the next one.
They've done another thing, and I call it the switchy-changey, where they say, okay, Satan is the real God, and he's in charge of heaven, and the other guy's Adonai, and he's really in charge of hell.
So I'm going to go with Satan into the real heaven because he's the God of light.
And that's kind of scary when people get recruited through that lie to go that direction.
So yes, it's out there.
These people believe in it.
They're active in it all the time.
And it works, I'm sure, because Satan told Jesus, I'll give you the entire world if you follow me.
And he could have given them power in this world.
When these other people say, Satan, I'll follow you, you give me power in this world.
You put money in my bank account.
And we see these same people get all the way to the top in the New World Order crowd.
They're the ones that started the UN.
They're the ones that populate the UN.
And the UN is just a stepping stone to what happens next.
But it's happening so fast right now that...
It's alarming.
Ten years ago, we wouldn't have even talked about this stuff, probably.
We wouldn't have even known it was happening.
But because of what's happened in the last ten years, it's so plain.
It's so apparent.
Pretty much the rest of the world has fallen.
The United States is the only one that has a hope, and the only one that's left right now that hasn't been disarmed, hasn't been taken over, hasn't fallen into the globalist camp.
And if we can't see that...
Alex, we're lost.
We're blind, we're deaf, we're dumb, we're stupid, and we need whatever's coming down the pike.
Let's talk to Wesley in Tennessee.
Wesley, thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Alex, it's just because of fine, decent, and honest men like yourself and Craig that you helped break the chains of slavery.
And what I mean by that is that when Christ admonished us that ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free...
What you guys do when you bring us the truth is break those chains that make us slaves to ignorance.
And I appreciate it so much.
I really do.
That's probably the best thing that people like yourself do.
You help break the chains of ignorance.
This is just a heads up.
My wife made a flight from here in eastern Tennessee up north to visit relatives and flew on American Eagle planes, which are...
We're good to go.
The aftermath, after the towers had collapsed, I had this vision of billowing clouds of dust and paper and junk just flying every place, and people in business suits and T-shirts and blue jeans, just average, ordinary people just running away from those clouds.
And I couldn't put it together until the day of the attack.
And it just has always bothered me since that it
That I just didn't get a full enough picture to really understand what was happening.
The last story I'd like to share with you is about a friend who passed away on an operating table.
And the reason why I really believed the story that he told me was that he said he appeared before the throne of God.
He could see the legs and the feet of Jesus and the nail wounds in his feet, but he couldn't see anything above
We're good to go.
And I remembered a scripture from the Bible that said that the sun and the moon wouldn't give off their light anymore, but that Christ would give off that light.
And if Christ gives off that light, then there wouldn't be any shadows because the light would come from every direction.
God bless you guys.
Thank you so much for giving me the time to share this with you.
And just keep breaking those chains of ignorance for us.
Well, thanks for the call, Wesley.
That's an interesting story.
Do you have any comments to what he just said, Colonel Roberts?
I've run into that story before where there was light everywhere and no shadows.
Yeah, there's a lot of credibility to that.
When people can show...
That they have been in a traumatic situation on a battlefield where they've been wounded and they've lost them on the battlefield.
A lot of the books I've written about military history, I wrote a book called Combat Medic Vietnam.
These were the docs that went out and worked on guys while the bullets were flying around.
And they had some stories to relate about these guys who died and then came back and had similar experiences.
Some of them saw a light.
Some of them didn't.
But you know, Alex, there's other experiences that we didn't talk about.
And those are the guys who have died and fell down a pit.
They got hotter the farther down they fell.
They knew they were going to hell.
And the only reason they got out of it is they were screaming Jesus' name all the way down.
Now, there's people out there who've documented this, who flatlined in the hospital.
They've got the medical records.
You'd know they were dead, and they have no reason to fabricate this stuff.
So that kind of shows there is another side to the coin on this deal that I would be real... Well, why don't you describe that, and we'll come back and take some more calls.
One of them was I was doing a bunch of research in this area after my own experience because I was really interested to find out just...
If anybody else had the same experience I had, and I stumbled across this, what happens if you don't go to heaven area?
It was a doctor who was playing golf on a Sunday, and a storm came in, and he got struck by lightning.
It turned out he was playing with some other doctors, and one of them was a heart surgeon, a cardiac specialist.
So they started trying to do CPR on this guy, and they lost him.
I think so.
He started to float above his body and he saw them working on him and then all of a sudden this big pit opened right next to his body and he just fell down this pit or was thrown down this pit and as he was going down this pit he said, I could feel claws of demons coming out pulling at my flesh.
He says, I've never been so terrified in my life.
He said, you cannot understand ultimate fear until you've found yourself falling down this bottomless pit.
He says, but I knew at the bottom somewhere it was hot and it was hell and it was the furnace of the devil and
I can't relate the exact words he said, so I have to paraphrase.
He said, but then he said, I started to say, oh, save me Jesus.
Oh, save me Jesus.
He says, I almost knew it was too late for that because of the way I had lived my life.
But he says, but then all of a sudden I felt myself coming back up.
He says, and the farther up I came, the faster I came.
And when I came out, he says, all of a sudden I was back in my body and I opened my eyes and you guys are here and I'm going to church.
And that's kind of basically where that story went.
Well, there have been other people who have said a similar thing.
My uncle just said, and he's only told me the story a few times, and he starts crying when he tells it, and he didn't tell people for years.
It was so shocking to him.
But there's these crystal cities and colors and light, he said, that you couldn't describe, and the feeling of peace.
And, you know, similar to what you were saying, but you just got to the waiting room.
We're going to break and come back and talk to Bob in Colorado and others, but when you're there in the waiting room to heaven and you're dead on the operating table and they've walked away from you, your body at this time, what else did you get from your guardian angel?
What else before they sent you back did they tell you?
Well, I think one of the key things that there's no reason to have any fear of death.
That there is no death.
Death doesn't happen.
What it is, is you pass from this existence into the next one.
You leave this body that's old and broken and worn out behind, and you get a new one, so to speak, that never wears out.
I guess it's kind of a spiritual body, but I felt like I was in a real body.
It didn't feel any different as far as the aspect of I wasn't floating around in a cloud of mist, so to speak, and I didn't
I didn't see anything that had wings flapping around.
It was just like, okay, I was there, now I'm here, and now we have to go to the next stage and get ready to fight the battle against evil in the spiritual world.
Because it's not over yet.
So that was the message you told me in the car was, you're going back to fight the New World Order.
Pretty much.
I don't know that the term New World Order came up.
I think it was, you're going back to continue the fight against Satan.
And the picture in my mind was it was the global socialists that were under Satan that we have to fight against.
We have to maintain our own identities.
We have to stand firm for God against evil.
My job was to take all my military experience, my police experience, and my capabilities as a writer and a communicator to go back and do just that, to continue to do it until I'm called home.
They can't threaten us with heaven, folks.
Your calls when we get back.
Stay with me.
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Well, Marilyn, that sounds fantastic.
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Okay, thanks.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I'm going to take some more calls now on the subject we've been discussing with Colonel Roberts then in the next segment.
A little bit later in the next segment when we're done with calls, I'm going to get into some of the news of the day and get Craig's analysis on that.
Bob in Colorado, you're on the air with Alex Jones and Craig Roberts.
Go ahead, Bob.
Thank you, Alex, and thanks to you, Colonel Roberts.
I just had one comment to make before this comment.
Colonel Roberts is right.
It's not the death of this life that you have to fear.
It's after the judgment.
But on the comment that I have, the lies are coming so fast today, they're back-to-back daily.
Now, sooner or later, more people are going to be catching on because
They know what the de facto government has said yesterday and today, and they're coming out with lies just, you know, one after another.
So they're going to have to do something other than talk a bunch of lies.
They're going to have to do some action.
And all I'm saying is... You're talking about more terror to get us diverted off of all their lies.
Every week we post an alert with different stories saying, government under pressure, government caught lying, watch out.
That's right.
But what I'm trying to say to Radioland is, folks, you better get as liquid as you can, because this can't go in the same tempo that it's going for the last few months.
It can't continue, because more and more people are catching on, and once they do...
If we go into a deflationary period and people stop buying, this is a thing that the government fears more than anything.
Colonel Roberts, any comments to what he's saying?
The big CEOs during the stock market rally are dumping their stock in unison.
We now find out, Dallas Morning News, it's a $40-plus trillion debt.
We've known that for years, but when we first learned it was $35 trillion, now it's...
A $43-plus trillion is a trillion bucks missing from the Pentagon.
They're looting everything, shutting up FEMA camps.
What do you see happening?
We said that we're going to divert everybody's attention by having more wars and invasions overseas.
We're going to do all this stuff that's happening right now.
We predicted this a long time ago.
And we know, and I've already said, these people planned decades in advance, not just months, but years in advance,
We're seeing top-level executives, top-level military people cushioning their own nest right now.
They're bailing out corporations.
They're letting corporations go down.
They're putting the money in their own offshore accounts and so on.
You can go back to when Crandall retired just before Y2K at American Airlines and gave up that job and took the money and ran, so to speak.
And then America, all of a sudden, after 9-1-1, started going down a period of a year later.
So we're seeing these manipulations of high levels where all of these people know what's going on.
They've got staffs of experts to analyze what's going on politically, financially, economically around the world, and they know when to bail out.
Now, they're using golden parachutes.
So we're seeing rats leaving the sinking ship.
Yeah, the big rats.
While the mice down here are sitting around waiting to see where the next piece of cheese is coming from.
Anything else you'd like to add, Bob?
No, but I would like to thank your guest, Colonel Roberts.
I'd like to thank you and all of the radio people that put this show on and all of your listeners.
And have a good day.
Thank you from western Colorado.
All right.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Jeff in Missouri.
Go ahead.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Yes, Jeff.
Hello, Colonel Roberts and Alex.
Good show today you have, Alex.
You're dealing with really the root problem of what's wrong with this nation.
I wanted to ask you something, Colonel Roberts.
You know, about nine or ten years ago, I did a 180 concerning the Second Amendment, and basically I was a pacifist for about my first 15 years as a Christian, and the Lord did a turnaround in my heart.
How do you see...
How do you see the aspect of reconciling the heart of a warrior and the heart of a believer?
Well, it's all one and the same.
If you go back to the Old Testament, you see where it's happened many, many, many times over.
I've had people come to me and say,
Now, you know, you can't be a warrior.
You can't be a soldier.
You can't be a Marine.
You can't go off to war because it says thou shalt not kill.
Well, that's not what it says.
That's what the King James Version translates it.
Thou shalt not commit murder.
That's right.
You go back to the Greek and the original writings, and it was thou shalt not murder.
That meant criminally murder somebody with malice of forethought.
That does not mean you can't defend your family or village or whatever.
There's been Christian warriors throughout history, and the thing about it is you have to be able to stand firm.
David Samson, the founding fathers, the list goes on and on.
Sure, you have to be able to stand firm, and the only way you can stand firm is to be able to counter the enemy.
It says, he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.
Well, that means the enemy has the sword, and they're going to die by it as well.
So, you know, if they want to come at us with the sword, we'll let them die for it.
Well, there's one specific thing that I know for sure.
Well, stay there, Jeff.
I'll let you finish on the other side, and we'll talk to Bruce and others, and I want to get into some of the news.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Everybody knows we've had corrupt rulers throughout history.
We know about the horrible things that kings and despots did.
But somehow the general public today was convinced that our government didn't do bad things.
Or if it did, it was some rogue element, lower level.
Well, we have corruption at the highest levels.
They're nothing but marionettes, puppets on the strings of the Illuminati, of the globalists, of the big bankers, of these inbred families.
And we need to expose them.
People need to be warned about this.
You need to have a fire in the belly to warn people about this system.
It is so important.
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Take 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
Three minutes of that two-and-a-half-hour film
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And it's all stuff like that in there.
Too much to describe.
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These are such vitally important messages to get out to the people.
Or the globalists are going to continue to carry out terrorism and pose as our saviors saying, give your rights up, give your liberty up, and we'll give you security.
That's a lie.
Get the videos.
Make copies.
Tell them to make copies.
Give them to people.
Air them on AXS TV.
Take action.
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Take action.
Order the videos.
Order the book.
Make copies of the movies.
Take action today.
In fact, I didn't put you up to this, Colonel Roberts, but I'll spring it on you.
Would you recommend my documentary films?
I know I would certainly recommend your books, and I have, but I know that you took Road to Tyranny and made a lot of copies of that, and have you had a chance to see Police State 3 yet?
As a matter of fact, I watched it right after we got back from Kansas City and was highly impressed.
In fact, I've already made a few copies and put them in strategic locations with people who I know will make the most use out of them.
You know, the only way we can get information out there is if I can get somebody to sit down and read what I've written or you can get somebody to sit down and watch the television for a little bit, that's about the only way we've got to really give them detailed information beyond the three hours a day that you can do on the show.
Yeah, because if we just talk to them for ten minutes, they can kind of...
Ignore that and poo-poo it, as they say, but if they see the globalist saying and see the documents and see Ashcroft say there's no Patriot Act and then say there is a Patriot Act, that will wake people up.
Right, right.
And by the way, I need to get my website out before we lose track of all time.
I'm just about to bring that up.
I think it's your best book, but you've got a whole slew of them.
Rifle-Warrior.com is the website.
That's just Rifle Warrior, one word.
That's right, riflewarrior.com.
And what about a phone number or a mailing address?
Well, their mailing address is on the website, and there's no one to answer the phone because I'm gone all the time doing all the stuff that we do.
So basically, they can call on the telephone that's listed on the website and leave a message.
We'll try to get back to them.
But basically, if they'll get a copy of the Medusa file, and by the way, we're down to 1,000 copies left in the warehouse.
That's all we've got right now.
And for those that don't know, you have been a best-selling author.
We're good to go.
We were kind of getting to the point where we really didn't know if we could reprint Medusa file, and Tex Mars called me up and ordered 10 cases, and with that order, we've got enough now to reprint Medusa file again.
So God does take care of his people.
Oh, absolutely, and works through great folks like Tex.
So RifleWarrior.com.
Let's talk to Jeff.
Jeff, one more comment from you, then we're going to Bruce, and then we're going to get into some news.
Go ahead, Jeff.
Basically, the bottom line of the whole situation, gentlemen, is the fact that God is bringing us to a place where we have to depend on Him and only Him.
And He had me do that about 25 years ago, because over the last 25 years, I've raised nine kids without a social security number, without a credit card, without dealing with the banking system, and without the benefits of
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Because he's faithful.
Well, Leda's got us in directus, and people saying, oh, you know, you're getting too religious on your show.
Folks, turn on the nightly TV.
It's all witchcraft shows.
It's all the occult.
It's all mysticism.
They're selling us their religion.
We have to stand up against them.
And a lot of people see the phony Christians, the New World Order 501c3 Christians, and think, well, I don't want any part of that.
That's another counterfeit.
In fact, would you like to speak to that, Colonel Roberts?
We're seeing more than that.
They're getting into where it's okay if you're homosexual.
It's okay if you lie as long as you do it as a team.
It's not just the television.
It's in the public school systems.
They've not only taken over the media, they've taken over the educational systems.
Now, that's where they get the youth, and that's the big problem we've got.
They can't get you and me.
We're too smart for that.
And most of the listeners out there, they're not going to have a chance.
But they know that, and they don't care.
They're going for the kids.
The same thing Hitler said.
I don't care about you.
I've got your children.
They'll be in my camp, and you'll be gone.
Well, Josh Sugarman said, violence policy center head, in the 2001 March 25th issue of The Statesman, he said, 2001, he said,
Guns will be banned, but in the next generation, we have your children.
You just watch.
I mean, he arrogantly said it.
How dare him?
Oh, yeah.
It's mind control.
It's MKUltra at the top of the list.
It's basically, okay, we're going to get your kids, and we're going to tell them that guns are bad, and by the time they grow up, they're going to turn in all your guns.
So it's up to us to turn around and say, okay, kids, now I'm going to tell you the truth.
And this is what it is, and don't you ever knuckle under these idiots.
Because if we don't do it, no one else will.
Thanks for the call, Jeff.
Bruce in Missouri.
Go ahead, Bruce.
Death experiences also.
Okay, the first part of what you said got cut off.
Go ahead and say it again.
I've had one of the death experiences also, like Colonel Craig.
Craig Roberts.
For those that just joined us in the last hour into this hour, we talked about Colonel Roberts' death experience where he died on the operating table and went to heaven.
This is real.
This really happens.
Go ahead and tell us your story, sir.
When I was 15 years old, I had a seizure and I died.
And when I first was able to recognize anything, it was total, absolute void of sound and light.
And I started walking and there was a
We're good to go.
I don't know whether I said it verbally or telepathically, but these are the words.
I have no regrets.
I freely give up all things which are left behind.
And the light got so brilliant, and Lord God, Yahweh sent me back.
Well, my uncle saw a lot more than that, and he said it's indescribable what he saw.
Caller, you're talking to someone else.
Just talk to us, and we can keep you on the air.
Colonel Roberts, would you like to say anything about what Bruce just said?
Well, you know, I don't know what... There's so many different experiences of what people see, and it may relate back to what we expect to see, what we've done in this life.
The only thing I can do is tell you what I saw.
I don't know.
Because, you know, you and I both deal in facts, and we deal with what we know to be true.
And sometimes we have to be real careful when we go into other areas where other people see things and we can't really say, I don't believe that it didn't happen because we don't know.
We just don't know.
It's one of those things.
However, there's been a lot of accounts that have talked about going toward the light, but the information I got before I was sent back
Sometimes you must beware of the light because Lucifer is a light bearer as well.
A light can also be a lie.
I think that we should be real careful when you get to the other side to evaluate the source of that light.
The only way you're really going to know in your heart that it's one you need to go toward is by knowing in your heart that you lived this life correctly.
Because if you didn't, you may be following the wrong light when you get there.
All right, thanks for the call, Bruce.
I appreciate that.
And again, I want to recap before we leave this subject here and get into some of the news, the minutes we've got left, with why I decided to talk about this today.
Because it did happen to my uncle, and I believe him 110%, when he died six times after he'd been in an automobile accident.
Many other people I respect, this has happened to them.
It's happened to you.
And then we look at the real world, as we call it, this plane of matter, and the globalists are obsessed with the occult, and they'll tell you go any direction but Jesus Christ, and they're out there promoting all this evil.
That's another incredible indicator of what this is really all about.
And, uh...
Oh, yeah.
We can't forget that what's happening right now is it's okay to have the images and the paintings of any God except God, any God except Jesus.
You can have all the Mohammed stuff you want.
You can have all the Hindu stuff.
You can have all these other things.
Why is it that now they've decided, like the ACLU, that the only ones they want to go after are the Christians?
Now, that's discrimination in its own part, but it doesn't seem like anybody listens to us when we complain about it.
Our politicians certainly don't.
A few of them try, but it's token resistance, so to speak.
This is a message.
This is a message being sent to all of us that you are being prosecuted if you're a Christian.
So, you know, wake up and smell a coffee here.
Everybody else isn't.
Just you.
And that's the question we need to keep at the forefront at all times.
Why us?
And look, I mean, the world's getting more and more wicked.
Did you ever think you'd see him on the nightly news saying,
The government just doesn't want to torture terrorist suspects.
We want to torture their children.
And then to have talking heads talk about how good it is.
I have that in Police State 3.
I mean, I never thought it would get that crazy this quick.
Were you shocked seeing the talking heads and reading the newspaper where they said that don't just torture terrorist suspects, but torture their kids?
I mean, that's the whole public partaking of this mass evil, a giant evil right out in the open.
Well, you know, when I saw that,
What I saw really was some of the excerpts I saw back in the 50s and 60s of the trials at Nuremberg where the Nazis were doing the same stuff.
It's almost like, okay, we changed uniforms and instead of black and white we're in color, but it's history repeating itself.
Now we can go down and act like Nazis as well.
We can do all of these things that we condemned everybody else for.
You look at 1945 or 1946, we told the Nazis that it is illegal to follow an illegal order.
You have to resist.
You can't just say, well, I was just following orders.
But then we turn right around and we prosecute our own soldiers if they refuse an illegal order, such as putting on a U.N.
blue beret.
There's nothing in the oath that they take.
And going under U.N.
There's nothing in the oath of the military when you enter that says you have to serve as a mercenary under a foreign power or under some bogus government and office building in New York City that sits on a slaughter yard.
But yet when it comes down to it, all of a sudden Bill Clinton writes an executive order or something or a PDD, and off we go to Never Never Land marching away with blue berets.
And we get one or two that sit there and say, I'm not going to do it, and they're persecuted and prosecuted for it.
Also, that woman in Michigan court-martialing her because she wouldn't take the smallpox shot while breastfeeding.
I mean, bottom line, folks, they're trying to set the precedent that you are to follow insane illegal orders.
Well, that's just it.
Now it's okay for us to issue illegal orders to everybody.
It's okay for our government to lie to us and then come out with Patriot 2 after they told us it didn't exist.
And then later on it said, well, it's only draft form.
It's in the Justice Department and it's not going anywhere.
Then all of a sudden we find out that, say, yeah, we've got it, we need it.
And what surprises me, and I'm sure it surprises you as well, is that we haven't had a major terrorist event to try to get us off high center into getting that thing shoved through.
Well, Colonel, I have to tell you, I think by being on the air, not just us but hundreds of others and the books and the tapes and the information and all the foreign news saying the government did it, I think they're a little bit concerned right now about launching another attack because they know so many people are getting wise to them.
Well, you know, it's like they're under scrutiny.
They're in a microscope.
They're living in a glass house.
You know, one of the callers talked about it was so good to have the truth.
Well, the truth...
It's like a candle in a dark room.
If you light a candle in a dark room, when your eyes adjust, you can see everything in the room.
It pushes away all the darkness.
It only takes one candle.
It only takes one match.
If we can continue lighting these candles and keeping the room from getting dark, I don't think there's any way they're going to be able to pull off another deal like they have in the past, such as Oklahoma City and 9-11 and all the rest of it, without a massive amount of scrutiny on the whole deal.
They flog that dog until he doesn't hunt anymore.
So I'm still waiting to see if they're going to go ahead and try to do that.
Unless they can do it using eyewitnesses that see Arabs, that see this, that see that, and say...
Gee, we did everything we could.
Well, last time you got the paper passports of two of the airplane crashes landing on the ground uncharted, saying it was Arabs, and they conveniently leave a bag in a car with their confession in it, and, you know, they're drunk in a topless bar leaving their Koran, saying they're going to do it, and it turns out a bunch of the hijackers are still alive.
I mean, that was clearly the globalists trying to plant false evidence.
Well, and we had the same thing in Oklahoma City when they had, you know, Timothy McVeigh in bars.
With Iraqis in Oklahoma City and in Tulsa.
Building a file, building a history.
That's creating a legend.
Lee Harvey Oswald passing out leaflets for the Fair Play Cuba Committee in New Orleans.
McVeigh showing up at militia meetings and screaming and yelling to the point where they throw him out.
You create the legend, you use the guy, then you throw him away.
Stay there.
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Alex Jones here, America.
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All right, Alex Jones here.
Final segment.
I want to talk to Mike in Tennessee.
We'll do that in a second.
Colonel Roberts, the CIA is now saying they were pressured to lie and claim all these weapons of mass destruction.
They just calmly announced that, and there's not a lot of furor over it.
Does that concern you when they admit they're lying to us and then act like it's no big deal?
It concerns me when they admit that they lie because I don't know if the CIA knows how to do anything else.
I find it very hard to take anything anybody in the government says anymore unless I've personally known them for 10 years and done a recent background check.
What about just the phenomenon of now admitting they're lying but no one's held accountable?
Well, you know, but that's not the only time that's happened.
We've had that happen over and over recently where we've caught people down and dirty, but no one prosecutes them.
Let's continue with this.
It's like a trillion bucks missing from the Pentagon.
A female Marine on a troop-carrying attack ship.
Well, you know, in the late 1970s, when we got away from the traditional military machine and got into what I call the politically correct military, we've really done a disservice to ourselves because of a bunch of feminist Nazis.
Running around out there in the NOW program and some of the ones in Congress, we have situations where we have women serving in combat roles on combat vessels and combat aircraft, not necessarily flying on the front lines all the time, but close enough to where just because they're women they're allowed to do this.
And now they're getting captured like Lynch.
Chef, I've only got a few minutes left.
I want to take a call.
They're calling for compulsory national service now to get out of high school, work for Homeland Security, S-89.
What do you think of that?
Well, it almost sounds like the Hitler Jugend.
You know, we want your kids.
You don't have to serve in the military if you'll serve in the SS.
I mean in the Youth Corps.
You know, it's...
If you study history, and this is the problem, is the revisionists in our schools have done away with a lot of the history.
So people don't know what history's been.
They don't know, and so they don't see the parallels, and history repeats itself.
All right.
Let's real quick go to a call.
Mike in Tennessee.
Real quick, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Greetings, gentlemen, and thank you, Colonel Roberts.
I'm 100% behind you on your testimony today, and I just want to see if you had any information on how we're supposed to prepare you.
Okay, yeah.
You have to prepare yourselves just like when you were starting to prepare for Y2K and so on, because you don't know what's going to happen out there.
It doesn't really matter who's behind it.
We know they're going to do something.
We know that we're going to have cutoff in logistical supplies.
We know we're going to have scares and are terrorists.
I think so.
And to do that, you're going to have to worry about how you're going to filter your water.
You're going to have to worry about, you know, can you trust your food?
Can you even grow your own food?
As far as biological and chemical, should you go out and buy more gas masks and chemical suits and stuff?
Well, that's something you've got to decide on your own.
Well, the CIA just said, quote, in the next two years we will be hit.
Of course, they'll take all our rights to keep us safe, so it's clear what they're doing.
Well, we have to do a traditional intelligence fan, and that means...
We look at the areas that are the most at risk.
The cities are the most at risk.
The people that live in the country are going to be a lot safer.
It's as simple as that.
If you live in a city, you better start studying and getting ready.
If you live in the country, you already know how to be ready.
Just do it.
All right.
Thanks for the call, Mike.
Greg, I appreciate you coming on the show today for two hours, and I'll talk to you soon, my friend, RifleWarrior.com.
Any closing comments?
You've got about 15 seconds.
Keep safe.
Keep your sight pointed down range, and God bless.
All right.
Thanks for joining us.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time on the AM and FM dial, the internet at infowars.com and net.
Global shortwave at 5.085 and 6890 during the day from 11 to 2 at 12.172 and 9320.
Everybody, thank you for all you do, and thank God, number one.
We're leading, guiding, and directing us.
All of you stand up, defend your family, and that starts by educating yourselves, getting prepared, and educating others.
Fighting the New World Order.
They are pure evil.
You've got to face that fact and know there's an enemy to be able to defeat it.
Take care.
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